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Thinking about making a bed with muscles

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On 7/14/2017 at 12:26 PM, MysteriousPerson406 said:

Okay, this might be a silly idea but bear with me. So, I was thinking, since mattresses are all bouncy and all that... Why not draw a bed with muscles?

Or, how about constructing a bed of living muscle. A whole bunch of bodybuilders, lined up, so that you would relax on them. It would take some work, fitting all the muscle together to make a comfortable place to lie on top of, but I'd be willing to test it out. 😋

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I'd have them flexing so that they made a nice massage bed for me. Their muscles would be so thick that there wouldn't be any uncomfortable bony parts. Just all muscle, flexing for me, softer, harder working outy knots...

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