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Glad you guys liked it, I haven't really written a muscle man story for quite a while, but I decided for Storiversary, that it would be better to write something that everyone would enjoy reading, so there you go. Thanks for the comments, and interest. As far as a sequel/series is concerned, we'll see, I mean like he said in the story, there are tons of other feats of strength that Jake is capable of. :lol:

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On 4/21/2017 at 1:03 PM, iceman751 said:

The Perfect Workout for the Perfect Man

by iceman751 shaneomacfan.3 on Skype

A video that is too good to be true.


The camera shows a close-up of a man, a man whose facial features many could say were beautiful, if there weren't the edges, the angles of a completely masculine, handsome man. One that is at the same time youthful yet mature looking beyond his years. It showed his close cut golden hair, his tan complexion, his perfect nose, high, wide cheekbones like those of a model/actor, a deep cleft chin on a wide, masculine, squared jaw that looked like if you had punched it, your hand would shatter into a million pieces. He smiled wide, showing perfect, gleaming white teeth that looked sharp enough to cut through steel like it was marshmallow fluff. He had deep blue eyes that looked like pools that one could swim inside forever. His ears were perfectly proportional, you imagined that they could hear a whispered word across a fully crowded, noisy room.


Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my new show, my name is Jake Parker, and today, you get a great present, see, I'm a bit of a show off, and you get a chance to see just a small example of what I, the most powerful, smartest, fastest, most agile, most perfect man on the planet, is capable of. Now, be forewarned, as of yet, you haven't been allowed to see my body, that's because it's so incredible, so perfect in every way, that the sight of it has caused people to cum so hard that they fall to their knees and often pass out, so if any of you are standing, I urge that you sit, kneel, or lay down. Don't say that I didn't warn you. Everyone sitting? Okay, Johnny, time to zoom out.”


Jake wasn't lying, his body could simply be termed as perfect, but that wouldn't be doing it justice, not by a long shot, it was achingly beautiful beyond words. Everyone watching, man, woman, gay, straight, young, old, all went through orgasm after orgasm just gazing at it's pure brilliance. The first thing that one would notice is that he was wearing nothing but a pair of lycra shorts that did nothing to hide what he was packing. The second thing of course was the fact that his body was 100% ripped, huge, ungodly powerful muscles, from the tip of his head to the bottom of his toes, there was no fat visible on him. He looked bullet proof, his 8 pack of abs deeply etched with striations and veins running every which way, his abs, as Godly as they were, were overshadowed by his enormous pectoral mountains, each the size of a basketball, standing at least 9” deep, with even more striations showing. The thing was, he wasn't actively flexing, every striation, every vein was there because his skin was so thin, there was no masking his pure muscular magnificence.


You want to know how I got this way, I bet, well, genetics played a big part, but I also worked hard for every single inch of this perfect body, and yes, I know what you're thinking, I've got a big ego, it's kind of hard not to when you have the body that I have, when you are able to do the things that I'm able to. Like just last week, I played the NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, a 5 on 1 exhibition match that I won 240 to 0, I blocked, stole or rebounded every single shot they took, but they couldn't do anything against me, simply because I was just too fast, just too strong, just too agile, my shots so perfect, I never missed a single basket, even ones that I launched from three-quarters the length of the court. Whenever I was on defense, which wasn't quite so often because I usually just stole their inbound passes, I almost never let them get past half court, the only times I did were just to humiliate them even further by stealing the ball and dribbling circles around them, before slam dunking the ball, several times which I did while launching myself from beyond the three-point line! I even gave them fouls, they literally hung on to me while I drove to the basket and dunked with Lebron James and Kevin Love both hanging off of my 6'8, 385 pound body. Of course, I don't expect you to believe that, obviously, they didn't make it public, but would you doubt someone who could do this?”


With that, Jake got down on the ground, and rose himself into a handstand, then he lowered himself down to the ground with perfect precision and control and performed a picture pure handstand push-up, his arms never quivering a bit from the exertion, but his muscles flexed with the movement, maybe not so much the effort, simply because the 385 pounds that he held on his body was just so light to him, so miniscule to his arms that he barely felt any weight on his arms at all. In fact, it became even clearer when he removed one arm from the ground and still lowered himself down to the ground with a single arm, still with perfect control, and no effort showing on his face. He continued to do the one armed handstand push-ups for 5 minutes before performing something even more insane, he extended his fingers until they held his body fully, and then he removed every single finger except his forefinger, which he balanced on for several seconds with seeming ease, then he looked right into the camera and winked. It was said afterward that the wink had launched a billion orgasms.


He used that one finger to push himself up into the air and with perfect balance landed on his feet, a smile on his face.


Now, the reason I'm making this video is because when someone actually has the guts to ask me a question, one of the most asked questions that I get is exactly how strong am I? Well, to be honest, I don't know, strong enough to lift cars with ease, strong enough to win tugs of war against a group of 20 men with one hand. Strong enough that steel is more like clay to my big, thick, muscular fingers. But I decided, as a way to show off exactly how strong I am, or at least give you people a clue as to what I am capable of, I am doing a little bit of a workout. Somewhat unconventional, because the iron weights that people use in most gyms don't make me try at all, even when I'm doing this.”


He grabbed a 45 pound plate that was just out of camera range and came back into the middle of the picture, he held the plate in his large, manly hands and started pressing in on it. Amid the sounds of metal shrieking, as if in pain, the plate was being crushed inwards, like it was an a piece of paper. But just like he said, while he must not have been using a lot of power to destroy the plate, his pecs bunched up hugely, with striations rippling and veins pulsing for the few seconds that the plate was being crushed by Jake's ultra-manly hands.


So yeah, that's just a small sample, just a tiny example of how strong I am. That plate was nothing to me, it was little more than a cardboard plate that you take to family picnics. In fact, probably less than that, more like a paper plate, since some people find it hard to bend the thicker cardboard plates, but that was easy as hell to me. Now you will be able to see why, zoom out Johnny”


The camera zooms out until the viewers at home could see various items, cars, trucks, anchor chains, and huge barbells with plates the size of car tires. Then it zoomed back into Jake's handsome, confident smirk as he walked over to a Volkswagen beetle, he got a good grip on the front bumper and then straightened up, raising the front wheels off the ground, there was no effort shown on his face as the wheels went higher and higher, little by little, he brought the bumper up to his tiny, sculpted waist, and then, in a controlled, but seemingly easy movement, he curled it up to his chest. He repeated this with a smile on his face, and the camera angle showed that while he may not have been working that hard, his arms and pecs were still showing the results of the repeated movement of the over half ton of metal he was hauling around time after time. After 50 reps, he raised the bumper farther up until it was just above his chest level, then he let go of it with his arms and it came to a rest, the bumper dropped down and after bouncing a while it rested on his huge shelf of pectoral meat.


Look at that boys and girls, I'm holding this car up with nothing more than my pecs, do you think any 5 men in the World can do that when they put their efforts together? No! But me, this is so light that I can barely even feel it, look!”


With that, his hands on his hips, he started bouncing his pecs, which made the car jump, and each one was higher and more forceful than the last, eventually, the car went completely vertical, and he used one hand to push it over onto it's roof, a big smirk of satisfaction on his face that he showed his superiority over this object. He walked over to a pick up truck now, this was at least twice as big and heavy as the Volkswagen he had just lifted, he went to the side of it and pushed his shoulder into it while gripping the step up gate, the side wheels lifted off the ground and he lifted it higher and higher until he was able to find the middle of the bottom side of it, he then shifted his stance so that he could place it on his shoulders, and squatting down, he started raising the other side off the ground until all 4 wheels were 6 feet off the ground as the at least 3800 pound vehicle was now on his shoulders. He started walking around with it, showing that it was a little heavier for him than the Beetle was, but still not to the full extent of his power. He started doing squats with the big truck, up and down, up and down he went, his legs bulging hugely, fighting for space with each other as he continued to rep out the nearly 2 ton vehicle with steady reps.


Yeah, how many men have you seen even lift this kind of weight off the ground? But here it is, on my shoulders, my weight as I do squats with it. What do you think of that folks? You think that's the extent of my power, well think again!”


Jake stopped doing the squats, standing up straight, then he flattened his palms on the bottom of the truck, finding a long pipe in the middle to get a grip on. Then he took a couple of deep breaths and in an instant changed his stance to that of a clean and jerk and drove his hands over head, which meant that he was now overhead pressing nearly 2 tons. He spat and roared, showing that he was now close to showing off just how strong his spectacular body was, but of course, he had more to show. He put the truck back on his shoulders and then heaved it backward, leaving it on it's side. He was now breathing hard, which made his pecs bulge and ripple, and his 8 pack abs to go in and out, almost hypnotically.


Alright, for this next show, I'm going to need some help. Come on guys.”


4 big men, who looked to average 6'4 and 300 pounds of thick, bulging, powerlifter style bulk went over to the huge, 4” thick looking anchor chain which was 7 feet long. They lifted the chain with some grunts and groans as to how heavy it was. They carried it over to Jake and he put his arms up in the air, showing off his perfectly chiseled abs to the viewers at home, the 4 strength athletes wrapped it around Jake's chest and while the three held it, the fourth locked the chain in place over Jake's pecs. They stood back and watched in awe as the huge muscle man who had 4 inches and probably 80 pounds of pure muscle on the biggest of them, attempted to free himself of the huge, tough, heavy chain, with no use of his hands or arms, just his insanely huge, ripped chest and his wide, winglike lats.


Now boys, and yes, that is what you are to me, boys, I'm so much bigger and stronger than you that it's like comparing an adult to a child, stand back, I wouldn't want you to get hurt by the hurtling debris of the breaking chain.”


The big men looked at him and looked at each other, wondering what the chances are that the 4 of them together could take him down, but looking at his previous feats, they thought better of it and got behind the overturned truck. When they did, Jake started breathing in and out loudly, puffing his chest up a little with each and every breath that he took, then he started actually flexing, making the visible parts of his pecs ripple, with striations and veins pulsing with every flex. The chain which was not completely tight when he began was now straining, the metal keening and vibrating from the power that Jake was putting on it. He was alternatively grunting and roaring as he did his best to ruin the lock and the chain that was laced around his chest.


Come on, yeah, I got this! Nothing can hold me back! I am superhuman, I am a muscle god! Rawr!”


With that last roar, finally the chain couldn't take it any more, it burst apart directly in front of his inches deep crevice separating his two pectoral mountains. The cameras focused on the chest, bigger than it had ever been, more ripped, striations covering just about every square inch, four veins as large as breakfast sausages ran horizontally across his pecs, super charged blood filling his monstrous mountains of might. He smiled wide as he bounced them up and down, they thundered up and down like pistons in a car engine.


Now, we got one more thing to do. These 4 have 6 equally large, strong friends, they think that all 10 of them could beat me in a tug of war, well, I'm going to prove them wrong, it'll be my 400 pounds of perfect muscle against almost 3000 pounds of combined manhood, who do you think's gonna win?”


The ten large men brought out a thick, long rope and threw it on the ground, Jake picked up one end of it and wrapped it around one of his arms and took a good grip on it and the 10 men on the other side did the exact same thing. The average viewer of this show had seen a great many things, including feats of strength that they were sure no 10 men put together could do, but these are 10 big, strong men going against one bigger, stronger man, one that made them look like normal men, if not little boys, but certainly combined, they should be able to match his power, right?


Okay guys, start pulling on 3. 1, 2, 3!”


Immediately the 10 men started pulling with every single thing they had in their large, powerful bodies, and Jake looked at the start that maybe he broke off more than he could chew, he was pulled about 5 feet forward before he was able to dig his feet in and stop himself. The men thought they were going to win easily, but after that point, they just couldn't pull Jake the rest of the way, they jerked, they yanked, they grunted, they roared, but Jake wasn't moving. It was then that Jake started to pull, and to their utter disbelief, he was beating back their combined force with his single, incredibly buff body. He grunted, you could tell he was using all of his power to do so, but bit by bit, inch by inch, he was pulling the 10 big men backwards, soon the 5 feet that they gained evaporated and despite their yelling, their efforts were soon waning because of the fact that they had exerted all the effort in the first minute of the contest. They continued to lose ground as Jake walked backwards, pulling their resisting bodies in a steady rhythm, finally he had won, pulling them the required 20 feet. He dropped the rope and immediately went into a double biceps pose!


Fuck yeah, Superman! No one can beat me, I am the strongest!”


He was also by far the biggest. His muscles made Mr. Olympia's look like toothpicks in comparison, especially his mountainous arms, with biceps that peaked near to his large, clenched fists and pecs that looked as thick as Atlanta metro area phone books. Jake settled down and looked at the camera, his face covered in a light sheen of sweat, his eyes brilliant blue, his teeth shining in the reflected sunlight.


Well, there you are folks, you wanted to know how strong I was, you wanted to see what my body was capable of, well, did you like it? Tell you what, if this video gets a billion views and a million likes, then there might be a part two coming. After all, there is plenty of stuff that can be lifted, crushed, and plenty of people that can be defeated, humiliated by my muscles. Bye for now all you normal folks out there, hope you enjoyed my video!”


The End

Fantastic story. Can't wait to read more. Just how strong is he and can anyone match him?

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