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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was originally meant to be a continuous growth story in the old forum, but apparently no one wanted to take up the offer of continuing it. I hereby rescue the first three parts with the intent of adding a few more chapters.

Part 1

Zack eyed the open case before him.

He leaned forward and took another drag off his cigarette, absentmindedly ashing it onto the carpet afterwards. With his free hand he reached out and grabbed one of the small prescription vials sitting neatly within the case. Holding it up to the light he examined the contents. The liquid inside was a pale opaque blue. It had an almost luminescent quality that reminded Zack of radioactive materials. However, on the outside of the container where a prescription label was usually affixed there appeared only a barcode and some letters and numbers. Zack assumed it stood for a designation of the contents and maybe some routing info.

The contents.

That’s what got Zack’s mind going. His dealer, a guy from the south end named Derrick, had clearly indicated that it was safe. Then again what drug was ever safe? Zack had tried everything that Derrick had ever given to him before. Columbian cocaine. California gold. Acid. Methamphetamines. Barbiturates. Every upper and downer known to man. Even heroin. Nothing had ever given him the perfect high he’d been looking for all his short life.

That though brought him back to his parents. He had no idea where they were. Probably in Europe. Zack had breezed through college with honors and they hadn’t said a word. He’d been arrested and they hadn’t said a word. Nothing he did seemed to affect them. Being good, being bad, it didn’t matter. But they always kept his bank account topped off. Maybe that was their way of compensating for failing him as real humane parents. For failing him as human beings. Thinking about it and considering his progression of nannies, boarding schools and colleges, it was clear they didn’t care about him. And to Zack it no longer mattered if they did. He had long ago begun seeking out new thrills to compensate for his losses. Things to make life worth living, whether natural or drug induced. Even without his parents funding his lifestyle, Zack would still have had enough money in his own trust fund to live comfortably without them. Which he figured he’d been doing more or less since he was seven.

Maybe that was why he’d handed over $50,000 to Derrick with no great reluctance when Derrick had told him he’d come across some of the best stuff ever invented.

Derrick assured him that this shit would give him the kind of experience he wanted. Zack had never explained his motivations to Derrick, but the dealer seemed to know that nothing he’d provided before had ever been good enough. And nothing he’d provided had ever even hooked Zack for more than a few uses. He’d begun to get more creative over time.

That’s where the mysterious blue liquid came in.

This was the stuff that would do the trick, Derrick explained. This was a hard to obtain experimental synthetic. A drug that was manufactured for one purpose, but that they discovered was actually useful for another. Namely as a narcotic. Or so Derrick had explained anyway. Zack never really believed anything Derrick said. But then again he didn’t care either. He’d try anything once. He didn’t care how Derrick had come by it.

And right now it was sitting on his kitchen table. Derrick was a smart dealer. He didn’t sample his own products, so they never held any power over him. Surely though Derrick had indeed witnessed someone else who’d taken the stuff? Maybe the person who’d obtained it for him even?

Whatever the case Zack was ready to go.

He rolled up his sleeve. Zack was a thin man. But he had a wiry muscularity that came from good genetics and from dedicated exercise. Exercise was part of his routine. A certain ability to cling to a routine was part of what kept him from falling into the void every day. That and searching out new experiences with a tenacious dedication. It gave him a sense of purpose. And if this stuff killed him? So be it. It would be one less day that he had to continue in this absent, mindless existence.

He’d tied off the arm so that he’d get a nicely defined vein and filled the syringe.

Zack had done this before of course. A prick of pain and then the fluid of the unknown serum began to flow directly into the bloodstream. He expected the rush to be like heroin or morphine. An instantaneous hit of pleasure that eventually died away. But he hated that the failure of the pleasure to last only made the normality seem worse to him. He was surprised when instead of the pleasure he felt something else entirely. A slow creeping feeling, not like euphoria, but more like vitality. It was flowing within him and growing. Becoming stronger with each passing minute.

His head fell back and closed his eyes as he felt it work its way through his system.

Oh, there was a euphoria too. But it was ancillary to this feeling of strength and power. That was it exactly, he thought, strength and power. He felt like he could do anything. Take on the world. Despite his every assumption that this too would be only a passing pleasure, Zack felt the feeling growing stronger instead. He felt a raw manliness – a primitive energy that commanded respect. Derrick had hit the jackpot this time. This stuff lived up to what he’d said and maybe more.

The feeling of his own personal strength was unlike anything he’d ever experienced.

He stood up. He was stoked and he instinctively needed to test himself. Without thinking he brought his fist down with all his might against the granite countertop that he had paid so much money for. It cracked and shattered beneath the power of the impact. But with a quick glance at his hand, Zack realized that he’d felt no pain at all.

He’d never felt so alive and he wanted to test himself against something or someone.

After a moment’s reflection it occurred to him that the gym was the only possible place where he could find the challenge he so suddenly craved. He grabbed his sweats from the bedroom. Zack knew just the place too. Not the usual fitness center he frequented, but a real iron pit down on the south side. A place where the blue collar guys mixed in with the serious muscle heads. That would do. Once quick glance in the mirror though and Zack could see that his body still looked the same as ever. His wiry one hundred fifty pounds and handsome face grinned back at him. The same as they had this morning. No wait a minute, he thought, he hadn’t grinned like that in a long time. This was going to be a good time.

It took a half hour for his car to make it across town. He supposed that not too many people were used to seeing a car that expensive in this neighborhood. But he didn’t care.

An attendant sitting behind a desk stopped him as he walked in the door.

“Hey,” he called when Zack was about to stride past him into the gym proper.

Zack hadn’t even realized he was there. “What?” he asked.

“You don’t have a membership.”

“Oh,” said Zack, still grinning stupidly. The feeling of vitality had only gotten stronger with every second, even though Zack had expected it to have started receding by now. He reached into a wallet he had in the gym bag he’d brought with him and pulled out three hundred dollar bills.

“Will that do?” he asked nonchalantly. The attendant looked at him like he was crazy. The power of cash was amazing.

“Uh, yeah,” said the attendant stupidly, “Um…yeah…the rules are….”

“No rules,” said Zack, “Just cash.” And then he laid another two Benjamins on the counter.

“Whatever dude,” said the guy, “Do what you want. Locker room is that way.”

Zack thanked him and took off through the door, found a locker and stowed his stuff inside. He was still clad from head to toe in sweatshirt and sweatpants. When he stepped from the locker room out onto the floor it couldn’t have been more obvious that he was completely out of place. The gym was filled with sweaty monsters. Most having little to almost nothing on, so that each could show off the hard work he’d put into building his body. Normally Zack would have been intimidated no matter how much money he had to buy people off. But in this case, he was still running with an amazing high. More than ever in fact. Ignoring the looks he was getting, being without a doubt the smallest man in the place. He stood about five feet, nine inches, but even the shortest of the guys there could make up two of Zack.

He headed straight for the nearest bench. A guy had just finished and was toweling himself off. He hadn’t even had time to unrack the weight yet. No one was waiting and Zack thought that the bench press would do for his purposes. The guy was big. He seemed to Zack like an amateur bodybuilder who was interested solely in testing himself against the iron and not out in competition.

“How much you benching?” he asked the guy. He appraised the guy’s thick arms as he asked. He had no idea what they must measure, but they looked as thick as the guys who featured prominently on the covers of muscle magazines Zack had seen before. Zack reassessed quickly. Maybe this guy really was one of those sorts of bodybuilders. He seemed big enough. Powerful chest. High rounded delts. Thick neck – with ropes of muscle melting into equally thick shoulders. His waist was small and tight. And his legs were like some kind of thick young tree trunks. He wasn’t the single biggest dude in the place, but he seemed to be the most ripped of the lot.

“Bout three hundred,” the guy replied, taking in Zack at the same time. Aware of Zack’s having checked him out. The guy was used to that. “But I’m goin light today.”

Zack just looked at him soberly. “Shoulder injury,” the big guy added, as if it needed to be explained.

“Right,” said Zack in his most knowing tone, “So you mind givin me a spot then?”

The guy looked at Zack calmly. Zack had the feeling the guy felt sorry for him somehow. Maybe he thought Zack was just a fish out of water here.

Finally the guy said, “Okay, if you want to. Better make this a little lighter for you though little guy. Name’s Matt by the way.”

“Thanks Matt,” said Zack a little miffed, “I’m Zack”. He didn’t like being called little guy and something within him sorta snapped. “But I think I’ll try it out at three though. Thanks anyway big guy.” He put a lot of emphasis on “big guy”.

“Dude,” Matt said, “Seriously, this weight would flatten you.”

“Humor me,” said Zack getting down on the bench.

Experimentally he pushed up on the bar. At first he felt himself strain, but just as quickly he felt a surge of that strange power within him. The power was intoxicating. He lifted the bar and being used to benching with lesser weights, he pumped out twenty smooth reps – not even realizing that he’d gained the attention of a couple guys around him. He just listened to Matt count. Each time Matt’s voice seemed strained with surprise.

When he was finished, he looked up at Matt. “That felt pretty light,” he said, “Was that really three hundred?” Matt just nodded. “Put another hundred on will ya?” Matt complied without thinking.

When he’d done a set at the increased weight as well, he racked the bar and got up. He pulled off the sweatshirt off and looked at himself in the mirrors. While he had been lifting those weights, the muscles of his chest and arms had grown to accommodate the power. He wasn’t huge, but he was more defined than he’d ever been in his life. He flexed his right arm and brought it up to look at his gun. Where before there hadn’t really been anything, now there was a small ball of muscle. But his chest, now that was something. His slight pecs were full and rounded, like those of some guys who’d been pumping iron for a while. They looked about an inch thicker and actually stood out from his chest.

The feeling of vitality stayed with him and for the first time he looked around at the other guys lifting. Some of them were watching him with dumb looks on their faces. A few a little awestuck. Some seemed not to care and had gone back to whatever they had been lifting.

Matt came up next to him and flexed his gun behind Zack’s, framing him in the mirror. His powerful cannonball dwarfed Zack’s own, but the hard dick Zack felt pressed behind his ass told him everything he needed to know.

“That was incredible little guy,” he said, “I had no idea you were that strong.” After a second seeing Zack look into his eyes, he added, “Do you want to go back to my place.”

Zack smiled back at him. “Maybe later he said, first I want to finish my workout.”

Part 2

The feeling hit him like a ton of bricks. He needed a hit. He needed it bad.

Zack’s indomitable will had never been overwhelmed by any substance that he’d ever tried before in his life. But the blue serum just called to him.

The day after the first hit, he’d awoken feeling refreshed and alive. The after effects still lingered inside him almost eight hours after the stuff had hit his bloodstream. It was amazing. Even more amazing was the physical change it produced in his body. From the first time it hit the blood, Zack’s strength increased immensely. He’d recognized that from the first. But over the past week, he’d noticed that with each hit that exceptional strength was growing exponentially. Maybe that had something to do with the other dramatic physical changes the blue serum was doing to him.

That first night at the gym, Zack had moved enough iron to do a seasoned powerlifter credit. Made all the more remarkable by the fact that he weighed only one hundred fifty pounds the morning Derrick delivered the stuff to him. With that came the discovery that the blast of primal super strength lasted about three hours from when he took a hit. The pleasant side effect was that during that time and for some time afterwards his body responded to his exertions by building more muscle to compensate at an accelerated rate. When the flare of strength passed, his new muscles were still able to handle loads his pre-serum body wouldn’t have dreamt possible. The next day the scale said fifteen new pounds of muscle graced his frame. It was hypnotic.

Not that Zack had ever wanted any of this of course.

But he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop it. He didn’t want to. He’d discovered that he liked it too much.

Then the cravings had come. A day and a half after his first injection, he could feel that he was returning to normal. The emptiness of his life was still there waiting for him. He needed that feeling again badly. He recognized it for what it was, but he felt it was a small price to pay on balance.

He had taken the stuff three times now. Each time going to the gym to test his mettle. As the juice left his system again each time the cravings eventually returned. Each time seeming to come faster than the time before. And with the third injection he found that he’d finally finished the first vial. There were only four vials remaining of the original case he’d purchased from Derrick.

But the feeling had come on him again just now intensely. He couldn’t resist and so he had taken a fourth injection. The first from the second vial.

As the wave of power crept over him, he sank back into the chair to revel in the ecstasy of his own masculine vitality. He thought about going to the gym again. He hadn’t gone back to the same one twice, lest one of the regulars members got suspicious. Then he remembered that this was Saturday. He remembered that one of the guys at the gym he went to the last time had told him about an arm wrestling contest. His name had been Joe something.

“You’d be great,” Joe had sighed watching Zack curl the weight. “Look at your arms they’re amazing.”

Zack had grunted. Joe was pretty amazing himself. Not as big as the bodybuilder Matt that Zack had met on the first night of this odyssey. Joe was shorter than Matt, but he had a denseness to his muscle that made him look stocky. His arms were ropes of muscle. When he curled those guns swelled into round balls of power. Nineteen or twenty inches around at least Zack suspected. Zack had no idea of the size of his own arms at the time. They were growing even as he curled the weight. But he figured they were catching up with Joe’s. Eventually maybe even with Matt’s titanic arms too. Unlike Matt though, Joe hadn’t asked Zack to bed. But his praise nevertheless turned Zack on.

Later when he’d got home that night he’d measured himself. His arms were just shy of sixteen-inch balls. And they felt as hard as steel to him. His chest after three workouts had swollen to forty-five inches cold, and his thighs were at twenty even. Looking at himself that night standing naked in the mirror he saw a robust young jock staring back at him. He wouldn’t even have recognized himself if he hadn’t lived through the changes. Even his face was different, he thought. His handsome features now had a glow of happiness and health he’d never known before. He grinned back at himself stupidly unable to help himself. Even his cock was responsive to the serum. Before, like every other thing in his life, sex had been something he’d endured to try and find meaning and purpose. He’d tried women, he’d tried men and he’d tried masturbation. Nothing had held his interest before this serum. But standing looking at himself in the mirror he was getting off on his own body. His normal cock had grown by at least a couple inches. And that night he’d jerked himself off in the mirror until his cum sprayed all over the bathroom floor.

But that was all in the past and this was now. The serum entered his system like it had three times before. The initial effects passed and once he was able to think clearly again, he dropped the empty syringe into the wastebasket. He hadn’t given that contest too much thought at the time, but it seemed better than just going to the gym again. A chance to test himself against other human beings. The contest was being held out in the valley past the hills. Not much out there in the way of civilization and maybe that was why it proved such a popular spot for gatherings of that nature. He stepped onto the scales and noticed that he now stood at about one hundred ninety-five pounds. He suspected also that he grown too; because his pants didn’t seem to fit right anymore either. They were too short. But that was fine by him. Shopping no longer seemed like such a mundane chore to him. Zack didn’t mind if people checked him out. It appealed to an ego stoked by the serum.

So he grabbed some old shorts and a t-shirt. The t-shirt had once been too large for him. And it hung loosely over his chest even now. It was a gift sent from his parents after one of their many trips. At the time he’d been disgusted they didn’t know him well enough to even get close to the right size. Now it made him laugh. The shorts though went on with a little more effort. His thighs had been much smaller when he’d gotten them. Now they fit snug. The squats he’d done the other night had caused his ass to fill out. The muscles of his glutes had become higher and more rounded. He sighed with pleasure. This outfit would do. As an afterthought he’d made up another syringe too and put it in the glove compartment. It would take him an hour to drive to the valley – he might need a pick-me-up for later.

Wow, he thought to himself, he’d never taken a hit two days in a row, much less on the same day. What would that do? He felt a pang of excitement as he decided it would be cool to find out.

The drive was nice. The air was losing the summer heat as the calendar had moved into fall. Still it was going to be a warm day out there.

When he got to the field where the contest was located he parked off to the one side. The place was filled with people of all descriptions. A pretty rough looking crowd all in all though. There were no smooth polished city folks in evidence. Zack looked at his car. It was a sports car, but it was the kind that lawyers drove. Maybe it was time to turn it in for something else. A little something more primitive maybe?

He noticed a registration tent, so he walked over.

“Weight?” the guy asked.

“One ninety-five,” said Zack smoothly, putting down his money for the fee.

“Okay,” he said, “You make it into class one then. Just barely. Those are the big guys.” He eyed Zack’s arms wearily. “Since you are right on the line I can put you in class two if you want.”

“Nope,” said Zack feeling confident, “Class one is fine. What are the rules?” He filled out the registration form the guy handed to him.

“Single elimination, strongest wins,” said the guy, “No other rules. We aren’t part of any federation here. These guys do this cause they like the competition. Whoever brings the other guy’s arm down first wins. Period. Got any problems with that?”

“Nope,” said Zack.

“All right then. Contestants in their class are matched together at random. Go to table five. Whoever wins will be instructed on what to do next. Good luck.”

Zack nodded at him and left. His competitor was waiting for him at the aforementioned table. He was a big guy, just a little smaller than Joe. He had no shirt on, and while his body fat was high compared to most others there, he looked like he was packing some respectable muscle on his frame underneath it. His arms were big and thick like a guy who worked swinging a hammer against concrete all day long. But it didn’t necessarily look like he worked out. He looked at Zack and snorted. Then set his beer on the table.

“You ready to go?” he asked Zack sneeringly, “Cause my next opponent’s waiting for me.”

“Bring it on,” said Zack sitting down across from the other guy, “Don’t want to have to make anyone wait for me.”

They immediately locked fists and braced themselves. Zack hadn’t arm wrestled in his life so he wasn’t sure what to expect. The guy across from him was anticipating an easy victory and he put his hammer down and used his power to muscle Zack’s arm toward the tabletop. Zack was caught completely off guard, partly by the guy’s vise-like grip.

His arm got to three inches from the table before he realized he was about to be eliminated entirely on the first go round.

“No fucking way,” he snarled at the bigger man. His arm stopped cold as a blast of strength ran through him. No overfed muscle wannabe was going to crush him so easily. At first he responded with all his power and nothing happened. His arm stayed where it was. Then he felt the real power take hold. Suddenly the guy’s arm seemed like nothing to him. Just dead weight. With ease he brought the other man’s arm up slowly. A small crowd had gathered to watch and a few began to cheer him on. Inch by inch the other man’s arm came up until they were even. The look of surprise on the fat man’s face turned into a look of fear when he realized Zack was going to take him down. It was inevitable. Zack’s muscle was as hard as bedrock. His forearms looked like steel cords. The bicep on his right arm had swelled noticeably against the shirtsleeve. Then it was over. When he stood up in victory he was aware that his shirt felt tighter.

He moved through the next thirty competitors in his class, bringing them down just like he’d brought down the muscle wannabe at table five. He found he didn’t even have to move, they just kept bringing guys to him. He was careful to toy with them. The play was amusing. To first let each opponent think they were in control, and when they least expected it to turn on the muscle power and bring their dreams of the championship to an end.

By the time he’d finished with the last guy he was informed that he was in the championship playoff for class one. The next two guys were much harder competition. Even with his super strength they were powerful. The last one actually gave him a real fight and for a moment he didn’t know if he was going to be able to summon the strength to bring him down. His arm felt tired. Then he realized glancing at a watch that four hours had past. His super strength had failed him over an hour ago. Wow! He’d brought down those last two guys all on his own ability. He looked at the next table where two men were still fighting to see who Zack’s final challenger would be. Both of the guys were big, but one was tougher and meaner looking than the other.

Absentmindedly Zack pulled at the collar of his shirt. Unaware of how uncomfortably tight it had gotten.

He thought fleetingly of the other syringe in his car, but there was no time to go and get it. This competition didn’t stop until there was a winner. A big crowd had gathered as the tough man blew past his competition. He was all that was standing between Zack and the trophy. And as Zack was informed, this guy had won for three years running.

But Zack still felt powerful. Still confident. He looked the guy over again and decided he wasn’t near as big as he had looked earlier.

After a minute he sat down at the champions table and locked his arm with the reigning man. The other guy tried to crush Zack’s hand in his grip immediately, but Zack gave him every bit as good as he got. Maybe that was a glimmer of pain he saw in the other guy’s eyes? Whatever it was it was gone in an instant.

“Say when,” said the other guy. Zack responded with a confident “Go.”

Zack gritted his teeth as they began to get on with it. He felt his arm swelling with size and power even as they began. The challenge of it made pure adrenaline run through his veins, which mixed with the remaining serum. It increased his sense of power unimaginably. He was going to smash this guy’s hand down into the table. The other guy didn’t look intimidated at all. Zack figured they were well matched and his lip curled in defiance.

Their muscles tensed. Zack wanted to show him just what real strength meant. But soon he found himself pushing harder and harder just to keep him from pushing his hand down toward the desk. It wasn’t long before he was pushing with all his force. The other guy just smirked at him and didn't seem to be struggling at all.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, “This muscle too much for you?”

“Fuck you,” growled Zack.

The steel grip of the other man got even tighter. Zack thought for a minute he might give in to the pain. He’d never felt pain like that before. But something inside him said no. He liked it. The pain made him feel even more alive. He focused on using the pain to tap into his own strength, and then he unbelievably squeezed the other man’s hand right back.

This time there was a grimace on the face of the other man. They both leaned forward across the table – their noses almost touching. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of Zack’s face. But across from him the other guy had sweat beading up on his upper lip and forehead.

Then they were both back at it, even harder than ever. Zack’s arm felt bloated and tight from the tension, but it had never felt so powerful even when in command of all that extra strength that a hit of the serum always gave him. Even though the other guy was matching him, he felt like he could take on the world – take on anything. They leaned into each other so closely that their shoulders were almost touching,

Zack wanted to take everything this guy could throw at him. His face was now drenched with sweat, and it was dripping down onto the table. The other guy’s sweat still only beading on his upper lip and forehead, but a vein had popped out of his forehead near his temple. It looked to be throbbing.

Each man had no idea how long they were locked together. And the crowd watched in amazed awe. Someone would later tell Zack that it had been over a half hour. The contest went back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes one man had the advantage and then it would switch as the other found a hidden reserve of strength. By now both men were drenched in sweat, their faces and arms colored violently with strain. Muscles pumped. The other guy’s arm had at first looked more muscular, as big as another man’s thigh. But Zack’s arm muscles were popping out like steel balls. Neither man would quit. They were nose to nose now. Each stared into the other’s eyes, trying to psych the other one out.

Suddenly, with a burst of power the other man pushed down hard on Zack’s arm, and brought Zack’s hand to within a fraction of an inch off the desktop. But Zack was not that easy to pin.

He let out a howl of anger and frustration. The crowd gasped aloud. Excited murmurs ran through the throng.

“I will fuckin destroy you,” screamed Zack. Never had he been challenged like this in his whole life and he didn’t like it.

He pushed against the other man with all his might. And then it happened. A surge of power ran through him. It roared up from somewhere deep inside. His strength increased just as if he’d taken a hit of the serum. Like before the pressure of the other guy’s arm felt like nothing to him.

With ease he now held the other man’s arm. Then he smiled at him.

The crowd watched in breathless anticipation. Then they heard the seam on Zack’s shirt give way. Each string of the cotton shirt popping as it ripped up the length of his arm. His powerful bicep appeared completely bare. It was a massive mound of corded steel, big and round and full. It seemed to have swelled from the pump until it was twice and again far bigger than the arm of the man sitting across from him.

Zack took a deep breath and felt himself flex involuntarily. Shaking with power. He was hard. His muscles were pumped. His inflamed chest and back muscles suddenly filled his already too tight t-shirt. It looked like an explosion to the crowd. The shirt couldn’t take it. Pieces of cotton cloth flew everywhere around him. Even his shorts ripped a little up the seams as his thighs increased.

Zack felt so strong that he could have taken on an army, let alone this lame man sitting across from him. He began to crush down on the other man’s hand with his thick fingers; just enough to make him visibly wince in front of the crowd. Zack was totally in charge now, and he knew it, and now the other man knew it too. He could sense the change and so the other man put his left hand over his right, and pushed against Zack desperate to bring Zack down. But Zack held his hand still an inch from the tabletop. He laughed deeply now. He was jacked. He became turned on by his new strength.

Slowly he began to push up against the other man’s two arms. He was barely straining, and the other man’s arms moved upward, slowly and steadily, despite the fact that he was leaning his whole weight onto Zack’s hand now.

The crowd roared as they knew a new champion was about to appear before them.

“What do you think now?” asked Zack, and he pushed the other man’s arm up to the starting position, and then down toward the tabletop.

The other man was totally dumbfounded as his remaining strength faltered. No man had ever pinned him in arm wrestling. But he had no time to ponder as Zack slammed his hands down onto the table with an audible thump. And he pinned them there too. Just hard enough to hurt. Then he lifted them up and slammed them again just to be sure.

It was amazing. He let the man go so he could stand up and raise his huge arm into a victory flex. He squeezed the bicep of his winning arm tight, and it rose and rose, full and huge.

Zack stared at his own arm, his eyes glazing over as he relished his new power.

“Fuck yeah!” he cried out to the crowd, and they responded in kind.

The other man was defeated. He slumped, astonished. The rush of the cheering was too much in Zack’s ears. Suddenly someone was giving him a trophy. Then there was a woman posing at his side while some other man took a picture of them. He was deaf to it all. Still dazed. Absorbed in his own power.

He walked away from the crowd, trying to get some air. When he reached the edge where the tents were he heard a voice behind him.

“Zack?” it asked him.

He turned around and there was Matt from the other night. Only instead of looking up at him, Zack realized they were now looking at each other eye to eye.

Matt looked him in the eye and said, “It is you Zack. I thought it was. But how…?”

Zack smiled at him and said, “Hey there big guy. I’ve missed you….”

Part 3

Matt ignored the lustful look of the other man and pointedly asked, “Dude, what are you on?”

Immediately Zack became defensive, “What do you mean by that?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” said Matt coming a step closer to the new muscle stud, “Look at you. No one puts on that much muscle in a week, no matter what kind of freaky shit they’re taking.”

That’s when it clicked for Zack, just how miraculous his transformation had been. What had happened during the last couple hours? Zack was standing there bare chested and he swept his left arm up into a biceps pose. It was a beautiful thing to watch that big, round ball of muscle appear on his upper arm. Zack’s forearms too were thick with corded muscle, delts rounded and bunching at his shoulder. Zack felt over the muscular ridges of his stomach with his free hand, tracing the outline of his rippling, diamond cut abs. His fingers gently brushing over the tops of the eight defined ridges that were there. His chest was two slabs of thick hard meat. Shit, Zack was turning himself on just looking down.

He looked up and smiled at Matt, “It’s hot isn’t it big man?”

In spite of himself, Matt’s righteous indignation faded as he took in Zack’s new body for what it was. An object of his own lust. And Matt felt himself get hard as he watched the play of Zack’s muscle. Zack’s display of strength in the gym a couple days ago had turned him on to the point where Matt just had to fuck him. And Matt usually didn’t go for the small guys. He was one of the biggest men he knew and he liked to find and dominate other big men. He’d used Zack’s tight ass, and despite it all he sensed a challenge to himself in Zack. Plus he wanted the secret of Zack’s power for himself too.

Zack could see craving in Matt’s eyes. Although he mistook it all for desire.

But there was desire there too, and that desire was written on the big man’s face like an open book. Zack realized that the tables were turning. Matt was no longer the big man after all. Zack was easily on par with Matt’s proportions and he swung his arm back up to flex it for emphasis.

“Why don’t we go back to your place?” asked Zack, “We had a good time there before. And maybe a little later we can talk about this?”

As he said it he emphasized his twenty plus inch arm by licking it.

Matt had seen enough, he was already putting plans into motion.

“C’mon,” he said, “I’ll meet you there.”

“Okay dude,” agreed Zack, with a wicked grin, as they took off for their cars in separate directions.

As they walked away neither of them noticed the tall broad man leaning against a post over by one of the tents not to far from where they’d been talking. This man had a way of blending into his surroundings despite the fact that he was wearing a leather jacket in the warm weather. His eyes were masked by designer sunglasses and the big frame beneath the jacket spoke of untested strength. Yet when Zack and Matt’s eyes had passed over him, something about him had caused them to completely discount his presence and pay him no mind.

Like he hadn’t even been there.

He watched them walk away as he pulled a lighter out of his leather jacket and lit up a smoke as he considered the conversation he’d just heard.

Zack looked back momentarily at the departing figure of Matt with real longing. He’d never felt that way about anyone before. That and he wanted to lick every drop of sweat off the other man’s body before using his ass like a private pussy.

He walked over to where his car was parked, still pumped and powerful. He had parked at one of the far lots away from most everyone else. The ray’s of the afternoon sun glinted off his bronzed body and accentuated the powerful curves of each full-bodied muscle, flexing as he walked. But he was surprised to see his former opponent and two of his buddies waiting for him at his car. Leaning against his car actually. That made Zack mad.

“I figured this one had to be yours,” smirked the former champion, looking cockier since his defeat shortly before by the arm of Zack’s newly buffed bod.

He was carrying a water bottle and he unscrewed the top of it as he watched Zack walk up.

“You waiting for me to whip your ass again?” asked Zack, “And you brought your girlfriends over to watch this time?”

The former champion laughed at him. He didn’t look intimidated by Zack in the least.

“No one does that to me,” he told Zack, “Especially not some little punk like you neither.”

He tilted the water bottle to his lips and downed it all in one long chug.

“Not after I’ve had a dose of juice anyway,” he said, throwing the water bottle away and wiping his mouth with his hands.

The way he said it brought something to Zack’s mind. What juice? But before he had an answer the former champion demonstrated for him.

His arms went up in a double biceps pose to show Zack what he meant and Zack knew a moment of real fear. Whatever had happened to the former champion in the last couple seconds, he began taking on an incredible amount of size and power. His guns swelled to nearly twice their size in the competition. His chest seemed thicker and more pumped too, and as he flexed, now in a most muscular pose, his pecs began looking like a massive shelf. It was freaky.

The two minions stood a few feet away, watching. Neither looked surprised. Each man was a powerful bodybuilder in his own right. Their shirtless bodies showed off their time and hard work spent in the gym. However, neither was as big as the former champion had been even before his sudden increase in size.

“I didn’t want to take no more of the juice,” the former champion said, sighing, “At least not for a while. I like building these muscles up naturally. But I just can’t let some little pussy like you show me up like that. I just ain’t having it.”

“What the fuck?” asked Zack dumbfounded as he watched the former champion continue to swell with new power, “How’re you doing this?”

“The power and size doesn’t last unfortunately,” said the former champion, “But if I go down to the gym and use some of this newfound strength, I can retain some of it before it wears off. And it doesn’t matter, cause there’s always more.”

He laughed again. This time though there was no amusement in the laughter, only the sharp cruelty of a man who is about to inflict pain without consequence.

“Hold him down boys,” he told the minions.

They were on Zack in a second. Even though the increased strength offered by the serum had worked through Zack’s muscles by now, he was still powerful and the two goons struggled to hold him. Given a minute Zack knew he could have easily broken their grips. But he didn’t have a minute. The former champion was on him in seconds. He put a big hand on Zack’s shoulder, and another balled into a fist. Zack knew what was coming and tensed his abs as the big man’s powerful fist sailed sharply in the air to connect with Zack’s stomach. He would have gone sailing back in the air if the former champion’s hand wasn’t on his lats holding him in place. Zack felt like he’d had a sledge hammer driven through him. The pain was so intense. More intense than anything he’d ever felt before. If the goons hadn’t been holding him up he would have collapsed.

“If the right one don’t get you,” intoned the former champion, “Then the left one will.”

Zack didn’t have time to wonder what he meant. The former champion switched hands quickly and repeated the punch with his left hand at lightning speed. This time the punch did drive Zack back. In fact it was so powerful that Zack was torn from the goons’ grip and sent flying ten feet or so through the air and down into a ditch away from the car, landing face up. Zack tried to take a breath, but it hurt too much.

The sun overhead blinded his eyes as he lay there looking up at it, but he still managed to see stars as he tried to recover. And then there was an eclipse as the massive frame of the former champion’s newly enlarged physique blotted out the life giving rays of the sun.

“Don’t ever fuck with me again boy,” he instructed Zack gruffly, “Or I will do more than teach you a lesson in humility. I will end you. Got that?”

“Better hurry up Leo,” Zack barely heard one of the minions say, “And get down to the Snake before it wears off.”

“Right,” said Leo, “I hope man that I never see your sorry ass again in this lifetime."

"Nighty night,” he said as he easily picked up Zack by his broad shoulder and then clocked him hard, just once more, and with his right fist. The punch was so powerful that Zack’s head spun.

And then the lights went out.

* * *

Zack didn’t know how long he lay there as he slowly came to, but as he pulled himself up off the ground he could see that a lot of the cars from the competition were gone. In the distance he could hear the raucous noise of a drunken party going on with those of the people who had stayed. And the darkening sky indicated that afternoon was quickly becoming evening. Zack guessed he hadn’t been out too long. Maybe an hour? Maybe two? His body ached in every bone, and he felt dizzy as he staggered over to his car. He guessed that most people would have missed his prone form laying in the ditch if they hadn’t actually been looking for it. That coupled with the fact that he’d parked to the side and away from everyone else was probably the only reason his keys and car hadn’t been stolen.

He got in behind the wheel, and realized that the arrangement was tighter than it had been before. He adjusted the seat and checked out his reflection in the mirror. Zack could move his jaw, but just barely. The left side of his face where Leo had punched him was black and swollen. It was a miracle his jaw wasn’t broken.

Zack felt a sudden rage roar up within him like a dragon.

No one treated him like this, no one. He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out the waiting syringe. His body wasn’t demanding another hit, but he needed it to pull himself together. As soon as the serum hit his bloodstream, he felt the power returning. He felt a million times better. Even some of the pain eased a bit from his jaw, and as he watched it looked like some of the bruising was starting to go down too.

That’s when he thought of Matt. The big guy was probably wondering what had happened to Zack. But he lived far enough away he wasn’t likely to turn around and come back here looking for him. That pissed Zack off even more. That Leo had made him late for Matt. Well, he’d take care of Leo later.

First he needed to see Matt.


To be continued....

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