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Father's Pinkie Stronger Than Son's Body

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I wrote this story back in 2004 and posted it to the evolution forum, so I thought it'd be nice to post it again in this new forum. I will try to post all of my stories so they're available.  This story consists of 4 parts, the first 2 which I wrote and a 3rd part which was written by an italian buddy Alfonso, and then a 4th part continued by me again. This evolved in a relatively long period of time, with years of difference between the parts being written and it's a little bit of a pastiche at some points.
This story is for those interested in muscle growth and strength and how a mature grown up man increases his masculine power and presence. It contains a lot of strength and power feats but it doesn't contain sex, and most romantic interactions in the story are straight.
Sorry if there are some difficulties in the use of the english language, I'm actually from Argentina and the other author is from Italy and I had to translate his part, so we're not antive english speakers.


Father's pinkie stronger than son's body

PART 1  (written in 2004)


Derek was a farm boy who had moved to a big city in order to advance in his career, he was a bodybuilder. When he started lifting he was a regular 1.70 (5'6") 17 year old boy who weighed about 65Kg (145 lbs); he was good looking though, a nice nose, blond short hair, with green eyes, he was very handsome as a whole. During the year, he was away from his real home, his parents' farm, but he returned every summer vacation, it's been six years now he's been doing so. Every holidays his parents would meet him again, but it was a new experience every time, because their son was bigger and bigger every vacation. Not only he had increased in height unexpectedly, growing from 1.70 to 1.83 (6') at the age of 23, but he'd also grown bigger and incredibly muscular and buffed up. Every year he had to tell his parents he had to give away the clothes they'd gifted him the year before because they didn't fit anymore. They understood this, because they saw his changes and they enjoyed comparing old and new photographs: his shoulders grew wider, his arms grew thicker with biceps bulging more and more all the time, and muscles appeared in his forearms they were unaware of, his chest seemed to expand more every year; not only he had bigger pecs, but also the rib cage and lungs were growing, he could hold more breath, his father would ask him to inhale very deep and go amazed at how long it took to fill his son's lungs at full capacity. Also his legs grew thicker, and new striations appeared, when he walked around in shorts, everybody could see how the muscles in his legs worked and moved like a machine. He liked showing his legs off to his childhood friends in the farm land, all of them had either remained as thin or as fat as they were while in school, but he was stronger every summer and he would beat them when they played an ocasional rugby match, and his friends were all amazed at how powerful Derek had become.
This year he would really blow them off; he was bigger than ever, he'd reached the 130kg (290 lbs) mark, he was looking like a pro; well, a little fatty maybe, off season, but most people would still be surprised at how big he was. While he was driving he thought about all the stuff he would undergo the following days. The usual welcome, his father Tom remarking how big and strong he looked this year, his mother Lisa who would say he's more handsome every time she sees him. And then, after a meal, his dad would ask him for some help at the yard. As usual for a farm house, they had a big yard, besides the field where they planted everything. This yard was always a mess; he knew, because they'd told him on the phone a couple months ago. They'd ask him for help with the old rusty useless tractor that had been laying there for years, he also thought they may want him to demolish the old warehouse that nobody used anymore; maybe installing the second windmill they'd bought but could never set in place, also moving up the parts of old metal trash that were stacked in a corner, and he couldn't forget the house that needed some fixing because it looked like it would crumble any time. This year he was a little worried too, because he'd heard in the news there had been bad storms and lightning in the area, but as nobody called him to tell him anything bad had happened, he thought everything was ok.
The moment came, he was approaching home, he drove slowly and parked his car in front of the gate. He took a look at the front of the house while he retrieved the car keys, but then quickly he took a second look, astonished, everything was different. The place was looking incredible good, someone had removed all the rusted stuff from the front yard, there was a rose garden where the old tractor was, there was grass all over and mowed. There were trees placed in a decorating fashion, but not like the new thin trees you plant expecting them to grow later, someone had planted trees that where huge already, he recognized some trees that seem to be ripped off from the surroundings and planted into his yard. He found the second windmill was in place, and the biggest surprise: there was a pool installed at the front!! He was shocked, he investigated more, went to the back of the house and found that the old warehouse was not there, it had been demolished, and big chuncks of thick wall that may weigh 200kg (450 lbs) each were stacked in a corner. He also found balls of compressed and twisted metal trash lying on the floor of the back yard, "these must be the old metal stack nobody took away for years", he thought. He lowered to grab one of the balls with his hands, but when he tried to lift it he couldn't, these were really heavy ones, must be around 700 Kg (1500 lbs) each or more. The old tractor was laying vertical, and the big shovel had been ripped off from it and was laying near. He neared the porch of his home, he was surprised to see that the structure of the old house was secured with several tree trunks that were incredibly wide, he wondered how many people were needed to move those.
He knocked at the door, and waited for some minutes, Lisa peered through the window, smiled, and opened the front door.
"Son!!!, you finally came, we were expecting you so much!"
And he gave his mom a big and strong hug.
"Oh, It's been so lonesome here without you, though I was entertained anyway I must say..."
She looked at him from top to bottom.
"I missed you so much too", Derek replied. Derek looked at the living room and saw all the heavy old furniture was rearranged in a better way, it all looked nicer. At the same time he was wondering why she didn't coment on his body this year, he thought she'd go crazy about how good he was looking now.
Derek spun around while saying "so... what do you think?"
"Uh... oh... I see, seems you've grown a little, son", replied Lisa.
"A litte?!, Mom, I'm fucking huge, added 19Kg (42 pounds) this year!"
"Well, not bad, at least not bad for a boy your age"
Derek was puzzled, he just went into the house and they closed the door.
"And so, where is dad?"
"Oh, guess he's freshening up, he'll be here in no time!"
Then a silence built up between the two. "things have been changing up lately", the mother said. "Guess so!! Who did all the work in the lawn?", asked Derek.
"Me...", replied a voice from the door that led to the kitchen. It was not a normal voice, at least not one Derek recognized, it was like Barry White had been taking male hormone and his voice was twice as deep and loud. When he looked towards the door he almost peed in his pants.
The man standing there was huge, he covered all the doorway, must have been like 1.98m (6'6") tall he thought, and wide as he's never seen anybody wider, and he have seen many big guys in his career. He looked at the titan from bottom to top, the giant was wearing tennis shoes with short socks, that tried to cover thick ankles, connected to the most bulging calves he's ever seen; on top of them, the biggest quads he's ever found in a man, wide in all directions, protruding to the sides of the legs that were almost tearing the black shorts the man was wearing. Those shorts fit really snug, because the glutes were also big and rock solid; and in the crotch area he could foresee a python hiding, the dick and balls all made a huge bulge. The waist was the exact size a man this size and development should have, it was wider than a regular man's back, but it had good proportion compared to the rest of this SUPER man he was seeing now. He went up to the abs that were covered by what must have been a grey XXL T-shirt that also fit very snug on the guy's upper-body. The abs looked also firm, though this man was puffy like an off season bodybuilder, so he didn't have much ab definition, but sure looked solid; actually, the guy was better there than Derek was at the moment! He thought. He saw straight up and found the enormous lats, the back that was wide like 3 regular man and a half's backs put together, about 40cm (1'4") wider than his own. And the chest that was so bulging because the rib cage was hyper-expanded, "this man must have incredible strength, powered by those incredible lungs", he thought, but not only that, he had the most massive pecs he's ever seen, stretching the t-shirt in a way he never knew before. And when he saw him inhale the chest expanded even more, Derek was shocked at that sight. He finally rested his eyes upon the man's shoulders, basket ball sized, and then on the upper-arms, even bigger, balooned and stretched the t-shirt's fabric. The biceps and triceps together in his upper-arms were bigger in size than a bowling ball, in resting position you could see that they not only bulged to the front of the body, but also were thick and wide, if there was a way to exercise the arm to make it grow wider, this man surely knew it, there was nobody with arms so big laterally. It seems he's been working his forearm because it had striations all over and bulged bigger than most men's legs; connected to wrists that were the thickest Derek ever saw. To put it in perspective, this guy looked like he had the added size of three pro bodybuilders in off season state.
He thought "who is this man?", and went straight up to the face, he couldn't help but see the amazingly developed deltoids, big as rugby balls, connected to the thickest neck in the history of human race. And at the end of that astonishing neck, was... his father's face!!! He recognized him, though he was looking better, he had strong black short hair all over the head, and was not balding like before; and had a thick but short black beard, meticulously cut (maybe that's what took so long). Tom, his father, was looking down at him with his loving green eyes. "What happens son?, mice ate your tongue?", boomed his father's incredible voice while approaching Derek.
"Dad! It's amazing!! what happened?"
"Well, it's a long story, kid!"
"I can't believe it! I understand why mom wasn't impressed by my body", and with this he flexed one of his biceps, stretching the L T-shirt he was wearing. When he saw this, Tom smiled and flexed his own arm.
"Fucking incredible!!!" yelled Derek. His father's upper arm was twice and a half as big as his own.
"How did you grow so big!?, you must tell me"
Tom directed his son and wife with his strong arms to the living room couch, "let's sit and I'll tell you what happened".
"We were here at the sofa, watching you in the bodybuilding contest on TV, the weather was stormy and there were thunders all over. Then we started losing the signal, we thought there must be something wrong with the satellite transmission, and as we were so intrigued to see you, your mom asked me to go to the roof and try and move the dish wondering if it would fix. Well, I went there and tried to move the parabole, but it was really well fixed into position; when I was holding it a lightning struck me and the dish, blowing away the dish, me and the TV. I was unconscious, next thing I remember I was in hospital; a couple of hours later, the doctors said I was fine, I had no inner burns or anything; it was like a miracle, so your mom and me came back home and forgot about it, and went to sleep. The next day I woke up with itch and pain all over, your mom tried to call the doctor but I stopped her because I thought it wasn't that bad, just an itch. What I really suffered from was hunger, I was starving so I asked Lisa to cook a big meal, I ate like a pork, I'd never eaten so much before. At night that day I was so tired and all my body ached I went to sleep, and woke up the next day refreshed but still in pain and starving. Lisa was worried, but I told her to cook a big meal for me anyway. When I woke up from bed I felt different, with all the stuff I ate the day before, I didn't look fatter, but I felt heavier, I weighed myself and found I'd gained 5kg! (11 pounds) It felt funny, I thought, if those kilos hadn't gone to fat then they must have gone to the muscles! And I really felt tighter all over.
That day I thought if I ate more I'd grow more, and besides, my body was aching, and I found if I ate more the pain diminished. So I asked Lisa to help me cook big meals, I ate so quick as if I'd been out in the desert for a year. The next day I gained 7Kg (16 lbs), I really could see my muscles were bigger, and I also felt I was taller! I measured myself and found I had grown 1,5 cm (3/4 an inch) in just two days! I knew now what the process I was undergoing meant, so I started sistematically eating and eating, and realised the pain was nothing more than growing pain, my muscles and bones where increasing their size so quickly, that was expectable. In one week I'd gained 49kg (108 pounds) of muscle and bone going from 71Kg (157 lbs) to 120Kg (266 lbs), I thought I was looking just like you or bigger, I was also taller than before, I'd grown from 1.75m (5'9") to 1.80m (5'11"). I didn't know when this was going to stop, I still felt growing pains, and kept on eating and growing, the following week I reached 1.86m (6'1"), and was weighing around 169Kg (375 lbs), I was becoming a muscle freak, I didn't have time to enjoy my new body though, as I was always in pain, and because I spent the whole day eating and eating.
Your mother was doubtful at first but when she saw the results of my growth she would cook and cook all day to feed me bigger and bigger. The next week I grew too, my height rose to 1.92m (6'4"), I felt like a tall man, I always wanted to feel like that, I enjoyed it so much when I walked around, but I wasn't only tall, I was huge too, I weighed like 218 Kg (480 lbs), so much I wondered if I could walk, I was still in pain, and the growth would not subside!!!! I wondered when would it stop!! Finally, the fourth was the last week, at the end of that week I felt the pain was diminishing; but still in pain and digesting the tons of food I'd eaten, I went to sleep.
The next morning I woke up feeling as good as I never felt before! The pain was all gone, and I felt for the first time the wellness of having huge muscles all over that were painless and responded to my command. I woke up from bed, when I stepped up it was like somebody was holding me, I was supersuperheavy and still I felt I was light as a feather, that's probably because my leg muscles are very very strong, far beyond I had thought before. I weighed and measured myself and found out I'd finally grown to my current 1.98m (6'6") and 270kg (600 lbs). I spent hours and hours in the mirror, flexing, expanding my chest and lats, checking out my arms and legs, I felt amazing, so invigorated, also saw that my balding head was sprouting new hair! I was in awe. I told your mother the pain has stopped so the eating all day was over, that doesn't mean I don't need big loads of food to feed this huge body I have, I'm sure I eat twice as you Derek, hehehe".
"You must be very strong too!", Derek said in awe.
"Well, I was coming to that part... The next thing I thought after looking at myself in the mirror was that I should be a very strong man now... And as there were so many heavy... well, I kinda forgot what heavy means", he said this as he looked at his arms and upper body, "as I said, there was heavy stuff in the garden, I tried and see what I could do with it".
"Oh, I see, and that's how you did all the hard work on your own!!?", asked Derek.
"Hahaha, yes, I went straight for the tractor, you know how much it bothered me to have that rusty crap there, well, I held it and tried to lift it, just like this", he did with his arms as when he lifted the tractor, his bi's and tri's flexed and bulged, together with his pecs, "I didn't thought it'd be so easy!!! I didn't have to make any effort at all, I could just grab the thing that weighed a couple tons and put it up, no hassle, just walked while holding it over my head, like I wasn't bearing anything at all, and dumped it in the backyard".
"Wow!! And what else have you done?"
"Well, when I fixed that up, I checked out the place and found that metal trash pile in a corner, I wanted it removed, I grabbed a steel rod that must have been 7cm in diameter (3") and hold it with both my hands and clammmm!, bent it like it was clay or something; I was so pleased; then I wanted to play around, see what I could do, so I took some shattered metals in my arms made some pressure, and all the stuff started to compact, I then felt I could compact it more and more, it seemed easier than crushing a piece of the thinest paper, the tempered steel seemed unable to bear the strength of my arms. And that's how I made those balls you should have seen in the backyard. Did you try to lift them? Cause they must be very heavy, I can lift them with one hand though".
"Wow!! I couldn't even move them... I wonder how strong you must be!", said Derek.
"Well, I must be very very strong cause I haven't found anything I couldn't move or break yet. Also, I found it was very easy for me to demolish that old warehouse, I just had to punch the wall and it would break like it was a pile of chalk, I then grabbed those light chunks and put them in a stack".
"And what did you do next?"
"Well, when everything was cleaned up I found out the yard looked so empty, your mother did a great job gardening, she put some rose bushes and flowers, and we sowed grass all over the land; she suggested we could buy some trees to plant, they'd grow nice. I said, why should we wait for them to grow? We can use the big trees that are scattered around our property. I went in her company to find the best trees around, I think you've seen them, see how thick and huge they are? Well, I kinda had no trouble ripping them off the earth; just put my arms around any one Lisa liked and the roots would be beat by the might in my arms and legs. Then I could hold them in my arms and take them here. When we arrived I realized I needed to make a hole for them; so I tried with the usual shovel I'd used before; haha! I found out that digging a hole is very easy when you're as strong as me!!! But it was still taking too long, I knew I could do it faster and better... so I went to the backyard and saw the big shovel that was attached to the caterpillar tractor; I put one hand on it, and while holding the tractor with the other I simply ripped it off! I also find that the big shovel was the right tool for me, played around with it and realised I could handle it perfect with one of my hands... With that tool I digged the big holes for all the trees, in only one move, quick and easy. When all the trees were set in place, task that didn't take too long for a man like me, I still found there was something missing, I thought we always wanted a pool, and having that shovel in my hand, and as I wasn't tired at all with all the work; I just digged the yard so they'd be room for it. That didn't take more than 15 minutes... the next day I had a pool all set up".
"You also did a good job with the living room", Derek looked around.
"Haha, yes, it's easy to tidy things up when you can lift a sofa with one finger!".
"Oh my god, I still can't take it, all this you said is amazing, but I think I still need you to show me your strength live, in person".
"Ok, son!! Let's arm wrestle, whatcha think?!"
With these both men went to the table, Lisa was smiling, looking at them. When Tom sat, the heavy wood chair looked puny as if going to break in pieces. Derek sat in front of his father; Tom put his arm on the table, extended it and opened his hand, Derek gulped, that arm was something to behold!! that was definitely a big and strong hand; Derek took Tom's hand with his own, that looked tiny compared to his father's. Tom gripped. "Awwww, dad, it's ok!!! you're crushing my fingers!!". "Oh my god, sorry boy, I thought I was being gentle!", he let go a little. Lisa approached and put her tiny hands in the men's big hands, she caressed them a while and then said "Start". Derek started pushing, he was twisting his whole body, frowning, exerting all his force to move Tom's hand, moaning with the effort; Tom was amazed, he didn't have to strain at all, he just held his hand not making any special resistance, he started smilling, "Oh god! seem I'm way stronger than I thought, I must overpower you by many many times", Tom said in his bass thundering voice.
Derek tried with both his hands; then stood up and aplied the combined force for both his arms, chest and legs, still Tom's hand didn't even move a little; "Son! Just my arm and my right pec are way stronger than all your body!". With that Tom decided it was time to lower his hand, when he did Derek's body was not resistance at all, he found it was impossible for him to keep up his father's hand; if he wanted, it was going down. When it was all over, Derek was gasping. "Did I hurt you Derek?", Tom asked. "No dad, I'm just a little tired with the effort"... "Sorry, it was not my intention, I must be the strongest man on earth". MMmmm, let's see something, "I'll stand up and you'll punch me with all your might!" With that the huge man stood up; when Derek had recovered, he said "mmm, are you sure?! I have a very strong punch!!". "Haha, son, have no consideration for your father, try and kill me with only one punch, here in the belly". Derek cocked his fist backward and backward, to punch like he's never done before; then with all his strength and a loud scream landed his fist on Tom's stomach. Tom looked at his son's hand in his stomach, and said "just as I supposed, I didn't even have to flex my abs to hold your punch... just my regular muscle density is enough to absorb the power of your best coup". Derek felt as if he'd punched a sand bag, it resisted so well. "Did your arm hurt son?!, you're lucky I didn't flex down there, or you'll be really harmed". "No dad, it's ok, a little sore maybe...", "Heh, my belly is like new, I didn't feel a thing", Tom said.
"MMmm... why don't you take off your t-shirt, son? Let's do some comparison..."
"Do we have to?"
"Come on!", and Tom took the bottom of his son's t-shirt and pulled up.
"Ok! Ok! Dad!", and Derek removed his tee.
The son's torso was amazing, he's put a lot of work in it, maybe also some growth hormone and testosterone, but it was mostly hard work.
Then Tom took off his t-shirt, Derek froze the moment he saw his father's upper body, it would have made a gorilla look puny!!! It was all pumped and bulging everywhere, he also had some heavy black hair in the chest and in the belly area.
Lisa was watching everything, she was in total amazement. Derek made a double biceps pose, Tom stood behind him and copied his son's movements, it was put in evidence that Tom was more than twice as big as Derek, his biceps peaked higher, his back was wider, he was taller, his legs exceeded his son's by several times. Then Derek turned around and made a lat spread, Tom did the same, still standing behind his son, it was like a little child flexing in front of a man!! Tom's lats where much wider, thicker and his back was definitely the winner in the comparison. Then Derek turned to one side and flexed his quads; Tom turned to one side and did the same, Tom's calves were almost the same size as his son's quads... and his quads were as big around as his son's chest.
"Son! You'll have to spend more time in the gym if you want to match your daddy's body!"
With this Tom laughed out loud, and pat his kind in the shoulder.
"Ouch! That hurt... Dad, hold your strength, you're too powerful"
"Ok, sorry kid..." And he put his t-shirt on again.
Then the doorbell rang. Who may that be, Lisa approached the window and saw two fat big men standing outside.
"Looks like the guys from the loan"... said Lisa.
"Dad! You didn't pay the loan?!?", asked Derek
"Well, It's been a couple of months I don't pay, because I'm willing for a renegotiation; I've been researching and the interests we were paying were usurious; I talked to our creditor on the phone but he wouldn't want to fix that, so I was going to see him in person and stop paying until the thing was all cleared up".
"Uh, you know these guys can be dangerous!", Derek said.
"Well, I don't think they could do much now!!", Tom said as he looked at his body and smiled, "I'll receive them, you just relax" said in a sure tone.
Then Tom opened the door and saw the two guys: they weren't there to negotiate, they were the typical big guys, mostly fat all over, they thought they could do anything they wanted, one of them had a steel rod in his hand. Tom wasn't afraid the least, he just stepped in the doorway, he was taller and bigger than both of them. The bullies looked at Tom and just gulped, they hadn't seen anyone so wide and big before, just filling the whole doorway!
"Let me see, Mr. Stingyshark has sent you, didn't he?", asked Tom and then crossed his arms in front of his chest.
"Yes, he sent us!", said one of them.
"We'll kick your ass, idiot!", said the other.
"I'd suggest you to leave now, if you don't want to be harmed", Tom replied, very tranquil.
One of the guys approached him with the rod.
"That rod is for making some damage in my property?, mmm", Tom said.
One of the guys tried to move him, grabbing him by the arm, trying to take Tom away from the door so they could get in. Tom looked at him and did nothing. It was useless, The guy would use all his might but Tom wouldn't even move an inch from the doorway.
Tom looked at the guy with the rod who approached and hit him with the steel rod. Tom didn't even feel any pain at all, as if the rod was made of rubber or something. Tom put his hands in his hip, like a superman pose.
"Why don't you leave? I don't want to hurt you, just tell Stingyshark I'll be seeing him soon", said Tom.
The guy with the rod hit Tom again. Tom was pissed off, he grabbed the fatass by the shirt with one hand and lifted him up 1m over the floor (3 feet), then took the steel rod with the other hand and gripped strongly using his thumb, the steel rod bent like it was soft. Then he let go the bully and let it fall on the floor with a loud thump. The other guy was frozen but still was trying to move Tom.
"And you! Stop tickling me!!", with this he grabbed the bully, lifted him and threw it in their van, then did the same with the other.
"And, don't come back! tell Stingyshark he'll see me!"
The bullies got on the van and drove out of the property in fear of Tom.


PART 2  (written in 2004)

After the encounter with the bullies, Tom entered the house, crouching to fit through the door. Lisa looked at his husband and asked him if he was ok.
Tom laughed, "Yes honey, what could they do to me?", smiled and lifted her up with one hand, she huged him and he kissed her in the mouth. Lisa was a good looking blonde woman, although she was in her forties she was still in good shape; Derek got his good looks from her.
Tom let his wife gently stand in the floor again, and suggested they could give the pool a good try, the afternoon was quite sunny... "I'll take care of the loan guy tomorrow!" he said.
"Great idea!" Lisa replied.
"Wait for me, I'm gonna put on something more comfortable", with this Tom headed to the bathroom.

In the bathroom Tom stripped himself, it was hard to get the clothes off through all those big muscles; when he achieved it he looked at his reflection in a big full size mirror. He was completely naked. He hit a few poses, he started with a double biceps pose, all his big arm and shoulder muscles stuck out, he smiled, looked at his bis and then changed the pose, he stepped just like a boxer, with his legs flexed and his fists in front of his face. He could now see his fists were really big, he jumped a little and could see how his quads bulged at his command; then he gave a few punchs at his reflection and was surprised at how easy it felt, as if he'd trained boxing his whole life. He tried and see how fast and strong he could punch, his first punch was so fast he was surprised, but in his second and third he realised he was doubling his speed with each hit, he made a few more punchs, "holy shit!" he thought, he began to realize his arms performed at sound speed like there was no air resistance at all, actually the air began to buzz every time he punched. He stoped punching and stood with his hands in his hips, beholding his proud chest. "Not bad for a farm man, guess I could beat Mike Tyson off the stage!" he said to himself while smiling broadly, "If these loan shark sends me his guys again they'll go straight to hospital!" He gave a severe look at the mirror, "hehe, I'll scare the wit out of them!!"...

After this, he couldn't help but direct his eyes to his fantastic dick, it was soft yet it was about 13 cm (6") long and thick as a regular man's waist. He reached with his hand and massaged it a bit, very quickly it erected, reaching its 25 cm (10") full, thick as many men's forearm. He turned to a side so he could see his dick better, he thought it was almost frightening, "I could use this to fight too!".

He threw some cold water from the sink over his dick so it would go down to its soft size; then he picked up a pair of huge black briefs and put them on, they fit snug. He resumed his posing routine to see how sexy he looked, flexed his abs, checked out, turned around and made a lat spread, his reflection exceeded the mirror; "Not bad for a 46 year old farmer!", he thought; actually he was looking better than at 20! "Would be better to buy a new mirror" he said to himself...

He took a towel and got out of the bathroom, his heavy treads trembled around the living room; he went to the front yard. His wife and son were already in the pool, floating around. Derek looked amazing, he was in his best shape ever, thick all around and looked more mature and masculine than ever; he was hitting a double biceps pose for his mother, Lisa was caressing his bi in amazement when they saw Tom out of the house. Derek almost petrified; he hadn't seen his father's body in full glory, "Oh! my god!" he exclaimed, he felt so puny when he looked at the hypermuscled hugantic stud his father was now. "What happens, mice ate your tongue?" Tom said and laughed, then approched the pool and dive into with a lot of style. He swam a while and dived inside as if he was a professional swimmer, he dove out with a splash and said "hey!! this swimming thing is not that hard when you have the right muscles developed! and all of my muscles seem developed!" with this he examined his pecs, flexed his right bicep and pivoted his flexed arm around his shoulder while holding it with his other hand, as if he was checking his joints were properly oiled. Lisa approched him, and hugged him, he grabbed her happily. Before the amazing change he'd experienced, Tom felt he was losing the Edipo battle, his wife seemed more interested in his son's with all the big muscles than in him. Now he felt happy Lisa payed little attention to his son, he began to feel he was the man of the house again.
Derek went closer to his father too, and grabbed one of his arms, caressing it, checking its full round power... "My little kid!!" Tom said, "Want to be big like daddy!? You'll have to train very hard!"
Derek began to punch him at the chest, Tom laughed and grabbed one of Derek's arm, keeping it in total control "You don't want daddy mad, do you?!", he laughed. Derek laughed in unison.

The next morning, Derek and Lisa were having breakfast at the kitchen when Tom arrived prepared to go and see the loan guy. He was dressed in a white short sleeved shirt, very snug to his body that showed off his big arms; and a pair of jeans that seemed also very stretched. He approched them with heavy tread.
"Today, this Stingyshark is going to hear me!"
"I bet he will!", Derek replied.
Tom sat at the table in front of a huge breakfast that was already prepared by Lisa for him...
"Guess you'll need energy, honey", Lisa said.
He thanked her. "Please be careful...", she continued.
"Don't worry darling, this will be a cakewalk for me now!!", he replied with a grin.
They started eating, Derek was trying to open a tar with strawberry marmalade, tried with all his might but the cover was too tightly screwed even for his big hands and developed bodybuilder arms. Tom saw his son struggling and asked "Need some help with that?"
Derek gave the tar to Tom; Tom took it with his left hand, put only the index finger and thumb of his right hand around the cover and unscrewed it easily while looking at his son with a mix of a concerned look and an arrogant grin. He felt great he was stronger than Derek, but also felt sorry the difference in physical power between them was so abysmal, particularly because his son had worked out so much to get big and strong, and he achieved it without effort.
"Sorry boy, I put the cover yesterday, I seem to have forgotten how strong my grip is compared to other people,...anyway, just had to apply a couple of tons of torque strength from my fingers and it's open". Derek felt a little ashamed.

"Do you want me to help you with Stingyshark, dad?", Derek asked.
"No boy, you stay here, I don't want my LITTLE KID harmed", he replied with a fatherly tone.
Once Tom finished his breakfast he couldn't help but see the looks of concern in his son and wife.
"I'll show you something so you won't worry any more, follow me"... with this he stood up and went to the garage, Lisa and Derek followed; there, he took a huge hunting rifle and handed it to Derek:
"Remember when I taught you how to shoot?"
"Yes dad!"
"Come with me", Tom went to the front yard and stood in the middle of it.
"I'll stand here and you'll shoot me right here, in the chest", Tom said to his son.
Lisa was shocked.
"Don't worry honey, I've done this before", Tom said to her, while he removed his shirt and handed it to her.
"Are you sure daddy?!", Derek worried.
"Yeah, sure, don't worry!", Tom replied, "Give me your best shot".
Derek was about 30 meters away from his father, he aimed like a professional at his dad's broad and bare chest (it was an easy target anyway).
He hesitated a bit but finally shot the big hunting rifle bullet at his father. After the blow they'd expected the worst. Lisa put her hand in her mouth in amazement.
Derek put the rifle away and saw in a shock: Tom was still standing there, smiling broadly, looking at his chest that didn't have a dent, burn or anything. Tom kneeled and picked up the bullet that had just bounced in his chest, came closer to Derek and Lisa and showed the bullet to them, it was bent in the middle.
"See, I'm invulnerable, much like a superman or something, there's nothing to be afraid", he said with a grin.
Then, he put on his shirt again and went to his van in the garage. Lisa and Derek followed him. Derek wondered how could his father fit into the old van now. When he saw it, he knew the answer, Tom had literally dephormated the driver's cabinet with his bare hands to fit his size and be comfortable.
"I did some room in the van as you can see", Tom said when he saw the surprised look of his son, with this, he got on the van and drove outside of the garage.
"Be lucky dad!"
"I don't need luck, boy! hehe", Tom felt so self confident now, he wasn't afraid of anything.

A few minutes later he arrived at the front door of a big mansion. Stingyshark had a huge house with a large garden and a wall all around. Tom got out of the van and could clearly see two men dressed in black suits guarding the entrance, they had machineguns. When the guys saw him they gave notice through a walkie-talkie to Stingyshark, he ordered: "If he comes closer, begin to shoot".
Tom began to walk very patiently towards the entrance, the guys saw him and started fire, the machinegun bullets all bounced in the impenetrable chest and arms of Tom, barely damaging his clothes. He continued walking until he was in front of one of the guys, took his gun and bent its tip with his hand; then pushed the guard away to a side, the guy fell to the floor some meters away. The other guy was still shooting at him, he took the tip of his gun; "I don't feel like playing today little man", he said; and bent the cannon with his fingers. Put a hand in the guy and without being too rude he threw the guy away, making him fly a couple meters in the air (he didn't want to kill anyone). The first guy recovered and jumped over him, "Oh, you're persistent", Tom said. "You asked for it boy", with an arm he hefted up the guy and with little effort on his behalf threw him what would have been 5 to 6 blocks away. Now he got rid of them, he looked at the huge entrance door, "Mmmm, thick steel, not bad", he said. The door was made of hard thick steel, used for bank vaults and such, Tom put his hands in the joint between the two sheets of the door and pushed outward; the steel began to crack and bent easily until the door was completely open and crushed.
Tom stepped in confidently, like he owned the world. Stingyshark was in his office, watching everything from the closed camera circuit, complaining about the lousy security he had. "Now it is time for the real artilliery!", he said to the two bullies that were his personal bodyguards.

Tom was coming closer to the big mansion; when he saw something he couldn't believe: a WAR TANK was heading toward him. "Jeez, this guy must have some good contacts!"... Tom thought.
The war tank threw him a cannon shot from afar. It landed in Tom's chest, caughting him off guard, throwing him a couple meters away and destroying the remains of his shirt.
Tom looked at his chest, "Mmmm, they want to play, uh!?" he said to himself.
The tank shot again but Tom dodged it. Then grabbed the steel sheet remaining from the front door and used it as a shield; the tank shot again and again, all the shots landed in the steel plate and Tom could keep it up without problem, while he approached the war tank. Once he was near enough he put one hand under the front of the vehicle and tilted it with his tremendous arm. The tank driver couldn't do anything, he just looked in awe. Tom put his other hand under the tank and lifted it up over his head, he was smiling at his power. He began to shake the tank, the guy inside was shaking too, hitting against the driver cab. Tom then threw the thing away, making it fly through the air, landing half destroyed and tilt to a side; the tank was useless now. The guy in it opened the little door at the top and hurried away for his life.
Tom neared the house; "Is this all you have?!!!! you make me laugh!", he said at a security camera.

The house entrance had a heavy oak wood door, inside the big living room it was heard Tom saying "Knock! Knock!" from the outside; and the door sheets blew into pieces punched by Tom's mighty arms. Tom entered the room, apparently there was nobody in, but he didn't trust, "this old sucker is full of surprises", he thought to himself; so he cheked out; lifted up a heavy wood sofa with one hand to see if somebody was hidding under it; but there was nobody; so he threw the sofa against a wall, making a huge hole in it. "Oops!" he said, and smiled.
Then, there was his surprise, a ninja dressed in black was looking at him. "Oh well, now this", Tom said. The ninja took some "steel stars" and throw them at him, they landed and bounced in his chest; Tom looked at the ninja and just stood, he wasn't afraid the least. Realizing his previous attack was useless, the karate man approached him and hit a karate punch at his delt with his hand; for Tom it was like being caressed softly, he watched the ninja with an arrogant face. The ninja kept trying, hitting him with his legs in the stomach several times, punching him, but Tom just stood there watching him and grining, he was solid as a rock. At last, the ninja tried to punch Tom's face, but he was quicker and enveloped the ninja's hand with his own, "I don't want you to ruin my hair cut", Tom said and began to crush the ninja's hand with his fingers.
"Mmmm, certainly a strong grip, don't you think?", Tom said while looking down at the ninja.
The guy began to cry in pain and kneeled; then Tom let go his hand and the guy was smart enough to run away.
"Is this all you have!?", Tom said to the walls. In his office Stingyshark was pissed off, he complained all his workers were a bunch of incompetents; including his bodyguard bullies.
"Damn! I should have hired a dozen ninjas, if only they weren't so costy!", he screamed.
And pushed a big red button in the desk with his fist.
Tom was walking through the big living room, expecting something, when he heard a loud crack and the whole place began to crumble. The walls were shaking and a big column fell over him, luckily he was quick enough to take it with his hand and toss it aside easily; "Not bad!", he said... "Is this your last resort?! not bat at all..." Then huge pieces of roof began to fall over Tom, at first he could stop them with his hands and throw them away, but soon there were millions of them and he was covered in a heavy pile of bricks and wall chunks. The whole place was destroyed.
In his office, Stingyshark was screaming in happiness, "Finally! I got rid of that fucker!!", the bullies were happy too. "Prepare my limo!!".
A few minutes later the old usurious man was getting in his limo.
But of course it wasn't the end of Tom, the pile of bricks began to move, and in the blink of an eye thousands of pieces of wall and roof were thrown away with tremendous force. In the middle of a cloud of dust and stone there was Tom standing, without a scratch, his chest and legs bare, the only remaining of his clothes were the jeans with the leg fabric all turned into shreds. Tom saw the limo was leaving the place and hurried to it. Put a heavy hand on the back of the car and it stopped moving, the wheels were still turning and the bully that was driving pushed the accelerator but all the cars' 300 horses of power couldn't beat Tom's arm's strength. While still holding the car Tom went to the front of it and punched hard at the engine; making a huge and deep dent in it. The car stopped, and smoke began to appear.
Mr Stingyshark was petrified inside. The bullies got out of the car and tried and face Tom. This time Tom wasn't in a good mood... he just knocked the two guys with a punch in the head, enough to make them sleep for a week. He then went to the seat were Stingyshark was and ripped the door off, took the old man from the seat and kept him in the air with his hand.
"Well, I guess we must negotiate now", the old man said.
"Negotiate!?", Tom was mad, "This is not a negotiation anymore".
"Ok, I suppose we can deduct some interests"...
Tom calmed down and laughed "Ok, I'll tell you my terms", and he lifted the old man some more in the air.
"I already payed almost double the amount you lent me, so we forget about the loan, what do you think"...
"Oh well..." the old man was doubtful... Tom put him closer to his face, Stingyshark began to shake in fear.
"Ok, ok, let's forget about the whole thing"...
"I want it on paper", Tom replied. The old man took a paper from his pocket.
"This says you don't owe me any more, let me sign it"
"Fine", Tom answered and put the guy down gently. Stingyshark took out a pen and signed the paper, handed it to Tom with a trembling hand, Tom examined it.
"See, it was just a matter of talking like civilized people", Tom said while folding the paper and putting it in the pocket in the remains of his jeans. Stingyshark almost fainted in the floor, he was so scared. Tom then left, got on his van and drove away.

When Tom got home Derek and Lisa were expecting him. He parked and went close to them.
"Oh honey! what happened to you!", Lisa was concerned when she saw her husband almost naked and with dust all over.
"Don't worry my love, I'm ok, I'm not even hurt the least, look at this", and Tom handed them the paper, they entered the house, examined the paper and jumped of happiness.
"Finally dad! you got it!!"
"We must celebrate this", Lisa said bringing a champagne bottle from the kitchen, Lisa gave it to Tom for opening, Tom gave it to Derek with a "No no, it's your turn to open this stuff"; while Derek opened the bottle easily Tom grabbed his wife lifting her up, hugged and kissed her, Derek filled up some glasses and they had a toast.
Then Lisa said she'd remembered about something and left the room.
"Dad, I'm so proud of you, I don't care you're much stronger than me, in fact, I feel great you're bigger and stronger!", Derek said. Tom was surprised at that, he thought his son was jealous.
Then Lisa came with a letter, "This arrived today, it's from your brother Jeff". Tom took it and opened it and began reading.
"Uncle Jeff, the cop?!", Derek said.
"Yes", Lisa answered.
"He says he's just moved to a new city and he's inviting us to his house for a couple of weeks...", Tom said.
"Cool!", cheered Derek.
"It's a long time I don't see my brother... He says he has a surprise! Guess I'm the one who will surprise him!", with this Tom flexed his chest and arms in a double biceps pose and grinned.


PART 3__(written in 2008)

Tom spent his days in absolute calm, now that he din’t have to worry about his debts, his beautiful house and his family were his only interests. Derek had built a personalized gym for their training, when father and son trained together you could see the enormous difference between them, but for Derek being so close to his dad and to who was for him the strongest man in the world was an inspiration, he wasn’t jealous but in total admiration. Derek and Tom trained everyday together, for Tom it was too easy, he hand’t found yet anything he couldn’t lift or squish, but he wanted to help his son improve his physique, knowing that Derek had worked so much to have it and he’d become huge just because of a fortunate accident.

But everyday, Tom’s curiosity regarding his brother Jeff’s letter increased. “What could be the news my brother have for me? Maybe he switched jobs? (Jeff was a reputed manager in a big corporation), maybe a new... how can this be?

Tom decided he couldn’t wait any longer and also he was anxious to see his brother after so many years, his big back, that big brother who’d always defended him, guided him through life’s choices and saved him at very early age thanks to an organ donation.

Tom called Derek who was at the garden and when he entered the kitchen he said to Lisa and his son he had decided to go meet his brother, he wanted to show him his changes. Lisa was very happy to see Susan, Jeff’s wife, again and to be able to make a trip with her husband, despite she enjoyed being with her husband everyday, it’s been years they didn’t go somewhere else away from their farm. Derek was very happy to be able to hug again his cousin Chuck, who had been a friend all his early years before he was moved to the countryside, and be able to see what he does now, if he’d continued being this technological superbrain he’d always been, before he’d lost contact with him when he’d started his career in ingeneering.

A week after the trip was organized, all the family decides to finally part and meet Jeff,  they’d try to surprise him. Wherever Tom and Derek walked by, eyes oggled their bodies, for Derek it was very amusing to feel the people’s comments about his dad and the enormous son. He was very proud of his father and him for being big, not like his dad, but wanting to become like him. Even Lisa thought she was very proud and fortunate and she didn’t dislike the people watching. When they entered the plane, Lisa sat in between these two mountains and felt happy for having such a huge husband and a big son.

When they arrived they went to a car rent to get one of the biggest and most resistant cars they could find, so they will be comfortable with their big bodies. After a lot of searching the seller was happy the’d found a car Tom and Derek liked. Tom wanted to play a joke and easily lifted up the chosen car with a single hand and said
“Yes, this one seems resistant”
The seller exclaimed
“Oh my god, how is this possible?!”
“You can do anything you want with these arms”, Tom replied the salesman.
“Mind if I touch your strength?”, the seller asked.
“Touch the real strength”, said Tom as he bent his arm and crouched so the small salesman could be able to reach his biceps.
“It’s like touching the hardest steel ever”
“Hahaha”, laughed Tom, “you make me laugh”
“Your son seems strong too but he doesn’t play jokes”, said the salesman as he saw Derek silently lift the car with both hands, not as high as Tom could, but with a lot of arm resistance.
“Oh, my son, my blood”, Tom said with love towards his son, “he really amazes me, he’s getting stronger everyday”, he said as he got close to his son and hugged him.
“It’s only thanks to you dad, I have the strongest man in the world as an example”
“Derek, you’re really a source of admiration, you build day after day real man’s strength”, Tom says in deep emotion.


“Since I train with my dad I must really say I feel my body more invigorated every day, I can train with twice as much weight than I could just two months ago in the gym, I’m big like a pro bodybuilder Mr Olimpya contestant, don’t know for what reason I feel stronger every time”, says Derek unable to believe his own words.
Tom hugged his son again “I’m happy, even I don’t know what’s the reason but I’m happy you’re growing strong like your dad, because when something good happens to your dad, I hope this is something good for you as well, my son”.
“Yes, I’m happy for this”, answered Derek excited.
After asking the seller for directions to find his brother’s house and paying for the hired vehicle, Tom and the salesman sealed the deal with a handshake, Tom got a little too carried away with the grip strength of his huge hand and the crack from the seller’s hand bones could be heard all around the parking lot, Tom let go immediately and apologized, “I’m sorry, guess I got too carried away by the conversation we’ve just had, all these emotions together”, then checked the seller’s hand,  “it’s just a squish nothing is broken, the pain will stop in a few minutes”, then he said “bye bye” and was about to pat on the salesman’s shoulder but when he saw the look of fear in the little man’s eyes he just stopped his hand and instead waved at him, then they stepped on the car and left.

Tom was really courious about seeing his brother and what he had in store for him, and also he was anxious to show him his own surprises, which will surely be a shock. “Let’s go to see your uncle and see what’s so surprising, and maybe we can amaze him too”, they flexed their huge biceps at the same time and laughed.
Then Tom starts the car and the journey to uncle Jeff’s house begins.

Following directions given by the car salesman they took a route in the middle of the forest, Tom drove the big vehicle through the woods when he had to stop. There was a huge log that had fallen over the road.
Luckily Tom had amazing reflexes and perfect eyesight and halted the car several feet before anything could happen.
“Oh sweet, then what are we going to do? Turn back?”, Lisa asked, sitting next to her husband, as she caressed his enormous shoulder and upper arm.
Tom looked at her to his side and grinned,
“Sweety, don’t worry, these two strong men here can handle a little log like that”
“Hey, dad, let me take care”, Derek said
“Of course son, go ahead”, said Tom and smiled.
Derek got out the car and walked to the log. The thing was big, a very big old tree that had rotten and fell over the motorway, it weighed easily 5 tons. Once in front it, the young man crouched and put his hands under it, then he tried to stand, groaned heavily and you could hear the wood cracking. He kept excerting force and grunting and was able to lift the log a little but only less than two inches from the ground, then had to let go, exhausted by the tremendous effort.
“Oh, honey, why don’t you go give Derek a hand!”, Lisa suggested Tom as she ran her fingers through his enormous chest.
“Sure”, said Tom and got his immense physique out the car, he walked to his son who was going to try it a second time, but felt the heavy hand of his dad in his back.
“Let me try, buddy” said Tom in his deep masculine tone, Derek knew when to let go and moved to a side.
Tom simply crouched a little and put a single hand under the enormous log, then he effortlessly stood up carrying the log playfully in his right palm.
Derek amazed at the sight, there was a long way to go if he wanted to be as strong as his dad, he thought as Tom walked his huge body to a side of the road and easily and single-handedly got rid of the log, throwing it away with tremendous force.
Then Tom walked to the place where the log was and noticed it had left a huge dent in the road, that could damage the rented car if they tried to pass, so he just walked to the car with Lisa in it, put a hand under it and easily picked it up over his head, took it past the dent and gently put it on the ground.
Both men got in the car, “See honey, all solved!”, Tom said to his wife as he wiped up his hands and found his place next to her.
“Oh, geez, that was fucking amazing!”, Lisa said in ecstasy, and gave Tom a kiss and run her hands all over his enormous body.
“Yeah, so bad I coudln’t handle it”, said Derek
“Oh son, you picked that up a couple inches, for what I felt in my hand that was around 5 tons, no regular man would be able to even move it, I’m very proud of you, among the regular men you must be the strongest”, Tom cheered up his son, “let’s go now, Jeff’s house is very close”, powerful Tom said and they resumed their trip.

After roaming a little around the city looking for Jeff’s house, they arrived. Tom gets out of the car with big emotion but also very self assured, Derek contemplated the emotion in his father’s face, happy to be able to hug his brother, Lisa gave him a kiss “Come on my big man, go ring the doorbell, don’t worry, Jeff will be happy for sure!”
“Ok, my tresure, I’ll go”, said Tom, he stood a little to watch the incredibly beautiful house Jeff had built, very big and really cosy.
As he walked, Tom thought “you’d better ring Lisa, me and Derek are going to hide and see what happens”, both big men got hidden besides the front door.
Susan, after hearing the bell ring went to the front door and open “Oh my god, Lisa!”, both women hugged each other with energy, “it’s been a long time Susan, I misse you really a lot”, said Lisa, “why is it that you’re alone, did something happen?”, asked Susan.
Lisa, laughing, said “Yes, something has happened, but something really good, men come out now!”.
Tom and Derek showed themselves, after a moment of silence Susan exclaimed
“Oh my god!, huge men! this is a whole family of huge men!” and jumped to hug Tom and salute his huge nephew.
“Oh my god, I still can’t believe how big and handsome you’re as well”.
Tom seemed doubtful and thought how was it possible that Susan didn’t seem that amazed about their bodies.
“Please come in, take a seat, you must have had a long trip”, said Susan inviting them in.
Susan couldn’t take her eyes off Tom, she couldn’t believe what had happened, how lucky this familiy was. She also marvelled at Derek’s splendor and growth but her eyes were just for Tom.  Seeing this huge man and so rejuvenated, surprises weren’t finishing, Susan was happy to see this muscled family.
“You’re petrified”, said Tom
“No Tom, excuse me, I’m just a little surprise at seeing you like this, I promise you’ll also be surprised at your brother”
“Come on tell us!”, Tom demanded.
“No Tom, if I tell you it wouldn’t be the same and Jeff would get upset”, she replied.
“Oh, ok I’ll wait!”, said Tom a little disappointed.
“Dad, did you notice how big the chairs are, made out of steel and also this table looks so heavy”, said Derek.
“Yes, I see that maybe they wanted to style the house with steel, like those statues done with iron pilars and those railway beams bent over at the front-yard”, thought Tom.
“Really, a beautiful house”, answered Derek.
“Should I bring something to drink, you big men must be thirsty for sure with this heat” and Susan went into the kitchen and turned back with two beers and two cups of tea.
“Oh Tom I still can’t believe it you’re so big and handsome and very strong I guess”, said Susan.
Tom pulled out his arm, bent it and flexed his huge bicep, Susan got closer without fear and touched the huge muscle mass, caressing it softly.
“Lisa, I’m very happy for you to be this lucky”.
Lisa with her eyes full of joy said “Yes, my husband is the strongest man in the world and my son is on his way”, as she spoke she touched her son’s arms and the hugged her husband’s huge arm.
“Sure, one of the strongest ones in the world, but there are other men who are very strong as well”, said Susan laughing.
“I doubt anywhere as strong as my Dad”, said Derek, “I haven’t seen anything that can stop him yet”.
“Sure, he looks very strong”, said Susan.

After a little silence, Tom streched himself out and said “But Susan, when is my brother turning back home?”
“Oh, in about thirty minutes I think”
“I’m really looking forward to seeing him, I’m courious to see his surprise”.
“Don’t worry Tom when Jeff arrives you’ll both be surprised for sure”, said Susan, “and also Chuck, the superbrain of the family, is coming this evening from the university, he’ll surprise you both too”, said Susan with her eyes full of joy.

Susan took Lisa to show her around the house, then went to the kitchen to cook lunch.

Derek said, “Dad, I think aunt Susan is quite a beautiful woman despite being older than Lisa”, said Derek. Tom said, “yes I think my brother and I are very fortunate to have them”.

Back at the kitchen, Lisa noticed  that Susan was cooking very big meals, similar in size to those she’d started cooking after Tom’s growth and when Derek began to train with his father.
“Susan, aren’t we cooking too much, with all this food we can feed tens of people”.
“Don’t worry Lisa, big men have big food in this house, you have to know that you’re not the only lucky one, destiny has given us both the same fortune”, said Susan smiling.
“I can’t believe you, is Jeff as big as Tom?”
“Yes, but don’t say anything, let’s keep it a surprise”.
“But, how did it happen?”
“Jeff was watching TV at night and started feeling bad, suffered from back pain, chuck had injected him an experimental serum against pain he’d been developing, but Jeff lost consciousness for a couple of hours, and after he’d rested, he woke up very hungry, this hunger lasted more or less for a month, I was worried, but then I began noticing that he was growing bigger and bigger every day and after that he’d became a big man just like your husband, I think, dunno if they have the same strength but Jeff is also huge”.
“Impossible! The same thing has happened to Tom as well, he was struck by lightning and then the same as Jeff, so strange, that’s the reason why you weren’t that amazed, we’re very lucky women”
“That’s true Lisa, we’re probably the luckiest there are, our husbands are not just the strongest ones but the most handsome! But just keep the secret with your husband!”
“Ok, I want to see what happens too, when my son saw his father, despite he was big as well, was completely amazed, but afterwards he got really happy and now he’s growing even bigger thanks to their relationship”.
“yes, the same happened with Chuck, he couldn’t believe it and after that he’d also grown big thanks to his father’s blood and his own invention, the serum, I’m really happy with my family”,
“Me too, Susan, so much!”
“Lisa, it seems Jeff has arrived, I think I heard the garage door, let’s see now what happens”.

The front door opens, Tom stands up from the couch knowing that in seconds he will be able to hug his brother.
“Dear, I’m home”, says a deep booming voice from the hall. “Your husband has come”.
Tom couldn’t recognize the voice, but after a second he couldn’t even recognize who was entering the door.

It was a huge body, he covered almost all the doorway, he must have been like 1,90m (6’3”) tall, almost like Tom, was also almost as big, looked just a little bit smaller, until now Tom hadn’t seen anyone even close to his size. The big man was wearing a tight black sweater covered by a very elegant jacket, smart black trousers that looked like about to burst any moment, in the dick area he could see a python hidding, his dick and balls created an enormous bulge. The waist looked like the same size as Tom’s, surely bigger than any regular man’s but in good proportion compared to his body.

His arms looked also enormous, where covered by the jacket that was stretched to maximum level, these arms looked really strong.
Tom asked himself who was this man as big as him, he focused his sight over the man’s face and despite he it was covered by a beautiful gray beard he could reconognize his brother.
“oh my god!” Tom exclaimed, “I can’t believe it”... “Neither do I!”, Jeff exclaimed. Tom hugged his brother with tears of job, grabbing him incredibly strong, it was a very thrilling scene.
“Hey! Don’t squish so tight, despite I’m strong too you can strangle me!”, said Jeff in a playful tone, but Tom didn’t want to let go his brother, he didn’t understand how he’d become that big, but most of all he was happy to be hugging his brother.
After Tom has let his brother go and cleaned up his years he ammired his brother from head to toe, while Jeff did the same, and both asked almost spontaneously: “But, how did you become this big?”

“Let’s get comfortable”, said Jeff, Lisa and Susan were so happy to see both brothers joining again that they too almost cried.
Jeff began to explain, “It was night, I was in front of the TV, suddenly I’ve felt a fire in my spine and began to feel really bad, Susan quickly called Chuck who was at the garage, I was laid on the floor, couldn’t even move, and Chuck, seeing how desperate and in pain I was, injected me an experimental serum he was working with, I instantly felt better but I lost consciousness, and after a couple of hours I woke up over my bed, and I couldn’t even move, Chuck thought it was the effect of the medicine and adviced me to take rest, the following day I woke up famished, I’ve been always hungry for a month, then I began to feel well and here are the results”.
Jeff showed off his biceps but forgot to take out his jacket and the fabric tore appart giving way to the bicep. Susan heard the tearing from the kitchen and shouted “It’s the fourth time this month Jeff! Please be careful!”, Tom and Jeff laughed madly,
Tom said “it also happens to my, it’s difficult to contain all this”.
“And you big nephew don’t say anything to your uncle?”, said Jeff joking. Derek was stiff by the surprise, two men, two brothers, the biggest men on earth, “oh my god”, he said a second time, “uncle, you’re really huge like my dad”, and got close to hug him, “You too my nephew, are quite big and strong, congratulations”.

Derek bent his arm and showed his biceps to his father and his uncle, “but this is nothing in comparison to you too, you must have equal strength I think”.
“I don’t know, I’ll take out my jacket and we’ll see”, said Jeff but it was difficult for him to take out his shirt with all those muscles, Derek helped his uncle and remained seated to see what was coming next. “Take out your sweater too”, said Tom who had already taken out his, seeing this was really spectacular, uncle Jeff looked just about a little smaller and shorter than Tom, but surely very strong.

Derek was like a competition judge, “double biceps”, “back”, “lats”, “most muscular”, “arm”, he was in front of the biggest and most powerful bodybuilders, he stood up and walked close to the two giants and touched their biceps, he stood in the middle and flexed his biceps as well.
“Then, who is the winner?”, kids Jeff.
“mm I think my father is a little bit taller and more muscled”
“hahaha the little brother bigger than his elder, Tom have you found anything you can’t destroy with your hands?!””
“I don’t know, not yet”, replied Tom
“I thought so, me neither! But let’s wait no more, let’s try our strength, do you agree?”, asks Jeff
“Sure”, replied Tom, “let’s armwrestle, so we can see real strength against real strength”.
“Ok, I’ve always wanted to try, hopefully we’ll have the same strength”.

Tom and Jeff at their sides in front of the metallic table, seeing this men was impressive,
“1, 2, 3 goo!”, shouted Derek.
At the beginning the two arms didn’t move at all, then their biceps began to swell bigger, Derek thought these men’s nutrition had to be huge, their biceps were really enormous, much bigger than a bowling ball, then the arms began to move, it was a terrific spectacle, how much strenght could these two men be excerting at that moment was out of any calculation, and after about ten minutes Tom finally wins.
“Awesome Tom, it’s been very nice to be able to use all that strength, despite it was not max power it has been good to find something as hard as your arm”
“I was also looking forward to this moment, the true steel that is inside your arm”, said Tom and with this they flexed their pumped biceps, now looking a lot bigger, Derek touched both and they were pride of their strength, the women got out of the kitchen and saw the sweated naked torso of their huge men, they put the dishes and caressed their husband’s huge biceps and kissed them.

Chuck’s Arrival

After lunch Tom and Jeff continued to measure their strength, the two titans challenged each other to armwrestling, fought for hours in the garden and bent over huge metal beams Jeff had collected, after each inhuman effort the huge men touched their biceps, marvelling at the extent of their strength. Watching their muscles making an actual effort when they challenged each other was satisfying to them, seeing their strength growing, Derek remained amazed, admiring the excersizes of his dad and uncle without even saying a word. He watched in awe at how their muscles resisted the strength involved in their games, as if their bodies were growing with every effort, with every new level of resistance.

In the evening the men decided to take a bath in the pool, and women remained inside deciding what to cook for dinner, Derek was already playing with his dad and his uncle but it was useless to resist to these men, Jeff picked him up and thrown him up in the air to the pool, he went so hight it was as if he was jumping from the height of an olimpyc diving board; but as he was going down he saw flashing the figure of another huge man that was coming closer to the pool but when he got his head of the water he saw nobody. Derek thought it was his immagination, but suddenly he felt behind him something pressing him very tight in the back, he applied some resistance and could free himself, so he knew it couldn’t be uncle or dad cause it was no way he could’ve freed himself, he turned around and couldn’t believe his eyes, “Oh my god! Chuck! But what a change! I can’t believe it, also mi “super scientist” is working out at the gym, you have a very good body!”
“Wow, you too Derek, you’re handsome, look at those big arms, to say the truth Derek I’m not going to the gym, you know I’ve never been much of a sport lover”
“Nahh, are you taking roids man? Please don’t...”
“No Derek, this is not thanks to steroids, this is true strength, this is thanks to my potion”
“Your potion...”, behind the two young men the two older emerged silently and thrown both youngsters in the air at the same time, inside the pool Chuck noticed uncle Tom,
“Hey uncle you’re also a huge man, how did this happen? You don’t have my potion, how is this possible, I wanted you to come to give you the potion, to share my new discovery, but now I see that you don’t need that, oh my god! You’re really handsome and big, your arms are so hard and thick, you’re a titan like my father, please let’s get out of the pool I want to see your muscles”.

The men got out of the water, Derek noticed that the body of his cousin was smaller than his own but grown without even making any effort. It was a huge change, his cousin had also leg go his glasses, had a muscled body and an attractive face, Derek was really happy to see someone his size in the family, but the one who was really stupyfied was Chuck.
“Uncle, you’re gargantuan, I can’t believe it, my dad is also big but I can’t believe this, I’ve never seen a man like you, I thought I was the only one with the strongest dad on Earth, but Derek your father is huge like mine, uncle can I touch your muscles?”
“Of course you can”, replied Tom
Chuck began to touch his uncle’s body, after having touched his huge chest, he stopped at the big biceps, “Uncle can I touch the strength of your arms, flex your biceps for me”
“Of course Jeff, feel the power in these arms”, said Tom proud as his nephew grabbed his arms.
“Oh my god, you’re really huge, you and my dad are really strong, what a muscled family, haha!”
“I can’t stop thanking you my son, just because of you I can be this big and strong”, answered Jeff.
“Let’s go back home men, I want to explain how we got to this”, said Chuck.

Back inside the house, Chuck explain the reason of the letter and the invention of his serum:
“I was working in a medicine to relief pain in people and fix small damage to bones or muscle tissue, seeing how my dad was suffering that night, despite it was in the experimental stage I had injected it, needless to say his body changed, you can see the effects, and after having studied his changed I had also injected the serum in me, I had convinced my father to call you also uncle, because I wanted to share my discovery and give you this fortune as well, but now I can see there’s not need”.
“Chuck I don’t know how to thank you, I feel lucky already, and double fortune because I have such a considerate brother and nephew”, said Tom, got close to Chuck and gave him a hug.
“I have the serum right now, I want this discovery no to be ever revealed because it can end up in the wrong hands and what this to remain as a treasure only to our family, I want to perfect this serum just to help the world as a medicine, and non as a formula to become big and muscled, now Derek I have the serum specially prepared for you and your father, I don’t want to put it to waste so do you like me to inject it to you, what do you say cousin?”
Derek hesitated but after given a little bit of a thought he said “Not at the moment Chuck, thank you, I still have to think about it, I still want to compete in bodybuilding and if they discover I’ve taken this I will be disqualified, also with the help of my dad as a training partner I’m growing a lot by regular means, now let’s enjoy dinner, I’m hungry!”
“We too!”, the giants of the house answered in chorus.


PART 4__(written in 2008)

After swimming in the pool the four big men decided to go out and hit the street, Jeff lived in the suburbs of a quite busy town so they decided to go and take a walk, see what was the reaction of the people to so much beef walking by.
When they arrived they strouted proudly around, people watching them amazed at their size, they could see people were making comments whispering in each other's years. A girl even dared to ask Tom to show her his bent arm and she touched his massive biceps.
Chuck directed the men to a big and tall shop, he said it was the best place to buy clothes for men like them, and this particular shop was really cool.
Inside the shop there were four shopkeepers, two girls were piling up some crates next to a corner and two guys that were setting up the display at the front. When Chuck came in everyone turned around to see, not everyday they saw a gorgeous guy like that in the shop, quite big, muscled, handsome but also with intellectual looks. Most of the time it was just fat guys, some quite tall and big but mostly so fat they couldn't get clothes anywhere else.
The boys that were at the display looked at the each other and smiled and one of them turned around, the girls looked at the guys sorta like “Don't even dare”, and the two boys resumed working.
The youngest of the females motioned herself towards Chuck but her partner almost barked at her that she was the one with more time in the company and she got the good looking guys.
So she went to Chuck and asked him what he was looking for, Chuck wanted some nice underwear for him but “also for my cousin, hey buddy!”, he whistled at the front door. Then Derek's astounding figure came in, if Chuck was good looking, Derek was gorgeous, if Chuck was well muscled Derek was a stallion of muscle, almost like a pro bodybuilder. Derek treaded in wearing his usual tight clothes and everyone in the place was delighted at the sight, he stood next to Chuck and the clerk couldn't but exclaim “aha...” and grin, “who is taking care of this young man here?” the  older girl asked.
One of the guys was about to leave his tasks and go to Derek but the younger girl flashed a hatred look at him and hurried towards Derek, “Looks like I'll be assisting you today...”
“Derek”, replied the young stud.
“Derek, ok! Nice name! So you practice some sports don't you?”
“Yeah, a little bit of bodybuilding”, said Derek and bent his left arm, flexing his bicep tight.
“Oh, I see!”, the eyes of the little girl were wide open.
Derek wanted some casual wear for dinner time and such so they moved to another corner of the shop while the older girl showed Chuck some hot swimwear.
Then they heard a deep voice at the door saying “oh come on, it'll be fun!” and a quite loud thud, like something heavy had bumped into the floor, then another thud, it was Jeff's 180kg (400 lbs) figure stepping on the wooden floor of the store as he was going in.
When they saw this moleman coming in the guys at the display gasped, the girls turned around to see and were so distracted Derek and Chuck had to remind them what they were doing.
The guys at the display looked at each other and one of them just said
“Ok, it's all yours, I'll survive honey”, with a sigh.
The other guy hurried towards Jeff, next to that guy Jeff was a true behemoth, almost two heads taller and more than twice as wide, could fit both of the guy's legs in the width of his arm.
“Hello Sir, can I be of any help”, said the guy with a bit of a tremble.
“Yes you see, I've been looking for some nice business suit that would fit me but they don't seem to make them my size, I figured maybe here I could find some”, as Jeff spoke his bass voice made the little guy shiver.
“Oh of course Sir, we...”, then the little guy literally froze. He fixed his eyes at the doorway while Tom was getting in, “oh my god”, he exclaimed. As the enormous man stepped thuds even louder than those produce by Jeff could be heard, you could also see the wood bending and squealing with the 250kg (550 lbs) of Tom's physique. The 6'6” fella was wearing short pants and a T-shirt that looked painted on, it was muscle on top of muscle, and of course everyone couldn't but keep their eyes on him.
Tom stood next to Jeff who now didn't look as impressive, and playfully let his heavy hand slap his older brother's enormous shoulder, that made Jeff shake quite a bit under the tons of weight.
“So bro, are you looking for some sexy stuff for Susan?”, Tom joked, his voice was as deep as Jeff only with a younger feel, not so worn out.
“Know what? I wonder if they have those big suits here, for people like us”, Jeff said.
“Bro, I get mine taylor made, but... what about, you know, I always like to play games with Lisa and have some fun, I'd like to have like a soldier's suit, a navy captain suit, something like that, you know just for the fantasy”, said Tom and enveloped the clerk's shoulder with one of his enormous hands.
“Costumes for your size?”, the young guy wondered, then his partner came in
“I'll take care of this gentleman if you allow me, come with me Sir, I'll show you our collection of specially taylored themed suites for men your size”, said the second shopkeeper very politely.
Jeff’s shopkeeper took him to the business clothing section, there were the most amazing suits made of the most luxurious fabrics, and in the biggest sizes.
The clerk offered some suits and shirts to Jeff, who picked the ones he liked the most and tried them on, most of them fit really tight, so they had to try several different sizes.
Jeff didn’t like those that were too snug on his thick muscles, but he didn’t dislike a little tightness though, so he chose the ones that were loose but still were tight enough at the arms and the pecs so everyone would be able to tell he was a big muscleman.
The salesperson also introduced him a new line of jackets specially made for bodybuilders, the difference with regular jackets is that they were really wide at the shoulders but narrower below the lats, these one looked amazing in Jeff.
The first pants that were offered to him looked painted on, Jeff agreed they looked sexy but he wanted something more appropriate for a business meeting so he went for looser ones, but still tight at the butt and also when he bent his legs.
At the other corner of the shop, the other guy was offering Tom what looked like an enormous version of an outfit from the captain of the Titanic, even the hat was included.
“Would you like to try it on?”, said the little guy trying to spread the white navy style shirt with his hands as wide as he could, the thing was enormous.
“Yes of course” said Tom and immediately took away his T-shirt, the sales guy was kinda shocked and for a few moments speechless, Tom had the most enormous torso he’d ever seen, his lats were two tremendous slabs of meat, his shoulders were like watermelons and his upper arms bigger than bowling balls, his enormous pecs and abs were full of manly black hair, all bulky and excessive.
“Hand it to me… hey!”, Tom had to wake the guy.
“Uh, ok, sorry!”, said the guy and gave Tom the shirt. The big man tried it on, it had a tight fit, but that was what Tom wanted it was like the Titanic’s captain all muscled up. He tried the huge pants, -painted on- and then put on the hat as a final touch.
“How do I look?”, he asked the sales guy as he expanded his chest to the point the fabric was just short of ripping.
“I w.. would definitely go in the ship and have a trip with you, Sir”, said the guy and blushed.
Tom laughed and asked “Well, I’m definitely going to keep this”
“Something else?”
“Yes, I was thinking maybe…”
“What about a cop’s suit?”, the guy suggested.
“We have exactly what you need”, said the little guy and brought a huge policeman costume.
“Mmm looks good, let me try this on”, so Tom took away the sailor costume, the movements of his delicious body followed closely by the sales guy’s mezmerized eyes.
The colossus didn’t seem to feel any shyness to show himself in his underwear in front of this guy and the little fella was surely enjoying it.
Tom put the policeman pants on, darn it was snug, and then he put on a pair of black shinny boots that were a perfect match. He then struggled with the black shirt but it fitted just right, because it was taylored for a muscleman just like him. The shirt had short sleeves that revealed his huge upper-arms and a badge and looked very real. This costume also came with a hat and a stick so when those accessories were in place Tom looked like a real cop, well in fact he looked like three or four cops together.

As Chuck was being shown some underwear by one of the girls he felt something cold in the back,
“Hands up you two!”, said a burglar behind him.
Chuck turned around and wanted to take the gun off the guy but the thief was too fast and gave a couple steps back while still aimed at them.
“Now lady you’ll go to the counter and give me all the money”, said the thief, he was not a small guy, at easily 1,80m (5’11”) and quite built.
The place was big, divided into different rooms and everyone was far from them so nobody was aware of what was going on.
The girl was panicked and let out a muted scream, this caught everyone’s attention.
Derek was the first to come out and when the burglar saw the big guy he gave a few steps back and seemed to hesitate but he still aimed and threatened them, “everybody stand still and do as I say or I’ll start shooting!”
The screams caught also Jeff’s attention who was at the other section, he advised the sales guy to stay put and went to the other room to see what was going on.
Jeff’s enormous figure caused quite an impact in the thief, “Hey you, put the gun down!”, ordered the big mature man. His powerful way of walking, the gigantic tight suit he was wearing and his booming manly voice made him look so serious and full of authority that the thief just turned around and started running. But as he motioned himself out he bumped into something big and hard, he didn’t know what it was at first because he was caught by surprise but when he gave a few steps back he could see the huge cop that was in front of him with hands in his hip, it was Tom.
“Darn it”, he thought and knew he was busted.
Enormous Tom grabbed the guy from the belt of his trousers and picked him up like a scarecrow as he took away his gun, as the guy was held high he showed to his face how he twisted and bent the steel of the gun like modelling clay between his fingers.
“It’s not a very good idea to come and rob in a Big and Tall shop, little guy, because it’s full of big and tall men who can snap you like a twig”, Tom scared the guy.
“Would you take care, Jeff?”
“Of Course!”
Tom walked and handed the thief to his brother who held it just as easily.
“Let’s take these clothes off me and call the real police”, said Tom and went to the other room to get his regular clothes on while one of the girls called nine one one.

Jeff was holding up the guy who was almost petrified by the big man in business suit, when the police came in, a cop approched them, was quite skinny and not even tall, so much so Jeff couldn’t believe guys like that could be policemen.
“Oh, well! You’re a big man! I see you have the situation under control”, said the cop as he saw Jeff and the hanging thief.
“Yes Sir, here is your man”, said Jeff and easily dropped the burglar on the ground while still holding him. Two cops that were bigger came in and took the thief, escorting him to the patrol.
“That’s one strong arm!” the skinny cop pointed and patted Jeff’s huge arm, then walked around the place and found the gun in tatters squeezed and bent, he picked it up and asked Jeff  in surprise “Did you do this to the gun?!”,
“No, I could have but I didn’t, it was my bro..”
“I did” said a deep resounding voice from the huge man that was coming in.
The skinny cop’s jaw almost dropped at the sight of Tom as he walked towards him, dressed in his tight short pants and t-shirt revealing his muscled body.
“Oh my god, Sir, what an impressive body you have!”, said the cop.
“Do you think I’d do a good policeman, officer?”, said Tom as he made a double biceps pose, making the huge 70cm biceps (28”) peaks stick out.
“Hell yeah!” said the skinny cop.
“Hey, don’t forget about me”, said Jeff and removed his jacket and his tie that was pressing his thick neck.
When the policeman saw Jeff’s upper body through the tight silk shirt he couldn’t keep his manners and screamed “Holy crap! You’re two fucking stallions!”
He grabbed Tom’s arm while the giant bent it just for him, and then caressed the biceps peak, his hand looked so tiny amidst all that mass. Tom didn’t care, he even liked it, he let the cop put his tiny hand in the middle of his huge pecs and caress his montaneous chest, then the cop also caressed Jeff’s huge torso, delt’s and shoulders, the little man pounded a few fists over their torsos as if he was checking if they were hollow or solid.
The big men smiled and Jeff said “you can punch all you want, we’re solid as rock”, then grabbed the guy from his belt single-handedly and gently picked him up and put him back on the ground.

Derek and Chuck were already outside and Tom and Jeff were joining them when they heard an emergency call on the radio.
“All units please report immediately, we have a situation with the intercity line rails, two formations out of control are going to crash against each other”, the cops panicked.
“Did you hear that?”, Tom said to his brother as he grabbed his enormous shoulder.
“Yes, but what can we do about it?”
“You’re kidding? The two of us together can stop those trains! I have already stopped war tanks and it was very easy for me, judging by the strength you showed, I’m sure it must be easy for you too!”, said Tom.
“Sure I always said I feel like I can stop a train, so let’s try it!”, replied Jeff cheerfully.

The skinny cop was distracted near his car when Tom got close to him and grabbed the little man’s shoulder, “I heard about the train crash, do you have any idea where are they supposed to collide?”
“We don’t know for sure but maybe near the central roundabout where all the lanes join”
“But that would be a disaster!”, said Tom and hurried to his brother
“We gotta stop it, let’s run to the roundabout and we’ll see from there”, Tom then started running and Jeff followed behind. The huge men’s legs were so full of powerful thick muscle that they could run faster than and olympic medallist, when they reached a place close to the rails they could see the trains approaching in the distance, Tom instructed his brother to take the train to the left he would take the one to the right, then they split running at amazing speed each one to face one of the formations.
When Tom reached his train he stood in front of it and leaned forward, extended his arms expecting to clamp the impact a little so nobody would get hurt.
As Jeff got close to the train he decided to run alongside it, and put a hand on one side of the machine, as he diminished his speed so did the train, until it was at a safe speed and he stood in front of it and received the impact.
The people in Tom’s train felt the vehicle crash against something very heavy but it wasn’t a big shake so they weren’t hurt at all, immediately the speed began to drop, Tom was being pushed along by the force of the train but he managed to get his huge powerful legs to support all the force and divert it to the ground and that made the velocity diminish every second.
Jeff was doing the same with his vehicle, only difference was that he was wearing the suit’s pants and leather shoes that were going to cost a fortune, nonetheless he was getting his also huge legs well rooted in the ground. Both train’s wheels squealed and sparkled furiously as the giant supermen were putting them to a stop.
A few minutes of struggle and the trains approached each other but now almost at 0 speed, finally the two men were dragged together more and more at slow speed by the inertia while each of them was still holding the front of the train just in case. Then the brother’s butt and backs touched and they ended up in a kind of sandwich between the trains. Both Tom and Jeff laughed, their enormouse rib cages pressing the steel. Fortunatelly it looked like the trains’ fuel was depleted and the engines finally stopped. Tom easily pushed forward with his arms and the whole train moved backwards enough so the men could free themselves and  get out of the railway.
When the two huge men walked out, they were dirty and their clothes partially ripped to shreds, Jeff looked at his shoes, they were destroyed, and he said “oh shit!”
Then a flash of light blinded them for an instant, and in a few seconds a whole lot of reporters where aiming cameras and microphones at them.
“Do you come from kipton?!”, asked one of the reporters.
“No, we’re from this planet”, said Tom and laughed. And then continued asking questions about who they were and what else they could do.

Everybody was watching them on TV and it didn’t take long until the two brothers became very famous. Tom and Jeff were invited to talk shows, news reports, interview programs where they flexed their muscles for horny hosts, compared physiques, performed strength feats, fought against famous wrestlers (beating the crap out of them of course).

Despite all that exposure, neither of them revealed the source of their power. It didn’t take long until they got the attention of the richest people in town.
Sitting in his dark living room, Mr Tancredo was watching Tom in the TV, at the screen the big man was single handedly playing tug-of-war against a hundred men, Tancredo’s eyes opened wide as Tom cheerfuly pulled and all the men stumbled, then let the rope go and his brother Jeff greeted him and beat him playfully as they laughed.
Tancredo was sitting in a wheel chair and in the dim light looked at his assistant.
“This is why I brought you here, look at these incredible men, they have physical abilites beyond anything I’ve ever seen, see how strong they are, how could it be that these men have become so powerful? We have to find out!”
“I understand Sir, but do you think they weren’t born like that?”
“This information you will have to collect, and If there’s a way for me to become a such a super strong man, I want it! I’m fed up with this fucking wheel chair, dammit!!”
“Yes Sir, as you wish…”

Tancredo was a tycoon, a very rich man in his late fifties who has been disabled since his adolescence after a car crash. His assistant, Mat Corina, received a huge monthly fee just to take care of whatever it took to make Tancredo’s wishes come true. He gathered a group of scientists to investigate a cure to his boss’ paralysis, the team has been working desperately for many years with no results,



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