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Anyone to translate this MG story from German to English?


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Here is some more "Retranslated".


Roy pumped and posed - as far as he could, but Tom also noticed now that the additional Hammersteroide and Masthormones worked. Roy had gained some - Tom estimated 23-year-old now at 143 kg! After 3 minutes the show was over and Roy was so bloated that he needed forever until he stood at the stairs. His coach helped him down step by step and immediately handed him a can of water, which the mountain accepted with thanks! He immediately imbibed the 1 liter, and burped loudly as he waddled past Tom and Paul: "BBBRRRPPPPP!"
Paul said, "Fuck, he can not walk any more. Look at him! "Tom grinned and actually saw the Roy Westmann, with now certainly 100 ml pure roids had real problems to move his muscle mountains. In a joke, he said to Paul, "Someone have to take care of him." "Yeah, pumping up the conceited chunk so that he can not move any more, that would be it!" Paul joked.
"That's exactly what I think too," Tom agreed. Paul looked at him, "Really? That would be totally cool! We both and the Westman. "   Tom pulled Paul aside and told him about the last 1 ½ hours.
He just opened his eyes and said excitedly, "COOL! That you dare! Respect! Then I'll support you for sure! That will be fun !"
The did a handshake and watched as Roy came back to air in "his" corner. He had another bottle of water from his supply bag on his lips. Now the two "little ones" could smile together.
"But he also needs something directly into his blood," whispered Paul "I distract him." And already Paul strolled to the mast mountain. While walking, he turned around again and winked at Tom. Tom immediately understood and pulled an other big sysinge from his bag - 15 ccs! He strolled past Paul, who had already started a conversation with Roy. Roy stood with his back to him, the bottle on his fat lips, and jabbered and burped at Paul. Paul gave Tom a sign, and Tom stuck the syringe so fast and nimble in Roy's perfect muscle-ass that he only twitched a bit and straightend his posing strap with his left paw. He thought the seam of the little poster had tweaked again. When Tom went back to his bag uninvolved, he heard Paul say, "OK, so we'll do it. I'm looking forward to it!" Paul came to him smiling. "Well, there was no problem distracting the mindless bull. Did you give him an other neat dose? "" Sure, the Westman now has the hormones and steroids for 5 in him! "Both laughed as Roy turned around and looked at them stupidly. Tom and Paul whispered further and roided Roy had enough to do with a new shake, which was handed him by his coach.
An hour later there was lunchtime for the athletes at the championship. Tom and Paul had not made it trough their preliminary round and thus were free. Roy Westmann had still a few hours before him. He was to appear again in the evening at the closing ceremony and victory. The cattle sat pumped up on a chair and let his coach tie his sneakers when Tom and Paul came out of the shower, where they had showered of the self-tanning lotion. Both now looked like normal or somewhat more muscular youths. On the contrary to the 23-year-old breeding bull. He had been provided with so many extra boosters for 3 ½ hours, so he was almost exploding with muscles. Roy's shining, dark brown skin stretched like hell and he sat legs wide apart on the chair ...
Tom and Paul laughed once again at the sight. "He can handle some more," Paul whispered. "You sure?" Tom looked questioningly at Paul. "Clearly. He needs more! You still have something? "
Tom nodded, grinning, "If we gave him ALL of It, oh boy!" And again they both laughed.
"But how do we get to him without his coach?" Tom said thoughtfully.
"I allready thought of everything," triumphed Paul, "he goes with us for lunch!"
"How did this happen?" "Well, I have invited the Roidmountain before!" Said Paul proudly. "I told him that he can eat as much as he wants and we pay. He agreed immediately and said that his coach would have to take a break. So we're alone with the guy! "
"You're a blast Paul!" Tom hit him on the shoulder.
"Well then, let's see when we can get away, he really seems to be in need for some more," and pointing to Roy, who was just trying to get into the steel-blue training pants that his coach dropped in front of him. He got the part barely even over the gigantic, solarium-brown thighs and his muscle-packed ass was so round and plump that the cleft between his buttocks was still on display when he was standing before his coach, who were both gasping for air.  On his upper part the coach had put him in a white stretch tanktop, which made the muscle mountains and roidgut look like a balloon on the outside.
Finally, the 23-year-old muscle pack approached the two. Tom whispered to Paul, "And how much does he have?"
"Edstimated,148 kg for sure!" he grinned. Roy gasped as he had covered the 20 meters to the two. "So your little ones, I hope you have enough ...  *break and pant* .... cash on you. I've got a giant appetite, "said the cattle with his bass voice.
"Well, let's see how much you can take big one!" Paul replied, winking at Tom. "Did you got everything with you?" He asked his friend.
"Fully loaded", grinned Tom and pulled a whole 2 liters canister of "water" from his pocket. "Voila, No. 1 and full with everything he needs," Tom and the two of them strolled to Roy, who waddled step by step towards the exit. The Westman was so powerful that at each of his steps his sneakers squeaked.
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Finaly I found some time to do at least a bit more.
Tom struck Paul as they ran behind the muscle mountain: "Just look at that ass!" It really was an eye-catcher. Roy's buttocks were so bulging and muscular that they waved back and forth at every step. The shiny blue training pants was so tight that the two "little ones" saw the seam of Roys Poser through the thin fabric. Above, the brown ass cheeks were sticking out partly and one saw the muscles work.
The two overtook the bull and pushed the canister in his hand "Here asprovisions for the way!"
Fortunately, just around the corner of the venue was an all-you-can-eat restaurant witch was absolutely on the verge of distance what Roy could walk. He puffed and snuffed like a steam roller as the three of them walked in after 250m foot walk. Roy had always stopped to suckle at the water canister, which was now almost empty. The musclemountain was barely able to bend his arms as bloated as his biceps were. Like handballs, so round and plump.
Tom and Paul had now placed him in a corner in the back where the Roidberg was able to catch his breath first. The muscle colossus had zero stamina and it won't improve with increasing muscle mass. In the canister, which he had just emptied, were again 50 ml of hormones and steroids.
Tom and Paul said to the snorting musclebull: "You rest and we get you something to eat. What shall we bring you? "The mastberg looked at the two and burped:" BBBRRRPP, first time a huge portion of noodles and chicken! But hurry. "
The two could not be said twice ... and within 5 minutes they had the complete noodles from the buffet and at least 30 chicken breasts, just everything there was, piled up in front of the bull.
Tom whispered to Paul, "That's a good three kilos of noodles and three kilos of chicken. We'll just have a look. After all of that his bloated Roidgut will probably bursts afterwards. "" At least it is close, with everything you have in your bag, "Paul winked back.
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Great story!!

But the original German version is clearly unfinished as it ends quite abruptly although it's building towards some major climax.

Anyone willing to try his hands at a completion?

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