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  1. *Another commission piece! I really love writing and nothing is off limits. If interested, just send a DM* He looked down at the New Year’s Eve party invitation, reading it once more before angrily crumpling the paper in hand. As his gaze flicked back up towards the reflection of the scranny scarecrow staring back at him, he was slightly amazed he could even do that. All his life Ben had felt skinny and small, but now with the oversized costume swimming awkwardly off his diminutive frame, he not only felt and looked pathetic but weak as well. With a sigh, Ben shook his head as he let the crumpled up wad fall from his hand. He hadn’t wanted to go to the holiday party anyways, cringing the moment he had heard it was going to be superhero and villain themed. Not even for a second had he entertained the idea of wearing spandex, and unfortunately he had waited so long that this was the only costume Amazon had left. Ben snarled in disgust as the tank top that was meant to cling tightly across his chest, hung practically to his waist. He lifted up one of the way too clunky boots, while acknowledging the fact that the pants were so baggy, he would be hoisting them up all night. The most annoying part of the costume however, was the leather bands that should have strained around a set of powerful bis. Instead, they constantly slid down his toothpick arms to his wrists, where they threatened to fall off --because even his hands were just way too small. The black and white mask didn’t quite lay right either. Maybe it was because his jaw wasn’t squared off enough, or because he hadn’t shaved his head. Either way, there was nothing he could do. Ben shrugged before looking over at the clock on his nightstand. A second later he attached the heavy utility belt around his slight waist. If he didn’t hurry, he knew he was going to miss seeing the ball drop. Unfortunately though, he just wasn’t sure how exactly he was going to walk, since the belt kept trying to slip down both of his legs. “Fuck it!” Ben yelled and began rolling the mask back off. But with another heavy sigh he stopped midway and grabbed up the clear tube off his bed. He didn’t know why, but he attached it to the back of his head before placing his hands into the oversized gloves. Ben shook his head as he looked in the mirror. The reviews had claimed the outfit was ‘true to size’ but clearly the factory had gotten something with the sizing charts wrong. He had ordered a medium, but clearly this was a two or maybe even a three XL. It’s not exactly like he could exchange it now, in the morning he would send the costume back and write up his own honest review. He paced back and forth for an eternity, internally debating with himself whether or not he should go. Ben knew a few people might laugh at him, and certainly he wouldn’t be winning any of the most-realistic awards. But the most disappointing part would be when the clock struck midnight and he had nobody to kiss. Finding himself in front of the mirror again, Ben looked down at the large dial on his wrist. He chuckled slightly as he brought it closer, not that he would ever want to look like the extreme versions of Bane he had seen on the internet, but if only it could deliver just a little bit of growth. Ben turned the dial to ‘on’ and held his breath… He gave it a little tap. Switched the dial off and then back on. In his frustration he even checked to see if it needed batteries, but of course, nothing happened. Glancing over his shoulder at the alarm clock again, a bright red eleven fifty-nine glared back in his face. He shook his head and sat down on the edge of the bed. Another year of being alone, another year of being a loser. With only a minute to go, 2019 was sure to be just as depressing and uneventful as the last. He flipped the television on in time to see the final seconds to the countdown. The crowds were filled with happy people, the anchor man and woman looking like they’d had a little too much to drink. It was around the ten second mark when Ben began feeling nauseous. His head fell heavily into his hands before he completely fell off the bed. A shrill like scream forcing its way past his lips. He swore his eyes were going to bulge out of his head from the pain, it felt like a knife was being inserted into the base of his skull. “Nine, eight...” Ben placed his hands on the floor as he tried to keep himself propped up while catching his breath. It was then that he noticed a neon green sludge pumping up through the previously clear tubing attached to his arm and the back of his head. His hands extended, thick fingers digging and scratching into the wood grain. Ben frantically grabbed for the cranial tube and when it wouldn’t come loose he tried to rip off the mask. It was barely noticeable at first, the slight tingling sensation that spread down his neck and back and out to the rest of his limbs. He brought his arms down in front of him again, stretching out his fingers before curling them into a fist. As he did so he watched as the veins in his scrawny forearms pulsed and plumped before changing to the same neon color pumping into his brain. It was around seven seconds when it suddenly hit, like a fucking brick wall did it hit. Ben’s chest and arms began to spasm, his head flinging back as every muscle in his body flexed and strained involuntarily. “What the fuck is happening to me?” he screamed. His whole body felt so alive, so powerful. He looked in the mirror, watching in horror as his chest heaved in and out. Sweat poured from his body as beads rolled down his forehead and neck. It seemed impossible at first, but as he continued to stare at his reflection, Ben could see that with each beat of his heart he was actually growing. “Six, five…” As more and more of the bright green liquid pumped into him, Ben grew worried. His body seemed to be transforming right in front of his eyes. His chest pushed forward, his arms grew larger, his legs thickened with muscle as well. The vein pulsing down the side of his neck was engorged and throbbing beyond anything Ben had ever seen before. “What-- what the fuck is going on?” His voice trembled. His hands flew frantically to his face as he tried to rip the mask off. He could feel himself growing more angry, more powerful but the fabric wouldn’t budge. Ben began wrestling with himself, his growing body ramming into the mirror as his hands tugged at the mask. A few droplets of blood fell to the ground along with the shattered glass, but this only seemed to make the venom kick into overdrive, pulsing into his bloodstream even more. “No! No more!” Ben threw his head back and roared. His growing arm shoving his dresser a few feet in frustration as the serum only continued to pump into his brain. He watched as the black tank top began to strain across two enormous, veiny pecs. His feet seemed to be growing too-- wider, longer, his toes and calves straining against the leather. Slamming one of his insanely powerful legs down, Bane, no Ben smiled as a floor board cracked under the weight. Ben growled as he gripped the mask with his growing fingers. “Arrrgh!!” His voice dropped in octave, or no. Maybe it had always been this deep. “NO!” Ben shook his head. This wasn’t him, this didn’t look like him either. But the growth-- fuck! It felt so good. He turned to the bed, squatting down and lifting it with a single hand. “Rargh! Fuck yes!” he roared, his growl so guttural and deep, it reverberated off the walls. He tossed the bed up and flipped it into the wall. As he looked at the splintered wood laying by his booted feet, Ben raised his enormous arms into the air, holding them up before flexing a double bi. He looked at his arms in amazement. His forearms and biceps were huge already, but still growing larger. The bluish veins throbbed as they crisscrossed over taut skin. With one swift motion, Ben ripped the tv off the wall before sending it flying across the room. The force caused the drywall to crack from floor to the ceiling and for a moment Ben liked the idea of his insanely growing power. The realization that he was growing so inhumanly strong excited him more. That same realization suddenly turned to fear. It scared him that he couldn’t control it, terrified him even more that he actually liked it. His hands flew up to his neck in a final attempt to free himself of the mask. He clawed violently at his face, could actually feel his fingernails digging into the soft skin. But nothing he tried worked. He slammed his head repeatedly up against the mirror, the blow immediately causing the bones in his face to break. He could hear the roar from the crowd as they continued to count down, ”Four, three, two...” Ben reeled back from the pain, grabbing at his nose and jaw. But the venom instantly began changing it too. In the mirror he could see how his jaw was growing more square, his chin jutting out. His nose widened even as his brow grew more prominent. His eyebrows, though he couldn’t see them, he could sense were more bushy too. All the while something else began creeping and taking up residence inside his brain. “One.” Ben-- no! Bane smiled as he looked at his much larger reflection in the cracked mirror. He had grown substantially. His head nearly as tall as the frame holding the glass, his shoulders practically just as wide. A smirk drew across his lips though as he looked down at his wrist. The big man chuckled deeply as he held the glove up to his face before turning the dial to ‘MAX’. Almost immediately his body convulsed as he fell to his knees, large craters forming underneath his powerful legs. Bane tried not to scream as his body expanded. He was becoming thicker from the venom, muscles blowing up with so much mass and power. He panted and moaned as his big hands pawed the length of his own body. The pain soon turned to pleasure and a loud, erotic groan tumbled from his plump and drooling lips. “Fuck this always feels so good!” His laughter deepened even more as his muscles seemed to crawl and explode across his frame, taking on a life of their own. Immense, ballooning pecs jutted out from his chest. The tank top that had formerly been too large, now struggled to contain him. Every bulge, every striation rippling underneath the tight fabric. Bane continued to smile as he flexed his biceps, concentrating on straining the leather cuffs that were wrapped tightly around each one. His quads and calves were swelling up too, he flexed each one larger and harder till the laces on his boots finally snapped and the fabric of his pants could stretch no more. His head turned slightly as he began to hear the loud booming of fireworks just outside his door. In a matter of moments he had been transformed into a roided up freak. His massive frame beyond that of any super heavyweight professional bodybuilder to ever live. And still he wasn’t done. “Yes, more! MORE! Make me unstoppable!” He roared. As the neon liquid pumped into his veins, his chest exploded outward first. Once full of impossible power the rest of his body followed suit. His neck muscled up next, thick around as a telephone pole. His legs, already humongous with mass, swelled out even more as liquid muscle pumped into his quads. He could feel every vein, every fibre just bursting with inconceivable power. His arms grew heavier as they packed on even more mass. So much brawn bulging out of them, his fucking biceps split, giving his monstrous peak another peak! His shoulders suddenly surged outward with their own growth and as Bane looked down he realized he was horrifically broad. His traps surged upwards next, devouring his neck and growing so beefy they nearly touched his ears. These muscular explosions continued to rock his body, each muscle group consuming the venom before hulking out with more and more power. Bane growled as he slowly stood, a hulking beast raising to his full height. At nearly seven feet he stood tall and proud, meaty fists clenched, pecs bouncing slightly with each inhale and exhale of breath. He looked in the mirror, now having to bend slightly in order to fully inspect his masked face. His chest puffed out, arms so thick and wide they were unable to lay straight against his flaring lats. Biceps fought for prominence against his immense pec shelf, forearms so large, they could put a lumberjack to shame. “Fuck. I’m so huge. So fucking immense!” The words were spoken with such raw intensity, the deep boom rattling against the walls like thunder. The striated muscles and veins in his neck and chest throbbed with incredible power. He looked down at his heavily muscled arms grunting slightly as he brought his meaty hand down into the middle of his dresser. Bane laughed again as the heavy wood easily shattered on impact. As his impossibly strong hand tossed half of the dresser behind him, Bane’s eyes widened and his cock began to stir. He was getting so turned on by his strength and power. He strutted over to the front door, his feet easily pulverizing the destruction of what remained of his bedroom underneath his heavy, snug fitting boots. As he tugged the door accidentally off the frame, he held it above his head before ripping it in half. A huge, angry erection strained against the zipper of his pants, grapefruit sized balls slapping between his beefy thighs. He was so big, so fucking indestructible. Ducking down and turning to the side, Bane growled in frustration as his body scrapped against the door frame. As the wood finally cracked and gave way, Bane flashed a malicious smile as he stepped out into the dark night. He could feel his cock stretching the fabric of his pants more and more with every step. He was so damned horny, he could smell his own lust. He turned his head towards the fireworks flashing in the sky. It was time to have a little fun and force someone into servicing this big, powerful body.
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