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m/m Family secrets: Strugling

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The first week of summer vacation was a wave of love for Colin and Fred. They sleeped with each other in they parents bed, they walk around in their bodybuilder boxers and Fred fed Colin every morning after breakfast a bit of his milk. Colin enjoyed it very much, and the two could see the results.
Colin arms where 30 inches now, his chest 60, his calves 25. With a high of 6,5.
The two had become real lovers and enjoyed every moment they could kiss, hold and or just fuck each other. Where people had yelled at them on the beginning they now hold their mouth shut. And they boys knew why, their size and manly voices has given them respect. But, they don’t know they must try reaching things with their muscles. The must try it with care, knowledge and experience.
Colin sometimes has tough about how it must go when they should be back at campus. Fred has told him he would like that the two go together to the muscle campus. But Colin knew he should miss his friends. But, when Fred was smiling to him again, he and all his worries melted.

It was the begin of the second week of summer when Fred came back with the groceries. Colin was in the garden, enjoying the pool, naked of course. When all of the groceries where putt away, Fred undress himself to and walked to the pool. His feets in the pool and reading the mail for that day. It where letters for his parents, some magazines and a letter in a handwriting Fred knew. He ripped open the letter and start to write it to his brother, who was laying against his feets.

’Hello boys,

Here’s your grandfather speaking. I hope everything is going al right into the big city. Here on the farm everything is going well, I still can handle all the work. However, I got some help. I hope you boys want to visit on 05-07 and meet the one who help me. He knows you very well and has some tings to tell you.
One other thing. I discover I like being some more naked all around, so if you don’t want, wear as less clothes as you want.
And don’t be scared if you see me, I have changed a lot.
I hope to see you soon.


Fred looked to his brother.
’Well, that sounds nice. He want us to come tomorrow. What you think?’
’I think we must do it, and let them see how much we have changed.’
Colin flexed his biceps.
’You look fabulous, my boy.’
The two boys kisses.

The next day, on the farm. Tyrone and Robert wake early, like always. Tyrone looked to his father, laying next to him in the big bed. The two kiss and stood up.
They dress in their favorite overall, without underwear. And while Tyrone feed the animals, Robert maked an amazing breakfast.


During the breakfast Tyrone started to Robert about the letter.
’Thanks that, for writing that letter. I wouldn’t came out of words at my own.’
Robert stroked the hard nipples of Tyrone and smiled.
’That is what lovers do for each other. And I so hope the boys would understand our love.’
’I think a little bit love in this time is good for them.’
Robert take a sip of his tea and think about one special door, who was locked for as long Tyrone was at the farm. Behind the door was a basement. Filled with the best and heaviest bodybuilder equipment exist. Robert had used it to became big, and now want to share it with his son and his boys.
The reason he haven’t show it to Tyrone was that there was something else in the basement. A bed. And not any kind of bed, but a bed for 4 persons.
After the first time he had sex with his son, he knows this is what he wants. Loving his family. And he want the boys love him.
But, he know he had to take it slow, maybe the boys would become scared. Maybe they are going to hate him and their father for being in love.
Robert knew it would be heavy to convince the boys. He don’t even knew if their okay with gay love.

‘Son?’: Robert ask.
’Hmm, yeah baby.’
’I was thinking about the boys.’
’Me to, they would be here in an hour.’
’I know. But I was thinking about how we’re gone bring to them that we’re in love.’
’Yeah, that would be a hard moment.’

Robert put his hand on that of Tyrone, and looked into his eyes.
’Maybe…maybe…. Dawm it’s so hard to say this. I think it’s better that we’re not sleeping together till the boys are okay with us.’ Robert whispered the last thing, not looking to his son and lover.
Tyrone stroked Robert’s hand, being silence for a moment. The big, thick grey hairs of Robert were handing down in front of his face. Suddenly, Tyrone saw Robert was crying.
Tyrone stood up and wrapped his arms around his father. His father lay his head against Tyrone thick and soft muscle chest.
’It’s… so hard.’: Robert says stuttering. ‘First I lose my wife, who has given me you, my beautiful son. But you came back, and let me feel loved again. And now… maybe we’re going to lose the boys. Because we are a bunch of stupid fuckers.’

Tyrone strokes his father’s shoulder softly.
’Shhh, you never going to lose me or the boys. I bet they would be happy for us. They good boys. Maybe it’s hard to swallow first. But, with a little bit of time, they should accept it. When they see we love each other really.’
Robert looked up and slowly kiss his son on the lips. They kiss for a good five minutes.
’Thanks love. I feel better. I…just must go threw it.’
’Come on, let’s prepare for there visit. I should move my stuff for a short time.’
’I should make there rooms ready.’
Robert walked to the stairs, to make the rooms ready for the boys. Tyrone clear out the kitchen and then goes to the room where he and Robert has made so much love. To pack his stuff and move it to his old room.

While the older mans where busy making everything ready, Colin and Fred where riding across the town close to their father’s farm. They know they where early, so they decide to stop at a local restaurant and eat something.
It was early, and a little fog was hanging just above the street. The waiter who was taking their order was young and handsome. Like with everyone who was meet them, his eyes became big when he saw the big, young couple.
He had made a little surprise when he came back with the coffee for the two. On his tray was balancing a big ice coupe. Made with three kinds of ice cream, fruit and whipped cream.
’My boss is always happy to see hard working man at his restaurant. Most of the young people today don’t know how to take care of themselves. So, this one is on the house.’
He placed the big bowl between the boys and walked to another table.
The boys smiled to each other and started eating the treat.
Fred had discover that they could eat what they want, as long as they stay drinking the chest milk, there should be no fat.

The boys finish there meal, paid and driving the last meter to the farm.
When they got the farm into sigh, the two saw two man’s next to the street. Both big and muscular. The two smiled to each other.
’Looks like grandpa got some handsome workers’: Fred said.
’Nice.’: Colin smile ‘Hope they would be in for a good fuck.’
The two parked there car and step out. The two mans walked to the boys and smiled.
’Welcome.’: the older man with the grey hair say. ‘Happy to have you here.’
For a moment, the boys didn’t know what to say. They recognize the voice, but it couldn’t be.
Colin saw a parked car and bumped Fred into his shoulder. He point to the car.
Fred’s mouth fell open and he looked to the other man.

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