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I am a very normal guy. Ish...sorta...sometimes. Very growth obsessed, as we all know, (or should know by now!) and have had countless years to focus on all kinds of fantasies and 95% of them are all wholesome and good, but every so often I want something more...I want something darker and that's where this thread is going to come in handy! This is by no means a thread for everyone, it has some topics and scenes some may find offputting! (which is why I'm posting it here!)


For instance, in this story scene here, there is a woman who grows. But before you close the thread right away, let me explain. I'm a Bi giant beast man, and I've come across SO many growth stories online which deal with "turning the tables" as it were where the girl outgrows the guy. There's even a scene from time to time where the guy reclaims the power only to be trumped later on. I hate that part! With me, it's about the dominance, the POWER and that is something ONLY reserved for the men in my stories. So let me assure you, not all of these stories will have girls growing, but every single one of them will have the main theme of POWER in the absolute WRONG hands! Men who have no RIGHT to grow, and who will cause all kinds of mayhem and chaos and destruction!


SO without further ado, enjoy!




The smell of the gasoline soaked burning wooden crosses filling the night air with a singeing acrid stench as the loud revelling echoed into night. The hollering cheering group of hatemongers cheering on as the helpless and hopeless were lynched and burned. Some of them hiding their faces with the long flowing white hoods, while others, even more brazen in their hate just wore plain clothes, so proud to be carrying out their twisted view of “God’s work” they want everyone to know!


The crowd let out a few catcalls and slurs as the final victim was dragged up, the lithe woman still rebellious to the end after having just watched her father and husband killed senselessly.  


“You understand your charges? You witch, turning the minds of men with your fucking magic, making them think terrible thoughts all so you can drag them to your bed! For that only ONE sentence is appropriate!” The burly Klansman held her noose in hand staring at her, his thick bulge obvious as he ogled her curvy form, clearly falling victim to that aforementioned witchcraft! While she WAS a healer and a voodoo priestess, she’d only ever used the lessons passed on from her mother to help others, and now this muscled brute was going to end her life. Defiant to the end, she spat one last time, as the Klan leader strung her to the cross, the rage building inside of her, a darkness a seething burning hatred that could no longer be kept inside! It felt like her soul as screaming out of her body as she spit out the curse! "I swear you scum anything you do to me shall be returned to you TENFOLD!" she spat again, as the burly Klansmen struck her delicate face.


"Shut your mouth you fucking whore!" he leaned in, closely, sniffing her and giving a lick across her smooth sweatsoaked cheeks "It's a shame that mouth of yours is so fucking filthy because I could think of a dozen better uses for it!" he leaned in giving her a kiss before she bit his tongue, causing him to lash out and strike her again, and damned if he couldn't feel a shock just as bad if not worse than a suckerpunch!


Reeling from this, he stood back adjusting his robe, before ordering them to light her up. It was at that point he noticed her starting to moan and writhe on her stake. Far from the fear that was gripping her just moments ago, she was feeling more aroused than she ever had in her life!  A warmth spreading over her, and it made him feel just as horny, his mind drawn to her full figure, her firm perky tits, everything about her made him want to fuck! This revelation hitting him just as he watched her breathing get quicker! The ropes starting to fray as she looked just as confused as everyone else! She let out another shrill moan as she suddenly SURGED up, her body bursting free of her restraints as she fell to her knees in orgasmic pleasure!


From the center of the crowd rushed out the girl’s mother, the old woman smiling, watching her daughter moaning and overcome with the pleasure of this last minute spell, she was proud of saving her daughter's life like this! "IT worked! NOW my daughter you'll be unstoppable, a black goddess able to crush every one of these fuckers!" and the girl started to grin, stroking herself and feeling her body swell and grow against the hot summer ground! The klansmen backing up in fear as she swelled to 10ft, then 15ft! She never felt so...so POWERFUL! Her foot easily kicking aside one of the men who dared approach her!


“EVERY ONE OF YOU FUCKERS IS DEAD!” she laughed, stomping once again the screams of terror of the little bigoted men suddenly falling hushed! She stood, confused as their attention was drawn behind her! Turning around slowly, she felt her heart stop!


Watching that burly Klan leader stroking his cock through his robe, his body starting to heave with each deep breath! Every single person was losing their minds, but he was there, up on the hill stroking, and his obvious bulge was getting MORE and MORE obvious! He looked down at himself, watching the veins pulse up and down his thick hairy forearms, feeling his heart pounding faster as he stared up at the 15ft tall amazon.


"YOU FUCKING WITCH! What have you DONE TO ME!?!" he moaned his body overwhelmed with the most intense orgasm of his life, as his cock literally tore free of his pants and his robe, throbbing thicker and through the open noose as he held it in his hand! Watching as the beast continued to grow with each thick rope of cum he fell to his knees as he watched the veins pulsing further up his arms and he could feel his shirt growing tighter under the flowing robe! Button bursting after button as he let out a deep guttural groan, which slowly twisted into a laugh!


“You did this! You made me UHnnnnnn You made me GROW with your stupid fucking curse! You stupid little GIRL!!” he boomed with laughter as he was just 8ft tall, but by this point his cock stretched down even further, as another orgasm hit his powerful growing body, his arms stretching down his body, growing all the way to the ground as he jerked and spasmed swelling out of control! Watching his biceps fill with powerful thickening muscle as he flexed outwards feeling his lats balloon out so wide his shirt literally BURST off his frame as his arms pushed so far up his shoulders were pressing against his ears!


“Mother what have you DONE!?” the amazon cried, terrified, unable to move her orgasmic growth finished at 15ft but still held in the afterglow, and the terror of this hulking hairy brute swelling in front of her! Her mother was in just as bad a state as the growing monster of a man who had just hit the 16ft mark plastered her in cum!


“OH GOD it’s just not Uhhnnnn STOPPING!” he groaned barely able to talk, feeling his pecs bulge so thick they pressed against his chin! His hairy sweaty body looming over her now and shuddered as every single ab swelled outwards the thick snaking veins pulsing them into a burly musclegut, as his biceps throbbed so full he could no longer bend his lengthening arms! Struggling now to stay on his knees, moving them apart as his thick quads pressed against one another, the muscled thighs so massive they were running out of space to grow!


The crowd cheering now! No longer afraid, but loving every minute, unknowing that this musclebound monster was pumping out so many pheromones that every man and woman in the crowd was overcome with an orgasmic sense of euphoria, even the once rebellious amazon felt herself was too turned on to stop herself from grinding her legs together in awe!


His cock stretching down to just a few feet above the ground, pouring precum at this point as his hairy body only got thicker! “OH GOD it’s still HAPPENING i’m still GROWING how much BIGGER am I uhhnnn gonna GET you whore? I’m a FREAK already!” he bellowed shouting down at the flinching amazon before it hit him...10 times...10 times as BIG!? Again he spurted another jet of cum over the crowd, unable to stop himself from growing as he hit 20ft tall!


“FUCK you’re making me SO BIG! Do you SEE uhhnnn OH FUCK Do you SEE what you’re DOING to me!?” he groaned punching the ground, his muscles jerking as hundreds of pounds of mass were pumped onto his growing frame every single second! Rising once again to his knees the monster hit 30ft then 40ft his booming guttural groans getting so LOUD they could be heard in the next county, he was trapped here, swelling and growing out of control until his cock let out another throbbing spurt of cum and swelled down to touch the ground once again! But it grew so thick the noose cut off circulation like the worlds tightest cockring! The huge low hanging balls swelling as he felt his body shudder and stop growing! Realizing that he had stopped the growth for now, he let out a snarl


“OH YOU DESERVE A SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR THIS! FOR MAKING ME SO fucking BIG!” he laughed, realizing his true place wasn’t doing god’s work, it was BEING a GOD!” The amazon let out a terrified shudder as she felt herself revolted by and so turned on by this hulking monster, she wanted nothing more than to see him dead, but now her body NEEDED that massive cock inside her and as he loomed over to grab her she didn't so much as flinch!





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I am a very normal guy. Ish...sorta...sometimes. Very growth obsessed, as we all know, (or should know by now!) and have had countless years to focus on all kinds of fantasies and 95% of them are all

Like I've said, time and again, I'm a VERY nice Beast for the most part! but every now and then I like a good...dark story...like this one! just a quick one shot that was based around a fantastic imag

Goddamnit why did you have to take the shortcut down that alley, you KNOW you were going to miss that bus anyway! Now you clutch your jacket tightly, terrified of every little sound, holding the bear

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Wow! Just Wow! I thought this was great and nice start to hopefully more tales. And, for me at least, as long as the female isn't the main focus I could care less whether there is a women in stories or not, though I admit I prefer having it remain mostly male. But I hope we see more. Out of curiosity is this meant to be written only by you or is like the continuous story section but only in the filtered section. Just wondering because I am trying my best to write my thoughts down, just haven't found the right time yet. Anyway keep up the great work. 

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Thanks so much man! The next one is M/M that's for sure, but again dark. I kinda like having a place to vent the more bestial fantasies I have! These aren't ongoing stories but rather mini little stories/scenes that I'll put up when the urges strike me! They will ALWAYS have a focus on growth, on dominance and POWER but the main unifying point of this thread is that the person growing should NOT be given that power and the world is forced to react to it! 

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would Bane be a good example of that -power in the wrong hands-? Cuz I like Bane a lot! ;) as far as destructive, I like it, as long as it's sexually destructive ;) hehe mmmmmmmmmm

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Like I've said, time and again, I'm a VERY nice Beast for the most part! but every now and then I like a good...dark story...like this one! just a quick one shot that was based around a fantastic image I had in my head of a growth spurt left unattended!



You thought back to yourself, rather smugly at the beginning of the day that little curse you'd used all of your will to put onto your abusive prick of a father. Just after he'd finished beating you and your mom halfway into a coma, you snarled out in a rage the likes he'd never seen before or since, and put him in a hell of his own making!
He was a roid raging gymaholic, a muscle head who belittled you for your size and when he got into his cups, he'd do nothing but fuck and fight, and you'd had enough. YEARS of begging your mom to leave him, but she'd just stayed by his side, through it all, you were sick of it and with that curse it was over! "You fucking weak pathetic FUCK you think you're so big huh? You're NOTHINIG you wanna grow and fuck fine! lets see you enjoy it when you're too big to fucking move! Cumming nonstop til you BEG me to make it stop you fuck!"
You watched him drop to his knees, his cock surging out of his pants and instantly spurting over the floor as he struggled to move watching his muscles thicken and stretch, but so erratically so powerfully he was unable to move! he cried out in pain as his body was wracked with this intense painfully orgasmic growth! Your mother letting out a worried gasp as you just left the house. Positive that fucker could die and your life would only be better!
But it was all day now, and you'd half forgotten about it! As you returned home, you see your house standing still all normal and peaceful, no ambulance, nothing and figured he must have finally crushed himself, his heart and muscles getting too thick and big for his body to handle! smugly you opened the door and felt your heart stop!
"THERE YOU ARE BOY! I WAS WONDERING WHEN YOU WERE GONNA GET HOME!" he booms and his voice is so LOUD it hurt your ears! NO no no NO! fucking NO! this isn't what you wished for! this isn't a CURSE he..he was IMMENSE! a fucking GOD! his body sitting in the ruins of the collapsed second floor! his foot bigger than your body was tall! His half hard cock slung over his thigh as he flexed all over showing off his godlike physique! He was sitting there, the debris from the floor above strewn about as his muscled ass had crushed the furniture in the living room, clearly they'd gone upstairs but he'd grown too heavy and fell through but god he..he was SO BIG!
His arms were raised as his lats were too big to allow them to rest against his chest, his pecs so full he could hardly see past them! he was filling most of the main floor with his musclebound frame and you could tell by his huge churning balls he was getting close to cumming once again! Even soft that cock was as BIG as you were and the precum it was drooling only added to the flood of it on the floor around you!
"I WAS PISSED AT FIRST BOY BUT YOUR MOM AND ME, WE WORKED IT OUT AND...I GOTTA SAY I LOVE WHAT YOU DID TO ME! LOOK! IT JUST WONT STOP!" he laughs, flexing his monstrous biceps, each one thicker than your waist and you felt your cock throb, the air thick with the smell of his cum as you stepped through the soaked ruins of your home! What had you DONE! You ask where your mother is and he just laughs stroking his cock, letting you see her half conscious body underneath the soft monster "SHES GOT A LOT OF WORK TO DO! ITS TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE! OH GOD! HERE...HERE IT COMES AGAIN BOY! YOU GET TO WATCH FIRST HAND WHAT YOU DID TO ME! WATCH YOUR DADDY BECOME A GOD!"
He groans as your mother spasms one last time against his cock which lurches up his abs to his pecs now and starts to HOSE cum! all over you and his chest and the floor! veins bulging and pulsing across his muscled frame as he roars ever deeper! "FUCK YES! FUCK MORE! MORE! GRAAAAAHHHHHH" his shoulders bursting up through the hole in the ceiling into the second floor as he continues to fill out the living room, his feet bursting through the plaster into the kitchen behind you! and there's so much CUM! knocking you down as he cruelly aims it at you, the force like a firehose and still hitting harder by the second! BROADER and WIDER his chest grows with each deep chuckle
"GO ON YOU LITTLE FAG ALWAYS WANTING DADDYS BIG COCK GO ON! WHY ELSE MAKE DADDY SO BIG HUH?" he laughs again lifting his cock up with both hands only to let the entire weight of it come CRASHING down on you! Instantly you feel ribs broken under its weight, still spewing hot thick musky cum down your face and chest! and he taunts you! staring up past his tremendous cockhead you see his head being swallowed by his pecs and shoulders! His hairy abs so swollen as the ceiling is starting to lift off he just can't help but keep rubbing it in "YOU FUCKING IDIOT! THINKING THIS WOULD STOP ME! IM A FUCKING BEAST! A FUCKING GOD AND YOU THINK YOU COULD FUCKING STOP ME!? DON'T YOU DIE ON ME YET! WE'VE GOT A LOT OF PLAYING TO DO!" He says, lifting his cock just before you black out from the weight...oh god..what have you done....
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Thanks guys! yeah the last one was very much based off the idea of what if you got someone growing, and forgot about them, only to come back and find them this hulking behemoth! a fucking MONSTER of a man! and the arrogance and dominance, well that just kinda fit the character perfectly and the scene pretty much wrote itself! haha

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