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Found 4 results

  1. You just don’t get it, do you?” he said, turning to me as we sat in the warm car. To be completely honest, I was having trouble focusing on what he was saying – not because I didn’t think the conversation was important, I knew it was – but because I couldn’t stop myself from staring at his freakish forearms. They were bigger than my thighs and covered in rope-thick veins that popped out in that way that screamed power and dominance. The sleeves of his shirt looked like they were in agony – wishing someone would put them out of their stretched-to-the-max misery and slice them open with a pair of scissors. I was thinking it would be better if he just ripped them open by flexing his Popeye-freakish-sized lower arms while we both stared. The sound of the folded cuffs tearing up the seams would probably make me spew quicker than a gushing soda bottle that had been thoroughly shaken before opening on a hot summer’s day. He had his serious face on and was trying to get me to understand that what he was saying was profound and much more important than me getting off on his muscles. We had been arguing . . . no, not arguing, we never argued. We had been debating . . . no, that wasn’t it, either. He had been trying to convince me of something. Yes, that was it. He was trying to get me to see things from his perspective and make a change to our relationship. I tore my eyes away from his forearms, his massive biceps, the magnificent pec visible through his unbuttoned shirt, and even away from the manly stubble gorgeously defying his razor from that morning and already proving he was full of testosterone by shooting out along his diamond-cut jawline. He could tell I was back with him – alert and undistracted. “I get it, big guy. I just don’t understand it,” I replied – forcing myself to not look back down at the bulging forearm. “It’s just that I don’t want us to fit into any mold . . . or represent any stereotypes,” he said, rolling his chest underneath his pink shirt without even realizing he was doing it. “The world says big guys have to be this or act like that and I’m just tired of all that bullshit. There’s this guy inside of me screaming to be unleashed and I’m ready to let him out. You’ve helped me to reach this point. It’s only because of you that I’m even willing to talk about this . . . to even consider it. Being with you has empowered me to embrace who I really am.” “Yeah, but that also means there’s a lot of responsibility on me, too. Maybe I won’t be able to handle this new role,” I replied, stealing a glance at his flexed biceps as he ran a hand across his short hair. “Sweet Jesus, you’re bulging today.” “I made sure everything was tight for you,” he replied, smiling like a proud schoolboy who’d done his homework. “That’s what I want to do for the rest of my life, every day – please you.” “Licking those veins right now would please me a lot,” I quickly shot back. “Not until we settle this . . . once and for all. I mean it. I’m not threatening to break up or anything, but it would really mean a lot to me if you gave it a go. Tried it my way for a while just to see,” he said, imploringly. “Okay, okay,” I responded, holding my palms toward him to show that I was ready to try and getting a little hard because of the broad smile that shot across his beautiful, manly face. “You’re going to have to help me, though. Let’s start talking specifics . . . how is this new way of being lived out?” “Oh shit! Do you mean it, honey?” he shouted, excitedly. “Really?” “Yes . . . yes,” I answered. “Come on, give me some things I should start doing.” “Hot damn, this is wonderful,” he exclaimed and I gave him a serious look. “Okay . . . first of all, you’re always the one in charge.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “It’s like you’re always the one holding the leash and I’m always going to be the one being led . . . you know, the one with the dog collar on. I basically become your boy-toy, my only desire every second of the day is to please you. You say jump and I ask how high? You say lift and I say how much. You say flex and I keep going until you tell me I can stop. I open doors for you. I fetch things for you. I simply let you become my boss,” he said, rambling on so quickly I was having trouble keeping up. “God, I’ve always wanted to submit to someone . . . you know, have them rule me in every way possible. Can we start now? Order me to flex something for you. Come on, that would thrill me more than I could ever explain.” Suddenly, the idea of having a muscle slave did not seem irrational or obscene, like it had before. The thought that I could order him to flex for me – whenever I wanted him to - made me stiffen a little more below the waist. Maybe I could get used to this new lifestyle he was proposing. Perhaps it wouldn’t be as uneven as I assumed it would be. Clearly, he was getting very excited about playing the submissive role. It had never dawned on me that he would be getting something out of this kind of relationship. It seemed so degrading, but here he was like a kid in the candy store – totally stoked to do my bidding. His eager beaming face made something inside of me turn on like a light switch. This enormous muscled man truly wanted to be bossed around – told what to do – ordered by a master. Even though it completely did not compute to me that this would ever remotely be possible with a guy like him, I accepted it on the spot and decided I was, indeed, the right man for the job. He trusted me. He knew I could and would take care of him in return for his devotion. In mere seconds I started to become the alpha in our relationship and I knew neither of us would question it ever again. “Forearms. Bulging. Now,” I ordered in a firm voice. His face returned to something akin to seriousness, but it was more like obedience mixed with pure joy. The guy grabbed the front of his seat with his left hand and the armrest between us with his right hand. This was just to give his arms an extra pump as he tensed and gripped tightly at the same time. His fucking forearms ballooned to the size of my midsection and popped out a roadmap of veins. Normally, I would have gasped at the sight and actually thrust my hand down to my cock, but this time I remained in charge and never lost sight of my new role. “Bigger. Harder,” I commanded and this made the big guy gasp with excitement. “Oh, dude, you sound so hot…” he began to gush, but I was having none of that. “I said flex harder, boy!” I said in a gruff, displeased manner. You would have thought I had banged a cast-iron frying pan against his forehead from the speed of his reaction. He quickly snapped back into the obedient puppy he longed to be – duly chastised and immediately ready to make me happy. I could tell he doubled his efforts, not only from the intense grunts he gave from tensing his arms so much – but also by the way his forearm muscles now bulged bigger and harder. Their size was freakish and now dwarfed every part of my body. My own forearms looked like toothpicks in comparison. The big man stared at me . . . with a clear longing for approval, a reward of some kind, even just a smile. I looked at him sternly. “You don’t call me dude anymore, boy, understand? From now I’m only ‘sir’ when you address me. Do I make myself clear,” I said, making sure I emphasized every word. “Yes sir,” he replied, dropping his eyes in embarrassment at the mistake, but not lessening the flex of his forearms at all. I reached out and ran my hand along the massive bulge nearest me – marveling at the veiny speed-bumps that streaked everywhere across the intensely hard muscle. It was like touching the side of a rocky cliff. I let out an affirming moan – just to give the guy a little support. He responded by tensing even harder, causing even more veins to pop. It was clear that his shirtsleeves were on the verge of giving up the battle of trying to cover the monstrosities within. How I longed to see tears begin in that material and hear the sound of ripping as muscled beef burst through. My fingers followed one of the largest veins and I could feel the blood pumping strongly through his body. There was so much power there – so much raw masculine brawn. His arm was shaking a little from the strain of flexing so hard. “You can relax, boy,” I said – not removing my hand and marveling at how incredibly hard his arm stayed even after he exhaled loudly and stopped tensing. “Forearms of steel, kid. That makes your master proud. Big fuckers, aren’t they?” “Yes sir,” he replied obediently, accepting his new role as naturally as he breathed. I could sense the big guy silently pleading for another task to perform. He was in hog heaven now that I had switched into the role of the alpha. I basically had a monstrous muscled puppy begging me to play fetch or bark out orders to sit, shake, or roll over. He continued to look down, not daring to look me in the eye – that’s not what a subservient was supposed to do. I could tell that his heart was beating super-fast from the excitement of an upcoming directive from me. I could quickly see how this was going to become super addictive for me – having a chiseled monstrosity of a man at my beck and call day and night. Was there anything better? I could not think of a single thing. I was tempted to keep him waiting, but deeper desires took over me. “Feed me your huge man-tit, now,” I commanded in a low, well-paced, domineering voice. He wasted no time. He grabbed his shirt in the front, sliding his fingers inside. He pulled hard and instantly buttons popped off and sailed across the inside of the car, hitting against the windshield. A hard, perfectly-molded-by-heavy-weights pec revealed itself. My mouth instantly watered – I was like Pavlov’s dog responding to what it longed for. Muscle that’s been compacted over the years from being broken down by insane, agonizing lifting and then rebuilt into something dense, solid, and swollen cannot adequately be described – it must be experienced. I briefly imagined all the mornings my pup had barely been able to move because of the intense pain from the prior day’s work out and marveled at his impeccable sculpted humongous mound of beef he now brought toward my face. He was the ultimate artist, having cast his body into something spectacular. I was happy to be his patron, his sponsor, his mentor. There are no words that can express what it feels like to have your face gloriously flattened by tough, warm, blood-pumping flesh and instantly feel a muscleman’s heartbeat pounding into you like a pornographic massage. My mouth had been open with anticipation and I instantly started to suck on the lightly salted seemingly indestructible surface. The big man moved his pec slightly so his oversized nipple surrounded by its large darkened areola could plop into my mouth. I latched on to the thing with the suction force of a crazy man-turbine. I had a feeling people a few miles away heard the moan that erupted from his throat because of my expert oral work. His big left arm shot out toward the dashboard and he grabbed it hard to steady himself. I pulled my head back briefly. “Yeah, that’ it, boy, let me hear how much you love my mouth,” I said and then latched back onto his chest with double the effort. This caused the big guy’s expansive back to arch from the pleasure. The entire car shook violently from his sudden jerking motion, but my mouth stayed suctioned onto his big pec. I sounded like a pig at his trough as I sucked on his marble-like meat – feeling like I’d won some kind of jackpot endless buffet. My face was smashed against a wall of muscle and I couldn’t have been happier. I had learned early on in our relationship that scraping my teeth along his jutting plug could make his body tense and shudder at the same time. It was quite impressive to feel all of his fucking huge body turn to stone. I not only teased his nipple with my molars, but I also bit down on the nub – causing the kind of intense build-up that was usually saved for newly active volcanoes. I knew my oral skills could easily make the muscle god spurt – that’s how sensitive his pecs were, but I was not ready for him to erupt. I had a new boy-toy and I found that I truly liked it. The role of the small, dominating alpha fit me like a glove and I was ready to test my boy’s devotion. He was my new Hercules and I was ready to give him twelve labors every day for the rest of our lives – even more if he proved worthy. It’s amazing how many magnificent ideas can pop into your head when your face is plastered against stunning immense pectoral muscle and your hands are busy groping veiny, concrete-like forearms. My muscle boy pined terribly for a master and I was going to grant him his wish. It seemed like I was going to get the better part of our new deal, but – then again – I had never seen this huge man assume a mindset so quickly. It was like when he got lost in some ‘other world’ while he was lifting – his body took over and automatically did what it needed to so it would get bigger and harder. Watching his face become subservient and feeling how his body reacted when I gave him an order or called him ‘boy’ told me this was much more than just role-playing for him. He clearly needed to be my muscle plaything in the same way he needed to lift – it was just an innate titanic desire that I was allowing to finally be released. He was coming out of the ‘himbo’ closet and becoming a mountain of muscle that simply lived and breathed to please his master. That knowledge instantly made me the cockiest guy on the planet – not to mention the luckiest. I had a massive footrest any time I needed it. I could ask to be carried whenever I was tired. I could gaze at his muscular radiance any time I wanted. And I could have his hard-bulging body pressed against mine twenty-four-seven if I so desired. I was king of the world. I, again, pulled my face away from the delicious mass of solidity I was presently sampling. “Time for us to rest, boy. The windows are all steamed up and it’s a hot-as-hell summer day out there. We’ve simply made it much more blistering in here – even with the air-conditioning on full blast,” I said and the big mountain of muscle immediately sat back – face down and clearly pleased with my chest gnawing. “I guess you can sense that I’m liking my new role, can’t you, pup?” “Yes,’ he answered – his breathing quickened a little as soon as he heard one of my new names for him. “Yes what, boy?” I hammered. “Yes sir. Sorry sir,” he quickly responded – both embarrassed that he forgot and pleased that I had not. “No need to be sorry, big guy. You’re still learning. You’re still growing – so to speak. Don’t worry, I’ll whip you into shape. I’ll have you acting like a Grade A boy-toy before you know it. But you’ve got to be sure this is what you want. I’m feeling things I never imagined existed inside of me. You’ve opened Pandora’s box and I need to hear that this is all good before we travel down this path. I get the feeling that once I’ve started I won’t be able to quit being your alpha – the idea of having all of your massiveness at my beck and call boils my juices in a way I never imagined. I need you to look me in the eye and convince me that this monumental shift in our relationship is what you want,” I spoke firmly, honestly, and pleadingly at the same time. “It’s what I’ve wanted ever since I got big in college, sir,” he said, raising his eyes to mine and gazing with a look that was intense and sincere. “I can’t explain it. I know it must seem illogical to some people, but who can explain what makes a person tick. Why are you so into muscle, sir?” “Well, it’s complicated,” I started. “Exactly, sir,” he quickly interjected. “My need to be led . . . dominated . . . obedient is complicated, too. I’m sure the desire existed before I got huge muscles, but the bigger I became this inner need within me became stronger. I daydream about not having to think all the time anymore. I know I’m smart and all, but I want to just lift, get more swole, and live to please you. To be released from having to worry about bills, making lists, coming up with chit-chat at dinner parties, and all things inane would make me the happiest guy in the world. I’ve never met anyone I trusted more than you. It was clear from our first date that you had my best interests at heart, as well as yours. I know you’d be a steady and good compass for me. I’m not looking to be babied or lazy, sir. I’ll still do all the heavy lifting and intimidate others with my size – but now I’d do it all only when you told me to. I could stop worrying about trivial stuff and focus only on things that truly matter to me. I want someone else to tell me what to wear, when to speak, how to act. It would be the most freeing moment of my life to become your boy, sir. And if it’s not being over-confident, master, I believe I could please you a lot.” To have a mountain of muscle call you master does something to a man. It doesn’t matter who you are. Even my tiniest toe swelled with sudden awareness of pure pride – of an unending yearning to control something so clearly powerful as the man before me. I was fully mindful of my inherent prerequisite that this be something my big friend desired beyond a shadow of a doubt – but, at the same time, I realized I had come to want it just as much as he obviously did. My cock hardened when I saw tears slowly slide down the chiseled cheeks of the muscled heap in the seat across from me. I suddenly felt like some big fairy godfather that could easily grant this Cinderfella his most heartfelt wish. At the same time, I would get a handsome slab of muscle that would – upon my request – bring me coffee in bed, offer up his ass in public toilets, or lift me as his human barbell, all with equal measure. I would release him from worldly worries – he would empower me with mind-blowing alpha-ness. I sensed deeply how good I would be at being his master – firm, confident, patient, and sternly kind. He would want for nothing and never have to worry about necessities. I would never have to lift anything heavy again or need to look at porn on the computer another day in my life. I’d have my own Hulk to boss around lovingly. Intense bear hugs before we went to bed would be a nightly request. Morning muscle worship would even come before coffee. Sitting on his waist and playing with his nipples while he bench-pressed heavy weight could be my evening appetizer. “I can be demanding, boy,” I said softly. “I hope so, sir,” he replied – and it was obvious he sensed we were about to seal the deal so his body radiated excitement while tears continued to fall. “You’ll never have to worry about a thing,” I added. “Except if I am pleasing you enough, sir,” he answered. And my heart opened to pure bliss.
  2. Hi guys.I don't often write MG stories,but... This was my first ever story on MGS. And it seemed fitting that it should be my first on here... Please understand the submissive/domination is my fetish,that some won't agree to,but enjoy nonetheless.? SLEEPING BEAUTY PART I I lay on my couch in my darkened flat staring up at the ceiling illuminated in parts by the shafts of bright moonlight shining through the open balcony window.I could see the moon in its full glory high in the starlit night sky and the quietness of my flat should of helped me drift off to sleep. But i was kept awake by increasingly homoerotic fantasies about the guy who slept on my bed in my bedroom,soundly sleeping off the effects of his inebriated state following our night of clubbing and drinking. Craig had been a work-mate at a place i used to work.I bumped into him one day and he had offered for me to accompany him with a group of mutual friends for a night out clubbing. Inevitably,he had gotten totally pissed out of his head and almost ineptly unsuccessful in his attempt to pull a girl for a quick shag, and i had opted to allow him to sleep it off at my flat since i lived alone and he was too drunk to get home himself. But as he lay on my bed heavily into slumber, i couldn't but think about Craig and my intense sexual attraction towards the cute 19 year old, ten years my junior... I began to get an erection as images of his lean muscular body completely naked,filled my mind. I tried to shake off the fantasies feeling a sense of insecurity about it. Craig had known i was gay and i could clearly tell from his body language that he felt uncomfortable with my homosexuality,though he said it did'nt bother him.. Craig was a very assertive and often short tempered guy,and i knew that if he had found out about my sexual attraction to him, that he'd go apeshit and beat me up. I was afraid to admit to myself that i was kinda sexually aroused by the thought of Craig dominating me and making me his bitch-boy.That i was perhaps a little masochistic.But i would never dare to push it with Craig... Though i tried my best to shift these fantasies, i was beginning to enjoy them, and i could feel myself reaching orgasm. I whipped my 6 inch cock from my boxers and began to wank as quietly as i could, although Craig was probably too deep asleep to hear my muffled groans as i brought myself closer to the edge. With a grunt,i came over my hand and onto my boxers in short sharp spurts,feeling the weakness of post orgasm briefly overcome me. Recovering, i got up tentatively from the couch and tiptoed my way to the bathroom,washed myself and changed into a fresh pair of boxers. On my way back, i decided to take a peek at my sleeping guest. Craig was laying on his back,breathing softly,still dressed in his blue shirt and jeans. I had thought about unbuttoning his shirt hoping to get a surreptitious glance at his firm chest beneath,when i had assisted him into the bedroom,but only managed to get his shoes,socks and ever present baseball cap off. I watched his firm chest rising and lowering as he slept,imagining that his lightly muscled pecs would suddenly expand and burst open his shirt. I shook my head and felt my cock once again begin to stiffen. Just as i was about to retire to the couch,Craig let out a groan,and then what sounded like material stitches stretching. I stood stock still,watching him as he slept. His shirt looked tight on his chest for a moment,but i put it down to just my fantasies.But as his chest rose as he slept, a button suddenly broke off and shot across the room. I shook my head hoping that this was just my dream, but as i watched, i could see the outline of two shapely pecs forming beneath Craigs thin club shirt, and then the definite protrusion of his nipples poking under the shirt.A gap was pulling open between two buttons as his pecs thickened and rippled slightly,and i could see his chest hair poking through. Shit, i was getting painfully erect at the sight of Craigs pecs perceptively swelling before my eyes like a scene from an 80's movie called HUNK where some nerd was transformed in his sleep into a buff young hunk by some weird witch waving her hand over him.But Craig was always a stud in my eyes. The sound of Craigs shirt ripping its seams brought me round to the scene before me. Another button popped off his shirt and then it suddenly burst open to unveil his swelling pecs rising into thick slabs of muscle covered in dark swirls of hair sweeping across his growing mounds. I wanted to caress and kiss those thickening pecs but dared not to,even though my lust wanted me to. And they were becoming huge and heavy,bigger than a bodybuilders. Craig groaned again and his massive pecs flexed and the swelling stopped just as they were pushing up against his chin,nearly hiding his face from my view. But the growth spread elsewhere..To his lean tight stomach where the sexy thin trail of hair lead up from his pubes to the deep crevasse of his beefy pecs. His stomach tensed and then very gradually,in the shafts of bright moonlight,i could see it ripple and his abs take form,rising like dough in an oven into a six pack that flexed and crunched together.And then his abs grew into a ten pack of hard rippling cobblestone muscles .crushing against each other as Craig seemed to respond by subtly moving his hips.Then his trail of hair grew denser between his fat bricks of abs undulating like sand-dunes,but did not spread out across them, Craig groaned again, almost as if he was dreaming and enjoying this in his sleep. I was painfully hard and wanted to whip out my cock there and then to give it relief,but i was afraid and rooted to the spot as Craig grew before me. He shifted in his sleep and threw his arms up behind his head,which made me think he was waking up,but he was'nt!. I could see the growth spreading into his arms and shoulders.His neck thickened and his shoulders strained at his shirt as his delts pumped up thickly,gradually ripping the seams of his shirt. His biceps,already the size of baseballs,bulged beneath his sleeves into round firm mounds expanding to the size of grapefruits,but still they grew,putting pressure on his sleeves.And as i watched,near orgasm,his sleeves finally succumbed and ripped apart to reveal his bloating biceps and heaving traps. Biceps grew into huge bowling balls at least 25 plus inches but still they grew,thick cord like veins pulsing across the rising fat mounds as they bloated inhumanly towards 30 inches nearly crushing against his head till they stopped.His upper arms were freaky huge now and with rippling sinewy forearms now the size of my own calves, Craig looked as if he could uproot an Oak tree.! My eyes glided down his huge torso as his lats billowed out with a growth now more urgent, into huge bulging slabs.. I was so captivated by the morphing of his torso i had missed the growth in his legs, but the sound of his jeans shredding apart caught my attention as i looked on in awe as his thick thighs bulged and thickened into tree trunks of sheer power,blowing out his jeans and they flexed and grew even bigger than my waist! His calves pumping up as if air was being inflated in them till they were bigger than my biceps..Craig was now a behemoth of huge muscle,nearly outgrowing my bed which creaked under his increased weight. But something else was growing too.Craig,still apparently asleep,reached down and ripped open the crotch of his jeans and then his briefs as if they were flimsy tissue paper,and with nocturnal lust,pulled out his cock in his meaty hand. It too began to grow. Still flaccid,it began to engorge,expanding in his grasp and pushing apart his fingers.Veins rippled along the fattening shaft as it swelled into the girth of a beer can,then added more length to it,pushing out down along his huge thigh towards his knee, and still his cock was soft and covered by foreskin which also seemed to grow more over his flaring cockhead at least two more inches to a now near 15 inch length. With his other hand,Craig cupped his balls as they bloated like filling airbags and spilling out of his grasp as big as oranges,bigger, as big as grapefruit,heaving and churning with what looked like gallons of cum.. I stood against the doorframe shaking and flustered with burgeoning arousal,nearing orgasm. "What are you standing there for,faggot.?" I was suddenly broken out of my state of reverie, to see Craig lying on my bed peering up at me through sleepy eyes,with apparently no ill effects of his earlier drunken state. "Come here and worship my huge fucking body, Bitchboy!". ============================== PART II Craig stretched out his massively muscular torso on my bed,causing it to creak under his huge weight. A slither of moonlight shone across the thick heaving mounds of his pecs and cast a menacing glow upon his handsome face."What you waiting for bitch-boy...come and worship my big buffed body".I felt rooted to the spot as i felt my nerves rattle me,feeling a sense of inferiority towards the musclegod laying before me."Move it faggot!"..Craig said with more assertion.I forced myself to move towards him, my heart beating at a thousand times a minute and my cock throbbing even harder with my submissive lust.Tentatively,i reached down and touched his heavy hairy pecs and the initial sensation made me shudder like i was about to have an orgasm.Craig slapped his hand over mine and made me rub and knead his thick pecs,flexing them beneath my hand. There was a snide grin on his face as he looked up at me.."You fancy me,don't you Joey ,my bitch-boy?".I nodded silently, feeling embarrassed that i must have made my attraction to him too obvious."I thought so bitch-boy. I've seen the way you've looked at me and i can read your body language whenever you're around me."I swallowed hard as i felt my mouth go suddenly dry."I'm so sorry Craig. I didn't mean to..."Craig cut me off. "Call me Master Craig" he bellowed menacingly.When he saw me flinch he laughed.."Sorry..Master Craig"My hands massaged his pecs now, free from his rough grasp.The cleft between his huge fucking pec mounds was like a valley which i almost lost my fingers in...which made him respond by flexing and crunching the massive mounds together and nearly crushing my fragile fingers. Craig lifted his left arm up and flexed his enormous boulder like bicep,making it bulge obscenely and ripple with thick chord like vascular veins."You did this" he said flexing his huge fat bi."H..how did i do this Master Craig ?" i replied nervously."It seems you have the ability to fulfill your erotic fantasies..and tonight you are very susceptible to them".I was bewildered and puzzled."Come on bitch-boy. You dreamt about me becoming a fucking huge sexy musclegod...........and now i am !".I started to piece the recent events together.'Could it have been me ?' I glanced down at the hunk in front of me as i tweaked and played with his thick juicy nipples.Craig threw both his arms up behind his head and so big were his biceps that with one flex and he could crush his own head !He looked up at me with a sly grin as if gaging that i was figuring it all out in my mind. I let myself give in to my lust and stripped what little i had on till i was naked, my erection poking out at a meager 6 inches to his 15 plus.... and i climbed onto his huge torso,straddling him and continuing to massage his beefy pecs.Craig clamped his hands on my hips and lifted me easily up above him.Then i felt his huge fat log of a cock push against my butt cheeks and i immediately started to panic at the fear of my huge hunky mate ripping me apart with his gigantic cock."Use your power,Joey.You can make me fit into you".I felt Craigs big bulbous cockhead push my buttcheeks apart and then press against my anus."Fuck it. I ain't gonna wait..I'm too horny"With that Craig thrust his huge cock into me and i screamed out in pain as he buried his fat dick into my fuck chute."Please don't hurt me.." i screamed in tears trying to wish away the pain.Then suddenly i felt my anus stretch wider and the pain very quickly subside as he thrust all 15 inches deep inside of me.I took every inch into me. Incredulously, i began to realise my powers.I made Craig grow.I made myself able to take his gigantic cock..As Craig bucked and fucked me i began to think what else i could do, but it was hard trying to concentrate as Craig was driving me wild with lust. Through bleary eyes i glanced down at his huge pecs...Perhaps a little bigger...? Craig let out a guttural roar as his pecs suddenly grew even bigger, swelling and expanding as if they were being inflated by some invisible air-pump.Growing,rising,bloating...into huge slabs of pumped muscle pushing up towards his chin and capped by enlarging egg cup sized nipples.Craig pulled me towards him and pressed my face against his heavy pendulous overgrown pecs into the hairy crevasse between.Finally, i willed the growth to stop and began to lavishly suck and kiss his huge chest and then like a baby,suckle at his big nips."Oh fuck yeah....i told you that you had the power" Craig groaned. As Craig fucked me i could not hold back my orgasm..and i spurted cum over his rigid block like abs and the lower shelf of his pecs, letting out my own rather meek shout of lust. Images of young men and teenage boys growing huge muscles filled my mind as Craig fucked me. If i had this kind of power what else could i do...? ============================== PART III ' I lay straddled on Craigs massively over muscled torso,tired and worn out from the rough hard fuck my huge muscle Master had given me. Even now,though i was drained and weak and sleek with exertive sweat,Craigs huge 15 inch cock was still impaled deep within my stretched bowels, and he was humping me up and down on it,still intensely turned on by the overdose in testosterone and sexual urges.He could see that i was too drained to keep up with his phenomenal homosexual stamina and brute strength and,for a few moments i saw a mean sneer on his face at the fact that i was no match for him."Whats up bitch-boy, can't you keep up with your fuckin' creation.." Still a little irritated,Craig knew he couldn't 'enjoy' himself if i was in no fit state to keep up with his relentless homoerotic lust..so he stopped fucking me on his monster cock and pulled me down into a firm hug,pressing my worn face against his beefy pec mounds and almost suffocating me in the deep hairy crevasse between, and holding me tight in his muscular arms,the huge 30 inch plus biceps grinding and flexing against me. I tried to struggle off his immense cock still impaled deep up my arse-hole, but i had not the strength and just slumped against his hot heaving muscles feeling sleep and dreams encroach..."Have fun with your dreams.." Craig said softly as i sunk into slumber... .................................................. .................................................. .21 year old Matt Chambers lay on his bed in his darkened bedroom..He could not sleep.Up until a few moments ago the sounds of what obviously sounded like two people having sex drifted through the thin walls of the flat next door..His 19 year old girlfriend Tiffany was fast asleep beside him and oblivious to the moaning and groaning that had been going on next door a few minutes earlier.. But the thought of who the person was that was having sex had totally sickened Matt.. He had met his neighbour Joey several times before, and had learned that he was a queer through a most unusual and for Joey,an embarrassing way....Some weeks before Matt had collided with Joey out in the apartment block corridor and knocking the guy to the ground and sending the contents of a carrier bag that Joey was carrying all over the floor. Rather embarrassing for Joey,one of the contents was a Gay Porn magazine. Afterwards Joey rushed back to his flat rather red-faced.. and a little while later when confronted by Matt,he plucked up the courage and confessed to being gay.. Now, Matt sat up on the edge of his bed trying to shake out the sick image of that queer Joey having sex with another man..He left Tiffany sleeping soundly on his bed and decided to go out onto the balcony for a cigarette.. He lit one and took long drags on it as he stared up into the starlit night sky.But then his mind wandered back to Joey and an image of the gay guy sucking his dick...but then he shook his head as if to get the repulsive image out of his mind ''Fuck-what the hell was that'' he said shocked at the sudden thought. He tried to think of his girlfriend laying naked on his bed, but another image of Joey kneeling naked at his feet and begging for his fat cock entered his mind, and this time his cock stirred and filled slowly into a gradual erection. Matt tried to shake the more and more intrusive image from out of his mind but was becoming more and more turned on by them. It seemed like his arrogant heterosexuality was draining away, only to be replaced by an increasing homosexuality,every bit as arrogant...and dominant. Matt shook his head as if to fight of these arousing lustful desires but was losing.. All of a sudden,just like a switch had been flicked. Any resistance disappeared and was replaced by an intense feeling of homosexual desire and dominance and power. In fact,from that moment on,Matts whole reality altered.Tiffany vanished from his bed,and all knowledge of knowing her had gone from Matts mind. He was no longer a straight guy turned on by girls with big tits but an aggressively dominant gay guy turned on by desires of controlling and fucking weaker men-like Joey!.Matts cock responded by tenting up his boxers and poking out close towards the slit at the front.Matt felt horny and humped his crotch forward and pushing out his stiffly erect 9 inch cock from the slit, and began to beat himself off with wild abandon, not noticing at first that his cock was getting even thicker in girth and pushing apart at his groping fingers. When he did notice, instead of alarm,he hollered out in horned up bliss and wanked himself off with both his hands as he watched with glazed eyes as his growing cock pushed out in length beyond its original 9 inches reaching upwards and outwards to a foot long and still growing..Matts balls bloated and churned and expanded like balloons into two huge grapefruit sized cum sacks and pushed their way free of his boxers. His cock poked out close to what looked like 14 or 15 inches now, and brushed against the balcony railing sending Matt into orgasmic bliss, and he fired off huge globs of cum over the balcony and into the night,falling like gooey rain down to the ground below. Matt came and came for at least ten minutes before the orgasm subsided..but he was still almost frenzied with lust...Then there was something else....Matt reached up and tweaked his left nipple and swayed sexually and uninhibited out on his balcony..He had a lean lightly muscled smooth chest but when he reached up to tease his nips he found himself groping firm,shapely pecs that he had never properly had before..and his pecs were expanding and pushing out beneath his hand. Now he began to grope both his pecs as they filled out into bulging mounds...... It seemed Matt was growing bigger muscles as well......but he was in too much of a sexual stupor to wonder why......and about Joey who was dreaming about him next door......................................................... .................................................. ============================== PART IV I lay in the massively muscled arms of Craig,now freed from his huge still-erect dick, deep in slumber, immersed in a richly erotic dream about Matt, my handsome young next door neighbour,fulfilling my hidden fantasy of him growing and swelling into a massively muscled hunk,like Craig had become.Though i knew him to be fiercely straight,even to the point of homophobic arrogance..i was kinda attracted to his mean streak and he was a very sexy guy to look at..Hard good looks, sculpted athletic muscles..even the black tats simulating barbed wire wrapped around his left forearm added to his sexiness..Oh how i loved escaping into my own private fantasies of him. Images formed from the blackness of sleep of Matt laying naked on his bed, his lean athletic body bathed in shafts of moonlight and slick with a sheen of sweat, his muscles growing and swelling as he groaned and writhed in increasingly animalistic lust...growing into my ideal of a fantasy man.. Little was i aware that my nocturnal fantasies of Matt were merging into reality...Matt was growing..but he wasn't exactly growing,sprawled seductively whilst in his bed. .................................................. .................................................. .... Matt leaned back against the wall as his stood out on his balcony,groaning and gently swaying with a feeling of intense lust and overwhelming sexual power.. His obscenely huge cock risen up in a raging erection like a howitzer cannon ready to fire its salvo...He had already 'fired' his own salvo of thick cum up and out into the night air, and now pearly beads of 'after-cum' oozed down his hard throbbing shaft from a glistening cockhead,and over his hefty grapefruit sized balls.. Matt felt strong and virile..and pumped like he had just come from a work-out at a gym.Leaning against the wall, he caressed his torso, feeling his pecs firm up and pump up beneath his exploring hands..becoming shapely mounds full and thick enough to grope and rub more intently now... and they seemed to grow even more as he felt himself up. Matt was filled with a wanting desire to grow huge and freakily muscular and his cock responded by pumping out slick dribbles of cum.. His pecs bulged and expanded,overfilling his groping hands and pushing out thicker and beefier into big swollen hills of muscles and forcing his enlarging nipples to point downwards...and when his huge 15 inch cock brushed against his growing pecs, Matt let forth an almighty volley of cum into the twilight,the sensation of his cock meeting his beefy pecs sending him into blinding orgasm and steadying himself against the wall.. The muscle growth spread through his tensed and now sweat slickan body.He traps thickened and rippled and pushed up close to his ears and giving him a thick bull neck like a big pro American football player or a wrestler.His delts pumped up and thickened till his meaty shoulders looked to be several feet across and powerful enough to hold up a full grown elephant on them.Matt absently raised his arm up to take a drag from his cigarette and then caught sight of his biceps expanding from a small baseball bump into a grapefruit sized mound,and then a well defined and pumped bulge the size of a cantaloupe melon,rippling and pulsing with prominent veins.He could'nt resist throwing both his arms up into a double bi and watching the biceps split and swell even bigger, the vascular veins now rippling and chord-like seemingly pumping more size into his triceps as well as his bi's.Matt was barely able to withstand another orgasm as his biceps bloated obscenely as big as bowling balls and his triceps pumped and engorged into savage horseshoes looking like heaving overfilled sacks..Now with an upper arm size surpassing 30 inches, Matt had great difficulty keeping his double bi pose..Whats more, his forearms had thickened and pumped up and rippled ferociously with veins thicker than an ordinary mans upper arm..and it made the barb wire tat all up his left forearm really show.Hell- he could rip out oak trees with his strong arms!.Pretty soon his lats joined in the growth..Where he had once had only a slight definition,his lats were swelling out as if being inflated into huge meaty slabs of muscle and that would force his arms out further when he would be in a relaxed stance. He soon had the most shocking and sharply sculpted v shape taper to his torso every bodybuilder would envy,especially now that his waist lost a few inches. All this tensing and flexing of his torso had hardened his lean abs and he did have a slight 6 pack that he was proud of, but even that was bulging and rippling into thick blocks of cobblestone and then reforming into an 8 pack,then a 10 pack. But his pendulously swollen pecs hid them from Matts view only for the sake of a mirror. "Fuckin' awesome" Matt said as he felt strong and powerful....and dominant He could feel himself rising to orgasm as his pert butt expanded into two hot hard muscular spheres, and the fantasy of shoving his meaty ass into the face of any weak little faggot slave he wanted.."Suffocation by my ass" he smirked..as the thought crossed his mind.. Eventually,the muscle growth reached his legs,exploding his quads into thick powerful muscles looking like tree trunks, flexing like the flanks of a racehorse.And his calves bulging out into huge tear drops,swollen as big as an Olympic gymnasts biceps... Shit.. Matt felt so unbelievably sexy and strong.He took a long hard drag from his cigarette, loving the feeling of his massive bicep crunch against his sinewy forearm as he reached up and took the cigarette between his now stronger hands,took a last deep drag and flicked the butt out over the balcony.. He turned back into his bedroom,the floor thudding beneath his huge muscular body,and his perception briefly thrown off by an added 3 inches on top of his 5 ft 9 height and of his sheer size.. The bed creaked under his weight as he lay down and began to masturbate his huge fat dick to increasingly libidinous fantasies..oblivious to the fact that barely 15 minutes before, he had been snuggled up beside a pretty young girl,once a slim athletic straight guy..A past life. .................................................. .................................................. ...... It was 3 AM .Hours before sunrise..and on i slept and dreamed of muscle growth,of huge cocks, of dominant young men... ======================================= PART V II was finding my dreams so powerfully vivid and so damned erotic that i felt like i had a constant hard-on. These were less like 'wet dreams' and more like 'soaking wet dreams'.. I had already had several nocturnal orgasms that had left my bedsheet with large damp blotches and my sleeping Master Craigs sexy muscled torso peppered with tiny drops of cum, which comparable to his own mighty orgasm,would seem pathetic. But i could'nt help it...I was so turned on by the images of hot hunky young men growing huge freaky massive muscles and oversized cocks.. Image after image, dream after dream swirled about in my mind. Matt,my next door neighbour,growing and morphing into a fucking god!. Master Craig,flexing and getting off over his huge bloated muscles.The two handsome decorators doing up the empty flat down the corridor,their bulging biceps straining their sleeves to bursting,and huge pecs pushing apart their paint spattered overalls.The gang of troublesome teenaged boys who hung around the local Youth centre,growing insanely huge and oversized in their hooded tops,t-shirts and trackies, their bad-boy attitudes even spinning me off into a wicked fantasy about the rapper Eminem growing into a massively muscled bad boy hunk.. All these wild fantasies were suddenly overwhelming me and just as i felt i was about to reach the point that i could take no more orgasms, i awoke abruptly,covered in sweat and my heart beating furiously like a drum. Morning sunlight shone softly in through gaps in the curtains and i lay there watching the dust-motes dancing around in shafts of sunlights..Allowing myself to re-adjust to being awake and my eyes clearing of sleepy blurriness..i suddenly became aware of my dreams of Craig and Matt and other men growing and morphing into my ultimate fantasies, but finding myself alone and naked in bed sporting a raging 'morning woody' and lying on cum moistened sheets,i thought it all to be just a dream,but a very vivid one at that!. I sat up in my bed and stretched my limbs,smiling to myself of how good my dreams were..and the fact that i'd need to put my sheets through the wash too!.I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and glanced at the digital clock on the nearby end table. It was a little before 8.am. Something made me glance up at the poster of Eminem that i had stuck up on the wall across from me....and i nearly fell out of bed at the sight of him.!I was'nt a big fan of rap but i considered Eminem a real hot stud,and i really did'nt care about all this contraversy around him..he was just so sexy.But now fixated by the poster..it show him as much more than that.Originally the poster showed him from the waist up only, wearing an unzipped grey hooded jersey with the hood up over a white bandana over his head, and the jersey wide open to reveal his lean smooth muscled torso..But now,..now he was fucking huge.Wearing the same get-up and in the same pose,his jersey,albeit now sleeveless, was open to reveal obscenely huge slabs of pecs with big juicy nipples pointing groundward.His abs were an eight pack of thick striated blocks crunched and tensed together and with a thick love trail of hair running up between them from a teasing low waistband just in shot, to his naval.. And then his arms..Holy fuck.! Boulder like delts bulging out of the torn seams where his sleeves must of once attached.Massive swollen biceps as big as bowling balls and streaked with sinewy veins.Heavy thick traps,just hinting a glimpse at their huge size behind his bi's...And powerful rippling forearms the size of an ordinary mans calf muscles.. I got up from my bed and took a closer look at the poster..This all was'nt a dream..It could'nt have been real..Could it..?Then i remembered Craig..Oh fuck..!Feeling my heart begin to race again, i nervously crept out of my bedroom,looking around and expecting to see Craig.Then i caught sight of him in the bathroom..as big as i had dreamed.Shit.! This was real.. Craig was standing in my bathroom in front of the full length mirror flexing and posing his enormous naked muscled body and getting off on himself judging by the freaky huge foot long plus erection he was sporting. I stood just out of view as i watched him show off to himself.."Fuck yeah..look at me, i'm a motherfuckin' hunk.Yeah look at my huge bloated guns.." He flexed a double bicep pumping them up into huge bloatedcannonballs, which very nearly made me come again."Oh fuck yeah" Craig groaned, unable to resist taking his huge jumbo cock in his hands and start beating off over the sight of himself.I turned away and took stock of myself..I had done this to Craig.Though it defied normal reality, i began to feel positive about it..Could i bend reality to siut my fantasies..? Suddenly, i was broken out of my chain of thought by a loud crash coming from my bedroom, and raced back to it...to find a large rough looking handpulling back at a hole made in the thin sheetrock wall barely feet to the left of my bed. A hole that had been made by someone literally punching out the wall from the other side.The hole was ripped larger by the hand and plaster and dust fell away. Then,with an almighty crash, much of the wall fell way,enough to step through with just a duck of the head. I'd have expected Craig to come running at the deafening noise but he showed no urgency in yet appearing. When the dust settled,and the fragments of plaster fell away,through the gaping rent stepped a man of inhuman musculature,heaving and flexing his huge naked body and showing off a fucking oversized cock and balls beyond the normal human proportions...I instantly recognised Matt. Another result of my wayward imagination..! "Hiya faggot..i want your fuckin' tight ass",he glared evilly at me. I backed away a little intimidated by his sheer size.Like Craig...or should i say,Master Craig,..Matt had grown into a massive hunk with overdeveloped muscles packed onto a body that,like Master Craig,had gained muscle size rather than height,making them look impossibly huge.I liked my fantasy guys to definately be taller than me, say 7 foot, but i'm more of a muscle size fetishist..the bigger and freakier his muscles,the better! Matt charged at me like a bull, leaving me little chance to get out of his way.He hit me full force,knocking the wind out of me and nearly crushing the life out of me against the opposite wall with his huge torso. "Gonna fuck you with my big fat dick,faggot..I know you want that"I could'nt do much pinned against the wall basically by his huge bloated pec mounds..Then he lifted me up and i felt his thick cockhead press against my ass,and then with an animalistic grunt Matt thrust his cock into my anus,sending searing pain through me.."Take it like the faggot you are,Joey" Matt snarled evilly.I tried to focus my powers on allowing me to take yet another huge musclecock,as i cried out in pain.Almost immediately,the burning agony subsided and was replaced by intense pleasure as Matt began to mercilessly pound his 14 inch plus cock in and out of me, swearing and grunting with every thrust.I could feel the heat radiate from his sweaty torso and could not resist burying my head in the deep crevasse between his gigantic pecs,nearly suffocating myself in the process!."Yeah,you stupid little pussy,worship my huge manly muscles.."Matt fucked me harder and faster with wild abandon, as if he was aiming to drive his cock right through me."Fucking bitch,fucking bitch,fucking bitch.."Matt continued to pound me for what seemed like ages,leaving ragged and worn like a rag doll,but with unlimited energy in him. Then through all the frenzied fucking..i heard Master Craigs voice in a tone of what sounded like anger. "What the fucks going on here.....?" ======================================== What Dreams May Come..: Sleeping Beauty PART VI .................................................. ............ Master Craig was standing at the door to my bedroom,his massive muscles filling the door-frame. He looked mighty pissed at the sight of the equally muscular Matt buggering the hell out of his faggot bitch and almost crushing the weak little fucker against the wall with each hard relentless thrust of his gigantic cock."What the fuck you doin' with my bitch.." Craig roared angrily at the muscleman intruding on his fuck tool..Matt glared back across at Craig,never even slowing in his butt pounding of poor little Joey, and just grinned ignorantly at him."He ain't your fuckin' bitch..so piss off dickhead.!" Thats it. That sent off Craig into a rage and he flew across the room and attempted to drag Matt off of Joey, but with Joey still impaled on his huge ramrod, Joey was dragged back with him.Joey felt Master Craigs rough meaty hands grip his left arm in a painful hold, and he was literally yanked off of Matts cock and thrown to the floor as Craig turned his anger against Matt."You wanna fuckin' challenge me do ya..you stupid cunt" Matts temper began to boil up and the two muscle men glared angrily at each other barely inches apart."Yeah..i'll show you who's fuckin' tougher."Matt tried to shove Craig back but Craig managed to knock away his hands and pushed Matt with some considerable force clear across the room.Matts massive wide back slapped against the wall with such force that he created a deep cracked dent in it just barely inches from the gaping hole he had made just a while before."You fuckin' wanker" he shouted back at Craig,his face contorted in rage and spitting drivel as he shouted. Joey cowered in the corner of the room,shocked and stunned by the two huge muscle-hunks challenging each other for 'ownership' of him..and he felt felt a mixture of fear and of sexual arousal spurred on by his masochistic desires that he had felt for so long a little embarrassed and uncomfortable dealing with. Matt charged like a bull across the room and rugby tackled Craig,lifting him with all his strength up off the ground and knocking him out of the room, with every muscle in his torso pumped and writhing with the effort. A huge crash roused Joey from his corner and still a little weak from Matts powerfuck, he followed the two struggling behemoths into the hallway.Craigs rippling and bulging muscular torso had cracked the door frame of the bathroom as he was thrown against it."Give it up arsehole,you're weaker than me.." Matt sneered furiously at Craig,gripping him by the throat and attempting and failing to lift him off his feet in an effort to dominate him. Joey,standing out of the way, could see the thick veins streaking across Matts huge cannonball bicep ripple and engorge, and his bicep pump up almost as if it was about to explode. Both guys muscles were beginning to glisten with a sheen of sweat as their fight ensued.Craig clenched Matts wrist and pulled his hand away from his throat and then threw a hard right hook into Matts reddened face. "Get the fuck off me.."Matt barely reacted to the punch,which had Craig thrown against an ordinarily built man,would have nearly killed him..!Craig threw a hard gut punch into Matts rock solid eight pack abs but with only the slightest flinch from his opponent.Books and and a framed picture went crashing to the floor as the muscle mencarried on fighting. Matt was thrown back and crashed right through a wall connecting the hallway to the lounge,sending dust and plaster falling everywhere. Matt crashed down onto a low cabinet full of Joeys music CDS,crushing and splintering the wooden unit beneath his massive body.Joey had to do something..Throughout all their swearing and screaming and brutal fighting for dominance, Matt and Craig were wreaking Joeys flat!. "For gods sake..stop fighting please...you're damaging my flat." Joey screamed.Neither heard him..Matt was throwing punches at Craig and Craig was either successfully blocking them or they were failing to make an impact on his body,now pumped and bulging and reddened by his exertion with Matt.Matt too,was red raw with the effort,every muscles now engorged and bloated,every vein rippling and pronounced."Stop fighting please.."Joey screamed vainly..even though his little dick was painfully erect at the sight of the two hunks wrestling against each other in full nudity..Despite all this violence and aggression,both Craig and Matt had constant,raging erections throughout, their massive cocks frequently rubbing against each other,slick with pre-cum and sweat..and now among all their rage,intense sexual arousal was filling up inside them. Yet another deep cracked dent was made in the lounge wall as both guys slung themslves against it in their struggle.Joey gave up protesting as the fight carried on into the centre of the lounge.Matt threw a punch which Craig caught in his hand and twisted Matts fist away,and thinking the same..the muscle hunks tried to headbutt each at the same time,their foreheads meeting together with a sickening crunch that would have split an ordinary mans skull but left them barely noticing the savage blows. Craig tired to judo throw Matt over his shoulder but ended up with sending them both crashing onto a low coffee table and splintering it like it was made out of bulsa wood and not stong mahogany.Joey looked to be in tears at the state of his flat..but he noticed that Craig and Matt had finally stopped fighting..Instead,their sexuallust had finally gotten the best of them. Craig was lying atop of Matt,both musclemen glistening with sweat and breathing heavily, although it would take very little time to recover. Craig glared down into Matts green eyes and found his rage diminishing as he felt turned by having this magnificently sexy musclebeast beneath him."Guess we're strong as each other..stud"Matt calmed down and even let a little smile."Damn right,you hunk.." he said,giving Craig a petting kiss on his lips that then led into a full and rough deep throat. Joey looked on in dismay,watching his Masters pull themselves into a passionate embrace and kissing each other with such intense ferocity.First they were fighting and hating each other..and now they were making out with each other. Joey just stood there like a lost sheep in his wrecked apartment,when all of a sudden there was a knock at the front door. Shaken out of his daze,Joey panicked a little about someone seeing these two muscle hunks writhing around in gay passion on his lounge floor, but then a second knock at the door and some guy shouting through.."Is everything alright in there?", and Joey quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt before nervously answering the door. Opening it just a fraction, he peaked out to find a cute young guy,barely out of his teens,standing out in the corridor.It was one of the decorators from the empty flat down the corridor,evident by the white paint and dust specked grey overall pulled down and tied around his slim waist and the dust smeared sky and navy blue Nicholson tee he wore on his athletic physique. "Is everything alright mister..i heard what sounded like shouting and crashing coming from your flat?". Joey shook his head,trying to think up some reason.."Um..um..oh,..i was trying to move a cabinet and it tipped over..""Do ya wanna hand mate..?" the cute guy offered."Um..no thanks..but thank you for offering." Joey smiled weakly.'Damn this guys cute' Joey suddenly found himself thinking,yet stunned that he thought that, a little bewildered by the recent goings on.But he was..Mean but cute looking,short cropped black hair gelled into spikes,ice blue eyes,full lips,gold ring in his left ear and a studded gold bar piercing his right brow that had notches shaved into it too, and smelling faintly of a mixture of cigarettes and cologne...This guy screamed urban youth/bad boy. "Well,see ya then.." Joey said weakly,trying to hide his growing boner..Just as he was about to close the door.."Damn,you are so fuckin' sexy,Matt"echoed Craigs voice... Joey could not hide his flush of embarrassment as the decorator gave him a clearly suspicious look and a smirk before walking away.Joey couldn't shut the door quick enough..though glancing around at his flat..it seemed it needed re-decorating too.!! The decorator smiled inwardly to himself as he walked down the corridor to the empty flat..'Definately gay' he thought to himself..Normally the thought of anything gay repulsed him..but he couldn't help but find himself getting a hard-on. He got to the front door of the flat and shrugged his shoulders,for some reason finding his t-shirt was suddenly tight on him. 'Funny,..it wasn't tight on me this morning'..he thought..,raising up to tug at the front of it..then glancing down at his lean bicep as it made a slight tear against a now full stretched sleeve....Then he heard his workmates voice call out to him. "Hey Luke, come here quick..." .............THE END ========================================= This add-on ,done a long while later,was just a rushed hash.. Sleeping Beauty:5 Years Later It had been 5 years since Joey Carmichael had discovered he had suddenly and unexpectedly out of the blue developed some strange but exceptionally hot supernatural powers.. He could alter a mans physical features,and seeing as Joey was now right out of the closet with his homosexuality,emboldened with by his powers,he could shape them to his wild erotic fantasies,...and perhaps even better still,he could warp immediate reality around his ''creations'' so they fit in like everything was normal.. What was meant by immediate reality,although he could change worldwide views and perceptions on physical and sexual ideals so that a muscular man with a big cock was seen as a truely healthy man and that homosexuality was not a ''burn all faggots at the stake sin'' or shameful taboo but gay sex should be accepted as openly as straight sex in a ''whatever takes your fancy,or straight guy saying "It would'nt hurt me to try it out every once in a while'' view,..even in the much maligned muslim countries views where this aspect of his powers had been most notable,producing a small but noticable rise in democratic values...[No more beheading gay men in front of a baying crowd in Tehran.!],he could not change the wider world physically out of his own geographical boundaries unless he was connected to some source of media like a television or the internet...or dreaming about some-one,one of the mainstays of his powers.. He could not go out and regrow the Amazonian rainforest much as he'd love to.He had no powers to bring back the dead,although a man he transforms would be cured of any sexual illnesses or other sicknesses or injuries. He tried wishing for money straight away,but not because of his powers and more out of an extra-ordinary incredible stroke of luck,he had won £5.5 million on the National Lottery two years ago which has now left him much better off than five years ago. There was a downside to his powers..He could not alter himself physically.Call it a curse maybe,but Joey did not mind if he could act out his sexual fantasies on other men.. And as ever,like 5 years ago,he still had that masochistic attraction to dominant young men. Where are the other guys now,one might ask..? Well... Craig Scripter and Matt Chambers,Joeys first two 'creations', or fantasies more like, ''got bored of him'' three years ago,and moved on to set up a Bodybuilding Gym together in Croydon...which most of the time doubles as a gay sex club.given the raging hard-ons that all that pumping muscles gives the two huge owners and some of their choice clients. They thought about getting married but were too much in love with themselves,and even often engaging in hot and often violent fuck sessions they would more often toy about with rough and tough sex with muscle fetish admirers that drooled all over them. The Gym holds a large membership of mostly young men in their late teens to early thirties.. Thanks to Joey bequeathing a bit of his powers to the two hunks,they could 'speed up' the muscular developement of some of their more sexier clients, while making the the less attractive ones more sumbmissive to the bigger guys..which is why Craig had purchased an empty building next door and converted it as a place to act out gay muscle fantasies..ie the gay sex club. Because of his lottory win,Joey brought a large penthouse in a new queyside developement on the River Thames, a stones throw from the council estate he had lived in 5 years ago. Put it down to the fact that despite living there for 11 years after moving out from his parents,the local suburbs were his roots,where he was brought up..and he knew every nook and cranny like the back of his hand. Now with a spacious Penthouse apartment overlooking the river and sprawling parklands,Joey now living at times on his own,could invite anyone he wanted and indulge in his own little perverted fantasies from time to time.One of them being that he was drawn to the culture of Chavs.Hard cocky street rough teenaged boys, [more often white,but race is not an issue here] who have a liking for sports of casual designer brand clothes and urban music and a dislike for authority. With Joeys powers he could unleash this derision for authority in sexual role play to create the ultimate bad boy thug,and usually transforming a clean cut twinkish public schoolboy or twinky camp gay teen into a hardened muscle-bound hunk..[*] That gang of youths he fantasised about becoming HUGE muscle hunks. Well,for a week he toyed around with his powers,often at night they would in particular pop up into his dreams,growing slowly rather than Craig or Matt or Luke or Daz,the 2 hot decorators that eventually moved into the flat they were renovating,thanks to Joeys powers..and ended up doing up Joeys flat after 'doing' him up the arse..The gang of chavs had changed perceptively each time Joey had seen them over the course of that week coinciding with his dreams...Going from slender and lithe in their loose Fred Perry or Lacoste tee's or England football shirts and tight nylon or cotton trackies, to athletically muscular, to gymnast muscular [by that time filling out their clothes rather sexily.!], to powerfully muscular and ripped like an amateur bodybuilder [by that time straining anything they wore,and usually with their minds altering to more gay and muscle exhibitionist desires,intentionally wearing tight clothes to show their bulging muscles and cocks.] to eventually growing into massive freaky yet perfectly sculpted muscle hulks who either went around shirtless or wearing skin-tight tees that accentuated their every bulge and contour,including their crotches..!By the last day,driven by lust they were drawn to Joeys flat,and foolishly for Joey's stamina, they gang banged him. One of them,Damien Thorn whom Joey had nicknamed Omen for obviously like-named reasons [but with nothing to do with that bloke down in the fiery depths.],has become his on-off boyfreind.. Stopping by whenever the whim for rough sex or muscle worship suited him, but in reality a spark of genuine love maybe emerging between the two. Joey has already taken Damien to Cairns in tropical Northern Australia, to the Greek island of Crete,to the party isles of Ibiza and Magaluf... Over the intervening years,Joey became more in control of his powers,trying them out in certain fantasy scenarios. One that he favoured was Although at first getting used to them was awkward,and he often had mishaps of unintentional muscle growth.. [*] ...like the three teenaged Pakinstani lads entering a mosque for prayer.Just the smallest fantasy of muscle growth,more of a humourous thought,saw them coming out half an hour later,huge muscle hulks.. ..The young man selling the Big Issue outside the local Underground station,really being the BIG ISSUE by the end of it.! ..The builders that constructed the Queyside developement Joey now resided in. ..Watching the crowds of England fans in Stuttgart town square in Germany during the 2006 Football World Cup.. But eventually,Joey polished his powers of muscle growth...coming the realisation that he had one peculiar fetish,Somnophilia, sexual attraction to sleeping or passed out guys,most certainly as a result of how his powers first originated.. He often dreamt that he was a guy with superpowers calling himself The SandMan going around turning sleeping men into gigantic hunks.Then the realisation that he could actual try out some kinda way to grow sleeping men,he would often watch gay or straight porn featuring sleeping,unconscious or passed out drunk men [akin to Craig] and musclemorph them as he watched,..or he would on ocassions encounter a stud dozing on the tube train or bus and make him grow right there and then..! Nowadays as for Joey himself.With his money worries not an issue,he could travel the world and explore new destinations and immerse himself in foreign cultures,which usually meant that he had a chance to indulge in his sexual fantasies and shape the 'immediate reality' abroad....sometimes with Damien Omen,...sometimes with acquaintances,sometimes alone.. You'd expect him to be like Quentin Crisp the way i've portrayed him as living alone in a big apartment visited by ''clientele' so to speak.. Joeys grown to be a more refined person, living alone but enjoying plenty of company,and not just muscle guys but ordinary folk,..living the high life now that his money allows.. ..... Living Happily Ever After THE END..? It was rushed so i apologise if its turned out below par.......?" PLEASE NOTE, Apologies for the derogatory usage of terms in my story,its just a story,..
  3. (A blast from the past) The smaller dude looked on as the much larger guy wrapped his thick fingers around heavy steel and easily ripped the iron safety door from its frame. It only took one slight jerk of the bigger man’s humongous biceps and the entire thing came screeching away from the metal clamps that held it in place and safely prevented any other man from entering. This time, however, human muscle was just too powerful for the supposed impenetrable security door. It was clear that almost nothing could have stopped the strength within the two powerful bulging guns or the wide fingers that easily flattened pure metal with very little effort. The high-pitched sound of steel being pried apart was a tremendous turn on for both men. Two cocks simultaneously became hard as hell even before the now mangled heap of junk was tossed to the ground. Strong hands had simply crushed the frame in on itself – as if it had been made of cardboard. The shorter man nodded his head in approval and then glanced at the sturdy looking doorknob sticking out from the piece of heavy wood still blocking their entrance. A giant muscled hand wrapped around the solid steel knob and squeezed - crushing it with no problem. At the same time the handle was ripped from the wood with a loud crackling noise, a big chunk of the door breaking away with it. The second sound of destruction caused pre-cum to leak from both gaping dick slits, still covered by pants, but clearly outlined under tight material. The big man pushed the door inward and stepped back to allow the smaller guy to enter, a sign of his subservience. The demolition process had taken about five minutes in total – a steel door lay crumpled on the ground and one end of a thick doorknob was now just a destroyed piece of scrap metal. As they entered the house the small man looked at the giant hole that had been ripped out of the thick wood and then turned to look up at his towering partner. The stern face gave away the shorter guy’s displeasure, but there was also just a hint of hidden pleasure - obviously caused by what he had just witnessed. “See what happens when we forget our keys? We have to destroy things. That’s not always a good thing, big man.” “Yes, boss.” “At least we have you to easily get us in without any problem, but now I have to call someone tomorrow to come fix this mess. The poor worker is going to be confused when he sees all those marks in the steel that look like fingers – but then he’ll see you and understand completely. One good thing, though - with you around no one is going to even think twice about coming through this busted door to steal something.” “I can also put something heavy in front of the door if you want me to – maybe the big industrial freezer out in the garage or something larger?” “There’s no need, people are more afraid of you than a big freezer. Besides, you know how I’d love it if some foolish thief did come in and you had to reprimand him. Watching you easily defeat grown men with little effort is such a big turn on for me and it almost never happens anymore. You’re just so huge that no one even thinks about challenging you.” “We can go out tonight and I can pick a few fights if you want me to, boss. I’ll even let some guy win for a little while.” “No, we’re not bullies – per se – and it’s just not fair since you’re so much larger than everyone else. Some man’s punches only feels like balloons bouncing off your body. It needs to be a group of maybe forty guys to make it even seem like a close fight. I’m still thinking someday that straight biker bar downtown might be a good place for you to have some fun, but I’m afraid every guy in the joint might get hurt. You could probably take care of the entire place in fifteen minutes. Where’s the pleasure in that?” “I can make it last longer, sir. I’d like that a lot.” “Maybe another day, big man.” “What now, boss?” “Nude.” “Yes sir.” The large guy immediately undressed. His huge body seemed to glow in the bright light of the living room and muscles bulged out everywhere. Clothes were folded neatly and carried into the bedroom. Every part of his gigantic frame seemed to bunch up into larger mountains as the man walked back into the room. The place seemed much smaller when the colossal beast was in it. The boss pointed to a chair and the now naked muscle god sat down, spreading his legs slightly apart. This action made room for the other man to slide between the two humongous thighs and hop up to take a place on the more-than-ample right quad. He looked like a small child in his dad’s lap. “Who’s your boss, boy?” “You are, sir.” “And do you like it that way, son?” “Yes, boss. Very much, boss.” “That’s a good boy. Right arm.” The massive thick arm shot into the air, flexing so hard that the mound of meat peaked insanely toward the ceiling and the sound of skin tensing reminded both men of leather being stretched. The smaller man raised his tiny left hand and began stroking the huge biceps, so much bigger than his small palm and fingers. Both men stared at the appreciative massage of hard bulging muscles. “You like it when I worship you, don’t you boy?” “Yes, boss. Very much.” “Left arm, too.” Immediately the other arm shot up into a biceps flex. His double-bi pose was awesome. The smaller man’s dick started throbbing harder as soon as he groped the other man’s powerful giant arms. A moan of pleasure escaped the worshipping man’s mouth – he was just too much in awe of the hardness being caressed by his clearly weaker hands. A deeper moan bellowed from the big man underneath – his joy of being admired equaled that of his smaller friend. The huge beast was a beautiful specimen – big and strong, just the way the smaller guy liked his men. As he continued to grope the big biceps the smaller man ran through what were obviously familiar questions. “What makes you happy, boy?” “To please you, sir.” “And how do you please your boss?” “By showing off my muscles and proving my strength, sir.” “Do you like being huge, boy?” “Yes, boss.” “Do you like being super strong?” “Very much, boss.” “Good answers, boy. You’re learning quickly. I knew I chose well. Let’s re-cap our day, shall we? But first, unzip my pants.” In mere seconds the big man released his biceps pose, had the smaller guy’s pants undone, and was stroking the unsheathed hard cock of the boss in his big palm. The large hand started moving slowly up and down – simply giving a nice caressing sensation - at first. The behemoth knew his boss loved a slow build up. There was no need to get to the big finish too quickly. It was story time, as it was at the end of each day, a chance to review all the wonderful stuff that had happened while they were out. “We started with some lifting in the backyard this morning, sir.” “Oh yes, that was very nice - and what did we lift?” “Today, I did one arm shoulder presses with a bundle of five broken railroad ties, sir.” “That’s right. And how did those big things get broken, boy?” “I easily snapped them across my shoulders and neck, sir, even breaking the last two together at the same time.” “Yeah, that was hot. And how did you bundle those huge things together, big man?” “I used the two U. S Postal mailboxes I ripped from the concrete, flattened, and then rolled into long strips of metal, sir.” “I especially liked watching you pull the second one out of the ground with just one arm, boy. That was really sweet. Shoving your hand into the opening and just flexing your arm upward until the entire thing came popping out of the ground. I’ll never get tired of hearing steel and metal scream loudly as it gives in to your strength. Those big boxes didn’t stand a chance against those guns of yours.” Both men paused for a few minutes to remember how easily the big guy had walked down the sidewalk and pulled the mailboxes from the ground – leaving huge holes as big chunks of concrete came up with the base. The things were then bear-hugged into indiscernible clumps of metal and rolled into long strips – like they were just pieces of clay. The big man had then twisted them around either end of the broken pieces of railroad ties and sealed the heavy bundle together to be used as a makeshift dumbbell. Watching the huge guy lift the thing easily over his head with one arm had made the boss’ morning coffee-time very pleasurable. It was pretty clear, though, that there wasn’t much of a pump offered from what the big man called a ‘light’ mass of wood. When he dropped the thing to the ground, however, it sank about a foot into the earth – clearly heavy enough to do some damage but not enough to challenge the powerful guns of the big man. “I’m sorry that wasn’t much of a workout, boy. We’ll have to use something heavier tomorrow morning.” “Yes sir. I’d like that, sir. I desire more of a challenge. Perhaps a small building?” “We’ll have to work on that, boy. And what followed your shoulder presses?” “You licked all the sweat off my hairy chest, sir.” “I mean after that, boy. What did we do to continue your morning workout after lifting the bundle of heavy ties?” “We went over to the old railroad yard and worked legs, sir.” “Ummmm, that’s right. That was mighty yummy.” This particular memory made the smaller man quickly raise his hands in a ‘time out’ signal. Immediately, the huge beast stopped in mid-stroke of the hard cock in his hand. The sudden halt from the big man was because he knew that the agreed upon hand motion signified that eruption was close and even a slight up and down movement might send the smaller guy into orgasm. Both men froze for a few seconds, not even breathing; for fear it might trigger something. The simple nod of the boss’ head told the behemoth he could begin fondling again. It was already a proven fact that this particular kind of stopping and starting could continue for hours. It thrilled both men in specific ways. The smaller guy loved edging almost more than he loved his muscle slave’s size and strength. The huge guy loved getting his boss off more than anything else in the world. It was a match made in heaven. The big man simply squeezed the hard shaft now, there needed to be a break from the powerful pumping motion his huge hand had previously been offering. The smaller man smiled contently. “Continue.” “Well, we found eight huge wheel-less train cars sitting beside each other - embedded slightly in the ground. I placed my back against the one on the end and bent my legs. I then started pushing the entire stack slowly across the yard.” “Yes, that was very impressive. Your legs bulged out massively – even splitting your sweats up the side. Did that give you a workout?” “It was pretty easy, but I could feel it after three trips back and forth across the length of the yard.” “You basically dug a football field sized hole in the middle of the place. It was about four feet deep, too.” “Did that please you, boss?” “You know it did, big guy. And what happened next?” “You licked the sweat off my quads.” “I mean after that. What exercise did we move to next?” “I twisted strips of railroad track into different shapes for you.” “It was kind of like you were a bulked-up carnival man making balloon animals – only you were using wide thick pieces of steel. It was a great workout for your biceps, though. And those two you twisted into a lampstand will look great in the front room. Thank goodness we have high ceilings, since the thing is huge.” “I like how watching me bend metal makes you hard, boss.” “Well the blasted thing screeches so loudly and you make it look so easy. It’s kind of unnerving. I really can’t fathom the amount of power you have, even in just one arm.” “I’m glad it pleases you, sir.” “Suck.” The order was short and to the point. The big guy immediately released the smaller man’s cock and slid both of his giant hands underneath the other guy’s ass. The boss was lifted into the air and his hard cock was directed toward the waiting mouth of the giant slave. It was like the behemoth was merely wrapping his lips around the straw of a fruity drink he held in his hands. The smaller guy looked down at the broad shoulders of this adoring slave – marveling at the man’s size. He knew this complete obedience would only last a couple of weeks. That was part of the process, but it sure was great while it lasted. There was no way to hide the fact that having a giant muscleman do your every bidding was the biggest turn on in the world. Pleasure shot through both men’s body as the smaller guy’s cock was sucked in and out of the slave’s mouth – the head popping back and forth beyond the throat opening. The boss knew he would not last long and no one would have expected him to. Seeing his boy doing incredible feats of strength, knowing the behemoth only wanted to please him, being held in the air easily while he was sucked off, and looking down at so much male perfection was just too much to handle. And besides that, his muscled beast was an excellent cocksucker. That had been a pleasant surprise in the entire process. “Oh yeah, suck that hard pole, boy. You like the way my cock tastes, don’t you?” “Mmmmm hmmmmm” There wasn’t even a slight pause to the slurping and sucking as the big man answered. His nose was plastered into the smaller man’s full pube bush as his pulsing throat teased the cockhead. The ass cheeks of the boss squeezed together tightly as he did his best to fight back the oncoming eruption. Both men did not want this moment of intense pleasure to end, but their desire for the titanic orgasm was way beyond their control now. Nothing could stop the big man from sucking his boss dry – except for a direct order from his master and that wasn’t going to happen, mainly because the small guy needed release as much as he needed air. His small hands were now groping the huge shoulders of his obedient giant – feeling every bulge and tensed sinew as if his life depended on having a perfect memory of how the other guy’s vastness hulked out everywhere. The slave loved being fondled by his boss almost as much as sucking the smaller man off – since he knew feeling his muscles gave the smaller man so much pleasure. There was such an innate need to please this boss being held in his hands the big guy knew his life would end if he didn’t continually satisfy his master. Lifting things and crushing objects with his powerful arms was secondary to feeling his master’s body this close to his – or knowing that his boss’ cock was spewing because of pleasure he offered. There was absolutely no memory of a life before wanting to please this man. The boss, however, remembered everything.
  4. “Show my friend why you’re my boy,” Coach said to me as we stood in the locker room. I knew exactly what to do. I took off my shirt, dropped it on a nearby bench, and then I shot my big bulging arms up into a double biceps pose. The eyes of Coach’s friend shot wide and he mouthed the words ‘oh my fucking god’ to his pal. I felt a shot of pride zoom to my balls. Having Coach show me off to his friends was such a turn on. “Wanna feel ‘em?” Coach said to his friend. “Hell yeah,” his friend quickly shot back. “Bring those things closer, son,” Coach said to me and I immediately walked over to his friend – arms still flexing powerfully – and stood directly in front of him. Tiny grown-man hands attempted to grope my big peaks, but the mounds were just too thick and hard. I looked at the Coach’s friend and realized how much bigger I was than this older man. We were the same height, but my enormous size made him look so demure and wimpy. My third leg started to stiffen as I compared my swole body to the guy in front of me. Coach had moved over to admire the size difference, as well. “Yeah, dude, I’ve grown my boy something huge, haven’t I?” Coach said as he stared at how small his friend looked next to me. “He’s a fucking muscle machine. Eats me out of house and home, but he’s as strong as an ox so I never have to do any hard labor. He does all the heavy lifting and any chore there is. Yeah, my boy is gigantic muscle perfection.” Coach reached up to run his hand across my hairless bulging chest. I looked into his eyes as he rubbed my hardness and sucked in air. I could tell he was getting turned on in a major way – my flexing, his friend’s smallness compared to me, and the way my hard muscles didn’t give at all when he pressed in. I was beginning to sweat a little since I was still holding my arms in a flexed state – that, and the fact that the room was getting a little stuffy from all the worshipping. “Let’s give my friend a higher view of the room, boy. I think he’d liked to be picked up,” Coach said, removing his hand from my pecs and stepping back a little. Never would I need an order from Coach repeated. I followed his lead on everything. My motto was Coach always knew best. Coach’s friend let out a little whimper when I lowered my arms, grabbed him at the waist and easily lifted his smaller frame into the air – completely extending my arms upward. This put the guy’s crotch right at eye level and I could see my work had already achieved Coach’s initial goal. I knew he wanted me to make his friend harder than hell. We could now check that off the list – the dude had an impressively large raging boner. “How’s the view up there?” Coach asked his friend. “Stunning,” he replied and I looked up to see that he was commenting on my shoulders, back, and chest from his angle above. “Make ‘em spurt, boy,” Coach ordered. “No,” cried his friend, but it was too late. I lowered the man and pressed his crotch into my hard chest as he came down. I did the same as I lifted him back up – basically rubbing his hard-on against my muscled body. Two passes up and down proved to be too much for the guy. I could tell he was fighting the ejaculation as hard as he could, but being easily manhandled by me sent him over the top. Within seconds he was flopping around in my hands as if he were having some kind of a seizure. I simply held him in the air until his prolonged orgasm finished. The poor guy’s eyes rolled back into his head and he cried out loudly as he filled his underwear with sweet-smelling man juice. I was now fully hard, myself, having loved dominating Coach’s friend so easily. But it was the fact that I was doing exactly what my Coach told me to do that turned me on the most. I lived and grew simply to please him. I turned to see him give me an approving nod and smile – acknowledging my obedience. When I sensed the man in my hands was calm enough – and strong enough – to stand alone, I put him back on the floor. “Now what am I going to do? I’ve got a big mess at my crotch!” exclaimed his friend in a now much weaker voice. “Not to worry, my friend, the three of us will take a shower,” Coach replied and his friend emitted a second little whimper at the thought of showering with me. “Boy, I don’t think either my friend or I would like to walk right now.” I immediately knew what to do. As soon as I was told something from my Coach I reacted without even a second thought. I was his boy and I followed his every order – I granted his every wish. Bending slightly, I pushed my shoulder into the abs of Coach’s friend. I then did the same with Coach on the other shoulder. I loved how there was still so much empty space available even though I had a grown man across each shoulder. I stood with no extra effort at all and took both men up in the air at the same time. As I walked it merely felt like I was a little heavier. Carrying two men felt like I only had two towels draped over my shoulders. I walked to the large group shower and placed both men on the ground. They had each taken the opportunity to groped different muscles on my body as we traveled the short distance. I missed feeling their hands rubbing me and trying to squeeze my bulges. “Strip, boy, and get the water warm,” Coach ordered, as he began to unbutton his shirt. My board shorts were off almost before he finished his sentence. I had recently begun to anticipate what Coach would want. I was sometimes able to follow an order before he even said it. We had become so completely compatible. “Holy fuck! He’s got a horse dick!” exclaimed Coach’s friend when my shorts hit the floor. I felt my face turning red. I’d always been big below the belt – ever since I could remember. I surpassed my dad in dick size when I was just ten years old. I don’t think he ever got over it. In gym class, guys actually ran from the locker room when I undressed – scared of what I could do with my huge tool. I didn’t turn red from embarrassment, though. I turned red because I was proud of my third leg. Showing off my huge rod for Coach was another thing that could make me hard. The half hard large cock started getting bigger and poking out from my crotch. “Yeah, the thing’s like a T-Rex when it’s fully hard,” Coach said. “I think that’s where he gets his power and what makes him grow. And stand back when it blows – the thing can chug out a lotta cum. Watch this. Fully hard, son.” His request was my command. Instantly, my cock shot fully rigid and slapped loudly against my hard cobbled stomach – the tip almost reaching the bottom of my voluminous pecs. Coach always screamed I was wider than a doorknob every time I started to plow him. He also loved how my cock followed his orders. One night he made me stand by the bed and he’d say ‘get hard’ and watch my cock elongate and then he’d order it to be ‘flaccid’ and the huge thing would instantly deflate. After a few rounds of that I was turning purple from my need to release. The older man offered up his nice ass as a reward for my obedience. “Holy hell, it’s thicker than my arm!” said Coach’s friend. By this point, Coach and his friend were fully undressed. The remains of the friend’s orgasm were caked on the fur around his still hard cock. Obviously the guy couldn’t be around muscles like mine and not be stiff as hell. I took a moment to soak in Coach’s beautiful body. It still turned me on so much. Everything from the salt and pepper fur across his chest to the elder daddy muscles that still bulged nicely to the amazing bubbled ass that looked like it belonged on a twenty-year old guy. Coach always said he kept his ass nicely muscled from doing squats onto my humongous rod – one of my personal favorite things we did together. The elder man knew I was looking at him, so he turned to give me a nice view of his perfect butt. My cock throbbed noticeably. “How ‘bout we soap up my big boy. There’s nothing more glorious than running your hands all over his body,” Coach said, grabbing a couple of bars of soap. “Hell yeah,” came his friend’s enthusiastic response and I moved under the spray of water to get my bulges wet for them. I spread my thick legs slightly apart, so they could get between my mountainous thighs. I also let my muscled lats force my huge arms away from my body for easy access to my biceps and sides. Water trickled down my pec shelf and fell to the floor like some kind of muscle waterfall. I stood there at attention as the two men began to soap up every nook and cranny of my monstrous body. I loved watching their small hands trying to press in my hard skin or attempting to grope some muscle that was just too big. Soon I was covered in luscious white suds, my bulges glistening in the light. My giant cock stuck straight out from my body like a diving board ready for one of the men to bounce on. “My boy likes his balls to be squeezed,” Coach said to his friend. “You take that low hanging huge thing on your side and I’ll grab the ball on mine. Squeeze hard – he likes it that way and, trust me, he can take more pressure than we can give. Show us those big guns while we fondle your sack, boy.” Again, my soapy biceps were immediately flexed without a second thought. They obeyed the Coach as if he was some kind of army drill sergeant and I was a brand new recruit. I loved how my huge arms were bigger than both men’s heads. I then felt small hands grabbing both of my baseball-like cum pouches under my protruding rod. A bear-like growl escaped from my throat, as both men started to squeeze with what I’m sure was all their might. My big cock bobbed up and down from the pleasure of their grip. The two men yanked down in unison as they continued to squeeze hard. It was like they were trying to milk a huge bull. My ass cheeks tightened and my biceps tensed even higher as my body responded to their yanking and crushing of my balls. Soon, Coach got his reward. A big gob of thick, intensely white cum bubbled from the end of my big dick head and hung there like some kind of sexual stalactite. God, I loved getting my balls tugged on hard. The big glob of cum stretched down to the shower floor – that’s how thick and heavy my juice was. When Coach sucked me off he always said he got enough protein in one of my loads to meet the daily requirements for a month. “That stuff’s potent. You’ll have to try some of my boy’s milk later on. It makes you feel more masculine than you ever have before for about three days straight. I call it my muscle boy high,” Coach told his friend and I felt my chest swell bigger with pride. “It’s time we had some release, boy. One-arm bear hugs for everyone. Squeeze the cum out of us.” My big arms came down, I wrapped them around the arms and chest of both men, and then I hoisted the smaller dudes into the air as if they were toddlers. I loved how the weight of two grown men was nothing for me to pick up. I instantly started squeezing, making sure my bulging biceps pressed hard into both men’s pecs. At the same time I pulled my arms inward so the two guys ended up staring at each other as I hugged them tightly. Our faces were close to each other, so I got to see them turn red as my squeeze became more and more unbearable. This was one of Coach’s favorite ways to orgasm. I hugged even more tightly and looked down at the three dicks poking out like swords about to have a duel. Both of their cocks put together would not come close to matching the hugeness of mine. I let out a growl to make it seem like I was using a lot more power from my arms than I really was – knowing neither man could have taken my full strength. The pressure from my muscles proved to be two much and both men erupted with loud moans of pleasure. I held them in place as their bodies jerked back and forth from the magnitude of their ejaculations. Their cum blasts shot off like cannons at each other and the splat noise as it hit skin was louder than the shower. I immediately lessened the pressure from my arms – we didn’t need anyone passing out. “Fuuuucckkkk, that gets me every time,” Coach said loudly when he had recovered from his orgasm. “My boy could squeeze cum out of a boulder!” Both men were limp from fatigue. I continued to hold their bodies against my bigger one. I took turns moving each of them under the spray of the shower so we could clean the mixture of their man juices off of them. The water hitting my still rock-hard cock felt good. I knew Coach was ready to grant me some release, too. “My boy wants to get his rocks off, doesn’t he?” Coach asked and I nodded my head. “Let’s show my friend, here, the power of that huge bazooka of yours. Aim for the far wall, boy.” I turned my body – and the two of them – towards the far end of the big shower room – about fifteen feet away. I willed my cock to move from sticking straight up against my abs to sticking straight out like the barrel of a tank gun. I spread my legs wider, knowing I’d need some extra support as I unloaded. I squeezed both men a little harder – just to get them primed for the show. “No fucking way,” Coach’s friend said as he realized what was about to happen. “Do your Coach proud, boy,” Coach said and then he bellowed, “Ready. Aim. Fire!” The instant machine gun like splattering against the far wall was incredible. A torrent of cum blotches appeared on the wall and began to drip artistically down the wall. I unloaded what Coach liked to call a ‘tsunami-sized’ orgasm. He said the force of my ejaculations was sometimes more powerful than my plowing. I had always had a little fantasy about busting concrete or breaking through tile with the force of my spewing. The continued smacking against the wall made that fantasy pop into my head again. I heard Coach’s friend shout ‘holy hell’ at the amount of cum I unloaded and it’s obvious powerful blast, but I was too wrapped up in my release to show my pride. My crotch jerked strongly back and forth as I pummeled the wall with my cum torpedoes. I continued to hold my two little admirers in the air the entire time – this only adding to their pleasure and mine. When I finally spurted out my last shot, which still went halfway across the room, the wall looked like some shopkeeper had sprayed it with fake snow for Christmas. I could feel Coach’s approval as the three of us surveyed my work. I had impressed his friend not only with the force of my blasts, but with the amount of juice, as well. “Told you my boy is a cum factory,” Coach said. “I think the bigger he gets the more sweet man-honey he can produce. Let’s deflate that monstrous thing, boy. We’re going out in public soon and we don’t want to give anyone a heart attack.” Instantly, my cock obeyed the Coach and went flaccid. His wish was my command.
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