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Nofap therapy on Reddit

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Ummm, okay. I guess it is possible, but this would need to be really studied. Maybe it mostly affects young guys, either way because they either jerk off too much OR possibly because
of hormonal changes in their bodies? If it is a testosterone thing that might explain why so many big BIG bodybuilders have such deep voices? Or not. Maybe it's a way of signaling
to the opposite sex (or same sex depending on their sexuality) that you are blocked up with unreleased cum? How would that explain some of the guys in porn having such deep voices?
Is that why I get absolutely giddy when I hear a deep thrumming male voice?

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I think there's absolutely something to it! I go a few days without cumming and my mindset becomes more and more bestial you know? Definitely notice a bit more BOOM in the voice and feel less like I'm walking around/to work etc, and more like some sort of vicious barely controlled beast struggling to control myself and not POUNCE on the nearest hottie I come across. I also recall all the way back to my highschool weight lifting coach would swear to us that you shouldn't jack off/ fuck the night before a big game/contest, especially when you really want to go all out, as you end up lowering test levels that way. 

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I tried nofap for 10 weeks. It was incredible and frustrating. The first few days were difficult. But I started to feel really more confident and driven as the weeks went on. I'd see a really hot guy at the gym and instantly feel this urge. It was incredibly difficult. I wanted to just pounce him or lift. It felt like I was getting more attention too. I would have gone longer but a friend feeling up my leg decided to start kissing. It eventually ended my nofap.

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