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Midnight Growth

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Midnight growth
“This story was made because an ideas when i came across some art i found online. I hope you will enjoy it”

Brian and Mike Introduction

My Name is Brian and my roommate name is Mike. We live together in a studio apartment just a block from our collage. Mike and i are best friend, we play games together, share the same hobby,I help him sometimes and he help me sometimes. But we still keep some secrets to ourself. You know Big secrets, like i have a fetish in muscle, or i’m gay. I know it’s a big thing, but i like to keep thing this way.

Mike is a cool type of guy, he like to learn and complete challenges, he love to read, play games, but he doesn’t like sport, so naturally he doesn’t like go to gym. But in these couple of days he’s starting to change, He usually wake up at 5 or 6, but now he always wake up at nine or ten. He started to complain that everything feel hotter, complain that his cloths are tighter and complain in little things like how the weight scale isn’t accurate. he start to do stuff he personally won’t do, like trying to do a wall climb, sleep early and other little things.

Okay and the other thing interest me is his body. he always have a skinny body. but now, every time i see him while he’s changing and complaining about his cloth. his body muscle definition started showing and his muscle stated to bulge, he isn’t skinny anymore. I think this is the effect of his wall climbing session, but it’s to drastic. i hope he isn’t taking anything Illegal. 

I know that people change, personally i like this change and it doesn’t concern me at all. it meant that he started to improve his life and trying things out. But I hope it won’t change our friendship and i hope he won’t leave me behind. 

Day 14 - Since “the changing”

Usually if you are a collage student, you have a lot of homework and you’re right i have a lot of homework. today, my lecturer give me a lot of things to analyse. So I make some tea and turn up my Spotify and hit the books. it’s still about 10.00 PM and mike is already sleep in his bed. he started to sleep shirtless because he started to complain that the room cooling is broken but it’s freezing cold for me. I look at him.
*wow, his face is cute and his body definition is really starting to showing. look at his pec, i hope it will became juicier… WHAT THE HELL I’M THINKING, MUST CONTINUE STUDY!!*
so, i quickly turn, turn up the volume, and pass thorough the night.

1 AM, I’m almost finish my study, than suddenly…
“ahhh… AHHHHH… AAAAHHHHH…” mike moaning
“AH…AHHH…AAAAHHHHH” Mike moaning again

I Look behind, and see mike still sleeping but moaning and with his both hand on the sheet. I relief, i stand up and walk to him slowly and preparing a speech to not moan so loudly. but when i look closer, his fae and chest looks very red. then i touch him and it felt very hot.  I quickly grab a towel and soak it in a cold water, than put it on top  of his forehead. 
“Erghhh…” Mike grumble
“Shut up… I’m helping you here…”Brian
“AHH…” Mike moaning
“Will you please stop moaning…” Brian
I suddently swipe his nipple while putting back the towel
“AHHHHHHH… HAH… Haahhh… ah…” Mike
“SORRY, I didn’t know yours are very sensitive” Brian talking to himself
He look over to his chest, and weird things are happening. his chest are rising and lowering. And FUCK, it’s bigger than before, and it seems that the thing is still rising and filling. knowing that he is still in a deep and trance state, i take the risk and start to touch his chest. my god his pecs feel out of place, it feels and look so full and filled. i start to touch it and trying to move my hands gently through that hair living chest. I used the cold water to make it more shiner and smoother. my god his pecs look so beautiful and it feel so good, it’s hard and firm. I look up, and I started to observe his face. while i observe, i started to gently squeeze one of his pecs.
“ahh… “ Mike moan but still unconscious 
Then I start to squeeze both of them, he kept moaning but he’s still unconscous. then start to rubbed my face in it and message it harder. the feel of the heat, the movement and the firmness of that pec, in my face, make mine so hard. my god it feels like i’m in heaven. Mike’s moan also became louder, and it sound so beautiful. I want to punch his chest to feel how strong it really is, but it’s to risky. So  started to play with his nipples, I pinched it, touch it,squeeze it, twist it and boy did the boy react. his body started to move and grumble, his pec’s and chest start to rise and lower with a very aggressive tempo.
His moaning feel like his being given the best blow job that a man could have. but i still keep messaging those pecs and playing those nipple, because they are so delicious… His chest and pecs suddenly rise from the mattress and… 
I could see his brief starting to absorb the substance

After that, Mike now starting to breath more normally;he starting to return to a normal sleeping state and his chest tempo start to lower. without much thought, I quickly go to the toilet, clean my self up and go to sleep. hoping and making scenario what would happen in the next day.

To be Continue…

(Hey guys, here is my second try posting my story here... hope that you like it and if you have some idea to make it more hotter and correction to make it more readable. please let me know, Thank You!)

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On 9/9/2016 at 1:32 PM, asianman2410 said:

I really like it!!! Great story. It's just a tiny confusing with some of the translation/grammatical errors, but I love the plot. I can't wait for the next chapter. 


I'm sorry, english isn't my first language, but thank you if you like it. i'm still thinking about what would he do next chapter. maybe i will fix some grammar in the 1st chapter to make it more understandable. 

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