The Normal Life of a Giant Bodybuilder

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Hey guys, this story has been in my head for a while, and I thought I'd finally write it down. To be honest, the finished product isn't what I wanted it to be, but I sincerely would welcome your critiques, because I hope to write more chapters.


Prologue: The Closet

"Don't tell me you've never heard of The Giant before?" Jake asked his girlfriend. She shrugged, and Jake threw his arms up, as if giving up. Clyde sipped his water quietly, but Gerald would have none of it. He took out his phone and got onto Youtube immediately, searching for "King Matt", which in its heyday was the most watched video on Youtube. 

"Here, watch this," he said, offering Gina his phone. The boys had all seen this several times before, but nonetheless, they leaned in to watch. 

This seemed to be the shorter version of the whole video, but it opened with the picture shaking terribly, as the holder of the video camera was terrified at the sight of a naked bodybuilder's likeness growing and filling the night sky, up past the tallest building, and then double its height. Lights shown up from helicopters and skylights from buildings to reveal the most massive and perfect muscles and a square=jawed man with a five o'clock shadow, looking very tired. The giant man looked down at the city, seeming to be taking in his new surroundings, and the video maker behind the camera babbled, "It looks like he's on the edge of he coming this way?" 

The giant man's eyes locked on the fighter jets heading his way, but he was impossibly big; he had to be at least a thousand feet tall, if not more, so when they reached his enormous pecs to fire, they saw that their bullets had no effect at all. They scattered, and the giant simply stood there, and crossed his mighty arms across his chest, puffing it out all the more and looking even more intimidating, but didn't even budge his legs. The video caught sight of tanks rolling toward the giant, and minutes later, there were loud explosions and some evidence of light coming from them, aimed at the giant's legs, but still he remained motionless.
About fifteen minutes into the video, the giant cleared his throat, and it was perfectly heard throughout the city. "YOU CAN SEE THAT NOTHING CAN STOP ME," he stated matter-of-factly. "THE MOST I FELT WAS ITCHY WITH ALL THOSE TINY BULLETS REFLECTING OFF MY CHEST. I DEMAND AN AUDIENCE WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IF HE IS NOT PRESENTED SOON, I WILL GET HIM MYSELF." A sudden hush fell through the city, and minutes more of the giant standing his ground finally ended with him turning his torso toward the tallest building, but not approaching it.


He looked down at his feet, his eyes beginning to well up with tears, and the videographer breathed easier, thinking this man was actually human and harmless. "I DO NOT WANT TO HURT ANYONE OR ANYTHING, BUT IF I DON'T HAVE MY SON, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO LOSE."

The President was clearly using a microphone to communicate with the giant, but still he had to lean in closer and cup his ear. 


The video ended, and Gerald put his phone away. Jake turned to Gina and said, "See? And now, eighteen years later, his son decided to come here for college, and he came along. That's what all the notices around the city are for - telling people what to do when he does construction, or a rescue mission, or something like that."

Gina thought for a moment, then said, "I guess I have heard of him, but I don't see the big deal. That video shows that he doesn't want to hurt anyone."

"At any moment, he could crack," piped up Gerald. "And suddenly he'd stomp you flat, and you'd never have seen it coming. I hear he's responsible for killing his wife."

"No, she just had complications when giving birth to their son," Clyde said quickly. "When they had sex for the first time when they were eighteen, he was just a normal guy who looked like you or me, but I guess that was the tipping point, telling his genes to modify his body into his now-normal size, a six-foot-four bodybuilder. Contrary to myth, he pulled out before growing inside her and tearing her vagina."

Everyone stared blankly, and Clyde shrugged, sipping more water. "I know a lot about The Giant." Gina finally broke the silence with, "So he can grow anytime he wants? Isn't that kind of obscene? Or do his clothes grow with him?"

"He hulks out if he's got clothes on, and there are videos of that too," Gerald said. "But when he and his son lived in DC, they had a warehouse they nicknamed 'The Closet' that housed his uniform, so to speak, when he grew to various sizes. If he's a hundred feet tall or shorter doing a job, they have jeans and a t-shirt for him, but anything larger, they just have various sizes of shorts for when he grows, because it's too expensive for anything else." He leaned over across the table and asked Jake, "I wonder if there's a new Closet here in town?" 

"There's gotta be," Jake replied. "On the roof back in DC, they had something LIKE a bat signal from Batman, along with an air raid siren, both to alert him to danger and to tell the public that if they don't want to see something obscene, they need to turn away for the time being. There has to be one here too."

"I know where it is," Clyde said, and instantly regretted it, as everyone turned to him and asked, "Where?" as if it was the most important thing to know. "It's, uh, a little bit outside of the city. So he can grow without crushing anything, you know."

Jake reached in his pocket and flung his keys on the table at Clyde. "You drive. I've had too many anyway. Let's go see." Clyde scratched his ear nervously, grabbed the keys, and as everyone was getting up, he said, "There's military posted there 24/7. We can't get in."

"But we can get close. Come on!" Jake said, putting Gina's coat on for her. They walked out together, and Clyde checked his phone and sighed in relief. He'd gotten the text message he'd been waiting for all day about an hour ago. Now he could go have fun.


While driving, they were still obsessed with chatting about The Giant. 

"Wikipedia says his son's name is Clyde - hey, Clyde, are you his son?" Gerald was literally holding his breath for a response, and the other two gasped, wide-eyed. Clyde shrugged as he drove and said, "My last name is Masterson, not Hahn." With that, all of them stopped staring at him, reassured. 

"The biggest The Giant's ever gotten was two thousand feet tall," Gerald said, still looking up facts on his phone. "He had gone searching for a lost Brititsh ship in the ocean, and when he saw it was on its side, he grew to turn it upright." Jake whistled in admiration. "What a beast," he said.

"That's admirable," Gina stated, and Jake excitedly added, "He does stuff like that all the time. His treaty with the government was that they'd pay for whatever him and his son need, and in exchange, he's been working his butt off for the country. He's flown off everywhere, for construction, demolition, rescues, military training --"

"-- and one porno," Gerald interrupted. Clyde stopped the car faster than he expected to at the stop sign, but Gina ignored it, and asked, "A PORNO? Gross."

"It was a movie about a giant," Clyde said, driving on. Gerald shrugged and said, "Might as well have been a porno. With all those love scenes and his shirt off all the time. Plus, it seemed like the director really liked his package."

"Oh yeah, did he ever remarry?" Gina asked as they parked the car just outside the installation. Gerald looked at his phone, and replied, "No, it doesn't look like it. It DOES say that he has a giant sex drive, though, and every time he masterbates, he has to go to an underground facility, because he can't help but grow when he does. And apparently if he doesn't masterbate every week, he can't control his growth." They started dying of laughter, but Clyde, who did not find it funny, only kept up a chuckle as they got out of the car.

"I bet it's underneath the Closet," Jake suggested. "Maybe he's doing it right now."

"I think we'd hear the grunts of a giant, even above ground," Gerald said. 

They got to the fence, which had the normal KEEP OUT signs everywhere, and Clyde said, "Well, this is it. The Closet. Up on the roof is the siren," he pointed quickly. "Maybe we should go. If there are that many lights on in the building, it might mean that he's here."

"Maybe we can meet him!" Gerald exclaimed excitedly, and looked back at his phone. "Wait - it says here his wife's name was Erika...Masterson." He looked up from his phone, and they all dramatically turned their heads to Clyde, whose face was slowly turning red, and then quickly turned a shade of white, seeing something behind Gerald.

He didn't know how, but Matt Hahn was quiet when he walked, even when he grew to proportions like now, at nine feet tall, wearing Army fatigue pants and a tan T-shirt tucked into them that hardly contained his massive muscles, and when he crossed his arms across his chest, Clyde thought he heard a rip somewhere. The giant looked down and said, "Hello, son," in a deep, manly voice. "What are you doing out here?"
Gerald, Jake, and Gina were all frozen in fear, all within the shadow of Clyde's dad. Clyde sighed, taking his phone out of his pocket and showed his dad briefly the text he'd gotten, saying, "I got the text you sent saying you'd made it home safe from fixing the trains about an hour ago, so I assumed you wouldn't be out here anymore."

Matt sighed, and said, "You three can relax," and he uncrossed his arms, hoping to seem less menacing, but it didn't help. The three of them turned around and looked up at Clyde's dad. He was blocking the light coming from the building, seeming both angelic in the light and demonic in his size. Gerald gulped and said, "We're friends of Clyde's from school."

Matt nodded. "What are your names? I assume you know I'm Matt Hahn, but you can call me Matt."

After introducing their names respectively, Matt took their small hands and enveloped them in his massive shovel of a hand, but very gently shook them, except for Gina, for whom he bent over and kissed her hand. Standing back up, he shrugged and said, "Well, if you're here anyway, how about a tour?" 

Jake and Gerald nodded vigorously, grateful for the opportunity to meet their idol. "Okay, just hang on a few minutes for me to go shrink and get other clothes on." As he turned to leave, Gerald said, "Could you stay the way you are? It's not every day you meet a giant." Matt chuckled, and with a quick glance to Clyde, who nodded, he also nodded in agreement. 

"Follow me, then," he said, turning again, and taking short, easy steps toward the entrance, and they all followed, noting his bulk was forcing him to walk in a strut, although he didn't mean to.

Through the gate and the gate guard, they came inside to a common area with a few couches, a kitchenette with coffee brewing for the guards and a refrigerator. All along the walls were framed thank you notes from various people and companies Matt had saved. Through another door they came into the main warehouse area, which smelled inevitably of man musk, as they saw a football field-long concrete room with several layers of fabric stretched across the room, with different sizes getting smaller as they stacked, into about a pyramid shape. 

"This is the Closet, as they call it," Matt turned around to say as he walked them around the large room. "When I grow, the signal above the common room alerts people to avert their eyes, and I do my best to quickly get the roof open  and pull out the appropriate size."

"You rip the roof off every time?" Jake asked, amazed.

Matt snorted. "No, I detach it with latches and then lift it off and set it aside." He pointed up, and they could see several latches around the ceiling. As they walked, they passed by several small closets, with various gear but mostly clothing of all sizes, but nothing below 3XL, as even small, he was not a small man. They got to the other side of the warehouse, and Gerald began asking burning questions.

"How does it feel to be so big?" 

Matt's face contorted to show humility, but he said, "Honestly, the bigger I am, the better I feel. It's unfortunate not everyone can know how awesome it feels to hold a US Navy destroyer in their hands and set it upright, or to stop hurricanes with your back."

All of their hearts skipped a beat. "You stop hurricanes with your back?"

He looked around again and nodded. "Grow to be about a thousand feet tall, and then, yeah, I lay down just along the beach. My wide lats catch the worst of the storm, enough for people to evacuate. One time I saw the hurricane was going to be so bad that I got approval to uproot the hotels along the beach and relocate them a few miles away."

"Have you ever accidentally stepped on anyone?" 

"No, I work with local authorities who evacuate everyone." With regret, he went on. "Once in a while, I get a little careless, and my bulk damages buildings as I walk by, or I step on cars, but after I deal with whatever crisis there is at the time, I go back and fix it myself." 

Just then, a soldier came running up to them and saluted Matt, who returned it. "Sir, the dam just called and said that there's a serious leak threatening to burst it open."

Matt instantly pulled off his shirt, ripping it more in his hurried state, and revealed a bodybuilder's physique magnified by about three times. He started undoing his pants and yelled, "Clyde, get them in the main room." Clyde nodded and had to drag Jake and Gerald away and started them running back to the common area. As he did so, a light came on that indicated the siren was about to sound, so Clyde quickly grabbed some ear protection along the side of the room and handed it to each of them as they got back to the room. The siren sounded, and Clyde waited a few moments for his dad to grow.

"Take a peek out the door," he said, giving in to their admiration as he was used to doing. "You'll see how he undoes the roof. Don't worry - for a dam, you shouldn't have to see anything you don't want to see," he added in case they were worried. They opened the door in time to see giant fingers working along the walls and the ceiling. The roof was lifted and put aside to reveal Matt Hahn again, but this time he had to be at least five hundred feet tall, but crouched, and he reached in the warehouse, grabbing one of the black shorts toward the middle of the pile. He carefully took it out without unfolding the others, but they saw as he stood to full height, revealing a dick that rivaled buildings' height. He quickly stepped into the pantslegs, however, and brought the shorts up. They could see that even though they fit, they were akin to compression shorts - his ass cheeks were clearly defined in the back, and the bulge left little to the imagination in the front. He began walking slowly away from the Closet, each step sending a tremor. 

When he was out of sight, and the tremors died down, they noticed the siren was now off, so they took off their ear protection, and flipped on the tv to watch the news.

It read BREAKING NEWS - DAM TROUBLE. The anchorwoman was relaying the story. "We just heard the siren, and now we have footage of The Giant making his way to the dam." The picture showed Matt, at five hundred feet tall, with helicopters all around illuminating the ground for him to avoid stepping on anything. "This is the first time The Giant has had a mission here, so as a reminder to viewers, even though he is taking light steps away from the city, take caution of tremors causing things to fall, and stay out of his way. In addition, with the dam being damaged..." 

The report went on, but Gerald looked wide-eyed at the others and said, "He's avoiding the roads, so why don't we drive over and watch him at work?"
Clyde shook his head. "The police will have blocked off the roads to avoid just that."

"So let's get as close as possible and then walk it," Jake suggested. Clyde sighed, knowing he wouldn't be able to convince them otherwise. They got out into the car, and started driving toward the dam. Clyde knew the police would block as little road as possible to allow for freer travel, so he brought them to just about before where he thought they'd block the road, and they parked on the side of the road. Getting out, they dashed into the forest. 

After a few minutes of rushing, Jake, the fastest, suddenly stopped, and when the others joined, they saw why - looking around the clearing, there were trees that were in shambles and splinters now, and the clearing was awfully level and uniform to be normal. Looking around, they realized they were in The Giant's footprint.

"Cool," Gerald whistled, and Clyde rolled his eyes. Jake began sprinting again, this time following the footprints, and they followed.

About twenty minutes later, they heard loud grunts, obviously from Matt, and they came to the edge of the forest on  a cliff overlooking the dam. Matt was taking preventative measures first, as there was only slight indications of water leaking out of the dam for now - he was bulldozing mud from down the river up into a large mound, and creating a bowl to give himself time. Now finished, he noticed more cracks forming in the dam, so he crawled up and over the mound he'd made, and grabbed one of about ten trucks containing concrete that was alongside the bank, and after looking into the driver's seat to make sure there wasn't anybody inside, he squeezed the truck like a tube of toothpaste to make the concrete fall on his hand, and he began rubbing it along the dam wall, as if making a painting. 

After a few more trucks and more applied concrete, he was reasonably certain he'd fixed it, so he took his non-concrete hand up and over to one of the stations next to the dam, where a worker gave a thumbs-up, and Matt slowly lowered his hand, to allow the worker to climb on top and roll to the middle of the palm. Secured, Matt moved slowly to where he'd put the concrete, and moved slowly along every part of the wall, making adjustments up, down, or side to side as the worker directed. After a while, the worker turned to look up at Matt and gave another thumbs up, and Matt dorkily used his concrete hand to return it. He replaced his palm next to the station, where the worker got off, and Matt saluted down to him. 

He turned around, and began replacing the mud to make the river smooth again, and after another ten minutes, it looked good as new. He stood up to full height, sweat pouring and creating quite the tiny stream down below itself, and it was then that he took notice of the four tiny people on the ledge.

"Uh oh," Clyde gasped. They looked at him, and he said, "He doesn't like it when I get near him when he grows normally. Says it's hard to see me, and he doesn't want something to happen." They looked back, and Matt was sauntering over to them. In a few steps, they looked up toward his face, as the bottom of his pecs were level with the cliff they were on. He looked menacingly over the mountains that were his pecs and leaned over slightly for them to see his stern face better.

It looked for a second like he was going to get angry, as blood was pumping the veins in his great neck wider into pipes, but he turned his face away from them to sigh, presumably to not blow them over, and turned back, took a couple steps away, and put his hands on his hips, looking like a giant Superman. 

"DID YOU ENJOY THE  SHOW?" his voice echoed. Gerald yelled in appreciation, and Clyde got red. "WELL, I ASSUME YOU WALKED HERE. NEED A RIDE BACK?" They all yelled yes, and he smiled, presenting his palm next to the cliff. Clyde was the last to get on, but also the most graceful, as he'd done this a couple times before, and when they were securely in his palm, he waved back at the dam, and took off back toward the Closet.

It took him only a few minutes to get back to their car, where he began to bend down, but Gerald yelled, "Sir! Would you actually take us the whole way and the car too?" Matt smiled, and nodded. He carefully pinched the car between his fingers, and placed it securely on the shelf of his pec - he didn't want a vehicle rolling on the curvatures of his palm toward his son and his friends, and he couldn't use his palm with his son in it to move the car gently to the center of the other palm.

A few minutes more, and they were back at the Closet. He carefully lifted the car from his pec and back on the ground, and then put his palm with his son next to it. They clamored off, and looked as Matt stood back to full height. They were hardly as tall as his foot, and he looked like the paragon of male perfection. 

"GET INSIDE," he said. Clyde gave them a knowing look, and they went back. They felt a few tremors, presumably of Matt slipping the shorts off, and then heard the roof returned moments later. Matt came in the front door, only his normal height of 6'4, dressed in sweat pants only. Seeing the three amazed faces, he took a bow.

"Don't ask me how physics works with me, but this concrete is going to be a bitch to get off my palm," he showed his big palm, and they chuckled as he strode over to the sink.




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holy shit that was hot. do you have other works?

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No, but I hope to. In fact, I wrote the next part of this story because I was so excited to have finally written down the first part. It's radically different from the first, but I hoped I'd please more people with it, and it furthers my overall story. 

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Chapter 1: "The Rescue"

"The Rescue"
The moment Gerald got to his apartment, he shut his bedroom door and turned on his computer, logging into a website dedicated to The Giant, where many stories were posted as well as photos and sightings of him. He had decided against posting  that he'd just been in the palm of The Giant, figuring nobody would believe him anyway, and instead opened a word document which he entitled "The Rescue", and he got to work writing.

After The Giant had saved the city from Hurricane Martha using his wide lats as a shield against its wind and rain, he had decided to stay a few more days in the city for a vacation. He went to the beach every day, where he had grew daily to about seven feet tall - big enough to not be dwarfed by any other bodybuilder, as if he could be anyway, and yet small enough to not cause a panic.
He wore the tightest of speedos , which might as well have become a thong on him, as his bouncy glutes were straining against the fabric, pushing it to its limits anyway. He liked to stroll on the boardwalk, his shoulders higher than everyone's heads so they'd have to look up at his magnificence, and his great arms swinging in a strut, knowing he owned the place. Men would envy his size, wishing to be even half as huge as he was, and women would look away from their handsome boyfriends inconspicuously to get a glimpse of him passing by, and The Giant knew that evening when they had sex, the women would get the best sex of their lives thinking about him.

Once in a while, there would be a kid pointing up at him whom he'd almost step on, but instead he would crouch down as low as he possibly could, which was still considerably taller and many times bigger than them, and flex a bicep that, for some of them, was larger than their torsos. He'd then stand up to full height and pull a front double bicep pose, overshadowing the child and their parents, and say, "If you eat your fruits and vegetables, like your parents tell you to, you will also grow up big and strong." 
When he tired of the boardwalk, he would go out on the sand and pull faces in his direction in much the same way. He found a space with just enough room for him to sit down in the sand, and noticed people trying to cover up the fact they were either staring or "innocently making their way over closer". He didn't mind, and in fact he'd bought sun tan lotion for just such an occasion. 

He popped open the bottle, and squeezed lotion into his great hand, and began around his neck, and slowly descended around every fiber of his biceps, triceps, and forearms, making him glisten. When he got to his pecs, he saw men were very obviously staring, so he raised his chin in a mock orgasm face as he caressed each giant pec slowly and concentrically around each nipple, also being sure to apply some lotion in between his pecs and squeezing them together a few times before rubbing it in. He bounced his pecs to make sure all of the liquid had gone in, and when satisfied, moved down to his eight-pack, lining every core muscle with some lotion. Getting down to his quads, he spread them butterfly style and rocked forward and back with his upper body slowly as he applied lotion, down to his knees, and all the way back up to his great bulge. He flexed his calves as he got down further, and then sighed when finished, saying to himself loudly, "How to get my back...hmmm...." 

He tried not to notice faces being turned and people hesitantly coming over to him, but the winner of his little contest was a mouse of a man, only about five feet tall and no more than a hundred and twenty pounds, who squeaked at The Giant, "Hey, sir, I overheard you might have need some help putting lotion on your back, and I thought I might offer my help." The Giant smiled at the man, who was almost face-to-face with him while he was sitting, but The Giant found it unacceptable that he'd have to look up at anything, so he nonchalantly grew slowly and said, "Sure. Be sure to get all of it, okay?" 

And as the man walked around The Giant excitedly with the lotion, The Giant accelerated his growth, and hoped his speedo would stay together, so that by the time the man got around, not only was The Giant as tall as the man while sitting, the man was staring up at the nape of the neck, seeing every muscle like a rock climbing wall. The man applied a healthy amount of lotion in the mid-back, not daring to go low just yet, and after rubbing for a moment said, "Wow, I'm going to need a paint roller to get all of this wall of back!" 

The Giant smiled, knowing this would turn on the man for years to come and said, "Yeah, you know, I would do it myself, but my biceps are so damn big, I can't reach all the way behind me." He felt the man pause for a second, possibly creaming his swimming trunks, and he heard him giggle as he continued. He also paused when getting closer to The Giant's butt, but he felt no resistance, and he stayed down there longer than he probably needed to. Then he stood up and looked up at the back, but reaching up higher, he noticed he now couldn't even reach The Giant's shoulder blades, as The Giant had grown even more. He cleared his throat and asked, "Sir, the top of your back is so tall --" and then thinking he would lose the gig to a taller man added, "but if I can climb on, I can get it." 

The Giant agreed, but he shifted his bulk unexpectedly, and turned over, crouched on all fours, to look at the smaller man, who quickly stepped aside for The Giant to plop his upper body down in the sand, exposing his whole back. The man gulped, and seeing that The Giant's arms were positioned so that his head was propped up from the sand, he went toward the back sideways, taking note that his massive pecs were propping him up at an angle, and so he could still only get just the deltoids. If he was going to get the middle back, he'd have to climb on, which he figured he already had permission for, so he clamored on, and in the very middle, got the rest of The Giant's back slowly, drinking in every moment for he knew it was about to end. 

"I'm all done, sir," the man said, disappointed. The Giant replied, "Thank you so much..."

"...Kevin, sir." 

" -- Kevin. Thank you. Is there anything I can do for you since you helped me?"


"Go ahead, Kevin. Sounds like you have a wish I might be able to grant."

Kevin twiddled his thumbs nervously and said, "Well, it's just that - you're my idol, so if it's not too much bother, can I hang out with you for a while?"

The Giant chuckled, causing Kevin to lose balance, still on his back. "What a simple request. I just meant to give these big muscles some sun, and maybe go swim a little today, but why not with a friend?" Delighted, Kevin slid off The Giant's back, and he turned over on his side to look at Kevin, smiling. He took note of Kevin's raging hard-on and said, "How about we go on a little adventure together and get a sno-cone?" Kevin nodded vigorously, and as The Giant was getting up, the speedo could contain it no more, and it seemed to self-destruct in ripping in all places, exposing The Giant's cock that fell to the ground with a THUNK. He pretended to be embarrassed as he sat up, but he shrank back down to seven feet tall or so and grabbed a nearby beach towel he hadn't seen anyone use in a while, wrapping it around his hips and tying it. Standing at full height, Kevin was almost motorboating the great pecs, but he had to catch his breath and take a step back saying, "Wh-where shall we go?"

"Oh, I know a good place," The Giant said, smiling, but stopped when he heard shouting across the beach. People were pointing, and some were running toward him, calling for help, and he saw there were sharks in the water close to the shore that people were swimming away from, but one man was treading water in the middle of the circle they were making around him. Forgetting all about Kevin, he sprinted to the ocean, the towel coming off easily so his dick went every which way as he ran, and he didn't care about trampling umbrellas, and people made way for him. 

He charged into the water, growing as he did so, and half-swam, half-walked to the sharks, whose fins indicated they noticed him. He was about fifty feet out from shore now, and only his head was above water, which he dunked underneath to look at the sharks. They came at him, all three of them, and he decided it was time for more size.

The watchers on the beach in the next few moments saw a huge dislocation of water as an impossibly large muscular back rose out from the surface, growing just enough so that his dick was hidden under the water. He looked down at the sharks, who had by then taken the hint, and tried swimming away, but he grabbed all three in one scoop, well away from the man below, and looked at the fish out of water in his palm triumphantly.

"I KNOW YOU WERE LOOKING FOR LUNCH, BUT MAYBE I'VE FOUND MINE," he said as they wriggled around. Instead, he closed his fingers around his palm, and took his arm back like a baseball pitcher, and threw them so fast and so far wounds opened from impact of air molecules, but nobody even saw a splash from where they landed. 

He looked down at the tiny man, who incidentally, was treading water just above his erect penis. Knowing that the waters from shore couldn't see this part, The Giant grew just enough for the erect penis to lift out of the water, and the tiny man spread out on it was safe. He felt his surroundings, and kissed it, possibly thinking it was the shore, and looked up at The Giant, but could see only pecs blocking his face from his perspective at the base of the log-like shaft. The Giant reached down and plucked the man hugging his penis off, and felt him squirm in between his thumb and index finger as he brought him up and around his massive chest to his face, where he looked concerned.

"ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" The Giant asked, his voice loud and deafening so the man had to cover his ears. "Yes, thank you, sir!" The Giant nodded, and tried to get his erect penis to calm down enough for him to turn around and stomp his way back to shore. When only his feet were still underwater, he was still tall enough and big enough for him to block the sun of most of the beach, so people looked up at him and cheered, and he casually took up his arm and flexed his bicep with his fist out, pumping it up and down. He then let the man down on the beach, where his legs were too weak from the ordeal to hold him, but people rushed to his aid, and the shade disappeared little by little as The Giant returned to his seven feet tall comfortable height.

He strutted up to the man, who was being looked at by the lifeguard, and said, "I'll check in on you once I get a sno-cone, but I think you'll be okay." And with that, he made his way over to Kevin, who that night and for many to come wouldn't need any further stimulation than that amazing spectacle he witnessed firsthand.


As Gerald wrapped up the story and posted it on the website for all to read, he quickly got his jeans off and it didn't take him long to blow a load, already thinking this was the best day of his life.

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I have 3 lil questions:

If Matt had been growing while he impregnated his wife. Would that mean that at some point Clyde would be able to grow as well? >;3

Also another question but: Why does Matt seem more on the gay side in the lil mini chapter? x3

And last question: Gerald is a macrophile isn't he? >;3 lol

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1st answer: Sorry, that one's a mystery :-D

2nd answer: The second chapter was a fan story written by Gerald. He imagines that The Giant is gay and wants to be worshipped. Which brings me to...

3rd answer: I'm glad it was obvious. I have plans for Gerald and The Giant.

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Dude, this is friggin' awesome.  Please continue!

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Great, great story! First it was great how Clyde is slowly revealed to be the giant's son. I was also wondering if Clyde has a latent ability to grow that will be revealed later on. It's great reading about big Matt's adventures!

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I finally found the route I wanted to take with this story, but this part is slow, so be patient. I hope you enjoy anyway.


Chapter 2: "Origins"

A man in his forties with a greying beard and wide glasses stepped out into the waiting room, and only had to glance around for a moment to find his next patient.

"Mr. Hahn?" he called, looking directly at the man barely fitting the chair reading a magazine, and he noted that the man's bicep was larger than the girl's head two seats down from him.

The man looked up and casually tossed the magazine back into the pile on the coffee table, then wiggled out of the chair, standing up. He was at least a foot taller than anyone in the room, wearing a polo shirt with buttons open due to his profound chest. He walked over to the therapist and extended his powerful arm, which the therapist professionally shook.

"Come right in, and have a seat," the therapist said, and he closed the door as Matt did so, making the couch creak. Taking a seat himself, he began.

"My name is Dr. Wright. What brings you in today, Mr. Hahn?" 

"You can call me Matt," the big man said politely, and the therapist was soothed by his friendly disposition. "My son and I are mandated to have monthly therapist sessions, separately - him, so that they can indicate if I'd been harming him, and me for warning signs of violent behavior."

The therapist nodded. "Oh, yes, I read that in your file. So this is a preliminary session, as you just moved here with your son. I'd like to take some time to get to know you, if that's alright?" Matt shrugged, nodding. "Okay. I have read and seen much of your work, and may I say, I am a fan, but it helps me to help you if you tell me about yourself in your own words."

Matt adjusted uncomfortably and cleared his throat. "Um, so I guess you know a lot about me and my history - the media doesn't seem to cover much else."

"What I know is sitting in front of me is a man who can grow to giant size," Dr. Wright said, staring directly at Matt's eyes. "And your acts of heroism tell me much about you, but I must ignore all of that to an extent so that I can understand your mind better. Why don't you start with how all of this began?"

Matt nodded. "That seems like a good place." He began reciting the story that he'd told so often before.


On my eighteenth birthday, I looked like I might be turning eleven at best. My family is on the shorter end of the spectrum, and I was no different. People would ask all the time if legally I was a dwarf. At five foot even, and struggling to stay at a hundred pounds, I didn't quite meet the criteria, however for a man now legally of age, I wasn't much to look at.

But it didn't matter to my best friend since kindergarden: Erika. When we were sixteen, we'd decided that friendship wasn't enough anymore, and we started dating. Our dating was mellow compared to the other kids who were getting pregnant and having parties - we got to first and second base, sure, but we enjoyed each others' company so much that hanging out was all we needed. 

Back to my eighteenth  birthday, Erika knew as a teenage boy, although I was patient and respectful, I would want to have relations with her sometime soon, so she set up a day full of fun, culminating in a night we thought would be fun. We went paintballing with our friends, went out to eat, and eventually made our way back to her place, as her parents were working late that night and her brother was probably off getting high. 

Up in her bedroom, she closed her door and locked it, looking at me romantically, and I knew what she expected. She underlined it by saying, "Shirt off, pants off" - she always had the best sense of humor. I did so, revealing something resembling a white picket fence - pasty white skin with not an ounce of fat anywhere, my ribs clearly visible. She tried to take off her blouse seductively but failed, getting caught, and after I helped her with it, struggling because she had several inches on me, our laughter kind of ruined the mood for a while.

We laid in her bed as we'd done many time before, but this time we were naked under the covers, not sure of how to proceed. I initiated it - I kissed her, got on top of her, and suddenly it was natural. We broke out a condom when we knew it was going to go all the way, and because I was unlike other teenage boys and had never masterbated, when we finished, I felt my first surge of bliss as I rolled over next to her, and we panted.

We kissed a little more, reaffirming our dedication to one another, and she got up to use the bathroom. I laid there, feeling happier than I ever had, and I thought what I was feeling was normal, like I was ascending to the heavens. With my eyes closed, taking in the experience, I didn't know why she shrieked when she walked back in. I opened my eyes, a little confused, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw bulges in my body I'd never seen before: my chest and my outstretched arm had both, in the few minutes Erika was away, gained significant muscle mass. Not just toned, but BIG. 

I sat up, and noticed that my whole body was now taking up her entire queen size bed, and I was still growing. I clasped my chest, feeling it up to see if this was real, and in fact, my hand was met with such a volume of muscle mass that I could feel expanding bigger, as if I were taking a deep breath, but I was actually hyperventilating at the terror of what was happening. I looked back at Erika, who was frozen in place, and I remember thinking, "It's because of me that she's frightened. I have to leave." I stood up, and by now I'd grown so big that my head touched the ceiling, and although I was nude, I turned to leave her door, kneeling to get out. 

My back was now several times wider than the door frame, so I had to turn sideways and shrimp my way out of her door, except now my chest had grown so large that it, too, was getting caught on the door frame, and I tried inching out without destroying the door (which I did), but I was stuck. Suddenly, with my head in her hallway and my torso sideways and stuck in her bedroom doorframe, I heard intense laughter from inside. I thought Erika must be hysterical, and it was my fault, but she patted my calf (my foot now on her room's other wall, so my legs were taking up most of the room), and fought to contain herself.

"You look ridiculous. I'm guessing from the look on your face, you had no idea this would happen either," she said calmly, but still fighting giggles. 

"No, I swear!" I said, still panicking. I felt the doorframe cracking as I was still slowly growing.

"Did you notice that you grew faster when you stood up and started hurrying out of the room? Matt, you need to calm down, and maybe this will slow down, or even stop." With that, she was right behind me at the doorway, caressing my massive back. Suddenly all the world stopped, and with a deep breath that caused my chest to make rather sizeable cracks in the doorframe and walls surrounding, my growth ceased, and then I began shrinking. My chest, now wiith the door not pressing into it, felt tender and I began rubbing it when I shrank enough to pull a hand free. I shrank down to the size you see before you, which is the smallest I've been since this incident occurred, and Erika straddled me, both of us still fully nude.

"There, you see? Chillax, man." She smiled, and for the first time in what seemed like hours, so did I, looking at her over my expansive chest as I laid there. Always a logical person, she then said, "If you're done destroying my house, I think next we need to get you some clothes. And..." She looked at the walls surrounding the door, seeing cracks everywhere. "...maybe a quick trip to the hardware store before my parents get home might not be a bad idea."

She got off me, quickly threw on some clothes as I sat there awkwardly watching, and then rubbed my head momentarily as she crossed out of her room, telling me to wait. She returned a minute later with some sweat pants. Her brother's.

I looked them over, and looked down at my new legs. Her brother was very tall indeed, her whole family was, but he was a beanpole, as I had been moments ago. She snapped, "Just try it, trust me." I gave her a doubtful look, but slipped them on. Extremely snug, like every crevice of every muscle was full of the pants material, and it was giving my new bubble butt a wedgie, but it would do for the moment. 

I stood up, and held my hands out for her to examine. She was fighting her giggles again. "I'm going to stick with ridiculous, but I've got to say - whatever just happened to you makes you look bigger than those competitive bodybuilders."

"Really?" I asked, noticing my much deeper voice for the first time, and I slyly spoke up to hear it more. "So you like my muscles then?" I stretched out my arm  and suddenly I knew what it was like to flex a bicep, to make it grow, just by curling it in, and it felt amazing. I threw out the other arm, saying "What about two?" and flexed that one as well, loving the sensation. 

"Oooh, can you make your pecs dance?" she asked excitedly. I dropped my arms, raising an eyebrow. "I, uh, don't know. Never had any muscle there before, so..." I concentrated hard on each chest muscle, but it seemed it was unnecessary - I thought to make them jump, and they did. After a few seconds of simply making my pecs go up and down, I gained more control by doing one after the other, slower, faster, and rhythmic. Erika clapped, and said, "Well, big man, congrats on the new body, but we have work to do." 

As we walked downstairs, I had to adjust many things about simply MOVING. First, at my smallest size, I still could not exit Erika's door normally, but this time walking sideways, my chest cleared the door. My arms hung now away from my body to accomodate wing-like lats, and I felt like a douchebag having to move around with a bit of a swagger, but there was no other way to move my big body around. And my legs had more going on, as well: first of all, I hadn't really noticed, but my tiny garden snake had grown into quite the anaconda, and it was pressed into the sweats and my big thigh, which rubbed against my other thigh slightly, so I had to adjust my walk - and even more to accomodate the height I wasn't used to. I was learning how to walk again, even grabbing her wall for balance because it was so new.

It was such an ordeal for me to get downstairs that I looked more like a cripple than I did a strapping young man, but we made it out the door, and my bare torso knew it was winter as my nipples hardened. Erika noticed this, and not bothering to contain her giggling anymore went back inside for a blanket or something so I didn't freeze on the way to buy clothes. As she went inside, dread filled my cold chest as I saw headlights attached to her parents' car coming. 

"Erika!" I yelled as they turned in the driveway, obviously noticing me as they'd sped up and were ripping off their seat belts. Erika rushed out as her parents got out, and her dad, a cop, pulled out a gun, aimed at me.

"Get away from my daughter! Now!" he yelled authoritatively, as Erika's mom strategically placed herself beside her husband, ready to move in and attack if need be. 

"I -- Mr. Masterson, it's Matt --" I stumbled, holding up my hands.

"Get...away...from...her..." he said, anger fueling him, and I stepped away slowly, but Erika rushed forward. "Dad!" she yelled, now in front of the gun, which he quickly aimed away. "It is Matt. We don't know what happened."

Mr. Masterson looked from his daughter to the bodybuilder, and looked closer at my face. It had meat to it, and had a strong chiseled jaw, but it was unmistakeably the Matt Hahn he'd known since he was a child. He clicked the safety on his gun and put it down, but warily watched me cowering beside the dead tree in their lawn, and still freezing with my naked torso.

Mrs. Masterson also quickly evaluated me, and said calmly, "Let's get inside. Matt's going to catch a cold like that."

Erika went first, and then her mom hugged my arm and tugged me in after her, and her dad, rightfully suspicious, brought up the rear, gun in hand. He shut the door and we all proceeded into the living room, where Mrs. Masterson started a fire in the fireplace, and Erika brought me hot tea while her dad stared at me. 

All sitting down, we waited for each other to speak. Erika decided she would. "We had sex -- for the first time," she said, quickly ripping off the band-aid. "It's his eighteenth birthday today, and I'm already eighteen. I wanted it to be special for him. But when we were done, he was just laying there and he began growing. And..." she looked sympathetically at me, and I bowed my head in shame. "...he didn't stop. He couldn't control it. He tried running out of my room, but he literally grew to inhuman proportions, and got stuck in my door. When he calmed down, we borrowed some of Terry's pants, and we were about to go get some new clothes when you showed up."

Her parents both took deep breaths, and I knew this would be a long night. "Let's start with the sex," Mrs. Masterson said. "We aren't mad..." she looked to her husband for confirmation, and he reluctantly nodded. "We've known Matt for a very long time, and we know this was out of love. It was going to happen eventually."

I breathed my first breath of relief, but then she went on. "Now, as for the growth. Matt, is there something you're not telling us? Are you a superhero or were you exposed to any toxic chemicals?" Her smile told me she was half-joking, but I responded, "Not to my knowledge. I never went paintballing before, so maybe paint gave me an allergic reaction?"

This eased the tension a little, as even Mr. Masterson laughed. He said, "I don't think so, kid. So, if by inhuman proportions, you mean we have a barely eighteen year-old Mr. Olympia sitting on our couch --"

Erika shook her head. "No...he must have been ten feet tall? Maybe more."

Mr. Masterson nodded and looked at me. "Can you do it again, or was it a one-time thing?"

My eyes widened in surprise. "I...this only happened about twenty minutes ago. I barely knew how to walk at this size. Haven't had time to really try anything yet."

Mr. Masterson stood up and grabbed behind me (where I cringed in fear), and held out the couch blanket. "I just want to know what we're dealing with here. Go into the kitchen and take off your pants, and try to grow. Wrap the blanket around yourself if you can, and show us." I stood up, a head taller than Erika's dad, feeling odd about feeling more powerful than a man I was deeply afraid of, took the blanket, and walked into the kitchen.

They waited silently, and I did as instructed. I didn't know how to make it happen again, except for maybe...masterbating, since sex seemed to trigger this, but that was far too awkward, so I just concentrated. Nothing happened until I remembered the feeling of happiness of being next to Erika, and I started to grow. When my head hit the even taller kitchen ceiling, I wrapped the blanket, which by now barely went around my waist, and crouched down, stumbling into the living room. They looked at me, and Erika's parents gasped in realization that we'd been telling the truth. 

"Er...come down, son, we've seen enough," Mr. Masterson said, and I concentrated on shrinking. Again, I only shrank down to the height I am now, but it worked. Mr. Masterson motioned for me to sit, and keeping the blanket around me, I did so.

He swallowed. "Okay. I don't even know how to proceed with this." 

Mrs. Masterson took over. "Do you feel alright, Matt?" 

I nodded. "Apart from readjusting to a new body, I don't feel any different."

"There's one other thing I have to know, Matt," Erika's dad said suddenly. "How strong are you? Yes, I know, you haven't tried yet, but let's try now. Try the couch." Erika and I slowly got up, and with one hand still clutching the blanket on me, I put the other under the couch. I lifted it on its hindlegs with ease, and Erika grabbed the blanket to hold around me helpfully.

Using both hands now, I raised the couch up and over my head, arms fully outstretched, and pressed it a few times before letting it back down. We sat down and waited.

Mr. Masterson simply nodded. He rubbed his temples and took several deep breaths, then looked back at us. "Right now, you are the strongest and biggest man to have ever lived, and by a wide margin. As such, I don't think anybody can tell you what to do, but I do have some requests." I nodded hurriedly, trying to show him that I was still human.

"First, when you come over, I'd like it if you two were in the common areas of the house. I...I feel uncomfortable with you two alone," he said, obviously his pride hurting. "Second, while we won't sell you out to any government agencies to be a test subject, we should look more into how this happened. I have a friend that's a doctor, and he's trustworthy, so if you'll consent to some tests, we can have him here in the morning." I nodded again. 

"Third, we know your body has changed, but what if your mind does as well? Clearly, I am speaking to the same Matt I know, but either this power of yours could come with a side effect of rage, or some sort of personality change, or because of this change, it could go to your head, and we'd have a problem. So I ask that you stay as much Matt Hahn as you can, and to be as open with us as possible." I nodded once more.

"And lastly...the words teenagers never want to hear, but inevitably do...I'm going to call your parents." My eyes widened, but I knew they would find out eventually anyway when their tiny son was replaced with a huge man. Mr. Masterson looked at me for a moment, I think with sympathy, and got up to call my parents. Mrs. Masterson got up as well and said, "You guys must be hungry. I'll be right back with some food." I glanced over in the direction that Mr. Masterson had walked, and noticing this, she said, "I know he just said we kind of wanted to watch you, but he's right - there's not much we can do about your powers if you decided to use them anyway, and also, at least for right now, I still implicitly trust you. You'll be fine." With that, she walked away, and we were alone again.

"I'm sorry..." I began.

"Shut up," Erika snapped. "Did you wish this upon yourself? Not to my knowledge. This will all work out fine."


"Afterwards, my parents came, and we had the same talk with the same demonstration, and they were equally in awe and understanding about it," Matt said to the therapist, who was scribbling notes and very into the story.

"Why do you think you reacted the way you did?" Dr. Wright asked. "You were given superhuman strength and size, and by your own words, you cowered away from Erika's father, when you could have easily overpowered him."

Matt thought for a moment. "I loved Erika, and I love my now-in-laws. Dad - well, Mr. Masterson, I guess, in this part of the story - was right to be afraid that my mental state would change, but my body changed significantly, and nothing else. All I wanted was to be with Erika and continue living our lives."

Dr. Wright nodded. "Admirable. That story tells me all I really need to know about if you'll turn violent or not. In your first moments of being the Giant, you were frightened - you didn't outgrow Erika's house and crush her and her family, you didn't go on a rampage. When your son was born, it looked like you might, but even then, you grew to prove a point, and the worst damage that came from it was some fields outside of town had very large footprints. We will, of course, continue to meet as per government command, but you have already suffered that initial moment of shock, losing your wife, and possibly losing your son in the same day, and still you sit there peacefully, years later."

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I'm not sure if any of this is what you guys are looking for. After reading it again, it seemed wordy, so I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks.


Chapter 3: "Gerald's Plan"

Gerald woke with a start, feeling a rumble. He was still in a back room in the library where he'd been working on his project, and when he pulled open the door to the main room, he saw his was the only light on - it was nighttime, and some lazy librarian hadn't bothered to see if anyone was still in that room. He rushed down two flights of stairs and to the front of the library, and found himself locked in. The same rumble that had woke him came again, and he saw a street light come on to reveal a very large bare foot about fifty yards away leading up an even larger leg, and soon the other shoe fell, causing another rumble. The Giant was here!

This was perfect - it was a reasonable excuse to meet the Giant again. Gerald quickly went back up the stairs to the third floor, huffing, and then found the stairwell to the roof. It set off an alarm, but that didn't matter much - he needed the Giant to notice him anyway. And when he got onto the roof, he could already see the Giant walking quickly back to the library, carefully placing his steps on the expansive lawn. Gerald guessed he was a hundred feet tall here, based on all of the drawings and photos he'd seen, and he was wearing a black shirt with a gold badge embroidered on his chest and the tight jeans Gerald recognized from the Giant's "smaller" appearances.  

The Giant slowed his gait, approaching the building, and looking down he saw Gerald on the roof. With a puzzled expression, he squatted down, being twice as tall as the three-story building, and looked at Gerald, who was waving as if to a rescue helicopter.

"Hello, Mr. Hahn sir," he said, thanking his lucky stars his jeans were sufficiently hiding his hard on. "I fell asleep in the library, and when I woke up, everyone had gone and I was locked in. I heard you out here, so I thought I'd ask for your help."

The Giant nodded sympathetically. He did his best to whisper, tilting his chin away from Gerald so as not to blow him over: "I'll get you out of there. Just let me go get the keys." He began to stand up, but Gerald cried out, "No!" The Giant stopped, and looked back down, half-squatting.

Gerald cleared his throat, hoping what he would say next would be convincing and breezy. "I mean, couldn't I just climb up on your hand and you can set me down?"

The Giant's expression didn't reflect any change of emotion, he simply said, "I need to shut off the alarm anyway. I'll be right back. I'll meet you at the entrance of the library." He stood all the way up, and quickly but carefully strode over to the other side of campus. Gerald, crestfallen for not being in the Giant's grasp again, took his consolation prize of watching the biggest and finest male ass in tight jeans pop left and right as he strode away, and admired how the gold word SECURITY strained across his monstrous back. He saw when the Giant shrank down, and presumably went inside the main building for the keys, and calculated that he would have just enough time to watch the Giant grow again and take in a mental picture of his lovely pecs before he had to run downstairs to meet him, and he did just that.

He did his best to catch his breath as the Giant came up to the glass doors, now in his tiniest form of a six-foot four Mr Olympia and sporting the same kind of shirt and jeans he'd been wearing before, but obviously smaller versions, as his clothes didn't grow and shrink with him. He unlocked the door, nodded slightly down to Gerald, and strode over to behind the check out counter where the alarm panel was blaring. He fumbled with a few numbers and it finally shut off.

Turning around, he said, "I called the police when I went to get the keys," and Gerald's heart raced. "Just to let them know I knew what the alarm was about, and they didn't have to bother coming. If it was any other security guard, I'm sure they'd have come anyway, but I have a special way with law enforcement," he grinned, proud of himself and Gerald chuckled, making sure to not stare below the strong chin as he so wanted to do.

"Thanks for rescuing me," he said, immediately regretting it. It sounded over-the-top, and the Giant would surely catch on that Gerald had a crush. However, all Matt said in reply was, "No problem," and he ushered Gerald out, locking the door behind them. 

"I'll escort you to your car," he said, extending his thick arm out for Gerald to lead the way. They started walking, and after a half a minute of silence, Gerald could see this opportunity to be with his idol fadiing, so he said, "I didn't know you did security here."

"Oh, uh, yeah, I told the school I'd do that and a few other projects for them."

"I mean, I know you're a really nice guy, but why would you do that for them?" Looking over, Gerald noted discomfort in Matt's face, knowing he was avoiding it. "Oh, sorry, you don't need to tell me --"

"--No, it's okay, it's stupid that I thought I could hide it," he said, sighing. "I applied to come to school here, and they instantly gave me a full ride scholarship. I felt bad, so I asked if there was any way I could pay them back. They said doing security would be most helpful, since not many students applied to do it this semester and not many wanted to do it overnight, either.

So I'm the only one on all of campus - they let me grow so I can quickly get around, and basically see the whole school at once."

So what you're saying is that I can get another opportunity like this, Gerald thought maniacally. "That's very nice of you. You're a good man."

Matt harrumphed. "I try to be, anyway."

They got to Gerald's car, and Gerald still didn't want his time with the Giant to end so he was searching for an excuse to speak up, but luckily Matt did first: "Let me tell Clyde myself, will you? We've always been honest with each other, but I felt like he might feel smothered or something if he knew I was also going to school here." Gerald nodded, and Matt continued, "And since we're schoolmates, why not get coffee or lunch sometime?" Gerald's eyes widened, as if all of his dreams had come true, but he had to reel it in, knowing this was not an actual romantic invitation. But he'd take a bro date over nothing. All of this he hid behind a sly, "That would be cool". 

Matt grinned, and bode him good night, walking away, which Gerald watched again with the same wonder. He thought about waiting to see the Giant shirtless for those few moments, but it would take him a few minutes to get back to those big clothes, and he'd be suspicious of Gerald having waited for a few minutes. Unless he argued he was just looking at his phone?

Yeah, that could work...The voice of reason took over when he yawned. He did have an early class, and a potential bro date later. Fine, time to go. Besides, in the short walk, he'd devised a clever plan.


Police sirens were blaring, and the ground was rumbling, so the city knew the Giant was active. A short way away from the university, an apartment complex was filling with more and more flames. The police had set up a perimeter for firemen to handle the situation, but there really was a lot of fire. 
The rumbling became more intense and quicker, and the chief of police turned around to see the Giant rounding the corner, dressed in only black shorts and only about a hundred feet tall.

He stopped a few yards away from the chief - even knowing his kindred spirit, this was a man whose finger contained more power than his police force, so he couldn't help but cringe, especially when he squatted down low.

"How can I help?" he asked with a serious expression. 

"We heard you were coming, Mr. Hahn," said the chief. "There's quite a few residents to evacuate still - could you step over and get the top floors and work your way down?" The Giant nodded and stood up, and as he planted a foot over the caution tape, the chief looked up, seeing a dick bigger than his body struggling to stay within the confines of those tiny black shorts, and as the Giant stood next to the apartment building, his back so massively muscular it blocked out the view, he thought he should maybe start going to the gym again.

Matt's pec shelf was level with the building's roof, where he saw a few residents crying for help. He gave them a sympathetic smile and offered them his palm. "Climb on, I won't hurt you."

They decided that fire was a bigger threat than a smiling giant muscle man, so all four of them got on, and Matt slowly lowered them to the ambulance below, where EMTs rushed to their aid. 

He carefully peered inside the top floor, but there were too many flames to see anyone. "Brace yourselves, tenants! I'm going to try blowing it out!" As if he were blowing out the candles to a birthday cake, he heaved a medium breath, knowing a larger one might actually send residents flying, and blew. Inside, he instantly blew out the flames in one window, and proceeded to a few others, where it was just as effective. He blew out all of them in the top floor before peering back inside, but now smoke was everywhere.

"I can't see anyone, but it should be safe to get to the window now!" he said, holding out both palms. Several residents appeared at the windows, and he took all of them, about fifteen in number, out and onto the ground. As he stood back up to face the building, he heard, "Wait for me!" and a young man leapt out of the window, flinging himself directly into Matt's left pectoral. He bounced off a little, but slid down to the bottom of his pectoral where Matt cupped his hand to catch the man. 

He felt the man in his palm, but to check if he was alright, he swung his hand out and over his chest to his eyes. He recognized him: it was Gerald. 

"That was gutsy," Matt said, smirking. 

"Thank you, Mr. Hahn," Gerald said, coughing. Matt chuckled. "No problem. And for the last time, just call me Matt." He lowered Gerald to the ground with the rest. The Giant turned back to continue his rescue efforts, floor by floor, evacuating more and more residents, and as the EMTs worked on Gerald, cupping his mouth with an oxygen mask, he never took his eyes off the Giant. He was able to admire him all the more now: every muscle that bulged from his body was REAL. He had just been on top of the Giant's pec, if even for a brief moment, and that was his deepest fantasy. The EMT reported that Gerald's vital signs were spiking, and he tried waving them off, telling them he was fine, but they pressed him down to work on him.

About twenty minutes later, the whole building was fully evacuated and the fire was out. Gerald overheard the chief of police, a fireman, and the Giant, presumably having shrunk down, chatting nearby. Absolutely no casualties, including pets, minor injuries, and it seems the fire was caused by a meth lab explosion. Now that they had the situation handled, the Giant asked if he could see his friend Gerald, and an EMT called him over. 

"We're checking for a concussion or any broken bones when he jumped onto you," the EMT said, "but other than running a temperature, he's fine. He should have cooled down now that he's out of the fire, though..." The Giant thanked him and walked over, looking down at Gerald that was lying down on a stretcher outside an ambulance, being monitored by the EMT. God, his muscles are hardly contained in that tiny fireman's t-shirt, Gerald thought, trying to look like he was trying to see the Giant's face but really staring at the biceps that had already torn the sleeves a little to accomodate his size. And it's got to be the biggest shirt they got, too...

"How are you doing, Gerald?" he asked, concerned. 

"Just fine...Matt. What about you? You were actually fighting the fire..."
Matt chuckled. "A part of being supherhuman is invulnerability. I learned a while ago that while flames hurt, they can't actually damage me, nor can smoke, really." Gerald blew out a soft

"Wow," and said, "Well, thanks for saving me from the roof of a building again. That's twice in three days." 

Matt smiled and nodded. "What a troublemaker. Well, when they say that you're medically good to go, would you like to come have coffee with me? It's early in the morning, and the Giant gets cranky when he doesn't have caffeine."

His vital signs spiked again, beeping and alerting Matt and the EMTs, but he quickly got it under control as EMTs pushed Matt away. "That'll be great! I'll only be a few more minutes!" 


Clyde had gotten an early-morning text saying his dad was on his way to save people from a burning building, and they should meet for breakfast if he was awake. Walking down the street, he saw a big hulk of a man in a fireman's blue shirt taking up every inch of a tiny cafe outdoor chair, sitting in front of his friend, Gerald, and they were laughing and sipping coffee.

"Sure, the government pays for it anyway," Matt said, shrugging. Gerald beamed, and looked up at Clyde, who was a little puzzled standing between them.

"Oh, hey, son," his dad said with his classic goofy grin. "You know who was in that fire this morning? Gerald! I was just telling him we have another room, if he wants to stay with us until he finds another place."

Clyde nodded in understanding. "Oh, okay. No, that's great! We can be roomies, like you asked me to be weeks ago before you knew who I was." He grinned at Gerald, and Gerald hoped his own smile didn't reveal anything sinister. Clyde walked away to order some coffee himself, and he asked, "Did you tell Clyde you're going to college again?"

Matt sat back and rubbed his face, giving Gerald an opportunity to ogle at his magnificent chest that he'd just been on an hour ago. What a beauty. "No, I don't know how to tell him. I thought maybe he chose this college to get away from me, but then I came wiith him, and he may perceive this as smothering."

Gerald nodded, sipping more. "Secret is safe with me." Clyde walked back and took a chair between them.

"I can't imagine you had any stuff saved from the fire," Clyde said, "so why don't we go get you some clothes and some basic necessities?" 

"Well, I'm a college student, so I can't go too crazy," he said, looking away.

"Eh, like I said, the government pays for me," Matt piped up. "So if I go with you, I can put it on the government card. I save them tons of money anyway." Gerald beamed and thanked him, and the three of them casually took a sip, but Gerald took notice that Matt's eyes suddenly dilated and were fixed: Clyde turned to see something behind Gerald, and Gerald inconspicuously did the same. A beautiful woman with large breasts was sauntering down the sidewalk toward them, and Gerald turned back around, quickly rationalizing to himself if they asked why he wasn't staring at the woman, he'd say he didn't want to draw attention. 

Clyde turned red and turned to face the cafe nonchalantly, but Matt's face was getting redder and redder, even as the woman walked by, not noticing the men staring. The tears on his biceps were increasing in length, and rips formed around his neck at the top of his chest and at his traps. He set his coffee down and leaned in to Clyde, whispering, "I've got to go." 

Clyde nodded calmly, and his dad quickly got up from his chair, revealing to Gerald what the problem might be: in his jeans, a squirrel seemed to be loose. He quickly turned and literally leapt into the air, using his powerful hamstrings, to jump over the street of cars passing by, and continued to run out of sight. 

Gerald turned to Clyde. "What was that all about?"

"You know how you heard my dad had to masterbate every now and then? It's true - every week he has to go down to the bunker underneath the Closet, because when he gets...excited...he can't control his growth."

His experiences today had him more than primed to have his own masterbation session later, and a pretty great one, but that made him hard. "Wow. Okay. We should finish up and wait for him at your place. How long does he usually take?"

Clyde shrugged. "That was a hot woman, so I imagine not long today."


Gerald told Clyde he needed a shower, which was true - he had ashes everywhere and smelled of smoke, but he jerked off and had a marvelous ten minutes in the shower, hoping his heavy breathing couldn't be heard. He got out and dressed in some of the Giant's tiniest clothes that were still tents on him (Clyde was a foot shorter, so his would not work), and walking downstairs, he saw the door open just in time.

Matt was again only in shorts, and was double the size of the doorway. He laid down on his side and inched himself inside, first one big arm, then sliding some chest in, then carefully maneuvering his big shoulder down through the door, and pushed himself in with his feet, only slightly getting stuck when his great ass hit the doorframe. Now inside, Gerald could not close his mouth in awe as the Giant stood up to about twelve feet tall, full of sweat and panting. His chest rose up and down, up and down, and he tried but failed to wipe his great forearm across his face, but it looked like he'd just gotten out of a pool.

Clyde strode up with a very large towel and produced it to his dad, who breathed a thank you, and began wiping himself off. Clyde leaned in to Gerald, "Sorry about this. It takes a while for Dad to decompress after masterbating." Suddenly Gerald needed another shower.

Matt looked down at them and smiled apologetically. "Have a seat, boys. I'm coming down from it, and we can leave in about an hour after I shower." They proceeded into the living room, and Gerald looked at the Giant with what he hoped was concern and not lust.

"Sorry, we don't really have guests, except for when Clyde's grandparents visit," Matt said, standing and continuing to wipe himself down. "I hope you don't mind, but I tend to basically just wear this around the house - my muscles feel uncomfortably tight against clothes, and always seem to want to grow out of them."

"No worries, Matt. If I was as big as you, I'd be shirtless all the time too."

Matt laughed. "Are you into fitness? I've never touched a weight in my life - I know, surprise! - but Clyde wanted to start liftiing and asked me to be his partner. I, uh, tried, and when I spotted him, I ended up just bearing all the load so he didn't accomplish anything. And I tried loading up the bench press with all the weight I could find, added resistance bands and had Clyde and another guy sit on the bar, but it was still too light. Guess these are strong enough, huh?" And with that, Gerald could have died happy as Matt raised his arm and flexed his bicep, turning his wrist in, and then out, as if walking like an Egyptian. It was well bigger than any watermelon.

"I'll go, sure, but you should still come...I'm pretty weak myself, and we might need a spotter," Gerald said hopefully. "Just try lifting it up when our faces turn purple."


About an hour later, Matt had calmed down and shrunk back to his original size, and they were at a clothing store. As Gerald shopped, Matt did as well, as he tended to need to hulk out of clothes unexpectedly a lot. 

He stepped out of the dressing room, and Gerald dropped all of the things he was about to walk in the dressing room with to marvel at Matt. He literally had to walk penguin-style because the shirt he was trying on was a thin fabric, and it looked like if he breathed the whole thing would burst apart like a balloon. It featured every striation in his pecs, stretching out the words, "If you can read this, you're standing too close", his arms were held out revealing lats that Gerald could see were in fact splitting the t-shirt at the seams but Matt didn't seem to notice, and his every abdominal muscle protruded proudly around his tight torso. 

"I think it's too small," Gerald giggled, and Matt nodded. "Why do they say it's 3XL when they clearly don't mean it?" As he turned around, his arms held out banged against the doorframe, and Gerald admired the great wall of white fabric showing a beautiful wall of back taking up the doorway. 

They paid for their purchases, and walking outside, they heard a woman shriek. Matt instantly dropped his bags and got in a stance as he searched for the woman in trouble. Fortunately, she was running to him, but had a smile on her face.

"Mr. Hahn!" she squealed. "It is so good to see you. I am Rebecca White, morning newscaster on local channel 4, how are you this morning?" She extended a hand, and Matt's face fell, but he maintained a polite smile, enveloping her hand with his and gently shaking it.

"I'm, uh, fine, how about you?" he said nervously, knowing what was coming.

"I'm grateful to run into you, that's for sure! We reported your act of heroism this morning  with the burning building on our morning show, and my boss wanted me to get in contact with you to see if you'd appear on our show tomorrow morning?"

Matt sighed, and he nodded. "I meant to do a broadcast to kind of introduce myself to the city anyway. What time should I be there?"

"Our morning show unfortunately records rather early - could you be there around 4 am?"

He nodded again and she squeaked. "Thank you so much, Mr. Hahn. And can I ask a personal favor? I'm a huge fan of yours, so can I take a picture with you?" He said yes, and she quickly got out her phone and shoved it at Gerald, getting next to Matt. She was a little taller than Clyde herself, and about his size, so she looked comically childlike and tiny next to such a big bodybuilder. He wrapped his arm around her neck gently, and flexed his other arm's bicep - yep, definitely bigger than her head. 

Gerald could feel jealousy overtaking him, and he thought for a moment to pretend to take the picture, but he did it anyway. As he said he was done, the reporter turned to Matt and asked, "If it's not too much trouble, could you also maybe lift me up on your shoulder?"

Wow, this hussy is brave, Gerald thought. Matt always was a crowd pleaser though, so he knelt on the ground, indicating his massive back and muscled shoulders to the woman, and she hopped on his shoulder like a parrot as he stood up. Her legs dangled out in front of his protruding pecs, and Gerald wondered if his big bicep felt good under her butt. They smiled, Gerald took the picture, and she dismounted. 

"Thank you thank you thank you," she kept repeating, wrenching her phone away from Gerald. "I'll call you later to confirm! I hope you have a great day!" And she ran back to her car in heels, almost leaping for joy. Matt turned back to his son and Gerald and said, "Ugh. Reporters." 

Gerald took Matt's bags for him, so he could load them into the trunk as Matt sidled his bulk into the driver's seat. His pecs are too big to grip the steering wheel straight, he noted as he got in the car. On the way home, he allowed himself to have an erection as he solidified the images of manliness he'd just witnessed in his mind.

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