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Hey so I kind of wanted to start a story with you guys, I like the premise of the continuous story, but I find that people never seem to add to them. So here is my message to all of you readers. I am going to start a story here akin to the "Thief among us" thread already here (but different characters and such). If you are reading it, try contributing. I challenge you! You don't have to ever have written before, or even be "good at writing" (I make constant spelling mistakes, don't edit because I hate it, and I am no author. I literally just started writing, and enjoy that I can give in my way to this forum for everything it's given me. Basically trust me, a lot of us aren't "good at writing")

My story (which will be the post underneath this one) will outline a character. YOU CAN START A WHOLE NEW STORY IN THIS WORLD. Don't like the characters I made but like the premise, or is no one hitting your kink? Start it! 

Worried you might ruin where someone is going with something? Fuck them! If they wanted it to go somewhere specific they should have written more. Post away! Maybe try not to change an established characters specific set of powers (if a person clearly didn't steal hair, they shouldn't suddenly start to). If someone took your story somewhere you weren't expecting don't put it down, use it to go somewhere new. I am setting up a world, use it to do what you will.

(Sorry, was getting frustrated that everyone seemed to ask for new stories here, but the point is to write them)

Premise: Something has happened and suddenly there are people (not necessarily everyone) who can steal others muscle through skin to skin contact. At the time I am starting, it is new and not well known, but I would love to see the world develop to a point where people are distrustful of skin to skin contact. Some people may seem to steal other things like hair or sexual drive or something, but muscle is the base I am giving. Between 2 Thievers, the stronger will will drain the weaker, it is a mental challenge but bigger guys who are more in tune with their massive size will have a strong advantage (a tiny guy won't drain a 200 ft giant, unless he lets him, but the bigger guy is not always going to be able to protect themselves). Otherwise, have fun!

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"Hello viewers. a breaking news story has just come to our attention. It seems that victim Virgil Warchester has died tonight under mysterious circumstances. He died from what was essentially a heart attack. The man pictured here was in his room at the time of the incident." A picture came up on the screen of a man who may as well have been a skeleton with skin. "As you can see, the man lacks a lot of muscle. An autopsy has been performed and the cause of the heart attack appears to be a weakness in his heart muscle. The odd thing the police are telling us, is that his friends and family who saw him the day before say he did not look like that." Another picture came up on the screen and what looked like a similar man was next to a girl holding him. The man was not going to be a bodybuilder any time soon, but he did look like someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley. "In the course of a day, the victim went from 200 lbs and 6' to 65 lbs and 5' 2". Police are unsure of how the incident took place, but they are advising that people be extremely careful, and if they notice themselves or someone else losing weight rapidly, to please call this hotline." A hotline number appeared at the bottom of the screen before Gavin turned it off with his remote. 

Gavin laid back next to his husband Victor. All around the room were pictures of the couple. They had traveled the world together, taking funny pictures all over. Victor had always been adventurous and had good ideas about what to do. Gavin on the other hand had been more stagnant, wanting to play video games or go for a walk in their own city. They enjoyed that they tended to tone each other down. Gavin kept Victor grounded, while Victor got Gavin to try new things he wouldn't before. The differences ended with mentality though. Both men were at an average height of 5' 8" and had a twink-ish type of build. Victor did tend to be thinner than Gavin, who had a soft aspect to him, that while not fat did hide some skinny definition he would otherwise have. 

That being said, Gavin now looked over and down at Victor. Gavin's head was far above Victor's, despite slouching. Victor leaned over and looked up at his new muscle daddy. Gavin had walked in tonight at a staggering 6' 4". Where before Victor could have grabbed one of Gavin's arm all the way around, now he wasn't sure if even both his hands together could. Victor took both his hands to test. By squeezing through the slight pudge layer that covered his muscles, Victor did get his hands to just touch around Gavin's bicep and tricep. He smiled, and laughed after Gavin flexed the arm, easily breaking his hold. 

Victor had been freaked out when Gavin had walked in, drenched wet and in clothes that had fit him when he left, and had to be cut off when he returned. Gavin had come in freaking out though and taken the wind out of Victor's sail. This left Gavin shirtless and pants-less, laying only in his underwear which had been stretchy enough to compensate. Gavin looked into his lap at Victor as he brushed Victor's hair out of his face. Gavin's fingers were now longer and thicker then before. Still easily within the realm of possibility, now they were in stark contrast to Victor's; much bigger, and thick with what was mostly muscle. 

"Gavin, are you ready to tell me what happened?" Victor's voice was level and calm. Gavin's mind was still racing from the whole night, but Victor was helping.

"Ok so you know I went to confront that Virgil guy about his business practices, right?"

"Yes, and you had the evidence and backups of his corruption. You were going to make him donate his blood money away and stop his embezzlement and illegal activities. My little guardian angel! I'm aware of all that. Now how did he end up dead, and you needing a new wardrobe."

Gavin breathed in. "Well as it turned out, he had a contingency plan. He had laid a trap that if the police came to investigate, the trail would lead to his secretary. He turned the tables on me and told me that the information I had gotten was illegal and asking how I got it. Eventually he came up to me and tried to physically intimidate me. I wouldn't take that and shoved him away, so we ended up fighting. I ended up above him, and started to choke him. I hated all that he was doing and I had lost control. I don't know if I wanted to kill him, but I also thought how much I wish he couldn't have walked up and lorded over me. Then he began to thin out before my eyes... I didn't notice right away that I was growing but I stopped and started checking him over. His pulse seemed fine, so I tried looking at his chest."

Victor interrupted him, "In this whole time, it never occurred to you that you had grown, or that you should stop touching him?"

Gavin averted his eyes, "I wish it had. I didn't mean to kill him. Through all my searching and prodding I didn't find anything, but he was losing pounds by the second until he suddenly just stopped. I felt for a pulse again and couldn't feel anything. I administered CPR..."

Victor interrupted again, 'Which ironically was the final nail in his coffin."

Gavin was upset but Victor brought the large man's head down to his shoulder and patted his back. He could feel defined, bumpy muscles there, and averted his seating to hide his growing erection. Gavin would not be in the mood.

Gavin raised his head again to look into Victor's eyes. "How can I go to work like this?"

Victor reminded him that he barely saw any coworkers anyways, working at a very small crematorium he didn't have many coworkers and really only interacted with the drivers. It was only part time work, but it kept him busy enough.

"Victor, eventually I will have to see someone!" Gavin was starting to freak out again.

"Don't some of tallest people have tumours in their brains? Tell them you have that!"

"And the muscle?"

Victor thought for a sec, and as he looked around noticed Gavin's bulge in his pants. It looked so much larger than before, and it was soft. After a second he shook himself and said, "the tumour is causing a larger amount of testosterone to be released. You took up weight lifting to use some of it, because otherwise it would affect your height even more and that would cause a lot more problems."

Gavin shook his head. "That just sounds like bullshit to me."

Victor giggled. "Then just tell anyone that you have a medical issue that you are embarrassed about, it causes growth but you have no idea when it will stop. Let them know that they are eventually going to get you into surgery, but you are low priority as right now you are just growing and you are in no immediate danger." 

Gavin took a reassuring breath, "OK"

Gavin lifted his head up from where Victor had pulled it to comfort him and stood up. He went to his room without a word, and came back dressed in what had been baggy clothing, with a backpack and a water bottle. He looked back over to Victor, "I am going to get a gym membership to help my story, want to come?"

Victor looked back and smiled ear to ear. "You going to work out those new muscles?" He asked. Gavin blushed and swiveled from side to side with his arms held behind his back. 

Victor lost it and fell off the couch to the ground laughing like a hyena. Gavin began to laugh too. Victor finally breathed enough to speak. "Gavin you ain't a twink no more, trying to look cute will not be a strong suit for you."

Gavin frowned a little. Victor still giggling a little came up to him and held out his arm. "Gavin, before you go out to see real people, we need to make sure you're not going to kill anyone if you touch them. Take some of my muscle."

Gavin reeled back. "I can't take your muscle, you don't even have that much for me to take."

Victor gave him a look that essentially communicated 'I can't believe you just said that.' "I have enough, go ahead"

Gavin was still moving away from Victor. "But what if I kill you."

"You won't, but you need practice stopping your power. Come on, I will start working out to get it back." Gavin hesitantly laid his hand on Victor's arm and willed Victor's muscle to come to him. The effect was immediate. This time Gavin could feel the muscle come to him and find their places in his pecs, on his legs, in his glutes. Where before he had taken both muscle and fat from Virgil, there was only muscle to be had here. Gavin enjoyed the feeling, as everything moved out just a little. Victor however wasn't feeling as good. He might have mistaken his feelings for tiredness if he had been unaware of what was happening, but he felt the weakness mirror his thinning out everywhere. He almost stumbled and had to readjust his stance to stay up. 

Gavin then concentrated on stopping. He willed the muscles to stop their absorption, to which they responded by continuing to absorb Victor. Gavin panicked seeing Victor go from fit-thin, to not-fit thin before his eyes. At this rate in a couple minutes Victor would look like Virgil. Gavin went to move his hand off of Victor, but Victor reversed the grip and grabbed Gavin's slowly growing arm. Gavin began to push him away, but Victor moved in and hugged his strong core with his exposed arm and put his face up against it. 

"You have to stop it with your mind Gavin. If you can't do that, then you can't leave the house."

By now Gavin was looking at someone he would have been certain was into heavy anorexia and bulimia, and still he was shrinking as Gavin grew very slowly. Gavin tensed all his muscles and shouted (both mentally and out loud) "STOP!"

Gavin's muscles finally let go of their connection. Victor fell to the ground, breathing heavy. Gavin bent down to help his now sallow faced, and malnourished husband. He picked up the husk of a man with ease in his big arms. Victor weakly turned his head to look up at Gavin's face. "You did it." His voice was a wisp.

Gavin began to tear up. "Why did you keep holding on, you almost died." Victor raised himself to bring their faces together (very slowly) and laid a kiss on Gavin's lips. Normally a warm and pleasant feeling now felt cold and different.

"I believed you would stop."

Gavin kissed him back harder. He brought his hands in to bring Victor to him. Victor's body was cold, but he felt his own warmth from his more pronounced muscles work their way into the man. "That was so corny. Never do it again." Gavin kissed him more, and willed himself to give back muscle to Victor. After a minute of failure he figured it was not possible. He would have plenty more opportunity to try later anyways.

"Go to the gym." Victor said as he signaled Gavin to put him down. He was reluctant, but set Victor down on the ground. Gavin had expected to be taller now, but looking down at his husband before him had forgotten to account for Victor shrinking in height. Victor couldn't be much higher than 5' now. The implications for Gavin excited him. 

"I can't go to the gym now, you look terrible."

Victor looked lost in Gavin's pecs, which ballooned out with what was even more muscle (and admittedly some fat from Virgil). Victor again became aroused, and he knew there would be no hiding it this time. He cupped one sweatered pec in a hand, but couldn't move it from lack of strength. Eventually he decided to move away, his loss of blood to his penis causing him to go lightheaded. He limped along to the kitchen, batting Gavin's beefy hands away from helping him. 

"You are gonna need a gym membership to help your story. I am going to cook us a large meal. We both need it." He leaned on the kitchen island giving Gavin a seductive look. 

Gavin still wore a worried look. "You sure? I kind of don't want to go anymore."

"Go get your pump on big boy. You'll come home to the most amazing feast I can come up with in that time, and then maybe we will use your gained assets for something more useful." At this Victor licked his lips sensually. 

Gavin's dick responded on cue drawing Gavin's attention to the grown member he had between his legs which was beginning to inflate. He reached down and adjusted it. He blew Victor a kiss and a bicep flex as he left. 


Somewhere else in the city a giant of a man was wandering the streets in a large black matte raincoat as he walked down a crowded walkway with people. Another man, big but not as big as the first walked the other way. 

As they were about to pass the overcoat man stopped to look at him and call out. "Dude you look swole. It's awesome." The other man, who help an umbrella stopped too and shook his hand. "My name is Stewart, and you look miles bigger than I will ever be. What's your name?"

"I'm Samar" the overcoated man said. "and I have secrets to my size. Keep working and you will do well for yourself, don't worry." Finally Samar let go of the other man's hands, patted him on the back and walked away. 

Samar bent down his hood further and grinned. It hadn't been much, hopefully enough that the other man, whose name he could not remember anymore wouldn't notice. He bounced his pecs beneath his coat, they felt so good. Samar walked on, with no particular destination in mind.


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(Astromuscle: I hope you guys realize I have exactly 0 idea where this is going, but I'm going to continue and try to introduce a bunch of characters that hopefully other people can pick up and use. I really don't want thins to be just my story. Also as everything else i write, I am pretty much free-writing this. Also OMG I changed where I was going with this story half way through because I thought it would be funny. Hi there Samar)

Gavin left the apartment building and went up to his car. He had of course come home in his car, which, while not a tight fit per say, had taken some getting used to at his new size. Now he was even bigger. He was worried as he approached, looking down at the roof of his car, if he was going to fit. Before entering he slid the seat as far back as it would go, and leaned it back a little for good measure. Gavin got in and was happy to note that he fit... just. He was worried if he gained more whether he would even be able to drive a car, but then he wondered why he would even gain more. He could now hopefully control his power, he might not need anymore. He looked down at what he had become and smiled, but also kind of wondered what it would be like if he were bigger. Eventually he backed out of the driveway and got on his way to a gym. 

When he got to the gym Gavin strutted in very unsure of his surroundings. He had never been in a "gym" since high school and even then it was not nearly the same. On the floor he came in on there weights galore and many people lifting them. Big guys seemed to dominate the space, but Gavin also noticed a couple not so muscular guys trying to do what they could while staying out of their way, as well as a pair of fit looking women who looked like they couldn't give two shits about any of the guys as they dead-lifted weights that Gavin couldn't believe anyone could move. Upstairs were many different forms of cardio machines some of which Gavin knew and a couple of which Gavin couldn't even fathom how to position himself on, not to mention use. Everyone seemed to pass by Gavin as if he were one of those muscle guys by the weights, until finally one of the gym employees came up to him and waved. 

Standing at what Gavin had to guess was maybe 5' 4" the man came up to about low-pecs area on Gavin. That being said, Gavin didn't think he had ever seen someone as intimidating as this diminutive man. Shredded to pieces with arms that hung right out to the side, the man looked like he might have mobility problems. Gavin shied away for a sec, but then remembered why he was here. 

"Hi there. My name's Gavin." Gavin offered his hand to the guy, who promptly grabbed it and shook it. In the process he squeezed Gavin's hand so hard it began to make a crack sound. Gavin didn't know what he was doing, so he squeezed back. The man's eyes came in and suddenly Gavin and him were in a hand squeezing competition. Gavin wasn't sure if it was a game or a display of strength, but eventually the other man let go. Gavin began to massage the pain from his hand as the other guy did the same to his. The small man then laughed heartily and Gavin joined at first halfheartedly, but then in earnest when he realized that he hadn't taken any of the man's muscle. Gavin hadn't been thinking about it, but he was glad to know that at least there was an ON switch to his power. 

"Bro that is quite the grip you got there, most people will pry their hands out of one of my handshakes! I'm Sebastian. Are you a member here Gavin?"

"No, I was hoping i could sign up."

Sebastian's smile widened. "Yeah dog. What gym were you at before man?"

Gavin looked around sheepishly and spoke before thinking "I haven't been signed up for a gym before." Gavin realized that that might have been a bad thing to say, but it was too late. 

Sebastian's jaw hit the floor. He then composed himself. "Bro are you serious." He then proceeded to lift one of Gavin's arms over his head, exposing semi-defined line between his bicep and his tricep on the inside. "How do you get like this without setting foot in a gym! Do you have a home set?"

Gavin took the tree branch to break his fall. "Yes, but I have outgrown it so I figured it might just be cheaper to go get a membership."

Sebastian nodded, apparently satisfied with his answer. "Well dude you picked a great one! We got lots of racks for you to use. Bars that can handle the weight you are gonna need, and lots of honeys if you know what I'm saying." At that he gave a wink. Gavin was actually shocked. Did he just try to sell him on the gym by mentioning the women? Gavin debated walking out and going to another gym, but the man was right, this gym was known in the area for being where the heavy lifters went. Gavin flashed Sebastian his wedding ring though for good measure and smiled. Sebastian seemed to nod and take it in stride. "Well good for you then locking one down. Is she drop dead?" Gavin didn't even know if that was slang. It sounded stupid. Gavin couldn't help but smirk and take the opportunity.

"Yes, HE is beautiful." 

That knocked Sebastian off kilter. Gavin smiled harder as Sebastian's apparently small mind seemed to take in the new information. "Oh sorry buddy, didn't mean to make that awkward." Gavin didn't regret what he had said... at all, but he could tell that this encounter was going to be a lot more awkward from here on out. Gavin decided that if it was going to be that way anyways, he may as well take up the whole cause and educate the man. 

"To be honest, you probably shouldn't be selling a gym based on the girls anyways. I am here to lift weights and get big!" With that Gavin did a pose he had seen people do before. He brought his arms up to either side and flexed his arms as hard as he could. The muscles pushed out in all directions creating a display that judging by Sebastian's impressed face must have been at least respectably done. 

"Alright big guy. I think you're right. Weights it is." Sebastian and Gavin then sat down and ironed out all the paperwork for the membership. Sebastian even asked some questions about his being gay, none of which were too intrusive so Gavin answered in kind. 

"Now Gavin, as part of your free membership you get a free training sesh with one of our personal trainers. Do you want to schedule that now?"

Gavin thought for a sec. "Are any Trainers available now?"

Sebastian looked around a little lost. "You know what? There might be one. He tends to intimidate people, but he is a solid man." With that they went over to the personal training area. In it stood the first man Gavin had to look up to since he had had his growth spurt. The man was clearly of middle-eastern decent and sported a nice dark beard to silhouette his face. The rest of him was hairless, which was clearly visible thanks to his tight tank top hugging the few parts of his skin that it touched. 

"Hey Bastian. Who's this?" The large man did a special handshake with Sebastian. It took a few seconds, but Gavin was shocked to see that (only noticeable because he was hyper-aware of it now) Sebastian had shrunk. It wasn't much, maybe a pound of muscle and like a quarter of an inch, but Gavin was almost sure. 

"Samar, this is Gavin." Samar offered his hand for a handshake. Gavin however began to massage his hand again. 

"Sorry, hands still a little sore from my last handshake." Samar held his hand out for a moment longer, but then dropped it, a little disappointed. 

"Gavin was looking to have his free training session now, and I thought you might have some time."

Samar's eyes looked from the speaking Sebastian back to Gavin. Gavin could almost swear they were the eyes of a wolf, hungry and circling it's prey.

"You know I could come back another day for it," Gavin squeaked out.

Samar smiled. "Nonsense, I have free time. Besides, at the size you are at I am the best personal trainer for you. I can also relate to any size issues you might encounter."

Gavin was so uncomfortable as Samar led him to the squat rack. Sebastian left them after giving Gavin a key card to the gym. 

Gavin quickly told Samar that he actually had germophobia and didn't like to touch other people. Samar then coached him through a lesson on the big three lifts. He offered to spot Gavin but Gavin refused, reminding him of his made up germophobia. Samar was surprised at Gavin's size given that after the first set he said it was clear Gavin had never done them before. Gavin said he generally stuck to easier movements, but now Samar was looking at Gavin with a new look, as if he were studying Gavin. 

During the middle of one of his bench press sets Samar spoke up. "Did you hear about the guy on the news. Drained of his muscle and he even got shorter until he died." Samar's eyes were trained on Gavin as he pushed up the bar. Gavin's heart raced, and he began to sweat more profusely, which he hoped Samar would chalk up to his workout. Gavin pushed up the bar twice more, watching his form and breathing rhythmically to match his last set and put the bar back. Gavin toweled off his head and finally turned to Samar. 

"No I hadn't heard. What happened?" Gavin had managed to keep his voice from spiking to pitches like those of teenage girls at a cute boy concert. 

"They say that someone may have come after him and taken it all from him, like some kind of muscle vampire." He began to make fake fangs with his fingers and made a move towards Gavin. Gavin instinctively moved back and fell off the bench with a loud thud.

"They also say that they caught a man in France doing the same thing. He went into a fury I guess and it took 5 tasers to put him down. He had fed off more people. I think they said he made it up to 500 lbs of muscle, though he didn't get taller. He's in custody now."

This was news to Gavin. He went wide eyed and despite himself stared down at his own hands. They were so much bigger than they had once been. Gavin had had small hands to begin with, but now his giant palms ended at muscular and long fingers that went out for what felt to Gavin like too far. 

"Ya so be careful driving home buddy." Gavin turned to leave.

Samar leaned down to grab his arm. "Oh and before I forget." With that Samar laid his hand on Gavin's forearm. Gavin could feel it. Samar had a light touch about him, but Gavin knew his muscles were deflating ever so slowly. He turned around and quickly pushed Samar's hand away. Gavin knew it had only been for a second, and that Samar had only taken a little, but Gavin was mad now. 

"Gavin, I wanted to make sure you had my card, in case you need any more info, or wanted to schedule more training." With that Samar smiled widely and handed Gavin his card. Gavin took it without touching him. 

Gavin made a beeline for the door and Samar went back to the squat rack. Samar decided he wanted to do some squats himself. He began his set, and closed his eyes, concentrating on his muscles. In his mind he could feel what strength he had had, and what strength he had gotten from Sebastian and the new guy. It felt amazing, until something bumped him from behind and made him fall forward. The squat rack caught the bar but Samar hit the ground hard. 

"Sorry Bro, my muscles feel a little weird and i lost my balance or some shit."

A strong arm came to help him up, but it wasn't until too late he realized the arm was far too long to be Sebastian's

Gavin willed his muscles to take as much as they could for the whole second he was going to be touching Samar. They willingly obeyed like trained dogs, tearing at Samar's flesh and giving it to their master. It truly was only for a second at most before Samar squirmed out of Gavin's grip. Not that much mass had moved, but Gavin had clearly taken a much larger chunk than Samar had. Samar was dazed, but staring up at Gavin now at first with anger, and then he began to laugh. Gavin went over and grabbed his water bottle he had left by the rack. 

In another very good Sebastian voice Gavin said as he left "See you around bro."

As Gavin left Samar simply said "Yes, you will..." Gavin had been pretty far away at that point but Samar's words cut through the noise to travel straight to Gavin's ears. 

As Gavin approached his car again his bravado faded fast. How had he been so stupid to steal from Samar. Clearly Samar had basically been challenging him, and Gavin had been dumb enough to accept. Samar was bigger, stronger, and clearly far more experienced at this than Gavin was, and Gavin had plowed into him. Gavin thrashed around in his vehicle in anger at himself, until the car began to shake more than Gavin was comfortable with and he stopped. Gavin sped away to get home as fast as he could. 

Gavin burst through the door to his apartment to be bombarded with amazing smells. Victor peaked around a corner and at the sight of Gavin shuffled over with outstretched thin as bamboo arms. Gavin threw his keys on the dresser and ran for Victor, crashing to his knees in front of him and picking him up in a hug that caused Victor to stop breathing. After a couple of seconds Gavin loosened the hug but still held firmly to Victor. Victor leaned Gavin's head against his shoulder and patted Gavin's back again. 

"Victor, I messed up. I messed up bad!" Gavin had begun to tear up. Gavin quickly retold the gym session to Victor. Victor listened in silence, taking it all in until Gavin finished.

"Honey, I think you'll be okay." Gavin looked at Victor confused but more calmly. "Listen you found someone like you and that's scary, and he sounds like a scary guy for sure, but he has experience you don't. He might be able to show you how to control what you can do, which would be good. Besides, it sounds to me like he wanted to know if you were..." Victor stopped for a sec "A Thiever! That's what I'm going to call it. He found out. Personally I don't think he is mad at you and whether he'll take revenge on you, I'm not sure. I think though if you had just walked out without doing anything, he would have walked all over you the next time he saw you. Now at least he knows you are a force to be reckoned with." THese words seemed to have a calming effect on Gavin. 

Gavin breathed in and out once more and got up. Victor had never actually knelt down but his head did move up with Gavin's body because of the embrace. Gavin then moved up to the table of food, still holding the thin man. "Shit Victor you made enough food for a family of 10! We are going to have so many leftovers." 

Victor went to the other side of the table and sat down. "Well I don't know about you but I have some growing to do, I don't expect to have any leftovers!" Victor began to put a bit of everything on his plate. He stopped halfway, turning his head melodramatically towards me to fix me with a stare. "Unless you think you can't eat as much as little old me." Victor raised an eyebrow.

This kind of challenge Gavin was up for. Gavin laughed as he sat down, both men noticing the deepness of the voice. "You are so on!" 

Victor and Gavin ate like pigs. To their credit they polished off almost all of the food, but Victor handily lost the battle, which he admitted he expected to happen. "My new body can't hold that much."

Gavin burped loudly as he leaned back against his chair "well I can't eat another bite."

Victor then frowned and got up. He trudged along towards the hallway that led to their rooms and the bathroom. He held something out of Gavin's view, but when he turned around Gavin saw it was a spray can of whipped cream. 

"Oh that's a shame, my muscle bull here didn't save room for dessert?" Gavin dropped his pants and sprayed his crotch with whipped cream. He took a finger and scooped some cream off his expanding cock and licked his finger cleaner than it needed to be. The whole time Victor's eyes never left Gavin's. 

"Hey, there is always room for dessert."


Samar entered an abandoned warehouse he was all too familiar with. After slinking his way through a maze of shipping crates and boxes he came to a meeting of five other guys. "Hey boys!" He shouted as he approached. They all looked over at him and shouted greetings back. Samar came in and they all shook hands and clapped each others backs. Samar didn't try to take anything from these guys, nor did they from him. They were all of varying heights, only one taller than Samar himself. They were all different builds too, though they were all quite muscular. None of them however, even the taller one, outweighed Samar. 

"Now listen boys. Tonight there was a murder. Someone stole too much muscle from a guy and his heart became so weak it stopped pounding" Samar walked around them pounding his fist against his chest as he went until he stopped and dropped his hand. "I came hear to scream at whichever one of you DUMB FUCKS decided you couldn't metaphorically keep it in your FUCKING PANTS and let the guy go without killing him. Beyond that, he was a powerful fucking man with connections to a lot of places I don't really want to get tied up in!" The men's apprehension rose and fell with the rhythm of Samar's voice. Samar then stopped his pacing and smiled.

"But then I met the most interesting person tonight." His voice was much calmer now, which soothed the other men there. "A new one of us, and I am pretty sure he killed the guy tonight, by accident even." The men looked around and said that they would never kill a man like that, that it drew too much attention. Samar nodded at them. "I stole some of his muscle tonight, and wouldn't you know the fucker surprised me from behind and took it back and then some!" Samar was smiling despite his raised voice. The men chattered about how they would have to show the fucker his place, but Samar quieted them. "The guy is good, not much control but power. In one second he probably would have drained me for 20 lbs if I hadn't begun to counter him." Everyone breathed in sharply. "Right? Anyways, I want to recruit this guy. I don't really like the idea of facing the shit-storm he's raising but damn if he wouldn't be a great person to have." At this point Samar opens his phone and clicks a couple of things. "So is anyone familiar with Gavin Armitage? Lives at 24 Albatross lane." With that Samar turns around his phone and shows the crowd a picture of Gavin's gym membership forms with all his information.

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(Why do I have the feeling that Samar and the others are bad news? ^^;; )

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Gavin followed Victor as Victor swung around and ran away to the bedroom. Some whipped cream fell, which Victor slowed to see. Gavin got there and slowly got down on his hands and knees. Never taking his eyes off the now stopped Victor, he stuck his tongue out and licked the whipped cream off the carpeted floor. He brought it into his mouth and licked his lips. Gavin's eyes stared seductively at Victor as a half-grin spread across his face. Victor laughed in the doorway to the bedroom. "I haven't cleaned that carpet in a very long time so I hope you are happy with all the bacteria you just ate."

Gavin got up and filled the hallway with his presence. There was room yet to the ceiling, though Gavin could easily reach it is he reached straight up. Width wise Gavin's arms at his side could both fit, but one slight shuffle and one arm or the other would hit the walls. "When dessert is as sweet as you, I'm willing to risk it." Gavin worked his way down the hall, becoming aware of the width problem and being careful until he got to Victor still in the doorway. Victor blocked his way to the room, stark naked and whipped cream covering his genitalia. Gavin took off his hoodie. He threw it behind Victor, revealing a heaving-in-anticipation chest. He wasn't shredded like Sebastian, or even Samar were, but the layer of fat just helped to add a look of off-season muscle to his body. Victor thought it was akin to a bodybuilder who maybe was doing a far too long bulking session. Or maybe even a power lifter build. 

Victor sprayed some whipped cream on his chest. Victor still looked sickly thin, reedy and frail. It didn't match his personality, but Gavin didn't care. He immediately sucked hard on the area. Victor groaned as blood rushed to the suction area. That was going to be a hickey tomorrow. Gavin worked his way up slowly, kissing each part. Gavin was peripherally aware that there was no rise of Victor's pecs. He felt bad, but was now in the throws of passion. As he kissed further up he was more careful not to give any noticeable marks. Eventually a hand scooped up Gavin's face under the chin. Gavin let Victor draw his head up. Victor shoved his mouth up to Gavin's and their tongues met to move together in pleasurable, rhythmic patterns. Victor used the connection to draw Gavin into the room, using his hands to guide Gavin through the door. As they entered Victor broke off the kiss to drop down and discard Gavin's pants. Victor tried to take off the sweats and underwear, but between Gavin's new muscular butt, and his sizeable erection he was ineffective. Gavin reached a thin arm down Gavin's pants to grab his dick.  Gavin had never been big in the downstairs area, in fact he had been below average. Victor was fine with him being so small, but now a 7 inch cock was in his left hand. It also felt great, and was a new experience for him. At the slightest touch Gavin looked up in pleasure and wobbled. Victor positioned it to be behind the waistbands of Gavin's clothing and attempted to pull his pants again. It still didn't work, despite the penis no longer hooking the pants. Gavin chuckled and brought his hands down to do it himself. Gavin leaned over to get his pants down and off his big feet. He grabbed his socks too for good measure, throwing it all in the corner of the room. Then before he got up, he turned his head up at Victor. Gavin spared a look behind Victor and then placed two hands on his waist. Victor was confused but tried to put his hands around Gavin's head, until Gavin catapulted forwards, bringing Victor backwards through the air. Victor's breath caught as his view became the shifting room and the pure unadulterated lust of Gavin's face on top of his huge form. Victor then hit the bed, but kept sinking a little as Gavin's weight pushed the cushioning of the mattress down. 

Gavin let go of Victor's waist and pried his legs open, the whipped cream had mostly melted, but it didn't matter. Gavin usually went low and slow, with bursts of surprise but now he was ravenous. All the trouble he had had today, the manslaughter, the muscle, Victor's almost death, Sebastian's lewdness, Samar, had all gotten to him. Victor had the cure. Gavin opened his mouth and took in Victor's cock. It used to hit the back of his throat easy, but Gavin realized he had stolen some of Victor's size too. Gavin wondered how he felt about that. As if on cue, Victor's hands came down and shoved Gavin's head further into Victor's crotch. 

"Guess I am the small one now? Suck it anyway. Take it. Take my balls too. Take it all!" Victor began gyrating forwards as he shoved Gavin's head down. His hands did not cause any movement against Gavin's traps, but Gavin moved in rhythm anyways. Gavin used his lips to run up and down Victor's cock, occasionally teasing Victor with a suck that drew in his balls too. Victor was enjoying himself in bliss as he looked down his body at the muscle beast feeding off him.

Victor had always been able to hold himself back well, and especially now was making Gavin work for it. "Can't even get me off? Do it!" Victor toothily grinned down at Gavin, and Gavin looked up as a vein pulsed on his forehead. Gavin raised his head and licked his lips. Gavin went down like a woodpecker, taking all of Victor's shaft into his mouth, trying to dig down to wherever it went into his body, and used his tongue to work around it as he used suction to pull away his head in rhythm without losing his position. Gavin brought one hand up, working it's way up Victor's body and lightly dragging back down, drawing Victor out to arch his back. Gavin took the opportunity to take a finger from his other hand and stick it up Victor's backside. Gavin's finger's were not quite penis sized, but they were sizeable now, and Gavin wormed the finger around inside Victor as he raked down Victor's body. Gavin took one more huge, long drag on Victor's penis, and it was done. Warm gooey liquid spilled into Gavin's mouth as Victor's body racked and bucked. Victor's eyes were closed and he was in bliss. Gavin gave a few jerks on Victor's penis to make sure all the cum was out of it, and then sat back off the bed.

Gavin began to masturbate at the pure form of his admittedly now malnourished, but still handsome husband. Victor recovered and saw what Gavin was doing. Victor turned around on all fours and shook his butt in the air. Gavin's jaw dropped. Victor was normally more a bit more of a top.

"Are you sure?" Gavin got up, putting his 7 inch cock level with Victor's awaiting asshole. 

"Big guy, I think I might have to start to be a sub for you if you keep growing."

This caused both of them to laugh. Gavin went up to him and slowly worked his penis into Victor. Victor was super tight, Gavin didn't normally get to do this, and before Gavin had a small dick, as opposed to this thick shaft. Victor squeezed his eyes shut and his breathing became more irregular. Gavin stopped, but he knew that they had a safeword, so he continued. Gavin got it all in, despite Victor looking like he was in pain.

"You ok Victor? I can stop." 

Victor looked back over his back, eyebrows pushed together in concentration but a smile on his face. "This is all about you honey, I am fine. Get yourself off." Victor began to shake his ass from side to side, sending shudders down to Gavin. Gavin bucked back and forth quickly. Picking up speed as he went. Victor fell from the motion at some point, but pushed himself back up. After only about a minute Gavin bent back as his seed left him in volleys inside Victor. Both grunted together as warmth left from Gavin into Victor. After about 5 pulses, Gavin retreated. When he finally popped out, Victor let out a sigh of relief. He crashed on the bed, leaving lots of room for Gavin, who flopped down too. Gavin rolled over onto his side, resting his head on Victor's chest, and Victor petted him. 

"Victor, I am scared about all these changes."

"Gavin, if you weren't I think that would be the problem. You will be fine. You should call in sick tomorrow, and we will go get you some new clothes. We should also buy some bigger clothes for you in case you grow more." Gavin gave a start. Victor looked down at the man before him, big but still not abnormal per say. "Gavin, do you want to grow more?"

Gavin didn't respond for a couple of seconds. "I do kind of, is that ok?"

Victor giggled. "Why are you asking my permission?"

Gavin flipped over in the bed to look up at Victor while still using him as a pillow. "Would you be ok with it. Would you still be attracted to me? I don't know how big I want to grow."

Victor's face softened from humour to sincerity. "Gavin, I don't own you. I love you and your size will not change that. You can do whatever and as long as you are safe and happy, then I will be happy. Consult me if you are conflicted about something, but ultimately your body is your own. I have 0 claim over it. I love you for you, and as long as you stay you, then I will be right next to you the whole way."

Gavin eyes watered up and Victor felt the warm tears fall on him and stream down the side of his stomach. Victor was so thin. He had never been big, but he had definition that he had worked hard for, and it was disappointing to see it gone. 

"Thank you Victor. You are the best." Gavin shifted and hugged him, effectively crushing him into the mattress. Victor hugged the brute back. Eventually Victor tapped him to get off, and Gavin rolled over. 

"Let's go to rest now. You have had a long day, and tomorrow is not going to be a relaxing day either." Gavin spread out and began to sleep. Victor was drifting but shivered. He moved under Gavin's thick arm, against his body. Victor leeched off of Gavin's warmth, and either consciously or not, Gavin brought his arm down around Victor, drawing him in and surrounding him in warmth. Victor fell asleep to thoughts of joy at the man he had, but also fears of how things were going to change, and despite what he had just told Gavin (and he had meant every word), about how he did feel about this role reversal, and being so weak next to his husband. Even more thinking on that he would soon be weaker if Gavin had his way. 

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Astromuscle: K so I love Gavin and Victor more and more as I write, but again I would really love if anyone contributed, so I am going to expand on this. Again, feel free to use the characters I have introduced, or use completely new ones! Please I am so lonely...


Gerard couldn't believe what he had seen. Lately there had been a guy in his apartment building who had grown so much muscle, hair, and even height. Gerard wasn't gay, but he also could swear that his package was pushing out of his pants more and more. His neighbour, Dick he called himself, had gone through this transformation, but before that had been a small guy aged 35 or so. Gerard couldn't figure out what it was about this that caught his attention so much, but he was becoming more and more obsessed with Dick. Dick's growth also seemed up to this point to be speeding up. Gerard wondered what kind of steroids would do this, and also why Dick would use them. He had seemed so level headed. They had not been close, but Dick was actually one of Gerard's favourite apartment neighbours.

Today Dick had left as Gerard returned from work. They had run into each other in the hallway and exchanged basic pleasantries, but when it came time for Gerard to pass Dick, he could not see how. Dick was so wide he took up the whole hallway practically. After making a motion Dick turned, which helped, though in Gerard's haste his face lightly brushed the jutting out shelf that was Dick's chest. Gerard tried to sound nonchalant mentioning that Dick better not grow anymore. This only caused Dick to take his bear arms and go into a pose flexing them. Even through the hair, Gerard could see the growing size and definition Dick had. He was not lean by a far stretch, thick fat covered covered his whole body but despite that and the hair trying to hide it, the muscles knew how to show off. Gerard came back in earnest now, explaining that being this size was not healthy, but Dick wasn't taking him seriously. Gerard turned to leave, mentioning that he liked him better when he was thin. 

A boom sounded behind Gerard causing him to jump and turn. Dick had punched right through one of the walls of the hallway and now plaster fell as he removed his fist from the wall. He advanced on Gerard, causing him to back up until he hit the end of the hallway. Dick used both arms to trap him in place, surrounding Gerard in two walls, which was harder he didn't know. Dick looked down at Gerard. "Now listen, I guess you can have your opinion of what version of me you like or don't, but know something. I was miserable when I was small. I was a weakling, bullied, bossed around at work and by an ex-wife who took everything. I used to go to bed looking at pictures of power-lifters wondering if I could ever be that strong. They looked so tough that nothing could bother them. Now I make those types of people shiver, and I have no intention of stopping. If you want to think fondly of those times then whatever, but know that back then I lived each day wondering if it would just be easier to end it all. In the past year I have found out that I have strengths," His arms seemed to unconsciously flex at that. "I have friends now. I look forward to the next day every night now, instead of dreading it. You can be one of my new friends if you want, but know that I don't look fondly on those old times, except to see how they got me where I am now, and where I will go soon." Somewhere in this conversation Dick's cock had begun to push his pants. it looked fairly long, even though it was not hard yet, but damn judging by the tip of the tent, his girth must have been unreal. 

Dick stopped leaning on the wall and got up. Gerard slid down the wall. Now Gerard really could not look at anything but the penis. Gerard was fairly sure he wasn't gay, but he was beginning to believe that he might be at least a little bisexual because damn if he didn't want to do bad things with that telephone pole. Gerard tried to look past the penis up at the bear that stood before him. "I'm sorry, I didn't know." Dick was looking down hard, but his face melted and he smiled at that. Dick shifted and offered Gerard a meaty palm, which Gerard took to be yanked upright.

Dick's smile stretched from ear to ear. "I am sorry I went off on you like that. I guess that just hurt to hear more than I expected." He tried to laugh, but seeing the fear in Gerard he stopped and looked ashamed. "Gerard I am sorry. I wouldn't hurt you." Dick used his hands to pat Gerard on either side, trying to comfort him. "Look, let me make it up to you. I was going to a meeting, but if you let me make a call I can skip and maybe we can do something together. I just got a game system, we could play something together maybe. Find out what all the young kids are so interested in right?"

Gerard had literally never played a video game in his life, but he found himself saying yes quicker than someone should have accepted an invitation to be alone with someone who could punch through a wall and not notice. Gerard followed Dick to his apartment. Dick went first, eventually managing to squeeze through the door, though his ample stomach had looked like it was not going to fit. Gerard closed the door behind himself. Dick's house was very empty all things considered. The living room had nothing but a ratty couch, a TV with a game console and DVD Player underneath, and some weights littered around the room. Dick lifted a finger to his lips as his phone was next to his ear. He extended his thick arm to the couch, indicating Gerard could sit, so he did. Gerard pulled out his own phone, pretending not to listen to the phone conversation.

"Hey Samar-" Dick had been cut off. "Yes I know I am late. I don't think I am going to make it tonight." There was silence. "Ok well I kind of ran into someone and we are going to hang out for the night." Another silence after which Dick smiled at Gerard. "I am going to try. Send me the details and I will look into that guy for you. Good night man." Dick hung up and put his phone back in his pocket. Gerard quickly pulled up Facebook so he looked like he had been doing something. When Dick got to the couch and sat down Gerard was pushed up in a bounce. Dick extended both of his gorilla arms over the top of the couch, easily reaching over both sides. Gerard put his phone away too. Gerard also noticed that Dick's erection had not gone away at all. This time Dick caught him eyeing his penis and looked at him with a questioning look. 

"My penis takes time to go down. If you are gay and interested, we can play a different game..." Dick looked so cool as he waited for a response from Gerard. 

Gerard paused for a second, thinking. "I have been straight as long as I can remember." It was a little non committal but Dick took it to mean he wasn't interested. 

"That's cool, but when it gets like this it's really painful to keep in my pants, do you mind if I just lose them. It would make me feel a lot more comfortable." Gerard looked like it was really weird, but he had to admit it looked uncomfortable, so he told Dick he could. With great relief Dick took off his pants and underwear allowing a huge penis to emerge. It was 8.5". Long but not inhuman, but the girth was insane. Gerard, who was himself a slightly overweight man looked at his own wrist as a comparison and even then almost swore Dick's dick was thicker. Dick looked very relieved at this. Gerard couldn't take his eyes off the penis. "are you ok buddy? If it is too weird, I can put the pants back on."

Gerard looked up at Dick's face, he looked worried, but there was excitement in his eyes. He knew what he was doing. 

"Fuck it!" Gerard got up and went in front of Dick. Dick opened up his legs, allowing his penis to extend to a full 9 inches from his body. Gerard slowly moved his face towards the wand that swung with each breath Dick took. Around the dick three large appendages grew. Two thick hairy monster logs stuck out. Again, definition was not immediately apparent, but one feel told Gerard that there was more muscle in one of those legs than was probably in his whole body. They had to be to support the monster that extended above the penis. A large gut hung above, stretch marks on either side of a large belly button, but beneath that a thick base was hiding, Gerard knew it if only because he could see through Dick's shirt that large pecs were there. Out of the chest both of Dick's gorilla arms still rested on the couch. Dick looked down at it all, and how he surrounded Gerard and couldn't help but smile as Gerard drew closer to his stick of pleasure. Gerard hesitantly opened his mouth and tried to get his mouth around the dick. Opened as full as possible, Gerard managed to get the head in, but now was stuck. Dick looked down, a little disappointed. 

"Remember to breathe through your nose little buddy." Dick said as he brought one large hand down and shoved Gerard's head forward. Gerard got most of it in, but was choking. Gerard closed his eyes and focused on overcoming his gag reflex as Dick's penis pushed his uvula right out of the way. Next Gerard breathed through his nose, the air movement apparently tickling Dick because his penis began to turn in excitement. Dick began gyrating as he held Gerard's head in place. Gerard's mouth and throat massaged Dick's penis as his penis reciprocated in jerky motions that picked up their pace. Eventually as at least Gerard approached climax Dick spoke. "Do you want to know how I got this big? I can show you right now."

Gerard could barely focus, but found himself doing his best to nod despite being pinned by Dick on both sides. Dick laughed at that, and breathed deeply. Gerard could not believe what he felt, but indeed both Dick's penis grew, as well as the hand on the back of his head. Gerard shifted his eyes up to see the landscape before him spread. Bigger belly; rounder, larger pecs; arms growing thicker and longer; back widening. Gerard was even peripherally aware that the legs on either side of him got thicker if that had been possible and hairier, though that was harder to tell since there was more terrain for the hair to cover. Gerard tried to reach to feel, and noticed his own arm was getting smaller, thinner, shorter. Gerard began to panic, but Dick face fucked him with a new vigour that finally made Gerard come in his pants.

Seconds later Gerard's throat was full with cum. Gerard began to choke, but Dick reminded him to swallow. Gerard pulled out and coughed up a bunch, but Dick had helped with his reminder. Dick was still leaking cum, but had stopped growing. The change all-in-all wasn't that significant for him, but Gerard was short and a twig. He couldn't believe it. Dick had taken it all. Gerard checked in his pants and was in disbelief that even his dick was smaller.

Dick laughed at the pants check, and got up to grab some paper towels. "That was a rush. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did." Dick flexed a bicep, and kissed it. Dick brought the towels over, took a couple for himself and handed the rest to Gerard. "I have some old pants that might fit you now if you need them. Gerard absently cleaned himself as he took in Dick. 

"You take the muscle. But what about me?" Gerard was freaking out. He liked being thin, but any muscle he had had was gone, and his penis had shrunk.

Dick carefully rubbed his penis clean. "Don't worry little buddy. Your body remembers where it used to be at. Your penis, hair, muscle and fat will come back at some point. Your height will even bounce back a little, though in our experience we found that one will never quite return to normal. Some guys have learned enough control to not take height, but I haven't had that many people to test on. Sorry." Dick actually looked sorry in that moment.

Gerard was a little relieved. "There are more of you? Was that guy on the phone one?" Dick nodded. "Well, then, where do we go from here?"

Dick seemed to think about that as he threw out the paper towel he had used. "We could still play a game if you want, though I understand if you want to go home right now."

Gerard thought for a sec, but then moved towards the door. He left wordlessly, leaving the door behind him. Dick looked down at his large hands, squeezing them in and out, trying them out. Dick seemed disappointed. 

"Same time next week?" Gerard had reappeared in the door. Dick looked over at Gerard. "Well I mean how else are you going to get practice? Besides maybe next time we actually will play a video game, though how effectively you can play with mitts like those I have no idea." Gerard gave him a smile, which made Dick smile too. 

"See you next week." Dick got up, and waved goodbye. This time Gerard closed the door behind him as he left. 

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Good gods this is pressing all the right buttons for me.

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5 hours ago, Esshar said:

Good gods this is pressing all the right buttons for me.

Feel free to add some. My characters, other characters, RANDOM NEW PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH MY STORY. 

They caught a guy stealing muscle in France in an earlier chapter, What's happening in France?

But I am happy you are enjoying. My other stories I put lots of thought and such into, this one I just write and whatever happens happens.

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I love this last part, but gosh. It is kinda funny how most everyone who seems to be drained somehow doesn't mind that much. Just a little chat afterwards and it is like they forget being upset at all. Could that be a side-effect of the drain-power? ;3 lol


I am curious to how Gerard and Dick will be writting by future writers. ;3 (though as I said in private messages, there is definitely a small chance that people will unfortunately. =( )

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4 hours ago, Hanugumo said:

I love this last part, but gosh. It is kinda funny how most everyone who seems to be drained somehow doesn't mind that much. Just a little chat afterwards and it is like they forget being upset at all. Could that be a side-effect of the drain-power? ;3 lol


I am curious to how Gerard and Dick will be writting by future writers. ;3 (though as I said in private messages, there is definitely a small chance that people will unfortunately. =( )

So far no one has minded, but I don't think it's complacency. Victor literally asked for it, and it does bother him. Gerard kind of asked for it to, though he didn't know what he was expecting. 

Gerard was going to be my antagonist, but then I liked this more. They weren't supposed to have sex, Gerard was supposed to follow Dick to Samar's meeting. 


*Sigh* but who can resist these guys!

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