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  1. Worship session

    My first attempt at a story, hope it is well received. He held me close, his left bicep flexed. My left arm wrapped around his thickly coiled neck for support and closeness. My right arm holding onto his flexed forearm encouraging him to flex his bicep harder. My tongue running along the flat face of the bicep, the light tan hair on the muscle moistened by the saliva of my gentle kisses. He moaned, I moaned in response. His bicep was not obscenely large, but just big enough for my tongue to be able to wander around and trace lines on the protruding veins which gave us both the pleasure of knowing the strength it possessed. I switched my attention to the top of the bicep which was a rounded mound and was split into two heads. I upped the intensity and planted sloppy wet kisses on the whole muscle. He twisted his arm to allow me greater access to it. I moved my right arm to the valley between his forearm and bicep in response to the new position. I kissed the top of his bicep ravenously, like it was going to be my last kiss with him. His right hand on the back of my head, gently but forcefully maneuvering it back and forth, encouraging me to worship the entire top of the bicep. My tongue swept through the valley between the two heads. He playfully flexed the muscle, gently trapping my tongue for a brief second. While it was trapped he took the moment to gently blow warm air into my left ear. He used his tongue to caress the outer ear and softly engulf the lobe. The sensation caused me to spurt some pre-cum. It dribbled down my shaft and spilled onto his leg. He felt the moistness and flexed harder knowing he had hit my sweet spot. He lifted his arm up over his head and his triceps were on full display. I re-wet my tongue and went to work. Gently at first, licking from his hairless armpit up the length of his arm to the elbow and back again. He moaned again when my tongue washed over the sensitive short hairs along the bottom of the muscle. I let my tongue linger there, quickly remoistening it and pursing my lips against the hard muscle and hair. I moved my right hand from his elbow to his bicep and began to joyfully massage, egging him to flex it harder, knowing it would cause his triceps to be flexed as well. He responded eagerly. My fingers slid over the wet surface of the bicep squeezing the mounds gently at first then more intently. My tongue on his triceps and right hand on his flexed bicep, my brain was going into overload. More pre-cum escaped my dick and trickled down. When he felt the new moisture on his leg he let out a soft giggle and pushed his tongue back into my ear. This time he had wet his tongue. He swirled it around the cartilage of the outer ear before plunging it into my inner ear. He brushed across the short sensitive hairs and lapped at them. I squirmed but he moved his right arm around my waist holding me tightly to his body. I tried to move my left arm from around his neck so I could create some room between us, but he trapped it there with his shoulder muscles. I tried to roll my head away but he kept pursuing me and eventually he pinned my head to my right shoulder. He playfully pushed his tongue back into my ear and continued to caress the short hairs with his tongue and warm breath. My tongue had come off his triceps due to the new position of my head, but my right hand was still groping his bicep. He lowered his arm but kept it flexed. I applied more pressure to see if I could dent the muscle in any way, but could not. He sensed my intention and my need to feel his strength. He un-flexed and straightened his arm out. I let my fingers caress the length of his arm, from shoulder to forearm. Gently at first. First trip down, my fingernails barely touching the arm, on the way back, a light touch, stirring the short hairs, he squirmed. Next trip down, the back of my fingers touching the skin and drawing zig zag lines on the muscles. On the way back, my fingernails gently raked his skin. He shivered and plunged his tongue back into my ear causing me to quake. He kept at it, I kept at it. We both knew we had pinpointed each other’s sweet zone and we were going to do our best to make the other suffer with unfathomable pleasure for a long time. Next trip down I used my finger tips to gently massage the bicep and triceps muscles. Lingering on them for a few seconds, tugging at the skin and hair. On the way back, I was at full force, completely and unashamedly applying full force thru my fingers. He started to flex and I could tell he was smiling. He enjoyed being worshipped and really enjoyed showing off his muscles and strength. He pulled his tongue of out my ear, relaxed the pressure on my trapped left arm and pulled his left arm into a full flex. I moaned aloud and he shifted his legs and jostled his dick higher into my ass. I was in heaven. My eyes rolled into the back of my head. My head rolled on my shoulders. We turned to face each other. His bright blue eyes piercing my dark brown eyes. His tanned skin, and dirty blonde hair complimenting his appearance. He smiled and jostled his hips again to show me his strength. I wrapped both arms around his neck and slowly moved in to kiss him. My dick trapped between the two of us, now steadily leaking pre-cum causing his abs to be sticky. He maneuvered me up and down by using his hips so as to spread the stickiness over all his abs. His left arm was still flexed. Now he was just showing off to get me off. I smiled and just before our lips met, I licked his nose. I laughed, he smiled warmly.
  2. Inspired by a roleplay by Scriptboy and Biggestsub and adapted for the hetero crowd with permission... Jake: *My name is Jake. I‘m a short but buff teen. Age 18, I‘m 5-ft-8 inches tall, in high school, grade 12. I was visiting my aunt on a Saturday afternoon using my bus pass riding the public bus. As usual, I get on the bus wearing my khaki shorts, tank top and my tennis shoes, revealing my big, bulging biceps, by thick pecs and my large, wide quads and bulging calves on the back of my legs. Most seats on the bus are taken so I decide to take the empty seat next to a high school age girl.... Tyla: I‘m Tyla. I‘m a skinny late teen. I am 19, and almost 5‘9, and I get teased for not having developed as much yet as the other girls my age. Riding home from tutoring a kid from school, I notice a huge muscle stud get on the bus. My eyes go wide as he scans the rows to find an empty seat, finding the one next to me in the very back. I am so focused on his huge muscles he obviously loves to show off, I only notice his face when he‘s really close. He looks young, maybe as young as me even! Wow, I think, he must be twice my weight. I giggle happily when you sit down next to me. Jake: So, I sit down next to this girl, who seems about my height. I guess she’s older than me. But I’m so freaking clumsy, my shoulder bumps against hers. It's one of the reasons that I haven't had much luck with girls. I've always been clumsy and since I was young, convinced myself that I wouldn't be good enough for any girl. When I was younger they wanted no part of clumsy Jake. So I dedicated myself to my own body instead and to working out. I'm still waiting for my growth spurt though. “Uhh… s-s-sorry… I’m kinda… wide…. Sorry!” I apologize for bumping against her. These stupid narrow bus seats are so small for a big guy like me. Urg! But, she keeps on looking at me, it’s making me blush a little. She’s kinda cute, though…. Tyla: “No problem…“ I mutter as my face rubs against those huge shoulders. They‘re hard and warm, much bigger than the guys‘ I've seen on my college's football team. He must be very strong, I think to myself. I try to be inconspicuous while checking out this huge guy next to me, looking at his thick plates of chest muscles, his rounded biceps, and his thick forearms. His thighs are huge, so vast, they rub against my thin ones. I gulp, thinking how much power they must have in them. Jake: I eventually raise up my left hand just to wipe a flock of my long hair out of my eyes…. When am I gonna get that haircut I keep on putting off? As I raise up my arm, I unintentionally flex my very large bicep, which rubs against the girl's arm…. I feel her move a bit…. Oh darn, I hope I didn’t scare the poor girl…. “Uhh… s-s-sorry… I hope I didn’t scare ya!” *I say quietly. “Didn’t mean to startle you…” Tyla: I look at the guy‘s blond locks. He‘s really dreamy. When he raises his arm I find it hard to decide whether to look at his perfect hair or his huge guns. So when he flicks his arm, he accidentally rubs it in my face. I feel like in heaven, getting to see and experience that muscle up close. “Um, no problem…“ I reply. “You‘re a big guy, I have to say.“ I look him up and down. “Must be awesome being so thick and massive.” Jake: “It’s cool, most of the time… Except on planes, trains and… buses!” *I groan. “And, meeting new people is tricky. I’m really a nice guy but often people don’t want to talk to a muscle guy, you know? But, thanks for breaking the ice! My name’s Jake, by the way!” *I say as I reach out with my right hand for a handshake… Uhhh I hope I didn’t TOTALLY freak out the poor girl. Either she accepts or he has a heart attack…. Please talk to me…. Tyla: I stare at the hand, which is much larger than mine. Slowly I raise my own, watching it disappear in your huge paw as you shake it. Your grip is tight, but still gentle, and I tingle as you bid me hello. “Hey… ungh… Jake, I‘m Tyla.” I smile when you let go of my hand and I want it back as soon as it's gone. “I don‘t mind if you sit this close. I get it. You need the room.” I playfully punch your rock solid shoulder. ”Also, I don‘t often get to see muscles as awesome as yours up close, so it‘s fun for me too!“ I hope that wasn‘t too revealing. But Jake does look amazing! Jake: “Aww, thank you so much, Tyla! Tell you what…” *I say as I look at the window at your side… “I think we’re getting close to Northwood mall… I got lots of free time! Wanna get off here and go to the yogurt shop? It’s next to the gym, a sports store and a few other shops I like to visit in that strip mall! I’ll treat you to a cup of yogurt! We’ll call it a date, okay?” *I say to you with a wink and a big grin on my face. You can tell I’m starting to LIKE you! Tyla: Before I can reply – my answer was obviously going to be yes – you stand up and take me by my arm. Your thick hand easily encircles my upper arm, slightly squishing it as you make your way to the front, easily guiding me along. Before I know it we have gotten off the bus and your hand moves down to hold mine. I feel butterflies in my stomach as I look at the extremely gorgeous and incredibly cute muscle stud holding my hand. He must be the biggest guy in his school, and he already has taken a liking to me. This must be my lucky day! Jake: “Here, Tyla…. Here is an empty cup…” I say as I hand you an empty plastic cup before we walk past the yogurt dispensing machines. I pick from three different flavors and then I sprinkle peanuts and crushed chocolate all over mine. I wait for you to get your yogurt and then I pay with the cash in my pocket before we both sit down, sitting opposite each other at a table in the back corner. I grab spoons and napkins as we sit and talk. “So…. What grade are you in, Tyla? And, why do you like muscle guys?” Tyla: You take about four times as much yogurt as me. Makes sense, those muscles need to be fed. The way your huge body is placed, my own little one is completely blocked from view. Massive shoulders and thick arms obscure me from the rest of the yogurt shop. “Um I‘m in my first year at college…“ I begin. “So you must be a…“ I look at your humongous body. What muscles. It is amazing. Weird that you would take an interest in me. “Um, a frreshman in college too?” Jake: “Wow! You’re in college? Really? Wwowww… I’m just in high school… You are so awesome! You must be so smart!” *I smile at you. “So, what is it like in college? You must see lots of guys even bigger than me?” *I ask you out of curiosity as I spoon more yogurt out of the cup and eat it quickly. Then I look up at you and watch you eat with a grin on my face. Tyla: “What?“ I exclaim as I stare at your pumped arms and thick pecs. “How can you be in high school? You‘re huge!“ I stare at you, watching your biceps flex even when you‘re just eating with the spoon. “Nobody at my school is your size! The guys on the football team are smaller than you!“ You giggle as I tell you this. “They‘re taller, yes, but you‘re getting there,“ I add, smiling. Jake: “Awww you make me laugh when you tell me that I’m bigger than the guys on the high school football team! That is funny!” *I smile at you. “So, why do you like big muscles? Do you just like strong guys?” *I ask you out of curiosity. Tyla: “Well… I love big muscles… and muscle guys…“ I admit, sheepishly. I never said that to anyone but your earnest smile has me put my guard down. “You are so huge… and cute…“ I feel myself blush and quickly return to my little portion of yogurt. Jake: “Aww, thank you so much, Tyla! I always wanted to have a girlfriend who was older than me! That is awesome! Say…” *I say as I lean forward so I whisper at you… “Would you like to be my girlfriend? I’m available cause you're in college and I only date older girls… so you qualify!” *I whisper at you. “Then, I can ask you for help if I need tutoring, right? You can always rub my muscles too, okay?” Tyla: Wow, he is forward. We just met! “Um… I… uh…“ You don‘t wait for my answer. Your thick hands reach over and pull my chair right next to yours. Your massive arm wraps around me, holding my skinny body to your massive one. I can feel your muscles through your tank as you lean into me, cuddling me. “Uh, sure, Jake. But shouldn‘t we get to know each other better?“ Jake: “Sure… Oh by the way…” *I get my cell phone and I ask you for yours…. I add you and I send you a text message… I finish my yogurt and I get up and I patiently wait for you… “I know we just met but that’s okay… I like you a lot, Tyla!” *I grin as I hold open the door…. “Wanna check out the sports store next door?” *I suggest to you. Tyla: “Yeah, let‘s,“ I smile down at you. Standing up, it‘s unbelievable I am actually taller than you – barely an inch though. With your huge body, it feels like you are bigger than any boy I have ever met. You most likely are, I think to myself as I steal a glance at your shorts. We enter the sports store and you grab my hand again. Excitedly pointing at the equipment they have there, you pull me around the place without effort, guiding me in different directions multiple times. You giggle as you tell me about the different weights and supplements they have, as well as the gym clothes you constantly need as you grow so quickly. Jake: “Hey, Tyla! Here are some dumbbells…. Check this out!” *I pick up a 50-pound dumbbell with my right arm and I lift it up, flexing my arm and forcing a HUGE bicep to pop up on my arm…. “Wanna feel my arm?” I ask you with a smile… Tyla: At first I hesitate, not wanting to show you how overcome I am with desire. I rush over to you and practically throw myself on your arm. “Wow…“ I mutter, rubbing your huge guns. Your biceps rise up dramatically from your arms, forming solid balls of muscle. My little hands can‘t encompass them, not alone or together. Your triceps are massive, arching far south. All of it is rock hard, completely impossible to dent. Your skin is hot and only a paper thin cover over the swelling brawn underneath. “Wow,“ I repeat. Jake: “Do you like it?” *I ask you eagerly as I lift up the dumbbell and then lower it again, pumping the muscle and making it even harder so that a thick vein runs over the muscle…. The bicep is hard as a bowling ball…. My forearm is thicker than a bowling pin…. “Just rub your hand over it, it will bring us good luck, Tyla!” *I smile as you rub it with your soft hands. Tyla: I keep rubbing it, harder and faster. I can‘t believe the size and solidity of the arm I am holding. I let out a moan, then shut my mouth quickly. I hope I didn‘t creep you out, but you keep smiling and offer me your other arm to feel. I touch it just before, fondling the pumped muscle as you work it. “You are incredible, Jake. So big, so strong. I love your body.“ Jake: “Wow! I like you, Tyla!” *I grin as I set the dumbbell down. Then, before you can react, I reach over and gently place my hands under your armpits. Then, in a flash, I lift up your entire body until your feet are dangling six inches off the floor. I look up and I grin at you. “Wow, you’re really light! But… you’re also really cute!” *I smile as I pull you close and I plant a kiss on your lips… You can’t move at all because I’m holding you suspended in the air…. “You like this?” *I smile as I look up at you…. Tyla: I can feel the butterflies inside my stomach while you lift me, and even more so when you kiss me. “Yes,“ I reply, my voice only a whisper. “I like it. I really do.“ You smile and give me another kiss, this one longer than the one before. Your lips are soft and thick, perfect for kissing. I know mine are a bit thin, so yours envelop mine easily, just like everything about you does. I rub your arms, feeling their pump as you hold me up, hoping I don't pass out in your arms. Jake: *As I’m holding you up I notice how my pecs are just MASSIVE…. “Now is a good time to rub my pecs…. They really need attention!” *I say to you as you reach down with your arms and start to rub my bulging rock hard chest…. “I hope you’re enjoying the view from up there, Tyla!” *I grin at you shyly… Tyla: I can‘t reply as I am too enamored with your huge chest. A pair of thick muscle pecs protrude from your middle, each distinctly defined, and packed with dozens of pounds of muscle. I have more thick brawn under my two small hands, than you are holding in my entire body as you keep me floating above the ground. “I… uh, I love the view. But maybe the view of you and me together this way is a bit too much for a public sports store, Jake…“ Jake: “Ohh… yes… I’m sorry…. You’re right…” I say, feeling a little embarrassed… “I get carried away when I meet a cute girl who gives me a chance to show off…. It doesn’t happen often with the girls in high school… I’m really, REALLY sorry…” *I say shyly as I gently set you down and let you go. “You okay?” *I ask you, hoping I didn’t hurt your feelings. Tyla: “It‘s okay,“ I smile down at you. I wrap my thin arms around your wide body and give you a hug, then a little kiss on your forehead. I can see you blush as I take your hand in mine for a change and let you guide us through the rest of the store. We arrive at the clothes section and you marvel at all the nice outfits you could wear to the gym. “Would you try some of them on for me?“ I smile and give your hand a soft squeeze. Jake: “Yeah! See any cool looking shirts or tank tops which would look good on me?” *I say to you as we browse the racks and the shelves. *I wander around the men’s section as I follow you, and I look at everything you look at. I nod as you pick up shirts and tank tops. Tyla: I pick out a tank top printed like the U.S. flag – I hold it out to you so you take it from me. You check it then hand it back to me. “This is a large,“ you explain. “I need an X-X-X…“ “I know,” I interrupt and hand you back the tank that is way too small for you. With a wink I lean in and give you a kiss on your cheek. I head for the swimsuit section, getting excited about finding something for you to try on, while you run into one of the changing stalls. Jake: I go into the dressing room and I remove my old tank and I put on the one you picked out. It is smaller than I usually wear be it looks great! I run out of the dressing room and I look for you. Several other people stare at me since my muscles are just BULGING everywhere. “Hey Tyla… TYLA!” I shout as I look for you. Then, I spot you and I flex BOTH biceps wearing the new tanktop, showing off my MONSTER biceps in an outrageous flex which sends several other people gasping out loud. Tyla: I turn, seeing you show off proudly for me and the entire store. The tank is nearly painted on you, deliberately several sizes too small. Even from afar I can make out your definition through the fabric – your abs, your pec cleavage, everything. I walk over to you, wanting to see you up close. Your muscles look even bigger, bulging out of the skimpy tank. You should dress like that every day, I think, but then realize you‘d rip out of shirts on daily basis. Jake: “You have amazing taste, Tyla! I feel like a superhero in this thing!” *I smile as I lower my arms. “Should I get it?” *I ask you. “I’ll wear it just for you!” *I grin at you as I turn sideways. I flex my big arm again and I make my bicep pop out. “Looking good?” *I ask you, looking at you like an innocent little boy. Tyla: I can barely speak, seeing you pose for me in the middle of the store. That image will be burned in my brain forever, and I will definitely use it when I get home and need to release all this pent up stimulation. “Yes!“ I squeak, my voice shrill and without control. I reach to your collar and tear off the price tag, heading straight to the counter. I also bring along a tight pair of swimming trunks to buy without showing you. They cost most of the pocket money I have on me, but they are definitely worth it. “Thank you,“ you purr happily as you hook your thick arm into mine and give me a kiss on my cheek. Jake: “You don’t have to pay for it… I got my mom’s debit card…. But… I appreciate it…. I guess I need to pay you back, huh?” I whisper as I walk towards the door. I open the door and something funny happens. As I walk straight through the door, both my shoulders get STUCK in the doorframe, on BOTH sides. “Aww…. Darn it…. Stupid, narrow door!” *I groan as I back out and go back in the store. Then, I turn SIDEWAYS and shuffle through the door. You look on in amazement as it dawns on you that my shoulders are too WIDE for the doorframe. I squeeze through the door and grumble as I turn around and wait for you. “Small wimpy door!” *I pout…. Tyla: I come up to you and put my hands on either of your huge delts. “It‘s not the door that is small, Jake…“ I smile as I lean in, pressing our foreheads together. I give your nose a kiss and whisper, “…it‘s you who is the strongest and biggest and most muscular and massive boy in this town.” You giggle cutely then force yourself into a more manly chuckle as you wrap your mega arms around my skinny body and lift me up, spinning yourself and me around and around and around before setting me down and getting on your tiptoes to kiss me. Jake: “Wheeeeeeee!” *I cheer as I spin you around before setting you down like a toy, acting like a little kid with enormous muscles. Then, I flex my gigantic calves and stand on my toes so I can kiss you. “Thanks… Tyla…” *I say, planting a wet, slobbering, very sloppy kiss on your cheeks. “I think I love you….” Tyla: The saliva filled and slobbery kiss tickles me and I try to squirm away but your rock solid arms have me in a titanium hold with no chance of escape. I giggle hysterically as you keep kissing me and nuzzling my neck, your arms flexing around my little body to hold me tight. We laugh and wriggle, playing with each other, with you obviously being the dominant one throughout. When you stop, I turn to you and wipe a lock from your forehead. “I think love you too, Jake.“ Jake: “Hey… wanna go to my house? My parents are at work and I’m kinda lonely right now. Wanna hang out at my place for a few hours?” *I ask you gently as I lift you a few inches above the ground with great ease. Tyla: I breathe heavily at the thought, making it obvious what I was trying to hide in the sports store. “Yes…“ I reply, my voice hoarse. You set me down and start walking, holding my hand firmly in your larger one. I enjoy the feeling of my narrow shoulders rubbing against your massive one as we leave the mall. We sit down at the bus station, with you pulling me onto your lap and happily nuzzling my cheek, tickling me and making me laugh. Jake: *I hug you and kiss you… I get bored from waiting at the bus stop and I sit there, leaning with my head and my shoulders against you . I affectionally rub your leg and your arm as well. I lovingly place my arm over your shoulder, pressing you against my massive shoulder blade. “Uhh… when is that bus coming?” *I groan as we finally hear the bus pull up. “Yay! It’s here!” I get up and leap three feet in the air as the bus comes closer. “Whoohoo!” *Finally, the doors open and I get on, showing my student card. I turn back and pull you in behind me. “Come on!” I practically carry you on the bus and I put you in the chair on the first row before I plop down next to you, squeezing as close to you as possible. You feel my massive shoulders, biceps and thighs rubbing against you…. Tyla: You deliberately press against me as the bus drives along. Long gone is the shy muscle boy from our first meeting just an hour ago. Now you lean into me, pressing me against the window, arms around me, squeezing me, giving me the tiniest of spaces between your hard muscles. I love it, looking at you as you look at me with dreamy eyes and a loving stare. We barely speak, only rubbing our heads together and softly kissing sometimes. You flex for me, entrancing me so much with your muscle show we both miss your stop. Jake: “Ahh! We missed my stop!” *I shout as I pull the cord for the bell, telling the driver we need to get off. So, the driver lets us off at the next stop, which is another block over. I get up and I lift you up and carry you off the bus like a rag doll. Then, without even thinking, I carry you on my massive shoulders as I use my gigantic legs to sprint back to my house, leaping over the 6-foot wooden fence using my rocket-powered legs. As soon as I get inside the yard, I set you down on the ground before I unlock the front door and I let you in. I lead you to my bedroom, all covered with posters of bodybuilders and with a full size weight bench in the corner next to the bed. Then, I remove my shoes and my clothes when you stop me and ask if I will try on the other item that you have in the bag. I take the bag and pull out a pair of large spandex swimming trunks. You turn around while I change, and then I tell you when I am ready. Standing by my bed in the shorts you picked out, everything is bulging. I stand there with a new confidence, every part of my fully flexed with confidence. Since hanging out with you, I haven't been clumsy even once. “Okay, let's cuddle, Tyla!” I order as I crawl in bed… I wait for you…. Tyla: I admire your room, breathing in the smells of your workouts, the countless workouts you must have had in here. I saunter over to your bed, standing at the edge of the mattress. “I could take my clothes off…“ I tease. “But why don‘t you do it?“ With a smile you extend your hugely developed arms and start lifting my t-shirt. Unlike you, I don‘t reveal several rows of thickly muscled abs. I am rather flat and skinny, but you stroke my skin using your strong fingers but with the gentlest of touch. You work the shirt over my head, revealing my newest pink bra supporting the still growing breasts of my undeveloped torso. You smile, then start unbuttoning my shorts, taking your time, teasing me. Jake: *I happily reach over and pull your shirt off, up and over your head. Then, I unzip and unbutton your shorts and let them drop down. Then, I pull the shoes and socks off your feet. Finally, I reach over and lift you up as I pull you towards me on the bed and I lay down flat on my back and I lay you face down right on top of me. You in your pink bra and panties, not the most cover model girl I have ever seen, but being the first girl I have ever brought home, to me you are the most beautiful. It feels so awesome. Your thin, light body rests neatly on top of my thick, muscular frame. I run my big hands over your back and your tight butt. I press you firmly down so you feel every muscle on my rock hard body. “Ohhh God this feels so nice…” *I moan softly. Then, I turn my head and I start kissing you on your cheeks. Tyla: You practically use me as a blanket, laying me on top of you. One difference though, I don‘t cover nearly as much of your body as a blanket would. Your broad frame with thick shoulders and massive thighs is completely visible with my thin as a pencil body on top of yours. You squeeze my butt as I feel your entire body, just by laying on you. “Yeah…nice...“ I agree as you pepper me with kisses. “This feels really nice, Jake.“ I stay still, letting you enjoy the feel of a much smaller body than your own, the unfamiliar touch of soft female muscles and other parts. Having only known your own body, you only know rock hard brawn and perfectly defined ripples of muscle. Jake: *I look at you with my dreamy eyes as I suddenly grab you by your sides and I lift you up…. Totally with easy and completely effortlessly…. I raise you up and extend my arms all the way, holding your entire body suspended above mine as I finally get to look you over without your shirt and shorts on…. But I stare at you with a big grin on my face…. “wow, you’re soooo cute… my very own college girlfriend… damn, I’m so lucky to have you….” *I hold you up like you weigh nothing at all… you marvel at my ridiculous strength as you see my incredible, thick, muscular arms, thicker than pythons… You figure I must be strong enough to lift a car, easily…. “You’re so beautiful…” *I whisper… Tyla: *I look down at your thick but lean body…. And I’m falling madly in love with you…. Your smooth, hairless body, your strong arms and legs, your cute face…. It’s driving me crazy… I extend my hands down to you and start stroking your face. It‘s rougher than mine. Mine is soft, rosy. Your is angular, tough. Strong. The face of a muscle beast boy. I love it though. My fingers glide over your cheeks and nose, over your lips and through your hair. You let me do it, all the while you are holding me up with no apparent strain at all. I rub your shoulders, then your pecs, gently stroking and pinching your nipples. You pant a little, your arms quivering just for the slightest of moments. I lift my finger to my mouth and lick, then return it to your nipple and play with it some more, now coated in my sweet saliva. I can feel it harden, just like everything on your body hardens. I smile, loving that I can have such an effect on you. Imagining ever part of you growing even bigger in our time to come together. Jake: *As you play with my nipples, you look down and you see a massive bulge forming in my groin area… You know that’s my cock… it’s getting bigger and bigger as I moan softly... You try to imagine how BIG I am… Then, I gently lower you down and let you rest on top of my massive chest and my big torso again… Now you feel the bulge throbbing underneath you... I look at you with my dreamy eyes like I’m in heaven… Tyla: My own body is in a state of readiness, my insides getting wet and ready for you. Laying our bodies on top of one another I feel your massive rod push against my welcoming lips. I gulp as you smile at me, giving me loving kisses, wordlessly reassuring me you won‘t let me get hurt in any way. Not even with the cock you‘re flexing right now against my body. Jake: *I just smile at you as I let out a yawn and I flip you around, wrapping my arms around you in a loving cuddle… “Ohh, Tyla, you’re making me so hard right now…" *I whisper to you as I gently rub your breasts with one of my hands. Tyla: You cuddle me to your hard and humongous frame with your impenetrable arms. If you fall asleep and I need to get up during our little nap, it would be an impossible task. Your not yet rock hard but still huge cock nestles nicely between my ass cheeks, both of us separated by thin layers fabric. You nuzzle the back of my neck as you whisper sweetly in my ear, accentuated by little flexes of your amazing muscles. Soon, you go quiet, drift away, and I too am sent to dreamland by the deep purring of my huge, massive, gorgeous, cute and powerful muscle beast boyfriend. Who can tell what dreams we will soon make come true...
  3. The King of the Nerds

    The King of the Nerds Have you ever felt just like everyone else, if not worse? Like there wasn’t anything inherently special about you? Yeah, that perfectly described me… My name is Kyle and I was you average nerdy college senior just trying to get through life. I only felt truly at home with my friends in the comic book and gaming club at the school, especially Jenny and Tom. The other aspects of college, like partying, drinking, or sex, were so foreign to me. Yes, you heard me right, I was still a virgin at 21. Embarrassing, I know, but don’t worry, I know why you’re here, and my life was about to completely change for the better. So, sit back, relax, do what you need to do, and learn about the day that I was transformed from your average little nerd, into the king of the nerds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Hey Kyle, so what are your plans for this Spring Break?” asked Jenny. “I’ve actually been meaning to catch up on Super Mario Odyssey, but not much else other than that,” I replied. “I feel that, I need to catch up on Horizon Zero Dawn,” Tom said as he smiled at me. Oh Tom, I had such a major crush on him. Ever since freshmen year I wanted to tell him how I felt, but either he had no interest in men, or, like me, he was in the closet. Sometimes I even thought he might have been interested in Jenny, but he was definitely too much of a wuss to even make a move on her even if he was straight. I was never even sure what Jenny might have thought of us, whether she was waiting for either of us to make some sort of move on her, or if she had absolutely no interest in us. She claimed to have “had boyfriend in high school,” but I was pretty sure that we were all virgins. Sad, right? Three nerds, probably interested in each other, but too chicken or scared to do anything about it. “Well guys, that’s my mom, I’ll see you this Saturday for the gaming convention!” I said with a lot of enthusiasm. Since the start of the semester I had been looking forward to this convention. Even though we all lived far away from each other when we weren’t at school, this would be a chance for all of us to hang out outside of school. I was really scared to be sharing a hotel room with Tom, but it was okay, everything was going to work out for the best, I was sure of that. Jenny added, “We are just going to meet at the hotel, right?” “That’s the plan, but don’t be late like usual Kyle!” replied Tom. As I got in the car I responded with some laughter. A part of me felt like he was flirting with me, so I needed to get out of that situation before I started blushing. My mom and I both waved and she drove off. I felt so embarrassed, here I was, wishing I was with Tom so badly, and I could do nothing about it. My excuse was that I didn’t want to risk messing up our friendship by asking him out, but that was a lie. Even if we weren’t friends, I just couldn’t make a move. But, this wasn’t the time to think about this, I was going to enjoy my spring break. Like I planned I got to play a lot of video games during the break, but what happened later was nothing I could have ever predicted. I couldn’t shake my feelings for Tom on any day of the week. Every now and then they would come up again, reminding me that I didn’t have the guts to even find out if he was gay. What made matters worse was that on Friday I just had this horrible head ache. It seemed that the more I thought about him, the worse it got, as crazy as that sounds. I decided to actually go to bed early that night, as my head ache seemed to have transitioned into really annoying body aches. I was actually getting a little scared that I might be too sick tomorrow to even go the convention… Yet, when I woke up, I felt better than ever. My body felt a little heavy, and I initially seemed a little disoriented, but I honestly felt great. Normally I go to bed late, so I think the extra hours might have really done me some good. Oh, how wrong I was! Before I got out of bed I removed the sheets off of me, revealing the body of a chiseled Greek sculpture. I was so amazed at the sight of my body, my mouth was locked wide open, in pure awe. I was a scrawny little guy, but somehow my body transformed to that of a sexy fitness model. I couldn’t believe it! I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror across my room. Before even getting a better look at my muscles I noticed that I was even taller. I had been 5’8", an inch taller than Tom was, but I had to be about 6’0" now. Then, I started flexing my incredible physique. First, I played with my new massive pecs, which I could bounce and make even bigger. I felt them up for a little while as my nipples began to harden. Next, I noticed my abs, wow. I had rock hard six pack abs. It was so hot to touch each one, they were just like pure muscle. Then, I noticed my ripped biceps. It honestly looked like I had baseballs under my skin as I flexed them in every pose I could imagine. I used to have twigs for arms, and now that they had to be at least 16 or 17 inches. That’s when I noticed it, my erection, bigger than ever. There it was poking through my boxer briefs and in between my new tree trunk sized legs. I went to pull down my underwear to get a better look, but almost comically struggled to get them past my giant thighs. When I managed to get them off, I was greeted with a giant penis. It was significantly thicker than it was last night, and at least three or four inches longer than my old little 4-inch penis. I was so turned on, just looking at my reflection in the mirror, I knew that I had become a god. But, after a little more flexing, I wanted to try out how real these muscles were. I looked around my room for something heavy and then remembered how much my dad and uncle had struggled to bring in my mattress and big bed frame. I knelt down next to the bed, expecting to use ever muscle in my body to move this bed. Then, almost with pathetic ease, I raised the entire bed a few feet off the ground. Fuck, I was a monster. That was when my dick and I had had enough. I dropped the bed back where it was and decided to jerk off before I exploded. I sat on the floor in front of the mirror with my gigantic, sculpted back against my bed. I went to town on my cock, expecting to cum in a minute like I usually did, but this was a real man’s dick. Somehow, even though I was hornier and more turned on than I had ever been in my life, I stroked my cock for almost 20 minutes, with every second bringing me more and more pleasure. Seeing myself in the mirror, my muscles flexing as I stroked harder and harder, worked wonders to bring me to the edge. Then, cum exploded all over my abs, pecs, and face. It almost seemed like my dick wasn’t going to stop after almost a whole straight minute of pure ecstasy. I finally felt like I was no longer a boy, I was a man’s man, I was a sex god. I had the body that men only dreamt to have, one that would be able to get me anything I wanted. But, although my body was that of a man now, my mind had not changed. After a minute of heavy breathing my composure returned and I saw my cum covered reflection in the mirror. Despite looking like a hunk, I felt so embarrassed and disgusted with myself that I had just done that. Only someone so narcissistic would masturbate to their own reflection. I also imagined how horrified my parents and friends would be to see me like this. You don’t just become this ripped overnight, something had to be wrong with me. Yet, I didn’t have the time to deal with this if I was going to make it in time to the hotel. I couldn’t do anything about my change in height, and more mature looking face, but I could cover up the muscles. I threw on some massive sweats that just made it look like I was getting fat, grabbed the luggage I packed the night before, and ran to catch the nearby bus. Even with the sweats though, I could swear that I caught people staring at me. I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t used to any attention at all. The height was especially something I had to get used to, a lesson I quickly learned after hitting my head as I entered the bus. Luckily, the bus ride was somehow faster than I expected, and although I was 15 minutes late, it could have been worse. Plus, Jenny and Tom were right there waiting for me, albeit a little annoyed that I was so late. “Wow, who called it Jenny, who called it…” said Tom with a smirk. Jenny responded, as I approached them, “Wait a minute, Kyle, no way, did you somehow get taller in the past week?” With Tom also seemingly shocked, I panicked to think of any sort of response. Then, I blurred out, “I must have gone through some second puberty, apparently it isn’t totally uncommon.” Although I looked super awkward, and couldn’t even look them straight in the eyes, that was something I actually remember reading a while back. Either way they seemed to shrug it off even though they definitely thought that was a weird response and had no idea why I was wearing such large sweats. But, as we were getting the keys to the room Jenny would be staying in, and the one that Tom and I would be staying in, I started to notice that maybe the sweats weren’t as big as I thought. Although they were hiding most of my upper and lower body, they were actually pretty tight around my arms. If I even slightly flexed there was a chance they could rip, and that is exactly what happened. As we were all hanging out and laughing in my room before we were going out to the main floor of the hotel, my right bicep tore the sweatshirt. The room went silent as the seams ripped, revealing my chiseled arm. Jenny and Tom could not believe what they were looking at, as I quickly turned red, embarrassed that my secret was about to be revealed. No one knew what to say, and I had no idea what thoughts could be going through their minds. “Kyle…what happened to your arm…” Tom said, almost appearing worried. “Okay guys, if I am being honest with you, it wasn’t just my height that changed over the break,” I replied, feeling ashamed that I would have to reveal my secret to them. I took off the shirt to reveal my new hunky physique, with Jenny and Tom just staring in awe. “How is this possible Kyle? You went from having a normal body to looking like a bodybuilder or something” stated Jenny, who was unable to take her eyes off of all the various muscles. I felt so embarrassed just hearing that word, “bodybuilder,” to describe my body, along with the stares and attention from Jenny and Tom, it was all too much. I quickly ran to my luggage to get a shirt, but soon realized that they were all far too small for me. The biggest one I could find was a sleeveless tank top, showing off my massive chest. When I turned back around, it was obvious that both of them were staring at my pecs and arms, which just felt mortifying. With that said, I felt that I should also change my sweatpants, as I was actually beginning to sweat in them. But before I went to the bathroom, I probably needed to address what was going on. “Hey guys, can you stop staring at me, it’s kind of weird,” I said looking at both Jenny and Tom. Both of them then yelled out, “Sorry!” and went on their phones, almost as if they were being awoken from some kind of trance. I ran to the bathroom to change, but again had trouble taking off my sweaty boxer briefs. When I finally managed to, I threw on my new underwear and shorts, which didn’t do much to hide my bulge. I will say though that when I got a look at my body in the mirror, I couldn’t help but think that I looked very hot and sexy in this outfit. Tom and Jenny must have agreed that I looked good as when I walked out of the bathroom their jaws practically fell to the ground. After they managed to compose themselves we finally made it out of the room and on to the floor with all the sellers and gaming stations. As we walked around I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people were staring at me. If we are being honest video game nerds and geeks tend to be skinny, fat, or borderline unhealthy. Both Jenny and Tom were a little more attractive than your average nerds facially, but their bodies were skinny in the way you’d expect a nerd to be—prior to today I was much the same. But, now with my new amazing muscular body, I might as well have been an alien. Some guys seem intimidated by me, while other people just seemed interested in looking me up and down. A part of me was kind of starting to like the attention, but at the same time I just wasn’t used to people looking at me like this. Either way, the three of us had a fun time walking around and getting dinner later, but I couldn’t help but think that the both of them were continually flirting with me, if not fighting for my undivided attention. At the end of the day we each headed back to our rooms, with Jenny giving us an extra key so that we could come over later if we got bored. I actually decided to grab a shower first, feeling a little sweaty from all this tight clothing I was wearing. As I hopped into the shower I thought I could hear some heavy breathing coming from outside the bathroom, but I just decided to ignore that. While I was in the shower though, I couldn’t help but get turned on from scrubbing each of my muscles with soap. In no time, I found myself playing with my cock as I rubbed my muscles, which eventually caused me to explode endless streams of cum over the shower wall. When I was done I quickly panicked to clean off all the cum, get out of the shower to towel off, and spray some air freshener so that the smell of cum wasn’t so obvious. That was when it hit me, I forgot to bring a pair of clothes into the bathroom. To make matters worse, the heavy breathing I had heard earlier seemed to have gotten louder. I was particularly afraid of Tom seeing me in just a towel, as I usually just changed in the bathroom anyways. Nonetheless, I barely managed to wrap the towel around my hips and left the bathroom. When I walked into the bedroom area, what I saw horrified me. Tom, who I guess didn’t hear me come out of the bathroom, was sitting on his bed with his pants and underwear down at his calves. With his right hand, he was he was rapidly stroking his cock, and with his left hand he was holding up my sweaty underwear and sweatpants from earlier up to his face. I didn’t know what to do, but when he finally heard me he put down the sweaty clothes to see me standing there. Then, before I could even say anything, the sight of my god like physique in just a towel all wet seemed to be enough to push him over the edge and make him cum. As Tom’s head fell back, his mouth opened wider, and his eyes rolled back, he whispered, “God Kyle, you look like a fucking sex machine now.” I didn’t know what to do, there was my best friend, who I had wanted for so long, practically worshipping me like I was some sort of god. Just my sight was enough to push him over the edge, his cum falling onto the floor. He went from seeing me as his best bud, to a piece of meat from which he could derive sexual pleasure from. As much as I was turned on, I was disgusted with myself, Tom, and the whole situation. I quickly threw on some clothes that barely fit and ran from the room. This wasn’t me, I wasn’t a hunk, I was a nerd. A week ago, nothing like this was even possible, I wasn’t ready, even if my body was. I ran to Jenny’s room, hoping that at least she had some sort of sanity. I opened the door and walked in, breathing heavily, still unable to fully take in what was going on. Then, I noticed I had a raging boner through my shorts, which I quickly tried to hide in case Jenny could see the door. Luckily, she was in shower, so that gave me at least some time to relax. But, I swore I could hear someone talking so I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door a crack, and that’s when I heard it. As Jenny moaned from the shower she was saying, “Oh Kyle, fuck me Kyle…Your muscles are so hot, I need them…God, destroy my pussy." I couldn’t believe this, even Jenny, the logical voice of reason in our group, was unable to stop herself from masturbating to the thought of my body. But, something in me clicked. As my boner rose to full mast, it seemed my body was starting to take over. The attraction I’ve been having to my own body, the attention I’ve been getting all day, and the immense pleasure that Tom and Jenny have been having because of me finally released my inner hunk. Why would I continue to be a scared little nerd, when I was in fact the sex machine that Tom said I was. This was my opportunity to lose my virginity and really see what my body could do. I walked into the bathroom, which was enough noise for Jenny to stop masturbating. Then, I ripped my shirt off like tissue paper and opened up the curtain, to Jenny’s initial dismay. With Jenny staring at my muscles and doing nothing to cover herself up she barely whispered, “Oh my god Kyle.” Finally growing into the personality you’d expect with a body like mine, I cockily responded, “Why would you stop, Jenny.” Before she could say anything, I took off my shorts and underwear and stepped into the shower with her. I was pretty sure that I was gay, but in this moment, all I wanted to do was fuck the living shit out of Jenny. As I got closer to her I saw that she had just recently orgasmed just from thinking about me, so now it was time to give her the real deal. She began by rubbing her hands over my chiseled pecs and abs while I quickly moved to making out with her, while grabbing her tight, perky ass. She continued to move her hands around my muscular body, worshipping every inch of it. Jenny seemed to be especially fond of rubbing her boobs against my pecs and abs, while running her hands over my shredded back muscles—something that just drove my cock crazy for some reason. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life, and from the hunger Jenny had for my body, I could probably say the same for her. Jenny said, managing to get a few words in between making out with me, and sucking on my muscles, “Fuck Kyle, you look like a Greek god…I need you…I need your monster cock inside of me…destroy me with your massive muscles.” Stopping to let out a loud, erotic moan, “I’ve been waiting for so long for one of you two to have the guts to ask me out and have sex with me…I’m on birth control…for the love of god Kyle fuck me like there is no tomorrow…” Before I could even respond, my giant muscular body seemed to know exactly what to do to please Jenny. Just with the strength of one arm I lifted her off the ground, holding her up against the shower wall. With the water only hitting me now, and my body glistening, I can’t imagine the sight that Jenny must have witnessed. Even before I did anything she began to shake in my arm, moaning louder, and orgasming. Her petite little body, before I had even started truly pleasing her, began to squirt, in an incredibly intense orgasmic experience. We both knew she wanted more though, so I began to play with her clit using my other hand. To give her even more pleasure I also began to suck on her sexy large breasts, something that definitely drove her crazy. Somehow, I did these so expertly that in just a matter of moments I brought her to her third orgasm, this one more earth shattering than the last. Jenny was so attracted to my muscles, that she felt continually on the brink of orgasming—a power I loved having, and one I was prepared to continually abuse again and again. She was unable to stop herself from orgasming whenever I touched her, whenever I was near. Causing so much pleasure for her, and seeing her worship every single one of my massive, ripped muscles, continually even brought me to the edge. But, unlike Jenny, it seemed that my body knew instinctively how to hold it. Already, I had felt the intense pleasure right before cumming multiple times, but my body, my sex machine, god-level physique, it just knew exactly what to do to prevent that. It’s almost like my body was made to provide me with the most pleasure possible. When I was a skinny little nerd I could barely masturbate for just a few minutes, and now, after just one day of being a real hunk, I had somehow become a master of holding back…god this level of pleasure was amazing. Once she calmed down again, it was time for me to have some real fucking fun. Now using both hands, I grabbed her off the wall and placed her on top of my thick, practically 8-inch dick. Initially shocked at how easily I could do it, I began to lightly fuck her while holding her up just with my arms. A few days ago, I was so weak I could probably barely have sex with someone without getting exhausted immediately, and now I was holding up Jenny without any support. As her moans grew louder, and my dick started to go faster and deeper, I noticed how small she truly was. Jenny was not much shorter than me a few days ago, and we were about the same weight, but now look at us. At 6 feet, 190 pounds of pure, solid muscle, I was a giant monster compared to her small 5’5”, 118-pound frame. She practically felt like nothing in my arms, eclipsed by the size of my gigantic frame. Then, as I felt Jenny’s fourth orgasm consume my penis, I knew it was time to go to full speed. With my cock, all the way in her pussy I started to fuck her. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I began to groan and moan, like a wild animal consuming his pray. Although Jenny had just orgasmed, she began to scream my name and moan louder than ever before. God, I really was a sex machine, the power I had over Jenny, the pleasure I was experiencing, it was all incomparable to anything. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK Kyle, don’t stop…harder…harder…FASTER…faster…I’ve never felt...such…such pleasure. You’re a fucking animal, GOD,” Jenny said while still screaming and moaning. “God Jenny, I’m so close…” I managed to let out in between my grunting and moaning. “Kyle, cum inside of me, god YES please fuck do it…” Jenny responded almost begging me to. I grabbed Jenny as tight as I could, fucking her as hard as I could for another few more minutes. I wanted to draw out the pleasure, to experience as much as I could of it, and my body knew all the tricks. Then, as I was about to explode, Jenny had her fifth orgasm, the strongest of them yet. As I used most of my strength to prevent her intensely flailing body from getting out of my hands, I began to gush cum inside of her. My cum, which I had been holding in for so long, shot out like streams of bullets, filling her up. When I noticed she couldn’t take any more of it, I gently placed her exhausted body onto the shower floor as I continued to cum all over her face, breasts, and stomach. I was amazed, Jenny was sitting on the floor, exhausted beyond belief, breathing heavily, and incredibly sore from the positions I had her in, but I felt nothing. I was barely out of breath, felt like I had only experienced a light workout at most, and knew my cock was already ready to go a few more rounds. Jenny looked like she couldn’t handle any more pounding though so I let the water clean her off, turned it off, and stepped out of the shower. “Don’t leave Kyle…” Jenny managed to say from the shower. “I lied to you and Tom, I’ve never had a boyfriend, you were my first…” Laughing, as I dried myself off, “Come on Jenny, not to hurt your feelings but we could kind of tell you were lying. But, hey, we got to be each other’s firsts.” Jenny replied, “I want more though, my vagina feels so empty without your meaty cock inside of it. Plus, I know that wasn’t your best, a part of you was afraid of hurting me.” She was right. Not only was I using a lot of my strength to actually hold her up in the first place, but I was also scared what my full strength could have done to her virgin pussy. Giving her a sexy smile I responded, “Are you ready for round two then?” Without saying anything, Jenny got up from the shower floor, jumped into my arms, and started making out with me. Although we were still wet, we didn’t really care. Rubbing our bodies and lips together, I picked her up again and took her to the hotel bed. I laid on the bed with her on top of me, giving her free roam of my ripped muscles. I love how Jenny took charge in order to pleasure herself. While making out with me she rubbed her breasts against my giant pecs, and clit up against my rock-hard abs. Although she was exhausted from our shower sex, Jenny was eager to continue, running on pure pleasure and ecstasy. “Be rough with me Kyle, I want to see what those muscles are made of,” said Jenny in a sexual and thirsty tone. The thought of fulfilling her request, and finding out for myself the limits of these muscles was such a turn on. I started by smacking her on the ass at around a ¼ of my strength, which made her scream in pleasure. As I continued up to 50% of my strength I saw her ass turning red, barely able to take any more, but she loved every single fucking second of it. Then I turned her on to the bed, holding her down from the sheer strength of my body. With just a third of my strength she was powerless, unable to stop me from doing anything I wanted, and she didn’t want it any other way. I was just amazed at how horny she was for my body, just a few minutes of me holding her down, being rough with her, and rubbing all of my muscles against her pushed her to a sixth orgasm that left her completely out of breath. “You’re such a bad dirty girl Jenny,” I laughed, “And now it’s time for me to show you how much of a man I have really become.” I got up, showing my amazing physique to her, fuck I really must have looked like a god among men. My newly acquired sexual drive needed to be quenched, and fucking Jenny again and again would definitely help—not that she wasn’t beyond eager to please me and herself. This was not only her first time with a man, but a man that no future fuck could ever match. Jenny knew that she had to get the best of it for as long as she could, until she had to settle for some other skinny nerd who would just never be the same. Shortly after getting up from the bed and stretching my drop dead gorgeous muscles, I grabbed her, put each of her feet over my shoulders, and positioned her to rip apart that pussy with my monster cock. This time, I started off a lot harder, sticking my dick all the way inside of her. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Then, I turned her over, grabbed her hips tightly, and went to town on her. Unlike before, I was using close to all of my strength. She was screaming and moaning louder than ever, to the point that I thought I was actually destroying her vagina with my muscles. The bed was shaking back and forth so much that when I heard a crack I wasn’t sure if it was the wall or the bed. I bet you the nerds next door were getting horny listening to some real hardcore sex going on here. Either way, my animal instincts kicked in, and I found myself lost in a new level of pleasure. I honestly lost track of how many times I felt Jenny orgasm, and when I started to cum inside of her I could feel the exhaustion finally getting to her. Again, I decided to cum all over her, at this point seeing it as a way to truly show my dominance over her. By the time I was done, I still felt that I could go a couple more rounds, but Jenny was practically out of it. A part of me, felt kind of bad when I got out of bed and look down upon her completely destroyed body. Yet, I was also amazed, I did that, I gave her so much pleasure that she couldn’t handle it anymore. But, one thing was for sure, my body wasn’t done yet, it needed more pleasure. I was a god meant to be worshipped and I knew exactly who was next on my list. I went back to the bathroom to grab my clothes, realizing then that I had ripped my shirt to shreds, and that my shorts were just completely soaking wet. My underwear was fine, and it actually took me sometime to realize that I could just walk out in them alone. I finally wasn’t ashamed of my body, I had the muscles that everyone could only dream to have, touch, and fuck. I never wanted anyone to see me without my clothes, I was scared to go the pool for fear of my body being judged, and I never tried to get with anyone because I just saw myself as a pitiful little weakling. But now, I was the man, the god, people wished they were, yet could never actually become. I could have anyone that I wanted, and even get anything that I wanted. I was now part of an elite group of individuals who could be considered sex beasts, who could get you horny just by looking at your or taking their shirt off. I loved that idea that when I walked into the room, literally any room, I would be the hottest guy, the one that people would either hate for being so hot, or just want to be around just to get a glimpse of his body. Once I was done ogling over myself in the mirror in the bathroom, I decided to head out. Jenny was still passed out, but I imagined that she would come to later or tomorrow and still want more. I'd be curious to know how her soreness would be though, something that this body didn't seem to really understand. All I knew now was that I was in for some fun walking through the hallways of the hotel over to my room in just my sexy green boxer briefs. Honestly, you should have seen the stares that I got from people when I walked from Jenny’s room to my room. First, there were these two nerdy girls, who definitely just orgasmed when they saw me—I could practically see them dripping through their pants. Next, I saw a guy and a girl, who I assumed were dating. The girl couldn’t keep her eyes off of my body, and her boyfriend was definitely pissed. It’s funny though, I could have had her then and there if I wanted to, and her pussy of a boyfriend wouldn’t have been able to do shit about it. But I was a man on a mission, so I just left her with a sexy wink that might have almost made her fall over. Lastly, right when I was going to get to the room, I saw two little nerds who were practically getting erections from just watching me walk down the hallway. That was me not too long ago, and I definitely felt some pity for them. But, I decided to make their night, as I walked up to them I grabbed each of their cocks and balls and squeezed them. I could feel their cocks rapidly growing from my touch and presence, something that only increased when I signaled them to touch my pecs. This was nothing that these cuties had experienced before, and I would have loved to teach these guys some of what I learned with Jenny, but I had to run. I gave them a wink, blew them each a cocky kiss, and left them in the hallway with their fully erect boners. I imagine that they could go and help each other finish the job. As I walked into the room and closed the door I saw Tom, who seemed like he might have been crying earlier, sitting on his bed sulking. I felt so bad to see him like this, just like I had been many times thinking about Tom in the past. I found out that the guy I had liked for years now adored me, and I shunned him when I realized that. I knew I had to make it up to him, but my inner hunk was going to have some fun with him. Just like Jenny, he wanted to worship my god-like physique, but, in this case, I have a little more experience up my belt, and there was a lot more that I wanted to try with him. Once Tom noticed I had come in he ran up to me and said, “Oh my god Kyle, I am so sorry I didn’t mean for you to see that. It was wrong of me to do that to you…wait, where have you been for the past hour, and where are your clothes…not that I am necessarily minding right now?” Chuckling a little I responded, “Do you really want to find out the answers to those questions, or do you just want to pull my boxer briefs down and give me the best blow job you can?” “What…I thought you weren’t interested?” replied Tom, who was definitely getting horny again. “Eh I was definitely a little startled at first to find you masturbating to my sweaty underwear, but I’ve honestly been into you for a while now,” I stated, actually blushing a little. Tom, smiling and blushing too, responded, “No way, I’ve had a thing for you for the longest time, the muscles are just what took me over the edge. I actually think that Jenny has a thing for you to now that I think about it…” Laughing, and thinking about what had just happened, I replied, “Wow so you are telling me we could have done this forever ago, that’s a shame…but, hey, let’s make up for lost time.” “Yes, sir, you don’t have to tell me twice,” Tom stated as he licked his lips. I actually felt hornier than ever in expectation of playing around with Tom. Not only had I been waiting for this for years, but, if I was bisexual, I definitely still preferred men over women. I wasn’t sure where Tom stood, but I knew he was dying for this moment even more than I was. He initially put his hands on my massive pecs, sliding them down to my washboard abs and obliques. Then, Tom began to suck on my left and right nipples as I flexed my back for him to feel up and down into all the different ridges. Next, he seemed interested in playing with my biceps which I gladfully flexed for him. I wanted to show him how strong I was so as he held onto my right bicep I lifted him off the ground, something that seemed to really turn him on. Tom seemed to be more in love with my muscles than Jenny. When I put him back down, he wanted to lick every single rock-hard part of my body, starting with my giant pecs and then moving to my sculpted abs. It seemed like he licked each and every single ab muscle, moaning as he moved lower and lower. The little nerd was worshiping me like a Greek god—he was obsessed with my body. Then, he moved back to lick my biceps, which he did as he rubbed my hardening nipples. God, his worshipping of my body just made me want to rip his ass apart more and more. Speaking of ass, Tom seemed particularly interested in mine, as he began to rub my steel-like ass while licking and sucking my abs and pecs like a hungry mad man. “Okay, no fucking way Kyle, you’re so hard all over, but that ass is as tight as marble,” Tom said in amazement. I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment, but before I could say anything Tom started making out with me. Wow, I had waited for this moment for so long, and it was finally happening. I was in heaven, and we were just getting started. But, I knew that it would be even hotter, if I started to take back charge of the situation. “Get on your knees,” I commanded in a stern and sexy tone. Tom didn’t question what I said one bit, he seemed extremely turned on for a real man like me to be telling him to pleasure me. He went down on his knees, putting him at the perfect height to suck off my cock. He started taking off my underwear and was just amazed to find my rock hard 8-inch monster cock ready for him to cater to. Tom was definitely at a loss for words, also feeling my incredibly massive muscular thighs and calves as he forced my underwear past them. Then, before he could even comment on my dick’s size, I shoved half of my cock into Tom’s pretty little mouth. At first, he had a little trouble, but then he started sucking and licking like a champ, while playing with my large balls in one hand, and rubbings my chiseled abs with the other. The little wimp was in complete ecstasy, with his 5-inch or so cock rising to full mast. Wanting to help the poor guy out, I used my sexy right foot to lightly stroke his cock, something that sent erotic shivers throughout all of Tom’s body. But, as Tom started to get use to sucking half of my cock, I decided to take things up a notch. I planted both of my feet firmly on the ground, grabbed the back of his head, and I started to skull fuck him. In and out, in and out, all 8-inches of my cock penetrating his little mouth and throat. Tom was definitely unable to handle it, as he gagged every time my dick went all the way in, and started to tear up. Using only a fraction of the power my muscles gave him, I fucked the shit out of his face. It was so hot, I was getting so close… I pulled out of his mouth, with Tom in complete awe of what just happened. I then cleaned up the drool from his face and dragged him by his shirt to my bed. When I sat down and positioned my cock in front of Tom, I realized that I had actually ripped his shirt in the process. He didn’t seem to care at all about it, so I finished ripping it off and threw it across the room. Wow, he was just a skinny as I was, if not skinnier, and now he was just putty in my big strong hands. “Wake up wimp,” I commanded, “this cock isn’t going to take care of itself. Tom quickly returned to my cock like a magnet, this time eagerly trying to take all 8-inches of my thick beast. I let him have some fun on his own, but when he took a break and began to drool, I quickly wiped it and rammed my dick back into his mouth. Then, I started intensely fucking his mouth, to the point that I was honestly getting scared that I would break his jaw—something I didn’t want to do, but honestly turned me on thinking that I had the strength to even consider that as a possibility. “That’s enough,” I demanded, “Now, just lick my cock and balls Tom.” He did so eagerly, happy to keep pleasing me but to also breathe. Tom licked and sucked on my balls especially, which just felt so good I began to moan louder. Then, when I had had enough pleasure, I picked him up and sat him on my lap. He was so small compared to my massive ripped body, he was almost like a doll practically. Tom seemed to be enjoying it, as he began to grind on my dick, rubbing his back against my sculpted pecs and abs. Fuck, a few days we would have been equals, and now, I could literally do anything I wanted with his frail little body. “God Kyle…you’re amazing…this body, it’s incredible…I want you to fuck me, but…but…I’m a virgin,” Tom said looking completely embarrassed. As I stuck a finger in his ass, massaging it, I also started to stroke his dick. “Don’t worry Tom, we can work it out,” I said with a cocky smirk. “FUCK Kyle…how are you doing that….my GOD that feels amazing,” Tom replied as he moaned louder and louder. I honestly hadn’t realized how big my hands had gotten until I grabbed Tom’s dick. I was able to hold the whole thing at once, something that weirdly turned me on. I began to stroke his dick faster and faster, as I added a second finger to Tom’s ass. I could tell that he was trying to hold back cumming with every fiber of his being. But, soon enough, his toes began to curl, his moans practically became screams, and he began to shoot cum over the floor and my hand. Tom had been holding it for so long that he was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm for a whole minute. Tom was completely out of breath, but it was finally time for me to try out that pretty ass of his. Without notice, I picked up his skinny little body and placed it on my massive cock. At first, he screamed out in pain, but as my dick stretched him out, he seemed to be enjoying it more. I loved how easily I could just lift him up and down with my bare hands, still having plenty of strength to also fuck him myself. Sitting on my cock, Tom was like a rag doll I could easily move around, bringing us both immense pleasure. He even started to get into it himself, pushing and pulling on me to go even faster and deeper. But, I wanted more, I wanted to fuck him for days. I pulled Tom off of my massive cock, smacked his ass so hard he screamed and bent over, and then I grabbed him by the hips. Without a moment’s notice, I started to fuck the shit out of him. Being able to hold him tight, I was able to fuck him even harder than before. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, Tom could barely handle it. I was literally fucking his ass into nothingness, using nearly all of my strength. He was screaming my name, moaning louder and louder, he was in utter ecstasy. But, I wanted to really show off my strength, so I picked him up off the ground and continued to destroy his ass like nothing else in the world mattered. “Oh god Kyle, oh GOD…how are you THIS strong…I could never imagine that you could do this, FUCK…you really are a SEX god,” Tom screamed, already on the brink of cumming yet again. Tom only made me want to fuck him harder and harder, especially when he came for a second time, all over himself and the floor. I really was a god among men, someone people would beg to have sex with, if not just touch. My body was a well-oiled machine made to experience sexual pleasure, and give people the fuck of their lives. Plus, the strength, god the power I had, I haven’t even fully tapped it. Jenny passed out and I could already see Tom was tiring out, but I was still barely feeling anything. Fuck, I really had become a monster, and I loved every minute of it. In between moaning and screaming Tom managed to whisper, “Kyle…can I ride you…the thought of it…fuck…sounds like heaven.” God, he was so fucking right, that did sound amazing. I laid down on the bed with Tom, allowing him to jump up and down on my cock. Wow, he loved it, intensely using his legs to bounce up and down on my massive meat. But, I was getting close, and I wanted in on the fun. In this position, I was able to rapidly fuck the living shit out of him. I really was in heaven, with Tom’s ass perfectly massaging my cock, and Tom having the greatest pleasure he has ever felt in his life. This was his first time having sex, but before we knew he was cumming for the third time, now all over the bed. The sight of him in ecstasy was enough to push me over the edge, with my cock exploding cum inside of his ass. When Tom fell over from exhaustion, the cum started to spurt all over me, even hitting my face, the backboard of the bed, and even the wall. As I laid there just taking it all in, Tom came to and saw all of the cum over me. Like a rabid animal he jumped on top of me and started licking all of the cum off of me. He started with my abs, then moved to my pecs, and finally we continued making out. “Wow, your body, your lips, even your cum…it all just tastes so delicious,” Tom said as he laid down next to my giant sculpted body, practically passed out from the intense fucking. After I chilled in bed for a while, relaxing, Tom finally came to. He seemed pretty dazed and out of it, but he seemed hungry for more sex. “Look who’s finally awake,” I said looking at him sexily. “God Kyle, that was honestly a million times better than I could have ever imagined. I loved every minute of it, and I need more, I need you” Tom said practically begging for more. “Actually, there is something I’ve always wanted to try. Throw on some clothes, I’ll put on some new boxer briefs, and we will head downstairs,” I replied as I flexed my muscles. Without questioning anything, Tom threw on some clothes, practically at light speed. He had no idea what we were doing, but he knew I was going to fuck him again, and that’s all he cared about. As we left the room, all the nerds that were still up and about couldn’t help staring and ogling at my body. I even heard one guy whisper under his breath, “that lucky bitch, why can I have a man like that.” Wow, I really had become the king of the nerds. I was still into video games, comics, and all the other stereotypical geek stuff, but I also had the body of a god, and the ability to endlessly fuck people until they couldn’t take it anymore. Then, we arrived at the pool, where I had always dreamt of having sex with someone. I imagine it wouldn’t be much different, but the setting just made it more of a thrill. Yet, it seemed like some random old guy was busy closing up the pool for the night. “Hey man, can we still get into the pool,” I said in a strong, stern voice. Still trying to lock up, the man stated, “Sorry bud, close at 10, no ifs, ands, or buts.” That was when I turned him around, got a good look at him, and said, “I don’t think so, we are getting into the pool, and you’re going to bed old timer.” The old man couldn’t believe what he was looking at. The hotel was swarming with average looking skinny nerds and geeks, but there I was, a ripped, muscular hunk. He honestly didn’t know what to say, and, in the end, didn’t stop me and Tom from getting into the pool. I was actually getting turned on realizing that there were some nerds staring at us from the door. If they were looking for a show they were about to get one. Tom, probably would have been self-conscious if he knew, but his attention was solely focused on my muscles. He especially lost it as I stripped my underwear off. God, I must have looked so hot naked, with all of my muscles pumped from all the sex I had been having. “So, are you coming into the pool or are you just going to stand there and stare the whole time?” I stated have joking, but practically commanding him to join me. “Oh…um…yeah, of course,” responded Tom as he took off his clothes at a faster speed than when he initially took it off. When he initially jumped in we actually just splashed around, almost having fun, but then we quickly started making out. I could already feel Tom’s full erect boner as I held him close. Through the water he enjoyed feeling up my muscles, he was practically obsessed with them. He couldn’t get enough of me, and I loved the fact that I was finally fucking my crush. I thought I would never get a chance with him, and now Tom was literally begging for me to fuck the shit out of him. “Fuck Kyle, you make me so horny it’s insane…I don’t get it, you’re just so gorgeous,” Tom said as he began to suck on my neck and squeeze my bicep muscles. “Well Tom, I’m here to please,” I said as I carried him over to the pool ladder. There, I sat him on the highest rung, lifted his ass and legs up, and stuck my massive cock into his ass. Using the ladder’s rails for support, I was able to fuck him with all of my power. It actually got to the point that I could feel the rails loosening, and ultimately breaking. Soon enough Tom had his most intense orgasm yet, but he begged me to get out of the pool so that he could get all my cum in his mouth. He decided to suck me off again, so I gave him a good ole skull fucking. He was probably even more turned on by my glistening muscles. My pecs, abs, and biceps must have looked especially fine. After a few minutes of that, I came in his mouth. He tried to take it all in, but eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore and I sprayed the rest over his body. Then, I picked up his exhausted little body and we sat together in the shallow side of the pool. For once, I was honestly actually starting to feel some level of exhaustion. “Wow, guys, that was so fucking hot,” said Jenny from the door. “Woah, looks who's awake,” I said excited to see her. Biting her lips, Jenny responded, “So how about we make this a party.” I looked around and saw the two nerdy guys from earlier, who looked pretty shy and awkward, but they obviously wouldn’t be here if they weren’t eager to join. I honestly had not thought about the idea of a threesome, or an orgy, but it definitely excited me. So many people wanted this body, these beautiful ripped muscles, why not share it? “Come join us in the pool then,” I replied with a sexy smirk. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that’s my story guys, hope you enjoyed it. Somehow, I went from a scared nerdy little kid, to the hunky king of the nerds. Literally everyone at that convention the next day was talking about me, and many of them wanted a piece of me in some shape or form. I truly am a god among men now, and I regularly fuck Jenny and Tom, among other people. I’ve been asked why I don’t just get a boyfriend or girlfriend, but, come on, look at me, I can have infinitely more fun single. You wouldn’t believe some of the adventures I’ve been on with my godlike looks, but those are definitely stories for another day. If you are interested in them let me know, I swear some of them are fucking juicy. Don’t worry though, as cocky as I have become, and oh have I become a cocky bastard, I’m still a nerd at heart. Like I still read books or play video games, I just do that shirtless, and often time after pounding the shit out of someone. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the orgy at the end, come on guys, I think I gave you enough. Hope you had fun! I'm going to get back to my game, I have some fun scheduled for later.
  4. Away Game: Chapter 1

    Hey everybody! I got inspired and finally wrote this idea that I've been playing with in my head for years and years. Many of us have had those crushes in our youths that we just couldn't touch but always wanted to if only we could get in the right situation. For me, I had major crushes on some guys on the football team when I was in college, and I look back and wish I could have just touched them, if not more. This story is an attempt to explore that idea. Adam is a scrawny freshman kicker for a small college in Minnesota. The smallest guy on the team, he doesn't fit in real well and feels pretty awkward around the other, bigger players. On a road trip to an away game, Adam gets paired to room with Wyatt, the biggest offensive lineman on the team, a hulking senior. In chapter one, they get to know each other and Adam tries to control his desire in the tight space of their hotel bed. Adam lurched in his seat as the rickety old school bus trundled down a bumpy road somewhere in rural Minnesota. He was squeezed in next to the window beside one of the wide receivers as the bus sped north towards their away game. It wasn’t until tomorrow, but because it started at noon the team had decided to spend the night at a cheap hotel on Friday to make sure everyone was fresh. Adam was a scrawny freshmen, the backup kicker for a small liberal arts school that happened to have a pretty decent football program. They weren’t D1 or anything, but the team was still filled with athletes, guys who had done well in high school and were good enough to play in college. Most of the other guys on the team were big, 220lb+ and built, lean, fast, muscular, but Adam wasn’t really any of those things. Sure he could aim the ball with uncanny consistency, which had earned him a partial scholarship and all-state honorable mention last year, but Adam was not really athletic. Just 150lb and 5’7”, he was easily the smallest guy on the team and didn’t really feel like he fit in. The bus was hot and musty, and the weather was unseasonably warm and humid for September in Minnesota. The bus was filled to the brim with oversized college jock bros who were loudly talking, playing music, and carrying on. Adam tried to ignore it and pressed his headphones on a little tighter. Finally the bus pulled in to the parking lot of the crappy little hotel they would staying at for the night. It was already sunset outside, and everyone was eager to get off the bus but before they could, coach stood up and yelled for everyone’s attention. He explained that there were only 30 rooms to go around, so people were randomly assigned a roommate for the two nights they were staying. Adam gulped. He didn’t know most of the guys on the team and he still felt pretty insecure about being around so many other big guys he didn’t know. It didn’t help that he had a crush on one player in particular… “Adam!” Coach bellowed and Adam perked up in his seat. “You’re with Wyatt!” People chuckled and hollered at this, and Adam blushed. He turned to look and saw Wyatt looking back at him, grinning. Wyatt was the biggest guy on the team by far; pairing him and Adam together must have been some sort of sick cosmic joke. Adam sunk down in his chair as the rest of the team filed off the bus. Adam slumped his heavy bag down on the floor of the room as he filed in. He was carrying not only his normal luggage but also all his football gear. Admittedly his gear was lighter and smaller than most, but it was still a heavy load. He looked around the room and cringed. It was small and dingy, like it hadn’t been updated since the 80s, with an old TV and cramped bathroom. And… “One bed!?” Adam groaned to himself. There wasn’t much room on the floor to sleep either. Would he have to… share!? Suddenly a shadow engulfed Adam as the light from the doorway was blocked. He turned and Wyatt was filling up the entire doorway. Wyatt was a senior offensive lineman and easily the biggest guy on the entire team. He was 6’1” and at least 360lbs, or so Adam had heard, with a bulky mix of lumpy, thick muscle and a generous distribution of fat. He was wearing a sweat-stained tanktop and blue mesh basketball shorts; his pasty, huge arms were slick with sweat as he lugged his considerably bigger bags in his hands. The weight from his bags made his enormous round delts twitch with muscle; his biceps exploded with muscle as he hefted the bags in front of him and entered the room. “Hey, you Adam?” Wyatt rumbled in a deep but soft voice as he threw his bags next to Adam’s. “Man, you ARE a little guy!” Wyatt laughed. Adam blushed, embarrassed. Wyatt extended a hand. “I’m Wyatt,” he said. “I-I know,” Adam stammered awkwardly as he extended his hand. Wyatt’s engulfed Adam’s completely, and Adam felt the thick, calloused hand squeeze his own until he winced. “Guess we’re roomies, huh?” Wyatt said as he bumped past Adam, his enormous round gut and shelf-like pecs brushing past Adam’s arm. A wave of musky BO sweat followed Wyatt as he passed. “You’re a freshman, right?” he said as he went into the bathroom. Adam marveled as the size of Wyatt’s enormous round ass, wide and powerful, and the spread of his huge back. He watched as Wyatt awkwardly squeezed into the little bathroom, his back wider than the door, his giant shoulders brushing against the frame roughly. “Y-yeah, the backup kicker. You’re a senior, right?” Adam said timidly. A loud stream of piss poured into the toilet as Wyatt dropped trow with the door open and relieved himself. “Yup. I saw you practicing the other day, you’re pretty good!” Wyatt said. Adam was taken aback. The big senior had noticed him? “Uh, thanks man, just something I’ve always been good at,” Adam said as Wyatt flushed the toilet. Adam sat the bed. Wyatt waddled back into the room, his big thighs rubbing together as he walked. He stepped up to Adam and towered over him. “Well it’s good to have you on the team, hopefully I can help set you up for some points tomorrow,” Wyatt said with a genuine smile. He had narrow, green eyes, black hair, and a sharp high and tight haircut. A wispy mustache and chin hair was all the facial hair he could grow, and Adam guessed that Wyatt was probably smooth and hairless under his tight tanktop. Wyatt’s exposed arms were huge, easily over 20” around and solid with hard muscle. His chest stuck out like a shelf, heavy pecs heaving up and down as he breathed, stretching the straps of his tank top until they were taut between his traps and chest. Adam gulped a little and felt his cock chub up as the handsome guy three times his size complimented him. “Th-thanks big guy. Uh, I’ve seen you around too, kinda hard to miss the biggest guy on the team,” Adam said. He couldn’t help but comment on Wyatt’s size. “Heh, yeah that’s me, always trying to get as big as possible. This isn’t nearly big enough to me, I’d love to start pushing 400lb by the end of the year if I can,” Wyatt said, looking off into the distance and flexing a bit. His forearms and upper arms bulged with mass and his traps rose to engulf his neck. “B-bigger!?” Adam blurted. “You’re already like three times my size!” “Heh, well, we’ll see,” Wyatt said and he sat down on the bed too, his soft belly jiggling slightly as he did. It creaked ominously and leaned towards Wyatt’s side. “I don’t want to intimidate any teammates now,” he said and nudged Adam roughly, pushing him off the bed. Wyatt boomed a jovial laugh and extended a hand to help Adam up. “Oops, sorry little guy! Guess I underestimated just how light you are!” Adam was shocked as just how easily Wyatt’s mass had displaced him. “Well with power like that you might intimidate people more than you think!” Adam said with a smile. He noticed just how thick and bulky Wyatt’s legs were from down on the floor, and gulped as the size of Wyatt’s huge feet before he stood up again. “I try to save it for the field,” Wyatt said. “I actually try to be extra nice and approachable outside of football…people tend to be kind of scared of me because of my size,” Wyatt explained. “I can see that, I’ll admit I was kind of nervous when they said we were gonna room together,” Adam admitted. “Oh really? Don’t be, man, it’s all good. Seniors gotta take care of their freshmen, right? We’re all on the same team,” Wyatt as he rose to his full height. He patted Adam on the shoulder roughly. “Besides, I’m a lineman, it’s my job to protect you,” Wyatt said with a smile. “Heh, yeah that’s true!” Adam chuckled nervously. “H-have you always been big?” “Oh yeah, growing up I was always the biggest kid in class, way taller and heavier than everyone. I grew up on a farm, so kind of got that cornfed diet and functional strength from doing chores. I was kind of a fat kid growing up but then I discovered weights and football in high school and here I am,” Wyatt said as he shifted his bulk from side to side. “It’s fun being the biggest!” Adam nodded and then looked over to their single queen-sized bed. “So, uh, I guess I’m taking the floor and you can have the bed?” Adam said nervously. “Naw, the bed is plenty big enough for both of us, I don’t want you on the floor the night before a game!” Wyatt rumbled and moved over to where his bag was sitting. “I mean, obviously I’m gonna take up more room than you, but you can squeeze on there, you’re a small guy,” Wyatt said as he looked Adam up and down with an expression that Adam couldn’t quite figure out. “You’ll be right up next to me.” Adam noticed Wyatt’s enormous bulge in his tight basketball shorts shifting around. “O-ok if you insist, big guy,” Adam said. “Mmm big guy, I always like when people call me that!” Wyatt laughed. He lifted his shoulder pads up out of his bag and set them down on the bed, causing the bed to bounce a little. “Jesus, those are so big!” Adam blurted. “Heh, yeah they had to custom order those for me. Already getting a little tight compared to earlier this season though, the bulk I’m on right now is working great! Put on 10lbs in the last three weeks!” Wyatt said excitedly as he unpacked the rest of his gear. “The school cafeteria is always good for me,” he said patting his gut. “Gotta have them gainz, right?” “Heh, yeah, right, gainz!” Adam chuckled nervously as the big lineman took up more space with his gear. “Let’s go get some food before it gets any later,” Wyatt said as his huge belly rumbled. “I’m starving!” -- Adam and Wyatt had spent more of the evening watching ESPN on the crappy hotel TV and getting to know each other. They talked about they each got into football, what Wyatt’s gym routine was like, foods they liked, and so on. The AC in the room was on full blast but it was still pretty warm, so both guys were in bed without shirts on. Eventually they turned the TV and stared at their phones for a while as it got later. Adam laid next to Wyatt in bed, tense and nervous. Wyatt’s wide frame spread to take up most of the bed, and Adam was clinging to an edge. It didn’t help that Wyatt’s heavy weight made the mattress sink down; Adam had to make sure he didn’t roll towards the middle of the bed and against Wyatt. Adam had to focus to contain the rising pressure in his pajama pants as he tried not to look too much at the bulky behemoth laying next to him. Wyatt was shirtless and hadn’t showered, so his smell permeated the room. He also radiated heat, a massive meaty furnace just inches from Adam. “Alright bud, I’m gonna sleep now. See you tomorrow,” Wyatt said as he turned off his phone and set it on his night stand. He shifted around in bed until his back was turned to Adam. He looked like a huge wall or mountain next to him, taking up 3/4ths of the bed. “O-ok Wyatt, goodnight,” Adam said nervously. Adam tried to lay as still as he could until he heard Wyatt starting to snore and breath evenly. Adam couldn’t sleep. He was raging hard; he couldn’t believe the guy he had such a massive crush on was right next to him, shirtless, sleeping, snoring. Adam could feel the heat and smell the musk radiating off of him, inviting Adam in. Adam couldn’t help but reach out and touch Wyatt’s big back. He was hot to the touch, his thick body soft but solid at the same time. He touched Wyatt’s traps, feeling their hardness and thickness, and then moved his hand up and over Wyatt’s massive boulder shoulder. Adam risked giving it a little squeeze and shuttered as he felt the hardness of the bulky muscle. He moved his arm across Wyatt’s upper arm, feeling the bulk of his huge thick triceps and running his fingers over the curve of Wyatt’s round bicep. Adam groaned softly and arched his back, his cock throbbing. He leaned closer to Wyatt’s sleeping form and breathed in his warm, heavy, musky scent. He couldn’t believe this fantasy was coming true. Suddenly Wyatt shifted, turning around to sleep on his other side, and Adam quickly retracted his hand and went still again. Wyatt settled with his face towards Adam, his chubby round cheeks looking soft as he snored and breathed on Adam. Wyatt’s breath was minty and fresh, and his lips were pouty and soft, with just a bit of a mustache and goatee framing them. His pecs were pressed together as he layed on his side, showing the enormous bulk of chest. He snored louder as he drifted off to deeper sleep, a deep rumbling growl that made his huge chest rise and fall, and Adam knew he wasn’t going to get much sleep that night. He thought about reaching out to touch the lineman’s meaty chest, moving his hand just over it, but couldn’t muster the courage to do it. He didn’t want to wake him and make things awkward. Instead Adam pulled a pillow around his head to try to block out the snoring and tried to go to sleep. -- The next day the game went just fine. Adam didn’t actually play, as he was just the backup, but he had fun watching Wyatt flatten the opposition and move people around easily with his huge bulk and tremendous strength. He had never noticed the way Wyatt really controlled the offense, because he had been so focused on the ball before. The only problem was that it was brutally hot, the hottest day this late in the year Adam could ever remember, and everyone was a sweaty soaking mess by the time they were done. After the game, the team had a post-game meeting, dinner, and then all went out to a movie, and Wyatt mostly stuck with his linemen buddies and Adam kept to himself. Adam sometimes caught Wyatt looking over at him and he would nod or look away awkwardly. Did Wyatt know that Adam touched him last night? What if he had told everyone else on the team? Adam was anxious and self-conscious the entire day. Finally, Adam headed back to his hotel room. It was dark by the time all planned activities were done. Wyatt had gone over to a friend’s hotel room after the movie, so Adam was alone. They weren’t leaving until the following morning, so he just had to wait around. He decided to go to bed early, but was awoken at 11:30pm by Wyatt bursting into the room. “Adam! You should have gone along with me tonight, bud,” Wyatt slurred as he stumbled into the room and slammed the door louder than he probably meant to. “Derrick somehow got a couple cases of beer and we were all playing Cards Against Humanity,” he rumbled as he sat on the bed and slipped off his huge shoes. “I-I didn’t know I was invited,” Adam said quietly, and Wyatt turned and stood up. “Of course you are, little guy! You’re my friend now, so you’re always invited,” Wyatt said as he looked down at Adam, who was shirtless and laying in bed. “Hey why is it so hot in here?” Wyatt said as he started trying to strip his shirt off. “The AC broke,” Adam explained as he watched Wyatt wrestling with his Underarmour compression shirt. “It’s, uh, gonna be kind of a warm one I think,” Adam said but his attention was fixed on the giant lineman exposing his enormous sweaty torso. Wyatt finally slipped the shirt off and stood shirtless and sweaty in the middle of the room. He then proceeded to awkwardly step out of his grey athletic shorts, leaving only skin-tight white compression shorts that left little to the imagination. “Ahh, that’s better!” the big lineman boomed as he approached the bed. “W-what are you wearing?” Adam said, shocked that his crush was about to get into bed wearing nothing but compression shorts. “The only thing that fits me,” Wyatt said. “My boys need plenty of room, as does my ass and thighs, so the stretchy stuff is what I wear. Now scoot over, short stuff, make way for the big guy!” he said before crashing down onto the bed. The mattress squealed dramatically, and Wyatt partially squashed Adam. “Whoa, jeez, Wyatt, aren’t you gonna shower first?” Adam said as he wrinkled his nose as the sweat-soaked behemoth pressed against him, smearing sweat all over his arm. “You’re gross!” “I never shower after games, it’s bad luck and I kind of like the football pad smell,” Wyatt grumbled as he pressed against Adam harder. “Deal with it, little guy!” Wyatt’s beer breath wafted over Adam as he pressed against him. “Jeez, how much did you have to drink?” Adam asked as Wyatt’s sweaty frame soaked the sheets. “Enough for even someone my size to feel it!” Wyatt said and then burped loudly. “Jesus… that’s gonna be tougher if you get bigger like you said you want,” Adam said nervously as he scooted over to the edge of the bed again. “Mmmm yeah but it’s worth it. Bigger… I wish I was so big I took up the entire bed,” Wyatt said sleepily. “Yeah, well, it would take you even more to get drunk then… Wyatt?” Adam asked as he shook the big man’s shoulder. Wyatt was out like a light. Adam didn’t move, realizing that his crush was pumped up, sweaty, drunk, and laying just inches from him. He couldn’t decide if he had the best or worst luck in the world, and let his eyes explore the giant football stud. Adam’s cock swelled to life as he watched Wyatt breath, watched his muscles twitch whenever he shifted in weight or twitched in his sleep, and he couldn’t help but want more. He reached out again, hesitating at first and just hovering his hand over Wyatt’s pale skin. This was wrong! But he couldn’t help it… his lust was too strong. This time Adam reached for Wyatt’s heavy smooth pecs and front shoulders. He scooted closer, close enough to feel Wyatt’s breath, and pressed his lean legs against Wyatt’s thick tree trunks. Adam sighed and ran a finger over Wyatt’s meaty nipple, then ran his hand down across Wyatt’s huge, perfect belly. He rubbed it in circles and jiggled the chub at the bottom. Wyatt’s BO scent filled his senses and Adam’s cock throbbed harder. “What are you doing?” Wyatt rumbled softly. Adam retracted his hands and then froze, holding his breath. “Were you touching me?” Wyatt asked.
  5. Too Big - Part Eleven

    Atlas walked around to the driver’s seat and slid into the car. He looked over into his small friend’s face and both men instantly knew they were starting new chapters in their lives. It felt like dawn, but daybreak was hours away. The big man flexed his right arm and Adonis reached out to feel the mammoth peak – hard, big, and almost unimaginable. The giant looked at the small hand that was touching his massive gun and shivered with delight at how tiny it looked. “Atlas, my big man, I think you have a severe fetish for lifting other men in the air – I’ve picked up on a certain theme in the stories from your past and through your actions in this short time I’ve known you.” “Well, Mr. Sexy, that’s hardly a secret. You know why I lift guys, don’t you?” “No, why?” “Because I can.” With that statement – and with a big grin on his face – the giant slid one of his massive hands under the tight ass of his riding buddy. Atlas was amazed by how he could hold the entire bubble butt within his palm. Adonis felt his body slowly raise off the car seat – his huge friend easily lifting him with one arm. It was done to show the small guy just how powerful the other man was, but it was also to give both of them a thrill. It certainly worked. Atlas held Adonis in the air with ease – even bouncing him up and down a little in his hand, as if he were nothing more than a soccer ball. “I could palm your ass and hold you upside down.” “Are you trying to turn me on?” “Yes.” “Well, it’s working.” “So, the little guy likes to be lifted, huh?” “You know I do. But before you start spinning me around on top of one finger, I think it would be best if we headed to your place. I’m thinking we can come up with a lot of things to do there.” “I know we can.” Atlas put the small man’s body gently back down on the seat. Adonis was, again, amazed at how little effort his huge friend exerted to maneuver another man around in any way he wanted. He was like a toy in the man’s gigantic paw. Atlas couldn’t resist the temptation of grabbing Adonis’ hard cock and giving it a squeeze – the giant let out an appreciative moan. Adonis smiled and then reached over to latch onto the rock-hard monster between Atlas’ legs. Atlas gave the little man a surprised look. “Turn about is fair game, big man. It’s fair game.” Atlas waited for the little man’s brain to catch up with what his hand was holding. Suddenly, Adonis’ face took on a shocked, scared, and very happy look. His small fingers didn’t come close to wrapping around the thick, long pole it felt through Atlas’ pants. You couldn’t really call the thing a tool, because tools could fit in a toolbox. This thing could not. Adonis was pretty sure he could not even have fantasized a cock this big. The small man’s heart started racing and his mouth went totally dry. Clearly, Atlas knew what kind of reaction his giant cock would cause. “Are you a size queen, Adonis?” “Only when referring to the size of a man – all parts of a man. I’m a size queen for humongous hard muscle – all over a guy. This monstrous thing is just icing on the cake.” The smaller man let go of the throbbing mega-dick, knowing full well any more groping would cause a delay in the departure. He wanted to be at Atlas’ house. He loved how the big man took up most of the space in the car, but he wanted to be able to take in the man’s complete body all at one time. He also wanted Atlas to be able to show off. It was time to leave. Atlas, as if reading his small friend’s mind, started the car. “Big man, why don’t you tell me another story about your friend, the Professor, while we head home. Maybe, this will prevent us from wanting to immediately jump each other.” “You just love my stories, don’t you?” “Especially if they involve your size and your strength.” “Then I think I have the perfect one for you, Adonis. The perfect one.” “Spin away, my good friend.” It was a Friday afternoon and I was right where I was every week at that time – in our home gym lifting, ready for my Little Prince to return home. He came into the room – immediately smiling since I was only in some skimpy cotton shorts, just as he always wanted. I was lying on a bench doing some presses, happy with how the increased weights made my pecs swell up to humongous proportions and bent the reinforced bar menacingly. The Professor walked over to me, losing his blazer and tie on the way. He tried to straddle my massive upper body – just like he always did – but, again, acted shocked and lustful when he realized he couldn’t get his legs comfortably that far apart. He settled for straddling my hard-as-hell midsection and then placed his hands lovingly on my sweaty, stone-like, heaving chest. His fingers tried desperately to press in my muscle, but his actions were futile. My skin wasn’t giving at all. This caused a long low moan to be emitted from my little admirer and it made him sound like he was a purring lion. He slid one hand down between my engorged slabs of pec-meat and I tensed, trapping his mitt, teasingly. This made him even happier. I finally released his hand and he continued to try and knead my heavy, hard muscle as he talked. “I think it’s time I showed you off?” “What?” “The chair of my department – you’ve heard me talk about Dorian – is having a dinner party tonight and I told him I’d be bringing someone.” “What do you mean ‘show me off?’” “You know exactly what I mean. And I know the thought of it turns you on, too, my Gentle Giant. Dr. Dorian Grant is a good friend and I’d like to walk into his party with you at my side and watch everyone’s jaw hit the ground while their crotches turn tight from instant hard-ons.” Professor Norman Michaels knew exactly how his words would affect me. I had already become semi-hard, just from the heavy lifting earlier, but his little proposition for evening fun had brought my cock to raging hard-on status. The Little Prince knew two indisputable facts about me – one, I loved showing off, and, two; I loved showing off for him more than anything in the world. My little lover had never asked me to show off in front of other people he knew. We had gone to a local biker bar and other places where we knew no one for me to display my size and strength, but this was the first time I had been requested to do the same with his co-workers. As a matter of fact, this would be the first time I was meeting any of his friends. I had doubted there was any way for my Little Prince to excite me more than he already had, but I was sorely mistaken. I was so turned on at that point I reached up, grabbed the heavily weighted bar off of the rack, and cranked out ten perfectly performed reps while the Professor manhandled my hard pecs. After replacing the bar, I looked at the smaller man with a smile. “And how might your Gentle Giant show off at this soiree, Little Prince?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe we could have some little sign between us that could entice you to squeeze the hand of someone I don’t particularly like a little harder when I introduce you and you shake to say hello. You know, just to let them feel the kind of power you have in those big guns. Maybe the opportunity will come up for you to take off your shirt and flex a little – like if I accidently spilled wine on you or if some tipsy guest merely makes a request to see all of your bulges. Watching all of those men taking in your humongous beauty for the first time would be a lot of fun. And who knows, maybe one or two dinner guests might be bold enough to flirt with you – even with me right there – and invite you to show off by lifting them. I know how much that turns you on – picking up some guy. And we both know it turns me on a lot, too. Even if all those fun things didn’t happen it would sill be nice to have some of my friends meet the giant man I love so much. It’s merely an added benefit if you happen to get to show off.” The little man knew how to make me churn out copious amounts of cum inside in the same way a superb chef knew just how to make perfect rising dough. The Professor was now squeezing my hard nipples – intent on teasing me with his actions to match the effect his words were having. He was fanning the flames of my desire into a raging fire – trying to create an explosion to make the afternoon perfect. The master was playing me and I loved every second of it. The idea of lifting some of his co-workers was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I forced my inner strength to match the power in my huge arms and I prevented, for the moment, my impending momentous ejaculation. Having all these smaller men standing around me – as I towered over them flexing my arms to a chorus of ooos and ahhhs, not to mention a unified saluting of hard dicks – made me feel like Gulliver with the little people. Maybe two or three of them could climb all over me as I flexed – like I was some kind of human jungle gym for schoolboys. And then the idea of grabbing two of them at the back of their britches and curling them as the rest of the crowd counted – now, that would feel mighty fine. My Little Prince knew I was lost in thoughts about what pleasures the dinner party might bring for both of us. “So, does my big man want to come to the dinner party and make me very happy?” “Making you happy, Little Prince, is the only thing I ever want to do.” “Wonderful. What should be our sign for you to squeeze a guy’s hand a little harder than you really should?” “Um, let’s see. How about you say this is my ‘good’ friend when you don’t want me to squeeze and then you just say this is my friend when you do want me to squeeze.” “Splendid! This is going to be so much fun. I may encourage you to squeeze hard on all the guys just to see what happens.” “That’s entirely up to you, my Little Prince. I am merely your muscle boy – happy to do your bidding all night long. You definitely know that your showing me off to your friends is going to please me to no end. I might need to take some extra underwear and a second pair of pants!” “You and me, both!” “As much fun as tonight is going to be, I was kind of hoping we could still have our regular Friday afternoon happy hour right now. I’ve been thinking about you all day, Little Prince, and when I started my workout my juices were already boiling – but now they’re just screaming for release.” “Are they now, Gentle Giant? Well, let’s see if I can help you with your little . . . I mean your very big dilemma.” By this point the Professor knew me as if I was merely an extension of himself. We connected perfectly on so many levels; he knew how to get me off in seconds. He typically liked to prolong my agony and keep me edging for as long as possible, but tonight he thought it would be best to thank me in advance for all the fun I was going to cause at the dinner party. We called our little gathering in the gym on Friday afternoons our ‘happy hour’ because we both ended our time together with huge eruptions of pleasure. After a few minutes of rest, we’d then continue on with our chores – the Professor moving to the kitchen to prepare some scrumptious meal and I would continue to build up my muscles just for him. Tonight, however, we had the excitement of the dinner party to fuel us on even more. There needed to be showers, the picking out of the appropriate outfit, and some pre-party cocktails prior to our departure – so this encouraged my Little Prince to be a lot more direct in his approach to the lovely ending of happy hour. He had become a master at getting my rocks off. The Professor unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide off his body –onto the floor. He then pulled his small frame up on top of my huge chest – still swollen from the workout. There was enough sweat on my body to increase the pleasure of him sliding across all of my hard bulges. He did it slowly – both to please me, but also to feel every muscle he could. I could clearly feel his hard-on against my abs – even through the material of his pants. He brought his face to mine and I was totally helpless when I realized what he was going to do. He had decided to be very direct – to, as the say, go straight for the jugular. Before he wrecked me he decided to add a little to the anticipation. “I’m going to kiss the cum out of you, big man.” When you give yourself to someone – when you truly decide that you love someone with your entire being – you become defenseless to his powers. He can hurt you or thrill you with simple actions – a few words. I knew, in the deepest part of my soul, that the Professor would never intentionally hurt me, but he could be relentless with his teasing – his foreplay. I think it was because he realized it was the only power he had over me. I was just too freaking strong for him to hurt me in any way, so he teased me, instead. He used to say he was going to hit me with his car one day just to prove that I was stronger than the metal that was his vehicle. The Professor knew my weakest spot – the one thing he could do to easily dominate me. He brought those juicy luscious gorgeous lips down to mine – ever so softly. Just to tease me until I was ready to crush boulders or lift bulldozers. He gently rubbed them back and forth against my own – making me moan with anticipation so loudly that it echoed throughout the house. The hurricane force that was building in my crotch was going to make this one of the happiest afternoon happy hours ever. The small man pulled out all the stops and tortured me even more. “Want me to kiss you, my big super man?” “Oh hell yes!!!” He lightly bit my lower lip with his teeth – making his plump lips press into me a little more. I was going out of my mind with thoughts about my upcoming release and the incredible moment when his lips would fully smash into mine. The Professor was a world-class kisser. He knew how to work his lips in a way that would make me quiver – the huge strong stud reduced to a begging child. At moments like this I wanted his kiss more than anything in the world. I would have stopped armies, stampeding elephants, or rockets just to feel his lips fully on mine. This is when he became master and I was completely at his service. He looked into my eyes with what seemed like all the power of the universe and whispered. “Boom” With that simple signal, he pressed his warm, moist mouth against mine and sucked in hard at the same time. My cock responded with what could only be described as a titanic explosion. My ass and lower back came up off the bench with the first hard, long ejaculation – easily taking my Little Prince’s body up with it at he same time. My ass slammed back down on the bench and then a second, third, fourth, and many other gushes thrust me back into the air. It was like the Professor was riding a bucking stallion that needed to be tamed. The smaller man never took his lips from mine. He abused my mouth as I gushed – just to increase the power of my squirting. I couldn’t think straight – all I did was register his manly lips and my crotch convulsions. It took me a few seconds to realize the Little Prince was busting out a huge load at the same time. Finally, my crotch stopped power thrusting and my head stopped spinning from the exertion. The Professor was still exploring my mouth with his lips and tongue and I immediately shot hard again. His cock, however, had beaten me to the full mast position. It was difficult to believe, but I thought the little guy could recover from his massive orgasms a lot quicker than I could. It took a long time for my heart to slow down, my eyes to roll back into place, and my body to relax. He pulled his lips from mine. “That was quite a load you offered up, my Gentle Giant. You recovered yet?” “I’m still a little wobbly. It’s your damn incredible kisses. They wreck me every time. It’s the only moment I actually feel weak.” “I like that. It’s the only time I feel somewhat powerful around you. Shall we shower?” My only response was raising my body off the bench and standing – easily taking his body up with mine. I held him against my side with one arm as I walked to the master bathroom – definitely feeling the large gob of sticky cum in my shorts. I held him as I reached in and started the shower, putting my hand under the water to see if it was getting warmer. I then started unbuckling the Professor’s pants and letting them drop to the floor. After that, I pealed his sticky underwear from his body and down his legs – as if I were a child undressing a doll. The guy was still rock hard – just from being carried by my massive arm. Geez, he was turning into a Class-A muscle whore and I loved it. He pushed my shorts down, clearly pleased that I wasn’t wearing underwear and then used his foot to get them even lower. I stepped out of them as he pushed off his socks. Once we were both nude I stepped into the large double-headed shower. I grabbed him at the waist and held under the water so he could scrub himself with soap as his feet dangled a few feet off the floor – something he loved. After we had rinsed him off, I moved around so I was under the water and he lathered up as much of my big body as he could. I then spun his body around so he was upside down – one of my favorite things to do – so he could scrub my cock, balls, and legs. I couldn’t leave him like that for too long – all the blood drained to his head and he became a little dizzy, but he had learned to finish the cleaning pretty quickly. Once we had rinsed my big body off, I held him at the handles so he could turn off the water. I stepped out of the shower and for the next five minutes we both got hard as we toweled off each other’s body. The Professor stopped and had both of us turn toward the big mirror. “Look at that, you could put four of me together and I’d still not be as big as you. That’s so amazing. The size difference turns me on so much.” “I think you already know what it does to me.” I smiled at his reflection, but then I went back to staring at what he had commented on. All my life I’d been huge. Teachers had to look up at me starting almost as far back as elementary school. When I was thirteen my hand could engulf those of any adult – and now they were even bigger. I out lifted every guy at my school – as well as every coach. Small doorways were a pain. Small seats drove me crazy. Everything I held seemed so small. But here, standing next to the Professor and looking at our reflection in the mirror was when I felt the biggest . . . the strongest. The man could almost walk under my humongous protruding pecs without even ducking. My body made him look like some little kid who had been given a grown man’s face. Next to my arms his looked like those of a stick figure you used to draw in first grade. If I moved in front of him, his view of the mirror would disappear and his body wouldn’t appear at all in the reflection. I saw how the Professor was incredibly handsome – and could turn an eye in any room he walked into, but next to me he looked so small – so delicate. I had never wanted my hugeness so much or my strength – as I did when I looked at us together. I wanted to throw my body into a most muscular pose just to see all of my bulges pop out so freakishly huge next to his – to show off for him, but it was something more, too. I wanted to be a giant – to be really big – so he didn’t have to be. I wanted him to be so happy being the little guy – just because he knew he was loved by someone as big as me. I wanted him to see himself as I did – just as I wanted to see myself as he did. I loved how I towered over him because I knew he loved it, as well. The Professor sensed what I was feeling. It helped us both feel the power of the moment even more, my Little Prince moved over in front of me – just to emphasize the difference to the max. “Oh hell yes.” I couldn’t help myself and said the first thing that came to mind. This particular view was always just too much for me - and the Professor knew it. I believed he also loved it just as much. My chest was so much wider than his broad shoulders. My own shoulders were higher than his head. I ballooned out beyond him like a tree might dwarf a sunflower. I swear it looked like he was David Banner and I was what he looked like after he turned into the Hulk. It dawned on me that this idea might be great for Halloween. One of my pecs, alone, made his head seem so tiny – and then to be surrounded by both of them only made him look even smaller. When you compared our bodies, it didn’t seem possible that I was only nineteen. My arms bulged out wider than my shoulders – they were just so thick. Comparatively, the Professor’s arms looked miniscule – like the thin arms of a skeleton. I moved up behind the smaller man – so his head was between my mammoth pecs – hard muscle on either side of him. He smiled and let out an appreciative moan. I tensed my big slabs of meat so it compressed his head – both of us staring at how my pecs could almost engulf him up to his ears. He looked into my reflection and spoke softly. “Let’s flex our guns.” My Little Prince brought his arms up and his small knotty biceps poked upward when he flexed. My boyfriend’s arms were definitely what people would have called fit and normal. We both looked at his well-defined athletic peaks and smiled in appreciation. The Professor was in no way ashamed of his physique. On the contrary, he was proud of what years of swimming and bicycling had done for his age-appropriate appearance. He knew he was hot. However, he also knew my body was something beyond normal – almost beyond comprehension. I slowly brought my humongous arms up into a double biceps pose – the things high above his own since I towered a good foot and more above him. The small man’s enthralled face made me even prouder of my arms than I already was. I flexed hard – really hard – wanting the Professor to be very pleased. His huge smile, the slow intake of air, and the steady whistle he emitted told me he was. When triceps hang down like the giant parts of icebergs hidden under water and biceps shoot skyward like mammoth mountains it’s hard not to notice. There was really no way to compare our arms. It was like comparing a Hummer to a kid’s toy matchbox car. I was pretty sure all the muscle in his body didn’t equal that of what existed in my arms. We stared at my bulges towering over his head, ballooning into something a hundred times thicker than his arms, and clearly possessing something that was equivalent to fifty times the strength. This is when I truly felt massive – when the comparison to another man was so up close and more obvious. I wanted the Professor to know how he affected me. “You make me feel invincible.” “You certainly look it. Those aren’t arms – they’re ocean liners. I could hang a hammock for myself under either one of those. And you’d easily hold me in the air all day.” “If that’s what you wanted.” “You’re power fills this entire room . . . not to mention your size.” “I want to be huge so it makes you happy.” “You have no idea how happy I already am.” “I’d say that thing sticking up between your legs gives me a pretty good idea.” “We should compare those muscles, too.” I saw the glint in the Professor’s eyes as he returned to the side of me. We looked into the mirror, this time even a little more intently. His cock was truly beautiful and it stuck up beyond his navel and was what most people would call big. Mine, however, rose upward until it nudged the bottom of my humongous bulging pecs. The difference was astounding. “That thing shooting up from your crotch looks as big as a bar stool.” “”Well, I do hope you’re planning on sitting on it a little later on.” “You know I am.” We stood there, silent, taking in the tremendous difference in our tools. Mine was thicker than the Professor’s forearm. He brought his arm over beside my raging hard-on as if to give proof to what I was thinking. My huge rod made his wrist look weak. Within the context of my monstrous body, the size of my cock looked appropriate. It was only when you put it next to something else – a two liter bottle of soda, a baseball bat, or another man’s arm – that its enormity became blazingly apparent. My Little Prince loved to stare at my mammoth meat and fondle it lovingly, amazed that he could not wrap his hand around its thickness. The almost unfathomable length pleased the older man in a totally different way, though. He had become very adept at accepting all of my battering ram into his body. He said it brought him more joy than I could ever imagine. I was in awe of his ability to open himself to so much muscled invasion. “I think that humongous thing might be your hardest muscle.” “It is when you’re around, Little Prince.” “Look how the young college boy’s cock dwarfs the older man’s piece. It’s like you’re the daddy and I’m the toddler noticing the size difference for the first time. It’s impossible for you to hide that thing.” “Yeah, that’s always been one of the burdens of being huge. My dad noticed how big I was getting down there when I was pretty young and he warned me about what kind of troubles might arise from being so well endowed. He actually warned me that it would frighten some people.” “It doesn’t frighten me . . . it only turns me on.” The Professor brought his body closer to mine, so our hard-as-hell schlongs would be closer together. Mine was bulging with thick veins and you could see it pulsing from how excited I was. His meat was gorgeous – long, hard, and curved, like a sword. I licked my lips in appreciation of what had filled my mouth on numerous occasions with the sweet juice of my Little Prince. I also held my breath, always blown away by how my cock looked like a giant redwood tree growing beside his little weed. The Professor reached over and stroked my loaded missile teasingly a few times. I wrapped my own huge hand around his cock and we both loved how my thumb overlapped my fingers because my palm was so big. “We really should be getting ready for the party.” “I’d rather ignite the party that’s churning something fierce in my balls, Gentle Giant.” “I swear, I’m the giant man, but your insatiable need for orgasm puts me to shame. Your body is never fully emptied, is it?” “Not while you’re around. Seeing your muscled body causes me to have eternal springs of my manhood constantly gurgling within me. Your bulges aren’t going anywhere so how could I ever be empty?” I wrapped my big arm around his neck – both of us looking at the reflection and loving how my biceps made his head look so tiny. I pulled him into me, so his face came in contact with my colossal right pec. I wanted to thank him and I knew a mouthful of my hard nipple would please him tremendously. His lips parted and my thick nub popped into his warm, wet mouth. My entire frame shivered as he began to suck. Having the Professor doing anything remotely sexual to me would never get old. It was like the first time – every time. I was lost in my adoration of the man – I was a slave to my desire. His lips, tongue, and warm mouth thrilled me in a way that could not be described – could not be replicated by anyone else. This was my Little Prince sucking on my massive chest and that made everything right in the world. As he went to town on my jutting cork-sized lump of meat, I stared at our reflection in the mirror. Everything I needed in the world was in that one picture – my man and my big body, which pleased him. I raised my arm into a strong biceps flex – instinctively, for him. He was too busy chowing down on my nip to notice, but I knew he would want me to show off. He sensed what I was doing without even looking. A small hand went into the air and found my hard gigantic peak – both of us knowing it was too big for him to miss. His lips left my nipple briefly. “Tense it harder, boy.” I had never met a man bigger than me. I had been so huge all of my life that I simply felt my size was normal – that everything in the world was supposed to be little. I could also have easily crushed the small man beside me. I towered over him the way a skyscraper might dwarf a one-room shack. I could lift the back of his car off the ground with no effort at all. Hell, I could lift him into the air easily with just one hand. All of this, however, meant nothing when the Professor called me ‘boy.’ We had stumbled on this fact accidentally one evening during sex. Our foreplay had consisted of me lifting weights while he massaged my body and power-sucked my cock. I stood there with a loaded bar curled up to my chin while he pumped my cock with his hand. Both of us could sense how close I was to spewing, so the Professor increased the motion of his hand and then – for the first time – bellowed out an order, saying ‘Cum for me boy!’ I don’t think he planned on calling me that; it just came out in the lust-filled moment. Neither of us, however, could have imagined how my body would react. My cock shot straight out from my body like a cannon. My crotch thrust forward with enough force it made my kneeling Little Prince fall backwards. I nearly dropped the weighted bar I held because the blast that fired out of my cock was like some kind of super torpedo jetting across the room. I showered the Professor with so much cum it looked as if he had been slimed like one of the guests on that old children’s show. My body ejaculated for what seemed like an eternity. I finally stopped spewing, placed the barbell I had desperately held onto down on the ground, and then fell onto a nearby bench. My chest was still heaving from the release. “What the hell was that?” “I don’t know, Little Prince. You called me ‘boy’ and I lost control.” We stared at each other – deciding, without using any words, that there was no need to analyze what had just happened. It would merely become useful information for our developing relationship. From that day forward, the Professor chose to save his new weapon for special moments. If I was holding him in a tight bear hug he might whisper ‘tighter, boy’ just to get me to lose control and squeeze harder without even planning to. Or if I chose to not shave for a couple of days and my testosterone laden body had pushed out heavy fur on my face, while we were kissing he’d say something like ‘beard burn me, boy’ and I’d end up kissing him so hard that he’d have a reddened face for days. Or, if we were in bed and I wasn’t already fully hard – because I was usually asleep, he’d put his mouth next to my ear and whisper, “get hard, boy,” and my body would immediately respond by my rod shooting to full attention. No matter what the time, how tired I was, or how many times I had already gotten off. There was just something about the little man – who had a body smaller than one of my arms – calling me ‘boy’ that got me harder than ever and quicker than ever. I wanted to be his muscle boy more than anything in the world. I wanted to please him as much as I wanted air. To have him give me an order . . . a command was such an unbelievable turn-on that I fell in love with the man on an entirely deeper level. My selflessness – when it came to my Little Prince – became even more pronounced, much more of an automatic response. I found myself craving moments where he might tell me to do something. I wanted to do his bidding all the time. The Professor, however, wanted us to be equals and only saved his daddy-like orders for when we were sexually turned on. And that was why he told his ‘boy’ to flex his arm harder. “Oh hell, yes sir.” My peak shot up higher, the massive arm bulged thicker, and I moaned loudly as I tensed my arm with all my strength. I couldn’t feel the Professor’s hand exploring my biceps – the thing was too hard to register his small delicate hand. I was tensing with every ounce of might I could muster – and the rock that was my arm clearly made the Professor happy. He doubled his efforts on my nipple, which only sent me closer to the edge even more. My Little Prince, however, knew of untapped powers within me. He could be so relentless when it came to my strength. “Harder, boy!” My body was no longer my own. It simply responded to the Professor’s request like a racecar answers to a floored gas pedal. I was pretty sure I was already flexing my arm to its fullest potential, but the Professor knew better. His awareness of what my body was capable of was almost eerie. He was always the one that could get me to blast beyond my goal weight in lifting or add another half inch to some muscle on my body. I had grown bigger and become stronger in the short time I had lived with him more than I had in the last five years. I called him the muscle whisperer because my body always obeyed him – even when I seriously doubted what he was suggesting. I watched in the mirror as my peak swelled higher and thicker as my clenched knuckles turned whiter from the pressure I was exerting. Even my chest had gotten too hard for the Professor to comfortably suck on any pec meat. He chose to simply tease my aching nub with his teeth as he gazed upward at my obedient enormous biceps. His little hand slapped against the hard mound of muscle loudly and I could tell it stung his palm a lot. I, of course, felt nothing. “Release.” I exhaled and let my arm drop immediately. I hadn’t realized how much energy I had been exerting. A light sheen of sweat covered my upper body. I shook out my arm – since it felt like it had just finished curling a house. I looked down at the smiling Professor. He stared at me in a way that made my heart swell bigger than my arm. The man constantly exuded nothing but love. It was like his aura was the most calming and empowering thing I had ever encountered. Surely, gazing into his eyes was like being rewarded with a glimpse of heaven. I put my big hands around his upper arms and shoulders - always marveling how my palms covered so much of him - squeezed, and then lifted. He came off the floor as if all gravity had just disappeared. I smiled as I thought about the earth’s pull not being strong enough to match my power. I brought the small man up so our faces were inches apart. “My body would do anything you asked.” “I know. And all I want to do is get your body bigger and stronger.” I brought my face into his and kissed him as I growled in appreciation. His mouth responded to my advancement with a strategic attack – making me curl my toes against the floor and my hands to tighten around his arms. The man’s kiss could make it seem the world had stopped spinning. I became light headed anytime his lips latched on to mine, because I knew the passion he would cause would be like a tidal wave hitting the beach. His kisses were my kryptonite. They could make me feel so weak I sometimes had to look down to make sure I was still huge. My rock hard cock was now twitching against my abs and his lower body. I held him in the air without any trouble – easily forgetting that he was a grown man. My strength was just something I took for granted. The Professor, however, liked to remind me that I was not invincible. At least, when it came to him. He had a surprise I couldn’t see coming. He pulled his face slightly away from mine and as he spoke our lips bushed against each other. “Let me feel you spew, boy.” You couldn’t really call him evil since he did it to give me pleasure. However, he fully understood what using a simple word – a three-letter word – could do to my body. Suddenly, a volley of cum shot up and smacked both of us under our chin. The next rope of thickness shot up beyond our heads and rained down on us. I shook so much I was a little worried about dropping the Professor. My body spewed for the man as if I had been building an orgasm since birth. As I came I wondered if it would always be like this between us – such powerful explosions that it felt like the earth was moving. A river of my dense man-milk oozed down my cobbled abs and all over his body. We continued to kiss until my balls had forced out every little drop. Instead of being spent, however, I felt energized and frisky. I pulled his body away from mine – remembering I still held him in the air. “Now we have to shower, again. You are an evil man, Professor.” “And you, my big friend, are the hot muscled superhero stud that could convince this villain to change his ways.” “Why would I want to do that when your evilness clearly gives me so much pleasure? I’m all sticky with joy because of you. I love the idea of being your superhero, though. You should give me a superhero name.” “You mean besides ‘Gentle Giant?’” “Yes. That’s my pet name. I need a superhero name for when I’m showing off for you.” “That’s easy. I’d call you Muscle Boy.” Again, the master knew what he was doing. It was almost as if he had steered the conversation to this point on purpose, but that wasn’t possible. He hadn’t known what I would say. His super hero name, however, was such a turn on – so appropriate for what I wanted to be – I actually spurted some more juice in lustful response. Again, my entire frame shook and this made the Professor laugh. “You gotta warn me before you say such things, Professor.” “And where would the fun be in that?” As my response, I released my grip on his shoulders and let him drop back on the floor. He had not expected that and he rocked back and forth a little – as if he might fall. He reached out and braced his hands against my still-sticky rock-hard abs. My body immediately tensed to give him pleasure. He moaned a little in appreciation. He then pushed harder – and then harder, still – to see if his hands could do anything to me. Not only did my body not move – my abs pressed his hands back towards him when I tensed them more. “You’re like a living, breathing, muscle covered fortress. I still don’t know how the universe could pack so much power in one human being. See, I punch you – and hard – and you feel nothing.” As he spoke, his hands followed the narrative. I looked down at his fists smacking into my stomach – the sound of the punches registering, as well as the yelps of pain as the Professor’s fists met something so unyielding – and loved, loved, loved how I felt what only seemed like a slight thump of a finger. I was getting turned on again, because my Little Prince loved my obvious power so much. He punched numerous times – staring at my speed bump like abs the entire time. He then started rubbing his hands all over them – appreciating the hardness, as well as the incredible muscled definition. I had never been more proud of my hard muscled college-boy body. “Just imagine, Professor, what I’m going to look like in ten year’s time.” “I can’t. You’re so perfect now, I find I hard to think about you being bigger or stronger. It just doesn’t seem possible. I press against your abs and it feels like I’m pushing against a mountain. Sometimes, when you’re asleep, I climb on top of you and it feels like I’m resting on some warm boulder. Even when you’re asleep – completely relaxed – you’re the hardest thing I’ve ever felt. I can beat off just from thinking about how hard your muscles feel every time I touch them.” “Hey, you better not be beating off without me there to watch!” “Are you kidding? I can’t go two hours without needing release. That’s what you’ve done to me. You’ve made me like a kid that’s just had his first orgasm. I will start thinking about you – your size, your strength, a particular muscle, something you’ve done that I used to think wasn’t possible – and I immediately need release. I have gone through about four boxes of Kleenex in my office just this week alone!” “Oh hell yeah! The thought of you whipping out that gorgeous cock of yours in your office and yanking out a big load makes me want to bust out another massive wad!” “Hold on there, tiger, we really should start getting ready for the dinner party. A lot of fun and games awaits us there! It’s time the world met my Muscle Boy.” “You can’t call me that and ask me to not spew. It’s one or the other, Professor.” “Fair enough, my Gentle Giant. Let’s shower, again, and get ready.”
  6. The Car Salesman - Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 With every step and every breath in of the cold winter air I felt as if a spell was lifting. My attraction to Karl and fixation on his huge muscles and enormous cock was being replaced with sheer disbelief at what had just happened. Slowly my thoughts were becoming my own again as my mind raced through the events of the last couple of hours. How had I as a straight man, who’d never had any interest in other men, let myself be used by that gym-rat, the epitome of everything I despised? As I turned the key in the front door of my house and heard the lock click open I came to a sudden realisation. I had been drugged. It was the only explanation I could think of to explain the bizarre events of today. Somehow Karl had fed me some illegal substance which had an abnormal and extreme effect on me. But how had he done it? I’d not had anything to eat or drink whilst I was there and to be honest the effects had been almost immediate, pretty much from the start of our encounter. It was then, sat in the dark on the sofa in my living room, that I remembered the strange but seductive scent coming off Karl that I’d noticed as soon as I met him. Still dazed from the afternoon, I could almost hear the cogs of my brains turning over, trying to connect the dots. Finally, something clicked and I remembered the strange looking bottle, “Alpha Scent”, which I’d glimpsed in Karl’s desk. Yes, that was it! Clearly this scent had some pheromones or something in it that caused extreme desire in whoever smelt it. Ridiculous as it sounded, it was the only possible explanation I could come up with. The longer I sat there on the sofa, the more my confusion and embarrassment were replaced with anger. Luckily for me, my wife wasn’t due home from work for 2 hours – I needed a plan. *** Two days later I was sat outside Karl’s office, waiting to pick up my new car. My heart was racing at the plan I’d concocted but I was confident that it would work, having spent several hours over the last few days perfecting it. A few minutes after I arrived, Karl’s office door opened and an attractive woman in her early 40s left. I could tell from her harassed look and the fact that her blouse wasn’t buttoned up correctly that she had just been subjected to the “Karl” treatment. The huge man himself appeared in the doorway a few seconds later, his shirt unbuttoned at the top, covered in a sheen of sweat from his most recent workout. “Give me two minutes Joe,” he called, grabbing a towel from behind the door and heading down the corridor to where I guessed the showers were. I nodded in reply, glad that Karl clearly had a strict routine between clients, something that my plan relied on. As soon as the shower room door had clicked shut I leapt up, pleased that there were no other staff members around (for obvious reasons Karl’s office was away from everyone else). I opened the door to Karl’s office before sneaking in and shutting the door quietly behind me. I hurried over to his desk, not knowing how literal Karl’s “two minutes” would be, and opened the top draw. I picked up the strange bottle, turning it over to read the label on the back: “Instructions: Use 2 sprays for instant results lasting 24 hours. Re-apply after showering”. There was no mention of what the “instant results” were but I could have a good guess. Conscious of the time, I pulled two bottles out of my pocket, one an empty aftershave bottle, the other filled with water that I’d dyed purple to match the fluid in the “Alpha Scent” bottle. I quickly poured the contents of the “Alpha Scent” into my empty aftershave bottle which I put safely in my pocket. I then substituted it with the dyed water from my other bottle before screwing the top back on and replacing the strange bottle in Karl’s top drawer. The colour wasn’t an exact match so I’d have to hope Karl wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. It was then I noticed something. In my rush to get into his office and steal his treasured secret, I hadn’t noticed that Karl’s masculine scent still filled the room, even though he was no longer there. I found myself inhaling deeply, yet again allowing his aroma to fill my head. Images of his full, thick chest and bulging veiny biceps immediately flashed across my mind. I started to imagine the feeling of his big manly cock deep in my tight ass, to feel him plough me with all his strength and power. All thoughts of my carefully worked out plan left my head as I noticed that my cock was rock hard and throbbing. I unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall to the floor before pushing down my tight boxer briefs, letting out my aching cock. I wrapped my hand around it, jerking slowly as I thought about running my hands over his swollen chest and ripped abs. I was excited to think that Karl would be back at any second and I wanted to be ready to please him. I found myself getting into position on his desk as I had the other day, face down, ass ready for him to slide his cock in as soon as he came through the door. Suddenly the blinds rattled and a gust of wind blew in through the open window. It hit me straight in the face, clearing my head and allowing just a second of rational thought. That was all I needed – I immediately jumped off Karl’s desk, pulled up my boxers and jeans and ran out the door, all without taking another breath. My heart was racing as I settled myself in the chair outside Karl’s office just as the door to the shower room opened down the corridor. Karl looked pristine yet again, freshly showered and in clean smart clothes, a confident smile on his face. Thankfully the feelings of lust had past as quickly as they’d started now that I was out of the confined environment of Karl’s office and I was able to focus once again. “Right Joe, let me just get your keys and we’ll have you sorted in no time,” Karl said as he passed me, entering the office I’d only seconds ago vacated myself. I was sure I’d left everything as it should be but still my heart was racing. I suspected that Karl would be re-applying the “Alpha Scent” after his shower but would he notice straight away the swap I’d made? My entire plan hinged on this moment. A minute later Karl came out, his confident smirk plastered to his face as usual, the keys to my new car in one hand, the final agreement in the other. “Let’s go out to your car then Joe,” Karl said, with no acknowledgement of the events of the other day but more importantly, no evidence that he’d noticed the swap at all. “Sure thing Karl,” I said, trying to sound more relaxed than I felt. As I followed behind, I tentatively inhaled, but there was nothing, no trace of the alluring odour and my head remained clear. When we’d reached the car, Karl showed me around the outside again before we got in. Once inside, I was aware yet again how much space Karl occupied but it didn’t seem to affect me as it had done the other day. “Well Joe, here’s the key… I just need one more signature from you,” Karl said, handing me the final agreement. As I signed, I noticed that Karl had his arm up on the window again and was casually flexing his biceps as he looked across at me. I smiled as I handed the agreement back to him. “Right Karl, I’ll be going then if that’s everything,” I said confidently. “Oh yeah, erm, sure Joe,” clearly surprised by my lack of interest in his flexing muscles, “unless you want to go for round two,” he added, attempting a deep seductive voice which just sounded hollow to me without the effects of the “Alpha Scent”. He rested one of his giant hands on the equally giant bulge in his trousers but even this didn’t affect me. “No thank Karl,” I said, still trying to stay at ease, “I’ll be going now. Thanks for your help.” “Erm…ah…well, no problem, Joe,” Karl said as he prised himself out of the car, clearly confused at my resistance. “See you around Karl,” I said through the open window as I started to pull away. As I left the forecourt I smiled as I caught sight of the giant muscle man in my rear-view mirror, a look of intense confusion on his face. Little did he know it was only just beginning. *** Twenty minutes later I was standing in my bedroom at home, the bottle of aftershave, now containing the “Alpha Scent” in my hand. I hesitated, torn between sensibility and the desire to try it on myself before my wife got home and see what effect it had on her. We’d been trying to think of ways to liven up our sex life and I hoped this would be the answer, causing her to experience the same indescribable lust for me that I’d experienced for Karl. But then again, I didn’t really know what the true effects of this spray were and I suspected it definitely wasn’t legal. In the end my desire and curiosity won out and before I knew what I was doing I’d squirted two sprays on my neck. The pure “Alpha Scent” smelt great, kind of woody but other than that there was no noticeable change in me. I started to feel a bit stupid as I stood there and suspected that I had just gone to extreme lengths to steel what was essentially just a bottle of aftershave. At that moment though a strange warm feeling started spreading from my neck, where I had sprayed the “Alpha Scent”, down into my chest. It felt as though my shoulders and chest were pulsing with energy, the warm feeling spreading out into my arms too. Suddenly, I noticed that my normally loose-fitting blue t-shirt felt a bit tight around my chest and I looked down to see that my chest was actually starting to swell. “Fuck, I’m growing,” I said out loud, unable to help myself. I watched and felt as my biceps started to expand too, pulsing as they got bigger, huge veins popping up under the skin. My arms felt like they were surging with power and soon they were straining the sleeves of my small top. Without even thinking, almost on instinct, I brought both arms up into a double biceps, flexing hard the muscles which until now had been tiny and pathetic. I heard the loud RIP as both sleeves split down the seam, bursting open to allow my biceps and triceps to continue growing. “This feels fucking amazing,” I called out, my voice noticeably deeper and more masculine, as I continued to flex and pump my biceps. The warm feeling had now reached my groin and quads and the most amazing sensation hit me, like I was having a continuous orgasm. Waves of pleasure flooded through my veins as I looked down to see that the bulge in my jeans was swelling slowly, pushing out as I felt my cock grow. My expanding quads were quickly filling out my jeans too and I could hear the material creaking as it struggled to contain them. My attention was then pulled back to my still swelling chest, which was now way too big for the size ‘S’ T shirt. My back too was expanding, pulling the shirt even tighter and stopping me from being able to breathe properly. “GGGRRRRRRRRRR,” I roared as I reached up to the neck of the t shirt, pulling it straight down and hearing the fabric tear as I ripped it off in one go. “FUCK, I’m a beast,” I screamed, looking down at my exposed torso, as I threw the shredded top on the floor. Beneath my swollen pecs I could see the little bit of body fat I had disappearing, exposing tight ripped 8-pack abs which pushed up like cobble stones. I ran one of my hands down them, enjoying the feeling of ripped muscle under my fingers. Beneath my tiny, tight waist, my quads were still growing, feeling so tight in my jeans that I knew that I needed to get them off soon. No sooner had I thought this I heard another rip and realised it was too late. My huge quads had torn the fabric on either side of my jeans and I could see the exposed muscle underneath. I flexed each of my humungous quads in turn, extending the tear on either side with colossal grunts. I then reached down, grabbing the waist band with my two hands and pulling down to complete the job, ripping my jeans off and throwing them on the floor. “I’m so STRONG,” I roared, unable to hold back as I started flexing, the growth now slowing and the warm feeling starting to subside. I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall – I now had the body of a serious weight-lifter, not quite as big as Karl, but still pretty huge. My face too looked more masculine, chiselled, with a sharp jaw-line with a light dusting of stubble. My torso had a covering of dark, manly hair that had sprung up in the last two minutes on my previously hairless body. The bulge in my boxers was verging on obscene as my rock hard cock tented the fabric. I quickly pulled off my boxers, feeling as my much bigger cock slapped up against my abs. “FUCK,” I moaned, as I looked down at my throbbing cock which was at least 8” long, about 2” longer and much thicker than before my growth spurt. A steady stream of pre was leaking out as I continued to flex in front of the mirror, appreciating my new muscle body. I ran my hands over my pumped chest, amazed at the weight of my pecs and noticing the deep defined valley that ran between them. I flexed each bicep in turn, trying to wrap the other hand round each mound of marble-like muscle to no avail. The huge veins which had popped up during my growth were still there and snaked like a road map down my bulging biceps and forearms. Still flexing, I wrapped one hand around my thick cock and started jerking, feeling the pleasure quickly rising in me. “MMMM, you’re a beast Joe,” I moaned to myself, so turned on by my own muscles. I couldn’t stop running my other hand over my torso as I jerked, marvelling in the feel of the solid muscles now strapped onto my previously weedy frame. Only minutes ago I’d been a tiny 33yo, with a bit of a beer-gut. Now I was a total alpha muscle stud. This thought drove me on closer to climax as I let out low, deep moans and grunts. I jerked my cock faster, still flexing as I watched in the mirror. “Oh fuck,” I moaned, “I’m gonna fucking shoot…”. I worked myself up more and more, relishing the new length and girth of my cock and the sticky pre-leaking from it. Huge grunts escaped my mouth as my massive chest heaved with each breath drawn in. Within seconds I felt my full, aching balls tighten and I had nearly collapsed to the floor in the most intense orgasm of my life, surpassing even when I’d been with Karl the other day. It was like my whole body exploded in pleasure, each of my newly engorged muscles flooding with an indescribable sensation. “AAHHHHHHHH,” I screamed in ecstasy as rivers of warm cum erupted from my huge cock, splashing over the mirror and floor, the final few spurts dribbling down my huge ripped quads. I gazed at the sight in the mirror – I was amazed at the huge hunk of muscle standing in front of me, his colossal chest heaving over tight ripped abs and an enormous thick cock still leaking cum onto the floor. I couldn’t believe this muscle stud was me. I ran my hands up over my cobbled abs and thick chest, feeling sweat and cum mingling together over the rock solid muscle underneath, before falling backwards onto the bed in blissful exhaustion.
  7. Too Big - Part Ten

    The ride in Atlas’ BMW – the one that had belonged to the Professor – to Adonis’ house was filled with sexual energy. It was hard to find a topic to talk about, since both men really just wanted to talk about muscle and strength – mainly, the strength of Atlas. It had been easy in the bar when they were just telling stories, but now there was a purpose for both of them and that brought on an unspeakable thrill. Atlas was the first to talk and he shared an honest thought that had been whirling around in his head since earlier in the evening. “I haven’t been this excited for a very long time, Adonis. A very long time.” “I’ve never been this excited, big guy.” Atlas looked over at the equally honest face of the smaller guy. He could tell that mixed in with the excitement was some trepidation, as well. The big man knew that soon he’d be able to wipe away some of that fear – some of that doubt. He was ready to show Adonis what he was capable of. He was ready to show him that some big men were nice, strong, and attentive to little guys. He hesitated and then pushed off into unchartered territory. “Do you think you’ll ever be able to trust another big man after this is over?” “I think I already trust a certain big man . . . well, actually, the biggest man I’ve ever met or seen, for that matter. I think I’d trust him even more if he let me feel his flexed biceps. I also think that would definitely help to calm my nervousness.” The hot smile on the giant bodybuilder’s face could have melted the North Pole. His heart began to race with a new level of happiness. This gorgeous creature sitting beside him wanted to feel his biceps. Not since the Professor was alive had he been this turned on. He could feel his mammoth cock snaking down his pants leg. That buffoon Rex was going to regret this night for a long time. Not only could Atlas not believe the man could hurt someone as wonderful as Adonis, but – on top of that – the giant looked super forward to showing off for his new little friend. He knew, instinctively, he wouldn’t hurt Rex, but he was certainly going to teach him a very important lesson. Atlas kept glancing from the road to the handsome face of the man beside him. At the same time he let go of the steering wheel with his right hand and brought his monstrous arm up into a freakishly massive flex. He waited, holding his breath, to feel the small hands of his Adonis on his arm. Adonis, meanwhile, almost could not move because of the unbelievable sight that was before him in the car. He found it impossible for an arm to be so huge. He was more apt to call it a mountain – it’s size being closer to that than that of a mere mortal. But Adonis figured Atlas was not a mere mortal. Oh, of course he new the guy was flesh and blood, but he figured something in the stars or in the heavens, if that’s what you believed in, had decided the world needed a hero, well, at least the world of a few guys that were lucky enough to meet Atlas. It took all of his strength to finally move his hand from his lap to the giant thing hanging in the air beside him. Adonis was still too shocked to move – too unbelieving. As soon as he touched the hard-as-anything-he’d-ever-felt flesh he exhaled loudly. He hadn’t even realized he was holding his breath. His fingers seemed to be lying to him. It was not possible for a man to be so hard. He suddenly remembered that he had thought Rex’s arm would be hard – but it didn’t even begin to come close to what he felt right now. He did not intend to speak out loud the thought in his head, but couldn’t help himself. “You can’t be real.” “I can assure you I am. I hope that big arm puts you at ease about what’s soon to happen.” “That arm could put me at ease about everything wrong in the world.” Atlas tensed his arm more, just to make the smaller guy gasp and tremble with shock. He figured Adonis believed the biceps was fully flexed and had no idea it could get much harder and bigger. The large man didn’t freak the smaller one out with a full flex – he wanted to save some surprises for later on. Every now and then Atlas would see the seemingly small fingers of Adonis come over the giant peak of his arm – all of them together not coming close to covering the expanse of the top of his massive arm. There was a stirring deep inside Atlas’ heart, as well as his groin. It was like something was opening up – a vault that had been sealed many years ago. He knew fully well he’d never forget his precious Little Prince, but the beautiful man beside him – the one he had christened with a Greek name, was helping to heal a part of the big man that had been wounded for a long time. At the same time, he knew he was also healing some very deep pains within Adonis, as well. The smaller man had been through so much turmoil – so much unnecessary troubles – that Atlas could not wait to set the man free from those chains. When they pulled up to the lovely large Tudor-style home of Adonis, Atlas dropped his arm, turned off the car, and then turned to his groping friend. “When we are done here, I’d like to take you to my home and let you explore every inch of my big body.” “I’d like that very much.” “Let’s go teach Rex a lesson.” “You’re not going to hurt him, are you.” “Just his pride, Adonis, just his pride.” They got out of the car. There were no lights on in the house and at first, the smaller man thought Rex might be gone, but then he glanced in the garage and saw the Lexus. Rex had taken that, as well, before kicking Adonis out. There was a growing excitement in the smaller man – he simply could not wait for the moment when the big Rex met the even bigger Atlas. The giant had already established himself as the protector of small men from bullies – so there was the upcoming confrontation to excite Adonis, but there was also the thrill of being alone with Atlas, at his house, following that. “Maybe he’s not at home.” “No, his car . . . I mean, my car is in the garage.” “I think it best if this is a surprise visit, Adonis.” “What do you mean?” “How fond are you of the handle on this front door?” “Why?” “Could it be ripped off and you wouldn’t miss it?” The loud gulp in Adonis’ throat had probably been heard halfway down the block. The small man’s cock raged harder as he thought about Atlas taking care of the door handle with just his hand. He found it odd that he had never thought about whether he was ‘fond’ of the handle or not. He had the strange feeling that his new friend was going to open a wealth of new thoughts, options, and possibilities. He looked down at the steel door handle – protruding from a steel plate on the large wooden door – and realized he had no fondness for it whatsoever. As a matter of fact, he had no fondness for the entire door, but he knew busting in the door would make enough noise to announce their entrance. Adonis knew Atlas wanted to surprise his opponent. “Rip away, my bulging friend.” Even in the darkness, Adonis could see that the big giant was smiling. His big white teeth – yes, even those were larger than most people’s – caught the reflection of the bright moon perfectly. Adonis also noticed that when Atlas grabbed the front door handle – the thing looked tiny in his hand. It had always seemed so large and thick before, but the giant paw of his muscled friend made the thing looks so weak. If you’ve never heard metal squeal in pain your in for a treat the first time it happens. Adonis was petrified he was going to spurt a big load as soon as the big hand of his friend started bending the metal handle. Not only did the handle get mutilated into something unrecognizable, the metal plate embedded in the wood was soon ripped from its place leaving a gaping hole where security and safety used to prevail. Adonis had to brace himself against the front wall – nervous he was going to black out from all the blood that rushed to his groin area. Atlas, in less than ten seconds, had easily ripped metal apart – making it look like the whole mechanism had merely been made of nothing more than toothpicks. Adonis looked up into the smiling face of his friend – both men had been aroused beyond measure by the feat of strength. Atlas was turned on mostly because it obviously thrilled his small friend so much. “How is that even possible? What does it feel like to have that much power?” “Kind of normal, I guess. I can just look at something like that and know I can rip it apart. You know, the same way you know your can lift a book, a glass, or something. I don’t really think about it until someone as cute and small as you looks on with such shock. That’s when it really turns me on – because you like it so much. Want to feel it?” “You know I do.” “Here, let me tear it from the plate first.” Again, metal gave in to Atlas’ powerful hands with almost no resistance. There was a high pitching screech while the handle was torn from what was clearly a heavy plate. The thick L-shaped curled bar was now just a mangled glob of metal. Adonis was astounded a how heavy the thing was and by the fact that it was very hot from being abused by Atlas’ hand. The small man suddenly noticed that there was a feeling of wetness at his crotch – which the cool night air emphasized – and he knew he was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum. He handed the handle back to Atlas. The big man then took the plate, the handle from the outside, and the handle from the inside and started crumpling the things together in his hands. It was clear that it was taking a lot of effort on the big man’s part, but the metal yielded to his hands without any other choice. When the entire mechanism was just a blob of metal Atlas dropped it over in the yard with a loud thud. “Think I’ll leave it there so you can glance at it every time you come home – just to gt you going. That was a good warm up for the fun we’re about to have. Shall we go in?” “After you, big man, after you.” “I hop you’re not still nervous, Adonis.” “After seeing what you did to that door handle, Atlas, I’m not nervous at all.” Atlas pushed the door open and walked into the front foyer. Both men immediately heard what sounded like a television going in the back of the house. Adonis grabbed the gigantic arm of his friend – noticing quickly that his entire hand barely reached around even a fraction of the big man’s forearm – and led him toward the den at the back of the house. Big Rex had obviously not thought about any housework since Adonis had been evicted. The smells emanating from the different rooms were rank and disgusting. Adonis was happy the place was dark – so he didn’t have to see the devastation. When they reached the doorway of the den they found the television on and big Rex passed out on the sofa. The first thing Adonis noticed, besides the filth in the room, was that Rex seemed bigger. He had obviously been working out – but he was still nowhere near the size of Atlas. From the sounds of the snores coming from the man on the sofa, Atlas knew he could move about the room freely. He leaned down and whispered into Adonis’ ear. “Let’s use the same kind of wake up call he gave you.” At first, Adonis was confused. He watched the big man step in between the outstretched legs of Rex and then bend over the loudly snoring dude. Suddenly, the loud smack of Atlas’s big hand on Rex’s face shot through the room. Followed shortly by another one. And a third one – somewhat harder – had to be applied before the sleeping man gained full consciousness. Rex was wearing a heavy sweatshirt over his big body and Atlas grabbed the front of it – twisted the material tightly – and before the awakening man had time to even think about what was happening his body shot high up into the air as his feet started kicking back and forth wildly. To be awakened in such a way had to be pretty disorienting. Rex’s eyes shot super wide as he realized he was being held in the air by the huge and powerful arms of some giant. The poor guy probably thought it was a dream at first, but then the giant spoke and referred to the third man in the room – a guy Rex knew all too well. “Wake up, runt! This big man wants to have some fun with you. My good friend, Adonis – over there – has told me a lot about you. Oh, by the way, from now on you’ll only refer to him as Adonis. Got it, runt?” “Fuck you!” It was clear this was exactly the kind of response Atlas hoped he would receive. Adonis was surprised when he realized he had hoped for the same thing, too. It was clear that big Rex hadn’t fully grasped the particular predicament he was in – still oblivious to the fact that he was a few feet off the ground in the hands of a much bigger man – and he believed he was still the alpha in the room, especially since the puny guy he had kicked out was present. Atlas obviously thought he should shake some sense into the slow learner. The giant started moving his hands back and forward so fast that Rex flopped around like a rag doll. Adonis was worried something in Rex’s head was going to be shaken loose – until he laughed to himself and thought there’d have to be something in the head to begin with. Atlas stopped the motion and it was pretty clear that it took a few minutes for Rex’s eyes to stop rolling around – kind of like a slot machine that’s just had it’s armed pulled down. There was fear on the face of the man being held in the air after the intense shaking. It was pretty obvious he was starting to understand that there was no trick taking place and that a much larger man than himself was holding him in the air without any problem. Atlas, however, did not want the evening to end too quickly. He wanted Rex to take a lot more time to learn his lesson. The giant simply released the man and he fell back down on his ass on the sofa – the piece of furniture groaning from the sudden weight. Atlas took a few steps back – for two reasons – one, so Rex would get a good look at just how massive the giant was and two, so that Rex might quickly regain some confidence and try a stupid move. And that’s exactly what happened. “You’re going down, meathead!” Rex screamed loudly and then – with surprisingly agile reflexes – jumped up from the sofa and charged at Atlas with his shoulder down. For a second – and it was only a second – Adonis worried about Atlas, but then he remembered the gob of crushed metal laying in the yard outside and he simply relaxed to watch the show. When Rex’s roided body hit the massive boulder-like structure that was Atlas it was like something from a cartoon. All motion stopped – the unmovable force that was Atlas hadn’t quivered at all and the rushing mass of craziness that was Rex came to a screeching halt, he let out a loud yelp of pain, and then his entire body fell to the side. The poor guy was stunned out of his mind. He had anticipated the behemoth to fall into the bookcase behind him – taking down everything including the television attached to the wall. Atlas, however, did not move. As soon as Rex fell to the ground, the giant raised his hand and looked at his fingernails as if he just couldn’t be bothered. This action brought a huge smile to Adonis’ face – and his heart was truly light for the first time in over a year. Atlas looked over at his new little lover and shrugged his huge shoulders – arms raised – as if to say, ‘who knew?’ The big man then reached down, with one hand, and grabbed the back of Rex’s belt and jeans, lifted the stunned man’s body into the air, and then tossed him back onto the couch. Atlas made a suggestion. “Maybe try it again, Rex, with the other shoulder. Perhaps you’ll have more luck this time.” Adonis felt his cock twitch with excitement at the big man’s words. It’s not that he wanted Rex to suffer – well maybe he did just a little – but it was more about what Atlas was capable of. The small man wanted Rex to rush his big friend again. He wanted to see his old tormentor meet the unmovable force that was Atlas. Adonis had finally crossed some deep chasm that had been ruling his life. Maybe it was the fact that he had just watched Atlas hold the man who had tormented him for so long in the air with his bare hands. Maybe it was watching Rex running at full speed at the bigger man and being stopped completely – like he had run into the wall of a building or something. And maybe it was just the sheer size of Atlas’ arm and how it had felt when he was caressing it in the car. No matter what it was, Adonis was now free – free of the fear of Rex. He was just going to sit back and watch the show. Rex was not the brightest light on the Christmas tree. Atlas had invited him to try again, so he was going to do just that. He stood up, lowered his other shoulder like he was some kind of football player and then charged for the mid-section of Atlas’ body. Adonis leaked more pre-cum before there was even any kind of impact. He knew good and well what was going to happen. As anticipated, Atlas didn’t budge even a smidgen and Rex’s body was stopped abruptly – painfully. The less-than-smart steroid induced kind of big man hit the immovable giant Atlas so hard that he was stunned to a point of no movement. He stayed braced up against Atlas’ huge frame for a few seconds and then just sank to the floor face forward – he lay on the floor like he was out cold. “Hey Rex, I don’t think it worked the second time, either.” Big Atlas reached down and grabbed the almost unconscious Rex by the waist. He then lifted the dude into the air – upside down. It looked like some kid picking up his doll. Atlas didn’t even have to think about it or struggle at all. The other slightly big man just went up into the air – as if he weighed nothing. Rex’s body dangled by the giant’s legs, and he faced out into the room. Atlas brought the guy over near Adonis and then lifted him higher in the air – so their faces were even. Though he was still a little stunned, a sneer crept across the old tormentor’s face. Normally, that look would have scared Adonis and he would have thought pain was coming next, but the big hands holding Rex at the waist – and the even bigger arms connected to the hands put the small guy at ease. He knew his big friend was in control and he was safe. “So, little Rex, take a good look at my sweet gorgeous friend, Adonis. He and I have become really close buds tonight. I think one could say even more than friends. What you chose to throw away has become another much bigger man’s treasure. I’m here to make sure you never ever lay another hand on my little Adonis. It’s only because of his goodness that I’m not twisting your body into an untie-able knot. I know you only bully people because of some serious wounds from your past – but being big is never about being mean or hurting people. Unfortunately, in order to teach you an important lesson I might have to be a little mean, but that all depends on how good you are, little runt. Now, look my wonderful Adonis in the face and tell him you’re sorry.” “Fuck you both!” Again, there was not any real disappointment with the roided monster’s stupid response. If he had apologized he would have been tossed out of the house and that would have been the end of that. Neither Atlas nor Adonis really wanted the fun to be over. Adonis wanted to see his new big friend show off his strength some more and Atlas definitely wanted to make the smaller guy more excited because of his big body and power. “Rex, Rex, Rex – you are such a slow learner. However, you have no idea how happy that answer makes me. I so wanted to play some more.” With these words, Atlas tossed his hands upward – sending the body of the other man slightly in the air. He looked like it took the same effort as a kid tossing a small paper airplane. Adonis was amazed – even more – by the strength in his big friend’s arm. Right before Rex’s body started to descend, Atlas swung one of his big hands like he was swatting a fly and it connected hard against the lower back of his human doll. The force of the smack sent Rex flying into a nearby wall – his frame flattened against the plaster and Atlas’ giant paw holding the roided runt in place. Adonis could tell the impact knocked the wind out of Rex and the big guy immediately let out a low moan. The guy looked like some kind of bizarre artwork up against the beige wall. Atlas seemed to exert the same amount of effort it would take a normal person to hold a sheet of paper in place. Adonis’ cock emitted more big gobs of pre-cum as he saw his new big friend pressed harder against Rex. You could hear more air being forced from the still-dazed man and see cracks starting to appear in the plaster. “Tell me, Adonis, did you every desire a doorway right here? What’s on the other side of this wall?” “Um, it’s my study.” “So, we could make this a larger den or you could have a larger study. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a load-bearing wall and I could press our friend, Rex, here, through pretty easily. It would be like those old Roadrunner cartoons where the Coyote made a hole the exact shape of his body when he went through boulders. Um, sorry about the cracks in the plaster.” “No problem.” Atlas removed his hand and Rex’s body simply slid down the wall to the floor. The man quickly gasped for air – grateful that his lungs could work again. Both Atlas and Adonis immediately noticed a wet spot on the wall – and neither man wanted to know if Rex had been turned on by the strength display and squirted or if he had pissed himself, compressed to the point where he lost control. The big giant turned to Adonis and winked at him. He walked a few feet away from the big blob on the floor. It was pretty clear the mammoth mound of muscle was up to something, but Adonis couldn’t figure out what it was. Then, he saw that Rex had regained some of his strength, was getting to his feet, and as he did he grabbed a wooden chair that was nearby against he wall. Atlas watched the entire thing in the reflection of French doors at the other end of the room. He had planned for Rex to take some action – he was allowing it just to show off. Right before the heavy oak chair came crashing down on Atlas’ head and shoulders he turned to face his attacker. He wanted Rex to get a good view of what was going to happen. Hard wood met something much stronger. The chair shattered to pieces upon impact with the giant’s diving board sized shoulders and head. Rex was left with what looked like scraps of wood in his hands and he was facing the smile of the giant – who had clearly not felt a thing. Atlas simply shook his head from side to side and made a clicking sound of disproval with his tongue. The much bigger man then grabbed the front of the other man’s belt and jeans – his fingers meeting a hard cock and something sticky, making it clear that Rex had shot a big wad from being manhandled. Atlas thought this was a useful thing to know. He raised his arm – taking what most people would have considered a big man into the air, again, and loving the gasps he heard from his captive and the cute man across the room that was slowly stealing his heart. “I guess they don’t make big heavy oak chairs like they used to, Rex. Or maybe you just haven’t realized how big and strong I really am. You smell like orgasm, runt. Did my power turn you on?” Rex, again, chose to do something really stupid. He was ashamed that this bigger man now knew he had spewed. He still had two chunks of wood in his hands and he instantly pulled his hands back and slammed them on either side of Atlas’ head. The wood immediately became splinters and fell to the mammoth shoulders below. The look in the giant’s face made it perfectly clear that the powerful slam had felt like nothing more than a fly landing on his head. Rex immediately had to shake out his hands – the sting from meeting the other guy’s unmoving head hurt a lot. Atlas started curling the man’s body up and down. “Hey, Rex-runt, your body actually weighs enough that I might get some exercise from curling you for an hour or so. How’d you like to be my little dumbbell and help me get stronger? Whoops, let’s not forget the other arm.” Atlas had quickly done ten reps with his right arm and so he switched hands – grabbing the guy with his left and cranking out ten reps while the shocked Rex started to fully understand how much power the behemoth holding him in the air truly had. The bully was disgusted with himself because he could not stop the raging hard-on that had been present ever since the big guy had lifted him the first time. The giant’s body, especially his bulging arms, and his power was simply too amazing to not get turned on. A budding revelation was beginning to seep through the dark recesses of Rex’s brain. Memories – long stuffed away – suddenly flooded into his mind. He thought of his dad – a man that had left his family when he was five – and tears started to fall. He remembered lovingly being lifted by his dad. His father had been so huge – so masculine, well, at least to a four year old. He used to love how his father would toss him into the air at the swimming pool, how he’d let Rex feel his muscle, which seemed so huge to the small boy. Rex also remembered the day his father left – patting his three kids on their heads and telling them he wasn’t leaving because he didn’t love them – he just loved someone else more. Pain flooded Rex’s heart, but an avalanche of relief came, as well. Suddenly, the big man was sobbing – even though he was still being held a few feet off the ground by Atlas’ one big arm. The giant lowered the man to the ground and was amazed at how much louder the sobs became. Rex stood there shaking and sobbing for a good three to four minutes. As he started to calm down he turned to the small man who stood there dumbfounded. “I’m so sorry, Adonis. I was so cruel to you. Please forgive me. I know I hurt you – both physically and mentally. I don’t know why. I think I just have to put others down to make myself feel better – to bring me some self-worth. I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t help myself.” Rex started sobbing again. Atlas and Adonis looked at each other in total surprise. At first, neither of them knew what to do, but then the big giant had an idea. He walked over to Rex, leaned down, and wrapped his arms around the crying man. He then picked him up in a tight, warm, massive-armed bear hug. Since Rex was kind of beefy, Atlas knew he could squeeze harder than he normally would when holding a man that way. Rex continued to sob, but he buried his face in the massive pecs of the huge man holding him in the air. Atlas instinctively flexed his mammoth chest and brought he mounds of beef together – crushing the other man’s face lovingly between solid muscle. The two men remained this way for about ten minutes. Rex’s sobs got softer and softer. Soon, his big body was no longer shaking from being so upset. He pulled his tear stained face from between the massive pecs in front of him and this caused a loud popping noise – as if someone was uncorking a bottle of champagne. Atlas continued to hold the man tightly in the bear hug. “You’re so freaking strong.” “I’m glad you finally noticed, Rex. I was beginning to worry the steroids you take had caused your brain to stop functioning.” “I just want to get bigger. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” “But you can’t use your size to demean other people – to be a bully.” “I know. I think I need to get some help. You know, see a therapist and work through some issues.” “I think that would be a good idea, don’t you, Adonis?” “Yes. A very good idea.” “I’m so sorry, Adonis. You have only ever been kind to me. I’ll pack my stuff and leave tonight.” “Um, about that, Rex. What’s the use of you being on the streets tonight? I know you have very little money. I’m planning on staying at Atlas’ house, so you could stay here if you wanted to. Um, the front door is a little incapacitated, so we’re going to have to do something about that – and I think having you here will keep the place safe.” “Don’t worry, Adonis. I’ll move that huge wooden cabinet in the dining room in front of the door. No one will be able to get in.” “You can lift that thing?” Rex’s shocked face and question revealed that he truly hadn’t realized just how powerful Atlas really was. Even after everything that had happened, he still didn’t get it. Atlas just looked down into his face and smiled. At the same time he started squeezing his arms tighter – just to show off his strength. Soon, the man being held off the ground was crying out in pain from the pressure – even though Atlas wasn’t using near all of his strength. The giant laughed at his captive, released the pressure and let Rex fall back to the floor. The poor guy was a little unsteady on his feat, so Atlas rested a big hand on his shoulder – just to anchor him a little. “What? You can’t lift it, big Rex?” “I don’t even think I could slide it on the floor by pushing on it.” “Well, it does look a little heavy, but I don’t think it will give me any problems.” Atlas walked to the front of the house and the other two men scurried behind him like obedient puppies. No one wanted to miss the show. The cabinet was about as long as the wall of the dining room. It was a Craftsman wooden monstrosity that was about seven feet tall. It had taken about six men – maneuvering it on four-wheeled dollies – to get it into the house. They definitely didn’t make furniture like this anymore – it was just too big and too heavy for most houses. Luckily, Adonis’ home had very high ceilings and large rooms. Atlas stuck his thick fingers between the back of the cabinet and the wall. He then easily squeezed the big thing and lifted his end off the ground, making it possible for him to slide it further out from the wall. He then squatted slightly and grabbed lower on his end. Squeezing with the strength of bulldozers he stood back up and raised his arms at the same time. The entire mammoth cabinet came off the ground and he walked it to the front hallway. The big man’s biceps ballooned out from the weight and both Rex and Adonis moaned a little in unison. Rex was still blown away by what Atlas was capable of and didn’t mind showing it. “No fucking way.” Atlas kind of chuckled as he set the monstrous piece of furniture in front of the destroyed door. There was no way anyone was going to be able to get in. Even a speeding car would have probably not been stopped by the heavy wood of the cabinet. It wasn’t being moved, again, until Atlas picked it up. There was a little bit of silence in the room, now. All three men were trying desperately to calm their cocks – two turned on by the muscle show and one turned on by how excited the other men had clearly gotten. When Rex was somewhat recovered he walked over to the cabinet – determined to try and move it. Atlas saw what the other guy intended to do. When Rex leaned down and put his shoulder against the end of the mammoth piece of furniture, Atlas took the opportunity to place his hand a few feet above the other guy, who didn’t notice. When Rex let out a huge grunt and started to shoulder the thing, the giant gave a little push with one hand. The long cabinet moved a few inches. Atlas quickly removed his hand as the other guy stood up with excitement. “Did you guys see that? I moved the thing! The fucking thing slid a few inches.” “You sure did, big Rex.” “I can’t believe it! That was incredible.” “You want to try and lift it now?” “Hell no, that thing would break my back!” Atlas turned and winked at Adonis – securing that his assistance would be their little secret. The pure joy on the Rex’s face made it impossible for Adonis not to want to keep the secret. The small man’s cock twitched even more, however, just from knowing that Atlas had moved the cabinet a little with one hand. Rex’s roided body probably couldn’t have moved the cabinet if he had tried all day. Adonis looked at the giant’s arm and was, again, amazed and confused by its size and power. “I must be getting stronger.” “Yep, Rex, that’s what consistent lifting can do. Don’t think that steroids are a shortcut. You need to continue moving heavy weight around for honest size and strength. You gotta promise me you’re gonna go all natural now, big man. I promise you’ll get stronger.” “If you’re any indication of what going natural can do to a man, then, hell, I’ll even become a vegan!” Atlas laughed out loud, but then he went over to Rex, grabbed him under the arms and lifted him off the ground. It was clear that the frivolity of moving heavy furniture had ended. The giant wanted to tell the other man something very important. The smaller big man became very subservient and looked into the eyes of the man again holding him high in the air. “We’re going to leave now, Rex. But before we go, I want you to look around at the mess that’s in each room of this house. That needs to change. We’ll be back in a few days and we want to see that this place is spotless. You owe that to my cute Adonis. Do you understand?” “Yes sir.” “You’re going to treat Adonis and all his things with all the respect the cute little guy deserves. And if you ever start to question why you should respect him, I want you to think about me – about how huge I am and about how easy it was for me to lift that huge cabinet over there. And then I want you to think about all the things I could do to you if I was disappointed or, heaven forbid, even angry. Don’t make me angry, Rex. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Am I making myself clear, Rex.” “Perfectly, sir.” “Good man. You know, I see that you’re a pretty big guy, Rex, but you’re still light as a feather to me. I’m just always amazed at how easy it is to pick up another man.” Adonis knew these words were for him. Atlas had made his point with Rex, and was now switching over to playtime with his new little friend. The giant looked over at Adonis and winked. He then tossed Rex into the air a few times and then caught him – just to emphasize how light he seemed. This was clearly a turn on for the little man, which, in turn, excited Atlas even more. The huge man could not wait to be alone with the smaller one. He had not been this excited in a very long time. Adonis was beautiful – and he was so delicate looking, especially next to Atlas. The giant put Rex back down on the ground and patted his head. “And now, I’m going to go make Adonis’ head spin from helping him make up new fantasies. Like I said, he’s going to be busy for a few days, but we’ll be back soon to check on the work you’ve done and to put that cabinet back in its proper place. It’s not going to get there by itself. See you, Rex.” “Goodbye sir.” Then, probably to turn on the little man even more, Atlas walked over to Adonis, picked him up, laid him over his shoulder and went out through a side door he’d noticed off the kitchen – careful to twist his body so it – along with Adonis, would fit through the frame. As they were walking to their car, Atlas put one hand under the small man and then pushed upward – lifting him in the air with one palm. Adonis looked down at the huge shoulder and biceps beneath him. It was a glorious sight. Atlas spoke as he continued to press the other guy up and down. “I think your house will probably be the cleanest it’s ever been.” “I think the giant is right.” They were at the car. Atlas opened the passenger seat door and then carefully used two hands to put Adonis comfortably into the seat. Before he closed the door, he grabbed the seatbelt and reached over to snap it across his new little friend. He smiled at the man. “Wouldn’t want anything to happen to that cute little body of yours.”
  8. The Car Salesman - Chapter 1

    This is the first story I've posted so go easy on me! It takes a while to get going but hopefully you'll enjoy it - I've got a few ideas to take this further The Car Salesman It was the worst possible timing. Two weeks into my new job and a month before Christmas my decrepit car had breathed its last. The stupid worthless piece of shit, which had caused me endless pain over the last 2 years, had finally given up on life. It was for this reason that I was making my way across the showroom forecourt for my meeting with Karl, the car salesman. I had an increasing sense of nervousness as I got towards the door which in my mind was entirely justified. You see, I am of the opinion that Car Salesmen will occupy the same part of hell as estate agents and lawyers and I was fully expecting to spend the next 2 hours being lied to, tricked and conned out of my hard-earned money. These thoughts were broken by the sight of the man-mountain waiting for me in the doorway. It turned out that Karl was about 6’2 and built like a tank, with I guessed way over 250lb of solid muscle to his name. He was wearing a long-sleeve tight white shirt with an accompanying tie and equally skin-tight dark blue trousers. Great. A gym-obsessed arrogant bastard as well. I could feel my stress level rising even more. “You must be Joe,” he called loudly, when I was about 10 feet away, smiling broadly. I took in his masculine face, dark hair and lightly tanned skin. He must have been a couple (or more) years younger than me, maybe mid-20s. “Y-yes, that’s me,” I replied stupidly, immediately cross with myself for showing any sign of weakness in front of this overconfident gym-jock. He reached out his hand and I shook it, trying not to wince at the strength of his grip. I noticed that his huge manly hand completely engulfed my own and I could feel the callouses on his palm from the many hours he spent lifting weights. “Come on in, we’ll get started,” he said, finally letting go of my aching hand as he turned to lead me into the building. I followed behind, noticing how wide his back was, pulling his tight shirt to the limits, but tapering down to an impossibly small waist. I was irrationally irritated, never having been interested in lifting weights myself, and always slightly annoyed with people who did. I just didn’t get it. Travelling in Karl’s wake, I was also struck by the scent coming off him. It was oddly sweet, nutty but undeniably masculine, likely a combination of aftershave and his own natural smell. I pulled myself back from the brink. Why the fuck was I noticing these things?! Once inside Karl’s spacious office, I settled myself in the comfy chair in front of his desk and watched as he walked round to sit opposite me. I found my eyes tracing down from his chiselled jaw-line, a slight hint of 5 O’clock shadow there, to his huge neck. The muscles there (traps, I heard the distant voice of my A-level Biology teacher saying) pushed out the buttoned up collar of his shirt to an extreme. It was a wonder he managed to do the buttons up at all. I then took in his unbelievably wide shoulders before focussing on his chest. His pecs jutted out from his body, pulling the fabric of his shirt tight so that there were gaps between the buttons in the middle. I could see a glimpse of smooth tanned skin underneath. As Karl moved and gestured his muscles flexed and relaxed under the surface of his clothes, like an elaborate dance played out for me. It was hypnotising watching his biceps pull the sleeves of his shirt tight, desperate to break free with every movement. Suddenly I realised that Karl was talking (well of course he was) and probably had been for some time. What the fuck was I thinking? I’d not listened to a word he’d said for a good 5 minutes. I tried to drag myself back to the present, away from my thoughts about this gym-rats bulging muscles when I noticed something even stranger than my distraction. I was rock-hard. My not-unimpressive cock was aching painfully in my tight jeans, throbbing with lust. Now I was properly confused. Well, a bit more than that and many other things besides. I was straight I told myself…married…and happily so. I’d never even looked at a guy like this before let alone got hard over one. But I couldn’t ignore it and the bulge in my jeans wouldn’t let me deny it. I tried to calm down, to re-focus my attention back on what Karl was saying, desperate to make sure I wasn’t going to be conned. Unfortunately, Karl chose that moment to lean back in his chair, lifting up both arms and placing them behind his head, the epitome of confidence and control. This movement caused his biceps to flex, the tight fabric of his shirt like a second skin on his bulging muscles. My cock ached even more as I realised that if he flexed hard he would easily rip the thin fabric. What the fuck was happening to me?! Next, and totally inexplicably, my eyes were drawn downwards. Now that Karl was leaning backwards, away from his desk, an obscene bulge in his tight blue trousers was revealed. It was colossal, like the proverbial python in his pants, the outline of his cock snaking down his left trouser leg. Suddenly I had a vision of ripping off those quad-hugging trousers, unleashing the beast underneath and taking his thick long cock in my…. Wooaaah! Where the fuck was I going with that? Why, aged 33 was I suddenly thinking about sucking another guy’s cock for the first time?! Suddenly Karl was standing up, snapping me out of my reverie. “… so are you ready to go then Joe?” I heard him say, clearly repeating himself. “R-ready?” I replied, trying to gain some control. “For your test drive,” he said, the look on his face suggesting he thought I was either a bit slow or very unwell. “Oh yeah, sure,” I hurried to reply, standing up as well. Karl was very close to me and again I noticed the strange, intoxicating scent coming off him and I couldn’t help but inhale deeply. This was a big mistake as it made me feel dizzy, my entire mind filled with his masculine smell and also visions of Karl ripping off his smart work clothes to reveal mounds of bulging muscle underneath. I nearly had to sit straight back down again but somehow managed to keep it together. “Great, well follow me and we’ll go for a spin,” Karl said, seemingly oblivious to the turmoil going on in my head. With that, he walked out of his office and I followed on behind, my eyes feasting on his solid, round glutes, jutting out below that tight waist. I noticed that his quads were so big he walked with his legs slightly apart, almost awkwardly, something that 20 minutes ago I would have found totally ridiculous. Now, however, his sheer size was driving me crazy, irrational lust pumping through me. We settled into the car, well I settled whilst Karl squeezed himself into the passenger seat, clearly far too big for the small car that I was intending to buy. “I’d need a car with a bit more head and leg room myself,” he joked, at ease. “But this’ll be perfect for you Joe”. I laughed awkwardly, uneasy at the comparison and as much as I tried to deny it, unbelievably turned on. “Right, take it away Joe. Turn right off the forecourt and I’ll direct you,” Karl continued and I noticed for the first time how deep his voice was. A strange juxtaposition to his boyish face and smooth skin. I gently eased the car away, forcing myself to focus; ideally I wanted to get through the next twenty minutes without killing us both. To my credit (and surprise) it went well to start with. I concentrated on the car, examining its acceleration, ride and general comfort as we took it on a drive around town. Karl kept up a near constant stream of conversation in the way that only people trying to sell you something can. I picked out the odd word but was mainly focussing on the car and not the young behemoth next to me. We came to a red light and I brought the car to stop, setting the handbrake. Karl was still talking and in order not to be rude I looked across, a near-fatal mistake. My cock, which had somewhat deflated during the drive, immediately jumped and started to grow again as I saw Karl’s arm rested up on the window. He was gripping the handle above the window which meant his bicep was gently flexed. From this angle I could see how much the fabric was struggling to contain the rock solid muscle underneath. I imagined trying to wrap my hands round it – I knew they wouldn’t reach – and wondered what it would feel like to try and squeeze his biceps. Inexplicably I found my gaze falling southwards again, past Karl’s mammoth pecs and further down to the bulge in his trousers. It was an amazing sight, his thick cock tenting the material obscenely, making my mouth water with lust. I had an urge to unzip his fly, pull out that beast and suck on his hot big cock head. I wanted to gradually slide more and more of his thick hard man cock deep into my mouth, tasting his pre in the back of my throat, before feeling him shoot his huge load in me. “Joe…Joe…JOE! The light’s green,” I heard Karl’s voice cutting through. I immediately looked up and back towards the road, noticing that Karl had a slight smirk on his face. Shit. He’d seen me staring straight at his huge junk probably with a look of deep desire on my face if my thoughts were anything to go by. I jerked the car into gear, pulling off and nearly stalling in my haste but Karl didn’t give any further clues that he’d seen me staring at him. Ten minutes later, as we got out of the car and made our way back to Karl’s office, my head was racing. I’m not gay, I told myself over and over. This was ridiculous – I’d never had any thoughts about other guys, not like I was thinking about Karl. My mind kept flicking back to the way his over-developed muscles made his clothes strain, the way they flexed and swelled with every movement and not least about the huge bulge resting between his tree-trunk quads. I imagined being on my knees, his huge thick man cock sliding between my lips… The door slamming behind me snapped me out of my racing thoughts. We were back in Karl’s office, me sat opposite him across the desk again. “So Joe, what do you think?” Karl asked, pushing a contract across the table, “ready to sign on the dotted line?”. I hesitated. I really hadn’t been paying enough attention to make this decision, far too distracted by the muscle beast sat opposite me. “Erm, well I’m not sure Karl,” I replied feebly. “I think I’ll need some time to think about it.” “Time is not something I have Joe - I can only offer you this deal today,” Karl said, to the point and confident. “I just don’t know Karl, maybe I can call you later to decide?” I attempted to negotiate, desperate to get out of this place and restore some normality to my thoughts. “Hmm, that won’t work for me Joe. But perhaps I can offer you something to sweeten the deal,” Karl replied, a smirk on his face. He got up out of his chair, huge quads straining the fabric of his trousers, and walked round the desk to shut the blinds across the windows. I watched, confused, as he then walked behind me and I heard a soft click as he locked the office door. What was going on, I thought for the millionth time today. “I’ve seen the way you look at me Joe,” Karl said, typically straight to the point, his voice deep and seductive. He’d returned to stand in front of me, one foot up on the desk so that his huge quads and obscene bulge were right in front of my face. “You can have all of this if you want,” he added, gently grabbing his bulge in one hand and running a big hand across his chest with the other. “You just need to sign for it…” “I-I d-don’t know what you mean…” I stammered pathetically, suddenly more nervous than I’d been in my entire life. “I-I’m not Gay,” I added with no confidence at all. “Sure, you’re not Joe. But who wouldn’t want some of this?” Karl purred as he undid his tie, discarding it on the floor. I watched in amazement as he began to slowly unbutton his shirt, revealing bit by bit the deep groove between his two huge pec muscles. I wanted to scream at him, to tell him to stop it, to run for the door but found I couldn’t move or speak, completely transfixed by what was going on in front of me. “I can see you want me Joe…why deny it?”. Karl was still smiling, utterly confident. “Just admit to me Joe…you can’t resist this muscle body…you’re hard for me…I can see,” he added, looking at the bulge in my jeans. He was right – I was harder than I’d ever been in my life before and he knew it. My heart was racing, pure lust flooding my veins as thoughts of this giant hung muscle stud filled my head. “Yes…” I whispered feebly, without thinking. “Yes, what?” Karl replied, his shirt now completely undone. I had a glimpse of his ripped abs, what looked like an 8-pack, sitting beneath the huge overhand of his pecs. “Yes, I want you,” I said, knowing deep down it was true. Karl smiled broadly in response, starting to run his hands over his exposed chest and abs, leaning back seductively so that they flexed tightly. “Well you know what to do then Joe…just sign on the line,” Karl said, closing in on the deal, one of his hands drifting downwards to grab the thick bulge in his trousers again. My eyes followed his exploring hands, imagining that it was mine tracing the outline of his abs, feeling the weight of those enormous pecs and heavy cock. “Please…Karl…” I let out involuntarily, lust now totally taking over. “Let me…” “Let you what, Joe?” teased Karl, clearly enjoying his effect over me. “Let me feel your muscles…flex for me…I need to…” I moaned, the words spilling out as I lost control. “You mean flex these guns?” Karl asked, bringing his arms up to pull a double biceps. He flexed hard, his guns exploding, the thin fabric of his shirt pulled so tight over the peaked mounds of muscle. He gently pumped his guns, flexing harder each time as the muscles filled with blood until eventually I heard a small ripping sound as the seam began to pull apart. “Oh fuck,” I exclaimed, amazed by his strength and power. “You like that straight boy?” Karl said, still flexing as visible gaps formed on both sides of his shirt sleeves, exposing the pumped muscle underneath. “The straight guy is hungry for this Muscle God and his Huge Cock isn’t he…?” “Oh fuck yes,” I replied, giving in. “I need you…please…”. “You can have me Joe…all of me…you just have to sign the contract,” Karl replied, unrelenting. “How can I trust that you’ll keep your side of the bargain,” I asked, one final part of my logical self still present. “You can’t Joe…but isn’t this worth the risk?” he replied, gesturing at his hulking frame and then starting to undo his belt. With that I was totally overcome, all logic leaving me. I reached for the contract, pulling it across the desk and scrawling my signature on the dotted line before I had time to change my mind. I then looked up to see Karl standing right in front of me, a huge smirk on his face, his belt undone and his trousers falling to the floor. As he stepped out of them I took in the sight of his colossal bulge, barely kept in by the sexy white jock strap he was wearing, the outline of his thick cock clearly visible. With his trousers off, he took one further step closer to me, straddling my legs, one of his tree-trunk quads on either side and his magnificent chest and abs right in front of my face. Karl was so close to me that his masculine scent was intoxicating, rolling off him and causing me to inhale deeply. “Looks like taking that risk has paid off Joe…” Karl said, his deep voice incredibly seductive. I couldn’t think of a reply as Karl reached down, taking both of my hands and placing them on his vast chest. I ran my hands over and between each pec muscle, feeling the solid mass underneath as he flexed hard. I then reached up to push his shirt off his shoulders, wanting to see all of him. The shirt got stuck on his massive upper arms and Karl had to help by pulling it off and throwing it to the floor. I continued my worship of this studs upper body, my hands exploring his chest and shoulders before moving onto his biceps. He pulled a double bicep pose again and I reached up to put my hands on each mound of muscle. They were rock hard beneath my fingers, like marble, with barely any body fat and as much as I tried to squeeze I couldn’t budge them at all. “Fuck yeah,” Karl growled. “Look how strong I am…” As he flexed his guns, huge veins popped up, snaking across his paper-thin skin like a road map. Fuck this stud was ripped. Still holding onto his biceps, I leaned in closer, licking up the groove between his cobbled abs. I looked up and saw the amazing overhang of his chest and nearly shot a load right there. Karl was looking down at me smiling, Godly and powerful. “Get on your knees,” Karl ordered, taking a step back. I didn’t hesitate, dropping onto the floor in front of him. “It’s time for you to realise your potential as my cock whore Joe,” he added, looking down at me. “Mmm yes Sir, please make this straight boy your cock whore,” I moaned, desperate for him, immediately submitting with no questions asked. “Take off my jock,” Karl barked. “Don’t touch my cock yet…” Obediently I reached forward, taking the straps of his jock and starting to pull it down, revealing inch by inch of his thick cock, until it was completely exposed. I realised that Karl’s jock had been deceptive, hiding some of the size of his enormous manhood. His soft uncut cock was at least 6 inches and thick too, resting on the two globes of his big balls. A Greek God would have been happy to have a cock and balls like his. Karl stepped out of the jock before reaching down and picking it up. Before I knew what was happening he had it pressed in front of my mouth, holding the back of my head to stop me pulling away. “Smell it straight boy,” Karl ordered. My initial reaction had been to resist but within an instant an animalistic instinct had taken over and I was inhaling deeply. The same scent that was rolling off Karl filled my head but with the added musk of his cock making my head spin and my heart race. My mouth was watering and almost reflexively I opened it and felt as Karl pushed the jock into my mouth. I could now taste him too and for the second time had to try hard not to shoot my load there and then. “Good boy,” Karl purred as he removed the jock from my mouth, discarding it on the floor with the rest of his clothes. With the taste of his cock lingering on my tongue, I was desperate to have the real thing in my mouth, hungry to suck on his huge man meat. “Suck on my cock, whore…just the head to start,” Karl ordered, clearly reading the desperation in my eyes. I leaned in, resting my hands on his thick quads as I wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking his cock head in my mouth. It was better than I could ever imagine, making me feel more complete than I’d ever been in my life. His man meat tasted amazing as I sucked, bobbing my head back and forwards on his huge cock head, swirling my tongue round, hungry to please him. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock starting to grow in my mouth and Karl started to let out low guttural moans. “Mmmmm…fuck yeah that feels good cock boy.” I looked up to see Karl throwing his head back, eyes shut, arms flexed above his head, groaning in pleasure. Without being asked I started to take more and more of his cock into my mouth, as if I’d done this a thousand times before. He was now fully hard and I guessed around 10 inches, his thick girth forcing my lips apart as I felt his cock hit the back of my throat. Karl moaned even more deeply, grabbing the back of my head and starting to thrust his cock more and more into my mouth. “Fuck, this straight boy loves my cock,” Karl growled, thrusting faster, oblivious as I tried to control my gag reflex. I was so hard knowing that he was using my mouth solely for his pleasure, with no concerns for me. Suddenly, Karl pulled his cock out of my mouth, leaving me feeling empty. I tried to lean forwards and take his manhood back in my mouth but Karl held me back, slapping me on the side of my face with his heavy tool. “Stand up, slut,” he ordered, always in control. I obeyed instantly. “Take off your jeans and pants,” he added. I did as he asked, taking off my t shirt too for good measure, both of us now fully naked and standing opposite each other. The comparison between us was humiliating. Without warning Karl grabbed me by both arms and lifted me up, his huge biceps bulging but dealing with my weight with ease. He put me down next to his desk before pushing me over so that I was face down, bent at the waist with my feet on the floor. With a click of realisation I realised too late where this was going. “No Karl…stop…I can’t…” I whimpered, trying to move but unable as he had kept one of his strong hands resting on my back. “Yes you can Joe…I know you want it,” he replied, completely relaxed. “You’re too big Karl….I’ve never done it before,” I pleaded, a sense of fear rising in me. “Don’t worry Joe, we’ll work up to it,” he said and I could hear the smirk on his voice. There was a sucking sound before I felt his wet finger pressing on my tight hole which immediately tightened in response. “Just relax Joe, I know you want me in you,” Karl murmured. I tried to relax, knowing it would be worse if I didn’t. He pressed his finger against my hole again but this time my ass relaxed and I felt it slide into me. After the initial flash of pain I was left with the most amazing feeling as Karl started to move his finger in and out. “Oh fuck,” I moaned into the desk. Karl worked my ass harder and then he hit a spot in me that made my whole body shiver, pure pleasure throwing through me. I let out a long moan and then had an epiphany, realising that his cock in me instead of his finger would magnify this feeling a thousand-fold. “More…”I begged simply, now desperate to have my ass filled. I felt as he slid his finger out of my hole followed by another sucking sound as he got another finger ready. He then pressed both against my hungry hole and I groaned as he entered me again. My ass felt amazing as he began finger-fucking me with two fingers. I was moaning over and over in pleasure as Karl kept up a constant stream of dirty-talk. “You’re my little straight cock whore aren’t you?” he taunted. I knew it was true and moaned as he started to fuck me harder and faster, pushing my ass back so that he would enter me even more. Soon I was getting used to the feeling of his fingers and was yet again hungry for more. “Please Karl…I need your cock in me,” I begged. “Say that again slut boy,” he ordered in reply, pulling his fingers out of my ass, leaving it feeling empty. “I need that huge muscle cock in me…..please…..” I moaned, still lying face-down on the desk. I heard as Karl rummaged in a draw for something…lube I hoped. “Mmmm yes you do Joe, you need this huge man cock in your tight straight ass,” he teased. “What does that make you Joe,” he added. “Oh fuck I’m you’re Cock Whore,” I practically shouted. “I’m a slut for your muscle and Huge Cock…please FUCK ME”. With that I felt the enormous head of Karl’s cock pressing up against my hole. I moaned as he started to push forward, entering me inch by inch, the pain in my ass building as he opened it up. “Oh fuck,” I screamed, “you’re so big!”. Still he kept sliding in…how much more could there be to go?! A lot, it turned out but eventually I felt Karl’s balls resting up against my ass and knew I’d taken it all. Karl held still, letting me get used to his huge size and thick girth and slowly the pain was replaced by the most amazing pleasure I’d ever experienced. I was now complete and knew my place in the world as Karl’s cock whore. Slowly Karl started to slide his cock in and out of my tight hole, each time going a little bit further and building up speed. “Fuck…that feels amazing,” I moaned. For the first time I looked up and realised there was a mirror behind Karl’s desk reflecting what was going on behind me. Karl was holding me by the waist, his bulging guns flexing as he started to plough my ass, veins popping and a sweat developing on his wide chest and shoulders. He started to fuck me faster, letting go of my waist and bring his arms up into a double biceps as his cock still drilled into me. “Fuck yeah, look at these guns,” he roared like an animal. “They’re so FUCKING HUGE!!”. He kissed and licked each one in turn before putting his hands back on my waist. I screamed in pleasure as he pulled me back further onto his cock, feeling his amazing strength and power completely dominate me. “Oh FUCK….your cock is so BIG,” I screamed. “Own this fucking straight boy ass,” I moaned. Karl was now thrusting his cock in and out to the hilt, fast and deep, letting out loud masculine grunts as the sweat continued to pour off him. His stamina was amazing and he didn’t let up at all as he owned my virgin ass. I watched in the mirror as he flexed his chest and biceps, his abs continuously pulled tight by the fucking. After a few minutes I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer, my cock ready to shoot a huge load over the desk despite not touching myself. “Please Karl….I need your load in me,” I begged as he continued to thrust. “Yeah slut? You want me to breed that straight ass?” he thundered. “FUCK! YEAH! Please cum in me,” I moaned. Amazingly, Karl picked up his pace even more, slamming even harder into my ass, balls slapping with each thrust. His deep masculine grunts filled the room and I knew he was getting close. “Cum in this straight boy ass,” I begged, coaxing him on and pushing my ass further back so that was as deep in me as possible. “Oh FUCK slut,” he screamed. “I’m gonna fucking…..”. I felt as his cock swelled in my ass and with a final roar he ploughed into me one last time. I felt his huge load filling me up as my own cock exploded over the desk in the most intense orgasm of my life. Karl collapsed forwards on top of me, sweat pouring off us as we both bucked and moaned from our amazing relief. The huge weight of Karl lying on top of me made the feeling even more intense and I thought I would die if it didn’t end soon. It was several minutes before our breathing began to settle to normal and I had a chance to lift my head off the desk. In the mirror I could see the huge mass of Karl resting on top of me, his massive back swelling with each breath he took. I looked embarrassingly tiny in comparison but I didn’t care, knowing that he owned me now. In my post-orgasm daze I noticed something strange out of the corner of my eye - an odd-looking purple bottle in the open drawer of Karl’s desk. It was upside down and I’d only managed to read the words “Alpha Scent” on the label before Karl’s huge harm loomed into view and the draw was slammed shut. My confusion was quickly replaced by contentment as I drifted into an easy sleep.
  9. Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 4 of 14

    Chapter 3 is here. 4 Olly Monday, August 4th Today has not gone exactly as I planned. I was too busy at the weekend to write this, although now I guess I can see I was busy keeping myself busy, finding excuses not to ruminate. I realised suddenly how much my bedroom belonged to the me before I went to Uni. Perhaps it belonged to the me before Friday, too. I binned my Coldplay poster and went to Homebase for tins of paint. They made my arms ache carrying them home — I suppose I wanted to prove something to myself, and failed. I suppose I proved just how weak I am. And I had long text conversations with Sophie, trying to talk her into giving me a firm date to come up to London. Every time she put me off, I felt I knew absolutely for certain that she had found somebody new. A real man. Someone bigger than me. Someone who can carry two tins of paint back from Homebase without wincing, anyway. Someone who's not another man's bitch. I forgot to mention that on Friday, Mr B.'s only comment on the whole situation was that he didn't like to see me dressing casually. I don't know if he somehow thought I'd initiated the dirty atmosphere by showing my elbows in public, I don't know what he thinks, if anything, but because I am basically in his power, I borrowed a pale blue shirt off Anthony. I didn't think he was so much bigger than me, but he must be, because it was flapping around me. I've never felt so skinny, and my body was slick with sweat by the afternoon. All day, in the heat and silence, feeling I could still smell that girl's juices all day, smell that big guy's sweat, I began to lay real plans for what to do next. I could easily get the bus into Lewisham one afternoon, go to Argos, buy a cheap set of weights, and get to work. I could do it in my bedroom and nobody would know anything was different. It would take a few months for me to see some change, but I was feeling committed. I could get Mum to make protein rich meals, without her quite catching on to what I was doing. I didn't ask myself why I wanted to keep it all a secret. I didn't want to admit that it was about insecurity, about being a man and not a boy. I certainly didn't want to think that it was about sex. And yet the whole day, all I could see was that girl lapping at the big guy's crotch. That could be you, I thought. The guy, not the girl. Obviously. I left the library, ready to throw off that stupid outsize shirt and let the fresh air at my body. I was pretty upbeat about my plans and I was just pursing my lips to whistle when I spotted the Beast waiting for me, on the other side of the road. For a second, I thought about running away. Then I knew I had to fight. It would be like swinging a punch at a brick wall, but anything else and I'd feel like the bitch he had made me on Friday. I set my jaw, balled my fists, and crossed the road. The thing is, when he saw me, he smiled. And as much as it was hard for him to do, it wasn't a scary smile. He suddenly looked told off, like a little boy. 'Hey, bro,' he said. 'Hey,' I said, more squeakily than I intended. 'I was, uh, hoping I'd get to see you.' I didn't let myself relax, even if I could. I did a vague shrug. 'Here I am.' 'You got five minutes?' 'Well...' I didn't feel I could lie to him. And I was full of curiosity now. What did he want? 'Yeah, man, I'm cool for another hour. You want to walk in the park?' 'Cool, bro.' I was desperate to unbutton my shirt and let the cool air get to my skin, but seeing him again was a reminder of his enormous, veiny forearms, his biceps like huge sandbags of flesh, and the massive cubes of muscle that were his chest, each one dimpling his t-shirt with a grape-like nipple. I could make out massed curls of dark hair on that chest also pressing on the thin fabric of his t-shirt. Walk along beside him with my scrawny, hairless body on show? No way. We walked across the grass together. His body rippled slowly as he moved. I wonder if I could ever do the same? Of course I could, it's just a matter of will power. I have that self hidden inside just now. I'm the same as him, he just wears it on the outside. His devotion to size, to power, to strength, is obvious, but it's in me too. I feel it burning now. 'I wanted to apologise for last week,' he said. 'No, don't,' I said. He looked at me dumbly. 'Really?' I hesitated. 'Actually, I suppose you're right. I'm just being polite.' We both laughed. 'Polite is too right,' he said. 'You're too fucking polite, and I don't know what polite is, that's what Estelle said. We ought to meet midway. You ought to smack me in the face, for what I said to you, mate.' 'No,' I said. Again, he smiled. 'I can't,' I said. 'I think I recognised something — not everything — but something true in what you said on Friday.' 'You mean, like, you wanted to be my bitch?' His hand was resting lying on his crotch. I glanced at it to try and see if he had a hard-on. Did that sort of thing turn him on? That was how it seemed on Friday. I couldn't be sure, though — I could see now that he was, well, rather blessed in that department. His big cock bulged inside his jeans, his big hand lightly resting upon it as though upon a small pillow, but I couldn't see whether he had an erection or was just big down there. I realised I had been staring at him, somewhat. 'No!' I exclaimed. 'Of course not!' He smiled. 'I have met guys who... said they wanted that.' I gave a nervous laugh. For a minute, all I could say was, 'Wow.' I looked down at my body, swaddled in Anthony's shirt. 'That must be pretty weird.' 'Yeah, of course,' he said. 'But when you look like this, people feel they have a claim on you.' 'I feel sort of jealous,' I told him. 'Ah, who wouldn't be?' he said, and rolled over on his back. 'Yeah, it's nice having people stare as you walk down the street. Who wouldn't want to be a freak like that? I'd hate to be, you know, normal size.' 'You were normal size at school, though, right?' He stared up at the sky. 'I started working out when I was sixteen. I was getting pretty big when we left school. You went off to develop your mind, right? University and all of that?' 'Astrophysics.' He whistled. 'Well, this is my degree, my qualifications.' He felt his right bicep and squeezed it till it was massive. 'Oh, yes...' I ran my eyes back and forth over his body, laid out on the grass, like it was a car he'd built: the product of five years' hard work. 'Why did you decide to do it?' 'This is who I am,' he said. 'I think that's what you recognised, isn't it? Like you said. This is who you are, too, right? It's just nobody can tell because you're little on the outside.' 'It's not exactly like I should thank you,' I said. 'If you had what I had, you could pin me down and give me what you think I deserve,' he said. 'I'm not a violent person,' I said. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. 'Doing this to your body — it upsets certain balances. You become more than a man, Olly. Your lusts are greater. Sometimes, the red mists come down...' 'Like Friday?' 'Perhaps I saw something in you too,' he said. 'You saw someone you wanted to humiliate,' I said. 'Yeah, but in that moment, it was fun. It was hot. It was for Polly... sort of. I knew it would get her juices flowing, and fuck me, was I right. We came right here. This patch of grass. The sun was beating down. She got my cock out and she just rode it, man. Just spat all over it and rode it till she squirted.' He grabbed his cock now in memory of that ride. I grabbed my own cock, involuntarily, but probably nobody noticed. 'Later, she told me what a cunt I'd been. I was hardly conscious of it at the time, on a chemical high. She told me I should make it up to you. I told her you'd probably prefer her to make it to you, but then, it wasn't her who did all that shit to you on Friday.' 'No,' I said. 'Anyway, I have a girlfriend.' 'Really, man?' he grinned. 'That's cool. What's she like?' 'Beautiful. Clever.' 'Is she crazy for your cock?' I looked down at my hands. 'She's never actually seen me naked. I was hoping that would happen soon, when she visits from Brighton. I'm not sure she's really so interested.' 'Dude, that's not the spirit.' I shrugged. 'I was actually thinking, if you have any tips, about — you know — lifting a few weights.' His hand was suddenly around my arm, sizing it up. His fist pretty much encircled my forearm, no problem, and it was hardly a stretch for him to size up my non-existent bicep. As he squeezed, his own muscle bulged, almost grotesquely. I could smell the sweat in the hairs on his arm. Then he was reaching through Anthony's shirt and feeling up my chest, which is flat all the way down, clumsily pinching my sweaty nipple through the cotton fabric. He felt my scrawny belly and then my thigh as if appraising a cut of meat. Then he laughed. 'Lots of work to do there,' he said. 'I don't think lifting a couple of budget weights from Argos will quite cut it.' My heart sank. I felt so disconsolate, I stopped feeling angry about the way he'd run his hands over me. Why shouldn't he treat me like that? He was obviously used to dealing with the body as simply flesh. He was the best judge I could ask for. Just a shame he'd judged me so harsh. 'Hey, why the long face, bro?' he said, laughing. 'I didn't say it was impossible. But you're going to have to take it serious. To start with, you have to join a gym.' 'I guess.' 'No, really. You need serious equipment if you wanna be...' I finished his sentence with the only word in my mind. 'Big.' 'That's really what you want?' His voice was soft. A shiver went through me, as if I was in a rocket ship during take-off. 'Yeah.' He punched my arm. 'Knew it, bro. I knew it. Hey, I think we ought to have a session right now.' He was suddenly rigid, half rising off the grass. 'You want to come?' 'Where to?' 'Uranus,' he said, and then burst out laughing when he saw my face. 'It's my gym, dickhead. It's not far fro m here, which is one plus point, and I can get you in for free as my spotter.' 'Don't I need to know stuff to do that?' 'Not today,' he said. 'It'll be good to go there with a friend. I never have before.' I followed him out of the park, back into the village. I was telling my surprise new friend about the gym in East Dulwich, the council one that I'd thought of joining. I thought it might still be too expensive for me, though, even though it was the cheapest option. I was trying to hint to him that I didn't exactly have ready funds to join a place full-time. He didn't seem to be getting the gist, though, just kept telling me stories about his first time working out, how he couldn't live without it nowadays. And in spite of myself, I was thinking: this is the first step. No matter how long it takes for the second step, I'm starting on that road down to maximum size. I already have a guy like the Beast on my side, someone to ask questions, someone to encourage me. No, more than that. A true friend who understands that desire to make your biceps grow, the pleasure in inspiring envy in other guys, the longing to make your belly solid, to make your very grip an object of destruction. A brother in muscle. Maybe even more than that. His gym is in a corner of the village that I've not visited before, near the art gallery The building looks Victorian. There's a big bronze plaque on the wall, but I would never have guessed before now the sort of thing that happened inside. In fact, there was a sort of mystery to the place that made me think the gym might not be the whole story. I'm not sure exactly what I mean — I hadn't tried to put it into words until now. Anyway, it did have a gym inside it, and apparently it's men only. I suppose that is a bit odd, but not unheard of, and I was secretly relieved. I don't want any girls — especially fit girls — seeing me in this state. Only once I've put on some mass. Of course, I could never afford to join the Beast's gym. Its top of the range, high class. But more on that later. He wanted to show me the ropes, he said. Obviously, I couldn't go into the gym in my work clothes, but the Beast keeps a set of gym clothes in the locker room. In one smooth move he pulled off his Uranus Gyms tee and handed it to me. 'It'll do for today at least,' he said. 'Sorry if it pongs a bit.' A dark smell hung around the fabric: I suppose it was just sweat, but it had a sort of animal tang to it. I wondered if he worked with animals somewhere. I wondered if he worked at all. Was he a kept man? I realised I was staring at his naked chest, the dark hair slicked down with perspiration over his massive pecs like a Japanese silk screen print of a forested mountain. His nipples were immense and dark, and something about the smell of the shirt and the way he looked at me, I momentarily wondered what it would be like to put my mouth around one. God knows, I was that worked up about the idea of visiting a gym for the first time. Crazy the way your brain runs sometimes. I peeled Anthony's shirt from my sweat-sodden body, and the Beast looked me over and gave a little chortle. Seeing my expression he said, 'No, but you've got hardly any body fat at all. That's good. You may be scrawny but you'll show the muscle much sooner.' Heartened, I undid the fly on my trousers and pulled them to my ankles. I caught him looking at my chicken legs, and obviously deciding not to comment. He handed me a spare pair of shorts and I pulled them on, tightening the cord as far as they would go to make up for my lack of girth. I looked away as he was changing into his shorts, beginning to worry he was getting the wrong idea. He seemed cheerful, though. I really think he's been working out on his own this past three years. The actual space with the equipment was immediately intimidating. Overhead strip lights cast shadows in all directions. The equipment glinted in the glare, like the beads of sweat in the Beast's cropped hair. To start he had us doing press-ups, just as warm-ups. I remember doing these, no problem, when I was a kid. Well, this time I had a problem. I didn't understand at first, till the Beast pointed out how much more weight I have to press now, even in my minuscule condition. He, on the other hand, moved like a piece of machinery, rising and falling smoothly, a little hiss of breath escaping on every exertion. I tried again and managed about five before my arms crumpled and I fell to the floor. Like I said, that was just the start. Next we did some stretches. That was a lot easier, of course, but still I could feel how out of shape I was, how unskilled, how used to just slouching about. The Beast showed me how to stretch out my chest muscles, how to relax my neck. He got me to lie on my back with a leg in the air, and he pressed against me, ensuring I was stretched as far as I could go. His big dick was pressing against my thigh through my gym shorts, and suddenly I pictured him doing this with his girlfriend. Estelle, he'd called her. The one who had told him he should prostrate himself before me. Well, the reverse seemed to have happened. Did he stretch her out like he was doing me? Do girls have to do that when their men have big knobs like he does? Does Sophia expect that from me? Could I ever stretch her out the way a real man like the Beast could do? I mustn't feel down about this. If I put on muscle it'll make up for my little dick. God, she'll be on heat 24-7, she'll never look at another guy, knowing what I can do to her. What he could do to her now. Yes, I mustn't let him meet her... Next he took me over to the dumbbell bench, standing against a wall of mirrors. He picked up a couple of big weights, 30kg I'm pretty sure, and began doing alternating bicep curls, slowly bringing the weight up toward his shoulder, his forearms suddenly springing out with vascularity, his biceps bulging outward. Well, I thought, I'm not going to try and lift the same as him. I picked up 20kg. Perhaps I should have asked first. I stood beside him, watching him alternating these big blocks of metal, and I couldn't get either of mine even above waist height. My muscles were straining and my arms were shaking and I managed to raise the right one, but the left one just wasn't happening at all. This is real, I told myself. This is strength, and lack of strength. It's not just aesthetic. This is about what you can and can't lift. I put back the 20kg, tried it with 10kg, put that back and started with 5kg. The Beast met my eye in the mirror, and smiled. 'I'll lead you through a routine,' he told me. We did alternating dumbbell curls, and then a set of dips — the kind of thing I did all the time on the staircase when I first arrived at St Edward's, I know it, but something I couldn't manage at all now — to lift yourself up, basically, to rest on your forearms and then lever yourself back into the air. Fortunately, you can set the machine so that it helps you a bit. Naturally, the Beast needed no help. In fact, he looked in danger of buckling the dip station. He showed me how to do pull-ups, too, the reverse situation essentially. I managed a couple, and stood back to watch him pull himself off the ground like a mountain climber. We went back and forth, doing sets on the dip station and the dumb-bells, until I ended up back where I'd been with the too-heavy weights. My heart sank, but he explained that's all part of the process. If you don't push yourself to the point where you can't go on, your muscle will never be torn, never be stimulated, never grow. He knows all about it. He's grown from something much like me into something — dangerously big. Then he took me over to the bench where the barbells stood in racks. This was something else I'd seen on TV. I tried picking them up, testing the weight, and found I was just about comfortable with a 15kg. I lay down on the bench as he directed, and he stood over my face, explaining what I had to do. I looked up directly along the mass of his thighs, the huge mound of his dick in his shorts, the hill of his belly, and the peaks of his chest. I felt like he could have crushed me, harder than that barbell, if he'd wanted to. He grabbed my hands in his huge paws and positioned them precisely on the bar, getting me to hold it directly over my chest so that it grazed my nipples. That was the line I had to keep coming back to. I lifted it high, in a quick smooth motion as instructed, and lowered it slowly to my nipples, the cold iron bar weighing solidly upon them through his t-shirt. I managed to do the number of repetitions he suggested, each time the bar pressing more firmly on my nipples. I could feel a strange sense of power below my forearms, which stayed ramrod straight throughout. I had benchpressed 15kg for the first time in my life! He made me do some wrist extenders then, to work on my forearms, and then back to the bench press. Round and round till the strength in my chest muscles gave out and the bar rolled across my chest. I felt so fucking good. I felt like there was some power hidden in me that was beginning to flame into life. It waned slightly when I saw how much the Beast was pressing. He had to load plates onto the bar specially and fit them into the rack. Then he asked me to stand behind him, just where he had stood before, and he looked up at me from where he lay on the bench. I had to hold the bar, and if I felt like he was losing control of it, I had to heave with all my might and stop it, I suppose, landing on his throat. That neck of his was looking so huge and muscular that I joked the bar would just bounce off it, and he laughed, but he was still businesslike. The first ten reps, he did with his usual machine smoothness. I watched the muscles working in his arms. God, how enormous were they. My own were like bits of nylon compared to knots of rope. He rested, then went for ten more reps, and these were slower, and his face was red and straining. The last of his final ten reps, he gasped and lost control of the weight. It was too heavy even for him. I did all I could to hold it above him, but it was like gravity and decided to take it and I couldn't quarrel with him. He just managed to catch it at the last moment and settle it down on his barrel chest. 'Fuck,' he said. It was an intense moment, seeing him lose control. It was only a tiny thing, the briefest moment, but I felt like he had shown me some of the vulnerability he had forced out of me on Friday. I think any last doubts about the respect between us were quashed in that moment. 'How was that?' he asked, staring up at me with slightly mad eyes. His giant chest was rising and falling as he caught his breath. 'Fucking good,' I told him, with a slightly embarrassed smile. 'Want to do some more?' I nodded. 'You know,' he said, 'I need a spotter here. I always have to ask people, and they never want to. If you're interested, we could work out together all week.' 'Well, I -' I was about to make my excuses, but he cut across me. 'I can get you a free membership, of course. I'm close to senior people in Uranus.' For a second I didn't quite follow what he meant. Then I was grinning. 'Okay,' I said, 'Cool.' 'Let's do some more,' he said. 'Yeah,' I said. He did shoulder presses next. 'My shoulders are shit, mate,' he said, a sad little look in his face. He wouldn't let me disagree. 'You don't know strength yet,' he said. 'You'll see how bad my shoulders were.' He got me put my hands under his biceps for the final rep, so he could go through the burn and lift, even when his arms were tiring. He pressed massive dumbbells over his head, with multiple weights the size of an LP. He grunted and gasped as he went, and again I began fantasising about him and Estelle, and how hard he fucked her. When you're big, do you have to be careful, the power you fuck at? Or do they want you to give them everything you have. God, I want to find out. We went into separate cubicles when we showered off. I thought about him and Estelle and found my dick was rock hard. I had a bar of soap with me, so I sudsed myself up and had a nice slow, slippery wank. The Beast was in the cubicle next to me, and I could see him through the glass. I wondered if I should tell him what I was doing. Is that the sort of thing men do? No, I think they probably don't. He called through to say that he was going to towel himself off, and at the very same moment I spunked up the glass wall of the cubicle, biting my lip. I had to stand there and carefully rinse the cum off the glass. I was careful to wrap myself in a towel after. I don't want him to see how small I am down there. Afterwards, he gave me a protein shake he made himself. He keeps flasks of it in his locker. It was bright red, and it smelt like Hell. It didn't exactly taste like chilled champagne, either, but I love it for that. It tastes like hard work, which is what my life is going to be about from now on. Hard work and dedication, and building myself into my ideal. I saw the Beast's vulnerable side today. However strong you are, you reach a point where something overpowers you. I love that guy, but one day I've decided I'll take him to that point. And then he'll be where he had me, down on his knees.
  10. Too Big - Part Nine

    “So, Adonis, I’ve told you a lot about myself, but you’ve shared no information. How about you tell me a story about yourself.” “What would you like to hear, Atlas?” “Well, let’s start with this – besides me, who is the biggest guy you’ve ever known.” “That’s easy. His name is Rex and he’s the bodybuilder I dated for about a year – until he kicked me out of my own house about a week ago.” “What do you mean out of your own house?” “So, here’s the story. About a year and a half ago I started going to a new gym. I had wanted to start anew – feeling I was getting a little too set in my ways. Anyway, I joined this place near my house – specifically because it didn’t seem too intimidating. Average guys worked out there, so I felt like I’d be more comfortable. Since I usually work out in the early mornings, I did see a few bigger guys who took advantage of the quiet and small crowds. One day, I was doing some bench presses, minding my own business when suddenly I heard this deep voice near me. “Hey squirt, don’t let your back come off the bench when you push up.” I looked around and saw a very muscular man sitting on a bench near me. He was staring at me while he took a rest from benching a much more heavily loaded bar. I wasn’t sure he was talking to me, so I looked the other way to see if anyone else was near. “Dude, you’re the only squirt within talking distance. The big man is giving you some important advice. Don’t arch your back while you bench that little weight you’ve got on the bar. You’ll hurt yourself.” In spite of better judgment I decided to ignore his cockiness and blatant demeaning words and engage him. I sat up and took a better look. He was, indeed, a big man. Nothing close to you, Atlas, but compared to me he was massive. I had never had a guy so big talk to me – engage me in that way – so it was kind of flattering. I somehow became confident, myself, and answered back in a way I hoped would please him. “Thanks for the advice, it’s quite clear you know what you’re talking about.” “Why’s that, little man?” “You’re huge, that’s why.” This clearly pleased the big man. He bounced his pecs teasingly and then looked down at himself. He didn’t immediately look back up – no, he actually took a long gaze at his own body – as if he was seeing it for the first time. Suddenly, it dawned on me that he was, in fact, just taking time to admire himself. I caught on immediately that he was a complete narcissist. Later, I would come to regret it, but I wasn’t turned off by his actions or words at he time. In fact, I was actually turned on. His cockiness made me desire him even more. Every part of my brain told me to ignore him, but the way his arms bulged out of his tank top made another part of my body too excited to not engage him. He stared at himself for far too long, but he finally looked up and spoke. “Yeah, I am huge. Especially next to you. What are you, ten years old?” “Um . . . I’m thirty.” “Thirty! Geez, is this your first day in a gym, squirt?’ “Not exactly.” “Well, it looks like it.” He stood up and my mouth went dry. He was gorgeous – well, at least to me. I hadn’t been with a man for a long time, so I was also a little desperate. He was okay looking – in that sleazy gym-rat kind of way, but his body was what I considered, at the time, perfect. He had really broad shoulders, huge slabs of meat for pecs, big arms, and quads that showed he didn’t skip leg day like some guys. And he was, indeed, much bigger than me. One of the problems with being a muscle worshipper is that you tend to ignore or miss things about certain big guys – just because you desire bulges so much. Looking back, I now know I should have noticed the slight potbelly through the shirt – clearly too many beers a night for chiseled abs. I should have noticed the injection marks all over his body and immediately known it was steroids that made him cocky. I also should have noticed a meanness in his gaze, since I’d come to know it soon enough. But all of those things went unnoticed because I so wanted to be with a big guy – to me, he looked like Mr. Olympia. He sauntered over to me and reached down to squeeze my biceps. He tightened his hand around it until pain shot through my biceps. I let out a muffled squeal and he squeezed harder – as if it was a warning – and then let go. “Yep, just as I thought – no bigger than a ten-year old. Grab hold of this, dweeb, and see what a real man feels like.” He flexed his impressive biceps and then grabbed my hand, placing it on his arm. The thing didn’t bulge like yours, Atlas. It was more like a big mound, but for me it was the closest I had ever been to a guy so big. My cock was instantly hard as steel and I started groping the muscle – hungry to feel a big man. He chuckled a little and watched as I ran my small hand all over his arm and shoulder. “So the little bitch likes muscle, does he? Well, this is your lucky day, runt. I’ve been looking for a nice little guy to do my bidding. How ‘bout you and me go back to your place and have some fun.” He flexed his arm while he spoke. It seemed so big to me. The guy did tower over me and clearly outweighed me by about seventy-five pounds. I wasn’t thinking straight, so – of course – I thought I had hit the jackpot. I immediately stood up – thinking we were about to go, but the big man put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed hard. I winced from the pain and he forced me back down on the bench. “Did I say you could get up, dude, or stop massaging my big arm? No, I did not. In order for this new relationship to work, you’re going to have to do everything Big Rex says – everything. You got that, runt?” “Um . . . yes.” “Yes, Mr. Rex!” “Uh . . . yes, Mr. Rex.” “That’s a good little runt.” “Um, Mr. Rex, my name is…” “No, no! Did I ask for your name? No I did not. Big Rex is just going to call you runt. That’ll be your new name. Got it, runt. Yeah, shake that head up and down. Don’t worry; I’ll let you grope my big body in return for your good behavior. That’s my bag over by the mirror. You pick it up and follow me out of here – stay a good two feet behind me like a good little runt. If the bag’s too heavy for your little body, then drag it out the door. But no matter what, little one, you keep up with me. You don’t want to make Rex angry by making him wait for even half a minute.” He let go of my shoulder, but the pain lingered for a while. He turned and started walking away. A smarter man would have taken the chance to run, but all I could see were wide shoulders, a big back, and arms that flared out nicely. I was a muscle junkie who needed a fix. I went and grabbed his bag, surprised by how heavy it was, but I didn’t lose any ground. I stayed behind the big man like an obedient puppy. When we got out to the parking lot he turned to me. “What little car does the little runt dive.” “The dark blue Lexus over there.” “Impressive, runt. Let’s go.” “What about your car, Mr. Rex.” “Big Rex used to take public transportation, but now he has a blue Lexus.” “Telling the story now, Atlas, I see all the warning signs that were like bombs going off all around me, but – at the time – I just wanted to spend some time with a big man. It’s amazing what being around muscles will do to certain men. I’m not very proud of myself, but at least I’m honest about why I did it.” Rex wouldn’t let me drive my own car. He insisted that the smaller guy had to be the rider. I gave him my keys reluctantly and then gave him directions on how to get to my house. He drove entirely too fast and cussed out every other driver on the road. He could tell I was a little scared so he offered me his big biceps to fondle on the way home. That helped me to ignore his rants and his reckless driving. When we got to my house he let out a whistle and said he was very impressed. I was happy he liked it. When we got inside he insisted I take him on a tour of what he called his new home. What he said didn’t really register because he had taken off his tank top once inside the door and allowed me to grope his chest for a few minutes – as if he were giving me little gifts to keep me distracted. It clearly worked. When we got to the master bedroom he told me it would work out perfect for him and then dived onto the bed. He bounced up and down – noticing the springs squeaked a little. “I’m afraid those squeaks are going to get louder and louder every time I pound your little ass, runt. Get over her and massage my back.” He flipped over on his stomach and pulled one of the big pillows under his head. I immediately went over, kicked my shoes off, and then crawled on top of him, straddling his ass. I reached up and started with his shoulders. I ignored the slight pudge that seemed to surround his muscles and simply tried to give him pleasure. “Damn, your hands are smaller than a baby’s and even weaker. Put some muscle into it runt.” I doubled my efforts and squeezed his skin with what I hoped he found a tighter grip. Within five minutes into the massage, Rex was sound asleep and snoring loudly. At first I didn’t know what to do, so I simply continued to massage him – mainly because I got to grope his big body. After about forty-five minutes it became clear he wasn’t going to wake up any time soon, so I lay down beside him – staring at his big arm until I fell asleep, as well. I dreamed of muscle, which gave me a raging hard on. Suddenly, I was awakened by Big Rex’s hand gripping my hard cock and squeezing the life out of it. “Looks like the runt was dreaming of Big Rex. Get up, little man, I’m hungry. What are you going to fix me to eat.” He let go of my cock, but it took me at least a minute curled up on the bed to get rid of the pain so I could stand. Rex had conveniently gone in to take a shower and was singing some cheesy love song at the top of his lungs. I went into the bathroom and stared at his naked body – again, oblivious to all the things that proved he was no real bodybuilder and only seeing how huge he was to me. I was slightly disappointed when I saw the size of his cock and it was clear he saw it in my eyes. “Don’t worry, runt. I’m a grower – not a show-er. Besides, it’s more about knowing what to do with the tool. Trust me, I’ll have you walking funny in no time. Now go make me some dinner.” He threw his arms into a double biceps pose and smiled. Again, it was his way of keeping me full of desire. You would have thought I had just figured out my muscle fetish and I was seeing a Hercules film for the first time – that’s how crazy with desire he made me. All I wanted to do was make the big stud in my shower dinner and then get the chance to feel his muscles. I’m afraid by this point I had already fallen down the rabbit’s hole and I was not coming back anytime soon. I prepared a feast for a king and when he came into the kitchen in nothing but some purple posers my lust jumped into overdrive and I treated him like some kind of god. I had made two place settings at the dining room table – across from each other – and had even lit some candles. He came into the room and immediately moved his place setting to the end of the table – beside mine, not across. “Big daddy always sits at the head of the table and the little boy sits to his left. Don’t ever forget the hierarchy again, runt. This meal looks very good. You’ve done well. Where’s the wine for your big man, though?” As if to lessen the sting of what he had just done and said, Rex grabbed me behind my head and quickly smashed my face into his right pec. It actually hurt a lot, but then he pressed my mouth against his nipple and I knew I was supposed to suck. I forgot about the pain as I went to town on his hairy nub. And just like that, it was over. He released my head and motioned for me to go get the wine. I was too excited by the brief interaction with his big pec that I simply did as he said. I celebrated the fact that I had a huge man in my house. It was like I was walking on clouds – that’s how deeply I was in denial. I came back into the dining room and he had already started – not thinking twice about me. I started to open the wine, but he waved me to give him the bottle. “That’s the man’s job, runt. Sit down and eat. You’ll need your strength later on, so get some nourishment.” I was foolishly overjoyed to sit beside him. He opened the wine, poured himself a full glass and then poured me a half of one. When he saw my face he merely said I was so small that any other amount would put me under the table. I came to realize much later on that he simply wanted more for himself. We ate in silence for a few minutes – him chewing with his mouth open and slurping down his wine. I didn’t notice, though, because every now and then he’d flex his arm to throw me a bone. It worked and I stayed very happy. Halfway through the meal, Rex ordered me to go get another bottle of wine. I, still, had only been given half a glass, so that meant the big man was starting to get a little tipsy and slur his words. The alcohol seemed to brighten his spirits, at least at first. He pushed his chair back and patted his bare thighs. “Come sit in this big man’s lap, little one.” The idea of being that close to him made me ignore his comments on my size. He positioned me across his legs and reached down to grab my hand, placing it on his huge pec. He was giving me the okay to grope. I didn’t need to be invited twice. I started kneading his pec – shocked a little by how flabby it seemed, but every now and then he’d tense it and I’d get a jolt to my crotch. At one point I leaned in forward to kiss him, but he turned his head and grabbed my hair with his big hand. He pulled my own head backwards, roughly, and held me there. “No kissing, runt. My lips won’t be soiled by the likes of you. I’m here to feed your need for muscle, not to be some kind of husband and wife. I save my lips for others. I may let the boys get off on my body, but it’s the ladies that get the best of me. Don’t you forget it, either. You just keep playing with Rex’s big body and you’ll get your satisfaction.” The shock his words caused clearly showed on my face as he let go of my hair. It immediately softened his tone and he flexed his arm – inviting me to feel it. I did, hesitantly at first, but then he flexed and I was a goner. “Don’t be shocked that big Rex is bi, little man. That’s gonna make you even happier. It’s what makes me more masculine that all those other guys you’ve been with. Here’s to a long relationship between the two of us. I like our house. It’s going to suit me just fine.” The impact of his words dissipated as soon as he put a big hand behind my head and pushed my face into his bulging biceps. I lost all control of my body and as my lips and tongue explored his flexed arm I emptied a muscle-loving load into my underwear. He laughed out loud as he felt my body convulsing from its ejaculation. As soon as my body calmed down, Rex became very gentle. He stood up, lifting me into his arms at the same time, leaned over to blow out the candles and then carried me to the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and then lay down next to me. Within two minutes the guy was snoring like a foghorn and I finally drifted off to sleep, as well. I was awakened around four o’clock by a pretty hard slap to my face. It took a few minutes for me to fully register what was happening. Rex was trying to get me awake and fast – he had my legs against his shoulders and he was trying to shove his semi-hard cock up my ass. I was instantly awake. I could tell Rex was still pretty drunk. He was in no shape to perform the task he was attempting. I asked him to stop and he struck my face again – this time it was harder. “Quiet, bitch! Let me concentrate.” It was clear that no amount of concentration was going to help the man. After a few minutes of him slamming his crotch against my butt he fell on me exhausted. Feeling his heaviness on me – and noticing the muscles that seemed to envelope me – made me somewhat forget what had just happened and helped me to enjoy the moment. The big man was clearly asleep again and I figured all of what had just happened had been done in his sleep. It’s amazing what we’ll forgive when we’re suddenly satisfied by something else. I loved having him on top of me. I loved groping his arms and feeling his big chest pushing into me. I laughed because I suddenly realized my pants were still on – and Rex still had on his posers. This had clearly been something he was attempting in his sleep. He would remember none of this tomorrow. The sting of his slap, however, was still on my face. I hope you don’t judge me, Atlas, but over the next few months I came to fear Rex as much as I liked him. It was wild how he could wrap me around his finger when he wanted to. He’d flex for me, he’d let me rub him down with oil, he’d let me measure his muscles, and he’d let me make him happy. At the same time he could be so cruel. I quickly figured out that he had nowhere else to go. I put two and two together and realized he’d been living with different friends for a long time and spent what little money he made on steroids and gym memberships. All he wanted to do was get bigger, which was happening – mainly because of the steroids. The hitting was not frequent and so I could foolishly forgive him after he would cry, beg my forgiveness, buy me gifts, and then take off his shirt for me to worship him. Only now can I realize he brought nothing to the relationship. He only used me for the things he needed. About a month ago I told him I wanted him out of my life – forever. I told him I would go to the police if he did not leave. He laughed and told me to go ahead. That very next day I did, indeed, go to the police station and a very kind inspector listened to my story. When I was done, he sighed, and told me that this was not a police matter – it was a lover’s quarrel and maybe going to some counseling together would help. I had been too embarrassed to tell the officer that Rex was hitting me. I left, completely deflated, and went home. Once there, I found out that Rex had changed all the locks on the doors and left a bunch of my clothes on the front lawn. “I’ve spent the last few weeks in a hotel and meeting with lawyers to figure out what the next step might be. Our crazy state has laws about cohabitation and partners and shared assets. It’s so disturbing and frustrating. I’d just like to be rid of the man for once and for all.” Atlas looked down at the cute man in front of him – with so much tenderness it was almost overwhelming. He had listened to the smaller man’s story with disbelief and complete understanding at the same time. Adonis could sense that the big man did not judge him in the least. He could feel that, somehow, Atlas understood. The two men stood there for a few minutes – completely ‘in touch’ with the other. There was no need for words, really, but finally Atlas spoke. “Listen, this Rex fella does not represent all big men. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t represent any decent man – no matter the size. Remember that I told you my father had a profound talk with me when I was younger and I was bigger than everyone around me. That talk shapes the core of me to this day . . . and beyond. With size and strength comes great responsibility. Bullies who use their strength to put others down or – god forbid – to hurt other people only do it because they aren’t big men on the inside. You can have all the muscles in the world – all the strength – and still be small. That’s what this Rex guy is – he’s small on the inside. He’s clearly so ashamed of something within him that he takes it out on others. You deserve better than that, Adonis. Yes, your lust for muscle and a big man got in the way of your judgment, but that’s pretty normal. I’m so sorry you had to endure such a long time of being abused by someone so unworthy of you. And it was abuse, no matter what you say. I’m so sorry he hurt you so much.” The smaller man’s legs wobbled again and tears welled up in his eyes. It was the first time someone had said such loving things to him. He had almost given up hope on decent people existing in the world. The giant in front of him wrapped his big arms around Adonis’ shoulders and pulled him into a big muscle hug. The little guy let the sobs come and cried into the huge chest of his companion. It took about five minutes for the moment to pass. Atlas never stopped hugging, never stopped saying encouraging things. Adonis finally pulled away from the larger man and said thank you. After both men took a final sip of their drinks, Atlas signaled for the check, and then turned to the other guy. “Come on, let’s go.” “Where?” “Where else, Adonis? Let’s go get your house back and teach Rex a lesson.” “What? No, that’s okay. They guy is crazy and no telling what he’ll do. I really appreciate it, man, but let’s just stay here and have another drink.” “Does Adonis think his Atlas can’t take care of some other big man? Have you learned nothing from our conversation this evening, good sir? Taking car of bullies is my specialty. Remember, my father encouraged me to be a superhero. Besides, who else is going to be able to get back what rightfully belongs to you? The police? They called it nothing more than a lover’s spat. Lawyers? Do you really want to waste a lot of money and time waiting for that? Let Atlas help you, buddy. It would really make me happy. I love putting bullies in their place and I haven’t gotten to do it in a very long time.” “But he’s put new locks on the doors.” “Do you really believe that there’s a lock that could keep these out?” The big man flexed his humongous arms. Something stirred deeply in both men. Their desire for justice was definitely second to something else. It was their lust for Atlas showing off his strength. And both of them were suddenly very hard in anticipation of what was to come. Atlas had lowered one arm to pay the bill. He then put it back into a flex. “What do you say, Adonis?” “Let’s go get my house back.”
  11. Jeff College Roommate Part 6

    Jeff the roommate part 6 As time went by Jeff and I continued to grow stronger or should I say, Jeff grew stronger and I just stayed between 115 and 120lbs. I was his live-in tutor and cook, and he was my, well, let us just say, he grew stronger. We had no more incidents with the football team other than them inviting us to a few of their parties that we had a lot of fun at. Jeff’s grade point average climbed and by winter break, he and I were both at 3.85 gpa. He was so glad that I could help him with his grades, because in high school he barely squeaked by. I was still able to work with some of the football team and helped them as well. It was a good start to freshman year. Jeff’s strength continued to climb, like I said earlier. We would go to the gym together and I would either climb, swim or run, while Jeff went straight to the free weights and pounded the weights for hours. Our trip back to the dorm room usually consisted of him fastening me to his back like a backpack and him running or should I say sprinting around the campus taking the long way home. It got to a point that he could no longer use my body weight to warmup doing double arm curls. It was warmup when he grab the harness with one arm and just curled the hell out of me, I’m talking reps in excess of 100, then switch arms, for usually 3-4 sets. Then he’d smile and say that’s a good warmup. For him to warmup his pecs, he would put the beds on top of each other, toss me on it and maybe a dresser too. Again performing triple digit reps for 4-5 sets. Of course, while he was using his favorite weight I would be tutoring him at the same time. How strong did he get, you may ask. Well let’s just say, if I put him in an arm bar, he’d just smile at me and bring his hand to his chest over and over, laughing at my feeble attempts to wrestle him. There was a time that he came home acting pissed off due to a test he took. He pushed me against the wall, then wrapped my tshirt around his index finger, while blaming me for the score he got. With just his finger to hold me, slid me up the wall with ease. Then with just his finger pulled me away from the wall and then slammed against the wall, not hard, just enough to let me know the strength he had in one finger. As he did this about, 10 times he pulled the test out of his pocket, unfolded it, and pushed it into my face, still blaming me for the grade. I grabbed the test from him and held it up blocking his face. I looked at the paper and damn if it wasn’t a perfect score. As I lowered the paper, he had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face and my body was hanging from his finger. He quickly set me down wrapped his anaconda arms around me and lifted me into a massive bear hug, thanking me over and over. When he put me down I started to beat on him as hard as I could, “You scared the hell out me ya big lug, I thought you failed it. You overgrown gorilla, I about to shit myself and you held me with just your freakin finger ya big ox.” All the while I am hitting anywhere I can reach and he’s laughing at me. Winter break was coming fast and I wasn’t sure to go home or just hang out at the school. Jeff came home one day from school and as usual, I donned my harness and was ready for a trip to the gym. Jeff was smiling so big I thought he was gonna burst. He sauntered up standing right in front of me, grab both of the chest straps and slowly curled me into the air. Face to face with him and me just hanging from 27” biceps. “Dude how about we spend winter break together?” he asked “Um but um well are you asking or telling me?” as I glanced from his face to my feet and them being over two feet off the ground. “I’m asking.” As he started to do curls with me. “Where and why not go home?” I asked as my body swayed to his reps. “Well I just got an email from my grandparents and they want me to go to their place and watch it while they go to Hawaii over the holidays. He sent me air fare for two, it’ll be a blast. Big house, pool, secluded, even spending money too.” 30 reps and not slowing down. “Well, im not sure.” I state and with that the movement stops at 46 and so does his smile. He brings me in very close to his face, “What do you mean, you’re not sure?” I glance at his body and every muscle is getting tense and I feel his grip get even tighter than normal. Jeff is glaring at me and talking through tight teeth. “Are you telling me you would rather go home and have your step-father and brother beat you up or torture you like before. You told me that your step brother used to fasten you to weight bars and hang you for hours in the corner of his room or your step dad used to put bicycle inner tubes on you and hang you in the garage. They both would take turns lifting you and tossing you back and forth. Really, you want to go back to that, REALLY?” I just started laughing, hysterically. “Gotcha back, you little tard, remember the test, now don’t mess with me, little boy.” Keep in mind my feet are two feet off the ground and he is like a statue. I just kept laughing, and then he started laughing too. “When do we leave big guy?” I asked as I pat his shoulder. “Tomorrow. We’ll miss that last two days of school but it shouldn’t matter. Let’s get packing.” As he throws me about 7 feet in the air and a span of the room as I land on my bed about 20 feet away. Flight was good and his grandparents driver met us at the terminal and was aghast at how big Jeff had gotten. With a short drive to the hills and a long driveway. His grandparents met us at the door. Of course, they too were amazed at his size and he introduced me as his roommate and friend. They toured us through the house and then took us out to a very expensive restaurant. They left the following morning. Now just him and I alone in this big house. What do we do first? After Jeff’s grandparents left, the butler told us breakfast was ready. Jeff and I sat at the table and there was so much food, but Jeff made quick work of most of it. It was like fine dining. After breakfast we asked the driver and butler to come sit with us to get to know them. We convinced them that they could relax and didn’t need to wear suits all the time. The butler and driver were about the same size, 5’8 around 160 and they were assigned to do whatever we need them to do. The butler was also the cook and Jeff told him what we would like to eat. We also asked them if there are some fun bars in the area and they look at each other, smile, and tell us about a gay bar not far. Then we find out they are partners and live on the property in a bungalow out back. We tell them about us and how I’m the brains and he’s the brawn. We all decide to go for a swim in the huge pool out back. We all got changed and met on the deck beside the Olympic sized pool. Jeff came over and stood in front of me. He was wearing board shorts and they didn’t hide any muscle at all, in fact, the shorts were so tight it looked like a second skin on his thighs. He slipped his hands into my armpits and smiled. My feet left the ground and I traveled up to his face. “Ready for a swim?” He asked with a huge grin. “Don’t you dare as I grabbed his forearms. I mean it, you’ll be sorry.” I said with a grin He walked to the deep end of the pool, “really? And who is going to make me sorry, YOU?” then Jeff started to laugh loud and hard. He tossed me straight up into the air about a foot and spun me catching me so that I was now facing the pool. “Don’t do it.” I said with a laugh. “Enjoy your flight.” He said as he launched me about 6 feet into the air, arching over the pool so that my decent would be in the middle of the deep end. I started to fall and quickly pulled my legs up and cannon-balled into the water. Jeff walked over to the other two who were watching with amazement and just smilled. “Ya know this would be so much easier if I had harnesses for you two.” The butler raised his finger as if to say wait and headed for the garage. He returned with three full body harness. “The boss bought these when we were replacing the roof wanted us to be safe.” I had come out of the pool and joined them and the three of us proceed to put on the harnesses. Jeff came to each one of us and tightened the strap to the point they were tight but they wouldn’t come off. “Um you aren’t planning to toss us around like him are you? I mean we both weigh a bit more that he does. I mean you tossed him like his was a beach ball. You really think you can lift us?” Jeff smiled at them and then looked at me and gave a wink. The butler and driver were standing side by side. Jef grabbed the center of their harnesses with each hand. “I will do my best not to hurt you and I hope you guys don’t mind being off the ground most of the afternoon?” Jeff slowly starts to curl both of them nice and steady. “Your extra 40 pounds will help get me a pump a little faster than little Billy here. And yes, I fully intend to lift and toss you three for most of the afternoon.” Jeff completes a full arm curl with his two new weights and they are aghast at his bicep and his feat of strength. I am standing there with the biggest grin and hardon I have ever had. Jeff started to walk to the deep end of the pool holding the two about two feet off the ground. I see their legs swaying back and forth and their arms at their side swaying too. Jeff slowly moves them to each side of him. Then slowly cocks his arms back and grunts as he flings them into the air and into the water. I followed Jeff and was standing next to him, his throw looked easy again and he just kept smiling the whole time. I wasn’t paying attention to Jeff after the throw I was watching how far they flew. I was brought back when I felt something grab the back of my harness, I looked up and saw Jeff’s massive arm above me reaching to my back. “Get in there, ya little runt.” Jeff says as I am propelled like a torpedo coming out of a sub. Quick thinking I lifted my arms into a superman pose and it was like I was flying into the water, only I was about six feet off the water and flew a good 20 feet. The afternoon progressed with the three of us trying to take down the ‘monster’ called Jeff. We never did take him off is feet and he just kept lifting us out of the water then throwing us. At one point, he called us to the shallow end and said he wanted to try a few things. Jeff proceeded to grab the front of Craig and Jeremy’s harness and lifted them to his side. They both grabbed his bicep and could not stop talking about how hard and huge they were. They even punched them and Jeff was loving the attention. He then powered them both overhead and held them about 6 inches from each other. Then commenced a set of 50 reps with the 160-pound living ‘dumbbells’. He set them down and turned them so Jeremy was facing Craig, using some rebar that was laying against the fence, weaved and bent the bar so they were fastened together. Jeff grabbed the front of the harness with both hands and slowly curled them off the ground. He smiled huge that he was able to do it. “320 pound bicep curl,” he bellowed as he did 30 reps with them. Jeff grabbed me and fasted me to the back of Jeremy. I looked up at him, “Jeff, you’re looking at 420 pound curl. I know you’ve done more in the Gym but this is a little different.” Jeff just looked at me and did a double bicep flex, “you doubt this mountain of pure power?” then laughed. Again both hands grabbed Craig’s harness, I felt my feet come off the ground as he curled three men and then to all of our astonishment, he completed 30 reps with the last few being hard, but he did it. Jeff was certainly getting a workout with his little toys. With the three of us still fastened, he carried us to the edge of the pool and put his massive right leg between ours and started curling us. His thigh ballooned up so massive and Craig held his hands on it as he curled us. After 30 reps, he put us down and did the left leg. This mountain of muscle was using three, THREE, grown men to workout with. Jeff unfastened us, oh by the way, the rebar he used was half inch and he bent and unbent it like it was a simple rope. The butler, Craig, excused himself and made us lunch. While we were eating on the deck chairs, Craig mentioned that we should plan to go out to eat, then hit the bars. We all agreed and took in the sun relaxing until we headed out for an interesting night...
  12. Too Big - Part Eight

    The smaller man smiled, but at the same time he rested his small hand on the giant one of his new friend. He knew, even though the big man had been kind; that having the Professor still in his life would have been what he preferred. Both men, again, glanced down at the size difference of hands on the bar and unbeknownst to either of them two crotches twitched at the sight – at precisely the same time. The smaller guy wondered seriously how it was possible for fingers to be so thick and so huge. They looked like someone had morphed a hand on the computer – way beyond what was normal. Instinctively, both men let their fingers intertwine – just to feel close to the other. The smaller man marveled at the fact that he could not even begin to bring his fingers together – the giant’s hand was just too big and thick. “That’s not a hand, it’s a hammock.” “Would you like to rest in it?” “You know I would. I need another drink. How about you?” The big man didn’t respond, he merely turned toward the bartender – standing at the other end of the bar – and with his non-engaged hand ordered two more drinks. He then turned back toward his little friend and squeezed his hand teasingly. The little guy mouthed the word ‘ow’ and then smiled. Then, Adonis tried to squeeze his hand to offer a little pain to the big man. This made Atlas smile and then he shrugged his shoulders as if to say he hadn’t felt a thing. Adonis doubled his efforts, even reaching over with his other hand to add to the squeezing – but it didn’t matter. It didn’t register at all to Atlas. “I don’t think you’d feel it if I pounded your hand with a sledgehammer.” “Trust me, I would.” “How much can you lift now?” “You’ll be happy to hear that I can now lift the back end of my BMW with just one hand. That’s been my goal for about twelve years.” “How old are you now, Atlas?” “I’m thirty-two.” “The same age as me.” “See, we have even more things in common.” The big man squeezed his fingers again – giving a shot of uneasiness into the hand of his little friend. It was just a simple reminder of his power. Adonis let out a yelp from the quick jab of pain and was quite happy that his big friend had not compressed his fingers for very long. The little man stared at the massive forearm attached to the big hand that engulfed his. He found it wild that this part of the big man’s body could be thicker than his own leg. His forearms looked like tree trunks, but much stronger. “How can your forearms be so huge?” “Trust me, curling the front of a BMW helps. It helps a lot.” “I bet it does. I also bet you made the Professor very happy.” “I like to think I did. He was certainly into my muscle and that was one thing I had a lot of – so he never lacked for something huge to worship.” “Tell me something else the two of you liked to do – you know, to satisfy his need for muscle.” “You love stories, don’t you?” “I do. Yours are the best – since they usually involve your big body.” “Let’s see. Well, I moved in with the Professor mere days after we consummated our relationship. We both knew it was right. I adored everything about him and he couldn’t get enough of me. He said he only had one rule in his new house – and it was that I could never wear a shirt when I was at home. I had a feeling he would have liked me to go completely nude all the time, but he knew I’d never go for that. Being shirtless thrilled me as much as it did him – mainly because it meant I could flex anytime I wanted to and make him instantly hard. I think that was his goal for the rule, anyway. With my upper body uncovered all the time, my Little Prince could feel, fondle, lick, and kiss my muscles whenever he wanted. I’d be watching television and he come over; sit in my lap, and just start playing with my chest. I hardly ever got to finish a show. His need for my muscle – and, trust me, I didn’t mind – always interrupted whatever I was doing. He was addicted and I was a happy supplier. It amazed me when he’d remind me that he hadn’t been into big guys until he met me. I always said it was because no one had been big enough. I’d tease him all the time and act like I felt like I was too big – just to get him going on how that wasn’t possible.” “He was a man after my own heart.” “I’m getting that feeling.” “Anyway, the Professor was happiest when he got to be near me as I worked out. Since our relationship wasn’t really a good thing to acknowledge on campus or even in town, I was overjoyed when my Little Prince turned a big room in the back of his new place into a well-stocked gym. A month into our new relationship I got home from school and he met me at he door, told me to cover my eyes – after I lost my shirt, of course – and then guided me down the long hallway to what ended up being a better workout space than most gyms had to offer. It was the best present ever, but when I tried to thank him he said, over and over, that he was actually being selfish since he intended on watching me – and probably much more – every time I worked out. I suggested we give it a try, right away and shed my jeans as I went to the bedroom to get some tight cotton shorts. When I came back, the look on the Professor’s face told me that this workout was most certainly going to lead to multiple orgasms for both of us. “Please tell me it’s arm day.” “If you want it to be arm day, Little Prince, then it can be arm day. We can’t make every day arm day, though. Remember, I like symmetry.” “If symmetry means that every part of you is gigantic, then I like it, too.” I grabbed two monstrous looking dumbbells from the rack and noticed how the little guy sucked in air when he saw how easily I lifted the things. I believe he knew he’d only be able to roll the things across the floor – not lift them. I sat down on the end of a bench, rested the weights on the floor, and patted my knees, inviting him to come take a seat. He moved in that super speed, which I was now accustomed to. He wanted to be close when I started popping out all over from strenuous exercise. He felt like a toddler sitting on my big legs – and he kind of looked like one, too – wide-eyed, mouth gaping open, and excited breathing. I had a feeling neither of us were going to make it very far before we christened the new gym equipment with our sticky, happy juices. That was more than okay with me; I wanted to only please him. If a good workout actually happened at the same time I was giving him a thrill, then that would be a convenient win-win. I reached down and grabbed both of the heavy dumbbells resting on the ground. I sat back up straight and looked into the eyes of my gorgeous admirer. “Give your big boy a kiss, Professor.” He placed both of his hands on either side of my face and then leaned in to give me a hard-on inducing kiss that also made my toes curl up in my shoes. When he pulled back and I finally snapped back into the present moment, I raised the right dumbbell, making my biceps bulge out. His gaze immediately went to my gun. He told me, often, how he knew he’d never tire of looking at my muscles. Even after a month of me not wearing a shirt in the house, laying around together every chance we got, or him fondling me constantly – he still looked at my body as if it were the first time he was seeing it. I knew he had a doctorate in classical art studies, but I got the feeling he was studying my body more than he’d ever studied a sculpture or painting. Somehow, the living example of all those brawny Roman gods and the like was much more fun for him. He gazed at my body as if he wanted to memorize every minute detail of my hugeness. “Like the way these arms get bigger as I lift, Little Prince?” “You know I do. Look how big they are. Your biceps are thicker and bigger than my head.” It was true. I raised my arm even with his head as I brought the dumbbell up for a pump. The mound that hardened blasted to a size that dwarfed the smallness of that part of his body. Of course, I dwarfed him in every way, but that didn’t lessen the thrill of noting things like how my arm was bigger than his head. I lowered my arm and continued to do curls with the big weights. The Professor was watching the muscles of my arms as they contracted – ballooning to their seemingly supersize – and then relaxed, but stayed about ten times the size of his arms. “Was there ever a time you didn’t like being huge?” “How is that possible when it thrills you so much, Little Prince?” “Seriously.” “No . . . no, there’s never been a time when I didn’t like being huge. At age twelve I could lift more weight than my dad – and he’s a big man. Ever since I got the bodybuilding bug and realized I was destined to be humongous I have loved how it feels. I’m nineteen years old and when I shake an older man’s hand I can bring him to his knees if I feel like it. I take my shirt off in public places and the immediate silence is deafening. I like it a lot when I know a crowded room has stopped to look at me. I was going to bars to meet men when I wasn’t officially old enough to be there. No one questioned my age – since I was bigger than everyone else. The first time I made a man twice my age orgasm, just from lifting him into the air, I was permanently addicted to showing off my strength and size. There’s not a moment in the day when I’m not conscious of how my body bulges out with an enormity that can intimidate, thrill, excite, scare, or protect. I get to choose how I come across to people. I can walk into a bar and make cocks shrivel up just by tensing my body in a way that’s terrifying. I can also walk in and make cocks shoot hard just from bouncing all the bulges. Every man I meet greets me in a new way, so it’s kind of hard to get tired of that. I like waiting for someone to look up from a book or turn around to see me for the first time. In the second that follows I get to find out what that guy thinks of himself.” “What do you mean?” “Straight, gay, bi – it doesn’t matter. Guys react to me in certain patterns. Some guys immediately get cocky – as if they need to prove their manliness. They puff themselves up – as if they might be able to actually make themselves bigger than me. Those are the ones I like to add a little pressure to our handshake – and watch them immediately deflate, lose their cockiness, because they instantly realize they can’t compete. Some guys just get scared. I feel sorry for them, the most. They don’t stay around long enough to get to know me – to find out I’m a gentle giant. And then there are the other guys – my favorite – who immediately show their desire – their need to be close to me. Sometimes, it’s because they want to feel the power my body radiates. Sometimes, it’s because they hope to grope some hard muscle. And, sometimes, it’s because they hope to get to know me. You walked into that classroom on the first day, Professor Michaels, and something different happened. I was the one that became unsure – tongue-tied – and worried about not being good enough. It was a new feeling for me. I still knew I was huge. I still knew most everyone in the room was stealing glances at me, but my thoughts were focused on only one thing – getting you to like me. It’s only when your face lit up after seeing me…” “How could I miss seeing you – you took up half the room.” “It’s only after seeing your face, your smile, the twinkle in your eyes that I regained some of my confidence and knew I had hopefully caught a new admirer. Within thirty minutes of that class I knew my desire for you was off the charts. I swear it was like all of my muscles, my hugeness, had been for nothing until that moment. And now, here you sit on my lap and gaze at me as I lift heavy dumbbells – simply for your pleasure. I love working out. I love growing my muscles, but – like I said – now there seems to be a reason for all those hours in the gym. Now there seems to be a point to why I was made to be this enormous. Now, I want to grow because it pleases you. I have discovered a true reason to be strong . . . to be big.” It would end up always being the same when I lifted with him. As I pushed weights around he’d fall into a muscle-induced trance as he stared at my huge body and then we’d have deep philosophical or extremely romantic conversations – where each of us revealed our secret desires or whatever was weighing heavy on our hearts. I had finished twenty reps, so I rested the dumbbells on the floor and then raised my arms into a double biceps flex, so he could inspect my work. This was another part of our workout ritual. He got to feel the results of my lifting immediately. I held my flex while his small hands groped both peaks rocketing skyward beside my head. This was a moment when I fell into a trance – watching his tiny fingers and palms up beside my mammoth arms. He was noticing what I was staring at. “You make me feel so small.” “You make me feel so huge.” The Professor stopped massaging my big biceps and let me drop my arms. He then looked down at one of the huge dumbbells. He slid off my lap – both of us noticing how both of his legs put together didn’t match the size of just one of my thighs. He then bent down and grabbed hold of the dumbbell with both hands. The Professor wasn’t a weak man – in fact, most people would have called him athletic – in that healthy simmer’s way. He was, however, quite surprised when he could barely just lift the somewhat cumbersome big weight slightly off the floor. He held it in the air – barely an inch off the ground – for only a few seconds. I heard a loud clanking sound as the dumbbell hit the floor. The Professor had used all of his strength and was barely able to move the weight even a little. He looked up at me. “My god, it’s so heavy.” I glanced down at the dumbbell with something of a surprised look on my face. When you were as big as I was you tended to look at things differently than most people. The Professor saw something unmovable lying on the floor – I simply saw a warm-up weight. It was then that I remembered my Little Prince had commissioned special weights for his gentle giant. I looked around the room at the barbells, the other dumbbells, the racks, and the machines. I realized the poundage on all of these had been increased way beyond what you’d find at a regular gym. I looked back down at the dumbbell. I didn’t really know how much it weighed, but I knew I easily lifted it – while my small friend couldn’t get it very far off the floor, using both hands. My life had been this way for so long I had forgotten how unnatural it was. When I entered sixth grade I no longer fit comfortably into one of the classroom desks. From that year onward the school had to provide a chair and table for any room where I attended. I looked at beds – huge ones – and realized my feet would dangle off the end and most of the time there wouldn’t be room for a second person. I got quite used to men I would sleep with lying on top of me during the night. It was the only way we both could get any sleep. I looked at most chairs and only saw them as a fragile piece of furniture. I didn’t dare sit on most pieces of furniture, unless I confirmed, before, that it had a steel structure or was reinforced in some way. I naturally sought out double doors to most buildings – opening both of them to enter – or realized immediately when I needed to duck and turn my body for singe ones. I sometimes simply forgot that other men – normal men – didn’t have to think of the same things I did. I could tell the Professor understood what was going through my head. “That thing’s light for you, isn’t it?” “Um . . . yeah, yeah it is. I kind of view it as something just to get me going. You know, like a warm-up weight.” This made my little friend shake his head in amazement. He slid back onto my knees, which seemed wider than a bed to him, and started stroking my relaxed biceps with his hand. It was like he was studying the thing to see how it worked – why it was so huge – and how it was able to do such astounding things. I glanced down at my own arm and tried to see it through his eyes. Again, I was really just used to being big. I didn’t really even think about it most of the time. Huge muscles were natural. Being considered a giant was just part of life. But then I got the wonderful opportunity to meet someone like Norman Michaels and he enabled me to see myself in new and exciting ways. He helped me to desire my hugeness and my strength even more – simply because it turned him on so much. Now I constantly looked for ways to emphasize my enormous body or show off my strength. I did it almost without thinking about it – merely because I wanted him to be happy. “It’s funny, Little Prince. That dumbbell weighs a lot more than you. I’m curling, with just one hand, something heavier than your entire body.” He knew I was talking like this just to turn him on more than he already was. He smiled, without taking his gaze away from my huge biceps that he stroked so lovingly. Most of the time, I was fully aware of how he could easily get me to talking about myself – my size or my power. I would have done it no matter what – simply because I knew it excited him – but having him lead me into it was much more fun. We could make each other hard in no time at all – most of the time without even touching each other. His hand tried to push in the hard meat of my bulging biceps. The thing didn’t give even the slightest bit. He let out a loving, lustful sigh and then looked up at me. “Time for a second round of twenty reps, big man – and we both can pretend it’s my body you’re curling.” I never knew lifting would turn into such a sexual stimulus for me. I had certainly gotten my share of hard-ons while pressing some insane amount of weight up into the air, but this was something totally different. I now knew every lift – every strain against some weight – was fuel for my lover’s hard-on – and that made working out so much more pleasurable for me. I now wanted to add inches to my arms, my chest, my thighs, and all over just because I knew it would make my Little Prince happy. Now, I never grudgingly went to the gym – as in times before. I viewed a workout as a time to make my man constantly happy – whether he was there to feel the rewards immediately or if he’d get to grope them later on. My size and my strength now had a new purpose – and I had inspiration galore for workouts. I reached down and grabbed the dumbbell on either side of the bench – loving the fact that the thing that the Professor could barely move so easily came up into the air because of my tremendous strength. I looked at the gorgeous man in front of me and smiled. He knew how easy it was for me to lift the dumbbell and he also knew my grin was from the fact that his mouth dropped open wide when I swung the thing into the air with perfect form. I tensed the biceps harder than before when I reached the top of the lift – making the mound even harder and bigger, just to tease the Professor more. “We could put a weight-belt on you, Little Prince, and I could curl your body for real. We wouldn’t have to imagine it.” “You know I don’t give your arms enough resistance for a good workout. Let’s stick to the small mountains you’re curling right now. We both want you to grow, remember?” “How could I forget – pleasing you is what I live for. And I know me getting bigger will make you very happy. Still, you tend to shoot off quicker than a firecracker if I curl you with one hand – it could bring both of us immense pleasure so quickly.” “You know I like it when we prolong our release. Let’s keep edging for a long time.” “As you wish, my Little Prince.” He placed his hands on my arms as I lifted. This time he simply wanted to feel the slabs of beef get hard and relax with he movements up and down. He was entranced at how huge they became when I lifted. Nothing could make my Little Prince bust a nut more than my humongous arms. He was clearly a biceps man and wasn’t afraid to admit it. He said it was the way the giant things looked in stretched out polo sleeves. He said it was because arms were so clearly connected to power. He said it was because a big man like me couldn’t hide those mountains even if I wanted to. He said it was because I could make them harder than anything he had ever felt. He said it was because when I wrapped him in them as we slept he never felt more safe and secure. He also said it was because I loved flexing them. I told him I flexed them so much because I knew he liked it. He would always laugh and call it the circle of muscle life. When I finished that set of reps, I flexed my arms again for his pleasure after returning the dumbbells to the floor. I could see – reflected in his gaze – that my arms were now bigger than before we started lifting. We both had wet stains at our crotches just thinking about my muscles growing – him because he love the idea and me because it pleased him so much. “Do you ever get tired of posing?” “The day you tire of it, Little Prince, is when I’ll get tied of it.” “That’s never going to happen.” “There’s the answer to your question, then. I flex to keep you hard.” “It works.” Weeks of loving this gorgeous Prince had changed me. I had matured in some way. I had moved from being a giant, heavily muscled scattered teenager to becoming a man assured of his power and confidence. He made me strong and sure. I had never been surer of anything as I was about my love for him. He pushed me into adulthood – not by force or coercion – but simply because I wanted, no I needed, to take care of him. We became equals – not in size or strength – but in our respect for each other and our desire to be there for each other. My parents had never batted an eye about the fact that I liked boys – they just wanted me to be happy. The first time I visited them with the Professor my father took me on a long walk outside and lectured me about how it was a man’s responsibility – especially a man as big as I was – to care for those they loved, to be there for them no matter what. I was confused at first, but then it dawned on me that my parents completely understood how much I adored this man. My father was giving his giant son the same talk a father might give his son on his wedding day. This revelation made my eyes well up with tears. I hugged my father strongly – maybe a little too strongly, since he let out a little yell - and then thanked him for understanding. When we returned home I found that my mother had arranged a bunch of family heirlooms in order for the Professor and I to take them when we left. Driving home, my Little Prince said I came with a handsome dowry. I flexed my arm and told him that my body was really the only dowry he cared about and he quickly agreed. He then pulled the car over to the side of the road, though, and turned to me. “I’ll love you forever, my Gentle Giant. However, I want you to know that I love what’s inside your heart much more than all the humongous muscles around it. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get turned on by your size and your strength – or that I wasn’t constantly hard when you go shirtless, but know that even if you lost all of your hugeness, I would still continue to love you. I’ve never loved anyone this way.” I reached over, grabbed the back of his neck with my hand – briefly noticing how much bigger it was than his entire head – and pulled him in for a long, hot-enough-to-steam-up-the-windows, kiss. That was my answer and he accepted it as gospel truth. He knew my love – without me even saying it. Just as I knew how much he loved me. I smiled at him after the kiss – it was a slightly sinister smile. He detected I was thinking something – something a little mischievous. “What?” “How about we get out of the car and you lay on the ground like the tire needs changing. I’ll pick up the back of the thing just to freak out people that are passing by.” He smiled at my idea. I could tell he liked the way I thought. He opened his door and I did the same. A few minutes later he was kneeling on the ground by the tire as I lifted the back of the car up and down. We were shocked at how many cars stopped to stare at me and by how many people honked their horns in appreciation of my strength. The Professor was worried that my little show was going to cause an accident – mainly because someone couldn’t help but staring – so we got back in the car and drove home. Starting that day we assumed specific roles in our relationship. I was the one that opened jars with stubborn tops. I was the one that lifted him to get things from the top shelves in closets. I was the one that went to our new neighbor to ask him to turn down his music, which could be heard five blocks away. The Professor insisted that I go to visit him without my shirt on, which proved to be very effective. Not only did the guy turn down his music, he gave us a bunch of fruit, candy, and more items before I left his house. I think I left a lasting impression. We never heard loud music again. On the flip side, the Professor paid all bills, even though I brought in money from odd jobs and some strongmen competitions. My Little Prince insisted on me going to school and said there was no need for me to make money, but secretly I knew he loved coming to watch me in strength shows. I never lost. Once again we were back in the room with me lifting the heavy dumbbells as he watched with awe. His hands were still lovingly feeling my biceps as I relaxed between sets. “I will always be in awe of your size and strength.” “I hope so.” “You don’t have to worry about that. Maybe you’ll tire of me sooner.” “That will not happen, my Little Prince. I promise you. I’ll tire of breathing air before I tire of you.” I grabbed the sides his shoulders and squeezed tight enough so that his ass came off my legs as I lifted him to my lips for a kiss. Every time I lifted weights I said I needed multiple kisses for inspiration – to keep me going. He liked playing my game and would kiss me, imagining I would lose my strength if he didn’t keep me going. It was kind of like Samson with his long hair. After a few seconds of a delicious round of tongue wrestling, I stood him on the floor and then grabbed the weights below me - to re-rack them and grab some heavier ones. It was time to start the real workout. To say the little guy’s face lit up when I grabbed the bigger dumbbells would be an understatement. I brought the huge things back over to the bench and it looked like I carried two engines from eighteen-wheelers in my hands. When I set them on the floor the room seemed to shake. I reached out to grab my little muse by the waist, lifted him in the air, waited for him to part his legs, and then placed him back on my lap. “Now for the little ones, my Prince. Care to hold one?” “Not unless you want to see me fall through the floor. Those things look like they weigh as much as a tank.” He said this every time – mainly because he knew it thrilled me. He licked his lips with anticipation, knowing that these particular mega dumbbells would make my arms swell up so big it would look like I was flexing even with my arms dangling at my sides. I loved not knowing how much the things weighed. I certainly felt these huge things – especially on the third and fourth sets. They did the job of tearing down my muscles and rebuilding them even better than curling the BMW did. I also loved watching the utter disbelief in my little lover’s face as I lifted what he called the tanks. I went into some kind of power trance when I lifted these big things. It was the only way I could complete the workout. That, and having my Little Prince fondling my arms as I lifted – and then kissing me between the sets – which definitely helped, as well. “Boom! Boom!” My deep voice rang out loudly, as I brought my arms up in a slow, smooth, perfectly performed lift. It helped to emphasize each curl when I hit the top. It also thrilled the little guy to no end. I continued to let my bass-like growl echo throughout the room as I lifted and as my Little Prince ran tiny hands up along my bulging biceps. He had learned to be careful and not get his fingers in the crook of my arms as I bent them upwards – having nearly gotten four broken fingers that first time. The poor guy was on sexual overload as he watched me – not sure whether to look at the humongous weights – the even larger bulges – or at my determined face, now covered in sweat. He knew I was working hard, and that made him even harder. By the time I finished my first set of ten he was beginning to sweat a little, too. The sexual tension between us was now at a super high level. “Those things seem to be going up and down way too easy, now. It might be time to go up another level.” We both looked over at the two larger dumbbells that were so huge they rested on a rack by themselves. It looked like two city blocks sticking out on either side of thick rods. The Professor waited impatiently for the day I would finally start curling those big things. I thing he longed for it because it would mean I had reached a new level of strength – or maybe he just wanted to see how massive my guns would swell after swinging the giant contraptions up and down. Either way, he longed for the day when he’d get to sit in my lap and feel the hardness they’d cause. I secretly looked forward to that day as well. “I think I have a little more time with the tanks, Little Prince. I like that I make it look easy, but – trust me – these big things are still giving me a lot of resistance. I think you’re just hoping that when I do finally lift those big honking things over there you’ll get to ride on one of them like a carnival ride.” The idea made his face light up with excitement. I was amazed he hadn’t thought about that before. Usually, he was the one that loved coming up with ideas for me to show off my strength. One time, he suggested we go down to a bar he heard about – in a rough part of town – that had arm wrestling contests every week. It was a biker bar that had every kind of rough looking criminal you’d ever seen in films. And they came in all sizes and ages. When this kid walked in – albeit, a hulking large kid – everyone assumed he’d be a pushover. That is, until I put my arm on the table, pulled up my tight shirtsleeve, and flexed a gun that was almost twice the size of anyone else in the room. Still, the reigning champion stayed cocky – not even after I knocked out every other competitor without as much as a slight challenge. It took me less than fifteen minutes to make my way through the elaborate bracket system they set up for the competition. Everyone said it was the fastest night ever – and I think they found it a little disappointing. By the time I took on the champion I had only one fan in the bar and that was my Little Prince. He just sat there; drinking bottled water and watching the cocky champion pump up the audience by saying how much he was going to love putting the young runt in his place. I stood up beside him – just so he’d get a better idea of my real size. He had to tilt his head back to look up into my face. I watched as he swallowed hard – losing a little of his confidence. When I sat back down and he did the same, I loved how the crowd around us gasped as we both put our bent arms on the table. My biceps looked like a boulder beside a pebble compared to his. He noticed the size difference, too. I glanced at the Professor before we started and I could tell he loved the show even more than he had anticipated. When the so-called ‘ref’ told us to go I smiled devilishly when the champion immediately started pushing against my arm – anticipating it would move – and it didn’t budge an inch. I held it there while I stared into the champion’s eyes. He was struggling so much that sweat was already forming on his forehead. I looked at him and spoke as if I wasn’t doing a thing. “Any time you want to start, champ, I’m ready.” The big man knew I was preventing his hand from moving mine even a slight bit and he could tell I wasn’t even using a fourth of my strength. I squeezed his hand tightly and loved how he squirmed from the pain. I finally just started pushing – nice and slow – watching his face go from astonishment to shock to embarrassment when the so called ‘young runt’ tapped his hand lightly on the table. I hadn’t even broke a sweat and was breathing normal, while the champ was gasping for breath and shaking out his hand. It was quite clear that the defeated champion did not like losing. His face turned redder than it had been before and he suddenly started cussing at me and swearing that I had cheated in some way. Before I knew it, he was throwing a punch towards my face. Luckily, my reflexes are as fast as I am big and I caught his fist about six inches from my face. I immediately started compressing my fingers around his. The big man let out a loud cry of pain and his knees buckled. I simply squeezed harder and pushed his hand downward until he fell to his knees. I wasn’t going to break any bones, but I wanted him to know that my strength was real. I leaned down so my face was near his. “Feel my power, champ. Does it seem fake to you in any way? I just beat you fair and square. And you know the really fun part – I didn’t even use a fraction of my true strength. I may be only nineteen, but I’m about twice your size and maybe three times as strong as you. Here, let me show you.” I let go of his hand and then reached down and grabbled the blue jean jacket with cut off sleeves he wore to show off his arms. With no effort at all I lifted him off the floor and into the air. The guy just went soaring off the ground as if he weighed nothing. I bent a little backwards so I could look up at his face while his feet dangled in the air. I suddenly had a memory of Brett Roberts, the bully in junior high. The crowd broke out into a loud cheer as soon as I lifted the big ex-champion above my head. Everyone there obviously always wanted to be on the side of the reigning alpha and I was clearly the biggest and strongest one in the place. I walked around a little – just to show the creep in my hands how easy it was for me to hold him off the floor. I glanced over to my Little Prince and could see that he was still really enjoying the show. I saw the now familiar bulge in his pants – he was clearly turned on by my display of strength. I finally put the guy back down on the ground, straightened out his jacket a little, and then patted him on his head. “Now be a good little boy and go buy the new champion a beer.” This made the entire place erupt in applause. To my amazement, the ex champion did exactly as I told him. He walked over to the bar, accepting some slaps on his back as gestures of condolence, and then ordered two beers. When he returned he offered me one and then held his up in a motion of ‘cheers.’ We brought the bottles together and then both took a big swig. He looked up into my eyes as he spoke. “No one’s ever picked me up off the ground before.” “Did you like it?” “Yeah . . . yeah, I did. You’re one huge strong fucker, son.” “You have no idea.” I saw the Professor motioning that it was time to go, so I swallowed the rest of my beer in one long gulp, handed the bottle to the ex champ, thanked him and then left. Once we were outside my Little Prince came up behind me and jumped up on my back, making me carry him to the car. He had his arms around my neck and his legs wrapped around my waist – and we both noticed how my huge body hid all of his behind me. It looked like I simply had something draped around me. He brought his face up beside my right ear. “That was so hot. You could have taken on four guys at one time, couldn’t you? That would have been so great to watch. And then when you lifted that guy off the floor. Man, I could have busted a load right there and then.” “You, my Little Prince, are turning into such a strength whore.” “In your very own words, my Gentle Giant, you have no idea.” Again, those memories faded away and I was back in the room with the Professor and we were lifting weights. I started my next set of reps with the tanks. This time, my little lover moaned as he stroked my bending arms – and I knew he was beginning to get more excited by how freaking hard my biceps were turning. The new layers of muscle, burned into place by the lifting, just seemed to be something akin to marble to him. I loved watching him focus on my body. He could be transfixed for hours – as if he were studying me for some art project. I was beginning to think he knew my body better than I did. He certainly explored it a lot more. The sight of his small-looking hands against my triceps, my pecs, my thighs, or some other huge part of my body no longer surprised me. The more I saw the Professor around other men and realized that he was what most people would call normal size the more I saw myself through his eyes – as the giant he loved to gaze at. If I had thought my love for the man would wane after some time I would have been sadly mistaken. It only seemed to increase with each passing day. My desire for him seemed to grow to match my size . . . my strength. It was hard for me to be without him for even the few hours he would go to teach class or to meet with students. I still had my studies, but even then, when I was in the library doing research or out with friends my thoughts would also turn to him. I would begin missing him terribly – the feel of his small body next to mine. I finished my reps and my voice shook him from his muscle trance. “Time for some standing barbell curls, Little Prince.” The small man slid off my legs and immediately moved to the heavy-laden barbell at the end of a neighboring bench. He waited for me to lift the monstrous thing from its resting place – marveling at how I easily lifted something he would not have been able to budge, even using his feet to try and make it roll while it was sitting on the floor. I turned toward him and then held the bar level with my mid-section, my arms bent at the elbows. The small man immediately rested his arms on the middle part of the bar – between my hands and then laid his chest on them. He got comfortable, nudging his body so it rested on top of the bar, and then lifted his feet. The bar didn’t dip or move at all. I held the thing still, even with the added weight of the Professor. I then started curling the bar upward – nice and slow. When the bar and my lover reached the top of the pump and the bar was just under my chin, he’d lean forward a little and kiss me. This happened on all twenty lifts – him counting the reps and me counting the kisses. On rep number twenty I held the bar in place when it was at the top and I looked at him lovingly after the kiss. “You make working out much more fun than it would normally be. Getting bigger and stronger has never been so exciting.” “I like inspiring you.” “And you do it so well, Little Prince.” “What did you do while I was teaching classes today?” “Thought about you and stayed hard all day.” “Funny, I did the same thing. There’s a football player that might be developing a crush on me, big guy. You might need to come by one day when he’s at my office and make it clear I’m off limits.” “And how would I do that?” “Wear that near-to-tearing tank top because it’s-now-too-small that you like so much and then give this old man a deep kiss in front of him.” “You think he’d get the point.” “If not, you could just pick him up with one hand and explain it to him.” “Are you making all of this up just to get me to wear your favorite shirt and lift some guy off the ground.” “Maybe . . . but you’ll just have to find out.” I was still holding the bar and the Professor up in the air. We were both so used to me lifting him or carrying him that we could have normal relationship conversations while it happened. Sometimes, we’d both forget that I held him over my head or out to my side with one hand. He simply became part of my workout routine – one of my barbells or dumbbells. And he loved it that way. I lowered the bar and we both took a break. My workout continued for a couple of hours, with him holding on to bars while I did other exercises to blast my biceps, triceps, an forearms. He stayed focused on my body the entire time – noting for me where I’d gotten bigger or harder. He didn’t let one part of my body being worked out go uninspected. He knew I loved his attention – his desire – his need for my body. When we were finished and before he went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner, he stared up at me after I had wiped down benches and re-racked weights. His face had that pleading look I had come to know so well. I knew he was desperate for release – just as I was. Our workouts together always left us with raging hard-ons. We had been separated this day for about seven hours – the longest we ever liked to go without seeing each other, so I knew I’d give in and help us both with our raging problems. I walked over to him without saying a word. I squatted a little and wrapped my still bulging arms – pumped beyond belief from the workout – around his little body and squeezed tightly as I lifted him off the ground. Just like that first time – the evening when we had moved him into this house – we both blasted out a love load for the other. My bear hug was just too much for him and feeling his small body that close to mine – being that intimate – was just too much for both of us. I held him off the ground in my arms until we both stopped convulsing. I put him back on the ground and he walked a little unsteadily out of the room – a big smile on his face as he daydreamed about my muscle. I was unsteady on my feet, as well, and had to sit down on a bench to recover. We would both go through the night with sticky crotches – loving how later on we would scrub each other clean - either in the giant tub or the massive shower in the master bathroom. Both of us were joyously happy that we could call this a normal night. The big man was lost in thought – clearly moved by the memory of his lover as he told Adonis this story in the bar. The smaller man rested his free hand on the giant one that was interlocked with the fingers of his other – stroking it slowly and letting the silence nurture both of them for a few minutes. Adonis was intensely aware of how fortunate he was to be given the gift of this incredible love story. He waited for the eyes of Atlas to become less cloudy with budding tears and then spoke. “You don’t have to tell me any more stories, big man. I’m sorry if this is too much for you.” “No, no. It’s fine. It actually helps. I like sharing good memories like this – especially with you. I have a feeling you and the Professor have a lot in common.” “I think so, too.”
  13. Too Big - Part Seven

    Waiting for him to lean in felt like when you’re binge watching a mini-series on Netflix and it takes about twenty episodes before the two romantic leads kiss. By the time you get to that point you’ve so built up the moment that you almost regret that it has happened. I wanted the Professor to kiss me with his plump luscious lips more than I wanted air, itself, but I also knew that once he did, some of the magic – the anticipation – would disappear forever. I think he felt the same way. He did, however, pull his body closer to mine and brought his face inches away. He paused briefly – gazing into my eyes with the kind of look that was so hot it could melt all of Antarctica. He gently gave me a peck on my lips – lightly, but full of tender passion. I knew he was teasing me and I let it happen. I had teased him with my body for weeks. It was his turn. I could easily give up control. He ran his tongue over his lips – to moisten them a little and to make my ‘rekton’ jump a little. A second peck brushed against my lips – this time it was a tad harder and I felt him suck in a little, taking air from my mouth. His lips tasted divine. I swallowed hard, never taking my eyes from his. The Professor moved his face to the side of mine and kissed the part of my cheek nearest my ear and then he whispered. “Your muscles feel like continents. I swear one of your arms is North America and the other is South America. I can feel the power of all five oceans pulsing through your body. Watching you lift my car made my toes curl up so much that I got cramps in every part of my legs. Feeling you lift me overhead without even a smidgen of effort made my balls churn out double the juice they normally do. You are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Only nineteen years old and bigger than any other human I’ve ever met or seen. I want to be yours completely. I want you to be mine completely. I’ll worship you every day from sunrise to sunset and beyond. My adoration will never cease.” He moved his face back so it was in front of mine, again. He then slowly smashed his lips into mine. The kiss was one of the most powerful things I had ever felt. The Professor’s body might not have been very powerful, but his kiss made up for it. I felt my knees actually wobble. It was a new feeling for me – some form of weakness. Sometimes, when I lifted heavy, heavy weights for hours on end I could become so tired that when I walked my legs felt like jelly, but this was something different. This was me actually feeling vulnerable. This was me submitting myself to someone else. And it was such a new sensation. I was the one that was powerless – for the first time ever. My hugeness still registered in my head – especially next to the smallness of my Little Prince, but I definitely felt defenseless against his kiss. His lips had some kind of spell over me and as his mouth ravaged mine, I became more entrapped by his magic – his personhood. I could easily lift the little man with one hand – with one hand! But his kiss, his kryptonite-like kiss, made me feel weak – and fully human at the same time. My engorged cock was so alert – so super charged – that it pressed into his butt cheeks menacingly – even through his trousers and mine. The steel-like hardness of my tip must have made it hard for the Professor to concentrate – he pulled his face back and my lips moved forward, immediately missing his and wanting to follow. He had a nervous look on his face. “My god, do you have a titanium baseball bat down there?” “Something like that . . . only bigger.” “And harder! It feels like a girder that could hold up a skyscraper.” “It’s all because of your kiss.” “Is that so? Aw, my gentle giant is a bit romantic?” “When it comes to you, you have no idea.” “I think that huge thing poking my ass gives me a pretty clear indication!” This time, I reached up with one of my enormous hands – while the other continued to hold him in place – and pushed on his back until his face and lips met mine again. This kiss was even more savage than the one before. It was like we were both trying to crawl into each other’s bodies. My cock started to ache because of its hardness. My legs became even wobblier and I was teetering on crumbling to my knees. Professor Michaels sensed what was happening. Earlier, he had been lucid enough to have us set up the bed and make it before we returned the moving truck. He pulled his lips from mine – only about a half an inch. “Bedroom.” I didn’t need to be told twice. The thought of what was coming made all of the tremendous strength return quickly to my body. I could be strong in an instant if my Little Prince ordered it. I started walking toward the master bedroom in the back of the house. His lips were already back against mine and his tongue was joyously abusing my mouth. When I stood just in front of the bed, the Professor unwrapped his legs, kicked off his shoes, and then stood on the edge of the piece of furniture. His lips had still not left mine. With him standing on the bed we were conveniently at the same height. My body, however, still dwarfed his. My curiosity had now gotten the best of me. I wanted to see and feel his tight little body more than anything. I reached up, grabbed the front of his button down and pulled. With no effort at all I ripped the entire thing off of his body with one quick tug. His shirt ripped in two and both pieces dangled from my hands. The Professor moaned lustfully out of the sides of his mouth as he continued to dominate me with his kiss. I dropped the remnants of his shirt and my big hands immediately started groping his well-chiseled small chest, his swimmer’s shoulders, his cute tight abs and his impressively knotty arms. My Little Prince was put together nicely. I didn’t think it was possible, but I actually became more excited as I groped his upper body. It was my time to speak, in spite of not breaking the kiss. “God, you’re beautiful!” I wrapped my hands around him – letting my open palms press against his shoulder blades. I hugged him tightly and pulled away from the bed. His legs dangled in the air as I easily held him against my massive body – still kissing as if our lives depended on air we received from the other. The Professor’s hardness pressed into my abs and I privately rejoiced at how I could make him feel like concrete. His granite cock was my fuel – the only compliment I needed to keep on giving to him – serving him. I was HIS giant and I wanted him to always know it. I had never known such need. I had never wanted someone so much. I had never desired to protect someone with all my strength – all my abilities. I allowed his kiss to take me to sexual heights I had never even fathomed. Every fiber of my body was alert and excited by how this man’s lips controlled me. I might have been holding the small man a few feet from the ground – and not even feeling the slightest strain in my arms, but he was the one that was leading the kiss – he was the one that determined how we would move forward. He was my Little Prince and I was his adoring subject. It was only then that I realized his hands had latched on to my jutting nipples and his fingers were twisting them like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t register pain, however – I only felt pleasure. I moaned out loud even while my mouth was still locked with his. This only encouraged him to twist and pull even harder. I was a time bomb getting ready to explode. I hugged him tighter and I could tell it made him edge closer to cumming than anything else I could have done. Professor Michaels felt the strength in my arms and it thrilled him even more than when I lifted the front of his car. This was strength he could feel – like when I was lifting him overhead. He, like me, loved it when our bodies touched and I did some feat of strength. That made it more real – more personal. Him being turned on more only caused the same in me! “Squeeze harder. Squeeze until I cum.” Having him encourage me to be stronger – to show off even more – was like the final drop of rain that hits a lake and makes the dam burst. I was making my arms bulge massive around his body – even though I was only applying slight pressure on his body, well, slight for me. I had inhaled deeply, while kissing, just to make my chest swell up to an even more impressive size. My Little Prince was surrounded by hard muscle and he was kissing his giant with so much appreciation that there was little more he could have done to make me happy. Meanwhile, the twisting of my now aching nubs was making me go into overdrive. And then he asked me to hug him tighter. It was like the best Christmas present ever. It was like getting to taste all ninety-nine flavors in an ice cream shop at the same time. It was definitely my best moment ever. “I don’t want to hurt you.” “You won’t! I bet we both cum before you can do any damage. Come on, show me what you’ve got in those big guns, my Gentle Giant.” I couldn’t have made my arms disobey the Little Prince even if I had wanted to. His wish was my command. He wanted to feel my strength – hell, I think he wanted to blur the line between his body and my strength by having me hug him so tightly we became one. He was everything I dreamed of in a little worshipper. He longed for my muscles as much as I longed for him. Years of lifting, hours upon hours in the gym, and thousands of one-night-stands with little fellas had prepared me for this moment. It seemed that every bit of iron I ever raised, every huge muscle I sculpted, and every ounce of meat I packed onto this body had been for Professor Norman Michaels. I knew the upcoming explosion from both of us was going to be so momentous that I seriously doubted we’d ever ejaculate that powerfully again. We had spent the last few months preparing for this moment – for that exact second when we would come together as one and shoot simultaneously simply because he wanted to feel my strength and I wanted to offer it to him gladly. I had never felt so powerful in all my life. I momentarily thought of ripping redwoods from the ground, punching buildings to mere rubble with one hit, taking on a hundred men with ease, and ripping apart a tank with my bare hands. I wanted to take on the Hulk for my Little Prince and I knew I would win. The moment my bulging muscles started squeezing the little guy I knew both the Professor’s and my juices started boiling within us. There was no turning back now. I could not have stopped the impending simultaneous tsunamis even if I had wanted to. I knew my body would wait for the Professor. He was in charge – he was the leader. I was going to supply the power that sent us both over the edge, but his body was going to signal to mine when to release and I knew I wouldn’t do a damn thing unless he allowed it. I could hear him breathing so heavily I was scared he was going to pass out. I hesitated for a moment and he yelled out. “Don’t you dare stop, young man!” My arms reacted immediately and started squeezing even harder. I had tensed everything so hard I felt like a Macy’s Day Parade float – massive beyond all comprehension. My Little Prince was almost totally covered up by my bulk. We continued to kiss hard and my arms hugged him even tighter. His body felt even more tiny than ever – lighter than ever. It was almost like I wasn’t even hugging something. I pulled my arms in more – pressing the little guy’s body harder into my bulging mass. My heart was beating so loud I could hear nothing else. I felt his hands twist my nipples harder than ever – but it barely registered at all. My body felt absolutely nothing but the anticipation of pleasure. I was the eagle about to fall from the mountaintop into a beautiful soaring dive that would send me skyward to pure ecstasy. I was the surfer about to catch the biggest wave ever – and not caring if it ended up taking me under – the thrill of the ride would be worth it. I could feel that the Professor felt the same way. “Harder!” For a brief moment my arms did what they were told – and squeezed tighter than they had ever held a human before. My body knew the body of my Little Prince so well that it would never cause him pain. It merely compressed him near my full strength for mere seconds. Every fiber of me knew what he could withstand. His body knew it, too. For maybe four to five seconds all sound stopped – all sensation stopped – all touch with reality stopped – and then the fire hydrants were untapped. The simultaneous explosions could not have been planned better. Our bodies had become so entwined – so knowledgeable of the other – that they joyously ejaculated at the exact same mille-second. I worried that my first shot of cum had literally ripped a hole in my pants and underwear. It felt like my cock was a rocket launcher that had sent something so powerful that nothing could have stood in its way. I felt the Professor’s crotch slamming into my stone-like abs and it actually stung a little. I had withstood hundreds of punches from little guys – not feeling a thing – but his bucking body, set off by his massive orgasm, slammed into my body enough for me to feel it. Amazingly we both continued to kiss throughout the whole ordeal. Our bodies seemed to empty loads big enough to fill a reservoir. My head started to spin toward the end and I knew I would either pass out or fall over. The Professor’s slight weight proved to be a benefit, because I fell forward, allowing his body to move to the side so we both hit the bed at the same time. Our crotches, however, were not finished spewing and we both continued to rock the bed for a few minutes. I was shocked to notice that my crotch jolts stopped sooner than his. But at the same time, that thrilled me and caused my cock to crank out a few more drops. I’d heard of people being spent after orgasms, but until that moment I had never fully understood it. Within one minute both of us were sound asleep, but not until he had rolled over onto my arm and I had pulled his small body on top of my huge one. Atlas looked down at Adonis – standing by the bar with his mouth open wide and his eyes full of excitement. The big man hadn’t planned on his story being so long, but memories had carried him away. He also sensed a very romantic side to his new little friend and figured this particular story would thrill Adonis to no end. His hunch had been right. When the big man finally took a swig of his beer, the smaller man followed suit and downed his vodka tonic. He then looked up into the face of the giant standing before him. “That’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard! But why in the hell are you here, now, Atlas. You should be home with your gorgeous Little Prince. I can’t believe he let you out of his sight for even a few seconds. I can’t believe you’re not lifting him in the air at this very moment.” “Unfortunately, even though I’m very strong and extremely huge, there are some things even I can’t do. One early morning, a drunk driver – a young kid coming home from a rave party – swerved off the road and hit my Little Prince as he rode his bike for exercise. Fortunately, Professor Norman Michaels died instantly. He didn’t suffer.” “No, but you did. I can tell by the tears in the corner of your eyes. I am so sorry.” “Don’t be, my good friend. It was a very long time ago and I had six great years with my Little Prince. Besides, if he were still here, I wouldn’t have met you.”
  14. Too Big - Part Six

    “I’d like you to curl me a few times before you lift me overhead. And please hold me at my chest and crotch – your big hand against my cock will give me even more gratification. I’d also like to see your bulging arms when I’m lifted higher.” “As you wish, sire. You have no idea how much this will please me, too.” “I hope so.” I bent my arms and held out my hands – palms upward. He lay across them and I tightened my grip on his shirt and his still-sticky crotch. I pressed my hand against his hard cock – loving how it twitched at my touch. Like the night in his office when I carried him to the sofa, I marveled at how light he was. I was lifting a grown man – one who was considerably older than me – with the ease with which most men lifted a folded shirt. I knew my own body seemed to weigh something closer to the BMW than it did to this little man. I bounced his body lightly in my palms, knowing full well I was simply teasing the Professor – showing him how he weighed nothing. The hardening of his cock - even more - told me he loved my little display. I suddenly remembered my earlier thoughts about baby birds and kittens feeling so fragile in your grasp. Again, I was in amazement at how I knew I could easily crush or break the body I held, but I also knew I would never harm a hair on his head. I was the protector of the Little Prince. I was his genie, his giant, his wish-granter. I desired only to serve his every need. He had asked to be curled and that’s exactly what he would receive. “Ready, my Little Prince?” “Yes, my Gentle Giant.” I could remember the first day I ever lifted a barbell from my dad’s old weight set. I also remembered the day – not long after – when I had loaded the bar with every weight my dad owned and lifted it with ease. I remembered the day I lifted Brett Roberts off the ground in junior high and then lifted Jimmy Shaw. Every time I had lifted some guy or something really heavy suddenly flashed through my mind. I knew those memories came crashing in because they were about to be stripped of their importance in my brain. When I lifted Professor Michaels into the air – when I curled his little body so easily – that would be the fodder for all of my beat-off sessions and all my sexual fantasies for a very long time, if not forever. I wanted this man more than I wanted anything else in the world. Having him shivering with anticipation and excitement in my hands made me weak in the knees. I was not sure I would be able to lift him without shooting off like a rocket for the second time in the last hour. I knew, no mater what happened, however, even if I ejaculated powerfully or became dizzy from the thrill of lifting him – I would continue to curl and press him in the air until he asked me to stop. I wanted to make him completely happy and nothing was going to prevent that from happening. I was his wish come true – just as he was mine. “Why don’t you count, Little Prince?” I held on to the guy – letting my big hands grip his small hard chest and his equally hard crotch – as I easily brought his body up even with my nipples. I let his back press into my big firm pecs just to give him an extra thrill. I squeezed his body against me – increasing the pressure just to show off my strength. I then lowered him slowly – making it quite clear that his weight was nothing to my powerful arms. He whispered ‘one’ when my arms were parallel to the ground. His voice shook as much as his body did. The little guy was in seventh heaven – unable to contain his excitement or his desire. I had a funny feeling he was oozing pre-cum like a tube of toothpaste being jumped on. I curled his body upward, again. I squeezed his body harder into my pecs and made sure his tight ass was flattened against my stone-like chest. When I lowered him he again whispered, this time the number ‘two’ and his voice cracked like he was going through a second puberty. I realized I could curl his tight cute little body all day long. I was pretty sure he would let me, too. I lowered him, listening to his quaking ‘three’ and then I raised my arms, along with his weightless body again into the air. This time I brought my head down and took a teasing bite at his lovely curved and bubbly-as-hell ass. My Little Prince let out a gasp and then a giggle – making it clear that he appreciated the gesture. It continued this way until we reached one hundred curls. I was sure the Professor might get sick from the motion, but that didn’t happen. Not only did I not get tired; but also the Little Prince never lost count or stopped quivering whenever I curled him. I was so into the routine, that I was caught off guard when he finally said more than just a number. “Military presses, now, big man. Please.” It was like the little guy knew that would make my cock spurt a little, which it did. He was lying securely in my palms, but I knew I wanted to do my lifts properly, so that created a need to adjust his body. Simply tossing his entire frame into the air solved the problem and while he soared above my head I turned my palms so my fingers stuck out towards my head and caught him as he started to descend. It was easier than flipping a pancake. I now held my Professor above my head, arms bent so my biceps bulged nicely for his viewing pleasure, and my big hands still gipping his chest and crotch. I waited for his head to stop spinning, since I knew tossing him so easily into the air would have made him a little loopy. I then slowly pressed my arms upward, making it perfectly clear that even after one hundred curls with his full weight it was easy as hell to lift him overhead. Curling the little man had clearly thrilled both of us, but it didn’t come close to the feeling that pressing his body overhead created. Maybe it was because of all the old Hercules films both of us had watched. Maybe it was the thirst for superheroes we both shared. Or maybe it was just because we both loved my strength so much. Whatever it was, it was perfectly clear that gorilla presses with the Professor’s body edged us close to release than anything. There’s no other way to say this – weak men don’t know what it’s like to lift another man over your head. And to do it easily is just added pleasure. I felt like I was simply raising my arms in a pose of victory or celebration. The fact that a man rested in my palms almost didn’t register at all. The fact that it was Professor Norman Michaels – the man of my dreams – was the only reason it registered at all. I kept my arms extended – his body high in the air. “Like the view, Little Prince?” There was no need to wait for a response. I knew the answer. I started slowly cranking out repetitions using the Professor as my barbell. My very light barbell. His body rose and fell in my grip like he was made of feathers. If I had anticipated a workout I would have been sorely disappointed, but building my muscles was not the goal of this particular exercise. This was only about pleasing my little man. The moans of pleasure, along with the look in his eyes when I would glance upward told me that I was succeeding in my mission. Again, I reached the hundredth lift before I heard the Professor speak. “Keep your arms extended at one hundred.” I did as he asked. I, again, marveled at the fact that I had lifted a guy one hundred times overhead and it barely registered to my biceps. My cute little Professor was so light. But, then again, every man I might have lifted would have been light. Especially compared to the heavy weights I lifted in the gym. I kept my arms extended with the small man high above my head – just as he had asked. I had a feeling he was memorizing how it felt so he could remember it for years to come. “Hello Mr. Mickel. Is he hurt you?” A voice behind us rang out in the silence. I turned around, still holding the Professor high above my head, to find a young boy of five or six sitting on a Big Wheels looking up at the two of us. I suddenly became aware of what it might look like – this huge young man holding another man in the air. I didn’t move an inch. I heard the Professor clear his voice and then speak. “Hello, Timothy. How are you? He’s my neighbors’ young son. No, he’s not hurting me. We’re playing.” “I’m fine. Is he a giant?” “Um . . . yes, yes he is. But he’s a friend of mine.” “Mr. Mickel, he very strong.” “Uh, yes. My friend is very strong.” “And big.” “Yes, very big.” “Does he have rekton? My father has rekton in the morning. He say he have rekton because mommy make him happy. My father rekton is little. The giant rekton is big.” The Professor laughed. It took me a few seconds to figure out what Timothy was talking about. Rekton was erection. He had noted the large stump-like bulge in the my pants. Clearly, his father had tried to educate him on what an erection was, but young Timothy was surprised by the size of the thing on me. It did not look similar to his father’s so he was confused. A normal man’s erect penis was definitely much smaller than what was outlined in my pants. It was definitely a difference that could cause much confusion. “Um, Timothy, everything is bigger on a giant, yes?” “He has big muskles.” “Yes, his muscles are very big.” “He is strong.” “Yes, he is very strong.” “I saw him pick up car.” It was clear that little Timothy had been watching us for a while. I wondered how many other neighbors had been watching us. I was suddenly conscious of the fact that I was still holding the Professor over my head. I’m sure, to Timothy, my size seemed enormous. Even more enormous than I seemed to older people. I was so unsure what to do I simply continued to hold my Little Prince above my head as he spoke to the young man. “Yes, Timothy, my friend picked up the front of my car. He’s very strong. But don’t worry, he’s very nice. I like him very much. “Are you boyfriends?” “Um, yes, yes we are.” “My mom says boys can like boys.” “Yes they can. Your mother is very smart.” “Okay, I go. Bye Mr. Mickel. Bu-bye Mr. Giant.” “Bye Timothy. It seems you now have an admirer that’s even smaller than me.” “We’ve probably put on a nice show for the entire neighborhood.” “I hadn’t thought about that. I was too busy enjoying the ride in your hands. I guess we should take our little party into he house, so we can be a little more intimate.” “Sounds like a wonderful plan. Keys, please.” I shifted the Professor’s body a little and held him with one hand – we both briefly acknowledged and loved how I could easily hold him in the air with just one arm. He reached into his pockets and took out a set of keys. He handed them to me with the door key between his thumb and forefinger. I unlocked the door and then lowered his body, still with just one arm, so we could maneuver through the frame. As we walked into the house I started doing one arm curls with my Little Prince just to rev him up some more. I shut the door and tossed the keys on a table nearby. I then shifted the Professor back onto two hands and, again, lifted him into the air. “I weigh nothing to you, don’t I?” “You are very light. I’ve been holding you for a while, so you’re beginning to register a little on my biceps, but you’re still as light as a feather.” “I never knew I’d like being lifted so much. It really turns me on.” “And that, Little Prince, turns me on.” “What does it feel like to be able to lift a grown man?” “I don’t really think about it until I lift someone who loves it. Knowing it pleases you makes it register more. It makes me want to show off. Bounce you in my hands a few times, pump out many reps quickly, toss you in the air and catch you – stuff like that. I feel the urge to do it just because it will excite you. And that, my good Professor, excites me.” “I think it’s time we were face to face.” Sweeter words had never been uttered. I loved holding him in the air, but I was ready for something more. I lowered my hand that held his crotch and then let it slide up to under his armpit. At the same time my other hand slid to the other one. I lowered his body until he was face to face with me. I brought my arms inward, which caused our bodies to touch. The Professor immediately wrapped his legs around my midsection and that released some of the weight in my arms. I took advantage of the situation and lowered my hands until they rested on his nice bubbled ass. He draped his arms around my neck. We stood there for a few minutes – just staring into each other’s eyes. “I can feel your ‘rekton,’ my gentle giant.” “You’re the reason it’s there, Little Prince. And I can feel yours, too.” Professor Michaels felt like a small young kid in my arms. Everywhere on my body that I bulged massively – he was thin, tiny, and wiry. It wasn’t that he was really that small – it was just that I was so freaking big. I loved the way his legs felt like only a belt wrapped around my waist. I loved how my hands held his ass and he weighed nothing at all to my arms. Having him this close to me was intoxicating. I wanted to squeeze him so hard he’d become part of me, but I knew I couldn’t do that. I would do permanent damage. I simply stood there, holding his small frame in my hands, and waited for him to make a move. The Professor, like me, was in no hurry. He was enjoying all of this foreplay just as much as I was. He, too, knew there’d be lots of time for a deeper connection later on. He wanted to enjoy the process as much as we would the ending. And having a few explosions on the way, would only make the finale even more spectacular. “I’m getting used to feeling so small – mainly because I get to enjoy how huge you are. I never knew I had a muscle fetish – until I met you. Your size excites me more than I’ve ever thought possible. I love staring at all of your giant bulges. I can’t get enough of you.” “I feel the same, Little Prince.”
  15. Too Big - Part Five

    During the short drive home I kept bouncing my pecs, rubbing my abs, and flexing my left arm just to distract my Little Prince and drive him crazy. When we got to his new house I signaled for him to leave the car running while we were parked in the nice air conditioning in his driveway. I lifted my left arm near him and flexed it hard. “I really need you to feel it, Little Prince.” “With pleasure.” I was really worried that when he tried to grope my mammoth peak with his little hands I was going to shoot off like a rocket. That’s how excited I was – that’s how much I needed him. The fragility of his small fingers – especially against the mound of my massive, hard-as-marble biceps was beyond being simply a turn-on. It was going to be better than getting an eight-hand massage for ten hours straight. It could only be compared to some incredible life force passing through his small hands into my body – empowering me tenfold. The smallness of his hands made me feel so much bigger – like a giant welcoming a mere mortal into his kingdom. My own fingers were three or four times thicker than those of my Little Prince and the width of my palm could wrap around his fist and have lots of room to spare. There was a cum-inducing charge that shot through both of us as soon as his fingers lightly struck against my hard skin. We both sucked in air and stopped breathing for a few seconds – commanding our bodies to not give into the need for release. It looked like the hands of a tiny child trying to grope a big basketball. The Little Prince tried to push in the muscle but nothing gave way to his pressing. My biceps was rock being brushed by a feather. He doubled his efforts, but to no avail. I tensed the ball of solid beef even more, just to show him it could get harder and bigger. He started gurgling like a baby as his hands traveled all around my flexed gun. “How can it be so hard?” “You make it that way, Little Prince.” The air conditioning in the car was on full blast, but it was still hot as hell – not from the sun, but from the energy the two of us were causing with our little groping session. Without any warning, Professor Michaels brought his delicate balled up fist smack into my bulging arm. There was a loud noise, but I felt almost nothing. My cock twitched closer to explosion when the small hand, again, banged into my mammoth mound. The Little Prince looked up into my eyes with a face that clearly asked if I felt a thing. I smiled and shook my head no, causing him even more joy. He punched a third time; clearly determined to, at least, make me feel it. Right before his fist hit my power-packed skin I tensed the biceps to its hardest and biggest. His meager attempt to make me feel something only caused my arm to bring his tiny fingers more pain and the sound to be much louder when the punch landed. I loved watching his face light up with excitement and deep desire as he continued to comprehend – on new levels – just how big and powerful I really was. This made me want to be a superman for the Little Prince. His amazement only fueled me on more – desperately wanting to please him in every way. “It’s like punching concrete.” “I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you.” “How can a kid be so big . . . so strong?” “Who you calling kid, little man? You might want to re-check the size of that arm bulging in front of you.” This comment made Professor Michaels actually quiver with excitement. It was like a small earthquake rippled through his entire body. Bringing attention to my own hulkiness clearly pleased him. I filed this away – knowing it would come in handy at a later time. “You ever lost in arm wrestling?” “Never. Not even when I took on three guys at one time.” Again, the shaking I now expected, shot through his entire body. He was trying to cup the dense peak of my biceps with both of his hands – and both of us noticing that his small palms couldn’t come close to covering it all. Damn, the frailty of the guy – and he wasn’t really that delicate – was such a huge turn on for me. He couldn’t squeeze one part of my hard peak. Nothing would give in at all to his weak hand – though he continued to try. I watched as my muscle withstood any attempt his hands made to compress any part. I was showing off just to please him – just to show him how much he meant to me. “When I’m next to you is when I’m happiest about being so big. It’s like all of these muscles are just for your pleasure, Little Prince.” His hands stopped moving for a few seconds and he looked into my eyes. It was one of those moments when no words were needed. We both understood the connection that was being made – it was otherworldly and something that could not be denied. The intensity of our growing bond was almost too much for both of us to handle. We simply knew it was best to take our time. For now, it was enough to just have him explore my biceps. There would be so much more groping, fondling, kissing, and much more later on – that was for sure – but for now, this was enough. “When you touch my muscle, Little Prince, what do you feel?” “Security. So much security. But that word doesn’t really come close to summing up everything I feel. I feel your size and power – and understand it fully. It’s like you’re an extension of me. I can feel your confidence – your knowledge that you’re everything I need . . . everything I desire. At the same time, I can feel how I urge you on even more. I make you feel so powerful. I make you happy to have such huge muscles. I make you want to show off your size and strength even more. I make you feel even more manly than you already are.” Gobs of pre-cum leaked generously from my hard cock as he spoke. The heat in the car, not to mention the stench of manliness and semen – increased tremendously. The Little Prince had summed up, perfectly, everything I was feeling. He did, indeed, fully understand what he did to me – how he controlled me. I was aware that the bond between us had increased even more profoundly in the mere seconds while he spoke. I was so stoked at that moment I felt like punching my fist through the roof of his car just to show him what I could do – just to make him desire me even more. He seemed to sense how I was feeling and that egged him on - to say other things. “Your body is radiating so much heat, big man, that you could probably produce enough warmth to take care of a small town in some cold area. You’ve been flexing your arm for so long and you don’t even realize it. The thing feels like stone – no, something harder than stone – and I somehow get the feeling it’s not even flexed to its fullest potential. My hands feel so insignificant beside your arm. I feel so powerless – so tiny.” “Have you always been into big men, Little Prince?” “No. You are the first. I can’t explain it. I walked into class on that first day and saw only you. You were like some giant mountain standing in the middle of a bunch of anthills. At first I saw the beauty of your face – the friendliness of your smile – but then all I saw was muscle . . . huge, hard muscle. I became an addict in mere seconds. I wasn’t ashamed to look for any chance to bring you to the front of the class to show off your body – comparing you to Greek sculptures, medieval paintings, and even modern art. Your body seemed tensed even when you were relaxed – everything still bulged majestically, powerfully. I found myself constantly thinking about you – doodling your name, drawing parts of your monstrous frame from memory, and writing secret love sonnets. Suddenly, huge muscles dominated my mind all the time – but it was only your huge body, not muscles in general. I felt smaller than I had ever felt in my entire life when I was around you – but I felt more powerful, manlier than ever before, too. You walked into my office for our teacher-student meeting and it was like an archangel, himself, was joining me. Your body was the most beautiful – and largest – sculpture I had ever seen. You also purposefully chose to wear the most revealing outfit – knowing fully how it would wreck me. And then you lifted that sealed window so easily – a window that couldn’t be opened even by burly men with tools. You had reached on either side of me – surrounding me with muscle, engulfing me with your beast-like scent – and I was gone. If I’m your Little Prince, then you must be my Gentle Giant.” We stared at each other for a few more seconds and then he brought his face forward to my still-flexed biceps. He pressed his sumptuous lips into the side of my hard muscle and immediately there were explosions in my eardrums, my chest, and my pants. I didn’t even realize I was ejaculating, at first. I was so enthralled by his words and by the sight of his gorgeous mouth kissing my arm that I didn’t even notice the hurricane-like convulsions in my lap. His entire head was smaller than my bulging arm – his entire head! I had lifted enough weight in my few years on this planet to pump my gun into a mound of muscle bigger than a man’s head. And the most beautiful man I had ever seen was now kissing my hard biceps like Romeo embracing Juliet before poisoning himself. The Little Prince let his tongue dart out and lap upward against my flexed peak – as if he were trying to taste and swallow some of my masculinity. My crotch continued to spasm for what seemed like an eternity – dumping a huge load in homage to the beautiful small man worshipping my arm. The car now smelled like a bathhouse. I had shot enough cum to equal that of an entire college football team – a load that had been building since the first time my gaze had ever landed on Professor Michaels. I finally released the now-strenuous flex of my biceps, curled my arm around the head of my Little Prince, and pulled his face into the center of my massively protruding pecs. I needed to smother the man in muscle – as a thank you for the intense release he had just given me. “How ‘bout a chest facial, Little Prince.” My mountains of meat, which mostly swallowed his entire head, muffled the moans of pleasure he released. At the same time, it was the Professor’s time to spew. Being almost suffocated by hard muscle proved too much for the man. He immediately started convulsing, just as I had a few minutes before. It was also clear that he had been saving up his precious juice just as long as I had. The copious amounts of cum he released into his underwear intensified the scent of pleasure by double. We both had paid the highest compliment to the other – offering our manly milk in adoration. I held my Little Prince against my chest until he finally stopped bucking like a bronco. He took a deep breath as soon as his face pulled slightly away from my pecs – partially, to fill his lungs with much needed oxygen, but, mostly, to get a good whiff of my manly musk. The smile on his face, while he stared up into my eyes made me fully hard again. It was a look of utter joy and happiness. “It’s funny, I never thought this car could possibly feel small until you got in it.” “Or smell this rank!” “Rank? That smell is part of you and so I think of it as one of the sweetest aromas ever.” “Hey, don’t forget you made a little contribution to the way it smells, too.” “Little contribution? I may be a small man compared to you, but the lake-sized damp stain at my crotch proves I made a big contribution.” “Forgive me, my Little Prince, I did not mean to insinuate your explosion was smaller than mine.” “Thank you. Your cannon is clearly four times the size of my weapon, but that doesn’t mean mine can’t make a huge deposit.” My release of sexual build-up had not only offered immense satisfaction, it had also awakened a need in me to show off more for my Little Prince. It had been a while since I had lifted all his heavy furniture and boxes – an hour or so since I had easily carried him back and forth from the moving truck on chairs, sofas, and tables. My body was already beginning to churn out new juices of appreciation for the little man and that made me want to do much more than just sit in the car and talk. “I need to pick you up, Little Prince.” “What?” “I need to lift your light little body over my head again and again – just to show you how strong I am. I need you to feel small and weightless.” The man got out of the car so quickly that all I saw was his cute little tight bubble-butt going out the door. Before I had even blinked he was standing in front of the car with his hands on his hips and a look of eager anticipation on his face. The idea of a nineteen-year old massive giant bodybuilder lifting his grown-man body up over his college-boy head had turned him into a guy with super speed. A sly smile crept across my face as I realized he was just as desperate for me to pump out a bunch of reps with him as I was. That’s exactly what fueled all of my excitement – the idea that he loved me showing off even more than I did. We both knew he’d give my arms no resistance and that there’d be absolutely no workout benefit to my bulging biceps from lifting such light weight, but the idea of Professor Michaels stretched out on my palms as I pressed up and down made two cocks – one massively enormous and one normal – hard as hell. I turned the engine off and got out of the car – suddenly aware of the thick gooey stickiness plastered at my crotch. I saw the dark stain in the Professor’s pants, too, and that brought a few more excited pulses to my throbbing cock. “I see my Little Prince wants to be carried like the royalty that he is. We can imagine I’m your ginormous genie that’s lifting you up for a magic carpet ride. I can be the Hulk carrying his little Thor to some unknown destination – for whatever it is that a giant green superhero can do with his tiny muscled friend. I’m thinking it might be good to do a little warming up, though. You know, just to build up the excitement and get my arms a little pumped for the fun of lifting your little body.” I was now in major ‘show off’ mode. I had realized that my Little Prince had fully given himself to the desires of his heart. I had come to this day knowing we would be together – the giant and his little mentor. I had fully planned on winning over Professor Michaels with my enormous muscles and my power. Now that all of my dreams were coming to fruition, I had decided to prolong this joy – this growing bond between two men of such different sizes – for a very long time. I approached everything as a much-wanted ‘edging’ for both of us. I wanted the next build-up to orgasm to have as much impact as the one that had come after many, many weeks of longing – even if release came only hours later than the earlier one. I wanted to add to my own excitement by arousing the Professor in ways he had never anticipated. It had been that way when I had worn the tight tank top to his office – he hadn’t expected how much my body would blow his mind. I wanted to do the same, now, even though it was clear we fully chose the other. “You make me feel so powerful, Professor Michaels. You make me feel superhuman.” I stood in front of his BMW. I bent down and grabbed under the front bumper with my big hands. I let out a few quick exhales, then inhaled quickly, and lifted up at the same time. With only a very slight strain, my back straightened out and the front of the car came off the ground as I stood back up. My arms were extended fully and I held the car at crotch level. My hard cock pressed into the metal bumper, which gave me an added thrill. I pressed my hard rod into the metal and moved it up and down, realizing I’d come close to shooting if I continued the motion. I looked over at my adoring little fan and watched his face fall into shock as I started to curl the bumper up to my chest. It took some effort and my biceps blasted into hardened massiveness, but I continued to lower and lift the car – all the time staring at how the Little Prince shook with excitement. Doing a feat of strength involving something other than his body, did not thrill me in the same way as when we were in close proximity or even touching, but seeing how I pumped out twenty reps with the BMW – and having each lift strangely become easier – was just about too much for the good Professor. I could see his dick visually jerking harder in his pants as I slowly counted each lift. He’d glance up at my face with such longing; such utter amazement at what I was doing and that only fueled me on more. The pleasure he clearly received from my little display only made me stronger – caused me to want to show off more. He definitely empowered me to go way beyond my normal giant college-boy abilities. On lift number twenty I keep the curl at the top, with my arms bent and my biceps ballooning out bigger than beach balls. I smiled at my little worshipper. “Feel them now, Little Prince. I think they’ll make you happy.” Again, the speed with which he moved amazed me. He was at my side in an instant. To my shock he did not begin by feeling my insanely monstrous biceps. He first reached out and felt the bumper of the car – as if he wanted to prove to himself it truly was now raised high enough to be even with his forehead. He looked under the car, merely because he’d probably never seen the vehicle from that angle. Next, his hand moved to my wrists – where his fingers traced three protruding veins that ran up my forearm. When he finally laid his hand on my pulsing, sweat-covered arm, he jumped back and withdrew his hand quickly. “It’s so hot! And hard! Harder even than it was before! How can that be?” “You make me want to be harder, Professor. And bigger. Go ahead, feel it some more.” This time, when his seemingly demure hands were spread out against the expanse of my huge muscle, I lowered the car and then lifted it – making sure he got to feel the power of the biceps in motion. I got the feeling that my Little Prince likened the experience to that of a small boy standing near a huge crane in motion – or some kind of wrecking ball plowing through a sturdy wall. Either way, the smaller man was in awe of the giant machine that was my arm. His fingers trembled as the muscle bulged harder when it lifted upward. Professor Michaels brought his cheek up against the stone-like slab and I lowered and lifted the car again. By now I could feel a slight burn in my arm muscles, but it was nothing to complain about. I held the front of the car aloft to allow my worshipper to feel away to his heart’s content. He finally looked up into my eyes. “I want to be your barbell now. I want to feel your power. I want to make you feel even stronger than when you lifted the car.” At that point, the petite man made me feel like I could have lifted the entire BMW over my head – for a hundred repetitions. I was only nineteen years old, but I had been so big for so many years I had definitely had my share of men gawk at me, grope my muscles, and worship my size. However, never had a man turned me on so much. I was so excited I squeezed the bumper extra hard with my big paws. For a few seconds I was worried I would leave finger indentions in the metal, but then I remembered – no matter how the Professor made me feel – I was only a very big man who was exceptionally strong, I was not a superman. I placed the car back onto the driveway and then turned to my little friend. The anticipation, the joy, the desire in his eyes was almost too much for me to bear. I had just lifted a BMW – something that weighed thousands of pounds – but lifting that man, who weighed no more than one hundred and sixty – was going to give me much more pleasure. Maybe it was because I’d be touching his body. Maybe it was because I’d be showing him how strong I was. Maybe it was because he would love it so much. I didn’t know. I simply knew that at that moment I desired nothing more in the world. I belonged to the Little Prince. I was his Gentle Giant. I would have done anything he requested and it would bring me more pleasure than I had ever known. I had lifted my share of guys in my short lifetime – mainly because I could. I did not, however, remember feeling more excited than I did at that moment.
  16. Too Big - Part Four

    Atlas continued his story. So, my lucky break came a few days later when I noticed something on the message board in the commons area on campus. There was a new flyer on the board one morning as I went to breakfast following an early workout. The sheet of paper had a picture of Professor Michaels holding a cardboard box and it was a request for students to give him some assistance in moving. It seemed he had a new house. He asked for six people and offered pizza and beverages as a thank you. I noticed that none of the tabs that had been prepared at the bottom of the flyer were gone. I quickly removed all six tabs and shoved them in my pocket. I knew Michaels would see that they had been taken and would then figure he had his crew for the move that upcoming Saturday. He definitely had his crew – his crew of one and that’s all he would need. “Holy crap, this is getting really good.” “It gets even better, Adonis. Just wait.” So, that Saturday I wore cargo shorts and a threadbare t-shirt with Freddy Mercury on it. I knew Michaels wouldn’t register anything beyond my body, but the shirt just seemed appropriate. I had a quick workout before I went to the Professor’s house – to pump up my body, to create a masculine musk for the occasion, and to have a little outline of sweat on my shirt before we even started. Everything was bulging nicely as I walked up his driveway – seeing him standing by his garage. I knew he’d be impressed. “Good morning, sir.” “Good morning. Somehow, I knew you’d be one of the people to help me today.” He stared at my body – not at my face. He clearly couldn’t get enough of me and loved the fact that my t-shirt hid not on of my bulges. I decided to play with him a little bit – just to get the ball rolling. “I hope you’re not disappointed that I’m here, Professor.” “On the contrary. We’ll just wait a few minutes for the rest to arrive.” “I don’t think anyone else is coming, sir.” “What do you mean?” “I took all the tabs off of your flyer so it would just be you and me today.” “You did what! Do you know how much big stuff I have to move?” “Professor Michaels, do you actually think you have anything that’s too big for me to handle. Cause unless you’ve got a grand piano in there, I think I’m going to be able to move all of your stuff pretty easily.” As I said this I raised my arms into a monstrous double biceps pose. This caused the bottom of my shirt to come up and reveal some of my hard, thick abs, too. I had certainly learned how to silence the man. The now familiar open mouth and wide eyes followed a loud gulp from my teacher. He was staring at the thick hard peaks that were tearing at he sleeves of my shirt. Something twitched and sprang to life in the front of his shorts – exactly the reaction I was looking for. I knew he thought I was flexing my guns to their fullest thickness, so I taunted him by increasing the tense and making them grow even bigger. I thought his eyes were going to bug right out of his head. As he spoke he didn’t take his gaze from my arms. “With arms like that we could probably load everything onto the truck and you could carry the thing to my new place.” “Come on Professor Michaels, you know that’s not true. I’m not super strong or anything like that, although I could probably pull the thing fully loaded across town.” I could see this was clearly too much for the man to digest. I was afraid his eyes were going to roll back into his head and he’d pass out again. Somehow, he regained some strength and didn’t teeter over. I dropped my arms, but he continued to stare at them – even when they were just dangling at my side. I had already gathered that my friend, the Professor, was an arms guy. Lucky for him, since I had some humongous guns. I walked closer to the smaller man – just so he could get a deep whiff of my post-workout aroma. I swear the dude got even harder just from smelling my sweaty body. “So, Professor, you want to show me the heaviest thing in the place and we can load that on the truck first. It will get things rolling and give me a chance to show you that we definitely don’t need anyone else to help. You’ve got a one-man moving team helping you, today.” “I’m pretty sure that would be my heavy roll-top desk up in my study on the second floor.” He reluctantly turned to lead me inside – clearly sad that he wasn’t going to get to look at my arms for a few minutes. Passing through he house I could see that he had obviously been working hard to get everything ready for the move. There were a lot of boxes and a pretty good amount of furniture. Everything seemed packed and ready to go. I had a feeling I’d have this guy completely moved in a few hours. That made me happy, because it would leave more time for us to get to know each other better. When he showed me the desk, I saw that the thing was pretty impressive. It was, indeed, huge – but I knew its weight would be nothing compared to what I lifted. Luckily the doorways were big and the thing would clearly fit through without having to finesse it in any way. “Why don’t you grab the other side, Professor. Oh, don’t give me that look. You can help. Don’t worry, I won’t make you carry too much of it and as we go down the stairs I promise I’ll go first, so I’ll have most of the weight. Just make sure you hold on real tight.” I winked at the man, just to rattle his cage a little more. I know they say you’re supposed to squat when you lift heavy things, but this desk wasn’t going to be much of a challenge. I also figured in the extra weight I was going to give the piece of furniture when we started moving. I watched as my Professor wrapped his strong, but small arms around the other end and latched on hard. I reached down and grabbed my side. Without any struggle at all, I lifted and tilted the desk at the same time. The Professor’s feet immediately left the ground as he and his side went up in the air. I saw the man freak out a little and then he doubled his effort to hold on. I wasn’t using near my full strength to hold the desk and the man in the air at the same time. I easily started walking everything out the door, down the steps, out the front door, and into the truck. I never even began to feel a strain. I lowered the Professor’s end once we had gone up the ramp of the vehicle. He let go of the piece of furniture as soon as his feet hit the ground. He came around quickly to get a good glimpse of me holding his desk – something he probably couldn’t even budge an inch to save his life – with no effort at all. I maneuvered the thing to the front of the truck and gently set it down. I walked over to the gawking man, pulled my right shirtsleeve up a little and then, again, flexed my big biceps right in front of his face. “You still doubt the power of these giant things, sir?” He could only shake his head ‘no’. He was too stunned to say a word. I pumped my arm a few times just to give him a bigger thrill. The slight moan that escaped his mouth told me I had succeeded. Watching the man get so excited about my size and strength had already sent me into overdrive. I was so hard I could have penetrated steel with my rod. I knew we needed to get the moving job done, but I so wanted to pick the little guy up and take him to his bedroom and show off all morning. I released the flexed biceps and looked down at the pleased face of my teacher. “How ‘bout the sofa next, Professor, and you can ride on it while I carry it.” The little guy was out of the truck and down the ramp almost before I had even finished the sentence. I came into the house to find him stretched out on his extra-long couch that ended up having a fold out bed in it. The thing would have been a lot heavier than it looked to most people, but I had no problem lifting it. The Professor’s face beamed as I easily lugged the big thing and him across the yard. He waved like royalty to an imaginary crowd as we walked up the ramp. “Did you enjoy the ride, your highness?” “I did, indeed.” “I just got a great idea. I like the thought of you being a king or prince. I think I’ll start calling you my Little Prince, if that suits you, sir.” “Only we we’re alone together. I don’t think it would work in class.” It was his time to wink at me. There was no way he could know how that simple action – that mere acknowledgement of how he accepted my pet name and how he was beginning to reveal his true feelings – made me excited beyond belief. I had longed for a little guy to cuddle, to show off for, and to take care of for so long. I was beginning to realize my feelings for the Little Prince were consuming me completely. It was also pretty clear that he felt the same way about me. I decided to take our budding romance to a whole new level. “It’s getting pretty hot, Professor. Would it be okay with you, Little Prince, if I did the rest of the loading without my shirt?” I swear the guy’s heart stopped beating. True to form, the mouth dropped open wide, the eyes doubled in size, the face turned white as a sheet, and the man couldn’t say a word. He just nodded weakly. I grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and started bringing it up over my enormous torso. When the shirt was about at my shoulders there was suddenly a loud gasp. “Holy fucking shit!” I immediately dropped my shirt back over my body – thinking something terrible had happened. I quickly looked at the Professor and saw that he looked like he was about to keel over dead. “What is it? What happened?” “You’re perfection.” He spoke as if in a trance. I could see he was still turning the sight of my massive chest and chiseled abs over and over in his head. I let out a little chuckle and then pulled my shirt off in one quick smooth move. I draped it over part of the truck and turned back to the Little Prince. The poor guy was having trouble figuring out where he wanted his gaze to land. It was pretty obvious he thought he’d be missing out on something if he didn’t take it all in at one time. I rolled my massive pecs just to tease him. His head bobbed up and down like he was riding some waves. “That’s it, Little Prince, follow the bouncing pecs. I want you to feel like all of these mountains of muscle bulge just for you. They’re all here just to serve my Little Prince.” My words and the heaving chest in front of him had so mesmerized the Professor that he was now completely hypnotized. It was as if he could think of nothing else but my huge body. I was pretty sure he had passed into some other world where only muscle registered to him. I decided to test my theory. I tensed every fiber that was not covered by clothing. “You like my body, Little Prince?” “Completely. It’s all I ever think about.” “And you don’t mind that I took off my shirt, do you?” “Hell no.” “You want this big man to show off for you?” “Yes, please yes.” “Then let’s get you moved, so we can have some real fun.” I walked passed the guy and down the ramp – both of us eager to get the task at hand done. For the next four and a half hours I basically loaded and unloaded the Professor’s entire house. I easily carried six boxes to each one the Little Prince could lift. I carried armoires, chests, tables, and much more – items that would have clearly required three to four moving men each. The Little Prince followed me like a good little puppy – continuously staring at my muscles as I lifted, bent over, and flexed just to continuously tease him. At one point I had grabbed the refrigerator and started out the front door when the Professor briefly came out of his trance to tell me the appliances weren’t going. I gently put the stainless steel, double-door big thing back in its original place. My Little Prince insisted on riding on all six of the dining room chairs as I carried them out to the truck – as well as anything he could fit on. It was like he was a small kid at an amusement park. I began to wonder what all the neighbors thought. The sun was beating down hard so I was sweating up a storm – not from exertion, just from the heat. Every now and then I’d run a finger down the deep valley between my bulging pecs – following the small river of manly perspiration – and then bring my fingers up to the Professor’s mouth so he could have a taste of his personal Hercules. We were both getting a little light headed – not from dehydration, but from the fact that we were perpetually rock hard, turning each other on every second we were together. The Professor whined a little when we were done unloading stuff into his gorgeous new modern house about three miles away and I told him he’d have to follow me in his car as I returned the truck. It was clear he didn’t want to be separated for that long. I didn’t put on my shirt when we drove to the rental place. I knew that would please my Little Prince in a big way. Watching the four husky men that worked at the shop immediately get intimidated when I walked up with the tiny man thrilled both of us. One of the guys, clearly the owner, cleared is throat and forced his gaze away from my massive bare chest to talk to my Little Prince. “Um, Professor Michaels, you had the truck rented for two days. Is there a problem? You’re back in five hours.” “No problem at all. It’s just that my big friend, here, has moved everything in my house on his own.” “You’re telling me that your entire two-story house has been moved in less than five hours and it was done by one guy!” “Yes.” The silence that followed in the room thrilled me. All eyes slowly returned to my big frame. I was a little excited by the fact that every guy in the room had to tilt his head back to look up at me – even though I was the youngest there. I gave the workers a big college-boy smile and pumped my arms into a massive double biceps pose. “I had a really good breakfast.” Immediately, I heard a sound that could only have been a cock spewing. Which was soon followed by the distinct smell of cum. I glanced down at the crotches of all the workers and smiled when I saw a wet stain starting to form at the front of the owner’s pants. He was the smallest of all the men, so that made me extra happy, as well. I don’t think the dude even realized he had shot off a big wad. He looked at me as he spoke. “Listen, big man, if you’re ever looking for a way to make some extra cash, don’t hesitate to come see me. I could use a one-man moving crew.” “I’ll keep that in mind, sir. I love lifting heavy things.”
  17. Too Big - Part Three

    Atlas finished his story, took a swig from his beer and noticed that Adonis had to grab the stool nearby and sit down. He looked a little shaken. Atlas looked at he little guy with concern. “Um . . . sorry, I’m just a little weak-kneed at the moment, Atlas. That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. I think I need to rest.” “Yeah, which part turned you on the most?” “Wow, there were so many parts. A seventh grader that’s bigger than the teachers. A kid that has a lower voice than some virile gym teacher. A guy holding three bullies in place with one arm. A set of abs that don’t even notice full-on punches. A father telling his huge son to act like a superhero. A dude being easily lifted into the air. So much. But I guess the part that got me the most excited was the idea that I might take the place of little Jimmy Shaw.” “I was hoping that would be your favorite part.” “Really? Why?” “Cause I’d like you to take the part of little Jimmy Shaw, too.” “Why is that Atlas? Why do you get so turned on by little guys – guys like me?” “I really don’t know. It’s just always been that way. I mean two days after that incident at school Brett Roberts came to my house in the afternoon and begged me to lift him into the air again. He also begged me to let him punch my stomach again – a bunch of times, until he wore himself out. I obliged him, and all, but it didn’t turn me on the way it did with some small guy. Brett was too cocky . . . too confident. I think some big guys like to conquer other big men, but not me. I like to please, show off for, and take care of little guys. I can’t explain it. Who knows, maybe I have a ‘father complex’ or something like that. I just know that if I want to bust out a major wad nothing churns it out like watching a much smaller man touch my muscles or when some dude gets excited just from me flexing or – by far the most intense is when a little guy asks me to show off my strength or my size. I really wish I could explain what it does to me. Maybe it’s like when you hold a newborn bird or a kitten. You know, they’re so fragile – it almost makes you feel so powerful, just knowing you could crush them into nothing – but you don’t, you wouldn’t. That could be it – it could be because a small guy makes me feel so much bigger and stronger than I really am. Maybe the dude empowers me even more. I really just don’t know. I can tell you one thing for sure, though. It excites me in a way that’s almost magical – otherworldly.” “I bet you have small guys crawling all over you all the time, Atlas.” “Hell no, dude. Most guys are just plain scared of me – no matter what their size. I just seem to intimidate the crap out of most people I meet. You’d be amazed at how many people won’t even look me in the eye when I talk to them.” “Maybe they’re too busy staring at your humongous body.” “That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Most little guys don’t even register that I’m human. They just see a mound of muscle and either turn away and run like hell or get so tongue tied they can’t say a word. They just end up staring or fainting, overcome by my size. I rarely meet little dudes that are . . . I don’t know, I don’t want to sound conceited . . . but I rarely meet any that are brave enough to talk to me. I intimidate them or something.” “Well, I’m not intimidated . . . well, actually I am – because you’re just so freaking huge, but not so much that I can’t talk to you. In fact, your hugeness makes me want to talk to you. Besides, I’m amazed anyone would find it hard to not engage with you, Atlas. You’ve got a happy, easygoing aura about you.” “Thanks. I’d say the same about you.” “So, did you and little Jimmy Shaw ever get together in school? You know, did you help him live out his fantasies.” “Naw, the dude liked girls. He’s married now and has three kids. He’s the founder of some tech start up and has made millions. Maybe billions. A couple of years ago, he asked me for a little favor, though. There were some goons at his gym that were harassing him – just like Brett and his pals in junior high school. He invited me to his elite club uptown to re-live that moment way back in seventh grade. It was kind of fun putting some adult bullies in their place while the still skinny and small Jimmy watched. It was just as big a turn on two years ago as it was way back when. And how about you, Adonis? Do you like boys or girls?” “I like huge men.” “That’s the answer I like to hear.” “The bigger the better.” “That makes it even sweeter. I hope I fit the bill.” “You fit the bill about ten times over, Atlas. How ‘bout another story from your past – one that would excite me as much as the one about Jimmy Shaw.” “Let me see, what would make you happy? Oh, I’ve got the perfect one. This would have been when I was in college. It was my sophomore year. I was around nineteen. I took an art history class mainly because everyone said the teacher was the best on campus. I’ll never forget walking into class on the first day to find a huge hall filled with about a hundred and twenty people. I was a little disappointed in the size of the class. That is, until the teacher walked in. I’ll never forget my first glimpse of Dr. Norman Michaels. He was about five feet, seven inches tall, weighed no more than one-fifty to one fifty-five, and had a perfect little swimmers build – broad shoulders, narrow hips, and an ass that was made for bouncing quarters! He wore the tightest jeans I’ve ever seen – along with a stylish blazer – and always a preppy button down. He had shoulder length wavy brown hair that fell into place perfectly. He was always brushing it out of his face. A move that made me always have to adjust myself down below. “Bet you couldn’t do that without people noticing, huh?” “Especially since my legs were to big and thick for me to put under the little desktop that flipped up and over to write on. Anyway, that first day Professor Michaels decided to call roll – something that never happened in a class, especially one that big. Everyone just signed in, but that first day he insisted on seeing who everyone was – even though we were such a huge class. I didn’t think anything about it until he got to my name. When I raised my hand I swear I saw a little smile flick across my teacher’s face and then he made a note in his grade book. I was the only one that he made a note about. That’s when I first started getting suspicious. Everything became even more obvious when we started studying Greek statues and Michaels would have me stand up in front of class – next to powerpoint pictures of Hercules, Zeus, and the like – just to compare. I swear the little guy knew the name of every muscle in the human form – something he said was necessary when painting or carving a statue – but I got the feeling there was another reason. I decided to test my theory out. “Oh this is getting good.” “Yeah? I thought you’d like it. So, the Professor decided to have one-on-one conferences with all of his students. I figured this was the perfect time to get to know the guy a little more, so I signed up for one of the first slots available. I made sure it was the last meeting of the day – thinking that would give us more time. I went to my dorm and changed into some tight cotton shorts and a muscle hugging tank top for the meeting. I was a little worried my outfit might give the guy a heart attack, but then I remembered he looked in pretty good shape, himself. I had heard he did, indeed, swim a lot. Michaels was sitting at his desk with his back to the door when I got there for the meeting. There wasn’t anyone else in the hallway, so I knew our time together would be pretty private. I knocked on the door and let my deep voice boom a little louder than usual when I spoke. “Um . . . Professor Michaels. I’m here for my meeting.” I saw the guy’s entire body shake with excitement and he even jumped a little at the sound of my words. When he turned around, I had one arm draped above my head as I held on to the top of the doorframe. This pose made my arm bend slightly, so I decided to stack the deck even more and tense my biceps a little. The poor guy dropped the pencil he was holding as soon as he turned around. His mouth popped open wide and it was clear he couldn’t speak. I saw him glance at my tree-trunk thighs bulging out from my stretched, paper-thin shorts. “Um . . . is it okay if I come in, Professor?” He didn’t speak. He merely nodded his head up and down. I purposefully waddled into the room – swinging my gigantic upper body confidently as I moved. I also closed the door behind me. I heard the Professor gulp loudly. There was a wooden chair near him – with a pretty high back. I swung my leg over the back and planted my huge self a few feet away from him. It was a move to emphasize how big I was and it worked perfectly. The shocked teacher still could not speak. He simply stared from my chest to my arms and then back again. I reached out with one of my big hands, lifted his chin to close his mouth and then tilted his head so he was looking me in the eyes. “My face is up here, sir.” He swallowed hard and it took a few seconds for what I said to register with the guy. He turned bright red and immediately started speaking wildly. “Of course it is. It’s right up there . . . up there atop of those Herculean shoulders. Those big mounds of massive muscle that seem to stick out like two Gibraltar’s. And those lead to two humongous arms that look like . . . “ And then the guy caught himself. He turned even redder and immediately shut up. He turned around, fumbled around his desk for a file – which I assumed was mine – and then turned back to me. He wouldn’t look at me for a couple of minutes and simply thumbed through paper in the folder to make himself look busy. I smiled a knowing smile. The little dude was definitely into muscle. By this point, my huge schlong was so hard it looked like someone had stuffed a fire extinguisher down my shorts. The cute little Professor was rocking all my boats. I wanted to pick him up in his rolling wooden desk chair, bring him up to my face, and plant a big sloppy kiss on those thick luscious lips, but I knew that would have made him even more uncomfortable. I could be patient when I wanted to be and I knew there’d come a time when it was the right moment for us to be together – even it didn’t end up being today. “Um . . . so are you . . . enjoying the class.” “Very much, Professor. I like it the most when you talk about my body to the class.” “Well, you are the perfect specimen.” “Am I?” I raised my arms and flexed – glancing to the right and then to the left as I bounced my biceps a few times. I heard him gasp and, again, he dropped the pencil – and then the file with all the papers. I reached down to pick everything up – mainly because the guy was completely frozen, clearly overwhelmed by my flexed peaks. I laid everything in his lap because he still wasn’t moving when I got it all together. He just continued to stare at my arms. “I really like all the examples of the male physique you show in the class, Professor. Some of the artwork inspires me when I work out. I kind of think of myself as a sculptor or a painter as I mold my body into something I can be proud of. Into something that others might find pleasing. I’m all about making others feel good.” I knew I was being a little cruel, but I couldn’t help it. I found the guy so freaking hot that I could barely refrain from reaching out and picking him up in a tight bear hug, just to squeeze my love into him. The room was getting really hot, by now, and the Professor’s forehead was covered in sweat. I took advantage of the situation. “Hey, Professor, it’s kind of hot in here. How about I open your window?” I leaned forward, scooting out of my chair a little, but staying down on his level. I reached my muscled arms around him and brought my hulking chest a few inches from his face. He was looking straight down the cavernous valley between my pecs and could see how massive they were. I grabbed the window and easily slid it upward – noticing the thing made a lot of noise as it opened. I sat back down and noticed the Professors eyes were now twice the size they were before. “Uh . . . that window’s been stuck for three years . . . no maintenance man has ever been able to get it open!” “Really, Professor? It just opened right up for me. I barely had to use any strength at all. I guess these big arms are just more powerful than a group of maintenance men.” I flexed my arms again and, immediately, I knew our teacher-student conference was over. The eyes of my small Professor rolled back into his head and the guy simply passed out. It was kind of cute. He just went nighty-night – clearly my body and strength had just been too much for him. He didn’t slump down in his chair or fall over, his chin simply fell forward and he was totally gone. I know it was wrong, but I took advantage of the situation. I reached out and copped a feel of his chest, his arms, his legs, and the swollen mound at his crotch. Just as I had suspected – the Professor was a tightly muscled little guy. And he was carrying a pretty big package, as well. I ran my fingers across his plump lips and then brought them up to my own. I had the feeling I’d be tasting those things for real one day, soon. I figured I shouldn’t leave the poor guy just sitting there, so I easily lifted him and carried him over to the sofa on the other side of the room. I was kind of bummed he wasn’t awake to see how light he was for me. The guy immediately curled into a fetal position when I set him down. I stood there for a few more seconds – just soaking up the beauty of the man. He turned me on so much. I then wrote him a note – saying I really enjoyed our meeting. I ended it by saying I hoped he had a really nice sleep. I then turned out his light and left, shutting the door behind me. “Maybe you should have carried him to your dorm room – you never know what would have happened when he woke up.” “Maybe, but try explaining an unconscious teacher draped over an arm to people on campus.” Anyway, if I had thought the good Professor was going to ignore me the next day – out of embarrassment – I was dead wrong. He handed me a note when I entered the classroom. It was written on the same note I had left for him the night before. It said, ‘Thanks for the lift last night. I slept like a baby.’ He smiled at me as I stiffly walked to my seat. It was then I realized the Professor knew he was wrecking my world just as much as I was wrecking his. I was harder than a two-by-four the entire class and he knew it. Luckily, he didn’t ask me to stand in front of the class, for my raging hard-on would have been impossible to hide. Over the next few class periods I decided to try out different outfits to see which one Michaels preferred me in. You know, I was getting ready for when we went on a real date. He seemed to light up the most when I wore a severely tight black polo shirt and jeans that were so tight they might as well have been painted on. So, the prepster liked other preppies. It was duly noted. “I bet, like me, Atlas, he simply liked any outfit that hugged your muscles revealingly.” “You’re probably right, Adonis.”
  18. Too Big - Part Two

    “I did, however, get dubbed ‘The Protector’ in seventh grade because I decided my job would be to keep everyone safe from bullies. It was my way of being the superhero my dad talked about. There were some wee lads in my class – guys much smaller than even my arms – and I found out early on in the year that it was a huge turn on for me to take care of them. To make sure none of the older, bigger guys picked on them. One day I was taking a short cut outside and came upon three ninth graders shoving one of my little pals around and knocking his books out of his hands. Instead of getting angry or going ballistic – I was amazed by the fact that my already man-thick rod shot the hardest it had ever been and my body got all tingly with excitement. The knowledge that I was about to protect little Jimmy Shaw – showing him how big and strong I was by fending off three guys at one time – was almost enough to make me squirt a monstrous load in my undershorts. I wanted to pick up the little fellow – who had been shoved to the ground – easily lift him all the way up to the half wall that was next to us and let him watch the show. Making him feel comfortable and safe was all that was on my mind. I watched his eyes grow big with hope as I walked up behind his tormentors and that made me even more excited.” “Is there a problem here little men?” Since I had the biggest chest on campus I also had the deepest voice. Even the very masculine, heavily hairy Coach Saunders sounded a little lady-like beside me. I loved how my voice sounded like a long deep roll of thunder announcing a coming storm. I noticed the backs of our trio of bullies immediately stiffened with fear and I swear I saw the one on the right start to tremble. By the time they turned around the guy in the middle – football superstar tackle, Brett Roberts – had regained some of his cockiness and he decided it was time to rid the other students of their respect – and fear – of me, once and for all. That was his first mistake. “No problem, my big doofus. We’re just reminding this seventh grader of his proper place in the food chain. You can continue on your way – that is, unless you’d like us to remind you, as well.” Some guys would have gotten mad. Some guys would have gotten scared. Some guys would have just laughed at the dweeb. I, however, responded by immediately starting to leak a little pre-cum from the huge hard rocket in my pants. Brett was a pretty big kid – maybe the largest guy in school besides me – but even if you put him and his two pals together they still wouldn’t have equaled my mass or my strength. The fact that this didn’t register to them only made me happier than a kid in a candy store. I could see a wave of fear suddenly land on Jimmy Shaw’s face. The fact that he, also, didn’t realize just how much I could easily dominate these three upper classmen made my heart jump with excitement. I instantly knew that showing the little guy what I was capable of – without hurting anyone – was going to give me fodder for beating off for months – maybe even years – to come. I suddenly felt like Prince Charming, a knight in shining armor, or even someone like Captain America. Helping my cute little classmate with wire-rim glasses and a waist much smaller than one of my thighs seemed to make the world perfect. Every single bulging muscle in my body pulsed thick with blood from the anticipation of making Jimmy happy. “Well, I’m pretty slow, there, Brett, so I guess you three goons are just going to have to show me, too.” I watched with utter joy as Brett’s hand made a fist at his side. I knew what was coming and the mere idea of what was going to happen made me want to pick up the three boys in one big bear hug and kiss them. I also started thinking about how Jimmy Shaw was going to view everything. Seeing the upcoming altercation through his eyes made everything even sweeter to me. I wanted to be the little dude – seeing my hulking figure blocking out the sun for everyone else. I wanted to watch, from his viewpoint, the astonishing moment that was about to take place. “With pleasure, freak.” Brett swung his elbow back and let his clenched fist fly through the air into my stomach. The loud smack made Jimmy close his eyes from fear of seeing me doubled over, but it also made my hard dick spurt a bigger gob of pre cum. Nothing on my body moved. Abs didn’t cave in. I didn’t even sway a little. Brett, his two pals, Jimmy – who had quickly re-opened his eyes - and I simply looked down at my mid-section and registered how the football player’s punch had been easily stopped by something much, much more powerful. I turned my gaze back to Brett, whose face was now looking at me and signaling pain. He raised his arm and immediately shook out his hand. For a second I was worried he had broken his wrist, but then I saw him wiggling all his fingers to make sure nothing was seriously hurt. To tease the guy even more I reached down and raised my t-shirt, revealing my titanium six-pack – just to prove to him it was all me that had stopped his puny punch. “I guess this freak’s got some abs of steel, huh, Brett?” Brett’s two pals actually turned out to be dumber than he was. As soon as they saw me lift my shirt – revealing an un-tensed stomach that was cut like stones, they decided to defend their friend. Both goons pulled back their arms and sent simultaneous punches into my uncovered gut. Again, the sound of the two loud smacks was like music to my ears. As soon as I saw what was coming I wondered – briefly – if I’d be able to bear the assault as easily as I had when it was just Brett, but – again – not one part of me budged even a fraction of an inch. My abs barely registered anything. Suddenly, all three of the guys were shaking out their hands from the pain and Jimmy Shaw and I were still staring at my abs. I tensed them – just to tease the upper classmen – and to show everyone that I had withstood the punches with a stomach that was relaxed. Jimmy Shaw let out a high-pitched squeal-like gasp as he saw my brick-laid abs turn harder and pop out even more from the flex. I looked into Jimmy’s shocked gaze and let the shirt drop back down. “Pretty cool, huh Jimmy? And I wasn’t even tensing them that hard.” I took advantage of the fact that all three of the older guys were still trying to reduce the stinging pain in their fingers and wrists. I quickly lined them in a row – back to front – with Brett at the head of the line. I placed my big hand on the dude’s chest – marveling at how my fingers spread across the expanse of his pecs - and then smashed all three of them into the wall close to where Jimmy still sat on the ground. I easily held all three of them in place with one arm – loving the fact that they each started to squirm wildly – both from the slight pain of being compressed and the desire to escape. For a fraction of a second it dawned on me that I wasn’t even using my full strength to keep them in place. My one thickly muscled arm pressed them into the wall like a vice-grip that would hold two boards together. The panicked look on their faces was cool, but not half as much as the lustful, awe-filled look of the little guy on the ground. The face of that little guy was fulfilling fantasies I didn’t even know I had. He was the damsel in distress, the Lois Lane to my Superman, the Mary Jane Watson to my Spiderman, and the Jane Foster to my Thor. Jimmy Shaw made me want to do many other things to the three goons I held in place, but I also knew I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them. “So, Brett and friends, here’s the deal. Take a look at the guy down there on the ground. Take a good look. His name is Jimmy Shaw. I don’t want you to forget his name or his face. Cause, you see, Jimmy’s a friend of mine. A very good friend of mine. And from now on, whenever you see Jimmy you’re going to tell him hello. You’re going to act like he’s been your best pal for many years. You’re even going to go out of your way to be nice to him. And if you don’t I’ll be there to remind you why you should. Holding you three in place is nothing for me, mates. I’m not even using my full force. Here, let me show you.” I pushed on Brett even harder – still not near my total strength – and smiled to myself as each guy was forced to exhale even more air. The poor dude in the middle was starting to turn a little blue. I knew I’d have to let them go soon. I didn’t want to have anyone pass out. I lessened my grip and loved how my increased strength had made each one of them panic even more. “So, unless you want to see me unleash my Hulk-like strength on you – you better be nice to Jimmy from now on. Have I made myself clear?” The two goons in the back quickly nodded their heads up and down. Brett, however, proved to be even more stupid than I thought and he just stared at me. I knew I’d have to make myself clearer to him. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed the lapels of his letterman jacket. I pulled him from the other two dudes, who immediately fell to the ground – gasping for air and rubbing their aching chests. I tightened my grip on Brett and lifted my arms – causing the kid’s feet to fully come off the ground. I was taller than him – so it was fun to raise him to my eye level. We both quickly noted how easy it was for me to lift his entire body into the air. I was amazed at how light he actually was. I brought his face up to mine. I had eaten an onion-laden burger for lunch so I made sure to exhale even harder than usual as I spoke. I wanted – in the future – the smell of onions to make Brett remember how his feet dangled in the air and I held him like he was as light as a pillowcase. I have a feeling the guy, to this day, steers away from onions. I spoke slowly – lowering my voice into something close to a growl. “It seems that my buddy, Brett, is a slow learner. Maybe showing you how light you really are – at least to me – might help make our little lesson from today stick in that thick brain of yours a little more. So, you want to answer me this time, little man? Do you understand that from this day forward you’re going to be extra nice to my good pal, here, Jimmy?” I actually moved my arms to the side and tilted the dude downward a little so he could have a good look at the small guy on the ground. Without hesitation, Brett started shaking his head up and down and actually let out a little sob mixed in with the word ‘sorry.’ I was impressed with this extra touch – and so was Jimmy. I tossed the football player down onto his friends and then watched the three of them scramble quickly to their feet and run away. I gazed at them as they left – noting that all three of them kept looking back to make sure I wasn’t coming after them. I then turned to Jimmy Shaw. The kid looked up at me with eyes full of gratitude, awe, and astonishment. He then raised his arms – like a toddler might do to an adult. He was actually looking to me to pick him up. This small gesture – this tiny confirmation of how he viewed me made tears well up in my eyes. I loved how I towered over him – the incredible difference in our sizes. But only because I desired to protect him, take care of him, and show off for him. I smiled, reached down, grabbing him under the arms, and lifted him even much more easily than I had Brett. If Brett had been a pillowcase then Jimmy was nothing more than a simple tissue. I held the little guy at eye level and we simply gazed at each other without saying a word. There was no need. We both knew what the other was thinking – even without expressing a thing. I gently put him down on the ground, reached lower and picked up his books, and then carried them for him. I looked down at him as we started off. “Come on, pal. I’ll walk you to Mr. Jones’ class. When he sees that you’re with me he’ll not mark you as tardy. I mow his lawn shirtless every other weekend and he brings out six or seven glasses of lemonade every time – just to steal glances at my big body.”
  19. Too Big

    “You’re a big man.” “Too big?” “Is that even possible?” “Some men would say yes. Maybe not fitting through regular doorframes is their limit. Or maybe it’s not fitting comfortably on a single bed. Or sometimes it’s just a matter of buttons on a shirt being pulled way too tight. You’d be surprised by what turns a guy off.” “Do I seem turned off?” “No. Quite the opposite, really.” “I like it when a guy can’t find a shirt that fits him well. When everything seems too small and you can actually see skin between the strained buttons. As for the bed, a real man should never have to fit into a single. It’s made for children. I like it best when a king-size bed looks small because a big man is lying on it. And doorframes seem like they were made to be busted by shoulders . . . wouldn’t you say?” “I’ve ruined a few in my time.” “I bet you have.” “The best is when it’s a metal frame and my size just dents the thing to crap as I pass through.” “I kind of feel sorry for the frame.” “No you don’t.” Monstrous pecs bounced a little under the skin-tight t-shirt. Shoulders were pulled back a little and seemed to flare out even wider. Simply to impress. The poor weak shirtsleeves inched up mega biceps that seemed to pulse to twice their size. The weakened fabric seemed like a second skin – striations, veins, nipples, and hair so clearly seen. “It might interest you to know that I compete.” “I get the feeling you also win.” “I’ve got my share of trophies.” “Although, sometimes, a living, breathing trophy is the best kind . . . wouldn’t you agree?” The bulging thick neck swallowed hard. Luscious, manly lips parted in what could only be described as a deeply masculine slow gasp. The giant had been surprised – something that seemed unfathomable a few seconds before. Dark blue eyes grew wider, followed by a smile so gorgeous it could have slain an army. “I didn’t realize this was a competition. I would have taken my shirt off.” “Not a competition, exactly. More like an interview.” “I should have brought my CV.” “I hope it’s long.” “And hard?” A much-needed gulp of the vodka tonic sitting on the bar happened at the same time the behemoth took a long swig of his beer. Eyes never left the other. Both men seemed to need a few seconds to recover . . . to move back from the edge. “How much do you weigh?” “Whoa, big man . . . getting a little personal, aren’t we?” Silence. Eyes not leaving the other. “I weigh one hundred an fifty-six pounds.” “And I weigh three eighty.” There was no way either man could comprehend how much this shared information excited the other. Sometimes, cocks harden for the strangest reasons. Weight difference . . . and difference in size seemed to be a turn on for both the giant and the little guy. There was a need for another long swallow of both drinks. “I curl weight heavier than you.” “I’m not sure any of the furniture in my place is heavier than you.” “That make you nervous?” “Just the opposite.” “Not intimidated by size?” “No. Why would I be? The bigger the better.” There was so much sexual energy flowing between the two men at that point that if any human being had walked between them the poor person would have been electrocuted on the spot. “Some men are scared by my size.” “I don’t know why. Are you going to hurt me?” “No. That’s not why I’m big.” “Just as I figured. Although, sometimes a little pain can be erotic. You know, just to show me how big and strong you really are.” “Yeah? Only if it’s something you like.” “A little squeeze here. A little bear hug there. It can be fun for both of us.” “I like the way you think.” “I like the way you bulge.” Another need for retreat. Another need for a sip of cool liquids. The drinks were now finished and the man with muscles galore signaled to the bartender for another round. He held his arm up and signaled for two more by making the peace sign with his fingers. The smaller man stared at the biceps that bulged – though it was completely relaxed. This did not go unnoticed by the big man. “Shall I flex it for you?” “Please.” A chorus of angels. The beginning of an opera by Wagner. A thousand timpani drums pounding at the same time. The finale of a fireworks extravaganza. None of these came close to describing the moment when the giant tensed his arm and made his biceps bulge to full size. It was now time for the little man to gasp slowly and let his mouth drop open wide. Time froze still for both men. Nothing else mattered – except for bulging hard flesh, gaping eyes, and a wide-open mouth. It took a few seconds for the smaller man to return to earth. “Just a little thing I’ve been working on for a few years.” “There’s nothing ‘little’ about it. It’s bigger than my head. And probably a lot harder!” “I’m glad it pleases.” The giant released the flex. He knew it would be better for the continued conversation. He watched the smaller man’s gaze stay glued to the biceps even after he had lowered his arm and left it relaxed at his side. “I’m a verified muscle whore.” “I’m a verified muscle exhibitionist.” “It seems we were made for each other.” “It would seem so. Mind if I ask a personal question?” “I don’t mind at all. I’m an open book.” “Why muscles? Why a big guy? Why me?” “To be frank . . . all of that was secondary. You smiled when I smiled at you. That comes first with me. You were friendly . . . open . . . happy. Look around this place. Look how many people seem desperate . . . sad . . . lonely. You didn’t radiate any of that kind of energy.” “Neither did you.” “Now, my turn. Why me?” “Simple. You spoke to me. You engaged me. You actually spoke to me as a person.” “I’m not sure what you mean.” “Easy. Other guys only see my size . . . my muscles. You actually saw me. I guess – since you said it - it was my smile, but you talked to me like I was a person and not just a piece of big muscled meat. I actually felt like you wanted to get to know me.” “A man is much more than his muscles.” “Just as a man is more than his gorgeous tight ass.” “Are you saying I have a gorgeous tight ass?” “Well, now that you mention it . . . yes, yes you do!” “And you, my big friend, have a body carved at Olympus.” New drinks had arrived and just in time. Both men, again, took long swigs of alcohol to calm their libidos. It seemed that only common decency and the fact they were in a public place prevented both of them from ripping the clothes off of the other. A second long sip of both drinks was needed to calm the moment. “My name is…” “Wait! Let’s name each other. Let’s give each other the name we think the other should have.” “Um . . . okay. Wow. You’ll have to give me a second.” “That’s fine. I’ve already got yours.” “Yeah? What would that be?” “Atlas. Cause you seem to be holding up my entire world. And I think you could do it with just one arm. Maybe even one hand.” “How crazy is that? I’ve got a Greek name for you, as well. Adonis. Because you’re one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen.” “The god of desire.” “Yep, that’s the one.” The two men stared at each other. If eyes had been able to undress people, then both men would have been stark naked. Neither guy moved a muscle – small or big. Desire was dripping off of everything within five feet of both of them. Around them, the bar continued to move at a different pace – guys flirting, romances ending, drinks being served, and hearts beating wildly – but right there, at their corner of the bar all time stopped and it was only the two of them. Nothing else mattered. “It seems we’re the A-team. Both of us with a name starting with ‘A.’ And both of us Greek.” “Well, the Greeks did know a thing or two about the unspeakable love between two men.” “Yes, they did. And they had so much respect for the male form . . . for muscles.” “Kind of like you.” The big man spoke in a whisper. He wasn’t sure why, but he definitely felt the importance of the conversation and of the moment. He wanted to convey all of his respect, admiration, and lust in one sentence. He definitely succeeded. The smaller man was entranced . . . in love . . . entrapped. “I feel that worship is the only appropriate response to huge bulges.” “And I feel that worship should be rewarded . . . appropriately.” “Hopefully with more flexing, more groping, and more worshipping.” “Exactly.” This time the pause – the time out – was needed more than ever. It seemed that the two men were teetering on an abyss of no return. It was clear that each guy was so turned on that they were unable to fully register other people existed in the room. The world, for each, had become completely about the other. For a few seconds words were unneeded. The big man let the back of his hand – resting on the bar – brush up against that of the smaller guy. They both looked at the ridiculous size difference in front of them. “Your hands are enormous.” “Yeah. In high school, my baseball coach said there wasn’t a glove made for a paw as big as mine. I told him it didn’t matter. I just played without one. Not even he could hit the ball hard enough for it to hurt when I caught it.” “Have you always been huge?” “Pretty much. The doctor said it was all about genetics when I was younger. I guess both my parents came from long lines of huge people. My dad’s family was Vikings and my mom’s lineage was Scandinavian or something like that. When I was around ten years old I was flipping channels one Saturday morning, bored of cartoons, and I fell upon a bodybuilding contest on a sports channel. Immediately I was entranced. There was some huge super heavyweight going through his routine to a piece of classical music and I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. Two important things happened at the end of his performance – I creamed in my pants for the first time, entering puberty, and I instantly knew my calling in life. I started lifting the next day – using an old barbell set of my dads – and haven’t stopped since. Some people say I took to it really well. I kept growing taller and pumped up huge immediately.” “I’ll say.” “In junior high I was bigger than everyone at school. Even the teachers. I was also stronger than all of them. My parents wanted the administrators to skip me a few grades – just to put me with boys my own size, but the principal said even college students were smaller than me. My father sat me down one night and gave me a stern talk about not being a bully and not using my size and strength in a bad way. He told me that – in a way – I was like a superhero that needed to always think about what was the right thing to do and to not hurt others. For some reason that talk stuck with me and I’ve been that way ever since.” “Lucky for us, mere mortals.”
  20. Big Tyler

    So…here is my first story I have ever done. So please forgive me for any grammar or spelling errors I may make. I have been on this site for many years, with a lift and carry fetish, but never contributed a story until now. So here it goes. I met Tyler online in a chatroom for muscle guys and their admirers. I have been on this site before with not much luck. But that night was different. I started messaging him. He told me that he was a big guy, and he loved to show off for his admirers. Some guys find my fetish of being picked up and carried a turn off and end the conversation there. So…I was expecting another shutdown from Tyler once I told him my fantasy, but his response was quite different. He told me that he has lifted a lot of guys. In fact he does it quite often. I was instantly hard, and I knew I had to meet him. Just one more thing I had to know. You see, I am not a small guy. I am 6’1 230lbs, so most guys say that I am too heavy or too big to lift. When I told him my stats, he told me that he has lifted much bigger guys than me before. He said if we ever met, my feet would not touch the ground. That set me over the edge. I felt wet spot on my boxer briefs. . When you are online, you can be whoever you want to be, You could say you have blond hair and blues eyes and 6’4. When, in reality you have brown hair, and brown eyes, and no taller than 5’6. So Tyler and I decided to meet after several weeks of messages back an forth. I did not want to get my hopes up if he was not for real. We decided to meet up at a coffee house in town, and see where things went from there. He never told me his stats, but promised he was strong enough to make my dreams come true. I got to the coffee house a little bit early. I sat by a window overlooking the city street. I saw several people walking in and out while I was waiting. There was one guy that I saw I was sure was Tyler, but as I was about ready to say something, he smiled and then sat down next to a woman. I waited for 20 minutes, but there was no sign that Tyler was going to show. As I was about ready to leave, the door opens and in walks the biggest bodybuilder I have ever seen. My mouth dropped almost to the floor. This guy must have been 6’8 at least 300lbs, and not a single ounce of fat on him. When he saw my face, with my mouth wide open, he knew I was the one he was looking for. He smiled at me, and said “you must be Chip”. My parents gave me that name as they said I was a “chip” off the old block. “Tyler?” “The one and only” “Wow…” (Wow? You meet the man of your dreams, and all you can say is “WOW!!”) Tyler smiles again and looks down at me. He walks closer to me and I can feel the heat coming from his body. As he stands right in front me, he puts his hands under my armpits and just lifts me up so we are face to face. People are watching this giant man lifting another large man like he weighed nothing at all. I am still speachless. He wisperred in my ear “this is what you wanted isn’t it?” He continued to hold me in the air, my feet dangling off the ground. He this starts to lift me higher so I am about to touch the ceiling. I can’t believe this is happening to me. “Man…umm…umm… Tyler laughs because he know that he has me right where he wants me. “I told you that while you are with me, your feet would not touch the floor. Are you ok with that?” How could I not be? I am in the arms of my dream man, biggest man I have ever seen and manhandling me like a small child. “Are you ready to go?” “Go where?” I said “I got us a room at the hotel down the street.” We have the whole place to ourselves without a single person to bother us.” My feet are still off the ground at this point. He shifts me to one arm, pulls out his wallet with the other and orders a Caramel Latte to go. He doesn’t even care that people were watching, I was his little plaything. As we are waiting for his latte, he started talking to me. “I can’t wait to show you what I can do for you!” I was rock hard, and was poking into his side. He smiles, reaches down and flicks my cock and says “You think that you are hard now, wait until I get you to the room!” He adjusts me again and this time throws me over his shoulder so my face was in front and had a good view if his chest and abs. He grabs his coffee and walks out the door. As we are walking down the street, Tyler is trying to make small talk with me bent over his shoulder like this is a normal thing for him. He asked me how long I have had this fetish. I told him “as long as I can remember.” “Have you ever been manhandled like this?” “Um…only in my dreams. I am usually too big for most guys, but you lift me as I am only a child to you. Aren’t you tired yet Tyler?” “Are you kidding, you are so light, if we weren’t talking, I would forget you were up there! By the way, how does it feet to be almost 7 feet off the ground over a giant shoulder?” “Well to be honest, this walk is causing me to get nauteous being almost upside down.” “Oh man, I didn’t want you to be uncomfortable. How about I put you on my shoulders to ride the rest of the way. Without waiting for a response, I felt myself being pulled off of his shoulder and down his arm. He flexed his bicep and my body bouncing up and down until he moved his arm forward, grabbing my armpit with the other arm, I was dangling in the air as he held me up with one arm. The arm that I was riding on just moments before, clamped onto my right armpit. Without warning, up I went to sit on his shoulders. “How is that little guy?” “Much better sir” “please, you don’t have to call me sir, I am your friend Tyler.” For some reason I felt safe with Tyler. I never felt threatened. I felt like he was my protector. I wanted to be in his arms forever. Normally I would be self concious about people stairing at me, but I didn’t even think about it. All I could think about was Tyler manhandling me like a 100lb kid. As we got close to the entrance to the hotel, he reached up and grabbed me to lower me off of his shoulders. He held me to his side again as he did at the coffee house with one arm and me to the side, like a mother would carry a young child. That is what I was to him, a young child. We walked through the lobby towards the elevator. Tyler looked over at me and gave me a great big smile, kissed me on my lips ever so gently. “are you ready for the real fun to begin?” I looked at him with shock in my eyes. “The real fun?” He laughed. “This is only a glimps of what these arms are capable of. The good stuff is yet to come!” He swiped his card to the room and opened the door. He swung me around so he was now carrying me in cradle hold. “I want to make sure I carry you the proper was across the threshold. Your life will never be the same after tonight my son”. He carried me like a groom would carry his bride into the room, and for the first time, he placed me on the bed. As he stood up, he said to me “Now remember, your feet are not to touch the floor while I am with you, so stay where you are.” Then he walked away “don’t forget…:” and walked out of the room. To be continued…
  21. Chapter One "Oh, you were able to come!" As Roger gave Henry the biggest hug ever recorded in history, his friend gasped "I'm not the Ultimate Musketeer" and as Roger let go he chuckled "Although I could be if you wanted me to!" "We'll save that for the masses!" smiled Roger and with that opened the doors to the SUV and as Henry and Roger piled in all the materials they would need for the Olympia, they jumped in and pointed in the direction of Las Vegas and said in unison "Olympia, HO!" and with that Roger gunned the engine and they were off *** "Your destination is 809 miles away" announced the sat nav as they left Fort Collins "and will take eleven hours and thirty five minutes!" "Wow!" exclaimed Henry, "you do realise that's the same as travelling from where I live to Aberdeen and about two thirds of the way back again. You were right when you said that America was a large country!" "A large country" smiled Roger, "with large men heading to a contest with even larger men!" and with that they both laughed before Roger said "So, how was the flight?" "Flight?" asked Henry, "what flight?" "The flight from the UK to here!" replied Roger "Really?" asked Henry raising an eyebrow, "why on earth would I want to waste money on a flight?" "You never!" gasped Roger to which Henry replied with a chuckle "I did" and with that stated his journey. "I left my home at midnight today" he started, "remembering of course that I'm seven hours ahead of you. I had my luggage with me and so wheeled it down to the beach where I live. Then, and considering it was now a quarter past midnight, I went to the beach hut I have and there I..." "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "you did, didn't you?" "...became the Ultimate Musketeer!" added Henry and as he did Roger roared "Oh, fuck, yeah. Go on, tell me what you did!" "Well, after wrapping the luggage onto my back, I dived into the Irish Sea and headed due south west until I got to the Azores a little after three in the morning my time!" "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "how fast were you going?" "I'm not sure, but give me a moment" and as he consulted his tablet he replied "About three times faster than an aeroplane, but then I always like to go full throttle when I start!" "And then where?" moaned Roger "Well, I took a right hand turn and headed towards the United States. I think I arrived in, oh, now what was it called?" and with that he looked at the map and said "Ah, yes, here we are, Beverly Beach in Maryland, and that was just about sunrise" "You swum the Atlantic in a little over twelve hours?" gasped Roger "Give or take, yes!" "Oh man, your heart must have been pumping!" "Two hundred and forty beats per minute" said Henry, "about the same as a brisk jog. And from there I ran all the way here" "How long?" moaned Roger, "or should I stop the car now and cum?" "Let's see" came the reply, "I arrived in Maryland at around seven in the morning eastern, so that's five in the morning mountain, we'd agreed to pick me up from the airport at eleven mountain so five hours!" As Roger moaned, he pulled the car over and started scrabbling for something. Pulling out what looked like a drinks bottle, he pulled out his eleven inch cock, thrust it into the bottle and moaned "Speed?" "Three hundred and thirty nine miles per hour" came the reply, "a little under half the speed of sound!" "OOOOOOHHHHHH, FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!" screamed Roger as he came into the bottle and as he orgasmed panted, "Tell Adam, the next time he visits, take the aeroplane. I don't think I'll be able to stand too many of his go it alone journeys!" "Hear that, Adam" said Henry tapping his head, "on the return journey we book a plane" to which Adam grumped in reply "That's not fair, you know I wanted to swim through the Panama Canal!"
  22. Dork to Beast, Finale

    Once classes started, Danny realized just how much he stood out in the Chemical Engineering department. He outweighed even the biggest of the guys by more than 200lbs of muscle. He saw how they looked at him, some with awe, some with feigned disgust. He was used to the disgust from high school, but now, he reveled in the awe. He realized right away that the TA of one of his labs was one of the awe-struck. The guy was a grad student, so he wasn't much older than Danny, andDanny saw how he looked at him, sneaking furtive glances whenever he could. Danny played on that awe. He stayed after one of the labs ended, because he had a plan. He was hoping that the TA would help him figure out what was in the Black Russian supps that Ivan was getting from eastern Europe. When Danny approached him, Ted, the TA, could barely speak. Danny introduced himself and put out his hand. When they shook, Danny's big muscle paw completely enveloped the TA's soft little hand. The grad student was about 5'5", 140lbs. When Danny grinned down at him, the little guy's knees gave out a little. Danny propped him up against the lab table. Then he got right to the point, pulling out a black pill and asking him how hard it would be to figure out what was in it. The TA took the pill and looked it over. "Probably not very hard," he said. "If I used the mass spectrometer, it would break it down to its components. I'm not supposed to use the equipment for things like that though." "What if we snuck into the lab after classes?" Danny flexed his 24" arm. "We could spend as much time in the lab as you want." The TA gulped hard. "I don't know," he said nervously. Danny, bouncing his 72" chest under his tight tee, said "I'd let you touch." The grad student almost fainted. He looked around the room. "You want to do it tonight?" he said. "I can probably snag the keys from the professor's office." His heart was pounding thru his chest at the thought of being with Danny alone in the lab. "Sounds good," said Danny, running his hand thru his hair, causing his huge arm to bunch up into a big ball. "Oh my god," groaned the young grad student. Danny's powerful pheromones wafted out from his armpit. "You have a poser?" asked the TA, tentatively, bracing himself against the lab table. "Yep," said Danny, reaching out and rubbing his hand along Ted's thin neck. "Would you wear it?" asked Ted, his eye twitching, and goosebumps running up and down his limbs. "Sure. What time tonight?" "Eleven o'clock. The last lab ends at ten." "Ok. Then I'll lift from eight to ten thirty, to maximize my pump." "You're not pumped now?..." The TA's boner was tenting out his white lab coat. "God, no. Just wait till you see. Everything will be inches bigger. I can bloat my quads from 34" to 38" after just two sets of heavy squatting." "....38 inches..." stammered Ted. "Yep. What is that, like ten inches bigger than your waist?" "Yess...." Danny grinned. "I'll see you tonight at eleven, then. Don't pop one out till then, little man." He turned and walked away, as Ted stared in amazement at the size of Danny's back, shoulders, neck, ass, and legs. ... == ... Dwayne's fight night was at a medium sized auditorium downtown. A lot of the guys fighting were amateurs like him, but there were a couple sanctioned fights scheduled for later on the ticket. Dwayne's fight was first. It was his opponent's first real fight too. Dwayne sized him up as they stepped into the octagon they'd set up for the night. The guy was in his early twenties, good build, but nothing overly impressive. He looked like the kind of guy who'd played sports in high school but was never a standout, but had a lot of spunk. He looked a little nervous, especially as he saw Dwayne, who's muscularity was at least 5 times more dense than his. Dwayne didn't have to clench his abs for them to stand out as a taut 8pak. Dwayne saw his opponent looking over at a young woman in the audience. She was a tiny thing, about his age, and looked about 7 months pregnant. The wife, figured Dwayne. He could tell she wasn't thrilled about hubby getting into the ring against him. The fight got started, and it was quickly obvious to everyone that it was a big mismatch. The guy's punches bounced off Dwayne, and Dwayne felt nothing, so he let the guy pound on him for awhile. Then he hit back. His jabs were many times faster than his opponent's, too, but he took care not to punch too hard. He could see the wife flinch every time he hit him. He had to end this one quickly, so he knocked the guy to the ground, got on him, and put him into a choke hold. He pulled the guy close into him, and whispered in his ear as he tightened the choke ever so gently. "Do yourself a favor, and give up fighting, man. You're just gonna get hurt. A guy like me could mess you up bad. Go get a regular job, support your wife and kid." With that, Dwayne tightened his grip just enough to make the pain real to the guy. He turned the guy's face so that he was looking at his wife, and could see her concern. The guy was starting to panic. Dwayne was so strong that it was surreal. He easily flipped the guy around and put him in an arm bar, forcing him to tap instantly. Dwayne helped the guy to his feet, and they shook hands. Dwayne looked over at the wife, and saw the relief on her face. When their eyes met, Dwayne winked at her, and she felt a wave of lust race thru her hormonally flushed body. He was the hottest man she'd ever seen, and she knew he had saved her husband from any real damage, so she blamed her feelings for him on that. Meanwhile, her husband came over to her from the octagon, and hugged her. "I'm done with the fighting," he said, and the wife gave a small wave of thanks to Dwayne. He nodded back. Then he noticed Mr K sitting a couple rows behind her, the same look of lust on his face. This made Dwayne horny, but his gym manager, who was now his fight manager, was talking to him. "That wasn't much of a challenge for you, was it?" he said, laughing. "Nah, man. Just got me all riled up, is all." Dwayne was still looking over at Mr K, hungrily. "Well, I might have good news for you. A guy dropped out of one of the sanctioned fights that's coming up next week. They need a replacement. I volunteered you." "Yeah?" said Dwayne, suddenly interested. "Who'm I fighting?" "This guy Tommy Bell. He's in your weight class, and is 11-0." "Oh yeh? So I'll be breaking his undefeated record?" "You could be. He's pretty tough though. Has been in and out of prison, and has won every fight by KO." "Next week, huh? Gives me time to get even stronger and faster," said Dwayne. He was getting hard just thinking about beating a guy with an 11-0 record. His muscles tightened and rippled in anticipation of what he would do. His manager got goosebumps watching Dwayne's body improve as they stood there. "I gotta go for now, man," Dwayne said to him. Then he made his way over to Mr K, leaned over him and whispered to him, "Let's go somewhere, Mr K. I need some sweet relief from that mouth of yours." Mr K couldn't get up fast enough. He followed Dwayne to the backstage area, where Dwayne broke into an office by snapping the door handle off and forcing the door open with his shoulder. "This oughta do," he said, leading Mr K over to a sofa that lined the wall. As soon as Mr K sat down, Dwayne pulled down his trunks and his big schlong flopped out. He stroked himself a couple of time. "Fuck, I need it bad," he said, as he guided his big dickhead into Mr K's eager mouth. "Did you see me fight that guy down?" Dwayne asked. Mr K nodded as he sucked. "That was just child's play, man. Wait till next week. Fuck, you got a good mouth, Mr K. Funny, cause I remember growing up, how you were always dating those big tittied women, and you were all macho and shit. Now look at you, sucking on me like a newborn calf. You like it, too, don't ya?" Mr K nodded again, still sucking Dwayne's thick knob. He couldn't believe it himself. He'd always been into women. But he couldn't resist Dwayne. And he couldn't get enough of him. He understood addiction now. All he wanted was to service him, to touch his body, smell him, taste him. And Dwayne knew it. "You wanna see me fight again next week?" Dwayne said. "Maybe if you're real good to me, I'll let you come." He flexed his arms over Mr K. "Aw, yeah," he said. "I got a huge load about to fill you up, been feeling my balls churning it out all day." Dwayne tilted his head back, and bucked into Mr K's face. Mr K had never wanted anything more than Dwayne's thick muscle paste. And Dwayne gave it to him, spewing so hard he had to put his hand on the back of Mr K's head to keep his mouth in place. Mr K did his best to swallow the hot nectar the god before him. He did pretty good, considering how much volume there was. Dwayne pulled his head off him. "You sure are hungry for this aren't ya?" Dwayne chuckled, remembering how Mr K had always thought of him as such a dork. Dwayne lifted Mr K up to his face and kissed him. He liked the taste of his jiz in Mr K's mouth, it tasted like cotton candy. No wonder the old guy like it. Mr K almost fainted from the hot young buck tonguing his mouth. Dwayne thought about how he'd gone from goofy dork to supremely handsome and supremely strong. He kissed Mr K deeper, the older man's feet dangling off the ground. Dwayne chuckled to himself as he felt Mr K cum in his pants. His own hardon had gotten even harder. He rested Mr K down on it, and it supported him in the air. "Goddam," said Dwayne after he broke the kiss. "I better head out for tonight, before I decide to ride your ass into the next century." He lifted Mr K up and set him on the desk of the office they were in. As he got dressed, he said, "I'll see you next week at the fight." Then he headed out. Mr K watched him leave. His heart pounded with lust. Next week? Could he last that long without a Dwayne fix? ...===... That night at the lab, Ted was unable to completely decipher what the small black pill was made up of. "We'll have to do more tests," he told Danny, fearful that it would mean that his massive student wouldn't showoff his huge body for him. But Danny didn't care. He was pumped to the max, and was aching to flex anyway. He sat Ted down on a lab chair before stripping down to his poser. "No touching yourself until you find the formula," he said to Ted. Then he flexed his arm an inch away from Ted's nose. It rose up over 25". "Kiss it," said Danny. Ted swallowed hard, then put his lips on the mountain of muscle in his face. Sweat ran down from Danny's deep pits. He smelled of gym and muscle and his own thick musk. "Stop for a second," cried Ted, pulling back from the beast-sized arm. He had to close his eyes for a bit. His heart was beating so fast. He was just starting to get hard, yet he'd almost cum. "Oh, there's no stopping this now, bud," said Danny. "Touch it." And he grabbed Ted's hand on put it on his arm. "Oh god," muttered Ted. Then Danny grabbed the seat of the lab chair, and curled it off the ground until they were face to face. "Oh my fucking god," said Ted. Danny curled him in the chair for reps. Then he sat him down and flexed a double bi shot. Ted's eyes were wide opened now, although one eyelid was twitching at the sight of Danny's massiveness so close to him. He was leaking pre, and it took everything he had not to touch himself. Then Danny turned around, and spread his back. His vast, grand prairie sized back, rolling with thick slabs of muscle that tapered down to his beefy lower back, padded with striations of symmetrical muscle. He made them pop out in a hard flex, and Ted came. There was no stopping it. Ted had no control. His muscle lust took him zooming into a zone of euphoria. Danny spread his back out farther, and Ted fainted, sliding right out of the chair. Danny turned and caught him right before he hit the floor. "Dude, wake up man," said Danny, slapping Ted's face lightly. Ted woke up quickly and found himself looking into Danny's concerned eyes. "Wow... Could you just hold me for a second?" Danny wrapped him up in his huge arms and lifted him up in his hug. Ted was in muscle paradise, swathed up in Danny's tree trunk arms. He never wanted it to end. "I'll figure out the formula for you," he said. "I know you will, Teddy. Right now, I gotta go though." "Where?" "My roommate's waiting for me for a dose of Danny batter. He thinks it's making him stronger and faster." "Is it?" "Yep," said Danny, unwrapping his arms from around Ted and setting him back on the chair. "I'll talk to you later." That's one lucky roommate, thought Ted, as he watched Danny get dressed, and head out of the lab. And that must be one potent chemical, if it can transfer its effects thru Danny's 'batter'. That night, Ted contacted a friend of his who was working on a PhD in Genetics. He enlisted his help in breaking down the little black pill. ...=... The night of Dwayne's next fight came up fast. But he'd had time to have a tailor-made suit custom made to fit him real snug, just like he'd seen McGregor wear at his press conference with Mayweather. Dwayne wore it into the ring, and the crowd went wild. His manager had told him that this Tommy guy didn't want the fight because Dwayne was still a nobody. But then Tommy's manager reminded him that he wouldn't get paid if he didn't fight, so he agreed. He figured it'd be easy money. He'd never seen Dwayne. He would soon though. As Tommy made his way to the ring, Dwayne started flexing in his shiny new suit. The shoulder seams to his jacket started ripping almost immediately. Slow at first, but then faster as he crunched into a most muscular. Dwayne flexed harder. Buttons popped off like bullets. His jacket split up the back. He ripped the shredding jacket off him and tossed the pieces aside. He flexed his arms and made the sleeves of his dress shirt rip as his peaks tore thru the fabric like it was tissue paper. Then he tore his shirt apart like the Hulk, exposing his rockhard torso. As Tommy watched from the apron, befuddled, the crowd was going apeshit. Tommy's slow synapses were trying to process what he was seeing. He'd spent time in juvvie as a teenager, and had been in and out of prison a couple of times, but he'd never seen anyone so jacked up as Dwayne. Tommy stepped into the ring, pretty sure he could handle anyone. He was 11-0, after all. His entourage didn't look so sure. Just like in his first fight, Dwayne noticed Tommy look over at a young woman in the audience. There was a different energy to this couple, though. Dwayne saw a look of fear behind her eyes, the same look he used to get before school, when he knew Tip would be waiting for him. Then he noticed the bruises on her upper arms. He looked at Tommy, and he didn't need to see the skull tattoo on his neck to realize that this goon beat on his girlfriend. Dwayne felt the heat building up inside him. This cocky tool was going to be taught a lesson. When the fight started, Dwayne let Tommy hit him a couple of times without trying to block the blows. Tommy was more confused than ever. His powerful jabs didn't seem to hurt his opponent in the least. So he whirled at him with his roundhouse kick, hitting him right in the side. Dwayne didn't flinch. It was like he had on Batman's mech suit, but it was just his own dense rockhard muscle. Tommy felt like he'd broken his shin bone. He hobble back in pain, and looked over to his corner, where his manager just shrugged and urged him to go back at him. But Dwayne was already coming at him, and threw a jab of his own, hitting Tommy right in his sternum. The jab was so strong and sharp, it knocked the wind out of Tommy. He staggered back against the cage. Dwayne was on him in a flash, picking him up and throwing him to the ground. Then he got on top of him and rode him around the octagon. Tommy had never felt such controlling strength. None of the moves he tried to escape Dwayne's holds had any effect at all. And each hold was more painful than the last. Tommy was in a panic to get away from him, even for a second, but Dwayne was having none of it. He worked him and worked him, then would pick him up and slam him back to the ring, then get right back on top of him. Finally, he put him in a rear naked choke. He leaned into Tommy's ear and said, "This is what happens to guys who hurt women." He maneuvered Tommy so he was facing away from the ref. Then he pulled on Tommy's arm until it popped out of his shoulder joint. Dwayne had one hand over Tommy's mouth, to muffle the scream. Tommy tried to tap out, but Dwayne had his hands trapped so tightly, he couldn't move them. "It's gonna hurt even more, going back in," Dwayne said to him. And he was right. He shoved the ball of Tommy's arm bone back into joint, and Tommy almost passed out. Dwayne flipped Tommy over on his back and mounted him, bending Tommy's ankles up behind his ears. Dwayne leaned into him hard, folding him almost flat on the mat. Again, he whispered in his ear, "If you hurt your girlfriend again, I'll come after you. And it will make what's happening here seem like a picnic." Dwayne pinned him down harder. "Then I'll make you change your first name to Tinker. How ya think 'Tinker Bell' will go over on the fight circuit?" Tommy was drenched in sweat, and gasping for air as Dwayne pressed against his ribcage with his superhuman strength. Then Dwayne stood up over him. He grabbed Tommy around the throat with one hand, then lifted him off the ground and into the air. He walked around the ring holding Tommy up, while flexing his other arm. The crowd was in a frenzy, even as the ref warned Dwayne about the choke hold. Dwayne looked at the ref, then dropped Tommy to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Dwayne jumped onto him, wrapped his legs around his torso, and pulled Tommy's right arm into an arm bar. Pain seared thru Tommy's radial nerve. This time, Dwayne let Tommy tap out. Then he released the hold and stood up. The ref took his arm and raised it in victory. Dwayne flexed into his most-muscular pose for the crowd, as it roared in approval. Tommy looked up at his vanquisher. He'd never been turned onto a man before, yet, despite his physical pain, he felt himself getting aroused as Dwayne's superior, muscular body flexed over him. Tommy would never have sex again without thinking of Dwayne in order to finish. ...==... A couple of days later, Danny texted Dwayne to meet him at the park. He had something important to tell him. When Danny pulled up, Dwayne was already there, wearing just his fighting shorts, and doing one-finger pull-ups at the fitness trail. "Hey, Bruiser," said Danny as he walked up to him. "I hear the fight went well." "Short and sweet, just like they'll all be. I'm switching to parkour." "Oh yeah? You gonna be leaping over tall buildings in a single bound?" "Don't laugh," said Dwayne, dropping off the pull-up bar. Veins ran up and down his arms, across his delts, and into his chest. "How's Jake?" "Hot as hell. And he loves it when I breed him." "As he should. You still on the wrestling team?" "Nah, I gave that up. Who's gonna beat these?" said Danny, flexing his arms. "They're peaking up to 26 inches now. "Bearhug me with them," challenged Dwayne. Danny grinned, then stepped up to Dwayne, and wrapped his massive arms around him. Then he squeezed. "Damn you are solid," said Danny, as he hoisted Dwayne off the ground. "Hell yeah, I am," said Dwayne, kissing Danny on his 24" neck. "Squeeze harder." Danny wrapped his arms around him harder. He'd be crushing most guy like a tube of toothpaste with the force he was applying, but Dwayne seemed unaffected. "And now I know why," said Danny. He liked how much strength he could use on Dwayne. It turned him on. That, and Dwayne's sucking on his thick bull neck. "Those grad students I told you about? They found out why Ivan's stuff works so well." "Yeah?" said Dwayne. Then he started sucking on Danny's earlobe. "Harder, man." Danny squeezed harder, his forearms bulging to 19 inches. "Yeah. It completely shuts down the myostatin gene and allows for unfettered growth of muscle and strength." "No shit? Can they replicate it?" "Yeah, they think they can." Danny dug his clamped fists deeper into Dwayne's lower back. "Why you think I'm not slabbing on mass like you?" asked Dwayne. "I'm not sure, but you're at least as strong as I am, and I'm pretty sure you've got other skills coming on strong." "Yeah, you're right. What's Ivan think about these guys making the stuff?" Both of them were sweating now, making it harder to grip onto Dwayne's granite muscle. They were both hard. "He's happy he won't have to go back to Poland anytime soon." "I bet...Harder, man, I'm starting to feel it now." Danny grunted and squeezed. Dwayne arched back in the bearhug. "Oh yeh, bro, that's is power!" They turned their heads toward each other and kissed. When they broke off the kiss, Dwayne said, "I've been hooking up with your dad." "Yeah, I know," said Danny, and then he kissed Dwayne again. "I've seen him getting more muscular, just like Jack. I caught him flexing in the mirror the other day." "I know. It's hot as fuck." "Dad thinks you can read his mind, maybe even control his thoughts." "Maybe a little. I think it's more the power of suggestion. Although sometimes, when I want his tongue to go to a specific spot, it goes right there. It's like I'm guiding it with my mind." "That's wild." "I know. Hey, you squeezing as hard as you can yet?" "Almost," said Danny. "Go full bore, I wanna try something." Danny tightened his grip around Dwayne and squeezed him in with his huge sweaty arms. Both of them grunted. Then Dwayne, with his arms trapped to his sides, started pushing outward with them. At first nothing happened, but then Dwayne felt Danny's arms open up a little from the pressure. Dwayne pushed harder, and Danny felt his grip slipping. Danny's neck veins popped out as he tried to maintain his hold, but Dwayne's arm strength pushed his hands apart. Dwayne was now able to move his arms, and he slid his hands up to the crook of Danny's elbows, and broke his bearhug. Dwayne's feet hit the ground, and he stepped back out of Danny's hold. "Dude, geezus," said Danny, huffing, his thick torso red and welted from holding Dwayne so hard. "I can't believe it either. You're so huge." Dwayne's torso was also reddened and welted. Sweat rolled off of him. "And you got freak strength, man." "I know. And I can feel it growing. Follow me." Dwayne led Danny over to an old wrought iron fence that bordered one side of the park. It lined the property of an old mansion that was on the other side. Dwayne went up to the fence, grabbed a railing in each hand, and ripped a four foot section of the fence out of the ground, and yanked it free of the rest of the fence. He held it out at arm's length and began to press in on it. Cords of muscle popped out all over his forearms and delts. Striations rippled across his chest. He bent over slightly as the iron began to fold in like an accordion, and his lats flared out with his effort. The four foot section soon became a two foot section. He bent over farther, and his abs crunched out like big cobblestones, as the fencing bunched up on itself like a cheap window blind until it was compressed to one foot. Dwayne lifted it into the air like a trophy. Then he tossed it to Danny, who caught it one-handed. He wrapped his fingers around the end pieces and pulled. The wrought iron began to open back up, creaking loudly as it did. Danny pulled and pulled, stretching the iron like taffy, his huge arms and chest swelling, until it became a five foot section of misshapen metal. "You ain't weak, either," Dwayne said to him. "Bro... I feel like...." Danny said, holding the iron fence in one arm and curling it slow and hard, watching his biceps swell to 27 inches. "Breaking into the mansion?" "Yeah....and then..." "Fucking each others' brains out?" "You reading my mind?" "Nah, I'm just thinking the same way. And I want to..." "Fuck in every room of the place?" "Shit, yeah. Now who's reading who?" The two of them walked thru the opening in the fence. Danny jammed the twisted up section back into place the best he could. They headed up the hill toward the empty house. The front gate had a For Sale sign on it. "You know what we should do?" said Danny, as they climbed the front steps. "Turn this place into a private gym," said Dwayne. "Fuck, you are reading my mind, you freak," said Danny. Dwayne laughed. "I know, but it is an awesome idea. We can get your dad to invest in it. And we'll only let in geeks and dorks. Build them up huge and powerful. Maybe even psychic." "Exactly. And Ted thinks they can make an even stronger formula. Imagine what could happen." "Dude. It'll be like Hogwarts for future muscle monsters." They kissed again on the front porch. Then Danny got ready to slam his basketball-sized shoulder into the front door. "Wait," said Dwayne. He grabbed the realtor's box that was hanging on the front doorknob between his thumb and index finger and crushed it until the key fell out. "You got finesse," said Danny. "Just don't wanna damage the goods," said Dwayne, opening the door. "Let's go see the future." And the two of them stepped inside.
  23. Rick Moves You

    A piece from my past...which I'll now follow up with a delicious encounter in a part two, if you like Rick...let me know!? I needed help moving. New job, new area and all. I didn't have a lot of money but wasn't about to kill myself carrying my meager, but heavy items to my new walk-up. I checked the old yellow pages I found on the stoop. And there it was, an answer to...prayer? "Rick Moves You," was the company name, with the by-line of, "A little cash buys a lot of muscle." I appreciated the double-entendre of the company name, even if it was just wishful thinking. I called. Rick answered.He was available, he said, with what sounded like a smile. Another tease? I was in a town known for beautiful gay men. Perhaps I'd be lucky. He sounded young, but definitely of the jock, athletic tone. That is, if a voice can really tell you anything. After all, mine is misleading and I regularly get called Ms. on the phone. "How many will you be bringing? I'll have a couple of beers for each of you ready. It shouldn't take more than 30-45 minutes to get all the stuff up and I'm glad to take an end of the sofa if you'll knock off the price a little.""Rick moves you, baby," he chortled. "I got this. We'll be done in 30 minutes and you needn't break a sweat."OK - hold up! That's ridiculous! Cocky in the ad - cocky on the phone. I just knew I was setting myself up for failure here, but I decided to be less cautious and put my money and hopes on the line. He said he'd be here in ten as he lived nearby.I was waiting on the stairs when he came running up the street. Not a jogging pace, mind you, running. Like in a race. He was fast. He was blonde and actually balding a bit. You know, when the hair is receding a touch and makes you look like a testosterone farmer. That's right - I actually wrote 'testosterone farmer.' I'll explain.This is the guy who's face has seen some sun, with a few tiny wrinkles at the corner of his eyes because he's a smiler. Farmers are smilers. His teeth are as close to bright white as looks natural - but they aren't perfectly straight. His significant arms are lightly bulging the end of their T-shirt sleeves and the tanned skin is covered with a golden hair that's only visible at the right angles of light. The testosterone in his body makes those little hairs stand erect. They flow over the skin following the contours of the muscles. The perfect cup of the delts, swirling into the thin cord atop the triceps. You suddenly notice the forearms are ridiculous...like the size of the upper arm at certain angles...when he shakes your hand. The hands are rough but clean. His nails super short. He is about 6 ft 3. Whatever else he's packing...he's a testosterone farmer!Rick had to ask a second time where my stuff was, because I was amazed. I vaguely indicated a truck a few spaces down with an open back. He surveyed the items and said he'd start with the oversized easy chair my friend and I had struggled to load through doorways and downstairs in my hometown.He scooped up the chair even easier than I expected and turned toward the building, his eyes asking for directions. I stepped out of the way with the intention of grabbing a box or two to follow him up with when I noticed him hop the front steps two at a time with the easy chair overhead with the seat resting on his head and the back covering his back. I was looking for a glimpse of his arms raised above his head when I saw them. Ricky, (as I'd decided to call him for the next few weeks of masturbatory sessions), had a body part to compare with no other. Every ounce of his physical glory culminated in his calves!Those were lower legs. Oh, my God! I've never been a leg man - - but chalk me up permanently for dark meat! First off, the skin was THE shade of golden brown models usually paint themselves to get. The hair wasn't that kucky, too-long and pubic type. It was just so manly. So thick. Each individual hair looked like it could win a fight. They, too, like the arm hairs were SO erect. They weren't blonde. They were a nice, dark brown. It made me realize this kid would have a delicious bush. The skin had a tiny hint of sweat that caught the light and made the leg look so functional.You should have seen the chords that attached that mother of a calf into his shoe. Only then did I realize the shoe almost looked oversized for his height. Big shoe, big foot, big man. There were two or three parallel chords on each side of the leg that looked like tubes headed into the shoe.The calf looked, all at once, both super high on the leg...like he leaped steps all the time for work outs and altogether longer than any bunch of muscle should be on a leg. Seriously, this was like a biceps flexed on the back of his leg. It looked deep, thick, ripe. I wanted to bite it. To swat at it to feel the girth and the thickness and the glory. God, I wanted to cum on that leg.He turned at the doorway and asked if I was OK. I had subconsciously grabbed the railing to keep myself from moving closer and was actually rubbing myself a tad on said railing. (Come on, don't act like you've never done it.)I told him apartment 3B. He smiled and said, "Cum on." Well, he probably said, "Come on." I had one thing on my mind.I followed him quickly up the stairs. As the afternoon progressed, I followed him like a puppy. I watched those calves work. I know they could have carried Rick, my stuff, and me up the stairs without the assistance of his thighs if only the physiology worked that way. On one step, that magnificent calf would bunch like it was trying to squeeze OJ from itself. On another, it would lengthen and actually flex like it was going to shove the stair down a floor. I looked, more than once, for the dent I was sure would be left in the cement.The skin got darker, the sweat only a little more evident after several trips. I couldn't even hardly admire the abilities of the rest of his body man-handling my stuff because his calves were undeniably in charge of my focus...perhaps my being.And Rick knew it. He enjoyed it. Not in the way a nasty jerk does with a "look at me" attitude, but in a way that showed he liked being noticed and knew he'd be my dream for many a night.He even stopped once and said he had something in his shoe. He set my half-fridge on one landing and turned around to nearly bump into me. He sat down and I saw that sucker flex and bunch and grow - - very literally GROW as he sat and wrested off his shoe, removed the air that was in it, and returned it to his foot. I hadn't seen the calf from the front. The muscle came around and nearly connected in front of the shin bone. Even that bone looked muscular and could tighten. The columnar chords stood out on either side again. And then he rubbed his elfin' leg. Hell, I had to place a knee on the stairs to keep from collapsing. Those big, muscular hands massaging that gigantic, powerful leg. I had an obvious hard on and asked if he'd like a hand. He grinned. He declined. He stood up. He turned around. He grabbed my half-fridge. He flexed those bastards again. And again. One bunched, one stretched. I nearly climaxed in my pants. He finished his job with one more arm load. I paid the man. He waved and ran down the street with those calves screaming my name. Rick moved me.
  24. Dork to Beast, Pt 6

    When Danny moved into his dorm room, Jack had already been there for a couple days. Jack wasn't there when he arrived, so Danny did a little reorganizing. It didn't take him long. He moved the two twin beds together and made them one. Then he scooped all of Jack's clothes out of the closet and tossed them into a heap on the floor. He hung up the clothes he had brought, which were 3 stringer tanks and two pair of sweatpants. He put his UA briefs and a couple of posers into a drawer. He was done by the time Jack showed up. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Jack said, annoyed. "Hey, Roomie," said Danny with a big grin on his face. "You're not my....where's Tip?" Dwayne's sister had made good on her promise to switch Tip to another dorm without either of the jock buddies knowing about it. "Tip decided to move on," said Danny. He was shirtless, and his massive frame filled the small dorm room, making him look even bigger. "You're rooming with me now." He flexed his huge arm in the wall mirror that was next to the closet. Jack was stunned as Danny's peak rose up and up. "24+ inches," said Danny, squeezing his arm harder. "Looks bigger than your quad, little man." Jack gulped hard, seeing that huge arm. No wonder Danny could pile drive him all over the wrestling mats. "What are all my clothes doing on the floor?" asked Jack. "I need the whole closet," said Danny, as he continued to watch himself flex in the mirror. "You've only got a couple things in there!" cried Jack. "They need space to air out," Danny said, rolling his fists and watching his 18" forearms bunch up with ropey muscle. Despite his straightness, Jack started to chub up in his pants at the sight of his roommate's brute size. "Why are the beds pushed together??" asked Jack. "Dude, you think I'm gonna fit on one twin bed? Look at me. I need them both." Danny hit a latspread, and his wings flared out wider than the two beds together. "Where am I supposed to sleep?" "That's not my problem. Anyway, there's a nice pile of clothes in the corner, sleep on that." Danny heaved out his 68" chest, then leaned toward the mirror, and ran his fingers along the striations in his pecs. "Damn it," said Jack, pulling out his phone. In a flash, Danny grabbed Jack's wrist with his left hand and squeezed. Jack's knees almost buckled as he dropped the phone. Danny snagged the falling phone with his right hand, then he shoved it into the deep muscle crevice between his big pecs. The phone nearly disappeared into his cleavage. And when Danny flexed his chest, the phone did disappear into it. Then there was a muffled crunching sound as Jack's phone crumpled from the hard muscle compressing it together. Danny pulled the broken phone from between his mounded pectoral muscles and tossed it across the room. "What are you doing this for, man?" asked Jack, his heart pounding hard, both from fear and from awe. Danny walked into Jack, pushing him back to the wall. He grabbed Jack in a one-handed choke hold, and slid him up the wall until the were eye to eye. Danny leaned into Jack's face until their noses were an inch apart. "Funny," he said, "I used to ask you the same thing." When Danny saw the puzzled look on Jack's face, he said, "You don't remember me?" He leaned in closer, their noses nearly touching. Jack shook his head No. "Danny the Dork doesn't ring a bell for ya?" Jack stared hard into Danny's eyes. He choked out "Dude...no way. That kid was a fat butterball....." But then Jack realized, the face did seem familiar. The jaw had squared off and bulged with muscle. The brow was more pronounced. It sat atop a 24" column of neck muscle. But still. "Dude, no fucking way. How?" "I started lifting," Danny said simply. "You like the look, Jackie? I got 200lbs plus on you now, all of it muscle." "I'm not into it, man," gurgled Jack, starting to squirm. "Oh yeah?" Danny pressed his 8pak abs into Jack's hardon and pinning him more firmly to the wall. "I'm feeling something that says different." "You're choking me, dude," said Jack, trying to change the subject. But he couldn't help bucking against Danny's thick ab wall. The firmness of it felt so good. Danny pushed against him harder. "Dude, I could snap your neck like pretzel stick," said Danny. This made Jack even harder. "I did it 'cause I liked you," choked out Jack. This made Danny let go of his throat hold. Jack stayed pinned against the wall by Danny's chest and abs. "What?" asked Danny. "I liked you, man. I couldn't hang out with you because, you know how it is. So I just teased you a little, that's all." "You call pissing in my shampoo and telling everyone about it is 'teasing'?" said Danny, darkly. He pressed Jack harder into the cinder block wall. "What?" Jack struggled to think. "Oh man, that wasn't me. That was Tip. He just told everyone I did it. He was always doing shit like that. I liked you. I always felt bad for you when you got picked last for every team in gym class. It was either you or that other kid, what was his name?" "Dwayne." "Yeh, him. I picked on you to make you tougher, 'cause that's what my dad always did to me, told me it'd make me a better man. And look how it worked, Danny. I'm a state champ wrestler, I haven't lost a match since freshman year. And now you're a massive muscle beast. Look at the size of you." And with that, Jack put his hands on Danny's bullneck and started groping it. "God man, the strength in your neck alone. Fuck. I bet I can't even choke you." Jack wrapped his hands around Danny's neck and pressed into it with his thumbs. They didn't dent into the muscle at all. "Geezus, man," said Jack. "I got a real strong grip, but it's like I'm pushing on marble." Danny swelled with pride, and his dick swelled too, as Jack tried to choke him harder, with no effect. Danny flexed his neck, and felt Jack's fingers being pushed apart. Farther and farther apart as his neck swelled and his traps rose up and merged with it like an ox yoke. "Dude, your power...." Jack was getting harder too. He leaned into Danny's face and kissed him. Danny was taken aback, but he kissed back. The two of them kissed hard and long. Jack's precum made his dick slide up and down Danny's hard abs more and more smoothly. He groaned as he felt how muscular Danny's tongue was as they French kissed deeper and deeper. When Jack finally broke the kiss, he put his hands on Danny's soccer ball sized delts and said, "Man, make me your bitch. I never done it with a dude before, but I want you to breed me with your size and power. I want it in me." "I hated your guts for so long," said Danny. "No you didn't," said Jack. "You wanted me, just like everybody else. Look at me, man, I'm perfect. And look at you now, you're beyond perfect. You're a fucking god, dude. You got muscle on your muscles. You make me look scrawny." Jack started groping Danny's lats. "Oh man, you're a god..." Danny's heart was beating so hard that it made his gums throb. Holding Jack like this, so close, he realized that the cocky jock was right. He had always wanted him. He lusted for him as much as he hated him. And now he had him in his arms. The emotions were so confusing, but he was so turned on he could barely control himself. He had to fuck something, why not this perfect physical specimen that he could flop around like a rag doll? "Yeah?" said Danny. "You want me to pop your cherry, Jackie?" Jack almost came. "Yeh, man. All my life, I've been the one in control, the alpha. Take that from me, man. Own me. Bruise me up like you did at practice, only deeper." Danny picked Jack up, spun him around, and bent him over on the desktop. He pulled Jack's shorts down around his ankles. Then he pulled off his own shorts, then his jockstrap. His dick popped out, bigger and thicker than Jack's by about half again, his big veins pulsing as they pumped him full staff. He wasn't sure he bought Jack's whole story, but it didn't matter. He was going to fuck him with the full power of his huge glutes and thick tree trunk quads. He spit in his hand and lubed himself up with it. His dick was so sensitive now, he could stroked himself all day. But instead, he scooped up his precum and slathered Jack's hot bubble butt with it. Then he popped his big helmet into the wrestling jock's tight hole. "Fuckkk," both of them groaned out at the same time. Danny sank in deeper. And deeper. Down to the root. Then he started bucking rhythmically, grunting with each buck. Jacked gripped onto the desk, which banged into the doorframe over and over again, harder and harder, until finally, the frame of the door cracked when one of Danny's powerful thrusts smashed the desk into it. Danny lifted Jack off the desk and started air fucking him, his huge powerful arms pumping Jack's 200lbs body up and down on his dick. Up and down he went, while Danny's 415lbs of rock hard beef powerfucked his hard jock ass. The temperature in the small dorm room had soared from their body heat, and sweat poured off both of them, dripping onto the floor. Danny slammed Jack back down on the desk to finish inside of him. He pinned him down with one big hand in the middle of Jack's back. Jack had never felt such complete pleasure. Such total lack of control. Such freedom. Being bred like a bitch, and he loved it. "Danny. Danny. Danny," he said, over and over, as Danny rammed past his prostate again and again, his sweat dripping off his chin and his pecs, all over Jack's back. "Godddam you mutherfucking hot little sonofabitch........" Danny roared as he came deep inside Jack. "Aww geeezus fuckk Danny," moaned Jack, as he busted all over the desk from the feeling of pressure from Danny's big club inside him, and the hot muscle batter filling him up. They stayed the way they were for awhile, both breathing deep and heavy. Danny finally slid out of Jack, and even that feeling almost overwhelmed Jack with pleasure. He stayed on the desktop while Danny picked up one of Jack's shirts from the pile of clothes and wiped his dick off with it. He tossed the shirt aside, then picked up one of Jack's tee shirts and wiped his own sweat off with it. Then he used the tee to wipe off Jack's back. Then he lifted Jack up in his arms like a babe, and laid him on the clothes. "Looks like it's going to be a fun semester," said Danny, flexing his 24+ biceps, fresh sweat rolling down his thick lats as he stood over Jack. "You're telling me," sighed Jack, sinking into his pile of clothes. -- . . -- -- . . -- Meanwhile, back at home, Dwayne was warming up for his fight night by jogging thru the park. He didn't have on his weighted vest, so he felt like he could almost take off and fly, he was feeling so strong. It was going to be Dwayne's first fight, but his gym manager had lined him up with a guy who was 11-0. "If you beat this guy," the manager told him, "you're on your way." Dwayne laughed and said, "Oh, I'm on my way already." As he jogged out of the park and onto the street, he noticed a guy on a bike headed in his direction, riding on the wrong side of the road. Dwayne realized in a second that it was Tip, his former tormentor. "I guess he didn't get his car fixed yet," Dwayne chuckled to himself. He couldn't believe he was running into him again. Dwayne purposefully headed right towards him. When Tip looked up and saw the shirtless Dwayne coming at him, he started to wobble wildly on his bike. He veered up and over the curb, and ran right into a telephone pole, falling off the bike onto the sidewalk. Dwayne sauntered over to him. "You should be more careful, dude," said Dwayne. "And you should wear your helmet tighter. Look, it fell right off." Dwayne leaned over and picked up the bike helmet. "Leave me alone," said Tip, rubbing his scuffed up knee. "Funny, I remember saying that to you a bunch of times in high school," said Dwayne, rolling the helmet around in his hands. "You never listened. And now, your helmet is all busted up." Tip looked at the helmet, and said, "No it isn't, it's barely scratched." "Look a little closer," said Dwayne. He leaned over and put the helmet in Tip's face. Then he snapped it in two with his bare hands. "How about that? Where'd you get this cheap thing?" he said, tossing the broken pieces aside. "Fuck," said Tip. "And your bike...Man, it's completely mangled." "No it isn't," said Tip. "The front tire's just a little bent. I could probably still ride it." "You're not looking close enough," said Dwayne. He picked the bike up, and every muscle on his rippling torso tightened up as he bent the frame in two. "See," he said, "the tires are touching each other. Let me try and fix it." He bent the bike frame back and forth a couple of times, until it snapped apart in his hands. "I hope you didn't pay much for this cheap thing." "Fuck man, I paid $800 dollars for that just last week. Fuck. You gotta pay me back." "Oh, I'm paying you back alright." Dwayne looked Tip over. "You didn't break any bones in your fall, did ya? 'Cause I'm seeing some broken bones." Dwayne leaned over and grabbed Tip's upper arm with his left hand. He lifted Tip up off the sidewalk like a marionette. Then he dug his fingers into Tip's arm muscle. Tip yelled out in pain. "Yeah, this bone might be broken, man, this shouldn't hurt so much when I squeeze it." He yanked Tip's arm back and forth. Then he pulled Tip in close. "Maybe you're right, the bone's not broken. But you're gonna have some real deep tissue bruising on this arm, bro. Look at the veins on my forearm, popping out all over, feeding my muscle with crushing strength. You feeling it, Tippy?" "Yes, yes. God, stop man!" Dwayne let go of Tip's arm. Tip back away quickly, holding his arm, and leaned against the telephone pole. He looked over at the street. "Don't try it," said Dwayne. "Try what?" "Running into the street to get away. First of all, you'd probably get hit by a car. Secondly, I'd snag you in under a second, because I'm 5 times faster than you now." "How'd you know...." "Cause I'm reading your mind, Tippy. And it's scary in there. All full of cobwebs, slowing down your synapses. Nothing much going on except simple vapid thoughts." Tip was starting to get panicky. He thought about his father's gun. "You can try and shoot me, dude, but it won't work," said Dwayne. "This muscle is bulletproof." Dwayne rubbed his hand down his hard muscled torso. "I'd just pick up the bullet and crush it flat between my thumb and index finger." He picked up a stone from the sidewalk, held it in front of Tip's nose, and cracked it with his two fingers. Then he ground it together between his fingertips until it crumbled into grit. Tip flinched back. Dwayne almost wondered if he really might be bulletproof. "Don't worry, dude, I won't hurt you. Although I could. Look at my arm," said Dwayne, bringing up his right arm and flexing it. The biceps peaked up high and hard, with a muscle density that Tip had never witnessed before. "Now watch this," said Dwayne. He stared at his peak, and willed it to grow. He smiled as the top of his arm rose up another half inch, another peak on his already high peak. "Aw yeah," he growled in satisfaction. "And look at the abs, Tippy. They look like they're flexed, don't they?" Tip nodded his head up and down weakly. "Well, they're not." With that, Dwayne clenched down on his abs, and his 8pak exploded with striations, into what he called his 32pak. Tip slid halfway down the telephone pole, stunned, his face even with Dwayne's wall of shred. "That's a sight to behold, isn't it, boy?" Dwayne said, looking down at the deflated bully. Then Dwayne had a thought. He remembered how Mr K went down on his knees after Dwayne wished for it. He wasn't sure at the time if it was just coincidence, that Mr K wanted to crawl over to him on his knees to pleasure him, or if Dwayne had influenced him with his mind. He'd been studying some hypnosis, and they said you couldn't make anyone do something that they didn't want to do, but he wondered. So without saying a word, he stared at Tip, and he thought to himself, "Hit yourself, Tip." And he watched as Tip slowly made a fist with his right hand, then punched himself in the face. "Whoa," said Dwayne. Then, he thought to himself, "Hit yourself harder." And Tip punched himself in the nose, this time harder, and it knocked his head back into the pole. A small tickle of blood came out of his nose. "Holy shit," thought Dwayne. He felt his dick thicken in his shorts. He wondered if he ordered Tip to blow him right here on the sidewalk, if he would do it. But he had no interest in that. He sensed that Tip was an easy mark, not worth much of his effort. Instead, he reached up on the telephone pole behind tip, and grabbed onto the lowest climbing rung. It was rusty with age, but still sturdy. Dwayne bent it back and forth with his hand, until it snapped off. "fuckkk," said Tip, not quite believing his eyes. Dwayne looked at him and thought, "hold out your arm," and Tip's arm went up toward him. Dwayne took the thick rung in both hands, then bent it around Tip's wrist until the ends crossed. "There's a little bracelet for you to remember me by, pinhead," said Dwayne, as he tightened the iron rung around Tip's wrist. "Don't try and take it off though, because if I ever see you without it, my feelings will be real hurt. I might think you're breaking up with me, and I wouldn't like that." The defeated look on Tip's face made Dwayne feel bad for him. Poor dimwitted jock never thought anyone would get the best of him. Payback can be a bitch. "Why don't you get going now, dude, before I use your bike frame to decorate you some more." Dwayne picked up the busted frame and handed it to Tip. "I have a fight to get ready for," said Dwayne. The befuddled Tip watched the powerfully muscled former nerd jog away down the street. He couldn't believe he was ever able to pick on him. He wondered who would be stupid enough to step into the ring against such a freak.
  25. Changing my Life - Part 11

    Hello everyone. I'm really sorry, I've been busy the last couple of weeks and didn't really know how I wanted this story to continue. But I have an idea of where I want this story to go, don't worry. If anyone has any suggestions, then please let me know as I love hearing your ideas . Thanks again for waiting and I truly hope you enjoy! Part I Part VI Part II Part VII Part III Part VIII Part IV Part IX Part V Part X Changing my Life Part XI We explained everything to the doc. from the incident that happened at the party, to the growth that happened in the shower. The doc listened to every detail. Afterwards he told us that he was shocked to hear about Max taking all the pills. He also warned us that there was no way we could end his growth now. He wanted to see Max for himself. He made us an appointment for the next morning. After our conversation, Max and I went to bed. After the shower incident, I had no problem falling asleep. Neither did Max. That night I dreamed about Max and me, lying on the sofa in the living room. I was lying on top of Max’s thick legs. We were both looking at the television when all of a sudden, I heard him moan. I looked up to see his face. He was biting his lips and closing his eyes. Looking down, I saw his shirt tightening and I felt my head tilting higher and higher. Was he growing? I asked myself when I heard an all too familiar sound… Riiiiiiiip! His bulging pecs pushed the fabric to its limits and exploded out of them. His head was rising up and up, whilst his muscles expanded in every direction. His veins were visible again and they too grew thicker. His moaning increased and he started sweating and panting at this point. I sat up to see his beautiful growing body. I could hear the sofa creaking underneath his growing form. “I can’t take it anymore!” he said when he ripped of his tight shorts off. It didn’t take long before he started working on his growing dick. It seemed to be three times the size of my own. And I was already big down there. His balls expanded and started swelling, making room for gallons of cum to eventually erupt out of a mammoth sized dick. His head was now pushing against the ceiling and with a loud crack the sofa broke. Max’s giant arse was now digging into the floor whilst his head was breaking the ceiling. I still sat on a broken sofa, looking up at a magnificent beast. There wasn’t much I could do then to stare in awe and work on my own growing member. Somehow, I didn’t feel as scared as I used to be. It felt like this was something that I wanted to happen just as much as he did. I got my dick out and started stroking it. It was already painfully hard and leaking pre. Then I heard a loud crash in front of me. Max’s feet tore down the walls to make room for a still growing body. Max’s head eventually broke the ceiling and grew bigger and bigger! “I need some help here babe!” he said in a deeper voice in-between moans. I got up and climbed on top of his bulging legs. Finally, I was in front of the most beautiful dick in the world. I didn’t hesitate and ran up to it. My tongue was worshipping his giant meat. “Oh god, I love you so much!” he screamed looking at me. I got so horny looking at his gorgeous face mounted on to a hot bodybuilders body. He got his giant hand up flexed for me. “You like that babe?” he said whilst winking at me. I came looking at his giant biceps. My cum looked like a little drop compared to his huge drops of pre. It didn’t take long before I heard him scream one last time before a hose of cum hit the ceiling and landed on top of me. He didn’t show any sign of stopping and the floor became a white, hot pool of cum. His legs disappeared and shortly after, I found myself swimming. I looked behind me to see that his giant dick was still erupting cum. Then I was just centimetres away from the ceiling. I held my breath before the cum completely filled the room. I jumped up in bed when I awoke from my arousing dream. I first looked next to me to find Max, still at the same height as before (well you know, still the big version). I looked the opposite side to look at the window. The sun was rising. Beams of light hit my face. My phone buzzed as I saw a notification, reminding me that we had our appointment within 3 hours. I tossed my blanket and wanted to stand up only to find out that my underpants were drenched in cum. I smiled at the sight and walked across the bed, where Max was sleeping. I kneeled in front of him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. “Good morning, sunshine.” I said smiling at him. He awoke with his gorgeous smile on his face and said in his manly deep voice “Morning beautiful.” He tossed the blankets aside only to show me his wonderful body. Glistering with sweat, his bulging pecs were bigger than ever, his abs were even deeper and broader, his titanic sized arms were bigger than I remembered, veins popping up all over his body! He slowly sat up straight on the bed. The wooden frame creaking under his enormous weight. Placing his feet on the ground, I noticed just how big they were. One leg was almost as big as both of mine together (I think I mentioned that before but still)! Not to mention his big dick… it was as long as my forearm! And it wasn’t even hard yet! As he stretched his giant frame, he stood up… and up… and up. I couldn’t get my eyes off of him. He was so big and handsome. To think that this gorgeous figure was my boyfriend, MY lover, it was beyond my beliefs. Still mesmerised at his body I couldn’t speak; “I erm…. I g… got a noti…” before I could finish my sentence, he added; “Yeah I know, I heard your phone too.” Then he walked towards me and tossed his meaty arm around me and squeezed my ass before giving me the most passionate kiss. I could just feel how much more dominant he has gotten in the last couple of weeks. I don’t mind it though. The thought of him being bigger and stronger but still being so gentle and kind, turned me on so much. After the kiss he looked me in my eyes and said “Do you know how happy I am to have you in my life?” I just melted when he said it, my feet were like jelly. He grabbed me, lifted me up and carried me downstairs. I made him a very big meal, starting with 3 eggs, bacon, some sandwiches, sausages, yoghurt and a glass of milk. He ate all of it and afterwards grabbed some leftovers from the fridge. More and more I was feeling pleased with him growing. Seeing him devour so much food was so delightful to watch. When we were finished, we went back upstairs to freshen up and get dressed for our appointment. Max, however, had trouble containing his strength. He broke the doorframe when entering the bathroom, he broke his toothbrush and comb, knocked the light fixture to the ground and broke the handle from the wardrobe. It was exciting but scary at the same time. Being unaware of his strength even made him a bit frightened. In the wardrobe, I helped Max dressing up. The clothes I bought for him that were once loose enough for him, now seemed just big enough or skin-tight. His socks were stretched out and his briefs didn’t hide anything. His dickhead was poking out of them whilst his derrière ripped them off every time he sat down. His trousers were fine, the buttons were hard to close but it worked once we put on his belt. Shirts weren’t an option. The buttons flew off like his pecs were firing them right at me. So we tried just a regular T-shirt. It fitted him nicely. Finally we added some Nike shoes and his look was completed. I backed up for a second to see his entire body with his clothes on. He looked good but you could definitely see that he was no ordinary man. You could easily mistake him for an athlete or a bodybuilder. I must have been staring to long because Max said; “Is my personal shopper pleased with his choice of clothing?” I laughed and replied “You look good Max, you really do.” He walked up to me and kissed me once more. “Thanks to you babe.” I blushed and smiled at his gorgeous face. We packed our stuff and were on our way to the doc. In the car we listened to some of our favourite music. Max and I had different tastes in music. He liked listening to rock whilst I enjoyed pop music. Though we both enjoyed some Michael Jackson, Meghan Trainor and Britney Spears. Singing along was one of the things I enjoyed doing in the car. It made the trip more enjoyable. Max, however, had to put on a show. Singing ‘Hit me baby one more time’, he raised his voice to mimic Britney’s. But due to his much deeper voice, it made for a laughable performance. These were the moments I looked into his eyes and realised that, even though he’s still growing, he’s still that sweet childish boy I fell in love with. Soon we entered Mr. Petrov’s house. Not much has changed since the last time we were here. I knocked on the door and heard from the other end a familiar voice, “I’m coming!” The doc. said. He opened the front door and let us enter. When we entered, I could hear the wooden floor creaking under Max’s weight. I knew that the house was old so I was somewhat worried that Max might break something. However we didn’t spend much time in the doc.’s living area. He directed us back towards his lab. When we entered his lab, there was a chair in the middle of the room with some cables above it. I saw Max’s face. He seemed frightened and sad at the same time. I tried to comfort him by resting my hand on his massive shoulder. He looked back at me and smiled once again. we walked up close to the chair. The doc. asked him to remove his clothes except his briefs. Afterwards he Max looked at the doc. for further instructions. “Max, please take a seat.” The doc. ordered. Max did what he was told and the doc attached the wires to his body. Placing them on his head, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, … “What is going to happen to me?” Max asked in a sad tone. “I’ll have to take some samples and check your body in order to know what is going to happen with you Max.” The doc said in a serious tone. We exchanged looks and shortly after he asked me to go into the room behind me. I looked around to find a small door with a mirror besides it. “Max, Jake and I will be in that room over there checking your condition. You’ll feel a few shocks but don’t worry it’ll only hurt for a second okay?” the doc. said. Max nodded and looked back at me again. I walked up to him and caressed his cheek. “You’ll be fine babe, I know you will.” I said before giving him a long kiss. I was guided to the small control room where the doc closed the door and turned his head towards me. “Listen Jake, after you told me all about what had happened, I had to bring the both of you here.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “The Max that you know and love, won’t be the same after this treatment.” He said sitting down on the chair opposite the window. “Why! What is going on doc.?!” I was getting really mad and confused now. The doc. sighted and continued; “The encounter you had in the shower with Max, those will only become more aggressive and they’ll happen more frequent. It’s one of the side effects that can occur during this procedure. He would have been able to control this urge by only taking one pill. But since he took all of them, he probably won’t be able to in the future.” He said looking down at his notes. I had to sit down and think about what he just said. I was speechless and sad. Tears began to form in my eyes. “Can’t he learn to control this urge… or can’t you give him some medication to calm him down when it happens?” I started asking, trying to find a solution for his problem. “Listen Jake. He’ll only become stronger and bigger. There’s little we can do about it now.” He said starting his computer and connecting it with this machine in front of us. “Let’s check his body first.” He said. I looked in up to see that the mirror actually was window from the other side. I could see Max all wired up and anxious. I felt like I could scream. If it were true that the Max I know would turn into a beast or a lover that could kill me, was just devastating. I could hear a ding sound and looked down to see a body image on the doc’s computer. It was already recognizing Max’s body and it showed where the cables were connected. I don’t know a lot about technology but it was quite impressive to see. In the left corner of the screen, I could see his blood pressure and his heartbeat along with his weight and height. “I’m going to give him shocks on the places you see here on the screen. I’ll be able to make a rough sketch on how big Max will grow. If you don’t want to look, I understand.” The doc said looking at me. I was a bit confused as to why I didn’t want to see Max but shortly after my answer was given. The doc. selected the dot on the shoulder and it automatically gave Max a shock. I saw him scream and closing his eyes whilst his body was fighting against the pain. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I saw my boyfriend being tortured. I wanted it to end and walked towards the door but was stopped by the doc. “You can’t leave Jake, I know that this must be killing you inside but try to understand that I only want to help you guys.” He said holding my hand really tight in order for me to stay put. I hesitated but eventually nodded and walked back to my place. However I couldn’t watch Max. It was too painful to see him in this state. After the doc. finished, the computer was loading some kind of a chart along with some percentages. I didn’t have time to find out what it said as the doc. placed the computer on his table and took out a syringe. “Is he afraid of syringes?” he asked before walking out. “A little but I’ll calm him down.” I said wiping away my tears and exiting the chamber. As I walked towards Max, it was so hard to see him. He looked exhausted. “Max are you okay?” I asked trying to hold my tears back. “Yeah, I’m okay now.” He said positioning his big frame in a more comfortable position whilst the doc. detached the wires. He looked at me and I looked back at Max. I knew what was coming next. “Okay babe, the doc has to take some blood to run some tests okay. Can you be brave for me?” I asked. I knew he was brave enough already but I also knew how much he hated syringes. He took my hand and squeezed it whilst the doc took his blood. He squeezed my hand so much I had to get down from the pain. “Ah! Max please you’re hurting me!” I screamed. Max looked shocked and released my flimsy hand. When the doc. had the sample he told us that the results would be completed once he gave the machine Max’s blood (or something like that I don’t know exactly what he said). He went back into the chamber and gave us a moment alone. Max tried standing up but he was so tired that even that was hard for him to do. So instead I sat down on top of him and hugged him. “I’m so sorry.” He said and started crying “I never should’ve taken all those pills at once.” I couldn’t hold back and started crying too. “It’s okay babe. I understand why you did it. But we have to be strong now.” I said in between sobs. Then it was silent. We were both so comfortable in each other’s arms that we didn’t need to talk. We were there for each other. That was the most important right now. The doc. returned shortly after and looked surprisingly happy. He approached us with some papers and started talking to us. Max’s body seemed to be growing steadily and would probably reach a height of four to six meters! This was a bit hard to take in. However his body also seemed to have very healthy blood cells. Every time they found a virus or an illness they eliminate them… he believed it had something to do with a self-healing process. “Max, I had my doubts but I think it’s safe to say that you are going to be fine.” He said smiling at the both of us. I never felt this happy in my life. My boyfriend would be okay! I hugged him and kissed him. We started crying again but this time they were tears of happiness. “However, I still want to warn you!” The doc. said in a more serious tone again. “You have to learn to control your strength. If you don’t, you might end up hurting the ones you love.” He said looking at me. I knew exactly what he meant but before I could say anything, Max started talking. “I will doc. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Especially not this little one.” He said playfully squeezing my ass. “Good, now I will keep in contact with you and will require a weekly check-up.” He said leading us back to the front door. I thanked him and told him we would update him on Max’s transformation this time. He thanked us and told us that if we needed anything or needed any help, we could always contact him.