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Hello guys!
This is my firat time writing full story and post it. This story is one of the alternative story line that could happen in growbar world, from my comic. Also please letme know if there are some mistake on the grammer and word sellection.Also please comment so I can improve the next chapter. Thanks guys!


Eatable and Shapable Grow Bar

**Character List**:
Max Blaine, Researcher, Gym Buddy (45 Years old, Vega Company)
Luke Kent, Father, Freelance Artist (46 years old)
Newt Kent, High School St
udent (17 years old)

-*Luke Perspective* *GYM, Saturday, 5:00 PM*-
Newt and I went to Gym to do our regular gym stuff, Cardio, Weight, Zoomba, and other. But Suddenly someone
shout to me

        “Hey Dude, What’s up! Long time no see!!”

I look at the source and I see Max Blain. Max, a Researcher at Vega Company, Human Biological Innovation Division. His current job is to Research about muscle development, simply put “How to get ripped easily.” Even though He’s only a scientist, he’s still the sexiest scientist I ever see. With those broad shoulder, deep pecs and abs separation, those killer V line and don’t forget those veiny roadmap on his Biceps.

                “Yo! Still huge as always! rare to see you this hour” I Greet Him warmly while huffing on the Treadmill.
                “Yeah Usually went in the morning, but duty calls” max answer
andjump to treadmill next to me.
                “Still can’t get away from the gym huh?”
                “Dude, I need to keep this kingdom firm and ripped” Max answering while giving me a double biceps pose
                “Huh, said the dude who can make people grow instantly”
                “DUDE, It’s company secret I can’t use it on public”
                “But you still try to offer it to me”
                “Hey you know, I’m just helping a friend in need, so do you want one?”
                “Later Max, maybe when i have to move the house”
                “Well call me when you need it okay, and i will send it to you ASA
                “Thank you Max”
                “Still Stubborn as usual luke”
                “Still lusting for sex as usual max”

We chuckled a bit and continue work on our cardio. Then,
Newt walk towards me.

                “Dad, i’m hitting it early today want to meet mike later. Oh, Hi Mr.Blaine! how are you?” Newt said
                “Yo Newt!i’m fine, Starting hitting the gym I see” Max Replied
                “Yeah trying to build a better body”
                “Well good luck and always remember consistency and Hard work is everything” Max reply and encouraging Newt with two thumbs up
                “Thanks for the tip Mr.Blaine, So Dad...”

                IReplied “Okay, just be safe, and if something happen just called me.”
                “Don’t worry dad, were just going to play a
bit at his house. Bye dad!” Newt reply while walking to the locker
                “Also when you’re doing it, Make sure to use protection” I yell to newt, trying to hit up one of my cranky dad jokes. Newt quickly blitz to the locker room while looking away from me. "Your joke still the worse" Max said

We chuckled again. We finished our cardio session and start to move to the weight area.

                "By the way how long has he been hitting the gym?" Max Asked
                "about a month ago" I answer
                “Hmmm…, Your
sonhave a great potential but he still have a long way to go."
                "Yeah, it’s still a long way"
                "You Know there is a quicker way"
                "No,i’m not letting you test your Experimental dildo with my son."
                "Dude, First off, the Mixture work, Second, the dildo is the past we are expanding the product design, now you can eat it and shape it to your will."
                "Dude…i’m not sure…"
                "Come on dude, i know you. Imagine what your kid could become, I know you always want your own personal muscle boy. I’m Telling you this is your chance, before he move to uni and becamerebelious like his dad"

Fuck, imagenning Newt having those big, firm and ripped pecs and biceps make me hard. I mean he also receive some benefits from this right? It’s not like I’m turning him to a freak right? i mean he will be happy right? if he get big and muscular?

                “Is the product safe? are there any minor complaint?”
                “it’s safe, complaint? Just
highTestosteron, adrenalin and libido level and wanting to jerk all the time.” Max answer with a cheery voice
                “hmm… How muchis it??”
                “dude accept it done. Just send the pics of the growth and the growth data.also meet me at my house at 8"
                "okay, 8 At your house?"
          "Thanks dude."Max Said
                "Thanks Max" I reply

After that we went to separate machine and work it out. after finishing my session i quickly tell newt that i will be late and went to Max house.

Even though Max is Only a Scientist his house is pretty big with high ceiling and high class architecture design. I knock on the door but nobody answer, i knock again but still no response.

Suddenly a the lock on the door unlock and someone pushed me inside from behind and shove me to the wall. Turn out it’s max all along.

                “Fuck Dude you scare me” I shout at him
                “Sorry dude it’s just it’s been a long time… doing this again… together.” Max reply softly with his innocent eye looking at me
                “Well w
hat are you waiting rip my shirt off”

                “Dude i can’t wait to suck off those juicy tits of your’s”
                “Wait before that hold on, I present to you P60Growbar which currently shaped like chocolate bar.”
                “shit dude, you’re already a big guy”
                “big but not huge enough,
alsoi need to proof my client that it works, so one product demonstration coming right up.”

He pull it out of the wrapping and chew half of the bar down quickly. Than, He pull my head to his chest. I could feel the body responding to The Growbar.

his body is getting hotter and hotter. I can feel his muscle tensing and shacking. then the golden moments have come, I could his Fucking sexy Biceps and Glutes muscle expanding and thickening. His arms and neck are also thickening. Those muscle feels so hot and so Firm.

                “Fuck dude I think this is more potent that previous Growbar” Max Said
                “Well that’s a Good improvement” I Replied
                “Haha BEST IMPROVEMENT, COME ONERIP IT YOU SON OF THE BITCH, RIP MY FUCKING TANKTOP” Max shout, So I Quickly  tried to rip the tank, but Max pushed my hands away
                “I’M NOT TALKING
TO YOU! I”M TALKING TO MY PECS!!! COME ON MAKE  IT RIP!!! COME FUCKING ON!!!” Max shouting louder and louder with full of lust anger in his masculine face.

His tight tank are now Stretching and Stretching. compensating his pecs who are still growing, expanding, and struggling for room in his tanktop. Finally Growth after growth, his tanktop starting to give up. Then His Tank suddenly rip up making more room for the growing pecs.

a couple minutes later the growth are now finally over and with one swipe he ripped his tanktop.

                “Fuck Sir, I think my pecs need your emergency kisses and reward because they are almost died of suffacation
                “my pleasure sir.”

I kiss those pecs in every region that i know. Touching it and Feeling those firm hard hot muscle. Fuck, it feel so hot. i Squeeze and punched it and those firm muscle doesn’t budge. I punched it again and not a single dent. Max give out a little giggle and said he doesn’t feel anything. I tried again and than i give up. Because it’s feel like his pecs are being made from a solid pieces of titanium. To reward those humongous pecs for it looks and feels, i suck both of those nipple, tasting their juicy and sweet cent and lick every drop of sweat on his pecs. I lick from the end of the pec valley to the sweetness of the adam’s apple and ended on the juicy and bitey lips of Max.

                        “I think there’s also someone down there that you need to say thank you ”
                        “I Think I will”i Go down, but on the I kissed every Abs muscle island that i found.
                        “Siri think
i found eight island and what appear a huge ten inch tower Should i proceed captain?”

Than, I lightly kissed and tease his dick head and then lick it and play it like a melting on ice cream. after cleaning it up i sucked it as long and deep as i can. i start slowly and start to move rappidly until…

                “Fuck dude I’m CLOSE!!!”
                “FUCCKKKK” MAx Scream And then herelease it into my mouth and i try to eat, lick and slurp everybit of it.“Fuck Yeah, Next time bring your son along okay so we can have much more fun!.’“I’ll try, also Max can i do the ussual?”
                “Sure,i’m waiting for you to ask with
exitment, I jump over his body put my body Place it between thode deep pecs valley and start to fuck them hard and fast until…
                “Fuck I’m Close” I shout
                “FUCK” I shout again
                “I shoot every load
thati got into the valley and on to his face.”
                “Thank you for
thehelp” I said to him
                "Don’t worry I also need that, Fuck that’s the best suckingi have ever receive" Max Compliment me
                "Thanks dude" I reply while liying on top of mark feeling both our body touching and exploring.
                "also dude before you
leaveremeber to pickup those five big bottle of P60GB, I wonder how will you use it, without him noticing?" Max Asked
                "I don’t know
buti think i’m going to shape it to…."

                -COMING SOON: CHAPTER 2

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It's a very nice start. ^^

Though definitely shouod have an english proof reader take a look at it. Because there are a LOT of gramatical and spelling errors in this chapter. ^^;

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