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  1. Mikey The Human Muscle Morph

    New story I've been writing and now posting on my Muscle Addicts Inc blog. It tells the tale of Mikey Maguire, who discovers he has a superpower which enables him to transform his regular sized body into a 300 lbs monstrous mass of shredded muscle, worthy of a top five Mr Olympia bodybuilder, whenever he likes! MIKEY THE HUMAN MUSCLE MORPH PART I Chapter One Mikey Maguire was twelve years old when his parents sat him down to explain how superpowers work. He listened intently with a sense of a excitement as his mother informed him that, like everyone in the Maguire family before him, and dozens of other people around the world, sometime around his eighteenth birthday he would develop a superpower that would be completely unique to him. Of course, like the rest of the world, Mikey had heard of people with superpowers before. He’d grown up being both fascinated and intrigued by stories of people whose weird and wonderful powers had bought them fame, fortune, or both, while never really knowing that, one day, he would have his own superpower too. Like most of his peers who knew of their destiny to develop a unique superpower, Mikey Maguire spent most of his teenage years wondering just what that power would be. Almost on a daily bases his imagination conjured up a new potential superpower. Would it be a relatively conventional, but still brilliant, power like the ones you see in comic books and superhero films, like the ability to fly or the ownership of superhuman strength? Perhaps he would develop the ability to read people’s thoughts, to move objects with the power of his mind or the ability to see through walls? Or would it be a quirkier power, like the many he’d heard of in the years leading up to his eighteenth birthday? Something life changing and amazing like the power of Mr Gold, who can turn any object he likes into gold? Or something completely useless like the power of The Incredible Green Man, who can turn his skin a shade of green whenever he likes? Maybe it would be something completely bonkers, but potentially a lot of fun once he started dating, like the power of The Human Orgasm, who can make people cum with a single touch? As Mikey reached his eighteenth birthday, more and more of his friends and peers discovered and developed their superpowers. His friend Cath Corrick’s mother entered her daughter’s bedroom on the morning of her birthday and was startled to find a stray tabby cat curled up on the bed, while her daughter was nowhere to be seen. She screamed with fright when the strange cat suddenly began to grow and change shape, and morphed back into her daughter before her very eyes. Cath had the power to transform herself into a domestic cat whenever she liked. A few weeks after celebrating turning eighteen, Nick Norris, who Mikey had known since primary school, had a sudden urge to walk into a shop selling musical instruments. He’d never even had a single guitar lesson before but, picking up the nearest acoustic guitar, he surprised himself and impressed the shop owner by playing a note perfect rendition of The White Stripes’ “One Nation Army”. He then sat down in front of the shop’s only grand piano and serenaded the store with “Imagine”. Nick had the power to pick up any musical instrument and, amazingly, play it perfectly without hesitation. He was quickly given the nickname The Amazing Music Man. Unfortunately not all of Mikey’s peers were impressed with their superpowers. A few months after turning eighteen, Henry Huxter arrived at school to find an angry mob confronting him. He’d apparently started a blog the night before and had publicly expressed his negative feelings towards a select few of his classmates. Henry tried to argue that he had done no such thing. So when one of his peers showed him the blog on the Internet, he was completely shocked at what he saw. Almost everything Henry had done and thought the night before had been posted on the mysterious blog, including the negative opinions of his classmates. As he read the blog, a new entry appeared, chronicling the events that were happening at that precise moment. It seemed that whatever Henry thought, felt and did was automatically posted on the blog for all the world to see. He contacted the blog server to get the site removed, but the next day, another blog exactly like the previous one appeared out of nowhere. He is now notoriously known as The Blogger in superpower circles. Mikey spent the whole of his eighteenth birthday both nervously and excitingly looking for signs that his superpower would present itself. By midnight, nothing had happened, and Mikey went to bed disappointed and annoyed. Weeks rolled by and still, Mikey’s power had not been revealed. He was starting to wonder whether his parents were wrong about him developing a power. Maybe he was one of the unfortunate few (though some with particular powers, like The Blogger, would argue with that opinion) who didn’t have a power, despite every other member of his family owning one. Perhaps he wouldn’t discover his power for years, even decades to come. He’d heard of that happening in rare cases too. After much anguish, Mikey finally started to take his mind off of his superpower. “Your power will reveal itself when the right time is right”, Mikey’s mother had told him, as she and Mr Maguire said goodbye to their only child and set off on a week long holiday, leaving Mikey home alone. Unbeknownst to Mrs Maguire, her son would, in fact, discover his power the very next day. As soon as Mikey opened his eyes that morning, he felt very peculiar indeed. Everything felt different. His bed seemed a lot smaller for a start. Still half asleep, Mikey rubbed his sleepy eyes and crawled out of bed. His feet seemed to hit the floor with an unusual thud. As he lugged himself to his bedroom door he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was strapped to each of his body parts. Something very heavy. Additionally, everything around him felt smaller. It was only when he caught sight of himself in the full length mirror next to his bedroom door that he realised why he was feeling so strange. He let out a scared yell and stepped back. Everything was smaller because he was bigger. Much, much bigger. And those heavy objects which were strapped to each body weren’t objects at all. They were his body parts. Overnight, Mikey Maguire’s perfectly ordinary, slim built, 175 lbs body had morphed into an incredible mountain of monstrous, shredded, superhuman muscle mass, worthy of a top five Mr Olympia competitor. “FUCKING HELL!”, Mikey cried out at he stared at the mass of freak-like muscle looking back at him from the mirror. He had to be at least 300 lbs. Two massive plates of thick pec muscle hung from his chest. His shoulders were the size of giant boulders, protruding either side of his torso to an immense degree. His arms had tripled in size, along with his humongous sized legs, which were carved and etched with the craziest lines. And where once sat his completely flat, un-toned stomach, were six blocks of thick, solid muscle bursting through his skin. He had muscles he never even knew existed. Everything was huge, hard, and carved to absolute perfection. His skin was smooth and paper thin all over; seemingly struggling to contain the blocks, lumps, bumps and mounds of muscle ballooning underneath the service. Mikey had never taken any sort of interest in bodybuilders before but, staring at his own alien reflection, he couldn’t help but think that he’d never seen anything so freaky, so oddly beautifully or so utterly amazing in all of his life. He was a monster. A real life, bon-a-fide muscle freak. And, strangely, he’d never felt more sexually aroused. As he admired his brand new physique in the mirror, Mikey couldn’t stop smiling. His dick was furiously jolting in his tight, white boxer shorts, like it was desperately trying to break free of the material and unload a litre of cum. He had zero knowledge of the official bodybuilding poses but, somehow, Mikey knew exactly what to do next. He threw both of his arms up and watched his biceps explode in the mirror. Huge balls of rock hard muscle mass erupted either side of his head, which was still, perfectly regular sized. The contrast between Mikey’s normal sized eighteen year old head and the two Mr Olympia stage worthy biceps it was sandwiched between was insane. As he hit a side chest pose and watched his enormous left pec explode off his chest in the reflection of his bedroom mirror, Mikey instinctively gritted his teeth, arrogantly scrunched up his face and then growled a cocky, “YEEEAH”! He had no idea where this new-found arrogance had come from. He’d never displayed even the slightest bit of cockiness in all of his eighteen years. Nor had he ever had the desire to do so. Yet, for some reason, in his new phenomenally muscular, bull-sized body, Mikey felt the overwhelming desire to be as cocky as he possibly could. Mikey continued to hit pose after pose. He still didn’t know how he knew the poses, but every one was hit perfectly, and with the precision of a professional IFBB league bodybuilder. He tensed his gigantic quads, opened up his skin splitting lats, squeezed his croquet ball shaped biceps and crunched all six of his beautifully shaped, crazily carved, splat-yer-pants worthy abs. He huffed, puffed, grunted and groaned his way through every pose, and even released the occasional, “Fuck yeah!”, at the sight of his own flexed muscle. He gritted his teeth, grinned like a lunatic and contorted his geeky but cute face into all manner of outrageous and cocky expressions, until there was only one pose left to hit. Bringing both of his arms up so his elbows were level with his shoulders blades, he threw them both down with an almighty force into a brutal crab most muscular pose. As he watched every single ginormous sized body part erupt, tense and explode before his eyes, he released a loud groan and a tsunami of spunk exploded from his cock and filled up his boxer shorts. He’d never really understood the desire to be a bodybuilder before, but now he understood it more than anyone. When he’d come down off the high of flexing his enormous sized, uber-human muscles to the point where it had made him cum without touch, a sudden panic set in for Mikey. His body was beyond incredible. Something not quite belonging to this world. A thing of immense beauty that, somehow, he knew would be worshipped and adored by countless of people (though mostly men). But what would happen next? What about his old body? And what if, and this was the thing that was suddenly scaring Mikey the most, his extreme transformation into a mass muscle monster was permanent? Mikey knew, without a doubt, that he was experiencing his superpower at work. But exactly what that power was, was still unknown to him at that point. As he pictured his parents returning from their holiday to discover their son had morphed into the type of 300 lbs muscle freak you’d only ever see on the cover of a hardcore bodybuilding magazine in WHSmith, and panicked even more, something strange began to happen. Mikey’s shoulders began to shrink. His chest started to flatten. His biceps shrunk. Every single body part deflated right before his eyes until he was back to his normal, regular sized, non-muscular self. Mikey breathed a sigh of relief. So it wasn’t permanent after all. “Thank Goodness for that”, he thought. But then another set of emotions crept in. Disappointment, sadness, and a longing. A yearning, in fact, to have his huge biceps, peeled blocky abs, and thick, line etched glutes back (he wasn’t really sure how he suddenly knew the word “glutes”). And as that very desire set in, his body began to change again. His quads became thicker. His chest began to expand. His abs started to seep through his tummy. Everything inflated and expanded before him until he was a 300 lbs muscle monster once more. “FUCK YEAH!”, he cried in response, then belted out another hard, low down, crab most muscular. Once again, his dick released thick ropes of cum and splattered his bedroom mirror in response. “Damn!”, he thought, “I really must try and get this ‘busting my nut every time I crank out a most muscular’ thing under control”, as he wiped the spunk off his mirror and bounced his bulbous pecs in his reflection at the same time. Mikey Maguire had finally discovered his superpower. He could transform his regular sized body into a huge, hulking mass of muscle, worthy of professional bodybuilder status, whenever he liked. He wouldn’t be christened with his superpower nickname until a few years later, but that day, Mikey became The Human Muscle Morph.
  2. The Uncontainable Hulk (Part 1)

    Finally getting to post my first real written story for the idea I brought up before. It's not so much a part one but rather a clip I'm ready to share now. It's about seventeen paragraphs long and features macro, hyper, muscle growth, which I'll hopefully be continuing into a limitless growth scenario! Enjoy reading. The Uncontainable Hulk A week of research had already passed for Bruce Banner. His time spent at a remote military base in Arizona had led to his recent discovery of reprogramming his hulk-like transformation, an experiment that Bruce had just undergone yesterday. Results seemed promising and so far, nothing seemed to push him to his destructive alter ego. Even when he was provoked, Banner remained level headed and completely unchanged. What Bruce did not expect was that the Hulk lurked in other places. Sitting in front of his computer, Bruce read through the notes and observations left behind by scientists who assisted in the test. The room was empty and quiet with only a subtle hum coming from the fluorescent lights above him. Switching the monitor off, Banner leaned back in his office chair, pondering at the outcome he was left with. Is the Hulk really gone? Am I cured of my condition? Will this be good? Questions kept forming in his mind. Although destructive, the Hulk had power that Bruce could never in his life ever experience ever again. It should be good that no longer he would fear the consequences of feeling such a natural and simplistic emotion yet Banner sat in his chair, unsatisfied by it all. He lived with his situation for so long that he found ways to keep the beast locked away. Going Hulk had benefits of its own and strength so desirable... His loins stirred. His time spent secluded and boxed in left him bored and tired. It had been so long since he had time for himself. Bruce leaned over to his side to look behind his office chair, staring briefly at the surveillance camera before switching the monitor on and undoing his belt. His time now was of little importance and with his chair blocking most of the camera feed, Banner got right to unzipping his pants. His hand gently caressed the brief clad bulge in front of him. His mind conjured images of his body undergoing transformation. His longing of strength and power had always stuck to him on such a primal desire, something he continuously imagines when he's alone. A lengthy mound soon emerged as the blood ran through him. Adjusting accordingly, his cock was finally out from his underwear, the welcoming cool air touching his shaft. He worked the length in his palm, still picturing the Hulk, still picturing the brawn, the size, the strength and dominance... Nearing his peak, Bruce's body suddenly stiffened with his arms jolting back and legs stretching from underneath his desk. He felt for a moment, a familiar wave of energy coursing across his torso and appendages. Banner could feel his buttoned up shirt growing tighter, his pants hugging across his legs, his feet and hands swelling slowly. He recognized this sensation and knew what was happening. The purple shirt he wore already had seams bursting in multiple spots across his growing arms. The mass of his biceps peaked through the sleeves first with his shoulders pulling apart the seams of his shirt. Buttons snapped off the tight fabric across his torso and landed on the ravaged fabric of his trousers. Rips formed across his back, thighs and forearms as the transformation kept a slow and steady pace. Banner watched in horror to see his body muscle more and more but what drew his attention was the dying erection right in front of him. He noticed his cock never discharged but instead, bloated, fattened and extended at a mesmerizing rate. The meaty member just kept growing up and up, as the veins vanished underneath the foreskin and soon after reaching it's full foot long length, fell flaccid on his keyboard with a noticeable thud. The growth had finally subsided. Bruce was left astonished and stunned. His transformation was different this time. Sitting himself at 6'6", the mass of his body was half that of the Hulk's original size. The definite green skin tone was replaced with a warmer shade of green that affected every inch of his muscled body. At this point, his clothes barely covered him. Rags were strewn across various parts of his upper body with his pants forming into ripped shorts which spilled out his massive manhood. The white briefs he wore were still intact but barely held the soccer balls that were his genitals. Bruce lifted himself from his cramped chair, standing barefoot as his cock slithered off the keyboard and slapped against his knees. The weight of his member was truly something to experience but Bruce couldn't help but notice his mental state. He was still sane, stable and not enraged in any capacity. He had full control over all his functions. Relieved and excited, Banner reveled in his new form, admiring the bodybuilder physique he now had. His large hands grabbed at whatever scraps were left behind of his work shirt as he pressed his fingers in between the chiseled crevices of his cut muscular body. Lifting his left arm, he flexed his bicep, watching the mass rise up with a thick vein peaking to the top. Bruce was never able to truly adore his hulkish qualities. His memories of the Hulk were always muddled, shrouded in a rage filled episode that left him with nothing but regret. His cock gave a throb, it's bulk calling to him from below. It's shape was so enticing, fat and folded, as if it was ready to start stretching to newer proportions. Although long, its form still remained short and stubby, the head of which largely taking up a third of its size. Bruce's hand slowly glided to the hairy base. His index finger pressed at the top of the shaft before his hand rested on the rest of his girth. Coincidentally, despite its new size, the cock was perfectly in proportion to his enlarged hands. His palm gently ran down the length and shivers of pure ecstasy rattled Bruce like he never felt before. The sensation felt amplified, the pleasure of which was almost intoxicating. He stroked his cock more and more and found himself shackled to the bliss his flesh delivered. The thick skin was dragged by his bulgy fingers as the meaty shape of his dick extended in sync with his masturbation, making each stroke longer than the last. Finger-thick veins reappeared across his hardening cock as its size gained an additional six inches. The climax was fast approaching. Banner's body stiffened in response as his legs locked straight up and his back bent backwards, leaving his junk elevated and ready to erupt. Just like before, his cock did not drain. The energized sensation coursed through him a second time and bulk was steadily packing onto his figure. Banner gave a guttural groan as his hairy chest ballooned into a shelf of solid muscle. Even his deep green nipples had their share of growth, thickening at the bottom of each slab. His broad shoulders pushed out in a horizontal fashion, crevices outlining the brawn, pumpkin-like both in appearance and size. Traps rose out afterwards, crawling closer to his ears. His jaw became square with a widening chin that wholly aligned with his massive vascular bull neck. His meaty brows protruded above his green eyes as his whole face was molded manlier and stronger, resembling less of Bruce and more of the Hulk. He grunted, appearing primal and powerful. He could feel his arms exploding in size. Thick cables of muscle amassing on his already mighty limbs, bulging and flexing uncontrollably into a width that compared to that of his washboard abdomen. His chiseled six pack swelled into a brick wall of eight lumpy abs. Below the waist, his calves and thighs expanded to newfound thickness. The newly made shorts soon split from the approaching beef into even small garments, hugging his waist and covering only a third of his enormous square glutes. The back pockets peaks out from the pants over the steel-hard boulder cheeks, both tight and tugging at the fabric that was wedged in between. And of course his cock, a sight to behold. Eighteen inches of thick, hulk meat began to swell monstrously. Each throb after the other juiced his shaft more and more as the member stretched and softened, fatter and thicker. Both testes pulled his briefs down further and further until the underwear snapped from the front. Passing two feet, his cock and the rest of his skin darkened into a noticeable shade of deep green. His body shot upwards, growing past the seven foot mark and stopping short of eight feet tall. The back of Hulk's neck now rested against the ceiling while his three foot manhood dropped to his ankles. Bruce had finally transformed into the Hulk. Hulk breathed heavily, his chest rising up and down as his head still spun from the rush of his transformation. He was still in control but just barely. Banner finally began understanding his situation. His rage was merely usurped by his lust, persuading him to change with a bounty in the form of sexual gratification. Every ejaculation would go to fueling the Hulk's power, his libido piling on more and more until it ultimately resets, like the turning of an hourglass. Bruce might have retained his free will but the pleasure was hard to fight off. The sensation from his loins only magnified more after each growth spurt. The cycle would remain endless. His sexuality alone was dictated by his size, his mass and his manhood. Growing made him aroused, which made him grow, which aroused him again. Already the very feeling of his legs, knees and massive feet being enveloped by his scorching hot sack turned the Hulk on even more. In his mind, he didn't just want more, he NEEDED more. Cramped inside the laboratory, Hulk hurried to exit through the door. His muscled legs constantly kept hitting against his monster junk as he tried to walk. Cock and balls bounced up and down in front of him with their added weight enticing Hulk more and more with each step. Knowing full well that he wouldn't fit, Hulk tackled at the metal door in a fit of lusty impatience, bursting through with ease as the frame and chunks of wall toppled over. Dust poured behind him as he was greeted by rows of men, clad in armor with automatic weaponry all pointed towards the green monster. The camera had already alerted the facility of his transformation. Every gun fired directly at Hulk, the bullets casually dropping off his rippling body and rigid cock as they clattered against the concrete floor. Although impenetrable, the rounds directed at Hulk left him enduring the sharp pain from the chattering rifles. Hulk reacted, turning away from the gunfire as to shield himself from the armed soldiers. If like anything in the past, it would be expected that the Hulk would rampage, enraged by the pitiful attack of the military and the certain destruction of the entire facility. Instead, Hulk refrained himself from taking action while his massive ass and mountainous back were absorbing all the blows. Hulk only stared at the giant hole he left from the laboratory, exciting him at the casual display of left over destruction. He left that room in a fit of hot lust and that same sensation was still lingering inside, not once dying down. His desire could never be extinguished. Once his arousal started, it could only grow from that point on until he achieved his climax. Hulk could feel his cock perking up. One hand grabbed firmly at the shaft while his other hand caressed the head. The pain he felt behind him could not compare to the pleasure he was feeling. Every inch of his palm fondled his nerves as he dragged his soft green beast higher and higher into an impressive erection. His low, breathy moans picked up volume as he worked himself further. Soon, even the soldiers could hear his bliss-filled wails over their deafening weaponry. Hulk's ass was seen, clenching and unclenching as his waist involuntarily swung back and forth, driving the veiny walls of his dick into the caress of his burly hands. Sweat began to crawl down the vast expanse of his back as well as the bulging mess of muscles that formed from his torso. Pecs and abs squeezed together tightly with his thick, tree-like arms pressing his muscles inwards as he fondled his length. The troops momentarily ceased their firing, standing bewildered at what they were witnessing. The green mass of the Hulk's body swelled at a constant rate, cramming him more into the shrinking expanse of the narrow hallway. Hulk turned himself around, panting in large heaping breaths as his whole body shook and throbbed. His stance fell to a kneel as his back pressed more into the ceiling above. His bowing posture showcased the rippling display of shoulders, traps, chest and back forming a wall of ever-growing beef. His broadening arms reached the walls at his sides while his juicy, hairy pecs bloated towards the leviathan cock, the cleavage hugging against the surface of his dick. The member started to rapidly bloat, fattening up and growing soft, expanding at an alarming rate towards the troops. One by one, each soldier began to flee at the enlarging flesh which threatened to engulf them in hot green cock. Hulk's already masculine face grew manlier in appearance. The squarish jaw and chin he possessed grew fuller and more stubbly while his protruding brow had shelved itself out more. Moans of ecstasy escaped from the vein-riddled expanse of his neck as his growing cock was fondled by the hairy surface of his beefy chest muscles. He could feel his bulbous ass entering the previous room he once dwelled. In just a short amount of time, Hulk had already filled part of the hallway, snugged firmly by the ceiling and walls. The remainder of the troops kept themselves at a safe distance, gawking in astonishment at the girth that laid out in front of them. The cock, soft once more, had grown to eight feet long, five feet wide, resting on the massive sack that ran from Hulk's hairy crotch. Behind the mass, Hulk was wedged in at sixteen feet, hunched over and on both knees with his face and breast laying on top of his supple endowment. It only took mere seconds before Hulk's libido was fanned yet again. Everything around him catered to his sexual cravings from the cold hard walls touching his firm muscled body to the dense musky scent that invaded Hulk's nostrils coming from the godcock he laid on top of. The odor was almost too good for him. Hulk breathed in deeply, panting as his open mouth lapped at the skin of his cock. One brush of his tongue was enough to overload his senses. The taste, the touch, the smell, one sensation piled on top of the other. He couldn't get enough. He swiped his tongue over and over, rolling his meaty chest up and down the shaft. His lower body attempted to hump the air making the columns of hard mountainous muscle shift in a display of virile captivation. Cracks formed around him as the slightest movement was capable of fracturing the walls and ceiling. The last of the men fled as the junk resumed its extension into a massive erection. Hulk's drive was almost subhuman. He drooled and slobbered, writhing completely stationary to work his cock harder. The tip had finally extended and risen enough to press against the ceiling. His enormous arms destructively tried to squeeze through, desperate to reach in front and seize his titan cock. Hulk was a beast in heat, his actions became more unruly with every passing second. Grunts and brutish groans echoed across the compound as the halls were thick with the pungent scent and heat emanating from the horny phenomenon. Every surface near Hulk trickled with droplets of condensation as well as web-like fractures that formed around the green monster. Hulk clenched his teeth, feeling the buildup rising inside his gargantuan member. Spit and sweat worked to lubricate his cock as both hands and pecs were drenched in his juices. The slick fondling of his veiny shaft sent waves of orgasmic ecstasy through the titan. Hulk roared, as loud as he could, shaking the facility with his low, beastly howls to yet another explosive climax. The walls barely held him inside before but now, had disintegrated by the slightest growth of his freakish body. Hulk stood in response to the uncontrollable muscle piling on to each of his limbs, crashing his entire upper body through the roof, colliding with concrete that barely stood against the rising force of his stance. Erupting out into the outdoors, another erotic roar signaled the rest of the compound to his presence. A display of continuous swelling green muscle emerging from the top of the building was in full view for any spectators outside. Hulk's chest was the most noticeable in growth as it rippled outwards, lower, higher, until each hairy, juicy pec overshadowed a fourth of his torso and collided against his burly jawline. From there, his shoulders continued their routine in broadening outwards, away from his thorax as to make Hulk appear wider, leaving room for his arms to swell next. His biceps received the most attention from the miraculous gains. Each bulbous round cutlet of muscle crashed against the pillowy bulk of his chest, jutting each body-wide arm out enough to triple the span of his proportions. Hulk couldn't help but smile as his eyes continuously wandered to every solid limb getting more and more monstrous. Although the fact that he couldn't see past his chest excited him, he wish he could view the size piling onto his cock. Hulk's bottom half was mostly concealed by the remains of the compound with dust and rubble strewn across his growing features. The hot green shaft ate up what room was left inside the hall, pressing firmly against the floor, walls and eventually the ceiling, its flaccid bulk causing even more structural damage, testing the limits of the enclosure. The constriction was already arousing Hulk more and the feeling only tightened as his mammoth sac and ripped legs started to push out with more muscle. A flat wall of veiny cock flesh started to emerge through the crumbling roof in front of Hulk. Its soft bulk atop his massive balls was enough to reach up to his hairy waist. Each growth seemed to make the member grow proportionally larger every time, now reaching a size that compared to the entirety of his lower body. From around the compound, a growing throng of people formed, evacuating the building to see the herculean monster. Hulk was left completely oblivious to the crowd, his one-track mind only fixated on sex and size. The outdoors was already an improvement from being inside the cramped cold space of his lab. So much of his green hairy exterior met with sunlight and arid heat, leaving Hulk relaxed and stimulated. Such stimulation however paled in comparison to the embrace the building had over Hulk's room-filling prick. As with each surge of size, Hulk's cock grew more receptive, more aroused, making every foot of his shaft overstimulate from any touch. Blood was quick to rush through his loins, the cramped interior only growing tighter as his cock hardened, stimulating him more, making him more erect, as the cycle continued. All he could do was feel the building work his shaft steadily, until he eventually heard more of the rooftop crumbling below, and finally his eyes could see the deep green head peaking past his monstrous chest.
  3. Demon Brand Jeans

    It's Halloween night, 2009, and I'm in the car with my brother Erik heading for a last-minute costume run. He was nice enough to take me along to his yearly frat Halloween party, and I figure it would be a good time to get to know everyone… the idea of being in a fraternity (and being able to attend these wild parties I hear so much about) is definitely an appealing one. We're pretty good brothers, though I'm kind of tired of being the "little bro" since I'm only an inch shorter than him. He's 20, 6'5 and 160 pounds, not too athletic but he's got SOMETHING on his bones. I'm 18, 6'4, and 135 pounds… meat? Not so much; but I'm working on it. Erik turns to me with a smirk on his face. "Shawn, this party is a big deal, even to my frat brothers. So try not to be too much of a dork, okay?" I roll my eyes as he tousles my blonde hair, only a bit longer and a shade lighter than his own. He pulls into the parking lot, a rather abandoned place, a very small building with a homemade sign of 'Costumes' visible, the door wide open. "Not many choices the day of Halloween, but I heard this place has a ton of choices." Erik says as he gets unbuckled. "Looks pretty decrepit to me." I say with my arms crossed. I know there aren't many options tonight, but still… the place looks like I should have been condemned a long time ago. "Looks are deceiving, bro." Erik reassures as he gets out of the car. "Besides, what sort of costumes do you think we need?" I unbuckle my seatbelt and open the door of the car. "Not sure, I guess we have to see what they have left." He got out of the car and moved inside, gasping softly, the small building was far larger than it looked, rows upon rows of costumes everywhere, all in individual plastic zipper bags. "Wow, we sure lucked out Shawny." He says enthusiastically as he stares, wide-eyed, at the warehouse before him. "Shawny... ugh." I roll my eyes a bit as I follow him inside only to raise my eyebrows at the sheer size of the place. It's like a costume Costco. "Whoah… this place is packed! It's like people don't even know it exists…" I turn to my side, expecting to see Erik next to me… only to realize he's already darted off looking for costumes. I sigh a bit before approaching the beginning of what were many racks to come, and start looking through. "Animals… no thanks… cartoon characters… no…" I mutter to myself as I look through the various directional signs pointing to the different sections of the store. "Hmm… ERIK!? FIND ANYTHING?!" I yell aloud, my voice bouncing around the walls of the eerily quiet warehouse. It's like we're the only ones here… then again, it's Halloween. People do this stuff in advance. "Nope." Erik whispers into my ear… I jump and turn around, Erik naturally laughing his ass off. "Son of a bitch, Erik!" I yell as I give him a punch on the arm. He knows I'm spooked far too easily. "Isn't this place amazing? It's a fucking emporium…" Erik says excitedly. "I don't know what I'm gonna get… I could spend hours here." "Gentlemen." A soft voice behind us says. Our faces turn to confused looks and we turn around to see an elderly man, maybe a little over five feet and in a top hat, tux, and tails, looking at us. "Find what you're looking for?" He says kindly. Erik speaks up, a little confused. "Oh, uh… there are so many choices, we can't really decide which costume to get. What do you recommend?" "It's hard to decide for you, sir, but I will suggest something we just got in." The old man heads into the back room behind a red velvet curtain. Erik leans against the counter as I look around the warehouse, admiring the selection. Soon enough, the old man returns with two packages. "These are Demon Brand Jeans. They're the perfect costume for men looking to turn heads at parties." The man says as he places the two packs on the counter. "Demons?" I say as I look down at the packages, one with a ripped model wearing nothing but destroyed jeans with purple skin, a forked tail, jagged wings, and black horns underneath long purple hair, and the other a near match except for aqua instead of purple. "But, how are these costumes? They just look like tattered jeans." I ask. "Why, it's the night of spirits and spectacle, sir. Use your imagination!" He exclaims. "And it being All Hallows Eve, I'll offer you two for the price of one." I look at the price tag… only 20 bucks. Erik turns to me and I look up at him and shrug. Erik turns to the man. "Sure, why not." Erik says as he pulls out his wallet and pulls out a fifty. He places it on the counter. "I don't want you to lose any money on the sale." He says with a smile. The old man smiles back and pulls out a bag. "Because of your generosity, come back any time within the next month and I'll happily let you take any costume of your choosing." He places the two packs in the bag and hands it to Erik. "But it'll be after Halloween?" I ask. "Well, you're never too old to dress up. Now, if you'll excuse me I must go back to organizing. Have a good night, and Happy Halloween to you both. Enjoy the costumes." And with that, he disappears back into the back room. "That's pretty nice, bro. Might just take him up on the offer. Let's head home and try these on." Erik heads out of the warehouse to the car, and we head to his apartment. We get home and head up the stairs, bag in hand. Erik unlocks the door and takes his jeans from the bag. "We don't have much time, five minutes to try on, ask for opinions, let me in to change and then we've gotta go." Erik sits down on the couch with his jeans on his lap. I take the bag into the bedroom and lock it before tossing the pack on the bed. I strip down to my boxers and open the pack, a slight sulfuric scent rising from the jeans. I pull them out and inspect them… blue wave patters weaved into the knees, neon blue stitching in the pockets… pretty neat for just a costume. I'd wear these regularly if they weren't so huge looking. I pull them up my legs and fasten the buckle… damn these are baggy. And made for the way more-endowed… Suddenly, my eyes change from their murky green color to a dazzling sapphire. "What the hell..." I mutter as I get closer to the mirror, trying to figure out if it's a trick of the mind, when I feel a strange surge go through my body… like a chill up my spine, but much more pleasant. I feel a bit bloated and look down… only to see my muscles beginning to rise. Suddenly, what feels like a massive blow to my chest knocks me backwards into a wall as I grunt loudly and try to situate myself up against one of the walls, my pecs pumping full of muscle, becoming square and firm as a deep crevice forms between them. I stretch up, gaining height, my torso feeling like it's ripping and contorting. I look down to see my small ridges beginning to stretch the skin of my stomach, veins suddenly bulging and snaking over them, and my eyes go wide. "What..." I say between deep breaths as I look to see my scrawny right arm begin to fill out, pulsing and lengthening as expands, a deep tingling sensation taking over as it begins to become defined, my biceps pushing out and stretching my skin. I turn to my left arm and catch the same thing happening before looking to the mirror with a horrified face. "My god…" I say aloud before looking down to see obliques framing my brick-like abs, no longer a six-pack but now an eight, my legs shaking as mass begins to build up on my thighs. I shudder as I see the previously unseen bulge in my jeans expand outward and fills the space in my crotch, my quads inflating quickly, crushing my crotch and becoming thick as an oak. My calves shape into deep, perfect diamonds, my lats widening and thickening like a solid wall of muscle and my lower back tapers into a beautiful V. I feel my legs becoming powerful like an athlete's legs... powerful like the demon on the package's legs... and I bring my hand up, trailing my powerful thighs and thick abs, between my firm pecs up to my shoulders and then over my right arm, hard biceps and forearms feeling like they're going to burst from my skin. I feel a bulge in the back of my jeans and reach back to feel a forked tail rip through my boxers and pop out of the provided hole. It slowly lengthens and swishes around behind me as two small bumps form on my forehead. I bring my hands to them just as they begin to lengthen out, forcing out of my skull and curving upward… "Horns…" I say in an unfamiliar voice, a booming, deep, and powerful voice one might hear from a demon. My hair darkens to a midnight blue and grows out, framing my face, as I feel my solid horns, the surface feeling an awful lot like volcanic rock. I suddenly hunch forward in pain as jagged wings burst from my back and outstretch behind me. I straighten myself up as my face squares off and becomes more rugged and masculine; my eyebrows arching and becoming more devilish as I suddenly sprout a goatee. I steady myself against the wall as the tingling seems to go away, and I stare in awe of my reflection. No longer was I a scrawny 18-year old guy… I was a seven foot-tall aqua-skinned muscle-bound demon! I rush to the bedroom door and exclaim "Erik!" as I open the door. Erik screams as he sees me. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!" He yells as he backs away from me towards the wall. "It's me! Shawn!" "What? Shawn?" Erik asks as he steadies himself up. He slowly approaches me. "What happened?" "It was the jeans, bro! They turned me into a demon! Feel this!" I say as I turn to him and flex my right arm, my bicep bulging out to bodybuilder proportions. Erik cautiously reaches forward and touches it. I flex it a little more for him, and he pulls his arm away and steps back with a confused look. "It... feels real..." "I think it is real, Erik... all of it..." "So... what... that costume like... changed you or something? Shawn... that's fucking crazy..." "It did! I fucking swear! Go put on yours!" "Alright..." Erik says as he grabs his jeans from the table. "Yeah, try it on… I think that these costumes are more than just outfits." Erik heads to the bedroom and goes to shut the door, and I stop him. "Uhm…" Erik motions for me to move. "I want to watch. I wanna see if it happens to you." "Okay, I guess…" Erik shrugs and begins to take off his clothes. Soon enough, he's down to his boxers. "We're brothers, it shouldn't be weird." I say with a reassuring smile, and I hand him the costume pack. "Alright… well… here we go, I guess…" Erik says, looking a bit nervous as he opens the pack and pulls out the jeans; nearly identical to mine sans purple coloring instead of blue. "They smell like sulfer…" Erik says, cautiously. "Don't worry, bro… just put them on." Erik carefully slips on the jeans and buckles them up. "They're huge, man…" he says as he turns to the mirror. I stand next to him with my hand on his shoulder. Sure enough, his eyes immediately shift from dark brown to the light purple color. He blinks in disbelief as I step away. "If you start to feel-" And with a loud grunt, Erik doubles over onto the floor. "Pain." Here it comes. "Just wait it out, alright?" I say as I move back a bit farther. He's gonna need a little space. Erik grunts a bit before sitting down on the floor, his legs stretched out, panting. He scoots to the wall as his stomach begins to reshape, tightening and flexing as his chest barrels out. His shoulders shift as they begin to bulk up, his arms following suit as his skin becomes tight and vascular, his biceps expanding and shifting between breaths. Erik shuts his eyes as his legs begin to tense, and they too begin to expand and contort as they fill out. His thighs begin to stretch, striations appearing on his skin, his quads and calves beginning to grow as well. He throws his head back, knocking his head on the wall, and grunts again as his hands grow thicker and more masculine. I inch closer to him and look down to his crunched stomach thickening and shifting as abs force their way out, his back reshaping and the V shape beginning to form, and I reach over to help him up. He grabs my hand tightly and I pull him up, his eyes still shut. His face reshapes, becoming more angular and strong as a tail similar to mine forces itself out of the jeans, and he doubles forward as wings burst from his back. His hair lengthens and turns a dark purple as horns curve their way out of his skull. He thrusts forward as his change finishes, a large bulge filling the crotch of his jeans. He opens his eyes and lets out a long, furious gasp as a goatee forms on his chin. "My god, Shawn…" He says with a far deeper and more booming voice. "What… happened?" His eyes dart from mirror to body, back and forth, as if he couldn't believe what had happened. Can't say I wasn't there at one point too. "You're a demon man… we both are. Go ahead, flex." I motion for him to flex his arms. Erik nervously looks to the mirror and lifts his right arm up before putting it in a flex… and his bicep becomes mountainous. "Holy shit dude!" I say excitedly as I go in for a closer look. Erik brings his left arm to the same position and seems transfixed… he just keeps in the position, mesmerized. "You know, you've got other changes too, man." I say as I point to his stomach. Almost instinctively, he reaches down and traces each abdominal, his face still shocked. He brings his hand to his powerful chest, far bigger than mine, and grabs his right pec before letting go, almost in shock. "Cool, right?" I say with a smile as I motion for him to stretch his wings. He smiles and his wings stretch out to full length. "Fucking amazing, bro! We're fucking huge!" Erik does a muscleman pose and it looks like something's gonna pop… he's fucking RIPPED. "My god, dude… this is amazing. I mean… we're unrecognizable…" I say as I stretch my own wings out cautiously. "I can't believe this is real. I don't know how it's real…" "I know! I don't even know how it happened… I mean, is it like, magic or something? And that guy apparently really liked us too. I mean … maybe he was like… a wizard of something." Erik stretches himself out a bit and relaxes against the wall. "I don't know… but whatever he was, we need to thank him more. We've got some badass Halloween costumes." I say with a smile. "But… it's time to head out. Should we stay like this? Or just change when we get there?" I head back towards the room with a smile, my wings returning back to my body. "Let's go as normal for now, okay?" Erik says as I close the door. "Meet me at the car with the costumes." "Got it." I say as I carefully thread my tail through the hole in my jeans and then pull them down and kick them away. I catch a glimpse at my massive package before I begin to change back, my muscles deflating and contracting back into my body, my wings, horns, and tail receding back in. I stretch as I shrink down to my normal height, my body once again returning to normal as my skin turns back to my previous golden white, the bulge in my boxers sadly shrinking. My hair lightens back up to blond and my goatee recedes, and once again I'm back to normal. I fold up the jeans and place them back in the pack, toss the pack in a bag before getting back into my normal clothes. I grab the bag and head back out to the car, a wide grin on my face… tonight's definitely gonna be one to remember. My god was it. Not a single person believed it when we told them it was us. We were the center of attention… all eyes, from the women to the guys, were on us. And everyone's faces when we stretched out our demon wings? Priceless. We partied for hours before heading home, around 2 in the morning, and we poured ourselves into bed without even changing out of our demonwear. My eyes open to a vast amount of sunlight peaking in from the windows in the guest bedroom. "Shit, man…" I say groggily, my voice booming even when tired. I reach over and grab my phone to check the time… 9:30 in the morning, early enough. I stretch a bit and hunch up against the headboard, my wings sliding behind my back, and I stretch out my arms before looking down… and there it is. Two feet long, as thick as a can, covered in pulsing veins, and barbed at the end… the most spectacular and bizarre case of morning wood I think anyone could see. It popped out of my boxers' fly and snaked its way out of my jeans. I smile, get myself up, and walk to the mirror and admire my rock-hard member. I reach over to my massive aqua endowment and touch the bulbous mushroom head, and I shudder as a drop of amber liquid forms on the tip. "Fuck yes…" I say quietly as a devilish grin appears on my face. I hunch over a bit and grab the shaft, the droplet of amber pre rolling down the side as more forms on the tip, and I slowly begin to massage my cock. I begin to grunt and moan as my free hand joins in, and the massaging slowly turns into furious jacking as I masturbate, the wet sound of my hands slipping down the pre-coated shaft filling the air between moans. I throw my head back and shut my eyes as I feel a deep pressure build in my balls, and I jack harder and harder as the pressure keeps building and building, until I feel seed rush up my shaft and roar with approval as a thick load of hot golden yellow semen spews from my cock and hits the mirror with a loud splat. I keep furiously jacking as I shoot more and more, steam rising from my demonic essence, a semen and sulfur-infused scent filling the air. My grunts and moans become quieter and quieter as my releases slow, and I collapse back onto the wall, exhausted. I open my eyes and gaze at my cock, still pulsing and throbbing as cum dribbles down the sides, and suddenly a knock on my door is heard. Shit, it's Erik… Well… it's a part of growing up, and I was seriously pent up. I heft myself off of the wall, my erection bobbing as droplets of cum fling from the head to the floor, and I open the door. "Oh…" a completely naked Erik says as he stares at my member. "Oh…" I say back as I notice his own cock is at attention salute, not barbed like mine but sharp and pointed at the tip, yellow liquid flowing from the slit. Erik sniffs the air and looks beside me to the floor, a large yellow glob of semen quite apparent, and he looks back to me. "You too?" He asks. "Wait…" I say, a puzzled look on my face. "You jacked too?" "Three times and I still can't get it down." "Holy shit dude…" I say as I move aside for Erik to come in. He walks in, his own cock bobbing as he approaches and sits down on the bed. His rock hard member reaches up his abs to the middle of his pecs. "Come here… we have a problem." Erik says as he pats the bed. I walk over and sit next to him. "What's up?" I ask. "I can't change back." Erik says as he looks down to his throbbing prick, precum still slowly trickling down the shaft. My face turns confused when I realize Erik's naked… he should have shifted back by now. "Oh my god… what do we do? How do we fix it?" "I don't know…" Erik looks back up at me. "But I think I have an idea." "What?" I ask as I shift a little on the bed. "I think…" Erik once again looks down. "You think what?" "I think we need to have sex." My eyes go wide. "What?" I say in disbelief. "Something's just telling me we have to. I mean, how else do we get rid of these?" Erik suddenly grabs his cock and another trickle of precum rolls down his shaft. I stare at my own massive prick and then back at him. "Uh… how are we going to work this then? Who's gonna… you know… take it?" Erik thinks for a bit and then lies down on the bed with a loud sigh. "You're my little brother… it wouldn't be fair for you to take it." "Really?" I say as I shuffle back a bit, next to him. "You sure?" "Yeah. But you'll owe me big." Erik says as he looks up at me, a defeated look on his face. I turn to see his stiff rod sticking straight in the air, glistening with pre, and I look back at him. Thoughts begin to enter my head as a grin appears on my face. "What's up, Shawn?" Erik asks. I scoot myself up a bit and sit on my knees on the bed. I look straight down at Erik's cock with a grin. "Shawn…" I turn to him with an evil smile. "We'll be even after this…" I turn back to his cock and open my mouth. I move closer and start licking the engorged head of Erik's cock, the taste of his seed causing my entire body to shiver… it tastes incredible… "Shawn? What the hell are you doing?" Erik hunches himself up on the bed slightly. Sensing him getting uncomfortable, I plunge my mouth onto his cock. He lets out a loud moan and lies back down, his body beginning to writhe. I massage his cock with my lips, tracing the head with my tongue as I begin to suck his rock-hard cock, his juices beginning to flow more and more. Erik grips the bed and moans louder as I begin to massage the exposed shaft with my hands, trying to take a bit more of his rigid length. I begin thrusting my own stiff prick across his cobblestone stomach when suddenly, Erik shakes and starts moaning "Fuck… yes… fuck… yes..." I feel his member tense in my mouth and brace myself as he bucks his hips, and a thick load of hot demon seed spews into my mouth, filling it. I swallow as fast as I can go, load after load shooting into my throat, dripping down his shaft as I continue, the taste driving me wild as thrust onto his stomach, pre covering his abs, when I feel my own flesh tense and I buck my own hips as a load of my own spews across his abs onto his chest. Erik moans and grunts as he releases more and more, our loads nearly matching in size, before we both begin to slow. I disgorge myself from his cock before he's done, small spurts of cum still being delivered, and I massage the rest of my own essence out onto his chest. Erik looks up at me, breathing heavily, and mouths a "thank you". I smile at him… we're still brothers after all. Our deposits slow to a light trickle, and I collapse onto the bed next to Erik. He turns his head and looks at me before turning himself over and rubbing his ass over my cock. I smile and rut into him a bit before easing my way in, the sound of our bodies slipping over eachother becoming prevalent as I enter him and begin thrusting into his tight asshole. Erik bucks and moans as I penetrate him, going in and out, somehow not tearing him up with my spiked cock, and I grab his shaft from behind and begin to jerk it. Erik's moans become louder as I grunt with each thrust, and I reach down with my free hand and pull of my jeans. Erik lets out a roar as he shoots his wad at a nearby wall, and I shudder as I rip my boxers off and toss them to the floor, pressure building in my prick, becoming more and more intense, my grunts becoming louder and louder… I grab on Erik's cock hard as I open my eyes and let out another roar as I spill into him, the feeling of my own warmth filling his ass causing me to thrust harder, yellow seed dripping down his ass onto the bed. I keep thrusting, Erik continues to spasm with each load, and suddenly… the world goes black. I lose consciousness, and gasp before I'm out cold. I gasp for air as I suddenly return to consciousness, coughing on the sulfuric smell in the air, and I see that I'm still deep inside of a sleeping Erik… only now, we're both human… yellow demon seed covers our bodies, the bed, and spots on the walls and floor. I pull myself out of Erik's ass, my cock beginning to harden as I do so, and I fall back onto the bed. I lie back with a confused look on my face. For some reason, the thought of me fucking my older brother isn't as important as the fact that having sex was what turned us human again. "Morning, bro…" I hear from a strained voice beside me. Erik flips himself over next to me, and my cock thankfully softens. I remain silent. For a brief moment, the world just seems to stop. Us two, sitting in bed, naked, covered in our own demonic essence yet perfectly human. "So I guess we need to talk." Erik breaks the silence. "Yeah…" I say, a slight quiver in my voice. "Take a shower, get dressed... and then come to the living room." Erik says as he gets up, stretches a bit, and hops off of the bed. I hear his bedroom door close, and I get up and head to the shower. I quickly wash myself off and grab a pair of boxers and a T-shirt before heading out to the front room. Erik's sitting on the couch, clad in the same. I sit on the opposite side of the coffee table, on the armchair. "So… some morning, I guess…" Erik says with a face that looks like he's expecting an apology. "I'm so sorry…" I sit myself up in the chair. "I mean… I fucking violated you, and things were so different and so wrong and I'm just so so sorry…" Erik remains silent for a few seconds before sitting himself up on the couch. "It's okay, I guess." Erik say with a slight shrug." "Okay?" I ask, tilting my head in disbelief. "OKAY? Are you serious?" "Shawn, calm down…" "I won't fucking calm down, Erik! I fucking FUCKED you this morning! I fucking sucked you off, we had sex, did all sorts of shit, you say it's OKAY?" "Last I checked, you weren't on the RECEIVING END OF IT, SHAWN!" Erik yells back. I cross my arms and sit back in the chair. "We weren't ourselves, we did things we shouldn't have, and it's bad. But no one knows, no one saw, and I guess it'll be okay." Erik get up and walks over to me. "Let's just… clean up the mess, and then we'll deal with the jeans, okay?" Erik heads back to my bedroom and I hear a sink turn on. I get up and walk in as he starts cleaning off the mirror, looking over to me with a smirk as he does so. "Sorry about that…" I say, embarrassed. "I had to get off..." "I did too. There are the same stains on my mirror. We'll get to that later, though… grab the wet vac from the closet and start getting the floors, I'll be done with this in a minute." Erik motions me away, and I head out and start cleaning up the rest of our mess. About four hours later, the apartment is as clean as it was beforehand. The stains are gone from the carpet, the bathrooms are both spotless, the mattress is cleaned, the bedspreads are freshly washed, and the walls are free of all spots. I grab the remains of my boxers and toss them in the garbage just as Erik walks in with a bag of freshly-washed pillows. "Grab your jeans and meet me in the living room." He says as he tosses the pillows on my bed and walks out. I gather up my costumes and grab my demon jeans and head to the living room. Erik's standing in front of the coffee table with his jeans spread over it. I place my jeans next to his. "So now what do we do?" I ask. "Well, we can do a few things." He turns to me. "We can get trash them, we can burn them, we can return them…" Erik pauses. "Yeah, and?" I ask. "Or… we can learn how to be clean and keep them around." I turn to Erik and see his face… it's completely serious. "What?" "Shawn…" Erik turns to me. "I'm going to be completely honest, okay bro? That was the best sex I've ever been a part of. Hands down. You're fucking amazing, and I've never had a better suck from a girl or a guy before." I just look at him with a confused stare. "I'm going to guess you enjoyed it too, considering how loud you were." He smiles a bit. I don't acknowledge the joke. "I propose we keep these around for a while, you're here for a week, and we use them whenever you're here. It can be all the time or just when we're bedding eachother." Erik walks away from the coffee table and into his bedroom. He walks out with a small Dixie cup, and shows it to me… there's a glob of yellow demon cum sitting on the bottom. "You were too amazing this morning for me to just drop into the garbage." Erik puts the cup on the table, and sticks two fingers in. He scoops up a bit of cum on each, and offers a finger to me before bringing the other to his mouth. "You know it was amazing, Shawn. And I really want to be with you like this." I look at Erik's finger longingly, and without even thinking… I open my mouth and lick the semen off of his finger. Erik licks the semen off of the other finger before pulling down his boxers, revealing a growing erection, and grabbing the demon jeans. I back away a bit as he slips them on, and he shudders as his skin begins to turn purple. His entire body shifts and contorts as it returns to demon form, his pecs and abs expanding… I begin rubbing my crotch as I become erect… his calves and quads thickening, his shoulders and arms readjusting to make room for the muscle… his hardon stretches and thickens as the tip sharpens, the purple color spreading, and a tail bursts from the top of his ass. He grabs his cock and gives it a jerk as jagged wings burst from his back and horns curve out from his skull. He offers me a hand and says "Ready, Shawn?" In his familiar booming demonic voice. I drop my boxers, revealing my respectable hard-on, and Erik suddenly gets on his knees and takes it in his mouth. I shudder and look to the demon jeans, when Erik grabs the jeans and gives them to me. I carefully slide them on as Erik gets to work, and I buckle them just as I feel pressure building in my cock. I tap him on the head and he disgorges as I begin to change, my entire body expanding, muscles stretching and bones cracking, my cock growing spikes out of the side as it begins to turn aqua, and I orgasm. A stream of normal white cum shoots out of my transforming cock, followed by another, this time more powerful. Another one, this time with an amber color, follows in increasing intensity, then one slightly darker, and as horns burst from my head and wings barrel out of my back, a load of thick yellow demonic seed hits the wall across from me as I roar with pleasure. Erik runs to the wall and licks my essence off clean before we run to the bedroom. After a day of sucking, fondling, fucking, and changing from demon to human and back, we lie back in bed together during the early hours of the morning, rubbing our human erections together. "Aren't you glad I'm here for the week?" I ask Erik as I play with his cock. Erik pulls my demon jeans on the bed and back up my legs. He tugs at my cock as it starts to turn blue. I feel the changes ripple through me again, and Erik smiles. "Hell yes."
  4. The Iron Bug - Part V

    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the plot-heavy one. Feel free to skip through at your leisure if that is not your jam. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V -- The Well We have lingered in the chambers of sea By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown Till human voices wake us, and we drown. - T.S. Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" The clouds were painted flat and grey against the sky, leaving a muddy warmth in their wake. The pale morning light that made it through lent a calm air to the morning, the blue-hued rays filtering through the needles of trees. It was a day like any other. I waited outside Charlie’s house for him to leave for class. I had no plan. Short of makeshift handcuffs, I was out of ideas. He could probably knock me out at any time, and I had no idea how he did it. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to ask nicely. He opened the door wearing a white wife beater that was just tight enough to show his abs through the fabric. When his verdant eyes turned to face me he looked amused. “You look different, little man,” he said. I stared at him blankly. I wasn’t sure what to do. He chuckled. “What is it you want from me anyways? You made your wish and it has nothing to do with mine.” He said. “What are you talking about?” I inquired bluntly. “I never made any wish. Frankly I have no idea what’s going on…although I’m not complaining, I guess,” I stated, rubbing my thick hands across the deep, shredded crevices of my abs. God, what was happening to me. “Sorry, that’s become a force of habit lately,” I mumbled. “You’ve never been to the well?” Charlie asked. “No. What well?” I asked impatiently. “Then what happened to you?” He seemed genuinely interested, the amusement on his face giving way to curiosity. And he clearly knew a lot more than I did. It couldn’t hurt to share. I described the metal bug, the insatiable desire to lift, the ravenous hunger, the euphoric growth, the second bite, and the dream. Well, the relevant parts of the dream. I also left out the parts about Delilah. He gazed at me intently before breaking into a smile. Then he took a deep breath. “Well, so much for class today. We’re going on a field trip.” Charlie said, dropping his backpack inside the door and then shutting it for good. He stretched and I could see the soft shadows of his triceps that I had felt in my dream. I was bewildered. Apparently my ignorance was enough to warrant his help. “Get ready for a bit of a hike. It’s not too far, but more than a quick walk.” After that he started ahead off without me, and I jogged to catch up. I followed him quietly as he led me through the neighborhood to a trail into the forest. It was a path I had run a few times before. Tall evergreens surrounded us, soft and inviting in the pale morning light. I spoke up once and he looked at me stolidly, telling me to “Just wait until we get there.” The rest of our trek was conducted in the relative silence of the forest. Only the frogs made sounds as they fell asleep for the day. I tried to focus on our surroundings instead of gaping awkwardly at his chiseled backside. I worried he would catch me staring and knock me out. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Squirrels ran through the leaf litter and up the trees, eying us cautiously as we made our way up the path. After about forty minutes we came to a unique collection of ovoid rocks that were stacked against one another, and he led us off the path to wade through the remnants of a trail overrun with forest scrub. I was forced to watch him as he guided us through, and I found that the longer I focused on him the less I was able to focus on anything else. There was a certain magnetism about the way he moved, confident and alluring. My eyes ate up his every motion hungrily. Everything about him was perfect. His back sculpted like the smoothest stone, his walnut colored hair reflecting beautifully in the sunlight, the beefy heads of his calves separating every time he took a stop, the sweat rolling off his caramel tanned skin, his clothes hugging his tight body with every motion. Amongst all the beauty of the forest, including my own, he outshined us all, a guiding light in the darkness. His radiance enraptured me, made me feel whole. A branch swept across my face, forcing my attention away from Charlie. The trance was lifted, and the rest of the world came rushing back into view. I felt on my face where I had been struck but could not find a cut or any pain. Another part of the transformation, I guessed. I wondered silently if anything could hurt me. When I looked back up at Charlie he seemed like an ordinary person again. Still just as attractive, but I was no longer transfixed by him. I found that if I stared for too long, however, I started to lose clarity again. It was best to focus elsewhere and follow the sound of him moving through the scrub. The last of the wildflowers were wilting in the mild summer heat. Another half an hour of trekking found us in a small clearing that was mostly shaded save for a few sharp slivers of sunlight that pierced through. Charlie stopped and took a long, deep breath. Leaf litter from the surrounding trees covered the ground, but few plants grew here. The ones that did had long, thin leaves almost like needles and vibrant red flowers that let their stamens out towards the ground. In the center of the clearing stood a stone structure resembling a well. The clean cut stones were a deep, mottled grey that I did not recognize. The well overflowed with water, and it spilled into a shallow pool of the same stone that encircled the structure. The water that flowed out seemed unnaturally dark, like it refused to let any light leave its shallow prison. A wooden covering was held by thin posts ornately carved with various animal and plant designs. It looked like it had been built long after the primary structure by someone other than the original architect. A small wooden bucket hung from the roof as well, although it did not seem to serve much purpose. “Welcome to the wishing well,” Charlie said with false ceremony. “I…don’t get it, honestly. Why are we here?” I said, perplexed. “Just go up to it. You’ll have to take your shoes off and put your feet into the water to look inside. Then you’ll see.” I agreed reluctantly. The whole structure, although simple enough, gave me an ominous feeling. Light and sound seemed to move oddly through the clearing because of it, sometimes enhanced and sometimes subdued but never what was expected. The well itself had a certain Lovecraftian alienness about it, as though whoever built it had tried to create something familiar but had failed in the details and instead made something entirely foreign. I steeled myself for whatever fate awaited me, taking my shoes off before the water. What the hell, I thought, rubbing my cheek where the branch had hit me. I am practically invincible now, anyways. The inky water was smooth and cool on my feet. The flow from the well gave me the impression of wading through the tide rather than standing in a pool, and I noticed that the water drained into holes along the pool’s stone edges. The closer I came to the well the more everything around it seemed to go dark in my vision. Soon the only thing I could see was the stone and the water, and my feet moving through it. The rest of the world had faded into a giant expanse, endless, vast, and humming with a vibrancy of life despite its emptiness. I rested my hands on the well, feeling the cool rush of dark water flow over them, and looked inside. Images swirled and began to take shape and form against the darkness. Soon I was a part of them, as though I was in a dream. I could not tell at first if the visions I saw were scenes from the future or memories. At times they felt like both. Each one was a snapshot from my life, not always in order but generally progressing forward. They came slowly at first, then faster and faster until they began to blur together. Important moments and small moments rubbed up against one another in a ceaseless barrage: graduation from university, a gentle kiss from a stranger, my election to head of an engineering firm, the desert view from atop a tall rock, my sister’s funeral. In every image I was the same age, and as time sped past I was oblivious to its effects. I traveled the world and experienced more than most do in a lifetime, summiting mountains and skyscrapers, exploring though canyons and across highways until I felt there was no more to see. I met others, many of them, from all walks of life. I talked with them, laughed with them, loved them, fucked them. I grew from each of them, and I cherished every one of them. In the midst of my travels, in a dark city alley lined with high adobe walls, I found a mirror. The humid air and sandy floor of the alley faded as I gazed into it. The reflection was my own, but I had grown to titanic proportions. At least twice my current size, and all muscle. The shelf of my pecs eclipsed the sun for those who stood under me, and the strength a single arm was enough to topple buildings. I was invincible, the epitome of eroticism and power. In the mirror’s visions, I filled my time with prodigious displays of my boundless strength, lifting ships with the flick of my wrist, stopping bullets and tanks that would stand in my way, eating and drinking and fucking whomever I pleased. I was indomitable in the world of men, a god for others to worship. I looked away from the mirror and continued on my own path. But the visions from the mirror stuck with me, haunting me. Time continued its march and I moved with it effortlessly, but the others did not. I watched my friends and loved ones die, and new ones sprang up to take their place. The stars continued to turn overhead, but I stopped counting the revolutions of the earth and the numbers of days that passed. Time was just an excuse for everything not to happen all at once. I watched the world change as my body refused to age. The seas rose and dried up, technologies advanced beyond what I thought possible, the natural world around us dwindled and was restructured in our image, countries rose and fell in what felt like minutes, and soon we left the earth behind. Eventually I jumped across stars with the rest of our species through the grandness of the cosmos, watching patiently what became of us as we traipsed from galaxy to galaxy. And just when I felt myself start to slip into a boundless infinity a hand pulled me out from the well. I inhaled sharply, as though I had just been rescued from the bottom of a pool. “What did you see?” he asked calmly. “I was immortal. I saw everything.” Charlie regarded me cautiously. “That’s a new one. Must have been why you were out for so long. “Look, just be careful. The well shows you the wish you want, but it doesn’t always grant it. Mostly it works out, but sometimes it fails and things get tricky. That’s probably where your bugs came from, too. Whoever made that wish may not have even been bitten.” I paused, considering what monstrous incarnation of eternity would spring forth from the well to grant my own wish. Finally I regained the courage to speak. “What did you wish for?” I asked. “I haven’t. I’m like you. The product of someone else’s wish.” I stared at him blankly. “When my mom was young she found this well by accident. Just like you and everyone who comes across it, it showed her what she wanted most, although she didn’t know it at the time. She says she saw the most beautiful woman in the world, one that no man could resist. When she asked the well to make it real, a branch grew from the water and offered her a fruit. “She got her wish. Not only was she beautiful, but men became obsessed with her. She drove them mad. And when she spoke, she could ask them to do anything she wanted.” “Like what you did with me?” I asked. He nodded. She had asked to become Helen but had become a Siren instead. And apparently it was heritable. “The way her wish was granted, she never knew if men loved her or were just lost in a trance. But she managed to fall in love with my dad, somehow, and they lived together long enough to have me. “Then one day while he was working on his car he cut his arm pretty deep, and when he looked at her she was a stranger. It took him a long time just to remember who she was, and after he couldn’t even look at her. They split after that. That’s the short version anyhow.” “What happened to her?” I asked. “She still lives here with me. She rarely goes out now. Too many eyes watching. Now she only talks with the others who have been to the well. Most of them online. They tend to scatter.” “What about you, then? Have you ever looked in the water?” “No, I haven’t. Too risky. I don’t have it even a quarter as bad as she does,” he said, gesturing down to his body, “And you can barely even look at me for more than five minutes.” I blushed. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed. “I have my whole life to think about what my wish will be. There’s no rush.” “So I could wish for everything to go back to normal?” “I don’t know. Whoever or whatever built this well doesn’t seem to need it anymore, so we can’t ask questions. We only know what we know from the wishes we’ve made. “Look, I only brought you here so you could understand what’s happening to you. It probably would have drawn you here anyways, even if I hadn’t shown you. That’s what happened to me, sort of like your dream. I can’t stop you from making your wish, but you should know it doesn’t always go according to plan.” I thought to argue, but it was useless. He had made up his mind. And so we left the clearing and headed home in silence once more. The siren’s son led me from the water, safe to dry land. -- The night was dark from thick cloud cover and an absent moon. I had spent all day packing, throwing away most of my clothes that wouldn’t fit anymore. I was already a day and a half late, and I tried to rush but I found it hard to focus. My mind was preoccupied with the well. My head buzzed with the wish that I would make, what, if anything, I would tell Delilah, and the behemoth that had stared back at me in the mirror. If I wanted to, I could ask for it. But that was someone else’s wish, I had to remind myself. Although, even still… I loved the way the downcast lighting reflected off of my body, the way every single crevice formed by my impressive musculature made a deep shadow. I thought about how I could make men cum just by letting them worship me, how even my fingers had the strength to bend metal with ease, and how the hard flesh under my skin was now akin to the metal that I lifted. Pre leaked ceaselessly from my hard cock as I subtly flexed and explored what my body had become. -- My flashlight barely lit the forest path as I made my way out to the well. I got lost a few times, having to turn back before I found the rock formation I was looking for. I stumbled my way through the trail, freshly beaten by our steps from this morning, and found my way to the clearing. The red flowers glowed with a soft phosphorescence in the darkness of the night. Only a few scarce stars were visible overhead. I took a deep breath, removed my shoes and placed my feet into the water. The temperature had not changed, and against the cool night air it was warm on my feet. The infinite expanse opened up to me again, my surroundings even darker than the night I came from. I saw the same visions pass before my eyes, including the mirror. And when it was done I stood silently for a few moments, the weight of eternity on my shoulders. Then I made my wish.
  5. The Iron Bug - Part IV

    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the sexy one. A short summary of previous parts will be posted below. Part I Part II Part III Part VI -- Metamorphosis As soon as I closed my eyes I found myself drifting in a vast darkness. Everything was black and empty except for a dull, growing warmth inside me, like I was on the cusp of a fever. Time was hard to gauge here. I passed what could have been minutes or hours through the emptiness before the pulse in my veins began to rise. Slowly at first, but then stronger and stronger until it was near bounding. At the same time my muscles swelled and tightened to their own rhythm, every fiber burgeoning with more power from each flexion. The pleasure of each muscle filling out to its rightful proportion was exhilarating, almost orgasmic. Pre leaked out of me in streams and floated aside me through the abyss. I was lost in a tranquil euphoria, becoming something greater. More immeasurable time passed before the transformation slowed to a halt, and I realized that I was still dreaming. The darkness faded into a blue sky, my body falling gently into a field of tall grass. I opened my eyes slowly. The sun shone radiantly, casting its bright light over my body and a few crimson flowers that each rose like its own little sun from between the long blades. The warmth of the grass pressed against my now cool skin, the bristles soft against my hard flesh. I laid there calmly, basking in the afterglow of my metamorphosis. When I lifted my head and sat up, Charlie stared down at me. His expression was almost mischievous, like a little kid caught doing something he knew he shouldn’t. His feet dragged through the tall blades as he stepped towards me, pushing me back down with his foot as his body towered over mine. Even when he lifted his foot his confident gaze was enough to hold me in place. Something about him was spellbinding, commanding. My titanic strength was useless before it. He kneeled down on top of me and I felt the softness of the grass on my back mirror the smoothness of his skin on mine. Every muscle on his body was solid, smooth, and flawlessly proportioned. Running my hands across his triceps I felt each curvature as they flexed with the simplest motion. His eyes shone marvelously and effortlessly. Our lips touched. The physical separation between us faded as we continued to explore each other. I guided my hands along his burly arms while our lips played with each other’s, and then he ran his nose thorough the deep crevice of my solid abs, his fingers gently toying with my erect nipples until he brought his tongue back up to meet them. In an instant I rolled us over and pressed him down, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I was stronger, and it thrilled me. I pinned his arms on the ground and held his legs down with my massive quads, rubbing my dick slowly on top of his. Our abs slid across each other as my dick throbbed in anticipation of my load. Suddenly his lips left mine and he gazed into my eyes with a sort of smug expression. He guided me gently with his hands, and I could not help but yield to his touch. He flipped us back over. He stared at me again with that overwhelming confidence, and then started to kiss his way down to my cock. I leaned my back onto the stone well that had appeared behind us, as objects sometimes do in a dream. Just as he started to reach past my apollo’s belt, I let out a deep groan… -- I awoke to rain pounding on the roof. It was heavy and full and warm with summer. I stared at the fine grains of the wood of the ceiling for a long, hard minute before I was convinced that I wasn’t dreaming anymore. My heavy breathing and the drops on the windowpanes were the only sounds that filled the room. The paltry, muggy light of dusk gave me just enough light to see the vague outlines of the walls. Apparently I had slept for a long time. The blankets had tangled from my tossing and turning, and I carefully unraveled my cocoon of sheets to find freedom. A sharp inhale filled my lungs, my chest expanding outward proudly to let the air rush in. Even without seeing it, I felt thicker, stronger, more powerful. My muscles moved like steel under my skin. When I flexed them I felt as though I had the strength to lift buildings and move mountains. The sheets tore as I gripped them in anticipation. Fuck. I flipped the light switch on to guide my way to the bathroom, swelling with the suspense of my image in the mirror. To my horror, I found my body hadn’t changed at all. My heart fell out of my chest. All of my work had been for nothing. My cock head begged to differ, however, flaring larger than any I had ever seen and standing atop a dick that was one and a half times its original size. I had gone from just above average to well endowed, with thickness to match. When I touched it lightning ran through my body. But I held on, stroking gently. Watching myself jack off in the mirror was still something to behold. I lifted my 18 inch arms and watched each belly stand out in relief, chiseled, rock solid, perfection. My abs crunched down and formed a cobblestone eight pack. Fuck, I was starting to get weak in the knees. I grabbed onto the shower certain rod for support. Instead the metal bent in my hand, removing the rod from its holds. I fell on my butt and the rod clanged on the floor. Without getting up, I picked up the warped metal and gave it a quick bend with just my right hand. My left stayed dedicated to stroking off as I twisted the metal into whatever shape I pleased, watching the muscles on my forearms danced as I contorted it like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. It was exhilarating, knowing the strength I had in just my fingers. My cum reached the ceiling from the floor as I came. Good thing I was just tall enough to reach up there now. I kept playing with the rod as my cock finished its final spurts. A note for the iron bug manual: a full bite grants you Priapus’ cock and Hercules’ strength. Good to know. And then I had an idea. -- Two hours later I found myself in a big city, noticing the streetlights' reflection off of my old beat up truck and a few scattered puddles on the ground. The apartment building I was looking for seemed to rise up stoically out of the cement, featureless and foreboding for its onlookers. I felt the cool, fresh night air run across my hard flesh as I walked inside. The lights in the lobby flickered fluorescent and bright, in stark contrast to the melancholy world I had just left. A shell of safety and warmth. I took the elevator to the third floor and walked the long, sparsely decorated hallway down to room 304. When he opened the door he smiled at me. I’m sure he was surprised at what he found, since I had used pictures from two transformation cycles ago to find him. “Come on in,” he said, his deep voice complementing the hypermasculine stature that stood proudly before me. Head shaved, white skin, shirt that looked tailored to show off the size of his chest and the slimness of his waist. I guessed he was between 32 and 35, his face showing the subtle signs of aging that were combated by a life dedicated to lifting and fitness. He turned around and left the door open. I liked the way he walked. It was a mixture of that arrogant jock sort of saunter and the stilted, muscle-bound waddle of bodybuilders. His confidence was exuberant. That was going to be fun to break. He was just finishing dinner. In a large red cast iron pan, some inedible-looking green paste was still frying. He offered some to me. I looked at him and gave him a sly smile. “I don’t really watch what I eat,” I said, my expression falling back to the cold, elusive demeanor that I had adopted since the metamorphosis. He started to coach me on the impacts of diet on fitness and health and my attention drifted. I noticed his chest bounce every time he made a gesture. I could tell that he liked the way it stretched the fabric. Every movement was proud, calculated. I got up and moved towards him, him still going on about the lean muscle he had gained on his current diet. I took his wrist in my hand. It was solid, doubtlessly from years of lifting and perfecting his body. I wanted him to resist me, to give him a hint of how this night was going to go, but his hand moved with mine. I lifted my shirt and placed his rough fingers along my abs. “Does it feel like I need to go on a diet?” I said. He whistled, and a horny grin followed. “Okay, fair point,” he said. “Let’s head to the bedroom,” I said. He didn’t hesitate any further. “Wait, I need to use the bathroom first,” I lied. “Sure. It’s just around the corner there,” he said, pointing behind me. I watched him practically skip his way down the hall. He had a nice ass, perky and firm. Hi torso twisted to get through the doorframe. Meanwhile I took a quick detour to the garage. I got lucky. It was full of weights. I took a few minutes making preparations for the night. When I came back I found him with his shirt off, trying to look casual but clearly giddy with anticipation. I had to admit, his body was even more impressive without clothes on. Slightly marred by age, he still had a tight six pack and his lats stuck out noticeably from his sides, making his waist seem more trim. I could even see some of the striations in his pecs. He could compete as a lightweight bodybuilder if he wanted to, and maybe he had. “You like?” he said, lifting up his bicep. Probably over 18 inches. Bigger than mine. I smirked at him. “Sure, it’s alright.” He must have thought I was being sarcastic. “Where do you wanna start, big guy?” I said, playing to his pride. Having waited long enough, he pressed his lips into mine, softly. His lips were practiced, and his tongue moved skillfully in and out of my mouth. He led me over to the bed, but before he could lay on top of me I flipped us around and pushed him down onto it. He scrambled to take off his shorts and underwear and I took off my shirt slowly, letting him savor every moment of the reveal. I may not have gained much in size, but there was something of an unspeakable strength and dignity to my body. Every part of me was like iron, the flesh just barely containing the strength that lay under it. I stood over him for a few silent seconds before I revealed the metal bar I had kept hidden in my waistband. Normally it would be twice as long and more suited to hold weights, but I had torn it in half for what I had in mind. His expression was a mixture of confusion and curiosity. I bent the bar into a U shape right in front of him. It was like wire. I barely even felt the resistance. Without warning him I grabbed his wrists with my hands. He was in shock for the first few moments, but then he remembered that he should struggle. It was kind of cute. He thought he was strong, that I couldn’t possible keep him in my grip. It turned out the power in my fingers was more than he had in his entire upper body. I took the bar and put it around his burly wrists, clamping the metal shut with just one hand. The horror on his face was juxtaposed with his throbbing erection. Even if he didn’t understand what was happening he sure liked it. “How do you feel?” I asked, crushing off the loose ends of the bar and tightening down the space between his hands to form makeshift handcuffs. “What are you?” he responded, exasperated. “I honestly don’t know,” I replied. “Does it really matter?” I noticed that with his hands stuck together it made his chest stick out. Even while he was indisposed, the fullness and definition in his pecs were still admirable. My dick hardened at the thought that I had incapacitated him with so little effort. I reached down for his cock that was sticking out of his boxers. He was leaky. Hell, I would be too in a situation like this. There wasn’t a single part of my body that wasn’t worthy of salivating over. I threw him a few poses while I had him as my captive audience. Then I drew his throbbing member from its cotton sheath and whistled at what I found. At least eight inches, hard as stone, head throbbing with anticipation. Gaining momentum, I lifted him up off the bed and hefted him over my shoulder. Then I pressed him up with one hand. The metal dragged along my back as I lifted him, and I could feel the indentations my fingers had left. He stared at me with an expression of wonder and lust. I smiled at him and brought him back down towards me, allowing our lips to meet. Then I worked my tongue down his neck, past his nipples, across his abs until they met the head of his cock. I was pleasantly surprised that he lasted for more than a few minutes with my tongue wrapped around his head. I took my time, never letting him drop an inch even as he started to leak. When I felt him getting close I held him with both hands around his waist and started rubbing his cock against my chest. The idea must have really riled him up, because he came almost immediately. I laughed as his rather prodigious volume splashed up against my chin. Some of it found its way to my lips. It was sweet. I tossed him on the bed to marinate in his own juices while I went to wash off. But before I got in his shower, I spread the substantial volume of semen that I had earned across my chest. I liked the “oiled” look, the way the lighting made every fiber in my already awesome chest stand out even more. Turning the water on, I took turns bouncing them up and down as I washed them. I went slowly, admiring the absolute control I had over every muscle in my body. Soon I was touching myself all over… My cum stained his ceiling. I was sure he wouldn’t mind. When I got back to the room he lifted his bound hands towards me and begged: “Please, officer?” I obliged, twisting the metal off of his wrists without a drop of sweat. “Can I see you again?” he asked, almost pleading. I frowned. “Sadly, I’m moving tomorrow. I was supposed to leave yesterday, actually, but some business came up. If I’m ever back in town, you’ll be the first person I call.” I left him on the bed, still soaked in his own cum, dazed from what I had done to him. I felt sated. It was time to get some answers. Part V
  6. The Grow Fish

    After a fun weekend on the beach, I had a bit of inspiration and this is the start of what I thought would really just be a short scene type of story. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors and such as I just needed to get this started and posted... I literally couldn't sleep with this story floating around in my head haha. Hope you enjoy! The Grow Fish Part 1 The weather was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better day on the beach, and it was the 4th of July no less! The local gay beach would be overrun with guys from LA to San Diego, and as luck would have it, I arrived with my boyfriend early enough to secure a prime spot, just up the sand from the wave tossed water front. This was exactly where you wanted to be to watch all the hot, bathing suit-clad guys as they ran into the water in varying degrees of near nakedness. Yes, today would be the perfect start to another glorious Southern California summer! My boyfriend, Jesse, and I had been dating nearly 7 months. Surprising to both of us, considering our much longer history of chatting on and off on Grindr. It took us practically a year to even meet in the first place. I wasn’t in a hurry to date, enjoying new found freedom from my previous relationship… Ok lets call it what it is: I was being a sex crazed man-whore. And with the body I’d been working on over the past couple years, finding some hot hookups was not a challenge! At just a hair under 6 foot, I’d taken my 32 year old rather average and slightly overweight 215 pound body down to a lean, muscular 185. Not that I let it go to my head, really. I was still a bit modest and unused to the amount of attention I could garner from the thirsty crowd of horny males cluttering the gay apps… all ultimately looking for sex, thinly veiled behind a mask of friendship or gym buds, or whatever line they cared to use. But modesty didn’t stop me from enjoying the reward of my hard work! In contrast, Jesse, was all too happy to give me time and space to explore. Apparently, he saw more in me than one night of fun. We did meet last spring, however, and hit it off epically. What originally started as a few dates turned into a couple months, and some really great sex along the way. While he’s not a buffed up gym rat like myself, he sports a smaller, less muscular 5’7” dancer’s frame. The difference is actually what I find appealing… I get to be the big muscular boyfriend, and he loves appreciating my bigger body and how it feels against his own. Sometimes I'd even noticed him proudly showing off his man to his friends via some of my Instagram photos. Eventually, though, he broke it off, saying I was still unprepared for anything serious. We stayed in touch, and after months with a growing sense of desire for something more concrete and a distaste for all the meaningless sex, I asked him out again. With some obvious trepidation and discussion of what he was truly looking for in this potential relationship, we agreed to make it exclusive. Now, nearly 2 years after our initial online conversation, here we were: madly in love, enjoying the sun, sand, and cleverly disguised drinks of Gatorade and vodka with our close friends, under one of a couple hundred canopies, umbrellas and tents that lined the beach. All that remained was to kick back, and mentally undress the horde of sexy men flaunting their bodies before us, while avoiding eye contact with any previous hookups that I preferred not to have to introduce to Jesse as they walk by. Of course, that didn’t stop a few from making their presence known, along with a handful of friends I actually enjoyed seeing amongst the crowd. A couple hours into the day, I saw a couple from my gym. They are a somewhat oddly paired match once you get to know them a bit, but are the sweetest and truthfully sexiest married couple I know. Hell, they even wanted to have me over one evening for some fun, but schedules never worked out in my favor sadly. Nevertheless, both go by Chris strangely enough, both are nurses, and share the same height of about 5’8”. However, thats where the differences start. While Chris #1 is a fiery and outgoing Latino with a leaner build and a wild streak, Chris #2 is a quiet, reserved Asian guy with a thicker muscular body and a go with the flow personality. I honestly never can quite tell what he’s thinking, he just smiles and lets life happen. We stood a while, catching up on each others lives, talking about how I was doing with Jesse and the new relationship, and other random gossip of the day. Chris #1 continued on about their latest adventures at EDC in Las Vegas and all the fun they had, when suddenly he stopped mid sentence. His eyes grew large, as I could tell his attention was drawn away to something happening beyond our conversation near the water. It wasn’t until his usual effeminate exclamation of “oh my god”, that I turned to see what was happening behind me. A rather large fish (what I thought to be an over grown dolphin) had washed ashore, and had a small group of guys gathering around it. Dolphins aren’t an uncommon sight around our beaches. They’re often seen swimming through the open waters, scaring surfers, and delighting tourists, but I’d never seen one this close, or this large. The group of guys around it seemed to be discussing what to do and how to get it back in the water, when two of them bent down to touch it. What happened next set both of my nurse friends running into action, as I stood there mouth agape. Upon contact, both guys appeared to have been shocked with a sort of electrical discharge and flew several feet back from where they were kneeling. Naturally, this caused the other guys around the creature to quickly retreat, leaving it to suffer further on the wet sand alone. About the time that my two friends reached the two that were unconscious, I snapped out of my stupor and joined them to see how I could help. Latino Chris had reached one of the guys and knelt over him, asking him if he was ok and shaking his shoulder to see if he was responsive. However, his arm recoiled when he grabbed the guy’s shoulder, and he yelled, “Shit! I just got shocked.” He attempted to rouse the guy again, roughly rubbing his chest and once again jerking back from an apparent shock. Asian Chris seemed to be having the same experience as they looked at each other, sitting on the sand next to the bodies and discussed what to do. One victim seemed to be breathing while the other next to my Latino friend either was not breathing at all or it was so shallow it was undetectable. He reached up to his neck to check for a pulse and despite some obvious discomfort from more electrical shock, he determined the guy needed CPR. His husband moved over and started compressions as best he could, while Latino Chris performed the mouth to mouth breathing functions. Both would take a few seconds between their duties to back off, shaking their hands or head and release a few expletives due to the jolts they were taking, then return to action. Not even my own CPR training could have prepared me for something like this. You never actually expect to use it, much less face something so bizarre in the process of trying to save a life. Ultimately, the guy started breathing and shuddered back to life after about a minute of CPR. Coughing, he weakly sat up and put his head between his knees, trying to catch his breath and recover from the trauma. The Chris’s fell back on the sand, breathing heavily from the dramatic experience and rested for a moment. The 2nd victim began to stir as well, and we could breath a sigh of relief that it seemed they would be just fine. After a few moments, I gave my hand to my friends to help them up off the ground. To my surprise both of them shocked me! It felt almost like a quick static discharge and it was done. I shook my hand out and laughed, as I asked them if they were ok. Looking up from my hand I realized, at that moment, I wasn’t looking at the top of their heads like I usually do. Instead, Asian Chris was eye to eye with me, if not slightly higher, and Latino Chris was clearly looking down at both of us from a few inches above. My first response was to look down at the sand, as I must have been standing in a hole or they were on the higher part of the beach as it sloped up from the water. But neither was true, and the odd height difference was just the beginning. In fact, I watched as both of their feet elongated slightly, pushing through the sand a couple inches. Then calve muscles developed, pushing out an inch or two on either side of their legs, followed by their quads. Latino Chris’s growth was even more prominent as his legs exploded with new muscle and size. Large tear drop shapes formed as his quads pulsed bigger, pushing into each other and causing him to adjust his stance significantly. My gaze traveled higher as his cute red, white and blue speedos stretched to its limit both in the back and the front. Already decently endowed (he’d once told me he was just shy of 7.5” downstairs), I saw his suit bulge forward like a water balloon. The top opened slightly as his cock grew in obvious length and girth, competing for space against his enlarging balls. A curved portion of his brown hose like penis pushed up and over the edge of his speedos, the head buried somewhere far below visibility, which just served to accentuate his new size. Even in its current flaccid state, I couldn’t imagine it being anything less than 9 or 10 inches soft and already thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. His abs, which had already been well maintained, began popping into greater definition, the valleys between them etching deeper and deeper by the second. The top row was quickly being eclipsed by a growing shadow casted by pecs which had previously been firm and tight, but were now much fuller and stretching all directions into large manly slabs of meat, and pushing out a couple inches from his chest. While his nipples began pointing downward and tanned areolas growing wider than a half dollar coin, the sides of his pecs were beginning to spill out beyond my view, rubbing against swollen and inflating veiny biceps. Large and growing arms attached to thick, rounded deltoids practically the size of my own head, began to flex in response to the growth being experienced. Unexpectedly, I heard him chuckle, the typical effeminate voice I’d grown accustomed to now gone and replaced with a much deeper rumble. I looked up now, further than before, and stumbled back a step, shocked by how much taller he’d gotten. My eyes were just level with his chin, so I had to guess he was close to 6’6” now, maybe more… a growth of practically 10” in just minutes! His face, sitting above ominously sloping, thick traps, was even more rugged. He’d gone from a cute pretty boy, to gorgeously handsome; a look you could only describe as devastatingly attractive masculinity. A grin formed slowly on his lips as he looked down on me. He was most certainly the new alpha between us and clearly enjoying the revelation as he explored his massive body, and I tried not to pass out myself. To be continued...
  7. OCavalier: Rimed Radiance in Solitude

    Remmy stared into the night sky, wondering what the giant ball of colors looming over the mountain was. He reached out to hold it in his palm, strangely craving to taste the hues that mingled and danced within the lustrous orb. At first it’d been very small and glimmered only softly, but in time it became a giant amalgam of vibrant tones in both green and blue. It glistened, beckoning him to seek it. His fingers could not reach far enough across the horizon and he quickly gave up. Before he could sigh in despair, the star burst, crashing into the ground and spreading out in a dangerous wave of fire. Remmy stepped backward in panic, unable to find shelter quickly enough to avoid the crushing flames. He gasped awake. Remmy’s skin dripped again as he slowly got up from his dorm room cot and sat in front of his computer. His roommate was a ghost- they’d only spoken a few times (those of which were short and sweet) and he barely ever stayed to sleep. Some said Remmy’s roommate was a lecherous frat boy but Remmy didn’t give him much credit in that respect. He simply enjoyed the solitude available. His hand clicked a few tabs open as he began searching for pornography. Remmy searched his favorite keywords recently: ‘muscle pec play’. He quickly began sifting through videos he’d already found. Good ones were hard to come by and Remmy wasn’t particularly proud of his fetish. He began jacking off as a young, hot, white college boy began tugging on his nipples and verbally directing his arousal to the camera. Remmy held onto his cock and went to town, imagining being such a sexy muscle boy on cam somewhere. Something about that aesthetic excited him… The visibility in a physique defining virility, power, and health turned him on. Remmy was nowhere near describable as such but he wished often for a defined abdomen and arms that would widen his silhouette. His cock wasn’t that bad (a lengthy seven inches) and yet he always found himself alone in bed. The hot boys in class worked out, and he simply didn’t. He desired the sculpting of a trained man’s body and he craved certain aspects much more than others. He found himself drifting off porn after he’d cleaned off his stomach of cum. He meandered around the internet looking at pictures of sensually posed fitness models and stopped whenever he found a good set of pectorals on his screen. Remmy was a sucker for pecs (figuratively, guys never spoke to him) above all other muscles on a man and he sometimes stumbled upon photo-manipulations (dubbed ‘morphs’ by fans of such media) of muscular men with inflated chests. These made Remmy shamefully aroused. He knew it wasn’t very natural and tip-toed around the delicate intricacies of sex and gender. Regardless he found himself often sifting the web for the biggest pecs around. If Remmy were to have a beautiful physique, he’d want his chest to be extra beefy to show off. The college boy began preparing himself to climb back in bed when a blip on his computer’s chat application resounded. Sparrow had messaged him. They had known each other through a multiplayer-online game that had long been shut down years ago; they kept in touch and often shared tidbits of their very gay interests with themselves. Sparrow was into some pretty strange shit but knew where to find the best morphs as soon as they were posted. Sparrow also never judged Remmy. Remmy opened the chat wondering how anyone except him could be up at such an hour. Remmy’s own screen name, Crabby, flickered on as an ad for ice cream attacked him. He squinted at the bright colors and shut it down, reading his new correspondence. SPARROW: dude, you know how you study at Walcott, right? CRABBY: I mean, yeah, I’ve been going to class for a few weeks now. SPARROW: Fuck SPARROW: That’s where people have sighted the Cavalier SPARROW: That’s fucking hot, bro Remmy stared at the screen for a bit, yawning. CRABBY: What’s the Cavalier? Sparrow responded by forwarding Remmy an image of what looked like a sketch for a comic book. The sketch was from a ‘strange urban stories’ forum and apparently, the character depicted was some sort of vigilante with superpowers. Remmy didn’t recognize the character (he knew the common canon but didn’t read comics often) but felt interested by the very specific anatomy and costume of this ‘Cavalier’. He bore horns (for some reason?), a skin-tight wrestling singlet covered in convenient holes, and a few plates of armor. Remmy wasn’t quite sure what to think of the art but liked how big-chested the artist had depicted him. CRABBY: Is this a new comic? Is it gay? Sparrow then sent Remmy a link to the original post where the author claimed being saved somewhere in the city. Not much checked out; the original poster didn’t give out information of their identity. The original poster claimed that not only a gang of thugs had physically assaulted them- monsters did too. The scantily clad hunk in a mask appeared just in time to save them, however. CRABBY: Well that’s weird. SPARROW: Dude read some of the details! A dangerous gang had lived in the city for years, known as the bulldogs. The original poster claimed being inebriated, stumbling home when he walked into a pack. They attempted to harm the original poster, when one of them completely wigged out. This bulldog looked sickly and went so far as wanting to murder the poster. The way the original poster described it, this bulldog looked ‘beyond’ sickly. The vigilante in copper garb appeared and kicked their asses, only to have the sickly one vomit up a Lovecraftian nightmare. Remmy yawned again, reading up on this ‘cavalier’s’ wit and charm. It seems that the original poster shivered in the cold, only to be given a memento by the cavalier to keep him warm: a scarf embroidered in Remmy’s class year and school logo! The cavalier had mentioned having two and disappeared into the night, letting the original poster find his way home safely. Walcott University always gave each incoming freshman a scarf designed by someone within the previous graduating class- it was tradition. Remmy owned one of the same scarves photographed in the forum, hanging on the dorm room’s closet hook. He glanced back to the screen as Sparrow impatiently inquired of his opinion. SPARROW: Did you see?! CRABBY: So, what, there’s a superhero in my freshman class? How does he have two scarves? CRABBY: Wait, no, this is dumb, I’m not humoring your gay superhero fantasies. You know I’m not into that. SPARROW: Damn, I was hoping you were the superhero but that would be too easy lmao CRABBY: We both know I don’t have that kind of body. SPARROW: Yeah, but you could! I think you’re pretty hot! CRABBY: Shut up. I’m not discussing this. It’s just some weird tale someone came up with. SPARROW: bro wait look what I found though CRABBY: It’s 3:36 am, Keith. Like an idiot, Remmy waited for a response to argue with. After the third minute of silence, Remmy grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around himself, ready to turn off the computer. A newspaper link appeared on Remmy’s screen. Remmy imagined Sparrow’s smug face as he read the headline. SPARROW: “12 GANG MEMBERS ARRESTED: CLAIMING VIGILANTE HERO AND MONSTERS TO BLAME” Clicking on the article link led to the newspaper that would be coming out later this morning. CRABBY: That’s a long headline. SPARROW: DUDE IT’S A GAY MUSCLE SUPERHERO CRABBY: I’m going to sleep. You’re an idiot. SPARROW: It’s just a theory! You should be excited, Remmy! CRABBY: And why should I be? SPARROW: The OP mentioned something REALLY important. Didn’t you see? CRABBY: He was super strong or whatever. SPARROW: Remmy no, he wasn’t just super strong! He could Sparrow owned a smut blog somewhere in the recesses of the muscle-fetish web. He was a mediocre artist, at best. A sketch of what the Cavalier might look like appeared on Remmy’s screen, depicting the hero in many different outfits and silhouettes based on the description in the strange-story article. Sparrow left Remmy one more message, explaining that these weren’t necessarily different interpretations… SPARROW: Fighting those monster things made him grow bigger, especially his pecs. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Four picturesque desserts sat on the old wooden table. Two of them were simple cups of ‘spicy’ nougat-stuffed ice cream- decorated neatly inside a small container like a fancy street-snack, seeming more like a pretty trinket than food. The third item was a frozen mousse made of pistachios and mint, drizzled in Italian liqueur-based chocolate syrup. The fourth was a new confection the college cafe had recently developed for the fitness crowd on campus; a protein stuffed brownie partially melted and topped with fat-free whip. The locale was rather expensive but it seemed that the people (mostly students) around Whitcomb University had an incessant sweet tooth ready to pay a premium on luxury snacks. Remmy slowly pressed his spoon into the parfait, his group sitting with him at their weekly class ‘meeting’. The four freshmen had been performing this ritual for a few weeks now and although they worked hard on whatever project their honor’s program gave, they’d recently accustomed to meandering around for entertainment rather than marketing research. Remmy found himself interacting with these people often now, albeit still as awkwardly as he was with strangers. The group made him a bit less nervous, sometimes. Emilio was a sharp-tongued city boy in dark hair sitting to Remmy’s left. He was very blunt and hanged with Lynn for the most part. She (Lynn) was a distant acquaintance of Remmy’s from his hometown; although they’d not known each other very well before they had a similar demeanor that harmonized well at orientation. ‘Reconnecting’ helped them survive the first few weeks of college. She sat to Remmy’s right. The outlier of the group was Chet, a young bodybuilding SmileTube star that so happened to end up in their group by assignment only. You either loved or hated him, especially when you noticed how easy life always seemed for him. He paid bills with the funds of his many online fitness, fashion, and celebrity videos AND got a stipend from his wealthy parents for any sideline expenses. The blond bombshell never apologized for his vanity and seemingly enjoyed the attention a set of massive pectorals brought him whenever wearing risque clothing. Emilio had grown up with Chet and watched him develop from a privileged pretty boy in middle school to a privileged beefcake in college. As annoying as these details were, Chet never hurt anyone and actively hung out with the group. As time went on the young men of the group gritted teeth knowing they might have made some bad assumptions (or Chet was simply that charming in person). “It’s settled, then. We’ll develop a new product for a fast-casual dining food chain,” Lynn said, typing up notes and tasting a spoonful of nougat ice cream. She smiled softly as she savored the garnish almonds of the dessert. Her laptop made a kitten-noise as it sent a weekly report to the professor. “Well, we could probably pick the restaurant now, then,” Chet said, tilting his head as he tried finding the best angle for his brownie’s photo. He’d gotten multi-colored almonds to make the dessert look more vibrant. This photo alone, along with Chet’s many followers, would change the menu. The owner would bump up the price gleefully and run with the publicity. Remmy hadn’t caught himself observing Chet, again. The tiny neon-blue tank barely fit the muscle-boy’s thick chest as it jutted outward for what seemed like miles. You could almost hear Remmy’s breath shorten whenever one of the meaty pecs flexed naturally during the mini-photoshoot. “We could do someone without a breakfast menu? Make an introductory menu, instead of just an item.” Emilio commented before scowling at Lynn for following Chet’s behavior. She certainly had a smaller following on social media but she loved taking pictures of cute things- herself included! He attempted to backstroke towards Remmy, a sea of phones clicking as per usual in the cafe. Remmy was too busy fumbling a spoon as Chet jumped over to Lynn to flex his massive biceps in her phone’s sight. Lynn was beautiful enough that the two practically belonged in a fashion catalog. Moving away from Remmy’s drool, Emilio drowned with an audible sigh of disbelief. “You guys are absolutely the worst.” He clamored. Whitcomb was a Midwestern college town, tugged at the sides so it’d stretch itself over a flat landscape for miles. Points of interest were always a bit far away but it seemed that tax cuts were helping it develop as a strong city these last few decades. Still, it was underdeveloped in many locations and the four scholars had to hike over great breaks in the sidewalk as they headed to their next goals for the day. Still, Remmy did not complain as Lynn asked him about the snack he’d gotten. He explained his affinity for mint, and how he’d heard about sorbet before but lacked the experience of tasting it. The other two college boys had been arguing about the quality of campus-created television without paying Remmy attention. Lynn listened with interest. Remmy didn’t often talk unless Lynn pulled him into the conversation. “What about Whitcomb Strange Tales? The T-Com students on that show have some creepy stories to tell! Although, they used a sketch for their most recent post,” Chet joked as Emilio complained about the lack of horror fiction on campus. Chet pulled up an image of an exotic dancer punching robbers in the face. Remmy swallowed his heart in surprise, recognizing the distinct features he’d heard about. Chet smiled wide, “I think this story will be a big one even if it’s not scary. They’re calling it ‘Power Paladin: Whitcomb’s own super hero?” “Chet, that’s a terrible show! I’m disgusted!” Emilio yelled. Chet flipped through social-media forecasting software and continue to bombard Emilio with mediocre entertainment. Emilio glowered and whispered, “You’ve got to share that pic with Remmy and me, though…” “I like the costume! I think they changed it a bit for the blog, though. He looks more like an armored wrestler now, when I hear he was more like a sexy knight or something.” Chet chuckled as the group walked through frat row. Remmy shivered with anxiety as Lynn giggled. They got a little quieter as they passed Theta Heorot Theta. “Everyone’s a little spooked by that mansion more than anything Strange Tales has…” Lynn said, her golden bangs blowing in the summer wind. It felt chillier here. “You think they’ll cut that huge dead tree sometime soon? I think it doesn’t help their image.” Emilio commented, Chet pulling out a shaker bottle to head to the gym soon. Remmy looked back the at the incredibly thick curtains of the fraternity house. “They’re too busy rushing, still. They used to have guys begging to get in.” Lynn responded, turning to Remmy. “Your older brother was in that fraternity, right?” “W-Well. Yeah. Usually you must be a certain type of guy to get in. He… fit the look.” Remmy responded, quietly. “Ah, but you need an affluent lineage too, most of the time.” Emilio rasped, looking at Chet and nudging his arm as he drank something sweet. “Oh, do you think you’ll be joining a fraternity, Chet? You seem like the type.” Emilio added. “THT invited me over for a few events along with the other fraternities, but I just don’t want them using my name much or pretending like they are progressive for inviting in a gay guy.” Chet responded, finishing his preworkout. “What was it THT was caught for most recently?” “I heard it was a drug bust… but that was the most reasonable of the rumors…” Remmy managed to say, almost in question as he stopped at the bus station. He needed to get supplies for his art class and it was already late for the store to be on the other side of town. “Do you need a ride, Remus? My car’s close by, I left it at a friend’s and I’m heading to the gym.” Chet asked, knowing the other two were simply heading back to campus. Remmy was very quiet with him. “N-no. I’m fine. Thank you.” He managed to say. Remmy fumbled a few phrases in his mind but it only came out as an awkward pair of thumbs pointing upward, clumsily gestured to Chet. Chet simply laughed and returned a thumbs-up. Lynn observed and Emilio simply moved forward. “Text me when you want, Remmy. If it gets too late you shouldn’t be out alone, I can come get you.” Lynn added as the group distanced from the bus stop. “Yeah, we’d hate to hear you walked into a pack of bulldogs!” Emilio yelled, speaking out of turn. Lynn nudged him but by then they were out of earshot. “Fuck off,” Remmy said to himself, wishing Emilio was there to hear it. Not genuinely -of course- but Emilio had teased him hard when a spider crawled onto the study table a few weeks back. Like a coward, Remmy had jumped out of the chair and ever since Emilio had used his cowardice as the butt of jokes all the time. Getting on the bus, Remmy wondered if masculine guys like Chet were bothered by those kind of traits (cowardice). His steps felt slow as he found his seat, not noticing the multicolored glimmer at the end of the bus. His eyes came up for a second to see everything was fine and so he stared out to the streets of the small city. The feed on his phone moved quickly. With nobody around, Remmy started flipping through blogs to see muscular men flexing, posing, and fondling themselves sensually on the screen. Each man exuded sensuality and power no matter what features and silhouette they had. They all seemed to have one thing in common: a monstrous cock and a monstrous body. Remmy lost his breath, suddenly, when he saw a picture of a buck-naked Chet on his phone. Remmy’s own cock jumped up, pushing through his pants as he stared, bewildered. Chet looked positively monstrous here- unreal! Sure, he was huge in real life, but here… holy shit. His back looked wider than a regular house’s door and his lats spanned so far, his tiny waist looked like it shouldn’t have the ability to keep him from tipping over. Chet’s abdomen looked mesmerizing, decorated in veins reaching down to his monstrous, swollen cock head. It was dripping a giant glob of precum within the capture, Chet teasing the viewer with a bite of his lip and his massive cannons popped upward in a perfect double bi. Still, thick thighs twisted into a perfect crossing pose, emphasizing their sheer length. Remmy finally calmed down as he recognized the photo-manipulation’s watermark from an artist he followed- Chet’s big, juicy pecs pumped with incredibly thick nipples as a definitive give away. In the photo, they were even pierced and ready to be toyed with unlike Chet’s real chest (Remmy had stolen glances prior). Remmy audibly huffed, saving the picture for later when in private. Remmy then flipped to the real Chet- where he’d posted a (still very sexy) picture of him flexing for shoulder day. Remmy himself matched Chet’s height but was much thinner- lankier. A dog with technicolor fur flicked his tail next to Remmy as he continued to self-loathe, turning its head to see the seen setting on the city. Remmy had completely lost track of time. For now, all he could ponder was life without debility and diffidence… The young man’s hands sifted through veils, watching men much like him battle weakness like his own. He watched their bodies change with perseverance. Some of them did it slowly; others stepped right into this new power. All of them, however, reveled as they became powerful. All of them also found themselves enveloped by swarms of demons threatening to punish them for breaking the status quo of disparity. Remus continued to walk, the veils becoming leaden as he watched many drown. He stopped to watch a glowing light pierce an amoeba of wretchedness, a thick hand blasting through to escape. A beast of a man tore his way through the swarm with his bare arms, roaring as his body swelled thicker and THICKER with vigor. It was hard to define more than a silhouette but eyes full of fire drew a halo atop the man’s thick neck, letting him banish the fiends and gasp in a prostrate victory. Remmy fell backwards the moment the beastly man caught eyes with him; he sunk through the darkness drowning in his own contempt. “You are just as powerful, Remus! I believe you can- and so do many others!” said the technicolor dog. Its tail flicked as the creature tried reaching the drowning Remus. “Just reach out and take it!” rang Remmy’s ears. His eyes opened, burning inside the ooze. A glowing orb flickered, changing composition as it bounced through possibilities. Remmy reached out, then hesitated. He felt his weakness crushing him like an enveloping serpent. It was going to kill him. His mouth opened and began swallowing the poisons enveloping him, sealing his doom. Then Remmy jolted awake, gasping with an awful taste in his mouth. “Last stop!” yelled the driver as he got out, not even looking towards the college boy at the end of the bus. The door left ajar, Remmy slowly stepped out. A clock’s hand pointed at twelve-before-midnight, smacking Remmy for being so irresponsible. An ominous chill passed the area, telling Remmy he should get home quickly. He had no time for strange dreams and wiped the sweat from his forehead. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (So, this is a new story I've been working on, and I posted part III on my blog because I know how lengthy posts can get here in the forum. If you liked what you see so far, here's the link to the next part. Ah, also, thank you very much for reading what you've read thus far!) Here's Part III
  8. This is a continuation of a very long, very involved, multi-character story-world. As such, many of the concepts and actions won't be fully explained. It is assumed you're already familiar with the Transformation series and mythos. Though the title reads (Part1) this thread will eventually contain all chapters currently written. PART 1 YEAR ONE September It seemed like a long way, but it was only two flights of stairs to get to Barry’s new dorm room on campus. Starting college was both an opportunity for excitement and trepidation. Eighteen years old and out of the house for the first time. He wondered if he’d like being so far from home, but was looking forward to the freedom and the chance to discover himself without his parents or his old group of friend’s preconceptions and expectations. He had an overstuffed backpack on his shoulders, and two large suitcases followed behind him as he pulled them up the stairs one at a time. He wasn’t a small dude, but he wasn’t some scholarship-toting football hero, either. Six-feet tall in his stocking feet, lanky from a summer spent doing yard work around the neighborhood to help pay off the student loan that granted him access to this college, Barry had what was referred to by some as a ‘swimmer’s build,’ though nowhere near as streamlined as a certain pot-smoking Olympian. He was drenched with sweat as he reached his floor, his thin GAP T-shirt clinging tenaciously to his torso, and he danced around the other trunks, duffels and suitcases of everyone else moving in at the same time that lined the slender hallway. It was an old college, and not exactly swimming in money. They still had separate dormitories for the boys and the girls, and these were quite full. Barry would be doubling up with someone for the year, and he was also split about his feelings on that subject. Would he be stuck with some lead-headed juice monkey or maybe a semi-braindead trust fund baby just killing time until daddy handed over the reins to the family fortune? Why was he always thinking the worst about people? Maybe his roommate would be totally cool, like he was, and totally into 30 Rock and Doctor Who and the Final Four and watching movies so bad they’re good. Maybe they’d get along fine and become best friends and share homework and shit like that? Why did he always immediately think everyone else was such a jerk? His room was ludicrously small. There was barely room for two beds, let alone two occupants and all their stuff. He knew it was a bad idea packing so much shit. Half his junk would probably never even make it out of the suitcase! He pushed through the doorway and dragged his luggage inside, shoving it around behind the door before he collapsed in a sweaty, tired heap on one of the beds. The building was echoing with the sounds of his new male classmates all shoving their own collections of junk around, greeting each other, making new friends, bargaining for beds and figuring out that the in-room bathrooms did not include showers, which were communal and located at the end of each floor. It was a bit like living in a YMCA, only with more walls and less religion. Still, a contented smile wound across his lips and he sighed. He was here. In college. At last. He was overcome with a sudden tiredness and wondered if he could just lie there and take a short catnap before dealing with unpacking when he could feel the bed shake under his body. In fact, it seemed as if the entire floor was shaking, if not the entire building. It was a subtle, constant thudding, like the steady pounding of of some equipment shoving pylons into the ground. Then it abated somewhat and fell to a duller thud. It grew a bit stronger as he lay there, his eyes closed, concentrating on the sensation and wondering what the hell it was when he almost-siesta was interrupted by a voice asking, “Is this 302?” The voice was absurdly resounding, like the rumble of a bear awoken from a winter’s sleep and none too happy about it. Low, deep and powerful, it was a voice that comes from a man, not a college-bound boy, and it made Barry’s eyes snap open and he sat up quickly, as if called to attention. In the doorway—in fact, blocking the entire space and then some—stood the largest person that Barry had ever met with. The man’s shoulders stretched so wide that he was turned slightly sideways just to fit. He was ducking his head, because he looked like he was approaching seven feet in height. And everything about him, from every angle and every inch of his huge, wide, thick body was bulging outward as if he had been inflated, but the man was not fat by any means. It was perfectly clear from the way his clothes gripped his body that it was all muscle. Barry felt his heart beat faster, though whether it was from fear or excitement was hard to judge. He looked up the immense body toward the face, and was a bit staggered to see such a youthful, handsome visage mounted on that brutal musclebound frame. The face had a smile on its lips, and its eyes were bright blue. A scruff of beard, maybe a two- or three-day’s growth, dusted his strong jaw and chin, and an unkempt shock of straw-blonde hair erupted on his head like the sun’s rays. “Is this 302?” he asked again. He was holding a piece of paper in one hand. The other gripped the strap of a nylon duffle slung over one of his massive shoulders. “Yeah,” Barry said softly. The hulk moved into the room, nearly fully occupying what was not already occupied, stuck the piece of paper between his teeth—white as chalk and perfectly straight—and pushed his hand forward in greeting. “Mtm,” he said. Barry wrinkled his brow and looked at the broad, huge paw. It lead up to a ham-sized forearm with more muscles than Barry thought there were in an entire body, and a network of thick veins like a river’s tributaries over a mountain range. Further up the arm, the dude’s biceps and triceps erupted like boulders on a landscape of bronze. The dude reached back to take the paper from between his lips and repeated, “I’m Tim. I think I’m your new roommate.” “Oh,” Barry said. “I’m Barry.” “Cool,” Tim answered. “That the bed you want?” “I didn’t really…” “‘Cause you kind of sweated all over it,” Tim observed. “Not that I care, but it seems kind of like you’ve already marked your territory.” His smile increased in wattage, creating dimples in his sculpted cheeks and crow’s feet next to his blue eyes. His beard, made of the same golden hair that topped his regal head, seemed almost to sparkle is it adjusted itself across the squared contours of his masculine countenance. “I wasn’t… I didn’t… no, no, if you want this one, I mean, I wouldn’t….” “No sweat,” Tim answered, “if you’ll pardon the pun.” He hefted the duffle off his shoulder and casually tossed it onto the other bed. “Small, huh?” Barry looked down at himself. “Small room,” Tim clarified. “You look just fine.” “I… uh…” “Not big on conversation, huh? That’s okay. I usually talk enough for two people, anyway. At least, that’s what my friends used to say.” He suddenly stuck one hand behind his head and stretched his entire frame, arching his back and pushing his prominent and awesome pectoral shelf forward. It made the tight shirt he wore ride up his torso and exposed a 4-pack of his 6-pack, which looked about as well-developed and deeply defined as any that Barry had ever seen. What did this guy do, live at the gym? “That the head?” “Head?” Barry’s eyes had been drawn to Tim’s mid-section, but now they went back up the man’s incredible body to find his face again. Tim nodded to the left and asked, “Bathroom?” “Oh. Yeah.” Tim grinned and reached down, unbuckling his belt and pulling his jeans open. “Gotta take care of some business,” he said. “Long trip, y’know?” “Yeah,” Barry said, “sure.” “Um, are you gonna stick around?” Tim was pulling each button of his fly open with a slow obviousness, as if illustrating some point. It drew Barry’s attention back down the other man’s body and he realized that Tim not only wasn’t wearing any underwear, he also owned what could be described as a fucking beast of a dick that was insistently pushing against the overburdened basket of his jeans. Pop! went another button. The glistening crown of golden pubes emerged. Pop! The sleek, sweaty shank of Tim’s shaft could be seen. His cock adjusted itself, extending along his hip. “What?” Barry asked, mesmerized by the sheer size of the other man’s equipment. “Could you watch my stuff?” “Watch?” Pop! Another button undone. His shaft was thick and crimson and fat. “My stuff,” Time explained. Then he waved his hand at Barry’s face to get his attention again, and gestured at the duffel bag on the other bed. “While I relieve myself.” “Sure,” Barry answered. Tim’s pants were pulled open. His cock was still lodged inside, so long that it extended inches along his hip. His pelvis was flat and his pubic bush was thick. Just how fucking big was he? “Thanks, I’ll only be a few minutes. Sometimes takes a little while to, you know, drain the snake.” Then he turned—holy shit, even his butt looked like it was made of muscle—and retreated into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Only then did Barry’s head clear, and he noticed a particular and peculiar scent in the room. It was rank and slightly musky, reminding him mostly of a locker room or, weirdly, the smell of a sweaty jockstrap. He hadn’t noticed it until Tim was no longer in sight, but now that he was gone the smell was distinct. The big man’s movements as he did whatever he had to do in the little bathroom sounded a bit like a bull trying to maneuver inside a closet. Hard thumps and deep crunches, accompanied by grunts and moans, exited the bathroom. Then everything fell silent for a few heartbeats and Barry waited for the familiar sound of water splashing into water as his new roommate ‘relieved himself.’ At first there was no sound at all. The smell in the room was growing subtly stronger, though, and Barry realized that it was getting hotter, now, which was odd considering his shirt was still cool against his skin with his sweat, and he’d had a chance to calm down from his stair climbing. But it was growing perceptibly warmer, and oddly it felt not like the room was growing hotter, but that Barry’s skin was. He swallowed into a dry throat and felt the shorthairs on the back of his neck tingle. His hands were clammy and his upper lip began to sweat. A familiar but surprising sense of sexual throbbing erupted in his cock and spread outward, pushing up the length of his prick and licking the head. He felt his balls move and his cock started growing hard and thick in his jeans. He reached down to adjust himself and realized his was growing erect, though he wasn’t sure why. Now some new sounds were coming from the bathroom. Slick, wet, stroking sounds, accompanied by Tim’s low, powerful voice whispering or moaning something unintelligible, though it sounded like ‘yeah’ or ‘god yeah’ or ‘fuck yeah.’ “Are...are you okay?” Barry asked. He was uncomfortably warm, himself, and his cock was now pushing with painful urgency against his zipper. He had an almost overwhelming desire to pull it out and start jerking off, even with the dorm room door standing open and a parade of dorm occupants streaming by. “Are you...are you hot?” There was a pause in the noise from inside the bathroom. “Hot?” Tim asked. “It feels… it feels hot for some reason.” Another pause. “Well...it is still summer.” “Yeah,” Barry answered. “Not that kind of hot.” “Oh,” Tim replied. “Um, just a minute, I’m nearly ther...done.” “No problem,” Barry said, rubbing his palm across the hard contour of his hard-on. “Fuck,” he whispered. He’d never felt so horny for no known reason in his life. His whole body felt good. And his cock was rock-hard. More slick noises from the bathroom. The heat grew stronger, still. Barry was sweating again, this time without having to haul any luggage up any stairs. His cock was huge in his pants, a thick shank of sex meat that needed attention. Tim’s voice grew silent as the heat continued to increase. Barry felt a surging release of precum erupt up the length of his prick and tickle the tip with its wet warmth. Suddenly, Tim groaned with evident satisfaction and the wet stroking sound turned into something more like licking or lapping, as if he had an ice cream cone in there and was trying desperately to finish it all. At the same moment, Barry’s sense of sexual overload peaked and he arched his head and let out a soft moan and found himself achieving orgasm without ever having even touched himself. A sudden cascade of wet warmth accompanied the exquisite orgasmic release inside his pants, and the heat of sex turned into the heat of embarrassment. His cock jerked a half-dozen times and he could feel the warm, sticky load in his pants bathe his hard-on and his balls before draining over his taint and dripping around his asshole. It grew cooler as it travelled, and he was only slightly relieved when he saw that there was no outward evidence that he had just now, somehow, spontaneously cum inside his jeans. Now that he had achieved orgasm, the heat was dissipating and his cock was growing mercifully limp once again. He could hear movement inside the bathroom and he pivoted quickly on the bed so that his back was to the door when it opened, and he could feel the looming presence of his new gargantuan roommate as he re-entered the room. “Sorry about that,” he said with his powerful voice. “I guess I wasn’t quite as prepared as I thought I was.” • • • • June “Timothy Balmer.” Hearing his name sent a tingle of excitement and fear through Tim’s huge, muscular form. He was grinning foolishly as he stepped up to the podium where Mr. Titus stood, a diploma in one hand and the other offered openly, waiting to shake one of his graduating student’s hands. Tim, like the other members of Mr. Titus’s rather unusual class, wore no robes or miter. None of them had been allowed to participate in the usual graduation ceremony, for obvious but unfair reasons, so they elected to wear their customary school uniform—being no clothing at all. The entire graduating class of The Muscle Club, some two dozen naked young men with bodies overwhelmed with bulging masses of brawn, some with thick carpets of fur, others bare, but every one of them gifted with a set of sexual equipment that would put any porn star to shame, stood within the converted gymnasium that had become their home away from home. It was here where they had received their educations after their bodies had changed so dramatically—growing as huge and as strong as their unstoppable and constant libidos—and it was here where they were going to leave their high school behind and start their adult lives. Mr. Titus was wearing a dapper suit of navy blue that almost fit his own well-muscled form, perhaps out of deference to his position as teacher, or perhaps in an attempt to hide the way in which his own body mirrored the superhuman levels of muscular and sexual development of his students. The collar of his shirt was open, and his tie was only loosely tied around his gargantuan neck. The other buttons of the dress shirt only barely hung on, stretched to their limit by the sheer thickness and width of his massive pectoral shelf. Tim reached forward with both hands, accepting the certificate of high school graduation in one and Mr. Titus’s firm, warm, welcoming grip in the other. “Congratulations,” his teacher said, the man’s voice a deep and powerful rumble like the movement of the earth. Tim’s face broke into a wide and beautiful smile and he shook the other man’s hand with pride. “Thanks!” He said it, and he meant it. Without Mr. Titus, none of them would be here today. No other teacher even bothered with them, anymore. And none seemed to give a damn except this man, whose pride of his students was shining on his handsome face. Tim performed a small bow of his head and stepped away from the podium, accompanied by the applause and cat calls of his fellow graduates. “Go, Timebomb!” “Woohoo! It’s the bomb!” “Fuckin’ A, Timebomb!” It would take hours—maybe even days—before Tim’s foolish grin left his face. If the ceremony itself had not been the sedate affair that the other graduates had enjoyed, the graduation celebration that followed was even less so. There were only a couple dozen of the members of Muscle Club present, but they made the best of their final hours together. Certainly, they had the entire summer to enjoy, but there would be less opportunity for them all to be together like this. The orgy that manifested was epic. Though these super-muscled, super-sexed and super-handsome young men had very little in the way of personal walls to be breached in the form of sexual congress in the first place, all and any of those walls came crashing down as they thrust, sucked, rasped, licked, jerked, kissed, fingered and fucked their way to a form of sexual nirvana that would be remembered for a long time—or at least until the next graduating class. It was a wonder that the gymnasium itself didn’t melt as the heat of passion and sex filled it to overflowing, and the grunts and moans and shouts of orgasmic bliss echoed from it until dawn. Some weeks later, and Tim was ready to leave the small town where he had lived all his life so far, venturing to the college a few states away where he had been accepted. Luckily for him, the college knew nothing about his unique physical attributes or the unusual education he had received in high school. They only cared about his transcripts and the tuition he was paying them, and had no idea what they were bringing into their campus. “Are you sure about this?” Mr. Titus asked, one last time. “I’m not entirely certain that going off alone is a good idea.” Tim shrugged. “Maybe not, but it’s where I’ve wanted to go—even before I joined The Club. I… I think I can handle it.” ‘Handle it’ meant being away from the support of his brother in Muscle Club, support that was not only emotional and sexual, but the kind of support that he wouldn’t have at all on his own. His body now craved the constant physical attentions that only the other young men in The Club could understand—and perform. His body was an overheated sexual machine, capable of constant erections and non-stop orgasmic pleasure. How could he survive the onslaught of his libido and his body’s constant need without the support of his brothers? And could he somehow curtail himself and his desires when thrust into an environment where there were so many worthy targets of his lust and his abilities to transform other young men into a being like himself? “I’m sure you can,” Billy Titus said, and if he was feeling any doubt, he did not let it into his voice. “I’d feel better, though, if there was another Muscle Club member to accompany you.” Tim shrugged again. Most of the graduating class was staying put, unwilling or unable to part with the support and attention of the other guys. Only a few of them had elected to leave, and Tim would be the only Muscle Club graduate venturing off alone into the world. “I’ll come back as much as I can,” he said. “You know I can’t stay away from the guys for too long.” Billy nodded. “I do know,” he said. Then, uncharacteristically and quite surprisingly, Billy leaned forward and kissed Tim on the mouth quite passionately. Tim was shocked at first—Mr. Titus was always very careful not to engage in any type of shenanigans with his students, much to their disappointment and constant harassment. But Tim wasn’t his student anymore, and Billy kissed him with eager and unabated passion. It was a very good kiss. Tim could feel it to his toes. It was an open ‘secret’ that Billy and another of his students, the buzz-cut blonde named Carl, were engaged in an on-going tryst, and Tim suddenly felt a strong pang of jealousy toward the dude if this was the kind of passion that smoldered so deeply inside the teacher. Fuck, if he had to curtail his own lusts, he supposed his kisses would feel like this, too. He kissed him back, feeling a growing sense of urgency and passion building within him, but the kiss ended and Billy slapped his ass hard. “Something to remember me by,” he said with a wink. “Holy fuck,” Tim whispered. “That was intense.” Regret crept into his head as he looked at the other man, but then Billy Titus smiled and walked away, leaving Tim standing at the bus stop with a monster hard-on throbbing in his jeans. • • • • September “Sorry about that,” Tim said, “I guess I wasn’t quite as prepared as I thought I was.” “No problem,” Barry answered. “I...uh...are you done? ‘Cause I kind of have to use the john myself.” “Yeah,” Tim answered. “I’m done.” Barry felt a hand grip his shoulder and squeeze slightly. “How about you? Are you done?” “Am I done what?” “I didn’t tell you my nickname, did I?” “No.” “We all get nicknames in the Club. Sometimes it’s based on what you look like, or something you do. My nickname is Timebomb. Kind of a joke on my name—Tim Balmer. But it’s also because...could you turn around, Barry? Feels kind of weird talking to the back of your head.” “I’d rather not,” Barry admitted. “It’s okay,” Tim said, soothingly. “I think I know what happened.” “Nothing happened.” “If we’re going to be roommates, it’s become suddenly clear that I have to be a lot more honest with you than I intended.” His hand disappeared from Barry’s shoulder. He was closing the dorm room door and the sound of his bulk sitting on the bed echoed through the otherwise quiet room. “I was kind of hoping that some of this wouldn’t come up, that I could keep it a secret or something, but I guess when you’re going to spending time this close to me I should probably be honest with you.” “What are you talking about?” “The Club. And me. And the timebomb.” “I thought you were the timebomb.” “Both,” Tim admitted. “You felt it, right?” “What do you mean?” “Can you turn around, Barry? Really, this is pretty weird talking to you like this.” “I really want to go to the bathroom first.” “Because you just came in your pants.” Barry blushed a fierce red. Tim could even see it on his neck. “Yeah, I kind of knew that. And it’s my fault.” “How could it be…?” “The timebomb. The reason I’m called that. It because when I go off, everyone feels it.” The hand was back, gentle but insistent. “Really, Barry, turn around. This is important if you and me are gonna be friends. And I hope we can be friends, because I have a feeling I’m going to need some really quickly.” Barry pivoted on the bed. Tim was shirtless. Tim was a god. Tim’s body was beyond perfect, beyond powerful, beyond anything Barry expected or conceived. Muscle everywhere. Thick plates, fat bulges, keenly defined and powerfully huge. Tim looked like some comic book superhero in the flesh. His pecs were like broad pillows of power mounted on his wide upper body. Lobes of muscle stood out starkly on his shoulders. He owned a belly of incredible cobblestones—not a six-pack but an eight-pack, with every thick bulge of muscle in perfect alignment. His cock had been repositioned inside his pants, but it crawled down one leg nearly to his knee. It stood up like a tube of thick muscle all on its own. And if the man owned an ounce of fat, it was nowhere to be seen. “This is me. I’m kind of...special.” “You’re a truman?” He shook his head. “Something else. Not sure what I am, but I’m not one of those guys. I’m not super-human. Can’t fly. Can’t do all that other crazy shit. I’m just...big.” “Everywhere,” Barry said, eyeing the other man’s enormous prick. Tim smiled. “Yeah, well, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, owning something that big. But the other part is the thing you felt just now. The timebomb.” “I don’t understand.” Tim shrugged. His whole collection of awesome brawn shifted and flexed as if to display the size and shape of every individual and perfectly developed muscle. “Me neither. Believe me, if I knew how to control it I would. And when I was back home, and hanging out with the other guys, it didn’t seem to be a problem. But I guess…” His blue gaze shifted south and he bit his bottom lip. “I guess it is.” Barry swallowed. The load in his pants was growing increasingly cold and sticky. “I… I guess I understand, sort of. I mean, I know about the truman—who doesn’t? But, honestly, I’d really like to clean myself up.” “I...okay. I understand.” Barry stood up and walked gingerly over to his suitcase to retrieve a fresh pair of underwear and another pair of jeans. “Does this happen every time you…?” “Every time I come? Yeah, pretty much. Trouble is, I...um...so, what do you know about trumans?” “They’re big, like you are. Huge, in fact. Bigger than you, I guess. And like you said, supposedly they can fly, have super-strength, all these other powers. They used to run some gyms but now those are all gone, too. You can find pictures and videos of some of ‘em online, occasionally someone sees one of them in person, but they mostly keep to themselves and try to stay out of the limelight. Not sure why or what happened. One day they’re everywhere, next day they’re nowhere. Like they all just disappeared.” “Right, and that’s all I know too.” As Tim spoke, Barry went into the bathroom to change. “But the guys who started this thing I’m in, those guys weren’t trumans. They said they found something online and used that, said it was probably related to the trumans but they never really explained it. And then those two guys invited some other guys to share the discovery and they started growing muscle, too. And then things just kind of snowballed from there. Back in my hometown, there are probably a few dozen of us now. And…” He paused when Barry reappeared. “And that’s about all there is to it.” “Not all there is.” “Yeah, all….” “The timebomb?” “Oh. Well, I think that’s just me. Something I can do. Or, I guess, something that happens. I mean, the other guys, they can do something similar but it takes a bit of concentration. Whatever happens when I...get excited...that’s just me.” “And you can’t control it?” “I thought I was,” he complained. His voice was a low rumble. His face looked honestly disturbed and apologetic. “I guess with the other guys, they were immune, or maybe I’m toning it down but I can’t turn it off. Honestly, Barry, I’m really sorry about that. I really didn’t think anything would happen.” “Well, I mean, truthfully it isn’t the worst feeling. It was just...kind of...shocking.” Tim nodded, looking abashed and embarrassed. The expression was in sharp contrast to his body, which still insisted on looking incredibly powerful and perfectly developed. Barry had never seen a chest that big. Or arms that thick. Or shoulders that wide. “So it happens every time you…?” Tim nodded. “Well,” he started, slowly looking up, “um, really? I can do that any time I want to. It’s just that when I’m jerking off or...whatever...it seems to happen whether I want it to or not.” “You can make it happen any time you want to?” Tim nodded slowly. “To anyone?” “Any guy,” he said. “Only guys.” “So, I’m just sitting here, and you can do that?” Tim nodded again. “Like the first time?” Tim smiled and shook his head. “A lot better,” he said, almost proudly. “And a lot stronger.” “Stronger than that?” “A lot stronger.” “But you were in another room and I couldn’t even see you and I came in my Levi’s.” “Yeah,” Tim agreed. “A lot stronger.” Barry’s eyes narrowed. “Prove it.” Tim looked askance. “I don’t think you know what you’re asking.” “You said you could do it any time you wanted to, to any other guy.” Tim nodded again. “Okay, do it to me, now. I just came, I am not feeling horny at all,” which was a lie, because there was definitely something about Tim which was making him feel really rather horny, “and you said you could make anyone…” “How hard?” “How hard what?” “How hard do you want to come?” “How hard can you make me come?” “Let’s say on a scale of 1 to 10, when I was in there and suppressing the timebomb and you were out here creaming your jeans, that was a 2.” “Fuck me,” Barry said. “You’re lying.” Tim tilted his head. “Did you want to ruin those pants, too?” “You’re gonna do it?” “If you want me to, why should I refuse?” He leaned back on his elbows as the bed complained with sharp creaks. The muscles along his belly stretched out and his chest spread as wide as the prairie. “You gonna take off your pants or not?” Barry stood up. What the fuck, right? Two guys in their dorm room. They were gonna see each other naked anyway. And he’d already pretty much seen everything Tim had to offer. And he was never much of a prude, anyway. He unzipped and shoved his pants and underwear off in one plunge. “Shirt, too,” Tim advised. “My shirt?” “You’re gonna have a five, right?” Barry nodded. “Shirt, too.” He stripped it off. Tim’s eyes scanned the naked form before him. “Do you want it fast or slow?” “What does that mean?” “That means that I can make you explode right now like a rocket going off and I just pushed the button, or I can percolate you until you can’t stop yourself and you go off like a volcano with too much lava in your tube.” “Slow? I guess?” “Excellent answer. I like doing it slow. It helps me...finesse the results.” “And what does that…” Tim interrupted the question. “Every guy is different. Some guys need a lot of stroking, other guys not so much. Some guys need to be pushed pretty hard, and some guys are already standing on the edge of the cliff with one foot over the edge. Doing it slow means I can ramp up the power. If I do it fast, my idea of a five might be your idea of a nine, and that could be messy.” “What’s a ten?” Tim smiled again, narrowing his eyes. “Not everyone can handle a ten. My buds back home can, of course. Fuck, some of them guys probably need a twelve or a fifteen or something. But a ten is, well, it takes some personal hands-on. I can do up to a seven easy, just sitting here. Anything more than that means that you and I would need to be a lot better acquainted than we are now, me over here and you over there.” “Oh. So, a five is good then.” “Five is excellent. Believe me, you’ll be more than satisfied with a five.” “When does it start?” “Already has,” he said. “Should I...do something?” “Do whatever you feel like doing. But no, you don’t have to do anything. I can do it all.” “You can get me off just by…” He suddenly went silent, because the heat was back on his skin, and the smell was back in his nostrils. It felt almost as if something else had entered the room with them, something invisible that surrounded Barry’s naked flesh and slipped its arms around his body. “Yeah,” Tim said softly. “we’re on our way.” Barry swallowed and kept his eyes on Tim, looking for any physical changes and if the guy was gonna do something to him. But Tim was just lying there, half-naked on his bed, lounging on the covers as his eyes traveled around Barry’s body. It felt...good. Whatever was happening, it felt warm and comfortable. “Is that it?” Tim shook his head. “You said do it slowly. I’m doing it slowly.” He licked his lips. “You want it faster?” “I guess? I mean, it feels good but...oh, shit.” A sudden hard pulse struck him all at once, coating his body in heat. His cock involuntarily jerked and throbbed. The feeling of something embracing him in its strong arms increased. He felt something on his neck. He felt something on his legs, stroking the skin. The sensation crawled up higher and higher and circled around and approached his ass. “Oh, fuck,” he said softly, smiling as he looked at Tim. “Yeah,” the other young man said, “it only gets better from here. Tell me, Barry, do you have any...sort of...walls I should know about?” “What...oh, fuck, yeah…what kind of walls?” “Like, if I did this…” Barry sucked in a deep breath through his nostrils and went up on the balls of his feet. A distinct sensation was lapping at his asshole. Something hot and wet was there. Something fleshy and supple and talented was lapping at his butthole. “...would that be okay?” Barry nodded that it would. “And if this happened,” Tim explained, as shocks of intense sexual pleasure erupted from both of Barry’s nipples simultaneously, deep, hard throbs of electric sex that traveled through his naked body and emerged into his prick, inflating it with a shocking suddenness that made the skin grow taught and the heat surrounding it swell. “Would that put you off at all?” “N-n-no,” Barry admitted. His hands balled into fists. Sweat trickled down his back and found its way to the crack of his ass. It seemed to sizzle as it licked his asshole, as if whatever was already there was waiting for its arrival. “Are you having fun, Barry?” Tim’s deep voice asked. He nodded, unable to speak. Everything felt good. His cock was at half-mast. His balls throbbed and swelled. The tingles of sex at his nipples shocked like electric sockets. The hot, wet tongue lapping at his asshole pushed for entry. “Good. We’re at a three now. This is what three feels like.” It felt very, very good. “Are you ready to go to four?” Barry nodded. He felt a quick surge of precum in his cock. “Okay, Barry.” Another sudden surge hit him hard. His cock inflated with painful suddenness. He almost came. A shuddering breath entered his overheated body. The tongue he could feel between his ass cheeks turned firmer and wetter and plunged into his ass. Cascades of sexual bliss showered his body like hot water. “Hmm, not sure we can go to five, Barry. You’re looking very primed right now.” Barry opened his mouth and said, “Please.” Fuck, he felt good. He stood there, naked, with no one touching him at all, and it was already the best sex he ever felt. “No need to beg, Barry. I’m more than happy to do this.” Barry opened his eyes and looked at the form that lay prone across the other bed. Tim had pulled open his pants again and extracted the monster cock he owned. It towered up from between his legs, easily a foot high and probably longer than that. It was overwhelmed with veins and shiny. The head was as big as a plum and the shaft was hard and thick. He was rubbing the helmet as if calling forth a genie. A gushing flow of clear honey was draining along the crimson shank, but Tim was looking at Barry, not at the majesty of his own mammoth prick. “This feels good, doesn’t it Barry?” A sudden thick cascade of bliss melted over Barry’s body. “And this?” The firm, wet, warm tongue pushed into his asshole, nudging his prostate with gorgeous perfect pleasure. “And this?” A throbbing, incandescent heat enveloped his cock, like the tightest, wettest, most perfect pussy in the world. “That’s both of us, Barry. Me giving it to you. You giving it back. Then both of us sharing.” “How…?”
 “Watch, Barry. Watch this.” His cock began growing. The shaft expanded. The tip stretched taller. The head bloomed. “Aw, fuck, Barry. Yeah. This feels amazing. You want to go to five? You want to go there together? Are you ready, Barry, my man?” He nodded, watching Tim’s cock grow, watching the other man pleasure himself, feeling a perfect state of sexual bliss enveloping his naked body. “Here it comes, Barry. I hope you’re ready for it. There’s no going back now.” Tim closed his eyes. He arched his head back. He opened his mouth, his full, supple lips, and his mammoth, muscular chest rose and spread as he pulled a deep breath into his gorgeous and perfect body. Then he moved his hand down the biggest prick Barry had ever seen and released a deep, resounding growl of sexual power. Barry came. He came hard. His whole body seemed to want to pass through his cock. His balls seized up and his lungs emptied and he was thrust into an oven of sex, a sensation so strong that it overwhelmed everything else and he grabbed his hard, massive, monster cock and shoved out thick ropes of cream over and over. He gasped and groaned and nearly blacked out from the sheer intensity of his orgasm. It felt like he came for minutes. It felt like his cock was exploding with pure sexual power. It felt like his whole body was passing through some ideal expression of ultimate masculine perfection. He was powerful and awesome, a god striding the peak of his own making, coming gallons of hot, beautiful cream like a fountain. He fell backwards onto his bed and felt the hot, wet splatters of his own eruption. He could hear himself cum—or maybe that was Tim. Was Tim coming too? Were they coming together? Was that his cream all over his belly and his chest and his neck and his lips? Was that Tim’s copious creamy flood released from the dam and splashing all over his naked body? He didn’t care. Good god it felt good. So good. So good and perfect and powerful. He was breathing hard and the room was spinning and his cock was throbbing and his body was hot and wet with cum and sweat. He opened his eyes and looked down at himself. Thick ropes of cream coated his skin. “Oh, fuck, yeah,” Tim growled. “Oh, Barry,” he said. Barry sat up and looked at his roommate. What was happening—it was miraculous and awesome and weird as shit. The dude was cumming, and he was shooting like a fucking fountain. Wherever the other dude’s thick ropes of cream landed, his body seemed to soak it up like a sponge. The cream splattered against his muscled form, spreading into the creases between each thickly developed muscle, and then it disappeared, growing thinner and thinner until it simply wasn’t there anymore. He came and he came. There was so much of it! How was this even possible? The heat in the room and the scent of raw male sex was still strong. Barry’s spent cock was still hard and throbbing. He felt like if he could still cum more cream, he would. But his balls ached and his body was worn out. He simply couldn’t keep up with his new roommate’s insatiable sexual power. Barry watched the display of male sexual power until it finally abated. Perhaps the well was dry, or perhaps he was simply done. Tim somehow managed to cum almost continually, shoving full, wet, hot splatters of cream all over his prone, naked body. Every fountain was thick and full and strong. And his immense body drank up every single drop of it. Tim lay back on his bed, his immense chest rising and falling as he breathed, the eight-pack on his muscled belly expanding and contracting, and then he groaned with a kind of feral power that shook Barry’s body as if he had taken him physically. “Aw, fuck,” he moaned. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” He sat up, his belly firming into a, eye-popping display of abdominal power, and wiped the sweat from his brow. His scent hit Barry in a strong wave from his moist, uncovered armpit. The ball of his biceps was huge—as big as a football—entwined in veins that stil throbbed with power. “Sorry about that,” he said, looking at the other naked young man. “I… I tried to kind of haul it in but, you know, you’re pretty Goddamn amazing.” “Me?!?” “Fuck, yeah,” Tim growled. “I only do half the magic, dude. You supply the rest. And the feedback I got from you was… well, you’re pretty Goddamn amazing.” “I didn’t do anything,” Barry retorted, though his cock was still stiff and throbbing and he could feel the sexual heat in the room like a palpable thing. “You did enough,” Tim responded. “Fuck.” He looked down at his half-naked form and laughed slightly. “Well,” he concluded, “so much for being inconspicuous.” Sitting up, he started trying to shove his gargantuan prick back into his jeans, with little success. “Fuck,” he said again. Barry started to laugh. The situation was absurd. “I… I gotta get cleaned up.” His own body was coated in thick, sticky slicks of cum, while Tim’s was sweaty, but completely clean of his own fat ropes of cream. “How did you do that?” he asked. “Which?” Tim asked. “Your body. You kind of… soaked up…?” “Oh.” He shrugged. It made the mountains of his shoulders bunch and his enormous chest stretch and flex. “Dunno exactly. Just happens.” He smiled and closed his eyes. “Feels fucking amazing, though.” “What… what does it…?” “Weren’t you going to get cleaned up?” “Oh, yeah,” Barry said. He stood up and looked down at his body, and at his stiff prick. “Is this going to go away?” “Oh, shit. Sorry. That’s me.” The sexual heat that had been embracing Barry’s naked flesh abated suddenly, and his cock finally started to grow limp and sink between his legs. “Jesus,” he said, realizing only now that he hadn’t been fully in control since his new roommate had entered the small room with him. “You’re going to have to learn to control that.” Tim nodded and looked a bit sheepish. “I know.” “I mean, not that I mind, entirely. But it could get to be a bit...inconvenient.” “Right.” he looked up. “I can try to find another roommate, if this is going to be too weird.” “Don’t you fucking dare,” Barry responded. Tim grinned. It almost made Barry’s cock start to throb all over again. PART 2 YEAR ONE September Jeremy Meeks always thought that God had a vicious sense of humor. Why else would he be walking around in a body that was barely five and a half feet tall and weighed 120 pounds soaking wet? The name “Meeks” seemed like the cherry on his cake, and if there was one thing Jeremy Meeks was not looking forward to, it was college. Jeremy had spent most of his educational career trying hard not to be noticed. It wasn’t a particularly difficult maneuver, and sometimes he wondered if his small stature was a direct result of his wishes to remain ignored and anonymous. He had picked a small college on purpose, though the fact that he would be boarding with a building filled with nothing but other guys—not to mention a communal shower at the end of the hall—made him feel slightly sick to his stomach. Because what if he got hard? What if, just by accident, he was in the shower with the others and he had an erection? He had very carefully avoided showering with the other guys in high school after gym for just that reason. He wasn’t gay! He told himself that every night. He wasn’t gay. He just...hadn’t found the right girl, yet. And maybe...maybe every guy had these feelings for a while. It was just a phase—a really, really long phase. He hadn’t met a girl—yet—that turned him on. But, god forgive him, he’d encountered literally dozens of guys that did. It was torture, that’s what it was. Pure torture. He could look but not touch. He had never touched anyone—well, except himself. He’d touched himself plenty! But he was still a virgin as he entered college, and for some reason that seemed worse than the chance that he was gay. Because didn’t the one thing mean the other? Wasn’t everyone else having sex all the time? It was all they ever talked about! It was all there was on TV and in the movies and on the web. And, sure, he’d...looked...at some porn online once or twice. Or hundreds of times. Pictures of naked men. Videos of naked men. Pictures and videos of naked men having sex. With each other. But that didn’t make him gay! He often prayed to take the temptations away. He would fill up a folder on his hard drive with pictures, then delete everything the next week—only to start all over again in a matter of days. It was like a sickness, this liking guys instead of girls, and there had to be a cure for it. It was a very hot day in September when Jeremy moved into the third floor dorm room at the far end of the hall. Other guys were already there, and he had been told that he’d be sharing his room with another boy—a thought that made his stomach flip. What if the guy was cute? What if he was, like, a jock or something? What if...what if Jeremy got a hard-on looking at him and they were there in the room and the other guy beat him up for being a fag? What if someone called him one? What would he do? Those were the thoughts that haunted him as he mounted the stairs, but they all flew from his head as he came to his floor and bore witness to the scene that was taking place at that moment at the other end of the hall. A naked man was walking toward him. He was holding a towel and using it to scrub his head, probably drying his hair from the showers. he did not even try to cover himself up, but then why would he? The naked man walking with measured steps directly toward Jeremy was the biggest, the most muscular, the most beautiful specimen of male flesh that Jeremy—even with all his perusal of naked male flesh—had ever seen. His body was a marvel of perfectly—and incredibly—developed brawn. His skin was still slick and shiny from the showers, making him look a bit like he was made of liquid copper. Muscle, tons and tons of muscle, bulged from every inch of his colossal frame. Was he seven feet tall? Taller than that? And his shoulders filled the hallway. As huge as he was, and as powerful as he looked, Jeremy’s eye was still drawn to the immense tube of flesh swinging ponderously between his ridiculously bulging thighs. “Hung like a horse” sprang to Jeremy’s head as he beheld the fat shank, with its low dangling head and two fat balls. A crown of damp golden curls spread above it, and water dripped along its inches and hung in heavy drops from the tip. Then the man stopped dead in the hallway, and Jeremy’s gaze moved up his huge form and their eyes met. “Hi,” the tall, broad, perfect, muscular god said. He was holding the towel in his hand, letting it dangle at his side, standing there totally naked and beautiful and unashamed. “Huh...hello,” Jeremy answered. “Moving in?” the man asked, his handsome head tilting slightly. He had a rough set of whiskers on his squared jaw, and even in the dim light of the hallway the deep blue of his eyes sparkled like jewels. “Yeah.” “Which room?” “Three… three-eighteen.” The huge giant cast his gaze around him, tossing the towel over one immense shoulder and then hiked his thumb over the other one. The ball of his biceps swelled enormously, and half of his colossal chest spread and lifted, making evident the fibers and cables of muscle beneath his tanned skin. “You’re right here,” he said. His voice was deep and soft. “You need a hand with that?” He nodded toward Jeremy’s feet, but for a moment the smaller boy though he was asking about the hard-on that was starting to throb dangerously inside his pants. Jeremy looked down at his suitcase. “No,” he squeaked, “I can handle it.” “You sure?” the god asked. “It’s no problem.” He folded his arms across his chest. Everything on his upper body collided with each other, shoving the muscle into fat bulges, displaying the deep divides between each thick lobe of brawny power. His cock was fat and thick and heavy, shifting in slow arcs as he moved, displaying its own heft and girth in the process. “I got it,” Jeremy said, bending his knees to lift the heavy case and trying not to look like he was at all tested by its weight. The big man smiled a sideways grin and one thick eyebrow arched on his noble brow. “Okay,” he said. Then he stood to one side of the hall, though his enormity still seemed to occupy most of it, anyway. “Thanks,” Jeremy said, slightly winded. “Don’t mention it. I’m Tim, by the way. Room 302.” “Jeremy,” he answered. “Nice to meet you, Jerry.” “It’s…” He paused, sucking in a breath. Fuck, what was in this suitcase, a dead body? “It’s Jeremy.” “Okay, Jeremy.” He pulled the towel off his shoulder and started wiping his skin off again, rubbing the white terrycloth across his rippled belly and across the wide, cabled expanse of his pectorals. “Well, if you need anything….” “Thanks,” he said. His cock was throbbing and he made sure he kept his back to the god, so he wouldn’t see the tent rising in his pants. “But I think I got it.” The god might have chuckled, or maybe he just cleared his throat. “Tim.” “Huh?” “My name’s Tim.” “I… I know.” “Okay. But if you need anything, I’m in 302.” Why was he making so sure that Jeremy knew all that? Wasn’t it embarrassing enough to be standing there towering over the little shrimp struggling with his suitcase? Didn’t he own any fucking clothes? Was this going to be a thing? This dude wandering around naked all the time torturing him? “302,” he said. “Got it.” “Cool,” Tim answered. “Well...I guess I’ll see you later, Jeremy.” “Yeah,” he answered. “Sure.” There was a pause as the muscled jock stood there stark naked and Jeremy pulled his suitcase into room 318. Finally, done with the chore and standing in the empty dorm room, Jeremy stood up—making sure not to turn around and display the embarrassing hard-on that was threatening to become an award-winner in his jeans—and asked, “Was there something else?” “Just...you remind me of someone.” “Who would that be?” “Me,” he answered. Then with a series of heavy thumps, Tim walked down the hallway toward his room and disappeared from sight, leaving Jeremy standing in his new home with an erection in his pants, dozens of questions in his head, and a sinking feeling that college was going to be a lot worse than high school ever was. • • • • April Tim could not not look at the two of them. Those two Muscle Club guys, just standing there, not really doing anything at all, talking softly to each other, standing so close together, as if everything was a secret between them. It wasn’t unusual to see them anymore. At first it was shocking, particularly when someone he knew or went to class with showed up one day looking...like that. So huge, so different. How it kept happening, no one seemed to know—or seemed to want to say. Then again, it was super weird to see it happening and he felt completely awkward and self conscious in front of one of them. Then, his friend Daniel showed up, and Daniel was now...not Daniel anymore. At least, not the Daniel he was so used to talking to and shooting the shit with. And even Daniel seemed to know it, but how could he not? Tim was very curious about the whole situation. He was not a big dude in any sense. In fact, he was kind of tiny. Always had been. He’d been told he would get a growth spurt “any day now,” and hear stories from adults about how they started school being small and ended that grade several inches taller and all filled out. But here he was, nearing graduation, and still nothing. Nearly eighteen years old, and barely taller than five feet. These huge guys—they were incredible! So big, and so...confident. Especially Daniel! Tim could hardly even look at his old friend anymore without feeling weird. Daniel used to be small like he was, and Daniel used to be shy like he was, and Daniel used to be a loner—but at least they were loners together. Now Daniel was hanging out with these huge dudes, and wearing clothes that showed off...everything! And he was smiling and cocky and, like, oozed a sort of power that was almost like some weird heat he was putting out. Something Tim could literally feel when Daniel was around. Now, it was just awkward. Daniel was different. Daniel was changed. Daniel was in Muscle Club, and guys in Muscle Club hung out together, and if you weren’t in Muscle Club than you weren’t in. If they were shooting up something to get that big, Tim didn’t want any part of it. That shit messes you up, no matter how good you look on the outside. And he’d asked Daniel about it—back when they were still on speaking terms—but Daniel sort of danced around an answer and wouldn’t tell him anything. “But… what happened to you?” “I’m in Muscle Club,” he said, as if that explained everything. “Right, but, like, yesterday you weren’t. Yesterday I could, you know, look you in the eye and now I’m staring at your chest and you’re fucking huge, Daniel! What the fuck?” Daniel smirked and shrugged and said, “Muscle Club.” Then he lifted his right arm and tensed the muscle into bulging power and they both watched the biceps and triceps swell outward thicker and thicker and thicker until he was literally bursting the sleeve on his shirt. Then he lifted the other arm and did it again. Thick wings spread beneath his arms. His shoulders piled higher and higher, nearly kissing his earlobes. His neck was as thick as his head. And he still had Daniel’s face, but it was...changed. It was different. It was, like, better looking. No pimples, no blemishes, nothing but smooth, clear, perfect skin and fucking whiskers growing on his face where there were no fucking whiskers yesterday. Not to mention that he had gained several inches—well over a foot—in height! He was tall and wide and handsome and muscular, and it had all happened literally overnight. Daniel let his arms settle back to his sides. His chest heaved forward and the two thick globes of his pecs filled in his shirt, pushing the points of his nipples against the material. He was grinning and looking at Tim, as if expecting some question or reaction. But Tim could feel something else happening, and he wasn’t entirely comfortable with it. He was...excited. The show of muscle, of Daniel’s new alpha status, had Tim’s heart racing and he felt weirdly hot and his mouth was dry. He could smell Daniel’s body. He could smell him, and he smelled good. “I gotta go,” he said. “Do you?” Daniel’s handsome face tilted. His green eyes narrowed. Tim nodded. “I’ll see you around, Daniel.” “I hope so,” he answered. “See you later, Timster.” Then they parted, and Tim had been avoiding Daniel ever since. Avoiding the discomfort and awkwardness, and avoiding those weird feelings he was having about his old friend. Now he was outside, between classes, lingering near the old gymnasium. Curiosity had drawn him here again, because it was where they hung out, and where he could watch them while pretending not to watch them, and to...smell them. Smell that enticing, funky, curious, attractive scent that they all had. The smell that made him feel strangely good, and made his imagination flare and his balls tingle. They were looking at him, now. He was sitting on the edge of a tree planter, under the shade, pretending to be reading his history textbook. He could almost feel their eyes on him, as if they were like Superman and had heat vision. Two huge guys in matching clothes, both wearing blue jeans and Polo shirts, stretched so tightly across their muscles that he could tell what they looked like naked. He turned the page, though he had no idea what he was reading. The words were words that refused to gather into sentences. His attention and his senses were focused elsewhere. His heart was beating quickly. His pits were damp with sweat. A drop of it was crawling down his spine and creeping into his ass crack. His scalp tingled. And then one of them said, “Hey!” He ignored them, pretending that they weren’t talking to him. Then they both started moving toward him, their huge thighs moving around each other, their massive arms swinging from the ponderous muscle hanging off them, their large feet bringing them closer by the second. Then he could smell them. Each of them. He could tell one from the other just by their smell. It was weird and confusing and...awesome. “Hey,” one of them said, again. His voice was very deep, and now he spoke softly, and directly to Tim. He looked up. They were so huge, especially this close, and particularly because he was sitting and they were standing. “You’re Tim, right?” He nodded, feeling both overwhelmed and scared, as if ferocious animals were near him. “Daniel mentioned you.” “Daniel?” The other one spoke, now. “Yeah.” He nodded again. “He’s a cool dude.” “He said you were a cool dude, too,” the first one said, then he added, “I’m Chris.” He smiled. He has perfect teeth, and deep dimple in his chin. He had very dark hair, nearly black, that hung loose on his head. He was clean-shaven, with sun-tanned skin and dark brown eyes. The other one said, “Paul,” and he nodded at Daniel. Paul had a shock of red-blonde hair that stood nearly straight up on his head, gathered into a faux-hawk on his head. He had an unusually thick beard and mustache, particularly for a high school guy, and freckles on his face. He had green eyes, a narrow nose and thin eyebrows that arched in a manner that made his expression look constantly curious. The bell rang suddenly, and Tim almost jumped out of his seat. Chris raised an eyebrow and Paul’s full, pillowy lips pouted outward. “You okay? You seem kind of...nervous,” Chris observed. “No,” Tim answered. “I’m okay.” “Daniel said you were avoiding him,” Paul said. “I’m not…” “We’re kind of intimidating,” Chris offered, “but that’s only on the outside.” “Yeah,” Paul agreed. “On the inside, we’re pussycats.” “I gotta go,” Tim said. But he didn’t move. “You should talk to Daniel,” Chris offered. “He’s a nice guy.” “He misses you,” Paul added. Tim closed his book. “You ever...wanted to join Muscle Club?” “Me?” “Yeah,” Chris said. “We’re always looking for new members.” “I’m not….” “No big deal…but...you know, if you ever wanted to, just come by here.” Paul was nodding. “I think you’d fit in really well.” His eyes, so green, were moving up and down Tim’s small form. “I think you’d have a good time, for sure.” “It’s fun,” Chris said. “Great group of guys.” “But… isn’t it… don’t I have to… take… something?” Chris’s brow furrowed. “Take what?” “To get… big?” Then Chris smiled. “Ooooh. Okay. ‘Take something.’” He made air quotes around the phrase. It made the muscles on his arms bunch up and swell with thick brawn. “No, you don’t take anything.” “Well,” Paul said, looking at his companion, “that’s not entirely true, Chris. It’s probably not the right way to put it, but you definitely need to, um, enjoy something, sort of ...unusual. Right?” “I guess you could put it that way,” Chris agreed. “But we can’t divulge everything unless you’re serious about joining. Are you?” “Am I what?” “Serious? About joining?” “I never said…” “Then what are you doing sitting here, pretending to read that book?” “I’m not pretending…” “What were you just reading, Tim? What was the chapter about?” “It was….” “You’re being a dick, Chris,” Paul said. “We’re already intimidating enough. If Tim wants to join, he knows how to do it.” Paul then looked at the small young man and said, “Just talk to Daniel. He’s your friend. He won’t steer you wrong.” “But,” Chris started. “The bell rang,” Paul said. “We’re late for class.” The faux-hawk god looked at Tim and winked. “Talk to Daniel, Tim. Okay? Even if you don’t want to join. He’s a nice guy, and he misses you.” He nudged his friend with his muscled shoulder and said, “C’mon or we’re gonna miss recess.” Chris’s face lit up and he said, “Fuck yeah! Recess!” Then they high-fived and turned around, walking their tight, muscular butts and inhumanly widely tapered backs toward the gym, and disappeared inside. Tim realized that his dick was hard, and he could feel a cold wetness in his shorts. His skin was still hot and the smell of the two young muscle freaks lingered in his nostrils, reminding him of something but he wasn’t sure what it was. He was breathing hard and his mouth was dry. It was altogether weird and uncomfortable, but he wanted more of it, whatever it was. He had to get to class. He knew that. He wasn’t a rule-breaker. But he sat there, under the tree, watching the closed doors of the gymnasium, waiting for Daniel to appear. But he didn’t. Maybe he was at recess, whatever that was. Sounded ridiculous, something you did in elementary school, where you just played with your friends and threw balls around. Yet another secret code between Muscle Club members. What the hell were they really doing in there? That afternoon, as Tim was sitting at his computer, a chat window opened up. > Hey! It was Daniel. With his usual greeting. Tim sat there looking at the window for a few heartbeats before responding, because it was obvious that he was online and available. > Hey > Whutup? > Not much There was a long pause. He figured Daniel was sussing out his mood. Then: > I hear you met Chris and Paul > Yeah > We ok? Tim looked at the simple question. Two words but filled with meaning. He pulled in a slow breath, then sighed it out before typing. > I guess so > That doesn’t sound very promising > Sorry > Are you mad at me? > No > Are we still friends? > Yes It felt weird, this chat session. Without having Daniel’s new huge body there, and his new mature face and his new deep voice, it felt like it did before. Daniel, little Daniel, was at the other end of the chat, and he was sad and confused and wondering why his friend hated him, now. > It feels like you’re mad at me > I’m not mad > Maybe, but you haven’t typed more than three words, and that usually means you’re mad That was true. Tim had a tendency to shut down, and Daniel was his best friend, and Daniel knew him better than anyone. Then: > I miss hanging out with you Tim looked at the words. He only saw the first two and the last one. His heart felt heavy in his small chest and his palms went sweaty. > You still there? > Yes > Can I come over? Can he come over? Can Daniel come over to his house, and can it be like it was before, playing video games and goofing around online and watching dumb videos on YouTube? Can Daniel come over? > It’s ok if you don’t want to see me. I understand. It’s weird. > It is weird. > I’m weird. > You’re not weird. You’re just different. > But that’s weird. > It is. > And I understand that. And I just wanted to talk to you about it. Because I’ve changed but I’m still Daniel, if that makes sense. It certainly sounded like Daniel, at least in the chat window. Then Daniel tried a different tack: > You played the new Halo, yet? > Yes. It’s ok. > Right? It’s good, but it feels too samey. They really need to change it and stop making the same game over and over. > I liked it. It had some good parts. And the online is killer. > As usual. Tim smiled. He and Daniel had spent too many hours fragging each other on their Xboxes. > I’m coming over Then he signed off. And Tim stared at the window and felt his whole body heat up and his mouth go dry. He felt simultaneously excited and scared and curious and frozen. Daniel was coming over to his house. Daniel had been there hundred of times. The old Daniel. The little Daniel. His friend Daniel. He was still his friend Daniel. He looked at the words on the screen. They were from Daniel. The old Daniel. He was still the old Daniel. The minutes that passed while he waited seemed very long. He sat on the couch in the living room sweating, glancing at the clock, pacing the floor and feeling a bit sick to his stomach. This was weird! Why was he so nervous? What did expect to happen? When the knock on the door finally came, it shocked Tim so hard that he fell off the couch. Then he heard a deep, masculine, Daniel-like voice say, “Hello?” Tim got up and looked through the peephole. Of course he saw Daniel’s eye looking right back at him—just like he always did. “Tim?” He opened the door. • • • • September “Who?” “Jeremy.” “Not seeing it.” “What?” “You and Jeremy.” “Why not, me and Jeremy?” “Well, for starters, you’d squish him.” Tim frowned as he looked at his roommate. “Would not,” he protested. At the moment, they were both naked inside the dorm room, each lying on their own beds, the scent and heat of the timebomb still draining from the air. Tim’s massive muscular form was coated in a glistening slick of sweat, leaning to one side to look at Barry, his fat prick finally growing limp and lying majestically across his hip and dangling onto the mattress, a fat shank of sex meat constantly primed. Barry, lying on his back, was covered in another heavy dousing of his own cum, and was feeling both content and blissful after another Tim-inspired super-orgasm had shaken him to his core. “There’s a definite chance you would, unless you were on bottom—and you don’t strike me as an ‘on bottom’ type of guy.” “How would you know?” “Good point.” Tim had never told Barry outright that he was gay, but it was obvious after only a couple of days. Tim attracted the attention of women by just walking into a room. Of course, Tim attracted everyone’s attention by walking in a room, but he attracted a certain kind of attention among the females present. Barry was quick to note that all eyes turned his way and was hoping to catch the castoffs that Tim didn’t want—until it turned out that Tim didn’t want any of them at all. At first, it seemed like Tim wasn’t interested in anyone. He kept to himself as much as he could, sat in the back of his classes, didn’t join Barry or anyone else at lunch, never even left campus, and stayed cooped up in his dorm room whenever he wasn’t attending classes. There were the nightly timebombs, of course, and they stayed as powerful and energetic as that first one. Barry was a bit afraid that Tim’s timebombs were going to have a detrimental effect on his sperm production, since he was going off with a frequency and power that seemed ludicrous if not impossible. Maybe the timebomb was doing more than just amping up his sex drive, but he wasn’t complaining. He made it clear to his roommate, though, that his own drives went in another direction. “I like tits,” he said bluntly. “And vagina.” Tim laughed. “Most guys do.” “Just… wanted to be clear about that.” “No problem.” “I mean, what you do—and who you do it with—that’s your own business.” “Thanks.” “And I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy, you know, the time you and I spend together.” “Naked.” “Out of necessity!” “Of course.” “But I just wanted to let you know.” “And now I know.” But Barry was getting a bit concerned about his new friend. Spending that much time alone couldn’t be good for him, and the dude had nothing to be fucking shy about! There had to be lots of gay dudes out there on campus who’d be tickled fucking pink to have someone like Tim to… do… that with. So he asked who Tim liked, what was his ‘type,’ and if there was anyone he’d seen on campus that interested him “in that way.” But Tim’s answer not only surprised him, it made him a little bit angry. “Not Jeremy.” “Why not Jeremy? He’s cute!” “He’s weird.” “I’m weird.” “You’re… funny weird. He’s just… odd weird.” “He reminds me of me.” “What? You’re insane.” “Take a look in my wallet.” “Why?” “Look at my driver’s license.” Barry pulled himself up and walked over to where Tim’s jeans were hanging over the dorm room’s single chair, fishing inside the back pocket and pulling out a black leather billfold. He flipped it open and looked at the picture. “You’re fucking kidding me,” he laughed, then he held it out to Tim’s eyes. “This is you?” “That was me,” Tim verified. “The 98 pound weakling.” Barry turned it around and looked at it again, flicking his gaze back and forth between the man on the bed and the boy in the photo. There was a definite facial resemblance, in the eyes and the nose and the mouth, but the huge, muscular form sprawled out on the mattress bore little physical similarity to the picture anymore. He set the wallet down and looked at the man on the bed. The huge muscles, the thick and massive cock, the sheer bulk of him making the poor bed sink. The change was more than dramatic, it was impossible. “Jesus,” he said softly. “How the fuck did it happen?” • • • • April “Hi, Tim.” Daniel was bigger than Tim remembered. He looked bigger than Chris or Paul looked, but maybe that was because Tim still remembered little Daniel, and big Daniel was just...unbelievably big. “Hi,” he said back. “Can I come in?” He was just standing there. he wasn’t doing anything, but his entire body seemed to be flexing with suppressed power. Tim opened the door wider—then he stepped aside, because it was evident that Daniel needed all the room he could get just to fit through the front door. Then he closed it behind him, and stood there looking at his best friend as his best friend looked back at him. “Well,” he said in his new, lower, more resonant voice, “this is fucking weird.” Tim sighed out a breath. “I’m glad you said it first.” He shrugged. It made his shoulders pile higher and the two massive tectonic plates mounted on his chest heave and lift and his shirt stretch itself to the breaking point. He was wearing the same thing as Chris and Paul; a too-tight Polo shirt and a pair of navy blue jeans that seemed suctioned onto his lower body. He wore flip-flops on his massive feet. A shock of muddy brown hair was sticking up from his head, as usual, and his jawline was dusted with short whiskers, which was unusual. He wasn’t wearing his glasses, and the whites of his eyes were very clear. He licked his lips—fuller, maybe, and...softer—and then sighed, too. “You’re pissed at me,” he concluded. “I’m not,” Tim said. Daniel nodded. “No, you’re pissed off, and I understand it. I go off one day looking like I did, I come back the next day with… all of this.” He held out his well-developed arms, palms up, and it was almost like his whole body inflated. Muscle everywhere. Thick, fat, hard, bulging masses of power swelling outward on every inch of his taller frame. “You freaked out. I get that.” “Can you blame me?” He took a step forward. “That’s just it! I don’t blame you at all! I blame me! I… I didn’t think about… everything. I just… did it.” A wash of a thick, masculine scent washed over Tim as Daniel stepped toward him. At first, it reminded him of Chris and Paul, again, but then, like a light flickering on in his head, he knew that it was the scent of Daniel, multiplied by a hundred. He recognized it and it brought with it a flood of memories when he had smelled it before, but hadn’t known it at the time. It made his skin feel warm and his cock twitched and his balls tingled. He swallowed uncomfortably, but breathed in his friend’s scent deeply. “What did you do?” “I can’t… I’m not supposed to say. Only Muscle Club…” His face was still Daniel’s, and Tim recognized confusion and embarrassment on his features. “Only Muscle Club,” Tim echoed. “Yeah, I know that part.” “No, Tim. You don’t know anything at all. This… this changes everything.” His face, handsome and grown-up, shifted into serious mode. He sometimes got that way. A pang of recognition and loss sprang up in Tim. There he was. There was Daniel. “Well, duh,” he answered, more softly than he intended. Daniel didn’t seem to notice. “I’m not joking. It’s not just what I look like, now. It’s everything. I mean, there are things, crazy things, I can do. And I’m not sure that I understood what it would mean, joining Muscle Club.” Daniel stopped and took a breath. “Whoa. Sorry. I didn’t mean… can we sit down?” Tim nodded and they both took seats, Big Daniel on the couch and Tim in a chair opposite him. The way Daniel’s body moved now was oddly fascinating. Watching the muscles—every muscle—bunch and flex and bulge under his clothes. Watching his huge form bend and sit, watching his thighs separate into distinct lobes and wedges of brawn, and the way the muscles on his arms bulged and moved beneath the skin. His skin was so thin, and so tight! It looked elastic, but smooth and soft like silk or velvet. As he passed, a cloud of his scent washed over Tim and inundated his senses. He closed his eyes and sucked it into his lungs when Daniel wasn’t looking. It made his cock feel heavy and thick. It made the hairs on his arms bristle. It made a taste, a salty tang, familiar and delicious, leap into his mouth, and he licked his lips as his heart began to race. “Are you all right?” Daniel asked him. Tim opened his eyes, embarrassed to have been caught, and a sense of anger washed over him for a moment. “Yeah,” he said, testily. Then he sighed and looked at his friend, who seemed genuinely concerned. The familiarity of the situation again calmed him down, and he asked, “What about you?” “I’m fucking amazing,” he reported, offering a wide smile filled with straight, white, perfect teeth. Cords of power stretched along his thick neck. The buttons on his Polo were being pulled apart by the size of his muscular chest. His nipples, fat things with thick points, pushed at the fabric low on the two massive globes. “No glasses?” “What? Oh, yeah. I forgot about them. Nope, no more glasses. And my teeth are straight. And my acne cleared up. And… just fucking everything. I mean, you have no idea what this feels like. No fucking clue.” He looked down at his hands—his huge hands—flexing the long, strong fingers. The muscles along his forearms stretched and bulged incredibly. “It’s amazing, Tim. It’s unbelievable, except it’s happening.” He was sitting forward, on the edge of the couch. Their knees almost touched. Daniel’s leg was huge. A thick collection of wedges assembled into a thigh at least as big as Tim’s waist. His calf spread out and stretched his jeans tightly over its flaring mass. And the dude had a huge fucking basket. It was ludicrous. No one honestly had a set of equipment that big! It looked like he was smuggling a salami and two eggs in his jeans! Tim was staring at it without realizing, picturing the cock and balls that made up that bulge. Eight inches? Nine? How big was the fucking thing when Daniel got hard? “You want to see it?” Daniel asked. Tim felt a cold wash of shame coat him at his friend’s words. “What? No! Of course I don’t want to see it!” Daniel smiled. “It’s just that you were staring at my junk, so I thought….” “I couldn’t care less about your junk, asshole,” he said, heatedly. Daniel held up his hands to placate his friend, exposing his armpits. Another sudden wave of his strong, familiar smell entered Tim’s nostrils, and he pulled in the scent eagerly. His own cock throbbed. His nipples sent tingles of excitement through his small body. He swallowed drily and looked, again, at the massive meat caged inside Daniel’s jeans. He bit his lip and asked, “How big?” “I thought you said you didn’t want to see….” “I didn’t say I wanted to see it! I asked how big it was!” “Okay, okay.” He lowered his hands and the strength of his scent dimmed. “I haven’t measured, if you want to know. I’ve been kind of busy.” “Doing what?” Having fucking sex with your new fucking friends, Tim thought, sullenly. “Stuff,” Daniel answered. “Getting used to this new body. And what it can do. What I can do. Being with the other guys in the Club.” He paused, and Tim looked at him. Then Daniel said, “Having lots of sex.” “I fucking knew it!” Daniel just shrugged. “It’s no big deal. It’s just sex.” “It’s not ‘just sex,’ you moron!” “How would you know?” He said it before thinking, and a look of regret washed over Daniel’s handsome face instantly. “Fuck you!” “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean….” “I can’t believe you did this!” “Why?” “You go off and get all…like that! You leave me behind! You don’t even tell me! You don’t even ask me! And then you show up and expect everything to be just like it was, and… and….” His rant trailed off. He was standing up now. He’d been yelling at Daniel, who was sitting on the couch, his eyebrows arched, his full lips arranged in a silent ‘O’ as he watched his best friend lose it. “What the fuck?” he asked. “Is that why you’re mad at me?” “I don’t know what you’re….” “You’re mad because I did it and didn’t take you with me?” “Well, duh, shit head! Look at you! Look at your body! Look at your face! You’re fucking… you look like… that smell… your muscles… your cock… Fuck!” Daniel huffed out a laugh and was shaking his shaggy head. “You’re an idiot,” he concluded. “Am not,” Tim protested. “Dude,” he said, sitting back on the couch and spreading his thickly muscled arms along its back. They stretched the entire length of the sofa. The heavy globes of his chest rose and separated into fat cables of muscle. The wings of his lats opened under his arms. And that smell. That delicious, enticing, masculine muck that screamed Daniel! as loud as it could at Tim’s senses came forth in a thick cloud. “What?” Tim asked. He was looking at Daniel like he was a feast on display for a starving man. “All you have to do is ask. Don’t you know that?” “I’m not sure….” “Not sure about what? Not sure you want to look like me? Not sure you want the muscle? All this muscle? All this power? Not sure you want a fucking massive dick?” He moved one hand down and rested his palm on the shank of his cock. He moved his hand along its length. His hand had to move a long way. “What’s there not to be sure about?” “You know what I mean,” he protested. Daniel shook his head. “I really don’t dude.” He was still massaging his prick. It was swelling thicker with head-spinning speed. Tim could see the snake creeping down Daniel’s thigh, the shaft rising like dough. “The… gay stuff.” Daniel shrugged. “What about it?” “I’m not gay!” “Neither am I.” “What?” “I’m not gay. I’m not anything.” “You fuck guys!” He nodded, then shrugged again. “I fuck Muscle Club guys. It’s not exactly the same thing.” “Gay is gay, Daniel.” “First, so what? What the fuck do you care? Second, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” Tim opened his mouth, but Daniel tilted his head and asked, “So, you’ve been fucking a lot of girls over the past few weeks, have you?” “No, I…” “Then what’s the big deal?” He licked his lips. “Oh, I get it. You’re worried about what someone else is going to think.” “No, I’m n…” “You’re scared that you’ll walk around school and people will be all, ‘Hey, faggot!’ or ,’Here comes gay Tim,’ or something like that.” “It’s not like th…..” “Why do you still give a flying bloody fuck what anyone thinks about you?” “Easy for you to say!” He nodded. “Fuckin’ A. Easy for me to say. Fucking look at me, Tim. You think I care what anyone else thinks? I like myself. I like my friends. I’m having a good time. I fuck guys. Guys fuck me.” He shrugged again. “Call me gay if you want to, Tim. I don’t care.” “I….” “I don’t care,” Daniel repeated. “That was always the difference between you and me. I don’t care. You care too much. What I think. What other people think.” He narrowed his clear brown eyes and smiled. “Do you want to see, Tim? Do you just want to see what I look like now?” “I can see that already.” “No you can’t.” He stood up. “You only imagine it.” He put his hands to his shirt and pulled the hem from his pants. “I’m covered up.” He pulled the shirt up his torso, revealing an ungodly eight-pack coated in flawless bronzed skin. Two fat nipples plucked at the shirt before they revealed themselves, like chocolate kisses on his skin. He lifted the shirt above his head. His hairy armpits were wet with perspiration. A thick tang of his smell erupted, stronger than ever. He towered over his friend. His muscle was thick, wide, heavy, massive. He had trouble removing the shirt entirely, it didn’t want to let his arms go. Then it was off him, and he dropped it to the carpet. “When you see me as I am now,” he said, putting his fingers to the button fly of his jeans and pulling them open, “maybe you’ll understand.” Pop! Pop! Pop! Each button pulled open, revealing a flat pelvis and a thick forest of dark curls. Daniel shoved his thumbs into the waistband at his hips and started pushing his tight pants from his body. Tim watched with unvarnished fascination. He had never seen a body as perfect before. Never seen an act as sensual and nakedly sexual. His friend stripped in front of him, pulling the covering from his new, improved body in his living room, removing all the clothing from his massive muscular form until he stood there, three feet in front of him, six feet and eight inches of superhuman male perfection. His cock was huge. Beyond huge. Fat and shiny. It was rising with throbbing beats, his heart shoving hot blood into his shank, the head blooming and expanding, the whole of it rising higher and higher. He began to stretch his enormous frame. Tim could see every single muscle on his incredible body as he did so. Watch how they married together perfectly. How massive they were. How beautiful. Then he stood straight, arms at his side, feet shoulder width apart, as his massive prick rose between them. “This is me, Tim. This is what I am.” Time was rendered speechless. His friend was beautiful. Perfect. Powerful. Daniel’s scent was now overwhelming everything else. It coated Tim’s flesh in sex. It warmed and excited him. It made his whole body tremble and throb. It shuddered with power and the essence of masculine dominance and perfect sexual potency. “If you want this, all you have to do is ask me, Tim.” He smiled. His cock was pushing its helmet toward the deep valley between his massive pecs. The eye was drooling a flow of clear precum. His balls were moving, two fat eggs in a hairless sack, pumping cream endlessly. “I can give it all to you. Just ask.” Tim was dumbstruck. He wanted it. He wanted it all. All the muscle. All the power. All the strength and size and perfect male beauty that his best friend possessed. He nodded slowly. Daniel smiled. “It’s easy Tim,” he said, moving his hands onto his colossal hard-on and pointing his nozzle at his small friend’s body. His cock grew red and shiny in his large, firm grip, swelling outward as it grew even longer, reaching toward Tim like a snake. Tim was mesmerized. His friend seemed to be swelling with muscle. It was growing beneath his smooth, perfect flesh. Fibers appearing, cables expanding, what was already thick was growing thicker. His chest swelled forward and each huge pec was inflating with brawn. His head was moving closer to the ceiling. His shoulders stretched wider and wider. And every moment, every second that he grew bigger and more powerful, his cock was stretching thicker and longer in his grip. “What should I do,” he whispered. Daniel’s face was inhumanly handsome. “All you have to do is stand there.” • • • • September “It’s a long story,” Tim told Barry. “I’ll bet,” Barry agreed. “But, is it like a shot, or something?” “No,” he answered. “A pill?” “No,” he said again. “Is it….” “It’s in my cum,” he explained. “Say again?” “My cum. It’s in my cum.” There was a long pause as the two naked men, their bodies nearly touching in the small room, looked at each other. “It’s in your cum.” Tim nodded. “Soooo….” “So if I get any cum in you—any cum at all—you’ll start to change.” “Start to….” He nodded. “If you drink it, if you get some on your lips and swallow any, you’ll start to change completely.” “Why would I drink…?” “Exactly,” Tim said. “But, you know, better safe than sorry.” “Hold on. So, any other guy who…” Tim was already nodding his head. “So if I…” More nodding. “And if Jeremy….” Nod, nod, nod. “So you had to….” “I did,” Tim verified, “have to.” “Did you want to?” Without a pause, he answered, “I did.” “And then…?” Tim shrugged his massive muscular shoulders. A reticent smirk wound across his full, kissable lips. He moved his hand along the thick inches of his massive prick, looking down at his tool with reverence and pride, rubbing the tip of his finger on the eye of his snake. “New Tim,” he reported. “Just like that?” He drew his hand away and snapped his fingers, saying, “Just like that.” “Did it hurt?” He sighed. “If you keep asking questions about it, I’m going to start to think you want to…” Barry held up his hands, saying, “No, no, no, no, no. I was just asking.” He swallowed hard and looked at his naked roommate. “So when we’re…” Again, Tim nodded. “And I’m…” Nod. “And if you…” Eye roll. “So...we need to be a bit more careful about….” “I’m being careful, Barry. I’m trying to be very, very careful. We can stop if you’re worried, or I can go back into the bathroom and you can stay clear...or I can try to find a new roommate.” “Like Jeremy.” “It’s up to you. I should’ve said something a lot earlier, but….” “Yeah, um, probably that would be a good idea.” Barry sighed, looking down at his cum-shellacked body. “I need to take a shower.” “You already did! Oh, you mean…” “Oh, ha ha ha, funny man. Make me fountain up a gallon of cum all over my skin and then make jokes about it.” But Barry was grinning. “Look, no need to run away just yet. Now that I know, we can continue doing...whatever the fuck it is we’re doing. Mutual admiration. Whatever. Just don’t, you know….” “I know,” Tim answered. “You going to get dressed or are you going to go down the hall and knock on his door looking like that?” He sat up, causing his collection of abs to bulge and pop, and threw up a double-bi, sending the muscles on his arms into spasms of swollen power. “I thought I might try it looking like this, first.” He shifted his arms down into a most muscular, and the two halves of his chest crashed into each other like colliding planets. Bands of power erupted up beneath his flawless skin and a wave of his intense, earthy tang washed over Barry. “What do you think?” “I think you’re going to send him running off to mommy, that’s what I think.” Barry was impressed, though. The man was definitely a handsome subject and those muscles were unstoppable. “Put on some pants, at least. If the guy gets a look at that hose between your legs, he’ll be too scared to do much of anything.” Tim grinned proudly, moving the back of his hand along its lengthy girth. “It’s my best feature,” he said. “One of many,” Barry agreed. “Flirt,” Tim said, his deep voice lowering to an animalistic growl. Then Barry wiggled his butt at his roommate before wrapping a towel around his slim form and heading toward the communal showers. Tim stood up and stretched his large frame, looking down at the massive shank of sex meat arching proudly between his legs. “He’s probably right,” he said, speaking to his own prick. “You’re kind of overkill in the cock department. And there’s no sense in going overboard on the first date, right?” He pulled on his customary attire of jeans and Polo shirt, slipped his size 14 feet into a pair of flip flops and wandered down the hallway toward Jeremy’s room, pausing at the door to check out his breath before rapping on the wood with his knuckles. Part 3 September It was a very large building, probably a warehouse once but now it was nothing at all. Just a big building with a very large sign hanging on it that didn’t seem to mean anything anymore. Because now the building was empty and abandoned, with locks on the doors and windows filled with darkness. Tim stood outside looking up at the facade. There was no one else around in this area of town. The only thing in the parking lot was weeds poking up through the asphalt cracks, and a warm, late summer wind. He could hear a train whistle somewhere, but otherwise everything was quiet. It was hot outside. He was sweating. His pent-up libido was screaming at him, and his prick and balls felt like they weighed a ton. He licked his lips and wiped his brow, smelling his own masculine ripeness. He wondered if the other guys smelled him the same way, or did he smell different to them? He shaded his eyes and looked up. The sign mounted on this side of the building said TRANSFORM GYM in large, sturdy letters. They looked like military type, or something on the back of a collegiate letterman jacket. Everyone had come to call it simply T Gym. Or even The T. He’d never seen one before, but he knew there was one here and he determined to himself that he’d pay it a visit, the very first thing, even if there was no one there to greet his arrival. This was his first stop after exiting the bus. He’d get to college soon enough, and face everything that little challenge would be providing, but for now he was sating a deep curiosity about himself and what was happening to his body, and whether or not there were any answers inside—even if there were no trumans around to offer them. They seemed to have disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared. They were seemingly everywhere for a time, making videos, appearing at gym openings, parading their impossible bodies around in impossibly revealing clothing, even marketing it to men who wanted to belong to their gyms and their lifestyles, whatever they were. Even though a lot was known about them, probably just as much was unknown—and chiefly, where did they go? Rumors ran rampant, of course, but then like anything else, from wars to injustices to financial collapse, people simply grew bored with them and moved on to the next awful celebrity meltdown. You could still find pictures of them online, though a lot of them had been removed or disappeared just as mysteriously as the trumans themselves. Maybe it was because the trumans became very protective of their images and likenesses, and maybe someone was still out there, filtering their history and presence out of the world. That was weird, too. At first, it seemed like you couldn’t turn on a TV or open a magazine or visit a web site without a mention or a new picture or video that contained another impossibly beautiful man with an impossibly developed set of muscles and an impossibly overburdened pair of shorts trying hard to contain what was obviously a very prodigious and impressive set of sexual equipment. They seemed to be trying as hard as they could to test the social boundaries of male exposure. Always shirtless—and often pantsless—the trumans flaunted their physical properties with all the modesty of porn stars. Then, suddenly, nothing. Gyms shut down. Truman magazines gone. Truman videos wiped. It was like a dream that you couldn’t quite remember. Except for Tim and his fellow Muscle Club members, of course, whose own sudden, accelerated and massive muscular development had to be related to whatever made a truman a truman. He stood at the gym’s twin doors and looked at the thick chains and padlock, twisting his lips into a grimace as he considered his options. Probably, by now, there was nothing inside anyway. But then, why the locks? And the chains? He lifted them into one hand. They were heavy, and very thick. Not the sort of things one puts on a door unless one means business. Setting his duffel bag down, he placed both hands on the iron and pulled. As usual, his own strength surprised and shocked him, as his arms swelled with brawn and he pulled the links open as if they were made of bread dough. The chains fell apart and clattered to the concrete, and Tim jumped back automatically to avoid the mass of metal from hitting his feet, clad only in rubber flip-flops. Reaching forward, he turned the handle and pushed the doors open. A subtle smell erupted from the huge, empty building. Dust, certainly, and rust, possibly, but also something funkier and more… human. A smell that made his nostrils flare and his balls tingle and his cock throb. The smell of men. Strong, thick, earthy and masculine. Like a fog made of testosterone and sweat. He closed his eyes and sucked it into his lungs and let it bathe his skin. It reminded him strongly of the unique and powerful smell that lived in the Muscle Club schoolroom, but even deeper and curiously penetrating. How long had the building been unoccupied, now—and still that scent lingered. “Fuck,” he said, meaningfully and with surprise. He had not expected this. The surviving afterglow of what had been happening inside the building was still existent, and quite apparent. His body started reacting to it almost immediately, and in a most agreeable fashion. Swallowing into a dry throat, he retrieved his bag and pushed both doors open, stepping inside this deserted church of muscle and man. The room before him stretched out like a football field—possibly two. The gym equipment, consisting of the usual machines and pulleys and free weights, were all still here but were oddly pushed to the periphery, leaving the majority of the floor empty and open. There were rubber mats covering every inch of the space, some of them pushed about and others still connected. The windows mounted high up around the whole building were closed, but sunlight poured down in angles creating squares of light on the floor. A kind of catwalk clung to the walls, probably a remnant of whatever the building had previously been, and a sort of enclosed office was high up the wall on the opposite side. Walking further inside, Tim called out a tentative, “Hello!” just in case someone was still in here after all. There was no answer except his own deep and resounding echo in the cavernous space. He walked to the center of the floor and stood there, absorbing a weird kind of energy that seemed to live in the huge room, though it was probably just his imagination. The smell grew stronger here, perhaps captured and contained into the center like some invisible bubble. He sucked the scent deeply inside, and his whole body heated up like a sexual lightbulb whose socket had been turned on, making the hairs on his flesh tingle and his skin feel suddenly hot. He closed his eyes and his secondary cock pushed for emergence with anxious need, though he had determined not to let the twins out if he could help it. Still, he was all alone here, so he allowed himself some leeway and, after undoing the button fly on his jeans and pulling his meat free, he allowed the other prick to push forward and bloom to its full stature, standing within the center of this strange and awesome power and feeling it to pour over and energize him. With his thickly muscled arms hanging at his side and his hands balled into fists, his cocks throbbed and plumped and drooled with conspicuous pleasure. They stretched their long necks into swollen, vein-covered stalks and raised their plump heads, rising higher and higher, charmed by the energy held inside this place. He could feel his balls churn and swell with cream, and a warm trail of precum, like honey, erupted from each eye and travelled down the thick inches of each shaft. Tim licked his lips and opened his mouth and sucked in a deep breath of the oddly scented air, his chest expanding as he filled his lungs with its essential power. His whole body grew hotter, still, and his cocks swelled to ultimate glorious tumescence with immediate eager bliss. He swooned with lust and felt his knees go weak. With a suddenness and power that nearly staggered him, he came hard, throwing back his head, pushing his chest forward, shoving thick ropes of cream from both cannons that arched high overhead and splattered against the rubber mats in thick puddles. It felt incredibly satisfying and significant, as if he were somehow blessing the area or offering his own essence as a way of joining the invisible, absent brotherhood. He roared his pleasure and opened his eyes and watched his massive cocks spitting hot cream in long ropey cascades, shoving the pent-up abundance of his over-productive balls across the gym in thick, audible streams. Fuck, it felt good. It felt perfect. Could he really curtail this sensation? Back home, he was sure his fellow Club members were all fucking each other right now, shoving their stiff cocks into warm, tight, muscular butts. Here, in his new home, he had no fellowship of similarly gifted men to share with. But he’d managed a 6-hour-plus bus trip without even touching himself, and now that he was allowing his twins to spit their load all over the floor inside this edifice to men and muscle, it just felt good. Tim moved his hands before his twin founts, splattering messy loads into his cupped palms and bringing delicious mouthfuls of cream to his lips, sucking them inside. He moaned with pleasure, a deep and feral sound, because nothing was as satisfying as this was to him now. He wanted the moment to linger on and on, creaming freely and swallowing his warm power, but he had places to go and things to do—neither of which were likely to take what he was doing right now in stride. With resignation and more than a little disappointment, he slowed the fountains of cum and forced his happy and eager pricks to deflate, pulling one of the twins inside his magical body and shoving the other one back inside his jeans, allowing it to shrink to a more manageable, though still abundant, eight inches. The smell of his copious flow joined with the earthy tang in the room, as if he had participated in whatever had happened here before him. It smelled right, somehow—not competing or overwhelming the masculine scent, but augmenting and mingling with it. He loved that smell, and hoped it would stay lodged in his nostrils after he left. Pulling in a cooling breath and sighing it out, he observed the copious flood of his production and clicked his tongue. “Fuck,” he said again, marveling at the volume and power of his shots, splattered before him in thick puddles of creamy cum. He must’ve gone off like a rocket—no, twin rockets. It sure felt like it! Shaking his head in wonder, still unaccustomed and surprised by his body’s abilities, he looked up at the catwalk and the office suspended above the floor. If there were going to be any clues about what they had been doing here and where they had gone, it was likely to be up there. Looking around, he saw that the stairway leading upwards had collapsed or broken. There were no steps at the ground, only the upper stairs remained, probably 20 feet above him. Walking closer, he stood beneath them and tilted his head. “Gotta be taller,” he said to himself. Then he smiled and began to strip his clothing off, so that his body could assume its natural size and bring him closer to the stairs. This felt good, too. Growing and allowing himself to unshackle his frame and his muscles so that they could bloom to their full size and enormity. His head moved upwards as his body expanded in all directions, gaining inches of thick brawn all over as his skeleton stretched and lengthened. It took only seconds, and anyone observing the feat would have been flabbergasted to witness the young man’s metamorphosis from mere bodybuilder to godlike being. Tim stood at his full height, towering eight and a half feet tall. He was still growing. He grew a little more every day—every hour—every minute. He could hide it to some degree, but when he could remove his self-imposed restraints and swell to his actual size, he was an impossible being to behold. He squatted and then pushed his weight from the floor as hard as he could, reaching over his head to grab the broken stairway—and then shocked and amazed himself as his powerful legs pushed him well beyond the 20-foot height and he was in mid-air, high above the floor, peddling his legs like a swimming dog. He pivoted his giant, powerful form and made a grab for the railing, just catching it with his fingers and making the whole catwalk shake and shudder under his weight. He felt giddy and a little turned on at his own power, realizing he hadn’t ever actually jumped since joining Muscle Club, at least, not with full velocity. He pulled himself up easily and looked down. He was very high up, but he had managed to jump even higher than this. How high had he jumped, and just from a standing start? 40 feet high? 50? He was aiming for the stairway, so how high could he have gone if he had been aiming for the roof? His head was dizzy at the prospect. Just how strong was he? He knew the legs and glutes were the biggest muscles on anyone’s body, and now he had an idea of how powerful his were. “Fuck,” he said softly. Then he shook his head and shrugged before heading along the catwalk toward the office. The huge, naked, muscle-bound man approached walked along the side of the building. The scent of men was less noticeable up here, but it was also hotter and his skin was quickly glazed in a glistening coat of sweat. He looked like some superhuman metal sculpture come to life, striding like a colossus in the sky. He stood at the door—locked, of course—and realized he was too big to fit through it. He didn’t want to shrink himself back down, he was really enjoying being so huge and feeling so powerful, but business is business. He assumed his less miraculous dimensions, shrinking back to a height of just under six-and-a-half feet, and turned the locked handle. The metal twisted and collapsed in his powerful grip, but it certainly did the trick. The door opened and he went into the darkened room. It was mostly empty, too. A couple of desks with drawers half-opened, some chairs, a filing cabinet. The usual office things arranged against the four walls with another locked door against the opposite side of the room. There were no papers with elaborate goodbyes from the trumans, no envelope with his name mysteriously printed on it, nothing at all that would yield any more information about the disappearance of the race of supermen. He walked across the office to the other door and forced it open as well, thinking “that’s three charges of breaking and entering so far—plus whatever I’d be charged with for the cum shower downstairs. Malicious creaming?” He smiled at his lame joke as he entered the next room. It was dark. Very dark. Unlike the office space, this room had no windows and did not front the huge gym floor. The scent in here was quite strong, but different as well. Not the mingled smell of hundreds of men, but the concentrated scent of just one. How he knew the difference he couldn’t say, but he was sure of it. This office had been occupied by a single man—or a single truman—and his scent was still here, and quite engaging. Tim closed his eyes and breathed the man inside. Jesus, he smelled good. He’d never smelled anyone like him before, even amongst his brothers in the Club or Mr. Titus. It smelled of power and strength and domination and command. He could not name each of the scents that made up the man’s unique smell. Leather, maybe. Loam and burning cedar. Ozone. Sweat. Jockstrap. Ball sack. Ass. Muscle. Power. It was the pure scent of masculine supremacy, the most potent Alpha Dog of all. It left him feeling slightly dazed and immensely horny. His cock was swelling toward its fullness again as if the owner were still here, stroking and licking and sucking on his prick, pulling him quickly to the edge of an explosion. The scent of the man was like a drug, a narcotic, a stimulant that bathed him in the owner’s powerful ascendancy. It was a fog of pure masculine perfection, distilled within the walls of the room like perfume in a bottle. His cock was leaking copiously as he stepped into the darkness. A soft, deep moan escaped his throat. He wanted to drink that scent into his massive, powerful form. He wanted to feel it flow over his skin, wind around his balls, lick the hole of his tight, muscled ass. Whose room was this? Who had been in here? How could their scent have lingered so strongly—or was this only a whisper of whatever the man actually smelled like? Was this just a taste of his full, gorgeous power? And where the fuck was he now? Tim tested the light switch but the power was dead. “Hello?” he said, tentatively, his own deep bass filling the silence. But no one answered back. There was no one here, and nothing but the powerfully aromatic aftermath of the owner’s occupancy. He breathed it in. Sucking the magnificent splendor of pure male sex inside his lungs, feeling it on his skin like a thick fog, tasting on his tongue like musk and smoke. He could almost feel the other man’s power, as if they were standing chest to chest, cock to cock, rubbing against each other’s hyper masculine forms. He came again. He came because he couldn’t help it. He came because he wanted to. His cock rose up and the head bloomed and the shaft turned glassy and red and a fat, full stream of rich, powerful cream erupted from the eye and sailed into the darkness. He heard it splatter and he came again and again, shoving a form of reverence for the owner’s unbridled masculine power into the absent man’s lair. He raised his arm beside his head and breathed in his own heavy musk. He pushed his tongue against the firm, round surface of his arm and licked his own biceps. He groaned and came and let his hands explore the muscled contours of his own body, his cobblestone abs, his massive, ponderous pectorals, his full, round, beautiful ass, worshiping himself as he would worship the man who had been here, worshiping masculine beauty and muscular strength and perfect, virile dominion. He emptied his copious balls and stood there, his erection throbbing and dripping, staring into the darkness. “I… My name is Tim Balmer,” he announced to no one. “I want to talk to you. I want to meet you. I...I’ll be at the local college. I don’t know what’s happening to me, or how big I’ll get. I don’t even know….” His voice trailed off. He suddenly felt absurd talking to the darkness. He gathered up the pearly drop of cum clinging to the tip of his raging hard-on and sucked it off his finger, feeling it coat his tongue with its salty tang. It melted into him, like it always did, and warmed his muscles. “I’m Tim,” he said again. There was no answer. Tim pivoted around and walked back through the main office, pausing outside the door and looking across the cavernous space. He could see his footprints in the dust below, and the splattered wetness of his first fountain of cum, resulting just from being within the lingering masculine power of the place. He could still smell the occupant from the back room on his skin, like a cologne of muscle and male energy suffusing his flesh. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. It made his deflating prick throb eagerly and his asshole tingled as if licked. Whatever had happened inside these walls, the effects lingered even months later. And whomever had occupied that dark space back there, his power was so strong and overwhelming that it could make a man come just by opening the door on an empty room. Tim sighed and hopped over the railing, dropping 30 feet to the ground and rolling to a stop, his flawless, sun-kissed skin coated in dust. He rose to his feet, brushed himself off, and walked toward the pile of his clothing near the broken stairway, a beautiful god striding the halls of Valhalla in all his naked perfection. He didn’t want to get dressed. He liked being naked. His body liked it. But one couldn’t just wander onto campus in the altogether, could one? He was certain his presence would be noticed one way or another. He was kind of hard to ignore. He hiked the jeans up his muscled legs and squeezed his prick along his hip. After fastening the buttons against his bulging crotch, he pulled the Polo shirt over his head and wrestled his shoulders and arms into the sleeves before pulling the cotton across his mammoth pectoral shelf. His nipples sent shocks of bliss toward his groin as the material dragged across their sensitive caps, and then he stepped into his flip-flops and heaved his nylon duffel over one shoulder. “Thanks,” he said to no one in general. “I needed that.” He took a last look around and pulled in a long, satisfying inhalation of the scent that permeated everything in the huge space. The scent of men. The scent of power. Then he headed for the exit. Standing outside again, he shouted, “Sorry about the locks!” to no one, and closed the doors. The interior space fell silent and still. Tim’s copious load was splattered in a fan across the floor. More of it lacquered the walls of a darkened room upstairs. In a far corner of the space, a slight shimmering occurred as if the wall of brick were turning insubstantial or melting. The shimmering coalesced and solidified into a recognizable shape. A shape with two arms and two legs. A shape towering nearly eighteen feet high, and eight feet across. A face formed, a man’s face, inhumanly handsome, godlike in fact. The figure stepped free of the wall and became flesh, a towering man of impossible proportions, with muscle swelling outward in thick folds and hard bulges. A carpet of dark fur crawled across his chest, broken only by two fat nipples like chocolate kisses on his pectoral globes. More fur lined his legs and arm, less dense and perfectly arranged, and a thick forest of pubes erupted above the twin monsters hanging in lush abundance between his monstrous thigh. His full, moist lips pursed into a kind of pout. His green eyes, shadowed under a heavy brow, sparkled like gems. He was completely naked—absolutely naked—awesomely naked. He strode toward the pools of Tim’s cooling cream and bent down, placing a huge hand into the sticky goo and watching his skin absorb it completely. He closed his eyes and tilted his head, as if listening to something. After he had pulled every drop of the smaller god’s essence inside him, he looked at his palm and rubbed his fingers together, feeling an odd tingling there, and an uncustomary sensation of cooling warmth, like mint inside his mouth. “Different,” he said softly, though his size and power augmented and amplified his voice in the space. He stood again, a towering god, and looked toward the double doors, one eyebrow arched and a sideways grin on his sexy mouth. Part 4 November “What are you doing?” “Nothing,” Barry answered a bit guiltily. “Doesn’t look like nothing,” Tim observed, closing the dorm room door behind him. Barry was lying on his own bed, naked as the day he was born. His eyes had been closed and his hand was resting on his half-erect dick, though he was not stroking himself when his hugely muscled and sexually powerful roommate entered their shared room. He was breathing slowly, his slim belly rising and falling and his chest expanding with every inhalation. “I was… Did you know that you’re leaking?” Tim’s brow furrowed and his lips pursed. He looked down at his thickly bulging body, overwhelmed with hard curves and swelling muscular mounds, only vaguely camouflaged by his necessarily tight clothing. “Leaking?” “Not literally. But… I could feel you coming.” “Feel me coming?” “Are you just going to repeat everything I say?” “I’m just going to repeat everything you say,” he answered. “Until you say something that makes sense.” Barry sat forward. His half-hard cock wavered as he let loose of it, and a shadow of a six-pack appeared on his otherwise smooth stomach. “We need to get you someone,” Barry answered. “I don’t think this is working anymore.” “This? Which this?” “You and me, in this little room, stroking off.” “Why do you say…?” “You’re leaking. The...whatever it is that you do. Or have. Or make. That sensation of sex that throbs from you like radio signals. They’re getting stronger. And I can feel them, like, all the time, now.” “All the time?” His roommate nodded. “All the time. They get stronger the closer you get. I could feel you approaching. I could feel you coming up the stairs and down the hall. So I was lying here kind of enjoying the sensation of you. I was wondering how closely I could follow you around, just by feeling your effect on me.” “Does anyone else…?” Barry’s face looked doubtful for a moment, as if he was holding something back. “Dunno. But I do.” He narrowed his gaze. “You didn’t know, did you?” Tim shook his handsome head. “No,” he answered, sounding a bit sheepish. “How strong…?” “I’m not coming, am I? So it’s not like I’m springing a boner as you walk towards me. But it’s definitely palpable.” He tilted his head. “I’d say on a scale of one to ten, with ten being you and me in here going off like fucking fountains as usual, you’re at a five just standing there right now. You were at three when you came in downstairs. And I can sort of always feel you at stage one no matter where you are.” “Feel me?” He nodded. “It’s like a nice beer buzz. You know, feeling relatively good, kind of floaty. But instead of being drunk, I’m just horny.” “But you’re always horny,” Tim protested. “Agreed, but I can tell the difference. It’s like...like you’re an added flavor. A nice one. But definitely different.” He saw his roommate growing concerned and sat up. “Look, I’m not bitching about this. It’s not bad. It’s kind of nice, actually. I would have said something about it but to be honest, I kind of like it. Having you buzzing around my libido like a bee. It feels good.” “Does anyone else…?” He shrugged again. “Maybe? Probably? Isn’t this, like, normal for you?” “I don’t know what normal is. Me and my friends back home, we were all like this,” he said, indicating his hugely muscled frame and the major bulge in his always full basket. “Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. Maybe it’s just you, because you and me are always… you know.” “I know,” Barry answered, laughingly. “Look, don’t get bent out of shape about this. Like I said, I don’t mind it.” “It’s not you,” he said. Then he shook his head. “No, I mean, it’s not just you. I’m worried that others are feeling it. I’m worried that maybe I’m losing control of it. I mean, what happens if it keeps getting stronger? What happens when I’m just, like, walking down the street and everyone is popping woodies because I’m…” “Leaking.” “Yeah.” “Well, I wouldn’t worry about that, dude. Like I said, it feels nice. I’m not complaining.” “Yet.” He shrugged. “Whatevs.” He looked down at his half-hard dick and then back up at his roommate. “I’m feeling kinda horny. Did you want to release the kraken?” Tim opened his mouth to respond, but there was an unexpected knock at the door. Barry pulled a sheet across his naked body as Tim opened the door. “Uh, hello.” “Hi, I’m Mike.” “Hello, Mike.” Tim turned to look at Barry with a quizzical expression, one eyebrow arched and his lips twisted into an odd smirk. Then he turned back. “I’m Tim,” he said. “Yeah,” Mike answered, smiling, “I know. Barry’s told me all about you.” “Has he now?” He looked at his roommate again. Barry pulled the sheet off and stood up, coming behind Tim’s massive frame. “Yeah, um, I was mentioning to Mike about you and he really wanted to meet you.” “I see. Well, uh, Mike… you should come in.” “Thanks!” He did so, squeezing his lanky body between Tim’s towering mass of muscle and the door frame. They traded places for a moment as Tim watched the other dude go inside. Then he said, “Could I have a word with you out here, please, Barry?” “Out there?” “Yes.” “In the hallway?” “Yes.” “Wouldn’t you rather come in and…?” “I’d rather have a word with you outside. Please.” Barry looked at Mike, then shrugged. “Make yourself homely,” he told the other young man, and then Tim and Barry stepped into the small hallway and Tim closed the dorm room door. “What did you want to talk about?” Barry asked, innocently. Tim crossed his meaty arms over the two powerful globes of brawn mounted on his chest. Barry could practically hear the muscle compress. “What goes on?” Tim asked, darkly. Barry tried to continue to look innocent. “What?” Tim nodded toward the door. “Who’s Mike?” “Mike?” “Yeah, Mike.” Barry shrugged. “Just a friend. Guy I met in class. Nice guy!” “Uh huh.” He lowered his voice to a hoarse whisper. “And what is Mr. Nice Guy doing here?” “What do you mean?” “Barry,” Tim said, tilting his head, “I’m sure it didn’t escape your attention that Mr. Nice Guy isn’t wearing any clothes.” “He isn’t?” Barry’s eyes went wide in surprise. “Well, hell, I didn’t even notice!” “So…should I ask again, or are you going to tell me….” Barry held up his hands, placatingly. “Okay, okay, look. You’re wearing me the fuck out.” “I’m wearing you….” “The fuck out. I mean, I don’t want to complain, but how much raw spunk is an ordinary guy like me expected to produce?” “So you just thought….” “I just thought, like, maybe if there was more than one target of your….you know. That, like, I could give my balls a bit of a rest and….sorry, excuse us,” Barry interjected, moving aside so one of their dorm buddies could pass. He only gave them a cursory glance—everyone was used to Tim’s appearance and size by now, and seeing some naked guy wandering around in the dorms wasn’t so unusual, either, given the on-going heat, the all-male nature of the place and the communal showers at the end of every floor. “I just thought maybe if we...diluted...that thing you do, that I could get a little relief.” “Who’s Mike?” “Mike’s cool!” “Regardless of his cool, I don’t know him. How much did you share about our little entertainments?” “He...he kind of knew about it.” “How could he know…?” “He lives in the room under ours. Like I said, you’re leaking.” “He could feel it?” Barry nodded. “Oh, he could feel it. He’s been feeling it for a couple of weeks, now.” Tim swallowed, experiencing a sinking feeling in his belly. “Well, shit.” “He’s not mad or anything! Just...curious. And, I think, a bit excited.” “Why’s he naked?” He shrugged, but looked slightly guilty. “It wasn’t intentional. Or maybe it was. But I was like ‘are you sure you want to do this?’ and he was all, ‘yeah, sure, why?’ and I said, ‘it’s kind of gay’...because, c’mon, it kind of is.” Tim’s grimace darkened, but he said nothing. “And then he was all, ‘yeah, I’m totally into it’ and I said, ‘do you have any problem jerking off with another guy?’ and he stood up and starts stripping off his gear and I’m like, whoa whoa whoa, cool your jets and he was all ‘but my jets are always warm,’ so...” He shrugged, letting the scene play itself out in Tim’s head. “Is Mike gay?” “I’m not gay,” the third man said loudly, from behind the closed door. “I’m bi.” “He’s bi,” Barry repeated. The door opened, and he was standing there, still naked. “I like girls and guys. I like sex. A lot.” He already had a raging boner throbbing down there. “Are we gonna do this or what?” Tim had to admit that Mike had a nice body. A little thin, but well muscled. He had a long, elegant neck and wide shoulders. His arms could use some toning and he had no chest to speak of, but he’d somehow managed to build himself a nice six-pack and his legs were filled out nicely. “You a runner?” Tim asked. He nodded. “Track and field,” he answered. “Look, Mike, I’m sure you’re a nice guy and all but this is kind of….” “I won’t tell anyone, if that’s what you’re worried about,” he answered, cutting off the huge man’s words. “I’m really excited about this!” Tim glanced down at his hard-as-a-rock erection, throbbing between Mike’s legs with evident eagerness and he said, “Obviously.” “I really want to do it! I mean, I’ve been doing it, but I’d like to be in the same room for a change.” “Let’s get inside. One naked dude in the hallway is one thing, but two naked dudes and a boner is something else.” Tim gestured inside and they all went back into the small dorm room. Between the three of them and the furniture, there was barely enough room. “Shit, you’re big,” Mike observed. “You have no idea,” Barry agreed, suggestively. “Okay, if we’re going to do this, there needs to be some ground rules.” Mike nodded as Barry sat his butt down on his unmade bed. “Number one, and most importantly, no one gets my spunk on them but me, understand?” Barry nodded immediately, but Mike’s brow furrowed. “I mean it, Mike.” “Well, it wasn’t something I was aspiring to, anyway.” He looked at Barry and added, “I like guys and all, but I ain’t looking for a pearl necklace.” “A pearl…?” “Number two,” Tim said loudly. “It’s just us, right? I don’t want this to become some sort of weird club.” “Even if Jeremy knocks on the door?” “That’s between me and Jeremy.” “There’s nothing between you and Jeremy,” Barry said. “Who’s Jeremy?” Mike asked, suddenly interested. “Just a guy,” Tim answered. “It’s just us.” He glanced between the other two smaller men who both nodded agreements. “Third, we do it in here. In this room.” ““But what if…?” “We do it here or nowhere,” he said. “Okay,” Mike agreed, “but if we did it in the showers there’s a lot more room and…” “We do it here or nowhere,” Tim repeated. Mike nodded. “Okay. So, how does it work? I mean, downstairs, it feels like someone is…” “It feels like someone is all over your body, sucking your cock while licking your asshole while pinching your nipples while stroking your skin while sticking their tongue in your mouth,” Barry answered. “Yeah,” Mike agreed. “It feels like that. Very...physical.” Tim said, “It’s just something I can do.” “You a truman?” “No,” he answered. “But you’re like a truman.” “I guess so.” “You don’t know?” “Do you want to talk about me or do you want to start having the ultimate orgasms?” “The latter,” he answered without having to think about it. “Sorry.” Tim shrugged. “I, uh, need to get attuned to you,” he said, looking at the other man intently. “What’s that mean?” “It means,” Barry answered, smiling, “that he’s now going to offer you a few alternatives about what you like, and then he’s going to fucking give it to you all at once, and turned up to eleven.” He looked at the huge man, “Ain’t that right?” “That about sums it up,” he answered. “Just tell me if this feels good.” Tim was just standing there. He didn’t move closer. He never touched Mike or seemed to take any physical action at all, but suddenly Mike could feel—actually feel—a long, wet, warm tongue licking his butthole. He sucked in a sudden, shocked breath and went up on his toes. His cock twitched and his hands tightened into fists. “Holy shit,” he whispered. “Is that a yes?” Tim asked. Mike nodded. “What if we go a bit deeper?” The tongue suddenly seemed to harden and thicken, and it began to push inside his ass and move into his body, pointing its way unerringly toward his prostate where it nudged and thrust and massaged it with an expert touch. Mike was nearly drooling. “Okay,” Tim said. He was smiling. “What did you do?” Barry asked. “You know that thing that you say kind of freaks you out?” Barry nodded. “It doesn’t seem to freak him out at all.” “Oh,” Barry answered, looking at Mike. “Just a few more preliminaries before we get going,” Tim said, as he began to strip the clothes from his amazing and massive body, carefully undoing the buttons on the shirt that seemed designed to caress every swollen mass of strength before shrugging it from his thick shoulders. “It’s kind of a given that you like some things, but there are some others that are a bit more...of a personal taste.” “Do… do it,” Mike whispered. He was already pre-cumming. “Cool,” Tim answered, stepping out of his jeans and kicking them aside. “How about if I just lay them all out for you?” “Jesus, you are huge!” He was staring at Tim’s colossal prick, his mouth agape. Tim lifted his tool into his large grip. “What, this old thing?” Even limp, it easily stretched beyond his palm, the fat plum of the head dangling forward, plump and juicy. “I’m called Tiny Tim back home. You should see some of what my friends are packing.” “Jesus.” “Thank you, I guess,” he said. “Now then, why don’t we get this party started.” “Oh…” was all Mike could manage to enunciate before he felt something odd. Something familiar but not in these circumstances. It was a subtle but insistent sensation, and he realized that someone was kissing his neck. He reached up to feel the person, but there was no one there. A second sensation. More intimate. A warmth surrounding his balls, as if someone was cupping them. Then a gentle massage, fingers rubbing near his taint, a gentle tugging, wetness, maybe. His balls were being played with quite expertly. Looking down, again, there was no one there. He looked up at Tim’s face. The other young man who was smiling. An eyebrow on his majestic head slowly rose, arching with some inner knowledge, and then a third sensation. Pressure on his cock. A hand on his shaft. Squeezing him. Warmth on the tip of his eager dick. Then rubbing. A thumb, on his cock head. Fingers gripping his shaft. Tighter and tighter. Squeezing a fat dollop of pre from the eye. He sucked in a shuddering breath. His body warmed up. There was a pause, and then... He could feel it all as it happened, and it was all happening simultaneously. A tongue in his ear. A finger up his butt. A hand on his cock. A tongue at his asshole. Someone sucking a nipple. And pinching it. And rubbing it. Hands on his neck. Kisses there, too. Someone kneading his buttock. Someone slapping the other one. A mouth surrounding his balls, sucking on them, warming them, wetting them, cooling them with breath. A gentle tugging. Licking his taint. Kissing his mouth. Fucking his ass. It was everywhere, and building in intensity. Kisses, licking, sucking, stroking, squeezing, fucking. His body was being treated to simultaneous and constant attention of the most intimate and satisfying type. He felt hot and wanted to cum, but he didn’t or couldn’t. Someone else was in control. Someone else was bringing him to the edge of complete ecstasy and holding him there, kissing and sucking and stroking and fucking him, coating his skin in bliss and thrusting deep inside him where everything felt good. He was in the throes of a passion and ecstasy that he almost could not bear. Everything felt good. Hands everywhere. Mouths everywhere. Tongues everywhere. An assault of sexual bliss so complete that literally no inch of his naked body was left untouched. Then it ceased, as quickly as it came, and he stood there, eyes closed, breathing hard, his prick pounding a beat against his pelvis and leaking copious streams of clear honey. “Holy fuck,” he whispered. “Well,” Barry said, watching the other man squirm and writhe and moan, obviously undergoing something so blissful that he could not speak, “that was something.” “I wanted to make sure he understood what he was in for,” Tim answered. “Looks like he understands now,” Barry answered, “if his prick is any indication.” “Holy fuck,” Mike said again, opening his eyes and looking at Tim, now naked and majestic and overwhelmingly beautiful. “How…?” He shrugged. “Just something I can do,” he answered enigmatically. Mike looked at Barry, asking, “Every night?” Barry nodded. “Now you see what I’m talking about.” “I guess you ladies have done quite a lot of talking about me,” Tim said. “I trust it was all good.” “Nothing…” Mike struggled to catch his breath. “Nothing could prepare anyone for that.” “Didn’t I tell you?” Barry asked. Tim looked over and said, “But don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, my little pimp.” Again, there was no movement, no change of expression, no indication that he did anything at all, but Barry’s eyes went wide and he sucked in a shuddering breath and his cock inflated to instant hardness. Tim showered his roommate with a kind of sensual assault that turned him inside out. He bit his lower lip and squeezed his eyes shut and his muscles tightened as Tim’s expert and now finely-tuned mental acrobatics delivered a stream of intense and incredible sexual sensations both inside and outside of Barry’s body. He moaned and groaned and writhed in evident orgasmic bliss. His cock turned beet red and swelled to glassy enormity. He broke into a sweat that coated his skin with a glistening varnish and his breathing became shallow and insistent. Mike looked at the other boy on the bed in wonder and curiosity. “What’s happening?” he asked quietly. “Just giving someone his reward,” Tim answered. Barry swallowed drily. “More,” he said softly. “You sure, Bud?” Tim asked. Barry nodded, biting his bottom lip. Tim looked at Mike and said, “Did you want in on this or what?” “I’m not sure if I’m ready for that,” he admitted. Tim smiled. “Say when.” It struck Mike again, and all at once. Sucking, stroking, kissing, licking, fucking. His body was being pleasured with an inhuman and supernatural intensity from every angle all at once. “Aw, fuck me,” he nearly shouted. Tim sighed. “Unfortunately, that’s the one thing that I can’t do.” He watched the other two young men fall into the deep well of his masculine power, sending the sexual vibrations that he produced into their brains, and making their bodies heat up to overload with pleasure. He could control the sensations now quite easily, pinpointing both men’s pleasure points and stroking them with expert finesse. He didn’t know how or why he could do this, he wasn’t really even conscious of the act. It was innate to him, like breathing. He could feel the men inside his head, feel their sex and power and need, and he could feed them what they wanted in seemingly limitless supply—just by thinking it. The sound of their moans of pure ecstatic bliss filled the room. Their cocks were rock hard and leaking streams of pre-cum. Their naked bodies glistened with sweat and they were standing the the verge of perfect orgasmic release. Tim kept them there, allowing them to swim in his sea of pleasure, and he smiled with satisfaction. He began to stroke his own tool and release the unfettered flow of transform-influenced sex that his brain could not contain. He grew hard instantly, his own mammoth cock swelling fat and long, a majestic idol to sex. It sprang up and slapped his abs, slicking his darkly tanned flesh with a trail of honey. “Feel good?” he asked them. They could not speak, but Mike nodded as he literally drooled with pleasure, and Barry could only moan louder in reply. “Yeah,” he said, smiling, “me, too.” He pulled in a long, deep breath as he placed his hand on his monster and felt the electric shock of intense sexual pleasure shake his body. He closed his eyes to fully experience the overwhelming bliss his body delivered so effortlessly, and allowed a thin stream of his transform-powered gratification to travel to the two men prostrate before him, like worshipers before their god. Mike came instantly. He arched his back and sucked air inside his chest and his eyes popped open. He had never felt anything so intense in his life. Nothing had prepared him for it. His cock exploded all over his naked flesh, bathing him in warm cream. Barry’s body was more accustomed to Tim’s overwhelming sexual power, and he didn’t cum all at once. He felt the pulse enter and he grew much hotter and felt like his dick was swelling with size and weight. He felt something in his body twist or bend or break, as if a wall had been breached, and he gasped and sighed. Tim opened his eyes and looked at Mike, smiling to himself. Licking his lips, stroking his massive fount, he pushed a little harder and made him cum again, watching the young man’s dick swell and redden and spit a thick stream of sticky white cum across his skin. “Nice,” he said gently. “Want some more?” Mike nodded, still stroking, lost in orgasmic perfection. Tim pushed at him again, tickling his pleasure centers, stroking his sex drive, providing the sensation of being fucked and sucked and kissed and rimmed and caressed all at the same time. Mike pulled in a shuddering breath and arched again and sprayed a thick fountain that shot so hard, it struck the wall behind the bed. Tim looked at Barry, twisting his lips into a smirk. “Holding out on me, Barry?” His roommate opened his eyes and smiled, nodding slightly. “Well, that just won’t do. Here, lemme help you along.” Tim shoved a hard pulse of sex at his friend. He watched it take effect, but Barry still didn’t come. Tim allowed a slight look of surprise to show on his handsome face and he doubled his effort, shoving himself virtually at Barry, pushing inside, allowing the weight and strength and power of Transform to deliver a thicker, broader, harder throb of sex to Barry’s body. He gasped. He grinned. His muscles tensed and he grabbed his cock hard and squeezed it. The head bulged and grew purple and glassy. “Resisting me, are we?” Tim asked. He looked at Mike. “Watch this,” he said. Then he turned up the volume, taking things to the next level on Barry’s naked form. “Let’s turn it up a few notches, Barry. What do you say?” “Bri… bring it on,” he gasped. “A challenge. Very nice,” Tim admitted. “I like a challenge.” He smiled. “But one should always be careful what one wishes for.” “Do it,” Barry responded. “I...I want...it all.” Tim shrugged. “You asked for it.” He’d never done this before, unleash the full power of what he could do on someone who wasn’t in Muscle Club. He was stroking his own huge tool, feeling the throbbing sensation of sexual bliss traveling from his touch down his thick shank and spreading throughout his massive body. He gathered himself for the delivery, taking off the filters and removing any of the limits he had placed on himself, intending to open the firehose and allow Barry to feel exactly what it was like to be in Muscle Club. He closed his eyes. He stretched his thickly muscled arms out from his body. His chest swelled up magnificently. His shoulders piled high with fat lobes of brawn. His belly was a cobblestone road. His cock throbbed and swelled and lengthened. Concentrating hard, moving all his attention and mental effort toward the task, he brought his hands together and opened his eyes in one, fast, strong gesture. There was a loud, resounding clap. He unleashed his bomb. Like ripples in a pond, his explosion of masculine sexual power resounded outward, centralized on Barry but too strong, too powerful to be so easily focused. Those nearest to the dorm room where the three naked young men were felt it strongest. Some came spontaneously in their shorts, their cocks swelling with sudden urgency and releasing a torrent of hot, thick cream. Further out, there were still orgasmic releases, but not as strongly. Going further away from the center of the explosion, boys’ pricks throbbed and swelled, their balls seized up, the hairs on the back of their necks and their arms stood on end, nipples tingled with sudden delight, or a trickle of unaccountable sweat found its way between the cheeks of their asses and licked their holes. In one way or another, and to varying degrees, every man—young and old and in-between—within a quarter-mile radius could feel Tim’s sudden surge of pent-up sexual power. Tim realized he’d done something he shouldn’t have when he watched his roommate’s body swell in size with sudden speed. He had not touched Barry, either physically or with any sperm. Tim hadn’t even cum, yet, though he could feel his load like an overwhelming burden wanting release. His balls felt like they were made of lead, and they throbbed with unusual discomfort. Barry didn’t inflate to Muscle Club size. Instead, as his cock finally succumbed to Tim’s onslaught and fountained a thick load of cream in s sudden, steady flow, Barry’s muscles swelled everywhere and all at once, gaining size and definition that was clearly visible and remarkable, but he wasn’t blowing up like some steroid-pumped bodybuilder. No secondary cock made an appearance, and his body didn’t seem to be gaining any height. Instead, all his muscles, every single one, increased from average to pronounced. Tim watched the definition of every lobe, cable and ball of muscle inflate under his skin. He moaned and writhed in evident bliss as his body changed in a matter of seconds, all his muscles increasing in size so that he was definitely bigger than before. Tim looked at Mike, who was still lost in the aftermath of Tim’s explosion. Although Tim didn’t witness any changes, Mike looked a bit more developed, too. Not as much as Barry, but there was a definite six-pack and a set of smooth pectorals where there wasn’t before. Something happened. Something Tim did had physically altered these two dudes. And he didn’t have to cum on them at all! Shit! Barry was still cumming! He had his grip on his erection and it was spouting like a geyser! A shower of cum was splattering adjacent his skin, and his newly-grown muscle. Even Mike came again, though where his balls had obtained any more cream was beyond Tim’s understanding. Tim whispered, “shit,” but there was no time at the present to do anything. His balls were filled, too, and his cock was beating a rhythm against his belly, ready to set off another explosion that—if he wasn’t careful—really would induct both these guys into Muscle Club whether they wanted it or not! He went into the bathroom and shut the door. He could still hear Barry’s moans of pleasure, deeply masculine sounds that got into his head and made him hornier, still, so he grabbed on to his foot-high hard-on and let ‘er rip, sending thick ropes of cream toward the ceiling and plastering his own body with the copious streams of hot, wet sex. With his orgasm unleashed, and as powerful as it was, he inadvertently sent out another, smaller detonation of his masculine sex bomb. The ripples were smaller and didn’t travel as far, but anyone within the dorms felt another hot rush of sex into his body, and those closest to Tim’s room were rewarded with a second, less intense bout of orgasmic perfection. Outside the bathroom door, Barry gasped and opened his eyes and felt his body swell. His cock squirted a load that splattered over his belly and chest, and he watched the white cream gathering into crevasses and folds between mounds of muscle that weren’t there only a minute ago. Finally registering what had happened, he sat up quickly and his hands flew to the muscled mounds of his chest, cupping the firm brawn that was growing there. He could feel himself getting bigger, feel his muscles develop, blooming with size and power. “Holy fuck,” he said. “I’m fucking growing!” The words registered to Tim’s ears and he stopped himself and asked, “What?” Barry answered, “What the fuck did you do? I’m fucking growing!” “Shit,” Mike said, looking at himself. “Me, too!” “Jesus!” Barry moved his hand onto his new six-pack. “Jesus!” he said again. Then further down to his prick, wrapping his hand around it and realizing at once that it was now bigger, as well. “Fuck!” A grin came to his lips and he gazed now on all the new muscle that had swelled up under his skin, stretching it tighter against his body, giving him incredible definition and making his new muscle look even bigger. He lifted his arm and watched the biceps grow. He could see individual cables and fibers beneath the skin. He put his other hand on his muscle and squeezed against it, feeling how hard and firm it was. “What...what did you fucking do?” “Hold on a sec,” Tim answered, “I’m kind of in the middle of something in here.” “Well, I’m kind of in the fucking middle of something, too!” He plucked at the new growth of curls sprouting between his heavy pecs. He pinched the fat nub of a nipple perched on the edge of the muscle. His grin turned into a broad smile as a fresh rush of sexual excitement made a beeline for his cock. Mike’s body was not as thickly muscled as Barry’s, but his new size was equally apparent. His formerly smooth frame was now gifted with a flat, tight stomach and stronger, more prominent pectoral plates. Veins had appeared on his arms, and there were definite biceps and triceps now, slim but prominent bulges where there were only suggestions of muscle. His legs had new definition, too, and everything was in perfect, symmetrical development. He was fucking ripped! Then he looked at his prick, and his eyes went wide. The bathroom door opened and Tim stood there looking sheepish. “Sorry,” he said. “I don’t know what happened.” Barry sprang from his bed and wrapped his arms around the huge young man. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” he said, nearly dancing with joy. “You’re… not mad?” Barry backed away and spread his arms out. “Do I look like I’m fucking angry? This is fucking….amazing! I mean...look at me!” He started to pose, sending his new collection of brawn into spasms of hard beauty. Now that he was on his feet, Tim realized that Barry was remarkably bigger, having gained maybe 30 pounds of muscle on his formerly slim form. He was no taller than he had been, but the muscle made him look huge, now. Thick pecs, a prominent six-pack, arms swollen with firm mounds and legs thick with wedges of power. He was big everywhere—not to mention that his cock looked longer and thicker, too. “Whoa,” Tim said, looking at the thicker shank of sex meat hanging between Barry’s heavy legs. His roommate grabbed his new cock and waged it at Tim. “I know, right? I’m fucking hung!” “No fucking shit,” another voice said. They both looked over and there was Mike, sitting up, his back against the wall, his legs splayed before him. He was certainly bigger too, more muscular and, somehow, handsomer. He had his hands behind his head and he was looking down toward his crotch, where sat an amazing and lip-smacking sight for Tim. Mike’s prick was huge! Bigger, even, than Barry’s! He’d certainly also gained muscular size, but that was nothing compared to the fat snake that was laying all the way across his hip. It had to be nine inches lone—easily twice its original length—and thick enough to choke all but the most seasoned and eager cocksuckers. The skin of his cock was darker than the rest of him, and Tim realized now, for the first time, and Mike was at least partially Latino. It was in his dark, liquid eyes and the slight kink of his hair and most definitely in that gag-inducing shank of meat! “Fuck!” Barry said. “Jesus!” “Whoa,” Tim said again. Mike just smiled and moved one hand onto the beauty and stroked it with obvious devotion. “Fuck is right. I wonder what this beauty looks like at full strength.” “No way it gets bigger than that.” Mike met Barry’s eyes and just smiled. “What the fuck happened?” It was Tim who asked the question that was on all of their minds. “You don’t know?” He shook his head. “Nothing like this ever happened before.” Then he looked at Barry and corrected himself. “Well, something like this has happened before, but never without my cum.” “Your cum?” Mike asked. Tim and Barry both nodded. “But I never even touched you. And I never even came—at least, not until I was out of the room.” “But you did something.” “Just the… you know… the sex vibes or whatever.” He was watching Mike pet his snake, watching it start to swell and harder, stretching along his hip and arching upwards. “Well, I’m not complaining, bro.” He placed his fingertips on his new prominent six-pack and gingerly felt each bulge of power. “This is sweet!” Mike asked, “Can you go back to the ‘not without my cum’ part, again?” Tim sighed. “It’s a long story.” Then he looked at Mike’s burgeoning boner. “Are you fucking getting hard?” Mike grinned slyly. “Already?” Mike shrugged. “But….but you just came a bucket of cream! You shouldn’t… you can’t….” “Alls I know is that I am horny as a fucking unicorn. It feels like I got a load and a half in my balls and my dick is getting hard as steel.” He tilted his head and added. “It doesn’t help that you’re standing there naked looking all kinds of amazing, and that Barry has suddenly put on on much muscle that he looks like he could bench press a fucking semi.” “You’re…?” “I told you, Tim. I’m bisexual. I like it any way I can get it. And looking at you two super studs in the all-together has my engines revving at full throttle.” He was solely stroking his now semi-hard dick as it continued to grow towards erection and asked, “About that cum part?” “He’s a muscle making machine,” Barry answered. Was his voice also slightly lower in register, now? “Take a look at this bruiser.” He swelled his right arm into massive power. “Oh, I am,” Mike answered. His cock pulsed as if verifying the claim, and the head bloomed forward by another inch. “Yeah, well… Tim and his friends are like the trumans. You’ve heard of them, of course.” Mike nodded. “Something happened to them, something…. Well, why don’t you tell it? It’s your story!” “So, long story short, these two guys back at my high school found something online. I didn’t see it, but they said it was a truman jacking off and sucking his own dick.” Mike’s dick pulsed again. He swallowed drily as he imagined the scene of someone who looked like Tim sucking his own cock. “So, one thing leads to another and at some point on this video, the guy cums, right? Then he reaches forward and touches the screen and all hell breaks lose.” “Define all hell.” “The one guy discovers that by watching the video over and over, he starts getting bigger.” “Like us?” Tim nodded. “So he says. So he watches it a lot, maybe for a weekend or something, and keeps getting bigger. More muscle, anyway. Probably more dick, too. I mean, based on…. Anyway, his friend comes over and sees him and goes bat shit and wonders what the fuck happened. So he sits his friend down and makes him watch it, too. But it only has a little effect on a guy—except that the other guy…” “The bigger guy.” “Right, the bigger guy—he knows that if a truman cums on you, you become a truman too.” “Yeah, I remember something like that. That was the story.” “It’s true!” Barry interjected. “He can do it, too!” “You’ve seen him do it?” “Not me, no. But, I mean, look at this fucker! He’s huge!” “But that doesn’t explain what happened here just now,” Tim said, doubtfully. “I sure didn’t…” “You said the first guy got big from watching a video. He didn’t get anyone’s cum on him.” “True, but it took a really long time and he had to watch it over and over and…” “But,” Mike said, still stroking his fat cock, “we have the benefit of being in the room with you. You’re not a video. So maybe whatever that first thing was that the video guy delivered, you’ve had that all along, too.” “But this has never happened before!” “Have you ever tried it before?” “I wasn’t trying anything this time!” “Yes, you were. Barry here issued a challenge.” Barry was still checking himself out, running his hands over the new bulges and mounds of brawn that bulged from every inch of his body, but he looked up when he heard his name. “You used to just let the vibes flow, right?” Tim nodded. “But this time you really let him have it. You did something different.” “I guess so.” “Fucking right, you did!” Barry agreed. “It was fucking awesome!” “And whatever that difference was…” He let it trail off, but his looked down at the massive, shiny, beautiful, perfect cock standing at attention between his legs. At full mast, the thing was huge! Easily approaching twelve inches in length, and fat as an over-inflated bicycle inner tube. Veins pulsed along the shaft and the head was glossy with precum. “You’re both taking this pretty calmly.” “I’m fucking stoked!” Barry reported. “I’m pretty pleased myself,” Mike agreed. “Though, now that I see myself at full power, so to speak, I’m kind of wondering how I’m going to fit this thing in Sherry’s pussy.” It was, in fact, an overabundance of cock. Tim’s eyebrow raised. “Sherry? Your girlfriend?” “Nah, just someone I mess around with. Weird goth chick, but she’s cool, and she likes to do some random stuff.” He considered his new, massive sex meat. “Come to think of it, this’ll probably turn her on even more than usual.” He brought his hand to his mouth and spat on his palm before moving it back to his raging hard-on and continuing to stroke himself. “Fuck me, but I think this thing is more sensitive, now, too.” “More inches means more fun,” Barry reported. He opened his mouth to say something else, but he was interrupted by a knock on their door. “One sec!” he called out, then he looked back and forth between the other two. “Now what?” Tim shrugged. “Open the door.” “But...but I’m...I’m huge!” “Were you planning on spending the rest of the year in here?” “I was thinking about it.” “Well, go into the bathroom then. We’ll figure it out later. Get you some oversized clothes or something until you ‘grow into them.’” Tim made air-quotes around the phrase. Then he looked at Mike. “What about you?” He took his hands off his massive shank and folded them behind his head, grinning from ear to ear as his erection throbbed before him. “What the fuck have I got to be shy about?” The knock came again, and Tim opened the door. “Hey, Jonesy.” “What the hell are you guys doing in here?” Maxwell Jones lived in the next dorm room over, near the stairs. His pants were sodden and his face was flush and sweaty. “I just came in my fucking pants!” “Why would we have anything…?” “Where’s Barry?” “In the bathroom.” “Barry! Yo! Tell Mr. Sex Brain here to tone it down. I just let loose with a flood in my shorts!” He looked at Tim, and shook his head. “Look, I don’t mind the occasional hard-on or whatever, but try to tone it down some! These are my favorite pants!” His eyes traveled up and down Tim’s naked body and he blew a breath out his cheeks. “Okay, well, just… you know….” Tim shut the door as Jonesy turned to leave. “Barry? Could I have another word with you. please?” The bathroom door opened and Barry emerged, looking abashed. Tim was still not used to seeing his roommate’s new body and all its muscular beauty, and felt a bit of a sexual rush at seeing his new naked perfection. “Am I right in assuming that it’s not just Mike that knows what goes on in here?” Barry shrugged. “Well, I mean, he lives right next door! And if Mike could feel it one floor down, then…” “Who else?” “Fucking everybody knows,” Mike volunteered. “But if anyone’s to blame, it’s you, not Barry.” Tim turned. “What the hell does that mean?” “You strut around the dorms in the all-together. You’re built like the Incredible Hulk. And every time that door shuts, you’re sending out those fucking sex vibes. We’re all in college, dummy, we’re not stupid. Just horny.” Mike’s deeper voice took on a pleading quality. “I didn’t mean to tell anyone! But, like, everyone was asking, and you were leaking, and what was I supposed to say?” “Everyone knows?” Mike answered for Barry. “Not everyone, and not everything. But some people know some things. You’re the most obvious suspect, Tim. I mean, have you looked in the mirror lately? You’re kind of...noticeable.” “Dude! It makes things easier!” “How does this make things easier, Barry? Everybody thinks I’m a freak, now!” “Nobody fucking cares. You really think we’re all, like, ‘oh, noes, Tim’s back and now I have to feel all sexy and horny and shit.’ No, we’re all, ‘Tim’s back! Cool! Time for the best wank session this side of online porn!’” “Jonesy didn’t look pleased to me.” “You just made him cream his jeans, bro. He’s pissed off about that, not about the fact that you can give the guy a boner and the most satisfying orgasm and you’re not even in the same room. Get some perspective, dude. This is a good thing!” “But what about that?” he asked, pointing at Mike’s giant cock. “And that?” He pointed a thumb towards Barry’s new, incredible body. “How do I explain…?” “Don’t explain. And don’t worry. Neither of us is pissed off, right, Barry?” “Oh, hell no!” He grinned, and brought up his arms and bulged the muscle into impressive relief under his smooth skin. “This is fucking awesome!” He brought them down into a crab pose. Everything inflated to crazy defined brawn. “Right, but…” “No buts, dude. This. Is. Awesome.” He wrapped his roommate in a bear hug, again. Tim could feel every muscle on his body pressing against his own. It reminded him of Muscle Club, and his libido started heating up again, so he pushed Barry away—gently—and said, “No problem.” “Sounds like you’re having a change of thought about hiding your new body,” Mike observed. Barry shrugged. “Maybe.” He looked down at himself. “Seems a shame to hide all this beauty from the world.” “And the chicks,” Mike added. “Goes without saying,” Barry agreed. Tim looked at his roommate. “So… you’re not feeling any… um… how should I put this?” “Gayer?” “To be blunt.” “No more gay than I was. I mean, yeah, you’re all right looking for a dude, but, like, I kinda need tits to, you know, keep my attention.” “Interesting,” Tim observed. “You mean that you weren’t gay and then you were?” Mike asked. “I was gay before,” he reported, “but not every guy in Muscle Club was before, but they most definitely were after. It’s one of the signs.” “What are the other signs?” He shrugged, and counted them off on his fingers like everyone would know them. “Get giant. Get hung. Get another cock. Constantly horny. Get gay.” He left off the part about changing his appearance at will. No need to freak them out. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up a couple. Did you just say ‘get another cock’?” He smiled slyly. “Did I?” Mike looked pointedly at his crotch. “From all appearances, then, you weren’t fully indoctrinated.” “We… can hide it if we need to.” “Hide it?” He looked dubious. “Wanna see it?” “You’ve certainly piqued my curiosity,” Mike answered. Tim shrugged. “Okay,” he said simply. Then he looked down and allowed his secondary prick to swell into magnificence. One moment there was only one, and the next, its brother had pushed out and swelled to its glorious extents, hanging heavily next to its twin, each cock a mirror of the other, both equally thick, long, fat and luscious. “There she blows,” he said, simply, as if anyone could do it. “What the fuck!” Barry was dumbfounded. “You’ve had that all along and you never…?” “A guy’s gotta have some secrets.” “Some? You’ve cornered the market!” He reached out and grabbed his twins in his new, stronger hands. “This must be fucking amazing! Two cocks! Shit!” He stroked his friends pricks, and felt them instantly harden in his hands. “Fuck! These things are already hard!” He met Tim’s eyes. “Are you always horny?” “I thought I made that clear a long time ago.” He allowed himself to harden to full power. His cocks swelled into massive towers, easily outgrowing Barry’s hands. “Those things go off, you know.” “Fuck,” he said, softly. “I mean… holy fuck!” He looked up again, almost in worship of the huge young man and his overwhelming sexuality. “Maybe you should stop.” Barry smiled. “Should I?” Tim closed his eyes. It felt really, really good. He hadn’t had actual sex with anyone for months. “You really should stop,” he growled. But there was something about having this power over the huge man that Barry was finding quite interesting. “Seems like you like it,” he said. “Seems like you like it a lot.” He opened his eyes. “You know what’ll happen to you.” His cocks started drooling onto Barry’s hands. His handsome roommate nodded. “I’ll get bigger.” “Do you know how big?” “As big as you.” “Maybe bigger,” he responded. “And what else?” “I’ll have two cocks,” he answered. He continued slowly stroking Tim’s twins. Up and down. Up and down. Feeling the heat increase. Feeling them swelling, throbbing, moving in his hands. Like animals, filled up with sex. He nodded, a smile coming to his full, sensuous lips. “And what else?” “I’ll turn gay.” He nodded again. “A fucking faggot. Is that what you want?” Mike was watching with curiosity and growing arousal. Tim seemed to be swelling with muscle. Was he growing bigger? Inflating with power? There was a scent in the room, now. Faint but growing stronger. The smell of need and desire and sex. Barry’s eyes traveled up the beautiful male perfection towering above him. His gaze moved across the masses of muscle, the heavy pectoral globes and their dark, fat nipples poking up above the wealth of the man’s curling fur, the awesome 8-pack abs, swelling and receding as he breathed, the smooth-as-silk skin that practically glowed with health. Veins wound down his thickly muscled arms like rivers over mountains. A thicker vein pulsed in his neck. He could smell his roommate strongly. Smell the strong scent of sex from his ass and his balls and his innate masculine power. His own cock throbbed and sizzled, practically erupting as he knelt before this young god. His hands stroked two fat, thick, long, hard-as-steel cocks that oozed warm honey over his grips. Is that what you want? Do you want all this? Barry swallowed hard. Then he looked into Tim’s eyes, and nodded once. “You’re sure, Barry?” he asked. His voice was deep and powerful, resonant with male potency. “Because there’s no going back.” He opened his mouth. “I want it,” he answered. “I want it all.” Part 5 November “Incognito?” “I know it’s a big word, Frazz, but you can handle it.” “Why the hell would we ever in a million years want to do that?” The other man shrugged. “For a laugh?” He was grinning as he said it. “Because it would be fun?” He licked his bottom lip as he watched his friend and lover stare back at him unblinkingly. “Because I’m fucking bored.” “Now that I can understand,” the dark-skinned man answered. “But...college?” “At least it’s not high school,” he added, hopefully. “No way I could do that again, no matter how incognito we were.” He pulled a slow breath into his lungs and looked up at the high beams criss-crossing the ceiling overhead. “Kind of a waste,” he observed. His strong voice echoed off the walls of the abandoned Transform Gym, and he breathed in the innate sense of the masculine power that lingered here like mist on a lake. His friend looked up, too. “Had to be big,” he said. “Well, obviously,” Frazz agreed. “Still doesn’t make it any less of a waste.” Chuck sighed. “Do you miss it?” “It?” “Them?” “How can you miss something that never goes away?” “You know what I mean.” “There are definitely things I miss about those days, and things I don’t miss.” “Nice to be physical again, isn’t it?” Frazz looked over at his old friend. He was unequivocally beautiful. Almost blindingly so. His features were perfected to a state of godlike magnificence. His body was developed to a flawless and consummate muscular ideal. His skin was as soft as silk, every follicle of hair on his body was shiny, soft, warm. It was hard to find a singular imperfection anywhere on his immaculate form. “It has its advantages.” Chuck’s grin turned sideways. “You’re staring,” he observed. “It’s hard not to.” He approached his lover and placed his hands behind Chuck’s strong neck, looking into his sea green eyes and smiled. “It’s nice to see you again,” he admitted, then he kissed his furry friend’s full, soft lips. Chuck wrapped his arms around Frazz’s dark-skinned muscles and pulled him close, locking lips with him and pushing his tongue into the other man’s warm, wet mouth. He could feel Frazz growing quickly aroused, and the other man’s strong, intense scent began to manifest. He smiled despite himself and started to chuckle. “Damn,” he growled, “you’re so fucking hot.” Frazz smiled too, pulling his lips off Chuck’s mouth and looking into his eyes. “You say that like you’ve forgotten.” The other man shrugged his gigantic shoulders. “I kinda did.” “Well then, let me remind you how hot I can get,” Frazz answered, pushing Chuck’s body around and forcing him to the floor. A cloud of dust rose around them as his huge form struck the floor, the sheer tonnage of muscle making the floor complain. “You need fucking,” he announced. Chuck wiggled his perfect ass. “Think you’re the man to do the job?” he teased. Rather than answer, Frazz pushed himself inside his lover’s tight, perfect hole and proceeded to show him that he was exactly the perfect man for this job. • • • • The sex was insane. Each of them released months and years of pent-up energy, unleashing their unlimited and unending supply of masculine and sexual power on each other’s bodies. The huge room shook as they threw themselves—literally as well as figuratively—into the coupling. The sex was rough, and tender, and hard, and soft. They came onto and into each other, releasing tides and fountains and showers of warm, powerful cream from their bulging balls. Each had evolved into the ultimate expression of a transformed man, with bottomless sexual wells to draw from, and massive muscular power to use on each other. They wrestled and kissed, they forced each other into submission and then relented, pushing their huge cocks into each other’s asses and mouths, sucking and fucking with complete and utter abandon of any rules, roles or expectations. It was the release of months of pent-up sexual tension and power. Neither man knew that he needed it so badly until both were fully engaged in the action. Then, the gloves came off and the cocks inflated to full glorious power and they used each other’s body however they could imagine. Hours went by. Day darkened to nighttime. The gym was a wreck of broken wood and bent steel. They’d thrown themselves and each other into the action, laughing and clawing and fucking and wrestling with their huge, limitlessly powerful and perfectly developed bodies. At around midnight, after nearly eight full hours of doing nothing but having the most incredible and fulfilling sexual escapades imaginable—and the kind that only two men so radically transformed could even attempt—they were lying on the floor of the gym, their sweat slick bodies coated in dirt and smelling of each other’s pure masculine scents, their cocks still hard and pulsing with need, their muscles singing and thick from exertion, and their faces lit by bright, beautiful smiles of complete satisfaction. “Well,” Chuck said, his huge chest rising and falling, looking like a meaty mountain range covered in a dark forest of soft, wet curls, “that was nice.” “That was fucking incredible,” Frazz agreed. “You’ve still got it, sir.” Chuck laughed softly. “You don’t have to keep calling me sir, Frazz. That was just for effect.” “I know,” his friend said, “but I rather enjoy the effect. Sir.” He pulled himself up and leaned onto his side as he looked at the other huge man. “Tell me again why we stopped doing this.” Chuck was lying on his back, staring up at the ceiling high overhead. “If I remember correctly, it was damage control.” Frazz looked around. The room was, indeed, left a shambles. It looked like a war had been fought in the gym, using some very heavy equipment and armaments. He could see indentations where one of them had struck the walls high up, probably while they had been fuck-flying. The beams holding up the roof were bent in places. There were two deep wells in the floor from some hard landings, and signs of their coupling were everywhere. “Ah, yes.” Chuck laughed again. It was a warm, rich sound and it made Frazz’s cocks throb. “No, I mean things were getting out of hand, again. Public perceptions. Problems with the press. Too much attention paid to the wrong things. We had to disappear, and the easiest way to disappear is…” “Is to disappear.” Frazz’s tone was resigned. “Pity,” he summarized. Chuck leaned onto his side, too. His pricks had calmed themselves and they flopped toward the floor. His upper body was amazing, so thick at the top with his massive chest and shoulders, narrowing to an impossibly compact waist, and then widening again so that his hips could support the masses of asstacular muscle bulging from his backside. “Which is why I think we should go back to college.” “This guy you saw….” “Really beautiful, Frazz. I mean… seriously handsome guy.” “Right, right, I got all that. And he’s one of the new ones, from that high school or whatever?” Chuck nodded. “I’ve been… watching them. You know, just to keep tabs on things. And they have a really great guy in charge, takes a strong hand with the men, tries to keep things in control.” “Met him?” Chuck shook his head. “Name’s Billy Titus. He’d be a very interesting addition to our little club.” “Then why haven’t you…?” “He’s got a job to do. We’d just add more….” “Complications.” Frazz pursed his lips. “We tend to do that.” “And you’re not afraid that if we go back to college, as you put it, we’re just going to end up complicating things for this guy, too?” “Think about it, Frazz. What if you were the only transformed guy in a whole college dorm of dudes. With what you feel inside right now. Wouldn’t things get complicated pretty quickly, anyhow?” “So you see this as an act of mercy?” Frazz asked, incredulously. Chuck smiled, recognizing the other man’s tone. “Something like that.” “You’re just horny,” Frazz accused. Chuck looked at Frazz’s slowly throbbing cocks. “Why, hello Pot! My name’s Kettle!” he teased. “But, he’s not really Transformed, is he?” “He’s… different. Not sure why or how. But he’s definitely…” “Different,” Frazz said. Chuck nodded. “Different how?” Chuck started to get to his feet, offering his hand to help Frazz up as he answered. “Not sure how. Just different. Maybe it’s how he was made. Maybe it’s just him. I don’t know how, but it’ll be interesting finding out.” Frazz sighed. “College huh?” Chuck grinned his sideways smile, know that he had convinced his friend to join the adventure. “What do you propose, that we just show up like this and….” “Well, not like this, obviously,” he said, holding out his thickly muscled arms and displaying the perfection of his massive body. “Disguises?” He made a face. Frazz disliked disguises. “Masquerades,” Chuck finessed. “Like the old days.” “I was hoping we were done with the need for pretending to be something we aren’t.” “Look, I know how you feel. We’re supposed to be out of the closet, so to speak. We’re supposed to be able to just walk around like this and everything’s hunky dory. But you and I both know that’s a fantasy. It’s just not how the world works. It may never be how the world works. But… but this guy… I think he needs our help.” “Our ‘help’?” He grabbed one of his lengthy and impressive dicks and wagged it at his comrade. Chuck sighed. “I know I’m not the most compassionate guy in the world, but I don’t always think with my cock.” “Not always,” Frazz agreed. “Just 98% of the time.” Chuck made a pouty face. “But that’s part of your charm, my man.” He gazed down and raised his eyebrows. “A very, very big part.” He sighed. “Let’s just be honest, here. You and I both know what will happen.” Chuck started to object, but Frazz held up his hands. “We’ll show up determined to be all helpful and shit, but by the time we leave they’ll have a college full of flying supermen with unhinged sex drives and the magical ability to infect every other guy they meet. It’s just how we are. I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but I am saying that it’s inevitable.” “It doesn’t have to be.” “Doesn’t it?” He placed his hand on Chuck’s shoulder. “It’s one of the reasons we disappeared, Chuck. We just can’t help ourselves.” “It could be different this time,” he admitted. “This time, as opposed to all the other times.” He shook his shaven head and twisted his full, sensuous lips into a slight grimace. “Of all of us, you should know better than to think that.” “You’re saying I’m to blame for….” “I’m saying that you’re probably the sexiest motherfucker of us all. I’m saying that even if you could stay your hand, the temptations would be too much for them.” He gestured toward the doors, lending meaning to his words by indicating the world outside. “I’m saying that when they beg you to be transformed, when they’re on their knees before you, worshiping you, pleasuring you, offering anything and everything to be with you—you won’t say no.” He shrugged. “And who could blame you for being you?” Chuck sighed. “I suppose you’re right.” He met his lover’s dark-eyed gaze and smiled. “It was just a dream.” Frazz placed his hand on Chuck’s massive shoulder. “But a nice dream,” he offered. “It’s just too late for us. We’re too….” “Different,” Chuck finished. And Frazz nodded. “Okay, I see your point. And I appreciate your meeting me here.” “We should do it again some time,” Frazz offered. “Definitely,” Chuck agreed. “You… you going back?” “I am,” the dark man said, with finality. “You?” He shrugged. “Probably. But I think I want to hang around for a while. I like feeling physical.” Frazz laughed. “That’s because you’re so good at it.” Chuck laughed too, a deep rumble inside his massive chest. “See you around, lover.” Frazz nodded. “You, too.” Then the dark-skinned giant turned around and walked toward the far wall, his massive muscular frame receding into the shadows and the rubble of their love-making before his body seemed to shimmer and dissolve into the very air. Chuck stood in the empty space for a few moments, just listening to the silence. He was breathing slowly, his eyes closed, existing in his physical form and enjoying its size and weight and power. The other way had its benefits, for sure. The sex was good. Maybe better in some ways, existing in parallel with your lover, experiencing the situation from both sides, sinking so deeply into the sensations that you become lost. But there was much to be said for the old way. The purely physical confrontation. The give and take. The hard breathing, the sweat, the power, the sensation of feeling your balls tingle, your cock throbbing, your body welcoming the intrusion of another, the sensation of being filled up and then of emptying. Kissing, stroking, sucking. So raw that it makes your heart pound in your chest and stars to flash in your eyes. He opened his eyes. “Different,” he said into the emptiness. “Well, fuck that.” • • • • “You’re very late,” the small woman behind the desk reported. “We’re nearly halfway through the first….” “I know,” the young man on the other side of the desk answered. “I’m sorry. It couldn’t be helped.” He smiled. He had a beautiful smile. he had a beautiful everything. “Your transcripts are in order, though….” She was leafing through his papers, frowning slightly. “Though?” “Oh, nothing. It just seems like some of these grades are so….good.” His youthful, handsome visage took on a worried look. It did not diminish his beauty. “Too good?” She waved him off with a fluttering hand. “Oh, no! And clearly you have a lot of athletic promise. But generally someone like you ends up at Harvard, Stanford, Michigan or one of the bigger….” “It’s a….money thing.” She pressed him, allowing her gaze to linger on his beauty and the impressive size of his chest and shoulders. “But, surely there would be scholarships for someone so….” He shrugged, and his shirt nearly tore. “Timing was never my strong suit,” he reported. “Plus, you have some unique curricula that interests me very much.” “And I see that you’ve requested the old male dorm in particular?” “I….heard it has some historical significance.” “History major?” she asked? He shrugged and smiled. “That’s commendable. Usually, someone with your physical… that is to say, athletic talents…?” He shrugged again, and offered an even more beautiful smile. “There’s only one bed left in the dorms.” “I only need one,” he reported. “Of course.” She finished up with his student record on the computer and started to print out his welcoming papers, detailing the college rules, the campus map, extra-curricular activities, and so forth. “Do you go by Charles or Chuck or…?” “Charles,” he said. “I used to go by Chuck, but I prefer Charles, now.” “More grown-up,” she said, a bit condescendingly. “Something like that,” he answered. She rose from her chair and went to the printer, gathering up the sheaths of paper and placing them into a manilla envelope. “We usually have a more formal welcoming kit, but I hope this….” He stood up. He was...quite tall. “Don’t give it a thought. This is great.” He reached out his hand, opening it palm up, stretching it from his sleeve. His arm was quite keenly muscled, almost ludicrously so. The biceps and triceps were easily discerned and very large. Thick veins wound along his forearm, and heavy cables of brawn showed up distinctly under his sun-tanned skin. She was staring at his arm. She had never seen one so intensely muscular before. “My,” she said, softly, “that’s quite something.” His smooth brow wrinkled. “Beg pardon?” He looked down at his arm and a grimace crept across his lips. “Oh. I’ve been….working out. A lot. Lately.” “It shows,” she said. Then she placed the envelope in his hand and looked up. He was certainly handsome. There would be no debate about that. Perhaps the most handsome young man she had ever personally encountered. Classically handsome, in fact, as if he were some Roman statue of a god who had decided to step down off his pedestal. He owned a square jaw, a strong nose, high cheek bones, piercing green eyes and a lop-sided grin that leant his face a very inviting demeanor. She wondered, for an instant, what it would feel like to kiss those full, sensuous lips. To feel the evidently strong arms wrapped around her body. What the sensation of his chest pressed against hers would be. She could easily fall into his embrace and see herself carried away, like some princess in the caring arms of her Prince Charming. He lifted his free hand and pushed the stray locks of jet black hair from those sea-green eyes. He had bushy, masculine eyebrows beneath, on a smooth, youthful, masculine brow. His neck was as heavily veined as his forearm, and she wished fervently that somehow, in some magical fashion, the shirt that so tenaciously clung to the heavy bulges of muscle on his upper body would just melt away, revealing his male beauty to her eyes. “Are you all right?” he asked. Even his voice oozed masculine prowess. “Of course,” she said. “If you want to get settled in, your dorm room is….” He smiled and she melted. “I can find it. Thanks very much!” Charles turned, picked up an empty-seeming backpack and left her office. She watched his ass, encased so perfectly in a pair of navy bluejeans, bob and flex as he walked down the hallway and out of the administration building. His lop-sided smile was on his lips as he left the building. He paused at the steps leading down to the open square, surrounded by the college library, the science building, and some other white stone edifices with large glass windows. He looked down at himself and pulled a long breath into his lungs through his nostrils. He watched the two great plates of his pectoral muscles shove against the material. He felt his nipples drag against the cotton, sending deep sexual thrills through his highly-compressed frame. His visible cock swelled and throbbed with need inside his jeans, but he restrained its power. He could still smell his lover on his body like a musk, and in his scent he experienced the dark man’s power and beauty. Holding himself back was proving harder than he remembered. “Might need to tone things down a notch,” he said to himself. “I keep forgetting how irresistible I am.” He pulled out the map of the grounds and set off for the Men’s Dormitories, with anticipation and excitement on his mind. • • • • “One sec!” Jeremy called. He sighed the sigh of the set-upon and long-suffering, though he was neither, and pulled himself up from his studies. He wished, again, that there was a peephole in his dorm door so he could tell who was there before he opened it. Tim had stopped coming, thankfully, so he didn’t ordinarily have to keep making excuses about his time. He didn’t dislike Tim, but there was something about him that made him decidedly uncomfortable. By now, it was clear to him that Tim was most certainly gay, but rather than make things easier, it just made things harder. And it made some things very much harder. Embarrassingly harder. It was like the guy gave off sex or something. Like Jeremy could feel it pouring off his huge body. But he knew that was only his head trying to fuck with his body. Tim was incredibly sexy, that was all there was to that. And that made him incredibly threatening to someone both ashamed and frightened by their own desires. The knock came again just as he was twisting the knob. Then his gaze fell onto a striped V-neck T-shirt that was straining mightily to hold the chest of the man standing on his threshold inside. “Hi!” he said. His voice was deep, and also musical. It swam into Jeremy’s ear and tickled it like a wet tongue. “I’m your new roommate!” Jeremy looked up. The face of the young man was smiling down at him. It was a face that made Jeremy feel a bit weak in the knees and made his breath catch. It was the kind of face he would sometimes encounter in magazines, pasted on half-naked underwear models, smiling back at him because they knew he wanted to look at them. It was the kind of face that didn’t really exist in real life, because no one actually looked that good. “Huh...hello.” The incredible face tilted slightly. “Can I come in?” “What?” “In? Me? There? Roommate?” His voice was now inside Jeremy’s head, licking his libido, wrapping itself around his sex drive and squeezing with evident experience. “Oh, sorry. I, uh, I don’t have a roommate.” “I’m afraid you do,” he answered, pulling a folded piece of paper from the back pocket of his jeans. Jeremy followed the young man’s actions with his eyes, and he gulped at the heavy basket jutting forward so prominently from his crotch. There was a hint of dark curls erupting above his waistband, below the hem of his very small T-shirt. The young man unfolded the paper—Jesus! Jesus, the muscles on his arms! They’re like snakes!—and he held it up to the room numbers on the door. “See?” Jeremy looked over. Indeed, both the door and the freshman’s room assignment showed the identical number. 318. “But the semester….” “Yep, very true, roomie. But here I am anyway.” He re-folded the paper and stuffed it back into his back pocket. “So, uh, can I come in? Or do you have someone in there already?” “Me? What?” “I can come back if you’re busy with something… or someone.” He winked and smiled. It made him look even more gorgeous. “No, I… No, come in.” As he passed, Jeremy smelled him. It was a rank and raw and delicious smell. Body odor, surely. No fragrance smelled like that. Only dudes smelled like that. But it didn’t smell bad. On the contrary, the guy smelled really, really good. Like… like the way a dude is supposed to smell, or something like that. Purely natural. Purely masculine. “I’m…” The dude turned. He was still smiling. “Yeah?” he asked. “I’m using that bed,” Jeremy said, indicating the one on the right. Both were made up, so it was hard to tell whether anyone was using either of them. “Cool,” the guy said, dropping his backback on the other bed and offering his hand in a liquid, natural fashion. “I’m Charles.” “Jeremy,” said Jeremy. He took his new roommate’s hand in his. Charles’s handshake was warm, firm, strong, commanding, powerful, masculine, sexy. It was everything his roommate was, held in his palm. “Jeremy,” Charles repeated. He said it as if memorizing it. He said it with that fucking beautiful smile on his fucking beautiful lips, and his words reached down into Jeremy’s pants and stroked his prick. “That’s a nice name,” he said, and Jeremy felt that he meant it. He swallowed drily. He was suddenly in a shitload of trouble. “I was….” he started, but the words caught in his throat when Charles lifted up the front of his shirt and rubbed his belly. The dark curls that appeared above his waist band moved up toward his navel. He owned a cobblestone 6-pack, and the skin moved across his muscles like water over rocks in a river. “Is there anything to eat?” he asked, absently. “I’m kinda hungry.” “There’s a couple of snack machines in the foyer,” Jeremy explained, “and I have some Fritos.” He indicated the small open bag lying next to his text book. “Oh, dude, I can get something for myself.” Charles turned toward the door. The bubble of his high, perfect ass stuck out at least a foot. Each globe was perfectly formed, with lickable dimples and a deep crevasse between. “Can I get you something?” Jeremy, his face flushing red, looked up quickly. “I’m okay!” he said, a bit too strongly. Charles didn’t seem to notice Jeremy looking at his ass, or if he did, he didn’t seem to mind. “Cool,” he said. “Be right back.” He left the room and Jeremy sat on his bed, remembering to breathe at last. “Shit,” he said softly. “Shit, fuck, damn, hell, shit.” He felt like the room was spinning. He felt dizzy and out of breath. His cock was pulsing with every beat of his heart, shoving inside his pants for room to grow. “Shit,” he said again. This was very, very, very bad. Charles stood at the end of the hallway. His cock was hard. He was stroking it through his jeans. It tingled and throbbed and felt like it weighed a good forty pounds. “Well, fuck,” he said to himself. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” Part 6 December Tim didn’t leave campus very often, but now that the college was on Christmas break, and almost entirely deserted, it was easy to grow bored and lonely. The place was a collection of empty buildings and silent courtyards, with only a few students and instructors left on campus. The sky had been threatening snow for days, now, and the gray stillness made him feel sad. Tim wanted to go home, too, but he was afraid that if he did—if he went back to be with his friends in Muscle Club and the endless sex and wanton physical release afforded by being surrounded by all the other men who were just like him, he wouldn’t want to come back here. And maybe he shouldn’t. After all, what was there here to keep him? Even his roommate was mad at him, now, for simply refusing to do to him what had been done to Tim. There they both were, in their room, with the other guy, Mike, sitting naked on Tim’s bed, holding his newly-augmented dick in his hands. Mike had been physically changed and Tim hadn’t even touched him, hadn’t intended to do anything, just give a couple of guys a little bit of pleasure and allow himself to get off, finally releasing a bit of the overwhelming pent-up sexual energy his body was pumping through him like blood. And then Barry got it into his system to challenge Tim, make him work a little harder, make him reach deeper into that well of unending male sexuality that radiated from him like electricity and push him harder than he’d ever pushed anyone. And then something happened. Something unintended and impossible. Something he couldn’t take back. And Mike owned a monster cock, swollen several inches longer and thicker, rising from between his legs like a cobra, spitting cream from its eye. And Barry was…. Bigger. A lot bigger. Everywhere. And then they were both overcome by the moment. And Barry sank to his knees before Tim’s two pricks, a hand on each, stroking him reverently like a worshiper before his god, and asking for Tim to complete the circuit, bringing Barry into the membership rolls of Muscle Club, granting him everything that Tim had to give—including the burden of what he was going through every minute of his college life. He paused, and he shook his head, and he denied his friend what he wanted. And then there were words, and accusations, and a fight. And Barry stormed out, half-naked and bulging with new muscular brawn, and refusing to speak to Tim like some petulant child denied a toy. Tim pulled in a long, slow breath and sighed it back out through his parted lips. He rubbed his eyes and felt suddenly tired and old. Fuck, why was everything so fucking hard? Then he laughed at himself. “Poor you,” he said, looking down at his massive muscular body. “Cursed with all this muscle and beauty. Poor you.” The nearby town—not nearly large enough to be called a city—wasn’t much to speak of. One main thoroughfare downtown, a 4-lane road lined with stores, many of them closed and deserted as a result of the town’s economic downturn and the loss of so many industrial jobs, and some tree-lined avenues with large houses owned by families that have lived here forever. Following the highway to the west side, one would find apartments, strip malls and movieplexes. South of town was literally the other side of the tracks, where low income families lived in run-down houses with overgrown yards and too many dogs. Heading east and up the foothills, the college’s columned buildings and concrete dormitories sat astride a series of low cliffs overlooking the dirty, meandering river that used to support barges and boats traveling toward the port cities. The college survived because of its athletics and business school. It was a large campus and relatively wealthy due to its longevity and generosity of a few of its more successful graduates. Tim was wandering the empty downtown streets. The sky was grey and still threatened snow. The air was brisk but, as usual, Tim’s body was providing an unusual warmth that precluded the need for a coat, or even a light jacket. Oddly, his body seemed to regulate itself, generating warmth when it was cold, but remaining cool when the summer sun was blazing, as if it had been designed to do so. Then again, hadn’t he spent most of the past summer completely naked? He was wearing his usual outfit; a pair of tight jeans, a body-hugging Polo shirt and a pair of rubber flip-flops on his size fourteen-and-a-half feet. If any of the few people he encountered thought it odd that someone should be wandering around in December wearing only jeans, a short-sleeved shirt and sandals, no one said a thing. He’d found the comic book store next to a record store, wondering how they stayed in business given the digital access of everything print and audio. The stores were both empty, save for the lone employee in each, both shaggy-haired young men smelling of weed. The clerk in the comics place remarked on Tim’s resemblance to the blonde-headed Thor, only with less hair. “Dude,” he said, “all you need is a fucking Mjölnir and a golden helmet and you’d be set!” Tim only thanked him and said that was a bit of an overstatement. (It wasn’t.) The guy in the record store openly ogled him as he browsed the bins, sending a thrill of sexual excitement through his huge body. Tim could almost feel the man’s eyes as they caressed his muscles and ass. He considered trying his luck on the dude to see if his interest was more than curiosity, but his fear of doing something he didn’t intend to—again—held him back. They shared eye contact a couple times, and the guy even smiled at him. But Tim thought about Barry and left without buying anything, even when the clerk issued an enthusiastic, “Come back soon!” He thought about Barry as he walked slowly down the frigid sidewalk, seeing his own reflection in the empty storefront windows. At one point he stopped and turned to look at himself, trying to see his old self somewhere inside the huge, muscular, handsome man staring back at him. “Jesus,” he said softly, “who the fuck are you?” He lifted his right arm, bending it at the elbow and swelling the muscles lining the limb to bulging glory. They mounded up and made the tanned, copper skin grow thin and shiny, pushing his sleeve toward his shoulder to make room for the biceps and triceps swelling outward with such authority. “You’re Tim,” an equally masculine voice answered. Then another figure stood beside him in the window, slightly shorter, less muscular, but otherwise every bit as handsome and powerfully built. “I thought you were going home for Christmas,” Tim said, lowering his arm. The brawny figure beside him shrugged a pair of thickly powerful shoulders. “I think I need a few more weeks before I show up at home looking like this,” Barry answered. “I told the family a friend needed me to stick around and help him through some stuff.” Tim raised an eyebrow, grinning slightly. “Only a few more weeks? You put on something like forty pounds of muscle.” “Not to mention four inches in height.” “In a few weeks?” Barry huffed through his nostrils like a bull, releasing steam into the air. “Okay, maybe a few months.” Tim turned towards his roommate. “You still pissed at me?” “Yes,” he answered, not turning. Then, “No. I mean, I am, but I’m not.” “Well, thanks for clearing that up.” “I think I understand why you did it...or, I mean, why you didn’t do it.” “What changed your mind?” He shrugged again. There was a snapping sound as the threads on his shirt released, no longer able to withstand the size of his shoulders. He wore an oxford button-down, sky blue, with the shirt open nearly to his navel, revealing his now massive pectoral globes and the dusting of dark curls that were growing across his muscled chest. His prominent nipples pushed against the tight cotton material, and the first four bulges of his deeply defined abdominal wall were easily defined. “Dude in the record store was practically drooling on me. Creeped me out. So I guess I’m not as ready as I thought I was to, you know.” “Go all the way?” “In a manner of speaking.” He seemed to suddenly remember that the man standing next to him was gay, and he said, “Sorry.” “Nothing to be sorry about, I don’t particularly want to be straight, either.” He made a face. “Vaginas are weird.” Tim looked back at their reflection. “How are you holding up?” “I don’t know how you fucking do it, man. I’m so fucking horny I could fuck a donut.” Tim laughed softly. “When did you get used to this?” “Perhaps you’ve forgotten that I get so horny that I can make other men grow bigger cocks and muscles. So, uh, I’ll let you know when I get used to it.” Barry joined him in looking at the two of them. They were encased in skin-tight clothing. They had the muscular frames of professional bodybuilders. Tim was six-and-a-half feet tall, and Barry was now six-two. Tim’s incredibly handsome face would make any of the women he’d been with cream their jeans, and Barry thought his new, more masculine face could make her pretty fucking wet. He reached his thickly muscled arm across the width of Tim’s mountainous shoulders. “Weird.” “Which part,” Tim asked. “Being big, I mean. It’s weird.” Tim nodded an agreement. “I keep forgetting how much more of me there is to fit through doors and under things. I’ve bumped my head a few times. It’s kind of liking driving a new car, and you don’t know where the fenders are when you’re parallel parking. So you keep scraping things. Only when I scrape things, rub up against someone, I get this sexual thrill that drives straight to my groin. So….” “Yeah,” Tim said, remembering his own sudden growth. “Weird.” He looked over again, allowing his eyes to gaze on Barry’s almost-there wardrobe. “I like the look you’re going for. Kind of porn-star stripper weightlifter.” Barry’s handsome mouth twisted sideways. “Yeah, well, what am I supposed to do?” He plucked at his collar. “These clothes were all new when I got here in September. The parents outfitted me and spent a fortune making sure I’d look nice. All collegiate and shit. Can’t afford to buy a whole new set of clothes myself, and I can’t phone ‘em up and say, gee, I’m about twice the size I used to be when I left home. Can you send me a few hundred so I can replace everything you just bought?” He shrugged, and a few more threads snapped. “Besides, I don’t feel cold.” “You don’t?” “Well, yeah, a little, but since I can’t pull my coat over these arms, anyway, I figure….” He let the thought drop as he examined his thick and powerful limbs, lined with bulging masses of raw power. He twisted his arms and watched the muscle move, giving Tim a thrill of unintended sexual excitement. “Why aren’t you heading home?” “I….I just decided not to.” “You don’t want to see all your friends? Get your swerve on?” “I’m all about feeling sorry for myself, these days,” he explained. Then he smiled. “It’s kind of hard to explain.” “Is it because of me? Of what happened?” Tim opened his mouth, but Barry interrupted him. “Look, man, I’m okay. Really. I mean, I was pissed there for a while, but I think I understand better now. Especially having lived in this body for a little while. I mean, there are certainly advantages. Big, huge, amazing, fucking sexy advantages.” “Yeah, I kind of noticed.” Barry had been fucking every girl he had his eye on, and some of whom had never given him a moment’s notice before. “Yeah, not just that. I mean, yeah, that. The fucking is amazing! I’ve never had so much pussy so often in my life! And it’s just non-stop!” The overburdened crotch of his tight pants started to display his excitement. Just talking about it, his cock started to stretch and plump with visible results. “Fuck, I’m horny,” he explained, reaching down to adjust his ample package. “Well, there’s always the record store dude.” “Ha ha, very funny.” “You ever ass fuck anyone?” “Of course!” “Of course?” “Well, once. A girl! I mean, she was a girl, not a guy.” “Yes, I get that part.” “But not since… I mean, would it even fit?” Tim shrugged. “You’d be surprised at what you can do,” he said. Then his forehead wrinkled. “Although, come to think of it, I’ve only been with other… I’ve never done it with someone who wasn’t…” “Extra large like you.” “Uh, yeah.” He pursed his lips. “And, you told me one time that you take it up the….” “Careful, roomie,” Tim suggested, “unless you’re really prepared to make good on any ideas that are suddenly brewing in that dirty mind of yours.” “What, fuck you? I’d be afraid you’d clamp down and snap the damned thing off!” He laughed. “No worries there, bro. I don’t want to fuck you.” “Too bad,” Tim said, lightly. “I’m told I’m an excellent fuck.” Barry looked over and up at Tim’s face. “Really, dude? You just went there?” “Are you picturing my ass now?” His full lips quirked into a smile. Barry rolled his eyes. “Trust me, I’m not. I appreciate that you’re an ok-looking guy, Tim, don’t get me wrong, but when I get hard I’m not picturing your hard muscles and massive cock. I’m picturing Cindy’s tits, or Carrie’s lips, or Lisa’s amazingly tight pussy.” He swallowed hard and pushed at his growing erection with the heel of his hand. “God damn, I’m horny,” he said quietly. “Yeah, sorry about that,” Tim repeated, for the millionth time. “So, why aren’t you with Cindy or Carrie or Lisa’s amazing pussy right now?” “Gone home,” he reported. “So have Wendy and Monica and Betty and Lavonda and Jennifer One and Jennifer Two and….” “I get the picture,” Tim said. “I trust you’re being careful. Dipping your oar into so many different lakes can result in some nasty bugs, you know.” “I wasn’t born yesterday, genius. I’m buying Magnums by the fucking truckload. I’m practically keeping Trojan in business by this point.” He adjusted himself again. “Damn,” he moaned. “This thing is fucking hungry.” “There’s always the record store dude.” “Any mouth in a storm, you mean?” “If you think he can handle you,” Tim added, casting his gaze down at the impressive outline of his roommate’s burgeoning hard-on. “Is that thing bigger?” Barry looked down. “Don’t think so.” Then he looked up. “Why, is it supposed to keep growing?” Tim shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t know what I did. So I don’t know what’ll happen.” He met Barry’s gaze. “Would it matter?” “If I got bigger? Fuck, I’m bottoming out as it is. I might start poking holes out the backside if it grows any longer.” “Maybe it’s just those jeans,” Tim said. Barry outlined his eight-incher with his hands, framing the swollen shaft and bloated head of his cock. “Yeah, not bad, huh?” “I’d blow you,” Tim said, only half-joking. “Well, somebody is going to have to. If I don’t care of this guy soon, he’s gonna blow all by himself.” He looked toward the record store. “You really think that guy’d suck me off?” “No harm in asking,” Tim answered. “And if he won’t, I’ll be back in the room in an hour.” He winked. “Don’t even joke,” Barry responded. “I’m about to fucking pop.” “Who’s joking?” Tim answered. Then he laughed. “Have fun, Barry,” he said. Barry nodded and slapped Tim’s rock-hard ass. “I’ll let you know how it goes.” Then he clapped his hands together and looked down at his dick. “Okay, big fella, let’s go make a new friend!” Tim watched his roommate saunter back towards the record store. His hips moved like they were oiled, and the two muscled mounds of his denim-encased ass shifted in a most agreeable—and slightly disturbing—fashion. Barry’s lats were stretching the material of his shirt to the tearing point, and his shoulders were a mile across. Now it was Tim’s turn to adjust his equipment. He wasn’t supposed to be looking at his roommate like that. He wasn’t supposed to be thinking about what it would feel like to have Barry’s enhanced dick shoving deep into his hole, prodding his prostate and making his eyes roll up inside their sockets. He wasn’t supposed to be imagining what Barry’s balls smelled like, or tasted like, or felt like as he sucked them into his mouth. He wasn’t supposed to be licking his lips as he thought about Barry’s lips pressed against his, and Barry’s tongue pushing into his mouth, and Barry’s arms wrapped around his body. He lowered his gaze and closed his eyes, trying to chase those fantasies away. But there he was again, Barry, kneeling before him, the lobes of his muscular shoulders flexing and straining, the two heavy globes of his chest arching forward, his fat cock throbbing and drooling pre, his square-jawed visage staring up at him, asking to be bathed in his warm, creamy spunk. “Fuck,” he said softly. • • • • Jeremy had become very familiar with the library. He was intimately familiar with the particular corner where he was sitting, because it was well hidden from view. No one was likely to come back here to find him, or really for any reason at all. He had his laptop open and a book beside it as he typed up a term paper that wasn’t due for weeks. Everyone else was gone home for the holidays. And why not? That was what holidays were for. In fact, there was very little reason for him to be sitting in his accustomed chair at his accustomed table in his accustomed corner because there was almost no one around to be looking for him anyway and no one he should need to hide from. Except, of course, for the very two students that he had the most reason to be hiding from. There was Charles, of course. Charles the mighty. Charles the handsome. Charles the supremely weird. The guy didn’t even own a cell phone! Or a computer! And he only seemed to own, like, four shirts and one pair of pants and some flip-flops. Like, who wears flip-flops in the middle of December? And not a single pair of underwear? That had to be uncomfortable, especially considering how much… equipment… he had to contend with. And, naturally, the guy had to sleep in the nude. And, naturally, he had to sleep over the covers! In the winter! Who does that? It was hard enough getting to sleep with him lying there only a few feet away. With that smell he gave off, like, all the time! And he showered and everything, it wasn’t like the guy was a pig or something! So, why did he always smell like that? So… male. And… sexy. No! Not sexy! He smelled…. he smelled… dirty. Yeah, he smelled dirty. He smelled like… like…. Oh, fuck. Just thinking about his smell, just imagining it over in the other bed, making his sheets smell like that, leaving the intense scent of his body on that side of the room, made Jeremy’s dick start to swell. Fuck! Stop it! Stop doing that! Stupid dick! He pulled in a slow, calming breath. Don’t think about Charles. Don’t think about him lying naked in the room. Don’t think about his body, and his furry chest, and those huge dark nipples situated at the lower edge of each amazing, swollen pectoral plate. Don’t think about his skin, all bronzed, every inch of it, looking as smooth as silk. Don’t think about his back, and the strong wedges of brawn bulging from it. Or his impossibly narrow waist, and that fucking stupid six-pack of perfect abs. And don’t, don’t, don’t, do not whatever you do think about his ass. His perfect ass. The two perfect globes of perfectly muscular butt meat, like smooth round bowls attached to his backside. And the deep shadowed crevasse between. And his smell. The smell of him. Fuck! Stop it! “Stop it!” “Stop what?” Jeremy looked up. “Fuck!” he said. “Sorry,” the huge, beautiful young man apologized. “How do you do that?” “Do what?” he asked innocently. “Just, like, appear like that? Like, out of nowhere?” Charles tilted his head, shrugged his enormous shoulders and smiled that fucking beautiful sideways smile of his. That infuriatingly perfect smile of perfect handsomeness. “What are you doing here?” he said, avoiding the question. “What?” He pulled out a chair and spun it around, sitting splay-legged in it facing Jeremy. All Jeremy could think about at that moment was how Charles’s huge prick was pushing against the crotch of his jeans, making that huge bulging basket that spilled forward with such pornographic obviousness. “Why aren’t you doing this back in the room? There’s no one else in the dorms, anyway, and there’s a perfectly good desk there.” “I was….” Jeremy groped for a good excuse. As if reading his mind, Charles’s strong brow furrowed. “Why are you avoiding me?” “What?” A cold chill shot through Jeremy’s whole body. Charles asked again, “Why are you avoiding me?” His voice was deep, resonant and sexy. “I’m not avoiding you,” he answered. Charles smiled and clicked his tongue. “Now, see, you say that but even you don’t believe it.” He scooted the chair even closer. His arms are hung across the back of the chair. Jeremy could easily discern every individual muscle beneath his copper skin. “So?” “So?” “Did I do something?” “You didn’t do anything….” “Did I say something?” “It’s not….” “I used to think that you were just shy,” he said. “But it’s been a couple of weeks and now you’re actively avoiding me.” He sat up. It made his magnificent chest rear into view. Those two fat nipples were pressing against the thin material. Didn’t he own a jacket, either? “Just tell me what it is, and I’ll stop doing it.” “It isn’t anything,” Jeremy protested. “Do you act this way with everyone?” Everyone like you. Everyone I like like I like you, I do. “Seriously, Charles, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Charles held up his fist and started counting off the offenses on his raised fingers. “You’re never around when I wake up. You don’t say anything to me when we accidentally cross paths, which isn’t so accidental since you’re avoiding me. Even when you do talk to me, you studiously avoid eye contact.” He refolded his arms across the chair back and rested his strong chin on his meaty muscle. “Does that sound like something someone who likes you would do?” “I just…. I’m…. I….” Charles just sat there, allowing Jeremy to dig his own grave. “I’m… I am shy.” “You’re sure that’s all there is?” Charles asked doubtfully. He nodded. “Shy,” he repeated. “I… I’m this way with everyone.” He swallowed drily. The handsome face before him was making his dick hard. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t have a lot of friends.” “I noticed,” he answered. “Don’t you want to have friends?” “I’m just…” “Can we be friends, Jeremy?” He sat up scooted even closer. The thick globes of his chest were enormous and beautiful. The darkness of his nipples pressed against the thin material of his shirt. “I’m a nice guy. Honest.” “You… you make me nervous.” “Me?” He seemed genuinely confused. “I may look kinda big and brutal, but I’m just a sweetheart. All soft and gooey inside, even if my outside looks hard.” “Like candy.” “Beg pardon?” “Hard candy shell, rich chewy nougat inside.” “Yeah. Yeah! I’m like candy. And who doesn’t like candy?” He stood up suddenly, towering over Jeremy. The action made a cloud of his intense and spicily masculine scent swirl around Jeremy like pollen. His nostrils stung from the strong, delicious tang of Charles’s familiar smell. It was like he was giving it off on purpose, designed to entrance Jeremy like a poisonous flower. “Friends?” Charles asked, offering his hand. “I… I never said we weren’t friends.” Jeremy was looking up, into the beautiful youth’s green eyes. He felt like swooning, like he could faint dead away, looking into those eyes. The young man’s broad, strong hand was held out toward him. The nails looked like glass. Even his nails were perfect. “We don’t need to shake on it,” he said quietly. Charles wrinkled his brow again. “No?” He looked at his hand. Then he lowered it and shrugged his mountainous shoulders. “Okay,” he said, apparently satisfied. “So does this mean you’ll look at me when we talk?” Jeremy shrugged. “And you won’t run away or disappear when I get to our room?” Another, slighter shrug. “You don’t seem very convincing, Jeremy.” Charles’s voice, saying his name, brought tingles to his spine and made his cock throb. “Sorry,” he said. Charles sat back down. “Are you okay? Are you sure that something else about me isn’t bothering you?” Besides you being so close, you mean? And the smell of you making my dick hard? And that just looking at you makes me want to kiss you? “College is...a lot more challenging than I imagined.” “No shit,” Charles agreed. “I forgot how much fucking work it is.” “You forgot?” Charles’s face looked slightly panicked for a second. “Compared to high school,” he said. “You know, you take a summer off and you think your senior year was such a drag and….” “A ‘drag’?” Jeremy’s eyebrow arched. “Were you home-schooled by any chance?” “Why do you ask that?” “Sometimes you sound just like my father.” He narrowed his eyes. “And home-schooled kids are...weird.” Charles laughed slightly. “I don’t doubt that.” He scrubbed his hand through his wealth of shiny black locks, pushing them from his green gaze. His biceps swelled enormously, squeezed by the action. There was a thick vein that wound over the top of the muscle, and as the skin stretched, it revealed every cable, fiber and bulge of the awesome brawn beneath. “No, I just went to regular high school. I guess I watch too many old movies or something,” he explained. Then he shrugged. His shoulders were like animals wrestling under his shirt. Charles peered at Jeremy’s computer. “What are you working on?” The smaller boy turned. “Computer science,” he said. “I’m studying to be an engineer. Make something cool, you know, then sell it to Google and retire to someplace far away.” “Far away from what?” “Just...stuff.” “Need any help?” “From you?” he asked, incredulously. What the hell would an over-pumped juicer who spends every waking hour at the gym looking at himself in the mirror know about comp sci? “I’m smarter than I look,” Charles volunteered. “You stuck on something?” Oh, what the hell? “I’m working some C++ and this won’t compile. I can’t find the bug.” “Mind if I take a look?” He rounded the table and sat down next to Jeremy. He was giving off a palpable heat! No wonder he wasn’t wearing a jacket, the dude must’ve just come from a big workout session and his whole, giant body was throbbing with power. And there was his scent again, stronger than ever. It was all coming off him in waves. Jeremy’s heart was beating fast. His dick was throbbing hard and growing uncomfortably thick. He had no spit in his mouth. “It’s… it’s this,” he said, indicating the problem code. Charles looked at it and scrolled up and down very quickly. “Can I…?” he asked, floating his meaty hands over the keyboard. “Be my guest,” Jeremy answered, growing almost as curious as he was turned on. Charles executed a flurry of typing, his hands moving very quickly as he cut and pasted, replaced some phrases outright, removed others and hit the compile icon. “I think that should help,” he said, his voice rumbling deeply beside Jeremy’s small frame. They both watched the progress bar and then everything came up green. “You… you fixed it.” Charles smiled over at him. “Told you I was smarter than I looked.” He winked and tapped his forehead. “It’s almost like I have a whole university full of really intelligent men up here.” “Wow,” Jeremy said, admittedly impressed. “That was…. thanks!” “You’re welcome,” Charles said, simply. “If there’s ever anything else I can help you out with, just ask me. Anything at all, Jeremy. I’m remarkably agreeable to almost any suggestions. And I think you’ll find my talents can extend….to quite an amazing length.” “Uh…. okay.” “I’m also incredibly subtle.” “Uh… yeah.” “Just wanted to throw that in there.” “Thanks.” “No problem.” He stood up. “You… coming back to the dorm, then?” “In a little while. I’m going to finish some stuff here where it’s quiet.” Charles nodded and gazed around the empty library space. “It is that,” he agreed. “You hungry?” “Hungry?” He smiled that fucking sideways smile again, the one that made something inside Jeremy melt like butter over a hot flame. “Yeah, hungry.” “I… guess so.” “Wanna grab something to eat? With me?” “Eat something?” Charles’s handsome face tilted and his green eyes narrowed. “Yeah, Jeremy, eat something. Put something in your mouth.” “My mouth?” Charles reached forward, placing his finger on Jeremy’s upper lip and encircling his mouth. “In here,” he offered. His touch was warm, too. And unexpectedly soft. Jeremy shrank back. “What are you do…?” “C’mon Jeremy, let’s go get some food.” Charles acted as though he had done nothing odd at all. He placed his hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and squeezed gently, reaching with his other hand toward the laptop and slowly closing the lid. “It’ll do you good.” Left with little choice, and feeling decidedly weird, Jeremy stood up and started putting his computer in his backpack. “What do you feel like?” “I want whatever you want,” Charles said, “I’m easy.” Muscle bulged from every inch of his body. His face was achingly handsome. His groin was over-burdened by the sheer volume of his sexual equipment. His clothes fit him like a glove, hugging every perfect mound of brawn piled so deeply on his tall frame. He was smiling his sideways smile, dimples in one cheek, the other smooth and dusted with whiskers. His green eyes sparkled like gems, and his jet back hair was shining like spun glass. “Do you…?” He didn’t finish the question. Charles raised an eyebrow. “Do I…?” “Never mind.” Charles’s smile increased in wattage, making the corners of his eyes crinkle. “Whatever you wanted to know, chances are I do.” He lowered his chin slightly. “Do you?” “Do I what?” Charles shrugged, “Whatever it was you wanted to know if I did.” “I’m… not sure.” “That’s fair. But can I offer some advice?” Jeremy slung the pack over his slim shoulder and nodded, looking at his beautiful, taller, broader, very imposing roommate. Charles’s voice was smooth and deep, seductive in its grace and power. “Whatever it is, give it a try. I find it’s not very smart to judge things—or people—without giving them a chance. You may be surprised at what you’ll enjoy doing.” “Maybe,” Jeremy admitted. “But what if….” “What if what?” “What if other people….” “Fuck them.” “Huh?” “Fuck them. Fuck those people.” “But what if…?” Charles shook his head. “Fuck them. Those people aren’t worth your time or consideration. You can’t worry what the other people think. You need to do what makes you happy—what makes you feel good. What makes you feel good about yourself.” “But….” “Do you want to hurt someone?” Jeremy looked shocked. “No!” “Do you want to make someone feel bad? Or make them hate themselves?” “No.” Charles shrugged. “Then fuck those other people. Do what you want to do. Feel good. Have fun.” “It’s not that simple,” Jeremy protested. “It is exactly that simple,” Charles said, softly. Jeremy sighed. “You don’t know,” he said. “Then tell me,” Charles answered, “so I do know.” “I can’t.” Charles smiled. “Okay. That’s okay. But when you want to tell someone, I hope you tell me. I like you, Jeremy. And I want you to know that. I really like you.” Jeremy didn’t meet Charles’s emerald gaze, keeping his eyes down. “You want me to shut up?” Yes, Jeremy thought. I want you to shut up, so the sound of your voice doesn’t make me think about kissing you, and your body against mine, and you naked, and me naked, and both of us together. But he just nodded slightly, and blushed. “Let’s go,” he said, finally. “Yes,” Charles said, “let’s.” Part 7 Christmas “Seriously, dude?” “What?” Tim was standing in the open doorway to his dorm room. His roommate, Barry, was laying sprawled on his own bed, completely naked, with his hard cock in his hand. His broad, thickly muscle chest and deeply defined six-pack abs were sheened with sweat, making his smooth, pale skin look almost metallic. Pearls of thick cream hung in the dark forest of curls that coated his pecs, and more long strings of it were splattered over his cobblestone belly. The eye of his monstrous erection was slowly drooling a fat runnel of cum over his grip, and it trailed down the several thick inches of his veiny shaft, finally coating his overburdened ball sack with his warm seed. Barry’s neck, chin and lips were shiny with cum. He’d shot far and heavy, as usual. It wasn’t that Tim was shocked by the sight, or even the fact that this was probably Barry’s third ‘release’ that day, after a wake-up wank and another just before he left the room to find some lunch. It wasn’t that Tim was naked and the room was probably around fifty-five degrees, though there was a palpable and strong current of heat coming from the direction of his bed. It wasn’t even that he was still hard, and evidently still stroking his load from his balls, even after exploding a fountain of cream that was copious enough for two men. No, it was that he had done all this with the door to their room wide open, moaning and groaning with obvious pleasure, loud enough for Tim to hear his satisfied grunting and low, guttural declarations of “fuck yeah” and “fuck, so fucking good” all the way from the front door to the Men’s Dormitory, three floors down and several hundred feet away. Tim just shook his blonde, handsome head and tried to look disapproving. “At least shut the door,” he said. “Oh, fuck, dude,” Barry said, sitting up and taking his grip from his impressive hard-on, “there’s no one fucking here anyway. And what the fuck do I care who wanders by, or wanders in? Hell, they can take a seat and join me for all I care.” He looked down at his throbbing wonder and ran the tip of his index finger around and across its drooling mouth. “Shit that felt good.” He looked up, but did not stop giving attention to his cock’s swollen head. “Feel free to take a load off, Timebomb. I bet you’re hornier than I am—and I’m pretty fucking horned up.” He grinned. “I could go again, for sure.” That was worrisome. Barry’s sexual fireworks were becoming overwhelming. He probably could stroke out another fat load, by the looks of his erection. It remained upright and shiny, swollen thick enough to stretch the skin to red glass. “Maybe later,” he said. Then he lifted his arm and tossed a Walgreens bag towards Barry’s large feet. “Merry Christmas,” he said. • • • • Barry’s eyes lit up and a smile came to his lips. He licked them, trying to suck the clinging cream from them, and moved forward to grab the bag. His cock wavered and swung with heaviness, casting droplets of its creamy river onto his muscled thighs, though it lost none of its hardness as he sat back against the wall to look inside the plastic bag. “T-shirts?” “I though you could use something to wear besides the usual.” Tim moved into the room—not closing the door—and sat on his bed, making it sag under his bulk. “I’m kind of tired of seeing you walking around campus like you just stepped out of an Undergear catalog.” “A what now?” Tim rolled his eyes. “Never mind.” He watched Barry tear the plastic from the shirts. “I think they’ll fit. If they don’t, we don’t have a lot of options. Extra large is as large as they go.” Barry shrugged his shoulders. “Used to wear mediums, and I can’t think I’ve gotten that much bigger.” “Uh, have you looked in the mirror lately?” Barry smirked. “Only when I can fit myself into the bathroom and stoop down to see.” He started to hold one of the shirts to his torso, then saw the wealth of his creamy load spread everywhere. “Probably should clean up first. Wouldn’t want to get cum stains all over my new Christmas outfit!” “Maybe you’d better,” Tim agreed. Barry set the bag and its contents aside and stood up. His cock remained at attention, pointing toward the ceiling and standing a good seven or eight inches long. His balls, heavy and fat, drooped in their sack as he grabbed onto his mammoth hard-on and stroked it once, from base to tip, and then brought his hand to his mouth and licked his palm. He looked at Tim’s wondering visage and said, “Couldn’t hurt, right? I mean, if I swallowed your cum I’d get even bigger—maybe mine works the same way.” “You want to get bigger?” Tim asked. “I thought you were having second thoughts.” “There’s bigger,” he said, lifting his arm and swelling the muscle into flexed glory. “And then there’s bigger,” and he grabbed his huge erection and wagged it at Tim. “You mean bigger down there?” “Of course! Gotta keep up with you, don’t I?” He continued stroking himself as he wandered naked from the room toward the showers at the end of the hallway, the slick, wet sounds of his hand as it pleasured his cock accompanying the loud thud of his barefooted tread along the wood. “Aw, fuck,” he said, loudly—and probably for Tim’s benefit. He had to smile. At least his roommate—his friend—wasn’t mad anymore. And wasn’t every guy a horndog, really? Maybe it wasn’t entirely normal to be stroking one off so often, but maybe that was just a phase. A kind of side effect from whatever had happened. Maybe it would fade as Barry became used to his new form. Maybe everything would turn out all right, and maybe no one would get hurt or come to regret anything at all. But that was a lot of maybes. • • • • The Men’s Dormitory showers were also a leftover from years gone by. No privacy was afforded anyone inside—since, logically, there was no reason for one naked man to be looking at another naked man—and once past the scratched and dented stainless steel sinks, there was just a large, tiled room with four shower heads pointing at the floor. No walls, no curtains, nothing but a single drain in the center of the floor. Since no one else was in the dorms at present, Barry decided it might be fun to turn on all the shower heads at the same time and give himself an all-over clean. The shower stall was small enough that the sprays would interfere with each other, at least neat the floor, and the idea of being surrounded by hot water splashing against his naked skin was very...enticing. He twisted the knobs under each of the four heads and waited for the water to heat, standing in the center of the showers. • • • • The room smelled like sex. The lingering scent of Barry’s business and his sweaty body hung in the air, and it made Tim’s skin tingle and his heavy cock throb. But he pulled in a calming breath and went to the window, opening it a crack to let the winter wind inside. It was frigid and a bit shocking, but his body quickly compensated. The breeze fluttered the sheets on Barry’s unmade bed and drew Tim’s attention to a wet spot where, he assumed, some of Barry’s abundant flood had undoubtedly come to rest. He eyed the open door and listened for a sign of anyone outside. Then he bent to one knee and moved his nose in toward the dark patch, wanting to bring a stronger sample of Barry’s unique scent and the smell of sex into his senses, while no one was looking. There was still some of Barry’s cum on the sheet, a small pearlescent puddle at the center of the dark stain. Tim extended his tongue and touched it to Barry’s seed. • • • • The water made Barry feel really good. Not that he wasn’t already feeling really good, of course. The orgasmic release was still running through his body like a strummed guitar string, but the water reinvigorated him, warmed him, and felt really good on his naked flesh. He closed his eyes and leaned into the flow. He adjusted the levels until the shower was steaming. With no one left in the dorms, at least there was plenty of hot water. His skin felt super sensitive. He could feel the droplets splashing against his shoulders and chest, and against his calves and ankles. He could feel the water running down his strong, wide back, gathering along his spine and draining over the mounds of his muscular butt. He tensed his muscles and stretched his body and felt the brawn bunch and bulge. It made his cock pulse and a thrill of sex ran through his body. He reached down toward the core of his pleasure and ran his hand along its length. His cock was limp, but thick and heavy, a six-inch snake with a mushroom head. A quicksilver tingle of bliss accompanied his easy stroke, and a soft groan left his lips. From somewhere, an idea—or a curiosity—sprang into his head. What was it about gay guys and butt sex? Like, really, what was that all about. This, this stroking, having your cock sucked—even sticking it inside an ass—now that he could understand. But what about from the other side? Did it really feel that great? Having something pushing inside your butt? With one hand propping him against the tiled wall, his other circled beneath his cock and cupped his balls. Jesus, they were big. He gently squeezed them, feeling each one’s size. He looked down, over his broad chest and rippled belly toward his cock and balls. He hefted the eggs up. The sack had grown slack in the warm water, and his balls moved inside, two hen’s eggs producing thick, warm cream that shot up his long prick. He sucked in a slow, shuddering breath and licked his lips. His hand moved under his hairy scrotum. With his middle finger, he gently stroked his taint, the smooth, soft flesh between his balls and his asshole. He rubbed it softly, tentatively, feeling his balls against the palm of his hand. A lingering sexual thrill surrounded his prick, sending sparks down its heavy shaft and making the head tingle. It was… interesting. He’d scratched many an itch there, for sure, but he’d never explored it like this. He moved the finger back, altering his stance, opening his ass, pushing his fingertip curiously against his hole, discovering its softness. He rubbed it, and then gently pushed against it, moving just the tip of his middle finger—his Fuck You finger—into his butt hole. Instinctively, he tensed against the intrusion. He looked down at where his hand disappeared under his balls. The muscles of his forearm twisted beneath his pale skin. A fat vein bulged along the muscle. He nudged and prodded, pushing inside as he learned to control that muscle, too. To relax against intrusion. To welcome the pressure inside. It was a bit difficult, standing up, to wedge his finger inside his butt. he checked the shower entrance and turned around, seating himself on the warm tile floor with the showers all splattering hot water on his naked flesh. Leaning his broad back against the wall, he lifted his right leg, bent at the knee, and slid his left wide, opening himself to further exploration. He circled his hole with his fingertip, again. He wanted to tense against the touch, but forced himself to relax. Then he pushed inside again, very gently, probing with his touch. He moved his finger into his asshole, to the first knuckle. It felt—similar to what Tim had tried to do with his sex juice. That feeling of something inside him. But this was real. This was him. He was curious, and excited, and scared, and thrilled. His cock began to bulge and throb. He withdrew his finger, rubbed the tip along his taint again, as if calming an animal unused to being touched. Then pushed back inside. It felt… good. • • • • A sudden flash of heat accompanied the taste of Barry’s cum. A tingling sensation that expanded into a flow of sexual potency. It was a sensation that Tim recognized instantly and that his body responded to with hunger and desire. It was Muscle Club, for sure—but that was no surprise, because what else could it be? He tasted his brothers in Barry’s cum, he tasted their beauty and their power and their overwhelming masculinity. Had he forgotten that taste, or had it simply been so long that he could not remember there was one? And Barry’s was Barry, his distillate and his purity and his power. Even so small a drop of his essential substance—the seed of his loins, the fundament of his strength, the concentrate of his masculine core—produced a recognition in Tim’s senses that was staggering. He licked his lips and looked down at the bed and used his index finger to wipe up whatever he could of Barry’s powerful juice. • • • • A small moan left Barry’s lips. He was slowly moving the single digit into and out of his asshole, sliding its slim hardness inside, feeling it intently. It was a new sensation, and not a bad one at all. Did this make him gay? Did this mean he was turning gay? Nah, this wasn’t gay. Gay guys—gay guys liked having sex with other guys. This was just Barry, exploring his body. Trying something new. Seeing what the fuck was up with all that talk about asses. He tried to picture Tim naked, just as an experiment. He saw him on his bed, all his muscle, his perfect muscular development, and that huge prick. He slowly fucked his own ass with his finger while picturing Tim in his head and he felt...stupid. Why the fuck was he doing this? But the finger in his butt didn’t feel bad. So maybe… He pictured Jane, instead. Jane had big, luscious tits. Jane had those red, red lips, and that long, dark hair. He pictured her slim waist, her little navel, where he put his tongue, her tight little butt, which he grabbed with gusto. He pictured his cock poised at her moist, warm, inviting pussy, her lying on her back before him in all her beautiful naked glory. He pictured his hand on his cock, guiding himself into her, kissing her mouth, sucking her breasts, biting the fat nubs of her dark, dark nipples. The feel of her skin, the smell of her neck, the sensation as she welcomed his hugeness inside her and made her squeal and giggle and writhe in complete ecstasy. Now this was more like it. His cock bulged and throbbed harder. He pushed the finger inside, moving it gently, feeling a new thrill, a different sexual sensation, and one that was not at all gay. Maybe there was, like, a button inside. Like a G-spot. Girls had that. He’d hit it before, or thought he did, and they’d moan and go apeshit when he did it. Maybe he had one, too. Maybe everyone did, and it was just a case of finding it. The water felt good. It splashed on his naked body. It ran over the muscled plates mounted on his wide, powerful chest. He tried to add a second finger. A sudden heat erupted, a deeply sexual burst from inside, and he gasped and felt his cock rise. God, he was getting close. He hadn’t even touched his prick and he could feel it growing harder, and throbbing insistently, and starting to tingle along every inch of its thickness. “Aw, fuck, yeah,” he whispered. Then he rubbed something. Something slightly hard, but also soft. He pushed against it and felt a familiar sensation. Kind of like he had to pee, but he didn’t have to pee. A sudden thrilling tingle erupted up his prick. He felt like he was pre-cumming, but it was hard to tell with the water everywhere. The room was hot and steamy. The water was loud. He adjusted his posture and pushed in further, groaning with pleasure and breathing in short, harsh breaths. So, so close. • • • • Tim brought the digit to his mouth and sucked it inside, pulling every bit of Barry’s sticky seed off his skin with his tongue and suction and swallowing it down like warm, sweet chocolate. There was a beast inside him, though. A beast who had not been fed in a very long time. A beast who was more familiar with what the taste on his tongue was, and what it meant, and how much it wanted that. And the beast was strong, and the beast was hungry. Too much. It was too much. Something snapped with sudden speed. Something inside that he didn’t know was there, some need or requirement, some undeniable power that had been aching for this sensation—the food of the gods, the pure essence of man. The time bomb went off. It exploded out of Tim just as before. A wave of sex and muscle and male power, hot and intense. Where it came from, he didn’t know, but it swelled like an invisible balloon and he could feel it leave as if a dam inside had burst its banks. • • • • Barry gasped. His cock was suddenly as hard as steel. He felt himself grow incredibly, intensely, inhumanly hard. His cock felt hot, and it swelled as if trying to burst from its skin. He closed his eyes and gasped for air, his fingers thrust up his ass, probing his prostate, filling him up like a hard cock, lost in a fog of sex and power and masculine perfection. Something had changed. Something was happening. Opening his eyes, he looked down and watched his cock growing, could actually see it lengthening and thickening, watch the shaft growing slowly fatter and the head crawling up his belly. His cock was growing! Veins wound up it like snakes crawling up a tree. The head bloomed, turning red and then purple and then he was cumming, shooting a fountain of pure white sex toward his chest and face and mouth. Then he realized something else. More muscle. Growing again. The two mountains of his chest swelled slowly outward as his cream settled onto his wet fur like pearls. His pecs shoved against each other at the center, deepening the cleavage between them. His tingling, throbbing nipples were being pushed down as the muscle swelled. His arms looked like rolling waves as the growth manifested, visibly increasing their thickness. He licked his lips, tasting a salty tang, and he dipped his fingers into the warm goo that his prick was pumping and sucked it off, tasting his own salty sweetness. His chest was massive. His arms were suffused with veins that throbbed and pumped blood into his new muscle, feeding his strength and size. His cock was bigger than ever. He pushed his finger deep inside his ass—the mounds of his buttocks were fuller against his fingers—and he forced another fat stream of hot cum from his balls, pushing it up every inch of cock and watching it emerge in a long, beautiful, viscous rope that splattered on his face and neck. He had not even touched his cock as it exploded, but now he grabbed onto the base with his free hand and aimed the spigot at his mouth, hoping to increase its presumed effects and make himself get bigger and bigger. Gouts of thick cream splattered on his chest and neck, and then he was cumming directly into his open mouth and swallowing eagerly. • • • • Tim came instantly. His cock literally tore through the rough denim of his jeans and swelled to magnificence, pushing fat streams of cum from his balls that splattered across the wall and Barry’s bed, unloosed and wild like a firehose. He threw back his head in orgasmic bliss and roared a sexual shout of intense pleasure and he exploded with hot, thick, sticky cream, shoved free from the massive inches of his huge prick. He came hard and he came full. Fat ropy streams of hot cream came from his cock and arched high and hit the wall hard. He was shoving it out of his balls as if someone were squeezing them like an udder, milking him for every drop of cum he had. He grabbed on and tried to point the mammoth appendage at his mouth, hoping to limit the damage. The cream splattered on his shirt and neck and lips and he opened his mouth and bent forward and pulled the fat bulb of his prick inside his warm, wet mouth, sucking and guzzling down the streams of cum. It warmed him and made him feel very alive and very horny. He started to fuck his own mouth, pistoning his hips and shooting creamy streams down his own throat. • • • • Barry felt giddy and sexy and powerful and fucking horny. His chest was swelling. His arms were swelling. Everything was swelling. His muscles had grown fully pumped, and pressed against his skin. He was shooting cum towards his mouth and trying to swallow it all, thinking it would increase and hasten his growth, feeling his body gaining pounds of rock-hard brawn as he came. • • • • Tim sucked hard, but it was hardly necessary. He was pumping cream without stopping, his massive hard-on releasing a torrent that fed him with its pure masculine power. • • • • It was over in moments, but it felt much longer. Tim was looking at the artwork he had just painted all over the walls and Barry’s bed, long, sticky strings of white cream. He could smell sex in the room, again, and he could still smell Barry. He could smell him even more keenly. “Fuck,” he said. He looked down at his ruined jeans and the massive shank of meat still drooling from its tip. He looked up at the wall next to Barry’s bed, which was now plastered with a thick coat of cum, sprayed in wide arcs like some Jackson Pollack painting. More was on his roommate’s sheets. He had to get this cleaned the fuck up! With his hard-on growing limp and the heat of embarrassment and shame coursing through his giant body, Tim ripped the sheets off Barry’s bed and used them to try to wipe his cream from the walls, mopping up his copious load with the thin cotton. • • • • Barry sat in the hot steam and the pounding shower of water breathing hard. He’d never come that hard in his life. He’d managed to blast several thick fountains of cream straight up and it was dripping down slowly, or sticking in fat gobs to the tile. He’d managed to come without ever even touching his cock, just by moving his finger into his ass. He decided that maybe there was something to getting butt fucked after all. He was definitely bigger. Holy fuck, he was bigger! He moved his hands onto his chest and measured the width of his pecs. He plucked at his bigger nipples with his bigger thumbs. He wasn’t sure how much bigger he was, but he was sure that he was definitely bigger. And his cock! It was bigger too! That was fantastic! He grabbed a bar of soap and started to wash down the wall, trying to clean up his mess. • • • • “Holy fuck,” Barry’s voice announced as he approached their room. “It worked!” Tim was on his own bed, naked, with his cock in his hand. He looked up, pretending that nothing at all weird was going on—just another wank session, like every other evening in the dorms. He was a magnificent specimen of man, with his haystack of dirty blonde hair on his noble head, scruffy golden whiskers sparkling on his chiseled jaw and surrounding his full, sensuous lip, a broad, incredible chest with two fat globes of power mounted on its width, arms overwhelmed with bulging muscle, legs stretching far and overstuffed with more muscle, yet, and a huge prick in his large grip, glossy and red and ready to pop. Barry stood in the doorway, dripping. Barry was bigger. Barry was noticeably bigger. Maybe not as dramatically bigger as before, but he was definitely bigger, particularly his chest and his cock. “Shit,” Tim said. Barry was shaking his head in disbelief, moving into the room, exploring his own bigger body with his hands. His skin was steaming in the cold air. Water drained off his beautiful skin, making him appear sleek and metallic. His cock was partially erect, arcing forward and drooping at least nine inches between his thighs. “Dude. Okay, this is gonna sound weird but… I fucking made myself grow! I fucking did it!” Then his brow creased and he asked, “Why’s my bed stripped?” “Oh, I… I just pulled off the sheet. They were kind of a mess with your cum, so I…” Barry nodded and said, “Yeah, dude, whatever. But fucking look at me!” He started to pose, to show off his growth, and his muscles, and his new size. He was an amateur at this kind of thing, trying to mimic the classic bodybuilder poses without the control and finesse of someone who knows how, but it was still an impressive display. He seemed to inflate as he did it, pumping blood into his new muscle and making it swell beneath his wet skin. His arms were like his chest, somewhat out of balance with the rest of him, as if he’d stuck a muscle pump into them and inflated them separately. They were amazing, with huge balls of swollen meat that sprang up as he flexed them. ‘Eighteen inches,’ thought Tim. ‘Barry has eighteen-inch arms.’ “Not to mention this fucking thing,” he said, proudly lifting his cock into his hand with something like reverence and wagging at his roommate. “This is a fucking choker! This is gonna make Jane fucking cream her fucking panties just looking at it! I mean, come on!” It was, indeed, an impressive tool that Barry was shoving into his roommate’s face. Even now, showered clean, Tim could smell Barry’s funky, masculine musk, as if his cock was a gun shooting his stink into the air. He could almost taste him again on his tongue, and his own cock throbbed and pulsed thickly with recognition in his grip. “Yeah,” he said, swallowing hard. “That’s pretty amazing.” “Oh, dude, sorry, you’re totally stroking…” He dropped his prick and it slapped against his bigger thigh muscles. It looked like he was also hairier, but it was difficult to be sure because he was wet. He turned and flopped down onto his mattress, propping himself against the wall and looking at Tim as if this were the most natural situation in the world. His face did not appear to have changed, at least to the extent of his first metamorphosis. Perhaps his chin was slightly stronger, or his eyes sparkled more purely, but he was so fucking handsome—and so fucking naked—that it was hard to judge any distinctions. He was absently rubbing his limp cock with the back of his hand. It lay along his leg, long and fat, pointing its mouth at Tim. “You okay?” “Huh?” “It’s not like you haven’t stroked one out with me here,” he said. Then he looked pointedly at Tim’s hand which was not at all stroking his hard-on. “I’m… sorry, I’m kind of… are you okay with this?” “This?” “Your… growing? Again?” Tim smiled and nodded vigorously. “Oh, hells yes! This is awesome! I feel fucking great, I have a huge fucking cock. What’s not to like?” “But… if it keeps happening?” “Oh, I know what did it, and I can, like, not do that.” His handsome face twisted up in self-doubt. “At least, I think I can not do that.” “You know?” “Yeah.” Tim just stared, waiting for an answer. When it was clear that none was forthcoming, he said, “And…?” “Oh, it’s my butt.” “Your butt.” “Yeah.” “What about your butt?” Tim was, unfortunately, picturing his roommate’s rather prodigious and muscular backside as he said it. Barry’s face colored and he shifted on his bed uncomfortably. “I was… experimenting with something in the shower. You know, out of curiosity. Just fucking around and I discovered… something.” Again, a long pause. “And…?” “And, there’s a thing in my butt that makes me grow.” Tim nearly laughed out loud, but he pursed his lips and held it in. “There’s a thing in your butt….” “That makes me grow,” he finished, saying it as if everyone had one. “How did you discover this thing?” He shrugged. “Experimenting. I told you.” “In the shower.” “Yeah.” “What sort of experimenting?” “Just...experimenting.” “With your butt.” Again, a sudden picture appeared in his mind: Barry’s amazing ass, tightly clad in denim, walking away from him, its two prominent and meaty globes shifting and bulging. Barry sighed dramatically. “Okay, I stuck my finger up my ass and there’s this, like, thing inside and when I touched it….” Then shrugged and went silent. “I see.” Barry finger-fucked himself. That was interesting. Or maybe it wasn’t. At this point on their relationship, it was hard to tell. “Yeah.” “So you have something like a magical muscle growth button inside your ass.” “I’m pretty sure,” Barry answered seriously. He tilted his handsome head slightly and eyed Tim’s still-throbbing tool. “You wanna stroke one off, together?” Tim looked down at his cock, too. It was definitely ready for something. Barry’s heady scent was everywhere, again. Maybe he was pumping it out freshly just having grown again. Maybe his scent had grown in power with his muscle and his dick. Maybe Barry knew what he was doing and was making his sexy, funky, male stink fill the room. “I guess so,” he said. “You’re still…?” “I’m horny as fuck, bro. No shit, I could stick this thing in a meat tenderizer and it wouldn’t grow a bit less hard.” He sat up and grabbed hold of his cock, and sure enough it started to respond to his attentions with immediate and noticeable effect, lengthening and thickening with alarming speed until it was rising to kiss its mouth to one of his dark, jutting nipples. He spat in his hand and slowly stroked himself, closing his eyes in the throes of evident sexual bliss. “Aw, fuck,” he moaned. “Jesus fucking Christ.” His voice was deep, like a growl from an animal—a very large, very dangerous animal sitting three feet away from Tim, stroking his nine-inch high prick in one hand while lifting his other arm and sticking his nose into his armpit, flaring his nostrils as he pulled the scent of himself deeply inside, breathing in what Tim was already breathing. • • • • “Did you feel something?” “What, like a disturbance in the Force, Obi Wan?” Charles was treating Jeremy to Christmas dinner at a small Chinese restaurant on the main drag. It was about the only thing open this night, and they had a few plates of food laid out between them on the table. Charles was looking through the front windows, his chin up, looking like a dog sniffing the air. Jeremy’s face was a mask of amusement and confusion, watching the handsome young man’s suddenly odd behavior. No, that wasn’t quite right. Charles was always slightly odd. This was just a bit odder. “You didn’t feel anything?” “Are you trying to be funny? Did you fart or something?” “I...what?” Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Never mind.” Charles had a concerned look on his face and was suddenly distracted. He hadn’t eaten much at all—more like moving the food around on the plate to make it appear that he had been eating. Which was odd, too, considering how big he was. Jeremy assumed that the guy had ordered all that food just for him. After all, a guy couldn’t get that big without some serious protein intake and hours at the gym. Which was also odd, since Charles never seemed to go to the gym. Or if he did, he didn’t have any gym clothes, or a gym bag, or any of the other paraphernalia that usually accompanies the gym-going guy. “What was it?” Jeremy asked. “Probably just my imagination,” Charles answered. He was looking directly into Jeremy’s eyes when he answered. He had an unusually penetrating gaze, and it was hard not to look back into those green, green orbs and start to fall inside them. “How’s your dinner?” Jeremy shrugged. “S’okay.” “But it’s not turkey.” “Well, no, it’s not. I still appreciate the gesture, Charles.” He tilted his head slightly. “Does anyone ever call you Chuck?” “Some people do. What do you ask?” “You look more like a Chuck.” “I prefer Charles.” “Okay, just wondering.” Charles pursed his lips slightly. “Is your mom a good cook?” He voice was so deep. Such an ordinary question seemed to take on additional meaning. “She’s all right. Makes a mean apple pie, though.” “Not pumpkin?” He shook his head. “Apple.” “We always had pumpkin.” This was the first time that Jeremy could remember Charles ever even mentioning his family. “What about your mom?” “My mom? She’s dead.” “Oh, Jeez, I’m sorry.” “No, it’s all right. It was a long time ago.” “She died when you were a kid?” “No, she… I mean, yeah.” He blew air between his lips and shoved a stray lock of blue-black hair back amongst its brothers. It made his biceps swell enormously and exposed a patch of dank, sweaty curls in his armpit. A wash of that spicy, sexy smell of his travelled across the table and wrapped around Jeremy. Charles left his hand at the nape of his neck, stretching slightly and showing off some of his pulchritudinous beauty as he asked, “What do you want to do, now?” He had changed the subject, again. He did that a lot. “How come you don’t talk about yourself?” His head tilted and one elegant eyebrow arched. “What do you mean?” “Well, we’ve been roommates for a few weeks, now, and I don’t know anything about you.” “Not much to tell,” he answered, enigmatically. He lowered his arm and his hand went beneath the table. “I’m nothing special.” Like hell, Jeremy thought. No one looks like you do, gets as big as you do, acts as weird as you do, and ends up being ‘nothing special.’ “Any other family?” Charles’s signature lopsided smile came to his lips. “I have a lot of brothers.” “How many?” “Lots.” “Like, five?” “Like five,” he answered. “And do these five brothers have names?” “They all have names.” Jeremy was staring at him. “Oh, you want to know their names?” “If that’s not too personal,” he replied with obvious sarcasm. “Um, so, Todd. Todd’s the oldest. And then Carlo... Carl. Carl is younger than me. Michael, who is kind of like Carl’s twin brother. They’re pretty much inseparable. And finally, there’s Adam. The youngest, though by no means the smallest.” “They’re all big like you?” “You could say that,” he answered, grinning. His arm was moving rhythmically now, accompanied by the sound of rubbing denim. “Okay. And no sisters?” “No sisters. Only brothers.” “And your father?” “Also dead.” “I keep going there, don’t I?” Charles shrugged. Jeremy noticed that the muscles lining the arm with the hand hidden under the table were flexing and stretching, as if Charles was clenching his hand into a fist or grabbing something. “You okay?” “I’m gonna… hit the powder room,” he explained. Then he stood, and it was hard for Jeremy—or anyone else within eyeshot for that matter—to miss the fact that Charles was sporting a huge hard-on in his jeans. His erection was so prominent that Jeremy could easily make out whether or not Charles was circumcised, and could practically count the veins stretching along the fat shaft that was snaking towards his hip. Jeremy’s mouth fell open in mute wonder at the sheer size of the thing, and he hardly noticed as Charles left a few bills on the table to “take care of the check,” before he walked away with rather uncomfortable gait. When he’d passed behind the men’s room door, Jeremy’s mouth finally closed and he let out a disbelieving huff. “Jesus,” he said softly. Then he looked toward the restroom again, as a very naughty thought sprang to life in his head. Well, suppose I had to go to the powder room too, he reasoned. There’s no earthly reason why only one of us would have to relieve themselves after a meal. And, after all, he could use the toilet if Charles was at the urinal or something. It didn’t mean that he was in there to watch Charles...do...anything. Did it? He looked for the waiter and saw him standing near the register, looking disinterested. Jeremy grabbed the cash in his hand and walked over, saying “keep the change,” before pivoting on his feet and facing the men’s room door. The Men’s Room. Fuckin’ A it was. Jeremy crossed the floor and set his hand to the handle, turning it—but it was locked. A deep, resounding voice from inside said, “Occupado.” “It’s Jeremy,” Jeremy said. “I’m… almost done.” “I really gotta go.” “One second?” Jeremy bit his lip. He could see Charles’s monster pushing against his denim covered groin in his mind’s eye. “I really, really gotta go.” There was a silent pause. “Okay,” Charles said. Then the handle unlocked and Jeremy turned the handle. It was a small restroom. Really just a bathroom, with a single toilet and a sink. A small, dirty window was half-open above the tank, and there was a wooden stairway outside. As Jeremy entered, Charles had his back to the door. His jeans were around his ankles—as usual, he hadn’t worn any underwear. His ass was magnificent. Two clenched orbs, round and smooth, with a hairy crack between. His legs were tree trunks, wrapped in slabs of muscle, and coated in a fine forest of dark curls. Jeremy asked, “What are you doing?” and stared at that perfect, powerful ass. “What am I doing?” His voice was gruff and deep. A slick, wet noise was coming from the front of him, and one arm was slowly moving. “Are you all right?” “I’m doing really good, as a matter of fact.” Charles slowly turned around—it was difficult with the pants tying his ankles, but he managed. And as he turned, it became quickly apparent that he was holding onto the biggest hard-on arching up from between his thickly muscled legs that Jeremy had ever seen. He was grinning—smiling really—with one hand grasping the middle of the shaft of his erection as the other was at his side, clenched into a fist. The fucking thing looked like it could handle at least two more hands! The tip was glistening with a drop of pre, and the whole of his hard-on was shining as if he’d managed to lube it all up with spit. “Feel free,” he said, nodding toward the toilet. “I’m… satisfying a different need at the moment.” He stroked himself slowly, moving his grip all the way up the inches of his erection and rubbing the head as if polishing an apple. “Jesus, Charles!” Jeremy closed the door behind them. It was a very tight squeeze. His roommate looked down at his incredible and outlandish hard-on and said. “Yeah, um, kind of big, huh?” “Jesus,” Jeremy repeated, staring at the thing. “‘Big’ doesn’t quite describe it!” Charles laughed slightly. He was slowly stroking the mammoth hard-on with a wet, slick sound. “So?” Jeremy looked up, into those green, green eyes. “So?” “You said you had to pee.” His eyebrows rose on his handsome face. His full lips curled into a smile. “So… pee.” “What about…?” “Well, I can’t very well walk out there with this in my hand, can I?” There was a kind of logic there, but still. “I guess not.” “And I can tell you that it ain’t going anywhere until I take care of it.” “Right.” “So?” “Suddenly, I don’t have to pee anymore.” “Really?” He continued stroking himself, slowly moving his meaty grip up and down the thick inches of rock-hard cock protruding from his loins. “Do you mind if I finish up, then?” Jeremy was mesmerized by the sight. It was a mammoth prick. So thick and shiny and huge. The head was like a plum. It was a foot long if it was an inch. He knew Charles was gifted with a monster, but this was ridiculous. “Unless you want to watch?” “Watch?” “Did you want to watch?” He lowered his chin, looking at Jeremy with a kind of feral need. The shock of the offer—and the invitation—and his sudden strong desire to say yes—all drove Jeremy to fumble with the handle to escape the small room, shutting the door behind him and breathing hard. “I’ll be just a minute,” Charles explained from the other side of the door. Jeremy looked over at the waiter, who was eyeing him back curiously. He smiled tentatively and half-waved at him, then felt completely stupid and went back to the table to wait. • • • • Alone in the bathroom, his hand on his boner, Chuck said, “Oops.” He shook his head and let out a soft huff of a laugh. Poor guy, he thought. Wants it so badly, but so scared of what he wants. “Then again,” he said aloud, looking down at his monster cock, “you’re an awful lot to take on for a first time.” He started stroking himself again, sending deep ripples of sexual bliss into his entire enhanced body as he considered what had happened. It was rare for him to lose control like that, but something had definitely occurred in the direction of the college, and it had to involve Tim. Whatever it was, it felt like his body had been splashed with hot water, and then it all coalesced on his crotch, and suddenly his dick was throbbing and swelling and feeling quite agreeably ready to rock and roll. It took a bit more of the self-control he was always manifesting over his physical form to keep his dick from ripping its way out of its denim cage, and his secondary cock was almost ready to bulge into the open, too. Perhaps, if he had really tried, he could have kept everything in check—but it just felt so damned good that he kind of didn’t want to. He may be one of the most beautiful creatures walking the planet and he was certainly gifted with powers and abilities far beyond what anyone had a right to, but inside that super-human shell there was still a human soul and a human heart and, it must be said, a human hard-on waiting to happen. In a sense, Chuck was 100% hard-on. And he’d been keeping his volume turned way, way down for weeks, now. Wasn’t it time for just a little recreation? Plus, Chuck was Chuck. He would always be Chuck. And if there was one thing Chuck liked more than anything else, it was the art of pleasure. And he was a true genius of that art, and could appreciate another genius’s work. Aw fuck, this felt good. Fuck, yeah. He probably shouldn’t have displayed himself so wantonly for Jeremy. Being that close to a foot-long wonder like he was showing off would make anyone in his inexperienced roommate’s place want to run. Not only was it intimidating from a comparison point of view—whose dick, besides maybe Tim’s, could even hope to measure up to it? But imagine dreaming about sucking on some handsome guy’s tool, and then come face to face with this monster! But, Chuck was Chuck. Why do something halfway when you could be past the finish line and be back at the bar with a beer—or a dick—in your hand in half the time? So rather than turn around holding something a bit more... manageable, he’d shown off like he always did and brought out the big guns too early. He could have shown the poor guy a fourteen-incher with a shaft so fat that it resembled a third leg and a bulbous purple head dripping cream in a puddle on the floor. A simple ten-incher slick with spit seemed almost within the realms of propriety by contrast. “Yeah,” he growled aloud, as if speaking to his cobra. “Ten ain’t so bad, right? I mean what if I showed him this.” He watched his cock extend, growing longer like a telescope, swelling in his hand to a full twelve inches. “Or this?” His sideways grin slid onto his full, sensuous lips and his cock grew again, with sudden and magical speed, swelling another two inches longer. “Or, like, this?” Now he unleashed it, and it grew all the way across the small room, rubbing its drooling tip against the door. Chuck grinned and stroked it, easily amused at his odd sense of humor. At least Jeremy was showing determination. Coming into the bathroom with him—that was a step in the right direction. Probably inviting him to watch was the bridge too far, as it were, but what the hell? Chuck liked it when someone watched. Or watching someone. Or fucking someone. Or being fucked by someone. Or, hopefully, all at the same time. But back to the matter at hand—quite literally—Chuck allowed himself to manifest a nice, strong orgasmic release, making his balls swell to bursting with cream and then shoving it up his cock, feeling every millimeter of the push with a truman’s intensity. It felt good, just as it always did. He sat down on the toilet with his hard-on arching up between his heavily-muscled thighs. Then he bent his head and opened his mouth, allowing his augmented dick to arch upward and stretch its long, long neck toward him. He felt the head of his cock push between his jaws and into his warm, wet mouth, moaning with intense pleasure and sending deep vibrations along his shaft. He sucked blissfully against his own cock, feeling its hardness and heat shoving against the back of his throat. The head swelled and he started pumping a steady, hard stream of powerful, satisfying cream that filled him up as no other food could. He grabbed hold of his mammoth tool with both hands and shoved a gallon of cum inside himself, swallowing greedily and feelings its powers enhance and satisfy him utterly, drowning in the power of Transform. After he had sated himself, he pulled his cock from his mouth with a wet pop and sat back, slowly stroking it as it relaxed again—and he thought about Tim. He’d been treading very carefully, so far. Maybe too carefully, in light of recent events. He was trying to use his transformed powers to discover what he could about the young man and what he could do, what he had become, without tipping his hand. It was agreed by the others that whatever this was, it was safer for events to work themselves out without truman interference. If this was a new strain—a different strain—what would it become on its own? It was a delicate balancing act that required a kind of finesse that was unusual for Chuck, whose methods more often resembled a bull in a china shop, shoving enough transforming power at a lucky dude to make him split his seams in a heartbeat and start fountaining his own transforming cream before he knew what hit him. Tim certainly showed all the signs, and having sampled just a bit of his cream at the abandoned T Gym, it was clear that whatever he was—he was some part truman. And that part was still growing in power and capability. Though it seemed unfair not to help Tim through this, he was coping all right so far, and it had been his decision to take this path. Interfering might make things better—or they might make things worse. Jeremy was another matter, and not one Chuck had counted on. He recognized the innocent young man for what and who he was, and quickly realized that it was a second situation that would test his resolve and his patience. He was feeling fatherly about the young man, though fatherly in an uncommon way, being that this father would feel no compunction about flopping his beautiful little son over and fucking him silly. Maybe ‘fatherly’ was the wrong term. Mentor! He was a mentor. A mentor who would feel no compunction about flopping his beautiful pupil over and so on and so forth and orgasm. It was curious that Jeremy had felt nothing—or reported feeling nothing. Chuck was quite familiar with all the enhancements that a truman should acquire, and though he partly understood that Tim was not quite there, yet, it was unusual that whatever just happened seemed only to affect Chuck. Or perhaps it was just that the affect was so muted by distance or power that it took a truman’s enhanced... well... everything to feel it. Hopefully, that meant that it hadn’t affected anyone else, either. Because whatever it was, that shit was strong enough to cause a being in total control of their physical self to spring a boner in a public restaurant. Jeremy was so fucking cute. There were no two ways about that. And smart, Chuck liked those things, and especially when they went together. It was evident from the way he talked about Tim in such disparaging—but constant—terms that he liked him and was interested in him but afraid at the same time. The old “I hate him/I love him” routine. Though maybe in this case it was more like “I hate the way he makes me feel.” Admittedly, Tim was an awful lot of man for a first love, or even a first fuck. Jeremy was probably misguided about a great many things and undoubtedly a virgin. Chuck felt that he wasn’t the right man for that job—probably someone thoughtful like Carlos, or someone almost as innocent like Adam would be far more suitable—but, damn it, he liked Jeremy. He wanted Jeremy to be happy. And he wanted Jeremy to be happy on his own terms. Could Chuck help it if he was just too irresistibly sexy? He felt like he had toned himself down pretty far. After all, this was a guy who could literally think a man to an orgasm. He could grant a man bulging muscles—or a monster prick—with a mere touch of his hand. He could turn a man on so completely just with his voice that he’d cream inside his skivvies before he knew what hit him. Chuck was made of sex. It oozed from his pores and traveled in his scent and tingled from the tip of every shining hair on his muscular body. He was the bottled essence of perfect manhood, a ticking bomb of orgasmic lust, a being so perfectly attuned to the unending well of sexual power manifested inside him that he could walk into a room full of men and have every one of them naked, erect and worshipping his body before the door closed behind his amazing, dick-sucking ass. So it was a kind of two-pronged test for Chuck. Guiding a young truman without complicating his path, and taking the hand of a scared, confused young man who desperately ached to feel another man’s arms around him, without scaring him the fuck away. Finally, he allowed himself to deflate to more believable dimensions, stood up, pulled up his jeans, tucked himself back inside the tight crotch, zipped himself up, checked his reflection in the dirty mirror (looking mighty fine, Chuckster!) and exited the restroom. Jeremy was at the table, sitting with his back to the bathroom door. Chuck—or, Charles—put his hand on his small roommate’s shoulder, causing him to jump reflexively, and said, in the best double entendre voice he could manage, “It’s all yours.” Jeremy got up without looking at him and went toward the bathroom. He still didn’t need to take a piss, but he was damned if he was going to give Charles the satisfaction. Shutting the door, again, the singular scent that screamed Charles at him was everywhere in the small room. He tried to pry open the window, but it wouldn’t budge. Jesus. Jesus! That cock! That huge, awesome, fat, long, massive, amazing, mouth-watering cock! It was... it was... Jeremy didn’t even know what that was! No one owned something that big! No one in any porn video he ever sneaked a look at on his computer, not any of the hidden pictures in his naked man stash—even morphed fantasy images on Deviant Art of fantastic muscular hunks with giant cocks would have a hard time measuring up to what Charles had tucked away in his tight blue jeans! Fuck! Hell! God damn! What a cock! Who the hell was that guy? Jeremy splashed water on his face and washed his hands. He breathed in the intoxicating scent of the man, picturing his perfect ass and that incredible dick and steadied his nerves. They were going to walk back to the dorm room now. They would walk back there, and be alone together, in the room, with their beds, and Charles’s body, and Charles’s ass, and Charles’s cock. Charles would get naked, because that’s what Charles did, and then he’d lie there, next to him, pumping out that fucking sexy smell, with his cock lying across his muscled thigh, breathing slowly, looking at him, those green eyes, that kissable mouth, that powerful voice. Fuck. Fuck! Jeremy was scared shitless. He looked at his reflection in the mirror. He looked so small, and so timid, and so nothing. Life sucked. Everything sucked. He closed his eyes and leaned on the sink and suddenly felt hot and tired. Then there was a knock at the door, and Charles asked, “Are you all right?” “I’m fine,” he said, weakly. “Are you sure? Because I think I probably shocked you, and that was a pretty dick move on my part, and I wanted to apologize to you for that.” Jeremy looked into the mirror again. “No, it’s all right.” “You’re sure?” Charles voice was so deep, it nearly shook the door from its hinges. “I’ll be out in a second,” Jeremy answered, without answering. “I’m taking a piss.” After a pause, Charles said. “Okay. Sorry about that, Jeremy. It was a dick move.” A dick move. A dick that moved. One hell of a dick. Jeremy felt like it was going to be a very long night. Part 8 Christmas Night The walk back to the campus was very cold, and very dark. Jeremy held his coat around his small body as the winter winds tried to steal it away. Charles walked with a sort of proud, strutting stride, though perhaps his long legs created his gait. His hips swayed with a fairly pronounced sexuality, and it made the globes of his ass flex and bulge in a most uncomfortable fashion for Jeremy’s taste. His jeans were too tight for him to slip his hands into his pockets, so they swung easily at his sides, far out from his body because of the width of his shoulders and lats. Jeremy was a big glad for the darkness, because it concealed the bulge from the huge and amazing appendage pushing forward with such determination from his roommate’s crotch. Charles was almost a full head taller than the smaller boy, and was about twice as wide, even with Jeremy’s thick winter coat taken into account. He supposed they made a very odd pair, moving along the abandoned roads and lanes, making their way up the foothills and back to the dorm. They had not spoken a word. Charles seemed distracted and distant, which Jeremy attributed to his own rude entrance into his roommate’s privacy. He was probably pissed off, and his odd offer and awkward apology did little to dissuade Jeremy of that opinion. A thought occurred to Jeremy, though its origins were mysterious to him when he found himself opening his mouth and words started coming out of nowhere. “How do you...” was all he managed to say before his brain thought better of what his libido wanted to know. Charles let the unasked question hang in the cold air for a couple of strides, and then he observed, “You do that a lot.” His strong, clear voice seemed very loud in the silence of the darkness. “Do what?” “Not ask questions,” Charles said. “You know that, right?” “I don’t....” “You do,” Charles said, with finality. “It doesn’t really bother me, I’m used to it. And I think I understand why. But you should know you do it, and it can be... frustrating.” Jeremy didn’t have an immediate response, so Charles continued. “You should just ask your question, whatever it is. If you’re afraid of the answer, that’s probably a good thing. That means you don’t know the answer, and the question should probably be asked.” He looked over. His smile was bright on his whiskered face. “If you already know the answer, then there’s no need asking. Right?” Jeremy shrugged, embarrassed into silence. Charles said, “So?” “So what?” “You asked, ‘How do you’, and then you stopped. I assume you wanted to ask me something, rather than asking yourself a question. How do I what?” Jeremy’s heartbeat sped up. He didn’t really want to pursue this line of questioning, and was trying to think of something besides the thing he was going to ask Charles. And into the intervening silence, Charles said, “You’re not very good at this. Perhaps you should practice.” “Good at what?” “Just ask your question.” “How... how do you manage with... that thing?” “Thing?” “Your... penis.” “My cock,” Charles corrected. “I think you can make that distinction. When you’re talking to another guy about their cock, you should use ‘cock.’ Unless you’re a doctor, and then penis is probably more appropriate.” “Your cock,” Jeremy corrected, but he provided a bit too much emphasis on the word, again, and it felt awkward to say it. “Better,” Charles said. “Did you have a specific situation in mind, or just generally speaking?” Jeremy shrugged. This was weirder than he imagined it being. “Dunno,” he answered. Charles huffed a soft laugh out of his nostrils, and Jeremy demanded, “What?” “You’re really not very good at this.” “This what?” “Flirting.” The single word made Jeremy’s body heat up and he could feel the flush of red coming to his pale skin. “What?!?” He said it more loudly and with more emphasis than he intended. “Try again,” Charles advised. “I’m not flirting!” “Not very well,” Charles agreed. “I’m not!” he protested again. “Call it what you like, Jeremy, but when one guy asks another guy about his cock, that’s flirting.” He paused. “It’s probably more than flirting, whatever that is. Propositioning, maybe.” “You said cock! I said penis!” “Tomato, tomahto.” He walked on a few strides, then said again, “So?” “I wasn’t flirting.” Charles ignored the objection. He reached down toward his crotch and grabbed hold of himself. His palm pressed against the thick shaft of his equipment and pushed the head toward his hip. His jeans were nearly bursting from the press of his full basket. “You get used to it,” he said. “People stare, sometimes, but why wouldn’t they? It’s huge. Probably the biggest one they’ve ever encountered. And there’s something rude about it, just because it’s so overt—so big. Frankly I don’t think too much about it—certainly not as much as others seem to do.” Jeremy felt himself flush with embarrassment again. “Does that answer your question?” He gulped. “I... was thinking more about...” “Sex?” Jeremy nodded. “Yeah, I have to admit that sometimes that’s problematic. I mean, I can make it work. But it can be off-putting, if that’s the right word. People see it like this, like now, you know, behind a wall of denim or cupped inside a pair of underwear, and it only suggests its size. Looks impressive, probably infers a sense of eroticism, just the size of it, the outline, the... impression of sex. But when they actually see it, like you did, when its full extents are openly bared, so to speak, then this look of trepidation occurs, like, ‘wow, can I really take all of that on? is it going to hurt?’” He let the question hang there for a few strides, then he added, “It doesn’t hurt. It feels good. It always feels good.” “How do you know?” “Mostly from the intense moans of pleasure and the occasional exclamations like ‘holy fuck, this feels good.’” He looked over. “But they’re usually screaming that. I just didn’t want to alarm the neighbors.” “How... big...” “See, now, I don’t care who you are—that’s flirting, Jeremy.” “Shut up,” he said, sullenly. “I haven’t measured it. Do you measure yours?” “I’ve never really thought....” “I mean, it’s kind of ludicrous to worry about that, right? You can see how big it is. How would its actual measurements matter?” “I was just... wondering.” “Uh huh,” Charles said, growling like a bear. “I am not flirting with you!” “What would you call asking another guy how big his cock is?” “Curiosity.” “Oh, I see. Like, ‘what do you do for a living?’ Or, ‘what’s your favorite dessert?’ Or, ‘exactly how big is your cock?’ I trust you see my point. Doesn’t routinely come up in conversation. Unless I am hanging out with the wrong crowd, because your friends sound a lot more interesting.” He shrugged. “It’s just you and me, Jeremy. Ask me whatever you want to ask me. I don’t mind flirting. I actually really enjoy it, usually. But you need a lot more training if you’re planning on being effective at it.” “I wish you’d stop talking about me like I’m stupid.” “You’re not stupid. You’re far from stupid. But you’re inexperienced. You’re shy. And you’re scared.” He slowed down and stopped. “You don’t ever need to be scared of me, Jeremy. Ever. Do you understand?” “I guess so.” “Okay.” Charles said. Street lamps were few and far between, and the moonless, glowering sky made him feel a bit fearful, even given the fact that the guy beside him could probably bench press a semi truck with its trailer attached. He didn’t know these neighborhoods, or their occupants, and most of the buildings and homes they passed were also dark. Probably filled with ghosts of Christmases past, rattling their chains and bringing nightmares to all the guilty misers. “Guilty,” he said softly. “Pardon?” The word was like a soft rumble from the muscular beast beside him. “Guilty,” he repeated. “Who’s guilty?” “Sorry, I was just... I was thinking about Dickens.” “Dickens who?” “Charles Dickens. ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ghosts. All these dark houses, kind of gives me the creeps.” “You don’t need to be afraid,” Charles said. “Nothing can hurt you while I’m around.” “I suppose you could just flash your dick at them and scare them away.” The same instant that he finished saying it, Jeremy regretted saying it, so he said, “Sorry,” rather meekly after. Charles laughed softly. “You’re probably right, assuming I could whip it out fast enough.” “You could just beat the shit out of them,” he suggested. “I couldn’t do that,” Charles said, seriously. “Why not?” “I couldn’t,” was all he said. They walked on. Passing beneath a light cast their shadows on the ground, and emphasized for Jeremy the differences in their bodies. Even Charles’s shadow was huge. The wind picked up with a sudden gust, and Jeremy tugged his coat closer. Charles asked, “Are you cold?” “Aren’t you?” He shrugged. “I suppose so,” he answered. “Are you...?” The big man looked over. His green eyes seemed alight in the night’s darkness. “Are you pissed at me?” “Why would I be pissed at you?” he asked. It was Jeremy’s turn to shrug. “You seem like you’re pissed at me.” “I feel like we’ve had this conversation before, only I was the one asking you that question.” “I just...” “I’m not pissed at you, Jeremy. I’m... thinking.” “What about?” Charles looked over, pausing as if considering his answer. “Secrets,” he said at last. “Oh,” he answered, not wishing to pry further. “That’s it?” “What’s it?” “‘Oh.’ I’m thinking about secrets and your response is ‘Oh.’” “Well, they’re secrets. Secrets are... secret.” He felt immediately dumb saying that. “Wow. You’re not very good at this, either.” “This what?” “People. Conversation. Talking.” But Charles’s response made Jeremy feel a pang of anger. “I told you, I’m....” “Shy. Yes, you told me. And that’s understandable. So I’m going to let you in on another secret. It’s not one of the secrets I was thinking about, but it’s one you need to hear. It’s something you’d learn eventually, anyway, but I think you’ll find it very handy—even as young as you are.” “Oh, and you’re all old and wise, is that it?” They were walking slower as they talked, now. The line of houses started to fall behind as the hill’s angle increased. There were fewer street lights, and the trees were dancing in the cold night winds. “Sometimes, when two people are talking, and one person wants to tell the other something important—or ask them something important... and by important I mean important to that person. They don’t know what the other person feels about it, because they haven’t told them. So there’s a fear, there. You know? The greatest fear there is, Jeremy. Do you know what that is?” His brow wrinkled and he swallowed hard. “Death?” “Sort of. It’s sort of the same thing.” He paused, looking at his small roommate. “No, it’s fear of the unknown. When you don’t know what will happen, or what someone else will think, or say, or do. Sometimes, that fear is thrilling, like riding a roller coaster. Sometimes it’s dreadful, like when you have a secret to tell, something you feel shame about, or something you did wrong and you know it.” “Is that what your secrets are?” “We’re not quite there, yet, Jeremy. I still haven’t told you the first secret. The one about people, and conversations, and talking.” Charles slowed to a stop, and turned to face his smaller friend. “Sometimes, when one person wants to let the other person in, they leave an opening. An opening is, like, a clue, or maybe a hint, but it’s more than nothing, and often it’s very small.” “A small opening.” “Yes.” “And did you leave me a small opening?” “I did.” he said it openly, not softly, not as if he was ashamed of something. “But you weren’t listening. And that’s not your fault. No one listens. Or very few people do. Because people are so concerned with what others think, they tend to spend around 90% of their concentration on themselves. Protecting themselves, picking the right words, or no words at all.” “So... secrets...?” “Secrets. That was an opening. That was me inviting you in. I could have responded like you do, and said ‘nothing.’” He tried to imitate Jeremy’s voice, but it sounded rather childish. “Nothing is bothering me. Nothing is happening. I’m not letting you in. And the more you push, the tighter I’ll close the opening.” “I don’t do that.” “Of course you do. Everyone does. Because it’s scary inviting someone in. You never know what they’ll say, or do. So it’s easier to pretend that nothing is wrong, and you’re better off alone, and life will just magically get better.” He sighed a small breath through his nose. “Anyway, now you know. And maybe you’ll practice listening. And waiting for small openings.” He turned and started walking slowly up the hill. Jeremy stood there for a couple of heartbeats, wondering what he was supposed to do, now. “What do I do now?” he called. Charles stopped and gently laughed. He turned around and said, “Now you come through the opening.” “I... I don’t know how!” “You do,” Charles advised him. “Shall I try it again?” “From over there?” “If you’d rather. If this is less intimidating.” Charles looked like the Incredible Hulk, but there was nothing very intimidating about him. “Did you want me to shout my secrets at you from here?” Jeremy approached him on the dark, lonely sidewalk. “Ok.” “You’re ready?” “I think I’m ready.” They stood looking at each other. Charles said, “Well?” “Well what?” “You have to start. I can’t start. I wouldn’t just blurt out ‘secrets’ for no reason.” “Oh. Sorry. Still new at this.” Charles nodded, and waited. “I... I don’t remember what I asked you.” Then Charles laughed gently. “You asked me what I was thinking about.” “Oh, right. Because I was all ‘you’re pissed at me,’ and you were all, ‘no I’m not,’ and....” “Jeremy.” “Sorry. Charles,” he said rather formally, “what are you thinking about?” “Secrets,” he replied, with a hint of mystery. Jeremy stood his ground and thought about his response. Finally, he said, “Secrets?” Charles smiled. “Yes,” he verified. “Whose secrets?” “Mine,” he answered. “Oh,” Jeremy said again. He looked into Charles’s eyes. “Did I walk through the opening?” “You sort of nudged it with your foot, but that’s a good start.” “Now what?” Charles started walking toward the campus again, and Jeremy followed. “Are you sure you want to know? Because if you start going through the openings, you’ll start making friends, and meeting people, and... I’m afraid there’s just no way to avoid it... having sex.” “What’s sex got to do with anything?” “I’m sure you’ve met someone you’re interested in.” “I’m interested in a lot of people.” “You know what I mean,” Charles said. Jeremy was thankful that the darkness concealed his blushing face. “I still don’t see what...” “The biggest fear of all, because it’s the biggest unknown of all, is being with someone else because you like them—or love them. Because that’s putting it all out there. That’s baring your heart and soul. And you’re handing someone else the keys... or, some kind of metaphor. I was gonna say you’re handing them the shoe to stomp all over your heart, but that just sounds weird. Handing someone a shoe? I mean, honestly, who does that?” “I think you’re veering off course just a bit.” “Oh, right. Anyway, secrets are one thing. Friends share secrets. They entrust them to each other. Or family, sometimes. But lovers... lovers are in a category all to themselves. And I don’t mean someone you just fuck for fun. Nothing against that, believe me. Fucking for the sake of fucking.” Jeremy was silent—he had nothing to add to this line of conversation. He had no experience to share. So Charles went on. “But when you meet someone to want to be with, and to share everything with them—not just physically naked but emotionally naked, stripped bare of everything, down to the real you—what’s scarier than that?” “I still don’t see what one thing has to do with the other.” “It all starts with a small opening. Maybe it’s a confession. Maybe it’s a question, a seemingly innocent question that’s overloaded with baggage. ‘Do you like me?’ Or, ‘Can I kiss you?’ And then you nudge your foot in.” Jeremy had a strong urge to nudge more than his foot in, and to say ‘Yes, I like you. Yes, you can kiss me. You can fucking well do whatever you want to with me, Charles.’ He felt hot and his heart was beating fast and his mouth went dry. My God, he thought, Charles was right. This is the biggest fear of them all. “Okay,” he said, but his voice trembled slightly. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Charles asked. ‘Fucking yes!’ Jeremy wanted to scream. He wanted to shout it out. But instead he only nodded, and Charles placed his large, warm hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and squeezed gently. “You’ll be fine,” Charles told him. “Just be brave.” Jeremy sighed as the moment passed. His whole small body was trembling, washed with a rush of emotion and adrenaline, all trying to compensate for what was happening on the cold, dark sidewalk. And then Charles took his hand away, and they were walking again. “Do you want to hear my secrets?” “I’m not entirely sure,” Jeremy confessed. “That was an awful lot of drama to take in, and I haven’t even heard anything good, yet.” Charles huffed a laugh from his nose, raising a fog bank before his chiseled features. “True enough,” Charles admitted. “It’s unlike me to be so dramatic. Maybe you bring the drama queen out in me. You’re always so serious.” Charles’s face reflected a comic ‘serious’ mask, pursing his full lips and furrowing his brow. They walked a few paces, and then Jeremy said, “Secrets.” “Mmm,” Charles moaned. “Secrets.” He stretched his neck, as if preparing for battle. “Okay, so... you’ve remarked more than once that I’m odd.” “Everyone is odd,” Jeremy replied. “Now who’s taking words out of someone else’s mouth?” Jeremy remembered Charles telling him the exact same thing in the library. “But it’s true,” he added. “It’s true,” Charles agreed. Then he sighed. “Anyway... so....” “You don’t have to tell me,” Jeremy volunteered. “I want to,” Charles answered. “I find that I need to share this with someone, but it’s a big secret.” He looked sideways at his small companion. “It’s not that I don’t trust you, I’m just... concerned.” “Concerned,” Jeremy repeated. “Yes,” Charles verified. “Maybe it’s best if I don’t...” “You’re gay,” Jeremy said. “That’s a label. I’m not anything. I’m Chu... Charles.” Jeremy stopped dead. “You’re gay?” Charles stopped, too. “I suppose, technically, by human standards, I’m gay.” “Human standards?” There he goes, being weird again, Jeremy thought. Charles slowly sighed. “I’m truman,” he said, simply. Jeremy’s face showed his confusion. “Get the fuck out of here.” Charles shrugged in response. “You’re not truman.” Charles nodded. “Trumans are huge! I mean, yeah, you’re big, but trumans are... they’re... but...” “What do you think you know about trumans?” “They’re, like, twelve feet tall or something, and always naked, and they’re super-strong and super-big, impossibly beautiful, physically perfect, kind of mythical if you ask me, since no one’s seen one around for a couple of years....” “Well, I don’t know about perfect,” he said, modestly. “And two dicks and they can fucking fly and....” “Pretty much all true,” Charles verified. “But we’re not twelve feet tall.” “Well, I kind of thought that was...” “More like eighteen feet.” Jeremy’s face contorted with confusion and disbelief. “Well, I hate to be the one to point this out, Charles, but you’re not eighteen feet tall. You’re very tall. Nothing against you. But eighteen feet? If trumans were eighteen feet tall wouldn’t we kind of notice them wandering about?” “We’re not always eighteen feet tall.” “Well, obviously! I mean, look at you! You’re not even seven feet tall, so trumans must be able to shut themselves up like Alice in Wonderland, getting bigger and smaller with a cookie or something.” “It’s not a cookie. I’m not sure what it is, honestly. But that’s not...” “Charles, why... why would you do that to me? Why would you lie to me? After all that build up about openings and honesty and friendship, and then you say something that is obviously not true.” “So you want proof.” “I’m sorry if that offends you, but yeah. Kinda. I mean, you’re a good looking guy and all. And, y’know, that is one impressive hunk of meat in your pants. But trumans are... they’re... well, let’s just say that you’re not a truman.” “You sure you want proof?” “What are you gonna do, Charles? Fly?” It was dark, and hard to see. The cold wind was blowing. The nearby trees were whispering in their branches. There was a ripping sound. A tearing sound. Material being rent by force. Charles’s silhouette was swelling outward, as if it was consuming the darkness to grow itself. The size of him, of his dark shape, was expanding outward in all directions. It was growing taller and wider in a slow, steady progression, as if he were stepping closer to Jeremy, but Jeremy knew that Charles wasn’t moving. His scent was suddenly strong, the unmistakably sexy smell of Charles was everywhere. And his heat. A palpable heat, but also a sense of heat, of the heat of sex. Something fell from his body. The ripping noises stopped. His inflation stopped. And then he stood there, bigger than before. Charles was suddenly two feet taller. His clothes were ripped cleanly from his body, torn at the seams and shredded into tatters that fell about his huge feet. Everything on his body amplified all at once. His muscles expanded, his shoulders widened, his chest pushed forward, his arms swelled with brawn. And his cock—which had already been an impressive specimen—now hung like a fat salami between his powerfully muscled thighs, dangling several inches beyond the one-foot mark and fucking thick as a tree limb. “Obviously not true?” Charles asked, crossing his incredibly-muscled arms across his thickly-muscled chest. “Fuck,” Jeremy summarized. “Well, yes.” He just stood there in the darkness, naked and unashamed, over eight feet tall and covered in thick, heavy plates and cables of raw, perfect brawn. Jeremy no longer felt cold. He felt very warm, both inside and out. His cock pulsed and throbbed. He felt a trickle of sweat down his spine. His mouth went dry. He was dumbfounded. This was too much. “But...” “Sure,” Charles said, turning around to display his perfect ass. His voice was profoundly masculine. A deep, thrumming sensation like the earth moving. “I’ve been told I look better from this angle, anyway.” “No, but...” “No butt? No problem.” He pivoted again, displaying his perfect eight-pack abs and his perfect massive pecs and his perfect, lengthy, thick as Jeremy’s arm prick. “I can get bigger, if you need further proof.” “You’re....” “I am,” Charles verified. “So, shall I get bigger? Do you want me to perform some more tricks? Maybe fly around a little or something?” “But....” “You’ve already seen that, and though it is impressive... how about the twins? Want to see a guy with two dicks?” He glanced down his body and Jeremy followed his eyes. And there, between his powerful legs, there were now, as if by magic, two fat cocks, each the other’s twin, both fat and firm and beautiful. “Voila,” he said, rather unimpressively. He reached down and took one into each of his large hands. They easily spilled beyond his grips, dangling forward inches longer than before. Jeremy’s jaw fell open. “I know, I’m overwhelming. I’m amazing.” He said it matter-of-factly, but not without condescension. Was he teasing Jeremy, or making fun of himself? “Should I tone it down?” “It?” Jeremy could hardly think. “Yes, I think I’d better.” The heat—the sense of it, the feeling of sex—mitigated. “I don’t have a good sense of how much is too much. I thought, with us being outdoors like this and in a breeze, that might lessen the effect. Sorry about that.” “Too much,” Jeremy said softly. “Yeah, it’s something that happens. I just give it off. Like sweating. Only it makes other guys feel... rather nice.” He shrugged. It looked like mountains shifting. “I can turn it off if that helps. I kind of don’t even notice it, anymore.” “You can turn it off?” “Or I can just be Charles again.” Then he was. Just like that. Only naked, and with the usual number of dicks. “Better?” “How can you...?” He took a step forward. He was beautiful. He was magnificent. Naked and perfect. “Not entirely human anymore. That’s how I can. Changed, and then changed some more, and then changed even more. And so on, like that, for months and months—years, even.” He was speaking softly, almost tenderly, as if explaining something complicated to a small child. “It’s a long, sordid, impossible story, and much too dull to tell again. But there are complications to be faced, and situations to avoid, and people who shouldn’t know about me.” “Why...?” Jeremy couldn’t seem to get his brain working right, again. His body was overheated, and his cock was sucking all the blood into itself, swelling enormously in his pants. “I’ve shocked you again. Twice in one night.” He narrowed his eyes and looked at Jeremy with his penetrating green gaze. “Are you all right?” “You’re a truman.” “It’s always the dicks that gets them.” He smiled and winked. “How do you...?” “All part of the package. It’s just a very... big package.” He smiled. “No pun intended.” “You’re naked.” “Am I?” He looked down at his magnificent body. “So I am.” He glanced down at his shredded clothing and bent to scoop up the torn cloth, holding it in his hands. “It’s going to be hard to get back into these.” He dropped them again. “Do you mind if I meet you back at the room? It’ll be hard to explain why I’m walking back there with you naked. I mean, what will people think?” He smiled, though, indicating his poor joke. “How will you get back without...?” “Like you said, Jeremy. Trumans can fly.” He was there, and then he wasn’t. He crouched, slightly, and tilted his head up, and launched off the sidewalk in eerie silence. No whoosh of wind, no rushing sound. He was just gone, up into the night skies, naked and perfect and, apparently, flying. Jeremy’s head was spinning. His heart was pounding. He was short of breath and dry-mouthed. There was no sign at all that Charles had ever actually been beside him. He picked up the remnants of his clothes and disappeared, upwards. The sky was grey and soft flakes were swirling, dancing on the cold winds. Somewhere up there, Charles was dancing with them. • • • • As Jeremy ran back to the college, his mind started processing the things he knew—or he thought he knew—about trumans. By now, there was a fairly strong belief that the whole thing had been nothing but a huge trick. There was certainly something odd about their secrecy, and about their sudden disappearance. Some people thought it was just elaborate computer-generated imaging that created them, and all the photos were just Photoshopped manipulations. That certainly didn’t explain it all, but it made more sense than what was supposedly true. He imagined the images he’d seen himself online, and fantasized about ever since. The massively muscled torsos, the incredibly handsome and hyper-masculine faces, the—there was no other word for it—monstrous cocks. They were shown striding the street dressed in almost nothing at all. They were shown inviting men to their gyms, promising them the same bodies with the same huge muscular development and incredible beauty. For months they were seemingly everywhere—and then they were nowhere. Just... gone. Images that had been online were gone. Videos erased. Wikipedia articles disappeared. People still remembered them, of course, but there was no supporting information anywhere. They seemed to disappear as suddenly as they appeared. Then the usual claims of conspiracy and government secrets and hallucinogens in the water and who knew what all. The government did seem to go suspiciously quiet about all of it—not that they were overly anxious to be involved in the whole thing in the first place. But who else would be going about trying to erase it all, and pretend it never happened? And where had they all gone? No one just evaporates! No one just goes invisible! Now this guy, this Charles, claimed he was one of them. And to all appearances, it was true. He did, after all, just fly away. He flew! He fucking... just... flew! • • • • Barry was bathed in a wash of cream. It clung to the fur across the muscular plates of his impressive pectoral muscles in pearlescent droplets. It swam into the valleys between his egg-carton six-pack abdominals. It flowed into the dark forest of pubic curls that crowned the majesty of his fat, throbbing cock. Runnels of cream drained down from the mouth of his upright snake, coating his grip like icing. His other arm was raised as he wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his wrist. Sweat glittered like crystals in the moist pit of his arm and made his skin glisten. He could smell the rank, earthy tang of his ass on his fingers where he had been pushing them into his hole while he stroked another thick load from his balls. He had an urge to pull them into his mouth, to taste his own butthole, to see what that was like, but he resisted that urge while his roommate was watching him. Because he wasn’t gay. But his roommate was. Tim was sprawled on his own bed next to Barry, separated by a three-foot wide space. He could smell his roommate’s sexy funk distinctly. Smell his sweat and his cum and his ass. Smell his skin and his hair and his fur. Smell the scent of Barry like the smell of home cooking. God, he smelled good. Tim wasn’t coated in cream. His body was different, and whatever splatters and puddles of cum from his massive, foot-high prick that landed on his skin, his body drank it inside like water on a parched dessert. Cum was Tim’s food of choice, the essence of his power and the most delicious item on the menu. He had pointed the nozzle of his cock at his own handsome face and jetted fat ropes of warm cream into his open mouth with practiced ease. It bathed his tongue and teeth in a salty tang of masculine power and he swallowed it all down greedily. His legs were sprawled apart, one foot perched on the bed and the other on the floor. His heavy balls hung off the edge of the mattress, two farm-fresh eggs still swollen with seed. His body glistened with sweat, making his smooth, beautiful skin shine like pale metal. He had a smile on his full lips as he licked them clean. Now he was enveloped in an afterglow of the power of his own essence, feeling it inside his body like a kind of milk that made him feel whole and complete. He moaned with a blissful satisfaction and heard his roommate’s throaty laugh. “Fuck, dude,” Barry said. “That was amazing.” Without opening his eyes, Tim nodded and said, “Agreed.” Barry looked over. Tim’s eyes were still closed. His chest rose and fell as he slowly breathed. He was bigger than ever, bigger than any bodybuilder Barry had ever seen. Muscle was packed onto his long, powerful body. It was bulging with wedges and balls and plates of brawn, all arranged in perfect harmony across his naked frame. His dick was still hard, still a foot high, still swarmed with veins pulsing with hard, dull throbs. The head was pushed free of its usual cowl of foreskin and glistened with cum and spit. Barry tentatively pulled his butt-juiced fingers toward his mouth and pushed his tongue toward them, smelling his ass on his touch. He licked the tip of his tongue gingerly against the stink and tasted sweetness. “Fuck,” he said softly. “Indeed,” Tim agreed, looking at him as he pulled his fingers away from his tongue. He was smiling. “You sure you’re not gay, Barry?” “What? What the fuck?” He sat up quickly, shocked that he had been caught. “Because that seems pretty gay to me.” “I wasn’t doing any....” Tim nudged aside his huge ball sack with the heel of his hand and rubbed his middle finger against the warm, moist lips of his own asshole. He circled the pucker a couple of time and then pushed the finger inside, to the second knuckle, before withdrawing it and observing the wetness clinging to the skin. His smell was strong and funky. Then he brought the digit up to his mouth and pushed it inside, sucking noisily and sighing with contentment. “Fuck yeah, dude. Lick that shit up!” “I did not just do that.” Tim laughed. “I’m just fucking with you.” Then he pivoted on his bed and spread his legs wide and lifted them up with alarming ease and flexibility as his bed groaned to support his weight. He exposed his tight, rosy pink hole toward his roommate. “Dive in, bro! I haven’t had a good rimming in weeks!” Barry threw up his hands to shield his eyes. “Put that shit away! Damn, that’s nasty!” “You sure? It’s definitely a full meal!” He rubbed his fingers against his pucker again and stuck them to his nostrils, pulling in a deep breath of his own funk. “Fuck you, Tim! Shut your fucking legs! No one wants to see your asshole!” Tim was laughing as he lowered his feet to the bed and sat looking at his handsome roommate. Barry had grown again only an hour or two ago. Everything was bigger. And everything was in working order, judging from the wealth of sticky cum that coated his muscled body. “You need another shower, dude,” he advised. “But you might want to refrain from pushing that magical butt button of yours.” Tim was teasing Barry, knowing full well that there was no magic button, and it was Tim’s own growing and unwieldy powers that were slowly turning his roommate into a bulky bodybuilder. “You get any bigger, you’re not going to fit through the doorway.” “Look who’s talking, Mr. Incredible Hulk.” “Yeah, but I’m fully adjustable, remember?” He was already shrinking in size, reducing his impossibly muscular body to one that was on the verge of believable beauty. “You don’t have that advantage.” “That is just too fucking weird.” “Your face is too fucking weird.” “That’s a stupid comeback.” “Your face is a stupid comeback.” “Shut the fuck up,” Barry said. But he was laughing at the same time. “Jesus dude, how do you do that?” “Do what?” “You, like, just did the fucking splits and threw your feet over your head like that.” “I’m very talented,” he replied. “You’d be surprised at what I can do if given a chance—or an opening.” “Would I, now?” Barry’s eyebrows wiggled. “Your face would... never mind.” Barry licked his lips. He could still taste his ass on them. Sweet and earthy. “Does... does it always taste like that?” Tim asked, “Does what always taste like what?” “Ass,” he answered. “There’s a simple way to find out, but you were all ‘no, stop, put your ass away,’ so..” He shrugged, smiling lasciviously. “Your tongue never slipped south when you were going down on Stacy?” Barry shook his head. “Gross, dude.” “Yeah, but now that you know....” “She’d freak.” “How do you know?” “Anyone would freak.” “Would you freak if she made the offer?” “To what? Lick my ass?” “Rim you. Yeah.” “I’m... not sure.” “Still?” His eyebrow rose. “Meaning that since I’m not opposed to fingering my own hole, I’m automatically not opposed to someone else doing it?” Tim shrugged. “Just seems logical.” “It’s one thing for me to start playing around down there, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to have someone else... you know.” He licked his lips. “How do you know until you try?” “No, dude.” “No, what?” “No way you’re gonna lick my hole.” “Did I offer?” “I know where this ends up.” “Ha. ‘Ends up.’ You made a funny.” “I’m not joking dude.” Tim shrugged. he was still absently rubbing his own warm, moist hole with his finger, up and down, below his foot-high hard-on. “Okay. If you’re sure you don’t want to find out what it feels like to have someone’s tongue bathing your butt hole in sweet, warm wetness and pushing inside, licking your rim, sending you into shivering spasms of ecstatic bliss, who am I to judge you?” “I suppose you’re an expert.” He glanced at Barry’s ass. “Let’s just say I’ve had plenty of practice.” “I bet you have.” “You’d win that bet.” He smiled and tilted his head. “If you expect me to be ashamed of enjoying giving someone else pleasure by rimming their butt hole—not to mention enjoying the sensation of doing it—you’re going to be disappointed.” He sat up a little, and again moved the finger from his ass to his nostrils, pulling in a long whiff of ass. “Fuck, dude, if you’re ignoring your ass, you’re giving up on half the fun. And I am a serious ass aficionado.” Barry felt his hole tingle and throb. “You’re serious.” “As a heart attack, dude.” He sat up, causing his cock to flail and bob against his perfect six-pack abs, painting a swath of sticky precum on his tanned flesh. “Offer’s on the table. Ready willing and able to do it for you. Anxious, even.” “Fuck, dude.” “Not quite that far,” he said, and thought, ‘at least, not yet,’ “but it might feel like it. I have a... fairly talented tongue.” “I’m not sure we want to go there.” “That’s fair.” He sat there, looking all kinds of perfect. “But I can go there, no problem.” “Seriously, dude?” “Seriously, dude.” It was a tempting and exciting offer. Barry really was curious about it. And the idea that they could do it and no one would know about it but them was.... “Okay,” he said. “Really?” “Just, y’know, to see what it’s like.” Tim smiled. “Of course.” “How do I...?” “As long as I get access, it’s all good. How do you want to do it?” “What are my options?” “Do you want to watch me do it, or do you want me to come in from behind?” “So... like....?”
 “So, like you’re either on all fours and I pry you open and dig in, or you lay back and open wide and watch me dive in.” He narrowed his eyes. “I kinda like it when the other guy watches. I like seeing the expressions on his face when I’m eating him out. Helps me know when I’m hitting the sweet spot.” “The sweet spot?” “Don’t worry, I’ll find it.” He stood up, towering over Barry, and looked down at him. “And if my mouth kinda...explores...I assume that’ll be okay with you?” “Explores?” “Taint. Balls. Lick the crack. Possibly I could slip a bit north and kiss your dick. I assume you’d deal with that if it happened.” He licked his lips again, eyeing the wealth of manly equipment just waiting for his lips, tongue and teeth to explore. “Well?” “Um, I guess...” He scooted his butt forward and lay on his back, bending his knees slightly. “Oh, no, no, no, dude. There’s no halfway here. It’s either the whole enchilada or nothing. The Timebomb doesn’t do anything halfway.” Barry’s brow furrowed. “Open wide... and say ‘ahhhhhh yeah.’” • • • • Chuck flew. He liked flying. It was peaceful and allowed him to think about things and be completely alone for a while—which was not something he regularly sought, being a man who liked people and liked being around and with and fucking them. Night flying was even better, because it allowed him to assume his uncompressed, unfettered, unnaturally immense and uncommonly beautiful physical self, hidden by darkness and without the need to disguise his true nature to blend in with anyone else’s preconceptions. As his powerful legs thrust him into the night, his body expanding in every direction, growing wider by the foot and taller by the yard. His muscles seemed to bloom and unfold along his limbs, inflating to full glory, and once again two mighty cocks hung between his gargantuan thighs, the surest symbol that he was no longer merely human. A god flew in the sky, more beautiful by far than any man had a right to be, more powerful than any man had ever dreamed of being, and hornier than any thousand men put together. He was truman, and that meant so much more than any non-truman could conceive of. He had been truman for so long, now, that it was getting hard to remember what being human had been like. But being amongst them, and especially being with Jeremy and all his fears and curiously quaint ideas about sex and power and what it meant to be a man. Chuck twisted in the winds and swooped and dived like a fish in his native waters. The currents and funnels and walls of thick wind that he used to maneuver his incredibly flexible and powerful body higher and higher into the sky appeared to his enhanced senses, and he swam through them and pushed against them and felt them caress his naked skin. He wished that Frazz was with him, so that they could fly-fuck as they had done so often. There was simply nothing like it, the sensation of falling and flying and fucking all at the same time, the utter freedom and intense eroticism of the act knew no equal. The small town’s lights shrunk to pinpoints and sparkled like tiny diamonds before he was surrounded by clouds thick with snow. It clung to him and melted instantly, and his flesh tingled as if being licked by thousands of tiny tongues. The ice turned to warm water on his skin, and he was soon glistening and slick with it, making him look as if he were made of copper. Flying gave him time to consider what he intended to do. Typically for Chuck, nothing was planned and everything was possible. Was telling Jeremy prudent? Maybe not. Should he just go into Tim’s room and reveal himself with a grand ‘ta-da!’ moment? Possibly, but where was the fun in that? Besides, you know, the usual naked fun that they would no doubt start to have. Mmm, naked fun. The thought made Chuck’s bountiful loins tingle and throb. Naked fun was a great idea. He was certainly in need of it. Hell, maybe his self-imposed exile from his comrade trumans was half the reason that whatever Tim had done had effected him at all. He was severely horned up. Like, dangerously so. Sure, he could keep the lock on his libido, he had absolute control over every aspect of his physical form, including the drives that might otherwise overwhelm him. But there were always emotions and desires that came into play. Brain chemistry and dopamine levels were one thing, but when his imagination started acting up (as it so often did) and he was mentally undressing some dude just walking down the street, imagining what his ass would look like outside of those jeans, and what his hole would taste like as he stroked his hard-on and licked his butt and wrapped him up in his heavily-muscled arms.... well, that was the kind of thing that was hard to ignore. Chuck sucked in a cold draught of winter sky, cooling his libido as well as his body—even though both of them always ran hot. Being a truman was most challenging when there were no other trumans around. And that made him think about the brotherhood, and his lovers and companions and friends. Thousands of them, all over the globe. And the burden they each had to bare. “Bare,” he said softly. Naked. Skin. Flesh. Hair. Muscle. Cock. Suck. Lick. Fuck. “Steady on, Chuck,” he advised himself. He twisted left and under a thick column of air, catching hold of it and launching against the heavy winds, pushing himself higher. Part 9 The campus was dark and deserted. Snow was falling steadily, now, and an odd silence blanketed everything along with the flakes. The buildings were mostly dark, and the trees were mostly bare. Even the dorms looked evacuated, with not a single light in a single window lit from this side. Jeremy opened the door and dashed up the stairs two at a time. His room was on the third floor, dorm 318, the last room at the west end on the north side of the building. nearest the shower and farthest from the stairs. He wasn’t paying attention to anything else except his ultimate destination, and his roommate waiting there. He ran along the third floor hallway and didn’t notice anything odd, though the door on the same side as his own, the one nearest the stairs, the one where Tim and Barry camped out, was slightly open and there were sounds of movement and low noises, moaning or something, coming from within. But blood was beating hard in his ears and he was making too much noise himself to pay attention to anything except the door to his own room at the far end of the hallway. He paused at the closed door to room 318. He was breathing hard, his chest rising and falling, his brow sweaty, and his whole body hot and wet. He licked his lips, pulled in a calming breath and took hold of the cold metal handle, opening the door to his dorm room. Charles was standing at the open window. He was naked, of course—his natural state. The room was still dark, but even in silhouette the guy’s broad back and narrow waist were absurdly tapered. Mountains were piled on his shoulders. And his scent—that smell of Charles—was everywhere. As Jeremy’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, the swell and beauty of the two muscular globes of Charles’s amazing and inhumanly powerful butt became clear. He had an incredible ass, there were no two ways about it. Just... incredible. Like a person could dive in there between the two perfect mounds and get lost inside for days. And Charles needed that ass to carry around the masses of muscle that packed his wide, flaring back. He simply stood there in the darkness, like a statue of a perfect god, the god of sex and power and beauty. Muscle bulged from every millimeter of his tall, wide, thick form, and the mounds and indentations were mind-blowing. “So. How much do you know?” His voice was soft, but deep and powerful. “Know?” Jeremy asked. “About trumans.” Charles didn’t turn around as he spoke. Jeremy could see a slight reflection of his face in the window, but it looks slightly odd, or different. It was hard to say how. “About me.” “I guess... I guess just the usual stuff. You were there, and then you weren’t. Pictures, videos, magazines, you were everywhere. You did that TV thing where that guy was naked for a second. Really big deal about that, and then the gyms were opening up, and...” “And then we were gone,” Charles said. “How much do you want to know?” “I guess... I guess that depends.” “Always a safe answer,” Charles said. Jeremy watched the reflection of the man’s face in the dark window. It looked older, there, but also more handsome. As if Charles’s face had lost something, some sort of soft mask, and now Jeremy could see what he really looked like. “I’ll tell you anything you want to know, Jeremy, because I’m going to ask you for something in return. You can say no, of course, but I hope that after you hear the story, maybe...” He sighed. “Anyway,” he said, as a kind of universal preamble. Then he turned around. Then Jeremy spontaneously creamed his jeans. Charles was perfect. There was no other more perfect word to describe him. Absolute masculine perfection. From his noble, regal, brow to his broad, large feet, the man standing before Jeremy in his dorm room was absolute male beauty made flesh. His face made an ache start to flame in Jeremy’s chest. He had the chiseled features of a movie star, or a model, or a porn actor. Or all three. Jeremy thought that if the lights came on right now, exposing the man before him in unshadowed glory, he would faint dead away. Those green eyes, clear and intense, sparkled like emeralds. His teeth were white and perfect. He had a broad, manly nose and his strong, angled chin and jaw were shadowed with whiskers in perfect decoration of masculinity. His body was beyond incredible. Simply breathtaking. Massive bulges of muscles covered his tall frame, but they were all—each—in perfect proportion to each other. He could see every single muscle group on the man’s body, and every single muscle of every single group. His skin, dark and ruddy, shone like silk in the soft light, rippling over the expanses of brawn as if painted on. Fuck, he was beautiful. Beyond handsome. Beyond sexy. Just... perfect. “My friends call me Chuck,” he said. Jeremy swallowed and his mouth fell open. He could find no words at all inside his head. Nothing came to his tongue. He was spellbound and dumbfounded by the sheer perfection on display before him. Chuck said, “Close the door.” Jeremy reached behind him and did so. “Turn on the light.” “I’m afraid,” Jeremy said. Chuck seemed to find the reaction surprising and amusing. “Of what?” “I...” “You came in your shorts.” His voice was deep and rich and powerful. It resonated in Jeremy’s balls, tugging at them, and sent tingles along his cock. “I suppose it would be immodest to say that I have that effect on others. So I’m not surprised.” He smiled again, and Jeremy wanted to cum again. “You want to get changed?” Jeremy nodded. “Ok. Do you want me to turn around?” Jeremy nodded again. Chuck turned around. “Should I keep talking while you clean up?” “I... guess... so.” “I hope you’ll excuse me for doing that,” he said as he pivoted to face the window again. “I’d tell you that I don’t mean to do it, but that would be a lie. I love doing that. I love that I made you cum. I don’t mean that I love that I embarrassed you, but I love when a man cums. I love making a man cum. No matter how I do it. And I know a lot of ways to do it—but just turning around? That’s kind of a special gratification, so I want to thank you for that, Jeremy.” “Um, you’re welcome?” He was opening a drawer and pulling out a fresh pair of underwear. He glanced toward the window and saw Chuck’s green gaze on him. “You’re watching me.” Chuck laughed slightly and shrugged. “Can’t help myself. I love watching beautiful men getting naked.” “I’m not....” “Stop right there before you say something stupid. When I pay a compliment, I’m not being nice and I’m not lying. You’re a beautiful man.” Jeremy still didn’t believe it, but all he said was, “Could you, like, close your eyes or something?” “Still embarrassed?” “Intimidated might be a better word.” “Oh. Right. I forget that part.” Jeremy supposed that Chuck was never intimidated. What the hell would he ever be intimidated by? “Okay, eyes closed,” he said. Jeremy checked, and Chuck’s green orbs were hidden behind thick-lashed eyelids. He was still smiling, though. “Should I start?” “Start what?” “Telling you about me? About us? And why I need your help?” “I guess so,” Jeremy answered, dubiously. What the hell could Jeremy offer anyone that powerful? “I’ll start with the basics, then.” He paused, and Jeremy heard him inhale through his nostrils. “Damn, you smell nice.” Jeremy felt a chill run up his spine. He’d just stripped himself naked from the waist down. His soggy, cream-filled shorts were discarded on the floor. He could only smell Chuck’s intense and erotic scent in the room. “Thanks?” “Don’t mention it,” Chuck replied. “Can I open my eyes?” “Almost.” Jeremy pulled on his fresh underwear and tugged his jeans up his legs. “Okay,” he reported. Chuck opened his eyes. “I’m going to turn around now.” “That’s... fine.” “Just thought I’d warn you,” he said. Then he held up his arms and added, “Kidding! I’m just kidding.” He turned around and Jeremy was surprised that he had to remember to breathe all over again. The man was just... too beautiful. “Better?” “Cleaner,” he answered. “So... not better.” He laughed. “I’m not usually this filthy-minded,” he lied. Not that Jeremy believed him, anyway. “You were saying?” “About us,” Chuck said, nodding. “Well, the government—that’s our government, the good ol’ US of A—had decided that they wanted a... what? Tribe? Of super soldiers.” “Like Captain America?” His eyes narrowed and he nodded slightly. “Very much like Captain America. So they assigned two scientists to the task, and they... do you know this part already?” “No. No one ever said where the trumen originated.” “Cool.” He leaned back against the window sill, setting his perfect butt against it and folding his arms over his chest, gesturing with one hand now and again as he spoke. He was mostly in shadow, helping Jeremy cope with the man’s superhuman beauty, but just watching all his muscles moving was an exercise in sensuality and masculine power. “These two smart guys—Carlos and Jerry, by name—set about breaking down the genome of the human body, mapping all its extents and connections, what did what, what affected what, all that shit, and they came up with a little syringe of something magic they called Transform. “Now, what was in there, I can’t tell you. Enzymes and shit. Some sort of enhancements and DNA doohickeys and who the fuck knows what, but the end result was that they shot it into a civilian volunteer who happened to be my next-door neighbor and about twelve hours later, all hell started breaking loose. “What they didn’t know was that they had managed to unleash a kind of monster. A monster that fed on power and growth and muscle. And another thing they didn’t know—because no one had ever done this before, so how could they—was that there were men in the world who acted like triggers, and when they were exposed to this shit, super weirdness started happening.” “Super weirdness?” “LIke... like tremendous growth. Insane muscular development. Everything they planned on happening, only much more accelerated than anyone anticipated. Like, insanely quick development, and then just insane shit like physical morphing, super flexibility, super strength. Insane super weird-ass shit.” “Oh.” Chuck shrugged his mountain ranges. “The long and the short of it is, Transform got into the essential genetic structure of whomever it infected. Though I think ‘infected’ is probably technically incorrect, it works. It acted like a viral agent, swarming the body and the genes and cells and DNA of whomever it entered and altering them utterly and forever. Once inside you, there was no going back. “Looking at me, you could say that there seems like there was no downside, right? I mean, I’m a passingly good looking guy.” “Just barely passingly,” Jeremy agreed, glancing at his cum-sodden shorts. “But the side effects, initially, included unhinged growth and muscular development—which is probably fine for a super soldier but not quite a boon for average Joe Six-pack living in a small apartment in Nowheresville. And I have to admit that my own transformation wasn’t my idea at all. It just sort of... happened.” “How does something like that just sort of happen? Couldn’t you say ‘no thank you, I don’t want the needle in my butt?’” “Oh, see, I forgot an important development. After Transform was introduced into Todd’s body—Todd was my neighbor—it mutated. Again, these two scientist guys were smart, but they didn’t exactly know what they were doing, what all the ramifications were going to be. Because... so... um... okay, so one of the things they decided to alter on purpose was sexuality.” “Why?” “Couple of reasons. One was that the super soldiers would all be male. I guess that makes a kind of sense—males are more disposed to muscular development and size, after all. That in itself wasn’t as important as the type of operations these soldiers would be asked to perform. Often, they’d be on their own, in situations where having weapons would be difficult and where they would need to rely solely on themselves and their comrades. Being attractive would help because psychologically, people are more open with attractive people, more willing to be, like, sharing things like secrets and where that atomic bomb is—shit like that.” “Sure,” Jeremy agreed, his head swimming. “These operations could last for weeks or months in isolation, and it turns out one of the... difficulties about that is that guys get horny. Really horny. Especially guys with over-developed growth patterns and highly active testosterone. And when guys get horny, they get stupid, and mistakes get made, and things fall apart.” “So....” “So, someone said, ‘why not make them gay? Then they can use each other to... relieve these drives and get on with the important shit.’” “Someone said that.” “I’m paraphrasing.” “Oh.” “Right. So, it turns you gay.” “So, you weren’t gay before...?” “Wasn’t.” He shrugged. “Anyway....” “And, you were okay with that?” He considered the question for only a moment. “There were too many benefits to worry about it, I guess. Frankly, there was a lot of shit going down in the first few hours and days after I was transformed. Things got out of hand pretty fucking fast, because another part of this change is that when you change someone else...” “With a needle?” “Oh, right. No, the change is through anything from my body. I can make another man into a truman, now, just by breathing on him. But not unless I want to, and not unless he wants me to. Like I said, things got out of hand quickly. Todd and me, we were making new transformed men faster than you can say ‘fuck me, Freddy!’ And it seemed like with every new member of our little tribe, we were gaining more power, more size and new abilities.” “Like flying.” “Like flying. Only we don’t really fly. It’s more like air-swimming, I guess. And then we discovered that we had total—and I mean absolute total—control of our physical forms, and every manifestation of them.” “So, not just how you look?” “How I everything. That’s how I can or can’t transform someone else. I can—I can place transform into the transforming agent at will. Whether that’s sweat or spit or pheromone or cum, I can take aim at someone and only transform them.” “Or not.” “Or not. But at the beginning, there was no ‘or not.’ We were too fucking horned up on power to stop ourselves. Plus, it seemed like every other day, something new happened and we kept getting bigger, stronger... like I said. I mean, imagine that feeling. Kissing a guy, watching him sprout muscles, grow more handsome, shoot up by the foot, grow another dick, and then all he wants is to be with you, fuck you, kiss you, suck you. It was a never-ending orgy of muscle and sex and love and beauty. It was kind of an addiction, and it just never stopped.” “But then it did.” He nodded. “The government was... unhappy with these developments. Their super soldiers turned out to be nothing but super muscle sluts. I mean, we could not get enough. Insatiable only hints at our sex drive, and then pile on the fact that we can go non-stop, and keep getting stronger, and bigger, and everything else. They wanted their toys back, and they wanted to stop what was happening.” “Why?” “I haven’t emphasized the whole growth thing enough, apparently. Jeremy, I’m fucking huge. Like, motherfucking huge. You think I’m intimidating like this? Try me at three stories tall.” “And flying.” “And then spraying my never-ending supply of transforming cum out my double-barreled cum cannon and..” “I get the idea,” Jeremy answered. “They were scared.” “In a word, shitless. We had them rightly shaking in their boots, and they also realized what they’d done wrong and they wanted to correct it.” “What did they do?” “As you would expect, Transform wasn’t the only weapon in their arsenal. Not to mention that other governments were doing the same thing. The Russians. The Chinese. Probably right now there’s some lab somewhere cooking up another strain of some formula designed to perfect the human male into the perfect fighting machine in order to destroy someone else’s perfect fighting machine. “So in order to protect ourselves—just to fucking survive—we went on the offensive. We brought the fight home. Over and over. Infiltrating, investigating, and trying to stop them from doing it again, and from destroying what we had become, and from trying to do it right this time. Because if there is one thing we are not, that’s an unstoppable army.” “Wait, what?” “I told you about our libido. Well, that’s what we do with all that pent-up masculine energy. All that testosterone and male hormonal juice constantly pumping through our veins? We don’t fight. We can’t. We can only fuck. And that’s what they never seem to understand. We don’t want to make war, we want to make love. Literally.” “The reason you’re so horned up and made so many others is because....” “Because that’s all we can do. We can’t fight. Oh, it’s not that we have no survival instinct or don’t know how. I’ve seen some of my brothers rip open walls and toss helicopters from the sky and deflect fucking missiles.” “Deflect missiles?” “Oh, yeah. We’re kind of... indestructible.” “Indestruct....” He shrugged. “Far as we know. Nothing can hurt us. The muscle is super dense. The skin is super elastic. We heal almost immediately, regenerating skin or organs or whatever we need. I mean, we were built this way. It’s what we are.” “Instead of the X-Men, you’re the Sex-Men.” Chuck smiled and Jeremy melted. “Someone actually suggested we call ourselves that, but ‘truman’ finally won out.” “For ‘transformed human,’” Jeremy said. Chuck nodded. “Things were like that for a while. Seems like we went from one bad situation to another, even as our numbers swelled almost as large as our cocks.” His face grew serious and he said, “But now we really are in trouble, and this time it’s our own fault.” • • • • If Barry could think straight, he’d most likely be thinking, “Holy fuck, this feels good.” Fortunately, he was too far gone into the throes of utter sexual bliss because he had an ass aficionado going down on his hole so fully and so eagerly and so joyously that all he could think of was, “Holy fuck, oh God, oh Christ, holy fucking hell, fuck, fuck, fuck.” In fact, that was what he was managing to enunciate, as well, which only drove Tim to dive deeper into his ass. It felt like a dozen mouths were on his nether regions. How could one man possibly be doing so much to everything down there? His ass felt amazing. His balls tingled and throbbed when they weren’t being tugged and sucked. His cock was licked and kissed and stroked and soaked in spit, warm and wet and slick, and strong hands squeezed and teased and stroked him for all he was worth. Holy fuck, this felt good. Better than fucking good. He moaned. It was a deep and satisfying noise. His sphincter tightened and he felt wet fingers pushing into him and then something slick and slippery and a tongue was inside him and he opened up and gasped and rolled his eyes into his head. Fuck, he wanted to cum. He wanted to cum very badly. Everything felt so fucking good. Why had he ever had second thoughts about this? What the hell was he scared of? Tim was fucking amazing! And Tim—he was in heaven. At first, Barry hadn’t seemed into it. He was clenched and uptight and wouldn’t even look at him. Tim kept glancing up to see how he was doing, and whether Barry was having as much fun as he was, but the dude’s face was all grimaced and pinched and it looked like he was in pain. So Tim brought out the big guns early and fucking went to town on his ass, and his taint, and his ball sack. He lubed it all up and kept it all hot and wet and hard. He stretched his hands along Barry’s legs, all the way out, feeling the other man’s muscle as he went, and then he grasped his ankles and fucking opened him up. There he was. His beautiful tight little hole. Surrounded in soft curls and slightly damp with sweat and cum. He smelled delicious and it made Tim’s cock instantly hard, almost painfully so. He licked at it and kissed it and smelled its funk and tasted its earthy tang. He pushed Barry’s legs open and opened his hole, pushing his tongue inside and rimming the fuck out of his roommate. Suddenly it was all hands on deck and Barry was open to anything. It was almost laughable how easily his walls were broached once he felt how good it was going to be with Tim in the driver’s seat and all that ass and cock and balls at his disposal. He was going to give Barry the ride of his fucking life. And he knew how to do it. “Jesus fucking Christ,” Barry moaned, as Tim did something particularly pleasing with his lips and tongue. Tim stroked Barry’s hard-on and then surrounded the swollen head in wet heat, bathing his dick in spit and sucking against his slit. Barry felt a surge of cum and, as if feeling it too, Tim squeezed his shaft hard and pushed it back. “I’m not done yet,” he growled. Then his mouth was back in action, sucking on Barry’s balls and rubbing his chin against Barry’s smooth taint. “Stop,” Barry said. “I’m gonna fucking pop.” “Not yet,” Tim said again. “Almost there.” “Gotta fucking cum.” “I know you do, buddy. I know you do.” “Fuck,” he moaned. Tim stroked Barry’s long, hard dick with a slow, steady hand. “But hold on, okay?” “Can’t.” “Hold on, because it’s about to get a lot better.” “Fuck, dude, I can’t.” Tim stood up. His dick was steel hard and leaking a stream of honey. It drained along his veiny shaft and gathered on his huge balls. “Can I fuck you?” he asked. Barry looked down at Tim’s hugeness. “Fuck, dude.” “I promise it’s gonna feel amazing.” “Dude, I... I dunno...” “Man, I gotta. I gotta fuck you. You have an amazing ass. I want... I gotta be inside.” “I’m not....” “It’s gonna feel amazing,” Tim promised, kissing the hot tip of his meaty poker against Barry’s pucker, wrapping his grip around his shaft and squeezing against its hardness. “You’re wet and hot and ready, Barry. I promise, it’s going to feel amazing.” • • • • “Something else happened about, oh, I guess a year or so ago.” “Before you disappeared.” “Well, I didn’t disappear, obviously, because here I am. But, yeah. It happened before we appeared, too, before the TV special and the videos and magazines and porn. This happened the last time they tried to stop us. Some asshole was put in charge, and let me tell you this guy was a real peach. Had a whole busload of high schoolers killed. Had a few of us put into prisons. Had his own men situated in a booby-trapped underground building that would kill everyone inside if we started anything.” “Not really,” Jeremy said, doubtfully. Chuck crossed his heart with his finger, scribing an X across the thick meat of his massive chest. “If I’m lying I’m dying.” He sighed. “Anyway, one of his guys, this other scientist, he was kind of giving himself injections on the side—sampling his own goods, as it were. They were trying it again, some new formula, slower acting, trying to keep things contained, but then we come along and fuck it all up.” “What happened?” “Backfired, as usual. Whatever it was they made, it wasn’t good. The guy started swelling into this kind of mutated Frankenstein’s monster, with bulging muscle everywhere and he was just a mess, really. Not all pretty like us. So, anyway, it ends up—okay, this part gets weird.” “This part?” “I’m just preparing you, no need to get rude.” But Chuck laughed anyway, at the absurdity of it all. “Sorry.” “So, this dude is all swollen and rampaging and the whole building is coming down around us and...” “The whole building?” “Booby traps. Yeah, big fucking mess. Anyway, along comes this other dude, young guy, probably younger than you, and he goes up to the blubbery mess of muscle and they kind of... melt... together.” “Melt?” “Sorry. Again, I don’t know the hows and whys, I can only report the whats. These two guys somehow combined themselves into one guy. So that transform transformed the other guy, but in the process it also swallowed whatever the other guy’s stuff was trying to do. And the result of all that was that suddenly, this guy could literally walk through walls.” “Bullshit.” “I know! It’s total bullshit! But there it was, and there he was, and there’s the building threatening to crush everyone, so this new guy just sort of scoops everyone up and the power of transform takes over again and suddenly everyone’s doing it.” “Doing what?” He sighed, as if preparing for a long argument. “Controlling their very atomic structure. Not just cellular or genetic, now, but down to the atoms. To the very essence of what we’re all made of!” “No.” “Yes.” “No way.” “Yes way.” “That’s impossible.” “Said the young man talking to the flying dude.” He smiled. “I can show you if you like, though you won’t actually see anything.” He straightened, lifting himself off the window sill and stood to his full height. His body seemed to stretch to fill the space, though Jeremy assumed that was just an illusion of shadow. “You might want to turn on the lights, now. That will make it a bit easier to see—or, I guess, not see.” Jeremy wasn’t sure what that meant. “Okay,” he said, turning to flip the switch on the wall. The darkness was washed away by the overhead light, and when he turned back, Jeremy again experienced the overwhelming sensation that the floor was dropping away and the air was being sucked from his lungs and there was a fire in the room with him and all he wanted to do was cream his pants very completely. He wasn’t fully prepared for Chuck. Maybe there was no way anyone could be. The man was simply overwhelmingly beautiful. He was just standing there, looking back at his roommate, arms at his sides, legs shoulder-width apart, head upright, shoulders back, chest out. He had a military bearing, but looked more like the most gorgeous and muscle-bound porn star in the world. His hair was a shock of blue-black locks not so much arranged on his head as sprouting in an unorderly fashion, making him look like he’d just crawled from the bed where he’d left his partner worn-out from sex. His eyes sparkled with jewel-like tones and his skin, everywhere, had a silken sheen as if he had been polished. Thick, soft, dark fur coated his massive chest, forearms, legs and ran through the deep crevasses around his eight-pack. A forest of dark curls crowned his thick and lengthy cock, that dangled easily a foot long between his tree-trunk legs. Jeremy caught his breath and released a shuddering exhale as he tried to adjust to the reality of the most perfect and beautiful man in the world standing four feet away, completely and unashamedly naked. He had thought that a truman would look like some kind of cross between a bodybuilder and the Michelin Man, someone so overwhelmed with muscle that he was little more than a pumped-up balloon animal with huge fat bulges everywhere, but Chuck was more—and less—than that. His physical form—his body, his face, his muscles, his fur, his cock and balls, his skin, his arms and legs and hands and feet—everything was perfect. He was almost too beautiful to look at. “Wow,” he said, softly. Chuck grinned. “Still?” He looked down at himself and shrugged. “Thanks, Jeremy. I sometimes forget.” “Forget what?” “Everything.” He brought his hands up and clapped them together, rubbing his palms as if preparing for a magic trick. It made the muscles all along both arms bulge and jump, illustrating that no matter how big he looked, there was still more muscle on reserve ready to plump into power. “Okay, so, are you ready?” “I guess so,” he answered, unsure of what he was supposed to be ready for. Chuck was just standing there. Then he became unfocused. That was the word that jumped into Jeremy’s head. Everything around him seemed to come into sharper focus, because his form was shifting, growing indistinct, and then transparent. It was like he was made of water and he was slowly evaporating. It happened quickly. Chuck grew more indistinct, more transparent, things behind him became clear and then... he was no longer there. He had simply vanished. “Charles?” Jeremy was startled and little bit scared. “Charles?” He stepped forward and waved his hand through the space where his roommate had been. “Chuck?” he repeated. Then the air started to waver like a heat haze, and that unique and tantalizing scent started to sting his nostrils, and he could start to see something forming, some ghostlike presence, where he had been waving his hand. A face, and a body, pale and soft but coalescing and becoming more distinct. He was watching Chuck rematerialize. He came from nowhere into here, his beautiful body seeming to gather itself together and regain focus and form and after a few seconds, he was there again, as solid and handsome and perfect as ever. Jeremy was now standing very close to him. He could feel the heat of the other man’s body grow in intensity as he regained his physical form. Chuck looked at Jeremy and shrugged. “Presto,” he said. “The vanishing act is complete.” “Where... how...?” “I didn’t go anywhere, but I sort of went everywhere. Basic physics, really. We’re all made up of the same stuff. Everything is. It’s simply a matter of arranging it. But what I can do is rearrange it, or unarrange it. Break it down to its basic components. Become vapor and then air and then,” he lifted his hand and snapped his fingers, “poof! I’m gone.” “But... gone where?” “That, my friend, is the problem.” “The problem?” “Not everyone comes back.” • • • • Barry squirmed. He gasped and moaned. His cock hurt and wanted to pop. His balls were filled and swollen. But he could not cum. He couldn’t. Until Tim said he could. The huge, naked man pushed the end of his monster against Barry’s tight, wet hole, positioning himself for his first honest fuck in many moons. His body was practically shaking with demand. His muscles were pushing out as if his entire form were a giant dick inflating to erection. Sweat coated his skin, and his eyes flashed with feral need. “Fuck, Barry, you’re burning hot.” It was no lie. Barry’s body was overheated with desire. Tim was releasing a steady fog of his funky pheromones and pumping thick sex vibes into the room. Nobody could withstand him, and especially nobody with his legs in the air and Tim’s cock poised for entry. Barry gasped. “Gotta….” Tim closed his eyes, shifted his hips and pushed inside. Barry felt a sudden flood of perfect sexual bliss. It entered him and exploded outward and suffused his body and his bones and his brain. He was drowning in a deep ocean of sex, floating in a sky of sex, buried beneath a mountain of perfect, absolute, uncompromising, masterful sex. Tim could no longer control himself, and the bomb went off. An explosion of intense transforming power radiated outward from him, centered entirely on the target of his cock and filling the man with absolute masculine power. Barry started to grow and grew so quickly that anyone watching would not have seen the changes manifesting. He was the old, impressive Barry one moment, and in the next he was...something else. Something huge, and powerful, and swollen with muscle. Barry came, a fat rope that shot so hard it impacted the wall behind him and shot clean through it. He came again, a fat load of cream that splattered all over his new body and was quickly absorbed. And he got bigger. And bigger. Tim fucked him hard and deep and pushed a flood of hot cream inside his body and watched Barry becoming a new man, a better man, a bigger man, whose body was powerful enough to crush a building to dust and whose cock could poke a hole in steel and whose face would cause an observer to go batshit insane with desire. Tim smiled as he transformed his roommate into the newest member of a very exclusive club, and he watched Barry continue to grow as he flooded his body with magic. Part 10 The Timebomb went off, and in a very big way. Jeremy came again, instantly, struck by Tim’s radiating sexual explosion. He did not have time to wonder how his balls could even produce more cum, or how his cock had inflated so hard and so quickly, growing painfully erect in the space between one heartbeat and the next and pushing a thick volley of hot cream into his pants again. He doubled over and stifled a shout of perfect overpowering bliss as his small, ordinary body was struck by the radiating power of the silent and invisible explosion of absolute sexual dominance. It washed over him in its passage, like ripples on an ocean, and his body began to slowly swell. He had been close to the detonations before, but this time its strength and speed was overwhelming. He was breathing hard and fast, and the sensation of growth felt a bit as if he were being inflated. He felt it in his arms first, as his biceps and triceps grew, pushing against the seams of his shirt until they began to split. His back rippled and bulged. His thighs were expanding with raw brawn. His calves bloomed with power. His whole body began to grow slightly taller, making his bones creak and snap and his teeth to grate inside his head. Chuck was not wholly immune to the radiating power of the young man’s mighty storm of masculine energy, amplified and supplemented by the version of Transform that had been evolving along a different thread than his own super-strong strain. He felt Tim’s sudden release wash over his body and try very hard to enter him and pump him fuller with muscle. He sucked in a small breath at the sheer potency of the young man’s power, feeling his cocks inflating to erection and sensing a swelling erotic tide building inside him that was not of his own making. “Shit,” he whispered softly. Then he looked down at Jeremy huddled on the floor and watched his body swelling with muscle. Jeremy was still breathing hard, sucking in air to cool his overheated body. His clothes were splitting like a butterfly’s cocoon, rending at the seams or ripping open where there were no seams. He had been a small boy to begin with and it was difficult to tell what final impact Tim’s magic powers were having as he remained bent over with one hand on the floor steadying him. As quickly as it began, it was over. Jeremy’s harsh breathing was the only sound in the room. He could feel his newly developed chest pressing against his shirt, the buttons straining against his hard body to hold the meat inside. “What the fuck did you do?” he asked, looking up at the inhumanly beautiful naked man standing in his room. Chuck raised a dark eyebrow, glanced toward where Tim was now watching Barry grow into his own overwhelming muscle beast, and answered, “I’m afraid we may need to accelerate the plan.” Jeremy struggled to his feet, his crotch sodden and his small body suddenly less small than before. He had changed dramatically in a matter of seconds. His face had matured, his body had taken on the well-defined and thickly muscled semblance of an Abercrombie model and his clothes were in tatters. Chuck found himself even more strongly drawn to him. “Wha...what plan?” Chuck looked at Jeremy, the side of his mouth quirking into a familiar half-smile. “It’s a long story.” • • • • ONE YEAR AGO “We should not intervene,” the handsome Hispanic scientist with the muscles of a superweight bodybuilder and the cock of a highly-paid porn star said, seriously. He was standing with his back to the room (his ass was a thing to make men weep) looking out through the floor-to-ceiling windows that lined the walls of the Manhattan apartment he shared with his lover and partner. That man, whom anyone looking at would have to agree was easily among the most beautiful men they had ever encountered, narrowed his gaze and started to speak, opening his full, sensuous lips and inhaling. But before he could get a word out, Carlos said it again. “We should not intervene.” Michael’s brow furrowed. “What if they…?” “I know what you’re thinking Michael,” Carlos said, turning, “but it might do more harm than good.” “Might?” another voice said. A rich, deep bass that resounded like a bear’s growl. “It ‘might’ do more harm?” Carlos nodded at Chuck. “It might.” He shrugged, shifting his dramatically mountainous shoulders and making the cascade of straight, dark hair flow off and drape down his wide back. “‘Might’ doesn’t mean ‘will,’” Chuck protested. “They are not developing along the same path as we did.” He paused. “As we do.” “We don’t know how they’re developing.” “What happened...is happening is the result of an anomaly. It wasn’t part of our natural development.” Chuck didn’t need to ask Carlos how he knew that, because they all had seen it happen, played out for them through the Transformed men’s ability to share thoughts and emotions. Sherman Tipton had witnessed the evolution, and Scott Maddox and Wolf and “Self-Suck” Robbie had seen its culmination. (See Transform: New Blood Parts 38—40) “I get that,” he admitted. “Then you should understand why it might be a good idea to….” “You said ‘might’, again.” “It is not a good idea to involve them. They have their own path to find.” “Paths sometimes intersect,” Chuck observed. “We don’t know that they’re gone,” Carlos said. “Then where are they? Where did they go?” “Perhaps they have evolved again, in that state.” “So, what, they’re all just wisps in the wind? Scattered bits of atoms floating around having a grand old time?” Carlos shrugged again. “Yeah, well, fuck that shit.” “I think,” Michael said, “that we should listen to Carlos.” “Wow, color me shocked,” Chuck said. “Carlos has years of scientific experience. Carlos has….” “Do I really need to remind you that Carlos’s years of scientific experience resulted in all of the men standing in this room with muscles out to yay and twin pricks and the ability to fly and read minds and...shall I go on?” “We all make mistakes,” Carlos admitted. “Look, I’m not calling any of us mistakes. I fucking love being me. I fucking love the things I can do, the power that’s coursing through these muscles, the ability to practically look at another guy and make him swell with the same power that I have. I’m saying these are good things.” Carlos opened his mouth, but Chuck held up his hand, “and that’s why I can’t imagine that any of our brothers would want to give all that up to exist as a cloud of atoms floating in space! I mean...is that what you believe?” “I think….” “You think Adam wanted that?” Carlos closed his mouth. Michael looked stung. Chuck knew where to push the knife in for the dearest damage. “Of all of us, Adam? Adam would want to stop being Adam? Stop loving us all as he did? Stop wanting us all to be in love as much as he loved us? Adam?” “We cannot know….” “That’s bullshit. Something happened to him. Something that stopped him from coming back.” Chuck paused, looking down, and then he put his fingertips to his temple and said, “I miss hearing him in here. I miss his voice, and his laugh, and his love.” He closed his eyes. “God damn that man could love.” “I don’t think….” Chuck looked up. “You’re going to stand there and tell me honestly that you believe that Adam didn’t want to be around anymore?” Michael sighed. “You know what it feels like,” he said. “You know.” He did. They all did. Assuming an incorporeal state was absolute freedom. It felt like heaven. Leaving all earthly ties behind and existing invisibly was what God must feel like. But then you wanted someone to touch you again. You wanted to touch someone. To hear someone’s voice. To feel—alive. “It’s not the same as this,” Chuck said, and he suddenly wrapped Michael in his arms and kissed him quite deeply, and with a passion that said they might never kiss again. The deep warmth of love swept Michael into Chuck’s passionate kiss. What, indeed, felt better than this? As their lips parted, Michael sighed and said, “You certainly know how to make a persuasive argument.” Chuck grinned. “We can’t abandon them.” Michael asked, “How many?” “At least a hundred. Probably twice that many. Not everyone keeps in touch like we do. And when Adam wasn’t...when he….” “I know,” Michael said. “I miss him, too.” “Then why…?” Carlos spoke again. “We have to wait,” he said. “What’s happening in that high school, in that town, to those young men and...boys, really. It’s something different. Something new. If we introduce ourselves into that environment, it’s likely we would overwhelm and supersede whatever is developing there.” “They’re just like us,” Chuck argued. “No,” Carlos said, “they aren’t.” Chuck tilted his head. “You’ve been watching them.” “Observation is a scientific principal,” he answered. “If we’re to learn anything at all….” “You’re going there and watching them? You’re invisible?” He nodded. “From time to time.” “And…?” “As I said, they are developing differently. In some ways, they are more limited, which is to be expected, I suppose, given the smaller sample group from which the strain is pulling in new genetic material. We had a much larger pool of human genetic samples, and we were unrestrained as we grew in number. They are existing in a relatively closed environment, involving men of the same general age, and in some cases those men are not fully matured.” “I have to admit,” Chuck said, “I fucking love it when he gets like this.” “Like this?” Carlos asked, genuinely interested. “All science talky. Keep going, you’re giving me a stiffy.” “Like that’s a challenge,” Michael said, rolling his eyes. “Shut up, Adonis,” Chuck advised him. “Keep going Carlos, I like to hear your voice.” He was stroking himself and rising to the occasion. Carlos looked down at Chuck’s majestic and beautiful cock. “Well, um, so...where was I?” Chuck grinned his half-smile. “Some shit about gene pools and not fully matured males.” “Oh. Yes. Um. Many—if not most—of the young men in the so-called Muscle Club are under seventeen years of age, which is generally considered when one leaves adolescence and puberty ceases. So the gene pool is unsettled, in a sense, and still developing.” Chuck’s cock was throbbing and drooling. “Go on. You have my undivided attention.” “In addition, their initial exposure was to a fairly undiluted version of Transform that Robbie offered on that video he created before we met him.” “Ah, yes. I still have a soft spot for that video.” Chuck looked down. “Though maybe ‘soft’ isn’t what I actually feel watching it.” “So that,” Carlos said, rather louder than intended, “coupled with the restrained genetic pool and the immature nature of the bodies involved means that Transform is mutating is pure ways that we could not anticipate.” “Mutating?” “Developing new capabilities and offering new powers, such as those we now share—but of an entirely different nature.” “Such as?” Chuck’s cock was nearing record-breaking dimensions and leaking a steady stream of honey. “It appears that branches of Transform are occurring, offering some of them, for example, a different manner of development.” “How so?” “Some are growing at a steady pace, such as we do, but others...explode with growth in a sudden, almost violent outburst. But, interestingly, this is not a shared trait.” “Which means?” Chuck closed his eyes, holding back his explosion of cream. “Which means that it is likely that they will continue to branch and develop into distinct types that will, of their own accord, develop traits and abilities we have not.” Michael was watching Chuck’s fat hard-on swell and throb. “So if we interfere…” “If we interfere, it is likely we’ll countermand those new priorities and perhaps prevent new, powerful, unforeseen capabilities from appearing.” “Oh, fuck,” Chuck said. And then his cock spewed a thick fountain of cream that shot up in a fine arc and splattered everywhere. “I love talking about getting stronger.” • • • • ONE YEAR LATER “So you see why it would be bad—potentially bad—for me to meet Tim.” “Then why…?” Jeremy was sitting on his bed wearing only a pair of underwear, having stripped himself of his too-small clothing and finding nothing else to fit his new, larger body. He looked as if he had packed on a good twenty pounds of muscle, and it was all bulging from his short frame in beautiful perfected symmetry. He had been thin before, and now he had a gymnast’s build with some serious guns on his arms and a heavy shank of sex meat in his shorts worthy of a porn star. True to the power of transform, the young man also looked like he had gained a couple of years in age as well. His almost childish face now had a very strong chin and a serious cast to its brow, and his formerly smooth chest—now replaced by two squared-off muscular hemispheres and a set of dark, lickable nipples—had the beginnings of a bird’s nest sprouting in the valley between his burgeoning pecks. All in all, Tim’s effect on Jeremy had upgraded him in the space of a few seconds from a small, shy, somewhat ordinary lad into a muscular, handsome, very sexy young man who could easily break a few hearts and cause a few boners the next time he showed up in class. He sat across from Chuck, who still looked like the fucking sexiest man who ever walked the face of the planet, facing him as the brutally beautiful man finished his tale. “I was curious,” he explained, shrugging his mountain range. “It’s part of my charm. I like people. A lot.” His tremendous cock throbbed distinctly and his eyes scanned Jeremy up and down. “I just happened to bump into Tim at one of the closed T Gyms near here.” “Just happened to?” “Why, I don’t know what you’re implying!” Chuck said with feigned shock. “Anyway, I tasted him and I discovered….” “You tasted him?” Chuck shrugged. “It’s...a thing we do. Or have. Every one of us tastes differently.” “How did you taste him without…?” “Tim had a rather...energetic reaction to the Gym.” When Jeremy’s heavier brow arched, Chuck clarified. “Tim exploded with about a gallon of cum. We also tend to leave traces of ourselves behind for others of our kind to...enjoy.” He shrugged again. “Anyway, I could taste his power, sense that he had something unique and potentially interesting. Something that needed some prodding.” “The Timebomb?” “So it turns out.” He leaned back on the bed, resting on his elbows. It thrust his huge prick forward and made his abdominal wall pop with a perfect collection of cobblestones. “And then I discovered someone else interesting. Someone with a power I had never encountered before. Someone who had something I thought was impossible.” “Who?” “You, of course.” “Me?” “You.” “What have I got?” “Something very special.” “I don’t have anything,” Jeremy protested. “Look at me! I’m just...me.” He looked down. “Well, more of me.” Chuck smiled. “Exactly.” “Exactly what?” Chuck tilted his handsome head and narrowed his eyes. “What just happened?” “What?” He nodded in the direction of room 318. “In there. With Tim and his roommate.” “Tim...went off.” Jeremy was absently rubbing his hard-on. Strong tingles of sexual bliss were erupting from it and cascading through his body. He’d never felt anything as wonderful before. “Indeed. And in a very powerful fashion.” Chuck raised an eyebrow and applied one of his certified half-grins to his lips, realizing that Jeremy was starting to discover one of the better benefits of Transform. “I’ve felt it before,” Jeremy reported. He swallowed hard. His right hand was now kneading his hard dick rather overtly. “Probably several times before,” he agreed. “And every time it happens, what happens to the guys in this building? What happens to you?” “Me?” he asked, slightly embarrassed. Realizing what he was doing, he covered his crotch with his hands. Chuck observed the movement and his smile wattage increased. “No need for embarrassment, Jeremy. Look at me, do I appear embarrassed by anything?” Jeremy swallowed hard as he looked at the huge, beautiful, perfectly-defined, hugely-muscled, overly-well-endowed superman lounging naked on the other bed. Indeed, he looked anything but embarrassed. “No.” “Okay then,” he said, looking pointedly at Jeremy’s crotch. The smaller young man slowly pulled his hand away. His newly grown prick had blossomed into another impressive hard-on tenting his boxers. A wet patch was darkening the material as he began to release what was undoubtedly a growing reserve of warm, lubricating honey from his swollen balls. “You’ll probably need to get used to that happening more often. It’s one of the more prevalent side effects.” He laughed slightly. “And yours appears to be more prevalent that most.” He smiled, then. “Thanks, by the way, Jeremy. I never get tired of seeing that happen when I’m with another guy.” “You’re...welcome? I guess?” “I could...help you with that,” Chuck said tentatively. “I mean, if you wanted some help with it.” “Help?” Chuck shrugged. “You know. Just some friendly help.” Jeremy looked down at his throbbing member. “You mean…?” Chuck nodded. “I’d be happy to suck you into heaven, Jeremy. Just, you know, to relieve the pressure.” “You want to…?” “Oh, fuck, Jeremy, I always want to. It’s not a question of me wanting to, it’s a question of you wanting me to.” He eyed the glorious and freshly developed cock still hidden under the thin layer of cotton. “So? Mother, may I?” Jeremy couldn’t think of a good reason not to allow this handsome, sexy, beautiful man to suck his cock, so he reached down, peeled open the fly on his boxers and allowed his thick, hot, slowly pulsing erection into the open. The eye was weeping a steady stream of clear, thick pre, and the thing had to be at least nine inches tall. “Help yourself,” he offered. “Don’t mind if I do, Jeremy.” And Chuck, with the obvious talent of a truly experienced cocksucker, swallowed him whole, deep throating him with an ease borne of many, many, many eager blow jobs and went to town. Jeremy was already nearly popping his load just sitting there, so when Chuck’s warm wetness surrounded him and the tingles of sex exploded into orgasmic bombs. Chuck set his hand to Jeremy’s chest, found his nipple within moments and added some truly inspiring nipple play to the mix. Then he was stroking and sucking, moaning in utter delight, and within seconds Jeremy rewarded Chuck with a truly amazing gush of thick cream which the man gulped and guzzled with deep need. Jeremy’s hands balled into fists and his eyes rolled up in their sockets and his sphincter tightened to diamond hardness from the overwhelming sexual release. He had never in his life felt anything as pure and immense and completely satisfying as that first explosion of cum delivered from his new, over-productive balls and highly sensitized cock. He nearly screamed with utter joy. Then Chuck was slowly, lovingly caressing his chest and licking up the last drops of cream, being sure to suck every drop of Jeremy’s delicious richness into his mouth. “Thank you, my friend,” Chuck growled. “I sincerely needed that.” “So…,” Jeremy gasped “so did I.” His cock was wet and shiny with Chuck’s spit, cooling in the air and slowly deflating from it’s nine-and-a-half-inch high glory. He could still feel the other man’s mouth surrounding him, feel his fingers teasing his sensitive nipples, feel the comforting warmth of his huge body against his own naked skin. Then he sat up again and looked Jeremy in the eyes. “Where were we?” “Fuck if I can remember,” Jeremy admitted. Chuck moved his muscled bulk back to the adjoining bed, looked at Jeremy’s nearly naked body with its new muscles and his new more handsome features and the monster cock with which he had been gifted and he snapped his finger. “Surely you’ve noticed something unusual about the other men in your dorm?” “No.” “Honestly?” “Honestly, no,” he lied. Chuck wrinkled his brow and scanned Jeremy’s newly grown body. “Nothing regarding their muscles?” “No.” “Or their size?” “No.” “Or the fact that they seemed to be growing increasingly handsome and appearing more masculine nearly every time you looked at them?” “I never really noticed.” Chuck glanced at Jeremy’s exposed cock again. It appeared to be regaining some of its vigor quite insistently. “Of course you didn’t.” He covered it with his hand, and it pulsed quite visibly. “Anyway, what has that got to do with…?” “You’re immune to me, Jeremy.” “Immune?” He looked down at his cock again. It was already halfway to hard. “I don’t think so.” “Your body. It doesn’t react.” “It fucking does,” he replied, thinking how he had come so hard twice already tonight, and how Chuck had made him feel. “Thanks for the compliment,” Chuck explained. “But that’s a brain thing. Not a body thing.” “A brain thing.” Chuck nodded. “But your body hasn’t changed. Not until we both experienced what our friend Tim is able to do. When our friendly neighborhood Timebomb sent out a wave of transforming energy so powerful that it nearly made me come, and believe me when I tell you that it takes a fuckload of energy to make me lose control.” “I still don’t understand.” Chuck sighed. “I can’t approach Tim. There’s that theory that a man a lot smarter than me has that says my version of the stuff that makes me look like this will take over from the stuff that makes Tim look like Tim.” His eyes drifted sideways as he thought aloud, “though given what I just experienced, I have a hard time believing that.” “Believing what?” “I need you to be my go-between. I need someone I can’t transform,” Chuck stated. “But, didn’t I just…?” “Someone I can’t transform.” “But, I just….” “Jeremy, every time you’ve had a reaction around me, that wasn’t just coincidence. I mean, I know I’m charming and irresistible, but frankly I’ve been pushing you pretty hard over the past few days and...you’re immune to me.” “You’ve been…?” Chuck nodded. “I started out slowly, just to see. I knew there was something different about you. I could...smell it.” “Like you could taste Tim?” “Sort of. I have some very strong and interesting capabilities when it comes to the male of the species. I’m kind of...attuned.” “And?” “And I can’t transform you.” A look of disappointment crossed Jeremy’s face. “You can’t…?” Chuck shook his head. “Well, maybe you just haven’t been trying hard enough?” He shook his handsome head again. “Maybe if you….” Chuck rose to his feet, fell to his knees, took Jeremy’s face in his strong hands and kissed him passionately. Chuck poured every ounce of Transform he could control into the kiss. Any other man—any ordinary man—would now be swelling so quickly and so large that his new body would be knocking out the walls. His head would be pressed against the ceiling. His cock would be shoving itself to superhuman extents and exploding with gallons of hot cream, and would be quickly joined by a secondary prick that was in every inch a twin of its brother. His body would mature into the most perfect, most beautiful version of himself, and he would be able to, with the same force and speed, transform any other man he met into another muscular giant. But that didn’t happen. Jeremy’s reaction was what one might expect when one is gay and one is being kissed by a gorgeous naked man with the body of a god, the cock of a porn star, the face of an angel and the sexual talent of a very accomplished prostitute educated in all the ways that pleasure can be conveyed. His new larger cock, courtesy of Tim, inflated to full glory again, pushing its fat head up its nearly ten inch stalk and he came again with sudden and unyielding force, splattering a wealth of hot cream all over Chuck’s incredible chest. Chuck started to laugh as he broke the kiss, then he was dipping his large fingers into Jeremy’s physical expression of joy and licking the cream from them. “You taste good,” he said. Then he kissed the smaller man to offer a sample of his own cream back to him. “What was that for?” “This first kiss or the second one?” Chuck asked, standing again and leaving Jeremy face-to-cock with the largest and most beautiful expressions of pure male sex that he’s ever seen. “Both. Either.” Chuck licked his lips. “You’re a great kisser, if you didn’t already know that.” He grinned. “The first one was to shut you up about how I know that I can’t transform you. If that had worked as it usually does—as it never fails to do—you’d be about three times your size and this building would be having some serious problems holding itself together. You’d be strong enough to rip this place apart with your bare hands, though honestly you’d be more apt to want to rip me apart and fuck me because I’m a very, very good fucker.” “I think I get the picture,” Jeremy said dryly, though he couldn’t help but allow his eyes to move all over Chuck’s amazing and incredible body with a newfound hunger. “You’d be like me, and let me tell you that I’ve been a truman long enough by now and I was shoving enough transforn at you that you’d be one of the strongest and probably one of the most beautiful men on the planet.” He tilted his head. “The second was because you’re so fucking cute that I couldn’t help myself.” “And?” “And nothing. You’re immune to me.” ‘Not altogether,’ Jeremy thought. Instead, he said, “But?” “But not, apparently, to Tim.” He looked down at himself, unable to deny that fact. “So?” “So I need someone who can inherit Tim’s ability. I need someone like Tim in his present, original, powerful state. But I can’t waltz in there and go, ‘hey, Timebomb, baby, what say you come with me and help a friend out with a little invisible truman problem?’” “Why?” “Because I fear that if we get together, the...desire to really get together will be too strong. And I’ll overwhelm him.” “What makes you think he won’t overwhelm you?” Chuck smirked. “Have you seen me?” He then proceeded to show himself off, inflating his muscles to new power and striking a few poses that had Jeremy’s cock throbbing hard all over again. “No, I know I’m too powerful. I’m the original. One way or the other, I’d screw him up, and I need him just the way he is.” “But where do I come in?” “I want you to be Tim’s friend. I need you to become like Tim. You, in particular. Because I can’t transform you, and if I get closer to Tim, I’m afraid of what might happen, what I might not be able to stop myself from doing.” “Transforming him.” Chuck nodded. “But...why?” “Because I think if a Timebomb goes off in a particular place, and at a particular time, and at a particular magnitude—You can bring my friends back.” “Tim doesn’t even know I exist,” Jeremy protested. “Oh, Tim knows you exist. He’s been coming to your door every week since you got here. He’s been after your ass since you two met in the hallway.” Jeremy was shocked. “You...you weren’t even around then!” “True. But you forget that I can go invisible, too. And I hear things.” “You’ve been spying on us!” “Just a little.” He grinned. “What, are you hiding something you’re afraid I’ll find out? Something besides you’re gay and you have the hots for me and the hots for Tim?” Jeremy looked hurt, but Chuck said, “Jeremy, everyone has the hots for me. They sort of can’t help it. Plus I’ve been practically bathing you in my secret sauce ever since we met so it’s not altogether unusual that you find me irresistible.” “Let’s not get out of hand, here. I’d hardly call you irresistible.” Chuck laughed. “See? That’s why I like you, Jeremy. You keep me grounded.” Jeremy laughed slightly, too, then his eyes narrowed. “Tim...likes me?” “Oh, yeah. Tim likes you. A lot.” “Then why are him and Barry…?” “You thought him and Barry? Him and Barry exist because Barry is a slut and Tim can’t help himself.” Jeremy smiled when Chuck called Barry a slute, but Chuck said, “Oh, don’t get me wrong here, Jeremy. I like sluts. Most—all—of my best friends are sluts. Hell, I’m the biggest slut you’ll ever meet. I admire Barry in a way. He’s not gay—at least, not before meeting the Timebomb. But he was open to adventure and having a little unconventional fun. Barry’s my kind of guy.” Then Jeremy looked hurt, again. “You’re my type of guy, too.” “Is everyone your type of guy?” “I just said I was a slut, didn’t I?” “Yeah,” Jeremy admitted. “Your trouble is that you have a very narrow view of love and sex, my young friend. I can’t blame you, of course. You haven’t had much opportunity to learn. But take it from me when I tell you that I can fuck a lot of people, and I can love a lot of people, and I don’t judge anyone. It’s entirely possible to love everyone, Jeremy. I love you and I love Barry. I just love you in different ways.” “How many different ways are there?” Chuck smiled. “As many different ways as there are different people in the world.” “You...love me?” “Of course! I love you very much.” “It’s...that easy?” “It’s easy if you allow it to be. Just stop limiting yourself and stop comparing everyone. Love people for who they are, not who you want them to be. I love you for who you are, Jeremy. If you change—and you will—I’ll still love you.” “How do you know?” He shrugged. “Love is easy.” This seemed to boggle Jeremy’s mind, but Chuck pressed on. “You understand what I’m asking you to do?” “Yes,” he answered. “And you also understand that I can’t ask you to do it?” “Yes,” he agreed. “I need to want to do it.” “And do you, Jeremy?” He looked into Chuck’s eyes. “I’ve never wanted anything as badly in the whole world.” Part 11 “Oof,” Barry said. “Don’t you mean, ‘woof’?” The newest member of Muscle Club grinned lasciviously at the equally muscled man opposite him in their shared and suddenly much-too-small dorm room. “That was fun,” he said. His voice had lowered somewhat as his body and all its parts had grown several sizes larger. He said “Fun,” again, just to hear the new timbre and sexy growl he’d acquired. “Fun.” His smile increased in wattage. “That’s one word for it,” Tim agreed. “You want to go again?” Barry considered it for only a moment as he looked at his super sexy roommate and then said, “I wouldn’t say no.” “So,” Tim asked, leaning forward, “that’s a ‘yes’, then?” Barry looked down at his twin cocks. “How do you guys handle all this?” “I find the usual method works fine,” Tim explained, and then he sucked one of his roommate’s majestic pricks inside his mouth while he grabbed the other and started stroking, and his efforts were immediately rewarded by a sudden flow of precum that drooled out of the mouth of Barry’s cobra and drizzled down its sides, lubing up Tim’s strokes with warm, thick honey. Barry started pumping cream inside Tim’s mouth with one cock as the other throbbed and pulsed and streamed its constant flow. Barry could easily control what each cock was doing! He smiled as he released his overwhelming cargo of rich, thick cream down his roommate’s throat as his other cock was simply happy sending thick electrical shocks of sexual bliss all through his massive frame. “That works,” Barry agreed, breathlessly. Tim looked up into Barry’s handsome face, nodding a slight agreement without missing a single blast from Barry’s prick. He drank it all down like a starving man, which wasn’t far from the truth. This was his first meal of transformed cream in months, and his body was practically shaking from delight. Tim sent a sudden, hard shock of sex into Barry’s head, tugging him hard and, without missing a stroke, he managed to simultaneously point his own cock nozzle towards Barry’s chest. He went off like a rocket, fountaining another rich gush of white cream that splattered all over his roomate’s body before he soaked it inside as only a Transformed man could, welcoming the richly sustaining cum like a desert welcomes rain. Barry gasped and groaned and allowed his secondary prick to fucking shoot, sending thick jets of cum all over himself and his own mouth. “Fuck,” he growled wetly. “Jesus fucking Christ, how do you stand it?” Tim released Barry’s raging hard-on from his mouth and asked, “Stand what?” Barry reached down and placed his hand behind Tim’s thick neck. “Not fucking doing this all the fucking time?” He kissed him soundly, tasting the sweet richness of his own cream on Tim’s tongue. “I like it when you talk dirty,” Tim admitted, now stroking both dicks in his hands. “Fuck you,” Barry said. “I thought you’d never ask,” Tim answered. And that was how it ended up that Jeremy found himself knocking on the door of Room 318 while Barry was balls deep inside Tim’s welcoming hole, fucking his roommate with his twins and squirting thick jets of cream inside his guts from his overloaded balls. “Hello?” Jeremy said. He was answered by grunts and groans and loud pounding noises. “Um, so, hi. I’m Jeremy? From down the hall?” “Uh. uh. uh. uh. uh. ooh. ooooooh.” “Yeah. Um, so, when you have a moment, I need to speak to someone about something that happened? Tonight?” “Huh, huh, uh, uh….” “And me gaining about 25 pounds of muscle?” “Whoa, what?” “Don’t stop!” “Jeremy?” “Yes?” “Did you say you…?” “Yeah, I did.” “25? Pounds?!?” “Well, I haven’t actually weighed myself, so that’s just a rough estimate.” “Fuck dude, don’t stop!” “Sorry, Barry, but I need to talk to Jeremy.” There was some other movements from inside the room, then, sounding a bit like two grizzlies wrestling. The whole building seemed to shake a couple of times as something—or somethings—weighing a ton or two bumped against the walls. Jeremy heard Barry’s voice—at least, he thought it sounded like Barry only a lot deeper—say, “Dude, you gotta show me that trick.” Tim’s more familiar but muffled voice answered, “It’s not a trick you just...do it.” “I just...do it.” “Yeah. You just...do it.” “I just fucking grow smaller like I’m a fucking telescope.” “Well. Yeah. Sort of.” There was a pause and no more wrestling, and then; “There ya go.” “That is...fucking weird, bro.” “Whatever, dude.” Then the handle was turning and the door was opening. “Hi, Jeremy.” Tim was naked. Absolutely, completely, gloriously, fantastically naked. His tremendous and massively muscled frame was coated in a sheen of sweat. His hair was agreeably tousled. His cock was agreeably huge and slick with spit or cum. He was grinning as he leaned against the door. Jeremy found himself going speechless, and his jaw opened but nothing came out. Then another face—and body—appeared behind him. Barry was no longer Barry. He’d been growing increasingly muscular over the past weeks at a dizzying rate, but now he was nothing short of massive. As massive as Tim. As handsome as Tim. A shaggy bear of a man with a brutality to his new body that made him appear a bit menacing, as if at any moment he would tear something apart. Muscle bulged everywhere, hard as stone and heavy as steel, and he was as naked as his roommate. “What up, Jer?” he asked, jutting his chin and smiling. “Whoa, dude, you should put some clothes on. What will people say?” Of course, Barry said this as he scratched an itch at his crotch, making his huge and pendulous cock wag and jump. “I…” Jeremy said, seemingly mesmerized by the two hulking hunks of raw, perfect muscle squeezed into the small room. “You?” Barry said. “Shut up a minute, Barry, and let him talk,” Tim advised over his shoulder. Barry shrugged and stared at Jeremy, his incredibly handsome face quirking into a waiting grin. “Are you all right?” Tim asked. Jeremy shifted his gaze back at Tim’s familiar face. His blue eyes sparkled. His jaw was dusted with a growth of whiskers. He looked fucking sexy. “I think something happened.” Barry laughed. “No shit, Sherlock. What was your first clue?” He was lifting one arm and watching his own newly developed brawn swell bigger and bigger under his gleaming skin. “Shut the fuck up, Barry! Seriously!” “Fine. I’ll leave you loverboys to your spat and go over there and jerk off some more.” He tapped his roommate on his shoulder and said, “I’m up for round three whenever you are.” Then he looked at Jeremy and added, “Unless you want to take a ride on the Barry Machine, Jeremy?” he grabbed hold of an ungodly length of fat prick and shook it at the smaller boy. Jeremy’s expression must have answered for him, because Barry just shrugged and disappeared into the small room, flopping on a bed that was out of Jeremy’s line of site and, apparently, masturbating. “Maybe we should go to your room, Jeremy,” Tim suggested. “Did you…want to put some clothes on?” “Did you want me to?” “Not...necessarily.” “I’m good if you’re good.” Tim closed the door behind him and followed Jeremy to his room. “Where’s your roomie? Charles? Is it?” “Chuck,” Jeremy corrected. “He’s...around.” “He’s a bit...odd.” “Is he?” Tim shrugged. “For a guy that looks like he looks, he certainly isn’t very...friendly. Kind of a dick, actually.” “He’s pretty cool,” Jeremy said, “once you get to know him.” “Shy?” “Sort of.” He gestured to Chuck’s bed and said, “Do you want to sit down?” Tim started to, then he inhaled deeply and said, “Is this his bed?” Jeremy nodded. “Huh. That’s weird.” “What’s weird?” “Smells like...never mind.” He paused, and then said, “I’m avoiding the elephant in the room.” “Is that me or you?” Jeremy said, looking pointedly at Tim’s trunk-like length of thick and meaty cock, hanging forward and arching over his two heavy balls, looking more like eggs in a low-hanging sack. “I’d say you’re doing a good job of catching up,” Tim noticed, eyeing the prominent bulge in the much smaller man’s boxers. Jeremy blushed, which made Tim’s pulse quicken and his exposed cock to twitch. “Yeah, well, someone gave me a little help in that department.” “Hello, elephant,” Tim said, grimacing a bit. “Yeah, so...yeah. If I knew you were around I wouldn’t have...you know.” “Set off the timebomb?” “You know about that?” “Tim, everyone knows about that.” He gestured to Chuck’s bed again. “You really can sit down.” Tim smiled at Jeremy’s manners, which were in direct contrast to Barry’s rather overt rudeness. He sat on Chuck’s mattress, his size making him look like a grown man trying to fit onto a child’s bed. His large legs spread open to allow his wealth of sexual equipment to spill forward and down, framing the tremendous size and beauty of his cock and balls. “So, I guess I should apologize,” he said, holding his hands out. Jeremy sat down opposite him, shrugging slightly. “Like you said, you didn’t mean it.” He looked down at himself, “And I don’t think it’s necessarily fair of me to complain about growing more muscles and getting taller and, well, this.” He cupped his newly grown wealth of cock meat, rubbing it slightly and feeling that tingling sensation of sexual delight that had grown larger, too. “And your face,” Tim offered. “I mean….” Jeremy smiled back and rubbed his stubbled chin. “Yeah, I guess that changed, too.” Tim nodded slowly. “Yes,” he said warmly, “it did.” “Better?” Jeremy asked. “Different,” Tim answered. “So, not better.” “I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it in the first place.” Jeremy blushed again, causing Tim’s heart to skip a beat. “Thanks,” the small young man said. Tim cleared his throat. “Awkward, though,” he said. “And now you’ll need excuses for your friends and….” “I don’t have any friends,” Jeremy said. “Well, except for Chuck.” “You’ve got friends,” Tim said, lowering his head. “Whether you know it or not.” There was a protracted silence, and then Jeremy said, “Well, um, I just...I guess I just wanted to let you know that I’m not mad or anything, in case you saw me later and realized what happened.” Tim looked up, meeting Jeremy’s gaze. “You’re not mad?” “Well, I am a bit...shocked. And surprised. But I’m not mad at you, Tim.” The huge man sighed with a long exhale. “I am sorry, though. Really, I am. I wish I could stop it from happening but I don’t know how...or why…or….” “It’s part of you,” Jeremy said. “That’s not something you should ever feel bad about.” “Yeah, but….” Jeremy reached forward and touched Tim’s hand. “Never feel badly about who you are. A friend taught me that.” “Chuck?” Jeremy nodded. “Like I said, he’s pretty cool.” “Once you get to know him.” Tim looked down at Jeremy’s hand. “Are you two…?” “Us? Oh, god, no. I mean, he’s nice and he’s cool and he’s….” “Extremely good looking.” “Look who’s talking.” Now it was Tim’s turn to blush. “Anyway,” he said, and then the words drifted off and he stood up. “I’m glad you’re not mad,” he said. Jeremy looked up and up and up at the huge young man. “I’m not, Tim.” “Okay,” he said. Jeremy stood back up, too. “Barry’s probably waiting.” “I….” “What?” “Nothing.” “I’ll see you around then.” “I hope so,” Tim said quietly. And then he left, while Jeremy watched his perfect ass bob and flex. “That wasn’t awkward at all,” Chuck said. He was suddenly standing near the window, again, naked and perfect. “Shut up.” Chuck smiled. “Wow,” he observed, “you’re really not very good at this.” “I….” “You want to know the secret?” “What secret?” “To being good at this.” He looked at the sexy man in his room. What did he know of secrets? All he had to do was smile and anyone would be his, would do whatever he wanted, be with him forever. “I guess so.” “Stop giving a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks.” “I don’t.” “You do. You very much do. You worry what someone will think, let alone what they might say. You worry that they won’t like you, or they’ll judge you. And they will, Jeremy, my friend. My very good friend. They will do that. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop them, or make them think something else. That’s why it isn’t—or shouldn’t be—the least bit important to you. Instead, be the best person you know how to be, and treat people with kindness, and compassion, and loyalty. Those people worthy of you, the people who love you, they’ll stick by you and be there when you need them.” Chuck looked at his young friend gravely. “And those people are the only ones that matter.” “That sounds simple.” “It is simple.” “But….” Chuck shook his handsome head. “No buts about it, Jeremy. When you finally accept yourself, and stop giving a fuck about what other people who don’t matter at all think about you, life gets easy. Friends and lovers appear. And when you talk to someone else you care about, you’ll start to know the ones who care about you.” Jeremy quirked a frown, and Chuck seemed to read his mind. “You think because I look the way I look, or do the things I can do, that I can’t understand what it’s like.” Jeremy started to answer in the affirmative, but Chuck cut him off. “Fair enough. I admit I have a few...unfair advantages.” “A few?” “Okay, a lot.” He grinned his sideways grin that always managed to put Jeremy at ease. “Just try it some time. The next time. The next time Barry makes you feel small or insignificant, remember that his opinion has about as much weight as a fruit fly. He’s not your friend.” “But Tim….” “Barry’s not your friend. At least not yet. Things change. People change. He’s about to change in a dozen ways he can’t possibly imagine. So be nice to him. But don’t give a fuck about what he thinks of you...until he becomes a friend.” “I don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon.” “Stranger things have happened. Believe me, I watched them.” He moved his perfect body towards his bed and sat down. “Tim,” he said. “What about him?” “I can smell him. Smell his power.” He closed his eyes for a moment and stroked himself, pulling in a long, slow breath that made his mammoth chest expand. “So much power.” He opened his smoldering eyes again. “That young man is holding a lot back, and he’s going to need your assistance.” “Our assitance, you mean.” Chuck shook his shaggy head again. “I can’t do anything. Only you can.” “What am I supposed to do?” “I don’t know.” “Thanks. That’s really helpful.” “My pleasure,” he answered with a grin. “But you’re willing to try?” Jeremy sighed. “I… guess so.” “He likes you a lot, you know.” “He likes everyone,” Jeremy said. “He likes you a lot.” • • • • “What was up with small fry?” Barry asked, looking up as Tim re-entered the room. “He’s not that small,” Tim corrected. “Nope, that much is crystal clear.” He licked his lips and scanned Tim’s naked body with obvious lust. “So...what do you want to do now?” He grabbed his cock and wagged it in the large man’s direction. Tim looked over. “Do you think he likes me?” “Who? Jeremy?” Tim nodded. Barry shrugged. “I thought he was hanging with that weird Charles guy.” Barry paused, and narrowed his eyes. “Though, now that I think about it, that Charles guy is pretty fucking hot.” “He said he’s not.” “He’s not hot?” “No, dummy, that he and Charles are....” “You asked him?” Tim nodded. “Whoa.” “What?” “That’s just sad.” “What?” he repeated more strongly. “Here you are, the biggest baddest strongest dog in, like, the county and you’re all in heat for some little bitch down the hall.” “Don’t call him that.” “I was just jok….” “Do not call him that. Ever.” “Dude. Chill out. I’m just yanking your chain. If you want him, go down there and get him.” “It’s not like that.” “What’s it like, then?” Tim looked at Barry with a scowl. “No, I’m serious here, dude. I mean, what the fuck? Are you in love or something?” “How could I be in love with someone who never even looks at me?” His face took on a sad expression and there was a bit of a lament in his deep voice. “Oh, fuck, dude.” “What?” Barry smiled broadly. “You are in love.” “Shut up.” He shook his head. “Dude, that’s just sad.” “Do you have a tender bone in your body, Barry?” He grinned as he looked down at himself. “Everything’s rock hard at the moment, dude.” He leaned up and held out his hand, “which I’d be happy to demonstrate if you’re in the mood for some more Barry time.” “Seriously?” Tim leaned against the doorframe. “What happened to you, bro? A minute ago you were riding me like a fucking stallion, and now all I see is Mr. Puppy Love and his limp dick.” “It’s...complicated.” “There’s nothing complicated about it, dude. Just turn that sorry, handsome ass of yours around and get back down the hall and tell the little bro what you feel.” “It’s not that simple.” “What’s not simple about it?” “I’ve never….” “You’ve never what. After what we just did I have a hard time believing there’s something you’ve never done.” His brow arched and he tilted his head. “Wait. Are you telling me…. Seriously, dude? Never?” “Never what?” “You’ve never been in love?” “I’m not in love.” “Dude, you so are.” He sat up, and a different demeanor came over him. “Dude, I’m sorry about before. Bro, this is some serious shit.” “I’m not….” “Dude,” he said. Then, more seriously, “Dude.” Tim sighed. “I know.” “Dude.” “I know!” “Dude. Seriously.” “Shut up, Barry, I know!” “You don’t know how fucking lucky you are, dude.” “And why am I so fucking lucky?” “Because, dude, you just happen to be rooming with The King of Love.” Tim rolled his eyes and slapped his forehead. “Dude! I’m serious as a heart attack!” “You’re the king of love.” The disbelief and sarcasm in Tim’s voice was thick enough to cut with a knife. “I’m not just a pretty face, Timster. I’ll have you know I’ve been in love dozens of times.” “Dozens?” “Half a dozen.” Tim crossed his arms over his gargantuan chest. “A couple. But I was totally good at it!” “Somehow I don’t see you as the romantic type.” “Dude, that’s just because all we do is fuck.” “Well, you are good at that.” “Shit yeah, I’m good at that. And I’m totally better at the whole love thing.” He stood up from the bed and crossed the short space between them, placing his new, large hand on Tim’s shoulder. “Dude, you and me? We are so going to make that guy fall in love with you.” Tim rolled his eyes again. Part 12 “Love,” said Barry, “is all about the other person.” He was lying sprawled on his bed on his side of the dorm room. His new, improved, over-sexed and powerfully muscled body was naked, as usual. He now understood quite intimately why it was that Tim, his roommate, was naked so often. In this new larger body, overheated by sexual need and power and constantly reminding him of its size, strength and hunger, wearing anything felt constricting and unnatural. His thick and powerful legs stretched forward, his huge feet planted on the floor, his wide back pressed against the wall. He was, for once, not stroking one (or both) of his twin pricks but they were both exposed, jutting forth proudly and lying splayed across each thick leg like fat snakes. His arms were folded across his massive chest and his head was slightly tilted as he spoke. “Yeah, that much I got,” Tim agreed, wrinkling his brow. He was standing in the room, because with the both of them in there was hardly any space as it was. They were, for the moment, between bouts of sex. He had changed his friendly roommate into another member of Muscle Club, and now they were two gigantic muscular specimens bulging against each other for every inch within their shared room. Tim was still feeling confused. In one sense, he felt enormously guilty for having changed his roommate and, now, friend in such a dramatic and life-changing way, no matter how many times Barry tried to convince him that everything was okay. On the other hand, he finally had someone else around with whom he could unleash his pent-up and powerful sexual needs and capacities - someone who owned the same amplified libido and over-charged double dicks and could give as good as he got. And he had to admit, Barry was a very, very talented and eager partner. They had been having sex nearly non-stop. Every time they came to pause in the activity, one man would catch the other man’s eye, something unsaid (and not needing to be said) would pass between them and they’d instantly reunite for another extended round of naked, sweaty, powerful, cum-blasting sex. The room was saturated in the smell of the two young men and their bodies’ new pheromonal production of intense sexual muskiness. Though it was still winter and cold as a witch’s tit outside (to paraphrase Barry) they had the window open to both cool down the overheated space and bring in some fresh air to clear out some of their mutual sex funk, which would otherwise drive each other crazy with desire in the confined space. The beds were, for the moment, shoved back against the walls, but they were looking much the worse for wear. Or wear and tear. These were two very strong, very heavy, very athletic and very flexible young men. They may have even invented one or two new ways to fuck, they weren’t entirely certain. Barry wrinkled his brow in a comical imitation of his roommate and lover. “No, it’s more than that. It’s…deeper.” He sat up a bit and dropped his hands to the bed. His cocks flopped about and he absently pushed one hand beneath them to pull his tremendous balls out from under. They were plump eggs. “Haven’t you ever felt like you’d do anything - literally anything for someone else?” “Sure.” He considered the question a bit deeper, leaning his broad, beautiful bulk against the bathroom doorframe. “I love my mom. I love my dad. But I don’t….” “You don’t want to fuck them, which is good to hear.” “Barry, eeeyoo, gross. That wasn’t at all what I was going to say.” “But that’s the distinction that’s important” he said, holding up a finger. “You can love someone a hell of a lot and not want to fuck them. And you can fuck someone a hell of a lot and not truly love them.” “Are you trying to tell me something, rookie?” Barry huffed through his nostrils. “If you’re asking me whether I love you, I can answer that one easily. Yes, I love you. You’re my bro and my friend and I’ll do whatever I can to help you, which is why we’re having this conversation right now, because I love you - but I don’t love-love you.” “We fuck.” “Loads,” Barry agreed. “So…what’s the difference?” “The difference is how you feel about me and how you feel about Jeremy.” “I haven’t fucked Jeremy.” “Why?” “What?” Barry paused and then shrugged, repeating, “Why? Why haven’t you fucked Jeremy? He’s got a cute ass.” Barry watched Tim’s naked body blush red. “I never noticed.” “Riiiiight.” He sighed. “Look, what I’m saying is the way you feel about Jeremy, the way you feel right now when I say his name, the way you feel in your heart - that thing inside your chest beating really hard right now and making your whole body feel hot - that’s a different kind of love. A special kind. The kind worth pursuing.” “You love me,” Tim said, doubtfully. “Yeah, bro, I love you. That’s why I want to help.” He tilted his head again. “Wait…have you…have you ever told anyone you loved them?” “Of course,” Tim answered a bit quietly. “Like who?” “My parents.” “Yeah, but you have to love them, don’t you? I mean have you ever said it to someone not your parents?” Tim considered his answer carefully and was suddenly looking everywhere around the room except at Barry. “I mean, sure, I’ve said it and….” “To who?” Barry pressed. “I’ve said it,” he repeated. “This isn’t a test, Timmy. I’m not trying to make you feel bad or embarrassed or anything. But if you’ve never even said it….” “Look, okay, love…that word…it’s hard for me to say it.” “Why?” “It just…is.” Tim shrugged and looked abashed. “I dunno why. I think…I just think it’s important. It’s not something you say to everyone.” “Or anyone?” “It’s…hard for me, okay? I think love is…love is huge, and it doesn’t happen a lot, and when you say it you have to mean it. Like, really, really mean it.” “What do you feel when I say it to you?” “When you…?” “Yeah, do you think I don’t really love you? That it’s just words? Or that it’s something I say to everybody I meet?” “I dunno,” Tim answered. Barry shook his head a little. “Can you say it to me?” “Can I say it…?” “That’s assuming you feel anything for your roomy of course. And you don’t have to. And I’m certainly not looking for a commitment here. I’m just asking if you can say it.” He moved to stand up, lifting his muscled bulk off the small bed and standing now eye-to-eye with Tim. “I love you, Timmy. You’re my bro. I’ll do anything for you, because I love you.” “I….” Barry half-smiled and narrowed his eyes. “I….” “Whoa, dude,” Barry said, placing his hand on his roommate’s shoulder, “we have a lot of work to do.” “I’m not prying,” Chuck said, “or I am prying but I don’t mean to be prying.” “It’s not as simple as that,” Jeremy said. He was sitting on his bed, his hands clasped in front of him, staring at the floor. Chuck was standing at the window, his naked ass facing the campus for everyone to see, if anyone bothered looking up. “And besides he’s got Barry and Barry and him are always together and why would he want to see me when Barry….” “So you’re convinced that Tim and Barry are a thing, and there’s no room for you in there?” “In where?” He looked up at his amazing and superhuman roommate. Chuck dropped to a crouch and pressed his finger against Jeremy’s meaty chest. “In there,” he said quietly. Jeremy shrugged slightly. Chuck stood back up, placing his cock at Jeremy’s eye level which was always more than a bit distracting for the college freshman. Chuck owned…a perfect cock. There was just no denying that. Chuck, himself, was perfect. “This might be a bull-by-the-horns situation,” Chuck stated. His deep, powerful, sexy voice said the words with conviction. “What bull, and who’s horns?” Jeremy looked up his roommate’s massive and beautiful body, past the bulging 8-pack abs and the two twin globes of heavy pectoral power and into his green eyes. “Figure of speech,” Chuck said. “Though in this case, the bull and the horns are both named Barry.” “I’m not gonna kiss you, if that’s what you’re asking.” “We kiss plenty,” Barry answered, and that was certainly true. “But I know what you mean.” “I find it hard to believe that you’re going to be able to tell me anything about love,” Tim said. “Don’t get all defensive and try to insult me, bro. This isn’t about me, right now, it’s about you. Now, I happen to know a hell of a lot about love, and I happen to know a hell of a lot about dudes in love, and I happen to know that you’re a dude in love with that other scrawny dude at the end of the hall and I want to help you out with him, even if I think he’s kind of a loser.” “Shut up,” Tim said warningly. Barry smiled. “Yeah, I guess if you want to waste your time with someone like that, who am I to….” “I said shut up,” Tim repeated, with a bit more menace in his tone. “I’m just saying you could find someone else who’s so much better than Jer….” “Jeremy is sweet and kind and polite and amazing. Jeremy is beautiful and handsome. Jeremy is so much better and more of a man than you’ll ever be that I can only guess that your so jealous of him that… what? What? Why are you laughing? Stop laughing, Barry!” “Love Lesson number one, dude: When you’re in love, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.” “But….that’s not fair! You… he….” “And Love Lesson number two: When you’re in love, you need to tell the person you’re in love with.” “But…” “Like, right now.” “What do you mean?” “I mean that it sounds like our friend Barry needs some distracting if you’re going to start to get any attention from Tim.” He smiled and winked. “Lucky for you, I’m very distracting.” “But, what if…?” “What if instead of Barry that Tim sees what a big juicy hunk of beautiful I am and decides to fall in love with me?” “Don’t tell me you read minds, too?” Chuck shook his head. “Not so much, although I can make you come just by thinking.” “Oh, ha ha.” “Yeah, bad joke I guess.” His smile said otherwise. “No, really, the ‘big juicy hunk of beautiful’ was spot on.” “I know my audience,” Chuck said with a shrug. “But what if…?” “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, whatever that bridge is. I have a strong feeling that Barry’s going to be very…amenable to any sort of proposition I might have for him. If all you need is for a little less Barry for there to be a lot more Jeremy in the picture, I’m more than happy to put my talents to good use.” He smiled his filthy sideways smile that always made Jeremy’s cock twitch. “Besides, something tells me that Barry thinks he’s God Gift, and I’m just the guy to show him exactly what God intended when he started putting presents under the tree.” Jeremy’s gaze wandered over his roommate’s incredible and awesome body and he had to agree. If there was one man on the planet capable of drawing someone’s attentions away from someone as gorgeous and perfect as Tim - it was Chuck. “You need to dress yourself up nice and go down to that little dude’s door…” “He’s not little,” “…and get this party started, dude. I love when we’re fucking away and having some nice, nasty naked time, but all this moping around like some lovesick puppy grates on my sensitive emotional state.” “What sensitive emotional…?” Barry slapped Tim’s ass hard. “Now go get some clothes on. You’re going to have a date with the man of your dreams if it kills you.” “A date!” Tim looked shocked. A date? Muscle Club dudes don’t date. Muscle Club dudes fuck! And have fun! And fuck some more! And he said as much. “Whatever, dude. This ain’t high school and Jeremy ain’t some piece of Muscle Club ass you want to just plug yourself into and go. And don’t argue with me here, I’m right and you’re wrong. If you want to get somewhere with that one, it’s going to take more than a little slap and tickle. You’re going to have to commit.” “Commit what?” “Everything, dude! Jesus, didn’t anyone ever teach you anything about relationships?” Barry shook his head. “Look, I mean, what we have, this is fine. This is fun. It’s fucking great, and it’s great fucking. But love is….love…oh, Jesus, love is everything!” “But what if…?” “But what if he rejects you? What if he hurts you? What if you go pour your mighty heart out all over the rug and he looks at it and laughs?” “Sort of,” Tim said with a shrug, though Barry had just voiced every hidden fear in his heart. “Dude, it doesn’t matter. You have to do it, because love is worth all of it. All the heartache and all the fucking anger and fear and sorrow and yeah, you’ll feel all that too. But then you’re in love, and you remember why you’re and love, and so does she…erm, he. And you look at her…him, and you feel your heart swelling like a balloon and you feel your feet coming up off the floor and you feel hot and sick and wonderful.” “Because why?” “Because you’re in love!” “I don’t want…!” Tim’s argument was quieted by a knock on their dorm room door, and Barry tucked one of his dicks up like he was born to it and walked naked to their small, overcrowded room’s entrance and turned the knob. A man was standing outside in the hallway. A man unlike any man that Barry (or Tim) had ever seen. A man of such physical beauty and perfect muscular development that it was difficult, at first, to look at him. Barry blinked and swallowed into a dry throat and allowed his eyes to travel up and down the man’s incredible - and incredibly naked - body before resting at last on his sea green gaze. He knew this dude, but all of the sudden he was seeing him for the first time. How had he never noticed how… how… how perfect he was? How beautiful? How powerful? How fucking sexy? “Hello,” the man said. Barry felt his cock swell and sizzle as the simple greeting licked his ear and dropped inside his head and started stroking his over-amped libido. “I don’t believe we’ve ever been formally introduced. My name is Charles. I live down the hall.” He was simply standing there. He was shorter than Barry was now, smaller in stature, but for some reason Barry felt physically overwhelmed by the man. “Heh…hello,” Barry managed to say. Chuck smiled. His body was perfect. His muscles were hard and bulging. His thick forests of warm, soft fur swarmed over his collection of brawn in beautiful patterns, swimming into the deep crevasses between the swollen muscles. He had a rough, handsome beard on his chiseled features and his eyes were the color of emeralds. Fat, lickable nipples pushed up from the two massive globes of his chest, and a palpable heat was emanating from his tall, wide, massive frame. His huge, beautiful, thick, long cock poured over his balls inches long, a fat pipe of pure sex that was almost glowing with power. Barry’s cock started arching upwards and his balls were inflating with cream. He was releasing a thick cloud of intense masculine pheromones and his dark, heavy nipples tingled. Chuck smiled and said, “I was just wondering if you wanted to fuck.” “”Puh…pardon?” Chuck licked his lips and parted them slowly. “Fuck,” he said. He looked back towards his room and then locked eyes with Barry again. “My roommate, Jeremy, is out at the moment. Went down to the library or something.” He said this sentence rather louder than necessary. “I’m all alone down there and horny as hell. Jeremy is much too polite to…engage me, much as I’d like to. Can you imagine that? Someone turning me down?” Chuck was subtly amplifying his already brain-spinning collection of brawn and beauty. Who, indeed, could deny this man anything? “Besides, he only has eyes for somebody else.” He reached down and moved his fingers around his fat shank of meat, rubbing the skin with his thumb. He pulled in a slow, long breath and let it escape in a deep, animal growl. “So…do you wanna fuck?” “Do I want to…?” Chuck nodded. Then he reached forward and grasped Barry’s dick in his grip, sending a cascade of The Touch though the connection, lighting up Barry’s sex drive like a dozen wet tongues all licking his hard-on and rubbing the head and sucking the tip until he was dry. “Let’s fuck,” Chuck stated. He allowed his magical cock to start lengthening and thickening, swelling longer and heavier as he stood there. “Um, Timmy? Bro? I’m gonna go out for a few minutes…” “Hours,” Chuck said quietly. “Oh my God,” Barry replied. “God? No. I’m no God.” He squeezed Barry’s dick and sent another hard, heavy jolt of pure sex into his body. “But let’s see how close we can get to heaven.” Chuck pulled the young man out into the hallway by his dick and closed the door behind him, leaving a dumbstruck Tim standing alone in the dorm room with only one idea in his head. Get. To. The. Library. Jeremy was trying to look busy, but his heart was beating very quickly in his chest and he kept needlessly rearranging his books and laptop to make it appear that he was doing…something. He tried not to glance at the door, but every sound in the library made his heart jump and his breath catch. He had never been so nervous in his life. Chuck’s instructions were still echoing in his ears: “Just be yourself.” “But what if he…?” Then Chuck shook his head and turned him around and shoved him out the door. “Just be yourself. He’ll like you. You’re very likable.” He put on a plain white crew neck t-shirt and his favorite sweater, a sky-blue knit which stretched itself across the new, larger contours of his body in a weird but not unattractive manner, and squeezed himself into a pair of jeans (why was his butt so big? why did he need such a big butt anyway?) and shoved his fatter cock into the crotch (which, annoyingly, only made it want to bulge even larger once he’d managed to button the fly up and it started to rub in a most distracting way) and slipped his feet - which, thankfully, hadn’t grown larger with the rest of him - into his winter boots and gathered up his backpack and headed to the library. “The library?” he’d asked Chuck, after given some odd instructions. “It’s perfect,” he said, “because it’s neutral ground and you’ll be in your element.” “That’s my element?” “You have to admit that you spend an inordinate amount of time there.” A smile crossed Jeremy’s lips and Chuck asked, “What’s that for?” “‘Inordinate,’” he repeated. “Sometimes I forget that there’s a brain inside that amazing body of yours.” “It’s my best feature,” Chuck said with a bit of pride. “And that’s saying something,” Jeremy chided, giving his impossibly beautiful roommate an appraising once-over. When Jeremy walked past Tim and Barry’s room, he could hear their deep voices rumbling like boulders. The word “love” kept coming up distinctly, and it made Jeremy’s heart collapse a little. The library was practically abandoned, as he had hoped it would be. Nearly everyone had gone home for winter break, and who was going to be spending time in the library anyway? Only losers. Like him. Would Tim even show up? What was Chuck going to do, anyway? How was he going to convince Barry to let Tim come to the library - or convince Tim to leave Barry’s arms - when they’d been cooped up together for the whole weekend without a glimpse of either of them? And what were they doing in there all this time? Did they even come out to eat? Making out, probably. Yeah. Kissing and stuff. Jeremy pictured the two of them kissing each other and he gagged a little. But then he found himself inserted in Barry’s place, and there’s was Tim’s handsome face, so close to his own, and Tim’s soft, warm lips (he imagined that they had to be very soft and very warm) and then Tim was leaning in close, and he could smell Tim and feel his heat and then Tim was pressing his lips to Jeremy’s and he could feel Tim’s wet, hot tongue pushing inside his mouth and…. “Hi.” Startled, Jeremy shoved his hand under the table to hide his hard-on. Dammit! Why did that keep happening? His clothes were now very tight on his body and he turned slightly, trying to simultaneously look up at whomever was there and not rip the seams of another undershirt again. There was a dude standing behind him who looked decidedly not like Tim. he wasn’t a bad looking sort of dude. He was, in fact, Jeremy had to admit, rather cute. Not handsome, but cute, with bright blue eyes, blonde hair, a prominent chin and a decent if not exactly amazing (on a Tim level) body. “Hi,” Jeremy said. “I’m Jeff. Jefferson Crawley.” “Jeremy.” “What’s up, Jeremy?” His blue eyes scanned Jeremy’s face, and traveled along his wide shoulders and newly developed chest. “You stuck here over the holiday?” Jeremy nodded, glancing at the library entrance and any sign of Tim. “Me, too,” Jeff answered. Jeremy looked up at him again as Jeff was looking at his books and computer screen. “So, doing a little extra studying?” “Yeah,” he answered. Jeff’s brow wrinkled. “Looks like you’re studying…everything.” He smiled, though. He did not have an unattractive smile. “I haven’t seen you around campus,” he observed. “I’ve been around,” Jeremy answered. “Funny. I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed a guy who looks like you do,” Jeff said. Then he smiled again. “Oh. I…I guess I do look….” “You here on a scholarship?” “Me?” Jeff nodded, as his eyes traveled across Jeremy’s chest and shoulders, then returned to his face. “Wrestling?” “Wrestling?” “No? Football, then?” “I’m not on a scholarship,” he said. “I’m an English major.” Jeff’s eyebrows arched quite high. “An English major?” “Yeah,” Jeremy replied, feeling a little irritated. “Sorry, it’s just that…you don’t look like an English major.” “What do I look like?” “You look like a wrestler. Maybe it’s the way you fit into that sweater.” Jeremy looked down and plucked at the knitwear. “Don’t get me wrong, you look…really good in that sweater.” He looked back up. “Thanks?” “Really good.” Jeremy frowned. What the hell was this guy on, anyway? “Um, so, do you…wanna…get some coffee? Or something?” “Coffee?” “Or something?” Jeff’s eyes moved to his chest again. “Accent on the something?” “No, I’m okay.” “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean…it’s just that usually my dar is excellent and I was very definitely getting a vibe off of you.” “Your dar?” “My gaydar.” Jeremy instantly blushed and felt his body heat up. “But it’s cool,” Jeff said quickly, “I didn’t mean….” “Wait. You want to go get coffee?” Jeff smiled and nodded. “With me?” He nodded again. “And by ‘coffee’ you mean….” “Anything you want it to mean,” Jeff answered. He placed his hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and squeezed it slightly. “My room’s empty. We could…go have coffee there. If you were up for it.” There was movement over Jeff’s shoulder and Jeremy’s attention was drawn to it. The library door opened and a very large, very broad, very tall, very handsome figure moved inside the brightly lit building. “I…um….” Jeff noticed Jeremy’s distraction and turned around, looking for what Jeremy was looking at. It would have been very hard to miss Tim. “Oh, fuck” he said. Tim managed to reduce his bulk enough to fit into a polo shirt and a pair of jeans. He was still growing. He was always growing. And probably his recent gift of the Muscle Club magic to Barry and then Barry’s recent gift of nearly nonstop sex and the usual unending flood of warm, salty muscle-powered spunk from his swollen ball sack meant that Tim was now even larger than only two days ago. He hadn’t counted on that, and wasn’t even considering it before he tried to put some clothes back on and discovered that he was once again bigger. Bigger everywhere. The shirt was a bit ridiculous. Why was his growth always so pronounced in his shoulders and chest? His arms, too, were now thicker with muscle, and the tiny sleeves had rolled up his arms to allow his biceps and triceps room. The woven cotton rubbed across his fat nipples and stimulated his already over-eager sex drive, making it harder than ever to control the size and hunger of his cock. Of course, that - or those - too were bigger. He’d barely been able to shove the wealth of meat into his jeans and zip himself inside. The bulge produced by his mass of cock and those fat balls was comical, as if he was smuggling tennis balls in his crotch. The shirt rode high on his belly and his jeans rode low on his hips (taller, too, then) exposing a couple of inches of his midriff from above his navel to where his forest of curly pubes erupted on his pelvis. All in all, he thought he looked purely ridiculous, but there was no other course for him unless he just slipped on a jockstrap and wandered around campus bare-assed with the over-burdened pouch stretched to its limits. No one was around, anyway, so he strode with purpose and determination over to the library. Love, huh? Barry was such an expert. But he said it to just about anyone, didn’t he? Barry even said he loved Tim! How could he love so many people so easily? Love isn’t like that! Love is…love is hard! It’s…meaningful! It means something! You can’t just tell everyone you love them! The library was glowing with light on the deserted campus. Tim stalked towards it with purpose and intent. He was gonna tell Jeremy…something. Or, ask him something? How does one start this business, anyway? “Hey, Jeremy, I really like you and I was wondering if you like me too?” “Hey, Jeremy, really sorry about making you grow muscles and get even more amazingly handsome. Do you want to go somewhere and talk about it? While I stare at your face and dream about making out with you?” There was always the direct, Charles-like approach. “Hey, Jeremy, wanna fuck?” No, Jeremy wasn’t like Barry. Not at all. Jeremy was…beautiful. And amazing. And sweet. And awesome. And… Sitting over there with some other dude with his hand on Jeremy’s shoulder. “Oh, fuck,” Jeremy echoed. Jeff looked back at Jeremy. “You know that dude?” “Yes. No. Sort of.” Jeff looked back towards Tim. “Jesus. I’ve seen him around but…Jesus. Why’s he dressed like that?” “I don’t think he has a choice.” Jeff could see Tim’s over-burdened crotch. “I see what you mean.” He looked up. “He’s looking over here.” “Yeah,” agreed Jeremy. “Are you sure you don’t know him? Because he looks like he knows you.” Tim stopped at the doors and just stood there, looking at Jeremy and some blonde dude talking. He swallowed and felt his mouth go dry and suddenly all his words and plans were vanishing away. He hadn’t counted on this. Some other dude. Some other dude with his hand on Jeremy’s shoulder and sporting a hard-on in his jeans and practically salivating all over Jeremy’s body. “He’s coming over,” Jeff observed. “He does seem to be,” Jeremy agreed. Tim walked toward the couple and stopped. “Hi,” he said. “Hi,” Jeff said. “Hi,” Jeremy said. Then nobody said anything as they all stared at each other. Then Jeff stuck his hand out and said, “I’m Jeff.” Tim looked at the hand and then took it with some irritancy. “Tim,” he said, and they shook hand in introduction. “This is Jeremy,” Jeff said. “I know,” Tim said. Jeremy said, “Hi, Tim.” “Hi,” he answered. Then there was another long silence. Finally, Jeremy said, “Jeff was asking if I wanted to have some coffee with him.” Tim looked at Jeff. “Is that so?” Jeff nodded slowly. “Yeah.” “Coffee?” “Yeah,” he said again. “Just coffee?” “Well…yeah,” he said yet again, arching an eyebrow. “Wait a second, are you guys…?” Tim and Jeremy both looked startled, and then started saying, “No, oh no, no, we’re not, no,” and so forth at the same time. Jeff was looking back and forth between them, a smile growing on his face. “I see,” he said. Then he clapped his hands and looked at Jeremy. “I’m just gonna….go. I think. And…if you ever want to…get some coffee with me, I’m in room 302 in building C.” Then he looked at Tim meaningfully. “Okay,” Jeremy said quietly. Then he blushed again. Jeff exchanged looks with the two other men, said, “Yeeeaaaahhh,” very slowly and then moved away from the two of them, grinning wickedly. They both watched him go until he disappeared around a group of bookshelves. “He seems nice,” Tim observed, still looking at the empty space where the blonde had gone. “I guess so,” Jeremy answered. Tim looked down at Jeremy, and his heart seemed to flip over in his chest. Jeremy looked…really, really good. Like…REALLY good. The sweater he was wearing matched his eyes perfectly. It fit him like a glove, making his new bulk appear even larger than he knew it was. Jeremy had gained some pounds and inches on his slight frame, and probably he was a bit taller too. But something about him in that sweater, sitting there surrounded by books, looking both physically powerful and all brainy - it made Tim’s cock bulge. Jeremy looked up Tim’s broad, bulging, beautifully developed contours - it really was a ludicrous outfit he had on, but there was something undeniably sexy about the fact that he was now too large to even fit inside his own clothes, plus seeing so much skin in this public place made Jeremy’s whole body tingle alarmingly - and his eyebrow arched. “So,” he said, “you’ve been…busy.” “What?” “In your room,” he said. “Busy.” “Oh,” he said, “yeah.” “Did you want something?” he asked. “What?” “Are you okay? Is something wrong?” “Wrong?” He was still looking to where Jeff had gone. “Yeah, he’s nice looking, isn’t he?” “What? Who?” “Jeff.” Tim rounded on Jeremy suddenly. “That guy?” he asked, rather loudly. “Yeah,” Jeremy answered calmly. “That guy.” “He’s a jackass.” “You know him?” “Never met him in my life,” Tim answered. Jeremy smiled. “So….” Tim looked at Jeremy again and his brain went blank. God, the dude was SO. CUTE. “Here for some light reading?” “Huh?” “Taking a break from all that physical activity?” “Hmm?” “Barry?” “Barry?” “You? And Barry?” “Me and Barry what?” Jeremy sighed dramatically and turned towards his hoard of books. “Never mind,” he said shortly. “What did he want?” Tim asked. “Who?” “That Jeff guy.” “I told you, he wanted to go out for coffee.” “Uh huh.” “What’s your problem? Don’t like coffee?” “Listen, Jeremy, guys like that - he doesn’t want to have coffee with you.” “Guys like that?” “You have to be careful.” “I have to…what are you, my mother?” “I just mean….” “Why do you care?” “What?” “Why do you care?” Chuck pulled Barry inside Jeremy’s dorm room and closed the door behind them. He tugged the large man around by his dick and moved his hand behind Barry’s neck and pulled their lips together, giving Barry a passionate kiss as he stroked his cock and sent deep shocks of pure bliss through his body. Chuck was a fully transformed man, gifted with the full set of powers and all of them pumped up to their fullest potential and capacity. As far as sexual pleasure goes, there was nothing - no act, no request, no desire, no fantasy - that he was incapable of fulfilling. He pulled their two muscular bodies together and the heat in the room swelled. He pushed his tongue inside Barry’s mouth and they wrestled for dominance, as Barry lost control of his body and his secondary cock sprang forth and inflated to full power. Chuck pulled his lips from Barry’s and looked down. “Thanks for the compliment,” he said. “I haven’t managed to do that to another guy for quite some time.” Barry’s handsome young face twisted into confusion. “That happens to you a lot, does it? You kiss some guy and they spring a second boner?” “You’d be surprised what happens to me,” he answered. Then he kissed him again, harder and deeper, and pressed his body against Barry. Chuck began to swell larger with muscle. Barry could feel him growing, feel their skin rubbing against each other as his companion started gaining inches and pounds of hard brawn everywhere on his body. “Fuck,” Barry whispered, “you’re just chock full of surprises.” “And we’re just getting started,” Chuck answered. “How much experience do you have with those things?” “What, these little boys?” Barry asked, reaching down and grabbing both his dicks in his large grip. “I can handle myself if that’s what you’re asking.” “What I’m asking,” Chuck said, “is whether or not you’re going to be able to lift me into a screaming orgasmic explosion of superhuman pleasure, delivering so much fucking amazing fucking that I will burn the memory of you and me into my brain with searing sexual fire and regret every other fuck from this moment on.” “Oh,” Barry said. “So…the usual, then?” Chuck smiled. “You,” he said, “I like.” “I tend to have that effect on people,” Barry answered. “I….” Jeremy twisted around in his seat and looked up at the tightly clothed college freshman standing over him. “You? You what?” “I…care.” “You care,” Jeremy repeated. Tim nodded, slightly dumbfounded. “Why?” “Why?” “Why do you care? Tell me why you care, Tim.” “I…just do.” “Right.” Jeremy had no idea why he was angry in that moment. He didn’t have time to consider the reasons, he only had time to feel it. “Right. Fine. You ‘just do.’” “Yeah,” Tim said, confused by what was happening and unable to sort out his own feelings. This was not going at all the way he had imagined it. Not at all. “And what about Barry?” “Barry?” “Yes, Barry. That guy you spend all your time with? That guy who lives with you? That guy who you turned into another huge muscle stud and whenever I happen by your room you’re both naked and sweaty and all I hear from behind your closed door is the sounds of grunting and moaning? Barry?” “But, Barry and me, we’re just….” “Do you love him?” “What?!?” “Do you love him?” “I…guess I do, but I mean he said….” “Fine,” Jeremy answered. “Great. Perfect. Okay.” Jeremy stood and started shoving his books inside his backpack, muttering, “Fine. Great. Just perfect. Amazing. Yeah. Whatever.” “Jeremy, what’s…what’d I do?” The smaller boy turned and locked eyes on Tim’s handsome, bewildered features. “You just have no clue at all, do you? Not the slightest inclination. You’re entirely baffled by this whole thing.” Tim nodded. That was an excellent summary of his feelings at the moment. Jeremy exhaled hard. “Fine. Good. Okay.” He hefted his backpack onto his shoulder. There was a slight ripping sound as his t-shirt started to give way. “I wonder if Jeff is still around,” he asked, looking directly at Tim. “Jeff?” Tim’s voice sounded hurt and angry at the same time. “Yeah. At least Jeff knows what he wants.” He stared at Tim for a heartbeat. “That’s it, then? Nothing else to say?” “I don’t understand,” Tim said, half to himself. What was happening? Why was it happening? How was it happening? “I don’t understand.” Jeremy shook his head. “Well, I can’t go back to my room. Maybe I’ll go see if someone wants to have some coffee.” “Jeremy….” “What? What do you want? What?” Tim looked at Jeremy’s angry expression. There was nothing of love in it. Nothing of caring. Nothing of concern. “Nothing.” “Exactly,” Jeremy concluded, and he stalked off in the direction of Jeff’s departure. Tim stood in the emptiness for some time, trying to work through what had just happened in his head, trying to figure where things went wrong, and what he should do, and how he should feel. Part 13 Chuck’s body was coated with sweat, slicking up his skin and glistening like diamonds in the raw fur that coated his chest and belly. Barry looked down across the muscular planes of his lover’s rock-hard body, feeling the weight of the man’s legs over his own mountainous shoulders, the strong and potent scent of the man invading his senses like pure bliss, and felt dizzy and high, as if the sex they’d been having for…he didn’t know how long, was acting like a narcotic on his senses, pushing his brain into weird angles and making him doubt what he was seeing and feeling. He could never have imagined that anything in his life, on this planet or any other, could feel like what experiencing sex with this man felt like. Even having been with Tim and his unlimited libido and powerful and flexible body could not have prepared him one iota for the unending and overwhelming onslaught of perfect physical bliss that Chuck was somehow able to deliver in capacities that made his own mighty and muscular body shudder and collapse. Being fucked by the man was one thing. It wasn’t just the sensation of his majestic and talented prick pushing inside his ass with such authority and domination, or the unbridled cascades of pure pleasure he managed to provide as he shoved his hardness over and over against some magic exploding button inside Barry’s body, making him groan and cry and lose any semblance of control; it was that Chuck managed somehow to do that while stroking his flesh with several hands, and kissing his mouth with lips everywhere, and speaking raw filth into his head that drove him wild. But even that could not compare with fucking the man beneath him. It was like…it was like…words were not providing Barry with sufficient enough descriptive power to begin to approach what it was like to plug his cock inside Chuck’s magical, marvelous, tingling, throbbing, sucking, stroking, licking, caressing ass and feel…perfect. He felt perfect. He looked down at the man he was fucking, pulling himself out of that furnace of sexual fire, each inch increasing his desire to push back inside, and then as he was nearly out of the seat of sexual power he would shift his hips and slowly, ever so slowly ease his hard meat back inside, enveloped by thick and powerful throbs of sexual power that erupted through the fat inches of his prick and exploded inside him like fireworks made of sex. He closed his eyes, lolling his head back on his neck, and groaned and squirmed and nearly passed out from the unending rush of Chuck’s sexual power. He gulped in air to try to cool his overheated body. He reached up and pinched and twisted his nipples, making heavy fountains of cream spout from the mouth of his dick. Then he would be inside him, up to his balls, pumping another thick river of cum into the man’s guts and Chuck would gasp and moan and reach up and pull Barry down to him, their two muscular bodies married together in a dance of beautiful fucking, kissing his mouth, grabbing his ass, pulling him inside deeper and deeper, then pushing his fingers into Barry’s wet pucker and radiant surging cascades of refined masculine power, rapturous and euphoric, would enter his ass and the sensations of his dick and his butt would embrace inside him and explode, just as he was exploding another fat gush of cream inside Chuck. Chuck held nothing back. He did not gift the man with his own power, but he allowed him unfettered access to Chuck’s myriad and industrial-strength line of sexual and physical capabilities. Chuck had access to everything in a truman’s arsenal, and he was firing them all at Barry without restraint. Because no matter how far he went with the young man, he only wanted more. Chuck was amazed at first, and then he was astonished, and now he was truly shocked at the level of intensity that Barry was able to take and swallow - and then ask for more. There truly was something different - something unique and special - separating this new breed of transformed men from his own stock. They may not have developed some of the same capabilities and superhuman powers as he and his brothers, but they seemed even more attuned to the sexual connotations that Transform delivered. Even Chuck, who considered himself among the most powerful - if not the most powerful - of sexual beings on the entire planet was finding himself taxed with trying to keep up with Barry. Hours passed. They lost track of time. The room was a disaster area, with broken furniture and over-saturated with the scent of the men. Sweat and sex filled the space, and both were releasing heavy clouds of thickly scented pheromones that drifted outside into the chill night air. Finally, Barry pulled his still-erupting fountain from Chuck’s accommodating ass, kissed the man’s warm, soft mouth soundly and collapsed against him, resting his head on Chuck’s massive pectoral mountains and he sprayed hot, sticky sex all over their skin, feeling it revitalize them as it was sucked inside to feed their insatiable hunger. He came like a fountain, pushing a heavy stream of powerful cum from his swollen, over-stimulated balls, and they both groaned in ecstatic bliss. It splattered and splashed as he came and came, feeling Chuck’s strong arms surrounding his mass, swimming his fingers through the thick puddles of cum until they evaporated inside their bodies. “Well,” Barry said, “that was fun.” “You have a way with understatement,” Chuck observed with deep, soft laughter. “You didn’t think that was fun?” “Oh, I thought it was a bit more than fun,” the handsome man said, kissing his lover. “You’re quite a remarkable young man.” “I’m quite a remarkable man, young or old,” Barry boasted. “What’s being young got to do with it? How old are you, Mr. College?” “Oh, yeah. College. I keep forgetting that part.” “‘I keep forgetting that part,’” Barry repeated, trying to mimic Chuck’s absurdly deep and powerful tone. “You’re one weird dude, you know that?” “If you think I’m weird I have some friends you should meet.” Barry sat up and twisted around to look at Chuck’s inhumanly handsome visage. “If they’re anything like you, let’s call ‘em up and have a party!” Chuck laughed again. It was a rich, warm sound that Barry could feel as well as hear. Chuck reach up and twisted one of Barry’s fat nipples. “You,” he said, “I like.” “The feeling is mutual,” Barry agreed. He reached down behind him with his hand and found Chuck’s prick. It was warm and thick and still firm, though less than it’s nearly constant rock-solid state. He moved his hand beneath it and gripped it tenderly. “You fuck like you haven’t fucked in years, dude.” “Feels like it sometimes,” Chuck admitted. “That was some heavy duty shit there, especially at around hour two…or was it three?” “Which?” “That thing you did where you were underneath me and then you somehow twisted me around like a fucking corkscrew and suddenly you were on top and my legs were split open and you were bending down pushing your mouth against mine without stopping for a second, pistoning away like a fucking diesel truck on my well-worn hole.” Chuck smiled. “Oh, yeah. That part.” As his lover smiled, Barry felt a cascade of something like pure bliss shake his senses. God damn but the man was handsome. Not just handsome, downright beautiful. “You’re beautiful,” he said. And then he squeezed Chuck’s dick. “You’re not so bad yourself,” Chuck agreed, moving his large, powerful hand across Barry’s massive pecs. “And fuck if you can’t fuck like a motherfucker!” Chuck laughed again. “You have a remarkable way with words.” Barry winked. He was looking into Chuck’s face, and a question occurred to him. “How many?” Chuck blew a breath out between his full, moist lips. “Well, I guess it depends on whether you count each time we switched places or if it was all one long continuous….” Barry punched Chuck’s meaty chest playfully. “No, stupid, I mean how many lovers have you been with?” “You first,” Chuck said. He wasn’t sure he could count that high, and if he did he wasn’t sure Barry would believe him. Barry closed his eyes and his lips moved a little. He smiled more than once and even moaned and cooed as he went through his repertoire. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked at Chuck again. “Around forty, I think.” “Forty guys?” “Oh, fuck, no. Only three guys. Forty girls.” “Only three guys?” “You’re lucky number three if you’re wondering.” “Fuck.” “Is that a good ‘fuck’ or a bad ‘fuck’?” “It’s a good fuck. I’m just surprised. You know your way around a dick like you were born to it.” “I kinda was. I mean, I’m an owner so I know what feels good, right? And me and Tim have been going at it practically non-stop since…this happened,” he said, raising and bending his arm to make all that new prime muscle meat bulge and swell, “and I figure Mr. Big Balls has been with his fair share of dudes, so he’s been an excellent teacher.” “How did it happen?” “The muscle thing?” Chuck nodded, reaching up and running his hand through Barry’s hair with gentle strokes. Barry shrugged his wide shoulders. “He sorta…lost control or something. I mean, I gotta admit I have some responsibility for it too. Takes two to tango and all that, and the dude can be very convincing when he has your legs in the air and his tongue is down there lapping at your asshole.” “I’d imagine so,” Chuck agreed. The taste of Barry’s tight pucker was still on his tongue. “So, yeah, he was pretty riled up and he has this…thing. Which I guess you’ve noticed since you’re down the hall from us.” “The sexplosion?” Now Barry laughed. “Yeah. Sexplosion. I like that. He calls it the Time Bomb, because when the timer goes off he just explodes, and if you’re in the way, well…” He ran his hands across both of his mountainous pecs and then down his rippled belly, ending his exploration by reaching along the thick inches of his new prick and petting his monster familiarly. “Anyway, I guess it gets…I dunno, pent up or caged or something and if he doesn’t, like, let it go every once in a while, it fucking goes off all at once and I was in the right place at the wrong time.” “Wrong time? So you…regret that he…?” Barry planted his hands on either side of the huge man beneath him. “Oh, fuck no! Are you fucking kidding me? I mean, yeah, I’ll have a hell of a time explaining this all to my mom. She’s gonna fucking freak the fuck out!” His voice went up a couple of registers as he began another mimicry. “Just what have you done to yourself, Barrington Percy Manners? You look a fright with all those muscles all over you!” His twisted his face into a grimace. “Yeah, can’t wait for that day.” “Percy?” “Shut the fuck up,” Barry warned. He settled his shaggy head back onto Chuck’s chest and re-applied his grip to the man’s huge prick, trying without success to squeeze Chuck’s mammoth meat firmly. It only made his cock surge with its own firmness and swell outward against his grip. He exhaled loudly and shook his head at the man’s power and control. “So, what’s it like?” “What’s what like?” “Being a truman?” Chuck sighed out a heavy breath and closed his eyes. “There goes your Christmas surprise.” “Yeah, well, Christmas is over and New Year’s is coming. I’m not an idiot, Chuck.” He squeezed his dick hard again, and felt Chuck pressing back against him, swelling huge. “Nobody, and I mean nobody looks the way you do and does the things you can do who isn’t a truman - or whatever it is that Tim is. And, I guess, I am, too.” “You’re not a truman,” Chuck said, “at least not yet.” “Yeah? Is that a not-so-subtle offer, Superman?” “I’m not Superman.” “Can you bend steel with your bare hands?” “Sort of.” “Are you faster than a locomotive?” “Depends on what I’ve had for breakfast.” “Can you leap tall buildings in a single bound?” “What’s a ‘bound,’ anyway? Is that a jump? Why not just say single jump? No one knows what the fuck a bound is.” Barry thumped his head against Chuck’s chest again. “Can you fly, Superman?” “Depends on one’s definition of fly….” “Can you float around in the sky without benefit of plane or parachute or strings or anything? You know…fly?” “Technically? I guess you could say that I can fly.” Barry stroked Chuck’s cock. “Happy to make your acquaintance, Superman.” “But the heat vision thing, totally can’t do that.” Barry twisted his head on his neck to meet Chuck’s free gaze. “Timmy and me, we aren’t truman?” “Not precisely, no. Because you weren't transformed by a truman. Something else is happening. Something similar but different.” “So…we get the two dicks thing and the giant muscles thing and the constant state of hyper-horniness thing but not the flying thing and…what else?” “What else?” “Yeah, what else have you got that I haven’t got?” He stroked Chuck’s cock like he was petting a friendly snake. “Well, you can certainly fuck like a truman.” “That sounds like a compliment.” “That is totally a compliment.” Chuck scrubbed Barry’s scalp in a friendly manner. “Dude, the hair!” Chuck laughed. “What else?” “How much can you control yourself. Your body, I mean.” “I can get bigger and smaller, though you appear to be able to do that a lot better than me, so any pointers there would be appreciated. Ripping apart my clothes is starting to get fucking annoying. And I can tuck up my spare dick.” He raised himself off Chuck’s chest again and turned on him. “And just what the fuck is that all about anyway? Who’s bright idea was it to grow another dick?” He glanced down his body towards his crotch. “It’s not like one constantly horny super cock is bad enough, I have two of these things throbbing with hot sex twenty-four-seven! What the fuck…Chuck?” He smiled at his rhyme. “Yeah, you're not the first guy with a complaint. It’s not all roses and paper hearts, is it?” “Fuck, no!” He settled back on Chuck again, throwing his hands and arms around to illustrate his frustration. “I fucking loved vagina! Tits and vagina! Sticking my dick inside a nice juicy warm comfy cunt and fucking away at that shit!” “Such language!” “I’m serious bro!” “I know bro.” “Don’t say bro. It sounds weird.” “Okay. No bro, and no reminding Barry about his love of vagina.” Barry punched Chuck’s chest. Chuck tensed up involuntarily. It was like striking a leather covered boulder. “Ow! Fuck!” “Sorry!” “Jesus, dude, what are you, made of rocks and iron?” “Yes, Barry. I’m made of rocks and iron. I shoot liquid metal out of my cock and my blood is made of lava.” Barry laughed, and then he smiled. “If you weren’t so fucking beautiful it would be easier to stay mad at you.” “Hate to break it to you but you can’t stay mad anyway.” Barry’s eyebrow arched, and Chuck said, “Just another handy dandy quirk of being partially truman. We don’t get angry. We don’t get violent. We don’t have the capacity for it.” “I get angry,” Barry argued. “I get plenty angry!” “When were you…whatever it is Tim does?” “Three days ago.” Chuck rolled his eyes. “You’re just a baby. You’ve got a lot to learn yet, my friend.” “Baby, huh? How about if I fuck you with both my baby dicks again and we’ll see if I’m ‘just a baby.’” “And you just proved my point.” “How did I do that, Superman?” “It’s why you’re horny all the time. Or most of the time.” He looked at Barry and moved his gaze down the young man’s powerful new body, focusing at last on his heavy dick, which was already throbbing and lengthening at the thought of another round of sex with Chuck. “All the time. You don’t get angry, you get horny. Your aggression gets rerouted. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.” “I won’t get angry?” “Not truly angry, no. You’ll get frustrated and annoyed and bent out of shape. But you’ll ever get to a state of violence. You just won’t.” “And can I sexplode?” Chuck laughed again. “I don’t know. Have you tried?” “How would I try something like that?” “How does Tim do it?” “He just…does it. Like I said, he’s not always in control of it. Sometimes he leaks.” “He leaks?” Barry nodded. “You can…sort of…feel him. Feel his…whatever…sex. Horniness. It leaks out and sort of infects you and suddenly you’re hard as a rock and your brain is sizzling with pictures of naked beauty and you’re pulling your little stiffy out and going to town.” “Big stiffy.” “I stand corrected,” Barry agreed. “And you’re sure that’s him and not just you looking at him and thinking, fwah, I want a piece of that action?” “I told you, bro, I was totally a muff diver before…all this.” He motioned again at his naked body, now overwhelmed with muscle and honed to a state of perfect development. “Me, too.” Barry pulled himself up and pivoted. “Shut the fuck up!” He nodded. “Cross my heart. Your friendly neighborhood Chuck was a die-hard hetero before my friend Todd decided to spill his ample load all over me…or was it the good doctor who did it to me? So long ago now I hardly remember.” Barry dug his fingers through Chuck’s fur, combing its curls across the globes of his chest. “How long ago?” “Years. Lots of years and lots of guys.” He sighed, thinking about all the men who disappeared, and all his missing friends. “Tim doesn’t try to keep it a secret, then?” Barry shook his head. “Can’t, can he? First day I met him the guy made me cum in my skivvies.” Chuck laughed, folding his arms behind his head. It made his biceps swell into footballs. “Swear to God. Dude goes into the john and he’s stroking off - I can totally hear him in there, probably lubed up his joint with a gob of spit,” he paused, considering something and then looked down at his own dick as he started releasing a steady flow of lubing precum honey, “or maybe something else - and when he goes off I go off. He gets all sheepish and shit, comes out looking like he does, all muscle and cock, apologizing and feeling bad about making me have a gallon-cum fucking orgasm and I’m thinking, hell, this guy looks like some fucking gym juicer who’s gonna be shooting roids in his ass and going apeshit on me when I accidentally use his soap. Turns out he’s this little puppy dog built like a fucking tank with the friendly disposition of a Hallmark card and too much fucking sex fuel in his rockets.” He shrugged. “We kind of got along from day one.” “I’ll say it again, Barry. You? I like.” He reached up and cupped his hand behind Barry’s neck and pulled him into another patented all-encompassing Chuck-styled perfect kiss of utter passion. “Fuck dude,” Barry said breathlessly. “I could really learn to like that.” “You want some more, then?” “Only all that I can get!” He pushed his mouth against Chuck’s again and grabbed his head in his hands, slipping his strong fingers into the other man’s dark, sweaty locks as if to devour him whole. He pulled his lips away and gazed into the sea green gaze of the man under him, feeling his heat and power throbbing like a current from his muscles and cock. “Fuck.” “Again?” Chuck asked, grinning. “Who’s on top this round?” Barry leaned up on him, straddling Chuck’s frame, and started playing with the rubbery nubs of his nipples. “So what bring you to our neck of the woods, Superman? You’re living down here with Jeremy and I haven’t noticed him sprouting muscles and a second dick - oh, until my friend the Timebomb went off, of course.” “Research,” Chuck answered mysteriously. “Research,” Barry repeated. Then he grabbed Chuck’s nipples hard and twisted them like knobs on a stove top. “What sort of research?” Chuck just grinned. He enjoyed a little nipple torture - or a lot, in this case. “Top secret,” he said. “Don’t tell me after all this you don’t trust me.” “You’ll pardon an observation, but you don’t seem the kind of person who can keep a secret.” “What, you don’t want anyone to know you’re a truman?” “That’s part of it.” “What’s the rest of it?” Chuck pursed his lips and Barry renewed his nipple torture. “Oh, c’mon, I can keep my mouth shut!” “It’s…complicated.” “Is it about Timmy?” “Partially.” “You gonna transform him?” Chuck didn’t answer. “You gonna transform me?” “You want to be truman?” “Hmm, lemme think. Look like you. Fuck like you. Be like you. Yeah, that sounds awful. Of course I wanna be truman!” “There’s a cost.” He squirmed his butt against Chuck’s pelvis. “Everything has a cost.” Then his eyes narrowed. “What’s the cost?” “Loneliness.” “Loneliness? Fuck, every person I meet is gonna want to fuck me! How in the world are you lonely?” “These changes…changes to your body and your brain, changes to your masculinity, your sexuality, your strength, your appetites and capacities…these changes will separate you from everyone else. You won’t be able to be with normal people anymore, because they’ll never accept you and they’ll never satisfy you.” “I don’t get you. Look at you! You can have anybody you want! You can….” Chuck was shaking his head. “The transformation alters you radically. You think you know what it’s like because Tim changed you. But this is a ladder with several rungs above you. You’re just at the beginning. Wait until you go home and try to be with your old friends, and all you want to do is fuck them. Change them. Make them bigger like you, stronger like you. But they’ll see you as a freak. A pervert. A deviant. You think it’s hard to wear clothing now? Your body will make it so you never have to wear a stitch, no matter how cold it gets. No matter how hot it gets. This world isn’t meant for people like me. This world rejects people like me, so people like me learn to hide, and to lie, and to disappear.” “Wow, bro. Way to kill a hard-on.” Chuck laughed his warm laugh. “That’s your cost, then, Barry. You’ll never see your old friends, your family, or anyone you ever knew again.” He brushed Barry’s sweaty hair from his blue eyes. “Did you ever ask Tim about what happened when his friends started changing? What happened to him when he changed?” “Well…no…but I’m sure that….” “Maybe you should do that. Maybe it was different this time, with all these young guys. Maybe when they all started sprouting muscles and growing like weeds and were suddenly drawn to each other and making out behind the cafeteria or sucking each others’ dicks in the bathroom or buttfucking their friends at the drop of a hat…maybe it was all fine and dandy with their community. Maybe nothing happened at all.” “Maybe,” Barry agreed, though there was doubt in his voice. “But what about you? There are other trumans. Others like you. It can’t be that lonely. Right?” Chuck only sighed, and didn’t offer an answer. “You’re just being a drama queen.” “What an odd turn of phrase from a vagina-loving titty-sucker.” “I’d still go for a tight little twat now and then.” “And do you believe you’ll be able to slip that gentle beast inside someone’s little wet cave?” He looked down at Barry’s nearly foot-long monster, still drooling a stream of precum from its lovely mouth. “We’re built only for each other, my friend and gentle companion. Your cock and my ass, made in heaven and fitting like a key inside a lock. You need me as much as I need you.” “You need me?” “Or someone like you.” “Thanks for not sugar-coating it and making me feel so special.” Barry pouted dramatically until Chuck pulled himself up and kissed his mouth, pushing a thick, unfiltered cascade of pure bliss through Barry’s huge frame and earning a contented sigh and groan in return. “Awww, you DO care!” Chuck rolled his eyes. “You know what I mean. It’s like you and Tim. I need someone built to take me on.” “Oh, so now you’re not only Superman, you’re Jonah Falcon, too?” “Who’s Jonah Falcon?” “The man who owns the world’s biggest penis.” “I beg to differ with that judgement.” Barry felt something suddenly poking him in the back, and realized it was Chuck’s dick. “Just how big are you?” “As big as you can imagine.” “And what’s the whole ‘take me on’ about?” “I’m too powerful now to be with normal men. Too strong. Too well equipped. My capacity for sex and pleasure extends beyond what any normal guy could withstand.” “Pull the other one.” “Stick it out there and I’ll suck it, too.” Barry laughed. “So you’re saying that if you tried doing what we just did with some Joe on the street….” “He’d go crazy.” “Crazy. Like, start giggling uncontrollably and shove out a load and…?” Chuck shook his head. “Literally crazy. Like, lose his mind crazy. I’m too strong, now. Too powerful. Even if I tried holding myself back, the level of sexual bliss I’d level on him would be too intense for his brain to handle. I’d inundate him. Drown him. Push him so far down the love roller coaster that he’d never come back.” “Well, holy shit.” He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes. “Is that why you and Jeremy never…?” “Partially.” “You want what Timmy has, and you want to use Jeremy to get it.” Chuck smiled. Barry wasn’t just good looking, he was smart to boot. “That seems devious and underhanded, except that Tim is in love with that little dude.” He wrinkled his brow. “What about me?” “You didn’t get it from Tim.” “How can you be sure?” “I just poured enough sex onto your body to light up Manhattan. I pushed every button you own as hard as I could, and if you had it you would’ve exploded for sure by now.” “Why do you want it?” “I don’t want it, but I need it.” “You don’t already have it? That’s weird.” Chuck shook his head. “Sometimes there are deviations in the development, things happen for no reason, guys develop new powers, or stronger powers. Tim happens to be one of those guys. No one else can do what he does.” “You can’t do it.” “Interestingly not at the level he can manage. I can insert pleasure into men’s minds, make them cum with a thought, make them feel like I’m….” “Make them feel like you’re fucking them when you’re just standing there.” Chuck nodded. “Tim can do that, too. Did it to me that first day. Did it to this other dude while I watched him do it. He just stands there and…does something. And you can, too?” Chuck nodded. “Then what…?” “It’s the other thing. The time bomb. The sexplosion. It’s…incredibly powerful. Powerful enough to affect me, and I’m pretty much beyond the power of anyone I don’t want to be overpowered by. I’m the king of sex - the god of sex, if there was such a thing - but your friend Tim has something even more powerful than that.” “And you couldn’t just ask him? He’s a very nice dude.” “That feeling you had when we met? You were drawn to me. You were overwhelmed by me. And that would happen to Tim, too, and then I might transform him, because I couldn’t stop myself. He can overwhelm me, and it would break the chains I keep over that roaring beast inside me. I don’t know what will happen to that power if I do that. I might erase it - and I need it.” “Why do you need it?” Chuck considered his options. Should he tell Barry what he needs, why he’s here, what he hopes to regain? Can he trust him? He looked at the beautiful, powerful, sexy young man straddling his body and said, “I want to bring my friends back.” “Where did they go?” “I don’t know.” “How can you not know?” Chuck shrugged. “Long story. And I can tell you all about it. But…do you want to keep talking, or do you want to keep fucking?” “Hmm. That’s certainly a difficult question that someone like me could spend a lifetime in contemp…FUCKING!” Barry’s twins rose to their majestic peaks and began to flow with honey as he leaned forward to kiss Chuck’s mouth, straddling the muscular behemoth and opening his ass invitingly. Chuck’s cock reached out to kiss against Barry’s pucker, its bulbous head emerging from the thick cowl of foreskin like a rosebud, his thick and veiny shaft lengthening by the inch as Chuck pushed himself inside and began to fuck Barry’s ass without moving his hips, using only the power of his body to obey his commands, making his cock swell and recede as it began spitting hard gushes of hot cream inside his lover’s super-powered body. Barry sank into a sea of pure and perfect pleasure. “What’s…?” “Are you ready for me?,” Chuck growled softly. “Are you ready for the full Chuck?” Power. Thick and heavy and all-encompassing. Sex and muscle. It was flooding into him, and Barry could feel it spreading like mercury, a hot, thick, wet sensation that spread from his belly to his chest to his arms. It flowed down his legs and into his fingers and toes. Power. More power. Unlimited power. “Am I…?” “Not yet,” Chuck told him. “I will give you everything. I will lift you up to the highest level of male power. I will give you unlimited sex and unlimited drive and unlimited strength. Nothing beyond your reach. I will teach you to fly. But not yet.” The embodiment of human male perfection. “Fuck me,” Barry said softly. Tim was back in his empty room after wandering around campus for a while. He was trying to figure out what went wrong - again. And why this kept on happening. Shouldn’t it be easier than this? Guys, like, every guy…they were practically drooling over him! All he had to do was walk into a room, put out a little Tim juice and mop them up like a sponge. Back home, hell, they were lined up to be with him. He was the Timebomb! His handsome face twisted into a grimace of curiosity and confusion. It should be so much easier than this. He sat his bulk on the bed and scrubbed a hand through his hair. Why was love so…hard? He was contemplating this essential and impossible question when he heard - and felt - some rather energetic and athletic activity coming from somewhere in the vicinity of Jeremy’s room. Mingled with the sounds of heavy bodies apparently trying to break all the furniture he could discern the familiar groans and the deeply satisfied moans of profoundly realized pleasure that his roommate and lover, Barry, used with alarming fidelity. The sound was both curious and energizing. Tim felt his libido heating up as his roommate’s deeply satisfied sexual vocalizations reached into his brain and started stroking his cocks and licking his ass and kissing his mouth. Curious, because what the hell was he doing over there instead of over here? He stood up and walked down the hallway towards the sounds of his lover’s groans and rapped his knuckles against the door. “Yo, Barry?” The groaning stopped very quickly. “Bare? What are you doing in there?” “Nothing!” his friend called out in his deep, sexy growl. “Uhhh, could you open the door? This isn’t even your room.” “Yeah, I…I’m…uh…” There were whispers and soft voices, and then the door opened and Barry was standing in the doorway completely naked, coated in a sheen of sweat, and stinking of sex. He was breathing hard, his massive chest swelling and expanding, flexing the finger-thick cables of power stretching across his pecs and making his lickable, chewable nipples rise and fall. His eight-pack abdominal wall bulged each deeply defined brick of muscle and he had that wicked, anything-but-innocent smile on his handsome face that always made Tim’s blood sizzle. Both of his ample and talented cocks were jutting up from his groin, throbbing with insistent need and drooling warm honey that draped down their long necks and dripped along his massively muscled thighs and over his visibly swollen ball sack. “Hi,” he said, leaning his bulk on the door frame, one arm stretched overhead and wiping his mouth with the back of his other forearm. A heavy stink of Barry Sex came wafting from his exposed armpit and his pricks continued to flow heavy streams of delicious and lubricating pre-cum. Tim peeked over his shoulder. “What are you doing down here?” “Me?” he asked. “Doing?” Tim rose up on his toes to look over Barry’s thick and mountainous shoulders at the wreck of the room behind him. “Where’s Charles?” “Who?” “Charles.” “Well, oh, yeah, um…hey, what happened with you and Jeremy?” “Nothing. Where’s Charles?” “He had…something…he had to leave. Suddenly. And. Yeah.” “Just now?” “No. Oh, no. He left…a while ago. So….” “So…what are you doing?” “I was just…straightening up…a bit. And….” “And?” “And… um….” “What’s with the boys?” “Boys?” Tim grabbed Barry’s twins roughly and squeezed him hard. “The boys. I’ve never known you to get all hot and bothered by a little straightening up.” “Yeah… um…” Barry looked down and shook his head. “I guess I was just… I’m horny!” “Horny.” “Yeah!” That, at least, was easy to believe, because when was Barry not horny? “I heard you having sex.” “No, I….” “Barry, if anyone in the world knows what you sound like when you’re having sex, you’re looking straight at him.” “I was…jerking off!” “In Jeremy’s room.” “Yeah!” “After having sex with Charles.” “Yeah.” “For three hours.” He shrugged. “Time flies where you’re having fun!” Tim’s forehead creased and he sighed. “Well, do you need any help?” “Help?” “Straightening up? I’m kinda curious to see what it is about straightening up a dorm room that gets you this worked up. Maybe we can use that to keep our own place a bit more spic and span.” “Oh. No. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Almost done here.” Tim looked over Barry’s shoulders again and the rampant destruction and disrepair of almost every piece of furniture in the small space. “Uh huh.” Barry pushed his hand against Tim’s chest and moved him out of sight of the room’s interior. “It’ll just be a second, and then if you want to we can have some fun.” “I’m not really in the mood.” Barry’s demeanor changed almost immediately. “Oh, fuck.” “What?” “What did you do?” “Nothing. I told you.” “You fucked it up somehow, didn’t you?” “Barry, I didn’t do anything!” “Okay. Okay. We can fix this. We need to fix this.” “I don’t think he’s interested in….” “Oh, fuck no, dude. You are not going into poor pitiful me mode over one rejection.” “He didn’t…. I wasn’t….” “Look, just… go back to the room and I’ll be there in a couple of minutes. Okay?” “Barry, you’re acting really weird.” “Just go back to our room, okay? We can fix this. I promise.” “I don’t….” “Back. To. Our. Room. Right now, young man!” Barry spun Tim around and slapped his ass hard, and watched his obviously confused and dejected friend walk slowly back up the hallway. “Fuck,” he said softly. Chuck appeared in the doorway. “I swear, that guy could make a prostitute have second thoughts.” Barry laughed slightly and looked over. “That was a neat trick.” “Which one? The one where I was fucking you and then I moved my tongue into….” “The one where you were suddenly not there anymore.” “Oh. That one.” “Yeah. That one. You have quite a few tricks up your nonexistent sleeve, don’t you?” Barry looked Chuck’s superhuman body up and down and sighed dramatically. “Looks like we need to call it a night.” “Looks like,” Chuck agreed. “You’ve got some work to do.” “So do you.” Chuck nodded. “Yeah. Jeremy.” “Jeremy.” “And Tim.” They both shook their heads in wonder. “Assholes,” they both said in unison. Part 14 As far as Jeremy was concerned, he had one big unspoken and unspeakable problem that underlined everything else going on in his life. To other people - most people in fact, it was probably not a very important consideration. Some might even view it as an opportunity, but inside Jeremy’s head it sat there like a wall surrounding everything else that might lead to happiness. Jeremy had never had sex. In his head, and particularly with the unfortunate circumstance of living in the vicinity of a young man who, as far as he was concerned, did nothing else but have sex all the time, this was a vital and near-incapacitating shortcoming. It was never going to be something he was likely to admit, being a virgin at the ripe old age of nineteen, when as far as he imagined everyone else around him all the time was having sex. The gay thing was kind of like icing on a very distasteful cake. He wasn’t an accidental virgin, if such a thing existed. Being shy wasn’t helpful in these circumstances, and it wasn’t like back home he had been surrounded - as it turned out to be the case in college - by beautiful, sexually active and clearly homosexual young men. But even now, given ample opportunity and sharing a dorm room with another man, handsome and sexy and gay, whose entire life seemed to consist of seducing and fucking other guys, those walls he had built were refusing to budge. Was it any wonder, then, that he found it slightly impossible that anyone - let alone two other guys - had interests in him? He knew he was bigger. That was also an undeniable fact. Since he had been hit inadvertently with a powerful dose of whatever it was that Tim exploded with and he had seen and felt his body develop new muscles where none had been, his brain had been working overtime telling him that it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. Looking into a mirror, he still only saw Jeremy. The improvements to his face and body, undeniable to anyone else who looked at this now muscular specimen of manhood with his boyish good looks and large, beautiful eyes and the build of a collegiate wrestler (particularly his amazing muscular butt, jutting out in a most distracting manner, which admittedly was rather hard for him to see, and the way this new body filled out the shirts that were now a size or two too small for his larger, stronger frame) were easy to ignore when he looked at himself. When one talks oneself into believing that they are both unattractive and easy to ignore, those deep-seated rules are hard to dislodge after so many years. And then there was the sex thing - rather, the lack thereof. Tim was going to consider him a freak. Tim, who took to sex like a duck takes to water, was going to look at him and laugh his muscular ass off. And what if he didn’t? What if Jeremy never told him and then they were naked together - Tim’s massive, perfect, beautiful body standing there looking all massive and perfect and beautiful - and what’s Jeremy gonna do then? Fake it? Tim’s gonna know! Tim’s gonna find out! And then their whole whatever…relationship is over even before it started because why would Tim ever want to be with someone like him? Sex is…everything! And he would be bad at it, wouldn’t he? He couldn’t help but be bad at it! He didn’t want to show up at Tim’s door and be all Mr. Awkward Virgin! Not that he would ever in a million years even admit any of this, of course, because it was just too weird and embarrassing. Plus, Barry! Stupid Barry. In there with Tim every day, showing Tim what sex was really all about, having Tim’s hands all over his body, Tim’s lips on his lips, Tim’s arms wrapped around him, Tim’s body pressed against his. Stupid fucking Barry. Now he had to contend with this…constant sense of sexual need, too. The weight and heft amplifying his awareness of his newly grown and annoyingly sensitive penis was constantly demanding attention. It throbbed and tingled and swelled with frustrating regularity. His nipples were now performing some weird sexual stimulation as well, as if there were live wires going from each hypersensitive nub sending shocks of electric sex directly towards his crotch. His butt hole was even acting weird. His butt hole! He never even thought about his butt hole, before, and now he would be distracted by these…pulses or something. He’d feel his dick swell, feel those unsettling and bothersome stings of sexual pleasure and then his nipples would rub up against the tighter material of his shirt and suddenly he was deeply and powerfully aware that his butt hole felt…good. Then he would blush, and feel heat everywhere washing over him, and want very much to begin to caress his skin, run his hands over the hard mounds of muscle lining his arms and legs, reach up to rub his nipples, pinch them, twist them, to increase that sensation of electrical bliss sending shocks of powerful sex into his dick. Then his dick was throbbing, and swelling, and pushing longer inside his tight jeans, growing thick and hard and uncomfortable, making its size and hunger evident as his heart pumped blood along its new inches and inflated its plump helmet and a warm, wet sensation would envelope it after a strong tingling sizzle erupted up every millimeter of its new size, pumping another delivery of that weird, clear honey that stung his nose with its erotic scent and made him need to immediately relieve himself of these sensations of sex. It was all too frustrating and too embarrassing, and it wouldn’t stop. The cold of the night felt good. A moment’s desire to strip himself naked and allow the December wind to caress his skin was pushed aside. Where did that thought even come from? Run around the campus naked in the middle of winter? Then as he was considering its origin, the idea - NAKED - made his cock throb and his nipples tingle and his butt hole pulse. He felt hot again, hotter than before, and he paused under a lamp in the quad to pull in some calming breaths, watching his exhalations form clouds in the cold night air. He reached down to adjust himself again. He was constantly adjusting himself, now. His damned cock just would not mind its manners! It pushed and shoved and swelled and throbbed like some feral beast he could not control. He moved the heel of his hand against the firm shaft and was rewarded with some rather strong sexual tingles as his prick recognized any attention it was given. He closed his eyes and pulled in a deep breath. And there was Tim in his head again. Tall, powerful, brutally beautiful Tim, standing there in the hallway with a small towel wrapped around his narrow waist, his hair wet and tangled, his silken skin shining with water from the shower, and that damnable, beautiful smile on his damnable beautiful face. There was Tim as Jeremy had first encountered him, a towering behemoth of manhood radiating sex and confidence as if this guy had stepped directly out of Jeremy’s dream of his perfect soulmate and manifested right there in the hallway before him. Jeremy’s cock, glad to be of service, sizzled and plumped and pumped a gob of precum up its several inches and left a thick wetness at its mouth, which cooled quickly in the night air. He opened he eyes and grimaced. There was nothing for it, really. He had to relieve this sensation of sexual need or he wouldn’t get any rest. It was late, and the library was closed. Everything was closed - but he sure wasn’t going to back to his own room! Fuck, no! It was cold. Coffee. Get a cup of coffee. “Listen, Jeremy, guys like that - he doesn’t want to have coffee with you.” Yeah? Is that so? No one wants to “have coffee” with Jeremy, do they, Tim? Room 302. Building C. Well, why the fuck not? Jeremy stood at the dorm room door for a good five minutes as an internal debate raged back and forth inside his head. What was he going to do? What was he expecting? Coffee? Coffee. That was a simple offer. Just get some coffee some time. Like now, right? He meant any time, right? And it was just coffee. But what if it wasn’t just coffee? What else was it? And…. The door opened and Jeff was standing there. “Hello,” he said, calmly. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of pajama bottoms, and the room behind him was dark. “Oh,” Jeremy said, “I….” Jeff smiled and wrinkled his brow. “I could hear you out here and I was wondering whether you were going to knock or just continue mumbling to yourself.” Jeff had a nice body. It was nothing at all like Tim’s, nowhere near as big and powerful and commanding. But he had a flat belly and two nicely developed pectoral plates and his skin was smooth and tanned. Jeremy could see a vein pulsing in his neck, his long, elegant neck, and a slim trail of hair erupted from his winking bellybutton and traveled south to disappear under the waistband of his blue-striped cotton pajama bottoms. There was a definite swell of something quite clearly resembling a dick pressing itself into one of the creases of the thin material. Jeremy swallowed dryly and pulled his gaze back up to Jeff’s face. “I’m sorry,” Jeremy said, and he started to turn away. Jeff reached his hand out and placed it Jeremy’s shoulder. “You okay?” Jeremy stopped. The touch felt warm on his skin. His dick pulsed and bulged. “I don’t know…what I’m doing,” he answered. Jeff said, “Okay,” and moved his hand along Jeremy’s wide, muscular back. That felt good, too. “It isn’t a test,” Jeff answered. “Just asking if you're okay.” “I should go,” Jeremy answered. “You just got here.” “You were sleeping.” “I was dreaming of you,” Jeff answered. “And then here you are.” “Did you….” “What?” Jeremy turned back. “Did you want to get some coffee?” Jeff smiled. “Sure, dude. Let’s get some coffee.” He opened the door wider and stepped back inside his dorm room. Jeremy watched as Jeff easily untied and pulled down his pajama bottoms, exposing himself fully to the other young man without hesitation and with surprising ease. It didn’t seem to Jeremy that Jeff was trying to be provocative or seductive, he simply didn’t seem to have any problems getting naked in front of another guy. Which so wasn’t Jeremy. His eyes peered into the dark room as he watched Jeff’s body move. The heat returned to his own body, and the sensation of desire. He felt his cock swell. His muscles tensed and bulged. His nipples tingled. His asshole throbbed. Jeff moved with a kind of unfettered grace and evident confidence as he pulled a pair of jeans up his legs and tucked his cock inside them. He wore no underwear and that made Jeremy feel very sexy for some reason. Jeremy always wore underwear. Didn’t everyone? But Jeff only had that pair of jeans between himself and the world, like he could just pull the button fly open and start fucking. And start fucking. Where the hell had that thought come from? “Do you see my other shoe?” Jeff asked Jeremy, standing shirtless in his slim-cut jeans and holding one Nike in his hand. Jeremy swallowed hard and felt a strong need to adjust his dick again. He shook his head as Jeff looked around, and then he was on his knees with his butt in the air reaching under his bed. His butt in the air. He had a nice butt. He had a very nice butt. Jeremy used the opportunity to shove his frustrating and distracting cock around to find some more room in his pants. It was a fruitless maneuver. Jeff planted his very nice butt on the edge of an unmade bed and shoved his feet (no socks either? was that altogether hygienic?) into his shoes. He found a light blue t-shirt on the floor and pulled that over his head (look at the way his hair arranges itself over his eyes. Jesus he has nice eyes.) and then grabbed a puffy ribbed nylon jacket and stepped into the hall beside Jeremy, standing very close to him. “Ready?” he asked. His manner was easy and relaxed. He was smiling and looked at ease and comfortable. He had no underwear on at all. Jeremy could reach down inside his pants and feel his cock. Stroke it. Squeeze it. Pull it out and welcome it inside his mouth and feel its warm stiffness. He never had a cock in his mouth, but he wanted to very much. He wanted to kiss and lick and suck on Jeff’s cock. He wanted to feel it swell and grow hot and hard and watch the veins pulse and the head bloom. He wanted…. “Let’s go get some coffee,” Jeff said. He reached his hand into Jeremy’s and they walked together out of the building, hand in hand. There was a 24-hour diner just off campus, whose sole purpose it seemed was to service the college students with greasy food and hot coffee after late studies and even later parties. Like everything else this time of year with most of the students home on winter break, no one was inside except the fry cook with his hairnet and the young woman chewing gum who said, “Have a seat anywhere, menus are on the table.” “Just coffee, thanks,” Jeff said, and then he looked at Jeremy and asked, “Unless you wanted something else?” Something else like putting my cock in your mouth and pushing my hardness down your throat until I erupt with a fat fountain of spunk. “Coffee,” Jeremy managed to say. The girl rolled her eyes but nodded, and Jeff and Jeremy walked towards the back of the well-lit restaurant to a booth. Jeff removed his jacket and tossed it easily onto the vinyl-covered bench and then slid his (righteous, tight, amazing, lickable) butt along far enough to allow Jeremy to sit down. There was room for five in the booth, but Jeremy’s new muscled bulk took up space for two. “I didn’t think you’d take me up on the invitation,” Jeff said. They hadn’t spoken a word to each other along the way. Jeff seemed to understand that Jeremy was in an odd place, and he didn’t press the issue. Jeremy was distracted the whole time by the sensation of Jeff’s warm hand in his, the familiarity and ease with which the other young man had made the gesture, and equally distracted by his body’s continuous throbs of desire and hunger. Jeremy shrugged. He didn’t look up when the coffee cups slid along the table top and Jeff thanked the waitress. He took the cup into his hands (Jesus my hands are big!) and felt the heat radiate up his arms. Jeff sipped his coffee quietly, waiting in silence with the patience of a saint. Jeremy opened his mouth a couple of time, but kept lifting the edge of the cup to his lips rather than let any words escape. He could feel his heart beating, and he could feel his dick pulsing in time to every pump. The thing was huge, now. Enraged inside its denim cage and overdue for release. He could smell Jeff’s scent beside him. Like soap and sweat. He could smell him keenly, like a predator to his prey. Jeff put his cup down and reached his hand under the table. He rested it on Jeremy’s thigh, sending warmth into his skin. The larger young man flinched slightly at the unexpected touch, and his body heated up uncomfortably. “Is this okay?” Jeff asked quietly. Jeremy didn’t have an answer for him. Was it okay? It felt okay. Jeremy shrugged again. Jeff moved his hand up Jeremy’s leg, away from his knee. It was a slow, steady move, so as not to frighten the animal next to him. “You can put your hand on my leg, if you want to,” Jeff said. Jeremy did want to, but he felt frozen. He felt like if he moved a muscle, moved an inch, something would shatter or break. He closed his eyes and pulled a deep breath into his body. His chest rose and pushed his sensitive nipples against the tight material. An electric shock of pure sex erupted and traveled at light speed directly at his dick, and he felt it swell even bigger. Jeff shifted his body to move in closer to Jeremy, touching their shoulders together. His hand moved closer towards Jeremy’s crotch. He moved his touch gently and slowly across the thickly muscled contour, and then he moved his thumb to rest it against Jeremy’s cock. “Can I kiss you?” Jeff asked him. He rubbed the pad of his thumb up and down Jeremy’s bulge. Jeremy looked over towards the cash register where the gum-chewing waitress was working a crossword puzzle. The cook in the kitchen was nowhere to be seen, maybe he had stepped out for a smoke or he was washing pots. Jeff’s hand against him, Jeff’s thumb rubbing against his dick, Jeff’s body pressing towards his, it was all driving him crazy. “Excuse me,” he said, and then he pushed himself out of the booth, his hand covering his thick and prominent bulge, and he made a beeline for the men’s room. Jeremy nearly tore the door from its hinges to get inside and hide. It was a small space with a couple of urinals and a stall, with two sinks along the opposite wall. Jeremy’s nose picked up the smell of men who had been here, and it was an odd and unexpected sensation. He could smell them, those men, smell their balls and their dicks and their bodies. He could smell piss and sweat. He felt his own cock throbbing in unfamiliar recognition, as if his dick had a mind of its own and knew what it wanted. He looked down at the thick, lengthy bulge running along his hip. Jesus, it was positively indecent! An electric sizzle of sex erupted again, and he could see his cock bulge and pump a thick flow of honey. He stumbled into the stall and locked the door behind him, pulling his jeans and underpants down to allow his 10-inch monster to spring out, glistening with pre and smelling rank and sexy. He was throbbing and growing quickly erect, adding another inch or two in length and girth as his new cock swelled to it majestic perfection. Jeff watched Jeremy practically run to the bathroom and then took another sip of coffee. With a glance at the waitress, he opened his legs to reach down inside his jeans to adjust himself, having grown uncomfortably aroused during his slow seduction. He winced as the head of his prick rubbed against the inner seams of his jeans and he funneled his prick down his thigh before sighing with relief. Fuck, that boy was big! Jeff had almost let out a laugh of surprise when he had finally managed to feel up Jeremy’s meat - and damn, that guy was packing! He sipped the bitter brew again and considered his options. One, he could follow the guy in there and help him with his obvious problem. But that would probably spook him even more when he was so damned close to getting a little action. This was one hot dude. Hot in every sense of the word. But what was the deal? Was he in that awkward exploration phase where he’s fighting his attraction and embarrassed about being with another guy? Maybe he’s been so deep inside his closet that the slim crack of light that Jeff was offering was more than he could stand. His dick certainly wasn’t shy about what it wanted, even if Jeremy was scared shitless. Maybe he was moving too fast, but goddam this boy was a sizzling plate of meat with a shank of sex in his skivvies that would choke a hooker! And that body! Muscle packed on hard and well-trained, not to mention an ass that the gods of asses must’ve reached down to bestow on this dude. Talk about mixed signals, though. And then there was that other guy - Tom? Tim? - showing up like some spurned ex practically radiating hatred for Jeff, and he hadn’t even done anything, yet! Probably all Jeremy needed was a good lay. If there was a polar opposite to Jeremy’s discomfort and inexperience with sex, it was probably Jeff. In his opinion, sex was fun! Sex was great! Sex felt good, and the more sex the better. He’d started having sex very early, and he’d had a lot of it. He liked it, and he was good at it. He never quite understood when other people had hang-ups about getting naked and getting down. He was always careful, bought condoms by the truckload and used them, too. But sex was…just sex. Two people having fun with each other. What was wrong with that? Jeff looked toward the closed men’s room door again as he thought about Jeremy. He actually did like the guy. Though how hard is it to like a guy who looks like that? There was something weirdly innocent about him. He was this huge muscled bad-ass but he acted like this small little shy dude. Again, super attractive, in that way that people who are beautiful and don’t realize they’re beautiful are. He had, like, not a single ounce of asshole in him. Guy like that, Jeff expected to be so full of himself that he’d go all alpha on his ass. Not that Jeff found anything wrong with that, he kind of liked having some big dude go alpha on his ass. The more alpha the better! And he hadn’t had his ass truly pounded in a fuck’s age. The sight of Jeremy’s ass-pounding ass came into his head again. He thought about what it would feel like to have those butt muscles shoving that fat dick inside him up to the balls and shooting cum like a cannon. Suddenly he had to readjust himself again. As usual since his growth spurt, getting off for Jeremy came really easily. The room smelled like dudes. He could tell that he wasn’t the only guy to end up in here with his hard dick in his hand. Probably dudes were in here a lot, sucking each other, stroking each other, watching each other take a piss, looking down at some other dude’s snake and licking their lips with hunger. Fuck. Where had that thought come from? That was disgusting! And hot! His slicked up dick sent hard shocks of sexual bliss through his whole body with every stroke. His balls were aching with their load and after only a couple of minutes he leaned back on the toilet, grasping the thick base of his cock in his grip and started shoving out ropes of cum that splattered against the stall door a dozen times or more. That damn cock felt even bigger in his hand than yesterday, and he knew his balls weren’t half done with him yet but he didn’t want Jeff to think that this was what he was doing in here. He opened his eyes, recovering from the deep intensity of his orgasmic explosion and looked at the wealth of cum dripping down the stall. Jeez, it looks like someone had taken a quart of yogurt and thrown it at the door! He unrolled almost an entire roll of toilet paper cleaning up his mess and his slicked up dick, flushing all the evidence away and then trying to replace his semi-firm dick back inside his pants. How on Earth did Jeff wander around without underwear on? His own was still sopping with his steady stream of pre, and he wrapped his cock in the cold wetness, thankful that it seemed to also cool his jets a bit and allow him to zip his meat inside. He made sure everything was cleaned up and then he washed his hands and went back out into the restaurant, where Jeff was waiting in the booth. Damn he looked good. Like he looked in his dorm room. With his shirt off. And the thickness of his dick pressing against his pajamas. Jeremy’s cock throbbed again. Jeff scooted back over and Jeremy sat down. His coffee was cold. “Everything come out all right?” Jeff asked. Jeremy blushed red. “Yeah,” he said, thinking of all the cum against the stall door. “Sorry if I came on too strong. You can always tell me to back off. I’m used to it.” “You do this a lot, then?” Jeremy said, then instantly regretted it. But if Jeff took offense, he didn’t show it. “A lot? I do it as much as I can. But only with someone who’s really hot and really nice, like you.” He waved to get the waitress’s attention and pointed at their cups. “I guess you don’t?” Jeremy’s blush refused to abate. “Not…as such.” “Ever do it with another guy?” God, how could he just come out and ask that?! Jeremy shook his head, not looking at Jeff. “Do you want to?” Yes! he screamed inside his head, but he just shrugged his muscular shoulders. “Well, that’s not a no,” Jeff said. Their coffee was refreshed and Jeff took a gulp. “Look, Jeremy, we can just have coffee and talk. I’m not going to lie and say that I won’t keep hoping for more. I guess that’s obvious.” “A little,” Jeremy admitted. He allowed himself a slim, satisfied smile. It was nice to be wanted. “I just…it felt like you were enjoying the attention.” Jeremy nodded very slightly. Jeff pressed on. “And I was enjoying giving you some attention.” He scooted back over again, rubbing shoulders with Jeremy. “You may have noticed that I’m not exactly the shy type.” He reached down and rested his hand on Jeremy’s thigh again. “I can just leave my hand right there, if that’s okay.” “That’s okay,” Jeremy said. “Okay,” Jeff answered, and he squeezed Jeremy’s leg slightly. “You tell me what you’re comfortable with, Jeremy, okay?” “I…” Jeff remained silent and let Jeremy dangle there. “I’m not sure.” “About what?” “About what I’m comfortable with.” “Okay. Do you want to talk about that?” Jeremy shrugged again. “Did you like when I was caressing you?” ‘Caressing’ wasn’t exactly the word Jeremy would’ve used. More like ‘groping.’ But he couldn’t deny that he liked it. “Yes,” he said softly. He still had trouble meeting Jeff’s gaze. “Can I move my hand closer?” Jeremy nodded. “Okay.” Jeff did so. A thrill erupted inside Jeremy’s chest. “You can….” “Closer?” He nodded. “Can I touch you?” He swallowed and nodded again. Jeff moved his whole hand onto Jeremy’s bulge. They could both feel him react. Jeremy’s meaty cock swelled and throbbed. Jeff gently squeezed. Jeremy’s mouth fell open and he closed his eyes. Jeff squeezed again, and was rewarded with equal facility. His face registered his surprise as he felt Jeremy’s cock react with dramatic speed and obvious happiness. “Wow,” he said softly. “Sorry,” Jeremy replied, mistaking Jeff’s pleasant surprise for shock. “Don’t apologize, Jeremy,” Jeff said, now squeezing and caressing Jeremy’s thick meat with continuous force. “That just means you’re enjoying this.” Jeremy nodded. “”Believe me, Jeremy, so am I.” Jeremy swallowed. Jeff’s voice lowered. “I can feel how big you are. I can feel how hot you are.” He moved his hand along the length of Jeremy’s cock. His fingertips began to rub against the sensitive head over and over. “I want to hold your cock, Jeremy.” Jeremy swallowed hard. “I’ve never….” He said it so softly that it was hardly audible. “You’ve never…?” Jeff tilted his head, and then suddenly everything became clear. Holy fuck! Jesus Christ! Okay, hold it together, Jeff. Don’t scare him off, now. Not when you’re so close. A dude who looks like this, with a tool like that, and he’s never? Not even once? Not even with a girl? But Jeff knew better than to remind him of all that, and send him down some silly shame spiral just because he’s never had sex. It was…kind of exciting, actually. He wondered what Jeremy had ever done with anybody else. But he could save all those questions for later. His head was spinning just a little at the thought of everything he could introduce this hot stallion to, and how much pent-up sexual energy was percolating down inside all that muscular beauty. It also meant that, if true, he wasn’t even going to need the condoms in his jacket pocket. “That’s okay, Jeremy.” The other young man looked up hopefully, and Jeff nodded encouragingly. “It’s really okay. Are you scared?” Jeremy nodded. “Okay. It’s okay to be scared. I understand.” The words seemed to sink in. Jeff could feel some of the tenseness in Jeremy’s body soften. “Do you want me to stop?” He shook his head, and Jeff nodded. Jeff’s other hand moved under the table. He began to undo Jeremy’s pants, plucking the button open and pulling the zipper down. Jeremy’s body heated up again. His cock surged with size and power. Jeff moved his caressing hand under Jeremy’s pants, over his underwear. “You’re so hot,” he said softly. “So hard and so big.” He squeezed and teased Jeremy’s massive meat, coaxing more size and length into it. Hard, insistent throbs of sex pulsed all through Jeremy’s body. Jeff pulled the elastic band of Jeremy’s shorts away from his waist and moved his hand against his pelvis. He dug his fingers into the forest of Jeremy’s pubic bush and moved the tips of his fingers in small circles. “Can I touch you, Jeremy?” He nodded. Jeff slowly moved his hand inside Jeremy’s underwear and touched the shank of his long shaft tenderly, rubbing against his hardness. He moved his hand fully under Jeremy’s shorts and rested his entire hand against his cock, feeling its enormity and heat. It pulsed and throbbed against his palm, and Jeff shook his head. He had vastly underestimated Jeremy’s size. The dude was a fucking race horse! “I’m going to hold your cock Jeremy.” “Okay,” he answered in a whisper. No one else had ever touched his cock before. He felt Jeff’s hand, the rough skin, the heat, surrounding his prick and he surged with renewed growth. He swelled in Jeff’s hand, pushing his fingers apart, and he sprung from his pants under there, the head of his cock striking the underside of the table so hard that he actually caused the coffee cups and napkin holder to move. “Holy fuck,” Jeff said quietly, shocked by the power of this guy’s hard-on, by its size and force. “Sorry,” Jeremy said. Jeff actually snickered. “Fuck, Jeremy. You’re amazing.” He moved his hand along Jeremy’s inches. It felt so good to Jeremy. It felt weird and sexy and hot to have some other guy handling his cock. He opened his legs and his cock inched forward, rubbing against the table. The sensation sent shivers and shocks of sex along its hard inches. Jeff glanced at the waitress. She was still into her crosswords and couldn’t give a fuck about what the two customers in the far booth were doing. Jeff tried to push Jeremy’s hard-on down and found its hardness and strength shocking. It felt like he was stroking an iron rod covered in silk. A small, deep moan escaped Jeremy’s throat. “You okay?” Jeff asked. “Feels good,” Jeremy answered. “It’s supposed to,” Jeff agreed. His own cock was now uncomfortably hard in his jeans. “Can I suck your dick, Jeremy?” After a few moments where Jeremy seemed to be considering the possible answers to that question, he nodded, lost in the sensations that were cascading through his muscular frame. “You need to turn sideways,” Jeff advised, “with your back towards the door.” “Okay,” Jeremy said. He reached down and grabbed his hard-on, maneuvering it and his body around like an enormous crane. Jeff audibly groaned with pleasure as his eyes met the site of Jeremy’s erection. Its mouth was drooling a stream of precum, fat veins wound along the thick shaft and the whole thing was pulsing and deeply red. He had never seen anything so sexy in his entire life. “Well,” he said softly, “this is going to be a challenge.” He leaned down, grabbing Jeremy’s cock at the base and began licking the helmet, tasting Jeremy’s salty essence and swallowing it down. He opened his mouth and surrounded the bulbous spongey head, exhaling wet heat that traveled down Jeremy’s length and made him groan. His balls were aching and his cock felt harder and bigger than it ever had before. Jeremy’s first blow job was happening in the back booth of Jasper’s Coffee House at 2:17am two days after Christmas during his first year of college. Luckily for Jeremy, he had a talented and determined fellatio artist with him, who’s hunger and desire for Jeremy’s cock was only exceeded by Jeremy’s own need for relief from the sensations of pure sex that shook his newly muscled form. Jeremy was overwhelmed with desire. He had never felt anything as strongly as he felt this. He had never known a need as deep and as crucial. Every cell in his body wanted this. His brain and cock seemed to find common ground, or maybe his brain had decided it had better just take a bit of a vacation and let his cock do all the thinking. Jeff moaned with pleasure as he went down on Jeremy’s monster. Coated in spit, he sucked and stroked the hard beast, moving his shaggy head up and down and Jeremy grasped the vinyl seat so hard that his fingers penetrated the foam. Jeff came up for air several times. Tears filled his eyes and he gasped and gagged more than once on the enormity of Jeremy’s meat. He leaned back and stroked the steel pole, watching Jeremy’s reactions with unfeigned lust, groaning with desire. Jeremy twisted his head on his powerful neck. He moaned and bucked his hips. Thick cascades of warm salty honey - unbelievable in their volume and consistency - sizzled up the beast that grew from Jeremy’s loins and draped his cock in gleaming syrup. “Gotta…” Jeremy groaned. Jeff looked up from his endeavors as Jeremy opened his eyes and looked down. “Gonna….” Jeff nodded and plunged his mouth over Jeremy’s suddenly swelling dick and he primed himself for its eruption. Jeff loved to swallow another man’s cream, but he was unprepared for the volume and power of Jeremy’s explosion. Fat gouts of thick spunk erupted from his cannon and rushed headlong down Jeff’s throat. He gagged at first, with some of the initial fountains draining down the side of Jeremy’s beast like sugar icing, but having realized what this guy was capable of, he redoubled his efforts, opened his throat and shoved the nozzle against the back of his mouth, feeling hot jets of cum shooting out like some dam had burst, and he gulped it down as eagerly and quickly as humanly possible. Jeremy grabbed Jeff’s head and bucked his hips, fucking the other man’s mouth and biting his lower lip to stifle his shouts of absolute ecstasy, allowing his cock to explode its overwhelming cargo. This was even stronger and more absolute than what he had experienced in the bathroom. Indeed, this was stronger and more absolute in its power and size than any orgasm he had ever experienced at his own hand. Stars exploded in his vision and his brain sizzled and his whole body felt this orgasm like nothing he was prepared for. He felt his balls empty and he shoved massive gushing surges of cream out of his loins and into the man sucking his dick. The waitress looked up at the commotion, rolled her eyes, and went back to her crosswords. Jeff opened his throat and simply allowed the hot cream inside himself. He could feel it traveling down his esophagus and sinking into his belly. It felt like the dude was releasing gallons of spunk, like the dude had been saving up every orgasm over his entire life for this and was now exploding so hard that he was going to literally blow a nut out from the power. The cream he couldn’t manage to swallow drained down Jeremy’s dick and spread over his grip. He stroked the massive cock in his hand using the extra cum as lube, urging him on as he delivered the most powerful eruption of cum that either man had ever experienced. After at least two dozen heavy fountains, Jeremy was still bucking his hips and Jeff pulled his mouth off the slick, magical, magnificent prick in his hand and watched the last few deliveries trickle out, licking them up with his tongue like a lollipop. Jeremy’s eyes were closed and his mouth was slack and he was breathing hard. His shirt was soaked with sweat and his skin glistened. Jeff could see the darkness of Jeremy’s nipples through the wet material and the cotton clung to all his muscles like a second skin. The booth reeked of the smell of cum and sweat and something else, something slightly rank but altogether sexy that he could only identify as ‘Jeremy,’ as if the muscular young man was releasing some unique and masculine musk in the midst of his orgasmic explosion. He watched Jeremy breathing, the way his deeply etched abs swelled and receded, the way his meaty and muscular pecs rose and fell, and he pulled his grip from Jeremy’s slowly softening prick and licked off the other man’s essence from his skin, enjoying the taste of Jeremy’s spunk immensely. Jeremy’s breathing grew shallow and slow, and he opened his eyes and looked at Jeff. He looked down at his cock, a plump, glistening length of meat sinking away from its ultimate size, a fat snake lying across his thigh, and a heavy blush of heat erupted from his body. Then he smiled. “Yeah,” Jeff said, “blowjobs are great, aren’t they?” He grabbed the napkin dispenser, pulled out a handful of paper and started to help Jeremy clean up. “I’m proud to have been your first one.” He looked up and smiled. “I hope I was satisfactory.” Jeremy’s face colored again, but his dick surged when Jeff started to clean him up. He lifted up Jeremy’s cock gently, gingerly, moving the rough paper along his inches with tender care. He wadded up the used ones and kept at it until he was nearly as clean and dry as before they started. Then he moved the back of his fingers along the shaft with a sort of reverential worship, reaching the spongey helmet and rubbing it with familiarity before leaning down and kissing Jeremy’s cock with tenderness. Jeremy felt himself start tingling and throbbing all over. The fucking thing was never going to be satisfied again. Part 15 “We need a plan.” “I don’t think….” “Something that gets him and you…” “But I don’t think….” “…in the same place at the same time…” “I don’t….” “…without any distractions like fucking nice-looking flirty guys who….” “Barry!” “What?” “I don’t think these things work according to plans.” “The fuck they don’t,” Barry replied. “My first girlfriend and me met because her friend Janine and my friend Stu were together and they thought me and Valerie should be together so they put us together.” “But…” “My second girlfriend and me ‘ran into each other’,” he said, rolling his eyes and using the most dramatic air-quotes that Tim had ever seen, “at the grocery store, only she totally planned it that way and practically waylaid me by the frozen foods and her nipples were all perky and shit like she’d put fucking ice cubes on ‘em and what the fuck was I supposed to do, and my third girlfriend….” “Barry!” “What?!?” “How many girlfriends have you had?” “Like, twelve? Maybe? I dunno, what does that matter?” “And how long were these romances?” “One lasted a whole fucking year, until she caught me screwing her best friend and got all weirdly possessive and….” “You said you were an expert.” “I’m totally an expert.” “An expert at love.” “I loved the fucking shit out of all my girlfriends.” “One for almost a year.” “Love…is a fickle bitch.” He smiled and flopped onto his bed which creaked and groaned audibly. “See, this is why our arrangement is so good. All the fucking, none of the commitment. It’s, like, the most perfect relationship ever. No wonder guys are turning gay everywhere.” “Guys aren’t turning gay everywhere.” “Present company excluded.” “Well, yeah, but….” “And every guy back at your high school.” “Well, yeah, but….” “You know how I know this is going to work? Why you and Jeremy will be together, overcoming all the stupid crap getting in your way?” “How?” He lifted his arms up and flexed his entire body into full muscular bloom. “Because here I sit in all my naked beauty and there you stand all dressed up for your date and you haven’t even attacked me yet.” He lowered his arms. “He’s your constant preoccupation, he’s the guy sitting inside your head who you imagine being with even when you’re standing in front of a naked guy who looks as good as I look, ready, willing and able to fuck your tight, delicious hole with two thick and meaty dicks pumped to bursting with sex juice, a pair of low hangers bulging with hot cum and a mouth that could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch until the cock crows and all you can do is stand there debating my credentials.” Tim folded his arms over his gargantuan chest. “That doesn’t prove anything.” “The fuck it don’t, bro.” He tilted his head. “Let’s take a tally. How many fucking boyfriends have you had?” “Boyfriends?” “How many?” “Like, you mean…?” “I mean boyfriends. Guys you do things with. Not just fuck. You can fuck anyone. I mean someone you wanted to be with. Wanted to know more…deeply. Dudes you would’ve done the craziest shit imaginable with just because they asked you to?” “Well…none.” “Right. And how many girlfriends have I had?” “Twel…” “Twelve! That’s right! So how about you take a few shut the fuck up pills and have a seat and discuss with an expert where exactly you fucked shit up.” “Your place or mine?” Jeremy’s brow wrinkled. “Pardon?” Jeff smiled, setting his coffee cup down. “Your place,” he said, scratching Jeremy’s nipple with the nail of his index finger (which made Jeremy’s cock plump and sizzle), “or mine?” “I thought….” “You thought we were done? Oh, no, my ample friend, I’ve got a raging hard-on cooped up in my skivvies that needs attending. You got me so turned on I think I could fuck a hole through a cement wall and still have enough cum left over to paint the Mona Fucking Lisa all over your chest.” “Colorful,” Jeremy observed. “English major,” Jeff announced proudly. He licked his lips and allowed his gaze to wander around Jeremy’s impressive muscular torso. “So?” “I have a roommate.” “Would he like to join us?” “No doubt,” Jeremy answered. “Great!” “Wait, you were serious?” Jeff shrugged. “Not if you weren’t.” He pulled in a long breath. “Look, I realize I may have…a little more experience in these things than you do.” Jeremy started to blush and Jeff placed his hand on his thick shoulder. “And that’s perfectly fine, Jeremy. Really. I’m not judging you and I won’t ask you to do anything you don’t want to. It’s just…it seemed to me you rather enjoyed our little tryst here in this rather public space, with me sucking your cock and you having your cock sucked, and I had fun. So….” “So?” “So, do you want to have some more fun?” “What…kind of fun?” Jeff pursed his lips. “What kind of fun do you want to try?” Jeremy seemed stymied by the question, so Jeff suggested, “You want to watch me jerk off?” “Watch you?” “Yeah.” “Just…watch you?” “It’s a place to start. I know I’d enjoy it, having you watch me. A little voyeuristic intention.” Jeremy showed no signs of recognition. “Rocky Horror? No?” The large muscular teen shook his head. “My friend, I have so much to teach you.” “So you’d…?” His eyes darted south towards Jeff’s crotch. The smaller young man took his hand from Jeremy’s shoulder and put it on his bulge, massaging himself through his jeans. His voice lowered, and he watched Jeremy watching him as he spoke. “I’d strip naked for you. Or you could strip me naked. Take as much time as you want - but not too much. Wouldn’t want me to spontaneously combust, now would we? Strip off my shirt. My pants. Touch my body, if you wanted to. And then I’ll slick up my grip, or you could spit on my dick, and you could watch me stroke out a thick load, watch what my body does, how I react, take it as slow as you want to. And whatever you felt like doing, as far as you wanted to go…we’ll go there together.” “You’re not tired?” “Dude, this hard-on needs some attention, whether you’re with me or not.” He narrowed his eyes and squeezed Jeremy’s shoulder. “I’d much prefer that you were with me. I like you.” “You do?” He nodded. “If you’ve had enough and want to call it a night, that’s totally….” “Your place,” Jeremy said quickly. “You’re sure?” “No,” he answered, “but before I change my mind….” Jeff looked towards the cash register. “Check!” “And then what happened?” “And then he goes ‘what about Barry?”” “Me?” “You’re the only Barry around here.” “What about me?” “He asked if I loved you.” “And what did you say?” “Well, I told him yeah, I loved you.” “You told him that?” “Well, we just had that whole conversation about you and me and you said you loved me and I said I didn’t know if I loved you and then you explained about the different kinds of love and I thought, yeah, I love Barry, only he didn’t let me explain what I meant.” “And then what?” “So I said I loved you and he reacted all weird and I asked about that Jeff guy.” “What about him?” “Well, like, he was getting all pissed off about you and he’s right there with that guy!” “And he said?” “He asked me why I cared.” “About Jeff.” “Yeah!” “And what did you say?” “I said I cared.” “Let me guess. He asked why you cared.” “Yes! He totally did!” “And you didn’t know what to say.” “Well, I mean…no. Yeah. Jeez, this is as confusing as it was the first time!” Barry sat back and pulled in a long, deep breath. “Okay. Now, don’t get flustered. Okay? Take a calming breath. Think about…the beach or something.” Tim grimaced. “The beach?” “Yeah, the beach! Think about the fucking beach!” Tim’s brow wrinkled and he looked doubtful. “Are you thinking about the beach?” Tim shrugged. “Okay. You’re calm. You’re in a good place. Now…why do you care about Jeremy?” “Because…he’s awesome!” “What else?” “He’s…kind. And sweet. And beautiful.” “Anything else?” “And I wanna…I wanted to be with him. To hold him. To kiss him. I wanted to….” “You wanted to love him.” “But then he grabs up his stuff and marches out and leaves me hanging there like some dumbass and he’s probably right now with that Jeff guy making out with him and shit.” Jeff unlocked the door to his room and opened it for Jeremy. “Kind of a mess, I’m afraid. But I wasn’t expecting company.” “That’s okay,” Jeremy answered. Rather than flick on the overhead light, Jeff walked across the floor and turned on a desk lamp that had a soft light, amber color that painted the room in pale lumination. He leaned down and switched on a small space heater that hummed quietly, and Jeremy could feel its heat spreading across the floor. Then Jeff turned around and said, “Welcome to my humble abode.” “It looks vaguely familiar,” Jeremy said, stepping inside. “Close the door,” Jeff instructed. Jeremy swallowed and turned, closing it quietly and making sure it was latched. “How do you feel?” Jeff asked. “Weird” Jeremy answered. Jeff huffed out a friendly laugh. “That’s a good description. Did you want to talk a little?” “About what?” He shrugged. “Whatever.” He was massaging his crotch again. “I can start if you want me to.” “Start?” A touch of panic entered the word. He laughed again. “Start the conversation. “ “Do you…do this a lot?” “Have guys over?” Jeremy nodded. “I like to think I have my fair share. College seems like it’s filled with horny guys, and that’s just my type.” “What…do you do?” “Blow jobs. A lot of blow jobs. Straight guys like blow jobs as much as everyone else. More, maybe. Fucking. Rimming. Sometimes we both jerk off. Sometimes I jerk them off.” He had his hand on his crotch, he was petting himself. “Whoa.” “Does that shock you?” “When…when was your first…?” “I was fourteen. My best friend and I. Fooling around in his basement. I had already discovered the joys of self-love and I was explaining it to him, how sometimes instead of pee this white stuff comes out and how good it feels. He asked me to show him how so I did. After that we made it a pretty constant activity. I knew I liked watching him do it. He knew it, too. He said he wished he could suck on his own dick and I said me, too. And then I offered to suck on his and I liked that, too. The rest, as they say, is history.” “Did you…?” “I never fucked him. He never fucked me. That came later. In high school. Fucking is…awkward, at first. I’m guessing you’ve never…?” Jeremy shook his head. “It’s almost exactly like you expect, and it’s nothing like you expect at all. Some guys don’t even like it. They don’t get off. Other guys, that’s all they want to do. I’m lucky, I guess, because I’ve got a prostate that send thick shivers of hot sex all through me. I fucking love to get fucked. But everybody - everybody - likes a blow job.” “Only with guys?” He shook his head. “No, I fuck girls, too. I like girls. I still fuck girls sometimes, it’s different from guys, it’s nice, and hot, but I like boys better.” He pursed his lips and grabbed his dick in his pants. “Seriously, Jeremy, all this talk has me about ready to bust a nut. I…kinda gotta do something about this.” Jeff started to undo his pants when Jeremy put his hands on Jeff’s and started to do it for him. He fumbled it a little and his hands were shaking, half from excitement and half from being scared. Jeff allowed him to do it, keeping his hands at his sides. Jeremy was a good half-a-foot taller and as big as an ox. Jeff watched the muscles of his shoulders bulge and flex, and the muscles and tendons on his forearms move. “Take my shirt off,” he instructed. Jeremy looked up and met his gaze. “My shirt,” he repeated. Jeremy nodded and started to pull the light blue t-shirt from Jeff’s body. He had some trouble with the neck, but it eventually came off his head and he dropped it to the floor. “Can I take your shirt off?” Jeff asked. Jeremy bit his bottom lip and nodded once. “This isn’t a total disaster. This is completely fixable.” He stood up and put his hands on his roommate’s shoulders. “How is this not a total disaster?” “A total disaster would be if he didn’t show you any interest at all and ignored you, right?” He shrugged. “I guess.” “But what he did was get upset with you. He got jealous of you and me. And he wanted you to explain what you wanted, right?” “Yeah.” “Which means he cares.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” Barry lifted his arm and scratched under his armpit. “This is completely fixable.” “But…?” “But what we need…is a plan.” “A plan?” Barry winked. “A plan.” Tim inhaled deeply. “Jesus, you smell good.” Jeff pulled Jeremy’s tight shirt up his torso. It was still slightly wet with sweat, and clung tenaciously to each hard bulge on its way up. When he had uncovered Jeremy’s two meaty pecs, he leaned in and licked his nipple playfully. “Fuck, Jeremy,” he whispered. “You are fucking hot.” Jeremy shuddered and sighed, and he felt his cock pulse. Jeff said, “Lift your arms, please,” and Jeremy did so. Jeff’s eyes drank in the sway of the man’s biceps and triceps, the fingers of muscle along the horseshoe, and a dank, delicious stink of Jeremy’s sweat and man-scent drifted towards him. He peeled Jeremy shirtless and dropped the wet cotton garment to the floor, and then stood back and rubbed himself as he just drank in the site of Jeremy’s body. No one had ever looked at Jeremy with such open lust and sexual need before. He felt an odd thrill of being looked at, being wanted, being an object of pure desire. “Fuck,” Jeff whispered, gazing wide-eyed at the beauty before him. Jeremy smiled and walked forward, popping open the buttons of Jeff’s slim jeans. He could see the root of Jeff’s prick, and he reached inside to pull him out. Tim leaned forward and pressed his lips to Barry’s. His roommate opened his mouth and wrestled tongues, feeling his forgotten passion renew instantly. Tim pulled his mouth off Barry’s and growled, “What is that smell?” Barry smiled. “You like it?” “Fuck yeah,” Tim answered, pushing his mouth greedily against Barry’s again. Suddenly he was all over his roommate, grabbing a handful of his hair, pushing his tongue into his mouth, reaching his other hand down to grasp his butt meat and push his fingers towards his asshole. He rubbed against his entry and then pulled his fingers to his nostrils and sucked the stink deep inside him. “What is that smell?” he growled. Barry pushed his lips against Tim’s mouth and shoved his tongue inside. He could feel Tim’s heat - his explosion of sexual power - building with sudden fury. He was overcome, overtaken, overwhelmed with a lust so powerful that it could not be denied. Barry released himself into this sudden lustful rush. He found himself being manhandled roughly, as Tim shoved him down onto his bed and fell upon his body, licking his neck and chest, kissing and biting him, and then pushing his tongue back inside Barry’s mouth and kissing him with unabated passion. Tim sat up and literally ripped himself from his clothes, tearing his shirt from his body as he allowed himself to swell with power. His cocks pushed their way from his pants, splitting the zipper open and shoving forward stiffly, already drooling long, thick strings of hot honey. Tim was practically eating him alive, and then he pushed Barry’s legs apart and shoved both his twins inside him, fucking him with hard thrusts and flooding his guts with cream. Barry groaned and shouted. He clawed at Tim’s wide muscular back and felt his ass pulled apart and filled to the max with Tim’s thick meat. “Fuck me,” he said, he pleaded, he cried. “Fuck me.” Jeff’s dick was firm, but not hard. Jeremy held him in his hand, feeling the sensation of the other man’s heat against his skin. Jeff looked down as the large hand held him with gentleness, curiosity and desire. Jeremy wrapped his grip around Jeff’s silken prick and squeezed, causing Jeff to rise up onto his toes. Jeremy looked up, asking, “Does that…?” “Feels good,” Jeff said softly, his eyes now closed. It took concentration not to just start pumping his cum all over Jeremy’s hand. “Please don’t stop.” He came down the balls of his feet and leaned forward, resting his forehead against Jeremy’s shoulder. Jeremy could feel the other boy’s breath against his neck. He felt and heard him moan softly. He rubbed the soft head of his dick gently, peeling back Jeff’s foreskin and rubbing the tender, sensitive helmet. “Oh, fuck, Jeremy,” Jeff moaned. “Oh, fuck.” Jeff moved his head, turning it slightly. His mouth was open. His lips looked soft and moist. His eyes remained closed and Jeremy leaned down and put his mouth against Jeff’s mouth. He had never kissed another man before. For that matter, he had never kissed anyone on the mouth in this way before. Jeff tilted his head and kissed him back. It was a soft, warm thing. Jeremy found himself overcome with a sudden and serious heat that started from his scalp and cascaded downward, as if being doused in hot water. It tingled as it traveled, and made his heart fillip and his breath catch. When it reached his loins, it traveled along the length of his cock and reached toward the tip, sending a renewed sizzle of pre along the fat shank and bathing the tip in wet warmth. His balls seemed to move, to swell and recede as if breathing, and then the sensation moved on down along his thighs and over his kneecaps and licked his calves and ankles until in moments his whole body was hot. He felt something push his lips, nudging against them, some wet, warm thing and he opened his mouth and Jeff’s tongue licked his lips and traveled between them inside Jeremy’s mouth. He felt it push and rub and caress his own tongue, and he tentatively returned the gestures, unsure of what he was doing but realizing some instant sexual bliss tangled up in the actions. Jeff’s cock pulsed and throbbed in his hand. He squeezed and rubbed it, then he could feel Jeff’s hand pressed against his own crotch, kneading and grasping his meat through his pants. The kiss deepened. Jeff’s other hand wound behind his neck. It felt cool against his skin, and then he could feel Jeff’s body pressing against his own, so much skin against his, so warm and smooth. “Help me get my pants off,” Jeff said, hardly breaking the kiss before pressing their mouths together again. Jeremy’s hands fumbled to undo Jeff’s fly, his excitement and anxiousness making him more awkward than he felt. Jeff smiled against Jeremy’s lips and reached down, resting his own hands on his partners and whispered, “Slowly. Relax. Take your time. You might want to remember this.” Jeremy blinked and felt Jeff guiding his hands - his fingers - and together they undid each silver button of Jeff’s tight jeans, popping him free of his cage. Jeff’s hands crawled up Jeremy’s forearms and wound behind him, pulling them close. “Nice,” Jeff said softly. “Now take my cock out.” He was caught inside his jeans and Jeremy extracted him, feeling his heat and hardness. He seemed to swell as he came free, and in Jeremy’s larger hand Jeff felt small compared to his own, more familiar Tim-enhanced monster. Jeff sprang outward and started to rise with eager pulses, pushing against Jeremy’s crotch with his erection. They both looked down and Jeremy’s mouth, smeared with Jeff’s spit and blush red, hung open as he gazed upon the other man’s beauty. He placed his palm against Jeff’s helmet. He surrounded his dick with his hand. Jeff leaned back, gathering spit in his mouth and let a long string of saliva drool from his mouth to coat Jeremy’s grip. Jeff moaned with deep satisfaction as Jeremy began to stroke the first dick that was not his own. Tim was on top of Barry in a flash, his twins swollen to godhood and spraying precum like his life depended on it. He had felt this way, this depth of desire and overwhelming lust, only one other time in his life, and that was on the day he had been welcomed as the newest Muscle Club member when his body had been deluged with sex and he had lost control, needing only to explode his new swollen cargo of seed with his mighty cannons. Barry surrendered to Tim’s needs, though he was strong enough to give as good as he got. In some way, he both sensed and wanted to be the slave to Tim’s body, and allow the other man to do whatever he wanted or needed to do, gasping for breath and dizzy with lust. Tim pushed himself inside Barry’s ass and instantly exploded, filling his guts with hot lava that streamed out of him like a torrent, flooding the other man with sex. His internal time bomb exploded at the same time, a sexual and muscular detonation unlike any he had managed to this point, suffused with some unspeakable and insatiable power, its fuse lit by the remnants of Chuck’s sexual acrobatics only minutes before. To Barry, at ground zero, it felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. His physical and mental capacities were inundated with that familiar sense of Tim’s dominance, driven into and through him, and had he not already been upgraded to his own full potential he would have been instantly transformed. The bomb radiated outward in the otherwise empty dormitory, passing through walls and floors, an invisible blast of pure sex and muscle that - had it happened when college was still in session - would likely have produced dozens of new, powerful, oversexed muscle gods ripping them free of their small, tight clothing and causing their newly grown twin fuck cannons to start erupting like geysers. Chuck, as it happened, had gone for a night flight, pushing himself naked into the chilly winter darkness and moving around and between the thick and heavy gusts that his augmented senses could detect. He could not know what was happening below him, but its power was uncompromised and unassailable, losing strength as it traveled but still in ownership of its essential capabilities. It hit him at 20% of its initial power, but even that was still strong enough to cause him to gasp and shudder and release a sudden cascade of his own ultra-pure and high-powered cum, suffused with the essence of truman power. He began to fall as he came, momentarily stunned, shooting streams of cream from both barrels as the cold winds wrapped themselves around his plummeting form. Across campus, in building 3, both young men were struck by Tim’s radiating force. Though it had diminished greatly in its travels, it still contained its essential power to transform another man within seconds of contact. The seams of Jeremy’s pants began to split as his legs developed new muscle. He felt himself grow suddenly hot, and felt Jeff’s hands grasping onto him hard, digging his fingers into the meaty brawn on his widening back. His cock pulsed and buzzed and swelled, inflating with new size and power, and his balls bulged with cream. Jeff gasped and swooned, feeling the same sensations of sex and power wash over him in an instant, and his smaller body began developing new muscle that stretched his skin and made him experience a growing sensation of strength. The muscles lining his arms grew distinct and separate, his smooth, flat belly was suddenly populated with six swelling bumps and his shoulders rose and widened. He could feel his butt extend against his pants, puling his crotch apart as it demanded space for its development. His thighs and calves pushed against his jeans and he felt his skin rubbing against Jeremy’s as his body rose higher. He was growing, and so was Jeremy. They held each other and kissed each other as the event passed through them, a long wave suffused with sex and muscle, growing less powerful as the moments passed and its effects waned and traveled outward. It actually lasted mere moments, but its effects were both pronounced and surprising. Jeremy was mostly unaware that anything was happening. He had fallen into the moment’s embrace of his first sexual encounter and was dizzy and shocked already. Jeff knew that something odd - something magical and powerful and altogether impossible - was happening but the power of Tim’s sexplosion only made him hungrier for Jeremy’s lips and hands and touch. He renewed the lustful advances, pushing his mouth against Jeremy’s, pushing his tongue inside, rubbing himself against the other young man as his body and senses became overwhelmed with Tim’s enormous power. Jeremy realized the benefits more strongly than Jeff. His body, already primed by his earlier encounter with Tim’s unstoppable power, swelled with new muscle like a sponge, gaining pounds of brawn over his frame while his grew another two inches taller. Looking less like a well-trained gymnast and ever more like the wrestler that Jeff imagined him to be, his arms bulged outward simultaneous with his chest and shoulders. His already swollen legs ripped through his pants, unable to contain themselves within his old clothing. His cock plumped and lengthened, adding another inch to its already impressive size and girth, pushing against the crotch of his pants with uncomfortable need. The two young men kissed and groped and caressed each other as they benefitted from the time bomb, swelling with muscle and sex in Jeff’s dorm room until the detonation passed by them and dissipated. “Ah, fuck,” Jeff whispered. Jeremy squeezed Jeff’s cock and stroked its spit-coated sensitive skin. A sizzle of pre erupted up its shaft and Jeff shuddered and sighed. “Feels…so good.” “Yeah,” Jeremy agreed. Jeff’s lips were warm and soft. His arms surrounded Jeremy’s bulk, squeezing him tightly. He could feel the hardness of Jeff’s body, its muscles and warmth, pressed against his flesh. Chuck recovered before plunging back to the ground, which would likely have left quite a dent in the earth. He slowed himself and sailed through the thick winds again, twisting and turning his majestic naked form as if swimming through invisible currents. “Wow,” he said softly, turning in mid-air and looking back down at the dorm building where the effects of what he just felt had undoubtedly originated. This wave was stronger than any other he’d experienced yet. He wondered what it had felt like at the epicenter, and if Barry was experiencing any benefits other than the usual heightened sexual and masculine power. Tim was an anomaly. A powerhouse. If this was a sample of what he could do without trying very hard, what would happen if he applied himself? Perhaps it was time to accelerate the plan. Now all he had to do was come up with a plan to accelerate. Tim’s and Barry’s room - Tim & Barry’s entire building - was permeated with the essence of Tim. It was in the walls and floors and ceilings. It lingered like a scent, and indeed there was a very strong scent of sex that accompanied the remnants of Tim’s explosion. The time bomb had managed to eradicate the other lingering masculine presence altogether, Tim’s powerful masculine aura supplanting the sexual residue of Barry’s extended Chuck Time and thereby also reducing Tim’s unbridled need to swallow that sexual sensation whole. The effect on Barry, however, was to turn him into the fuck machine that Tim had become, now re-energized by the intense but invisible flash of Tim’s superpower so that all Barry wanted now was to fuck Tim within an inch of his life. He grabbed the other man and shoved him backwards, jumping atop him and pushing their mouths together. Barry was overcome with desire - he wanted to be inside Tim, to feel Tim’s surround him, to feel Tim everywhere. He grabbed his roommate’s ankles and split him open, shoving his fountaining twins inside Tim’s heavenly hole and pistoning his hips like a diesel on overdrive, feeling each delicious inch of every single fuck shocking him with an electrical current of pure bliss. Tim’s hand dug into the concrete floor as if it were made of butter. Barry was shoving him so hard that his wide, muscular back was wrinkling the floor like cement cloth. He pinched his eyes shut and gasped for air and sank into the abyss of Barry’s sudden devouring need. Barry raised his chin and opened his mouth and let out a feral cry of victorious pride, fucking Tim harder than he’d ever fucked anyone in his life, driven beyond the saturation point of even his accelerated and amplified libido to withstand. “Did you put something in my coffee?” Jeff looked down at himself, playing his fingers across his rippling belly. “Am I high?” “No,” Jeremy replied. Jeff looked up, into his eyes. “Is this a dream?” “No,” he repeated. “I’m bigger,” Jeff reported, then he let his gaze wander across Jeremy’s naked torso, moving his hands over his pectoral globes and six-pack stomach, along the sides of his body, up to where his lats are flaring under his thicker, more muscular arms. “You’re bigger.” “Yes.” Jeff tilted his head. “Does this happen to you a lot?” “It happens with surprising frequency.” “What…? How…?” “That guy you saw? In the library?” “Tom?” “Tim. Tim has…a power. Or something.” He raised one arm and watched his new muscle bulge. “This was a bad one.” “I don’t understand.” “I know. I don’t entirely either.” “Tim did this?” “I’m not sure he meant to, but I suspect that he did.” “This is impossible.” “This is improbable, but it’s certainly not impossible.” Jeff gulped. “Fuck, I’m horny.” “Yeah, that too.” “Do you want to fuck me?” Jeff asked, kissing him lightly. “I don’t know,” Jeremy answered truthfully. “I want you to fuck me.” Jeremy’s brow furrowed and he looked oddly concerned. “Don’t worry, I’ve got condoms,” Jeff added. “It’s not that.” “I know.” “I’ve never….” “I know.” Kiss. “It’s okay.” Kiss. “We’ll be together.” Kiss. “It’s okay.” Jeremy gulped and sucked in a long, slow breath. “Okay.” Jeff took Jeremy’s hand in his and lead him to the bed. He sat down and stripped off Jeremy’s torn pants, leaning in to kiss Jeremy’s fat prick before it swelled with blood and inflated to gorgeous glory. He shoved off his own jeans and gasped softly when he saw the muscles that now lined his legs, starkly swelling up under his skin. He ran his hands along the new wedges of defined brawn, marveling at the sensation. “Impossible,” he repeated. Jeremy’s libido heated up as he looked down at the beautiful naked man before him. Jeff’s cock was fully erect, its swollen head reaching up beyond his navel on his newly developed six-pack abs. He was caressing himself with open admiration, a sensual display of self-love that made Jeremy want to reach down and do the same. “Can I…?” Jeff looked up, smiling, and then he took Jeremy’s hand and guided it to his body. Jeff’s skin was warm and soft, and Jeremy’s tentative touch moved with utmost grace and care over the other young man’s body. Jeff laid back onto his bed, moving his head towards the pillow and pulling Jeremy on top of him. Jeff enjoyed the sensation of another man’s weight on him, and Jeremy was a very large, very heavy man. He moved his hands behind Jeremy’s head and pulled their lips together, whispering, “Relax, relax, you’re all right, everything is all right,” to calm the other man’s rigid demeanor and sense of fear. True to his word, Jeff was feeling very horny, indeed. If Jeremy would have allowed himself, he would have admitted that his own engines had been revved into the red by Tim’s unsubtle intrusion, but his dick was doing a great job of conveying what his body was feeling even if he was too embarrassed or ashamed to say the words. Jeremy’s hard cock felt like a molten iron bar pressing against Jeff’s body. It felt a foot long and as thick as a salami, throbbing with distinct pulses against him, spreading an intense heat into his belly. He ached to feel that thing stretching his hole and shoving itself inside of him. Jeremy was a good kisser, if a little tentative and vanilla. But what he lacked in experience he was more than making up for in enthusiasm, returning Jeff’s passion with surprising aplomb. “Are you ready?” Jeff asked. Then he smiled. “You certainly feel ready. Your dick feels like a motherfucking steel rod.” “Okay,” Jeremy said rather meekly. Jeff nudged him to sit up, straddling his body. His hard-on rose up to attention, throbbing with hard beats. “I’m gonna put a rubber on your dick, okay?” “Okay.” He reached over to the nightstand, pulling the drawer open and extracting a foil square, tearing it open with his teeth. “Looks like you’re going to need the biggest I’ve got, big boy.” “Sorry,” Jeremy said. Jeff laughed softly. “Only you would apologize for having a big cock.” He grabbed Jeremy in his hand and deftly started unfurling the tight rubber sheath over his bulbous helmet and long shaft. Jeremy was so big now that even this large condom kept fighting against its unrolling, but a few inches in the ring grabbed on and Jeff stroked Jeremy’s prick until he was encased. Jeremy had never worn a condom, and the sensation of tightness and the way his cock looked shiny and new made him feel even sexier for reasons he didn’t understand. Then Jeff was applying a thick squirt of lube that draped down his cock and Jeff started to position himself for entry. “Take your time with this part,” he advised. “I’ve had big partners before but…uh…you’re kind of in a group all by yourself.” “Is it going to hurt?” “We won’t know until we try, Jeremy. And I’m pretty fucking excited to try.” Jeremy rose onto his knees as Jeff scissored his legs open to expose his butt hole to Jeremy’s fuck tool. Jeff was surprisingly pliant, but perhaps he’d done this before. “Okay,” Jeremy answered dutifully. “Now, you sort of need to prepare the way. I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t had a lot of experience in this department, but we’ll both enjoy this more if you kind of tease me open.” “Like…how?” “Well, I’d usually ask you to rim me, but I think we should probably start with something less challenging.” “Like, lick you?” “Yeah. I fucking love doing that to a guy. But I’m a butt man. I love ass. I love everything about a man’s ass.” “I’m not sure I’m ready for….” “Use your fingers. But not all of them!” Jeremy drew back suddenly. “Sorry! It’s…that’s an unbelievably sensitive spot. Just…start with one. Get some spit on your digit and have some fun. Have you ever, y’know, played with yourself down there?” Jeremy shook his head. “Okay, well, start slow and tender. Small circles. Little pushes. You’ll know if you’re doing it right.” “Okay.” Jeremy looked down at Jeff’s tight pucker as he drew his fingers into his mouth to coat them with spit. How he was ever going to fit himself into that tiny little hole seemed like another impossibility to him. But Jeff’s pucker was surprisingly reactive and limber, and after only a few minutes of exploration Jeff started to moan. It was a deeply satisfying sound, and its effects on Jeremy were equally dramatic. “Fuck, I want you in me,” he groaned. “Fuck me, Jeremy. Fuck my ass.” “Okay.” Jeremy grasped his thick, steel-hard cock and forced the swollen head towards Jeff’s wet hole. He kissed the hot tip against the tight pucker and watched it close against him. “Push it in,” Jeff demanded. “Fuck me, Jeremy. You gotta fuck me.” Jeremy licked his lips as he watched Jeff open himself. Slowly, and with care, Jeremy pushed against Jeff’s tightness, opening his hole wider and wider as he moved the spongey head of his erection into Jeff’s ass. The other man winced and sighed, bit his lip and clenched his jaw as the huge intrusion advanced inside him. It was all a bit strange at first for Jeremy. Even the idea of inserting his dick inside another man’s ass felt weird. He was aware that this was how men had sex, but considering the mechanics of the things and actually doing it were worlds apart. Firstly, he…liked looking at Jeff’s butt hole. He’d never even considered such a thing, that he might find another man’s asshole appealing. Faces, chests, butts, for sure he liked those things. But now he was looking at this spit-shiny little pink pucker and found his dick throbbing for it. He liked playing with it. Teasing it. Prodding it. Pushing his finger and then fingers through the tight ring to its interior. It was surprisingly pliant and inside it felt soft and warm, not like some tight chute made of meat at all. His dick pulsed and throbbed at the idea of being inside him, feeling that soft, wet heat enveloping his entire prick. Now that he was pushing himself in, grabbing his cock by the shaft and slowly guiding it into Jeff’s butt, it felt tight all over again. But the heat was there, the intrinsic human heat of Jeff’s beautiful body, and it was obvious that Jeff wanted him inside. Sweat sprung up on his body and his concentration level was ludicrous. But then with a kind of pop, he was inside, and then things started working rather more smoothly as Jeff managed to relax and welcome Jeremy’s monster inside him. Inch by inch, Jeremy moved into the wet heat. Jeff began to moan and shudder in a kind of bliss. Jeremy was a few inches in when Jeff tensed up again and Jeremy froze with his hard-on pushed halfway inside, surrounded by tight heat inside its rubber sheath. “That’s…holy fuck you’re huge! Fuck you’re so big. That feels so good. That’s good Jeremy, that feels really good. Now start to move your hips to fuck me. Move your dick in and out. You’ll…holy fuck, that feels sooooo good. Yeah, like that. Oh, fuck, Jeremy. Oh…. oh….. oooooohhh….” Jeff’s voice sunk down low and then climbed high into an actual squeal of delight. Tingles of bliss began to erupt along Jeremy’s dick and he closed his eyes to concentrate on that sensation as he slowly, almost mathematically, started fucking someone else for the first time in his life. It wasn’t only Chuck’s scent that lingered on Barry’s muscular body, his taste was there, too. Remnants of his cum and sweat and spit were all over Barry’s skin, and Tim was attuned to another man’s - particularly another transformed man’s - essences. They’d flip-fucked again, and now Tim was on top of his roommate with his dicks buried to the hilt and fucking like a machine. His glutes swelled and flexed as his pushed himself in and pulled himself out, feeling the incredible sensations of Barry’s magic ass like a million tongues or fingers or both, simultaneously stroking and licking and sucking against him. His dicks throbbed with power and he shot endless ropes of thick, hot cream inside Barry’s guts. Barry tasted good. Tim licked his skin, his neck, his face, his armpits, the deep valley between his pecs, the tributaries flowing around each of his abdominal mounds. Then he was kissing him again, shoving his tongue inside, then biting his shoulder, sucking his earlobe. There was not an inch of Barry that Tim did not desire. He did not know why or what it was that had so altered his perceptions of Barry, and Barry did not care. His own cocks were shoving cum out of his balls like pumps, spraying his warm, sticky seed between them in some magical cycle, giving Tim back the fuel he was expending inside him, bathing them both in warm, gooey sex. The two men could only groan and coo and cry, lost in a haze of pure ecstasy, surrendering to the rhythm of overwhelming desire and complete satisfaction over and over and over. It’s hardly surprising to say that Jeremy enjoyed fucking. Perhaps he would have enjoyed it before his body had ever been altered by Tim’s invisible upgrades, but he was on the pathway towards becoming what Tim and Barry already were, and his body was attuned to sex and carnal pleasures like a race car is tuned for the track. Once inside, it felt to him as if something clicked, some switch had been thrown or some gear had met its opposite and now the machine was operating at full capacity and pumping pure sexual bliss through his entire body. His brain was rewired for this. His libido had been making do with masturbatory interludes and rewarding him in kind, but now he was diving into an intimacy with another body that began to feed all his talents and desires as if the treasure chest had finally been unlocked. He fucked Jeff deep and hard. He pulled his legs apart and plunged inside. He stroked Jeff’s sweaty, firm body as shocking vibrations of bliss erupted along his cock and then he leaned down and scooped the man up in his strong arms and planted him firmly on his majestic prick, grasping him under his arms and physically using him like some human-shaped sex toy. Jeff gulped in air and tried to focus but was lost in some deep sexual frenzy. Jeremy was not even close to a fully-upgraded model, but he had been given the first hints of the superhuman sexuality that the Muscle Club boys possessed and now his body was realizing and understanding some of those powers and putting them into action. They fell back onto the bed and Jeremy pushed himself to the balls inside his lover and squirted a fat gout of cream inside him. He moved his hands up Jeff’s naked torso and leaned into him and kissed his mouth with hard passion and deep need. He shifted his hips, extracting his monster inch by inch and then shoved home again, and came again, and kissed again. His brain turned sideways and dismissed his feelings of inadequacy and his fears of deficiency. He was being flooded with endorphins and dopamine. His body was being pumped with testosterone, his muscles sang and flexed and bulged. Everything felt good. Everything felt perfect. Jeremy was discovering his new talents - his new skills - with speed and deftness. If sex were shoes, he was becoming a pair of Prada. If sex was a movie, he was becoming IMAX 3D. If sex was a car, he was becoming a Maserati. And all Jeff could do was hang on for the ride. “Holy fuck!” “I know!” “No, dude. I mean…holy fuck!” “Yeah, I know.” “No…like…dude…hoe. Lee. FUCK!” “Dude.” Tim looked at Barry. “I know.” “That. Was. Fucking. AWESOME!” “You weren’t so bad yourself.” “I meant me, asshole.” “Oh.” “Fucking fuck, dude. I’ve never…no one…that was….” “Right?” “God damn, son!” “I know!” “But…. Shit.” “Yeah.” “No, I mean…shit!” Barry gestured at the state of their room, which could easily be qualified as a disaster area. The beds were destroyed, there were man-sized dents in the wall, and the floor looked as if someone had taken a wrecking ball to it. If someone had walked in, they might have wondered if a very targeted and highly destructive earthquake had somehow managed to strike this one room alone. “Oh,” Tim said. “That.” “Yes, that! I mean…holy fuck!” “I might have gotten a little….” “You think?” “Um.” “Yeah, fucking ‘um.’ What the fuck are we gonna do about this?” “Apply for a new room?” “And explain all this how?” “Maybe we can fix it.” “Dude. There’s a fucking butt-shaped trough in the floor.” “Nice butt,” Tim admired. “That’s not exactly my point.” “Still, it is a very nice butt.” Barry scrubbed a hand through his sweaty mane and sucked in a deep breath. “Holy shit, dude.” “Yep.” “Maybe next time the feeling takes you, maybe we go outside where the only thing to break are, like, trees and shit?” “Next time,” Tim agreed. Barry looked over and a smile crept across his lips. “That was fucking epic, dude.” Tim smiled back and shrugged. “I have my moments.” Then his eyes narrowed and he asked, “By the way, in the middle there, did I…?” He lifted his hands and drew them apart while making an exploding sound in his throat. “I think you kind of did.” “Yeah, I think I kind of did, too.” “Fucking lucky that no one else was around, dude.” “Fucking lucky,” Tim agreed. “Well,” Jeff said, rubbing his thumb across Jeremy’s nipple, “I think it’s fair to say that you are no longer virgin territory.” Jeremy’s head was resting against Jeff’s chest. They were both lying on Jeff’s bed, still naked and coated in sweat. Jeff’s arms embraced Jeremy loosely, with the soft light from Jeff’s lamp throwing shadows against the wall. Jeremy sighed contentedly. “Yeah,” he agreed. “Yeah,” Jeff mocked in a deep voice. Jeremy laughed. “How do you feel?” “Good. Weird. Good.” “My ass is gonna hurt for a month,” Jeff observed. “Sorry,” Jeremy replied automatically. “I’m kidding, Jeremy. I think if my ass could get up it would bow to you and ask if there was some way to join your kingdom as servant. Seriously, Jeremy, for a first time that was, like, epic.” He reflected and then added, “Oh, fuck that. That was epic no matter how many times you’ve ever done it. I think you have a future in this, my friend. You might consider doing it professionally.” “As an English major, that’s probably a better career move.” Jeff was caressing Jeremy’s wide, thick pectoral muscles. “I’d invite you to spend the night but it’s already morning, so….” “I should get back to my room,” Jeremy said, though he made no immediate move to rise. “My roommate is probably wondering what happened to me.” “This is the roommate who wouldn’t object to a three-way?” “This is the roommate who’d probably show up at a party and turn it into an orgy.” “I’ve never been to an orgy. Maybe I should escort you home.” “I have a feeling you’ll meet up with Chuck eventually.” “Are you saying I’m a tart?” “I’m saying he is.” “Oh,” Jeff answered. “Who uses the word ‘tart,’ anyway?” “You have a better word?” “I’ve always been partial to floozy. Trollop is also good.” “Hussy.” “Strumpet.” “Ooh! Good one!” “English major,” Jeremy explained. he sat up, pulling reluctantly from Jeff’s embrace and turned around. “Thank you,” he said. “Oh, fuck, Jeremy, if anyone should be thanking anyone, I should be thanking you!” “You know what I mean.” Jeff smiled. “Yeah. I know what you mean.” Then he leaned forward and kissed Jeremy softly. “This was fun,” he said. “Master of understatement.” Then he nodded. “It was fun.” “Good, that’s exactly what sex should be.” He pushed against Jeremy’s muscular back and the larger man stood up. He was a towering mass of bulges, slick with sweat and glowing in the soft light. Naked, he appeared to be some Greek statue made flesh, or a Roman god striding the land of mortals. His chest heaved up and down as he breathed. The six-pack of prominent abdominal bulges swelled in and out slowly. His cock, still several inches soft and hanging heavily over his large balls, was an ode to the male form in its beauty and majesty. Jeff reached for Jeremy’s hand and they held on to each other for a few moments. “I had fun, too,” he said. Jeremy reached down to grab his ripped clothing and held his pants up. “Well, hell,” he said. Then he pushed his legs inside his jeans and posed for Jeff. The seams had split up the side exposing the new meat that had bloomed on his legs. His cock made a prominent bulge in the crotch until he adjusted himself, creating a not-very-subtle tube leading towards his hip. “How do I look?” “Ridiculous.” “Thanks.” “Don’t mention it.” Jeremy paused to gaze on Jeff’s still-naked form. The other man was so comfortable with his body - with himself. He was not in the least bit embarrassed or shy, and that confidence made Jeremy’s dick buzz and throb. Without realizing it, Jeremy was staring with avid hunger at Jeff’s nude form. The man wasn’t attempting to be sexy or overtly arousing, he wasn’t moving his hands across his body or rubbing his dick, he was just lying there, naked, looking all kinds of beautiful. “See you around?” Jeff asked. “Okay,” Jeremy answered, pulled from his reverie. He attempted to pull his shirt back over his head but he had grown too large for it, and its seams tore open in several places. To Jeff’s eyes, it appeared that the Incredible Hulk was standing in his room, having recently swelled with angry muscle. “See you around,” Jeremy agreed, and then he left. Jeff smiled. “Count on it,” he said softly. Part 16 Chuck was stationed near the window, as was his custom, looking a bit like Superman poised to jump into the sky to go save the world again. To Jeremy’s eyes, the resemblance was almost uncanny. The dark hair with the stray forelock, the squared-off chiseled jaw that could cut glass, the piercingly beautiful eyes, and muscle, huge and powerful, as far as the eye could see. The single most pronounced aspect that separated him from that comic book superhero was the distinct lack of clothing. He was leaning his perfect butt against the window sill with his arms crossed over his gargantuan chest. Thick fingers of sinew popped up under his silken skin, erupting from the deep crevasse created by the two mighty globes of brawn. Thick veins ran along his bulging biceps and branched down his ham-like forearms. The dark forest of curls that grew in perfect symmetry across his chest and belly narrowed to a trail that lead the eye unerringly towards the heavy bush of dark, shiny curls that crowned perhaps his most prominent and mouth-watering feature - that perfect and beautiful cock, thick and heavy, jutting forward from his loins like an invitation to sex. A half-smile wound across his full, soft, sensuous mouth and one thick, dark eyebrow arched with amusement. “I have to say, the man does nice work.” He was looking at Jeremy’s new, improved body. His young roommate seemed embarrassed to be displaying himself for Chuck’s scrutiny, even though he was keeping his tattered pants on and Chuck was completely naked (as usual). “Put your arms down,” Chuck advised, and Jeremy relaxed a bit, slowly lowering the arms that he had been using to cover his chest. “You really need to just accept the fact that you’re a heartbreaker, Jeremy.” “Shut up.” Chuck laughed softly, a deep growling sound from his throat, and watched his shy roommate’s entire body redden. “I figure you gained a good ten or twenty pounds, again. And maybe an inch - two inches taller?” Jeremy shrugged. Chuck watched the play of muscle as it shifted and flexed under his skin. “So, how does it feel to get your cherry popped?” “I think I popped his cherry, if we’re being honest.” “His cherry was popped a long time ago, from what you’ve told me.” “I probably re-popped it, if his reaction was any indication.” Chuck’s gaze was drawn downward as Jeremy’s prick jerked and swelled inside his tight pants, reliving the evening’s activities no doubt. Yes, he was certainly on his way to becoming a truman. The wattage in Chuck’s smile increased. “Do you like him?” “Him?” “Jeff.” Jeremy shrugged. “I guess so.” Chuck nodded. This was a new wrinkle, but it wasn’t too concerning. His evening with Barry had illustrated that these young men were maturing and changing along a path of stronger sexuality than his brotherhood - and that was saying something. At least they retained some control over themselves, otherwise he could imagine an entire campus or town swarming with musclebound sex cannons fucking everyone in their sight. It wasn’t unexpected that Jeremy would soon graduate from virginity - he just thought it would be with Tim. Love. Stupid love. Why can’t humanity just be content with raw carnality? “He was changed, too?” Jeremy nodded, putting his arms back across his muscular chest again. “All things considered, he certainly accepted it well enough.” “From what you’ve told me about him, he has a one-track mind. I’d wager that his brain wasn’t exactly in a state to worry about it while his cock was growing eager and hungry.” “You make it sound so simple.” “What?” “Sex.” “It can be,” Chuck stated. “It all depends on your point of view.” Jeremy’s brow wrinkled, illustrating his doubt on that subject. “And what about Tim?” “What about him?” “Do you still want to be with him?” “Isn’t that the plan?” Chuck’s smile faltered. “I thought we both wanted the same thing.” Jeremy shrugged again. “Look, I…I know I’m asking a lot of you. In a way it’s dishonest to….” “In a way? In every way! You want me to…to….” “I want you to be with the man you love. I want you to be happy.” “As long as you get what you want.” “As I said, I thought we both wanted….” “It’s getting complicated.” “Relationships usually are.” Chuck stood up as he spoke. “I understand I’m being selfish about this. I understand that doesn’t excuse my actions. Tell me you want to stop and I’ll stop. I’ll leave. I’ll find…another way.” “I don’t…it’s…I’m very…confused.” “Your head and your body are going through a lot of changes, and most of those are…unusual, to use an extreme understatement. Now your emotions are getting tangled up, too.” “I don’t see how that….” “I’m just trying to put things into perspective. I’m not…I don’t mean to try to tell you what you should do. I’m only asking at this point, things standing how they stand, what you want to do.” “Me?” Chuck smiled and nodded. “Yes, Jeremy. You. You always had a choice in this, or wasn’t I clear about that?” “It felt like…it seemed like I had to help you and your friends, like I was your only hope.” “You’re not my Obi Wan, Jeremy.” Now Jeremy laughed. It made his face light up and Chuck’s heart flipped a little. Jeremy was certainly becoming a seriously beautiful young man. “Just tell me what you’re feeling. Right now. Considering everything that’s happened.” “I don’t…I don’t know! That’s the hard part! I just…I don’t know how I feel!” “Okay. Okay. Let me ask it another way. What do you want to do?” “I want to be with Tim.” “Okay.” “And I want to be with Jeff.” “Okay.” “Okay?!?” Chuck narrowed his eyes and sat back down on the window sill. Jeremy’s dick pulsed hard as he watched the other man’s superhuman collection of perfectly developed brawn shift and flex. He watched Chuck’s mammoth cock swing and hang, sensing its weight and thickness, wanting to hold it in his hand and squeeze it, feeling the blood rushing into it, making it grow hot and hard. He grimaced and tried to push those thoughts aside. “Let’s just concentrate on one of them for now.” Jeremy looked perplexed. “Okay.” “You choose.” “I….” There was a gentle knock on the door, and then a familiar voice asked, “Jeremy?” “Oh, shit.” The voice outside the door said, “It’s Jeff.” “Should I…?” asked Chuck, making vaguely wavy motions with his hands. Jeremy nodded and Chuck did his magical disappearing act. It still kind of freaked Jeremy the fuck out, but he pulled in a calming breath and opened the door. “Good afternoon,” Jeff said brightly. Of course, he looked too fucking cute. His hair was doing that disheveled thing and he had that smile on the mouth that Jeremy enjoyed kissing so much. “Hi.” Jeff peered around Jeremy into his room. “Is your famous orgy-loving roommate here?” “Not at the moment.” “Pity,” Jeff said, “I was looking forward to an introduction.” Then they stood there for a couple of heartbeats before Jeff asked, “May I come inside?” “What? Oh, yeah, sorry.” Jeremy opened the door wider and Jeff stepped over the threshold. “I like this look on you,” he observed, allowing his gaze to wander over Jeremy’s naked torso. “My shirts don’t fit,” he said, somewhat sheepishly. “I know what you mean,” Jeff agreed. As he removed his down jacket, Jeremy couldn’t help noticing that he was wearing an outfit that was doing amazing things to accentuate his new, larger dimensions and muscular development. The shirt was sleeveless and stretched tightly across his chest, making his nipples press against the material. Jeremy could even make out Jeff’s new six-pack. His arms were bulging with hard balls of muscle, and a thick vein crawled over the mound of his biceps. Jeremy had a sudden, strong urge to lick it. Jeff lifted his chin slightly and smelled the air. A smile came to his lips but he said nothing. “I just wanted to check in and see how you were feeling today.” He went over and tossed his jacket onto Chuck’s bed and sat down with his usual ease and confidence. “Okay,” Jeremy said. Jeff smiled. “My ass still hurts.” He laughed slightly at Jeremy’s sudden and obvious discomfort before adding, “That’s a compliment, by the way.” “Thanks?” “You’re welcome.” He looked around at their surroundings before focusing his attentions back on the shirtless boy standing awkwardly before him. “I like what you’ve done with the place.” Then he tilted his head, “I’m sorry, am I sitting on your bed?” “No, that’s Chuck’s.” “Is he going to mind?” Chuck’s bed was made up and looked like no one had slept in it. Jeff smoothed out the coverlet and blanket a bit. “I doubt it,” Jeremy said, glancing towards the window. “So, how are you? I know sometimes it’s weird after the first time.” “Sometimes?” Jeff smiled. “I must admit that I’ve done more than my share of introducing friends to the fine art of making love. Everyone reacts differently. Some people jump in with both feet and have what I like to call their Slut Period, others grow attached, others draw apart.” “I’m…not sure.” “That sounds about right.” Jeremy sat down opposite Jeff and clasped his hands together. “It was…nice.” “It was amazing,” Jeff added. “You were amazing.” “I was just….” Then he shrugged, and blushed. “You know that’s extremely sexy when you do that, right?” “When I do what?” “Get all cute and embarrassed and that beautiful body blushes pink all over.” That just increased Jeremy’s reaction. “So…um…I wanted to ask you.” “Yes?” “About the…growing thing.” “Oh.” “So…what’s that all about, then?” “Yeah. Um.” He pulled a long breath in through his nostrils and pushed his hair back. It made his biceps bulge into a softball-sized melon. “So, you know about the trumans, right?” “I remember them. Something about them. Didn’t pay a lot of attention, seemed like some gag dreamed up by a pharmaceutical marketer.” “No, they’re real.” “Are real?” “Were real. Are real. Tim’s…I think Tim is one.” “That might explain the big…ness.” “Yeah, so…like I said, sometimes he does this…thing.” “This…thing.” Jeremy nodded. “And then you get….” “Bigger.” “Yes.” “So last night?” Jeremy shrugged. “Is that why you’re…big?” He nodded. “Ah. So you and he…?” “What?” “You. And Tim.” “No. Oh, no no no. There’s no me and Tim.” “But he wants there to be.” “What?” “Sorry, it’s just that when you two were arguing in the library it seemed pretty clear that something was up.” “We weren’t arguing.” “Okay, when you two were having the heated discussion and he was looking at me like I was trying to steal secrets for the enemy and you were the secret I was trying to steal.” Jeremy opened his mouth but Jeff continued. “What about you, then?” “I don’t…what about me?” Jeff shook his head and twisted his mouth into a sideways grimace. “What about you as far as Tim is concerned?” Jeremy looked flummoxed. “You understand why I’m asking these questions, right? I’m asking these questions because I’m interested in you, and I’m not the sort to be off alone in my room pining over someone I want to be with when I can just go be with them instead. But if you’re interested in someone else then….” “I don’t know….” “About which part?” “Well, all of it!” “I see.” “No, I’m…it’s very confusing.” “What is?” “I…do like you, Jeff. I liked being with you last night. And it’s not…it isn’t just…at least, I think it isn’t just the…like…fucking.” Jeremy paused a very long time before he said the ‘f’ word, and even then it sounded a bit like someone trying to pronounce something in an unfamiliar foreign tongue, which made Jeff like him even more. He made it sound important. “No,” Jeff agreed. “Though the fucking was pretty awesome.” Jeremy blushed again. “You really need to stop doing that around me or I’m going to attack you.” “I’m not doing…anyway…I…Tim and I…he….” “You’re trying to sort things out.” “Yeah.” “And your feelings are all twisted around at the moment.” “Yeah.” “Because you and I had amazing sex last night and that’s pretty intense and now you’re not sure if you’re attracted to me or you’re just attracted to the awesome sex or if you’re like some different person suddenly because you had awesome sex.” Jeremy’s body physically relaxed. “Yeah.” Jeff nodded. “You might find it comforting to know that it’s not unusual to be in this state after something as intimate and important and wonderful as your first sexual encounter. And I understand that. But I just wanted to introduce the idea that, if you’re into it, if you’re into me, I’m into you, too. I don’t mean to pressure you or anything, and I don’t mean to add another layer of confusion into your head, but frankly I would kick myself if I didn’t make it clear how I felt about you and missed an opportunity to have someone wonderful in my life. That’s it basically. Oh, and thank Tim for the added muscle. It’s weird but it’s nice. I’d thank him myself but something tells me he wouldn’t exactly be thrilled to see me.” “Yeah.” “Yeah.” Jeff stood up and grabbed his jacket. “I’m going to kiss you now. On the mouth. There might be a little bit of tongue involved, so just be prepared for that.” Then he smiled and did exactly as he had promised. Jeremy found that he immediately liked that kiss. He liked the smell of Jeff. He liked feeling his body pressing against his own. He liked when Jeff placed his hand behind Jeremy’s neck and he squeezed gently. “Okay,” Jeff said. And then he opened the door, exited the small room, and closed the door behind him. “I see your point,” Chuck said, his voice seeming quite loud in the room suddenly. “What point?” He was smiling. “I’d fuck him.” “Yeah, well, that’s hardly an unusual development where you’re concerned, is it?” “Don’t get defensive. I’m just agreeing with your dilemma. He’s quite something.” “Yes,” Jeremy agreed, “he is.” Chuck was looking at him with a knowing smile on his face, beaming in fact. “What’s your problem?” “It seems to me that between the two of us, you’re the one with the problem.” “I thought you’d be on Tim’s side.” “Do you know what your real problem is, my young friend?” “No, tell me, oh mighty swami of sex.” “Your problem is one of perspective.” He folded his arms across his chest. It bulged quite admirably. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Chuck held up his hand and extended a couple of fingers. “You’re under the impression that there are only two sides.” Jeff was walking down the hallway when another door opened and a tall, broad, handsome, incredibly muscular and fully naked man emerged with a small towel over his shoulder. Both men stopped dead in their tracks, though for different reasons. Jeff had seen this guy before. He’d seen him in the library. He was a blonde god, and that fact was made even more clear now that he was standing here, six-and-a-half feet high, three feet across, wearing not a stitch of clothing and looking as if he had just spent the last two weeks strapped into a muscle building machine at the nearest superhero factory. The man was inhumanly beautiful. There was an odd but attractive perfection to the development of his large muscles, and with him simply standing there an aura of sexual power seemed to pulse and emanate from him like a palpable wave of heat. Jeff’s mouth went dry and he head was spinning a little. It seemed as if the man he had seen before in the library was some sort of pale imitation of the man before him now, his reflection wiped clean and shiny. Tim’s face registered something like shock. His mouth fell open and he blinked a couple of times. He had one hand on the door handle of his room and the other was grasping the loose end of the towel over one of his broad, terribly muscular shoulder-mountains. He recognized Jeff immediately, though his dimensions seems somewhat improved from his memory. Did he have that chest before? Was his neck that thick and powerful? Were his shoulders so wide? Jeff, as ever, recovered his faculties first and offered his hand. “Hello,” he said easily, “I don’t believe we’ve formally met. I’m Jeff.” Tim looked at the other man’s hand with something like disdain, but grudgingly accepted it, overwhelming the smaller’s man’s grip in his huge, bear-like paw. “Tim,” said Tim. “Morning shower?” Tim nodded. “Rough night?” “Not especially.” There was a distinct and pungent smell of sex wafting from his entire huge body like cologne. It made Jeff’s dick bulge. “Well, I didn’t mean to get in your way,” Jeff explained. “You didn’t.” “Good. I’m glad,” he said, cheerfully, while careful extracting his hand from the other man’s. “I hope we can be friends. Jeremy speaks of you very highly.” “Jeremy.” “Handsome guy? Funny? Lives at the end of the hall?” “I know who Jeremy is,” Tim answered darkly. “Do you?” “Yes.” “That’s good.” He cast a glance back towards Jeremy and Chuck’s room and then said, “Well, it was awfully nice meeting you, Tim. Have a good day.” “I will,” Tim answered. Then he watched Jeff maneuver around his naked bulk and wander down the hallway. He couldn’t quite help watching Jeff’s ass with admiration during his departure. Jeff paused at the top of the stairs and turned suddenly. “Thanks, by the way.” “For what?” He reached down and lifted up his shirt. His torso was a roadmap of muscle. Tight, hard bulges moved under his skin. “I’m told you’re the one responsible,” he said. “So, thank you!” “You…you’re welcome,” Tim answered curiously. Then Jeff tucked his shirt back in and headed down the stairs and out of sight. Tim stayed looking at the empty space where Jeff had stood showing off his six-pack for a while, trying to sort out what he was feeling. Anger? Attraction? Hostility? Desire? Things were a tangle, like a carefully constructed spider web upset after snaring an insect. What was it with that guy? He was so…irritating. And alluring. He shook his head to clear the webbing away. He looked back up the hallway towards the showers and Jeremy’s room, sighing with discontent. Well, fuck. Fuckity fuckity fuck. Of course Jeff was moving in! That guy was sneakier than a snake and slimier than a slug. And of course Jeremy would fall for his empty compliments and that sly (albeit handsome and fucking kissable and somehow attractive and incredibly sexy) smile. Fuckity fuck fuck! He strode up the hallway and before he considered or realized what he was doing, he was rapping his knuckles against Jeremy’s dorm room door. “You’re having quite a busy morning,” Chuck observed. “Maybe it’s for you?” “The only person who’d want to see me is Barry, and he doesn’t strike me as the type to knock.” Then he was fading into imperceptible haze again before disappearing, adding in a fading voice, “This really is becoming something of a nuisance, you know.” “I’m not the one….” But Jeremy was already talking to no one again. So he turned and opened the door. Tim was standing there naked. “I… oh, fuck.” Jeremy was perceptibly larger again. He was standing in the doorway shirtless, and it was easy for Tim to discern that every aspect of his physique had swelled with new muscle. “Hello to you, too,” Jeremy said. “You’re…you got….” “Bigger. Yes. Again. And I guess I should say thank you. Again.” “You’re…wait, how did you get bigger?” “You’re asking me?” It was Tim’s turn to blush, and suddenly Jeremy knew exactly what Jeff had been talking about. He watched the naked body in front of him become washed with blood, and his dick reacted rather agreeably. “Sorry,” Tim growled. The smaller (though larger) man shrugged. “It’s all right. I know you can’t always help it. It’s just sort of…it’s becoming slightly inconvenient.” Tim’s eyebrow arched handsomely. “My wardrobe needs replacing again,” Jeremy explained. “I probably have a shirt you can borrow.” “I…thanks,” Jeremy said. The idea of wearing one of Tim’s shirts also made his dick twitch for some reason. On the other hand, the man was standing before him completely naked. “I wanted to ask you….” He paused then, and sucked a deep breath in through his nostrils. “Is there someone else in there?” His brow furrowed curiously and his cock pulsed once hard. “N…no.” “Weird,” Tim said. “Is that what you wanted to ask me?” “What? No! No. No, I was wondering if you’ve had lunch? Yet?” “Lunch?” “Yeah. Have you had it? Yet?” Tim’s normally deep voice was, for some reason, climbing higher in register when he asked about lunch. “No,” Jeremy reported, “I haven’t had lunch yet.” “Good. Then…did you…like…want to? Have lunch?” The huge, powerful man was behaving in a manner that was almost directly opposite his appearance. His head twisted over and his eyes pinched slightly. It looked almost as if he were experiencing some sort of physical pain. “I suppose I will need to have lunch at some point.” “With me. I meant. Sorry.” Tim grimaced and shook his head. It was very hard to keep looking at Tim’s face while he was standing there naked. There was…so much of him to look at, and every inch seemed designed to be admired and worshipped. His chest was dusted with blonde fur, small filaments of silk shining like gold. His cobblestone belly swelled and receded. Jeremy could see every muscle keenly defined. Tim’s full, moist lips moved as he spoke, his tongue was wet and pink, and reminded Jeremy of kissing Jeff’s mouth moments ago. He kept fidgeting in place nervously which made all his muscles flex and twitch under his pale skin, and he smelled rank and delicious. “Okay.” “Okay?” Jeremy shrugged. “Sure. I guess.” “Okay? Lunch?” He seemed genuinely shocked and overwhelmed at Jeremy’s answer. “That’s…okay. Okay! Okay? Yes. Great. Amazing. I’m…um…I need to shower because I stink, and…well, I shouldn’t say that I stink but…” He raised he arm and stuck his nose into his moist pit and drew in a deep breath. “Yeah, I stink.” But his cock plumped up discernibly and did his nipples grow hard? “So, I’m gonna take a shower and then I’ll come and get you. If that’s okay. Is that okay?” “Yes, that’s okay.” He did stink, but not in a way that Jeremy had any objection to for some reason. “Okay! Okay. Great. This is…this is great. Okay. So….” “So I’ll see you in a few minutes.” “A few….right! Yes. Sorry. After my shower you mean. Of course. Um…okay.” “Okay.” They stood there looking at each other and then Jeremy said, “I’m going to close the door now.” “Oh. Right!” “Could you bring me that shirt you mentioned?” “A shirt?” “Because I don’t have one that fits anymore?” “Right!” “Unless you were planning on going to someplace that doesn’t have a no shoes, no shirt policy, of course.” “Is there one?” Jeremy stifled a laugh. “Just bring over a shirt and we’ll worry about that later.” “Oh! Yeah. Yes. Okay th….” Jeremy closed the door. Part 17 “This place?” “Yeah. Why, is something wrong with this place?” Jeremy looked up at the sign over the coffee shop. Jasper’s. “No.” “The burgers are great. At least, that’s what I keep hearing.” “A burger sounds fine,” Jeremy agreed. The place had a different sort of air about it in the daylight. As they entered, looking like a varsity collegiate wrestler followed by a super heavyweight bodybuilder, the young woman at the register did a slight double-take, but then told them to ‘sit anywhere’ and they moved into the dining area. Oddly, or coincidentally, Tim made directly for the exact same back booth where Jeremy and Jeff had spent a very agreeable and surprising hour together much earlier that morning. Jeremy slowed and paused, then Tim looked back and asked, “This okay?” Jeremy swallowed and shrugged, nodding his head and waiting for Tim to move his ample bulk into the booth. Tim was…huge. He realized that the man was big, but watching him attempt to maneuver his large muscular frame into this normal-sized booth, sitting exactly where he had been sitting with Jeff, it focused attention on the man’s size even more keenly than having his bulk shadowing him as they walked. He wanted to take Tim’s hand with the ease and instant familiarity that Jeff had slipped his fingers into Jeremy’s but something held him back. His heart was pounding and his skin felt hot and cold simultaneously. Neither had spoken much more than a few words while they walked. With Jeff, Jeremy felt like the dominant one. He was taller, broader, thicker, stronger and more powerful than Jeff, but Jeff’s confidence was overwhelming, and Jeremy still felt small and vulnerable. Walking next to Tim’s muscled bulk, he felt a bit like a tugboat next to an ocean liner. Everything about Tim was overwhelming. Not just his size, but his beauty and the sense of pure sensuality that seemed to pour off him in waves. He moved with a sleek, animal stride, and heat came off his huge form as if he were a furnace in the winter. Tim’s demeanor was like that of a man protecting something precious, or scared of making the wrong move that would drive that precious thing away. He watched Jeremy’s new body move with an intense aura of desire, stronger than he usually felt and certainly stronger than he had ever felt for any other individual. Jeremy was a lodestone and he was a magnet. And his dick throbbed and bulged and tingled with strong, constant shocks of sex inside his tight jeans. “Thanks for coming to lunch,” Tim said, grabbing the menus and handing one to Jeremy. “No problem,” he answered, looking at the colorful variety of fired foods offered on the plastic-coated sheet. “I’ve never…done this before.” “Had lunch?” Jeremy said, half-joking. But Tim was serious. “Been on a date.” “Never?” He shook his handsome blond head. “You’ve never been on even one date?” He shrugged. “I usually just fuck the guys I like.” He realized what words had come from his mouth too late. “I mean….” “That’s okay,” Jeremy said. “I kinda figured.” The absurdity of their date had occurred to both men, in fact. Jeremy was trying very hard to conceal what he had been doing with Jeff, wondering if it showed on his face or on his movements, whether Tim would know he’d had sex, now, and what he would do. Shouldn’t this all make things easier, instead of harder? Before he was frightened of how Tim would react once he discovered that Jeremy was a virgin. Now he was having the same irrational fears once he discovered he was not. Tim was just trying to hold it together. He wanted very much, very deeply, to kiss Jeremy. He wanted to surround him in his arms, to pull him close to his body, to embrace him in the safety and strength of his muscles and then to kiss his mouth, kiss his neck, lick his skin, move his hand under Jeremy’s shirt - under his own shirt! - and to caress Jeremy’s chest, pluck his nipple, feel his warm skin. Jeremy offered a carnal cavalcade of sensual delights that Tim ached to explore. But he held himself back. Words, he told himself. Use words. Tell him how you feel. How you want him. How you want to be with him. How you would do anything - anything in the world - just to be with him. “Afternoon, gents,” a male voice said. They both looked up with startled expressions, and the waiter asked, “can I get you anything to drink? The shakes here are legendary.” “Coke, please,” Jeremy asked. “Yeah, that sounds good,” Tim agreed. “You guys know what you want?” I WANT TO PIN THIS BEAUTIFUL BOY TO THE FLOOR AND FUCK HIS BRAINS OUT AND KISS HIS LIPS AND MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER THAN HE’S EVER FELT IN HIS LIFE! “Cheeseburger and fries,” Tim answered. “You want bacon on that?” I WANT TO FEEL JEREMY’S BODY AGAINST MINE, I WANT TO FEEL HIS DICK INSIDE ME, I WANT TO BE NAKED AND WET AND HOT AND FEELING LIKE I’M GOING TO EXPLODE WITH THE BIGGEST FUCKING FLOOD OF CREAM THAT THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! “Sure.” “How about you?” “The same,” Jeremy answered. I WANT THE SAME THING! Tim heard inside his head. He pulled in a slow breath and pushed the menu back into its holder. Then he folded his hands together and shut his eyes tightly. “You okay?” Jeremy asked. “Mostly,” Tim answered. “Sorry, I just…Um….” He opened his eyes and looked down. His knuckles were white. “I feel like I need to apologize for.. the thing.” “What thing?” “You know, making you…making your body…” Jeremy’s face registered disbelief and he huffed out a short, sharp laugh through his nose. “Oh, well, that’s not…I’m not angry or anything. I mean, look, it’s not like you have any, sort of, I guess, control over it. Mostly. It’s not like you intended to….” “I just…I feel like….” “Do you think I’m mad at you?” Tim looked over. “I’m not in love with Barry,” he said quickly. “Okaaaaaay.” “I mean, I love him, like I said. But, I’m not…we’re not….” “Okay,” Jeremy repeated. “It’s not really any of my business anyway. I shouldn’t have asked you…I was upset about…something, so I was rude and…” “We just have sex.” “Right.” “And…well…we have a lot of sex.” “Uh huh.” “I guess we don’t have to have so much sex.” “Okay.” “Just sort of happens.” “Yeah.” “I mean, he’s naked, I’m naked, one thing leads to another…” Nod. “But we’re not, like, in love or anything. It’s kind of…well, there’s a practical side to having him around. For me.” “I understand.” “Because of the sex.” “Yes, I get that.” “Because I need so much of it.” “Right.” “And I have this giant…uh, I’m sort of gifted in certain departments.” “I may have noticed that.” “And it’s…convenient to have another dude around who is….” “Similarly gifted?” “Yeah.” He shook his head, adding, “Not that he’s not a good dude.” “Mm hmm.” “I mean, sometimes he’s an asshole.” “.” “I…I was an asshole.” “You’re not an asshole.” “Sometimes I’m an asshole.” “Sometimes everyone is an asshole.” “You’re not,” Tim said, and it was evident to Jeremy that he meant it. “I am an asshole.” He and Jeff, sitting right here. Jeff sucking on his dick. “Sometimes.” “You’re not,” Tim repeated. “You’re never mean or short. You treat people with respect. You’re polite and sweet and you’re always nice.” “So are you.” Tim’s handsome mouth pursed but he said nothing. Jeremy put his hand over Tim’s tightly clasped grip and said, “So are you, Tim. I think you’re nice.” Tim’s Adam’s apple bobbed. “You believe me?” He shrugged. “Maybe, sort of, talk about you and Barry a little bit less.” Tim looked over. “And all the great sex you’re having.” “Oh,” he said. “Shit.” “Sometimes - only sometimes - you can be a little, like, intimidating, but I don’t think you intend to be. You just can’t help it.” He looked worried. “Do I intimidate you?” Jeremy laughed softly again. “Like I said, sometimes.” He looked at Tim’s beautiful face and into his eyes. “You really don’t realize your effect on people, do you?” He shook his head. “I dunno.” “I guess it’s hard to see things from other people’s perspective. But you go wandering around naked all the time, and you look like that, and, yeah, sometimes you’re pretty intimidating.” “I don’t mean to be.” “I realize that. I try not to be intimidated, but you’re very…good looking. And…big.” “You’re getting there, too,” Tim observed. His eyes traveled over Jeremy’s chest, enjoying the way his nipples were straining against the material. He looked…really good. Jeremy looked down at himself. He thought that Tim’s large shirt did a good job of camouflaging his new assets, and he felt glad for that. “I guess so.” “Do you feel intimidating?” “I haven’t had time to consider it. This all happened sort of suddenly.” “Yeah, sorry again.” Jeremy realized he kept stepping on that particular land mine without intention, and that Tim couldn’t help blaming himself for what he perceived as a slight against Jeremy. “Just to be clear, I don’t hate it. I’m finding I rather like it, in fact. There are some…distinct advantages that come along with your generous gifts.” He placed his hand against his opposite biceps and tensed the muscle, feeling it swelling outward with force. It still felt peculiar to have all that hard, heavy meat hanging off his bones, but he did enjoy the sensation of strength that coursed through him with increasing power. Tim smiled and looked down at Jeremy’s hand. “I can’t believe….” “What?” He looked at the smaller man. “I can’t believe you’re really here with me.” Jeremy was taken aback at the genuine emotion behind Tim’s words. “I sort of can’t believe it either.” Tim freed his hands and moved one atop Jeremy’s. “Your hands are so big,” he observed. Land mine. Tim pulled his hands under the table and swallowed silently. The waiter arrived and slid the plates of food before them and set down to sweating plastic cups of brown bubbly soda. “Anything else you guys need?” he asked. “There’s ketchup and mustard on the table, and I can bring you hot sauce if you want that.” “We’re fine, thank you,” Jeremy said. Tim remained a silent giant, looking down at his food. The waiter retreated and a silence descended on the two muscular young men. Jeremy grabbed a fry and stuck it in his mouth. “What’s it like?” “What?” “Being Tim?” “What’s it like?” He shrugged, and swallowed the french fry. “Nothing special, I guess.” Jeremy’s snorted a laugh. “This from a guy who makes other guys magically develop muscle when he’s feeling good.” He took a fry and pointed it at the handsome man. “Do you remember the first time we met?” He smiled. “In the hallway. When you were moving in.” “You were naked….” “As usual,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Yes, as usual. You were coming out of the showers and you offered to help me move my stuff into my room.” He took another fry. “That was really nice of you. I practically expected you to deck me, or at least just ignore me.” Tim remembered it differently. He remembered seeing Jeremy and thinking how beautiful he was. Sort of delicate. So small and helpless, struggling with his bags. “I saw you and you reminded me of myself.” “Me?” He looked over, taking one of Jeremy’s fries. “I didn’t always look like this,” he explained as he reached into his back pocket. “Obviously. I mean, no one looks like this, right?” He opened his wallet and passed it over, showing Jeremy his driver’s license. “Not sure if I’ll ever be able to renew that. Probably take one look at that picture and then at me and wonder who I stole it from.” Jeremy looked at Tim’s picture and his mouth fell open. There was a kid’s picture on the license, a young teen kid, with blue eyes and dirty blond hair trying to find a part. He looked a little scared and a little proud, and his smile was Tim’s. He was Tim. “Holy….” “Yeah, ‘holy’ is right.” He leaned over and looked at the picture with Jeremy. His bulk, his heat, his hardness, pressed against Jeremy in a most agreeable fashion. “That was me,” he said, taking his wallet back. “I sort of looked like you did then, before I….” “What were you like?” Jeremy asked, instantly curious about that other Tim. He could relate to that guy. He wasn’t made of perfect masculine everything, and he probably didn’t smell like pure sex, either. “Oh, kind of nerdy. Shy, I guess. Afraid that people would figure out about me, what I was like, what I….” “What were you like?” “Awkward. I mean…more awkward. Gay. So, I mean, stuff was really weird there, back home. All these guys who look like I do now, swelling with muscle, growing tall and thick and horny as fu…all get out.” “Horny as fuck,” Jeremy said. Tim smiled. “Yeah. Horny as fuck. And little Timothy Balmer trying his best to fit in, hide himself, afraid of everyone. Then one day I see my old friend Daniel. We grew up together, neighbors and all that, used to call me Timster. ‘Hey, Timster!’” Tim’s voice took on a lilt it usually lacked. He was more animated and more relaxed than Jeremy had ever seen him. “Anyway one day I see him and he looks…like I do now. Chest out to here, shoulders out to here, bulge in his jeans like he’s smuggling a salami. You couldn’t really avoid all those guys, they were everywhere. Hung out together, kissing each other on the mouth like it’s just what every guy does with another guy, but who’s gonna go up and beat the shit out of you when you look like you could fuck up a Mack truck?” “Not many people,” Jeremy said, taking a fry from Tim’s plate in retaliation. “It happened so fast. He was completely different. Not just how he looked, but how he acted. He was so…sure of himself. So….” “Confident,” Jeremy suggested. Jeff’s smiling face appeared in his head. Jeff’s naked body. “Yeah. Confident. And I thought, that’s what I want. I want to be like that. No one’s gonna fuck with me. No one’s gonna pick on me or call me faggot or…like, all the things I was so scared of, I imagined them just,” he put his hand up and fanned out his fingers. “Poof! Gone.” Jeremy ate another fry and just listened. “He came over to see me. I was avoiding him, since he…. I never…I lied to him about being gay. I told him I wasn’t, and wasn’t that a terrible thing to be? Wasn't that a bad thing to be? I started, like, blaming him for how I felt. Or something. I dunno. Probably wasn’t thinking straight - well. I acted stupid. Probably…no, I was.” “You were frightened.” “Maybe. Probably. I was scared. Scared of him. Scared of how I felt about him. Scared of these feelings. Shit, I…just wanted him! I wanted him so bad!” Jeremy opened his mouth to say something, but Tim continued talking without noticing. “Anyway, Daniel comes over and…you have to understand, we were, like, best friends. But then he changed like that and we stopped talking because…you know, I think I stopped talking to him because I was so attracted to him. That never even…huh.” He got a faraway look in his eyes for a moment, then he looked over and saw Jeremy staring at him. “So, um, so….” “So he comes over….” “Right, so he comes over and I guess it was, like, his plan all along to make me join Muscle Club too. I think…I guess…he missed me as much as I missed him. Only instead of just coming over to play Xbox, he whips out his cock and starts pumping jizz all over me.” “As one does,” Jeremy added drily. That made Tim smile and he looked over. Jeremy melted a little. “Right? And then presto change-o,” he slapped his broad, meaty chest, “new Tim emerges from his chrysalis and the rest is history.” “How long ago was that?” “More than a year. Seems like a really long time ago.” “And how…what happened, after?” “It was weird. But good. Mostly. The guys were great. I loved those dudes. We had so much fucking fun. And so much fucking! Other people…started treating me differently, just like I hoped. But they weren’t…people got weirded out.” He looked over, shrugging. “Can’t blame ‘em, but I was…inside, I was still me. It’s weird, changing like that. Outside, everything’s different. You’re big, strong, you feel like…like you could take on anything, any challenge, any…it was so awesome. But inside I wasn’t all that different. I’d look in the mirror and shock myself. I’d forget sometimes when I got up in the morning. I mean, yeah, my dick - dicks - certainly went out of their way to remind me. But, like, I dunno. Sometimes it hurt. There was no one….” “No one to hold your hand.” He looked at Tim’s big paws. Tim opened them and looked at them too. “Something like that. I mean, who’s prepared for this, right? I tried telling Barry…Barry wanted it a while ago, but I said no. I told him he didn’t know. He couldn’t understand. But then…” “But then?” “It was me, again. It’s always me. I couldn’t help it. Or maybe I didn’t want to. When I’m…sometimes…when I’m with a guy, the sex takes over. I lose self control, or I guess I want to lose it. I want to get lost in it. It feels like I’m falling or flying or something. It feels free and I can’t…it’s hard…” “I think I understand.” “Really?” He looked over and Jeremy understood that the one-word question was more important to Tim than its simplicity conveyed. “A little. About sex. I mean, I felt…sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt….” “No, tell me.” He turned towards Jeremy to give him his undivided attention. His bulk jostled the table but neither teen seemed to care. “Sex is powerful. It does something. Something that doesn’t make sense or follow logic. Something that connects to parts of you - me - that I didn’t even know were in there. I used to think…I used to think it was this magical thing, all tied up in love and special, like you had to hold it off and not do it. But I’m…I dunno.” “That makes sense,” Tim said, slightly awestruck. “No, it’s exactly like that. You know, I was a virgin before all this happened to me.” He just said it. Out loud. Like it was nothing. Something caught in Jeremy’s throat and he couldn’t breathe. “I know that’s weird.” “Not….” “So I kinda went from zero to a million miles an hour in, like, a couple of minutes. The first time, with Daniel, I was…just…crazy! All the sudden I’m ten feet tall and busting these major guns, muscle is growing, developing, I can feel so much strength, so much power, and I own two fucking horse cocks and my balls are swelling like goddam balloons and I’m going off like a fountain, just spraying cum everywhere until Daniel, he grabs onto me and pulls me inside his mouth, has his hands gripping my ass, pulling me inside him, he’s sucking and slurping and I’m like fucking, like, exploding into his mouth and…whoa.” “What?” “I should stop.” “I’m not….” “No, I’m…gettin’ kinda…excited.” “Oh,” Jeremy said, and then, “Oh!” He pursed his lips, wondering what he should do about that. “Is there something…I can…?” “I think if you touched me right now my dick would rip its way clean through my pants and start going off like fireworks.” His voice was a deep growl. There was something gruff and powerful buried inside it. Jeremy swallowed drily. “So…should I?” “Talk about something else.” He pulled in a slow, deep breath, and blew the air through his puckered lips. “Like what?” “Talk about you.” “Me?” “Yeah! You’ve gotta be growing bored of me going on and on. Tell me about you.” “I don’t….” “What was ‘high school Jeremy’ like? What did you like to study? Did you have a favorite teacher? But…just, kind of, avoid stuff about sex for a while.” That won’t be difficult, Jeremy thought. “I did have a favorite teacher. Mr. Thompson. Home room. He was really young, I don’t think he had been a teacher very long. He was always trying to relate to us, you know, talking about TV or music or something.” “Why did you like him?” “I…,” he stopped, and looked down at the table. “Oh, he was…he told me…he was nice, that’s all.” “What kind of stuff?” Mr. Thompson had also been Jeremy’s guidance councilor, and Mr. Thompson was the first person he had ever told that he was gay - the first time he ever said that word out loud had been to Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Thompson had been so cool about it. So…nice and easy. “I told…I told him I was gay.” “Whoa,” Tim said, looking impressed. “You told him?” Jeremy nodded. “And what was that like?” “Telling him?” Tim nodded. “I never…that is, after I got bigger, I just started fucking guys. I never really had to come out, sort of. I was just…out. But, I can’t even….” He shook his head. “What happened?” “It’s weird, you know? Saying it? Like that makes it real for some reason, like until you say it you could still go back. Take it back. Keep pretending. But after you say it out loud, there’s no going back.” He looked up at Tim’s face. Was that…was there water in his eyes? “Anyway, like I said, he was cool about it. Said he felt honored that I trusted him that much, to be able to tell him. He said I was courageous - I still remember him saying that word. Courageous. Like I was an astronaut or something. I was shaking and crying, my hands,” he said, looking down at them now, “were clammy, sweaty. It was like I could feel every hair on my head, like the moment just zoomed in to this point where everything got suddenly…real.” “Jesus,” Tim said. Jeremy shrugged. “After that I just started telling everyone. I mean, it didn’t seem like such a huge deal anymore. I was already being called names and getting pushed around anyway, so what difference was it going to make? But the weird thing is that it totally made a difference. People…I had friends who stood up for me. Protected me. Made me feel safe. I felt okay about myself, like I wasn’t such a freak or I should be ashamed and embarrassed. I felt…better. Maybe not, you know, super confident or anything. So…I think it was good. It was important. To be honest.” Tim wanted to kiss Jeremy more strongly than ever. He had never met someone like this before. The word courageous seemed insignificant to him. He just sat there looking at the smaller young man. His heart was beating hard in his chest, and his eyes stung with tears. Jeremy pulled in a breath and sighed. “So, um, you never came out?” “Huh?” He rubbed at his eyes. “After Daniel and you…did you ever tell him? You said that you told him you thought being gay was a terrible thing.” “I didn’t mean it.” “Words have weight. And he was your friend - your best friend. So….you didn’t…?” “No. I mean, it didn’t really seem to matter at that point. We were all jumping each other, right? Just, like, fucking. All the time. Everywhere you looked there was a new guy to try out, another dude with another giant dick, everyone’s naked all the time. You don’t know what that was like, being in Muscle Club. It was pretty fucking awesome! You were never alone. Never lonely. All these guys, every guy, wanting to be with you. To kiss you. To fuck you. To want to be fucked by you. And your dick is hard all the time - constantly - and suddenly you don’t have to pretend you’re not hard as a rock and needing to fuck. You can…just do it. Stuff like who’s gay and who’s not was sort of beside the point.” “And then you started having the sexplosion.” “The what?” Oops. “The thing you do?” “Oh. The Time bomb. That’s what they all called it.” Tim relaxed a little and his voice grew calmer. “The guys in Muscle Club. They all liked it, thought I was cool. No one ever thought I was cool before. So I started doing it, because back then it was just…it felt good. When I did it. When it happened. Because we were all already huge. Nobody realized the…larger ramifications until later.” “No pun intended,” Jeremy added. “Huh?” Jeremy grabbed his upper arm and squeezed the freshly developed muscle. “‘Larger’ ramifications?” “Oh. Oh yeah! Yeah.” Tim looked abashed. “Anyway, that just sort of happened along with all the rest of the stuff.” “The rest of the stuff being…?” He lifted his hand and counted off on his fingers. “Bigger muscles. Bigger cock. Cocks, I mean. Bigger…everything. The overeager horniness. The smell thing. The head thing.” “The head thing?” “Yeah. I can…I can show you or I can tell you.” He looked over, rather eagerly, like a little boy with a new talent to display. “Maybe tell me first and then I’ll decide if I want you to show me.” “Yeah. Probably safer. So, I…I mean, we - all the dudes - we have this thing called tugging.” “Why’s it called tugging?” He shrugged. “Someone made that up. Before I was in the Club. I guess because I can sort of tug on your horniness like a fishing…guy. Make you feel really good. Even make you cum.” “That’s the head thing.” “Yeah.” “Do you do that a lot?” Jeremy took another fry off Tim’s plate. “I try not to. In a way it’s like the Time Bomb except it only makes you feel horny, it doesn’t make you grow.” “Okay.” “Did you…want to feel it?” “Maybe later?” “Just let me know,” he advised. “I’ll do that.” “It’s a lot of fun,” he added, glancing sideways. “For both of us.” “I imagine so.” “And I’m really good at it.” “More than the other guys?” “Way more.” He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows. “What does that mean?” “Well, it’s kind of like a dial.” He munched a couple more fries from Jeremy’s plate, becoming more animated as he described it. Clearly, this was something he enjoyed fervently. “I can turn it up or turn it down. Some guys aren’t good at controlling that part. They just start tugging but their control is for shit and then the target is, like, creaming his jeans with a thick load, right? Just…splooge!” “Right,” Jeremy agreed, wrinkling his brow. “But I’m, like, really good at it. Like, totally good. Like a…whatever. Orchestra conductor! I can finesse the feelings, because I feel what they feel.” He shrugged. “Maybe I’m just attuned to this part because of the other thing. But I can make a guy feel anything he wants to feel, like someone is right there with him doing whatever he says he wants done to him.” “Anything?” He nodded, munching another fry. “Pretty much. This one guy - so, Barry is acting all cagey and whatever and then this naked guy shows up at our door because I’m sort of wearing Barry out. Whoever heard of someone complaining of too much sex? Anyway, this dude shows up and I guess he was already pretty aware of what I can do, and he’s anxious to try some more. So, in a test? Like? I do some tugging on him. Barry, back then, he was kind of squeamish about his butt. I could suck his dick morning until night but get anywhere near his ass, he tenses up.” The manner that Tim spoke about sex was so…casual. So nonchalant. He was sitting here in broad daylight in this restaurant where anyone could walk in, and just talking about his roommate’s butt and how he’d suck his cock. It was so foreign to Jeremy - but also really hot. His dick was throbbing hard the more Tim spoke about his sex life. He felt uncomfortable, but only because his dick was trying to swell in his tighter pants. “But this guy, Mike, he makes it clear that he’s all in. He wants the full Tim experience. So I gave it to him.” “What’s that mean?” “Tugged him pretty hard and very thoroughly. Gave him some ass action, some ball tugging, cock squeezing, licking, rubbing, sucking….” “And you never touched him?” He shook his head. “Didn’t have to. I told you, I’m fucking good at it. And the more someone can take it, the happier I am to pour it on. Cock, balls, asshole, taint, butt, belly, chest, nipples, neck, lips…every inch.” Jesus Christ, Jeremy thought. Does Tim even understand what all this means? What he could do? It was a bit scary, but also frighteningly appealing. Sitting here next to him was difficult, because he was so beautiful. Jeremy had to suppose that Tim knew what effect he had on other people. But then he didn’t consider himself intimidating. Maybe all those months with all the other guys exactly like him altered his perspective. But didn’t coming here, to college, and being around guys like Jeremy was turn that on its ear? On the other hand, he did seem to be growing the surrounding guys in leaps and bounds, if not entirely as large and handsome as he was. Jeremy returned from his reverie when something reminded him of Tim’s other point. “What’s the smell thing?” Tim, of course, smelled amazing. Raw and sexy - like sex! Jeremy realized in an epiphany, and after now having actually done it, that Tim smelled like a kind of raw sex, as if the smell, the…perfume of fucking was coming out of his pores. He shrugged. “Just that every dude has this smell he puts out. And I can smell them all, tell them apart. Sometimes the smell is super sexy, like…” He glanced over and pursed his lips. “Well, anyway, sometimes it’s super sexy.” “Do I have a smell?” “Oh, fuck yeah. You definitely have a smell.” “Is it sexy?” “It is motherfucking sexy, Jeremy.” He started growing animated again as he described Jeremy’s scent. Animated and excited. “You smell like…maybe I shouldn’t say this, but your smell drives me fucking apeshit. You smell extremely, like, extremely good to me.” “Thanks, I guess.” “No, I mean it, dude. You smell…oh, my god, Jeremy. You smell…so…so…good.” Tim was biting his bottom lip and breathing hard. He suddenly got a strange look on his face. “Can you…could you excuse me for a minute? I’ve got to….” “Oh, yeah. Sure.” “Sorry,” he added as he scooted his bulk out of the booth. “Balls are kinda…strangled up in there.” He stood up. He looked taller. And bigger. “No problem,” Jeremy said, smiling. “I just have to….” He made vague gestures towards parts of the restaurant, but it was obvious that the bulge in his jeans was swelling by the inch as he stood there. Jeremy just stared as Tim’s cock manifested. He’d certainly seen him naked plenty of times, so why, fully clothed, did this seem to him to be the hottest that he’d ever witnessed this incredibly beautiful young man? His dickhead formed a perfect outline as it pushed toward his hip, and his shaft was swelling thicker by the heartbeat. It appeared that if he stood there another minute, the thing was going to rip its way clean out of his pants by sheer force alone. “I…I’ll be right here,” he said softly. “Good,” Tim said, and then he was jogging towards the men’s room. Tim made a beeline for the men’s room as Jeremy watched him go. His pants were clinging to his fine, firm ass like a second skin, and his shirt stretched across the muscular expanse of his back like cling film on a plate of meat. He disappeared behind the door and Jeremy turned back, considering what he had learned so far. The whole fucking restroom smelled intensely like Jeremy. It smelled as if Jeremy had come in here and just, like, fucking exploded. Tim could practically taste him on his tongue, and as he traveled through the small space following that smell, it was strongest inside the toilet stall. He stood there, in the open stall doorway, inhaling the acute Jeremy cologne. It was most definitely Jeremy, and true to his word the scent was driving him apeshit. “Calm down, Timster,” he told himself. “Don’t set off the bomb.” He opened his eyes and pulled in a long breath, “Fuck, it smells good in here.” It was a sweet, rank, raw, perfect scent. It was thicker and more acute than it had been just sitting next to him. It smelled like someone had bottled up Jeremy’s beautiful, head-spinning smell and then splashed it all over the fucking room. He peeled his pants open and stripped them off his ass. His prick bounced up and he felt his other pushing for freedom so he allowed that one out, too. He pulled the hem of his shirt up his torso, flipping it behind his head and moving his hands over his muscled bulk, feeling the erotic sensation of skin against skin with deep intimacy. Both of his twins, hungry for his touch and eager to please, inflated as if he’d attached them to a gas station air hose. They turned a deep shiny crimson, pumped with blood and rising higher and higher, slapping their blooming heads against his rippled belly, splattering his flesh with hot honey. He grabbed one in each hand, allowing his unending supply of pre-cum to start flowing down each thick shaft, sucked in a deep lungful of eau de Jeremy and let his pent-up oversupply of cream start pumping. “You doin’ all right?” Jeremy looked up at the waiter. “What? Oh, yes, thanks.” “Something wrong with the burgers?” Jeremy looked at them. They remained untouched. He had been so engrossed in the conversation that he had all but forgotten about them. “Oh, um, no, we were just…I’m sure they’re fine.” The waiter’s eyebrow arched. “Your friend okay?” “Yes.” “I just saw him head to the john in kind of a hurry so I….” “No, he’s fine. Too much Coke.” The waiter nodded and looked doubtful. That was when Jeremy realized that Tim’s Coke glass was also untouched, and still completely full. “From before,” he added a bit too late. They both looked toward the men’s room because someone inside was making…odd noises. “You sure he’s okay?” “Pretty sure,” Jeremy answered. “Um, maybe I better go check on him.” “You want me to put your burgers under the lamp? Keep ‘em warm for you?” Jeremy was scooting out of the booth. “Yes, thanks. That would be….” Another deep sound, like a bear growling or a moose doing whatever a moose does, came from the restroom. “I’ll be right back.” Jeremy walked rather quickly toward the men’s room and tapped on the door. “Tim?” “Aw, fuck.” He growled deeply, and moaned with intense satisfaction. “Um…are you okay?” He glanced at the waiter who was looking at him queerly. “Almost done.” He made a high-pitched sound, and then another earth-shaking groan. “It’s just…you’re making a lot of noise.” It smelled like the gym locker room. The short hairs on the back of Jeremy’s neck stood up. “Awwww, yeah….” “And the waiter was wondering….” It smelled like balls and ass. “Mmmmmm, god damn….” “…if you were all right in there.” It smelled like sex. “I am fucking king of the fucking mountain in here, Jeremy.” “Okay.” “I’ll be out in a couple…aw, man, aw, oh fuck yeah.” Something wet happened. Something large and wet and splattery. “Okay. Um, I’ll just be…” “Fuck me! Aw, fuck! Me!” “Uhm…” Tim’s body was soaking up every drop of his continuous fountain of cum. It was pumping from his balls and up both fat stalks, erupting from the gaping mouths at the end of both pricks and splattering thickly on his skin like lava. This was what his body craved, and craved every minute of every day. He was growing. Continually bigger, continually stronger, continually more muscular. His balls produced this fuel in unending abundance just for this purpose, and the overwhelming scent of the man he loved was drenching his senses with an erotic charge that urged his balls into overdrive. He aimed his cannons at his open mouth and shoved thick sprays towards his face, feeling the rich cream drench his tongue and teeth and throat. It splattered on his chin and neck and shoulder. It soaked into his flesh and ran in thick rivers down his belly and legs, pooling at his feet before that, too, was sucked inside his body. His power was being recharged ten-fold, and he could feel his engines revving past the red line. Jeremy went back to the booth and nodded at the waiter, offering a thumb’s up and a quick smile. The waiter came back over, watching the men’s room door all the way, and said, “I’ll bring the burgers back when he’s…done.” “Thanks.” “He’s a…big….dude, isn’t he?” “Kind of.” “You guys up at the college?” “Yes. Both.” Another low rumble, an audible groan of obvious satisfaction, echoed across the restaurant. “Well, I don’t want to be, you know, rude or nothing but we’re on short staff and I’ll be the guy who has to clean up in there, if anything’s….” “I’m sure it’ll be fine. We’ll take care of things.” “Well, all right.” He glanced towards the restroom as another low groan erupted. “Kinda…intense, isn’t he?” “Kinda,” Jeremy agreed. Tim stood in the bathroom stall heaving for breath. His body was vibrating with power. His cocks remained upright and pulsing dully, but they were no longer fountaining thick floods of cum. He gripped them in his hands, squeezing against their steel hardness and enjoying the sensation of size and power that each one provided. He closed his eyes and licked his lips. Salty and sweet. He moved his hands off his pricks and forced them to surrender to his control. He wanted to - and could - keep going. All he wanted to do was relieve the pressure a little, but it felt like it was stronger than ever. As he lifted his arms to pull the shirt back down his body, he realized he was bigger than before. The shirt felt tight, and wouldn’t come all the way down his torso. He managed to pull one of the twins up to hide it again and reduced the other to a manageable girth, but his muscular ass was taking up more room in his pants, and zipping them up was proving to be a challenge. Fuck, this place smelled good. Holy fuck. Both the young men at the back booth turned at the sound of the door opening. Tim stopped in his tracks as he sighted them staring back at him. His handsome face colored and he offered an embarrassed little smile, shrugging his titanic shoulders and walking back towards them. His shirt was riding above the waist of his pants, and his pants were riding lower on his slim hips. The golden treasure trail of curls would down from his navel to spread into a forest line at the edge of his jeans, and the outline of his monster cock pressed insistently against the pale blue denim. He looked sexier than ever. He walked with an uncomfortable gait, likely due to the fact that he still looked semi-hard. Jeremy could even make out Tim’s heavy balls pressing against the thick cotton of his jeans. “Welcome back,” the waiter said, though his attention was clearly focused on the ungodly and unbelievable bulge that Tim was showing off. He nodded and moved to slide his bulk back behind the table, unsettling the napkin holder, condiment rack and the two cups of Coke in the process. Jeremy reached forward to steady the drinks so they didn’t spill, and then Tim sat up straight and asked, “Burgers?” “I…I’ll be right back with those.” “Sorry,” Tim growled, “that took longer than I expected.” “Sounded like you were enjoying yourself, though.” “I always have fun.” He looked at Jeremy for a long time and the smile never left his lips. “Can I…ask you a question?” “Of course.” He looked down, apparently considering his thoughts, arranging his words carefully, and then said, softly, “When you left the library the other night, where did you go?” He glanced over, his shaggy blond head lowered, and met Jeremy’s gaze. A chill ran through the smaller young man, and he bit his bottom lip. “I want you…I need you to understand that I won’t be mad or anything. We…don’t…didn’t have any kind of arrangements.” “I went to see that guy you saw me talking to.” “Jeff,” Tim said. “Yes. And then we came here.” Tim nodded and smiled. “Coffee.” “He….” “You don’t owe me an explanation or anything.” “I feel like I do, for some reason.” “Why?” “Because I really like you a lot and I don’t want to lie to you.” He just said it. Out loud. To Tim’s face. Tim’s smile could have lit up a fairly large city. “I like you too,” he answered quietly. Jeremy still looked worried. “You don’t have to tell me what happened. I don’t care. I’m…super happy you’re here now. With me.” “Me, too,” Jeremy said. “Burgers!” The waiter appeared with their plates in his hands. “You wanna…?” “Yeah,” Tim said, “Let’s get outta here.” Part 18 “Yo, Chuckles, you in there?” Barry twisted the doorknob and found it locked. “Chuck. Hey. Open up.” He rapped his knuckles on the metal door. “Charles? Dude? You didn’t strike me as the hard-to-get type, and I want your fucking dick buried up to your hairy balls in my fucking ass.” He tapped again. “Dude. Please. I’m fucking dying out here. My prick is so hard I think it’s gonna break off.” The door opened and Chuck’s familiar handsome face had its familiar sideways grin on his familiar sensuous lips. “Well, who could refuse charm like that?” he said. Barry was naked. So was Chuck. They both looked each other up and down and showed their genuine interest in each other’s body in the way that only men can. “Fuck,” Barry observed, “you look better than I remember.” “Got my beauty sleep,” he explained. He placed his hand on the door’s edge and leaned against it, exposing his dark, furry arm pit and sending a thick, heavenly fog of his earthy, erotic scent towards the younger man. “Can I help you with something?” “I…really? We’re gonna do this?” “Really. I think you can use a few lessons in manners. So, yes, Barry, we’re gonna do this.” “With you standing there, full-on naked, looking ready to party hard, your hard dick throbbing a steady beat against your six-pack and me standing here so horny I could fuck a hole through Fort Knox and come out the other fucking side?” Chuck had to admit, the man did have a way with words. “Colorful, but accurate.” Barry’s brow furrowed. “Come ooooon, man! I need a dick!” “You just need a dick.” “Fuck, yeah, bro!” “And any old dick will do?” “Yes! I mean no! Wait, is this a trick question?” Chuck’s smile increased and he moved his other hand up on the other side of the door frame, opening up both of his armpits and their musky fragrance designed to drive men wild. It made his huge shoulders bunch up and his chest muscles stretched into cables. The head of his cock started pushing its way from his wealth of foreskin, blooming like a mushroom cap as a fat gob of warm, sticky honey began to drool from its mouth. Barry looked down at the thick shank of sex meat and winced as if in pain. “Aw, fuck me, man, you are killing me!” “I just want to be treated nicely, and not like just another dick you want in your ass.” He made his cock bounce and the precum hung from it like spider’s silk. Barry watched the progress of the long, thick strand as he started speaking quickly. “Oh, dude, you are so far from ‘just another dick’ in my book. You are, like, the crown prince of dick! The king of dick!” Chuck still looked doubtful. “The god of dick! Dude! Please! I’m begging you!” Chuck lowered his arms, reaching down to cup his palm below his leaky dick and gathering the thick nectar, rubbing the bulbous tip of his cock and raising his hand to his mouth, extending his long, talented tongue and licking his hand clean. With the other, he started to close the door. “Dude!” Barry pleaded. “No, dude! C’moooon!” The door closed with a click. Barry started knocking immediately and heard Chuck ask, in a comically high voice, “Who is it?” “Fuck me,” Barry whispered. “I can’t hear you, you’ll have to speak up!” Chuck responded in the same voice. “It’s Barry,” he said. “May I please come in?” The door opened again. Chuck looked - if anything, he looked even better. His muscles appeared larger, fuller, harder, more distinct, and he’d allowed his secondary prick to come out and play. He stood there looking perfect with what passed as a look of innocence on his god-like face. “Why, hello, Barry,” he said, his voice a deep rumble, “It’s nice to see you again.” He moved a hand onto each towering hard-on and started stroking both his erections, coating them in thick deliveries of his limitless flow of warm, delicious lube. “You’re a cruel bastard, do you know that?” “I think I’m going to close the door again,” Chuck said, innocently. Barry put his hand against it to hold it open, but after Chuck raised an eyebrow, he let his arm drop. “You’re looking…handsome today.” “Thank you,” Chuck replied. He pulled one hand from one throbbing hard-on and dragged it across his massive chest, leaving a coat of precum that clung to his skin and dark fur. He moved his hand over the rippled masses of his tight, hard belly, through the thick forest of his shining pubic bush and reapplied his grip to his hungry cock, stroking with long, leisurely motions. “I was wondering what you were planning on doing this lovely afternoon?” Barry was trying to keep breathing, but it was hard while surrounded by a thick cloud of Chuck’s powerful sexual scent. “Oh? How kind of you to ask.” He stepped forward, now no more than a couple of inches away from Barry. “As it happens, I didn’t have any hard…plans.” Chuck was so close that the heat of his naked body was palpable. He lowered his voice to a soft growl and then lifted one thickly muscular arm, pushing his nose into the moist heat of his armpit and inhaling deeply. His chest inflated and pushed against Barry’s, rubbing warm skin against skin, hyper-sensitive nipple against hyper-sensitive nipple. “I could use a shower,” he said. He glanced at Barry sideways and then extended his long, talented, wet tongue into the dark fur and licked himself. Barry’s mouth dropped open. “Why?” Chuck asked, “What did you have in mind?” “I….” “You.” Chuck licked the salty essence of himself from his full, soft lips. “A shower….” “Did you want to take a shower with me?” Barry nodded. “That sounds like an excellent idea.” Chuck lowered his arm and wound it around Barry’s shoulders. He pulled the man tightly to his perfect body and pushed their mouths together, bathing Barry in cascades of perfect bliss that radiated down his naked body like hot water. “Warm water,” Chuck growled. He kissed Barry’s lips. “Soap.” He kissed him again, softly. “Maybe you could lather me up, Barry. Would you like that?” He gulped. “Uh huh.” “I’d like that too. I want you to take charge, Barry. Do you think you could do that?” He nodded. “I want your hands all over my body. I want you to wash me. Every inch. Every millimeter. I want to feel you touching me everywhere, washing my chest, my stomach, my legs, my cock, my balls, my ass. I want you to wash me. Would you like to do that, Barry?” “Yes,” he answered, his brain spinning and his cock as hard as a rock, “I think I would like that very much.” Chuck wrapped Barry in his arms and kissed him deeply. “Your place or mine?” “What?” Jeremy shrugged as he pulled his jacket back on. “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to say?” “I dunno. Sounds kinda cliched.” Jeremy laughed slightly. Tim looked down at him and wrinkled his brow. “What?” “You surprise me sometimes, that’s all.” “In a good way?” “In a very good way.” From a distance, it appeared that a towering wall of muscle emerged from Jasper’s Coffee Shop, accompanied by a smaller less muscular wall. Tim stood nearly seven feet high, and owned the well-developed frame of a world-class bodybuilder. His clothes looked two sizes too small on his body, and the brawn lining his exposed arms was bulging as if he had just stepped out of a gym after four hours of intense training. His blond hair was clipped short like straw on his noble head, and a two-day growth of beard dusted his angular and masculine jawline. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt stretched so thin across his chest that one could make out the dark stain of his nipples perched on the lower ledge of each massive pectoral globe, and his pants left little to the imagination regarding how much meat he was packing in his basket. Jeremy looked small compared with the giant next to him, but it would take someone very extraordinary not to. He was a full head shorter - and then some - than Tim’s gargantuan stature, and his clothes were doing a better job of camouflaging his newly developed muscular frame. Anyone seeing him without the benefit of Tim standing nearby would immediately place him as a varsity collegiate wrestler, with thick legs and arms and a fairly prominent and almost absurdly developed set of glutes sticking out his back-end. While his body was not showing the same absorb taper from waist to shoulders that Tim’s did, it was still obvious that this young man with the dark hair and youthful features could easily lift double his own weight overhead, and do so for several reps before tiring. “My room is kinda…broken,” Tim explained. “You broke your room?” Tim lifted his arm and swelled the muscles into full bloom, then pointed at the football-sized biceps and said, “Big.” “Ah,” Jeremy nodded, “yes. Well, we can check my room. If my room mate is there….” He started walking back towards the campus, and Tim strode alongside him. “Charles.” “Yeah, if Charles is there I can ask him to go find something to do. He’s pretty nice that way.” “I don’t see him around much,” Tim said. “Big dude.” “Yes,” Jeremy agreed, “he is.” A pang of guilt erupted inside Jeremy at that moment, as he thought about what he was doing and why. He genuinely liked Tim, and the more he talked to him the more he liked him. They…clicked. There was a weird and amazing rapport between them that put him at ease, draining away the intimidation he had always otherwise felt. The thought of Chuck brought back the secrets he was holding inside, and he paused for a moment as a flood of considerations collided inside his head. Should he just tell Tim about Chuck? About what Chuck wanted? About what Chuck wanted Jeremy to do? Even if it was the same thing that Jeremy already wanted to do? And were they - he and Tim - just about to do “it”? How would Tim react? Would he be mad? Would he hate Jeremy for being dishonest? Would he think everything Jeremy was doing and saying was just for this Chuck plan? And if he didn’t tell him, would it matter why they were together? They walked in silence until Tim asked, “You okay?” and touched his shoulder gently. Jeremy looked up. “Huh?” “Seems like you went somewhere else for a bit there.” “Oh. No. Just…thinking.” Tim looked concerned, and made a quick assumption. “We don’t have to do anything,” he said. “Sex, I mean. We can just talk, if you’re worried or scared about being with….” Jeremy interrupted him. “It’s not that. I mean…I want to…do something. With you.” Tim’s concern melted away. It was like the sun coming out. “I just…there’s something….” “About Jeff?” Jeremy looked over. “What?” “You’re thinking about Jeff.” He simply said it, as if it were a fact. “No. No! Oh, god no. I was…I was thinking about Charles. Chuck.” “Oh.” Tim’s handsome features registered confusion. “No! No, no. There’s no, like, me and Chuck.” “It’s okay, I mean, who am I to start feeling jealous about who some other guy is….” Jeremy stopped. They were in a wooded field, a shortcut between the campus and the town, within sight of a few homes and passing between the tall pines. The air was calm and the sun was bright on the snow. “It’s not….god, this is frustrating.” Tim just stood there looking at him, waiting for him. “So. The thing is…I mean, I really like you, Tim. Like, a lot. A really, really lot. I’ve always liked you.” “You have?” He seemed genuinely surprised. He nodded. “Oh, jeez, yes.” “But…you always acted…you always, sort of, ran away from me.” Jeremy turned on him. “No, I didn’t!” “Yes, you did.” “I did not.” He nodded, looking attractive and vulnerable. “You did.” “Tim, I never….” “Jeremy, every time I saw you, wherever you were, in the dorms, on campus, in the library, every time you acted like you were on fire and needed to go find the nearest river to jump into to put yourself out.” “I…that’s kinda true.” Tim’s mouth twisted sideways. “What does that mean?” “This’ll sound weird.” “Just say it anyway.” “Well, I was so attracted to you that I was scared of you.” “You’re right. That sounds weird.” “Well…maybe…I was scared of my feelings, I guess. I don’t know how to explain it exactly, but whenever you’re around, whenever I saw you, my heart sped up and I felt embarrassed and weird. I mean you’re so…” He looked at him. “You’re so….” At all of his nearly seven feet of perfect male muscular beauty. “…and I sort of…didn’t want you to notice me.” “How could I not notice you? You’re beautiful.” “Shut up.” Jeremy turned beet red and seemed physically staggered by the words. Tim just smiled more broadly, turning fully towards the smaller young man so they were facing each other. “So…are you…embarrassed right now?” He made his muscles swell outward, pressing against his clothes as they pulled tighter against his body. “Stop it.” “Stop what?” His chest was inflating with power. His arms bulged. His shoulders broadened and rose higher. “I’m not doing anything.” Jeremy’s mouth went dry as he looked at this incredibly handsome guy flirting with him. His heart was pounding in his chest and his dick was throbbing. “Oh, god.” Tim flexed his muscles, bouncing his chest rhythmically. “What? I’m just standing here.” “Oh my god.” Tim lifted up his arms, feigning a yawn, and flexed his entire torso into full bloom. Muscle rippled and swelled everywhere, pushing up against his skin and showing fibers and cables of raw power. “Oh my god,” Jeremy repeated. Tim balled his hands into fists. His arms exploded into hard bulges of power a foot thick. “You okay, dude? You look a little pale.” “I can’t believe….” “What?” He twisted his hands and made his biceps swell and recede as if he were inflating them. Every fiber of power was etched into his tanned skin. The display of so much raw, powerful, brain-bending muscle was making Jeremy’s cock bulge and pulse with hard throbs. “I’m not embarrassing you, am I Jeremy? Am I making you feel like you’re on fire, now?” “I need….” Tim’s eyebrow arched. “What do you need?” Chuck stood naked before Barry with steam curling about his skin like tendrils. They had turned on every shower head and hot water was blasting out in a hard, rough cacophony. The tiled room was warm and wet and Barry’s heart was thumping hard in his chest. No one had ever looked as good as Chuck did. No one ever could. It was insane how good he looked. Barry was standing at the entrance to the showers and Chuck stood in the center of the room. He was smiling that sideways grin and his green eyes sparked like jewels. Water beaded on his copper skin and clung to the thick forest of curls spreading across his massive chest. His skin looked like liquid metal, wet with sweat and mist. His eight-pack swelled and receded as he breathed, and Barry traced the line of the other man’s collection of perfectly developed brawn with hunger. Barry took a bar of soap in his hand. It was already wet and slippery, and he lathered his palms and fingers with slick bubbles and then stood in front of Chuck, meeting his gaze. “Where should I start?” “Start where you want to,” Chuck advised. Barry reached over and lifted one of Chuck’s heavy, muscular arms and pushed his hands into his dark pit. The scent of Chuck’s body mingled with the perfume of the soap, clean and dirty, and he moved his hands along the bulges of hard brawn, washing one arm. He used an almost gentle touch, as if he was afraid that Chuck would stop him, like a wild animal. His eyes traveled over every inch of that arm as he worshiped its strength and power, moving his touch over the biceps and triceps, along his forearm, and finally he took Chuck’s hand into his and washed it with intense concentration. Chuck, he realized, was at his disposal. Chuck was allowing this. He moved his hands along his arm and washed him with long stroked before moving to the other arm and continuing the process. He had never felt a man in this manner. With Tim, and even before when Chuck and him has been fucking, there was nothing of this gentle demeanor, nothing of this sensation of moving his hands across another man’s body so intimately and carefully. It allowed Barry to feel everything about Chuck’s incredible from. He could feel the muscle move beneath his hands, feel the warmth of his flesh, the marriage of muscle and man, and then he lifted Chuck’s other arm and pushed the suds into that armpit, watching the curls move and gather as he so carefully bathed the other man. He lowered Chuck’s arm and looked at his broad chest, at the finger-thick cables of power, at the deep wealth of his fur and the two chocolate nipples poking through the dark forest at the lower edge of each full globe of power. He set his hands to the man’s pectoral majesty and moved them slowly arose his skin, digging his nails and fingers into the dark curls as he spread the white lather into that darkness. Chuck watched him with interest and a growing sense of lust. He had been worshiped before many time, but this was something special, something more. He realized that for Barry, this was an entirely new experience and the intensity of his attention was a huge turn-on. Barry was discovering the beauty of a man intimately and with direct concentration. He was…exploring Chuck as he explored his own feelings, allowing this love of a man’s body to bloom inside him. Barry moved his hands down Chuck’s body to his slim, tight, rippled belly. He could feel Chuck breathe, feel his movement and his heartbeat. He rested his hands there for a moment, just allowing himself to experience a kind of deep intimacy with another man, a tenderness and realization of the very essence of Chuck’s power, his heart, his breath. Barry closed his eyes and moved his hands slowly downward, inching closer and closer to the tenderest part of Chuck’s insanely beautiful anatomy, and the thing that seemed to him to be the truest expression of masculine power. Jeremy reached down to adjust his burgeoning hard-on. “You’re making my dick hurt,” he explained. Tim lowered his arms and allowed his collection of brawn to deflate. “Well, that’s certainly never my intention. If anything, I want to make your dick feel really, really good.” “You’re not helping!” Jeremy complained, pushing at his groin. “Sorry.” He was smiling though as he stuck his thumbs into the waist of his pants and pushed down. “What do you need me to do?” His pants were sliding off his hips. “Could you try being a lot less handsome and sexy?” “I could try,” he said, moving his hand onto his bulging crotch, “but I’m not sure that’s possible.” “Fuck,” Jeremy looked around and then stuck his hand down the front of his pants, trying to manually adjust himself. “How do you manage just walking around with that thing in your pants?” Tim shrugged. “I have some added benefits that come with the package.” He squeezed himself meaningfully. Jeremy screwed up his face and he attempted to guide his throbbing meat inside his jeans. “Such as?” “I can control how big I am.” “Then why…?” “Because I like being big,” he explained, running his grip along the fat obvious inches of his own mammoth prick. “Because it causes reactions like that.” He nodded at Jeremy’s prominent bulge. “You mean you’re…even bigger?” Tim just smiled. “Holy shit.” Jeremy wasn’t sure if he would be experiencing these strong reactions to Tim’s peacock-like displays of male pulchritude anyway, or whether he was being affected by the upgrades that Tim’s sexplosion had granted him. Whatever the cause, the more Tim put himself on display and showed off his myriad talents and muscular dimensions, the higher it was driving Jeremy’s libido and the harder it was pushing his dick. By the time Tim offered his knowing smile, Jeremy’s balls were buzzing, his nipples were tingling, his butt hole was throbbing and his dick felt like it was a yard long and weighed several pounds. “I know a way to relieve the pressure,” Tim suggested, watching Jeremy playing with his groin. “Won’t take but a minute.” “What, you want me to wish it away?” He pushed the heel of his palm against the hard shank of his prick, feeling it rub uncomfortably inside the denim. “Probably need at least a little bit of privacy,” Tim said lightly, looking around them. “Wait, you mean you want to…?” Tim shrugged. “Fastest way I know,” he offered. “And I’m very good - or so I’m told.” “You want to…?” “You bet your amazing ass I want to. I always want to. I want to show you how good it can feel. I want to make you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your entire life.” “But….” Jeremy looked a bit disappointed, suddenly. “But what?” “I didn’t….” Tim looked confused. “What?” “I wanted that…us…to be…I dunno…special.” “Oh. Oh! Oh, fuck, I’m…I’m so stupid. Jesus, Jeremy, we can…yeah, let’s not….” “But, holy fuck, this hurts.” “Well, um, did you want to, like, jerk off or something?” “I…” “I can make you come, if that helps.” “Make me…?” Tim shrugged. “If that helps.” Jeremy felt something. Some warm sensation, that started at his loins and spread itself through his body. “What’s…” “Just relax,” Tim advised. “Unzip your pants.” “What are you…what’s happening?” “You’ll enjoy this. Trust me. Unzip your pants.” “Someone will see.” “Let me worry about that.” Barry lowered himself until his knees rested on the warm tile. The hot water splashed and rained down on him, and he rubbed his eyes with his forearm to remove some of the water and clear his vision. He looked up before applying his lathered hands to Chuck’s cock, and Chuck was looking down at him. He watched his chest rise and fall, and his 8-pack swell and receded, and then his moved one hand against Chuck’s pelvis and into his thick pubic bush, washing with tender strokes. Chuck held himself back. This other man so close to his prick, so close to pleasure, but he was loving this gentleness and unfamiliar tender patience. His body was white hot with lust and his balls drooped with their cargo of powerful cream. He swallowed dryly and licked his lips, nodding at the man washing his body. Barry looked down at the mammoth and gorgeous appendage hanging with such lush abundance from Chuck’s groin. It was a magnificent tool, thickly veined and heavy. The head drooped several inches down and hung over a set of balls hanging low with their load. He moved his hand to the base of Chuck’s dick and then slowly, achingly slowly, he used a single long stroke to bathe the beautiful shank of sex in suds. Thick tingles of sex erupted wherever Barry touched him. His cock was super sensitized and, even limp, it was delivering thick shocks of bliss into Chuck’s magic body. Barry started slowly, moving his soapy hands around the powerful instrument capable of delivering such incredibly powerful pulses of sex. He washed it carefully, diligently, cupping the helmet in his palm and running his hand up its thick inches. Then he lifted it and set his fingertips to the sack holding Chuck’s balls, showing equal tenderness and reverence for these. He moved his hand to hold Chuck and his fingers found the man’s taint. He rubbed it with tiny, soft stroked, cleaning the smooth skin between his ball sack and his hairy ass crack. Chuck bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut. Barry, emboldened or horny or both, moved his hand between Chuck’s legs and slip his finger into Chuck’s warm crack, finding his tender core with ease and gently rubbing the pad of his thumb against the pucker. He did not push inside, though he dearly wanted to, and instead he was just softly, slowly, gently rubbing him with small circles. Chuck closed his eyes and concentrated his attention on that spot, feeling Barry’s intimate touch with increasing arousal. He tried to tame the need inside him, tried telling himself that this was a test meant for Barry and not his own resolve. Sensations of warmth and sex and ecstasy were emanating from Barry’s finger. Just from his finger, rubbing with mild, small circles against Chuck’s hole. This was turning out to be a test of both men’s resolve. Tim moved towards Jeremy and set his fingers to Jeremy’s fly, undoing the button and pulling his zipper down. The white cotton of his underwear bloomed forward and Tim asked, “Can I touch you?” “I….” “I’m just going to release you, so things don’t get too messy.” The warm cascade of sensual bliss never faltered and maintained a steady flow as Tim pulled down the elastic of Jeremy’s underwear gingerly. “You’re doing good,” he said, “just let go.” “I’m scared.” “I know. I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do. I’m not going to hurt you. This is going to feel really good, Jeremy. Just trust me.” “I…I do trust you.” “I’m going to touch you now, okay?” Jeremy nodded, looking down as Tim’s large hand reached inside his shorts. His grip was smooth and warm, and a stronger, deeper sensation of the same warm cascade of bliss encased his entire cock and then moved down to lick his balls and asshole. “Is that all right?” “Feels good,” Jeremy verified. “Is this…are you tugging?” “Mm hmm. Do you want some more?” “Okay,” he answered quietly. Tim extracted Jeremy’s cock and then moved his hands away. He increased what he was doing, pushing his power into Jeremy’s body, tickling his libido, licking it and stroking it, sending insistent sensations of sexuality at the smaller young man. “Tell me what you want.” “I don’t know,” he answered truthfully. “Well, tell me what you like.” “Suck…” Jeremy had hardly uttered the single syllable when the unmistakable sense of a warm, wet, talented mouth had surrounded every inch of his hard cock and was licking, sucking, kissing, stroking, and swallowing him inside a velvet vase of pure heaven. He gasped and Tim watched his cock pulse and redden with blood. “What else?” Jeremy hesitated and swallowed thickly. “Just tell me. I’ll do anything you ask me to.” “Lick….” Again with shocking speed and surprising skill, a tongue applied itself wetly to Jeremy’s asshole. It pushed against him, it spread wet warmth across his tender flesh, he could feel it lapping at his hole even as the sensation of the mouth covering his cock never let up. He was being simultaneously blown and rimmed as he stood there fully clothed with his erection throbbing with hard pulses. But he wasn’t coming. He could feel the terrible, wonderful edge of orgasm gripping his cock and balls, but he wasn’t coming. “More?” Tim asked. Jeremy nodded. The sensations increased. Several mouths were worshiping his cock. Kissing the tip, licking the stalk, blowing warmly against him, drooling slick spit down his length, pulling his balls inside their warmth, a tongue was inside his butt, prodding his prostate, another circled his tight rosebud, another lapped at his taint. It was amazing. It was colossal. It was unbelievable. “Wait,” Chuck warned him. “Wait.” Barry’s hands paused on their worship of Chuck’s cock and balls. Chuck set his hands on Barry’s wrists and held them there. “Fuck, that feels so good,” he said. The praise lit something up in Barry, and his cock pulsed and started to rise. “I’m not done yet,” he said. He rubbed against Chuck again with tender attention. “Aw, fuck,” Chuck moaned. He pulled in a deep breath and his chest grew massive. “Just…lemme get myself together.” Barry smiled. He moved his hands from under Chuck’s and applied them to the man’s rippled belly, caressing him with long, slow, calming strokes. “You want to rinse off?” Barry asked. “Yeah. Maybe that…yeah.” Chuck moved away from Barry and under one of the blasting shower heads, allowing the hot water to wash the lather from his sin. He lifted his hands to his face and stretched his tall, wide frame. His dick was semi-rigid and Barry watched the other man’s sensual actions with growing lust. When Chuck turned around, Barry stood and approached him, moving his wet hands across Chuck’s wide back, luxuriating in the sensation of feeling every bulging mass of power. He could feel Chuck’s muscles moving and flexing beneath his warm, slick skin and he took the soap into his hands to wash his back. Barry moved closer, until his rising cock was pushing against Chuck’s ass crack, and he rubbed himself against the other man playfully. Chuck leaned his head back on his neck and Barry came forward, pressing his lips to Chuck’s. He used his body to wash the slick, warm skin, wrapping his hands around the massive man’s torso and pushing his own colossal chest against him. Barry’s cock was sliding up and down in the crack of Chuck’s ass. His hands were on his chest, caressing, kneading, rubbing. His own chest pressed against Chuck’s back, skin on skin, as if wrapping Chuck in a Barry cocoon, made of warm flesh and hard muscle. Bright, flashing tingles of bliss erupted along Barry’s prick and it pulsed and throbbed and swelled with eager need. Tim’s talent was perfect. He held Jeremy in the palm of his hand, stroking his libido with expert finesse. “Tell me when you’re ready, Jeremy.” His deep voice spoke softly. He was watching the effect of his tugging on his friend, and finding it hard to control himself. Jeremy reacted so deeply to his power, and he was applying it so keenly, so lightly. What would happen when they were truly together, and he could show Jeremy all that he was capable of? Tim strengthened the sensation inside Jeremy’s ass. The tongue turned hard, iron hard, thrusting inside of him, a fat cock spurting jets of hot cream, shoving against some magic place inside him, lighting him up with sex. Jeremy’s voice was hoarse. “Gotta….” “Are you ready, Jeremy?” The smaller young man nodded. His cock pulsed hard, jumping and spitting a long thread of pre. “Do you want to come, now?” Jeremy ground his teeth together and squeezed his hands into fists, nodding just once. “All right, Jeremy. I want you to aim for my mouth.” Tim sank to his knees and leaned his face forward. Jeremy looked down and watched the man’s wide, powerful shoulders and shaggy blond head approach. Tim looked up and pushed out his tongue, placing it against Jeremy’s drooling snake and licking him. “Wanna fuck you,” Barry said, pushing his lips next to Chuck’s ear. The large man groaned and sighed. He wanted Barry’s thick cock inside him. He wanted to feel that sensation of wholeness that came with being with another man and intimately connected, breathing the same breaths, moving with the same rhythm, feeling the sensation of the other man’s body as if it was part of his own. Chuck turned around, grinning. “You gonna take me?” he asked. Barry returned the grin. Rather than answering in words, Barry grabbed Chuck’s massive body and pushed him up the wall, breaking tiles and leaving a thick indent. He pushed Chuck up the tiles as the water splashed between them and his cock rose to its zenith, inflating with hot blood and growing steel hard and red hot. Chuck had not been manhandled like this in years. He was rather enjoying it. His brothers had been missing for so long, now, with only occasional and brief visits from those who still managed to return to their corporeal form, and the men he had been with in-between were ordinary and somewhat fragile. Now he was with a man who approached his own level of strength, power and size, and Barry shoved him hard against the wall and positioned his throbbing erection at Chuck’s hungry hole. “Gonna fuck you,” Barry said simply. Then he lowered Chuck onto himself and began using him, holding the hefty weight of his entire body - several hundred pounds of hard muscle and heavy bone - against the tiles and using him as a fuck toy. Chuck was in heaven. Without warning, Tim smiled, grasping Jeremy’s fat cock and pointing the nozzle at his mouth. He released his hold over Jeremy’s swollen balls. Jeremy’s dick exploded. He released an outburst of air from his lungs, threw back his head and fell into perfect sexual release. His balls seized up and his prick swelled and he gasped and cried and felt like his soul was escaping out of his body. The twin sensations of Tim’s hard grip on his steel-hard cock and the rush of orgasmic liberation were almost too much to handle. His cock erupted with fat ropes of thick cream that shot from him like a fountain, splashing against the back of Tim’s throat as he guzzled the rush of cum with ease and desire. Jeremy curled his toes and winced from the power of his orgasmic release. It was more powerful than anything he’d ever experienced. It was mind-blowing, and felt even better than anything he’d done with Jeff. And Tim had barely touched him. Tim milked Jeremy dry. He could feel the power of Muscle Club in the hot, thick spunk still immature but powerful in its infancy - not anywhere as powerful and fulfilling as what Barry could now deliver, but it was there and unmistakable to his body. It was all he craved, now. His only and purest sustenance. He pulled it from the other boy as if sucking a straw to swallow every rich drop. Jeremy let a small, soft moan from his chest as he was released and allowed to fulfill the pent up sexual power that Tim had been twisting like a dial. He felt a mixture of excitement and fear inside him, mingled together in an uncomfortable stew of emotions. He could hear his cock exploding its delivery of rich cream, hear it splash inside Tim’s mouth and hear the other young man swallowing greedily. It had been exciting to give himself over to Tim. The sensation of sex, the palpable feeling of hands, lips, tongues, dicks, so many warm, wet, firm, soft things applying themselves to his body with the sole purpose of making him feel…better than he had ever felt or could even imagine feeling, and to have this happen to him outside in the open where people could see, to be both exhilarated and frightened at the prospect of so public a display made his heart race. When he came, finally, it felt as if some pressure valve had been released and the overwhelming bliss of perfect pleasure shook him to his core. At the same time, he was realizing from first-hand experience how powerful Tim could be. He had been enamored of the man’s muscular beauty and awkward charm. It was hard not to be attracted to him, looking like he did and acting like he did and wandering around naked like he did. But Tim could do that to him so easily! He could manipulate Jeremy’s body, his feelings, almost reading his mind and then providing instant and immense gratification of any desire, any sexual need or wish and he had never even touched him! Even as the idea frightened him, it excited him more. He found that there was something about releasing himself to Tim that made him trust him. Tim would do whatever he asked, anything he asked, and he would do it eagerly. Chuck was like a rag doll in Barry’s hands. He thrust the man’s ass up and down on his pole, letting out a string of filthy words, filling Chuck’s ears with his deep voice as he filled Chuck’s ass with his fat prick. Tile was breaking off from the wall and cluttering the floor, Chuck’s mass was digging a hole in the wall as Barry used him to pleasure himself. Chuck reached overhead and twisted his head on his neck, falling deep into the bottomless well of bliss that this sensation always delivered, but now with Barry driven mad with lust and fucking him senseless, he started to lose control over himself. He bit his lip. He pinched his eyes closed. He balled his hands into fists. His cock was rubbing itself along Barry’s body sending thick, unyielding shocks of sex into his body. He could feel every fat inch of Barry’s prick inside him, shoving against his prostate and pushing every button that he had. The cage opened. “You gotta stop,” Chuck groaned. His cock was spurting fountains of cream all over Barry’s chest and neck and face. It felt like fire against his skin, splattering against him and dripping along his skin. “Not gonna stop,” Barry answered, redoubling his effort. His arms were covered in veins from the strain of using Chuck as a set of weights, pumping him like iron over his hard cock. “Gotta…stop,” Chuck repeated. The beast was roaring. It wanted out. “Make me,” Barry said, shoving himself deep inside Chuck’s ass and releasing heavy ropes of hot cream inside his guts. Jeremy emptied himself into Tim’s mouth almost as an act of thanks. He pumped great, thick fountains of hot cream up the thick inches of his hard, heavy prick and pushed it from himself as a kind of payment, relishing the sounds of Tim’s gulping and sucking and his deep and satisfying moans. Tim’s lips and chin were coated in thick cream. His tongue was milky white as he sucked the unfettered delivery inside himself. He stroked and squeezed Jeremy’s prick, milking every drop from his body. His head was spinning and his balls ached from their delivery and his cock was still throbbing when Tim pulled his hand reluctantly from Jeremy’s wet and pulsing cock and looked up, wondering at the other boy’s reaction. Jeremy was breathing hard, looking down to meet Tim’s gaze. “Oh my god,” he said. “Oh my god.” “I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry.” “Sorry for what? That was amazing!” “I just…I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to taste you. I wanted to swallow you. You looked…god, Jeremy, where can we go?” “Go?” “I want to be with you. Right now. More than anything. I want….” “But I just….” He swallowed and looked down at his glistening cock. “I just came the biggest load of my life! There’s no way I can do that again!” “Don’t worry,” Tim said, smiling. “When you’re with me, anything’s possible.” He stood up easily, and towered over Jeremy, reminding him again just how huge this magic and beautiful boy was. He looked up into his face, watching Tim licking the remnants of his delivery from his full, supple lips. “Do you want to be with me?” Jeremy echoed Tim’s words back to him. “More than anything.” Tim offered his hand. Jeremy took it. Chuck didn’t want it to stop. Chuck wanted it deep inside him. Chuck wanted to keep Barry there and feel that sensation of pure bliss and intimate connection. He pushed his mouth against Barry’s and kissed him passionately. Transform was raging at the bars of its cage. Transform was a white hot, incandescent fire, a volcanic explosion overdue for eruption. Barry kissed Chuck back and fucked him hard. He pushed himself inside and pulled Chuck’s body down, planting himself inside the core of the other man and exploding with hot cream. Chuck’s eyes rolled up and his body suddenly bulged with fresh muscle. Transform exploded from him in its purest form, erupting in the cum that pumped from his cock, leaking from every pore of his body, delivered in the spit he exchanged with Barry and enmeshed in the thick pheromones his body produced. It came from him unfiltered and super-powered and glorious. The essence of masculine power. The perfection of muscular development and size and strength. Sex on top of sex, with the ability to prolong the act of pure bliss indefinitely as and powerful as it could get. And nothing happened. Nothing happened to Barry at all. Part 19 Jeff was sitting in his dorm room across campus jerking off. On his laptop screen he had a 15-minute porn shoot of two good looking guys getting it on in a fairly pedestrian manner. One of them probably wasn’t even gay, but he had a great butt and a nice chest and he made the sort of deep groans that Jeff liked. The other guy was skinny but enthusiastic, and what really got Jeff off wasn’t any of the half-hearted ass fucking or the sloppy blow job - it was the kissing. These guys loved to kiss. It was obvious. They smiled, they dove in, they looked into each others eyes, there was tongue, there was spit, they fucking loved kissing. Jeff, if he had to choose, would give up everything else about sex…except the kissing. Technically, some would argue that it wasn’t even sex. There was no penetration, the dick and the ass weren’t even involved, and you didn’t have to be naked to do it. Being naked made it more fun, obviously. There was nothing he enjoyed more than feeling the other guy getting hard while they were kissing. Jeff loved the fact that a man couldn’t hide his feelings, and he had a good idea that the straight guy in the video (he said he had a girlfriend, but maybe that didn’t mean anything, really) was getting hot and bothered by the other guy’s expertise since his cock was pitching one hell of a tent in his skivvies. He lifted his hand to his mouth and stuck out his tongue, coating his grip in a fresh lacquer of spit. He grabbed his dick and squeezed it, relishing the hardness of it and its heat and hunger. He looked down his body, at the new abs that appeared from nowhere and the stronger chest with a hint of hair sprouting between each mound, and then he squeezed himself again to elicit a gob of pre-cum to appear. He dipped his finger to the honey and sucked it inside his mouth, relishing the salty taste. His cock throbbed hard as he swallowed, as if it enjoyed the sensation as much as he did. He looked back at the video and dragged the timer back to replay the kissing scene again. Fuck they were hot. He liked to watch them discover each other over and over. The first time was always exciting and fun. Finding the other guy’s rhythm, testing his limits and desires, seeing how far you could go with him. “Can I get a kiss?” the gay guy asked. He was already boned just looking at the other dude, who had a soft mop of brown hair and some nice nips mounted on his chest. He was smooth and well-carved, and he had a nice smile. He liked that the other guy asked for the kiss, instead of just taking it. He was awkward, which was also kind of cute. You expected someone who looked that good to be all, ‘Yeah, you want me, but you can’t have me,’ but he was sort of shy now that he was naked, and he was probably thinking about the money he was getting instead of the guy he was with. But then the kissing started, and the guy was smiling and happy and maybe surprised that he liked it so much. And within a couple of minutes the kissing was getting passionate and needy, and the gay guy pulled back a little and let the muscle guy push towards him, wanting more of the kissing, and more of the passion. Jeff felt a surge in his cock and slowed his strokes, rubbing the soft helmet and gripping the shaft. He was building up to a nice, strong explosion and he was enjoying the pressure and the tension. He reached down to pet his balls, brushing them with the back of his hand as he watched the two naked teens on his laptop kissing. One was pushing the other one back, now, and sitting on his lap, straddling him. His cock was semi-rigid and brushing against the other guy’s belly. He took his hand off his dick and rested it against his own stomach. It was weirdly firm, now. The muscles had built up on themselves and were pushing against his skin. He moved his hand over each small mound and rubbed his finger along the subtle indent between the abdominals. A thrill of masculinity erupted inside him. He found that he liked having muscle. He liked seeing it. He liked feeling it. He scrubbed the video ahead and watched the two men tangle in fast-motion until one of them was on the couch with his legs spread apart as the other dove into his hole, licking and teasing and rubbing him. Surprisingly, it was the straight guy getting all the butt attention. Maybe he was a fuck virgin and this was supposed to be special, but his reactions and the easy manner with which he was spreading himself open suggested that this was far from his first time to the party. The camera moved in close. The small curls of hair around his butt hole were damp and sticky. The other dude was rubbing his thumb against the entry, pushing with subtle nudges and leaning in to lick him and bathe his hole with spit. Jeff moved his leg onto the chair arm to open himself up as well, reaching under and easily finding his own happy hole. He licked his digit and pushed inside without the teasing, feeling the wet warmth of his butt and wishing someone else was here to help him. Closing his eyes, the first face he saw was not Jeremy’s, curiously, but Tim’s. The smooth brow, the handsome nose, the strong jawline, the bright blue eyes. Tim was looking at him with a sort of anger or surprise. There was something undeniably hot about him. Not just his body, which was clearly amazing if a bit overdone, and not just his size because he was also packing enough meat to feed the fucking Duggar clan, but his demeanor. He was like that straight guy on the porno. He should be all alpha male and hard as fuck and pushing his weight around, but he acted weirdly tame and soft. He was like a huge, muscly Teddy Bear, only he was blonde and not very furry. What were his kisses like? What would it be like to push him down and press your mouth to his? To feel those pillowy lips against yours, and push your tongue inside? And what the fuck was his hold over Jeremy? Jeremy. Now there was a hunk of love. That boy could melt any heart he gave some time to. Plus he was outfitted with a cock that would choke a professional and a butt built in heaven. Sure, Tim was a giant made of cock and muscle, but Jeremy was a rock-hard construction of heart and soul. When they had been together, when Jeremy let down his walls and allowed himself to surrender to sex, to its power and its sensations, he took to it like a newborn dolphin in his first swim. Oh, to hell with that, Jeremy was a natural! Tentative at first, and probably scared of doing something “wrong,” all it took was a few licks on his butt hole and a few deep kisses before the dude’s incredible body took over and he was shoving his meat inside Jeff’s ass like he was born to it. The sex was great, no doubt about that, and if Jeff hadn’t known that Jeremy was a virgin he would never have guessed it after those first few awkward minutes. Every new lover has a few moments of uncertainty and exploration, and Jeremy was no different, but once a rhythm had been established and they had their clothes off, the dude was like a starving man at a banquet. Any fear or trepidation - indeed, any embarrassment he may have had about what he wanted - all disappeared and he dove in head-first like a man designed for sex. Passionate, eager, and a super fucking talented fucker. Something about him was special, and it only seemed to appear when he was having sex. It was like something clicked, or some switch was thrown, or he was finally allowed to open himself up and show off who he was. Being naked and fucking made Jeremy more…real. Or something. The afterglow was just as nice, which was even more unusual. Most guys get off and get out, but Jeremy wanted to cuddle and kiss and embrace and linger inside the warmth of their shared bodies, showing no signs of slowing down or growing cold at all. If anything, his dick stayed harder after sex than most guys’ cocks get when they’re ready to commit! It was…awesome. And tiring! Jeff’s jaw still ached from trying to satisfy Jeremy’s seemingly unending desire for fellatio, not to mention diving into the warm crevasse between those muscular mounds on his backside that seemed designed to drive Jeff’s libido into overdrive. He’d seen some mighty fine asses in his time, but one look at those meaty mounds flexing and bouncing and he wanted - no, he had to be in there, slurping at Jeremy’s tight pucker and tasting his delicious musky flavor. He thought about when Jeremy left him alone, naked in bed, to return to his room. He thought about watching Jeremy slip that marvelous bubble butt into those jeans, and how well the material clung to each globe of muscle. He thought about how Jeremy’s ass was the last thing he saw as his lover left him, and how beautiful and sexy that was. The thought - the memory - of Jeremy’s magic ass made Jeff’s cock pulse and plump. A sizzle of sex erupted up its length and a heavy gob of pre drooled from the mouth of his snake. He sighed with contentment and desire, and could practically smell Jeremy’s scent surrounding him again. He wiped the thick dose of honey off the mouth of his dick and sucked it from his fingers. His cock pulsed hard, again, and swelled in his grip. A long, low groan from the laptop caused Jeff to open his eyes and dig his finger deeper inside himself. His cock pumped yet another gob of warm pre that cooled against his skin, so he grabbed on and squeezed himself. Jesus, he was hard! Had he ever been this hard before? And it felt like his horniness level - which had never really been on the slim side - was pumped up to new higher levels lately. And he would swear on a stack of Bibles that his cock was bigger along with his muscles. How that was possible was beyond his comprehension. Muscles grew larger all the time, anyone could do it with a little determination and sweat - but cocks didn’t get bigger, too, no matter how much you could lift. He grabbed himself hard and watched the head turn red and glossy. He squeezed another drool of pre-cum from the slit, an even more ample flow, and he collected it again and spread it on his tongue. His cock jerked hard. The straight muscled guy had had enough rimming and they’d swapped. He was shoving his dick inside the smaller gay guy’s wet hole. He made slapping noises when his wagging balls hit the other guy’s ass. He was grunting and moaning. The camera shot changed and Jeff watched the muscled guy’s butt flex and bulge as he thrust himself into the smaller man’s butt again and again, pistoning like an engine on jet fuel. There was a tight shot of the small guy’s face. He looked like he was in agony and ecstasy at the same time. His mouth was slack and his eyes were pinched close and he was drooling. It was obvious that the big dude knew what he was doing. Jeff pushed three fingers inside himself and luxuriated in the sensation of the warm, moist interior of his ass and the intrusion. He opened himself up wider, pulling his other leg to the other arm of the chair and pushed in deeper. He started stroking his big dick as he finger-fucked himself, watching the two men on the small computer screen fucking. He could feel a nice load building in his balls. His cock was tingling hard, broadcasting its intent to pump up fat ropes of cum on his newly developed pecs. He extracted his fingers from his ass and reached up to pinch and twist his nipple, sending a conduit of fresh sexual electricity through his body. His abs jumped and swelled. He could smell the funky tang of his own ass on his fingers, and his cock grew fatter and harder to signal its imminent explosion. “Aw fuck,” he whispered. He dug his fingers back into his hole, prodding his prostate and priming the pump. “Aw, fuck, yeah.” He felt his cock swell again. Bigger. Thicker. Harder. The familiar and welcome sensation of orgasm was filling it up, inflating it with power, he pushed his digits back inside and his ass tightened around them, his balls seized up, he sucked in a series of small breaths as his chest swelled and receded. He looked down, loving to watch himself cum. The first shot was enormous and splattered against his face and neck, a hot wet slap. The next two were equally full. Fat gouts of cream that splashed on his skin, striking his neck and chest. He came again and again, shoving these enormous amounts of cream out of his balls and up the fat, hard inches of his prick and against his muscled body, feeling the heat and wetness splatter like liquid sex against his skin. It felt amazing. He came another heavy stream, shooting hard. It was amazing! So much cum! It struck his lips and he licked it off. He shot again, opening his mouth and aiming into it with practiced precision. He bent closer, pointing the erupting mouth of his cock towards his lips, opening wide. Closer. Leaning forward. He came again, slowly tightening his ass and pushing the load out, feeling its tingling electricity race up his dick. A fat fountain that seemed to last forever. Closer. He pressed his tongue against the hot head of his cock, causing another fresh spurt of cream to gush directly into his mouth. His body bent farther. Impossibly, he moved his mouth over the helmet and came again. His balls sizzled. Sweat coated his naked skin. His muscles sang with heat as they stretched and flexed. He sucked against himself and came again. He filled his own mouth with a flood of hot, salty, sticky cream and swallowed it all. He came again. It coated his tongue and teeth and gums. He came again. It squirted out of the corner of his mouth, the rich delivery seeming even thicker than before. He came again. Pulling his rigid beast inside, sucking against the hard heat, dragging his teeth along its steely surface. He came again. He felt the head of his prick rub against the back of his throat. He came again. Shooting thick streams directly into his guts, feeling the warmth pooling and spreading. He came again. His cock was pumping cum inside him. His balls were swelling with more. He came again. He came again. He came again. Jeff looked up at the building where Jeremy lived. His breath was a fog escaping his mouth and he was hot and sweaty from his run. He hadn’t stopped, hitting the sidewalk at a fast pace and racing the entire way across campus. He was smiling broadly and he reached up to wipe the sweat from his brow. Something large and swollen caught in his peripheral vision. His arm. His biceps. His newly formed ball of hard power. When he moved, he was reminded again of his muscles. He paused and looked down at his chest. Two broad plates of hard muscle pressed tightly against his shirt, stretching it to the limits. He was reminded of the feeling of the heavy meat bouncing as he ran. His legs still burned, though whether that was from the running or their new bands of power he wasn’t certain. Bigger. He had grown bigger again. And this time, he was certain, he knew the reason why. His cum was like fuel. The more he pumped into himself, the bigger he grew. Still not the massive muscular beauty that Jeremy was, and nowhere close to the mammoth monster that Tim was, but he was most definitely bigger. He moved his hand onto his right pec and cupped the hard meat. His nipple pushed against the thin cotton and his touch made it tingle. His heavier, meatier cock jump, pushing against his jeans and reminding him how tightly packed he was. He could cum again. He knew it. He could strip off these too-tight clothes and bend down and swallow his huge prick inside his mouth and start pumping more rich, hot cream inside himself and feel its lava spread through his body like blood, reaching along his arms and legs, pushing inside his biceps and triceps, mounting his shoulders, his delts, injecting his lats, warming his butt and belly and chest, and he would feel that warm sensation harden and coalesce until he could feel himself stretching, feel his muscles sing with electricity as they began swelling, that shimmering pain of growth that signaled that when he was done, he’d be bigger. His cock was tighter inside his jeans. Bigger there, too. Thicker, at least, that much was certain. He had trouble even containing the thing inside his pants, but probably half that shrinkage in the size of his basket was due to a meatier butt on the backside, which he had tried to see from every angle in the small bathroom mirror. He looked up again and tried to locate Jeremy’s room, up in the third floor near the end. He had to tell him - no, he had to show him what was happening! He lifted his arm to shade his eyes and heard a rip. The underarm of his shirt could withstand no more stress and had torn itself open along the seam. He lifted his arm overhead and poked his finger into the tear, but the actions only worsened the condition as his upper torso flared wider, and the rip traveled down along the side of his body. The winter air caressed his hot flesh, and with sudden conviction and a sense of empowerment, he placed his hands at the collar of the tight t-shirt and drew them apart. His biceps bulged to full bloom and his pecs and shoulders joined in, ripping the cotton down the center as Jeff proceeded to tear himself out of the tight shirt and and then held the tattered remnants in his hand, looking down at himself and his new body fully exposed. Damn, he looked big. Two mounds of muscle had replaced the flat plates that had replaced his formerly shallow chest. The subtle six-pack had bloomed into prominent ripples. His bigger nipples hardened to hard caps as the cold air wound itself around his torso. The sun was shining overhead in the bright blue sky, It was frigid outside, but he felt curiously warm inside. His cock was pulsing, reminding him again of its heft and thickness, trying hard to push its way to freedom. He opened the doors and went inside, bounding the stairs two at a time on his way to Jeremy’s room. The building was eerily quiet, everyone having vacated for the winter break and his steps echoed loudly in the stairwell. He pushed open the doorway and jogged to the end of the hall where Jeremy and his room mate lived, feeling his chest bouncing again. It made a smile jump to his face, this sensation of heavy meat on his bones. He rapped his knuckles against the door, calling, “Jeremy! Hey, Jeremy! I gotta show you something! You’re not going to believe….” “Some people are trying to sleep, y’know. Some people have had rather active days today.” The voice came from behind him. Jeff pivoted around and saw someone whom he at first mistook for Tim, because he had the same size, the same absurd level of muscular development, and apparently the same penchant for appearing sans clothing to greet visitors. After all, how could there possibly be two nearly seven-foot-high bodybuilders with faces like runway models and cocks like horses? But it was immediately evident that this was someone else entirely. Dark, shaggy hair where Tim was blond. A thick carpet of mahogany fur where Tim was nearly bare. A face more rugged than beautiful, with a killer smile (Tim always seemed to be frowning at Jeff) and dark shards of onyx for eyes. It was like being confronted with a naked lumberjack. “Oh,” Jeff explained, “Sorry for the noise, I was looking for….” “He’s out.” “Oh.” “With Tim.” “Oh.” “You Jeff?” He smiled and strode towards the huge man leaning against the doorframe, his hand thrust forward and said, “I am. Very pleased to meet you, uh…?”
 “Barry,” said Barry, arching an eyebrow. He took the smaller man’s hand into his gargantuan paw, squeezing meaningfully as they shook. “You look bigger than I expected.” “I am bigger than you expected,” he agreed proudly. “Speaking of bigger,” he said, looking pointedly at Barry’s thick, foot-long prick, “you’re fairly impressive yourself.” Barry looked down and shrugged. “And I’m not even hard, yet.” Jeff dropped his hand and huffed out a quiet laugh, thinking, ‘yet.’ “I…you’re Tim’s room mate?” “In the flesh,” he answered. He lifted one hand and placed it behind his own neck, opening up the thickly carpeted, deeply funky pit under his arm. His pungent masculine scent struck Jeff like a slap in the face. “They might not be back for a while.” “I see.” “On a date.” “That’s nice.” “Is it?” Jeff narrowed his eyes. “Don’t you think so?” He shrugged again. It made the folds of muscle bunch and his deltoids climbed to practically kiss his earlobes. “Doesn’t it seem silly to you?” “I like dates,” he answered. “Too much of this,” Barry said, making a kind of talking puppet with his free hand. “Not enough this.” He shifted his hips forward a couple of times, making his cock wag like a heavy pendulum. “I see your point.” “It’s kind of hard to miss.” Jeff looked down. “It’s prominent, that’s certain.” “I have a big point.” Barry shifted his hips and his 9-inches of thick meat swung like a pendulum. “Ample,” he agreed. “But you don’t agree with my point.” Now Jeff shrugged. “I like talking. I like talking with you right now. Don’t you like talking with me?” “I’m too busy considering the options.” His eyes were traveling all over Jeff’s naked, muscular torso. “Uh huh,” Jeff answered. He tilted his head slightly and narrowed his gaze. “I get the feeling you don’t hear ‘no’ very often.” “Well,” Barry smiled, reaching down to stroke his monster, “certainly not lately.” “Then I’m thinking that this will come as a delightful surprise.” “What will?” “No.” Barry looked perplexed and doubtful. “No?” Jeff shook his head. “I don’t think so.” “Wait. You’re gonna stand there looking at me like this and you’re gonna tell me…” “No.” “What the fuck is wrong with you?” “Nothing’s wrong with me. As a matter of fact I think I’m pretty special.” “Then what the fuck…?” “The problem is that you don’t think I’m pretty special, too.” “Oh, fuck, not this again!” “Not what again?” “I just…he…” Barry was pointing back to Jeremy’s door, but he let his arm drop. “Never mind.” Jeff glanced at Jeremy’s door with a slight scowl, then he looked back. “I’d be more than happy to continue our conversation, but I have some rules about things like this.” “Things like what?” “Fucking.” “Who said anything about fucking?” “Then you weren’t talking about fucking?” “Well, yeah, of course I was talking about fucking, but I thought I was being charming.” “That’s one word for it.” “Hey!” “Look, Barry. You seem nice. You look great. I bet that cock in my ass would make me see stars and heaven and maybe even god.” Barry’s face brightened up at the compliment. “But I like getting to know someone first, and you’ve made it pretty clear that your one-track mind is headed in only one direction.” “I can talk.” “Can you?” “Sure! I can talk the shit out of someone.” “You’re already half-erect, Barry.” Which was true. His cock had swelled and started to rise, throbbing dully and growing larger by the heartbeat. “What, I can’t talk to someone while I have a hard-on?” He flicked his dick and folded his arms across his gargantuan chest. It swelled into two large, meaty pillows. “All the blood is rushing from your big brain into your little brain, and pretty soon it’s going to be doing all the thinking for you.” “I tend to trust its instincts,” he admitted. “And I can appreciate that, but I like to think a bit more highly of myself - and of my lovers - than to just jump into bed at the first sign of Mr. Stiffy.” “So you and Jeremy didn’t…?” “What Jeremy and I did is between me and Jeremy.” “So you did!” He pressed his finger into Jeff’s meatier chest, forcing him to stagger back a step. “We’re discussing you at the moment.” “Not us?” “There is no us.” “Yet.” “There’s that word again.” “Which word? What word?” He seemed genuinely perplexed. “I’ll admit that my sexual mores may be a bit more lax than some, but I prefer to know the people I sleep with.” Barry shrugged again. “What’s to know? I’m a simple guy. I like pizza, Game of Thrones, and fucking. Not necessarily in that order.” “Okay, and what else?” “What d’you mean, what else?” “I know what you like to eat, I know you like TV, and I know your favorite hobby. What else?” “I…we…look, what do you want from me?” “Whatever you’re willing to give me.” “So you get to dig around inside my head before I get to dig around inside your pants, is that it?” “We’ll see where things go.” Jeff’s eyes moved up and down Barry’s impressive dimensions. “Did you…want to put some clothes on?” “Not particularly.” “It’s just that, well, based on experience, if we go into your room to ‘have a conversation’ what we’ll really end up doing is talking with our dicks instead of our mouths.” “My dick has a lot to say,” he answered, grinning. “I’m sure,” Jeff answered drily, “but as I said, I have some rules.” Barry straightened and released a heavy, dramatic sigh. “Fine. Whatever. I’m horny as a stud bull in a field of cow pussy and I need some more action. You want to talk, we’ll talk. I’ll talk you up a shitstorm of charm. I’ll talk so good you’ll wonder who’s been fucking your ears.” Jeff laughed despite himself. “You wouldn’t happen…?” “What?” He held up his shredded shirt. “Kind of ripped through this one. I was wondering…” “That seems to happen a lot around here, lately.” Barry nodded, “Yeah, sure. Lemme cover up this fine bod in some threads and I’ll grab you a shirt. Won’t be a second.” He turned and left the door open, and Jeff pushed it wider to take a look inside, and a gander at Barry’s ass which was, of course, a marvel. The room, however, was nothing short of a disaster area. It looked like someone had taken a wrecking ball to the place - not just the furniture, but the floor itself was showing signs of wreckage. Both beds were little more than mattresses strewn on the floor, and everything was broken and busted up. “Party?” Barry was sniffing a shirt in his hands before tossing it to Jeff. “Fucking,” Barry explained. “You and Tim?” He nodded, looking around for more clothing for his own body. “He got excited,” Barry said, as if that explained the complete destructive nature of the small space. “I see,” he said, and thought about the tender, gentle, near-virginal Jeremy that was out there somewhere at this very moment with a man who was capable of this. “And does that happen very often?” “Did you want to talk about Tim or did you want to talk about me?” Barry pushed his legs into a pair of jeans and zipped himself carefully inside them. Thick bulges of muscle and cock pressed outwards like he was wearing a second skin made of denim. “Sorry,” Jeff answered. He tossed his old ripped-up shirt into the room’s destruction and started to pull the borrowed one on. He could smell the distinct and not unpleasant odor of men on it. He stopped and pulled it into his hands, drawing the soft material to his nose. Oddly, he seemed to be able to distinguish the scent of at least two…no, three different men. Normally he would only have smelled the faint tang of sweat, but in his head he was sorting these scents apart and cataloging them like a database. One of the scents - and the strongest - was definitely Barry. He could recognize it, even though they had just met. He might not have known what it was without that connection, but there was definitely ‘Barry’ woven into the cloth. That was to be expected, of course, but the…clarity of that recognition made him pause and wrinkle his brow. Then there were two other scents, one stronger than the other. Tim had to be one of those. They shared a small room together, among other things, so it made sense that Tim’s scent would mingle with Barry’s. If it was Tim he smelled, he really, really liked the odor of Tim. It was the same as Barry’s in most ways - strongly masculine, funky, musky, that sweet-sour tang of sweat and dirt - but it was also radically different, with what he could only think of as ‘Tim-ness.’ The third scent was more subtle, but also stronger. Not stronger in the sense of its odor, but in the sense of its owner. He had the distinct sensation that this third man was…incredibly powerful in some fashion. Again, it was simply and overwhelmingly masculine, and Jeff would normally have attributed the shirt’s grubby but enticing smell solely to Barry. But he could tell them apart. As these smells were woven into his senses, his brain seemed to paint pictures of the different owners and separate them, distinguish them. He’d never had an experience like this before, and he had fallen into a kind of trance as he stood there with the shirt held to his nostrils, breathing in the exciting and exotic flavors of three other men like wine on his tongue. Then Barry was standing before him waving his large hand in his face, saying, “Dude.” “What?” “You spaced out.” “Oh. Sorry.” He looked down at the shirt. “That’s…weird.” Barry looked at the shirt, too. “Dude. It’s a shirt.” “No, I mean…never mind.” He pulled the white v-neck t-shirt over his head. A cascade of images and emotions accompanied the action as his senses continued drinking in the dirty shirt’s many fascinating masculine shades. He paused and took a deep breath. “I really like this shirt.” Barry’s eyebrow arched and then he shrugged. “Keep it. I got others.” “Thanks,” Jeff said, and then he smiled. “So, where to, Debate Club?” “Debate Club?” “Everyone needs a nickname,” Barry explained. “What’s yours, then?” “Just call me The Fuckmeister,” Jeff’s mouth grimaced. “I think I’ll just call you Barry, if you don’t mind.” The huge, shaggy-headed pile of masterful muscle shrugged his mountainous shoulders. “I don’t mind.” He stepped into the hall and pulled his dorm room door closed. Jeff asked, “You hungry?” “Thirsty,” he replied. “I already had a big meal.” He smiled. It was the kind of smile that said a lot without words, and left Jeff with the distinct impression that ‘a big meal’ was just another euphemism for sex. “Coffee?” Barry gestured towards the stairs, bowing slightly. The two walked through the deserted campus, with Barry talking in his usual animated fashion and Jeff mostly listening. Barry could, true to his promise, talk up a shitstorm of charm. He was at turns gross, bombastic, egotistic, overtly and almost uncomfortably sexual, but above all he was charming. It was weird. Jeff would never normally be attracted to someone like Barry. Jeremy was more his style, or even Tim (assuming that the few things that Jeremy had told him of Tim was indicative of his true character) but there was something undeniably likable, even endearing, about this huge man. For one thing there was his vocabulary. Barry was one of the most talented vulgarians that Jeff had ever met. He didn’t merely sprinkle liberal amounts of ‘fuck’ into his conversation, he practically painted masterpieces with them. Not to mention that the man seemed to have no concept of all concerning what was okay to talk about and what wasn’t. You want to talk to him about fucking? He was super happy to do it, and to go into great details, and to explain why something was ‘good fucking’ versus something that was ‘bad fucking.’ Though almost all of it was good. He went on at length about the differences between fucking men and fucking women. He talked with lustful delight about the tastes of different body parts on different lovers, and the best ways to enjoy them. He talked about how much he loved cock, how much happiness his own gave him and how much time he spent with them. (Them?, wondered Jeff, but he was having too much fun to ask.) He talked about cock and ass and tits and cunts and on and on. There was nothing out of bounds, nothing embarrassing, nothing, truly, he was not prepared to expound upon from Barry’s limitless well of opinions and pronouncements. But most of all, it was Barry’s supreme comfort with himself that was most attractive. Others used boastfulness and egotism as a kind of armor. They were far from the self-confident men they tried so hard to portray, but Barry was that guy. He loved himself. And he couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t love him just as deeply. He spoke with passion and animation, gesturing so wildly at times that Jeff had to duck to avoid a suddenly thrust arm or swiftly pointed finger. Through it all, Jeff came to realize that Barry was probably the most accomplished lover that he’d ever met - even if only half of his boasts were true. He was a bit all over the place and didn’t seem to place too much value on careful selection when it came to lovers, but he was thorough and he was passionate. “Oh! And then there’s kissing, right?” Jeff smiled. “Right.” “Kissing is fucking aaaaaawesome!” Barry practically sang the last word. “I used to think of it as, like, the prelude, right? As the fucking little, like, song that happens before you get to the whole fucking orchestra all coming at once. But, you know, kissing is the orchestra! I mean, if you find someone who’s a good kisser, fucking grab ‘em by the balls and hold the fuck onto them because someone who’s a great kisser, I guaran-damn-tee you that they are a fucking fuck god in bed!” “Yeah?” Jeff asked, prodding him. Barry looked over, pursing his lips and nodding like a sage. “Fuck yeah, bro. I’m fucking serious as a heart attack. See, here’s what I figure. Kissing, now, kissing is like the litmus test of anyone you have hopes of making the beast with two backs with. Kissing - now, some girls? Won’t kiss. Won’t even. And I can see why. I mean, it’s suuuuuper intimate, right? I mean, going down on them, licking their pussy, eating them out, whatever, bro. But kissing them on the mouth, right there, right in front of them, it takes tenderness and patience and care, right? Anyone can fake a blow job.” Which he then began to do, holding a phantom cock in his hand as he proceeded to shove his open mouth on its rather ample head. “But kissing, now…no one can fake that.” “And you’re a good kisser?” Barry actually paused before he answered, perhaps considering the question important. “I think so,” he said at last, kind of quietly. “I’m a great kisser.” “How do you know?” Barry stopped and Jeff walked on a couple of steps before stopping, too, turning around to look at the larger man. “Is that a challenge?” He was smiling. “What do you mean?” “You want to kiss me?” Before Jeff could answer, Barry rolled his eyes and added, “We’re not fucking or anything, it’s just a kiss.” “I don’t believe there’s such a thing as ‘just a kiss.’”
 “So…you agree with me?” “Which part?” “Dude! How awesome kissing is!” “Sure, it’s awesome, but it’s also the most intimate thing two people can share.” “Dude.” “You don’t think so?” He walked up to Jeff, towering over him. “More intimate than me sticking my cock in your ass and drilling so deep you can taste my dick on your tongue?” “Kissing is a way of knowing someone. When you kiss them, it’s not like when you fuck them. Not to be vulgar, but you can fuck a glazed donut and properly get off.” Barry shrugged. “But kissing someone else isn’t like any other act of passion. You can’t fake it. You can’t not mean it. That’ll show up.” “I’ve kissed plenty of chicks I didn’t love.” “Did I mention love? I said it was intimate. You’re revealing things about yourself you don’t under any other circumstances. If you’re faking that, the other person will know.” “You’re making it sound all spiritual and shit.” “It is, in a way.” Barry was gazing into Jeff’s eyes for a long time. Then he simply reached forward with his hands, cupping the smaller man’s face, and pushed his lips to Jeff’s. The smaller man wasn’t exactly shocked at the suddenness of the kiss, he could feel the tension building between Barry and him and he knew something was going to happen. Barry started out a bit sloppily, probably trying too hard to show Jeff what he meant. He was all lips and tongue and spit for a couple of heartbeats, pushing himself at the other man rather than sharing himself with him. Jeff was ready to call it a day when there was a sudden shift in Barry’s kiss, in his body and his breathing, and the kiss grew less hurried and more tender. Jeff turned his head slightly and raised his arms, meaning to embrace Barry - but he was huge. There was almost too much Barry to fully encompass, and his muscles felt like smooth rocks under his shirt. Barry was a good kisser, for sure. Something was missing, though, and then Jeremy realized what was missing and everything clicked. What was missing was Jeff. He was in his head, thinking about the kiss, considering it and measuring it and comparing it - instead of enjoying it and sinking into it and becoming it. The two men stood in the open on their college campus wound in each others’ arms kissing with passion and commitment. It became not so much about the kiss but about them. It was fun and it was sexy and it was hot and it was nice. Talking stopped for a few minutes and through some mutual silent agreement, neither man groped the other, hands did not find their way onto asses, no one reached down to cop a feel and squeeze a tight cock or rub against a delicate body part. It was just a kiss. A perfect kiss. Their mouths parted and both men looked at each other smiling. Finally, Jeremy said, “Yes.” “Yes, what?” “You are a great kisser.” They ended up at the cafeteria, but the doors were locked. “I didn’t expect that,” Jeff admitted. Barry smirked. “Well, that sucks.” “Sort of,” Jeff agreed. He looked over and up at his new swarthy wall of muscle friend. “Any suggestions?” “There’s that coffee shop. The one just off campus?” “Jaspers.” “Yeah.” “I kinda…what about McDonald’s?” “The home of the Big Mac?” Barry answered doubtfully. “Yeah? Something wrong with Mickey D’s?” “You just don’t seem like a guy who spends time in a fast food joint.” “Honestly? I fucking love an Egg McMuffin.” “And hashed browns, am I right?” “It’s like eating Christmas.” “Dude. You are so right on.” He offered his hand for a high five and Jeff slapped it, albeit a bit awkwardly. “You’re weird,” Barry observed, “but I like you.” “I like you, too.” “Great. Can we fuck now, please? My dick is gonna explode after that kiss.” “Almost,” Jeff admitted. “We’re almost ready.” “What the fuck else did you want to do?” He smiled. “Now you get to ask me questions!” “But I don’t care!” “You’re losing points quickly,” Jeff pointed out. “No, I don’t mean I don’t care about you! I mean I don’t care about these rules! Can’t I ask you questions while we’re fucking? I can think of lots of things to ask you when we’re fucking.” “Such as?” “Can I come in your ass? Where should I put my tongue next? If I tell you to eat me, which part do you think of first? When I do this, does it feel good or does it feel like I’m trying to fit a baseball bat into a buttonhole?” Jeff laughed. “All good questions.” “See? So let’s you and me go over to your not-destroyed place and have a little in-n-out together and get warm and cozy. I’ll tell you all my secrets and you can tell me all of yours and in the meantime we’ll both be able to empty our balls and fountain fat loads of sticky goo all over each other’s hot body!” It was hard to argue with that logic. Part 20 “Where is…. what’s his name?” “Chuck?” Jeremy responded. Tim nodded. “He’s around,” he added, then, after a pause and a vague glance towards the window, “probably.” “Is he…?” “Is he what?” Tim tilted his head. “Gay?” “Oh, he’s most definitely gay.” “But you guys never…?” “No, us guys never.” “Huh.” “That surprises you?” Tim shrugged. “You’re hot. He’s hot. You’re gay. He’s gay. You live together in this small space and I’m guessing at some point one or both of you is naked, so….” “So, all gay guys have sex?” “You forgot the hot part.” “All hot gay guys have sex?” Tim shrugged again. “Well, we haven’t had sex.” Tim nodded. “He’s into some weird shit.” “No, he’s…why do you say that?” “I figure no one in their right mind is gonna meet you and decide they don’t want to be naked in a tangled sweaty heap of muscle and cock, so there was something you didn’t like about….” Jeremy glanced towards the window again. “There’s nothing wrong with Chuck. He’s…pretty nice.” “I wouldn’t know. That guy avoids me like the plague.” “He doesn’t….” “Yes, he does.” “You and he would hit it off if you ever met, I’m 100% sure of that.” “Okay.” “I’m being honest with you! I’m sure that if he was avoiding you there were reasons.” Tim shrugged. “It’s just weird, that’s all. Most guys, they come up to me, they talk to me. He always acted like he was too good for me or something.” “He can be…stuck up.” “Whatever.” “Look, if you must know, it was me. I was….” “Scared?” “I was gonna say embarrassed, but fear plays its part, too.” “The virgin thing?” Jeremy nodded. “Okay.” “Anyway, bottom line, Chuck and me, we’re just…well, we’re not just roommates. We’re friends.” “Friends fuck,” Tim said. “At times, you have a one-track mind.” “When it comes to you, Jeremy, I definitely do.” “You’re going to make me blush.” “If I’m lucky,” Tim said, offering one of his killer smiled. It made Jeremy’s cock pulse hard as a rush of blood flew to his extremities. “Are you nervous, now?” “With you?” Tim nodded. “A little.” “Why?” “I…” “You can be honest, Jeremy. I won’t feel offended.” “Well, like, you’ve had a lot of sex. Like, a lot of sex. And, so, part of it is I feel like I’m gonna…do this wrong. Or something.” Tim only nodded. “And then there’s the…big…part.” Jeremy’s glance flashed towards Tim’s overburdened crotch and the thick, heavy, lengthy, undoubtedly gigantic slab of dick meat inside his tight pants. “I’m not sure I can….” “Fit?” “Sort of.” Tim put his hands on his groin, framing the bulge that pressed so instantly against his pants. “We can go slowly. I don’t ever want to hurt you. Not in any way, Jeremy. Okay?” “But….” “What?” “I…really, really want to have sex with you. I don’t want to go slowly. I don’t want you to have to hold back. I want to make you happy. I want to do stuff for you. I want…. What? What’s…why are you smiling like that?” Tim’s grin turned into a broad smile. “That’s about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” Jeremy’s brow furrows, and Tim said, “I’m fucking serious, Jeremy. When I’m with another guy, I’m kinda used to being the dude who’s in charge of making him happy, because of what I can do, because of how I look. But you…you want me to feel….” “Well, yeah! Of course! Isn’t that what making love means?” Tim narrowed his eyes. “Ever since I met you - the very first time I saw you - I wanted to be with you.” He stepped towards the smaller man. “I wanted to know you in every way possible. I have been with other guys and thought only about you. Thought about what this would be like.” He stepped closer still, and his voice lowered. “I’ve watched you when you didn’t know it. I stood at this doorway with my heart thumping like a jackhammer wanting to knock, just to see you, just to make you open the door so I could look at you.” Jeremy’s face flushed red and his breath caught. “I have wanted nothing more - ever - than to feel your body against mine, and your lips pressed to my lips, and to caress your skin and look into your eyes and feel you inside me.” “Jesus,” Jeremy whispered. “So, yeah, sometimes, and particularly around you, I do have a one-track mind. And now we’re standing here, alone together, in your room, next to your bed, talking about how often I think about you and being with you and making love with you instead of being naked together. Don’t you think that’s a shame?” “You’re very…erudite when you get excited.” “This isn’t excited,” Tim said. He stepped closer still, towering over Jeremy, looking down at him. His muscles pressed outward and began to swell with power making his shirt stretch tighter and tighter. “When I’m excited, I can do things you would have trouble believing. When I’m excited, I can make you feel so good you’ll think you died and have gone to heaven, only heaven is found in my arms, and I’m pumping it inside your body by the gallon, filling you up with its beauty and perfection. Heaven is made of muscle and sex, and I’m giving it all to you while your cock explodes all over me.” “Are you…” Jeremy gulped. “…trying to seduce me?” “No,” Tim said. “I’m trying to fuck you.” He put his hand behind Jeremy’s neck and bent his head down and pressed his lips gently against Jeremy’s mouth, kissing him with surprising tenderness. “I’m not sure,” Tim said, quietly, “that I’ve adequately defined my accelerated and exceptionally amplified level of sexual need concerning you and I together.” Jeremy could feel something hard and hot swelling against his belly. Something that was inflating like a balloon, only this balloon seemed to be made of white hot steel. Tim’s body continued to grow outward in all directions as his muscles engorged in concert with his libido. “And perhaps,” he whispered, “I should also include that my horniness quotient grows even more rapidly and expansively when the person I am with also happens to be someone I have a deep emotional connection with.” “You….” “I love you, Jeremy. I have no doubt about that. I can’t explain it, and I can’t deny it. I’ve loved you from the moment I saw you. I know that sounds weird….” “I don’t….” “You don’t believe me?” Tim leaned down and kissed him again, deeper, and with increased passion. His body was so large now that the seams of his shirt were starting to pull themselves apart. “That’s all right, Jeremy. I know how I can prove to you that I love you.” “Wait.” “I love you Jeremy.” Something was happening. Something incredible and unbelievable and powerful. There was electricity in the air. “I can do something,” Tim said. “Something that will make this - this first time - amazing. It will make it perfect. It will make us….” “Fit,” concluded Jeremy. Tim nodded. The room was heating up, the very air was aflame with male sex and then there was a thick, beautiful, masculine scent burning Jeremy’s nostrils. He could feel Tim’s body swelling and growing hotter and hotter. He could see his lover growing larger, watch his muscles expanding, inflating, multiplying. Fibers grew into cables under his thin skin. Veins popped up to nourish his developing strength. His chest swelled out towards Jeremy, the two massive globes stretching and filling in with muscle. His head was rising towards the ceiling. Jeremy was sweating. The air was on fire. The man before him was ablaze with sexual power. It was radiating from him, pouring out of him. “Do you want this, Jeremy?” He nodded. A trickle of sweat was crawling down his back. A sensation of sex was already crawling into his brain, reaching its hands to his nipples, reaching its mouth to his cock, reaching its dick to his ass. A cloak of sex surrounded him. An embrace of sex held him in its muscular grip. A shower of sex, a storm of sex, a hurricane of sex coated him, every inch, every millimeter, every follicle… “Do you want all of it?” He nodded. The room seemed to shake, expand, breathe. The room was a vessel filling with Tim’s power, pressing against its walls and door, seeping into its concrete, rippling through its air like a storm of fire. “Every drop?” The walls were weeping, cracking, shattering. The window shook as if it wanted to shatter. Jeremy felt as if he had been dipped into waters of pure sex, as if they were flooding all around him and cresting over his head. “Every drop.” That was when the biggest Timebomb of all exploded out of Tim’s body like a nuclear detonation, with Jeremy standing at ground zero. Chuck stood - well, not stood exactly, as he occupied both the physical world, observing it, and the other world where he could go, dissolving into seeming nothingness when his cells and molecules separated - Chuck stood at the window. He was a ghost. A phantom. He was air. But he was not air. He was himself, able now to change into a non-entity, invisible but present. He changed quickly as the door opened and the two other men entered. Vanishing into the space between here and now and…somewhere else. Here was where is was easy to lose yourself. The utter freedom of discorporeal life was seductive and irresistible. It was like flying forever. It was loosing yourself from gravity’s constant pull. It was too easy to succumb to it. But it was like death, in that way. It was a dream that never ended. You could not touch, could not be touched, could not kiss or embrace or fuck. There was nothing to hold on to, and no one either. Just the emptiness, forever. He had mastered this, because he knew what he wanted. He had almost surrendered to it himself, more than once. The ease of moving into the space between space, to move with effortless ease and appear somewhere else. All places were one place. Things were not things. This was where they had gone. Everywhere and nowhere. This was where they were…he hoped. He could sometimes find them. Pull on them. Grab them and push them. They would resist, or they would be stuck, he couldn’t tell. Some, like Frazz, preferred to stay there rather than here. It was quiet, it was calm, there was no need to pretend or to hide, no need to run from or to anything. But it was not human, being there. Maybe they were no longer human, anyway, but Chuck still ached - still hungered - for humanity’s embrace. His brothers were out there, somewhere. His brothers, he was sure, wanted to come back. But they could no longer find their way back. He watched and listened to Jeremy and Tim. Something in their relationship had clearly changed, even in the few hours they had been together. Did that still happen, he wondered? Did people fall in love so quickly? So deeply? He had loved Frazz deeply, but that had taken time. The love he held for his brothers - hundreds or thousands of them, connected together in ways that no one else on the planet could understand or fathom - that love was strong but not as deep as this. He could practically see a connection forming between the two men. Feel it like tendrils they each emitted and grab onto, their mutual desire and love growing stronger as the moments passed. Could he find that? Would that happen to him? Then Tim said, “I love you Jeremy.” He said it so clearly and simply. He said it without a pause to consider its weight, or its consequences. He said it fearlessly and he meant it fiercely. They spoke of fitting together. They both meant that in every way possible. Two becoming one. Chuck felt something else, then. It was something he had grown familiar with. It was Tim. It was the thing that Tim had - the thing Tim could do. That strange and awesome authority that he broadcast so powerfully that even men at a distance could be changed. What it was, exactly, Chuck did not know. Certainly, it was nothing he had ever encountered among his own brothers. But he recognized within it a clarion call. Something more than muscular development and sexual desire. Something bigger than that. The room was changing. Tim was growing. They spoke of a shared love, of making love together, not separate, not as one man with one man, but as two men together. A pure, unshakable, perfect love. Chuck’s vision into that world grew indistinct. He felt himself - the essence of himself that he retained - being infiltrated. Being saturated. And then there was light, and sound, and a thick, hard, overwhelming wave, stronger than anything he had ever encountered. Stronger than The Gathering on the island. Stronger than the Healing they used to bring a brother back from death. Stronger than anything. It hit him and grabbed him and pushed him. It sank inside him and engulfed him and exploded outward. He gasped. He gasped. Air entered his lungs. He was flesh and blood and bone, pulled from the other place into this one. He looked up. Jeremy was glowing. “Jesus!” “Told ya. “I know but…Jesus!” Barry was on the floor of Jeff’s room. Jeff was straddling his huge, muscular body. Jeff was covered in sweat and breathing hard and deep. He was looking down into Barry’s grinning ace, and Barry was looking up at him with a knowing smirk and wiggling his eyebrows. Barry’s dick was inside Jeff’s ass. It was firm and thick and long and hot. It was radiating sex like pulses of fire inside Jeff’s body. Jeff had never felt anything like this, never imagined anything like this, never dreamed of anything like this. Barry had promised that they would share a night that Jeff would never forget, and he had more than lived up to his promise. The man was a god - or something close to it. The things he could do, the way he could make Jeff feel, just the fact that he could slip himself inside of Jeff’s small body and then fill him up with sex…. “Okay, here comes the good part.” “The good part?” Barry grinned and nodded. His cock was seated in Jeff’s velvet glove. Tingles of rapture surrounded it, and it was sending out throbbing vibrations of sex in return. “This is when I show you what I can do.” “But, everything…?” “Everything until now, that was just the appetizer. This is the main course. This is going to blow your fucking mind.” “I’m not sure….” “It’s gonna feel good, Jeff. It’s gonna feel great. It’s gonna feel like nothing you have ever felt in your life, and it’s gonna be me doing it. Think about everything I’ve done so far.” He tilted his handsome, shaggy head. “Are you thinking about that? My tongue and my hands and my lips and my muscles and your mouth and your cock and you ass and your body?” Jeff nodded. “Okay, now on a scale of one to ten, turn that up to 100.” “Oh, fuck.” “Exactly.” Barry began to piston his hips and thrust himself in and out of Jeff’s body. Jeff could feel his thick inches moving inside of himself, and he closed his eyes and snorted and lost control of himself as a flood of intense sexual bliss shook him to his soul. Barry watched his affect on the smaller young man and kept turning up the power. He fucked his new friend and understood what he was capable of with sudden and acute understanding, as if Jeff’s body was speaking to him directly and telling him what it wanted, how much it could take, and how much more it needed. It had never been this way with Tim. With Tim, they attacked each other holding nothing at all back. With Jeff, he knew he would have to taper his power and mete it out with subtlety and control. So he started with the usual means of pleasure. He sucked Jeff’s cock. He rimmed Jeff’s hole. But very quickly something…occurred to him. Somehow he understood what was necessary and what was required, and he began to fulfill those wishes with innate and flawless talent. It was weird and amazing and he loved it. He loved being able to do it. It gave him as much pleasure - possibly more pleasure - than he was delivering. The more he gave, the more he got. Now he was fucking Jeff and pumping out massive pulses of bliss, his meat at the perfect size for Jeff until he wanted more, and then Barry would swell to accommodate his new desires. He was…perfect. The perfect lover. He was fucking Jeff and tugging him with his expert touch when it hit, the time bomb, with a force like even Tim had never felt before. They were across campus, several football fields away, and the wave of masculine power flooded over them with tsunami strength. Barry gasped and lost control. Tim’s power grabbed hold of him and pushed his dials into the red zone. A flood of hot, powerful cum was sucked from his balls and flooded Jeff’s guts, pouring from him like lava from a volcano. Jeff felt it hit like an earthquake, 9.0 on the scale, as if his whole building had just exploded. He could not speak. He could hardly breathe. And then he was swelling with muscle and sex, torn apart and reassembled as his heart and bones and body tried to keep up.
  9. Satyr in the City

    Chapter 1 Buckling Season Sweat dripping down my brow, I step over the last fallen tree on the trail. I was reaching my usual camping site. I had to get away from my life and these woods always helped me clear my thoughts. Work was not going right but the last straw was the breakup from my last girlfriend. On the surface, we were great but underneath we were a wrack. Neither of us were having sparks after our first date. Once I at my site, I unload my pack and set my set the camp up. As I finished up, I walk over to a near by stream, took off my shirt, and kneel down to take a long drink. As I drank, felt the cool of the water spread through out my body. Suddenly, I felt the cool air on my ass; followed by a lick down my ass. "FUCK!" I scream as the person eat my hole and little sparks of pleasure danced up my spine.They spread my ass cheeks apart and went deeper with their tongue. Then they began to tongue fuck my asshole. Their tongue went deeper then I would image it could go in my hole. The person pulled up my hips, spread my legs, and started to play with my balls, rolling them in their calloused hand. Licking up my crack, I could feel a the prickle of a beard. Then he spoke, "I love the taste of a sweaty hole." His hand travel from my balls to my cock, which I just noticed to be hard as a rock and dripping with pre. "Now to see how this feels," he said as he rub the pre down my shaft. I moan as his calloused hand work my cock, lubing my cock with my own pre. Once he had my cock coated with my own pre, he flipped me over onto the gravel shore, straddle my hips, and plunged my cock into his firm arse. He hummed with content. "Feels better then I thought," he said as he started to move himself up and down my cock. His ass felt better then any pussy I had before as he worked his ass muscles around my cock. My cock was pulsing in time with my rapid heart in the heat of his ass. I moaned as he firmly thrust down on my cock, going balls deep, before grabbing his hips and start fucking with vigor. I barely notice how hairy his body was, it felt like some type of animal. He grab my hands and pinned them above my head. "Sorry, Kid," He said before licking my earlobe, "I am going to draw this out." I could feel his hard large cock against my stomach as he kept my hands pinned above my head. The heat coming from it was almost to hot as it rub against my stomach. With each bounce on my cock, he cock rub against my pudgy belly. I moaned as the being milked my cock with his anal muscles. Soon I reached the point of no return and thrust up into you to breed his ass with my cum. "Yes breed my tailhole, Kid," he said as keep working his muscles to get every last drop and jerking off his own cock. Within moments, he was grunting and having his orgasm. He cum squirted onto my face and into my mouth. I was about to spit the salty liquid out but he took his hand and covered my mouth. "Now be a good Kid and swallow." With no choice, I swallowed and felt a warm heat in my groin. I was hard still and in the other's ass, so I flip him over. "Hey what are you," he started to say before he moaned as I began to fuck him again. The heat from my groin started to spread into the rest of my body. Once I was fully enveloped in the warmth, I increased my speed, fucking the guy that raped me. I could feel my body change; muscles twitching, growing, and getting heavier, the itch of hair sprouting in places that I had little of and never had hair on me, and even the painful changing of bones. But I was lost in the heat of his ass and the lust I had. I kept fucking him, only moving him to get deeper into him. I even noticed that he had hooves but that was nothing to me. That is how deep in lust I was. Just getting off was all that matter. Filling this tight hole with my cum was my mission. I do not know how long I fucked him, but I did not care. I was almost to my peak, all i needed was to get more pleasure. I leaned down, took his large cock into my mouth, and sucked. That made him moan loudly and his whole body shake. I shot my load deep into him again and soon he was shooting his wad in my mouth. Not resisting, I swallowed every drop and then just collapsed. I woke up, on my back again and with my legs up in the air with a fullness in my ass. I was about to say something but then I wave of pleasure washed over me and I started to pant heavily. "It seems someone is finally awake," said the same guy that assaulted me, pounding away on my ass. I push back onto him and got a grunt. Smiling, I start to push back more and meet his thrust, making him grunt even louder. Then I did something I did not know I could do, I start using my ass muscle to milk his cock. "FUCK," he yelled as he when balls deep and unloaded in my ass. I moan as I feel the warm of his seed deep in my anal cavity. Quickly the warm spread to the rest of my body and pulsed few times. "Now you are fully one of us," He said pulling out of me. Whimpering at the last, I sat up. He smiled and offered his hand. Taking it, he help me up and I notice the change of my center of gravity. Then I notice the changes to my body. "What the fuck," I whispered as I move my hands across my transformed body. Where there was small pudge, now a hard six pack. A flat pecs was now were two meaty slabs covered with a bit of fur. My legs were now covered in fur and feet were hooves. My thighs were so thick that they changed how I placed my hooves(weird that I noticed that). I even now had a bubble butt. The most changed was my balls and cock. My balls seem to grew an inch in diameter and my cock was now a monster. I could barely grip around it with one hand, and it was totally soft too. Then my hands went up bulked up arms and thickened neck to my head were they found a set of curled horns that ended just under my ears. Then a sharp whistle made me come to my surroundings. "Damn," the guy said to me, "the extra load you fucked out of me did some wonders." Then he walk around me. "Usually just changed Satyrs only get juvenile horns," He touched them and I let out a growl. He went wide eyes and lowered his head. "Oh fuck," he whispered as he walked back in front of me. "Let me introduce myself," he said as he smiled and winked, "I am Brian Little-horn." Stepping up to him, I grab his flaccid cock and gave it a squeeze. "Little," I said, "I do not think so." He chuckled as his cock pulsed in my hand. I never thought I would not be repulse an other man's dick in my hand. Then I moved my hand and grope Brian's balls and massaged them. He moaned lightly. "If I did not have so many question I would fuck you again," I said as I reached behind him and pulled him close by his ass. "Like how now I have no qualms about touching and thinking of men." Bending down, I licked one of the ears of Brian. He started to breath heavy and his cock started to cub up next to mine. "I can not give you all the answers," he said as he tried to move away but I held him place, "But for that one I can answered." He gave in and start to feel up the body that he had changed. "You have always that desire to have men," Brian slip his hands down my back and grope my ass. He looked up at me. "Just you were raised to think those desires were wrong and you buried them." I smiled down at him. He blushed and turned his head. "But any other questions will be answered by boss." I release him and raise my brow. "Time to go," he said as he grab my hand and guided me into the woods.
  10. BB Bookstore part one

    So, thanks for the ups on the other part of this I posted. Here's the first bit. I also figured how to change the colour to something readable. Enjoy, TC BB Book Store By Tattcub - 2014-02-28 19:36 Copyright © 2014 Tattcub. All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. Big Boys Book Store A short one...more to come in this one too David was bored. He had an interview at 2pm for a job as an intern in a local accountancy firm a few streets down and was an hour early. He'd already checked the address out and it was as he thought a dry dead end sort of place. He'd be the youngest guy in there by about ten years. What to do. He was bored sitting in the coffee store playing with his mobile so decided to go for a walk. He caught his reflection in the window as he left and shook his head. If truth be told he looked like an accountant. Slim, mousy and he was painfully shy. He looked at his brown short hair and brown eyes. He'd never really taken any risks in his life but at least he was safe. He lived with his parents still and that was easy. He did the normal stuff a guy like him would do. He had a few friends who were all similar to him, slightly geeky, all a little unfit and not one of them with a girl or boyfriend come to think of it. He was short-sighted as well, hence the specs and he was also carrying a briefcase for the interview. "Way to conform to a stereotype David" he chuckled to himself. He was a good guy though. Hard working and honest he went out of his way to help people in need and never really complained about his life. His parents loved him very much but if truth be told they wanted him to get out in the real world a little more. His dad had even suggested he go out and get laid. That was a talk David never wanted to repeat. He was looking into the windows of the various stores when he noticed across the street a bookstore. The sign said BB's Book Store. "BB sounds like a 1950's housewife" he thought. Being who he was though he knew he was going to go in and browse. He loved these sorts of places. You get a sense of the past in these old stores. All those lives in the pages there's something magical about them. He entered the store. There was a counter at the front and behind it sat a young man who looked up from a book as he entered "Good afternoon sir, can I help you?" said the shop assistant. "Er..Not really" said David "I'm just looking; I have some time to kill" He looked at the young guy sheepishly" If that's okay?" The assistant smiled and said "No problem, feel free to wander. We have a large selection here. Our biography section is particularly popular" He nodded down the stacks into the shadows of the shop. David wandered away from the front of the store into its depths. He went past general interests and cooking sections and even passed through the horror and sci-fi sections. He was conscious of the time and was only just having a quick look. He found himself in the biography section. The guy at the front was right. It was a large section. They had the life stories of loads of people from presidents to rock stars. David chuckled as he spied yet another book on Marilyn Monroe and surprise surprise David Beckham seems to have written another book about himself too. Yeah right and he was also the pope. He then spied a section on a higher shelf. He had to use a little step to reach up and look at the selection. The sign on the shelf said REAL LIFE HEROES. It was a section about guys who served their community every day such as policemen, ambulance drivers and firemen and so on. He picked one up at random and it had a photo of an amazing looking guy wearing a fireman's jacket smiling out from the cover. The title was SMOKE and MIRRORS my life as a fireman and model. The guy was handsome. He had short crew cut blond hair and quite piercing blues eyes. He had a square jaw and a set of almost perfect teeth. David thought the lips looked very sensuous framed by a light blond goatee beard. He flipped the first pages open and learned about this guy a little. His name was David to, but even from a young age he preferred Dave or D. He was a lively child who had wanted to be a fireman ever since he was little (Same here thought David the accountant) He was a good learner in junior school and a good kid. He worked hard and got good grades. He was also good at sports, especially football. He sprouted up in high school and played football for the school team. An injury in his senior year meant he'd never be a pro, but to be honest, he never wanted to be. As he entered college he was bitten by the iron bug and never really looked back. The book showed pictures of him growing up. His muscled seemed to be almost time lapsing with each page that turned. First he had the great build of an athlete. His body took on muscle naturally he was an easy gainer. David found himself loosening his tie a little, was it a little warm in the store? He continued to read. He then went to College where he studied a degree in crime scene investigation and fire scene forensics. While at college he the bodybuilding became a passion with him. He placed amazing high in his first show and then he started to train like a demon. David paused in his reading and took his jacket off as it seemed a little too tight. He turned the next page to see a picture of Dave holding his first outright win trophy at a local bodybuilding show. He was big. He must've had 19 or 20 inch arms here. He looked really hot. David closed the book for a second. He'd just though a guy looked hot. What was that about? He was about to put the book on the shelf when he realise he was eye to eye with it. That was odd, wasn't it higher than that? However, he decided to have another quick look forgetting moments before he'd been admiring the beef in those pages. He carried on flipping through the pages; after he graduated he'd been offered a place at fire training school and had jumped at the chance. His bodybuilding also went into a higher gear as the schools fitness centre was as equipped as any hardcore gym and a few of the guys were into bodybuilding there too. It was here that he'd met Sam, big beautiful Sam. Sam had taken control of his training and they'd become fast friends. Sam pushed David and David blossomed. He won his pro card shortly after graduating as a professional fireman. He had a picture of how he looked in his blues which had to be specially made to hold his massive pecs. His white shirt in the picture looked like it was filled to bursting from the huge shoulders and arms he had 22 inches now easy. He didn't wear ties easily as his traps made it very uncomfortable. David put his hand on the picture, almost imagining he could feel the monstrous forearms through the page. He could even see the veins thick and cable like. His hands looked firm and rough. The waist on his uniform was slim allowing the massive inverted v of his back to be emphasised through his shirt. His black trousers did nothing to hide the beyond human thighs. The picture on the next page was the one that did it for David. It showed Dave in his posers winning his first Olympia earlier this year. He was a god. He was huge and vascular with skin like tissue paper. His smile was perfect and it showed David pulling a most muscular pose. This guy was so hot thought David, so fucking hot. For a moment he thought he heard a crowd cheering and for a second he felt dizzy. He almost felt like he'd just cum He looked at the book in his hand and then turned his thick meaty wrists to look at his watch. He heard the store doorbell go. "Dave? You in there?" Dave looked at the book again; he wasn't entirely sure why he'd picked a book up on an accountants life. "Yeah Sam, I'm here" he said returning to the front of the store. His huge thighs moving against each other as he walked down the aisle. He adjusted his crotch a little to accommodate his non-regulation hose and went to the front where Sam, his training and life partner was waiting. "C'mon big man. You've got an interview to go to. Then when you've got the job as the youngest fire captain in this town's history we'll take you to visit your parents." They kissed briefly. Dave and Sam left the shop together.
  11. The BB Bookstore pt 2

    Well folks, Here's one from a few years ago. Not sure if I put it here. Just wanted to get my face back in the loop, so to speak. Sorry I've been away so long. Enjoy and please, please comment. TC. BB Bookstore part two Richard and Kayne By Tattcub - 2014-04-04 04:53 Copyright © 2014 Tattcub. All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author. It was just one of those days when everything seemed to go wrong. Richard was a runner for a local PR company and he hated it. The job should have been sweet, meeting new people every day and doing projects for the big and famous. What did these guys do ? They designed websites and did adverts for dog food and baby powder. Richards ,job ? Well, he could source lattes from any number of shops in the area in 10 minutes flat. “A great achievement that” he thought to himself disconsolately as he started out of the office on yet another coffee run. “This job sucks” thought the 20 year old. At 5ft 8 he was average height in fact he was pretty much average everything. He wasn't an unattractive kid but was carrying a little extra weight here and there. His hair needed cutting, it was a little to long and was a bit too greasy, He had a few spots on his face and his nose seemed a little too pug like giving him a slightly piggy look, His chin was a little double but when he smiled his face lit up and his pale grey eyes sparkled. He just wasn't that happy that he smiled to often at the moment. Let's face it his main hobbies were watching re-runs of STNG and WoW, with maybe a little date with madame palm and her five lovely daughters. He was lonely and a little sad but he deserved more. He was a good worker to with a creative flair that wasn't recognised by his employers. He needed a change. As he wandered the streets, taking the long route to the coffee shop he noticed a new bookshop he'd never seen before. Which was weird as the place looked like it had always been there. They also had a small coffee area. “Cool” he smiled to himself. He could kill 2 birds with one stone here. He pushes the door open that jingles with the sound of an old fashioned bell at the top of the door. The shop is well lit at the front where the counter and the coffee shop area are, The assistant looks up from his book and smiles in welcome. “Good morning, welcome to the BB book store” he says as he finds and marks his place in the book before he puts it on the counter. “Hi” says Richard shyly as he hands over a list of coffees for his colleagues The assistant takes the note and looks at it and smiles. “No problem with this. Although these will take a few minutes to do” He gestures to the stacks that lead into the shadows at the rear of the shop. “Why not take a look around and see if there's something that catches your eye?” “Sure, thanks” Richard feels himself colour slightly under the guys rather intense stare. He can't put his finger on it but there's something about this guy. He walks back into the stacks of the shop and starts looking at the shelves and their contents, There's all the usual stuff. Fiction and reference off all types, he stops for a minute or two at the sci-fi section before he looks up and notices the biography section. It is huge. The whole section takes up the entire back wall of the shop. Richard starts to look at the books and soon realises he's never heard of any of the people in these books. Kyne Stanton “The lives and loves of a rockstar” Aiden Riddick “Running back but never backwards. A footballers tale” and so on. One in particular caught his eye, it seemed to have fallen onto a shelf on its own. He picked it up. It was a large thick book with a picture of a man half in shadow on the cover, It was the eyes that got him. They were a very strange shade of blue, quite dark for a blue almost purple in the shadowed light of the shop. The title read Kayne Richards, Play Hard Fight Dirty. Richard found himself licking his lips as he brushed the cover of the book before he opened it to the first page... He started to read Chapter 1 Kayne Richards was born in January 1976 to an East London couple, his mother work in a local pub and his father owned and ran the local boxing gym, occasionally hosting and taking part in prize fights much to his wife’s chagrin. When Kayne was born Craig Richards gave up the prize fighting and concentrated on making the gym a decent business with which he could support his family. Kaynes mother Margaret or Peggy as she is known gave up the pub to look after their new baby boy who was born weighing in at 12lb 3 oz. He was a quiet child who never seemed to cry and his mother said he had very pale blue eyes at that age and would often just stare at people. As he grew up Kayne adopted his parents work ethic and tried hard at school. Whilst not the greatest academic he was a good lad, who stood up for his friends and got into a few scrapes but usually won through. His father owned a boxing gym after all... He got his nose broken at 15 in a fight involving a girl he liked and the man who would later become his best friend and eventual manager Chris Sutton.... Richard looked away from the page for a second and rubbed the bridge of his nose. It felt a little sore. It must be from when he was wearing his specs this morning. This book seemed quite interesting. He glanced at the picture at the bottom of the next page and it showed Kayne with his parents at 16 “Kayne and his family celebrate his first championship boxing win” Richard continued to read... Kayne won several more trophies after leaving school and he started to work with his father at the gym. Always fit it was in 1994 that Kayne persuaded his dad to start diversifying and moved onto weight training, power lifting and body-building at the gym. Kayne Was a fast learner and took to the weights like a seasoned pro. He loved the sound of metal on metal and the heat and atmosphere of the gym. He was always there even on his days of, encouraging the long timers and teaching the newbies. He won his first competition for body-building in June of 1996. Richards neck felt stiff and a little sore, the thick muscles stretched his collar making it a little tight so he had to undo the button on his shirt. His shoulders and arms made the shirt seem a little tight too. “Must be putting on a little weight” he thought to himself. Not noticing that fact that the short sleeves on his arms were revealing new and powerful forearms and decent biceps that made the sleeves bunch when he held the book. The fact that he was 2 inches taller than when he'd started reading went unnoticed to, leaving him at 5ft 10inches. He continued reading Late in 1996 Chris Sutton, Kaynes long-time friend from school persuaded him to give up boxing and concentrate on body-building alone. Kayne agreed with the exceptional genetics he had there was only one way to go. Up. Sadly in 1997 Kaynes mother passed away from cancer but not before she told him that he had no limits with what he could do with his life. His father also became unwell at this time and passed full ownership of the gym to his son. Kayne up the stakes in the business converting it to a full Iron heaven. The boxing gym rights were sold on and re-located just across the road but Kaynes love was body-building. With suttons encouragement he decided to take his body to the next level.. going from respectable junior weight of 175lbs he put on another 20lbs of muscle in that first intensive year.... Richards neck cricked as he twisted it. The big traps rising up through the collar and forcing it apart. The shirt was now riding above his waistline by about 3 inches just showing a sight of the delicious set of abs nestled underneath. His strong Pecs just starting to push the buttons apart. His jeans were starting to look like waders as they began to work their way upwards they were getting so tight that he had to keep re-adjusting his balls to get comfortable. His legs seemed to be stretching too...His shoes felt to small and Richard felt warm and sweaty. Something weird was happening here. He glances down at the book with the Pictures of Kayne and Chris in their early years at Kaynes gym and there is an almost familiar feel to them. The story has Richard engrossed now and he continues his journey into another mans life. Kayne Richards entered several competitions over the next few years not always winning but placing highly in them. His body continued to improve. The gym business thrived as more and more customers joined and eventually in 2000 at the turn of the millennium Kayne took a year off and all but disappeared from the UK body-building scene to look after his ailing father. Kayne passed the company responsibilities onto Sutton and still continued to train in private at his home in the East end where he still lived with his dad. Sadly 6 months after passing on the company to Sutton Kaynes beloved dad died. He took the loss hard but never gave up on his dream and 6 months later blasted back onto the UK scene at an outstanding 224 lbs of mass and muscle. He had managed to put on another 30lbs of muscle in the year he had taken off and now was a force to be reckoned with on the UK scene. He re-joined the business with a new vigour and double his muscle building efforts, also opening 4 new gyms in and around London over the next few years. He continued to add muscle and was noted for his fun posing routines and quirky sense of humour on stage... Richard found it hard to breathe. His shirt ripped on his back as his lats spread out, thick and glorious, a true wall of muscle capped at the top by delts and traps that belonged to the gods themselves. His biceps finally tore their way through themselves through his short sleeves and rose up in all of their veined perfect glory..His forearms rippled with power and a trace work of veins bulged and moved beneath the paper like skin which appeared to be darker in the dim light of the shop. Richard knew this wasn't normal and something was happening to him, it was like he was being over-written. It was odd but not an unpleasant feeling. He looked down at the book he now knew he had to read from the end. He felt his crotch get tighter as he saw the pictures of Kayne winning his next two UK shows and then heading for the USA... Kayne Richards exploded onto the US body-building scene in September 2004 when at 6ft 4inches and weighing in at an incredible 254lb he placed 4th in the Super-heavyweight category and over all just pushing the amazing Dexter Jackson into 5th place. His idol Ronnie Coleman who took the Olympia that year for the 7th year running was heard commenting he should watch his crown this was an incredible feat for the young challenger. It was commented that his mass was outstanding and he was very popular with the audience. Kayne was thrilled with the placing but to him it wasn't enough and he went back to London to his own gym and went back to basics. Over the next year Kayne was a man possessed and brought in as much help as he could even training with the greats like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman as well as up and comers Jay Cutler and Branch Warren both of whom had been on the scene for a while... Then tragedy struck. Kayne was injured with a rotator cuff two months prior to the 2005 Mr Olympia and was going to be out of action for several months. Kayne was devastated all his hard work had come to nothing. He had kept out of the limelight concentrating on his growth and focusing on the areas that had let him down the previous year. He held his head high and even though he couldn't compete still attended the Olympia and fully clothed it was obvious he had put on a huge amount of mass. He was weighed on stage and came in at a staggering 282lb. When asked to take off his shirt the blond behemoth smiled and winked at the audience promising them next year was his. Ronnie took the crown again that year and jokingly handed the trophy to Kayne to try on for size. They both received a standing ovation.... Richards jeans now hurt. He had to get them off. He managed to undo the buttons but it wasn't really necessary as a loud rip was heard as his massive legs and body-builder ass tore through the back of his jeans. He tugged at the front of them tearing the rags away revealing the massive pillars of stone that were his legs. The separations and cuts of his thighs was amazing. Perfect. Massive. Muscle. “Oh yeah”,thought Richards. “This is the stuff.” He briefly caressed his cock in his boxers, readjusting them in their new airier housing. He turned his head and glanced into the glass of a display case and realised the full extent of the changes. His monstrous traps and shoulders had all but destroyed the collar and top of his shirt his chest and biceps did the rest leaving the wreckage strewn around his godlike body just like a vest. He saw his handsome face in the glass, the nose had once been broken but it made his craggy face manlier somehow. His light hair contrasted with the strange dark blue eyes and made this a face that anybody could fall for. He felt the itching as he caught part of the transformation as veins seemed to snake up from his now exposed size 14 feet . They travelled up the monstrous globular calves. Popping out in relief in and the diamond and moving up to the calves that were so solid they could barely be human. He felt them move up to his abs which he revealed by pulling of the now useless shirt to reveal an 8 pack that would make the Greek gods weep with jealousy. They twisted around his back screw the road map. This was a map of the world in all its perfect massive, veiny, monstrous sweaty glory. His neck was practically a jumble of veins and muscle held in place by ridiculous huge traps and shoulders. The veins snaked through them. Touching and raising the skin everywhere, bringing the blood to every part of the engorged muscle freaks body. The arms were the last. Veins coursed through his biceps raising and swelling the peaks and dividing them over the tops perfectly. They criss-crossed the forearms making them almost alien sculptures of anatomy. And finished finally on his huge, hard, callused hands. Hands so muscular they had trouble gripping the thin spine of the book which had previously seemed so large. “What the hell?” Thought Richard/Kayne. “Excuse me?” said a voice. Richard/Kayne looked around “Yes?” his deep voice rumbled when he answered the assistant. “Sorry, sir your coffee is ready” said the assistant. Kayne/Richard walked dazedly through the stacks to the front counter. Half naked and still clutching the book but the assistant didn't bat an eye. “Did you find something you liked?” said the man innocently still not acknowledging the magical transformation of the PR runner. “Er yeah” Rumbled Kayne/Richard. “Now sir, as you are a new customer here I have two special offers for you.” He said. “The first is, please take the coffee with my compliments” “The second is...That you can bring the book back any-time you like and I will refund you totally for any dissatisfaction that has occurred” The man smiled at his bemused customer. Kayne Richards smiled at the assistant. Kayne/Richards took all of 3 seconds to decide. He made his choice and suddenly felt a little dizzy. “Cool, thanks for that man”Said the now 312lb off-season muscle monster. His clothes continued to change leaving him wearing a black stringer training vest and combat shorts over tan Cat boots. His blonde hair was cut close and his blue eyes twinkled as he grabbed his coffee and walked to the door after paying for the book. His huge legs rolling around each other in a perfect muscular gait at the door he paused and turned around smiling. “Any time you want to train just pop over the road” said Kayne Richards the still reigning Mr Olympia, As he left the door the bell jingled. The assistant smiled to himself and proceeded to wipe the counter free of non-existent dust.