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m/m Family secrets: The special bound between father and son

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When Tyrone was a couple of day on his father’s farm, he realizes he loved the farmer’s life. Al of the hard work like, driving a tractor, moving hay balls, picking fruit, painting the shed, it are things he love. He remembers that he wanted to leave home because he got crazy of the work. But now he came back, after a couple of years in the city, he must admit he have missed the live on the farm. During the day, he enjoys the hard work. Specially the wind on his naked body, sometimes cold, sometimes warm. He also love to see his father naked, specially when his chest was shining by the sweat. During the evening, the enjoyed meals made by the fresh groceries from the farm, milk from the cows, eggs from the chickens, veggies from the kitchen garden and fruit from the trees and the bushes.
Tyrone’s father came out a great cook. He could make amazing dishes. And Tyrone enjoys each of them. When Robert was standing behind the stove, only wearing a apron, Tyrone was sitting on the kitchen table, dreaming about the muscled man try make him a great dinner.
After a couple of days, Tyrone remember Robert has say something about a ‘first time’. When they had taking a break, enjoying a good, big glass of beer, Tyrone asked his father about it. Robert smiled and looked to his son, who as growth really big in the days he was working on the farm, partly thanks to Robert special milk.
’Boy, first of all. I’m very proud of you. You’re doing a great job at the farm. And your body is growing enormous big. Just as I except.’
’”Expect”? How do you mean that?’
’You remember that milk I give you each morning? That a special formula I make with a master chemistry set. It contains a lot of ingredients, some very special and rear.’
’But, why do you use it on me? Why not on yourself?’
’I did.’ Robert says, flexing his enormous 30 inched arms. ‘Why you think I become this house of power?’
’And why you use it on me?’
’Well, first of all. I love you, like a father love his son. And a father always wanted the best for his son. So, easy. I want you become the best you. You already have a good character; Friendly, kind, care taking. You only need a body matching your enormous heart.’
Tyrone hugged Robert and lift him a couple of centimeters from the ground.
’Oh, thanks dad. That’s the most beautiful compliment I could get from you. I could cry.’
’You can do son.’
Tyrone let his father go and Robert takes the face of his son, whipping away the tears.
’Good boy. You can let see you emotions as much as you want. I’m your father. Nothing is strange for me.’
Robert hugged his son and pets his back. Then he whispered in his sons ear: ‘What about that first time. I can do now.’
The smile of his son was the only answer Robert needed.

He takes him to the artic where they store all the hay. He had made a nice, warm bed in the last few days.
’Lay down boy. Let daddy do the work.’
Tyrone laid down on the soft hay, wrapped his arms under his head and looked to his father.
Robert kneeled down between Tyrone’s legs and takes a moment to look to Tyrone’s member. He had seen it grow in the last couple of days, but it was the first time he saw the pole from his big boy.
Then, he slowly starts stroking the member over his check. The flesh member was so soft and warm; it was beating like a living heart. He smiles with the tough he has create this beautiful male., in more then one way.
Then, he finally takes the pole into his mouth. The member was thick and long. He takes it all till the base. He could feel the head into his esophagus. Dawm, his son has done a great job growing this big. He slowly starts sucking the enormous thing. He son starts making horny and lovely sounds. Sometime he has enough breath to moan or say something like: ‘Dad, your amazing.’
He sucked his boy like it he was a pro porn star. He so deeply wanted to give his boy a good time. It was his task as father, and it was also a honor.
He took his time to suck and explore every on the 25 inches of his sons creating stick. Sometime, he just looked to it, just enjoying the view. The next moment, he sucked it with all his power. It was so hard and pro his son moan his father must slow or he will cum. The Robert stops the sucking, if his son’s cumming, he should do it his way.

Robert stopped taking care of his son’s member and lay next to him.
’Boy, you must know I’m a very proud father now. You became beautiful.’
His son was breathing heavily, thanks to all his father’s sucking.
’Dad.’ he said ‘You did all this to me.’
His father laid on op of Tyrone; he rubbed his chest against his son’s.

‘Boy, I only give you a lot of love. You did the must yourself.’
On that moment, he planted his mouth on his son’s and kiss him soft, wet and with passion. The both strong, muscular males closes their eyes. They enjoy the kiss, it makes them one.
They both know it was not love, but also not only lust. It was the bound a father and son has.
Tyrone knew he has to make his father feeling as good as he can. Because his father has done do the same for years to him.
Robert, on his side, knew it was the task of a father to help and guide his son with every step he could help him with. And now his son started to discover his gay-size, he know it was his task to help his son with his first time with a man.
The two let each other go. Tyrone cups the breast-liked pecs of his father.
’Dad, your so handsome. I love the way your look, the way I can take your hand , ask for your help, and you always give me that.’
Robert cupped Tyrone’s pecs to.
’Son, if you couldn’t do that. I would never share my formula. I want to share everything with you and your sons.’
That was a point Tyrone was afraid of. When he had a moment for himself, on the toilet, under the shower (The one time that happened) and in bed, he tough about what his son’s would say if the saw their bulked up dad. He knew his son’s didn’t except him before end of the summer, but still. One time, he must face them, and all of the other in his life.
But, if he saw his father, bulking, manly, he forgets about that worries.
He feels the hand of his father on his cheek and wakes up from his tough.
’Something wrong boy?’
Robert rolled on his back, next to Tyrone.
’I was thinking about the boys. What they would say if the see me like this.’
Robert puts his hand on that of Tyrone.
’They don’t know about you and Chantal yet, right?’
’Yes, I didn’t have the guts to tell them yet. And with this.’
Robert sighs. ‘I actually didn’t want to tell you, but I have a antidote. I can shrink your for as long as you need. And then we can start the process again.’
Tyrone sigh also. ‘No, I feel great this way. And not only in my body. I feel like my heart as growth to. And my heart is also beating for my boys. I’m going to tell them fear and scare. They maybe shocked for a moment, maybe for a long time, maybe for ever.’
Robert slowly rubbed Tyrone’s hand.
’If you need time to recover. You can visit and work on the farm. Without tricks, no milk.’
Tyrone looked to Robert. ‘I love you milk, every, single, drop.’
Tyrone kissed his dad again.
’Dad, I hope my boys will accept us. And, maybe, we can make them like us.’
Robert slapped the butt of his son softly.
’Easy boy. First, let them see us, then the growth themselves.’
Robert and Tyrone decide to let the sex go for that day. They enjoyed rest of the day with repair a windows witch was broken during the storm last night.
They enjoyed a meal of fish and chips. After that, they decide to look to a movie together. Well Robert enjoys the screen, Tyrone was thinking. And he decide to make the first big decision that night.
’Dad, can I sleep with you tonight?’
Robert looked to his son. From the day Tyrone arrived he had sleep in his old room every night. But now, he wanted to be around his dad as much as he could.
Robert stroked his sons head and kisses his forehead.
’Sure boy. Whenever you want.’

That night, when the two sleep together, Tyrone was still thinking about his boys. And then, just before he feld asleep, he maked a decision.

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