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Muscle thief on the loose

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(Astromuscle: *stretches* miss me much?)

Thank you so much for continuing this story! I was worried for a while when there was a long break, but this newest chapter certainly made up for it.  I know that in the continuous section anyone can add a chapter, but you've really got something good going here.

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16 hours ago, Kymuscleboy said:

(Astromuscle: *stretches* miss me much?)

Thank you so much for continuing this story! I was worried for a while when there was a long break, but this newest chapter certainly made up for it.  I know that in the continuous section anyone can add a chapter, but you've really got something good going here.

Hey @Kymuscleboy Im glad you are enjoying the story. I have been around but haven't really been posting just for lack of time and energy. 

I hope the amount of story I have so far doesn't stop anyone. Worst come to worst anyone can start their own part of the story in a different setting. You could also continue with my characters I don't want to limit anyone

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Samar returned home and threw his bag onto the couch. He looked exhausted and crashed on the couch, causing something in it to audibly crack inside and Samar fell further into his ratty couch then he should have. He gets up and kicks the couch, causing the wooden frame inside to crack as well. "Fucking piece of garbage."

Samar needed to unwind. His body thirsted for size. He knew left to his own devices he could be positively gigantic but it wasn't realistic. He felt so confined in fear of what the outside world would think if he suddenly shot up 5 feet and added 1000lbs overnight, but he wanted it so bad.

It was then he came up with an idea... He was so excited. He could kill two birds with one stone. With that he began texting furiously. He asked everyone to spread the word, He would hold a party.

That evening Samar's house was bustling with so many people you couldn't move without touching someone else. Better yet for Samar, it was an ABC party (Anything but clothing). In essence someone could come very well covered but it was so much easier to wear barely anything. 90% of the people there could barely have strutted the streets without the police pulling them into a cruiser for indecent exposure. Samar was practically drooling at the prospect. Every other moment a new person was apologizing for touching him. For him, it was an all you could eat buffet. He was holding back to start but as the night went on Samar took every opportunity. Samar despite being very large had become an expert at having a subtle touch to his powers. Pound of muscle here, 1/4 inch of height there, but it was all adding up, he could feel it.

At some point he approached a group of bros he had seen at the gym before. "-never seen someone that huge and I swear every day he gets bigger!" Samar finally steps next to them, and they must have sensed him, or felt his footsteps in the ground because they stopped awkwardly and all turned to look at him, all a little shocked as if caught in the act of something.

Samar grinned from ear to ear. "I hope you were talking about me, but man I have seen bigger guys. Hopefully not for long though." With that Samar did a most muscular. Samar to his credit had worn a makeshift duct tape poser and nothing else, so his muscles were on display as much as possible. The men appeared transfixed. Samar began to wonder why he had such an effect to turn every guy gay when one of them snapped out of it and whipped out a 50$ bill from his pocket.

"50$ to anyone who can pin Samar down!" He announced to the party. People quickly shifted away from him in case anyone immediately acted on the bet. No one moved towards him. Samar laughed, and looked around.

"I mean if some people worked together I bet you could split the prize money. But wait what do I get if I win?"

Some people laugh but then 4 women all step forward, clearly also people who had taken the hint to wear barely any clothing. "Well big boy if you prove you can handle yourself around a bunch of men, we may just be interested enough to see how you handle a bunch of women." With that she winked and loosened what passed for a bikini. Everyone cheered and Samar's eyes bugged at the gorgeous women before him.


Samar barely had enough time to react as three boys came from behind him. One jumped and barely got his arms around Samar's neck. The other 2 went for his legs, trying to tackle them out from under him, but the exclamation was warning enough and he tensed all his muscles, and managed to stay upright. Now that they were there Samar moved his weight distribution to avoid falling over from their continued efforts. A few moments later he breathed in heavy and jumped in the air, only to come back down on the guy who was dangling behind him with a thud.

A heavy groan immediately comes from behind him, and Samar pulls muscle from him. He had just been wailed from Samar's large mass slamming him to the ground. No one would notice if he lost some mass. The other two men had moved out of the way in time but Samar hadn't lost them in the crowd. He managed to grab each ones arm and began draining them too immediately. He slammed them down on top of their friends. Samar proceeds to press his chest down on them, grinding them into the ground as he drains more and more size from them. He had to go slow, he did not want these men realizing anything but being sore and tired. He desperately wanted to let the floodgates go and do more, but he knew better.

On that notion he was surprised to feel several people pile on top of his back. Samar looks over his shoulder to see 10 people of various sizes had hopped onto him, trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Samar grinned as he saw them all doing their best, and he began draining them too. No one of them would notice a different but piling onto him he was in heaven. Samar felt the power piling into him. He dug his palms into the ground and began to do some pushups with the people on his back. He held himself up on the second one to let the men under him crawl out in pain, but then began to continue. The exercise was not easy by any measure but right now Samar felt like he could do anything. The people on top of him laughed and cheered and counted him on as he tried pressing a few more times, but it did not appear that he would make it to 10. He did come crashing down on 8 but everyone was laughing including Samar so much. He had made his point. Samar noted how far off the ground his head was, what with a pump and the muscle he stole.

The same man from before now was looking on at the monster he had created. "Samar it looks like we've finally tested your chest out. Now how about the rest of your muscle. We wanna see it all pumped." Everyone got off Samar and he stood up. He actually hit his head off the ceiling, which was a shame given he had found this place because it was one of the few houses he hadn't needed to duck in constantly.

"Well I mean I guess we could all go to the parking lot and test some shit out! Who wants to see what I got in me!"

Everyone cheered and he smiled. Everyone piled out of the house. The people behind Samar a little more slowly as he worked his way out of the house.

When Samar saw most people were outside he announced in a deep voice. "OK Listen up. I don't intend to skip leg day so here's the deal. I want 10 people to get onto me, anywhere you can grab and not touch the ground, get creative!" Samar knelt down on one knee. most people grabbed around his neck, until someone had a great idea. They found some rope in Samar's house and tied it both ways around his chest, making an X on his chest and back. With that people found it easier to hold on. Samar was about to begin when the tall thin woman who had been offering her body got up and dangled from him like a necklace, but used her feet to hold herself up face to face with Samar.

"Hope you don't mind if I get a front seat to this action."

Samar simply smiled, and got up in earnest. "No, but the real show goes on later. Wouldn't want you to get worn out by my face too much to miss that one."

The girl smiles as she adjusts to be ready for Samar to squat. "I somehow don't think your face will be my focus. You got a lot of body to satisfy, and I never leave until I make sure every inch is satisfied." With that she licks her lips and bites them a little. Samar went a little weak at the knees, but then set his stance and began squatting. Once he was beginning to be tired, he began draining from the people touching him. He found newfound strength as the ropes tightened around his his chest and back, but he was more focused on his thighs pushing out, allowing him to go up and down more and more. At some point he let more people on and drained from them to get the last few reps out. He laughed as he got down and let everyone down, but winked at the girl who looked hot and bothered by his even more pronounced muscles.

As he got back up everyone marveled. There were whispers that he seemed bigger then at the beginning of the night but between the pump, the night, the alcohol and everything no one could be sure. This had been Samar's plan, though he hadn't expected another man to egg on everyone to get them to touch him. Samar went over to the others to have them cheer for him. "Now without some equipment sadly I don't know about having you all help me with any displays of strength, but I want to see what you all got! I like to think my displays make me king. If you disagree you can try to fight me." To this comment everyone laughed. "But ti seems to me like kings usually get carried everywhere. So let's see what you guys are able to do!"

Samar lays down and waits for others to come, everyone gathers around, a mix of emotions from incredulity to overconfidence were on their faces. The man from before helped coordinate the efforts and eventually with all 60-70 odd people they were able to lift and move him. Just about every person in the party was now touching Samar. This was his chance, Samar could sense which people weren't supporting him as well so he instead pulled from the people who were stronger. As always slowly but pulling from 50 odd people at once had dramatic effects on him immediately, the rope around his chest digging in further and further, actually to the point it was very uncomfortable. They neared the door but between Samar's weight gain, and the strength loss of the biggest contributors to carrying him, they were not going to make it.

"OK all, you proved your point. I am not giant enough to squash you all yet. You can put me down now." With a collective sigh of relief everyone worked to put Samar on his feet. He was towering over a lot of them more then ever, and he loved it. It excited him, and that excited his member. Samar had nearly forgot but now he was anticipating how much he had grown between his pants too. Everyone noticed and laughed, but Samar was not embarrassed. He had always been big, but now he would be surprised to hear he didn't have the biggest dick in the world.

The woman from before sauntered over to him, and reached up to teasingly caress his pec overhang. "Big boy, that looks painful, and I think you won that bet earlier. Clearly 70 people can handle you, but I wanted to see what power a few women might have." As if on cue 4 other women come up and reach for whatever was still within reach to them. One of the shorter ones face seemed to only come up to his dick, and she seemed content with that.

Samar laughed and let them lead him away, shouting back at everyone to help themselves to the beer in the fridge.

The second the door was closed the girls got to work ripping away his makeshift pants. The fresh air was all his dick had needed to be unleashed and grow uninhibited. "I hope you all aren't scared by size. It's big, even to scale." The girls giggled although they did look a little concerned too.

"Big boy, if that was a problem we wouldn't have come in here." With that Samar let himself be pushed down onto the bed, and having the girls crawl over him. Samar could see and feel how small they all were on him. That more then any of their individual physiques turned him on, his dick slapped hard and heavy onto this abs as it pumped larger and larger. Everyone, including him, looked down and were impressed to see how big it was and still inflating. In some porns he had seen, women put their arms next to a mans dick for comparison, but this was approaching being more comparable to a thin waist in girth, it outweighed even a bigger mans arm. One of the girls began rubbing it with both her hands, but she pulled another girl to help when she could see she was barely covering any surface area. They found a lube bottle in his drawers and poured the whole contents on him. The woman from before was too busy massaging both his nipples. She had her arms stretched out wide to reach, displaying her chest. Samar looked down and laughed.

"Honey, you got a huge rack, but I think you have to agree mine are bigger." Samar flexed his chest which bounced the girl up a little. "You like that baby? I like flexing and making you bop around."

The girl grinned and went to work sucking his nipple. Samar moaned. Another girl came up around his neck and began kissing him. She barely could move his lips, but he shot back, powering into her mouth and having his way with it, losing himself in the ecstasy of the tiny girls working him over as well as they could.

Eventually he decided it was time. His dick was hard and at attention now. A full 20 inches sporting out. "Listen honey's you are all great, but there is NO way any of you small things can take this dick so how about this." with that he got up and arranged them all on the bed, except one. He half straddled his own bed, which he had outgrown and laid his dick down on the lucky girl who was in the center at the bottom. He laid the last girl on top of his dick, and then propped himself up over all the girls. His ripped and huge muscular torso cutting off the light from the room. He leaned down further until he was resting on each girl just enough for them to touch and feel him, and then he began humping and driving on top of them all. They all moaned at the sensation of this hard strong man driving them into the bed, and feeling his dick plowing back and forth along the bed and the girls. They could not see anything in the flurry of sheets, penis and body but they kissed, touched, rubbed and sucked anything and everything. His pace sped up and the bed creaked and shook violently. Cheers came from the other room and Samar no longer hid the noises. All the girls were loud and enjoying themselves and he could feel them cumming in turns. He was holding out but then he pulled from all the girls. One solid good pull of size from all of them. The power surge to him was enough to bring him over the edge and cum spurted along the bed, splashed the headboard, and splashed back even on the girls near there.

The surge must have been felt by the girls, either because of the added weight of Samar on them, or the power loss pushed them over the edge (for some of them for a second or third time). Samar laughed as he looked down at the squirming in pleasure women, and laid down next to the bed to look over at them all. Samar had had a special bed made to fit him but now it wasn't even close, but these 5 women barely filled it themselves. The thought excited him again but he pushed it to the side. He went over to the closet and pulled out a bunch of towels. he threw a few at the bed for the girls, and began to clean himself, until a light arm stopped him.

"King, allow your subjects to do that for you." The women, still wet from his cum themselves began polishing and drying him off, until all that was left was the parts they could not reach. Samar looked down at them and raised an eyebrow.

"Surely you don't expect your king to kneel for you, right?"

The girls all laughed, and then one sat on another's shoulders. This raised her up level with Samar's upper pec, so she could clean the rest. Samar still looked down at them, which he loved. "Even two of you can't get up to me. May arm is bigger then you girls. How does that make you feel?"

The girls shivered. If Samar didn't know better, he'd think the girls may have been close to cumming again.

"Sorry to say ladies, but I think it's time I share my size with everyone else again." With that Samar went out into the living room again and cheered, as did everyone else. The girls giggled as they looked down and saw the duct tape poser he had been wearing at the beginning of the night, now discarded on the floor. One of them runs to give it to him, but Samar leans over his pec shelf to see what the girl is holding and laughs. "I'm not embarrassed, why should I hide?"

Everyone at the party cheered and drank more. Samar only picked up the odd pound here and there now, but surely now the people at the party would spread the slurred words of his growth, which was also a part of the plan.

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