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Site Migration Complete - Please Report Any Problems Here

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I have successfully migrated the site to the new host. While I got most things running correctly there may be some bugs here and there that I missed. If you find any please report them here. 

Page speeds might be slow to start out with as the page caching needs to be reacquired and minor configurations changes will need to be done. 



Some fun facts:

  • Our website itself is over 100GB in size. 
  • Our database is nearly 30GB in size. 
  • We use over 1.5TB of bandwidth per month.
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To echo what hotboi above has said: The chatbox on the forum's homepage doesn't load consistently. There seems to be no particular time that this happens either. The rotating circle just whirls and whirls away making me all dizzy. 

This appears across all my devices (Windows 10 PC, Windows 10 tablet, Android tablet and mobile phone.) on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome including reverting to using stock browsers on mobile devices. 

Other than that, the site is very zippy and responsive. Nice to see my $1.98 per month at work. Maybe I'll up it to $1.99!

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Situation is resolved. It wasn't the cache in my circumstance, it was my Antivirus app that was causing a conflict. 

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