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How long do/would you spend in the gym?

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I try to make my time in the gym about 60 to 75 minutes max. I spend 30 minutes doing cardio (treadmill) and the other 30-45 minutes doing strength training. 

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I personally work out 60-90mins normally per session, go over that upper measure on lazy days when i dont have much to do so i take longer breaks, even professional bodybuilders don't work out all day so it wouldn't do him any benefit (likely even be detrimental during the gaps when he is off-cycle since the body is being overtrained and cannot recover as efficiently and quickly as when someone is on gear) plus you should consider that the bodybuilding lifestyle is pretty expensive, food and gear aren't cheap (darn that blasted HGH premium) so having two sources of income would benefit you there too being able to afford more and/or higher quality sources of food and gear, not to mention even he will age at some point and you need to keep in mind a reasonable pension scheme in the future which would greatly benefit from more investment from two parties instead of one, plus it can also be a safety net, if you depend on a single provider if they are left out of work for whatever reason for a period of time, your lifestyle will suffer immediately from the abrupt shortage of funds, having two incomestreams is a safer bet for a consistent lifestyle. Additionally, if you want kids in the future you should also keep in mind parental leave if you will adopt very young as the child will demand a lot of attention, and taking a baby to a gym surrounded by weights (and bacteria) isn't ideal (unless your gym has a daycare and they will care for children so young).

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Expanding on my message.  I'm about an hour...I try to do structured supersets -- going to an anytime gym has the advantage that I can bebop between machines/stations w/out being the hog that makes life difficult for others. (i.e the adjacent biceps curl and triceps extension machines).     Go in with a written plan, do what's on it (making notes), leave.

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My lifting sessions with Matt, my 26 y.o. trainer / lifting buddy, usually last 75-90 minutes. Today, for example, was closer to 90 and we did:

V-Squat: 5 sets (90, 180, 270, 360, 450) for 10-15 reps each set

Leg extensions: Eight sets, 10-20 reps each set

Leg curls: Four sets, 15-20 reps each set

Machine biceps curls: Four sets, 10-15 reps per arm

Seated machine dips: One set, 50 reps

And, YES, we always end with arms, no matter what else we do. After 40 years of being afraid that I was "over training" them (ha!) I finally wised up and started doing them as often as possible. I've added about 1 to 1 1/2 inches on them since the beginning of the year so it seems to be working! 😛


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I've been training and lifting weights for 40 years now.  My best advice for training is not the amount of time spent in the gym, but the quality of your training.  You can spend hours in the gym, but if you're not using proper form with each exercise, you're not going to achieve the results you want.  You've probably heard or seen what I'm going to write here somewhere else before, but it's important to follow these guidelines if you hope to build an impressive physique. 
You'll also want to train different muscle groups on different days of the week.  Five day splits are the most common used by bodybuilders now. Not only does this kind of split allow for proper recovery in each muscle group, it allows you to work with higher intensity since you're training each muscle group once  weekly.   Here's what a typical split looks like -
Day 1: Legs/Abs
Day 2: Chest
Day 3: Back/Abs
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Shoulder/Abs
Day 6: Arms
Day 7: Rest
You'll want to train these groups in this order because for most people, training your lower body is more difficult.  As such, it's vital to train it first in the beginning of the week to make sure you perform your lower body workout while you're fresh.  
Also, don't make the mistake of training five days in a row.  It's best to rest in between training days to allow your central nervous system to properly recover. This is really  important for beginners because their bodies aren't primed to be able to work at a high intensity five days in a row yet.
Finally, it's more optimal to space shoulder and arm days as far as possible from chest day to allow the joints and triceps to recover properly.  For each day, you should use 4-5 exercises with two main exercises and 2-3 accessory exercises.

Things to keep in mind during your sessions:

Lift each rep as quickly  as possible, BUT pay close attention to your form as you perform each rep.  You should rest for 60s-90 seconds between exercises.  Because 5-day splits can fatigue a muscle group relatively quickly,  you may want to  use BCAA's - essential amino acids  - and recovery shakes to replenish your glycogen supply during mid-workout.  But, you can also achieve the same thing by eating good quality foods with plenty of protein.  
It's also best to lift weights that are lighter and that you can handle rather than cheat.   Make sure to perform each rep with full range of motion as well. 
Hope this helps to encourage you to join a gym and get healthy!! 

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