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  1. “Why don’t we shake hands to start the match?” The big guy smiled. God, these dumb jock-boys were all the same. He thought just because he was a little taller and looked a few more pounds heavier he’d show off in a handshake. We locked hands and the big oaf immediately squeezed with almost all of his might. He was sure this would be a short match. They sure didn’t come any dumber. I was impressed by his strength – not to mention the giant size of his hand – but it barely registered to my own mitt that he was squeezing. I rolled my eyes in an expression that made it clear I didn’t feel a thing. This caused him great consternation and he doubled his efforts. I decided it was time for me to squeeze. I loved how his face went from determination to shock to utter panic as he began to feel the mighty force of my grip – the kind of tightening that was usually reserved for humongous machines. I could feel his fingers starting to break at the knuckles – the crushing sound kind of turning me on. Suddenly, red lights were flashing and I heard ‘system malfunction’ over a loudspeaker in the distance. The inside of his hand was literally turning to dust. I was enjoying demolishing what I held. I squeezed harder and at the same time I jerked my arm back. The poor dude’s hand came ripping off with just one tug. He held the stub up in the air and had a look on his face that was priceless – he saw only wires, electrical sparks, and smoke where his hand should have been. “God, I hate bots,” I said. I then pulled my right hand back, squeezing it into a ball, and let the powerful thing fly into the mid section of the guy in front of me. My fist plummeted though his stomach coming out the back leaving a good size hole where his abs used to be. Now sirens were really going off. I could hear in the distance voices over the loudspeakers saying something to the effect of sending in the entire battalion of prototypes to take care of me. Oh boy, I thought, they’re going to send in more. I reached down with my other hand and grabbed both sides within the hole at the guy’s gut. I then pulled my hands apart – ripping the dude completely in two as the doors to the large room opened and about forty other ‘prototypes’ came trampling into the room. It sounded cool to have that many feet pounding on the floor as they entered. This was going to be fun. I still marveled at how I could tear a guy in two – from his groin to his head – with just a little outward yank of my arms. I held the two halves of the big guy in both my hands. He had thought I would be weak – that was his biggest, and last, mistake. The eyes on both sides of the split head still blinked. It was really creepy. I tossed the two pieces to the side and surveyed the little gang that had been sent to do me in. I knew the head guy on this bot project had a secret crush on a porn star named Zeb Atlas – so every single prototype resembled the guy. I wasn’t complaining – the dude was hot – but it was a little strange to see forty identical versions of him staring at me from across the room. I knew the bots were waiting for orders and I knew somewhere a few rooms away some of the army’s top brass was watching all the action. The top general had said no prototype would be allowed into combat until I had been beaten. I was the only thing preventing androids from going into battle for our country and surely killing many civilians. That was the main reason I didn’t mind being so violent – to show them that they weren’t close to winning. Besides, crushing bots was fun. Two of the Zebs were clearly given the orders to attack. They moved toward me. I stood there – stock still – waiting for their first move. The onslaught of intense punches to my stomach – coming from the two big men – would have been too much for any normal man, but then I wasn’t normal. I had been changed – made into something even far superior than bots. I had, in fact, been made stronger, faster, and smarter than the bots on purpose. A man named Dr. Dan Quigley had made it possible for me to become the immovable super structure that deflected punches in the same way a racing windshield splattered insects. Dr. Dan, as I now called him, disliked what the army wanted to do with bots even more than I did. We had become friends at a local watering hole a few years ago and he had quickly figured out I had a certain fetish he could enhance a hundred fold. One night, after many shots of tequila, we had surprised the hell out of each other and ended up in his bed fucking like rabbits. During our multiple rounds of sexual intercourse that night I made it very clear I had a strong desire for alpha status – flipping him in every direction I wanted to serve my needs, and his, by the way. He must have connected with my intense need to dominate on a different level than most people did because he chose me out of everyone else for a little proposal he had been working on. As we lay in bed – my cock still piercing his tight ass – we chatted intimately, loving how it felt to be connected in that way. “What if I could make it so nothing could stop you?” he asked, and I heard seriousness in his voice that caught my attention. “What – you mean like advancing me up in the army – maybe making it to general?” I asked, totally satisfied with the possibility of advancing up to round three of plowing him crazy. “No, I mean like a fucking charging rhino couldn’t stop you,” he answered – still with the same serious tone. My cock hardened inside of him and he squeezed his ass – fully aware that his words had definitely piqued my interest. The man had clearly caught on to my hidden desire to be indestructible – powerful beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. “I’m talking about the kind of advancement that would enable you to stop a speeding train,” he said, egging me on more and my cock responded in the same manner as before. “And what if I could make it where you’d become more powerful every time you had sex?” I immediately wondered how the guy had caught on to my two most favorite things in the world – strength and pounding ass – in such a short amount of time. My most secret fantasy was to have the strength of a thousand men. I wanted to be so powerful that I went through the day differently than other people. I’d move slower – taking my time – knowing that if I got some place late and doors were locked I could easily rip them open or just bust through the wall any time I wanted. I secretly desired to be able to pick up the overweight jerk that got in the eight items or less aisle with over fifty things in his cart and easily toss him to the rafters of our local Costco. I wanted to be able to put my forefinger on the hood of the SUV that parked across three spots at a crowded lot and press so hard that the hood, roof, and entire body of the vehicle caved in at the middle, making it look like a creased piece of paper with its tires sticking out to the side. And the idea of pounding my way into that kind of superhuman power go me so excited I deposited another huge cum account into the doctor’s ass right then and there. I still don’t know why I never questioned the man. I somehow knew, instinctively, he was a person who could back up his words with action. I just understood he could do everything he offered. In the same way, he knew I was the right man for the job. I clearly had the aggression he sought, the desire to be powerful, and he realized I needed sex in the same way a fish needed water. He had a feeling my appetite for doing the nasty would even surpass his original plans for his test subject. A week later he was injecting me with a fluid specifically made for my DNA that made my cells thicker, stronger, and more powerful every time I came. I’m pretty sure the doc wasn’t prepared to have me plow his ass six times in those next few hours, but I really wanted to start my journey into super powers as quickly as possible and, besides, the injections made me super horny. Being able to lift one hundred more pounds than usual the next day in the gym had been all the encouragement I needed. I went straight to the doctor’s lab after my workout and pounded him loudly in one of the bathroom stalls. It was during that particular round of satisfying sex that I realized the doctor had wanted all of this just as much as I did. As I easily held him in the air and fucked him savagely he looked at me with so much gratitude – so much incredible happiness – that I complexly understood he needed the sex on the same level as I did. The Doc was a dirty whore and that was amazing. I had a fuck buddy who would never get tired of my incessant need for pounding. As a matter of fact, he needed it just as much. I fell in love with the guy right then and there – as my power hungry cock bounced him up and down in my arms. I knew he’d be my only source of growth for the rest of our lives. It also became obvious that the Doc wanted me to grow powerful as much as I did myself. Many nights I was awakened to the incredible sounds and feelings of the guy slurping my rod under the sheets and when he realized I was finally awake he’d jump up and impale himself on my hard shaft and then hang on like some kind of bull riding champ as I started thrusting. He even came to my office on numerous occasions and scoped out a utility closet where we could lock the door and I could smash his body against the concrete wall as I made him heavier from dumping mega loads of my thick juice into his ass. I actually became alarmed that the Doc might be some kind of crazed nymphomaniac, but that’s when he told me about the army’s plan for prototype robots and I instantly shared his distrust and hatred for the program. He explained that the Colonel had told him to create a being to compete against the robots. The Colonel clearly had not intended the competitor to be a live human – but the doctor was light years ahead of any scientist of artificial intelligence and realized creating Terminator-like beings to fight each other would never work. He needed something with human emotions and the ability to think outside the box. That’s when he had stumbled upon a serum that could make me pack on so much thickness that it would seem I’d gown a lot bigger, but it was just be reinforced cells becoming denser and denser. I was now so swollen I looked like a guy with normal height, but with the bulk of two Incredible Hulks packed into my body. I fucked the Doc senseless that first week – watching my power reach new goals: lifting heavy weights, bending rebar, picking up the back of the Doc’s truck, and then taking on early editions of the prototype bots. The first few bouts with a bot one-on-one were pretty close. The early bots were strong and I was still beginning to grow – but over the next year I had averaged out to rutting the Doc four or five times a day and sometimes as many as eight times in a twenty-four hour period. This had made my strength and compactness improve expediently. I’d been easily destroying bots for so long it had actually become quite boring. That’s why I was so excited that the powers-that-be had decided to up the ante by letting me take on a lot more bots at one time. Part Two Back in the room with the prototype robots, the two Zeb Atlas look-a-likes in black suits were pummeling my stomach with their best punches, but I wasn’t feeling a thing. I imagined it bothered the bots a lot that I didn’t move even a smidgen as they punched away. Man, I loved frustrating bots and their makers. They didn’t even realize their fists were being dented in and ruined as they hit my powerful abs. Demolished machines, just because my tummy was so strong – you had to love it. I moved with lighting speed for something so dense and muscle packed – grabbing both men around the neck with my thick fingers. I marveled at how lifelike and fucking hot they had made these prototypes – the V of my hand grasping skin-covered machinery, but it felt like humans. Even though both bots were probably over three hundred pounds each, I easily lifted them off the floor. I squeezed harder – listening as hard metal crunched and millions of dollars of technology was destroyed by my powerful grip. Suddenly, both heads lopped to the side, draped over my fingers, as I completely stopped all electrical current and computer messages from passing to the body from the head. Arms and legs immediately went limp and the punching stopped. Two more bots lifeless in my hands – how great that made me feel. I had crushed their necks into wet noodles – metallic bones destroyed by my powerful hands. I shook the two bodies a little to make sure there was no current remaining – their big frames flopping around in my hands. I debated what to do with the two big pieces of junk – wanting to freak out the top brass watching me through the cameras. I lowered my densely packed arms and then swung them upward with much force – sending the two demolished bots upward. Pieces of the ceiling sprinkled down around me as they plowed through it. Their upper bodies disappeared until the only thing we could still see were their legs and finely shaped hot asses hanging down. I got a little turned on by the construction of those hot, bubbled muscled butts. Throwing two guys though the roof was a big turn on. I undid the top button of my shorts and reached in to squeeze my cockhead hard – just to give myself a little thrill. There was no bigger turn on that crushing bots. I knew I’d need to plow the Doc hard after I finished playing with the rest of these Zebs. I looked up at the hot asses and thought about how much fun it might be to plow a bot until he was destroyed – my powerful dick ripping the bot apart from behind. Feeling my cock shove through all that dense machinery would bring the kind of excitement I was always searching for and could give Doc much needed break. It was very clear I was going to need release very soon. That’s when three of the remaining big men jumped on me. The army was so damn predictable. It was time to try three bots since two had been unable to do the job. Forget about letting all of them rush me at the same time – we had to do this systematically. I would have loved to take all of them on at one time – but then it would have been over way too quickly. I wouldn’t get to edge my cock as much as I would from demolishing a few at a time - until they were all destroyed. I imagined the Colonel’s own cock getting hard as he watched three huge bots jump on top of me and my legs didn’t buckle a bit. Carrying the weight of three big guys was nothing and I wished again it was all of the men on top of me. I didn’t stagger or hesitate at all. I simply walked over to one wall – easily transporting the little gang of bots – presently punching away at whatever part of my body was near them – and stood there with tree trunk like legs spread slightly apart. I did a few squats with the over 900 pounds on my body – simply to emphasize the power in my legs. There was an ever-slight burn, like I would get after I did five thousand steps on the stairs machine. I knew having fifty bots piled on top of me wouldn’t even slow me down, so three was a piece of cake. After a few squats, I reached up and grabbed one man at a time – easily pinning all three of them together against the wall. They were lined up back to front and I easily held them in place with one huge thick hand on the first bot’s expansive, hard chest. My powerful palm started to press against the first guy – all three of the bots struggling hard to try and free themselves. Just for show, I decided to flex my other arm as I did my demolishing. It was mainly for Doc, whom I knew would love it, but it was certainly cool if other people watching from the mystery room got off on my bulging thick biceps, too. Showing off my power to bots was one thing, but real men freaking out as I did some amazing strength feat got my juices boiling quicker than anything. I imagined I could see panic on the first guy’s face – if bots could show panic. I knew the computer in his head was desperately trying to figure out what to do to alleviate the tremendous pressure at its chest. Maybe the computer working overtime was the same thing as panic. I pushed in harder – still using a fraction of what I was truly capable of. I looked over at my own flexed giant gun – knowing the sight would give my cock a little jolt of pleasure. It was at that moment I realized I was holding these three bots against the wall with my arm not even fully extended. It was bent at the elbow, like I was at the start of pushing a door open. I pressed my arm out to a full extension, like it was just an afterthought. Suddenly, the first guy’s chest cavity gave in with a loud pop and his front folded inward toward the second man. I watched as the bot’s eyes went blank – his entire system ruined as I easily crushed his body. It had felt like I was pushing in cardboard. Compressing the hell out of a dude was such an awesome feeling. He was so powerless to my one hand – all three of them were. The lifeless body of the bot kept deflating as I smashed all the state-of-the-art technology within. The other two bots behind started squirming more frantically, clearly they were feeling more pressure and their computer brains were freaking out. “Your friend, there, suddenly lost a lot of weight. He’ll easily fit in tight spaces, now.” Toying with the bots was such a kick. There little brains tried to compute what my joke meant even as their body told them to focus on releasing the tremendous pressure against their chests. I wonder if it even registered that one of their own had just been crushed into something as thin as a laptop. I decided to test a theory that popped into my head. I leaned into my push – shoving against the floor with my back leg with a little more force. It still wasn’t all the power I had to offer, but I wondered if it was enough to attain my desired goal. Crushing one guy’s chest had offered up a loud noise, but it didn’t come close to the loud explosion when the remaining two in my little trapped line-up popped at the same time. This time, the dude’s body at the back, against the wall, burst open from the pressure and computer bits, electrical parts, and the like came flying out. That just made me push harder and faster, causing his innards to splatter against the wall and floor around him. I just kept on pushing. Soon the feet of all three bots started coming off the floor as I easily shoved their bodies into the concrete wall behind them. It was like when you stuff a strip of rubber in the hole of a tire and the two ends stick out as you continue to press in. The bodies folded in on themselves around my hand as I rammed their bodies into concrete like it was nothing. Soon, all you could see were three heads mixed in with six legs sticking out from this hole in the wall. That view, combined with the legs and butts dangling from the ceiling made it look like I was installing some modern art exhibit in the room. I turned around to the remaining bots in the room and threw my humongous pumped body into a most muscular pose, while letting out the kind of roar usually reserved for an angry King Kong. I must have scared the shit out of some technician in the other room and made his hands panic at the keyboard because every remaining bot took a step back, as if they had truly been freaked out. Scaring the hell out of bots – I loved the thought of that. I was now tired of being on the pansy-ass defensive. I wanted to be in attack mode. I wanted to show the brass in the other room what a real weapon of mass destruction could do. I walked forward and grabbed the nearest bot by his clothing at chest level. As I effortlessly lifted his body into the air I grabbed his crotch with my other hand – freaking out, again, that these hulking creatures didn’t have hot large endowments below. I swear it would have made them stronger. I took aim quickly and pummeled the guy through the air at two bots standing near a huge metal cabinet across the room. I threw the guy with so much force that when he connected with the other two they immediately came off the floor like a tornado had suddenly sucked them into the air. All three bots went slamming into the massive metal cabinet with so much force that the thing dented in, crushing all the equipment inside and totally destroying the bodies of the trio. Again, the men remained compressed in the metal cabinet to add another sculpture to my exhibit. I didn’t waste a second to stop and admire my handiwork. I immediately shot out my left fist straight into the face of the unprepared bot now standing beside me. To have your unstoppable knuckles connect with a nose, instantly smash it to smithereens, and then continue to drive forward taking out a chunk of a face and making an almost perfect circular hole in a guy’s head was almost as good as hot sweaty sex, but not exactly. The dude’s disconnected bashed-in face went flying backward as my fist stuck out of the back of his head. When I pulled my arm out, the bot miraculously remained standing. I figured the guy’s original stance had been really strong and balanced. I merely inhaled and then let out a quick burst of breath in his direction. The ruined machine fell backwards to the ground. I looked around for what to do next. A weight set in the corner of the room, long abandoned because I had become so freakishly strong that all of the plates combined gave me no resistance whatsoever, became my next choice toy to help me wreck havoc. I couldn’t believe the dudes in the other room hadn’t snapped to attention yet and ordered a counter attack, but then I figured they were still cleaning themselves off from my most muscular pose – having cum on the spot or pissed themselves. I grabbed, with one hand, an empty steel barbell sitting on a rack and moved with lightning speed. I slammed the end of the bar into the lower abs of a bot to my left – causing the thing to penetrate his body easily. I then lifted him from the ground and sent the bar flying to my right, skewering another bot in the same fashion. I then lifted the bar above my head, taking the two still moving bots into the air as if they weighed nothing. Man, making two guys into my barbell bitches was such a turn on as I lifted them up and down a few times I had to reach back into my shorts and stroke my hard cock – loving the idea of my cute Doc doing the same thing in the other room. I slid the bar in between my first two fingers and started twirling it hard above my head. Within seconds both huge men went soaring off across the room, taking out a few bots as they traveled and then slamming hard enough into the walls to cause concrete blocks to be shoved into the other rooms. Suddenly, there was much action in the room. The army had clearly had enough of my playing. The entire brigade of bots sprung into action. My dream of taking on about twenty of them at one time was about to come true. I watched as bots picked up their own weapons – some grabbed other empty barbells, one picked up a heavy metal chair, and one even impressively ripped a chin-up bar from one of the doorframes. I couldn’t help myself and started to leak pre-cum from the sheer enjoyment of what was about to come. When you are as strong as I was – as invincible – there is a certain amount of confidence . . . hell, let’s just call it cockiness that enables you to stand taller, wider, and more powerful than anything around you. I looked at the sea of bots in front of me and actually chuckled out loud. They had no idea what they were about to face – even after seeing all that I had done before. It was mainly because their masters in the other room didn’t see it, either. These guys only did as they were told. The numerous top army brass in the other room, probably all secretly stroking themselves, assumed they had seen my limits. They were calculating what it would take to defeat me. How could those men know that everything, so far, had been child’s play for me? Squeezing, crushing, and breaking bots came as easy as brushing my teeth. Doc had continued to mold me into something unstoppable . . . something that could not be destroyed – over the last few years. I raised my now empty barbell and tossed it like a javelin. It easily speared one of the bots in the chest, lifted him into the air, and then carried him across the room until the thing sank into the wall like an arrow hitting a target. That was my sign to let the fun begin – a bot dangling from the wall. It was also another piece of art. Bots with weapons raced at me all at the same time. Barbells, dumbbells, a steel chin-up bar, and a metal chair all hit my body at the same time. The anticipation was that I would surely go down. I believe even the bots thought I would fall to their crushing blows – if they had been able to think. Everything bounced off since their weapons met something much more dense and immovable. I let out another loud roar and raised my arms into a jaw-dropping double biceps pose. The hands of every bot were registering massive reverberations because I had easily deflected their blows. I released my pose and first grabbled the big metal chair that was still shaking in the bots hands. I noticed it was no problem for me to hold the big thing in one hand, but he had used two. I jerked it from his grip quickly and then brought the thing above his head. Reaching up with my other hand I grabbed the backside and bent it towards the seat. I caught the bots head in between the two as I easily twisted metal like it was only a paperclip. Smashing his head in the demolished chair gave me such satisfaction. I watched as his face came squeezing out between the metal rungs on the back. I let go and the bot was still standing with a big metal blob crushed around his head. I swung my arm in a circle a little harder than anticipated and hit the guy’s midsection with the butt of my palm. He shot across the room with so much momentum that he plowed through a wall – leaving a big bot-sized hole. Meanwhile, the bot dude with the thick chin-up bar had regained control of his hands and swung the steel thing with all of his might into the side of my head. I heard it smack against me, I could sense the thing bending to the contours of my face, but not only was there not any pain, I only felt a slight tap – not even enough to make me blink. The poor bot’s hands were now so stunned they had to let go of the bar, which stayed plastered to the side of my head. I reached up and pulled it off. While the bot was still trying to recover from the shock my head had brought to his body, I quickly twisted the steel around his neck. I tightened his new thick necklace and then grabbed both ends of the pole. I pulled strongly and swiftly as if merely tightening a knot. I decapitated the bot with one smooth tug of the bar. His head went flying a few feet away and I then placed my right hand on the exposed part of his mechanical neck. I pushed down with tremendous strength. I compressed the bot’s body downward like a smashed paper cup. Flattening one of these big guys with just one of my powerful hands almost made me lose the load that had been edging ever since the army of dudes had entered the room, but I refrained from exploding. There was too much more fun to have. About twelve or more bots remained.
  2. This is the first of a two part story. I had written this back in October as a story to amuse myself. I never thought I would put it out there for the world to read... but since you have all have welcomed my other stories so kindly... here it is!!! I rewrote some of it to give it better flow, etc. The second part is a little crazier... involving more transformation, muscle, destruction, etc. If you aren't into that... let this part be what you read and that is it. This has an ending. If you are into stuff a little wilder... I'll post Part 2 soon!! I hope you enjoy it!!!! Comments and suggestions always welcome!! Tell Me You’re Mine PART ONE I watched as Richard tried once again to fight against the ties that bound him to the leather/wooden cross. I couldn’t deny that he looked hot naked, handcuffed, and with a ball gag in his mouth. No, I scolded myself!! Don’t look at him. Don’t think about him. He’s a means to an end and that is all!!! I leaned once again over the smoke coming from the silver bowl and inhaled... the sharp odour calming my nerves. Soon this would all be over. Soon I would have what I desired. This wasn’t how it originally started. I had gotten home from the gym, horny as fuck with the knowledge that tonight was the night I had been waiting and preparing for for years. I hopped on the hook-up app I often used for quick fucks, hoping he would be on... and I wasn’t disappointed. There he was... Richard from the gym... built, young, cocky, and obviously out for NSA fun. It had been a while since I had seen him at the gym, but perhaps that had been for the best. My pic on my profile was recent, but the lighting might have made me look a little buffer and a little younger then I really was. As I began sending a message to Richard, three guys hit me up at once. Quickly looking at their profiles… one of them was passable and might be an option... but no... only Richard would do. I sent my message and waited to hear back. It wasn’t long before he had taken the bait. I was older then Richard by about ten years, but my picture shows me at my best: an athletic man with black hair and ice blue eyes. Our initial conversation went well, so I decided to simply go for it and asked him if he wanted to play. Sending my location, Richard was glad to know my home was only six blocks away from his own... a fact I already knew. Yeah, this had all the makings of a perfect quick hook-up for him... we could each get off and he would have plenty of time to meet-up with some friends. When I showed him my dick pic... that sealed the deal. He would be over in ten. When Richard arrived, he commented on the slight silver at my temples and stated that it was a sexy addition, and one he approved off. I took his coat, offered him a glass of very fine red wine, and then we began kissing on the couch. Now, my body is not as muscular as Richard’s, and I’m not as tall as he is, but I do have a tight runners build that was obvious, by the bulge in his pants, that he respected. Also, once we had stripped out of our clothes and were naked, I was able to prove, to his eager mouth, that I truly was sporting an XL endowment. After nearly fifteen minutes of kissing... deep and passionately, Richard wanted to move it to the bedroom, but I let him know I had other plans. How adventurous was Richard feeling? Sure I could easily fuck him... but why not put a little handcuff play into the action... I could see the wheels in his head spinning behind his eyes. No, Richard, he was thinking. That’s how guys get killed… I hardly know this guy. But, the leaking of his cock was screaming: Yes!!!! This guy is totally normal!! His cock won out. Richard took a gulp of his wine, texted a friend where he was just in case he disappeared… always a smart move, and followed me down the hallway. The room, the prize of my house, was a large conservatory that I had converted into a personal library with shelves and shelves of hardback books, some intricately bound and other centuries old. They were the result of my decades of research, and I knew each one practically by heart. The ceiling is over thirty-five feet high, and the sun can easily be blocked out with shades that moved electronically. I knew he was impressed by the sheer size of the room, joking it was bigger then three of his apartments. What really took Richard’s attention were the tools of my play: masks, hoods, gags, handcuffs, dildos of all sizes, and a multitude of paddles and whips. The collection was lit by several dim pin lights, but my prize was what took centre stage: an imposingly large wooden cross padded with leather, raised up on its own circular platform. Nervous, but ultimately turned on as well, Richard took in the entire room in awe. His laughter echoing in the enormous room, he said he had never read 50 Shades of Grey... or seen the film... but he had heard of the ‘Red Room’ and imagined it had to be something like this. I told him I hoped mine was a little classier then Christian Grey’s. Quietly I came up behind him and began to gently kiss his neck, my arms wrapped around him, my hands stroking his abs. ⁃ I’ve never done anything like this before. I’m usually pretty vanilla. ⁃ We don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. ⁃ No! No... I want to. ⁃ Are you sure? I want everything to be totally consensual. Richard lowered my hand down to the his hard cock signalling the affirmation of his desires. I turned Richard around and pulled him toward me, our bodies pressing together while we passionately kissed. Within moments and with expert hands, I was exploring every inch of his body, traveling my tongue over every muscle. Richard’s cock began to leak pre-cum again as his excitement mounted. Lapping it up with my tongue, I succeeded in taking Richard’s entire cock in my mouth, deep throating him like a champ. Richard placed his hands on the back of my head and began to massage my scalp, tremors of ecstasy running through him. ⁃ Let me worship your body. It’s so beautiful, so built. I want to lick every inch of it. ⁃ Do it!! I looked into Richard’s eyes and pushed him toward the cross. Willingly, Richard allowed his arms to be placed on the cross bars, and he let out a low moan as I grabbed his hands and locked them swiftly and dominantly into the handcuffs. I did the same at his feet. Then, to make the picture complete, I covered his eyes with a leather mask. As promised, I worshiped, licked, and sucked every inch of Richard’s quivering and flexing body. My tongue traveled into crevices no tongue had ever reached, and Richard bucked his pelvis uncontrollably as an orgasm appeared on the horizon. I wrapped my mouth around Richard’s cock and brought him closer and closer to explosion. Seconds away from coming in my mouth, I pulled back and looked up at Richard. ⁃ You like that? ⁃ Yeah!!! ⁃ Want me to finish you off? ⁃ Oh yeah!!! ⁃ Tell me you’re mine. ⁃ What? ⁃ Tell me you’re mine. ⁃ Fuck!! I’m yours! Do it!!!! I attached myself to Richard’s cock again, and with my hand began to massage his balls. Unable to hold on much longer and entirely under my sway, Richard felt his balls rise up in his sack. ⁃ I’m gonna... I’m... I removed my mouth seconds before Richard shot and captured his release in a small silver bowl I had hidden near the base of the cross. Using my hand, I milked more and more cum from his balls until Richard cried out that he couldn’t take anymore. Beginning to already go soft, Richard’s masked face looked down at me and smiled. ⁃ Fuck, man!!! Richard chuckled as he shook his head. I stood up, took off the mask, looked at Richard, and kissed him once again. His cock started to get hard again, but playtime was over. Richard watched in silence as I walked to the side of the room and opened a cabinet. Inside was a large copper bowl. Removing it, I walked back over to Richard. Placing the bowl on the floor, I looked up at him with a grin and quickly bound Richard’s waist to the cross with thick rope that had been lying on the floor, hidden in the shadows. When that was complete, I removed a sponge from the bowl, and starting with Richard’s feet, began to wash him with the mixture of goat milk and other herbs I had prepared the night before. The mixture was warm to the touch and had a spicy smell emanating from it. ⁃ Damn that smells good. Very sexy. What are you doing, man? I looked up at him, his cock hard and throbbing, a grin on his face. ⁃ I’m cleansing you. ⁃ What? ⁃ Cleansing you. Preparing you. ⁃ For what? ⁃ For the ritual. You will be the soul I give in place of mine. Richard laughed, believing that I was joking, but when he looked in my eyes, he knew I was totally serious. He attempted to free himself as I began to wash him again, covering his softening penis with the sponge. ⁃ You’re fucking with me… right man? You’re totally fucking with me!!!! Silence. I began to wash Richard’s abs. Richard was attempting to loosen himself from his binds but found it was virtually impossible. Panicking, I could hear his heart racing in his chest. He tried to reason with me as I began to cover his pecs with the milky substance. ⁃ Please let me go man. ⁃ You gave yourself to me. ⁃ We were fucking around!! You know we were! I didn’t give you anything! ⁃ I asked and you responded. You even gave me your seed. You are mine. ⁃ HELP!!! SOMEONE!!! HELP!!! ⁃ No one can hear you. Believe me. But if you’re going to be difficult... I walked to the opposite wall and pulled a ball gag from its place. Upon my return, Richard attempted to move his head from side to side, but in my position now I was a little stronger and a lot faster. Eventually, Richard was gagged. Screaming over the ball was useless, and trying to move his head away from me proved futile as I concluded the cleansing by covering his neck and face with the milk. When he was completely covered, I took the bowl and poured the remaining over Richard’s head, cascading over his hair and dripping down his muscular body. Swiftly, knowing time was of the essence, I moved to another cabinet, removed red and black candles and began to place them strategically around the room. When that was completed and all 36 were lit, I returned to Richard with a pot of black paint and a paintbrush. With expert hand, I began to use Richard’s body as a canvas, covering it with intricate symbols that only a very few could read. These were runes forged at the beginning of time, instructions of how to carry out my desires. Richard tried to cry out again, but I found he was becoming weaker over time with fear. It took nearly thirty minutes, but with my expert hand, the job was complete and Richard’s entire body was covered in markings. I moved away and stared at my work admiringly. For so long I had prepared for this... for years... and now it would actually be happening. I left the room for a moment and returned with a large brass bowl filed with kindling. Placing this down in front of Richard, I struck a match and lit it. From a shelf on one of the bookcases, I returned with both a silver bowl and a silver knife. Walking up to Richard, I began to chant the invocation under my breath while moving the knife in elaborately choreographed movements. Trailing the knife in patterns on his chest, Richard barely felt the moment when I cut him just below his left pec. As the blood flowed, I captured it in the silver bowl. It was by no means a mortal wound nor one that might leave a scar. Even if it had been mortal, in a few minutes it wouldn’t matter to Richard. Nothing would matter to Richard. As the blood continued to drip, I captured some on my hand. With this, I began to stroke Richard’s penis again. Despite being in total fear for his life, Richard’s cock was hard once again. Stroking him faster and faster until he came a second time, I allowed his ejaculation to merge with his blood in the silver bowl. From the first bowl, the bowl with his first ejaculation, I used his semen to pain the last symbol, the one that would let Astaroth know that Richard was mine. When finished, I poured the rest of the ejaculation into the other bowl and sat myself on the floor behind the open flames. Placing the silver bowl on top of the burning wood, I began the Invocation, calling the most powerful of all demons to me. The incense and herbs I threw into the silver bowl began to float on the air. My volume was raised as I became more and more frantic, wrapped up in the incantation I was weaving. I could feel the energy in the room changing; I could feel that he was here. He simply just needed to show himself. Finally, after waving the silver knife in different directions, I stood up, and raising the bowl over my head, I screamed the demon’s name. Over and over I called for him... ⁃ Astaroth!!! Astaroth... most powerful... even more powerful then his father, Lucifer! Astaroth… hear your servant!!! Astaroth... receive my gift... Astaroth… find me worthy!!! Astaroth!!! Fill me with your power!!!... Over and over again I repeated this chant until the room grew cold, there was a great wind, and the candles all blew out simultaneously. A moment passed... then two... when suddenly all of the candles were lit once again by some supernatural hand. I kneeled down on the floor and began the invocation once again with even more passion and fervour. He was close… so close… this was the furthest I had ever gotten before. A pillar of smoke began to rise from the silver bowl, growing thicker and thicker, filling up the room, until a long clawed hand shot out from within it. I watched in anticipation as a face made entirely of fire emerged from the smoke. On top of the demon’s head were thick ram horns the curled upward. Pulling its way out of the smoke, the creature emerged fully formed. The smell that came with the creature, a mixture of rotten eggs and death, made me feel both physically ill and excited at the same time. I had prepped for this moment... and now it was here. The concept that this was actually happening hit me again as Astaroth moved toward Richard. As it walked, it left behind burnt hoof prints in the stone floor. Still existing on two planes, the creature looked to be created from both flesh as well as the thick smoke that trailed behind it. Eventually, as it gained strength, it succeeded in fully crossing over into our realm. Once the flames that had covered its body disappeared, it’s skin looked horribly burnt, but the longer it remained in this world, the more like human flesh began to appear. It wasn’t tall... maybe 5’6, and walked on black hoofed feet. It’s legs were entirely covered in long jet black hair, but this didn’t hide the immense penis that erupted from its crotch. It’s chest was also covered in hair, but it was quite muscular, a tight firm body any man would have wanted. The only difference was that it had a human eyeball in place of each nipple. These eyes looked independently around the room, leaking tears of flame. It’s face... perhaps at one time had been human, but now most of the flesh had been burnt away revealing a skull that appeared more wolf or jackal then human. It’s eyes glowed blood red and were reptile-like. From its snout, sharp long fangs emerged, and instead of a tongue, a living snake. What remained of its hair was long and black, and traveled from its head down its back. Finally, it dragged behind it a powerful serpent tail that left a trail of ooze wherever it lay. Moving toward Richard it sniffed him before moving its claws over the patterns that I had drawn there. After taking the time to read what I had placed on Richard’s body, it turned to me and spoke. ⁃ Egnahcxe ni tseuqer uoy od tahw? The creatures voice was serpentine yet quite deep, with smoke emerging as it spoke. Expecting this, I held a large mirror high above my head. From within the glass, smoke began to blossom until it exploded outward repeating Astaroth’s words: ⁃ What do you request in exchange? ⁃ I want power. ⁃ Elaborate. ⁃ Make over my body. Sculpt it as mighty as can be. Form my sex into a colossal tower. Let me stand above the masses, forever young, forever virile, forever healthy, preaching our master’s name. In exchange, I give you my slave. ⁃ And he comes willingly? ⁃ He is mine... proclaimed so by his own words and deeds. It was his seed that called you. It moved up to Richard and smelled him again. Too frightened to move, Richard allowed the serpent tongue to travel over his face, down his neck, and over his pecs. It was obvious the demon was examining him... but would he accept him in trade? ⁃ Yes... it is writ that he is yours to exchange. Richard tried to cry out, to deny that he was mine, but the gag made it impossible. Astaroth looked from me to Richard. The gag, the rope, and the handcuffs were suddenly released, and he was free. Wasting no time, Richard tried to run for the door, but Astaroth was too fast. In a split second, he had leaped onto Richard’s back and brought him down to the floor. Richard screamed out as Astaroth opened its mouth and began to insert Richard’s head in. Like a vacuum, it swallowed his shoulders, then his chest, his torso, his legs, and finally his feet. Within moments, Richard was gone. Throughout time, history rewrote itself, and Richard ceased to ever have lived... ever have existed... remembered by only me. His soul was now hell bound, sent in exchange of mine. Once Richard had been ingested, Astaroth turned its head to look directly at me. ⁃ The deal has been made, and the payment received!! Young and virile you forever will remain. Tall and mighty your body shall become, and a monument to our master your sex will be. Smoke flowed out of the silver bowl and slowly began to swirl and wrap itself around my body. My heart began to beat faster as my fate lay before me. What would Astaroth make of my instructions. What was I to become? What I had written on Richard’s body... was that possible? Could a human grow so massive... so tall... so powerful? For a second I feared what I had written. This room I stood in... my sanctuary would be like a dollhouse. Was this what I wanted??? Oh yes, I thought with a grin!!!! Yes!!!!!! As the smoke wove around my body faster and faster, an unholy cry began to pierce my head. ⁃ Screams! I hear screams! ⁃ Yes!!! It is the energy of the thousands of souls preparing to power your body. My penis got hard thinking about the power I was soon to possess, the smoke swirling around every inch of my cock. The smoke began to pick up speed until it was like a storm wrapping itself around my body. Lightening burst from the smoke and began to strike my body over and over again. I embraced the power invading me. I had never felt anything so incredible. The sound of the smoke storm was now so loud that I could barely hear myself think. Above the storm, even louder, were the screams of thousands of tortured souls crying out from hell. ⁃ You are willing to accept what gift I give you? ⁃ Yes!!! Fill me with ultimate power!! Make me mighty!! ⁃ As you request, so I do!!! The storm sped up even faster, covering me in a shroud of pure darkness. Suddenly and without warning a smoke tentacle broke away from the source and shot itself into my face, forcing its way into my body. Following its lead, more and more of the smoke storm rocketed its way into every inch of me. I welcomed it, trying to digest it all. Eventually, I had swallowed the entire thing, and those souls had taken up residency within me. ⁃ Yes!!! I can feel them within me!! I feel them changing me... altering me... so much power!! I never expected so much power!!! ⁃ But a taste. Now I complete you!! Astaroth released a jet of fire from its mouth, and once again it wrapped itself around me, this time with even more force then before. I wanted to shield my eyes from the bright flames swirling around my body, but it was impossible to not watch. This was the power that would change my body... my world forever!!! ⁃ Yes!!!! Give me even more power then I can imagine!!! The flame shot up in the air and then down into my open mouth. I wanted to scream out in ecstasy as my whole being quaked as it filled with what the demon had gifted me. What felt like an eternity lasted a few minutes as what had entered took root. Suddenly I was afraid of what I felt... I was afraid yet turned on by my desires. ⁃ I... I can feel my humanity being stripped away... I’m.... no... no... I’m no longer human... am I? ⁃ No. ⁃ What am I becoming? ⁃ Exactly what you requested. The earth will soon quake beneath your feet. The world will shudder when it sees you. Never has there been a more beautiful... more monstrous creature then you. All I could hear in the room was my own breathing and the thousands of souls preparing to power my transformation. No longer was I human. I had been stripped of that by this creature, but did I care... perhaps for a moment but that was all. I was too eager for my conversion to start. I breathed several times in and out... The power was welling up inside of me, ripping through my body and altering every cell. Uncontrollable spasms hit my body over and over again as the power prepared me... burning through me. Unexpectedly, the creature released a jet of fire from its mouth once again, this one longer then the first, and again it shot directly into my mouth. Screaming out, the onslaught forced me to the ground. What was this creature doing to me?! So much power existed inside my body now… much more then I had asked for. I was unable to control my limbs as I flailed on the ground receiving more energy then a nuclear bomb!! When the smoke cleared, the room was illuminated only from the red glow coming from... yes... coming from my eyes!! My eyes no longer saw as a human saw... but what was I becoming? When I spoke next, my voice was filled with steel. ⁃ Fifty thousand souls are prepared to fuel my transformation... to make me power incarnate!!! Shakily, my body still spasming over and over from this onslaught, I rose to my feet and faced off with the creature. Sporadically, flames would erupt from my body and a howling emerged from my mouth when I opened it. I was intoxicated by what I felt. This had far surpassed what I had imagined it would be like... yet like every addict, I knew what I wanted and that Astaroth had more to give. On shaking legs, I approached it. ⁃ Be careful what you ask for. ⁃ I need it all!!!! ⁃ Then take it!!! The creature smiled, flexing its muscles for me. Yes. He was the well from which I had to drink. I had the power of fifty thousand of souls in me prepared to fuel my metamorphosis, but I needed more!! Falling to my knees in front of it, I took my hand and placed it on the creature’s mighty shaft. Stroking it, it quickly rose to a swollen 15”, flames dripping from the head. As I nervously licked the head, one drop touched my tongue... my brain exploded as I witnessed in one second all of the power Astaroth held. Needing more, I wrapped my mouth around the mighty head and began to suck it, taking as much of the shaft down my throat as I could. Minutes passed. Astaroth’s claws dug into the back of my head forcing me to take much more of its cock then I thought I ever could. I could feel my body quaking with power as I mined for more. I sucked and stroked the shaft demanding it give me what I deserved. Eventually, Astaroth began to grunt and groan, breathing heavily due to my expert mouth. ⁃ Turn back now, human... while you can!!! This warning only caused me to suck and stroke harder until finally the creature reached orgasm, and unloaded its powerful load inside of me. As he deposited it in my stomach, I felt like I was being electrocuted. I no longer could control my body as I convulsed from the onslaught of what was being bestowed upon me. I continued to suck on its shaft, determined to drain it all… until with one mighty blow it threw me off its cock and to the middle of the room. I tried to stand but couldn’t. I had ingested too much power and my body was unprepared to digest it all. My whole body was pulsating with life. My entire body began to shift, to throb.. my skin began to bubble. This tapped force was attempting to surge out of my body, seeping my pores, releasing flames when it ruptured. My entire being had overdosed on power and was being ravaged by it. I felt lightheaded and sick to my stomach at the same time. I put my head in my hands and felt my face and skull give way as it pressed and merged around my hands. Never had I felt anything like this onslaught of power, and it was it was getting more powerful by the second. As I tried to stand again, my entire being began to smoke as if I were burning from within. I could only chuckle at what I was going to become, and knowing it was about to happen at any moment made my 8” cock go hard. From the reflection of the glass on the ceiling, I could see my eyes were shining a bright blue now. Soon… I could feel the power rising up within me as if my whole body was about to cum. It was getting stronger and stronger. A sudden burst of laughter erupted from my throat as I realised my time as Darren was over and that a new creature was going to take my place. ⁃ I will be the mightiest creature to walk this Earth!!! I will take what is rightfully mine!!!! I will exist at the top of the food chain!!! Nothing... will ever... stop me... AGAIN!!!!!!! My whole body suddenly stopped fluctuating and tensed up, my back muscles beginning to cramp. It felt as if hundreds of hot nails were being hammered into my traps at once. I released a scream that bounced around the room and was echoed by the thousands of souls within me. As I screamed, I could feel my back beginning to swell with muscle. Larger and more defined it became, and still it continued to grow. My collarbone and scapula made gruesome cracking noises as they fractured and then expanded, growing wider… my arms moving further away from my body. The pain was agonising but welcome. This is exactly how I had wanted it. My body was being tortured to make me even more mighty. For what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, my shoulders extended, becoming wider then any door, and showed no sign of slowing its growth. As the bones continued to stretch longer and thicker, my shoulder muscles began to join in the development of my traps. I was determined to stand, but the orgasmic rush of growth proved too much for me, and I fell once again to my knees. ⁃ My shoulders... my delts getting so round and thick!!! My whole upper body stretching wider and wider... my upper back... so filled with muscle and strength... my traps getting so concentrated... my... ARGH!!!! My upper body surged even wider. There would be no way possible that I could ever walk through a normal door again, my shoulders were simply too wide. My traps were riding higher and rounder on my shoulders giving me the look of a bull that I had always longed for. With a sudden eruption, my lats began to swell, pushing my arms even further from from my body. I couldn’t believe how quickly my upper back, shoulders and traps had become mountainous, and far from the realm of human possibility. With all of this muscle, it was as if four bodybuilders had been fused together to create my upper back, and still I continued to bulge and grow. ⁃ More!!! My hunger is insatiable. Make me bigger!! Make this body a monument to your strength!!! I cried out in orgasmic lust as my neck began to swell into a Grecian column of muscle. I tried to feel it with my hands, but they were now too far away and too short to even reach my neck!! Moving my head with ever growing difficulty, I could feel that it was so dense and muscle bound that it must look more like a quad then a neck!! As my traps continued to rise up higher and higher and started to fuse with my neck, my lats continued to widen until, to my joy, my upper back resembled that of a immense morphed cobra head. The horrific sound of cracking filled the room even louder then before as my arms and hands began to lengthen. ⁃ Fuck!!! Look at these arms??!! They’re getting longer then my legs!!! How big am I gonna be??!! ⁃ Monstrous. The creature hadn’t spoken until now, but simply watched with glee as my body was racked with pain and the birth of what I was becoming. I looked up when it spoke in shock, awe, and desire. ⁃ Freakish. Never on Earth will there have been one to rival your size or mastery. ⁃ Yes!!!!!!! Grow me!!! Stretch me!!! Don’t stop!!! Ever!!! Hearing my plea, my legs and feet began to lengthen along with my arms and hands. Although still top heavy, I could finally stand! My legs were so long and wobbly that I must have resembled a newborn pony. Standing for the first time, I was shocked at how tall I was, yet even more surprised when my hands dragged on the floor. The ceilings in the refurbished conservatory were over 35 feet high, and here I was standing a little above what I estimated at ten feet. I couldn’t help but laugh as I took in my new view of the world. ⁃ Look at me... towering above you... towering above everything!! I continued to get taller, my inhumanly wide and muscular back began to resemble a flesh-like shell, it was so mountainous with peaks and valleys of muscle. The thickness of my neck and traps made it virtually impossible to turn my head, and I found I had to turn my whole body if I needed to look around. I was being hit by the impracticalities of my new size, but I didn’t care. I revelled in them and I wanted more. I ceased to care about a normal life and wanted to exist purely as a creature of brute strength and muscle. I lifted my growing hand and marvelled at the sheer size of it. Each finger was much longer then my own head and thicker then three or four of my old fingers put together. My palm... fuck... that is where I gaped at the size... the palm of my hand was growing to become nearly as large as my own chest!!! As I continued hurling into my metamorphosis, I could feel this energy burning up inside of me. ⁃ The screaming in my head is getting louder... all of this dark energy erupting inside of me... fuelling me!!!! My torso soon joined in with my arms and legs, and loudly begun to elongate. The snapping and pulling of my body was soon so excruciating that my own screams merged with the moans of the souls erupting from me to create a symphony of terror. As my body developed taller and longer, I laughed through my pain thinking that I must resemble the urban legend of Slenderman made flesh. As the ground fell further away and the ceiling came closer, I tried to rationalise how tall I was becoming. Was I nearly fifteen feet tall now? The more my torso stretched, the quicker my arms and hands, legs and feet finally began to look in proportion to my body... but my own body was so out of proportion to every human on earth!!! Stumbling, I moved around the room on my stick legs, my enormous feet rocking the very foundation of my house. I’ll never be able to get out of this room without tearing the whole thing apart, I thought with excitement. How tall am I now?! The ceiling is getting so much closer!! I reached up my arm and found that I it wasn’t as far away as I thought it was!! Soon I would be able to easily touch it with the tips of my finger!!! Fuck!!! The ceiling that was too tall for a ladder, and soon I would touch it with my own hand... and still I grew. Contemplating how much larger I was to become, I felt an itching beginning to rise in both of my pecs. The itching became an irritation, and then the irritation became stabbing bolts of pain. I screamed out, a sound the whole neighbourhood must have heard as my pecs began to explode with size. Like two massive inflatable rafts attaching themselves to my body, my pectorals simply blossomed, quickly getting firmer and rounder. The sensation of feeling my blood engorged muscles grow made my head spin. Looking down as much as my neck would allow, I saw these massive globes coming to life, taking over the top half of my chest. I rubbed my hand over the right one, and nearly collapsed as my hand brushed over my nipple. My nipples had never been sensitive before, and I never understood nipple play, but now... fuck!!! Now I could!! With each beat of my heart, my pecs swelled larger and larger. Using both of my hands, I grabbed my nipples and I squeezed them. Colours formed in front of my eyes and my head spun with ecstasy. I squeezed them again and twisted them at the same time, releasing a low moan from my throat. They were the most sensitive things I had ever felt. As if they were trying to enrapture me to play with them more, they both suddenly began to get larger and thicker, the areola getting wider and browner, and the nipple bursting with size until they both were nearly the length of a human finger. My pecs, fuelled by my intense nipple play grew even mightier, extending feet from my chest. The sensation of feeling my blood engorged pecs grow fuller made me want to roar. I looked down at Astaroth who appeared so tiny now compared to me. ⁃ Look at my pecs... getting so full... so heavy with muscle. I can’t wait till my whole body feels this way... weighing thousands of pounds of muscle!!! ⁃ Thousands of pounds? Too small!! Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pounds!! Your muscle mass making the very earth tremble!! No scale ever strong enough to weigh how heavy you really are. His words swam in my head as I watched my pecs beginning to find more room to grow on my body, rising up while being forced down at the same time. The gap between my pecs was so deep, but it also grew tighter as they took up more space. I took my hand and placed it down into the gap, and felt the pressure being forced on it by these two powerful masses. Soon I would be able to crumble boulders between my pecs, or splinter trees just from flexing them together. Never have pecs been so mighty My abs and lower back began to burst with muscle at the same time to prevent my upper body from collapsing down upon it. My back, lats, and traps were still gaining mass, and I could just imagine how I looked. My traps rose up to near my ears, now giving me the guise of either having no neck at all or one so massive that it rose simply from my back. My abs exploded one by one, but there was to be no simple six-pack for this body. With my hands I felt, since I couldn’t see anymore below my pecs, that my own body was mutating and I now possessed a twelve pac!! With my knowledge of the male anatomy, I was aware that most humans have, at most, eight muscle bellies making up their ab muscle, but here I was with my abdomen divided in 6, with each becoming thick and as dense as cinder blocks. Fuck!!! How I wanted a mirror in this room!! ⁃ As you command. Vanished were the walls of bookshelves and toys, my chamber was now composed entirely of mirrors. Every surface… every wall… even the floor and ceiling were mirrors. There wasn’t even a door anymore!! Everywhere I looked I saw me, and what I saw freaked and thrilled me!! Astaroth watched as I took in my half formed body. The first thing I noticed was my head. It had only grown a small amount with the rest of my body, and my eyes still glowed a bright blue with no pupils at all. My head was tightly wrapped in between my immense traps, which now rose mightily past my ears. My neck, larger then my waist, was barely visible, as my pecs and deltoids simply covered it up. Finally, my lats caused my upper body to curve away from my body but then taper back in. How wide was I? I had no way of knowing in inches or feet how big I was, but at this size, it simply didn’t matter. My upper body had to be larger and wider then a car... and still I grew!! My lower torso... my abs... a brick wall didn’t do it justice!!! Each ab alone was a testimonial to muscle, and jointly created a pure work of mastery. Each crevice in the wall of abs, along with my newly forming Adonis belt was so deep... so so dark. My waist... no matter how thick, as it had to be over 50 inches, was firm compared to my massiveness of my chest giving me the ultimate wasp waist. I smiled at my reflection, and looked down at the Astaroth. ⁃ The birth of a monster. ⁃ Only the beginning... My legs began to tremble and quake as my feet began to grow longer and to thicken with muscle. Stretching upward, both my calf muscles began to take on mammoth proportions. They swelled up so thick that, the diamond shape of the two heads began to expand outward on all sides and take up more room over my ankle until it appeared that my foot formed right from my calf. My calf muscles stretched upward toward my kneecaps, but a titanic rumbling sound announced the birth of my new elephantine quads. I cried out in exhilaration as each muscle simply erupted in size. I could only drool over how massive they quickly were becoming. The lateral and medial muscles of my quads immediately became so swollen that I had to widen my stance. Each time I did, and created a little more room for my balls, they would quickly take up all available space. In no time at all the rectus emerged as two massive teardrops that dipped over my kneecaps and required me into a bow legged and crouched position for comfort. I was resigned that for the rest of my existence I would be forced to walk this way, and it made me supremely happy. By the fifth time I had spread my legs, this time as far as they could possibly go, I heard a familiar cracking noise and knew it was my pelvis breaking to enlargen my stance. This caused my waist to broaden as well, which only forced my upper body to grow more as well to keep my tapered look. As I felt my gluteus grow, I cried out. I had been growing for nearly thirty minutes now, and with each change and alteration to my body, the more orgasmic it felt. I moved my hands to try and feel my swelling ass since even with the mirrors I had trouble seeing it, but with my widening lats, I had difficulty moving my arms to even touch it. ⁃ My body... how did I ever exist in anything but this body you are forming for me!!! I am indeed becoming monstrous as you said. ⁃ And you shall remain this way for all eternity... immortal as you requested. ⁃ Fuck!!! I had forgotten that... ⁃ Never ageing... never sickening... never dying... existing as you are for eternity... pure power!!! I clenched my jaw and grit my teeth as I felt the agony of my pelvis bone breaking and growing again, extending my waist more and causing my stance to become far more unnaturally bowlegged. My legs were now so muscle bound, so massive, and so engorged, that some might say they bordered on the grotesque, but I only cried out for more. Every time I stepped now, the entire house shook and the stone floor beneath me cracked and shattered to dust from my insurmountable weight. In no time at all, I knew this entire house would come down around me simply due to my very existence, and that had me begging for more size and mass. As best as I could, I lifted my arms above my head and found that with some manoeuvring I could easily place my palms against the mirrored ceiling. By this time, I was over twenty feet tall, no doubt nearing twenty-five. My deltoids had grown so dense with muscle that it wasn’t easy to lift my arms above my head, but at this time it was still a possibility. My arms began to shudder and ignite with a blissful burning sensation as I finally felt my upper arms join the rest of my body in its symphony of growth. Flexing my upper arm, I watched as it quickly bloated with power, my biceps and triceps becoming thick and dense as stone. I wanted to scream out as my clavicle fractured and enlarged to create more room for upper body growth. The prominence of my upper arms made it difficult to bend my arms, forcing them down off of the ceiling. So much strength were in these arms now. I could easily rip apart a tree or a boulder with my bare hands, and my strength only increased as my forearms surged with size. My hands... fuck... the muscles of my hands expanded until I knew that by the time I had broken out of this house, I would be able to crush coal into diamonds and diamonds into dust. I glanced at myself in the mirror again, a creature of pure muscle. I saw myself as the world might see me: I was nightmarish, I was a mutant of muscle, I was freakish... I was beautiful!!! A beast of pure strength and power. I did a full body flex, and watched as my whole body became even more grotesque as it surged larger. When I released the flex, my body maintained the pump I had gained. Until this moment, my head had remained the same size as when I had first begun this journey, but with an unanticipated flash of pure torment, the bones that formed my entire cranium began to split and re-fuse larger. I tried to keep my eyes open to watch this happen but it was truthfully a frightening sight. My skull swelled and grew first until my head resembled an immense light bulb. My neck muscle continued to thicken to support the added weight of my new head. Soon my eye sockets expanded, as did my eyes. I had thought I understood pain with my last growth, but this surpassed even that. As my eyes doubled and tripled in size, I was afraid they were going to explode. My upper head looked alien, but as my cheekbones and nose began to grow as well, I could see that very soon I would look like me again... just a leviathan version of myself. My chin grew and squared off at the same time my brow ridge became more prominent. Fuck!!! This was now the head of a true Brobdingnagian!!!! My traps, afraid of being left behind, soon grew more immense and once again fused above my ears. I felt a peculiar feeling in my abdominal wall, and looked gain at myself in the mirror. It was odd to know I would never truly see my lower half again due to my immense pecs, but that only made me smile with happiness. That was how I wanted to live. My abdominal muscles were growing larger... lengthier... stretching down like thick tentacles toward my pubis. This was it, I thought. This was the moment I had been waiting for, and my body was preparing itself for it!!! I thought my body was evolving my pubis to be more muscular in order to hold the massive cock I was soon to have, but I was only partially correct. The tentacles of muscle forced their way into my penis and I could only cry out as the greatest surge of ecstasy hit me. Further and further this tentacle of muscle invaded my penis, starting at the base... forcing it to grow longer and thicker, transforming it from tissue into a shaft of pure muscle. My cock was becoming as the rest of my body was... nothing but bulging, pulsating, throbbing muscle!!! I whimpered as this metamorphosis occurred, as my cock was inundated with muscle to become this hard and thick shaft. My muscle cock, because what else could I call it, grew tremendous, nearly as thick as my own forearm, and just as my body continued to grow more massive with muscle, so did my cock. I wrapped my hand around what had once been my old cock, and instantly felt the difference. My muscle cock was no longer pliable with a soft feel but hard as the rest of my body was. I stroked it and felt it flex for the first time, growing even more tremendous in my hand. It was more sensitive then my original flesh cock, as my body evolved to have thousands more nerve endings imbedded throughout it. I could only drool as wave after wave of pleasure besieged my body as I stroked this new muscle cock, watching it grow even more colossal. The tentacles of muscle eventually reached the head, and I watched as this too was transformed into muscle, more bulbous and wider then ever before, the slit a vast open cavern. This was exactly the cock I had wanted, and watched as it expanded and lengthened until it grew even larger then my arm, the head mushrooming even fatter until it was thicker then my fist. I roared... I actually roared as my balls began to widen. I could feel the testosterone in my body being forced into overdrive, as my evolved testicles became a power plant to fuel my last metamorphosis into a being of total size and total masculinity. My head spun as my evolution went wonderfully out of control. As my balls grew immense and sent out shockwaves of testosterone fuelled by the hundreds of thousands of souls within me, I grew even faster, adding on hundreds of pounds of muscle each minute. Hair erupted all over my body, growing quicker and thicker on my face and chest. My hair growth was so out of control that where one follicle would once have grown, I know had five or six, making my newly grown beard thick and dark. Within minutes, I had a full beard that lengthened as I grew taller, my head nearing the thirty foot ceiling. My pecs were covered in a pure pelt of jet black hair, but no matter how thick the hair on me was, it couldn’t hide the musculature beneath it. The hairs on my arms and legs lengthened, trailing down onto my hands and feet, and my underarms had a forest of long jet black hair. My pubes grew denser as well as they covered my pubic mound and ever expanding balls. Thick hose like veins rose up all over my body feeding my musculature. New veins and arteries were formed doubling and then tripling the amount the human body had. My body needed this larger amount so my massive heart would be able to pump the required power throughout my body. My cock muscle, now nearing the length of my leg, grew even thicker as pipe-like veins took root, crisscrossing the entire surface and feeding this monster. The head... ugh!!! The head grew even larger, nearly the size of my cranium. My cock was indeed more then simply a devise for reproduction. It was a monument to all things muscle, all things strength, and all things masculine. Leaking a constant flow of precum, my entire body began emitting the most intense musk... sexual and masculine. Still the world spun around me as my whole being went into overdrive. ⁃ Changing... becoming... something else... all of my senses are becoming heightened... becoming... my voice...so deep... more like a rumble of thunder then a voice...yes...becoming even stronger... becoming... yes... a being of pure instinct... I feel as if I am transforming into something more animalistic the more masculine I become. ⁃ This is what you wanted. ⁃ Was it...??? ⁃ You wanted to be the alpha.. reign supreme over everything.., I am giving you that... ⁃ Yes... The largest surge of power shot through my entire body and I let out a massive roar, which shattered the walls of mirrors. This new evolution was wanted... asked for... but unexpected. I didn’t truly realise what it was I had desired, and now I was receiving it. ⁃ What is happening now... I’m... I’m becoming smarter... my intellect doubling... no tripling... Ha!!! Quadrupling!!! I’m smarter then any man alive!!! How is this happening??!! My brain... taking in so much information at once...YES!!!! Smarter then any human!!!! More powerful then any human... more supreme then any human!!! I am indeed the ALPHA!!! I breathe in and I can smell everything around me... every person, every creature. I am now the apex predator!!!! I have evolved past humanity into what humanity wishes it was!!! About to crash through this ceiling... soon I will be forced to reveal myself to the world... their superior... their ruler... and yet... can I say it... YES... I want more!!! My head smashed into the ceiling, the mirror and metal shattering and falling apart around me. As my growth surged one last time, my head appeared over the roof of my house, my shoulders where the mirrored ceiling had been. I had broken free of my womb and now planed to enjoy the playground that lay before me. The wind of my new world blew through my long black hair and caused my titanic nipples to harden. At one time I would have been embarrassed for the world to see me naked, but now that was the only way the world should see me!! How else would they bask in my magnificence? Worship their... could I say it? Could I speak the word?? YES!!!! Worship their new god!!!
  3. (A blast from the past) The smaller dude looked on as the much larger guy wrapped his thick fingers around heavy steel and easily ripped the iron safety door from its frame. It only took one slight jerk of the bigger man’s humongous biceps and the entire thing came screeching away from the metal clamps that held it in place and safely prevented any other man from entering. This time, however, human muscle was just too powerful for the supposed impenetrable security door. It was clear that almost nothing could have stopped the strength within the two powerful bulging guns or the wide fingers that easily flattened pure metal with very little effort. The high-pitched sound of steel being pried apart was a tremendous turn on for both men. Two cocks simultaneously became hard as hell even before the now mangled heap of junk was tossed to the ground. Strong hands had simply crushed the frame in on itself – as if it had been made of cardboard. The shorter man nodded his head in approval and then glanced at the sturdy looking doorknob sticking out from the piece of heavy wood still blocking their entrance. A giant muscled hand wrapped around the solid steel knob and squeezed - crushing it with no problem. At the same time the handle was ripped from the wood with a loud crackling noise, a big chunk of the door breaking away with it. The second sound of destruction caused pre-cum to leak from both gaping dick slits, still covered by pants, but clearly outlined under tight material. The big man pushed the door inward and stepped back to allow the smaller guy to enter, a sign of his subservience. The demolition process had taken about five minutes in total – a steel door lay crumpled on the ground and one end of a thick doorknob was now just a destroyed piece of scrap metal. As they entered the house the small man looked at the giant hole that had been ripped out of the thick wood and then turned to look up at his towering partner. The stern face gave away the shorter guy’s displeasure, but there was also just a hint of hidden pleasure - obviously caused by what he had just witnessed. “See what happens when we forget our keys? We have to destroy things. That’s not always a good thing, big man.” “Yes, boss.” “At least we have you to easily get us in without any problem, but now I have to call someone tomorrow to come fix this mess. The poor worker is going to be confused when he sees all those marks in the steel that look like fingers – but then he’ll see you and understand completely. One good thing, though - with you around no one is going to even think twice about coming through this busted door to steal something.” “I can also put something heavy in front of the door if you want me to – maybe the big industrial freezer out in the garage or something larger?” “There’s no need, people are more afraid of you than a big freezer. Besides, you know how I’d love it if some foolish thief did come in and you had to reprimand him. Watching you easily defeat grown men with little effort is such a big turn on for me and it almost never happens anymore. You’re just so huge that no one even thinks about challenging you.” “We can go out tonight and I can pick a few fights if you want me to, boss. I’ll even let some guy win for a little while.” “No, we’re not bullies – per se – and it’s just not fair since you’re so much larger than everyone else. Some man’s punches only feels like balloons bouncing off your body. It needs to be a group of maybe forty guys to make it even seem like a close fight. I’m still thinking someday that straight biker bar downtown might be a good place for you to have some fun, but I’m afraid every guy in the joint might get hurt. You could probably take care of the entire place in fifteen minutes. Where’s the pleasure in that?” “I can make it last longer, sir. I’d like that a lot.” “Maybe another day, big man.” “What now, boss?” “Nude.” “Yes sir.” The large guy immediately undressed. His huge body seemed to glow in the bright light of the living room and muscles bulged out everywhere. Clothes were folded neatly and carried into the bedroom. Every part of his gigantic frame seemed to bunch up into larger mountains as the man walked back into the room. The place seemed much smaller when the colossal beast was in it. The boss pointed to a chair and the now naked muscle god sat down, spreading his legs slightly apart. This action made room for the other man to slide between the two humongous thighs and hop up to take a place on the more-than-ample right quad. He looked like a small child in his dad’s lap. “Who’s your boss, boy?” “You are, sir.” “And do you like it that way, son?” “Yes, boss. Very much, boss.” “That’s a good boy. Right arm.” The massive thick arm shot into the air, flexing so hard that the mound of meat peaked insanely toward the ceiling and the sound of skin tensing reminded both men of leather being stretched. The smaller man raised his tiny left hand and began stroking the huge biceps, so much bigger than his small palm and fingers. Both men stared at the appreciative massage of hard bulging muscles. “You like it when I worship you, don’t you boy?” “Yes, boss. Very much.” “Left arm, too.” Immediately the other arm shot up into a biceps flex. His double-bi pose was awesome. The smaller man’s dick started throbbing harder as soon as he groped the other man’s powerful giant arms. A moan of pleasure escaped the worshipping man’s mouth – he was just too much in awe of the hardness being caressed by his clearly weaker hands. A deeper moan bellowed from the big man underneath – his joy of being admired equaled that of his smaller friend. The huge beast was a beautiful specimen – big and strong, just the way the smaller guy liked his men. As he continued to grope the big biceps the smaller man ran through what were obviously familiar questions. “What makes you happy, boy?” “To please you, sir.” “And how do you please your boss?” “By showing off my muscles and proving my strength, sir.” “Do you like being huge, boy?” “Yes, boss.” “Do you like being super strong?” “Very much, boss.” “Good answers, boy. You’re learning quickly. I knew I chose well. Let’s re-cap our day, shall we? But first, unzip my pants.” In mere seconds the big man released his biceps pose, had the smaller guy’s pants undone, and was stroking the unsheathed hard cock of the boss in his big palm. The large hand started moving slowly up and down – simply giving a nice caressing sensation - at first. The behemoth knew his boss loved a slow build up. There was no need to get to the big finish too quickly. It was story time, as it was at the end of each day, a chance to review all the wonderful stuff that had happened while they were out. “We started with some lifting in the backyard this morning, sir.” “Oh yes, that was very nice - and what did we lift?” “Today, I did one arm shoulder presses with a bundle of five broken railroad ties, sir.” “That’s right. And how did those big things get broken, boy?” “I easily snapped them across my shoulders and neck, sir, even breaking the last two together at the same time.” “Yeah, that was hot. And how did you bundle those huge things together, big man?” “I used the two U. S Postal mailboxes I ripped from the concrete, flattened, and then rolled into long strips of metal, sir.” “I especially liked watching you pull the second one out of the ground with just one arm, boy. That was really sweet. Shoving your hand into the opening and just flexing your arm upward until the entire thing came popping out of the ground. I’ll never get tired of hearing steel and metal scream loudly as it gives in to your strength. Those big boxes didn’t stand a chance against those guns of yours.” Both men paused for a few minutes to remember how easily the big guy had walked down the sidewalk and pulled the mailboxes from the ground – leaving huge holes as big chunks of concrete came up with the base. The things were then bear-hugged into indiscernible clumps of metal and rolled into long strips – like they were just pieces of clay. The big man had then twisted them around either end of the broken pieces of railroad ties and sealed the heavy bundle together to be used as a makeshift dumbbell. Watching the huge guy lift the thing easily over his head with one arm had made the boss’ morning coffee-time very pleasurable. It was pretty clear, though, that there wasn’t much of a pump offered from what the big man called a ‘light’ mass of wood. When he dropped the thing to the ground, however, it sank about a foot into the earth – clearly heavy enough to do some damage but not enough to challenge the powerful guns of the big man. “I’m sorry that wasn’t much of a workout, boy. We’ll have to use something heavier tomorrow morning.” “Yes sir. I’d like that, sir. I desire more of a challenge. Perhaps a small building?” “We’ll have to work on that, boy. And what followed your shoulder presses?” “You licked all the sweat off my hairy chest, sir.” “I mean after that, boy. What did we do to continue your morning workout after lifting the bundle of heavy ties?” “We went over to the old railroad yard and worked legs, sir.” “Ummmm, that’s right. That was mighty yummy.” This particular memory made the smaller man quickly raise his hands in a ‘time out’ signal. Immediately, the huge beast stopped in mid-stroke of the hard cock in his hand. The sudden halt from the big man was because he knew that the agreed upon hand motion signified that eruption was close and even a slight up and down movement might send the smaller guy into orgasm. Both men froze for a few seconds, not even breathing; for fear it might trigger something. The simple nod of the boss’ head told the behemoth he could begin fondling again. It was already a proven fact that this particular kind of stopping and starting could continue for hours. It thrilled both men in specific ways. The smaller guy loved edging almost more than he loved his muscle slave’s size and strength. The huge guy loved getting his boss off more than anything else in the world. It was a match made in heaven. The big man simply squeezed the hard shaft now, there needed to be a break from the powerful pumping motion his huge hand had previously been offering. The smaller man smiled contently. “Continue.” “Well, we found eight huge wheel-less train cars sitting beside each other - embedded slightly in the ground. I placed my back against the one on the end and bent my legs. I then started pushing the entire stack slowly across the yard.” “Yes, that was very impressive. Your legs bulged out massively – even splitting your sweats up the side. Did that give you a workout?” “It was pretty easy, but I could feel it after three trips back and forth across the length of the yard.” “You basically dug a football field sized hole in the middle of the place. It was about four feet deep, too.” “Did that please you, boss?” “You know it did, big guy. And what happened next?” “You licked the sweat off my quads.” “I mean after that. What exercise did we move to next?” “I twisted strips of railroad track into different shapes for you.” “It was kind of like you were a bulked-up carnival man making balloon animals – only you were using wide thick pieces of steel. It was a great workout for your biceps, though. And those two you twisted into a lampstand will look great in the front room. Thank goodness we have high ceilings, since the thing is huge.” “I like how watching me bend metal makes you hard, boss.” “Well the blasted thing screeches so loudly and you make it look so easy. It’s kind of unnerving. I really can’t fathom the amount of power you have, even in just one arm.” “I’m glad it pleases you, sir.” “Suck.” The order was short and to the point. The big guy immediately released the smaller man’s cock and slid both of his giant hands underneath the other guy’s ass. The boss was lifted into the air and his hard cock was directed toward the waiting mouth of the giant slave. It was like the behemoth was merely wrapping his lips around the straw of a fruity drink he held in his hands. The smaller guy looked down at the broad shoulders of this adoring slave – marveling at the man’s size. He knew this complete obedience would only last a couple of weeks. That was part of the process, but it sure was great while it lasted. There was no way to hide the fact that having a giant muscleman do your every bidding was the biggest turn on in the world. Pleasure shot through both men’s body as the smaller guy’s cock was sucked in and out of the slave’s mouth – the head popping back and forth beyond the throat opening. The boss knew he would not last long and no one would have expected him to. Seeing his boy doing incredible feats of strength, knowing the behemoth only wanted to please him, being held in the air easily while he was sucked off, and looking down at so much male perfection was just too much to handle. And besides that, his muscled beast was an excellent cocksucker. That had been a pleasant surprise in the entire process. “Oh yeah, suck that hard pole, boy. You like the way my cock tastes, don’t you?” “Mmmmm hmmmmm” There wasn’t even a slight pause to the slurping and sucking as the big man answered. His nose was plastered into the smaller man’s full pube bush as his pulsing throat teased the cockhead. The ass cheeks of the boss squeezed together tightly as he did his best to fight back the oncoming eruption. Both men did not want this moment of intense pleasure to end, but their desire for the titanic orgasm was way beyond their control now. Nothing could stop the big man from sucking his boss dry – except for a direct order from his master and that wasn’t going to happen, mainly because the small guy needed release as much as he needed air. His small hands were now groping the huge shoulders of his obedient giant – feeling every bulge and tensed sinew as if his life depended on having a perfect memory of how the other guy’s vastness hulked out everywhere. The slave loved being fondled by his boss almost as much as sucking the smaller man off – since he knew feeling his muscles gave the smaller man so much pleasure. There was such an innate need to please this boss being held in his hands the big guy knew his life would end if he didn’t continually satisfy his master. Lifting things and crushing objects with his powerful arms was secondary to feeling his master’s body this close to his – or knowing that his boss’ cock was spewing because of pleasure he offered. There was absolutely no memory of a life before wanting to please this man. The boss, however, remembered everything.
  4. Hey guys, welcome to my first ever, somewhat longish, growth story! *woo, yay, balloons* Been on the forums since the old one and mainly lurked, though I know a few of you from roleplays and chatting. I've started god knows how many growth stories over the last few years but this is the first one I've actually finished so I think it should go here. It has one of my all time favourite superheroes starring. Spidey's always had a soft spot in my heart and is certainly responsible for several fetishes of mine, some of which are in the story. Feel free to leave critiques and comments, they are very much appreciated. If you feel there's anything I could have done better then please let me know, and I'll keep it in mind in the future. I hope to post more stories but whether they will ever turn up is anyone's guess. And as a fair warning, the story doesn't contain any sex (wish it did but it didn't fit in), but it does contain some non-graphic masturbation. Also as a warning, though this is spoilers so read the next part only if you don't mind a slight spoiler: Anyway, please enjoy... EXPERIMENTER: SPIDER-MAN ‘Mmpf… where am I?’ That was the first thought that came to Spider-Man’s, AKA Peter Parker’s, mind when he regained consciousness. The last thing he could remember was web swinging through the city when he went to investigate a burglar alarm at a jewellery store and then everything went black. Much like wherever he was now. Even with his eyes open, there was no light and everything was in darkness. He tried to move but nothing, like his body was frozen to the spot. “Hello? Anyone home?” he called out into the black. “Ma? Pa? Creepy Axe Murderers?” “Finally, you’re awake,” said an echoing voice. Light grew from no visible source, black becoming white. As Spider-Man’s eyes adjusted to the illumination, he noted that wherever he was had no discernible floors, walls or even ceilings. Pure white just seemed to go on forever in every direction. “I like what you’ve done with the place,” he quipped. “White, white and more white. Must be a nightmare when you drop a Kleenex in here.” A man in his late-twenties with a handsome face appeared in front of Spider-Man dressed in all black, his clothes tight over his muscles and leather boots shined to perfection. “Welcome Spider-Man, I am Experimenter,” said Experimenter. “And this is my evil crib…” said Spider-Man sarcastically. “Why can’t anyone ever buy a spider dinner BEFORE they kidnap me?” Experimenter chuckled in bemusement, shaking his head. “I admire your wit, Spider-Man,” said Experimenter. “You have been most amusing to watch.” “And that’s not creepy at all,” quipped Spider-Man. “Let me guess? You’ve kidnapped me to stop me from preventing you doing your evil doing? Monologue about how you’re the one to finally stop my do-gooding ways and how your plans will succeed? Let me tell you, I’ve done this scenario more times than I can count and it always ends the same way.” “Alright then, Spider-Man, if that were true then try and stop me,” chuckled Experimenter. “What are you waiting for?” Spider-Man tried to move his body but it was still completely frozen, like his muscles were being stubborn and not listening to his brain; only his head was able to move. “Just gimme a minute,” said Spider-Man. “Finding it difficult to move?” asked Experimenter. “Try not to strain yourself, I beg you.” Spider-Man tried and tried but his body just wouldn’t respond. “Alright, maybe you got me a little,” said Spider-Man. “Congratulations!” “I’ve more than ‘got’ you, Spider-Man,” chuckled Experimenter. “You’re in my domain now.” “And where exactly is your domain? Winnipeg, Manitoba?” “Not quite,” replied Experimenter, folding his arms over his chest. “My domain exists outside of space and time, outside of reality. A pocket dimension, if you will, completely under my control. What I say goes here, including you.” “Sorry Experimenter but this isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey, I have to sign the contract first and there’s no way in hell I’m doing that,” said Spider-Man. “As if you have a choice, Spider-Man,” said Experimenter. “Or should I say… Peter Parker?” With a wave of his hand, Experimenter made Peter’s mask disappear. “H-how did you know that?” gasped Peter. “I read your mind Peter,” said Experimenter. “I know every little thing about you.” “You’re an inter-dimensional telepath?” asked Peter. “Not quite; my powers are many but you could say that they are what I need them to be,” said Experimenter. “I can change and alter anything in this plane to what I see fit, in your world my power is somewhat limited so I set a trap and brought you here. You see, I am a very curious being and people like you – special people – you fascinate me.” “So what are you going to do with me?” asked Peter, scowling. Experimenter smiled ominously. “Whatever I want. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it.” “Terrific…” groaned Spider-Man. “First things first, that costume…” said Experimenter, summoning a chair from nowhere and sitting down with a leg crossed. “It goes.” With a wave of his hand, the iconic red and blue costume was gone and Peter was standing motionless and naked. Experimenter cocked an eyebrow at the sight whilst Peter couldn’t help but blush. “Nice,” purred Experimenter. He rubbed his crotch through his tight black clothes, which made Peter cringe. “Any other day, that might be a compliment…” said Peter. “So… what are you going to do with me?” “Well Peter, looking through your memories has given me quite a lot to consider,” Experimenter mused. “It’s fascinating how a science experiment on irradiating spiders gave you such… incredible abilities. Such a transformation… It was a definite improvement from before.” “So what, Clarissa,” said Peter. “Why don’t you explain it all, how has that got anything to do with this?” “Well you became so different with just one spider bite,” explained Experimenter. “So I’m curious to see what another one could do…” Experimenter held out his hand a familiar spider appeared and floated above the palm of his hand, scuttling its eight legs in mid air. “One spider transformed Peter Parker from skinny geek into Spider-Man, with the powers and proportionate strength of a spider,” said Experimenter. “So I wonder what another bite will do. How… proportionate will you become?” The spider began to float toward Peter and landed on his chest. Despite his immobility, he could feel it crawling over his body. Peter wanted desperately to do something, anything, to move and swipe the spider away. It crawled up his chest until it reached his neck. Peter grunted in pain as he felt it bite him, injecting its radioactive venom into his bloodstream and when it was done, the spider vanished as if it had never been there. Peter could feel his heart beating a mile a minute as the radioactive venom surged through his blood, sweat forming on his brow and dripping down his body. His chest heaved as it began to take effect, his body beginning to burn and shake. With each breath, his muscles began to swell and thicken. Pecs pushing out further and further, swelling out with thick hardening muscle. His shoulders widened, deltoids becoming bigger and rounder and his traps expanded, growing further up his neck. Veins began to push further out from under Peter’s skin, extending up his arms as his forearms began to thicken, up to his swelling biceps and triceps that jutted further and further outward. While his waist stayed trim, his lats pushed out wider and wider, forcing his arms out more as his back swelled into a thick mountainous range with a deep curvature to his lower back and giving him a v-taper bodybuilders would kill for, swollen obliques pointing down to his junk. Peter’s abs contracted and swelled, his six-pack becoming a perfect, symmetrical eight-pack. His abdominal mounds were like hills, deep cuts separating each abdominal while veins pushed out from under his tightening skin. Even in his immobile state, Peter’s thickening legs were forced out wider as his inner thighs demanded more room. His quads ballooned, each quad head visible under his taut skin with deep cuts separating each one, hamstrings swelling and glutes expanding into a huge, solid, muscular ass, jutting outward like a shelf. His calves grew out into thick, powerful diamonds of pure muscle jutting from each leg. Peter’s feet and hands grew thicker to stay in proportion, though it wasn’t the only thing. To finish off, Peter felt his genitals grow bigger. What was once fairly sizeable between his legs was now an obscenely sized soft cock and thick balls. Peter’s huge chest heaved as the growth stopped, sweat covering him head to toe; he was now truly feeling the weight of his bigger body. Experimenter stood, a huge hard cock pushing out from under his clothes, examining the fruits of his experiment. At 5’10”, Peter looked like more like Venom with the amount of muscle on his body. Experimenter ran a finder along the curve of Peter’s left pec, wiping sweat away and he sucked his finger. “Sublime,” he said, taking Peter’s pecs in his hands and squeezing them. “You were already the proportionate strength of spider. It seems it’s increased exponentially. How does it feel?” “Wrong,” spat Peter, catching his breath. Experimenter let out a loud laugh. “I’m sure you feel that way now. Perhaps if I let you explore these new… abilities, you’ll change your tune. I think you’ll find your body is not the only thing that’s changed.” Experimenter vanished and in his place, the streets of New York grew from the ground, albeit empty of people, cars and completely white. Peter felt control return to his body and he stretched himself out. His body felt different, stronger and more powerful than ever. Despite his bigger size, Peter was still incredibly flexible. His spider sense was much more powerful; Peter had much greater sensory perception of the world around him. Without even looking, Peter could feel the world around him with his spider sense. Peter jumped and was instantly surprised and the speed and height of his jump, he had nearly completely scaled over a building twenty-five storeys high. Despite having no web shooters, on instinct he touched his middle fingers to his palm and organic webbing shot out from his wrist and he began swinging through the seemingly endless streets. His speed and momentum were much greater than before Experimenter brought him here, covering a city block in half the time. Peter let go of a swing to land on a building but, not used to his faster momentum, slammed into the building and caused the wall to crack where his hands and feet pushed through. “Oops,” chuckled Peter. He raised a hand up to grip the wall and as he moved, he began pulling chunks of the wall out. “Gah, my wall-sticking ability is much stronger,” muttered Peter. “Gotta focus it down a little.” It was just like when he first got his powers, Peter had to learn and explore his body and powers once again because they had changed so much. No longer did he merely stick to walls, his adhesiveness was much greater in that he could effectively use it to destroy obstacles and be immovable when climbing. As Peter went through the city testing his new body, challenges would appear out of thin air for him. On one street an assortment of vehicles appeared and Peter took great pleasure in testing out his much greater strength. Where a car had once presented a small challenge to his previous strength, he found he could now pick these up with ease, lifting them overhead with one hand as if they weighed as much as a laptop computer. Lifting other vehicles like SUVs, buses and armoured vehicles were so easy that Peter would lift them overhead and squat a dozen reps before casting them aside, unworthy of his attention. There was even a big tank that was a little more challenging that the other vehicles, but Peter was still amazed at his strength as he lifted it above his head and dropped it to the floor, muscles flaring and veins pulsating. He even grabbed the cannon and swung the whole tank down like a hammer, smashing it into the white paving. He then swung it around and let go, sending it flying a mile down the block until it smashed into a building. The power was intoxicating. "Enjoying yourself?" asked Experimenter, who appeared before Peter. "Yeah, maybe," said Peter, grinning and inadvertently bouncing his pecs. "This power is incredible... I feel like the Hulk! But without, you know, the uncontrollable urge to SMASH!" Experimenter chuckled, folding his arms over his chest. "Perhaps another test?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow. Experimenter disappeared and in his place, several dozen men appeared, like white dolls all wielding a variety of weaponry from clubs, knives, guns and even rocket launchers. Within seconds Peter's Spider Sense went off. Where once it would warn him of danger within close proximity, it now gave him much greater perception of his environment. Everything was... slower, yet time moved normally. He could feel his opponents' every tiny movement in his mind, able to identify each individual threat, even if they weren't in his field of vision, and form a plan in his head. He shot a dozen webs from one hand, each attaching to the men with melee weapons and pulled them from their grasps whilst simultaneously flipping around and twisting his body at greater speed than before to dodge a hail of incoming bullets. Peter noticed that his equilibrium and balance were a little off as he wasn't used to bouncing around with such weight and momentum but quickly adjusted to prevent himself from slamming into the ground and leave himself open to attack. In less than a minute, Peter had disarmed and webbed up half of his opponents without taking so much as a single hit. He had a natural control over his ability to weave his new organic webbing and formed a thick dome of webs around his crouched body as his enemies shot at him, the bullets ricocheting off his shield. When their guns were empty, Peter sprung out from the web some like a cannon, taking several out by clothes-lining them and snipe-webbing a couple of others to tangle up their bodies with thick, explosive globules of web. Soon they were all defeated, webbed up and stuck to buildings and hung from streetlights. It had taken less than three minutes and Peter was in awe at his speed and agility in taking down such a large, multi-armed gang with such ease. Though his basking was short lived as his spider sense went off and he sensed that right behind him, barrelling down the street at 120 mph was a six car train merely seconds from hitting him. Peter spun on his heel, digging his feet in with all the strength of his spider-adhesiveness, putting his hands out in front of him. The train slammed into him at full speed, the ground crumbled and trenches formed as his feet went backwards, as Peter used all his strength to stop the train. His body was racked with pain but it only fuelled his will. He screamed as he pushed back, muscles flaring and bulging, the train beginning to slow as he demanded that it submit to his strength. The wheels of the train kept spinning, but they were losing the battle of wills, until finally Peter brought it to a halt. Then he started pushing back, forcing it to reverse until he was gaining momentum and running back down the street, the train feebly trying to push forwards. He dug his hands in, bending the white metal into his palms to get a good grip. He jumped, pulling the train up with him and then slammed it to the ground, watching the train crumple into a conjoined heap, lying helpless and immobile. He landed with a thud, chest heaving and muscles twitching, examining his handiwork. “So much power,” he muttered. “Look at what I’m capable of…” “Impressive, is it not?” asked Experimenter, appearing before Peter. “Yes, it is,” Peter replied. “But it is too much for one man to hold. With great power comes great responsibility and this... I feel out of control. Like, if I don't keep my body in check then the power will overwhelm me." The White City shrank away until the two men were standing in the room they began in. Experimenter cocked his head to the side and massaged Peter's deltoid soothingly. "Perhaps, then, you need a reminder of who you really are," said Experimenter. He stood to the side and waved his hand, a full length mirror appearing in front of them. Peter took in his unfamiliar naked reflection, how much different his body looked. He felt awkward, exposed and, despite his size, vulnerable. "I've seen into your memories, Peter," said Experimenter. "Even after you became Spider-Man, you have always seen yourself as the skinny geek you once were..." The reflection changed to Peter before the spider bite that transformed his life. The reflection stood wearing thick glasses, loose pants held up by a belt on his thin, awkward body with almost no muscle on his shirtless chest. Peter felt tears begin to well up in his eyes. "You don't feel strong unless you're Spider-Man, do you?" asked Experimenter. "The mask, the costume, you feel the strength and power from them but it also reminds you of the responsibility." Experimenter placed his hand on Peter's pec and the familiar red and blue costume expanded over Peter's body. Now reflected was an Olympia-sized Spider-Man, costume hugging every bulge and clinging to every separation on Peter's body. "It's more than a costume," said Peter quietly. "It's a symbol, a reminder that these powers are not for my own needs, but to help others." "Perhaps then your new strength is not such a bad thing, Peter," said Experimenter. "In your memories I have seen how you have overcome obstacles beyond your abilities by coming up with solutions to compensate for your shortcomings. But now your power is greater. You can do more to protect the people so long as you keep reminding yourself of your responsibility. You're stronger, faster, your limitations are now fewer. Isn't that better?" Peter slowly nodded, remembering the feats he had just accomplished with his greater powers. Experimenter smiled at the acknowledgement, seeing in his mind how Peter was beginning to sway. "Perhaps you need a new symbol, a new costume to reflect your greater power and responsibilities. A new reminder." Experimenter waved his hand and Peter's old costume disappeared. In its place, a new costume formed over his body. Tight black spandex covered him head to toe and like before, clung to every bulging muscle and hugged in every separation. The upper body was sleeveless, his thick deltoids protruding and showing off how powerful his body was, with a red spider emblazoned across his thick pecs and down his stomach. His arms had long black gloves where the upper hems hugged his bulging biceps, the fingertips and elbows covered in a red web design. Covering his lats and down his waist was a similar red web design that only pronounced how wide his upper body was, whilst highlighting his solid, deeply cut eight-pack. His lower half was similarly black. Along the outsides of his thighs was the red web design, which also covered over his calves. The soles of his feet were red which led up to red webs covering his toes and heels. The mask was black up to his cheeks and up to the back of his head, above there it was red with a black web design. The large lenses covering his eyes were red, shaped like the eyes on his previous costume. Peter was impressed at his new costume, turning around to see his back. There was another red spider, the upper legs stretched across his back and the lower four going down to just above his jutting glutes. "A new look for a new Spider-Man," said Experimenter, massaging his hard cock through his clothes. "A stronger, unstoppable Spider-Man." Peter grinned under his mask, flexing his muscles and watching how his body stretched the costume. He really did look powerful, he thought to himself. "Thank you," said Peter. "And I get to stay this way? No strings attached?" Experimenter grinned, but it was a darker smile. "Who said I was finished yet?" Peter found himself unable to move again. He growled, furious. "What more do you want from me!?" barked Peter. "Tsk, tsk," said Experimenter, tutting, running a finger over Peter as he walked around him in a circle. "That's no way to treat the person who so easily gave you your new powers, and could very easily take them away again. And more." Peter went silent but still scowled. He had no way of gaining any hand in this place so reluctantly remained docile. Not that he had much choice. "Now, if you promise to behave then I will let you have control over your body again,” said Experimenter. Peter said nothing but with a wave of Experimenter's hand he was on his knees. "Promise?" Experimenter asked again. Again, Peter was speechless. Experimenter sighed and with another wave of his hand, sent shockwaves of pain throughout Peter's body. Peter ground his teeth together to stop himself screaming. "Promise!" growled Experimenter. "I won't say it again." "I PROMISE!" screamed Peter and the pain stopped. "Good boy." Experimenter waved his hand and Peter was able to move. He was a little shaky but managed to get up on his feet. He was sweating profusely and ripped his mask off to get a little air. "So... there's a memory of yours I'm quite curious to revisit..." Experimenter mused, scratching his chin. "Oh yeah?" asked Peter, his voice shaking. "Which one?" Peter was feeling like hell and it was getting worse. The pain Experimenter had hit him with before must have been stronger than he thought, Peter mused. His head felt light and he like the room spinning. "What would be the fun in telling you and spoiling the surprise," said Experimenter with a sly grin. A pain greater than what Experimenter had hit Peter with shot up his sides. Peter fell to his knees, hunching over and wrapping his arms around himself, grunting loudly in pain. "M-my sides," Peter managed to choke out. "The... The pain..." Peter's body shook, the pain wouldn't stop. He gripped himself tighter, sweat pouring off his body. "What... What are you DOING TO ME!?" Experimenter just smiled, watching Peter try and fight what was happening. "Pain... The pain, it's excruciating," Peter snarled through his teeth. He suddenly felt something touch his arms through his costume and Peter's eyes bulged with fear. And then it pushed again, several things, fighting for room. He tried to stand but he was in so much pain he could barely move. Four distinct lumps under the tight spandex forced his arms away before shrinking away. Peter dared to look down at his body and he screamed at what he saw. There were four hands pushing out and going back down under his costume. "No!" he shouted. "No please! Not t-this! Must... Control... It... The pain... No... Feels like I'm being r-ripped apart. Can't... Let it... Happen. No! AHHHH!" Peter wrapped his arms back around himself but it was too late. The pain grew greater and greater, building to a head, until he couldn't stop what was coming. Four huge, muscular arms ripped through the sides of his costume, each one as big as his usual arms. Two were attached to his lats while the lower two came out from just below them above his obliques. Peter screamed in horror as he watched his extra limbs grab each other. He could feel their individual touches, feel the muscles in each new arm bulge and flex with every movement. He wanted to rip them off and they reacted to his thoughts, pulling at each other with all their strength but it just shot pain through his body. “W-why!?” gasped Peter. “Why did you do this to me?” Experimenter just shrugged. “This… this was one of the lowest points in my life,” snapped Peter. “I tried to cure myself of my powers, depressed and questioning my life, blaming them for my personal tragedies… But it only made me like this, made me more like a spider and I was lucky to be normal again. Please, I beg you, change me back!” “No,” said Experimenter. “What is more fitting? I have increased your powers exponentially, and now I have made you what you truly are. Spider-Man. A body to fit the power from whence they came. Glorious.” Experimenter waved his hand and Peter’s costume repaired itself, as well as long gloves appearing on his new limbs. “Six arms to web around the city with, four extra arms as strong as the other two, even more power to fight crime with, even more strength at your disposal.” “But I’m a freak!” growled Peter, trying to control and coordinate his extra limbs which seemed to have minds of their own. They were grabbing at his thick pecs and glutes and rubbing their hands over his body. He had to really fight to get them to stop, despite how good their touches felt. “You were already a freak, Peter,” smirked Experimenter. “You said it yourself over and over again in your memories.” Peter was having difficulty with his extra appendages, just getting them to rest at his sides was a difficult enough task. It was bad enough now that there were four more arms, their musculature left his with even less room. Peter shut his eyes, taking a deep breath to calm himself down, to clear his mind. The arms seemed to respond, falling naturally in place. When he felt calmer, he started to test their coordination. Each side would move collectively unless he gave them a command. He started with general movements, working out ways to move them individually without them getting tangled up whilst Experimenter watched gleefully. Soon Peter had enough control that he was satisfied, giving a sextuple bicep flex; six huge arms, their individual circumferences as big as Peter’s head, all bulging and stretching the hems of the tight gloves they were encased in. “You were more than prepared to live with six arms back then,” commented Experimenter, massaging his crotch. “How does it feel now?” Peter sighed, running his upper two hands through his hair as the lower four crossed themselves. “I guess… there’s no fighting it,” he admitted, defeatedly. “I guess you’ve seen in my memories that I’ll never be destined for a normal, happy life. No doubt you’ve seen my future too and made the same judgement.” “Of all my powers, Peter, foresight is not one of them,” said Experimenter. “I have empathic and some telepathic abilities. I can read your mind, read your feelings, but I cannot influence them or see beyond the present.” “Well that does kind of explain why you’ve put my mind through this much anguish from your experiments, and despite all you've done you haven’t forced me to accept these changes unwillingly,” said Peter. “Just… promise me you won’t change me from Spider-Man into some kind of Man-Spider.” “Oh goodness no,” said Experimenter. “I’ve seen that memory and I wasn’t keen myself.” Peter nodded and thought, ‘you and me both’. He raised his arms and shot six web lines, approving the result. ‘I could get used to this’. Experimenter smiled and waved his hand again, ready to begin his next experiment. Peter hadn’t noticed this, but he did notice the throaty, heavy breathing coming behind him. He turned around and once more, his eyes bulged in fear. A distorted black, liquid-like, form with holes where Its eyes and mouth should be began to stagger toward Peter. “The Symbiote!” he gasped. “You gotta be kidding me!” “There’s nowhere to run Peter,” said Experimenter, disappearing. Peter used all six arms to shoot webbing at the alien goo but It just absorbed it, growing in mass and size. He changed tactic, willing his webs to shoot explosive web balls to try and snare it, but the Symbiote once more absorbed them and grew even larger, beginning to tower over Peter. Peter turned and tried to swing away in a desperate attempt to escape but he just hit an invisible wall. He began to climb but he was met with another invisible wall. He felt several tendrils suddenly wrap themselves around him and start to pull. He used every ounce of power in his wall-sticking ability to keep from being pulled down, but the Symbiote was too strong and he was soon tumbling to the ground. More black tendrils latched onto him and Peter desperately tried to rip them off, but with each touch the Symbiote latched further onto him. It started tearing his costume off, pulling it away in chunks as the spandex material stretched until it could stretch no more under the powerful pull of the Symbiote. Peter tried to crawl away but he was being pulled back, the Symbiote tearing away the remnants of his costume and began to slither up his naked legs. ‘Got to fight it,’ he thought. ‘Got to reject it...’ It started to grip tight on his legs, overlapping tendrils consuming his legs, sending a cold wave rippling through his body. The Symbiote covered his crotch and dove into his ass crack, burying itself past his hole and deep inside him, tendrils reaching up to latch onto his arms and force them back. Peter grunted and struggled under the grasp of the encroaching Symbiote but he knew the battle was lost, yet he was still mentally rejecting the connection. It was crawling up his arms and back, consuming him. It travelled up his neck, covering his hair until it went into his mouth and covered his eyes, leaving him in darkness. Peter felt himself lose consciousness. “Wake up, Peter.” Peter awoke and realised he was now standing up. Experimenter was sat in front of him, still pawing at his crotch, watching him intently. “I don’t want this,” said Peter groggily. He felt exhausted but his energy levels were getting stronger. “The Symbiote?” asked Experimenter. “But you had such a good time with it once before.” “Yeah, until I realised it was slowly trying to kill me,” replied Peter. Once again Peter was unable to move except for his head. “I can feel it, trying to take over,” he said. “Trying to bond with me.” “Why don’t you let it?” asked Experimenter. “It will only make you stronger.” “At what cost?” retorted Peter. “My life? Should I just let it consume me like the Venom Symbiote tried to? Let it suck me dry until it kills me from exhaustion or when it’s using my body dangerously?” Experimenter stood and waved his hand, the full length mirror appearing again. In his reflection, Peter could see he was head-to-toe covered in the black Symbiote with a reddish hue where the light reflected off the shapes of his muscles, two red patches on his face where his eyes would be. It was like a smooth second skin; every muscle, every vein, every groove and separation on display like if Peter were just standing naked; except for his head which covered him like a mask and his crotch which pooled like a codpiece, giving him some dignity despite how much it bulged. He was disgusted at the sight; with his size he could almost look like Venom, his old Symbiote that then bonded with Eddie Brock. “I can feel it in my mind, banging on the door and trying to get in,” said Peter. “I won’t let it take over me. And you can’t make me.” “That I cannot,” admitted Experimenter. “Though it is a sentient being, perhaps if you were to ask it what it will do to you, you might change your mind.” “No!” Peter barked. His head was killing him, a powerful headache throbbing from the Symbiote’s attempts. ‘Let meee innn…’ he heard a throaty, breathy voice in his mind say. ‘NO!’ Peter screamed in his mind. Peter suddenly felt a movement around his stomach and a large glob began to extend from his abs, reaching up to his face and beginning to take form. Holes appeared to form eyes and a mouth. “If youuu will not ssspeak to usss in your mmmind, then weee will ssspeak to you outssside,” said the Symbiote. “Join with usss Peeeterrr.” “No, no, no, no, NO!” growled Peter. “Your kind has caused me nothing but pain, suffering and grief. I reject you! You are not welcome in my body!” “Weee know what our kinnn have done to youuu,” said the Symbiote, its eyehole moving to convey shame. “But weee are not like themmm. Weee only want to helllp youuu. Make youuu ssstronger.” “I’ve heard that story before,” said Peter, sharply. “Weee do not lie!” It screeched. “Youuu know the hissstory of my ssspecies, how we mussst bond with othersss to live. And while weee live on thhhrough othersss, we give them betterrr livesss. Make them ssstronger!” “The last symbiote I encountered nearly killed me when it was ‘living’ off of me,” growled Peter. “And then, when I rejected it, it latched onto another man like a parasite and fuelled his hatred, again trying to end my life.” “We cannot ssspeak for the actionsss of our speciesss asss a whole,” said the Symbiote. “But do nottt judge usss on their actionsss. We are not the sssame asss themmm.” “Why should I believe you?” A tendril extended from the glob before him and connected with his face. Suddenly Peter’s mind was filled with flashing images, memories of the Symbiote. The joys of a new host, the hosts’ bringing good to their worlds, their hosts’ corruption from being drunk on their own power, the Symbiote being used and forced to destroy, constant rejection from hundreds, thousands of species. Betrayal, isolation, pain, loneliness, drifting for hundreds of years alone in the cold of space, frozen in its prison-like rock form. Peter could feel himself crying. He was then shown some other hosts, ones that had used the Symbiote for good. Memories filled with joy and pleasure, great companionship and harmonious coexistence, some even sexual; but these memories were a handful, eventually parting with the host at the end of a long life bonded together before being used for evil by the next host. “Wee arrre not a tool for dessstructionnn,” said the Symbiote. “Many of our hossstsss usssed usss, defiled usss. Can you sssee how weee tried to ssstop them? They were ssstronger than usss, imprisssoned usss in their mindsss so they could ussse usss for their ssselfishhh vendettaaasss.” Peter nodded, speechless. “From the brrrief glanccce into your sssubconsciousss we can sssee you are nnnot evil at hhheart, Peeeterrr Parrrkerrr,” It said. “Yyyour will isss ssstrong, even now you arrre keeeping usss out. You would beee a powwwerfulll massster. Weee woullld not beee able to brrring youuu harm.” “I’m nobody's master,” said Peter. “And you are nobody’s slave. A symbiotic relationship is beings able to live equally, each one benefitting from the other.” “That isss all weee desire, Peeeterrr,” said the Symbiote. “Weee wish to live through yourrr bodyyy and innn returnnn, make youuu ssstronger! Weee would neverrr hhharm youuu, our life dependsss on youuu living. Making youuu ssstronger keeepsss you alive, keeepsss usss alive.” Peter sighed. “If I bond with you, if I let you in, it’ll be on a few conditions,” said Peter. “Nnname themmm.” “One, I will not refer to myself as ‘us’,” said Peter. “I am me and you are you. Two, I will host you but I will be in complete control of my own mind and body. You will not take over when I’m sleeping or make me angrier and lose control of my actions, or make me more violent. The only exception to this is if I am unconscious and I’m in danger, you can get me away somewhere that’s safe until I regain consciousness and that’s it. Three, I will not consume brains, human matter or suck out people’s life force in any way, shape or form. Four, if I change my mind about you and I want you gone, even if we are fully bonded, you will leave my body without question. Are we clear?” The Symbiote was silent for a few moments before it responded, considering Peter’s proposal. Slowly, the glob in front of Peter nodded. “Weee accepttt,” said the Symbiote. “Youuu will not have to worry about usss, weee will cooperate fullly. And weee do nottt feeed as you dessscribed. Weee only feeed off your hormonesss, adrendalinnne, tessstosssterone and endorrrphinesss.” “That’s… good to know,” said Peter. “Before we bond, can I ask what your name is?” “Name?” It asked. “Weee dooo not have a name though manyyy have referred to usss as beeeing living obeeediennnce.” “Obedience, huh?” said Peter, chuckling. “No wonder you called me your master and agreed to my conditions. Okay Obedience, I’ll let you bond with me.” Obedience withdrew back into Peter and he opened his mind. He felt power begin to surge through him like a sun rising deep inside him, spreading outward into every fibre of his being, his already incredible strength growing exponentially. The feeling of fully bonding, which he had never done with his old Symbiote, was incredible. His mind filled completely with the memories of Obedience and of his previous hosts. The histories and knowledge of thousands of individuals and species filling his mind and Peter was able to access them instantly, like Google now powered his brain. He willed the Symbiote to change into the costume Experimenter had given him, the black goo covering him morphing into his desired shape. The costume was even tighter than before, a perfect second skin that looked painted on. Peter didn’t even realise Experimenter had disappeared while he had been talking with Obedience and that the White City had grown around him. “Alright, let’s see how good I am now,” said Peter. “Six arms and a Symbiote, here we go.” He pushed off from the ground, ascending over one hundred feet in seconds from a single jump. “Whoa!” cried Peter, laughing, shooting a web. He swung so fast through the city that he was a moving blur as he travelled. His even further enhanced Spider-Sense enabled him to see for miles ahead, calculating exactly where his webs would hit for the perfect, fastest route through the city and with six web lines instead of two, he made short work of the distance. He was able to travel across the entirety of the replicated island of Manhattan within a minute. Peter swung back into the heart of the city and landed from one hundred and fifty feet in the air, down to a grouping of vehicles on the street, making them all shake from the impact. Not that Peter was fazed by such a forceful descent, his body was now so strong that the landing hadn’t hurt him in the slightest; he’d just absorbed the impact. For him, now, it was just like jumping down one step on the stairs instead of high in the air. Peter lifted every vehicle but there was no challenge, no matter the size of the vehicle. He could lift them with one hand, one finger even, and they weighed almost nothing. His already enhanced strength further enhanced by Obedience gave him so much strength that Peter didn’t know what to do with it. He even tried piling them on top of each other, webbing them up and pulling the web tight to crush them down. He could lift the pile of thirty vehicles, each of varying size and weight, with two hands though his muscles bulged only slightly when he held it up with one. ‘Perhapsss you neeed sssomethinggg more challengiiing,’ said Obedience in Peter’s head. ‘I know, but what?’ thought Peter. Peter looked around but nothing struck out to him. Not even Experimenter, his omniscient captor who could read his mind, changed his surroundings to give him a new challenge. Peter sighed; he had to find out what his new limits were, what his body was capable of. He looked up and down the street and spotted what he was looking for, his challenge. Peter walked up to a building on the street. It was standing singularly, no other buildings attached, at least twenty storeys high with masonry and statues along the top. Peter could only guess at its weight but he was pumped, he knew he had to lift that building, or at the very least try. Peter contained the building in a tight, intricate web to keep it together structurally. He piledrived his six fists into the ground around the building, digging a trench down to its foundations. Peter shot a few extra webs around the sides of the building to keep it balanced and prevent it from tipping over. He let out a long breath and flexed his huge muscles to warm them up, get them loose. He cracked his neck, psyching himself up. He knew he could do this. Peter crouched down and buried all six of his hands into the foundations, filling the holes with webbing to keep them from slipping. He let out another long breath slowly and deeply breathed back in. Peter pushed his legs to go up, grunting. They shook under the exertion, all the muscles in his body bulging insanely as he forced them to lift the building. The building groaned at being forced against the will of gravity, the foundations cracking as they were torn from the ground. Peter grunted and growled, putting all his strength into defeating his obstacle. It was taking a long time but he could feel the building slowly move upward, millimetre by millimetre. His legs bulged so much that even the Symbiote had trouble keeping together. It would suddenly split open in places and then quickly reform. ‘Got to… keep… going,’ Peter grunted in his mind. ‘Keeep goinggg Peeeterrr,’ Obedience cheered. Peter felt his strength surge through sheer force of will and he pushed up harder with his legs. They slowly began to straighten, the ground breaking beneath him making him sink a foot down but he didn’t care, he just kept going. “That’s it Peter,” said Experimenter who appeared behind him. “Show me how strong I’ve made you.” Peter growled like a wild animal, sweat pouring off his body, veins pulsing so hard they look set to burst under his paper-thin skin encased mostly in the Symbiote. Up and up and up the building went and then, with a scream of victory, Peter raised the building overhead. His chest heaved as he took fast, deep breaths, astonished at his feat. He pulled his arms out from the holes and began to shift the building over him until he was dead centre underneath it. “Are you fucking impressed?” Peter roared. Experimenter nodded. “More.” Peter didn’t need telling again, and began to squat the building. The first rep took some time but as the reps increased the faster they became. A whole building was on top of him, held up only by his six arms and huge muscular body, and it was only getting lighter as he repped deep squats. “Yes!” cried Experimenter, pawing fast at his crotch. “MORE!” Peter stopped squatting and threw the building up hundreds of feet into the sky. He shot more webs up at it to keep it together. He braced his arms up and caught it, the force pushing him five feet deep into the ground, causing a crater to form. Only his head and arms visible under the ten-inch gap. Peter forced his legs to move and he walked up and out of the crater, holding the building aloft and continued into the street. “Do you want more?” he barked at Experimenter, who nodded fervently. With the smallest of movements in his arms, Peter tore the building apart. Experimenter had finally had his release, moaning loudly as the rubble and debris fell around them, smashing into nearby buildings and causing them to crumple apart. Peter swaggered towards Experimenter as the last pieces of debris crashed into the ground, his muscles pumped to the extreme, shoulders and chest rising with raw power as he breathed. Even his cock was engorged, pumped and tenting underneath his symbiotic costume, jutting out profusely and swaying with each heavy step. “Is there anything else you were curious about, Experimenter?” Peter huffed. “Or are we done here?” Experimenter was shuddering, licking his lips. He managed to catch his breath and waved away the White City until the two of them stood in the familiar white room. “Oh Peter, you have no idea how satisfied you’ve made me,” said Experimenter. “But yes, I believe we are done. I suppose now I’ll just put you back to normal and send you home.” “Wait, what!?” exclaimed Peter. “Turn me back? After everything you put me through you’re just going to… send me back home, as if nothing happened?” “Well, yes,” said Experimenter, making his chair appear and taking a seat. “Did you really think this would be permanent?” “Well… yeah,” said Peter. “I thought that was the point. You played with me, did what you wanted to me and then… I don’t know...” ‘Pleeeassse, Peeeterrr,’ cried Obedience in his mind. ‘Don’t lettt him take usss awwway.’ “Even the Symbiote you gave me wants to stay,” pleaded Peter. “And you can’t exactly wipe our memories, you said so yourself that you cannot influence my mind.” “That is true,” said Experimenter, waving his hand again as a glass of red wine appeared. He sipped it, savouring the taste. “But then why should I let you keep these changes? What’s in it for me? It could be fun to observe you back on Earth, discontented with your existence as normal, boring Peter Parker and Spider-Man, always remembering what it was like to have more and yearn and long desperately to have it again.” “That would be just cruel,” said Peter, quietly. “And it’s not just me you would affect, but also Obedience. I’m sure you’ve seen his memories, seen what he’s been through. I’ve accepted and bonded with him now, I know I will be the perfect host for him and… and I know he’ll enhance my life greatly. If you are anything, Experimenter, it is not cruel. Curious, but you didn’t do all of this to me to be cruel.” “But what will you do now back on Earth?” asked Experimenter. “You’re bigger, more powerful and with some additional appendages; surely the world would notice? Surely the world would notice that on Peter Parker, let alone Spider-Man.” Peter was about to respond when the Symbiote covering him started to shift and move. Peter’s extra arms began to shrink down, his muscles decreasing until Peter stood in normal clothes, just as he would have looked before Experimenter took him. Experimenter looked in fascination at the change. Images quickly flashed in Peter’s head and he smiled. “Obedience tells me that Symbiotes are natural tesseracts,” Peter said, looking down at his normal look. “They can not only change the appearance of their host, but also their mass. Camouflage. While I am still big and multi-armed, what you see now is just an illusion created by the Symbiote. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise if you read my memories. You should have seen that when I had my last symbiote, I was able to carry things like my camera inside the suit without adding any extra mass.” “Fascinating…” muttered Experimenter, his soaked crotch bulging again. “Please,” said Peter, walking over to Experimenter and getting on his knees. “Let me stay this way. I know it is selfish but I know that with the changes you’ve given me, I can be more than I ever was. And, if you let me stay this way when you send me back, I promise that you can bring me back to your place anytime and do whatever you want me to.” Peter changed back to his muscular, six armed state, naked except for a pair of black briefs that hugged him perfectly. Experimenter looked Peter up and down before smiling, draining his glass. “I suppose I will allow it,” he said, rubbing his hands along Peter’s swollen traps. Peter smiled and stood up, holding out three hands to shake. Experimenter chuckled and shook the middle hand. “Thank you,” said Peter. With a wave of Experimenter’s hand, Peter was plunged into darkness. When Peter opened his eyes, he found he was on top of a building back in regular New York City. He looked down and saw his body was just as it was; thickly muscled with six arms and wearing only the briefs. He grinned, willing his new costume to cover him. Peter’s ultra-enhanced Spider Sense picked up a radio signal from the police, a robbery was in progress and the thieves had gotten away in an armoured car, officers were in pursuit. ‘Arrre you rrready, Peeeterrr?” asked Obedience in his head. ‘Yes I am,’ he replied. ‘Let’s show the world the new, improved Spider-Man.’ -- x -- Experimenter sighed contently, another satisfactory experiment. He would soon be seeing Peter Parker again, that he was sure of. He waved his hand and before him, a dozen floating screens appeared, showing different people doing various superpowered activities. Experimenter observed each one, taking in what he was seeing. “Curious…” he muttered. “Curious…” THE END…? Thanks for reading!
  5. I pulled on the handle at the front door of my house, forgetting it was locked, and the entire thing came screeching off in my hand. Hinges ripped apart, lock mechanisms were torn to shreds, the wood frame splintered into tiny fragments, and chunks of broken cement fell on the porch around me. I immediately felt like crying. In my haste to get inside I had forgotten the change. In my moment of total frustration my hand also squeezed the steel nob into an unrecognizable glob of destroyed junk. This made me want to sob even more. I calmly leaned the door against what remained of its frame and sat down right where I was. I just couldn’t take any more. I didn’t want to move, I didn’t want to touch anything, and I certainly didn’t want to have super strength anymore. Let me rewind to the beginning. I’m an accountant – just a simple accountant at a huge firm downtown. I have a meticulously ordered cubicle and I do my job from nine to five without causing anyone grief. I definitely never draw attention to myself. I am a friend of Reed in the cubicle next to me and I sometimes speak to Doris who answers the phones. I inherited my parents home after my mother died two years ago and I maintain a simple life as organized as my cubicle. I don’t venture out of my daily schedule, I don’t talk to strangers, and I liked my life very much until a few days ago. Some people may say all of this sounds sad and pathetic, but it was heaven to me. I am not what you would call a ‘people person’ and I enjoy everything in my life being patterned with familiarity. I graduated top of my class in business school and I have served my firm well for almost ten years. All of this harmony and contentment ended last Thursday. I was walking home from the Bergermont Station – the station I have walked home from for almost ten years and was not veering off my normal and trusted path - that is, until I came upon road construction that made me detour down an unfamiliar street. I was quite bothered by this unforeseen intrusion in my plans and knew it would delay me getting home for about five minutes. I found this quite frustrating, but realized it was unavoidable. The street was cluttered with heavy machinery and there were caution signs and temporary concrete dividers positioned everywhere. I quickly noticed that the street was deserted and as I tried to look through covered fencing to see what was being built, I stepped onto a piece of plywood that had been placed over a large hole. There was no warning sign and no detour barriers had been placed in appropriate places to force people to walk around the hole. As soon as my full weight was placed on the center of the piece of wood it jostled slightly and then fell – yes, fell down into the hole, taking me with it. The first thought that came to mind when I hit the bottom was that m delay was going to be a tad longer than planned. I fell on my butt as soon as the plywood hit the bottom of the hole. I didn’t hurt myself and when I looked up I immediately saw the problem – the board placed across the hole was clearly smaller than the opening itself. I stood up and peered upward, realizing that I was about nine to ten feet below street level. I tried to dust off my pants and thought about how hard it would be to get reddish mud stains out of clothes. It then dawned on me that I might not be able to climb out of the hole. The walls were basically a mixture of smooth rock and hard dirt. I quickly thought about using the board in some way, but noticed that the thing was now tightly wedged in the confined space at the bottom. I looked upward again and immediately noticed a black pipe halfway embedded in the dirt and rock on one side – about six feet up. I am five feet eight inches tall so I knew it was possible for me to grab hold of the cylinder and pull myself up. I found a loose stone in one of the corners and used it to knock some of the dirt from around the tube so I could get a good grip. When that task was done, I made sure my satchel was secure around my shoulder and then I gripped the pipe and tried to pretend like I had done pull-ups for most of my life. I only weighed one forty so how hard could it be. It took me two tries before I even got my chest above the pipe – mainly because I had no upper body strength whatsoever. It is amazing what desperation can cause in a person’s body and I actually got my head near the top of the hole on the third try, but that is when the pipe chose to burst. I guess my weight was too much for the thing. It came apart at one of the joints and this sent me falling back to the ground. It also caused lime green slush to come streaming out of the pipe all over me. I felt like I was being slimed as if I was on one of those children’s networks I sometimes caught when flipping through channels. I instinctively closed my eyes and shut my mouth as soon as I felt the slushy stuff hit my head and start oozing down over my body. I also jumped up and moved out of the way. I wiped my eyes and then opened them to see gallons of the green goo streaming into the hole. For a brief moment I thought about how this was going to ruin the good shirt I was wearing, the nice slacks I had on, and my favorite shoes I had chosen that morning. My disappointment was brief, however, when I realized that the slime filling the hole was actually my saving grace. By this point the green gunk was well past my shins and I realized the hole was going to fill up quickly. The stuff was thin enough for me to tread in place when it got as high as my head and I’d just allow it to help my body rise to the top. It was only at that moment when I realized how terrible the slush smelled. It wasn’t like a sewer odor – it was more like chemicals. I tried breathing through my mouth to help a little, but that only seemed to irritate my insides. I just held my breath for long moments and then stole quick inhales. It was when my head was about two feet from the top of the hole when I realized my satchel was not over my shoulder. It dawned on me that it must have fell off when I dropped from the pipe. Since it contained my wallet, my phone, and the work I was bringing home I did the only logical thing – I dove into the green paste and blindly searched for it on the bottom. When I finally grasped it I quickly swam back to the top and realized I was able to now easily grab the edge and slide out of the hole. I also noticed the liquid had stopped rising – clearly there wasn’t anything still pumping into the space. I looked down at my body and realized I now looked like a gooey mess. The liquid didn’t seem to hold its green color after I emerged from the hole and I found that a blessing as I started walking home. I noticed two hazard signs attached to folding barricades and also a couple of orange pylons. I took the time to place those items around the hole before I left. I didn’t want anyone else to have the misfortune of falling in. As I placed the final pylon I looked back down and was shocked to see that the green goop was gone – it had obviously evaporated or seeped into the ground. I could not believe it had disappeared that quickly. I then made my way home carefully, not wanting to bump into anyone and have to explain my messy look. When I arrived home I immediately went to take a shower. When I stepped into the bathroom I glanced in the mirror and saw that my clothes were completely normal looking. They were totally dry and wrinkle-free. As a matter of fact, I thought they looked better than before I fell in the hole. I glanced down at my shoes and was shocked to see them sparkling like they had been professionally shined. I still thought it best for me to take a shower – even though it was not part of my evening routine. As soon as the water hit my body I felt a slight stinging wherever it landed, as if the water were too hot or I was sunburned. I turned up the cold water but the liquid still hurt a little. I didn’t really think anything about it – mainly because I wanted to clean myself completely – but when I stepped back in front of the mirror my body was as red as a lobster. I thought it was just the bathroom lighting until I pressed on my arm with a few fingers and it was briefly much whiter in that spot after I removed them. My body didn’t hurt at that point, so I just assumed it was because I scrubbed so hard to get myself clean. I finished in the bathroom and decided I could allow myself to go ahead and get in my pajamas since I had been through so much. I was ecstatic to fall back into my familiar routine for the evening and I quickly fixed my dinner and settled down to watch the two episodes of Downton Abbey saved on my DVR. Before I went to sleep that night I chewed two antacids as I always did – as a precautionary step – and then I made sure my alarm clock was set, I placed my glasses on the side table, I turned on the nightlight, and then I settled down for a peaceful sleep – happy to have this day ending. My night, however, did not go as planned. First off, there were the nightmares. I don’t usually dream at all, or if I do I don’t remember, but that night my visions as I slept were all about change – things not being where I placed them, addresses being messed up, receiving phone calls not meant for me, and talking to people I didn’t know. I woke up twice during the night and was literally sweating from anxiety over what was going on in my head. I was also extremely hot. The second time I woke up I decided to do something I had never done before. I took off my dam pajamas and slept in only my briefs – without even a blanket or sheet covering my body. At first it felt terrible and I couldn’t go back to sleep – probably because of guilt or shame, I think - but finally it felt so good that I drifted back to a heavy sleep. As usual I woke up before the alarm went off, I reached for my glasses and put them on – and couldn’t see a thing. It was all blurry. I thought for a second they were just dirty or foggy. I took them off to clean them and my vision immediately cleared. It was the wildest thing. I looked over at the clock and I could read it perfectly – something I hadn’t been able to do in years. I reached over to push down the button to turn off the soon-to-be buzzing alarm and I must have caught the thing wrong – because the entire clock just shattered to pieces. I was so caught off guard by the freak accident. The entire mechanism just broke into thousands of fragments that shot out everywhere. I panicked a little and bent down quickly to pull the plug from the wall so there wouldn’t be live wires on the table. I was so disturbed by the intrusion into my morning I decided I would clean the mess later on. I also could not believe how hungry I was. I felt that the first thing I should do was get breakfast – even though that was usually the last thing I did. I also shocked myself by choosing not to put on my pajamas. I just felt like being nude – something totally different for me. I knew it sounded strange, but as I slipped out onto the floor I felt that my queen-sized bed was smaller than usual. I shook it off and went out to the hallway. As I moved from the bedroom it felt a little odd going through the doorway – something was a little off but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Again, I just decided to ignore it – mainly because my stomach was now growling loudly. As I passed the fridge in the kitchen it seemed like the appliance was shorter than I remembered. That was a bizarre thing to notice. I flipped the switch to start the coffee maker and then went to the fridge. When I grabbed the handle of the stainless steel Frigidaire and pulled the thing came off in my hand. The blasted thing had been loose for a while, so I wasn’t really surprised. I then looked down and saw that the screws holding the handle to the door were actually snapped in two. I became a little angry at the poor workmanship – knowing that my extended warranty would pay for the repair, but it was still a nuisance. I reached out and placed my fingers around the top of the door to pull it out – noticing that I was actually looking down at what I was doing. I was still shocked that the fridge seemed so short. My morning mind was playing tricks on me. I tugged pretty hard and the entire door came off in my hand. I let out a small yell as soon as I was standing there with the entire right door of my doublewide refrigerator dangling in the air by my one hand. I started thinking about going back to bed since the morning was getting off to such a bad start. Instead of dealing with the broken door at that moment I decided to just push the thing back into place, knowing it would stay put because of the lining around the door. I made a mental note to call the repairman as soon as I got to work. I decided it was a toast morning and I grabbed a couple slices of bread and put it in the toaster – intentionally being careful with the smaller appliance since I didn’t want anything else to go wrong. When I grabbed my favorite coffee mug from the cupboard I was caught off guard how different it felt in my hand. I typically used two hands to hold my extra large Star Trek cup, but today I was halfway through my first round of caffeine when I realized I was handling it easily with one hand. As a matter of fact it looked smaller than I ever remembered. I clicked on the television to watch CNN and ended up having six pieces of toast. I was just that hungry. I was actually still hungry after the last piece, but I knew I needed to get ready for work. Going back into the bedroom I definitely got the feeling that something was very different about the doorway – it just felt thinner and lower for some reason. I worried for a few minutes I might have a fever and it was causing ‘fun house’ hallucinations, but then I realized I actually felt really, really good – fantastic, as a matter of fact. I stepped into the bathroom and stood right up against the counter top – knowing I’d need to be close since I didn’t have my glasses on. When I looked into the mirror I could have sworn the world stopped spinning and my heart stopped beating. The first thing I noticed was I couldn’t see my face. The top of the mirror was too low – something that couldn’t be. I stepped back out of necessity, but as I did I got my first glimpse of something that made me immediately think of the green goo I had fallen in the day before. I was floored by my reflection in the mirror. It took me a good three minutes to sort through all of the emotions flowing through my head – shock, disgust, wonder, being freaked out, and then back to shock. My thin little body – the body I had come to trust and adore – was no longer there. Instead, staring back at me in the mirror was the body of some muscle bound behemoth. As shocked as I was about my new huge physique, I immediately thought about the alarm clock, the doorframe, and the refrigerator. Those had not been freak accidents. Those had not been faulty appliances. Those had not been feverish hallucinations. I was now almost as wide as my doorways and my head missed the top of the frame by maybe six inches. I used to have to almost stand on my tip toes just to place my palm on the top of the frame – now my messed up morning hair actually brushed against it. I looked down at my arm and my hand and I knew instantly that the accidents with the alarm clock, the fridge handle, and the door itself weren’t chance mishaps. I had done all of those things easily because I now looked like that guy who played the Incredible Hulk on that old television series – and later was on King of Queens. I couldn’t think of his name at the moment and it bugged the crap out of me. I went through the alphabet quickly to see if any letter would help ring a bell and make me remember the guy’s name. I think I was actually doing anything possible to not have to face what was staring back at me from the mirror. I just couldn’t fathom that I had grown into this giant hulk reflected before me. It just wasn’t possible, but then I remembered the green slime in the hole at the construction site. I knew it had something to do with my changes. I knew… Lou Ferrigno. His name is Lou Ferrigno. Man, I was so glad that I thought of his name. That was going to bug me all day at work. WORK!!! I felt like I was about to have a panic attack and I actually stopped for a moment to think about whether huge bodybuilders ever had panic attacks. It seemed to me that if you were as big as I was now you didn’t really have anything to panic about. I then started thinking about how big men like the one in the mirror usually made me very uncomfortable and most of the time I went out of my way to avoid meeting or talking to them. I didn’t go to gyms and I certainly didn’t play sports. A huge bear-like guy had tried to pick me up at a bar once and it had caused me to completely stop going to gay bars. I was so sure that he would have taken me home and killed me – even unintentionally. He could have just rolled over on top of me in his sleep and his tremendously huge body would have crushed me. But now I had that tremendously huge body. I shook my head hard when I realized I had gotten off track again. I returned to my pseudo panic attack about work. There was only one thing to do. I had to call in sick. That was something I had never done in the almost ten years I had been at the firm. I started to rationalize why I shouldn’t call in sick and how I could actually go to the office and try to avoid everyone all day. Two things, however, made that plan the most foolish thing I had ever thought – one, I certainly had no clothes that could come close to fitting the body that I now possessed and two, how in the world was I going to hide what looked to be a six foot six inch and certainly over three hundred pound body in a cubicle. What kind of drugs was I taking to even consider going in? I stepped into the bedroom and went to the landline on my bedside table. I was so overwhelmed by the situation that I picked up the cordless receiver and held it a little too tightly. Before I could even turn my hand towards me so I could dial the number I crushed the thing to smithereens without even trying. I opened my palm wider and fragments of the demolished receiver fell to the floor. It looked like someone had driven over it with a car. I stopped for a moment and focused – telling myself that I needed to be more careful when I was handling anything. I went to my dresser and picked up my cellular phone lightly. I also pushed the touch screen softly, noticing how hard it was to operate the phone since I now had giant fingers. It took me three times to finally dial the number correctly. I got my supervisor’s voice mail. When I started speaking I immediately stopped and freaked out – the voice was not mine. It was deeper and much more masculine sounding than anything I had ever heard. I erased the first part and started over, using the bass sounding tone to help give the impression that I was truly sick. I had never lied to my supervisor and I’m not sure I was too convincing. I hoped that the way I sounded would actually say a lot more than the words I left. After I hung up I went over to the bed and sat down, noticing that my knees came way up in the air since I was now so tall. I just needed a few minutes to let everything sink in. It was just a little too much to be happening at one moment. My well-ordered life was being interrupted and I didn’t like it. That’s when I finally took stock of what my new body really looked like – and it started with my trusted friend ‘Willy.’ So, yes, I was one of those guys that named his penis. It all started with an old movie about an Orca whale. Every time I needed to find release I would tell myself it was time to “free Willy.” It probably had something to do with my embarrassment of using words like masturbation, orgasm, or hard-on. It just seemed easier to have a code name for my penis and the act of beating off. As I gazed down at my crotch I noticed that Willy had, indeed, been freed. He had grown so much that most of him now stuck out way beyond the confines of my briefs – and he wasn’t really fully excited. I really never looked at Willy that much – especially since he hadn’t been that impressive before now. Growing up I was painfully aware of how inadequate I was in that area of my body, so I just simply ignored it until the Saturday night ritual of freeing him was established in my late teens. I simply realized it was a natural need and I went about the task methodically and making sure everything was as sterile as can be. Now, however, I noticed that the Orca description more accurately fit what protruded from my crotch and stuck out past the boundaries of my now overextended briefs. The fat head of my penis looked almost as big as my fist – well, my old fist. It flared out wide and full like a giant mushroom, which had a very thick and extremely long stalk. The term ‘log’ jumped into my mind as I looked at the profuse base underneath the head. I immediately pushed that thought out of my head finding it crude and inappropriate – I liked to use correct words for body parts – but it kept creeping back into my mind as I looked at Willy. I stood up and shoved my underwear down – gasping a little when the size of my thighs made the cotton material split on both sides and the remains fell down, getting caught on my bulging calves. Once Willy was truly freed he arched out from my new body like the long neck of a diplodocus dinosaur. I was slightly mesmerized by the giant thing and made it bounce a little by tightening my crotch muscles. The size and sudden awareness of the weight of my new humongous testicles caused me to move away from Willy. I was immediately embarrassed by my fascination with my newly enlarged member and felt that it was beneath me to stay focused on that area. I decided to, instead, peruse my new abdominals. I had never used a washboard and I had previously never understood the reference to a man’s stomach, but suddenly it made perfect sense. I saw that I could clearly have gone down to some river and cleaned a few baskets full of laundry on the ridges that now made up my mid-section. I realized on a subconscious level that it was extremely hard for me to see my full stomach because of my now colossal pectoral muscles, but I was too focused on the bottom part of my – what was it some people called it, oh yes – six pack to acknowledge anything else. The crevice down the middle of my tummy made the thickly muscled bumps on either side stand out more. Without even knowing where the instinct came from I tensed my lower torso and the washboard bulged out even more. I did it a few more times just to marvel at how I could control that part of my body for the first time. I had always been pretty thing, but that particular part of my body had been very smooth and uninspiring. I caught myself having negative thoughts about my old body and I immediately shut down that part of my brain. Yes, my stomach muscles were now what you might call ‘chiseled,’ but that was no reason to not like the old me. I had been very happy in my life until falling into the hole the day before and I didn’t like what the changes were doing to my psyche. However, when I let my attention finally focus on my chest I briefly lost control again. I felt like I was looking down two giant ski slopes running side by side, but the paths seemed to go straight out for a while and then drop off like sheer cliffs. I could actually feel how much thickness there was in each pectoral muscle and how heavy that made them. Again, without even knowing what caused me to know how to even do it, I began to make each half of my giant chest bounce up and down. I felt Willy jerk to attention a little as I gazed at each humongous side swell upward and then fall back down. When one of my pectoral muscles would balloon up I would get a quick glance at the hardened nipple jutting out from the edge and it surprised me when the thrill the sight caused actually made the thick piece of dark flesh perk up even more. Both nipples looked like fingers pointing out from my immense chest. I took a huge gulp of air just to watch my pectoral muscles swell to a previously unfathomable size. I then noticed the tip of Willy poking straight out – far enough for me to see it clearly in the deep valley in the middle of my chest. The sight of the huge log fully hard unsettled me – it made me realize I was letting my urges get the best of me. Suddenly I needed to find clothes to cover my body – and find them fast. I was beginning to view myself in a way that was just not right – not how I wanted to act. This was all indecent and I was not that kind of man. I behaved according to the norms of society and giving into any lust-filled moment was just not proper behavior for a gentleman. The sight of my pulsating giant cockhead as I glanced back down, however, made my body tingle so much that I again forgot about being a gentleman. How on earth did something so nasty look so unbelievably hot? Thinking the word ‘hot’ snapped me out of my uncharacteristic desire for my own now-huge penis. I did not use such words to describe myself. I actually never used such words at all. I stood up and went to my dresser, pulling open drawers like a mad man. I grabbed a pair of briefs and bent down to pull them on. As soon as I got just above my knees – having stopped for a few seconds to marvel at the size of my bulging calves – my underwear snapped apart loudly as I attempted to pull it up over my humongous thighs. I didn’t even get halfway up my upper legs before the material just ripped down the seams on both sides and went flying a few feet away because of the elastic. It all happened so fast that I was caught off guard and didn’t realize what had caused the destruction. I almost reached in to grab another pair, but then it began to dawn on me that my legs had simply become too big for my ‘old me’ underwear. I was beginning to think that my entire body had become too big for my ‘old me’ life.
  6. Bit of post-apocalyptic fun. (If that's not an oxymoron!) I promise this is the last of the silly ideas in my head before I write something more mainstream, so thanks for bearing with me while I indulge some of my ridiculous fantasies! I'll try to put all of the parts in the same post to keep things nice and simple. Superior: First Part The metallic door slid open with a whispered whirr and great beams of sunlight filled the tiny cabin. Lewis had to shield his eyes from the white glare as he hastily unclipped the buckle of his seatbelt, cursing himself mentally for not thinking of bringing sunglasses. He’d packed lightly for the trip, and ocular protection had clearly not been at the forefront of his mind. You can’t blame me, he thought to himself. After all, it’s not like there’s a manual entitled ‘Things to remember to pack when you travel through time’. Heh. Not until he wrote one, anyway. Squinting in the uncomfortable brightness, he snatched up his knapsack from beside his pilot chair and exited the vehicle, hoping to find some nearby shade. He looked for all the world like a mole rat emerging from its little hole in the ground, blinking, weak and vulnerable. Taking tottering steps away from the diminutive craft, he scanned the area for a snatch of shadow in which he could rest and orientate himself. The sunlight stabbed into his irises, but he was rewarded for his painful efforts: a low building sat not fifty yards away. So eager was he to throw himself into the building’s cool interior Lewis barely noticed that it was a ruin. Indeed, it wasn’t until the sunspots had finally gone from his eyes, some five minutes later, that he started to take notice of his surroundings. The place was a wreck. And so, he realised, glancing out of the doorway into the shimmering street, was the building opposite, and the one next to it. Some future. Hollowed out shells of concrete, the buildings, once host to hordes of suited workers, were filled only with shadows now. Huge chunks of the ceiling had collapsed and Lewis could see clearly into the room upstairs, and the one beyond that. All appeared like this one. Empty and…wrecked. Like some terrible hurricane had just manifested itself in the centre of the office district and swept up all of the people. His footfalls, disturbing great clumps of dust on the matted carpet as he took stock of his location, were the only sounds other than the muted crunching of window glass beneath his boots and his breathing, which, he noticed, was getting increasingly frantic. What on Earth had happened here? He squatted down before one of the twisted clumps of metal, wood and plastic that sat about the room like macabre sculptures, only barely recognisable as office furniture, and tried to steady his beating heart. Could a natural disaster do this? He wondered. Bring a city – a big city, like this one – to its knees? In a year? He had travelled only just over 400 days into his future, but it may as well have been 400 years, so different was this apocalyptic landscape to the one he knew. Striding over to one of the jagged rectangles that used to be an office window, Lewis checked, not for the first time, that his craft was still where he had left it. He knew it would be, of course. But the sense of strange panic was getting too great, and the little vessel offered a modicum of reassurance. If the worst came to the worst, he could always just leave this place and forget about it. But… He steeled himself. But not until he had found out what had happened. Perhaps – a spark of hope flickered inside him – he could prevent all of this. Maybe warn everyone in the past about the tornado about to descend on them. If it was a tornado. He was beginning to doubt his original theory, but could come up with nothing else. Nuclear war? There were so signs of excessive heat, merely ruined buildings. He needed evidence. Was he not a scientist? Don’t just make assumptions, he chided himself. Find the evidence, then reach a conclusion. But that meant going back outside. And his eyes had only just begun to recover from the sun's sudden and unwelcome scorching. Lewis was nothing if not practical, however. It was one of the reasons why he had succeeded in inventing the time travelling craft, when so many other scientists had failed. While they had their heads in the clouds, his more pragmatic, some might even say prosaic approach, had yielded results. He put that practical mind to work now. Tearing off a strip of cloth from the sleeve of his shirt, he tied it about his head, binding his eyes. The cloth would shield his pupils from the worst of the glare, but was thin enough to see through. His vision would be impaired somewhat, however. Which would explain why he had no sooner stepped back out into the sunlight than he bumped smack into the huge bodybuilder. * Lewis landed painfully on his arse in a cloud of dust and the strip slipped from one of his eyes. Nonetheless, through the gauze and the glare, he couldn’t help but think the bodybuilder looked somewhat…familiar. Partially silhouetted against the sun, the huge muscleman’s handsome face registered first surprise, then a strange sort of jubilation. His black posing trunks took the strain as the fabric began to fill with the bodybuilder’s rapidly awakening cock. “Didn’t think there would be any little mice still scurrying around here,” said the big man, grinning. His accent was not British. Something Eastern European? His grin seemed to get wider as he loomed over the hapless scientist, huge, naked muscles shimmering in the intense sunlight. “Guess today is my lucky day. Been a while since I tore the limbs of a Zeta...” Despite the blazing heat, terror and confusion froze Lewis to the spot as the hulking brute reached for him, massive fingers twitching with excitement.
  7. First time posting content on this forum... Thad this story floating around on other sites for a few years now. It’s still relatively short because I don’t often have the motivation to WRITE erotica, if you know what I mean CH. 1 "Graaarrr, I need to grow BIGGGEERR!" CLASH. Two 500 lbs dumbbells flew across the fully stocked basement gym, cracking the concrete walls. "Get in here NOW babe," bellows Meghan as she slowly raises her massive 750 lbs muscled bulk off a now busted bench. Her husband Nate rushes down the reinforced concrete and steel staircase, carrying a tray of hypodermic needles. Steroids. Lots and lots of steroids. No sooner did he reach his wife, when she flexed a massive most muscular pose, roaring like a lioness as her enormous upper body exploded, her mass swelling to three times it's 'relaxed' state. Meghan's outburst had its desired effect, as her husband's erection grew. "Hurry up and inject me Natey poo, your giga-huge muscle monster of a wife needs her juice if she wants to GROW even more MASSSIVVEEE!" Nate grins, and begins the injections, one in each muscle group. As the highest quality anabolic drugs flood his wife's blood stream, Nate asks, "Do you think you've gained any inches on your arms since earlier?" Turning to the full length mirror behind her, the former Sports Illustrated bikini model appraised her muscle bound physique. Smirking, she slowly lifts her muscle bound arms to vertical, her exercise ball shoulders crushing her ears. Even unflexed, her thick, meaty, golden tanned triceps dipped 2 whole feet below her elbow. Without bending her arms, Meghan clenches her dainty, feminine fists, causing her ripped, bulging masses of pure female muscle to rise into arms 85" around. Meghan purrs in sexual delight, warning Nate of the impending erotic explosion of flesh. Like a crane, she gradually cranks her arms up, every inch her fists move upwards causing a half doze inches of solid beefy bicep to rise. Her rugby sized forearms finally collide with her biceps at a 60 degree angle. Over 3 feet of brawny bicep, combined with her massive triceps make her majestic arms 6 feet tall, far above his 5'8" wife’s head. "Measure them now sweetie!" Nate rushes to get a step ladder and measuring tape, his erection ready to burst. Standing on the ladder, Nate can't help but feel tiny next to the beastly mass of Meg. Standing 6'1, at 275lbs, Nate is no small man. A bodybuilder himself, the former college lacrosse player, and current U.S Marine Colonel was used to being in control. Placing his large tough hands on his wife’s surprisingly smooth silky skin, and feeling the steel underneath sent his control out the window. Your arms are 230" baby girl! "That it she says?" Meg pouts her luscious lips, and shakes her head causing her long golden locks to become messy. "I can't look small for my man. Just look at my pathetic little chicken wings, I'm withering away for christ sake. Hold on, let me pump some." As the uber buff Meghan walks to her weight rack, her near half-ton weight cracks the floor, each step a mini-quake. Falling to the floor from the ladder, Nate looks up at the 7 ft wide back of his goddess wife. Unable to turn her head, Meg blows him a kiss in the mirror, flashing a sultry, movie star smile. "Want to watch me GROW?...." CH. 2 In 2013, Meghan Wakefield was a sophomore marine biology major at UNC Chapel Hill. A bright young woman, with devastating beauty, and a bombshell body, she was a true southern belle, at the top of the world. She was captain of the cheering team and Class President. Her long blonde hair, perky C breasts, big bright green eyes, and long athletic legs easily got her a modeling career with Sports Illustrated. She ended u meeting Nate over Spring break 2014, in Florida. Nate, a handsome country boy, and a Harvard law student, was in town for his lacrosse teams championship. Little did they know that they're lives would be forever changed. CH. 3 Laying on the floor of his custom built basement gym, Nate had the perfect view of his perfect woman. Not four feet from him was the most massively muscular, most insanely jacked female. Make that the most muscular HUMAN ever. Only two years ago, Meg had been a fit, long legged bikini model; what stood before him now was a monstrous musclebound goddess, of giga-proportions. At a mere 5'8" tall Meg was at least 11 feet wide from exercise ball sized shoulder to exercise ball sized shoulder. Her aircraft carrier back alone was 7 feet wide. "Honeybuuun, whatchya doin?" drawled Meghan. "Quit daydreaming and pay attention. Y'all don't want to miss the show do you?" Taking slow, deliberate and quaking steps, Meg went to the far end of her dumbbell rack, her oversized oil drum thighs forcing her to waddle. "Let's see, those light 500 lbs single arm bicep curls barely warmed me up. I got to go REALLY heavy to impress my big strong Marine." Picking up a 700 lbs dumbbell in each hand, Meg turns toward the mirror and starts repping out alternating hammer curls at a blistering pace. "Oh yeah baby, ohhh yeah! LOOK AT ME! Have you ever seen arms this fucking huge? Oh god am I hot, like I AM SOOO MASSIVE I FRIGGEN LOVE HOW THICK I AM!" Rarrrrrrg! With a ear spitting roar, Meg rips out 1 more curl and with massive power hurls the quarter ton weights at the wall, embedding the steel two feet into the concrete walls."I am THE MUSCLE GODDESS! Look at these biceps, they must weigh 150lbs each! Your muscle freak wifey gained 50lbs in the last 15 minutes alone!" With a coy grin, knowing it will rial his wife up, Nate says, "Babe your arms are pretty big, but your chest and legs look a little small..." With a smoldering look in her gorgeous green eyes, the 800 lbs female behemoth growled, "I'm just getting started." CH. 4-6 So swole. So thick, so wide, so meaty. So...fucking. Sexy. Meghan was staring vainly at herself in the mirror waiting for her husband to come back with her next round of steroids. God I love juice, thought Meghan, almost as much as I love muscles. Hearing the basement door, she quickly clenched her glutes, giving Nate a spectacular view of her ass. Each cheek was the size of medicine ball. "Bet you could bounce a quarter off this ass huh babe." "You could bounce a bowling ball off that butt Meg," smiled Nate, as he began injecting the steroids into his wife's glutes, hamstrings, and calves. As Nate bent down to inject her calves, Meg suddenly raised up on her dainty feet. Nate had always been a leg man. Meghan had legs alright. Flexing down hard, Meg's calf kept getting thicker and thicker, until it was easily bigger than a basket ball, bulging a foot and a half from the back of her leg, and so wide that even with her legs spread, her calves rubbed against each other. Knowing she had him now, Meg cooed, "Just wait until I actually do some lifting before you cum all over my beyond huge calve." " But let me pump up my sexy little quads first okay pumpkin?" The mere act of dropping back down to her feet caused a massive shudder to rattle the gym. Walking to the squat rack was more difficult than it should have been, given the insane mass of her planet shaking quads. "Ohhh wow does that feel good. I just love knowing my weight alone cracks reinforced concrete. Imagine what would happen if I actually tried, imagine the POWER I posses. Taking her place in the squat rack, Meg unracked the bar and raised it to her shoulders. She was so wide that Nate had to specially build the entire set up, and the bar was made of 4" diameter titanium. Every inch of the bar was filled with 200 lbs weights, bending the super strong bar. 20 plates total plus the 200 lbs bar meant Meg was about to squat 4200 lbs...Jeesh, thats as much as my truck Nate realized. "Hey stud, get a load of this." Meg was so built, she couldn't even reach proper form, her ultra huge hamstrings and ass slamming into her lower legs preventing her from going lower. "2 tons is sooo taxing on my tiny little legs Nate. Can you 'cum' spot me pleeasse." As he went behind her, Meg yelled, Never mind, just kidding! And proceeded to push the weight up over her head, holding it there, and with a massive grunt, heaved the entire 4200 pound bar up, sending it through the ceiling and into the next story of the house. "Dammit, there is no weight in this house capable of quenching my thirst for pump. There is no weight on EARTH that my genetically superior mega muscle won't lift. I am UNSTOPPABLE!" Nate was worried now, he'd never seen her this way. "Baby I am the strongest woman in the universe!" "Just think about my power, my strength. All I want is MORE MASS. MORE POWER. MORE MUSCLE! Measure my legs before I work my beastly chest!" Slightly unnerved at the dominating tone, Nate grabbed the tape.He literally couldn't fir his hand between Meg's thighs, there was just that much beef. Each redwood thigh was 5 feet wide and almost as thick as he was. " 270" quads must be a record hun!" "Hey babe. Measure my calves before I squish you like a pancake between these record breakers." "115" calves! Holy shit!" From his knees, Nate looked up to try and see his wife's expression, but could only see her chest. Meghan suddenly laughed, her entire body swelling with new found beef as she inhaled more and more air. "The power the strength, the mass! What a rush!" she screams as she plows a fist into wall. Nate falls on his back, now afraid. His wife just put a 3 foot deep crater into walls built to survive a nuclear explosion. Lifting her foot, Megan slams it down between Nate's legs, sending cement flying with a massive boom as her leg is buried to her knee. "Take a good look at this monster leg you skinny little runt. See the size difference? You are NOTHING compared to me! I could tear you to shreds!" Meg strides to the weight rack again, sinking deep into the floor with every step."This will blow your mind!" Bending over, she grabs the rack, and LIFTS THE ENTIRE THING UP TO HER WAIST. "See my power? Just think what 300" arms can do! No, watch what they can do!" With an orgasmic roar, Meg begins curling the 3 ton rack to her chest. Her now uber pumped biceps only manage 6" before they meet her now truck tire forearms. "You think this is heavy? You think this is as big as I can get? You think I'm fucking big now ?" " Well I'm going to school you in the personification of ENORMOUS!" Taking a deep breath that expands her mass by 50%, she violently throws the rack into the wall, causing massive destruction and shacking the entire foundation. Flexing a jaw dropping crab pose, Meg orders Nate to get the rest of her steroid supply."Got to get bigger bae, the only thing I want is pure mass. Pure muscle. I must weigh 1,000 lbs, but the body you see before you now is a 90 lbs weakling compared to whats next." Throwing her head back in ecstasy , Meg roars, "I WILL GROW EVEN BIGGER!" Shit, shit, shit, Nate mutters to himself as he sprints up the basement stairs at a break neck pace. Bursting into the kitchen, he races towards the double door fridge where Meghan's steroids are kept. Might as well grab it all, he says to himself, as he picks up 22 syringes of a secret, experimental steroid designed by the DOD. Nate cringes as he here's more concrete crack; knowing the bill to repair today's damage will put a decent dent in his savings. I guess that's the price to pay for having the worlds hottest wife. Turning to the door he looks down toward the end of the hall where the dust is still settling from a 4,200 lbs weight shooting through the floor. Nate almost falls down the stairs as the entire house rumbles and shakes. "Rarrgggg! HAH, puny steel! Feel the power of my super pumped muscles!" Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Nate sees Meghan flexing over what was previously the dumbbell rack, only now it looks like an accordion, shoved deep into the foundation. Dear lord, it took 6 of my men to to lug that down here last month... "Honey bunches! Oh look, more juice! Is that for me? Ohh, you shouldn't have!" "Look honey, look at that pathetic piece of crap you call steel. Weaker than butter if you ask me Get to the injections, I just love how I feel right now. Like, I'm literally 4 times the size of you! My strength is superhero shaming, but my size is the real turn on." Raising her arms out like the goddess she is, Meg whispered, "Make me grow my king." Nate's more than happy to oblige. Five minutes later, he takes a step back, stepping around the now empty syringes, kind of looks like a heroin addict lives here, he thinks. Almost like she could read his mind, Meg coos, "I'm a muscle obsessed, steroid junkie addicted to getting bigger, gaining more and more massive muscles is all I think about. I'm by far the largest bodybuilder history has ever known. My bicep alone is bigger than Jay Cutler's entire body. And just think babe, I'm not done. No. Not even close. In fact, look at this." Stepping on the heavy duty scale in the corner; that he'd bought from the local zoo (to weigh elephants, rhinos etc...), she sent the numbers on the screen reeling. 700lbs. 850lbs. 1000lbs. 1200lbs. Good lord, Nate mumbles. Finally, the readout stops at 2050 pounds."Just think Nate. Your mega massive muscle wifey weighs over a TON! And I just took even more roids! Grrrg! Roooaaar! More! Yeeeess, I can feel myself growing, I can feel myself getting heavier! Just flexing is adding serious mass. I AM POWER! LOOK AT ME NATEY POO, I JUST GAINED 100 LBS FROM FLEXING MY ARMS! You better run for your life, because this house is comin down y'all." CH. 7 It was approaching dawn when the entire gated community of Orchard Heights shook to its foundations. Raaaarrggg! Mother fucker get bigger!!!! Megan bellowed as she again slammed the mangled remains of Nate’s trucks together. She’d been repeating this motion for well over 4 hours now, trying to work her monstrosity of a chest. Meghan was getting angrier and angrier with ever “rep” as each 10 foot wide pectoral would swell immensely and crash into each other with enough force to create a sonic boom. Her chest stuck out 14 feet in front her so it was impossible to do a normal bench press. That and her biceps which were each pushing 6 feet WIDE and even thicker. Her bicep alone was almost 200” flexed. Her tricep was 2/3 bigger!!!! Her muscles were not ripped, or shredded, or any other word that could describe a human being. She’d long surpassed that species. The definition between muscle groups was insane. Sickening. Her shoulders were so jacked that when she raised them a mere 6 inches, her head was at risk of being sheared right off. She liked the pressure though. It wouldn’t be impossible to create diamonds if you placed a lump of coal between her striations. In her hands, she had taken two military hummers of Nate’s, grabbing the bumper of each one and swinging them in together to simulate the pec deck motion. Only she was single handled swinging a 7,700 lb armored vehicle by its bumper. (The US Army took some pride in that engineering marvel) Nate had once seen a strong man take one end of an Olympic barbell and raise it straight out in front of him. He held it horizontally with one hand for maybe minute before his arm shook and he dropped it. The exercise worked stabilizers and forearms etc.. Meghan was doing a similar movement. With 8 plus tons. Meg’s bright white and pink, size 6 Nike Shoxs and thick pink hooters slouch socks were planted firmly on the pavement, which itself was no longer very firm, considering a woman who weighed more than an African elephant was pressing down on it with immense strength and power. Her insanely tight white yoga pants that could cover a circus tent, despite barley serving on her, were stretched so tight that her deeply tanned skin shown through completely. The military had wanted to design a new material similar to Spandex, that would be bullet proof and tear resistant. When Nate had heard about it, he figured Meg would be the perfect test for the material. Her monster quads and hamstrings were slowly but surely bulging so massively that the thread was coming unstitched. So much for that, better luck next time DOD. Freakishly inhumanly thick traps throbbed far above her head, they peaked more than a yard above her hair. Her shoulders, pecs, and traps already enveloping her head, each rep smooshing her almost to point of strangulation and blocking her entire view. All she could see when her arms were raised was her own musculature... and as far as she was concerned, there simply wasn’t enough of it. With her arms straight out holding the trucks, her triceps dipped low. Hanging like a side of beef was incorrect...her triceps were bigger than the whole cow! Hanging so low they merged with her “wide as a barn door back. Once again, misleading because her back was bigger than a whole barn! Much bigger! Her back was pushing 30 feet wide at this point. That’s 360 inches. 914 cm. Bigger than an entire Mr. Olympia lineup combined. And then multiplied by two! With her biceps peaking over her head and her triceps dropping so low they hit her knees (they literally pressed down into her massively exaggerated wide hips and quads) she would take a deep breath and then tense her enormous chest muscles, bringing her arms as close together as possible and really squeezing her pecs. The sight was ridiculous. The noise was deafening. The air sizzled with the heat of her raw sexual, beastly power and mind warping size. Sweat glistened and dripped flowing down the huge cuts in the chest muscles, turning to steam in the brisk morning air of New England. Pure raw power. Pure sex. Pure MUSCLE. The quiet gated suburb of Orchard Heights was alive with the sound, sights and smells of Meghan Wakefield erotically pumping her massive muscles. Held in her deceptively dainty well manicured hands were two military humvees weighing 4 tons each. “Fucking look at me and tremble you scrawny bitches, look at this power this size! MY power! MY size! Im unstoppable!” I AM POWER! I AM MUSCLE! I’m the most insanely pumped up, super humanly strong, mega-ultra-super-heavy weight bodybuilder! I am the most muscular living thing to ever exist or ever will! Worship me as I obsessively pump myself even more massive!” Meghan roared, to nobody in particular, but yet for all the world to here. Of course, the neighborhood had been evacuated hours ago when the “earthquake” struck. Or at least that was what the news was calling it. Technically, there WAS an earthquake, or better yet, a “Megha-quake” if you will. After destroying the basement, Meghan’s roid- induced mania and wild, driven desire to bulk up went into overdrive. Against Nates adamant pleas to calm down, Meg had pulverized the entire basement and house when she tried to exit the basement. Walking up the stairs proved unsuccessful as her giga-weight was so heavy she completely crushed the heavily reinforced concrete and steel stairs when she stepped on them. The futility of the construction had enraged Meghan and she hulk smashed the stairs into crumbling bits. With hellfire in her eyes, Meghan had turned full on to Nate and flexed an ab and thigh pose so huge that her quads and chest actually knocked him over. Roaring with spit flying, she’d proceeded to crank her arms up and down over and over again, squeezing and flexing her monolithic traps and shoulders until they were bright red. Then she spied the old weight rack in the corner where Nate kept his weights. Giggling like a crazed school girl, Meg pounded her way to the rack and proceeded to upend it with one arm. Maneuvering her other arm into position, she hurled it across the room like a soccer player might do with a ball. A steal I-beam floor hoist was torn from the ceiling and sparked another idea. “Babe, I’ve always hated that you built this house with such roomy ceilings, it really makes me feel short. But I think I know how to even the score. Watch my fucking power babe! Meg ripped the I beam the rest of the way out of the ceiling and started swinging it over her head like a club, tearing through the floor and utterly demolishing the rest of the house. Nate cowered in the corner to avoid being hit by all of his nice things that were now falling hazardously around him from upstairs. To say he was scared shitless at this point was an understatement. Meg had gone completely off the rails and was a literal ton of roid-raging muscle and fury. (If not more). Who are we kidding, it was way, way WAY more. At some point Nate must have lost consciousness from fear/arousal because when he woke up, he was covered in concrete dust surrounded by remnants of what was once his beautiful home. Meghan was no where in sight but he could hear her animalistic, predatory grunts from the front yard. Nate quickly pulled out his phone to contact his security team at the Pentagon. Things were going bad fast. Worriedly wondering why Meg was grunting, he’d no sooner heard his office secretary answer when the quake hit. Knowing better, Nate wobbled over to the massive hole in the basement wall to see Meghan standing in the driveway with his Porsche flattened at her feet. She’d managed to jump (who knows how high) and came down like the hand of god on his prized 911. Still on the phone, his secretary was going crazy, “Oh my God, Sir, are you okay what’s going on omg!” “Wake up SecDef and alert Homeland and the President... not sure how this will end. And I want this area under an immediate mandatory evacuation order.” Now recovered from his shock, Nate was beginning to get royally pissed. His million dollar home was destroyed. His $150 super-charged Porsche was now a candy apple red pancake and he was pretty sure his insurance didn’t cover “acts of enraged muscle monster?” “Meghan Marie, calm down right now!” Nate bellowed her middle name in anger. (Maybe yelling at your girlfriend who weighs more than your HOUSE was a bad idea in hindsight.) Not bothering to turn around, Meghan’s voice effortlessly boomed, “you are an insignificant RUNT compared to my awesome godly power and I could literally rip you into pieces. I won’t because I love you obviously but it would be this easy.” She picked up the flattened Porsche and ripped it in half like paper, her biceps and forearms bulging and growing and thickening even further. “To make it up to your goddess you will worship at my feet and tell me how huge I am.” It had been around that time that Marines from Nate’s unit arrived and evacuated the street. The neighbors were being debriefed and fed the official story of “just an earthquake.” Of course, 2.0 earthquakes weren’t totally uncommon in New England but still.
  8. Well here it is... the latest chapter. It's quite long, at just over 8700 words, so please enjoy, and let me know what you thought of it. It's quite a standalone chapter, but I think I pushed my creative juices further than ever. Chapters 1-5: HERE Chapter 6: HERE Chapter 7: The Junkyard At 5:17 a.m., when it seemed that all was quiet in the Fogle’s residence, the unthinkable happened. Aaron had been sleeping soundly, worn out after so much amazing sex, and wrapped up snugly in the strongest, most muscular arms. There was a loud crashing sound, a lot of disarray, splintering wood, shattering glass, fallen plaster and masonry, and buckling metal. Heavy weight sets and other training equipment — in fact everything in George’s bedroom — went crashing down into the warehouse below. Crates full of clothing merchandise absorbed much of the fall, but luckily Aaron suffered no injury whatsoever. George absorbed it all, and, of course, came out of it without a scratch. Dust hung almost statically in the air, as Drew — who’d been taking an early-morning shower at the time — bolted nakedly out of the cubicle in response to the startling and near-deafening racket. George’s bedroom — along with all of its contents — was no more; just a huge mess below. George came awake with a start and his first instinct was to make sure his little Aaron was okay. “I’m fine, George. But your room is history,” said Aaron, as his huge boyfriend carried him free of the rubble and outside to where the air was fresh and clean. It was just getting bright, but the warehouse street district was pretty much deserted; not even traffic was about yet. At least George’s nakedness and massive size wouldn’t be causing any early-morning car crashes. Drew joined them outside. He’d had time to put a bath-towel around his waist, although, why he bothered to do so made little sense. These men were beautiful and kind Narcissists; so amazing to look at, that it was an affront to Nature itself to see them clothed. Drew’s eyes nearly came out on stalks when he saw the size of his son. The damage to their home seemed unimportant for the moment. “It’s my fault, Dad. I grew so much last night. The floor couldn’t handle the extra weight.” George lowered his head in shame so that his chin pressed into the enormity of his upper pec-masses. “I’m his muscle muse, so this was to be expected. It’s my fault really,” said Aaron somewhat insistently. It didn’t occur to Aaron that his boss was seeing him naked. But all three were comfortable in their respective skins. “No one is to blame. We all want you to get huge, son. But, Aaron, you seem to be George’s best growth-trigger yet,” said Drew reassuringly. His son now towered over him; he had to be at least 7’ 5”. His weight in pounds couldn’t be gauged at this time, but if Drew were to hazard a guess, the number 1200+ seemed fitting. His ruefulness quickly brushed aside, George puffed himself up hugely and flexed for all present to see. His body was simply muscle personified; anatomically exaggerated with emphasis on beauty, strength and utter masculinity. Despite this, George wasn’t without his signature boyish charm that belied an innocence and wonder with regard to his ability to bodybuild without exerting any real effort. Aaron came out in an erection instantly, and even Drew had to concentrate on not getting aroused. That wouldn’t be ethical, and so far his role as a father hadn’t compromised this; nor would it ever. George crunched and leaned into a most muscular pose and his muscle gorged on all the freedom they had to engulf free space with their sheer volume. He squeezed and growled and wobbled his left upper thigh muscles ahead of the right leg, before snapping them into monstrous, diamond-hard relief. He made a sort of ‘mashed potato’ movement with his balled fists, which helped more blood to go to his biceps and forearms. He stuck out his tongue and squeezed his traps and neck muscles. Every muscle in his body obeyed his commands and bulged more and more. His size was phenomenal. Just when you thought he couldn’t blast out any more muscle, more arrived to put down permanent roots. New muscle fought muscle already present on his mammoth frame. To think, his muscles had to fight with one another simply to find room to exist. This jostling and pushing against one muscle with another made all of them bulge beyond reason. “Careful, son, you’ll have one fucker of a growth spurt if you’re not careful,” Drew advised. It continued to get brighter. A bloke on a moped chugged past, and his eyes formed the ‘deer caught in headlights’ look when so much exaggerated muscle scorched into his retinas. He almost steered the bike off the road and into a lamppost. “Sorry, guy. My son is a freakishly huge muscle monster, and he’s getting even bigger. Sorry about all the muscle and the nakedness,” Drew cried over to the unfortunate guy, who, luckily didn’t hurt himself and then biked on his way to wherever it was he was going (probably to a therapist after what he just saw). “We need to get off the street, guys. And George — son of my loins — we need to get abreast of what’s happened, and how to rectify it,” Drew advised. His towel-tent sprung off when his dick came up to full mast. Bashfully expressive, he hoped George didn’t get the wrong impression. Back in the kitchen, Aaron helped Drew to prepare breakfast for three; but mostly for George, whose appetite would clean them out of household provisions. “You’ll have to stay on ground level, George,” Drew advised. “The floor won’t take your weight. I’ll have to get the insurance company onto this. Are we even covered for this kind of residential damage?” His voice trailed off and he lost himself to thoughts of careful financial planning. Luckily things played out well enough. The Junkyard was only a ten minute walk away (far less if a super-powered bodybuilder happens to travel in superhuman leaps and bounds). It currently served as George’s personal gym, but it had a small staff of its own who lived on-site because they excelled in the engineering and mechanical arts and were employed by Drew to build and maintain the special equipment George needed to work-out his enormous muscles. Drew rang ahead and instructed the staff to set up temporary living quarters for George and Aaron, and also to ensure that all their needs were met. In the interim, Drew, hopefully, could sort out the damage to the loft and warehouse and not have to delay the grand opening of International Dude, which was just five days away. Once breakfast was out of the way, George felt energised. He felt like growing huge today, but still felt bad about causing so much damage. “Will you stop feeling that you are to blame for this?! I already told you I’m okay with this, son of mine. Now off you go to the Junkyard. If you go now, and take big leaps with Aaron, your nakedness won’t cause any accidents or mass faintings on the way. When I’ve got down here cleared out, I’ll send over some clothes for you both.” Drew was a great father. He was so understanding and easy to get along with. He loved his son so much, and loved, also, that he had found the right person with whom to share his life and love of bodybuilding/muscle-growth. “Okay dad. I love you,” and then to Aaron: “Time for us to fly. Here, leap into my huge muscular arms, and I’ll protect you as I carry you across town, little Aaron, my gorgeous muse.” George took Aaron onto his body; the little dude felt so light in his arms, and the extra girth and inches gained in body mass and height — thanks to last night’s sexy bedroom antics between the young lovers — made Aaron look child-sized next to him. “I’m like an action figure compared to you,” said Aaron as George began to lope down the street, building momentum prior to leaping. “Nah, you’re not like that at all. You’re exaggerating, darling. I’m about two feet taller than you are now, yes. But when I think about what you can now do with your dick thanks to the dew… wow… I felt tiny last night when you fucked the crap out of me,” said George with sweetness and sincerity. “Don’t you ever worry about becoming so huge that the media will turn against you and send the army after you, sinister stuff like that?” Why Aaron even broached this subject was beyond George. The massive bodybuilder leaped into the air and soared to 100 feet vertically before settling into a downward arc that would bring him to the roof of The Pulled Plum restaurant. He landed less than softly, but managed to spread his weight. A little plaster might loosen from the ceiling within, but nothing major. After his cement-shattering alarm call earlier that morning, the last thing he needed was to cause more damage to structures. “Well, if I start to turn green and throw tanks thousands of feet across the desert, then I guess I should worry. I’d really be a fugitive, then.” George grinned smugly. “Stop joking about it, George. I don’t want things to turn bad for us. We’re just beginning our lives together.” “And we’re gonna have amazing lives — you and me as one — completing each other, and… whew… the sex we’re gonna have…” George trailed off, not needing to finish that sentence. He grew an enormous boner, which Aaron was only too willing to kiss. He kissed and fondled it for over a minute. Both of them began to get very turned on. “No, not here, on the roof of Brett Hillard’s restaurant. This place reeks of his arrogance. The Junkyard is my domain. Another leap should get us there.” “Wait… before we go… doesn’t that guy Brett ever bother you at the Junkyard?” “Not so far. But I’m way bigger now. He’ll start to get wind of me eventually, provided he can be bothered to climb out of his own arse.” George swelled up to full height and buffness, then scooped his gorgeous, naked little boyfriend into his arms before leaping the rest of the distance to the strangest gymnasium around. He landed with a hefty THUMP! Clouds of dust were thrown into the air. Aaron coughed a little, and George hugged him tight and kissed him, then apologizing for the dust caused by his landing. Les, Arturo, and Fat Mick were there to tend to his every need. “Hey guys,” George said simply. All three men couldn’t believe how huge the bodybuilder had become, and in such a short space of time. George went on to introduce each of them to his boyfriend. “Guys this is Aaron. He just started working at the store. We also fell in love in a whirlwind. But that’s not a bad thing, right? My dad married my mother in Vegas after knowing her for all of five minutes. They stuck together for seven years, before she went lesbian and dad decided to stick to fucking guys. I turned out pretty well, right? So Aaron and me are in it for life. Pretty sure of that,” said George by way of needless exposition. “You don’t need to explain yourself, George… you massively-muscled hunk of hugeness,” said Les. He was an engineer by trade, and, like the others, was as gay as Christmas at RuPaul’s house. He extended a warm handshake to Aaron. “I’m Les… Les Fogle,” he said. “You’re related to George and his dad?” Aaron failed to see the likeness. “Uh-huh. Not by blood, though. I wish I had their blood running through my veins. Everytime I see this big galoot, he’s bigger than before,” said Les, quite a plain-looking fellow. He playfully whacked George on his massive forearm. Then he winced when he felt like he’d just slapped a concrete wall. “His mother married my uncle when Les was three. Uncle Pearce adopted him. We Fogles are good people,” George explained. Then Arturo introduced himself: “Hi Aaron, nice to meet you,” said the tall, slim latino. He wasn’t bad-looking, and looked harder and more streetwise than he actually was, given he had a degree in mechanical engineering. Perhaps he just acted hard to look hard. Who could say? Fat Mick was something of an unforgettable sight in his own right. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, like George, however, he was hugely overweight, but it didn’t seem to bother him. He wore nothing but a tank-top and jogger pants cut at the knees, but the top came nowhere near to covering his gigantic stomach. He was the youngest of the three, and the manager of the Junkyard. Les and Arturo’s expertises lay in building and maintaining the special equipment George needed to get the best pumps from his workouts. “Nice to meet you all,” said Aaron, no longer ashamed to be naked. In fact… “Hey guys, watch this,” said George, excitedly. He concentrated and caused viscous dew to run from his nipples. Aaron caught on immediately, and his newfound confidence bolstered much vigour from him. “Take of my teats, little Aaron,” George arousedly instructed his boyfriend. Les, Arturo and Fat Mick watched with bated breath. “Here? Now? In front of guys I just met?” Aaron was already erect, and although confident, he felt there was a time and a place for everything. “Why not? It’s a neat trick, right? Come on, sweetie… take some dew and grow for the guys. Besides, I’ve got a little surprise for you; well, maybe not so little.” The mischief in George’s eyes glinted like sunlight dancing across a seemingly-still lake. Now Aaron was curious. He wanted to know what this ‘little surprise’ consisted of. George was now so huge, that nothing he ever did now and in the future could be considered ‘little’. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue to receive the first few droplets of sweet dew. And just like the night before, Aaron’s already impressively-sized junk exploded with girth, length, and volume. “Holy crap,” said Fat Mick, between bites of a burger he just happened to be holding. “Jeezus,” said Les and Arturo in unison. “Yeah isn’t it cool, you guys? My boyfriend’s dick is now twenty inches long, thanks to my amazing ‘pectoral punch’. He fucked the bollocks out of me last night. And to think, I’m a massive bodybuilder and got fucked raw by my gorgeous twink boyfriend.” George flexed his muscles hugely. Then his cock sprang upward and outward. Then, just for fun, the lovers began to play at fencing using their huge nobs as appropriate weaponry. When that was over, things got serious. “Right guys, how are things with the machinery?” George was anxious to try out his even bigger muscles and greater strength. He planned to leave here later feeling pumped and looking bigger than ever. “Well-maintained and calibrated, although you put the squat rack through the shit the other day when you overloaded the forklifts,” Arturo explained with little enthusiasm. “Forklifts?” Aaron looked perplexed. He knew enough from watching bodybuilding videos online that forklift trucks had nothing to do with squatting down and then pressing a barbell upwards over and over. George explained: “I’m too strong to use regular weights now. That’d be like a regular bodybuilder trying to grow using toothpicks with cheese cubes on each end. Arturo and Les do great work here with their design implementations. Forklifts on each side of specially reinforced bars, and each forklift can be loaded up with about two tonnes of weight.” “So where is all this special equipment?” Aaron’s dick began to return to its normal size when the effects of the dew wore off. Now that the dust had literally and figuratively settled, he was able to take in his surroundings at a glance. It was a junkyard, nothing more. High wrought-iron fencing surrounded an open area filled with row after row of old rusty cars, buses, farmyard equipment — even the broken fuselages of small planes — stacked one on top of the other. Some looked haphazardly placed and capable of toppling over at any moment. There was every make of vehicle here; of variegated hues long since faded and claimed by decay. Towering over everything was a crane with an attached magnet used to lift and move the car wrecks into position. There was also the obligatory compactor, used to turn old wrecks into serviceable cubes for metallic recycling. There were some cargo containers nearby, alongside two portacabins — the brains of the operation — and this was where Les, Arturo and Fat Mick spent much of their time. In the case of Fat Mick, he almost never walked about too much. He was 900 lbs of blubber, but he seemed happy enough. “We’ll show you shortly, sweetie. But first, you should head to the office. The guys have digs here. They’ll adapt them to our needs. But I want you to put something on for me… and also to phone your mother from the office phone. She might be worried about you,” said George. He was most considerate of his boyfriend’s needs and feelings. “Fuck, I’ve not thought about Ma since last night.” It was like the last couple of days had been a dream; anything outside of that dream no longer mattered. They headed for the office. The portacabin was big but cluttered. Three desks, each one with laptops, phones and various junk scattered across them made up the majority of features. There was shelving full of Lever Arch files along one wall, and a four-seater couch, water cooler and fridge full of beer and snacks (for Fat Mick) along another. The interior smelt of oil, sweat, and old cheese. Overhead fans provided adequate air conditioning, but there was also a wall-mounted unit, which wasn’t running at present. The doorway was large enough for a muscle-giant to enter. There was a door opposite to an adjoining portacabin and this was where the guys would work to adapt temporary living space for George and Aaron. “Now… take this,” said George to his boyfriend, tossing a very large jockstrap Aaron’s way. Aaron caught it. It smelt of George. He inhaled deeply, which caused another ten-inch boner to sprout upward. Fat Mick collapsed onto the sofa, which had been reinforced with concrete bricks, since he’d broken it several times. The hugely fat man took up the entire four places on the sofa. He reached under a fold of fat on his side and pulled out a large, cooked chicken leg, which he began stripping to the bone. Arturo instantly got hard. George explained to Aaron that Arturo and Fat Mick were a couple; one a superchub and the other a chaser. “Not all guys are into muscle, Aaron,” Arturo elaborated with a proud wink. “I like muscle, though,” said Les, forever wishing he had his step-cousin’s genetics. “Put on the jockstrap, darling,” George said, eagerly. He was already leaking more dew from his hugely overgrown nip-nubs. “Oh I get it. This is one of your old ones, yes? Prior to your last growth-spurt? You want me to wear it, because it won’t fit you anymore, but after I partake once again of your dew, I’ll explode into it and sport a massive fucking jock bulge?” Aaron’s excitement was almost palpable. “Yeah that’s it, little Aaron, dude. I know seeing you in EBFs makes me explode with size, but I think watching you strut about with a dew-grown hardon in one of my smelly old jockstraps — whilst I chug down a gallon of pre-workout shake — will really make me blow-up with even more muscle,” growled George. Les interjected: “Hold on, big guy. Getting back to the forklifts on the squat rack; you blew the hydraulics on one of them and cracked the mast assembly on the other. I only had four hours sleep last night ‘cos I had to drive to Aruga to get replacements. And then I had to get my brother Rulio to help me with the refits. They won’t take another beating, so go easy, eh?” “Heh heh, we didn’t get much sleep last night either, wink wink,” jested George, nodding his handsome head in Aaron’s direction. Aaron was wearing the jockstrap now, but he was lost in it. “Are you even listening to me, esé?” Arturo was annoyed now (he only ever called people ‘esé’ when he was annoyed with them, regardless of their ethnicity). George didn’t like to see any member of his ‘crew’ looking unhappy. It wasn’t his goal in life to upset people or make extra unnecessary work for them. “So basically what you’re saying is… I’m out-muscling the equipment faster than you can repair or upgrade it? Hmmm.” He grew quiet, somber in thought. “In short, yes. So maybe lay off the bench press, squat rack, leg press machines, but you should be fine on the cable array for bicep curls, tris, crossovers etcetera. You could even throw some shit together on the fly, just until I can reinforce the machines and get in enough replacement parts should you cause further breakages. Your dad mightn’t be okay with me asking for extensions to the budget. We’re barely turning a profit here running this place as a legitimate business whilst you use it as a playground for bodybuilding.” His face changed from pensive to apologetic. Despite that George was such a pleasant-natured and happy-go-lucky young man, Arturo didn’t want to bring out the inner beast of an already massively gigantic muscle-god. “I’m sorry for the hassle, Arturo. Truly. I’m just so eager to test my new strength, and get really pumped, is all,” said George. He looked a little upset. Aaron came over to him, holding a paper cup in one hand, and using the other hand to hold up the massively accommodating jockstrap he was trying to wear with pride. “Cheer up, my big loving muscle guy,” said Aaron, collecting into the cup the precious dick and balls elixir from George’s nuzzle-nubs. He went on: “I’ll drink this after I phone Ma. Didn’t you say you can weigh yourself here? Maybe do that first, then have your shake, and you can show me some feats of strength.” “Yeah, but don’t fucking break anything,” Fat Mick said as he spawled like a beached whale on the sofa whilst feeling beneath himself for a pizza slice he knew was there from the day before. Arturo produced a large bottle of moisturising lotion to keep his boyfriend’s fat folds from chafing. George decided he would enjoy knowing how much he weighed, so he muscle-waddled out of the office and outside and around to the weighing machine. It was adapted from a salvaged scale bought from a truck haulage company that went bust in the recession. George could stand on it and get an accurate weight. When he did, he jizzed with delight. But he caught as much of the spunk as he could; why waste free protein? The scale readout said: “1374”. He was even heavier than his dad thought upon seeing him earlier that morning. No wonder the floor of his bedroom collapsed. “That’s crazy,” he exclaimed gleefully. He decided it was too uneven a number to weigh, and so he resolved to get to at least 1400 before teatime. In the meantime Aaron appeared, having made his way out of the office and around to where the scale was. Aaron had once again imbibed his boyfriend’s dew and his boner and balls completely filled out the jockstrap. They looked absurdly huge, but George loved the way they bobbed to and fro when he walked. “Hey honey, how’s your mother?” “She’s okay. I filled her in on everything that’s happened since I met you,” George lovingly replied. “Did you tell her I’m a huge bodybuilder? Wait — scratch that — did you tell her I’m a GIGANTIC bodybuilder? Grrrrrrrr!” He made a playful most muscular, squeezing more power and gravity into his muscles. They bulged and popped crazily. “Errr… I think we’ll have to prepare her for that. Get her full of gin or something before you two meet. Anything to lessen the shock she’ll get when she sees you for the first time.” “Yeah, you’re probably right. No telling how much huger I’ll be before I get to meet my mother-in-law.” George popped a single biceps, causing a massive dome-capped column of super-hard, vein-popping muscle to erupt from his arm. The peak of the bicep cast a shadow over his fist as it rode higher and higher each time he flexed. Delighted by this, his dick pulsed huger and harder. He had to stroke it and caress it to help it grow. He had an idea to show off to his beautiful monstrously-hung twink boyfriend, seeing as he was forbidden to use most of the machines until Arturo and Les could galvanise them against his sheer brute strength. Aaron positively beamed with delight when George referred to Ma as ‘mother-in-law’. “Hey honey, grab that yardstick over there. I want you to measure my dick. It’s way bigger than yesterday,” George instructed. Aaron couldn’t wait to comply. George was getting more bossy and insistent as he got bigger, but it was in good nature, and nothing arrogantly put. Aaron carefully placed the measuring stick next to his beloved muscle-god’s huge, erect phallus. From end to end the yardstick was just slightly longer than the dick. “Wow… almost three feet long, George. No way that’s ever going up my arse,” wept Aaron, and he felt a mixture of sadness, amusement, and unbridled horniness. It was a strange mix of emotions, fraught with the knowledge that he would never feel his boyfriend’s dick inside him. “Why should it when I’m your eternal bottom bitch? I want your massive shlong skewering the fuck out of my bodybuilder bubble butt once I’m done with showing off my incredible strength. I’m gonna be bigger and stronger an hour or so from now. Then you’re going to run me through with your passion pole.” George’s determination to grow and get stronger for his boyfriend was contagious. Aaron’s dick and balls grew tighter, stretching the lycra jockstrap thinner. “Fuck yeah, honey. Then you’d better start hefting some weight. But try to respect the guys here and not break anything.” “Yeah, you’re right, big dicked Aaron, sweetie. Oh I love you so much. I shouldn’t make things difficult for the guys, even if Fat Mick sits and eats most of the time. But we go back a long ways, since we were kids. And Les is family.” “Your dick looks like it could be as thick as mine is long. For your first show of strength, I think you should show me what your dick can do, apart from showering me in your superman-spunk. Maybe we can find something around the Junkyard to thread onto your dick,” Aaron suggested. He looked all about. There were a trio of iron girders leaning against part of the perimeter fence. They didn’t seem to be up to much. “How much do you think one of them weighs,” Aaron asked musingly. “That’s easy… about 650 each. They’re about eight inches thick,” George excitedly replied. He heaved and hulked up his muscle tits just for fun. They completely took up his lower peripheral vision; a sea of pectorals which showed no signs of calming. His nips oozed dew which hung ropily beyond his ten-pack abs, whilst precum squirted from his upwardly-curved monstrous erection and coated every inch of the bulbous head and veiny shaft. His feet and thighs were sodden with it. Just for fun he rubbed much of his fluids into the parts of him he could still reach. He reeked of massive manly muscle-development. And he was still developing. He was living, breathing muscle-sex. “Think you can bend them into cock rings?” Aaron wiggled his eyebrows expectantly whilst licking his lips. His twenty-incher remained as rigid as ever. He drank more dew and licked precum off his boyfriend’s muscles in order to maintain his miraculous erection. “Fuck yeah. Eight inches thick each, about six feet in length. I know what to rework them into, and it’ll weigh almost a tonne. On my dick. On my monstrous bodybuilder’s muscle dick.” George first collected enough precum and dew to fill a five gallon bucket. He drank it like a muscle-shake and then gave some to Aaron, not to drink but to coat himself with. “I like how my musky smell mixes with yours, and it’s the best cologne a guy can wear. Now let me pick you up so I can kiss the man I love and lick my juice right out of your hole.” Aaron couldn’t wait to oblige. George picked him up and kissed him long and hard; their tongues played with and explored each other’s oral cavities. Then George flipped him around and thrust his tongue deep into Aaron’s delicious hole. “Oh man, that feels… gasp… incredible!” Aaron was almost tripping with rapturous bliss. “This is just to energise me… not that I need it. But it’s fun, and I love you, darling.” “Hmm… tastes nice, but I need to swallow your come,” insisted George, flipping Aaron around again so that he could start sucking him off. He loved the feeling of his tiny boyfriend’s gigantic cock completely stuffing his mouth and causing the gag reflex to fire at the back of his throat. He sucked and sucked, whilst weightless Aaron bucked and convulsed in his loving grasp. Aaron threw his head back and shrieked with bliss. He’d only come inside his enormous man just a few short hours ago, but be damned if George Fogle couldn’t get his fella to come on command. “Fill me...gulp… with your fuck juice...glub...glarrrgggg…” Aaron shot into George’s mouth, projecting jets of salty cream down his throat. George drank hungrily, for he could never get enough of Aaron’s spunk, and he planned to drink hundreds of liters of it, if not thousands, across future time. Dew now squirted from his muscle-nubs with reckless abandon, and precum poured out of his dick, completely soaking the ground where he stood. No one cared about the mess. It took all of three minutes for Aaron to completely drain his melon-sized gonads of their seed. He expected a massive muscle-growth spurt from George, however, he still looked the same. But he didn’t feel the same. “I feel stronger, sweetie. I’ll make those girders twist like tinfoil,” George vowed. He muscle-strutted over to the girders and picked up the first one like it weighed no more than a paper straw. “So fuckin’ strong,” he boasted, trying not to sound at all like Brett Hillard. The metal groaned with fatigue and was soon hot in George’s grasp. The gigantic bodybuilder’s hands gripped it so hard that his fingers sank into the iron as though it were putty. “This is too easy.” He kneaded and reshaped the metal until he could easily coil it around his schlong. It was hot, but not enough to burn. He repeated these actions two more times until a metal coil made of reworked iron encapsulated the shaft of his penis, leaving free only a huge purple bulb glistening with precum. “Hardest part of that was doing it by touch alone, ‘cos my massive muscle-tits block my view. Almost a tonne of iron surrounding my dick, and still you can see the head. Plus it weighs like fucking nothing at all. Wow. Check this out,” said George. And he flexed and tensed his body so much, his muscles bulged with even more insane size and power. He growled and screamed as he heaved out a skin-tightening most muscular pose that created never-before-seen vascularity from a bodybuilder. “I AM A BODYBUILDER!!!! I AM A FUCKING BODYBUILDER WITH A FUCKING TONNE OF IRON ON HIS FUCKING MONSTER DICK!!! NOW WATCH THIS BODYBUILDER’S MONSTER DICK BLAST FREE OF ITS IRON SHACKLES!!!!!!” The Junkyard trembled from the sound of George’s mighty roar. Les and Arturo came rushing out — with Fat Mick waddling and panting in third place — to see what all the commotion was about. They arrived just in time to see the biggest bodybuilder they’d ever seen destroy almost one tonne of iron with only his dick. Sheer concentration of will caused sweat to bead on his forehead and drip down from his temples. Veins popped out all over him and some minor blood vessels actually burst from his arms and neck, creating blisters of blood beneath the skin. He gritted his teeth and tried not to swallow his tongue and he concentrated every last iota of strength he had into one area of his body. George’s dick was getting bigger; thicker and longer. It’s iron prison could only hold it for so long, but it was losing the fight. George was getting stronger… much stronger. He was obsessed with the feeling. The iron softened as it heated up, groaning with more and more metal fatigue as incredible pressure from within the coils forced them to deform and reshape. Seconds later metal was blasted in all directions; luckily missing everyone that wasn’t superpowered. George’s dick had not only supported colossal weight on its own, but it made a tonne of metal behave like confetti. George was on a roll. He spied a stack of gigantic tyres next to the magnetic crane. “Where’d they come from,” he growled. “Oh those… they’re not for vehicular use. Used for promotional purposes for auto shows. Can’t remember how or why they ended up here,” Fat Mick explained. It had been ten minutes since his last meal. Fortunately his boyfriend Arturo was on hand to top him up with a milkshake made of melted Mars bars, full fat cream and marshmallows. “How heavy are they?” George snorted with anticipation. His muscles heaved. They wanted to grow and get stronger, as if they needed his permission to do so. “I’d say about 500 or so. Can’t really be sure,” said Fat Mick, chugging down the shake for fear he’d become skin and bone if he didn’t constantly feed. “And the inner area diameter? How much is that?” “Erm… about six feet? Maybe a little more.” “Okay. Now watch this,” said George, and he stomped over to the tyres. He lifted the first one up effortlessly, but it was a struggle to get it over his head because he was now made up of just so much muscle; it was like how regular bodybuilders can sometimes struggle getting in and out of tight muscle shirts. His ‘entourage’ watched on, open-mouthed and mentally ‘Oohing’ with wonder. “Won’t let me near the machines, eh Les and Arturo?” George growled as he maneuvered the tyre so that its inner circumference now snugly clung around his upper body. He was now inside the tyre, but not for long. “Don’t want me breaking anything, eh Fat Mick?” George began to apply a little strain to the encapsulating mass of circular rubber set in a reinforcing mesh of steel. The fat man stopped chewing on the corndog he was eating after downing his milkshake. George had his undivided attention. He was speechless. “Well you’re already down three girders. Now watch this!” George flexed his upper body so that it began to swell. He barked commands to every last one of his muscle fibers to stand up and be counted. He mentally pictured each muscle fiber growing its own set of genitalia and using them to fuck the fiber next to it, resulting in the two splitting apart and producing ‘offspring’. His fibers procreated at an alarming rate in his mind; and in so visualizing this, the muscle tissue of his body responded with interest. He grew too big for the tyre. The tyre began to scream in defiance of this most unsavoury of invasions. 500 lbs of rubber and steel were blasted apart as George Fogle went from insanely huge bodybuilder to… utterly fucking G-I-N-O-R-M-O-U-S!!!!!! His arms shot up into a massive double biceps as new size made his head look like a softball next to medicine ball-sized globular masses infused with flesh and skin-splitting veins and striations. His lats widened and gained more mass than ever, effectively becoming twice as wide and space-guzzling as before. If one tyre couldn’t contain his might, what if he tried it again with three? “The rest of the tyres; they’re lined with steel, right?” “Yuh-yeah,” said Arturo, completely blown away by George’s further increase in size. Arturo normally went for superchubs, but his suddenly erect dick couldn’t help but make allowances for the muscle giant. “Then get up into the crane and crank it up. Use the magnet to pick up the rest of those fucking huge tyres and drop them over me one by one. I don’t even know if they’ll fit over me, now… but we’ll see...GRRRRRR!!!” The beast had emerged from within George. Should Aaron be scared? Right now all he felt was undiluted primal arousal. He didn’t want the feeling to end. This time the effects of dew seemed to last longer, and his twenty-incher was still proudly flying at full mast, filling out a jockstrap sodden with pungent precum. Arturo wasted no time climbing up and into the crane. Within moments he was swinging the mighty magnet towards the tyres, pleased when the first one connected with the magnet flat-side. George — his arms as close to his sides was his massively bloated lats would permit — stood rigidly below the payload. When Arturo was happy he’d aligned the tyre perfectly with the muscle-god, he deactivated the magnetic pull, and gravity took the tyre briefly in its less than tender caress. The tyre dropped squarely (or rather roundly) down and around George, but it became wedged at chest level. “How come it fits like the last one? I’m bigger now. What gives?” “I think the tyres aren’t all the same size. Different promotions equal different sizes. That one looks bigger and heavier than the last one,” said Fat Mick through trembling lips of absolute blubber. The massively obese manager wasn’t sure if the tyres were of different girths and weights; he simply said that in the hope it would stop George from totally losing his temper and turning to the ‘dark side’ forever. Everyone present were getting scared of how suddenly demanding the giant bodybuilder had become. Even Aaron was a little taken aback by his boyfriend’s sudden and uncharacteristic burst of arrogance. He just about managed to maintain his enormous stiffy. George seemed satisfied. He used dew from his nipples to create a lube, of sorts, which helped him to work the tyre further down. It was a tight squeeze but he just about managed to get it down to his waist, his balled fists now wedged in tightly, too. “Drop the next tyre,” he commanded Arturo who wasted no time getting the crane’s magnet to pick up another tyre. This went on one more time until the giant bodybuilder was completely encased in a stack of enormous tyres. For exactly three minutes, thirty-six seconds, nothing happened. There wasn’t a peep from George. “Maybe he can’t breathe in there,” Les worriedly whispered to Fat Mick. Arturo was now out of the crane and back with his workmates and boyfriend. “Guys… shouldn’t we have come up with a safe word or something?” Aaron was visibly worried. His dew hardon was wearing off and his jock looked like a hot air balloon slowly deflating and losing volume. Then he cried out to his tyre-cocooned boyfriend. “George… are you… okay?” Silence answered his inquiry. Another minute passed. The ground began to tremble, beginning as a low rumble, but it soon gained intensity until it seemed like an earthquake was about to happen. “Shit… we need to get out of here… NOW!” Arturo was the first out of there, suddenly forgetting he had a super-fat boyfriend who would struggle to make fast an escape. Les was also fleeing, as self-preservation became the order of the day. Only Aaron remained, concerned for his monstrously huge boyfriend. They’d only known each other a couple of days, but it felt so much longer, and they’d shared every part of themselves in every way so far conceivable by them, but in the shortest of times. Wasn’t that in itself a definition of true love? Or was a fleeting dream about to become a lingering nightmare? Maybe it was a trick of the light, or something brought on by the delirium of rising panic; but it seemed to Aaron that the tyre cocoon was re-shaping itself; becoming more… man-like? The more Aaron stared, the more it seemed like tremendos energies from within were not only stretching the tyres, but also softening the rubber and steel mesh. His nostrils could definitely smell rubber in the air; not burning intensity, but definitely recognizable as building to such. George was growing bigger and stronger, and his rubber prison couldn’t contain such might. With his mightiest roar yet, he tore apart the tyres using the power of flexing alone. And when he emerged… “OHMYGOD!!!!” Aaron wailed, his hardon returning as dew and spunk and rage and lust for muscle-growth squirted forth, seemingly from every orifice and pore on George’s phenomenal anatomy. It rained down on Aaron and he lapped up as much as he could; he bathed in it and revelled in its lust-engorging properties. His cock and balls exploded with even greater size and weight and the sodden jockstrap flew apart when his most monstrous dick yet demanded freedom. “Aw fuck…. I’M FUCKING HUGE. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF ME, LITTLE AARON, DUDE. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!” George hulked and flexed and squeezed more size and power from his muscles. He grew heavier, taller, wider… ultimately larger in every way. And the spunk that gushed from his dick slit seemed without end. Likewise Aaron gushed, and their fluids met and pooled. The massive George threw himself upon the pool and when he hit the ground, the impact caused a mini-earthquake. Stacks of mummified vehicles toppled to the ground and the great magnet-wielding crane arm groaned and buckled out of shape before collapsing like a felled mythical beast. Parked cars outside of the Junkyard let wail with their alarms in a caterwaul chorus of discord, and fire hydrants erupted into geysers. “That’s it. He’s out of control. I’m calling his father,” said Fat Mick when he’d puffed and panted his way back to the untidy office. It was impressive that he was still able to get about at 900 pounds, for now anyway. Arturo stopped him mid-dial. “And what can Drew do next to… to… that?” Arturo shakily pointed a finger back in the direction of George the ever-increasing giant. “Yeah, we need to do this properly, and now… before he goes all Cloverfield on our asses,” Les said, family loyalty now replaced by an unsettling feeling of dread rising up from within. “Wait… he’s on a muscle-rush right now. Forget the machines we made for him. He’s way beyond what we’ll ever be able to create for him mechanically,” said Arturo. He pressed his own head for a solution. Then it came to him. “We get him into the compactor. Trick him into using it to get the ultimate muscle pump. That thing can generate over 150 tonnes of pressure. There’s no way George — even at the size he is now — is resisting that.” “Wait… hold on… you’re suggesting we… end his ass?” It wasn’t that long ago since little Les would have sleepovers at his step-cousin’s house and tell ghost stories under the covers (later looking at gay porn magazines George would swipe from his father’s study). Now he was becoming a major participant in ‘giganticide’. “He’s out of control. If he leaves this place he could go on the rampage and people might get hurt. We have no choice. Besides, he’s not even human anymore, I don’t think.” Arturo’s mind was made up. Fat Mick nodded his consent, and Les, deflated, was also in. “Les go outside and encourage George to step into the compactor. The Incredible Hulk did it in the TV show in the 70s. Tell him we modified it to take the place of some of the machines. He can do squats in it. He’ll push against it, and it’ll seem like he’s resisting, but we’ll be operating it remotely from in here, where we’re relatively safe. He won’t be able to fight it at full power. Then it’ll be over.” George completely fell for it. Hungry with muscle-lust he wanted to feel the ultimate pump, but so far tyres and girders just didn’t do it for him. “So if you just step into the compactor over there, Cuz, we’ll give you a pump you’ll never forget,” Les outlined to the giant. Aaron exchanged troubled glances between George and Les. Something didn’t feel right. “Great… sounds like a plan, little Les. Wow you two are so small to me, now. Aaron, will your even bigger super-sized dick be able to do it for me now? Look at the size of me. I could crush that Hillard freak like a bug.” Aaron didn’t like what the Junkyard had made George become. The day wasn’t supposed to go like this. George had changed, not just physically; but his complete persona had been altered. But he happily ‘earthquaked’ his way over and into the capacious compacting machine designed to turn trucks into Rubik Cubes. “Pure Hulk power!” George gruffly declared as he positioned himself on the bed of the compactor and pressed his huge palms against the overhead crushing plate. The distance between the bed and the crushing plate was about ten feet. “Feels a little snug in here, but I’m a growing boy, heh heh!” Les signalled back to the office so that Arturo could fire up the machine. Aaron watched, his face ashen, too terrified to move or even to speak. The machine whined into hydraulic life and George began to apply pressure as powerful oil-filled mechanisms came into play and began to exert conflicting force. Metal and muscle collided in trauma and scorn, neither one gaining over the other, at first. “Increase the pressure twenty-five percent,” Fat Mick said to Arturo. The compactor roared more powerfully, squealing and grinding, and pushing greater and greater downward force. George pushed upward, his body bulging with more and more muscle as he transformed into an even huger bodybuilding leviathan strong enough to bring down Mount Olympus with his bare hands. So if he could do that to a fabled mountain paradise worthy only of gods, then what could he do to a commonplace car crusher? The answer was an easy one… HE ANNIHILATED IT! “I’m getting…. HUGE! GROWING BIGGER AND BIGGER. METAL NO MATCH FOR MUSCLES!!!” He really had become a Hulk now, one of the most monstrous of Hulks. Aaron felt like he was shrinking before the spectacle of seeing his boyfriend transform into the biggest, strongest, most muscular entity on the planet. “Increase pressure to fifty-eight percent,” Fat Mick frantically insisted. Metal screamed against the onslaught of muscle it fought to contain. Sweat, spunk, tears, and dew all gushed from the George Hulk at once. Would dehydration cause him to buckle and wane beneath the awesome forces that fought so steadfastly and without will of their own to crush the life out of a man who had now become lost in a vast rolling ocean created by his own ever-growing muscle-bod? Tiny Aaron Cruikshank now felt ashamed of his nakedness as he stood inside the dropped soiled remnants of a jockstrap which no longer fitted. To add to the soil and ruin, fresh urine — induced by fright — ran down his leg and steamed languidly at his feet. Tears rolled down his face as he watched the man he loved — no, thought he loved — transform into a bigger and bigger mass of muscle exaggerated beyond belief as his increasing strength began to make mincemeat of the crusher intended to be his tomb. “Give it full throttle. He’s resisting, Arturo. It’s all or nothing. Overload the fucking thing if you have to,” a much panicked Fat Mick squealed. “He’s too strong. Jeezus… he’s growing even bigger. We’re fucked. We’re all fucking dead!” Arturo also wet himself. It was over. Back outside, the compactor gave up its ghost and came apart in a dramatic outburst of fatigued metal, scorching entrails and smoking disarray. George wrecked it as though it were tissue paper. He stepped out of the tangled remains and stared down at the tiny speck that Aaron now seemed to him. His minute boyfriend barely drew level with his kneecap. It was difficult to make him out because he had to stand far enough away for his view not to be obscured by his monstrous pecs. George said nothing; there was nothing to say. He’d grown beyond anything he could have imagined. He’d left humanity behind, for people were now rodents to him; soon to be bugs, or even dust motes in the air. He could barely make out Aaron from this perspective, so he hunkered down to scoop him up with one massive mitt. As the dark shadow of the approaching giant hand descended towards little Aaron, finally he broke petrification and managed to scream. He screamed and screamed, but George paid it no notice. The hand came for him. It closed around him. It crushed him. *** The next thing Aaron knew was his beautiful boyfriend rousing him awake. “Morning gorgeous. Sleep well? I hope not. So much amazing sex meant we didn’t get much sleep, heh heh.” George rolled onto his enormous back and took Aaron up onto his massive midsection. He playfully bounced his pecs to get the cute sleepyhead to snap fully awake. “What? Whaaaat? But you… you….” Aaron was lost for words. “I think you had a nightmare. I wanted to wake you up, but they say it’s bad to do that to someone. And you were rambling, too. You mentioned a name… Arturo? He’s not a secret boyfriend I should be concerned about, is he?” George feigned an expression of jealousy and suspicion. “Oh… it was a dream. Oh George, it was awful… you… you… grew so…” Aaron couldn’t get the words out. “Well growing is the plan, little Aaron, dude. Want to have some sex before brekky? Dad has a lot on for us today, but there’ll still be time to show you around the Junkyard. You’ll love Debs and Anna and what they’ve done to make me my own special gym.” George beamed with delight. He flexed his biceps in bed and then hugged his boyfriend tight. He loved him so much. Okay, it’d only be a couple of days, but he knew Aaron — his muscle muse — was the only guy he’d ever love. “Um… is there a car compactor machine there?” “Uh, strange question, but I’ll allow it, sweetie. Er… yeah, but it’s a rust bucket. Hasn’t worked in years. Debs wants to strip it down to make it into machines to help with my bodybuilding, but Anna thinks it’s part of local heritage and should be preserved. Honestly I love them both, but I don’t know how those two have stayed together as long as they have. They never agree on anything.” Aaron was white as a sheet. Unstandable after a nightmare. “Um… can we leave the Junkyard for the time being? I sort of have a phobia about places like that.” Aaron’s tone was almost pleading. George studied him for a moment. Then he lightly touched his face and kissed him lovingly. “Okay, sweetie. It’s fine. I don’t care what we do, as long as we always do it together.” Aaron smiled shakily and then allowed his huge boyfriend to hug him firmly but tenderly. “Do me a favour, George,” Aaron said softly within his boyfriend’s embrace. “Just name it, honey,” said George smiling and showing off his cute, boyish dimples. “Please don’t get… too big. That’s all.” They hugged quietly for a little longer after that. During that time nothing more was said. There was just the closeness of two people in love, and the quiet trembling love can sometimes arouse. More soon...
  9. I remind you that this story is imaginary. _____________________________________________________________ Quentin is a 28 year old man with belly You had a power that was not to die that power allow you to be crushed without losing blood and after your body is reforming all alone, the only problem is that you still had pain. You were secretly in love with superman because of his body and his powers. you had a diary where you were full of superman pictures in different shots and you also write what he could do to you, he wrote your power, this diary follows you everywhere. one day you go home and go to your room to see pictures of your newspaper, unfortunately you do not find and then you think and you start screaming, because you remember that you had put it on the bench this morning, you must have forgotten all day but before you can think of something someone knocks at your window, you tell yourself at the beginning it's a branch, because your room and the first floor, then it continues to hit you look back and see superman at the window with your newspaper in his hand, you run to open it and you get it back. "It's nothing quentin I found your name and donate address in your journal, I allowed myself to read also your newspaper, because when I found them it was open on a photo of me" says superman you were all red then superman add "do not worry what you wrote I liked more you like me" you were upset you answer "I thought you were with laws" "In fact, laws are there to disguise that I'm gay, and my fantasy" says superman "oh well, what fantasy" do you answer "Well, you know, I love being admired, I love to use power too, sometimes I go to a place just to crush some car and something else, but what I will love the most is to make love without holding back all my powers "answered superman you were surprised but you did not have time to answer that superman said "do you want to play with me and do you want to be my sulfur pain plus my sexual object" you think, but you do not know why you said without realizing "yes" superman approaches you is done .... (next in a future)
  10. There's been some requests for the continuation of the Containment story. Though I haven't written anything on that one for a while. It looks like I've only posted parts 1-3 here. So here's is a couple of short chapters that I have written but not posted here for whatever reason. I'll try and write more soon. If I have posted these chapters here before, sorry for the repeat. A big thanks to those who have expressed interest. A.T. Containment Part 4 Bruce was utterly stunned by Samson's new strength. He lay on the ground gaping at the man that had just decisively manhandled the incredible Hulk with such ease. He shook his head trying to reorder his addled thoughts as he finally managed to catch his breath enough to try and struggle to his feet. Bruce managed to roll his hulking green form over in order to push himself up, but even that small effort caused darkness to bloom around the edges of his field of vision. The Hulk was still so oxygen deprived that he remained on the verge of succumbing to unconsciousness. "Allow me, Bruce." He heard Samson's voice, which sounded far away, but immediately he felt the waistband of his all but indestructible trunks cinch tight around his waist as Samson grabbed hold of the back of the Hulks trademark purple attire and with a single unstoppable arm, hoisted the Hulk up into the air where the jade giant dangled like an exhausted trout on the line of a victorious sportsman. The Hulk's superhuman recovery rate was kicking in but it would still be a few minutes before he would be close to full strength again. "Damn you, Leonard. Put me down." "After you spill it, Bruce." Samson casually flipped the Hulk into the air in a way that spun him over onto his back, catching and balancing the larger man with that same single arm. Only now, Bruce flailed like an overturned turtle, supported by Samson's hand at the small of the Hulk's back. "I can't wait to hear all about how you got yourself spanked, including who did the spanking." Samson turned and started carrying Bruce back toward Northwind. Unable to do anything against the utter indignity of his situation, the Hulk crossed his arms in a sulk. "Telling you that means going back on a promise I made to someone, Leonard." Bruce explained carefully. Samson came to a Halt. "Not that I'm reneging!" Bruce added quickly. "Just keep that in mind. I'm asking you for a little discretion here." "I understand." Samson said, and continued walking once more. "So who was it?" Samson asked with the enthusiasm of a gossip monger. "Blonsky, Marko...?" "If only." Bruce sighed dejectedly. "His name is Christopher O'Mally." Samson halted once more, his brow furrowed. He gently placed the Hulk on his feet and steadied him. "Who?" "He's a mutant. He may be the most powerful mutant that has ever existed." Bruce explained. "What's the nature of his power?" Samson asked. "Vastly augmented musculature, with correspondingly vast strength." Bruce continued. He felt his own strength surging back to full and stretched his arms and shook out the rapidly dissipating aches caused by overexerting himself against Samson. "He can also generate some kind of elastic molecular cohesion fields, but it's a minor ability compared to his strength." "Why have I never heard of him?" Samson inquired. "He's just a kid, barely eighteen years old. His abilities have only recently manifested themselves." Bruce explained as he continued on toward Northwind, Samson fell into step beside him. "You mean there's high-school aged guy running around out there with enough muscle to go toe to toe with the Hulk." Samson asked in amazement. "More than enough." Bruce confirmed gravely. "In raw power, he's even further beyond the Hulk than the Hulk is beyond the average human. That's why what I plan to do here at Northwind is so important. There is simply no one on the planet capable of containing him." "Well," Samson grinned. "Recent developments may have changed that." He added, bouncing his pecs cockily. "Emphasis on the 'may have'." Bruce answered. "I don't think it's wise to take the kid on with anything less than the absolute maximum amount of power we can muster." "I think I've just proven that I am the maximum amount of power we can muster." Samson responded. Bruce shook his head. "Leonard, as I've told you, I've developed new techniques that will enhance the gamma-augmentation process. In conjunction with the Hulk's more powerful base-line strength, this will assure that performing the procedure on me will yield the best results." "Well, I'm certainly up for applying your new protocols to boost my own augmentation, but I'm not convinced that you are a good candidate." Samson shook his head. "The bottom line is still this, Bruce; You've had too many relapses - too many long periods of having no control over the Hulk. It would be irresponsible of me to allow you to exponentially increase the amount of destruction the Hulk is capable of." We don’t have time to argue about this Leonard, I’ve got technicians and specialists on the way to Northwind right now to help me configure the gamma-scope’s collector in order to implement the new protocols. On top of all that, Chris has taken it into his head that he’s going to become some kind of real-life comic book superhero and the kid has got a major chip on his shoulder. He might mean well, but he lacks the temperament to wield that kind of power. I’ve convinced him to hold off until we’re sure what the extent of his strength is. So far I haven’t been able to ascertain his limits, if he has any. Samson crossed his arms, intrigued. “Really? What kind of tests have you been doing with him.” “None with any scientific rigor. Basically I’ve just been sparring with him as the Hulk. So far it’s all just a stalling tactic until I can find a way to counter his power and keep him in check. But he’s pushed me beyond even the Hulk’s ability to quickly recover several times. If you rile him up, he’s not above meting out punishment as he sees fit. He’s quickly becoming a law unto himself. The last thing the world needs is his type of vigilantism with that much power behind it.” Bruce pressed his hands into the small of the Hulk’s back, stretched and grimaced. “I’ve got to get back and do what I can to keep him in line until things are ready here at Northwind.” “I think I should go with you.” Samson offered, too eagerly for Bruce’s liking. Suddenly an idea occurred to Bruce. Samson was fascinated by a couple of things currently. One was the idea of testing himself against Chris, (which Bruce was determined to prevent, as learning that his mutant status had been revealed to yet another person might send Chris off the deep end) the other was further enhancing his own strength with the new gamma infusion process that Bruce was intent on implementing with the Hulk. Bruce decided to use one desire against the other. “Leonard, the kid trusts me and that’s one of the precious few reasons I have any influence over him at all. Besides, since I need to get back to New Mexico and keep him entertained, I need someone I can trust here to manage Northwind and keep the project on track.” Samson’s eyes narrowed as he listened. “As we’ve already established, I’m no physicist.” “But you are good with people. You know how to motivate and manage conflicts.” Bruce pointed out. Bruce suspected that Samson knew full well that he was being manipulated. But he also knew full well that Samson would take the first opportunity that presented itself to subject himself to Bruce’s new gamma infusion process. And the best way to get that chance was to be on top of everything that was happening at Northwind. Manipulation or not, Samson wasn’t going to pass that opportunity up. Samson grinned knowingly and slapped Bruce on the back just a little too hard. “Anything I can do to help out, Bruce.” The Hulk stumbled forward under the impact and Samson shoved to keep the Hulk moving along as he fell in step beside him. As they both headed back to Northwind, Samson decided to gather as much information about Chris as he could on the way. “So, Bruce. Before you leave, I want to hear everything you can tell me about young Mr. O’Mally.” Part 5 The Incredible Hulk slammed into the pale-colored sand. His broad back absorbed the brunt of the impact. His lungs felt as though though they had just exploded with the force of it. As he momentarily lay flat on his back, he clawed up hand-fulls of the white gypsum sand, squeezing it in his hands before forcing himself to scramble back up onto his feet. Fighting on this stuff was proving even worse than fighting on concrete or bedrock. At least those things would shatter upon impact, dispersing the energy. Hitting these dunes seemed to reflect every erg of impact energy directly back into his massive body. He cast anxious glances all around, trying to locate his opponent. Maybe an eye-full of the stuff might slow the kid down. He thought better of that as he let the sand sift away through his thick, green fingers. Such a dirty tactic might only make things worse for him if it ticked Chris off. The Hulk had no idea how far across the desert that last punch had hurled him. He’d blacked out a little. His phenomenal healing rate had brought him back to consciousness in a fraction of a second but even so, he’d been aware of tumbling through the air for an unsettling amount of time before crashing down amid the dunes. A sonic boom rolled across the desert. The Hulk scanned the sky expectantly with superhumanly keen eyes and found what he was looking for. A few miles away, he could make out Chris as the teen hurtled skyward in a straight line, his head swiveling in search of the Hulk. Apparently the kid had lost track of his sparring partner. The Hulk saw Chris make his position and grin. He strongly suspected that when the young man fell back to earth after his faster-than-sound leap, another would carry him to the Hulk’s position in short order. Bruce Banner, whose mind was currently ascendant in the powerful body of the Hulk, looked around in vain for some kind of cover. Finding none, he decided that a leap of his own was probably the best way to keep himself out of Chris’s reach and buy a few moments to catch his breath and think. He watched carefully as Chris slowed to a stop and then began to plummet back to the ground. At the moment just before he began to accelerate downward, Chris pointed directly at the Hulk, smirked and then pounded his right fist into the palm of his left hand. A full second later, Bruce felt the compression wave from the power of that gesture of intimidation, even at this distance. Expecting the kid to immediately launch himself into the air on a trajectory that would bring him down on the Hulk’s current position, Bruce decided not to be around when he arrived. As soon as Chris dropped out of sight behind the surrounding dunes, the Hulk launched himself into the air with the most powerful leap he could execute on a course at ninety degrees to the line between himself and where he’d lost sight of Chris. As he accelerated upward, Bruce turned his head to look in Chris’s direction. He didn’t like what he saw at all. “Damn it!” He cursed, then started pin-wheeling his massive, muscular arms, trying to reorient himself in midair, so that he could be as prepared as possible for what he knew was coming. Chris hadn’t jumped after all. Two giant fountains of white raced toward the Hulk across the dunes, one on each side of Chris as the boy sprinted across the desert, kicking up massive amounts or the white sand in his wake. His massive arms and legs were a blur of motion as they worked to propel his supremely muscular frame at a phenomenal speed. “He’s just too fast.” The Hulk lamented, knowing that as fast as he was moving, Chris was moving many times faster. He was going to be at the Hulk’s landing point waiting and there was no way the Hulk could stop himself. What was almost as unsettling as the powerful teen’s strength and speed was the way he was starting to out-think the brilliant physicist. Certainly, combat strategies weren’t Bruce’s strong suit, but the way Chris had just anticipated and countered his plan to leap out of reach left Bruce feeling that he was being toyed with on yet another level. As he fell to earth, Bruce tracked along as best he could, keeping Chris in sight as the kid overtook and passed him. Chris skidded to a stop then turned and with a big wolfish grin, struck one of those infernal muscle-man poses he was alway practicing, waiting for the Hulk at the exact spot where he was destined for impact. Bruce hated it when the cocky teen hit one of those ridiculous poses. He knew they had names but he’d never had the interest to learn any of them. The one Chris currently assumed prominently exposed his impossibly broad thick chest. At least this meant Bruce probably wasn’t in for a direct attack. Chris usually did the body-builder pose thing as a way to demonstrate how unmovable he was or how ineffectual the Hulk’s attacks were against his hyper-muscular body. Not that this isn’t going to hurt. Bruce acknowledged at the last second before he collided with Chris’s exposed torso with all the force of the Hulk’s mightiest leap. The Hulk’s massive frame slammed to an immediate bone-jarring stop against the massive shield-like muscles of Chris’s exposed chest. The young man didn’t move a millimeter as the booming thud of the collision rolled across the desert. A sound that started as a cry of pain and ended as a breathless wheeze was forced from the Hulk on impact. Before the stunned Hulk could start to slide downward after losing every iota of momentum to Chris’s immovable body, the teen brought his arms up and wrapped them around the Hulk, pinning him in place. “Going somewhere?” Chris taunted. “We had a deal. This session, you’re supposed to do more attacking and less evading. You’re the one who said I need more experience with hand-to-hand combat, right?” When the heavily breathing Hulk didn’t answer immediately Chris bear-hugged him a little more firmly. “Right?”, he repeated more forcefully. The Hulk began nodding frantically and gave Chris’s back two quick slaps as a way to indicate that he understood and for the boy to release him. Chris did so, and the Hulk stepped back wobbling a bit on his massive, but quivering legs. He stooped, placing his hands on his knees for a moment as he caught his breath. Bruce sometimes wished the Hulk’s healing ability wasn’t quite so effective. Maybe if the bruises, contusions and broken bones Chris dealt him didn’t fade so quickly the boy might have a better sense of how much damage he was capable of causing the Hulk. Then again, having to deal with such injuries in a prolonged manner might not be worth any compassion they might or might not engender. Bruce stood straight and stretched out the Hulk’s thickly muscled, aching body. He had indeed suggested sparring with Chris, hand-to-hand. But it was more a ruse to keep the young man occupied than a result of any real concern about his fighting technique. After all, what did skill matter when you were completely unstoppable. Bruce examined the massive eighteen-year-old as he stretched. Chris had taken to trying out different types of costuming as he eagerly prepared for his plan of assuming the life of a superhuman hero. Today he wore mid-thigh length, skin-tight shorts made from the same material as the Hulk’s nearly indestructible and remarkably elastic purple shorts. Today’s selection was jet-black, however. A gold infinity symbol inside a white circle was printed on both the front and back of the shorts. Bruce found the display of the symbol on the young man’s bulging crotch to be in bad form, but since there wasn’t a shirt to this particular costume, there weren’t really too many other places to display a logo. Bruce continued to stare in astonishment. No matter how many times he was confronted with it, Chris’s physique invariably left him bewildered. The kid was shorter than the Hulk and on one level seemed slighter somehow. His waist, wrists and ankles seemed no larger than anyone else his height, but those muscles! They were every bit as huge as the Hulk’s own and seemed even more impressive as the Hulk’s massive trunk and joints didn’t contrast so much with his great green musculature. Overall the kid looked more like Doc Samson. Bruce winced inwardly at the thought of Samson. He didn’t know how much longer he was going to be able to keep the psychiatrist away from Chris. He’d only managed to keep them apart this long by agreeing to put Samson in titular charge of the gamma-scope reconfiguration project at Northwind while Bruce was away keeping Chris occupied. He knew that Samson was angling for a way to make sure he was the subject of the full effect of the augmented gamma-scope enhancement and not the Hulk. It was the reason he couldn’t resist the offer to be involved with the project. Bruce still wasn’t sure how he would thwart Samson in this. He’d just have to cross that bridge when he came to it. Chris noticed Bruce staring, obviously lost in thought and not really paying attention to what he was looking at. There was something he didn’t like about how his reluctant mentor kept lapsing into such mysterious ruminations. Surely he knew better than to be up to something Chris wouldn’t like. He decided to snap Bruce out of it. He flexed the muscles of his upper legs. Already massive quads and hamstrings surged to a size that dwarfed even the Hulk’s once unmatchable leg muscles. Bruce gaped as Chris demonstrated the degree to which he could, when he wanted, flex his muscles to a magnitude that beggared comprehension. His train of thought totally derailed, Bruce turned his attention to Chris’s face to find the boy staring at him impatiently. “Come on, big man.” Chris goaded as he raised his fists in front of himself like a boxer. “Let’s get back to it.” Bruce knew better than to hold back. Sometimes it was hard for the kid to tell, but if he suspected that the Hulk wasn’t coming at him with everything he had, he got down-right mean. Bruce didn’t want anything to do with Chris’s mean-streak. Hoping against all reason that surprise might gain him some small edge, Bruce lunged at Chris before he had even finished his sentence. Massive green knuckles thundered against Chris’s densely muscled abdomen driven by a punch that would have obliterated granite. Bruce gritted his teeth against the pain of the recoil as the force of his own punch nearly broke his arm. Chris just chuckled. “Good one. Didn’t even get a chance to flex down.” Bruce didn’t let up, moving with speed surprising for the Hulk’s size, he whirled and brought his elbow crashing into Chris’s Jaw. He quickly followed through turning until he was facing Chris again, he then grabbed Chris by the kid’s shoulders and using that leverage, pulled his knee up into Chris’s abs, hammering them again, before pushing off to reestablish some space between the two of them. The knee the Hulk had driven into Chris’s abs almost gave out and Bruce cried out in pain as he forced his leg to hold his weight against the throbbing pain of his deeply bruised joint until it healed. Chris sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t see the point of this. Why do I need to learn how to defend myself against punches that I barely notice.” The Hulk raised his hand trying to placate Chris until he caught his breath fully. But the kid’s impatience only seemed to grow. “If the Hulk himself can’t even land a punch on me without breaking something then I think I might be ready to take on a super-bad-guy or two, easy. What are we wasting time here for?” Wincing, Bruce approached Chris, his limp decreasing with each step. “I’m not really the measure of the kind of power you might find yourself up against. The Hulk is never at full strength with me in control.” “I know that.” Chris agreed,testily. He grabbed Bruce roughly, clamping his powerful hands around the Hulk’s thick upper arms, Chris hoisted him off his feet and shook Bruce to emphasize his every word as he continued. “But big green and stupid won’t come out and play anymore, will he?” Chris shook Bruce harder with each word, as though he was trying to shake loose the Savage Hulk persona inside of him.” Chris dropped Bruce back to the ground as a child would discard a toy with which he had grown tired. “Besides, I’ve already proved that I could handle everything he could throw at me so again, I’m asking what you think this is accomplishing?” Bruce hesitated as he got his argument in order in his head. “Once people hear about you - once they see you in action, word is going to get around. Believe me, I know what it’s like to have every character with biceps bigger than his own head gunning for you.” “Sounds like fun.” Chris grinned, cracking his knuckles. “THEN I’M NOT GETTING THROUGH!” Bruce shouted, getting in Chris’s face. He was taking a big chance, but the kid’s inexperience was really his only weakness - the only thing that Bruce could exploit. To Bruce’s relief the kid narrowed his eyes but didn’t retaliate. He had Chris’s attention. “There are guys out there who make the Hulk look like a creampuff.” Bruce declared, lowering his voice only slightly. “Yeah, I’m one of ‘em.” Chris responded even while not quite coming out of the cowed state that Bruce’s shouting had placed him in. “Yeah, you are, but what happens when you go up against the Gladiator? Or the Champion? Never heard of them? You might want to Google ‘em. Or any number of the true bad-asses out there that not only have ridiculous power at their disposal, but know how to use it?” Bruce threw his hands in the air and stalked away from Chris. “But fine! I thought you were through getting your ass handed to you at every turn in life, but if you are determined to let it happen again then fine! You are on your own.” Bruce stood with his back to Chris, waiting to see if the kid was going to buy in. This tactic was one Samson had worked out with him after Bruce had given the psychiatric specialist his best profile of Chris’s personality. Samson suggested the tactic as a last ditch effort if Chris started getting restless or impatient with Bruce’s stalling. And it worked. “Alright.” Chris declared from behind Bruce. “I guess you know more about this stuff than I do, so I’ll take your advice on it.” Bruce turned to look at Chris, but said nothing, pretending to consider whether or not to continue “helping” the younger man. “Good.” he finally answered. Chris flashed a grin. Then he was on Bruce, lifting the Hulk into the air by the throat. “Just wish you weren’t such a wimp!” He declared as he pulled back his right arm in preparation. The Hulk had just enough time to take in the spectacular view of that mountainous biceps flexing up as Chris bent his arm. The teen might have bought Bruce’s line, but he was going to make the man regret raising his voice to him. The punch the boy then dealt the Hulk snuffed out the brute’s consciousness for nearly a full day, depositing him somewhere in the badlands of eastern Arizona.
  11. Emil


    My health had been in decline for a number of years. A combination of daily stress, my mother passing away, my finances, PTSD, and my general future overall helped to erode my wellness. I was also battling some depression and anxiety so a therapist I was visiting prescribed medication. This plus the meds I was already prescribed by my general doctor for cholesterol, and blood pressure made me feel like a pill-popping loser. A friend of mine suggested I get back to a regular workout regimen which amounted to walking or running and free weights. He said it would help fight depression, and lower my blood pressure. I nodded and did what I normally do when someone makes a suggestion, place it in the back of mind and forget about doing it until much later. Well, that time had come. I was sick of feeling like hammered dog poo. I was going to go back to the gym one way or the other. The last time I stepped into a gym to be totally honest a certain actor turned politician had been President. Having been away from a workout joint was a bit strange. Part of me remembered from long ago the feeling of impotence working out on Nautilus machines and free weights while men and women with picture perfect physiques worked out. I was scrawny, skinny and lean back then and my workout t-shirt, shorts, and tube socks made me appear downright dorky. The floor to ceiling mirrors plastered all over my old gym didn't help. I hated looking at my reflection, especially when a muscle god or goddess sauntered by. I felt out of place back then and now that I was about to begin anew those feelings resurfaced. The place was titled Gym Tonic. I decided this was going to be my gym and dammit I was going to do what I should've done so long ago, workout on a regular basis and get fit. Gym Tonic was a decent sized place. The open floor plan allowed anyone entering to see virtually the entire facility. Rows of gleaming machines, stationary bikes, and treadmills were neatly divided on one side of the cavernous interior. Racks of free weights, barbells, and dumbells lined up on the other. The only difference between this gym and my old one were things like the interior color palette; gone were the muted pastel colors, grays, and neon lights. Now they were bold red, steel gray and black. Gone too were the piped-in pop songs from bands like Tears For Fears and 'Til Tuesday. Now it was from artists like Ariana Grande, Meek Mill, Halsey, and Kanye West. I had the chance to sign up for either 6 months or 1-year membership. I went for the year-long one and handed the form with my credit card to a black guy named Troy who was working the front desk. Troy and his 5% body fat muscled physique were a good enough advertisement for this place while at the same time reminding guys like me that we would never look as good, not in a million years. Another guy took his place at the desk while Troy gave me a quick tour of the place. The place was super clean and maintained. There were a fair number of people spread out evenly amongst the machines and free weight area. A couple of bald muscleheads groaning and sweating through some intense heavyweight repetitions, a few women on the treadmills, and a couple of guys my age looking pitiful on the "Nautilus" machines. Then I caught my reflection in one of the huge mirrors. The mirror of shame, the mirror of truth, the godawful reflection staring back. I just rolled my eyes and followed Troy as we went to the men's locker room where he gave me a key for my own space and a quick look-see at the showers, and hot-tubs. He made a few jokes and asked me if I had any questions as we walked out of the area back to the main floor. I think I asked about the the hours of operation and how late the place was open during Friday and Saturday nights. He was in the middle of telling me as we began to pass the free weight area and the mirrors of shame when I spotted someone who nearly made me stop dead in mid-stride. I did a double take at what I saw and nearly tripped. I think I was just beginning to ask Troy another question but the words had trouble forming. My mind was both flustered, disjointed, and downright confused as I laid eyes upon the reason for my upset. A creature of both beauty and brawn the likes of which I had never seen before. I only had a second or two to take in the magnificent form of this person before bumping into Troy's back. I said an apology to Troy for my clumsiness as I looked over my right shoulder to steal a quick peek of the mysterious person. It was like looking into the sun. It was that brief but in that instant "he or she" locked eyes with me. My mind was in meltdown and a weird warm feeling rose from my abdomen, neck, and cheeks. I saw the face of a girl or a girl like a face atop a massively muscled sculptured physique. A very loose black tank top draped a torso that screamed perfection. Two beefy bulbous pecs like armored slabs topped with large areolae and nipples jutted out like the prow of a mighty battleship. So it was a "he". The wideness of his shoulders and back, those rounded segmented delts crowned biceps/triceps that looked like hams. This creature's forearms were like steel cables clustered and bound together. Veins that appeared like roads and rivers covered those insane arms. The tank top only revealed this top of the first abdominal muscles but they looked like silver ingots. His waist and hips were incredibly narrow before fanning out too long legs that were akin to mighty oaks. Those glutes were jaw dropping and his calves pointed diamond shaped muscle. I dared give much thought to what lay under those small black shorts. My intuition or imagination told me that it was something incredible, something dormant yet powerful like a volcano. That warm feeling within me got a few degrees hotter. I quickly tried to shake those thoughts away. They were unnatural I reasoned. His physique wasn't the only assault upon my sensibilities. This physical specimen possessed a face that did not go with the body. That clash of face and body caused me to stumble. To say that this young man or male had a beautiful face sounded strange. Shouldn't it be a handsome face? But it wasn't just handsome it was more. It was cute, beautiful, and his dark brown eyes were looking right at mine. His face reminded me of someone. I tried to think who exactly but couldn't come up with a name. I looked away and saw that Troy was near to the front desk. How long had I been staring? I was embarrassed. I must've made a fool of myself looking. I took one more look. His massive sting-ray shaped back was turned to me and apparently, he was putting some weights back when Tony asked me how everything looked. “This place is great. I look forward to working out here Tony. Thanks for the tour,” I said. Just as was leaving the front entrance I looked back one last time. He was nowhere to be seen. I thought perhaps he went to the men's locker room and showers. As I made my way into the parking lot to my car the thought of him taking a shower made my own organ tent up. I started my car and shook my head trying to get rid of that image. Who was this person and why did he have such a sudden hold of my thoughts. I had been a member of Gym Tonic for a week and a half. My schedule wasn't very consistent. Sometimes I went during the late afternoons, other times at night. The mystery male had yet to make a presence since that first night. Every time I went I was both anxious, tense, and a bit afraid when I arrived. When I saw that he wasn't present I relaxed and went about my routine. Speaking about the routine I was happy to see that I was finally settling into one after so much time away. I chatted with a few people who were regulars. I even inquired with one of the regular male bodybuilders about the stranger. To my surprise, he claimed to have seen him the previous night. A night which I could not make of course. This bodybuilder named Bob told me how he saw this guy doing an insane amount of weight without anyone spotting him. He apparently worked out alone. I asked Bob if he knew this guy's name. He thought for a minute but couldn't quite remember other than it sounded European. Oh, and that he was perhaps from Denmark or something. He wasn't quite sure. Bob mentioned the stranger had a reputation though. One of Bob's friends supposedly heard from a friend at another gym that the "Scandinavian guy" was something of a man-whore and who fucked anyone he wanted. He also claimed the guy was insanely strong. As I sat on a bench listening to Bob my shorts got a bit strained but quickly realized that 3rd party stories or rumors were usually 95% rubbish. I tried to picture the face I saw with the rumors. Yeah, they had to be made up. After a month and a half of working out, I felt better than I ever did for years. The stranger was still absent. I was filled with a bit of renewed confidence in my self and abilities. That's when I made my first mistake. It was a Friday night workout and I was exercising my chest and shoulders. The place was nearly empty. Foolish me thought I was good enough to wander a bit from the suggested weights Troy had made to me earlier. I was overconfident and added a bit more weight to the bench press. Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained right? Wrong. Even as I began my first repetition I realized I may have placed too much on the bar. My mind reasoned “May have” as to mean “maybe yes, maybe no”. Either way after three reps my exertion was quickly emptying my reserves of strength. Okay, all I have to do is push really hard and get the bar close to the stops. Those notches on the tops of the bench press structure looked miles away from my vantage point. Laying on my back with a bar and weight that was getting heavier by the second. I said to myself, push with your feet and arms. Ready, set, man the bar is getting unsteady. Have I aged this much? I remember when I was so much younger that this wouldn't have been much of a problem. Oh, who was I kidding? Even way back then this weight would've been an issue. I sudden;t realized that I was the only one in the free weight area. Great! Not one person to spot me if I need help. Shouting for help would make me look like a weakling, a dumb novice. I couldn't do that it would be embarrassing. Man, this thing is heavy! Quick one more push now! Use up all the reserves of strength! If I can just keep this damn thing level. Hell, my arms are shaking. Come on legs help me push this thing up so it doesn't flatten my chest. The song Cerebral by Boys Noize began to play over the speakers. Okay ready, let's push on the count of three,....one, two, three! Hello, arms? Hello, muscle? Can you hear me?! I said push dammit push! My eyes closed, my face no doubts beet red from exertion when suddenly the enormous weight felt like a feather. Clunk! The bar was back on its rest. I opened my eyes taking a deep breath. Whaaaa...? There he was peering down upon me over his huge pecs with a smile. One of his hands gripping the bar "You shouldn't do that much weight. You'll hurt yourself. Try smaller weights. At your age, you want to build strength not mass." Did he just speak? My head was spinning. I closed and opened my eyes and he was gone. I sat up and saw him standing a few feet away. This time I took him all in. His short cinnamon-colored hair, piercing brown eyes, and serious dark eyebrows accentuated his slight feminine face. There wasn't a hint of body hair on his chest or legs. He had flawless skin. Did he have freckles across his nose? This creature couldn't possibly be real. He wore the same gym outfit as the one before. A torn vintage Dep Leppard t-shirt turned tank top draped over an incomparable torso. Yes, something quite mighty was harnessed under those shorts. Great, I was getting a hard-on. Whether he noticed or not he didn't let it be known. I wasn't sure what to say to him/her,.....it was a guy right? My sexuality was under major assault at the moment. “Thanks, I needed some help. Thanks for showing up. I was afraid I was going to have to shout for some assistance,” I said. "You're welcome," he answered with a nod. “My name's Paul,” I extended a hand still sitting down not wishing to stand yet. “I'm Aras,” he firmly took my hand. "Well, Aras thanks," "Don't mention it, Paul," Aras' voice wasn't deep nor was its high pitch. It's tone interestingly enough had something of a calming effect. I was sure I had seen his face before. It was on the tip of my tongue but the harder I tried to remember the more the answer retreated into the dark of my mind. “Look this might sound strange but I know you from somewhere. I've seen you someplace before,” I tried to explain. He chuckled causing his muscles to tense, “I get that a lot from people. They say I've seen you or I've met you before. I suppose I've just got that face I suppose,” he shrugged. Aras went to his locker and I had decided that it was time to leave. I didn't wish to hang around waiting for him as that would appear a bit strange. I said goodnight to Troy and headed out to the parking lot. That's when I spotted the flat on my SUV's rear left tire. “Wonderful,” I grumbled. Well, my options were phone AAA as I was a member or change the flat myself. I had only changed a tire once before years ago on a '64 Ford Galaxie. My vehicle now was a Toyota Land Cruiser, much heavier and much larger. I retrieved the jack and began to take the spare tire from its mount when I heard a voice behind me. “Uh oh, you have a flat huh?” It was Aras. He was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie sweatshirt. His breath forming clouds of vapor as his hands were stuffed in his sweatshirt pockets. "Yeah got a flat. Wouldn't you figure? This day has turned out to be a dandy I'll tell ya." “I'd be happy to help,” Aras answered taking his hands out from his pockets. “I appreciate that. Let me just get the jack and set it up,” I said. “No need,” Aras replied with a smile. “What do you mean?” With that, he walked up the rear of the Land Cruiser, knelt down a bit and placed his right hand under the bumper. I honestly had no idea what he was planning to do. Certainly, it couldn't be what I was thinking, he couldn't possibly be serious. Without any apparent exertion upon his face, he hoisted the back of the SUV until both tires were off the ground. “Holy sh,....,” I muttered. “Go ahead I won't drop it. This is easier than using the jack,” he explained. “Are you sure?” Aras then pumped the Toyota up and down a few feet to prove he could hold it. I was astounded. He was holding up the back end of a truck weighing 5,700 lbs! I got to work immediately on the removing the flat. The car creaked and occasionally groaned as I worked the lugnuts off. He could drop the SUV right on top of me if he wanted to. How in the world was it possible for a human being to be this strong? “How's it coming down there?” he asked. "Almost done. Uh, you're not getting tired are you?" I inquired half-jokingly. “Not at all,” he sniffed. He had calmly held the SUV up for nearly 10 minutes before I said, "Ok, the new tire is on." With that Aras gently lowered the Toyota back on the ground with his one hand. He finished by dusting his hands off. I noticed that he wasn't even breathing heavy. He pulled the hood back. Not one sign of exertion on his face. I extended my hand to and he took it. The same hand he just used to hoist the back end of a big SUV off the ground like it was a toy. “You know I'm not even gonna ask how you did that, but I do have to ask one question,” I said putting the tire iron back in the rear compartment. “Shoot,” he said. "With your strength why are you working out in a gym? All the weight in there is peanuts for someone like you," I inquired hoping I didn't overstep any boundary in doing so. "To be honest you're right. Basically, I go to gyms to meet people. Some go to grocery stores, others go to bars or clubs, or even libraries to meet people. I go to gyms," Aras shrugged. Fair enough I thought. Would he mind if I asked him to move something else? “I totally understand Aras. Listen would you mind if I hired you to move some bulky heavy items on my property? I know it sounds a bit strange. I'd pay you of course,...” “Sure, Paul I'd be happy to help no problem. We can work on the price later. Can I ask for a favor from you?”, Aras looked up at the night sky as it began to sprinkle cold rain. “Can I get a lift to my place?” "Yeah, of course, hop in," I motioned wiping my hands with a small rag. The Toyota seemed to lean a bit when he sat in the vehicle. Made me wonder how much Aras weighed. Well with all that muscle I gathered he was clearly no lightweight. He didn't say much during the drive and his directions led to a street near downtown. “You can pull up to the beige building on the right,” Aras motioned. His place turned out to be a Youth Hostel. He got out, grabbed his gym bag and leaned into the vehicle, "What time shall I come out Paul?" I handed him my business card with my home address and number written upon the back, "How about 11 a.m.? Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow morning?" “No, I can get a ride no problem but maybe you can drive me back if that's okay with you,” Aras inquired. "Okay sounds good. Thanks, Aras see you tomorrow." “Bye,” he waved. I watched him briefly from behind walking up the steps to the hostel. Even dressed in sweats his physique spelled muscle-beast. No amount of clothing could hide that insane body. The entire drive back to my home I kept thinking how easily he had lifted my SUV. Just a toy I thought. Did it make Aras hard lifting it? What could this kid, or young man do if he got angry? Stay on his good side I decided. Aras arrived right on time. His ride drove him down my long driveway to the front of my home. I let him inside and we shook hands. Was he wearing eyeliner? Aras wore shorts, sneakers, and a green shirt that whose length ended just above his "innie". His light-colored beige shorts were bursting at their seams. Aras possessed a spectacular chest to waist/hip ratio. I gave him a quick tour of my home as we made our way to the back deck and property. "Wow, this is like a huge mansion. Very nice place, "he smiled. "Yeah, it is. I just managed to get it just how I like it. All the remodeling and renovation is finally over," I replied. “Is this your wife and children?” he pointed to a photograph of my ex Karen and two daughters. “Yeah, we're divorced. We share the kids, I get them one weekend a month,” I replied. “It's hard on the kids,” “Did your parents divorce?” “No, I'm an orphan. Never knew my parents,” With that, I led him out onto the deck which was bathed in sunshine. “Is all this yours?” he pointed out to the vast property. “Sure is, come on follow me,” We walked out past the line of mown grass to an old tree. “This is a chestnut tree. I reckon it's over 90 years old but it got zapped last month during a bad storm. I'm about to call a crew out to have it taken down so-” “You want me to do it instead?”, Aras added his hands upon his hips. "I'll give you 350.00. Just make sure when you chainsaw it lands that way," I motioned to the northwest. Aras smiled and squinted looking up at the 85-foot tree carcass. “Paul, you didn't have me come out to use a chainsaw did you?” I felt a lump in my throat. “Well, I wasn't completely sure-” "You wanted to see me use my bare hands. Trust me I can do it easily. I don't need a noisy chainsaw. Just stand back okay?" He took off his shirt. For the first time, I got to see his naked torso. My shorts began to tent as he handed me his top. I felt weak at the knees. Accentuate everything I had noticed on him back at Gym Tonic and increase x10. He was cut and every slight movement striated criss-cross muscle to pop up. His concave abs were unreal segmented armor plate. Just an orphan I thought. He walked around the tree once and looked in the direction it was to fall. Aras walked around and planted himself with his back facing me. He squatted slightly and the seams of his shorts were close to ripping apart. His back, lats, hamstrings, and calves were the stuff of legend. Aras wrapped his arms around the tree in a sort of bear hug. I heard a slight grunt. Nothing happened. Poor guy. Oh, well he tried. Suddenly there was the sound of muffled popping and cracking sounds. I looked at the top of the tree and it was wiggling. A loud crack sounded. Whoa, what in the world? His back muscle knotted and seemed to expand. I couldn't believe it. I think he was actually lifting the tree up from the ground. FWACK! Muffled cracking sounds resounded as he hoisted not only the trunk but root system as well. Dirt flew in every direction. I should've gotten my camera. Too late now. Aras carried the tree several steps forward, set it down vertically and let gravity do the rest after a gentle push with his finger. FWUMP! The chestnut tree was split into two massive trunks each with its own large limbs and branches. He bent down and placed one hand underneath one trunk while placing his other on top. I witnessed his muscle tense for a brief second before a loud snap. Aras had broken the trunk off from the main base as if were a matchstick. The limbs were rendered quickly thereafter before he turned his attention to the other major portion of the tree. I was shocked, to say the least. He had broken the chestnut tree down in minutes with his bare hands. If he could break trunks, and limbs so easily imagine what he could do to a person's bones. Aras wasn't finished yet. Having ripped the roots away he propped up the massive main trunk vertically. The bifurcated trunk portions had been torn away leaving what was left to form a chunky Y-shape that was as tall as he. Aras grabbed hold of the inner portions of the trunk where it began to split off. He was attempting to pull the thing apart! I saw his lip tighten slightly and his pecs suddenly grow striated muscle and veins appearing. His entire torso began to have the hint of sweat. There was a slight cracking sound. His brown eyes narrowed and they suddenly locked onto mine. A slight smile grew across his face. SNAAAAAP! Aras let the two ripped halves fall. His chest glistening in the sun. Every vein over his entire body stood up. This kid, guy, young man whatever was simply unearthly. He walked back brushing himself off. Not a scratch on him. Aras' face still as beautiful as ever. The small signs of exertion had already disappeared. However, something not so small had awakened in his shorts. I gulped and tried not to stare. “How was that?” he beamed. “Speechless to be honest,” “It was easy. Got anything else you want me to remove?” “Actually yes, but before I show you are you thirsty? “I could use some water,” he answered looking over at my pool. “Sure no problem I'll go get a bottle.” I was pulling out a large bottle from the refrigerator when I heard a splash outside. I grabbed a towel and walked out to find Aras standing waist high near the shallow end slicking his hair back. The water beading off from his skin, his thick nipples diamond hard. I nearly tripped. His shorts were on the concrete. That meant he was- “I hope you don't mind. I just had to cool off really quick,” How could I possibly say no to that face and body? Wait this was wrong, all wrong. What was I doing? I just hired Aras to remove a tree, not get into bed with him! My mind wandered elsewhere. It was trying to picture the thing between his legs. Aras must've had the need to cool off because splitting that chestnut tree made him hard. Did that mean doing feats of strength got him off? I was getting hard. I placed the water bottle down on the patio table and sat on a chair under the umbrella. "Paul, can you throw me the bottle?" “Why don't you come and get it?”, I replied. Oh, man did I really just say that. What's the matter with me? He smirked and stepped out from the pool. My heart nearly stopped. I shouldn't have been so surprised after all the signs were there. He had been hiding something but I had never actually seen one like this. This thing was obscenely huge. Like a whopping big pork loin hanging down more than halfway down his herculean glutes. Uncut his foreskin hung at least a half inch from the tip. A beast of a dick. Speaking about hanging his balls hung heavily like two cue balls in a sock. The only hair was a small landing strip. Everywhere else was as smooth as a baby's bottom. He walked to within two feet of me and picked up the bottle taking a sip. Was there any shrinkage from the cool water? How long had I been staring? “Thanks for the water Paul,” he said. I looked up at him and he winked before returning to the pool. Good thing my closest neighbor is over a mile away. I cleared my throat and watched him to a backstroke. "This water feels great. Why don't you let your inhibitions down and hop in? I promise I won't bite," he grinned. “Have you done this before?” “What's that?” “Seduce people,” I replied. He got out of the pool and took his time toweling off, taking a few extra moments to dry his prodigious meat and potatoes. Aras walked over to where his shorts lay His flesh log wobbling around with every step. How many partners had he utterly dominated with that thing? That thing coupled with his physical strength. I got a bit dizzy. “Don't we all Paul?” he said putting his shorts back on. Aras took his meatball and balls and arranged them in his shorts before zipping them up. “Perhaps. Can I ask how old you are?” I inquired. He smiled and answered, “Old enough. How old are you?” “Too old.” “Oh? You don't look it.” “My mother's genes I suppose.” “Do you feel young?” he asked slipping on his sneakers. “I don't feel my age if that's what you mean.” “Then you'd agree that age is just a mind game. Why get so turned around and twisted over a number? Act the age you feel.” “Well at some point it has to matter.” “If you don't feel like your age then don't. You're 37 right?” "Hehe, nice try I'm 51 but thanks for the compliment." “Really you're 51? Well like I said you don't look it.”, Aras said. “And you?” “Take a guess.” "19," I said. “Yep.” I gave him a tour of my back property in one of my restored vehicles; a candy apple red 1961 Ford F250. He looks out eyes wide open as if he was on some safari. I couldn't help looking sideways at his body. He wasn't wearing his shirt and his shorts were hiked up around his massive thighs. Of course, his manhood making a hefty basket of the cotton material. “How many acres do you own?”, Aras asked. “Over 450. Quite something eh?” “So much,” he replied. “We're coming up on your next challenge in the next clearing up ahead. The truck bounced along a small trail through the woods before opening into a small field. Right smack in the middle of the clearing sat an oblong granite boulder. "Well, this is it. You see how it's resting," I pointed. “Yeah, I'd say most of it is underground resting like this,“ he motioned with his hand showing the boulder at a reclining position. “There are other boulders scattered around but nearly all of them are in wooded areas. I figured these are glacier rocks,” I surmised. “Left over from the last Ice Age right?” “Yeah deposited here as the glaciers retreated I suppose,” Aras walked around the exposed boulder the size of a VW Bus touching it, running his hand over its rough surface. “It's gotta weigh over a ton maybe more,” I shrugged. “How much to move it?” he asked. “Well, if you can do it I'll give you 600.00,” I offered. “Where do you want it placed? “Well if you can do it, you can roll it into that wooded corner,” I pointed. “600 and you want it over there?” "Right, but if you can't it's no big deal. This thing is rooted in the ground and has been for a few thousand years. An excavating company with a 'dozer will probably have to do the job." “I can do it no problem. You won't have to call anyone Paul.” This teenager was quite sure of himself. Part of me doubted he'd be able to do it. A dead tree was at best iffy but a boulder weighing a few tons stuck into the earth was a whole different story. “Are you really sure you can do it? I don't want you to hurt yourself Aras,” I admitted. “The thing that's going to be hurt is this rock's pride. You'll see.” It was going to be an epic battle between a geological artifact and raw teen muscle power. Could this beautiful specimen win? I got my camera out to film the undertaking. The oblong rock afforded a decent area to get under. Aras took his sneakers off, stretched, and placed his hands under the overhang. Then with a slight grunt, he began to push. I could see the balls of his feet pressing into the grass and dirt. Every muscle tensed, every fiber flexed. Then he stopped. “It's too much huh. I thought so,” I nodded. “I'm just getting started. Don't give up on me yet,” he shook a finger. He then went to one side of the overhang and pushed. His tight half moon shaped ass facing me as his feet dug into the ground. His mighty back and lats doubling up ever so briefly. He stopped again before going to the opposite side and repeated the same routine. Now I could see what he was trying to do. Aras was attempting to loosen the vice-like grip the earth had upon the boulder by wiggling it, like a bad tooth. His brief grunts continued as he pulled down on the overhang, and pushed. All the while rotating his position to attack all sides of the massive rock. I felt a fresh breeze come over me from behind. The afternoon had been hazy and still up until this moment. That's when I looked to the west and northwest and could see distant clouds building. I turned back to Aras and his body glistened with sweat. I wondered how long he could go at this. He had finished that huge tree in less than half an hour. This rock however looked to be a bit more trouble. He pulled down his lats exploding sweat dripped from his forehead. That's when I saw the giant rock move. The continual onslaught of Aras' pushing and pulling was having an effect. My cock twitched. The look on the teen's face was one of absolute concentration and determination. His hands gripped granite like a pair of vices. Pushing, pulling rocking, his feet dug small trenches into the earth. Aras twisted his muscled body this way and that. Hard pecs and nipples rubbed rough granite. He was winning. Another fresh breeze brought relief but I'm sure Aras was too invested in his assault to notice. His khaki shorts were ripped and streaked with dirt. I then heard the first distant rumble of thunder. I turned to see that the west horizon had gone from a copper-white color to a chalky slate blue. A whopper of a storm was building but it was nothing compared to the tempest of muscle Aras was unleashing upon this massive rock. He pulled hard. That's when I saw something that caught me completely off guard. Not only had he managed to loosen the boulder from the earth's grip but in doing so he tipped the rock down causing the buried portion to rise up. A long gash of dirt and grass extending nearly 20 yards blossomed upward. Aras was forcing the rock long hidden for thousands of years to surface. It did in a muffled detonation of earth that flew everywhere. “Holy shit,” I said aloud. This giant boulder lay fully exposed to sunlight. The sucker was massive, some 30 yards in length. It was shaped like some elongated eggplant. “Well done Aras!” He smiled and waved his body streaked with clay, dirt, and black gray streaks. “You think you can roll it?” Another muffled rumble this time it sounded a bit closer than the last. Now the western sky had caught Aras' attention. “It's going to rain soon,” he pointed. “You don't have to do anymore. Forget about moving it,” I shouted as the wind began to pick up a bit. “No, a promise is a promise. You haven't seen anything yet,” he insisted. I had already filmed him rooting the thing from the dirt. There was no need to finish the task. What I saw next made my draw drop and my cock point up. Aras grabbed one end of the oblong object with both hands. Then he got under the rock pushing it up as he walked forward. Was he going to flip it end over end? Another boom resounded across the sky, this time it was associated with a small flash. Okay, now we really needed to think about getting back to the truck. “Aras that was lightning,” I shouted walking towards the pick-up. I stopped in mid-stride. The weather wasn't going to stop him. He had gotten to the middle portion of the boulder. Wait a minute, he wasn't trying to flip it end over end. He was trying to- BOOM! Lightning struck somewhere close maybe a mile or two from us. The sound of rolling thunder echoing overhead. Like the coming storm, the physical might of Aras was being demonstrated as the first spatter of cool rain fell. He squatted slightly and with a mighty heave held the giant stone aloft. Aras was triumphant with a smirk across his face. "Impossible! “, I yelled over the approaching storm the wind gaining momentum. He stood there for what seemed like minutes as if to say he had beaten the stone. I felt like beating something just looking at him. Aras held it high, turned away from me and actually threw the boulder into the woods resulting in a fantastic crash. A flash of lightning outlined his massively muscled frame and diamond hard ass. At that moment he seemed like an unstoppable giant. His thick pecs heaving, his fists clenched he turned back towards me. Those concave silver ingot like abdominals flexing and contracting. Who was this teen? Where did he come from? His monstrous organ hung out from his torn shorts. With a swipe of his hand, the shorts were ripped free from his body. His cock grew in size with every step. A beast of an organ as it quickly fattened up to half mast. Rain dripping from its turgid thickness. His heavy ball sack flopped lazily off of one muscled glute to the other. Finally, the titanic cum cannon stood at full salute resting between his muscled cleavage. His body wet with rain. Aras walked up to me. His eyes locked onto mine. “Paul, I told you not to give up on me. Now we'll finish what we started by the pool. Let go of your inhibitions,” he said grabbing me with one hand behind my head. Diary- I fucked him hard! Nearly tore him in half. I had a serious case of blue balls. Okay, okay when do I not have that but that first nut is such a relief. I figured I had him when I ripped that to pieces and then walked out of the pool with my junk in full view. He resisted but I could tell he wanted to touch my forbidden fruit. After I pulled that little rock out and tossed it I knew I had him. The look on his face! Awesome!!! He didn't know what to think! They never do. Like they're amazed and afraid. The temptation,......(you know what I mean). We got in the truck and he handled my cock (surprise!) like a pro. For a guy that looked conflicted about his sexuality, you'd never know it when he put his hands and mouth on my beef-bat. It was too big for him to swallow (nearly always is except for a few who have and you know who you are if you're reading this). I give Paul props for trying to get the head in his mouth but at least he got the tip in (a real trooper). Whatever it still felt awesome. Shit, did I nut! Paul actually swallowed a bunch of my jam (so did I yum!) I couldn't properly fuck him until we got back to his mansion because the pick-up is too tight. Shit, my muscle takes up over half of that cab. As soon as we got inside while like a tornado is raging outside (it was blowing!), my dick needed ass (bend over now!). We were in his kitchen, I pushed him against the marble counter, ripped off his shorts, and put it in. TIGHT! Virgin ass! Yes, yes my kryptonite! Shit, did he yell, buck, and scream and yeah there was some blood. I had to control myself which was hard, like really, really hard. I was only able to get a quarter of my cock in. I figure I'll train him good and get more inside eventually (I'm a great teacher). We fucked a lot more. His ex-wife must really miss Paul's cock. The guy has a fat 9-incher. He face-fucked me like a madman (I made it so sloppy:)). My ass loved it (nice thick fucker). Speaking of his ex, she's a hot MILF and his daughters,.....oh yeah. Funny thing is, his younger daughter is a fan of Harry Potter. She loves Hermione! No fucking way so do I! Shit, I remind people of that actor in the face. Let me put on my make-up, wig, and custom made school uniform (thanks Mimi). I'll be putting my big ass wand up her sweet peach. Leviosae baby! One way or the other I got Paul so I'll add him to my Fuck/Money Buddy list. He gave me an even 1,000 for my "work". I didn't want to break it to him that it was easy. Shit, if Paul knew what I can really do he'd shit his pants. Then again so would everyone. Gotta keep that a secret for as long as I can. Later diary!
  12. Please give me feedback! It will mean a lot! This growing superbeing thing is really different from my usual type of story (I still found this kind of hot when writing it) Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1556-my-dad-is-a-big-boy-re-post/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1560-my-dads-boy-is-a-big-boy/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1569-my-dads-boy-is-a-man/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1595-my-dad-is-a-secret-holder/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1596-my-dad-is-a-cum-fountain/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1606-my-dad-is-a-room-wrecker/ Part 7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5895-my-dad-is-a-psychic/ My Dad is a Genius I scratched my brain as I tried to collect the proper formula on the Chemistry homework he’d been given as work over spring break. I couldn’t decide which was the more confusing equation. The ones I’d been asked to form and solve both on paper and in a physical model or the fact that I’d been given homework on Spring Break in the first place. Of course, it was a pretty simple calculation when the homework was coming from Professor Halt. He’d been a hard ass all semester, giving a barrage of tests and project assessments as if he was never really sure how many knew the material. I was typically on the upper side of the class but not because I was really a brilliant mind or anything. Years of having to studying without help from my parent got me god studying skills to pass tests even when I didn’t understand something. Most people would call it abusing the American educational system but I called it survival. That rang just as true when against Professor Halt. Still, it was a | | night with me on the massive couch in the large mansion, my ears stuffed with loud music that was making it tough to really make many coherent thoughts. I was the kind who needed peace and quiet to really collect my thoughts. Some asshole on the internet had convinced me Mozart was good for stimulating the brain but what I was beginning to realize was the article didn’t indicate what volume you were supposed to listen at. My ears were blaring with violins and brass that blurred my numbers together like a Sudoku puzzle. No one would put themselves through torture like that unless it was to block out something. For some, its loud family members. For others, loud neighbors or sex noises. For me, it was all of the above tenfold. What does “tenfold” mean? Well, after dad discovered he was gaining powers, he and Jeff began playing around and trying to figure out what dad was able to do. His growing pains persisted but they began to show new things in exchange for size. When it began, Dad was able to hold almost as much weight as he could with his own hands and hover over the ground for a rough 3-5 minutes before he had a head ache each. But after only three days, he’d gained the power to lift tons of weight for more than 2 hours and fly several feet without using his telekinesis for another 4 hours! Thing is, after gaining powers like that, dad started getting inventive with his….. sexual desires. I’d generally come to accept that he and Jeff were growing men with desires I couldn’t fathom being bu a fraction of either of their sizes. But in exchange for that understanding, they took it as a sign that I’d be ok with whatever they did. At first, when dad was starting to get hungry for sex, he’d give Jeff a subtle look warning him and then they’d try to play it off. After dad’s powers grew, though, they started to get more feral and beastial with their mind blowing sex. Dad would do things at the dinner table like stuff one of his massive turkey legs into his mouth and tear at it like a beast while eyeing Jeff, who was receiving it approvingly. Since I was the shortest now among the three of us, it was very impossible for them to hide their horniness since I could see that, though they were across from each other on the far ends of the dinner table, they were rubbing at enormous crotch balloons that only pumped bigger as the dinner went on before they finally excused themselves. Their kind gestures began to loosen and leak out their true intentions as time went on as Dad grew. Jeff, having not purchased new clothes in a while, had begin to really strain the fabric and was bulging every which way. Just last night, we were eating dinner and Dad was carving into more food like the bottomless pit he was becoming when a loud RIP reached over the table and grabbed his attention. Jeff grinned as dad would pay attention and notice his pectoral had finally burst from the polo he’d worn to the dinner table. His beefy chest muscle filled the gap and more as it continued to tear when he grinned and flexed it. “Guess I’m going to have to order some clothes again” he said as he flexed a bicep and popped a sleeve. Dad was staring mid chew with focused, dilated eyes. It wasn’t hard to figure what happened next when the two suddenly stood up and abruptly ran out of the room. That entire night, I could hear screams and cries of sexual pleasure across the house that made it nearly impossible to fall into my dreams. I was hard but frustrated as I tried to block out the shouts that shook the walls thanks to dad’s stronger and heavier voice. Can’t get much worse right? Just raise the volume on a soft song, right? Problem solved? Yeah, it would be if you subtract dad’s powers. I wasn’t listening to Mozart on a blaring volume for kicks. The walls were shaking around me as I sat on the tall couch with its tall table. Dad and Jeff were at it again, this time harder than ever. Since last night, Jeff had told me how Dad was starting to get even more powerful and he wasn’t kidding. The walls were shaking as though a continuous earthquake were moving through the house. Walls creaked as dad was most certainly pounding Jeff like a jack hammer against the wall of their apartment….. in midair. Jef’s story telling about his escapades with dad were very detailed. It was still pretty weird hearing my brother talk about how dad was ripping him a new one with his supernatural flying, strength, and sexuality but I got by. I shuffled my body on the couch as best I could to try and stop my hard cock from pressing into my zipper but it was tough. I was my father’s son after all. My 11 inches of cock bounced in their confines thinking of what those two were doing and I hated every minute of it. I’m not fucking turned on by my dad, I tried to say as I pushed my hard on down to continue studying. The chemistry book I had bounced and fell off the living room table unnoticed as I focused solely on the papers before me. I was putting all my efforts into ignoring my dad and brother as they continued breaking in the wall. “Those two shouldn’t get a fucking room, they should get a fucking hotel” I grumbled as I adjusted my headphones and continued trying to solve this same equation after 20 minutes of staring at it. I was so absorbed in my own little world that I didn’t notice the shaking stop and the pictures on the wall stop shivering and hanging onto their nails as best as they could. Ten minutes later of mind numbing number cruching that got me nowhere with a boner stabbing my pants again, I wasn’t prepared for the giant shadow made by the large being in front of one of the living room lamps. “Whatcha workin’ on, Squirt?” came a deep baritone filled voice over me. I jumped in my seat and nearly fell the 5 feet distance from the seat of the couch to the floor but caught myself. I was so shocked from my own movement, I had to take a second to take in Dad’s form. His pecs were getting so perky and powerful looking that they were going to block our view on each other on this angle pretty soon. His body was covered in sweat that trickled down the grooves in his muscles like rivers of perspiration. I had to appreciate how lean dad was now, his muscles starting to show veins even when he wasn’t pumped. His short hair was matted on his forehead and looked as if he had been through a thunder storm. His powerful brow showed thick eyebrows that gave his face more masculinity than even Jeff or I expected of him. Dad’s face had a 5 o’clock shadow even though Jeff had shaved him in the massive bathroom after their…. morning escapades. Wearing nothing but a straining pair of tailored briefs that we’d customed ordered but were already straining, his muscles bulged with might. “Uh, nothing dad..” I mumbled. Dad grinned at me as if thinking about something. “Can I help you with nothing?” he asked with a fatherly grin. I raised an eyebrow as he asked that. Dad had tried helping us in high school because he’d met my highschool friends’ parents and how they had introduced themselves as the best parents ever, helping their kinds with their homework thanks to their knowledge from doctorate degrees. Dad had tried this and me, being the guilt ridden son that I was, tried to let him. Dad’s learning abilities were pretty shot after high school (or pretty much during for that matter). So helping wasn’t all that great. “Um…. Sure, dad. I’m working on my chemistry homework.” “Chemistry?! Ha! Lemme see!” he said as he came at me for the paper playfully. A 17 foot giant coming at you playfully was almost scary as I feared I’d get crushed by an avalanche of dad muscle. I shielded myself pathetically with my arms preparing to be crushed when I felt the paper leave my hand and my hair get ruffled, I opened my eyes just to see a big chin eclipse my vision before dad backed. “I haven’ seen you cringe like tha’ in years, squirt! Yar abou’ as teeny tiny to me as ya were back when you and ya brother were just toddlers. I swear I have to be careful or I could break that little shape!” I looked away frustrated as he looked at my homework. I didn’t realize it till he said it now but I really was shrinking in his eyes. I was a puny little thing to him that he called his son but in reality, besides the hair and eyes, I could have been anyone else’s child. And Jeff was just following his footsteps. I was shrinking and becoming a speck of human man like everyone else. Would Jeff get this big? Would I get this turned on by him? Would he gain powers? I was so in my own mind that I wasn’t watching as dad picked up my chemistry book in a puzzled fashion. He looked back and forth from the paper for a few minutes before setting down the paper and looking at the book, flipping pages. I grabbed my composure and grew a cocky grin. “Yeah, it’s pretty tough. It took me a day or so to figure out the formula and calculate it. You want to crack at it later?” I said in the most innocent way that I could. I was just happy that dad still needed me this much. He and Jeff were the big and super powerful ones but I’d get to be the smart one. I looked over at dad, his mouth unmoving but his eyes darting over the pages “Where’s Jeff?” I wondered as he read. “He’s on his bad. Poor kid is laying on his stomach and snoring hard. Tried to get him to stand but he just wasn’t able. He’ll have trouble walking for a bit” I was grinning to try and ease him out of the homework like I used to as I barely registered the information but something was different. The pages….. they were zipping by. Dad was flipping the pages practically every 5 seconds, giving them a rapid look and then moving to the next one like he’d memorized the pages. My eyes widened as I discovered what dad was doing. Dad suddenly hit the last page of the 300 page book with a thud and looked back at me. “Sorry, squirt. You waitin’ on me to solve the problem?” he said. I only looked shocked and handed him the paper. “Dad….?” I tried to say but Dad wasn’t listening. Dad took the paper and grabbed my pencil, snapping it. “Fuck” he said before taking one of my pens and confidently writing in the blank for the equation. His fingers zipped over the page, numbers, equal signs, and other things chasing his hand rapidly. I couldn’t decide if dad was destroying my paper or if he was…… Dad handed the paper back to me after 20 seconds and grinned. “How’s that?” he asked with raised brows as though his concern was more to be helpful than to be correct. I grabbed the paper with shaking hands and scanned it with wide eyes. Everything was… “Right” I said aloud. Dad grinned as he heard the word and his perfect white teeth shone. I looked at him shocked and almost horrified. “Dad…. You just read that book fast” “Whatcha mean? I read for about 2 hours like usual, right?” “No…..it was probably about 4 or 5 minutes…” It was Dad’s turn to widen his eyes as he realized what I was saying. He looked at the book confused. “It just came so easy. The book just made sense.” Dad looked at me with an excited grin and saw my open bookbag carrying several other books. “Hand me those books!” he said with an outstretched hand. I looked at the books as though they were gold I didn’t want to hand over. Dad had just proved his powers were still growing, and fast! I knew if I gave him the books I had, he couldn’t go back to being dumb old lovable dad. I didn’t want him to change anymore than he already did but I didn’t want to hold him back for something so petty. I grabbed the books in my hands and raised them over dad’s big hand. His hands were now wide enough to reach the ends of the covers from the end of his middle finger to his palm. I watched shocked as he read the 7 books I gave him, his eyes flashing over the pages at 10 seconds per page. First he passed through my statistics book, then my calculus book I’d bought ahead of next year. Then he passed over U.S. History and even my art History book, all thick 400-700 page books that he’d finished in roughly 30 minutes. By the end of it, there was a huge grin on his face and his eyes seemed to look at something far away. “Dad?” I said worriedly as he looked at the papers on my table and quickly grabbed the pen by him. My jaw dropped as I watched dad cut through any homework or projects I had like they were coloring book pages before he neatly stacked them onto the table again. “Shit” he said as he looked at the papers and then at his hands. I could see the gears move through his head as he tried to understand what had happened. “I….helped you with your homework. All of it….” I looked at the papers on the table and felt my stomach sink and my jaw go along with it as I was coming to an agreement on his statement. Everything was right and correct and showed work where it was needed. Each page was the equivalent to a perfect 100. Even when he crossed into high level calculus! I didn’t have time to sulk as dad suddenly stood up. When something as big as him stood up, you noticed it pretty easily. “Dad? Are you ok? You just solved all of my college level homework and finished it after reading all my books in under an hour!” Dad didn’t seem to totally hear me as he focused in on something as though he were looking through the wall. “Son” he said. I sat up as though he’d just given me a command as his deep voice sounded dumbfoundingly serious. He was like a large ferocious beast suddenly. Was it his actual size or was it his presence? Something had changed completely. “Warn your brother. We’re gonna be in trouble soon.” To Be Continued…….
  13. ***DISCLAIMER***. If it gets complaints, I will move it to the Member+ Section. This series involves a 16 year old. There is sex, but there is also Age Progression and the 16 year old becomes a man in the beginning of this over all story, so it is essentially a regular story. Just a Warning and a Precaution I wanted to take. ***DISCLAIMER*** Part 2 The MIND – Part I Johnathan’s face was a strange mix of fear, amazement, and a bit of excitement. This man, this hero, his hero, that he admired and the whole world wanted to be like has shrunk down to a size even smaller than himself. “H-How?! I-Is this how you looked before you got your powers?” He lifted his hand out, needing a touch just to see if this was actually real or not. He placed his hands on the teen’s chest in front of him. It was flat, flatter than his own. Sliding his hands around this “HERO” he thought he new and adored, and wrapping them around his sides to support himself as he leans over him, to get his face closer to this new discoveries own face. “Wow… after seeing how amazingly manly you were, you’re actually pretty fucking cute like this too…” He smiled down at the now regressed “Hero” to teen. He realizes a large sphere, blue in color, rolled over from their weight on the bed and bumped the outside of his hand. He remembers it popped out of his “Hero” a few moments ago. He manipulates his hand away from the teen under him, and plucks the ball from the sheets; holding it up to the light, examining its slick shine before returning his gaze “What is this?” he asks, drying it off a bit on his shirt, his hand still wet with particles of the sphere from picking it up. “I-“ the teen with his back on the bed had to stop himself. His voice was so much higher then what he was as The Alpha. “I’m going to need that back, stud. He reached up toward the ball, but Johnathan pulls away a bit. Johnathan moves his other hand to push the smaller guy’s legs apart, spreading them so he could get even closer and in control. “That’s not to be messed with!” the former “Hero” swallowed hard as he tried to plead with the slightly larger teen. “That’s the Mind… The Mind of a Hero!” He gazed at the sphere with wonderment being held above him out of reach. He needed that back. “Come on Johnathan… Sport… Stud… Look at us! We’re close to the same size now! We can still have fun, then I can go back to how I was. Just, be gentle with that. You don’t know how to use it or what you are doing…” Johnathan pulls his band back farther up, making it even harder for the teen to touch the sphere, and uses his other hand to grab the teen’s wrist that was reaching up, pushing it back down and holding it firmly to his sunken chest. He gazes back at the ball, then back at the fallen, raising an eyebrow, a sly cocky grin sweeps on his face. “Mind of a hero…” he relishes on how easy it is to now hold his “Hero” down, a sharp contrast from the moments before. He goes back to the shrunken man’s old plea. Fun… “Oh we can still have fun alright… But how would something like this give you power?” he asks, getting turned on slightly, he grinds his stiffening cock into the smaller mans covered cheeks, noticing the lump in the “Hero’s” tights was now even smaller than his own. “This to me look’s like just a Jawbreaker.” He noticed a bit of the sugar sludge on his hand. He swaps the ball into his other hand, bringing the sweet sludge to his lips. He has to be sure it is what it looks like as he pushes his tongue to his hand and licks the sweetness clean, making his “Hero” watch in utter horror. That one lick changed everything. A *SPARK* ignited inside of Johnathan’s brain… a *SPARK* that he could already tell was going to change his life, and the Universe FOREVER. Whispers, very faint began to push out inside of him. “Hello?! Who else is here?!” he began to look around the room, questioning as they began to grow, get louder, clearer… Lick the ball, our New Master… we will help… The old hero looked up at Johnathan. He knew how the chain of events started. He heard the voices. He knows the steps and how this was going to turn out if he didn’t stop it soon, he knew that the teen above him would soon be a VERY big man. “Stop, Johnathan,” he pleaded, practically begged as he placed his hand on his holder’s wrist holding him. “You’re a virgin, right kid? I was too before I became a hero. I’ll help you, I’ll be with you, I promise. The birds and the bees, positions, everything you need to know, just give it back and you will learn from me.” Johnathan’s eyes went wide with a thousand yard stare as the initial HIT of the MIND hit him, the voices filling his head. He notices a bit of sludge on his other finger tips from when he tried to wipe this “MIND” off with its wetness earlier. Yanking his hand up, dragging his so called “Hero” up with him. He brings his finger to his lips, licking them clean. More gates open up inside his MIND, filling him with new thoughts, insidious thoughts of power and lust. He heard the fallen “Hero’s” words faintly, bringing him back to reality. “Everything I need to know…” He looks down at him letting his hand drop slowly and lowering the body attached to him back onto the bed. “I think this thing right here will do that just fine…” He starts to grin, but it turns into a cocky smirk. I thought comes into his head, possibly an Ultimatum for this “Hero” that the world made everyone worship. “Hmm… Unless…” His grin got wider. “Unless you can get me to cum faster than I can work through this Jawbreaker!!” The former “Hero” watched as Johnathan raised the Jawbreaker, The Mind, above both of them. He tilted his head back, and watched in horror as the sphere was pushed into his mouth, closing shut. Johnathan leaned back over the hero. “Start teaching, sir…” he teased, grinding his crotch up against the “Hero” as he interlocked both sets of their hands and pushed him against the bed. The “Hero”, with the last bit of strength he had left, managed to roll them both over so he was on top of Johnathan, kicking the last remnants of his loose fitting uniform off, his leg tights. His body now exposed completely as he pushed his hands into the waist band of Johnathan’s short tugging down. Johnathan laughed, watching this “Hero” literally try as best as he can to get to his cock so he could get himself to cum. He humored him, lifting his ass up off the bed slightly, to let the puny “Hero” slide his shorts off. He slurps on the sweetness, rolling the MIND around on his tongue, as the voices slowly begin to return to him. He sees the “Hero” now checking out his 4 inch dick between them, and the MIND can also see what Johnathan can as well. Now that’s a NIIIICE COCK… Not like the three inches our last Master had… The Jawbreaker, slowly melting down, creeping more and more into Johnathan’s very being. A small warmth begins to spread throughout him. The MIND beginning to become one with Johnathan. The old “Hero” grabs Johnathan’s 4 inch dick, it slowly begins to inflate in his hand, as he starts pumping it, twisting it, with different motions and movements to get this teen to shoot his load. This is a real ALPHA… The voices continue as a Shock to the brain causes Johnathan’s head to smack into the bed, it was like a punch to the face. LANGUAGE… in a matter of seconds he is fluent in all of them, even alien ones not yet known to man on this world. Don’t ever use this word new Master… Johnathan saw the word the “Hero” said. That gave him this opportunity of a lifetime… On second thought… Let’s just Erase it from Master’s vocabulary… This Master doesn’t deserve to EVER be small… “OHHHHH FUUUCK!” Johnathan moans in approval. His cock getting more rigid and harder from what they are telling him. “Fuck… that word… the one you said…” he finally sees a plaque on the wall near them. Andy… the “Hero’s” Name. He grins. “Yeah that word, Andy… The one that made you this weak piece of shit? This MIND Jawbreaker just gave me all the words in existence. My Vocabulary is better than any fucking Dictionary in the entire Universe, but they made sure to not give me THAT word… If I get all your “POWERS” they are mine forever.” Andy looks on, scared. He doubles down intensifying his hand job skills as the stroking and the voices just amp up the coming orgasm even more for Johnathan. “I’ll make you fucking cum Johnathan!!!” Johnathan begins to chuckle. “You better make me cum, Andy… and fast! This thing is melting faster than I expected, it wants me as its new Master.” He reaches forward, stopping Andy’s cock jerking momentum, and places his hand on the head, rubbing his hair, before sliding it to the back, gripping his skull, and pulling him closer to his cock. Small amounts of sexual prowess start seeping in, soon a big wave will flourish inside him. Johnathan pulls Andy’s head to the shaft, as he guides Andy’s hand that is still holding on to his meat and angles it upwards to Andy’s lips. “Part your lips, Andy. I think I want to see what getting head feels like.” He smirks as he pulls Andy’s head closer. Andy moved his mouth over Johnathan’s cock just as fast as he was being pulled towards it. He needed to get this guy to cum and he needed to cum before any more power went to him. His efforts caused Johnathan to shudder. It’s the first time he’s ever had a warm, moist mouth and tongue glide over the surface of his penis, and it was electrifying. “Oh… OH FUCK!” His cock went rigid. He felt his testicles churn and shake in anticipation of the cumming lurch. “I CAN’T… PLEASE… MIND!!!!” Oh you ain’t fucking cumming Alpha… His moans softened a bit, his dick still rock hard, Andy had to look up for a minute. Those voices in Johnathan’s head, music to his ears… him… ALPHA… that was what everyone used to call the teen in front of him on the floor who had his swollen, hard cock down his throat now. He looked up, and said out aloud to the voices… “Soon…” Andy was afraid of what the MIND was telling Johnathan, but Johnathan could literally hear the MIND moan inside of him, his saliva glands secreting more just to wet the Jawbreaker enough to give him another dose of knowledge. Johnathan’s head smacked hard against the bed again, but so did his body… it felt like he was hit by a semi-truck. SCIENCES… PHYSICS OF THE BODY… MOVEMENTS FOR WORK OUTS… The continued working of Johnathan’s cock…. All these new things he has gained in his knowledge. Everything was bringing him again back to the brink. Knowing how his body can move. Knowing how to eat right with the sciences to grow even BIGGER. Knowing the proper motions in his workouts to really help his fit teen body grow… His balls start to pull up… he feels his first load about to push its way into the passageways leading into his shaft. “Oh God… Fuck… NOOO… I’M GONNA CU-“ Yes… Let’s give him THAT as a TRAIT… HOW TO CONTROL AN ORGASM… Andy was excited. He finally succeeded, as he sucked a bit harder he noticed the cock in his mouth stopped its pulsing. It was as if it was on a massive edge. And Johnathan, the teen who’s cock was in his mouth began to laugh. “Mph… HAHAHAHAHA! Oh yes…” his balls resting in his sack as they pull to their normal hanging spot. “You are DONE Andy.” Andy stopped sucking, looking up at Johnathan confused. “But you haven’t came yet. What do you mean?” “You see, the MIND truly loves me, Andy. They gave me a gift. Now I won’t cum unless I choose to.” As he spoke more waves entered through him, he moaned, but his cock stayed true. CONFIDENCE… SWAGGER… Johnathan pushes himself up on the bed, placing both feet on the ground firmly, and opens his legs wide, pushing Andy onto the floor between them. He grabs a hold of his cock, stroking it, as he arches his back and true Alpha mind status floods in. Johnathan’s spine cracks, shifts, as it becomes perfectly aligned as he reaches what should have been his maximum growth at this stage in life, 5 FEET, 4 INCHES. His lower torso rearranges as he finally is able to have a 4-pack all the time without flexing in his stomach muscles. And his chest pushes out slightly more. He grins wide, hand flicking his cock back towards Andy, so it swings out and drips pre all over the floor and partially splattering the teen’s face in front of him. “This power, Andy… it is… intoxicating… I’m learning so much…. Much more in seconds than most men do their entire lives.” Johnathan pats the spot next to him on the bed, now HIS bed, letting Andy know to come back up. Andy slowly got up, Johnathan extending his hand to help him sit down on the bed. “You still haven’t made me cum, Andy. I honestly doubt you will be able to now either…” Andy looks down, Johnathan puts his hand under his chin and lifts it so they are looking directly at each other. “Not with just your mouth at least.” He winks, grinning, and motions for Andy to turn around. Andy slowly slides up the bed. Scared, but also a little turned on. His own 3 inches hard as he gets into doggy position. Take your place, Our Alpha… The voices egging Johnathan on, his cock practically drooling more and he lubricates it completely with a couple quick hand strokes. He sucks down on the MIND. His back arches as he moves closer to his conquest as a new set of knowledge becomes clear to him. PLEASURE… SEXUAL POSITIONS… DOMINATION… HOW TO REALLY FUCK… His mind fills with endless possible ways to take that spread ass right in front of him. To truly make it his own personal Fuck hole. It excites him just looking at Andy, down on all fours, his head turned looking back at his soon to be “HERO” Johnathan dips a bit, right behind Andy. He reaches down and grips the ass in front of him, his hands knowing exactly where to go as he holds him steady and pulls Andy’s cheeks apart, exposing his hole. “Oh fuck… its beautiful Andy.” His hips sliding forward, his abs crunching slightly, as he presses his hard cock between the ass cheeks and begins a slow grind, spreading his pre all over the opening of the hole. Andy’s hole flutters in anticipation. He feels the engorged, dripping tip rub around his hole, waiting for Johnathan to push himself in. Let’s give him more gifts…. The head is not Alpha worthy… Johnathan chuckles a bit. “You guys are fucking right! It ain’t fucking Alpha worthy!” Andy doesn’t know what Johnathan is talking about now, but as he said that, Johnathan looked down at his dick, ready to be plunged into Andy as he watched it flare up, and expanding into a fat bulbous mushroom tip. “Mmmm fuck, this is going to feel soooo good! Not just for me, Andy, but for you now too…” Now it’s fitting of an ALPHA… Johnathan grins at what was just given to him and pushes forward. Pressure begins at the opening of Andy’s hole when he realizes what Johnathan was just given. Andy moans, Johnathan moans as Andy’s hole is forced open for him and it literally pops into place in the virgin cavern. Johnathan tugs back slightly to see if his cock would be coming out easy, and it’s as if his cock is now vacuum sealed inside of Andy. Only way it will be coming out is if he literally forces his cock free. “Oh Fuuuuuuck!!!!!” he moans as he sinks his cock in deeper. Give him thoughts of power… of battle… it will truly not just make him a beast on the battleground, but a titan in the bedroom… More Knowledge starts to flow… ATHLETICS... STRENGTH OF THE BODY AND MIND... EVERY TYPE OF FIGHTING KNOWN TO MAN... STANCES... POSITIONS... WAYS TO CONQUER EVERY BATTLE... Johnathan grunts… his teeth grinding into the Jawbreaker inside of his mouth. He feels it begin to slightly dent inward… OOOOOHHHHHHH IT’s COMING!!!!! ONCE IT BREAKS WE ARE TRULY HIS!!!!! Johnathan shifts his body into a better position, to truly slay the ass that he was inside. His hands sliding along Andy’s sides as he slowly shoves himself deeper. “Fuck… you feel like a virgin too, Andy… I bet you fucking were before you got your god body.” Andy blushes as Johnathan smirks and moans out as his cock still tingles from the subtle growth it just went through, supporting the already intense feeling of his cock getting wrapped up in this hot and tight ass. As all that knowledge fills his head, he starts changing how he fucks every dozen or so thrusts; humping harder here, gripping Andy’s body in different positions and speeds in other instances. Eventually he pulls Andy’s arms backwards and starts bouncing Andy’s ass off of his hips, sending him forwards, before yanking him back down to the hilt of his dick as he pounded relentlessly into the hole he was in. Andy begins to learn from his movements, as he arches his back to give him and Johnathan even more support in this passionate, yet dominate fuck session. Never has he been on this end before, always was he the one doing the fucking. Each time he’s pushed forward and pulled back in a little more of Johnathan’s shaft slide’s in until there is almost the sound of thunder as skin hits skin as. “FUCK, JOHNATHAN!!!” Andy moans, he grins. It hurts as, but Andy really wants it to feel good for himself cause he already knows his time is over. Things he was experiencing he had knowledge of, but never thought of doing them to his partner. They were wrong… Sex is about love and passion… There was still passion here, but it was something else other then love… Johnathon pulled Andy all the way in when the voices spoke again… How would you like more, Master? They weren’t just egging him on, they were feeding his ego. Making him what he could only dream of. A Hero, but with possibly a body of some of the biggest villains in the comic books. They were giving him the rise he not just needed, but wanted. Help him slightly… He can truly be the WORLD BREAKER… Every muscle and fiber inside of Johnathan flared out to sickening proportions, then returned down to the size they were. “OH Fuck…” He felt it inside him… his organs…. His skin… his teeth… That should be enough till you get The Power… Strength is now 3 TIMES that of a normal man… Break Us, ALPHA, and we will give you what power we have left. Johnathan groans out lewdly from the increase in strength, yanking Andy even harder towards him as he slams his cock all the way deep inside the ass in front of him. His grip around Andy’s waist becoming even more tight and restrictive. Andy turns around to see a slight increase in Johnathan’s muscle definition to signify his new, incredible strength. “Oh Fuck… Oh Fuck… OH FUCK YEAH!” he roared, the voices driving his desire to dominate Andy even further. He looks down to Andy’s face who is already looking his direction. Grinning evilly, “Time to fucking break you…” speaking both about Andy and the MIND Jawbreaker. He uses his new strength coursing through his body… CHOMPS down, splitting the remains of the ball in half. Andy is fearful, it seems like the sound is heard across the Universe of that sphere BREAKING in this new Young Alpha’s mouth. Johnathan feels a sudden rush of knowledge and power, everything coming into him at once, and he can’t help but to draw Andy in close and tight in a crushing hug as he ROARS from what he now knew… “GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR FUCKING POWER…” Again, talking to both Andy and the MIND… To Be Continued…
  14. There are some terrific stories online about super-strength. Here's a list of some that have amazed and inspired me - a list of stories I know, love, and that I keep coming back to. I am happy to post links (or indeed, to cut-and-paste in the whole story!) but only with the author's permission. If I'm stepping on anyone's toes here, please let me know; I just thought I'd get the ball rolling Lil guys with super-strength: The Little Mikey series by NerdJock if you like the idea of a smaller dude being much, much stronger than a built jock. Tightly-written and really fun to read. Rhino Boy, Steel Boys, The Prince of Olympus and Two Superboys by LeadGuitarist if you like the idea of insane levels of super-strength juxtaposing the youth/innocence of the protagonists. No-one writes with quite the mad, rollicking energy and sheer breathless pace of LeadGuitarist. The Tiniest Bully by iceman if you like the idea of a kid being waaaaaaaaay more powerful than Superman. This was the first Superman-gets-the-snot-kicked-out-of-him story I ever read. As with all of iceman's stuff, there's a real sense of craft evident here, particularly with the snappy, well-paced back-and-forth dialogue. The Rise of Cavendish, Almighty God of Thunder by Solan if you like the idea of a mean, twisted bully gaining the powers of Thor. Staggeringly good writing set in the Marvel Universe. One of the few times I have found myself rooting for the bad guy. Anything by Scriptboy. The man is a legend when it comes to characterisation, creating believable, well-rounded protagonists and secondary characters. Every story feels like a fragment of a larger, fully realised world. I don't know how he does it. There's also a wholesomeness to many of his super-strong characters that reminds me of the Superman stories I read growing up. To pick one story would be doing the man a disservice. Firepower, The Lightning Boy, pretty much anything, really! With great power comes a huge body count Parts 1 and 2 by yours truly (thought I'd get that in there, ha ha!) First story I ever wrote. Dark stuff. Older athletic or muscly guys with super-strength: Mike's Workout by Bobaroo if you like the idea of a hot muscle guy showing off his jaw-dropping strength and muscles to the delight of his worshipers. The story that fused the name Mike and the idea of huge, super-powerful muscles into my brain. Literally, if you are called Mike, you can bring me to erection just by telling me your name. Even if you don't necessarily use cranes in your own workout. Ben by portamivia if you like the idea of mixing sci-fi, size and strength. portamivia has a really visual style of narrating. You feel like you're watching an action film (a very hot action film that would probably have made most of the audience cum over their popcorn by the time the end credits rolled) as your eyes flick from one graphic paragraph to the next. Pierce's Menace by Alex Bronnings if you like the idea of a cocky soldier getting gradually stronger and stronger than Superman in a fight. The titular protagonist drips with arrogance and sexiness. Never has cockiness been more attractive. Weightlifting with Superman (not sure of original author - whoever you are, you're amazing!) if you like the idea of a hot, ripped jock taking on Superman in a strength challenge. I'm a bit of a sucker for stats and this story doesn't disappoint as it details - very specifically - just how powerful the protagonist Alexander becomes. Oh, and it's a must for those who like really, really big muscle flexes too. And lastly (am I even allowed to do this?) the Superior series by me. I put my heart and soul into writing it, constantly editing and re-editing each chapter to get it as good as I could, so it could stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the amazing tales listed above . It nearly killed me and actually triggered a long writing hiatus when my laptop imploded and I lost everything - all the pages and pages of notes for the final three chapters - so it remains unfinished. But in my humble opinion, it's worth a look-over all the same: I appreciate I've probably missed loads of others from this list, and I promise you, it's not deliberate. So many stories from this site have brought me joy (whoa, talk about euphemism) over the years that I'm bound to have accidentally forgotten some. No doubt as the list expands as others voice their own favourites, I will be face-palming quite a few times ("Of course! How could I have been such an idiot to have forgotten that gem of a super-strength story? You total muppet, goremeridian" etc). Again, I'm really sorry if I have included any of you on this list who would have preferred not to have been. Hopefully the big guys in charge can edit your names out if necessary. GM
  15. Author's Note: Here's a new story after a long time of not writing. I hope to contribute more soon, but check out my commentary below. Please let me know any feedback if you have it. It's always helpful and inspires me to keep writing. TF starts after the *** Becoming A God - A Fight for the Power I pulled my pads off my shoulders and let the sweat shake off my hair. Another solid practice with the football team. My buddy Nick gave my ass a quick slap as he pulled his own T-shirt off, revealing his cut upper body as we headed into the locker room. “What's up Trevor?” he asked, opening the door for me as I headed in with the rest of the team. “Not many games left man,” I said as we worked our way toward our lockers. We were juniors at the local College, a small public school and played D-III. Nothing big, but it was something to keep us athletic as we went through college. The school was old and the facilities felt like something out of the 70s, but it was ours and I was enjoying keeping up the sport even if we knew none of us were going to go pro. “Yeah dude,” Nick said. “Only one year left after this.” He quickly slipped out of his cleats and football pants, drying the sweat off of his legs and compression shorts. “You gonna hit the showers here or run to dinner?” “I going to head back,” I said, peeling off my own compression shorts and giving my crotch a quick dry. “I need to hit the dining hall before dinner closes, I'll shower later tonight. Hey you want to study for Econ later?” “Sure thing,” Trevor said, getting naked and throwing a towel over his shoulder. “I gotta shower now though. Let me know when you're done or whatever I'll meet you at the library.” “By the way,” Nick added, “What happened to Chris? Did he quit the team?” Chris was my roommate, the guy was always quiet, and not particularly nice, but recently he closed himself off. Hardly talked to me or anyone else. “He said he needed to focus on grades. Yeah, I think he quit. But all I ever see him doing is working out. I don't know.” I said. I threw on my boxers and gym shorts and started the walk back. The evening air was cool, fall was closing to winter fast this year. I had a quick dinner and I worked my way toward my dorm and up to my room. I figured I'd get a shower in before studying Econ. I was going to move in with my other football buddies next year, Chris was getting way too weird for me to be friends. I told him he was cutting himself out from the world, he needed to get out more and be social. But lately the guy was just scaring me. He either lifted or was reading old books about gods and the occult. I wondered whether he was reaching a breaking point. I walked into my room and saw Chris at his desk chair, lifting a dumbbell and only wearing compression shorts and gym shorts. “Hey Chris,” I said. “What do you want?” he asked. “You still playing sports? All they did was drag me down, they're going to drag you down, too.” “Dragging me down from what?” I asked. “I enjoy it man, it's fun. It'd be fun if you stayed too.” “I have bigger plans,” Chris said cryptically, a small smile forming around his lips but he kept pumping the iron without looking up at me. I wanted to ask him what he was talking about but I didn't. He was being way too weird and I was afraid of whatever answer he might give me. I threw my clothes off quickly and set them in the hamper. I grabbed my towel and turned back around as I wrapped it around my waist. Chris had set down the dumbbell and was looking at something in his desk. There was a faint light glowing out of his drawerit. I wondered what it was. He quickly shut the drawer. “I am meeting Nick to study Econ later tonight.” I said. “I'm gonna hop in the shower first,” “I'll be waiting for you,” Chris said, turning back to his desk. I couldn't hold back anymore. “What the hell, man?” I demanded. “What is up with you lately. You've been cryptic about everything, are you leaving school, what are you doing? What is going on?” Chris turned to me and with a controlled voice said, “you'll see soon enough, Trevor. You'll see. I have nearly everything I want, now. Nearly.” I grabbed my soap and left for the showers down the hall. I kept asking myself what was going on. The guy was getting weirder and weirder every day. I turned the shower on and unhooked my towel. I nearly wondered if I should even go back to my room. Would he still be there? Was whatever he was doing have to do with me? I looked down at my own body and was impressed with my build. My third year working hard with the team. “Not bad,” I said, flexing my six-pack and biceps. I finished the shower and toweled off, wrapping my towel back around me again. I kept telling myself to walk to Nick or Badger's room, ask them for a spare set of clothes. I should have avoided Chris. But I didn't, I kept walking back to my room, step by step. I opened the door, carefully. No one inside. “Okay,” I told myself with a relief. I shut the door and opened my underwear drawer. It was then that I heard the door open again, Chris forced himself in with a ton of energy. And rage. “It's time!” He shouted as he shut the door. “It's night! The sun is set. You are to be my sacrifice, Trevor!” He shouted again, raising his arms and revealing a green, glowing thing. It was shaped like an athletic cup. That must had been the thing in his desk. It shined a strange, green, electric light that flashed every few seconds. Chris was still in his gym shorts. I could see a bulge emerging from under it. Taking two steps toward me, he said, “This is the way it has to be!” He tried laying a massive punch to my gut but I was able to evade it, “WOAH!” I said, I had never been in a violent fight before. Not one like this, and not one against someone who I thought was my friend. “What the FUCK CHRIS?!?” I shouted. “Get the fuck away from me!” “NO! You don't understand,” the jock said, grabbing my shoulders and shoving me against the wall. “I have to do this. The god of Ahriman is calling me! I want his powers, and he requires a sacrifice!” It didn't matter how outlandish his words were, the jock was trying to plummet me. Hit me, ground me, whatever he could to keep me from scrambling away. I quickly shoved him back. I headed for the door but he grabbed me. Bear hugging me before pushing me to the ground. “Just stay still while I become him!!” He said. Chris kept me pinned with his left arm as he grabbed his shorts with his right and yanked them down. I could feel the jock's dick behind his compressions, not sure if he was hot for me or hot for the cup that was holding in his left arm. I didn't have time to think. I elbowed him and head-butted him on his nose “aww fuck!” he shouted as I made my way once more to the door. I couldn't reach the handle as I felt my body swing back toward his again. He knocked my ankles and caused me to fall to the ground. As I did, my towel finally unhooked itself. He gave me another shove causing my ass to hit the carpet as he hung onto the towel, throwing it behind him. “We both must be naked,” he said as I tried crawling my way toward the door. He grabbed me again and threw me away from the door. Standing again, I tried running toward the back window but Chris once again grabbed me. I was getting weak and tired. “He requires a sacrifice,” he said, standing behind me, pulling me against his body. Chris threw himself to the ground, pinning me underneath him. His dick once more was on my body, getting harder with excitement. I was able to flip him over and pin him down myself, now my own naked body over his. I lay two punches into him and kicked his back, attempting to get myself up but I was growing weak. Chris jostled with me, throwing me back to the ground. And stepping on my legs and he stood himself back up. He then stepped on my abdomen. With force, crunching my stomach and causing me to tense up. “OWW!” I shouted, crunching my abs to protect the stomach. He took his right arm and used it once more to undress, pushing down his compression shorts and revealing his naked self. The guy was a monster, no wonder he could overtake me. His shorts hit my abs. He put additional pressure down before removing his foot, leaving his shorts on my body. I quickly scooted back letting the shorts fall off of me. I couldn't get any further though. The naked jock picked me up and held me with both of his arms. I could feel the cup in his right hand, it was exuding with energy, giving me a feeling of confidence, and power. I liked it, but I was too preoccupied with the jock to do anything about it now. He wrestled me to the ground, throwing me down face first. My package hit the floor. “Ugh!” I shouted. The jock stood himself and rested his foot on my chest as I turned around. I was on the floor and the jock stood above me, just enough pressure to keep me from moving. “It's time, Trevor. I need you for this, know that your sacrifice will turn me into a god, and let me relive the glory of being the most envied athlete around!” He turned his attention to the cup as I struggled lifting his massive foot. “Oh great god of Ahriman,” he said, “I am your vessel, your human for you to bond with. I order you to give me your powers, use me as your host, and share with me in your immortality.” Chris started to chuckle as the lowered the thing toward his crotch. “Yes, I can feel them, I can feel the powers!” he shouted. I had to do something, the cup was starting to spark out with power. My left leg was free. I lifted my body and threw my knee into leg, then kicked his crotch as my foot flew back and hit the cup. “OW!” he shouted, grabbing his dick as the cup went flying out of his hands and toward me. Chris removed his foot and I started to get up but the cup hit my chest. I tried catching it but it slid down my pecs, abs and toward my dick, with every moment increasing the amount of energy and confidence. “Oh fuck!” I said in surprise, falling back to the ground and trying to catch it. *** But it was too late. The cup hit my dick and immediately suctioned onto it. Lifting itself over my dick and balls and turning immediately into a putty substance. “OH!” I shouted in surprise, the thing latching onto me and heating up fast, I could feel its energy quickly pulling itself into my dick, settling into my balls, and changing me from the inside out. Giving new energy and stamina like I had never before felt. I was terrified. What was this thing? “Get it off get it off!” I shouted, still on the ground I was no longer in fear of Chris, I just needed to get this putty mess off of me. Chris was thinking the same thing, but for entirely different reasons. “NOO!” He shouted in defeat, terrified now that the slave was quickly transforming into the master. I tried clawing at the hot pile of buddy over my crotch as is stretched and started swimming its way into my dick. As much as I tried the hot, powerful cup was latched firmly onto me, refusing to budge at all. Chris fell to his knees and smacked my hands off of the thing, clawing at it himself. “NOO!” he shouted again as he grasped and clawed at the cup now beginning to stretch its way over my pubes, around my thighs, and toward my butt. A new surge of energy came over me and I shoved the naked brute aside. “Woah” I told myself, I never knew that I had that amount of strength, it took almost no effort to get the jock away. But I hadn't time to think, the power that it was pulling into my balls was somehow transforming me, it was now pulling out of my balls and into my body. I started involuntarily convulsing, my muscles started spasming. “ARGH!” I shouted as My arms and legs twitched and spasmed, twisting me around to my stomach. I could feel the cup stretching onto the back of my ass. I could also, for the first time, “sense” Chris watching me, as if I knew what he was up to without even looking at him. He was watching as my ass exploded with muscle, locking in a hard bubble butt as the cup stretched itself over it, forming a green, electric-ridden loincloth of sorts. I stood up and noticed with surprise how much muscle I had gained. My six pack had turned to an eight pack and my adoinis started creating a sharp, well-defined V, much sharper than my roommate's. “Argh!” said again as I doubled over, feeling my pecs bounce and flatten out before becoming rock hard. My back started doing the same as my shoulders grew and beefed up muscle mass, stretching down to my arms and forearms. “What the fuck, Chris?” I shouted with rage. “What the fuck is this thing doing to me?!” I stepped toward the brute as my thighs exploded with muscle, causing me to lose my balance as I grabbed the jock, lifting him up with one arm and throwing him against the wall. “WHAT IS THIS THING??” I demanded. “No, wait, wait!” he said, turning from the aggressive asshole into the submissive beggar. “Let me go, let me go before its too late!” “Too late for what?” I shouted, a deeper, more controlled and confidence voice shouted from my throat. My waist rocked around in front of the naked jock; I looked down and I noticed my balls dropping, my dick plumping as the cup continued to fill me with muscle. With it came an incredible amount of confidence. “No,” I ordered. “I don't know what you thought you were doing, but you gone fucked up, little man,” I said, more calm and controlled than ever before. It was then, as my personality began to change, as my mortality, my humanity began to devolve from me, that I felt a new presence emerge within me. Then I understood: the god. The god of Ahriman. He was awakening inside my loins. “Yes,” I heard the voice say. “I am arisen once more.” “Yes,” I said in response, chuckling, “what I am to do?” “This human must be scarified, he thought he could take you, but you won, you are now my vessel. Let me become you. Let us merge by sacrificing this mortal.” The voice responded. I suddenly felt a wave of evil pass through my mind as my body once again tensed up and the muscle on me exploded. I tightened my body. “Oh FUCK YEA” I said, I could feel my body readying itself. It was time. “You're mine. Human.” I said as I started chuckling. I shoved Chris against the wall as the cup connected over my ass crack, completing its formation over its new host. Its new owner. A new loincloth formed over me just as Ahriman wore it. It immediately started crackling with bright, green electricity, emanating a bright, green, hot light from it. I pushed my loins against Chris'. The heat started to sear his body. “NOOO!” He shouted, fearful and out of control. “Oh yes,” I said, controlled and assured. “I can feel your muscle, your stamina, it's time for me to take you, human!” I felt like I was being controlled by another force but it was all I wanted, I wanted to take his body, to take his lifeforce, the twerp was a loser, a bully who thought he could take me and become the god. But I was the one chosen, I was the greater jock, the one who fought, the one who won. He was mine. My mouth watered for his, I wanted to taste him as he dissolved. I dug my mouth into his in a long, forceful kiss, breathing him in as the loincloth took his life away. I could feel his dick shrinking against mine as the beams of light wrapped around his loins and started feeding his muscle mass and stamina into me. It got more aggressive as the jock lost his muscle, the light emanating from my loins and over his body before pulling everything that made the jock the athlete what he was and into me. I let go of his lips and lifted my head in orgasmic pleasure. “YES!” I shouted as my voice lowered, becoming more masculine. More god-like. I could feel him growing smaller, and skinnier, ever smaller as the muscle drained from him. Then, he started cracking as his organs, bones and finally skin dissolved into the green light, wrapping into me as I took in his power. Now the green streaks of light were all over me. The loincloth, taking in the body of Chris, dissolved into a cloud of pure, unbridled power enveloping and transforming me into a muscle-ridden god. The god of Ahriman. “OH YES!” I shouted again, feeling my body open up and take in the powers. I realized I no longer cared about who I was, I was now everything I could have possibly imagined being. And more. I was a naked god, a being who could do anything and now was on a plane of existence where physics and biology and humanity no longer applied. I was a pure, unbridled god. And I was going to live like one. “ARRRGGHHH!” I shouted, flexing my naked, strong, cut body as the powers flung with sheer force back into me, leaving me in control of who I was and what I was to do. “OH FUCK YEAH!” I shouted. “This is it! This is what I'm talking about!” The powers seared into me, leaving me as a human vessel but containing the pure, unbridled powers of a god. My body had tanned, a thin line of brown hair rested on it before growing to a forest over my pubes and legs. My dick was the size of a bottle and my balls were hugely nestled behind it. “HAHA!” I shouted again, levitating myself, finally unbridled from the confines of humanity. My body was restless, it was begging for release, it wanted something, some satisfaction, the god of Ahriman was begging for it. “Man or woman?” I asked. “Both!” it demanded. I levitated and turned myself invisible, phasing through my dorm wall and into the main quad. I could feel other sports teams working their way into their locker rooms, no doubt to strip down. The tennis players were finishing their practice, they were about to hit the locker room. The toned boys felt promising. Then again, a group of girl swimmers were also getting out of the pool. And my old friend Nick, he was walking his way toward the library. But it was then I could hear my neighbor Badger walk out of his dorm. He was the only other guy on our floor at the moment, and no doubt heard the struggle and transformation nearby. “Trevor, hey dude, are you okay?” he asked knocking on my door. I floated back into my room and stayed invisible. Badger opened the door, it was empty, but there lay massive signs of a struggle. “What happened?” He whispered to himself. As he stepped in I flung the door shut with my mind and appeared before him in my form, the naked beast that I was. “AAHHH!” he shouted in fear, seeing someone flash into existence right before him, and someone as intimidating as massive as I had become. “Shh!” I said with confidence, “don't worry my friend,” I said, filling his mind with a hypnotic, dazed trance. “It is only Trevor,” “Trevor,” he whispered, somehow reasoning with himself that I was okay. Badger was a good man, a smart man, and a loyal friend. I had an itch in my crotch though and I could give him a piece of my powers, enslaving him to my will in the process. I asked myself if I should do it. “Why not!” I told myself. “Strip for me,” I ordered. And with it, Badger started taking off his clothes, ready to succumb to my will. Commentary: Feedback is always appreciated. I think I need to ask in a separate forum help writing different stories, and getting my stories posted here. All of my stories are nearly an identical "origin story." A man becomes a super-hero or a super-villain through some immortal artifact or though some science experiment gone wrong. My favorite kinds of story use muscle and "supernatural powers" as key parts of the transformation but I know that the whole "super power" thing is rare on this site. Probably most of the community thinks its kind of lame. I like writing these stories its probably my favorite fantasy, but of course I keep writing the same damn thing over and over. Any suggestions on this story? Others to write? Please let me know, it's always a huge help.
  16. I'll probably get in trouble for posting all of these at once but I stand by it. It's been 2 years and its time I got this taken care of. Part 1: Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12786-basically-a-god-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12787-basically-a-god-part-3/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15219-basically-a-god-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15220-basically-a-god-part-5/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15221-basically-a-god-part-6/ Part 7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15222-basically-a-god-part-7/?tab=comments#comment-182850 Part 8 --- A cup floated over the head of the Space Fleet squad member. His eyes focused on its shape as he dozed between thoughts. Outside, the quietness of space hovered and rooted a sense of solitude in his chest. “Cadet Bartholomew, what the fuck are you doing?!” Cadet Bartholomew jumped in panic as he scrambled out of his chair, unable to handle his own center of balance as the diminished gravity made it difficult for him. As he landed, he was able to turn as his commanding officer, Officer Barrett, glared him down. Jack Bartholomew groaned inwardly as he saw the officer’s well tanned, well edited face. When he was given permission to join on the first mission of engineer squadron to monitor the new base, he didn’t expect to be tailed by one of his least favorite men. The rich young officer was clearly sent up to space for his dad’s merit as an extremely wealthy business man. He could have been a football player or a high ranking executive in his father’s firm but, like the rest of the world, he had an needle-precise fixation on everything Johnny Powerstone. Every thought told Jack that he hung around the base in hopes of Johnny making him a partner in one of his many projects that was allowing humanity to advance so quickly or, even better, a disciple. “I told you for the last fucking time. You need to monitor the screens diligently! If you see anything dangerous, you need to be able to report to me ASAP! No excuses, shithead!” John ground his teeth as he felt his slick tongue almost recite Barrett’s words back at him. I need you to alert me immediately when Johnny comes so I can lick his ass for him, he meant. I tried to hide my hatred as I looked him in the face. His eyes looked into mine with equal disdain before he made a glance upward and then stared. “Sir?” “Urrg” he gurgled. Jack turned and my eyes widened to match Barrett’s as he saw a light off in the expanse of space. They were just outside Earth hovering and that gave us the best view of the glaring brightness. “Fuck, it’s him!” immediately Barrett ran out of the room, quickly turning down the hallway and letting his thick military boots clank clank off into the distance. Jack quickly buttoned up and ran after his officer along with many others. Because of the short staff of 20 people allowed onto the large ship, there was little worry of colliding with other squad members as they all headed to the hangar. Lights were flashing and a siren was being fired as the operation prepared for the return of the most brilliant being in human existence. This was only the 5th return of Johnny and, even with that in mind, the 1st time Jack himself would get to see the god behind the operation. God was the only way the earth could describe Johnny anymore as he supported the entire human race with his unlimited mind and even more indescribable powers. Only a god could get away with what Johnny could accomplish and it was very difficult for the human race to handle much time without him. That’s why Johnny made an extremely pivotal decision only 6 months ago. The large hangar was built with the same dimensions as a hangar for multiple 747. Occasionally, Johnny returned with more power than expected when he returned and so could not always return to his smallest size. Jack shivered as he’d been told the last time that his powers were so well controlled was the very 1st test of the base, built solely for Johnny to rest before returning to Earth with a low enough power level to avoid influencing the world’s climate and causing another volcano like the ones housed by what was once known as Hawaii. Jack could remember the terror in the call from his friend as he’d awaited a call from his family saying they’d survived the fall of Hawaii. Johnny was that powerful now and it caused the human race to hold their breath when he was near. Hollywood was glad he no longer came to award shows or else they could lose another part of California to the ocean from his spontaneous orgasm-quakes. The entire base felt it as a boom of energy rocked the base before the source locked bay outside of the hangar finally halted its act of terror. The base was made from the hardest metals and even then something created from Johnny himself proved too weak to handle his might. I tried to calm my breathing as the doors opened, Officer Barrett standing in front of the line of squad members, his legs buckling. Roaring laughter shook the room as two forms far larger than Jack could imagine a living creature could be entered the room. “I told you, that last star was just begging me to eat it!” said a powerful voice. “YOU SHOULD HAVE ATLEAST TRIED TO AVOID COLLIDING WITH THAT PLANET TRYING TO CATCH IT. YOU COULD HAVE CAUSED THE WHOLE SYSTEM TO UNRAVEL!” said a voice that made Jack’s ears rattle. “Oh please, you ate it all, anyway! I’d wonder where you put it all if you didn’t get so big off of that! HAhaha!” “YOU’RE SUCH A NOOB. THAT WAS LIKE WAKING UP FOR BREAKFAST AND EATING A BREAD CRUMB! JUST YOU WAIT TILL YOU’RE CLOSE TO MY POWER! SYSTEMS BECOME LIGHT DESERT!” “Commander Bandares! Where are you?! We need something to run off energy NOW!” Jack tried not to move and remained at attention as a shadow of a 100 foot tall man blanketed him and the rest of his squad members. He felt the floor throbbing as he looked up at the face of Johnny’s 2nd in command, Arseny Petrov. Jack was terrified as Arseny bent over at the waist to look at him. His glare made Jack avoid his eyes but that only made him lower vision to the source of the throbbing. A cock the size of a Greyhound bus blocked his torso as his massive eyes looked down at Jack and shone with a light that no human could create naturally. “My bad, squirt. I get you little guys mixed up now. At this size, your faces all kind of blend together, hahah!” YOU NEED TO FOCUS YOUR SIZE USING YOUR EYES AND YOUR MIND COMBINED! EVENTUALLY, THEY’LL GET SO SMALL YOU’LL NEED A MAGNIFYING GLASS IF YOU KEEP THIS UP! BANDARES! DON’T MAKE ME COME TO YOU OR I’LL HURDLE YOU INTO SPACE IN AN OGYXEN BUBBLE!” The constant quaking behind Arseny got stronger and caused many soldiers to lose balance and fall onto their asses. Above Arseny, shoulders that stuck FAR farther than his loomed above. He looked up in fear and awe at what many described as the will of a god, Johnny Powerstone. His size had to exceed 400 feet tall and probably 200 feet wider than that. Arseny looked up, obscuring his face from the tiny humans below with his leviathan cock. From this angle, Jack felt like he could be crushed accidentally as Johnny Powerstone’s cock appeared hard as well, however, he used a hand large enough to crush us all instantly to move it the size and allow his entire face to view us. If Jack could imagine an existence superior to humans, Johnny’s face just about gave physical reference. His eyes looked down at me from under a hyper-masculine brow. His glowing white hair aided his glowing rainbow eyes in terrifying all of the many weak beings below him. His face grinned with the arrogance of something between a king and a prom king- jock as his extremely hot dimples framed his face. Jack felt something push him aside as Commander Bandares made his presence known though Jack couldn’t possible figure out how these two gods could even register such a tiny five foot old man. Bandares knew his presence was insignificant anytime Johnny didn’t call to be serviced so, his brow beaded with sweat at what was just short of being his maker. “Sir, the energy dispersal machine is still broken from the last time we tried to break off your energy!” “WHAT?? RIDICULOUS! ARE YOU TELLING ME SOMETHING THAT I INVENTED COULDN’T TAKE THE POWER OF A TINY SUPER NOVA??” the roar in his booming voice caused many of us to cower and the sounds of frustration in his voice led to tears that Jack couldn’t feel go down his face. Banderas was silent but he also was holding back tears. “I…..I….I….” he stammered. A heavy sigh came down on us and knocked us over with warm air. “FINE, SHOW ME THE SCHEMATICS LATER IN THE BOARDROOM. I HAVE A MEETING WITH THE LEADERSHIP IN AMERICA. I’M NOT LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH THEIR RECENT ACTIONS, I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH THAT CORN CHIP OF A PRESIDENT DOESN’T LIKE IMMIGRANTS!” With that, Johnny became to turn his Olympian form, muscles the size of buildings being moved in an almost ultra-human manner. Their bulging size was long lost on Jack as he looked up and watched the 400 foot naked nearly human form turn and was graced with a sight few were lucky enough to get a second’s glance at. Though Jack followed the godly being with eyes of hunger and lust, his view was halted by another face, nearly as large from this angle. “WHAT IS IT, ARSENY? I NEED TO FUCK ALL MY ENERGY INTO YOU OR ELSE I’M GOING TO CAUSE ANOTHER LIGHTNING STORM OVER THE EQUATOR.” Arseny bent at the knees, though it seemed impossible, and his hefty balls came down to land on the ground as his vision was fixated on Cadet Jack. “I hear something coming from this one” he said as he bent down and really looked at Jack. His face filled Jack’s vision like a billboard as he leaned into him. Jack froze as he was considered a second thought to a god, something he didn’t believe could be possible. “I hear something. Is that an elevated heartbeat?” Johnny stopped and turned to observe his new demi-god. “ARE YOU FINALLY GETTING THE SUPER SENSES? TELL ME MORE.” Arseny looked at Jack so intensely, it almost seem like his vision was going through him. “He’s young. His heartbeat is moving quick like its running away from me. Poor kid’s terrified.” Suddenly, Arseny sniffed and Jack felt a cold suction for an instant before he refocused. “Is that the smell of pheromones? Is this what a horny human smells like? I can’t tell if you’re terrified or you need to fuck.” Arseny focused and saw something stick out from Jack’s pants, making him grin. “Well, I can’t tell if it’s both, anyway.” Jack felt an odd presence surround him as he felt body lose weight. His legs left the ground as an invisible force lifted him from the earth and sent him flying upward. Past his feeling of vertigo, he could make out in detail the big, pale muscles bulging from Arseny, his body hair failing to obsure the terrifying mass and bulging veins. Jack scrambled in panic as he thought he would collide with the vehicle sized cock sticking out of Arseny’s pelvis just before he was yanked around it by the force. Past the valley of Arseny’s pecs, Jack was able to smell the energy coming off his captor. Arseny’s wide face came in view and Jack remained held mid air, petrified. “I get it you want me to fuck you right? I got the goods if you’re buying, hahahah!” his booming voice rung my ears. Jack felt himself sweat as he was scared he might actually try and tear me apart with his girth. No living being could take so much from a god like him. “Johnny, can we take him with us?? Please?! I want to fuck him with my thoughts!” “ARSENY, YOU JUST GOT THE HANG OF MOVING THINGS WITH YOUR MIND. IF YOU TRY AND SHOVE FORCE INTO HIS ASS, YOU’LL TEAR HIM LIMB FROM LIMB.” Suddenly, Jack felt something else, too powerful to even fathom, move me upward far farther, sending me up like a bullet and causing my stomach to rotate as he was sent upward to meet Johnny Poundstone. His face was like looking at a flashing sign on New York Square. The size of his mouth showed that he could shove me into his mouth as an offering and barely even register he was getting eaten. I still felt cold tears on my face as he looked at me with an unfeeling, unsympathetic look. “YOU REMIND ME OF SOMEONE I USED TO KNOW. WHAT’S YOU’RE NAME?” “Jack….. Bartholomew.” “IS THAT YOUR DAD’S NAME OR YOUR MOM’S? “M-My mom changed her last name after her husband died.” “SO?” “Her family’s……… last name…. is…. Cole.” At that, Johnny grinned. “FUNNY. JACK COLE.” Before Jack could respond with inquiry, his clothes were torn to shreds and he was left suspsended hundreds of feet in the air, naked. “I USED TO CARE ABOUT THINGS LIKE YOU. HUMANS ARE GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THINGS TO ME NOW. I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME TO SPARE FOR YOU BUT ARSENY LIKES YOU SO YOU’LL GET WHAT MY DISCIPLES GET.” Jack screamed in pain and pleasure as he felt his ass widened and something that felt like the largest invisible cok in existence shoved its way into his intestines. Guttural noises came from Jack as he felt his entire body being racked with pressure. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt pleasure a human should never experience. “Hey, that’s mine!” Arseny called up from Johnny’s knee as he called up to his mentor. Johnny just grinned. “DON’T WORRY YOU’RE NEXT” he said as Jack fell into unconsciousness with the ebbing feeling of reaching sexual Nirvana. Jack reawoke to his body being laid under sheets in the infirmary, the window leading into space showing him the beauty of the universe in the dark room he sat in. “You’re awake.” Jack turned to see Officer Barrett’s face looking out the window. Jack wanted to ask questions but it was halted by a single hand from Barrett. “Quiet, he’s doing it again.” Suddenly, an explosion of light filled the window and caused Jack to cover his eyes. The entire room shook as what seemed to be far superior to a nuclear bomb went off in the vacuum of space. Jack held his bed as the impact nearly sent off. “He wants you to go with him back down to Earth once he’s done. Arseny. He wants to make you his first disciple” Barret said through the quaking. Jack used the light to see that Barrett had his pants around his ankles on a computer chair beside the window, an erection like rock sticking out from the gap of his pants. As the light faded, Jack began to make out stains on Barrett’s pants and sweat on his forehead as if he was having a fever during masturbation. Past Jack’s shock, another series of blasts of light and an explosion came unaffected from the distance. All he could make out was two titanic shadows the size of starships from a movie colliding rapidly, their forms distinguishable as one massive form and another form three times as massive. “They’ve been at it for 6 hours solid. He really is a god. It’s a miracle he doesn’t use his power to make us bow. Either way, we all would bow voluntarily and power this unbelievable.” ----
  17. Part 1: Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12786-basically-a-god-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12787-basically-a-god-part-3/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15219-basically-a-god-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15220-basically-a-god-part-5/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15221-basically-a-god-part-6/ Part 7 My teeth were big and white as I smiled for the professional cameras the press were firing off as I accepted the key to their city. It was such a small town in America I could barely remember its name. I was practically had my knees bent at 90 degrees trying to hold this stupid shaking hand pose with the mayor, his old little hand shaking in my massive mitt of a hand. A lot of things had changed in the year I had been a guardian for the god that was Johnny Powerstone. Everyone around me knew who I was the moment they saw me and practically were on their hands and knees trying to please me. Just a year ago, I was just Arseny Petrov, one of the top strongmen in the world and a 21 year old anomaly. I used to think being just over 2 meters tall (6 foot 7) and carrying around over 400 pounds made me a truly big and powerful specimen. Those who loved a huge man among big men used to come all over just to see me take down the challenges before me with my big, bulging arms. My signature flex and grin right after winning my events was the highlight for many strength enthusiasts. Who wouldn’t love a big man who could lift a ton? Being a big name in the strongman world, I found a lot of entertainment in growing my body more, pushing bigger weights, and then going to places where my size was highlighted. The Japanese crowd got a real kick out of me. There was a good image of me trying to fit through one of their tiny fucking sliding doors that the internet raved about nowadays. “Holy shit, he used to be that big?” “Yeah, and now he’s even bigger!” “The dude’s a fucking demi-god!” They weren’t wrong. I couldn’t fit in buildings anymore when I broke 10 feet tall and at 13 feet, I’d be lucky to get my 2 ton body through the double doors of an airport. After Johnny turned me, I grew like a weed, making me the talk of the world and the other disciples he owned. My asshole dad was my favorite torture subject when I went home on my breaks from the Poundstone Tower. I’d inherited my height and size from him but even at 6’9, that little shithead was scarce when I came home. My hometown was a mark on the map for the birthplace of the biggest disciple of Johnny Poundstone and one of the biggest success stories in the public’s view of Johnny’s divine intervention. People would clamor in excitement when Johnny did his usual drop off to key towns dealing with problems too big for them. They always hoped he’d be the one to intervene but, if not him, they’d hope I would come and be their hero for the day. I loved to watch those tiny little human faces look up to me like I was a being from another world gracing their planet. Johnny had to make my suit personally so that the frequent erections I grew at public events could be contained atleast slightly. As a disciple, his publicist insisted that atleast we should be more modest than our leader. I didn’t give two shits. I would just grin and groan as my nearly 3 foot cock pushed and fought against the super fibers. I’d made a bet amongst the other guardians that I’d be able to outgrow the suit cock first and a lot of the money amongst them was for rather than against. And who could blame them? I took advantage of my new super-body the way I did when I prepared for my strongman competitions. I ate so much that many of the smallest disciples were afraid to come near the dinner table until I’d finished my food. I scarfed it down like a wolf and was almost equally as ill-mannered. The table I’d been given would groan after only a few weeks once I’d really gotten the hang of eating for my new body. While the other guardians went down to the disciple floors of the tower to fuck and play with their smaller kin solely, my day was a mixed bag. Some days I’d super hop to areas just so I could test my strength against bigger boulders and tightly rooted trees. Other days I would test my endurance by using my super speed to run laps around the country. Johnny had built an island for his guardians to test their limits but I’d gotten too strong for those feeble weights when I broke 9 feet tall. Only his magnetic weights could keep up with me but even those were slowly losing their benefit. Any day that didn’t involve me eating, lifting, or simply pushing my body to the limit was a day where I rewarded myself. Any small town would spot me and do whatever I wanted so it didn’t take long for me to set up some areas for me to beworshipped by the most beautiful of the townspeople. I used to think I only loved women but there was nothing like having women squirm and lick my monster pole while the men would rub down my muscles with their stronger hands. Just the sight of me made them question their originally self-proclaimed sexualities and I loved to make them kneel for me. I was living the life compared to when I was a strongman. No more bulking periods for me. I could eat and eat and eat yet still retain almost no fat. My body was like a muscle machine! No more having to choose between my old girlfriend and my hand for a sex partner. I had sex almost everyday of the week and twice on Sunday! No more relative fame where I had to go to competitions to find my favorite strength enthusiasts. I could make strength whores everywhere I went now. Everyone loves power. It was a perfect cycle. My muscles got bigger, which would give me the strength to push harder, which would make my ability to collect sex partners easier, which would make me push even harder, which would make me horny as hell, which would make me push harder, which would make my muscles bigger! Life was heaven. But nothing in my new life was better than the god Johnny Poundstone. Everything about him was a goal for me. An impossible goal, but a goal that would make me always want more. Johnny barely fit into anything, let alone his own tower, at 21 feet tall. He had to phase through the tower in order to travel through it but he would have to be careful not to run into anyone, moving along two or three floors at a time. His power to phase only worked on non-living things, a flaw that he constantly griped about at dinner. His muscles were defined beyond human comprehension, making him a dangerous person to collide with when each muscles had the power to move a planet even at that ‘small’ a size. Tourists to New York were warned ahead of time off his Saturday patrols of the city. If they didn’t get the warning, they’d be shocked to find a god standing above the cityscape, his feet in the water yet still his knees still in the clouds. His big muscles filled the sky on those day and we suspected it gave people perfect masturbation material. Every muscle on his body seemed to defy gravity and logic with its size and shape. His figure couldn’t have been defined as human the way his arms were bigger around than any human chest, let alone SUVs. His waist was tight and yet powerful like a pillar, the abdominals and obliques making sharp curves along his torso up to his overarching pecs. No one could speak to him any longer unless he bent at the waist or kneeled and since he grown to 20 feet tall, he’d refused to give anyone the satisfaction of him bending. The places he came to for events were encouraged to have 10 foot trenches for him to walk through or 10 to 15 foot platforms set up for when he arrived or needed to speak. The world was clearly in his grasp and it showed everywhere he went. People bowed in love or fear, sometimes both. When he said you weren’t allowed to speak, the room would turn silent. When he made a request, people took it as an order with their life on the line and their servitude as his main course. I wanted that more than anything for myself but the power that spilled off him is what pulled me in. I was in love with the force of nature that was Johnny Poundstone and Johnny enjoyed taking advantage of it. I couldn’t tell if he could read minds but it didn’t matter the way he fucked me into oblivion. I’d never given my mountainous ass cheeks to anyone other than Johnny and he took it as his territory every time he took it. I emphasize the word ‘took’ because, no matter what I was in the middle of doing, Johnny would pull me aside and start fucking me out of the blue. I would scream in shout in ecstasy and it would only egg him on. The look in my eyes would make him press me against a physical or psychic wall and roar into my ear as he fucked me into the next century. Time seemed to fade and nothing else would matter when he shoved his massive godly cock into my ass. When he told me that his cum gave me more power, I’d thought he was warning me to take advantage of it as much as possible. But how could I do that with the random black outs I experienced during his fucking. It took a solid week of fucking for me to realize it was like a magic spell that he released on himself that was like giving permission to fuck me however he pleased. I was lucky he liked me or else he’d probably use me to fuck at his hardest the way he did with the planets from footage he got using his private satellite. But even though he held back, I could feel him slowly putting more force into it with each session. The last time alone, we’d gone to an abandoned building where’d he literally fucked me through multiple floors. Sex for Johnny was an art form. He could make me shout louder with every thrust, shake harder with every pounding, want more with every kiss and bite and look. I doubted he could do more to me each time but he’d always one up himself. It was like his constantly growing and evolving powers made him better at sex by the hour. Sometimes, I’d come out of my comas and see the faces of the other guardians when Johnny fucked me. The faces of envy were obvious and the air almost turned green when they were in the room with us. No one other than me got private sessions with him. He didn’t give them his cock the way he gave it to me. I was a special case in every sense of the word that they were never allowed to whine about or question. That kind of jealousy put a smile on my face. My theory was Johnny fucked me best because of how much my body took to his and came back for more. When he fucked me, it took hours before I was out of commission. Even then, I’d wake up in a day while the others would be out for a full 7. When Johnny grew, I grew. If he grew another foot, I wouldn’t grow half as fast but I’d be close. None of the other disciples grew past the 10 foot height and, therefore, became increasingly useless as they stayed the same and Johnny grew stronger. Johnny would often be watching me as I was breaking a new personal best lifting 50 tons or saving another 15 people more from a burning building. It took me less than 10 minutes to put an illegal drug factory to bed, although I would always destroy the building as a side effect. None of them came close to me. That’s why I’d puffed my chest out so far when Johnny told me he had something special to show me on a fateful July. I’d broken the 15 feet tall barrier and Johnny, now 32 feet tall at his smallest, was pleased by progress. I now used most of his magnetic weights for curling now and I was now too big to go on ‘easy’ missions like rescuing people from buildings and robberies without destroying government property. I was a big, big handful that Johnny clearly liked for some reason or else he would have probably made the smart choice and put me permanently in our rapidly shrinking home. I remained hopeful and confident in Johnny as we flew over a new island he’d created in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. There wasn’t a route for a boat or anything at all for miles. This island, unlike the others, only contained assorted boulders and rocks. It was wide but had no greenery or animals in sight. We landed on the sand shore, my 4 ton body quickly starting to sink into the sand. “Sir, why are we here?” I asked as I looked up to him. He was so tall now that even I couldn’t see much of his face past his pec shelf. He leaned forward and I heard his thunderous voice rain down on me. “Stop calling me sir, Arseny, call me Johnny” he said with a handsome grin. His eyes were even brighter and more beautiful than the month before. “Yes, sir—ur, I mean…… Johnny” I said, going from an exclamation to a quiet whisper. I’d hoped he would take this for a slight error on my part due to my first language, Russian. After receiving his essence, I’d learned several languages like I was learning to ride a bike. Johnny boomed laughter down to me. Instantly my crotch shivered and I felt my new suit tighten. It wouldn’t be long before I outgrew another uniform. “Arseny, how’s your family?” he asked out of the blue. I’d never heard him ask a disciple such personal information before. I just assumed he could get the information by hacking the internet like he did for criminal organizations. Or he could just read our minds. “Um, their fine. My dad still sucks balls but he’s a lot quieter after I ripped the house in half looking for my protein powder.” Johnny held his grin and turned it into a big white smile. He then moved toward the boulders nearby and sat atop a formation of them like they were a love seat. My eyes were glued to his bulging muscles and the comparison of the seemingly tiny boulders to them. He was watching me. “Arseny, do you like muscles?” “Of course! I want more!” I said confidently. To prove my point I did a double bicep and admired my 60+ inch guns. “Every movement I make feels like I’m throwing around a stone! I could always have more!” Johnny took another moment to look at me as if analyzing my response. “Do you like power?” I merely nodded my head furiously before answering. “When I was in competition, the other competitors would always tell me how jealous they were of how easily I could lift things. I was so excited when a guy told me once, the can of beer I was holding burst!” Johnny looked at me again before moving into a reclining position against the boulders. “It’s not that great, you know.” “What??” I said in confusion. “It’s not that great. Strength and power, I mean.” “Sir—er, Johnny, I don’t understand. You have the power to lift mountains like lifting a spoon! You can fly at speeds that don’t just make you a blur but actually create a stream of light at your top speed. You fuck me so hard that we’ve broken old city neighborhoods like they’re made of pudding! The UN actually tried to pass a bill to limit your size on earth after you tried to walk along the shore of new York and nearly caused a tsunami!” “Yeah, yeah, that’s all well and good but so what?” Johnny said as he reached for a boulder and rubbed its smooth surface. “I could pull all the mountains, fly till I cause a planet to rupture in half, and fuck you so hard that we could re-activate a volcano but I’ll always get stronger. I’ll always top what I did last month and exceed expectations further. The world is in the palm of my hand now but so what?” At this point in the conversation, my mouth was open and my face was in shock. “It’s just not enough. I’m bored, Arseny. New has gotten old. I’m sure you’ve noticed it but I’ll just point it out. I’ve shredded my uniform twice as many times as you since you’ve been here. Ever since you arrived, everything’s changed.” “What do you mean?” “I mean that I’m growing faster now. Getting stronger than ever before. My body is adapting faster as my powers are getting stronger at an accelerating rate. I’ve tested my powers on other planets like earth and, in about 5 years alone, I’ll be powerful enough to split an atom with my mind alone. I’ve had to contain my true weight even more so than I ever have. 1/100th of my true weight could form a crater in the planet 1/10th its size. I nearly slipped when I tried to deactivate a volcano and nearly created 3 more trying to do it. I’m getting too powerful to remain this close to the planet. Even my heat vision is getting too powerful to avoid blowing a volcano into Asia… again. At my current growth speed, I’ll be as big as Jupiter at max size in 5 years but, at this rapidly changing speed of growth, I can’t say that in 5 years that I’ll be 5 times the size of Jupiter at my smallest. Nothing is keeping up with me anymore.” “But what about planet Earth? What if something happens in the public that requires you to step in?” “What if? If I stayed, I’d just push them 100 years into the future if I were to show the world my newest inventions. After my food supply sustaining research started bearing fruit, I’ve already excelled past the human races comprehension of science. I’ve outdone society by at least four centuries. The invention business has plummeted since I came around. They really don’t need me to make society perfect for them.” “Fuck, Johnny! How can you keep getting more impressive??” I asked over the sound of the waves slamming against the shore. After listening to Johnny, my cock was harder as rock and with a loud rip, my big, reddened, purple headed cock burst from my suit and lifted its hulking 5 foot mass up and slammed against my abs. Fuck, I was getting big. Johnny grinned and left his perch to stand in front of me, his eyes focused into mine. “You.” “What?” “Am I speaking Cantonese without realizing it again?” “What do you mean ‘you’?” “I mean that you are the catalyst, Arseny. You have been what’s causing my power to accelerate.” “What??” “Are you sure I’m not speaking Cantonese or Hebrew?” “Just explain!” “Well…… it turns out that my powers are correlated to you. More specifically, your growth.” “How has my growth caused your growth?” “You see, it took a while to notice but, since I gained my powers years ago, I’ve been growing and getting stronger. After a point, it became so easy to get a girl to open her legs, I stopped keeping count and tracking my conquests. However, there was a point where I couldn’t keep my cock small enough to fuck average women so I started craving men. That didn’t last long since I still grew and they remained the same. But, when I got my first disciples, Jenny and Benton, and they started to grow, my growth started to speed up again. I started gathering disciples so I could have multiple to fuck and it made me grow faster again. But even now, I’m too big for my smaller disciples. You’re the only one growing fast enough to take me anymore. Ever since you came and excelled past the others, I’ve been able to fuck you for full weeks and grow to truly immense sizes! My body’s desire for sex makes me grow and you’ve been the greatest cause! The others are now a third of my size and none of them can get my dick in their mouth, let alone their asses. You probably noticed it about now. I’ve spent more time with you than all of the disciples combined and you’ve grown right along with me. Your body isn’t at its limit so you can still grow for a little while longer before your limits set in. You’re a natural phenomenon, Arseny!” “I…..I….” I was speechless, more speechless than I usually was when Johnny was around. I’d noticed that I couldn’t fit into most of the tower and that I was the only one among the disciples still growing, but I hadn’t noticed how big a difference there was in my time with Johnny compared to the others. I just didn’t know…. Any of this, until now. Johnny reached looked down at me and held my shoulder. “Arseny… I want you to grow with me. Become a god with me.” “I— “ I tried to speak but Johnny gave me a look of intense focus. “Please, Arseny, let me show you what being a god will gift you.” Johnny moved around me and started walking into the ocean. His massive legs treaded water like air and he was quickly disappearing into the ocean. I ran to the edge of the shore and looked out as the waves lapped at my feet, searching for Johnny. Suddenly, I could see Johnny’s handsome head coming out of the water, his hair quickly drying and forming its beautiful shoulder length look like usual. My eyes began to hurt as Johnny’s traps came out of the water and my sense of perspective shifted Johnny was standing farther out than I thought by the size of the waves beside him but he appeared to be coming closer. It took me only a moment to realize he was growing. Waves crashed against the shore, bigger and bigger as he grew taller and taller. His broad shoulders had only just come out of the water and it already looked like he was becoming big enough to hide me in his golden locks. When his chest finally came up for air, I had to back away from the shore as the waves became truly massive. The clouds began to darken as Johnny’s growth accelerated and his arms were still coming into view. I could hear thunder as Johnny’s eyes glowed bright enough to be seen from even the distance I stood. My head craned even from the great distance we were apart as his muscles seemed to plump and grow along with him. I saw lightning as Johnny’s head began to reach into the clouds and the waves became 40 feet tall. I backed away and quickly climbed the piles of rock in an attempt to escape the growing waves. Johnny’s eyes were a beam of light that focused on me as his rapidly growing size closed the gap between us quickly. He covered almost 40% of my view from this distance and his abs were still climbing from under the water. This was a size he had never shown anyone while on Earth and for good reason. The boulders shook and fell out of place as the quakes from his growth became stronger. I made it to the top somewhat safely just as I saw Johnny’s cock come from underneath the water. It was the fastest growing limb on his body as it swelled and grew, climbing his body till it fought with his growing chest. I sat on my knees, astounded by the infinite power Johnny wished to show me. His body simply grew and grew, more powerful with every second, as if it was a natural thing. I didn’t feel myself jizz the first time watching his head reach the clouds but I felt it most definitely as his abs began to do it. The clouds opened wide for the entrance of a god unto heaven and yet still he soared past them. I feared for the stability of the island as Johnny’s growth shook it roughly. Rocks crumbled and the sandy shore of the island was submerged in water. I’d never seen larger bolts of lightning shred the sky. If there’d been any boats nearby, I was sure they’d have been sunken by now. I was surprised a volcano hadn’t been sprung by the earthquakes Johnny created. I’d never known this much power or size was possible until Johnny, the god of power, had shown it to me. When Johnny’s knees passed the clouds, I’d come again. The Atlantic Ocean was 5 miles deep and it wasn’t even knee deep to Johnny, who was still growing at his fastest speed. Johnny had told me that his size was equivalent to how much power he had within him. This was what he meant. So much power that you could see his shins 5 miles from the ground and then some. The water had absorbed the island I was perched on up until the very top of the stone pile. Just when I was prepared to take a dive, Johnny’s growth stopped. When the earth began to settle, I looked up and fell back into the water just after finding my footing. Johnny’s face filled the sky. Wherever it didn’t, his muscles filled the rest. With his legs above me position at sea level. Johnny almost entirely encompassed my view of the sky. He was so tall that his face and body were tinted with the color of something far away, bouncing light off of him. I dared to imagine what he looked like on a satellite view of the planet. Johnny’s knees were high above the ocean and I could tell from the view of his calves that just a few hundred more meters would reveal his calves. My angry and sore cock spewed a third load into the water as I looked to view what could only be described as a god. Johnny exceeded everything I ever imagined size and power could be. His muscles were big and intimidating works of strength that were unquestionable to any creature, being, entity or existence in the universe. The view of his big, veiny muscles bulging and his big handsome grin told me that with one glance. He was silent for someone so truly enormous but I could tell he was attempting to be silent knowing that too much sound from his massive existence could break tectonic plates and cause the average human to go deaf. His glowing, powerful eyes beaming down on me in the darkness his body created said it all said it all and I knew what to say. “Yes. I’ll do it.” ---
  18. Part 1: Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12786-basically-a-god-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12787-basically-a-god-part-3/?tab=comments#comment-148914 Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15219-basically-a-god-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15220-basically-a-god-part-5/ Part 6 With me being the most typical presence by Johnny since his ascension, you’d think there’d be a wave of publicity followed by a second wave of popularity, making me a celebrity and an almost constant first hand account of the craziness that was Johnny’s actions. Anyone who thinks like that, however, is horribly wrong. Having battled with the media for so long, Johnny had reigned them in, along with anyone else that had ever heard of “Sam Cole”. Johnny’s public reaction wasn’t negative in anyway. If anything, he’d only exceeded any expectations anyone would have of a god. A lot happened in a full year. I got emails from his brother suddenly, every so often as if Trenton was trying to apologize for his betrayal. Johnny had finally ended the battle of control with the men who were running the Johnny Project. Since I left, Johnny would be constantly doing something, whether it be working in the lab on some kind of future project, saving some town in dire need of his powers, going to some kind of benefit or event that required his presence, or simply fucking his disciples. Speaking of which, that was something that had come to light publicly just a few weeks ago. Every so often, Johnny would go to some place and a man or woman of exceptional genetics or beauty would vanish from the public sphere. 8 people disappeared as if they were just air, though everyone could quickly guess where they went. The world’s strongest man vanished just after being granted the award and title from the special guest, Johnny Poundstone. One of the more beautiful faces of women’s rights in Europe was suddenly gone after a benefit being funded largely by what was known as the Poundstone organization. Another man, Samuel Deguara, a man known for being a natural giant of Italy at 7 foot 5 that was searching to join a national basketball team, was gone after a true, super-powerful giant passed through Italy to settle an earthquake dilemma and, while there, a little of the financial structure that made up Greece. Weeks later, a group run by Johnny, known as JD, or Johnny Disciples, made themselves known. Johnny had created a 10 man group of supersized men and women that were just strong enough to help him safe different parts of the world. Though their primary work entailed working on taking down the black markets and minimizing crime, they also doubled as beacon’s for Johnny’s influence, which was still rapidly expanding out past the Solar System. Johnny had appointed himself a member of a project with NASA to find habitable planets. Johnny, being the overachiever that he was, found three. Trenton let slip in his note that there Johnny might have found something other than planets out there in space but was keeping it from him. It was obvious why Trenton didn’t want to press Johnny too hard for the answer. He wasn’t among Johnny’s disciples and though he was still Johnny’s brother, he wasn’t sure what one of his massive 8 foot disciples would do to him if he gave them a reason to believe he was doing anything other than obeying Johnny. If not for them, there was Johnny’s newer larger form. He wasn’t able to fit on normal bedframes and couldn’t even stand up straight in normal buildings at 9’2. However, a year had changed that as he’d broken 10 feet, blasted past 11 and was well on his way to 12 feet tall, only just recently reaching over the marker at currently 11’7. The Guinness world record organization came to hand him awards for tallest man, heaviest man, widest man, largest feet and many more but Johnny denied them all. They would have probably awarded him a car if he could still fit into, based on the number of awards he could have taken. Although it was partially because he probably considered himself above receiving awards from anyone, as shown from the three Nobel Peace prizes and the Grammy from his guest appearance in the last Superman movie, he had made several excuses for himself I imagine a lot of people considered justified. Things like “I’ve been able to grow to half the size of new York for the past two months so my base size doesn’t matter anymore” or “I can change the gravitational pull of my body to make myself heavier if I wish, I might as well be 20,000 pounds”. If that was worded the way Trenton wrote it, I could tell instantly it was another time when Johnny used an excuse as a way to brag. Of course, that’s not as if his height wasn’t enough to brag about. Johnny didn’t fit into many parts of his tower the same way he barely fit into clothes anymore, his elevator being the most recent defeated conquest, so if he wasn’t opening up walls and closing them again, he was crouched down, his knees almost perpendicular to the floor. I knew that many of the rooms had been built for people of a limited size. They’d built it with the largest man alive in mind, putting it just slightly above 9’6 feet to keep ahead of the curve. But Johnny’s growth put any human predictions to shame. Johnny was so large that they often took the events involving him outside, out of fear that he’d get irritated and just walk into the building like the walls were made of oxygen. When Johnny went on an orphanage run to visit all of his little fans, he used his telekinesis to pull the building apart for his entry, closed it back up, and remained crouch throughout his visit. Apparently, he usually enjoyed it when they used his powers and his large muscles as a playground when, if they were really good, he’d grow as big as a small building for them to climb onto. Parents heard about it but didn’t argue because, you know, it’s Johnny Poundstone. Even his overgrown disciples, all of them at or near 8 feet tall, came off as puny when reporters interviewed them. And the difference from human to Johnny was even more amazing. The average man met Johnny almost a foot below his hips but many did their best to avoid looking at him straight forward since his massive, docile cock bulged in their faces and on live television in his skin tight speedo uniform. Johnny’s sense of clothing had become skimpier as he demanded they cut his little uniform as they always had. The reason it looked so skimpy, however, was that Johnny’s dimensions had changed. His pecs were massive now and filled his fans’ vision. If you wanted to talk to Johnny’s face, you had to either stand almost 4 meters away or Johnny had to choose to bend down to look at his public. Past those massive arms, both rivaling a large, grown man in size and past the massive pecs and hulking shoulders, people were blinded by the beauty that was Johnny’s face. His big feet were too big wear shoes as they’d recently blown past size 39 and rapidly flew through the 40’s. He was becoming too handsome now for many as women that weren’t prepared for him would shuffle their legs and struggle to remain intact. Any that weren’t looking at his broad shoulders, big arms, massive chest, and his beautiful face, rolled their eyes down his body in an attempt to fathom how beautiful his body was. His abs had broken a twelve pack and was now moving to a fourteen pack that pointed down to his massive cock, nestled heavily between two hulking legs that looked like they restricted his leg movement with the bulging heads and veins. Johnny’s psychic powers were a god send to the city since his sex events got crazier and harder to be sustained by human built walls. His disciples had became strong enough to somewhat endure the impact from his weaker orgasms but a wall of psychic energy helped. Trenton couldn’t describe it to me as he’d only seen it through the monitors that showed Johnny’s weight room, which would be quickly stricken with a flash of white before cutting to black. But as residents of our city, we and the rest of New York could feel the earth shake when it happened, which was almost nightly. Johnny’s sense of fun was making it difficult for everyone and everything to have a peaceful life but he just didn’t seem to care. His narcissism knew no bounds anymore. The world simply bent to his mood and ego like a dog. When he chose to save the day, he did it on his terms, regardless of the rules of government. When he chose to participate in government, politics became secondary to his whims. When he wanted to test his whims, he used a known or new power to strike a new level of humbleness into the minds of all Earthlings. He grew bigger, he saved the day in a crazier way, he roared laughter, he fucked harder, then got to do it all over again the next day. In the past, I thought he was outgrowing humanity as his body outgrew his clothes. It took me too long to realize that he’d outgrown humanity a long time ago. Since the first time his bulging, superhuman biceps burst out of his first XL shirt. Way back when he was just learning he could outrun Olympic medalists with his definition of a “light jog”. Then he stretched and grew in every direction, past the boundaries of humanity up to this point. Even beyond me… I’d been sitting on a soft chair while I was in my own thoughts, sensing eyes on me. I didn’t make eye contact that lasted longer than half a second. He saw that immediately though. “So it’s been a year now and you haven’t moved on from this?” the bespectacled man sitting in a chair across from me. He was very attractive for a human but I’d seen too much to be satisfied with just that. He was looking at me like a hawk with brown, focused eyes. I opened my mouth but couldn’t speak. I knew the answer but didn’t want to believe. “No” he said as if reading my mind. “You’ve been avoiding giving me answers this entire session but their written all over your face.” The man laid his notepad on a slack-covered leg and sighed. “You’re living with one of your friends and it’s killing you because you took a different path than them. You think you’ve failed to succeed and so you’ve stopped going to classes for your degree. You want to get away from your past but you haven’t left the city where your past lives so you went and found a place with someone from that past to try and come to a place before the event. Am I missing anything?” Apparently, my looking away had shown some more writing on my face. “And you still want whatever it is you left. Honestly, Mr. Cole, I don’t know who or what you left behind but you’ve been going the wrong path to moving past it. It’s like something has sucked the orginal Samuel Cole. What could have cast such a large shadow on your life that you can’t get out from under it?” My lips were loosened after the psychiatrist’s words had cut through my clothes and left me naked. My heart was pounding and I was going to speak but I got cut off as the ground rumbled, knocking over smaller pieces of furniture. Suddenly, the room’s lighting from outside went dark. There were sirens going off as the quake had clearly been strong enough to hurt someone. The doctor and I ran to the window quickly in an attempt to try and see it for ourselves. I looked up at a familiar face. Johnny was a bit of a bully when it came to making clear his authority. Trenton had said that he didn’t like that he couldn’t be everywhere at once and, as his base of operations, he should be able to control all of crime in his vicinity. That’s why a tourist would be shocked to try and visit New York only to be graced with the sight of a massive pair of legs reaching up into the clouds. His humongous feet were probably standing either in a large patch of trees or in the water at the edge of the city. I didn’t have to be told that Johnny did this to both give the people an outlet to worship and spread his gaze across the city. Many were looking up at him as he looked down and glared, his eyes red with power as, at this size, he had to be careful to proportionally expand the potential energy he held to prevent himself from releasing enough energy to make New York a whole in the Earth. The temperature was heightened due to the extremely small percentile of energy that Johnny himself couldn’t completely contain. It was more intense every month he did this as his full form grew bigger and bigger constantly, even though he tried to hide it usually at his normal hulking size. Feelings came back and I felt my eyes water as I looked up at the god that Johnny was. Too many emotions of anger, hunger, fear, admiration, humility, and many other feelings as I looked up into that massive, beautiful face. “That” I said over to the doctor, fully aware that he was on his knees, his hand rapidly going up and down. He was another victim to Johnny, another worshipper wiping away tears who just wanted to be acknowledged by the ultimate power above him. Johnny’s influence was too much for those who’d never seen him when he was smaller. I was used to people meeting him and wetting themselves, bursting into tears as they looked up at his mighty pecs. That smug face of total domination was usually too much by itself, the same one looking down from above the clouds and over those enormous, stadium sized pecs. I looked up and wondered if he could instantly tell which measly human was me, looking up and up and up, craning my neck to glimpse his power. I was a single speck, probably nearly indiscernible to him even with his super vision. One fist tightened as the other fist wiped away tears. I needed to escape.
  19. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15219-basically-a-god-part-4/ Part 5 Hey, move along, short shit!” Benton commanded down to me. The following 6 months from the Tanner incident went pretty bad. For me at least. Mostly because, although Johnny had forgiven Tanner entirely, I was still on thin ice in every and all interactions with him. It was like hell as I feared that the growing Johnny would one day just have enough of my presence and simply stomp me into a mud puddle with his size 50+ feet. By the time the next year came by, I was on my second to last year of graduate school but it didn’t give me any relief, Johnny made certain of that. Johnny’s powers were numbing as every month, he’d discover some new power he never knew he could use and would test it on me in the most creative ways. In the fall, as I walked through the nearby park for my morning cardio, I was assaulted by trees like never before. That was the season Johnny had discovered his power to send energy from his body that worked as super miracle grow. When I was deep enough in the park, he’d used this power to grow them outward in all directions, specific ones growing and wrapping around me before lifting me into the air with their increased size and girth. It had taken hours to get me down and even now they were still trying to shred the 7 feet thick branches of the overgrown woods. Later, he’d test his self enlarging powers and take a stroll through the outskirts of the city, where my school was located. Somehow, every other vehicle in the parking lot had survived his rampage except mine, a flat and metal plate leaking oil into concrete that had sunken 15 feet deep and was in a 60 foot long foot shaped crater. It was the month after that when he’d discovered how to perform whistle commands that could make animals do his bidding to a certain extent. I practically had to watch my step and carry an umbrella at all times as dogs or birds would suddenly have the urge to crap in my direction and ruin my clothes and hair. At one point, a batch of squirrels had showered me by throwing the nuts they’d stored for the winter down at me in a hail. Winter didn’t give me much of a break either. Whenever Johnny wasn’t learning a new power, he was getting stronger in a power he’d already mastered. I’d been the last to leave on a test during one of my bio-medical exams and I assume Johnny had been waiting for me to try to leave as I felt a heavy thud shake the building. The supervisor for the test almost fell to his feet as he dropped all of the papers onto the floor. I’d tried to run to the door to see what had happened but shouldn’t have been surprised when I’d tried and a bit of snow slipped through the cracks before remaining at a standstill. Johnny had summoned enough snow to completely submerge the doors to this building. I didn’t know at the time but it literally had been done to only the building we were in. There was a perfect circle of thick snow dropped down onto our building like medical cream placed on a simple part of your skin. As I suffered the power of Johnny, it was a perspective thought that everyone else received the better end of the bargain. Besides petty crimes and general bad behavior in small doses, Johnny kept the world in order on a daily basis. Bank robberies would be halted almost before they could really start thanks to the police opening up their whole database to Johnny, who preferred that they give it to him “willingly” instead of him hacking it as he knew he could. Drug cartels lost money by the millions as Johnny went all over and halted business with his new super smelling powers which gave him the ability to smell the scent of drugs by a ten mile radius. Any smaller crimes were left to the local police as Johnny had bigger jobs most of the time he handle and, although he was powerful, he couldn’t be everywhere at once. The current drought in California was halted quickly by Johnny’s power to grow plants and his power to turn toxic waste into pure, crystalline water. The last one was a testament to his influence since a very, very short list of people knew exactly how he went about doing it. As far as politics were concerned, people in the political sphere barely complained anymore about his actions. Johnny put a special target on the fortune 500 in America as he’d discovered lately that there were many scandals they’d been planning in the last month after he’d seduced one of the hotter males into giving away secrets of some of the others for just a night with the young god. Speaking of which, when he wasn’t testing his powers on me, terrorizing the rich, or saving the world, he was fucking. I was absolutely sure of it though he wouldn’t want to tell me the way he used to. And worst of all, he’d found new ways to go about. As I was moving through the hallway, careful to check around the corners for Johnny or his followers, my best guess was Johnny was still at Olympics making his first appearance as a celebrity at the games instead of demeaning the athletes with his superiority. He insisted on helping create a meteor shower for the start of the Olympics for the fun of it. Tanner lived in the upper floors as well but he’d gone into the city to watch with some friends at a local bar. Though Johnny forgave him, he was still somewhat terrified of his once little brother. The dynamic between the two had hit him hard over the months and he was constantly calling his officers to confirm his date to go back to base. Johnny was treating him the way he used to treat me but that was completely not how he was used to interacting with him, as he did years ago. Before, Johnny was a pipsqueak who’d grown into comic books and his brother, having grown out of them, told him to fuck off whenever he asked him to come and watch a bad superhero cartoon with him. Now, Johnny practically manhandled the guy with his massive arms and planted him in a seat next to him. I never got to see since I knew Johnny would see me coming a mile away with his infrared vision but I imagined it was a way more cramped scene than it had been for me. Johnny’s base size had grown into a 9’2 superhuman and was still not showing signs of slowing in growth. The doorframes originally made for a 7 foot giant were now too cramped for him to squeeze through without taking the wall with him. At Johnny’s last check up with the doctors supervising the project, his arms had actually grown to a new intimidating size of over 90 inches when he flexed to the very point between pure flexing and enlarging the bicep. His body’s proportions were reaching unnaturally intense shapes and made it difficult for those around him. When he came to the red carpet for showings of new movies, he’d come down from the sky in a sonic boom, which he could create very easily now, and would appear in nothing but his tight formal uniform. It was nothing but a spandex speedo, the same size as his normal uniform but shrunken to the triangle of your everyday speedo. His body had so many exaggerated curves that it was impossible for anything non circular to contain him. His pecs were so massive that they were the first thing people saw when Johnny turned corners. Mouths drooled as he would walk by, those seeing him coming graced with the view of his massive package as those seeing him going would watch his powerful butt cheeks bounce and leak out of the sides of the overstretched outfit. He even had the designer make it look like a mini suit with a bowtie as if his crotch needed anything else to pull eyes to it. Johnny behaved when he was in the movie theater but the locals were well accustomed to light tremors throughout the area when he was discontent with the flick, the source being the light tapping of his toes, a habit he’d had even before his growth and simply hadn’t outgrown. Even when he wasn’t doing this, people in any scenario often kept a check on him at all times to gauge his mood. No one was foolish enough to attempt to piss him off directly and being aware of his mood made the percentage of your potential survival rise depending on how Johnny felt. This sense of control in even the atmosphere made it easy for Johnny to pick out his entourage for the night. He partied on some nights with either the most famous or those he deemed perfect for a night of intense passion. His sexual needs were now a near constant as some nights were filled with the thundering moans of a god who was yet to be sated. I was reminded of our time in the first few months as Johnny’s love making had become strong enough to quake through the many floors between the rooms he fucked in and the room I slept in. Due to his growth, his massive cock couldn’t be properly survived by the small vaginal cavity of a normal woman anymore. Now he had a male and female sex slave on hand at all times in the tower to have the choice of sex on hand. That was where his newest power came into play. Benton and Penny were two models that Johnny had seen at a fashion show in Italy and had become instantly attached to their attractive bodies. They’d originally been like humans when I’d met them but they quickly became disciples of Johnny in the most terrifying way. Johnny wouldn’t release the details to anyone but Tanner but I could still understand pretty quickly how over time, he’d made Benton and Penny grow. It started in intervals. Benton was originally 5’11 and Penny 5’9, both of them taller than me. They’d act politely to me regardless of the fact Johnny wouldn’t even register my presence. Then they started to change. Benton used to talk to me about sports all the time and we’d often go to the nearby coffee shop to talk deeply about politics. Penny would hang out with me when I went to a nearby beach or needed a generally nice girl to have a conversation with. My old high school friends never visited anymore after Johnny had scared them with a stray thunderbolt from the sky in their last visit and my college friends quickly became Johnny’s groupies after the first visit. Benton and Penny were practically my lifeline to the rest of the world. Then one day, Benton had trouble fitting into his clothes and asked me if he could borrow mine since I was wider built than he was. Penny had to go and buy a new bra because her breasts felt heavier than they used to and she needed stronger support. Then, things reached new levels of odd. Benton had outgrown my clothes and now, when I needed to reach something, neither of us needed a stepstool. He would just simply reach up and take it off whatever shelf I was reaching for and hand it to me. I’d tried to shield Penny from the cold weather once as we were trying to get into a club but she was so tall that, standing against the wall, a portion of her head was above my reach as her breasts almost touched my chin. It went on like this for months and in different ways. Benton needed to wear sandals more frequently because he’d always be outgrowing his shoes from a previous month. Penny’s breasts were so large that, even with a bra, her nipples still poked through. Benton would bend a little too low to pick up something he’d dropped and his pants, even sweatpants, would tear to reveal his big bubble butt. Penny had to work to really button her pants as her hips grew wider. Both of them now had feet that thudded against the floor with their weight as they went down the hallways. The last time we went to a sports bar together, Benton had to duck the doorframes because forehead was a magnet to them. Penny couldn’t go anywhere without causing the traffic to come to a complete halt as her waist tightened but everything below and above had swelled into sexy curves that stretched the fabric of her clothes. Then I think the growth started to get to their heads. On a day where Johnny was testing out his heat producing powers in New York, Benton had caught me reaching up for a 2 liter bottle of soda that had been placed on the top shelf of the cabinets, reached up to get it, then uncapped and drank it one fell swoop. His big Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped and made short work of the bottle, concluding with a loud and thick burp. “Thanks, I really needed that.” Penny had found me on the couch of one of the many living rooms and simply lifted me off by my arm like I was a doll and plopped onto it herself. “Hey, there’s more than one living room,” I’d say. “Yeah, but I wanted this one,” she’d respond. Our long talks became small talks became one sided conversations until eventually, my presence just seemed to irritate them. All it took was a little look and I’d be gone as I knew there was no chance my comparatively small form couldn’t handle the behemoth sex slaves. When Johnny would bring more play mates, Penny and Benton would be nearby and ready to participate. They were quickly becoming demigods to the anomaly that was Johnny as they followed in his footsteps. “Hey, move along, short stack!” Benton commanded down to me. That was when I flew to the wall like a fly as the now hulking, 7’4 Benton walked down the hall, the floors creaking and thundering with his footsteps where there was wood. He was wearing nothing but a tight pair of briefs that Johnny used to wear that made his butt look amazing as he stomped his way through the building. I was petrified until he passed, his broad shoulders and bulging arms swing as he strutted down the hallway. My brow wrinkled as I realized I had to follow him on my way to the top floor. Watching the large muscles that made up just the back of Benton was a real sight. He was big and supernaturally proportioned like Johnny, just on a smaller scale. It took him several tries to get through doors now. It was a good thing the furniture was made to hold Johnny because normal furniture would probably crumble under Benton’s weight. He made any and all bodybuilders look feeble in comparison to him and fitness models just body enthusiasts. His arms hung at his sides and were pushed away but lat muscles so thick he couldn’t lower his arms far below their nearly 45 degree angle. His waist was tight and probably only several inches larger than my own, probably only due to the 8 pack that jutted from his stomach like iron plating. His thighs executed a slow, dominant waddle that was the best option for him unless he wanted to accidently crush his very large manhood. His calves were both clearly thicker than my thighs and yet still hyper lean, looking as though he could lift a small car onto his big and mighty shoulders. Benton’s hands and feet were large, perfect to palm someone’s entire head when one of Johnny’s many mates of the night thought they would get more time with him if they serviced someone close to him. Benton was probably almost 3 times my weight and it showed in the way his body seemed to flex and swell with the smallest actions. I’d been so mesmerized I didn’t see him open the door to the top deck, squeeze his big body through, and then turn to block my way in. Everything above his thick eyebrows and brown eyes was hidden behind the doorframe but I could see him looking down at me with an intimidating face over his broad and hairy chest. “Johnny needs this room, squirt, sorry,” he said as he turned and closed the doors, shutting me out. I pressed to the doors that remained unopened and sunk to the floor, looking up at the ceiling lights. Then I felt vibrations through the floor. Something was moving behind the door and I could only guess it was something very big. I slowly turned the knob as I knew that Johnny, Benton, and Penny still had precise enough hands to open doors but their fingers were far too big to turn the locks, not that they ever felt the need to use them. I peeped in carefully and was gifted the view of what had to be the biggest, most powerful looking butt I’d ever laid eyes on extending down to massive legs that were spread wide as balls the size of cantaloupes were placed on top of the couch cushions. Johnny was standing like a monument to manhood and his own unique godhood as his massive, rippling body was hovering over two legs spread wide. I instantly could tell by the birth mark on the left leg that it was Penny. She had grown along with Johnny and Benton and, although she was the smallest of the three, she was large and powerful looking in a superhuman, female way. Her muscular hips were wide and spread to brace themselves for what Johnny had packing, her pussy dripped as she was laid there before Johnny with what I assumed was an excited face. Benton was still in view, however he was moving his hands up and down his 16 inch hard man pole, watching the massive superhero that was Johnny tower over Jenny. “Yeah, babe, I worked really hard today.” “Oh? You look like you haven’t broken a sweat,” Penny responded with a little giggle at the end. Johnny was moving his big hands over her leg with one hand and grabbing at her massive breast with the other. I could hear her squeal as he squeezed just a little to make her moan. “You better believe I did. Those Olympics take a lot of work to do perfectly. I had to align some sitting rocks up perfectly to fly over the Olympics and not hit the earth before sending them flying with a soft tap.” Johnny raised his muscular arm and replicated the flicking motion he’d done over her head, knocking a lamp off a wall with just the force. “If I hit them too hard, they might have shattered and got sent flying down in every direction. It would have been a fucking hassle to catch those rocks before they hit the Earth. I’m pretty sure some of those stupid rocks are flying out of our solar system about now.” The talk of his power was clearly working on Penny as she tried to move down to play with her vagina but Johnny intercepted her and placed that hand forcefully against the couch too, its supports already strained by Penny’s impressive size but clearly struggling as Johnny’s mass leaned harder and harder to prepare for penetration. As he lowered his cock to her crotch, I gasped as I saw Johnny’s cock, angrier looking and more powerful than ever. I remembered the sight of its full growth almost a year ago and I could only wonder how big it could grow now. The size it was at now was probably a small fraction of its true form and it still looked like, had Penny not been her current size, it would tear a normal female organ to shreds from the attempt of pressing its big head into her snatch. Penny began to moan and shout louder as Johnny grunted and pushed, entering her slowly as to avoid pulling her to pieces. Benton was still in the corner, his cock dripping precum like an erotic fountain, lubricating his own large piece. He had three fingers up his own ass, probably envisioning what it would be like to be pumped like Penny was about to be. I had to adjust my pants as I felt how hard I was also, doing my best to keep still and immobile. Too much movement could catch Johnny’s eyes. My shorts tightnened as my cock continued trying to force its way from my zipper and continued to fail at opening the way. I wanted that to be me. I wanted Johnny to take his massive and fill me with his cum. Johnny grabbed the couch and bent his knees lower to reach Penny’s gaping cavity. His cock seemed to disappear into her regardless of its unbelievable length, most likely closing in on 3 feet at a safe hardness for humans. Benton had found a chair and sat with his legs spread wide, his big balls hanging over the end as they also carried what looked like a bountiful amount of cum. His muscles were glistening with sweat as he also seemed to be watching with an undistractable focus. His balls were bouncing against the end of the chair he’d found and I could almost hear sloshing sounds as the apple sized cum containers bounced. I could tall by the horny panting and grin on his face as he rubbed his hairy chest up and down that he was really loving the gifts Johnny had given him. I’d heard before that Benton had been struggling a bit in the modeling world as the ones in his area typically were looking for someone 6 feet tall. Now, he’d outgrown them and stood on top of the world as Johnny’s massive male sex slave. I turned from him as Johnny began to really pound Jenny into the couch. Her massive breasts, each large enough to compete with a cow in their abundance of milk, shook and jiggled with Johnny’s power. Johnny was using one hand to hold Jenny’s waist while the other gripped the couch, the structure straining from his grip strength even though he was barely putting in any force. Johnny groaned a low groan that was shaking the whole room, a result of his voice’s ability to reach supersonic levels. I’d heard he’d made drug lords deaf with that power. My ears were full of his Benton’s moans, Penny’s screams, and Johnny’s manly earthquake groans. I could tell by the tension in Penny’s muscles that she was experiencing a never ending onslaught of orgasms as Johnny’s powerful pelvis pressed into her like a powerful moving wall. I felt myself reaching orgasm also as Penny reached her 40th scream of orgasm at the end of 10 minutes. Johnny had proven over the years that he could do this to women easily and, as he’d gotten stronger, it took less and less effort to do it. The female body was like an instrument he’d mastered 100 times over, fucking them almost second nature now. He hadn’t cum into her once and he wasn’t going to remain unsated for long. “Fuck it, you’re too fragile,” he said after 30 minutes and almost 200 orgasmic screams came from Penny. “I can’t hold back this much if I want to get off. Benton, into position!” Johnny left Penny there sprawled out on the couch, her vagina quivering with exhaustion as she had received the maximum amount feeling her entire body was able to endure without falling into a coma. Johnny’s cock was still moist with her juices and almost angrier looking than it was before. His desire for sex was too strong for the enlarged and empowered Penny to even wipe the top off from his libido. My eyes darted to Benton, who was still roughly rubbing his long cock up and down. “BENTON, NOW!” Johnny roared as his cock bounced angrily against his 12 pack abdomen. I didn’t see it coming as Benton shot out of his chair toward Johnny without actually touching the ground. He was hovering over the ground as though strings were tied around his limbs as he came towards Johnny. Johnny had a lot of different, unbelievable powers but, out of all of them, I hadnt expected telekinesis. Benton’s massive body was held weightlessly above Johnny, his legs forcibly raised and his butt cheeks hanging just before the expanse of Johnny’s pecs blocked his master’s view. A massive something that I recognized to be a huge and unbelievable dildo slid out of Benton’s butt slowly and seemed to come from nowhere as it was inhumanly large. Johnny’s massive body bent and he sat in the loveseat that had been built for him. It groaned as he’d definitely gained weight since the last fitting but it held on valiantly, Johnny’s legs slightly being squeezed by the unfit chair. His monstrous cock stuck up and smacked his pecs with a heavy smack that could have been confused for two rocks colliding as he spread his legs and let his massive balls hang almost to the floor in his seated position. “Down,” he commanded, his deep voice hard to disobey. I watched amazed as Benton was slowly lowered onto Johnny’s cock. Johnny’s cock met him half way as it stretched even larger and wider to compensate for the more durable fuck toy Johnny had chosen. Benton groaned like an animal in a trap as he felt his ass cheeks pull apart by the enormous cock head alone and felt his hole stretch around the big intruder. Johnny was being fair and slowly lowering Benton but it could be seen in his eyes that he was quite impatient. Benton continued to groan and roar the entire time as Johnny’s big, long cock head forced its entrance. He’d probably taken Johnny over 100 times in the last half year and it was obvious that Johnny would still be able to stretch him out even wider. His heavy balls smacked Johnny’s pole as they shook along his trip. Johnny’s balls hung lower, actually swelling as it seemed he wanted to cum an ocean into his subject this time around. As Benton’s journey slowly progressed, Johnny continued to boast. “Heh, remember when you used to be so puny? You couldn’t even get your mouth over a fraction of my dick head. You had to wrap your body around my cock as I grew it so that I could feel something. And look at you now, dwarfing that little midget you used to be to become one of my demigods. If I keep giving you two strength, I’ll be able to actually try. Wont that be great? I’ll fuck you both so hard that the earth with shake. Trees will uproot from cracks in the ground. Oceans will tremble. Well..... maybe not oceans. I don’t think your human bodies can take that much. You’ll be fun to fuck through a wall though. I’ll make you scream in joy till your throat is sore and your chest is heaving.” Benton was groaning loudly now as he came just a bit lower onto Johnny’s cock and Johnny rewarded him by pumping his head a little bigger, exciting Benton’s hole and making his cock wag as an orgasm was coming. There was still MUCH more length that Benton struggled with but, at the halfway mark on Johnny’s long rod, he was stuck. He just couldn’t handle anymore inside him. Johnny moved his head forward, Benton now slightly lower than face level with him, and pressed his lips into his. The two beautiful faces mingled and let their tongues dance around each other. I stood in the hallway, my body shaking with arousal and jealously just before that moment. The moment that changed everything. Johnny opened his eyes in the middle of the kiss and looked directly at me. In that moment, everything in the last months hit me again at full force. I was so alone that I couldn’t help feeling everything directed at me in the last half year without any deluding of my ego or my pride. The discovery that Johnny liked boys AND girls, just not me. The realization that he had respected me more than anyone and the cold feeling that I’d let him down. The fact that Tanner was still here but had abandoned me like an outcast. Johnny’s overwhelming and ever growing dominance over my life as he tortured me for my betrayal. We made eye contact but it was brief before I turned and ran. My eyesight was blurry as I headed down the hall and dashed into the elevator. I didn’t look for my stuff to pack and leave with. I simply ran. The butlers tried to ask me if I needed anything but I just pushed past them and ran harder. I saw business men waiting for Johnny who closed in to ask me if he was available. I didn’t give them the time of day either. I just ran. I didn’t stop running till I was gone, into the night. Hopefully, Johnny wouldn’t find me. That’s what I thought as his tower reached up into the sky like a pin stabbed into a large quilt. I knew better though. He could find me wherever and whenever. He was Johnny Poundstone. I knew when I looked him in the eyes, I recognized the gaze he would give to criminals or corrupt business men who he would eventually make disappear. He would never look for me again.
  20. Two years ago, a kid with a weird fetish for power fantasies wrote something inspired on a nerdy kid slowly turning into a god in front of his bully. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4 Is he going to bring us down?!” “I don’t know, he was pretty upset earlier today so he might not even come and get us tonight” I said. I was used to this kind of treatment from Johnny now. As time went by, Johnny kept up his appearance as the hero of the world, flying to other countries sometimes to save a city or two from an earthquake or to blow a tornado in another direction. His powers had reached new heights and, to compensate, he performed at higher levels and newer spectacles. However, although he did his best to keep up with his powers to keep them under control, there were some incidents where the power was too much to keep in check if Johnny got too excited. Doors he’d open in the tower would be sent flying across rooms from him just pushing doors a little. Doorframes would crumble if he moved too quickly to squeeze through them as he grew wider and taller. His head was now mostly above the 8 foot tall, giving you the impression that he had a bird’s eye view of things below him. The truth was, even though he was a moving pillar of power, his pecs had become large proportionally, pushing out over a foot in front of him, making it hard to say whether he saw the people below him who were just too short to keep up. I was careful to make sure he saw me when he passed like a bulldozer down the hall way in fear of my comparatively tiny body being sent through the wall and out of the building, sent to my doom acres below to concrete. Furniture was bent easily towards him when we watched TV and he would give the occasional yawn. Much of the pieces of decoration had to be glued to the walls or bolted to the floor as most objects that weren’t got sucked towards Johnny before flying off to the walls and shattering, bending, or simply breaking. Johnny used to apologize for this but, as time passed, he began to simply laugh, giggle, or even give the occasional joke as his power made all of his surroundings his domain. Once he’d tried to use his x-ray vision to look through the building for me and, instead, his ever increasing powers shot a huge beam of light through the walls, so intense that the walls would first melt and then instantly disintegrate. “Oops, guess I accidently turned on my high beams, hahaha” he would boom before laughing heartily and make the walls shake. Most would think that, after so long having shown such a strong sense of justice, Johnny would be terrified of hurting a feeble non-human being. They didn’t know Johnny like I did. It wasn’t till his sudden mean streak of bordering the gray area of saving things or fucking shit up that I realized that it wasn’t the idea of a superhero that he would take from his comics and superhero movies. He didn’t want to be like superman or batman or any lawful good person. He wanted to be better than ALL the heroes in his own way. His favorites weren’t listed as Superman, Batman, and Doctor Strange. No, if I had to guess from his usual free lectures of superhero lore he liked to give me, his favorites were more than likely the Batman, Deadpool, or Wolverine. Superheroes that did things the smart way, their way. Characters that got it both ways: the hero’s glory AND the delinquent fun. Last movie we watched was a surprisingly serious movie that even I started watching with interest called “Watchmen”. On the topic of a doctor known as “Dr. Manhattan” who had retained the knowledge of the entire universe and had god-like power, I’d said that he was my favorite. That was the wrong answer for Johnny. “Nah, he’s the worst of them all” he said. “He had the power to make the world a better place if he wanted, he just fucked it all up for that one woman he ended up with.” Johnny stood up and turned his thick and powerful neck to look down at me in limited view between his pectoral and his shoulder and he grinned a little. “If I had his powers, I would have chosen to use at least a little power to show some REAL intimidation to those bad guys.” I’ll admit, even I was surprised by that answer. I’d never heard him say anything like that before. Not even before he became such a famous celebrity as he were. I knew what caused the change in dialogue though; it had to have been that night we had where he’d destroyed the home movie theater with his cum alone half a year ago. After that, it was like he no longer had to hold the façade of being sweet and innocent little Jonathan near me anymore, he’d fully transformed into this new fair yet uncomprimising Johnny. One who felt he could tell me his deepest, most honest thoughts without feeling judged. And also, one with superhuman confidence, superhuman needs, and a superhuman presence. Humanity was shrinking in his presence daily and it showed in every little thing he did. Johnny stopped wearing the custom fit, full body outfits that the many clothing lines desperate for his name on their brand tried to put together to please him and simply walked around at all times in his favorite spandex. Johnny demanded that they stop making him bigger versions of his old outfit and, instead, work on a simple pair hero like, spandex boxer briefs. I could hear the strain as he walked from room to room as each thread struggled to contain his unyielding leg and butt muscles. The press had a field day with Johnny’s new image and any censoring companies quickly went to confront his new wardrobe. Yet, it took one quick visit from Johnny, literally 5 minutes after he’d read the article at his hyper speed reading level, for the CEOs of every company to accept his new look. Everyone else didn’t go against it either. Johnny’s presence made many weak at the knees now, even some men who’d probably be described as extremely straight on the Kinsey scale. He didn’t really give off the energy of someone who didn’t want critique, his appearance simply made people who would normally debate outside his presence silence themselves and work to please him. I was concerned for the fabric of society as Johnny’s “little accidents” often were the things that caused earthquakes and volcanoes to erupt. He’d told me actually had to hold back to the lower Mach speeds after he’d uprooted an entire rain forest trying to test his speed limit. At that speed, even mountains shook when he passed by. His techniques to save people had also become much less prepared and careful also as he seemed to have gotten bored of the traditional and save procedure to do things that were considered...... more creative. Literally yesterday, he’d gone out of his way to save a little growing town someone had the bright idea to build in Equador, next to the Sangay, one of the most active volcanoes in history. You’d think, with Johnny’s powers, the key to stopping the volcano is to blow it out softly with his powerful breath, right? Not today’s Johnny. He simply pulled down his pants, aimed his cock, and attempted to show off his new power to turn the liquids he took in to pure water. Water splashed over the surface and began to crust the steaming lava into a solid but Johnny didn’t calculate how much liquid had actually been converted to water in his system and, instead, began to release urine like a normal human. Unlike a normal human, though, Johnny’s body produced as much if not more heat than the center of the earth. Thus, creating an even more terrible urine-lava that even scorched more land than the lava could beforehand. Of course, he was able to save the village regardless by simply returning to the logical plan of blowing the super-lava to an iron like solid and his image agency carefully wove the story as another heroic showing by the amazing Johnny Poundstone. Still, Johnny wasn’t afraid to tell me the unabridged story with all the excitement attached, wearing nothing but his tight and nearly pointless calvin klein briefs. “Seriously, Sam, I really didn’t mean to do that but it was so much fucking fun. I’m glad no one was hurt but you should have seen how hot my piss was! If I hadn’t solidified it, I think it would have probably melted through the surface of the volcano and created another eruption! I didn’t even know it could get that hot!” I could see his excitement but he couldn’t see the horror I was wearing on my face. I knew from his tone of voice that he was only half serious about being glad to save those people. His cock even bounced a little as he explained it. I felt so disgusted in the fact by the sound of excitement and the power he released on a whim but I was more disgusted by the fact I was hard the entire time he explained it. The walls I’d built up to hide my sexuality were rapidly ebbing every day as Johnny continued to bend the rules to his whims and power through obstacles that would have taken decades, if not centuries, of human research and development to duplicate. It was still only a few years ago since he’d fucked most of the young women of our town the month after having terrorized today’s most impressive athletes at the last Olympics without even trying. The current strongman who’d been allowed to keep his title beneath Johnny was still horrified from the time Johnny had come to train with him only to nearly crush him beneath a 18 wheeler truck he’d used as weight on his back during a push up session. Johnny told me the guy had even peed a little after he’d tried pushing the weight with just a little more force and had actually sent the truck flying up and toward the stunned athlete, catching it within several yards of impact. I couldn’t take it anymore. Johnny had to be stopped. So, I did attempted the most basic kind of measure to try and neutralize him. I called his parents. His family had heard about his actions and were as horrified as I was when I told them the truth of each situation, even the time a passing helicopter covering traffic had caught him and a small entourage of women having sex on the top floor of the Empire State Building during one of its closed nights. His mother had thought Johnny was just a sweet kid with a big heart that wanted to save everyone, not the egomaniac I’d described to her. I’d asked her if she’d wanted to see for herself but she’d had a better idea. I truly believed was prepared to take on the equivalent of a god as I tried to play it cool around Johnny after the call for help but I feared how this would turn out. I was inside Johnny’s “weight room” looking at his equipment as I waited. The room was simply an extremely large square room similar to the inside of a factory. The “weights” in question were so heavy and large that this room had to be made on the basement floor or else too much weight in one spot could have easily caused the floor to cave in on itself. Each one was the size of a person and made of materials that a mere human had no hope of ever lifting in their wildest dreams. I’d watched Johnny lift the weights that scaled from the size of a human to the size of semi-truck but after that, but he’d insisted I never come down when he was working out again after he’d gone up the weights the size of aircrafts and ships after I’d fallen from the impact of the ground quaking when he’d attempted to deadlift one of them for the first time and had caused me to hit my head on the concrete floor, knocking me unconscious. I dared to touch one of the many magnetic weights some scientists had built to further test his strength. Johnny had outgrown them now but, from my perspective, they were unfathomable creations as each grew up from the size of a house and went up from that to the size of an aircraft carrier, each one was crafted to multiply the weight by the force of magnetism toward the ground. If dropped from the right height, one of these weights had the potential to cause a portion of New York to sink into the ocean with few traces left. Still, Johnny was more powerful than this. Johnny had a monitor built into the room for me so that, when I was bored, I could change one of the TVs in the building to this room so that I could see him without actually being put in too much danger. I’d watched him lift this weight over time and it had taken him a month to go from dead lifting this monstrous behemoth for a single rep to curling it as easily as an expert bodybuilder would a pair of 10 pound weights. I was mere seconds into questioning if I was in over my head when I heard the elevator ding, rattle a little from the weight of its occupant, and then slowly open to reveal the body of a god. Johnny was last measured at 8’8 and so his head and part of his neck couldn’t even be seen at the 10 foot tall elevator. His trapezius muscles glistened with a sheen of light that would make you think he was constantly glowing like a soft glow stick at all times. Shoulders broader than the doors of the elevator stretched out and hulked from this god’s body, most definitely farther apart than I was tall. Johnny’s pecs were so big that they seemed to dominate a lot of his upper body wherever you couldn’t see biceps and lats so large that they collided with each other. Johnny’s long limbs made it possible for him to move but it was something unnaturally beautiful the way Johnny moved so gracefully regardless of his overgrown form. One could stand under Johnny and protect themselves from rain, sleet, and snow the way his limbs bulged and seemed to hover due to their girth and defiance of gravity. Johnny’s legs went outward from his tight waist and were currently terrorizing a new XXXXXL sized pair of briefs as they were pushed apart from each other by their own thickness. Even with the help of Johnny’s gratefulness, I doubted his knees would ever fully touch again. The girthy weight in his shorts clearly wasn’t helping as it looked like even an extra one or two inches would cause them to simply deconstruct themselves and fall flimsily to the floor, defeated by the godly body they’d dared to cover. I could see that it wouldn’t be long before he’d have to up his size again once I saw how stretched the spandex had become. If there had been any hope of the tiny article of clothing maintaining itself, it would be on the borderline of being see-through in a very short amount of time. The calves beneath the powerful thighs Johnny’s owned were clearly diamond hard, the separation in muscles deafening and bordering on unnatural the way they were so steely hard and used this power to hold the titanic weight that was Johnny on two big feet that even showed a few veins to display their unbelievable power. Johnny looked like a morph of a top-condition fitness model blown to the maximum with extreme proportions the way his body fit together and yet still filled an unbelievable amount of space. I was so mesmerized trying to admire his body in the light of the elevator that I wasn’t prepared from him to move one of his titanic feet forward and step closer. He bent very low to make the dive into the room, revealing his head, grown to fit proportionally to the rest of his body while still appearing somewhat small. Johnny tested the boundaries of masculine beauty as even I, someone who saw him almost constantly, struggled to pull my gaze from that amazing face. His cheekbones were high and powerful, giving him a kind of dimple form just before his powerful lantern jaw. Eyes currently neon blue glared into the room and seemed to absorb all light nearby the way they glowed from behind his long blonde eyelashes. His eyebrows were thick and manly although they were tamed well to his manly, arching brow. Hair like a golden mane was done up in a stylish hairstyle for appeal with single curl hovering over his forehead, making him look older than he was thanks to the added masculine charge from his facial hair. His strong nose pointed down to a pair of soft looking, red lips that were almost as red as ripe fruit and hid teeth I knew had the white sheen of the sun when Johnny grinned. It was almost impossible to find a flaw when you saw Johnny coming towards you. In that moment of watching that demanding being come towards me, I had no ill will of any kind towards him as his eyes focused on me from his height perch. If anything, his gaze made me feel guilt over anything else. I knew he was using his eyes to gauge my mood as he’d told me he could now recognize the movement of heat in my body with infrared vision and even tell what I’m feeling during a conversation. The police force had hired him recently after he’d revealed he could make out the electrical waves through the body to tell lying and not. God, borderline mind reading. I was definitely over my head. One of his beautiful eyebrows raised and he performed a cute, confused blink, clearly from seeing my anxiety using his powers. “What’s up, Sam? You don’t look so good.” “I’m fine” I said as I practically braced myself against the flat head side of one of his weights, I could feel him shake the ground a bit with each movement. The words fell out of my mouth like lead. “Johnny, I really don’t think how you’re doing these things is OK.” “What?” “I mean that you aren’t putting people first. I’m a biology major, Johnny, I’m supposed to care about the objects of nature and to take into consideration how they work. I want to be able to use that knowledge .to help save endangered species and prevent the human race using up the planet. But what you’re doing puts everything in danger. Just yesterday, you nearly made Bengal tigers extinct by attempting to using fire breath to burn the poacher. You JUST told me that you had to be careful with your breath because it could become a laser if you didn’t maintain the heat! That’s not OK!” Johnny was looking down at me with an intense gaze and I feared for my life as his eyes shifted between colors. Normally, this many colors were a sign he was analyzing a criminal or an asshole stupid enough to walk up to him and insult him to his face on the street. He was probably analyzing me to make sure I didn’t have a bomb or a hidden gun in an attempt to kill him. Or even more likely, he was analyzing me on different wavelengths to be sure I wasn’t being controlled or if I was sick. Before he could open his lips to pass judgement, the elevator rung and opened. I remained immobile as Johnny turned to face it, blocking my view with his tremendous back and gravity defying butt. His muscular cheeks were undisguised in any if not all clothing made to try and cover him now. I felt privileged to be so tiny at 5’8 to be graced with the man’s muscular glutes in my vicinity. Had it been a normal day, I would have kept my eyes glued but, instead, I turned up to the hulking mass in his back and tried to gauge his reaction based on what little of his head that I was able to see. “Whoa” I heard a deep voice say, followed by steps from heeled shoes. Johnny turned back around and looked down at me with an unreadable look. “Did you call him here?” he asked as he backed and turned to reveal a new face. A man with dirty blonde hair and dark blue eyes were turned to face Johnny, the man clearly trying to comprehend Johnny and his very existence. It was none other than Johnny’s brother, wearing his marines captain uniform. If Johnny himself weren’t here, he’d be the second most impressive presence as he had to stand at around 6’4 and was broad shouldered from his time in the marines. I was too afraid to look at him for too long as Johnny was in the room and whatever aggression he may have had was most definitely pointed at me. “No, mom called me, idiot” croaked Tanner, attempting what I assumed was his idea at trying to rein his “little” brother back to his role from years ago and retake the dominant place as the eldest sibling. Johnny had an older brother, Tanner, who’d been in charge of him during their childhoods. He’d been the one who’d gotten Johnny into the idea of being a hero after he’d gone to join the marines. He was currently on leave and had said he’d be able to get on a flight in short time. His mother had told me that there was no doubt in her mind that Tanner could keep him in check during his time off. I gave her credit for trying to pit this large man up against his younger brother but I knew almost immediately looking into Tanner’s eyes that she’d miscalculated a bit. Still, Tanner gave his best. “We spent all our childhoods talking about wanting to be heroes and look what I’m here to see. You actually got powers that can make a HUGE difference in the world. What the fuck were you thinking going around putting mafias and drug lords in the hospital and messing with the world like this? You fucking pee’d on a volcano and only made shit worse! You’ve even been having sex with random women all over New York! Have you lost your fucking mind?” I was silent as Tanner went on his rant to try and throw Johnny’s accidents back at him. I hesitantly went back and form from Tanner to Johnny as I tried to gauge the atmosphere. Tanner went on and on, listing what he’d been told by word of mouth, from me to his mother to himself. It was near the end that I heard the end of Tanner’s attack that I tuned back in. “You should fucking learn from your mistakes, shit head. Didn’t I teach you better than this half-assed shit you’ve been pulling? Get it fucking together!” For a moment, there was absolute silence. The room echoed with that last sentence as if even the room were having trouble swallowing them. I wasn’t breathing as I braced for impact. I didn’t expect anything that came after those words. Johnny, however, showed absolutely zero fluster and spoke calmly with his bellowing voice. “You know, you’re right.” “What?” I said as I looked up at Johnny. I was too close to see his mouth, only being able to see his powerfully straight nose and piercing eyes as Johnny looked down at his “big” brother. “I said, Tanner’s right.” Tanner had been sweating through his uniform trying to cling to his history with Johnny as he knew that there was no other chance of survival if Johnny didn’t take to his sermon. I could actually hear him breathe a little relief as Tanner continued. “Maybe I’ve been too careless. I’ve been using my powers like their toys so much, I’ve been neglecting the proper way of being a hero in the eyes of my big brother.” Johnny seemed to turn his massive body toward the elevator as if to leave. “I should go and apologize to the people of the world for my actions and promise to do better” he said as he started walking. Tanner and I shared a look of shock and victory as we thought we’d taken control of the situation. Tanner had verbally beaten the equivalent of a god on earth. “Oh wait, I forgot.” Tanner turned to look up at his brother but collided with what had to be a freight train as he was knocked back and sent skittering across the smooth floor toward one of the weights. Johnny had come back and body slammed his brother, his face colliding with the larger brother’s hulking pec muscles. I turned back to the giant form of Johnny to receive his red, flaring gaze. His look alone had told me to remain silent and speak only when told to. He passed me without a moment’s breadth, closing in on his brother. “I just remembered, they asked me to do all of that. I fucking did all of it because someone asked me to.” Tanner’s hat had fallen to the ground as he’d flown to collide with one of Johnny’s massive weights. Johnny continued the movement by grabbing his brother’s collar with only a finger and a thumb as if lifting a kitten but doing it with the ease of lifting stationary. He and his brother made eye contact and I could see that he was terrified of what his super being brother planned to do to him. “Nobody told me how they WANTED me to do it. I just did it, no questions asked. Do you think I do this because I want to earn their fucking gold stars? I guess you haven’t heard about how I just gained the ability to survive in space. I can collect enough stars to hide for easter egg hunting.” Johnny let go of his brother and re-pressed him to the wall of the weight with his index finger. Tanner appeared to struggle to breath as the finger was pressed against his solar plexus. “I do this because I fucking want to do it. Nobody questions how I choose to save the world. You know why? Because I do it on a daily basis. I’m so smart now that I can hack a quantum computer within a minute and have enough time left to hack half a dozen people’s Netflix accounts for kicks. I understand any if not every possible way to save someone within half a second of witnessing the situation.” At this, Johnny raised his arm and flexed his massive arm, now so large that it was easily taller than me and over twice as long around as my chest. With every other word, he flexed a little harder and the muscles would swell a bit bigger and become more veined and dense looking, the striations deep enough to stick a finger into. “I have the muscle now to play ball with the fucking moon. I can destroy buildings that are stories high with just a flick of my pinkie finger. I can cause earthquakes across North America by just flying at 1/10th my top speed. And every day I have to make sure my powers within my control or else I could sneeze a mile deep crater into Manhattan.” Johnny looked beside Tanner and threw a massive fist almost the size of his head with the speed of a military jet. The fist collided with the surface of the weight Johnny was holding Tanner and instantly went through as if it were liquid metal. An explosion of shocks went out and flew around Johnny’s body. He remained unfazed and unaffected by the high voltage shocks but Tanner shut his eyes at the intense heat. Even I was stunned by the intensity as I’d never seen Johnny play with so much voltage first hand. “But still, even with all of that, I’m still getting stronger and growing bigger. Mountains become easier and easier to push around daily. I’m so tall now that, even with sitting, I’m almost as tall as little Sammy-boy back there. I can’t fit through any doors that are built for humans to pass through, even double doors. They have to let me in through loading docks for trucks now or car garages that I have to crouch in to get through. Literally every moment is a test on my ability to stay under control and remain unexcited regardless of the fact that I have enough power to fuck up the world if I use more than 5% of my power. People who run into me are sent flying just like you did only seconds ago even when I’m not trying to walk past them.” Tanner yanked his hand from the weight he’d stabbed and pulled out a hand that was still sparking with electricity. He was controlling all of the energy he’d taken from the herculean weight he’d punched into and holding it in the palm of his hand with what looked like the ease in which someone would hold a pencil. I dared not question how Tanner wasn’t barbequed. It had simply been Johnny’s will that he’d remained uncharred and possibly wetting the slacks of his military uniform. “The funny thing is, when it comes to people who don’t actually know me, I get nothing but thanks and congratulations. They talk about how amazing it was for me to do something that had taken only a hundredth of a hundredth of my power to move. Like the meteor that closed in on Ohio a few months ago or the Chrysler building from 1 month ago. They ask the world of me and I give them the effort I can barely allow myself to use. I fly in like a fucking circus for their television shows and they give me their thanks only after I endorse their products. Can you imagine how irritating it is when you do everything you can but people only want to thank you after you’ve done something for them? Like they only appreciate you when you give your help, not out of genuine happiness to see you? Even at the last reunion, half of our cousins were slobbering over me and just barely kept eye contact.” Johnny pulled his comparatively tiny brother up and off the steely surface he was pressed on and held him in the air, giving the image of what I thought Zeus would look like holding a tiny mortal. I didn’t see it coming as Johnny moved like a blur toward me and had my collar before I could speak, my body easily raised to match Tanner’s. “That moment when the only two people in the world who can possibly look me in the eye can’t appreciate me like I want either, huh? What a fucking hassle I must have been putting you both on pedestals like I did.” Before I knew it, we were in the elevator heading to the lobby room of Johnny’s tower, the machine struggling to hold his bulk and raise it. When we reached the lobby, Johnny walked out and left the ground too quickly for anyone else to react fast enough. All of the people below on the ground who’d come to do business with Johnny looked up to see a massive man holding two smaller men like dolls as he flew through a window that shattered instantly. He landed below in a crowd of unsuspecting by standers and simply held us over them like dogs who’d crapped on someone’s shoes. I was holding the steel hard muscles and striations of his forearms so tightly that I was quick to notice something. It didn’t feel right. The surface was still unbelievably hard but the size wasn’t the same. I assumed it was just the same feeling I always got every time I saw him, the feeling that he’d gotten just a bit bigger than the last time, but I was wrong. It was more certain than ever. Johnny became farther and farther away as his arms lengthened and grew thicker. His body was actually growing at different parts at different intervals. His head, though still getting farther away, was now bigger than before and was slowly climbing the tower as we were. I felt a rush of wind as it seemed Johnny kicked himself into a new gear and started to soar higher up and up and up into the sky. I could hear Tanner’s screams as we rocketed up with Johnny, his grip on us changing before he simply dropped us both in a growing palm. The g-forces were holding us down but I could raise my head up easily enough to look up at Johnny’s growing face. His gaze seemed to have magnified with the rest of him as both his blue eyes were now a shining white, almost resembling two suns as they nearly blinded me. That was less of a problem as Johnny grew even taller and eventually had his massive, house-sized pecs shield us from the light as a small token of mercy. Buildings shrank below as we became climbed the tower quickly like a figurative rocket ship to the top. “DON’T WORRY. YOU GUYS STILL GET TO BE ON A PEDESTAL. I’VE GOT IT COVERED.” My ears were rattling with the sudden force of Johnny’s larger, even more commanding voice. I imagined his voice box must have been the size of a restaurant building by now as he grew up and up and up, our view of him filling every corner. Soon, he was wider than the building as his body growth became more stable and his growth tried to stabilize his proportions to one similar to the original form. Before me or Tanner knew it, Johnny had stopped growing and all I could make out were two expanses. One was the expanse of the blue sky. The other was his massive godly form, now blown to hundreds of times their original size. Johnny’s tower had to be looking over all of New York, taller even than the Empire State Building, and it was completely out of view! The expanse that was Johnny’s hand now almost had the width of a parking lot. Veins the size of sewer pipes with up his monstrous biceps, still quite large proportionally at his bigger size. His pecs both could have rivaled a baseball stadium in size as they each stuck far away from their master’s rib cage. I could barely make out the sound of cars panicking and drivers honking their horns below, all probably looking up at Johnny’s massive frame unimpeded by his big hands unlike we were. I wondered if there were any human buildings in world big enough to compete with Johnny’s size now. I never thought I’d have to ask that question. “A NEW POWER I LEARNED TO DO FROM THAT MOVIE, WATCHMEN. NOW I CAN DO MORE HEAVY DUTY SHIT WITHOUT ANY FUSS.” I covered my ears to blanket the sound coming from Johnny’s voice but it was going through my entire body. Tanner was looking up just as I was, terrified of the power his brother was displaying. I wondered if he could still recognize Johnny as he was now. “IT’S SAFE TO SAY I’VE OUTGROWN YOU GUYS, HUH?” Johnny bellowed. I didn’t see it coming when Johnny’s hand suddenly fell from underneath us and we were plunging to our deaths. I screamed at the top of my lungs with a part of my mind and waited for death with the other. Then, suddenly, I was saved by what felt like something going under my shirt and holding me in place like an ornament. I’d glued my eyes shut as I’d fallen but opened them to see the view of the entire city. I recognized this from the terrace at the top of the tower. We were on the spire at the very top of the tower, high above the city. I Johnny looked down at us with his still bright white eyes and I still waited for death. Johnny, on the other hand, had other plans. “WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE FUCKING APOLOGIZING, I’LL BE DOWNSTAIRS. CAREFUL THOUGH. “ With that, Johnny pointed to the sky and, in a flash, the weather went from sunny to cloudy in short time. A cold chill arose as white flakes came from the sky. Tanner and I quickly began to shiver as we felt the chill run up. Even I didn’t know that Johnny could control the weather now. “IT’S A LITTLE CHILLY. YOU MIGHT WANT A COAT.” As Johnny shrunk down the building, I felt a chill both outside and inside myself as his massive frame zoomed out of our view. I’d lost the faith and trust of a god who’d thought of no one’s opinion other than mine. Absolute failure didn’t even cover a portion of our defeat. Johnny was above any human’s control. ---
  21. As I slowly opened my eyes I also began to wake up. Yes, there's a double entendre there...well let me explain. He was sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me. To say this beast of a man was huge was belittling any word that would be akin to describing his immense presence. Colossal is another word that is an injustice to him. He was the size of a God. Yep, like the ones in mythology, or the latest superhero movie. He was literally bigger than any man I had ever seen anywhere, let alone have known...and I'm all about huge muscular men. He was the size of the largest of grizzly bears and almost as furry as one. Even though he was, sort of, hunched over and sitting, I would fathom that he was at least 7...no...maybe closer to 8 feet tall. He upper body, which is what I could instantly see because his sleeveless flannel shirt was completely open , exposed a series of enormous hills and valleys of muscle that were swollen, comic book style, that seemingly took over half of the room. The weight of his chest made his nipples point toward the floor...and his nipples, Jesus; they were literally the size of a baby bottle nipple, but dark and covered with hair. My mouth began to water as I studied and began to imagine sucking on them. As I said, his plaid shirt was open, but I imagine it was for comfort more than showing off his body to me, since I would imagine that most clothes would barely fit this God. Even his pants were "mostly" loose, but I'll get into that in a moment. His arms and torso were covered in tats under his thick coat of fur and they lifted and shifted like images making love every time he moved or even breathed. I looked at his face, only for brief moments in between my raping stares of his body, to see one of the thickest, darkest beards where my tongue would get lost in its forest of density after sucking and kissing his plump thick lips and large mouth. His eyes were dark and intense as they seemingly bore a hole through me, deep into my soul. I could see that his forehead and the rest of his exposed skin had beads of moisture over him as he seemed to gleam with perspiration. As I watched one of the beads begin to trail down his neck, then to his chest and down the pec valley toward his navel, another sense...the sense of smell reminded me of the pure sexual nature of this beast. The musky smell of him was incredibly overpowering, but not offensive. He smelled like a man in every way, but not a dirty unclean man...more like a man who had just finished a huge workout and his testosterone was in overdrive. But this was not a normal man; I had to remind myself that I was not in the presence of someone normal. He was more, so much more. In fact, to retrace my thoughts a bit, as I woke up I had taken a large inhale of him even before my eyes were open and his pheromones hit me like wall which caused me to moan in an orgasmic bliss that took over my body and caused my cock to lightly shoot precum onto my belly. As of now having the realization that I was naked, spread eagle with my legs and arms tied to the bed posts. My cock was already rock hard and pulsating from the normal amount of inhaling his scent while I was unconscious. I also realized that I must have been precuming a lot since I could feel the wetness of small puddles that my pubic hair was soaking in. The fact that I loved bondage was only heightening my thrill and euphoria. My hole puckered on and off as well, begging to be violated, which like my cock was entirely uncontrollable. There was no denying that I was already under his spell with only two of my five senses being taken over. I longed to hear him speak, taste his body and feel him inside me. As I looked down further on him, he had on a green belt that was holding up blue nylon workout pants. While they were very loose around his mid-section his thighs and calves pushed the nylon fabric to a taunt unwrinkled smoothness, even showing the definition of them through the fabric. I exhaled out a hmmpf as I realized that his nylon pants looked more like spandex on him. My asshole puckered again. As I looked closer at the fabric, I noticed that the threads were beginning to tear, but not so much in a burst out of the clothes sort of way, more like they had been stretched to their limits so much that the nylon was beginning to unravel and rip. I'm sure if he would have wanted to, he could have just flexed and exploded out of them, but as with his shirt, i believe he wore these, not to impress, but to actually live in. By the looks of it, the shirt and pants might have been what he wore most all the time. As I said, I just can't imagine where a God like this would find normal clothes to wear. He was much larger than a 5XL or even an 8XL...Hell; I bet his actual size was more of a 15XL. But ALL of that wasn’t even the most amazingly and scary thing about him. Coming down his left leg, from his crotch, like a fully fed python, was a tubular mound that was at least as round as a 2 liter bottle and close to 2 feet long, possibly 20 inches. There was no mistaking that it was his cock, as it’s thick bulbous head could be seen through the fabric, but an even more amazing thing was that the nylon pants at the end had a wet spot that continued to become moistened by a flow coming from his cock head. The threads here were the most worn and I could literally see skin beneath. Following up the Drain pipe I marveled in the size of his balls that filled his crotch area, like a small animal in a bag that moved and pushed its way to get out. I imagined that the production of sperm was enough to fill a gallon jug every time he came. I took another large breath in as I gasped at the size of his cock and the thought of the amount of sperm and it hit me, like a train. My asshole clinched hard, my stomach tightened up and I screamed out in ecstasy as I convulsed in the strongest and longest orgasm of my life. A large glob of cum hit his left pec, dripping down onto his nipple and then down onto his massive thigh. The 2nd shot arched up and over my head, while the 3rd, 4th and 5th shot covered my face, “covered” being the optimal word. The last remaining ropes landed on my legs and torso. As I came, I knew that I had never had such an intense and copious amount of cum in my life and I continued to cum a strong flowing river, as my orgasm took almost a full minute before it was over. After I calmed down, even though my cock was still as rigid as a board, he began to speak and the sound of his low booming, but non-threatening voice satisfied my third sense, and possibly forth sense, as I could feel the vibrations of the words resonate inside my body. Every consonant, hit me like an inward motion of a fuck thrust penetrating me and filling me with warmth and I realized this was yet another way that he could literally make me cum if he were to speak louder. After the last orgasm, I was in need of a rest. He told me his name was Jake and, thankfully, he softly continued as he told me that he had found me floating in the river behind his house. It seemed I had crashed my car into the ravine and had been thrown from it. I tried to remember what had happened, but with 3 or 4 senses being controlled, my mind was not in much use to remember anything other then what was in front of me. Jake said he pulled me out of the river and had stripped me of my clothing so he could look at me to see if I had anything broken. When he realized that, physically I was okay; he picked me up and took me inside his house. Since he had already taken off my wet clothes, he noticed that my cock began to harden and he knew what was about to happen, so he put me in his bed. As soon as I was in bed he said that I began to flay about with my arms and legs as I began my "state of bliss" as he called it, so he tied me down, so I wouldn’t injure myself. That’s when my cock began to shoot precum and he couldn’t help but stare at me. He said he was sorry that he was getting excited watching me and that his body pours a very heavy amount of pheromones into the air, when he gets horny, which he slightly moaned and said was almost constantly. That moan, caused electrical currents racing through me and my cock began to fountain again. This time, luckily, it wasn't as huge of an orgasm as before, but nonetheless, it was the second most powerful one I had ever experienced. When I finally calmed down, he turned to look away from me and then, he looked down, as if he were almost sad and said that he knows he is an outcast and that no one would ever be able to love him. Jake said that they only use him and he hates them for it. I asked him if he could tell me more about it. He told me that he has lived alone for the past several years and that his only outlet is when they come to take him to the base to use him. I asked him why and he hesitated, but then began to tell me that about 5 years ago, he used to work at the biochemical plant over the mountain ridge and there was an accident one day. He told me he was one of their chemists and they were working on a new formula using the sun and some airborne chemicals from space and animal, most Bull, Bison and Bear hormones, to help grow plants to provide added nutrients for the world hunger population. They were crossing it with a new type of laser that breaks down the space and "3B" particles when there was a leak in the containment unit holding the particles, sunlight and hormones. He was asked to suit up and go in and fix the leak before the continued. He said that when he went into the containment unit there was an explosion and he was exposed to the combined elements, which must have changed his chemical makeup and caused him to grow to be like he was now. From the moment he awoke after the explosion, he could feel his body changing, but he wasn't sure what was going on as he was still very foggy and his vision was clouded. He got up and walked over to the exit of the containment unit but that his colleges wouldn't open the door to let him out. He said the look on their faces were of awe and fear. That's when he realized he was naked and huge. He said that almost instantly, his sight improved and he could feel the power inside him rise. Jake said that every sense, emotion and physical trait that a person could have, accelerated and gained 100 fold inside him. He became smarter as his mind and thoughts expanded. The first sense that he realized was at a pinnacle was his vision. It was so good, that he could see through things as he realized he was able to see his follow colleges though the steel wall separating them and he could see them looking at the monitor as they watched him. Jake knew his brain was at about 85% enlightenment, unlike that of only 10% of what a normal human would use, as he actually felt what his three friends were feeling. Alex was in shock, but also in bewilderment. He was envious of Jake and his new body, but he was also fearful. Johnathan was frightened as well, but he was sad and upset about what was happening to Jake. He was immediately thinking of ways to reverse what had happened. Then there was Stu, who was Jake's best friend. Stu was feeling awe and fear as the other two were, but Stu also had a huge desire for Jake. He could feel Stu getting aroused and he literally felt his own cock harden as Stu's did. Even though Stu had a wife and 2 kids, he couldn't help his attraction as he reached full erection and came in his lab pants. Jake looked up at the camera and smiled. He knew that he had caused this and he wanted the other two to feel the same. That's when he felt the power of inhuman strength course through him and knowing that he was strong, probably stronger than anyone on Earth, that he grabbed the door, pulled it off like a piece of scotch tape and flung it aside. He walked out into the same room as his colleges and noticed that even though Alex and Jonathan had begun to run away, they had to cross in front of Jake and his scent hit them. Immediately the two men fell onto the ground, writhing in orgasmic bliss as they both exploded their seed. Jake as well as his colleges had never been homosexual before, but at least for his colleges, there was no escaping Jake's pheromones and sexual dominance over them. Jake himself, hadn't turned gay, but was now Omnisexual or better yet for a lack of word, Alphasexual as there would be no one in the world that if he was attracted to, was completely under his spell and willing to be his sexually. He literally could make someone cum on command either using his mind, body, or scent. After Alex and Jonathan came, both men passed out. Because Stu was so infatuated with Jake, he walked up to the new Alpha and asked how he could please him. Jake decided to use Stu as his first lover. Over the course of the next 3 hours, Jake gave Stu numerous orgasms and was in complete control over the man. That's when he decided to change Stu as well. He now, instinctively, knew that his cum would change Stu to become more like himself, but he knew that if he were to fuck the man, that he would kill him. That's when he began, 'the process" as he called it. He would regulate the amount of cum that Stu would ingest orally causing Stu's own chemical make up to change and grow, making it possible for Jake to enter Stu and fill him with a full load to change Stu completely. After Stu's last oral intake, he was ready to receive Jake's cock. Just as they were about to begin, Jake felt a small pain in the back close to his kidneys. Then as the room began to go dark, he saw a group of military men with Hannibal rifles, which are enough to stop a rhino and he knew that they had used them on him, to tranquilize him. As his powers were still novice, the tranqs seem to do their job. When Jake awoke, he was undergoing a series of tests and over the course of several months; he was the military's guinea pig. They probed him and took samples of his blood and cum. Most of the time, they used machines to get the samples, as Jake's body and existence caused any human in the room to become his plaything. Sure he couldn't fuck them, but it was fun for Jake, when a new soldier had to go in the same room as him and they'd lose all their ability to resist him. He would make them cum over and over, until someone could pull them out of the room. When they had realized that he would cooperate, they released him from his "prison' and began testing "the process". Within a week, the military had been using his cum to grow men at their compound. In less than a month the had an army of over 1000 of Jake's "minions". The one thing that they couldn't do was control them. That was completely up to Jake. He is still larger and he was their master. When he would stay at the compound for a week at a time, he would constantly be "upgrading" his men...upgrading was the word the military used for fucking them and filling them with his growth cum. This also benefited Jake, to which his sexual appetite was always in overdrive and if it wasn't satisfied almost every day, Jake would become easily agitated and his anger would cause issues...broken equipment, broken jeeps, broken building but most importantly, broken humans. You see, when Jake wasn't physically and sexually satisfied, he was an unstoppable fucking machine, fucking and killing those that have not gone through "the process". That's when Jake realized he wanted or needed a partner, a lover, someone to care about. He hadn't seen Stu since the fateful day he changed and as far as he knew, Stu had left the area. Jake wanted someone that actually was in love with him and that he could return that love. That is why he was sitting on the edge of the bed, when I awoke, looking at me like I was his. I would be the one that would be with him and love him and he loves me. It was just that way. Plainly, he just knows things and he knows that when he saw me, that I was going to be his partner. It's just as simple as that...or so he thought. I looked up at him and I was angry. Angry to what had happened to him, but angrier that suddenly, I felt as though I was his project. I was the one that was going to make HIS life better. What about my life? Did he even care about what I wanted? Were my desires and wants in life going to even matter? Sure, I was completely smitten over him, but Hell, I had a mind too. I wasn't just going to be his love slave, his concubine. I wasn't just going to be his Cum Reliever!! FUCK THAT!! And then I began to do my best to get out of the restraints that he had me bound with. At first nothing happened and Jake just looked at me and smiled. I figured he knew that he had me, but it only made me angrier. I began to tug and pull on them and began to hear wood beginning to splinter. I surprised myself when I was able to tear off one of the bed posts with my left leg. Then the right one broke. A new feeling began to take me over; A feeling of strength. I felt a power in me rise and I felt my body expanding. Snap, the left arm tight broke off. I could feel my muscles growing and I looked at myself as my body began to transform. My cock was expanding as well, in length and girth. What once was a proud 8 incher was now already 11 inches long and about 8 inches thick. I felt my testosterone level go through the roof and SNAP, the right arm broke free. This one snapped like I had just broken a spider web, there was no effort involved. Then, Jake put his hand on my chest and held me there as I grew. At this point, even with all the strength that I was gaining and the growing size I was having, I couldn't move out from under him. Then he leaned down to me and kissed me. Electricity ran through my entire body, charging me up even more, causing me to grow even more and faster. Immediately I began to uncontrollably cum again as I had never felt so close and in sync with someone in my life. It was his bare skin against my skin and that's when I knew, I loved him. He took his hand off of me and as soon as I was free, I climbed onto him, feeling his immense cock below my ass and we embraced. My newly rock hard ass was quickly drenched in his precum as he began to shoot it out and I moaned again as I reached a third climax, covering our torsos between us. I told him, that I wished that he could fuck me, and he smiled. He said that he would, but first he asked if I would put my mouth over his cock to take in his cum. He said that he had given me my first amount when I was unconscious and he needed to complete the process so we would be able to make love after I did that. I climbed off of him so that he could take off his pants and his shirt as well. As he did, I kissed and licked his massive muscular arms and I sucked on his nipples, continuing to take in his musky scent causing me to almost lose consciousness this time as I shot another load. At this point, my growth had ebbed, but not my desire, which only increased. I began to cum without stopping. It wasn't spurt after spurt, but more of a consistent oozing pouring out of my cock hole. Still, internally, I was completely in a constant state of orgasm. Jake sensed this and he picked me up off of him so he could get his pants off and he laid me on my back, with my face under his crotch. Before removing his pants, he chuckled and said “poor defensiveness boy, as soon as you take my 2nd load of cum, you’ll be able hold your orgasms until you want to release them.” He added, “I’m going to change you and make you grow, not with just the muscle and size that you have already, but your mind will expand and your body will be do things no other human on Earth will do...not even the men at the base. I have held this back for the one who will be my partner. I know you think you will be my slave, but I do not want that. I want you as my equal. I want us to be the only God's on Earth. Even though you are now much stronger and bigger and you could take me inside you, I want you to have the complete enlightenment that I have. Yes, like the men at the base, you will become mine...a part of me will be you and all of you will be me. But, you will be different than them...you will be more...more of everything. More like me...more than just a human....more than a human...you will be a god and anyone who comes in contact with you will desire you. But you will be my mate...your life as you know it is no longer. We are omnipotent. I will control you and in turn you can control me...all of you!!! Do you wish this?” I nodded yes as I asked him, how this is even possible. That it felt like a dream or some wild fantasy of mine coming true and he laughed as he pulled down his pants showing me his massive cock as it sprung out showering me with his juice and the second it hit me, I again, orgasmed uncontrollably. By this time, I was just about dried out and only small darts of cum escaped my cock. Still the feeling was just as incredible. A steady flow of clear liquid came from the huge mushroom head, dripping down onto my lips. Then he asked if I was still dreaming. I told him....no...I pleaded for him to let me complete the change. He told me to open my mouth as wide as I could and I did. I tilted my head back and up and put my mouth over the slit in his cock head as he lowered it into my mouth. The slit was so large that my lips barely covered it with my open mouth. Then he told me to brace myself, by hold onto his ass or legs and to not let go. I did and soon I could feel heat rising up his cock shaft... ...Chapter 2 begins below
  22. (Apologies. Computer is broken, and my chromebook only works. But it doesn't factor in formatting for some reason. Please go to this link for a better format: https://drive.google.com/open?id=157k72Sd4Vm4ESc4TXvUvLPS_9Zdny0DNi10Kmkp2P-4) Chapter 28: Defined Within Darkness Outside of the sealed ghetto, the grand ballroom conjured by Puzzles began to dissipate. The last invading ghoul stood dazed, as a gold-plated fist crashed into its face. The ghoul exploded into dust upon impact; its damage threshold much lower than Sugar Skull’s. The golden fist then placed itself on the owner’s hip, the cybernetic eight-armed hero, Octomentist. The prosthetic hero stated, “That’s the last of ‘em. So what now?” Director Doug fixed his blue tie, as he approached Octomentist. Pattering behind him with little footsteps was his smoke imp, Puzzles. “We will resume on standby until the team we have sent in have vanquished the Skeleton Lord,” replied the Director. Octomentist frowned, “And how do you suppose they’ll do that? I fought the guy with two of your men that are inside the dome right now. We threw everything at him, and he just kept regenerating back like it was nothing.” Puzzles spoke up with his artificial Russian accent. “That would involve separating the imp inside of the Skeleton Lord. It is heavily assumed that our target is housing a corrupted imp inside of him that is providing such wild power. We kick the imp out of the host, the imp dies. After that, the Skeleton Lord can’t do anything,” he debriefed. Octomentist inquired, “And they’ll be able to do that cause…?” “A spell we entrusted to Marvelous Man. We’re aware that he lacks the proper experience to cast the spell itself, so we gave it to him in the form of a paper talisman. And with our employee, Gemini, giving him the basics of channeling mana, all he has to do is slap it onto the Skeleton Lord and activate it,” answered the smoke imp. The Director spoke up, “And let’s hope he’ll be able to do just that. The containment dome is reaching its limit.” Octomentist pursed her lips together as if in thought. “Yeah, that’s something else I’ve been wondering. You guys have your own Mana Stone, right? Why aren’t you using that to keep the shield stable with all those undead banging against it?” she said. Puzzles adjusted his glasses, “That is a big no. The Mana Stone we have in possession helps power the seals that keep the other terribles from invading our dimension and cage them too.” Director Skye added his perspective to his familiar’s statement. “Plus, it really helps cut down on our utility bills,” he commented. Octomentist sighed, “Wow, okay. I know you guys get the lowest amount of government funding, but I didn’t think it was so bad that you had to use a legendary artifact just to keep the lights on...At least we have the Nemesis Branch to fall back on if the shit really hits the fan.” The sound of a thick structure cracking boomed behind the group. As they turned around, they spotted the dome fractured like an eggshell that sprang from the top. The magical and scientific force field then shattered; revealing a sillouette peeking out of it. The sillouette stood up straight and revealed itself to be a giant skeleton. The skeleton had a human anatomy, and its sized rivaled a skyscrapers. In its skeletal abdomen beneath the ribs sat a large sphere that filled and rested on its pelvis. The sphere was a black ball of swirling darkness; giving off an ominous impression that it was waiting to give birth to something evil. The giant monster’s skull stared up into the sky before it unleashed a horrid scream. The skeletal giant continued to scream for five seconds, while everybody in the vicinity covered their ears. Once it finished, its jaw immediately clamped. The humongous skeleton then snapped its skull towards the city and proceeded forward. The sides of the force field dome shattered upon contact with monster. “It appears it already has and sprayed right into our mouths,” remarked the master witch. He shouted, “ALL NON-COMBATANTS RETREAT! EVERYBODY ELSE PREPARE FOR ENGAGEMENT!!!” The tent behind the group fluttered, as Gemini ran out of the entrance. Staring up at the giant skeleton, his jaw dropped open. The Soulem then took a step back and clutched his hands over his chest. “Justice,” he murmured, “Please be safe.” >>>>>>>> Marvelous Man floated within the darkness he was forcibly pulled into by a giant skeleton arm. The moment he had arrived, he was immediately assaulted by a rain of skeletal fists for over a minute. He held up his muscular arms in an effort to mitigate some of the damage. His vision blurred, as the hulking bodybuilder tumbled through the black miasma but was able to see a few details. He was surrounded by Digz’s whisping essence that was so dense that not even light from the outside could break through it. The space around him seemed to be infinite, as he was flung around but never seemed to reach the end of this dark territory. The musclebound superhero then came to realize that he seemed to be trapped in a sort of pocket dimension made from the condensed essence. There was a spot of bright light within the void, but the muscle demigod had no time to focus with the oncoming bone attacks. “Alden!” said a voice. The barrage of skeleton punches came to a slow for a few seconds before stopping. Marvelous Man then steadied himself with his flight power and looked up. He focused his sight on the glowing spot the musclebound superhero saw earlier. The glow shined with an intensity much similar to Marvelous Man’s supercharges; most likely the supercharged corpse of the Skeleton Lord. The muscle demigod flew closer to the glow and spotted a small silhouette hovering next to it. With nobody else sucked into the essence-filled world, Marvelous Man concluded it could only be Digz. He could hear the incomplete familiar sob. The corrupted imp spoke, “Please...come back to me...I need you…” Marvelous Man immediately realized the opportune chance he had been given. Digz had switched attention from pummeling the muscle demigod to grieving over its master. Now was the perfect time to activate the spell he had been practicing to end the battle once and for all. The spell he received from the Bruja after telling his life story as trade. He channeled mana into his right hand, as Marvelous Man began to enact the next steps needed to properly cast the spell. Extending his right index and middle finger, the muscle demigod rotated his wrist to trace a circle in the air. The mana then followed the motion and created a magic circle that glowed a purple hue. The inside of the circle was completely blank, Marvelous Man proceeded with the next part of the instruction. Marvelous Man remembered back when Gemini instructed him on casting the spell that he needed to get every part of the circle and its layers one-hundred percent correct. If there were any slight inaccuracies upon activation, the least that would happen was nothing. The worst would be a possibly lethal explosion. The hulking bodybuilder made sure to burn the formula into his memory by pretending it was similar to creating an intricate calligraphy; rather than mathematical like Gemini implored to see it as. The musclebound superhero thought with great intensity of the symbols, runic and otherwise, needed to fill the circle’s interior and which specific area they were meant to be placed as well as any additional circles. The magic purple circle seemed to detect Marvelous Man’s focus and materialized the symbols and additional circles that was seen in his head. The spell then flashed to blue; notifying that it was ready to be activated by his mana. Spell at the ready, he slowly crept closer in the black space. The sounds of weeping grew louder, while Marvelous Man held his breath without thinking. The passing seconds were stretched into hours by his tension and fear, but he continued to concentrate maintaining the magical circle he conjured. All that mattered to Marvelous Man was following Gemini’s instruction of touching a physical part of Digz to complete the incantation’s requirements. He then arrived behind the grieving Digz; silently floating unnoticed. The hulking bodybuilder briefly peered over the incomplete familiar’s shoulder and saw it trying to do channel its black essence into the deceased body. The supercharge light that enveloped Alden’s body shone with such intensity that the whisping blackness fizzled into nothingness upon contact. The musclebound superhero was unsure if this was some sort of resuscitation or merging, but there was no time to dwell on it. He needed to act now and end Digz’s miserable existence. Marvelous Man gently reached out with his left hand. Drifting his meaty hand downward, he aimed his appendage at Digz’s feathery left arm. The hulking bodybuilder relaxed his massive body and drew a shallow breath through his nose; preparing his attack. At the same time, he began to channel his mana into his larynx for the oral part of the incantation. Marvelous Man felt his bulky physique primed and launched his plan. Whipping his left arm forward, he grasped the corrupted imp’s feathery arm and simultaneously fed his mana into the spell. The muscle demigod immediately began the incantation. “Iggzel Ponsfortuna! Through the sea of reality, gather the shattered soul. Place back what once belonged and seal into a whole. I beseach the power within the one I mend to reach for salvation. DIVINE SOUL RESTORATION!!!” he chanted. The complex magical circle began to shine; reacting to the incantation and feeding on Marvelous Man’s mana. The black miasma stirred, as a bright light materialized in the form of a star from the center of the magic circle. Marvelous Man then noticed the whisping darkness drifting toward the light in the form of tendrils. This even affected the dark essence leaking from out of Digz’s corrupted body. It was almost as if the magical light was acting as some sort of vacuum; dragging the parts it identified as Digz into a vortex the essence could not escape from. The spell was working! A white pole made of bone shot out from the dark mass and sailed over the incomplete imp. The projectile immediately struck Marvelous Man’s forehead before splintering into bone debris, disintegrating into essence, and then sucked into the magical circle’s light. During the bone’s reabsorption, the muscle demigod’s vision blurred. He nearly lost his focus with maintaining the flow of his mana into the magic circle, but his grip on Digz remained strong. No matter what the incomplete imp threw at him, the musclebound superhero had to hold onto the feathery arm to complete the spell. “Let me go!” exclaimed Digz, “ Let me go right now!” A torrent a bone poles rained down on Marvelous Man from above. His hulking body became racked with immeasurable pain with every projectile exploding into pieces upon impact. But he continued to hold on with every ounce of his will; clenching onto Digz’s arm and keeping the spell alive. The magical circle continued to suck in the miasma despite the ongoing attacks. Marvelous Man knew that at the rate the spell was going, it could take hours before it had absorbed the black world and gathered the missing pieces of the incomplete imp’s soul. The muscle demigod would have to give off as much mana as he possibly could in order to increase the vacuumous power. The hulking bodybuilder gritted his teeth, as he increased the flow of his mana. The bright star residing in the center of the magical circle grew brighter, as the many tendrils began to combine into one swirling whirlpool being drained into the star. It looked like the color-inverted image of a black hole. Marvelous Man then began to feel slightly winded with a growing numbness in his fingertips and toes; the same pins and needles sensation he had experienced from the Skeleton Lord’s mana drain. With the corrupted familiar’s onslaught and the enormous amount of mana the hulking bodybuilder gave off, the toll of these factors had already started to take. His stamina dwindled, but he needed to persevere. Digz shouted, “Let go!” A giant column of bone the size of delivery truck shot up beneath Marvelous Man. The column impacted against the musclebound superhero with the force of a bullet train. With no time to be aware of the oncoming attack, the muscle demigod lost his grip while being forcibly ascended. The black miasma high above him stirred, as another bone column of similar size ejected out of it. The descending column fell with the same intense speed as its rising counterpart that had the hulking bodybuilder splayed on top of it. Spotting the incoming object above himself, Marvelous Man activated his flight power. His massive body slid across the surface of his pushing oppressor. As the upper half of the hulking bodybuilder’s anatomy drifted over the edge, the two bone columns immediately collided with one another at the same time. Within the moment of impact, a thunderous boom reverberated in the miasma pocket dimension. The muscle demigod noticed his body lurching to a halt before continuing forward, as the two columns shattered into smaller pieces. Marvelous Man flew a small distance before stopping. He then looked down at his legs to inspect what ceased his movement for a moment. The musclebound superhero noticed his black boots covered in a layer of white powder with bits of bone debris embedded into the surface. Marvelous Man attempted to wiggle his toes, but he could not feel any sensation whatsoever. The hulking bodybuilder then noticed his right shoulder had a searing pain. Pressing on it with his left hand, he felt the pain explode and a space to where his shoulder joint should have been connected to. Marvelous Man yelped from the pain. There was no time to do a proper diagnosis, but he assessed two things: a dislocated shoulder from the first bone column that interrupted his spell, and fractured toes that most likely had been caught in the collision. Digz had put so much power into the attacks, that it was reaching Gilgamesh’s bone-crushing strength. It seemed to Marvelous Man that the corrupted imp no longer cared about conserving its energy to continue its dying existence. “Stay down and become my battery again! Or I will pummel you until you are completely broken!” shouted Digz, “I don’t know what this is but don’t think I’ll let you use it!” Marvelous Man stared down at the incomplete familiar. The muscle demigod felt confused by the last part he had just heard until he saw it. In front of Digz was the glowing star created from his spell. Though it shined brightly, it seemed to become dimmer with each passing second. Digz attempted to touch it with his feathery left arm, but the star reacted by sizzling the limb. The corrupted imp drew back his arm and hissed at it. Marvelous Man’s eyebrows furrowed. If he could just get back to the star and reactivate the spell while holding onto Digz, it would all work out. The musclebound superhero needed to do this, because of the numbness in his limbs. The numb feelings in his feet and hands had spread up to his elbows and knees; making it clear he only had enough mana to complete the spell he had set in motion. Marvelous Man was not sure if he had the mana to start up the soul restoration spell from the beginning again if the star died before he ever got to it. That star was his last hope of making everything right, and the muscle demigod had only one shot to do it. Using his flight power, he moved onward towards the star. His vision narrowed at the shining objective, and Marvelous Man wished he could have had super speed at this moment. Digz muttered, “So be it, cursed wretch.” Deep in the black void underneath the corrupted familiar, fragments of white bone materialized. The bone shards drifted upward like a stream of leaves carried by the wind. As the white fragments reached Digz, they began to collect above him. The collected shards formed into a cone-shaped roof before they continued downwards at a curved angle. The assembled fragments then took on the shape of an egg, as it encased Alden’s glowing corpse and the incomplete familiar. Once the shell had reached underneath the two, the last of the white shards sealed the bottom of the egg. The egg cracked; echoing like any normal egg that had been rapped against an edged surface. But the cracks on the egg were not random. It seemed as if the cracks moved with purpose; outlining multiple rectangles squeezed together. The patterns and shapes seemed to resemble feathery wings but with a sharper, angled outline. The egg then shuttered for a moment before its shell shifted. The egg shell unraveled itself and revealed underneath the glowing carcass of Alden. The Skeleton Lord’s body appeared to wrapped with his own red cloak from underneath his boney chest down to his feet. His arms were propped up crossed over his chest with elbows tucked underneath the swaddling cloak. It was as if he were posed for a dignified burial, and the casket he laid in was the monster itself. The casket was made from the same white bone material that had formed the egg, and the unraveled parts of the egg that had looked like wings to Marvelous Man were actually wings. The outer casket had three pairs of sharp angel-like wings that extended in every direction. As for the inner casket, it had a two pairs of wings that appeared softer, feather-like, and a smaller size comparable to a swan’s wingspan. Both pairs were layered criss-cross over the other that covered over parts of the glowing, deceased Alden. One pair of the feathery wings covered Alden’s face with only the mouth revealed, while the other covered his feet. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, the creature resembled a creature from the mythological video game he played back in Sunnysville. It had similar features of a type of angel known as a Seraphim. The Seraphim flapped all six of its sharp, outer wings; causing a flurry of its white, angular feathers to eject. The flat feathers flew towards Marvelous Man and began to expand into cylindrical columns the size of rocket missiles. Noticing the transformation, the hulking bodybuilder performed a barrel roll. His massive body moved in corkscrew motion into the storm of columns, while he rotated clockwise. The first row of bone columns flew by the musclebound superhero; nearly grazing him from only a fingertip away. He was not as lucky upon flying midway through the onslaught. The next row managed to hit Marvelous Man. The muscle demigod experienced blunt force trauma firstly on his left pectoral. The impact left a large, blue bruise on his pecmeat and halted his corkscrew maneuver. He was then instantly assaulted simultaneously in three other places: his right knee, the center abdomen, and the right side of his ribcage. His colossal body flung backwards from the tri collision, as the hulking bodybuilder felt cracks vibrate in his body. Marvelous Man coughed up bile before using his flight powers to steady himself and dive beneath the onslaught. He managed to slow down to a stop and float in the upright position, but his mountainous body stood in a crouched manner that strained to resist huddling into a fetal position. The muscle demigod could feel his nerves trying to scream pain into his brain; despite the adrenaline trying to smother it. With the rest of the storm of bone columns sailing over him, the musclebound superhero had a few seconds to register the damage he took. His right leg had a harder time moving, which meant the knee had become dislocated when disregarding the mana-drained numbness. Most likely, a dark bruise had begun appearing on his abs; just like on his left pec. And he had now began drawing painful breathes, so that meant a couple of his ribs on the right side have been fractured...But his left arm still worked. Marvelous Man pushed forward towards the glowing star; aware that he was already halfway there. It did not matter how damaged his bulky body had become, as long as his left hand was intact. He just needed that one hand to hold onto Digz...wherever that corrupted imp was. The musclebound superhero was aware that he needed to grasp Digz’s real body for the spell to work, but he hoped just grabbing part of the Seraphim would be enough. The pillars that had completely missed Marvelous Man immediately shattered into white shards upon Marvelous Man pursuing the star again. The bone shards collected themselves together and snapped into place like a puzzle to reform into a new shape. The bone pieces shaped themselves into a set of creatures that resembled another type of angel, from Marvelous Man’s video game, known as the Putti. The celestial critters consisted of only two things: a head and a pair of angel wings. The feathery wings were smaller compared to the Seraphim’s inner set and seemed comparable to a crow’s wingspan. The white wings were attached to the sides of the head and flapped vigorously. The head itself was a white crow skull with the size of an adult human head and held an abnormal feature on top. The top of its head had a set of three antlers lined up in a row. The antlers were flat and smooth like Saturn’s ring. Its left and right antlers curved in a circular angle, while the center extended straightward. All three antlers managed to interconnect at a certain length that made the antlers look like a sort of angel halo was lodged in the putti’s forehead. The murder of puttis flew towards Marvelous Man and caught up with the musclebound superhero in seconds. They began to peck at him with ferocity while spouting many things at the hulking bodybuilder. Marvelous Man held up his left arm to shield his eyes. “Murderer!” one cawed. Another crowed, “We were just fine! Only us two! You took him away from me!” “DIE. DIE. DIE!!!” screamed a third. A fourth exclaimed, “I’m so alone! Give him back! I want things back the way they were!” “You can’t do anything right,” hissed another, “Your healing killed the only other person we ever loved. Give up!” The puttis continued to harass Marvelous Man, while he flew closer to the star. The pecks never pierced the muscle demigod’s skin, but their words stabbed his heart. He tried to ignore what the puttis said, but some of it felt true to him. As he approached the point of only a quarter distance left before reaching the star, the Seraphim flapped its wings again. The feathers that fluttered from out of the sharp wings floated in the miasma-contaminated air for a second before they exploded into white shards. The bone debris immediately collected itself together and reformatted into a new shape. The end result appeared to be the shape of a wagon wheel. The white wheel had spokes that took on the guise of long avian legs. At the center of the wheel where the spokes met and linked together, all the bird-like legs had avian feet with sharp talons that clenched onto one another. It were as if the legs were holding onto each other for their lives. On the outside of the wheel, there were eyes carved onto every available space of that white rim. Every eye was similar but slightly different due to every eye after it appeared to have its eyelid creep to a closed blink before eventually opening up again. Each of the eyes were incredibly detailed to the point of them appearing to be alive despite the lack of color. The wheel began to rotate on its own; quickly accelerating to a ferocious spin. The eyes seemed to actually come to life through the rotation. It was like a filmstrip moving fast enough for a picture to be perceived as moving. No matter from which section of the wheel one stared at, the eye would be seen as coming to life by blinking and staring back at the observer. The wheel then sped off towards Marvelous Man. The musclebound superhero was unable to see the oncoming enemy, as he was still being harrassed by the puttis. Reaching Marvelous Man in seconds, the white wheel zipped underneath the hulking bodybuilder before its trajectory led into a collision with him. The multi-eyed wheel then shot directly up and tackled itself into Marvelous Man’s bruised stomach. Marvelous Man’s massive body lurched into a halt, as he was hoisted on top of a spinning wheel. The air escaped from Marvelous Man, and pain from the attack on his bruise shocked his brain into momentary paralysis. The bone wheel did not falter in movement during its attack; its rotation continuing at the same furious speed before impact. The pain of the intense grinding felt like sandpaper scratched against his skin by the most powerful sander power tool in the world. It grinded into the muscle demigod for a few seconds before it began movement again. The wheel moved backwards; going up Marvelous Man’s meaty torso and over his face. Without anymore body parts to roll over, the white wheel flew away. Marvelous Man clutched his sides; nearly huddling into a ball over his reddened, abraised abdomen. The spinning wheel then changed its direction and looped itself back toward the muscle demigod. Hearing a whirring noise, Marvelous Man looked up in time to see the wheel coming right at him. The musclebound superhero quickly raised his left arm to block the incoming attack at just the right moment. The bone wheel collided into Marvelous Man’s golden bracelet; sparks flying from the wheel’s savage grinding against the unyielding jewelry. With his super strength strong enough to keep the monster temporarily at bay, Marvelous Man stared at his enemy. He could see the eyes carved onto the wheel’s outer rim blinking and gazing right back at him. His eyebrows furrowed at the white wheel. The monster had features similar to another type of angel he had seen in his mythological video game, a Throne. Thankfully, this celestial creature did not carry the expected characteristic of his usually has, which is being on fire. Marvelous Man was aware that his body was not in a healthy enough condition to engage in any sort of combat with the Throne nor the puttis. Only his left arm was of fighting-capable status, but it was set to only defend. Trying to use his golden laurel to fight would leave the musclebound superhero open long enough for any attack from his multiple enemies. As he continued staring at the Throne, he noticed the angel’s rotation. Acting quickly, the muscle demigod leaned forward. Marvelous Man positioned his beefy body to lie flat in the air, while he took in a deep breath to ready for what he was about to do next. In one single motion, the musclebound superhero bent his head down, lowered his blocking left arm, and used his flying power to push forward. Now nothing held back the angelic wheel. The white Throne immediately trampled over the hulking bodybuilder, but the damage done to Marvelous Man was minimal. At the same time the Throne used the muscle demigod as an improvised roadway, Marvelous Man moved underneath the bone wheel. The musclebound superhero rode with the Throne’s rapid downward rotation to passively bypass the wheel and launch himself towards the dimming star faster than he could usually fly. The distance between the muscle demigod and the star drastically warped; no longer feeling like a crawl but more of a leap towards his illuminated objective. Marvelous Man held out his left hand openly in a readying attempt to grasp part of the Seraphim. Once he landed next to the star, the musclebound superhero would have to hold on with all his might. He then charged his voice box with mana and began to recite the spell’s incantation to activate the magic upon physical contact with the Seraphim. And even though his right shoulder was dislocated, his could still move his fingers. The muscle demigod gestured the magic circle and focused on the symbols for the spell. He was not sure if he had to do those parts again, but it was better to be safe than sorry. The feathers of the Seraphim’s outer wings wiggled for a moment before it stretched out and curved towards Marvelous Man at wicked speeds. At the ends of the extending feathers, its flat, sharp edges began to bulge and morph into the shape of a clenched fist. The musclebound superhero’s focus narrowed only on the dimming star; incapable of seeing the Seraphim’s attack. Marvelous Man chanted, “Iggzel Ponsfortuna! Through the sea of reali-AUCK-!!!” One of the fists from the stretched feathers punched Marvelous Man’s throat; ceasing the incantation. The magical circle hovering above his right hand instantly disappeared, as his concentration was destroyed. Hundreds more fist-shaped feathers launched at the muscle demigod like streams of missiles. No matter which direction a couple of fists sent him flying, another flurry would follow the musclebound superhero with incredible speed and barrage him into another direction. After each feather made its punch, it would retreat back into the sharp wings before launching again. Marvelous Man tried to defend with his working left hand, but it would be easily parried away by the onslaught of punches. Even if he managed to, he simply could not block every fist that assaulted every part his humongous body. As the hulking bodybuilder was flung back to near out of range from the Seraphim’s attack, the Throne appeared from behind Marvelous Man and momentarily grinded its wheel into his back. Not giving the muscle demigod a chance to scream, the Throne then immediately pushed the muscle demigod back into the frey of fists waiting to barrage him. The feathers from the sharp outer wings launched their fist-shaped ends at Marvelous Man and began their torrent of violence at him again. Damaged, dizzy, and struggling to breathe, the hulking bodybuilder had no more strength in him to lift his meaty left arm or even curl up into a ball. The musclebound superhero was flung about like a ragdoll, while blood dripped from his mouth and nostrils. His enemies seemed to sense their victory over the muscle demigod, as the Throne did not bother to toss Marvelous Man back at the Seraphim once he was thrown out of range of the white fists. He drifted further away, and his vision and mind soon stabilized in seconds. Marvelous Man saw the star in front of the Seraphim flicker...and then fizzle...and finally die; dissolving back into Digz’s essence. That was it...nothing more he could do to save the corrupted imp. Not enough mana to create a new spell and push it towards completion. And from the feel of his throat, his windpipe had been bruised to a point that uttering a few words would become a struggle. Verbal incantation to activate the spell would be impossible. Taking it all into account, his personal mission had become a complete failure. Marvelous Man could feel a blackness growing in him; a pit that wanted to suck him in and his will to fight. The musclebound superhero tried to focus on the backup plan he hoped he would never have to do. He would have to kill Digz. Physical confrontation is no longer possible, since the muscle demigod allowed himself to be bashed into a bruised and broken matter from trying to heal Digz. Using the talisman the D.A.B. provided him would be useless to use at this moment. That left one of his two last options for neutralizing the incomplete imp. The hulking bodybuilder slowly lifted his heavy left arm, while his mind thought back to his first encounter with the Skeleton Lord. His twitching hand reached into his black jacket’s pocket and pulled out his golden harmonica, Duskbell. The muscle demigod’s illumination ability was bright enough to disperse the black essence, but it had a limited range. Marvelous Man remembered that limit when he had tried to illuminate the graveyard ground and failed, and it was unquestionable that this pocket dimension exceeded that range...Unless if he were to supercharge the light. When Marvelous Man supercharged the graveyard ground, the light it gave off had a greater intensity than his usual illumination to cause the whisping miasma and its solid forms to completely dissipate. The supercharge also had the perk of unlimited range. If he were to supercharge the blackness swirling in this pocket dimension, it would undoubtedly be destroyed. Digz needed that essence to remain in his barely physical form. If it was no longer available, the corrupted imp would have to merge back into Alden’s body in order to survive. But the Skeleton Lord’s corpse had become supercharged by Marvelous Man’s power which denied the Digz’s whisping blackness from entering. So there was now a higher chance the corrupted imp would not be able to go back into the dead body after ejecting out of it. With both crucial elements for survival disabled, the incomplete familiar would be like a flame suffocated by a candle snuffer. Marvelous Man’s trembling arm brought the golden harmonica up to his face and began to rightfully position the keyholes towards his mouth with his meaty fingers. Since his hand was completely completely numb from the amount of mana he had used, he had to be careful with his finger movements. One wrong manipulation of his thick digits would cause Duskbell to tumble out of his grasp and become lost in the world of darkness. Seconds had past in the silent blackness until he finally maneuvered his golden instrument into facing the correct direction. The muscle demigod brought Duskbell to his lips. A small white figure swooped in front of Marvelous Man’s eyes and collided into his hand. The golden harmonica was knocked out of his left hand and fell into the whisping essence beneath, while the white object moved unhindered at the quick impact. Flicking his eyesight from the lost Duskbell and up at his attacker, Marvelous Man noticed that the creature was Digz’s putti. “No! None of that!” it cawed. The putti’s ascent came to a stop, as it joined a murder of its kind. The puttis flew in a circle like vultures; staring down at their prey and waiting for the time to attack. Marvelous Man realized that was probably why they did not bother attacking when he was locked in combat with the Seraphim. The creatures were there to pick away at and disable whatever tricks the musclebound superhero had left. The black pit within the muscle demigod’s heart grew bigger. It swirled at the tips of his toes; inviting his soul to fall in. Marvelous Man tried to brainstorm on the other ways to activate a supercharge. His bruised windpipe was incapable of singing, and there was not a single artistic thing he could with his left that did not require materials that were not presently available. In the next couple of hours, his body would regenerate for a second wind of supercharging the black miasma...But what of the outer world then? There was no telling the destruction that was currently happening at this moment. The ghouls from Limbo could have broken out of the dome within the hours he spent recovering in this pocket dimension, and Digz might be rampaging on the outside at the same time inside against Marvelous Man. So then...what could he do? Marvelous Man realized he only had one other last option he was able to do in his state. He would have to activate his Soul Venom and unleash it on the incomplete familiar. There must have been some wound or culmination of smaller wounds Digz endured before it became the corrupted imp it currently is. The musclebound superhero could only hope that after killing Digz, he would pass out from exhaustion and hurt nobody else. He could never forgive himself if the Soul Venom, that would taint his soul, caused him to stay awake and rampage against the rest of the world. Letting all their past wounds consume them like he attempted with his parents...and nearly succeeded. Tears began to well up in his eyes at the futility of his situation. In his mind, he saw himself at the black pit again. He leaned forward and fell. The despair was so crushing; greater than the physical pain he currently and recently experienced. No matter what he did, the moment he refused to do what was expected of him and follow his own selfish pursuits, it always resulted in failure. He should’ve followed Director Doug and Puzzle’s plan of killing Digz and the Skeleton Lord rather than saving them. And the result of doing so caused Alden to die and Digz to follow soon after. It was inevitable no matter how much he tried to prevent such a sad end. Just what was the point of his power? It’s supposed to heal. But the moment it was truly needed, it killed the one Marvelous Man tried to save. Some hero he was. So powerful, but so incapable of doing anything. A Rank-D hero from the start that could only act as support. Every time he tried to do something on his own, it always resulted in failure...It would have been better if he listened to his parents and just stayed inside Sunnysville...But that’s just it, isn’t it? He will always make the wrong decisions and hurt those around him. His own existence is complete poison! His own enemies were right. It was better that things always stayed the same. If he did not live in this world, things would have gone better. Justice would have suffocated emotionally in Sunnysville, but he would have somewhat been happy. There has been nothing but pain since becoming Marvelous Man and leaving that town. “Now’s not the time to be lying down, hero! You still draw breath. Get up! Fulfill my dying request!” said a manly voice. The descent into the dark pit jerked to a halt, as Marvelous Man’s eyes flicked to the voice he heard. It was King Alden! He no longer appeared skin and bone with misery hanging on his face. He looked like the painting the hulking bodybuilder saw in Digz’s past. The king was decorated in all of his royal accessories, and his body had a slight plumpness with bright peach skin. The royal highness was literally glowing and seemed slightly transparent. The putti above them spoke up, “Alden?!” “It can’t be! You’re dead! We have your body!” said another. Alden became distracted by the voices and peered up. The muscle demigod croaked, “Wha-...How?” Alden looked down and smiled. “I know not the forces, whether it be you or a higher power. But I was pulled back here during my descent,” he replied. Marvelous Man was not sure, but he supposed it could have been the soul restoration spell. It was supposed to gather the pieces of soul bestowed to Digz that was lost eons ago. Since the the corrupted imp and Alden had been fused for so long, their souls might have become related to one another. But the muscle demigod was unsure of that hypothesis, because he is not a practitioner nor knowledgeable about magic. Were it not for the situation he was currently in, Marvelous Man would have freaked out from seeing an actual ghost. Alden roused, “Now, get up. You said you would heal Digz, and I have yet to see that.” Marvelous Man swallowed. The pain in his throat felt like it was burning, but he gathered the strength to utter words in his now raspy voice. “I can’t...Too broken...and I hurt all over,” he replied. The king sighed, “Why are you still pretending to be a star child? I know you are more than capable to put yourself back together from such simple flesh wounds. I’ve felt the power you hold!” The muscle demigod felt confused by such a statement. Did Alden think he was just lying around and not being powerful for the fun of it? “Even if I could...what good would it do? I’ll just...keep fucking it up...I’m a fatherfucking mess. I can’t do anything right. I couldn’t even...heal you,” he sobbed. The royal highness exclaimed, “But you did! And so much more! You helped me let go! I came to the realization that in letting Digz enable my sadness, I enabled his madness. Digz might have been the one to kill my family like you said, but...He is still precious to me! I don’t want him to be in pain!” “Do you remember what you said to me? You said you wanted to inspire me, and that is what you did! You are so much mightier than you think you are!” he continued. The musclebound superhero felt an emotion stir in him. It was the same one he felt when stop the Skeleton Lord before the confrontation with Gene Lightfoot. The emotion that felt like his true self contained within the dam of his heart. But it was very weak, and the agonizing doubt had towered over it and had already begun to devour it. Marvelous Man fretted, “But...even with the power that you said...I still had to get my friend’s help to defeat you. I couldn’t do anything big. I’m still too weak…” “Then learn from this and remember what you’ve experienced! Know what it truly means to be utterly helpless and refuse to remain that way! There is no shame in relying on your friends for help with the bigger things. But if you wish to move onward and be capable of fighting battles by yourself, then take the opportunities of this world and make it your own! It is foolish and naive to expect to become powerful without effort or have the world stoop to your level!” Alden raved. He continued rambling, “When I first pacted with Digz, he was only capable of moving corpses. And now look! He’s able to create creatures from his own imaginations! Though I must say, he’s always had an obsession with angels. I suppose it came from the time he spent with his original master.” “What?” said Marvelous Man. Alden lectured, “Just remember that you must accept the responsibilities of making the choice to become stronger and anything else you have done in your life. The changes you make will no doubt become hard and even unbearable at times. And even if it’s a change caused by the fates themselves, accept the consequences for what they are and make it your own! “The only time when you have truly errored in your ways is if you do not do anything and struggle to keep things the way they are! Good or bad, you are your own agent of chaos. And you have helped me realize that! Accept the reality of what you have done and learn from it!” he babbled with passion. Marvelous Man felt enraptured by the king’s words. Somehow, it was the words he had always needed to hear. Always remember the past but never try to stay complacent within it. Choose the path you know and feel is right but be ready to deal with the outcome. FIGHT THE STATUS QUO AND BECOME SOMETHING MARVELOUS!!! The dam in his heart that tried to contain his true emotion began to leak through the cracks once again. It was barely able to contain this geiser of a feeling. He felt like his heart and his body was about to burst. The word of this emotion was at the edge of his tongue, and it felt like it was from something even the royal highness had just said. “Look!” pointed Alden, “Look at your hand!” From the corner of his eye, the muscle demigod noticed a glow. Marvelous Man lifted his left hand up and gazed at it. The same glow from earlier that slightly whisped like his Soul Venom, but also contained some of the warm light from his supercharge, radiated from his hand. The trail of mysterious ray looked like an aurora and left behind a multitude of colors. It began to travel downward of his arm, but then Marvelous Man noticed something peculiar tied to his wrist. “Such a beautiful light,” added the king. The hulking bodybuilder brought his meaty wrist closer to his eyes for a better inspection. It was a glass string that neither felt tight or loose, but...just there. It was so transparent that it was nearly invisible, yet it had a shine that was noticeable to the muscle demigod. Marvelous Man curled his fingers towards it for a curious touch. Upon contact, that felt like grazing another person’s fingertips, a shard of what seemed to be glass materialized in his hands. He rasped, “Wh-what is this? Glass?” “Glass? I only see light, Marvelous Man! Embrace it!” cheered Alden. As much as Marvelous Man wanted to question the royal highness’ perspective, it felt more important to do as Alden said. He stared into the shard, and it responded by lighting up like the bright screen of a smartphone. The shard began playing a film, but it only seemed to last a second before the reality around Marvelous Man warped. The musclebound superhero felt as if he were being transported to the scene shown on the glass. Marvelous Man stood in the abandoned subway where the homeless community was slaughtered and served as the second encounter with the Skeleton Lord. The hulking bodybuilder just somehow knew this was when the ancient villain retreated from the battle. But instead of stationed in the center like last time, he was placed to the right of the passageway the Skeleton Lord exited into. He stared into the opening where the battle was fought and spotted himself floating beside his teammates at the time, Gene and Octomentist, and staring back at him. The past Marvelous Man shouted, “Wait! Why are you doing all this? What’s the point of doing all these terrible things?!” The current Marvelous Man looked towards his left and found the Skeleton Lord ebbed away into a veil of invisibility. For some reason, Marvelous Man could still see the supervillain. The musclebound superhero then noticed a glass string protruding from the red cloak and extending all the way down to his past self. Somehow, Marvelous Man knew that this was the moment a seed had been planted in the ancient evil. The seed, a passing thought, said, “What was the point of doing all this?” The muscle demigod then heard Digz within the Skeleton Lord whisper the answer, while the supervillain repeated it. “When one has the power of a god and their purpose has turned to ash, the only thing one can do is burn the world itself,” said the Skeleton Lord. The vision within the past had ended, and Marvelous Man was back floating in the miasma-infested pocket dimension. He released the glass shard from his hand; causing it to float up. Looking back at the glass string, he now noticed that it stretched and tethered to Alden’s spirit. The pressure of the geisere in his heart intensified. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, that was the first time he had affected a change within Alden. It might have been small, but it was the start that led the ancient king to give up his evil ways and cease living. Marvelous Man then noticed another glass string tied to his forearm, as the aurora continued traveling down his muscled arm. His eyes followed the string, but it seemed to have extended somewhere outside of this pocket dimension. Out of instinct, he accepted the new string with his heart instead of his eyes. This caused an echo of a voice to appear in his mind. Aphrodite echoed, "Yes, but I love you on a greater level than everybody else. A mother's love is powerful, and you will always be my baby." That was the moment Justice changed his mind about how he felt about his parents after learning the purpose of his birth. If his mother never said that back in Sunnysville, the hulking bodybuilder would probably have begun to really hate his parents. The feeling in his heart grew stronger; the geiser still pushing but needed to hear more. Looking up, he noticed a glass string tied to his pinkie. The muscle demigod allowed the string into his heart; excitement slowly building up in him for the surprise of either good or bad. “Feel better?” echoed Marvelous Man. Gene echoed back, “Very much so. Thank you.” That was the first time Marvelous Man awakened to infatuation. After the first fight with the Skeleton Lord, the musclebound superhero would join the D.A.B. for the sake of befriending Gene. He would then grow that infatuation into love for the Totochtin prince. Marvelous Man then noticed another glass string tied to his elbow, as the wavy light on his arm continued over his bulbous bicep. He accepted the string with his heart and listened for the voice. Gene echoed, “It would not be right to you nor me. Perhaps if we kept doing the dating it could turn out exactly how you wanted. But such a thing would only result in hurting us in the end. That is the time that is wasted for trying to grow something that cannot grow. I am sorry Marvelous Man, but I cannot force myself to be the something that I am not.” Marvelous Man could never forget that event. Gene had become realistic about their situation, and it caused the muscle demigod to realize his misunderstandings of what love is. It was painful and eye-opening, but he gained a friend in the end. Their bond with each other was so strong, that the rabbit demigod gave up the vendetta against the Skeleton Lord to avoid fighting Marvelous Man. The eagerness to hear more overwhelmed him more than the uncertainty of his situation. He wondered for a moment on the possibility of hearing more than just simply looking for the strings and closed his eyes. Relaxing his body, Marvelous Man focused his mind on the strings. He at first could feel the ones he had already saw attached to his left arm, but then sensation of the glass strings expanded. The muscle demigod felt glass strings tied to nearly every part of his body that seemed to entwine naturally onto him rather than a forced, uncomfortable bondage. He could practically picture the whole scenery in his mind. In a confused sense, it seem to Marvelous Man that his body served as the source and a receiver for something. The strings he saw in his head felt real, and he tried to embrace it as real...And that’s when a torrent of voices echoed in his mind like a shout in an empty chamber. It was the voices from his past; his friends, family, enemies, and even himself. He could hear each and every one, and they all exchanged conversation that was meant for him or others. Some were encouraging, others insightful, and there were also those that were hurtful. In Marvelous Man’s perspective, it was almost like hearing a song. And at the end of this emotional song, he heard the voice of the one he truly cared for summarizing what he heard. “My point is, your very existence makes all the difference and don’t you forget it. The positive things you provoke in people may be small compared to what you expected, but it all carries the same weight. Even if it’s as small as being their friend or even getting someone to try a new thing. And superhero or not, your existence inspires change in the people around you,” echoed Gemini. Marvelous Man’s heart exploded; the emotional geiser pouring out and flowing throughout his entire being. The aurora light immediately coursed over the rest of his massive body and then merged, as he came upon a realization. His entire anatomy was outlined in illumination that shared the same color as the aurora. Opening his eyes, tears streamed from them nonstop while gazing at the spectacle before himself. The musclebound superhero could see glass strings tied not just to himself and stretching outward, but also to Alden’s spirit and even the Seraphim! He could see the glass strings connecting towards all three beings in the pocket dimension and beyond the whisping essence like some sort of cosmic web. It was like gazing at a piece of abstract art that was infinite, beautiful, and maddening. His immense body began to radiate its own auroras that streamed upward and seemed to curl like the brushstrokes of the Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh. Marvelous Man’s physical wounds immediately responded to the illumination. Dislocated limbs were set back into to place, fractured bones sealed back up to their original state, and bruised skin became a smooth, healthy brown. The hulking bodybuilder felt every damaged piece moving around inside of him, but it was not painful. He briefly wondered if this was what Sugar Skull experienced when supercharged. It all made sense now. This feeling that he now experienced was his true self. The celestial element that was unique only to him. His mother, friends, and even Marvelous Man himself had been saying what he had been all along. The seed to love, art, and passion: Inspiration. Marvelous Man instantly understood that the glass strings he could see were also physical manifestations of inspiration, and it gave him a greater understanding of his celestial element. Inspiration is more than just changing or improving. It is the culmination of pain and bliss that act as fuel for the spark of new ideas and perspectives. But most of all, inspiration is the gift from existing. No matter how small or big the differences one made in the other’s life, they all carried equal value. Every life matters; regardless of one’s own perspective of self-worth or even someone else’s opinion about yourself. You are important to my existence. We are all connected, and that is the true art of life. The hulking bodybuilder situated upright, as Alden stared with marvel in his eyes. A smile broke out on the ancient king’s face. He exclaimed, “I knew it to be true! Tell me, what sort of god are you? Pray tell, what do you preside over?” Marvelous Man stared down at his hands; watching the colored, illuminated outlines radiate tiny auroras. Droplets of his never-ending tears pattered onto his wrists and palms, as he realized his throat had been healed and could answer the question. The musclebound superhero felt his voice both bellow like thunder and whisper like a calm river. “Inspiration,” he stated, “That is my celestial element.” Marvelous Man continued, “I finally understand what you mean, and what everybody else have been saying. The ideas and thoughts I am having...it’s overwhelming both my mind and soul. So many infinite possibilities of good and evil that this element can cause. No matter where I look, I see beauty from this collage of chaos. And...I just want to do so much art to supercharge others! To fill them with inspiration to do something marvelous with their lives or even plant a seed in them to try something different!” The Inspiration God’s eyes went wide. “Oh my gosh, is that what I’ve been doing this entire time when I supercharge my friends?! I’m literally energizing them with my essence when I do something artsy or inspirational or whatever! I wonder if I can do it by just flexing my muscles? Can that affect me too and put me in this...super soul form or god form or whatever?” he rambled. One of the puttis crowed, “Impossible! Impossible, impossible, impossible!” “Stay broken! No more of that flashy stuff!” raved another. The king flicked his eyes above him and stared at the murder of puttis circling above the two. He then looked over to the Throne and Seraphim floating in anticipation before he turned back toward Marvelous Man and tried to speak gently. Alden interrupted, “Great deity, I know you’ve just had an incredible breakthrough, but I beseech you to please turn your attention to my imp. He needs your healing, please.” Marvelous Man looked up and turned to the spirit. His eyebrows then raised, as he remembered what he needed to do. The Inspiration God realized that without a goal or something to express himself with, he would be caught up in his many thoughts or spectate in wonder at the glass strings. The hulking bodybuilder switched his weeping gaze to the other bone angels and furrowed his brows. He then struck an exaggerated fighting pose. “Sorry! You’re right! I got lost in my thoughts,” said Marvelous Man, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it right this time! Any chance you could give me a boost?” Alden stroked his chin, “Let me see…I think I might still have some influence over his essence.” Waving his spirit arms in a wide, circular motion, the whisping blackness drifted over to his arms. The dark essence followed the motion of his arms and began to materialize into bone. As Alden finished his motion, the white bone had formed into a large, flat disk. “Here! Quickly make use of this! I fear you will have only one chance to make use of my assist, as I feel my being drifting back to where I am to be damned!” he exclaimed. Marvelous Man looked behind and noticed the disk. He then used his flight powers to perform a backflip and landed on top of the disk. The ancient king placed his palms on the back of the disk and aimed the Inspiration God at the white Seraphim. Alden thrusted, “Now, fly.”
  23. With speed that made the cheeks of the guerilla guard push back as if he were traveling on some kind of rocket ship going through the layers of the atmosphere, Antoine jogged to catch up with the two guys who had recently departed like bats out of hell. As Mr. Alpha and the small man caught up, then passed the other two men – clearly at such a speed that they could not even be detected – Antoine’s new friend stared at his two comrades running at full throttle beside him. It was like a slow motion movie. They had no idea he was right there watching them. Antoine easily ran a few yards ahead of the two fellows. He then stood his small friend, whose head was still spinning from the supersonic run, in front of him – with his own big arms under the guard’s and his massive palms facing out. The small guard looked like he had supersized forearms and paws as big as hubcaps. Antoine knew exactly what he was doing. He had moved so fast that the two runners had no time to stop before suddenly seeing their friend and the huge muscleman appear before them. They ran smack into Antoine’s palms with full force. The guard between the big man’s arms got a bull’s eye view of the entire thing. He noticed that Mr. Alpha’s hands didn’t budge even a fraction of a centimeter or whatever would be the smallest amount of measurement – basically they didn’t move. He also witnessed his two guerilla buddies bouncing off the big palms as if they had run into a wall of stone or something thicker and stronger. Next thing, he saw the two men sitting on the ground dazed and confused. They had no idea how the giant and their comrade had appeared out of nowhere. They both assumed it was magic. “And now, my little oh-hell-your-crotch-is-already-hard-again friend, let’s show you what it feels like to manhandle grown men as if they were small dolls.” Antoine cupped his big hands around the backs of those that belonged to the guy standing in front of him – interlocking his huge fingers between those of the little man. Then, moving the guy like he was nothing more than a puppet, Antoine bent down and grabbed both men by the front of their uniform – being careful not to crush the small guy’s hands at the same time. Then, Mr. Alpha lifted up – a little too high at first – and took all three men off the ground. He definitely wanted his little friend to feel powerful so he bent his legs, returning his accomplice’s feet to the ground. This action gave much pleasure, just as Antoine had planned. The small guy felt as if he were lifting the two other guys off the ground. Antoine spoke, without moving his lips, a ventriloquist with his dummy. “Okay, you bad, bad men. It took nothing for me to stop you. I am Mr. Ecuador and you two are now my playthings. What do you say to that? Ah, I see the little cat has got your tongue. Maybe I can shake some sense into you.” Antoine shook his hands, which made it seem like his little partner was shaking his hands, which made the two men flop around vigorously. Both men let out yelps that made it sound like there were in a vehicle going down a very bumpy road. Antoine could tell his little friend loved the charade of feeling like he was super powerful. Even when Antoine stopped shaking and the fellow’s bodies stopped flopping around it was clear the insides of their head were still spinning. The ventriloquist continued. “You bad men have made me angry. You’re not going to like me when I’m angry. See how I lift you with no effort at all? You’re both as light as a feather – and that’s when you’re combined. It’s taking no strength at all to pick you both up. Oh what to do with my light little playthings. Well, first, let’s toss you both in the air – you know, like a grown man might do to a toddler. One, two, three, upsy-daisy!” Antoine didn’t use much strength to send the two men upward – he didn’t want to send them through the ozone or anything. Having them top out at the tips of the trees was enough. The big man’s little puppet squealed with glee as their hands, together, seemed to make the men shoot off into the air like rockets. Screams of terror followed both men as they zoomed upward. Antoine glanced down at his friend and noticed a panicked look on the guy’s face. He clearly was worried if they’d be able to catch the two men on their journey back down. The big man chuckled; amazed that after all he had done the smaller man doubted his abilities. He knew something that would add a lot of pleasure to the fun they were having. “Stand on my feet, little friend.” The small guy did as he was told and immediately noticed it was like stepping into skis. Antoine’s booted feet were about five sizes bigger than those of the other guy. The smaller man looked back up at the muscled stud, with a face of both shock and admiration. Antoine smiled back, since he knew what the guy was thinking. “Yep, it’s true what they say, bud. I swing a bat so big the airlines make me pay for an extra seat. That is, if I needed to take airplanes.” With that statement Antoine, along with the guy standing on his enormous feet, flew up into the air. They simply levitated as if some big crane was lifting them upward – except there were no cables and there certainly wasn’t a crane. That’s when the superhero and his friend heard the screams of the two men falling back to earth. Antoine, still cupping the other guy’s hands, reached out and they caught both guerrillas as they zoomed past. Both men continued to scream even after they came to an abrupt stop. It took them a few seconds to realize they still weren’t falling. Antoine started to speak, but his little friend cleared his throat – making it clear he no longer needed someone to supply the dialogue. Antoine looked down, amused, as the guy spoke in a voice similar to the one Antoine had made earlier. “You enjoy the ride, little men? Maybe now, you understand what power I have. I think it is time I let your feet feel ground again. Careful, though, that first step is a . . . what do we call it, oh yeah . . . a doozey.” Antoine started laughing – both, at the little guy’s imitation of him and at what he was planning. The big man knew exactly what to do, but he took his cue from his new friend. As soon as the smaller man released his grip, so did Antoine. Both men immediately dropped to the ground. It was less than twelve feet down, but it shocked the hell out of the two guys, who thought that Antonio and his friend had been firmly on the earth – not floating above it. Antoine descended back down and re-grabbed the men by their shirts. Sirens had been going off at the main house for a few minutes. Soon, the guerillas would try to open the vault in the cellar. These two jerks needed to be taken care of. Antoine looked down at his friend. “I know the pool’s pretty far away, but do you want to see me hit a hole in one with both of these guys?” “Yes, please.” “Oh . . . and do you happen to know which is the deep end?” “No.” “Well, let’s hope I guess right. I think they usually put the deep end away from the house.” While still holding on to the two captives with just his fingers, Antoine released his friend’s hands and then spread out his monstrous arms. The smaller man stepped off Mr. Alpha’s giant feet – shivering at the thought of the tool that matched their size – and stepped a few feet away. Antoine held the two men in the air as he turned his super gaze toward the pool – a long way away. There were trees and buildings to be avoided in the path to the pool. Antoine calculated everything quickly and then turned back to his waiting, excited friend. “One at a time or both together?” The little guy’s mouth dropped open wide – as if throwing two men at the same time would be that much harder than one. But, somehow, it just impressed him more. He meekly held up two fingers – as if he were begging Antoine to do what the huge man already wanted to do. There was no way to not notice the growing wet spot at the smaller man’s crotch – he was clearly unable to contain his admiration for Antoine’s strength. The muscle man flicked one guy into he air and as he came down he caught him with his big palm in the midsection. Antoine then flicked the other guy into the air and caught him on the back of the first guy. They were now stacked like a couple of pancakes in Antoine’s huge upturned hand. Mr. Alpha then went into the stance of a javelin thrower and cocked his giant arm back – only stopping when he heard his little friend clear his voice and point toward the pool in the other direction. “Oh, that way? You mean you didn’t want me to throw them around the earth and have them enter the pool from the other angle?” The guerilla’s face turned white and his eyes grew as big as saucers. This idea was almost too much for the little guy to handle. Antoine could see the guy trying to figure out if this supposed feat was even possible. He turned to face toward the pool and cocked back the big arm holding the two men in the air. He motioned to his friend to use the binoculars attached to his belt – the little guy having forgotten all about them in his excitement. As soon as Antoine got the thumbs up that his pal was focused on the pool, the giant muscle man pumped his arm in the air sending the two bodies soaring. The two men stayd connected for most of the flight – only separating right before they landed smack middle of what was clearly the deep end of the pool, which was far away near the house. The look of astonishment and awe on the small guerilla’s face as he looked up at Antoine almost made the big man blush. The muscleman held up his giant paw to high five the little man – forgetting he was so tall that the dude would have to jump up to make his palm hit Antoine’s. “Would you call that two holes in one or a hole in two’s. I’m not sure. All I know is I just threw two men into a pool that’s about six football fields away. Pretty awesome, huh. Oh, let me bring that high five down, for you, bud.” Antoine lowered his hand. When he went to smack palms with his small friend, however, he used way to much force and he sent the guy flying backwards about two feet and immediately worried that he had broken the dude’s arm. He quickly stepped over and lifted the man off the ground. “Damn, little friend, I’m so sorry about that. I just constantly forget how weak other guys are. I really do. I just assume everyone can toss two grown men like it was nothing or fold up a machine gun as easily you would a piece of paper. It’s only when I send a guy sailing through two backflips in the air because of a simple high-five I remember how awesomely strong I really am. You’d think all these really huge muscles would help me to remember, but I don’t. That arm of yours okay?” The smaller man nodded his head up and down, loving the fact that his feet were nowhere near the ground as Antoine easily held him in the air. The guard was busy shaking out his hand and arm that was still stinging a little from what was clearly a light tap from Antoine, but had sent the guy tumbling through the air. It was getting more and more difficult to wrap his head around just how much power this huge almost-naked muscleman had in his body. Suddenly there was a noise that made both men turn their attention to nearby. What appeared in the road made Antoine let out a roar of pure joy. “Oh hell yeah! They sent a tank! And it’s about to fire. Sorry about this, dude, but I really want to protect you so we can have some more fun together. Hold on to the branch until this is over.” With that statement, Antoine tossed the man skyward. He went sailing up with perfect aim and just enough force to land on the limb of a huge tree about three stories up. The dude immediately grabbed hold of the wood to pull his body up so he could sit and watch the fun below. He looked like an innocent chipmunk peering down on some hikers. Antoine turned to look at the slow moving tank – shortening the distance between them. Suddenly the sound of the tank going off made Antoine’s poser’s throb noticeably. The big man was finally getting to see the kind of action he had longed for. With lightning speed, Antoine raised his hand and caught the speeding weapon that was intended for mass destruction. He looked down and smiled. “Aw, a kinetic energy penetrator – the kind of ammunition designed to penetrate vehicle armor. Finally, these guys are starting to think like intelligent villains. Not that this thing could hurt me, but I’m so glad they upped their anti. I should have let it hit my chest, too – just to watch it flatten against my skin and then fall to the ground. How about some one handed destruction instead.” Antoine held up the large bullet-like contraption in one giant paw. He wanted to make sure his friend, above, in the tree, whatever team was in the tank, and whoever was watching with their binoculars from the house, saw his little display. His fingers pulled the sturdy metal beam on both ends, making the thing immediately bend, as if it were just a straw or something. He then continued to pull in and crush whatever was in the way. It felt so good to easily destroy something he knew could rip through a tank or the side of an armored truck. Soon, the penetrator was nothing more than a glob of demolished steal – or whatever it was made of. Antoine let it drop to the ground. His little display caused the friend in the tree above to moan loudly in appreciation. It also gave the tank time to reload and fire another weapon. This time the sound was different and Antoine anticipated it was some kind of intense explosive. In nothing more than a second the big man made a choice and, again, caught the missile with his hand. He knew he had only a fraction of a fraction of a second for his intended goal, so he moved his arm as fast as he could. As soon as he caught the speeding thing he quickly pulled it down to his crotch, having opened his posers with his other hand. He shoved the explosive down against all his huge junk right as the thing went off. The huge hand covered everything, thankfully, so the posers weren’t ruined. The impact of the blast simply rocked against Antoine’s ample package. Antoine threw his head back and moaned loudly, himself. “Aw hell yeah, almost as good as beating off. The best foreplay ever! I wonder if two or three of those things at the same time could make me spurt?” When the elastic band at the top of the posers snapped back into place, smoke still seeped out of Antoine’s crotch. The missile-like hard-on underneath the fabric looked a hell of a lot more powerful than the missile or the penetrator that had been shot off by the tank. For a few seconds the need for sexual release clouded Antoine’s mind and he thought about using his tool specifically for mass destruction of the tank – but quickly calmed himself down and decided against it. He knew that Marty would flip out if the internet go hold of videos where he was plowing a tank. Not a wholesome image for Mr. Alpha. The moans had grown louder from the guy up in the tree and Antoine didn’t even have to look up to know the guy was going to town with himself as he watched all the action. The huge man anticipated some thick gooey rainfall before the tank was destroyed. “Don’t fall, little man. The fun has just begun. Let’s open that thing like a can of sardines. I’m thinking it’s about time for another missile.” Sure enough, the men in the tank had loaded another explosive and shot the thing at Antoine as he slowly advanced in their direction. The superhero was, again, perplexed by their stupidity. Had they not seen what he had done to the first two things they had shot at him. Did they think the third time was their lucky charm? For the second time today he marveled at how slow the bad guys were at picking up on things. Antoine remembered another time when three thieves were trying to get away in their SUV and he had easily picked the entire vehicle up off the ground – holding it in the air at chest level looking at the guys through the front windshield. He was holding the entire thing in the air, not just the front end or something. But the driver kept his foot firmly against the gas pedal, with the thing slammed to the floor – as if by some sort of magic the car would catch some traction on air molecules and take off. Antoine continued to hold the car up off the ground and the slow-to-the-take driver continued to gun the thing until it ran out of gas. The bad guys actually used up all of their fuel thinking their luck would change any moment. When Antoine dropped the car to the ground he almost laughed himself silly as he watched the three thieves frantically lock all the doors. To show off and to avoid the locked doors Antoine just shoved his hands into the front of the car and started ripping the thing into two halves down the middle. Finally, the windshield shattered and the big man had pried the SUV apart all the way to the front seat. The three men simply offered their guns to the muscled giant and gave up. And now, the men in the tank seemed destined for the same lesson. Antoine let the incoming missile blast into his abs, absorbing the explosion with what felt like nothing more than an itch. “Thanks for the stomach exercise fellas! I’m not sure your little weapons are going to help these tight puppies get any stronger, but it sure is fun to deflect missiles with my tummy! Let’s first cause a little tornado in your little hiding place.” By this point, Antoine was right in front of the tank. He was so big that his face was pretty even with the tank gun. He brought his lips to the opening, took a deep breath, and then let out a super exhale. He immediately heard multiple bangs on the inside of the tank and he knew he had sent whoever was inside sailing across the compartment into the other side. Antoine paused for a second and heard what were probably a few bodies falling to the floor after the air pressure had been released. The big man then inhaled deeply, keeping his mouth pressed against the opening. Those same bodies probably came zooming to the side nearest Antoine because of the super suction. When he stopped sucking, again there was the sound of things falling to the inside floor. Mr. Alpha spoke down the barrel of the long gun. “You fellas okay? I heard the weather report for inside this tank was really nasty today. I also had a lot of garlic at lunch – sorry about that. And get this, that was me blowing lightly. Just imagine what I could do if I really let out some air. I could probably make all the islands of Hawaii join each other. That would be something, wouldn’t it? So, let’s open this little present and see what I win as my prize, today.” Antoine brought his head back and then placed his two thick forefingers into the barrel. He marveled at the fact that there wasn’t much room after that. He really did have enormous hands. Well, again, you know what they say – he thought to himself. He then started to pull and the end of the barrel snapped apart. Antoine kept pulling and the gun ripped apart as easily as if he had been peeling a banana. The monstrous dude whistled ‘Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go’ as he created a big bow with the tank gun. He squeezed the base of the thing and knew not even a drop of water was coming out of that nozzle. He stepped back to admire his work. It did look like a giant two-looped ribbon on top of the machine. He smacked his hands together as if he were knocking off dust – just to say ‘job well done.’ Mr. Alpha then jumped up onto the tank with a hard enough landing to rock the thing terribly. He imagined the men inside being knocked about. With one hand, Antoine reached down and slid his fingers into the ring – where the tank’s turret connected with the hull. His hulking hand grabbed underneath and he slowly started to pull. The metal screamed in protest – as if it had a choice in the matter. As easily as a kid takes off the foil top of a manufactured fruit bowl, big Antoine started tearing open the tank. “Papa’s home, boys! And he’s freaking huge and strong. Get ready! He’s here to play” On some level it hit Antoine what he was doing. He knew it was incredible that there was this super dude that was able to crush the armor of a tank with his hand. It registered that he was ripping apart some super strong combination of steel, titanium, and other metals like it was tissue. The turret started to warp as he easily pulled it away from the body of the tank. The perfect bow he had made bent from the tugging, as well. Within a minute, Antoine completely tore the plated armor apart and tossed the turret to the side. He gazed down in the tank and saw three uniformed guerillas – each with his fingers in his ears because of the loud screeching of the metal and each with a wet spot at his crotch because he had pissed himself in fear of the beast that was mutilating the tank with ease. “Hello fellas. I knocked, but nobody answered, so I thought I’d just let myself in. Wow, it smells like pee in here. I hope I didn’t frighten you, little men. I just thought it would be fun if I showed you how simple it was to rip a tank apart. It gave this big arm of mine a good workout. Just look at the pump Mr. Alpha got.” Antoine shot his arm up into a side biceps pose and flexed his gun hard. The thing ballooned to twice its normal huge size. All three men visually swallowed and their eyes shot wide. The big gun looked immortal – like something straight from Mount Olympus. Antoine was proud of his body. Even though he was a superhero he had continued to lift, exercise, eat right, and sculpt his muscles into something that was more than just fit. He always wanted to have the kind of bulges that made women and men swoon. Antoine had never been picky about who admired or lusted after him. At first, the desired bulges had been all about looking good in some super cool spandex superhero costume, but as Antoine curled bulldozers and benched battleships he saw his muscles grow into something that surely could not be covered. When performing super feats, the big man wanted to impress – but he also wanted people to freak out about his body as much as they did about the amount of weight he was lifting or the indestructible thing he was easily manhandling. Ripping apart a tank was just half the fun, he wanted the occupants to ooh and ah at his giant, rippling, hard-as-hell body, too. Antoine knew he was a narcissist – through and through. He decided, however, that came with the territory. At age ten he had been able to win a tug of war contest against every grown man and boy in his small town – every last one of them. This was almost too much for a young lad to comprehend. Antoine’s mom had made sure he didn’t get too big for his britches – well, metaphorically speaking. He outgrew his clothes by the month. His mom had always been able to help keep Antoine in check and see his powers as a gift . . . a ‘blessing’ is what she’d call them. Out of respect and love for his mom, who still called him at least three times a week, Antoine had limited his self-praise and the much needed gawking at his own body for when he was in front of criminals or alone. Today seemed like a good day for some self-admiration. “Look at that flesh-covered mountain, boys! Have you ever seen something so huge and powerful? I’ll take your silence as confirmation that you have not. My flexed gun is bigger than all three of your right arms put together. And did you see how your powerful tank gave into this one arm? I bet you three thought you were all safe and snug in your little machine, didn’t you. It must have been scary as hell . . . or maybe hot has hell to see four fingers suddenly poke through the armor like it was just some tinfoil and then to see sunlight start streaming in as this giant hand started ripping a hole that got bigger and bigger until the entire weak turret had been separated from the hull. And then to see big old me – all full of tensed glistening muscles – toss the thing to the side like it was a piece of crumpled paper . . . well that must have been something glorious. And now look at this flexed biceps, fellas. This thing just screams power, doesn’t it? If Helen had a face that launched a thousand ships, then Mr. Alpha has biceps that will launch a thousand orgasms. I need to show off a little more for you fellas, okay? Besides, there’s way too much of this tank still in recognizable condition. I’m coming in, boys.” The ripped apart opening that Antoine had made was definitely bigger than the little metal trap door that had been the entrance, but it was still pretty small compared to the super wide upper body of the muscleman. Unless the opening became bigger, Mr. Alpha would not be able to squeeze inside the tank. Also, because Antoine’s thighs were so huge, room for the three men underneath became restricted. As if he knew he needed to make some more light for the dark cavity, Antoine placed his hands on the inside metal ring that had held the turret in place. He had one arm on one side of his body and the second on the other side. Antoine imagined he was Hercules or Samson with his hands placed on two giant columns holding up the palace. He started to straighten his arms – his outward turned palms moving away from his shoulders. Tanks were never made with the thought that some man . . . some super man would come and play with them as if they were nothing more than Styrofoam. As Antoine’s elbows straightened out he easily deformed the well planned, intentionally made sides of the tank. The armor bent outward from the pressure of Antoine’s push and the metal screeched like a bunch of wild monkeys being pursued by a lion. Deforming the titanium and steel mix was as easy for Antoine as pushing on a sheet hanging from a clothesline might be for someone else. The opening got wider than Antoine’s shoulders and the body of the tank was now majorly deformed. Mr. Alpha stopped and turned his body sideways. Again, he placed his big paws on the inside rim of the tank’s hull and started pushing. The opening easily expanded that way, as well. The mid-section of the tank was now unrecognizable. It actually looked like some kind of army-sanctioned convertible – the opening wide enough for Antoine and all three men to easily stand and leave lots of extra room, as well. The big man looked at his palm and finger indentions along side of the metal rim – beaming at how easy it had been to make supposed indestructible metal do his bidding. “That’ll never get old for me, fellas. Taking something supposedly so strong . . . so powerfully made that people cannot fathom it being destroyed by anything other than mega ton bombs and manhandling it like a kid playing with clay. I just put my big paw against stone, metal, titanium – whatever – and push – loving the way whatever it is can’t stand up against my strength and it submits so easily. I love it mostly when metal screams in defeat. It’s as if the molecules of the steel are saying ‘this isn’t possible’ or ‘how in the hell can a man be so powerful?’ Surely something makes you fellas feel the same way? Maybe you get a rush in your southern region when you shoot off this thing that used to be a tank. Did watching something explode give you a thrill? Did it make you feel powerful? Well, little men, that’s the same feeling I get when I tear your tank apart with my bare hands as if it were paper. Mr. Alpha loves saving the world, but – to tell you the truth – I love showing off more. I love getting to use my strength without worrying about what I might break or what might get destroyed. A man like me shouldn’t have to live with restrictions. You see what I’m saying?” The three guerillas stared up at the giant muscled man who was leaning up against the tank opening he had manipulated wider with just a few pushes. It wasn’t clear how much of what Mr. Alpha said they understood, but it was clear that they were filled with fear and awe at his super strength. Antoine had folded his enormously muscled arms across his chest, barely able to bring them together in that way because of his bulging biceps, and had glanced down to the fellas with his questions. Not one man moved. It was as if they had not heard anything Antoine had said since he had ripped open the tank. They only stared at his arms – in probably the same way they had stared at the tank the first time they had been allowed to fire it. It was definitely true what they said about most men – they loved power. Before today, getting behind the gun of this tank had probably felt like the most powerful thing these guys could have ever experienced. Fortunately, that had all been wiped away as soon as they met Mr. Alpha. Now their tank seemed so insignificant . . . their ammunition so puny . . . and their own bodies so tiny and weak. They had now been introduced to a strength that was unimaginable just an hour ago. Each man suddenly had memories from childhood of famous wrestlers and superheroes that had existed only in comic books or on television. Now meeting the real thing changed their perspective on the world. Their intense desire to help some ‘cause’ and join the rebel forces was immediately gone. If they had felt any kind of allegiance to their leader – probably presently scrambling into action somewhere in the big house – it had now disappeared. Arms the size of giant banana tree leaves and as strong as the men of entire nations put together had won them over instantly. They now had a new leader. Anyone who could take missiles to the chest like it had only been a drop of sweat hitting him or rip apart a tank in a way that made it clear he wasn’t using even a fraction of his strength was worthy of their service, if not their worship. Antoine could read all of this in their face. It was a look that he had become quite accustomed to. He instantly knew of their defection to the side of right and might. Most men, if given the choice, will choose the side of a battle that is going to win. It is part self-preservation and part awe of the victor’s power. In this case, Antoine knew he had swayed these three men to the side of good for the rest of their lives. The guerillas, now turned honest men, knew they would never meet anyone . . . or anything as strong as the huge muscled man in front of them. They were ready to do his bidding. “Aw fellas, you three are all looking like love sick puppy dogs. How can a superhero hold you accountable for your actions if it’s perfectly clear that you’d now follow my every order? It’s quite clear you’ve all left the dark side for good. I get the feeling you’ll do things like run for political office in the future, clean up the crime in your local towns, and one day set aside a special ‘Mr. Alpha Day’ just to commemorate the memory of our time together. How can I punish you anymore if it’s clear you three have joined the straight and narrow path just because I can fold up your little tank like it was just a small washed and dried rag? Hey, that gives me a fun idea. You guys want to see some more power?” Antoine’s new comrades immediately shook their heads up and down. Antoine reached out and grabbed two of the men by their uniform and then brought them together so he could hold them with one hand. He then grabbed the third guy with his free hand and lifted all of them out of the tank. He leaned over the side and placed the three guys on the ground. It didn’t go unnoticed by anyone how easily Mr. Alpha had done this. It was like moving three grown men was nothing more than an afterthought – something that could be done by anyone on any given day. Legs were wobbly – partially from being cramped up in the tank for a while, but mostly because the three men were still shocked by the muscular behemoth that lifted them like they were simply a toothbrush or something lighter. Antoine could tell that each man had fallen into what could only be described as a bromance with him. They watched his every move, sighed when a muscle bulged because he bent it, and looked at him with eyes that should have had hearts pumping out of them if this had been a cartoon. Mr. Alpha had to reach down and adjust his posers – having groups of men or women swooning like they were back in junior high with their first crush was such a turn on for him. Antoine felt like Cupid, except the unintended outcome of every arrow was instant infatuation of the big man, himself. This was not a problem, however. Antoine loved the attention. “Aw fellas, from the looks in your eyes I can tell I’m going to have to come to your village one day and spend an afternoon drinking beers and showing off. Am I right? No need to answer, I see it perfectly in every face. Gotta warn you in advance, I like my beer, so get ready to dole out some cash. It will take at least twenty to get me a little intoxicated – and I mean twenty cases. I have a feeling you three had figured out that when I’m a little tipsy I like to show off the most, right? Well, it’s true. Somewhere, in some manual, it probably says you should never feed a Gremlin after midnight, never go out on a date with a werewolf during a full moon, and never ever get a superhero drunk. Can’t lie to you bros, I love my beer. As you might have guessed I can drink an entire army under the table. But I turn into a muscle slut when I’m feeling good. There’s nothing I won’t do. If you want me to make you an animal out of a light pole from the highway, it’s done. You want me to stack twenty cars in a parking lot into a pyramid, no problem. You want me to go mess with an ex-bosses house by turning it around so he’s all confused when he comes out in the morning, I’ll be glad to help you. Not that I’ve ever done any of those things, I’m just telling you what could happen when we go out drinking together.” This clearly only made the men more bro-infatuated. Antoine lifted himself out of the tank like some gymnast dismounting a pommel horse. When he landed, the ground around them shook a little. The three men suddenly realized Mr. Alpha was not only huge, but his body was probably more thickly dense than anything they’d ever seen. As if to prove this theory, the biggest guy of the three now-turned-good guerillas walked over to Mr. Alpha, bent down, wrapped his arms around the superhero’s legs and attempted to lift up. Nothing moved even a slight bit. The guy took a deep breath, grabbed tighter, doubled his effort, and tried again. Attempting to move a mountain would clearly have been easier. The thickly muscled gargantuan demi-god in front of them wasn’t budging unless he wanted to. “Speeding trains, wrecking balls, bundles of dynamite, and the like have all tried and failed, too, good sirs. I’ve just packed on too much muscle, it seems. Even if your little kinetic penetrator that can bust through armor like this…” Antoine, without warning, shot his right arm out to the side and pounded through the metal side of the tank’s hull with one punch. This made the three men jump. The exact response Mr. Alpha had hoped for. “…still, it couldn’t begin to dent my muscles in even just a little bit. Hard to imagine, isn’t it, fellas – skin and muscles that are stronger than your tank. Speaking of this little plaything, here. I was thinking it’d be fun to compact this machine to something we could fit in a breadbox. You fellas game?” Again, it was pretty clear that none of the men full understood what Antoine was saying, but they could tell by the excitement in his voice that he wanted to show off and that was perfectly fine with them. Mr. Alpha was sure he had a lot more time, since it was going to take the bad guys up in the house a long time to get into the prison vault where they thought they still held the Ambassador and his family – that is, if they ever got in. The big man motioned for the three men to step back. He didn’t want anyone getting hurt. “Clearly, I need something pretty strong to help compact this tank and what’s stronger than the earth, itself? I know, I am, but besides me, fellas. I remember the first time I held a car in the air with one hand, guys. I was in fifth grade and my math teacher had given me a low grade on a test. Yes, I hadn’t studied and yes, I truly deserved the grade, but that was beside the point. I mowed this teacher’s lawn and did odd jobs around his house. I knew he was into my strength, too. By age eleven I was bigger than most adults, so when I was at his place he’d have me move bags of sand, pull up old stumps from the ground, bust up concrete decks he didn’t need anymore and stuff like that. You know, odd jobs for kids. Anyway, I ran to his house about twelve miles away one afternoon after checking my grades online. He was backing out of his driveway when I got there and rolled down his window to talk to me. He instantly knew why I was there. I complained and he said he couldn’t change the grade. I even pleaded, something I never did – mainly because my parents were going to be mad about the grade and I knew I’d be banned from my makeshift weight set of huge concrete blocks for a few days. My teacher told me he was sorry and started to ease down the driveway. Without thinking, I stuck my hand in his window, placed my open palm against the roof of his car, and lifted. Instantly the four tires came off the ground. My teacher still had his foot on the pedal so the tires were spinning, but he was going nowhere. He quickly glanced at me and I first saw the awe in his eyes, but then I saw the disappointment, as well. He didn’t need to say a word. I waited for him to take his foot off the accelerator and then put the car back down on the driveway. He put the car in park and got out to talk to me. He assured me this was just one test and that I could do better next time, which I did. He also gave me a long lecture about my abilities and being responsible for keeping my temper in check – a lesson I remember to this day. So, the purpose of that long story is to say that I’ve been lifting vehicles for as long as I can remember. And today, I get to lift a tank!” A couple of weeks ago, as Antoine had brought two criminals into police headquarters the big guy had not noticed what he was doing and he accidently walked through an archway that was too narrow for the insane expanse of his shoulders. He had always noticed that two normal sized men could pass through the thing with room to spare, but he definitely had to turn slightly to get through. That day he had been too excited by the fact that he had gotten to rip the roof off an SUV to the shocked faces of the criminals that he had forgotten to let one shoulder lead through the arch. Plaster, concrete, and wood came crashing down as his shoulders plowed through the walls as if he had been a football team breaking through a paper banner at a pep rally. He had been slightly embarrassed by his massive broadness that day, but today he knew it would come in handy. He reached down and grabbed underneath the track of the tank. Lifting the side of the vehicle was a breeze, but he heard his three amigos gasp in awe as he did it. He figured the tank was about four meters wide – or thirteen feet. He knew his broad shoulders and long arms could easily stretch beyond that. He reached down with his other hand and grabbed around the other side of the tank. He then lifted the thing – which weighed more than sixty-five tons – straight-armed over his head. Two of the onlookers immediately mumbled and crossed themselves – clearly sure that Antoine’s strength was from the devil. The third guy merely licked his lips. Antoine looked at his friends with a disappointed face. “Damn, I thought it would surely weigh more than this. Still, pretty impressive, huh? Anybody want to play catch? Naw, just kidding. Let’s make this thing small.” Antoine pulled his hands inward. A sound like a hundred orca whales mating rang out from the middle of the huge army tank as the two opposing tracks started moving toward each other. Basically, Antoine was folding the machine in two while holding it above his head. Thankfully, one of the dudes watching pulled out a smart phone and was filming the entire thing. Antoine didn’t want this feat of strength to go by and the world not see. He suddenly thought of Ambassador Dreyfuss sitting in his room at the resort hotel channel searching in hopes of catching Antoine in action. Surprisingly, bending an army tank was a lot easier than he had anticipated. Soon, Mr. Alpha had the two tracks, which surrounded the wheels that made the thing go, banged together. The entire hull was folded in on itself and there was a nice crisp seam down the middle. Antoine suddenly slammed the front end of the mangled tank down on the ground, causing all three men to fall from the tremors it sent out. The tank’s front end crunched in on itself, like it was some giant accordion. It resembled the way you could fold up paper to make a fan. Just as the three onlookers were getting back on their feet, Mr. Alpha lifted the chunk of battered metal and then slammed it back into the ground. Again, the men tumbled to their backsides. The giant army tank was now half its original size and resembled a large piece of junk more than anything else. “I don’t think your tank is working anymore, fellas.” Antoine tossed the long piece of metal - with one side banged in - up in the air and forced it to spin at the same time. When he caught the thing it had turned completely around so the battered end now stuck up in the air. As soon as he caught the heavy, narrow, compacted tank he brought the new end down against the ground even harder than the other side. By now, there was a pretty substantial hole in the ground where rock and dirt had submitted to Mr. Alpha’s powerful blows. The men had ceased trying to stand and just watched as the huge muscled superhero slammed their once invincible tank into a chunk of metal that was now the size of a two-person loveseat. Antoine smiled at his handiwork. He knew evryone that came upon that chunk of metal – and had not seen him at work – would have trouble saying exactly what it was. They would probably say it was some small car that had been through a compacting machine. Little did they know that it had been a human machine that had compacted an entire tank with just his bare hands. The big man put the sixty-five ton compressed tank between his palms and pressed in – like he was trying to squeeze the final drops out of a lemon. Freakishly, his arms ballooned out huge as Antoine actually compressed the block of titanium even further. He kept turning the thing and pushing in hard until he finally held something the size of a suitcase – smooth on all sides and no indication that it had been an army regulation mega tank used for major combat. He tossed the thing into the air and caught it a few times. On the third toss he let it fall to the ground and it sank into the earth – its insane weight instantly apparent. The three amigos, as well as Antoine’s original friend still up in the tree, clapped and cheered loudly. The workout had pumped Antoine’s body to even bigger bulges than before and he dwarfed the men around him. “Damn, that was fun, fellas! You’ll never know how much something like that turns me on. I really thought a tank would be a lot stronger than that. The poor thing had no chance against these!” Antoine flexed his big guns – gazing, himself, at how huge they bulged. The men, again, cheered and applauded. Mr. Alpha also noticed they kept staring at all of his swollenness within the posers, as well. During his demolition of the tank, Antoine had not even attempted to control himself from getting hard. He threw caution to the wind, since it was only guys around. His three amigos were flabbergasted by his strength, but just as they were by the weapon he was packing – or attempting to keep packed – within the material of his posers. Antoine recognized the looks of utter shock mixed with envy and downright anger at the fact that they had not been blessed with something so monstrous and manly. As fun as all of this was – and as much as he had come to really like his new admiring friends – it was time for him to move on to the house. He knew he needed to send these fellas home. He walked over until he was beneath the guy high up on the limb. He thought about flying up to get him, but decided it would be more fun if he caught him. “Okay, friend, papa’s here. Jump.” Without hesitation the guy pushed off from the branch. He knew how strong the arms were that waited for him. At that moment, he feared nothing because his friend Antoine was there. He landed in the big man’s arms with a slight thud and Mr. Alpha set him down on the ground. The men gathered around. “It’s time for you three to head home. Now remember, you’re only going to do good from now on. I’ll come and drink beer with you soon. Make sure you invite your extended families and I’ll put on a really good show.” Antoine turned to his original friend as he translated for the other three. There was disappointment on their faces, because they had to leave and miss more of the show, but they also looked forward to being visited by the muscled behemoth. As a parting gift one of them pulled out his pistol and made crushing motions with his hand. Mr. Alpha knew exactly what he wanted. The man desired a souvenir that he could take home. Antoine took the gun and easily twisted it. He made sure to not compress it completely, knowing it was important that you could still tell it was a gun and that someone’s hands had easily mangled it. Antoine made sure to leave finger indentions. He handed it back to his smiling fan. Immediately, the other two wanted the same thing – pulling out their guns quickly. Antoine obliged and then sent them on their merry way, the three of them running over to a nearby jeep and tearing away, waving and cheering loudly. They went the opposite direction of the house – showing their new allegiance to Mr. Alpha, completely.
  24. Hi Just an idea i have been mulling over. Not done much writing before so comments and suggestions welcomed. MUSCLEMAN and the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE Lifting bridges was not new for Muscleman. As he looked out over the huge expectant crowd he flexed his muscles under his uniform. Once again the engineers had built a framework of metal and all he had to do was deadlift the bar then curl the entire Golden Gate Bridge. As always, Muscleman was supremely confidence had could do it, after all he had recently done the Brooklyn bridge without any issues. The problem is no one told Muscleman the weight difference and Muscleman had failed to ask. Whereas the Brooklyn weighed just under 15,000 tons, the Golden Gate weighed 60 times that, coming in at 887,000 tons Muscleman strutted out onto the specially built stage. Cameras focussed on him as he turned and smiled and flexed. Although clad in his unmistakable uniform of just gold posers, there was no doubt that the 6'3 320lb was all muscle – pumped, ripped, tanned and shredded. The ultimate definition of muscle perfection. Muscleman never missed the opportunity to be a showman. When he defeated Thor in the world famous epic armwreslte contest he toured the world for a week doing mock armwresle contests with anybody who wanted a photo opportunity. When he defeated hulk in the superhero powerlifting competition he had a full article written in Powerlifting weekly. The Hulk power lifting contest had been a calculated risk for Muscleman. Whilst the man of steel was confident the could win the bench press, he knew had little chance of defeating the Hulk in the squat (have you seen the size of those quads Muscleman kept on saying to himself) so it would all come down to the deadlift. And that is exactly how it turned out. Muscleman won 2 out of the 3 events, those quads of Hulk are simply insanely huge and powerful, and could squat a weight too great even for Muscleman to match; but the man of muscle had won the overall event and that was all that matters. when he defeated Hercules in the full Nelson challenge he went on tour with the WWE for a week to wrestle. No - Muscleman never missed a photo op. And today he was going to save the iconic Golden Gate Bridge by curling it up so engineers could insert new supports to stabilize it after the recent earthquake. Once again, the entire world would see Muscleman as the ultimate superhero; the ultimate saviour. Muscleman looked out at the huge crowd. NBC were sponsoring the event and they had their news anchor as live compare. Muscleman could hear the words in the background but wasn't really listening. He heard the words he was waiting for "ladies and gentlemen I give you MUSCLEMAN, THE STRONGEST BEING EVER TO HAVE WALKED THE PLANET". He walked to the bar, which looked like a simply oversized standard barbell, but this was connected to the entire Golden Gate Bridge. He took several deep breaths, bent down grabbed the bar and started to lift. That is when he realized he was in trouble. He expected it to be heavy but not this heavy. He always knew that his arrogance would one day be his downfall, but he never expected it today. He slowly lifted the Bridge a few inches off the ground, getting the bar to his knees but his entire body was shaking and straining like never before. Muscleman, for the first time ever was grunting and straining and roaring with the effort. Muscleman was sweating. The more he struggled the more he roared and sweated. He couldn't understand what was wrong until-from the back of his mind he replayed the half listened to words from the NBC host. The Brooklyn bridge had weighed just short of 17 000 tons and the Golden Gate just shy of 887,000 tons. If only he had done some research Muscleman lamented, then the world would not be witnessing the failure of Muscleman. He gave one final almighty roar and managed to complete the deadlift phase, but even he accepted that curling the weight was a total impossibility for anyone, Muscleman included. He dropped the bar and the entire ground shook as the weight of the bridge went down, Muscleman stood humbled and humiliated. The only solace Muscleman felt was that new knew for certain that no other superhero could have done better. This was far heavier than the powerlifting competition he had recently won, and his nearest challenger, the Hulk had lost that event. Although Muscleman may have felt humiliated, the huge crowd cheered like never before. Although he was always the favourite of all the superheroes, the fact that he attempted something in public which he failed at gave him a human aspect which many thought he was missing. The fact he gave the lift everything he had plus more improved his standing. The challenge provided two things for Muscleman. Firstly the feeing of being humbled by what others saw in him and the second was a driven desire to do better. It was then that Muscleman saw Kyle in the audience. Kyle wasn't supposed to be out of the compound let alone walking the streets of America without supervision. What most people don't realize is that the United Nations, along with a select number of major governments, scientific companies engineering conglomerates sponsors the Center for Human Enhanced Super Strength (CHESS).
  25. Antoine loved the way the cool breeze felt on his almost naked body as he flew through the air. That was the main reason his chosen superhero costume was simple posing trunks and a mask. Well, that and the fact that he liked to show off his huge muscular body any chance he got. Why in the hell would you have a freakishly big body if you didn’t want to show it off? Any muscleman that told you differently was lying. Also, if you had a freakishly strong body, as well, then you should be showing that off all the time, as well. Why have superpowers if you couldn’t show people what you could do? This was his constant argument with his friend and main support, Marty. As he flew he reached down to squeeze his engorged nipples – which had been stimulated by the cold air – just to give himself a thrill. This, in turn, caused him to have to reach down and adjust his hardening tool inside his posers. Antoine was looking forward to a little Ecuadorian fun. The Ambassador and his family were being held hostage in a forty-room house in the middle of a hundred acre compound. And the place was being guarded by over a hundred guerillas . . . with guns, rocket launchers, and tanks. It was almost too good to be true. Antoine was exciting himself so much with these thoughts he debated flying on his back for a while and busting out a major wad – just dreaming about what he was going to do. He decided against it, since last time he had shot a super load while flying he had accidently taken out a military satellite. It had taken Marty days to cover that story up. Release would just have to wait – until later when he was having fun. Suddenly, Antoine – using his super strong vision – could see the Ambassador’s compound thousands of miles below. He quickly confirmed the maps that Marty had shown him before – noting where everything and everyone was located. Immediately, Antoine could see it would be a simple job. He could have the Ambassador and his family out of the room in the cellar in less than ten minutes. This, however, is not what Mr. Alpha wanted. He wanted to play. He wanted to show off. He wanted to mess with some bad guys. He wanted people to freak out at his strength. He wanted to destroy big things. Antoine knew, however, that he could not jeopardize the safety of the Ambassador or his family simply so he could have fun. That’s when a plan germinated in Antoine’s mind and it made him smile. He flew on a little further and started his descent. Ambassador Charles Dreyfuss, his wife, and two children were locked in a vault-like room in the bottom of the house. They had been there for about twenty-four hours. Thick metal surrounded them completely and the door was locked from outside – giant safe like girders guided by computers sealing them in. Dreyfuss knew there was no way they could be saved. Even if the Government sent their best men, they could not make it to this room before the guerillas entered and killed them all. He did not, however, tell his family any of this. At first, when the floor shook, the Ambassador thought it must have been some kind of explosion outside and he immediately feared the worst. He quickly gathered his family and moved them to a corner of the room – everyone holding on to each other. The floor shook again and then suddenly a fist came up through the metal from below at the center of the room. It took a few seconds to register it was a fist, but then the limb went back down and two hands came up through the hole grabbing either side. With a high-pitched squeal the huge paws easily pushed the opening out to the size of a big pot and then they kept pushing until the hole was big enough for a person – well, actually bigger than what would be needed for a normal person. The hands then grabbed the sides and the massive shoulders, insane traps, and bulging biceps of Mr. Alpha popped up. “Ambassador Dreyfuss and family, I presume. If not, I’ll be in a lot of trouble.” “Mr. Alpha!” “Aw, your little boy recognizes me. I’ll do autographs later. I’m here to help you escape, sir. Oh, but I have one request before I do. It’s just a small favor.” “What? You’ve got to be kidding. I’ll do whatever you want, Mr. Alpha, just please get my family and me out of here.” “Of course, sir. It’s just that . . . well, um, I’d like you to not tell anyone you’re safe for another three hours or so. It’s just that I’d like to have some fun . . . I mean, teach our friends out there a lesson or two. I’m sure a strapping man like you, who clearly works out a lot, would not want to deprive another guy of some good exercise.” The look on the Ambassador’s face made it clear he understood and it crossed Antoine’s mind to ask the Ambassador if he’d like to stay and watch Antoine have some fun – from a safe place, of course. There was just something about how Charles Dreyfuss smiled when he agreed to keep his safety a secret for a little while that made Mr. Alpha pretty sure the guy definitely liked a good workout – or watching another guy have a good workout. Antoine pushed himself all the way into the room and Mrs. Dreyfuss let out a little moan as soon as she saw Mr. Alpha in all of his almost naked beauty. Antoine stopped briefly to let the woman, the children, and the Ambassador take in all of his chiseled beefiness. He then walked over to the door – which definitely looked like something you might find on a giant bank vault. “I’ll just make it a little harder for them to get in here when I finally start having fun. That will give me another hour or so to mess with the villains.” Antoine was very happy the doors and walls were so thick. It had already helped to keep his entrance undetected and he knew the four guys stationed outside the vault would not hear any of his continued playing. The first thing Antoine did was to use one hand to bend the three ends of the tree-sized bars that slid across the door against their supporting brace. There was no way the computerized signal would get those things to budge. He then used his hands to flatten where the door met the supporting wall. He basically smashed it together so you couldn’t see a seam. If the mechanics did somehow work there was still no way they could get the door to open. Antoine knew the guerillas would have to use explosives to get through and knowing he’d simply used a little of his strength to block them out was such a turn on. When he turned back to the Ambassador and his family he found faces in shock by what he had done. No one was moving – or breathing. Antoine just smiled at them and flexed his huge arms. “And that kids, is why you should eat your vegetables. They make you strong.” Mrs. Dreyfuss actually pulled herself together so she could mouth the words ‘thank you’ over her children’s heads. Clearly, getting the boys to eat spinach, broccoli, and asparagus had been a problem. Antoine had a feeling they’d be begging for vegetables in the future. Antoine held on to Mrs. Dreyfuss’ arms and lowered her into the hole, assuring her he could carry the two boys and make them safe. Everyone knew this was an understatement and the two boys actually cheered, as if they were about get on some carnival ride. Ambassador Dreyfuss, then held out his arms – an unexpected thing – and allowed Antoine to lower him into the hole. As Antoine started to let go of the Ambassador’s hands, Charles held on for a little longer – as if he wanted to feel the power for just a few more seconds. To the sheer pleasure of the children, Mr. Alpha scooped them up in his arms and then jumped below. In less than twenty minutes the entire family was out of a tunnel in a car that had been obtained by Antoine just a few minutes before the escape. Basically, Antoine had stopped by a car lot and using super speed took the keys to an SUV without anyone noticing. He then had flown the car to the spot where he had started his very wide and long tunnel. “Remember, Ambassador, please give me at least three hours before you tell anyone you are safe.” “Of course, Mr. Alpha. Thank you for saving us. I hope we meet again.” “I’m sure we will, sir. Take care. As you probably know, there’s a nice resort about ten miles down the road that might be a good place to rest before calling your bosses. You also might get to see some footage of me in action.” “I hope so. The leader’s name is Rubio. I wouldn’t mind it, Mr. Alpha, if he felt a little pain.” “I promise to give Rubio some special attention, Ambassador.” And with that, the Ambassador’s family drove away. Antoine was glad they were gone, not just because he was now going to get to have some fun, but also because he could now finally let his happiness be shown below the beltline. Even Antoine, knew it would not have been good for Mr. Alpha to have a raging hard-on as he carried the Ambassador’s kids out of the tunnel. He also knew the posers he had chosen for this job did absolutely nothing to hide his hugeness even when he was flaccid. He was pretty sure he had caught both Mrs. Dreyfuss and the Ambassador checking out his package a few times, but that still gave no reason for him pop a major boner in front of the family. Now, however, he had nothing to hide and only pleasure to be had. These guerillas had no idea what was about to happen. Antoine used his powerful legs to jump closer to the compound. Using his super vision he re-checked where all the men were – including the four guys still vigilantly guarding a now empty vault. This made Antoine smile. On the south side of the compound – the opposite side of the driveway – there was a small cadre of about fifteen men on the lookout. This area was far enough away from the main house for Antoine to have some fun before being found out, which is when he’d still have more time because it would take the guerillas a while to break into their own prison room. Again, Antoine smiled. He contemplated taking the mask off – taking care of these guys while letting them see his complete face – but then he heard Marty’s whining voice and decided against it. One more super glance showed that one of the soldiers was now on sentry duty off by himself. This is where Antoine would begin. He leapt in the air, moving fast enough and low enough that nothing – not even radar - would detect him. Antoine landed right beside the guy – light enough to not alert anyone else, but hard enough for the guerilla to know that something humongous had dropped very near him. The man somehow knew it was alive, too, which only heightened his alarm. It seemed like an elephant had suddenly materialized next to him. Before he could even turn the guard felt the heavy machine gun being pulled from his hands. He turned and gasped as soon as he saw the large muscled masked man smiling back at him. The guard didn’t scream or run – he was too mesmerized. Everywhere he looked he saw muscles – huge, bulging, and hard. This scantily clad man blocked his entire view. The guard’s mouth dropped open wide – mainly because he finally realized how the giant beside him was dressed. “What, you’ve never seen a guy in posers before? Too much or too little? Not my color? I think they bring out my humongous thighs, though, don’t you?” Antoine thrust his leg forward and tensed – sending thousands of striations snaking up and down his thick, wide thigh. The guard gulped so loud Antoine thought it might alert the other men to their little conversation. At the same time Antoine had grabbed the end of the barrel on the machine gun and had started folding the thing down on itself – the same way someone might play with a gum wrapper. The metal squealed in protest but gave Antoine’s hands absolutely no resistance. To the amazement of the guard, Antoine kept folding even when he got down to the main body of the large gun. It was like he was just folding a handkerchief. And still, the guard did not run, scream, or even faint – he simply kept staring as Antoine demolished the entire thing. When he had folded it into something that resembled a coin purse, Antoine tossed it over his shoulder and let a big grin flash across his face. The loud thud as the gun landed reminded the guerilla that the thing still had the same mass, as before – it was now just smaller. “They don’t make those things like they used to. Or maybe I’m just stronger. No, that’s not it. I was lifting our SUV when I was two – freaked my dad out to no end, but only because he was in it. I’d hold the car up in the air when he didn’t notice and then he’d open the door and fall to the ground when he stepped out. When he spanked me I didn’t feel a thing, though, but it sure did hurt his hand. When I was ten he let me talk him into using me as his punching bag. He’d pound away at me and I’d just smile at him. He’d finally sink to his knees – worn out from sending punches to my unflinching stomach. Whoa, buddy. That’s a pretty impressive tent you’re making at your crotch. I’m flattered and all, but you’re not my type. A big strong guy like me needs something special, you know. So, you into guys? “No, I like girl . . . but strength, it turn me on.” “Well, dude, you’re with the right man, then. There ain’t no one stronger than me. I’ll save you for last, bro, so you can witness everything I’m going to do. How does that sound? Well I guess that big wet spot at the tip of your tent is all the answer I need. Let’s get going. Whoops, that would be a no, I hear incoming.” Antoine quickly stepped in front of the smaller man – completely blocking him with his big body. A second later a screeching missile blasted into the huge man’s waiting relaxed chest. A few things went through Antoine’s mind as the pathetic rocket exploded against his unyielding super-powerful pecs. First, these men didn’t care about their co-worker – if the guard Antoine protected died getting rid of the enemy that was just the way it had to be. Secondly, what exactly had made them think they needed to use a missile? They hadn’t just tried to shoot Antoine – which would have seemed the normal thing to do. Was it his size that had scared them? Or was it that they disapproved of so much skin? Or was it his obvious bulging muscles. And then lastly, he thought about how shocked they were going to be when the smoke cleared. Antoine looked over his shoulder at the guard – who was now even more shocked and turned on than before. Antoine let out a huge burb and banged his chest. “Indigestion. It happens every time I take a missile to the chest. Nothing brings on heartburn like a rocket. I love the way it feels, though. It’s like I absorb all the power or something. Hop on little man, I want to go take care of a rocket launcher, so the won’t try to hurt you again. Let’s get this party started.” By this point the smoke was clearing and Antoine knew some guys nearby were shitting in their pants because they saw that he was still standing. He looked at the truck and saw that two men were busy loading another missile into the launcher. Antoine jumped over the four hundred yards or so within a blink of an eye. He held on to the little man’s hands, knowing the speed would make his legs fly straight out. The tiny dude would have gone sailing off, otherwise. As soon as Antoine landed he shook the small man off of his back, reared his huge arm back past his shoulder, and then sent his fist flying through the front grill of the big truck in front of him. When fist met engine the thing was immediately dislodged and propelled through the cab of the truck. As it rocketed through the back the engine took the rocket launcher, the substantial base supporting the launcher, and the two men with it. Antoine and his new little friend watched as the entire machine skidded across the ground – the two men holding on for dear life. It slammed into a shed a good distance away and it was very clear the launcher would not be used again. It was also pretty clear that the two men would be out of commission for a few weeks, as well. Suddenly, gunfire filled the air and Antoine felt something like gnats hitting him. He turned toward the sound to find two guards unloading their machine guns into him. “Oh come on guys! You’ve got to be kidding me. You just saw that the rocket they sent soaring did nothing but leave an ash mark on my chest and, yet, you think your little guns are going to hurt me. I have more lead in my daily diet than you can unleash on me, fellas. Okay, I’ll just stand here and wait for you to run out of bullets.” The original guard, Antoine’s new buddy, was standing behind the demolished truck, trying desperately to not get hit. Antoine looked over – even as he continued to be sprayed by bullets and raised his arms in a ‘what’s up with this’ kind of pose. The smiling guard shook his head in response, as if to say ‘my friends are not too smart, are they.” Antoine turned back to his attackers when he noticed their guns had stopped. He saw that they were beginning to re-load. Clearly, having the big man still standing – after so many rounds – didn’t for a second make them think more bullets wouldn’t work. Antoine walked over to them as thy fumbled with their guns. It was taking them – well-trained guerillas – longer to re-load because they were still shocked by the near naked man that had lived through a missile and massive gunfire. Antoine looked down at them as they tried to finish their task. “Clearly this switch needs to be turned before you can load again, fellas.” A big finger pointed to a safety latch on one of the machine guns. Both of the soldiers stopped what they were doing and looked up. The smiling face of the muscled giant looked down on them. Antoine held out his hands and said nothing. The two men gave him the guns without hesitation. Mr. Alpha brought the guns together and started squeezing and turning them at the same time – like they were large twisty-ties. As he basically demolished them into something that didn’t come close to resembling guns he spoke to the men. “I don’t know if you two can speak English, but I have to tell you I’m really hoping you both make a run for it. I’d like to let you get far away and then freak you out by suddenly appearing in front of you. You know, like I popped out of nowhere. In the past that feat has actually made a few guys piss themselves.” By now, Antoine had the two guns so intertwined they basically looked like one manhandled metal pipe. He cupped both ends with his palms and started compressing inward. The sound that the crushed, used-to-be guns made was almost deafening. When Antoine finally brought his hands together he squeezed hard, interlocking his fingers, and then let a flat piece of metal – no thicker than a smart phone - fall to the ground. Antoine heard a loud moan behind him – his friend, the guard, had clearly been so turned on that he was now taking the opportunity to bust out a big wad during the show. Antoine was flattered. The two new guards, however, stopped all movement and just stared at what had been big guns – now flattened beyond recognition on the ground. Then, as if some secret alarm went off inside them – they both simultaneously turned and ran for their lives. Antoine watched them tear off with a smile. “It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Do criminals all go to the same school that teaches them to believe they can get away from superheroes. At the same school they must definitely teach villains to hit the superhero in the head with a lead pipe even if he did just stopped a speeding train with one fist. Or if the first punch to his chin didn’t make the guy budge and probably even broke some of your fingers, then definitely keep hitting him. One of those punches is bound to work! I gotta hand it to them for their persistence, though – no matter how stupid it is. I hope you have your pants zipped up by now, my friend.” Antoine turned toward the guard who had been hiding and masturbating behind the mutilated truck. The guy had a big ‘thank you very much’ look on his face that included a smile that made it clear he had wanked out a major load as he watched Antoine destroy the two machine guns. The guerilla walked a little shakily towards the big man. Mr. Alpha was very pleased he could help the fellow get a little pleasure. But he also knew the show wasn’t over and the dude would probably crank out many more loads before they were done. Antoine lifted the guy under one of his monstrous arms. “Come on, buddy, let’s go mess with your friends. Let me show you what it feels like to be super strong.”
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