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Enhancements (Pts 1-4)

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Enhancements Part Seven: Masculinity

Mark could barely recognize himself. Obviously he had gone through tremendous physical change: his muscles nearly triple their previous size, his body covered with a layer of thick red hair. His pecs were huge and hard, two hefty slabs of pure muscle front and center. His biceps were thick and built, connected to his trunk like torso with bushy tufts of armpit hair. His ass was a tight bubble of muscle, currently arched outward, presented for either of his new companions to enjoy. And his cock was a footlong protrusion of pure man meat, currently hanging down half-erect above a pair of juicy balls. Not only could Mark not recognize himself physically, he couldn't believe what he was doing, the lust and behavior he was about to engage in. Mark had gone from never even having kissed anyone to participating in a several hour threesome in a matter of hours.

His orgasm from before had satisfied him a little, but Mark really wanted to take this new body for a test drive. He had always been a horny guy, but it was different now- almost like he needed sex. Specifically, Mark couldn't wait to be fucked, almost like something in his ass desperately needed to be pounded by a hard dick. This too made him felt incredibly horny; here he was, the perfect epitome of a masculine physique, and all he could think about was riding Evan's cock. He begged for it a little, as Evan started by rubbing his huge dick against Mark's ass cheeks and crack, carefully teasing his bottom. Finally Evan inserted his lubed cock right into Mark's thick ass, causing Mark to moan hysterically as every single inch went deeper and deeper. Chris responded in turn by shutting Mark up by shoving his own cock down Mark's throat.

Evan pumped Mark like this for a while, exchanging between soft, slow, sensual strokes to a fast hard railing. Mark loved it all, and he showed it by giving Chris an amazing blowjob. Chris became extremely turned on both by the sight of his boyfriend fucking a huge muscle stud and said stud's extreme dick-sucking talent. By the time the men decided to change positions 10 minutes later, he had shot two hot loads down Mark's throat.

Mark expressed a desire to change things up, and Evan pulled out and sat down in one of the chairs. Evan's own impressive meaty cock stuck up invitingly to Mark, Evan gently playing with the steel hard member. Mark and Chris knelt down at Evan's feet and began servicing Evan. The two men licked and slurped at his hard cock and balls, enjoying the musky taste. They kissed each other passionately until Mark felt ready to be fucked again.

He stood and began to straddle Evan, eventually slowly lowering his ass down until the thick cock he was attempting to sit on touched his hole. After some adjusting he felt his ass expanding to accommodate Evan's thick girth. Mark was immensely turned on by this new sex position.

As he established a rhythm to ride Evan's cock to, he flexed his biceps proudly. "You see this shit? You see how fucking manly I am now?" Mark beamed. "I'm the picture perfect example of masculinity, and I want you to fuck me harder!"

This was incredibly sexy to Evan. Not only was fucking this man incredibly pleasurable, but being commanded what to do so aggressively, despite being the top, made Evan feel hot. His pecs were swollen again, by now, having slowly re inflated since Mark last drained them. As Mark slid up and down Evan's thick penis, more and more pec milk began to squirt out from Evan's nipples and onto Mark's chest. 

Mark howled in pleasure, but he couldn't help but feel like he wanted more. He commanded Chris to fuck him too, and Chris complied. He carefully approached Mark, who was now leaning forward. He spread Mark's ass and slowly inserted his own dick, not only feeling the tightness from the bottom's ass, but also his boyfriend's shaft rubbing against his own. The men continued like this as bestial moans filled the air. Squirt after squirt of pec milk was fired from Evan's pecs as Mark continued to ride. Eventually, it was too much to bear, as Mark's cock unleashed its own torrent of cum all over Evan's still oversized chest. Evan and Chris pulled out, pushing Mark to his knees. The two boyfriends stood, their arms around each other as they jerked each other off with their free hand. As they each came, they moaned loudly, shooting 7 or 8 pumps of hot cum straight into Mark's face, chest, and throat.

Mark furiously masturbated as he received his reward, carefully bringing himself to orgasm again. Evan and Chris, still standing up, immediately turned to each other and began making out, eventually started 69ing and fucking every which way, all putting on an erotic show for Mark, who beat off and shot several loads in doing so.  The men all fucked each other in turn, until finally exhaustion after hours of muscle sex caught up to their freakish libido, and after one last joint orgasm, their sweaty cum-covered bodies collapsed on the floor.

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Enhancements: Part Eight

I'm sure you're all wondering what Chris and Evan got up to now that they had fulfilled their promise to Dr. Cross and earned their reward of extended time with their enhanced bodies in the bathhouse upstairs, but first I have to tell you how I come into the story. My name is Trevor, and now that I've told you about those other three become studs, it's time to explain how the three of them changed my life. See, I was a freshman at the same college as Evan, Chris, and Mark, and although I didn't know them then, that would change quickly, in a big way.

It was August, summer after my first year in college, and sixth months after Evan and Chris had transformed Mark. I had done fairly well for myself; a small friend group of guys from my dorm hall, managed to go on a few dates with some girls here and there, and even better, my grades and my physique had never been better. By no means was I even close to the jockish build I had always wanted, but I was starting to put on a little weight from my scrawny high school days. My pecs were there, damnit, and I just needed to keep working out to keep up my good progress.

I was back on campus in early August, a few weeks before the fall semester began, to get a headstart with my new job at the campus library. I needed to go in for training every morning, but it was the perfect opportunity to get back in to working out after a summer off. After all, who could pass up taking advantage of the free student membership at the campus gym?! So, I started going to the gym every morning just after it opened but with ample time for me to workout before my new job.

One morning, on the 2nd or 3rd day of this new routine, one of the other guys working out caught my eye. The gym was almost entirely dead this morning, usually me or maybe me and one other guy only. Today, though, I couldn't stop looking at this dude working out with the dumbbells.

First off, he was huge. He wore a tiny tanktop, which barely covered up any of his huge frame. His massive pecs were basically uncovered due to the deep v-neck cut of the tank and massive armholes. His arms were massive trunks of muscle, with tufts of ginger red hair sticking out from below. I was always into women, but for some reason I just couldn't stop staring, especially when he lifted the weights above his head and showed off his deep pits. God, he's so manly, I thought. And then- What am I doing??!

I returned to my own workout, but still checked in on this other guy between sets. Now he had moved on to the bench press and had enlisted the help of a third guy as a spotter. The third guy was much skinnier; still a bit stronger than me, but nothing compared to this hulk of a man he was spotting for. The two went about their business - I couldn't really hear them too well, but it sounded like the big dude had started giving the smaller guy some pointers. Huh, I thought. Maybe he can help me out one morning. As they finished their workout, the two guys left the weight room and dipped into the locker room together. My curiosity got the better of me, so I waited about 2 minutes and then ducked into the locker room after them.

The locker room was a pretty big room with several rows of tall tan lockers, but of course in the early morning hours, it was nearly empty. I crept around sneakily, sticking my head around the corner of each row before proceeding. I reached the 2nd to last row when I heard two voices.

"Fuck yeah", came a deep yet clear voice. I figured that was the jacked ginger. The other voice was softer, but I could still hear it. "This is so hot," the smaller voice squeaked. I peeked around the corner, pretending to be picking something up in case they were looking my way. Luckily, they were none the wiser, but as I looked up from the floor, I saw something that almost made me scream with surprise.

The huge jacked guy was nearly naked, wearing nothing but a jockstrap. The jock was black, with a medium width waistband and thin black straps that went around his beautifully round ass cheeks. The contrast of his pale white skin and black underwear was extremely erotic, I thought. But why?! I had always been straight my whole life... what was going on with this guy? His jock was holding back a huge bulge, too. Fuck, there had to be a huge cock under there, wrapped up tight in the taut fabric, just waiting to be released. I need to see this, I thought. The jockstrap waistband read in white letters "PUMP!".

The smaller guy had a jock on too, a white bike jockstrap with a thicker gray waistband. I managed to see inside the open locker, which belonged to the big guy, where nearly a dozen more jocks seemed to be hung up. 

This was such a strange feeling, but I felt very warm all of a sudden, and then sweaty. I watched the two guys as they began touching each other, mostly the little guy rubbing the big man's muscles up and down his body. He pressed his package against the big stud's moaning the more and more he got to touch him. Eventually he knelt down and took the big stud's huge cock out of its wrapping. I was right about it's size- that thing had to be nearly a foot long, and thick as fuck, too! He had huge meaty balls that hung down beneath his massive shaft, covered with a thin layer of red-orange pubes. The smaller guy took this dude's cock into his mouth-well, whatever he could fit, and the bigger guy started moaning. I watched for a while, fondling my own shifting erection but being careful not to make enough noise to be noticed. 

After sucking for a while, the little guy stood up and turned around, leaning up against the locker and shifting his ass outward towards the big guy. Fuck... I thought. Are they about to-!? 

My question was immediately answered by the moans of the smaller guy, who was now nearly being split open by this jacked stud's thick cock. The smaller guy was moaning now, almost in sync with the stud's deep hard pumps. The big stud smacked the little guy's ass, which elicited a loud squeal. He was a lot more vocal now, moaning "fuck me, fuck me!" in between muffled moans, which were met with replies with "fuck yeah, you little jock wannabe, take my huge cock!" I was getting hornier and hornier... and it was taking every ounce of mental fortitude in my body not to give myself away. Eventually I decided to retreat, ducking into a stall, where I aggressively beat my dick until I came a huge load, the mental image of the big guy and his friend imprinted in my brain. I pulled on my underwear and looked for the two guys, maybe in the shower perhaps, but they were gone. I walked over to the big guy's locker, maybe hoping to snatch one of his jocks, but it was locked.

That night after work, I went home and had a few beers my roommate's older brother had bought for me. This was a really shocking day. I had always been straight - what the hell was I thinking in there? At 19, was I really just now starting to have gay thoughts? I decided not to think too much about it and just go to bed. It was another day, and I needed to see if the big dude was back again in the morning.

So I went to the gym again the next day and there he was, although without another protege. I thought about approaching him, maybe placing myself in the shoes of his friend from yesterday, but I chickened out and kept my distance. How could I possibly want a cock like that? I mean, did I seriously, really want to do those things?

After he dipped into the locker room again, this time alone, I wrapped up my workout and followed him in. I crept down the hall of the locker room to his row of lockers, but he wasn't there. Instead, I heard the rush of water coming from the bank of showers, so I continued to that area to peek in. I decided the best way to get a peek at this guy would be to simply take a shower; after all, the shower room at this gym wasn't separate by stalls or even curtains; all 12 or so of the showers just sat on the walls above on giant wall. I took off my clothes and walked into the showers, selecting one with a nice view of the big boy and turning up the water to hot.

He was still so sexy, but I had to work hard to not arouse suspicion to myself. I tried my best to minimize my boner and then to conceal what half-chub I couldn't prevent. After about 10 minutes of watching this dude lather his huge muscles up and rinse them off, I stared at his ass as he walked out of the shower bank. I decided to wait another minute or so to not be so obvious, then I finished my shower and grabbed my towel. I thought maybe I could catch another glimpse of him in his jock, hell, maybe even muster the courage to talk to him, but when I peered down his locker row, it was shut and he was gone. I shrugged and turned to return to my own locker stall, and THUD.

I ran straight into the guy, who was naked and standing right in the middle of the locker room. "Fuck! Sorry! Sorrysorrysorry" I whelped, taking a few scampered steps back.

"You've been watching me the past couple days, haven't you?" he croaked.

"I... I don't know what you're talking about?"

"It's ok, dude, nothing I haven't seen before. Name's Mark. Next time you're interested in this-" he motioned to his entire muscular body and then grabbed his flaccid dick and shook it around - "you can just ask. I'm a horny guy like everyone else."

"Well... well... I guess the truth is that I'm just curious."

"Curious, huh?" He grabbed my arm, spinning me around as my towel hit the floor, as if he was appraising me.

"I just don't know if I really, I mean truly want that," I admitted.

"Well, there's people who can deal with 'curious'," he replied, rummaging through his locker and finally handing me a small scrap of paper with address scrawled on it.

I looked at it as he dressed and began packing up. He started strolling out of the locker room, leaving me naked and standing there alone still with half a hardon, as I yelled back "This is in Chicago!"

Without even looking back, he answered, "somethings are worth checking out, dude. If you want, check it out and come see me."

I was shocked and nervous, but my interest was piqued. After a quick google search of the address, I learned it was the site of some kind of men's health clinic in the city. I planned a little trip taking time off work, bought a bus ticket, and began my journey...



Author's note: Next time: Trevor's got a transformation of his own coming

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WOW what a hot story.  I wish I was Mark in this story. He sure got his money worth. When I was born I only weight 3lbs 5oz and was 6 months pre-mature. I spent 3 months in a incubator.  When I graduated high school I only weight 135lbs at 6ft1'" My folks hat to move from Michigan to Arizona to keep me alive.  I always want to be a big bodybuilder but was not able to due to size. I am now 74yrs old. All I can due now is print your stories and read them in bed and DREAM.  Sorry this is so long. Even if you do not get a lot of replays keep writing for guys like me that can not so I can keep dreaming


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When do we get to read part 9?  I can't wait to read about  Trevor getting BIGGER. 

Also can you put it in  Part 3 so I can  read it in bed and DREAM. Thank you and GOD BLESS 

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Hi again

I was wondering when we will get to read chapter 9 .  It is hard to wait to see how Trevor get to do the change. Please keep wring and I hope that I have not bugged you too much.


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