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  1. Chapter One "Oh, you were able to come!" As Roger gave Henry the biggest hug ever recorded in history, his friend gasped "I'm not the Ultimate Musketeer" and as Roger let go he chuckled "Although I could be if you wanted me to!" "We'll save that for the masses!" smiled Roger and with that opened the doors to the SUV and as Henry and Roger piled in all the materials they would need for the Olympia, they jumped in and pointed in the direction of Las Vegas and said in unison "Olympia, HO!" and with that Roger gunned the engine and they were off *** "Your destination is 809 miles away" announced the sat nav as they left Fort Collins "and will take eleven hours and thirty five minutes!" "Wow!" exclaimed Henry, "you do realise that's the same as travelling from where I live to Aberdeen and about two thirds of the way back again. You were right when you said that America was a large country!" "A large country" smiled Roger, "with large men heading to a contest with even larger men!" and with that they both laughed before Roger said "So, how was the flight?" "Flight?" asked Henry, "what flight?" "The flight from the UK to here!" replied Roger "Really?" asked Henry raising an eyebrow, "why on earth would I want to waste money on a flight?" "You never!" gasped Roger to which Henry replied with a chuckle "I did" and with that stated his journey. "I left my home at midnight today" he started, "remembering of course that I'm seven hours ahead of you. I had my luggage with me and so wheeled it down to the beach where I live. Then, and considering it was now a quarter past midnight, I went to the beach hut I have and there I..." "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "you did, didn't you?" "...became the Ultimate Musketeer!" added Henry and as he did Roger roared "Oh, fuck, yeah. Go on, tell me what you did!" "Well, after wrapping the luggage onto my back, I dived into the Irish Sea and headed due south west until I got to the Azores a little after three in the morning my time!" "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "how fast were you going?" "I'm not sure, but give me a moment" and as he consulted his tablet he replied "About three times faster than an aeroplane, but then I always like to go full throttle when I start!" "And then where?" moaned Roger "Well, I took a right hand turn and headed towards the United States. I think I arrived in, oh, now what was it called?" and with that he looked at the map and said "Ah, yes, here we are, Beverly Beach in Maryland, and that was just about sunrise" "You swum the Atlantic in a little over twelve hours?" gasped Roger "Give or take, yes!" "Oh man, your heart must have been pumping!" "Two hundred and forty beats per minute" said Henry, "about the same as a brisk jog. And from there I ran all the way here" "How long?" moaned Roger, "or should I stop the car now and cum?" "Let's see" came the reply, "I arrived in Maryland at around seven in the morning eastern, so that's five in the morning mountain, we'd agreed to pick me up from the airport at eleven mountain so five hours!" As Roger moaned, he pulled the car over and started scrabbling for something. Pulling out what looked like a drinks bottle, he pulled out his eleven inch cock, thrust it into the bottle and moaned "Speed?" "Three hundred and thirty nine miles per hour" came the reply, "a little under half the speed of sound!" "OOOOOOHHHHHH, FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!" screamed Roger as he came into the bottle and as he orgasmed panted, "Tell Adam, the next time he visits, take the aeroplane. I don't think I'll be able to stand too many of his go it alone journeys!" "Hear that, Adam" said Henry tapping his head, "on the return journey we book a plane" to which Adam grumped in reply "That's not fair, you know I wanted to swim through the Panama Canal!"
  2. * FINALLY FINISHED * "Ah, so you're JP's big brother," Andrew realized, once he heard the caller's name. "It's good to meet you man: verbally at least." "It's good to meet you too Andrew," Ryan replied, fully aware that his former coach could hear them. He didn't give voice to his thoughts: I don't want to be known as JP's brother; I'm my own man! "Once Tyler told me all about you, I looked you up on that new YouTube site and saw all your videos. You're an awesome football player man, and you'll have no trouble getting a full ride to any school you want!" "Thanks man," Andrew said, pleased that Ryan had told him how he had found out all about him. "I'm glad to have one fan at least." "Much more than just one, considering all the views your videos got," Ryan assured him sincerely. "That's part of the reason my college coach wanted me to call Coach Palmer and arrange this phone call. My coach told me to tell you that he's going to arrange an Unofficial Recruiting Visit down here for you the next time you're in Virginia." "That's very flattering man; thank him for me," Andrew said. "I'll have to give you the contact information for my high school football coach back in Orillia. He can coordinate with your college football coach to arrange everything for the visit." "It wasn't just your online videos that put you on his radar Andrew," Ryan informed him. "He also took note of your impressive performance at the football camps you attended this spring." "Well I'm glad I wasn't easy to miss," Andrew said seriously. "After all, I was among dozens of other high school football players at those camps, and I think I was the only Canadian there." "You're impossible to miss Andrew," Ryan assured him . "My coach told me that when he saw you in March, you weighed 275 pounds and stood 6 foot 7 inches tall." "Those were my old stats," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. He noticed Coach Palmer edging away to give him some privacy and added, "I'm bigger now." "How much do you weigh now Andrew?" Ryan asked him, sounding a little nervous. "305 pounds of solid muscle," Andrew replied, having detected a hint of fear in Ryan's voice. "It was a great day when I reached the average weight of an NFL lineman." "That's awesome man; I'm really happy for you," Ryan said sincerely. "Coach Palmer's no longer in hearing range Ryan; tell me how you really feel," Andrew said, just to test him. "I have been man," Ryan said seriously, hearing the slight hint of menace in Andrew's voice. I'm going to have to watch myself with him, he thought to himself. He sounds like he's just as smart as my little brother! "My coach told me that your performance at the spring football camps led to you getting offers for Unofficial Recruiting Visits throughout the Midwest." "Starting with Ohio State tomorrow," Andrew said, deliberately dropping the name of JP's hopeful college. "When do I get to meet you in person Ryan?" "You'll have to wait until your Unofficial Recruiting Visit at Virginia Tech," Ryan replied. "My coach asked me if I would be willing to be your campus guide, and I'd be glad to do it." "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, getting the feeling that Ryan was a really great guy under his cocky jock exterior. "You know, I just thought of a way we can see each other face-to-face even if we're probably dozens of miles apart." "You're right man, I'm in Harrisonburg off I-81 right now," Ryan agreed. "How can we see each other face-to-face without being in the same room?" he asked. "On Skype man," Andrew replied. "I have it on my laptop. Do you have it on yours?" "Sure I do man," Ryan replied with a big grin, getting excited at the notion of seeing just how big and muscular Andrew truly was. "Do you want to talk later once you get back to your hotel room?" "That sounds like a great idea," Andrew replied, anxious to see what the famous Ryan Maloney looked like. "It's a much better way for two new friends to chat long distance than on Instant Messenger." He heard a long silence on the other end of the line and hastily added, "If you want to be friends, that is." "That's fine with me Andrew," Ryan agreed eagerly. "It would be great to get to know you better and find out how you got so big and strong. Coach told me that you can bench 700 pounds for reps!" "Yeah, that's only because I couldn't find enough weight plates in your home gym to get to my max of 800 pounds tonight," Andrew said cockily. "Hopefully the gym at Virginia Tech has enough weight plates to challenge me." "Wow!" Ryan shouted in astonishment after another long silence. "You're insanely strong man; I bet you can bust through any defensive line effortlessly!" "Yeah I can man, but I always help the other players up afterwards to be a good sport," Andrew said seriously. "No sense being a sore winner." "I've heard of sore losers, but what's a sore winner?" Ryan asked curiously. "A sore winner is someone who gloats about his victory, acting cocky and arrogant as he rubs his success in other people's faces," Andrew replied. He decided to be completely honest with Ryan about his younger brother and added, "Kind of like how JP was during his last workout with you this spring." "So he told you about that, did he?" Ryan asked angrily. "No, I kind of tricked it out of him," Andrew replied. "I'll tell you more when we chat on Skype tonight, but I'd better text you my contact information on Skype now." "Don't forget your cell phone number Andrew, and ask Coach Palmer for mine," Ryan reminded him. "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, pleased that he and Ryan could keep in touch. "You know, it might be hard for you to confirm you got the text while you're on the phone with me," he suddenly realized. "Do you have a notepad you can write on instead?" "Good idea man; yeah I do," Ryan replied. After a few seconds, he said, "Go ahead Big Guy, I'm ready." Andrew quickly gave him all the required information and then Ryan returned the favour, once Andrew pulled out his cell phone. "I've got all your contact information Ryan," Andrew said. "I'll text you when I get back to my hotel and then we can meet face-to-face on Skype." "I look forward to it Andrew," Ryan said sincerely. "Get Coach Palmer back on the phone. I want to thank him for arranging this cell phone call with you this evening." "That's a good idea Ryan," Andrew said, signalling Coach Palmer to come closer. Once Coach Palmer stepped up beside him, Andrew added, "It was great talking to you man; I'll see you on Skype later tonight." "Goodbye Andrew," Ryan said, before Andrew handed Coach Palmer's cell phone back to him. Andrew waited patiently while Ryan filled Coach Palmer in on all that he had discussed with Andrew. Once the call was over, Coach Palmer turned to Andrew and said, "Very good Andrew: now you have another Unofficial Recruiting Visit lined up for this summer, hosted by one of my best players no less! Ryan thinks a lot of you and he'll be very happy to host a big man like you on campus!" "Yeah, and I'll enjoy being hosted by the Big Man on Campus," Andrew said with a big grin. "Very funny Andrew, making a play on my words like that!" Coach Palmer chuckled. "Hey, I don't just have brawn, I actually have brains as well!" Andrew reminded him with a cocky smirk. "I know that now Andrew," Coach Palmer assured him with an indulgent smile. "But since we're standing on the football field, how about you show me just how skilled you are at using your brawn. I can see that you're already prepared, since you're holding your football." He noticed Andrew's cocky smirk morph into a confident grin and added, "I'll use my digital camera to capture your performance on the field and then I can send that video to Ryan's college coach." Andrew nodded in agreement and slowly took off his football jacket. "Would you mind putting my jacket on the fence behind you Coach? I don't want it to get dirty." "You just want to leave the back of your Varsity Jacket free for a Provincial Championship patch, don't you?" Coach Palmer realized with a big grin. When Andrew nodded, he added, "Then you'd better take off your t-shirt as well, then you won't get it dirty either." Andrew grinned with excitement at the prospect of showing off his huge muscles and slowly began to peel off his skin-tight t-shirt, disguising the effort to make it look like a show for the coach. Coach Palmer's eyes widened in astonishment and more than a little fear at Andrew's massive shoulders, huge pecs, enormous biceps and eight-pack abs. "Uhhh... that's great Andrew, now jog across the field to the other end zone so that I can throw you the ball," Coach Palmer stammered. "You can catch a hundred yard pass, can't you?" "If you can throw the ball that far Coach," Andrew teased him. "I certainly can Andrew; I just hope you can run that far," Palmer said, taking the Miami Football out of Andrew's hands. "Move it Mister: that's an order!" "Yes Sir!" Andrew shouted eagerly, running down the field with huge strong strides. Coach Palmer cocked his arm back, marshalled all his strength and threw the football as high and as far as he could. He followed the flight of the ball as it arced through the air and had to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun in the west. He finally saw Andrew catch the football at the opposite end zone and he realized at that moment that none of the videos he had seen of Andrew's performance on the football field had been exaggerated. ================================================================================================================================================= Meanwhile, in a hotel room in Harrisonburg, Virginia, off Interstate 81, a strikingly handsome jock with jet black hair and piercing green eyes stood up from the couch by the window and grinned. Perfect, Ryan Maloney thought to himself. I'll be able to learn from my new friend Andrew Pearson how to get really huge and strong. With any luck, he'll pick my school over Ohio State and then we can be right beside each other on the Offensive Line. Ryan frowned as he suddenly realized something. Once I get big enough that the coach lets me play, of course. But then he grinned again when he realized that he had found the perfect reason to give Andrew for why he wanted to get bigger and stronger. He'll never know that I just want to get big enough that my little dweeb brother can never get close to beating me in anything ever again! "Who were you talking to out here Ryan?" Luke asked, stepping out of the washroom after his shower. "One of my brother's friends man," Ryan replied, turning to face his smaller friend with a smug grin on his face. "Is he a dorky band geek like your brother?" Luke asked with a sneer. "No man, in fact he's big enough to make you look like a runt," Ryan replied with a slight glare. He maximized the YouTube Video he had been watching of Andrew before Coach Palmer had texted him. "See for yourself man; keep an eye on number 3: Andrew Pearson," he said, as he sat back down on the couch. Luke and Ryan watched the highlight video of the 2004 Provincial Championship game between Andrew's team, the ODCVI Blues from Orillia, and the Eastview Wildcats from Barrie. "Wow man!" Luke shouted in astonishment once the video had ended. "You've got to convince your coach at Tech to get Andrew down there for an Unofficial Recruiting Visit this summer." "Already done man, after Tyler told me all about him," Ryan said with a cocky smirk. "And guess who gets to host him for his visit!" "You mean, you're going to be the host?" Luke asked him in surprise. "Of course man, who else?" Ryan scoffed. "Who better to host an incoming freshman than a current freshman?" He left out the part where his Tech coach had reminded him that all Redshirt Freshmen had to act as student hosts for incoming freshman prospects. "Once I showed this video to Coach, he told me to call my high school coach and set up a phone call with Andrew. And thanks to Coach Palmer calling Coach Graves, who called my dad, JP ended up bringing Andrew over to Central High School this evening. Once he got Andrew alone, Coach Palmer texted me and I called him and got to speak to Andrew. He's a really great football player, as you could see from the highlight videos." "Hey maybe you and Andrew can become teammates on the Offensive Line next fall and win a college football championship," Luke suggested. "Yeah, and maybe Andrew can show me how to get as huge and ripped as he is!" Ryan shouted in excitement, flexing his massive biceps. "Then I can leave that little dweeb brother of mine in the dust once and for all!" "That would be awesome man!" Luke shouted in excitement. "Then when you go home for Christmas you can give that brother of yours the worst present he's ever had!" "Yeah, the present of my awesome presence!" Ryan shouted, proving that Andrew wasn't the only smart guy in the state. "How will you convince Andrew to help you get bigger without revealing the real reason?" Luke suddenly asked. "Easy, I'll just tell him the truth: my coach at Tech won't let me play until I'm a lot bigger and stronger," Ryan said smugly. "Andrew will never realize that I just want to get huge to dominate my little brother so completely that he'll shrivel up and rot just like a little raisin!" "Sounds like you've got it all figured out," Luke realized. "So, enough talk; you want to head out and see what kind of summer parties JMU has to offer?" "Sure man, and maybe I can find a hot chick who wants a piece of me," Ryan sneered with a suggestive smirk. "I'll keep my cell on vibrate so that when Andrew texts me, I can get back here and see him on Skype." "You want me to come back with you?" Luke asked, as they headed out the door. "Naw man, I want to see him alone," Ryan replied. "If he sees two of us, he might think something's up when I ask him if he'll help me get bigger like him." Luke nodded in agreement as they headed down the hall. Ryan breathed a silent sigh of relief, relieved that Luke hadn't figured out the true reason that Ryan wanted to speak to Andrew alone: so that no one could horn in on the new friendship that he was hoping to form with JP's new mentor. ================================================================================================================================================= Andrew had been showing off his football skills for ten minutes, so neither he nor Coach Palmer noticed JP coming out of the high school gym. Andrew threw his football from the far end of the field to Coach Palmer, but he threw it too far and it hit JP in the chest before he could catch it. "Are you okay JP?" Palmer asked as JP fell onto his back. But then he grinned as JP rolled through the fall and back to his feet. "I guess you are okay," he realized, noticing the cocky smirk on JP's face. "Sure I am Coach; it will take a lot more than a 120 yard pass to hurt me," JP assured him; relieved that his high pain tolerance had allowed him to withstand the impact of the football. "That's the furthest I've ever seen anyone throw a football though; even Clark Kent on Smallville last season restricted himself to 60 yard passes!" "Andrew outweighs Clark by at least 80 pounds of solid muscle," Palmer said, grinning at JP's huge friend as he jogged shirtless across the field towards them. His jaw dropped in astonishment as Andrew stopped in front of him and he could only stare in awe at the sweat glistening on the body of the hulking muscle god in front of him. "Uh, very good job Andrew: your football skills are very impressive," he managed to stammer out. He turned to JP, whose eyes were as wide as his own and asked, "What did you think of Andrew's performance on the field tonight?" "It was amazing Coach; I can see why you wanted to see him tonight," JP realized. He noticed the digital camera in Palmer's hands and added, "It looks like you got a lot of good footage of Andrew's football skills. Which school are you going to send it to?" Coach Palmer and Andrew looked at each other uncertainly, unsure how to answer JP's question without making him mad. "Are you going to tell him Coach, or should I?" Andrew finally asked Coach Palmer. "Tell me what?" JP snapped, guessing that there could only be one reason why they so reluctant to name the school. "It's Virginia Tech JP," Coach Palmer replied, gambling that his position as Head Football Coach would keep him safe from JP's wrath. He was right, because all JP did was narrow his eyes slightly in anger. "I'll let Andrew tell you all about it; I've got everything I need," he added, holding up his digital camera. "See you later JP and nice meeting you Andrew." With that, Coach Palmer beat a hasty retreat into the high school, leaving Andrew alone to face JP. Andrew looked over cautiously at JP, who was glaring at him with a look of fury on his face. "Go ahead JP; let me have it for talking to your brother and then I can explain how it happened," Andrew sighed. "I ought to punch you in the face for even talking to Ryan, knowing how much I hate him!" JP snapped. "Fine, do it if you think it 'll make you feel better!" Andrew snapped back. "It won't make any difference to me; I probably won't feel it anyway!" JP roared in fury and lunged at Andrew, his right fist leading the way. SMACK! JP punched Andrew in the face with all his strength. To make his smaller friend feel better, Andrew let his head snap around from the blow, even though he didn't feel a thing. Encouraged by thinking that he had actually hurt Andrew, JP kept punching Andrew in the face, making his big friend's head rock back and forth. Andrew didn't even stumble or flinch though, and eventually JP got tired. He stopped punching Andrew in the face and settled for kneeing him in the gut instead. Soon JP's hands began to ache from punching Andrew's tough jaw and his knees felt like they had impacted a concrete wall. JP ignored the pain for a couple more minutes and kept hitting Andrew in the abs until he finally tired out and he was no longer mad. "Feel better now JP?" Andrew asked, breathing a sigh of relief that JP had stopped attacking him. Hopefully he got some of the rage at his brother out of his system by attacking me! "You look tired." "Yeah I am Andrew," JP replied, smiling when he noticed Andrew rubbing his chin with one hand and his abs with the other. As he tried to catch his breath, he added, "I'm glad I was able to hurt you a bit; that means that I'll be able to wipe the floor with Ryan the next time I see him!" "Good JP, can we go now?" Andrew asked him impatiently. "Or did you want to throw my football around for a while on an actual football field?" "That would be great Andrew," JP said excitedly. "You always know what to say to make me feel better." "And apparently I know what to do as well, since letting you punch me several times calmed you down," Andrew realized with a gentle smile. "What do you mean by 'letting' me?" JP asked him in surprise. "I mean that I could have caught all your punches if I had wanted to," Andrew replied, crossing his massive arms with a smug grin. Then he noticed JP frowning, so he decided to cheer him up. "But I figured that it would make you feel better if I acted as your human punching bag. Anytime you want to let out your frustrations by doing it again, just let me know man. Or don't; it won't matter to me because I barely felt anything anyway." "Thanks a lot Andrew; now you've made me feel worse!" JP snapped at him. "Sorry about that man, but you punched me, not the other way around," Andrew reminded him with a cocky grin. "But you don't hear me complaining about it!" "That's because you just admitted that I barely hurt you!" JP snapped in fury. "That's because I'm almost twice your size JP," Andrew reminded him. When JP glared at him, Andrew sighed and added, "But if it makes you feel any better, you did hurt me a little bit." "Not enough Andrew!" JP yelled in fury. "How am I supposed to take Ryan down if I can't even make you wince when I punch you?" "I outweigh Ryan by almost a hundred pounds," Andrew reminded him, having to clench his fists to keep from snapping back at JP. JP grinned: suddenly feeling better and Andrew grinned back at him. "Now can I tell you how I ended up talking with Ryan over the phone?" "Yes Andrew," JP replied, suddenly realizing how lucky he was that he hadn't made his huge friend mad. Andrew told him the whole story and concluded by telling JP that he would show Ryan just how big he was on Skype later that night. Then he and JP finally got to throw the football around on the field for about an hour. Andrew showed JP some of the football drills he went through as an Offensive Lineman at ODCVI. JP smiled to himself, really happy that Andrew was playing football with him: something Ryan had never done. Once they were done, it was 10 pm and getting dark. The lights around the field came on and Andrew had an idea. He stood under the uprights near his car and said, "So this is what the Friday Night Lights look like." "It's Tuesday night Andrew," JP teased him with a smirk. "Funny man JP; it was a figure of speech and you know it!" Andrew laughed. "Speaking of figures, you certainly make an imposing one with the lights behind you," JP suddenly realized, a trace of fear showing up on his face. "Then take a picture of me with my game face on," Andrew ordered him, getting down into his three point stance with one hand holding his football. Andrew glared up at the camera as if he was about to take down his opponent and JP quickly took the picture, feeling very afraid of his huge friend at that moment. "Okay Andrew, how about we try one with you smiling?" JP suggested, trying unsuccessfully to keep the fear out of his voice. "Sorry about that JP; I didn't mean to scare you," Andrew apologized. He grinned up at JP, who took another picture, and then stood up to his full height of six feet and seven inches. "There now JP: we've played football, taken some pictures, met your wrestling coach and you've used me as a human punching bag. Are you ready to go home now?" "Yeah Andrew, and I'm really excited about tomorrow's recruiting visit to Ohio State," JP said with a big grin on his face. "The Ohio State JP," Andrew teased him, finally putting his t-shirt back on. He noticed JP mock-glaring at him and laughed. "Don't look at me like that man; you're the one who corrected me about that earlier today!" "You're right Andrew," JP realized, as they headed to Andrew's truck with their Varsity Jackets slung over their shoulders. As they reached Andrew's truck, he asked, "So what are you going to do when you get back to your hotel with Carrie and Mike?" "I'm going to call Ryan on-" Andrew began, before having to catch JP's fist in mid-punch. "Don't try that again JP: you've hit me enough for one night," Andrew growled in fury. He gave JP's fist a slight squeeze until JP winced in pain. "Do you get the point now man? I can catch your punches anytime I want to!" "Yes Andrew, I've got it!" JP gasped in pain. "Can you let me go now?" "Sure man; I've made my point," Andrew replied, releasing his iron grip on JP's fist. JP massaged his sore hand and Andrew said, "Why do you insist on asking questions that you don't want to hear the answer to?" "I don't know Andrew," JP replied, as they got into Andrew's truck. "I guess I'm just too curious for my own good." "Yeah, you seem to have forgotten that cautionary tale about the cat who was too curious," Andrew realized. "Don't even joke about that Andrew!" JP begged him. Andrew looked over and a look of concern came over his face when he saw how scared JP looked. "Aroused, your great physical strength could kill! And I only felt a tiny sample of it when you squeezed my fist!" "I'm sorry about that man, but you made me mad for a moment there," Andrew informed him. "I was in a really bad mood all last fall and the results weren't pretty." "Why was that Andrew?" JP asked, as Andrew started driving them back to JP's house. "My grandpa had a stroke last fall, just after I graduated Basic Reserves Training," Andrew replied. "I was really worried about him during football season, since he was confined to a wheelchair and could barely speak. Fortunately, my parents were able to bring him to every game, but then my nemesis David Harrington insulted him and I just lost it and punched him in the face, giving him a bloody nose. The next punch knocked him out. If Steve, Darrel and Mike hadn't pulled me away, I would have killed him with my bare hands!" JP just stared at Andrew in speechless terror as his big friend's face turned red with fury and his hands turned white on the steering wheel. Andrew looked over at JP, still furious from the bad memories, and saw the look of terror on his face. He started taking a few deep breaths to calm down and was relieved to see the normal look of confidence return to JP's face. JP wisely decided to wait until Andrew had calmed down completely before he asked, "What happened next Andrew?" "Coach Everson suspended me for two games and my parents chewed me out hard when we got back home," Andrew remembered, looking embarrassed. "I actually stayed in a hotel that weekend, not wanting to deal with anyone. Then when I got home from school on Monday evening, my dad informed me that my Grandpa (his dad, not my mom's) had suffered another massive stroke and was now confined to a hospital bed. I could see in his eyes that my dad blamed me for that, since Grandpa Pearson had attended the game where I took David out for insulting him. I felt really bad and I visited Grandpa every weekend after that, now that I had seen the damage my bad temper had caused." "It wasn't your fault Andrew," JP tried to assure his big friend. "It was probably just a coincidence that your grandpa had another stroke around the same time that you were punching David." "That's not true JP; he had the stroke at the game right after I attacked David!" Andrew shouted in frustration. "My rage stressed him out so badly that it caused his second stroke and put him in that hospital bed!" JP just stared at his big friend in sympathy, not having a clue what to say when he realized what an incredible burden of guilt Andrew had been carrying around for almost a year. Andrew sighed as a tear ran down his cheek and he and JP just drove in silence for a few minutes while he tried to compose himself. "What happened next Andrew?" JP asked his huge friend gently. "Coach Everson let me play in the Semi-Final and then the Provincial Championship Game," Andrew replied. "Unfortunately, the O-Line had learned some new plays under the back-up Center that I wasn't familiar with and we lost the Provincial Championship Game in the last second due to a missed field goal because David deflected it. I managed to control my temper about that but I broke down in my grandpa's hospital room as I told him a day later. He couldn't say a word, but he did reach over with his one good arm to grab my hand. I promised him that I would win the next Provincial Championship for him and he smiled. Then he fell asleep and I went home. We got the news the next morning that he had passed away during the night." "So you were the last person to see him and he went to heaven happy," JP guessed. "Yeah man," Andrew said with a gentle smile. "And now you know everything about last season and why I'm not really a cocky jock anymore." JP nodded in understanding. "You're the only one who knows everything I've told you, besides Carrie of course, and I want it to stay that way." JP nodded in understanding, realizing how much Andrew thought of him that he would reveal his innermost secrets. "Do you have anything else to tell me Andrew, or is that it?" JP asked. "That's it JP," Andrew replied, glancing over at his friend with a gentle smile. "I think we're even now, since you told me everything about you and Ryan earlier this evening." JP tried to keep the anger he felt at hearing the name of his big brother from showing on his face, because he remembered how easily Andrew had shut down his attempt to punch him earlier. I'd better be on my best behavior with Andrew; he could crush me with one hand tied behind his back! JP realized in sudden fear. Then he thought of something that made him smile. "Getting excited about the trip to the Ohio State tomorrow JP?" Andrew asked him. "Yeah Andrew," JP replied, not letting his huge friend know that he was actually thinking of how scared Ryan would be when he saw how big Andrew was. "I'm really grateful that you're taking me to see the school I hope to wrestle at in my college years." "No problem JP; Mark did it for me, so I'm returning the favour in a deflected manner," Andrew informed him. When JP looked at him with confusion, Andrew explained that his first protégé Mark Stevenson had invited Andrew along on his Official Recruiting Visits during the previous football season. "So in a way, Ohio State is already aware of me, because I went there with Mark on his Official Recruiting Visit almost one year ago," Andrew explained to JP. "Did you mentor him just so you could get early exposure to the NCAA?" JP teased him. Andrew glared over at him in mock fury, but a slight grin betrayed his true feelings. "Just joking Big Guy." "Hey, I told you before, you call me 'Huge Guy' JP!" Andrew roared, unable to keep a cocky grin from appearing on his face. JP laughed and the two of them continued joking around until they got back to JP's house. Once they got to JP's house, they parked in the driveway and Andrew turned to JP. "Thanks a lot for listening to everything I told you about last season without judgement JP," Andrew said gratefully. "You're a great friend." "Thanks Andrew; you are too," JP said, as his parents came out of the house. As he and Andrew got out of Andrew's truck, he said, "Coach Graves got in touch with all the wrestling coaches at each school we're going to, so I'll be having my own early Unofficial Recruiting Visits while you have yours." "Good job man; taking a page out of my book I see," Andrew said with a smug grin. He turned to his friends, who had come out of the house after JP's parents and asked them, "Did you guys have lots of fun with Matt and JP's parents while we were gone?" "Yeah man," Mike replied. "JP's parents were bragging about him while he was gone, showing us his wrestling photos, newspaper articles, trophies and his District Finalist Medal from last season." "I hope we can see a State Championship Medal from you next season JP," Mr. Maloney said with a frown. "You will Dad," JP assured him, trying to make his determination show on his face. "But in the meantime, I will have to show off my District Finalist Medal to the Ohio State Wrestling Coaches tomorrow." "Yeah, when I called Coach Graves and told him which schools Andrew was taking you to, he said that he would get in touch with the wrestling coaches at those schools," Mr. Maloney said proudly. "Yeah he showed me all the emails from them, in which they expressed their hope that I would talk to them while I'm on campus this week," JP said with a cocky smirk. "So I told Coach to say 'Yes, he'll be glad to meet you there' and he added my cell phone number to the email replies. Then the coaches can text me with the details." "And all this wouldn't have happened if Andrew hadn't offered to take you with him on his recruiting visits," Mrs. Maloney said, reaching up to put a hand on Andrew's massive shoulder. Andrew looked very embarrassed as JP's parents ushered Andrew inside to talk to him some more. "Where's your mom Matt?" JP asked, finally noticing that she was missing from the group. "She already went home, after leaving a packed suitcase here for me," Matt replied. "What did you and Andrew do at the high school?" JP ushered him into the house so that they could talk, leaving Mike and Carrie standing outside on the front walk. "Do you feel that we've been forgotten by Andrew over the last couple of days?" Mike asked Carrie. "No more than the past three years when Andrew spent a lot of time mentoring his current teammates," Carrie reminded him. "He didn't have to mentor you of course; your big brother Matt did a lot of that, as well as training Andrew for football before high school." "Yeah, Matt's mentoring of me and Andrew got us ready for high school football so that we played on the Varsity Team even during our Freshman Year," Mike remembered. "Of course, Coach Everson had Andrew be the back-up to Carl, the Centre, that year. Then Carl left for Miami and Andrew took over at Centre in Grade Ten." "Good thing too, because the college recruiting started just last year: Andrew's second season as Centre," Carrie reminded him. Mike grinned and nodded, and Carrie added, "I'm a little surprised that no college coaches have recruited me for Girl's Hockey yet." "Ask to meet the Girl's Hockey coaches at each school we visit and you'll find lots of recruiters visiting you this fall," Mike predicted. Carrie grinned at Mike: pleased that for all his big muscles, he hadn't lost any of the intelligence that had let him tutor Andrew and Phil in exchange for weight training years ago. Carrie and Mike chatted outside for a few more minutes and then went into the Maloney house, where they found almost everyone talking in the living room. As Carrie looked around, she noticed that Andrew and JP were not there. "Where are Andrew and JP?" she asked Mr. Maloney. "JP took Andrew up to his room to show off all his wrestling newspaper stories and trophies," Paul replied proudly. Carrie nodded in understanding: pleased that Andrew had found another protégé after not having one the previous year. Up in his bedroom, JP was proudly showing Andrew all the newspaper clippings and trophies from his high school wrestling career. "This is very impressive JP; you have really achieved great athletic success in only two years," Andrew congratulated him. "And you're a District Finalist as well." "Probably nothing compared to what you've achieved Andrew; you actually won the District Title." "Yeah, but this coming wrestling season, you'll win the State Title JP," Andrew predicted with an encouraging smile. JP smiled as Andrew had once again made him feel better. "What did you want to do now Andrew?" "Help you pack for the college road trip that starts next week, but perhaps I should see Ryan's room first." "What for Andrew?" JP asked with an angry look on his face. "I want an objective view of the kind of guy he is," Andrew replied. "A look in his room is the best glance I will get at his character since he probably decorated it himself." "Fine, let's get it over with so that we can plan our trip," JP agreed reluctantly. He led Andrew to Ryan's room and opened the door, revealing all the posters of scantily-clad women all over the walls. "Well, that certainly reveals Ryan's true character with one look," Andrew realized. "On my walls at home, I have football players banging heads on the field." "So now you see how different you and Ryan are, which explains why I think of you as my big brother instead of him," JP explained, closing Ryan's door again. Andrew nodded and followed JP back to his room to help him pack for the road trip. About an hour later, Andrew and his two friends said goodbye to JP and his family and headed back to their hotel. Once there, Andrew told Carrie that he wanted to talk to JP's brother on Skype. "Okay Andrew, I'll just go have a shower before bed," Carrie said. "Have fun talking to your new friend." Andrew had told her all about his talk with Ryan earlier that evening. "I will Carrie, and I'm going to wear my ODCVI football t-shirt so that he can see just how big and strong I am," Andrew said with a smirk. "Fine, have fun playing 'Who's the Alpha' with Ryan," Carrie laughed. "See you later Big Man," "That's 'Huge Man' to you 'Little Girl'," Andrew teased her with a mock glare. Carrie laughed and headed into the bathroom to have her shower. Andrew pulled out his Motorola Razor and texted Ryan. Then he activated Skype and waited. ================================================================================================================================================= Meanwhile, at a club in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Ryan's cell phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket with a frown. "Sorry babe, I've been expecting this text," he apologized to the hot girl he was in the middle of kissing. He read the text and grinned when he realized that Andrew was ready to start their Skype Chat. "I'm going to talk to my new friend, and he'll show me how to get even bigger and stronger for you next time," he promised her emptily. Ryan stepped back and quickly found Luke so that he could tell him where he was going. Then he headed out of the club, after promising to pick Luke up later, and drove back to their hotel to talk to Andrew. Perfect, Ryan thought to himself as he drove. Andrew will teach me how to become really big and strong so that I can give the girls more pleasure than they've ever dreamed of! And I'll be big enough to smash that dweeb brother of mine into pieces, as well as all opposing players in the games this season! Ryan was still grinning about his foolproof strategy to get Andrew's help when he pulled into the hotel parking lot. He stepped out of his car, put on his best arrogant jock face, and sauntered into the lobby, grinning like a cat at all the pretty girls he passed by. But this time, he didn't talk to any of them, he was too eager to see his new friend Andrew face-to-face. Once he got up to his hotel room, he went inside, opened up his laptop and activated Skype. As the image on the screen resolved into focus, Ryan's jaw dropped as he saw what was on the screen. ================================================================================================================================================ Andrew smirked as he saw the look of shock on the face of the black-haired, green-eyed jock on his laptop screen. "Ryan Maloney?" Andrew asked, just to make sure he was talking to the right person. The big guy on the screen nodded silently; still too shocked to speak. "I'm JP's new friend Andrew Pearson." He waited for almost a minute before Ryan got up his nerve to finally say something. "How are you man?" "Oh just fine; I had lots of fun on the Central High football field showing off my football skills for Coach Palmer," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. Part of him realized he probably shouldn't act so cocky, but then he realized that he had finally found someone who would approve of him acting like an arrogant jock. "I threw a pass that went the entire length of the field and knocked JP off his feet when he tried to catch it!" Ryan's look of shock intensified and then a fleeting look of concern appeared on his face. It was quickly erased by an arrogant smirk, however. "Did that little dweeb run home and cry to Mommy about it?" he sneered. "Be careful Ryan; that's my new protégé you're talking about," Andrew warned him, his protective instincts flaring up. "And he told me how he was once yours." "Yeah he was," Ryan said, remembering his last workout with JP less than fondly. "Sorry about that Andrew; my brother and I just don't get along anymore." "Did you want to talk about it Ryan?" Andrew asked. "It won't go any further than the two of us, since my girlfriend isn't in here with me." "Okay Andrew, and then we can talk about more exciting things: like your upcoming recruiting visit to Virginia Tech," Ryan agreed. "And I will email you the video that Coach Palmer emailed me of my exploits on the Central High School football field," Andrew offered. "Then you can forward it to your football coach at Tech." "Good thinking Andrew," Ryan agreed. He began telling Andrew about how his little brother JP had followed him around everywhere all his life and then started bugging him about working out when he got to high school. So Ryan began teaching him how to work out, but he never imagined JP would take to it so well and get close to surpassing him. So Ryan gradually removed himself from his brother's workouts, especially after the events of three months before, and their relationship was practically non-existent since then. "That sounds rough man," Andrew said sympathetically, realizing that JP felt the same way. "I went through something similar with one of my good friends about seven years ago." "Tell me about it Andrew; I can listen while I watch the video you sent me," Ryan said, opening up the email attachment. So Andrew told Ryan all about his failed friendship with Steve, basically repeating word-for-word the same things he had told JP the night before. Like JP before him, Ryan was amazed at how similar his experiences were to Andrew's. "So what do you think Ryan?" Andrew asked, once he had finished telling Ryan everything. "That's an amazing story Andrew, and I can see that we have a lot more in common than just being great football players," Ryan replied sincerely. All thoughts of acting like an arrogant jock in front of Andrew were gone, and he felt that he could finally be himself with his new friend, which was a great relief for him. "Your video is amazing as well, and my coach at Tech will be really excited to see it." "More excited than you are Ryan?" Andrew teased him, trying to lighten the mood. "Yeah man," Ryan replied with a big grin. "But I'm excited to meet you in person as well, and I'll talk to Coach and get an Unofficial Recruiting Visit set up for you at Tech later this summer." "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, sensing that their conversation was wrapping up. "Well, I look forward to it, but right now, I'm going to have a shower and go to bed. Do you want me to say hi to JP for you when I see him again tomorrow morning?" "No Andrew, I will when I see him again," Ryan replied seriously. "And do me a favour." "What's that Ryan?" Andrew asked him. "Don't talk about my brother anymore with me unless I ask you about him," Ryan said. "No problem Ryan," Andrew agreed. "Text me later if you want to have another Skype chat." "I will man; just email me your travel plans so I know where you'll be tomorrow night," Ryan said. "Sure thing man; talk to you later," Andrew said, preparing to sign off. "See you Andrew," Ryan said, just before he ended the conversation. Andrew sat back in his desk chair and stared at the blank screen for a moment: thinking hard. Hopefully one day I'll be there when Ryan and JP have fixed their relationship and then I won't have to choose which one to be friends with, he thought to himself. Then he heard Carrie calling him from the bathroom. "Andrew, I'm ready to have another shower: this time with you!" Andrew grinned, stood up, and headed into the bathroom, looking forward to having lots of fun with his girlfriend before they went to bed. * FINALLY FINISHED * COMING SOON: - The Road Trip to Ohio State - The Ohio State Recruiting Visit itself - JP gets a head start on his own college recruiting process thanks to Andrew My website page for this chapter: http://seanspictures.webs.com has a picture from Google of what I imagine Ryan would look like. Just click on the link for Chapter 5 and go halfway down to see it.
  3. * FINALLY FINISHED * This Chapter is the very first one with NONE of the JP story in it at all, but I will fill a gap in Chapter 21: between JP and Matt's workout at JP's house and heading to the park to meet Andrew and his friends. Once JP and Matt were done playing football with Andrew, Mike and Carrie, they decided to get changed before having supper at JP's house with his parents and Matt's mom. "Matt and I brought a change of clothes with us," JP said, as he and Matt held up their backpacks. "But I'm guessing that you three left your good clothes back at your hotel." "Yes we did JP," Andrew said, "But I brought a Washington Area map with me so that we could find our way here from our hotel." He unfolded the map on his truck hood and pointed to the pink line that went along the roads from the Comfort Inn Pentagon City to Burke Lake Park. He handed JP a pink highlighter and added, "All you have to do now JP is trace the route from here to your house on the map." "Why did you choose a pink highlighter to mark the map with Andrew?" JP asked him with a slight frown. "It's the only colour that wasn't already on the map, so it will stand out," Andrew replied. "I didn't pick that colour to make a crack at you and Matt, if that's what you're thinking." "Actually I was for an instant Andrew," JP conceded, lowering his eyes to the map to hide his embarrassment at being wrong. Then he looked back up at Andrew and added, "I'm sorry about that man." "Don't you know me better than that JP?" Andrew asked him with a hurt look on his face. "I'd never make fun of someone else's choice of partners! I'm not your brother Ryan you know!" "Yeah I do know that Andrew, but I'm just really nervous about anyone else finding out about me and Matt," JP revealed in a very soft voice. Andrew leaned closer to make sure he could hear everything JP was about to say. As he continued tracing the route to his house and filled in the address, he added, "With all the people who have found out today: Matt's mom, you and Carrie, I don't know how much longer we can keep the secret from getting out." "Well don't worry JP, I won't tell anyone: certainly not your parents at dinner tonight," Andrew promised him. "You can trust me like a brother; I hope you know that." "I do Andrew," JP assured him, breathing a big sigh of relief. He set down the highlighter after he finished tracing the route to his house: which was in the subdivision north of the park. "Now, onto a different subject Andrew." His big friend nodded in agreement and stood up to his full height. "As you can see from the map Andrew, my house is in the triangle formed by Burke Lake Road, the Fairfax County Parkway and Ox Road." "I have eyes JP!" Andrew teased him. JP looked up from the map and grinned as he saw Andrew smiling at him. "You know Andrew, even with the map highlighted, you might have a hard time finding my house without my help. Why don't Matt and I follow you guys back to your hotel in his car. Then all you'll have to do is follow me back to my house." "Good idea man," Andrew agreed, looking at his watch. "It's 3 pm now; what time are your parents expecting us for supper?" "5:30," JP replied. "Let's go back to your hotel where we can all get changed. Then Matt and I can show you three around the Springfield Mall and our other favourite hangouts before we head back to my house for supper." "Good ideas JP," Andrew said. "Let's go," he added, folding up the map and opening the driver's door of his truck. Carrie got into the passenger seat and Mike got into the back seat. Everyone closed their doors and wound down their windows. JP stood beside Andrew's window and said, "You lead the way to your hotel Andrew; I'll be right behind you." Andrew smirked at his choice of words. "I didn't mean it that way Andrew!" JP chuckled, feeling his face turn red with embarrassment. "But I'll expect you to be right behind me when we leave your hotel!" "Funny man JP, but I'm a giver, not a taker!" Andrew laughed, hoping to ease JP's embarrassment. His ploy worked as he saw the redness fade from JP's face. "Let's see if you can keep up with me," Andrew bragged, proving that JP wasn't the only one who could use double meanings. JP laughed as he headed to his car and Andrew started his engine. Once JP and Matt got into his car, Andrew pulled out of the parking lot and onto Ox Road. He turned right onto Burke Lake Road and headed northeast towards the intersection with Braddock Road. JP stayed right behind him as they headed northeast, passing a few houses on their left side. "I just thought of something Andrew," Carrie said suddenly. Andrew looked over at her briefly and saw her looking very thoughtful. He waited for a few seconds for her to speak and then prompted her, "Well don't keep it to yourself Carrie, unless it's something I shouldn't know." "It is something you should know, but JP forgot to tell us," Carrie said. "What's that?" Andrew asked her. "JP never told us if his parents know we're coming for supper or how much they know about us," Carrie replied. "I'm sure he asked them if we could come over for supper, but you're right: we don't know what he told them about us," Andrew realized. "I wonder if JP let them know that he thinks of me as his honorary big brother." "I don't know Andrew, but we should ask him when we get back to our hotel," Carrie decided. After about ten minutes, Andrew turned right onto Braddock Road and headed east towards the Capitol Beltway: specifically Interstate 495. "Hey JP, Andrew's taking Braddock Road towards the Beltway: a route we know very well," Matt said. "Yeah and he seems to know where he's going, probably because he highlighted the route from his hotel to the park," JP informed him. "He's probably back-tracking." He noticed Matt looking confused, so he elaborated, "He's retracing his route back to his hotel." Matt nodded in understanding as JP mentally kicked himself for forgetting that his boyfriend wasn't a genius like him. After another couple of minutes, the ramps of the Capitol Beltway came into view and Andrew took the southbound ramp of Exit 54B onto I-495. "Now we head south to Exit 57, which we will take onto Interstate 395 northbound," Carrie informed him, looking down at the map in her lap. "Thanks Carrie," Andrew said, keeping his eyes on the interstate traffic as he carefully merged with it. "This traffic is really heavy; it's worse than driving on the 401 in Toronto!" "Don't tell me that you're nervous Andrew!" Carrie teased him, trying to put him at ease. "You can flatten linebackers effortlessly in football games! Is my huge muscular man scared of a few little cars that he could probably overturn with no effort at all?" "Ok Carrie, I know what you're doing, and it's working," Andrew laughed. "Thank you for helping me relax; I'll have to reward you for that later." "How about we shower together back at the hotel and you can show me how grateful you are," Carrie suggested with a sexy smile. "Okay Carrie, but don't distract me too much with sex talk on this busy highway," Andrew ordered her. He smirked as he noticed her staring at his crotch and then swiftly caught her hand as she reached for the waistband of his gym shorts. "Don't even think about giving me Road Head Carrie; it would be too dangerous in this traffic!" Mike burst out laughing from the backseat and Andrew glared at him in the rear view mirror. "Shut up man; you're not helping!" "It's your fault for speaking your thoughts Andrew, when you should have kept them inside your head!" Mike chuckled. Carrie burst out laughing at his choice of words and Andrew finally cracked a smile: realizing that they had teamed up to make him relax. "Okay guys, it worked: I'm relaxed now," Andrew assured them. "Are you happy now?" "I'll only be happy when I can feel the soft touch of my big man in the shower," Carrie informed him. "You won't have long to wait for that Carrie, as long as you keep your eyes on the road so that we don't miss our exit," Andrew reminded her. Carrie smiled as she looked back at the road and imagined all the fun she and Andrew would have in their hotel shower later. Once JP's car and Andrew's truck got to the intersection of I-495 and I-395, they turned onto I-395 and took it northeast towards Alexandria, passing the Landmark Mall and skirting the northern Edge of the city. They finally reached Andrew's hotel at the Glebe Road exit and pulled into the parking lot. "There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Andrew asked as he got out of his truck. "Whatever you say 'Mr Scott,'" JP laughed, recognizing Andrew's quote from Relics: a Star Trek Next Generation Episode. "So, now that we're here which rooms should Matt and I shower and get changed in?" "Mike's room," Andrew replied. "Carrie and I are going to have fun together alone in our hotel room." He glanced over at Carrie with a suggestive smirk, and she returned it with one of her own. Then Andrew turned back to JP and said, "Let's go upstairs now and we'll meet in the lobby in half an hour." JP nodded in agreement as he and Matt followed Andrew into the lobby and up the stairs to his room. "Were you afraid that our combined weight would be too much for the elevator Andrew?" JP asked him with a joking grin. "No JP!" Andrew laughed. "I just figured that star athletes like us don't take the elevator. That's something lazy people would do!" JP laughed as Mike opened the door and waved to Andrew as he and Matt followed Mike inside. "Alone at last Carrie," Andrew said, picking Carrie up effortlessly and taking her into his room. He closed the door with his free hand and began kissing Carrie softly as they headed into the bathroom. "I hope you're going to do more than kiss me Big Man," Carrie teased him with a sexy smile. "I'll hug you as well Carrie," Andrew promised her. "I want you to fondle me," Carrie ordered him. "Maybe later Carrie; I don't want to risk hurting you and the shower is going to be awfully slippery once it's all wet," Andrew reminded her, turning it on. "And so will you Andrew; I'll make sure of that!" Carrie chuckled. "Well then, you'd better start right now Carrie," Andrew decided, making sure the bathroom door was closed. He smirked as Carrie struggled to take off his skintight t-shirt. "What's the matter Carrie: is my t-shirt too tight for you to get off?" "Yes it is Andrew, so I'll let you do it," Carrie chuckled, as Andrew peeled off his t-shirt. "I'll have to figure out some other way to make you happy." "I certainly will be if you keep doing what you're doing Carrie," Andrew assured her, as she began fondling his massive pecs and eight-pack abs. "You mean if I keep doing you," Carrie suggested with a sexy smirk as her soft hands continued to explore his massive muscles. "I don't think that would be a good idea Carrie, at least not until we're both legally consenting adults," Andrew said seriously. Carrie nodded in agreement, not knowing the real reason Andrew was reluctant to have sex with her: he was afraid he would hurt her with his great size and strength. "I'll just keep massaging your massive muscles Big Man." "Yeah Carrie, you've waited since this morning to worship my massive muscles, haven't you?" Andrew asked her with a cocky smirk. "Yeah I have Big Man," Carrie replied, closing her eyes in pleasure as Andrew gently massaged her face and neck. She quivered in anticipation as Andrew bent down and gently kissed her. As his massive arms came gently around her slender frame, Carrie felt tears running down her face. "I love you so much Andrew, and it only grows deeper the more intimate we become!" "Well don't worry Carrie, I'll make sure it gets better each time," Andrew promised her, gently wiping her tears of happiness off her face. "I look forward to it Andrew, and it will be great when we go all the way: hopefully before Christmas," Carrie hoped. Andrew smiled and nodded: feeling nervous about having sex with Carrie for the first time, but only because he was afraid that he would accidentally hurt her with his great strength. Knowing how irresistible his massive muscles were for her, Andrew no longer had any doubts about performing up to and beyond Carrie's expectations. For the next 20 minutes, Andrew and Carrie fondled, hugged and kissed as they had their shower. Then they got changed into their clothes for dinner. They made sure they had their ID and US money and then stepped out into the hallway, locking the door behind them. "Oh, no one to meet us," Andrew said, as he noticed that the other three were not out of their hotel room yet. "Good, that means they aren't ready yet, so we were still able to beat them even though we had fun with each other in the shower," Carrie said. "Yeah, but they had to take their showers one at a time," Andrew realized. "That means it took twice as long." "Don't you mean three times as long Andrew?" Carrie corrected him. Andrew shook his head with a slight smile and Carrie nodded in sudden understanding, realizing that JP and Matt had probably taken their shower together. "Sorry about my mistake Andrew." "No problem Carrie," Andrew assured her. "Now I'm going to see if they're ready." But he didn't get the chance; as soon as he stepped up to the room next door, the door opened and JP stepped out. "Hey Andrew, I see you and Carrie are all ready for dinner," he said. "Yes we are JP; are you and Matt ready to lead us to the Springfield Mall?" Andrew asked him. "Yes Andrew, but I was hoping I could ride alone with you," JP requested. "I'd like to prepare you for the reception you'll face at my parents house. Matt can follow us with Carrie and Mike in my car." "That's fine with me JP," Andrew agreed, after Carrie nodded in approval. "Let's go." As they walked down the hall to the elevator, Carrie smiled at Andrew, very happy that she had such a great boyfriend. JP led them to the elevator, and the doors opened as they approached. A crowd of people got off the elevator and then the five teenagers stepped inside. Andrew pressed the lobby button and the elevator doors closed. After the doors closed and the elevator began to descend, Mike said to JP, "My older brother's name is Matt." "That's good Mike; what does he do?" JP asked him. "He's in the Infantry in the Canadian Army," Mike replied proudly. "He's one of Andrew's instructors during his reserve weekends." JP nodded as the elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal the hotel lobby. As he led the way across the lobby to the front doors, he said, "We'll make the Springfield Mall our first stop," he added, looking down at Andrew's map. "Will we see any of your friends there JP?" Andrew asked. "No I don't think so Andrew," JP replied. "I never see much of them during the summer." He pushed open the front door and led everyone outside. "See you at my house Matt and be careful driving my car." "I will JP," Matt promised him, waving goodbye. "Since you commented on my car when I arrived at the park earlier, you won't have any trouble finding it in the parking lot JP," Andrew said. JP nodded and tried to figure out how to tell Andrew what he had noticed without making his huge friend mad. Once they got to Andrew's truck, JP took a deep breath and said, "I have something to tell you Andrew, but I don't know how you'll react." "Then you'd better tell me now, before we get in the truck JP," Andrew warned him. "That way, you won't be trapped in a confined space with me if you make me mad." "OK Andrew: here goes," JP said, screwing up his courage. "Basically, when you were bragging about the fun you were going to have with Carrie in your hotel room, you were acting just like Ryan does." "Again with your brother JP," Andrew sighed in exasperation. He opened his truck door and added, "I really hope I get to meet him, considering how obsessed with him you are. From what you've told me, he sounds a lot like some teammates of mine who are arrogant jocks." "Ryan used to be on the wrestling team with me before he focused only on football," JP said as Andrew started the truck. "Now he has a full ride to Virginia Tech." "Are you proud of him for that?" Andrew asked him as they pulled out of the parking lot. "I would be if he wasn't such an arrogant prick about it!" JP snapped. "He took off a summer road trip without even telling our parents where he was going! They just hope that he makes it to Tech in time for the first football practice." "You know, since he's an incoming Freshman, he'll probably be Red-shirted," Andrew informed him. He noticed JP grinning and added, "That should knock his ego down a notch or two." JP's grin widened as he realized that Andrew had once again found a way to make him feel better. Then he suddenly realized something else. "Hey Andrew, does that mean that you won't get any playing time in your freshman college season either?" "I will get some playing time if we win the Provincial Championship this fall JP," Andrew predicted with a cocky smirk. "However, we'll have to wait to see how much playing time the football coaches at Ohio State offer me." He noticed JP's grin turn into an excited smile at the mention of the school he wanted to go to for college wrestling. "Consider my recruiting visits this summer practice for yours next summer JP," Andrew advised him. "By bringing you along with me, you'll be on the radar of the college wrestling coaches and maybe they'll come see some of your matches this fall. Make sure you wear your varsity wrestling jacket on my recruiting visits and bring your District Finalist medal as well." "I will Andrew," JP promised his big friend, really happy that Andrew was preparing him early for his college career. "After supper, I'll get my jacket and medal out of my room for the road trip that starts tomorrow. Did you bring your football jacket with you Andrew?" "Yeah man, it's in the back of the truck in my gym bag," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "I'll probably wear it at the mall; it should be cool enough in there." "Good, then we can see how close in colour scheme they are," JP said, suddenly remembering that Andrew's school colours were blue and white just like his. As they approached the Capitol Beltway, Andrew said, "There's a question I've been meaning to ask you JP." "You want to know how much my parents know about you," JP guessed. When Andrew nodded, JP added, "You also want to know if I got their permission to go on your recruiting visits with you." "And what is the answer to those two questions JP?" Andrew asked him with a big grin. "I'll tell you right now Andrew," JP replied. "We should be at the Springfield Mall by the time I'm done." Andrew nodded at him to go ahead and JP began speaking. ================================================================================================================================================= A few hours before, JP and Matt had gone over to JP's house for their daily morning workout in JP's basement gym. Then they went upstairs to shower and change for lunch with JP's parents. They came downstairs to find JP's parents finishing the lunch preparations in the kitchen. "Good morning JP," his mom Maureen greeted him. "Did you and Matt have fun last night at the National Mall?" "Yes we did Mom, though there was one unpleasant incident that had a positive outcome." "What happened son?" his dad Paul asked him, as his wife ushered them into the dining room for lunch. "A big college guy and his friend were sexual harassing Chrissy so I intervened," JP replied as he sat down at the dining room table. He noticed his dad's face clouding with rage so he hurried on with the story. "One of the big guys wanted to fight me, so when he went to punch me I twisted his arm behind his back, put him in a choke hold and threw him to the ground. Chrissy thanked me after they ran away and then we suddenly noticed two huge guys approaching us. I was about to fight them too, but Chrissy told me that they had been approaching to help her out before I got there. I thanked the huge guys for being ready to help Chrissy out and then Matt and I introduced ourselves to them. We got to know them better throughout the evening and they watched the fireworks with us later, after introducing us to their friend Carrie of course." "And what are the names of these two huge heroes?" JP's dad asked him with a big grin. "Andrew Pearson and Mike Stevenson," JP replied with a proud grin. "Andrew Pearson: the YouTube High School Football Star from Orillia, Ontario, Canada?" JP's mom asked in astonishment. "That's what I asked and Andrew confirmed it," JP replied. He turned to his dad and added, "He's a really great guy Dad and I got to know him quite well in the half hour before the fireworks started." After telling his parents everything he and Andrew had talked about, he showed them the pictures and videos he had taken of Andrew the night before. Then he concluded the story by saying, "I told Andrew that I'd ask you two if he could come over for dinner tonight with his friends to meet you and Matt's mom." "Well considering all that you've told us about him, that sounds like a great idea son," Maureen said, as they continued eating lunch. She looked over at Paul, who nodded in agreement, and added, "He sounds like a great role model for you and I'm glad that his success hasn't gone to his head." "It sounds to me like Andrew could teach your brother Ryan a thing or two about what being a big brother is all about," Paul said with pride in his eyes. "We'd be honored to have a famous Canadian high school football star eat dinner with us tonight." JP grinned, knowing that those words were high praise indeed coming from his dad. "Did you say that Andrew and his friends are going on recruiting visits throughout the Mid-West this week?" "Yeah Dad, but I guess I forgot to tell you what Andrew offered to do for me and Matt," JP realized. "Did Andrew offer to take you two on his recruiting visits with him?" Paul guessed with a glowing grin of pride. JP nodded and Paul shouted, "I knew it! Andrew is indeed the role model you need right now and he's thought of everything to help you secure your college wrestling career!" "You sound more excited about it than I am Dad!" JP teased him. "I am excited JP; Andrew's going to help your college wrestling dreams come true," Paul predicted. "He's really filling the role of the big brother very well so far. We'll have to talk to him over supper of course, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather have looking after you than Andrew Pearson." "I don't need anyone to look after me Dad, not after I took down that punk who was bugging Chrissy last night!" JP informed his dad with a glare. He flexed his biceps and snarled, "I can take care of myself and anyone who cares to test that theory is going to regret it!" "I should have chosen my words more carefully son, but so should you," Paul warned him with a frown. "I hope you don't try to start anything with Andrew; judging by his size, he could crush you like a paper cup!" "And Ryan too!" JP predicted with a cocky smirk. "Stop it son!" Maureen shouted angrily. "Ryan may have been acting like a jerk for the last few years but he's still your brother. He might need you one day, so don't turn your back on him now." Mrs. Maloney had no idea how prophetic those words were, but in a couple of years they would all find out. "Okay Mom, I understand," JP said, mostly to placate her because he couldn't imagine a future where he and Ryan would ever be close again. "I'll think about what you said and try to think of Ryan as my brother and not my rival." "Good for you son," Paul commended him. "But speaking of rivals, both you and Andrew lost your respective championships last season, didn't you?" "Yeah Dad, but why are you bringing that up now?" JP asked. "Maybe during your road trip this week, you and Andrew can mentor each other on how to win your respective championships this season," Paul replied. "I could also give you two some tips during supper tonight." "Good idea Dad," JP said sheepishly, looking down at his plate as he finished his lunch. "I'll tell your ideas to Andrew when I see him at Burke Lake Park this afternoon." "Good for you son: you're including him in your workouts," Paul said approvingly. "After supper you should show Andrew your basement weight room and the wrestling room at school." "More good ideas Dad," JP agreed, as he and Matt stood up from the table. "Can Matt and I head over to the park now to meet Andrew and his friends?" "As soon as you call your mother Matt," Maureen replied, standing up to collect the lunch dishes. "Invite her over for supper and you can tell her all about meeting Andrew and his friends last night." Matt nodded and went into the living room to make the call. His mom agreed to come over to JP's house for supper that night and told him, rather hesitantly, to have fun with JP and his new friends in the park that afternoon. Then Matt and JP said goodbye to JP's parents and headed over to Burke Lake Park to go running with Andrew and his friends. ============================================================================================================================================= "Good story JP," Andrew commended him, as they pulled into the Springfield Mall parking lot. "Well, here we are at the Springfield Mall." The 2006 sign below is only one year after my story takes place: July 2005. "I have eyes Andrew!" JP teased him, throwing Andrew's earlier line back in his face and pointing to the mall sign. Andrew grinned at him and then noticed JP's car pull up beside them with Matt, Carrie and Mike inside. "Hey Matt, I see you made it okay." "Yes I did JP; so what will we do in the mall for the next hour or so?" Matt asked him. "We'll just walk around and stretch from our workout this morning and our jogging this afternoon," JP replied. Then he got out of Andrew's truck and turned around to see Andrew putting on his blue and white ODCVI Varsity football jacket. "And now I know what Andrew's going to do: show off his jock status to all the people on the mall." "Yeah JP, I have to give into the jock image sometime so it might as well be right now," Andrew informed him with a cocky smirk. He locked his truck and added, "I'm ready if you are JP." "Yeah I am Andrew," JP said, following Andrew to the nearest mall entrance. Andrew led the way into the mall and headed for the food court, once he checked the directory to find out where it was. "Supper's not for a couple of hours Andrew." "Yeah I know, but I haven't eaten since lunch so I'm starving man," Andrew informed him. "These huge muscles need constant fuel to stay well maintained." "I can understand that man, but no one could miss how well maintained your huge muscles are. There should be a Five Guys in the food court." Once they got to the food court they realized that there was no Five Guys there. "It looks like you made a mistake JP: there's no Five Guys here," Mike said. "Thank you Captain Obvious," JP snapped. "I don't suppose you can tell me where the nearest Five Guys is?" "You're the one who lives in this area JP; you tell us," Mike dared him, not letting JP know that he knew the answer. "Right across the Interstate on Old Keene Mill Road," JP suddenly remembered. "Let's go: I'll show you guys my favourite restaurant." "And then I can return the favour if you ever come up to Orillia," Andrew offered. Everyone nodded in agreement and then retraced their steps back to their cars. As they walked, JP realized that there was something different about Andrew, but he couldn't put his finger on it. His huge friend seemed taller than he had been before their visit to he hotel, and there was a nagging sound that JP had constantly heard since they had entered the mall. JP slowed, lost in thought, and then looked ahead at Andrew. He finally noticed the source of the nagging sound he had heard. "You're wearing cowboy boots Andrew: that's why you're suddenly taller," JP realized. "Am I?" Andrew asked, looking down. "Oh yeah I am. But then I've always worn cowboy boots since Grade Five, so I didn't even notice. I only wear shoes when I have to dress up, work out or play sports. And the reason that I'm noticeably taller is because the heels on my boots are three inches, not the normal inch and a half. So I stand 6 foot 10 with my boots on: making me the same height as the Undertaker. So I may have to duck my head to get into your house." "Don't worry about it Andrew; you look really cool and tough," JP commended him. "It's no wonder everyone we've passed has stared at you in awe and fear!" "Don't forget about yourself JP; you attract a lot of attention as well," Andrew reminded him. "Yeah I noticed that yesterday at the National Mall and on the train," JP said, suddenly looking embarrassed. "Don't feel embarrassed JP; it comes with the territory of being a top athlete," Andrew informed him. "Just wait until the interviews start!" "You've had interviews Andrew?" JP asked him in astonishment. "Yeah man, I was Athlete of the Week on VR News at the end of the last football season," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "Then the college recruiting visits started a few months ago." "Which schools did you visit this spring Andrew?" JP asked him, as they reached Andrew's truck. "Penn State, West Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Florida and Miami," Andrew replied, his smug grin morphing into a cocky smile. "But those were Junior Day visits, held during March Break. I was one of only 50 high school junior athletes at those events." They got into Andrew's truck and he started it. "The first visits to the schools just for me start tomorrow when we visit Ohio State." "You mean The Ohio State," JP corrected him as they pulled out of the parking lot. Andrew smiled and nodded; realizing that of course JP would know the proper name of the school he wanted to wrestle at during his college years. "What other schools are we visiting this week Andrew?" "Notre Dame and the University of Michigan," Andrew replied, pleased that he would be able to visit three US Football schools that week. "I would have visited Michigan State as well, but they don't offer tours of their football stadium. An Unofficial Visit isn't much good without being able to tour the stadium where I might play college football one day." As they drove across the bridge over the Interstate, JP asked, "Will we spend one night at each school Andrew?" "That's the plan JP, but I'll have to check Mapquest to be sure," Andrew replied. "From what I remember though, the first leg of the trip takes us to Ohio State in six and a half hours. We'll pass halfway between Pittsburgh and Morgantown on Interstate 70 westbound." "And I'm guessing that the schedule is more flexible since we're driving," JP guessed, as they stopped at the red light at the west end of the bridge. Andrew nodded in agreement as the light turned green and they were able to turn left before the oncoming traffic started moving. Andrew parked his truck in front of the Five Guys restaurant and waited for Matt to pull up beside him in JP's dark green Geo Prism. Then everyone went into the restaurant and lined up behind an older couple until it was time to order their food. The guys at the counter soon took their order, staring at JP in awe and Andrew in fear. Andrew felt exasperated that he got the same reaction everywhere he went but he was also relieved that JP was diverting some of the attention off of him. As they waited to pick up their order, Andrew sent Mike to pick a table for them with Matt and Carrie. Then he turned back to JP and noticed him glancing warily around the restaurant. "What is it JP; what has you so nervous?" Andrew asked, though he could guess. "I'm making sure no one from school is in here," JP replied. "I'm really popular there, even more so now than my brother, and since we have a supper timing to meet, I don't want there to be any more delays." He smirked as Andrew grinned at his use of a military phrase. "Just a phrase I picked up from my dad Andrew." Andrew nodded with a smile and hen turned back to the counter to pick up their order. JP breathed a sigh of relief: pleased that Andrew hadn't figured out that JP didn't want anyone from school telling Ryan about his new friend Andrew. But his hopes were dashed as he turned towards their table and noticed a huge familiar figure coming through the front door. "Oh no," JP groaned in dismay; not pleased at all to see his brother's former teammate on the football team. "Let's get to our table Andrew, before he sees us." "Who are you talking about JP?" Anew asked, as they reached their table. "It's Tyler Backton: Ryan's teammate on the football team," JP replied, putting a hand to his forehead in dismay as they sat down. "Of all the people I didn't want to see today, he's the one who could tell Ryan all about you!" "Maybe if he tells Ryan that I took over his role as your big brother, it will shame Ryan into reclaiming it," Andrew suggested hopefully. "Don't worry JP; I'll stand up and hopefully my size will scare Ryan once he hears about it." He stood up, revealing himself and drawing Tyler's attention. Tyler's eyes widened in astonishment at Andrew's size and he carefully approached JP's table. "Hey JP, who's your big friend?" Tyler asked hesitantly once he has stopped beside JP's table. "It's huge friend actually, and his name is Andrew Pearson," JP replied, standing up from the table. Andrew stepped forward to shake Tyler's hand, towering over him even though Tyler stood 6 foot 3 and weighed 275 pounds. Tyler had to conceal a wince at the strength in Andrew's grip, guessing that JP's huge friend could bench a lot more than 400 pounds. "Good to meet you Tyler," Andrew said. "You used to play high school football with JP's older brother Ryan, didn't you?" "Yeah this is my senior year coming up so it's my last chance to impress Penn State enough to get a full football scholarship." "Then we have something in common: we both want to earn a full ride from the NCAA," Anew informed him. "I hope to get into Miami but depending on how the recruiting visits go, I could be persuaded to stay closer to home: like Ohio State perhaps." Andrew glanced significantly at JP as he finished speaking, who took it as a cue to say goodbye to Tyler. "It was good seeing you Tyler but we have a dinner timing to meet. I'll say hi to Ryan for you when I see him again and I'll see you at the wrestling camp in six weeks." "Sure JP; see you later," Tyler said agreeably. He nodded at Andrew and added, "Nice meeting you man." "You too Tyler," Andrew said, giving him a big grin. "See you later." Tyler nodded and headed out of the restaurant with his take-out order. Once he was gone, Andrew turned to JP and said, "There now, that wasn't much of a delay, was it JP?" JP shook his head and grinned: pleased that Andrew had once again found a way to make him feel better. Half an hour later, as they were driving to JP's house, JP said, "I have a very important question to ask you Andrew." "What is it Big Guy?" Andrew asked him, glancing over at him with a small grin. "What's it like to be you?" JP asked, looking over at Andrew with great respect in his eyes. "What do you mean JP?" Andrew asked, even though he had an idea. "You're admired and respected by everyone, even my friends, you're a god on the football field and lots of NCAA schools want you to join their football teams. How have you stayed so humble even though you've been a super jock for years?" "Super jock: that's a good one JP," Andrew said with a smirk. He noticed his smaller friend looking at him seriously, waiting earnestly for an answer. "It hasn't been easy not to let all the attention go to my head for the past seven years. But once I took care of the bully in Grade Five, everyone admired and respected me for being their hero. I couldn't bear to disappoint them, so I had to play the role of the humble big guy." "So you're just pretending to be humble Andrew?" JP asked, looking disappointed. "At first I was, but then it became my natural state," Andrew informed him. "I had a rough time when my Grandpa died almost a year ago and I gave into the cocky jock role to cover it up. But when I got suspended from the team and then we lost the Provincial Championship, it put things in perspective and I returned to my humble and gentle nature. Also, everyone wanted to learn how I got so big and strong so I gradually became a mentor for the small guys: training them to become football players like me in high school." JP grinned: pleased that his image of Andrew as a gentle giant had not been tarnished. "It sounds like you've made nothing but good decisions in your life man." "I know it seems that way now, but 2004 was quite frankly a 'Year of Hell' for me," Andrew informed him with a frown. "That was the title of a two-part Voyager episode in November 1997," JP suddenly realized. "Yeah, but unlike the crew of Voyager, the events were not erased by a magic reset button so I have to live with those memories for the rest of my life," Andrew said seriously. "I was allowed to play the final two games of last season and I didn't let my emotions get the better of me even when we lost the Provincial Championship. Coach Everson noticed my newfound maturity and helped me get invites to Junior Days here in the States a few months ago. And now I'm going on my first Unofficial Visits to schools in the Midwest." "Are you bringing Mike along, just like me, to help him get exposure to the college coaches?" JP asked him, astonished at Andrew's story of maturity discovery. "Yeah man, he was my first protege: I taught him everything he knows," Andrew replied proudly. "I want to help him realize his college football dreams. Unless the college coaches ban me from bringing anyone else along on my recruiting visits, I'll make sure the limelight shines on all my proteges." JP nodded, pleased with Andrew's explanation, and then just glanced occasionally at his huge friend in awe during the rest of the drive to his house. Andrew noticed and smiled quietly to himself: pleased that he inspired such admiration from a famous athlete like JP Maloney. Once they arrived at JP's house, Andrew got out of his truck and took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. "It's okay Andrew, I told my parents nothing but good things about you," JP assured him, as Matt pulled up in JP's car. "You lead the way into your house with Matt JP," Andrew ordered him. "I'll follow with Carrie and Mike." JP nodded and led the way to the front porch. As he climbed the front steps, the front door opened and JP's parents stepped out. "Hello son, how are you?" JP's dad asked him. "I'm fine Dad: I had a great day with my friends," JP replied. He motioned behind him and added, "I'd like you to meet my new friend Andrew Pearson." Mr. Maloney, who rarely had an emotional reaction to anything, widened his eyes in astonishment at how huge and muscular Andrew was. JP, on the other hand, grinned at how much bigger and more muscular Andrew was than his big brother Ryan. "I'm very pleased to meet you Andrew," Mr. Maloney said, revealing his admiration for Andrew by using his first name right away. He stepped forward and shook Andrew's hand eagerly, who remembered to be gentle so that he wouldn't crush Mr. Maloney's hand. "JP has told me and my wife all about you." "All good things I hope, but I guess we'll find out once you invite me inside," Andrew said. "Yes you will, come on in Andrew," JP's mom said, ushering everyone into the house. She shook his hand once they were inside and added, "Welcome to the Maloney house Andrew." "Thank you Mrs. Maloney," Andrew said, taking off his boots. "You're welcome Andrew, but please call me Maureen," Mrs. Maloney ordered him. "And call me Paul," Mr. Maloney added. As everyone took off their shoes, Matt's mom stepped out from the living room. "This is Mrs. Anderson: Matt's mom," Maureen said, as Andrew and his friends stepped forward to shake her hand. "I'm very pleased to meet all of you," Mrs. Anderson said as they all stepped into the living room across from the kitchen. "So Andrew, JP tells me that you can bench-press more than 500 pounds," Paul said once they were all sitting down. "More like 700 pounds actually, but who's counting?" Andrew asked with a smug grin. His grin faded as he noticed everyone staring at him with a mix of awe and fear. "If you have enough weight plates in your basement gym, I'd be glad to demonstrate," he offered. "We should have enough plates downstairs," Paul assured him. "After all, JP here benches over 300 pounds," he added, smiling proudly at his son. "Let's go downstairs and find out." Andrew and his friends followed the Maloney's downstairs to the basement weight room: where Ryan and then JP had turned themselves into the gods of Central High School. While Mike and Carrie stared at all the machines and weights with astonishment, Andrew didn't seem surprised. "You don't seem surprised like your two friends to see an entire gym down here Andrew," Paul said. "I have one in my basement at home Sir and it looks a lot like this," Andrew informed him. "Call me Paul Andrew," Mr. Maloney advised him. "Because it's time for a rhyme Paul?" Andrew asked him with a smug grin. "Very funny Andrew!" Paul laughed, as JP added extra weight plates to the bench-press to bring it up to 700 pounds. "Twice as much as I bench but I'll get there one day," JP predicted. "First you have to win the State Championship JP," Paul reminded him with a frown. "Yes Dad, I will," JP assured him, putting the locking pins in place. "But before any of that happens, we have to see if Andrew can truly bench 700 pounds or if he was exaggerating." "Hey JP, don't talk about me like I'm not in the gym!" Andrew ordered him. He flexed his massive biceps with a cocky smirk and added, "Last time I checked, I was in the gym!" "There's no way anyone could miss you, considering how big and muscular you are!" JP assured him. "Let's see how effective these huge muscles are in the gym!" Andrew shouted in excitement, laying down on the bench. "Get your cameras ready everyone!" Andrew grabbed the loaded bar as JP lowered it into his hands. Then he lowered it to his chest and pushed it up fairly easily, causing his friends to look amazed at his awesome strength. Since JP was serving as his spotter, though he really didn't need one, Mike was free to capture Andrew's massive strength using the video mode on his digital camera. Mike, like everyone else, watched with amazement as Andrew benched 700 pounds easily, making it look almost effortless. Andrew raised the bar for the tenth and final rep, letting JP put it back on the brackets. "Good job Andrew," JP congratulated him. "How do you feel?" "It felt easier than it did last week," Andrew replied with a big grin. "I didn't even break a sweat this time. Do you have any more weight plates so that I can try again for my maximum of 800 pounds?" "No I don't Andrew," JP replied, his eyes wide with fear and amazement at Andrew's awesome strength. "Too bad JP," Andrew said, sitting up from the weight bench. "I guess I'll have to see if the gym at Ohio State has enough weight plates to challenge me." "Yes, when you take JP and Matt there," Paul said. He looked at his watch and added, "It's time we got dinner started, so we'll go upstairs now. Mike, you come upstairs with us so that you can email that video to the colleges you and Andrew will visit this week." "I'd like to stay down here with Andrew until dinner's ready," JP said. "I have something to show him that I think he'd like to see." Matt glanced over at JP as he headed upstairs and JP nodded, confirming that he was going to show Andrew The Wall. "See you upstairs later for dinner Andrew," Carrie said, standing on her toes to give him a kiss. Andrew bent down to meet her soft lips, kissing her softly. He folded his massive arms around her gently as he breathed in the fruity aroma of her perfume. "See you soon Carrie," he said, stroking her face softly as he drew back from her soft lips. JP grinned as he saw the gentle smile on Andrew's face as Carrie walked upstairs. "You really love her, don't you Andrew?" JP asked his huge friend. "Yeah man, in fact, I hope we get married before we go to college," Andrew replied. He turned to JP, saw him smiling, and realized that he was probably thinking of Matt. "Now JP, enough about me; what did you want to show me?" "What I call 'The Wall' Andrew," JP replied, leading him to a door in the far left corner of the basement. "I've only shown this to Matt, so I hope you realize how much I trust you that I'm letting you see it too." "I understand JP," Andrew assured him. "Let's see what this 'Wall' looks like," he added, as they stopped in front of the door. JP grinned and opened the door, turning on the light so that Andrew could see the contents of the room for himself. As Andrew looked around the back room, his eyes widened as he saw the pictures of JP's progress from a skinny kid to a muscular jock. "You look surprised Andrew," JP said with a smug grin. "Don't you have pictures of your progress at home?" "Just in a photo album, not all over two walls JP," Andrew said with a slight frown of disapproval. JP seemed to twitch at the words 'Photo Album' and Andrew noticed. "What is it Big Guy?" he asked softly. "I have something else to show you Andrew," JP replied. "Again, this is something I've shown only one other person: Matt." Andrew watched as JP walked over to a cabinet in the far corner of the back room. He opened a drawer and pulled out a photo album: the same one he had shown Matt after their visit with Matt's dad. "Are those more pictures of you JP?" Andrew asked with a big grin. "No Andrew, these are pictures of my brother," JP replied seriously. He opened the album and showed Andrew the pictures of his big brother Ryan: from when he was a fat kid in Grade Five to when he became a high school jock. "When Ryan was a fat kid he was always nice to me and I idolized him: following him around everywhere. He was the perfect big brother back then." "So what happened JP?" Andrew asked him gently, as they looked through more pages of the album. "As he got leaner and more muscular, he began to pull away from me, especially once high school started and he made the football team," JP replied. "Once he became a jock, he no longer had time for me." "Then who taught you how to work out when you got to high school?" Andrew asked with a confused look on his face. "Actually Ryan did, but only because I begged him to," JP replied sadly. "He didn't offer to do it; I had to bug him until he gave in. Then he told me that if I worked out a bit, perhaps even joined the wrestling team he was on, I wouldn't get picked on at school. You might not believe this Andrew, but I was barely 100 pounds two years ago." "I know, I can see the pictures JP," Andrew reminded him, pointing to the left side of the first wall. "Yeah that's true," JP realized. "Anyway, Ryan became my personal trainer and workout partner almost two years ago and he helped me become what I am today." "So what happened JP?" Andrew asked, figuring that they would soon get to the heart of the matter. "What happened between the two of you that turned you from workout partners into rivals?" "I really don't know Andrew," JP replied, looking down at his feet. "Are you sure JP?" Andrew asked him seriously, handing back the photo album. "You never gloated when you began to catch up to his size and strength? You never made fun of him when he got stuck on a weight-lifting plateau or put on a few pounds of fat?" JP's jaw dropped in astonishment at Andrew's insight but then his face fell as the full impact of his big friend's words hit him. "Oh no," he whispered, sitting down on the bench with his chin in his hands. "It's all my fault Andrew: I pushed Ryan away by doing everything you described during my last workout with him three months ago! Instead of encouraging him when he got stuck at 325 on the bench-press for three months, I gloated that I was only a few dozen pounds behind him. I rubbed my success in his face instead of thanking him for helping me get to where I am today!" "I'm afraid so JP, but you're not the only one to make those mistakes," Andrew assured him. "I did the same thing with Steve almost seven years ago, even though he never trained me. I certainly didn't think about our friendship when I gloated about suddenly being bigger and stronger than he was when we started Grade Five!" "You were only ten years old Andrew; you probably didn't know any better," JP assured him. "But I on the other hand was already 16 years old three months ago and I still made fun of Ryan!" "Don't feel too bad JP; at least you still spent time with him all these years," Andrew reminded him. JP's face brightened with a small smile as he realized that Andrew was right. "I, on the other hand, completely neglected Steve the summer before Grade Five, even though we had been best friends since Nursery School! And then to make matters worse, once I got bigger than he was, I just gloated about it instead of helping him get as big and strong as I was! I also spent more time with my new protege Mike instead of Steve and then our friendship ended in a big shouting match that Christmas." "And how did you regain your friendship with Steve?" JP asked, hoping that he could get an idea on how to repair his relationship with Ryan. But his hopes were dashed when Andrew replied, "I never did repair my friendship with Steve JP or he would be here with us right now. Instead, I've spent the last seven years being his rival on the football field, even though we're on the Offensive Line together!" He noticed the look of defeat in JP's eyes and suddenly thought of something that could cheer him up. "But you have a couple things going for you that I never had JP." "What's that Andrew?" JP asked, a glimmer of hope returning to his eyes. "You and Ryan are brothers," Andrew replied, as JP put the album back in the cabinet drawer and closed it. "And as you said, you last worked out together only three months ago, which means that you continued spending time with Ryan even when he didn't want to." "That's three things Andrew," JP teased him, ushering him out of the back room. As he closed the door, he gave Andrew a cocky smirk and added, "I thought a smart guy like you would know how to count!" "Very funny JP!" Andrew laughed, as he followed his smaller friend across the gym to the bench-press. "The point I'm trying to make is: you didn't give up on your relationship with Ryan like I did with Steve. I know Ryan's away right now on his pre-college road trip, but when he gets back, you should try to fix your relationship with him before it's too late." "It's already too late Andrew!" JP snapped in exasperation. "Ryan ran off on his road trip without saying goodbye to me or our dad! We don't even know if he'll be back for Thanksgiving, which is four and a half months away here in America! He'll probably have forgotten about me by then! And if you haven't fixed your friendship with Steve, what makes you think I can fix my relationship with Ryan?" "It's only been there months since you last spent time together, not seven years like it has been with me and Steve," Andrew reminded him, trying to keep his smaller friend calm. "Also, don't forget that he's your brother JP. Family ties don't usually get broken; they just get frayed. I have confidence in you JP; you're not the quitting type. You know, the next time Ryan is home for a while, perhaps during Christmas Break, I should come down here so that I can see both of you. Maybe if Ryan sees our brotherly relationship, it will inspire him to regain what he's lost by turning away from you." "Or he'll figure that he's been replaced and resent me even more," JP huffed, feeling worse not better. "I guess I'm not the best example on this matter JP; I can't even follow my own advice!" Andrew finally realized. JP nodded in agreement, wondering when his big friend would stop talking about Ryan. "After all, I've never had a brother and I haven't shown any willingness over the past seven years to patch things up with Steve. I just replaced him with my first protege Mike Stevenson: the guy for whom I originally neglected him! I think when I get home this summer, I'll try, somehow, to make up with Steve. After all, we'll only have one last year of high school together and then we may never see each other again! I can only hope that you try to repair your relationship with Ryan when you see him again. I would hate for you to have to live with the regret of a failed relationship for seven years like I've had to do." "Sure Andrew, whatever you say," JP said dismissively, getting really tired of being lectured by his huge friend. "And maybe Hell will freeze over while I wait for Ryan to become my Big Brother again!" "You'll have to make it happen JP; you can't wait for it," Andrew advised him, trying not to get mad at JP's impatience. "Once you're as big as he is, he won't be able to ignore you anymore! He'll have to talk to you then and maybe he'll be proud of you for a change instead of jealous!" "You're right Andrew," JP realized, relieved that his huge muscular friend wasn't mad at him. "I'll try to fix our relationship the next time I see him, if he gives me the chance that is!" "That's all I can ask JP, but remember: you don't have to do all the work," Andrew suddenly realized. "Ryan has to want to be your Big Brother again or you'll never regain your relationship with him. I only hope it doesn't take something happening to one of you for the other to realize just how important you are to each other." Andrew had no idea how prophetic that statement was, but he did realize that he was scaring JP when he saw a glimmer of tears in his eyes. "Sorry for scaring you like that JP; I guess I'm not doing a very good job of cheering you up, am I?" "No you're not Andrew," JP replied: both truthfully and bravely considering how huge and muscular his big friend truly was. Andrew glared at him and JP hastily added, "But I guess you can't be good at everything, can you Big Guy?" Before Andrew could reply, the basement door opened and JP's dad started down the basement steps. "Dinner's ready you two," he said. "Come upstairs and get washed up." As Andrew and JP followed him up the basement steps, he asked, "What were you two talking about down here? It sounded rather heated." "We were talking about Ryan," JP replied through gritted teeth as he clenched his fists in fury. "I can't believe that he didn't even say goodbye to us before he left!" "Neither can your mother and I," Paul agreed. Then he added, "But I guess we shouldn't be surprised; he's barely acknowledged us during the last four years!" "I'm here Mr. Maloney," Andrew said quickly, hoping to head off another rant about Ryan. "I'd be glad to fill the 'big brother' role for JP." "Thank you Andrew," Paul said gratefully. "That's exactly why we're trusting you to take good care of JP during your upcoming Mid-West Recruiting Visits." He noticed JP glaring at him and hastily added, "Not that JP needs to be taken care of; he proved that last night when he took care of that jerk who was bugging Chrissy!" JP grinned proudly and then his father's previous sentence penetrated his consciousness. He turned from the sink, where he was washing his hands, and asked his dad excitedly, "Did you say that Andrew will be taking care of me during the recruiting visits?" His dad nodded with a small grin. "You mean I can go with my new friend Andrew on his road trip?" "Yes JP, but first clean up the water you splashed on the floor in your excitement," Paul ordered him with a chuckle. JP's face turned red with embarrassment as he grinned sheepishly and grabbed some paper towels. Paul turned back to Andrew and said, "I'm placing a lot of trust in you Andrew: to keep JP safe during this road trip. Can you do that for me?" "For us Paul," Maureen corrected him with a frown. "JP's our son, not just yours." "Of course dear," Paul said hastily. "I didn't mean to forget about you: I just misspoke." "Okay Paul," Maureen said. She handed him some plates and added, "You can make it up to me by setting the table." "I'll help him Mom," JP offered, anxious to spend some time with Matt. "Good idea son, that will give me a chance to talk privately with Andrew for a couple of minutes," Maureen decided. Andrew looked surprised, but he stayed quiet while JP and his dad left the kitchen with the plates and cutlery. Then he turned to JP's mom and asked her, "What did you want to talk about Mrs Maloney?" "Call me Maureen Andrew," Mrs Maloney said. Andrew nodded and Mrs Maloney continued by saying, "I just want you to know how much Paul and I appreciate you being there for JP." "Especially since Ryan hasn't been," Andrew interjected. "JP told me all about that downstairs while you guys were cooking dinner." "Yes Andrew, Ryan hasn't been there for his brother like you have, both last night and today. JP told me at lunch all that you talked about last night and how similar you two are, considering all that you've both gone through over the last few years." "Yes I was surprised myself at how similar we are," Andrew agreed. "But I'm glad to help JP get a head start on his college wrestling hopes by taking him with me to Ohio State." "I have complete confidence in your ability to look after JP on these upcoming Unofficial Recruiting Visits of yours," Maureen informed him proudly. "Thank you very much Mrs Maloney," Andrew said gratefully. "I'll make sure to justify your faith in me by keeping JP safe. But from what I saw last night, JP doesn't need protection from anyone!" "Yes, being a District Finalist in wrestling does have its advantages when dealing with college guys on the prowl," Maureen agreed. "Have you ever had to use force to scare people away from Carrie?" "Only the force of my voice," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "One of the advantages of being huge and insanely strong is that anyone who wants to start trouble is scared away with just a look!" "Good for you Andrew; now that you are in the middle of college football recruiting, any fighting you're involved in could derail that entire train ride!" "Thanks for that insight Mrs Maloney," Andrew said, as the oven timer went off. As she took the food out of the oven, he added, "I find it very gratifying to be a big brother for JP, just like I did in previous years for my football proteges, who are now my teammates." "That's good to hear Andrew," Maureen said, setting the food on the large breadboard. "I'm glad you've had a lot of practice being a mentor. Now let's go into the dining room for dinner; everyone's waiting for us." Andrew nodded and helped her bring the food into the dining room. Then they sat down at the table, where everyone else was already seated. They said grace and began eating. "So Andrew, have you and your friends mapped out a travel plan for your NCAA Road Trip?" Mr Maloney asked. "Yes Sir," Andrew replied. "I have the map book in my truck; I can show it to you after supper." "Good idea Andrew, because if you're taking the route I'm thinking of, I have another idea." "I can remember the route Sir," Andrew said. "It will take us to Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan." "That confirms that my idea will work, but I'll tell you what it is after supper when we look at your map book," Mr Maloney decided. Andrew nodded in agreement and Paul added, "So Andrew, do you realize what an amazing coincidence it was that you and JP were in the National Mall at the same time last night?" "Yes Sir I do," Andrew agreed. "But I also realize that this was the only summer I could do it. Last summer I was Basic Reserves Training and next summer I will be preparing for my freshman season of college football. But I must say, when I saw JP on the train, I knew that I recognized him from somewhere. Then once my friends and I got back from our tour of the National Mall, we used his bright blue tank top as a reference point to find our spot on the lawn again. Then I remembered where I had seen him before: on the front page of the sports section of the Washington Post." He noticed JP's friends and family smiling with pride at the memory of the day JP had been interviewed. "I was trying to figure out how to introduce myself to your son when those two big college guys started bugging Chrissy. I was about to intervene to protect her, but JP got there first and helped her out. Then I was able to introduce myself to him, once he noticed me of course." "You're impossible to miss Andrew," Paul said proudly, referencing Andrew's huge muscles. Andrew smiled quietly as Paul added, "JP told me all about how you were ready to help Chrissy before he got there." He thought for a moment and then said, "I might as well tell you my idea now, while you get yourself a second helping." "What do you mean Sir?" Andrew asked innocently, after he swallowed his last mouthful of food. "You cleaned your plate Andrew and so did Mike," Paul replied with a big grin. "Raise your hand if you want seconds." "How about I flex my arm instead," Andrew decided. He flexed his massive arm with a cocky smirk and added, "Both my huge arms need lots of fuel to get even bigger!" Everyone around the table laughed at Andrew's cocky attitude, which reminded them that he was a jock, not just an athlete. "I think your ego is just as big as your arms Andrew," JP teased his huge friend. Andrew grinned at his smaller friend and then realized he'd better get the conversation back on track. "What was your idea Mr Maloney?" he asked, as he got himself a second helping. "Call me Paul Andrew; I told you that when you first got here," Paul said. He waited for Andrew to nod in agreement and then added, "Ann Arbor is a lot closer to Orillia than it is to Washington DC." "Yes it is Paul," Andrew agreed, grinning as he guessed where JP's dad was going with this. "Good, then since we've hosted you tonight, how about you and your family return the favour once your Unofficial Visits are complete?" "Are you serious Dad?" JP shouted in excitement before Andrew could reply. "I get to meet Andrew's family and friends and perhaps see where he has achieved glory on the gridiron?" "If Andrew and his parents agree," Paul reminded him. He looked over at Andrew, who nodded in agreement. "Good, then all we need to do is get your parents on Skype after dinner and ask them." He looked over at Andrew and asked, "Are they home?" "Yes Paul; they're making plans for me to visit some Canadian football schools," Andrew replied. "Good, then it's all settled," Paul decided. "Let's finish our dinner and then we can Skype your parents and see if they're on board with my idea." Everyone nodded in agreement and followed his suggestion. Then, after dinner, Andrew used his laptop to get his dad on Skype so that he could introduce his parents to his new friend JP Maloney and his family. "Hey Dad," Andrew said once Chad's face appeared on the screen. "Hello son," Chad said, grinning at his son. "How is your Washington trip going?" "It's going quite well Dad," Andrew replied. "In fact, I met some new friends and their parents." He took a few minutes to tell his dad about the events of the previous evening and that afternoon. "What do you think Dad?" "I think you've made a great new friend," Chad said with a proud smile on his face. "But you forgot to tell me his name." "I didn't forget, I held back his name deliberately," Andrew informed him with a smug grin. He motioned JP to step into view of the laptop screen and added, "I think you'll recognize him." JP stepped in front of the laptop screen as Andrew stepped back. Chad's smile widened as he said, "You're JP Maloney!" "Yes I am Sir," JP said, surprised that Andrew's dad recognized him. "How did you recognize me?" "I took a business trip down there last week and I noticed your article in the sports section of the Washington Post," Chad replied. "It was the part about you starting a middle school wrestling camp that caught my eye actually." "Why was that Sir?" JP asked, not noticing Andrew stepping into the living room to speak with JP's parents. "Andrew has been a mentor himself: his first mentor was Mike actually," Chad informed him. "Then he mentored Mike's older brother Mark. The next year, he mentored the current Starting Quarterback and Wide Receiver on the OD Varsity Football Team. You stick with Andrew and he'll show you how to be a good mentor for your future protege Nick." "I will Sir," JP promised him. "You don't have to call me Sir, JP," Chad informed him. "Okay Mr Pearson," JP said agreeably. "That will do for now," Chad said. "Now, did Andrew call me on Skype just to introduce you to me or did he have another reason?" "There is another reason, but I should let Andrew tell you what it is, after you meet my parents of course." JP motioned his mom and dad over to Andrew's laptop and they introduced themselves to Andrew's dad and mom. "My parents had an idea Mr Pearson," JP said. "I'll just get Andrew so that he can hear it too." JP went into the living room to get Andrew while Paul and Maureen talked for a bit with Chad. "Your son is a really great young man Chad," Maureen said. "He has really taken JP under his wing in the absence of JP's older brother Ryan." "Yes I know that very well and he has been a great young man for many years," Chad agreed proudly. "Did Andrew tell you how he has mentored a few of his friends over the years and helped them become football players?" "Yes I believe he mentioned that," Paul said. He looked up and noticed Andrew and JP coming back into the den. "Explain your idea to your dad Andrew." "Actually it was your idea Sir," Andrew reminded him with a smug grin. "You're right, it was Andrew," Paul realized. "Okay Mr Pearson, here's my idea: since Andrew's last recruiting visit is near Detroit, he could go right to Orillia from there with JP." "So that we can host you and your family in return for you hosting our son right now," Chad realized. He turned to his wife Susan and asked, "What do you think dear?" "That sounds like a good idea," Susan agreed. "We have lots of room if you count the guest room and the pullout couches." "Good then it's all settled," Paul decided. "We'll keep in touch so that you can let us know when Andrew leaves Ann Arbor. Then my wife and I will start the journey to Orillia, which we will be able to reach in one day from here. Then we can all meet at your house." "That sounds good to me," Chad said. "See you all in a few days. Be sure to call me once you've crossed the border Andrew." "I will Dad," Andrew promised, waving goodbye to Chad. "See you later." "Goodbye son: enjoy your recruiting visits," Chad said. Once the Skype connection had been broken, Paul turned to Andrew and said, "There now, it's all settled Andrew: once you and JP cross the border into Canada, he can call us so that we can start our journey to meet you in Orillia the next day." "Would a text message be more convenient Sir?" Andrew asked. "That way, JP won't get any international calling charges on his phone bill and neither will you." "That's a very good idea Andrew," Paul commended him. "Thank you for suggesting it." He turned to JP and said, "Now how about you and Matt take Andrew and his friends over to the high school so that he can see the football field and the wrestling room." "Good idea Dad," JP agreed. "But how will we get into the wrestling room? I don't have a key." "But Coach Graves does and he'll be expecting you," Paul informed him. "Once you told us about Andrew during lunch, I knew that it would be a good idea to show him where you have achieved glory on the wrestling mat. So I called Coach Graves and told him my idea. Since he had some work to do for August's Wrestling Camp, he said that he would bring it to his office in the high school after supper. I told him you would meet him there at 7:30." "Okay Dad, I'll go get ready now," JP said, heading for the stairs. "Good idea JP," Paul agreed. "Your mom and I will stay down here to entertain your guests." "Thanks Dad, since I can't do that all the time!" JP joked, heading upstairs. "Don't forget your wrestling jacket JP!" Andrew shouted. JP grinned and nodded, pleased that Andrew had thought of everything. As JP turned the corner out of sight, Maureen turned to Andrew and asked, "Why did you tell JP to bring his jacket? It's really hot outside." "It was my idea to help raise his profile for the recruiting visits," Andrew replied. "It makes sense for him to make sure it still fits. He's pretty muscular you know." "That's an understatement Andrew, especially when referring to you," Mrs Anderson said with raised eyebrows. "Thank you Mrs Anderson," Andrew said. "But I think I should get my jacket out of my truck to make sure it fits. I'll be right back." Andrew headed outside to his car and JP's parents took that opportunity to get their digital camera. Once Andrew came back inside with his football jacket on, he found his friends and their parents waiting for him in the living room. "What's going on here?" Andrew asked with a smile. "Just a group shot before you go, now that both you and JP have your jackets on," Paul replied, holding up his digital camera. "You mean all three of us," Andrew said with a cocky grin, as he held up Mike's football jacket. Paul grinned at Andrew's cocky attitude as Mike put on his football jacket. Then Paul set the timer on the camera, placed it on the mantle, and stepped back so that he would be in the picture with everyone else. Everyone grinned as the camera flashed and then stepped up to the mantle to see what the photo looked like on the screen. Once everyone had voiced their approval of the group picture, JP said, "We'd better get going Dad, so Matt and I can show Andrew and his friends the high school wrestling room." "Actually JP, you and Andrew go ahead," Matt said. JP turned to look at him in surprise and Matt added, "I want to stay here with Mike and Carrie." Andrew turned around to see Mike and Carrie nodding in agreement. Mike saw his look of astonishment and said, "Don't look so shocked Andrew: you must realize that the dynamics of this friendship were set last night when you spent half an hour alone with JP." Andrew nodded in sudden understanding and Paul said, "Besides Andrew, while you and JP are talking with Coach Graves, I can show your friends JP's wrestling videos." JP looked suddenly embarrassed, hoping that his dad wouldn't show the footage of the District Final match that JP had lost four months before. Paul noticed his son's sad look and decided to cheer him up. "If you lend me your digital camera son, I can upload the video you took last night of Andrew to YouTube." JP handed over his camera and grinned at the thought of helping raise Andrew's profile for the NCAA. He watched as Andrew slapped Mike on the back and hugged Carrie goodbye. "I'm ready to go now JP," Andrew said as JP opened the front door. "Good, so am I Andrew, so let's go," JP said, heading outside. Andrew waved goodbye to JP's parents and Matt's mom, before following his friend outside to the driveway. "Should we take your car or my truck?" Andrew asked once he reached the driveway where JP was waiting. "We should take your truck Andrew, it looks cooler," JP replied. "Especially when I turn on the under lights," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. "You must be a fan of the Fast and Furious movies," JP realized. "Especially 2Fast 2Furious," Andrew said with a big grin as they got into his truck. "Because it takes place in Miami right?" JP guessed. "Gee, someone's a genius, as far as stating the obvious!" Andrew laughed as they backed out of the driveway. "Shut up man!" JP laughed as they drove down the street. "Just try and make me JP, if you've got the guts that is!" Andrew dared him with a cocky smirk. Andrew and JP continued laughing and joking as they drove to Central High School, enjoying the freedom to act like jocks without worrying what their friends thought. Meanwhile, back at JP's house, Andrew's friends and JP's parents said goodbye to Matt's mom, who was heading home. Matt promised her that he would stop by to say goodbye the next morning, since JP's parents had granted permission for him to stay over. "After all Matt, Andrew only knows the way to this house, not your house," JP's mom reminded him. "That's why your mom brought an overnight bag for you when she came over for dinner." Matt's mom didn't reveal the real reason she was letting Matt stay over at JP's house that night: she needed some space from her son after the bombshell he had dropped on her that morning. Andrew and JP soon reached the high school and parked by the gate in the fence surrounding the football field. The school below in Fairfax County is probably what the author of the JP stories based Central High School on. And of course the team name in the JP Story is the Spartans, not the Wildcats. "Are you ready to go inside Andrew?"JP asked as he got out of the truck. "As soon as I get something," Andrew replied. He got out and opened up his truck's tailgate. Then he reached into his gym bag and pulled out his old Miami Hurricanes football. Then he closed the tailgate. "See JP, just a little accessory to complete my jock image." "You mean your Super Jock image Andrew," JP corrected him with a smug grin. "Your words JP and I agree with them," Andrew said with a big grin. "Let's go into the school and meet your wrestling coach. Then you can show me the wrestling room where you have achieved athletic glory on the wrestling mat." JP grinned back at his huge friend and led the way into the school for the chat with Coach Graves. As Andrew followed him down the hall to the wrestling room, JP smiled to himself as he realized that he would be mentoring a dozen kids there in wrestling in about six weeks time. "What do you think Andrew?" JP asked as they stepped into the wrestling room. "Most impressive JP," Andrew replied, looking around at all the pictures and newspaper articles on the wall. His eyes widened as he realized that most of the pictures and articles were of JP. "Someone's certainly popular in this school," he remarked, making the understatement of the year. "He should be, he's the first District Finalist we've had in over a decade," a deep voice said from behind them. Andrew and JP turned around to see a burly man in his 40s walking towards them. "I'm Coach Graves: the Head Coach of the District Finalist Central High Spartans Varsity Wrestling Team." "Pleased to meet you Coach," Andrew said, holding out his right hand. Coach Graves shook it firmly, only wincing a little bit from the strength of Andrew's iron grip. "I'm Andrew Pearson: Starting Center for the District Champion ODCVI Blues Varsity Football Team." "District Champion sounds a lot more impressive than District Finalist," Coach Graves realized, causing JP to look down at his feet in shame. Graves noticed and quickly apologized to his Star Wrestler. "Sorry about that JP, but it's true. You're good, but obviously not as good as Andrew here." "I'll do better this season Coach," JP promised with a scary look of determination on his face. "This time I won't just win the District Title but I'll be the State Champion as well!" "I'm sure you will JP," Graves agreed, pleased at how determined his Star Wrestler was to succeed. His cell phone suddenly rang from his shirt pocket. "Sorry guys, but I have to take this call: I've been expecting it." He took out his flip phone opened it up, pressed the green phone button to accept the call and listened intently. "Okay, I'll send him right out." He ended the call and turned to Andrew. "There's someone important waiting for you on the 50 yard line of the football field Andrew." "Okay Coach, I'll head out there now and then I'll meet you and JP back in here," Andrew decided. "We'll meet you out there Andrew," Graves said. "JP and I have a few things to work on for the Lincoln Middle School Wrestling Camp in six weeks." Andrew nodded in agreement and waved to JP as he headed out of the wrestling room. As he walked down the hall towards the stairs, he wondered who could be waiting for him in the middle of the football field: which he could see from the second floor window. Once Andrew exited the building and skirted the stands, he saw a big man in his 40s standing in the middle of the field. As he got closer, he noticed that the big guy was wearing a Central High Spartans Football t-shirt. "Hello Andrew, I'm Coach Palmer: the Head Coach of the Central High Spartans Varsity Football Team." "Pleased to meet you Coach," Andrew said excitedly, shaking his hand firmly. He noticed Coach Palmer massaging his sore hand and smirked as he added, "As you already know, I'm Andrew Pearson: Starting Center for the Orillia District Varsity Football Team." "I'm very pleased to meet you Andrew and there's someone else who would like to meet you: over the phone anyway." He picked up his cell phone and sent a quick text message that consisted of only two words: 'He's here.' "Who did you just send that text message to Coach?" Andrew asked curiously. "You'll find out in about 30 seconds Andrew," Coach Palmer promised him. Sure enough, within 30 seconds, his cell phone rang. "Hello, is that you?" he asked. He listened closely to the answer and nodded his head in satisfaction. "Good, thanks for calling back so quickly." He listened a bit more and added, "Sure I'll let you speak to him, since that is the reason I wanted you to call me in the first place. Just a second." He handed his cell phone to Andrew and said, "It's for you." "Thanks Coach," Andrew said, taking the cell phone and holding it up to his ear. "Hello?" "Are you Andrew Pearson?" a deep and confident voice asked from the other end of the line. "Yes I am," Andrew replied, feeling a little uneasy that the mystery caller knew his name. "Who is this?" "This is Ryan Maloney," the caller replied. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* And that, after two months, is the end of Andrew's Recruiting Summer Chapter 4. Please let me know what you thought of my first attempt at a cliffhanger ending. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Coming soon: - Andrew finds out why JP's older brother called him - Andrew takes JP and Matt on his Ohio State Recruiting Visit.
  4. Andre stepped back from Evan as he felt his body processing a second surge of growth. He could feel the new muscle DNA bonding with his, and it felt exhilarating. He was amazed at how deeply he could inhale, and how with each breath, he felt his core getting more solid, as if he was made of steel cables that were being wound tighter and tighter. With each breath, Andre’s DNA would remap itself so it became more compatible with Evan’s, and that only increased the density of his muscle and his strength. With each inhale getting deeper, Andre felt his abs popping, as his skin pulled tight over the deep new grooves. He felt like a wall of dense, impenetrable muscle. He stretched out his arms at a ninety-degree angle from his body, bent at the elbows, and watched his clenched forearms swell with new muscle, the veins thickening to carry the rushing blood. He felt the new weight in his chest too, and how his thick pecs heaved in his newly tightened shirt. With his thick arms now hanging by his side, he felt the growth spreading to his lats. The muscles were lengthening, getting denser, and pushing out wider, giving him a broad and imposing Y physique. All the new muscle was devouring any remaining body fat on him, and he felt his waist getting leaner. The fat on his face melted quickly as well, revealing a powerful square jaw and high cheekbones. Andre pulled up his shirt to admire his new six-pack. He inhaled deeply again, and crunched his core, forcing the abs to pop out even more prominently. Even Evan was impressed. Feeling the growth subside, Andre smiled calmly at Evan. “Time to get back to work,” he said, in a very deep voice. He saw his eyeglasses on the ground, and crushed them under his 215lbs. “Won’t be needing those anymore,” and he went back to work behind the counter, making a smoothie. He had a new sharpness and clarity on his surroundings, and acted as if his life as a chubby, defenseless nerd had never happened to him. “That was amazing Evan,” he said, and handed over the smoothie. “I was holding back a couple of ingredients earlier. Now that I see what you can do, try this one.” Evan took the cup, which felt much heavier and denser than it looked. He started to chug the drink, which had the density of wet cement. It was hard to swallow at first, but once his body realized how potent it was, his throat instinctively opened wider and he almost involuntarily inhaled it. Within a few seconds, he could feel his muscle fiber getting even denser. That should build some more muscle, thought Andre to himself. “Thanks, I needed whatever was in that Andre,” he said. He put the empty cup down and placed his hand on Andre’s shoulder, and gently squeezed. Andre did indeed feel like an impenetrable wall of muscle, and Evan could tell that his body temperature was elevated. Applying just a bit more pressure, Evan said, “Are you feeling okay Andre?” “I’ve never felt better Evan, thanks to you,” he replied with a calm smile. If Evan’s powerful grip was hurting him, he sure wasn’t showing it. His wide shoulders and broad chest looked impressive in his t-shirt, and Evan was proud of his work. “I think you are a very gifted guy Andre. Once you start a workout routine, your growth will really take off. I’m going to talk to Todd now about a program for you.” “Thanks Evan, I really appreciate it. I hope I can live up to your expectations.” Andre put his hand on top of Evan’s. “I have to get to work. I’m sure those football jocks will be back soon.” And with that, he applied some pressure and easily moved Evan’s hand from his shoulder, staring right up into the Asian god’s eyes. Evan smiled. “That’s quite a grip you have Andre. Later on, let’s go next door and let you really work out that new strength.” With that, Evan turned and walked into the stockroom to see Todd. Meanwhile, Andre’s DNA continued to slowly remap itself. Todd was doing some paperwork when Evan barged into the room. The desk was a mess and Todd seemed frazzled. Looking up at Evan, all 6’ 6” and 345lbs, Todd lost all focus. “Andre mixed up some new recipes for me Todd.” “I’m trying to get this paperwork for the gym done Evan. I know you want to open up quickly.” “I think you are going to want a taste of my output Todd.” Evan didn’t say a word, just pulled off his t-shirt, revealing his stunning 12-pack. Todd knew what he had to do. He walked over to Evan and got on his knees and started working his fat dick greedily. Evan firmly held Todd’s skull and blew load after massive load down Todd’s throat. Once Evan was finished, he reached down and easily helped the 175lb Todd up to his feet. He cradled his head gently but firmly. “I have a lot of powers Todd. Some I’m still discovering.” Evan gazed down into Todd’s eyes. “Those loads were really thick, right?” “Yes Evan – even for you.” “I just pumped two gallons of superhuman cum into you. You want to get bigger, right? You see me, my dad… and wait til you see Andre,” Evan said chuckling. The images flashed through Todd’s mind as he quietly gazed up at Evan and nodded. He could feel Evan somehow invading his brain. “From now on, you only think about me. I’m your number one focus, and you run the shop and the gym. But everything else you’ve ever known… will start to fade.” Todd just nodded. “That’s how Dad got big. He let me into his brain and let me take over. All he knows now is the business… what I instruct him to do… and me. With nothing else on his mind, he’s able to grow more easily. So are you willing to do that too Todd? Let me into your brain?” said Evan, as he tapped Todd’s temple. Todd just nodded again, silently giving assent. “I feel really warm Evan,” he said. Evan chuckled and said, “That’s my superhuman cum. That means it’s working.” Todd looked up at Evan, and everything started to get fuzzy. Years of knowledge and experience started to fall away as he yielded to an 18 year-old god. And even though those things got fuzzy, he started getting much sharper on his new reality: his universe was now Evan. He started to feel Evan’s DNA invading his bloodstream. After a few minutes, his knees buckled and he fell into a deep sleep. Evan easily hoisted him up on his shoulders and carried him home. Let that DNA do it’s job, he thought, leaving Todd in bed. Evan returned to the shop a few minutes later. Joe, the football jock, was talking to Andre, drinking a shake, and marveling at his new muscle. Andre was enjoying the worship. Whenever I saw Joe on the street, he looked right through me, thought Andre. Now, he can’t get enough of me. “Let’s go next door, the gym needs some demolition before the contractor shows up.” They walked into the abandoned bank building, and it was full of marble walls and columns. “Well that will all have to come down,” said Evan, tossing a sledgehammer to Andre as Joe watched. Andre caught the sledgehammer and got to work right away, knocking it hard into the marble walls, which started to collapse after a few blows. Joe marveled at how powerful Andre was: with each effortless blow, his body was able to absorb it all without any movement. Andre felt himself getting stronger, as the work sped up his DNA remapping, and made his muscle fiber more and more dense. He approached the central column, which was about eight feet in diameter of solid marble. He tightened his core and with one solid blow, destroyed the structure, much to Joe’s amazement. Andre was intoxicated with his own muscle and power. He stared right at Evan, holding the sledgehammer. He began to toss it up and down with total ease, as if it was a light as a tennis ball. Then he grabbed the sledgehammer just below the steel head. He extended his arm and slowly started to apply pressure, and snapped it off the wooden handle in just a few seconds. “I knew your grip strength was impressive,” said Evan, with his arms crossed. Andre smiled coolly and thought to himself, “I’m not done.” And with that, his huge hand encircled the steel head of the sledgehammer. Andre’s forearms and biceps began to swell with a remarkable amount of power, as the steel started to crumble in his grip. Tightening his core, he slowly applied more and more power until it just crumbled into pieces, falling on the floor. The surge of power just increased the speed of the DNA remapping, and that, in turn, made him even more powerful. He started to walk over to Evan slowly but deliberately. “I need more muscle,” he said. Not waiting for a response, he reached his hand up to Evan’s neck and applied some pressure. Evan felt the powerful grip and stood up straight, digging his feet into the floor. Andre just smiled and slowly forced Evan’s face down towards his. He placed his open mouth on the Asian god’s mouth, and started to inhale.
  5. Dork to Beast, Finale

    Once classes started, Danny realized just how much he stood out in the Chemical Engineering department. He outweighed even the biggest of the guys by more than 200lbs of muscle. He saw how they looked at him, some with awe, some with feigned disgust. He was used to the disgust from high school, but now, he reveled in the awe. He realized right away that the TA of one of his labs was one of the awe-struck. The guy was a grad student, so he wasn't much older than Danny, andDanny saw how he looked at him, sneaking furtive glances whenever he could. Danny played on that awe. He stayed after one of the labs ended, because he had a plan. He was hoping that the TA would help him figure out what was in the Black Russian supps that Ivan was getting from eastern Europe. When Danny approached him, Ted, the TA, could barely speak. Danny introduced himself and put out his hand. When they shook, Danny's big muscle paw completely enveloped the TA's soft little hand. The grad student was about 5'5", 140lbs. When Danny grinned down at him, the little guy's knees gave out a little. Danny propped him up against the lab table. Then he got right to the point, pulling out a black pill and asking him how hard it would be to figure out what was in it. The TA took the pill and looked it over. "Probably not very hard," he said. "If I used the mass spectrometer, it would break it down to its components. I'm not supposed to use the equipment for things like that though." "What if we snuck into the lab after classes?" Danny flexed his 24" arm. "We could spend as much time in the lab as you want." The TA gulped hard. "I don't know," he said nervously. Danny, bouncing his 72" chest under his tight tee, said "I'd let you touch." The grad student almost fainted. He looked around the room. "You want to do it tonight?" he said. "I can probably snag the keys from the professor's office." His heart was pounding thru his chest at the thought of being with Danny alone in the lab. "Sounds good," said Danny, running his hand thru his hair, causing his huge arm to bunch up into a big ball. "Oh my god," groaned the young grad student. Danny's powerful pheromones wafted out from his armpit. "You have a poser?" asked the TA, tentatively, bracing himself against the lab table. "Yep," said Danny, reaching out and rubbing his hand along Ted's thin neck. "Would you wear it?" asked Ted, his eye twitching, and goosebumps running up and down his limbs. "Sure. What time tonight?" "Eleven o'clock. The last lab ends at ten." "Ok. Then I'll lift from eight to ten thirty, to maximize my pump." "You're not pumped now?..." The TA's boner was tenting out his white lab coat. "God, no. Just wait till you see. Everything will be inches bigger. I can bloat my quads from 34" to 38" after just two sets of heavy squatting." "....38 inches..." stammered Ted. "Yep. What is that, like ten inches bigger than your waist?" "Yess...." Danny grinned. "I'll see you tonight at eleven, then. Don't pop one out till then, little man." He turned and walked away, as Ted stared in amazement at the size of Danny's back, shoulders, neck, ass, and legs. ... == ... Dwayne's fight night was at a medium sized auditorium downtown. A lot of the guys fighting were amateurs like him, but there were a couple sanctioned fights scheduled for later on the ticket. Dwayne's fight was first. It was his opponent's first real fight too. Dwayne sized him up as they stepped into the octagon they'd set up for the night. The guy was in his early twenties, good build, but nothing overly impressive. He looked like the kind of guy who'd played sports in high school but was never a standout, but had a lot of spunk. He looked a little nervous, especially as he saw Dwayne, who's muscularity was at least 5 times more dense than his. Dwayne didn't have to clench his abs for them to stand out as a taut 8pak. Dwayne saw his opponent looking over at a young woman in the audience. She was a tiny thing, about his age, and looked about 7 months pregnant. The wife, figured Dwayne. He could tell she wasn't thrilled about hubby getting into the ring against him. The fight got started, and it was quickly obvious to everyone that it was a big mismatch. The guy's punches bounced off Dwayne, and Dwayne felt nothing, so he let the guy pound on him for awhile. Then he hit back. His jabs were many times faster than his opponent's, too, but he took care not to punch too hard. He could see the wife flinch every time he hit him. He had to end this one quickly, so he knocked the guy to the ground, got on him, and put him into a choke hold. He pulled the guy close into him, and whispered in his ear as he tightened the choke ever so gently. "Do yourself a favor, and give up fighting, man. You're just gonna get hurt. A guy like me could mess you up bad. Go get a regular job, support your wife and kid." With that, Dwayne tightened his grip just enough to make the pain real to the guy. He turned the guy's face so that he was looking at his wife, and could see her concern. The guy was starting to panic. Dwayne was so strong that it was surreal. He easily flipped the guy around and put him in an arm bar, forcing him to tap instantly. Dwayne helped the guy to his feet, and they shook hands. Dwayne looked over at the wife, and saw the relief on her face. When their eyes met, Dwayne winked at her, and she felt a wave of lust race thru her hormonally flushed body. He was the hottest man she'd ever seen, and she knew he had saved her husband from any real damage, so she blamed her feelings for him on that. Meanwhile, her husband came over to her from the octagon, and hugged her. "I'm done with the fighting," he said, and the wife gave a small wave of thanks to Dwayne. He nodded back. Then he noticed Mr K sitting a couple rows behind her, the same look of lust on his face. This made Dwayne horny, but his gym manager, who was now his fight manager, was talking to him. "That wasn't much of a challenge for you, was it?" he said, laughing. "Nah, man. Just got me all riled up, is all." Dwayne was still looking over at Mr K, hungrily. "Well, I might have good news for you. A guy dropped out of one of the sanctioned fights that's coming up next week. They need a replacement. I volunteered you." "Yeah?" said Dwayne, suddenly interested. "Who'm I fighting?" "This guy Tommy Bell. He's in your weight class, and is 11-0." "Oh yeh? So I'll be breaking his undefeated record?" "You could be. He's pretty tough though. Has been in and out of prison, and has won every fight by KO." "Next week, huh? Gives me time to get even stronger and faster," said Dwayne. He was getting hard just thinking about beating a guy with an 11-0 record. His muscles tightened and rippled in anticipation of what he would do. His manager got goosebumps watching Dwayne's body improve as they stood there. "I gotta go for now, man," Dwayne said to him. Then he made his way over to Mr K, leaned over him and whispered to him, "Let's go somewhere, Mr K. I need some sweet relief from that mouth of yours." Mr K couldn't get up fast enough. He followed Dwayne to the backstage area, where Dwayne broke into an office by snapping the door handle off and forcing the door open with his shoulder. "This oughta do," he said, leading Mr K over to a sofa that lined the wall. As soon as Mr K sat down, Dwayne pulled down his trunks and his big schlong flopped out. He stroked himself a couple of time. "Fuck, I need it bad," he said, as he guided his big dickhead into Mr K's eager mouth. "Did you see me fight that guy down?" Dwayne asked. Mr K nodded as he sucked. "That was just child's play, man. Wait till next week. Fuck, you got a good mouth, Mr K. Funny, cause I remember growing up, how you were always dating those big tittied women, and you were all macho and shit. Now look at you, sucking on me like a newborn calf. You like it, too, don't ya?" Mr K nodded again, still sucking Dwayne's thick knob. He couldn't believe it himself. He'd always been into women. But he couldn't resist Dwayne. And he couldn't get enough of him. He understood addiction now. All he wanted was to service him, to touch his body, smell him, taste him. And Dwayne knew it. "You wanna see me fight again next week?" Dwayne said. "Maybe if you're real good to me, I'll let you come." He flexed his arms over Mr K. "Aw, yeah," he said. "I got a huge load about to fill you up, been feeling my balls churning it out all day." Dwayne tilted his head back, and bucked into Mr K's face. Mr K had never wanted anything more than Dwayne's thick muscle paste. And Dwayne gave it to him, spewing so hard he had to put his hand on the back of Mr K's head to keep his mouth in place. Mr K did his best to swallow the hot nectar the god before him. He did pretty good, considering how much volume there was. Dwayne pulled his head off him. "You sure are hungry for this aren't ya?" Dwayne chuckled, remembering how Mr K had always thought of him as such a dork. Dwayne lifted Mr K up to his face and kissed him. He liked the taste of his jiz in Mr K's mouth, it tasted like cotton candy. No wonder the old guy like it. Mr K almost fainted from the hot young buck tonguing his mouth. Dwayne thought about how he'd gone from goofy dork to supremely handsome and supremely strong. He kissed Mr K deeper, the older man's feet dangling off the ground. Dwayne chuckled to himself as he felt Mr K cum in his pants. His own hardon had gotten even harder. He rested Mr K down on it, and it supported him in the air. "Goddam," said Dwayne after he broke the kiss. "I better head out for tonight, before I decide to ride your ass into the next century." He lifted Mr K up and set him on the desk of the office they were in. As he got dressed, he said, "I'll see you next week at the fight." Then he headed out. Mr K watched him leave. His heart pounded with lust. Next week? Could he last that long without a Dwayne fix? ...===... That night at the lab, Ted was unable to completely decipher what the small black pill was made up of. "We'll have to do more tests," he told Danny, fearful that it would mean that his massive student wouldn't showoff his huge body for him. But Danny didn't care. He was pumped to the max, and was aching to flex anyway. He sat Ted down on a lab chair before stripping down to his poser. "No touching yourself until you find the formula," he said to Ted. Then he flexed his arm an inch away from Ted's nose. It rose up over 25". "Kiss it," said Danny. Ted swallowed hard, then put his lips on the mountain of muscle in his face. Sweat ran down from Danny's deep pits. He smelled of gym and muscle and his own thick musk. "Stop for a second," cried Ted, pulling back from the beast-sized arm. He had to close his eyes for a bit. His heart was beating so fast. He was just starting to get hard, yet he'd almost cum. "Oh, there's no stopping this now, bud," said Danny. "Touch it." And he grabbed Ted's hand on put it on his arm. "Oh god," muttered Ted. Then Danny grabbed the seat of the lab chair, and curled it off the ground until they were face to face. "Oh my fucking god," said Ted. Danny curled him in the chair for reps. Then he sat him down and flexed a double bi shot. Ted's eyes were wide opened now, although one eyelid was twitching at the sight of Danny's massiveness so close to him. He was leaking pre, and it took everything he had not to touch himself. Then Danny turned around, and spread his back. His vast, grand prairie sized back, rolling with thick slabs of muscle that tapered down to his beefy lower back, padded with striations of symmetrical muscle. He made them pop out in a hard flex, and Ted came. There was no stopping it. Ted had no control. His muscle lust took him zooming into a zone of euphoria. Danny spread his back out farther, and Ted fainted, sliding right out of the chair. Danny turned and caught him right before he hit the floor. "Dude, wake up man," said Danny, slapping Ted's face lightly. Ted woke up quickly and found himself looking into Danny's concerned eyes. "Wow... Could you just hold me for a second?" Danny wrapped him up in his huge arms and lifted him up in his hug. Ted was in muscle paradise, swathed up in Danny's tree trunk arms. He never wanted it to end. "I'll figure out the formula for you," he said. "I know you will, Teddy. Right now, I gotta go though." "Where?" "My roommate's waiting for me for a dose of Danny batter. He thinks it's making him stronger and faster." "Is it?" "Yep," said Danny, unwrapping his arms from around Ted and setting him back on the chair. "I'll talk to you later." That's one lucky roommate, thought Ted, as he watched Danny get dressed, and head out of the lab. And that must be one potent chemical, if it can transfer its effects thru Danny's 'batter'. That night, Ted contacted a friend of his who was working on a PhD in Genetics. He enlisted his help in breaking down the little black pill. ...=... The night of Dwayne's next fight came up fast. But he'd had time to have a tailor-made suit custom made to fit him real snug, just like he'd seen McGregor wear at his press conference with Mayweather. Dwayne wore it into the ring, and the crowd went wild. His manager had told him that this Tommy guy didn't want the fight because Dwayne was still a nobody. But then Tommy's manager reminded him that he wouldn't get paid if he didn't fight, so he agreed. He figured it'd be easy money. He'd never seen Dwayne. He would soon though. As Tommy made his way to the ring, Dwayne started flexing in his shiny new suit. The shoulder seams to his jacket started ripping almost immediately. Slow at first, but then faster as he crunched into a most muscular. Dwayne flexed harder. Buttons popped off like bullets. His jacket split up the back. He ripped the shredding jacket off him and tossed the pieces aside. He flexed his arms and made the sleeves of his dress shirt rip as his peaks tore thru the fabric like it was tissue paper. Then he tore his shirt apart like the Hulk, exposing his rockhard torso. As Tommy watched from the apron, befuddled, the crowd was going apeshit. Tommy's slow synapses were trying to process what he was seeing. He'd spent time in juvvie as a teenager, and had been in and out of prison a couple of times, but he'd never seen anyone so jacked up as Dwayne. Tommy stepped into the ring, pretty sure he could handle anyone. He was 11-0, after all. His entourage didn't look so sure. Just like in his first fight, Dwayne noticed Tommy look over at a young woman in the audience. There was a different energy to this couple, though. Dwayne saw a look of fear behind her eyes, the same look he used to get before school, when he knew Tip would be waiting for him. Then he noticed the bruises on her upper arms. He looked at Tommy, and he didn't need to see the skull tattoo on his neck to realize that this goon beat on his girlfriend. Dwayne felt the heat building up inside him. This cocky tool was going to be taught a lesson. When the fight started, Dwayne let Tommy hit him a couple of times without trying to block the blows. Tommy was more confused than ever. His powerful jabs didn't seem to hurt his opponent in the least. So he whirled at him with his roundhouse kick, hitting him right in the side. Dwayne didn't flinch. It was like he had on Batman's mech suit, but it was just his own dense rockhard muscle. Tommy felt like he'd broken his shin bone. He hobble back in pain, and looked over to his corner, where his manager just shrugged and urged him to go back at him. But Dwayne was already coming at him, and threw a jab of his own, hitting Tommy right in his sternum. The jab was so strong and sharp, it knocked the wind out of Tommy. He staggered back against the cage. Dwayne was on him in a flash, picking him up and throwing him to the ground. Then he got on top of him and rode him around the octagon. Tommy had never felt such controlling strength. None of the moves he tried to escape Dwayne's holds had any effect at all. And each hold was more painful than the last. Tommy was in a panic to get away from him, even for a second, but Dwayne was having none of it. He worked him and worked him, then would pick him up and slam him back to the ring, then get right back on top of him. Finally, he put him in a rear naked choke. He leaned into Tommy's ear and said, "This is what happens to guys who hurt women." He maneuvered Tommy so he was facing away from the ref. Then he pulled on Tommy's arm until it popped out of his shoulder joint. Dwayne had one hand over Tommy's mouth, to muffle the scream. Tommy tried to tap out, but Dwayne had his hands trapped so tightly, he couldn't move them. "It's gonna hurt even more, going back in," Dwayne said to him. And he was right. He shoved the ball of Tommy's arm bone back into joint, and Tommy almost passed out. Dwayne flipped Tommy over on his back and mounted him, bending Tommy's ankles up behind his ears. Dwayne leaned into him hard, folding him almost flat on the mat. Again, he whispered in his ear, "If you hurt your girlfriend again, I'll come after you. And it will make what's happening here seem like a picnic." Dwayne pinned him down harder. "Then I'll make you change your first name to Tinker. How ya think 'Tinker Bell' will go over on the fight circuit?" Tommy was drenched in sweat, and gasping for air as Dwayne pressed against his ribcage with his superhuman strength. Then Dwayne stood up over him. He grabbed Tommy around the throat with one hand, then lifted him off the ground and into the air. He walked around the ring holding Tommy up, while flexing his other arm. The crowd was in a frenzy, even as the ref warned Dwayne about the choke hold. Dwayne looked at the ref, then dropped Tommy to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Dwayne jumped onto him, wrapped his legs around his torso, and pulled Tommy's right arm into an arm bar. Pain seared thru Tommy's radial nerve. This time, Dwayne let Tommy tap out. Then he released the hold and stood up. The ref took his arm and raised it in victory. Dwayne flexed into his most-muscular pose for the crowd, as it roared in approval. Tommy looked up at his vanquisher. He'd never been turned onto a man before, yet, despite his physical pain, he felt himself getting aroused as Dwayne's superior, muscular body flexed over him. Tommy would never have sex again without thinking of Dwayne in order to finish. ...==... A couple of days later, Danny texted Dwayne to meet him at the park. He had something important to tell him. When Danny pulled up, Dwayne was already there, wearing just his fighting shorts, and doing one-finger pull-ups at the fitness trail. "Hey, Bruiser," said Danny as he walked up to him. "I hear the fight went well." "Short and sweet, just like they'll all be. I'm switching to parkour." "Oh yeah? You gonna be leaping over tall buildings in a single bound?" "Don't laugh," said Dwayne, dropping off the pull-up bar. Veins ran up and down his arms, across his delts, and into his chest. "How's Jake?" "Hot as hell. And he loves it when I breed him." "As he should. You still on the wrestling team?" "Nah, I gave that up. Who's gonna beat these?" said Danny, flexing his arms. "They're peaking up to 26 inches now. "Bearhug me with them," challenged Dwayne. Danny grinned, then stepped up to Dwayne, and wrapped his massive arms around him. Then he squeezed. "Damn you are solid," said Danny, as he hoisted Dwayne off the ground. "Hell yeah, I am," said Dwayne, kissing Danny on his 24" neck. "Squeeze harder." Danny wrapped his arms around him harder. He'd be crushing most guy like a tube of toothpaste with the force he was applying, but Dwayne seemed unaffected. "And now I know why," said Danny. He liked how much strength he could use on Dwayne. It turned him on. That, and Dwayne's sucking on his thick bull neck. "Those grad students I told you about? They found out why Ivan's stuff works so well." "Yeah?" said Dwayne. Then he started sucking on Danny's earlobe. "Harder, man." Danny squeezed harder, his forearms bulging to 19 inches. "Yeah. It completely shuts down the myostatin gene and allows for unfettered growth of muscle and strength." "No shit? Can they replicate it?" "Yeah, they think they can." Danny dug his clamped fists deeper into Dwayne's lower back. "Why you think I'm not slabbing on mass like you?" asked Dwayne. "I'm not sure, but you're at least as strong as I am, and I'm pretty sure you've got other skills coming on strong." "Yeah, you're right. What's Ivan think about these guys making the stuff?" Both of them were sweating now, making it harder to grip onto Dwayne's granite muscle. They were both hard. "He's happy he won't have to go back to Poland anytime soon." "I bet...Harder, man, I'm starting to feel it now." Danny grunted and squeezed. Dwayne arched back in the bearhug. "Oh yeh, bro, that's is power!" They turned their heads toward each other and kissed. When they broke off the kiss, Dwayne said, "I've been hooking up with your dad." "Yeah, I know," said Danny, and then he kissed Dwayne again. "I've seen him getting more muscular, just like Jack. I caught him flexing in the mirror the other day." "I know. It's hot as fuck." "Dad thinks you can read his mind, maybe even control his thoughts." "Maybe a little. I think it's more the power of suggestion. Although sometimes, when I want his tongue to go to a specific spot, it goes right there. It's like I'm guiding it with my mind." "That's wild." "I know. Hey, you squeezing as hard as you can yet?" "Almost," said Danny. "Go full bore, I wanna try something." Danny tightened his grip around Dwayne and squeezed him in with his huge sweaty arms. Both of them grunted. Then Dwayne, with his arms trapped to his sides, started pushing outward with them. At first nothing happened, but then Dwayne felt Danny's arms open up a little from the pressure. Dwayne pushed harder, and Danny felt his grip slipping. Danny's neck veins popped out as he tried to maintain his hold, but Dwayne's arm strength pushed his hands apart. Dwayne was now able to move his arms, and he slid his hands up to the crook of Danny's elbows, and broke his bearhug. Dwayne's feet hit the ground, and he stepped back out of Danny's hold. "Dude, geezus," said Danny, huffing, his thick torso red and welted from holding Dwayne so hard. "I can't believe it either. You're so huge." Dwayne's torso was also reddened and welted. Sweat rolled off of him. "And you got freak strength, man." "I know. And I can feel it growing. Follow me." Dwayne led Danny over to an old wrought iron fence that bordered one side of the park. It lined the property of an old mansion that was on the other side. Dwayne went up to the fence, grabbed a railing in each hand, and ripped a four foot section of the fence out of the ground, and yanked it free of the rest of the fence. He held it out at arm's length and began to press in on it. Cords of muscle popped out all over his forearms and delts. Striations rippled across his chest. He bent over slightly as the iron began to fold in like an accordion, and his lats flared out with his effort. The four foot section soon became a two foot section. He bent over farther, and his abs crunched out like big cobblestones, as the fencing bunched up on itself like a cheap window blind until it was compressed to one foot. Dwayne lifted it into the air like a trophy. Then he tossed it to Danny, who caught it one-handed. He wrapped his fingers around the end pieces and pulled. The wrought iron began to open back up, creaking loudly as it did. Danny pulled and pulled, stretching the iron like taffy, his huge arms and chest swelling, until it became a five foot section of misshapen metal. "You ain't weak, either," Dwayne said to him. "Bro... I feel like...." Danny said, holding the iron fence in one arm and curling it slow and hard, watching his biceps swell to 27 inches. "Breaking into the mansion?" "Yeah....and then..." "Fucking each others' brains out?" "You reading my mind?" "Nah, I'm just thinking the same way. And I want to..." "Fuck in every room of the place?" "Shit, yeah. Now who's reading who?" The two of them walked thru the opening in the fence. Danny jammed the twisted up section back into place the best he could. They headed up the hill toward the empty house. The front gate had a For Sale sign on it. "You know what we should do?" said Danny, as they climbed the front steps. "Turn this place into a private gym," said Dwayne. "Fuck, you are reading my mind, you freak," said Danny. Dwayne laughed. "I know, but it is an awesome idea. We can get your dad to invest in it. And we'll only let in geeks and dorks. Build them up huge and powerful. Maybe even psychic." "Exactly. And Ted thinks they can make an even stronger formula. Imagine what could happen." "Dude. It'll be like Hogwarts for future muscle monsters." They kissed again on the front porch. Then Danny got ready to slam his basketball-sized shoulder into the front door. "Wait," said Dwayne. He grabbed the realtor's box that was hanging on the front doorknob between his thumb and index finger and crushed it until the key fell out. "You got finesse," said Danny. "Just don't wanna damage the goods," said Dwayne, opening the door. "Let's go see the future." And the two of them stepped inside.
  6. Dork to Beast, Pt 6

    When Danny moved into his dorm room, Jack had already been there for a couple days. Jack wasn't there when he arrived, so Danny did a little reorganizing. It didn't take him long. He moved the two twin beds together and made them one. Then he scooped all of Jack's clothes out of the closet and tossed them into a heap on the floor. He hung up the clothes he had brought, which were 3 stringer tanks and two pair of sweatpants. He put his UA briefs and a couple of posers into a drawer. He was done by the time Jack showed up. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Jack said, annoyed. "Hey, Roomie," said Danny with a big grin on his face. "You're not my....where's Tip?" Dwayne's sister had made good on her promise to switch Tip to another dorm without either of the jock buddies knowing about it. "Tip decided to move on," said Danny. He was shirtless, and his massive frame filled the small dorm room, making him look even bigger. "You're rooming with me now." He flexed his huge arm in the wall mirror that was next to the closet. Jack was stunned as Danny's peak rose up and up. "24+ inches," said Danny, squeezing his arm harder. "Looks bigger than your quad, little man." Jack gulped hard, seeing that huge arm. No wonder Danny could pile drive him all over the wrestling mats. "What are all my clothes doing on the floor?" asked Jack. "I need the whole closet," said Danny, as he continued to watch himself flex in the mirror. "You've only got a couple things in there!" cried Jack. "They need space to air out," Danny said, rolling his fists and watching his 18" forearms bunch up with ropey muscle. Despite his straightness, Jack started to chub up in his pants at the sight of his roommate's brute size. "Why are the beds pushed together??" asked Jack. "Dude, you think I'm gonna fit on one twin bed? Look at me. I need them both." Danny hit a latspread, and his wings flared out wider than the two beds together. "Where am I supposed to sleep?" "That's not my problem. Anyway, there's a nice pile of clothes in the corner, sleep on that." Danny heaved out his 68" chest, then leaned toward the mirror, and ran his fingers along the striations in his pecs. "Damn it," said Jack, pulling out his phone. In a flash, Danny grabbed Jack's wrist with his left hand and squeezed. Jack's knees almost buckled as he dropped the phone. Danny snagged the falling phone with his right hand, then he shoved it into the deep muscle crevice between his big pecs. The phone nearly disappeared into his cleavage. And when Danny flexed his chest, the phone did disappear into it. Then there was a muffled crunching sound as Jack's phone crumpled from the hard muscle compressing it together. Danny pulled the broken phone from between his mounded pectoral muscles and tossed it across the room. "What are you doing this for, man?" asked Jack, his heart pounding hard, both from fear and from awe. Danny walked into Jack, pushing him back to the wall. He grabbed Jack in a one-handed choke hold, and slid him up the wall until the were eye to eye. Danny leaned into Jack's face until their noses were an inch apart. "Funny," he said, "I used to ask you the same thing." When Danny saw the puzzled look on Jack's face, he said, "You don't remember me?" He leaned in closer, their noses nearly touching. Jack shook his head No. "Danny the Dork doesn't ring a bell for ya?" Jack stared hard into Danny's eyes. He choked out "Dude...no way. That kid was a fat butterball....." But then Jack realized, the face did seem familiar. The jaw had squared off and bulged with muscle. The brow was more pronounced. It sat atop a 24" column of neck muscle. But still. "Dude, no fucking way. How?" "I started lifting," Danny said simply. "You like the look, Jackie? I got 200lbs plus on you now, all of it muscle." "I'm not into it, man," gurgled Jack, starting to squirm. "Oh yeah?" Danny pressed his 8pak abs into Jack's hardon and pinning him more firmly to the wall. "I'm feeling something that says different." "You're choking me, dude," said Jack, trying to change the subject. But he couldn't help bucking against Danny's thick ab wall. The firmness of it felt so good. Danny pushed against him harder. "Dude, I could snap your neck like pretzel stick," said Danny. This made Jack even harder. "I did it 'cause I liked you," choked out Jack. This made Danny let go of his throat hold. Jack stayed pinned against the wall by Danny's chest and abs. "What?" asked Danny. "I liked you, man. I couldn't hang out with you because, you know how it is. So I just teased you a little, that's all." "You call pissing in my shampoo and telling everyone about it is 'teasing'?" said Danny, darkly. He pressed Jack harder into the cinder block wall. "What?" Jack struggled to think. "Oh man, that wasn't me. That was Tip. He just told everyone I did it. He was always doing shit like that. I liked you. I always felt bad for you when you got picked last for every team in gym class. It was either you or that other kid, what was his name?" "Dwayne." "Yeh, him. I picked on you to make you tougher, 'cause that's what my dad always did to me, told me it'd make me a better man. And look how it worked, Danny. I'm a state champ wrestler, I haven't lost a match since freshman year. And now you're a massive muscle beast. Look at the size of you." And with that, Jack put his hands on Danny's bullneck and started groping it. "God man, the strength in your neck alone. Fuck. I bet I can't even choke you." Jack wrapped his hands around Danny's neck and pressed into it with his thumbs. They didn't dent into the muscle at all. "Geezus, man," said Jack. "I got a real strong grip, but it's like I'm pushing on marble." Danny swelled with pride, and his dick swelled too, as Jack tried to choke him harder, with no effect. Danny flexed his neck, and felt Jack's fingers being pushed apart. Farther and farther apart as his neck swelled and his traps rose up and merged with it like an ox yoke. "Dude, your power...." Jack was getting harder too. He leaned into Danny's face and kissed him. Danny was taken aback, but he kissed back. The two of them kissed hard and long. Jack's precum made his dick slide up and down Danny's hard abs more and more smoothly. He groaned as he felt how muscular Danny's tongue was as they French kissed deeper and deeper. When Jack finally broke the kiss, he put his hands on Danny's soccer ball sized delts and said, "Man, make me your bitch. I never done it with a dude before, but I want you to breed me with your size and power. I want it in me." "I hated your guts for so long," said Danny. "No you didn't," said Jack. "You wanted me, just like everybody else. Look at me, man, I'm perfect. And look at you now, you're beyond perfect. You're a fucking god, dude. You got muscle on your muscles. You make me look scrawny." Jack started groping Danny's lats. "Oh man, you're a god..." Danny's heart was beating so hard that it made his gums throb. Holding Jack like this, so close, he realized that the cocky jock was right. He had always wanted him. He lusted for him as much as he hated him. And now he had him in his arms. The emotions were so confusing, but he was so turned on he could barely control himself. He had to fuck something, why not this perfect physical specimen that he could flop around like a rag doll? "Yeah?" said Danny. "You want me to pop your cherry, Jackie?" Jack almost came. "Yeh, man. All my life, I've been the one in control, the alpha. Take that from me, man. Own me. Bruise me up like you did at practice, only deeper." Danny picked Jack up, spun him around, and bent him over on the desktop. He pulled Jack's shorts down around his ankles. Then he pulled off his own shorts, then his jockstrap. His dick popped out, bigger and thicker than Jack's by about half again, his big veins pulsing as they pumped him full staff. He wasn't sure he bought Jack's whole story, but it didn't matter. He was going to fuck him with the full power of his huge glutes and thick tree trunk quads. He spit in his hand and lubed himself up with it. His dick was so sensitive now, he could stroked himself all day. But instead, he scooped up his precum and slathered Jack's hot bubble butt with it. Then he popped his big helmet into the wrestling jock's tight hole. "Fuckkk," both of them groaned out at the same time. Danny sank in deeper. And deeper. Down to the root. Then he started bucking rhythmically, grunting with each buck. Jacked gripped onto the desk, which banged into the doorframe over and over again, harder and harder, until finally, the frame of the door cracked when one of Danny's powerful thrusts smashed the desk into it. Danny lifted Jack off the desk and started air fucking him, his huge powerful arms pumping Jack's 200lbs body up and down on his dick. Up and down he went, while Danny's 415lbs of rock hard beef powerfucked his hard jock ass. The temperature in the small dorm room had soared from their body heat, and sweat poured off both of them, dripping onto the floor. Danny slammed Jack back down on the desk to finish inside of him. He pinned him down with one big hand in the middle of Jack's back. Jack had never felt such complete pleasure. Such total lack of control. Such freedom. Being bred like a bitch, and he loved it. "Danny. Danny. Danny," he said, over and over, as Danny rammed past his prostate again and again, his sweat dripping off his chin and his pecs, all over Jack's back. "Godddam you mutherfucking hot little sonofabitch........" Danny roared as he came deep inside Jack. "Aww geeezus fuckk Danny," moaned Jack, as he busted all over the desk from the feeling of pressure from Danny's big club inside him, and the hot muscle batter filling him up. They stayed the way they were for awhile, both breathing deep and heavy. Danny finally slid out of Jack, and even that feeling almost overwhelmed Jack with pleasure. He stayed on the desktop while Danny picked up one of Jack's shirts from the pile of clothes and wiped his dick off with it. He tossed the shirt aside, then picked up one of Jack's tee shirts and wiped his own sweat off with it. Then he used the tee to wipe off Jack's back. Then he lifted Jack up in his arms like a babe, and laid him on the clothes. "Looks like it's going to be a fun semester," said Danny, flexing his 24+ biceps, fresh sweat rolling down his thick lats as he stood over Jack. "You're telling me," sighed Jack, sinking into his pile of clothes. -- . . -- -- . . -- Meanwhile, back at home, Dwayne was warming up for his fight night by jogging thru the park. He didn't have on his weighted vest, so he felt like he could almost take off and fly, he was feeling so strong. It was going to be Dwayne's first fight, but his gym manager had lined him up with a guy who was 11-0. "If you beat this guy," the manager told him, "you're on your way." Dwayne laughed and said, "Oh, I'm on my way already." As he jogged out of the park and onto the street, he noticed a guy on a bike headed in his direction, riding on the wrong side of the road. Dwayne realized in a second that it was Tip, his former tormentor. "I guess he didn't get his car fixed yet," Dwayne chuckled to himself. He couldn't believe he was running into him again. Dwayne purposefully headed right towards him. When Tip looked up and saw the shirtless Dwayne coming at him, he started to wobble wildly on his bike. He veered up and over the curb, and ran right into a telephone pole, falling off the bike onto the sidewalk. Dwayne sauntered over to him. "You should be more careful, dude," said Dwayne. "And you should wear your helmet tighter. Look, it fell right off." Dwayne leaned over and picked up the bike helmet. "Leave me alone," said Tip, rubbing his scuffed up knee. "Funny, I remember saying that to you a bunch of times in high school," said Dwayne, rolling the helmet around in his hands. "You never listened. And now, your helmet is all busted up." Tip looked at the helmet, and said, "No it isn't, it's barely scratched." "Look a little closer," said Dwayne. He leaned over and put the helmet in Tip's face. Then he snapped it in two with his bare hands. "How about that? Where'd you get this cheap thing?" he said, tossing the broken pieces aside. "Fuck," said Tip. "And your bike...Man, it's completely mangled." "No it isn't," said Tip. "The front tire's just a little bent. I could probably still ride it." "You're not looking close enough," said Dwayne. He picked the bike up, and every muscle on his rippling torso tightened up as he bent the frame in two. "See," he said, "the tires are touching each other. Let me try and fix it." He bent the bike frame back and forth a couple of times, until it snapped apart in his hands. "I hope you didn't pay much for this cheap thing." "Fuck man, I paid $800 dollars for that just last week. Fuck. You gotta pay me back." "Oh, I'm paying you back alright." Dwayne looked Tip over. "You didn't break any bones in your fall, did ya? 'Cause I'm seeing some broken bones." Dwayne leaned over and grabbed Tip's upper arm with his left hand. He lifted Tip up off the sidewalk like a marionette. Then he dug his fingers into Tip's arm muscle. Tip yelled out in pain. "Yeah, this bone might be broken, man, this shouldn't hurt so much when I squeeze it." He yanked Tip's arm back and forth. Then he pulled Tip in close. "Maybe you're right, the bone's not broken. But you're gonna have some real deep tissue bruising on this arm, bro. Look at the veins on my forearm, popping out all over, feeding my muscle with crushing strength. You feeling it, Tippy?" "Yes, yes. God, stop man!" Dwayne let go of Tip's arm. Tip back away quickly, holding his arm, and leaned against the telephone pole. He looked over at the street. "Don't try it," said Dwayne. "Try what?" "Running into the street to get away. First of all, you'd probably get hit by a car. Secondly, I'd snag you in under a second, because I'm 5 times faster than you now." "How'd you know...." "Cause I'm reading your mind, Tippy. And it's scary in there. All full of cobwebs, slowing down your synapses. Nothing much going on except simple vapid thoughts." Tip was starting to get panicky. He thought about his father's gun. "You can try and shoot me, dude, but it won't work," said Dwayne. "This muscle is bulletproof." Dwayne rubbed his hand down his hard muscled torso. "I'd just pick up the bullet and crush it flat between my thumb and index finger." He picked up a stone from the sidewalk, held it in front of Tip's nose, and cracked it with his two fingers. Then he ground it together between his fingertips until it crumbled into grit. Tip flinched back. Dwayne almost wondered if he really might be bulletproof. "Don't worry, dude, I won't hurt you. Although I could. Look at my arm," said Dwayne, bringing up his right arm and flexing it. The biceps peaked up high and hard, with a muscle density that Tip had never witnessed before. "Now watch this," said Dwayne. He stared at his peak, and willed it to grow. He smiled as the top of his arm rose up another half inch, another peak on his already high peak. "Aw yeah," he growled in satisfaction. "And look at the abs, Tippy. They look like they're flexed, don't they?" Tip nodded his head up and down weakly. "Well, they're not." With that, Dwayne clenched down on his abs, and his 8pak exploded with striations, into what he called his 32pak. Tip slid halfway down the telephone pole, stunned, his face even with Dwayne's wall of shred. "That's a sight to behold, isn't it, boy?" Dwayne said, looking down at the deflated bully. Then Dwayne had a thought. He remembered how Mr K went down on his knees after Dwayne wished for it. He wasn't sure at the time if it was just coincidence, that Mr K wanted to crawl over to him on his knees to pleasure him, or if Dwayne had influenced him with his mind. He'd been studying some hypnosis, and they said you couldn't make anyone do something that they didn't want to do, but he wondered. So without saying a word, he stared at Tip, and he thought to himself, "Hit yourself, Tip." And he watched as Tip slowly made a fist with his right hand, then punched himself in the face. "Whoa," said Dwayne. Then, he thought to himself, "Hit yourself harder." And Tip punched himself in the nose, this time harder, and it knocked his head back into the pole. A small tickle of blood came out of his nose. "Holy shit," thought Dwayne. He felt his dick thicken in his shorts. He wondered if he ordered Tip to blow him right here on the sidewalk, if he would do it. But he had no interest in that. He sensed that Tip was an easy mark, not worth much of his effort. Instead, he reached up on the telephone pole behind tip, and grabbed onto the lowest climbing rung. It was rusty with age, but still sturdy. Dwayne bent it back and forth with his hand, until it snapped off. "fuckkk," said Tip, not quite believing his eyes. Dwayne looked at him and thought, "hold out your arm," and Tip's arm went up toward him. Dwayne took the thick rung in both hands, then bent it around Tip's wrist until the ends crossed. "There's a little bracelet for you to remember me by, pinhead," said Dwayne, as he tightened the iron rung around Tip's wrist. "Don't try and take it off though, because if I ever see you without it, my feelings will be real hurt. I might think you're breaking up with me, and I wouldn't like that." The defeated look on Tip's face made Dwayne feel bad for him. Poor dimwitted jock never thought anyone would get the best of him. Payback can be a bitch. "Why don't you get going now, dude, before I use your bike frame to decorate you some more." Dwayne picked up the busted frame and handed it to Tip. "I have a fight to get ready for," said Dwayne. The befuddled Tip watched the powerfully muscled former nerd jog away down the street. He couldn't believe he was ever able to pick on him. He wondered who would be stupid enough to step into the ring against such a freak.
  7. Scotty Takes Control

    Links to previous Scotty stories: Scotty Scotty 2.0 Scotty Takes Control “Scotty?” I think the last thing Dr Wenk expected was to find a muscular, young beast standing outside his front door on an early autumn evening. Particularly this one. “Hey Doc! How’s it hanging?” “If you’re looking for Rich he went down to the library an hour ago and then he said he would meet you at the gym.” The Doc had such as earnest look on his face as he gazed up at me through the open door. He was so much like the way Rich used to be that it was a little scary. What must it feel like to be so small? It scared the shit out of me honestly. Still I bounced back quickly enough. “Naw Doc. I’m not here to see Rich. I came to see you.” “Me? Why? Did we have an appointment? I don’t need to draw any blood until this weekend.” A confused look passed over his face quickly followed by one of concern. “Are you feeling all right? Have there been any side effects?” I laughed. I couldn’t help myself. It rumbled up from deep behind my chiseled, granite abdominal muscles and I felt my whole body flex, undulating under my tight shirt. I bounced my pecs because I could. “Do I look like I’m having side effects Doc?” “No, no you really don’t,” Dr Wenk told me awe in his voice. I think I detected a bit of envy and resentment underlying that response too, with a hint of desire. “Well no point in standing out here. Why don’t you invite me in and we’ll talk?” I didn’t actually wait for him to ask. I pushed past, forcing him to quickly move aside for my considerable mass, and I made a point of having to turn slightly to enter the door before walking into their living room. I’m sure the effect wasn’t lost on Rich’s dad. “So why are you here Scotty?” I turned around to face him. “I want more pills Doc. It’s that simple. As many as you can give me.” “Now Scott we talked about this with you and Rich before. I’m not giving you guys any more of those pills. You’ve already exceeded any possible recommended dosage and I need to remind you that they are experimental. If the FDA knew they had been tested on humans I’d lose my license. Hell, I’d likely be arrested!” I'd heard it all from him before and I didn’t have time now for guilt, remorse, or concern for the future. “Do you know what I used to call your son, Doc?” “Sorry…. What is the relevance of the question?” “I used to call him Dick Wank.” “What?” “Dick. Wank. Richard Wenk. Get it?” Dr Wenk had a bit of a confused look on his face, but it was becoming more concerned. “Yeah Doc, I know it was a dick move. Fucking bully shit. But since I met you I can see what Rich was so afraid of. All those brains in a tiny, weak little body. Tiny like yours, Doc. Fear of spending his life as an insignificant little worm. That’s why he stole those pills, Doc. He couldn’t face life as a pussy.” I took a step forward and Dr Wenk took a step backwards. His lips were pressed tightly together and I could almost see the adrenalin running through his system, triggering a fight or flight mode. My giant physique must have seemed like the Hulk to him, intimidating and aggressive. He was so insignificant. As it was clear he wouldn’t speak, I continued. “I will never hurt Rich, Doc. You have my word on that. But I want to grow. I need to grow. Big. Huge. Bigger than this.” I held my arms out just so he could take it all in. Each arm thick and muscled like an anaconda. I knew my guns were already bigger than the Doc’s head. My lats pulled at the stitching of my t-shirt. I felt so massive. God it was good to be a man. “I…can’t….” He looked miserable. Torn. I knew my big body was turning him on. He was terrified and excited all at the same time. I knew the feeling well. “I think you can. You want to. And you will.” “Please don’t ask me to do this!” “You need to do it.” “Why?” His voice was shaking. “Because you want me to be bigger.” “What?” “C’mon Doc, let’s not lie to each other. I can see it in your eyes.” I moved toward him, careful not to spook him. He didn’t back away, even though I totally eclipsed him. “Give me those pills and let me show you.” I bounced my pecs again. First the left, then the right. The Doc’s eyes sort of glazed over and his pupils grew wider. Scotty Balotelli knew when he had a fish on the line and the Doc was hooked. “You know you want me huge Doc.” I flexed my guns. BOOM. Those peaks reached up higher and higher and the Doc didn’t know where to look first. I began to pose slowly, leaning back, hands on hips, and I thrust out my lats. I could feel them unfurl like the wings of a Boeing 747. The seams were straining against me, stretched to breaking. “Way bigger than Rich,” I growled. My back was massive. I flexed a quad as well. Even through my board shorts it was more like a barrel than a quad. Those striations of the muscle bellies visible under the thick fabric. Each standing out sharply in relief. “The biggest of them all.” I grabbed my right wrist with my left fist and I turned ever so slightly to the left, twisting it out, pecs engorged and thick and swollen, as they bunched up, big enough to set a dinner service on. Two enormous slabs of pure Grade A American teenage beef. The twist emphasized the narrowness of my waist, and also the ridges and furrows of abdominals and obliques, fighting for space on my body and looking like they were carved of pure Carrera marble. Quads like tree trunks and calves like huge basketballs. I heard the seams tear as even my guns would not be contained. My delt was like a boulder. And at that opportune moment I felt the side of my sleeve tear all the way up past those boulders towards my traps. The Doc moaned. He fucking moaned. “The biggest fucking man on the planet,” I shouted, swinging my arms up and out like I’d seen The Myth, Mr Sergio Olivia himself, do. He was nothing compared to me now. I laughed as I brought my arms down. Give him the kill shot. I felt myself squeezing. I’d never flexed so hard in all my life, but I put it all and more into that flex. I could feel my abs crunching together, capable of grinding sand to powder. My traps rose higher and higher behind my bull thick neck, dense and corded. My arms flexed into cannons, as the crab came together, slowly, letting the Doc savor every minute. And as I brought my fists together I felt every fiber of my t-shirt strained past breaking as the seams split and gave way along the back unable to hold back the ferocious muscle underneath. I was all man. All beast. Both at the same time. All the stitching gave way then as muscle hulked out of fabric. And I stood before the Doc, massive, enormous, tatters of cotton barely clinging round my shoulders. The Doc shuddered. A wet stain appeared on his trousers. I grabbed his waist and picked him up until his head nearly hit the ceiling. “I’ll do it,” he told me, still trying to come down off his high. “You can have the pills.” “All of them?” I enquired. “You can have anything you want.” “Now you’re talking, Doc. And if you thought this was awesome, just wait.” * * * I knew I was already late for the gym, but I wanted to make a pit stop first. The lights were on at my Uncle Gio’s place. The dude was my uncle, but in a lot of ways he was more like an older brother. My dad had been twenty-one when I was born, but my mom had only been sixteen when my older brother was born and eighteen when I was born. What can I say? I come from a family of horny Italians. At least my dad married her after he knocked her up. Anyway, Giovanni was her youngest sibling and her only brother and he’d been ten when I was born. Gio had started lifting in his teens and had won a few shows on the competitive circuit. The G-man was always trying to make it to the IFBB though. Still he had a good business as a building contractor, and that paid for all his gear, food, and training. He’d set me up with my first cycle over this past summer and my body had drunk it up like water. My dad was a big man, as were all the men on dad’s side. But so was Uncle Gio. Now that he was twenty-eight his muscle was starting to get that real nice shape that comes with age. I banged on the door to get his attention. If he was fucking, he’d be likely to ignore me. And Gio was always fucking. Big muscles and big balls run on both sides of my family. My fist wasn’t going to let up though and I was hammering hard enough on the door that the frame creaked under the relentless assault. “FUCK!!!!” I could hear him shouting. The door flew open. My uncle stood on the other side. Sweaty. He had a towel wrapped around his waist and that was it. He was looking huge and it was clear his latest cycle was paying some dividends. The towel barely contained his meaty cock, still more than half hard, and his even meatier ass. “This had better be good motherfucker!” His nostrils were flared, eyes fierce and glaring. Gio was ready to wallop whoever was on the other side of the door. His eyes widened when he saw who was standing there. “Scotty?” He looked confused. “Jesus you’re huge!” It occurred to me that I hadn’t seen Gio since my last day at work before school started. Uncle G had been around two bucks fifty then, with a little padding as he was cutting. So a couple weeks ago he’d outweighed me by around fifty pounds. But the man who stood before him now was much, much bigger. I weighed in these days at about three hundred. And my body fat was lower than his. Hell, I couldn’t eat enough. My body fat was practically non-existent. “Holy fuck man! What the hell happened to you?” “Long story man. And I ain’t got time to tell it.” “You better come in.” He turned to walk into the apartment and I followed him inside. I was still shirtless. The tattered remains of cloth were with the Doc and Lord only knows what he was doing with them right now. Uncle G turned to look at me and really looked at me for the first time in the light of his living room. “So dude, what’s with all the banging man?” “Yo G! I need your help man. Gotta get some gear now.” Gio looked at me like I was crazy. “Scotty, can’t this wait? I’m kinda busy.” I looked over his shoulder and a naked chick was doing her best to cover herself up on the couch. She was a tart, just like Uncle G liked them. Blonde, big tits, and no brains. “Besides I'm already giving you gear and you don’t exactly look like you need any more juice. You were a scrawny little junior bodybuilder two weeks ago, and now you look like you could take on the whole Olympia line-up.” I knew he was baiting me. I was hardly scrawny before, but I saw Gio’s eyes were an absolute riot of emotion. He looked envious, awe inspired, and confused all at the same time. “Call it an experiment,” I told him. He didn’t need to be any further into my business. “I need your best gear man. Whatever you got. I need it bad and I need it tonight. No questions asked. And you know I’m good for the money.” “Honey,” he told the blonde with the tits. “Go wait in the bedroom.” She looked like she was about to protest, but then he shot her a look and she clamped her mouth shut and got up off the couch…bare ass naked too. Gio may have seen it before, but I hadn’t and damn was she hot. Long, long legs and dat ass. Dayum! His apartment was open plan and the kitchen opened out from the living room. Uncle G ignored her strut to the bedroom, which I suspected was more for my benefit anyway. Gio had been avoiding my question and walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer. “Want one?” “Naw, man. Gotta get over to Big Mike’s for my workout.” “So you ain’t gonna tell me how you got this huge?” He asked me again. But he could see that I wouldn’t say anything, not yet anyway. So he looked at me for a few minutes, taking the occasional swallow of beer. Uncle G wasn’t a man of a lot of words, bless him. He kind of said it like it was. But I knew my uncle wasn’t stupid either. He ran a successful contractor’s business and had a little steroid supply on the down low to a select group of customers, his nephew included. One of his eyebrows rose into his forehead. That meant he was thinking about it. And he was looking at me, thinking of the possibilities. “You help me out G and I can help you out too. If you know what I’m saying.” “Okay man. I’ll help you out. Never forget your family man.” “I won’t!” I said emphatically. “Wait here,” he told me. He set his beer down and went into the bedroom. I could her that blonde’s voice giggling. Gio’s bed wouldn’t get too cold. I walked over to the kitchen counter and reached in my pocket. Although my shorts were supposed to be baggy board shorts for the beach they were now tight on me. My quads, already thick, had pumped up even bigger flexing for the Doc and they felt so damn swole. I pulled out from my pocket a bottle of the pills that the Doc had given me. Since he was coming through with the gear I was going to owe the G-man a little something something. I thought I’d pay him back now. Once he grew, he wouldn’t need the cash so much. I popped open the lid of the bottle and took out three pills and crushed them into his beer. I didn’t know what it’d do, but I was curious to find out. That’s when Gio came out of the bedroom, still wearing his towel. I hurriedly put the pill bottle back in my pocket. He handed me a small box and I peeked in. There were a couple vials of a clear liquid, but I didn’t recognize the label. “It’s some experimental shit I got from a dude working at a lab in the city. It’s not been tested on humans, but I pinned some myself this week and as you can see I’ve been growing too.” G-man was looking pretty swole himself. There was a little fat to be sure, but contest ready he was usually closer to two hundred. He’d clearly gained thirty or more pounds of muscle. So I guess we’d all been hiding our secrets. “Thanks G, I owe you big time!” We grabbed fists and went in for a bro hug, pounding each other’s lats a couple times. “Have fun. And don’t forget your beer,” I told him. As if it was a reminder he picked the bottle up, tipped it back, and took a swig. “Scotty, before you go. Your mother asked me to run your brother’s medication over to him at juvy tomorrow. I got a fuck load of shit to do. Can you drop it off for me instead?” He held out a bag from the local pharmacy. I got an idea and smiled. “Hey man, no problem.” * * * Big Mike’s was buzzing with lifters. There was always a big after work crowd and you got a lot of the serious young meat heads like me and the Dweeb this time of night too. It was a male only gym with a lot of iron, and dudes trained however they wanted. So no one was bothered when I walked in without a shirt, even if it was getting a little chilly outside. Rich was over by the squat rack. There were dudes at Big Mike’s as big as Rich, or bigger, and some even bigger than me. But no one was stronger than the pair of us. The other men gave us our space when we wanted it. And Rich was all alone. A little oasis of perfect concentration in a sea of monsters pushing iron. Although little seemed like an oxymoron considering how swole the Dweeb was looking now. The bar was bending over his shoulders. And a quick count put the weight at over a thousand pounds. Nice! We’d been making gains over the last couple weeks, pushing each other further than either of us had ever been pushed before. I dropped my bag and pulled out a couple water bottles I’d grabbed at the store on the way. He saw me in the mirror, like anyone could have missed me even in a pack of roid heads, and he re-racked the weight and turned to me. “Where’ve you been? It was getting late and I had to start without you.” “Sorry man.” I tossed him one of the water bottles. “I had to run some errands first. Couldn’t be helped.” “It’s okay,” Rich told me. “You’re just in time to work in. What am I supposed to do with this by the way?” He indicated the bottle. “Drink it down Dweeb.” I grinned like a bastard, winking at him. “Gotta keep hydrated.” Rich usually just drank his water directly from the water fountain, but he didn’t turn down the bottle and took off the cap and gave it a huge swig. I’d already had a few swallows from mine, so I grabbed four hundred pound plates and loaded two each on either end of the bar. Thank goodness Big Mike had some specially reinforced bars made, otherwise we'd have bent the regular Olympic bars. “I’ve told you Dweeb. You are never gonna grow unless you put some real weight on the bar.” I gave him my best devil may care smile and Rich looked at me like we was going to say something smart, but then he watched me get under the weight. I could feel the bar bending across my thick traps and I wondered if I should be squatting fourteen hundred pounds plus the weight of the bar. Especially without a warm-up. “Do you want a spot?” Rich looked a little concerned. We’d never gone so heavy. “Naw, dude. I got this.” I lifted the weight fully off and then went in for a squat. I could feel the pain where I’d pinned myself ten minutes before in the ass, the oily lump of solution lying in a pocket inside the muscle. As my glutes flexed they broke apart the solution and forced it through the muscle and into my veins. That and the pump I was feeling from pills I’d crushed into my water. All five of them. Fuck, that shit was good. Oh, hell yeah. Things were about to get huge! One. Two. Three. Four. Legs hot. Five. Burning. Six. Fuck! Seven. Can’t do this. Eight. Gotta do it! Nine. Yeah, do it pussy! Ten. BOOM. FUCK YA SKINNY PUSSIES. LIGHT WEIGHT. I re-racked the weight. My quads were burning like a whore with a bad disease, but damn were they long, thick and fucking swole. I mean massive muthafucking swole. Huge bellies. Thick grooves running between each muscle. If only Doc could see me now. His little prick was be spraying like a fountain. “FUCK YEAH!” “Your turn.” I was stronger than Rich at the best of times. So I took some weight off the bar for him. But I still made him squat until he fell over, his legs unable to support him. Soon we had an audience. My muscle wanted to grow. Needed to grow. I could feel those pills inside me. I’d never forget that feeling. And there was an even greater high from the gear. I was flying high as a kite. Rich and I ran through every leg exercise we could think to do. Leg presses until we couldn’t rack enough weight onto the equipment. Lunges. Hack squats. The ordinary machines didn’t have enough weight and so we went back to the squat rack and loaded it with even more. I saw myself in the mirror after I squatted seventeen hundred pounds for five reps. I was huge. I’d just broken every records. I dwarfed every man around me. Rich, although smaller, was looking just as swole though. Just as pumped. Muscle almost too big for him, but I knew he’d be a growing boy all over. I could see his water bottle was empty as was mine. Lifting was thirsty work. Rich was now bigger than Uncle Gio had been a couple hours ago. Rich grinned and flexed at me. The dudes around us were mesmerized. It wasn’t just muscle, but feats of strength. Rich posed and I responded. I felt myself match him pose for pose and it was awesome. They watched our pose off, eyes glued to the scene. I could still feel my muscles thickening, getting denser, even as I flexed. I felt so strong I walked over and picked up the two biggest dumbbells that Big Mike had. It wasn’t my day for training arms, but I couldn’t help it. These dumbbells each weighed four hundred forty pounds or two hundred kilograms and Big Mike had had them made as an inside joke, saying that he would give a prize to the man who could bench them for reps. I started curling them. Damn. Look at these guns. Bazookas more like. Naw, these were long range missiles. DAMN! Even Rich let out a whistle when he saw me. I curled to the count of ten reps for each arm and then I carefully set the weights down, showing everyone how light they were for me. Standing back I curled my arms into double biceps. They were like the peaks of the Himalayas. If you look closely you could see there was snow on those summits. People in the gym muttered. There were looks of envy and desire on most faces. I knew what they felt. Here were two kids. Just kids. And we’d blown away every beast in the place. Every beast in the magazines. And we made it look easy. They knew we were on something and each man there would have given his nuts to find out what. But I took a deep breath then and knew I was done. I could feel the ache, so delicious. It was time to let muscle rest and heal. Rich tossed his empty bottle into the bin and we went into the locker room. He paused and looked at himself in the mirror. The new size wasn’t lost on him. “How many?” he asked. “How many what?” “Pills.” I looked at him, but his jaw had taken a firm line. I knew there was no point. “Five each.” “In the water?” “Yes.” Rich looked thoughtful. He walked over to the scales and stepped on. He looked down as the scales groaned under him. “Three hundred and two.” He smiled. “I mean I look big, but I don’t look quite that big.” I nodded, Rich having confirmed one of my suspicions. “We’re getting denser as we get stronger. The growth in hypertrophy is there, but it’s slowing.” Rich gestured to the scales and I stepped on. It quickly shot past three hundred and I could hear a grinding sound as it broke under all my mass. “Well I guess that answers that question.” Rich laughed. “How did your date go tonight?” I asked him remembering, having forgotten about Ali at the library earlier. “It wasn’t a date.” “You know what I mean.” “I kissed her.” I let out a whoop and presented my fist for a bump. “Well all right Dweeb!” To my everlasting surprise Rich bumped my fist back without prompting. I was gonna make a bro out of him yet. We hit the showers and, after getting dressed, both of us barely fitting into the clothes we’d brought with us, I knew I had to explain to Rich about my trip to his house earlier. Rich was pleased that I’d coaxed the pills out of his dad. He was still too good to demand any of them from his dad for himself. But I didn’t tell Rich about my uncle or the gear though. No point in that. I thought it was fair to let Rich manage his own growth, so I gave him his own bottle with its fifteen remaining pills. He could be in control over when and how many he took. I still had the remaining bottles though and as long as I could impress the Doc, I could have even more. I felt their reaction with the stuff Gio gave me and I knew I was onto something. As I got in my car I was thinking about giving Becky Smith a call for a fuck that night. She had offered anyway. And when you’re lifting like Rich and me, your balls will need emptying. * * * “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” The next day I was pummeling the juvy nurse and she kept making little noises like a chipmunk. Damn she was hot. She orgasmed on my balls for about the sixth time and I realized that with my increased girth and length came an increased ability to satisfy these tight snatches. I hit the g-spot on every thrust. I didn’t have on a rubber though, so I decided to pull out and let her suck me off. Pretty sure my protein was better quality than you’d find in a steak. I’d almost forgotten why I’d come to the Juvenile Detention Center in the first place. “Don’t forget to give those pills to my brother now,” I reminded her as I zipped up my fly. She stood, buttoning her blouse, and made sure her dress was smoothed back in place. “Well it is Juvenile Detention Center policy that we fill all the prescriptions ourselves you know,” she told me one more time. “We want to make sure they’re not contraband drugs.” Funny, she’d told me that same thing thirty minutes before. Five minutes before I’d started fucking her. “Awww, no need for that right?” I reached down and under her dress. My finger found its way into her hole. Again. She let out a squeak, squealing at this intrusion. This bitch was insatiable. And I’d fucked her. I mean I’d fucked her hard damn it. She’d cum six times. And I could feel her muscles writhing along my finger now, as I finger fucked her. Of course my finger was as big as some men’s dicks, and it had a lot of practice. “My mom couldn’t have known that was your policy and you don’t want her to have to pay for filling the same prescription twice, do you?” “Well…I…suppose…it’s…okay this time.” She breathed heavily, shuddering, as her voice hit a high note on that last word, and then I felt the moisture around my finger as her juices spilled out for a seventh time. “Seventh time is the charm,” I told her. I brought my sticky finger up to my mouth and sucked her juices off. “Will I see you again?” She had a stupid doe eyed expression on her face, but the chick could fuck. If I’d had more time now I might take her for another spin. “Babe, you can see me anytime you want.” She grinned back at me stupidly. “So give him his pills,” I said firmly, as I turned to leave. “And remember his name is Balotelli. Johnny Balotelli.” The End (for now….)
  8. Rick Moves You

    A piece from my past...which I'll now follow up with a delicious encounter in a part two, if you like Rick...let me know!? I needed help moving. New job, new area and all. I didn't have a lot of money but wasn't about to kill myself carrying my meager, but heavy items to my new walk-up. I checked the old yellow pages I found on the stoop. And there it was, an answer to...prayer? "Rick Moves You," was the company name, with the by-line of, "A little cash buys a lot of muscle." I appreciated the double-entendre of the company name, even if it was just wishful thinking. I called. Rick answered.He was available, he said, with what sounded like a smile. Another tease? I was in a town known for beautiful gay men. Perhaps I'd be lucky. He sounded young, but definitely of the jock, athletic tone. That is, if a voice can really tell you anything. After all, mine is misleading and I regularly get called Ms. on the phone. "How many will you be bringing? I'll have a couple of beers for each of you ready. It shouldn't take more than 30-45 minutes to get all the stuff up and I'm glad to take an end of the sofa if you'll knock off the price a little.""Rick moves you, baby," he chortled. "I got this. We'll be done in 30 minutes and you needn't break a sweat."OK - hold up! That's ridiculous! Cocky in the ad - cocky on the phone. I just knew I was setting myself up for failure here, but I decided to be less cautious and put my money and hopes on the line. He said he'd be here in ten as he lived nearby.I was waiting on the stairs when he came running up the street. Not a jogging pace, mind you, running. Like in a race. He was fast. He was blonde and actually balding a bit. You know, when the hair is receding a touch and makes you look like a testosterone farmer. That's right - I actually wrote 'testosterone farmer.' I'll explain.This is the guy who's face has seen some sun, with a few tiny wrinkles at the corner of his eyes because he's a smiler. Farmers are smilers. His teeth are as close to bright white as looks natural - but they aren't perfectly straight. His significant arms are lightly bulging the end of their T-shirt sleeves and the tanned skin is covered with a golden hair that's only visible at the right angles of light. The testosterone in his body makes those little hairs stand erect. They flow over the skin following the contours of the muscles. The perfect cup of the delts, swirling into the thin cord atop the triceps. You suddenly notice the forearms are ridiculous...like the size of the upper arm at certain angles...when he shakes your hand. The hands are rough but clean. His nails super short. He is about 6 ft 3. Whatever else he's packing...he's a testosterone farmer!Rick had to ask a second time where my stuff was, because I was amazed. I vaguely indicated a truck a few spaces down with an open back. He surveyed the items and said he'd start with the oversized easy chair my friend and I had struggled to load through doorways and downstairs in my hometown.He scooped up the chair even easier than I expected and turned toward the building, his eyes asking for directions. I stepped out of the way with the intention of grabbing a box or two to follow him up with when I noticed him hop the front steps two at a time with the easy chair overhead with the seat resting on his head and the back covering his back. I was looking for a glimpse of his arms raised above his head when I saw them. Ricky, (as I'd decided to call him for the next few weeks of masturbatory sessions), had a body part to compare with no other. Every ounce of his physical glory culminated in his calves!Those were lower legs. Oh, my God! I've never been a leg man - - but chalk me up permanently for dark meat! First off, the skin was THE shade of golden brown models usually paint themselves to get. The hair wasn't that kucky, too-long and pubic type. It was just so manly. So thick. Each individual hair looked like it could win a fight. They, too, like the arm hairs were SO erect. They weren't blonde. They were a nice, dark brown. It made me realize this kid would have a delicious bush. The skin had a tiny hint of sweat that caught the light and made the leg look so functional.You should have seen the chords that attached that mother of a calf into his shoe. Only then did I realize the shoe almost looked oversized for his height. Big shoe, big foot, big man. There were two or three parallel chords on each side of the leg that looked like tubes headed into the shoe.The calf looked, all at once, both super high on the leg...like he leaped steps all the time for work outs and altogether longer than any bunch of muscle should be on a leg. Seriously, this was like a biceps flexed on the back of his leg. It looked deep, thick, ripe. I wanted to bite it. To swat at it to feel the girth and the thickness and the glory. God, I wanted to cum on that leg.He turned at the doorway and asked if I was OK. I had subconsciously grabbed the railing to keep myself from moving closer and was actually rubbing myself a tad on said railing. (Come on, don't act like you've never done it.)I told him apartment 3B. He smiled and said, "Cum on." Well, he probably said, "Come on." I had one thing on my mind.I followed him quickly up the stairs. As the afternoon progressed, I followed him like a puppy. I watched those calves work. I know they could have carried Rick, my stuff, and me up the stairs without the assistance of his thighs if only the physiology worked that way. On one step, that magnificent calf would bunch like it was trying to squeeze OJ from itself. On another, it would lengthen and actually flex like it was going to shove the stair down a floor. I looked, more than once, for the dent I was sure would be left in the cement.The skin got darker, the sweat only a little more evident after several trips. I couldn't even hardly admire the abilities of the rest of his body man-handling my stuff because his calves were undeniably in charge of my focus...perhaps my being.And Rick knew it. He enjoyed it. Not in the way a nasty jerk does with a "look at me" attitude, but in a way that showed he liked being noticed and knew he'd be my dream for many a night.He even stopped once and said he had something in his shoe. He set my half-fridge on one landing and turned around to nearly bump into me. He sat down and I saw that sucker flex and bunch and grow - - very literally GROW as he sat and wrested off his shoe, removed the air that was in it, and returned it to his foot. I hadn't seen the calf from the front. The muscle came around and nearly connected in front of the shin bone. Even that bone looked muscular and could tighten. The columnar chords stood out on either side again. And then he rubbed his elfin' leg. Hell, I had to place a knee on the stairs to keep from collapsing. Those big, muscular hands massaging that gigantic, powerful leg. I had an obvious hard on and asked if he'd like a hand. He grinned. He declined. He stood up. He turned around. He grabbed my half-fridge. He flexed those bastards again. And again. One bunched, one stretched. I nearly climaxed in my pants. He finished his job with one more arm load. I paid the man. He waved and ran down the street with those calves screaming my name. Rick moved me.
  9. Changing my Life - Part 11

    Hello everyone. I'm really sorry, I've been busy the last couple of weeks and didn't really know how I wanted this story to continue. But I have an idea of where I want this story to go, don't worry. If anyone has any suggestions, then please let me know as I love hearing your ideas . Thanks again for waiting and I truly hope you enjoy! Part I Part VI Part II Part VII Part III Part VIII Part IV Part IX Part V Part X Changing my Life Part XI We explained everything to the doc. from the incident that happened at the party, to the growth that happened in the shower. The doc listened to every detail. Afterwards he told us that he was shocked to hear about Max taking all the pills. He also warned us that there was no way we could end his growth now. He wanted to see Max for himself. He made us an appointment for the next morning. After our conversation, Max and I went to bed. After the shower incident, I had no problem falling asleep. Neither did Max. That night I dreamed about Max and me, lying on the sofa in the living room. I was lying on top of Max’s thick legs. We were both looking at the television when all of a sudden, I heard him moan. I looked up to see his face. He was biting his lips and closing his eyes. Looking down, I saw his shirt tightening and I felt my head tilting higher and higher. Was he growing? I asked myself when I heard an all too familiar sound… Riiiiiiiip! His bulging pecs pushed the fabric to its limits and exploded out of them. His head was rising up and up, whilst his muscles expanded in every direction. His veins were visible again and they too grew thicker. His moaning increased and he started sweating and panting at this point. I sat up to see his beautiful growing body. I could hear the sofa creaking underneath his growing form. “I can’t take it anymore!” he said when he ripped of his tight shorts off. It didn’t take long before he started working on his growing dick. It seemed to be three times the size of my own. And I was already big down there. His balls expanded and started swelling, making room for gallons of cum to eventually erupt out of a mammoth sized dick. His head was now pushing against the ceiling and with a loud crack the sofa broke. Max’s giant arse was now digging into the floor whilst his head was breaking the ceiling. I still sat on a broken sofa, looking up at a magnificent beast. There wasn’t much I could do then to stare in awe and work on my own growing member. Somehow, I didn’t feel as scared as I used to be. It felt like this was something that I wanted to happen just as much as he did. I got my dick out and started stroking it. It was already painfully hard and leaking pre. Then I heard a loud crash in front of me. Max’s feet tore down the walls to make room for a still growing body. Max’s head eventually broke the ceiling and grew bigger and bigger! “I need some help here babe!” he said in a deeper voice in-between moans. I got up and climbed on top of his bulging legs. Finally, I was in front of the most beautiful dick in the world. I didn’t hesitate and ran up to it. My tongue was worshipping his giant meat. “Oh god, I love you so much!” he screamed looking at me. I got so horny looking at his gorgeous face mounted on to a hot bodybuilders body. He got his giant hand up flexed for me. “You like that babe?” he said whilst winking at me. I came looking at his giant biceps. My cum looked like a little drop compared to his huge drops of pre. It didn’t take long before I heard him scream one last time before a hose of cum hit the ceiling and landed on top of me. He didn’t show any sign of stopping and the floor became a white, hot pool of cum. His legs disappeared and shortly after, I found myself swimming. I looked behind me to see that his giant dick was still erupting cum. Then I was just centimetres away from the ceiling. I held my breath before the cum completely filled the room. I jumped up in bed when I awoke from my arousing dream. I first looked next to me to find Max, still at the same height as before (well you know, still the big version). I looked the opposite side to look at the window. The sun was rising. Beams of light hit my face. My phone buzzed as I saw a notification, reminding me that we had our appointment within 3 hours. I tossed my blanket and wanted to stand up only to find out that my underpants were drenched in cum. I smiled at the sight and walked across the bed, where Max was sleeping. I kneeled in front of him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. “Good morning, sunshine.” I said smiling at him. He awoke with his gorgeous smile on his face and said in his manly deep voice “Morning beautiful.” He tossed the blankets aside only to show me his wonderful body. Glistering with sweat, his bulging pecs were bigger than ever, his abs were even deeper and broader, his titanic sized arms were bigger than I remembered, veins popping up all over his body! He slowly sat up straight on the bed. The wooden frame creaking under his enormous weight. Placing his feet on the ground, I noticed just how big they were. One leg was almost as big as both of mine together (I think I mentioned that before but still)! Not to mention his big dick… it was as long as my forearm! And it wasn’t even hard yet! As he stretched his giant frame, he stood up… and up… and up. I couldn’t get my eyes off of him. He was so big and handsome. To think that this gorgeous figure was my boyfriend, MY lover, it was beyond my beliefs. Still mesmerised at his body I couldn’t speak; “I erm…. I g… got a noti…” before I could finish my sentence, he added; “Yeah I know, I heard your phone too.” Then he walked towards me and tossed his meaty arm around me and squeezed my ass before giving me the most passionate kiss. I could just feel how much more dominant he has gotten in the last couple of weeks. I don’t mind it though. The thought of him being bigger and stronger but still being so gentle and kind, turned me on so much. After the kiss he looked me in my eyes and said “Do you know how happy I am to have you in my life?” I just melted when he said it, my feet were like jelly. He grabbed me, lifted me up and carried me downstairs. I made him a very big meal, starting with 3 eggs, bacon, some sandwiches, sausages, yoghurt and a glass of milk. He ate all of it and afterwards grabbed some leftovers from the fridge. More and more I was feeling pleased with him growing. Seeing him devour so much food was so delightful to watch. When we were finished, we went back upstairs to freshen up and get dressed for our appointment. Max, however, had trouble containing his strength. He broke the doorframe when entering the bathroom, he broke his toothbrush and comb, knocked the light fixture to the ground and broke the handle from the wardrobe. It was exciting but scary at the same time. Being unaware of his strength even made him a bit frightened. In the wardrobe, I helped Max dressing up. The clothes I bought for him that were once loose enough for him, now seemed just big enough or skin-tight. His socks were stretched out and his briefs didn’t hide anything. His dickhead was poking out of them whilst his derrière ripped them off every time he sat down. His trousers were fine, the buttons were hard to close but it worked once we put on his belt. Shirts weren’t an option. The buttons flew off like his pecs were firing them right at me. So we tried just a regular T-shirt. It fitted him nicely. Finally we added some Nike shoes and his look was completed. I backed up for a second to see his entire body with his clothes on. He looked good but you could definitely see that he was no ordinary man. You could easily mistake him for an athlete or a bodybuilder. I must have been staring to long because Max said; “Is my personal shopper pleased with his choice of clothing?” I laughed and replied “You look good Max, you really do.” He walked up to me and kissed me once more. “Thanks to you babe.” I blushed and smiled at his gorgeous face. We packed our stuff and were on our way to the doc. In the car we listened to some of our favourite music. Max and I had different tastes in music. He liked listening to rock whilst I enjoyed pop music. Though we both enjoyed some Michael Jackson, Meghan Trainor and Britney Spears. Singing along was one of the things I enjoyed doing in the car. It made the trip more enjoyable. Max, however, had to put on a show. Singing ‘Hit me baby one more time’, he raised his voice to mimic Britney’s. But due to his much deeper voice, it made for a laughable performance. These were the moments I looked into his eyes and realised that, even though he’s still growing, he’s still that sweet childish boy I fell in love with. Soon we entered Mr. Petrov’s house. Not much has changed since the last time we were here. I knocked on the door and heard from the other end a familiar voice, “I’m coming!” The doc. said. He opened the front door and let us enter. When we entered, I could hear the wooden floor creaking under Max’s weight. I knew that the house was old so I was somewhat worried that Max might break something. However we didn’t spend much time in the doc.’s living area. He directed us back towards his lab. When we entered his lab, there was a chair in the middle of the room with some cables above it. I saw Max’s face. He seemed frightened and sad at the same time. I tried to comfort him by resting my hand on his massive shoulder. He looked back at me and smiled once again. we walked up close to the chair. The doc. asked him to remove his clothes except his briefs. Afterwards he Max looked at the doc. for further instructions. “Max, please take a seat.” The doc. ordered. Max did what he was told and the doc attached the wires to his body. Placing them on his head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, … “What is going to happen to me?” Max asked in a sad tone. “I’ll have to take some samples and check your body in order to know what is going to happen with you Max.” The doc said in a serious tone. We exchanged looks and shortly after he asked me to go into the room behind me. I looked around to find a small door with a mirror besides it. “Max, Jake and I will be in that room over there checking your condition. You’ll feel a few shocks but don’t worry it’ll only hurt for a second okay?” the doc. said. Max nodded and looked back at me again. I walked up to him and caressed his cheek. “You’ll be fine babe, I know you will.” I said before giving him a long kiss. I was guided to the small control room where the doc closed the door and turned his head towards me. “Listen Jake, after you told me all about what had happened, I had to bring the both of you here.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “The Max that you know and love, won’t be the same after this treatment.” He said sitting down on the chair opposite the window. “Why! What is going on doc.?!” I was getting really mad and confused now. The doc. sighted and continued; “The encounter you had in the shower with Max, those will only become more aggressive and they’ll happen more frequent. It’s one of the side effects that can occur during this procedure. He would have been able to control this urge by only taking one pill. But since he took all of them, he probably won’t be able to in the future.” He said looking down at his notes. I had to sit down and think about what he just said. I was speechless and sad. Tears began to form in my eyes. “Can’t he learn to control this urge… or can’t you give him some medication to calm him down when it happens?” I started asking, trying to find a solution for his problem. “Listen Jake. He’ll only become stronger and bigger. There’s little we can do about it now.” He said starting his computer and connecting it with this machine in front of us. “Let’s check his body first.” He said. I looked in up to see that the mirror actually was window from the other side. I could see Max all wired up and anxious. I felt like I could scream. If it were true that the Max I know would turn into a beast or a lover that could kill me, was just devastating. I could hear a ding sound and looked down to see a body image on the doc’s computer. It was already recognizing Max’s body and it showed where the cables were connected. I don’t know a lot about technology but it was quite impressive to see. In the left corner of the screen, I could see his blood pressure and his heartbeat along with his weight and height. “I’m going to give him shocks on the places you see here on the screen. I’ll be able to make a rough sketch on how big Max will grow. If you don’t want to look, I understand.” The doc said looking at me. I was a bit confused as to why I didn’t want to see Max but shortly after my answer was given. The doc. selected the dot on the shoulder and it automatically gave Max a shock. I saw him scream and closing his eyes whilst his body was fighting against the pain. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I saw my boyfriend being tortured. I wanted it to end and walked towards the door but was stopped by the doc. “You can’t leave Jake, I know that this must be killing you inside but try to understand that I only want to help you guys.” He said holding my hand really tight in order for me to stay put. I hesitated but eventually nodded and walked back to my place. However I couldn’t watch Max. It was too painful to see him in this state. After the doc. finished, the computer was loading some kind of a chart along with some percentages. I didn’t have time to find out what it said as the doc. placed the computer on his table and took out a syringe. “Is he afraid of syringes?” he asked before walking out. “A little but I’ll calm him down.” I said wiping away my tears and exiting the chamber. As I walked towards Max, it was so hard to see him. He looked exhausted. “Max are you okay?” I asked trying to hold my tears back. “Yeah, I’m okay now.” He said positioning his big frame in a more comfortable position whilst the doc. detached the wires. He looked at me and I looked back at Max. I knew what was coming next. “Okay babe, the doc has to take some blood to run some tests okay. Can you be brave for me?” I asked. I knew he was brave enough already but I also knew how much he hated syringes. He took my hand and squeezed it whilst the doc took his blood. He squeezed my hand so much I had to get down from the pain. “Ah! Max please you’re hurting me!” I screamed. Max looked shocked and released my flimsy hand. When the doc. had the sample he told us that the results would be completed once he gave the machine Max’s blood (or something like that I don’t know exactly what he said). He went back into the chamber and gave us a moment alone. Max tried standing up but he was so tired that even that was hard for him to do. So instead I sat down on top of him and hugged him. “I’m so sorry.” He said and started crying “I never should’ve taken all those pills at once.” I couldn’t hold back and started crying too. “It’s okay babe. I understand why you did it. But we have to be strong now.” I said in between sobs. Then it was silent. We were both so comfortable in each other’s arms that we didn’t need to talk. We were there for each other. That was the most important right now. The doc. returned shortly after and looked surprisingly happy. He approached us with some papers and started talking to us. Max’s body seemed to be growing steadily and would probably reach a height of four to six meters! This was a bit hard to take in. However his body also seemed to have very healthy blood cells. Every time they found a virus or an illness they eliminate them… he believed it had something to do with a self-healing process. “Max, I had my doubts but I think it’s safe to say that you are going to be fine.” He said smiling at the both of us. I never felt this happy in my life. My boyfriend would be okay! I hugged him and kissed him. We started crying again but this time they were tears of happiness. “However, I still want to warn you!” The doc. said in a more serious tone again. “You have to learn to control your strength. If you don’t, you might end up hurting the ones you love.” He said looking at me. I knew exactly what he meant but before I could say anything, Max started talking. “I will doc. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Especially not this little one.” He said playfully squeezing my ass. “Good, now I will keep in contact with you and will require a weekly check-up.” He said leading us back to the front door. I thanked him and told him we would update him on Max’s transformation this time. He thanked us and told us that if we needed anything or needed any help, we could always contact him.
  10. The Iron Bug - Part V

    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the plot-heavy one. Feel free to skip through at your leisure if that is not your jam. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V -- The Well We have lingered in the chambers of sea By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown Till human voices wake us, and we drown. - T.S. Eliot, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" The clouds were painted flat and grey against the sky, leaving a muddy warmth in their wake. The pale morning light that made it through lent a calm air to the morning, the blue-hued rays filtering through the needles of trees. It was a day like any other. I waited outside Charlie’s house for him to leave for class. I had no plan. Short of makeshift handcuffs, I was out of ideas. He could probably knock me out at any time, and I had no idea how he did it. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to ask nicely. He opened the door wearing a white wife beater that was just tight enough to show his abs through the fabric. When his verdant eyes turned to face me he looked amused. “You look different, little man,” he said. I stared at him blankly. I wasn’t sure what to do. He chuckled. “What is it you want from me anyways? You made your wish and it has nothing to do with mine.” He said. “What are you talking about?” I inquired bluntly. “I never made any wish. Frankly I have no idea what’s going on…although I’m not complaining, I guess,” I stated, rubbing my thick hands across the deep, shredded crevices of my abs. God, what was happening to me. “Sorry, that’s become a force of habit lately,” I mumbled. “You’ve never been to the well?” Charlie asked. “No. What well?” I asked impatiently. “Then what happened to you?” He seemed genuinely interested, the amusement on his face giving way to curiosity. And he clearly knew a lot more than I did. It couldn’t hurt to share. I described the metal bug, the insatiable desire to lift, the ravenous hunger, the euphoric growth, the second bite, and the dream. Well, the relevant parts of the dream. I also left out the parts about Delilah. He gazed at me intently before breaking into a smile. Then he took a deep breath. “Well, so much for class today. We’re going on a field trip.” Charlie said, dropping his backpack inside the door and then shutting it for good. He stretched and I could see the soft shadows of his triceps that I had felt in my dream. I was bewildered. Apparently my ignorance was enough to warrant his help. “Get ready for a bit of a hike. It’s not too far, but more than a quick walk.” After that he started ahead off without me, and I jogged to catch up. I followed him quietly as he led me through the neighborhood to a trail into the forest. It was a path I had run a few times before. Tall evergreens surrounded us, soft and inviting in the pale morning light. I spoke up once and he looked at me stolidly, telling me to “Just wait until we get there.” The rest of our trek was conducted in the relative silence of the forest. Only the frogs made sounds as they fell asleep for the day. I tried to focus on our surroundings instead of gaping awkwardly at his chiseled backside. I worried he would catch me staring and knock me out. Maybe I was just being paranoid. Squirrels ran through the leaf litter and up the trees, eying us cautiously as we made our way up the path. After about forty minutes we came to a unique collection of ovoid rocks that were stacked against one another, and he led us off the path to wade through the remnants of a trail overrun with forest scrub. I was forced to watch him as he guided us through, and I found that the longer I focused on him the less I was able to focus on anything else. There was a certain magnetism about the way he moved, confident and alluring. My eyes ate up his every motion hungrily. Everything about him was perfect. His back sculpted like the smoothest stone, his walnut colored hair reflecting beautifully in the sunlight, the beefy heads of his calves separating every time he took a stop, the sweat rolling off his caramel tanned skin, his clothes hugging his tight body with every motion. Amongst all the beauty of the forest, including my own, he outshined us all, a guiding light in the darkness. His radiance enraptured me, made me feel whole. A branch swept across my face, forcing my attention away from Charlie. The trance was lifted, and the rest of the world came rushing back into view. I felt on my face where I had been struck but could not find a cut or any pain. Another part of the transformation, I guessed. I wondered silently if anything could hurt me. When I looked back up at Charlie he seemed like an ordinary person again. Still just as attractive, but I was no longer transfixed by him. I found that if I stared for too long, however, I started to lose clarity again. It was best to focus elsewhere and follow the sound of him moving through the scrub. The last of the wildflowers were wilting in the mild summer heat. Another half an hour of trekking found us in a small clearing that was mostly shaded save for a few sharp slivers of sunlight that pierced through. Charlie stopped and took a long, deep breath. Leaf litter from the surrounding trees covered the ground, but few plants grew here. The ones that did had long, thin leaves almost like needles and vibrant red flowers that let their stamens out towards the ground. In the center of the clearing stood a stone structure resembling a well. The clean cut stones were a deep, mottled grey that I did not recognize. The well overflowed with water, and it spilled into a shallow pool of the same stone that encircled the structure. The water that flowed out seemed unnaturally dark, like it refused to let any light leave its shallow prison. A wooden covering was held by thin posts ornately carved with various animal and plant designs. It looked like it had been built long after the primary structure by someone other than the original architect. A small wooden bucket hung from the roof as well, although it did not seem to serve much purpose. “Welcome to the wishing well,” Charlie said with false ceremony. “I…don’t get it, honestly. Why are we here?” I said, perplexed. “Just go up to it. You’ll have to take your shoes off and put your feet into the water to look inside. Then you’ll see.” I agreed reluctantly. The whole structure, although simple enough, gave me an ominous feeling. Light and sound seemed to move oddly through the clearing because of it, sometimes enhanced and sometimes subdued but never what was expected. The well itself had a certain Lovecraftian alienness about it, as though whoever built it had tried to create something familiar but had failed in the details and instead made something entirely foreign. I steeled myself for whatever fate awaited me, taking my shoes off before the water. What the hell, I thought, rubbing my cheek where the branch had hit me. I am practically invincible now, anyways. The inky water was smooth and cool on my feet. The flow from the well gave me the impression of wading through the tide rather than standing in a pool, and I noticed that the water drained into holes along the pool’s stone edges. The closer I came to the well the more everything around it seemed to go dark in my vision. Soon the only thing I could see was the stone and the water, and my feet moving through it. The rest of the world had faded into a giant expanse, endless, vast, and humming with a vibrancy of life despite its emptiness. I rested my hands on the well, feeling the cool rush of dark water flow over them, and looked inside. Images swirled and began to take shape and form against the darkness. Soon I was a part of them, as though I was in a dream. I could not tell at first if the visions I saw were scenes from the future or memories. At times they felt like both. Each one was a snapshot from my life, not always in order but generally progressing forward. They came slowly at first, then faster and faster until they began to blur together. Important moments and small moments rubbed up against one another in a ceaseless barrage: graduation from university, a gentle kiss from a stranger, my election to head of an engineering firm, the desert view from atop a tall rock, my sister’s funeral. In every image I was the same age, and as time sped past I was oblivious to its effects. I traveled the world and experienced more than most do in a lifetime, summiting mountains and skyscrapers, exploring though canyons and across highways until I felt there was no more to see. I met others, many of them, from all walks of life. I talked with them, laughed with them, loved them, fucked them. I grew from each of them, and I cherished every one of them. In the midst of my travels, in a dark city alley lined with high adobe walls, I found a mirror. The humid air and sandy floor of the alley faded as I gazed into it. The reflection was my own, but I had grown to titanic proportions. At least twice my current size, and all muscle. The shelf of my pecs eclipsed the sun for those who stood under me, and the strength a single arm was enough to topple buildings. I was invincible, the epitome of eroticism and power. In the mirror’s visions, I filled my time with prodigious displays of my boundless strength, lifting ships with the flick of my wrist, stopping bullets and tanks that would stand in my way, eating and drinking and fucking whomever I pleased. I was indomitable in the world of men, a god for others to worship. I looked away from the mirror and continued on my own path. But the visions from the mirror stuck with me, haunting me. Time continued its march and I moved with it effortlessly, but the others did not. I watched my friends and loved ones die, and new ones sprang up to take their place. The stars continued to turn overhead, but I stopped counting the revolutions of the earth and the numbers of days that passed. Time was just an excuse for everything not to happen all at once. I watched the world change as my body refused to age. The seas rose and dried up, technologies advanced beyond what I thought possible, the natural world around us dwindled and was restructured in our image, countries rose and fell in what felt like minutes, and soon we left the earth behind. Eventually I jumped across stars with the rest of our species through the grandness of the cosmos, watching patiently what became of us as we traipsed from galaxy to galaxy. And just when I felt myself start to slip into a boundless infinity a hand pulled me out from the well. I inhaled sharply, as though I had just been rescued from the bottom of a pool. “What did you see?” he asked calmly. “I was immortal. I saw everything.” Charlie regarded me cautiously. “That’s a new one. Must have been why you were out for so long. “Look, just be careful. The well shows you the wish you want, but it doesn’t always grant it. Mostly it works out, but sometimes it fails and things get tricky. That’s probably where your bugs came from, too. Whoever made that wish may not have even been bitten.” I paused, considering what monstrous incarnation of eternity would spring forth from the well to grant my own wish. Finally I regained the courage to speak. “What did you wish for?” I asked. “I haven’t. I’m like you. The product of someone else’s wish.” I stared at him blankly. “When my mom was young she found this well by accident. Just like you and everyone who comes across it, it showed her what she wanted most, although she didn’t know it at the time. She says she saw the most beautiful woman in the world, one that no man could resist. When she asked the well to make it real, a branch grew from the water and offered her a fruit. “She got her wish. Not only was she beautiful, but men became obsessed with her. She drove them mad. And when she spoke, she could ask them to do anything she wanted.” “Like what you did with me?” I asked. He nodded. She had asked to become Helen but had become a Siren instead. And apparently it was heritable. “The way her wish was granted, she never knew if men loved her or were just lost in a trance. But she managed to fall in love with my dad, somehow, and they lived together long enough to have me. “Then one day while he was working on his car he cut his arm pretty deep, and when he looked at her she was a stranger. It took him a long time just to remember who she was, and after he couldn’t even look at her. They split after that. That’s the short version anyhow.” “What happened to her?” I asked. “She still lives here with me. She rarely goes out now. Too many eyes watching. Now she only talks with the others who have been to the well. Most of them online. They tend to scatter.” “What about you, then? Have you ever looked in the water?” “No, I haven’t. Too risky. I don’t have it even a quarter as bad as she does,” he said, gesturing down to his body, “And you can barely even look at me for more than five minutes.” I blushed. I wasn’t sure if he had noticed. “I have my whole life to think about what my wish will be. There’s no rush.” “So I could wish for everything to go back to normal?” “I don’t know. Whoever or whatever built this well doesn’t seem to need it anymore, so we can’t ask questions. We only know what we know from the wishes we’ve made. “Look, I only brought you here so you could understand what’s happening to you. It probably would have drawn you here anyways, even if I hadn’t shown you. That’s what happened to me, sort of like your dream. I can’t stop you from making your wish, but you should know it doesn’t always go according to plan.” I thought to argue, but it was useless. He had made up his mind. And so we left the clearing and headed home in silence once more. The siren’s son led me from the water, safe to dry land. -- The night was dark from thick cloud cover and an absent moon. I had spent all day packing, throwing away most of my clothes that wouldn’t fit anymore. I was already a day and a half late, and I tried to rush but I found it hard to focus. My mind was preoccupied with the well. My head buzzed with the wish that I would make, what, if anything, I would tell Delilah, and the behemoth that had stared back at me in the mirror. If I wanted to, I could ask for it. But that was someone else’s wish, I had to remind myself. Although, even still… I loved the way the downcast lighting reflected off of my body, the way every single crevice formed by my impressive musculature made a deep shadow. I thought about how I could make men cum just by letting them worship me, how even my fingers had the strength to bend metal with ease, and how the hard flesh under my skin was now akin to the metal that I lifted. Pre leaked ceaselessly from my hard cock as I subtly flexed and explored what my body had become. -- My flashlight barely lit the forest path as I made my way out to the well. I got lost a few times, having to turn back before I found the rock formation I was looking for. I stumbled my way through the trail, freshly beaten by our steps from this morning, and found my way to the clearing. The red flowers glowed with a soft phosphorescence in the darkness of the night. Only a few scarce stars were visible overhead. I took a deep breath, removed my shoes and placed my feet into the water. The temperature had not changed, and against the cool night air it was warm on my feet. The infinite expanse opened up to me again, my surroundings even darker than the night I came from. I saw the same visions pass before my eyes, including the mirror. And when it was done I stood silently for a few moments, the weight of eternity on my shoulders. Then I made my wish.
  11. Jeff roommate part 5

    I come out of the bathroom and Jeff is laying on the floor. “Jump on” is all he says. I lay on his massive back still naked and he starts doing pushups. Up and down over and over, I lost count at 150 and he is moving with exact precision. Not slowing down, but I find my self slowly sliding down his back and then my cock is wedged between his ass cheeks and Jeff clamps down and my cock is trapped. “Hey now, be nice big guy!” I said to him. Jeff just continues rep after rep, playing with my cock with his ass muscles. He starts to slow down and he stops in the up position and alternate flexing of his ass cheeks until I blow all over his back. He then goes down and relaxes and I climb off while he just laughs. “Let’s see if I can make you cum again.” I stand in front of him while he is kneeling on the floor and he wedges my cock between his bicep and forearms and just starts flexing his mammoth bicep. I can’t move but he just twists his fist making it bounce around and in about 5 mins of this I am hard and ready to cum again. He starts laughing knowing that I am close, one last big squeeze and bang I shoot again. “Oh you think that’s funny do ya?” I tell him to stand up and try the same thing on him by putting his cock between my bicep and forearm and try with all my might to squeeze it. I even grab my wrist with the other hand and try to apply more pressure. “Do you have a good grip on that cock?” I look up at him and he just smiles and flexes his cock and it pulls right out my arm and slaps his abs. To which he just starts laughing and drops to his knees. I jump on this back and try to wrestle him. He rolls over on his back and I get him in a schoolhouse pin. “You’re done now.” I apply all the strength I can summon to his shoulders and I start to count “1…2…” and as I am about to say three his shoulders come off the floor and I am lifted as well. “Not today little man.” He drops his shoulder and grabs me and maneuvers me so that I am laying across his meaty pecs and starts bench pressing me at a very fast pace. “You know that I normally bench almost 10 times your body weight for a normal workout and that means 15-20 reps for 2 to 3 sets?” Jeff just continues to press me and letting me hit his chest with my body but he doesn’t slow down. My cock hitting his pec and of course make me hard again. Jeff feels that and starts rubbing my body across his pecs on the down rep. After about a minute of this I am ready to blow again so he rubs me faster as his reps increase as well and I blow all over his pecs. He laughs and just keeps going. I am guessing about ten minutes of repping me has gone by before he tosses me from his arms onto my bed about 6ft away. Jeff stands up and walks toward me in a domineering nature. “What else you want to try little man, I’m game for anything. You see I’m Hercules and you are an insignificant bug. As I said the first day, I can do anything I want with you and I will if I want. I’m giving you an opportunity here to do whatever you want to take me down. What’s next little man or should I say bug?” The whole time he is saying this, he is smiling and trying his best not to laugh, trying to act like he’s mean, but he’s just messing with me and I know it. I jump onto the bed and bounce up and down a few times until he is closer to me. I launch my body aiming for his chest to hopefully do a body block and get him to step back after I hit him. So I’m sailing through the air, aim is perfect, my body will be hitting him dead on his chest. SMACK!!! I hit but he doesn’t move except to bring his arms up to catch me in a semi-cradle. I am facing the floor and his arms hold me steady, no step back, no movement at all. “Damn it!” I yell as the pain of hitting the wall of muscle goes throughout my body. Jeff, holding me easily, just laughs. “What was that supposed to do?” without waiting for an answer, he positions me in his hands and starts to curl me like I weigh nothing. “You do realize that I normally curl 4 times your body weight so this is so freaking easy. Your little body will be curled for about 10 minutes or until I get bored.” Jeff says laughing at the ease and speed he is curling me. Jeff’s left hand is at my crotch and he starts to fondle my cock with his thumb. I yell at him, “stop that, not again.” Jeff just smiles and curls me a little faster and my cock gets hard again and I can’t stop it. He flicks my cock and balls and I just moan and shoot another load onto his forearm. Its been well over ten minutes almost like 20 and Jeff finally turns me upright and sets me down. It has been a little over an hour and I have cum four times and all he’s done is laugh and lift. Now it’s his turn, I think. So I run at him and stop right before smashing into the mountain, and start sucking on his cock. Using both hands jerking him off at the same time and giving him a good tongue lashing. He gets hard fast and I keep going but the bad part for me is that his cock is getting erect and I can no longer keep it in my mouth, so I keep jerking him with my hands and licking it like a lolipop. I feel his balls churning and jeff starts moaning. I got him now, he blows all over him and I like a fountain. We both start laughing. “Time for a shower,” I comment. I head for the shower but am quickly overtaken by this mountain of muscle that just scoops me up and we go into the shower together. Jeff gives me the soap and tells me to lather myself up, which I do. Jeff then lifts me and starts rubbing my soapy body all over his, I’m his washclothe. He is moving me all over his body. After he feels he is clean, he puts me down and we both rinse and dry off. Jeff and I decide that its time for dinner and maybe find a party somewhere. So out for pizza we go. Everyone is looking at him and amazed by his huge body. Some of the girls ask if he minds if they feel his muscles to which he doesn’t hesitate. They are all goggling over him. We have had our fill of the girls and food and head to a local college bar. After an ID check and a few strong drinks, couple of shots, we are feeling great. Jeff heads to the dance floor and all the women flock to Jeff, who just plays along. I sit at the bar and watch not noticing two young guys coming up behind me. They start to put their hands on my shoulders and play with my hair. I try to push them away but they continue to make advances toward me. I look toward Jeff and he sees what is happening and starts heading toward me. I watch Jeff and see his hackles are up and his muscles are tensing as he gets closer. I sit there and get ready for a show. The two guys are standing beside me and I look at their feet as Jeff arrives but says nothing. I feel them quickly let go of me as their feet leave the ground. I turn around and Jeff is holding one in each hand by the scruff of their shirts. They are wiggling trying to get free of Jeff’s grasp but can’t. After lifting them so he can whisper in their ears, Jeff says, “You two really should learn to keep your hands to yourself and when someone says no, they mean no. Now two things can happen here, one I can set you back on the ground and you can leave the bar quietly, or, two, I can slam you heads together and knock you out, carry you outside and find a dumpster to throw you in till morning. What is your choice?” The two boys still struggling to get down, subside and reply, “We’ll leave, please put us down.” Jeff holds them a bit longer to emphasize their predicament, then turns toward the door and slowly lowers them to the ground. With a slight shove pushes them towards the door. Jeff turns back to me to make sure I am ok. “You know I won’t let anyone hurt you or make advances that you don’t want to happen, right?” Jeff asks. I look up at him and just smile and say thanks. Jeff and I decide we’ve had enough fun for one night, order two more shots and head out of the bar. What we didn’t notice is that the two guys that left the bar called some of their friends and were waiting for us to leave. We are about two blocks from the bar and we both get jumped, well let me clarify this. One guy bearhugs me and pull me away from Jeff and three others jump on Jeff at the same time. As usual Jeff just stands there as they punch him and try to take him down. Just like a dog shaking water off his coat, Jeff shakes and the three guys just fly off in different directions. Jeff turns to me and stares at the guy holding me, he slowly lets go and steps away. The three other guys have gotten up and come at Jeff again. One lands on his back and is able to wrap his one arm over his shoulder and the other arm, up under Jeff’s arm and has a good grip. The other two, same two, that were in the bar, weren’t so lucky. As they ran toward Jeff, Jeff just reaches out with lightening fastness and grabs the front of their shirts and just slowly lifts them off the ground. “You two like being in the air, huh?” Jeff ask, holding them at arms length. “Well I guess you decided for option number two.” Jeff brings his arms together, smacking their heads together and they are out cold. Jeff drops them and reaches over his head and grabs the guy on his back and lifts him up and off him like he was removing his shirt. He holds the guy in front of him and says, “Good night.” With just a nod of his head, he head-butts the dude and he is out cold too. Jeff scoops up the other two, now holding three guys in his arms, looks at the fourth dude and says, “come with me.” Jeff walks through one of the side streets to a dumpster and tosses the three into it. With a flick of his wrist he closes the metal lid. Jeff grabs the lid and front of the dumpster and squeezes it tight so that it can’t be opened without a crowbar. Jeff looks over at the last guy that is standing beside me. “You grabbed my friend here in a bear hug and I don’t like people that try to hurt my friends.” Jeff stepped in front of the small dude and squats down, wraps his mammoth arms around this dude that wasn’t much bigger than me, then stands up. “Because you listened to me and didn’t hurt my friend, I’m not putting you in the dumpster, but you need to be taught a lesson.” With that Jeff starts to slowly contract his arm muscles like a giant anaconda. Jeff whispers in the dude’s ear, “night night.” As his arms tighten the dude passes out and Jeff takes him to the edge of the dumpster and fastens the back of his pants to the post that sticks out of the side of the dumpster and leaves the dude hanging there. Jeff comes over and scoops me into a cradle and heads for our dorm room.
  12. Plane Muscle

    Trying something different between chapters of ‘Flex for class’. The scenario and protagonist for this are lifted from a fbb worship story I found on literotica called Best Seat On The Plane. This has always been a scenario I’ve dreamt of, so rewrote with a male bodybuilder and embellished a bit. I hope the original author doesn’t mind. Original story is here: https://www.literotica.com/s/best-seat-on-the-plane Plane Muscle John was sitting in Chicago airport at his gate, waiting patiently for his flight to Washington D.C. He had a conference the next day and was flying in the night before. Looking round at the people waiting for flights, he spotted a man who immediately stood out to him. His cock jolted in his pants at the sight of a huge bodybuilder less than 10 feet away. John had a secret love for well built men, the bigger the better. He had no idea why he loved men with muscles so much, but he learned over time not to fight his passion but embrace it. The crazy thing was, he had never met a bodybuilder before! His only experience was looking at pictures on the internet, or occasionally seeing one on the street or in a shopping centre. He always dreamed about what it would be like to meet one, and maybe even feel their muscles. The man he spotted was standing at the end of one of the aisles of seats looking at his phone. He was definitely a bodybuilder, and looked absolutely massive from where John was sitting. After the initial blur of seeing his presence from the corner of his eye, what John noticed was the size of his legs, which were visible because he was wearing mid length black shorts. His legs looked smooth with huge quad muscles, the bulges of which remained visible even under the material of the shorts. Just from standing there he could see incredible definition. When he would shift his weight from one leg to the other his muscles would contract and harden. His calves were also well defined and thick with size. He was wearing a lightweight long sleeve jacket, but he could see big round shoulders and beefy arms. The jacket draped around the waist, but everywhere else it hugged the man’s upper body tightly and was tautly stretched around his huge delts, arms, chest and back muscles. The bodybuilder swung round, now exposing to John how wide he was from the back. The seams of the jacket showed signs of unthreading due to the huge forces on them. He swung back and resumed poking his phone. Without thinking John got up to get a better view of him. He was pretending to do something with his phone as he got within a couple of feet. Just being this close to his incredible size was getting John excited as he positioned himself behind the mountain of muscle. He looked bigger than any man John had ever seen, or maybe it was because he had never seen such a huge bodybuilder this close before. John was an average man, standing 5’9” tall and weighing 150 pounds. Standing this close to the bodybuilder he had never felt weaker or smaller, the bigger guy having at least 5 inches on him. He was handsome too, with olive skin and a shaved head. His facial features were quite intense and masculine with hazel eyes. John couldn't place his nationality but guessed at French or Mediterranean. Trembling, he took a closer look from the side, and could see he was holding his ticket in a meaty hand. He could just make out they were on the same flight and his seat was 1A. John was disappointed their seats weren't closer, but bristled at the thought of sharing a plane with this goliath. But then he got an idea! It was a long shot but worth a go. "Hi may I help you?" The woman behind the counter asked. "Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade to first class?" John asked. "Let me see." The attendant started punching on her keyboard. "The farther up the better, something like 1A." John was hoping this would be enough to get close. "1A is taken but how about 1B. The upgrade fee is $199." The attendant offered. John's heart nearly leapt out of his chest it was beating so fast. He tried his best to calm himself so he didn't look crazy, but he was sure his legs might give out any second. "That would be perfect." He said. What a small price to pay to get the best seat on the plane he thought to himself. He walked back over to the seats to sit down and calm himself. He made sure that he could still see the muscular man from his vantage point. As he held his phone still looking at it, he could see massive mounds bulging under the sleeves. He had to be a super heavyweight John thought. The wait to board the plane seemed like it took forever as John sat impatiently sneaking peaks at the man. Finally the announcement was made that pre-boarding would begin. He looked over to see the muscle bull stand and make his way to boarding. Watching so much dense hard muscle move like this in real life was surreal! John tried to casually get up and fall in in line behind him. The way his heart was racing he was sure it was less than casual. He was directly behind the guy now, taking in his massive frame. His shoulders were so wide and round John couldn't believe his eyes. He must have been in off season to be this big, and yet he still had great separation in his legs. It didn't take long to get through the line and soon they were making their way down the jet bridge to the plane. The bodybuilder walked with confident, heavy stomps in front of John, his arms hanging away from his body due to his huge lats. John couldn't take his eyes off the calves that flexed with every step, and his dick chubbed in his tight briefs as the sight. As they approached the cabin door, passengers boarded the plane and were greeted by the attendant. The muscle man however, had to turn side on to walk through. John could not believe how thick this guy’s upper body was. Side on he was as wide as a normal man! John had never flown first class before and felt like royalty. In front of him, the bodybuilder was already putting his carry-on in the overhead compartment and taking his seat by the window. John put his luggage above as well and looked down to see the man struggling to take off his jacket. What an amazing sight. He looked hard as a rock and bulging all over. He wasn’t contest ready as John thought he might have been before, but not in the depths of off season some bodybuilders got into. He had that jacked roid cycle look, like he was constantly swelling up. Underneath the jacket he had on a tight fitting white t shirt. His arms, shoulders, and chest were exploding out of it. He must have felt John staring because he looked up and gave him a warm smile. "Is this your seat?" The huge man asked, pointing to 1B. John realized he was staring and snapped out of his trance to take the seat next to him. His voice was masculine, deep and… French! Good guess “.... um, Yep! 1B! ….That’s me!” John sank into the seat, mortified at what he had said. He didn't know what to say or do and just sat in his seat looking straight ahead, dick throbbing and twitching between his thigh and jeans. "Can I get you something to drink?" The flight attendant bent down to ask them. "Sure I’ll have a water." "I'll also have a water." John reflexively responded. He was so nervous as he sat there looking straight ahead. He realized that the guy might be thinking he is one of those closed minded people that disagree with his lifestyle. He was trying to think of anything to do or say but his mind was blank. The flight attendant came back with their waters and John and the man thanked her. The seats in first class were a little bigger than back in coach, yet the muscular man was so big he filled the entire seat and still managed to push up against John's shoulder and arm. John was in a light oxford button down, but the electricity off feeling the man swelling up against his shoulder was palpable. He found himself leaning away because he was so nervous to even touch him. The huge muscle mountain must have caught on… "Hey, I'm Alex by the way." he had his hand extended toward John in a greeting. It was huge, thick and looked textured through years of work outs. John took it and the man shook his hand firmly. "um...John." "Nice to meet you John, are you heading to D.C for business or pleasure." he asked in a deep French accent. John was so thankful he was breaking the ice with casual conversation. His hazel eyes had a kindness to them that instantly made John relax a little. "Business, I am attending a conference tomorrow." He offered. "What is your business?" he asked. "I am a software engineer for a mid-sized company. We provide contracting services for telecom companies mostly." "Interesting." he said. John was sure this must have been the most boring conversation, but Alex had an honesty to him that made even John’s boring job sound like it was fascinating. John was doing everything in his power to maintain eye contact. He wanted so badly to sneak a peek at Alex’s gigantic body but knew that he needed to play it cool. "How about you? Business or pleasure?" He asked. "A little of both, I have never been to D.C. so I am hoping to see the sights. The company I work for has it's headquarters there and I will be doing some training on Monday." "Oh, so you have the whole weekend to enjoy the city." "Yes, that's the plan." he said. "I lived in D.C. for about 5 years, it is a great city to explore." John offered. "Any suggestions? I didn't really plan anything, I just decided to fly in early and look around." John was more relaxed now as he was talking to Alex about something he knew about. People were still boarding the plane as John started telling him all his favourite spots in the D.C. Alex listened to everything he was saying with rapt attention. John was 30 and was pretty sure Alex was around the same age. His skin had that mature look to it but with no visible signs of aging, yet given his muscle size he must have been bodybuilding for a long time. “Sorry you have to be sat next to the big lug by the way. I’ll try not to squash you too much!” Alex offered with smile and a giggle, a routine John felt like he might have had to do before. He was as charming as he was big! “Oh! No problem. Anyway, I hardly take up any space” “Thank you John! Some people… are not so nice about it” “Well, it’s fine by me” John smiled, relaxing back into his seat and no longer feeling awkward at feeling Alex’s awesome body swelling over the armrest in to him. In fact, it felt amazing. The cabin doors were closed now and John felt the familiar feeling of the plane backing up away from the terminal. Alex took a deep breath, his incredible chest and shoulders swelling upward and outward, pushing against John so that he could feel the dense thickness of muscle again. They were silent for a few minutes as Alex looked ahead. "John, I have a confession to make." Alex said. "What’s that?" John asked, intrigued. "I don't fly very much and I get nervous when the plane is taking off. I am usually fine when we are in the air, I just… I need to get through the first part." he was gripping the armrest showing thick ropes of muscle popping out on his forearm, a bead of sweat on his forehead. John’s eyes widened at the sight as he snuck a peak when Alex wasn't looking. He must have lingered too long because when he looked up, Alex was looking at him through the corner of his eyes with interest. "It helps me to talk. It takes my mind off it." he continued. "OK, well, I’ll see what I can do." John said. "Also…” Alex paused, “You can ask me about my muscles, it's OK. Most people don't know what to make of me or are too scared to ask." He was so forward and honest. John wasn't sure how to respond. Should he come clean and be honest, or hide his true feelings on the subject? “Oh, well people can be intimidated to talk about that sort of thing!” John offered as a halfway house. “And plus, well you are huge!” Alex only nodded back. "Actually Alex. I… I have a confession as well." John finally said. "What is it?" Alex asked with authentic interest, pleased to be distracted. "I am a huge fan of bodybuilders." John said. Alex’s face softened hearing this, and he temporarily forgot about the take off. "How big of a fan? Who was the last man to win the Mr Olympia?" Alex quizzed him, half joking, half intrigued to see how genuine John was being. "That's easy, I could list every man who won Mr Olympia." John retorted. "OK smarty pants, list them for me." And off John went listing every Mr O from Larry Scott to Phil Heath, even throwing in the odd fact or personal favourite along the way. "Wow, that's better than I can do, I think you proved your point." he looked at John surprised. "So when you were giving me those funny looks before..." Fuck! How far back had he noticed? "Sorry about that. It's just that you’re clearly a bodybuilder and I was kind of… awestruck." John admitted. “I’ve… never been this close up to a guy as big as you before. It’s … well, incredible” he gulped. Alex nodded his head understandingly. "I am a bodybuilder; I have been training hard core for over 12 years now." he said matter of factly. "Wow, that's amazing. I have the most respect for your discipline. I workout with weights on and off but can never keep the focus to achieve what you have. Have you ever competed?" John asked. "No, I do it for myself. I have never had the courage to get up in front of a huge crowd like that." "I am sure if you did you would thrash the competition." John stated Alex looked over at him and smiled. "Thanks; I really appreciate an expert like you saying that. What else do you want to know." he offered. "How strong are you?" Alex’s smile got even bigger, as he turned slightly in his seat, the view of his body getting wider and wider to John. "Very strong." he said confidently, leaning toward John as he said it. John just stared back and gulped. All this talk about Alex’s muscles was getting him hard, but the way he leaned toward him now sent blood pumping through his cock. "I have never completely maxed myself out because it can be dangerous, but I don't think there are many men who come even close to my strength." "Really?" John was looking at him with his eyes wide and mouth open. "Really." Alex answered. "How much are we talking?" John asked. "I have pushed out over 500 lbs. I had spotters, but I did it completely unassisted." "Whoaaa." John was completely shocked. "I can squat 700 lbs. safely, but I wouldn't want to go higher." "That's...crazy." John managed to say. He looked down at Alex’s massive legs. They were like tree trunks and dwarfed his own legs by comparison. Up close they were slightly hairy, covered by paper thin skin. Three large mounds were visible on the top of each leg and John could only imagine how they would look if he flexed. Alex saw him looking at legs. “I have to wear shorts most of the time. Trousers and jeans tend not get round these” he said, patting his thigh lightly. Alex listed off some of his other accomplishments which were just stupendous. He had the strength of a powerlifter but the definition and thickness of an off season bodybuilder, which made for the most amazing combination. John’s dick throbbed as Alex described some of his feats of strength. There was one occasion where Alex had been spotting another guy on the bench. The man was struggling on his last set pressing 100kg. Alex had lifted the bar off him with one hand. Some of the other members noticed and challenged him to curl the weight with one arm. He had knocked out ten reps with almost no effort. On another occasion, someone had parked the front of their car across two parking bays. Alex had lifted the front half of the car and dragged it across into one bay. The airplane was lining up on the runway now and getting ready to rev the engines for take off. Up to this point Alex hadn't noticed and been completely relaxed talking to John. The plane started to accelerate and Alex couldn't help but notice the plane was preparing for take off. He closed his eyes and pushed his head back in the head rest again. His entire body seemed to tense up and John couldn't help but notice how much bigger his arms swelled up. He had a vice grip on the armrests again, causing his forearms to harden and flex. His upper body exploded with muscle as he tensed up. His biceps bulged, showing massive size and formed into huge mounds the size of grapefruits. His pecs looked amazing as they stretched the white cotton even further as they swelled up. His tight white top did nothing to hide Alex’s huge muscles, especially now as the fear taking over his body made him swell up bigger than ever. His chest was fully flexed, almost hitting his chin. John was drinking in every second he had to get a good look at his body. Alex’s shoulders were massive and looked like they were carved out of stone. Suddenly he was snapped out of his hypnotised state, as a disturbing sound filled the air. It was like metal popping. Alex’s grip on the armrests was getting tighter, his thick strong fingers digging into the steel. John’s mouth dropped open at what he was seeing. Alex was crushing the armrests in his hands. The first class plane seats were constructed of thick steel plates, but right now, Alex was crushing them in his hands like John would a juice carton. Alex’s huge forearms had so much power in them, he had nearly formed a fist. His face was scrunched up and he was emitting a low pitched growl, like he was about to set a new world record for a strength record. John tried a relaxation trick. He counted back from 10, and told Alex a fact about D.C in between each number, assuring him that when they got to number 1, they’d be up in the air, flying smoothly. John made each fact a little longer. Alex continued to scrunch up the inch thick steel plates into a ball, and was now breathing very heavily. It made John’s cock swell and release precum. Alex had not lied when he said there weren’t many men as strong as him; and now John was seeing it first hand. The relaxation technique was working though, and Alex’s face gradually returned to its handsome relaxed position, his eyes still closed, his pumped chest still flexed, touching his chin. The plane was almost done climbing as it started to level out. John looked at his handsome face and could see his full lips were slightly parted, his breath almost panting. His muscles started to relax as he calmed down. He lowered his head and opened his eyes looking over to John and gave him a warm smile. "Thank you for taking my mind off flying. I would have been a mess if it wasn't for you." he said as he reached over and squeezed John's hand. John flinched slightly. This muscle bull’s hand had just crushed an armrest into smithereens, and now it was wrapping round his own. But Alex knew his strength, and was gentle to his smaller friend. John's hands were in his lap trying desperately to cover up the raging erection he had from the sight of Alex’s feat of strength. Alex’s big hand lingered on John’s for a couple of seconds as he looked into John’s eyes and finally removed his hand. He felt so relaxed with John, and found himself enjoying a flight for the first time in his life. "It was my pleasure, I enjoy talking to you." John said as he returned a smile. “buuuut, something’s a mess!” he added, nodding to the armrests. Alex gave another broad smile “c’est risque professionnel” he retorted, like this might not be the first time something like this happened. “Wow. That is some occupational hazard!” John replied, running his hand over the crumpled up remains of the armrest. Alex raised his eyebrows, impressed he didn’t have to translate for his new companion. Nevertheless, he wanted to move the conversation to John for a bit. He changed gears. "So tell me, when did you become a fan of bodybuilding?" "Uh...since I was born I guess. I have memories of admiring muscle on men as far back as I can remember." John admitted. "Really?" Alex was getting more intrigued by the minute "Yeah, it's kind of a rare thing I guess; to see someone of your size and musculature, so there are a few vivid memories that stand out. Once I remember being at a restaurant when I was very young, maybe 10 or 11, and there was a waiter that had a visible bicep bulging through his white shirt. He wasn’t a bodybuilder like you, but I noticed it bulge even more when he was carrying the heavy trays of food around. I remember watching him the whole time just waiting to see if I could get another view of his bicep." Alex was nodding his head as he looked at him with interest. “So, how do you know it’s muscle you have an interest in and not tight white shirts?” To John’s delight, Alex bounced his pecs one at a time as he said this, emphasising just how tight his shirt was over his gargantuan body. John teetered. “I never thought of that! Next time I’ll ask the waiter to try a different shirt on, so I can check your theory” Alex treated him to the most adorable little chuckle he had ever seen. John’s heart began to flutter as he continued. It was almost therapeutic having never talked to anyone about this. "To a lesser extent, I also remember World’s Strongest Man at a young age. The strongmen looked amazing to me; the way their huge bodies loomed over the presenters, and the incredible amounts of weight they could move. It was like waking up for the first time when I saw them” “So then, why do you say to a lesser extent?” Alex asked. “Well, only a few strongmen had the amazing physique of a bodybuilder, and they tended not to be the strongest ones. In fact, I’ve never been aware of anyone who combined the physique of a Mr Olympia with the raw strength of a World’s Strongest Man…” John somewhat trailed off realising that he might now be sitting next to the type of man he just described. He paused, not sure if he should continue. He didn't want to scare Alex off. "I know what you mean, I had similar thoughts, although from a different perspective. As a boy I remember seeing really huge men and I found their strength fascinating. Especially feeling like I could be even bigger and stronger than them one day. So when was the first time you saw a bodybuilder?" Alex asked. "I was a teenager, flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a Mr O competition. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. The men were amazing, like… prize bulls! I remember seeing Nasser el Sonbaty for the first time and being in complete awe that a man could have muscle development like that." John froze. “Muscle bulls”! Would Alex take that as an insult? "Who won that year?" Alex asked. John continued, relieved "I remember like it was yesterday, it was an interesting time that I came in the middle of. It was Dorian Yates. Remember, I had never seen men with muscle like this before and I remember being very confused. To me it seemed obvious that Dorian or Nasser should win, their muscles were unreal, like nothing I had ever seen." "Oh yeah, that was the time they were trying to shift away from the muscle freaks." Alex added. "Ha! I don’t think it worked. All I knew at that moment was how incredibly muscled and strong they looked." "Then what?" Alex prodded. "As a teenager I had just witnessed the most incredible sight I had ever seen. Now I was looking for more. I found a store that sold what I think was the greatest magazine at the time. Flex. It was really hard to find where I lived, but it was awesome. Then, at school there was a boy who got into lifting weights. He got pretty big, but again, never approached IFBB pro level, like you” John didn't tell him about some of the videos he used to order. Mostly workout and lifestyle videos the Olympia contestants used to release in the 90s. John would whack off to them, loving being able to see these huge monsters pump up and pose, grunting all the while. "I kept my eye open for anything else on TV, but it was like the well dried up. There were a few smaller shows that I found, but that was pretty much it. Now years later I know that I came in at the end of its initial popularity, or at least it's exposure was limited." He finished. “And how did it make you feel, John?” Alex asked, his eyes twinkling and intense. “Uuh. Good. I felt good. Seeing them was like art”. It was the best compromise he could think of to say at the time. John was quiet, he felt like he had done a lot of talking and was curious what Alex had to say about what he said. "I love how you describe your passion for muscle. So simple and pure. I agree with you, it's like art. I feel like I am an artist molding my body. For me I didn't see a bodybuilder till I was almost 14. I already knew it was something I wanted and seeing it for real changed my life. At the gym they had pictures of bodybuilders and I would look at that and dream of having muscles like that for myself. Feeling my muscles grow and thicken at that age was amazing! It's hard to explain, I have just always wanted to be well built and strong as a … ox." He gave John a smile and a wink at the last bit. "It's just who we are so why fight it." John commented, as much to himself as to Alex. "So what about you, you look like you are in shape, how do you keep so nice and trim?" Alex asked. "I have been working out, on and off for about 5 years. I would love to be huge myself but my body just didn’t respond. Couldn’t keep the weight on." He said, dejected. "Maybe you just need the right teacher, who have you worked with?" Alex asked. "Nobody, I just do my own research and try to figure it out myself." John admitted. "I think we just found the problem. I have always had people helping me at my gym, nothing beats someone with experience." "How long have you been training?" John asked. "I have been hard-core training for about 12 years now. I had a pretty good base when I started, I was already a very strong boy. I started lifting when I was a teenager. When I was about 16, a bodybuilder at my gym started to help me train and I got the right diet and exercise program and started to really make gains." he said proudly. “In two years I was bigger than most of the other men who used the gym. Some didn’t like an 18 year old boy being one of the biggest and strongest guys there, so I learned early not to take offence if people objected to my big muscles.” Alex really liked talking about his past, and John was hanging on every word. To hear how Alex was able to transform his body into the man he saw before him was the most fascinating story to John While Alex was talking about his life, the trials and tribulations of growing so huge, he would move his hands around for emphasis. John would try to catch a glimpse here and there when he thought he wasn't looking. Alex either didn't notice or didn't care because he didn't mention how John’s eyes were darting all over his body. It was incredible to watch his biceps grow and form as he moved his arms around. The conversation drifted to other topics and the pair started to really hit it off. Pretty soon they were joking and talking like old friends. There seemed to be a mutual connection; John couldn't help but notice Alex would reach out and touch his hand or leg. It was like lightning when he touched him. The pilot came over the cabin speaker to announce that they would be landing in D.C. in about 20 minutes. John could see Alex tense up with the news as he pushed his head back in the seat to try and calm himself. John felt what was left of the shared armrest. How had Alex crunched this up like Play dough? It was solid steel to John, albeit it now with the dips and grooves of Alex’s fingers. Alex held John’s hand over the hand rest, and after a few seconds of pleasure at this feeling, John thought it might be best to get his hand out of the way. Alex spoke. "John, can I ask you something?" he said. "Sure." Alex lowered his voice, and again, leaned in close to John "What would you do if I flexed my arm for you?" John was too shocked to even respond as he sat there contemplating what to say. He could no longer, and no longer wanted, to hide his excitement at the mere mention of Alex’s muscles. He instantly got an extremely hard erection. And this time Alex didn't hide the fact that he noticed. He looked right at John’s crotch and smiled at him. Alex continued, "The way you talk about bodybuilders and muscle… I have a hunch you would really enjoy it. And I have another confession:" he paused "I would enjoy it too." John swallowed hard staring back into those alluring eyes. "I would… yes, I would like that." Alex looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. The other passengers were snoozing or focused on their devices. The flight attendants were doing their last minute checks and taking their seats around the corner. He stretched his arm out over John’s body, the back of his fist grazing John’s hard on. Slowly and with intent he pumped his bicep up, 1, 2, then 3 times, flexing hard the last time, the round hard muscle pushing the fabric of his stretchy T to it’s limit. "Go ahead.” He said “Touch it." John reached his shaking hands round cupping Alex’s amazing peak with one, and feeling the huge hanging tricep with the other. It literally felt like a rock was under his skin. With both hands wrapped around he couldn't touch his fingers because of the immense size. He slid his hands up feeling Alex’s shoulders, again it took both hands to span his incredible size. He could feel the ripples of muscle forming ridges and valleys all along his boulder sized muscle. "That feels so good." Alex whispered. "Do you like what you feel?" "It's better than my wildest dreams." John whispered back. Alex moaned and started pumping his bicep making it slowly grow and swell up more. John moved his hand back down so he could feel the transformation. These had to be the biggest arms he’d ever seen, he knew they were big but seeing them flexed he couldn't recall anything so huge. John let out a moan of pleasure as he felt Alex’s rock hard bicep under the warm skin. He could feel the power emanating from his arm as it stood unmoving and flexed. Alex had been watching his muscles pump up, and John’s hands moving over them. Now he looked up to take in his admirer’s face, and felt his heart flutter for the impact he knew his power was having. Alex held his other hand over John’s on his bicep. Him, feeling John feeling his bicep. “What do they feel like John?” “They’re… they’re so incredibly hard. Big and hard. I can feel how powerful they are just by touching them” “Hmmmmm…” Alex purred at John’s description “John, feel my strong forearms too” His hand clasped around the huge thickness of Alex’s immense forearms. They were bigger than most guys biceps. Alex moved his fist around, rippling the cords of muscle and veins around in John’s hands. “Squeeze it. See if you can make a dent” John gripped the wrist and upper forearm with all his strength. He didn’t move Alex’s muscle one iota. Then suddenly he was squashing the muscle as Alex stopped flexing. The doughy muscle still felt powerful and grainy. Then BAM! Alex flexed again and they were rock hard. His fist was still straight up in the air flexing as he opened his hand and reached over to caress John's cheek. John whimpered at his touch, his lips parting. Alex moved the hand behind John’s neck and squeezed slightly, then began pulling the smaller man towards him. They both started leaning in and locked lips in the most passionate kiss John had ever had. Alex’s lips were full and strong as they connected together with the feeling of so much emotion. It was like they were two lost souls that finally completed each other. The plane was rocking in it's final approach but in that moment they were in their own world. They kissed passionately for a couple of minutes until Alex pulled back before things got out of hand. They were forehead to forehead now looking at each other as they were coming down from their high. "Wow." Was all Alex could manage to say. "Yeah." John said back between heavy breaths. Alex took one of John's hands and placed it on his massive chest. John could feel his heart racing beneath multiple layers of dense muscle. "Do you feel that, my heart is racing right now." Alex said. John nodded emphatically as they were gazing at each other. Alex's chest started rising and hardening under John’s hand. The shirt looked like it was stretching to it's limit as his pecs were pushing out, causing the shirt to push down like his pecs couldn't be contained. John felt all over the hard ripped surface of Alex’s chest, enjoying the deep valley between the two enormous mounds. Alex playfully bounced each pec, alternating back and forth causing them to rise and fall. He never stopped looking at John as he watched the pure wonder and enjoyment he was able to give him with his body. He could see the spell he was casting on John as he truly transported him out of reality. Alex relaxed back into his seat to allow John to calm down before he got too excited. John looked up and met his gaze. They both leaned in again and shared another passionate kiss. The plane had landed now as Alex realized for the first time that he had made it through with no worries. The first time ever. John put his head on Alex’s shoulder as he wrapped his arms around the massive arm like it was a teddy bear. He felt safe and protected. "Thank you for taking my mind off the flight. I have never been so good during a landing, I didn't even notice we were on the ground." he said. "Are you kidding me. You just made my biggest dream a reality, I should be thanking you." John replied. They sat there content for a moment before Alex spoke up again. "John, would you...do you want to hang out when we get off the plane?" John looked up stunned. "Yes, whatever you are up for I am in." He wasn't sure what he had in mind but the thought of spending more time with Alex was all that mattered to him. "I didn't really plan out my first couple of days, I was just going to take a chance, I don't even book a hotel." "Uh...well I can help you find a hotel." John offered. "Where are you staying?" he asked. "The Washington Hotel on K street" John answered. "How about we share a cab and I will see if they have any rooms available." "Sure." He responded. They were like two love birds cuddling and chatting as the plane made its way to the gate. They were the first to exit the cabin and hurried down the jet bridge. Once in the terminal John took charge having been here so many times. Alex was happy to let him be in control, relaxing at not having to worry where he would go or what was coming next. The airport was small and close to the city. Neither of them had checked baggage so they walked to the exit where they got a cab to the city. Alex took John’s hand in the cab, gently squeezing it. John got hard again, remembering that just a few hours earlier that same hand had demolished a solid piece of metal. They didn't talk much in the cab but continued holding hands and looking at each other every once in a while exchanging smiles. It was past rush hour so took no time for the cab to get to the hotel where John was staying. John paid the cab and the pair walked into the hotel lobby making their way to the front desk. John went first and got his arrangements all set. After he was done he pointed out a seat where he went to sit down and wait for Alex to see if he could get a room. He watched Alex at the counter still amazed at how handsome he was as he talked to the hotel desk clerk. It didn't take long and soon he was walking toward John at the bench. His quads were massive and John still couldn’t believe how they bulged with each step. "They are all booked up." he said. "Oh.. What do you want to do?" John asked unsure how to play it. "Would you mind if we go up to your room so I can figure out what to do next?" he responded. "Of course, sure. Let's go." They made their way to the elevators. Alex took his hand as they walked and gave it a little squeeze as he looked down at him. "Thanks for helping." "Whatever you need, I'm here to help." As they were standing waiting for the elevators John could feel an electricity in the air. Alex was standing close, his freakishly thick forearms brushing against John’s. The bell dinged. They were joined by others in the elevator, so neither of them talked but they kept looking at each other, smiling. Alex pressed his body against John’s and rubbed his back lovingly. The doors opened and John led the way to his room. He swiped the card to unlock the door and opened it for Alex as he motioned for him to go in. Alex strode in and John followed, flipping on the lights to get a good look at the room. The minute the door swung shut, Alex turned around to face John. There was a pause of a few seconds as the two men took each other in. Then, Alex moved forward and effortlessly picked John up so he was holding him in his arms. John wrapped his arms around Alex’s thick neck as they drew in to kiss. This was even more passionate than on the plane as their tongues explored each others mouths. Alex’s jaw and even tongue felt muscular to John. He was certainly a dominant kisser. The sexual tension had been building and was finally being released as they let go of their inhibitions. "I want to show you my body." Alex said, panting. "I think you will be blown away." John nodded vigorously at this suggestion, once again lost for words at Alex’s amazing frankness about the power his body would have. Alex set him down on the bed and took a step back “You like muscle? Watch this” Alex said with cock of his head. Then, he slowly raised his arms and flexed. Two loud pops were head as the sleeves of Alex’s jacket popped at the peak. “Nnnmmgh Yeah!” He growled “What about bodybuilder shoulders?” He brought his arms down into a most muscular. Two more pops were heard as his delts exploded through the jacket. He turned around and intensified the pose. A long rip suddenly appeared on the back of the jacket and continued to grow as Alex flex harder. He grabbed what was left of the material and tore it off his body. Crossing his arms over his body, he slowly peeled off his shirt, revealing freakishly developed muscles covered in a light layer of hair. He unbuckled his belt and pushed the waistband down slightly, but the shorts stayed put, clinging around his huge butt muscles and thighs which would not allow them to drop. He nodded down at them, indicating John should take them off. Tugging the shorts off over Alex’s immense thighs felt incredible to John. And he couldn’t help noticing that Alex was tenting in his tight grey briefs, a spot of precum showing through. When he was done he stood there, body tensed like he was standing on a bodybuilding stage letting John drink him in. He was massive but had nice definition; the off season roided look was John’s favourite. His shoulders were extremely wide with big round delts. Sitting on top of his shoulders were gigantic, thick round traps that were bulging on either side of his 20 inch neck. John could see huge lats flaring out on his sides causing his arms to hang outward instead of down. They were so wide it made his waist look small even though John could tell it was thickly muscled. He looked like he had at least an 8 pack and his waist was nicely bulging with the beginning of an HGH belly. His obliques were so thick the gaps looked like they could fit John’s entire hand. His chest was wide and massive with undulating rock hard pecs. The smallest movement would make his chest twitch and ripple. His massive tree trunk legs balanced out his frame. John could see deep grooves separating each individual muscle making him look like a living anatomy chart. "You need to get more comfortable." Alex commanded as he moved closer to John and started taking his clothes off until he was down to his pants, like Alex. John’s massive erection was screaming against his cotton underwear and Alex grabbed onto it with both hands and started stroking it lovingly. His own erection was the crowning glory of his thick muscular body. It was so pumped that the briefs material was stretching away from his body, creating a gap between the waist band and his blocky abs. "I think we need some oil" he let go of John's erection, opened his bag and pulled out a little bottle of oil, handing it to John. "Rub me with this." he ordered. John wasted no time pouring it into his hand and started rubbing him all over. He loved how Alex’s skin was like supple calf leather stretched tight over grainy rock. John was in heaven feeling every inch of Alex’s hard physique. Not even flexing Alex’s muscles were still hard. "Oh my god your muscles are magnificent. Your arms look like they could be as big as another bodybuilders legs." He said as he tried to wrap his hands around Alex’s gigantic arm. "John; they are! I think my measurements are closest to Dorian Yates at the peak of his 95 off season right now, when he was in his prime. Except two areas, our height and waist size are different. He was 6 feet and I am 6 foot 3 and my waist is about 36 inches right now." Alex brought his arm up and flexed it, showing it's full size which was breathtaking. "I am proud to say my arms just this week hit the 23 inch mark." John stood there completely in shock by his measurements. It made sense because he could see Alex was huge, but hearing his size just stopped him in his tracks. "When I was 16 I already had really nicely developed arms that measured 12 inches with a nice little bicep peak. I started training serious and grew about an inch a year. I never plateaued and still feel like I can grow even more.” He flexed a most muscular, letting out an intimidating groan. “I don’t know. I must have good genetics or something. What do you think?” He flexed an arm up in front of John’s face who was taking in every detail. Alex rubbed some of the oil off his body and grabbed ahold of John’s erection again, stroking it up and down with long strokes working the oil in through the cotton fabric. Alex pinched the front of John’s oily, pre cummed underwear with one hand then both. He pulled apart and ripped the front open like it was tissue paper. John’s dick sprung out, leaking another glob of precum. "I want to flex for you John, but I need a good pump first, will you help me?" he asked staring down into John’s eyes with an alluring power. "Y..Yes!" John stammered. "Call me your Giant Muscle Bull. I think it is fitting." he ordered. "Yes my Giant Muscle Bull!" John responded. Alex stood up straight and covered his face with the remains of John’s briefs. He took a deep breath, held it in, then let out a deep, powerful sigh. He repeated this three times, while rubbing his cock on the outside of his own underwear with his thick thumb. He threw the remains of John’s briefs on the floor and layed on his belly in push up position. "I need more weight for my pump, lay on my back while I do a couple of sets." John did as he was instructed. He laid on Alex’s back feeling the incredibly hard muscles beneath him. His cock slid nicely between Alex’s hard butt cheeks over his sweat drenched underwear, and he could feel him tightening and loosening giving the most incredible sensation through his dick. It was like Alex was giving him a hand job with his butt. He put his hands on Alex’s massive shoulders to steady himself as he started pumping up and down with slow controlled reps. It was like some new incredible sex position John had never done as he rode this muscle beast up and down. His butt flexed with every exertion continuing the incredible feeling on John’s cock. After 20 reps he paused. John took this opportunity to feel around his arms and shoulders, amazed by the hardness. Alex moaned underneath him at the sensation of the smaller man massaging his muscles. "Mmmm...that feels so good, I love it when you touch me." he said breathlessly. John rested his face between the two massive trap muscles and not being able to resist anymore started to kiss them uncontrollably. Alex moaned with pleasure at being kissed and worshiped. "Hold on tight for another set baby." he said. With no hesitation he raised them up again starting slow and building speed. John took his advice and wrapped his arms around Alex so that his hands came underneath. He cupped his massive pec muscles with his hands and held on tight. The feeling of Alex’s rock hard chest under his hands and the way his cock was being rubbed by Alex’s cotton covered butt was beginning to prove too much for John, who could feel a huge load brewing in his balls. Alex was pumping them both up and down in a smooth rapid pace. His pecs felt like massive boulders with ridges running all along the surface. After some reps he finally stopped and dropped down to his belly again. He began grinding his dick into the floor, the alternative movement squeezing John’s cock even more between the hard butt cheeks. "Hold on tight." he said. With John still on Alex’s back he got to all fours and stood up as if he wasn't carrying a thing. John wrapped his legs around Alex’s waist. He held on tight around Alex’s swelling muscular neck as Alex lowered himself into a squat position and straightened again. John's cock was rubbing up and down with every dip which was enhanced by the oil. Alex did 20 dips with John on his back and showed no sign of slowing down. John was starting to moan as he felt himself getting close to a release. It was like the thick muscles running down the bodybuilder’s back were made to massage John’s cock. Alex must have sensed how excited John was getting and stopped his squats. "Come here baby, let me help you and get an arm workout at the same time." he motioned for him to come around and face him. John was amazed at how effortlessly Alex was able to lift and move him around like he was light as a feather. They kissed once more, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. They did that for a couple of minutes and then Alex brought him up to readjust. This time he held him so that John was cradled in his huge arms with his cock standing straight up like a flagpole. They paused and stared at each other for a moment, John not quite believing this man could hold him so easily like a child, Alex thrilled to be holding such a grateful worshipper in his arms. It was a curling position for Alex and he lifted John and wrapped his mouth around John’s cock and started sucking while he curled him up and down plunging his cock into his mouth with each rep. After a couple of blissful minutes John started shaking and moaning uncontrollably. Alex stopped the reps. “Where baby? Where do you want to cum?” “Abs, rub me against your abs!” John held himself back. He could have cum any time in the last couple of hours, but these last few seconds were the hardest. Alex knew what to do. He repositioned John against his body in the most loving bearhug, one hand under John’s butt, the other around his body, pushing the smaller man’s cock into the ridge between his blocky abs. He rubbed John’s entire body effortlessly up and down the ridges of his thick hard belly. John grabbed a hold of Alex’s pumped rock hard biceps. “You like that baby? You like these jacked hard muscles??” “Uuuuuuh! UU” John forgot language. He forgot everything but the huge hard muscle man now giving him the biggest orgasm of his life. He blew his initial load and it was so powerful it shot up through the gap between Alex’s thick pecs. Another load of cum oozed out, flowing like lava through the ridges of Alex’s 8 pack. Alex held John tight in his bear hug, enjoying John’s shaking, convulsing body. After a few more seconds he dropped John on the bed and seemed energized by the whole thing. "Oh yeah." he said as he raised his arms up and struck a huge double bicep pose. He looked from one bicep to the other admiring his own body, relishing in the reaction he had just had on the other man. John looked up amazed at the sight before him, as Alex’s cantaloup sized biceps stuck out looking harder than ever. Each bicep had a thick vein that ran along the top and made them look even taller. “350 lbs of rock hard French beef! You wanna touch these muscles again baby??” The sight of his amazing biceps made John hub the last few globs of cum out of his still throbbing cock. He never considered himself a stud in bed, but Alex's amazing body had him so turned on he felt like he could go all night. "Wow, it looks like someone is ready for round 2." Alex said as he was eyeing John’s erect penis. Alex struck another pose, this time bringing his arms down and in front so his traps and pecs were flexing. His chest exploded with shredded muscle forming huge basketball sized mounds. His cleavage pressed tightly together looking like it could crack a walnut. John's eyes were wide and his mouth hung open as he was mesmerized by Alex’s amazing size and development. "Like art?" Alex asked him. "Yes, the most amazing art I have ever seen. You are beautiful my rock hard muscle bull." Alex smiled and struck another pose. He brought his arms over his head and stuck out one of his legs. John didn't know what to look at first. His arms looked even bigger as he put at them on either side of his head. The peaks were bulging out and one of his arms looked bigger than John’s head. He moved his waist around in a sexy slow motion dance flexing his abs and obliques. Each square shaped muscle stuck out in perfect symmetry showing 8 clearly defined abs. Framing them were thick obliques that ran the length of his sides and formed a V down to his now fully pumped dick. The fabric of the tight grey pants had small tears appearing, as his thick muscular cock strained for release. His massive leg was stretched toward John and he could see each quad muscle bulging out causing deep valleys between them. Each muscle was etched with striations that ran up and down showing every muscle fiber in detail. He continued to move from one pose to another giving John the most amazing personal pose down. He moaned and grunted with each pose, getting himself more and more worked up at the power his powerful body was having over his small admirer. "Come to me John and worship my muscles." he commanded. "Yes my Bull" He replied as he stood up to join him. His massive erection was standing straight up as he stood next to Alex. Alex continued to pose for him as John eagerly started to caress and feel him all over driving his cock into Alex’s powerful thighs and obliques. His body was as hard as it looked. John’s hands glided over the smooth oiled skin feeling every detail. They were moaning in unison as each of them were aroused by the other. John thrust his cock against Alex’s tenting grey briefs. They were now soaking wet with sweat and the cum of both men. Alex moaned as he allowed himself to finally flex his cock. As they pressed their bodies together and started to grind, Alex nearly climaxed; his thick muscular dick stood to full attention. He tore off the remains with his hands as he had with John’s. He grabbed the back of John’s head and rubbed the briefs over John’s face. “Take that in baby! Smell your big strong muscle bull’s manly stench. Does it turn you on?” John nodded and moaned, his hands reaching out for Alex’s body to steady himself. Alex threw the pants to the side and John started to kiss Alex all over his body, running his tongue along the deep grooves that his huge muscles formed. The more into his body he got the more Alex responded. It was like he was giving Alex an orgasm without intercoarse as he was roaring for more. "Your muscles are so beautiful and hard!" John said between kisses. Alex responded with an orgasmic moan. He was precumming hard now as he was begging for John to continue. He was flexing harder than ever now, relishing the feeling of hands worshipping his thick dense muscle. His eyes were closed as a feeling of ecstasy washed over his whole body. "Taste me! Touch me!" he demanded. John was kissing Alex’s chest which was exploding with muscle, his huge nipples were engorged and hard. John’s arms were reaching around Alex, holding on to his rock hard glutes so he could grind into him harder. “NNgh.. AAAAAAAaaaaaaargh! FUCK” Alex boomed as his muscular cock exploded cum all over his small worshipper. Alex, who was still moaning aggressively, let out a final thick volley of cum. As he came down from his orgasm, he reached down and started to stroke John's cock. Then, he reached round and grabbed John’s butt. Lifting the smaller man off the floor, he rubbed John’s dick all around his rock hard obliques. He threw John down on the bed and climbed on top of him, letting his weight crush his admirer, feeling their cocks rub against one another. John continued praising his muscles which Alex loved. Alex would flare his lats out so that John could grab onto them like handles. Then he would pinch Alex’s shoulder blades together which would cause all the muscles to bunch up forming a mountain range down the middle. They were orgasming again, not being able to control their desire for each other. Alex was grunting uncontrollably at the peak of another orgasm as John was building to another big release. "I'm cumming!" John yelled with a shaky voice. His hips were thrusting up and into Alex as hard and fast as possible, Alex’s massive 350lbs of muscle providing the most wonderful resistance. Their twitching cocks exploded against each other. Alex reached down and wrapped his big strong hand around both cocks, gently rubbing them both. "I love your cock. I want to feel it grow in my mouth." Alex said. The mere mention of the fact that Alex loved his cock was causing John’s cock to start growing again. Alex moved down and placed John’s semi hard dick in his mouth. Alex moaned in response to his cock filling his mouth. He started licking John’s shaft like a lollipop. "You're just so amazing, I can't contain myself." John responded. He felt like a stud having just cummed twice and already fully erect again. Alex couldn't get enough of sucking his cock as he licked him all over and was moaning with pleasure. Reluctantly he finally took one last suck and started working up the length of John’s body, crawling like a cat on the prowl. His massive body loomed over John as he stared down at him with his amazing hazel eyes. Everytime he looked at John with those piercing eyes it was like time was standing still, he was temporarily paralyzed by their beauty. Alex leaned in and the two shared a passionate kiss. John started to explore Alex’s shoulders and arms as he held himself above him. Everytime he touched Alex he was in sheer awe by his size. "I want to please you my giant muscle bull. I want to make you orgasm again." He begged, realizing Alex had made him cum twice now and he wanted badly to return the favor again "I already have twice my sweet baby, but I would love more attention." he said and rolled off him to lay on his back to allow John to do whatever he wanted. John climbed on Alex and started to kiss all over his chest and fondle his hard pecs. His nipples were still hard as he licked and sucked them all over. As he was fondling his pecs he marveled at how much bigger they were than he realized. Alex loved all the attention and was moaning with pleasure. He reached down and slid his fingers round his dick and started to masturbate. Alex pulled John’s head against his chest as he started to build toward another climax. He was a sexual machine as he begged him to keep sucking his nipples. In no time he was grunting and moaning as another orgasm began to brew in his body. He was breathing heavy now causing his abs to flex and harden showing his incredible development. John ran his hands along Alex’s sides feeling the ripples of his hard obliques as he ran his tongue down the deep valley between his bulging roided abs. John was moaning with delight as he kissed all over Alex’s hard stomach. Alex loved it and was going wild with ecstasy. “John, come up here” Alex started “talk in my ear” Alex was furiously beating off, getting close to cumming again. John was happy to obey his instructions. He talked intently into Alex’s ear as he continued to feel the bodybuilder’s chest and abs. “Alex. You’re my big thick muscle bull and you turn me on so much” John said, as he grinded his dick into Alex’s body “I love feeling your huge muscles and rubbing my dick against your bull body” “Hhnnnnnggh..” Alex had never been this turned on in his life “When you put your arms around me, I know you could crush me with your immense power and strength. You’re so strong and it makes me wanna cum all over you” “Fuuuuuuck YES! Keep going” “On the plane, I was precumming at the sight of you strong hands crush those armrests like they were nothing. I loved looking down at our legs. Yours are double the size of mine. I love licking them and tasting you manly sweat. I love feeling your 350lb frame on top of me. Your lumpy muscles pressing into my weak body. You make me feel like a small boy standing next to the biggest muscle daddy. I love smelling the testosterone leak out with your sweat as you jack off. I love worshipping my big hard bodybuilder” "OH FUCK...YEES! Suck it, SUCK IT" Alex growled out as his ecstasy hit another level. John moved down and placed his mouth around Alex’s pulsating cock, feeling it pump and swell against his tongue and cheeks. Alex reached down and held his head steady as he started to buck uncontrollably into John’s mouth. He was moaning as if possessed, waves of pleasure spreading through his body. John felt his entire throat and mouth fill with shot after shot of ropey cum. Alex’s body juddered and shook as he let out an almighty roar. He had never felt a sensation like this sweet new man had provided. "Uuuuuuuh!! Come here baby." Alex beckoned for him with open arms. John crawled up and the two embraced in a passionate kiss. "You are the perfect man!" John exclaimed. "You are MY perfect man!" Alex responded. They continued kissing with renewed vigor. An unbelievable bond was forming between the couple, the closest thing to love that could be formed in less than 24 hours. Alex’s hand came to rest on John's butt as he spread his legs open to draw him in. John's fully erect and eager penis slid up against Alex’s as the two became one. John lay on Alex, completely spent, his dick throbbing into a semi again as Alex continued to hold him with his massive arms. John felt so safe and content as his full weight lay on top of Alex’s body. "That was the most incredible sex I have ever experienced." Alex admitted. "Me too, you are the most amazing man I have ever met." John replied. They laid like that for a while completely content until they finally had to get up to clean themselves off. "You know you are staying the night here right?" John said to Alex as he was washing his hands looking at his magnificent reflection in the mirror. "Yes my baby." Alex said as he wrapped his arms around John pulling him into a tight embrace. Later they were cuddled in bed, Alex was on his back with one arm around John, the other occasionally flexing or caressing his new lover’s face. John was draped over him with his head on Alex’s chest. They were content laying there enjoying each others touch. Alex broke the silence. "I am really glad you asked me to stay, I have never felt such an amazing connection with anyone like this." "I feel so lucky to have you with me. You are smart and handsome and driven" John said with admiration. Alex chuckled and squeezed him. They looked in each others eyes and shared a deep passionate kiss. "You are the man of my dreams. I have always fantasized about a man who would love my body like you do and worship my muscles. In case you hadn't noticed I get really turned on by the way you react to my body." Alex admitted. "Then we get to fulfill each other's fantasies my bull. You said you still haven't plateaued, how big do you want to get?" John asked. "As big as possible." he said, giving John another kiss.
  13. Post. Man.

    There is some daddy/son between consenting adults in this. Can move into unfiltered if any objections. Post. Man. “Nah mate. This delivery’s ‘Factory to Building’, says so here, look” God this guy was a bellend “Yep. I totally appreciate that. I’m just wondering if you wouldn’t mind carrying it the extra few metres? There’s a twenty in it...” I hated stooping to a bribe, but there was no way I could lift a washing machine on my own, let alone carry it up a flight of stairs. These guys only just managed to get it off the van, and there were two of them! But they wouldn’t be swayed. They had at least agreed to leave it at the bottom of the ramp to my building. Putting all my weight behind it I began pushing it up the ramp. Inch. By. Inch. 20 minutes later, it was 2 metres further up and I was shattered. I hadn’t even thought about how I’d get it up the stairs once in the building. How heavy was this thing? I googled, curiosity getting the better of pragmatism; knowing how heavy it was wasn’t going to make this easier. There it was on the website: ‘96kg / 211 lbs’ The other residents wouldn’t be home for another 6 hours and no one else was around. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! I sat on the steps next to the ramp and threw my head into my hands. Why couldn’t I just turn my pants inside out like a NORMAL person? Who needed clean clothes anyway? What was wrong with the laundrette? “Not gonna get much washing done there lad.” Thanks for that hot take anonymous Scottish man. Good contribution. “Need a hand?” Even with a second person helping, I couldn’t have lifted a bean sprout right now. My back was killing and I was shattered. I looked up to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’ and get on with whatever Plan B was, but HOLY FUCKING HELL! It was the Postman, but not as I knew it. Just a few feet in front of me stood the biggest mountain of muscles I’d ever clapped eyes on. Absolutely fucking ginormous. He wasn’t as ripped as a bodybuilder, but still had densely packed muscles. He was one of those you could tell was naturally large, and had built on what nature had started. Neil, our regular Postie used one of the trolleys to deliver the post. His uniform hung loosely off his skinny frame, and you got the impression he had trouble delivering a DVD. Not this guy. The red Royal Mail polo shirt looked shrink wrapped onto his massive upper body. He was carrying a huge postman’s shoulder bag, the black strap of which cut across his body, right between the thickest pec meat I’d ever seen. They were like two big breeze blocks, flat on top and nearly up to his chin. His arms were ridiculous, two hams hanging out of his shirt. The short sleeves of the polo had no option than to bunch up under his armpits. The Royal Mail uniform designer must’ve read my mind from the future, as the bottom half of the outfit was those long shorts / trouser affairs that ended at the calves. Which was a good job in this guy’s case. You didn’t get calves likes these from just working out; these were genetic lumps of granite. They looked like fat people calves, only rock hard, with a split down the back and angled edges. The rest of his legs were almost equally on display. The black material was so tight you could see the teardrops of his thighs and dimples in his incredibly muscular butt cheeks. There was some padding around his face, but you could see he had a wide jaw and good features. A well kept beard, button nose, buzz cut hair round the back and sides, short on top, and deep set brown eyes capped by thick black eyebrows. And right now he was looking at me with concern. “Oh! could you?? I’ll have to find someone else to help though, I think I put my back out getting it that far” He looked at me, then the machine, then at me again, the same concerned look on his face, his eyebrows furrowed. When his neck turned I could see thick cords of muscle throb and twist under the skin, with a vein bulging at the side. “Let’s take a look shall we?” He said, I think to himself. As he shifted his weight from one foot to the other it was like every muscle in his body flexed and bulged. Watching him move over to the washing machine I felt my cock thicken between my thigh and jeans, the rough denim stimulating me even further. It was a sensation I loved. His body in motion made it chub even harder against the fabric. He was somehow stiff but fluid at the same time. As he turned I noticed that side on, his jutting out pecs and traps made him wider than I was head on. I could just about see veins in his biceps and triceps, and these became more apparent as they snaked down under his hairy forearms. When I saw him from the back, a bit of precum leaked. His lats bulged out freakishly. From shoulder to shoulder I think was two of me. I took the opportunity to stand up and quickly readjust myself, and noticed he must have had about 4 inches on me in height. He sidled up to the washing machine and it suddenly looked tiny. At his broadest point across his chest and shoulders he was several inches wider than the package. He seemed to be sizing it and getting ready to do a deadlift. “Oh, well you won’t be able to lift it on your own. It’s too big and heavy. It took two men just to get it off the van and they struggled. Plus I just checked and it weighs.. ninety….. six …… kilos” “Where to lad?” As I had been talking, this brick shit house of a man had slowly bent at the knees and placed his arms around the package and fingers underneath it. Showing no signs of struggle or resistance he slowly extended back up, his legs growing in size and bulging out further as he did so, veins appearing on his massively swollen calves. The package had been lifted up as if it was on a forklift. Slow and steady until he just held it there. “Uuuuh sure. This way” “Can’t see a thing lad, you’re gonna have to guide me.” He wasn’t wrong. The only way to do this was to stand by him, hand on his back and push him in the right direction. Even though the weight looked like nothing to him, there was a sweat patch running down the back of his shirt. I placed my hand on it and could feel the deep ridge between what felt like two columns of portland stone. I gulped and began to sweat a little myself. “3 steps forward and turn left” I began Relegated to directions and opening doors, my muscle beast of a postie had made light work of picking up a 96kg package and carrying it up a flight of stairs. If I had picked up anything like that shape, it would have been flat against my face. This guy’s rock hard pecs meant the box was some 10 inches from his. They were making two dents in the packaging as he crushed it into his body for traction. He looked like he was exploding with muscle inside his tightening red shirt. And the smell coming off him was intoxicating. Aftershave mixed with sweat mixed with cotton shirt mixed with man. I kind of wished I lived on the 4th floor. “Just down there is fine” I pointed to a spot in my hallway “Sure?” “Yep, it’s gonna go in that cupboard eventually” He lowered the package down as smoothly and easily as he had picked it up and gave a big sigh, his chunky round delts heaving upward and flexing his traps as he did so. I started to babble “Oh my god, thank you SO much. The delivery guys just… and I was there going... and when you turned up I thought, well..! But then you just...!!” He started to chuckle and I shut up. His deep Scots drawl and reassuring tone was authoritative but warm; paternal “Lad, it’s no problem at all. More than happy to assist. Anyway, helped me get a bit of a pump on I think.” He flexed his pecs twice in quick succession looking down at them, then began pumping his biceps like he was curling weights. He was swelling up in front of my eyes. I tried to play it as cool as possible, my dick screaming to be pulled out and yanked. “Really? You made it look so easy!” “Yeeeah, well… truth be told I can handle a lot more than that. But you know, a pump’s a pump isn’t it” he did a cocky raise of his eyebrows and a mini pump of his arms again. I couldn’t stop the words leaving my mouth. “Seriously?! How much more?” He leaned in and winked “Much. MUCH. More.” he growled I stood there looking stunned, precum dripping into my waistband, not a clue what to say next. “When they installing that for you then?” He nodded at the machine. “They’re not!” I answered proudly. “Gonna do it myself!” He gave me the same concerned look, his brow furrowing as it had before. God that was hot as fuck. “Laddie, you’re gonna unpack that, which means lifting it *out* of its packaging, move it into the cupboard *over* that skirting board, then keep it tilted at an angle with one hand while you install it wi’ the other?” Oh... “Umm… yeeeees?” He chuckled again, his immense shoulders bouncing up and down. He brought a calloused hand up to his forehead in mock despair, giving me another shot of his forearm. Lightly covered in hair it was now throbbing with veins. It was so satisfyingly thick at the bicep end I wanted to reach out and bite it. Huge and thick, it bulged even further to in the middle, like a melon was in there, then dramatically tapered down to his chunky wrist. His hand and fingers were thick with fat and muscle, and looked like they could crush a cricket ball. “Look, I’ve still two more routes to deliver, but if you’re in at four I can come by and set that up for you” “For real?” “For real” I mock refused “No. I couldn’t accept, you’ve already helped me out so much” “Lad, it’s on my way back anyway, and I don’t want to go home thinking about you trying to install that thing if you you’ve put your back out!” Leaning in close again he added, “And anyway, I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer” I froze at how dominant and manly he was, completely taking control of the situation. I loved that he was inviting himself back to my flat, seemingly without my permission. Somehow I found the words. “See you at four then!” He held out a giant paw to shake hands. My own nearly got lost in it. His palm had a beautiful raw texture to it, like rough denim. We introduced ourselves to each other. I couldn’t believe it when he told me his name! “Patrick” Then he began to crush my hand slightly and pulled me very close toward him as our hands shook. His voice was low and pretend intimidating, “And No. Jokes. About. You know what!” then he smiled, his eyes twinkling. “Oh, I don’t know any Scottish jokes” I deadpanned, sidestepping the ‘Postman Pat’ issue he probably had to deal with 100 times a day. He began to chuckle again, each time his muscles bunching up in ways I had never thought possible. “See you at four then!” He said, releasing my hand and leaving. After he left I stood there for a moment, not quite believing what had happened. I raised my hand to cover my mouth. Oh god. It smelt like him. Notes of his cotton polo shirt… his cologne… his sweat. It was all over my hand. I threw myself against the door and began to buck my hips uncontrollably. I was breathing him in, remembering how strong he was, how sweet he’d been, how handsome. Fuck those calf muscles. Lightly covered in hair. Could you imagine dropping to your knees and just fucking the split in them. Imagine doing that as he did calf raises, making them harder and jerking off your dick with the movement. Fantasy mixed with reality now, as I imagined him in my apartment; he was holding me in his huge arms, crushing me against his rock hard body like he’d crushed the package against it, the smell coming from his chest as he rubbed my face into him. I reached up for him, he picked me up of the floor, kissing me passio... I came violently in my jeans as I lost control of the fantasy, my hips still pounding. *** “It’s called power building. We mostly train for size and strength, but we try and stay nice and hard and in good shape too.” He said, slowly flexing his arm in the polo shirt. Good lord, how had I got here?! After my impromptu door wank I’d cleaned up and excitedly paced around waiting for 4 o’clock. He turned up at 4:10. Those last 10 minutes some of the longest and most stressful of my life. “Apologies for lateness; Mrs Fortescue at 42!”. Did he make that up? Was that Postman humour? “Oh are you? No worries, I didn’t notice anyway” I lied He took his bag off, the movement of which was like a bodybuilder posing, only his muscles seemed so much blockier, denser, harder, and he looked strong as two bodybuilders. He was nearly soaked through with sweat from his rounds in the sun. “You mind if I freshen up a bit?” “Sure. Bathroom’s just there” He turned sideways to go into the bathroom and shot me a little smile. Maybe I shouldn’t be goofily watching him go in and out! PSHHHHHHHHH He was taking a shower!!! My mind went into overdrive. That thick powerful body was being soaped up by those chunky muscular hands. Fuck! That sweaty man juice was pouring down his body into my drains. The shower stopped and I realised he’d be in there, rubbing a towel all over his rock hard body, that hairy chest, that blocky stomach. He’d be drying his round butt muscles, towelling of his cock and balls. His odour would be soaked into the towel for me to smell later. Maybe he was flexing in front of the mirror now. Pumping his muscles up for me. He’d wrap the towel around that powerbelly mid section, leaving his heaving upper body slightly damp, then strutt out t... “Cheers mate” he came out of the bathroom, back in his Postman’s uniform. “Let’s get this bad boy installed shall we?” *** I didn’t know someone unpacking a washing machine could be so sexy, but it was. There was no dithering or indecisiveness. The box was held together with strong industrial plastic straps. Patrick would just snap them apart in his hands. When he had to unpack from the other side, he would pick the whole thing up and turn it round in his hands. The whole thing was unpacked and set up in 15 minutes; he even plumbed it in and crushed the packaging up into a tight little ball for me. “No more dirty nickers now eh lad” he winked at me again and I died a little. “I honestly can’t thank you enough! Is there anything I can get you? Tea, coffee” He rubbed his stomach and said “I am a bit peckish; don’t suppose you got any scran going begging?” “Yes of course! Didn’t you have any lunch” “Well, yeah, but not since two hours ago!” “OK, well I can make an early dinner?” I offered He chuckled “this ain’t dinner time lad!” “Okaaaay.. I can make us a few chicken sandwiches for a snack if you like” “Perfect!” He smiled How many did he want. Two? Three? He suddenly looked a little embarrassed. “I don’t suppose I could have ten..” he hunched his shoulders apologetically, his traps bulged up around the girthy chords of neck muscle, reaching up to his ears. “TEN?!?” I guffawed “how’s that not your dinner?” “Hey!” He replied in faux indignation, like I’d called him fat “I just like sandwiches” he replied in a silly bashful manner, totally juxtaposed with his hench figure. I chuckled. “And anyway” he continued, all puppy dog eyes. “it takes a lot of calories to get muscles like this” He shot me a bit of a most muscular, bumping his fists together, biceps swelling up, a crease appearing in his shirt between the two goliath pecs as they pumped upwards and squeezed together, traps flaring up even more. He looked over his body at each of his swollen muscles, then up to me, gauging my reaction. I hadn’t waistbanded, and my cock sprung up to full length. In that one moment I could actually feel my balls producing a thick load of cum. “I better get started” I murmured, turning to the kitchen in order to hide my throbbing cock. I invited Patrick to take a seat and watch TV as I made sandwiches. He sat on my couch, which was a two seater. When I looked over, it almost looked like he was in an armchair. He sprawled out in a manly fashion, an arm on each rest, his beefy legs spread out. Mercifully conversation turned to his work. Turns out a Postman has some VERY interesting stories! He was funny and charming and had a knack for the anecdotal. My hands had been shaking as I started prepping the food, but as we chatted I got more and more relaxed. I used a whole loaf of bread and made 14 sandwiches, some salad and mayo, some peri peri sauce, others with seasoning and spices. I moved over to the couch and Patrick shifted over to the right, leaving just enough space for me to squeeze in. His eyes shone when I put the food down. “Fuckin crackin!” He said rubbing his hands together. As we ate, I couldn’t stop glancing back and forth between us. I felt tiny next to this behemoth, totally miniscule. We probably looked like one of those ‘comparison’ pics I often wanked over. I loved seeing a jacked up roided bodybuilder looming over some reedy fan. And now that was us. But in real life I noticed other things. Patrick’s big work boots must have been a size 12 compared to my size 8 Converse. This close up to his legs I realised how “20 inch plus calves” actually made you felt. Like a little boy in my case. I wanted nothing more than to reach down and grab one. And while I sat on top of the sofa cushion, Patrick sinked all the way back into it, till he got to the wooden frame. Seeing him enjoy the food so much really made my heart soar. He wasn’t just an insane muscle freak. He was a total sweetheart. I felt butterflies in my stomach and ordered myself to stop. I’d been here before and it was never what you thought it. The hunky plumber really had just left his spanner behind. The broadband man hadn’t turned out to be an IFBB pro bodybuilder. And this guy was just being decent and now having some sandwiches. Just.. save it for the wank bank later. He hoovered up what remained of the plate, including mine, which I hadn’t really touched. “That were smashing lad!” He said, a broad, heart melting smile on his face, still chewing. “Really? Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed them so much.” He started to stretch out, his legs and arms flexing straight in front of him, his chest swelled further upwards to his chin, making the last button on his polo shirt stretch at its hole. I’d never seen pecs that angled and square before. As he stretched harder the top formed an actual shelf of thick hard muscle, his chin disappearing into the dip between them. He started to vibrate in that way you do when your body’s really feeling it. His leg muscles were swelled up so thick and hard I was sure the fabric might tear. Then he began to relax back out of it. “Ooooooooooh, bout to pop though, d’ya mind?” He asked, already unbuckling his belt and top button of his trousers. His belly swelled out, engorged with food but still densely muscled on the surface, even if there wasn’t a six pack. As the top of his trousers came loose and his tucked in polo shirt was lifted, I noticed a strip of hair that ran down from his belly button and disappeared into a pair of grey briefs. Stop staring. As we sat there after our snack, I noticed Patrick rubbing his pecs with a meaty paw, emitting a low groaning sound as he did. I could barely take it. “Y’alright?” I ventured He glanced to me then back at the TV, rubbing his chest the whole time. His thick fingers weren’t denting the huge slabs of meat at all. “Oh aye lad. Intense chest pump yesterday you know” Talking about his muscles made my stomach turn and dick lurch. I was so awkward but wanted to know more. “Sooo… you’re some kind of bodybuilder or something?” I asked, realising what a hideous question it was. He sat up next to me, his beefy shoulder and tricep bulging into my tiny body, emphasising to me how huge he was. “Call me a bodybuilder again and you’ll know about it” he growled, squinting “It’s called power building. We mostly train for size and strength, but we try and stay nice and hard and in good shape too.” He flexed his arms, the left one bulging right into me like if a boulder could swell. My mouth went dry and my mind blank. I sat up straight and tried to focus on the TV. Patrick relaxed a little in contrast to my awkwardness, his arms dangling between his legs, our shoulders still in a row. He leant sideway, nudging into me “Hey” he said, breaking the ice. We turned to face each other. With a cocky raise of his eyebrows he asked, “you wanna see a trick?” *** I came back with the three 50 pence pieces, pretty sure this was the riddle you showed 5 year olds to explain molecules, tapping one with the other to make the third move without being ‘touched’. That, or “look how dirty your ears are! TA-DAH!” “I can’t imagine what this will be” I intoned, sarcastically. He smiled at me as I handed the coins to him and he pretty much threw one back right away “Catch!” He cried There was a sudden disconnect between what my brain was expecting and what I caught in my hand. I looked down. It was… a curled up 50 pence piece. Patrick was watching the TV, and flipping one of the coins over his knuckles like a gangster. People usually did that with £1 coins, but his fingers were thick enough that it worked just fine. He looked up at my slack jawed face, feigning ignorance at the whole thing. “Hmm?” He grunted “You… did you? … but you couldn’t even have time!” My brain ruminated as I sat back down next to him. “Hang on sec, have you got a bunch of these in your pocket ready to go?” I exclaimed, holding the rolled up 50p between us. Patrick cracked up and leaned right into my body as he giggled. I placed my hand on his bicep to steady us both. The feeling of his rock hard bicep under my fingers and his immense body vibrating against mine sent shockwaves through me. This was the first time I was touching a man’s muscles. And no amount of imagining it or jacking off to bodybuilder videos could have prepared for how good it felt. He grabbed the 50p as I held it, his rough hand wrapped around my fingers. I felt sick at how much he was turning me on. Patrick steadied himself up and placed the coin on the table, where it rolled back and forth for a bit. “Ok! I need a glamorous assistant” I pointed questioningly to myself, still in disbelief and he gave a nod, his brow furrowed again. “Would sir like to check that this is indeed a coin of Her Majesty’s Royal Mint?” He held the coin between us, and I went to take it from him, my hand now wrapping around his thick fingers and the coin. I tried to pull the coin away but he pinched harder and it wouldn’t budge. He sniggered smugly as I tried harder and harder. “Patrick!” “Sorry” “Ok. Yes this is in deed a coin of etc. Etc. Etc.!” I said, handing it back. Every time our hands touched my body yearned to be wrapped up in his arms. His strength was radiating in waves from his body. I felt small and weak, but at the same time protected and safe. “Watch” he said, pinching the coin between thumb and finger in each hand. “This time I’ll do it slowly so you knows there’s nos cheatin!” His melon sized forearms suddenly took on a grainy texture. They seemed to swell up an inch. He turned his face to look at me, gauging my reaction as I focused on the coin. He began to twist, and the cords of his thick forearms rippled, veins bulging out from them. The coin bent like paper in his strong fingers. He kept his eyes on my shocked face and placed the twisted coin down next to the rolled one. “Good trick?” He enquired, his face intense now My mouth just dropped open “You ready for the finale?” He said, excitedly. I nodded Patrick rolled the bottom of his shirt up slowly, revealing more bulging stomach muscle, his eyes still drinking in my reaction. He took the final coin and placed it on his tummy then pushed it up til it was out of sight underneath the tight confines of his uniform. He pulled his arm back out and rolled his top back down. “Finger” he ordered. He grabbed my whole hand, keeping my finger extended and moved it toward the valley between his immense pecs. They seemed to be moving on their own as he breathed, heavily now, rising and falling, twitching slightly. My finger came into contact with the centre of his polo shirt, right between his pecs, and I felt the cold hard 50p piece beneath. He had wedged it between his pecs and was holding it there easily with a light flex of his pecs. “Now push in” he commanded. I pushed, and immediately felt the coin bend beneath my touch. “Nnngh.. yeah, keep pushing” . Patrick was sweating slightly, and looking at me menacingly, a look of pride and determination on his face. “Uuuugh. Yes, push it” he moaned, as the coin folded in more. I understood why he had used my finger; to make sure it folded inward, and so that I could feel the sensation of metal being crushed by muscle. My other fingers brushed the surface of Patrick’s right pec. It was harder than the coin. His eyes widened like a wild beast and nostrils flared. “Ok take it away.” He barked. I did so, and my finger and the fabric of his shirt just managed to escape as the coin’s opposite sides started to turn in on each other. “YeeeEEAH uuuuugh!” He was growling now, and turning red, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. He brought his arms straight out in front of him to tighten the gap between his pecs and flexed his whole body hard. He bulged with muscle, his hands in fists as he bought his forearms towards each other, folding the coin flat. He was still looking at me, handsome and terrifying in the equal measure. “Aaaah!!! FUCK” he roared out. He started to bend his arms now, his biceps growing in front of me, actually swelling up bigger with each flex. He stood up and loomed over me, pushed his body slowly into a fully committed most muscular pose. “Mmmmmm… ngh.. Ngh… NNGGGH” He grunted as he flexed, harder, harder and harder into his pose, veins now covering his neck. The top of his pecs were pushed right up and peaked through the widening gap of his polo shirt, also bulging with veins and peppered with short hairs, the fabric stretched around his gargantuan body. All the while staring at me. “Yeeeeeeeah…” he growled loudly, bringing his fists together in the pose. His legs were flexed as well and the fabric was stretched so tight round his thighs I could see veins through the fabric. His whole body was like a map of London made from veins, some thick, some thin, wriggly and pulsating all over. He was bending down and forward in his most muscular, his face coming closer to mine. He growled through gritted teeth, spitting some saliva on me. “Now fucking, see, this!” He moaned In a second, his face softened. He stood up straight and let out a big sigh of relief. Then, raising his arms, he pulled his shoulders back as far as his densely muscled body would allow. His chest opened up and the chunk of metal dropped to the floor with a clunk. He raised his eyebrows cockily and nodded to the floor, indicating I should pick it up. It was right between his feet. I felt dizzy as my trembling hand reached down, between his insanely developed calf muscles, still popping with veins from flexing. The metal was warm and felt weightier than a 50p. It had indeed been completely folded in half leaving no gap. It wasn’t flat though. It had a distinct little wave in it. Oh fuck! It was the shape of the striations between Patrick’s pecs. I held it in my hands, trying to fathom the strength in his body. A man standing just a few inches away from me could crush a 50p piece between his pecs. My body started to double over on itself, a little like the coin, as I desperately tried not to cum. He sat back down, leaning further into me than ever, took the coin from my hand and placed it next to the other two. A role, a twist and a wave. I leaned past him, over the table. I turned to look at him, our faces a few inches from each other now, then back over the table. I leaned closer to the coins, looking at the details that had been smudged away by pressure. Did the twist have fingerprints in it? And then OOOW FUCK! My back spasmed and I threw my hands down on the table to steady myself. Patrick’s big meaty right paw came down on my slender hand to steady and reassure me. An intense moment of pleasure through the pain. He was by my side in an instant, crouched down next to me. “Your back?” He asked, concern in his voice. I screwed my face up to answer ‘yes’. He immediately took control of the situation. “Listen. Push up with your left arm and roll into me. Don’t try to sit or stand” he instructed. I did as he said. I found him effortlessly turning my body over as I rolled into him, and found his arms wrapping round me, lifting me up. “Put your arm around my neck”. I did so, and it came into contact with the beefy girth of his pumped traps. He stood up like I weighed nothing more than the shirt on his body, holding me in exactly the position I had spasmed, ensuring no new pain entered my body, and moved quickly to my bedroom where he laid me down on my side. “Ok, how’s this; let me know if there’s any pain” A strong hand was on my left shoulder and squeezed it powerfully, his thumb making small circular movements on my neck. His right hand began rubbing my back over my shirt, gently. Slowly but surely, his touch got firmer, and the pain began seeping away. I let out a moan of relief. “That good?” He checked Good? This was fucking fantastic. “Mmhmm!” “Ok, stretch out flat”. I’m not sure why he said it, as he was now moving my body for me, his hands moving my shoulders up, then pulling my legs down, finally pushing me flat face down on the bed. He stopped for a moment. I heard him move around a little behind me. Then he removed my shoes. He resumed rubbing my back again, kneading it, squeezing my shoulders which drove me crazy and occasionally grazing my neck. My cock started to stiffen again. This was crazy to me. Normally being such a visual person I wouldn’t have thought it would happen. But feeling his hands on me now, hands that could crush metal be so gentle, and his musky smell now returning since his intense flexing, I couldn’t help popping wood. “Uuuuuuuuuh” I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t sexual, it was just the best massage I’d ever had in my life. I felt Patrick giggle a bit “That doing it for you?” He asked “Oh Patrick it feels fucking amazing!” I replied “Oh yeah?” “Seriously, better than ever” I really did. All the pain had melted away and my back felt fantastic. “Ok take it easy lad. I’m gonna fix you up ok. You’ll have no more back trouble after this” He bought one of his colossal thighs right up between my legs, the tear drops of the leg nudging my balls. I had to spread my legs and raise my butt to accommodate the sheer size of it. I sensed his other leg leave the floor and kneel on the bed, supporting his weight above my body.. “One of the physios taught me this and it’s magic” he whispered in my ear. A huge paw scooped up around my neck and grabbed the opposite shoulder. My neck felt the blood pumping through his swollen forearm. Another slid between my rib cage and the bed. As his powerful muscular arms grew tighter around me, I began to feel Patrick’s huge pecs press into my back a little. It felt wonderful, but.. I was suddenly reminded of the washing machine from earlier, and how Patricks chest had popped holes right through the packaging. “Umm… Patrick.. buddy? Are you sure about this” He drew a deep breath through his nose. When he spoke, his voice seemed to break, like he might be angry. “Do you think I’d hurt you lad?” He whispered I could hardly well say ‘Yes’ if I thought he would. But I trusted him. “No, sorry” He spoke again. “This only lasts a moment. It shouldn’t be painful, but it can be intense. You won’t hurt any more after this. If it does start to hurt while I’m doing it, say immediately won’t you?” “Yes” I said, softly. “Ok, here goes” He rocked his hips forward and put the weight of his lower body on mine. My throbbing dick was forced into the mattress and pulsated at the feeling. At the same time, Patrick began to flex and blow out his powerful stomach. I felt a pop at the base of my spine. He applied more weight and started to flex his right arm around my rib cage. His hand was on the other side and pressed in. Two more pops. My cock lurched beneath me and my hips bucked once, as much as Patrick’s weight would allow. As my butt rocked up I felt Patrick chubbing. I was sure there were only two layers of fabric between us now. My jeans and his cotton grey briefs. He must have removed his trousers during the massage. My hips involuntarily pumped back and forth once more. Patrick’s body started to stretch out as it had on the sofa earlier, his thighs rubbing past mine. He applied more weight and began rolling his pecs slowly and gently into me. Then more weight was applied as he flexed them hard into my back. I felt a row of pops as Patrick crushed my body, aligning my spine using his dense symmetrical muscles. I let out a whimper as I tried to rock my hips back and forth. They barely moved a few millimetres under Patrick’s immense mass of muscle. But the sensation was enough for cum to start backing up in my shaft. I could feel the veins on my dick throbbing, trapped between myself and the mattress, the head grinding into the rough denim of my jeans. I was sure I could feel Patrick’s dick swell harder too, even between his briefs and my jeans. More weight, and now his left arm was flexing around my neck and shoulders. I felt two pops between my shoulder blades and let out another whimper. By now, Patricks thick bearded jaw was pressing up against my cheek and I could hear a ticking sound like a croak coming from his throat. He was fully stretched out and on top of me now, and the sensation of his muscular body on top of and all around my body began to overwhelm me. His smell was filling the room. Sweat, cotton and man. I inhaled deeply, remembering my wank from earlier in the day. My hips where lashing back and forth wildly and I began to feel Patrick thrust his hips against my butt. The feeling of the pops up my back and my throbbing erection meant I couldn’t stifle noise any more and I let out an intense moan. Patrick’s thrusts and bear hug intensified and it started to approach more than my body could cope with. “mm.. mm.. mm..” Patrick was emitting a low grunting sound as he thrust his hips and squeezed harder “...Patrick” “Mm.. mm.. huuuh” “Patrick!” I wimpered again “HUuuuuu” “Patrick it’s hurting!” Patrick’s bear hug got no tighter. He locked his arms into a rigid square of beef around me, allowing me to breath, but not much else. He took two last thrusts into me and stopped solid. His body froze and started to vibrate intensely, like it had earlier when he stretched out on the sofa “Hnnnnnnnnnnnngh uuuuuuuh” it almost wasn’t a sound, more like one long low guttural moan. I felt a moist sensation seep through my jeans to my butt. Patrick unwrapped his arms and pushed his weight up off me. He began tenderly rubbing my shoulders again. “Feeling all fixed?” He murmured. Whaaaaat??! OK, my back felt fixed, but you wanna tell me that was therapy? Oh god and I was precumming hard now. “Yeah… Feels amazing Patrick” “Good” he moved his hands around my rib cage and I couldn’t help but giggle a little. I heard Patrick moan behind me as my body wriggled against his. “Your back all better?” He asked caringly “Yeeeah. It feels so good” I cooed. Patrick moved his hands back to my shoulders and rubbed firmly. He was half whispering, half growling now. “How does this feel?” I squirmed at the pleasure that rippled through my body as he worked my shoulders and let out a little squeal. Patrick gulped “How does this feel?” He grabbed my neck in his paw, his other hand groping my body all over. I felt owned “That’s really nice” my head was spinning with pleasure “And how does this feel?” A pair of wet lips pressed into my neck and paused there. Thick hairy beard and soft moist mouth. I felt the tip of his tongue on my neck, and then he pushed his lips together and kissed me. His mouth came close to my ear “You taste as sweet as you look son” He whispered. I moaned loudly. I my cock was building up to a huge ejaculation. “Come here baby” Patrick growled menacingly as he flipped me over in a single movement. He was on his knees leaning back now, a scary look in his eyes, a half smile on his face. I looked down at at his crotch. It was one of the biggest loads I’d ever seen. His powerful orgasm had shot a huge load right through his briefs and my jeans, and a huge gob of cum was still dripping down the outside of his briefs along the outline of his cock which was getting hard again. Patrick began unzipping my jeans and ripping them off me. His face lit up like Christmas when he saw my throbbing precum soaked briefs stretched over my twitching cock. “Oh son what’s this. Getting turned on by dad’s big muscles are ya?” He flexed a grotesque double bicep, exploding out of his red polo shirt that was sopping with sweat again, grunting and bucking his hips up at the same time. Since we first met this morning he looked like he had packed on an inch of muscle. He threw himself down on all four and began rubbing my cock with his belly. My briefs were barely there now, but the sensation of his muscular belly under the texture of his red polo shirt was getting me ready to squirt. He leaned back on his knees, straddling my thighs and struggled to remove the red top from his body. “Help me son.” He roared. I leaned up and helped him peel the shirt off, brushing his lats during the process. He placed a meaty paw on my chest and threw me back onto the bed. “Mmm… like touching your daddy’s muscles son?” I nodded and moaned yes. “Yeah you do. You’ve wanted to feel daddy’s thick hard pecs are all day haven’t you?” “Oh fuck yes daddy” I went to grab my dick in one hand and squeeze a pec in the other, finally allowing myself the release that was surging inside me, but Patrick caught both and slammed down on top of me. “Not yet son”. He said, licking my neck. He straddled right over my crotch, so my dick was pressing up into his taint and balls, and pinned my arms to my sides with his legs. “Aaaaaaaa fuck daddy” I moaned. Patrick’s eyes went wild again. “Do you like that son? Do you like feeling your daddy’s 350 lbs of sweaty muscle massage your boy cock like that?” Patrick’s dick was fully hard again, twitching of its own accord in his cum soaked grey briefs as he spoke. He grabbed and started throttling it over the fabric. “What are you anyway son? 160, 70?” “I … I dunno. 11 stone” I answered. Patrick jacked off even more severely “Oh son. You don’t know your pounds from your stone? Well let daddy learn you. I’m 25 stone or rock solid muscle. And you’re my weak little 165 lb boy”, he said, getting even more worked up and grunting between breaths. “I weigh more than twice what you are and am 10 times stronger”. He flexed his other arm, looking down at me watch it swell. Patrick was rotating his hips around as he said this, and bucking his hips up and down, his cock swelling in his clenched hand. Sweat was dripping down his face and body. He threw his body on top of me and we finally had our first proper kiss. It was passionate, terrifying, dominating and liberating all at once. Patrick loosened his grip on my arms and spread his weight back over my body again, his legs still either side of me pumping his dick into mine. My hands found his biceps and groped around madly. “Fucking crazy for dad’s rock solid muscles aren’t you son?” “Oh daddy. You’re so fucking big and strong!” Patrick thrust even harder, stimulating both out cocks at the same time. “Yeah son. Feel daddy flex his muscles for you” Patrick flexed another intense most muscular into my body and growled. “You’re so weak and tender son. Daddy’s got you now though. He’s gonna protect you in his powerful arms and huge chest. Squeeze your little body in lad!” I was juddering at his words, one last effort at holding my cum back. “Feel that chest son. Touch your daddy’s muscular hard chest!” “I’m gonna cum daddy!” I moaned Patrick’s face looked ecstatic to see me reaching my climax. He bear hugged and kissed me, his sweat dripping down his face into my mouth. He pressed 350lbs of muscle against me, moving a huge leg in between mine, so I was thrusting up against his veiny thigh. My thrust became erratic and uncontrollable. My arms wrapped tight around his thick lats as I got ready to unload. Looking deep into my eyes he whispered “daddy loves you” “Uuuuuuuuuuuh. Fuck!” Just like his, my ejaculation rocketed through my briefs and into him. He smiled warmly at me, as he moved his hand down and wrapped it round my cock. “Huuuuuuuuu uuuuh! Shiiiiit” I was nowhere near done cumming, and now felt his rough textured palm enveloping my dick over my briefs, rubbing up and down. I grabbed a thick swollen thigh in my left hand and squeezed my right hand tight around his which was still rubbing my cock. I squirted another two thick volleys of cum right through my briefs, covering his bulging forearm. He looked as happy at this as I felt, my entire body shaking from the orgasm. “Mmmm… good boy”. He purred in my ear and started to kiss my face all over. He started up grinding into me again. “Ok son, talk to daddy, tell him how much you love him” “Completely daddy. I love how you take care of me” Patrick moaned loudly at this, and his hand flew back to his dick to beat off. “Aaaaw yeah. That’s right! What else” he muttered through gritted teeth. “You’re so big and strong. I love when you put your arms around me and make me feel safe and protected. I’m your small weak boy. I love that I have your big muscles to look after me.” “Aah FUCK.. yes! Keep going” “You’re my big strong daddy and I love you” Patrick popped up onto his knees, shaking all over, his muscles bulging with power. He grabbed my face with his free hand and forced his thumb in my mouth where I sucked it. “Take daddy’s fucking seed son!” He roared. His dick exploded ropes of thick warm jizz all over me, the first shot hitting my face, then massive globs landing all over my shirt. A final dribble surged up like a fountain, running down his hands and onto my balls. He fell back on top of my body and wrapped me up in a huge bear hug. He let out a long low satisfied sigh and it vibrated through me. He began kissing my face all over again, finishing in a long kiss on the mouth, our tongues and lips going crazy for eachother. We lay there for a while. Patrick was breathing heavily and the sensation of his body rocking against mine made my cock swell again. He rubbed it, gently, as if he possessed it. “I want to see you again” Patrick finally said. “I wanna see a lot of you again” he added. He held me tightly now in the spoon position. “You’re special to me, do you know that?” He kissed my neck again, the same spot where he had first kissed me. “I haven’t felt like this for a long long time son. I thought I might never feel like this again” he said. “Patrick?” I turned my head to face him. “I’ve never felt like this. I never thought I would” “How so son?” His brow furrowing in that way I knew I would never be able to get enough of. “Safe” Patrick’s cock swelled, and he breathed in deeply, his face betraying a multitude of emotions. We kissed again and lay there. After a few minutes I felt his cheek smiling against mine. “So apart from all day tomorrow when you’re calling in sick to work, when am I going to see you again?” He asked His fingers found my ribs and he started tickling my sides, making me wriggle against his hard body. “Stop it!!! Ummm… I have a dishwasher coming next week?” I joked “Hmmmmmmmm…” he moaned and pulled me in tighter. “Make sure they leave it outside”
  14. The Iron Bug - Part IV

    Oh boy, it has been quite a while since I 've worked on this story. This update comes in two parts. This one is the sexy one. A short summary of previous parts will be posted below. Part I Part II Part III Part VI -- Metamorphosis As soon as I closed my eyes I found myself drifting in a vast darkness. Everything was black and empty except for a dull, growing warmth inside me, like I was on the cusp of a fever. Time was hard to gauge here. I passed what could have been minutes or hours through the emptiness before the pulse in my veins began to rise. Slowly at first, but then stronger and stronger until it was near bounding. At the same time my muscles swelled and tightened to their own rhythm, every fiber burgeoning with more power from each flexion. The pleasure of each muscle filling out to its rightful proportion was exhilarating, almost orgasmic. Pre leaked out of me in streams and floated aside me through the abyss. I was lost in a tranquil euphoria, becoming something greater. More immeasurable time passed before the transformation slowed to a halt, and I realized that I was still dreaming. The darkness faded into a blue sky, my body falling gently into a field of tall grass. I opened my eyes slowly. The sun shone radiantly, casting its bright light over my body and a few crimson flowers that each rose like its own little sun from between the long blades. The warmth of the grass pressed against my now cool skin, the bristles soft against my hard flesh. I laid there calmly, basking in the afterglow of my metamorphosis. When I lifted my head and sat up, Charlie stared down at me. His expression was almost mischievous, like a little kid caught doing something he knew he shouldn’t. His feet dragged through the tall blades as he stepped towards me, pushing me back down with his foot as his body towered over mine. Even when he lifted his foot his confident gaze was enough to hold me in place. Something about him was spellbinding, commanding. My titanic strength was useless before it. He kneeled down on top of me and I felt the softness of the grass on my back mirror the smoothness of his skin on mine. Every muscle on his body was solid, smooth, and flawlessly proportioned. Running my hands across his triceps I felt each curvature as they flexed with the simplest motion. His eyes shone marvelously and effortlessly. Our lips touched. The physical separation between us faded as we continued to explore each other. I guided my hands along his burly arms while our lips played with each other’s, and then he ran his nose thorough the deep crevice of my solid abs, his fingers gently toying with my erect nipples until he brought his tongue back up to meet them. In an instant I rolled us over and pressed him down, forcing my tongue into his mouth. I was stronger, and it thrilled me. I pinned his arms on the ground and held his legs down with my massive quads, rubbing my dick slowly on top of his. Our abs slid across each other as my dick throbbed in anticipation of my load. Suddenly his lips left mine and he gazed into my eyes with a sort of smug expression. He guided me gently with his hands, and I could not help but yield to his touch. He flipped us back over. He stared at me again with that overwhelming confidence, and then started to kiss his way down to my cock. I leaned my back onto the stone well that had appeared behind us, as objects sometimes do in a dream. Just as he started to reach past my apollo’s belt, I let out a deep groan… -- I awoke to rain pounding on the roof. It was heavy and full and warm with summer. I stared at the fine grains of the wood of the ceiling for a long, hard minute before I was convinced that I wasn’t dreaming anymore. My heavy breathing and the drops on the windowpanes were the only sounds that filled the room. The paltry, muggy light of dusk gave me just enough light to see the vague outlines of the walls. Apparently I had slept for a long time. The blankets had tangled from my tossing and turning, and I carefully unraveled my cocoon of sheets to find freedom. A sharp inhale filled my lungs, my chest expanding outward proudly to let the air rush in. Even without seeing it, I felt thicker, stronger, more powerful. My muscles moved like steel under my skin. When I flexed them I felt as though I had the strength to lift buildings and move mountains. The sheets tore as I gripped them in anticipation. Fuck. I flipped the light switch on to guide my way to the bathroom, swelling with the suspense of my image in the mirror. To my horror, I found my body hadn’t changed at all. My heart fell out of my chest. All of my work had been for nothing. My cock head begged to differ, however, flaring larger than any I had ever seen and standing atop a dick that was one and a half times its original size. I had gone from just above average to well endowed, with thickness to match. When I touched it lightning ran through my body. But I held on, stroking gently. Watching myself jack off in the mirror was still something to behold. I lifted my 18 inch arms and watched each belly stand out in relief, chiseled, rock solid, perfection. My abs crunched down and formed a cobblestone eight pack. Fuck, I was starting to get weak in the knees. I grabbed onto the shower certain rod for support. Instead the metal bent in my hand, removing the rod from its holds. I fell on my butt and the rod clanged on the floor. Without getting up, I picked up the warped metal and gave it a quick bend with just my right hand. My left stayed dedicated to stroking off as I twisted the metal into whatever shape I pleased, watching the muscles on my forearms danced as I contorted it like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. It was exhilarating, knowing the strength I had in just my fingers. My cum reached the ceiling from the floor as I came. Good thing I was just tall enough to reach up there now. I kept playing with the rod as my cock finished its final spurts. A note for the iron bug manual: a full bite grants you Priapus’ cock and Hercules’ strength. Good to know. And then I had an idea. -- Two hours later I found myself in a big city, noticing the streetlights' reflection off of my old beat up truck and a few scattered puddles on the ground. The apartment building I was looking for seemed to rise up stoically out of the cement, featureless and foreboding for its onlookers. I felt the cool, fresh night air run across my hard flesh as I walked inside. The lights in the lobby flickered fluorescent and bright, in stark contrast to the melancholy world I had just left. A shell of safety and warmth. I took the elevator to the third floor and walked the long, sparsely decorated hallway down to room 304. When he opened the door he smiled at me. I’m sure he was surprised at what he found, since I had used pictures from two transformation cycles ago to find him. “Come on in,” he said, his deep voice complementing the hypermasculine stature that stood proudly before me. Head shaved, white skin, shirt that looked tailored to show off the size of his chest and the slimness of his waist. I guessed he was between 32 and 35, his face showing the subtle signs of aging that were combated by a life dedicated to lifting and fitness. He turned around and left the door open. I liked the way he walked. It was a mixture of that arrogant jock sort of saunter and the stilted, muscle-bound waddle of bodybuilders. His confidence was exuberant. That was going to be fun to break. He was just finishing dinner. In a large red cast iron pan, some inedible-looking green paste was still frying. He offered some to me. I looked at him and gave him a sly smile. “I don’t really watch what I eat,” I said, my expression falling back to the cold, elusive demeanor that I had adopted since the metamorphosis. He started to coach me on the impacts of diet on fitness and health and my attention drifted. I noticed his chest bounce every time he made a gesture. I could tell that he liked the way it stretched the fabric. Every movement was proud, calculated. I got up and moved towards him, him still going on about the lean muscle he had gained on his current diet. I took his wrist in my hand. It was solid, doubtlessly from years of lifting and perfecting his body. I wanted him to resist me, to give him a hint of how this night was going to go, but his hand moved with mine. I lifted my shirt and placed his rough fingers along my abs. “Does it feel like I need to go on a diet?” I said. He whistled, and a horny grin followed. “Okay, fair point,” he said. “Let’s head to the bedroom,” I said. He didn’t hesitate any further. “Wait, I need to use the bathroom first,” I lied. “Sure. It’s just around the corner there,” he said, pointing behind me. I watched him practically skip his way down the hall. He had a nice ass, perky and firm. Hi torso twisted to get through the doorframe. Meanwhile I took a quick detour to the garage. I got lucky. It was full of weights. I took a few minutes making preparations for the night. When I came back I found him with his shirt off, trying to look casual but clearly giddy with anticipation. I had to admit, his body was even more impressive without clothes on. Slightly marred by age, he still had a tight six pack and his lats stuck out noticeably from his sides, making his waist seem more trim. I could even see some of the striations in his pecs. He could compete as a lightweight bodybuilder if he wanted to, and maybe he had. “You like?” he said, lifting up his bicep. Probably over 18 inches. Bigger than mine. I smirked at him. “Sure, it’s alright.” He must have thought I was being sarcastic. “Where do you wanna start, big guy?” I said, playing to his pride. Having waited long enough, he pressed his lips into mine, softly. His lips were practiced, and his tongue moved skillfully in and out of my mouth. He led me over to the bed, but before he could lay on top of me I flipped us around and pushed him down onto it. He scrambled to take off his shorts and underwear and I took off my shirt slowly, letting him savor every moment of the reveal. I may not have gained much in size, but there was something of an unspeakable strength and dignity to my body. Every part of me was like iron, the flesh just barely containing the strength that lay under it. I stood over him for a few silent seconds before I revealed the metal bar I had kept hidden in my waistband. Normally it would be twice as long and more suited to hold weights, but I had torn it in half for what I had in mind. His expression was a mixture of confusion and curiosity. I bent the bar into a U shape right in front of him. It was like wire. I barely even felt the resistance. Without warning him I grabbed his wrists with my hands. He was in shock for the first few moments, but then he remembered that he should struggle. It was kind of cute. He thought he was strong, that I couldn’t possible keep him in my grip. It turned out the power in my fingers was more than he had in his entire upper body. I took the bar and put it around his burly wrists, clamping the metal shut with just one hand. The horror on his face was juxtaposed with his throbbing erection. Even if he didn’t understand what was happening he sure liked it. “How do you feel?” I asked, crushing off the loose ends of the bar and tightening down the space between his hands to form makeshift handcuffs. “What are you?” he responded, exasperated. “I honestly don’t know,” I replied. “Does it really matter?” I noticed that with his hands stuck together it made his chest stick out. Even while he was indisposed, the fullness and definition in his pecs were still admirable. My dick hardened at the thought that I had incapacitated him with so little effort. I reached down for his cock that was sticking out of his boxers. He was leaky. Hell, I would be too in a situation like this. There wasn’t a single part of my body that wasn’t worthy of salivating over. I threw him a few poses while I had him as my captive audience. Then I drew his throbbing member from its cotton sheath and whistled at what I found. At least eight inches, hard as stone, head throbbing with anticipation. Gaining momentum, I lifted him up off the bed and hefted him over my shoulder. Then I pressed him up with one hand. The metal dragged along my back as I lifted him, and I could feel the indentations my fingers had left. He stared at me with an expression of wonder and lust. I smiled at him and brought him back down towards me, allowing our lips to meet. Then I worked my tongue down his neck, past his nipples, across his abs until they met the head of his cock. I was pleasantly surprised that he lasted for more than a few minutes with my tongue wrapped around his head. I took my time, never letting him drop an inch even as he started to leak. When I felt him getting close I held him with both hands around his waist and started rubbing his cock against my chest. The idea must have really riled him up, because he came almost immediately. I laughed as his rather prodigious volume splashed up against my chin. Some of it found its way to my lips. It was sweet. I tossed him on the bed to marinate in his own juices while I went to wash off. But before I got in his shower, I spread the substantial volume of semen that I had earned across my chest. I liked the “oiled” look, the way the lighting made every fiber in my already awesome chest stand out even more. Turning the water on, I took turns bouncing them up and down as I washed them. I went slowly, admiring the absolute control I had over every muscle in my body. Soon I was touching myself all over… My cum stained his ceiling. I was sure he wouldn’t mind. When I got back to the room he lifted his bound hands towards me and begged: “Please, officer?” I obliged, twisting the metal off of his wrists without a drop of sweat. “Can I see you again?” he asked, almost pleading. I frowned. “Sadly, I’m moving tomorrow. I was supposed to leave yesterday, actually, but some business came up. If I’m ever back in town, you’ll be the first person I call.” I left him on the bed, still soaked in his own cum, dazed from what I had done to him. I felt sated. It was time to get some answers. Part V
  15. Dork to Beast, Pt 5

    Since his dad had the day off, Danny borrowed his Range Rover to drive up to college for his first wrestling practice. "Dad, I'm taking the Rover," Danny said as he grabbed the keys on his way out to the garage. "What?" said his dad. "But I'm going to need it later." "You can use my old Honda. I'm too big for it now." "Danny, put those keys back," said his dad, although his voice did not have the authority in it that it used to. Danny stopped in the doorway, but he didn't turn back. He was wearing his singlet with a pair of sweatpants. He'd had to special order a size 5XL singlet, and even at that, it was a little snug. His backspread was broader than Craig Golias's. "Tell ya what, Pops," he said. "I'll arm wrestle you for them." They both knew it would take at least 6 men his dad's size to win that contest. "Never mind, take it. But just this once," said his dad, diplomatically. "Ok, if you insist, "said Danny on his way out. "You should probably upgrade to a Hummer soon, cause even your car is a tight fit for me now." Danny took off out of the driveway, and headed to school. A trucker almost drove off the highway when he saw Danny's arm hanging out the window of the car. Especially when Danny flexed it at him. "You'd think he'd never seen a 24" peak before," Danny said to himself. When he got to the gymnasium, some of the wrestling squad was already there. As he walked in, he heard murmurings like "holy shit," "Jesus" "look at the size of that guy". Danny chuckled to himself. This was going to be so much different than when he'd gone out for wrestling in high school when he was a soft chubby kid. Even the head coach was taken aback, because the last time he'd seen Danny he was in civilian clothes, not a singlet, which tended to show off every inch of his mass. Plus the fact that Danny had gained 30lbs of muscle since they'd first met. His shoulders were half again wider than the next biggest heavyweight guy on the squad. As Danny sauntered over to the other wrestlers, the coach thought to himself 'If we don't win state this year, I'm never going to.' He started pairing the guys off into sparring partners. Danny was the only one left, when Jack walked into the gym. "You're late, Dick. I mean Jack," said the coach. He'd told his wife just last night that he got at least one every year, a kid that he would nickname 'Dick Head'. They were always the cockiest jocks, who took their athletic abilities for granted, because they'd been blessed with them since they were in grade school. Guys he liked to take down a peg or two. This year, he had a good chance with Jack. "Meet your training partner, Jack. This is Danny." Jack looked over at Danny, and took a step back. "What? Coach, this guy is way outta my weight class." "Yeah, I can see that. But you were late, and he's the only guy that's not paired up yet, so there ya go. Maybe he'll get you to work a little harder." Hopefully, he'll knock the cocky out of you, thought the coach. "Now, stretch out for a little bit, then let's do some skill drills, guys." As the practice went on, things didn't go well for Jack. Danny mopped the mats with him. What little Danny remembered from his short stint in high school wrestling came back to him quickly. And every move Jack tried on him, he powered out of easily, then used the move on Jack, to great effect. A half hour into it, and Jack was gasping from breath. He'd been flopped all over the gym floor. Flipped and flopped, like a sack of flour. Except for a slight shimmer of sweat shining on his body, Danny was fresh as a daisy. He started putting Jack in holds, then flexing as he held him pinned in place. The coach noticed the showboating, and would normally call a wrestler out for it, but he was enjoying this. Whenever he got a chance, Danny would dig his big knee into a vulnerable part of Jack's body, like his lower back, his ankles, his elbows. Danny could see why Dwayne liked fighting. As he pinned Jack to the floor face down, with his elbow pressing hard into Jack's scapula, Danny leaned into his former bully's ear and said, "Try and move, ant." All Jack could do was grunt a muffled 'fuckkk'. It made Danny's groin throb with pleasure. He picked Jack up, threw him over his shoulders, and started doing lunges the full length of the gym. Back and forth, back and forth, till his quads where burning and bloated full. Then he tossed Jack back to the mats, and starting working him over again. After an hour of abuse, the coach called for a break, and Jack had to crawl to the edge of the mats to recover. Most of the guys on the team had been watching Danny manhandle the state champ like a ragdoll. During the break, they asked him questions about his training and diet. Danny flexed as he answered them. More than one of the guys boned up in their shorts watching their massive teammate show off his size, especially when he pulled the straps of his singlet off his huge shoulders and rolled it down just past his waistband of his jock strap. There was a gasp when he pulled his sweats down to his ankles, exposing his tree trunk quads. His muscular development was far beyond anything they'd ever seen. He let them feel his muscles, and even though they were all in great shape, none of them had ever felt muscle this hard. Even the coach couldn't hide his hardon. "Ok, guys, let's call it a day. Go hit the showers. Danny, let me talk to you for a second," said the coach. Danny pulled up his sweats and came over to him, and the pheromones coming off his big muscle made Coach's hardon pulse with his increased heartbeat. "I like what you were doing today, Danny," as he realized that even Danny's hands were twice the size and thickness of Jack's, " but try not to break him into pieces. I'm still counting on him to win a state title in his weight class." "Ok, Coach," Danny said, clenching his big fists until he heard the knuckles crackling. He felt like fighting five Jacks at once. But then Jack came limping over toward them, keeping his distance from his huge wrestling partner. "Coach," said Jack, "you make me practice with him again, I'm quitting the team." His skin was all ruddy and welted from Danny's holds on him. "Shut up," snapped the coach. "You'll lose your scholarship if you do that, cause I know you're not here based on your academics. Stop being a pussy, and go hit the showers before I have Danny bounce you around the gym like a basketball. " Coach gave Danny a wink, and as Jack hobbled away, grumbling, Danny flinched at him. Jack flinched away in fear, and scurried to the lockers. Danny and the coach laughed. _ . _ Meanwhile, back at Danny's house, Dwayne knocked at the side door. When Danny's dad answered the door, Dwayne said, "Hey, Mr K, how you doing?" Danny's dad stepped back a little and looked Dwayne up and down. "Who are you?" he asked, not recognizing Danny's long time friend, who, the last time he saw him, was 5'6" and about 120lbs soaking wet. The guy at the door was a good 5'11, 200lbs of strapping, zero body fat, muscle. "Mr K, it's me, Dwayne," he said, muscling his way past Mr K and into the kitchen. He was wearing a sweat-soaked UA shirt that clung to his torso like a second skin, showing every rippling muscle. He gave off a thick scent of sweat and pheromones that filled the kitchen. He strutted over to the fridge, opened it, and grabbed a bottle of water, and guzzled it down. "Help yourself," said the older man. "Thanks, Mr K," said Dwayne, ignoring the sarcasm. Then he walked from the kitchen into the family room. Mr K could see, right thru Dwayne's nylon running shorts, how perfectly rounded his glutes were, as they rolled with every step he took. And he could see the extreme V-taper of back. If Mr K hadn't seen his own son's transformation in the last month or so, he would never believe that this was the same nerdy kid that used to hang out around the house. "It's kinda hot in here. Mind if I take off my shirt?" said Dwayne, stripping his shirt over his head without waiting for an answer. He balled up his wet tee and tossed it on the couch. He stretched out his torso, raising his arms over his head. Glistening muscle rippled out all over him. He wore a thick chain around his neck with a Superman "S" medallion hanging from it. "I just came from a CrossFit competition. I heard about it on the radio, so I signed up as a walk-on. I won every heat. Crushed it. Didn't even know what half the events were, but the guys there were real friendly about showing me. The chicks too. Most of them seemed to know each other, and they were all real interested in getting to know me, find out where I trained, what my routine was. You shoulda seen their faces when I told them I'd never done any of it before. Funny how those jock types never seemed to notice me before, except to mess with me. Now they notice me though. You okay, Mr K? You look a little pale." Danny's dad was in the doorway, leaning against the jamb. He was in awe. He noticed how perfect Dwayne's teeth were, straight, white, sparkling. But weren't Dwayne's teeth crooked and sort of yellowish? Suddenly, Dwayne grinned, and ran his tongue across his dazzling pearly white teeth. "Dwayne, are you... reading my mind?" "Not really, I'm just reading your expression. I saw you looking at my teeth, and I know you were thinking 'didn't he have shitty teeth before?' And 'wasn't he a skinny weakling who I used to enjoy intimidating when he came over to visit my son, even though I'm the adult and should know better?' So I guess you could say I'm sort of reading your mind." Then he flexed his rock hard pecs at him. Mr K had to admit it was true, he had thought those things of Dwayne. Mr K had been very athletic, and even now, had a hard time not feely disdain for men or boys who were not. He'd felt that way about his own son, as hard as he tried not to. "Check out my abs," said Dwayne, changing the subject, and clenching his 8pack that was stone slab flat. "They're a little tighter than yours now, Mr K. Watch this," he said, and flexed his gut muscles. Each brick in his 8pack clenched and squared off into 4 striated blocks. "Looks like I got a 32pack, don't it?" he said, strumming his fingers up and down the muscle. "Yeah," said Dwayne, "looks like bullets would bounce off them. And maybe they would. " He pinched some ab skin and tugged on it, and it pulled up like tightly wrapped cellophane. When he let go, the skin snapped back into place. "I have a fight tonight, Mr K. You should come watch." "A fight?" said Mr K, barely able to form words as he stared at Dwayne's densely packed muscularity. "What kind of fight?" "An MMA fight. My first official one." Dwayne plopped down in Mr K's favorite leather lounge chair. "Fuck, I'm horny," he said, adjusting himself in his sweats. "You ever feel so horny that you could pick up a piece of furniture and fuck it?" "Maybe," said Mr K. He couldn't believe how handsome Dwayne had become. He looked like a heavily muscled, Russian Zac Ephron. His eyes were so clear and sparkling blue. And didn't he used to wear thick nerdy glasses? "I used to, yeah. My eyesight has improved," said Dwayne, casually. "My eye doc says I've got 20/5 vision now. Like an eagle." "You are reading my mind!" said Mr K. "Again, not really. Just saw you looking at my eyes. Why don't you come in for a closer look?" And Mr K felt himself being drawn toward Dwayne, aching to be closer. to catch his scent, to feel the heat coming off him. "Why don't you get on your knees, Mr K?" And Mr K felt his knees almost buckle underneath him as he went down to the floor. "Come over here and put your hands on my legs," said Dwayne. His voice had become deep and sexy, like a hot male porn star, with a drawl of extreme confidence. Dwayne reached into his sweats and pulled out his big dick. It plopped out, half-engorged and swelling fast. His musky scent hit Mr K like a drug. "Feed off me," said Dwayne. "I bet my muscle batter will help get rid of your dad paunch." Mr K was taken aback. He didn't have a dad bod! Yet, he knew he did. He just hoped he was fooling people by sucking his paunch in as much as he could. "You're not fooling anyone. Now feed off me," said Dwayne. And Mr K went down on him, aching for that big perfectly shaped cockhead more than anything he'd ever wanted. Dwayne grabbed him by his ears and guided him for awhile. He wondered if he should tell Mr K that he was sucking the same big cock that had been up Danny's ass the night before, but he decided not to. Instead, he let go of his ears, and grabbed onto the arms of the lounge chair, arching and bucking into Mr K's face. His cockhead had become vastly more sensitive to touch, and the pleasure of being serviced by an eager mouth made every powerful muscle in his body tense up. The sensation was transcendent. He arched his head back on the chair, his powerful neck bulging out wide. His strong, veiny hands pushed on the arms of the chair until the wooden frame snapped underneath the leather with a muffled Crack. Dwayne's precum was flowing freely out of his big helmet head, lubing up Mr K's throat, and it didn't take long before Dwayne was spewing out a huge load of hot cream, flooding Mr K with his muscle batter. "Awwww, yehh," growled Dwayne, as he spewed and spewed, rope after rope of thick paste. Mr K did his best to drain every drop of it. "Nice," said Dwayne, pulling Mr K's head off his hardon. "We'll have to do this again, soon," he said, stuffing his still hard python into his shorts. "I gotta get going for my fight. Sorry about your chair, Mr K. I'll pay for it with the money I'm gonna win tonight." He grabbed his shirt, balling it up into one hand. As he walked thru the kitchen, Dwayne looked around and said, "You know, if you ever want to remodel in here, let me know. I'd love to rip out these granite countertops." He put his fingers on the edge of the granite and lifted up. There was a loud crunching sound as the countertop lifted upward about an inch. "Yeah," said Dwayne, "these are loose. Time for an upgrade, Mr K." Then he left. Mr K watched from the kitchen door as Dwayne jogged down the driveway and up the street. He put his hand on his paunch, and thought it already felt flatter and harder. It couldn't be though, could it?
  16. Little Mouse - Part Eight

    Michael heard them arguing before he even got within the pool area. It suddenly dawned on him that neither guy would want to see him there. Tommy was probably furious that he had seen Matt last night and Matt had made it very clear he didn’t want Michael seeing Tommy anymore. Michael crept into the pool grounds and stood behind some bleachers – where he had a clear view of both men and could hear what they were saying. He was completely taken aback, and kind of turned on for some reason, when he glanced around the bleachers and saw that chubby Matt was holding Matt in the air – his hand clenching the front of the wrestler’s pants and his belt. “Put me down, Tommy.” “No, not if you’re going to try and slug me again, Matt.” “I’m sorry about that. It was stupid of me. You just gotta promise me that you won’t give Michael any more power bars. And I think it would be best if you didn’t even talk to him.” “I don’t think you’re in a position to be telling me what to do, Matt.” “I’m not telling. I’m asking as a friend.” Tommy immediately dropped the wrestler to the ground and turned from him. Matt’s tone had been friendly – almost begging. It was a very different attitude than Michael had ever seen in the guy. Matt fell on his butt, but slowly got back up and faced the other man. “Can’t you do this for me, Tommy? You know I like the guy.” “You’re stringing him along, Matt. Just like you did to . . .” “To you, Tommy? We both know that’s not true. I was honest from the start. You knew I had a girlfriend. You knew I didn’t want to be out of the closet.” “And the same thing is happening now with Michael!” Tommy turned back to face the other guy. They stared at each other for a few seconds. “You don’t know that, Tommy. Michael and I have something special. I just need some time to work things out. I know he’s told you how he feels about me. You don’t want to go and mess with that, Tommy. We know what happens if you mess with true love after dealing with the power bars.” Michael basically missed the last part of what Matt said. He was too focused on the fact that the big guy had said he was working things out. And he used the words ‘true love.’ Michael’s head and heart were so busy trying to wrap themselves around the idea that Matt really cared for him, he missed a huge part of the next few sentences in their conversation. Michael was too elated to hear anything. “Why shouldn’t I give him more bars, Matt?” “You know why, Tommy.” “Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.” “Okay. I want to be the biggest and strongest guy on campus.” “You’ll never be the strongest.” Tommy glared at the wrestler. It was clear they both knew that title only went to Tommy. “Okay, the biggest and the second strongest. Are you happy?” “Why couldn’t you love me, Matt?” The obvious pain in Tommy’s voice and the bluntness of the question snapped Michael back into the present situation. Time stood still while he waited to hear Matt respond. The next few sentences were obviously going to define the guy in Michael’s eyes. “You wanted too much, Tommy. And I wanted different things.” “I gave you everything I had!” “I know, Tommy. And I continue to thank you for that, but we both have to move on. Remember, you made the choice. I didn’t force you. I didn’t make you this.” “I loved you, Matt. That’s why I did it.” “Maybe you loved me too much.” There was dead silence. Michael was pretty sure Tommy was crying. His heart broke for his fraternity big brother, but his lust for the wrestler was too much. Matt had said he wanted to work things out with Michael – and that made the newly muscled guy very happy. “If you still love me, Tommy, and if you feel about Michael the way I think you do, then you’ll let me have him.” “You know what it will do to me.” “I do, but the good news is you’ll still have your strength.” “I don’t do this for you, Matt. I do it for Michael. I know he likes you . . . a lot. But I swear, if you hurt him . . .” Tommy stopped in mid-sentence. There was nothing more to be said. Both men knew the conversation was over. They both understood the other’s stance. Tommy glared at Matt for a few more seconds and then he turned and walked away – in the opposite direction of Michael. There was a strange tugging in Michael’s heart at that moment. Something in Tommy’s voice . . . his demeanor . . . his firmness moved Michael very much. But as the younger guy looked at Matt, the wrestler, that familiar lust . . . no, need . . . for his muscled body returned. There was something deeper and more powerful resonating in Michael, but he didn’t stop to analyze the feeling. He went back to the gate, opened and closed it loudly, and then called out. “Matt, are you here?” He walked around the bleachers and the look on Matt’s face was exactly what he wished for. “Holy fuck, Mouse, look at you!” “What?” Michael asked, feigning ignorance. “You look like you’ve been supersized three or four times.” “Oh that. Yeah, I guess I’m a little bigger. Care to take it inside the gym and wrestle, just to see how much I’ve truly grown.” Michael had moved close to Matt, enough to notice he was breathing kind of hard. The big wrestler was clearly turned on. This made Michael go crazy. He could feel the blood – tainted with a wild sexual drive – pumping through his body. He wanted Matt more than ever. There was something in the back of his mind gnawing at him, but his raging hard-on helped him to ignore it. “Naw, mousey-Mouse, that’s okay. I’m a little beat from lack of sleep. I think I’ll just head back to my room.” “I really wasn’t asking, Matt.” Something sinister took over Michael. He could feel the power surging through his body and he loved it. He knew he was strong as shit and all he wanted to do was use that strength – to impress Matt . . . or was it to put him in his place. It didn’t matter. The urge won out. Without any warning, Michael dipped his newly broad right shoulder down and pressed into Matt’s tight mid-section before the wrestler could do anything. Suddenly, Michael was back upright and Matt’s body rested easily in the air on his shoulder. Michael started walking toward the gym. “Matt, remember when you said I wouldn’t be dominating you until donkey’s flew? Well I think a bunch of jackasses just sprouted wings. Your body feels so light on my shoulder. So light, in fact, that it feels like I can do this.” Michael bounced Matt’s body into the air with his shoulder and at the same time he brought his open hand up – pressing into Matt’s mid-section and before the wrestler even had time to figure out what was happening, Michael pressed the guy into the air – with just one arm. Matt’s body was suddenly held aloft by Michael’s extended gun. Then, as if to pour salt in an open wound, Michael started to press the wrestler’s body up and down without any sign of struggle. Matt was too flabbergasted to say, let alone, do anything to stop Michael. It wasn’t clear if he would have been able to anyway. When Michael got them into the gym he noticed two guys were playing basketball. He hoisted Matt’s body into the air and walked directly to a spot near them. He simply growled loudly and easily pumped out a rep with the wrestler’s body. The two guys immediately got the message and left the gym so quickly their unforgotten ball rolled across the floor slowly. Michael then walked over to the wall and with his free hand he reached up and grabbed the corner of the mat that was hanging there by three big spikes – it’s where the thing was stored during basketball games or when wrestling wasn’t happening. Michael tugged, but was a little too forceful and two of the spikes came out of the wall while the third snapped in two. Michael acknowledged what he had done with a slight ‘huh’ and then dropped the mat on the floor. He raised his arm – taking Matt’s body up with it and then dropped him onto the mat, as well. Matt scrambled to his feet quickly, just like a good wrestler. Matt’s crotch revealed that he was already sporting major wood – clearly turned on by Michael’s display. “Oh, little Mouse, you’re going to be so sorry. Those power bars are pretty powerful, but you’re no match for big Matt. I’m a national champion wrestler and a few added muscles doesn’t make you anything more than the dweeb you are.” “Matt, Matt, Matt – what are you packing there? A twenty inch arm?” “Twenty one, little punk.” “Well take a look at this, big boy. It might make that hard cock of yours shrivel up from feeling inadequate. I believe my ‘dweebish’ arms are now up to twenty three inches and they’re still growing.” Earlier that morning, Michael had been obsessed with his growth, so he had measured himself. He was shocked to see how enhanced he had become from the power bars. When carrying the wrestler into the gym, he had already deducted he had passed the guy in size. This made Michael go wild inside – since his dream of dominating Matt was about to come true. He was going to take it slow, though. He wanted this moment to last. He brought both of his arms up and flexed them hard – making the biceps swell upward like giant mountains being revealed by a stupendous sunrise. Matt’s eyes bugged out wider than before and his mouth dropped open in shock. It did seem that the tension in his crotch immediately subsided, too. “It seems I’ve become Mighty Mouse while you weren’t looking, Matt. You might be a world-class wrestler, but I believe my intense brute strength is going to easily dominate you – no matter what you bring to the mat. It’s going to be like when a suped up truck meets a tank – no matter what fancy bells and whistles the vehicle has, the stronger, more powerful, tank destroys it with the greatest of ease. And by the way your shorts have tented out again, I think you’re digging the idea of this Mighty Mouse having his way with you. You’re going to be such a fun big toy to play with, Matt. Matt, indeed, could now feel his cock leaking pre – just from listening to Mouse spout off about his size and strength. There was something about being challenged by a bigger guy that just sent the wrestler over the edge. He knew he’d dominate Mouse with no problem – even with the obvious improvements. Mouse had only taken two power bars. That was nothing. He had also only been growing for a few days. His strength could be growing, but nothing compared to the biggest man on campus. Matt was looking forward to plowing his challenger’s sweet mouth later on. “Oh, and I should confess that I lied to you yesterday, Matt. I told you I’d only been benching 400 pounds since having the power bars, well that wasn’t exactly true. It’s a little more than that. Today I benched 800 pounds without any struggle. That’s also why I didn’t have trouble pumping out one-handed reps with your big body.” “No way, little Mouse!” There was a tonal mixture in Matt’s response. It was full of disbelief, awe, jealousy, and lust – all at the same time. Matt looked at the now bigger Michael and began to realize his desire for Mouse to grow huge and strong was intense. He was beginning to get that the guy was now really strong – probably strong enough to bench the 800 pounds, for he had lifted Matt easily with one arm. It had been like Matt weighed nothing at all. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what Matt was going to do next. He was, after all, a wrestler. Michael dropped his right leg back a little and tensed his mid-section as he watched Matt lower his shoulder and take aim. “Little Mouse is going down!” It was like some kind of battle cry. The wrestler knew how to tackle a guy and he fully anticipated taking the Mouse down to the mat with what would be a forceful slam of his shoulder. Matt didn’t take into account, however, how much Michael had grown and how much thicker he had become. The loud thud of the wrestler’s muscled shoulder meeting the unmovable torso of Michael was deep and echoed throughout the gym. The sound emphasized how dense the newly big body had already become. The fact that Michael did not budge at all stunned Matt – both physically and mentally. Little Mouse had just taken a full-on shoulder slam from the wrestler and he didn’t double over in pain or go crashing to the floor. He stood there – absorbing he hit with his now muscled-covered body – as if he was the windshield of a speeding truck and Matt had been an unlucky splattered insect. Matt was too dazed and confused to react very quickly. “Well that didn’t work out the way you thought it would, now did it, Matty?” With lightning speed Michael reached down and locked his arms around the other guy’s upper torso from behind. In one quick move he jerked Matt upward – so the wrestler was now hanging upside down in Michael’s strong arms. Matt faced away from his challenger, his legs flailing in the air while his abdomen was held tightly against the other man’s body. “Oh man, Matty, I love holding your big body in the air like this. Let’s give you an upside down bear hug – to see if you can handle the pressure of my twenty-three inch arms. Let’s start off slowly to make you think it’s not going to get too strong and then feel your body respond in multiple ways as the squeeze starts getting unbearable. Oh, think of the guys you’ve done this to in the past, Matty. And to think you never really thought it would be done to you – especially upside down. Here, I’ll walk around a little just to emphasize how easy it is for me to hold you like some kind of stuffed animal.” Michael began to stroll around the middle of the basketball court – showing off his growing strength. Matt’s arms were tightly locked in place at his sides – Michael’s grip being too strong for the wrestler to challenge. He was like a baby wrapped in a blanket - twisted numerous times around his frame. The pressure was already getting a little unbearable, but that fact didn’t bring the wrestler discomfort. In fact, it did the opposite. It turned Matt on in a way that was utterly new and uncontrollable. As his torso was crushed by thick arms and it became harder and harder for him to take a deep breath, the guy became majorly aroused – his cock raging hard like a lone oak tree jutting upward in an otherwise barren field. He also had goose bumps all over his body and his blood was pumping a hell of a lot faster than it ever had before. Matt was being treated like he was nothing more than a rag doll and it thrilled him beyond belief. He suddenly realized he was moaning out loud and he hadn’t even noticed. “Sounds like the little man is beyond excited being dominated by someone bigger and stronger. Oh Matteroo, now you’re getting a feel for what your body does to me. Soon, all you’ll think about is my big muscles and how you want me to manhandle you. You’re going to want my humongous guns wrapped around you any chance you can get. You’ll be sneaking out of Janice’s bed late at night just to come and beg me to easily lift your body into the air. It’s getting harder to breathe, ain’t it Matty? Oh, you just love being forced into submission, don’t you? We’ve only just begun to have some fun, little man. I got to make up for some lost time – all those nights when you used me to please yourself and I didn’t get any satisfaction.” Matt’s body began to flail wildly – like he was trying to escape Michael’s hug, but it quickly became obvious that the dude was having a massive orgasm. This brought even more joy to the big man holding him in the air. Michael’s strong grasp and talking all dominant had proven to be too much for the captive wrestler. His lust for being forced into submission was just too intense. His ejaculation was powerful and long. Michael hugged the convulsing dude even tighter – cutting off all airflow for a few seconds. When the orgasm was over, Michael dropped Matt onto the wrestling mat and stared down at the spent boy. “Aw Matty, was my strength too much for you? You couldn’t stop from exploding, could you? Look, you’ve made a big nasty mess in your pants. A big old tribute to my new muscles, huh? I wish you could feel all this power surging through my body, man. It’s like I’m growing by the second and all my bulges are just constantly begging to do something to use my new strength. I just want to flex all the time. Gotta show you, little Matty, what these humongous guns look like now!” Michael shot his arms up into a double bi flex and mounds of muscle shot up all over the place. His new size and tensed arms proved to be too much for his tight tank top. The two straps both snapped apart as soon as the big man’s arms and chest popped out like mountains. The remnants of the destroyed shirt floated down around the guy’s small waist. Matt was watching from down on the ground and let out a loud moan as soon as he heard the cloth rip. “Yeah, look at that, Matty, all this hugeness wanted to be free. That shrimpy little shirt just couldn’t contain all of this. My Mighty Mouse muscles need to be out in the open for you, little fella – so you can worship them. Hey, let’s get you back up on your feet so we can have some more fun.” Michael bent over and grabbed Matt at his waist. He easily lifted him off the floor and held him so his feet dangled in the air. Toying with the cute wrestler was making Michael crazy with excitement. He was going to some place he knew was dangerous, but he didn’t care. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think having strength and muscles would be so much fun. He was now understanding Matt’s domineering cockiness on a whole new level. He related to his friend in an entirely new way and was having trouble remembering what it was like to be the smaller guy. Right now, both men were terribly excited about Michael’s newfound strength and the fact that he held the wrestler off the ground without any problem. “Matty Smatty, you are so freaking light. I’m holding you off the ground and your weight doesn’t even register to my huge guns at all. We’re going to have to add some more muscle to you, little man, so I’ll actually feel something when I pick you up. Hey, Matty, did you ever want to fly? Let’s see how high I can toss you.” Without much of a warning than those few words, Michael shot his arms into the air and released the wrestler’s body. Matt sailed straight up – about fifteen feet and then fell back down towards the ground. Michael grabbed the wrestler by the waist and caught him before he could hit the floor. It all happened so fast Matt had very little time to consciously register what was happening, he merely gurgled joyfully like a little kid. Michael immediately did it again, sending Matt’s body even higher – soaring up without any problem because of the gym’s high ceiling. This time, when Matt was caught in Michael’s arms a deep moan escaped the wrestler’s mouth – he loved the fact that his big body could be tossed so easily. “Well that certainly pleased you, didn’t it, little guy? You were soaring through the air with the greatest of ease. Did you feel like a superhero, Matty? Like Peter Pan? Or did it take you back to when you were a little tyke and your father would toss you up like that? I think it’s time for something really fun. Let’s have a strength contest, okay, little guy. Here, I’ll set you back down on land and we’ll lock hands. Let’s see what those little muscles of yours can do.” Michael lowered Matt to the floor. He then held up his big hands and Matt let out a slight moan when he saw how much the guy’s paws had grown. Not only were Michael’s guns now twenty-three inches thick, but his fingers were much thicker, as well. Matt placed his smaller palms against Michael’s and they both tightened their fingers. Immediately, Matt started squeezing and pressing into the other guy. Michael let out a loud yell of pain and his hands went backwards. “Arghhhh!!!” Matt was instantly super charged by the fact that he had caught the other man off guard. The wrestler intensified his pressure – squeezing his fingers with all his might and pushing hard. Michael’s legs began to buckle and the big man’s body started lowering to the ground as he gritted his teeth and tightened his eyes in pain. A loud growl came from Matt’s throat as he clearly took control again and dominated the other guy. “Yeah, Little Mouse, you’re not so mighty now, are you!” Suddenly, Michael’s face no longer showed pain and a somewhat sinister smile crept across this lips. He turned his gaze upward and the grin got bigger. His palms abruptly stopped moving and it was clear that Matt’s efforts were doing nothing at all to the big man. “I had you going for a second didn’t I, Matty? Is that all the pressure you got, man? Cause I’m feeling nothing. I just thought I’d put on a little show for you – you know, to get you going. Here, dude, let me show you what real power is.” Michael only used a fraction of his strength. He knew better than to use his full power – it would have crushed every bone in Matt’s hands, but he did exert enough pressure to instantly make the wrestler cry out in pain. Michael stood back up fully as his hands easily pushed back against Matt’s and he squeezed the guy’s fingers mercilessly. Matt’s eyes were wide with shock and lust, even though his fingers felt like they were caught in some kind of tightening machinery. He was completely turned on by the fact that he had been duped by Michael. The strength in the other guy’s hands was amazing, cock-hardening, and excruciating all at the same time. Matt’s eyes widened even more as he struggled hard to push back against Michael’s hands and nothing happened. “Remember when you used to hold me down on the bed with one hand, Matteroo? That used to turn me on so much. You had so much power in that one arm smashing me into the mattress. The more I struggled the more I got turned on. Now, you’re getting a taste of what that felt like, aren’t you, baby. I can tell you’re excited – way beyond belief – by the fact that my hands barely register any pressure from you at all – but you’re struggling with all your might. I’m using about as much force as I would to swing open a door, man. Doesn’t that make it even hotter?” Michael’s words made Matt moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His fingers felt like they were very close to the breaking point and the thought that Little Mouse was dominating him so easily brought him to the brink of orgasm, as well. He was, indeed, using all of his strength and, yet, Michael was easily pressing him backwards. Since they were facing each other and were very close, Matt got his first good look at Michael’s newly improved muscles. Bulges popped out everywhere – not from being tensed, but merely because they were now huge and hard. Michael knew Matt was admiring his new body. “Oh Matty-my-man, I used to think you were so strong! I could blast out a big one just from thinking about your strength and what you could do to me. The way you could toss me around the room was the only kind of foreplay I could ever need. Now, it seems the tide has turned. Look at all those little beads of sweat across your forehead as you try to compete with my new power. Here, let’s get you into a friendlier position. I’m not going to break anything, Mattty, but I am going to show off a little.” Michael squeezed his fingers a little more. Matt threw his head back as he let out a scream of pain and his knees buckled. Within a few seconds, Matt was kneeling before Michael with his wrists bent backwards – unable to anything except give in to the stronger man’s grip. Michael then quickly pulled his arms in revers – dragging Matt’s upper torso with them. Matt’s face slammed into Michael’s raging hard on, barely concealed by his tight cotton shorts. Both men immediately let out loud moans of pleasure. Matt instinctively turned his head sideways so he could wrap his mouth around Michael’s hard cock. “Guess you figured out those power bars helped another part of me grow, too, huh, Matty? I can kind of dominate you in that area now, too. We’ll have to compare later on, so you can get excited even more – seeing how thick and long my tool has become – especially when compared to yours. Oh man, your mouth feels so hot, Matty. You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed about this moment.” By this point, Michael had released Matt’s hands and placed his big paws behind the wrestler’s head. He was pressing Matt’s face into his crotch even harder and moving the guy’s mouth up and down on his stiff log to give himself more pleasure. Matt could do nothing but enjoy the job – he wouldn’t have been able to pull his head back even if he had wanted to. Being used as a pleasure tool by the bigger man was almost too much for Matt – he could tell his own cock was ready to spew again. The shift in roles – from dominator to the one being dominated – was such an amazing turn on. Matt couldn’t explain it – even if he had tried. He just loved the fact that he could feel Michael using him like he was nothing more than a dishcloth or a toy. The pressure behind Matt’s head made it very clear that the wrestler couldn’t do anything to match the new strength of Little Mouse. He simply had to give in and do what his master ordered. And that thought got his cock harder than it had ever been in his entire life. “How ‘bout we really get this party started, Matteroo!” Michael pulled the other guy’s head back from his crotch and then gave him a little shove. Matt’s body fell back to the mat on the floor and he lay there looking up Michael’s huge muscles – with a face full of desire. Michael fell on top of the wrestler and could tell his weight coming down hard knocked the wind out of Matt. Immediately, Michael started grinding his crotch against Matt’s and pressed his big frame into the other man. The mixture of the heavy weight, hard cocks rubbing against each other, and Michael letting out a deep growl made Matt moan like an alley cat in heat. Michael pressed his newly muscled body into the wrestler even more – just to get the guy to moan louder. By this point, Matt had no control over his body whatsoever – he had simply submitted to his intense desire for having Michael dominate him. He no longer struggled against the bigger man – he merely gave into all the pleasure he was feeling. “Oh Matt-baby, I love squishing your body against the floor. You feel so small and defenseless underneath me. I bet I could grind you to orgasm with just a few more thrusts. You ready to cum for me, Matty? You ready to give up control of your cock to my muscles . . . my strength. Tell me how much you want me, man. Beg me for more, Matty. Come on; let me hear you plead for domination. Tell me how much you want me to pound that sweet tight wrestler ass of yours.” “Oh fuck, Michael, please plow me. Take my virgin ass, now, man. I’m all yours. There’s nothing I could do to stop you, anyway. Fuck me now, please. Overpower me with those big muscles and have your way with me. God, I need you inside of me right now, man. Pop my sweet cherry ass, Mighty Michael. I want you to control me completely.” Sweeter words had never been uttered in Michael’s opinion and the fact that Matt used his real name almost sent him over the edge. He now fully understood why the wrestler used to get so turned on by dominating him. Controlling the smaller man was mind-blowing. Hearing Matt beg to be plowed was like winning the lottery, celebrating Christmas, and a combination of all your birthdays happening on the same day. Michael raised his body off the other man by pressing up with one of his huge arms. At the same time he used his other bulging gun to easily flip Matt’s tight body over. As soon as Matt was facing the floor, Michael brought his big paw up to the man’s ass and grabbed it hard. Matt cried out loudly with desire. Michael kneaded those sweet ass cheeks like he was crushing bricks in his hand. Matt raised his ass off the mat both from the pain and as an invitation for the bigger man to claim his prize. Michael gripped the man’s pants and easily ripped them and his underwear from Matt’s lower body. The wrestler’s perky bubble butt was now fully exposed and Michael let out a primeval yell that sounded like some huge animal about to pounce on his prey. “Aw, holy hell, look at that fucking hot ass, little Matty. That thing looks sweeter than a thousand doughnuts or trash bags full of candy. Hot damn, that thing also looks tighter than anything I’ve ever seen. You sure you want my big rod prying those cheeks apart and slamming into that pretty little hole of yours, Matty baby?” “Fuck me Michael! Fuck me now! I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life! I love you, dude. Take me. I’m all yours. I give myself to you. I want you with every part of my body.” “You sure, little man? It’s going to be painful. You sure you want this?” “Yes! I’m all yours!” “Nope, not happening, little Matty. Not today. Not ever.” And with that final comment Michael quickly pulled his body away and stood up. It took a few seconds for Matt to realize the big man wasn’t on top of him anymore. Matt quickly turned his head and looked up at the other guy. His ass was still poking up in the air – begging for penetration. Michael had a smile on his face that immediately revealed his feelings. “Now you know, Matt. You know what it’s like to want something so much and realize you can’t have it. I used to pine for you in my dorm room every night. I used to jerk myself off just hoping and praying you’d call and beckon me to your room. It hurts, doesn’t it, little man – to want something that badly and then to find out it can’t be yours. Look at you – so hot and bothered you can’t even see straight. I played you, dude. Just like you’ve been playing me for a long time. I can’t plow you, little Matty, cause – you see – I’m in love with someone else. There’s a guy that’s shown me what it really means to be cared for. There’s a guy across this campus that has never called me ‘Little Mouse.’ And he never took advantage of me. As a matter of fact, he always helped me. Sure, he might not have your nice muscular wrestler body, but he’s got something even better. He’s got a good heart. I’m going to walk out of here now, Matt, and I’m never going want you again. I’m also going to smile as I leave because I know before I even get to that door over there you’re going to be beating off that little dick of yours thinking about me. And you’re going to continue to think about me for a long time – even when you’re with Janice! You know, Matt, I did really care for you once. I want you to know that. But that’s in the past, now. I need to be with someone a little more authentic and truthful. I wish you the best, man. I really do. But this huge muscular Mighty Mouse has a date to keep. A date with a fantastic guy. Here, I’ll give you a big biceps flex to fuel your orgasm! Take care, Matt.” Michael raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flexed hard. His biceps seemed to have grown even larger in the last hour or so. Matt’s hands shot immediately to his hard cock – even as his face continued to look shocked and lustful. Michael held the flexed pose as he walked away – knowing full well the wrestler would be watching him the entire time. Right before he walked out the door he heard some loud moans, a few deep breaths, and then the throttled grunts as Matt released his giant load in homage to the now larger and more dominant Michael.
  17. Dork to Beast , Pt 2

    As the summer progressed, Danny continued to make rapid gains in his size and strength. His trainer Ivan had never seen anything like it. He was proud of the kid, who'd made such tremendous changes to his body, but Ivan was also somewhat envious, jealous even, of his young client's rapid improvements. Danny was now benching over 620lbs for reps, which was twice his bodyweight, and more than double what Ivan could bench. The same was true of his squat and deadlift. Despite Danny's initial reluctance to workout, he now trained like an eager puppy, looking forward to each session, and lifting with wild abandon, aching for Ivan to add more and more weight to the bar. When Ivan left for a week to fly back to Poland and look into some new "supplements", he told Danny to take the week off, too. They'd be training twice a day for almost a month now, and Ivan said Danny could use the time to let his body recuperate. Danny looked at himself in the gym mirror as Ivan was telling him this. He didn't think his body looked like it needed any rest. He was in a stringer tank, and his muscles looked full and thick and tight. His delt caps were the size and shape of soccer balls. He could make the rounded shoulder muscles roll and flex, and he loved doing it. Ivan said he had some of the best muscle control he'd ever seen. This made Danny beam with pride, and got him to practice more muscle flexing every chance he got. "But a whole week?" said Danny. "What the heck am I gonna do?" "See how much weight you can gain," said Ivan. "Sometimes the best gains are made during a rest week. You've got the mass gainer powders I gave you. How many times a day are you drinking a shake?" "Twice." "Up it to four," said Ivan. "See what happens." "I'll do five,"said Danny with a grin. Ivan left the next day, but only after making Danny promise not to go to the gym while he was gone. They both laughed at the irony of it, given that Danny didn't even know where a gym was up until two months ago. Danny still wasn't sure what he was going to do to kill time, so he started by texting his friend Dwayne. They hadn't seen each other since graduation. They'd texted back and forth a couple times, but Danny was always busy lifting or eating or flexing in his bedroom mirror to get together. So he invited Dwayne over. He said he had something to show him. When Dwayne pulled into the driveway, Danny was in the garage. He hit the garage door opener, but stayed out of sight as the door went up. He kept the lights off too. Dwayne got out of his car and came to the open door. As his eyes tried to adjust from the bright outdoor sunshine, he couldn't see much of anything in the dimly light garage. "Come on in," said Danny. Dwayne stepped into the garage, and Danny had to chuckle to himself. Dwayne was in for a shock. He hadn't change a bit since high school. "Dwayne the Dweeb" was what the jocks called him. Not much better than "Danny the Dork", but Danny had transformed into a superheavy weight musclehead. Dwayne was the epitome of the skinny white nerd, in his white short sleeve dress shirt, and heavy rimmed, heavy-lensed glasses. At 5'8", he weighed all over 130lbs. "Why's it so dark in here?" asked Dwayne. "I just didn't want to freak you out," said Danny. "Freak me out how? You get nerdier than ever?" Dwayne said, snorting. "Turn on the light switch by the wall," said Danny. Dwayne turned and flicked the switch. When he turned back, Danny was standing right under the light in an XXXXL tee shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. His chest ballooned out the shirt, and his huge thighs stretched his nylon shorts skin tight and pushed them halfway up his quads. Danny had not lifted at the gym, like he'd promised Ivan, but he had found ways to workout with stuff around the house and in the garage. From this, he'd gotten his veins to stand out on all of his thick limbs. Dwayne backed up and leaned against the wall, looking his huge friend up and down. "What the......" he stammered, as he soaked in the vision of his formerly fat friend's new physique. "Dude.....you told me you were lifting, but didn't say you morphed into a behemoth!" "Yeah," grinned Danny. "Remember how my arms used to be so chubby?" He pulled the sleeve of his right arm up to his shoulder, then flexed his arm up. "Now look." "Holy smokes, Danny. It's a mountain peak. I knew you had muscle underneath all that blubber." "Very funny," said Danny. But it was true. Dwayne had always thought that Danny was more solid than he looked. But this was insane. "Dude, I know you got all A's in AP Chemistry...did you cook up some kinda super roid or something?" "Nah, man, I'm just lifting heavy and taking some vitamins." "Sounds like Vitamin "S" to me, Danny. Where you getting them?" "From that personal trainer I told you about." "The one from eastern Europe? And you think his supplements he's giving you are from GNC?" "Nah, man, I know they're not. But feel my fuckin' arm, dude." Danny did a half flex of his left arm. Dwayne came over and put his hand on it. "Geezus, dude. Feels like marble!" Danny stretched his arm out to his side. "Try and pull my arm down." Dwayne grabbed onto Danny's thick forearm and yanked down on it. He tried again and again, but the big arm didn't budge. "Hang off it, lift your feet," said Danny. So Dwayne wrapped his arms around Danny's wrist and then lifted his feet off the ground. Dwayne clung to the forearm like a lemur clings to a tree limb. Danny held him in the air like he weighed as much as a lemur. Then he curled his arm upward, lifting his friend up and down. "Man, you got sic strength!" "I know. It's so awesome. And watch this." Danny grabbed a crowbar that was hanging off the pegboard behind his dad's workbench. He held it out in front of him, one hand on each end. "Put your hand back on my arm," he told Dwayne. Then Danny began to bend the crowbar. His arm muscles tightened and surged. Veins popped out on his neck and across his traps. The crowbar creaked as the ends started to bend downward. He bent it until the ends touched. Then he dropped it to the garage floor with a loud clang. "Oh man," said Dwayne. "I think I just came a little." "That ain't nothing," said Danny. "Watch this." He went over to his dad's Mercedes, squatted down next to the side doors, reached underneath the frame, then deadlifted the car up until both tires were off the ground. "My fuck..." stammered Dwayne. Danny did ten reps with the car, then set it down. "Ah, yehhh," said Danny. "Help me pull my shirt off, man, my arms and lats are too bloated to do it." Danny leaned over and outstretched his arms. Dwayne grabbed the bottom of the tee and started pulling it off Danny's torso. It wasn't easy, even with Danny's help, but they finally got it over his head and arms. Danny stood upright. "Damn, man, look at your six pack!" said Dwayne. "I know. They're like brick. Go ahead and hit me." "Hit you?" "Yeah, go ahead, slug my gut. You won't be able to hurt me." "Aw man," said Dwayne, but he started to punch Danny's abs. He started slow, but then hit them faster and faster, and harder each time, until his fists began to hurt. Danny's brick abs didn't even dent. Dwayne stopped as he started to get winded. "Man...that's crazy!" "I know, right? Craziest thing is, I'm wasn't even flexing them. Watch." Danny clenched down on his ab muscles, and his six pack swelled out, the muscle bulging out like rising loaves of bread...bread made out of stone. "Fuck, man. Fuck," said Dwayne as he leaned against the workbench. His whole body shook to its core. "Damn you man, I just came in my pants. Holy smokes, Danny. That is...that is wild." "Ha, you're funny, dude. I didn't even know you were into muscle." "Neither did I, till now. Who wouldn't nut to what you got going on? You're a ubermasculine superhuman!" Then a thought occurred to Dwayne. "Hey, you got any extra of those "vitamins"? "I have enough until Ivan gets back. Why?" "Let me have some." "Why? You don't even lift." "You didn't either til a couple months ago. Let me try one a day for a week or two, see what happens." "Yeah? Ok, man, that might be interesting. Don't do any lifting though, we'll see if it does anything at all." "Dude, the only thing I know how to lift is my dick. Look at me. Even if it jacks me up a little, I'd be happy." "Ok, then, come on." They went up to Danny's room, and he doled out two weeks worth of his supplement. Dwayne noticed the sweat rolling down Danny's huge torso. "Geezus, man, even your sweat smells good. It smells like leather and cotton candy in here." Danny laughed, then put his mitt-sized hand behind his friend's head and pressed his face into his deep pit. "Breathe it in, little dude," Danny said, and Dwayne sucked in the aroma like he was using his inhaler. He had to push away when he thought he was going to pass out from pleasure. "Cut it out, man, that's not cool..." but he could have spent all day in that muscle cavern. "Get me some water, I wanna take one of these now." As Danny grabbed a bottle of water off his bedside table, Dwayne noticed the reflection of the two of them in the bedroom wall mirror. The size difference was so astonishing that he had to sit down on Danny's bed. "Just how big are you?" he said. "Almost 300lbs now, but I haven't weighed myself today." Danny handed Dwayne the water. "Imagine if you met up with Jack the Jerk now," said Dwayne, referring to the jock in high school who used to torment Danny the most. Danny and his friends called him the Jerk, but certainly not to his face. The guy was a state wrestling champ, and an arrogant tool. During Danny's short stint with the wrestling team, Jack had secretly peed in Danny's shampoo. When word gets out in high school about something like that, it's hard to live down. Danny's face reddened from the memory. "That," said Danny, clenching his fists as he checked himself out in the mirror, "would be an interesting encounter." "Hey, didn't you get a full ride to RU?" Dwayne asked, as he watched Danny's thickly muscled back muscles tighten. RU was the university near where they lived. "I did," said Danny. "I heard that Jack's going there too, on a wrestling scholarship." Dwayne swallowed down the pill, then said. "You know my sister Heather works there, in the housing department. She said that Jack and his evil cohort Tip were going to room together. You remember Tip?" "'Course I do. He used to chase you down and shove you into lockers." "Yeah, that's the one. At least I learned to run fast from him hunting me down. Anyway, I was thinking that my sister could 'accidently' mess up their dorm assignment, and slip you in with Jack on the down low." "With neither one of them realizing?" "Yeah. Imagine Jack's face, moving into his room and finding you there, like you are now." Danny picked up a tank top from his bed, and put it on. "Didn't he wrestle as like 175lbs?" "Yeah, that has to be about right. He might be bigger than that now, but you could mess with his head pretty good. Bet you have 100lbs on him." "Yep. And a bigger dick too." Dwayne laughed. "How do you know that?" "I remember seeing him in the showers, and thinking, for such a big dickhead, he had just an average cock. Mine was bigger even then. And now, it's gotten bigger." "Yeh? From the pills and lifting, I bet. Lemme see, man." Danny reached into his shorts and flopped out his cock and let it hang, thick and weighty, halfway to his knees. "Geezus, dude. That things an anaconda!" "I know," said Danny, packing his meat back into his shorts. "Do me a favor. Text your sister, let's make this thing happen."
  18. Getting Used to Being Unstoppable Brock (Part 1) My cock started to get hard as I watched the huge truck moving towards me. I couldn’t help myself. I was so turned on by the fact that my body was not going to budge even a fraction of an inch when hit by a speeding semi. The poor bastard driving the thing didn’t realize that the cab around him was about to be compacted like an empty soda can that’s been crushed. I knew my cock was dribbling pre-cum just from the anticipation of feeling steel pressed into my body and my muscles causing it to mold around me. I thrust my crotch forward a little so the first thing that would be pounded by the front of the truck would be the tip of my hard pole. I knew that would cause me to spew a massive load. Damn it is so nice to be this fucking unstoppable. I can see the truck speed up, the driver gunning it so he can flatten me completely. He is going to be so surprised, if he lives through the impact. The head of my hard prick comes into contact with the grating on the front of the truck first. I can feel the tip penetrate the steel plate as if it’s just a Kleenex. Suddenly the front hood of the truck meets my hard body. It feels like I’m at the beach and a wave is crashing past my body. My head and shoulders stick out a little higher than the truck. This means I get to watch the face of the driver for those few seconds as motor and hood of the roaring machine instantly bend around my muscled torso. A gap is ripped straight up the middle of the trucks front to make room for my unmoving bulk. I flash an eat-shit grin at the driver right before every airbag in the big cab inflates and completely surrounds him. The back of the truck rises in the air from the impact and then slams back down to the ground instantly. The front windshield and the two side windows instantly shatter as the cab is squeezed together like some kind of large accordion. Then, as quickly as the impact happened, there is no movement whatsoever. The big semi has come to a complete halt and I have not moved at all. The motor is completely destroyed and non-functioning. The only sound is hissing from the mangled radiator. I also realize that I have emptied a load of my super cum into the body of the truck. It was too much for my cock to handle as I demolished a huge machine without lifting a finger. I am thankful that the truck has not exploded, not that it would have hurt me at all, but I really don’t want the driver to die. I push my arms outward since they have been pinned to my body by the metal on either side of me. It is like I am brushing off a sheet that has been laid on my body. I am basically standing where the windshield begins – with that much of the truck’s hood around and behind me. As I move my arms from my sides the motion rips the truck in two, both sides pushing out to the side. I hear the driver moaning and then I see him as the cab is opened up because the truck is torn apart by my strength. I can see the guy is pinned to the seat by the steering wheel. I continue pushing forward and outward, pushing the two sides of the truck further apart. The noise is deafening as I cause steel to rip apart as easily as most people tear the perforated edges of paper towels. I make my way even with the driver’s seat. He is conscious and staring at me with disbelief. I reach up and push his seat backwards. With just one hand I cause the half of cab around him to expand back to it normal size. Now his body is away from the steering wheel. I reach up and wrap a big hand around the column supporting what was just pinning him. I easily rip the entire mechanism – column, steering wheel, and half of the remaining dashboard – from the truck and throw it backwards over my shoulder. The driver watches all of this stunned. I then slide my pinky up between his chest and the seatbelt that pins him to the seat tightly. I break through the material with just a slight flick of my smallest finger. The guy’s jaw falls open in total disbelief and awe. All that has just happened has finally registered in his stunned brain. “No fucking way.” That’s all he says before he passes out – caused either from the impact of the crash or from witnessing the amazing power of my huge muscled body. I grab the front of his flannel shirt with one hand and pull him from the truck. I’m holding him at my side the way a child might hold a Raggedy Ann doll. I easily bring my arm up and flop his limp body over my shoulder. I then bend my massive legs slightly and jump up into the dark night sky, leaving a hole in the pavement - caused by my powerful thrust from the ground. Maybe I should explain who I am and how I got this way. It all began with Ted, my roommate. How to explain Ted and what he did, though . . . that’s the question. I must go back a few months to begin this story. Ted (Part 2) I met Ted Spellman our first day of work at the law firm of Marks, Stephenson, and Tomkins. We were beginning at the prestigious firm on the same day, along with six other entry-level law clerks. If there was such a thing as pond scum in this particular place – we were it. Our trainer even said so at one point. She said that we would be treated as if we didn’t exist and the senior lawyers would make our lives hell. Ted and I bonded immediately just to have some reinforcement as we stumbled through our first few months of work. We hit it off immediately and, since we were both looking for a place to live, we decided to become roommates and rented a pretty decent two-bedroom apartment close enough for us to walk to the office. We weren’t trying be good or green or anything – it’s just that neither of us could afford to have a car in the city. I knew within a week of living together that Ted had feelings for me. I guess I had feelings for him, as well, but it didn’t help me to act on them. I was flattered but I was also too shy and too unsure of myself to acknowledge any of his advances. Looking back now I can see that he thought I was either not interested in him or so incredibly stuck up that I didn’t care about his feelings. Little did he know that neither was true. My upbringing had made it impossible for me to like myself. Let’s just say I had older brothers that played every sport imaginable and I loved Judy Garland – enough said. My past made it impossible for me to think a guy as great as Ted could find me interesting – let alone sexy! Ted was about six feet two, has a naturally built body, and was blessed with dirty blonde hair that looked marvelous the second he woke up in the morning. Don’t ask, I have a thing for hair. I, on the other hand, am . . . I mean was a guy of about five feet and eight inches, curly hair that had a mind of its own, and a body that not only despised weights but also did not respond to any kind of working out I chose to do. I knew deep down that I could never make someone like Ted happy. He might find my sense of humor grand – as he put it – for a while, but that would get old very soon. I wanted him to stay my roommate so I decided to never admit my feelings for him or acknowledge his advances. And this policy proved to be very sustaining until one night of vodka martinis. We were celebrating the fact that we had made it through a month at the law firm and that we had a three-day weekend. When we got home Ted insisted on making martinis to celebrate and then, three martinis each later, he decided to go for my jugular. “You don’t like yourself do you Brock.” “What?” I tried to ignore his question. We were sitting on the sofa listening to my mother’s Oleta Adams album – I was trying to convince him that she had an unbelievable voice. He was either unconvinced or his mind was too preoccupied to listen closely. I found it very appropriate that the song ‘Get Here’ was playing as we sat on opposite ends of the sofa – neither knowing how to move past this place of unknowing. He cleared his throat to give himself a little more time to rephrase his question. “You kind of have low self esteem, don’t you?” “Yes.” My answer was simple and honest. It was also spoken very softly and I did not turn to look at him at all. I didn’t know how I would react if I saw his handsome face and his caring eyes. “Why?” His question was simple, as well. I could tell by his voice that he was genuinely interested in knowing what feelings of insecurity were at my core. He wanted to know what made me tick. I didn’t know, at the time, that it was because he was truly interested in me. I was still nervous that any tumbling of my walls would lead to a quick night of sex and then many awkward days until one of us decided to move. “I don’t know, I guess it’s from my past.” “You mean because of your brothers don’t you. You feel that they were somehow better than you because they were athletes and you weren’t.” “It’s more than that Ted. It would really be hard for you to understand. You’ve looked like that for all of your life and I’ve looked like this.” “I think you’re very handsome.” This took us to an edge that I had always refused to go near. I still did not look at him. I could not imagine how his angelic blue eyes and his soothing smile would melt me. I knew I needed to stay in control of my emotions. “Was it because they were bigger than you? Is it because I am bigger than you that you ignore my blatant moves on you?” I turned to face him. I was slightly hurt by his words, but it was also wonderful to have someone know you so well. I prepared myself for his inviting gaze. I did not allow my face to show any of the conflict that was ravaging my entire body. “That’s part of it Ted, sure. I wish I could be bigger. I wish I were stronger. That’s not a bad thing, though. It just is, that’s all. Like I said before, you can’t understand.” “I guess not – well, not fully, but I think I get what it means - a little. Can you at least give me that?” “Sure.” “I think I know a way to help you get your wish, Brock. But right now I want to cook you dinner. First, though, I’m going to do this.” Ted leaned in and kissed me hard. The slight stubble on his chiseled face rubbed across my skin as he pressed his lips against mine. My cock shot fully rigid like some kind of rocket exploding into the air. I was completely caught off guard and didn’t react in any way. Ted pulled away and quickly stood up. “God, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. It’s going to be even better after the changes start.” I was so flabbergasted that I missed what Ted had said. I simply sat there and watched him move to the kitchen to start dinner. ********** Brock (Part 3) I landed out in the middle of nowhere about a mile from where I had so easily demolished the truck. I was still pumped with excitement from the memory of all that poundage of metal crumbling around my muscle-packed super body as the truck slammed into me. I hadn’t intended to leap so far away, but the adrenaline streaming through my veins had made me underestimate the power in my legs. I caused a pretty good-sized crater in the ground when I landed and the driver’s body flopped around on my shoulder because of the impact. I heard the guy moan as he began to regain consciousness. I looked around and saw that we were in the middle of a wooded area on the outskirts of town – just beyond a big construction supply store. This would be a perfect spot for me to interrogate my new small friend. I reached up with one hand and grabbed the back of the guy’s collar. I easily held his body in the air – kind of like a mother cat carrying her kittens. After a quick glance at him, I could see the destruction of his truck caused by my body had not hurt him too much. He was going to be pretty bruised, but nothing was broken. I began to think back to the moment when my stiff cock had pierced the front of the speeding truck as easily as someone’s finger might poke through toilet paper. I was instantly hard again. The massive ejaculation that had happened as the hood and motor of the semi folded around my immovable body had only been a temporary release. I was, again, jacked-up with the nuclear-powered cum gushing into my huge pole. I knew I needed to get off and I needed to do it quickly so I wouldn’t lose control and do some serious damage. I looked at the tiny man in front of me and contemplated plowing his ass. “Naw, I can’t do that. I’d easily rip this wimp into two pieces on the second thrust. But what to do with the asshole while I get a little relief?” I glanced around, noticing the huge storage area of the supply company. I leapt into the air, making sure I didn’t shove off too hard, and easily cleared the huge barbed-wire fence around the store. After landing in the middle of the building supply area I quickly saw what I could use for my little task. I heard the guy moan a little more and I was surprised by the fact that I had forgotten I was carrying his almost six foot frame as if it were nothing. I looked at the man that tried to run me over a little closer. He was a pretty big dude. He looked like he weighed about two eighty and was actually handsome. I briefly thought again about fucking the dude, but knew that my super cock would destroy his body even easier than it had the truck. I reached down with my empty and lifted a twelve foot steel girder like it was a toothpick. My giant hand easily reached around the thick piece of metal and my strong grip caused my fingers to indent the thing as if it were made out of wet clay. I lessened my strength before I squeezed the girder in two and jumped back into the air. I guided my huge body toward a group of huge oak trees in the middle of the wooded area. This time my landing did not cause the entire area to rumble like a small earthquake. I knew this meant I was starting to control my power a little more– this thought made my hard cock to begin to ooze pre-cum. There was little time left before my body’s need for ejaculation caused me to start destroying things just to increase the force behind my explosion. For me, showing off my strength was the ultimate foreplay! I was worried I might do something to my little prisoner – like toss him into the next state, squish him between my palms like a small accordion, or flatten him like a cardboard cut-out between my monster thighs. I moved quickly to one of the massive oak trees in the small clearing and pressed his body up against its wide trunk. I then tightened my grip on the girder in my hand and made it bend into a V shape. I slid the steel bean up under the guys arms and then reached around the tree to squeeze the ends together like someone my turn the twist-tie on a bag of apples at the grocery store. Even after being like this for a few months I was still amazed at how easy it was for me to manipulate steel that was a foot thick. I tightened the girder together until it cut into the side of the tree. I stepped back and smiled at the job I had done. The guy was pinned to the tree securely and dangled in the air about three feet from the ground. I was careful not to tighten the steel so much that he wouldn’t be able to breathe. I reached out and tapped the side of his face with two of my fingers – being careful not to use too much power. I didn’t want to snap his neck as his head spun around in some kind of Exorcist fashion, I just wanted to wake him up. The guy started to wake up and I laughed out loud as he began to realize what he thought was his big body had been easily carried and strapped to a tree by the muscled man in front of him. “Glad to have you awake little fella. That way, you can see more of what this powerful body can do. You should also be glad that I didn’t destroy you like I did your tiny truck.” “Where am I?” “About a mile outside of town.” “How did I get here?” “That’s simple. Like this.” I bent my legs slightly and jumped into the darkness above. I knew the rush of air from my sudden movement would force his head up against the tree. It would be like some simulator machine for an astronaut where the G-force would be too great to withstand. I simply jumped straight into the air and shot up high enough to see the lights of the entire town in the distance. When I landed back down in front of the little guy trapped against the tree I intentionally allowed the impact to shake everything within hundreds of yards around us. I wanted him to get an almost-full sense of the power my body contained. His mouth was open in disbelief and I was nervous he was going to pass out again. I did not want that to happen. I was ripe for showing off and I wanted his “little man” cum eruption to coincide with my titanic release. I was getting off on showing him my power more than he was enjoying the exhibition. “I could jump high enough to grab a satellite if you want me to. That would probably send you into some kind of muscle apoplectic shock, wouldn’t it little man. I hope you’re beginning to realize that your puny truck wasn’t going to do anything to me.” I was standing there without a stitch of clothing on my huge body and the man’s eyes could not decide where to focus. I could see he was impressed with my expansive chest, but he also couldn’t believe the size of my arms. I tensed my body just to show off. He let out a whimper that made it clear he knew he was in the presence of someone far more superior to any fantasy he had ever dreamed. That’s when he glanced at my cum-dripping bazooka of a cock and I swear the man almost had a heart attack just from the sight. I could tell his little brain was trying to comprehend how a dick could look so powerful. I knew the time was right to show off a little. “So, little man, I’m feeling the need to milk this monster rod. You should be happy as hell that I’ve decided not to shove this telephone pole up your ass. I know you’d like it – but it would be the last thing you ever experienced in your life and I need some information. Right now, though, I’ve got to calm this beast between my legs. So you just rest there while I take care of some business. Oh wait, I guess that’s kind of stupid because you couldn’t go anywhere even if you wanted to. It seems that big Brock here has taken a metal beam and wrapped it around you with just one hand. That’s right, with only one hand. I twisted a steel girder like it was a piece of paper. Does that turn you on, little man? I’m sure it does. Let’s see what else this big boy can do, shall we?” My cock was aching for relief. I was getting off on bragging about my power. I was ready to show the guy some more of my strength. I looked around for something that could help me empty my cum-filled balls. I broke into a big smile when I finally realized what my next show would be. I walked up to a second large oak tree a few feet from the little guy. I stood facing the tree and let the tip of my dick press up against the five-foot wide trunk. I grabbed the sides of the tree with my massive hands, allowing my fingers to easily dig into the thick wood. I slowly pushed my crotch forward. “Ah, no fucking way!” I chuckled at the little man’s words – he was obviously realizing what I intended to do. We both watched my dickhead begin to plunge slowly into the trunk of the large tree. The feeling of my cock penetrating a sturdy oak tree was unbelievable. I could feel all the blood in my body rushing to my powerful rod. I was easily pulverizing a thick tree with only my hard prick. I could not believe the power that existed in my body. I knew that I had only begun to fully comprehend what I was capable of, but that didn’t matter right now. All I wanted to do was to fuck this giant oak tree like it was some guy’s tight ass – and the pressure on my dick was incredible. This was slightly better than plowing the guy’s truck because I could do it slowly and listen to the thick trunk of the tree splintering as the tip of my cock moved deeper into its center. I cried out when my massive rod was fully into the tree. I knew that my giant pole was more than halfway through the thick trunk. I began to buck my hips slowly – pulling and pushing my meat into the tree. I wanted to show off more so I let go of the tree with my hands after burying my cock completely in. I then flexed my giant rod and the tree moved upward. I let out an inhuman yell and pulsed my cock even higher. Suddenly the entire roots system of the giant oak came screaming out of the ground. I leaned slightly backwards and then turned toward “little man.” The entire tree moved with my cock – completely penetrated and completely controlled by me. I let out a loud victory yell because I had just uprooted a giant oak with just my dick. “Holy shit!” I knew the little man was impressed, but there was still a lot more to come. I grabbed the sides of the tree again and started to rock my crotch forward and backward. I brought myself to climax quickly. Suddenly my cock erupted and it was like some kind of cannon being set off within the tree. The back side of the thick trunk was blown away into the night air. Ropes of powerful white cum shot out of the hole in the tree as I continued to ejaculate. I felt like some kind of super powerful woodpecker – and then realized my pecker hand destroyed most of the wood. There was now an incredible hole in the base of this tree. I finally stopped cumming and decided I needed to finish the tree completely. I held on to the tree tightly and then started twisting my hips back and forth. My cock acted like some kind of super chain saw and completely ripped the bottom part of the trunk from the rest of the giant tree. My powerful rod sliced the thick wood as if it were paper. The base of the tree fell to the ground with a loud thud. My cock was still hard as stone and sticking straight out. I turned to look at the face of “little man” and wasn’t surprised to see that he had passed out again. I also noticed that his crotch was sopping wet with his Brock-praising cum. I bent my arms downward and then forced them up quickly – sending the tree into the night air. I waited a few minutes and then heard it crashing into other trees a few miles away. Tossing a fully grown oak tree into the air had been as easy as flipping a coin. My power was mind-blowing – and cock-blowing, come to think of it. I turned back to little man, now that my intensely pressurized dick had been relieved. I again tapped his face to wake him. It took him a few seconds to fully regain consciousness - not to mention remember all of the details of my display of power. I could see that his tiny cock was still hard as a two-by-four. “So, little man, it’s time to tell me who sent you. Who’s the stupid guy that thought you’d be able to do some kind of damage to this super body?” “I’m not talking, you muscle-bound asshole.” I simply smiled at the defiant little guy. I was impressed by his determination. I knew I’d get the information from him, but I thought it would be fun to prolong the reward. I glanced around and saw a couple of boulders the size of the guy’s head. I walked over and grabbed them both in my giant hands. I moved back in front of the guy and held the big stones near his face. My fingers could wrap around them completely, but I held them in my open palms as I spoke. “So the little tough guy still doesn’t get it, does he? I’ve destroyed your truck with no effort at all. I just stood there, man, and you watched as my body caused your semi to crumple like it was cardboard. You also just saw me uproot a giant oak tree with just my hard tool. I lifted all of that massive weight with only my cock. Just imagine what I must be able to do with these powerful guns, boy. Look at these boulders – they’re about the size of your head, don’t you think? And what happens if I wrap my hands around these little things? What happens if I begin to squeeze tightly? My hands did exactly what my mouth was saying. I began to tighten my grip around the big boulders. The little man’s eyes began to widen as he heard the rocks in my hands make sounds of distress. My fingers were compressing the solid mass together and I knew the boulders could not take much more. Suddenly there was a loud noise and both stones burst into smaller fragments at the same time. Some small pieces shot out from between my fingers and rained down on the little guy’s body. I saw him start shaking uncontrollably and I knew what he was releasing another load of his muscle-loving cum. It dawned on me at that moment that the guy was refusing to tell me who sent him for an entirely different reason than I thought. I believe he was some kind of committed hit man, but the truth was that he was enjoying my strength show too much. He refused to tell me anything because he hoped it would cause me to show off my power even more. I admired his love of muscle, but I needed to move our conversation forward. I opened my hands and turn my palms downward, allowing the dust and fragments of destroyed boulders to fall to the ground. I reached out and wiped my hands on the guy’s shirt. I smiled at him, but he could tell it wasn’t a pleasant smile. “Time for your head to feel the same kind of pressure as those boulders. I doubt your skull will give as much resistance as they did.” I wrapped one of my hands around the top of his head. I marveled at the fact that my fingers reached down almost to his neck. God, I was huge. I began to squeeze him slightly – nothing even close to what power I had in my hand. “The guy’s name is Coles. Tommy Coles. He’s in the state penitentiary, but he has connections outside. I was hired by one of his lackeys. You’re not the target, though. We want your boyfriend. We want Ted Spellman.” I released his head when he spoke Ted’s name. My heart began to race with fear. *************** Ted (Part 4) “So I hope you’re hungry, Brock, because I made a lot of food and you need to clean your plate.” I was still sitting in the living room trying to get my head around the fact that my gorgeous roommate had just kissed me and then quickly exited to make dinner. I wanted to continue to ignore his advances, but a kiss on the lips is kind of hard to not acknowledge. I decided to let him take the lead. I would not speak about what had just happened a half hour ago unless he did. “You are not my mom, Ted, and I don’t have to eat anything I don’t like. I stopped having to be a member of the ‘clean plate club’ when I graduated from high school.” “Well you have to promise me you’ll finish the entire dinner tonight, sir. It will offend me if you don’t eat everything I’ve made for you. Besides that, I think you’ll like all of it – I think you’ll like it a lot. Just remember that the boys in the so-called ‘clean plate club’ usually grew up to be big and healthy men. You could still be a growing boy.” “I stopped growing in the eighth grade, Ted.” The face suddenly Ted made caused me to feel guilty and childish at the same time. The guy was obviously kidding with me and he just wanted to make sure I enjoyed our dinner. I’m sure he was looking for some way to avoid talking about the kiss from earlier. He just wanted me to feel comfortable. I started to realize at that moment that I was falling head over heels in love with the guy. “I promise to clean my plate, mom!” “That’s a good little boy – who’s soon to be bigger.” I ignored Ted’s cryptic words and gave him a slight shove as I walked passed him into the dining area off the kitchen. The momentary connection to his hard body made my knees go weak. I quickly moved away from Ted and was amazed to find that the table was set as if it were a romantic dinner for two and, in a way, I guess it was. There were candles lit on the table and the guy hadn’t used our typical high-end paper plates and plastic cups. The good china that I had inherited from my grandmother glimmered in the candlelight. “Here you go, sir.” Ted pulled out a chair for me. I sat down without really registering anything. I was lost in my confusion about how to handle all of this attention. I so wanted to give in to my lust for the guy, but I didn’t want to get my heart broken. I forced myself to not think about anything and just focused on the food in front of me. It looked fantastic. Ted had made pasta with Bolognese sauce, a large salad, and a dessert that looked like a chocolate tart of some kind. “You did all of this in just thirty minutes?” “Well, some of it was already done. Don’t worry about it. Let’s eat before it gets cold.” Ted then took the pasta and shoveled the entire contents of the bowl onto my plate. “Wait, what about you? I can’t eat all of this.” “Brock, you promised you’d clean your plate. Don’t worry about me. I just want some salad. This meal is all about you, buddy.” The word ‘buddy’ melted my insides. I loved how intimate it sounded. I picked up my fork and started to eat without any more protesting. My mouth was instantly filled with a cornucopia of incredible tastes. Ted’s pasta was amazing. The huge pile on my plate suddenly looked small and I knew I’d have no problem finishing the entire dish. As a matter of fact I had a funny feeling I’d be asking to lick the serving bowl. Ted watched me closely as I devoured the pasta. He picked at his salad and seemed too excited about something to eat. He opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass for both of us. “Ted, this pasta is amazing. This beef tastes incredible. What kind of spices did you use?” “Um, that’s a family secret, Brock. I can’t tell you. I’m glad you like it, though. There’s a little more in the kitchen. Let me get it for you.” He grabbed the serving bowl and was gone before I could tell him no, but then I realized I really did want more. He came back quickly with another full serving and poured it onto my almost pristine plate. I caught his eyes as he stood there and I swear he looked like a school kid about to burst with excitement. It dawned on me that Ted probably thought this meal was going to lead to something bigger before the night was through. Little did I know how right I was. “I’ve never had pasta as good as this, Ted.” “Thanks, Brock. I think you’re going to like the dessert, too. You have to have a few pieces of the chocolate tart, so save some room.” “It looks awesome, too.” I was starting to feel a good buzz from the wine – but, then again, the feeling was very different than I’d ever felt before. My entire body seemed to be tipsy. It wasn’t just my head that seemed to be numb from the alcohol – it was a sensation that consumed all of me. As I finished the pasta Ted poured me another glass of wine. “Drink up, buddy.” Again, his intimacy made my stomach do flips and I quickly took a big gulp of wine. Ted was quickly cutting a small piece of the tart and I couldn’t wait to taste it. He moved the small piece to his plate and then slid the rest of the dessert onto mine. “Hey, there’s no way I can eat all of that. What are you trying to do, dude, make me gain ten pounds tonight?” “And then some, my friend, and then some. Trust me, once you’ve had a bite you’ll want to eat the entire thing. Dig in, Brock.” I picked up my fork and took a big bite. It was fucking unbelievable. The chocolate flavor was so intense that my toes curled with excitement. It was like some kind of fudge explosion in my mouth. I quickly took another huge bite.” “Make sure you drink more wine, too, Brock. The mingling of its taste with the chocolate is unbelievable.” “You are so right. This dessert is incredible. And I love this wine. What is it?” I glanced at the bottle on the table and realized, for the first time, that it didn’t have a label. I glanced at Ted and was shocked at how the candlelight made him look a hundred times more gorgeous than before. I figured I must be getting sloppy drunk, but I didn’t care. I was slowly letting go of any defenses I had meticulously built over the last few months. The mixture of good food, great wine, and candlelight was too much for me. I knew right then that I would sleep with the guy that night. “Uh, well, it’s a wine that my family makes. Yeah, I don’t think I ever told you that we make our own wine. It’s a merlot or something.” “Wow, I didn’t know that. Well it’s really good.” I grabbed the bottle and poured some more into our glasses. The bottle was now empty. I finished my large portion of the dessert at the same time. Ted slowly ate his piece of the tart and watched me closely. It was so romantic. I was beginning to get a little hot under the collar. It must have been a mixture of the warm food, the wine, and the fact that my stud-of-a-roommate was staring at me with the bluest bedroom eyes I’d ever seen. “Well, sir, do I get mega points for cleaning my plate? There better be a huge reward for being such a good boy.” “I promise you there will be, Brock, I promise.” I stared at Ted’s face and was excited by his subtle reference to our impending roll in the hay. I had lost all control over my body. I was his and his completely. The temperature in the room suddenly seemed to rise by fifty degrees. Sweat instantly broke out on my forehead, back, and chest. The room swayed a little. I steadied myself and then glanced back at Ted. “Man, this dinner and wine were a little too much for me, Ted. Is it suddenly fucking hot in here or what?” “Um, about that Brock. I have something to tell you and I need you to stay really calm afterwards, okay?” Oh shit, did the guy really think he had to confess where this night was headed? Hadn’t I given him enough positive feedback for him to know that he could fuck me on the table right there if he wanted to? Damn, our relationship had not even started and we were already having trouble communicating. I was suddenly quite sober and just stared at the handsome guy. “Promise me you’ll remain calm, Brock.” “What are you talking about, Ted?” “Just promise me that you won’t freak out about what I’m going to say, okay buddy.” “Ted, come on. You’ve got to know that I feel the same way about you. I’ve wanted you from day one. Hell, I’m not going to freak out about what we’re obviously going to do tonight, mainly because there hasn’t been a night since we moved in together when I didn’t beat off thinking about you nude. You can’t tell me anything I already don’t know. I’m just ready to move on to the fucking! My only worry is that you won’t still want me in the morning.” As I spoke Ted’s mouth first dropped open in disbelief and then turned into this gigantic semi-devious smile. His beautiful face and slightly evil grin made my cock harder than it had ever been in my entire life. My body was on fire with anticipation of being held in his arms. I could never remember having such a powerful feeling dominating my body. It was as if this guy’s love for me was making me seem invincible. I suddenly had the desire to do something amazing – like lift a car or burst through a brick wall. I chuckled a little at the thoughts running through my head, but realized that Ted’s affection for me caused it all. “Well um, Brock, we’re going to get to all of that soon enough, but that’s not what I need to tell you.” I suddenly felt very stupid and tried to remember every detail of what I had just said. I could not believe I had spilled my deepest fantasies about the guy and he was going to share something totally different. I was not completely focused and started searching for a way to backtrack out of the big hole I had just dug. My face obviously showed my panic stricken state. “Wait, Brock. Don’t freak out. I really do want you, too. I can’t wait until we sleep together and fuck like rabbits. It’s just that there’s something more I’ve got to tell you.” My heart stopped beating wildly and I instantly calmed down. Ted’s words had been able to thrill and soothe me completely. I smiled at him and nodded my head – giving him permission to continue. Ted cleared his throat and looked down at the table. I suddenly got scared at what he might be sharing. “You remember that really intense military case I helped out on a couple months ago. It was the case that Mr. Stephenson was ready to take to the Supreme Court if he had to. Do you remember that?” “Yeah, sure. The case involved some crazy drug, right? Wasn’t the military suing some pharmaceutical company because it didn’t work or something? ” “Yes, that’s the one. Now listen closely, Brock, and remain calm.” Ted moved his hand across the table and placed it on mine. For a split second I forgot how serious he had turned and stared down at his hand. His touch made me feel like I was a fucking human volcano. I was suddenly as hot as the sun. I glanced back at his face to help calm down my body. “The drug was supposed to transform men into indestructible soldiers, but it didn’t work. As a matter of fact, it ended up killing all of the men that tried it. We won the case easily and everything involved with the drug trials had to be destroyed. Here’s where things get a little fuzzy on the moral scale, Brock, so please let me finish before you say anything. You see, all my life I wanted to be a lawyer, but my dad wanted me to be a doctor. I studied medicine for years with the intention of going to medical school. I specifically studied DNA and cell reproduction. I ended up convincing my dad to let me become a lawyer and I forgot about medicine completely. Well, Mr. Stephenson made me study the military case extensively and while I was looking over thousands of files from the drug company, I stumbled upon where they had made their mistake. I won’t bore you with all of the technical details, but let’s just say I realized that none of their test subjects had the right DNA in order for the drug to work. Now don’t judge me, Brock, but I took some samples of the drug one day when I was visiting the lab.” “You did what?” “Shhhh, Brock. Let me finish first. I’m going to tell you something that I’ve never told anyone and I hope it doesn’t ruin our relationship. I . . . I mean I’m attracted to . . . it’s just that . . . I dig really big guys. I’m talking hard-core bodybuilder types.” “Oh, I see.” All of the sexual excitement that had been building in my body suddenly stopped. I was forced back to being ‘inadequate Brock’ in a flash. Nothing else mattered except that Ted wanted a muscle guy and not me. I could not hide my disappointment and I could tell he immediately sensed what I was feeling. “Brock, you’re thinking too much and not listening to me. Let me finish before you decide things.” “What are you talking about?” “I can tell by your face that you’ve started feeling sorry for yourself and feel like you aren’t what I’m looking for and that’s not fair, Brock. You have to hear my whole story before you think anything. I’m going to jump ahead in all of this so you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself. I may like big guys, Brock, but I’ve fallen in love with you. I don’t completely understand how it happened and I don’t really care. I fell head over heels in love with you the first day I met you, too. Why do you think I’ve made all of these blatant advances on you? I dream about having a relationship with you almost every second of the day. Yes, you aren’t the biggest guy around. Yes, my fantasies involve guys that tower over me and are covered with massive muscles. But the simple fact is I fell for you and I fell hard. Do you hear that Brock? Do you understand what I’m saying?” “I guess so, Ted. It’s just hard to fully comprehend how it’s possible, but I believe you.” “Thank you. But now I have to tell you the most important part of all of this. A few weeks ago I took a sample of your DNA. I’ve been collecting samples from lots of people – trying to see if I could match the stuff I took from the drug company. It turns out you’re the perfect match, Brock. My calculations show that the chances of getting a match are about fifty million to one and it turns out my roommate hits it spot on. I couldn’t believe it. So tonight, while I was listening to you share with me about your past, your feelings of inadequacy when compared to your brothers, and your wish to be bigger and stronger, I made a decision. I knew I needed to get you to try some of the drugs the pharmaceutical company was testing, but I also knew you’d never do it willingly. So, I kind of put it in your dinner.” My mind did not grasp what he was saying at first. Slowly it dawned on me that Ted had mixed drugs that had already killed many men in the meal he had just served me. I was completely overwhelmed by what he was sharing. I stared at him for a few more seconds and then went ballistic. “You did what? I can’t believe you would do that! What does that mean?” “I’m not sure, Brock, but I think we’re about to find out.” *********** Brock (Part 5) As soon as the puny guy I’d so easily pinned to the tree mentioned my roommate’s name, my mind went into overdrive. This asshole was just some kind of decoy – someone to keep me busy while others pursued Ted. I didn’t waste even a fraction of a second. My massive legs thrust me from the ground and I knew there was going to be a deep hole left by the powerful departure. I was worried for a second I might have demolished the oak tree and the little guy during the lift off, but it didn’t matter at that moment. I could only think about Ted. I knew, instinctively, that the mega force behind my take-off would be enough to help me travel across town and to the apartment building where Ted and I lived. I didn’t even think about the fact that I was stark naked when I landed in the middle of the street in front of our place. I also didn’t care about the huge hole I left in the asphalt. I moved so quickly that I knew no one could make out exactly who or what I was. In a flash I was standing in front of the demolished door to our home. I moved inside – not caring if anyone was waiting to ambush me, because I was beginning to fully understand that I was an unstoppable muscle machine. I quickly moved through every room and saw that the place was empty. I could tell there had been a struggle of some kind and that someone had thoroughly gone over every inch of the apartment. It was pretty clear that someone was looking for something important and I think the item was Ted, himself. I quickly went back outside and in one leap I returned to the wooded area on the other side of town. I landed a little more carefully this time - right smack in the middle of the huge hole I had made when I blasted away. The force of my earlier lift off had knocked down a dozen or so large trees in the area, including the one the little guy was still strapped to by the thick steel girder I had effortlessly molded around him. He was now just lying there on the toppled tree staring up at the sky – unable to escape my manhandled metal binding. I slid my forefinger between his torso and the girder. I flicked my finger away from his body and it ripped through the twelve-inch thick beam like I was breaking a piece of thread. The guy’s gaze was glued to each simple movement with an intensity that was admirable. As soon as he saw me split a heavy piece of metal with just one finger his body went rigid and his face instantly turned red. I could tell he was fighting something internal with all of his might. He spoke through gritted teeth. “Oh shit, not again!” His body suddenly went into convulsions and he had to grab the two mangled jutting pieces of the I-beam to prevent himself from falling off the tree. I could tell his body was emptying itself of the muscle-worshipping cum that had built up tremendously while he contemplated my incredible power during the short time I was gone. I was pretty impressed with his recovery skills and had to wait a pretty long time as his body flopped around uncontrollably because of the force of his orgasm. He cried out like a wounded animal and his large muscles – well large compared to anyone but me – tensed up beautifully. After about seven minutes or so he was able to return to the land of the living and he just stared up at me with a face of pure satisfaction and awe. “You sure are one hell of a muscle pig, aren’t you little man?” “Yes sir.” His show of respect flattered me and I smiled at the fact that he could only whisper his response, since his body was still recovering from that last mind-blowing ejaculation. I slid the same forefinger that had just easily ripped through metal between his belt and his cum-soaked crotch. I lifted the guy’s body into the air and held him a few feet from the ground. His body was still so weak from its eruption that he flopped around like some kind of rag doll. My lifting him so effortlessly with just one finger caused him to coo like a little baby and a big smile beamed across his face. “Dude, you reek of little man juice. I should toss you from here into the lake a few miles away just to wash you off, but unfortunately we need to get to the penitentiary immediately. I have a date with this Tommy Coles you mentioned. He’s got information about something very special to me and even if I have to rip apart that entire fucking prison with my bare hands I’m going to get some answers. You smelling like this, though, is going to make you popular at the prison. I bet your stench causes a few big guys to fight each other to see who gets to claim you as their bitch. That should be fun to watch.” I saw his smiling face suddenly turn into one full of terror. He knew I was right. This pretty little big boy was just the kind of guy that made massive hardened criminals become ass-plowing machines. It was going to be fun to leave him at the penitentiary. I reminded myself to call the warden tomorrow and explain why he had one more inmate than the day before. Right now, though, I had to get some information from Tommy Coles. I tossed the guy over my shoulder with just my finger and then leapt into the air. The state prison was two counties away so I knew it would probably take at least a couple of jumps. The only thing that prevented the little guy from shooting another load when I blasted into the air like a rocket was the fact that his body was totally spent. He did buck around on my wide shoulder from a dry-heave orgasm – caused simply because it was too much for him to realize that my powerful legs could propel us miles from where we began. It was a shame that this guy didn’t have any other information about Ted because I knew me doing a few easy feats of strength could get him to share anything. The guy kept grinding his hard cock into my giant pec and tried to grope my massive right biceps with his tiny hand. I say tiny, but the fact was the guy was bigger than ninety percent of the world’s population. It’s just that I had grown to a size that made him look like a ninety-pound weakling. I could tell the impact from our first landing knocked the breath out of him – his stomach was shoved into my hard shoulder with a force similar to a two ton wrecking ball. It took him a while to recover and by that time I made my second hard landing about fifty yards from the outer wall of the penitentiary. Again the little guy’s breath was knocked from his body, but at the same time I felt his cock spew its umpteenth load of cum into his pants just because he was being so easily manhandled by me. For a few seconds I again contemplated filling his anal cavity and his entire insides with my hard mammoth rod, but decided against it since he could be a future source of information from inside the prison. I knew I could easily drop in and get him to spill his guts just by bending the bars to his cell with my fingers or, better yet, my cock. I reached up and grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled the guy from my shoulder. I held him at arms length and saw that he had passed out again. This was good news since I knew I needed things to be a little silent when I broke into the penitentiary. I started weighing my options for getting into the big place in front of me. There were actually no limits to the ways I could enter, but some of them didn’t seem like a good plan. I ruled out punching through the outer wall because I knew it would make too much noise and I wanted to get to Mr. Coles without being detected. I thought about just knocking on the front gate, thinking that my size and the fact that I was carrying a guy who probably had a criminal record a mile long might get them to let me in, but then there was the fact that I was buck-naked and had a raging hard-on that would definitely need to be milked soon. I think any sane guard would start shooting at me without even asking questions – mainly because they would view my cock as a deadly weapon, not to mention they’d probably be scared shitless because of my massive body. I knew I could easily jump into the middle of the place or onto the top of one of the buildings, but I didn’t know where I was going, exactly, and I figured I needed to get to my target pretty quickly – in order to avoid too much confrontation. I wasn’t worried about defending myself; I was actually more worried about anyone who got in my way. “He’ll be in the gym.” Little man’s voice actually caught me off guard. I was still holding him in the air with one hand but I had forgotten he was there, mainly because he was lighter than a feather. I looked at his face and immediately saw that the guy was totally smitten. I had a cum-for-muscle admirer that would obviously sell his own grandmother if it meant he could be close to my body or could witness some of my unbelievable strength. I was actually beginning to like this little runt even though he had tried to run me over with a semi. I made a promise to myself to give him a little reward at some point. I also knew he loved it when I verbally dominated him. “What’s that pipsqueak?” “Tommy will be in the gym with his army of muscle heads. They work out every evening. His gang is some of the biggest and meanest guys in the place. Of course, all of them put together don’t come close to matching the strength of even one of your arms, but they don’t know that. I’m looking forward to watching them freak out as they realize you’re unstoppable.” “So the little man’s beginning to understand what’s in this gigantic package, huh?” I tensed my chest and the arm that wasn’t holding him. He was mesmerized by my body and let out a whimper that reminded me of a puppy that wants you to play with him. Yep, this little fella was looking forward to this huge superior man toying with a group of lesser mortals. Man, his enthusiasm was actually making my hard cock start to squeeze out big drops of pre-cum. I looked forward to showing off for my little muscle-strength junkie. At the same time I was getting jacked up with super-fucking adrenaline at the thought of taking on an army of muscle-bound assholes who probably think they are the world’s biggest alpha-males. Shit, there wasn’t anything in the world better than dominating an alpha male – unless it was dominating a group of alpha males at the same time. I began to breathe a little harder just from the excitement of what was to come. “So, you want to see this big boy take on an army, little man?” “Aw fuck yes. I’ll probably go into cardiac arrest just from watching you toy with those guys. There’s nothing in the world that would give me more pleasure.” “Well this is your lucky night, tiny dude. Where’s the gym?” “Far right corner. You can easily jump over the outer wall to the north side of the building without being detected. There’s a huge heavy steel-barred door that keeps everyone in the gym for the evening. That thing is calling out to be easily ripped apart by just one of your powerful hands. But I beg you to put it back afterwards so no one can escape the place when you begin to show off your strength. Better yet, make it look like it took a lot of work to bend the bars so they won’t know your full potential! Then they will think they can easily take you. There’s a room full of gym equipment just waiting to be destroyed by your bare hands. These guys never let anyone else use the gym. It’s like their special club. I want them to remember this evening. I can’t wait to watch their faces as you show them real power.” “What’s your name, little man?” “Clarence, sir.” “I may need an assistant someday Clarence and I think you’re the right man for the job. I didn’t think there could be a man on earth that got off on my strength more than me, but that was before I met you. It’s like you’ve got the entire night mapped out for me. I promise to make a few of your fantasies come true tonight, okay. But here’s the catch, I think you should wait to shoot your next load until I’m completely done. Let’s build it up real good so it will shoot out like water from a fire hydrant. You think you can do that Clarence?” “I doubt it sir, but I’ll try.” “Good, little man. Now let’s go have some fun.” ********** Ted (Part 6) “Ted, what have you done?” I was finding it hard to talk because I couldn’t catch my breath. My body felt like it was about to rip into a thousand tiny pieces. There was so much pain that my mind had no idea where to focus in order to ease the growing discomfort. Suddenly, a wave of intense nausea raced through my intestines and I fell from the chair, grabbing my stomach tightly. I cried out loudly and the sound made Ted race to my side. “Listen to me, Brock. You need to relax as much as you can. I know it’s hard as hell, but you’ve got to fight against tensing up. It will help during the transition, I promise.” “I . . . can’t . . . Ted!” It took too much effort to talk. I gritted my teeth and curled up into a tensed ball. My body had begun to shake uncontrollably and my skin felt like it was on fire. I knew that I would not be able to take much more and my body was going to shut down. Ted had used me as a guinea pig and I was going to die just like the other men that had tested the drug. This man that I thought I loved had knowingly sentenced me to death. A second wave of even more intense nausea racked my entire body. My eyes rolled back into my head. In the midst of the terrible pain I felt a hand slap my face sharply. My eyes went back to normal and I looked up at Ted. “Brock, pay attention. You’re freaking out. Trust me, buddy, you’re not going to die. You need to calm down. I know it’s hard, but you can do it. Just follow my instructions. You’ve got to believe that I’d never do anything to hurt you. I love you.” His final sentence sent a wave of delight through my aching body. I have no idea where I gathered some strength from, but I actually relaxed my frame slightly and pulled my hands from my stomach. Sweat covered every inch of me and I could tell my clothes were becoming soaked. I gritted my teeth harder and straightened out my legs and torso. Ted helped me to lie on my back. “That’s it, man. I knew you could do it. Now I hate to tell you this, Brock, but the pain is going to increase.” “What the fuck!” I yelled at him through gritted teeth. I stared at his calm beautiful face and tried to use that to take my mind off of the way every inch of my body hurt like hell. He smiled at me and knew the right things to say to help me. “Listen, buddy. You’re body is preparing itself for restructuring. Your DNA is going through some major enhancements. You are going to be huge, man. I’m talking fucking big. It’s what you’ve always dreamed of and what I’ve always wanted, too. You’re going to have muscles in places you never knew existed. Just imagine flexing your arm and instead of seeing a thin little bump you’re going to see biceps bigger than my head. Hell, it might be bigger than my entire upper body, I don’t know. I do know, though, that it’s going to be massive. I’ve seen the way you look at bodybuilders, Brock. You’ve always wished you could have a monster body like them and now you will. You’re going to tower over your brothers and they’re going to be intimidated as hell when they’re around you.” These words were like some kind of healing balm to my pain-ravaged body. It wasn’t that the pain was diminishing or anything, but I was finding the inner strength to deal with it. I was focusing on the idea that I was going to grow huge. Visions of me being covered in big muscles took my mind off of the intense throbbing that was attacking ever part of me. My excitement about turning into what had always been my fantasy helped my body to relax more. And to know that Ted wanted me to be huge, as well, just added to my drive to stay still and ride out the impending changes. I was still a little scared that I was going to die, but my faith in Ted and my lust for muscles overruled any major doubts. “Yeah, that’s it Brock. Relax your body. Keep thinking about big muscles exploding all over. It’s going to be better than watching the transformations on Incredible Hulk reruns, because this time it’s going to be real and it’s going to happen to you. You’re going to shred these clothes just by growing, Brock. I can’t wait to see your bulging leg muscles burst through these jeans, not to mention your new big feet shredding those loafers. Yeah, man, keep relaxing. Ignore the pain and just think about becoming enormous.” Ted’s words continued to help me not focus on the pain in my body. I also couldn’t believe that, in the midst of everything that was happening to me, his words were causing me to get a mind-blowing hard-on. My cock was stiffer than I could ever remember. The thought of me becoming immense and rippling with bulging muscles made my blood gush to my hard rod, causing it to press obscenely against my pants. I was beginning to become acclimated to the pain still pulsing to every cell of my body. I was actually able to smile, albeit with gritted teeth, at Ted. “Yeah, buddy, you’re starting to understand what’s going to happen, aren’t you? I knew you’d be happy once you realized that we were making your dreams come true.” “And . . . yours . . . too.” Ted turned red after I spoke. The poor guy was embarrassed that he was going to enjoy my new body as much as I was, and that made me smile more. Little did he know that the idea of him getting off on my muscles caused me to want to grow even more than before. I could not wait to fulfill some of his muscle-worshipping fantasies. “Don’t worry, Ted . . . that . . . makes me . . . want . . . it more.” This made him smile and I could tell he was getting even more excited about the impending change. He took one of the cloth napkins from the table, dipped it in a water glass, and then laid it across my forehead. I knew, deep inside, that this experience was taking our relationship to a level that would be stronger than anything I had ever felt before. We would be connected in a way that could not be explained. It seemed to be more than just a love for each other, but that was simply the best word to describe it. Suddenly my body turned to ice. I was still fully conscious, but it felt like every organ of my body shut down – as if some kind of power failure had just happened. I was amazed that the split-second change didn’t scare me. I knew on some level that it was merely part of the process. I could sense that my heart was still beating, but it was so slow that most people would have thought I was dead. Ted recognized the change as soon as it happened. “Brock, don’t be scared. This is the final stage before you begin to grow. I have a feeling you are very cold, now. Am I right?” I nodded very slowly and Ted took the damp napkin from my forehead. I noticed a strange feeling that was starting to emanate from somewhere in my body. It took me a few seconds to realize that the feeling, or ‘power’ might have been a better word, was coming from my balls. It was like some kind of sonar blast that would suddenly shoot out from my ball sac throughout the rest of my body. The discharge of power into all of my limbs reminded me of the intense tingling that usually covered your body right before you ejaculated. I would often pause numerous times when beating off just to increase that feeling in my body. I suddenly realized that the best way to describe what I was feeling was to say that every cell within me seemed to be in the throes of an intense orgasm. My body was like a giant cock getting jacked up with some super-powered juice that was about to explode through every pore. I knew the impending ‘release’ was going to be mind staggering and life changing. I could see, by the look on his face, that Ted knew what was coming, too. He laid his hand on my shoulder and I could sense he wanted to ask something important. “Brock, can I ask a favor? Would it be okay if I climbed on top of you and rode out the growth? That’s been a fantasy of mine since I was a kid. I want to be able to feel your body exploding underneath me. I want to be able to grope your chest and arms as they swell up into . . .” I didn’t give him time to finish. I instinctively knew the changes would be starting to happen soon and I also figured it would be hot as hell to watch him being turned on by what was about to happen. If I couldn’t watch the growth myself, it would be just as good to watch it through his eyes. I forced my hand to slide over and hit his leg. “Knock yourself out . . . buddy.” “Yeehaw!” Ted yelled loudly as he straddled my midsection. He let his ass fall back on my crotch. He had not anticipated the stiff-as-metal pole that would be waiting for his cute bubble butt. I could tell feeling my hard cock thrilled him beyond belief. I watched as a new realization formed in his brain. “Shit, Brock. I forgot that your dick is going to grow humongous, too. Aw fuck, man, it’s going to be like a lifetime of orgasms all at one time - feeling your body and rod grow underneath me. You’ve made me the happiest man in the world! And soon you’ll be the biggest man in the world!” The thought of me making Ted happy intensified by tenfold the super charge rushing through my body. I had a feeling that the effect of Ted’s delight on me was going to cause the growth to be notched-up even more than he anticipated. I was beginning to sense that neither of us fully understood what was about to happen. At that exact moment my mind suddenly expanded in a way that mirrored the birth of a new solar system. I was suddenly filled with some kind of sixth sense that served as a precursor to the changes about to happen to my body. Any fear of death from the drugs in my blood system completely disappeared. I was fully aware of every fiber of my being at one time. It was as if my soul, my muscles, my bones, my organs, and all parts of me became alive for the first time ever. The pain that had been tearing at my body for a while abruptly stopped. I felt like I was floating in the air like a helium balloon. I looked up at Ted’s excited face. He saw in my eyes that the time for growth had arrived. He placed his hands on my chest and grabbed hold of the little amount of meat that existed. He was ready for the ride of his life. I was ready for my re-birth as a colossal muscleman. ********** Brock (Part 7) I quickly moved around to the side of the prison where the gym was located, a few yards beyond the outer wall. I carried Clarence with one hand as I moved. I turned his body so he could feel the wind rush by as we moved at super speed. When we got in place I turned my hand so he could see my face. He had a gigantic smile and I knew he had loved the ride. “Is this the place?” “Yes sir. It’s just about a hundred yards on the other side of the outer wall. If you land just inside the wall there’s a shadow caused by the watchtower that will probably be just big enough to hide your huge body. The large door to the gym will be straight ahead. There’s one guard that monitors the door. His name is McKinley and he’s a muscle whore, too. He always requests that job so he can watch the inmates work out. I’m sure you’ll be able to win him over with a few flexes and the promise of a ringside seat as you take on Coles’ muscle heads. He’s bigger than me – both in his size and his love of guys showing off their strength.” “I see you’ve thought of everything Clarence. Thanks. I’m going to have to make this battle last a little longer than it really should, just so you can get to see more of what my body can do. I’ll throw in a few gratuitous strength displays just for you.” “Thank you sir.” I glanced back up at the wall and began to map out a landing on the other side just as Clarence instructed. For a brief moment I contemplated the fact that the little man might be leading me into a trap. I chuckled to myself, though, when I realized it didn’t matter either way. I knew I’d be able to handle anything waiting for me on the other side of the wall. I reminded myself, also, that this dude craved my muscles and me showing off my strength more than life itself. I was sure he wanted to watch me toy with Tommy Coles and his men as much as I looked forward to doing it. Clarence was actually setting a trap for the guys in the gym and that thought made my cock hard as hell. Still, I decided on a way to keep his mouth silent for the few seconds it would take me to get to the gym. I wasn’t doing it because I was worried he would make noise, but mainly as a brief reward for helping me out so far. “How about you suck on my mammoth pec for a while, Clarence.” I pulled his body into my chest and the man was like a newborn kitten instinctively honing in on its mother’s tit. Clarence’s mouth suctioned onto my saucer-sized aureole and nipple instantly. Both of his hands shot quickly up and grabbed hold of both sides of the huge mound of muscle. I had a feeling that I could have released his body and he still would have dangled in the air – that’s how much power he was using to try and milk my big man nip. I jumped into the air and cleared the wall by hundreds of feet. I landed pretty hard beside the wall on the inside. The jolt of my landing shook Clarence’s body very much but he still maintained a tight hold on my pec with his mouth. The little man was in some kind of muscle heaven and even a hurricane would not have caused him to break away from my muscled nipple. Everything was just as the tiny guy had said. I was mostly hidden by a dark shadow and I could see the gym ahead of me. I quickly saw McKinley pacing back and forth by one of the large barred windows of the one story building. The guard was watching the men inside closely. I could tell by the way he rubbed the front of his crotch that he wasn’t watching just to make sure everyone was okay – he was also getting off on all the sweaty bodies pumping iron inside. I had a feeling that when he got one look at my giant frame the big hard tool in his pants was going to erupt because of muscle overload. I was positive McKinley had never seen anyone as big as me and I had a feeling I was going to rock his world when I began to easily pulverize Tommy Coles and his men. Clarence was still sucking on my man tit like it was the last thing he’d ever get to do on earth. I moved silently and swiftly within a few feet behind the guard. I stood there for a few seconds before the guy began to realize he was not alone. He might have heard the soft slurping noise of my little man admirer working so diligently on my pec, but the way he went rigid suddenly and then turned around slowly made me think his radar had definitely picked up something inhumanly large behind him. I had a feeling that some hunters in the woods got the same kind of feeling when a huge grizzly appeared out of nowhere. The prison guard’s face went from a look of fear to a look of shock and then to a look of lustful awe as he registered what was standing behind him. I think the first thing the poor guy noticed was a man about his size sucking on something that looked like the side of a hot air balloon. It was also clear that the dude doing the sucking was a couple feet off the ground. He then realized that there was a second matching hot air balloon attached to the first. McKinley’s face turned ashen white as he grasped that the two big balloons were rising up and down and were, indeed, muscled flesh – hard muscled flesh. The guard inhaled deeply as he stepped back so he could fully take in the width of the unbelievable chest in front of him. His gaze was just a little lower than the jutting pec shelf in front of him, so he needed to lean back to fully comprehend that what stood in front of him was not just a man, but a man so fucking big that all of his life’s fantasies put together didn’t come close to matching what he now beheld. As his gaze rose upward McKinley took in my keg-sized muscled arms, my mountainous shoulders, the full mass of my bulging chest, and my smiling face beaming down at him. That’s when the guard’s face turned to complete desire and awe. It’s also when his body began to jerk wildly as if he were doing some kind of tribal dance. This movement lasted for a full minute and then the big man’s legs buckled and he fell to his knees. He was able to keep his body erect after falling, but I was sure only because that’s when he got his first glance at my giant rigid cock. His eyes seemed to glaze over and his mouth fell open wide. I stepped back and looked at the guy kneeling before my temple-sized dick. A large wet spot was seeping across the fabric at his crotch. So McKinley was a big old muscle whore just like Clarence had said. I decided I needed to finish the pre-show for the guard. I released my grip on Clarence and, just as I had thought earlier, his body continued to dangle in the air as he held tightly to my pec with his mouth and hands. I moved my arms into a double biceps pose and made the mounds of muscle shoot high into the night air. “Holy fuck!” “Aw shit!” The whispering voices of both men filled the space around us. Clarence continued his work on my nipple as his eyes gazed up at my arms. He actually spoke out of the corner of his mouth. McKinley, still down on his knees, stared at my huge biceps and saliva actually slid down his chin at either side of his mouth. He looked like a dog waiting for a big piece of meat. He was actually, though, a big man looking at a bigger piece of muscled man meat. I grabbed Clarence by the back of his collar and pulled him from my chest. I heard him whimper as I moved his body away. I placed him on the asphalt to the side. I patted his head as I spoke. “Stay, little man, or I’ll hit you on the top of your head so hard that you’ll instantly be buried in the concrete up to your neck. McKinley, here, and I are going to have a little fun.” My words instantly thrilled Clarence. He suddenly forgot about wanting to continue sucking on my mega pec and looked over at the guard on his knees. My movement and my words also seemed to revive McKinley. He suddenly jumped to his feet and quickly pulled out his police baton. In a flash he raised the weapon and brought it down to my chest with all of his strength. He was sure the force of his blow would send me to the ground. I’ve learned a few things about these batons since the changes to my body forced a few scared officers to use them on me. They are aircraft grade aluminum tubing that is supposed to not bend, warp or even break when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures and the tubing is filled with a heavy durable wood dowel. I guess the guy that created them never anticipated me, though. As soon as the weapon hit my hardened chest it encountered something much more powerful. The top end of the thick tube shattered into small pieces and the lower half vibrated so hard from the impact that McKinley was forced to drop it. I could tell his hand was in a lot of pain but he quickly reached down and grabbed his pistol, pointing it at my stomach. Clarence cleared his throat loudly and this caused the guard to look in his direction. “I wouldn’t if I were you. It would only make him mad.” This was enough distraction for me to quickly grab the gun from the guard’s hand, being careful to not rip his forefinger off. The poor guy was stunned that I could move so fast and he froze in fear. I smiled at him and then placed the gun between my monstrous pecs. I was careful to leave the handle part sticking out. I squeezed the two mounds together as if I were just breathing hard. I then pulled the gun back out and handed it to McKinley. Clarence stepped forward to take a look at what had happened. Both men gasped when they saw that the simple movement of my muscle chest had squeezed the metal barrel and body of the gun into something as flat as a piece of cardboard. It looked like some child’s cutout cardboard toy. And then, as if on cue, both men started groping their hard cocks through their cum stained pants. I knew at that moment I had won McKinley over as a new little worshipper, as well. I reached down, grabbed him under his arms, and lifted him into the air like he was a piece of cardboard, too. He was so stunned and excited that he dropped the gun. Clarence picked it up and I knew he’d be busy for a while looking at the imprints of the veins from my chest smashed in the metal. I brought McKinley up even with my face and smiled at him. “What’s your first name McKinley?” “Francis. I . . . mean . . . um, Frank.” “Well, Francis. I guess you’ve figured out that tonight can be your lucky night if you want it to be. I’m pretty sure you’ve never seen a man like me and you probably never will again, but I’m planning on going inside that gym and creating a little more havoc than you’ve already seen. If you think my size, my club-busting chest, or my gun-squeezing pecs are impressive then I can guarantee you’re going to love what I do to Tommy Coles and his men. You see, they’re somehow involved in the kidnapping of someone very important to me and I need to get some information from them. After I get my information I think it’s only right that I teach them a little lesson. So, here are your choices little Francis. I could toss your light body a few miles away and easily be done with my business by the time you make it back or you can watch me do the job I came here to do and have a few more cum explosions watching me use these muscles you admire so much.” The guard’s face turned beet red. I could tell it was the first time anyone had ever openly acknowledged they knew he was a muscle pig. He looked down at my immense body, trying to avoid my eyes. It saddened me that this guy had kept his lust for muscle and huge men silent for so many years. I was determined right then and there to help him embrace his inner craving for all things super powerful and massively muscular – which really meant me. I knew that I could demolish the macho wall he had built around himself as easily as I shattered his baton and flattened his gun. It was time for Francis McKinley to come out of the closet as a muscle loving pig-boy. I was going to reward Clarence and him with a strength-packed, muscle-bulging show inside the gym. I also knew I’d have as much as fun as they were going to. “Listen, Francis. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of – it’s fine if you like this big body in front of you. If you get off on some big dude easily shoving heavy weight around, that’s okay. Look at Clarence here; he’s the biggest little muscle worshipper I’ve ever seen. He’s still transfixed by what my powerful chest did to your gun. And here’s the real kicker, Francis, I get off on all of it too. Yep, that’s right, I’m a muscle whore just like you. My cock gets super stiff any time I do something powerful. I love what this body of mine can do and I’m proud of it. Smashing your gun into a thin slice of metal with no effort at all got my juices pumping something awful. I wish you could have been there earlier when I uprooted a fucking giant oak tree with just my hard rod. Man, it was incredible.” “Yeah it was, you should have seen it McKinley. His cock poked through that oak tree like it was a piece of paper and then he pulled the whole thing out of the ground with just one twitch. It was unbelievable.” “Thank you, Clarence. So, you see Francis, it’s fine for you to want to watch me demolish things or for you to shoot a load just from copping a feel of my gigantic arms.” It was pretty clear that the big guard had no idea he had been running his hands up and down my forearms and biceps. I’m sure his subconscious had easily taken over because the man of his deepest desires was holding him off the ground so easily. He had been letting his fingers slide over the matching large veins that trailed up and down both arms. Each time he got to my bulging upper arms he would try to dent the muscle with his hands but the thick skin covering hard-as-rock sinew didn’t budge at all. The stupefied guard quickly pulled his hands away from my arms. I laughed out loud. “I can see that you need a little more encouragement, don’t you, Francis. How about I toss you in the air like your dad used to do when you were small. I bet you loved that when you were little – and you didn’t even know why. Let’s step away from the building a little and send you up into orbit. Have you ever wanted to fly Francis? Well tonight is your lucky night.” With no warning at all I lowered my arms and then raised them into the air with just a fraction of my strength and the big guard’s body shot into the air. There wasn’t enough time for the guy to even think about screaming. He flew into the air so quickly that even the guards in the lookout tower wouldn’t notice him. The only sound was a gush of air that followed the heavy body into the air. I figured that was the sound Superman made when he took off from earth – come to think of it, I made that noise every time I jumped into the air. Both Clarence and I watched the big guy’s body disappear into the dark night air. I worried for a few seconds that I had underestimated my still-new strength and sent the guy so high that he would either freeze like a popsicle or not have enough oxygen to breathe. “Sweet fucking shit! Where did he go?” I looked at Clarence. His mouth was wide open and he was squinting into the sky trying to find the orbiting guard. I had a feeling that Clarence wanted to take a little flight too. I made a mental note to give him the chance sometime. I got the feeling that Clarence was going to have enough jack-off material to use for the rest of his life. The guy continued to be amazed by each feat of strength I performed. He was the perfect audience. His enthusiasm made my balls pulse as they produced my super pumped juice. I knew I was going to need some release soon. “Here he comes. He’s gonna be flatter than a pancake when he hits this cement, the poor guy.” I did not detect any true sadness in Clarence’s voice. He, again, underestimated my abilities. He just didn’t get it yet. I glanced up and saw the guard’s body falling like meteorite to the earth. When he reached the point just at my reach, I easily caught the guy under his arms and slowed his body down as I lowered my hands with the weight – stopping his body completely when his feet were a few inches from the ground. I immediately chuckled out loud when I saw that Francis had the biggest childlike grin I’d ever seen on his face. The big man was completely overjoyed at being tossed so easily into the air. I really did believe that I had connected with the memory of some adolescent thrill given by his father or some other big older man tossing him in the air. I knew at that moment that Francis was now as smitten as Clarence. I raised the guard into the air so our faces were even. “You liked that didn’t you, Francis?” The man just nodded furiously, like he was some five-year old that wanted to please his elder. I had a feeling he desperately wanted to be tossed in the air again, but I knew it was time for me to have a little workout with the guys inside the gym. I also knew that Francis was going to really like the power show I was about to unleash on a whole group of men he had worshipped for a long time. Those guys were now nothing but a distant memory to Francis, because he had met someone bigger and much stronger. I knew this guard would now do anything I asked, but I wanted to make sure he was happier on the inside, as well. “And do you like my big body, Francis?” “More than anything, sir.” His answer came quickly and I could tell by how forceful it was that the guy had now embraced his lust for muscle completely. He would never again be ashamed of his desire for some bigger guy to dominate him. Francis had stepped into the light, he was now completely freed and I knew he would spend the rest of his life trying to find another guy as big or strong as me. I was sad that he was destined to be disappointed, but I was pretty sure he’d have a lot of fun in the midst of the search. “So, no more fear of being a muscle junkie?” “No sir!” “Well, just to seal the deal, Francis, and to confirm your total devotion to muscle and power, I have one more favor. Well, it’s really an order. You okay with that, my muscle-loving soldier?” “Yes sir.” “Cum!” It was just a simple word – short and sweet. But it was said by a voice full of power and from someone that was beginning to understand his control over other men – well, other humans. I knew that my order would make the guard’s body erupt in orgasmic servitude to the super muscle man that still held him in the air. That one simple word made Francis’ body immediately convulse in a stream of uncontrollable mind-blowing spasms. I heard a noise to my right and turned to see that Clarence had fallen to the ground and his body was also thrusting around as he emptied a full load into his pants. I was pretty sure the guy on the ground had emptied enough of his juice up to that point that he had probably lost ten pounds. I was impressed he still had something to spew from his cock. I turned back to Francis and was even more impressed to see that the guy was still shooting. The wet stain that was once just at his crotch now reached upward covering half of his shirt and stretched below his knees in the fabric of his pants. This guy had obviously been storing up his man-lava like a volcano that had lied dormant for centuries. I was sure that Clarence’s abs were going to hurt like hell tomorrow – his stomach was pumping like a giant oil rig when it finally gets a gusher! It took a few minutes for both men to stop shaking involuntarily – even after they had stopped cumming. Then it took even longer for both of their brains to return to earth. I knew each man wanted to stay in muscle-heaven for a lot longer, but the promise of getting to see more strength feats and to watch my body in action brought them back to reality. I set Francis back on the ground as Clarence struggled to stand up. I could tell his legs were very weak and his body was still shaking from its workout. If shooting a load could have added muscle to a man’s body, both of these guys would have now been as big as me. Boy how I loved showing off my muscles and strength for them. I was going to have a lot of fun inside the gym. “So, Francis. You okay with me ripping a hole in that big metal door to the gym and then showing off my body and my power to the guys inside. Remember, I promise you and Clarence, here, a ringside seat. I might even let you two decide some of the things I’ll do to highlight my talents. As a matter of fact, Clarence, here, suggested that I make it look like it’s a struggle to bust through the door so the guys have no idea of my real strength. I kind of like that plan – that way the group thinks they can take me easily. It will be fun for all of us to watch them be surprised as they realize I’m unstoppable. So, what do you say, big guy? You up for a massive muscle show?” “Hell yeah.” “Fuck yes.” Again, both men answered at the same time and this made me laugh. I turned and walked toward the corner – heading toward the massive steel door to the gym. My cock was sticking straight up against my rock-hard abs – just from the anticipation of the fun I was about to have with my massive body. Tommy Coles and his men were about to meet Mr. Unstoppable and it was going to be fun for me and my new muscle-worshipping slaves. ********** Ted (Part 8) My cock was the first thing that began to grow. I could not believe I was so insanely aware of my body that I could sense where the serum Ted had put in my food was affecting me. It’s like when you stub your toe and your brain immediately registers the throbbing pain – even though that part of your body is so far away. Every atom of my body seemed to be focused on my dick. At first the feeling was very similar to the stimulation you feel when your rod starts to harden, but then it turned into something much more . . . I couldn’t find the right word . . . something much more powerful. Yes, that was it, I was feeling a surge of power in my very-stiff member and it was perfectly clear to me that the life-long friend of my right hand inflated with every pleasure inducing pulse. Even in the midst of the pain that was still ravaging my body I could sense the incredible endorphin rush released each time my cock expanded. I was completely aware, for example, when my cock reached the size of what most people would call a good size. My brain was able to somewhat celebrate the fact that I was going to impress people when I pulled down my underwear. I wasn’t as big as John Holmes, but I knew that my once timid little cock could now stand up proud next to most men. I was not, however, ready for when the piece of meat continued to increase in size. My mind had trouble understanding when my cock grew to the size and length of a rolling pin. Ted, on the other hand, accepted this fact joyfully when his ass felt something hard as steel and big as that baker’s kitchen utensil forcing his body to rise into the air. He was fully expecting the growth and, by the look on his face, he understood that my cock was nowhere near finished growing. “Yeah, Brock. God, that feels good. Of course your cock would be the first thing to grow. I should have known that, since it’s where your maleness is defined. Shit, it’s as big as my forearm, but longer. Don’t worry, man, that’s just the beginning. What does it feel like, Brock? God, you’ve got to tell me.” “There’s . . . still . . . pain, but . . . my balls and cock feel . . . good.” “Yeah, that’s it, buddy. Focus on the good feeling. Relax your body and your mind by concentrating on the growth. Shit, you’re already so much bigger.” Ted was right. I could tell that my cock was now as thick as a two liter Coke bottle, but almost as long as my entire arm. Suddenly I heard muffled fabric tearing and realized my pants were being spit open in the front by my powerful dick. The sound was muted because Ted’s ass was covering that part of my body. It was clear by the ecstatic look on his face that he could feel my pants busting open and allowing the growth to seemingly accelerate. Ted began to slide his butt up and down my developing pole. I painfully forced my head to come up from the floor as I tilted my chin toward my chest. What I saw was like something out of a horror film about aliens. My once tiny-sized dick was now some kind of veined giant python sticking up almost to my face. It now looked as thick as a fire hydrant – nearly as wide as my body – and was well over two feet long. Its growth actually forced me to lay my head back down on the ground. I could have easily licked the piss slit of my own dickhead without even moving. I suddenly panicked. I was sure I was turning into a circus freak. The pain in my body suddenly took over again and I began to have trouble breathing. Ted immediately figured out what was happening. “Brock, stop it! Don’t worry about the size of your cock. Your body is going to catch up. I promise. You just have to give it time. Don’t freak out, buddy! Focus again on your growth. Get back in touch with the good feeling. Come on man. Don’t let the size of your beautiful rod scare you. I mean it, Brock. Look at me. Look at me, man!” Ted was yelling now and for a second I worried that the neighbors might come knocking on the door. This was certainly going to be hard to explain to the 80-year-old Mrs. Simpson down the hall. I looked at the smiling face of my gorgeous roommate and somehow found the strength to focus again on the pleasure emanating now from my balls. It hit me then, that my balls had been growing all this time, as well. I could feel them forcing my small legs to spread wide apart. I could tell that the two soccer-ball sized gonads had blown the seams of my pants to shreds as they inflated. Ted was too busy running his hands up and down the cannon sticking out from under his ass to notice what I knew were two giant pulsing juice machines - causing messages of ecstasy to shoot up to my brain. I registered suddenly that the growth of my balls and cock had stopped. The tip of my pole now rested on my face. Ted was now in his own little muscle worship world and must have figured I was able and ready to enjoy the rest of the changes. There was still a lot of pain and I was slightly fearful of being turned into some kind of deformed mutant, but somewhere – in the deep recesses of my mind – I knew that what was happening to me was truly incredible and wouldn’t stop until I was completely massive. It was obvious that my body was going to pause after each part of me grew. Well, it was obvious to me now that I was so “in tune” with myself. I think it was giving my internal organs – mainly my heart – a chance to adjust to the improved me. It immediately hit me that my internal organs were going to grow, as well. Everything about my DNA had to be super-enhanced as I expanded. The abrupt stretching of my torso interrupted these thoughts. That was the best way to describe what began to happen. I suddenly felt my upper body elongating like that old children’s toy Stretch Armstrong. The tip of my cock slid down the bottom part of my face and then hit my neck as it fell from my chin. I could feel the head moving down my chest as my body extended both ways from my midsection. “Aw hell, that’s so cool!” Ted rode my cock as my body stretched. He slid his ass forward in order to keep his hands near my chest. I could tell the guy couldn’t wait until my pecs began to explode. He was trying desperately to keep a grip on my scrawny chest, but my body moved to quickly. I was fully conscious of when I passed the six-foot mark, and then when I kept going past seven feet. My excitement at growing taller caused me to lose concentration, so I really had no idea if I had gone past eight feet or not. It didn’t really matter; I just knew that I was now fucking tall. I’m sure I looked like some kind of freakish skinny giant with a powerhouse cock. This thought made me laugh out loud. “Brock, you’re a giant. Oh my God, you’re going to be huge! Bigger than I could have ever imagined. What’s next?” Don’t ask me how I knew, but I suddenly raised my hands and held them in front of Ted. He understood immediately. He placed his larger hands against mine. We sat there for a few seconds in suspended animation and then it began. Ted tightened his ass cheeks on the top of my hard pole in excited anticipation of what we were both about to observe. My hands grew wider first. They expanded quickly – like some animated video in fast motion. One moment I could see the sides of Ted’s big hands extending past mine and then they were gone. I looked like some kind of marine animal with giant stubby paddle hands. That’s when the fingers started to thicken and grow. It was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. I never knew that fingers could look so powerful. I swear small biceps-like muscles bulged out at my finger joints as each one exploded in size. Suddenly my hand made Ted’s look comical. I forced our hands sideways so I could see how tiny his were compared to mine. I could actually fold my fingers over and cover the back of his entire hand – and then some. I was sure that my hand could now easily palm one of those exercise balls that people used in Pilates. Ted let out a whistle and then quickly moved his hands back to my chest. The boy did not want to miss the thrill of feeling my pecs expand. I continued to stare at my hands as beautiful thick veins appeared across their tops, fingernails expanded, and hard-as-shit skin tightened around their hugeness. I was mesmerized at how powerful my giant paws now looked. It was fucking unbelievable. I was beginning to ignore the pain in my body completely and focused only on the idea that I was turning into a muscle monster. Even though I was excited about the new improvements to my body, I wasn’t prepared for the expansion of my head and neck. Suddenly, it felt like a thousand migraines had decided to explode in my cranium at the same time. My long skinny body went rigid from the intense shock to my system. I cried out and Ted immediately noticed what was happening. “Whoa, Brock, man I’m sorry. I know it must be painful, but your head has to grow too. You don’t want to have a big body and just a little pinhead, do you? The pain isn’t going to last long. Shit, I wish you could see your neck getting thicker and totally powerful. Damn, I never knew a neck could look so awesome.” Ted’s words helped me to maneuver my thoughts to the growth instead of the pain. I tried to hone in on what changes I was feeling. As soon as my focus switched I became aware of stubble sprouting across my face. I could actually feel a beard growing. I could also tell that it was thick hair that matched what was growing on my head. That’s also when I became aware of my neck becoming more intense – like a solid piece of indestructible metal. The feeling turned me on even more than watching my hands grow. I could feel my neck and head swelling to a size that anticipated the changes to come for my body. I understood what Ted saw in my bulging muscle-neck. He got a glimpse of what was going to happen to my chest – the part of my body that he waited for most. Even in the midst of pain and awareness of all this growth I could hear the collar of my shirt ripping in many places at one time. I longed to watch my powerful neck shred through the cloth as it grew. “Aw fuck, man, your neck just busted your shirt like it was nothing. Such power, Brock, and we’ve only just begun. Damn, I wish you could see the full manly stubble sprouting on your face. It’s so fucking awesome. You’re even more beautiful than before.” Ted’s compliments went straight to my heads – the one throbbing with pain on top of my bulky neck and the massive hard one that was being pressed into by his tight ass. I could no longer tell which I was enjoying more, the changes I was feeling in my body or hearing how the changes were exciting my gorgeous roommate. I think it was pretty even. In a flash the pain in my head stopped. I knew we were, again, pausing for a few seconds. My body needed time to register the growth of my skull, face and neck. I could sense how heavy my head was now. I knew it would be hard for my tall skinny body to not topple over if I had been able to stand up. For right now I was way too top heavy. My head had grown to match my soon-to-be mammoth body. The sound of something ripping filled the room. Ted quickly turned his upper body around to follow the sound. I instantly could feel what was happening and I was glad that Ted was watching so he could give me a description of what it looked like later. My feet were expanding in the same fashion as my hands. I could just imagine how my growing toes were bursting through the reinforced fronts of my tennis shoes and how the sturdy leather sides were shredding away weakly as each powerful foot packed on massive muscle. “Dayum, Brock. Your feet demolished your shoes like they were made of tissue. Those mothers are huge. I guess they had to match this giant rod! You know what they say, big feet mean a big cock. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to find shoes in your size; the things are almost as long as skis. Who knew feet could be such a turn on. I’m going to have to suck on those giant toes at some point.” It was starting to dawn on me that Ted was one intense lover of big muscle. The guy was probably going to enjoy my new body even more than me. I was overcome with a feeling of deep gratitude suddenly – for the gift my roommate had given me. But I was also enveloped by another desire, something so new to me that I couldn’t name it at first. Suddenly it hit me, I could not wait to give my huge body to Ted. My mind was immediately filled with an intense feeling a kind of servitude. I wanted to be huge for myself, yes, but I also wanted to be a freaking muscle god so I could please my roommate. This latter feeling was even stronger than the first. I wanted to make all of my little buddy’s muscle dreams come true. I intended to use my size to help him live out his fantasies. This was a desire flooding my entire new huge frame with an intensity that almost felt like it would cause me to explode. Wait a minute, I just referred to Ted as my little buddy and it felt so right. A major shift had just happened in my psyche to match the changes to my body. I had moved across some intangible line in the universe. My perspective had changed. I was no longer the guy that fantasized about hooking up with a massive muscled hunk, now I looked forward to fulfilling fantasies as the massive muscled hunk. I looked at my upcoming new humongous physique as a gift – a gift that was to be shared. I could not wait for the chance to flex my giant body for Ted. I wanted to make my roommate orgasm just from feeling my biceps or sucking on my chest. I no longer wanted a huge body for myself; I wanted it for others – specifically Ted. This intense feeling seemed to fuel my body in some way. I registered the monumental change within my mind and how it was part of becoming the giant man I was soon to be. I loved Ted in a new and forever kind of way. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about giving him everything he had ever wanted. My Hallmark card moment was interrupted by sudden growth in my legs and my glutes. I felt my ass explode through my pants and press my crotch, and Ted, higher into the air. Ted let out a squeal of delight as his body rose. He sensed the power coursing through my ass cheeks. Again, he turned around to watch each of my legs become thicker than his entire body. I could feel the newly formed muscles of my calves’ blast through pants’ legs and I’m pretty sure the sight was unbelievable, because Ted’s body began to shake with excitement. He actually let go of my chest to applaud. This made me smile. I was overjoyed at his sudden childlike reaction to my body. And then my thighs exploded – actually sending scraps of cloth into the air – just from the force of my sudden growth. “Fuck, that’s unbelievable!” Ted’s enthusiasm was contagious. My cock twitched up and down because of the sudden awareness that my legs were now monstrous. Ted had to reach down and grab hold of the large pole he was straddling, just to keep his balance. He was getting his wish of riding my body like a bucking bronco. I noticed the expansion of my upper legs shoved my giant-sized balls into the air and this gave Ted’s lower back some support. He quickly laid his body down on top of my long upper torso, scooting up on my cock so his hands and face would be right at my chest. Ted had been waiting for this part of my body to grow since this began and he wasn’t going to miss it. I was still marveling at the feeling caused by my new and improved legs. My thick thighs now caused my legs to be pushed away from each other, but I could feel that my monster calves still actually touched. They were that big. I could feel power surging through every inch of the new powerful support system below my waist. I could not wait to see how they looked in the mirror. Ted was now sliding his body up and down my huge prick, while he, at the same time, used his thighs to try and squeeze my enormous balls. I could tell his small legs were squeezing hard, but I barely felt it. The strength of my juice sacs was mind-blowing and exciting at the same time. I knew this was just a small preview of how powerful my body was going to be. Ted could tell all of his leg strength felt like nothing to my balls. “Aw shit, Brock, you don’t even feel that do you?” “Barely. It feels nice.” “Nice? I’m squeezing your balls with all my might and it just feels fucking nice? Holy hell, you’re going to have more power than I’ve ever dreamed of, buddy. You’re going to be bigger than a bear and stronger than a tank! I’m ready for the chest, man. I’ve got to feel these pecs grow.” It was as if his wish was my command. All of the sudden my upper torso began to reconfigure in many ways all at one time. Ted had each of my pecs in a claw-like grasp with his fingers. He was squeezing my barely meaty chest with all his strength. I lifted my head to watch whatever it was that was causing him to moan out loud and his eyes to almost bug out of his head. I heard my entire shirt basically disintegrate in seconds. I knew that even the cloth beneath Ted’s hands was ripped away from my body, like a magician that pulls a tablecloth out from under a place setting. My roommate let out a cry of glee at the sight of my body busting out of my shirt in one quick motion. When I looked down I saw the skin and muscle of each pectoral swelling like my body was some kind of morphing program on a computer. The density of each globe of meat was increasing in a way that was forcing Ted’s fingers, now white-knuckled because of his exertion, to straighten completely out. No amount of pressure he could muster prevented my pecs from unbending each finger. I was also amazed to watch how my skin, dented by Ted’s palm and grip, ballooned out and became perfectly smooth. Ted was pushing with all his might but his small hands could not cause even a slight dimple in my growing chest muscle. Ted finally let out a defeated yell and stopped pressing down on my expanding chest. He simply let his hands rest on the inflating muscle and started moving them in circles to feel the entire monster shelf. I noticed that each circle had to go out wider because my chest was growing so quickly. Ted also dropped his face down into the deepening valley between the two mountains growing in front of him. His moaning became more like growls of orgasmic delight as he felt pec muscle squeezing both sides of his head tightly. He started trying to shake his head lower between the two pillows of power, but he couldn’t move at all. I watched as his head was forced upward away from my body as my chest continued to burst outward into two huge muscled blimps. I could see him trying to lick the bottom of the valley between my pecs, but his head was pushed upward so much that his tongue didn’t come close to reaching. I actually could see my own cock and part of Ted’s body when looking between the two giant muscled pillows that easily held Ted’s head in place. I tensed my chest a little and Ted screamed out in pain. I quickly relaxed the muscles and Ted was able to use his hands to push on my pecs and dislodge his head from my powerful grip. “Shit, Brock, what are you trying to do, squish my into something as thin as paper?” “I’m sorry, Ted.” “Wait a minute man, that was just a slight pec tense – wasn’t it?” “Um, yes.” “Sweet fucking hell, that felt like ten car crushing machines put together and you’re telling me you barely squeezed?” “That would be an affirmative, roomy.” “Fuck yeah!” And as he yelled in pleasure at the thought of how strong my chest was, he began to pound on both of them with his closed fists, like a judge’s gavel. I could tell Ted was hitting me hard, but I felt nothing. I guess, if I concentrated, I could register that something was happening, but it was like when you sense that an ant is crawling on your arm. Ted was using all of his strength to strike me in the chest and I felt nothing. Each tap of his hand did nothing to my skin or muscle – there wasn’t even the slightest indention. I began to smile at the knowledge of how powerful my body was going to be. Ted stopped his pounding, placed his hands back on my chest, and rested. He was breathing hard – just from his pathetic attempt to make my body feel something. “You don’t even feel that, do you?” “If I concentrate on that part of my body I kind of feel something, but really it’s like a cotton ball falling on my skin.” “Dayum, that’s so fucking hot! I can’t believe . . .” Ted’s sentence was cut short because his attention was suddenly diverted again to my pecs. I knew what was happening and what caused him to stop talking. I could feel it. My nipples and the dark skin encircling them were now growing. Ted wasted no time, he opened his mouth wide and clamped down hard on my right nipple. The guy wanted to feel the sweet meat expanding in his mouth. He immediately started sucking as if his life depended on it. I could feel my once-tiny nub growing into something that resembled a small cock. My nipple was actually filling Ted’s mouth and forcing his clenched teeth apart with ease. I was pretty sure that there was now more strength in just one of my man tits than a fleet of Hummers. Ted’s moans of pleasure made it obvious he realized the same thing. My enjoyment of my new giant chest was suddenly overshadowed by my awareness of what had happened simultaneously to my mid section. It became obvious that my abdominals had not only exploded into powerful thick ridges of muscle, but they also had become even stronger than my pecs. I had always heard that a person’s core was the most important muscle group and now I understood completely. I realized that without an indestructible middle my body would be worth nothing. I needed something to support both my tremendous upper body, but also a lower torso that would be able to withstand all of the things my super strong legs were going to be able to do. It was clear that if Ted had chosen to pound my abs the same way he did my chest he would have broken many of the bones in his hands, wrists, and forearms. My abdominal muscles and lower back were now able to withstand incomprehensible amounts of abuse. I could not wait to test them out. I also couldn’t wait to count the muscle bricks that now made up the wall that covered my stomach. My mind shifted to my upper back. Without even focusing on that part of my body I knew it had grown beyond massive. The phrase “that lat spread is wider than a entire state” had finally found someone that came close to matching the metaphor. I knew that my shoulders now spread as far as Ted’s entire body turned long ways – probably further. I also knew that my muscle covered back probably looked like three or four pro bodybuilders standing beside each other. I had never been a “back” man – I didn’t get off on some big guy showing off that part of his body. But that all changed as soon as I thought about my own back. I imagined doing push ups with a SUV parked on top of me. I made a mental note to ask Ted to sleep on my back one night, knowing we’d probably need to put a foam mattress on the hard muscle to make it comfortable. I wanted to be his bed and then I realized he could probably hold a sleep over with five of his friends and still have room to spare. My cock jerked hard as I thought about what my back must look like. The sudden movement underneath Ted made him glance up at me, even as he continued to suck on my cock-sized nipple. He made a face that made it clear he wanted to know what made my dick jump so hard. “I was just thinking about how big my back must be.” This made Ted stop sucking for a few seconds and I could tell he had a big smile on his face. And then we both heard more ripping sounds. We had both forgotten about my arms. The puny twigs that had been resting beside my giant torso had begun to grow. My biceps, triceps, and forearms grew so fast that the material of my shirt didn’t just rip; it actually separated at each thread. We both were mesmerized as we watched the sleeves be blown into a pile of jumbled thin strings in a split second. We had little time to look at the material, however, when my biceps started to balloon larger than the tires of a small car. I wasn’t even tensing the muscles and they looked ten times larger than any heavyweight bodybuilder we had ever seen. My lats were so large that they forced my arms to turn slightly and stick out from my body. This helped me to see that my triceps now looked like the bottoms of medium sized boats covered in skin. My forearms were also thicker than my entire old body. I made fists with my hands and then brought my forearms upward, causing my biceps to bulge out in a semi flex. Seeing my giant arms explode with a myriad of peaks and a roadmap of blood-pumping veins was too much for both Ted and me. As soon as my monster arms swelled up into just a portion of their insane size my cock began to pump buckets of muscled cum. The force was unimaginable and I was thankful that Ted’s own incredible orgasm had forced him to raise his body away from mine. I was sure the exploding cum might have felt like missiles hitting him and could have hurt him – or worse. Ted’s ejaculation caused him to cry out and my own new thunderous voice seemed to cause the room to shake as I, too, moaned in pleasure. It felt like the planet stopped spinning as I came. My entire body was on fire with sensations beyond my wildest dreams. I felt so powerful as I shot load after load of milky cum into the air. I felt indestructible . . . unstoppable. ********** Brock – Part 9 The building that housed the gym had a large garage-like door that opened mechanically. I could tell it was made of strong metal, which was about a half of foot thick. I’m sure the entire thing weighed multiple tons. It would probably take a crane or an army of men to lift the thing back onto its metal track if it somehow came off. It had tightly spaced bars at the top and bottom that stuck out from a solid sheet of metal running across the entire middle. I was tall enough to look in through the bars at the top, but other men were simply even with the plate of metal. The openings at the top and the bottom were there to help “air out” the gym as guys worked out. I got a huge whiff of muscleman sweat when I walked to the door. I looked in and saw about twelve huge men working out. Some of them were quite impressive. I was sure all they ever did was work out. I knew immediately that Tommy Coles was the elder balding guy in the middle of the group. He was chatting with a couple of massive guys who were taking a break from the bench where they had obviously been pressing some serious looking weight. My cock actually twitched at the sight of the huge men in the gym. None of them were really close to my size, but most of them – except Tommy Coles, himself – were even bigger than my new muscle slave guard, Francis. No wonder the guy liked to whack off watching these guys work out – compared to most men they were monstrous. Compared to me, however, they were tiny. I looked at the door and contemplated grabbing the metal plating in the middle and pulling it back like it was just the top of a sardine can, but then I remembered that, although it would be a simple task, it would give away how strong I really was and we wanted to let the boys inside be surprised by my power. I reached up to where the door slid into the metal frame at the wall. Francis grabbed the keys attached to his belt and spoke to me as he fumbled to find a specific one. “I can open the door a little for you – to get it going.” I looked down at him and smiled. The guy swallowed hard because my face made it clear that he didn’t need to do a thing. He dropped the keys to the ground as he began to understand what I intended to do. He watched me intently. I chuckled as I answered him. “That won’t be necessary.” I slid the thick fingers of my left hand along the large door and pressed the tips between where the two slabs of metal overlapped when it was shut. I pressed in slightly and the steel plating of the frame buckled with no resistance. I was able to get my fingers deep into the frame and easily pulled a huge part of the strong steel casing from the door. Both men standing next to me moaned out loud. I glanced down and saw that they were each rock hard and stroking themselves through their pants. “Don’t get hot and bothered too soon, boys. We’ve got a lot more showing off to come. This is as easy for me as it is for you to crumple the foil wrapper of a piece of chewing gum. Make sure you hold out for some of the really impressive displays of power to come. Remember, little Clarence, you’re going to hold out as long as you can – we’re hoping you won’t cum until all of this is over and I give you the okay. I doubt you’ll be able to do it, but it sure will be fun trying.” I returned my focus to the door. I slid my right hand into the hole my other hand had easily created and dug my fingers through concrete so I could wrap them around the thick edge of the solid metal frame. The feeling of my thick fingertips pushing through concrete like it was only wet paper towels made my insides flutter like a schoolgirl in love and my cock pulse against my abs quickly. Here was the thick outer wall of a building being destroyed easily by just my fingers. I loved how incredible that made me feel. I got a jolt of adrenaline every time I crushed something that was supposedly unbreakable by human hands. It wasn’t exactly a feeling of cockiness – it was more of a giddy excitement caused by my newfound awareness of how powerful my body was – even just the fingers of one hand. I was again amazed when I realized my hand was big enough to easily grip the very wide end of the huge door. I compressed my fingers a little just to feel how effortlessly I could dent solid metal. My fingers squeezed into the steel like it was just a ball of cotton. Both guys were craning their necks around my massive arm to see what my hand was doing. Francis was speechless, but Clarence simply could not refrain from giving a play-by-play. “Shit, you poked through concrete like it was nothing. Look at how your fucking thumb presses into solid steel as if it were soft dough. That’s such intense power! Those guys inside are gonna have no fucking clue about how strong you are. This is going to be great!” His words made me chuckle and they made Francis moan louder - like a dog in heat. My thoughts returned to the fun waiting inside and I pulled ever-so-lightly and the giant door slid open. It moved easily – like it was cardboard. I knew the door would be insanely heavy to any other person, but it was a breeze to me. My powerful hand effortlessly overpowered the electric juice keeping the door shut, as well as moving the mass of metal with no difficulty. “That thing weighs tons!” Francis was totally shocked and could not contain his excitement at what I had done. He immediately pressed his hand up against the now deformed concrete that had been destroyed by my fingers. Clarence would not be outdone, though, and he was running his hand across the finger indentions at the end of the door. Both men momentarily forgot about what was going to happen inside the gym. I stepped into the hot, man-scented room – having to duck to make it through the large doorway. I had made little noise entering the room, even as I muscle manhandled concrete and steel, so no one even turned to look in our direction. Most of the men were intently pushing around what they thought was heavy weight, but it looked like child’s play to me. I decided to get everyone’s attention at the same moment. I used my full voice and it sounded like some kind of mega-bullhorn. “So, are you weak little boys ready to see a real man throw around some serious poundage?” All eyes quickly turned toward me. I watched as twelve heads jerked at the same time and then had to tilt backwards to take in my full size. I saw a momentary look of shock in each man’s eyes and then they recovered and everyone was on their feet instantly. Tommy Coles moved to the front of the group as they gathered into a gang-like clump, ready to defend their gym. The elder leader’s mouth turned into a sneer and he gave off attitude as he spoke. “Sorry, pal, this gym is reserved just for us. I don’t think you’ll be throwing any weights around.” “I wasn’t talking about the weights. I intend to toss you guys around. This gym belongs to me, now.” “That’s some cocky words from a guy that’s trespassing. I don’t care how big you are, mister. Look around – it seems to be pretty uneven. You might want to turn around and leave before you and your boyfriends get hurt.” “Uneven, huh? Okay, I’ll let you go round up a few hundred more men to make it almost even Tommy-boy. Hell, go ahead and get every person within a mile – it’s not going to help.” “I don’t know how you know my name, naked-boy, but you’ve just dug your own grave. Tear him apart boys and once you’re done with the shit-for-brains muscle head, teach Clarence and his friend a lesson, too.” I could feel thick drops of pre-cum leaking from my dick slit, just from the impending muscle fun coming my way. I stood there relaxed, but very excited, as I watched the group of big men start moving into action. They took their time, thinking they were building the tension before they kicked my ass. I smiled at their folly – knowing they had no idea that they were about to encounter something unstoppable. And, as if my last thought were some kind of cue, two of the larger men lowered their bodies and ran directly at me with their shoulders aimed at my mid-section. I placed my hands behind my back and stood there in a teasingly calm way. I didn’t even tense my abs, mainly because I had learned what my body was capable of – and when these two supposedly huge bodybuilders hit me it was going to feel like two drops of water falling against my skin. I knew both guys thought they were going to slam my big body into the steel door behind me. They anticipated my stomach succumbing to their powerful blows and the fight being over before it even began. I glanced behind them and saw that Tommy Coles and the other guys were smiling because they knew I was a goner – they thought I was about to learn a lesson about challenging the men that ran this prison. As a small boy I always marveled at how a fly, caught in the house, would throw it’s body against a shut window and be stunned to find that the glass stopped it completely. The fly would continue to try and penetrate the window until it finally slid down the pane to the windowsill totally tapped out. For a few seconds my body was flooded with a jolt of orgasmic electricity as I prepared to do the same to these to large men. It barely registered when their bulky shoulders hit my abdominals. It felt like nothing to my powerful – still un-flexed – stomach. It was obvious, though, that the two men were not spared pain in the same way. I don’t think shoulders were broken, but I do know that both men instantly blacked out from the impact. Nothing on my entire body moved even a fraction of an inch. These two huge heavy bodies smacked up against something more solid and something more dense – and then they simply slid down my lower torso and legs to crumple on the floor at my feet. I bent over, grabbed both unconscious men by the waistband of their prison pants and lifted them into the air. I held both guys at my waist and looked at the rest of their gang. “Two down so soon Tommy? You sure you don’t want to call for back-up now?” I then tossed both men in opposite directions. They went sailing through the air, even though I had basically just flicked my hands, and slammed up against opposing walls. Again their bodies slid to the ground. I knew they were going to have severe headaches in the morning – and quite a few bruises. I also knew that the war was just starting and I made a mental note to not dispense with the remaining big guys as quickly as the first two. I had promised Clarence and Francis a great show and I did not want to disappoint my two little worshippers. Tommy shouted at the remaining men. “Shut the fucker up, now!” The largest of the gang let out a rebel yell, signaled to a guy near him, and then they lifted a bar loaded with weights off of its stand where he had been doing bench presses. I cold tell there was tons of weight on the bar – well, a lot of weight to anyone besides me. It took both men to manipulate the bulky item into a battering ram and they took off running towards me. The anticipation of what was about to happen made my heart start beating with excitement. I felt like a middle school kid with a crush on a classmate, but this time the crush was actually focused on my own muscles and what they could do. I brought my right hand out in front of me, making sure it was even with the tip of the bar. My arm didn’t budge at all when the force of the two men and the heavy weights struck my palm. I wish I could have said the same about the two men. Immediately, both came flying forward – the first guy’s body rammed into the thick stack of weights in front of him and the other guy flew into the muscled back of the first. Both guys were stunned but they continued to grip the weights. I quickly reached out, grabbed the bar behind the second guy, and lifted it into the air above my head. The feet of both men came off the floor as their bodies went upward. They were still too shocked to let go. Even with one end of the heavy bar uneven because of the weight of the two guys, I was able to hold it straight using little of my strength. The combined load was very light to my muscled arm. I stared at the unbelieving faces of both men for a few seconds and then began to shake the bar. Their entire frames began to flop around like a plastic bag being manipulated by fifty mile-per-hour winds. They could not hold on for even fifteen seconds. The two big guys dropped to their feet and wobbled a little – still stunned by the sudden impact with my strong palm. I brought the weighted bar down level with their faces. I could see they were beginning to register the fact that I held with only one hand what the two of them together had struggled to carry. I steadied the bar, which actually bent downward at the ends because of the massive amount of weight, with my thumb and pinkie. I then brought my forefinger and ring finger over the bar while my middle finger stayed under it. I have never witnessed eyes grow so wide as I did then. Both men were transfixed as I pushed down with my two fingers on top of the bar – against my middle finger – and the steel rod bent like it as a piece of red-vine licorice. I continued to push down until the two sets of weights at the ends met and clanged together like deformed church bells. I heard both of the little muscle worshippers behind me cry out in pleasured pain as they tried hard not to shoot a newly built-up load of cum at my display of power. The color in the faces of both huge prisoners standing in front of me quickly drained away and their mouths dropped open in disbelief. “Hard to believe it, isn’t it little boys - that my three fingers would have more strength than both of your bodies put together. Well, actually they have a lot more than that. And just in case you might think it’s some kind of trick, watch this.” I quickly switched the placement of my fingers and, with little work, I pushed up - making the ends of the bar rise again as I straightened it. You could hear the metal bar screeching in protest as my fingers manipulated it easily. Both of the big muscled guys staring at what my hand had just accomplished stopped breathing - their tiny brains could not fathom someone having this kind of strength. I glanced down and saw that the front of their orange regulation prison pants were now tented; pressed out by hard cocks. These massive straight hardened-criminals could not help from getting turned on by my power. That fact thrilled me beyond belief. I glanced back up at their frozen faces and smiled. “You guys like what you see, don’t you. Well, watch this my new little admirers.” I tossed the bar into the air and caught it with my palm facing up, grabbing it like someone might take hold of a javelin. I brought my arm back slightly and then sent the bar flying through the air across the large room. Every eye in the gym, except the two that were still unconscious, watched the massive weights soar toward the opposite wall like a missile. The force of my toss caused the weights at the first end of the bar to penetrate through the thick concrete wall easily and with little noise. It was like a nail piercing quickly into a piece of balsa wood. I had calculated just the right amount of power to send the bar only halfway into the wall. The opposite end of weights stuck out of the newly made, perfectly circular hole like some kind of piece of modern art. I was staring at the vibrating end of the weighted bar when I felt something like a fly landing on the side of my face. I turned my eyes to see that one of the big dudes had recovered enough from his surprise at my strength to pick up a two-hundred pound steel dumbbell and slam it against my head. The power of his blow caused the steel end of the weight to dent to the contours of my head and it was now molded around my ear. His fingers were trapped against my cheek. I looked at him and smiled. “Did you really think that would hurt me, little man?” I reached up and grabbed the weight, being careful to let him pull his hand away before I did anything that would hurt him. I brought the dumbbell even with his face and held it at both ends with my hands. My chest bulged slightly as I pressed in – causing the handle in the middle to cave in on itself like an accordion. In an instant the two bulky hexagon shaped ends of the dumbbell came together. I continued to squeeze my hands, compressing the solid metal into round ball. It was like how a child manipulates snow when making it into something for throwing. I then pinched the top of the smooth metal orb and caused two small solid strips to stick out of the now tightly packed weight. They looked like small bunny ears. I brought the entire fixture to my right nipple. I bent the tips of both strips so they faced my insanely thick nub and then I squeezed them together. They were forced into the sides of my nipple until they clamped onto it with a grip equaling the power of a crane used in construction. I let go and my new nipple ring hung there beautifully from my massive chest. The feeling of hard steel clamping into my nipple made my cock jump. The two hundred pounds did not cause my skin to sag at all – it was good to know that even my nipple was fucking powerful. I looked back at the guy that had been brave enough to think a dumbbell slammed against my head could hurt me. I leaned down towards him and then slightly flexed my right pec. The minor bounce of my chest still had enough force to twitch my nipple so that the two hundred pound weight went flying upward. It caught the chin of the guy in front of me and sent him flying into the air – backwards a few feet and he fell to the floor – completely out like the other guys. I continued bouncing my chest and marveled at how the ball attached to my nipple flew up and down, making a loud thud each time it struck my pec. I turned around so Clarence and Francis could get a good view my new accessory. “Remind me to make one for my other mega nip before I leave. I like a guy that’s comfortable enough with himself to wear jewelry, don’t you?” Both men gritted their teeth as they nodded in agreement. I could tell they were still trying not to shoot bucket loads of cum as their eyes followed the bouncing ball attached to my nipple. It was obvious that they were enjoying the show and that had been one of my main goals. I turned back to the remaining men. The guy standing nearest me, the one that had helped his buddy battle ram the weight into my palm suddenly turned into a wild, but stupid, man. He began to throw punches into my chiseled abs one after another. One punch from his big powerful arms would have probably sent most men to the hospital, but they didn’t even begin to tickle me. I let him go crazy for a few minutes and actually yawned as he used up all of his strength punching my hard-as-a-brick-wall stomach. He finally dropped his tired arms and drooped his shoulders forwarded as he tried to catch his breath. His hands were bloodied from pounding against my indestructible abs and he heaved like a ninety-year old man that had just climbed a bunch of stairs. Compared to me, he indeed looked like a broken-down sickly older man. “And what exactly did that accomplish? Here, let me show you what a real punch looks like.” I grabbed the guy by his shoulders and moved him to the right, lining him up with two other guys that were coming towards me. I did not even use a fraction of my strength when I brought my fist to his stomach. I did not want to penetrate the man’s muscled mid-section; I merely wanted to use him like a bowling ball. The effect of my punch was perfect. The guy’s feet immediately left the ground as he folded over from the force of my blow and went flying backwards. He caught the two other men off guard and hit them in succession with enough power that all three now sailed through the air into the opposite wall - just beside my bench-press bar artwork. They looked like three pancakes slammed on a griddle. They stayed in place for a few seconds – just from the strength of my blow – and then they fell to the ground, now a pile of unconscious bodies. “And then there were six Tommy-boy. Getting nervous?” I could tell the remaining guys, including Tommy, were in amazed – not to mention scared shitless – by my power. I had to give it to them, though, because this did not deter their warrior spirit. I believe they had now begun to view themselves as the biblical David and I was their Goliath. They figured there had to be some weakness to the giant standing in front of them and they were either going to find it or perish trying. I respected their fervor. I laughed at the fact that they had not yet figured there was nothing that could stop me, but it was impressive that they were still trying. Tommy slapped one of the big guys on the back and called out an order. “Turner, Shotz, and Martin – take him down. Let’s see if he’s as powerful when he’s on the ground.” I actually laughed out loud. These guys were actually as dumb as they looked. The three big men that had received the order ran toward me and jumped on me – with the intention of dragging me to the ground. I merely stood there and let them grab hold of my neck, head, and shoulders as they attached their smaller bodies to mine. I’m sure each guy was either near or over 300 pounds. Suddenly I had about 900 pounds attached to my upper body and it felt like I had simply put on a light sweater. The entire room froze – including the guys on top of me – because I hadn’t moved at all. I loved the feeling of three humongous grown men hanging onto my upper torso and me not budging an inch. I made a mental note to some day have a group of guys climb all over me. I had a feeling that I could cause myself to have a strong climax if I got to watch a bunch of men climbing all over me like I was a mountain. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to find many willing climbers. Before the shock of not being able to move my body at all wore off of my little attachments, I reached out and wrapped my big arms around their large – but small to me – upper torsos. I brought my arms in closer and caught all three men in a giant bear hug. Conveniently, I maneuvered them so that they all faced each other. It kind of looked like we were all in a huddle, except their feet were a foot off the ground and my shoulders and head still towered over them. I squeezed hard enough so that the men couldn’t move, but I wasn’t straining my arms even a little. If cocks made noise when they shot hard – like things in cartoons – I swear we would have heard eight loud “sproings” at the same time. The three guys in my arms, Tommy Coles and the two guys still standing beside him, and my two little muscle buddies all went stiff as rock when they saw me easily manhandle three huge men. In fact, my cock would have made the loudest noise – because of its size – since I also got harder thinking about hugging three bodybuilders so tight that they couldn’t move. I brought my face down, closer to the heads of the three men dangling in my arms. I whispered to them softly – to tease them with false kindness. “It feels good to be wrapped in the stronger arms of a bigger man, doesn’t it boys. All three of you are leaking pre-cum just from the thought of my massive biceps squeezing you tightly. Guess what guys; I’m not exerting any force at all. You can’t move, but I haven’t even begun to squeeze. That turns you on even more doesn’t it? Here’s a little taste of what’s coming.” I squeezed my arms only a slight fraction of what I was capable of and I heard air being forced out of the lungs of all three men. The rush of air in the center of the circle actually caused their hair to be pushed backwards – like they were on some ride at a theme park. They also each moaned out loud as they felt my arms bulge into their backs – causing them to press into each other painfully. I didn’t want to hurt them or cause them to blackout too soon, mainly because I wanted to play a little more. I lessened the tenseness of my biceps. Each guy quickly gasped for air. A whiff of cum shot up from below and I was positive that my short powerful bear hug had caused each man to lose a load of juice. Damn, that got me excited. Just by crushing these guys with a little power I was able to fulfill some hidden fantasy deep in the recesses of their minds. Each guy secretly loved my power – even while he hated it. They were beginning to realize I was just toying with them. They knew I could pulverize their bodies just by hugging them tightly. That thought thrilled them even as it caused much fear. “Yeah, little men. You know I’m just using a little of the pressure these arms are capable of. I’ve squeezed huge boulders into tiny stones with these arms. I could split redwoods with just a little tug of these monster biceps. And those thoughts get your juices flowing, don’t they. Take a good deep inhale boys and smell the sweet man-nectar my arms have squeezed out of your bodies. I bet you there’s a lot more juice where that came from, isn’t there. You don’t want to cum for the big man holding you in the air, but you have no choice. Each time I squash you like you were a little lemon you have to release fluid as a way of saying thank you. Let’s test my theory. I think it’s time for round two.” This time I started squeezing slowly, just to build the tension. I could see each guy trying to take deep breaths, but every time I flexed my arms a little tighter his lungs were compressed more. It finally reached a point where I knew every man was not able to inhale at all. They were hanging onto their final breath like it was their last and that’s when I squeezed even tighter than before. I heard a few snapping sounds and knew it was simply bones adjusting like at the chiropractor. I still wasn’t using enough strength to break anything, but I was certainly causing each of them to get close to passing out. Even though they were limp from exhaustion their legs started kicking wildly as each guy shot his second load of cum. They were so very appreciative of my power. I contemplated finishing the job on these three guys right then, rendering them unconscious, but the whimpers from the guys at my side made me remember my promise of a muscled power show. It dawned on me that the whimpers were also because Clarence and Francis longed to be in the bear hug, too. I released my grip on the boys and actually let their bodies drop to the floor. Since no blood had been flowing to their legs for a while they fell all the way to the ground like a pile of jelly. I turned my head to my two muscle worshippers. “Hey, don’t worry guys. I’ll give you a taste of one of my hugs some day. I promise not to squeeze too hard, though. I wouldn’t want to snap you in two.” The moment with my little followers gave Tommy and the two remaining boys time to re-group. Everyone had been impressed with my most recent display of power, but the guys standing near Tommy had recovered quicker than the jelly-men at my feet. Suddenly a forty-pound disk-shaped weight hit me in the chest and bounced off, falling to the floor - just missing the head of one of the guys beneath me. I looked up in time to see one of the big dudes send another weight through the air, throwing it like someone would toss a Frisbee. I was instantly impressed that he had the strength to do this. I, however, merely raised my hand this time and easily caught the man-powered made up weapon. The other guy immediately threw a third weight and I caught it with my other hand. In a flash I brought both of the wide weights to the tip of my dick and slammed them on either side. “Here’s what I call safe fighting, boys. Thanks for the condom. You’ve heard of Ironman, well this is Irondick.” I quickly molded both of the thick slabs of steel around the tip of my cock. I squeezed the metal together and made a crude covering. My giant prick continued to stick straight up against my stomach; the extra eighty pounds was nothing to its power. This action was completed so fast that I was able to catch the next two disks as they soared toward me. “You guys really don’t play nice, do you? I think it’s time to teach my Frisbee friends a lesson. Here, catch!” I barely flicked the two forty-pound disks, but they zoomed through the air catching both men on either side of Tommy right in the stomach. The suddenness of their departure freaked the older guy out completely. At one moment he had two of his goons standing beside him and in an instant they were gone. The weights had enough force to lift each man off the floor and send him flying across the room. Both ended up about fifteen feet away, lying on the ground, not moving, and with a forty-pound weight resting on their stomach. I knew Tommy suddenly felt vulnerable. He was only tough as long as he had his muscle boys protecting him. He shouted at the guys still at my feet. “What are you doing, you little shits? Get him.” I could hear the panic in Tommy’s voice. I knew it was time to end this little charade of a battle, for there had never even been a chance of Tommy and his boys winning. It had taken them a while to realize that fact, but now the boss man was so scared he was resorting to insulting his own bodyguards. Not a smart move, for these goons were definitely going to wake up some day. I was pretty sure they would remember his cowardice. “Now, now, Tommy. Is that any way to treat your little boys? Remember they’re a lot bigger than you. There’s no need to blame them for losing to an unstoppable force – something more powerful than all of them together. I hope they remember how you turned on them. Right now, though, let’s make it just you and me.” One of the big men at my feet was still sitting on the floor, one was standing – although he was pretty wobbly - and one was trying to push his frame off of the ground. I moved above the one sitting down and aimed. I forced my monster hard cock to leave my abs and fall forward. The tip, now covered in solid steel, caught the guy squarely on the head. I could tell he was out instantly, but his body just sat there and didn’t fall over. I raised my foot a little in the air and brought it down on the floor beside him – pretty hard. The entire room shook a little, because I still couldn’t completely gauge the strength one of my legs possessed. The impact made the guy fall over. It also caused the guy standing up to wobble a little more and the third guy was still trying to push his prone body up from the floor. I quickly turned my body and let the weighted tip of my rod catch the standing guy in his stomach. The man double over on my monster rod immediately and then flipped over it like he was some kind of gymnast. He landed squarely on the guy I had tapped on the head. Now there was just the guy that was still struggling to get up off the floor. I reached over and grabbed a metal bench with one of my big hands. I placed it over the guys back and then started to press down with my hand. The four legs burst into the concrete floor at the same time. This is what I wanted. I pressed the bench down until it pinned the guy’s body against the floor. I removed my hand and the big man tried in vain to push the bench upward. I had easily trapped him and knew it would take a lot a machinery to free him later on. I became aware that Tommy Coles was no longer standing in the middle of the room. I knew exactly where he intended to go and I used such super speed to stand in front of the opening at the front door that no one registered it. The scared older man had been moving quickly, looking back over his shoulder to make sure I was still busy taking care of his goons. This caused him to run smack into my body – his upper torso coming into contact with my bulging, hard-as-titanium chest. The impact was so severe and so surprising that he instinctively reached out to grab something so he could prevent himself from falling backwards. His hands gripped the strongest thing they could find – my monster cock. There was much pain throughout his upper body, where it slammed into my immovable chest, but this did not prevent him from being totally shocked and focused on the fact that I had appeared in front of him, seemingly from nowhere. I even heard Clarence and Francis gasp with delight at how quickly my huge body could move. I looked down at the now trembling Mr. Coles – who continued to hold fast to my huge hard rod. “Thinking of going somewhere, Tommy-boy? I’m not finished playing. You and I have and appointment – and I wouldn’t want you to miss the fun. But first, you have some important information to share with me. Someone has taken my good friend Ted and I know you had something to do with it. Where’s my boyfriend, little man?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about, you freak!” “Wrong answer, Tommy.” I reached down and grabbed the front of Tommy’s prison coveralls. I easily lifted him into the air. I could sense the mixture of awe and fear shooting through every fiber of his body. These feelings confused the hell out of the little guy. He was struggling to play the confident and mean criminal, but really he wanted to feel and lick my entire body. I got a strong, almost violent, gay vibe from the puny mobster boss. That made a lot of sense – Tommy, here, created his gang of bodybuilders just so he could be near all that muscle. I suddenly felt differently towards the man – he was just like Clarence, Francis, and me. He was a true muscle junkie. That made the juices in my body start churning on overdrive and gave me some great ideas on how to get the information I desired. I walked back to the middle of the gym – taking time to notice that every one of his muscled companions was still out cold. I also loved the fact that I held Tommy in the air like he weighed nothing at all. I took a fifty-pound dumbbell and dropped it on the floor. I then placed my foot on top of it. I held Tommy’s body out from mine so he could see the action below. I pressed my bare foot down on the large weight – and we all watched as it went lower and lower, until my foot rested completely on the ground. I then lifted it slightly and moved it to the right. There, flat up against the concrete floor, was the paper-thin glob of metal, which used to be the dumbbell. That was too much for Francis to take and he yelled out as he shot a big load of cum into his underpants. “Aw, fuck, no way. That’s nice, real nice.” I chuckled out loud, not surprised that Francis obviously had a foot fetish. I bet the guy loved thinking of giant musclemen destroying things with their feet. He continued to stand there shaking and moaning for a few minutes. I continued on – knowing he would like what was coming next. I lowered Tommy to the ground and then moved the tip of my monster left foot on top of his feet. I pressed down hard enough to keep him in place, but not enough to break anything. “So, unless you want your feet to be smashed like that weak dumbbell, I’d suggest you just stand there, Tommy-boy. I’m going to make something just for you. You’re going to have a ringside seat for a muscle show – the likes of you’ve never seen before and you’ll never see again.” I reached down and picked up a heavy bar that was loaded with many weights on either end. Some guy had been doing dead lifts with it. I placed my forefinger and middle finger on the bar, near one side of weights, like someone might hold a cigar. I flicked my fingers and the weights went flying off the bar – shredding the pin holding them in place like it was nothing. I twirled the bar around and did the same with the other side. I didn’t flick hard, but the weights went flying through the air and stuck into the opposite wall – again making a design that looked like industrial art. I then brought the steel bar in front of Tommy and easily bent it around his body, careful to make it tight enough to hold his arms strongly against his torso, but not so it would hurt him. I twisted the ends together and made a hook. I removed my foot and then used the bar to lift his body back into the air. I draped the hook over a long pipe that ran across the middle of the room – about ten feet in the air. I quickly decided Tommy was a little too high, so I unhooked him and then grabbed hold of the pipe. I pulled down, creating a wide dip in piece of metal tubing, but was careful not to rip it in two. I re-hooked Tommy to the pipe and he was now even with my face. I knew this would be a great place for him to watch what was to come – or should I say cum. I also knew there was no way he could even begin to escape. The poor little guy was squirming like a caught fish and I knew he was just going to exhaust himself. I also reached down and ripped the helmet made from weights off the tip of my cock. I didn’t need the fun weapon anymore. “So, Clarence and Francis, have you gotten a good look at Tommy-boy’s crotch? Look at that monster cock that’s as hard as a two-by-four. It’s kind of difficult to miss, isn’t it? Little Tommy is sporting a pretty big tool. That’s impressive, sir. And it’s great to know that big-ol’-me has caused that thing to shoot so rigid. So we now have a new member of our little muscle worshipping club, boys. And he’s as big a muscle whore as the rest of us. Isn’t that right, Tommy. You’ve been getting off on my power and my body for the last hour. Hell, you’ve been in muscle heaven, haven’t you? Well I think it’s about time we give that rod of yours some much needed release and I know just the thing that will do it. I’m going to make your cum-dam burst and flood your undies with a shit-load of juice. And I’m going to do it by just raising one arm. But it’s not just any arm, Tommy-boy. It’s the biggest fucking arm you’re ever going to see. You think you’ve enjoyed seeing my muscles up to now – well you haven’t seen me flex, little man, and that’s going to make your cock explode so hard that your pants are going to be blown apart. And then you’re going to be so satisfied that you’ll tell me anything I want to know. You’re going to have such an incredible orgasm that you’ll be my little muscle slave for life. You used to think your muscle buddies lying around the room here were big and strong, but that’s before you met me. Isn’t that so, little Tommy? So, let’s uncork that big bottle-cock of yours!” I stepped to the left and brought my arm out to the side – so my bulging, but still un-tensed, bicep was in front of Tommy’s face. I knew the man wanted to shut his eyes, but I also knew there was no way he was going to miss the show. He still wanted to be the tough man and prove me wrong, but the fact that my arm was already so monstrous un-flexed made him desire to see it pumped up more than anything in the world. He was actually already mine – probably willing to do anything I asked, but now I wanted to make his night, no, his life, by showing him what a true monstrous bicep looked like. I was ready to fulfill all the fantasies the little guy had ever imagined before. I made a fist with my hand, causing the biceps to jump upward teasingly. I tightened my hand and veins started to appear down my forearm and across the already massive peak. Tommy, Clarence, and Francis all stopped breathing, they were waiting in anticipation for the most beautiful sight they had ever beheld. I thought about taking my time flexing, forcing them to either pass out or finally take a breath, but I didn’t want to be that cruel. I started bringing my forearm up and the biceps started bulging out in every direction, but mostly it powered upward. Multiple peaks formed on thick mountains of muscle, as my arm grew twice as thick as Tommy’s entire body. The poor guy’s face turned dark red as he struggled not to shoot his load; he even began to bite down on the insides of his cheeks – hoping it would help. And every time he figured my biceps could not morph any larger, I would flex a little harder and it would magnify beyond any man’s comprehension. Tommy’s eyes were as big as saucers by this point and he wasn’t going to blink for anything. The muscle mountain in front of his face was truly spectacular. I, myself, was again caught off guard by its size and beauty – knowing that it wasn’t fully flexed even now. I began to realize that all three of my admirers were very close to passing out, so I decided to move quickly to the freakish finale. I brought my arm completely up, fully flexed my biceps, triceps, and forearm and added sound effects at the same time. “BAM!” There was a moment of suspended animation as everyone in the room fully grasped the size and power of my arm. It was as if the universe of all three men’s brains had been expanded so they fully grasped, for the first time, that all my displays of power up to this point had only been a fraction of what my arms – not to mention the rest of my body – were capable of. It was clear by the look of disbelief in Tommy Cole’s eyes that he truly never imagined an arm of this size and strength. Suddenly his mouth flew open, but no sound came out. It felt like I was in some kind of silent film. He was so overcome with awe and complete un-control of his body that he could not even scream. He was so tense at that instant that every inch of his frame rivaled the hardness of my biceps. I had not misjudged the power of his ejaculation. Suddenly the fabric of his crotch was tattered as cum exploded out of his cock. The man’s stiff body rocked so hard I was nervous my make shift hook would not last or the pipe would be ripped from the walls. A steady stream of cum poured out of his cock, which now stuck straight out through the giant hole in his coveralls. It truly was an impressively big dick. At the first break in his orgasm the poor man was able to cry out like a wounded animal and take a deep breath. I was glad of the latter, since I knew he needed oxygen desperately. The pause was only a fraction of a second and his dick started its second eruption of cum-lava. I was able to pull my attention from Tommy for a few seconds and glanced at the other two worshippers. I was in time to see Francis fall backwards in a dead faint, after fully unloading his cock again for god-knows-how many times in the last two hours. I knew the guy would be okay; it had finally been too much for the man. That’s when I noticed the still stiff and still cum-filled body of Clarence standing there in much pain. The guy had been able to prevent himself from shooting his load – even after seeing my arm fully flexed. His face was a mixture of pride and pleading. He was happy that he had accomplished this feat for his muscle master, but he also so obviously needed release that if I did not allow it soon the poor guy was probably going to have a heart attack. I knew I needed to give him the order to orgasm, and I knew just what would do it. I turned my body slightly toward him, being careful not to hit Tommy in the face with my boulder-sized rock-hard arm. I stood there staring at Clarence, nodded at him, and then brought my other arm up quickly – breaking into a fully flexed double biceps pose. Again, I added sound to make it more exciting – even louder than before. “BAM!” Clarence got one look at the matching mountains growing next to my monstrous shoulders and that’s all it took. Suddenly his body began to gyrate and jerk so much that he looked like he was inventing a new dance. He had no control of his legs or, for that matter, any part of his body. The incredible force of his orgasm actually kept him upright. He moved around that part of the room as he emptied one helluva load of cum. It was like watching a chicken run around right after you cut off its head. His body completely took over and led Clarence in his muscle-induced dance. And then he stopped – as suddenly as he had begun. He looked at me with a face full of intense pleasure, then his eyes closed, and his limp body dissolved into a puddle on the ground. They poor boy was spent and I had a feeling he would sleep for days. I felt satisfied that he and Francis had received the promised muscle show of their lives. I also knew I’d someday return to please them once again. I brought my left arm down. I then turned back to Tommy and was impressed to see that his body was still ejaculating. His stomach was now so concave it looked unnatural and I was worried that more than just cum would start streaming out of his cock – like his organs or something worse. Finally his dick stopped spewing and his body went limp. The poor guy looked like he had just run three straight marathons. He was perspiring hard and sweat was falling to the ground like he was some kind of weird fountain. The poor guy was breathing so hard I worried I would have to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to keep him alive. I then realized, though, the moment I put my mouth on his he would explode again in an orgasmic fit, not being able to take my lips touching his. I kept my tensed biceps in front of his face because, even though he was completely worn out, he continued to stare at the massive bulge. He let his head drop forward and puckered up right before his mouth came in contact with my hard skin. He kissed my biceps three times, ran his tongue partially along the largest vein that streaked from one side over the peak to the other, and then leaned back to look at me. I could see that he was now completely in love. He wanted to please me more than anything he had ever desired before. “Your boyfriend is being held at DNX Pharmaceuticals in Pikesville. They’re going to force him to make more of the drug that made you so big. They want to make an army of guys like you. Tonight’s the night some guys get injected. You might be too late. They plan on killing your lover as soon as he’s finished with the drug.” My head started to spin from a mixture of panic and a desire to rip something big apart. ********** Ted – Part 10 It took my mind a few minutes to register that my body had ceased its orgasmic convulsions. My giant muscled arched back fell to the floor again and the tenseness that had overtaken me just seconds before was now gone. I didn’t realize, at first, that my body was no longer wracked with pain. Slowly, my breathing returned to normal and I could feel my heartbeat slowing down. I heard Ted’s heavy breathing and immediately realized he was sound asleep – lying on my massive upper torso. My eyes were shut and I kept them that way. I wanted to let my newfound body reveal itself first through sensations. I didn’t want to disturb Ted’s cum-emptying induced nap, so I began to take inventory of what I felt. The first thing I noticed was that I felt heavy – not just kind of heavy, but ridiculously heavy. I figured some of the weight I sensed was caused from being exhausted, but then I realized that my body was actually extremely alive and . . . something . . . juiced – yeah, that was it. I felt like I had just swallowed about eighty-five cans of the most powerful energy drink on the planet. But no matter how powered I was feeling, I could not get rid of the newfound awareness of how fucking dense my body was – I could actually feel how my thick bulging muscles added massive weight to my huge frame. For a few seconds I worried that my weight would be too much for our apartment floor. What if the concrete and wood could not take such extra poundage lying on top of it? I let go of any fear when it dawned on me that even if I did fall through the floor it wasn’t going to hurt my body at all. I did, however, fear for the poor soul that might be underneath my bulk if I did bust a hole and fall. The next sensation that overwhelmed me was the fact that I took up more space now. My feet were near one wall and if I stretched out my arms I would have been pretty close to reaching the other side of the room. That was just an incredible feeling. I knew my body had become big, but the reality of how enormous I now was only hit me when I filled a major part of our dining area. Feeling Ted’s smaller and lighter body on top of me helped me to understand my full size even more. It barely registered that a full-grown big man was sleeping on my chest and stomach. The fact that Ted is a big guy only made it blatantly more obvious that I was now super-sized. His shoulders didn’t even come close to hanging over the sides of my chest. His head was just at my pecs but his feet barely passed my knees. I was blown away by how small this man that I had drooled over for months was compared to the new improved me. I moved my arms and legs a little and it felt like I had a thick suit of armor on me. It didn’t register at first that the layer after layer of hard muscle was actually part of my body. The feeling of its mass was just too foreign to me. I could tell that I was now unable to bring my knees together – because of both the bulk of my quads and the size of my calves. Muscle now exploded both body parts to insane size and this prevented parts of my legs from being able to touch. I could also feel that my arms were forced out to the side because of giant muscles pressing them forward and outward. My super magnified biceps and triceps added to the morphed-like feeling and I knew that it would take a lot of effort and concentration to bring my elbows to my sides – if I was actually even able to do it. I opened my eyes for the first time and stared at the ceiling. I wanted to reveal my body to myself slowly. I raised my right arm and my brain froze – it just could not comprehend that the muscled keg-sized limb in the air was connected to my body. I opened and closed my huge hand and my heart started racing at how powerful my fist looked. It was like I was hooked up to some virtual reality game where someone had jacked up the controls to make me appear the size of a small building. I couldn’t help the strong attraction to my own body and my now giant cock started to come alive. I could sense that Ted’s sleeping body was rising into the air – forced upward by my hardening member. This brought me a sense of pride that I had never felt before. I was turned on by the size of my own dick, but I was also incredibly stoked by the fact that it had enough power to lift a full-grown man as if he weighed nothing. My lust for my own mammoth rod gave new meaning to the title of size queen. I began to wonder what my tool was actually capable of and started fantasizing about poking it through metal or seeing if some guy could stand on it without either of us holding on to each other. These thoughts and others flooded into my brain all at one moment. I began to get a little overwhelmed at the strength testing ideas that streamed into my consciousness and caused me to forget about the exploration that had previously held my full attention. I focused, again, on the monstrous arm sticking out from my side. I bent my arm slowly and watched in a state of complete shock as the bicep exploded into multiple tiers of thick hard-looking muscle. My cock shot fully hard as I gazed on what I understood to be my arm, but it looked like some kind of digitally enhanced 3-D porno shot created by a gay James Cameron. I had become the true definition of the phrase “muscle freak.” My own biceps shot so far up in the air that all I could do was let out a hard guffaw. I found myself laughing in disbelief that a man could be so huge – that an arm could be so massively muscled. My laughter caused my cock, chest, and stomach to tremble underneath Ted like a small earthquake. This caused the man resting on top of me to awake slowly. As Ted came out of his orgasm induced trance he started speaking – as if his subconscious had taken over. His comments made my laughter stop and encouraged my cock to get harder. “Brock, you’re so fucking big. I love you man. I loved you before you were big, but now I just want to make you happy. You are a muscle monster, man, and I want you so much.” I raised my head from the ground and tried to look over my hefty pecs to see Ted’s face, but my massive chest and steel-like nipples hid all. I could tell by his voice that Ted was still basically asleep, but then his face rose high into the air and I was able to see his face down the deep valley between my two mountainous pectoral muscles. His eyes were full of total astonishment and complete lust. He smiled as soon as he saw my eyes – sharing with me his total glee at what had happened to my body. I was now completely hard – again – and feeling the extra pump of blood through my system, caused by Ted’s obvious awe of me. “Oh – my – fucking – goodness!” That’s all Ted could think of to say. He repeated the sentiments again and this made me smile. He then pushed his body upward and straddled my mid-section, making sure his butt cheeks were positioned so my thick cock pressed them apart. He stared down at my chest, first. I saw his eyes glaze over as he took in the enormity of my pecs. Ted’s mouth fell open and he started to shake his head back and forth slowly in disbelief. I reached out, grabbed his hands, and pulled them upward so they rested directly on my bulging slabs of muscled meat in front of him. At first, my roommate did nothing. He just sat there staring at my chest with his tiny hands pressed up against my hard skin. For a second, I was fearful that he had been so overwhelmed that he went comatose, but I finally figured out that he really just needed time to process the fantasy-turned-reality beneath him. I decided to tease him a little. “Does Mr. Ted approve?” He simply nodded his head slowly, not taking his eyes from my chest. We sat there in silence for a few more seconds as the man struggled to regain control of his thoughts and actions. I smiled as it dawned on me again that I barely felt his big body sitting on top of mine. I knew he was there, but he was as light as a feather. His voice was soft and weak when he finally spoke. He looked into my eyes and he only moved his mouth – leaving his hands and ass where they were so they could connect with the hardness beneath him. “Does Mr. Brock approve?” This made me laugh, but it also made total sense. Ted had earlier registered my displeasure at what he had done, but he now wondered if my new body had changed my mind. There was no way that he could have understood the internal changes that had occurred along with the external ones. The self awareness and newfound confidence was so overpowering that I just assumed the joy I felt about my new body was completely obvious – even to a person that was deaf, dumb, and blind. It dawned on me that Ted feared I might have viewed myself as some kind of freak or something. The truth is that I really did view myself that way, as a total muscle freak, but Ted could not have easily comprehended how I was totally fucking excited about being just that. My brain had been expanded along with the super morphing of my body. Even though I was not fully aware of what my body was now capable of, I did sense that I was now not only huge, but freakishly strong, as well. I had become something super – something unstoppable, indestructible. I wanted to help Ted understand how much I loved the new and improved me. “Mr. Brock approves very much, Ted. Maybe you can help me, though. I can’t see my entire body right now – how about you describe what you see, to help me get a taste of the new me.” Ted smiled. He let his gaze leave my eyes and travel down my huge upper torso – still not moving his hands from my hard pec shelf. He let his eyes soak up my incredible size and the unfathomable amount of muscles bulging everywhere. He ran is tongue across his lips and then returned his gaze to my own eyes. “Nothing compares to you, man. And nothing could have prepared me for what has happened to you. I thought I was going to be happy with you having some big muscles, but this goes beyond that – this is something unimaginable. You are a muscle god – that’s the only word that comes close to describing you. I’m like a little kid in a three-story candy store. I can’t begin to figure out where to let my gaze land first. I start to take in the insane expanse of your mega chest, but then I notice your bulging arms and I have to look at them. That leads to your big forearms and I lose focus as I take in the veins streaking up and down that thick part of you. But then your ridged abs distract me and I can only think that each of these individual stomach muscles look as big as some other guy’s chest. And then I get a good look at what those abs frame – your monster cock. That’s when I get sad, though, Brock.” Ted’s words caught me off guard, and I saw sadness in his face. I could not fathom what disappointed him. I became a little alarmed and I’m sure it showed in my face. “No, Brock, don’t worry. I love everything I see and your new body is a wet-dream come true. It’s just that . . . well, I was hoping . . . I mean I was counting on . . . oh, hell, just say it Ted . . . I wanted you to fuck me, Brock. I wanted you to be the first guy to go where no other man has ever gone before. I wanted to offer my ass to my newly improved roommate. But it’s pretty clear that if I let you stick this telephone pole dick up my chute it’s going to kill me. That makes me sad, that’s all.” His confession warmed my entire body. I was so happy that Ted felt this way about me. For a split second I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to plug the guy’s asshole with my hard cock, but my lust for him was so great that I moved beyond that desire to all the other feelings I held inside. I pushed my upper body from the floor and propped it forward on my bent muscled arms. “Come here, sexy.” Ted understood what I wanted. He wanted the same thing. My roommate leaned forward slightly and brought his lips to mine. Months of unrequited lust for both of us made the kiss incredibly passionate and full of love at the same time. I had never known, before this moment, how much I really wanted the beautiful man sitting on top of me. It was now fine for me to admit that he had long been the first thing I thought of in the morning and the last thing I had contemplated before dozing off at night. Our relationship didn’t just gently roll over into something more than roommates – it flew at super-speed into a connection so deep and powerful that it matched the size and apparent strength of my body. I also realized that Ted had felt the same way about me before and he now equaled me in present desire. Our kiss impacted me as much as the transformation of my body. I was flooded with an incredible peace and a comforting awareness of selfless love. Ted was first to pull away from our kiss. He had the biggest smile on his face. “I’ve wanted that for a very long time.” “Me too.” “Well, my muscle man, I think we should get a good look at your body and maybe clean up some of this mess our cocks have made.” I looked down and saw that we were both covered in dried cum. This made me giggle embarrassingly and, yet, I was proud of the obvious amount of juice that has been released from both of our bodies. I also noticed that both of us seemed ready to fire off another major load. Ted’s cock looked as hard as mine. I nodded my head at Ted’s suggestion. I was a little sad when he slid off of me – missing the contact with his warm body immediately. I reached out and placed my hand on the big dining room table in order to pull my body up from the floor. I put a little pressure on the piece of furniture and suddenly the four legs shattered from the weight and the table fell. The noise was incredibly loud and the surprise confused both of us instantly. I turned my upper body to look at my roommate, now standing beside me. “Shit man, did you mean to do that?” “No, Ted. I didn’t push down hard at all. I just tried to pull myself up. I’m so sorry.” The table had been something Ted had brought to the apartment. It was a sturdy solid oak table that had taken four guys to carry up the stairs. I know my face shot red with shame. I looked down at the destroyed table and could not believe my one hand had easily caused so much destruction. It was the first moment of even a speck of doubt about my new muscles. Ted spoke quickly – to try and stop any fears that might sneak into my consciousness. “Are you kidding, Brock? That was incredible. I had forgotten that fucking super strength would come with your new huge muscles. You just destroyed a solid oak table with one hand. That’s . . . I mean . . . wow, it’s unbelievable. I can’t even begin to think of what you must be capable of doing. You know what I’m saying, man?” Ted’s lit up face made it clear that he was sincere and his excitement about my strength easily overpowered his disappointment about the table lying in pieces on the floor. We both looked down and saw that the edge of the wood where my hand had briefly rested was broken into hundreds of splinters. My power was unimaginable. We both stared at the demolished table and got more turned on as we each contemplated feats of strength I would be able to perform. I was beginning to leak a glob of pre-cum just from thoughts of my hand destroying stuff that was much more powerful that wood. “Yeah, that’s it buddy, just imagine what you’ll be able to do. It’s turning you on even more, isn’t it, Brock? Me too, man. I can’t wait to see you rip something apart with your bare hands – something like . . . I don’t know . . . like a tank or something. Shit, I’m going to squirt another major wad just from imagining it.” And with no other warning suddenly a stream of Ted-milk shot from his hard cock into the air and landed on my massive chest. Two more long shots of cum landed on me in quick succession and then Ted had to reach out and rest his tiny hand on my huge shoulder to help him stay standing. His crotch jerked a few more times and a few more dribbles of semen pulsed from his dick slit and slid down his rigid pole. It was a beautiful site to watch my roommate explode just from imagining the amount of strength contained in my new muscles. I gave him a few minutes to rest and regain control of his body. “Listen Ted, I think I need to get away from here just for a little while. I barely put any pressure on that table – or what I thought was just a little pressure. I’m really nervous about what my body might do before I’ve learned to hold back on my strength. I’m most nervous that I’ll hurt you without even being aware of it. I think I need to go out and really explore what my body can do.” “Hell yeah, I’ll come too. I want to watch you explore.” “I don’t think that’s a good idea right now, Ted. I need to get control of these muscles before I’m around people. I’m nervous that a mere pat on the back from my hand could send someone through a brick wall. Let me get some awareness of what I’m able to do and then I promise I’ll show off for you. I’ll show off a lot, buddy.” This seemed to please Ted a lot. He moved his hand from my shoulder and backed up. I slowly got to my feet, being careful to avoid any other contact with pieces of furniture. I moved laboriously, mainly because I was not used to feeling so heavy or so wide, but also because I didn’t want to crush anything by accident. I was immediately happy that our apartment had very high ceilings, but realized that my head was still just a few inches shy of busting through the top. I made a mental note not to jump into the air even a little and to always walk with my head bent forward. I looked down at Ted and saw that his face was again aghast with shock. He was staring up at me with his mouth wide open and with eyes that showed that he had no idea of how massive I really had become until that moment. “Oh – my – fucking – goodness!” I was beginning to realize that this was Ted’s standard response to anything that overwhelmed him and I could tell that my body was the biggest mind-blowing shock of his entire life. I moved my arms a little and inhaled deeply now that I was standing. My chest swelled upward and outward. “Oh – my – sweet – fucking – goodness!” This time Ted’s response made me laugh a little. I looked down at him and watched as he let his gaze soak in my entire body. He started with my head and then traveled slowly down to my large feet – making sure he got an intense look at every muscled part of my frame. I just stood there to give him the opportunity to grasp the entire change that had happened to my body. I could tell Ted was trying to process what his mind told him could not be possible. He looked back up at my face and I saw a mixture of lust, love, denial, and pure joy in his eyes. A sudden thought made me throw my forearms out to the side and raise my shoulders in a gesture of wonder. “What am I going to wear when I go outside?” My simple movement was something any person would do – merely a reaction to the question inside of their head. But when you are enormous and massive simple movements have the power of modern battering rams. My hand struck the wall and blasted through solid wood as if it were tissue. My unclenched fist busted a hole - the size of a small window – in the wall between the dining room and kitchen with a gesture that seemed normal and weak. But now a simple movement of one of my arms had the force of a bulldozer. Both of us stared at the fresh opening for a few minutes before anything truly registered in our minds. Dust was still settling when I heard Ted let out a cry of pleasure and then burst into loud laughter. “You are fucking Superman, Brock. Look at how you busted through that wall like it was made of tissue. Did you see that? Just think about how strong you are! I can’t believe it. There’s probably nothing you can’t do. Aw shit, man, I’ve got too see what your body can do. Are you sure I can’t come with you now. I promise not to get in the way. Really. Please let me come.” I turned to my happy roommate and saw that he was full of uncontrollable lust and excitement. My once big-to-me roommate was like a little boy begging for some kind of treat. He could not wait to see me lift incredible amounts of weight or, better yet, destroy something powerful with my bare hands. He had become like an adolescent that got off on strength and destruction. I smiled at his enthusiasm and contemplated letting him come so I could show off. My brain finally convinced me that it wasn’t a good idea until I had control over my new body. Right now I was more worried about hurting him than anything in the entire world. I wanted to please him very much, but I was petrified that something as simple as a handshake would literally crush him. “Ted, it’s because of how simple it was for me to bust through the wall that I don’t want to be around you for a little while. I have no concept of how strong I am. I could send you to the hospital or something worse just by accidentally bumping into you – or giving you what I thought was a love tap. I want to hug you more than anything in the world but right now I’m afraid I would squeeze you so hard that every bone in your body would snap – but it would just feel like a slight cuddle to me. I just can’t take the chance of hurting you – not when we just confessed our love for each other.” “You love me?” My words had come so easily that I didn’t even realize I said it. Yes, we had kissed and our unspoken lust was very clear to the other, but this was the first time I had alluded to my deep feelings for Ted. His face was beaming and I could tell that I was turning very red. My new body and strength, however, made me very bold. “Yes, Ted, I love you very much. I have for a long time.” “I love you, too, Brock.” We stood there in silence. We stared at each other, fully aware that we should not embrace, but wanting each other desperately. Our cocks were once again fully hard. I finally broke the silence in order to figure out a plan to get me away from him before I hurt him unintentionally. “Okay, Ted, we’ve got to calm down before something happens. Focus for me, okay? I’ve got to get something to wear when I go outside or I’m going to shock the entire city. I’ve also got to figure out what to do. Where should I go? I promise to come back as soon as I’ve gotten a handle on this new body and my new strength. What do you suggest?” I could tell Ted’s brain went into overdrive. He was an organizer and I had tapped into one of his strengths. He had always been able to think on his feet quickly – this is one of the things that made him a good lawyer. He moved swiftly into the other room and returned with a bed sheet. “Wrap this around you like a towel. It will at least make you appear decent. I personally don’t think anyone is going to notice or care that you aren’t dressed. All they are going to be able to do is stare at your fucking huge body. And anyway, what are they going to do – argue with you, tell you what to do, or arrest you? I don’t think so. I believe they’ll be turned on and frightened by your size at the same time – and will realize you can do anything you want. Now, here’s what I suggest. Move quickly to the outskirts of town. Out in the woods somewhere. Try out those muscles on some rocks and trees. That should give you an understanding of how strong you are and then get your big body back to me quickly. I say you’ll get familiar with your strength in an hour or so. But either way, come back before dawn. I don’t think you should be seen in the daylight – not yet anyway. It’s about ten o’clock. This part of town shuts down pretty early at night. You should be able to go unnoticed in the dark.” “Well sure, I’ll take a taxi.” Ted laughed out loud and stared at me with a knowing look. He noticed my confusion and immediately stopped laughing. “You won’t fit in a taxi, Brock. I don’t think you’d fit in any car.” His statement thrilled and saddened me at the same time. I was beginning to realize how much my life was going to change. And while it made me very excited to be super huge, I needed to mourn the simple things in life that would be lost forever. Ted could see this in my face. “Listen, Brock, don’t worry. We’ll figure out the car thing. I bet if we take a few seats out of a van or something you’ll be able to fit again. I have a funny feeling, though, that you won’t need any kind of automobile – ever again. When you get outside I want you to try something for me. I want to you to try running really fast and jumping in the air. I have a funny feeling that you have no idea how insignificant things like cars, trucks, and even airplanes are going to seem very soon. You need to start thinking big, man – even bigger than your body. I don’t think there’s going to be a limit to what you can do. Okay, that statement almost made my cock spew another wad of spunk, so that’s a sign that you need to get out of here before I force myself on you – not even caring if I get hurt in the process.” I was trying to understand everything Ted was saying while, at the same time, I was ordering myself to not grab him, throw him on the ground, and take advantage of him. I wanted him more than any other man in my entire life. I knew, though, that I could easily hurt him just by holding him with one of my powerful hands – hands that had no idea of their true strength. I knew his plan was best. I wrapped the sheet around my waist and immediately felt like Hercules or some other Greek god. “Damn, you look hot, Brock.” “Thanks, Ted. Listen, I’ll be back soon and we’ll figure out how we can be together without me hurting you. I promise to be a quick learner. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms, man.” “And I can’t wait to be held by those huge arms, Brock.” Ted was staring at my biceps. This made me smile again. I looked at my roommate with a face full of love and longing. I saw the same thing in his eyes when the silence made him look at me. I started to move toward the front door. “No, Brock. Don’t use the front door. Someone might see you and you’ll probably rip the door from its frame with no effort at all. Use the balcony. Let me open the door for you.” “But we’re on the third floor!” “Yeah, so?” It took me a minute to understand what he meant. He comprehended my body’s abilities much more than I did. He had a huge smile on his face as he moved to the French doors to our balcony. I followed him carefully – not getting too close to anything, which was hard due to my size. I had to duck to get through the large doors. I looked back at Ted in the doorway. I suddenly had a flash of awareness and knew that I should not push off from the balcony floor too hard because I would demolish that part of our building with just a simple jump. “That’s it, Brock. I can see you’ve realized that those legs could easily demolish all this stone and steel. You’re going to learn fast. Come home immediately, man. I need to explore that body of yours some more. Go destroy some big things and learn what those muscles can do. I’d say be careful, but I don’t think I have to worry about anything happening to you now. But be aware that there are some guys…” Ted caught himself mid-sentence and quit talking suddenly. I was too busy looking over the balcony feeling just slightly nervous about the distance to notice his change in demeanor. I turned back to him and looked for more encouragement. “What were you saying, Ted?” “Nothing, buddy. Just don’t jump too hard. You don’t want to leave a big hole in the sidewalk below. As a matter of fact, jump enough to land on the other side of the street. I never liked that building. Let’s shake the tenants up a little.” Ted smiled as I sat and swung my legs over the heavy railing of the balcony. I was worried for a second that the thick concrete would not be able to hold my big body. I glanced back at the smiling face of my once roommate – now lover. I smiled and sat there hesitantly. “Bye, Ted. I’ll see you later.” “Brock, quit stalling. You’re not going to hurt yourself. I promise. Let go of the parameters of your old body. Think about how big and strong you feel. I’m more worried about anything that gets in your way. Go! You’ll soon see how powerful you really are. How indestructible that body is.” Those words made something snap inside of me. I had already felt this way about my muscles and his encouraging words only affirmed what I truly new inside. I let my body fall forward, pushing off very gently. I felt chunks of concrete break off from the wide railing where my hands pushed off – even though I did it as lightly as I could. I knew, however, that I did not destroy the entire balcony. I pushed hard enough to clear the street and land in front of the building across from ours, just as Ted had told me. I was not prepared for the giant hole my landing would create or the way the impact would cause the buildings around me to shake. Car alarms immediately went off and after a few seconds apartment lights in the surrounding buildings started to come on. I knew I needed to move quickly. I glanced back up at my lover and saw him waving to me. He was also exploring the demolished concrete where my hands had pushed – amazed at what I was able to do. I started moving down the street quickly, careful not to meet anyone and fully aware that the sheet around my waist didn’t hide my raging hard-on at all. I did not, however, notice the massive truck pull out of three parking spaces down the street and begin to follow me. I was amazed and relieved that I did not see anyone as I moved down some back streets – trying to get to the outskirts of town unnoticed. There were times when I did meet cars in a dark street or when I had to cross major intersections. The look on the drivers’ faces was such a turn-on for me. I could tell, whether it was a guy or a girl, that after the initial shock wore off they were immediately overcome with an incredible lust for my body. I would move quickly away, sure that I left them in a daze and wondering if they had merely imagined the muscled giant that had momentarily appeared in front of them. During my departure from town, I also became aware that I was being followed. I did not know how long the huge truck had been trailing me, but it thrilled me a lot to know that someone was curious enough about my body to stay up with my fast moving exit. I, of course, did not move as fast as I knew I could – nor did I leap into the air - because I was beginning to realize that I would be able to go hundreds of yards away with just one jump. I had also decided that the truck could possibly be a nice way to test my strength. I continued to move further away from town even after I got to the area where there were no houses or businesses. I wanted to be on an empty stretch of road when I took on the truck. The driver was certainly intent on following me and I soon figured out it wasn’t because of his lust for my muscles. I sensed I was being followed for sinister reasons. When I finally felt I was far enough away from town to take care of some business without being noticed, I turned around in the road and stared back at the truck, which had its headlights off. I was feeling truly powerful, so I reached down and pulled off the sheet wrapped around my waist. I threw it to the side and rested my hands at my waist. I was sure I looked like a nude superhero or something. I then jerked my head backwards a couple of times as a signal to come ahead and yelled out loudly. “So, you like what you see? Are you here to play with this big boy’s muscles or do you want to see if that small truck of yours can hurt me?” My cocky attitude garnered the exact response I desired. The bright lights of the truck came on immediately and the driver gunned the motor a few times. He was quite a few yards away, but I somehow knew that the distance would give him no advantage in our little rumble. I was going to win and it was going to be easy. I taunted him more. “Bring it on, mister, bring it on. Let’s give you a taste of what indestructible means!” ********** Brock and Ted – Part 11 The impact and sound of my body busting through the middle of the huge metal door to the gym building made it seem like a crate full of dynamite had been used, but I merely pounded through the thick solid-steel sheet with my two fists. As soon as Tommy had spilled his muscle-loving guts and told me that Ted was being held prisoner and being forced to create more formula to be used to make an army of guys as big as me, I didn’t waste even a second to think about anything. I am sure the wake of my quick departure from the gym caused much damage to the machinery and weights. I didn’t care. I leapt into the air before the guards could even turn the spotlight in the direction of the intense disturbance caused by body. It crossed my mind briefly that Tommy and his boys were going to have a hard time trying to convince the guards that some huge muscleman had wrecked the place. It certainly wasn’t going to look like any human could have done the amount of damage I had caused. I also knew that Clarence and Francis were not going to miss the thrill of watching the big goons squirm, so they weren’t going to say a thing. I knew, however, that both men were going to be waiting desperately for my return. My mind quickly shifted to my lover, Ted. In three quick super jumps I landed in front of the large DNX Pharmaceutical plant in the neighboring town of Pikesville. I immediately became alarmed when I saw smoke billowing from a certain area of the complex and heard sounds of destruction. I moved silently, but quickly, in the direction of the disturbance. As I advanced further into the complex I became fully aware that the intended experiment had been a success. I could tell by the way that buildings and other items were mangled or destroyed that there now existed an army of super men just like me. I saw a sedan completely ripped in two. The way that the car was demolished made it clear that some huge guy had simply taken his bare hands and pulled the car apart. The separation was not clean – as if it had been done by a giant saw or something – it was jagged and rough. I could also see finger indentions everywhere in the metal. It was pretty clear that someone had been trying to get away, but had been stopped and easily yanked from the wreckage. I also saw a truck sticking out of the side of a building in the distance, but at the second floor level. Some guy had obviously tossed the car like a brick and it had rammed into the concrete wall. The back of the truck stuck out halfway. Another large building had a huge hole in its back wall. I could tell by the size and the damage that a guy as big as me had simply decided to exit that way – refusing to use the double wide doors just a few yards to the right. It then struck me suddenly that the place seemed deserted. I began to actually get a little nervous about facing a gang of guys as big as me. Would I be able to take on a man, not to mention a group of men, as strong as me? Up to this point I had definitely felt indestructible, but my confidence was wavering. My love for Ted was the only thing that was spurring me on. I would save him one way or the other. That thought alone was going to give me the power to defeat any foe. And then I returned to my original thought - where was everyone? I heard sounds of something being easily demolished in the distance. I followed the noise. I peered around the side of a large building and got the first glimpse of one of my new enemies. Seeing someone equal to my size created two conflicting feelings within me. I was immediately turned on when I got my first glimpse of the guy’s huge back and broad shoulders. He was definitely as big as me. He was amazing to look at. His body glistened in the light from a burning car nearby. His monstrous bubbled ass made my cock twitch even in the midst of so much possible danger. It was a beautiful butt – nicely shaped and ripe for my huge cock. This was a guy that I could fuck and not be scared of ripping in two with my large tool. At the same time I was a little nervous about taking the guy on in a fight. At the moment I was watching him grab hold of the bottom of a streetlight pole and rip it out of the ground. It looked like it was as easy for him as pulling a weed from a garden. I watched as his big hand smashed the thick metal of the pole where his fingers clamped down on it and then he simply pulled upward – concrete split, sparks flew everywhere, and the huge pole was jerked into the air effortlessly. The mammoth man swung the large pole around like he was a child playing with a stick. He was on his way to finish some task and his strength was as mesmerizing as his body. His arms were certainly as big as mine and the tree-trunk legs made me want him even more. My mind quickly turned back to Ted, though. I looked around and then I saw the body of a guy in a white lab coat lying on the ground in the distance. I knew immediately that it was Ted. My mind instantly went into destruction mode. I was overwhelmed with a need to make this big guy pay dearly for hurting my lover. I didn’t even care if there were other big men nearby. I quickly leapt into the air and came down hard on the back of my enemy. I knocked the guy down and watched the light pole fly from his hand. I could tell that the man was greatly surprised that something could be powerful enough to knock him to the ground. His shock was short-lived, though, and he quickly pushed up from the ground hard with his arms and legs. The force of his shove sent my body flying backwards through the air. The big man’s elbows had struck my stomach and for the first time in a long time I felt pain. The impact of his arms against my abs actually hurt and I then knew that taking this guy down, along with all the others, was going to be very difficult. I immediately jumped back to my feet and I watched the guy do the same thing. He turned around with one fast jump to face his attacker. I went into a fighting stance – ready to take him on. As soon as I got a full frontal glimpse of the guy my heart stopped. His size and his muscles were magnificent. I was stunned temporarily by the mega chest and the monstrous bulging arms. I was also caught off guard by the surprise that the guy had a raging hard-on. He was obviously getting off on his own new power and enhanced body. I was instantly ashamed at how much his body excited me. I forced myself to look him in the eye and the new shock waiting for me was overwhelming. It was Ted! We stared at each other for only a few seconds and then we both quickly leapt at each other and met in mid air. We locked our arms around each other as our bodies slammed together. The ground shook when we landed. Our lips immediately found each other and we locked in on the most powerful kiss – one that simply matched the strength of our bodies. The intense squeeze from Ted’s arms actually forced air from my mouth and we both moaned in a mixture of discomfort and colossal excitement as we gave each other a bear hug that would have easily crushed large boulders. My cock was instantly at full mast and battling Ted’s monster rod smashed between our hard bodies. We stayed in that insanely pressurized embrace for as long as our bodies could handle it. Finally, because of the discomfort we were feeling, we lessened the strength in our arms and pulled our faces apart. “I don’t understand Ted. What happened?” “Well hello there too, Brock. It’s nice to see you, as well.” “I’m sorry. Hello sweetie. I missed you so much and I’ve been so worried. Now what the hell happened?” “Long story short. These assholes kidnapped me as soon as you were gone and brought me here to make more of the serum. They intended to make an army of big Brocks! They forced me to work around the clock. As I began to figure out how to make the serum work on people other than you I got an idea. I simply focused on my own DNA. It hit me that no one would figure out what I was doing if I simply worked hard to hopefully make the stuff work on my own body. It was a risk and I knew it could possibly kill me, but I figured it was my only chance. I hoped it would at least stall them long enough for you to get here and save me. But then I had a breakthrough and realized that I had actually stumbled on how to make the serum work on me. I hid some of it in my pocket when they let me take a bathroom break and the rest, as they say, is history. I’m so bummed that you weren’t here to watch me grow. It was fantastic. I was in a small bathroom at the back of that building and I ballooned out so much that I simply busted through the walls. It took me a while to figure out how to use these muscles and my newfound strength, but I guess I’m a quick learner. I’ve simply been rounding up the bad guys since then. That guy in the coat is the last one. Here, come and see.” We separated our huge bodies, but we held on to each other’s hand. Ted reached down and grabbed the giant lamp post again. He motioned for me to grab the limp body as we passed by and I reached down, picked up the guy with one hand, and threw him over my shoulder. We moved toward the building with the huge hole in the wall and stepped through. The sight that met me was both hilarious and a big turn-on. There were two groups of about twenty-five men each in the center of the room. Every guy was completely tapped out and one gang of guys had been lined up like a bunch of asparagus at the supermarket and then neatly tied up with a huge metal street light. It was an incredible sight. Ted had taken the metal pole and used it like a piece of string or rubber band and placed it around the group of men. It was clear that no guy was going to be able to even think about escaping when they all finally woke up. The pressure from the manhandled metal around them was just too much. I helped Ted quickly do the same thing with the second group of men. My cock started leaking pre-cum as I watched my newly morphed lover bend the metal lamp post like it was as easy as manipulating a small piece of wire. Ted actually made a cute little bow with the ends of the pole when he was finished securing the men. “Maybe not as much pressure next time, buddy. I’m not sure anything’s going to be able to release these guys without hurting them.” “Unless it’s something as big and strong as us.” “I don’t think that exists, do you?” “I guess your right. They’ll just have to cut through the metal. I’d love to be able to see the guy’s faces when they bring that huge saw so close to their small bodies.” “You are an evil man, Mr. Ted.” “Not evil, just loving the fact that I’m so big and strong. There’s only one thing, though, that is more exciting than my new size and power, Brock.” “Yeah? What’s that, Mr. Muscle Man?” I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled his body into mine. I loved the feeling of our huge hard pecs hitting each other and our two stiff cocks pressing together. I also loved running my hands along his back – feeling the massive mounds of muscle and rock-like skin. Ted quickly brought his big hands up to my biceps and squeezed them hard – I loved watching my hard muscle actually dent in from his strong grip. I felt slight pain when he applied a lot of pressure, but the feeling was incredible. I smiled at my lover and hugged him tightly. “I think my virgin ass will now be able to take that huge cock of yours with no problem. That’s what I’ve always wanted, roomie. I have wanted you to fuck me from the first day we met. Think you’re up for the task?” “I think you can feel my response poking you in the abs right now.” I reached down and wrapped both of my big hands around each of his huge ass cheeks. I squeezed hard – hard enough to give the man a little pain. He moaned out loud and shut his eyes in anticipation. I pulled the cheeks apart and let one of my forefingers slide up to his tight hole. I teased him by pressing up against his chute and letting the tip of my finger penetrate the clenched opening. This made Ted’s body shake with delight. “Why don’t you let me carry you somewhere romantic and I’ll show you more joy than you’ve ever thought possible, Mr. Ted. I think we need to start a new life of being huge and powerful, but also a new life of mind-blowing muscle-on-muscle sex. How does that sound?” “Nice, Brock, very nice.” “Yeah, I think we’re both going to love having sex so much that people are going to call us unstoppable.” I pulled his body tightly into mine and pushed off from the ground. We easily shot through the two floors of the building and out through the roof into the night air. We were definitely ready to start our new life together.
  19. Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I last wrote. The story is pretty much still unfinished but I realized that having all the chapters spread out wasn't helping either. My plan now is to post all the chapters here, edited of course, this being so if you reread you will get a little extra fun from it. I'll also be posting progress pics within the story of the character,Vonny, who is based off of me and has very similar muscle progress. This way you can imagine how the character is growing a little better along with reading. I will also be posting pics from the web of what other characters look like and some scenery in order for you all to fully experience everything. Thanks for being patient and I hope you all will enjoy. Leave a comment if you have and questions or ideas!
  20. The Strength of the Ages

    Part One "What's the matter, lad?" "Grandfather, will I ever be as strong as you are?" "Now, now, Henry, give yourself time. You're just a lad!" As Henry Cardigan, grandson of Lord Cardigan and father of the House of Lords, sank into his grandfather's muscular chest and bawled his eyes out, Lord Cardigan knew the reason for his grandson being so upset. He was by far the smallest member of the Cardigan family, standing a mere four foot six inches tall and aged just eleven, he was always being bullied by the older children at the school he attended on the Westminster estate and this really got Lord Cardigan deep in his heart. After all he was the strongest man in the House of Lords, whenever they had a tug of war with the House of Commoners he was always at the lead. Indeed just last week he had helped the Lords to their sixteenth annual win, a feat that caused the leader of the House of Commoners, Oliver Cromwell, the member for Oxford to say, half jokingly "It's enough to make you want to ban you from attending!" but as Henry's sobs continued, Lord Cardigan decided to try and help his grandson by telling him a story about his days as a Musketeer in France during the reign of Louis XIII when, as part of a secret mission by the former First Minister George Villiers, the Duke of Buckingham, he had met a man who had made him the man he was today. "That man" he said, holding up Henry's head, "was a living Titan. Before I met him I was like you, Henry, but in the ten years I spent in France, he taught me everything he knew about being strong and powerful. If you promise to listen to my stories about him, I will ask you a question when I have finished. Do you understand my lad?" Henry nodded and with that Lord Cardigan began. "He and I got on like a house on fire, Henry" he started, "indeed when I first met him I accidentally challenge him and his friends to a duel, but we soon became best friends and for that first year he was always telling me tales about how big and strong he was. I shall now tell you the first tale he told me, about his grandfather, called Antoine and a feat of strength and power that sealed his legend in the land of his birth!" "What was this man's name?" asked Henry, rubbing his eyes "Porthos" came the reply Prompted by the recent postings about older men who are fairly muscled, I thought it might be interesting to post a story about some of the feats of strength that Porthos, his father and his grandfather got up to as mentioned in the stories by Alexandre Dumas in that context.
  21. ‘I don’t think I have ever heard of a course like this before?’ ‘Dude, it sounds like one of those easy electives that we took last year remember?’ ‘Hmm maybe. Perhaps I should talk to the professor first and find out what he is teaching exactly.’ ‘Whatever man, I know I am signing up for it. You better not wait because there are only 15 slots open.’ Benjamin turns to walk down the wide corridor of the college hall and disappears around a corner as Morris continues to read the directory of the upcoming fall schedule of classes on the computer sitting on the table beside the entrance into the university. He puts his left hand up on his head and makes a few sighing motions before writing down the name of the professor. He walks over to the receptionist desk to ask them a question. ‘Excuse me do you know where Professor Hardman’s classroom is?’ The receptionist smiles and tells him that the room is located in the basement and to go down a couple of hallways to find a set of stairs. He won’t miss the classroom since it is the only one down there. He thanks them and proceeds to find the stairway. After a few minutes of walking, he finds the stairs and goes down. It seems kind of strange that there are no students walking up and down on them since every other part of the building has some sort of activity. He gets to the bottom after just 50 steps and sees two paths. The sign on the wall in front of him points left for the student’s weight room and right for room B1001. He gets a puzzled look on his face as he realizes he never knew about the weight room in the basement. He passes several windows and notices a few guys inside lifting weights and walks in. They don’t even notice that he is in there as he notices the oldest looking guy there and wonders if that is the professor. He walks over to introduce himself. ‘Hello…..uhhh are you Professor Hardman? I just wanted to talk to you about this class you are offering this fall? What is it about? I might be interested in taking it if I am eligible.’ The man stops curling the barbells in his hands and puts them down on the ground. He is fairly slender, but seems really strong for his size. His glasses are foggy from the heat emanating from his head. He is wearing a gray t-shirt and gray shorts with white stripes going down the sides. His workout shoes also match his clothes. He turns to look at Morris and smiles a little before getting up to towel off a bit. ‘Ahh so you want to take my muscular hypertrophy class? Give me a minute to compose myself then man and I will fill you in on the details.’ The man motions for him to move over to a table in the back so they can talk away from the other guys. ‘So tell me why I should let you enroll in this course? Do you know what that term means?’ Morris remembers hearing the term but doesn’t know exactly everything about it. He attempts to guess to impress the professor. ‘I think it means the science of muscle growth right?’ ‘You are pretty close young man. Hypertrophy is indeed the expansion of muscles. This course is mostly independent study, but I warn you that only two of the fifteen individuals in the class will pass. Right now thirteen slots are filled including the four guys you see in the gym right now. If you want in, you need to decide right now.’ ‘Oh I think I do want in. My friend Ben will want in too.’ ‘Okay then, what is your name and your friend’s name and I will add you two to the list. I will close the class as soon as you two are enrolled okay?’ The professor smiles and gets up from his seat before going into the shower area. Morris gets up after a minute and leaves the gym before walking down the hall and going into the lone classroom on the basement floor. He sees posters of famous bodybuilders all over the room and the desks are as big as dinner tables. He walks past the professor’s desk and proceeds to look in and around where the teacher would reside. He hears a voice in the main doorway and looks up to see a fairly large man peering at him. ‘What do you think you are doing here? I don’t think the professor would approve of this?’ The man moves over to him and grabs his arm before pulling him out of the room. ‘You are not allowed in here. Unless the professor is present, you can’t be around his workspace.’ The man remains standing in the doorway as Morris turns around and heads up the steps onto the main floor again. He is immediately met by his friend Ben. ‘DUDE! I just asked someone about that professor. He is really fucking mysterious. He doesn’t allow any girls in his classes, just certain types of guys. Did you find him?’ ‘Yep and we are both in I think. He said there were only 15 slots and two were left so he put us in there.’ ‘Awesome. Yeah this guy I talked to while you were gone in the student lounge said that his classes are mostly hands-on and don’t require too much instruction. What sucks though is that he only passes two guys. This guy said he failed because he didn’t understand the professor’s information correctly.’ ‘Yeah he told me he only passes two guys, but we are going to be the two that do Ben. The class is called muscular hypertrophy by the way.’ Ben pauses as his eyes grow wider. ‘DUDE! He teaches bodybuilding classes? This is fucking awesome. I wonder what is so different about his lessons though?’ ‘I don’t know but frankly I need the help considering how weak I am when I go to the gym. You might pick things up pretty easy Ben since you have a decent amount of muscle on you anyway.’ Ben flexes his biceps which bulge into fairly large golf balls. ‘I could use a bit more actually Morris. I can’t imagine there are other guys that small in this class. *looks at his phone* We need to get going because we have a few days to get unpacked man.’ The two young men leave the main campus to go back to their dorm room to unwind. The upcoming weekend would be their last until their classes start up the following week. Monday rolls around and the two friends attend a few of their classes before meeting up again in the student lounge before their evening class with Professor Hardman. ‘Morris, I am anxious to go to that hypertrophy class man. I am planning on going to the gym afterwards to get a good pump on. You think he can give us pointers?’ ‘I have no idea what to expect Ben. There was a really big man that was down there when I went to check out the classroom. He wasn’t too pleased I was in there.’ ‘DUDE! You are fucking lucky that man didn’t beat the shit out of you. He could have been one of the professor’s graduate students. I forgot to tell you that he has one or two there each semester. I heard this from one of his former students.’ ‘Oh yeah, you might be right about that. *looks at the time on the clock in the lounge* Oh well, we have to get down there.’ The two guys rush out and go downstairs into the professor’s classroom. There are thirteen other men sitting behind the desks. They are of different shapes and sizes and immediately start staring directly at Morris, who is obviously the smallest of the group. Two desks remain vacant on different sides of the room as Ben takes one and Morris sits behind the other. The man that Morris saw a few days before sits behind the professor’s desk and appears to be working on something on his tablet. He looks up long enough to notice that all fifteen desks are now full. He stops typing and gets up from the desk to stand in front of it. He is wearing a skin tight pullover and jeans that look like they were painted on. He starts to speak. ‘The professor will not be here today so I have been put in charge. I am aware that all fifteen of you signed up because you think this is one of those courses that will help you earn credits towards your degree. Maybe some of you think you will pick up tips for your workouts. Well this is not one of those courses. I am here to test not only your mind, but your body too.’ The man points over at the other part of the room where there are weights and dumbbells. ‘One at a time, each one of you will be required to lift and execute a set program that I have set up. You will not know whether or not you have passed this test until you have completed all sections of the assignment. After you complete the first part of the assignment, you will come back to your desk and perform the second part with a random student here. The final part of the assessment will be a mental exercise that will test whether or not you are right for this course. There will be no questions asked. Let us begin.’ Morris watches as the front row of five men stand up and move over to the workout area to different stations set up for each one of them. There are dumbbells and weight benches for each man. The observant student realizes that this assignment is meant to make or break you as the seated ten guys including his friend Ben watch in curiosity. The big man sheds his dress shirt and reveals two hulking arms as his chest hugs his undershirt tightly. He goes over to each of the five men and shows them instructions on his tablet as he watches them and documents their progress. Once they finish, they return to their seats and he gives them each an empty syringe and tells them to not do anything with them yet. The next five men stand and move over to the area and complete their exercises before the same goes with them as they return to their seats. Both Ben and Morris get up along with the other three men and move into their positions. Once Ben and the other four complete their tasks, the man walks over to Morris and leans down over top of him letting a few drops of sweat from his pec shelf hit the unsuspecting student’s face. The man smirks a little as he shows Morris the instructions for completing the exercise. He peers into his eyes and starts talking to him. ‘Don’t be nervous man. Just do what you think you can do. You are not being graded on the amount you lift, but rather how your body responds to the resistance and whether or not you can continue through the course.’ Morris picks up the 10 pound weights which gets a few snickers from the audience and does a few reps with them. He puts them down and moves back on the bench. He tells the man that he will try 150 pounds on the bench press. The man gets him the plates he needs and stands back to document his progress. Morris completes the task and gets up to go back to his desk. The man hands him a syringe and goes back to the front of the class. ‘Alright guys, I have randomly selected who will be paired with who. I will name off the pairs and you will move your chairs across from each other.’ Morris and Ben stare at each other and wonder where this is going. The man says Ben’s name and it makes Morris uncomfortable since he is not paired up with him as another student’s name is mentioned afterwards. As it turns out, all fourteen other names are paired up with each other and not Morris’s. The graduate student’s brown eyes immediately lock on to Morris’s and he smiles. He walks over to the workout area and grabs a chair before carrying it over his head and sitting it down in front of Morris’s desk. The nervous student gulps as the man’s muscles glisten showing off the thick veins snaking across his shoulders and biceps. ‘You are the lucky one it seems man. It should be fun so don’t worry too much about this.’ He turns to tell all of the other teams to arm wrestle each other five times. They all have to document who wins each match. He says if they cheat in any way, they will be disqualified and will be forced to withdraw from the course. He turns back around and pounds his arm on Morris’s table before flexing the huge veiny softball. He motions for Morris to stick his arm out which doesn’t get much of a reaction from the scared student. ‘Come on man, just give me all that you got and you will be fine. I don’t want to disqualify you. This will be a great test to see if you have any strength in that body of yours. Me and Professor Hardman could possibly help you unleash your inner beast.’ He smiles immensely as his eyebrows move up and down. Morris smiles back and grasp his hand in the huge muscled man’s. He feels the raw power racing through the man’s arm which frightens him. Grunts and growls are heard all around the room as each team completes multiple rounds. The graduate student’s huge arm flexes and ripples a bit before he motions for Morris to stick his other arm on the edge of the table like he has his. When he does, the man immediately starts to put all of his might into Morris’s arm which prompts the smaller student to react. ‘Yeah Morris, come on. Fight back, make yourself work for the pin.’ He gives in and gets pinned. The man immediately goes back to the original position and grabs Morris’s hand and puts it into place. He starts again instantly which prompts Morris to react. ‘Fight me man, make me sweat more. I know you have it in there somewhere.’ Morris tries harder this time making the man strain as his neck and shoulders flex and the sweat slowly flows down the man’s chest leaving a small trail peeking through his undershirt. Morris can see the man’s thick hairy abs starting to appear. Morris gets pinned once again though. They both breathe heavily after that attempt. The man once again grabs Morris’s arm and puts their hands together again. Once more he starts prompting Morris to react in a more aggressive way. The young student starts to rise from the table but the man reaches his other huge arm over and slaps him back down in his chair. ‘Fight Morris fight. You are doing great man make me have to work hard for that pin.’ Morris groans putting all of his weight into it which makes the graduate student yell as his whole body flexes making his clothes extra tight against his muscles. He pins Morris one last time, but not before they both fall back a bit in their chairs. The man’s undershirt is soaked completely now as his whole upper body is visible from under the white material. The man laughs loudly and even winks back at Morris. Since they were the last to finish, the man gets up and returns to the front of the room. He goes behind the desk and takes out a pile of papers before sitting them on the corner. He tells all fifteen guys to come up and take the booklets back to their tables. They will now take the mental assessment he talked about earlier. He reminds them that they will be using pens instead of pencils because there can be no changes made. After he finishes talking, he rips his undershirt off exposing his mountainous upper body covered in thick brownish black hair which distracts Morris quite a bit. As the other men take the booklets back to their tables, Morris goes up last just to revel in the man’s hugeness. The man is using a sink located behind the desk to clean himself up a little. His back is to Morris which makes the student moan a bit as he sees sweat rolling down the immense back. The man’s dress pants have wet spots going all the way down to his feet making the stunned young man stop at his desk. The graduate student stops what he is doing to look up at Morris in confusion. ‘Do you have a question for me man? I suggest you get started because this might take you a while to complete. I don’t want you to get disqualified remember. We can talk after you finish okay.’ Morris smiles and takes a booklet before returning to his table. He turns to look at Ben who looks up and shakes his head at his friend before he goes back to working on his book. The big man sits down in his desk chair and starts to work on his tablet again like he did before they got there. The young student opens the booklet up and realizes that it is asking you very personal questions about your desires for more size, sex, how often you masturbate, and a few fetish questions. He gets back up and takes the booklet to the man at the desk. ‘Is this part of the test really relevant for the course? I don’t want to reveal these things if I don’t want to.’ The graduate student grins and puts his hand out. ‘Give me the booklet then Morris. I will discuss your situation with the professor and we will go from there. (pauses) Actually, why don’t you go back to your table and wait until the rest of the students finish and leave and I will retrieve the professor to talk about it.’ Morris looks puzzled and shrugs his shoulders. The man motions for him to go back to his table and looks at his tablet again as he bounces his pecs at him. The other men start to finish their assessments and get up to turn the test in. The shirtless man stands up again to speak. ‘Wait guys. Don’t forget to take those syringes with you. The professor will need blood samples from each of you as a precaution. If you manage to make it to the end of the course, you will be given another syringe for testing to see if your blood has changed in any way. Have a great evening men.’ The entourage collect their syringes and start to pour out the doors as Ben comes walking up to Morris who is just watching in wonder. ‘Dude, what is he going to do with you? Should I stick around in case something happens?’ ‘No Ben, I’ll be fine. I’m sure I squandered whatever chance I had in this class. I will be back at the dorm in a bit. See you then.’
  22. Dork to Beast, Pt 4

    Danny continued to grow. His trainer Ivan had been right. Despite the fact that he hadn't lifted any weights in the two weeks that Ivan had been in Europe, Danny had beefed up to 325lbs of solid muscle. When Ivan got back from his trip to Poland and Russia, he was duly impressed by his young client's gains. "You sure you weren't working out with another trainer while I was gone," Ivan teased Danny. "Nope. Just ripped up a couple trees here and there," answered Danny. "Ha. You are funny, kid. But just wait, you are only going to get better. I brought back that new 'supplement' I told you about." Ivan held out his hand, which was holding a bunch of small black pills. "These are called Black Russians, and are the newest supp to come out of eastern Europe. The Russians are using them to develop a whole new generation of superathletes." Danny looked at the pinhead-sized pills. "They're so small," he said, picking up one pill with two of his thick fingers and examining it. "Small, yes, but powerful. And easy to get into country, attached to my jacket like beading." "I'm joining the wrestling squad when I go to college next week. What if I get tested?" "Nothing will show. These special vitamins work directly on your DNA strands, lengthening and improving your teleomeres." "So we're like a genetic experiment?" asked Danny. "Yes," said Ivan. "One that is working." "You have enough of those to share with a friend of mine?" Danny asked. Then he told Ivan about Dwayne. At first, Ivan freaked out a little, but when Danny told him about Dwayne having been an even bigger dweeb than Danny had been, and where he was now, Ivan got a kick out of it. "So now your little buddy is doing mixed martial arts?" "Yep. He says it's like his brain memorized all the moves he watched on youtube vids. He's beating all the other guys at his gym, no matter what weight class. He outmaneuvers them, outpowers them, pins them." "How much he weigh?" "He went from a dweeby 120 to a granite hard 159." "He's beating guys bigger than him then?" "He told me he pinned a 250lb guy the other night. Took him less than 15 seconds." Ivan laughed. "Just wait till your bud tries some of these." "So it's cool?" "Sure is, kid. I'm kinda liking getting you former dorks all swole and cocky. And just wait till your little bud tries this stuff out. Chances are he'll never get huge, but it will maximize other skills laying latent inside him." "What about me?" "You got such a big-boned frame, you'll be holding a solid 400 plus in no time. With strength beyond reason." "Let's get started then," said Danny, hungrily. After two weeks of three hour a day workouts, Danny met Ivan's prediction, weighing in at a solid 410. Ivan didn't train with him anymore, but simply helped add plates to Danny's stacks of weights. Danny was benching 800lbs for his warmup. And squatting 1000lbs for reps, till his quads ballooned to 40+ inches of brute muscle thickness. He had gotten hairier all over, even his back, and he liked it cause it made him feel like a massive blond gorilla. Dwayne, on the other hand, had gotten better and better at his MMA fights, so much so that the gym owner had him taking on two guys at once. Dwayne had yet to lose. He and Danny waited two weeks before seeing each other. They'd both be leaving for college in a week after that, so they wanted to check each other's progress. They met up at the city's athletic fields, where there were tennis courts, basketball courts, three softball fields and a small football stadium. When they pulled up next to each other in the parking lot, got out and looked each other over, they simultaneously said, "Fuck, dude!" "Man, you're ginormous!" said Dwayne. "What are you, 380?" "414 this morning," said Danny, puffing out his ape chest. "And look at you, man. What are you wearing?" "It's a 100lb weighted vest. I wear it for wind sprints. I'm up to a mere 180lbs, a punk next to you, but my body fat's at 1.5%. And I've been running 100-yard dashes in under 10." "Dude, that's like world class." "I know. And that's with the vest on." "How fast without??" "I don't know. Wanna race?" "Fuck yeh, ya little squirt." They went over to the football field and got on the goal line. "One, two, three go," blurted Dwayne, and he took off. Danny started after his friend. Sod flew behind their feet as Dwayne shot ahead like a bullet. But Danny, despite his size, was extraordinarily fast, and almost caught up with him, finishing a fraction of a second behind his smaller buddy. "Dude, you little cheat," said Danny. "Here's what I outta do to you..." He waddled over to the goalpost, wrapped his hands around it, and bent it until the two posts arms hit the field. Dwayne had to dodge out of the way of one of them as it came down. "Hey, I told you I learned to run fast getting away from those bullies in high school," laughed Dwayne. "I don't think you'd have any trouble doing that now. But I doubt that you'd need to run anymore." "I think you're right. I have my first sanctioned fight coming up this weekend. And if I win, I'm thinking of deferring college for a year." "No shit?" "Yeh, man, I'm loving this fighting. And my gym owner gets hard thinking of the matches I could win with him training me. Thing is, I'm already holding back so I don't hurt someone too bad. I sense it when I'm fighting someone, how much stronger I am. It's a rush." They started walking back to the parking area, crossing one of the softball fields. Dwayne found a baseball bat that someone had left by the dugout. "Think I could snap it across my knee?" he asked Danny. "Try holding it straight out, one hand on each end. Snap it that way." "OK," said Dwayne, grinning. He held the bat at arm's length and tightened his grip. His forearm muscles flexed up like ropey, sinewy iron. The velcro straps of his weighted vest tore apart at the seams as his shoulders, chest and lats spread out with effort. Then the bat snapped. Like a toothpick. Even Dwayne was surprised by how fast and easy it broke. "Fuck," he said, as he looked down at the two bat pieces, one in each hand. "Fuck is right, man. That is some sick arm strength," said Danny. "God, that felt good," said Dwayne. "Hey, isn't that Tip's car in the parking lot?" asked Danny. Dwayne looked over at the nearby lot, and saw the red Dodge Charger with the vanity license plate that said "Tipster". "It sure as hell is," he said, his face reddening. He remembered how just seeing that car used to fill him with dread. His grip on the bat pieces increased unconsciously, until the wood cracked under his fingers, splintering apart. He dropped the bat pieces to the ground, then pulled off his weighted vest. "Hold this for me," he said, handing his 100lb vest to Danny, who took it with his pinkie finger. Dwayne made his way over to the Charger. He walked around the car, looking it over, when he heard a voice from behind him say, "Don't touch the car, man." It was Tip, coming back from a jog, all blond and oozing with arrogance. Every memory of being bullied by Tip came flooding back to Dwayne's mind as he saw the cocky jock walking up to his pride and joy. "You mean like this?" said Dwayne, as he took a swipe at the car's side mirror, knocking it off so that it swung by wires against the car's door. "What the fuck????" said Tip. "You don't remember me, do you?" said Dwayne. Tip stared at him hard, but Dwayne could tell he had no idea who he was. He could hardly blame him. The last time Tip saw him, he'd weighed 120lbs of soft nerd, and he was face down in the dirt. Since then, he'd gained 70lbs of steely muscle, his jaw line had squared off, he had a jutting Adam's apple on a neck that was corded with muscle, and he had rivers of veins running up and down his arms. His eyes had improved to 20/20 vision, so he was no longer wearing his thick glasses either. "You remember a kid you used to call the Dweeb? The one you used to chase down and make him eat dirt? The one you used to slam into the lockers in front of everyone." "What the fuck...." stammered Tip, a hint of recognition hitting him. "That kid doesn't exist anymore," said Dwayne. "Now it's just this one." He grabbed the dangling mirror and ripped it free of its wires. Then he crushed the mirror in his hands, letting bits of metal, plastic, and glass fall to the ground. "What the fuck..." said Tip, slack jawed. "I always knew you had a limited vocabulary, and it seems to be getting worse. You ought to work on that," said Dwayne. "But right now, it's your turn to run." Dwayne pulled of his tee shirt, so Tip could get a good look at the insanely jacked up muscle machine he had turned into. He clenched his stomach muscles so that Tip could see the striations stand out on each of the eight blocks of ab muscles on his tight, shredded torso. He flexed his right arm, and his biceps balled up into a perfect peak. Tip had seen a lot of shirtless jocks in his time, but never anyone with Dwayne's highly developed muscularity. Dwayne smirked as he saw Tip gulp. Then he smashed his left fist into the car door, denting the metal in about 5 inches. "That's what I call a love tap," said Dwayne. Then he hit the door again, his knuckles going in 6 inches. "...the fuck..." said Tip, backing away. Then he took off running. Tip had been the fastest guy in their school. In fact, he had broken the 100-yard dash record that had been in place since the 1990's. Dwayne gave him a 5 second head start, then went after him. All Tip heard was the rush of wind from Dwayne coming up behind him so fast, tackling him on the softball field, between 1st and 2nd base. Tip's face and torso hit the ground hard, knocking the wind out of him. Dwayne straddled him and held him down. Tip struggled hard, but to no effect. "God damn, you are weak," said Dwayne after they both quickly realized how easily the former dweeb was able to control his former bully. Dwayne flexed his arms while holding Tip down with his powerful quads, squeezing them together just a little harder than he needed to. The muscles on his back popped out like thick leather straps, overlapping each other in perfect symmetry. "You want to see what it's like to eat dirt?" asked Dwayne. "No, man, no," said Tip. But it was too late. Dwayne scooped some dirt off the baseline and stuffed into Tip's mouth. Tip gagged and sputtered out wet muddy spittle, as Dwayne held his face to the ground. "Jesus, dude, what fucking pleasure did you ever get out of this?" said Dwayne, stopping his force feeding, but still pinning the jock down hard. Then he started sliding Tip face first along the baseline, until Tip's nose tapped into second base. "There, you're safe, asshole." Dwayne stood up over him. "I thought I would want to beat you to a pulp," he said to the cowering jock. "I still might. Here, let me help you up." Dwayne reached out his hand. Tip reluctantly took it. Dwayne yanked him to his feet like he was made of straw. As Tip started to brush himself off, Dwayne swung his foot at the jock's ankles and knocked him off his feet, onto his ass. "Ok," said Dwayne, "now that time it felt good. Here, I'll help you up. I won't do that again." He helped Tip up again, and didn't kick his feet out from under him. Instead, he punched him in his solar plexus, a quick jab, not enough to shatter his sternum, but enough to make him double over. Dwayne grabbed Tip's arms from behind and put him into a double-armed chickenwing. Then he lifted him off the ground and held him there. "I've got ten times your strength now. Maybe twenty." Dwayne tightened his hold and lifted Tip higher, just enough to prove it. Tip was just about to lose consciousness when Dwayne tossed him down. "If I ever hear about you bullying someone again, I'll come after you. And next time I won't be so friendly." Dwayne looked up and saw Danny over by Tip's car. Danny went over to the rear end of the Charger and started pushing on it until it skidded up over the curb. He pushed it harder and harder, smashing the front end into a big oak tree with such force that the car windows shattered. As Dwayne walked over to him, Danny pulled out his phone and dialed 911. "Hi," Danny said into the phone. "My friend and I just saw a blond guy in a red car crash into a tree here at the park.....By the softball field parking lot....Yeah, he got out and tried to run away, but we stopped him." Danny hung up. As Tip crawled his way back towards his demolished car, Dwayne said, "That got me so riled up." He flexed his rock muscle chest. "Yeah, got me all jacked up just watching you," said Danny, jutting out his 70+ inch chest. "Let's go back to my place and fuck each others' brains out." "Yeah? You think you can handle all this?" said Dwayne, already getting hard as he rippled every striated muscle fiber on his new body. "Let's find out."
  23. Muscle Worship Univeristy* is a place where students from around the world can further their academic goals in a setting where muscle growth and admiration are given free reign and encouraged by the faculty and programs to create the strongest, most muscular students possible. With so many hard, competitive, testosterone-fulled bodies in one place (both the professors and those they teach), there's bound to be some heated encounters. This is an idea I had the other day that I thought would be interesting to explore. Instead of a traditional written narrative or web comic, what if I made a storyline that incorporated a number of visual media to help explain the details and give this universe a sense of place? I can sort of write, sort of draw, and sort of morph, but I thought I could do a better job combining various skills into one setting to make for a more interesting reading experience. You could see internal memos sent to staff, student text messages, research reports, ads for events and gatherings, booklets outlining available courses etc. Where this project will go from here is something I'm not sure about. In a perfect world, there would be a whole wesbite dedicated to it, where you could click on different parts of the campus and see stories and videos (some indpendent from each other, others interwoven) from within those settings (dorm, classroom, locker room, football field, lab etc). However, the reality is I don't have the skills or talent to put something like that together, though I would be open to collaborating with others. Realistically, I'll just make posts in this thread for free (NOTE TO MODS: Please don't move as this is NOT an advertisement) to get feedback from all of you. If I feel there is enough interest, then MAYBE I'll start a Patreon for it, or I'll just keep posting in this thread. *I chose "worship" over "growth" because I thought it would more clearly tell others about the erotic nature of the material.
  24. Strength Whore

    “Twist it for me,” I said, holding up the silver wrench I had gotten from the toolbox in the hall closet. “You really are a strength whore - you know that, don’t you?” he replied, taking the steel tool. “And that’s why you love me,” I answered back, scooting closer to him on the sofa. Buck was twenty-five and as big as a bull. He wasn’t a pretty-boy fitness model or anything like that. No, he was just a freaking huge guy that had thick muscles popping out all over his body. He always said his goal in life was just to be huge and powerful. When he worked out it was to get massive and to build up his strength. No bodybuilding contests for him – only contests that gave him the opportunity to show off his incredible might. And that’s what I loved more than anything in the world – him showing off. The giant bear wrapped one of his enormous paws around the handle of the wrench and the other around the end with the jaws. I purred with excitement and this made the behemoth laugh a little. I watched as his dense fingers tightened on each end. I glanced up to see Buck’s jaw clench and I knew his teeth were clamped together. At the sound of the first grunt, signifying he had begun to apply pressure, I shot my right hand up to his bulging biceps – as if I might feel some of the power that had begun to shoot through his arms. Deep indentions caved and hard as stone chunks of muscle immediately popped up all over his gigantic biceps and triceps. Pronounced blood-pumping veins suddenly appeared all over his forearms – like some kind of multiple interstate systems joining together. “Show the thing who’s boss, big man,” I said to encourage him on. Buck loved it when I egged him on in some feat of strength. Turning me on had become his most favorite thing to do, second only to lifting. He said I gave his training purpose. He claimed that he wouldn’t be as big or as strong as he was if it hadn’t been for my encouragement. Buck had stopped working a long time ago – agreeing to let me support him completely. In return, he simply had to do all the things he loved – showing off his strength, lifting on a regular basis, and allowing me to grope his massive muscles. I was shocked to find that he loved all of this even more than I did. I was certainly a muscle and strength junkie, but the big man sitting beside me actually got off on it more than I did. I was blown away by the fact that the first time we were on a date and I asked him to lift the back of my car off the ground he got a raging hard-on just from me asking. Before he even easily raised the back of my over four thousand pound Porsche Cayenne the dude was rocking such a major boner that you would have thought he had a two liter bottle in his pants. We had come out of a restaurant, where I had basically spent the entire dinner telling him how gorgeous he was and as soon as I asked him to show off he leaned close to me and said, “Demonstrating my strength is my favorite thing to do in the world.” The chapel bells for our wedding should have started ringing at that moment. His words caused my own crotch to shoot even harder than it already was from just staring at his big body during the meal. I quickly told him that I thought it would be my favorite thing in the world, too. He told me to stand close to him while he lifted the car – so I could get a good view. He said I’d especially want to watch his big arm swell even bigger in the super tight sleeve of his button down. I have since come to realize that Buck really wanted me close so he could watch my reaction to his feat. The monstrous dude just couldn’t get enough of other people freaking out at what he could do. Neither of us was prepared for the matching orgasms that rocked our bodies as soon as he grabbed the bumper of my car and straightened his legs – bring the machine to his waist level with very little effort. When he saw my face drain of color – because all of my blood rushed to my crotch – and my body started to convulse from my ejaculation, it was too much for him to handle. He had to drop the back of the car because his own tool exploded with a force that was unexpected. A few minutes later we were sitting in my car with wet sticky crotches and matching grins. It had been love at first lift. A second loud grunt made me immediately return my gaze to the wrench in Buck’s hands. I moaned noisily as I saw the middle of the handle begin to slowly rotate. The power in this man’s arms was unbelievable. Solid steel submitted to its master – unable to withstand Buck’s mighty force. For all of my life to this point I had thought a wrench was indestructible. Run over it with your car and it would still be intact. Throw it against a wall and it would still work. However, turn it over to the super brawny arms of Buck and it became as flexible as hard Playdough in a school kid’s grasp. The steel twisted more – incapable of giving any more resistance to the potent force that made up the now swollen guns of my boyfriend. After we had each dumped a super load that night in the parking lot of the restaurant, Buck had gotten in my car – without either of us saying a word – and come home with me. We drove in silence to my house. There was such an intense energy surging between us that we did not want to ruin it with words. We also did not touch each other. I did, however, steal a few glances at his enormous arms and Buck could sense I was staring at him. He’d flex his biceps as soon as he felt me looking – just to give me a thrill. I could tell the big man was impressed with my house as soon as he walked in. I lived in a comfortable three-bedroom beach house that clearly showed I was well off. I was a fit fifty-five year old early retiree who knew about life and could sense a great thing when it came my way. He took a quick tour of the house by himself as I grabbed two beers and lit the fire pit on the large back deck that stuck out over the beach. We both took a couple of swigs from our drink without saying a word as we listened to the waves crashing a short distance away. I looked across the flames at him. “What are you thinking?” I asked. “I’m thinking we could make each other very happy,” he replied – his intense honesty apparent in his gaze. “I was thinking the same thing,” I said. “You make me want to do something powerful,” he said – his bluntness not surprising me at all. “I think all I’d like to do for the rest of my life is watch you do powerful things,” I said, matching his intensity. We both took another long swig – unable to handle more conversation right at that moment. These feelings were just so foreign to both of us – and so strong that we didn’t know what to do with them. Our eyes did not leave the other. We sat there, listening to the waves and trying to figure out what to say next. His strength clearly helped him control his urges more than me and he was able to speak first. “I could put my place on the market tomorrow,” he said. “I could get a contractor to start on a state-of-the-art gym off the side of this place tomorrow, too,” I replied. That ended up being the entire flirting, dating, and engagement period - all wrapped up into one moment. We made passionate love on the floor of the deck and then both got off again in a major way when I asked him to bench my body for a bunch of repetitions. We have yet to make it to twenty reps without both of us spewing – and it’s been two years. That next day we rented a truck and we moved his stuff to my place – he actually carried most of the furniture and things and I just watched. It’s exactly how both of us wanted it. He also did most of the work without his shirt, just to give me an extra thrill. His place sold pretty quickly and I urged the contractor to finish the gym in half the time it normally would take. It’s amazing how money talks. Once he had confessed his main goals in life were to get bigger and stronger I convinced him to quit his job and focus only on those things – succeeding to make him do it mainly because I told him how happy his goals would make me, too. To this day, I am still amazed at how quickly we fell into a comfortable routine. Every morning started with a feat of strength and every evening ended with one, too. No matter what, Buck made sure I began and ended the day with a showing-off-of-strength-induced orgasm. Two years later we are still madly in love and addicted to his power as if it were the first date. Tonight, Buck had suggested something new and told me about a secret. He had been practicing alone for a few months and was now ready to let me in on a little surprise. He had encouraged me to go get a wrench from the toolbox, knowing full well I understood what was coming. I was used to big things not being any problem for my huge boyfriend. I still got off to watching him manhandle the back of my car. His increased size and strength now allowed him to pump out many reps with the vehicle and that only fueled my orgasms even more. However, to watch him twist the wrench with his mighty hands was turning me on in a much more intense manner. Steel was supposed to be powerful. It was supposed to be able to handle a ton of pressure. Unfortunately, my mammoth boyfriend was now stronger than the metal tool. Tiny beads of sweat were covering Buck’s body and every muscle seemed to be pumped to the max. The mid-section of the wrench was now twisted around tightly two times. Huge thick veins were now snaking across every possible muscle and the grunts were louder and more brutish. It was clear who was going to win this battle – the wrench didn’t stand a chance. To watch a man with power had always been something magical for me. Seeing Hulk bust through a wall, watching Hercules bend a metal torch holder, or even to see a power lifter hoist up some amazing amount of weight had made me happy for years. It was enough to watch it in films, on television, or even in bad porn on the computer. I just got off on strength. I always had and I knew I always would. In high school and college I had few flings with muscled dudes, but no one seemed interested in strength as much as me. And to be honest, all of the guys had been pretty weak compared to what I hoped for. Usually, a guy could lift me overhead for a few seconds or bench me like a barbell for one or maybe two times. It was certainly thrilling, but I yearned for more. I soon got consumed with my job and making a living and didn’t have much time for my fantasies. I’d seek out big men at my gym or at bars, but rarely did I find anyone that shared my enthusiasm for feats of strength. Buck had been a pleasant surprise and a dream come true. We had met unexpectedly. He was a landscape architect working on a project for a friend of mine. I had dropped by to pick up my friend for drinks one evening and there – in the middle of his backyard – was this behemoth carrying a pretty large uprooted tree across his shoulder. I knew the tree was heavy. Its branches had been cut away, but the trunk was still very thick and it was about as long as three cars lined up end to end. I had not been able to hide my shock and amazement when my friend called the huge architect over. Buck had merely walked over to where we stood – the tree still across his shoulder - and held out his hand for me to shake while he was turned sideways. I found it hard to speak. My friend laughed and then told Buck that I loved strong guys. There it was – out in the open. I turned beet red with embarrassment but I did not take my eyes away from the huge man carrying a mature tree. My friend then added, “Buck is really strong,” and it was the large man’s turn to get embarrassed. He, also, did not move his gaze. We locked eyes at that moment in a way that cut through all the crap we use to hide our true selves and both of us were laid bare – our fetish for strength somehow uniting us. In front of my friend, and with my face still bright red, I asked Buck if he wanted to have dinner sometime. He immediately said yes and I asked when he was free. He told me he had no plans for that night. I turned to my friend and told him we would have to do drinks another time. My friend just laughed and said he had already figured that out. To this day I swear my friend invited me over with the specific goal of me meeting Buck, but who knows. Two hours later – after the tree had been deposited in a truck and both of us had gone home to clean up – and calm down – we were sitting in a restaurant having dinner. I ended up confessing my love of feats of strength and Buck replied he loved showing off his strength. Buck’s massive arms continued to twist the wrench. It was mesmerizing – feeling the huge knotted biceps tense even more every time the metal rotated a little and then watching the middle of the tool getting thinner and thinner. I could already tell that I was going to emit a massive orgasm within a few more minutes of the huge man destroying the wrench, but I also hoped I could hold out until what I thought was finally going to happen. As Buck twisted the piece of steel in his hands he watched me closely. Seeing my reaction to what he was doing was what excited him the most. It was almost as if his strength didn’t exist unless I was there to marvel at it. He loved shocking me – surprising me – and just blowing me away with some display of raw super power. He had been secretly twisting and manhandling tools for a few months now – trying to get the strength show just perfect for me. I could not believe how huge his arms had gotten since we first met – and he was really big back then. The man ballooned with hard muscle as soon as he quit his job and turned his focus towards his deepest goals. Some days, I’d go into the gym and watch him work out. It was like porn for me. Hearing him grunt as he benched more weight than I could ever dream of lifting or curled what was essentially three of me put together – that would make me ejaculate even before he was done lifting. If I was in the room he’d stare at me the entire time he lifted. He’d pump out reps, but his eyes would never leave mine – loving how desperately turned on I would get. I could tell it was always his goal to get me off if I was watching him. He’d dramatically add more weight, grunt even louder than usual, or even talk to me as he worked through his plan for the day. He’s say something like, “Yeah, your boy is getting bigger and stronger for you,” or “I’m going to get huge for you, sir.” Buck knew exactly how to make me weak in the knees. And then, sometimes, he’d be sitting on the bench and he’d look over and summon me by just a flick of his chin upward. I knew exactly what it meant. I’d walk over, while he was moving the bar with tons of weights out of the way, and then he’d lie back down. I’d turn my back to his hands and fall into his waiting palms. He’d then push me up and down in the air for a bunch of repetitions – continuing even as both of us would spew from the thrill of me being his human barbell. Within a year he had outgrown every stitch of clothing he owned. Even his oversized sweatshirts – the ones that looked like evening gowns on me – were too small. I started having a tailor come to the house and make him clothes – always insisting that they be tight, real tight. Buck thought this was an extravagance, but was satisfied when I suggested he just do more strength feats to call us even. I was now used to randomly being picked up and one-arm pumped into the air, or pinned against the wall with one palm until he felt like setting me free, or to being used as a human towel after particular sweaty workouts. I had often considered myself the horniest man on the planet, but then I met Buck. He seemed to be perpetually hard and blamed me, saying he couldn’t be around me and not get turned on. The big dude could churn out three to four huge loads a day, so I often went to bed spent just from trying to keep up with him. The one rule I gave him – and it wasn’t really a rule since he loved it, too – was that he had to go around shirtless if we were the only ones at the house. He started toying with me by standing close and flexing while I was doing something important – like talking with someone on the phone, cooking, or trying to work on the computer. He knew I could easily get distracted – especially when he flexed one, or both, of his huge guns. Looking back on the last two years I can recall many days where I had to change my underwear three or four times because Buck had made me cum so much. The big man doubled his efforts on the wrench. Suddenly, the twisting became somewhat easier – or maybe he was just getting stronger – but before I could even say something encouraging, Buck twisted and yanked at the same time. Sinew turned harder, bulges bulged bigger, crevices deepened, and veins thickened. It was like I was sitting next to a mountain of pure muscle. The warped piece of steel snapped in two at the middle with a loud cracking sound – destroyed by Buck power. My boyfriend had just pulled a metal wrench apart with his bare hands. This was, of course, too much for both of us to handle – me, because of his tremendous strength and him, because of how I reacted. My hand tried desperately to grab onto his massive biceps as I started chugging out load after load of my milky cream – looking for a way to stable myself. A steel wrench being torn in two was just about the most incredible thing I had ever seen. I offered my sweet man-honey to the big muscled brute like a primitive village might offer a virgin to a volcano. It was the only way for me to completely honor all the power. Of course, my body bucking in adoration and my moaning out loud as my crotch was emptied was too much for Buck to handle. He joined me in my ecstatic ejaculation – unable to withstand being turned on by my reaction to his feat of strength. The pressure from his orgasm made his body tense even harder – something I thought was not possible. As I continued to pump out my love juice to Buck’s herculean display of strength, I noticed indentions at both ends of the wrench from where his fingers had gripped the tool. That caused my body to offer a few more robust spurts – just from thinking about how his fingers crushed the thing even more. It took a while for both of us to calm down from our titanic eruptions. “That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” I said – in only a whisper since I was still trying to recover from what his strength had done to me. “I’m not done, yet, Mr. Strength Whore,” Buck replied with a big smile. “I’m going to make you explode again – just to say thank you for all that you do for me.” I don’t think anyone had ever said something so loving to me. Here was this behemoth – this huge young muscle stud – wanting desperately to please me with his power. If I had believed in heaven I would have assumed I was already there. From that first moment we met I had known Buck was special. I knew he could grow. I knew he could get stronger. However, I had no idea how much bigger and more powerful he’d become. There was no way I could have anticipated the intensity of his desire to make me happy. He confessed one day that I was the only thing he thought about while he lifted. He said that every time he pressed some insane amount of heavy weight into the air he pictured me worshipping whatever muscle he was working – or me reacting to something that huge muscle did to show off strength. And then, as if to relieve some of the pressure that put on me, he quickly added that he, too, got off on his own size and abilities. He guaranteed that showing off for me pleased him just as much as it did me. This was music to my ears. Buck took the two pieces of the now obliterated wrench and put them on top of each other in his left hand. He then closed his fist around them – squeezing slightly, but I knew that even that minor squeeze would have crushed my hand. He then raised his arm, so that his semi-flexed biceps was right in front of my face. My lips instinctively moved to the hard skin – a love peck for the mountain. I kept my mouth against his bulging arm, but I let my gaze go up to his clenched fist. Suddenly, the arm turned to something harder than stone. I heard Buck grind his teeth and grunt-growl like some kind of giant beast. Every fiber of his body tensed to titanium-like hardness. I watched his thick fingers crush together around the wrench with what I’m sure was a force equaling a hundred men. I heard the two steel pieces being squeezed together like they were nothing more than bread dough. The man’s mega mountain biceps now towered above my head. The flexed peak felt hot against my lips. I could feel the power of Buck’s one arm radiating throughout the room as he demolished what was left of the wrench. My gaze never left his fist. Suddenly, I could see small slivers of silver oozing out between his fingers. The big man was mashing the two pieces together – merely by flexing his big gun and compressing his hand. Again, I knew the supposedly strong tool had not chance in the world against Buck’s hand. My cock had never deflated from its earlier atomic orgasm, but somehow it shot even harder as I watched Buck’s strength eradicate what was left of the wrench. I knew as soon as he opened his palm I was going to blast off another massive eruption in devotion to his strength. “Making you a hand-crushed steel paperweight, sir,” Buck said through gritted teeth. “Every time you look at it you’ll remember this moment . . . this power.” That’s when he suddenly stopped flexing and opened his palm. To know the silver blob in his hand used to be a metal wrench only doubled my awe of his power. Anyone coming upon the metallic chunk in the days ahead would assume it was a mistake made in the forging process. No one would begin to think the four indentions on the top were where fingers had flattened two parts of a wrench together. No one could comprehend that his hand could match the heat and pounding of casting steel. Buck had crumpled a heavy wrench into something unrecognizable. He had melded the two pieces – ripped apart by his hands – into one inseparable mass of steel. My body and mind were so turned on and so in shock that I merely froze and stared at the lump in the big man’s hand. I wasn’t breathing, I wasn’t ejaculating, and I wasn’t really sure my heart was beating. I was consumed with awe from the young man’s strength. Buck, however, knew how to make me skyrocket back to reality. He moved his hand down to my shorts and slid the crushed metal into my already sticky underpants. The demolished steel wrench – once looking so shiny, new, and sturdy, but now nothing more than a squished slab of metal – skidded down the side of my hard cock and then rested warmly against my balls. I’m not sure if it was being able to feel the ridges created by his fingers, knowing that a supposed tough tool had been so easily manhandled, or just finally being overwhelmed by the sheer super brawn that existed in Buck’s body that finally sent me over the edge a second time, but I came like some powerful dam had been burst by a superior force. My entire lower body arched off the sofa from the powerful thrust that was my cum-tsunami. I cried out louder than I could ever remember and wave after wave of Buck adoration filled my pants. In response to my orgasm, Buck flexed both of his big arms and began to release a torrent of his own testosterone-laden man-milk, as well. My body continued to buck hard against his mountainous body and he brought his arm around me to hold us closer together as we came – still flexing with the other arm. I simply let his hard muscled arm wrap around me and thought about the power it possessed. Ripping apart and crushing a wrench together, but then holding my body lovingly, just sent me over the edge even more. I could not fathom how this man’s love for me equaled his incredible strength. The feeling of joy he created within me only fueled me on more – desperate to show him my love, as well. I was a strength whore – it was true. And I had finally met someone that easily met all my desires, fulfilled all my fantasies, and got equally excited by feats of power. I could feel my heartbeat returning to its normal pace, I could feel my eyelids growing heavy as I was blanketed by warm, hard muscle, and I could hear the heavy breathing of my muscled Buck – a sign that he had beat me to sleep. I closed my eyes and began to dream of future feats of strength performed by my massive, loving, muscled boyfriend.
  25. Dork to Beast, pt 3

    Two days had gone by since Danny had given Dwayne the supplement he got from his trainer Ivan. It was still early in the morning, and Danny was working out in the garage. He had promised Ivan he wouldn't lift weights while Ivan was visiting Poland, but he hadn't promised not to pump up everyday, so he'd been busy doing handstand pushups, bending rebar, breaking lumber and crushing brick. He'd just finished his 6th set of deadlifting the front of his dad's Range Rover, when he got a text from Dwayne. "Dude, that stuff u gave me is kickn in," he wrote. "I woke up at 6 this morn and went for a run. A run, man, and no one was chasing me. I ran all the way to the city park." "Isn't that like 5 miles from ur house," Danny answered. "Yeh and I didn't even get winded. U know that fitness trail at the park?" "The one with chinup station and monkey bars, shit like that? Yeh I know it." "I hit that thing like an American Ninja. I did 40 chinups. Remember how many I could do in PE?" "5?" "3. Sometimes only 2. And even they were bad ones kicking my legs all over. Everyone mocked me. Now I fly thru the monkey bars. I'm stoked man, that stuff is legit." "Told u" "Yeh but now I'm insane hungry. Meet for food?" "OK, how bout McDonalds there by park?" "OK, but shouldn't we be eatin lean or oatmeal or something?" "Yeh probably but it doesn't seem to matter. C u there." Danny got the keys to his dad's car and headed out. He wasn't supposed to drive the Rover, but what was the old man gonna do, spank him? Danny chuckled at the thought. He pulled into McDonald's and saw Dwayne waiting outside in a sweat-soaked running shirt and cargo shorts. "Hey, man," Danny said as he got out. "Dude," said Dwayne, "you got no neck anymore, you're just huge traps clear up to your ears." "Yeah, I was doing deads with the truck, it swells up my back and traps pretty wicked." "This truck?" "Yep." "Geezus, man," said Dwayne as they headed inside. "What's in your gym bag?" "My mass gainer shake. I'm gonna have it with about ten McMuffins." They got their food then sat down at a table. Dwayne said, "Did you see the way that cashier was checking you out?" "Nah, man, I thought she was looking at you. You're looking jacked." "I know, right? Look at my forearms." Dwayne held out his arms, his palms upward. Veins were showing all over the underside of his forearms. "Any maybe you're right, she was looking at me. I noticed it at the park, too, girls looking me over with that 'look'. Some guys too." "Get used to it, bud, I get it all the time now." "Well, yeah, you. Look at you in that stringer. I never had anyone look at me with hunger in their eyes before." Danny was already through with half his McMuffins, and was now downing his mass gainer. He saw Dwayne looking at him, and he said, "It all turns to muscle. It's crazy. I had 3 large pizzas and a gallon of this gainer shake last night around midnight." "It doesn't bloat you up?" "Yeah, fiercely for awhile. Take a look," said Danny, pulling up his tank to show his gut, bulging out like a balloon, the skin stretched tight, but with abs ridges making his stomach look like a tortoise shell. "I shaved it down this morning. Wanna touch?" "God yeah," said Dwayne, coming around the table and laying his hand on Danny's muscle gut. "Holy shit, dude, it's like a Buddha belly, except hard as marble!" Dwayne rubbed his hand on the smooth hard mound. "Yep. Except in about two hours it'll be flattening out and I'll be starving again." "My hunger's been thru the roof too, and I've never been much of an eater." "You know what else?" said Danny, "Your skin's all cleared up, too." Their faces were only a few inches apart, and Danny couldn't help but notice Dwayne's complexion, which was smooth and healthy looking. He had always had a lot of skin problems. "You're actually kind of a looker now." "Shut up," said Dwayne, going back to his seat. "You're right though, all my zits cleared up almost overnight." "Hey, I heard from Ivan last night on WhatsApp. He's taking another week over there, to go to Russia. He might be getting a supply of something new." "Stronger than the stuff we got now??" "Not sure. Guess we'll see." They finished eating, and headed out of the McDonald's. When they got outside, Dwayne said, "You want to go check out the fitness trail at the park?" "Sure." "We'll see if I can beat you on some of the stations," said Dwayne. "Yeah, ya think? Think you can beat these?" Danny flexed his arms, his biceps rising into mountainous peaks. A car that was pulling into the parking lot rear ended another car. "Dude,"said Dwayne, "your arms just caused an accident!" Danny laughed. "I think you're right. Let's go to the park. You wanna ride?" "Nah, man, let's run. It's less than a mile. I'll race ya." "You're on," said Danny, and the two friends started running up the hill that led to the park. Danny couldn't believe how fast Dwayne was. It was like he was racing the Flash. By the time Danny got to the hilltop park, his smaller friend was resting on a bench. "What took you so long?" chided Dwayne. "Very funny, pip-squeak. I'd a beat you if I didn't have 150lbs more muscle to schlep." Danny went over to the back of the bench, picked it up and tipped it up until Dwayne fell off of it. Dwayne landed on the ground in a heap, but he wasn't hurt. He looked at Danny in awe. "Man, that bench is made of cement...it must weigh 450lbs! . "Does it?" asked Danny. "Doesn't feel that heavy," and he pressed the bench up over his head and started pressing it for reps. "Fuck," said Dwayne, watching his huge friend from the ground. Then he said, "Geezus man, your legs..." Danny tossed the bench behind his head where it landed on the grass and sank in about a foot. He looked down and saw that the run up the hill had bloated his legs full, and had brought out a whole new level of vascularity. His massive quads were covered with them, snaking in and out of thick layers of muscle, and his big calves each had a garden hose sized vein running across the outside sweep. "Hoo yeah!" said Danny, bringing his right foot up and flexing his calf. The thick muscles bulged outward, shifting the vein to one side as it swelled. "Let's skip the fitness trail, and go into the woods behind the park. I'm feeling like I could uproot a tree or two," said Danny. They crossed thru the park along the jogging path. Almost every jogger they passed turned back to get a second look at the two young friends. One guy looked for so long, he ran into a tree. Dwayne went back to help him up. "My friend is so huge, it's hard not to look, isn't it?" Dwayne said to the guy as he got him back on his feet. "He is yeh, but I was looking at you. You're jacked up so lean and hard. You look real strong for your size." The guy jogged off, embarrassed but unharmed. Dwayne stood there for a second, stunned. No one had ever complimented his physique. "Dude, come on," yelled Danny. "Did you hear what that guy said?" asked Dwayne as he caught up. "Yeah, I heard. You got him all atwitter inside, stud." "I did, didn't I?" The two of them headed into the woods, with Dwayne walking with an exaggerated swagger like Vince McMahon heading to the ring. They made their way thru the trees, until they came upon a stand of birches. "Think I could rip one of these outta the ground?" asked Danny, stripping off his stringer tank and tossing it to the ground. "Just one? Why don't ya try two at once, ya cocky brute." "Yeah? You wanna see cocky?" Danny found two birches, about five feet apart, and stood in between them. He reached out his arms and grabbed their trunks, one in each hand. He tightened his grip around the trees, each trunk about 20 inches in circumference, his meaty fingers crushing into the crunchy bark and almost reaching completely around the trunks. He squeezed harder, adjusted his stance, and began to lift. Muscle all over his body tightened and clenched, and his nostrils flared, as he lifted upward with his huge arms. The leaves on the two trees started shaking, and more bark flaked off as Danny's powerful grip dug in. Dwayne heard the ground start to rip around the base of the trees. "Dude...." he said in awe, as his Herculean friend began to force the tree trunks upward, inch by inch. Danny grunted deeply with each effort to lift the trees more. Thick veins popped out on his neck and across his chest and delts, and down his big arms. He threw his head back and his neck bulged like a column of sinew. The trees lifted higher. The ground around them tore apart faster as Danny lifted them up, up, up. He shook the trees back and forth, freeing the roots from the earth. Finally, he ripped them free of the ground and held them midair like two trophies. "Dude..." said Dwayne, leaning against the trunk of a third tree."You a freak..." Danny let the tree trunks go so that they both fell behind him with a crashing thump. "Yep," he said brushing his hands together to knock off the bark flakes. Sweat rolled down his thick muscles, dripping to the ground. His huge barrel chest heaved in and out. "You got me all riled up now, man," said Dwayne. "I got to try something myself." "You gonna try to rip up a tree?" "Nah, I ain't no rhino like you. But I've been watching mma vids, and I've been aching to test out a roundhouse kick." Dwayne was already circling a birch tree. Not as big as the ones Danny had taken on, but not a sapling either. He squared himself up to it, then swung his leg into it, whacking the trunk with his shin. The tree snapped in half, the top part toppling down next to the two trees Danny had uprooted. "Aw, yeh!!" growled Dwayne. "Man, didn't that hurt your shin?" "The weird thing is, it didn't. I felt it, but it's not like real pain. I've been kicking and punching stuff at home, like walls and columns, and it doesn't hurt me." With that, Dwayne stripped off his running shirt and flexed into a most muscular pose. "Man, you are definitely jacked up! You look like Conor McGregor without the ink!" "Who's that?" said Dwayne, looking down at his newly sinewy arms. "You've been watching mma stuff and you've missed McGregor? You gotta look him up. Fuck, you could probably take him if you can snap a tree in two with one kick." "I doubt that, but I am starting fighting lessons at that UFC gym downtown tomorrow. I met the manager who thinks I have potential." "You definitely have that. Flex your arms for me." Dwayne grinned and lifted his arms into a flex. "Man, you got peaks! I bet those things are 16 inches of pure muscle." Danny reached out and put one hand on each of Dwayne's arms. He squeezed them. "Fuck, dude. They don't even dent." "Oh come on, those sausage fingers of yours can't dent my little arms? Squeeze harder." Danny crushed down on the biceps, digging his big thumb into the belly of the muscles. "They're like rock," he said. "This isn't hurting you at all is it?" "Nah, man. I feel it, but it sorta feels good. it's kinda fucking turning me on." Danny lifted Dwayne up off the ground by his two arms. Dwayne smirked. "Awww, yeh man. Harder!" Danny walked with his friend in the air, over to an oak tree, and pinned Dwayne high up against the trunk. His crotch was even with Danny's face. "You ever have a bj, Dwayne?" "Heck no man, you know I've never had sex yet. Neither have you." "Let's change that," Danny said, and he started unzipping Dwayne's cargo shorts with his teeth by biting down on the tab and sliding Dwayne higher up the tree. "Oh god yeh,"groaned Dwayne. Not only had his muscles gotten bigger and harder, so had his cock. Thicker too, and able to muscle its way out of his pants and plop onto Danny's face. Danny took it into his mouth. He'd never given a blow job, but he figured there couldn't be that much to it. He just started sucking and bobbing, while pinning Dwayne's arms against the tree. Dwayne arched into his big friend's face, as a feeling of total ecstasy flushed thru his body. Nothing had ever felt so good. "Goddammmm," he grunted over and over. "GodDAMMMM>" It didn't take him long to bust like a fountain down Danny's throat. Danny took it all like a seasoned pro. It was like being force fed a protein shake, so he continued to milk his friend until he was totally dry. Then he lowered Dwayne to the ground. Both of them were a little lightheaded. They laid down on the mossy ground, both smiling like deflowered virgins. "You want payback?" Dwayne asked Danny. "Eventually," said Danny,"but now I have to get going, I'm running late." "For what?" I have to drive out to the university. I have an appointment with the wrestling coach." "You're going to try out?" "Yep. And I'm going to make a deal with the coach. I'll be his heavyweight champ, but only if I get to use Jack as my training partner." "Dude, that's too wicked good," said Dwayne, getting to his feet and zipping himself up. "Definitely let me know how that goes."