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growth The Web Diary Of A Skinny Geek Pt 5

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* hey guys sorry for wait again, FYI the pics will not be of the same guy, just pulled random pics based on current and future physiques*









I can't explain how i look and feel right now, those pills god damn work, here's me last night:




And me now:




As you can see there has been a major change overnight and that was just 1 pill, imagine if i took 2 or 3 a night, hmmmmm.


Anyway jack left for his training camp this morning, so i ended up going to the gym on my own, the workout clothes i had worn in previous weeks still fit but they were really tight on my new body, i had pecs now so they pressed tight against the t-shirt, the t-shirt also hugged my abs quite nicely, my bi's n tri's caressed the arms of the t-shirt without it being tight against them, my legs have gained some mass and definition, the joggers i have still fit properly but but slightly hugged my thighs and butt.


I arrived at the gym and was greeted not by looks of total astonishment but looks of slight shock by seemingly rapid weight and muscle gain since yesterday. I went onto the gym floor with a slight air of confidence about myself knowing that i would be able to lift heavier than i had yesterday, now im not going to go through all the exercises that i did because there is other things i need you all to see but here is what i lifted today compared to first day:


Bench - 1st day 5kg - Today 55kg

Squat - 1st day 10kg - Today 60kg

Deadlift - 1st day just bar - Today 60kg

Pullups - 1st day not one - today 10

Dips - 1st day non - Today 15

Bicep Curls - 1st day 8kg - today 18kg


As you can see guys there has been a major shift in strength just imagine wot i can lift in a few days!!! i went back into the locker room and looked in the mirror, wow oh wow, i had a epic pump going on, i couldn't resist flexing my bi's, my god they formed a decent size lump which stretched my sleeve to the limit, i didn't have a tape with me to measure but i measured them when i got in and they measured 15" when i first started i was lucky if they broke 7" so im fucking buzzing at mo.


Im off college today but i feel as though i should share these next two pics with you, i got a text earlier from buff dave, it read TAKE A LOOK AT THESE, DAVE.


The first pic is dave taking a topless selfie and my god he is buff n getting ripped. The second is the gargantuan Alex who according to dave kindly supplied him with a pic all im saying is HUUUUUUGE.







As you can see there both pretty damn built in there own right!!!


Day off gym tomorrow as at college all day, i intend to ask how dave was given a pic of alex so kindly supplied by him.


Anyway i will update tomorrrow if i can if not it will be the next day 

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Great chapter, can't wait for the next one and see his next pill addition! Gonna love a story when a geek gets big!

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