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Struggling with CrossFit and Bodybuilding

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If I am being honest, I have never been entirely convinced by Crossfit (a view backed up by several other online bodybuilders) so I would suggest that you abandon Crossfit and carry on with your bodybuilding dreams

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I'm in the inverse of your position. I lifted for growth and then a buddy wanted me to try crossfit with him. I think crossfit is rather silly, but I also agree with you that the community and workouts are fun. However, I'm still more interested in growing.

I get in a crossfit workout once or twice a week; usually only once when I'm bulking. Unlike the folks who only do crossfit, I view it as actual cross-training (as the name implies) that supports my growth. While you don't want to overdo it, focusing on growth doesn't mean you want to leave behind the cardio (to control fat gain while bulking), stamina (you'll lift harder for longer in your hypertrophy workouts), or mobility that crossfit can provide.

All of this is to say that if you enjoy it, you don't need to ditch crossfit completely. You just need to severely limit it. I'm not huge or anything, but I have gotten bigger while doing occasional crossfit workouts. I expect that you can grow that way as well. And of course, in the future, if you feel that it is hindering your growth, you can reevaluate crossfit as part of your bodybuilding lifestyle. There's no need to quit cold turkey, especially if crossfit is your career. See if you can strike a balance.

Best wishes on your bodybuilding journey. Keep us updated! I'd love to see you growing!

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Do some research on cardio and cortisol. Lower exertion cardio will trigger less cortisol production than a HITT type cardio session. If mass is your goal, the proper type of cardio is essential. Two days of CrossFit a week may be counter productive to gaining serious mass.

Relatively heavy weights for resistance tells your body mass is necessary. Light weights and HITT tells your body the mass isn't necessary. 

Train for size.  How many pro bodybuilders do you see doing Crossfit?

If you need to do hours of HITT cardio to stay lean, chances are your nutrition is off.

It all boils down to your priority. 






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