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18 hours ago, Hulk2be said:

I'm genuinely envious, even jealous, of those of you who can honestly say you enjoy your workouts.  That's an experience I've never had.  I hated working out.  It was a necessary evil like going to my job every day, something I had to do and never something I wanted to do.  Runner's high from working out?  Never had it.  Beginner gains?  Never got them.  Benching triple digits within your first few months?  My bench never got that high at all.  Now I wasn't your typical beginner who quit after only a few months.  I worked out for three years and still had nothing to show for it.  Its impossible to stay motivated when you never feel good about what you're doing and when you never experience any improvements.  I remember my last day in the gym vividly.  I was lying face down on an incline bench doing reverse shoulder flies using 20 lbs dumbbells, which had only increased from the 15 lbs ones I had started out with three years before, and my depression kicked in and I actually started crying there on the bench over my lack of any gains.  When I finally composed myself, I racked the dumbbells, went to the locker room, and went home, and realized that I was done.

That's really sad, and I'm sorry it hasn't worked out for you.  I agree with Dave though, perhaps what you needed was someone to help guide you and keep you motivated.  I can bet there was something you were missing to your training.  Diet is the most overlooked thing about training but it's so incredibly important.  I would wager that you weren't eating enough to support growth.  There are also lots of other training principles that contribute to gains that a trainer would know about and apply to your training.  I hope that you may reconsider going down the path of muscle some day!

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I am sorry to understand, that it didn't work for you, Hulk2be, but others have given you great advice in this thread, and I hope, that you will be able to pick the hobby up again, soon.

Unlike some, in this thread, my gains are not sensational, and many wouldn't guess, that I am working out regularly at all, but I like workouts (a friend told me, that what I do at the gym is visible because of my trapezius, shoulders and upper arms, but not by anything else). My starting point, many years ago, was extremely bad, because of bad health. Compared to my former self, I am a different man now: I went from a living skeleton to an average man, and weight training help me to feel relaxed, harmonious and aware of my bodily presence in a way my old state didn't permit. Friends from the past have difficulties recognising me.

Times comes and goes, when I don't manage to exercise according to schedule: The pollen season during spring is often such a time, and it happened this year, but I have learned to accept limitations. I often experience a road bump on the occasions when I am going to return to the gym after such pauses, but I have overcome such road bumps again and again.

The parts of the year, when my schedule runs uninterrupted, my health improves. Each workout usually go through three phases: In the beginning I am full of motivation and anticipation, in the middle there comes a taste of the exhausting aspects of exercise, but in the end of the workout the pump sets in and is followed by an endorphin kick in the locker room. After a workout my confidence and my sex drive increases. Funny how our own internal biochemistry affects us.

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@Hulk2B get your testosterone levels checked. Good workout habits and poor gains with depression are symptoms of low testosterone. If that's your problem it's easily treated. And since you have the dedication to hit the gym for three years without noticeable gains, if low T really is your problem and you get it treated, you will explode.

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