Chuck the Size Thief

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Chuck goes to the gym again and gets greedy, especially with Drew, a hapless admirer who doesn't stand a chance.


Chapter 10


Drew couldn’t believe the size of the guy doing deadlifts. He was throwing around what had to be record-setting weights with disturbing ease, like it wasn’t even an effort. The loud slamming and booming of heavy weights against the floor caught Drew’s attention, not to mention the booming grunts which seemed to be most for attention rather than because of the actual effort of the lift.


Drew couldn’t take his eyes off the mountainous ginger muscle bear. Where he found a tank top and shorts that fit him was a mystery. He wore maroon basketball shorts, a grey Gasp Inc stringer tank top, a U of M hat that covered his bald head and partially hid his eyes, and huge, heavy-looking leather boots, a strange choice for the gym. The big guy was surrounded by a posse of fans and hanger-ons all watching him lift and wanting a piece of his attention. The big guy towered over the next-tallest guy by a head and a half… Drew guessed the guy had to be well over 7 foot, easily the tallest guy he’d ever seen.


The big guy seemed more interested in the people around him than actually lifting, probably because there wasn’t a machine or exercise left in the building that could really challenge him. He would chat for minutes between sets, great belly laughs filling the gym as the other guys jockeyed for his favor. Drew rolled his eyes at them but secretly wished he was over there. He didn’t have the courage to get any closer, but he watched every move of this monster.


The big guy finished another set of deadlifts, hardly sweating because it seemed too easy for him, and wrapped his massive arm around the biggest guy in the his entourage, a big 250lb college jock-type who Drew saw in here all the time. The two of them went back to the locker room, and Drew refocused on his exercises.


A few minutes later though, the big guy re-emerged from the locker room alone, seemingly bigger than ever, like he had a way bigger pump than before. His tank top looked stretched tighter on his massive frame; a sliver of gut peeked out from the bottom, and his meaty lats and pecs stuck out to the sides. Was he suddenly bigger? Drew shook his head; that was obviously impossible.


Drew kept the huge guy in the corner of his vision as he kept working out, and things fell into a regular routine. The big guy would lift for some crazy, record-setting weights, schmooze with guys around him for a few minutes, shoot the shit about lifting and getting big and whispering jokes to each other, and eventually go back to the locker room with one of his sycophants. Then, a few minutes later the big guy would emerge, seemingly bigger and more pumped than before if that was possible, and keep working out.


The third time the big guy came out of the locker room, Drew’s eyes bugged out… there was no way he was just seeing things now. The guy had to wiggle his way out of the locker room door frame, and was obviously WAY bigger than he had been just an hour ago. Hell, it even seemed like he was taller! His tiny tank top didn’t even come close to fitting him, but weirdly the other pieces of clothing seemed still fit him fine. Something weird was DEFINITELY going on.


Drew got a shiver up his spine and a bad feeling about what he was watching. He watched as the monster didn’t even lift when he came back out; instead he just wrapped an arm around another little guy and led him to the locker room, grabbing his ass with a huge paw as he went. Drew decided it would be best to leave before something weird happened. He waited a couple minutes and then went into the locker too grab his stuff quickly.




Chuck grunted as the little jock on his knees in front of him choked on his foot-and-a-half long cock, steam heating up the room and making him sweat profusely. The jock had followed him around for his entire work out as he toyed around with the weights, showing off his incredible strength to anyone who wanted to watch. At the size he was now, he didn’t blame anybody from wanting a piece of him. He enjoyed all the new attention but was more excited that he had a series of tasty morsels practically lining up for him to get consumed.


At first he had started slow, just wanting to lift and then maybe absorb one or two guys over the course of the day to keep his energy up. But as the opportunities presented themselves, most of them flirting and practically begging him to go back to the locker room with him, he couldn’t resist… couldn’t stop the roaring static buzz in his head that told him he needed more. It was like potato chips; he had only meant to have a couple, but couldn’t stop himself from having more once he started. And as the day had gone on, his mind kept turning to wanting more instead of lifting… at this point, growing and draining was practically all he could think about.


The little jock on his knees had a nice build, muscular and hard. He was probably around 200lbs. He looked like he had played sports, maybe hockey or baseball, and kept it up with a healthy lifestyle in his 20s. He had those kind of jock facial features, handsome and cocky and smug. They looked all the better with a giant dick in his mouth, his jaw and cheeks stretched to the max. The guy had gone down on Chuck as soon as they were in the steam room together, and Chuck hadn’t let him go despite the gagging and moaning.


Chuck looked down and marveled at how small the guy was, even from Chuck’s seated position. Chuck wrapped a hand around the guy’s skull and pulled, pushing his cock deeper down his throat. His cock grew harder as the guy started to shrink, size pouring into Chuck’s monstrous frame. Chuck tightened the grip on little guy’s head as he tried to pull away. He was the fourth victim since he got to the gym an hour ago, each one more euphorically satisfying than the last. Chuck’s eyes glowed blue as he intensified the flow of energy, a burning, tingling torrent of power flooding into his body through his cock. It felt amazing, and Chuck blasted seed down the little jock’s throat before he blinked out of existence completely a few seconds later. Chuck’s cock was left dripping cum all over the floor.


Chuck took a deep breath and stood, his head rising until it thumped hard into the ceiling. Chuck had to lean over to even fit in the room now. He was even taller than he was when he entered just a few minutes ago. He shook out the mass of his arms and legs, feeling how much heavier he was. A shiver ran up his spine and he chuckled. He had to be at least 900 pounds heavier and at least a foot-and-a-half taller than an hour ago… double the weight he was when he got here, and nearing a ton. He turned sideways, ducked down, and barely wedged through the tiny sauna door. Everything around him seemed comically small. His head was just a few inches from the once-high, 10 foot ceiling of the locker room.


He saw himself in the mirror, or what of him fit in the mirror. Huge forearms bulged, blue veins snaking towards his wrists. He brought his fists together and flexed, his delts swelling wide and round to his sides, biceps pressing against his shelf-life pecs, traps engulfing his thick neck. He couldn’t see his face in the mirror; it was out of frame. Every inch of him now was covered in orange/blond fur, curled into rings and tufts by his sweat, even on his traps and shoulders and gut. He smirked and waddled back towards his locker, totally naked, dripping with sweat, his half-hard cock slapping against his impossibly thick thighs.


After he went back to his locker and got changed – his jock strap, shorts, and boots still fitting – he saw another little guy who had been staring at him all day at another one of the lockers. The little guy looked at Chuck but then averted his eyes when Chuck returned his gaze. Chuck just grinned. He knew the type. Hell, he used to be just like him. Chuck decided to go say hi.


The little guy’s back was turned to Chuck, and he was shirtless, changing into his normal clothes. Chuck’s cock twitched and a buzzing shiver rippled through his body. He had to take a deep breath to stay focused and not let his size lust totally take over just yet, but it was tough.

"Hey little guy. I'm Chuck,” he boomed. The little guy jolted in surprise then turned around fast. His jaw dropped and he craned his neck to look up at the towering hulk standing right in front of him.


“Oh my god, it’s you! Uh, I was just leaving, um—“ he stammered. He looked shifty and nervous, like he wanted to escape but couldn’t.


“What’s your name, little guy?” Chuck asked, ignoring the little guy’s ramblings. Chuck reached down and extended a huge hand to the smaller guy. The little guy looked at his hand and then extended his own, not wanting to be rude. Chuck engulfed the little guy’s whole hand in his long, thick fingers. Chuck's grip was strong and tight; he squeezed it a little, and the little guy gulped nervously.

Chuck resisted the urge to drain him right then and there. He felt his body vibrate and buzz in anticipation. He wanted to play this out, take his time, enjoy the size disparity while he could. Soon he would be too big to enjoy this kind of back and forth.

“I-I'm Drew… Jesus, you're big!" The little guy blurted, marveling at the shifting mass of muscles in Chuck's forearm as he pulled out of the handshake.


“Yup, pretty huge, huh?” Chuck asked and grinned down at him, his chest heaving up and down as he breathed in a relaxed pose to show the weight and size of his torso. Drew only came up to Chuck’s gut.


"Do you do powerlifting or something?" Drew asked nervously.

"Nah, nothing competitive but maybe I should. Been making some BIG gains lately." He stepped closer to Drew, his massive, sweat-covered belly forcing Drew to back up until he was against the lockers. “What do you think?” Chuck asked and he pulsed his thick pecs, waves of muscle pulsing up and down under the small tank top that was still clinging to his torso.

"J-jeez dude, I’ve never seen anyone your size!” Drew stammered. Drew marveled at the pulsing blue veins snaking from his pecs, through his front delts and down into this massive round biceps, all looming above him.


“That’s ‘cause no one else IS my size,” Chuck boomed. He took a step back and grabbed the tiny tank top at the neck and then tore it down the middle. He threw the tattered rags on the floor and flaunted the huge round paunch of his gut, jiggling it a bit. It jiggled but hardened into a solid ball gut after a moment. He smirked as he saw Drew’s eyes dancing all over Chuck’s huge naked torso.


“W-wow man, gains all over I guess huh?" Drew asked. Underneath the fat Drew could see cobblestone lumps tightening and flexing as Chuck breathed. "You bulking right now?"

"Yeah you could say that." Chuck said and craned his neck to look down at his little victim, peering down at him from over 3 feet higher. He had to look past his shelf-like chest and enormous belly. He stepped closer; he realized that Drew didn’t even up to his nipples now. So small. Chuck licked his lips and leaned an arm against the metal lockers, next to Drew's head, his fist pressing against the locker and nearly denting it.

Drew shifted his weight a bit nervously, away from Chucks's huge arm. It hung imposingly next to his head, the fist as big as his skull, thick meaty upper arm tensed, hairy pit exposed. Waves of BO stench radiated from Chuck’s pits, and Drew crinkled his nose as the sharp smell suddenly surrounded him. "You don't mind the gut? Some guys who bulk try to avoid it," he said.

"Haha, no way man, I gotta be big all over, you know what I mean?" Chuck said. "I like having some extra meat on my bones, I guess, as long as I'm plenty strong and muscular too," Chuck said, taking a deep breath and swelling up his chest. “You like all this extra bulk, Drew? I saw you staring when I was lifting earlier,” he said with a smirk. “I think you do.”


Drew gulped and craned his neck to look up, past the ballooning mounds of pec muscle and into Chuck’s cold blue eyes, which stared down at him under the brim of his Gophers hat. He opened his mouth to say something but was speechless. He cock had never been harder in his life.


"What about you, little man? You've got a nice build,” Chuck said and leaned down so that his face was closer to Drew’s. He took a deep breath in through his nose, seemingly smelling him. “Lots of lean meat,” he growled.

Drew was taken aback by the comment and felt nervous with the massive behemoth leaning in so close to him, but he couldn’t help but be turned on. His cock throbbed in his shorts and his breathing and heart rate were through the roof. "Uh, thanks man... Do you need something, or am I in the way...?"

Chuck exhaled sharply, almost chuckling, his breath ruffling Drew's hair. "Nah, bud, just taking a look at you..." At that point Chuck's huge gut, which was just inches from Drew's face, rumbled loudly, gurgling ominously. "I guess I'm just hungry, is all," Chuck said, and then he took a big breath, his whole torso expanding, and let it out, shuddering with anticipation and desire. He couldn't hold back for much longer.

"Yeah man, I guess so. How'd you get so big anyway? Never seen a guy even close to your size," Drew said and tried to shift to the side. Chuck slammed his other hand against the lockers, trapping Drew to the left and right.

"It was pretty easy, really. You just have to want it bad enough," Chuck said. His sweaty shorts tented as his massive cock swelled and grew, and Drew looked down to see it shifting around. His eyes grew wide as he saw the size of it.

“Uh, I’m just gonna, um, get going,” Drew muttered as he tried to duck under Chuck's huge right arm. Chuck slammed his hands down onto Drew's traps and shoulders, his big hands covering up more space than he anticipated.

"Wha-what are you doing, dude?" Drew said, suddenly angry and a little scared. "Let go of me!"

"Oh yeah, you’re gonna make such a good addition, bud,” Chuck growled as his grip suddenly went from forceful to painful on Drew’s shoulders.


“No! Stop! Mmmph--!” Drew grunted as he tried to shift away, but Chuck’s grip was like steel. Chuck pulled Drew tight against his gut. “What do you want!?” Drew pleaded.


“MORE!” is all Chuck said as he focused on growing. Chuck felt the familiar surge of energy slam into him, and Drew started shrinking immediately. Drew’s face slid against Chuck’s gut, then down across his shorts and then lower as Chuck pressed him into his body. A flash of blue light glowed in the locker room and Chuck’s hat thumped against the 10 foot ceiling, sending plaster falling on to the brim. A pile of sweaty gym clothes fell onto the floor.


Chuck's stomach gurgled as his body adjusted to its new size. He somehow still felt hungry, and wondered with some alarm if that feeling would ever go away. Suddenly his thoughts, especially any associated with worry or concern over his size, were washed away and replaced only with a pressing, desperate NEED to go find someone else to consume, to go find more fuel for the fire. It was the only thing he could focus on, even if he tried to think about something else. It felt like he was high, unable to focus on any particular thought for more than a moment before his mind locked back on to growing.


Chuck looked around the locker room and saw people coming in and out, casting him shocked looks and then shuffling away quickly. His vision blurred into a foggy red haze as his whole body tingled with anticipation; it was a fucking buffet line. He followed the next guy he saw, grabbed him, and felt power pour into him.

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Chuck continues growing, taking as much as he can from the guys at the gym, particularly the gym owner and a guy in the pool.


Chapter 11


Chuck waddled over to the exit to the locker room. He was bending over, his traps and upper back pressing against the ceiling uncomfortably, his big pecs and round gut mashed against each other. The locker room was eerily quiet except for the thumps of his heavy leather boots and his heavy breaths. There was no one else left in there; Chuck had made sure of that. 


His vision blurred as a wave of desperate, ravenous hunger and an incessant, thrumming buzz washed over him again, stronger than ever before, and he growled in frustration at the tiny doorway. He kicked the door right off of the frame, sending it collapsing out into the hall, and then reached his big arms through the doorway. He lowered his shoulders, which were wider than the doorway, and charged forward using his arms as extra leverage, and slammed against the sides and top of the doorway and the walls next to it. They all exploded outward with a bang, metal and debris fall everywhere.


Free of the locker room, Chuck stood to his full height once again, bigger than ever. He spread his shoulders wide and stretched, reaching his arms up and flexing, tendons popping. Along with his normal senses, Chuck suddenly felt something… new. A tingling, a pulling, an itching from beyond his sight, telling him there were others… other… sources of power, vessels of energy right around the corner. On the other side of the gym, some closer, some farther away. His eyes dilated and he started moving in that direction, following this new instinct.


The few people on the main gym floor looked over at what had caused such a loud noise and were stunned to see a 12-foot tall shirtless muscle bear giant walking towards them. Some of the guys who had followed him around earlier marveled at his new size, unable to look away, some even approaching him. Others had better instincts and took the opportunity to head for the exits.


Chuck waddled over to his earlier fan club members, grinning blankly. He could see their mouths moving but didn’t really hear what they said; his ears were roaring in anticipation of another meal, and his blue eyes glowed an unnatural brightness.


He reached out and palmed the skull of the first guy to approach him and drained him for every pound in seconds, energy surging into his big body, temporarily satiating his endless hunger. His dick chubbed up in his basketball shorts, his package tenting obscenely as he reached out to his next victim, who was just starting to turn and run but underestimated the length of Chuck’s long arms.


Others panicked and started to flee, dropping their weights and water bottles and dashing to the exits. Chuck didn’t mind; he was methodically working his way through the ones close enough for him to get to. Some near him did try to slip away, but Chuck could dash with astonishing quickness over short distances. His huge long legs could cover ground quickly.


He was quick, efficient, systematic. He drained all he could as fast as possible. He didn’t feel remorse or hesitation, and he barely even felt excitement or joy; he just knew something deep down inside was telling him he was hungry and needed every drop of energy others could provide, and so he acted on that.


When everyone else was gone, Chuck took stock of his new size. He noticed that he wasn’t growing in height as quickly as he was before. He knew he was heavier – he could feel the bulky weight of his titanic body, hulking and massive, could feel how his massive boots shook the weights and floor around him as he walked, could squeeze the massive iron-hard cock in his shorts – but the slowed height growth was frustrating.


Suddenly the owner of the gym, a short but burly older man in a tight t-shirt, emerged from his office. He didn’t see Chuck at first, as the huge brute was around the corner, and walked out to the suddenly empty gym.


“Where’d everybody go?” he said to no one in particular.


Chuck heard him and walked in the direction of the voice. He rounded the corner and the owner’s jaw dropped as his eyes rose to look at Chuck’s steel blue ones. Chuck reached up and tipped his maroon hat, nodding in acknowledgement. “They’re with me now,” Chuck said matter-of-factly.


The gym owner backpedaled as Chuck walked towards him, stumbling backwards. “Holy shit!” he yelped as the unnaturally huge giant walked towards him, deceptively quickly because of how long his strides were. He realized he didn’t even come up to the clearly visible cockhead pitching a tent in the giant’s maroon basketball shorts.


“What do you mean, they’re with you?” the owner said, confused by this vague statement from the giant, still backing up, terrified.


Chuck’s eyes glowed blue and a blank smile spread across his bearded face. “It’ll be easier if I just show you, bud,” Chuck rumbled and quickly reached out to grab the little man. He wrapped his huge arms around the diminutive gym owner, pulling him into a vice-like bear hug.


“Aahhhgg, fuck!” the owner yelped, and he kicked and squirmed as Chuck easily lifted him off the ground, his legs kicking 4 or 5 feet off the floor as Chuck stood to his full height. Suddenly he felt a powerful numbness shock his entire body, like he had been shot full of painkillers. Cold started spreading through his chest as the giant squeezed tighter.


“Wh-what are you d-doing!” he wheezed, amazed at the hardness and size of Chuck’s gut and arms and chest as his body was pressed between them.


“Getting bigger,” Chuck intoned flatly, and crushed the little man harder against his impenetrable furry chest and gut.


The owner continued to thrash as he noticed Chuck swelling out even bigger somehow and as he watched his own size dissolve before his eyes.


“What the fuck, let me go!” he squeaked, his voice falsetto like he had undone puberty, his voice cracking.


Chuck said nothing. He just adjusted his grip on the dwindling mass in his arms and grunted. The owner gave one last desperate escape in Chuck’s bear hug, pointlessly wiggling in the giant’s arms. His yells were muffled against Chuck’s hairy, mountainous pecs.


Chuck couldn’t help but grin, a moment of joy and excitement coming to the surface past the blinding, ravenous need for more than consumed his mind. “All mine,” he rumbled and watched the gym owner dissolve into his chest. A shiver ran up Chuck’s spine as the growth washed over his giant body.




Brant always preferred swimming to other forms of cardio. He loved the rhythm of it, the zen kind of trance he would get in after doing a few laps, focused on the timing of his breaths and strokes, the steady splashing of his feet, interrupted only by the graceful, flipping turns when he reached each end. He was so focused on his laps that he didn’t noticed anything else going on in the gym, didn’t notice that everyone else in the gym was gone except the person who had just entered the pool area.


He finished his last lap and came fully to the surface, breathing hard but a good tingling feeling in his body, like a runner’s high. He had a classic swimmer’s body; long, lean, and sleek. He was tall, 6’3” and 220, and had been on his college’s swim team a few years ago. Now he was happy enough to do it for fun. He took his goggles off and finally noticed that there was someone else in the pool with him, on the other end.


The other guy was mostly submerged, with just his head and shoulders above the water. Brant noticed right away that he was built, with massive hard-looking traps rising up out of the water and merging with his thick neck. His round shoulders were broad, so much so that Brant thought it must have been some sort of illusion because he was on the other end of the pool. He had a thick red beard that brushed against the water, flecks of white in there mixed with the rich copper color. He had piercing blue eyes and light blond eyebrows, and he was totally bald. Must have been some big ex-jock football player type.


“Hey!” the big guy boomed from the other side of the pool, his voice louder and deeper than Brant expected. It echoed in the high-ceilinged pool room. “Nice laps there!” the big guy continued.


Brant started making his way over to the other guy since he was having a harder time hearing him from all the echoing. “Aw, yeah, you know, just doing my usual thing. What’s your name?” Brant asked.


It took the big guy a moment to respond, almost as if he were thinking about the question for a moment. “Chuck! Uh, yeah you swim well. Nice swimmer’s build you got there,” Chuck said as Brant got closer.


Brant got to the start of the drop off, where the water went from shallow all the way down to 12 feet deep. He tread water and got closer, and then suddenly realized just how big this guy was up close. It hadn’t been an illusion; his shoulders were way wider and more muscular than anyone he’d ever seen before, like at least twice as broad as he was.


“Thank man, nothing on you though, you look pretty big!” Brant said, wanting to be polite and return the favor but getting a weird vibe from this guy.


Chuck shrugged, tensing the mass of his traps and shoulders. “Oh, I always got room for more. Wonder if you can help me with that, bud?” Chuck said, his voice sounding strangely distant.


Brant shifted in the water, a little uncomfortable and confused by that comment. “Not sure what you mean, dude, uh, looks like y—“ he started, but Chuck cut him off.


“Just… just come here, ok?” Chuck rumbled, sounding annoyed. “I’ll show you,” he said, before starting to move closer to Brant.


Chuck surged forward in the water, but not like he was treading water like Brant assumed. Chuck was in the deepest part of the water, where it was 12 feet deep, but… he was… walking! Brant looked down in the water and could see a huge round belly and two enormous, pale legs stretching all the way to the deepest park of the pool, moving towards him!


“Wh-what the fuck!” Brant managed as he shifted his weight and tread water backwards as Chuck started to rise up out of the water. “J-just how big are you!?” Brant exclaimed.


“Huge!” he boomed ominously. The big ginger’s chest and upper arms rose up out of the water, towering over Brant quickly, a wall of hairy muscle expanding right in front of him, bulky muscle twitching and tensing as it broke the surface. Sheets of water poured down off of his torso as he rose and Brant continued to back in, panicking. Chuck’s huge belly created a wake as it rose out of the water, round and solid.


A sudden splash came up from the water as Chuck’s huge, hard cock broke through the surface, red and angry-looking, pointing right at Brant. Brant was back in the shallow end, running now, scrambling for the edge of the pool to get out, and Chuck stepped up to where it was 4 feet deep. The water only came up to his tree-trunk thighs, which were bigger around than Brant’s chest.


Chuck stepped closer and started reaching for Brant, who yelped and quickly jumped out of the pool, splashing water as he tried bolting for the exit. He heard a huge splash behind him as the monster surged after him. He twisted around to look how close he was but then slipped on the wet floor and fell hard. He groaned, scrambled to get up, but it was just enough time for Chuck to grab him with one huge hand that easily wrapped all the way around his right calf.


“Come back here, bud, let’s talk,” Chuck intoned, standing at the edge of the pool, reaching his long arm to grab Brant. Brant suddenly rose into the air as Chuck hoisted him back into the pool before crashing him down, dunking him into the water. He was disoriented but then felt two big hands wrap around his torso and lift him out of the water. Brant gasped and then got dunked into the water again and Chuck carried him back over to the deep end.


Chuck played with the little swimmer like an orca toying with a seal, dunking him down and raising him up a few more times until they were in the deepest part of the pool.


Frantic, Brant splashed around in Chuck’s grip, squirming against the giant’s big hands. “Let go of me! Let me out! What are you—“ he yelped but Chuck dunked him again.


Chuck lifted him up again, Brant coughing and sputtering. “See bud, I thought I had got everybody in the gym, but then I saw you splashing around in here! Glad I came in here, it was nice to cool off and you’ve got quite a nice body too,” the giant boomed. Brant could see blue veins starting to glow under his skin, up his forearms and huge biceps, through his shoulders and chest. It reflected off the pool water, glints of electric blue gleaming off the waves. “You’ll be a nice addition,” Chuck said.


“Wha-what are you gonna do!?” Brant said, thrashing around again fruitlessly. Chuck didn’t even seem to be struggling at all despite his best efforts.


“This,” Chuck said, and shifted his grip until he was hugging Brant, squeezing his thin body against his huge thick bulk. Chuck ducked underwater with Brant, squeezing him tightly, and started draining, the warmth and buzz from Brant’s energy making Chuck feel whole and complete for a few moments until he came up again.


Brant gasped, coughing for air, smaller and weaker than when he was last above the surface. “Stop! No, you’re, how are you—“ Brant yelped but then Chuck dragged him under again.


Chuck drank in more size, more power, and brought Brant up to the surface again. Brant looked like he was a kid, rail-thin and weak, but he struggled against Chuck’s grip anyway.


Chuck laughed, a booming bassy rumble that echoed around the room. “It’s pointless to resist, bud. I promise I’ll take good care of your size,” Chuck said before dunking Brant one last time, pushing him under the water and pressing him against Chuck’s chest. A blue light glowed from under the surface of the water and bubbles rose as Brant let out an unheard yell.


The swimmer thrashed around for a few seconds until the waves and splashing became suddenly still. Chuck sighed and rose back up to his full height. The top of his chest stood out from the water now, even standing at the deepest part.


As he made his way out of the pool to dry off and get his clothes back on, he noticed the gym was eerily silent. No swimmers splashing. No one talking in the locker room. No weights clanking together in the gym. The only sound was bad gym music and a throbbing, pounding pulse in his head, beckoning him to find more power, more energy.  He looked outside the big windows of the gym as red and blue flashing lights pulled up, sirens blaring.


Chuck just grinned.

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Just like Chuck, I want more! (of this story)

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2 hours ago, Misa said:

Just like Chuck, I want more! (of this story)

I think Chuck needs more at this point!

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Chuck confronts the cops and handles them easily, then makes a shocking discovery about his growth.


Chapter 12


Chuck moved towards the cops outside, but immediately realized that the entryway was too small for him now. The 7-foot tall doorways only came up to this waist. Instead of ripping up all the doorways, Chuck turned to the big floor-to-ceiling window that wrapped around the edge of the doorways and punched right through it. Glass sprayed out onto the sidewalk, causing the assembled police officers to flinch. Chuck twisted around – even the big pane of glass wasn’t wide enough for his broad shoulders to get through easily – and stepped out into the cold winter air. His huge leather boots crunched the broken glass, 5000lbs of meaty musclebear grinding it into the pavement. His breath created a big plume of steam as he planted himself in front of the cop cars in a wide stance. The sun was low on the horizon and shining in Chuck’s face, shining orange on his huge pale body.


There had to have been maybe a dozen cop cars, all flashing their lights, officers in positions behind their cars, guns drawn. An older, mustached police captain raised a loudspeaker and said, “Get on your knees and put your hands behind your head, you are under arrest for suspicion of assault and destruction of property!”


Chuck let out a great belly laugh at this, the booming rumble of his laugh rattling the ribcages of the assembled officers. “HOW ABOUT YOUR ALL JUST GIVE UP AND LET ME TAKE YOUR SIZE, BET YOU COPS ARE ALL BUILT REAL NICE,” Chuck boomed and started moving towards the closest cop car, reaching out hungrily.


“Open fire!” the captain ordered and the cracking pops of gunfire erupted all around Chuck. He felt the bullets pummel him, ripping into his body and pushing him back, stinging and punching and cutting him. He lifted his arms up to protect his face and staggered back.


The cops emptied their clips. A gust of winter wind cleared the smoke away, and Chuck was still standing. He was bleeding all over, cuts and pinpricks from dozens of gunshots all over his body.


“HEH, THAT TICKLED!” Chuck growled and straightened out. A blue light spread over his entire body, focused on the gunshot wounds around his body, and the wounds began to heal themselves impossibly fast. Skin and muscle stitched together right before the eyes of the incredulous officers, blood drying up and then disappearing. The bullets were pushed out of his body and fell to the ground. Steam rose up from hulk’s body as the nanomachines worked to heal him, heat rising up from his shoulders in shimmering waves. In mere seconds, he looked completely unharmed, not a trace of any wounds or blood.


Chuck reached up to adjust his hat, delts and biceps bulging as he did, and then took a deep breath. He sighed, a big plume of steam rising into the air, and he grinned down at the cops. “NICE TRY, GUYS! NOW WHERE WAS IT?” he roared and flexed, bringing his huge fists together, his arms, chest, and traps swelling with size, pulsing with muscle.


“Fire at will!” the captain yelled in the loudspeaker as panic broke out among the officers. This time the bullets just bounced off Chuck; the nanos had adapted and hardened his skin to deflect them.


Chuck walked forward to the nearest cop car, his massive weight causing it to shake. The car didn’t even come up to his waist, nor did the officers cowering behind it, firing their guns fruitlessly at the advancing monster looming above him. Chuck’s tight shorts tented obscenely as he got hard from realizing how powerful and unstoppable he was becoming. He reached down, punched through the glass of the windshield and back window, gripped the frame of the car in his huge hands, and lifted. The car easily rose, and he pressed it over his head like a Viking log on a strongman show. He grunted and then threw it towards the other cars, smashing them together and sending cops scrambling to get out of the way. Chuck just laughed.


Stricken by hunger, Chuck’s eyes flashed blue and he looked at each of the fleeing officers like they were food. He lunged after the nearest one, terrifyingly fast for a man of his size, and grabbed him. Chuck pulled him back, the officer thrashing and yelling as Chuck lifted of him off the ground until he was firmly in Chuck’s grip. “YES!” Chuck sighed as the officer dissolved into his body in seconds. He thickened out some more and then moved towards the next one.


Seeing this, the cops scattered, some on foot and others into their cars. A particularly burly cop scrambled into his car, started it, and floored the gas, but the car didn’t move an inch. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw two huge legs planted in place. He looked in his side mirror; Chuck’s massive hands were gripped onto the trunk, holding the car in place.


“WHERE YOU GOING, BUD?” Chuck boomed and then punched down into the roof of the car. His fist caved in the entire roof, trapping the officer inside. A second punch slammed down, tearing a hole right through the metal roof, and a huge hand reached through the hole of the car and gripped around the head and shoulders of the beefy officer. Chuck focused on consuming all of his size. In seconds, the officer was gone.


Chuck looked up from the broken car hungrily, and saw another cop nearby. He rubbed his turtleshell gut, feeling the thick mounds of abdominal muscle underneath the chunky beef of his ball belly, and then sprinted after him. His huge boots crunched into the pavement and tore up the concrete as he ran. “I’M GONNA GET YOU, LITTLE BUD!” he roared.


The tiny officer, less than half the height of Chuck’s giant frame, yelped and reached for something on his belt. As Chuck was about to reach him, he turned and fired his taser, the leads striking Chuck right on his big gut.


50,000 volts erupted into Chuck’s body, stunning him in place. But instead of filling him with agony, the energy surging into him felt euphoric. Waves of pleasure washed over him, tore through his huge body, and excited the nanomachines inside of him like never before.


The officer finished firing, and looked up to see an even bigger, taller, more muscular giant looming over him. The officer only came up to Chuck’s thighs now.


“MMM FUCK, DO IT AGAIN!” Chuck rumbled. The tiny cop yelped and fired again in panic, more energy flowing into the titan.


Chuck growled and groaned as more euphoria poured into him and he grew bigger. “YES!” Chuck rumbled and grew another foot until the taser gave out, his veins pulsing an electric blue and his eyes glowing.


The cop dropped his taser and ran, and Chuck reached down – way down! – to pick it up. The tiny plastic thing seemed like a toy to the monstrous Chuck, but it carried a powerful realization: it wasn’t just people Chuck could use as an energy source. It was ANY energy source!


Chuck looked around... electricity was everywhere around him. He closed his eyes and reached out with his new sense and suddenly saw them, every source of energy around him glowing blue, not quite “seeing” them but sensing where they was, feeling them near him. He headed to the closest source, which was embedded in a cop car.


The tiny car only came up to Chuck’s knees now. He laughed at how small everything was becoming. He turned around, hopped up onto the roof of the car and sat on it. The roof crunched under his tonnage and the tires popped loudly. Chuck boomed a belly laugh and then turned towards the hood of the car, where he sensed the energy. He twisted around and leaned down to get the hood, the metal frame of the car underneath him squealing and bending. He gripped the hood in a huge hand, the metal easily bending under his powerful fingers, and he ripped it off, hinges groaning and then snapping. He tossed the hood away into the street with a grunt and then reached in to find the battery, grinning with anticipation.


Chuck tore the car battery out with one hand and lifted it into his lap. The battery felt tiny in his hands, but he knew it contained a tremendous amount of energy. He could feel it, sense it, almost like it was pulsing and throbbing in his hand, waiting to give up its power and feed him. His desire to grow had never felt stronger; it was a blinding, raging torrent in his mind. He chuckled, put both of his hands on the leads of the battery, and willed himself to grow.


Instantly the electric shock of the battery flowed into him, power spreading over his body. Chuck closed his eyes in pleasure and opened his mouth, breathing out slowly, steam rising up off of his huge body as he grew. His muscle bulged thicker and harder, swelling up like he was flexing and then swelling up some more, filling up bigger and bigger. His weight ballooned, and the car underneath him groaned and crunched. His ginger hair thickened all over his body, making his beard grow denser. “YEAH!” Chuck groaned as his cock turned rock-hard, turned on by the euphoria of growth until the battery was dead.


The giant opened his eyes and rose to his full height, massive thighs planted wide, steel-toed boots crunching into the pavement under his mass. He didn’t seem to feel the cold, though steam still rose of from his huge body. He looked down at his shelf-like pecs and flexed, watching the muscle pulse up them in waves under his red and grey chest hair. He flexed a bicep, bringing his right fist up to his left pec, watching the muscle bulge and fight for space as it pressed against his gut and chest and lats.


He turned and stood over the wreckage of the car. Looking down as it, he realized his enormous cock was slapping against his round belly, smearing precum against his belly button and throbbing for attention. He reached down and around his gut and gripped it; he couldn’t get his hand all the way around its tremendous girth. He had grown bigger there, it seemed.


Chuck looked out among the cars before him, dozens of them in the parking lot, and his cock throbbed harder. He stroked roughly, gripping the steel rod as hard as he could and imagined how big he was going to get. Jets of cum streamed out into the parking lot seconds later, spraying out onto the cop cars in front of him, and the giant groaned a guttural roar.

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I can't think of a more deserving guy than Chuck to become mega huge

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Hope that Chuck grows big enough to hold the entire planet in the palms of his hands 

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This is the best story in ages 

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Chuck takes advantage of his newfound energy draining abilities to grow truly giant-sized, swelling up bigger and bigger until he fucks apart a small office building.


Chapter 13


Chuck stood in the afterglow of shooting a huge load over the smashed-up cars in front of him, letting globs of cum drip down from his oversized cock onto the pavement below. It felt so good to be this big, and for a moment he felt satisfied, complete, and happy, only for the feeling to be washed away in an instant.


“UHHHNNNNNG FUCK I GOTTA GROW,” Chuck growled and wrangled his cock back into his jock and tight shorts.


He stomped over to the next patrol car in front of him, ripped off the hood, reached in and grabbed the battery, and slurped up all the power inside of it, swelling up a bit bigger. He grunted and sighed and then tossed it aside, the battery cracking on the sidewalk and leaking acid everywhere.

“JUST NEED A LITTLE MORE,” he growled and moved to the next car, punched into the hood, and absorbed all the energy inside. He grew bigger and taller and then pushed the car away, making it skid and rattle.


“GOTTA GET GAINZ!” he boomed and reached down to grab another car. He scooted it closer to him, tearing off the hood, ripping out the battery and squeezing it in his big hands as his eyes and veins pulsed blue, consuming all the power inside of it. Plumes of steam rose off his body into the cold winter air.


“NOT BIG ENOUGH!!” Chuck roared, and did the same thing with another car, and then another, consuming energy like a starving man. Each time he felt a tiny moment of satisfaction, of completeness, like he had reached his size goal, but then it was immediately replaced by the all-consuming need for more. He HAD to find more energy; it was the only thing that mattered now.


“ALRIGHT, TIME FOR MORE!” Chuck worked through every car in the parking lot systematically, not stopping for anything, consuming battery after battery, crushing up the cars to get to the sweet energy-filled nectar inside.


All the while he grew… taller, thicker, broader, stronger, harder, fatter, heavier. By the time he was done, every car in the parking lot was smashed up, cold and dark, batteries strewn around like peanut shells. Chuck rose to his full height and stretched his bigger body. He wasn’t sure how tall he was, but he could see into second-story windows of other nearby buildings. He wasn’t sure how heavy he was, but he saw that the pavement was cracking and giving way slightly under his tonnage when he walked.


He sensed power in the buildings across the street. It was a busy intersection with restaurants, stores, and still some people, though most were now fleeing as they saw the 20-foot behemoth approaching them. Chuck’s gut jiggled ominously as he walked, bouncing and swaying with each step. He didn’t really walk but rather waddled, his tremendous thighs rubbing against each other, rolling past one another as he moved.


His eyes glowed neon blue as he approached a Starbucks, some oblivious people still inside. Chuck could see over the roof of the little one-story building; the doorway came up to just above his knees. He squatted down, his leather boots creaking and bending, huge thighs tensing and flexing, and he shoved a massive hand through the windows and into the store. He couldn’t see what he was touching, but he let his energy sense guide him. He drained indiscriminately, consuming few customers and then ramming against a wall and into an electrical outline. He tapped into it, gasping and groaning as a torrent of power surged into him. He exploded bigger, shooting up a couple feet fast as lights in the surrounding buildings flickered.


Standing back to his full height, he realized he was several feet taller. He immediately wanted more, his mind a roaring blur of desire. “FUCK YEAH!” was all he could think to say, and he crunched his way across the parking lot to a large glass façade on a small office tower next to the strip mall. In the light of the setting sun, he could see himself, bigger than ever, blue veins pulsing along his arms, shoulders, and chest, cobblestone gut jiggling as he moved, traps consuming his neck and framing his ginger beard perfectly. His half-chubbed cock and bull balls were pushed forward by his thick thighs, smearing pre against this quads. He adjusted his U of M hat until it almost obscured his glowing blue eyes. He brought his fists together and flexed, watching every muscle on his body explode with more size, and he grinned.


Suddenly as he flexed, bolts of electric blue energy exploded out of the cars at his feet and shot up into his muscles, drawn to the tensing muscles and the force of Chuck’s desire for more power and size. Chuck growled and flexed harder, and the lights of the surrounding buildings flickered and more energy poured into his flexing body. Crackles of blue electricity arced between his fists, biceps, nipples, and beard as he drained power.


“MORE!!” Chuck roared again as he stopped flexing, his mind only capable of one clear thought now. The arcs of electricity absorbed into his body, and he stood to his full height. He looked around and only saw food for him to consume, could only think about the most efficient way to take it all.


He looked over to a power line running parallel to the road and he rushed over to it, crushing pavement along the way. It was still taller than he was by a few feet, but he knew that wouldn’t last long. The thin wires hung over his head, and he could feel them, sense them crackling with power, just waiting to feed his growing body. He licked his lips in anticipation and then grabbed on and imagined himself growing bigger.


Chuck exploded with size, his body glowing blue and arcs of electricity sparking across his thick strongman body. His muscles exploded with size, tensing and flexing and growing thicker and fuller and harder. He swelling up taller, his whole body stretching and expanding. He adjusted his stance to accommodate his bigger legs and focused, power roaring into him as he grew and grew. He swelled higher than the power lines, higher than the poles, then higher than the office tower next to him. He had to adjust his grip as he grew and grew, eventually bending down to keep his grip. Surrounding blocks flickered and then blinked off as he drained every drop of energy from the entire neighborhood, sending the world around him into darkness.


The transformer on the power line pole exploded in a shower of sparks. The sparks bounced off of Chuck’s huge shelf-like chest and across his bearded face, and he grinned. He felt better than he ever had in his entire life. The torrent of power suddenly stopped, leaving the 50-foot tall giant clutching dead power lines that were down by his waist rather than over his head.


Chuck felt big. BIG! After all this time, just for a moment he felt satisfied, as big as he could ever dream to be, bigger than anyone else in history! His cock throbbed against the underside of his gut and stuck out several feet beyond his belly’s round expanse. He looked over to the little 4-story office building to his left and waddled up to it. Chuck roughly gripped the sides of the buildings and plunged his battering-ram cock into the building, crashing through the glass and steel of the building and rubbing his cock all around.


He got a better grip on the little building and slammed his entire body against it, his belly and cock and thighs crushing the fragile building, sending a rain of glass shards exploding down to the street. Chuck groaned as he slammed his cock into the building again and again, the hole he made growing with each thrust, the building crumbling in his grip as he fucked it savagely. The roof caved in and part of the building started slumping down, slamming down onto Chuck’s cock and creating more pressure. Seeing his massive powerful body destroying a fucking building just by humping it sent Chuck over the edge, and again he sprayed a massive load of hot cum, filling up the rubble of the building and blasting through the other side, across the street, and against the store fronts on the other side. Steam rose up from the white-hot pools of cum, and sweat ran down Chuck’s big furry torso as he pulled his cock out, covered in slick cum and office building debris. The building collapsed as Chuck removed his battering ram cock, imploding under its own weight, sending up a cloud of dust and smoke as it crumbled to Chuck’s feet, debris spilling out into the parking lot.


Chuck sighed, letting out a long satisfied breath that filled the area with his steamy breath. Chuck lifted his arms and flexed his biceps, admiring the blue throbbing veins pulsing size and power into his arms. The whole block stank of muscle bull cum and Chuck’s tangy, musky BO radiating out from his deep, hairy pits. He looked at the massive round peaks of muscle erupting from his upper arms and bellowed, “GOTTA GET FUCKIN’ HUGE!”


Chuck reached out with his energy sense. He saw where the power lined converged into larger power lines, big tall ones a hundred feet tall, twice his height. They were made of metal and carried several thick lines. He breathed heavily, grunting and muttering about wanting more, and his glowing blue eyes flashed brighter. He decided to follow them back to where they came from, swinging a massive foot down the block, ramming against a building and then landing on a tiny car, crushing it under his steel-toed leather boot, grinding it several feet into the ground as his boot crunched into the concrete and sunk in deeper.

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I usually don't like the story where the main character became a giant....but Chuck is special! He has some....want more!!!!!

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