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Found 2 results

  1. ZFerrari

    no sex My best friend is a muscle freak.

    (Panting) "Grayson! What were you thinking?! I don't care how strong you are, you can't be doing this shit, and if you do QUIT DRAGGING ME INTO IT" "Oh hush Jack. They come up, I'll drop them" "Not as easy as you think it is. C'mon its this way. Ever since I met this man years ago, hes been a big help but, he be taking too many risks. He has this power that lets him controls and grow his muscles at will and thinks hes invincible. "This way, this way!" A Soldier screams. "Shit grayson. They're coming!" "Let Them come through. I got something for their Ass" Grayson says with a evil smirk. "There they are! Jack and grayson, you are under arrest for stealing the wishirite. Give up now or we will engage!" We both put our hands up but Grayson is smiling. I hope whatever he's plotting will get us out of here. "Checkmate..." Grayson says confidently. I instantly knew what that meant and dove behind them. He gets into a power-up pose and stands there grinning. One soldier shoots at him and the bullet hits him but doesn't penetrate his skin. Another Soldier empties a whole clip into him but again, doesnt kill him. "All right, you think we playing games huh? Men! Ready, aim, fire!!" All at once, all 9 soldiers empty all their bullets into Grayson, but to no avail. He hasn't grown his muscles yet, so this is new shit to me. All of the men stood there shocked, "how could that not have killed them" they thought. Grayson is still in the power up pose chuckling. He turns to me and says "I know you're not gay but don't cream your pants for whats about to happen." OH BOY "All these bullets you have shot but not one killed me" Grayson laughed. "It did sting a little bit I'll say that. But I might as well get a lil bit more comfortable. Grayson rips off his shirt showing a rock hard 8 pack and a really chiseled and veiny chest. "WTF are you doing?" I ask. "You'll see. Because I've had sex plenty of times with other girls, and they that I CUM A LOT. But since you soldiers wanna play around, its time to retaliate!" All of rhe bullets still on grayson are now being absorbed into his body. "WTH is happening" I thought. He starts moaning for a good 30 secs till I realise he's growing his cock in his shorts. I'm not but that just happens come in my peripheral vision. His pants starts ripping the fabric till eventually he has his own little fly. And his cock just bursts out, showing all 11 inches and veins and striations. "Ahhh. That feels better, but it wont compare to this." He continues to moan and he continues to grow his dick inch by inch every second. 14... 15... 16... 17 ... 18... 19... 20! A massive 20 inch cock with even more veins. "Ay sergeant Cole! Ready or not, HERE I CUM!!!!!" His cock starts shooting bullets back at the soldiers like a machine gun. SHOORING BULLETS. He screams and enjoyment and all if the soldiers fall down. He continued for a good 2 mins as he still shooting tbe bodies on the ground, getting a kick of his cock being a 50. Cal gatling gun. "All right they're dead! Stop!. Grayson stops and starts panting. "Sorry. I get a kick out of that. I can give this power too. The pleasure is unimaginable." "No thanks, I'm good. Let's just get this wishirite home...
  2. There we were, sweating our asses off with Dominics veiny forearm on both our shoulders. "C'mon you can't leave so soon. The best part isnt even here yet." While he says that, I signaled Jacqui to look down at his pants to see of his dick is growing. She can see his dick print running down his leg. He's horny but he is clearly holding back. "Ay bruh, what you doing here?" I say with a concerned face. You dont like cars like i do. "I just thought if you could enter your car, i could enter my car in this car show" Dominics face is jolly, but i can tell he plottin. "Nigga your car isnt anything special" Jacqui says this is with a straight face, and it's so perfect that i couldnt help but snicker. "Whatever. But anyway have you been to the V8 stars section? The Dodge Challenger Demon looking rather fine today" "We can't" i say calmly. "There's something back at the house we got to take care of" "Like what?" Good question "Look bruh, we gotta bounce" "But hold on there's one thing I gotta show you" I look at Jacqui who then look down at dominics pants, who still has a dick print but slightly bigger and more veins. This isnt good. We go to the back corner where Italian designs are and see a 2006 lamborghini Gallardo in orange and my heart dropped. Lamborghini is my favorite Manufacturer of all times and the Gallardo is my favorite. It even has the orange. 5.0L V10 aint got shit on the V8. I start fangirling in front of a bunch of people, while Jacqui tries to calm me down. After my mental "breakdown" I start asking who's car that is so I could have a picture to post on Instagram. Cade being the little devil he is, He says "I know who it is, but its a surprise. Ungh..." Hol up, now i aint gonna act like I ain't just hear you moan. "Wait what you say?" I say in a concerning voice "I said it's a surprise. Unnggh." See he did it again. I signal Jacqui to check on his dick, but he's been bigger without us knowing. Italian designs are in a big tentand everybody left to go look at something else. While me and Jacqui were distracted by the Gallardo, all you hear is "Now!!" And the tent entrance is completely shut. No way in or out, what kind of bitch ass design is that? I see this and jacqui and I immediately starting sprinting for the entrance trying to get through but to no avail. And I left my pocket knife in my car,. Dominics sees this and says, "No no no, you can't leave yet! We waited so long for this!" "Wait we?" I say confusingly "Who the fuck is we?!" Jacqui screams. "He means us" a voice says. Except this voice was threatening and evil, but sounded familiar. And out of nowhere, Elliot comes down with nothing but his boxers and vans on, in a super saiyan pose with his dick out through the fly. And one by one, everybody else came out. Luis, Reece, Chase, etc. They all had no shirts on, dick through the fly of the boxers in a super saiyan pose, (You know the pose when they power up). Their muscles have been increased quite a bit with veins running through the biceps to the chest and even their abs. Their dicks has to be at least 20 inches long, and 7 of them staring at us with their evil grin and veiny dicks leaking pre. This doesn't look too good...