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Dallas McCarver's 23" Holiday gift to us all

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He is enjoying measuring that bicep FAR too much.... oh...I'll do that again....wasn't really in the right spot.... wants to try to get it t 24".. he wishes

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On 12/25/2016 at 8:32 PM, SBCOMICS said:

couldn't figure out why anyone would vote this video down... unless they were disappointed that the camera view was on the back  and not on the front ?

Videos like this tend to attract three kinds of viewers on Youtube:

1) gay muscle-worshipers,

2) people who, while not necessarily a muscle-worshiper, appreciate the work that was put into his physique (e.g. other athletes), and

3) people who are quick to accuse the bodybuilder of pumping themselves full of steroids, HGH, synthol, etc.

The down-votes likely came from camp number 3.

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It not happens in this video because Dallas is just flexing. But sometimes; specially in older and longer videos, also in interviews, his way of speech, expressions and gestures can look very delicate to me. (I remember of a toxic a comment on a YouTube video calling him fag)

I think that by themselves those gestures have little to no meaning but I wonder if that huge tatooed bodybuilder could be gay. (If he is into guys i dont think that would ever become public)

Dallas is almost all my wet dreams in one giantic body... what a mind blowing thing it would be he coming out like Bob Paris did


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