strength The American Musketeer : The Test

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Chapter One

Roger looked towards Porthos and Henri who both gave him two thumbs up as he knocked on the door of Captain Treville's office, who announced "Entrez" in his usual commanding voice. As Roger entered, the Captain looked up and as soon as he saw who it was beamed from ear to ear.

"Oh my dear Roger!" he said, and practically bounded over to him, and like all Frenchmen kissed him on both cheeks, "You are the saviour of the French monarchy. Oh, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Why, if it were possible, I would marry you myself!"

"You would?" asked Roger, slightly surprised

"But of course" he replied, "to be able to announce to the world that a Musketeer cadet was getting married is the dream of every single Captain of this famed corps!"

"Oh" said Roger, suddenly realising that the Captain meant he wanted to marry Roger off, rather than marrying him himself

"So what I can help you with then?" asked the Captain as he resumed his seat.

Roger took a deep breath and announced "Captain, I have come to a conclusion over these last few days. Everywhere I go, I am hailed as a hero for my part in ensuring that the Queen was spared her blushes and yet when I see all these other cadets, men who have spent years trying to get to the same position as me, a friend to both the Titan and the English Musketeer, I feel as if I am stealing their thunder..."

"Nonsense!" replied the Captain, but Roger raised his hand

"...therefore" he continued, "I wish to take the test!"

The Captain gasped in horror and looked up saying "Non, non, non, non, I...I can't let you!"

"You can't?" asked Roger

"Roger" said the Captain as he stood up and placed his hands on Roger's shoulders, "The test is the most difficult part of any cadet's training. It involves a fifty mile horse ride across country, a forty mile march in full uniform and equipment, a thirty mile run, a two mile swim and a final test that is held at night in the Bois de Boulogne!"

"Doesn't sound too tricky!" said Roger

"In order to pass each stage successfully, you must finish in the top two in every stage and win the final test. Otherwise" and with that the Captain gulped, "You would be ejected from the corps and not able to apply again for another five years. Roger, I cannot dare to lose a man of your calibre. Have you seen how Porthos and Henri treat you? Why, if they were women, I'd say that they were both in love with you!"

Roger smiled and said "I consider them to be my best friends in the entire world and they have agreed with my decision!"

"In that case" said the Captain, sitting back down, "if they have given their consent I have no reason to object" and with that pulled out a document, added Roger's name and said "Once you sign there, nothing, bar your death can remove your name!"

"Then let's hope I don't die!" Roger chuckled as he signed his name and with that act, the die was cast.

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Looks like a massive physical tribulation, but I'm sure his core engine will withstand it well :)

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Chapter Two
A couple of weeks later, the noticeboard at Musketeer Headquarters was gathering a lot of attention as the list of the newest people to do "The Test" was published and as Roger beamed at his name on the list, giving Porthos and Henri carte blanche to push him beyond his limits over the next two months in preparation, he would have been better armed if he had read the name above him. That name was Charles L'Poisson and it was a name that was placed there as part of a plot.
"So" mused the Cardinal after receiving the latest intelligence from Musketeer Headquarters, "the man who defeated me intends to take "The Test" does he?"
"That is correct, Your Eminence" came the reply from Milady.
As the Cardinal continued to muse, there was a knock at the door and the Count Rochefort entered, kissing the Cardinal's ring before saying "I believe I may have a solution" and with that stepped to one side to reveal Charles who entered the room and immediately dominated it. He stood nearly six and a half feet tall and as Count Rochefort announced "He weighs the same as one and a half falconet cannons, is able to lift two of those cannons and..." and raised his eyebrows as if to emphasis the point, "...believes himself to be stronger than the Titan himself"
"Interesting" replied the Cardinal, "and he is being presented because?"
"I will loyally serve Your Eminence until my dying day!" came the reply as Charles knelt on one knee in deference.
A wicked smile cross the Cardinal's face as a plan started to form in his mind.
Of course Roger was completely unaware of this and didn't care either as demonstrated on the first day of his training when Henri and Porthos managed to wear him out so much that when they offered to reward him by allowing Man Incarnate to feel the power of the Ultimate Musketeer and the Ultimate Titan combined his reply of "Thanks, but I need a sleep" proved that their training methods were working a treat. Little did they know however that for every mile Roger ran, swam or marched, Charles was running, swimming and marching three miles.
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The Cardinal doesnt know when to give up. I will give him that. He's resilient.

Now Chgarñles and Roger will ahve the greatest of time figthing agains each other

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Chapter Three
It was the first day of "The Test" and as the twenty cadets who had registered for the five days of challenges limbered up, Henri and Porthos were putting Roger through his warm up offering advice as they did so.
"Now, remember" said Henri, "this fifty mile horse ride is based on your skills as a horseman. When the gun is fired, you will run from here to that bowl by the Captain, he will then draw a number which will relate to one of those horses over there" and pointed to a collection of horses some two hundred and fifty yards from the start, "you have never ridden any of those horses before making it a true test!"
"Indeed" added Porthos, "for many is the time that you will have to jump on a horse that is not your own!"
"Guys" smiled Roger, as he completed his hundredth sit up, "how difficult is it to ride a horse?" and with that shook his trainer's hands and lined up. As he did, a huge brute of a man stood next to him, sneered and then sneezed wiping his nose with his sleeve which revolted Henri to the point of commenting "Would you look at that, and here was I hoping that cavaliers were gentlemen!"
A few moments later, the gun was fired and a mad dash to the bowl began and soon another dash to the horses. The brute of a man got there first and drawing his number, ran like the wind to a horse that seemed to match him as it reared up and galloped from the start before anyone else had even mounted there. Roger's horse, however, couldn't have been more opposite. As he leapt on and geed it, the horse looked up with a slightly dopey expression as if to ask
"Yes, can I help you?" but eventually got the message leaving Roger halfway in the pack with Henri and Porthos cheering their protégé on.
As they all jumped over the first hurdle and over the brow of a hill, Henri said "Well, shall we see how our protégé does then?" patting his sword as he did, to which Porthos beamed "Only if you promise to carry me to the halfway mark!"
Having jumped six hurdles of various descriptions, be they fences, hedges or a ditch, Roger was making good progress and was already closing in on the brute of a man who had been leading from the start and was chuckling to himself when his horse suddenly took a hard right turn for no reason. As Roger demanded "Hey, the road's over there" he saw the reason why. There on the grass was a carrot, a carrot that his horse was thoroughly enjoying.
"Oh, brother!" he groaned, "what a time to have a drive through!" and with that he looked up to see how much ground he had lost but was amazed to see the whole area covered with the other horses doing the same. In fact the only horse not eating a carrot was the horse of the brute who was galloping off into the distance and it didn't take Roger long to realise what had happened. As he grumbled under his breath, little did he know that his grumbles were being heard.
"That absolute scoundrel" declared the Ultimate Musketeer as he screeched to a halt at the halfway stage and turned to his companion who jumped off his shoulders, saying "Did you hear that as well?"
As the Ultimate Titan nodded, the Ultimate Musketeer's face turned from it's usual pleasant demeanour to a face like thunder which prompted him to state "Well, if he's cheating, then so can we!" and with that looked around. Spying a silver birch growing nearby, he uprooted it and handed it to his colleague saying "Think you can make some rope from that?" As the Ultimate Titan started to turn the tree into strands, the Ultimate Musketeer did the same and within ten minutes had made the strongest rope ever known to man. With the rope ready, he tied it around two trees on the path that the cadets would take making sure that it was at the same height as the middle of the horse of the first person to come. As he did he chuckled "Right then, you cheat, let's see you jump that then!" and with that hid behind the tree closest to the road with the Ultimate Titan next to him.
A few moments later, they both heard the galloping of a horse and peered around. Just as they had planned it was the brute and rubbing his hands with glee, the Ultimate Musketeer whispered "Watch this!" as they both peered around the tree and sure enough the horse rode straight into the rope. However as the Ultimate Musketeer was about to break cover and condemn the brute, the Ultimate Titan held him back and moaned "Mon dieu, look!" and as the Ultimate Musketeer watched, he gasped in amazement. The horse was making no attempt to jump the rope and was being urged to push against it. As the brute of a man urged his horse on, the two trees the rope was tied to began to bend inwards leaving the two Ultimate men stunned into silence and just a few moments later, the two trees toppled to the ground leaving the path clear for the brute to continue followed by the rest of the cadets. As Roger arrived at the back of the group, he stared in disbelief and asked his friends what had happened.
"God!" moaned the Ultimate Titan as a damp patch started to appear on his breeches.
The Ultimate Musketeer and the Ultimate Titan's plan having failed, they only had one more chance to help Roger and that plan was made up on the fly. About a hundred yards from the finish, the cadets had to jump a wall so in the time that it took them to reach there, both men had created a fake wall some ten yards in front of the real wall from nothing more than a sheet of leather that, just twenty minutes earlier had been a bull and as the Ultimate Titan finished licking his lips, the Ultimate Musketeer had finished placing the fake wall in front of the real wall. As he did, he said "This had got to work, if not, then Roger's out of a job!" and with that they both hid. A short while later, the brute appeared and jumped over the fake wall with aplomb, but when the horse saw the real wall he reared up and forced the brute from his saddle. Within moments, the remaining twelve riders were rough housing in the gap between the two obstacles. Just then Roger appeared and although his horse now looked very tired, it was still going. With a quick pull, the Ultimate Musketeer revealed the fake wall and stuck a thumbs up to Roger who geed his horse and sailed over the melee and the real wall landing in the lead for the first time in the entire race. As the rest of the riders recovered, the two Ultimates broke cover and cheered Roger on, urging him on.
"Come on" grunted Roger, giving it his all, "We're almost home, come on, we can do this!" but soon realised that the brute of a man was gaining on him. Urging his horse on with everything he had, Roger also wanted to wish his horse could become the Ultimate Horse. As it was both men crossed the line first and as such were adjudged to have tied although as Roger jumped down and patted his brave steed he said "No matter what they say, I think you won by the shortest of noses!"
The horse neighed his appreciation and with that collapsed onto it's stomach.
That evening at Roger's digs, Henri was pouring over the cadet lists that he had borrowed from the Captain on the pretence of writing a speech for the winner's presentation as a formal cadet. As he cross referenced the cadets with the horses they had been allocated, Roger and Porthos were taking part in a game of Roger's own invention that he dubbed "strip arm wrestling" which was like strip poker, with the stripping being determined by how strong they were both were. They were both down to their long johns only and Roger was determined to make Porthos pose naked and so grabbing his opponent's hand he grunted "You're going down, mate!" and was soon testing the Titan's strength.
"Found him!" declared Henri causing Porthos to lose concentration and as Roger slammed his opponent's hand to the table he yelled "YEAH, now strip, Titan and show me your mass!"
"Before he does" said Henri, placing the papers on the table, "you might want to look at this. Your opponent is a Charles L 'Poisson, native to Normandy, who only became a cadet four weeks ago having been dismissed from the Cardinal's guards for, according to this, "activities unbecoming to a Guardsman". If I wasn't a suspicious person, I would wonder if he was in fact a plant by the Cardinal to ensure that someone not a million miles from me didn't become a cadet. Well, Roger, what do you think?" and with that he looked up, shook his head and breathed "Roger!" with a sign as both Roger and Porthos were ramming each other harder and faster than ever before.
"Just remember" said Henri as he placed his hat on his head, "you've a forty mile march first thing, with full equipment and no water until you get back!"
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Chapter Four

It was the following evening and Roger, Porthos and Henri were all at Roger's digs and all doing different things. Roger was lying on his bed, his chest heaving and his stomach appearing and disappearing being nursed by Porthos who, on Henri's instructions was counting the number of times he could feel Roger's heart beat whilst Henri was pacing the floor trying to figure out two things at once.

"Forty nine" replied Porthos as he lowered his lover's hand.

"A hundred and ninety six" mused Henri, "that's too high for his own good. But he's marched forty miles in full uniform with equipment plenty of times before, so why now is he still unable to recover?" and with that he sat next to Roger and placed his hands on his head, closed his eyes and whispered "Don't speak, Roger, remember today's test"

"What are you doing?" asked Porthos

"I have found" said Henri, "that I can access some of the Ultimate Musketeer's powers when I am not him and this is one of those occasions where I can put those powers to good use" and with that he took a deep breath and intoned "Remember, Roger, remember what happened!" and with that started to speak like Roger.

"I can do this. I have marched forty miles with a full pack and back in less than sixteen hours. This will be a doodle. Ready when you are, Captain, and off we go. Excellent, half an hour intervals means that I should be able to catch up with the person who left thirty minutes before me, that means I'll be back in around seven hours. Excellent, give me a chance to have a hot bath and then suck Porthos for the rest of the evening" "Yes" said Henri, as he decided to fast forward, "we know about that. Ah, this sounds interesting" "Hang on, is that? There's someone behind me? That's not possible, I think I can catch a glance. Oh, fuck, it's that brute who tied in the horse race with me yesterday. Is he? He is! Oh man, that's not possible, how fast is he marching. Oh, man, look at him, he's bigger than Porthos, and yet, he's not gasping for breath at all. Oh man, I'm going hard. I can feel it. I'm hardening. This Charles man is, oh fuck, he's more powerful than Porthos. Man, I...I can't help myself, I need to feel his power. Oh fuck, look at those glutes, flexing with each step. Oh man, I need to suck him and I need to suck him now!"

"Ah" said Henri, as he removed his hands, "I rather think that Roger's sex drive got the better of him. Mmm, backs up what I found out as well!"

"What does?" asked Porthos as he held his lover's hand encouraging him to relax

"I had a little nose around the Cardinal's guards headquarters today" said Henri, much to the shock of Porthos, "don't worry, I was the Ultimate Musketeer so I wasn't going to get caught. Turns out that Charles was never dismissed from the guards and is actually like Roger here, in love with other men. Clearly, they are using him to ensure that Roger is unable to complete the challenges. Well, two can play at that game" and with that he turned to Roger and said "Roger, would you permit me to remove all your dreams of making love to men like Porthos for the duration of tomorrow's run? Because it's a mass start, it is almost certain and you and Charles will be the top two, as you were today. If I remove them, as the Ultimate Musketeer, I believe that means that you will then be able to focus more on your performance and less on your sex drive, therefore do I have your consent?"

Roger nodded and with that Henri placed his hands on Roger's head and said, almost as if lulling a child to sleep, "Dream, Roger, Dream of everything you would like to do to that man, and let me feel them!" and as Roger slowly closed his eyes, his pulse started to slow and Henri closed his eyes. Little did he know what effect this would have on him the following day.

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Chapter Five

"Goodness me" declared Aramis as he arrived at the start of the run along with Athos, "I've never seen anyone as happy and cheery as you, Roger, are we in a good mood then?"

"The best ever!" he beamed back, "my dear friend Henri managed to ensure that I would finish this race in first place!"

"Yes" said Athos as he looked around, "where is Henri, actually where is Porthos as well? He always likes to see the race!"

"Not a clue" replied Roger as he jogged to the start, "although Henri did leave a note saying he was going to have a good time with Porthos today!"


"Please, please, I beg of you, show me mercy!"

As the Ultimate Musketeer pulled a riding crop from where his sword normally resided he beamed a wicked smile to the Ultimate Titan.

"Mercy?" he asked, "but I thought you liked these sort of things?"

As the Ultimate Titan struggled to break free from his bonds, the Ultimate Musketeer laughed wickedly and as the Ultimate Titan paused he hit the Titan's pecs with the crop causing the bound hero to grunt.

"Yeah" moaned the Ultimate Musketeer, "admit it, you like that don't you. And there's plenty more where that came from!" and with that tapped his head.


As Roger passed the quarter way stage, he looked behind him and smiled from ear to ear. Charles was a good half mile behind him and starting to fall even further behind. Although it had been a mass start race with the ten remaining contestants, he knew that even if Charles did manage to overtake him, thanks to his friend, he would not be distracted by him and in the first mile Charles had indeed employed the same move rushing to the front and flexing his glutes in an effort to distract Roger, but this time it hadn't worked and now Roger was doing the same to him. As he chuckled, he wondered what torture his friend was involving Porthos in now and smiled thinking "I don't care what he does, not going to affect me today!"


"I'm sorry?" asked the Ultimate Musketeer, "what did you say?"

"LET ME GO!" screamed the Ultimate Titan, but his screams were muffled by the bag over his head which was being drenched by buckets of water thrown over the man's head by the Ultimate Musketeer with such speed it was almost as if he was being hosed. As he concentrated the water at the Ultimate Titan's fifteen inch hard cock he added "I wonder how much of this it will take before you cum, eh? How about this?" and with that doubled the speed of the water causing the Ultimate Titan to grit his teeth underneath the now sodden bag.

"Of course" said the Ultimate Musketeer, "the real Titan, Hercules, would have snapped those bonds ages ago. Perhaps we need to up the ante a bit eh?"


"Come on Roger" cheered Aramis and Athos as Roger neared the end of the race, "come on, you can do it!"

As Roger thrust his chest over the winning line, both men cheered and as they shook his hand they said "The fastest time ever"

"Really?" asked Roger, breathing hard

"No one has ever completed that thirty mile run in less than four hours" said Aramis

"And you've done it in under three hours!" added Athos, "how did you do it?"

"Ask Henri!" he replied with a smile


"So, if you're not as strong as Hercules, then perhaps we need to find you a new title eh? What about, Ultimate Victim then?"

As the Ultimate Titan pulled on his restraints, his stream of curses were blocked by the gag across his mouth

"Now, now" said the Ultimate Musketeer with a wicked chuckle, "there's no need to lose your temper I say. All I ask was "Do you think you can tackle the Four Winds?" I can't help it if you were out cold from me attaching clothes pegs to your nipples, cock and balls can I? Now quit bellyaching and prepare to beg for mercy!" and with that he activated the mechanism causing the Ultimate Titan to grunt with effort

"You know, this is a wonderful device!" said the Ultimate Musketeer as he walked around the device, "I have no idea how it wound up in the Cardinal's torture chamber, but I am so glad I pinched it for today. I never bother with instructions, myself, but if I did it would probably say that "The Four Winds is a  device which has the ability to rip any victim strapped to it to shreds. It operates on a system of four spring loaded catapults which when activated, pull the limbs of the victim in four separate directions, eventually tearing them from the victim's body. But of course, the Ultimate Titan is not just anyone is he? No, he is able to withstand such a torture, or at least would be able to do if he hadn't been tested to his limits already. So all you have to do is accept that I am the stronger, the more powerful and submit to the ultimate torture" and with that he knelt down and whispered into his victim's ear "The next thunderstorm, you and me, attached to a metal rod on the top of the Headquarters and we are going to suffer the pain and agony of a lighting strike!" and with that he removed the gag which caused the Ultimate Titan to scream "HELP!"

Seconds later, Roger charged into the room as Man Incarnate and gasped at what he was seeing. Instantly he knew what must have happened. When Henri had drained all the fetishes from his mind so that he could concentrate on the race, it must have corrupted him and now he was playing out every single fetish Roger had on the Ultimate Titan. Wrestling the Ultimate Musketeer to the ground, he placed his hands onto the head of the Ultimate Musketeer and gritted his teeth saying "I reclaim what is mine!". A few moments later, a slightly dazed Ultimate Musketeer shook his head and said "Ah, Roger, nice run?" before a scream of "HELP ME!" alerted him to the Ultimate Titan's agonised situation. He dived to the controls and stopped it, just seconds before the springs triggered. As he released the Ultimate Titan, he begged forgiveness and was relieved when the reply came "You are forgiven" in panted breaths followed by "Can we do this again next week?"

The Four Winds is a torture device featured in the 1980's version of Thundercats

The Four Winds.jpg

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