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  1. Personal Growing Pains Doug is a successful personal trainer. He has many satisfied clients, some of which are fairly well-known athletes. He has also gotten quite wealthy from his business, but has also lost a bit of interest in it. His body has not kept its hardness either since he doesn't feel compelled to workout on a daily basis anymore. He has developed a fondness for another man along the way. This man in particular is someone that he got close to recently because of a very bad accident. He was leaving his house one day and just happened to witness a major car accident right down the street. He went to check for survivors and this man was bleeding very badly inside his vehicle. Doug’s powerful body was able to pull him out of the wreckage and carry him to safety. He didn't think much about it at the time, but the man he saved would become his best friend. The man wasn't in the best physical shape, but he became so enamored by him that he didn't care and it influenced his own physical performance. He was spending more time with him and not enough at the gym and his business was even starting to suffer. He never tried to make his friend shape up because he fell in love with him. He knew that his buddy was overweight, but he never cared. He was starting to get pudgy himself and it was turning off his clientele. Things were beginning to look bleak for his lifestyle and his relationship also. His boyfriend, Nelson, was now starting to look at him differently. He was attracted to Doug that night in the hospital and couldn't believe that someone like him would be interested in someone like his self. He didn't like the direction Doug was going with his life so they both separated and decided to take a break for awhile. Sitting in his living room one day, Doug happens to notice a huge figure hovering around the doorway to his kitchen. He goes to get up but it freezes him in his chair as he can only watch. It comes over to him and makes him push his gut out towards it. It places its hand on top of it as a light shoots out of his belly button. He can't scream in agony because he is still frozen. After the light vanishes, the figure turns around and disappears. He comes back to his senses and wonders what just happened. He ventures to bed that night thinking that things may never be the same with him and Nelson, but that may not be true. He wakes the next day and discovers that his gut has actually shrunk. In fact, he looks in the mirror and notices that his muscles are actually getting slightly more toned similar to the way they used to look. He feels more relaxed and refreshed too. He starts off to his personal training business and gets into his car. It is at this point that he gets a strange feeling inside his body. As he drives he feels his head getting really fuzzy. He stops on the side of the road for a minute or two hoping that it will go away. That strange feeling now moves down to his neck, then his shoulders, and down into his arms and chest. He notices that his body is starting to expand as his car seat is beginning to buckle. He tries to get out of his seat belt, but can't because his chest is getting too large. The growth gets to the point that he just has to wait to see if the car holds up. Nelson ironically has been staying with a friend just a block away from where his is parked and can see his car from the house. He slowly walks out of the house to stop and look at Doug inside the car. After getting a little concerned, he jogs down to see what is happening. As Doug just sits in his car feeling helpless, he feels a rush of strength running through his body. His pecs are now stretching his muscle shirt to the point that he can see the fabric starting to run. His arms are forming huge hose shaped veins and are starting to rip the sleeves of his shirt cleanly as the seatbelt around his chest is being pulled from the side of the car. His expanding back is breaking the seat in the car and his legs are rubbing together now. He keeps on growing and is being pushed forward into the windshield as crazy noises are heard from inside the car. Nelson watches in bewilderment as he sees his growing muscles damaging the car. The seat completely buckles under his weight as the steering wheel breaks off. Doug can hear the metal in the car getting bent as his granite muscles destroy everything in their path. It isn't long before he hears the windshield crack and shatter under his mass. He manages to crawl out of the front of the car as the hood completely falls in under his weight. The car is nearly totaled now. He gets off the car and goes running towards Nelson. He is not as fast as Doug since his muscles have actually made him more agile. Nelson is still fairly overweight so the running makes him breathe heavy. Doug manages to catch him and feels his rapid heartbeat since he is terrified of him. He looks into his boyfriend’s eyes as he feels nothing but lust for him, but there is a tad of compassion too. The rabid lust in his mind leads him to grab Nelson and rip his pants off to start fucking him. He screams when Doug penetrates him, but his thrusts calm him down as he begins to feel the big man’s cock starting to massage his prostate. The feeling is so amazing to him that he gives in to his lust. They both haven't had sex in quite some time and Doug’s goal is to pass his seed on to him and make Nelson like him. With both of them in the middle of the street, Doug turns him over so he can get in deeper. His boyfriend manages to take his entire girth into his hole and starts moaning with every thrust. He closes his eyes and begins to imagine what he will look like as Doug cums inside him. The anticipation is so high that he pumps Nelson harder and harder getting very close to shooting a giant river inside him. He feels Doug swelling up inside him as he begs for him to let go. He yells as he shoots a massive load inside Nelson’s gut. ‘I love you so much Nelson. I want you to become what you should have always been.’ Before he even pulls out of him, he notices Nelson’s body starting to tense up and widen. The shirt he is wearing splits down the middle exposing his thick, massive back. While he isn't becoming hard and ripped, his arms, legs, and chest are getting huge and beefy. His muscles are getting wider and hairier, as he flips Nelson over to start passionately kissing him. He grabs Doug and puts his growing cock inside his hungry ass. He feels it getting thicker and longer as Nelson penetrates him. The two lovers can't help but to stay in the middle of the street since they are so into each other. Doug moans feeling Nelson pulsating against him. His muscles still stretching and pulling their way out from within his body. His shirt completely rips apart and falls to the ground. Now he has achieved his genetic potential. ‘Oh baby, turn me around I want to look at your new body.’ Nelson stops fucking Doug long enough to twist his body around to where he is now facing him. Doug growls as he feels his lover’s newly formed beef on his chest and back. Nelson pulls him into him and starts grinding him again. At this point, they are attracting a huge crowd of people. Their grunts are getting louder with each minute as the sweat pours off of both of them in the hot sun. ‘MMMM DOUG I AM CUMMING SWEETIE!’ As he climaxes, Nelson shoves his cock all the way in and squirts his seed into Doug’s intestines. The feeling makes the two men double over. Some people have apparently called the authorities as some police cruisers pull up beside the two behemoths. One heavily muscled policeman gets out of his vehicle to walk over to them and pulls his revolver. They don’t respond and he gets irritated. After kicking them, he warns them that he will shoot if they don’t move. What happens next may not be pleasant. When Friends Become Lovers Will has a roommate that he has been friends with for quite some time. They both went to the same college, and after about two years of living in dorms, they decided to move in together. He has received a lot of help from Randall with his studies after struggling through his junior year. In actuality, he helped get Will through some really tough hardships. When Will’s family gave up on him after he came out, he was there to support him all the way. They have never really shown any kind of physical attraction before, but Will certainly has noticed how Randall looks. He finds him very attractive and always notices how perfectly groomed his face is. He loves the way he fixes his hair, kind of spiky but with blonde edges and the glasses he wears because of the way they make him look, smart and sexy. He has caught Randall naked a couple of times, but never tries to make him feel uncomfortable when he does. His body is quite tight, but not extremely developed. He has a six-pack of abs, but admits that he doesn't work them at all. When they hang out together whether they are playing video games or just watching tv, they just act like regular buddies. They occasionally talk about what if they slept together, and just laugh about it mostly. They both know that it will come up soon though. They want to make a move on each other, but they don't want to jeopardize anything in their friendship either. Will has a great body with big hairy arms and a barrel chest as well as thick legs. He really likes Randall’s body, but wants him to be more than he is too. Will drifts off to sleep one night and awakens to find a hulking figure standing over him in his room. Before he can get up, it takes its hand and places it on his head. He is immediately put into a deep sleep and awakens the next morning to find the figure gone. After a long day of classes, Will comes back to their apartment to find his hunky roommate waiting for him. He is cooking a really fragrant meal similar to something he learned from his grandparents. Will seems really surprised at how good the food looks and goes to take a spoon to taste one of the sauces. Randall turns and hits his arm while laughing. He winces, acting as if it hurt when it didn’t. He also remembers that the last time he did this was when their birthdays came around. He is inadvertently staring into Will’s eyes and turns back around to continue cooking. Something feels a little different now. Despite never showing any affection before, Will moves behind him and wraps his arms around his waist to hug him. Randall nervously smiles as this has never happened before. He assures him that this is okay because he really likes him. He moves in now to nuzzle Randall’s head as his body is pushed up against him. Despite a low moan, he still feels really nervous and just wants to finish cooking. Will doesn’t want to give up though as he grabs Randall’s arm and turns him around. He leans down and kisses him on the lips. A moan is heard, albeit a low one again. The demeanor on Randall changes as he moves in closer and his breathing is slightly faster. Will kisses him again and reaches over to turn the oven off. He picks him up off the ground and proceeds to take him into their tv room. He lays him down on the couch as Randall wraps his arms around Will’s back. His moans are getting progressively louder as Will feels his transformation commencing. His hands trace his arms as he feels them popping and making all kinds of hot sounds. He watches his body hair thicken up and cover his bare skin. He winces as he feels himself changing and unable to stop the growth. Will kisses him again reassuring him that this is what they want. His arms have now filled up the sleeves to the point that they are ripping the seams and exposing his thick hairy flesh. Will leans over to lick his new thick veins on his biceps and rubs his bulging hairy forearms. He wants this transformation to be slow and passionate as he stares into Randall's beautiful emerald eyes. He grabs Will to wrap his huge arms around his head. He moans as his back muscles stretch their way across his very tight shirt. It starts to shred from the sides as it exposes his growing lats. Will feels their raging power as Randall squeezes him. After taking in his arm growth, the anxious top places his hands on his roommate’s soaked front to feel his chest vibrating. He starts rubbing his pecs feeling their rage as they thicken up and stretch the front. His hairy monsters are busting through the holes as every button goes flying like rockets. Will growls as he feels both perfectly hairy mounds and starts kissing the shelves of both feeling their power and tasting the salty sweat. He moves down to lay his head on them as his hands reach down for Randall’s transforming stomach as he feels his abs growing. They spread out wider and thicker as he puts his fingers in between the wider separations. His moans are noticeably deeper now as Will moves his hands to his expanding legs. He can feel incredible power building up in his expanding quads as they pull the denim tighter in his jeans. He hears the fabric stretching to its max making his crotch start to stir a bit. His growing ass is busting its way out the back of his jeans as his boxers rip too. His new bubble butt is now free as Will caresses each new curve. Randall lets out a huge growl as his quads and hams finally bust the seams out on his jeans exposing his massive hairy wheels. His calves are growing too as they hang over the sides of his leg. He grabs Will and makes him squeeze his cock as he pulls him up to him to shove his tongue down his throat. He moans as he feels his cock getting thicker and shreds his boxers completely. His glasses can no longer handle the pressure of his growing muscular face so the frames break in two and fall to the floor. He grabs Will’s legs and holds on to him as he stands to put them around his waist. He can feel Randall’s huge hot cock pushing against his back. He carries him over to the sliding door to their deck and presses him against it so he can position himself. He pushes his hairy muscular body against Will’s and starts to hump him driving him mad with lust. He plunges his tongue down his throat again and tries to make him give in to him. He is so madly in love with Will now that he wants him to grow even bigger than he already is. Will smiles with his big brown eyes and flexes his thick guns making Randall swoon as his grabs them. He teases his cock as it dribbles its precum on to the back side of his shorts. ‘Make me want to grow Rand, I need you to worship me more.’ ‘Mmmm, aww fuck bounce those huge pecs of yours Will.’ Will bounces his pecs through his thin tank top making Randall lick the creases between them. Will moans in his gravelly voice as he feels hot sensations travelling through him. ‘Fuck yeah gorgeous, make me grow, keep making me want it.’ Randall humps him faster as his cock finds its way into his shorts and starts to massage his hole. ‘Ohh gawd yeah that feels good baby. AHH YEAH!’ *stretch* *pop* Will’s legs start spreading wider as his body starts to put pressure on the glass behind him. ‘GAWD, it feels so insanely good baby.’ His beefy quads grow thicker as they push his shorts above his growing ass. His hole now is accessible to Randall’s cock. ‘Baby, I want you inside me. Make me fucking grow, I want MORE!’ ‘OH Will, grow for me!’ Shoves his cock into his hole and starts thrusting. ‘MMMMM, FUCK pump me full of sweet cum Rand.’ Will feels his arms getting wider as his biceps stretch bigger. Randall sees this and sucks on the huge boulders. His forearms seem to be growing more veins too. ‘YEAH baby, give me your cum. Make me explode in size.’ Randall moves faster inside him getting very close. ‘Here it comes Will, GROW, GROW, GROW!!!!!’ He shoots huge ropes inside him as Will yells, ‘FUCK YEAH, OHH FUCK…..’ He feels his chest growing rapidly as his massive pecs grow up to his face, he feels his back starting to break the glass on the door as it shatters taking the two men on to the deck. His tank and shorts shred to pieces as his entire body explodes in size. Randall feels his cock being swallowed up by the gargantuan ass appearing in front of him. Will’s cock erupts spraying huge jets of cum into their tv room as it coats the floor. The two lovers instantly lock lips and continue to make love. Will is a giant man now as he lies on the deck with his large best friend and now lover lying on top of him. Despite the fact that both men are bleeding from the glass shards, they smile and can’t help but worship each other. Whether they remain like this or not, they have confessed their love for each other and that is enough.
  2. hyper

    It's been almost a full year since I've started this story. I get off task so easily I'm posting this and another chapter before I submit my entry for GB's contest. Sorry to anyone who actually liked this story and have been waiting for me to get off my lazy ass. Dedicated to godofjurai13 Bear’s Cub Part 13 Part 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1985-the-bears-cub-part-1/ Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2044-the-bears-cub-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2154-the-bears-cub-part-3/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2248-the-bears-cub-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2335-the-bears-cub-part-5/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2625-the-bears-cub-part-6/ Part 7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2787-the-bears-cub-part-7/ Part 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2829-the-bears-cub-part-8/ Part 9: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3050-the-bears-cub-part-9/ Part 10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3231-the-bears-cub-part-10/ Part 11: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4333-the-bears-cub-part-11/ Part 12: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4345-the-bears-cub-part-12/ It was relatively busy on the night shift of the gay strip joint. Hustling and bustling of guys moving around and chasing after tight waisted, tanned bodies of male strippers in tight underwear. The bar was packed with guys hitting on each other for cheap sex and miserable desire for affection. The ones with self respect showed their dominance over these guys like lion to elk. But lately, the conversation wasn’t ever about deer or elk. Two men sat a table near the dancers, each one nursing some half drunken beers. “You hear about Bear?” “What about him?” “You don’t know” “Why the fuck would I ask if I knew” “Sheesh, smart ass. I was just about to bring up his return from the championship.” “Which one? He’s captain of almost the entire athletic department. Rugby, soccer, football, basketball, swimming, the list goes on.” “Well I’m talking about football but, when you put it that way, it’s not all that big for him to win another championship, is it?” “What would make this one different from the rest?” Things like that circulated throughout the bar. People were talking about the most impressive person in the area and his fraternity pack of muscle pups. Of course, calling them pups was getting more and more ridiculous over time. Since the last member they recruited, Cub, the entire bushel of pups had gone through what most would call a mutation. The sizes they were hitting individually were making fiction seem more realistic. And Cub…. “Have you seen him yet?” asked one guy in the middle of seducing another man at the bar. “Cub? Why wouldn’t I? That kid is getting pretty big in town.” “Can’t believe that little thing was able to find his own club beyond the others.” “Yeah, he’s shooting up the ranks. You think the captain of the team will be pissed?” “What do you mean? Isn’t the captain Bear?” “No, that team actually belongs to one of the few captains able to make an agreement with Bear.” “Who?” “Remember that guy, Benny Pickmen?” “Oh right! I totally forgot! But why would he be pissed about someone from Bear’s frat joining the team? Isn’t that good for them to get more recruits?” “Maybe for everyone who’s a recruit or a member but not the captain. Remember what happened with all the others?” “Oh shit, you’re right. They all started off as just average members when they came in from high school but quickly became the vice captains, right?” “Yeah, any vice captain of one of Bear’s teams would just get knocked down to the other members. They’ve been calling it ’Bear’s Curse’” “Doesn’t he just promote them because they’re in his frat?” “Ha! You’d think that if you’ve never met him. I’ve heard him give speeches when the athletic teams throw a party. He raises a real fit about captains promoting who’s the best.” “What if he isn’t doing that?” “If you’re one of the guys desperate to join Bear’s frat, you’d know that can get you fucked up in an alley. Plus, have you seen those guys? They DESTROY other colleges. Donut alone has put enough players on stretchers in his games this year alone!” The other man adjusted in his seat as he thought about Donut, his biggest crush. He’d only been close to Donut once and he felt almost as though he was a midget in the world the way Donut would fill a room or a space. “But Bear’s not the captain in Cub’s sport….” “Yeah, Benny noticed.” The man telling the story checked his watch and guzzled the rest of his beer before pushing himself up. “Well, that’s the end of story time. See you. Mark my words, Cub’s going to be the first pup of Bear’s to be a full captain. Fuck how small he is compared to his brothers.” The other man leaned back in his chair and scratched the back of his neck, his attention no longer drawn to the men dancing. “Was that enough for you or do we need to find another half drunk loser to make a point for you” said a deep voice behind the man. The man sitting at the chair threw an arm over the chair to look behind himself at the blonde, blue eyed man standing behind him. “No need, Toxic” said the sitting man before taking another sip of his beer and standing up. Even when standing, he couldn’t even compare to the giant Toxic. “Shit, you guys are getting massive” the man said up to his large counterpart. “You didn’t fucking answer. Can you deal with the pups, Clarke?” asked Toxic with the most intense look. The man named Clarke was slient as he looked into Toxic’s eyes. That ferocity in his blazing blue eyes was clear in his stare. Clarke knew he was incapable of saying no in this situation. The giant was off break, and only wearing his tight grey vest with his cuffed jeans and Italian leathered boots that were large to try and contain his rapidly growing feet. Every part of this man was well tailored and imposing, his well tanned skin wrapped around muscles that questioned and governed authority. He was an adios looking down at his subject. Clarke knew better than to look directly at Toxic. “Fine, I can get them taken care of for you” he said. Toxic’s jaw unclenched and he gave a satisfied grin at his business partner. “Great” he said as he turned and started to walk off. Clarke’s curiosity is what kept him for another minute. “I don’t understand why you’re doing this” he said to the 6’8 man. Toxic stopped for a moment as though thinking how to answer this. “I’m the only one who loves Bear. I don’t want to share him with anyone else. Now excuse me. The brat is having a competition tonight and all the pups are required to be there to support their ‘brother’.” Toxic was gone before Clarke could ask anymore questions. He had bigger and better things to deal with. ---- The school gym was packed with an audience all in darkness as the stage that had been set was given a spotlight to prepare for the last contender to squat the 2200 pounds of weight for the state championship, the many there all chattering over the great athletes from both sides. Still they were waiting for the one that actually mattered. A large asian college boy and another even bigger man with dark hear and dark clothes sat beside him, both in the front seats. “You think he can handle that much? He looked pretty nervous last week getting ready” said Hare as he took another bite out of his hotdog hungrily and then scratched his lightly bearded face. “He’s our little Cub. He worked hard for this, Hare. There’s no question of whether he can do it.” Balls said this with complete assurance as he raised an arm exposed by his tight black tank top and scratched the coarse black armpit hair. He had grown a lot of hair since all of them started their weird growth spurts and he wasn’t exempt from any of the benefits. Hare and Balls had no one sitting behind them because they had grown so much in height and width. It was like a bumpy wall of muscle blocking anyone’s view directly behind them. Luckily, they were on the gym benches so the stairs went higher. Hare held up his phone, the view of the stage clear as they prepared. “Where’s Donut, Taker, and Slugger?” Hare asked as he made sure the feed he was giving was secure. Hare leaned back onto the bench behind them and used It as a back for a makeshift chair. His big back muscles were the perfect cushion as he stretched out and let his massive 7 foot 10 inches tall body relax. “Donut and Taker and pumping the kid up. They volunteered to help on his big day.” “And Bear?” ask Hare. “Bear insisted that we do this while he’s waiting at the house” Balls said while also scratching his growing, much larger beard. “He said that he didn’t want to ruin Cub’s moment in the sun. Same thing he did with us.” Both were silent as they remembered their first time trying to beat their school records in their individual teams. That day they had to beat the best of the best and Bear wasn’t there to protect them. Each one had to deal with the struggle of not having Bear beside them in the 11th hour. Still, loved him for not being there until the very end and being there to grab them and congratulate them on a good job. “This might as well be his real initiation” Hare said as he adjusted the camera when the spotlight widened. “Nah, I’m glad we got to watch our youngest brother grow” Balls said. Ever since Balls got his own personal night with Balls, like Donut and the others, he’d learned to love his brother like the cub he was, in need of a little nurturing. No sex was needed between them that night, as with the others. They only needed each other’s company to feel the throws of amazing euphoria. Still, they all wanted it badly and had been waiting for this fateful day when Cub would excel past his peers in the powerlifting team and be permitted to fuck with the other pups on their nights out and occasional sex parties without Bear. Both Balls and Hare were growing in their pants, their long and awakening cocks stretching longer and thicker as they heard the crowd cheer and Cub’s name was called. They had almost forgotten the name since Cub had joined, his original name being but a remnant of his past and didn’t involve them or the time they’d been lucky enough to share with him. That’s when they saw his silhouette in the shadow of the spotlight. They could see he was walking nervously ahead of two hulking figures that could only have been Donut and Taker. When he walked into the light, everyone cheered. “Wow, his forehead is glistening in the light” said, a grin forming. “Our nervous little brother, always the wreck” Balls smiled and then giggled deeply with his strong voice. --- I was like a deer in headlights when the lights came on. Everyone was staring at me but I couldn’t see anyone’s eyes except Hare’s and Balls’s. Balls raised an arm in greeting nodded his head, giving me a little warmth in my chest. Hare was smiling broadly, his confidence wavering. They’re confident I’m going to be able to lift this, I thought as I looked to the weight sitting on the bar. At 2300 pounds, it was the heaviest I’d ever lifted and, looking back, I’d only ever done it 5 times, the first 4 times with difficulty. I looked down at my feet past my pecs tried to center myself. Since our growth spurts, I’d been growing along with the other pups, my own personal growth exceeding most of the others in speed. At 6’5 and 260 pounds, I’d grown a complete 7 inches. That put me at an inch less growth speed than Taker or Donut, two who were originally giants before I arrived and then seemed to explode in size. Each one was like a pillar of testosterone. Both were wearing shorts and black shirts to match the rest of the helpers but both probably owned more size and strength combined than probably all of the other helpers combined. The few clothes they were wearing had been specially ordered but still tensed and strained at their herculean mass. My mind returned to the weight and I passed the observer holding his clipboard to confirm my success on this objective. I grabbed the bar in my callused hands and looked at it. I could feel how it strained to hold so much weight and actually bent a bit. I stared at the weight for what seemed like an eternity before Donut smacked me roughly on the back. Though I’d grown with them, his powerful muscles still knocked me forward. Where’s Bear? I thought. “You got this, Cub” he said through his thick, red beard. Taker grabbed my shoulder. “You can do this. We love you either way, Cub.” I looked back to the bar and my grip tensed. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I leaned forward and let the cold steel touch the back of my neck. The muscles in legs and arms seemed to tighten a little bit in anticipation. I grunted heavily and felt the weight come up with me. Damn, I thought, how’d I get this strong? I moved forward a little and saw that Donut and Taker were right beside me, ready to save me from the weight. Still, their encouragement made me sure that wasn’t needed. When did I become this strong? I wondered as I held the weight and let the braces around my waist, knees, and wrists hold my joints together. Everyone was silent as I looked out into the darkness that was the crowd. I think I saw Hare’s eyebrows raise as he saw something and then looked back at the camera. My body strained as I began my slow decent. The crowd was silent and Donut and Taker kneeled with me as I went down with the weight, my legs burning and my arms tightly hanging onto the bar. I felt the weight press into my back and cause the muscles to burn as they flexed back at its hardness. I didn’t let fear take me and leave me there as I flexed my legs and pushed back up. I practically roared as I pushed, my body pumping blood and giving me whatever power it could to bring the weight back up. My face was sweating as I drew the weight and didn’t stop fighting. I will put this back on the bar, I thought loudly as I pushed. With a final burst if power, I was back on my feet and my legs were straight again. The crowd roared and cheered loudly, Hare and Balls getting out of their seats and shouting too as I’d finally done. The new record for the school was now a flat 2300 pounds in squats and 2400 pounds bench press. When the weight was racked again and I was standing with my own weight alone, Taker and Donut were all over me. I was sandwiched between two giant forms of muscle and I only half heartedly struggled as they continued to hug me together, my feet hovering over the ground as the two lifted me, their 8 foot tall range heights having me atleast a foot above the stage. The announcer was going to give me the trophy but, my tall captors being pulling me so high up, Donut reached down and grabbed it. He held the gound in his hand and looked down at me, my face nestled between their pecs, my cheeks reddened. “This is yours, Cub. You earned this” he said as he grabbed me around the waist when Taker let me go and put me on his massive shoulders. He grinned as he discovered I was hard as a rock. “I think Bear will be happy to take care of that for you, Cub” he said with a grin as he nodded to Taker and they headed off the stage, the boards creaking under their heavy 800+ and 500+ weights. Hare and Balls were so excited that Balls actually grabbed me and brought me down to kiss me all over my face. I was slowly reddening. “You did it, Cub!” Hare cheered with a big grin as he watched Balls award me an array of kisses. I almost jumped when he raised me high and gave me a big one on the crotch of my small, power lifting shorts. I crossed my legs shyly and squirmed in his powerful grip but stopped when he pressed his lips to my ears and silenced me with the warmth and shagginess of his bearded jaw. “I want to fuck you so badly, Cub” he whispered into my ear. I was beginning to breath heavier as he was so close and his muscles felt so great to me. He wasn’t alone. “Not yet, Balls. We got to give him to Bear tonight. No way the Cub can take a load from you AND Bear. He’ll explode with all that cum in him!” Donut said down to them, his height still imposing as he and Balls were 6 inches apart in height. “He’s waiting outside, by the way.” Everyone looked at each other as they realized their fraternity leader was outside. Hare pulled into the group and showed everyone’s faces. “Bear’s probably cracking up right now. He’s standing outside the frat house right now getting a visual feed of you guys” he said, pointing to his phone to indicate the camera lens. Everyone looked into the lens and a few blushed. “He said that, as soon as we’re done, we’re to take Cub home. Today’s going to be a night with Bear again.” We were out of the door and charging for a the Hummer quickly, the larger pups bodies moving like a stampede and intimidating people out of the way as we got into the Hummer. The one they’d had before I’d arrived was too small so they had to get an extra large one to hold all of us with a big space in the back for Bear. If it wasn’t so tall a vehicle, it could have been a Hummer limo. Instead, it was almost the size of an 18 wheeler. Fitting so many pups into one car required a lot of room. Taker took the wheel and moved out of the parking lot so quickly, there was no time for any one else in the parking lot to pull out of their spaces. We’d become so close that I could see expressions and tell what most of them were thinking. The way they all fidgeted their bodies and their muscles tensed and loosed and they breathed heavily, I knew without a doubt that each one was hungry to have Bear between their legs. I wasn’t much different. --- Meanwhile, back at the gym, a red face watched as Bear's pups left cheerfully, happy their smallest and youngest had succeeded in breaking the powerlifting team's bench press and squat records. 6'7 and 300 beefy pounds of powerlifter, the guy was not pleased that someone smaller than him but associated to Bear had broken his bench press record of 2000 pounds, one he worked for months to perfect and prepare for today. "So, do we have a deal?" came a deep voice behind him. The beefy powerlifter known as Benny Pickmens turned to see his bigger ally, Toxic, standing behind him and hulking with power. Benny's eyes would have been a shade of green if emotions were expressed with visible colors. "Of-fucking-course we have a fucking deal! That little shit is not going to take my team!" he said, taking his big and muscular hand to Toxic's larger one and shaking it roughly the way two big men do. Toxic's perfectly white teeth glistened in the gym lights. "Wonderful. We can begin the plan." To Be Continued……..
  3. Michael heard them arguing before he even got within the pool area. It suddenly dawned on him that neither guy would want to see him there. Tommy was probably furious that he had seen Matt last night and Matt had made it very clear he didn’t want Michael seeing Tommy anymore. Michael crept into the pool grounds and stood behind some bleachers – where he had a clear view of both men and could hear what they were saying. He was completely taken aback, and kind of turned on for some reason, when he glanced around the bleachers and saw that chubby Matt was holding Matt in the air – his hand clenching the front of the wrestler’s pants and his belt. “Put me down, Tommy.” “No, not if you’re going to try and slug me again, Matt.” “I’m sorry about that. It was stupid of me. You just gotta promise me that you won’t give Michael any more power bars. And I think it would be best if you didn’t even talk to him.” “I don’t think you’re in a position to be telling me what to do, Matt.” “I’m not telling. I’m asking as a friend.” Tommy immediately dropped the wrestler to the ground and turned from him. Matt’s tone had been friendly – almost begging. It was a very different attitude than Michael had ever seen in the guy. Matt fell on his butt, but slowly got back up and faced the other man. “Can’t you do this for me, Tommy? You know I like the guy.” “You’re stringing him along, Matt. Just like you did to . . .” “To you, Tommy? We both know that’s not true. I was honest from the start. You knew I had a girlfriend. You knew I didn’t want to be out of the closet.” “And the same thing is happening now with Michael!” Tommy turned back to face the other guy. They stared at each other for a few seconds. “You don’t know that, Tommy. Michael and I have something special. I just need some time to work things out. I know he’s told you how he feels about me. You don’t want to go and mess with that, Tommy. We know what happens if you mess with true love after dealing with the power bars.” Michael basically missed the last part of what Matt said. He was too focused on the fact that the big guy had said he was working things out. And he used the words ‘true love.’ Michael’s head and heart were so busy trying to wrap themselves around the idea that Matt really cared for him, he missed a huge part of the next few sentences in their conversation. Michael was too elated to hear anything. “Why shouldn’t I give him more bars, Matt?” “You know why, Tommy.” “Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.” “Okay. I want to be the biggest and strongest guy on campus.” “You’ll never be the strongest.” Tommy glared at the wrestler. It was clear they both knew that title only went to Tommy. “Okay, the biggest and the second strongest. Are you happy?” “Why couldn’t you love me, Matt?” The obvious pain in Tommy’s voice and the bluntness of the question snapped Michael back into the present situation. Time stood still while he waited to hear Matt respond. The next few sentences were obviously going to define the guy in Michael’s eyes. “You wanted too much, Tommy. And I wanted different things.” “I gave you everything I had!” “I know, Tommy. And I continue to thank you for that, but we both have to move on. Remember, you made the choice. I didn’t force you. I didn’t make you this.” “I loved you, Matt. That’s why I did it.” “Maybe you loved me too much.” There was dead silence. Michael was pretty sure Tommy was crying. His heart broke for his fraternity big brother, but his lust for the wrestler was too much. Matt had said he wanted to work things out with Michael – and that made the newly muscled guy very happy. “If you still love me, Tommy, and if you feel about Michael the way I think you do, then you’ll let me have him.” “You know what it will do to me.” “I do, but the good news is you’ll still have your strength.” “I don’t do this for you, Matt. I do it for Michael. I know he likes you . . . a lot. But I swear, if you hurt him . . .” Tommy stopped in mid-sentence. There was nothing more to be said. Both men knew the conversation was over. They both understood the other’s stance. Tommy glared at Matt for a few more seconds and then he turned and walked away – in the opposite direction of Michael. There was a strange tugging in Michael’s heart at that moment. Something in Tommy’s voice . . . his demeanor . . . his firmness moved Michael very much. But as the younger guy looked at Matt, the wrestler, that familiar lust . . . no, need . . . for his muscled body returned. There was something deeper and more powerful resonating in Michael, but he didn’t stop to analyze the feeling. He went back to the gate, opened and closed it loudly, and then called out. “Matt, are you here?” He walked around the bleachers and the look on Matt’s face was exactly what he wished for. “Holy fuck, Mouse, look at you!” “What?” Michael asked, feigning ignorance. “You look like you’ve been supersized three or four times.” “Oh that. Yeah, I guess I’m a little bigger. Care to take it inside the gym and wrestle, just to see how much I’ve truly grown.” Michael had moved close to Matt, enough to notice he was breathing kind of hard. The big wrestler was clearly turned on. This made Michael go crazy. He could feel the blood – tainted with a wild sexual drive – pumping through his body. He wanted Matt more than ever. There was something in the back of his mind gnawing at him, but his raging hard-on helped him to ignore it. “Naw, mousey-Mouse, that’s okay. I’m a little beat from lack of sleep. I think I’ll just head back to my room.” “I really wasn’t asking, Matt.” Something sinister took over Michael. He could feel the power surging through his body and he loved it. He knew he was strong as shit and all he wanted to do was use that strength – to impress Matt . . . or was it to put him in his place. It didn’t matter. The urge won out. Without any warning, Michael dipped his newly broad right shoulder down and pressed into Matt’s tight mid-section before the wrestler could do anything. Suddenly, Michael was back upright and Matt’s body rested easily in the air on his shoulder. Michael started walking toward the gym. “Matt, remember when you said I wouldn’t be dominating you until donkey’s flew? Well I think a bunch of jackasses just sprouted wings. Your body feels so light on my shoulder. So light, in fact, that it feels like I can do this.” Michael bounced Matt’s body into the air with his shoulder and at the same time he brought his open hand up – pressing into Matt’s mid-section and before the wrestler even had time to figure out what was happening, Michael pressed the guy into the air – with just one arm. Matt’s body was suddenly held aloft by Michael’s extended gun. Then, as if to pour salt in an open wound, Michael started to press the wrestler’s body up and down without any sign of struggle. Matt was too flabbergasted to say, let alone, do anything to stop Michael. It wasn’t clear if he would have been able to anyway. When Michael got them into the gym he noticed two guys were playing basketball. He hoisted Matt’s body into the air and walked directly to a spot near them. He simply growled loudly and easily pumped out a rep with the wrestler’s body. The two guys immediately got the message and left the gym so quickly their unforgotten ball rolled across the floor slowly. Michael then walked over to the wall and with his free hand he reached up and grabbed the corner of the mat that was hanging there by three big spikes – it’s where the thing was stored during basketball games or when wrestling wasn’t happening. Michael tugged, but was a little too forceful and two of the spikes came out of the wall while the third snapped in two. Michael acknowledged what he had done with a slight ‘huh’ and then dropped the mat on the floor. He raised his arm – taking Matt’s body up with it and then dropped him onto the mat, as well. Matt scrambled to his feet quickly, just like a good wrestler. Matt’s crotch revealed that he was already sporting major wood – clearly turned on by Michael’s display. “Oh, little Mouse, you’re going to be so sorry. Those power bars are pretty powerful, but you’re no match for big Matt. I’m a national champion wrestler and a few added muscles doesn’t make you anything more than the dweeb you are.” “Matt, Matt, Matt – what are you packing there? A twenty inch arm?” “Twenty one, little punk.” “Well take a look at this, big boy. It might make that hard cock of yours shrivel up from feeling inadequate. I believe my ‘dweebish’ arms are now up to twenty three inches and they’re still growing.” Earlier that morning, Michael had been obsessed with his growth, so he had measured himself. He was shocked to see how enhanced he had become from the power bars. When carrying the wrestler into the gym, he had already deducted he had passed the guy in size. This made Michael go wild inside – since his dream of dominating Matt was about to come true. He was going to take it slow, though. He wanted this moment to last. He brought both of his arms up and flexed them hard – making the biceps swell upward like giant mountains being revealed by a stupendous sunrise. Matt’s eyes bugged out wider than before and his mouth dropped open in shock. It did seem that the tension in his crotch immediately subsided, too. “It seems I’ve become Mighty Mouse while you weren’t looking, Matt. You might be a world-class wrestler, but I believe my intense brute strength is going to easily dominate you – no matter what you bring to the mat. It’s going to be like when a suped up truck meets a tank – no matter what fancy bells and whistles the vehicle has, the stronger, more powerful, tank destroys it with the greatest of ease. And by the way your shorts have tented out again, I think you’re digging the idea of this Mighty Mouse having his way with you. You’re going to be such a fun big toy to play with, Matt. Matt, indeed, could now feel his cock leaking pre – just from listening to Mouse spout off about his size and strength. There was something about being challenged by a bigger guy that just sent the wrestler over the edge. He knew he’d dominate Mouse with no problem – even with the obvious improvements. Mouse had only taken two power bars. That was nothing. He had also only been growing for a few days. His strength could be growing, but nothing compared to the biggest man on campus. Matt was looking forward to plowing his challenger’s sweet mouth later on. “Oh, and I should confess that I lied to you yesterday, Matt. I told you I’d only been benching 400 pounds since having the power bars, well that wasn’t exactly true. It’s a little more than that. Today I benched 800 pounds without any struggle. That’s also why I didn’t have trouble pumping out one-handed reps with your big body.” “No way, little Mouse!” There was a tonal mixture in Matt’s response. It was full of disbelief, awe, jealousy, and lust – all at the same time. Matt looked at the now bigger Michael and began to realize his desire for Mouse to grow huge and strong was intense. He was beginning to get that the guy was now really strong – probably strong enough to bench the 800 pounds, for he had lifted Matt easily with one arm. It had been like Matt weighed nothing at all. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what Matt was going to do next. He was, after all, a wrestler. Michael dropped his right leg back a little and tensed his mid-section as he watched Matt lower his shoulder and take aim. “Little Mouse is going down!” It was like some kind of battle cry. The wrestler knew how to tackle a guy and he fully anticipated taking the Mouse down to the mat with what would be a forceful slam of his shoulder. Matt didn’t take into account, however, how much Michael had grown and how much thicker he had become. The loud thud of the wrestler’s muscled shoulder meeting the unmovable torso of Michael was deep and echoed throughout the gym. The sound emphasized how dense the newly big body had already become. The fact that Michael did not budge at all stunned Matt – both physically and mentally. Little Mouse had just taken a full-on shoulder slam from the wrestler and he didn’t double over in pain or go crashing to the floor. He stood there – absorbing he hit with his now muscled-covered body – as if he was the windshield of a speeding truck and Matt had been an unlucky splattered insect. Matt was too dazed and confused to react very quickly. “Well that didn’t work out the way you thought it would, now did it, Matty?” With lightning speed Michael reached down and locked his arms around the other guy’s upper torso from behind. In one quick move he jerked Matt upward – so the wrestler was now hanging upside down in Michael’s strong arms. Matt faced away from his challenger, his legs flailing in the air while his abdomen was held tightly against the other man’s body. “Oh man, Matty, I love holding your big body in the air like this. Let’s give you an upside down bear hug – to see if you can handle the pressure of my twenty-three inch arms. Let’s start off slowly to make you think it’s not going to get too strong and then feel your body respond in multiple ways as the squeeze starts getting unbearable. Oh, think of the guys you’ve done this to in the past, Matty. And to think you never really thought it would be done to you – especially upside down. Here, I’ll walk around a little just to emphasize how easy it is for me to hold you like some kind of stuffed animal.” Michael began to stroll around the middle of the basketball court – showing off his growing strength. Matt’s arms were tightly locked in place at his sides – Michael’s grip being too strong for the wrestler to challenge. He was like a baby wrapped in a blanket - twisted numerous times around his frame. The pressure was already getting a little unbearable, but that fact didn’t bring the wrestler discomfort. In fact, it did the opposite. It turned Matt on in a way that was utterly new and uncontrollable. As his torso was crushed by thick arms and it became harder and harder for him to take a deep breath, the guy became majorly aroused – his cock raging hard like a lone oak tree jutting upward in an otherwise barren field. He also had goose bumps all over his body and his blood was pumping a hell of a lot faster than it ever had before. Matt was being treated like he was nothing more than a rag doll and it thrilled him beyond belief. He suddenly realized he was moaning out loud and he hadn’t even noticed. “Sounds like the little man is beyond excited being dominated by someone bigger and stronger. Oh Matteroo, now you’re getting a feel for what your body does to me. Soon, all you’ll think about is my big muscles and how you want me to manhandle you. You’re going to want my humongous guns wrapped around you any chance you can get. You’ll be sneaking out of Janice’s bed late at night just to come and beg me to easily lift your body into the air. It’s getting harder to breathe, ain’t it Matty? Oh, you just love being forced into submission, don’t you? We’ve only just begun to have some fun, little man. I got to make up for some lost time – all those nights when you used me to please yourself and I didn’t get any satisfaction.” Matt’s body began to flail wildly – like he was trying to escape Michael’s hug, but it quickly became obvious that the dude was having a massive orgasm. This brought even more joy to the big man holding him in the air. Michael’s strong grasp and talking all dominant had proven to be too much for the captive wrestler. His lust for being forced into submission was just too intense. His ejaculation was powerful and long. Michael hugged the convulsing dude even tighter – cutting off all airflow for a few seconds. When the orgasm was over, Michael dropped Matt onto the wrestling mat and stared down at the spent boy. “Aw Matty, was my strength too much for you? You couldn’t stop from exploding, could you? Look, you’ve made a big nasty mess in your pants. A big old tribute to my new muscles, huh? I wish you could feel all this power surging through my body, man. It’s like I’m growing by the second and all my bulges are just constantly begging to do something to use my new strength. I just want to flex all the time. Gotta show you, little Matty, what these humongous guns look like now!” Michael shot his arms up into a double bi flex and mounds of muscle shot up all over the place. His new size and tensed arms proved to be too much for his tight tank top. The two straps both snapped apart as soon as the big man’s arms and chest popped out like mountains. The remnants of the destroyed shirt floated down around the guy’s small waist. Matt was watching from down on the ground and let out a loud moan as soon as he heard the cloth rip. “Yeah, look at that, Matty, all this hugeness wanted to be free. That shrimpy little shirt just couldn’t contain all of this. My Mighty Mouse muscles need to be out in the open for you, little fella – so you can worship them. Hey, let’s get you back up on your feet so we can have some more fun.” Michael bent over and grabbed Matt at his waist. He easily lifted him off the floor and held him so his feet dangled in the air. Toying with the cute wrestler was making Michael crazy with excitement. He was going to some place he knew was dangerous, but he didn’t care. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think having strength and muscles would be so much fun. He was now understanding Matt’s domineering cockiness on a whole new level. He related to his friend in an entirely new way and was having trouble remembering what it was like to be the smaller guy. Right now, both men were terribly excited about Michael’s newfound strength and the fact that he held the wrestler off the ground without any problem. “Matty Smatty, you are so freaking light. I’m holding you off the ground and your weight doesn’t even register to my huge guns at all. We’re going to have to add some more muscle to you, little man, so I’ll actually feel something when I pick you up. Hey, Matty, did you ever want to fly? Let’s see how high I can toss you.” Without much of a warning than those few words, Michael shot his arms into the air and released the wrestler’s body. Matt sailed straight up – about fifteen feet and then fell back down towards the ground. Michael grabbed the wrestler by the waist and caught him before he could hit the floor. It all happened so fast Matt had very little time to consciously register what was happening, he merely gurgled joyfully like a little kid. Michael immediately did it again, sending Matt’s body even higher – soaring up without any problem because of the gym’s high ceiling. This time, when Matt was caught in Michael’s arms a deep moan escaped the wrestler’s mouth – he loved the fact that his big body could be tossed so easily. “Well that certainly pleased you, didn’t it, little guy? You were soaring through the air with the greatest of ease. Did you feel like a superhero, Matty? Like Peter Pan? Or did it take you back to when you were a little tyke and your father would toss you up like that? I think it’s time for something really fun. Let’s have a strength contest, okay, little guy. Here, I’ll set you back down on land and we’ll lock hands. Let’s see what those little muscles of yours can do.” Michael lowered Matt to the floor. He then held up his big hands and Matt let out a slight moan when he saw how much the guy’s paws had grown. Not only were Michael’s guns now twenty-three inches thick, but his fingers were much thicker, as well. Matt placed his smaller palms against Michael’s and they both tightened their fingers. Immediately, Matt started squeezing and pressing into the other guy. Michael let out a loud yell of pain and his hands went backwards. “Arghhhh!!!” Matt was instantly super charged by the fact that he had caught the other man off guard. The wrestler intensified his pressure – squeezing his fingers with all his might and pushing hard. Michael’s legs began to buckle and the big man’s body started lowering to the ground as he gritted his teeth and tightened his eyes in pain. A loud growl came from Matt’s throat as he clearly took control again and dominated the other guy. “Yeah, Little Mouse, you’re not so mighty now, are you!” Suddenly, Michael’s face no longer showed pain and a somewhat sinister smile crept across this lips. He turned his gaze upward and the grin got bigger. His palms abruptly stopped moving and it was clear that Matt’s efforts were doing nothing at all to the big man. “I had you going for a second didn’t I, Matty? Is that all the pressure you got, man? Cause I’m feeling nothing. I just thought I’d put on a little show for you – you know, to get you going. Here, dude, let me show you what real power is.” Michael only used a fraction of his strength. He knew better than to use his full power – it would have crushed every bone in Matt’s hands, but he did exert enough pressure to instantly make the wrestler cry out in pain. Michael stood back up fully as his hands easily pushed back against Matt’s and he squeezed the guy’s fingers mercilessly. Matt’s eyes were wide with shock and lust, even though his fingers felt like they were caught in some kind of tightening machinery. He was completely turned on by the fact that he had been duped by Michael. The strength in the other guy’s hands was amazing, cock-hardening, and excruciating all at the same time. Matt’s eyes widened even more as he struggled hard to push back against Michael’s hands and nothing happened. “Remember when you used to hold me down on the bed with one hand, Matteroo? That used to turn me on so much. You had so much power in that one arm smashing me into the mattress. The more I struggled the more I got turned on. Now, you’re getting a taste of what that felt like, aren’t you, baby. I can tell you’re excited – way beyond belief – by the fact that my hands barely register any pressure from you at all – but you’re struggling with all your might. I’m using about as much force as I would to swing open a door, man. Doesn’t that make it even hotter?” Michael’s words made Matt moan with a mixture of pleasure and pain. His fingers felt like they were very close to the breaking point and the thought that Little Mouse was dominating him so easily brought him to the brink of orgasm, as well. He was, indeed, using all of his strength and, yet, Michael was easily pressing him backwards. Since they were facing each other and were very close, Matt got his first good look at Michael’s newly improved muscles. Bulges popped out everywhere – not from being tensed, but merely because they were now huge and hard. Michael knew Matt was admiring his new body. “Oh Matty-my-man, I used to think you were so strong! I could blast out a big one just from thinking about your strength and what you could do to me. The way you could toss me around the room was the only kind of foreplay I could ever need. Now, it seems the tide has turned. Look at all those little beads of sweat across your forehead as you try to compete with my new power. Here, let’s get you into a friendlier position. I’m not going to break anything, Mattty, but I am going to show off a little.” Michael squeezed his fingers a little more. Matt threw his head back as he let out a scream of pain and his knees buckled. Within a few seconds, Matt was kneeling before Michael with his wrists bent backwards – unable to anything except give in to the stronger man’s grip. Michael then quickly pulled his arms in revers – dragging Matt’s upper torso with them. Matt’s face slammed into Michael’s raging hard on, barely concealed by his tight cotton shorts. Both men immediately let out loud moans of pleasure. Matt instinctively turned his head sideways so he could wrap his mouth around Michael’s hard cock. “Guess you figured out those power bars helped another part of me grow, too, huh, Matty? I can kind of dominate you in that area now, too. We’ll have to compare later on, so you can get excited even more – seeing how thick and long my tool has become – especially when compared to yours. Oh man, your mouth feels so hot, Matty. You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed about this moment.” By this point, Michael had released Matt’s hands and placed his big paws behind the wrestler’s head. He was pressing Matt’s face into his crotch even harder and moving the guy’s mouth up and down on his stiff log to give himself more pleasure. Matt could do nothing but enjoy the job – he wouldn’t have been able to pull his head back even if he had wanted to. Being used as a pleasure tool by the bigger man was almost too much for Matt – he could tell his own cock was ready to spew again. The shift in roles – from dominator to the one being dominated – was such an amazing turn on. Matt couldn’t explain it – even if he had tried. He just loved the fact that he could feel Michael using him like he was nothing more than a dishcloth or a toy. The pressure behind Matt’s head made it very clear that the wrestler couldn’t do anything to match the new strength of Little Mouse. He simply had to give in and do what his master ordered. And that thought got his cock harder than it had ever been in his entire life. “How ‘bout we really get this party started, Matteroo!” Michael pulled the other guy’s head back from his crotch and then gave him a little shove. Matt’s body fell back to the mat on the floor and he lay there looking up Michael’s huge muscles – with a face full of desire. Michael fell on top of the wrestler and could tell his weight coming down hard knocked the wind out of Matt. Immediately, Michael started grinding his crotch against Matt’s and pressed his big frame into the other man. The mixture of the heavy weight, hard cocks rubbing against each other, and Michael letting out a deep growl made Matt moan like an alley cat in heat. Michael pressed his newly muscled body into the wrestler even more – just to get the guy to moan louder. By this point, Matt had no control over his body whatsoever – he had simply submitted to his intense desire for having Michael dominate him. He no longer struggled against the bigger man – he merely gave into all the pleasure he was feeling. “Oh Matt-baby, I love squishing your body against the floor. You feel so small and defenseless underneath me. I bet I could grind you to orgasm with just a few more thrusts. You ready to cum for me, Matty? You ready to give up control of your cock to my muscles . . . my strength. Tell me how much you want me, man. Beg me for more, Matty. Come on; let me hear you plead for domination. Tell me how much you want me to pound that sweet tight wrestler ass of yours.” “Oh fuck, Michael, please plow me. Take my virgin ass, now, man. I’m all yours. There’s nothing I could do to stop you, anyway. Fuck me now, please. Overpower me with those big muscles and have your way with me. God, I need you inside of me right now, man. Pop my sweet cherry ass, Mighty Michael. I want you to control me completely.” Sweeter words had never been uttered in Michael’s opinion and the fact that Matt used his real name almost sent him over the edge. He now fully understood why the wrestler used to get so turned on by dominating him. Controlling the smaller man was mind-blowing. Hearing Matt beg to be plowed was like winning the lottery, celebrating Christmas, and a combination of all your birthdays happening on the same day. Michael raised his body off the other man by pressing up with one of his huge arms. At the same time he used his other bulging gun to easily flip Matt’s tight body over. As soon as Matt was facing the floor, Michael brought his big paw up to the man’s ass and grabbed it hard. Matt cried out loudly with desire. Michael kneaded those sweet ass cheeks like he was crushing bricks in his hand. Matt raised his ass off the mat both from the pain and as an invitation for the bigger man to claim his prize. Michael gripped the man’s pants and easily ripped them and his underwear from Matt’s lower body. The wrestler’s perky bubble butt was now fully exposed and Michael let out a primeval yell that sounded like some huge animal about to pounce on his prey. “Aw, holy hell, look at that fucking hot ass, little Matty. That thing looks sweeter than a thousand doughnuts or trash bags full of candy. Hot damn, that thing also looks tighter than anything I’ve ever seen. You sure you want my big rod prying those cheeks apart and slamming into that pretty little hole of yours, Matty baby?” “Fuck me Michael! Fuck me now! I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life! I love you, dude. Take me. I’m all yours. I give myself to you. I want you with every part of my body.” “You sure, little man? It’s going to be painful. You sure you want this?” “Yes! I’m all yours!” “Nope, not happening, little Matty. Not today. Not ever.” And with that final comment Michael quickly pulled his body away and stood up. It took a few seconds for Matt to realize the big man wasn’t on top of him anymore. Matt quickly turned his head and looked up at the other guy. His ass was still poking up in the air – begging for penetration. Michael had a smile on his face that immediately revealed his feelings. “Now you know, Matt. You know what it’s like to want something so much and realize you can’t have it. I used to pine for you in my dorm room every night. I used to jerk myself off just hoping and praying you’d call and beckon me to your room. It hurts, doesn’t it, little man – to want something that badly and then to find out it can’t be yours. Look at you – so hot and bothered you can’t even see straight. I played you, dude. Just like you’ve been playing me for a long time. I can’t plow you, little Matty, cause – you see – I’m in love with someone else. There’s a guy that’s shown me what it really means to be cared for. There’s a guy across this campus that has never called me ‘Little Mouse.’ And he never took advantage of me. As a matter of fact, he always helped me. Sure, he might not have your nice muscular wrestler body, but he’s got something even better. He’s got a good heart. I’m going to walk out of here now, Matt, and I’m never going want you again. I’m also going to smile as I leave because I know before I even get to that door over there you’re going to be beating off that little dick of yours thinking about me. And you’re going to continue to think about me for a long time – even when you’re with Janice! You know, Matt, I did really care for you once. I want you to know that. But that’s in the past, now. I need to be with someone a little more authentic and truthful. I wish you the best, man. I really do. But this huge muscular Mighty Mouse has a date to keep. A date with a fantastic guy. Here, I’ll give you a big biceps flex to fuel your orgasm! Take care, Matt.” Michael raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flexed hard. His biceps seemed to have grown even larger in the last hour or so. Matt’s hands shot immediately to his hard cock – even as his face continued to look shocked and lustful. Michael held the flexed pose as he walked away – knowing full well the wrestler would be watching him the entire time. Right before he walked out the door he heard some loud moans, a few deep breaths, and then the throttled grunts as Matt released his giant load in homage to the now larger and more dominant Michael.
  4. strength

    Chapter One Roger looked towards Porthos and Henri who both gave him two thumbs up as he knocked on the door of Captain Treville's office, who announced "Entrez" in his usual commanding voice. As Roger entered, the Captain looked up and as soon as he saw who it was beamed from ear to ear. "Oh my dear Roger!" he said, and practically bounded over to him, and like all Frenchmen kissed him on both cheeks, "You are the saviour of the French monarchy. Oh, there is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Why, if it were possible, I would marry you myself!" "You would?" asked Roger, slightly surprised "But of course" he replied, "to be able to announce to the world that a Musketeer cadet was getting married is the dream of every single Captain of this famed corps!" "Oh" said Roger, suddenly realising that the Captain meant he wanted to marry Roger off, rather than marrying him himself "So what I can help you with then?" asked the Captain as he resumed his seat. Roger took a deep breath and announced "Captain, I have come to a conclusion over these last few days. Everywhere I go, I am hailed as a hero for my part in ensuring that the Queen was spared her blushes and yet when I see all these other cadets, men who have spent years trying to get to the same position as me, a friend to both the Titan and the English Musketeer, I feel as if I am stealing their thunder..." "Nonsense!" replied the Captain, but Roger raised his hand "...therefore" he continued, "I wish to take the test!" The Captain gasped in horror and looked up saying "Non, non, non, non, I...I can't let you!" "You can't?" asked Roger "Roger" said the Captain as he stood up and placed his hands on Roger's shoulders, "The test is the most difficult part of any cadet's training. It involves a fifty mile horse ride across country, a forty mile march in full uniform and equipment, a thirty mile run, a two mile swim and a final test that is held at night in the Bois de Boulogne!" "Doesn't sound too tricky!" said Roger "In order to pass each stage successfully, you must finish in the top two in every stage and win the final test. Otherwise" and with that the Captain gulped, "You would be ejected from the corps and not able to apply again for another five years. Roger, I cannot dare to lose a man of your calibre. Have you seen how Porthos and Henri treat you? Why, if they were women, I'd say that they were both in love with you!" Roger smiled and said "I consider them to be my best friends in the entire world and they have agreed with my decision!" "In that case" said the Captain, sitting back down, "if they have given their consent I have no reason to object" and with that pulled out a document, added Roger's name and said "Once you sign there, nothing, bar your death can remove your name!" "Then let's hope I don't die!" Roger chuckled as he signed his name and with that act, the die was cast.
  5. m/m

    Edit - Just a warning that this story contains violence, snuff and gore. You have been warned The man was standing with his girlfriend so he clearly wasn’t gay, but it made little difference to me. I wanted him so I would have him and neither his girlfriend nor his sexuality would offer any impediment. I waited till he looked my way once again and then I caught him in my gaze, my beautiful brown eyes boring into his, holding him captive. I walked towards him, keeping my eyes focused on his as I did. “Hi”, I said holding out my hand, “I’m Michael”. I took a deep breath, pushing out my rock hard pecs and tightening my washboard abs, the sight of my perfectly sculpted, muscular body caused him to stammer as he reached for my outstretched hand. “H…hi”, he said, I’m Frank”. I gripped his hand tightly causing him to wince in discomfort. I was using only a fraction of my power and he could tell immediately that my strength was so much greater than his own, as he registered my subtle display of dominance. I turned to the woman next to him and flashed her a dazzling smile, watching as she tried to fight back the lustful feelings my remarkable body was engendering within her. “Are you his girlfriend?” I asked bluntly, although it was clear that they were a couple. She hesitated, taking in the dense musculature of my torso before lowering her gaze to the large, obvious bulge in the tiny trunks I was wearing. If the poor sap hadn’t been standing right next to her she would have denied it, hoping that her availability would give her more of a chance with me, but she eventually nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Yes”, she whispered her voice full of regret. “Not any more”, I said, and her face lit up only to turn to shock as I finished. “Frank’s my girlfriend now”. I turned back, an evil grin on my face. “Isn’t that right little man.” “B..but”, he stammered, “I…I’m not gay”, “You’re dick’s been rock hard since I walked through that door”, I growled, “so don’t give me that shit. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your miserable little life, don’t you. Look at me, look at my muscles, feel my power, my strength. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. You want to kneel at my feet and worship me with every fibre of your being, don’t you?” It was too much for the man, for any man, my presence was simply to strong, my body to incredible, my dominance to absolute. He was inferior to me in every way and he knew it. He nodded his head. “Yes”, he said eventually, no longer able to resist the inevitable. “Then drop to your knees and worship me”, I said. Without another word he fell to his knees, he reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of my muscle packed thighs. “My God”, he gasped “you’re muscles are like steel” “Kiss them weakling”, worship my body with your lips, your tongue. His ministrations soon had my dick hardening, and it began to push obscenely against my trunks as it grew. “Remove my trunks”, I commanded and he immediately began to peel them off me, freeing my spectacular cock and balls. His girlfriend almost fainted as she watched my dick expand to its full length of sixteen inches. Frank could only stare in awe. He would never have believed that any man’s dick could be so long, so wide, so incredibly hard. He looked down at his own erect dick tenting the front of his shorts, harder than it had ever been and oozing precum, yet its eight inches was insignificant next to my supreme appendage. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, forcing my dick into his mouth. “Suck it”, I commanded, and again he obeyed instantly, cowed into subservience by his now obvious inferiority. The girl watched her straight boyfriend kneel at my feet and suck hungrily on my monster shaft with a mixture of disgust and arousal. She was a beautiful woman with an impressive body and was used to being the centre of male attention, but now she was entirely superfluous. I turned to her, a look of contempt on my face. “You can go now”, I sneered, “I have no use for you”. Without another word I turned back to my new slave. I had already forgotten her and she knew it. Tears welled in her eyes from the pain of my rejection and the betrayal of her boyfriend. She had met me only moments ago, but my body was so perfect my eroticism so all-consuming that I knew my rejection hurt her far more than the loss of her boyfriend. “Frank”, she whimpered, but he completely ignored her. He was in a sexual stupor, completely unaware of anything but my absolute perfection. She called his name one more time before realising that he was lost to her and then she fled. Franks hands roamed up and down my thighs and over my hard muscular ass. His fingers slipped into the crack as he cupped my buttocks and with a cruel sneer I flexed my glutes trapping them in place. He attempted to pull them free but the strength of my glutes was more than a match for his arms. I continued to squeeze, crushing the digits between the hard slabs of my sculpted ass cheeks. His eyes widened in pain as he felt the bones of his fingers grind together but he was unable to scream as my cock effectively gagged him. I increased my thrusting, enjoying his discomfort as I raped his mouth and moments later I exploded in a powerful orgasm, pumping streams of thick hot cum down his throat. He began to gag and I released the vice like grip on his fingers and pushed him away, covering his face with juice from my still pumping cock as he fell to the ground coughing and spluttering. The taste and scent of my cum drove his lust to previously unimagined levels and i watched as his cock twitched involuntary as he released his own load without any physical stimulation. "Is that it", i sneered, "Is that all the sperm your pathetic balls can generate?" Frank had never had such a powerful orgasm, and by the standards of any other man it would have been an impressive amount, but then I'm not any other man. He looked at the wet stain on his shorts and realised that it was a miniscule quantity compared to my prodigious release. I stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from my now limp cock. I raised my arms and flexed in a double bicep pose, causing him to groan in ecstasy as he watched my biceps expand and harden into two balls of unimaginable strength. I began to flex my legs, causing the muscles to swell and recede in a symphony of power. Within seconds my muscle display brought his dick back to life and i reached down and tore his shorts from him as if they were no more substantial than wet tissue paper. I resumed my display, flexing my legs, my abs, my chest, forcing him deeper under my spell with the hypnotic demonstration of my power and control. He lay beneath me moaning softly, so completely in my thrall that he was unable to speak. “From now on you will address me as Master, do you understand?” He nodded at my command his eyes were glazed and a thin trail of drool ran down his chin. "Hey, what the hell's going on here", a voice called out behind me. I continued the erosion of Frank’s free will with my muscle display; my only response was to flex my glutes and back, giving the interloper behind me their own muscle show. The voice walked towards me, "I said what's goi....". As soon as he drew level with me i reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the throat, lifting his entire body off the ground with ease. I turned and locked eyes with the suicidal non entity that had dared to disturb me. It was the receptionist, a skinny teenager that had just recently started the late shift. His six foot, hundred and thirty pound frame looked truly pitiful next to my own, as he hung suspended in mid-air gasping for breath. "You dare to interrupt me, you puny worm", i hissed, tightening my grip on his throat, completing blocking his airway. Within seconds his eyes rolled back, his body went limp and i let him fall to the ground. "Oh shit", Frank said, finally finding his voice. "Is he dead?" "Not yet", i grinned. "Take his clothes off, while i make sure no-one else dares to disturb me". Frank looked as if he was about to question me, until i narrowed my eyes at him. He immediately crawled over to the unconscious body and began to unfasten the boys belt, his dissent completely crushed by my gaze. I walked through the reception and locked the door, it was unlikely anyone would come in now but i wanted to make sure. When i got back Frank had stripped the boy and he was beginning to come round. I stood before him, hands on my hips, my strong, muscular body radiating power and authority. Slowly he stood up and looked at me, trembling in fear. "Please", he begged "Please don't hurt me". He was clearly terrified but my mere presence controlled his body more than his feeble mind could, and i smiled as his cock rose in obeisance to me. "Is that the best you can do?" i asked staring at his now rock hard cock which was barely six inches. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered, "this is as big and as hard as it's ever been". "And yet even limp my shaft dwarfs your pitiful erection", i said, walking towards him and grabbing him under the arms. I lifted him into the air and pinned him against the wall, stepping forward so that he was held in place by my vastly superior body. Anyone standing behind me wouldn't have even known that i held another person pinned to the wall as he was completely eclipsed by my muscular bulk. I took a breath, expanding my pecs and forcing them into his own inferior chest. I could feel his ribs bending against my abs and his sternum make a creaking noise as the thick slabs of my chest muscles crushed against it. I gave the slightest flex of my pecs and he groaned in pain as the pressure increased. No words were needed, he knew i could kill him in the most brutal way with nothing more than the slightest twitch of my mighty pecs. "Please", he whimpered fearfully, although his dick was still rock hard against my abs. I looked down at him my gaze boring through his very soul. I saw his fear and arousal, the only two emotions left to him as i dominated his mind, his spirit bending to my implacable will as easily as his body had bent to my unyielding muscles. I lowered my head and kissed him, my full, pouting lips engulfing his own. I felt his body relax as his fear yielded to his arousal and within moments i felt him tremble as he came all over my stomach. I broke off the kiss and looked at him. The look in his eyes was of absolute adoration. "Did you enjoy that?" i asked softly. He could only nod, to spent from the immense pleasure of the orgasm to speak. "Good", i growled, because now it's my turn. I stepped back and turned him round so that he now faced the wall, handling him as easily as a normal man would handle a doll. I turned to Frank who was watching in an almost trance like state. "Kneel behind me and worship my legs and ass with your lips", i commanded, “i expect to feel them on every inch of skin". I stepped forward again, once more trapping the teenager against the wall. "Please don't" he pleaded, as he felt the tip of my erection against his ass, but it was time to take my pleasure now, so i ignored his pleas and began to push my massive shaft into him. He screamed in pain as i forced my way inside him, slowly stretching his virgin ass to breaking point and then beyond. I clamped a hand around his mouth to stifle his screams, all the better to hear Franks groans of pleasure as he licked and kissed his way up my bulging, muscular calves to my oak like thighs. I noticed that he kept his fingers away from my ass crack, after the last time, but he was diligently covering every inch of my muscle packed legs and glutes with his tongue. I began to pump harder, each thrust driving my immense cock slightly further into the violated teenager’s ass. I also felt a warm spray against the back of my thighs as Frank lost control, and started to cum. Ironically the more damage i did to the teenager the more the blood lubricated the passage, easing his pain a little. The slight reprieve didn't last long of course. A few savage thrusts and i felt his ribs begin to snap as his lower body was crushed against the wall. A few more and my cock was buried deep inside him, destroying everything in its path, his frail body unable to withstand the its sheer size and power. I felt a familiar churning in my balls as my nut sac tightened, and i flexed my pecs, crushing the boy against the wall so tightly that his entire sternum shattered, his body flattening to a fraction of its thickness between the hard concrete wall and the even harder muscles of my body. At that moment i gave a roar of pleasure as i emptied my seed into the now mutilated corpse, my thick creamy sperm mingling with the blood and gore that leaked from his body. I felt another hot spray, over my ass this time as Frank once again succumbed to my immense sexuality, and i was impressed with his ability to keep cuming so often. "Enough", i said to Frank, stepping back from the wall and peeling the remains of the boy from my dick, dropping the shattered almost unrecognisable ruins to the ground. "Go find a mop and bucket, and clean this place up", i ordered, "while i dispose of this". I found a large canvas bag, which was just a little too short to fit the body in, but i soon remedied that by folding him in half, snapping his spine as easily as a dry twig. I also grabbed a couple of fifty pound plates and dropped them into the bag. "Do you have a car here?" i asked Frank when he returned with a mop and bucket. "Yes, it's parked right outside". "Give me the keys", i commanded. He picked up the shorts I had torn apart earlier, found the keys and handed them to me. I hefted the large bag onto my shoulder barely noticing the weight and went out to the car. I noticed there were no other cars parked nearby which meant that the receptionist didn't have one which was good. I dumped the bag in the boot of Frank’s car and headed back inside. It was only then that i realised i had gone out completely naked, covered in blood and cum, luckily no-one had been around. While Frank cleaned up the mess I had made in the gym I took a long hot shower, cleaning the blood and cum from my spectacular body. Once finished a pulled on a pair of black leggings that were stretched so tightly over my bulging musculature that they were practically see through. I often wear leggings in public, I love the way the skin tight material clings to my swollen muscles, hiding nothing of their power and beauty. I usually wear a pair of trunks under them to cover my manhood as the leggings are stretched to transparency, but it was late and I didn’t expect anybody to be around, so I didn’t bother. I covered my upper body with a white compression shirt, my abs, pecs and nipples clearly displayed through the material. I admired myself in the mirror for a few moments, flexing various muscles, threatening to rip my outfit apart with their size. I admired my long thick cock, covered by the leggings, but clearly visible through the material, and then headed back to the gym. Frank had finished cleaning up the mess and had returned the mop and bucket wherever he had found them. I had ordered him to get dressed once he finished and now he stood awaiting my return in a t-shirt and jeans. “Let’s go” I commanded, smirking as I saw his dick press against the material of his jeans at the sight of me. I locked the door of the gym as we left with a set off keys I had found on the reception desk and climbed into the passenger seat of Frank’s car. “Where are we going master?” he asked as he started the car. “The docks”, I said, “just drive, I will direct you”. Ten minutes later we parked outside the gate of the deep-water dock. The gate was secured with a thick chain and a large padlock, but it wasn’t thick enough to prevent my entry, or even test my muscles. “Wait here”, I said getting out of the car and walking to the gate. I grabbed the chain with both hands and began to pull, my biceps bulged, and there was a few moments of resistance before the steel links succumbed to my strength and snapped apart. I dropped the heavy chain to the ground and pushed open the gates, waving Frank through. I climbed back into the car and we drove to the edge of the dock, where I proceeded to remove the bag from the boot and drop it into the deep water. The weights I had added ensured that the bag and its contents immediately sunk to the bottom. I climbed back into the car and Frank had just turned around about to head back through the gates when a police car came driving in. “Shit”, I thought as they flashed us down. They had obviously seen the opened gate on their way past and decided to investigate. I briefly toyed with the idea of killing them; even armed they wouldn’t stand a chance against me, but I knew they would have already radioed back to the station with the car details and license plate. I would have to take an alternative approach, but it would be no less enjoyable. “Stay here”, I commanded Frank and quickly climbed out of the car. I flexed my upper body to the max as I walked towards their now stationary vehicle. My biceps shredded the already overstretched sleeves, my shoulders split through the top of the compression shirt, as rips appeared down the sides and front from my rapidly spreading lats and expanding pecs. The shirt was hanging in tatters from my spectacularly pumped upper body and I simply tore the remains of it from me. The two cops got out of their car and approached me warily, hands on the butt of their pistols. “What’s up officers?” I asked innocently, watching their eyes rove all over my body, trying to take in its absolute perfection. “Jesus Christ”, the older of the two men exclaimed, “you’re fucking huge. Jesus Jack, he’s bigger than you”, he said to his partner, who was obviously no stranger to the gym. “What are you doing here?” the buff cop asked. “I had some rubbish to dump, thought it would be easiest just to dump it in the dock. I know it’s illegal but just saves me the hassle of driving all the way to the dump”. I fixed my gaze on the older cop as I spoke, subtly flexing the muscles in my legs. I could sense he was the weaker of the two, mentally as well as physically. I noticed his eyes glaze over as he stared transfixed at the hypnotic display of pulsing muscle before him. “You cut the chain?” the other cop continued. “Yea, sorry about that”, I replied. “Must have been some heavy duty cutters you used”. “I didn’t use cutters”, I replied. He looked at me quizzically and I raised my arms into a double bicep pose. “I used these”, I continued. “No way” he said, gulping audibly, “that’s not possible”. “Look at me” I smiled, flexing harder, turning my body into a wall of living steel. “Look at my muscles, their size, their hardness. Do you think there is anything my body cannot do?” “I…I..”, he stammered, barely able to think in the face of such extreme strength and power, knowing that no matter how many hours he spent in the gym he could never come close to my size, my density. I turned back to the older cop, who was visibly trembling with desire. “Go to your car and radio the station back. Tell them you have checked me out and everything’s fine, nothing to report.” Without a word the cop turned back to his car to carry out my commands. The bigger cop may not have been as deeply under my spell as his partner, but he was too far gone to question the fact that I was now the one giving orders. I stepped towards the other cop and flexed my bicep in his face. “Feel it”, I ordered. He wrapped his fingers around the rock hard ball of muscle and began to squeeze. I could tell he was putting everything he had into it in an attempt to reclaim some of his masculinity, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent. “My God”, he gasped, “it’s like warm steel”. “Flex”, I commanded him. His body responded before his brain had even registered the command and he raised his arm and flexed it in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around the hard mound and began to squeeze. Almost immediately he gasped in pain as my strong fingers effortlessly overpowered his muscle, crushing into it with childish ease. “Please stop”, he gasped, “Please, you’re hurting me”. “Do I look like I am even trying?” I asked him. “No”, he cried out,” aahh….please…..no more”. “Do you understand just how inferior your body is to mine I asked”. “Yes”, he gasped, “you’re so strong, so unimaginably strong”. I released the man’s arm and turned to his partner who had just come back. “Well?” I asked. “It’s done”, he replied, “I told them we had sent you on your way and we were resuming our patrol”. “Good”, I responded, “now strip”. Both men immediately began to remove their clothes and in less than a minute they were standing naked before me, their dicks erect. “Kneel”, I commanded. Again both men obeyed me without hesitation dropping to their knees before me. My domination of their puny bodies and feeble minds was turning me on and my dick began to stiffen. I placed my hands on my hips and flared my lats, causing both men to moan with desire as they bathed in the glow of my magnificence. With my hands holding the waist band of my leggings in place, my dick began to press insistently against the black material until it simply tore through it with a loud ripping. The sight of my huge, powerful dick bursting through its nylon prison was all it took to crush the any last vestige of the men’s free will. Unable to control himself the smaller of the two reached out and began to stroke my calves, gasping with pleasure as he felt the hard nylon sheathed muscle beneath his fingers. “Did I give you permission to touch me weakling” I roared. The anger in my voice caused him to instantly pull his hand away, but my reflexes were so much faster. I took hold of his wrist and squeezed it painfully. “Aarrgg”, he cried out in pain “Please, i…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you…you’re just so strong, so powerful, so…so irresistible. “You need to learn your place little man”, I said, “you are nothing in my presence, do you understand?” “Yes”, he groaned. I turned to his partner, savouring the fear in his eyes, and raised an eyebrow questioningly. He nodded his head, confirming that he knew his place. “I am your Master”, I continued, “and you exist only to serve me, you have no will but mine, no desires but mine. You are nothing more than an extension of my consciousness, and as such you are mine to do with as I please. Do you understand your place now?” Both men nodded, “Yes Master”, they said in unison. My huge, beautiful cock was bobbing inches from their faces, the head glistening with precum, and both men stared at it as though in a trance. “Have you ever seen such a large, powerful cock before?” I asked them. The older of the two could only shake his head, unable to speak as my presence overwhelmed his puny mind. “No”, his partner whispered, “it’s incredible”. “You want to worship it don’t you?” I asked. “To pay homage to my incomparable masculinity with your lips. You want to taste my seed, my divine nectar, isn’t that right?” Both men again nodded their assent, groaning in pleasure at the thought of being given such an honour. I released the older cops wrist and began to stroke my member, looking down at the two men. “But I do not deem you worthy of such an honour”, I sneered. I watched impassively as whatever remained of their spirits shattered as I refused them the only thing they now desired. “Please”, the younger of the two men begged, while his partner groaned in despair. “You dare to question me?” I asked threateningly. “No Master”, he whimpered. I was still stroking myself and I could feel my orgasm build. “Despite your insolence and inferiority I will allow you to taste of my magnificence”, I said as I began to cum, spurting thick gobs of creamy sperm over the two men, coating their faces with my virulent seed. The two thralls unconsciously began to lick their lips, tasting my seed, the smell and taste of my powerful ejaculate causing them to respond in kind, coating my lower legs with their own inferior release. I looked down at the creamy goo that now covered my magnificent calves with disdain. “Lick me clean”, I commanded, and both men immediately leant forward and began lapping at my calves, their spent dicks hardening again as the feel of my powerful muscles against their lips enflamed their arousal. I stood before these insignificant whelps like the dominant God I was for a few moments as they greedily swallowed their own cum. “Enough”, I commanded, once they had cleaned off their mess and they immediately pulled away, their bodies instantly responding to my command. They looked up at me, fear, desire, and adoration in their eyes. They would do whatever I asked of them, without question or hesitation. They belonged to me now, their devotion to their Master absolute. “I am finished with you now”, I said, “You may resume your work”. With that I walked back to the car and climbed in. “Let’s go”, I said and Frank immediately drove off leaving the two policemen still kneeling on the ground, covered in my cum. Free from my presence the two men would begin to regain control of their senses. They would get dressed and resume their patrol, but they would never mention what had just happened to anyone. They wouldn’t even discuss it between themselves, shame and confusion over what had happened would make sure of that. Although a degree of self-control would return to them, their lives would be irrevocably altered. Sexual arousal would be impossible unless they were thinking of me, but they would think of me often. I would haunt their dreams, they would wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat their pathetic dicks twitching as they involuntary orgasmed. Forced to live with the knowledge of just how truly inferior they were they would grow increasingly depressed, unable to take pleasure from anyone or anything, the memory of tonight the only thing that would bring them any respite from their despair. Eventually the thought of living like this, in misery and without my presence to console them would prove too much and they would take their own lives. If they were particularly strong willed their will to live might prevail but they would be a shadow of their former selves, barely capable of functioning as a useful member of society, rendered clinically insane. I gave Frank directions and ten minutes later we pulled up outside my house, on the outskirts of the city. “Take out your dick”, I ordered. Frank immediately complied, and pulled out his throbbing erection, which was dripping with precum. I turned his head so that he was facing me and leant forward. “You have done well tonight little man”. Before he could respond I pressed my lips to his, I felt his body immediately relax as he surrendered to my kiss. For several minutes I kissed him, expertly probing his mouth with my tongue. After thirty seconds I felt his body tense as he ejaculated all over steering wheel, but the overwhelming eroticism of my kiss kept him hard and he came two more times before I released his lips. “Will I see you again Master?” he asked breathlessly, his eyes pleading with me to say yes. “If I wish it”, I replied, “Now go home and dream of me slave”. “Yes Master”, he said as I climbed out of the car. By [email protected]
  6. Travis quickly stripped naked, exposing his godlike body to the chill Alaskan air. Even relaxed and cold, his muscles were enormous, and they seemed to dance as he bent over and arranged his clothes, neatly folding them into a pile on the tundra rocks. 20 yards back Tina was filming her boyfriend and she couldn't help but get wet at the sight of his glorious nude body, 265 lbs of impossibly strong muscular beef. Her eyes danced over the orgy of ripped muscles that lay before her. His shoulders were her favourite she decided, they bulged huge, easily as large as pair of football helmets. She always had to stretch her arms wide to grope and fondle both of them at the same time. From the front she was a big fan of his massive pecs and thickly muscled abdomen, which were both without equal even in the world of super-heavyweight bodybuilders. Of course her eyes always crept back to his naked sexy ass, round and tight with all its incredible thrusting power. This was the fifth time in as many years that Travis had come to Alaska. Four times he had tried to defeat one of the massive grizzly bears during their mating season fights. Each time he had been forced to withdraw, unable to match the sheer size and strength and of these 700lb creatures. The mighty bodybuilder was feeling good about his chances this year though. He finally broke through the one-tonne squat plateau at the start of the year, and had benched 1300lbs a short time later. Knowing that a naked wrestling match with a grizzly would require superhuman endurance and pain tolerance, he had increased the ferocity of his workouts to unbelievable levels. For months he suffered through 20-rep squats with over a thousand pounds slung across his vast shoulders. He even bought a cruel whip for Tina, and she would mercilessly pound his body with it until his skin was covered in red marks. She had never beaten him though, his determined mind always fighting through the pain until his girlfriend would lie collapsed on the floor in exhaustion, defeated by her bodybuilding boyfriend that she had taken to calling "Superman." Travis walked up to a mighty grizzly, large even for its species, and tipping the scales at over 800 lbs. The huge bear had easily defeated a young male the day before and was eager to breed, its gigantic body coursing with animal testosterone. It reared on its hind legs as Travis approached. Even with his supersized bodybuilder muscles, he looked like small, easy prey for this ultimate apex predator. Travis made himself look big, making his challenging intentions clear. The bear roared and fell on top of Travis. Tina gasped as this happened but her boyfriend's nude body didn't yield to the immense weight, his ass tightened into an iron ball and his forearms stood out like steel cables as he absorbed having all that animal muscle fall onto him. Holding the bear for a second, he used his massive pecs to shove the bear backwards, the huge animal toppling over in a giant crash. Travis admired what he had done for a second and he made his pillow like pecs dance in triumph. He had trained his body to such an extent that he could bench press this huge bear if he wanted to and this fact turned him on immensely. Uninjured but angry, the bear got up and charged. Any other human would have fled in terror but Travis held his ground, crouching forward with all his spectacular muscles flexing hard. The collision of these two goliaths, one of them triple the size of the other, was monumental. Travis' heavy body was actually pushed back several feet, his bare toes sliding over the rough hard ground. Powerful paws tore into his skin, leaving red marks but unable to pierce his iron-hard muscles. Claws that would have sliced a normal human to ribbons were simply an annoyance to Travis' amazing body. The bear's crushing jaws were another matter, they could eviscerate his face or throat if he wasn't careful. Holding the 800 pound bear back with one hand, he used the other to force those massive jaws upwards and away from him. The two mighty animals were locked in a test of strength now. Bare naked human muscle somehow, impossibly, was a match for something that was could have easily slain a dozen normal men. For several minutes the two creatures wrestled, holding each other tightly. Travis could tell that he was much stronger than even this huge bear, although its sheer weight and towering height kept things even, not to mention having to use one arm to keep those jaws away from him. This realization made him very excited, it was one of his strength fantasies coming true! Thousands of hours in the gym had forged himself into a real life Hercules. He could feel the bear's struggles growing weaker now as his muscular endurance also proved superior than this ferocious wild animal. Redoubling his efforts, he used his massively pumped legs to force the bear backwards, much to Tina's delight. Her boyfriend was going to win! She couldn't see it, but Travis was enjoying himself even more so. As the feeling of male power washed over him, his monster sized cock surged upwards. An erection stronger than he had ever enjoyed brushed animal fur before finally reaching just above the dense plates of his thick eight pack. Strength-lust overcame Travis' mind and he wanted nothing more than to shoot a huge load off. He reversed his efforts and pulled the massive bear forward onto him, letting them both fall backwards onto the hard earth! There was an immense thud as 800lbs of wild animal slammed Travis' broad back into the ground. The weight was nothing to his splendid muscles and he loved the feeling of all that mass pressing him into the earth. Wrapping his redwood thighs around the massive bear, he used this once powerful creature as simulation, thrusting himself against its furry belly again and again. His huge naked thighs pressed into the grizzly, causing it pain as Travis realized that he could literally crush this huge animal to death if he wanted, its enormous body no match for his powerhouse thighs that, even on a bad day, could easily crack coconuts. Now they were so pumped, so swollen with muscle that even a bowling ball wouldn't stand a chance against them. Holding the bear's jaws shut with both hands now, the pumped up bodybuilder thrust his cock with wild abandon until he came harder that he had ever before in his life. Vast quantities of superhuman sperm shot out of his fist sized balls as Travis nearly blacked out from the pleasure.The sexy man closed his eyes and moaned loudly as his huge cock just kept cumming and cumming. Both muscular bronzed skin and dark brown fur were getting extremely sticky now from the enormous load that spewed out in endless thick gouts. Tina was close by now, filming her boyfriend having a better orgasm with a male bear that he had ever had with her. Finally his moaning stopped as he orgasm wound down. His erection was still steel hard and monstrous and Travis wanted nothing more than experience that feeling again. The naked man manhandled the exhausted grizzly until he had it in a rear choke. "Sweet dreams pal" Tina thought as the bear slipped into unconsciousness, defeated by the tremendous strength of a powerful male bodybuilder. Travis' dirty, sticky body looked awesome as he stood up, his pumped up physique bulging in all directions with impossible muscles. He placed a bare foot on the defeated grizzly and posed his naked body for the camera, flexing all the massive hard muscles and proudly showing off his colossal manhood. The realization that he was now strong enough to defeat a huge grizzly bear hit him again and his glorious cock once again became as hard as steel. Tina centered the camera on his dick as Travis jerked himself off yet again. His normally massive 11 incher HAD to be past 12 now she thought, and swollen to soda-can levels of girth. His veins on it were raised and looked positively angry as his gargantuan dick spurted forth again. While Tina was soaking her panties, Travis proceeded to soak the bear. Unbelievable quantities of jizz sprayed all over the unconscious beast until it almost seemed like it was more white than brown. Finally the hyper-muscular man's moans and groans subsided as his orgasm finished up. Turning towards his flustered girlfriend, he easily picked her up with one hand and gave her a deep French kiss. "I think its time for the alpha male to impregnate its female" Tina whispered. Travis grinned and started effortlessly shredding her clothing.
  7. Michael had been waiting for about forty minutes and Tommy had not arrived for their workout. The gym was empty, as usual, and Michael had already benched eight hundred pounds for twenty reps – among many other lifts. He had also been to the mirror about ten times – to look at how much his body had grown overnight. The second power bar from Tommy had somehow made everything accelerate even faster. The growth had seemed to increase – as well as his strength. Lifting the weight had been easy, today. His body had changed a lot – his biceps were now softball sized – instead of baseballs. His pecs blasted out so much that the tank top was stretched to the ripping point. And he might as well have only been wearing briefs – that’s what the cotton shorts looked like, anyway, because of his now thickly muscled thighs. The outline of his cock through the material was downright obscene. It was slowly dawning on him that Tommy was not coming. He immediately knew why. Matt had gone to visit Tommy last night and now his fraternity big brother knew he had lied. He had technically not gone to Matt’s room, but Matt had come to his. Either way, he had let Tommy down. And now he was being punished for it. So much was galloping around Michael’s mind – so many little snippets of things he had missed before. Tommy appearing like two different people at times – sometimes fat – sometimes buff. Matt knowing about the bars. Tommy saying that someone else had taken the bars and reacted the same way as Michael. So many unanswered questions. And then it dawned on him who might know the answers. Michael immediately left the gym – forgetting that he was only in a muscle hugging tank top and equally tight cotton shorts. He didn’t fit into any other clothes in his closet, anyway. Michael easily found Kenny, the Snake, talking to Jenny Roberts in the middle of the campus quad. “Jenny, could you excuse us, please” Michael said, with a face that made it clear the girl didn’t have a choice. “Michael, dude, what are you doing? I was jus about to seal the deal!” Michael knew, before he even did it, that he could reach down and grab Kenny by the lapels of his jacket and lift him out of his chair. He did it with ease – and with only one hand. He felt his biceps swell a little as he picked up a grown man – like he was nothing more than a discarded shirt. The Snake’s feet dangled above the ground about two feet as Michael held him high in the air above his head. For a second, Michael let the knowledge that he held another man in the air with one hand sink into his psyche – then he spoke. “Spill it, Kenny. Everything you know about Tommy and Matt. Now!” Michael shook the guy, hard, just to emphasize his point. “Okay, okay, just let me down, Michael.” “Nope, you can tell me from up there. I can probably hold you there all day and, besides, you’ll enjoy the view. Now spill!” “They were lovers Matt’s freshman year.” “Old news,” Michael said, again shaking Kenny’s body in the air like a rag doll. “Okay, okay! Tommy was huge. Way beyond how big Matt is! Matt was puny – kind of like the old you.” “What?” Michael said, unbelieving. “It’s true! Ask anyone! Tommy was the biggest man on campus – and the most handsome. He fell in love with Matt, though. I mean real love. They started doing everything together. We all knew they were an item, even though Matt wanted it to be a secret. Then one day, out of the blue, they shifted.” “What do you mean, they shifted, Kenny?” “Matt was huge and Tommy was an overweight slob. Like they are now!” “How can that be?” “I don’t know. Really, I don’t! Please don’t shake me – it’s going to make me piss myself. People said it had to do something with power bars and real love. They say Tommy gave up his size and beauty because he loved Matt so much. That’s all I know, really!” Michael dropped Kenny to the ground. He believed the Snake. They looked at each other with an understanding that went way beyond words. Suddenly, Michael realized something – something so unbelievable that he almost began to tear up. “You led me to him.” “What? I don’t know what you’re talking about, Michael.” “Bullshit. You steered me towards Tommy all along. I thought you were some filthy jerk, but you were trying to get me to see the truth on my own all along.” “You have no idea what you’re talking about, Michael.” “Yeah? Then how come you’re suddenly calling me Michael?” “Mainly because you can lift me in the air with one hand.” The two men stared at each other in silence. Michael was suddenly understanding so much more than he did the day before. Even just seconds before. Kenny was not the heel he thought he was. Kenny was on the good side. He just couldn’t admit it. Michael grabbed the now smaller man and hugged him tightly. Kenny cried out in pain from a squeeze that was too tight. The bigger man immediately released him. “You really have no idea how big and strong you’ve become, do you, Michael.” “What do you mean, Kenny?” “You are wearing a tank top that would’ve swallowed you just a few days ago and now it’s stretched to the max. You’re cotton shorts are tighter than any girl’s skirt on campus. And you just lifted me with one hand – I could see my weight barely registered to you.” Reality had already begun to set in, but hearing someone else say it made it even more real. Michael loved the fact that all of his clothes no longer fit. He had chosen the tank and cotton shorts merely because he could stretch them over his muscles. He had outgrown his entire wardrobe. He had just lifted what was probably a hundred and eighty pound man into the air with one hand and barely noticed. Michael looked down at his body and realized the power bars had done their thing. He was huge and strong. The thought thrilled him. “I’m beginning to get it, man. It’s what I’ve always wanted. Where are they, Kenny?” “Last I heard, they were arguing down by the pool.”
  8. Chapter One “Well, this is an imposing little pile isn’t it?” said Roger as they arrived at Porthos’s mansion. The mansion that served as the home of Porthos was just like those mansions Roger saw on the History Channel programmes about Europe. There were so many turrets that Roger lost count after fifteen and it looked as if it would cost in 2016 at least fifty million dollars if not more. As they entered the courtyard, they dismounted their horses and a rather elderly man, though it was clear from how little space their was between the shirt and the man's arms he looked after his, came out and bowed and announced “Monsieur Porthos. I, Mousqueton, you humble servant salutes you and your guest!” "Goodness" said Roger as he shook the servant's hand, "another perk of becoming a Baron eh?" to which Porthos nodded and replied “Mousqueton, this man is a cadet of the Musketeers, see that he is treated as I would be treated and make sure that the special room is made ready!”. As Mousqueton bowed saying “It shall be my lord!”, Roger couldn't help but wonder why Porthos had emphasised the word "special" but put it down to nothing more than him making sure Roger got the best bedroom in the house. As Porthos led the horses to the stables, Roger was led inside and instantly gasped in wonder. If the outside was akin to a Disneyland castle, the insides were quite plain by comparison. Mousqueton led Roger into a massive drawing room, showed him a seat and told him that dinner would be served as soon as Monsieur Porthos had caught it and with that he then bowed, took a net from the wall and went outside where Porthos was bellowing at him to hurry up. As Roger watched the two men leave the mansion, he smiled as he remembered the invitation just a few days previously. Having seen off the plans of the Cardinal, and allowed the Duke and Colin to return home to England, Porthos had invited him to see the year turn to 1626 with him. Roger had instantly leapt at the chance, if only because it meant he and Porthos would be alone for the best part of the week. Indeed, Roger was wondering how many times he could make the Titan cum, when there was a knock at the door. Deciding that he should answer it as there was no one else to, he opened it and was about to say "I am sorry, Monsieur, but the master of the house is not at home!" when he realised that it was Henri. Indeed Roger's presence came as rather a surprise to him as well. "Roger?" he exclaimed, "What are you doing here?" "Spending the New Year with Porthos. What are you doing here?" came the reply "Spending the New Year with Porthos!" Henri replied and instantly scratched his head adding, "At least I think that's what he wanted" and explained that the last time he had seen him, in the aftermath of their successful mission to save the blushes of the Queen, he had invited him to "spend a week of time to get to know you better!". "That's precisely what he said to me!" said Roger and as he let his friend in he asked, "Perhaps he forgot?" "Possible" replied Henri, "Unlikely but possible" and so deciding the only way they could clear up the confusion was to wait until Porthos got home from hunting, but as neither of them knew how long that would take, they decided to sit in the library and wait. Sadly, any hopes of the hunting expedition being a quick one were soon put to rest as an hour later, the master hadn't returned and Henri was starting to get a little bored and so got up and decided to peruse the books on display. "Ah" he said, "you might want to have a look at this one, Roger" and handed him a book labelled "The Mysterious Lands of the New World : A Traveller's Guide" before he himself found a book called "A History of Strength : From Hercules to Duke Christopher" and took it off the shelf and in doing so knocked a book bound in red leather off the shelf and decided to have a look at that as well and soon both men were reading their tomes. "I say" said Roger about half an hour later, "listen to this" and started to read from his book, "In the area of the new world known as Florida, there have been sightings of creatures that were described as “having the body of a man, and the torso of a fish” and that in the colony of New Hampshire founded by the British just recently there were reports of strange lights in the forests that seemed to switch on and off at will" Henri couldn't help but laugh as he did and said "Well, what a good thing we modern world people know that to be complete nonsense, eh?. Next you'll be telling me that the ruler of those American colonies doesn't like anyone else?" "Perhaps they don't" came the reply as Roger read about a statement that the governor of Virginia (named after Elizabeth I of England) had announced that he had declared there to be an “axis of evil” in the New World and was going to prosecute a “war of terror” on them. "They never learn do they!" smiled Henri and was about to read something from his book when Roger said, "Hey, who's the Baron du Vallon?" "Not a clue!" he replied, "Why do you ask?" Roger picked up the red leather bound book and noted that the book had the person's name on the side and as he opened it the frontispiece read "A Treatise of the Dimensions of the Human Form” and at the bottom it said “I wish to convey my thanks to Baron du Vallon for his help in the making of this book!” "Ah" smiled Henri, "I know these types of book. They were written to help explore the human body!" "You're right" said Roger as he read the introduction which explained that it was a science book and had been written as a response to a document published by Michelangelo about the proportions of the human body "which I believe to be perfect!" concluded Roger and with that flexed his bicep which caused his sleeve to come within a millimetre of ripping “You’ve got that one right!” he chuckled and turned the page. As he did he gasped in amazement and turned the book around for Henri to see. There, as part of the index was a drawing of a naked man from the waist up that was so detailed Roger couldn't help but moan at him. He was so muscular and vascular it was almost as if the veins were in 3D and as he ran his fingers along them he moaned "Oh, man, look at those veins. It looks like he's just done a hundred deadlifts". "I have to admit" replied Henri, "that's more detail that I have ever seen before. Just look at those nipples I say, even the areolae are..." Before Henri could finish the sentence there was a loud roar from outside followed by a tree crashing to the ground. As the two men went to the window, they both chuckled as they saw Porthos carrying a boar over his shoulders. He saw them and declared "Gentlemen, welcome to my home, dinner will be ready in a few hours. Shall we work up an appetite first?"
  9. “Mouse! Dude! Where did all the bulges come from?” Kenny, the sleaze, was suddenly at Michael’s side as he walked to the library. Kenny smacked Michael’s back with an open hand and the shorter guy noticed he barely felt it. It was a beautiful evening and Michael needed to study. His room had become a little stuffy, mainly because he had beat off so many times it smelled like a bathhouse. Michael also knew being at the library would help him not count the seconds until Matt appeared at his room. He still felt a little guilty about twisting the truth with Tommy, but his need for human contact was just too much. He was feeling so powerful that he couldn’t wait to challenge the bigger wrestler. He knew he would never win in a match, but, yet, he still wanted to wrestle the guy. There was this urge inside him that dominated almost every thought – and it all seemed so sexual and strength-related at the same time. “Hey, Kenny. What are you talking about?” “Man, I’m talking about you and your muscles poking that shirt out in all directions. It’s like you’ve just put small balloons all up in there, but I can tell it’s actually hard as rock because it doesn’t jiggle. You shooting the roids, Mouse?” “No! Get out of here man. You’re crazy.” “Michael, I’m not gay or anything, but trust me when I say I know when a guy is getting jacked. I’ve dated enough girls who told me I was too puny to not notice when a man is getting big. Whatever you’re doing to grow – it’s working.” “Kenny, you just called me Michael!” “Well that’s your name, isn’t it, dude?” “Yeah, but you’ve always….” “Oh hell, there goes April Bowers. She makes me want to cover her in Kenny showers! Later man! Keep up the roids – they’re definitely helping.” And with that, the snake was off – chasing some other skirt around campus. Michael was baffled by the guy’s comments, but he was more overjoyed by the fact that Kenny, the Snake, had just called him by his real name. Kenny never did that! Michael ignored the comments about the bulges and just focused on the fact that his fraternity brother had called him by his real name and not his embarrassing nickname. Studying at the library was not successful. Michael could only think about ejaculating and feeling Matt’s muscled wrestler body. At one point, while he was writing a paper for his English Lit class, he looked down and saw he had written the same line three or four times, “I want to pound Matt’s muscular tight ass.” It was a little disconcerting how he had written it without even realizing it. Michael’s body was on fire with power. He had benched eight hundred pounds today. That was probably over three times as much as Matt weighed. That meant he could easily lift Matt’s body - even over his head. This thought stayed in Michael’s mind the entire time he tried to study. Later, he caught himself feeling up his own biceps and chest as he read from a book – and found he was even was fully hard in response. He glanced up, embarrassed when he noticed what he was doing, and immediately saw Andrea Evans – the head cheerleader – staring at him and licking her lips in response. That’s when Michael knew it was time to leave the library. He gathered his books and headed out the front door. As he went down the steps he nearly ran into Matt – clearly coming from lifting since he was sweat covered and dressed in shorts and a tank. “Whoa, little Mouse, what’s the rush? Something got you spooked?” “Yeah, Andrea Evans licking her lips at me.” Michael responded without even thinking. He was too busy taking in Matt’s gorgeous muscled torso – tensed even more than it usually was. “Andrea Evans licking her lips at you?” “Yeah.” “I don’t think so, squirt, but keep on dreaming. Listen, Janice wants me to take her for beers at ten, so I was thinking we could go to your room now and I could plow your face for a while. Don’t answer, cause you don’t really have a choice, just start walking home. Stay a few steps in front of me so no one thinks we’re together.” “Who said romance is dead.’ Michael was offended by Matt’s words, but his need for release was greater than his disappointment. He gladly led the way across campus. Once they were inside the room, however, he quickly took off his shirt and turned toward the beefy wrestler! “Holy shit, Mouse, what’s happened to you?” “What do you mean, Matt.” “Wait a minute. Wait just a fucking minute. Tommy’s given you bars, hasn’t he? Hasn’t he. That little shit. How many have you had?” “What? No, Tommy’s not been…” “How many!” Matt shouted at the top of his lungs – to emphasize his anger. Michael was temporarily frightened. “Um . . . two . . . two bars.” “How much you lifting? Come on you stupid little shit, how much?” Suddenly, Michael knew not to answer truthfully. He already regretted having Matt back to his room – mainly because of how it betrayed Tommy. He also heard something he didn’t like in Matt’s voice – something mean – meaner than usual – and dirty. Michael quickly calculated what he thought would be a good answer. “About four hundred.” “Nowhere near how I responded, good. Now listen, tiny Mouse, I don’t want you going near Tommy Cole again. You hear me. If I find out you’ve been with Tommy I’m going to wrap those tiny legs of yours around your neck and tie them in a bow. Do you hear me? I said, do you hear me, little fucker!” “Yes, Matt. But why?” “Shut up! Just do as I say! I mean it. Dammit, I’m going to kill that bastard!” And with that, Matt was gone. Michael stood in his dorm – shirtless and utterly confused. He could feel his heart beating stronger than usual – either from fear or excitement – he couldn’t tell which. Had he just made Matt jealous? Was the big wrestler upset because he and Tommy were getting so close? What did he mean when he said, “nowhere near how I responded.” There were so many things swirling around in his brain, but the one thought that kept popping up over and over was to beat off. He had wanted to get off to Matt’s muscles, but the big man had stormed off so quickly. Michael simply accepted the fact that he’d have to help himself to his needed release. As he made his way to his bed he passed the full-length mirror on the closet door. He walked by the thing many times a day and never glanced at himself, but tonight something caught his eye and he stopped. “Oh. My. God.” Suddenly, Michael realized what had made Kenny and Matt both react the way they had. He understood why Kenny had used the word ‘bulges.’ Michael’s upper torso was, indeed, poking out in new ways. Muscles were clearly defined and much bigger than the guy could have ever dreamed. Without even thinking about it, Michael raised his right arm into a flex and made that biceps tense up into a well-defined ball of hardness. The sight was such a shocking turn on that the poor guy shot off like a rocket – emptying a big wad into his underpants before he could even register what was happening. The orgasm was intense – but Michael kept his arm flexed the entire time. When the gushing finally finished and turned into nothing more than spurting droplets, the short guy flexed harder. A double-peaked, granite-like gun, the size of a baseball, blasted into the air like it was the arm of some young gymnast or martial arts expert. Michael had to turn from the mirror to look at the biceps, just to make sure it was really his. “Fucking no way!” he said out loud – consumed in disbelief. He reached up with his other hand and felt the mound of hard muscle – his cock immediately rocketing to full hardness again - even after his earlier intense explosion. He caressed the peak with his fingers and palm – marveling at how hard and big it was. Michael had a freaking defined biceps – the kind of arm he lusted after – the kind of gun he had beat off to for years. But this beast of a biceps was his. As he felt himself up he noticed his other knotted gun and immediately shot that arm into the air for a double biceps pose. The guy gasped out loud – even as he flexed with all his might. His arms blasted into the air like he was some kind of internet muscle cam show – and he suddenly realized he could be. Michael closed his eyes and re-opened them, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming and that’s when his gaze took in the rest of his upper body. “Holy fucking . . . “ The sight of his chest made him drop his arms. Two swelling mounds of pec muscle bulged tightly from his body. No wonder his shirts had all seemed two sizes too small – because they were! There was actually a freaking crevice in the middle of his chest. The once smooth as a tabletop upper body now popped out in a way that made it clear Michael could easily hold something in the deep space between his pecs – a pen, a cell phone, or part of a guy’s face. It was the beginning of the chest of his dreams. That’s when he noticed the tightly defined six-pack below the bulging pecs. He had to take a few steps back – shocked to see that he had abs that protruded in a way so it looked like he could wash clothes on them. Michael briefly acknowledged the massive wet spot at his crotch and the fact that he had been leaking pre-cum even after his major ejaculation, but it didn’t matter. All he could focus on was his own improved body. He moved his hand up to his stomach and was immediately blown away at how hard the protruding ridges felt. He made a fist and pounded three times on his flat tummy, amazed by both the deep sound it made and how little he felt it. “Oh hell yeah…” That was the only thing he could think to say when he looked lower in the mirror and saw that his thighs bulged out nicely – tightening his once baggy jeans to the point where he knew he’d have to peel them off. His legs were thick and like rock! He took the same fist and pounded on his right quad, which he flexed – noticing that it didn’t shake or jiggle at all. And that’s also when he noticed the thick, long hardness snaking across his left thigh – outlined through the jean fabric as if a sculptor was making a mold. Michael had never been ashamed of his smaller-than-normal dick – he knew it was the motion that mattered more than the size – but seeing the fact that his rod had more than doubled in size was almost too much to handle. He unsnapped his pants and struggled to shove them down over his thick upper legs. His underpants were sopping wet with cum and that highlighted the outline of his steel-hard cock even more. The power in his tool made the briefs instantly tent outward. Michael pulled the waistband away from his body so he could tug his underwear down to his knees, too. The hard beast that smacked up against his abs caused the guy to again gasp out loud. His cock was now thicker than his old forearm. Its mushroom head was plump and flared out from the shaft like a hefty arrowhead. Michael’s creamy sweetness oozed out of his dick slit, like lava teasingly escaping a volcano. “Oh fuck…” Michael wrapped his now thicker hand around his hard cock and started stroking slowly and deliberately. His gaze returned to his upper body. Traps and delts now bulged nicely where there had basically been nothing but skinniness and softness just days ago. Rounded, full-of-muscle shoulders shot out from his thickly vein-covered neck in a way that made Michael pick up the pace of his strokes. Michael did a side flex with his other arm and he felt his cum-load surge dangerously close to explosion. His arm was big . . . like Matt’s and he already knew it was powerful. His arms had lifted eight hundred pounds. Tommy had been amazed by the strength Michael now possessed and it had come after only two bars. Michael flexed his gun even harder and he was sure it bulged even bigger than it had when he had first started looking in the mirror. No wonder he had felt so powerful for so many hours. His body had been compacting and growing, and getting much stronger. Michael was so lost in his thoughts he didn’t realize he was speaking out loud. “Fuck, Matt, I’m going to squeeze you til you beg me to stop. I’m gonna crank out so many reps overhead with your little body you’re gonna get dizzy. I’m gonna slam you up against the wall, rip those pants off with one hand, and pound that sweet ass of yours until I empty every drop of my love juice into your body. You’re gonna beg me to have my way with you!” This last statement, along with the sight of his now hard-mounded flexed biceps, was the breaking point for Michael. His cock exploded and his hot cum shot out powerfully. His abs tensed inward abruptly and then his crotch shot forward with what seemed like a super thrust. Bam! His cum spattered against the mirror thickly and then started sliding down. Bam! Bam! Full-on rockets of gulp-sized semen continue to shoot from Michael’s powerful rod. The ejaculation was so intense that Michael was forced to his knees – never once stopping the strokes of his hard shaft, which continued to spew out for minutes. When his body was finally finished convulsing, Michael leaned forward onto his arm while his heavy breathing subsided. He eventually let go of his still-hard dick and crawled slowly to his bed, making sure to grope his chest and arm as he lay down. Seconds after his head hit the pillow he was fast asleep – entirely spent from the best cum-explosion of his lifetime.
  10. Read what precedes this chapter if need be: Muscle Buddies 1.0 & 1.1: https://muscle-growt...orkout-session/ Muscle Buddies 1.2: https://muscle-growt...eping-a-secret/ Muscle Buddies 1.3: https://muscle-growt...now-who-we-are/ Muscle Buddies 2.0 & 2.1: https://muscle-growt...ng-the-admirer/ Chapter 2.2: Let's Assume That We Can Get Along Spending time with Omar over the summer before his senior year of high school has been incredibly satisfying for Jeff, especially after the recommendation from his assistant football coach Colton Goodwin. His relationship with Dustin has stayed fairly strong despite both of the teenagers urges to let off some steam with various friends of theirs. Jeff’s decision to focus solely on his rugby training is surprising considering that coach Goodwin expected him to work towards football rather than the other sport. This could have played into the decision of why Colton has started spending more time with Dustin and ending up falling for the amateur bodybuilder. Jeff’s unusual relationship with Omar has never really been a problem for Dustin since he has always known that they have fooled around with each other. What he doesn’t know however is that they are doing it far more frequently than before. The sessions they have are more about just showing off how strong each of them is with the other. Jeff’s ability to lift Omar above his head now in his senior year compared to where he started at the beginning of the summer is beyond compare. Omar has grown weak for this kind of horseplay and Jeff is fully aware of it. After nearly every practice for rugby, they train together and wait until the rest of their team leaves before they move on to more important matters. Jeff’s fellow teammate West, who has spent some very personal time with Dustin as well, has had his theories about Jeff and Omar’s relationship. He has known his fellow classmate long enough to know when he is being fairly secretive. His curiosity finally gets the better of him one night after all of the other guys leave. Acting as if he is going to go shower after a training session, he walks down the corridor to the locker rooms and stops before sneaking around a corner to watch the two thick seniors as they start to horse around with each other on the Smith machine. They both are wearing tank tops that hug their beefy chests as well as tight pants that are nice and snug on their bloated legs and asses. West himself wears similar clothing and wastes no time before he pulls his tank and pants off to stand directly in the path of the two brutes. His cock is already dribbling a pool of precum on the ground in front of him just beyond the gym floor. He never once touches it with his hands as it throbs and bounces its way up and down. Jeff and Omar laugh as they strip down to where they are wearing nothing before they pounce on each other. In the beginning of this scene, it is Omar that is the aggressive one but quickly changes to where it is Jeff who takes full advantage of him with his size and strength. Jeff’s power turns Omar on greatly as he moans in his deep voice. West has never seen this side of his good friend before, the rough and rowdy beastly man who wants to be the one in control. Both bulky teens are already soaked and glisten with sweat as their muscles strain and tense with each movement they make. West moans to himself as he runs his hands up and down his ripped muscular chest and tweaks his hard nips making his cock jump each time. He makes thrusting motions in the air like he is fucking someone. He won’t hold out long because he was already horned up from the intense workout he just finished a few minutes previously. He grunts and seconds later sprays several jets of cum all over the ground as it coats the light colored wood. His voice manages to carry its way far enough over to get the attention of both Jeff and Omar which embarrasses him immensely. Before he can turn the other way to escape to the lockers, he hears Jeff’s voice calling for him to come over and join them. He stops moving in his tracks to think about his decision before he walks toward them. Both of the beefy teens grin as they get up off the floor and grab him by the legs to pick him up to put him on their shoulders. Jeff never really thought about West much beforehand, but after seeing his teammate get turned on so much by what him and Omar are doing, he is willing to include the smaller stud in the fun. Both Jeff and Omar take turns using West as a barbell as they deadlift him over and over again. It starts off with some light teasing and quickly moves into full-blown worship as the smaller teen can’t help but to massage both of the stud’s thick chests with his mouth and tongue. It isn’t long before West moves down to find their meaty cocks and works them over slowly and methodically making the big boys grunt each time he deep throats them. Jeff and Omar take turns punching at each other’s stomachs while West gets lost in massaging their immense rods. The taste of their precum sets him on fire as he feels another load building up in his own balls. West stops sucking them occasionally to look up at them to see what they are doing to each other. Jeff will flex his massive guns every time he notices West looking and smiles down at him before telling him to go back to servicing his cock. After several minutes of gulping on both poles, the smaller teen can feel them getting closer to bursting. He stops sucking finally to stroke them both in unison. Their hips thrust in sync with each other as West moans loudly feeling his body thrusting along with them. In a remarkable turn of events, both Jeff and Omar explode at the same time and hit West in the face as giant rivers of cum go splashing down his chest and onto his cock. The instant the white flood hits West’s rod, he shoots another big load all over the gym floor. Once he finishes, he gets up and hugs both men tightly. Jeff and Omar continue to smack each other around this time moving up to their pecs and grunting a few times. West asks them to kiss each other, but they decline. Instead, Jeff picks him up and wraps his thick arms around the fit teen’s waist and pulls him in to kiss his lips. West moans deeply as he puts his hands on Jeff’s head and leans into him. Omar smiles and asks if they need to be alone which prompts Jeff to immediately stop kissing the thinner teen. He asks the strongman if he would want a kiss from his friend since he is pretty good at it. Omar resists at first but then grabs the teen to turn him around. West peers into the big man’s brown eyes and swoons a little. They smile at each other before West leans in to lock lips with the burly powerlifter. To Omar’s surprise, he actually likes the way the fit teen kisses him and holds him tightly against his barrel chest. After a few minutes of light kissing, Omar puts West back down on the floor. Both Jeff and the big strongman rub their admirer’s head to show their affection for him before they grab their stuff to go to the locker room. West sits down in the same spot for a minute or two to take in what just happened. He finally gets up and follows behind them to go wash up from the amazing encounter he just had.
  11. The previous chapter and its counterparts are here: Chapter 1.0 & 1.1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2085-muscle-buddies-the-powerlifter-the-bodybuilder-chapter-1-a-workout-session-chapter-11/ Chapter 1.2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/4106-muscle-buddies-keeping-a-secret-chapter-12/ Chapter 1.3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5090-muscle-buddies-chapter-13-getting-to-know-who-we-are/ Chapter 2.0 Jeff and Dustin entered their senior year together, but not out. Their relationship was very strong, but they didn't want to detract from their future endeavors in their sports. Dustin was in a bulking phase, something that didn't go unnoticed in school. He was relatively decent in size the previous year, but now he has grown quite a bit. Many guys have suspected that he juices, not understanding the whole process involved in bodybuilding. Jeff has remained around the same size, but he has also focused more on his training for his future in college. Jeff hasn't decided what sport he will get a scholarship in. Football would be a no-brainer, but he has wanted to play in the Rugby League for years. His hardness has dissipated slightly, but he is still immense. His small layer of fat over top of his skin and his now thick body hair gives him a much more mature appearance. Over the summer, the two men began to hang out more with Omar, their good powerlifter buddy. He has been helping Jeff with getting stronger and more prepared for his possible Rugby career. Omar himself is thick with huge rounded shoulders, a wide back, and powerful arms. He isn't ripped, and he had no intention of ever being that way either. He has always idolized Kevin Nee and wanted to follow in his footsteps. He trained hard last year, but is training even harder now that he is a year older. His relationship with Jeff has gotten more personal due to their training sessions together. The strength and power in his lifts has translated over to Jeff, who has come to love watching Omar lift and grunt and even moan at times when he lifts heavier weight. Jeff himself has gotten much stronger as he has studied Omar and how he is able to control the weight on his back and shoulders when he deadlifts. It is the strength factor that has changed Omar and Jeff's relationship too. When they started, they wore tanks and shorts, now though it isn't unusual for them to just be wearing their boxers. They don't train together until after hours and sometimes it can be tough because of school work or other things in their schedules. They both stand behind each other when they lift so that they don't hurt themselves or need help. Their hands will sometimes travel to places other than the weight bar or the weights themselves. Jeff has a tendency to place his hands on Omar's arms to feel how strong he is when he lifts the weight above his head. It gets him so excited that his cock will sometimes pop out of his boxers and touch Omar's leg. This doesn't stop Omar though. He always laughs afterwards though because he thinks it is strange that Jeff loves strength so much it gets him hard. Jeff's turn comes and Omar tries to keep his attention on Jeff's lifts. He does have a thing though for Jeff's size and has always loved how thick he was and yet have such definition. With Jeff's added width, Omar can't help but start focusing on Jeff's back rather than his lifts. When Jeff put the weight back down on the ground, Omar grabbed him around the waist and lifted him up to start licking Jeff's lower back. This excites Jeff so much that he instantly starts jerking his cock and pulls his boxers down. Omar immediately goes to town on Jeff's big ass and things really start to heat up. Still hoisted in the air, Jeff starts humping Omar's face and getting himself so hot that he cums on the ground. Omar turns Jeff around, puts him on the floor, pulls his boxers off, and starts pumping Jeff with his huge bulk inside him. Jeff can't help but yell with the big man inside him. The pumping doesn't stop for several minutes and Jeff can feel Omar getting closer as his huge balls keep hitting his backside. Jeff loves the pressure from Omar's powerful bulk so much that he is getting close to cumming again. Omar grabs Jeff's cock before he can blow because he wants to blow at the same time. Omar pulls out and starts to double jack both of them. The feeling is so intoxicating that they both start moaning loudly and cum at the same time flowing cum on to both of their cocks. Omar then motions Jeff to try and pick him up because he wants to know how strong he is now. Jeff attempts to lift Omar and his muscles swell as he does so. Omar lets out a huge moan as he sees Jeff literally lift him up and his arms get really pumped. The feeling of lifting Omar gets Jeff so hot that he can't help but cum on Omar's leg. Omar loves it equally too and cums on to Jeff's chest. The two of them realize that they may actually have a thing for each other’s strength and power. Jeff's training time with Omar led to them having sex, but he has talked to Dustin about it too. Dustin is a friend of Omar from way back and wasn't that upset with Jeff being intimate with him. Omar's relationship with Dustin is different because they grew up in the same neighborhood. Their sexual chemistry was not really there. Dustin's physicality is not the same as Jeff's. He has bulked up, but his strength is not in the same arena as Jeff. Chapter 2.1 Jeff knows that his strength obsession will become a problem with him and Dustin, but he can't stop seeing Omar either. Their training is necessary because they both get so motivated when they are together. One of Jeff's Rugby teammates is West, a flirty guy with a goofy sense of humor. Jeff has always been friendly with him and has never been threatened by West's very 'suggestive' nature. West is a very athletic guy with symmetrical features and a chiseled face. He is not afraid to admit that he is gay and prefers to be acquainted with the straight boys because he has always identified with them. West's humor has a tendency to go overboard at times, but he makes Jeff laugh quite a bit. What also makes West different though is the fact that he is also close to Dustin, due to his relationship with Jeff. West and Dustin have spent more time together recently because Jeff isn't around as much. Dustin's workouts have involved a lot of cardio since he has stopped bulking and his diet has gone back to being much stricter. West has been helping Dustin with his portions since he himself is on a strict diet. The two of them have had great talks and frankly have bonded quite well. Their parents are always fairly busy and are usually not home so the two of them spend time together at each other’s houses. They aren't afraid to be too close to each other either. West has started to show his affection for Dustin lately and will sometimes jump on to his back just to be playful. Dustin is not as liberal as Jeff is, but he has become more comfortable since he got involved with him. West normally wants to wrestle with Dustin just to get him riled up and it usually happens. West isn't no slouch when it comes to being strong so there is times when he accidentally rips Dustin's shorts. Dustin gets a little irritated when this happens but West always knows how to cheer him up too. He will crack a silly joke and put a smile on Dustin's face. While Jeff was at the gym training with Omar one day, Dustin and West spent an evening by themselves at Dustin's house. A wrestling match ensued and once again West accidentally ripped one of Dustin's pairs of shorts. He ripped it so bad that the bottom half of the shorts fell to the floor exposing Dustin's posers that he wore. West would of course make fun of him for wearing posers, but Dustin liked the way they looked on his body. West would start rubbing Dustin's thighs just to get him riled up again. This time though, Dustin flipped him over and straddled him because he knew that West would react. West moaned and motioned for Dustin to pull his pants down. He obliged and started to lick West's bubble butt covered in sweat. The taste did excite Dustin quite a bit so he started to tease West's hole. This was not something Dustin intended on doing, but he really liked West a lot and wanted to pleasure him. He placed his hands on West's butt and continued to tongue his hole. He felt West relax it and plunged his tongue inside. The feeling was unreal for West who pushed his butt even further into Dustin's face. The two of them then took their clothes off. West asked Dustin if he would pose for him so he could admire his hard work. It didn't take much because Dustin started to flex his still bulky biceps and thick chest. West was very delicate and didn't want to make Dustin feel uncomfortable. He started to feel around on Dustin's bulky upper body and slowly kiss his bouncy pecs. The feeling was so good that Dustin pressed West's face into his pecs. West moaned really loud and could feel Dustin pushing himself onto him. Unlike Jeff, West was definitely a power bottom and was involuntarily humping Dustin. His grinding was just above Dustin's growing dick. It wasn't long before West moved himself to where Dustin could penetrate him. Dustin's hulking thighs were now straddling him and West's impeccable core was ready for the pounding. Dustin moved West's legs back so he could see him penetrate him. He did it ever so slowly so West could feel every inch go in. Dustin's cock made West squeal with pleasure as he watched his hole get stretched. The two guys stayed in that position for quite some time because it felt so good. Dustin finally pulled out so he wouldn't cum inside him. West turned to start sucking Dustin off. He rubbed Dustin's gut as well as grabbing his immense butt. West was intent on making Dustin cum and wasn't going to stop. He would massage his balls and try to deep throat him just to make him give up, but Dustin wouldn't budge. Dustin was enjoying the sex, but he had anxiety too. He was in love with Jeff, but he wasn't around that much so West was basically a substitute for Jeff. He started to rub his chest and his arms thinking about Jeff sucking him off and this would prompt him to finally give his load up. The sucking sped up and West could feel Dustin's cock start to stiffen up. It wasn't long before Dustin sprayed cum all over West's face. Luckily, West didn't swallow it as Dustin didn't want him to. They smiled at each other and hugged afterwards. After the each of them took separate showers, they went back to working on their diet plans.
  12. There is a part 1, although it isn't strictly a necessary read. Jack heaves bolt-upright in bed in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and breathing hard. Driving rain against the window is overpowered by the sound of his heartbeat. His pulse is strong and quick; he feels every drop of his blood course through his tense muscles. He sports an impressive semi-erection in his underwear, and his hard nipples slide up and down underneath the tight white nightshirt. His masculine jawline clenched tight, he pulls the sheets away from his soaked torso and swings his feet out of bed. His muscular frame rises to full height as the bed groans, as if sighing in relief. He knows what he has to do. His heavy footsteps catch his attention momentarily, and he ponders if he should be bothered to put on pants, but his urges are far too strong to be overridden by rational thought. Jack catches a glimpse of his primal eyes in the mirror as he reaches for his car keys, wrenches open the front door and steps out into the heavy summer rain. His driving erratic, he swerves from left to right as he climbs the dimly-lit road into the mountains. All he can think about is getting to his destination. His steely 9-inch cock is fully excited now. It moistens his lower cobblestone abs with copious amounts of pre-cum; the thick shaft perfectly outlined by the fabric. His breathing rapid, he caresses himself through his shirt and lets out a guttural moan. He plants his foot, speeding faster up the ascent through the rain and darkness. His powerful muscles are primed for the task which awaits. *** Deep within a nearby mountain, a handsome, brown-haired man with glasses sits patiently at a large computer terminal. His stomach is in knots as he turns a black business card over and over and over between his fingers. The card's smoothness soothes him somewhat, but his eyes remain wide and fixated on the screen in front of him. The large, open computer lab is lit intermittently by the monitor, which at this moment is receiving the feeds from all the facility's security cameras as they peer into the night. The motion is crystal clear but black and white, and silent on the screen; a tree branch whips in and out of view against the blustery rain. "A vehicle is approaching," warns a computerised voice. The handsome, brown-haired man jumps at the break of silence. He, like Jack, is rather excited, as evidenced by a heavy bulge in his khakis. "Thank you," the man replies eagerly to the artificial intelligence. "Complete lock-down procedure. Please ensure Jack is fully visible at all times." With a bleep-boop of acknowledgement, the screen flicks over to show CAM001, just as the headlights of a pickup truck swing into view. The man stands, and briskly strides over to a steel-barred cage which is built into the cavern wall. The thick bars encompass only a tiny area--just enough for one person to stand trapped against the wall. "This is it." He bites his lip excitedly and pushes his shoes off, a heel at a time. He starts fumbling to undo the buttons on his shirt, but decides to leave it on instead. He quickly steps into the cage, and commands the door to be locked behind him. The artificial voice confirms his instructions, and the heavy steel slides into place. "Lock-down complete," the computer announces. "Good," says the man, who has already removed his pants to reveal his eagerness, trapped within his underwear. He rubs the tip of his engorged cock through the fabric. "Give me a good show, Jack," he smirks. "Show me what your powerful alpha-muscles are capable of." *** Outside, Jack's pickup comes to a halt. As the car door swings open, trunk-like legs meet the road. He stands, and takes a few steps out into the open rain. The truck's headlights illuminate the hunk of a man as he turns slowly to face the security camera and tilt his head to return its gaze. His solid body casts shadows of his tight underwear and raging manhood within, powerful torso, chest and arms. Clinging to his body, his wet top leaves nothing to the imagination; outlines of his bulging pecs and abs heave with his aroused breath. Jack knows he's being watched. He winks and bounces his pecs for the camera before he steps out of view, leaving his truck behind. His strong legs march him into a dimly lit cave and along a narrow path until finally, Jack comes face to face with his first challenge: a large, vault-like door set into the rock face. Standing an inch from the door, his head lowered but eyes forward, his breathing is still as deep and primal as it was at the house. He leans forward and presses the outline of his cock and upper body against the door to feel its coolness. His heart thuds faster and his cock jumps to full attention again. Nostrils flared, he steps back to analyse the door. A keypad blinks on the right-hand side of the large circular door, barred with two beams of steel passing through a giant rotor wheel. He smirks -- he knows this to be no match for his powerful physique. His low voice teases, "I hope you're watching Evan, because I'm not one for knocking." *** Evan is still self-restrained in the reinforced cage several rooms away from Jack, deeper into the mountain. Having yanked his underwear off, he stands with nothing but a collared shirt, slowly masturbating to the sight, and now voice, of Jack's surly presence at the entrance. He's keen to see just how much of a fight the door will put up. "Computer: Announce all intrusion attempts, countermeasures, malfunctions, and system destructions as they occur." Evan licks his lips and begins beating his rod a bit faster in anticipation. He wants to see and hear the pure domination of Jack's muscle over his machinery. He becomes a bit light-headed as there is movement of Jack's big frame on the screen, and the computer announces, "Alert: Intrusion attempt underway. Main entry keypad has been destroyed." *** Having driven it into the wall over an inch, Jack pulls his solid right shoulder away from what used to be the blinking keypad, as it crackles and buzzes. "I hope you don't mind," he smirks, "if I let myself in." His hands, guided by eager twitches of his powerful arms and chest, reach for the large circular locking mechanism in the centre of the door. Grabbing either side, his arms lengthen slightly and biceps begin to bulge. The sleeves can barely contain the stud's arms as they grow and strengthen. His pecs, tight and steely, join in on the onslaught against the steel. He grunts a loud guttural enjoyment as he pulls and flexes. The vault's large bolts and locks begin to grind and squeal for mercy against the immense power of Jack's arms and chest. The heavy steel inside the locking mechanism takes the full force of Jack's mighty muscle-powered assault; it starts to turn white and buckle. Jack smirks and grunts again, louder this time, his cock bouncing with pleasure; the feeling of raw strength coursing through his body, bending and twisting with all his might. The protective beams and locking wheel, made to withstand explosives and immense pressure, are now being mangled and bent by Jack's powerful arms and pumped chest. The moaning steel is crunched and deformed under his grip, and cracks begin to appear in the wall adjacent. *** "Alert: Main entry compromised. Activating defences." The display of raw strength during Jack's destruction of the main entry door proved too much for Evan, as he shakes and squirts a healthy load of cum through the bars of the cage. "Fuck yes, Jack. Show me what kind of man you are." *** The bank-grade lock, having failed against the man's might, now hangs feebly from the door's innards. A sharp pull sideways, and a powerful kick sends the heavy door falling inward. Almost laughing, he pulls down the underwear over his pumped legs as he strolls into the next room over the mangled heap of the door, his steely pecs and arms still heaving with his breath. He raises both arms and perfectly round biceps flex in granite. The pumped guns burst open his sleeves as Jack grunts in an alpha pose. "I know you're an arms man, Evan. These puppies ain't just for show." He winks again to the camera he knows is looking on, and slowly reaching down, rips the taught white fabric off his torso, before letting it fall to the floor. Sweat and moisture drip down his stunning beast of a chest and cobblestone abs. Jack's rock-hard 9-incher can't be contained by his underwear, which has crept up and out from his waistband and presses against his taught stomach. His thick cock is leaking reels of slippery lube, getting ready to squirt into its lucky recipient. Suddenly, a large compartment opens, containing a 6'5" android. The solid, high-tech legs carry its bulk nimbly; its head blinks with lights and chirps. The whirring of the mechanisms is nearly deafening. "And what is this?" Jack yells over the top of the mechanised sounds coming from the robot as it quickly moves from its chamber and towards its target. He stands only 3 inches shorter than the mechanised fiend. "You don't actually think--" Jack raises his eyebrow, but is too slow to move out of the way of the giant's mechanical grip. It folds its shiny, plastic-covered arms around the muscular frame of the human and begins to tighten its grip. For a moment, Jack looks to struggle against the powerful pistons and motors contained within the robot. But Jack, knowing his own power, confidently smirks. Clearly, he is capable of destroying these feeble machines with a swift punch. But he knows Evan, his client, is paying good money for this show. And he expects to see some muscle-inspired destruction. Expanding his thick chest and engaging his rippling back muscles, Jack slows the constricting arms of the robot to a crawl, and then to a halt. There is a high-pitched hum as the robot's internal diagnostics begin to analyse the malfunction. "I think you'll find..." labours Jack, as he wrenches his arm free of the grip, "that you are about to be destroyed by these." He flexes his magnificent bicep again. He reaches down, and with the help of his other hand, begins to pry the android's arm backwards and out of its socket. There is loud cracking of plastic, followed by the whirrrrrrr of motors failing to maintain their integrity. Finally, a small explosion signals that the powerful pistons contained within the machine's arm were no match for Jack's python-like arms. The robot moves backwards, seemingly panicked to only be left with one functioning gripper. Its head lights up in a new pattern. Jack is grinning as he steps from the machine's grip. "All of this showing off has made me very horny." His green eyes twinkle in the light. He reaches down and with a single swift rrrrip, he liberates his beautiful dick and balls. The gorgeous thickness of his manhood stands proud, dripping with excitement, as he takes it in his left hand and begins to stroke. "Prepare to be short-circuited by the best sex you've ever had." Jack strides up to the andriod, and with one forceful shove, the machine falls backwards, smashing onto the floor. It attempts to upright itself, but with only one arm, has trouble. On its third attempt, it is making progress until Jack marches over, naked and throbbing, to force it back to the ground. Climbing on top of the mechanised plastic and steel, Jack raises his taut bubble butt into the air, priming the trajectory of his cock. He looks down at his artificially intelligent victim. "How much were you to construct, I wonder?" His powerful hips and ass drive his thickness into the belly of the machine. "Mmmmm," he moans, before exhaling loudly. "I bet you're the most expensive sex toy ever made!" Grunting and moaning, his hips thrust back and forth into the innards of the robot, while it makes some last attempts to escape. Jack's thick cock buries itself deep within the mechanics of its appendages. The casing of the robot begins to dent and cave inward. Oil begins leaking out and the smell of overheated motors fill the air. The robot, its only remaining signs of life the blinking on its face, makes petrified noises as it is slowly destroyed by each of Jack's thrusts. He's getting close to the edge of climax, and he knows he better make a good show of it. The sight of him fucking is enough to drive anybody wild; his thick legs supporting his weight as his powerful ass rams his manhood further into the machinery. His powerful arms ripple with horseshoe triceps and his back flexes and bulges. His domination of the powerful machinery is a sight to behold. He smirks, looking his prey in the face as he flexes his guns once more. The android continues to blink and beep weakly, and his fucking continues, as he reaches up and places a massive hand on either side of the robot's solid head. "Goodnight." The symphony of his flexing ass muscles and rock hard thrusting dick is joined by the bulging of his thick arms and pecs as Jack applies pressure to the robot's head. Moments pass, and Jack watches as his tremendous force begins to dent, and then crush the mechanical beast's skull. There are buzzes, sparks, and the smell of burning electronics as the blinking face disappears into itself. Jack's eyes roll into the back of his head and his beautiful physique tenses as wave after wave of sperm shoot into the robot's corpse, shorting the remaining circuitry. *** In the cage, now leaning against the wall, Evan is weak in the knees, having cum for the forth time watching the brilliant display of strength and manliness on the monitor. "Alert: Android destroyed." Jack's bulk is seen to pull out of the robot's remains, and step out of camera view. "Any moment now..." Evan is ready to shoot another load in excitement of seeing Jack in person. There is a loud explosion and the door, flimsy in comparison to the one (that used to be) at the main entrance, comes crashing to the floor. Jack is standing there broadly, pumped and shimmering, cock still engorged with lust. Several computer alarms sound. "Warning: Intrusion into main lab." Evan resumes masturbating furiously at the sight of Jack's amazing physique. Jack slowly approaches the cage, his chest heaving. He stops an inch from the bars. "Flex for me," Evan pleads. Jack smiles. His full pecs, glistening with sweat, bounce rhythmically. He poses for Evan, showing off his body from top to toe, ending in a trademark double bicep. Evan heaves for breath and moans. He's about to cum again. "Break me out, Jack. Show me what those arms can do up close." With another smirk, Jack positions himself and grips the reinforced steel. Almost immediately, there is a clang as the metal readjusts itself to the force being applied to it. "Warning: Intrusion attempt underway." Jacks arms bulge and flex once more, and again the steel begins a feint high-pitched vibration. An alarm sounds. "Warning: Safety cage losing structural integrity due to pressure exceeding tolerances." Jarring thuds and pangs spring from the bars as they begin to deform. Jack's rock-hard upper body is pumped and displaying incredible power. He lets out some grunts, and leaks more clear pre-cum from his excited stiffness. Another alarm sounds. "Warning: Destruction of safety cage imminent due to overwhelming pressure." The bars bend gently at first and then begin to warp to an obscene angle, and Evan squirms. Jack lets out a snarl. The reinforced bars fail and explode away from their moorings in the rock, causing a cloud of dust. "Danger: Safety cage has been destroyed. All countermeasures have been compromised by overwhelming force." A sexy grin on his face, Jack throws the remains of the cage behind him, hitting the opposite wall, causing more damage and noise. He steps into the cage with Evan, their bodies now pressed together, and Evan can't take it anymore. The overwhelming pleasure of their bodies touching, followed by Jack's caress which is now turning into a kiss, causes Evan to unload more than he ever has in his life directly onto Jack's glistening torso, and pass out. *** Evan wakes up in the semi-destroyed cage some hours later with an erection he guesses won't be going away anytime soon. In his shirt pocket is a fresh black business card, with "Jack" embossed into it. Jesus. Evan is going to have to try harder next time.
  13. m/m

    Brandon Armstrong was driving home and he was pissed – really pissed. In the last two months he had gotten together with three guys who responded to his ad on craigslist and none of them had panned out. The most recent guy had seemed so promising. He seemed to be into everything Brandon was – a very hard thing to find. There had been eight dates of total bliss and then Brandon had started feeling comfortable enough to act naturally, to say everything he felt. This had finally caused the man to sneak out of the house one night after they both had fallen asleep. The guy hadn’t even stopped long enough to gather up all of his clothes. It was the last straw in a long line of disappointments and Brandon was racking his brain to figure out what he was doing wrong. He really wanted to find ways to improve – to get a relationship to last longer. It was always so promising at the start – each guy seemed to be on the same wavelength and wanted everything Brandon listed in his ad. Some even said that Brandon was everything they’d ever wanted in a partner. But then something always happened, and it was impossible to figure out. Every guy started freaking out and getting scared – afraid of the commitment needed to make it in this kind of relationship. Brandon was ready to give up on using the web for meeting guys, especially since most men never ended up being truly what they professed. Brandon’s hands gripped the steering wheel hard; he was very upset by his recent track record with guys. He figured he was going to have to start hanging out in bars to find men – at least then he might be able to judge a guy’s stamina for the long haul, which was needed in good relationships. Maybe he wanted too much too soon – he just didn’t know. BAM! Brandon had not been paying attention and the car in front of him had come to a halt at a four way stop. It was a beautiful black-blue Volvo and he knew immediately he had hit it hard enough to cause some damage. Brandon became even more angry with himself at the stupidity of what he had done – how could he have stopped paying attention long enough to hit another car? He braced himself for the confrontation that was surely about to happen. He and the other driver pulled through the intersection and then moved to the side of the empty road. Simon Petit was so shocked by the sudden jolt to his car – his pride and joy – that at first he didn’t realize what had happened. As soon as he looked in his rear view mirror and saw the pick up truck rammed into the back of his car he became enraged. How could the idiot not see that he had come to a complete stop and how was it possible that someone could miss noticing an upcoming four-way intersection? Simon threw his hands up in the air, as if to say, “What the hell?” and then pulled to the side of the road. He noticed that the truck pulled over, as well. Simon was out of his car in a flash, he glanced at the back bumper, which was now smashed inward against the car, and then made a beeline to the driver’s side of the truck. The window was down and he started yelling before he was even beside the door. “What the hell happened? Did you not see that I stopped? How could you miss the fact that I was at an intersection? Are you blind or …” As soon as Simon saw the size of the guy sitting in the truck his confrontational spirit faltered slightly. The other driver’s arm and shoulder seemed to fill the entire window of the large truck. Simon also noticed immediately how thick the guy’s neck was and how his chest jutted out almost all the way to the steering wheel – even though it was obvious the seat was as far back as possible. The guy’s face was rough – a bushy mustache and some heavy stubble. His hair was messed up and the sweat-covered straining gray t-shirt made it pretty obvious that the guy was probably returning from the gym or some kind of intense job that involved strenuous work. The man’s menacing stare definitely intimidated Simon, but the smaller man’s adrenaline was pumping too strongly to back down. However, he lowered the volume of his voice and took the angry tone down a few notches – mainly because the guy in the truck looked bigger than a Prius. “Are you blind or something, man? Did you not notice my break lights? Look at what you’ve done to my fender!” Brandon’s natural response to the small guy’s yelling was to reach out the window and grab the man around the neck and squeeze his windpipe until it snapped. That’s how he usually dealt with smaller men who dared to challenge him. Brandon felt every muscle in his body, even those that made his giant feet move; tense up with power that needed immediate release. And usually that release involved punching a hole in something or sending a guy to the hospital. But Brandon had also noticed the guy’s shocked amazement when the runt got his first real gander at the big body sitting in the truck. Brandon loved to cause eyes to widen, mouths to drop open, and voices to stop in mid-sentence. This moment had been no exception – the little dweeb had taken one glance into the truck and his so-called bravado had shriveled up probably as much as his dick had. A feeling of inadequacy after coming into contact with Brandon usually made most men totally quiet and as demure as a young shy southern belle. But after that initial jolt of surprise at the huge body in front of him, the little pipsqueak had suddenly gained a little of his cajones back and had started into Brandon again. Even though the tone was much less aggressive and there was obvious fear in his eyes, the tiny man had continued to question the behemoth in front of him. This second plunge into attack-mode had impressed the hell out of Brandon and caused his desire to punch the guy so hard he flew across the street to instantly dissipate. A thought flickered in Brandon’s head and it caused a certain kind of flicker to briefly pump through his giant cock. Was it possible that the guy standing outside his truck might just be what he had been looking for during all of these months of online hell? Brandon decided to test the waters and see if this was someone he might pursue. “Hang on there, little man, let’s not say anything you’re going to regret or something that’s going to make me get angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Let me take a look at your car.” A wave of mixed emotions shot through Simon’s head and body when he heard the monster in the truck speak. First of all, the term ‘little man’ made his anger spike back up, while it also caused a twinge of some other feeling to stab him slightly in the gut. The big guy’s voice was jovial, but boomed in such a low register that it easily re-emphasized the man’s enormous size. Simon took a few steps back as the guy reached across his giant chest and grabbed the outside handle, opening the door so his big frame could step out. This way of exiting the vehicle seemed so fucking manly and cocky to Simon that it, again, caused a previously unknown mixture of emotions. As the colossal beast struggled to get his body freed from the large but cramped truck cab, Simon realized that reaching out the window with his right hand to open the door was the only way the guy could get out – his thick biceps and bulging shoulder made it impossible for the arm nearest the inside handle to bend far enough for that hand to grab anything. That’s about when the big man stood up to his full height and Simon gasped out loud – not able to control his shock. The man’s hugeness made Simon’s six-foot frame seem childlike. Everything about the driver’s body was massive compared to his own – even the fingers, which Simon definitely noticed as the guy shut the truck door with enough force to make the big vehicle rock back and forth. The muscled man didn’t even look at Simon as he walked toward the Volvo. Simon’s eyes widened even more when he got a look at the expanse of the man’s back – surely almost as wide as the car he was now perusing. Simon was astounded that there was not one glance at the front of the truck; it was like the guy knew his big toy wasn’t hurt at all in the altercation – as if it was a metaphor for how their actual bodies would react if they came in contact with each other. Simon was not daunted in his frustration of the situation; he continued to stand his ground – although from a few feet away. “I’m not a little man and I think we should just exchange insurance information. We also need to assess the damage of both vehicles.” “My big truck’s fine, little man, and I can certainly help you with this dented bumper.” Being called little a second time and the total disregard the guy had for Simon’s suggestions angered the smaller man even more. He moved closer to the larger man and was about to protest, but he couldn’t utter a word as he watched a big hand wrap around the metal fender of his Volvo, which was pushed in toward the body of the car, and then give one quick powerful pull. The fender popped away from the car, a little mangled but straight again. Simon’s breathing got harder as he noticed that the guy’s powerful grip had basically crushed the fender as it was pulled from its inward position. There were several grooves in the steel where the big man’s fingers had obviously squeezed too tightly. “There you go, shorty, good as new.” “What? Are you crazy? That’s not better. Look what you did to my bumper. You crushed it. The entire thing is still going to have to be replaced. What were you thinking, you moron?” The fact that the big man in front of him had just crushed metal as if it was as soft as a banana was lost completely on Simon; he was now only concerned about his car. He also totally missed the wave of apparent anger and then the quick suppression of that emotion that shot across the other man’s face. Simon’s blood was now boiling and he had reached a point where he could not control himself. Brandon, however, had again avoided the knee-jerk reaction of grabbing the smaller man around his neck with one hand and lifting him off the ground to shake him like a rag doll. The stupid bravery of the dweeb was making Brandon’s body tingle with excitement. With each moment of intensified confrontation he was being reassured that the accident had been a serendipitous event, taking place to introduce him to a guy he was positive he could mold to be the perfect playmate. The tingling of Brandon’s body was flowing directly to his now semi-erect cock and it was clear, at least to him, that there was a definite connection between he and the little man. He continued to play with his potential plaything. “Maybe you could leave the bumper that way, Mr. Tiny, so you’ll have something to remember me by – you know, when you want to think about my size and my power.” “Are you off your meds, sasquatch? What makes you think I want to remember you? You’ve messed up my car and you don’t seem to think it’s a problem. Do I need to get the police involved here? Just give me your fucking insurance and contact information so we can both get out of here. And stop calling me little, short, and tiny - I’m six-feet tall, for god’s sake.” The little guy had gone too far this time. Brandon reached out and grabbed the other man by the shoulders, easily lifting him off the ground and turning him around. He then carried the guy to the side of the Volvo and dropped him back on the ground. Immediately, both men saw their reflections in the tinted windows of the car and what they gazed upon brought up different, but similar, reactions. Simon gulped loudly as he was again astounded by what his eyes beheld. Brandon, however, had a more intense reaction – his cock hardened even more because of how it was now clear his body dwarfed the other man. “Hey, Mr. Puny, look at that! Your body is like a mini-me version of mine. Even two of you put together wouldn’t come close to my size. Look at how small and narrow your shoulders are when you’re standing in front of me. And check out how massive my chest is compared to your head and the fact that you barely come up as high as my nipples. Fuck, I’m a giant. It’s pretty clear that when you stand next to me you’re one little scrawny man, don’t you think?” Brandon was getting the hardest piece of wood he had had in the longest time. Just gazing at how his body towered over the smaller guy and how his muscles bulged out so much further than any part the other man was completely filling him with excitement and he loved every second of it. This is what Brandon desired more than anything in the world – comparing his huge body, something he had worked on all of his life, to some supposedly regular sized guy – and making the other man feel small. When he could see how gigantic he had become it got his juices flowing more than fucking a hot chick or plowing some guy’s tight ass. Because of some primeval instinct within he brought his arms up into a double biceps flex and paused briefly to marvel at how pumped they were after blasting them at the gym earlier that morning. It was clear that even the little man’s head was actually much smaller than Brandon’s twenty-four inch guns. He could feel pre-cum starting to bubble out of his hard cock as he realized how just his massive arms bulging so much made the other man seem even tinier. Brandon could sense that the other guy was caught off guard by the monstrous size of the biceps reflected in the window, as well – and the big man was positive he saw a quick glint of longing in the other dude’s eyes, which was then quickly pushed away. Brandon’s body shivered as he thought about the other man fighting his natural urges, because that’s exactly what the muscleman wanted. It was so good to meet up with a guy that wasn’t aware of his suppressed desires and then to have his big body release those flood gates. Brandon decided it was time to up the ante in the situation. He began to toy with the man even more. “Why don’t you flex those twigs you call arms, little man, and we can see what they look like in front of my keg-sized guns. It will be some more proof that when we compare your body to mine it’s like a pre-school aged boy standing beside his huge muscled daddy. Yeah buddy, I love how one of my big biceps pumps up even larger than your whole head. Look-a-here, little tike, let’s move this pumped up baby a little closer.” Brandon brought his flexed right arm down behind the smaller man’s head and, sure enough, the mound of muscle ballooned out wider and peaked up higher than the other man’s entire noggin. It was a sight that made Brandon moan out loud in a low, growl-like sound that made it clear the big man loved what he saw. The sight also created a new sensation in Simon’s body. At first he couldn’t believe what he saw reflected in the window. He had never been this close to such a massively constructed human being. The way the larger man’s arm overshadowed his head was unbelievable. The sleeve of the guy’s white t-shirt was forced to bunch down toward the humongous shoulder, just to make room for the massive mound of muscle poking up in the air. The thickness of the biceps shot out past Simon’s ears and he could see the vein-covered split peak jutting up beyond his hair. Simon had never been a guy that got into muscle, he liked his men to be slim and with model level handsomeness. He had always been turned off by the distorted ugly hugeness of bodybuilders. Guys that worked their bodies into freakish sizes seemed unnatural and grotesque. But seeing that big biceps behind his head created a small flicker of reaction in his gut – and it was a feeling that was completely new. The reaction moved from his stomach to his awakening rod. “See something you like, little man?” “No way . . . you . . . freakish asshole.” Simon’s words did not have the force of his earlier comments. He could still feel anger over what had happened to his car, but his fixation on the larger man’s biceps caused him to almost whisper his remark. His lifelong disgust of steroid injecting thugs enabled him to use the venom he desired, but the sheer awe he felt over the bulging arm behind his head created havoc in his mind and at his crotch. He didn’t even look at the large man’s face as he spoke; he simply stayed glued to the giant arm. Brandon loved the little man’s cockiness, even though he knew he couldn’t allow the comment to go unchecked. He kept his arm flexed but brought his enormous right thigh into the small guy’s ass and slammed him up against the car. Brandon then began to smash the guy’s body against the door and lifted up at the same time. He methodically began to slide the little man’s crotch and stomach up and down the side of the car. “That teeny dick of yours trying to shoot hard tells me something different. I think you like how big my arm is compared to your little head. Let me help that cock some by easily rubbing your body against your pretty car. Maybe I can press you so hard that little toothpick between your legs will dent the door. How about a little dick dimple in the metal to help you remember how my big body turned you on.” “Fuck you!” It was hard for Simon to speak, mainly because it was difficult for him to breathe. His body was compressed between the metal frame of his car and the giant thigh and crotch of the man behind him. The big dude’s body actually felt harder than the car, but Simon immediately forced that thought from his mind. His cock had already sprung to full hardness as it was compelled to rub up and down against the door. He couldn’t believe his body was reacting this way and he was trying to make it stop. The Volvo was actually rocking from side to side as the big man easily shoved his thigh harder into Simon’s ass and back. Brandon continued to be turned on by the little man’s refusal to give in, even though it was obvious he was being helplessly made to do whatever the big body behind him wanted him to. The mere stupidity and courage of the small guy made Brandon want to dominate him even more. There had also been fleeting signs of longing in the guy’s reflection – they had been brief and quickly tossed away, but Brandon had noticed. He had seen the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and he now wanted the journey to the prize to last as long as it could. He knew he needed to seal the deal on this first muscle encounter – to make it unfathomable for the little man to even consider that repeat performances of this kind of domination wouldn’t happen. He needed to turn the slight ember that was beginning to burn in the pit of the little man’s stomach into a raging fire of muscle desire. It would take some work, but Brandon knew what he needed to do in the next few minutes to help bring his new play toy to the tipping point. He brought both of his giant arms to the side of the car. As he began to increase the velocity and pressure of the huge thigh manipulating the little man’s body against the car, he also pushed the vehicle with his enormous arms. This caused two glorious things to happen – the wheels on the side where the two men stood came completely off the ground and the little man’s feet followed suit. Brandon easily pushed the Volvo into the air as he began to jerk the other man off against his own car. The larger man wished like hell he could have had someone filming all the action. He could hear that the smaller guy was having trouble breathing and he could sense the guy was fighting the impending orgasm with all of his might. Brandon knew it was a lost cause for the guy to attempt denying the upcoming explosion and this brought him much satisfaction. His new little friend certainly did not want to cream in his lovely chinos, but most of all he didn’t want to ejaculate because a superior man was so effortlessly manhandling him. To offer the muscleman behind him the satisfaction of knowing his body so easily brought him to this moment of release was too humiliating for the smaller guy. Brandon decided it was time to bring some climax to their fun and games. He lowered his face next to the other guy’s ear. “Look how easily my big arms tip your heavy Volvo up on its side. That’s fucking hot, isn’t it? If I wanted to I could push the big car over without any problem, but we’ll save that for another time. And feel how my gigantic thigh massages your body up against this door like you didn’t weigh a thing – and it’s making your cock ready to spew at any minute. And there’s nothing you can do to stop it, little man. Oh, I can tell you’re trying hard to prevent it. You don’t want to bust a wad for this big muscle stud and you’re desperately struggling to figure out why you’re having this kind of reaction in the first place. Am I right, Mr. Tiny? Yeah, we both know I am. Why don’t you think back to a few minutes ago – about what that big arm to the right of your head did to your bumper? Yeah, I’m talking about that massive gun you’re trying so hard to not look at – the big hard mound of muscle jutting up beside your head. Remember how that arm easily pulled your metal fender back into place and how that big hand crumpled the metal like it was nothing? Or how about we go back a little further – to the first time you saw my big body through the window of my truck. I saw those pretty blue eyes widen when you took in all this muscle. You’re trying so hard not to give in to your desires, aren’t you, little man? You don’t want to think about how much this big man turns you on, do you? But right now, all you can think about his how much power exists in my huge body – isn’t that so? And here’s what’s going to send you over the top, my tiny friend. Right now there are many people watching us – seeing how I so easily make your body do what I want it to. Hell, there are a couple of guys that have pulled their cars over on the other side of the street and they’re wanking off as they see me lift your Volvo so easily. But what excites you the most is that they also see how little you are compared to all my massiveness. They see that my big thigh has your entire body lifted off the ground and I’m about to make your teeny rocket explode just from jerking you against your car. You love how they are so fucking jealous because you are surrounded by hard muscle and they’re not. And they’re waiting, just like you are, for me to give you the command to cum. So, little man, why don’t you shoot for this big man? Cum now!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhh….” Simon could take no more. As he uncontrollably screamed out loud, his aching cock started spewing more cum than he thought his body could ever produce. He had fought valiantly to prevent from shooting, but his tormentor’s big body and his spot on description of what was happening in Simon’s head was too much. The smaller man could not believe that his tumultuous emotions were so transparent. How had the big man known exactly what would make Simon orgasm so quickly – especially since it was all new to Simon, himself. It was like the muscleman was a psychic or something. The big thigh continued to press his body up and down against his car door as Simon filled his underwear with hot creamy jism. Even as his entire frame continued to jerk wildly between the big body behind him and the metal door, he could feel a stream of milky liquid running down both legs. He was sure people in nearby houses were going to come to their doors to see what had made a man yell as loudly as he had – if they hadn’t already been watching all the action from the start. Simon’s embarrassment at the situation was intermingled with something he couldn’t name. It was a feeling of what . . . satisfaction, yes, satisfaction. Even though he desperately did not want to admit it, the powerful release that had just occurred was the most incredible sexual pleasure he had ever enjoyed – maybe even the most incredible experience period. A pang of remorse swept over him as soon as this thought entered his mind. He could not give the big man that kind of enjoyment – seeing him so submissive, but he also realized it was too late – his tormentor surely felt Simon’s uncontrollable response. “Yeah, little buddy, that was nice – real nice. I think you woke up the whole fucking neighborhood. All that cum is going to probably glue you to the side of your car. That was a beautiful tribute to my big body, Mr. Tiny. People just can’t control themselves when their around this much muscle, can they? And why should they?” “Get off me, asshole, or I really am going to call the police.” “Seriously? I don’t know how you’re going to do that, little one, since I see your phone inside the car and right now I don’t think you could move an inch even if you did have all of your strength. I’d say you’re pretty exhausted from that cum explosion, but mostly you can’t move because I won’t allow it. I bet that thought kind of turns you on, doesn’t it, even though your cock is still worn out – the fact that I can hold your body in place so easily.” Simon couldn’t believe the big man was so accurate. Having his body pinned to the car and knowing that the Volvo was still pushed up on two wheels was keeping his emptied dick rock hard. He was furious with the huge brute, but he was also already re-living the last thirty minutes in his head. Part of him wanted to scream for help, but he knew it would be useless. The big man could easily shut him up with one punch or just by simply slamming his face through the window. But, worse of all, Simon knew the real reason he wasn’t calling out – he was actually impressed by the behemoth, no, not impressed, turned on. Yes, he was fucking turned on. Simon chose a different path. “Can you please let me down . . . sir?” Brandon’s smile made it clear he was very pleased with the little man’s polite request. He realized that his new small friend could see his happy face reflected in the window and the guy’s little body shivered greatly when he noted that Brandon was delighted. A quick pulse of some new feeling shot through Brandon’s body, as well, and he wasn’t sure he could even name what it was – but that didn’t matter right now. He was aware that he could now move on to phase two of the plan for his new friend. “That’s a good little buddy. Of course I can put you down. I can do anything I want.” Simon felt the car’s wheels return to the road and noticed his legs were very wobbly when his feet finally hit the asphalt. He felt one of the big man’s hands press into his upper back after the massive thigh moved away. The giant mitt held Simon’s body up against the side of the Volvo as the other hand pulled out the wallet from his back pocket. He tried to look in the window to see what was happening – was it a robbery, now – but he was pressed too close. Suddenly the open wallet was tossed on the car’s roof and Simon could see everything was there, except his license. “Well it’s certainly nice to meet you, little Simon Pettit. My name is Brandon, Brandon Armstrong. I see you have a house over on Adelaide – pretty impressive. You must pull in one hell of a salary. That’s nice to know. I’ll be over to your place at six tonight, Simon, and I think I’ll keep your license until then. We can have some more fun and talk about how I might give you some satisfaction for what I did to your car – not to mention what I did to that worn out tiny dick of yours. See you at six, little man.” “You can’t keep my license. I need it to drive. And I won’t be home tonight. I have plans.” “Oh you’ll be there. I know you will. You don’t want to miss the fun. And don’t ever tell me what I can or can’t do. See you at six, squirt.” The big hand on Simon’s back was suddenly gone, but the little guy didn’t move. He stayed pressed up against the car while turning his head to get one last look at the huge back of Brandon Armstrong as the muscled man walked away. He watched as the behemoth awkwardly stuffed his oversized body into the cab and then started the truck. As he pulled past the Volvo, Simon could hear the big man chucking to himself. The sound of the guy’s laughter both frightened and thrilled the small man. Brandon drove down the road slowly and marveled at his good fortune. He had been advertising for months trying to find a little guy that was a true muscle worshipper and someone that could handle being dominated. So far, no one had lasted very long. The guy that stayed around for eight dates had seemed so promising. He kept saying over and over that he wanted Brandon to feel comfortable enough to be the full cocky alpha he was, but as soon as the big man had started letting his hair down and being his natural aggressive self, the guy had scampered away in the middle of the night. Every man was the same – petrified as shit whenever Brandon started being the dominant stud he was on the inside. No one seemed able to handle it when the big man flaunted his true power or said the things that ran through his head constantly. Little Simon Pettit had stood up to him even as Brandon had easily controlled the smaller man’s body. The intensity of Simon’s anger and his antagonistic spirit was such a fucking turn on for Brandon. He had nearly shot his own explosive load when Simon had ejaculated, but decided it would be better to wait and let the pressure in his body build up even more. Brandon hadn’t been this excited by a little runt in a very long time. His need to dominate and get worshipped was so powerful that he contemplated ripping the truck’s steering wheel from its column, but he had already replaced the damn thing twice. He controlled the urge by contemplating his upcoming reunion with Simon. He also decided that he wouldn’t shower or change clothes before going over and, as a matter of fact, he made a plan to go work out a second time right before he paid his visit to Adelaide Avenue. Somehow, he knew that would drive Simon crazy – seeing and smelling the big man’s sweat covered body. Simon heard the truck move down the street, but he didn’t back away from his car. His mind was trying to wrap itself around all that had just happened, but, more importantly, he still needed something to help him stay standing erect. His body was still spent by the explosion Brandon Armstrong had caused in his pants. Simon was furious at himself for not having more self control, but he was also still in awe of all the giant had done – crumpling metal, lifting the car, jerking Simon’s body against the door with his big thigh – and then there was the memory of the guy’s huge frame haunting Simon’s thoughts. Seeing the guy’s biceps bulging out wider and higher than his own head was plastered in his mind. How could an arm be so big was the question that kept racing through Simon’s brain. What disgusted Simon the most, however, was the fact that his cock was still fully hard. He finally pressed his body away from the car and listened to the sound of the cum soaked material of his pants peel itself away from the side of the car. He looked down and saw that some of door’s paint had been stripped away – still clinging to his chinos. Simon also noticed that his shirt and pants were covered in the grease and grime that had obviously been all over the side of his car. He looked like he had fallen face down in a giant puddle of oil and dirt. He also noticed that the milky white stain from his ejaculation covered his entire crotch and stretched almost down to his knees on both pants legs. Even his shirt had soaked up a lot of juice and was dripping wet across his abs. “Aw fuck.” Simon staggered a few steps backward and contemplated calling the police, but something deep inside his psyche told him not to. The big man knew where he lived now and that meant Simon’s safety was in peril. He could not believe he was acting like this – almost like a defenseless puppy in the big hands of his owner. He also couldn’t believe he was still so fucking hard. As he quickly glance around, noticing the two guys sound asleep after being worn out by orgasms in their individual cars across the street, he opened the driver’s door and fell into the seat. Immediately the interior of his Volvo smelled like a bathhouse – something that made Simon’s cock twitch a little more. Without even thinking about it, Simon turned the ignition and started driving – again fully intent on going to the police. But the man’s brain went into autopilot and he headed home. His heart was pounding in rhythm with the pulsations of his cock, signifying his excitement and fear about the upcoming evening visit from Brandon Armstrong. Part Two – Brandon Gets Ready for the Visit Brandon’s bull-sized cock was fully engorged and aching for release as he benched enough weight to equal a large SUV. His entire body was equally turned on as he easily churned out repetitions with the precision of a professional. He had returned to the gym that afternoon to work off some muscle steam and work up a major sweat before paying his promised visit to little Simon’s house. It was like he was jacking up his muscles extra big just to make playtime that evening ever more special. He wanted the scrawny man’s nose to get a overwhelming whiff of what a real man smelled even as his eyes would surely struggle to comprehend all of Brandon’s tightly clothed massiveness. In short, Brandon wanted to make an even stronger impression than he had after smacking the back end of the tiny dude’s car in their earlier fender bender, and then easily taking care of the bumper with one hand and doing the same with Simon’s tiny hard cock with one big thigh. Brandon’s own giant perpetual wood was caused partly because he was still so jacked up from shocking the shit out of the dweeb – easily lifting his car, from just being so fucking huge, and from kind of scaring the hell out of him when the little guy got his first full view of the giant. But there was something else making his fat thick kickstand press his sweats out as if he were packing a big two-by-four at his crotch - and he couldn’t put his finger on it exactly. It had something to do with little man Simon, but it wasn’t a feeling that was familiar to the huge man. Brandon pushed the overloaded bar upward and loved how the weighted ends made the fucking thing bend down almost in a horseshoe shape. The behemoth knew people were looking at the strained bar, his super pumped chest, and the giant cock standing straight up like the main tent pole of a traveling circus. The power coursing through his body was almost too much and he worried that he might suddenly start to destroy things just to get relief. He thought about grabbing three or four men and taking them into the back room and plowing their asses and mouths until he calmed his body down some, but knew that he was so jacked up right now that he would probably cause some major damage to the puny men’s bodies – and he didn’t need that kind of trouble before his appointment. He didn’t want anything to prevent him from making his six o’clock meeting with pretty boy Simon. “Hey man, you gonna be much longer? You’ve been on that bench for a while now. You’re required to let other people use it.” Brandon had placed the now eternally warped bar in the supports and tilted his head back so he could look at the man who had spoken to him. A big smile crept across his face as he gazed upon a thuggish looking guy that must have been a wannabe powerlifter or some kind of strongman – he was big and thick, but his body didn’t hold a candle to Brandon’s massiveness. It was clear that Brandon’s true size was slightly disguised since he was lying on the bench. The larger man decided to take his time getting up and turning around since he knew that seeing the guy’s face after he got a gander at Brandon’s height, width, and thickness was going to be priceless. Brandon wanted this guy to piss in his pants after realizing his stupid mistake – daring to talk to someone that was clearly superior to him in every way. Brandon thought about standing up, lifting the weighted bar in his hands, and then tossing it to the guy – but he knew immediately that would either kill the man or do some serious damage to his body. Again, his excitement about the upcoming meeting with Simon helped him to suppress any need to rip steel plates apart or hurt stupid men that didn’t realize who they were talking to. Brandon sat up on the bench and was rewarded with a loud gasp from guy behind him. He was sure the man’s dick shot hard just from one glance at the width of his shoulders and the monster upward bulge of his trapezius muscles. Brandon’s body started tingling, as he thought about the next part of his little display. When the big man stood up he heard the other guy completely stop breathing – and it crossed Brandon’s mind that the powerlifter’s heart stopped beating, too. It was already clear, without even turning around, that Brandon surpassed the other guy by about seven inches and probably one hundred pounds. The earlier look at the fellow, when lying on the bench, had enabled Brandon to assess the situation easily. Turning around was so much fun for the giant alpha. He knew exactly how white the other guy’s face was going to be and how his body was going to be shaking in fear. He was not disappointed. When he turned around the shorter man merely mouthed the word ‘fuck’ because he was too shocked to make a sound. There were so many options for Brandon since the guy was at a complete standstill from being so scared – he could bend a bar around the guy’s neck and go home happy knowing it was going to take some industrial sized mechanical cutters to get it off, he could grab the guy’s neck in the V of his hand and lift him off the floor to shake him silly, or he could pick up the bench the guy so desperately wanted and mangle it into a ball of metal and other demolished materials – but a more exciting idea popped into the big man’s head. He leaned down and toward the now frightened powerlifter – and he merely growled as loud as he could. “Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!” Brandon’s animalistic booming voice caused all motion and sound in the gym to come to a complete stop. Every head turned in the direction of the two men. The poor powerlifter’s body went completely stiff and a huge wet stain started seeping across his crotch. The frightened man didn’t move a muscle and for a second everyone thought he had had a heart attack. Brandon reached out with a big hand and thumped the man’s head with his forefinger, causing the guy to fall backwards to the floor, like a statue being toppled by a group of men. Brandon then turned around and sat back down on the bench. As he lay on his back and began to pump out a few more reps with the intense weight he could hear some guys coming over to pull the body on the floor to a safe place. Brandon chuckled as he heard the men whisper that the guy on the floor was thankfully breathing and that he had obviously shot his entire wad in one jarring, momentous ejaculation. After that, no one bothered big Brandon – as a matter of fact, no one came near him. The thrill of intimidating the powerlifter had only increased the pressure within Brandon’s already stiff rod – but it was thoughts of Simon that filled his mind. He was beginning to wonder how he might play with the little man’s body – or what he might do to his house. “These final ten are for you, Simon.” Brandon spoke to himself – trying to muster enough strength to pump out ten more repetitions with a bar loaded with enough weight to bring two elephants to their knees. The alpha’s arms were tired as shit after benching for what must have been an hour and a half straight, but thoughts of his upcoming reunion with Simon helped him to crank out not ten, but twenty perfect lifts with the insane poundage. The realization that thinking of Simon helped the huge guy to go way beyond what was normally possible in weightlifting caused huge gobs of thick-as-hell pre-cum to ooze from the giant bulbous head of his monster cock. This momentous reaction caused Brandon’s head to start spinning with mixed emotions – mainly, what was it about this dweeb that excited him so and how much fun it was going to be to finally slam Brandon’s giant dick into pretty Simon’s tight ass. This was almost too much for the big man to handle. “Oh yeah, fuuuuckkk.” Brandon spoke out loud and didn’t care at all. He was so caught up in his excitement about dominating Simon that he could have shot a record load of cum right there in front of everyone in the gym. He knew no one could do a thing about it if he did – hell, most of the men in the place would probably explode instantly themselves after seeing the huge man on the bench shoot a volley of cum so hard that it hit the ceiling of the two-story room. Brandon kept thinking about the small body of Simon and how easily he had manipulated the man on the street earlier. His giant thigh had lifted the little dweeb with no effort at all and then it had rubbed his body against his car with so much pressure that the guy had shot his load within minutes. The thought of Simon’s pants being filled with buckets of semen, which was induced so easily manly domination, made Brandon reach out and grab his upright pole through the pants and squeeze it hard, hard enough to bust bricks. The intense pressure, however, only brought pleasure to the big man and he thought again about plowing the asses of some little men in the gym – maybe the powerlifter had recovered enough for Brandon to lift him off the floor with his super cock and fill the smaller guy with his fucking hot man-juice. Brandon started moaning loudly and the gym got silent again. “Fuck yeah!” Thoughts of Simon made the mega alpha release the grip on his giant rod and will the engorged thing to calm down. Brandon wanted to save all of his sweet muscle nectar for the tiny guy that filled all of his present thoughts – something that was so fucking unbelievable to the big man. It confused the shit out of him – why was he so turned on by this particular dweeb? It was clear that Brandon realized Simon had something special – it’s what he had felt the moment the guy had torn into him and acted so brave after the wreck. And even though he didn’t know what more was involved in this feeling, he was definitely willing to try and find out. Part of Brandon did not like how obviously smitten he was with Simon – the alpha man never cowered to anyone, - but another part of him wanted something that presently couldn’t be named. It felt, however, like a desire to please the little man. Brandon never pleased anyone but himself – so this was such a fucking foreign feeling. He couldn’t believe for one second that he gave a shit about what puny Mr. Simon wanted or liked – but that didn’t change the fact that his heart and head led him down a different path. Just to prove how wrong his gut feelings were, he cranked out another twenty reps with the overloaded bar and the lifting came very easy this time. The big man was proving a point, but Brandon also realized there was some kind of mysterious connection between the puny Mr. Simon and his own ability to move some heavy weight – and maybe even grow huger. This feeling was what was drawing him more than anything to their rendezvous on Adelaide Avenue in less than an hour. He certainly couldn’t wait to dominate the little fellow and finally get the chance to demolish huge things, but there was something else waiting in their exchange and Brandon knew it hadn’t even begun to be fully explored. He was ready to squash the small man with his big body and his dominating spirit, but he was pretty sure that his own life was about to change, too. Part Three – Simon Prepares for the Visit Simon found himself wandering from room to room in his large house – lost in some kind of euphoric fear of what had happened earlier on the street – and what was about to happen in just a little over an hour when someone came to visit. He had not changed or showered by this point. The smell of his dried cum mixed with the stench of gas and dirt caused by being pressed into his car were only overpowered by the lingering memory of the pungent intoxicating masculine odor produced by Brandon’s giant body. Simon kept trying to will all thoughts of the behemoth from his mind but nothing he did was helping to push them away. The same was true about his throbbing hard-on; the poor thing hadn’t subsided since the confrontation on the road – it was still stiff as a board. Simon had become fixated on beating himself up for not doing more to stand up to Brandon earlier. He was even still debating whether or not to call the police. Maybe it would be good to have a bunch of officers waiting here when his visitor arrived. It crossed his mind that the entire force could be here and they wouldn’t be able to stop Brandon, but the nervous small man forced that idea from his head. He knew it was partly what he wished and not what he knew would be true. Was it possible to become this obsessed with someone in such a short amount of time – but was it even Brandon he was actually so taken with or was it his massive muscles and power. Or, worse yet, was it a mixture of all three. “Fuck, Simon, get a hold of yourself.” He stopped in the middle of his living room as his voice echoed out loud. He was not acting in his typical “take charge” manner. He had never been someone easily intimidated and this was not the time to lose that approach to life – just because of some inane infatuation. Simon knew what he had to do and he lurched into action without giving anything a second thought. He went upstairs and began to undress as he walked across his large bedroom. He turned on the shower and then gathered the clothes to throw them in the laundry basket, but then decided to toss them in the trash instead. It would help him to get rid of all memories of Brandon. The newly charged guy then stepped into the shower and let the warm water soothe his scattered mind and his aching cock. As he got dressed about twenty minutes later he was completely renewed and was now even surer of what he needed to do. He dressed, gathered his keys and wallet, and then stepped into the garage. Seeing his car caused him to falter momentarily, remembering how Brandon had manhandled the back bumper so easily. And then remembering how the big man hand manhandled him, as well, was almost too much. Simon pushed those thoughts away and avoided looking at the bumper or the door where the action had all taken place. He dropped into the car, hit the garage door opener, and backed into the driveway quickly. He slammed on his breaks halfway down the short patch of asphalt when he saw the pumped up humongous body of Brandon standing in the way and noticed how the guy was glaring into the car. Simon was instantly too petrified to do anything. He simply watched as the big man walked up to the back of the car and placed his hands across the edge of the trunk. Windows were down so it was easy to hear the big man when he spoke. “I figured you’d try to get out of our playtime, punk, so I dropped by a little early. I knew you wouldn’t have the balls to face me. But you’re not going anywhere, tiny man. Come on then, let’s see what this piece of shit can do. I dare you to try and run me down. After I beat this flimsy machine, I’m going to beat your scrawny ass.” “You and what fucking army, dickhead?” Simon yelled back without even thinking. Even though his mind was fighting hard to will his body not to react, the previously calm dick in his pants shot instantly hard. There was something in Brandon’s cockiness that just got to the smaller man in a big way and the thought of this guy taking on his car made Simon quiver with delight. These emotions didn’t prevent him from taking on the man, though. Simon was not one to give in easily. He watched as Brandon kept one beefy arm pressed against the car and then flexed the other gun and simply smiled. He was playing with Simon and it only pissed the small guy off even more. “This is all the army I’m going to need, little man.” “We’ll see about that! You’re going to be wishing your arms were as big as your ego when your ass is flattened on the driveway.” “Bring it on, runt, bring it on.” Simon was so furious at the big man, as well as being on an adrenaline high from seeing the guy’s pumped up body in his rearview mirror that he didn’t even think twice about what he did next. He shifted his eyes to look straight ahead, convinced it was okay to get revenge for what had happened to his car earlier and to teach the asshole a lesson. He started pressing down on the gas pedal and the car moved backwards a little, followed by a slight crunching sound. Simon’s cock twitched uncontrollably as he thought about his car rolling over the bulging muscles of Brandon – smashing him to the ground. The big man had unleashed something demented in the driver and he wasn’t really thinking about the harm he was going to cause. As a matter of fact the idea of seeing Brandon in a hospital bed with casts and bandages thrilled Simon immensely. The crunching noise got louder and the car started bouncing up and down a little, obviously rolling over a beefy body. Simon pushed the pedal down even more and that’s when he started to hear the sound of squealing tires. This bizarre noise made Simon glance back into his mirror. The little man’s jaw dropped as he gazed at the evil grin of Brandon, who was leaning down slightly and easily holding the car in place. Simon pressed the pedal all the way to the floor and the noise being made by the tires increased. This only made the smile on the giant’s face grow even wider and the already colossal biceps started to bulge even more massively as he continued to prevent the vehicle from moving. “Fuck yeeaaaahhhh, boy, help me work out these arms. Your little Volvo is giving me a good-sized pump. Look at my guns popping out so damn much. Too bad my body is so stronger than your puny machine. Now let me show you what real power is!” The crunching noise increased and Simon suddenly realized the sound was actually Brandon’s powerful hands easily crushing the back of his car as he prevented the big thing from inching backwards. Simon’s heart began to beat quickly and a feeling of intense fear crept into his head. That’s when the unbelievable happened – the fucking car started moving forward. It was slowly at first, but then the momentum increased. You could hear the grunting and the heavy breathing from Brandon as he shoved the car toward the house – even with the thing in reverse and the gas pedal being floored. Simon’s mind was on overload – he couldn’t begin to completely comprehend what was happening. He just knew there was a force of nature packed into the man’s huge body and it was beating his car. Slowly and methodically, Brandon muscled the automobile toward its obvious parking place, even as the spinning tires wore down their tread trying to fight against him. “Fucking no way. This can’t be happening!” Simon’s shock was only interrupted by the smell of burnt rubber, which was now very strong and Simon knew there were going to be marks on the driveway, maybe even footprints left from Brandon’s powerful legs as they stepped briskly toward the house. Within just a few minutes the giant had maneuvered the car back into the garage – easily defeating the powerful Volvo as if it had been a little red wagon he was pushing forward with one hand. By this time the man’s biceps were so big that the sleeves of his t-shirt were beginning to rip. Simon was still pressing the pedal completely to the floor and smoke was billowing up from the tires and the overheated engine. Suddenly the back of the car came up off the ground with a jerk; Simon’s small frame fell forward and his forehead hit the steering wheel. Brandon had simply lifted the back of the car like it was nothing – a wheelbarrow for him to play with. Simon gazed into the rearview mirror and watched as Brandon’s face suddenly became even more devious. The giant’s smile seemed to reek of as power as his body did. He shifted his right hand to a more central place on the car and grabbed the bumper; the sound of metal being crushed was louder than the car’s engine. He then released the car with his left hand and raised it up in a monstrous teasing biceps flex. Simon moaned out loud – partly in lust and partly out of fear of what Brandon was capable of. The humongous arm was larger than any body part Simon had ever seen live and in person – it seemed almost thicker than Simon’s torso. There were veins streaking all across it and the mound of muscle bulged to insane heights. The sleeve of the t-shirt immediately ripped systematically across the top of the rising gun, as if the guy had planned the show perfectly. The sight of the uncovered biceps was almost too much for Simon to handle – his body was shaking uncontrollably as he willed himself not to ejaculate. He didn’t want to give the big man that kind of satisfaction. “You’re gonna regret trying to leave, punk. I’m planning to teach you a lesson or two for disobeying me. But let’s start by making it more difficult for you to go anywhere.” The monstrously pumped up man continued to hold the car with one hand and then moved his flexed arm upward. Since Simon had his sunroof open he could follow the big guy’s movements completely. Brandon reached up and grabbed the mechanism that controlled the garage door with his big hand. He then began to squeeze the box slowly – just to cock-tease the smaller man. Simon kept his foot pressed to the floor as he watched the thick fingers of Brandon’s hand begin to demolish the metal box it now surrounded. A screeching noise was emitted when the large hand became too powerful for the steel contraption to compete against. Sparks flew everywhere as the electricity was shorted, then the inner workings of the device were squeezed so tightly they fused together and oozed out between the fingers, and then finally the big man simply ripped the entire apparatus from the track overhead. Brandon chuckled loudly as he tossed it through the sunroof and it landed on the passenger seat beside Simon – still smoking and burning the leather because it was so hot from being destroyed. Simon let out a fearful squeal when he gazed at the now mangled piece of junk beside him. He glanced back through the sunroof and saw Brandon flick the garage door backwards with a slight tug of his hand and the huge metal siding went flying down the track and slammed into the concrete floor with a loud thud. Simon was sure the bottom panel of the door had sunk into the ground a few feet, even though the big man had only flicked it lightly with his hand. He returned his gaze into the rearview mirror and locked eyes with the muscled monster. “Cut the engine or I’m going to start ripping this fucking frail car apart until I get to you, little man, and there’s no telling what I’ll do when I reach your weak body. Care to find out?” Simon thought quickly. He turned the motor off, but he was out his door before the pistons stopped moving. He bolted quickly through the door into his house. Brandon laughed out loud as he watched the scared mouse run away and then he dropped the car, loving how it bounced a few times and then finally settled – obviously worn out from being overpowered by the huge stud that now towered over it. The big man walked around to the side of the car and bent down. He placed his index finger against the back tire, which was a lot more worn down than before, and then pressed in slightly. Instantly the rubber was punctured and it popped loudly like a balloon being poked with a stick. Brandon’s cock jumped a little as he realized how easy it was for him to destroy tires. This was something new for him. He did the same thing at the front after slamming the door shut which frightened little Simon had left open. It was pretty clear that the door had been shoved so hard that no mortal would ever be able to open it again. The muscle man then moved toward the locked entrance to the house, satisfied that Simon wouldn’t be exiting through the garage tonight or any time soon. When he reached the heavy wooden door he tried the handle, just to tease the little fellow on the other side. Knowing that Simon had bolted every lock on the other side made the big man laugh out loud. “After everything I’ve done so far, you actually think a little door is going to prevent me from getting in, squirt? Have you not learned anything? My cock could rip this thing off its hinges, but I’m saving that huge piece of meat for your ass. No need to waste my precious cum by getting too excited from easily ripping the rod through solid oak. You might want to stand back, little missy, since I’m about to come in even though I hven’t been invited.” Simon had, indeed, been standing behind the locked door. He had listened to everything that happened in the garage – realizing quickly what it was that had burst his tires so easily. He now jumped to the side, out of the way from what he knew would be a frightening display of brute strength. He knew Brandon was probably going to rip the door from its frame or kick it in. Suddenly, there was a loud boom and the center of the large slab of wood exploded because of the force of something much stronger busting through. After the initial shock of the destruction had passed, Simon was able to focus and saw the dust covered head of Brandon poking through like he was some giant animal trophy mounted to a wall. The guy had butted his forehead through the heavy oak without any problem and Simon noticed that the big man’s smile seemed even more evil than before. Brandon turned his head and noticed the small man cowering in fear. “Here’s Johnny! That’s right, little man, you should be afraid. If I can splinter this door with little effort just think what I’m going to do to your scrawny body. I hope your catching on to the fact that you aren’t ever going to find a place to hide from me. I’ll hunt you down no matter where you go or what you try to do to prevent me. I think I’ll come in and make myself at home now, whether you like it or not.” And with those simple words the giant simply walked into the hallway. He pushed his body upwards and forward at the same time – ripping through the remnants of the door as if it were tissue. Simon was completely flabbergasted at how little trouble it was for Brandon to rip through heavy wood with almost no inertia – the guy’s hard muscles didn’t need speed or a big head start to demolish the door, they were powerful enough on their own. Chunks of wood fell to the floor and little slivers clung to the giant’s torn and dirty t-shirt. There were burn marks in the material where sparks had fallen, there were streaks of oil and grime - clearly where Brandon had wiped his dirty hands after manhandling the car - and there were gaps and rips where bulging muscles had become too huge for cloth to contain. Simon was leaning against the wall above a chest that was used to store shoes, umbrellas, and other items. Brandon turned and towered over the smaller man. “Let’s have little conversation, Simon, but let’s see if we can make it a teenie bit more even, shall we?” Brandon wrapped his big hands around the other man’s shoulders and squeezed tightly, loving how the little guy winced with pain. The giant then pressed in and lifted the guy’s insanely light body into the air – high enough for him to stand on the chest. Now the two men were almost eye-to-eye. “So, now, you can at least look me in the face. This really doesn’t make us any more even, since I still out hulk you by so much. But, at least, now I won’t get a neck ache from having to look down so far. Geez, Simon, your body weighed nothing at all. It was like I wasn’t lifting anything. It felt like I could have broken you to pieces if I had continued to squeeze. I’m going to have to be careful when I toss you around later on.” “You aren’t going to be tossing me around, asshole, and you need to get the fuck out of my house!” Simon had no idea where he got the guts to talk to the big man that way – especially after all the powerful things he had seen Brandon do. The smaller man was simply angrier than he had ever been in his entire life. It registered on some level he was picking a losing battle but he didn’t care – even if it was suicidal – he would not let the big man get the best of him. He would let his anger override any fear that might be bubbling up in his mind. “And you’re going to pay me for everything you’ve destroyed – you hear me, you stupid thug!” To emphasize his point Simon poked a forefinger three times into the full to bursting chest that seemed as thick as the wall behind him. Brandon didn’t say anything and looked down at the finger that remeained thrust out in the air a few inches from his pecs. He shook his head slowly and made a tsk tsk sound that was very ominous. He then returned his eyes to the face before him. “I’m not paying for a thing, dweeb, and if you poke me one more time you’re going to regret it more than anything you’ve ever regretted in your entire life.” Simon’s brain was overloaded with a fury that was almost inhuman. He could hear what the big man was saying but it was like he didn’t care or like he wanted to antagonize the behemoth as much as he could. His strong feeling of defiance made him fearless. He slowly shoved his finger into the big chest before him, allowing a brave smile of rebelliousness to spread across his face. There was a brief calm before the storm and then, instantly, a huge forearm came up and brushed Simon’s arm to the side. Then the massive wall of muscle hovering in front of Simon came crashing into his body with unbelievable force – shoving him into the wall behind and causing his feet to come up off the chest. In a blink of an eye his body was compressed so tightly that he couldn’t draw even a slight breath. The small man desperately tried to gasp for air, but his chest, lungs, and entire upper torso could not move at all. Brandon’s face was pressed into the side of Simon’s head and the giant’s warm breath snorted out like a wild bull. “Yeah, little man, you thought you were being brave, didn’t you. And now it’s hard to breathe, ain’t it. You better be glad I didn’t decide to rip that little finger off your hand or punch you so hard you went soaring through that wall behind you. You’re getting a little light headed now aren’t you, punk. Right before you go nighty night from all this muscle smothering you why don’t you take a look at that beefy arm and powerful hand holding on to the doorframe to the left. I want to give you something to dream about when you blackout.” “Fuck you, Neanderthal” “Oh you must have visions of grandeur, Simon, if you think for a second that your little skinny dick will ever get to feel my tight hole. I’d probably flatten your weak cock with just one tight squeeze of my cheeks, but the fact of the matter is I’m going to be the only one doing the fucking around here. I’m going to have you begging all the time for me to stretch out your little hole with my monster dick. You’re going to dream all the time about me plowing that pretty ass of yours.” “The hell I will!” Simon’s vision was now a little blurry and he was running out of breath. Even his words no longer had much vigor behind them. A loud cracking sound made him suddenly focus for a last few seconds. Simon stared at Brandon’s large hand that was holding on to the doorframe near them. The grip was helping the big guy compress the smaller body into the wall. Simon’s cock got a burst of energy as he watched the wood and plaster basically disintegrate from the torturous pressure of the hand squeezing it. A huge chunk of the wall was easily ripped away as Brandon’s animalistic grunts became louder. That’s when everything in Simon’s world went black. Part Four Simon slowly came awake and immediately felt something heavy around his ankles and wrists. He knew, instinctively, he was sitting in one of his dining room chairs. He opened his eyes to see the jerk Brandon standing in the middle of the living room – shirtless and huge. He looked at his own forearms and saw that one of his large wrenches – from the garage – had been manhandled into a makeshift type of handcuffs. Metal had been basically twisted into an unmovable tight circle around his wrists. He leaned over and saw that the same thing had been done to his ankles using a crowbar. Simon’s first thoughts were full of awe at the power that existed in Brandon’s powerful arms – the only tools the big man needed to crush metal into any desired shape. “What’s the matter, little man? Can’t you free yourself? It took no effort at all for me to twist that iron around your puny body. Come on tough guy, show me what you got – let’s see you escape. I could do it with just two fingers.” “Fuck you!” Simon didn’t even waste energy trying to undo the wreckage Brandon had inflicted on the metal tools. He knew there was no way his small body could even attempt to pry apart the mangled instruments. He did, however, look down at the wrench to see Brandon’s finger impressions all over the metal and how it was now totally distorted. Simon became mad at himself when he felt slight disappointment about he being unconscious and not getting to see Brandon coil the tools easily with just his bare hands. That’s also when Simon noticed his hardening cock starting to stand straight up in his lap – unencumbered by clothing. He glanced at the floor and saw the shredded remains of his pants, underwear, and shirt – obviously ripped off his body by his tormentor. “Yeah, look at puny boy getting all turned on while he’s thinking about how easy it was for me to fuck up a crowbar and that huge wrench. I bet you wish you could have seen me do it – don’t you? For my big body, it was like playing with twigs – I could have ripped those things into a bunch of small pieces if I wanted. Yeah, that thought makes your cock twitch something awful, doesn’t it Simon. It’s crazy ain’t it – how I disgust you so much and, yet, you want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your entire life.” “In your dreams, asshole!” “Man, you’ve got some big balls, Simon. I mean it – both literally and figuratively. Those orange-sized ball sacs hanging from that surprisingly large penis are pretty awesome. But it’s your utter stupidity and some kind of little-man syndrome that makes you think you have even the slightest chance against my massive body that impresses me the most. I can tell you’re scared shitless by my power, but you won’t allow yourself to give into me. Even when you know that I could rip your body into a hundred different pieces with no exertion whatsoever you still choose to call me names and run from me. Hell, you even thought your big old car could run me over – but we quickly saw that all my muscles were too much for that piece of junk. I’ve beaten machines that were a hundred times bigger than your Volvo, man, so don’t ever think you’re going to stop me with anything smaller than an entire fucking continent. I’m just too strong, little one, and don’t you forget it. But I do like your spunk, man. It’s what made me choose you.” “For what?” “You’ll see. Soon, your disgust is going to turn into total lust for me man. I’m going to conquer that rebellious spirit just like a cowboy taming a bucking bronco. You’re going to be my stallion, boy, and you’re going to love it. I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time. You and me are going to have a lot of fun together.” “Go to hell! You disgust me.” “Now, now, that hurt, Simon. Really. I can’t believe you’d stoop to such a low point. I mean, it’s pretty clear by that large cock sticking so proudly straight up in the air that your body and your brain just aren’t in sync. I may disgust you mentally, but it is very obvious that my body and my strength please you on an animalistic level very much. To prove my point I thought it might be fun to take some time to play some more – this time while you’re conscious.” Brandon reached down and picked up another larger wrench from the dining room table. He walked over to stand about a foot from Simon. He held the wrench in one hand and placed his thick thumb up against the long handle. While showing no signs of strain the big man began to press harder. Veins popped out all over the big man’s forearms and biceps and a high-pitched squealing sound filled the room as Simon unbelievably watched the top half of the wrench begin to bend over. He desperately wanted to close his eyes or look away but something deep inside him would not allow it. He was so turned on by Brandon’s strength that his entire body compelled him to watch. It was nothing for the gorgeous huge monster to push the steel wrench into a right angle. Without any warning and with no way to prevent it, Simon’s throbbing cock began to leak a huge gob of pre-cum. It bubbled up out of the dick slit like lava from a volcano and then slid slowly and lovingly down his huge hard tool. Brandon watched the delicious glob of milky Simon-juice inch its way down to the large hairy balls. He took his other hand and ran his forefinger against the jism while pressing into Simon’s ball roughly. Somehow the smaller man willed himself to not erupt fully, but it became harder as he watched the huge giant move the cum-covered finger up to his mouth and suck on it loudly with slurping noises. Still holding the weak wrench in front of Simon’s face, Brandon leaned down to whisper into the smaller man’s ear. “It’s a vicious cycle, little man. Watching me manhandle this supposed strong wrench so easily causes you to leak graciously even though you don’t want to – and that only causes me to want to show off more in hopes that some simple display of super strength will finally make you shoot off like a fucking cannon. And that, my friend will only make me want to do something even bigger to impress the next ejaculation out of you – you see, a vicious cycle. By the way, you taste good – real good. Go on, tell me you don’t like me showing off my strength for you.” Brandon’s words made Simon teeter on the brink of orgasm even more. He gritted his teeth hard and somehow willed himself not to shoot buckets of his jizz into the air. Simon had always been able to unleash such a torrent of man-milk that guys had been constantly blown away over the years. He did not want to give the huge man in front of him that satisfaction – even though it was the most difficult thing he had ever done. Simon was so turned on by Brandon’s strength that he briefly forgot what an asshole the guy was and he spoke freely. “Please, god, break it in two.” Brandon pulled back from Simon – clearly pleased that his little show of strength had impressed his prisoner so much. Brandon had a master plan and all of this was just a huge preview of the main event. The big man’s own cock was so hard that he, himself, had started to leak uncontrollably, as well. Brandon knew, however, that Simon was too preoccupied to notice. He was beginning to like this little guy even more. He was extremely happy that the fender bender from earlier in the day had brought them together. It certainly seemed like fate had miraculously shined on Brandon’s life. He looked down at the smaller man and smiled. It was a smile that was somehow sweet and very devious at the same time. He spoke softly this time, but Simon didn’t notice. “The strength in just my thumb turns you on, Simon, doesn’t it?” “Yes.” “Why?” “Because it’s more power than my fucking entire body.” “So if I pull this pathetic little wrench apart it will make you happy?” “Yes! God, yes.” Brandon grabbed the second end of the wrench with his other huge hand. He quickly bent the piece of metal back into a straight line and then he began to pull – slowly. He held the tool in front of Simon’s face so the guy could get the entire effect. At this point both men were turned on beyond belief. Brandon began to pull his hands outward,– away from each other. Simon was fixated on the middle of the steel wrench and was caught off guard when metal began to react like a piece of taffy. Brandon’s powerful hands pulled the wrench slowly in two directions and the middle began to stretch – becoming thinner and thinner because of the strength that existed in the man’s body. Simon let a moan escape from his mouth as he watched the steel middle become a skinny thread of metal. Suddenly, the wrench was torn in two and this proved to be too much for the captive man. His cock began to spew like a shaken uncorked champagne bottle. Cum splattered both men’s torsos as it skyrocketed into the air. Simon screamed out – as if in agony – and Brandon moaned in total empathy with the smaller man’s uncontrollable reaction. The orgasm was long and painful for Simon. Both men were showered with thick gobs of cum and ended up looking like two cupcakes covered in white frosting. When Simon’s body finally stopped convulsing violently, Brandon quickly asked him a question – hoping to catch him off guard – even as he continued to hold the two pieces of metal in his hand. “Why does that turn you on so much, Simon? The question was simple and without any edge to it. Simon was still trying to recover from his embarrassing orgasm – which he offered to this man he truly hated – but something inside him accepted the question at face value. He realized the behemoth in front of him truly wanted to know the answer. It was suddenly a favorable glimpse into the asshole in front of him. Simon ended up answering truthfully. “Strength is such a turn on, Brandon. God, how I wish I had the strength to rip a wrench in two.” “Really, Simon? Do you really wish that?” “Of course.” The sudden smile on Brandon’s face was something unrecognizable. The big man had never grinned in a way that was so intoxicating and revealing at the same time. Simon, in a brief moment of post orgasm bliss, thought the guy truly handsome. It was disconcerting to the smaller guy to actually feel sympathy towards the man that had tormented him so – but the simple fact was there; Brandon’s nice side was a big turn on. “I hope you feel the same way Simon, because I’ve injected you with a drug cocktail that’s going to make you my physical rival in about ten more minutes.” Part Five Brandon moved behind Simon and brought his face down beside the smaller man’s head. He took the two pieces of the steel wrench he had just pulled apart with his bare hands and started rubbing the cool metal across Simon’s protruding nipples. The captive man’s chest was glistening because of the big drops of cum that had splattered him generously when he shot off watching the big man pull steel apart like it was a piece of soft taffy. Simon’s back arched away from the chair as the coldness of the tool teasingly slid back and forth across his hard nubs. Droplets of fresh semen oozed from his still hard-as-hell cock, sticking up so proudly from his crotch. Brandon moved one of the abused pieces of the wrench to the top of Simon’s dickhead and dipped it in the thick milky cum and then brought the abused tool to his own mouth, licking it ravenously – to taste the sweetness he had caused to erupt in the smaller man. “Damn, little man, you have not idea what it feels like to rip a fucking wrench apart with just your bare hands. It gives me such a rush to watch something that’s supposedly so tough bend to my will so easily. This big old tool didn’t stand a chance against my powerful arms, Simon. Did you see how I just pulled it apart like I was yanking a piece of thread in two? Fuck, that got my juices flowing – just like how it affected you. It was almost as good as overpowering your piece of shit Volvo earlier and I wasn’t even using all of my strength either time. Yeah, I like the way that makes you moan – you just can’t help yourself, can you little one? But fucking hell, man, soon you’re going to have the same kind of power. You’re going to be doing all the things I can do – even tossing little guys around whenever you want. And you’re going to be huge like me, too.” “Aw fuck, no way.” “Look at how that thought makes your dick bubble up like some kind of a hot cum-spring. Yeah, Simon boy likes the idea of growing big, doesn’t he? You see man; I’ve been searching for a guy like you. No, I’ve been searching for you specifically. I have waited a long time to find someone that didn’t cower from my size and my strength. You’ve known all day that I could rip you into little pieces without any problem, but you wouldn’t back down. Hell, you floored that shitty Volvo of yours and I still pushed it into the garage without any trouble – but that didn’t stop you from throwing insults my way. I’ve never had anyone to play rough with, Simon. Every guy I’ve ever started to share my true desire of wrestling or showing off for has gotten scared or intimidated, but not you. I lifted the back end of my last date’s car and that freaked him out. He left me in the middle of the night – and only because I asked if he would get off on me destroying things. Watching you get turned on when I demolished your garage door opener, or lifted you with one arm easily, or when I busted through your door so easily made me think you might be the one. But it was seeing how your cock spewed uncontrollably when I ripped this puny metal apart – the metal you’re feeling on your hard nips right now – well, that’s what confirmed what I suspected. You’re the perfect man to turn into my rival – hell; you might even be the perfect man to finally dominate me. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m probably more excited about your transformation than you are.” “I doubt it.” Suddenly, Simon’s brain was open to the fact that his body was about to change. He was finding it difficult in his heart to thank the man who had tormented him so for the upcoming improvements to his body, but something inside him was already grateful. Brandon was rubbing his stubbly face against Simon’s and the smaller man loved every minute of it. Something about the hardness of the hair on the giant’s cheek equaled the power packed into his bulging muscles. It was a real man standing behind him and he could feel a real man’s cock pressing into his back through Brandon’s pants. Everything seemed like a dream or like time was suspended in some way. Both men were waiting for the miraculous change that was about to take place. And they didn’t have to wait long. “Arghhhhhh!” Immediately, Simon’s body began to ache like his insides were bursting through his skin. The pain was so incredible that his brain was forced to shut down. He stayed conscious, but his mind was sending no instructions to the rest of his body – it was merely in survival mode and tried to process what was happening. The heat generated through his skin was intense and instant. It felt like he had a two hundred degree fever and that his skin was exploding. Brandon recognized what was happening and immediately slid his hands around to Simon’s chest – grabbing hold of the man’s already tight pecs with a squeal of excitement. “Aw fuck yeah, it’s happening bro – you’re about to expand to the size of a massive muscle god. Shit, I’ve got to feel all of this. I can’t wait until you shred those makeshift constraints on your hands and feet like they were pieces of thread. Fuck, Simon, you’re going to grow and you’re going to grow huge. You’re going to love the power, dude. It’s intoxicating to be able to do the things I can do. You’ll want to show off all the time. Aw hell, I can feel your chest thrusting out wider already. Man, this is so fucking hot!” Even in the midst of terrible pain, Simon was able to tilt his head forward to watch his chest grow. He saw Brandon’s huge paws resting against his pecs and teasing his hard nipples, but then he noticed that the big man’s hands seemed to be shrinking. As he looked closer he realized that the opposite was actually true – his chest was growing huge in mere seconds. Simon’s flat boyish pectoral muscles ballooned out thickly and began to double, triple, quadruple in size and then kept going – until Simon couldn’t even keep track of how much they were growing. He simply knew they were becoming gigantic. The now small looking hands of Brandon were groping at the mounds of muscle and flesh like he was a sculptor working with clay. The big man behind Simon had his head shoved over the sitting man’s shoulder so he could watch the growth of the chest he was abusing so roughtly. “Oh, hell yes! Just look at those pecs man. They’re exploding way beyond what I imagined. I should have left your shirt on to watch those big puppies disintegrate the material. That would have been so fucking hot, but feeling these things getting bigger – skin-to-skin - is even better. Damn, look at those nipples getting huge, too, Simon! So fucking hot! Those fuckers are each going to be a mouthful in no time at all.” The pain was still excruciating, but Simon forced his head forward even more so he could watch the full expansion of his upper torso. Awareness of other parts of his body growing was slowly creeping into his brain, even as he tried desperately to ignore the pain. The man knew his biceps were growing huge, he could feel them pushing outward – his left one shoving hard against the big body of Brandon and actually making the man move. Simon’s insanely tensed body started to feel different – he could tell how much weight was being added to his once small frame and it was incredible. Even in the middle of the pain the growing man could feel a power coursing through his body making him stronger – probably as strong as Brandon. The intense orgasmic thrill that was emanating from Simon’s enlarging cock was caused by his realization of the power his body was generating and the pleasure slowly started overshadowing the pain. Brandon sensed what was happening in the body of his prisoner. “I bet an intense feeling of pleasure is starting to take over you body, isn’t it Simon? That’s the sign your growth is kicking into high gear. Damn, boy, you’re going to be huge and as strong as herd of bulls – maybe even stronger. Yeah, Simon boy, I’ve been waiting for the right man to come along – someone that had the right cocky attitude to equal the body I could give him. I’ve worked for years on creating that concoction I gave you, man, so I could make a dude who could seriously challenge me. I’ve needed an equal for so long and soon I’ll have one in you, Simon. You stood up to me even when I had more strength in one finger than you had in your entire body. That actually turned me on, sir, but not as much as it’s going to turn me on when you’re a fucking strong muscle freak and you can actually give me a good fight. And judging by how hard your growing cock is right now I have a feeling you’re looking forward to it, too. By the way, dude, when your cock spews that’s when your growth is actually finished. Your body just knows and allows you to finally release all the pressure that the muscle growth has caused inside of you. Shit, man, can you feel how humongous your arms have gotten. They look so fucking hot. And that chest of yours hasn’t slowed its growing down at all. I can tell by the way you’re breathing – kind of normal now - that your bones have stopped growing – so the pain has probably stopped, too. Right now, you should just be soaking up all the glorious feelings that come from your muscles ballooning to sizes you never imagined. I can feel your ass lifting you higher off this chair as it gets thicker and thicker with muscle.” “Feels . . . so . . . good!” “I bet it does, dude. I bet blood is pumping through your body a hundred times faster than it did just an hour ago. And all that blood is turning into muscle – which is connecting with the muscle that’s already there and pushing it out even more. Every part of you is growing, dude. Even your smallest toe is going to end up about five hundred times stronger than it was. My hand groping your abs feels like its pressing into the side of a mountain. Everything on you is getting so fucking hard – that big cock, your skin, and every single growing muscle. Your shoulders are as wide as mine now, Simon, and that excites you so much, doesn’t it – to be the size of the guy you’ve lusted after all day. I can see that cock of yours is getting ready to shoot off like someone just threw a lighted match into an ammo factory. Shit, look how thick you are everywhere - the heaviness feels awesome doesn’t it, big man?” Even though Simon still despised the man standing behind his now huge frame, he couldn’t deny that everything Brandon was saying was true. Simon suddenly felt like he weighed as heavy as a tank or something. And every part of his body felt thicker than super dense metal. His cock was so huge that as it bobbed back and forth he could feel it actually pulling his crotch and ass in different directions. Simon's legs felt like two pillars of marble – dense as hell and hard enough to withstand a car slamming into them. His arms felt super heavy and powerful. The growing man could actually feel each part of his biceps and triceps muscles and sense how thick the layers of sinew had become. There was an inner awareness of the power in his arms that was hard to explain. Simon knew he could do amazing things even before he had done them. But the part of his body that brought him the most satisfaction – the muscled enhancements bringing him closest to explosion - had everything to do with his massive pecs. Brandon obviously felt the same way because his hands had returned to the growing mammoth chest and he was doing everything Simon wished he would – squeezing the man nips hard and twisting them tight, cupping his big hands under the mega pecs and copping more than a handful as Simon bounced the fuckers, and he even tried unsuccessfully to dent in the thick meat with his fingers, but Simon's mounds of muscle weren’t giving at all. Watching Brandon play with the new gorgeous chest and listening to the guy praise the enlarged body finally became too much for both of men – Simon's super charged cannon started shooting large balls of cum into the air as his hard stomach tightened even more with each powerful ejaculation. Volleys of thick white juice shot above his head and rained down everywhere. At the same time he felt Brandon’s warm juice shoot up his back as the guy's strong hands latched onto the new pecs for dear life while he unloaded big time. At some point during Simon's growth the big man behind him had gotten rid of his own pants and underwear. “Fuckin hell . . . Simon . . . I’m gonna . . . have a . . . heart attack!” Simon's dick remained rock hard even after it spat out its last few thick drops of sweet muscle honey. His powerful orgasm didn’t tire him at all – as a matter of fact, it energized the guy in a way he had never known. Simon suddenly felt like a superhero or something. He raised his huge arms and looked at the twisted wrench still connecting his wrists, but he also noticed his forearms were now so thick that the metal was actually cutting into the skin, when there had been a lot of room to spare just a half hour earlier. Simon started to pull his wrists apart, knowing, instinctively, he could easily rip the metal tool into two pieces. “No, Simon, use just your fingers, please.” Brandon using the word ‘please’ registered somewhere deep in in the other man's psyche – Simon realized it was the first time the other guy had spoken that way since they met. The newly large man was too fucking supercharged at that moment to do anything more than note Brandon had used the word. Simon wanted to test his strength and he wanted it more than anything he'd ever wanted in his entire life. Simon placed his forefinger and thumb on either side of the mangled wrench and then squeezed lightly. The steel tool squished between his fingers like it was nothing more than a stick of butter. The big man was destroying a fucking big wrench with just his fingers. Suddenly the center of the twisted tool snapped in two and his new huge arms moved in opposite directions. Simon's cock coughed up a few more drops of cum simply in response to the tremendous power he had just felt in two fingers. The fucking power of only two fingers! A big smile crept across his face and he shivered with delight – something that was not missed by big Brandon. “Feels fucking great, doesn’t it Simon. Snapping metal apart like it was nothing. Just think, if you’ve got that kind of power in your just your fingers, imagine what kind of strength must exist in your insanely huge arms or those massive quads. Welcome to the life of a muscle god, my man. Your perspective is never going to be the same from this moment forward. There’s no such thing as the word ‘no’ for you now, Simon. With just a flex of your super biceps or a little strength behind your grip you’ll be able to get anything you want. You’ll learn quickly that things which are supposedly more sturdy than you really aren’t – kind of like that Volvo out in the garage. You’ll find that when someone closes a door you won’t be looking for a fucking window to open, you’ll just smash the wimpy door down with one mighty punch. Big Simon is going to embrace his dominating spirit quickly - I just know it. I chose the perfect person to join me in my quest to challenge the limits of this unbridled power. Look at you squeezing that wrench between your fingers and making the thing snap into little pieces. You could do that all night long, couldn’t you? And how about that crowbar at your feet, you going to do something about it, too?” “What crowbar, Brandon?” The big man behind Simon leaned out and looked down. The captive man had snapped the other guy's mangled handiwork around his ankles a few minutes ago – simply by pulling his feet apart. The tool was now unrecognizable as it lay in multiple pieces on the floor. Simon continued to roll the metal between his fingers – flattening it and then balling it up and then flattening it again, as if it were just a gob of wet clay. He loved how his mind was quickly embracing his new power. He fully understood all that he was capable of and he had already begun to make some plans. The huge man waited until Brandon moved his body back behind the chair and leaned his face in so it was next to Simon's again. “I can see you love the power just as much as I do, Simon. That makes me very happy.” “I’ve got something else that will make you happy, Brandon.” “Yeah, what’s that?” “This!” Simon shot his arm back with a burst of super strength. His elbow connected with Brandon’s midsection and sent the standing guy flying backwards a few feet. Brandon fell to the ground on his ass and he was now holding his stomach. Simon jumped up quickly, grabbed the heavy wooden chair he had been sitting in with only one hand and swung it through the air to connect with Brandon’s head and right shoulder as the guy sat recovering on the floor. The big man fell over on his side and Simon noticed the huge adrenaline rush that shot through his body as he struck back at the guy who had tortured him so. There was, however, a sudden flash of panic in Simon's mind as he looked at Brandon’s body on the ground. The newly supercharged man definitely felt a pang of remorse for hurting the other big dude. Where in the hell did that feeling of compassion come from? Simon stood totally still as it hit him that he actually had a crush on the other dude – even though the guy had bullied him for the entire day. Simon realized that he had loved watching Brandon show off his strength and had actually encouraged it more by blatantly defying the guy. Simon had spat out hateful words at Brandon all day just to make the big man use his incredible strength to punish him even more. In only a few seconds Simon went from thinking he loathed the huge muscle man to worrying that he had actually hurt him. “Brandon, I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Brandon was shaking hard on the ground and Simon's panic increased. Maybe Simon only thought he understood his power and he had used too much strength when he attacked the guy on the floor. The chair had broken into a thousand pieces as soon as it hit Brandon's hard muscles, but Simon had certainly swung it with all of his might. Brandon was saying something, but Simon couldn’t understand. Then it became very clear that the guy lying on the floor was actually laughing. “Hurt me? With a chair? With your big arm? Simon, you don’t get it do you? It’s going to take a lot more than that to actually hurt me – and now you, too. I certainly felt your superbly executed elbow slam, but my body absorbed the blow very quickly. You’ll learn that things might faze you for a few seconds –being hit by a speeding car, a hand grenade, or an entire rugby team, but then you kind of recover fast and it actually increases your power somehow. I don’t really understand it. I actually didn’t feel the chair at all – it was like a pestering fly landing on my big body. Dude, you and I have strength that most people can’t even dream of. You’re going to have to let me show you all the fun things we can do.” Brandon was sitting up again and Simon plopped down on the floor across from him – stunned by all that had just been revealed. Simon knew the other man was right, though – he sensed he now had a power within that was unbelievable, but he didn't think he fully understood how much strength he really had. Simon suddenly realized that having Brandon as a mentor was going to be a good thing. That thought made his cock stir a little and the guy started to smile. “I couldn’t help but notice that you were actually worried about me for a few seconds, Simon.” “Temporary insanity.” “I know I was hard on you earlier, Simon, but I needed to make sure you were the one. I hope you know I would’ve never really hurt you.” “You pressed me into a wall until I passed out, Brandon!” “Okay, there was that. I actually just like doing that trick – it gets me hard every time. You can throw me through a couple of walls or whack me on the head with a telephone pole if it will make you happy. Really, I wouldn’t mind.” “You wouldn’t mind because it wouldn’t hurt you. I’d just end up with holes in the walls and a busted pole. Seems like a waste of time. I would, however, request that you allow me to rip apart your truck with my bare hands – to make up for what you did to my car and my house.” “Hey, that truck is my pride and joy.” “Then it will definitely make us even. Anyway, afterwards I’ll just buy you another one.” “How can a guy argue with that?” “And one more thing, my good friend, Brandon.” “Yes?” “This” As Simon spoke he stood up and moved towards his new friend. Without any warning he swung his arm in a huge circle and his fist smacked into Brandon's face with what was surely enough force to bring a down a building. Brandon went flying back quickly, his head hitting the floor hard enough to crack the Italian tile all around him. There was a brief moment of disorientation and then the flattened guy started laughing hysterically as he rolled back and forth. “I did not see that one coming, sir! I felt the punch a lot, by the way, but it was more like a love tap.” “Good, because that’s what it was meant to be, Brandon!” Simon threw his new big body down on the equally huge Brandon on the floor. Simon immediately started grinding his hard cock into Brandon's equally stiff member, which had sprung to life as soon as he had been elbowed so roughly and then grew even harder after Simon punched his face. The guy just loved his friend's new power. Without even thinking about it Simon smashed his mouth into Brandon’s – pressing with enough force to crush a stainless steel fridge. With just his lips, no less! The two men kissed passionately for a few seconds, while they both grabbed hold of the other guy’s hard nipples and twisted tightly. Simon could sense that his muscle partner was starting to leak pre-cum, which matched the big gobs of juice oozing from his own big cock. The man on top pulled his head away from Brandon's and looked down at the smiling face looking up. “And what would be the first thing Mr. Brandon would like me to do with my new powerful body?” “Well, since you asked. I was wondering, sir, if you would mind if we took turns pounding each other’s ass. I’ve never been able to really let loose with a man before and I’m hoping for such hot sex we might do a little damage.” “You mean like breaking a lamp or the headboard of the bed?” “No, I mean like destroying the entire fucking house.” [The End, but also the Beginning for Another Time.]
  14. * FINALLY FINISHED * This Chapter is the very first one with NONE of the JP story in it at all, but I will fill a gap in Chapter 21: between JP and Matt's workout at JP's house and heading to the park to meet Andrew and his friends. Once JP and Matt were done playing football with Andrew, Mike and Carrie, they decided to get changed before having supper at JP's house with his parents and Matt's mom. "Matt and I brought a change of clothes with us," JP said, as he and Matt held up their backpacks. "But I'm guessing that you three left your good clothes back at your hotel." "Yes we did JP," Andrew said, "But I brought a Washington Area map with me so that we could find our way here from our hotel." He unfolded the map on his car hood and pointed to the pink line that went along the roads from the Comfort Inn Pentagon City to Burke Lake Park. He handed JP a pink highlighter and added, "All you have to do now JP is trace the route from here to your house on the map." "Why did you choose a pink highlighter to mark the map with Andrew?" JP asked him with a slight frown. "It's the only colour that wasn't already on the map, so it will stand out," Andrew replied. "I didn't pick that colour to make a crack at you and Matt, if that's what you're thinking." "Actually I was for an instant Andrew," JP conceded, lowering his eyes to the map to hide his embarrassment at being wrong. Then he looked back up at Andrew and added, "I'm sorry about that man." "Don't you know me better than that JP?" Andrew asked him with a hurt look on his face. "I'd never make fun of someone else's choice of partners! I'm not your brother Ryan you know!" "Yeah I do know that Andrew, but I'm just really nervous about anyone else finding out about me and Matt," JP revealed in a very soft voice. Andrew leaned closer to make sure he could hear everything JP was about to say. As he continued tracing the route to his house and filled in the address, he added, "With all the people who have found out today: Matt's mom, you and Carrie, I don't know how much longer we can keep the secret from getting out." "Well don't worry JP, I won't tell anyone: certainly not your parents at dinner tonight," Andrew promised him. "You can trust me like a brother; I hope you know that." "I do Andrew," JP assured him, breathing a big sigh of relief. He set down the highlighter after he finished tracing the route to his house: which was in the subdivision north of the park. "Now, onto a different subject Andrew." His big friend nodded in agreement and stood up to his full height. "As you can see from the map Andrew, my house is in the triangle formed by Burke Lake Road, the Fairfax County Parkway and Ox Road." "I have eyes JP!" Andrew teased him. JP looked up from the map and grinned as he saw Andrew smiling at him. "You know Andrew, even with the map highlighted, you might have a hard time finding my house without my help. Why don't Matt and I follow you guys back to your hotel in his car. Then all you'll have to do is follow me back to my house." "Good idea man," Andrew agreed, looking at his watch. "It's 3 pm now; what time are your parents expecting us for supper?" "5:30," JP replied. "Let's go back to your hotel where we can all get changed. Then Matt and I can show you three around the Springfield Mall and our other favourite hangouts before we head back to my house for supper." "Good ideas JP," Andrew said. "Let's go," he added, folding up the map and opening the driver's door of his car. Carrie got into the passenger seat and Mike got into the back seat. Everyone closed their doors and wound down their windows. JP squatted down beside Andrew's window and said, "You lead the way to your hotel Andrew; I'll be right behind you." Andrew smirked at his choice of words. "I didn't mean it that way Andrew!" JP chuckled, feeling his face turn red with embarrassment. "But I'll expect you to be right behind me when we leave your hotel!" "Funny man JP, but I'm a giver, not a taker!" Andrew laughed, hoping to ease JP's embarrassment. His ploy worked as he saw the redness fade from JP's face. "Let's see if you can keep up with me," Andrew bragged, proving that JP wasn't the only one who could use double meanings. JP laughed as he headed to his car and Andrew started his engine. Once JP and Matt got into his car, Andrew pulled out of the parking lot and onto Ox Road. He turned right onto Burke Lake Road and headed northeast towards the intersection with Braddock Road. JP stayed right behind him as they headed northeast, passing a few houses on their left side. "I just thought of something Andrew," Carrie said suddenly. Andrew looked over at her briefly and saw her looking very thoughtful. He waited for a few seconds for her to speak and then prompted her, "Well don't keep it to yourself Carrie, unless it's something I shouldn't know." "It is something you should know, but JP forgot to tell us," Carrie said. "What's that?" Andrew asked her. "JP never told us if his parents know we're coming for supper or how much they know about us," Carrie replied. "I'm sure he asked them if we could come over for supper, but you're right: we don't know what he told them about us," Andrew realized. "I wonder if JP let them know that he thinks of me as his honorary big brother." "I don't know Andrew, but we should ask him when we get back to our hotel," Carrie decided. After about ten minutes, Andrew turned right onto Braddock Road and headed east towards the Capitol Beltway: specifically Interstate 495. "Hey JP, Andrew's taking Braddock Road towards the Beltway: a route we know very well," Matt said. "Yeah and he seems to know where he's going, probably because he highlighted the route from his hotel to the park," JP informed him. "He's probably back-tracking." He noticed Matt looking confused, so he elaborated, "He's retracing his route back to his hotel." Matt nodded in understanding as JP mentally kicked himself for forgetting that his boyfriend wasn't a genius like him. After another couple of minutes, the ramps of the Capitol Beltway came into view and Andrew took the southbound ramp of Exit 54B onto I-495. "Now we head south to Exit 169A, which we will take onto Interstate 395 northbound," Carrie informed him, looking down at the map in her lap. "Thanks Carrie," Andrew said, keeping his eyes on the interstate traffic as he carefully merged with it. "This traffic is really heavy; it's worse than driving on the 401 in Toronto!" "Don't tell me that you're nervous Andrew!" Carrie teased him, trying to put him at ease. "You can flatten linebackers effortlessly in football games! Is my huge muscular man scared of a few little cars that he could probably overturn with no effort at all?" "Ok Carrie, I know what you're doing, and it's working," Andrew laughed. "Thank you for helping me relax; I'll have to reward you for that later." "How about we shower together back at the hotel and you can show me how grateful you are," Carrie suggested with a sexy smile. "Okay Carrie, but don't distract me too much with sex talk on this busy highway," Andrew ordered her. He smirked as he noticed her staring at his crotch and then swiftly caught her hand as she reached for the waistband of his gym shorts. "Don't even think about giving me Road Head Carrie; it would be too dangerous in this traffic!" Mike burst out laughing from the backseat and Andrew glared at him in the rearview mirror. "Shut up man; you're not helping!" "It's your fault for speaking your thoughts Andrew, when you should have kept them inside your head!" Mike chuckled. Carrie burst out laughing at his choice of words and Andrew finally cracked a smile: realizing that they had teamed up to make him relax. "Okay guys, it worked: I'm relaxed now," Andrew assured them. "Are you happy now?" "I'll only be happy when I can feel the soft touch of my big man in the shower," Carrie informed him. "You won't have long to wait for that Carrie, as long as you keep your eyes on the road so that we don't miss our exit," Andrew reminded her. Carrie smiled as she looked back at the road and imagined all the fun she and Andrew would have in their hotel shower later. Once the two cars got to the intersection of I-495 and I-395, they turned onto I-395 and took it northeast towards Alexandria, passing the Landmark Mall and skirting the northern Edge of the city. They finally reached Andrew's hotel at the Glebe Road exit and pulled into the parking lot. "There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Andrew asked as he got out of his car. "Whatever you say 'Mr Scott,'" JP laughed, recognizing Andrew's quote from Relics: a Star Trek Next Generation Episode. "So, now that we're here which rooms should Matt and I shower and get changed in?" "Mike's room," Andrew replied. "Carrie and I are going to have fun together alone in our hotel room." He glanced over at Carrie with a suggestive smirk, and she returned it with one of her own. Then Andrew turned back to JP and said, "Let's go upstairs now and we'll meet in the lobby in half an hour." JP nodded in agreement as he and Matt followed Andrew into the lobby and up the stairs to his room. "Were you afraid that our combined weight would be too much for the elevator Andrew?" JP asked him with a joking grin. "No JP!" Andrew laughed. "I just figured that star athletes like us don't take the elevator. That's something lazy people would do!" JP laughed as Mike opened the door and waved to Andrew as he and Matt followed Mike inside. "Alone at last Carrie," Andrew said, picking Carrie up effortlessly and taking her into his room. He closed the door with his free hand and began kissing Carrie softly as they headed into the bathroom. "I hope you're going to do more than kiss me Big Man," Carrie teased him with a sexy smile. "I'll hug you as well Carrie," Andrew promised her. "I want you to fondle me," Carrie ordered him. "Maybe later Carrie; I don't want to risk hurting you and the shower is going to be awfully slippery once it's all wet," Andrew reminded her, turning it on. "And so will you Andrew; I'll make sure of that!" Carrie chuckled. "Well then, you'd better start right now Carrie," Andrew decided, making sure the bathroom door was closed. He smirked as Carrie struggled to take off his skintight t-shirt. "What's the matter Carrie: is my t-shirt too tight for you to get off?" "Yes it is Andrew, so I'll let you do it," Carrie chuckled, as Andrew peeled off his t-shirt. "I'll have to figure out some other way to make you happy." "I certainly will be if you keep doing what you're doing Carrie," Andrew assured her, as she began fondling his massive pecs and eight-pack abs. "You mean if I keep doing you," Carrie suggested with a sexy smirk as her soft hands continued to explore his massive muscles. "I don't think that would be a good idea Carrie, at least not until we're both legally consenting adults," Andrew said seriously. Carrie nodded in agreement, not knowing the real reason Andrew was reluctant to have sex with her: he was afraid he would hurt her with his great size and strength. "I'll just keep massaging your massive muscles Big Man." "Yeah Carrie, you've waited since this morning to worship my massive muscles, haven't you?" Andrew asked her with a cocky smirk. "Yeah I have Big Man," Carrie replied, closing her eyes in pleasure as Andrew gently massaged her face and neck. She quivered in anticipation as Andrew bent down and gently kissed her. As his massive arms came gently around her slender frame, Carrie felt tears running down her face. "I love you so much Andrew, and it only grows deeper the more intimate we become!" "Well don't worry Carrie, I'll make sure it gets better each time," Andrew promised her, gently wiping her tears of happiness off her face. "I look forward to it Andrew, and it will be great when we go all the way: hopefully before Christmas," Carrie hoped. Andrew smiled and nodded: feeling nervous about having sex with Carrie for the first time, but only because he was afraid that he would accidentally hurt her with his great strength. Knowing how irresistible his massive muscles were for her, Andrew no longer had any doubts about performing up to and beyond Carrie's expectations. For the next 20 minutes, Andrew and Carrie fondled, hugged and kissed as they had their shower. Then they got changed into their clothes for dinner. They made sure they had their ID and US money and then stepped out into the hallway, locking the door behind them. "Oh, no one to meet us," Andrew said, as he noticed that the other three were not out of their hotel room yet. "Good, that means they aren't ready yet, so we were still able to beat them even though we had fun with each other in the shower," Carrie said. "Yeah, but they had to take their showers one at a time," Andrew realized. "That means it took twice as long." "Don't you mean three times as long Andrew?" Carrie corrected him. Andrew shook his head with a slight smile and Carrie nodded in sudden understanding, realizing that JP and Matt had probably taken their shower together. "Sorry about my mistake Andrew." "No problem Carrie," Andrew assured her. "Now I'm going to see if they're ready." But he didn't get the chance; as soon as he stepped up to the room next door, the door opened and JP stepped out. "Hey Andrew, I see you and Carrie are all ready for dinner," he said. "Yes we are JP; are you and Matt ready to lead us to the Springfield Mall?" Andrew asked him. "Yes Andrew, but I was hoping I could ride alone with you," JP requested. "I'd like to prepare you for the reception you'll face at my parents house. Matt can follow us with Carrie and Mike in my car." "That's fine with me JP," Andrew agreed, after Carrie nodded in approval. "Let's go." As they walked down the hall to the elevator, Carrie smiled at Andrew, very happy that she had such a great boyfriend. JP led them to the elevator, and the doors opened as they approached. A crowd of people got off the elevator and then the five teenagers stepped inside. Andrew pressed the lobby button and the elevator doors closed. After the doors closed and the elevator began to descend, Mike said to JP, "My older brother's name is Matt." "That's good Mike; what does he do?" JP asked him. "He's in the Infantry in the Canadian Army," Mike replied proudly. "He's one of Andrew's instructors during his reserve weekends." JP nodded as the elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal the hotel lobby. As he led the way across the lobby to the front doors, he said, "We'll make the Springfield Mall our first stop." "Will we see any of your friends there JP?" Andrew asked. "No I don't think so Andrew," JP replied. "I never see much of them during the summer." He pushed open the front door and led everyone outside. "See you at my house Matt and be careful driving my car." "I will JP," Matt promised him, waving goodbye. "Since you commented on my car when I arrived at the park earlier, you won't have any trouble finding it in the parking lot JP," Andrew said. JP nodded and tried to figure out how to tell Andrew what he had noticed without making his huge friend mad. Once they got to Andrew's car, JP took a deep breath and said, "I have something to tell you Andrew, but I don't know how you'll react." "Then you'd better tell me now, before we get in the car JP," Andrew warned him. "That way, you won't be trapped in a small space with me if you make me mad." "OK Andrew: here goes," JP said, screwing up his courage. "Basically, when you were bragging about the fun you were going to have with Carrie in your hotel room, you were acting just like Ryan does." "Again with your brother JP," Andrew sighed in exasperation. He opened his car door and added, "I really hope I get to meet him, considering how obsessed with him you are. From what you've told me, he sounds a lot like some teammates of mine who are arrogant jocks." "Ryan used to be on the wrestling team with me before he focused only on football," JP said as Andrew started the car. "Now he has a full ride to Virginia Tech." "Are you proud of him for that?" Andrew asked him as they pulled out of the parking lot. "I would be if he wasn't such an arrogant prick about it!" JP snapped. "He even took off a summer road trip without telling our parents where he was going. They just hope that he makes it to Tech in time for the first football practice." "You know, since he's an incoming Freshman, he'll probably be Red-shirted," Andrew informed him. He noticed JP grinning and added, "That should knock his ego down a notch or two." JP's grin widened as he realized that Andrew had once again found a way to make him feel better. Then he suddenly realized something else. "Hey Andrew, does that mean that you won't get any playing time in your freshman college season either?" "I will get some playing time if we win the Provincial Championship this fall JP," Andrew predicted with a cocky smirk. "However, we'll have to wait to see how much playing time the football coaches at Ohio State offer me." He noticed JP's grin turn into an excited smile at the mention of the school he wanted to go to for college wrestling. "Consider my recruiting visits this summer practice for yours next summer JP," Andrew advised him. "By bringing you along with me, you'll be on the radar of the college wrestling coaches and maybe they'll come see some of your matches this fall. Make sure you wear your varsity wrestling jacket on my recruiting visits and bring your District Finalist medal as well." "I will Andrew," JP promised his big friend, really happy that Andrew was preparing him early for his college career. "After supper, I'll get my jacket and medal out of my room for the road trip that starts tomorrow. Did you bring your football jacket with you Andrew?" "Yeah man, it's in the trunk," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "I'll probably wear it at the mall; it should be cool enough in there." "Good, then we can see how close in colour scheme they are," JP said, suddenly remembering that Andrew's school colours were blue and white just like his. As they approached the Capitol Beltway, Andrew said, "There's a question I've been meaning to ask you JP." "You want to know how much my parents know about you," JP guessed. When Andrew nodded, JP added, "You also want to know if I got their permission to go on your recruiting visits with you." "And what is the answer to those two questions JP?" Andrew asked him with a big grin. "I'll tell you right now Andrew," JP replied. "We should be at the Springfield Mall by the time I'm done." Andrew nodded at him to go ahead and JP began speaking. ========================================================================================================================================================== A few hours before, JP and Matt had gone over to JP's house for their daily morning workout in JP's basement gym. Then they went upstairs to shower and change for lunch with JP's parents. They came downstairs to find JP's parents finishing the lunch preparations in the kitchen. "Good morning JP," his mom Maureen greeted him. "Did you and Matt have fun last night at the National Mall?" "Yes we did Mom, though there was one unpleasant incident that had a positive outcome." "What happened son?" his dad Paul asked him, as his wife ushered them into the dining room for lunch. "A big college guy and his friend were sexual harassing Chrissy so I intervened," JP replied as he sat down at the dining room table. He noticed his dad's face clouding with rage so he hurried on with the story. "One of the big guys wanted to fight me, so when he went to punch me I twisted his arm behind his back, put him in a choke hold and threw him to the ground. Chrissy thanked me after they ran away and then we suddenly noticed two huge guys approaching us. I was about to fight them too, but Chrissy told me that they had been approaching to help her out before I got there. I thanked the huge guys for being ready to help Chrissy out and then Matt and I introduced ourselves to them. We got to know them better throughout the evening and they watched the fireworks with us later, after introducing us to their friend Carrie of course." "And what are the names of these two huge heroes?" JP's dad asked him with a big grin. "Andrew Pearson and Mike Stevenson," JP replied with a proud grin. "Andrew Pearson: the YouTube High School Football Star?" JP's mom asked in astonishment. "That's what I asked and Andrew confirmed it," JP replied. He turned to his dad and added, "He's a really great guy Dad and I got to know him quite well in the half hour before the fireworks started." After telling his parents everything he and Andrew had talked about, he showed them the pictures and videos he had taken of Andrew the night before. Then he concluded the story by saying, "I told Andrew that I'd ask you two if he could come over for dinner tonight with his friends to meet you and Matt's mom." "Well considering all that you've told us about him, that sounds like a great idea son," Maureen said, as they continued eating lunch. She looked over at Paul, who nodded in agreement, and added, "He sounds like a great role model for you and I'm glad that his success hasn't gone to his head." "It sounds to me like Andrew could teach your brother Ryan a thing or two about what being a big brother is all about," Paul said with pride in his eyes. "We'd be honored to have a famous Canadian football star eat dinner with us tonight." JP grinned, knowing that those words were high praise indeed coming from his dad. "Did you say that Andrew and his friends are going on recruiting visits throughout the Mid-West this week?" "Yeah Dad, but I guess I forgot to tell you what Andrew offered to do for me and Matt," JP realized. "Did Andrew offer to take you two on his recruiting visits with him?" Paul guessed with a glowing grin of pride. JP nodded and Paul shouted, "I knew it! Andrew is indeed the role model you need right now and he's thought of everything to help you secure your college wrestling career!" "You sound more excited about it than I am Dad!" JP teased him. "I am excited JP; Andrew's going to help your college wrestling dreams come true," Paul predicted. "He's really filling the role of the big brother very well so far. We'll have to talk to him over supper of course, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather have looking after you than Andrew Pearson." "I don't need anyone to look after me Dad, not after I took down that punk who was bugging Chrissy last night!" JP informed his dad with a glare. He flexed his biceps and snarled, "I can take care of myself and anyone who cares to test that theory is going to regret it!" "I should have chosen my words more carefully son, but so should you," Paul warned him with a frown. "I hope you don't try to start anything with Andrew; judging by his size, he could crush you like a paper cup!" "And Ryan too!" JP predicted with a cocky smirk. "Stop it son!" Maureen shouted angrily. "Ryan may have been acting like a jerk the last few years but he's still your brother. He might need you one day, so don't turn your back on him now." Mrs. Maloney had no idea how prophetic those words were, but in a couple of years they would all find out. "Okay Mom, I understand," JP said, mostly to placate her because he couldn't imagine a future where he and Ryan would ever be close again. "I'll think about what you said and try to think of Ryan as my brother and not my rival." "Good for you son," Paul commended him. "But speaking of rivals, both you and Andrew lost your respective championships last season, didn't you?" "Yeah Dad, but why are you bringing that up now?" JP asked. "Maybe during your road trip this week, you and Andrew can mentor each other on how to win your respective championships this season," Paul replied. "I could also give you two some tips during supper tonight." "Good idea Dad," JP said sheepishly, looking down at his plate as he finished his lunch. "I'll tell your ideas to Andrew when I see him at Burke Lake Park this afternoon." "Good for you son: you're including him in your workouts," Paul said approvingly. "After supper you should show Andrew your basement weight room and the wrestling room at school." "More good ideas Dad," JP agreed, as he and Matt stood up from the table. "Can Matt and I head over to the park now to meet Andrew and his friends?" "As soon as you call your mother Matt," Maureen replied, standing up to collect the lunch dishes. "Invite her over for supper and you can tell her all about meeting Andrew and his friends last night." Matt nodded and went into the living room to make the call. His mom agreed to come over to JP's house for supper that night and told him, rather hesitantly, to have fun with JP and his new friends in the park that afternoon. Then Matt and JP said goodbye to JP's parents and headed over to Burke Lake Park to go running with Andrew and his friends. =================================== "Good story JP," Andrew commended him, as they pulled into the Springfield Mall parking lot. "Well, here we are." "I have eyes Andrew!" JP teased him, throwing Andrew's earlier line back in his face. Andrew grinned at him and then noticed JP's car pull up beside them with Matt, Carrie and Mike inside. "Hey Matt, I see you made it okay." "Yes I did JP; so what will we do in the mall for the next hour or so?" Matt asked him. "We'll just walk around and stretch from our workout this morning and our jogging this afternoon," JP replied. Then he got out of the car and turned around to see Andrew putting on his blue and white ODCVI Varsity football jacket. "And now I know what Andrew's going to do: show off his jock status to all the people on the mall." "Yeah JP, I have to give into the jock image sometime so it might as well be right now," Andrew informed him with a cocky smirk. He locked his car and added, "I'm ready if you are JP." "Yeah I am Andrew," JP said, following Andrew to the nearest mall entrance. Andrew led the way into the mall and headed for the food court, once he checked the directory to find out where it was. "Supper's in a couple of hours Andrew." "Yeah I know, but I haven't eaten since lunch so I'm starving man," Andrew informed him. "These huge muscles need constant fuel to stay well maintained." "I can understand that man, but no one could miss how well maintained your huge muscles are. There should be a Five Guys in the food court." Once they got to the food court they realized that there was no Five Guys there. "It looks like you made a mistake JP: there's no Five Guys here," Mike said. "Thank you Captain Obvious," JP snapped. "I don't suppose you can tell me where the nearest Five Guys is?" "You're the one who lives in this area JP; you tell us," Mike dared him, not letting JP know that he knew the answer. "Right across the Interstate on Old Keene Mill Road," JP suddenly remembered. "Let's go: I'll show you guys my favourite restaurant." "And then I can return the favour if you ever come up to Orillia," Andrew offered. Everyone nodded in agreement and then retraced their steps back to their cars. As they walked, JP realized that there was something different about Andrew, but he couldn't put his finger on it. His huge friend seemed taller than he had been before their visit to he hotel, and there was a nagging sound that JP had constantly heard since they had entered the mall. JP slowed, lost in thought, and then looked ahead at Andrew. He finally noticed the source of the nagging sound he had heard. "You're wearing cowboy boots Andrew: that's why you're suddenly taller," JP realized. "Am I?" Andrew asked, looking down. "Oh yeah I am. But then I've always worn cowboy boots since Grade Five, so I didn't even notice. I only wear shoes when I have to dress up, work out or play sports. And the reason that I'm noticearly taller is because the heels on my boots are three inches, not the normal inch and a half. So I stand 6 foot 10 with my boots on: making me the same height as the Undertaker. So I may have to duck my head to get into your house." "Don't worry about it Andrew; you look really cool and tough," JP commended him. "It's no wonder everyone we've passed has stared at you in awe and fear!" "Don't forget about yourself JP; you attract a lot of attention as well," Andrew reminded him. "Yeah I noticed that yesterday at the National Mall and on the train," JP said, suddenly looking embarrassed. "Don't feel embarrassed JP; it comes with the territory of being a top athlete," Andrew informed him. "Just wait until the interviews start!" "You've had interviews Andrew?" JP asked him in astonishment. "Yeah man, I was Athlete of the Week on VR News at the end of the last football season," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "Then the college recruiting visits started a few months ago." "Which schools did you visit this spring Andrew?" JP asked him, as they reached Andrew's car. "Penn State, West Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Florida and Miami," Andrew replied, his smug grin morphing into a cocky smile. "But those were Junior Day visits, held during March Break. I was one of only 50 high school junior athletes at those events." They got into Andrew's car and he started it. "The first visits paid for by the schools start tomorrow when we visit Ohio State." "You mean THE Ohio State," JP corrected him as they pulled out of he parking lot. Andrew smiled and nodded; realizing that of course JP would know the proper name of the school he wanted to wrestle at during his college years. "What other schools are we visiting this week Andrew?" "Notre Dame, Michigan State and the University of Michigan," Andrew replied, pleased that he would be able to visit four US Football schools that week. As they drove across the bridge over the Interstate, JP asked, "Will we spend one night at each school Andrew?" "That's the plan JP, but I'll have to check Mapquest to be sure," Andrew replied. "From what I remember though, the first leg of the trip takes us to Ohio State in six and a half hours. We'll pass halfway between Pittsburgh and Morgantown on Interstate 70 westbound." "And I'm guessing that the schedule is more flexible since we're driving," JP guessed, as they stopped at the red light at the west end of the bridge. Andrew nodded in agreement as the light turned green and they were able to turn left before the oncoming traffic started moving. Andrew parked his car in front of the Five Guys restaurant and waited for Matt to pull up beside him in JP's dark green Geo Prizm. Then evryone went into the restaurant and lined up for their food along the left wall beside the bags of potatoes. The guys at the counter soon took their order, staring at JP in awe and Andrew in fear. Andrew felt exasperated that he got the same reaction everywhere he went but he was also relieved that JP was diverting some of the attention off of him. As they waited to pick up their order, Andrew sent Mike to pick a table for them with Matt and Carrie. Then he turned back to JP and noticed him glancing warily around the restaurant. "What is it JP; what has you so nervous?" Andrew asked, though he could guess. "I'm making sure no one from school is in here," JP replied. "I'm really popular there, even more so now than my brother, and since we have a supper timing to meet, I don't want there to be any more delays." He smirked as Andrew grinned at his use of a military phrase. "Just a phrase I picked up from my dad Andrew." Andrew nodded with a smile and hen turned back to the counter to pick up their order. JP breathed a sigh of relief: pleased that Andrew hadn't figured out that JP didn't want anyone from school telling Ryan about his new friend Andrew. But his hopes were dashed as he turned towards their table and noticed a huge familiar figure coming through the front door. "Oh no," JP groaned in dismay; not pleased at all to see his brother's former teammate on the football team. "Let's get to our table Andrew, before he sees us." "Who are you talking about JP?" Anew asked, as they reached their table. "It's Tyler Backton: Ryan's teammate on the football team," JP replied, putting a hand to his forehead in dismay as they sat down. "Of all the people I didn't want to see today, he's the one who could tell Ryan all about you!" "Maybe if he tells Ryan that I took over his role as your big brother, it will shame Ryan into reclaiming it," Andrew suggested hopefully. "Don't worry JP; I'll stand up and hopefully my size will scare Ryan once he hears about it." He stood up, revealing himself and drawing Tyler's attention. Tyler's eyes widened in astonishment at Andrew's size and he carefully approached JP's table. "Hey JP, who's your big friend?" Tyler asked hesitantly once he has stopped beside JP's table. "It's huge friend actually, and his name is Andrew Pearson," JP replied, standing up from the table. Andrew stepped forward to shake Tyler's hand, towering over him even though Tyler stood 6 foot 3 and weighed 275 pounds. Tyler had to conceal a wince at the strength in Andrew's grip, guessing that JP's huge friend could bench a lot more than 400 pounds. "Good to meet you Tyler," Andrew said. "You used to play high school football with JP's brother Ryan is that right?" "Yeah this is my senior year coming up so it's my last chance to impress Penn State enough to get a full football scholarship." "Then we have something in common: we both want to earn a full ride from the NCAA," Anew informed him. "I hope to get into Miami but depending on how the recruiting visits go, I could be persuaded to stay closer to home: like Ohio State perhaps." Andrew glanced significantly at JP as he finished speaking, who took it as a cue to say goodbye to Tyler. "It was good seeing you Tyler but we have a dinner timing to meet. I'll say hi to Ryan for you when I see him and I'll see you at the wrestling camp in six weeks." "Sure JP; see you later," Tyler said agreeably. He nodded at Andrew and added, "Nice meeting you man." "You too," Andrew said, giving him a big grin. "See you later." Tyler nodded and headed out of the restaurant with his take-out order. Once he was gone, Andrew turned to JP and said, "There now, that wasn't much of a delay, was it JP?" JP shook his head and grinned: pleased that Andrew had once again found a way to make him feel better. Half an hour later, as they were driving to JP's house, JP said, "I have a very important question to ask you Andrew." "What is it Big Guy?" Andrew asked him, glancing over at him with a small grin. "What's it like to be you?" "What do you mean JP?" Andrew asked, even though he had an idea. "You're admired and respected by everyone, even my friends, you're a god on the football field and lots of NCAA schools want you to join their football teams. How have you stayed so humble even though you've been a super jock for years?" "Superjock: that's a good one JP," Andrew said with a smirk. He noticed his smaller friend looking at him seriously, waiting earnestly for an answer. "It hasn't been easy not to let all the attention go to my head for the past seven years. But once I took care of the bully in Grade 5, everyone admired and respected me for being their hero. I couldn't bear to disappoint them, so I had to play the role of the humble big guy." "So you're just pretending to be humble Andrew?" JP asked, looking disappointed. "At first I was, but then it became my natural state," Andrew informed him. "I had a rough time when my Grandpa died almost a year ago and I gave into the cocky jock role to cover it up. But when I got suspended from the team and then we lost the Provincial Championship, it put things in perspective and I returned to my humble and gentle nature. Also, everyone wanted to learn how I got so big and strong so I gradually became a mentor for the small guys: training them to become football players like me in high school." JP grinned: pleased that his image of Andrew as a gentle giant had not been tarnished. "It sounds like you've made nothing but good decisions in your life man." "I know it seems that way now, but 2004 was quite frankly a 'Year of Hell' for me," Andrew informed him with a frown. "That was the title of a two-part Voyager episode in November 1997," JP suddenly realized. "Yeah, but unlike the crew of Voyager, the events were not erased by a magic reset button so I have to live with those memories for the rest of my life," Andrew said seriously. I was allowed to play the final two games of last season and I didn't let my emotions get the better of me even when we lost the Provincial Championship. Coach Everson noticed my newfound maturity and helped me get invites to Junior Days here in the States a few months ago. And now I'm going on my first unofficial visits to schools in the Midwest." "Are you bringing Mike along, just like me, to help him get exposure to the college coaches?" JP asked him, astonished at Andrew's story of maturity discovery. "Yeah man, he was my first protege: I taught him everything he knows," Andrew replied proudly. "I want to help him realize his college football dreams. Unless the college coaches ban me from bringing anyone else along on my recruiting visits, I'll make sure the limelight shines on all my proteges." JP nodded, pleased with Andrew's explanation, and then just glanced occasionally at his huge friend in awe during the rest of the drive to his house. Andrew noticed and smiled quietly to himself: pleased that he inspired such admiration from a famous athlete like JP Maloney. Once they arrived at JP's house, Andrew got out of his car and took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. "It's okay Andrew, I told my parents nothing but good things about you," JP assured him, as Matt pulled up in JP's car. "You lead the way into your house with Matt JP," Andrew ordered him. "I'll follow with Carrie and Mike." JP nodded and led the way to the front porch. As he climbed the front steps, the front door opened and JP's parents stepped out. "Hello son, how are you?" JP's dad asked him. "I'm fine Dad: I had a great day with my friends," JP replied. He motioned behind him and added, "I'd like you to meet my new friend Andrew Pearson." Mr. Maloney, who rarely had an emotional reaction to anything, widened his eyes in astonishment at how huge and muscular Andrew was. JP, on the other hand, grinned at how much bigger and more muscular Andrew was than his big brother Ryan. "I'm very pleased to meet you Andrew," Mr. Maloney said, revealing his admiration for Andrew by using his first name right away. He stepped forward and shook Andrew's hand eagerly, who remembered to be gentle so that he wouldn't crush Mr. Maloney's hand. "JP has told me and my wife all about you." "All good things I hope, but I guess we'll find out once you invite me inside," Andrew said. "Yes you will, come on in Andrew," JP's mom said, ushering everyone into the house. She shook his hand once they were inside and added, "Welcome to the Maloney house Andrew." "Thank you Mrs. Maloney," Andrew said, taking off his boots. "You're welcome Andrew, but please call me Maureen," Mrs. Maloney ordered him. "And call me Paul," Mr. Maloney added. As everyone took off their shoes, Matt's mom stepped out from the living room. "This is Mrs. Anderson: Matt's mom," Maureen said, as Andrew and his friends stepped forward to shake her hand. "I'm very pleased to meet all of you," Mrs. Anderson said as they all stepped into the living room across from the kitchen. "So Andrew, JP tells me that you can bench-press more than 500 pounds," Paul said once they were all sitting down. "More like 700 pounds actually, but who's counting?" Andrew asked with a smug grin. His grin faded as he noticed everyone staring at him with a mix of awe and fear. "If you have enough weight plates in your basement gym, I'd be glad to demonstrate," he offered. "We should have enough plates downstairs," Paul assured him. "After all, JP here benches over 300 pounds," he added, smiling proudly at his son. "Let's go downstairs and find out." Andrew and his friends followed the Maloney's downstairs to the basement weight room: where Ryan and then JP had turned themselves into the gods of Central High School. While Mike and Carrie stared at all the machines and weights with astonishment, Andrew didn't seem surprised. "You don't seem surprised like your two friends to see an entire gym down here Andrew," Paul said. "I have one in my basement at home Sir and it looks a lot like this," Andrew informed him. "Call me Paul Andrew," Mr. Maloney advised him. "Because it's time for a rhyme Paul?" Andrew asked him with a smug grin. "Very funny Andrew!" Paul laughed, as JP added extra weight plates to the bench-press to bring it up to 700 pounds. "Twice as much as I bench but I'll get there one day," JP predicted. "First you have to win the State Championship JP," Paul reminded him with a frown. "Yes Dad, I will," JP assured him, putting the locking pins in place. "But before any of that happens, we have to see if Andrew can truly bench 700 pounds or if he was exaggerating." "Hey JP, don't talk about me like I'm not in the gym!" Andrew ordered him. He flexed his massive biceps with a cocky smirk and added, "Last time I checked, I was in the gym!" "There's no way anyone could miss you, considering how big and muscular you are!" JP assured him. "Let's see how effective these huge muscles are in the gym!" Andrew shouted in excitement, laying down on the bench. "Get your cameras ready everyone!" Andrew grabbed the loaded bar as JP lowered it into his hands. Then he lowered it to his chest and pushed it up fairly easily, causing his friends to look amazed at his awesome strength. Since JP was serving as his spotter, though he really didn't need one, Mike was free to capture Andrew's massive strength using the video mode on his digital camera. Mike, like everyone else, watched with amazement as Andrew benched 700 pounds easily, making it look almost effortless. Andrew raised the bar for the tenth and final rep, letting JP put it back on the brackets. "Good job Andrew," JP congratulated him. "How do you feel?" "It felt easier than it did last week," Andrew replied with a big grin. "I didn't even break a sweat this time. Do you have any more weight plates so that I can try again for my maximum of 800 pounds?" "No I don't Andrew," JP replied, his eyes wide with fear and amazement at Andrew's awesome strength. "Too bad JP," Andrew said, sitting up from the weight bench. "I guess I'll have to see if the gym at Ohio State has enough weight plates to challenge me." "Yes, when you take JP and Matt there," Paul said. He looked at his watch and added, "It's time we got dinner started, so we'll go upstairs now. Mike, you come upstairs with us so that you can email that video to the colleges you and Andrew will visit this week." "I'd like to stay down here with Andrew until dinner's ready," JP said. "I have something to show him that I think he'd like to see." Matt glanced over at JP as he headed upstairs and JP nodded, confirming that he was going to show Andrew The Wall. "See you upstairs later for dinner Andrew," Carrie said, standing on her toes to give him a kiss. Andrew bent down to meet her soft lips, kissing her softly. He folded his massive arms around her gently as he breathed in the fruity aroma of her perfume. "See you soon Carrie," he said, stroking her face softly as he drew back from her soft lips. JP grinned as he saw the gentle smile on Andrew's face as Carrie walked upstairs. "You really love her, don't you Andrew?" JP asked his huge friend. "Yeah man, in fact, I hope we get married before we go to college," Andrew replied. He turned to JP, saw him smiling, and realized that he was probably thinking of Matt. "Now JP, enough about me; what did you want to show me?" "What I call 'The Wall' Andrew," JP replied, leading him to a door in the far left corner of the basement. "I've only shown this to Matt, so I hope you realize how much I trust you that I'm letting you see it too." "I understand JP," Andrew assured him. "Let's see what this 'Wall' looks like," he added, as they stopped in front of the door. JP grinned and opened the door, turning on the light so that Andrew could see the contents of the room for himself. As Andrew looked around the back room, his eyes widened as he saw the pictures of JP's progress from a skinny kid to a muscular jock. "You look surprised Andrew," JP said with a smug grin. "Don't you have pictures of your progress at home?" "Just in a photo album, not all over two walls JP," Andrew said with a slight frown. JP seemed to twitch at the words 'Photo Album' and Andrew noticed. "What is it Big Guy?" he asked softly. "I have something to show you Andrew," JP replied. "Again, this is something I've only shown one other person: Matt." Andrew watched as JP walked over to a cabinet in the far corner of the back room. He opened a drawer and pulled out a photo album: the same one he had shown Matt after their visit with Matt's dad. "Are those more pictures of you JP?" Andrew asked with a big grin. "No Andrew, these are pictures of my brother," JP replied seriously. He opened the album and showed Andrew the pictures of his big brother Ryan: from when he was a fat kid in Grade Five to when he became a high school jock. "When Ryan was a fat kid he was always nice to me and I idolized him: following him around everywhere. He was the perfect big brother back then." "So what happened JP?" Andrew asked him gently, as they looked through more pages of the album. "As he got leaner and more muscular, he began to pull away from me, especially once high school started and he made the football team," JP replied. "Once he became a jock, he no longer had time for me." "Then who taught you how to work out when you got to high school?" Andrew asked with a confused look on his face. "Actually Ryan did, but only because I begged him to," JP replied sadly. "He didn't offer to do it; I had to bug him until he gave in. Then he told me that if I worked out a bit, perhaps even joined the wrestling team he was on, I wouldn't get picked on at school. You might not believe this Andrew, but I was barely 100 pounds two years ago." "I know, I can see the pictures JP," Andrew reminded him, pointing to the left side of the first wall. "Yeah that's true," JP realized. "Anyway, Ryan became my personal trainer and workout partner almost two years ago and he helped me become what I am today." "So what happened JP?" Andrew asked, figuring that they would soon get to the heart of the matter. "What happened between the two of you that turned you from workout partners into rivals?" "I really don't know Andrew," JP replied, looking down at his feet. "Are you sure JP?" Andrew asked him seriously, handing back the photo album. "You never gloated when you began to catch up to his size and strength? You never made fun of him when he got stuck on a weight-lifting plateau or put on a few pounds of fat?" JP's jaw dropped in astonishment at Andrew's insight but then his face fell as the full impact of his big friend's words hit him. "Oh no," he whispered, sitting down on the bench with his chin in his hands. "It's all my fault Andrew: I pushed Ryan away by doing everything you described during my last workout with him three months ago! Instead of encouraging him when he got stuck at 325 on the bench-press for three months, I gloated that I was only a few dozen pounds behind him. I rubbed my success in his face instead of thanking him for helping me get to where I am today!" "I'm afraid so JP, but you're not the only one to make those mistakes," Andrew assured him. "I did the same thing with Steve almost seven years ago, even though he never trained me. I certainly didn't think about our friendship when I gloated about suddenly being bigger and stronger than he was when we started Grade Five!" "You were only ten years old Andrew; you probably didn't know any better," JP assured him. "But I on the other hand was already 16 years old three months ago and I still made fun of Ryan!" "Don't feel too bad JP; at least you still spent time with him all these years," Andrew reminded him. JP's face brightened with a small smile as he realized that Andrew was right. "I, on the other hand, completely neglected Steve the summer before Grade Five, even though we had been best friends since Nursery School! And then to make matters worse, once I got bigger than he was, I just gloated about it instead of helping him get as big and strong as I was! I also spent more time with my new protege Mike instead of Steve and then our friendship ended in a big shouting match that Christmas." "And how did you regain your friendship with Steve?" JP asked, hoping that he could get an idea on how to repair his relationship with Ryan. But his hopes were dashed when Andrew replied, "I never did repair my friendship with Steve JP or he would be here with us right now. Instead, I have spent the past seven years being his rival on the football field, even though we're on the Offensive Line together!" He noticed the look of defeat in JP's eyes and suddenly thought of something that could cheer him up. "But you have something going for you that I never had JP." "What's that Andrew?" JP asked, a glimmer of hope returning to his eyes. "You and Ryan are brothers," Andrew replied, as JP put the album back in the cabinet drawer and closed it. "And as you said, you last worked out together only three months ago, which means that you continued spending time with Ryan even when he didn't want to." "That's three things Andrew," JP teased him, ushering him out of the back room. As he closed the door, he gave Andrew a cocky smirk and added, "I thought a smart guy like you would know how to count!" "Very funny JP!" Andrew laughed, as he followed his smaller friend across the gym to the benchpress. "The point I'm trying to make is: you didn't give up on your relationship with Ryan like I did with Steve. I know Ryan's away right now on his pre-college road trip, but when he gets back, you should try to fix your relationship with him before it's too late." "It's already too late Andrew!" JP snapped in exasperation. "Ryan ran off on his road trip without saying goodbye to me or our dad! We don't even know if he'll be back for Thanksgiving, which is four and a half months away here in America! He'll probably have forgotten about me by then! And if you haven't fixed your friendship with Steve, what makes you think I can fix my relationship with Ryan?" "It's only been there months since you last spent time together, not seven years like it has been with me and Steve," Andrew reminded him, trying to keep his smaller friend calm. "Also, don't forget that he's your brother JP. Family ties don't usually get broken; they just get frayed. I have confidence in you JP; you're not the quitting type. You know, the next time Ryan is home for a while, perhaps during Christmas Break, I should come down here so that I can see both of you. Maybe if Ryan sees our brotherly relationship, it will inspire him to regain what he's lost by turning away from you." "Or he'll figure that he's been replaced and reset me even more," JP huffed, feeling worse not better. "I guess I'm not the best example on this matter JP; I can't even follow my own advice!" JP nodded in agreement, wondering when his big friend would stop talking about Ryan. "After all, I've never had a brother and I haven't shown any willingness over the past seven years to patch things up with Steve. I just replaced him with my first protege Mike Stevenson: the guy for whom I originally neglected him! I think when I get home this summer, I will try, somehow, to make up with Steve. After all, we'll only have one last year of high school together and then we may never see each other again! I can only hope that you try to repair your relationship with Ryan when you see him again. I would hate for you to have to live with the regret of a failed relationship for seven years like I've had to do." "Sure Andrew, whatever you say," JP said dismissively, getting really tired of being lectured by his huge friend. "And maybe Hell will freeze over while I wait for Ryan to become my Big Brother again!" "You'll have to make it happen JP; you can't wait for it," Andrew advised him, trying not to get mad at JP's impatience. "Once you're as big as he is, he won't be able to ignore you anymore! He'll have to talk to you then and maybe he'll be proud of you for a change instead of jealous!" "You're right Andrew," JP realized, relieved that his huge muscular friend wasn't mad at him. "I'll try to fix our relationship the next time I see him, if he gives me the chance that is!" "That's all I can ask JP, but remember: you don't have to do all the work," Andrew suddenly realized. "Ryan has to want to be your Big Brother again or you'll never regain your relationship with him. I only hope it doesn't take something happening to one of you for the other to realize just how important you are to each other." Andrew had no idea how prophetic that statement was, but he did realize that he was scaring JP when he saw a glimmer of tears in his eyes. "Sorry for scaring you like that JP; I guess I'm not doing a very good job of cheering you up, am I?" "No you're not Andrew," JP replied: both truthfully and bravely considering how huge and muscular his big friend truly was. Andrew glared at him and JP hastily added, "But I guess you can't be good at everything, can you Big Guy?" Before Andrew could reply, the basement door opened and JP's dad started down the basement steps. "Dinner's ready you two," he said. "Come upstairs and get washed up." As Andrew and JP followed him up the basement steps, he asked, "What were you two talking about down here? It sounded rather heated." "We were talking about Ryan," JP replied through gritted teeth as he clenched his fists in fury. "I can't believe that he didn't even say goodbye to us before he left!" "Neither can your mother and I," Paul agreed. Then he added, "But I guess we shouldn't be surprised; he barely acknowledged us during the last four years!" "I'm here Mr. Maloney," Andrew said quickly, hoping to head off another rant about Ryan. "I'd be glad to fill the 'big brother' role for JP." "Thank you Andrew," Paul said gratefully. "That's exactly why we're trusting you to take good care of JP during your upcoming Mid-West Recruiting Visits." He noticed JP glaring at him and hastily added, "Not that JP needs to be taken care of; he proved that last night when he took care of that jerk who was bugging Chrissy!" JP grinned proudly and then his father's previous sentence penetrated his consciousness. He turned from the sink, where he was washing his hands, and asked his dad excitedly, "Did you say that Andrew will be taking care of me during the recruiting visits?" His dad nodded with a small grin. "You mean I can go with my new friend Andrew on his road trip?" "Yes JP, but first clean up the water you splashed on the floor in your excitement," Paul ordered him with a chuckle. JP's face turned red with embarrassment as he grinned sheepishly and grabbed some paper towels. Paul turned back to Andrew and said, "I'm placing a lot of trust in you Andrew: to keep JP safe during this road trip. Can you do that for me?" "For us Paul," Maureen corrected him with a frown. "JP's our son, not just yours." "Of course dear," Paul said hastily. "I didn't mean to forget about you: I just mispoke." "Okay Paul," Maureen said. She handed him some plates and added, "You can make it up to me by setting the table." "I'll help him Mom," JP offered, anxious to spend some time with Matt. "Good idea son, that will give me a chance to talk privately with Andrew for a couple of minutes," Maureen decided. Andrew looked surprised, but he stayed quiet while JP and his dad left the kitchen with the plates and cutlery. Then he turned to JP's mom and asked her, "What did you want to talk about Mrs Maloney?" "Call me Maureen Andrew," Mrs Maloney said. Andrew nodded and Mrs Maloney continued by saying, "I just want you to know how much Paul and I appreciate you being there for JP." "Especially since Ryan hasn't been," Andrew interjected. "JP told me all about that downstairs while you guys were cooking dinner." "Yes Andrew, Ryan hasn't been there for his brother like you have, both last night and today. JP told me at lunch all that you talked about last night and how similar you two are, considering all that you've both gone through over the last few years." "Yes I was surprised myself at how similar we are," Andrew agreed. "But I'm glad to help JP get a head start on his college wrestling hopes by taking him with me to Ohio State." "I have completed confidence in your ability to look after JP on these upcoming unofficial recruiting visits of yours," Maureen informed him proudly. "Thank you very much Mrs Maloney," Andrew said gratefully. "I'll make sure to justify your faith in me by keeping JP safe. But from what I saw last night, JP doesn't need protection from anyone!" "Yes, being a District Finalist in wrestling does have its advantages when dealing with college guys on the prowl," Maureen agreed. "Have you ever had to use force to scare people away from Carrie?" "Only the force of my voice," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "One of the advantages of being huge and insanely strong is that anyone who wants to start trouble is scared away with just a look!" "Good for you Andrew; now that you are in the middle of college football recruiting, any fighting you're involved in could derail that entire train ride!" "Thanks for that insight Mrs Maloney," Andrew said, as the oven timer went off. As she took the food out of the oven, he added, "I find it very gratifying to serve in a big brother role for JP, just like I did in previous years for my proteges." "That's good to hear Andrew," Maureen said, setting the food on the large breadboard. "I'm glad you've had a lot of practice filling the mentor role. Now let's go into the dining room for dinner; everyone's waiting for us." Andrew nodded and helped her bring the food into the dining room. Then they sat down at the table, where everyone else was already seated. They said grace and began eating. "So Andrew, have you and your friends mapped out a travel plan for your NCAA Road Trip?" Mr Maloney asked. "Yes sir," Andrew replied. "I have the map book in the car; I can show it to you after supper." "Good idea Andrew, because if you're taking the route I'm thinking of, I have another idea." "I can remember the route sir," Andrew said. "Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan State and Michigan." "That confirms that my idea will work, but I'll tell you what it is after supper when we look at your map book," Mr Maloney decided. Andrew nodded in agreement and Paul added, "So Andrew, do you realize what an amazing coincidence it was that you and JP were in the National Mall at the same time last night?" "Yes sir I do," Andrew agreed. "But I also realize that this was the only summer I could do it. Last summer I was Basic Reserves Training and next summer I will be preparing for my freshman season of college football. But I must say, when I saw JP on the train, I knew that I recognized him from somewhere. Then once my friends and I got back from our tour of the National Mall, we used his bright blue tank top as a reference point to find our spot on the lawn again. Then I remembered where I had seen him before: on the front page of the sports section of the Washington Post." He noticed JP's friends and family smiling with pride at the memory of the day JP had been interviewed. "I was trying to figure out how to introduce myself to your son when those two big college guys started bugging Chrissy. I was about to intervene when JP got there first and helped her out. Then I was able to introduce myself to him, once he noticed me of course." "You're impossible to miss Andrew," Paul said proudly, referencing Andrew's huge muscles. Andrew smiled quietly as Paul added, "JP told me all about how you were ready to help Chrissy before he got there." He thought for a moment and then said, "I might as well tell you my idea now, while you get yourself a second helping." "What do you man sir?" Andrew asked innocently, after he swallowed his last mouthful of food. "You cleaned your plate Andrew and so did Mike," Paul replied with a big grin. "Raise your hand if you want seconds." "How about I flex my arm instead," Andrew decided. He flexed his massive arm with a cocky smirk and added, "Both my huge arms need lots of fuel to get even bigger!" Everyone around the table laughed at Andrew's cocky attitude, which reminded them that he was a jock, not just an athlete. "I think your ego is just as big as your arms Andrew," JP teased his huge friend. Andrew grinned at his smaller friend and then realized he'd better get the conversation back on track. "What was your idea Mr Maloney?" he asked, as he got himself a second helping. "Call me Paul Andrew; I told you that when you first got here," Paul said. He waited for Andrew to nod in agreement and then added, "Ann Arbor is a lot closer to Orillia than it is to Washington DC." "Yes it is Paul," Andrew agreed, grinning as he guessed where JP's dad was going with this. "Good, then since we've hosted you tonight, how about you and your family return the favour once your unofficial visits are complete?" "Are you serious Dad?" JP shouted in excitement before Andrew could reply. "I get to meet Andrew's family and friends and perhaps see where he has achieved glory on the gridiron?" "If Andrew and his parents agree," Paul reminded him. He looked over at Andrew, who nodded in agreement. "Good, then all we need to do is get your parents on Skype after dinner and ask them." He looked over at Andrew and asked, "Are they home?" "Yes Paul; they're making plans for me to visit some Canadian football schools," Andrew replied. "Good, then it's all settled," Paul decided. "Let's finish our dinner and then we can Skype your parents and see if they're on board with my idea." Everyone nodded in agreement and followed his suggestion. Then, after dinner, Andrew used his laptop to get his dad on Skype so that he could introduce his parents to his new friend JP Maloney and his family. "Hey Dad," Andrew said once Chad's face appeared on the screen. "Hello son," Chad said, grinning at his son. "How is your Washington trip going?" "It's going quite well Dad," Andrew replied. "In fact, I met some new friends and their parents." He took a few minutes to tell his dad about the events of the previous evening and that afternoon. "What do you think Dad?" "I think you've made a great new friend," Chad said with a proud smile on his face. "But you forgot to tell me his name." "I didn't forget, I held back his name deliberately," Andrew informed him with a smug grin. He motioned JP to step into view of the laptop screen and added, "I think you'll recognize him." JP stepped in front of the laptop screen as Andrew stepped back. Chad's smile widened as he said, "You're JP Maloney!" "Yes I am Sir," JP said, surprised that Andrew's dad recognized him. "How do you recognize me Sir?" "I took a business trip down there last week and I noticed your article in the sports section of the Washington Post," Chad replied. "It was the part about you starting a middle school wrestling camp that caught my eye actually." "Why was that Sir?" JP asked, not noticing Andrew stepping into the living room to speak with JP's parents. "Andrew has been a mentor himself: his first mentor was Mike actually," Chad informed him. "Then he mentored Mike's older brother Mark. The next year, he mentored the current Starting Quarterback and Wide Reciever on the OD Varsity Football Team. You stick with Andrew and he'll show you how to be a good mentor for your future protege Nick." "I will Sir," JP promised him. "You don't have to call me Sir, JP," Chad informed him. "Okay Mr Pearson," JP said agreeably. "That will do for now," Chad said. "Now, did Andrew call me on Skype just to introduce you to me or did he have another reason?" "There is another reason, but I should let Andrew tell you what it is, after you meet my parents of course." JP motioned his mom and dad over to Andrew's laptop and they introduced themselves to Andrew's dad and mom. "My parents had an idea Mr Pearson," JP said. "I'll just get Andrew so that he can hear it too." JP went into the living room to get Andrew while Paul and Maureen talked for a bit with Chad. "Your son is a really great young man Chad," Maureen said. "He has really taken JP under his wing in the absence of JP's older brother Ryan." "Yes I know that very well and he has been a great young man for many years," Chad agreed proudly. "Did Andrew tell you how he has mentored a few of his friends over the years and helped them become football players?" "Yes I believe he mentioned that," Paul said. He looked up and noticed Andrew and JP coming back into the den. "Explain your idea to your dad Andrew." "Actually it was your idea Sir," Andrew reminded him with a smug grin. "Yes it was Andrew," Paul realized. "Okay Mr Pearson, here's my idea: since Andrew's last recruiting visit is near Detroit, he could go right to Orillia from there with JP." "So that we can host you and your family in return for you hosting our son right now," Chad realized. He turned to his wife Susan and asked, "What do you think dear?" "That sounds like a good idea," Susan agreed. "We have lots of room if you count the guest room and the pullout couches." "Good then it's all settled," Paul decided. "We'll keep in touch so that you can let us know when Andrew leaves Ann Arbor. Then my wife and I will start the journey to Orillia, which we will be able to reach in one day from here. Then we can all meet at your house." "That sounds good to me," Chad said. "See you all in a few days. Be sure to call me once you've crossed the border Andrew." "I will Dad," Andrew promised, waving goodbye to Chad. "See you later." "Goodbye son: enjoy your recruiting visits," Chad said. Once the Skype connection had been broken, Paul turned to andrew and said, "There now, it's all settled: once you and my son cross the border into Canada, he can call us so that we can start our journey to meet you in Orillia." "Would a text message be more convenient Sir?" Andrew asked. "That way, JP won't get any international calling charges on his phone bill and neither will you." "That's a very good idea Andrew," Paul commended him. "Thank you for suggesting it." He turned to JP and said, "Now how about you and Matt take Andrew and his friends over to the high school so that he can see the football field and the wrestling room." "Good idea Dad," JP agreed. "But how will we get into the wrestling room? I don't have a key." "But Coach Graves does and he'll be expecting you," Paul informed him. "Once you told us about Andrew during lunch, I knew that it would be a good idea to show him where you have achieved glory on the wrestling mat. So I called Coach Graves and told him my idea. Since he had some work to do for August's Wrestling Camp, he said that he would bring it to his office in the high school after supper. I told him you would meet him there at 7:30." "Okay Dad, I'll go get ready now," JP said, heading for the stairs. "Good idea JP," Paul agreed. "Your mom and I will stay down here to entertain your guests." "Thanks Dad, since I can't do that all the time!" JP joked, heading upstairs. "Don't forget your wrestling jacket JP!" Andrew shouted. JP grinned and nodded, pleased that Andrew was thinking of everything. As JP turned the corner out of sight, Maureen turned to Andrew and asked, "Why did you tell JP to bring his jacket? It's really hot outside." "It was my idea for the recruiting visits," Andrew replied. "It makes sense for him to make sure it still fits. He's pretty muscular you know." "That's an understatement Andrew, especially when referring to you," Mrs Anderson said with raised eyebrows. "Thank you Mrs Anderson," Andrew said. "But I think I should get my jacket out of my car to make sure it fits. I'll be right back." Andrew headed outside to his car and JP's parents took that opportunity to get their digital camera. Once Andrew came back inside with his football jacket on, he found his friends and their parents waiting for him in the living room. "What's going on here?" Andrew asked with a smile. "Just a group shot before you go, now that you both have your jackets on," Paul replied, holding up his digital camera. "You mean all three of us," Andrew said with a cocky grin, as he held up Mike's football jacket. Paul grinned at Andrew's cocky attitude as Mike put on his football jacket. Then Paul set the timer on the camera, placed it on the mantle, and stepped back so that he would be in the picture with everyone else. Everyone grinned as the camera flashed and then stepped up to the mantle to see what the photo looked like on the screen. Once everyone had voiced their approval of the group picture, JP said, "We'd better get going Dad, so Matt and I can show Andrew and his friends the high school wrestling room." "Actually JP, you and Andrew go ahead," Matt said. JP turned to look at him in surprise and Matt added, "I want to stay here with Mike and Carrie." Andrew turned around to see Mike and Carrie nodding in agreement. Mike saw his look of astonishment and said, "Don't look so shocked Andrew: you must realize that the dynamics of this friendship were set last night when you spent half an hour alone with JP." Andrew nodded in sudden understanding and Paul said, "Besides Andrew, while you and JP are talking with Coach Graves, I can show your friends JP's wrestling videos." JP looked suddenly embarrassed, hoping that his dad wouldn't show the footage of the District Final match that JP had lost four months before. Paul noticed his son's sad look and decided to cheer him up. "If you lend me your digital camera son, I can upload the video you took last night of Andrew to YouTube." JP handed over his camera and grinned at the thought of helping raise Andrew's profile for the NCAA. He watched as Andrew slapped Mike on the back and hugged Carrie goodbye. "I'm ready to go now JP," Andrew said as JP opened the front door. "Good, so am I Andrew, so let's go," JP said, heading outside. Andrew waved goodbye to JP's parents and Matt's mom, before following his friend outside to the driveway. "Should we take your car or mine?" Andrew asked once he reached the driveway where JP was waiting. "We should take yours Andrew, it looks cooler," JP replied. "Especially when I turn on the underlights," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. "You must be a fan of the Fast and Furious movies," JP realized. "Especially 2Fast 2Furious," Andrew said with a big grin as they got into his car. "Because it takes place in Miami right?" JP guessed. "Gee, someone's a genius, as far as stating the obvious!" Andrew laughed as they backed out of the driveway. "Shut up man!" JP laughed as they drove down the street. Andrew and JP continued laughing and joking as they drove to Central High School, enjoying the freedom to act like jocks without worrying what their friends thought. Meanwhile, back at JP's house, Andrew's friends and JP's parents said goodbye to Matt's mom, who was heading home. Matt promised her that he would stop by to say goodbye the next morning, since JP's parents had granted permission for him to stay over. "After all Matt, Andrew only knows the way to this house, not your house," JP's mom reminded him. "That's why your mom brought an overnight bag for you when she came over for dinner." Matt's mom didn't reveal the real reason she was letting Matt stay over at JP's house that night: she needed some space from her son after the bombshell he had dropped on her that morning. Andrew and JP soon reached the high school and parked by the gate in the fence surrounding the football field. "Are you ready to go inside Andrew?"JP asked as he got out of the car. "As soon as I get something," Andrew replied, popping the trunk. He got out and opened the trunk lid all the way. Then he pulled out his old Miami Hurricanes football and closed the trunk. "See JP, just a little accessory to complete my jock image." "You mean your super jock image," JP corrected him with a smug grin. "Your words JP and I agree with them," Andrew said with a big grin. "Let's go into the school and meet your wrestling coach. Then you can show me the wrestling room where you have achieved athletic glory." JP grinned back at his huge friend and led the way into the school for the chat with Coach Graves. As Andrew followed him down the hall to the wrestling room, JP smiled to himself as he realized that he would be mentoring a dozen kids there in wrestling in about six weeks. "What do you think Andrew?" JP asked as they stepped into the wrestling room. "Most impressive JP," Andrew replied, looking around at all the pictures and newspaper articles on the wall. His eyes widened as he realized that most of the pictures and articles were of JP. "Someone's certainly popular in this school," he remarked, making the understatement of the year. "He should be, he's the first District Finalist we've had in over a decade," a deep voice said from behind them. Andrew and JP turned around to see a burly man in his 40s walking towards them. "I'm Coach Graves: the Head Coach of the Central High Spartans Varsity Wrestling Team." "Pleased to meet you Coach," Andrew said, holding out his right hand. Coach Graves shook it firmly, only wincing a little bit from the strength of Andrew's iron grip. "I'm Andrew Pearson: Starting Center for the District Champion ODCVI Blues Varsity Football Team." "District Champion sounds more impressive than District Finalist," Coach Graves realized, causing JP to look down at his feet in shame. Graves noticed and quickly apologized. "Sorry about that JP but it's true. You're good, but obviously not good enough." "I'll do better this season Coach," JP promised with a scary look of determination on his face. "This time I won't just win the District Title but I'll be the State Champion as well!" "I'm sure you will JP," Graves agreed, pleased at how determined his Star Pupil was to succeed. His cell phone suddenly rang from his shirt pocket. "Sorry guys, but I have to take this call: I've been expecting it." He opened his clamshell phone, pressed the green phone button to accept the call and listened intently. "Okay, I'll send him right out." He ended the call and turned to Andrew. "There's someone important waiting for you on the 50 yard line of the football field Andrew." "Okay Coach, I'll head out there now and then I'll meet you and JP back in here," Andrew decided. "We'll meet you out there Andrew," Graves said. "JP and I have a few things to work on for the Lincoln Middle School Wrestling Camp in six weeks." Andrew nodded in agreement and waved to JP as he headed out of the wrestling room. As he walked down the hall towards the exit doors, he wondered who could be waiting for him in the middle of the football field. Once he exited the building, he saw a big man in his 40s standing in the middle of the field. As he got closer, he noticed that the big guy was wearing a Central High Spartans Football t-shirt. "Hello Andrew, I'm Coach Palmer: the Head Coach of the Central High Spartans Varsity Football Team." "Pleased to meet you Coach," Andrew said excitedly, shaking his hand firmly. He noticed Coach Palmer massaging his sore hand and smirked as he added, "As you already know, I'm Andrew Pearson: Starting Center for the Orillia District Varsity Football Team." "I'm very pleased to meet you Andrew and there's someone else who would like to meet you: over the phone anyway." He picked up his cell phone and sent a quick text message that consisted of only two words: 'He's here.' "Who did you just send that text message to Coach?" Andrew asked curiously. "You'll find out in about 30 seconds Andrew," Coach Palmer promised him. Sure enough, within 30 seconds, his cell phone rang. "Hello, is that you?" he asked. He listened closely to the answer and nodded his head in satisfaction. "Good, thanks for calling back so quickly." He listened a bit more and added, "Sure I'll let you speak to him, since that is the reason I wanted you to call me in the first place. Just a second." He handed his cell phone to Andrew and said, "It's for you." "Thanks Coach," Andrew said, taking the cell phone and holding it up to his ear. "Hello?" "Are you Andrew Pearson?" a deep and confident voice asked from the other end of the line. "Yes I am," Andrew replied, feeling a little uneasy that the mystery caller knew his name. "Who is this?" "This is Ryan Maloney," the caller replied. ********************************************************** And that, after two months, is the end of Andrew's Recruiting Summer Chapter 4. Please let me know what you thought of my first attempt at a cliffhanger ending. *********************************************************** Coming soon: - Andrew finds out why JP's older brother called him - Andrew takes JP and Matt on his Ohio State Recruiting Visit.
  15. Chapter 1.0 Jeff was a great athlete in high school. He was bigger than most of the kids in his class and loved to play all kinds of sports. He would sign up for as many as he could because he liked the feeling of his muscles pushing against his clothes and the sensation of them tensing and bouncing. He would spend more time in the gym than most of the guys that went there. The pumps he would get would be outrageous. Some days he couldn't get the shirts to stay down on his chest so he would have to go shirtless sometimes. The ladies could not stop staring at him. His chest would heave to the people that he would chafe if he didn't wear something over top of it. He wasn't a virgin past his freshman year. Most of the guys didn't like him because he was so young, yet so advanced physically. There were times when he would be in the locker room in the buff and just stare in the mirrors at all of the curves and bumps in his muscles and would flex them to see how they looked. He wasn't the only big guy on the football team though. There were two other guys that were quite developed, but in different ways. One was more a powerlifter type with a gut and the other was a big lifter himself with huge arms and giant legs. He was a competitive bodybuilder too and would talk to Jeff about your genetics. He wasn't interested in ever competing because you didn't want to do all of the bulking/cutting that was required. The bodybuilding teen would also stare in the mirrors and check out his body, but he would always wear shorts whereas Jeff just stood naked. Jeff figured out that he was an exhibitionist because he liked it when the other guys would check him out. One of the guys always smacked Jeff's butt when he would walk by and then wink. He didn't know what to think because this guy seemed like he was flirting. For the next couple of years, Jeff maintained his size and even tried to get fuller by changing up parts of his diet to make his chest bulge even more. He wanted pecs so big they would come up to his chin. He was only a junior and his body was outlandish. Everybody suspected that he was juicing and he was tested all the time only to find out that he was naturally big. He had a few girlfriends and didn't know how he was going to juggle them. He didn't really have time to hang out with them so he broke up with them. His bodybuilder teammate was actually a little leaner then he was a few years before. He really wanted to know how Jeff's body could be so developed and full and yet be natural. Jeff was close to this guy because he could talk to him about training tips and whatever food he needed to eat. The other guy named Dustin was actually quite fond of Jeff and asked if he could feel Jeff's body just to see what bigger muscle felt like. Jeff was very interested in what Dustin was saying and walked straight up to him and flexed his muscles. Dustin gave out a slight moan and started to rub Jeff's arms and chest. The two guys view themselves as straight, but were obviously weak for muscle. Jeff started to lick Dustin's sweaty chest and kiss his nipples. It wasn't long before they started to worship each other and kiss each other. They would try to overpower each other and talk tough trying to get the other one to give in. Their inhibitions could not be contained. Jeff started to suck Dustin's cock because he wanted to feel empowered. Women couldn't satisfy him because he needed to feel strength. Dustin thrust into Jeff's mouth and made him feel tingly. Jeff couldn't help but moan really loud because he loved feeling Dustin's muscles push against him. Dustin then made Jeff get up and sit on his chest to flex in front of him. Dustin started to rub Jeff's huge chest and stroke his cock. He wanted Jeff's cum so badly that he wouldn't stop stroking him. Jeff could hold back well with women, but with Dustin it didn't take much effort because he loved it so much. With his mouth open, Dustin gobbled up Jeff's huge load and started to moan again. Jeff started to sit on top of Dustin's cock because he wanted him so bad. He had never been fucked before but it just went straight into his head to go for it. Dustin started pounding Jeff and making him moan loudly. Jeff had never felt so much pressure, but he loved to feel Dustin's abs rubbing against his bum. Dustin went to pull out, but Jeff made him keep it in because he wanted to feel cum shoot inside. Jeff was amazed at how far up cum went because he felt Dustin's cock move deeper once cum started shooting. The two guys were very close buddies from that point on. They never had sex with other men, just each other. Both were muscular, but Jeff was considerably bigger than Dustin. The story doesn't end here. Chapter 1.1 After spending a little more time together through their junior years, Dustin and Jeff have become a little more acquainted with each other’s bodies. Both have different ideas in how they want to look and even how to train, but they agree that they just want to look better than everyone else. Jeff is more interested in looking powerful and massive while Dustin is into the whole aesthetics principle especially since he plans on competing someday in the near future. They knew they had the perfect chemistry together when they spent an evening together at the end of the school year inside the football weight room. Jeff is always notorious for pumping himself up and making his muscles strain to the point that his clothes just barely hold on. His tight t-shirt hangs on for dear life over his heaving pecs as his nipples press against the material. Dustin sits not far away working on his legs as he watches his close friend grunt a bit as he does his deadlifts. He makes a moaning sound a few times to get Jeff’s attention which works beautifully as the huge 16 year old gets a bit flustered pushing the huge load back up to the rack. He glares over at his ripped buddy and gives him a nasty look. Dustin smiles really big at him before he gets up to walk over to where he is. The only other guy in the gym is the powerlifting coach and he is currently in the locker area. Dustin gets behind his sweaty friend and starts rubbing down his shoulders slowly feeling each and every curve of muscle. Jeff turns his head slightly and lets out a low growl as he feels his lover kneading the fibers on both muscle bulbs. Dustin then runs his hands down the big teen’s sides touching his incredible lats and squeezes them feeling their power inside. Jeff lightly moans before turning his head back to its original position again to go back to his deadlifting. Dustin moves right along with him as he moves his body down close to the floor with the huge load on his back. Knowing that Jeff needs his concentration, he lets him go after watching the strongman do several lifts before he begins to show signs of straining and struggling. The ripped teen helps him get the weight bar back to its original position and turns him around to get a good view of Jeff’s pumped body. Now dripping with perspiration, his huge pecs completely show through his shirt. Dustin looks into Jeff’s eyes before leaning in to kiss and lick his massive neck. The powerful guy pulls him in to squeeze him in his arms and smother him in his chest and moans as Dustin begins to feel his insane back under his shirt. The mountains of muscle are nearly too much for his it as Dustin feels a slight tug at the top behind his neck. He finds a tiny rip that has begun to form and pulls on it as it makes a really muffled sound. It shreds all the way down his back as Jeff laughs flexing his back and delts. Dustin can’t help but to reach around and do the same thing to the front as he rips the shirt right down the middle in two exposing the big guy’s engorged bouncing pecs. Dustin leans down to place his lips on Jeff’s nipples making him growl as he buries his lover in them. They both fall down on the ground below the machine as the smaller bodybuilder continues to worship his huge buddy’s pecs chewing and licking each nipple over and over again. Jeff quickly pulls his own gym shorts off showing his huge beefy ass as his cock springs into action rubbing against Dustin’s right leg. After a minute of massaging Jeff’s melons, the two teens lock lips and play tonsil hockey with their tongues. Jeff pulls the ripped teen’s shorts off immediately as their cocks meet pressing up against each other. Their pre mixes together as they continue to kiss longingly. Jeff then returns the favor on Dustin running his lips and tongue along the bodybuilder’s chest and abs. Each ab is massaged slowly with Jeff’s tongue as his lightly colored chest hair is slurped slowly making him moan lightly. Before long the two secret lovers lay beside each other rubbing each other’s quads and cocks lovingly stroking as they switch hands back and forth trying not to make so much noise that the coach comes out. Now leaning their heads against each other, they pick up speed on their cocks as they edge over and over again building their loads up. Their balls swell bigger with each round that goes by. The pre flows so much that they are able to lube their cocks completely before they eventually erupt. Wanting to come together, they rub their muscled bodies together while they stroke to get the maximum effect. Instead of using their hands to jack off, they grind each other as they cover each other’s mouths with their free hands. Feeling it moving through them quickly now, they start to shake the gym floor as both cocks shoot volcanic ropes all over each other. They squeal as their bodies flex at the same time feeling the power emanating from each other. Their nipples meet as Dustin smiles into Jeff’s blue eyes. He winks before sliding his ass on top of Jeff’s thick cock. The big stud moans feeling it being swallowed up as Dustin leans down to lay on his chest. Feeling another surge of power rushing through him, Jeff starts to fuck Dustin faster as he completely buries himself inside him. The smaller guy runs his hands all over Jeff’s huge beefy guns leaning in to run his tongue on the gargantuan masses. They both moan a bit louder now and seem less concerned about being seen than they did before. Another load quickly builds inside Jeff’s balls as he pounds Dustin harder. They both yell in ecstasy as the huge stud finally shoots his second load inside his lover making him have trouble breathing for a few seconds. It is at that moment that they both realize they have been watched the whole time. The coach makes a quick comment which immediately gets the two teens to jump up and go racing into the locker room. The powerlifter laughs at them as he lets go of his own cock and watches it jump up and down for a few instances. He turns to walk out into the area where the weights are and starts doing a few curls taking in his reflection. Dustin and Jeff appear to be out with at least one person that they know of now, but in order to keep it secret, they may have to make a pact with him someway or somehow. Check out the follow-ups here: Chapter 1.2: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/4106-muscle-buddies-keeping-a-secret-chapter-12/ Chapter 1.3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5090-muscle-buddies-chapter-13-getting-to-know-who-we-are/ Chapter 2.0 & 2.1: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2102-muscle-buddies-chapters-2-3/
  16. Hey MEN, So, I finished it. I put all three parts here for you. I enjoy having all parts in one place when I read a story so I don’t have to spend time hunting around for everything. I hope that works well for you. Like so many others of you in the past couple of weeks, this is my first story and because of that, I am hungry for your feedback (like 2 hours after an intense leg workout sort of hungry). Ravenous really. So please comment and let me know what you liked, didn’t like, anything that resonated with you…so I can improve and move to the next project. A couple of you had mentioned a part in the story that seemed a little rough. I went back and fixed some things so it should flow more smoothly. Thanks for that suggestion. I am no longer a Muscle-Growth.org story virgin and it feel so right. :-) Sit back, relax, grab that bottle of lube, and enjoy. ========================================================== Part I The summer heat hung thick in the air. It was a few days before classes started at the University of Washington. Seattle isn’t known for its heat, but when it does get warm, it gets humid. So much water around. So many trees. August can be unpleasant. Cliff was carrying boxes to his new room for the year. He was a senior and finally going to graduate with his degree in psychology in May. He was the kind of guy that everyone liked. He wasn’t what the magazines and media would call “hot” but he was handsome, kind of like a movie star from the golden age of Hollywood. Many people said that if Cary Grant and Rock Hudson had a baby, he would look like Cliff. With dark wavy hair that he kept well trimmed, warm brown skin from his tan, and his large hazel eyes, he could see what they meant, but he never considered himself necessarily good-looking. He was built like a rugby player. Almost 6 feet tall, he carried a good bit of muscle under his clothes. His wide shoulders looked like they could put up some serious weight and his thick legs and round high ass made him appear shorter than he actually was. People were always surprised at how tall he was when he stood next to them. He wasn’t tight and ripped like many of his friends. He always seemed to carry around a little extra weight, especially around his waist, to his great chagrin. Even so, he had a beautiful masculine body that could do real work. And his smile. His smile was his moneymaker. He could melt just about anyone with his smile. Unpacking his car had been quite a chore today. As a senior, he was able to apply for a Resident Assistant at one of the dorms on campus. He had lived in the dorms his first year, but had moved out afterward for a couple of years and had experienced freedom from the tiny rooms and a roommate in the same cramped space. As an RA, he would have his own room in the corner of the floor complete with a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. His friend, Rich, had talked him into applying and they had been assigned to the same building with Rich working on the floor just underneath Cliff. The two friends had been close since the first week of classes when they were freshmen. But they couldn’t be more different. Where Cliff was classically handsome and warm with a beefy body, Rich had an angular model-like face with sandy blonde short hair and piercing blue eyes. He was ripped. His broad shoulders supported athletic pecs and well-defined arms. His waist was tiny and he often found it hard to find clothes that would fit right. His glutes were tight and his legs were long but muscular. His skin was golden brown and he looked much more like a surfer-turned-fitness model than anyone in Seattle that Cliff had ever seen. He was beautiful and devastating. He knew it too. Cliff got along with everyone whereas Rich could be a real asshole. Mean and acidic comments often came out of his mouth and he was as catty as any of the Real Housewives, but Cliff (as is his personality) just shrugged and thought, “That’s just the way he is.” Cliff marched up the stairs with the last box. It was only four floors up, but with the heat and all of the other boxes he had already packed around, he was feeling it in his thighs and healthy backside. He opened the door, set the box down and started to unpack. It was going to be so nice to be in a room by himself this year. A knock at the door interrupted him. “Come in!” “Hey Cliff.” Standing in the doorway was Jesse. Jesse looked like a stereotypical science nerd. Thick black-rimmed glasses, thin almost skinny body, and a big beak-like nose screamed “chemistry or physics” as his major. He was also the head RA for the building and therefore, Cliff’s boss. They had also been friends since their first year. Jesse had been in Cliff’s English 100 course- and they both hated it. They sat next to each other passing notes and giggling like schoolgirls for most of the quarter. Jesse liked Cliff and had a lot of respect for Cliff’s social capital, something that Jesse didn’t have. Cliff liked Jesse of course. He was just that kind of guy. Cliff didn’t have enemies. Most people wondered if he had a mean bone in his body. Jesse, with his beak-nose, looked straight into Cliff’s eyes and shook his head a little. “Dude. I’m so sorry.” Cliff looked up from the box he was unpacking. “Why are you sorry? Did you fill the rooms on my floor with crazy problem freshmen?” Jesse just shook his head and looked down at the single sheet of paper in his hand. “Worse, man.” “Come on, Jesse. What? You look like you just licked a lemon. “ “Cliff, sorry buddy, but you are going to have to have a roommate for at least the first quarter of the year. We assigned this transfer kid to the building and we overbooked by one spot. You have one of the only single rooms and I can’t stick him with Rich. He’d probably make the kid cry every day just for making his life a little more inconvenient. I don’t know much about him except he is a junior and did his first two years somewhere in Montana.” “Oh man! You’re not serious! That’s messed up, Jesse! I even just moved the two beds together so I could have a king-size.” Cliff shook his head, annoyed. “One more thing, Cliff. He’s here. Now. Downstairs.” “Man, you are killing me. People aren’t supposed to start moving in for a couple of days still. I was going to get all set up and have some peace and quiet. Maybe jerk off a bit more than normal.” Cliff flashed Jesse that big smile and winked. He had always thought Jesse was gay or maybe bi if anything. He caught him looking at his meaty ass more than once. He didn’t mind though. Jesse was harmless. “Ya. Well, he emailed us at the end of last year when we made the assignments and asked if he could move in early. Some sort of sob story about not having a place to live right before school, or some shit like that. We responded that he could if he paid for the extra time. Sorry man. I know this sucks.” Cliff shook his head and went into the small bedroom and moved the beds apart again. He took a big long piss in the bathroom and started moving some things around so the new guy would have equal space. No reason punishing the new guy for the mix up. Cliff just thought that way about things. He was easy going as well. Nothing ruffled his feathers too much. “It was a nice dream while it lasted.” A few minutes later, he heard some shuffling in the hallway and a light knock at the door. “Come in!” he said maybe a little bit louder than he needed too. As easygoing as he was, he was still just a little annoyed at the situation. He had been really looking forward to some alone time with his cock. Being home for the summer hadn’t allowed him very much privacy and he was horny. The door slowly opened and it looked like whoever was going to come it was having trouble with their bag. He heard a little grunt and the door pushed open slightly. His new roommate walked in hesitantly. His eyes darted around the room and the first thing Cliff thought was that he looked like a scared animal. “Hi there. I guess we are going to be roommates this quarter.” Cliff stuck out his hand to greet his new roommate and walked quickly over to him. He flashed his smile and the annoyance was gone. He couldn’t hold a grudge against this guy. It wasn’t his fault. “My name’s Cliff. Sorry there are so many boxes and shit all over. I didn’t know I was going to have a roommate…so soon.” He added that last bit so the new guy wouldn’t feel so bad. He was sure that Jesse had told him downstairs about the situation. “I’m Shane.” Shane didn’t look Cliff in the eyes and barely stuck his hand out to shake Cliff’s big meaty mitt. The kid looked scared. Cliff looked more closely at him. He was looked of average height Cliff thought. Maybe 5 foot 8 or 9. He was thin though not skinny. He wasn’t an ugly kid, but he wasn’t anything special. He looked a bit pale and like he was exhausted. Maybe he hadn’t eaten in a while. His cheeks did look a little sunken in and his face a bit gaunt, but that could just be the paleness. Something made Cliff think the guy was very nervous. He still didn’t look Cliff in the eye. “Here, let me grab that for you.” Cliff stretched his arm out to grab the duffle bag that Shane had let drop to the floor. Shane held on to the duffle and pulled away a little bit and his cheeks flushed a little. Cliff looked out in the hallway for anything else. That’s all that he had with him. “Do you need help bringing anything else up from downstairs?” “No, I just have this and one box I left in the office with Jesse. I’ll run down and get it now.” Shane set his duffle bag on the floor next to the wall, well out of the way of Cliff’s full boxes. He turned around and walked into the hallway without saying anything else. “That was a little awkward,” Cliff whispered to himself when he knew he was alone. Why had Shane seemed so nervous? He went back to work moving his items to one side of the room, moving food to one half of the cupboard and organizing the refrigerator in a way that would give Shane half of the space. A few minutes later, he heard the footsteps return and Shane walked in with his box. He set the box carefully on the kitchen table and looked over at Cliff who had his backside sticking out of the fridge, still moving things around. Shane stared at Cliff’s athletic bubbled ass and his thick legs and looked away just as Cliff wheeled around with that warm smile again. “Shane, give me just a minute to move some things around in here and then you can start putting anything you want in your space. And, if you don’t mind, I’d like the bed next to the window in the other room. Is that ok?” He walked across the kitchen and entered the bedroom where he had put one bed against the window and the other against the opposite wall. There was only about 4 feet between the beds, but it was a dorm after all. Shane just nodded. “Hey Shane. I’m going to leave here in a few minutes to go meet up with some friends I haven’t seen since the beginning of summer. You are more than welcome to come if you want,” Cliff said warmly, looking at Shane. Finally Shane looked at him and quietly said, “No, I’m ok. Thanks for inviting me though.” “Ya, no problem. Anytime. I’m going to shower and get ready but make yourself at home.” Cliff turned on his heels and walked into the bedroom where he began to undress. As he was walking into the room, he pulled his shirt off and Shane stared at his back. Cliff was so at ease with himself. He didn’t have a perfect body, but he looked like he was well worked out. His back was broad and thick; his shoulders round with pendulous triceps. He was shirtless with only his form fitting brown dungarees on. He could see a strip of bright red briefs wrapping around Cliff’s waist just peeking out above his pants. And that ass. It didn’t look like it was made of stone, but it was thick and muscular. It looked like the rest of Cliff, comfortable and powerful. Cliff peeled his pants off so that he was just wearing his red briefs and still had his back to Shane. Shane blushed and felt himself getting turned on. Just then, Cliff turned around and grabbed the towel that was hanging off the door and walked into the bathroom. He just barely caught Shane staring at him and noticed the bulge in his pants. He shot him that warm smile and walked into the bathroom. As he shut the door behind him he chuckled to himself, “Looks like Shane is gay.” Shane stood there, mortified. He knew Cliff saw him staring. And he knew that his shorts couldn’t cover up his boner. He shook his head, disgusted with himself, and opened up his duffle and box to unpack his few belongings. “You doing alright in there?” Cliff called out from the bedroom as he was changing. “If you need anything, just use mine. We’re roommates now, so what’s mine is yours.” “Thanks,” Shane said quietly from the kitchen, “but I’m ok.” “Do you have something to eat for dinner? You don’t look like you brought much.” Shane was in the kitchen still. He hadn’t sat down or taken anything into the bedroom. Cliff walked out of the room just as Shane was pulling out a 36 pack of Top Ramen opening up one package and placing it into a small pan of water. “That stuff will kill you!” Cliff barked and started to laugh. “I can’t eat that shit. It makes me sick.” He said it in good fun and what Cliff didn’t know is that Shane knew this. He could tell what people were feeling. It was more than observation, it was empathic. Still, the comment somehow hurt him and he felt that he had to respond. “Ya, I know but I don’t have any money until next week when my financial aid comes in, so this will do for now.” He looked mortified and crestfallen. He was obviously embarrassed, but he already knew that Cliff wouldn’t mock him. “No fucking way, Shane. Ok, well eat that, but hold on.” Cliff walked over to the fridge and took out a rotisserie chicken he had bought earlier that day, some veggies, and herbs. In a total of two minutes, he had put some cubed chicken and the veggies in the pot with the ramen noodles. “It might taste like shit, but it will be better for you with some protein and fresh things.” Shane looked at Cliff straight in the eye for only the second time. He started to tear up a little bit and bit down on his lip. “Thank you, Cliff. I won’t forget how kind you were to me today.” Cliff looked at him puzzled, but Shane seemed sweet and innocent so he just let it go. What did he mean by that? Just then a loud bang on the door startled them both. “Get out here you big fuck,” bellowed another voice. It was Rich. “We have to get going. I’m hungry as fuck. Are you ready you big queer?” Cliff opened the door and Rich barged in. “Too bad you have some idiot loser as a roommate,” Rich spouted looking at his friend. “I heard about it. Jesse told me he looks like some homeless piece of shit.” Rich looked at Cliff who just shook his head quickly and glanced over at Shane who was staring straight at Rich. Cliff knew that Rich was an ass. He could get away with it… usually. He was a stud with a perfect body. Vascular arms with well built and rounded muscles that oozed confidence, a tight waist with abs visible through the tight shirts he wore for the ladies, and long muscular thighs atop athletic lower leg muscles. He new he was hot and he didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought. “Rich! Shut the fuck up.” Cliff looked visibly pissed off. He looked at Shane sitting at the table getting ready to take his first bite of dinner and he could see his eyes getting glassy. “God, you are such an ass sometimes,” Cliff barked at his friend. “Shane, this is my idiot friend, Rich. Rich, this is my new roommate Shane.” Rich smirked and walked over and stuck out his hand to shake Shane’s. Shane felt something very mean about Rich. He could feel it like a white hot iron. Rich was cruel and arrogant. He was not to be trusted. Shane didn’t look him in the eye, but stretched his hand out to shake the other’s hand. He just stared at his dinner bowl. “Fuck man. Lets get out of here,” Rich said as he headed for the door. Cliff put his hands up as if to say, “Hang on a sec.” “Shane,” he could sense the emotions building up on Shane’s face; he looked like he was trapped. But when Cliff said his name, he seemed to relax a bit. “Shane, look at me bro. “ Cliff crouched down next to Shane at the table so that his eyes were slightly lower. “Don’t listen to anything that Rich says. He can be a real piece of work. He just opens his mouth without thinking and it hurts sometimes. He’s made me fighting mad so many times, but he’s my friend and he’s a good guy… usually.” Shane looked at Cliff again. Cliff felt as if Shane was reading deeply into his eyes. Like he was sizing Cliff up on some subconscious level. “Please eat and unpack and I wont be long. I want to get back to I can get to know you a bit more, ok?” The quiet one nodded his head and again looking into Cliff’s eyes and whispered, ‘Thanks Cliff. Thank you for being so nice to me.” With that, Cliff got up and turned around to join Rich in the hallway. He shut the door and Shane heard Rich start laughing, “Your roommate is a freak man. Holy shit. You are screwed.” “Fuck off, Rich.” And he heard a thud. Cliff punched Rich hard in the shoulder. Shane could sense that Cliff meant it when he punched Rich and he smiled and started to eat. A couple of hours later, Cliff returned from his dinner with friends. He walked in and closed the front door slowly. Shane was sitting on the couch. His box and duffle were in the corner, empty. There was nothing new on the shelves in the kitchen and he could see that there was a blanket spread out on Shane’s bed in the next room. Shane looked over at Cliff as he put the leftovers from dinner in the fridge. Shane hadn’t put anything into the fridge either. “I guess he is going to try to live on Top Ramen,” Cliff thought to himself. “Did you get all settled in?” he asked. “Ya. I don’t have much. I wanted to say thanks for sticking up for me with your friend, Rich. You didn’t have to do that.” “Rich gets what he deserves. Well, not usually, but he deserved to get a good punch for what he said about you. You are my roommate now and I’ve got your back. I don’t like talking shit about people like Rich does. I’m an optimist.” Cliff walked over to Shane and sat down next to him on the couch. “So let’s get acquainted.” He sat cross-legged on the couch facing his new roommate. Shane opened himself up in that way that only he could, probing the emotions and sentiments of the people he is around. He could sense that Cliff really did want to know about him; to understand him. He could tell he was good. He felt a certain valiance about Cliff. He was emotionally strong, stable, and substantive-much like his physical body. Shane could feel the concern and worry that Cliff had for him, although they had just met. Cliff wasn’t wary. He wasn’t afraid. He wanted to know why his roommate wouldn’t look him in they eye, why he flinched when Cliff tried to grab his bag to help him, and why he didn’t own anything. He could feel that Cliff had questions as he looked into his roommate’s eyes. There was something else there as well, but he couldn’t identify it. “Well? Shane, you can tell me anything. I have heard a lot from my friends about their lives. Nothing that you say will bother me.” Somehow, Cliff felt that Shane was much more of a risk to himself than to anyone else. He also had an intuition about people that he had learned to trust. He didn’t realize that Shane had a much more developed sense, but Cliff was good at reading people. The young man that was only a year younger than him had cowered all day like a puppy that had peed on the carpet. It was concerning but not scary. He knew from the look in Shane’s eyes earlier at the dinner table that Rich’s comments had really gotten to him. Sometimes he just wanted to punch Rich’s teeth in for being such a fucking jerk. He didn’t notice, but when he thought this, Shane lifted the corners of his mouth in a subtle smile. “Ya Cliff. I wish you would have punched him in the face and knocked that smug look right off of it!” Shane thought to himself. But back to the moment… “Cliff, I don’t really like to talk about myself much. Could you tell me something about you? Something about your family or…?” “Oh, sure! I love my family. We are so close. I am the oldest of four – two boys and two girls. Boy, girl, boy, girl. My parents live about 3 hours from here in a little farm town. I grew up there. My parents are my best friends and my siblings are all married and have kids. Seriously, it’s like a fucking Disney movie. “ He laughed and smiled that devastating smile as he related to Shane more about his background. Shane could feel his good mood and energy and was eagerly lapping it up. He had never felt this sort of positive energy. Cliff stopped his story. He could tell Shane was lost in it. Shane’s eyes were glazed over and he was smiling a little. “Shane, how about you?” Shane’s expression changed dramatically. The smile went away. The warmth on his face was gone. Shane teared up again. He knew he could be honest. He knew, instinctually, that Cliff wouldn’t laugh at him or his wreck of a life. “I have a very different story. I don’t know who my parents are. I don’t know where I come from. I know that I am alone.” He was visibly shaken. His voice was trembling and Cliff wanted to just reach out and hug him and make him feel better – that was his way. But he hesitated and felt that it would violate some boundary. Shane was delicate right now and was exposing himself in a way that Cliff felt very careful of. “I have lived in over fifty foster homes in my life. Until I fell out of the system when I was 18, I had never lived in the same place for more than a year. It was easier when I was younger, but when I hit puberty, things were different. I wouldn’t spend more than a couple of months in a house at a time” Cliff nodded at him, urging him to go on. “I have never really had friends. My foster families would always think I was too socially awkward or ashamed of me to let me get to know anyone very well. In every single place I was placed, I would scare them I guess. No one has ever treated me like you have been treated every day of your life. I have no stories of birthdays or happy holidays or friends to go to dinner with.” He sounded more and more upset and angry as he continued. “No one has ever treated me with any respect or any compassion. I have always been on my own…alone. Some people chose that road, but not me. It was forced on me. I don’t want my past to ruin the rest of my life, but I don’t know what to do about it. I think I am a monster. Every one of my foster parents said as much eventually…before they asked for me to be relocated.” A knot rose up in Cliff’s throat. This guy was just laying it all out there – he thought so anyway. “Cliff, what you did tonight – offering me your food and hospitality and kindness – no one has every been that kind to me. Especially when they get to know me better…know things about me. I don’t want you to be like them and I can tell that you are not.” He looked Cliff right in the eyes and Cliff just wanted to hold him and wrap his big beefy arms around this little guy. “I don’t really want to say anything else right now but I want you to know that I haven’t met anyone like you before. You make me feel safe.” He cut the last word off as he said it. Almost as if he knew that it had gone too far, for him anyway. He didn’t want to scare Cliff away or make things uncomfortable-or come out of the closet. Shane could feel Cliff’s emotions welling up within him. He could exquisitely sense his big roommate’s desire to comfort him. Cliff went to reach out to put his arm around him and Shane pulled away. “Thank you again, Cliff. I think I need to go to bed soon and I’d like to be alone here for a minute.” “Shane, you can tell me anything. Whenever you are ready to talk, you can tell me anything. I can take it. I’m not going anywhere.” Cliff was the emotional one now. His roommate had never felt love in his life. He didn’t know what it was to really hug someone; to hug his mom or dad or brother or sisters. He didn’t know what it was to have friends. He stood up and walked to the bedroom leaving Shane on the couch. Shane watched as Cliff’s big beefy back and legs walked away. He let out a little whimper. He wanted so bad to just reach out and touch Cliff, but that could get dangerous. He had learned that the hard way. Cliff whipped around and caught Shane looking at his ass. He just smiled. “Shane, you’ll be safe here. Now, shower and go to bed. Let’s hang out tomorrow, ok?” Shane nodded. He knew that he would do whatever Cliff asked. He surrendered to his roommate’s will and desires because for the first time, he knew that someone would protect him. Cliff was the one truly decent human being that he had ever met and the only one he wanted to make happy. He smiled a genuine smile for the first time in a long while and got into the shower just as Cliff had asked him to. He washed himself off and towel dried. He knew that this body was just a shell of the man that he could be, but he was still ashamed. Twenty-two years of hiding who he was would not go away in the span of one brief evening. Somehow, he knew that Cliff wouldn’t care if he were different. He also knew that he would do whatever Cliff asked – he was strong where Shane was not. Shane smiled as he realized that the opposite was also true. After showering, Shane quietly went into the bedroom. The corners of his mouth turned up to smile as he heard Cliff breathing heavily and snoring lightly—more like a purr than a snore. He climbed into bed and relived the last few hours of his life. Something had changed. Maybe it was hope. Whatever it was, he was horny and he couldn’t help but touch himself. Cautiously, he looked over at his big, strong, handsome, kind roommate and started to rub the head of his cock. It was too warm in the room to go under his covers and have more privacy so he decided to stay on top of them. He spit into his hand and rubbed the swelling knob with his palm. Working his way down slowly toward the base, he felt the veins along the shaft start coming to the surface. He could feel them individually. Shane knew that he had extra senses and when he was sexually aroused, his senses were even more acute. He could feel the throbbing of his cock begin in earnest. He could not take his eyes off of Cliff’s body laying just a few feet away. Cliff slept on his side and he was looking at the most beautiful man he had ever seen sleeping soundly just at a little over an arm’s length. He pumped his cock more and more. It steadily grew until it reached a limit with the body he had forced upon himself. He thought that a thick 10” cock would be a perfect maximum for his 5’ 9” edition. Shane eyed Cliff up and down. Cliff had not crawled under the covers either. It was too warm. Seattle is not known for its need for air-conditioning. Instead, he had stripped to his boxers. His chest was thick and hard without effort. It lacked the striations and veins that Shane knew existed under his own body, but Cliff was undeniably one of the most masculine men that Shane had met. He exuded strength. He also knew that Cliff wanted to be ripped and huge like his fucking goon-friend Rich. The thought of Rich made Shane’s blood boil. But never mind that now. Shane kept pumping his cock. His hand was getting warm. Spit is not the best lubricant. His forearm was getting tired with the action that it had gotten tonight. But this was the body that he had forced upon himself. He would have to deal with the weaknesses for the time being. Just then, Cliff’s eyes shot open. Shane yelped and tried to flip around to avoid Cliff’s stare. “Shane, are you awake?” Silence. “Shane, I know you are awake. I have been for the past few minutes. It’s ok.” Shane was terrified. He could tell that Cliff was being honest – he could ALWAYS tell if someone was being honest. “Shane. It’s ok. I’m gay too. It’s ok, Shane.” Shane froze. He didn’t move a single muscle. He willed his heart to stop beating and it did. He willed every fiber in his body to stop moving. No electrical impulses were being fired outside of his central nervous system. He was a dead ship in the water, utterly still. “Shane, please. It’s ok. Please, talk to me.” Cliff knew that his new friend was delicate and the most timid person he had met. He needed to handle this delicately. On the other side of the room, Shane heard one thing that Cliff said and it resonated with him. He had, after all, told himself that he had surrendered to Cliff, entirely and completely. The only thing he cared about in the moment was Cliff’s request, “Please, talk to me.” “Cliff, I’m afraid.” “Why? Shane, it’s ok. Whatever you say, I can handle.” “Cliff, I’m gay. I’m gay! I’ve never said that before or out loud to anyone. Please don’t kick me out of your room. I don’t know what I’d do.” There was a certain desperate quality in his voice. “Hey man. I’m gay too, remember? I think I said that a few seconds ago.” Shane was so caught up in the emotion of the moment and the fact that he had willed his body to stop its normal functions; he had barely heard Cliff say that. “Shane, come over here. I’m not going to hurt you.” Shane allowed his heart to start beating and the rest of his body to start working again. He got out of his bed, naked, and stood up next to Cliff who was still lying on top of his bed on his side. “You don’t have to worry about me.” Cliff reached his big arm out and touched Shane’s left thigh. He just left his hand there. Shane could feel something amazing happening but he didn’t know what it was. He had never felt what he felt now. One thing he knew – Cliff was communicating with him on a different level. Cliff was starting to get hard too. “Shane, please move your bed next to mine. I think tonight we should cuddle.” Shane heard the directive and pushed the bed closer to his Master’s bed. The frames bumped up against each other. Shane crawled on top of his bed and lay in the middle, not knowing what to do. His heart was racing and his mind was on fire. Nothing like this had ever happened to him in his 22 years. He felt Cliff’s emotions rolling off of his body. He felt love and lust and compassion and caring. He felt that Cliff wanted him. He had NEVER felt wanted. His body and mind told him that he was irrevocably tied to this man. Anything, ANYTHING Cliff asked for would be granted to him. Shane almost (almost) felt normal, like any other guy. “Shane, get on top of your bed and then move towards my body…please.” “Cliff, don’t say the word ‘please’ to me. I will do you whatever you ask without question and without thought to consequence. You are different from anyone that I have ever met. I trust you… and I have never trusted anyone before.” Shane crawled slowly on top of the king sized bed that Cliff had commanded to be made. Cliff reached out his arm toward Shane and grabbed his shoulder, drawing him in. Shane’s tenuous resolve almost broke. He was trying to maintain control. Cliff pulled Shane closer. “I know this is scary for you. If you would like to, just back up into me and we can spoon. I’ll be the big spoon and you can be the little spoon.” “I don’t know what you mean. Spoon?” ‘Yes. I will cup your body into mine. It feels good.” “Cliff, don’t say things like ‘if you would like to.’ Anything you ask me to do, I will do. Anything.” Shane felt a pulse of energy coming from Cliff. Cliff desired him. He really truly desired him. Shane nestled into the larger man’s embrace. Shane was hard. All ten inches. Cliff wasn’t too far behind with a solid nine, and thick. Cliff put his arm around his new friend and just held him close. Cliff put a top-sheet over them both and thought how lucky he was to be able to care for his new roommate. There was something about Shane that drew him in. He hadn’t felt this kind of love in a long time. Shane, on the other hand, was attempting to control every muscle in his body. “FUCK!” he kept repeating inside of his head. “I have to slow down. I have to calm myself. I can’t lose the one person in my existence that really cares about me. I don’t want him to think that I am a monster.” Cliff brought Shane in closer. Shane could feel Cliff’s ample cock against his back. He noticed things about Cliff in this moment that he had not noticed before. He noticed how his chest had a light dusting of fur. He noticed his happy trail that erupted next to his navel and marched down to his crotch. He noticed that Cliff’s pecs were much harder than they looked from a casual glance. His nipples were beautiful and perfect quarter sized – well, maybe a bit bigger. He noticed Cliff’s breath on his own neck. It was warm and soft and eager. Shane could sense everything. He was losing control of himself…of the monster that was inside of him. And then it happened. He felt himself start to cum. He didn’t know that it could happen like this. His cock grew and lengthened. But something else happened too. His entire body shook. The barriers that he had made with other people in his life vanished in a moment. Shane embraced Cliff…embraced him in a way that made them one person. He could see Cliff in a way that Cliff couldn’t see himself. Shane surrendered. Shane knew he could get bigger and more powerful, but he didn’t know what that would mean for Cliff, so he tempered the effect and decided to re-set up barriers until he knew how Cliff would respond. Cliff—on the other hand—felt Shane change. He was emitting an energy that Cliff had never felt and somehow, it felt right and good – and extension of himself. Cliff gasped. He was feeling Shane’s body one second, warm and giving. The next second, Shane’s body was hard as steel. He couldn’t see with his eyes what was happening since it was dark in the room, but it felt powerful and like nothing he had experienced in his short 23-year life. Cliff didn’t know what was happening, but he did know one thing—Shane had opened himself up and Cliff wanted to give Shane the love and tenderness that he deserved and something that he had never felt. He continued to rub Shane’s shoulders and back and the petrification of Shane’s body commenced in earnest. Slowly and deliberately, Shane allowed himself to adapt into the being that he had feared. He grew harder. Everything on his body grew harder. Cliff said aloud, “Shane, I don’t know what’s happening, but I want to see it. I know there is something…something that you aren’t telling me, but that I can feel. I need, want, and must see it.” Shane simply responded, “Yes, Master. I know that you need to see this.” Shane lifted his index finder the smallest of degrees, coaxing the light switch to turn on from a dozen feet away. The room lit up with a warm incandescent light. Shane crawled off the bed and Cliff was lying supine staring at his new roommate. “What would you like to see, Cliff?” Cliff looked at the previous weakling that he had been talking with just a short while before and saw a GOD of muscle and strength. “Shane, please tell me what is happening. I can feel it, but my mind doesn’t know how this is possible.” “Cliff, Master. Should I call you Cliff or Master?” “Cliff. ‘Master sounds so weird.” “Cliff, this is the reason that I have never been loved. When growing up in foster care, I would start changing when I felt my foster family began to like me. I felt that their emotions were powering my body. I know that is foolish now.” Cliff began to understand what Shane had gone through. “I felt strong and invincible. But when my body began to change going through puberty, I couldn’t control it as much. I didn’t know I needed to. No one gave me guidance. No one loved me. “ “Shane, I am so sorry.” The waves of compassion that Cliff felt rippled through Shane and he began to grow again. It was more intense. Shane was responding to Cliff’s warmth. It was something so natural to them both. With the lights on now, Cliff could see what was happening. “Master Cliff?” Cliff winced. He didn’t like being called Master. “Yes Shane.” Shane’s body trembled as Cliff said his name. He was becoming hypersensitive to what Cliff wanted, needed, desired, or demanded. “Yes, Shane?” He repeated. Shane’s cock began expanding again at the sound of his name on the lips of the only man in his life that meant shit to him. Just the sound of Cliff saying his name made him raging hard. “Master Cliff…hmmmm… I mean Cliff… Sorry. I know you aren’t ready to be called Master quite yet. I am nervous about something. I am not as good as you are. I am not kind and pure and gentle. I don’t have positive regard for everyone like you do. If I am honest, I would like to kick Rich’s ass for making me feel embarrassed in front of you, Cliff. I want all of those foster parents to know how they made me feel. I want the guys that beat the shit out of me growing up to know that they fucked with the wrong kid. If I had developed to my potential then, I would have destroyed them all and I probably would have laughed about it. There is darkness in me that I am afraid of. I need you to help me Cliff. It scares me. I wish I was more like you.” Cliff watched Shane flex his slowly expanding muscles involuntarily, like he was just feeling them out, wanting to know that they were there. Cliff put his lips close to Shane’s ear and whispered. “Shane.” Shane let out a deep-throated moan at the utterance of his name by his owner. He looked almost crazed. The only thing he wanted was to please Cliff. It was arousing him and feeding him power that he had only begun to feel. Cliff’s mouth curled in a smile at the effect he was having on Shane. He wanted to fuck him but he wasn’t sure Shane was ready for that yet. “I will always be here for you, Shane. It is ok. Just like you jerking off watching me sleep, this is ok too. I don’t judge you for your past. I don’t blame you for wanting to mess up Rich and his pretty face, or the other people that have let you down. But I will never let you down. I care about you already and I know you know that.” Cliff leaned in and kissed Shane on his forehead. The veins in Shane’s body rose to the surface. Snaking around invisible boundaries and shields, thousands of vessels sprung up all over Shane’s body. On his shoulders, on his arms, on his abs, and face. Around his skull and down his traps where they nestled in his pecs. Angry finger-width vessels hugged his arms like a newborn to its mother. His legs were a veritable 3D puzzle of hard-as-stone muscle and sausage-width veins demanded attention. They were feeding something that was on the verge of being born. They were anxious and angry and pleased when Cliff commanded, “Show me what you are!” In the matter of a second, Cliff’s pulsing cock exploded a bounty of cum onto Shane’s chest. Shane looked like a rabid animal, snarling and gnashing his teeth in the air. “Yes! I will show you what I am!!!!” Shane howled with his head thrust back and pressing his chest toward the sky. The snakes that slithered all over Shane’s body pulsed with his heartbeat. They grew more thick and menacing. Cliff reached out to touch one and as he got close, the vein seemed to reach out for his touch. It seemed to respond to him. He pushed down and the snake that slithered across Shane’s upper pec bowed down to him and disappeared under the marble surface. Shane growled and emitted a sound somewhere between an orgasmic moan and the collapse of a mountain or eruption of a volcano. He looked at Shane’s face then down to his body. He touched the muscles that had been fed by the still-present snakes of vasculature. The muscle felt like stone, but instead of cold harshness, it felt warm and inviting. He knew that Shane was inviting him to enjoy this feeling and the compliance of his body to Cliff’s will. The solid chord of chest muscle leaping out of Shane’s pecs were delineated by a deep chasm – deeper than the individual bundles of muscle that rippled across Shane’s chest. Shane’s delts looked as if they were about to be over taken by a fleet of encroaching threads, but the threads were not threatening… they were muscle fibers willed into existence by Cliff’s request. Distinct. Hot. Pulsing. “Bigger!” Cliff thought and without saying anything aloud, Shanes delts exploded in every direction, every thread, sinew, and bundle fighting for real estate. He reached out to touch the newly formed monolith and as he touched the skin, he could feel electricity arcing out toward his fingers. Little sparks were being generated between himself and the muscle he commanded to grow in Shane’s shoulders. Cliff saw Shane’s neck and almost blacked out. The entire surface was covered with wriggling serpents under the skin. He looked at Shane’s chest. Giant slithering blood vessels moved freely just under the surface. He looked at Shane’s abs. Angry pythons engorged themselves upon Shane’s stomach with smaller tributaries branching off of the larger vessels. He looked at Shane’s arms. The monstrous veins were feeding something that lied beneath. He didn’t know how, but he knew that the veins weren’t the parasites; the veins were nourishing whatever was growing. Somehow, in the depths of his being, Cliff knew that this monstrous beast was being fed by the vasculature that he had just witnessed and he, Cliff, was in control of it. He was its Master. Finally he felt himself overcome by what he saw and felt. “Shane! Shane!” He reached out and grabbed Shane’s arm. The touch of his fingers against Shane’s skin caused the formerly quiet and cautious Shane to howl and begin convulsing. He shook and trembled. Cliff looked down into Shane’s eyes. They were open now but entirely black. Black as India Ink or the darkest of nights. Even without the pupils of normal eyes, Cliff knew that Shane was looking directly at him. Shane smiled wickedly and said, “Master, I will not make further requests of you, but I would ask for you to test the boundaries of my power. I do not know what I am capable of. Cliff, you make me feel safe and protected.” Cliff couldn’t believe that the thing that Shane was slowly becoming would need safety and protection from a mere mortal, but somehow, he understood that it was true. Shane needed love and caring. He needed to feel protected and safe. That is what he desired above all else. Then it became clear to Cliff. The muscle beast Shane was on the verge of becoming, the monster his arteries were now feeding, was only concerned with those basic needs. It didn’t matter how powerful Shane became. He would first need to feel the acceptance and unconditional positive regard that Cliff could give him. Cliff was that kind of guy. He could feel Shane’s power and strength growing without even touching him. “Are you afraid, Shane?” Shane once again convulsed at the mention of his name. It echoed in his mind. Cliff’s loving voice was ricocheting inside of his head and it made him need more. He composed himself for a moment. “I am afraid that you will cast me aside if I become something that you detest or find grotesque.” “Don’t you worry about that. I love muscle. “ Cliff grabbed a hold of Shane’s developing quads, picked out one of the muscles wrestling on the surface and applied pressure. It was hard, but it gave way to Cliff’s touch. “See that there? “ motioning to Shane’s growing quads. “We need more of that.” Cliff’s smiled and put his hand on the side of Shane’s cheek. “You want to test your boundaries? Let’s take you out for a spin.” Shane, with his marble hard body and expanding vasculature, looked into Cliff’s eyes and felt more love than has been known to man. The last thing that Cliff heard before his passed out was a loud crack and the sound of a mountain growing, moaning, and rumbling. =================================================================================== =================================================================================== Part II He heard rain hitting the windowpane. Everything was warm. And then he heard a soft whimper. Where was he? He didn’t remember why he was laying in bed. “Oh, shit!” Cliff thought to himself. “Cliff, I am so sorry. I was worried you would be afraid of me.” He glanced over at Shane’s bed. He wasn’t on it. “I…I…” He heard what sounded like a muffled sob and then silence. Cliff moved his eyes to the corner of the room and saw something shaking in the dark. The lights were back off. “Shane? Shane is that you over there? It’s dark and I can’t see. I think I hit my head on something and it knocked me out for a second.” “I tried to catch you but…but…but it all happened so fast. I can pack up and leave tonight Cliff. Jesse is downstairs working on the move-in papers for the guys moving in tomorrow. I’m sure he would let me sleep in the common room on the couch. I am so sorry.” “Shane, listen to me. You could tell how I felt and what I was feeling earlier, right?” “Yes.” “Tell me how I am feeling. What kind of emotion am I feeling?” “Worry. Fear. Mostly worry though… and some sadness.” “Why would I be worried Shane? Why would I be sad? I saw something a few minutes ago that I don’t understand and now I can’t see you and I’m lying in bed with a huge headache and a roommate that I really liked shaking in the corner. And now he says he’s leaving. And I don’t know why. Of course I’m worried and sad and a little fearful. Wouldn’t that be normal? What are you feeling, Shane? Not me. You.” Cliff could hear Shane adjusting himself in the corner. He was big but it was so dark, he couldn’t see him. Somehow he knew that this conversation had to happen on Shane’s time and playing by Shane’s rules. Turning on the light or demanding that Shane come closer to the bed would make things worse. “I feel destroyed. I feel terrified of you and of myself. I feel sorry. And most of all, I feel ashamed of so many things. Why didn’t I catch you before you collapsed on the floor? That is what I am feeling.” Cliff noticed for the first time that it was Shane’s voice, but it was different in a way. It had a quality that was silky smooth and deeper – less adolescent and more adult. Deep and resounding, yet he was speaking so quietly. Cliff thought very carefully about the next few sentences he would speak. He didn’t know what was in the corner – of course he was afraid. He knew that it wasn’t the Shane that walked into the apartment a few hours earlier. “Hey, listen. I want you to think of earlier today. I want you to think of how much I enjoyed talking to you. Sitting out there on the couch, making that chicken and veggie ramen,” he smiled thinking of how bad that must have tasted to Shane. Cliff was not a good cook, “and how good it felt when you cuddled up next to me just 10 minutes ago. Think of that. And now think of how I reacted when I knew you were different, when you started changing. Shane, what did I do? Did I freak out? Did I panic? Answer me that question.” Shane felt compelled to answer. He had surrendered to Cliff and that was a powerful bond. “You seemed to like it, at least in the moment. You touched me and I could feel that you wanted me and you wanted me to keep changing.” “Shane, listen. I am not asking you to come out of that corner until you are ready. I will stay here, laying on the bed until you are ready to talk to me. But as God as my witness, I will not leave this room, and neither will you, until you are ready to look at me and talk about this. And just to be clear, I see you pushed your bed away from mine. That is ok, but you are sleeping here in this room tonight…That isn’t up for discussion.” He added that last part in hopes that somehow it would resonate with the submissive side that Shane was showing to him earlier. He did really love Shane, although he didn’t know how that was possible in such a short amount of time. He thought, originally that it was just pity or his typical way of rooting for the underdog, but it wasn’t. He liked Shane in a way that ran deeper than friend, roommate, or even family. It was a very unique feeling. Above all, he wanted to keep Shane safe and protected. The poor guy had been through enough and obviously hated himself There was silence in the room for a few minutes. All either of them could hear was rain. Cliff glanced quickly at the clock on his nightstand. It was only 10:30. So much had already happened tonight. “Ok. I will talk to you face to face Cliff. Please promise me that whatever you see…no, I wont ask you to make any promises.” Cliff looked toward the corner of the room but continued lying on top of his bed. He wanted Shane to do this his way. He heard a couple of footsteps on the floor that sounded much more solid than would come from a thin barefoot kid. He looked toward the sound and saw something hulking. It sat on Shane’s bed and he turned his head toward Shane. “Cliff, can we talk now? Cliff looked at the ceiling quickly, swung his legs around and sat upright on top of his bed. He had his eyes closed. “Yes, let’s talk.” He opened his eyes and let out a gasp. In front of him sat every wet dream that he had ever had wrapped into one. He looked at Shane’s eyes. They appeared to be black pearls. Where anyone else would have white, his looked like deepest night. For some reason, he thought they were beautiful. He started looking over the rest of Shane. His face had widened and become more defined. He had developed a square jaw and his lips were thick and pursed – perfectly kissable. His neck was corded with long thick muscle like a football linebacker’s neck, but infinitely more powerful and defined. He could see blood vessels encasing the ropes traveling from his jaw and down to his collarbone. Networks of them were cast just under what appeared to be milky-white skin. He followed the curve of Shane’s traps. They started at his ear level and went straight out an inch or so and then bulged up like a bicep. He could see striations and knots moving under the skin, wriggling like tiny snakes trying to escape the shrink-wrapped infinitesimally thin covering that kept them from bound to his body. Cliff kept going, tracing his eyes along the top of Shane’s right trap over to where his delts inserted. He had a flashback of a few moments before when he had thought “Grow!” when he had been looking at them before. He remembered how they exploded out of Shane’s body at his command and how much definition was in them. He couldn’t make that out now, sitting in the dark, but he could still see massive pencil thick veins spread over them like a web and hundreds of tiny capillaries adding their precious cargo back into them. He looked down and saw that Shane had his arms to his side. His enormous shoulder was a foot and a half across. It sloped sharply down and in, toward Shane’s body where the thousands of swollen fibers smashed into the thing that was Shane’s arm. Arm didn’t seem like the right word. This beastly thing reminded Cliff of a rubgy ball that had been expanded to the point of rupture. It was the same size and shape. Two major veins forced themselves down over the top and secondary feeder veins criss-crossed the entire surface. Cliff could see them pulsing ever so slightly. He had the distinct impression that they were just waiting for something else…just waiting. Like everything else Cliff saw, the muscle was sequestered into so many divisions and subdivisions, down to the finest of detail. Individual fibers could be easily distinguished from others. Even in the dark. He looked back into Shane’s liquid black eyes. He thought that Shane must have been holding his breath. He was so still. Shane hadn’t taken his stare off of Cliff even for a millisecond. He was waiting on him to take it all in. Their eyes met and Cliff noticed his heart racing. He was breathing heavily and could feel himself getting warm and flushed still staring into those black pools of Shane’s eyes. Shane was waiting. Motionless. “Shane. I am not afraid. In fact, I have a boner, bud. Is that weird?” He nervously chuckled to himself. The mountain stayed motionless but somehow his expression changed…warmed. Cliff decided that he had to do something more to convince Shane. His emotion detector seemed to be off-line for the moment. He didn’t know why, but he knew that Shane had, over the course of the past few minutes, erected powerful and impenetrable barriers against Cliff and he understood why. He started moving his right hand toward Shane. He leaned forward and never broke eye contact. As his hand got a few inches away from Shane, he saw the veins once again rise, as if to meet him. The muscle fibers that he could see a bit better now began to tense and bunch in the direction of Cliff’s hand, like they were reaching out to touch him, straining against the skin. Shane’s eyes never moved. He didn’t look like he was breathing, still. “I am going to touch you now, Shane. I am going to put my arm on your shoulder, ok?” Shane stared into Cliff’s eyes with those singularities of darkness. Cliff stopped. He wouldn’t do this without Shane’s say-so. Not now. “Cliff…” He stopped and for the first time, Cliff noticed what seemed to be tear tracks going down his cheeks. Not new tears, but only minutes old. “You don’t think I am a monster? You want to touch me?” “Fuck, Shane. I think you are beautiful. I cant even really see you and I think you are beautiful. It’s so damned dark in here.” Shane looked at Cliff in the same way he had earlier when Cliff had been cutting up chicken and vegetables to add to Shane’s ramen. It was adoration and complete devotion. He took began to breath and ripped the emotional walls down in an instant. He smiled and looked up at the light. It came on instantly. Shane rose to his feet slowly. Cliff watched in awe as his full appreciation of the being formerly known as Shane rose and expanded outward in every direction, slowly gaining his full height. He was tall now. Maybe 7 feet, Cliff guessed. The ceiling couldn’t take too much more height, as it was only 8 feet. His shoulders framed enormous traps, larger now that there was light to put things in perspective. The thick neck that he had noted before positively bulged with tendons, muscle and stretched skin. He finally was able to look at Shane’s chest. He followed down the crevasse that signified the borders between the two continents. The insertion points of the muscle fibers of Shane’s chest made a deep slot down the middle of the chest. Both sides looked as if they were fighting for territory and the battle would take place right in the middle. From there, Shane’s chest expanded outward gaining elevation away from the plane of his body for several inches. Horizontal ridges formed huge gashes separating the major muscle groups of Shane’s earth crushing pecs. Smaller chords formed bundles stretching across and gathering again in a bunch leading up to the insertion point where the thick bundle dove under Shane’s delts and into his armpit. Cliff’s eyes travelled down to the mini-boulders that were stacked so symmetrically on Shane’s abdomen. Deep cuts an inch deep surrounded each individual muscle. Each appeared to be an island pressing up against the others with that ever-present net of veins covering the surface. Just then, Cliff realized that Shane was still naked. How could he have not registered that before? Shane’s dick looked like it had been molded from the best porn star in the world. It was thick and long. Cliff guessed 10” soft. Then he saw the huge set of bull balls hanging low. Damn those things could make gallons of cum in a day. He still had his arm out to touch Shane and Shane was still staring at him but now with a genuinely beautiful smile. Cliff was naked too, and completely hard. He had no fear now and Shane could tell. Cliff moved his hand toward Shane’s chest. Just before he touched Shane’s skin, a short burst of electricity arced out to meet him. Just a small spark of piercing blue light, but he saw it and felt it. Shane offered a small deep groan. Cliff placed his hand palm down on the surface of the round mound of muscle teaming with pulsing veins. With Shane’s alabaster skin, he could really see the blue vessels crawling underneath, feeding the power that no doubt resided in them. His skin was unblemished and silky. It was warm, like an oven after baking is done. He looked up at Shane and Shane’s head was thrown back. The muscles tensed under Cliffs palm, a wave of activity pulsed through the pecs and it looked like a caged animal was trying to get out. “What is that Shane? What is under there? It looks like there’s a raccoon in your pec trying to claw its way out.” He curled his lips again in a smile. Shane lifted his head back up, looking wildly at Cliff. “I don’t know, Master Cliff. I have never been this big before or let myself grow this much. I can tell that I am far away from reaching my potential, but I don’t understand any of this myself. You will be able to get me there.” Cliff soothed the writhing mass under Shane’s chest, almost petting it and it slowly calmed down. He looked up at Shane and was overtaken by the man’s beauty. A shot of lightning raced across the sky outside. The thunder struck and it was still raining. Cliff’s mind was racing. He didn’t want to push his ripped friend too far. He knew that inside that beautiful hard and shredded body, Shane was still a scared foster kid, just a bit more grown up now. He was so turned on by the man he could barely keep focused. He wanted to run his hands all over Shane’s enormous and muscular body. He placed his other hand in one of Shane’s hands and held it for a moment. Then let go and worked his way up to Shane’s forearms. “Holy fuck, Shane!” Shane looked down quickly, terrified that something was wrong. Cliff had let go of Shane’s chest and both hands were running and rubbing Shane’s massive forearm. Cliff’s breath was racing and it was his turn to have wild eyes. He couldn’t take them off of Shane’s arm. The chords of muscle were insanely shredded. Cliff thought that just this one forearm looked as big as an Easter ham but with individual muscle fibers straining to escape the shrink-wrapped casing that they found themselves trapped by. And those thick, throbbing, angry vessels jockeying for space kept rising up to meet Cliff’s fingers as he caressed the largest forearm Cliff had ever seen. “Holy shit,” Cliff said out loud. Forearms had always been his favorite body part after chest. A man with ripped huge forearms was not to be messed with. Shane just smiled and looked at Cliff with his liquid black eyes. “I have never been happier in my life. I cannot believe that the one person that loved me before he saw me this way is not frightened by me now. Cliff, I have never felt this way about myself. I have never felt this way about anyone else.” Cliff looked into Shane’s eyes and rested his hands on Shane’s enormous bicep muscles. He could feel them pulsing, waiting, writhing underneath the surface. And then Cliff moaned. His balls constricted and he began to pump his seed all over Shane’s legs. Rivers of cum worked their way down the canyons and ravines that were Shane’s quads. How had Cliff missed Shane’s legs… his fucking huge legs. Cliff had always considered legs to be the most telling sign of male strength. Huge legs said a lot about a man’s power and Shane had power in spades. Mammoth slabs of striated and elongated muscle raced down to Shane’s knees from his waist--his impossibly narrow waist. Cliff thought that 28 inches around would be generous. From there down, the man exploded into striations and long mounds of pure strength, all the while maintaining some sense of aesthetics. Cliff’s cum was coursing down Shane’s quads like runoff on land that has seen too much rain. He noticed but couldn’t concentrate. He was too much in pure bliss. His eyes locked on Shane’s – those deep black pools that he wanted to be lost in, completely. Shane grabbed ahold of Cliff underneath his shoulders and lifted him up to eye level like he was a pet cat…he didn’t even struggle to lift Cliff’s meaty body. “How strong is this guy!? Cliff thought to himself. He was a ragdoll to Shane. “Cliff, I want to kiss you. I have never wanted anything so much in my life.” Cliff reached his arm around the neck of the man he loved—his huge striated thick neck—and leaned in to kiss Shane. Their lips touched and a burst of energy passed between them. Cliff felt a spark, it hurt, but it felt good. Shane’s body shook. The muscles tensed and became engorged with the blood that had been waiting in the vessels surrounding them. That blood was being pumped into them now and Shane’s monstrous muscles expanded. Individual fibers that were visible before now looked like their own cords. His chest expanded and his traps flexed like an overworked bicep, balling up and quivering. And then it was Shane’s turn to cum. His massive cock pulled back like a canon ready to fire. As if on command, volleys of thick white liquid shot out and met Cliff’s body, soaking his chest, groin, and legs with Shane’s essence. It was hot and sticky and smelled like pure testosterone. The moans emanating from Shane sounded more like wild lions fighting than anything human. He continued to empty quarts of thick juice onto Cliff’s elevated body and then he let go. He pulled back from Cliff and grabbed ahold of his cock with both hands. He looked at Cliff suspended in the air and kept pumping cum on him. Cliff felt that the softest velvet gloves were holding him up or suspended in a warm hot tub. He looked into Shane’s eyes looking back at his. He had never been happier. “What the fuck is going on in there Cliff!???!” He heard banging on the front door. “Cliff, are you ok? Is your fucking crazy roommate trying to kill you or what? OPEN THE DOOR, one of you or I will kick it in! Cliff? CLIFF!” They could hear the frenzy in Rich’s voice. He must have heard noise from his apartment below. “Shit, Shane. Rich will be through that door in a second. He’s strong as an ox and he probably thinks we are in some sort of fight. Shit.” “It’s ok Cliff.” Shane looked radiant. Shane slowly lowered Cliff from his careful suspension. As soon as he touched the ground, he moved quickly toward the front door to prevent a forced break-in, quietly closing the bedroom door behind him. Cliff grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped it around his waist. He pulled the front door open and glared at Rich. “What the hell man? You should have called my phone or something. You didn’t have to come barging up here!” “It sounded like there was an animal dying up here man. And I could hear the bed move, and then it got even louder, like some rhino in heat or something man. Don’t get pissed that I’m watching out for you. That fucking weirdo roommate, man. I thought he was trying to kill you! You smell like cum, dude. What the…? Are you fucking that weirdo?” “Shut up, Rich. You don’t know what you are talking about. If you want to get your face punched, you’ll keep talking. Otherwise, shut up!” Rich stormed into the apartment. He was only wearing his boxer briefs and his muscles were all visible. He must have run up from his bed. The rooms and halls were empty anyway until the dorms started filling up the next day. “Where is that little fucker? I have a few things I need to say to him! Shane, Sean, whatever the hell your name is…Get out here. We’re gonna talk.” Cliff hadn’t seen Rich this angry for a long time. What was his problem? Just then, the bedroom door opened and out came Shane looking terrified as he had before. Cliff’s eyes bugged out. Shane came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist as well. He looked thin and the same as when he arrived earlier that day. He locked eyes with Rich and then swung his glance over to Cliff. “Hey Rich. What’s up?” “I’ll tell you what’s up you little freak! You think you can just move in here all creepy and shit. Take off your clothes and play your victim role and Cliff falls for it. Then you crawl into bed with him and you trick him into fucking you. You make me sick! I’m going to beat the shit out of you, I swear to God.” “Rich! Stop it!” Cliff was moving toward him with his fists clenched. “If you have a problem with Shane, you have a bigger problem with me. Leave him alone!” The rage in Cliff’s voice was startling to everyone in the room, especially Rich who winced and stared at his friend. He had never heard that tone come from gentle kind Cliff’s throat. “What has he done to you Cliff? What has this little, ugly…” Cliff’s meaty fist connected with Rich’s jaw solidly. “Get out Rich.” Shane was standing with his mouth open staring at Rich’s face. Rich’s eyes were bugging out and his mouth was moving but no sound came out. A look of complete confusion spread across his face. He looked at Cliff and more than anger or rage, he looked at Cliff with hurt and confusion. He had never seen this side of Cliff in years. Cliff was his best friend. “Rich, I’m sorry, but you’d better go.” Rich grabbed ahold of his jaw and looked at Shane with an almost pleading look in his eyes then back at Cliff with the same look. Just as Rich had never seen Cliff with the look of complete rage in his eyes, Cliff had never seen Rich so submissive and confused. He walked to the door and quietly shut it behind him. Shane stood where he was staring at Cliff whose hand was still balled in a fist. There was concern mixed with confusion on his face. “Cliff, why did you do that?” Shane pleaded. “Why did you hit him?” “No one will talk to you like that when I am around. Someone finally needed to put him in his place. I will not allow someone to disrespect you like that. “ Shane walked over quickly to Cliff, dropping the towel around his waist as he did. He put his arms around Cliff and stretched up to kiss him. “Thank you for standing up for me. But don’t let me get in the way of you and your best friend.” He looked at Shane in the eyes again and saw them turning black, like swirls of ink in a whirlpool. “Cliff, you will need him on your side sooner than you think. I don’t know why, but I know this is true. You will need him. I will need him. Please go talk to him. He is down in his room. I can feel him. He is hurt from what you did as much as I have ever been in my life.” Cliff looked at Shane’s face. After all of the abuse he had faced in his life, physical and emotional, he was pleading with Cliff to go fix this. He really believed that Rich was important somehow and from what he had seen tonight, he was not about to question Shane. Cliff grabbed Shane’s hand and walked into the bedroom. “Get some clothes on Shane. You are coming with me.” Shane looked at Cliff and felt that Cliff was devastated from what he had done. “Ok Cliff.” He couldn’t deny Cliff a direct request and he knew that Cliff new best. They found themselves standing outside of Rich’s door a few minutes later waiting for him to answer. Cliff was holding Shane’s hand softly, carefully. He knew that Shane didn’t want to be here. He was trembling. He knew when there was a potential hostile situation. Rich opened the door in his underwear. He looked at Cliff directly in the eyes. His built muscular body, well-tanned from the summer, was slightly slumped. He looked defeated. “What do you want.” He didn’t even acknowledge Shane’s presence. “What Cliff? What do you want?” he repeated. His voice became more forceful and strained. The confusion that he had felt upstairs was starting to turn to rage. “Rich, we should talk.” “Fuck you, Cliff. And fuck this loser you’re with.” Cliff held onto Shane’s hand more tightly, squeezing it harder. “You know Cliff, I am going to kick your ass for that. YOU KNOW THAT, RIGHT!!?” Rich was yelling now. His hands clenching. Cliff stepped through the door with Shane in tow. “Rich, please. We need to talk.” “You are in MY house now! I don’t have to do as you say!” Rich roared. Cliff turned to close the door behind him, looking away from Rich to do so, his hand still holding onto Shane. Suddenly, Shane’s hand sparked. He could feel that same electricity that he felt when Shane was huge and muscular. The next thing that Cliff felt was Shane letting go of his hand. He heard the sound of meat on meat. The deep thud of tissue connecting with tissue. He looked up and Shane’s hand was cupped around Rich’s fist only an inch away from Cliff’s face. Rich had tried to crack Cliff in the head when he was closing the door. Shane had stopped him in his tracks. The look in Shane’s eyes was deadly. He couldn’t feel Shane’s emotions like Shane could sense his, but he knew that Rich was in a very very dangerous position. Shane’s eyes were swirling and Rich could see it too. “Don’t you touch him again,” Shane whispered. But it wasn’t an ordinary whisper. It sounded like a thousand thinly veiled threats covered with the finest silk. Deadly, powerful, and true. “What the hell?” Rich was staring at Shane’s eyes. He looked frightened. He couldn’t tear his eyes away. “Shane. Let go of Rich’s fist.” Shane looked over at Cliff. Their faces were close. It was a simple request. “Yes, Master.” Rich’s eyes almost popped out of his head. He looked apoplectic. He called Cliff “master?” Shane released Rich’s fist. It hurt. How tightly had that little guy been grasping his hand? It felt like it had almost been crushed. “We need to talk, Rich. There are some things that need to be said…First of all, Shane is with me now. You will never talk to him like you did earlier. You will have me to deal with and I will not stop with one punch next time. And I might just give Shane here permission to teach you a lesson. You got that?” “Holy shit, Cliff. What is going on here?” Rich still couldn’t believe the change in his friend. He had never seen Cliff angry like this. “You got that, Rich???” “Yes. But, what is happening.” He looked at Shane “Dude, you are strong! And what’s with those freaky eyes?” It wasn’t said with any spite… that’s just how Rich talks to everyone. Shane’s eyes had continued to swirl into blackness. Now he was staring at Rich like a snake does before striking. He was sizing him up. Cliff reached down and took Shane’s hand. “Rich, can we sit down?” “Fuck. Yes, I’m so confused and scared right now. Is Shane going to hurt me? He looks like he wants to.” Shane just kept staring at Rich, expressionless. “Shane, what do you feel from Rich?” “He is scared. You hurt him more than he wants to admit out loud. He is afraid of me but he doesn’t know why. More than anything, he is confused.” “Is he a threat?” “No, Master. He loves you very much and he will now tolerate me, I think.” “Who is this guy? ‘I love you very much?’ What does that mean?” Rich asked. “Shane can tell what you’re emotions are, Rich. He doesn’t lie.” They all sat down on the two couches facing each other in the small living area; Rich on one couch and Shane and Cliff on the other. It was Rich’s turn to feel like a caged animal. His beautiful tan surfer’s body was slumped over, hands on his knees looking at the two across from him. Cliff decided to speak first. “Hey man. We’ve been friends for a long time. Four years is a long time. You can be an asshole and you know it.” Rich nodded in agreement. “You need to let this one go. Don’t fight me on this Rich. Shane and I are together and that will not change. I need you to be ok with that. I know you just want to protect me since you don’t think I could know this guy. I mean, I did just meet him today, right?’ Rich nodded and started to say something. “Shane, show Rich a little of what you showed me earlier. You decide what that is, but he needs to know at least a little.” Shane didn’t question Cliff. He knew Cliff would know best in this situation. He stretched out is arm and raised his wrist up toward his shoulder with his hand pressed out in a fist. He looked quickly at Cliff and then back to his forearm. It exploded with writhing muscle and thick snakes coursing under the skin. His forearm grew and grew until it was the size of a gallon jug of milk but deeply divided. It looked like someone had taken a cheese grater to the muscles underneath. They looked inhuman and full of power unlike even what Cliff had seen earlier. No other muscles on Shane’s little body were experiencing the same growth. No others were expanding and pulsating with power. Shane was controlling the growth completely. Cliff reached over to stroke the cords that knotted up under the skin. Once again the veins seemed to reach out for Cliff’s touch. When he got close enough, there was that blue spark again and the muscles tensed and convulsed. He lay his open hand on the monstrous writhing beast of Shane’s arms and petted it slowly and softly, almost making a shush sound as he did so. The convulsive craze of his forearms calmed down, not all the way, but more than the frenetic first moments of Cliff’s touch. Rich’s mouth had dropped to the floor and there was a large wet spot on his underwear and a puddle on the ground. He couldn’t peel his eyes off of what he was seeing. Shane looked at Cliff. Their eyes were only inches away. Cliff was still stroking Shane’s forearm, settling the muscle contractions down. Cliff quickly glanced over to the couch across the small room to see Rich completely dumbfounded and staring at Shane’s one huge forearm. The wheels of his mind were working overtime attempting to process what was occurring. He looked at a complete loss. And Cliff noticed, he had pissed himself. He thought about making some cruel joke, but then thought better of it. How would he feel under the same circumstances? Cliff turned back to Shane who had never taken his eyes off of him. He was just waiting for Cliff’s command. An overwhelming feeling of well-being washed over Cliff. “How are you feeling, Shane? What are you thinking?” “I am thinking that I want to give you the world, and that I could do it, if you let me.” That comment surprised Cliff. He thought at first that it was just figurative speech, but immediately afterward, he wasn’t so sure. What was Shane capable of? What was his limit? Shane kept staring at him with those black eyes. He wasn’t smiling. He was contemplating how he would be able to give the world to Cliff. Cliff’s mind wandered and looked at Shane’s body with more lust than he had ever felt. He was horny, definitely. But what he had seen before, up in his bedroom, he wanted to see again. He glanced at the tight t-shirt Shane had put on to go downstairs to Rich’s apartment and all he thought was “Damn, I’d love to see you bust out of that shirt.” Immediately, Shane’s muscles exploded. Every single one of them instantly expanded, like a kernel of popcorn. Shane’s shirt ripped in 20 places in a matter of a second. Cliff moaned and reached out for Shane’s enormous body. He hadn’t gotten taller, but looked like he had gained 50 pounds of muscle. Shane reached up to touch Cliff’s face and just that action caused hundreds of waves of visible muscle fibers to stretch and flex. Rich let out a soft groan. He was the straightest man that had ever walked the campus—at least he liked to think so. But this moment was the hottest he had ever seen. Shane had blown up like a Mr. Olympia contestant in the middle weight class, but he was shredded so much further than he had ever seen any other human. And his vascularity was sick. Rich could almost see every muscle cell individually. They were so responsive to Shane’s movements that they seemed to be visibly waiting for their next orders. It was as if there was a hierarchy in the room. The one definitely in control was Cliff. Whatever Shane was, he was hanging on Cliff’s every word. Rich was immediately thankful that their personal fight seemed to be over. The young Adonis on the couch next to Rich’s best friend placed his hand on Cliff’s thigh and said simply, “I love you, Cliff.” And then expanded again. Every muscle was straining to fit under the skin of this muscle god. He still hadn’t grown in height, but another enormous amount of weight had been added to his frame. Rich could see Shane’s lats expanding beyond the confines of his shoulders and arms. Had he ever seen anyone’s lats push out far past the arm boundary? Now he had. Shane broke his stare with Cliff and looked now at Rich. His countenance turned dark and a touch menacing. “Do you want to fuck with me now, Rich? Do you? “ Shane had never felt like this. His body was electrified and he felt an inconceivable amount of power and strength flooding his body. He stood up and at under 6 feet tall, still looked like a mountain. He glanced at Cliff, almost apologetically. “Sorry, Master. I know you do not want me to harm your friend.” He looked back to Rich, “Rich, get me a knife.” Cliff looked at Shane incredulously. His monstrously muscular liege just said, “It’s ok, I want to show you something.” Rich was just standing there. He couldn’t move. Shane looked over to the kitchen and suddenly, every knife in Rich’s kitchen arose and flew toward Shane. Every one of them hitting his body with extreme force and speed. Cliff had just barely uttered a yelp when the blades were flying toward Shane’s exposed chest. They all hit at the same time and shattered when they contacted his skin. Shane picked up a piece of the blade edge of one of the broken knives and handed it to Cliff. “Have Rich try to cut me with this blade.” “No Shane. I’m not going to let anyone hurt you. You’ve seen enough of that in your life.” “Let me do it, Cliff.” Rich said. Rich reached out and took the blade from Shane’s hand. He put the sharp edge against Shane’s skin right above his wrist and pressed in and dragged it across the surface. The knife did not penetrate a millimeter. “Now Cliff, you try. You need to see this” Cliff picked up a small shard and placed it against Shane’s skin. He applied a small amount of pressure and immediately, Shane started to bleed. “Cliff, you have complete control of my body and my mind. I want you to understand that. Whatever you desire, I can give it to you. You have complete control.” They heard lightening outside again. “Rich, we need to leave. Shane and I have some things to discuss. I wanted you to understand the situation, and I think that you do. You are my best friend and you will be. Shane, let’s go.” “Shane, I hope to get to know you better. I will try not to be an asshole to you and I am sure that if I am, you will let me know.” Rich was trying to smile, but he was scared shitless of the fireplug of hard writhing meat in front of him. In the hallway, Cliff said to Shane, “Let’s go to the weight room. My RA card can get us in. I want to see how strong you are.” They walked down the hall and out of the building, Shane with his bulging muscles exposed. The sports complex sits directly north of the football stadium. Cliff and Shane walked quickly from their dorm building on the hill overlooking lush grass fields of lower-campus and turned south on the path that would take them to the weight floor of the complex. They held hands the entire way – one beefy senior hand in hand with a slightly shorter but enormous junior. Those out jogging in the storm were caught off guard when they encountered the thick couple making their way down the path. Shane hadn’t had time to put on a shirt and he was beginning to get cold. Cliff attempted to put his arm around Shane’s massive shoulders to keep him warm. They hardly said a word to each other the whole walk down, but Cliff had a determined look on his face. Shane, in his muscular body, looked proud – not of himself, but of his closeness and relationship to Cliff. Everyone loved Cliff and Shane couldn’t believe that he was a part of such an amazing guy’s life. Even in just the short distance from the dorms to the fitness center, they encountered several people that wanted to stop and talk to Cliff. Everyone seemed to know him and wanted to say hi. Everyone who passed smiled at Cliff and stared wide-eyed at the shirtless mammoth that he had his arm around. Looking at his eyes, several of them let out a yelp and quickly walked away. When others stopped to see how his summer had been, he was polite and kind, but deftly handled the interactions with grace, all the while excusing himself and Shane from a more lengthy discussion. Thank goodness for the rain. They arrived at the fitness center. Cliff’s arm was still around Shane’s massive and stout shoulders. He had always thought of himself as a protector and in that role, he had become even more fiercely protective about Shane. He was even trying to keep him from getting a chill in the rain. He swiped the key card and his credentials popped the door open. They walked inside and walked to the right toward the dark, empty, weight area. Cliff walked over to the bench press. He really wanted to see what Shane’s ripped legs and perfectly round ass could do, but decided to start with the chest. He grabbed a plate and put it on the bar. Shane, who had never been in a gym before, watched inquisitively. He let Cliff load up the bar with 4 plates on each side of the bar. That would add up to good weight and considering Shane’s muscular development, it seemed a high but appropriate amount. Cliff asked Shane to lay down on the bench and coached him on his positioning. Shane grabbed ahold of the bar as instructed and lifted the bar up. Shane didn’t appear to be straining at all. Cliff stood at the head of the bench and helped guide the bar into starting position. “Now, lower the bar toward your chest to your nipples, let it touch lightly, and push up with your chest. Go slowly but steadily and focus on the muscles you are trying to isolate. Breath in while lowering, and exhale when raising the bar. Try to move smoothly and deliberately. I will help you out if you cannot move the weight or you begin to tire. That’s what a spotter does.” Shane lay down on the bench, bare chested and massive. His lats spilled over the side of the bench, and his traps and other back muscles prevented his head from laying flat. He was looking at a slight angle backward and when he opened his eyes, he was staring up at Cliff’s ample package protruding slightly from his shorts. He could see the outline of Cliff’s flaccid cock and the slight ring mark that signified the head of his penis. Shane felt waves of care, love, and lust flowing from Cliff toward him. He smiled. Although he wasn’t sure if he could lift the weight as carefully and fluidly as Cliff wanted, he knew that he could do it: Cliff knew he could do it so he had no question. He would do anything Cliff asked him to and he didn’t feel that there was a limit. Shane slowly lowered the weight. It was surprisingly light, almost like lowering a can of soup in both arms. He touched the bar to his chest. Cliff had his hands an inch or two under the bar and was squatting slightly to offer assistance if Shane needed help. In that position, Shane smelled a wave of testosterone-laden clean and fresh musk emanating from Cliff’s groin. He smelled like man, and fresh cut hay, earthy, and something naughty. Shane breathed in the smell of Cliff’s crotch and groaned softly. He felt a wave of pleasure beginning to swell in his chest and radiate down his abs and settle in his cock and he started to get hard. He loved Cliff’s man-smell almost as much as he loved everything else about him He held the weight at his nipples—which were now hard and standing up. And began to push expecting it to be difficult. Cliff did say that he would be lifting over 400 pounds. The bar just felt like a small amount of resistance. He lifted it up easily. Cliff shuddered and he started getting hard as well. Looking down at Shane’s smiling face and down toward his bulging pecs, he noticed that the muscle fibers looked like thousands of tiny strings being pulled taught just under the skin. The veins that honeycombed Shane’s skin over his chest were writhing but it was obvious that Shane felt no strain. If he could push this much weight up without any effort at all, what was he capable of? Shane pumped out 20 more reps, quickly. He was almost giddy with excitement at Cliff’s astonishment and pleasure. He racked the bar and sat up beaming and spun around on the bench to meet Cliff’s eyes. Cliff looked so pleased. “Did I do a good job, Cliff? I thought that looked like a lot, but I didn’t even feel it!” “You did great, Shane.” Cliff now had a fully erect cock trying to get out of his shorts. Shane looked down and smiled again. “I am so happy that I can make you happy. I’m glad that you like this size. I know that I can get so much bigger and stronger. I can tell that you would like that too.” “Shane, I like you how ever you are. But I told you that I love muscles, and I love yours especially. You are so beautiful. And fuck! You are strong… like freaky strong, I can tell. I don’t want you to be afraid of losing me as you grow bigger and more powerful. I don’t want to hold you back.” It suddenly donned on Cliff that he had only met Shane earlier that day. His whole life was different now and would be forever. Shane stared into Cliff’s eyes with those big pools of blackness. “Master, everything I do from this day forward in my life will be for you. I am completely at your mercy and only exist to fulfill your wishes and desires. You are not holding me back. You are giving me the only reason that I have ever had to exist in this world. No matter what happens to me as I continue to grow and become stronger, it will all be for you and because of you. Please don’t think that you are holding me back or giving me anything less than exactly what I need.” Shane stepped over to Cliff, stuck his big meaty hand down Cliff’s shorts and grabbed ahold of his cock. “I can tell you want this, Master. I will make you feel better than you have ever felt before, just standing here.” Shane applied the slightest pressure to his grip and Cliff moaned deeply. The veins on Shane’s arms leapt up toward the surface and suddenly Cliff felt a deep pulse of pleasure coursing through Shane’s hand and into his erectness. “Holy shit. What is that?” Cliff could feel something like electricity, but it was silky and smooth, and pure sex. He looked down and saw those little blue sparks swarming between Shane’s hand and his own tumescent member. Shane looked at him and simply responded, “I don’t know. This is new for me too.” Cliff bit his lip and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He had never felt a feeling like this before. It was as if his entire body was feeling the pulsing of an epic orgasm, but the wave just kept coming, the pulse kept going and becoming more and more intense. He grabbed ahold of the hulking biceps that were irresistibly within reach. Those pulses of energy and lust ripping through him in waves, starting with Shane’s hand on his cock and radiating out from there. Shane looked like he was enjoying himself as well. He was getting lost in the moment staring at his master. He was moaning and started to quiver with waves of hot energy. Deep groans began emanating from his throat. Cliff pulled out of his stupor and thought “Shane. Fuck Shane, this is amazing. Show me how strong you are.” He looked directly into Shane’s dark eyes. Shane took his hand off of Cliff’s cock and grabbed a 45# plate from the rack. The thing was solid iron. He placed his hands around the edge in a 9 and 3 o’clock position and applied downward pressure. The muscles in his arms and chest exploded out as he increased the pressure slightly. He wasn’t even straining yet. With a slight grunt, he pushed down harder. Cliff reached his hand over and softly placed it in the deep valley that formed between his tricep and delt. He could feel the muscles were under unrelenting tension and were hard beyond anything that he had felt before. As hard as the iron plate, but warm with soft skin. He looked again at Shane, his hand on Shane’s body and said with authority, “Bend it, Shane!” A wild look jumped into the beasts eyes and once again a wave of growth began in earnest all over Shane’s body. While it wasn’t as impressive as had happened in Rich’s room only a half-hour ago, it was still noticeable. Deepening chasms spread along muscle fault lines, the deep canyon between Shane’s angry pecs became deeper as the muscles bloomed out even more. The double head of his biceps swelled and the separation of the bicep bellies became even more pronounced. Shane’s neck thickened and the serpentine veins flowing over its surface pulsed with liquid godhood. His traps rose and crowded into the side of his head up to the level of his ears. It looked like he didn’t have a neck anymore. His legs ballooned out and the long cords of muscle expanded in width and definition until Cliff started to wonder if his anatomy had changed. His legs were so defined and huge it began to look as if single muscles began to develop muscle groups of their own. That was how ripped Shane was becoming. The ubiquitous watershed of veins were so distinct all across the surface of his body, their entire circumference appeared to wander over the top of the surface of the muscle with only the thinnest skin holding them against his body. Following some of them with his finger tip, Cliff noticed areas where the vessels ran across the surface and then plunged into the hard surface, feeding what was below with Shane’s beast blood. God, he was so turned on. Cliff could feel his cock pressing against the skin of his shaft. The meat of his dick wanted to escape the confines of its skin cage. He had never felt this turned on before. He wanted to be inside Shane. He wanted Shane to smother him and become part of him. He wanted to become one with the monster Shane was becoming. Fucking wouldn’t be enough. He desired Shane with such great intensity; he felt that he would rather give up air or water as long as he could keep him close. Shane looked straight ahead, crazed. Cliff kept his hand on Shane’s ever-more-muscular body. “Bend it, Shane.” He whispered again, softly, sexually. A burst of electricity seemed to erupt all over Shane’s body, following the course of the serpentine vessels. An intensely blue/white network of stable lightning seemed to hover just over Shane’s skin. The arcs ran right up to Cliffs hand that still rested on Shane’s upper arm. He took his other hand and placed it on his lover’s cheek and the energy currents parted to allow his hand access to Shane’s skin. Shane looked at Cliff and gasped. His eyes were still as black as ink, but inside of them looked to be a lightening storm. Jagged mini-bolts of blue flashed in the darkest recesses of Shane’s eyes. He looked completely calm now and waited for the electricity to dance across every inch of his skin for a moment longer. He appeared to be growing slightly taller, a good aesthetic look considering the musculature Shane had developed over the past few seconds. He blinked at Cliff, smiled, and simply said, “I will.” The blue currents appeared to soak into his skin. He applied the lightest pressure to the iron plate held in his hand and it bent and then shattered. Shane and Cliff both groaned. Cliff pulled down Shane’s shorts and then his own right before both of them shot their thick hot cum all over each other. They stood there, arms wrapped around one another, Shane having grown a few inches in the last spurt was now over 6 feet tall and just taller than Cliff. He wrapped his arms around his roommate and sent waves of his emotions into the man. Love, belonging, protection, and lust flooded into both of their bodies, each contributing his own part of the equation. Cliff had his arms around Shane’s abdomen and buried his face into the enormous striated half-globes that erupted outward from Shane’s chest. They looked as if they had been painstakingly etched from solid metal, but as Cliff placed his head on them, they conformed to his face as if they, themselves--Shane’s enormous razor sharp defined pecs—were giving him a hug. Cliff stroked Shane’s cobra-like back and just held him. After a few moments, Cliff pulled his head away from Shane’s stone pillow chest and looked directly in his eyes. “What the hell was that?” and gave him the widest smile he could. “I don’t know, but I have a feeling I am just getting started. I am so glad that I have you now to guide me and protect me. Master Cliff, I love you so much. You are perfect.” All Cliff could do was hug his god-sized friend closer. Reaching up and giving his a kiss on the lips, he grabbed Shane’s big paw and said, “Let’s go.” They began walking across the sports fields hand in hand, not saying a word. Lightening was dancing in the sky overhead. Cliff could feel Shane’s emotions coming through his touch. He was reliving his life before he met Cliff that morning. He could sense that he was still that hurt, sad, unappreciated boy that he had always been growing up. He could feel that Shane believed that Cliff was far too good for him and that he deserved to be with someone of his quality. For as powerful and beautiful as he was physically at the moment, he was still that scared kid inside. “Cliff, I don’t think I can live without you now. What has happened over the past few hours has cemented our lives together. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but it is all because you were kind to me and love me. You are making me the man that I am becoming.” Cliff just looked over at him and squeezed his hand a bit harder. The only feeling he had now was pure joy. He stopped walking and leaned up again to his now-taller roommate and kissed him again. Softly, delicately. Shane let out a guttural roar that Cliff was not expecting. His body quivered again and began seizing. “Shane! Shane!” Cliff cried desperately not knowing what was happening. “Oh my god! Shane, what’s wrong.” Just then, Cliff noticed that the rain had stopped. He looked up in the sky to see the lightening from the surrounding clouds was beginning to shoot toward a center point directly over their heads. It appeared as if a lake of white hot plasma was forming a couple of thousand feet in the sky fed by increasingly strong lightning bolts ripping clouds apart as they struggled to reach this singularity. Shane was still shaking. Cliff was terrified, not because of the strange event in the sky, but because he felt that his heart would die if Shane didn’t come out of this alive. He had never felt that sort of fear for losing something. He struggled to hold Shane upright. Shane was so strong and he was twitching and writhing out of control. “Stop Shane! Stop!” he was getting frantic. The convulsions stopped immediately and Shane stood there, looking ahead, but with no expression on his face. Suddenly, the lightening in the sky stopped for a brief moment and an enormous bold shot directly out of the pool of white-hot plasma down to the ground and smashed into Shane’s body. Cliff was blown thrown up in the air and away. Shane shot a look at Cliff as he was being tossed from the pressure of the bolt connecting. He extended his arm before Cliff hit the ground. Although Cliff was a good twenty feet away from Shane, he could feel Shane willing Cliff not to smash into the ground. Instead, he looked back to see Shane’s outstretched arm pointed toward him and a warm solid feeling of being supported in the air and being drawn back toward the epicenter of the strike—Shane. The bolt suddenly disappeared and left the two of them standing again together as the rain started pouring down again. “Shane. Are you ok? Can you hear me?” Cliff reached out to steady Shane. He had a blank look on his face and Cliff thought that he might be about to pass out or fall down. “Can we go home please, Cliff?” “Yes. But are you ok?” He looked at his master and smiled. “Yes. I am more than ok.” They started walking back toward the forested hill and the path that would lead back to the dorms. They didn’t speak. Whatever had happened back there to Shane, Cliff wanted it to be on Shane’s terms what and when he decided to share what he had experienced. Cliff grabbed Shane’s hand again. He was still huge and massive. He could give a heavily armored tank a challenge, Cliff thought. “Is there anything you would like me to do, Master?” Shane asked. His voice seemed deeper and more masculine. It almost sounded like a landslide and a freight train took human form--both unstoppable and immutable. It was a simple question. He was thinking all sorts of nasty and depraved thoughts about what he wanted to do to Shane. The man was a distillation of every dream imaginable that Cliff had ever had. All the hundreds of times he had jerked-off, he had never dreamed of someone like Shane. Shane was more than all of those dreams combined – and he was real. Cliff looked over at the thick beast walking next to him. He giggled a second and flippantly said, “Yes, I want you to demolish that tree” pointing to a large cedar a hundred feet tall clinging to the hill just off the path. Shane nodded in agreement. Cliff was only kidding, but Shane was dead set on giving it a try. The tree was enormous. If joining hands, three people Cliff’ size could not wrap all the way around the tree. It was immense. Shane walked to the base and put his arms around it, not coming close to the size he would need. Suddenly, he began to grow ever so slightly. He moaned and threw his head back with his eyes closed. Standing before Cliff was an 8-foot tower of the thickest muscle. Ever fiber of Shane’s expanding body exploded. Shane had his back to Cliff and Cliff could see ridges of muscle expanding along Shane’s spine. Mountainous lumps of pure power moved and stretched across his back forming what Cliff thought to look like a cobra, but infinitely thicker and more powerful. Shane’s calves exploded in size and definition looking much like angular vascularized car tires. They were huge. Suddenly, Shane’s size permitted his hands to touch on the other side of the tree. He encircled the trunk with his huge fucking arms and Cliff saw a wave of power spread across Shane’s back and through his arms in what looked like an intense bear hug. The base of the tree exploded in thousands of pieces. It began to lean and Shane pulled another section of the tree into his embrace and once again, upon pressure, another 20 feet of the tree shattered. He continued to do this process until the tree was reduced to small shards in a pile all around Shane’s massive body. He turned around. His shorts had long-since ripped away from his body. He stood there, naked, huge and a dozen feet tall, with a massive erection. “Is that ok, Master?” he sheepishly asked. He looked as if he was worried that he had done it wrong. “Shane, come over here.” Cliff reached out to gather Shane in his arms. He realized that Shane’s hard manhood was close to face level with him now, but he wrapped his arms around Shane’s legs, his hands connecting directly under the most ripped and beautiful set of glutes Cliff dared imagine. “You did it perfectly. Now come back down to a more manageable size for me and lets get home.” Shane slowly decreased in size until he became the small, thin version of himself that he had been when they first met. Cliff was suddenly aware of the unfathomable power, strength, and beauty that was bound up in the body standing next to him. Cliff bent over and picked up the ripped shorts that lay on the ground and said, “Can you fix these so you have something to wear for the rest of the walk?” Shane took the shorts in his hands and drew his finger along the ripped seams. Blue sparks flew out and heated the polyester fibers into a new seam. He pulled the shorts on and they began to walk back. “Shane, what do you want? Is there anything you want right now? You asked me just a few minutes ago, and now there is one less tree in the world,” Cliff chuckled. “Is there anything I can do for you?” Shane looked sheepishly at Cliff. He had the power of innumerable men and the ability to grow into a monstrous muscle beast and yet he was so concerned about what Cliff would think of him. “I don’t want to say.” “Shane, tell me what you want.” “Ok, Cliff. I can’t resist a command from you.” He had the look of an unpopular high school kid who was about to ask the hottest girl in school to the prom. “I want you to fuck me, Cliff. And then I want to fall asleep in your arms.” Cliff’s face broke in half with a huge smile- the smile that he was so well known for. “I think we can take care of that.” They hurried back to their dorm room. Entering the bedroom, small Shane pushed the beds together and jumped into the shower for a quick minute to wash off the mud and wood dust from the cedar tree. Cliff opened the door to the bathroom and stepped into the shower, naked, with his lover. They kissed and Cliff asked Shane to grow a little, to fill out, and add some of that sexy muscle. Shane of course complied. They toweled each other off and walked hand-in-hand to the bedroom. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to grab a couple of glasses of water. I’m parched.” Cliff wheeled around and walked into the kitchen. “It’s a bit cold in here, isn’t it Shane?” he yelled from the other room. “Ya. Oh, weird. One of the panes on the window has a big hole in it.” “Well, with all of the new guys moving into the dorms tomorrow, it’ll probably be a while before maintenance can come and fix it. I’ll put it on the work order sheet,” Cliff said as he walked into the room. He noticed Shane had returned to his small size again. He held out a glass for Shane. “Thank you, Cliff.” “You shrunk down again.” Cliff said quizzically. “I think it would be nice to start out at this size and then I can add size and muscle as you want me to. It can be like a game. I think that would be fun.” His face flushed. “I mean, I can get huge now again if you want me to though. Whatever you want, Cliff.” “No. You are right. I think it will be so fucking hot to watch you grow as we have sex. Damn! That’s such a brilliant idea. Now come over here.” Cliff felt a little breeze come through the hole in the window. He looked over at it. “Weird. It looks almost like a perfect circle. Hmmm.” He leaned in to give Shane a deep wet passionate kiss – like Shane had never experienced before. He touched his lips to Shane’s and opened up his mouth. At that moment, he heard a whooshing sound and a small thud. Shane pulled away. He stared into Cliff’s eyes with pure fear. Cliff looked back and then noticed a small hypodermic needle sticking out the side of Shane’s neck. Someone had shot it through the hole in the window. “No, no, no, no, no…” Cliff kept mumbling to himself, as Shane looked more and more afraid. Shane tried to speak but couldn’t form the words. His eyelids were beginning to flutter. He collapsed. “Oh my god! Who did this?! No, no, no, no.” Cliff knelt down next to Shane and kissed him on the lips pulling the syringe out of his neck. “I love you Shane. I love you!” He started to cry just as a canister flew through the window and began releasing a mist. “What the fuck? Shane. Shane!” The last thing he heard was the room of the dorm getting kicked in, wood splintering. Then for the second time in one night, his world went dark. ================================================================================= ================================================================================= Part III “God, this hurts,” Cliff thought to himself. The room was completely black. He couldn’t tell where he was or what was around him. The air smelled musty and a bit like dirt. A certain odor was in the air—an odor he could not place, but resonated with his past somehow. “Where am I?” He heard a rustle to his left. It didn’t sound like much, but it seemed like something or someone was close, breathing shallowly. Then he heard a very slight groan. It was almost imperceptible. “Hello…” He asked the darkness to respond. “Who’s there?” Silence. He then became aware of his position. A sharp pain started radiating from his wrists. It felt as though shackles were holding his arms above his head; the sharp edges digging into his skin. His shoulders hurt. He tasted the warm metallic flavor of blood in his mouth. He could sense that his feet were touching the ground, but only barely. “Uhhhhhhgh.” The darkness spoke again. The breathing and sounds were coming from only a few feet away. He heard another rustle of slight movement. “Hello? Shane? Is that you? Shane, are you ok? What is going on?” Silence. The metal bands clasping his wrists together were hurting more and more. They were almost suspending him in air. If he thrust his heels into the ground, the shackles dug in further. He was given just enough length of chain to stay alive, but could not move. He realized that now. “Cliff?” The voice was garbled. It sounded like someone speaking underwater or with a mouthful of food. He heard his name, but couldn’t tell who it had come from. “Cliff?” the voice questioned again. He knew in that instant that the voice did not belong to Shane. Panic ripped through his soul. “WHERE IS SHANE?” he desperately replayed any events that he was aware in his mind. The last thing he remembered was that Shane had been struck by a hypodermic needle that had been delivered to his neck through the hole in the window. He remembered collapsing and seeing a mist erupt from a canister that had also found its way into the bedroom. And then the sound of cracking wood as the door had been broken down. “Hello? Who are you? Where is Shane?” The panic of Shane’s absence was swelling inside of Cliff. He felt wave after wave of fear and worry. Someone had kidnapped him and done God-knows-what to the man that had become his second half in only a day. He began thrashing against the shackles that bound his wrists, his meaty body trying to break free without even knowing his surroundings. “Cliff…” The voice whispered. It sounded like it was in pain. He could hear wincing and gurgling. Whoever it was that was next to him, he was in worse shape than Cliff. “Yes. It’s Cliff. Who is it?” He repeated. “How do you know my name? Where are we?” “Help me, Cliff. It’s Rich. I think I am bleeding.” Cliff then heard a muffled cry. “Rich? How the hell did you get here?” “I have no idea. The last thing I remember…um, I was in my apartment about to fall asleep…I heard a huge crash upstairs in what sounded like your place. It didn’t sound like those sex noises from before…” Rich went silent. Cliff realized that the strange gurgling sound he could hear was probably blood in Rich’s mouth. The air hung heavy with the sweet and sickly smell of iron. “Rich? Are you ok?” “Yes. Sorry. It hurts so badly….So, I went upstairs to see what the loud crack was. I came around the corner and thought your door was open but when I got closer, I realized that the door had been ripped off its hinges. Then I saw men dragging Shane out…then you. That’s the last thing I remember.” He spoke slowly and deliberately. Rich was in pain. “I am so sorry I got you into this, Rich.” “Into what?” “I have no idea. But for whatever reason you are here, it is because of me, or Shane…or me and Shane. I am so sorry.” “Fuck man. Don’t be sorry. We need to find out what is going on though. I think I’m hurt pretty badly.” Just then, they both heard the opening and slamming of a door, the flick of a light switch, and then saw the warm yellow of halogen lights. They were inside of a giant shed. It looked like so many of those that Cliff had worked in as a kid out on the farm. Most stored potatoes or other root crops from the harvest. They had a particular earthy smell. That is what he was remembering. “Hello, gentlemen. I hope you are not too uncomfortable.” The voice was deep and masculine, but also melodic and animated. Cliff turned his head over towards Rich. He could feel the soreness in his neck. Rich was suspended, much like he felt he was, with his arms raised up and clasped together by iron shackles dangling down from the ceiling. His face was bloody and swollen. There was dried matted blood in his hair. His eyes were swollen closed and bright red and purple. It looked like he had been in a boxing match with a world-class competitor and had done so without any protection or training. He looked positively ghastly. “Who the fuck are you, asshole?” Rich attempted to sound tough but there was debilitating pain in his voice. The man who had walked in was inspecting the two friends. He was looking at them with dark brown eyes that looked sinister and terrifying. Not a tall man, he was thin but sinewy and much more physically adept than he appeared. “You…” he pointed to Rich. “You just got in the way. Now, shut your fucking face!” The man, standing close to Rich, cocked back his arm and proceeded to punch Rich in the gut. There was a deep thud. Cliff heard Rich moan. “Bring in the subject!” the man shouted to the empty air. A large door opened on the other side of the massive cellar. The door was about the size of four normal home garage doors. The sun streamed through the open doorway about 100 feet away. A small group of men walked in pushing a young man in his early twenties toward Cliff and Rich. He thought for a moment that it was Shane in his reduced form, but it wasn’t. He could tell by the way this one walked. The group got closer to the two dangling men and the asshole in-charge. “Jack, come here!” The asshole said to the group. The young man—who looked very confused and out of place—approached carefully and slowly. He looked terrified. “Jack, come closer to Cliff here. You two will become good friends, I have no doubt.” The thin awkward young man got even closer. He looked at Cliff in a terrifying way. He looked so afraid. Cliff thought he recognized him…from some distant memory. They were about the same age he thought, but Jack was much more frail. “Jack…reach out and touch Cliff. It doesn’t matter where. Just touch his skin.” Jack hesitated. He didn’t know what was happening. He then slowly started to extend his hand out. When it got just a few inches away from Cliff’s exposed chest, Jack moaned. Cliff could see veins racing to the surface of Jack’s skin. And Jack began to grow. Not much, but it was noticeable. His shirt slowly filled out more and mounds of muscle began to show themselves against his small shirt. Cliff spat on the ground. Jack looked directly at him with a face of complete surrender and awe. Beginning to rub his expanded pecs, Jack smiled slightly at Cliff and Rich. He knew something. The smile was genuine and was meant for only them to see. When he turned to the man, he went stone-faced again and simply asked, “What was that?” He still looked terrified. One of the men from the group that had escorted Jack into the giant cellar walked up to him, placed his hands on Jack’s shoulder and turned him away and started walking again toward the giant open hangar door. “Who was that?” Cliff questioned under his breath. “We have been waiting a long time to meet you, Cliff. We have been watching your friend, Shane for years. You see, he has a…condition.” The mention of Shane’s name from this sinister man made Cliff’s blood boil instantly. He glanced over at Rich with arms suspended in the air. Rich looked more worried than Cliff had even felt. Rich glanced over at Cliff with those horribly swollen eyes. He looked angry. Where Rich felt concerned, Cliff looked like he could set the place on fire with his anger. Rich had always been a hothead, but in this moment, the rolls were clearly reversed. “Shane started to really change when he moved in with you. It only took a few hours with you for him to evolve into something that we did not expect. We were able and willing to sit back and watch his development until last night when he did something quite remarkable. He absorbed the energy from an entire thunderstorm. For all that we have seen leading up to yesterday, we had never seen anything like that. He is exceeding our expectations.” Cliff’s mind was reeling. “Who is this ‘we’ that has been observing Shane? Why had they brought that scared little guy in and had him touch Cliff? Why had Jack expanded with muscle when they touched? And why had he smiled afterward – a smile that was only meant for Rich and Cliff to see?” Cliff had a million questions and as many theories attacking his brain at once. “Why is my buddy here? He doesn’t know anything,” Cliff motioned with his head toward Rich. “You are right. He doesn’t, but I felt that he could be used as collateral…as protection for my investment. You fuck me over, and I will end him. How does that sound?” The boss looked quite proud of himself. He didn’t look too much older than Cliff, maybe late twenties. Cliff felt something well up inside of him. “Where is Shane?” his voice thundered. He was starting to get frantic. “That’s enough for now.” The man walked over to the suspended prisoners, cocked back his arm and delivered a bone-cracking blow to Cliff, right across the left cheek. “Load them into the truck!” he bellowed. Rich and Cliff heard boots approach behind them and then bags were placed over their heads. They were lowered to the ground and told to walk forward. The escorts placed their hands on the prisoners’ shoulders and guided them for several minutes. Cliff knew that they had arrived outside. The smell of damp earth evaporated and he could feel the warmth of the sun. “There are steps in front of you. Climb up and get into the back of the truck!” barked a man with a deep thunderous voice. Cliff knew that it was the man who had been guiding him outside – the voice was just beside his ear. They sat down in the bed of the truck, blindfolded and fettered. “They could hear the two escorts climbing into the cab of the truck and Cliff assumed that they were now alone. “Rich, we have to find Shane. We have to figure out how to get free and find him,” Cliff said in a hushed tone. “No shit.” “I think I can help with that,” a voice said from a couple of feet away. “Who the hell are you?” Rich growled. The bags were still over their heads. “It’s Jack. What the fuck did you do to me? I touched you and I put on like 10 pounds of muscle immediately. And I can tell I am fucking STRONG! I can feel it. I don’t know how, but I know that I could rip those chains right off your wrists. Fuck. What did you do to me? Who are you?” Cliff paused. His wheels were turning. They were in a very dangerous situation and he needed to assure their safety as well as figure out where Shane was and how to free him. “Well, tell him something!” barked Rich. “Jack, my name is Cliff. I don’t know why my touch can do that to you, but I have a friend. Well, he’s more than a friend. The same thing happened to him when I touched him-but to an infinitely greater degree. Jack, are your hands free?” “Yes. I might have gained 10 pounds, but I am still a scrawny guy. They don’t see me as a threat I guess. But I am now. I can feel it. I feel like I have electricity raging through my muscles. They fucked with the wrong guy. They kidnapped me yesterday and I have no idea where I am. Its my mom’s birthday and I am pissed I am missing the party.” Cliff rolled his eyes underneath his head covering. Jack had absolutely no idea what was happening. He was mad that he was missing a party. Seriously? “Jack please listen very carefully to me. I want you to touch me again. I hope that my theory is true and that you will get significantly stronger when you do.” “No fucking way. Are you serious? That would be amazing. “ “Cliff, are you sure you know what you are doing? We don’t know anything about this guy. He could get blow up huge like Shane did and knock our fucking heads off with a single shot. I don’t know, man. Seems like a big risk.” Jack just looked at Cliff. Cliff could sense him probing his emotions, just as Shane did when they first met. “Hey Jack. One question. Are you adopted?” Cliff didn’t know why he asked. It was just a thought that came into his mind. “Ya. I don’t know my biological parents. I know nothing about them. I was sent around to really shitty foster homes for most of my life. Its like I couldn’t catch a break. But the family I was placed with when I was 16 turned out to be amazing. That’s why I want to be at my mom’s birthday today. I promised her I would never miss one. I don’t intend on missing this one. A promise is a promise.” Cliff probed Jack’s voice for any sign of wavering. “Cliff, I can tell you are worried about me and about the risk you are taking. I can also tell that whoever this Shane guy is, he is one fucking lucky guy. I have never in my life sensed so much worry and love and fear coming from someone. You seem like you are about to explode from the inside out, Cliff. “ Every word that Jack said resonated with Cliff to the core of his being. He didn’t know what the connection was, but he knew he could trust Jack. He knew that they had somehow been connected in the past. He couldn’t explain it though. “I am about to lose my mind. I am so worried about Shane.” Cliff’s voice cracked. He was glad that there was a covering over his face. Tears were beginning to well up in his eyes and he didn’t want to seem weak in front of Jack. He could give a fuck about Rich. Rich seemed to understand how much Cliff and Shane loved each other. “Rich, Jack. If we do this, we have only one shot. Rich, I trust him. I trust him completely. Somehow, I just know.” Rich nodded his head, but Cliff couldn’t see it. “So, I think I have an idea.” He paused a moment. “I hope you understand that we must find Shane. That is the most important thing.” His voice cracked. The worry was beginning to build now that he wasn’t hanging from those chains. He could focus less on the pain he had been in and more on what was needed to escape. He had no idea what he was dealing with, except that whoever had kidnapped them all was terribly organized and methodical. They had all obviously been watched and followed for some time. “Jack, I am going to have you touch me. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope you get stronger and bigger. We are going to need that. Then, I want you to rip the cuffs off of Rich, but not me.” “What? Fuck that, Cliff,” Rich spat. He wasn’t going to let that happen. “Listen. You and Jack here are going to jump out of this truck and head back to where we came from before we get too far away. I didn’t want to say anything, because I couldn’t be sure since I was in so much pain, but I know that Shane is back there. I could feel him. He is in pain and he is scared. You have to get back and get him out. Figure out a way.” “What about you, Cliff?” Jack had a concerned tone in his voice. They had just met, but Jack and Cliff had a connection since Jack had approached him in the massive shed. “They want me. That asshole back there mentioned that they just took Rich to keep a bargaining chip with me. If they have me still when we arrive wherever we are headed, they may give you just enough time to get Shane out. If I am gone, they will freak the fuck out. Then who knows. Shane and I are the primary hostages here. I need to believe that it will give you enough time to find him.” “Then what?” Rich sounded apprehensive. Cliff was clearly not thinking. “Come and find me. I have a feeling that if you can get Shane out of there, and you have Jack as well, you wont have a problem getting me out of whatever shit storm I am in. Just try to hurry. I don’t think they will like the two of you escaping. OK?” “Ya, whatever. Just don’t get yourself killed,” Rich sounded nervous. “Jack, reach out and touch me. You may feel strange. It’s ok.” Jack extended his finger tips and could barely reach Cliffs shackled arms. He felt a jolt of energy passing between them and then he looked down at his own arm. He saw cords of muscle rising out of his skin. They were stretching toward Cliff. He felt a burst of energy so strong; he thought he was going to crawl out of his own skin. He uttered a stifled moan. What had just happened? He felt so strong—stronger than before. He knew he could pry the metal bands off of Rich’s wrists easily, without even exerting any pressure. Fuck, he felt amazing. He felt another wave of emotion crash into him. This wasn’t about his power and strength. This was about Cliff. He knew at that moment, that he would do anything that Cliff asked of him. It wasn’t submission; it was respect. He had never felt this type of devotion before. He didn’t question it. It was just the natural order of things. There was something about Cliff. He would fight to the death for this man that he had just met. “Jack, how do you feel? Do you think you can break the cuffs on Rich’s wrists?” “Holy shit. Yes. I don’t think it will even require any effort. Are you sure you don’t want me to just release you too?” Jack felt an overwhelming responsibility to Cliff now. He was intensely worried that Cliff would be hurt somehow and maybe even killed. “Yes. If they discover I am gone, they will get on the radio and do god-knows-what to Shane. Maybe kill him. That can’t happen. Just find him soon. Jack, do you understand?” “I understand, Cliff. I will do whatever you ask me to...” Jack slowed and paused and then whispered, “..Master.” “What is it with these guys and calling you master? It’s fucking weird, man.” Rich was making his opinion known. Cliff couldn’t agree more, but he understood it on some level and felt comfortable with it now. He had changed a lot in the past day. “Now go. Jack, keep Rich safe. Rich, I am counting on you. You are my best friend and you are devious and manipulative enough to pull this off if you have any luck.” He could hear Jack shuffling over to the other side of the truck bed. He heard a loud cry from the iron being pulled apart. “Fuck, that is amazing. I could rip this entire truck apart without breaking a sweat. Damn! You can see my fingerprints in the metal!” Rich’s hands were free and he pulled the bag from his head. He looked at Jack. “Shit Jack, you must have put on 30 pounds in the past 20 minutes. Hey Cliff, what are you doing to these guys? Do you want me to take your mask off?” “No. Leave it on. I don’t want them to be unduly threatened by me or think I know where I am. Everything I am doing will hopefully buy you a few extra minutes to find Shane.” “Ok man. We will come back for you though. I don’t want to leave you!” Rich started to sound panicked. “Go Rich. Jump out of the truck. Go find Shane and get him to safety. Jack you do the same.” “Yes, Master.” Rich looked over to Jack and nodded. Jack curled his mouth into a smile and Rich saw dark clouds of black beginning to swirl in his eyes. “Jack, watch out for this guy. He has a way of getting into trouble.” Jack grabbed Rich by the nape of his neck, lifted him easily and dove out of the back of the truck. He wrapped his thin, but amazingly strong body around Rich’s as they tumbled to the ground. He would not allow anything to happen to Rich. He knew Cliff wouldn’t like that very much, and he didn’t think he would like anything to happen to Rich either. He liked the way Rich’s muscular body felt and how his tight narrow waist accentuated his round athletic ass. “Stop thinking like that, Jack!” he yelled in his mind. Rich wondered why Jack hadn’t blown up like Shane when he came into contact with Cliff again, but regardless, he was beastly strong, and had definition in his wiry muscles. “Damn. If Shane was around, all blown up like a fucking muscle monster, he could take on an army and not even worry about it!” Jack just though, “Who is this Shane guy?” He felt the slightest touch of jealousy. They were lying in the dust in the middle of fields as far as the eye could see. Jack still held Rich in a protective embrace as they had just stopped rolling after the jump. “Jack. There is something I want to say. I know you have this connection to Cliff now. I don’t understand it but I know it is there. You need to understand though, that I would die rather than let anything happen to Cliff. So as strong and powerful as your body has become in the past few minutes, there is no way that you can beat me in the motivation department. I just want to be clear. Don’t fuck this up.” Rich looked directly into Jack’s eyes that were now almost entirely black. Rich thought that they looked…beautiful. He forced the thought from his head. Rich had always forced those thoughts from his head. If he thought that a guy was cute or handsome (cute in this case), he drove it far out of his mind. Jack held Rich at arms length. They were sitting down in the dirt. “I have no doubt about that, Rich. You will need to prove that before this is over. And I can feel that you would back up your claim. Now, lets go get this Shane guy. I have my orders from Cliff. That’s all that matters now.” Jack put his arm around Rich’s shoulders and it felt as if warm cast iron lifted him to his feet. Jack just stared at Rich for a minute, not speaking. Rich let him stare. Somehow, it felt good and right. They started running down the dirt road they were on back toward the place where they had come from. They could see large semicircular mounds of metal rising out of the sky in the distance. Those were the storage sheds that they had just been in. Jack looked around as they were running. “That’s weird. I think I have been here before. I recognize the mountains off in the distance. Strange.” Something was resonating in Jack’s mind. He had been here. He knew it. They kept running. The sheds were getting closer. Those things were huge. It was so quiet. It didn’t look like anyone was around, but they both knew differently. Somewhere in this long row of enormous semicircular cellars was their prize. The wind picked up a bit and the dust started to blow. It was so hot. “Hey, lets just go systematically one to another and check things out. This place gives me the creeps.” Rich never appreciated surprises and he wasn’t happy sleuthing about what seemed to be some crazy-assed hidden research facility. He was not excited. Jack on the other hand seemed positively giddy. He could feel the strength of 100 men in one of his arms. It was addicting, like he imagined cocaine would be like – a pure rush. =============================================================================== The truck finally came to a stop. Cliff was so nervous, but he was more angry…much more angry. It was strange. In the quiet, alone by himself in the back of that truck, he could sense Shane and now Jack off toward the west. He could tell them apart. Jack was excited, almost thrilled. Shane was in immense pain and yet seemed very dull…he felt that Shane was slipping into sleep or something…he was “foggy.” It was a very small sense, but yes, they were both alive and they were both close to each other. His heart started racing. Rich and Jack would find Shane soon. He knew it. But now, he had to deal with god-knows-what when these guys found out he was alone in the transport truck. He heard one of the doors to the cab open and a heavy pair of boots hit the ground. He heard the stomp, stomp, stomp of the boots getting closer and then turn the corner. The asshole’s eyes bugged out of his head when he saw that the back gate of the transport truck had been torn off of the frame. How did that happen without him knowing!? His eyes glazed over and he turned blood red. Veins popped out on his neck and face. He was so angry; he looked like he was going to explode. “What did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO???” He roared, spitting venom out of his mouth. His fists clenched and he was radiating pure anger and outrage. “You are going to get it now you little piece of shit. I…AM…GOING TO END YOU!” The angry man stomped around back to the cab. He heard some yelling and Cliff assumed he was yelling at the driver. The truck started moving again slowly. He thought he heard it pass through a gate and pause. He heard mumbling and then the truck continued on, slowly. It came to a stop after a few minutes of driving. Cliff knew he was in deep shit. He started to fear for his life…he knew it might end at any moment. Then he was overcome with another thought. Shane. He had failed his lover. He had failed the person that walked into his life only a day before, and that he could not live without. His heart was breaking and his soul was shattered. All he could do was picture Shane in his mind, in all of his iterations. Shane when he arrived in the apartment, thin and scared. Shane when he caught his new roommate jacking off in the bed next to him. Shane’s massive road network of veins snaking under his shrink wrapped skin. Shane’s boiling muscles ripping out of every mold that he had ever considered to be normal for human anatomy. Shane completely obliterating the towering cedar tree with only the slightest of efforts. The look in Shane’s black ebony eyes after receiving a lightning bolt strike that fed something inside of him, like mother’s milk. All of these images flashed through his mind in a second. He threw back his head and howled, “SHANE, I LOVE YOU!!!!... I AM SORRY!” His voice sounded like a gigantic wounded animal. He heard someone climbing into the back of the truck, grabbing him by the arm of his shirt and tossing him out onto the ground. His shoulder hit first and he could feel something snap inside. A shot of intense sharp pain shot around his shoulder and into his neck. Then the steel-toed boots started wailing against his back, somehow finding a kidney on their first shot. Massive fists connected with his face and he could feel warm blood leaving his body. His mouth was warm with that metallic taste. “Shane, I am sorry,” he whimpered to himself again. He had failed his beautiful boyfriend. He could feel the boots kicking him indiscriminately. He knew that they would not stop his beating. Kicking. Punching. He knew that he was being reduced to a piece of hamburger. So, he let go of the pain and he let go of the worry. He just pictured Shane’s innocent face and found contentment in knowing that he was still alive only a few miles to the west. That is all that mattered. The others would find Shane and those three would be ok. He could let go. He felt himself losing consciousness. It didn’t hurt anymore as the fists and boots kept kicking him. He curled his lips in a slight smile and felt a tear form in the corner of his eye at the thought of never seeing Shane again. Shane looked so beautiful in his mind. He felt his other half’s love flowing through him. He began floating into Shane’s crystal black eyes. He was drowning in their love and devotion. And then he felt…PEACE. ==================================================================================== “How did you fucking do that, you freak?” Shane could almost hear the hate and fear in the man’s voice. A large muscular man was pacing next to a stainless steel table in a large sterile looking room. It looked like one of those tables that autopsies are performed on. There was blinding white light, white walls, white cupboards with glass panes so the lab equipment stored in them could be easily seen. There were medical instruments on movable carts. The room was cold and crisp, like an Arctic evening. It was silent and still except for the pacing man. “I am getting tired of asking you. HOW DID YOU DO THAT? The lightening! What the fuck was that!!!? The man bellowed in the large sterile room. His voice echoed on the hard walls. Shane laid motionless facedown on the table. An IV was placed in his right forearm and he was hooked up to a monitor. He could see it was a heart monitor on the screen. Everything was blurry and felt fuzzy. He could tell that he was drooling out of the corner of his mouth but when he tried to move, he couldn’t. His muscles felt like wet noodles and he felt resistance. He was in four-point restraints. He mumbled something and the man heard him trying to say something. “What was that you said, you little fuck? The man put his ear next to Shane’s small body and watched his lips. “WHAT did you SAY?” The man tried hard to listen. Shane was using every ounce of energy to say one word. He lifted his head slightly. His eyes were watering and he could feel that drool pooling next to his mouth. “Cliff.” He got the word out and his head fell back down, the table smashing against his cheek. “Oh, ya, your fag boyfriend. Well, don’t worry about him. It’s all about you now. You’d better start talking or things are going to look bad for you and your buddies. The man walked over to a drawer and took out a long needle. He pulled out a vial and flipped open the lid. He drew a liquid into the syringe and flicked the body of the syringe to dislodge the air bubble that clung to the inside. He walked over to Shane’s limp small body, grabbed ahold of the back of his arm and shoved the needle in. In a few minutes, Shane could feel his mind clearing a bit. “What did you give me?” he drawled slowly. “Narcan. It reverses opiate anesthesia. You’ll be feeling more chatty any moment.” Shane stared at the man with his black eyes. “What am I?” The man stopped pacing and looked at Shane lying prone on the table, helpless, and hopeless. “We honestly don’t know. Have you heard of the tests that the government carried out in the western United States in the early and mid 20th century?” Shane didn’t move. “No? Well, one of those tests was carried out here in Eastern Washington. The government, in their infinite wisdom, sent out shipments of corn flake cereal that had been dosed with high levels of radiation. How benevolent of them.” Shane was able to feel himself more now. He didn’t feel that he was in a dream state anymore. This was real. “So, some kids exhibited some pretty strange mutations in their development. Babies were being born with deformities, or other things. Some didn’t show any signs of change. Radiation fucks with your genetic material, right? You know that, right you stupid piece of shit?” The man was inches from Shane’s face and his puddle of drool. “You know who really got the treatment? Ya, you guessed it: The kids in orphanages or foster care. No one was keeping tabs on those little trilobites. They got DOSED!” The man smirked. Every word he said sounded like hate. “We were tracking the mutations as they were reported and most of the crazy shit was taking place in a few towns right in the middle of the state. Moses Lake, Othello, and Ritzville. All of them hick towns. But there they were…cases were popping up over and over. Most of them horrid birth defects, but then there were a handful of very strange occurrences. A few of you seemed to have another mutation…a defect…an abomination.” The poisonous tone of his words dripped out of his mouth. “You could manipulate your bodies somehow. It was so fucked up to see. We decided to watch you through puberty and beyond to see what developed from your freakiness. We made sure that you and the other kid that developed these particular mutations stayed in foster care and in particularly shitty placements. We didn’t want the families knowing we were watching or even giving you more of those tasty fucked up cornflakes. We were sure you spent your time with people who didn’t give a shit about you. Hell, it made our lives so much easier. Some shit head at the office lost track of the other kid in a foster home transfer and what do you know…he actually got a good fucking family. But the damage was done. He was a little freak anyway. And then there was you. We fed you so much of that poisonous shit, you may as well have started deep -throating a spent plutonium fuel rod. We couldn’t believe you survived the radiation we were giving you. But somehow you took it. It was like you liked all that decaying energy. You are such a fucking freak.” The man hated Shane. “And then one day, we noticed that you and that other kid exhibited some strange growth patterns. We had biosensors monitoring you. Of course they were rudimentary ten years ago, but we saw some crazy shit. You guys could expand your musculature and cardiovascular system easily, fluidly. We didn’t know how and we still don’t. But only in the last day did your readings get off the charts.” The man bent down and put his face an inch away from Shane’s. “And then we found someone else. Your lover boy. Your fag roommate. What are the fucking chances that you two would be put together at the university?” the man offered a mock laugh. He wasn’t laughing. He was disgusted. “Your buddy Cliff comes from that area. He’s a good strong corn-fed farmboy, isn’t he?! Ya, a real gem.” The man sounded sarcastic and almost snake-like. “We don’t know what his story is, but you seemed to respond to him like nothing we have seen before. It was like you walked into his room and you drank a 55 gallon barrel of Miracle-Grow. “ “Cliff...” Shane whispered. He was so overwrought with emotion. “Where was Cliff? Was he ok?” Shane thought to himself. A panic started to set into Shane’s being as he became more aware. “Ya, so your buddy Cliff is toast. We are going to take a shit-load of blood and tissue samples from him soon. I don’t think we’ll leave any blood in him. I told them to drain the fucker.” The man smirked. Shane started trying to wriggle around. He thought of expanding. He willed the beastly monstrous muscles right under his skin to follow his will. Cliff was in eminent danger and he had to get to him. Nothing. “Oh, and don’t try to hulk out on us. We have your muscles on a heavy-duty relaxant. Its usually used on horses and elephants, but we are using it on you. So go fuck yourself.” ====================================================================================== Jack and Rich were sneaking around outside of the compound. Jack had wanted to just go start punching his battle-ram fists through the walls of the sheds. Rich, as impulsive as he was, knew that would be disastrous. He wanted to take a few more minutes and observe. They had no idea what they would be walking into. He felt a firm touch on the small of his back. It scared him to death, practically. Jack was breathing heavy. “I can’t believe that I just touched this handsome jock god,” he thought to himself. He could feel the bulging cords of muscle running up the side of Rich’s spine. He could feel the small dimples on Rich’s lower back right above the space where his hard billowing glutes shoved off of his frame into a world-class ass. Jack felt himself getting aroused. This was neither the time nor the place. Lives were on the line…but he had never seen anyone more devastatingly handsome. Rich was amazing and he wanted to touch him. Rich on the other hand didn’t pull away, or even feel strange about it. It almost felt “natural” for a man’s hand to be there. And Jack’s hand was stronger than dozens of gym rats. The power oozing out of Jack and onto Rich was palpable and it felt good. Rich felt his bulging cock begin to wake up from its fear-induced slumber. “God, Rich, not now. Fuck!” he yelled inside of his head. Rich turned around slowly and looked Jack in those big black eyes of his and smiled. “We will continue this later,” he said matter-of-factly. He shot Jack a smile with his Colgate teeth and winked. “Now let’s get this done. I know you have your own reasons for “obeying” Cliff, but he’s my best friend and I will do this for him. I love the poor bastard. “ Jack nodded his head and turned to walk away to resume the search. Rich moved his pendulous arm over slightly and gave Jack a small pat on the ass. “That’s mine after this.” He couldn’t believe that he said that aloud. He wasn’t even gay…at least he hadn’t thought so. Just then a plume of dust was rising above one of the sheds. A black sedan was pulling up. A man got out. “Oh, shit.” Rich said under his breath. It was the jerk from a little while ago…the one in the transport truck that they had jumped out of. The man looked positively apoplectic and enraged at the same time. “God, I hope Cliff is ok,” Rich said quietly to himself. Jack was wishing the same thing. He knew that Cliff was Good. He would follow him into the deepest battle without question. “Well, I guess that’s where they’re at. Let’s go.” Rich looked over at Jack and nodded toward the car. The moved quickly and silently toward the vehicle scanning the open spaces between them and the door they needed to get into. Nothing. No one was around. Maybe this wasn’t a huge government or private corporation project. They made it to the door. Rich put his ear to it and heard some muffled yelling. Jack motioned his head sideways as if to tell Rich to move to the side. He pressed his finger tips to the steel door and his hand started moving through it like a knife through warm butter. He reached through the door and opened the handle then pulled his hand quickly out. There was a fist-sized hole there now. “Damn, you guys can do some weird shit.” Rich was getting another erection. The walked in quietly and hid in the shadows. They could see light coming from around the corner and more yelling. “Have you learned anything? Goddamnit! Has he said anything.” Jack peaked around the corner and saw the man from the truck with his hand around a skinny guy’s neck. Skinny guy was laying facedown on a metal table. There was another man standing a few feet away. He was a big guy. 6’4” or so and built. The smaller man was looking at the tall on with a crazed look in his eye. “WHAT HAS HE SAID?” “Nothing. He just keeps saying the word ‘Cliff’ over and over again. He started crying a minute ago. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Maybe the radiation finally fried his pathetic brain.” “Take care of it. We need to know something! The group is almost here. We didn’t know all of this was going to happen so quickly and they have been flying in from all over. Their caravan left Seattle a couple of hours ago. We have to give them something, you idiot, or we are dead.” The short man walked away angrily toward another door at the back of the cellar. It was just the tall one and Shane now. Rich didn’t say anything before he walked swiftly to where the man was standing over Shane and cracked him in the back of the neck with his fist. The man’s head crashed down onto the steel table. He just slid off, passed out crumpled on the ground. Rich looked into Shane’s eyes. He looked so cold and small. He couldn’t believe that just a few hours ago, he saw this little weak-looking guy explode with the power of an exploding sun. All those muscles. All those veins. The power was dripping off of him when he had been in Rich’s apartment. He was a god. But god was trapped in a feeble body now. “Shane, what did they do to you?” Rich started unstrapping Shane’s restraints. Jack looked down at Shane and his heart lept. He felt something like he had found a secret. He knew that this was his brother. “Brother?” he questioned himself. He couldn’t describe it. He just knew. A feeling of rage welled up inside of Jack. His brother, one he didn’t even know existed, was lying naked and cold on a table. He extended his index finger and in one quick motion cut right through the last restraint. They had to get out of there. He would plan the family reunion for another time. “Rich, take this IV out of me. It’s keeping me small. I am weak. I don’t think I can walk.” Rich quickly ripped the IV out of Shane’s arm. He was no nurse, and they had to leave…now! The IV site started to bleed but no one cared. Jack looked sideways at Shane. “Look at those eyes. They are as dark as night.” Just then, Rich bent over and picked up Shane from the table. He started walking toward the door with Shane cradled like a giant baby. Jack was still reeling from the realization that he had a brother and his name was Shane. He felt the truth of it ringing through his body. Jack walked over and took hold of Shane’s wrists and wrapped them around Rich’s neck so he looked more comfortable. “Thank you.” It was Rich who had a tear forming in his eye now. “What is happening to me? I’m bisexual--maybe even gay--for this Jack guy…and now I’m gonna start getting all girly about Shane? Fuck my life,” he said to himself. But he liked Shane really. There was something so innocent and lovely about him. Maybe it was his resilience, or maybe it was this sense that he had been shit on his whole life and he had finally found someone to treat him like a king: Cliff. He was starting to feel the same way about Shane—he suddenly saw the limp young man in his arms as good and vulnerable. He wanted to keep him safe too. A feeling of shame shot through him as he thought about his brazen hurtful attitude when they met in Cliff’s apartment. He was going to make it up to Shane. Shane just looked into his eyes and whispered, “It’s OK, Rich. I forgive you.” He offered Rich a true smile. Maybe they could be friends after all. Jack was following just a couple of steps behind. They got to the door and walked outside just in time to see a long caravan of military grade hummers moving toward the cellars. There had to be 50 of them stretched out down the road as far as any of them could see. “Give him to me, Rich. I am a lot stronger and we can move faster if I have him.” Rich handed his new friend off to the man who he would soon be drilling in the ass; that is, if they survived the day. “Fuck, I want his ass,” Rich thought to himself while looking at Jack’s tight butt. Just then Shane looked up into Jack’s eyes. “I can feel you. Who are you? You have my black eyes.” He smiled weakly. “Hi Shane. I’m Jack. We can talk more about this later, but I am certain that I am your brother and you are mine.” He held Shane closer. There was no more precious cargo in the world. “If anyone gets within 20 feet of Shane, so help me, I will destroy them,” he thought to himself. Jack was surprised by his ferocity. He had always been quite docile. “Where is Cliff?” Shane’s eyes got big and worried. Jack could feel Shane’s frantic awareness. “Rich, where is Cliff?” “We were being taken together someplace just east of here. He had a plan to get you out that involved him staying behind as a prisoner. “ “And you LISTENED to him? Why didn’t you stay with him? One of you at least?” Jack looked panicked. “Because, dear brother, he commanded it. I couldn’t argue. And Rich wasn’t going to either. He was determined.” “Ok, well let’s please head east. I need him. I need to see that he is safe.” That was about all Shane could say. He was so debilitated and weak. His muscles just lay there paralyzed under his skin. They turned around just in time to see the first of the long line of transporters arriving, a huge cloud of dust kicked up all along the dirt road. And then they saw the short boss man run out of the building flailing his arms and yelling obscenities. They were only 20 yards away, but were shielded by some abandoned implements and giant rusted metal farm tools. They started running along the dirt road that headed east. They couldn’t see any building on the horizon but they knew that wherever Cliff had been taken, it couldn’t be that far. They heard yelling behind them but kept running. They had to find Cliff. Shane needed him. Cliff would know what else to do too. His mind was sharp and he could figure out the most complex situations. They all needed Cliff to get out of this alive together. It sounded like the whole fucking National Guard was coming down that road in the distance. Shit, it even sounded like there was a helicopter back there somewhere. Who were these people if not the government? They had been running at full speed down the road for twenty minutes. Shane was still near fully paralyzed, and Rich was starting to lose speed. He could run much longer than 20 minutes, of course, but he was dehydrated and it was hot. He was slowing down and just couldn’t seem to push it any further. Jack noticed. He could sense Rich, almost like he could sense his brother, Shane. There was something about Rich. “Rich, are you ok.” Jack yelled back. “Can we slow down for a minute? I just need to recoup a little bit.” “I know you are going to hate me for this…” Jack came to a stop and waited for Rich to catch up. “Jump on my back, like piggy-back style.” Rich surprised himself and actually did. Jack looked down at Shane’s gentle questioning face and into his midnight eyes and simply said, “Cliff made me strong too.” That was enough for Shane. He understood. Jack would never get tired running toward Cliff, and he could probably carry an aircraft carrier if Cliff asked him to do so. “Ok, here we go.” And off Jack ran. He was actually moving faster than before since he didn’t have to pace himself for Rich’s sake. Up ahead Rich pointed out something shining. I looked like a small building of some sort. Maybe it was a reflection off of glass? “Hey, Shane, I think I see a building up there, man. Cliff has to be there.” Shane just started to smile. He still couldn’t move, but he could at least feel his skin. The drugs must be starting to wear off. At this speed though, he wouldn’t be walking until tomorrow. It didn’t matter. He would be with Cliff. That feeling came back again… He couldn’t live without Cliff. He needed him like the air he was breathing. And he was close. They would figure out a way to rescue him, even if he couldn’t super-size himself. Jack was obviously very strong too. He realized that Jack had only a fraction of his own strength, but he would take whatever help he could get to break Cliff out of that building. He was starting to feel safe and secure again. Cliff provided that stability. He imagined Cliff’s face, ruggedly handsome, and his beautiful masculine body heavy with solid real muscle and that little layer of softness that made him the perfect cuddle companion. He was going to cuddle Cliff hard tonight. They were getting close to the building. They could see a large metal fence and a small guardhouse about a mile in the distance. The sagebrush was growing denser and the rocks were becoming more frequent. They were on the edge of arable land. Rich turned around, back towards where they had come from and saw a giant plume of dust rising between them and the cellars. “Shit. They’re coming. And there’s that goddamned helicopter. Fuck!” He turned back around and was about to tell Jack to speed it up. “What’s that up there on the road?” Rich pointed to something about 200 years away. It looked like a garbage bag from where they were. But they got closer and saw that it was a pile of clothes. As Jack was about to run by the mound of dirty mud caked clothes, Shane let out a yelp. His eyes were closed and they shot open. His eyes became like large black dinner plates. It looked as if he had been shocked. “STOP!!!” He bellowed from a depth that the devil himself wouldn’t be able to achieve. Jack immediately stopped. He felt a feeling that he had never sensed before…He didn’t know what it was but it was scaring him and it was coming from the man in his arms. Shane just looked up at Jack’s eyes, then at Rich’s. He could tell that Rich was confused as was his brother. “What is that?” His voice was like a volcanic eruption seconds from exploding. He motioned his head toward the pile of rubbish on the side of the road. He started to breath faster and more desperately. “WHAT IS THAT?” The question sounded like a low growling cry. Rich jumped off of Jack’s back and walked over and bent down. Every drop of blood drained from his face and he gasped. A low guttural moan came from his mouth and he started rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet. He wrapped his arms around his knees and stayed in the crouched position. Shane could sense that Rich had been shell-shocked. He could see Rich was beginning to tremble, his body shaking as if he had been locked outside without a coat on a cold winter’s night. Jack instinctually walked over to the Rich with his brother still resting in his arms. “Rich, tell me what it is.” Shane’s voice sounded like dark molasses: deep, bitter, and thick. Rich couldn’t even form words… he just rocked back and forth. It was only a couple of seconds, but seemed like forever. He reached down to the muddied mound and pulled off the black hood covering Cliff’s face. It didn’t look human. The thing was broken. Black, blue, and rusty red. His face was so swollen; Rich couldn’t even see where his nose was. It looked like a face from the scariest Halloween costume store. Shane stared down at Cliff’s battered face. Dried blood was smeared all over it but underneath, there was no flesh color. It was all angry purple. Shane was silent but Jack could feel him starting to shake. “Rich.” Shane was using every fiber of his will to control the next words to come out of his mouth. “Is he alive?” It was a clear, emotionless question. No feeling. Rich carefully started unwrapping Cliff’s body so he could feel for his heart beat There was no way he would be able to get a pulse from the swollen neck of his best friend. He offered a silent prayer, even though he did not consider himself to be a religious person. “If he is dead, this world will end tonight.” Rich heard the statement and doubled his praying. He half-believed Shane’s threat. Shane was beginning to tremble now. He couldn’t take his eyes off of his boyfriend, lover, partner, and master. Every cell of his body belonged to that man. He had a million images flash through his head of Cliff. They had known each other for no time at all, really. He saw Cliff’s smile the first time he saw his face. That smile! He saw Cliff reaching into the fridge, bent over, ass out and he remembered how that made him feel. He saw Cliff’s body, naked in the shower, clutching Shane’s shoulders and kissing his nipples. He saw Cliff giddy with excitement to see what feats of strength Shane could do in the gym. He saw Cliff’s concerned eyes when he told Cliff the story of his background in foster care. He saw Cliff’s love and acceptance of him in the bedroom after he had changed for the first time. He could feel Cliff reaching out to touch Shane’s monstrous shoulder that first time…Shane was naked, and grotesquely muscular, and Cliff loved it. He wanted Shane to explode with muscle and power, yet he would wait for Shane to feel comfortable with that before asking. Shane knew that. Cliff was unselfish. He was too good for this world, and look at what they had done to him. “Shane.” Rich’s voice was trembling. “Shane, he has a heartbeat. Not much of one… but it’s there.” Shane had just noticed that to get under the layers of cloth around Cliff’s body, he had to unwrap him a little. Shane could see from his vantage point that his arms had been broken in many places. His forearm and shoulders were sticking out at unnatural angles. His spine looked bent backwards slightly and his legs were also arranged in an awkward way that could only be achieved if the joints had been broken and bone’s cracked. There were angry puncture marks and strips of flesh cut from him. Shane remembered the man in the sterile room saying that they were going to drain him and take tissue samples. He felt fear grip his soul. It was enough for Shane to know that he was still alive. He could feel something welling up inside of him, but they had to have priorities here. They had to get Cliff help and NOW. He fought to suppress his emotions, the ones that were beginning to rage in his belly. “Jack, lower me down to my lover. I will lay with him for a moment. I need him.” He said it in the kindest and gentlest manner but it was not a suggestion. He demanded it with authority. His eyes were welling up with tears. His lips were shaking. His breaths were unsteady. He was barely able to maintain his composure. His entire world was beginning to shatter. He loved this man, bent, broken and laying in the ground. He didn’t know why, but he knew that he needed to feel his skin-they seemed to be able to communicate on a deep level just by touching. He needed that connection because he didn’t know what to do. Most of all, he needed Cliff to know that he was there. He knew Cliff would know that the love of his life was next to him, no matter the outcome. He didn’t want Cliff to die not knowing that. Maybe it would give him small comfort. Jack gently lay Shane down next to Cliff, facing him. “Rich, please take my hand and place it on Shane’s cheek.” He still couldn’t feel any control returning to his muscles yet. He was relying on his two new friends to do for him what he could not do for himself. Rich gently took Shane’s hand and placed it softly on Cliff’s cheek…so softly. It was as if Shane were trying to touch morning mist. Gentle, loving, almost transcendent. Shane heard a gurgling sound coming from Cliff’s throat. Cliff knew Shane was there. That’s all that Shane needed Cliff to know. “Shane. I am so sorry.” Rich’s voice cracked. Deep sobs were on the edge of welling up through his throat. Rich still had ahold of Shane’s hand, holding it steady on Cliff’s cheek. Rich and Shane understood each other perfectly and with clarity in that moment. Rich loved Cliff, he always had, but he knew that Cliff would never have him. He had been jealous of Shane, but not anymore. Not after this. Rich knew that Shane was Cliff’s man, forever. And he was ok with it. “Thank you, Rich.” Shane looked into Rich’s eyes with the deepest love and compassion he could muster. “Shane, what is wrong with your arm?” Jack had blended into the background in the past 30 seconds. He was watching the procession of trucks moving their way. He also was devastated by Cliff’s state, but saw that Rich, Cliff, and Shane needed to have a moment that would bind them together. “Seriously, Shane. What going on with your arm, man?” They all looked at the arm that Shane had extended to Cliff’s cheek. It was pulsing wildly underneath the skin. Those veins that normally had stretched out to reach for Cliff’s touch were tugging outward toward him. Not gently, but violently. They were squirming and angry. It looked like they were going to erupt. Shane looked shocked too. Feeling was quickly returning to his limbs. It’s as if whatever was happening was purifying his system. Somehow, he knew that Cliff had commanded Shane’s body to clear the drugs from his system. When Cliff was around, Cliff was in control. That is the way it was. Cliff was his master. Cliff always knew what to do. Shane tried to stand up, but fell back to the ground. Feeling was returning quickly, but not quite 100%. Rich caught him under the armpit and steadied him, raising him up to stand. He looked back down at the man who he loved. Cliff had become his protector against the outside world and he still was protecting him, somehow. Looking down on his broken destroyed body, Shane had the realization that it was his turn. He swore that he would never let anything happen to Cliff, but he had not been able to fulfill that promise, and he knew Cliff did not blame him for that. He, himself, didn’t blame this on his inability to protect Cliff. That thing that had been building up inside of him over the course of the past few minutes was beginning to bubble to the surface. Shane was getting angry. He looked at Rich, who was still partially supporting him, with a knowing look and a smile that faded and became cold. Rich felt in that moment that he saw the face of Destruction. “Rich. Jack. Stay close to me.” It was a command. Once again, he was not making a suggestion. Shane stood fully tall, straight backed and placed his legs over his beautiful kind boyfriend lying in the dirt. That small patch of dry earth was now sacred ground to the three of them. Whatever was going to happen in the next few minutes, Cliff would neither be touched nor disturbed. Something happened then that Shane didn’t expect. He heard that gurgling sound coming from his Master and looked down again.. Rage was building inside of him. The world was going dark and he was beginning to lose control of himself. When he heard the noise from Cliff, he snapped back to reality and leaned down. Cliff moved his arm ever so slightly and tried to extend his finger. Shane saw this and gently, carefully reached out touched Cliff’s finger much like the painting of God and Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The world ended in that moment for Shane. Tsunamis of power raged through him. Shockwaves of pure distilled energy shot through his body. He gazed at the sky and dry lightening began shooting toward Shane forming that ball of plasma that he had seen the previous night. This was different though. This was clearly Cliff commanding Shane to access energy and power this way. He didn’t need to speak. He knew his Love so intimately that he commanded Shane without speaking. The anger and rage disappeared as Cliff’s touch pushed back those dark emotions and replaced them with blinding adoration and passion. Shane started to convulse. Waves of strength pounded into his body. The energy in the sky pooled and swirled and kept building and building. Shane looked at Cliff’s body with such devotion and compassion; those emotions began to feed the indignation that continued to build inside of Shane’s body. Then it started. Rich noticed it first. He was looking at Shane’s face. He was so close – only a couple of feet. He saw the black eyes he had come to know and expect were beginning to clear. He stared and watched intently. A look of complete control passed across Shane’s face. He was managing this flood of power with the help of his master. Shane’s eyes turned the clearest of blues--the color of the ocean at Cozumel. They looked as though they were made of electricity – positively glowing in mid daylight. Shane let out a bellow. Thick veins popped up all over his body. He had not grown or expanded past his small state, but veins the size of garden hoses were running down his arm, webbing across his legs, following fault lines on his chest and even his back. They were pulsing, rhythmically staking out their territory. He could feel with every pulse, thousands of times more power that he had felt the night before flooding into his muscles. His body was priming itself. He looked down again at Cliff. He saw his face battered and his body broken. He was acutely aware of how Cliff was feeling. He was in pain. Extreme pain. The pain that shouldn’t be felt by any human, or animal. The pain that causes your body to pass out and collapse. Pain that the brain cannot handle. That is what Cliff felt. The people who did this to him would pay. He felt one more pulse of the veins and then his body went silent. He smiled and looked up at the swirly plasma in the sky above. He started to laugh and grabbed Jack’s hand and Rich’s shoulder. He gave them the look of a mad man and then the lightening descended. The stream of energy plowed into Shane’s body. A constant river of the most pure power in the world was pushing itself into Shane’s fragile small frame. It kept pouring in second after second, power beyond measure. The lightening feeder bolt stopped for a moment. Then Shane’s body exploded. So much strength had built up in Shane’s muscles with the help of those thick as fuck veins. So much energy. He was primed beyond comprehension. Massive nautical ropes of steel raced down his forearms. Expanding. Bulging, Expanding in waves. His fucking forearms looked to be the size of Smart cars made of muscle. He closed his eyes and shook his body. Hundreds of pounds of muscle just appeared from every insertion and attachment point when he shook. It was almost as if a dog had been washed and instead of water being shaken off, it was thick, hard, massive muscle just appearing. He shook himself several times. Like a peacock unfurling his iridescent tail, Shane just blew up in every single direction. Where a moment ago there had been a thin man, now stood a beast wider than he was tall with colossal dimensions of every muscle. Shane looked quickly down on Cliff’s body. He could feel so much love flowing through Cliff to him, it stopped him for a moment and he caught his breath. He smiled and made a deep moan. And then his chest blew up again. He knew Cliff liked big-as-fuck chests and he wanted to give Cliff what he desired. The attachment points along the sternum heaved and a chasm appeared between the pec shelves . The canyon that developed between his monumental pectorals were two feet deep and the actual pectoral shelf expanded wildly from there forming a hulking mass jutting away from Shane’s body. Delineations between fibers were visible. Rich reached up to touch Shane’s expanding chest. It looked like it had been cut with a million strokes of a razor blade. The skin was so thin that the tiniest of capillaries were visibly pulsing on top of their hard companions. Micro ridges of muscle fibers eked out their real estate and fought for exposure to the surface. Jake and Rich couldn’t help themselves. They both placed their hands on opposite pecs and attempted to grab a hard handful of Shane muscle. Instead, they were met with a substance that was impenetrable to anything made by man. Two car hoods next to each other may begin to give an idea of the size of Shanes’ muscle tits. Shane threw his head back and groaned. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. More! MORE CLIFF!!!!! I WILL AVENGE YOU! MOOOOOOORE!” A soft voice entered Shane’s mind telling him, “I do not need to be avenged yet, but you must get yourself, Rich, and Jake out of here. Do you understand?” Shane just nodded. The lust and affection that Cliff was sending out to Shane was unstoppable. Shane was picking up on it and turning it into growth. He was becoming the muscle god that Cliff wanted him to be. “Grow for me, Shane. Grow for me! Protect our friends. GROW,” the voice in his mind coming from his love was rich and thick with longing and pain. He felt like Cliff was entering the deepest recesses of his soul and fucking him somehow. Fucking every part of him. Every cell was being rammed by Cliff’s mind. Another pause and then Shane’s lats spread out like the cobra’s hood of the night before, but twice as wide and three times as thick. Rich looked at Shane’s back and it looked more like a two massive bulls wresting than it did anything resembling a human. Bulges erupted revealing their fruits of power and the lat wings extended feet away from his mammoth shoulders. Jack took a few steps away and looked at his brother in awe. He felt terrified of the power coursing through this beast and at the same time he felt perfectly protected. Shane was exploding because of his love for Cliff not because of a hate and fear. He felt it coming from both of them. They were making wild passionate earth-shattering love inside of their two minds. He was not a part of it, but he could tell what was happening. They were connecting and fucking each other senseless. Cliff’s swollen eyes were fluttering and low groans were coming from his mouth. Shane was looking down at him and growling like a wild savannah beast being fucked by its mate. It was beautiful. The terrifying power passing between the two of them ripped into Jack and Rich’s soul as well. They were not part of it, but could not help but feel those crashing waves of pure euphoria. Shane was becoming everything that would turn Cliff on. They were completely focused on each other in that sacred space where Cliff’s body lay broken. Shane’s calves erupted and demolished the concept of mountainous. They were veritable planetoids. Extending up from the meaty huge feet that had developed, and leading from the ankles, thick sinew and tendon billowed out from his Achilles heel. Shane’s calves appeared to be pregnant muscle melons; striated, veiny, and sharp edged. The classic diamond shape of bodybuilder calves were insignificant to what they were now beholding. Deep ravines began running around, down, and through the structures that became Shane’s legs. Small animals could get lost in the ravines and hillocks of Shane’s massive quads. So many striations were visible; it appeared that every muscle had been modeled after a feather, with their innumerable micro ridges but infinitely harder and more frightening in their strength. Python veins raced across the surface, erupting in one area, plunging into the musculature resurfacing after giving their precious elixir to the hard meat below. Shane stopped to breath for a moment. His hulking body had grown to about 7 feet. Before them was a god. His eyes were still electric blue – literally. His big meaty paws had fingers the size of a thick sausage. He looked like he weighed a thousand pounds with no exaggeration in that number. Rich and Jack had needed to move away as Shane’s vast frame expanded. They stared at his body completely slack-jawed. Shane was in a state of complete bliss. His head was thrown back. He was being mind-fucked by the love of his life. He almost couldn’t contain the desire he had to develop even more muscle for Cliff to enjoy, but Cliff held Shane’s desire to grow in check. He was setting Shane’s boundaries, and Shane loved the control Cliff had over him. In Cliff’s overwhelming stability and authority, Shane felt free. His dominion over Shane was absolute and complete. Shane’s body and soul were being pounded by Cliff’s enormous raging mind-cock. His entire body felt like it was a thousand pounds of fuck stick waiting for its next touch. He always thought it was silly when people used the word “ecstasy.” Now he understood, but no one else would ever feel what he was feeling now. Cliff’s energy was pulsing through his body. His love was causing every engorged cell in Shane’s body to feel like a teenage boy’s first masturbation, the moment he discovers his manhood. Cliff was masterfully stroking Shane’s being on a level that transcended the physical. Cliff was Shane’s god and he was awaiting his commandments. Suddenly, the bliss stopped and Shane was whipped back into the physical world. He turned his head that sat atop his neck bulging with long bags of muscle and veins. He looked at Rich who was standing there with a large spot of precum soaking through his pants. Shane spoke and it sounded as gentle as an April morning and as terrifying as a hurricane, “How is he, Rich? How is my Love?” He could tell that Cliff had started drifting in and out of consciousness. There was a loud screech of metal on metal. The convoy had arrived to meet their Destroyer. Rich put his fingers on Cliff’s battered body and whispered, “He’s diminishing. We have to get him out of here. Shane, please! We have to get him out of here now. Please do something. It’s up to you now.” A man jumped out of the front truck and walked hurriedly toward the small group of Shane, Jack, Rich, and Cliff. He put his hands in the air as he saw Shane’s body flexing with each breath, ripples of striations and fibers leaping out like freshly caught fish at the slightest movement. Rich yelled out, “You’d better stop, man. Don’t come any closer.” He had a warning tone in his voice. Rich didn’t know what Shane could do really, but he could feel it. He was oozing pure unadulterated force. The man kept walking toward them. Jack tried this time. “Seriously, don’t take another step.” He yelled. Shane’s eyes were wild with a mixture of rage, love, and lust. It was a powerful, and dangerous combination. The man kept walking. “YOU WILL NOT COME NEAR HIM!!!!” The voice of a thousand angels combined with the sound from the rumble of a landslide. “IF YOU COME CLOSER, IT WILL BE TO YOUR PERIL. DO NOT COME CLOSER TO HIM.” There was a power and a promise to those words that made even Rich and Jack tremble. There was no doubt about who the “Him” was. For all of Shane’s gigantic muscles and thickness, he was protecting the fragile damaged life between his legs with the greatest of care. The man took another step, hands in the air. Shane looked at him quizzically as if sizing up a bug on the sidewalk. He flicked his wrist as if shooing a fly and the man sored through the air landing in a heap 50 yards away. Suddenly guns were drawn from all over the convoy. Large machine-guns, smaller rifles, everything drawn on the muscle monster. Shane spoke clearly and loudly, but not shouting. The power in his veins was amplifying his every action. “You have made a grave mistake. You have disrespected and possibly killed the only thing in this world that matters to me. You will pay the price. It will not be as high if you get him to a hospital…NOW. If you do not comply, I will do to you what you did to him. I promise you that.” The silence lasted for a minute. A woman in a black business suite started toward the hulking monster and his treasure. Her hands went up in the air. “We just want to talk to you.” Her voice was like steel wrapped in silk. Rich yelled out to the woman, “Ma’am, I think that if you take one more step, my friend here will be likely to fulfill his promise to wipe all of you shit-eaters off of the face of this earth. And I wouldn’t blame him. Come closer and you will reap the consequences of your actions.” Rich paused, choking up, “You do not know who you left for dead on the road today.” He was surprised at how eloquently that came out. The small band of young men was beginning to get nervous. They had to get Cliff to safety and medical treatment, and soon. He wouldn’t last much longer. “Do you surrender to my terms? Shane asked the question with deep sincerity. While the power-fueled part of him wanted to just destroy every last hummer and even that fuckin helicopter, he knew that it was time to make a move to get Cliff to help. The woman kept walking toward the small group. “I don’t want to hurt you.” She replied. She sounded like a fucking liar. She wanted her profit margin or stock prices or whatever the fuck she was working on to increase. This was a calculated risk on her part. “If you come ONE step closer to HIM, I will put a fear into your heart that you will not recover from.” The woman stopped and then took one more step. Shane looked at both of us quickly and we knew what he was asking of us. He was leaving hallowed ground and the object of his affection to handle this problem. He was entrusting Cliff’s care to Rich and Jack. His giant body ran toward the convoy. He grabbed the woman and tucked her under his massive ripped arms and threw her, not lightly, into a caravan hummer. He grabbed that same vehicle and picked it up like a deck of cards and threw it a few hundred feet back onto another convoy vehicle. When the truck hit the other, Shane looked over at the wreckage. People were scrambling and trying to get out of the wrecked vehicles. As soon as they got free, he focused for the briefest moment and the two vehicles compacted into a cube the size of a lunchbox. He heard gasps and cries. They beat up the wrong guy today. “If you desire to live, you will take Him to the hospital. SOMEONE do this NOW or there won’t be a single one of you left to walk away from this. You did this to HIM now you take care of it or I will personally take care of you.” It was a simple statement of fact. The silence fell on the group again. The tense minute passed. The hulking beast that was Shane stood there ready to take on a well-equipped army complete with air power, but he wasn’t worried. These people were gnats to him, or maybe less than that. He heard the sound of someone on the radio…his ears were able to hear exquisitely and although he couldn’t make out what was being said, he felt a détente of the tension in the convoy. A man stepped out of the third Hummer in line. He stared directly into Cliff’s electric eyes. It was the man from the cellar. The one that was pacing. The one that berated Shane while he was paralyzed on the table. It was the man who told him who he was and what they were doing. It was the man who had kept him in shitty abusive foster families so it would be easier to dose him with radiation. It was the man who hated Shane. Surprisingly, Shane didn’t care about any of that. His one focus was to get Cliff to medical help. The man approached. Jack yelled from their position twenty feet away, “Dude, you’d better stop right there or my massive brother is likely to become your worse nightmare and the rest of us wont…” Shane held up his hand to stop Jack from continuing. Shane ponderous muscles bulged with granite waves as he motioned to the man to come closer. “Will you comply with my terms?” Shane asked flatly. “We are willing to assist you in transport of your…friend, if you are willing to…” “This is not a negotiation! You will do this or you will suffer the consequences!” Shane screamed the words at the man. Only the wall that Cliff had built in his mind, the one that was imparting him with self-control, was tempering his rage. The man stared at the behemoth in front of him. He was in awe. Only 20 feet away was a young man who reeked of pure power. It was intoxicating to the man. He wanted the power that Shane possessed in just one of his fingers. Shane sensed his power lust. “You will evacuate us now. NOW!” Shane’s demands were clear and unquestionable. The man shook like a child who had stolen one too many cookies from the cookie jar. The man turned his back and started walking toward his Hummer. He didn’t want Shane to see that he had pissed himself. The man turned around when he got to the truck. “OK. The helicopter will take him.” He got on the radio and made the request. The helicopter stopped circling and approached the group. Shane walked the few steps over to Cliff’s diminished body. He could feel in his bones how weak Cliff was getting. He was beginning to panic. He kneeled down his massive mountainous form next to Cliff’s body. He dug his colossal quads into the ground at the knees, bent over the top of Cliff and put his elbows out. His head rested on the ground on the other side of Cliff’s chest. He flared his lats out to encase Cliff in a cocoon of muscle as the helicopter approached. Rich and Jack shielded their eyes from the dust being kicked up and hunkered down next to the goliath. The helicopter set down. A man dressed in dark camo approached the small group. “Let’s go! The closest hospital is still 20 minutes away by air.” Shane put his enormous pylon arms underneath Cliff’s mangled body and lifted. He thought of just picking him up with his mind, as he had done before, but he could be gentle and he could tell that Cliff desired his touch. He raised him up with surgical deftness and with the softness of a cloud walked him to the waiting chopper. He held Cliff’s body next to his massive chest and nestled him into the giant cleavage between his monumental planet sized pectorals. He held him there, securely. Cliff was in and out of consciousness, but he felt warm and secure. He could tell Shane was exercising intense care, but it still hurt excruciatingly. He fought to stay conscious and with Shane’s help, he did a fairly good job. He could be held between those massive harder-than-steel slabs forever and never be happier. The four friends were on board the chopper and it was lifting off the ground in seconds. Shane had found it necessarily to reduce his size in order for all four of them to fit, but he had maintained the size of his pecs. He knew Cliff liked them and he could tell that they felt good to Cliff. They arrived at the hospital 15 minutes later, much faster than they had thought. Rich thought it was because the pilot was scared shitless of Shane, but it was in face Jack who had wrapped his powerful hand around the pilots arm and told him to go faster, applying just enough pressure to convince the pilot that Jack would destroy him if he didn’t comply. Cliff was fading quickly and Shane was beginning to sense his loss of consciousness was becoming deeper. Shane could sense his weakened heartbeat as was growing more irregular. He was struggling to breath. A shock of fear rushed through Shane the moment they hit the landing pad. He jumped out of the door and ran at full speed into the hospital, still clutching Cliff to his enormous pec cleavage. ‘Help me!” he bellowed. “He needs help, please!” The intense agony in the monster’s voice was palpable. A young doctor turned the corner and almost ran right into Shane’s enormous planet sized shoulder. Shane looked at the doctor with a wildness that can only come from true fear and grief. “He is dying! Help Him!” The doctor looked at the muscle beast in front of him. His veins coursing across every inch of his body. Muscles rippling like waves on a pond. Even with complete physical power and the energy of 100 suns encased in his body, Shane looked helpless. His eyes pleaded with the man. “Come this way, and hurry. He looks bad.” The doctor hurried to an empty hospital bed. “Lay him down here.” Shane hesitated to give him up. But he had to. The doctor pulled the phone out of his pocket and pushed a speed-dialed number. “I need to get into O.R. 1 immediately. I need three nurses, a tech, radiology, and anesthesia….Yes, right now!” Shane had laid Cliff onto the bed and he was cradling Cliff’s broken skull and swollen face in his enormous meaty palms. The doctor reached out gently and placed his hand on the beast’s forearm. “I need to take it from here.” “Can I go with him, Doctor?” His voice cracked with emotion. “Can I hold his hand?” “I’m sorry. But I can have you stand outside of the surgical suit. Can you wait there?” The young handsome doctor felt that the muscle monster was torn apart by the crumpled heap of humanity that he had brought in. Rich and Jack came running up. They hadn’t been quite as fast off the chopper. “You can help me push him if you’d like.” The doctor still had his hand on Shane’s massive forearm. He hadn’t seen so much fear on a person’s face in a long time. “Right this way.” The doctor lead the way down the hallway with Rich, Jack, Shane, and Cliff in tow. They got to a set of large swinging doors. The doctor looked up at Shane. “You can come into this hallway, but need to stay in outside of the operating room. OK?” Shane looked at the doctor with his white-blue eyes and nodded. He stood guard over that room for more than 10 hours. Countless couriers ran in and out of the room bringing in bag after bag of blood and blood products. Nurses and surgeons entered to offer their expertise and assistance as the hours went on. Shane just stood there, watching through the small window in the door, standing guard over his priceless treasure that lay inside. At one point, the friendly doctor came out for a few minutes. He took his mask off to look at Shane in the eye. “He is going to make it I think. There is a long way to go and he will not be able to move or get out of bed for a long time. But I truly believe that he will live at this point. We aren’t out of the woods, but things are looking better.” He stretched his hand out to grab Shane’s. Shane just grabbed him in a huge hug. The doctor was crushed as the air was pushed out of his lungs. “Loosen up, Big Guy.” The doctor walked into the scrub room again and started lathering up, scrubbing his hands, replacing his gown, and mask and prepared to go back into the room clean. A few hours later, Shane sat in Cliff’s hospital room. Rich and Jack were holding hands on the couch next to the window. Of course, Shane sat in a chair right next to the bed with his hand covering one of Cliff’s. The veins in Shane’s hand were pulsing and wrestling to touch Cliff, as they always had done. The doctor said Cliff would be waking up soon and the guys were all going to be there for that moment. Just then, Cliff’s eyes fluttered open. Shane saw it. He had been staring at Cliff’s face since they had left the O.R. “Cliff. Don’t try to speak. I am here. Rich is here and so is Jack. We are all here.” Shane’s eyes started to water again as he looked into Cliff’s beautiful eyes. His face was still mangled but the doctor told them that the swelling would go down over time. He would have to have more surgeries to fix some other damage as well, but none of that mattered now. Cliff and Shane stared at each other for a long while. It was silent in the room. No one wanted to change the mood or interrupt the moment. There was another conversation happening between the two, through their touch and through their gaze. It was soft and calm and pregnant with tenderness. After ten minutes or so, Shane stood up and bent over Cliff’s still body. His eyes were watering. He was so grateful for Cliff’s survival. He bent over to kiss Cliff on the forehead. A tear from those electric blue eyes fell onto Cliff’s skin and Shane’s lips touched Cliff’s forehead. His hand was still covering Cliff’s. He then simply asked the question that echoed the one he had after demolishing the cedar tree on their walk back from the weight room on campus. “Did I do well, Cliff? Did I do what was right?” They looked into each other’s eyes again. The answer was clear. Suddenly, one of the small vessels on the top of Shane’s hand burst as it struggled against Shane’s skin to touch Cliff. A thick heavy drop of blood rolled off of his hand and onto Cliff’s skin. Shane went to wipe it off and saw that it had been absorbed immediately into Cliff. The monitors started alarming in the room. Cliff’s blood pressure was spiking. He started to convulse. Rich and Jack ran over to the side of the bed and Shane looked terrified again. Then he went still. The energy had changed in the room. It was thick and electric. Shane felt a surge inside of him. Something was ripping through him like a razor sharp knife, searing him to his core. Cliff lay there, entirely still but Shane felt those waves of emotion flowing off of him again. They kept building and building. Pounding waves of pure emotion. He felt like he was drowning in Cliff and it felt like he would suffocate…but it felt so good. Distilled passion and sex washed over him. Waves of affection coursed through his being. The energy in the room kept building. It felt like he was in a pressure cooker. The world went quiet. Then a sound like a clap of thunder shook the room. Cliff’s body sent out an electromagnetic pulse. The wave spread out quickly, knocking out the electronics in the room (and they would come to find out, the entire town). “What was that?” Rich was staring at Cliff’s body. Then Shane’s eyes got wide. He started trembling like a leaf. He started to whimper and looked like he was about to orgasm. The giant cock snake in his pants leaped to attention, tearing through his pants and slapped into his hard ripped stomach. Thick veins erupted over Cliff’s exposed arm creating a powerful chain reaction across his skin. The cords were writhing and moving around like they were alive themselves. Veins started erupting from every inch of Cliff’s body. The discolorations of his bruises were fading and the swelling in his face was going down, and quickly. Entire river systems and road maps of vessels swarmed over his skin. They even made Shane’s vasculature look pathetic. The vessels grew in thickness and density until every inch of Cliff’s skin was buried under layers of bulging, angry, writhing veins. Cliff let out a thunderous moan. There are no words to describe the depth and power in that moan. The room shook, the windows exploded outward. Jack and Rich shot enormous loads of cum into their pants spontaneously. Thunderheads of power were rolling off of Cliff’s body. They could see visible disturbances in the air around him. Shane pulled back his hand and took a step back. He could feel what was coming. His eyes were wild with excitement and with a healthy dose of astonishment. He wasn’t afraid. He knew that Cliff’s immense strength was about to become housed in a more resilient body. His lover was about to become something that he could not fully understand. Cliff’s mind was stroking Shane again. “I love you, Shane. You are mine forever, and I am yours forever.” The words only existed inside of Shane’s head, but they sounded like thunderclaps, echoing around inside of his skull. Cliff fell to his knees, “Yes, Master. I am.” He barely got the words out of his mouth. Cliff screamed with the intensity of a crazed man, if the crazed man had a microphone set up at a rock concert. The sound penetrated all of them to their core. It was earthshattering in its intensity and strength. Cliff’s eyes were beginning to glow a hot white. His head was darting around, searching for something…Shane. “Shane?” the man said with the power of a thousand rivers. It wracked their bodies with its force. Shane stood back up and approached Cliff, who was pulsating with the layers of veins coursing over his body. Shane looked at Cliff with awe in his eyes. His body began to shrink down to his smaller size in deference to whatever was happening to Cliff. He grabbed Cliff’s hand again and a jolt coursed through him. His whole body tensed and his teeth clenched together. Jack jumped up immediately from where he was sitting with Rich to pull Shane away. He wouldn’t let anything happen to his newfound brother, even though he knew to his core that Cliff would never do anything purposeful to hurt any of them in that room. But, Shane looked like he was about to start convulsing. “It is OK, Jack. He will be OK.” Cliff’s voice roared, but somehow quietly. Jack backed away slowly, like he had interrupted something sacred. Then, Cliff’s muscles detonated into a being that the world could not comprehend. Without warning, Cliff let out another tremor inducing cry. This came from the depths of his being. Shane stood there holding his hand and instantaneously he dwarfed everything in the room. Lying down on the hospital bed still, his enormous body expanded slightly in length, but inconceivably in mass. His shoulders jutted out over the side of the bed. His traps erupted until they served as a hood above his head. In two seconds, Cliff’s arms had become as thick as a ponderosa pine, and twice as hard. Cliff’s hospital gown had just enough material to cover a part of Cliff’s bulging breadloaf-sized abs. Even they had an intricate web of veins running in a honeycomb pattern over them. Cliff’s legs had fallen to the sides of the bed, not because they had grown slightly in length, but because they had pushed themselves over the sides from pure size. The quads expanded like a parachute’s ripcord had been pulled. Billowing stone columns of shredded meat pulsed with power and strength that made Shane’s body earlier in the day pale in comparison. His glutes had balled up into two spheres big enough to jut his crotch into the air and his lats had expanded enough to be sagging off the table and formed hard muscle shelves for the tank-like arms to rest on. Speaking of Cliff’s crotch: The well-endowed 9 inches that he appreciated before was long gone. In its place stood a tower to manhood. Balls the size of grapefruits hung loosely in his enormous sack. Shane walked up to the bed and looked into Cliff’s eyes. They looked calm and he had a soft smile on his face. His face looked the same, if not slightly more handsome. He looked at Shane with those white-hot eyes, smiled his devastating smile, and simply said, “YES, you may do it.” Shane put his small hands, one on top of the other, around Cliff’s enormous cock and started to jerk his muscle god off. At this point, Rich and Jack were standing close to the bed as well. Cliff looked at them with his white eyes and chuckled a deep god-like chuckle and kept smiling. It was still Cliff in that huge, monolithic body. Nothing about his mind had changed; he was just monumental in size. That smile was the same and that gave great comfort to Rich and Jack. “Looks like you two will get along well. Now get back on the couch and make out or something. Shane and I need to take care of some business.” Jack took this as a command from his master, and Rich wasn’t about to contradict his newly titan sized best friend. They backed away and into the corner to get to know each other better. “Shane, that feels so good. I have been waiting for this since we got back from the gym when you broke that 45 pound plate in half. That seems like a lifetime ago, but it has only been a couple of days.” Shane was busy pleasuring Cliff’s cock, but he looked at his master and simply smiled. He was raging hard himself, in his small form. Cliff looked at him and Shane could feel some fear and apprehension in the man he loved. “What is it, my Love? Why are you feeling that way?” Shane looked to his lover with concern. “Shane, what happened to me? Why did I turn into this thing that would make the Hulk look small? Do you still think I am handsome?” “Cliff, you are the most beautiful person in the world…and if you are like me, you will be able to adjust your size, remember? But for now, please just let me take care of you. Focus on how you feel with me stroking your huge cock. I want to make you feel better than you ever have felt before, Master.” A few minutes later, Cliff reached climax. Pints of thick creamy spunk flew to the ceiling and coated much of the room. That is only after Shane took his fill. Cliff had never felt that way before. Sure he had cum plenty of times, but this was different. This was with his lover, partner, best friend, and the man who had now saved his life. He finally stood up. Over 8 feet of the solidest, hardest, vein-riddled, muscle stood in that room naked. Being 6 feet across at the shoulders made him look unstoppable and truly like a god. He looked down at the pecs that jutted out horizontally to the floor for several feet. He massaged them and motioned Shane over to suck and bite on his nipples. He felt so good. He loved Shane so much. Those waves of love had not stopped between them. In fact, they increased in their power. Cliff loved his brick-house built body, but longed for Shane’s close embrace and he could tell that Shane was preferential to staying in his smaller size at the moment. Maybe it was because he had been massive for so much of the day. Cliff thought, “He probably enjoys me being the big one for a change.” Shane grabbed his hand and looked up at his with his beautiful eyes and said simply, “I do like it.” Shane looked lovingly at the grotesquely glorious thing that Cliff had become. Cliff looked down and willed himself back to his normal meaty college boy size and grabbed Shane’s hands. Then let go and wrapped his warm arms around him and whispered in his ear, “This is going to be a good year.” “I love you Cliff,” was Shane’s only reply. “Before we head home, I think we need to take care of the people who did this to us. And they have those samples of my blood and tissue. I don’t know what they could do with them, but I think it wouldn’t be a good thing. Rich, Jack, you guys stay here. This is something that the two of us need to do together. Answer any questions that doctor has, but be discreet. He is a good man, but I don’t know if he’d believe the real story. Shane and I need to go take care of some business.” Jack and Rich both nodded. Cliff and Shane grabbed some hospital scrubs out of the cupboard in the room, put them on their normal sized bodies and walked out of the hospital. A couple of moments later, Rich looked out where the window used to be before bind blasted out, and across the vast fields of Eastern Washington and saw two huge muscle beasts running toward the west, one a bit larger than the other, holding hands. “When they get back, I’m sure it will be a good story,” he thought to himself. Jack sank back to the couch and put his incredibly strong arm around Rich and looked him in the eyes with his orbs of blackness. “Before they left, Cliff and I had a mental conversation, and he let me know that even though he is my master, he is loaning me to you. What would you like me to do for you, Master Rich?” Rich planted a deep kiss on his new boyfriend and just smiled.
  17. Hello gents, I hope you enjoy the last chapter of this story. I have included links to the first two parts for your convenience. Some suggested that this was easier than posting all parts in one long piece. See. I listen. Once more, I would love our comments. Enjoy the ride. SeaMusc ==================================================================================== Part I: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5028-the-impossible-discovery/ Part II: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5099-the-impossible-discovery-part-ii/ ==================================================================================== Part III The car pulled away from the parking lot. They were both grateful for the Jeep Wrangler they had purchased last year. It at least allowed for the top to be taken off providing Will’s mass to fit uncomfortably inside. Even with the passenger seat pushed all the way back, with Will’s new height and added mass his knees were bunched up almost touching the bottoms of the huge bags that were his pecs. His shoulder jutted out of the side window although he wasn’t leaning. The fantastical lats that had developed seemed to just naturally jut out of his torso at the right height and flowed out of the window where they smashed into the rippling globe of his tri-headed delt. A kiss of veins, as detailed as fine Maltese lace spread webs of intricate patterns over the surface of Will’s body. Skye thought it amazing that someone so unfathomably strong and powerful had such beautiful detail. Looking at him from at distance, you would only see an impossibly muscular and tall behemoth, but if you looked from arms length, the true artistry of Will’s body could be seen in its refinement. Skye looked at Will’s arm pressing up against Skye’s body from the lack of room in the Jeep—his shoulder and triceps were pushing directly into Skye and it felt warm. He was also shocked at the hardness of what he was feeling. It was not human flesh, or at least not the flesh that he knew as human. It was something more. Something forged of a different substance. More like warm movable ironwood. He looked down at Will’s giant hand resting on his own muscular thigh and couldn’t believe the feelings coursing through his body. He wanted Will without any consideration or hesitation, like two attracting sides of magnets. It was sexual. It was sensual. It was beyond those things though. It was a marriage of companionship and partnership. Will had forced himself into the seat of the Jeep and realized that it wouldn’t allow for much more growth, but that was not a concern. When he got too big, he would find other ways to travel--like in a personal bus or something bigger. For now, he loved how the confined space smashed him up against his demi-god fiancé. Although he had the size and strength, Skye had the beauty of something otherworldly. That along with his incomparable mind, Skye matched Will’s strength in different ways. There had never been a more devastating example of brains and brawn and Will knew it. Together they were unstoppable. They didn’t look at each other at all after getting in the vehicle. Will’s hand on Skye’s knee and Skye’s head nudging against Will’s shoulder was enough. Nothing was said. They just felt each other’s space, breathed in each other’s air, completely content. Walking up the stairs to their apartment home, Will followed Skye up. His face firmly planted in Skye’s backside, smelling the scent of his manhood. Smelling his musk and the singular scent of a well cleaned hole, earthy and delicious. He wanted to take up residence there; to have his face fighting for real estate on Skye’s beautiful ass. He followed that scent up the three flights of stairs lead only by his nose. It was too powerful to open his eyes. He would lose control. They both knew that once inside, they would both take off the brakes and be thrust upon a sea of overwhelming passion that would not be contained easily. Skye unlocked the solid wooden door and walked in, carrying the small bag of Will’s belongings. Will, for his part, had to turn slightly sideways to walk through the door frame. He was too wide and thick to make it through straight on. He shut the door behind him and just stood there, watching Skye. Neither of them knew what to do. The first move was up in the air, and as much as they loved each other, there was a certain awkwardness about the next step. They were both so different now. Skye was more independent, more in control, more beautiful, and more ripped. Will was more outwardly alpha, more subservient to Skye, and a fucking massive giant. Underneath it all, they were the same men, and they knew it. But there would need to be a moment of adjustment, as if they were also meeting for the first time. The sentiment of their affection was there, more powerful than ever, but the situation had changed. It took a few seconds of sizing each other up before Skye walked a few steps toward the tower of masculinity that was Will. He walked right up to the beast and his face was only an inch away from the deep ravine of Will’s bloated pecs. He stared up those few inches and whispered, “I missed you.” He spread out his own broad arms and embraced Will gently. His arms barely were wide enough to start to feel Will’s lats because of the massiveness of his chest. For his part, Will just nodded and as Skye hugged him, he simply raised his arm and wrapped it around the shoulder of his best friend and lover. The felt each other’s warmth for a few moments and then Skye took Will’s hand and lead him to the bedroom. They sat down for a brief moment on their bed. Will took Skye’s hand, extended one of his inhumanly sized fingers, and placed it on Skye’s twine ring. “Remember when you proposed, Will? Remember that night? I thought I could never be more in love with you. I thought that it couldn’t get better. But somehow, some way, I feel you as a part of me even more than that night. I didn’t think it was possible to feel someone more. Will, something happened to us while we were apart. Something glorious and incredible. I can’t hear your heartbeat, but I can “feel” it. I can’t read your mind, but I know what you are thinking. I feel that somehow, you are a part of me…a part of my body and mind. I don’t know how to explain it. I have tried to explain it to myself. It’s like trying to explain to someone why they feel that they need to breath: it just is.” He paused a moment. “I am so proud of you, Will. You kept your composure and you owned that place from the beginning. You became something more than you were previously. You became the master of your domain. You have no masters now.” “Except for you.” Will looked up with huge eyes at Skye’s face. “You are more than a master. You are a creator. Now I know how those religious zealots feel. Enraptured with their god to the point of insanity. That is how I feel about you.” Sitting on the edge of the bed together holding hands and Will’s arm around Skye, the titan simply bent his head to the side and rested it on his partner’s shoulder and silence settled into the room. Inside, fireworks were exploding, his skin felt waves of orgasmic energy, his enormous bull balls churned and buzzed with activity. His mind was on fire. His heart rate was increasing. His breaths were becoming steadily deeper and steadily faster. He was giving himself to Skye mentally and physically. Because of his brain’s remodeling, there was little difference between the two for him. His body was reacting because his brain was reacting. Touching Skye was enough to cause tsunami’s of lust and longing to be released into Will’s mind, which in turn forced a physical response. He could feel veins wriggling to the surface and muscles gorging themselves on nutrients and oxygen to fuel their immense need for energy. Will had learned to control the outward expression of these sensations, but he knew that Skye’s words and touch were moments away from unleashing a more improved, more massive Will. His cock snaked across the top of his jock, spitting sweet precum as a lubricant for its ever-lengthening march across his skin. Skye understood implicitly how Will’s body was about to undergo another spurt of growth. He was willing it, sending out powerful emotive waves to Will through his soft caresses and naughty thoughts. “Will, you are holding back. You don’t have to hide here. You know that. Let yourself go. You will never be too big for me. Remove that thought from your mind. Let your body do what it needs to and don’t fight it anymore. You are MINE, kind sir. Always. Forever.” Will pulled his head up from Skye’s well-muscled shoulder and looked directly into his eyes from only a couple of inches away. Their hot breath was all over each other: warm, wet, full of hunger. “I am ready, Skye. I want to grow for you.” “Then let go, Big Man. There are no judgments here. And when you are done with this spurt, I am ready to give you more than you though possible.” Will laid his head back down on Skye’s shoulder and his breath rate picked up. He was almost panting within the span of just a couple of minutes. Skye reached his arm up and placed his hand on the back of Will’s head, giving him comfort. He was beginning to moan, long, deep, and steady. A low rumble full of power and masculinity was streaming out of his thick throat. “Will, does it hurt?” “No. It feels incredible. Just hold me. I can feel it coming.” He struggled for breath and Skye noticed large beads of sweat beginning for form on his brow. The smaller man continued to hold his hand on Will’s head, stroking him gently as a mother would do to a newborn to calm him down. A moan emerged from the giant. He picked his head up and looked Skye straight in the eyes, only inches away from each other. “Put your hands on me. I want you to feel this. Wait…hold on.” Will stood up quickly and tore his tight white t-shirt off in one easy rip. Skye’s mouth fell to the floor. He hadn’t seen Will without a shirt since he had been taken. He was in complete awe of the creature in front of him, trembling, moaning. To say that he looked like a buff anime character come to life would not be exaggerating. Lumps of flesh extended themselves away from Will’s body with violent knobs and ravines of hardness jostling for limited space. It looked as if the mass of meat underneath his skin was attempting to escape; yet somehow, he knew that this was Will’s new relaxed state. He had become so muscular; Skye was having trouble distinguishing typical anatomical landmarks. Joints and bone that are usually exposed, even in the most massive bodybuilders were buried under layers and layers of animated musculature. Fuck, he was ripped and huge beyond description. And he was ready to grow again. The beast extended his meaty paw to his jeans and tore them off in one easy stroke. If Will’s upper body had been jaw-dropping, his legs and ass would cause a full on seizure to any admirer of muscle. Enormous muscular feet supported calves that appeared to be related to two large Easter hams, but much more angular and sharp. Even the muscle running in front of his shin bone appeared to have been injected with some terribly successful muscle fertilizer. His quads had long thick muscles extending from the waist to the knee, all of them as thick and heavy as a normal man’s arm. The thick beef on his legs pulsed and danced at Will’s slightest movement. The veins that typically are seen on very ripped, lean, dedicated competition-class men would seem childish compared to the vasculature on Will’s lower half. Garden hose sized vessels rode atop the living stone they fed. Skye could see the rhythmic beat of blood coursing through those veins as they quivered ever second, at the behest of Will’s heart. Will, happy with his state of undress turned to sit back on the bed. Skye shot him a devious look. “No, Will. Take it all off.” Will returned the evil smile and popped the waistband to his jock off without even slight resistance. His semi-erect manhood throbbed, partially dangling, but beginning to fight gravity—and there was a lot of gravity to fight with a fuck-stick that massive. Skye licked his lips. “Now, get over here.” Skye motioned Will back to the bed. He sat down on the edge again next to Skye. “Put your hands on me. I want you to feel this. I am holding it back…” “You can control it? Damn, Will. I didn’t expect that.” “It’s hard and it takes concentration, but my mind is strong. I can hold back the growth when I wish to. I had to learn that in jail.” Skye was salivating and raging hard. His own large cock fought desperately against the fabric of his shorts. He moved his left arm across his body and placed it on Will’s bicep. He lifted his right arm and extended it out across Will’s mountainous back. He could only reach about half way. The heavy back-steaks comprising the monster’s lats and traps were deep and powerful and imposing, even without exerting effort. He could see the dual ridges of the spinal erectors running along either side of Will’s spine, coursing from his neck all the way down where they dove below the surface and erupted into the huge hard meat cakes of Will’s preposterous butt. He was so difficult to contemplate the size and strength of that fine ass. He would be living in that glorious ass in a few minutes. Fuck. Skye places his right hand on Will’s enormous forearm and the other on his shoulder. They both wanted, no…they both NEEDED skin on skin contact. Will started to groan again and tremble. Skye could feel micro-quakes under Will’s skin. If the muscles could become harder, they did. The lace-like web of veins danced on his skin. And then Will looked in Skye’s eyes. Skye could feel an explosion of volume press out across his hands. He could feel Will’s temperature rise. Will emitted a bellowing groan from the deepest pit of his being. He sounded like an animal. It was the sound of gods fucking, angels masturbating, thousands of warriors jacking each other off. Those things combined sounded like Will’s growth moan. It was SEX and STRENGTH. It was POWER translated into a sound. He never took his eyes off of Skye. Baring his teeth, he growled again and pushed his lips into his lover’s. They kissed, eyes open, as Will’s body expanded and shifted. Skye’s hands never left his fiancée’s He wanted Will to know he was there, with him, comforting him, and mandating him to grow bigger. Before this moment, he thought he would want to watch Will from a safe distance, able to see his entire body change and grow…but being this close, he could smell the hormones pouring out of Will’s skin, on his breath, and in his kiss. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He drank Will in. Kissing him, tasting him, feeling his strength and power expand. And then it stopped. They had been locking eyes since Will had sat back down on the bed. Now their faces were still just inches away from each other looking into each other’s pupils, not wavering, not blinking. Will stood up. “You did this Skye. I feel like a fucking GOD. And this is just the beginning.” The immensity of Will could not be overstated. His musculature was no longer within the confines of human scale. They were both entering a state of complete sensory overload. Gobs of precum leaked from their engorged cocks. Constantly leaking. Constantly. A steady stream of sweet nectar oozed out without ceasing. Will kissed Skye on the mouth again. “Fuck me Skye. FUCK ME and make me grow more. I am ready. I want it and YOU want it more. Together, we are unstoppable. Make me bigger for YOU. Make me stronger for YOU. Make me invincible for YOU!” “Bend over, you giant beast. Take my cock in your ass. Take my seed. It is ready. You are ready!” They were both in a complete state of bliss. Speaking, shouting, moaning without care of consequence. Will, much bigger than only minutes before, was about to be seeded with Skye’s engineered cum. Millions of viruses created specifically for Will and Skye would be released from Skye’s enormous balls and sent into a new environment where they would be able to replicate without hindrance. Every cell in Will’s body would have the myostatin gene cut out. Skye had made certain that other genetic codes would be inserted form increased skeletal growth and testosterone would pour out of both of their testicles in enormous quantities. Will crawled on top of the bed. Being so much larger than Skye, he wanted his fiancée to have easy access to his quivering hole. He wanted this part to be enjoyable for them both. He jutted his ass outward toward Skye who was now standing a few feet from the bed. Will lowered his shoulders, thrusting his muscle cakes outward and upward. “Your ass is so incredibly massive Will! It is the most beautiful thing I have seen, other than your handsome face.” Skye focused in on Will’s tight hole which was now staring at him. One immovable, unblinking eye…an entrance to the body of a god. The doorway to even more SIZE, STRENGTH, and POWER. Skye’s face moved toward the giant mounds of hard flesh that comprised Will’s exposed ass. He moved in closer. Closer. He spit onto Will’s impossibly tight hole and raised his hand to rub the spit into the area with his forefinger. He wanted to lube Will up. He was going to fuck him hard, without mercy, tearing him, liberating his seed into Will’s quivering hole. “Will, I love you. Before this happens, I want you to know that. There is nothing on the face of this planet that means more to me than your happiness.” “FUCK ME SKYE!” the enormous man rumbled. “We are ONE now.” Skye knew that this was true. Maybe it was Will’s newly expanded mind, maybe it was the natural part of becoming so close with a partner…maybe it was just their love for each other. They were ONE. This act forged them together like two bricks of iron in the hand of a skilled welder. Two pieces became one more massive and stronger piece. Skye places his hands around Will’s rippling waist, grabbing onto the immovable mass that presented itself willingly to him. His own cock was throbbing, pulsing, weeping drops of precum unceasingly. Skye’s cock was on a mission. His big monster dick knew what it needed to do and so it pumped massive amounts of lube to the surface. Skye rubbed the tip of his engorged huge cock against Will’s sealed hole. He rubbed pre-ejaculate all around the area. The precum kept pouring out, wanting to do its job in this most-important action. Skye’s cock head was infinitely sensitive to touching Will. When it came into contact with the hard surface, it vomited more precum, and more, and more. Finally, Skye put more pressure on his hands that surrounded Will’s tight hard waist and drove his now-huge cock through the sphincter of the muscle monster, laying ass-end-up on their bed. A low grumble escaped Will’s throat. “Fuck me, Skye. Fuck me, beautiful man. FUCK ME! HARD! HARDER!” Skye was pumping hard and fast. He could feel with his cock the mound of dense tissue that comprised Will’s prostate. He could feel his expanded cock raking across it with every push and pull. Will panted like a bitch in heat each time the head of Skye’s massive penis rubbed against the orange-sized prostate buried in his ass. It felt so good. It felt like every Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve firework show he had ever seen. Skye picked up the pace, thrusting, heaving harder and harder. He could smell the sweet musty masculine smell of sex, of precum, and of Will’s manly hard ass. That smell was driving him wild. He pushed harder. Harder into Will. His own abs, glutes, obliques, and arms were combining forces to drive further and further into Will with more and more force. Will’s hole was being wrecked and both of them wanted it. He was being destroyed from the assault of Skye’s force. He wanted it. He craved it. Harder. Harder. More and more. Skye could feel the pressure increasing in his balls. He could feel the buzz, the churning that signaled orgasm. He knew that he would be sending massive amounts of viral particles into Will’s primed body in a matter of a few seconds. Once that happened, he couldn’t take it back. And he didn’t want to. Will emitted another growl. Skye felt the internal sex pump begin to reach into his balls, pull the seed out by a powerful siphon force, and send the sweet juices out to his hulking partner. He felt powerful waves of cum course through his body, passing through the tight passageways of his manliness and eventually thrusting through his own massive cock and lodging in Will. Waves of cum. Pints of thick sticky-sweet, bitterness. Thick milk. Blasting out. Blasting into Will. Pushing its way into the beast. Making the BEAST more than he had been. Skye kept bucking--rutting Will’s ass. They were two bodies of exceptional power and hardness. Will’s ass did not want to let go of Skye’s massive cock. Skye did not want to leave the cavern that felt like a velvet covered fist wrapped around his tumescent prick. It was comfortable. They both had craved that feeling for so long. Will pulled out. His cock still leaked cum in a slow steady stream. He rubbed the head against Will’s ass again. He didn’t want to forget this moment and neither did Will. Raising his chest up, Will was still on bended knee on the bed. He rotated his gigantic upper body so that his legs and hips were facing forward and his arms could reach out to Skye, who was still behind him. He grabbed his lover under the arms and raised him easily, moving him around to Will’s front side. “Skye, that was amazing. That was the best it has ever been. I fucking LOVE you.” “Me too, Big Man. Me too.” They collapsed on the bed, warm, sweaty, and sticky. A few hours later, they were still pressed together on the bed. It was afternoon now. The cum had dried on their skin and where Will had become the big spoon, his chest and abs pressed up against Skye’s bulging back, the cum had dried into a sort of glue. It felt good. It felt right. “Skye. Are you awake?” “I have been for a while. I have just been lying here, feeling you. Feeling your hardness and feeling you breathing. I have never been happier Will. I have never ever been happier.” “Me neither.” Will reached over to the nightstand and looked for the papers in which he had placed the love letter that Skye had written him on their last night before he was incarcerated. Skye hadn’t moved Will’s papers, so it was easy to find. He pulled it out. And read it outloud… “Last night reminded me of why I love you so much, not that I need reminding. You make me feel like I own the world, and it is because you are mine. I will not take this ring off of my finger for a moment while you are away. My heart is already aching from your absence and my body is already demanding to be with you again. The hardest thing I have had to do in my life was getting out of that bed this morning but I have things to get done before the city wakes up. Know, with every piece of your body, mind, and soul that I love you. I love you far more than I love myself. It comforts me to know that you feel the same way. I can’t wait to build the rest of my life with you. It will be an adventure that is beyond our imagination. I lay awake last night thinking about your proposal and how it was the perfect time, place, and situation. God, you are romantic. I could never ask for a better companion and partner in life. As we embark on this new chapter, understand that everything I have done, am doing, and will do is for you and me.” His voice cracked. A big tear fell out of his beautiful eye and rolled down his cheek. Skye simply looked up at his amazingly massive man, extended his tongue and licked the tear off of his face. It tasted salty, but it tasted like pure affection. Will pulled Skye’s left hand up to his face and looked at the twine “ring” still there. It was ratty by now and starting to show signs of definite age—twine is not supposed to last forever. He kissed his beloved’s ring finger and smiled. “Skye, when will I start growing again? I want to be so big for you. I want to protect you. I want to be monstrous for you!” “I don’t know when your growth will occur, Will. You have the viruses in you now. I have made them powerful. Look what they have done to me! I didn’t know that I could be so ripped and big, but you have so much more potential.” Skye looked up to his future husband and planted a big kiss on his lips. “It will take some time, Will. Genetics take time to work. This isn’t quick. It will be a process. You know that.” They stayed stuck together by their cum glue for another couple of hours. Neither of them wanted to move. Eventually, the sun started setting and Will wanted to watch the sunset from the rooftop balcony. “Let’s get dressed and go upstairs. I would LOVE to watch the sunset with you.” Little did he know that his heartbeat and that of Skye’s were now throbbing together, at the same time and rhythm. They were indeed becoming biologically integrated. Even knowing this, neither Will, nor Skye, would have cared. In fact, they would welcome it. That night they stood on the rooftop. Will was naked, too large for his old clothing now. Skye stood facing west with only his boxers on—and they protested against his skin and growing cock. It was a photogenic sunset and the sky lit up with yellow, gold, red, orange, and violet. It was perfect. Will wrapped his mountainous arms around Skye and as soon as Skye leaned his head back into Will’s hard beefy chest, he heard that their heartbeats were in perfect synch. “Will, our hearts are beating with the same rhythm.” The corners of Skye’s mouth curled up in a warm smile. “I know.” He said simply and quietly. Will was grinning ear to ear. He couldn’t be happier. He was willing his heart to be in synch with Skye’s. They watched the sun set slowly on the horizon wrapped in each other’s warm embrace. ========================================================================================== The morning greeted Skye and Will with its warm orange glow. Their bed beside the window granted them visual access to the warming of the sky and the beginning of a new day. Once again, Will was spooning Skye. Their bodies cocooned against each other. Will heard it first. High pitched sirens coming toward them. He could tell because the sound achieved a higher pitch as the seconds wore on. The pitch became higher and higher. Skye could hear it now. “Ugh. That was an unpleasant wake up.” Skye stretched his muscular long limbs against the beef mountain pressing against him. “Skye…Something is wrong. The sirens are here.” “Well, they must be after someone on this block. Don’t worry, my beautiful boy. You are safe.” Will wasn’t so sure. He felt a knot rising in his throat. Something wasn’t right. He could sense it. A moment later they heard pounding at the door. “Police! Open the door!” The two lovers looked at each other in complete surprise. “OPEN UP!” came the voice again. Skye leapt up and ran toward the door and opened it. “Skye Collins?” “Um, yes.” “You are under arrest for falsification of evidence.” The officer grabbed Skye’s wrist and locked a cuff on it, grabbed the other wrist and put the other cuff on that side. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney…” The officer kept reading Skye his rights. Skye looked at Will, who was just beginning to rise from the bed. Everything had happened so fast. “Will. NO! Stay there. I will handle this.” Will’s body could feel Skye’s heartbeat increase. He was afraid, and Will knew it. Will walked toward the front door and toward his Love. He would not see his man treated this way. He could destroy these men easily and he knew it. A hot rage began to well up inside of him. “No Will. It will be OK. Stay there. Will! Stay there!” There was not question in Skye’s voice. Will stopped and stared helplessly as his beloved Skye was taken away. The only thing preventing the giant muscle beast from knocking he heads off of those men in one blow was the tone of Skye’s voice. It wasn’t a plea, it was command to stay back, to let Skye handle it. “I will call you, soon. Keep my phone on you. And call your attorney. Have him meet me at the police station.” Skye paused. “Officer, can I have you take this twine off of my finger. It is very important to me and I know that they will remove it, possibly trashing it, at the station.” The officer agreed. The policeman held out the twine ring to Will, depositing it in his massive paw. If there was one thing that Will knew, he understood that Skye had a plan and he would follow it. He could still feel Skye’s heartbeat forcing his own heartbeat to follow. He knew at that moment that he would be able to sense Skye’s condition. He would know if he was in danger. Something was beginning to swell inside of Will. He and Skye had started to become a single being over the course of the past 24 hours. He was experiencing a mix of emotions. Anger: for someone taking his heart away. Power: the feeling had been growing in him for weeks and was now becoming exponentially stronger. Love: He had no limit to the depth of responsibility that he felt for Skye. Worry: Neither of them had any idea how Skye had been found out. Who would have made the connections and how would they have done it? The demand that Skye made, to stay and remain at home, had been made for his own safety and the safety of those around him. He knew that, but his concern for his lover created a powerful and convincing reason to go against Skye’s order. He decided he would wait at least for a few hours. He could do that. The need to protect his fiancée, his heart, his purpose for being soon began to overwhelm him. He felt the surges of growth again beginning to course through him. Waves of orgasmic energy began to mount inside of his chest and radiate outward. He knew that once again, he would grow. He was only sad that Skye wouldn’t be able to see it. He already missed the touch of his angelic creator and protector. His powerful mind was telling him to grow to be able to protect his man. The concern and worry was being replaced by the beginning touches of rage and he was quickly discovering that intense emotions created a triggering environment. He could feel it coming in waves. But this time, somehow, it was different. It was as if he could manipulate the sensation. His mind could control the growth, yes, just as before. But now, he felt like he could sense the viral particles latching on to his cells. His immune system, as robust as the man himself, could approach and destroy the viruses at his command. This would give him exceptional control over how much he grew, where, and when. He was manipulating his growth potential. Somehow, he knew that Skye knew that this would happen. How could he not know? He was brilliant beyond measure. He sat on the bed with his head in his hands, breathing deeply, slowly, forcing his emotions to subside. He wanted nothing more than to embrace the power he could feel pulsing through his body. He wanted to open the gates and lose control, to grow, to become a fucking monster! But he would wait. If those men touched one hair on Skye’s head in a disrespectful way, they would be destroyed. He could feel Skye. The feeling was faint, but Will knew that he was ok. That was all he could tell and it was enough for the moment. However, he was on edge. “FUCK! He started pounding his fist into his open hand. This wasn’t supposed to happen. He decided to walk into the living room and lay on the couch. He often did that if he needed to think. It was becoming more and more difficult to keep his anger in check. Thick ropes of panic were rising again in his chest and his supercharged mind was struggling to keep his concern and worry from triggering an explosion of outrage. A few miles away, Skye was being taken out of the squad car and ushered into the police station. Paperwork was being filed and after a few short minutes, he was being ushered into another car and being taken to the jail…the same jail that Will had been in that very morning. The handcuffs were starting to wear into his wrists. He could feel Will’s angst. The man had barricaded his emotional outburst in order to prevent a tirade of anger and retribution. For the moment, Skye staying calm was all that prevented the beast from exploding in size, power, and strength. He knew innately that Will wanted more than anything to defend his fiancée and would react in extreme fashion if he sensed Skye was at risk. They both struggled to remain calm. Arriving at the jail, Skye knew that he would be immediately allowed a phone call. Since Will had hopefully alerted their attorney, he would of course call home. He needed to calm Will down, to attempt to diffuse any unforeseen problems and he knew for certain that Will was worried sick. After the intake process, Skye was escorted to a phone on the side of the wall in the hallway and given a code to call outside of the jail. He dialed the outside extension number, then his own mobile number. It began ringing. Will jumped up from the couch, the wood frame cracking underneath his enormous round ass. The couch was not built to handle several hundred pounds in the space of a couple of square feet. He moved quickly into the bedroom and picked up Skye’s phone. “Hello? Skye?” His voice was desperate and pressured. “I’m OK, Big Man. I’m OK. They brought me to the jail. I thought I had seen enough of this place, but I guess it will be at least an overnight stay. We can post my bail tomorrow morning. How are you?” “I’m fucking mad as hell, Skye. I can barely control it. I feel like a 2 liter soda bottle that has been shaken for 5 minutes. I am ready to blow. I want to GROW. I need to GROW, Skye. I can’t contain it much longer. It’s taking every ounce of concentration I have to keep myself under control. I’m going to fucking LOSE IT!” “You’re doing a great job, Big Man.” “They took you away. They took you away and fucked up our plans. Have they hurt you? They all better be on their best fucking behavior. If I even sense that you are upset, I will rip that fucking place DOWN in five minutes.” “No one has hurt me, Will.” “You tell them that you are with me. Everyone knows who I am in there and they will leave you alone. They KNOW what I will do to them if a single scratch is on your body tomorrow. They fucking KNOW!” Skye felt himself becoming strangely aroused. His well-endowed cock began hardening in his pants. There was a certain corrupting power that he felt, knowing that he could, with one sentence, send Will into a state of complete insanity and unleash a truly terrifying beast onto the world. Part of him wanted that. He wanted to see the full measure of Will’s transformation being unleashed. Knowing that Will would do whatever he asked was a huge fucking turn-on. He knew all he had to do was tell Will to embrace his mega-alpha status, embrace his rage, embrace his need to dominate. It would only take that much effort and Will would transform into a muscle god of domination, inciting fear and submission from every person he encountered. Skye was getting completely hard at the though. But he wanted to be a part of that transformation. He wanted to orchestrate it. “Will, my Big Man, I am not small anymore. I am a big muscleman myself at this point, remember. I will be alright.” “Well, you tell them anyway Skye, just so there is no question. Will you please tell them? OH…and watch out for a kid named Jesse—he is a squirrely looking young guy. He was obsessed with me and I embarrassed him. He’s dangerous. Just stay away from him.” “I’ve got to go, Will. I have some sleep medication in the cabinet in the bathroom. After dinner, take two pills. It will help you sleep and get some good rest. I will call in the morning and let you know what time to bring the Jeep.” Skye paused and started chuckling. “I don’t know how you are going to fit in it though after that last little spurt in the apartment. You are so fucking hot. I can’t wait to fuck you again. And next time, I want you to fuck me too.” “Damn right. We're gonna stay in bed for days.” There was silence on the line for a few seconds. They both knew that this was just a little snag in the plan and that tomorrow they would be back together after bail had been set and posted. “I love you, Skye.” Will breathed it quietly. “Same here, you big sexy gorilla.” He had a smile in his voice and knew that they could get past this and move on with their lives soon. The phone went dead and Skye was escorted down the hallway and into the main area of the jail. Most of the inmates were staring at him. They were not used to seeing such an attractive well-built man. Skye was tall and thick with powerful muscles. His eyes were bright as gemstones and his blonde hair and clear skin made him look more like an ancient statue of manliness than someone being put into jail. He walked with an air about him. Confident. Secure. One of the guards, the one that had walked him to his meeting with Will in the visitation room a couple of weeks prior, recognized him. “Sir? What are you doing here?” “I was arrested for falsifying evidence in Will’s arrest. It won’t stick. I’ll be out tomorrow. Good to see you.” “Good to see you too, sir. If there is anything you need, just let me know. I’ll be here for a few more hours today.” “Thank you. I won’t forget your offer to help.” Skye kept walking and ended up in a cell at the back corner of the pod. The door was open and no one was inside, although it was obvious that at least one other person was in that 4 bed cell. “Get your bearings and I will escort you outside to the yard. Most of the guys are out there playing ball or lifting…or just getting some sun,” the guard motioned at him with his head. “So you are Will’s fiancée? That guys is one big scary fucker. I’ve never seen anything like him. I know that the other guard mentioned that if you need anything, you could go to him. Same thing here. If you need something, let me know. I want to stay on your boyfriend’s good side.” “Thanks. I think I can take care of myself though. I’d prefer if the guys didn’t know I was Will’s boyfriend. It may cause too much attention. I’d like to just spend the night here and leave in the morning with no incident.” “Yes, sir. I understand.” They walked out to the yard. “There you go. Free time started just a few minutes ago, so you’ll have about an hour to get some exercise.” Skye walked over to the weight cage. Massive men, bigger than himself, thrust the weights around on heavy bars. Dumbbells were strewn about and were being used to pump up the muscular men. Skye knew that every single one of them must know Will. He had mentioned the weight cage and how nothing in there seemed heavy. Skye walked over to an open bench and began to load on 45s. He pulled off his shirt and his beautiful hard tanned muscles met the daylight. He was gorgeous and he knew it. “Hey Goldilocks. You new here?” A large man approached Skye with an angry look on his face. “You don’t lift unless we say you can lift. Doesn’t matter how big and pretty you are. Got it?” “I understand what you are saying, but I think I’m going to go ahead and have a good workout. Thanks for your concern.” Skye lay down on the bench, raised his calloused hands up to the bar. Another couple of the big men had walked over when they saw the newbie defy their brother. “Who the fuck do you think you are, pretty boy?” The first man was apoplectic. “Get off the fucking bench man. You’re gonna get your ass beat.” One of the others that had gathered around smirked. “I wouldn’t mind fucking up that face of yours before I fuck you in the ass. If I punch enough of your teeth out, you wont bite when you suck my cock.” Skye lifted the bar off of the rack. He wasn’t going to be intimidated. He pushed out one rep easily and smoothly as a warm up. He started lowering the bar back to his chest when one of the men wrapped his meaty hand around the bar and pushed it down toward Skye’s chest. “Are you fucking stupid? You’re gonna get yourself killed in here, you little bitch.” The man snarled. A few more men were gathering around the group. The tension in the yard was quickly escalating. Skye remained calm. Although he knew Will would rip the limbs off of every single one of these men for trying to intimidate him, he could handle himself. He was made of stronger stuff than he appeared. “I just want to get my lifting in, man. I don’t want any trouble.” “Well, trouble wants you, you fucking prick. Why don’t you stand up and say something smart to my face!” The man was angry--fists clenched and wild-eyed. The group of men was starting to whoop and holler. They could see an ass-kicking coming any moment and they were getting excited. Although Skye was at least as big as the hardened man, he was also much younger, and much less menacing. Skye’s body had been made in a gym. He was strong, but not street savvy and didn’t have the hard mean look of the other men who had gathered around. Skye knew he was about to get the shit knocked out of him, but he didn’t care. He wanted to feel that feeling. He wanted to know what it felt like to get pummeled. It was sick and sadistic, but he had never been in a fight and the way he was growing now—and with a titan of a boyfriend to keep others at bay—he didn’t know if he would ever get the chance again. It was almost like a rite of manhood…to be in a fight. This was as good of a place as any. Sitting up on the bench, he swung his leg around and stood up. Adrenalin was pumping through his veins. He was not going to back down. He appeared to remain calm. First, so that the man and his cronies would know that he wasn’t afraid. And second, so that Will wouldn’t feel his emotions changing too much. He wanted to do this on his own. “I would like to get a good workout in and I don’t think that is too much to ask. Do you?” The larger man put his face an inch away from Skye’s. Skye could feel his warm breath hitting him. He stared into Skye’s eyes and didn’t blink. Neither did Skye. A quizzical look passed over the brute’s countenance, like he didn’t understand why Skye was so calm. Then without warning, stepped back, drew back his arm and shoulder, clenched his fist, and connected with Skye’s face. A loud smack of two pieces of meat slamming into each other was heard by everyone within 20 feet. Blood started pouring from Skye’s nose and a smile crossed his face. God, it felt good to feel that pain. It was something new—a new experience. One of the guards, the guard from the hallway, walked over and yelled at the inmates to disperse. Fighting through the crowd, he saw who the big ruffian had punched. “Oh, shit.” He said under his breath. The huge inmate was breathing heavy and looked like he was about to send a gut punch into Skye’s well developed abs. “Hey, Matt. Matt!” The inmate looked at the guard with intensity. The guard stepped over to the man and whispered something in his ear, quickly. Matt looked as though the wind had been completely taken out of his sails. Blood drained from his face. Skye had his eyes closed, waiting for the next punch. He wanted to feel that exquisite pain again. He didn’t know how long it would be until a single man couldn’t physically hurt him. Muscle was growing thicker every day on his body. Already, the pain was blunted and he knew that. So he stood there, waiting, blood pouring from his nose and a distinct mark on his cheek. “Oh my god. I’m a dead man.” The massive brute whispered under his breath. He had fear in his eyes—the fear that comes from accepting a horrible fate. Will would kill him and he knew it. All the guard had whispered was, “The man you just hit is Will’s boyfriend. This is fucking SKYE, man!” Big Matt just stood there, deflated. “Hit me again, you fucking ape. Hit ME!” Matt just shook his head. Skye opened his eyes. The men who had gathered around began to whisper amongst themselves, staring at Skye like he was a zoo animal. “You’re Skye? Will is your man?” Big Matt asked carefully. Skye knew that the game was up. No one would touch him now. He was a little disappointed. “Yes.” “Let the man work out, boys. Clear out!” Matt bellowed at the other men. The others left the weight cage. Only Skye and Big Matt were left. Skye still had blood draining from his nose. The front of his jail jumpsuit was stained with large blotches of crimson. He still had a smile on his face. “I’m sorry for punching you, sir. I didn’t know who you were.” It was obvious that the man was afraid now. “I’m sorry.” Skye was impressed by the hold Will had developed over these men. He had instilled a fear into them that was unquestionable. “I’ll leave you to your workout.” “Hey, Matt. I wont tell Will it was you.” The man just shot a smile at Skye and walked away leaving him alone in the weight area. Skye began loading another couple of plates on the bar. Without warning, a thin blonde guy walked in with a demonic smile painted on his face. “Hey. You’re Skye?” “Yes. I am.” He had begun to lower the bar toward his chest. He looked back at the younger man. Shit. This must be Jesse. “Damn man. I can see why Will can’t get enough of you. You are fuckin hot. I didn’t get it before, but I do now. Look at that ass…and the rest of you ain’t bad either.” “Uhhhh…thanks.” Across town, Will had just eaten a huge dinner. Skye had stocked the fridge in preparation of Will’s homecoming. He was still feeling on edge, but knowing that Skye would be home tomorrow made it bearable. He just wanted to sleep and put an end to the day. It was early, only about 7PM, but if he fell asleep soon, he would wake up and it would be time to go get his man. That time couldn’t come quick enough. He walked to the medicine cupboard and found Skye’s sleeping meds…Skye had always struggled with insomnia. Will took two pills out and popped them in his mouth, swallowed, and jumped in the shower. He knew he would be knocked out in a half hour. Crawling into bed, he felt out to Skye and nothing had really changed. He was there, nervous, but OK. Minutes later, he fell soundly asleep. Skye had just ended his workout before dinnertime. He went into his cell to put on a new set of clothing. “Hey. I’m Skye.” The beautiful one extended his hand to his cellmate for the night. “I’m John. I know who you are.” John was a big fuckin piece of meat. Ugly as sin and built like a tank. “Will was my cellmate until this morning when they moved me down here.” “Well, nice to meet you John.” “You too man. You too. You going to get some dinner now?” Skye nodded and took his t-shirt off. It had become sweaty as he worked out and some of the blood had seeped into it from his earlier altercation. His nose had long stopped bleeding but his face needed to be cleaned up a bit. Dried blood caked his nostrils and there were dark smears where he had tried to rub the sticky red fluid from his face. “Let me get you a wet towel, Skye. Let’s clean that face up.” John turned toward the sink and grabbed a small hand towel, soaked it under the faucet, and returned to Skye. “Will was a crazy fuck. I though he was going to kill me a few times. But I learned to respect his boundaries.” He paused for a moment. “Do you know that he wouldn’t allow anyone to talk about you? He completely idolizes you. People knew your name. They knew that Will would fuck ‘em up real good if they said anything about you. I’ve never seen anyone like Will. He just kept growing and getting taller and more massive. Harder. Stronger.” John’s voice had a thread of lust in it. “Did you like his huge muscles, John?” Skye knew that this was a dangerous line of questioning, but was curious about John. He seemed like an alright guy—helping him get cleaned up and all. “I guess so. Will was just so unapologetically manly. No one would dare go against him. He just had this presence. Kind of like you do…but you are more refined. I can tell.” John held out the damp cloth. “I can clean this for you.” He was offering his services to Skye, but Skye didn’t know if it was because he was trying to stay on Will’s good side or if he was flirting. “You gay, John?” Neither said a word for what seemed like five minutes. It was likely only thirty seconds. John looked at the floor. Skye kept his eyes on him. “I don’t think so. I kinda like both. Women are beautiful and I love playing with their tits. But a big muscular guy like you…or Will…is just so hot. Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” “It’s OK man. Thanks for being honest.” He took the towel from John’s outstretched hand and began to clean his face. “Let’s go get some dinner.” “Sounds good. Hey, Skye—don’t tell anyone.” “It’s cool man. No worries.” “And, be careful of this guy named Jesse. He’s young, but his dad has some connections in town. I know he wants to fuck with Will since he had a crush on him and Will completely annihilated him in front of everyone in here a couple of days ago. He’s been planning something man. I don’t like it. You seem like a good guy, so I’m just sayin’ watch out.” All of a sudden, things made sense. Jesse was the reason he was in here. Jesse wanted him in jail with him, even for a few hours. His pulse started to race. What was this little fucking asshole up to? John and Skye walked down the hallway into the mess hall. The scent was clinical—like bleach and men. A strange combination. They took a place in line and Skye kept looking around. If Jesse wanted him in jail, he had to have known that it wouldn’t be for very long. Whatever he was going to do, he would do quickly. The question now was “when?” As soon as Skye got in line, the other inmates ushered him forward. John stood back where they had come in at the back, but when someone in front of Skye saw him (they all knew who he was now), they asked him if he would like to go ahead. “No. It’s alright. I can wait my turn.” But they were insistent. What kind of power did Will have over these men? Fuck. They were parting like the waters of the Red Sea. He saw Jesse sitting at a table about halfway across the room at a table by himself. He was just staring at Skye with dead eyes. Almost like he was looking past him--through him. Something in his mind made him think of a snake that was about to strike. He was calculating, thinking, manipulating. Skye went to an open table on the far side of the room. It was empty. Within minutes, other inmates who had been sitting at other tables started getting up with their food trays and walking over to Skye’s table. They placed some portion of their food next to Skye. Apples, little milk cartons, extra bread…a pile of food was being stacked around him. Some of the men, especially the huge tattooed behemoths sat at the table surrounding Skye. None of them spoke. They were just there, Skye thought to show their respect for Will. John finally joined his cellmate and sat in the seat directly across from Skye. “What is with the guys bringing me food, John?” “It is something that they did for Will. The tried to keep him calm, keep on his good side, by bringing him food. There isn’t much we can do in here to show our loyalties. Food is one of those things. They are trying to tell you that they are loyal to you.” “Fuck man. What did Will do in here to cause this kind of devotion?” “He did a lot of things…just naturally. He’s the biggest alpha I’ve ever seen. You see that doorway over there? Well, a huge solid steel door hung there only a few days ago. Jesse made some comment about you one day and Will went over there and ripped the thing off of its guide rail. He crumpled it up like it was tissue paper. When he first got here, he lifted an entire universal bar loaded with plates with one arm. He was not fucking around man. He never asked for respect or tribute, but these guys fell in line. Even the guards. They are showing you the same respect.” Skye looked at Jesse again. He was only a couple of tables away. Jesse was red in the face. He looked frustrated, angry, betrayed. Skye finished the food on his tray. He then started eating the items that the other inmates had given to him, not wanting to be rude. It was a gesture and he knew it. There was no way he could eat nearly as much as Will. After he was done, he stood up and walked toward his room. Every eye was on him. Entering his cell he lay down on the bed, hoping to relax and have his thoughts to himself for a while. He now knew that Jesse had somehow set him up. That was the most likely scenario. Fuck Jesse. John joined him after a few minutes. He climbed up to his top bunk and remained quiet. “Hey John, I think I am going to fall asleep a bit early tonight. Is that OK with you?” “You don’t have to ask permission of me for anything. You do what you want and I will adjust.” “Thanks.” A few minutes later, Skye had fallen asleep. It was still early evening. A strong hand shook his shoulder. “Excuse me, sir. But the sheriff would like to see you downstairs.” It was the guard from the hallway and from the yard. “OK.” He was groggy, not thinking clearly. Entering the sheriff’s office in the jail, the man shook his hand politely. “Skye, you have only been here a couple of hours, but it looks like you were mistakenly taken into custody. The evidence against you has been deemed prejudicial. You are free to go if you’d like or since it is late now, you can stay for the evening and go home in the morning.” “I’d like to call Will to come and pick me up, sir.” “Sounds good.” The sheriff pushed the desk phone toward Skye and he dialed the number. It rang and rang. Will was sound asleep in a drug-induced dreamland. The phone would not be waking him up. It rang and rang. “I guess he is asleep or busy. I don’t mind sleeping here until the morning, sir. I’ll call back then. Thank you for telling me though. I appreciate it.” Skye returned to his cell. John wasn’t there. “He must be out in the common area,” Skye thought. The men would not be told to go back into their cells for another hour or so. He crawled back onto the bed and fell asleep, knowing that he was a free man and would be reunited with his fiancée in just a few hours. A few cells down, Jesse was busy seducing John. He knew the guy was a fag too. “I wanna suck your cock, John. I’ll make you feel so fucking good man. I’ll make you shoot a gallon of your spunk…and I will swallow every last drop. Fuck my face man. Fuck it!” John was weak. He hadn’t had his cock sucked in weeks and the young thing, Jesse, was begging for his cock. He didn’t like Jesse much, but a warm mouth is better than a cold hand. When Jesse was done sucking him off, he pushed John onto the bed and wrapped his arms around him, soothing him, making him fall asleep—that wonderful post-orgasm sleep. As soon as he heard the snoring start, he carefully untangled himself and made his way to Skye’s cell. He didn’t have much time. The guards would soon be making their rounds telling the inmates to return to their cells for the evening. He had maybe twenty minutes…but you can do a lot of damage in twenty minutes. Just a moment later, he entered Skye’s cell. He was on the bed, sound asleep with a smile on his face. “Fuck this asshole and fuck Will,” he breathed quietly. “FUCK!” Skye felt a sharp pain searing into his shoulder. He tried to sit up in bed but something was tying him down around his neck. He couldn’t shout or cry for help. It felt as if he were being strangled. “You ruined my life, you fucking queer. Will wanted me, but you got in the way.” He could feel Jesse’s mouth talking angrily into his left ear. He couldn’t breath unless he lay still. The pain in his shoulder was beginning to burn and feel warm. He struggled to groan or make any noise at all. “You need to get out of my way. After you are gone, Will is mine! I hope this hurts, you fucking prick. You’ll never see your precious Will again. Sayonara, fucker.” Skye felt another shot of pain. This time in his right arm. He was being stabbed. He was being stabbed! Something was tied around his neck—a piece of cloth maybe. It prevented him from raising his head or yelling out. He was completely restrained, and he knew he was bleeding extensively. He felt the warmth of blood coating his skin. He reached out to Will. Forcing himself against that sensory perception that they shared now. He encountered a wall. Will must be asleep. He couldn’t feel anything from him. He was bleeding and couldn’t breathe. He would not die here at the hands of some entitled well-connected weasel. The thoughts started to come apart, less coherent, less focused. He was losing consciousness. “FUCK YOU, Skye. The last thing I want you to know is that I…I will be fucking your precious boyfriend all too soon. He will need some comfort after you are gone and I am getting out of here soon. I’m going to take your man and make him mine. So fuck you!” At that moment, John walked into the cell. “OH FUCK, Jesse. What did you do? Guards…GUARDS!!!” ============================================================================================ Will woke up with the sun. He had slept so well and felt that morning fog that settles in after taking sleeping pills. He extended his legs and arms. It took him a moment to realize that he was home, in their big bed. He reached over to grab the warmth of Skye and his eyes shot open. He remembered. Skye was in jail. He extended his mind to Skye. “No, no, no, no!” A feeling of panic settled into him. Skye was in great pain. He felt it. He reached out to the pain, stroking it, trying to calm it and take it away. He felt its sharpness and fear. Skye was afraid. He was in immense pain. The fog of the medication wearing off clouded him though. It blunted his reaction. Was he still dreaming? He took a moment and gathered his emotions. “Is this a dream?” Again, he extended his mind to touch Skye’s. Once again…pain, fear. He picked up Skye’s phone next to the bed. His heart was beginning to pound. He could feel something happening inside of him. Something dark and brooding, like a massive thunderstorm just on the horizon. He say that a couple of calls had come in. “Hey Will. I know you are probably asleep. I did tell you to take a couple of my sleeping meds. They are letting me out now, officially, but since I can’t ahold of you, I am going to stay here tonight. Call the jail when you get this and we can set something up. I love you and miss you. I hope you are feeling ok and haven’t hulked out on my already! See you tomorrow morning. Love you.” Next message. “This message is for Will. This is Bellingham General Hospital. We have your partner, Skye, in our emergency department. Please call us immediately.” Next message. “This message is for Will. This is Bellingham General Hospital. Please call us as soon as you are able.” Floods of adrenalin flooded Will’s system. He was on the brink of losing control of his mind and consequently, his body. His hands were trembling as he tried to return the call to the hospital. His fingers were too big and he was shaking to much to hit the right buttons on the screen. “FUCK!” he bellowed. He tried again. He couldn’t hit the button on the phone. He was shaking, trembling. Once more… “This is Bellingham General Hospital. How can I help you?” “I received messages this morning about my partner, Skye Collins. I need to speak with someone about him. NOW!” “Sir, I will connect you as soon as I can.” The voice on the other side of the line was annoyed. Probably some punk-ass new high school grad that had no idea what she was speaking with on the other end of the line. “This is nurses’ station, fifth floor.” “I am Skye Collins’ partner. I received two calls about him asking me to call. Is he OK?” There was complete heartbreak in Will’s voice. “Who is it that I am speaking with?” “My name is Will. I am Skye’s partner. PLEASE, I am begging you. Tell me how he is!” “Let me connect you with his nurse.” Will tried to interrupt and get at least basic information. “Hi, this is Julie.” “TELL ME HOW SKYE IS! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?” Will had enough. He was yelling into the phone. The voice on the other end of the line could sense that whomever she was speaking to was terrified and very upset. “Skye is doing well. We had to give him blood. He lost a lot of it last night, but he will be ok. He should be waking up soon. You should come. Are you Will?” “Yes.” Will was feeling the pains of growth shooting through his body. He didn’t have the willpower or internal controls to suppress them any more. He felt like a volcano ready to spew destruction on everything around him. He was the pressure cooker. He would bring down fire and brimstone. “He kept mumbling your name all through the night. It is obvious that you need to be here when he wakes up if you can.” “I’m coming. Thank you.” Will put on some clothes that Skye had bought in anticipation of his return. They were obscenely tight around every aspect of his body. He didn’t have a choice. He rushed to the jeep and tried to get in. The seat wouldn’t go back enough. “Shit! This just keeps getting better.” He wrapped his hands around the seat and ripped it out of the Jeep, tossing it on the sidewalk. He crawled in. His mass filled 80% of the space. Hard quivering muscles bloated by concern and fear pulsed with anger and worry. A few minutes later, he arrived at the hospital. Pulling into the Emergency Room bay, he jumped out, leaving the Jeep running. “Hey man, you can’t park here!” a hospital worker yelled. He picked up the front end of the Jeep and threw it 30 yards into the parking area. “That good enough for you, dumb fuck?” and ran into the open doors of the hospital. A few minutes later, he found Skye’s room. His presence running down the hallway startled anyone who saw him. Walking into the elevator, he looked at the weight limit posted above the floor buttons. He was close to maximum weight the elevator would lift, but still under by a bit. Enormous and massive, his muscular bulk made its way to the fifth floor. “Julie. I need to find Julie!” He found the nurses’ station. “I need JULIE!” Will’s voice was raised and anxious. He was towering over the small human at the desk. “I’m Julie.” The woman’s voice trembled. “I’m Will. Where the FUCK is Skye and what happened?” Julie, the poor thing, held her hands up, in an effort to calm Will down. “He is just waking up, Will. I can take you too him.” The little woman scampered down another hallway, paused and opened a door. The room was dark. “He’s in here, Will. Please be careful. We have him hooked up to some monitors so he has wires that need to stay in place.” Julie backed out of the room, closing the door behind her. “Skye, can you hear me, sweet man?” Skye’s eyes fluttered open. Will could see the break in his nose from Matt’s assault, he saw purple marks on his throat from the bedsheet that was strangling him. He saw gauze bandages on his shoulders. “I can.” Skye whispered softly, barely audible over the beeps and clicks of the monitors. “Skye, I am here.” The monster, a hulking mass of rippling power and size leaned his enormous bulk over the bed. Hundreds of pounds of upper body muscle balanced above Skye. Will was concentrating on Skye’s heartbeat again. “Skye, our hearts are beating together again. You are going to be OK. Who did this to you? What happened?” “Jesse. It was Jesse.” A white-hot bolt of anger flashed once again in Will. He felt a release of energy so powerful, he knew that he could not contain it and he didn’t want to try. “Jesse did this to you? JESSE?” He was breathing heavy. Skye sensed the change in him. He knew that Will was about to enter a grey area that exists between sanity and the insane. Will’s heart started beating more quickly and with more purpose. He felt Will’s body and mind begin to let go of the trivialities of modern conveniences of size and comfort. That concept was quickly losing value. “Who the fuck cares if I can’t fit into clothes anymore? If I am that fucking huge, no one will fuck with me anyways.” His fists started to flex again. Will could feel his body tensing and stretching, preparing to enter the next phase of his evolution. “Will. I can feel you ramping up. Before you leave and crush everything in your way… John, your old cell mate, he was kind to me. Matt, the giant muscle man of the weight yard—after he got to know me, he was kind to me. Most of the men gave me extra food at dinner last night out of respect for you. Will, know who your enemy is. The rest would follow you into the jaws of hell.” “Believe me, Skye…they would follow you too. I have to take care of this, sweet man. I have to do this.” “I know. I just wish that I could be there to see it. Will, you are indestructible, but don’t forget that deep down inside of this mega-alpha muscle beast, you are a sweet, kind man who I gave my heart to after a wonderful dinner the night you first talked to me at the university gym. You are still that person. Remember that.” Will smiled at his fiancée, the love of his life, the man he would move heaven and earth to please. He grabbed Skye’s hand into his, bent over and kissed him on the cheek. “I will be back soon.” Skye just looked up and smiled. He knew that Will would never be the same man after this. He knew that as soon as he left the hospital, he would embrace the titan he was destined to become. As he left Skye’s room, he saw Julie. “How stable is he? How much longer will he need to be here?” “He is actually very stable. We would like to watch him today, but he doesn’t really have too much damage other than blood loss. He’ll be good to go home later.” Will turned toward the exit and began to jog. He had some business to settle and he would be taking care of that, NOW! He jumped in the Jeep that he had crudely thrown into the parking area. He was holding on to that feeling of growth, pausing it, delaying it. He wanted to unveil himself at the right moment. Only a few minutes later, he found himself on the outside of the Whatcom county jail. He stared at the building and thought of Skye. Their heartbeats were still in synch. He felt it--knew it--wanted it. The dam finally broke. Skye had given his permission and Will reached out to him again, wanting to know if it was all right to tear down his barricades. He felt a reassuring “yes.” Instantly, he closed his eyes and concentrated, turning the growth switches on in his body. He opened up the floodgates of hormones and genes. He opened up emotional channels of anger and outrage. Jesse would pay now. He would pay dearly for doing what he did. Will walked toward the jail, clenched fists, sweating, moaning loudly like a moose in heat. Pulses of sharp lightning pounded through Will’s veins. His body became electrified. Waves of thick dark energy flowed out from his mind into every recess of his body. He opened himself up to receive the blessing of Skye’s brilliant plan. Uncontrollable twitches and jerks of began assaulting his muscles. He was steps away from the main entrance to the jail and he could barely control himself. He didn’t want to have to suppress it anymore, but he knew he wanted the men inside to see his change, especially Jesse. He wanted that little fuck to piss himself. Back at the hospital, Skye felt his heart begin to race. He began to sweat. The same syrupy darkness was beginning to flow through his veins. He could feel his body healing, repairing itself. The connection between the two men was complete, their bodies were in fact, integrated. Skye didn’t realize how much until that moment. He could feel Will’s rage and anger. Skye was angry too and reflected more of that feeling into Will. The feeling of being strangled, the fear of losing his life, the pain of being stabbed in the shoulders—he sent those feelings to Will. Will could feel Skye’s pain and anger building up as well. His pupils dilated and he growled. The sound was so deep and pregnant with masculinity; it sent vibrations into the ground. His guttural growl was more felt than heard. Skye sat up in bed, his eyes becoming wild. He could feel himself gearing up to grow. He didn’t know how, but Will’s eminent growth was affecting him in the same way. He had to get out of the hospital. He had to get to Will. He tore the IV lines and monitoring leads off of his arms and chest. His breaths were shallow and rapid. He had to get to the jail too. He wanted all of them to see him HUGE. He wanted Will to see him grow, and he wanted to face fuck Jesse until his eyes bugged out of his skull. Payback would be sweet. Will could feel Skye beginning to start the growth process and it slowed him down for a moment. He could feel the orgasmic feeling of Skye’s metamorphosis beginning. His cock started to swell, pulse, dance to their two tandem heartbeats. He knew Skye was coming to be with him and to take his pound of flesh from Jesse. This realization made his cock rip out of his already-too-small pants. The tower of manhood could not be contained. It wanted to fuck something and show its power to all of the peons inside…and most of all, his cock wanted to bury itself in Skye’s huge muscular ass. The thought made precum erupt from his gaping slit. Ounces of sweet slick man nectar gurgled up from somewhere in Will’s groin. Long strings of it were threading to the ground. Will’s eyes rolled back in complete ecstasy. The idea that his sweet, brilliant, angelic muscle-stud was about to become a destroyer pushed his enormous cantaloupe sized balls into overdrive. Through his lustful thoughts, he could feel massive quantities of cum swirling inside of his bull balls. Hundreds of whirlpools of thick sticky white juice churning, massaging the insides of his nuts. They were dropping lower, becoming heavier, as he thought of Skye tearing through the walls to do damage on the inside, right next to him. They had always been two sides of the same coin. Will had been lusty, dark, powerful, and an alpha. Skye, the intellectual, measured, sweetheart. In this moment, as Skye rushed toward the hospital, they both knew that together they would be completely unstoppable. It turned both of them on. They were united in one goal and they both demanded more size, power, and strength. They were pinging each other, the signal for growth increasing in its frequency and amplitude as Skye neared the jail. He was wearing XXXL hospital scrubs and looked like a massive surgeon racing down the sidewalk. It was almost comical, except for the determination on his face. Skye could feel his muscles tightening. They were aching for him to release them from their cage. They wanted to expand and bloom outward, assuring an even more massively beautiful and powerful man. He knew what Will had been feeling now. It was hard to contain his body’s desire to expand, to become more than a man. It was like the feeling of being edged…it felt so fucking good. He was edging his growth. Edging his power and strength. Groans of pleasure began oozing out of his mouth as he ran toward Will. He could see the jail up ahead on the edge of the forest. Almost there. Will had turned away from the building and was running at full speed toward Skye. His arms were beginning to lengthen and he looked much like a devastatingly handsome King Kong, long muscular arms reaching down his muscular thickly corded legs. His legs started lengthening as well as he saw Skye running across the field in front of the jail. Fuck, his cock was pumping precum in massive waves. He couldn’t think straight once he saw his man running toward him. He could feel the tsunami of sexual energy erupting from Skye when their eyes locked and he felt an unquenchable craving for his soon-to-be husband. He wanted to pound Skye’s ass, he wanted Skye to pound his. He wanted to suck the seed right out of Skye’s growing low-hanging balls feeding from the fountain of his POWER. Skye’s man juice tasted like salted honey, and he wanted to drink it until his muscle gut was ready to burst. He would suck Skye’s cock until he dried up and then start sucking harder. Fuck! Everything else seemed insignificant. When they reached each other, Will took Skye into his arms, picking him up off the ground. Both of them began groaning, moaning, deeply from the pit of their beings. Hard raging cocks oozed and both started humping the other’s body. “Holy shit, Will. I can hardly control myself.” “It’s my turn to tell you to let go. LET GO, SKYE! Become what you are destined to become!” Will lowered Skye down to the ground. Their cocks kept pumping, standing alert, and demanding to have release. Skye looked into Will’s crazed eyes and Will stared back. In that instant, Skye’s body started to swell. He didn’t gain much in height, but the tight scrubs he had been wearing popped like a balloon. The sound of every stitch of fabric splitting open at the same time was like a thunderclap in Will’s ears. He was salivating at what he saw happening right in front of him. Skye’s torso and legs lengthened and his shoulders grew outward. Immediately, every cut shredded muscle on his body exploded. In a matter of ten seconds, Skye was twice as massive. His head was surrounded by thick mountains of shredded beef. His pecs blew out in thousands of strands, bunching and rippling as he moved his arms. His abs subdivided; each of them becoming so ripped that they showed the same vertical striation pattern that his pecs did horizontally. Will had never seen anything like it. His forearms blew out until they looked as if they were on the verge of popping through the skin, dozens of sinewy bunches ballooned out as they approached his elbows. The guy was inhuman and Will loved it. Skye was emitting deep moans from his throat. Pure pleasure, pure bliss, pure sex, pure power. Deep, throbbing, heaves of sound reached Will’s ears. His own lust took over. He reached out to Skye’s massive cock, grabbed it with his enormous meaty hand, bent his hulking body over and started sucking. He took Skye’s thick tool down his throat in one gulp and Hoovered him, pulling the thick man-seed out of his balls directly. Skye’s growth was slowing down but his moans became louder, “Yes, Will! Suck my big fucking COCK!” He could feel his balls pull up closer to his body in preparation to launch his honey cream into Will’s waiting throat. Another wave of bliss washed over their bodies. They were completely in synch now, each feeling the god-like pure energy of the other. The intensity was earth shaking. Skye threw back his head and Will gave one more deep suck. The giant god-cock that had been gulped down began to pulse and Will prepared to receive yet more blessings from his creator. He was worshiping at the feet of his deity. Eruptions of cum coursed through Skye’s body. His prostate was pumping hard and furiously causing crashing tides of delirious euphoria to slam into both of their bodies. His cum dump went on for over a minute, a tide of manhood and fuck-seed. Will accepted every drop into his expanding gut. He felt warmth spreading out from his distended belly. Skye opened his eyes and looked down at the man at his knees. He felt heavier. He felt HUGE and he realized that he was about the same size as Will now. Fuck, he felt ALIVE. He felt like the mega-alpha that Will had recently become. It was intoxicating. Will was still greedily sucking on his massive cock, draining every last drop out of his balls. They had already started churning again so they could feed Will even more, next time in the hole between his double-mooned ass. He placed his catcher’s mitt sized hand on the back of Will’s head and stroked his hair. He didn’t know what love was until now. Neither of them did. This was something transcendent. At that moment, Skye looked down. Will was shaking—vibrating. He kept his hand on the back of Will’s head. He could feel something happening inside of Will, something planetary in magnitude and animalistic in sentiment. Will pulled his gaping mouth away from Skye’s still-hard dick and looked up at Skye, his pupils dilating even wider. Another groan burst from his throat in a constant stream becoming louder and more intense. The volume built until it sounded like a constant thunder. His eyes were still locked on Skye’s. Suddenly, the hand that Skye had placed on the top of Will’s head shot up. Will was stretching upward. On his knees he was now at eye level with Skye. The never took their eyes off of each other. Fuck, he was growing to huge proportions. Will’s body was blowing outward in great powerful tides. Dozens of pounds of hard meat packed onto his expanded frame by the second. His pecs became so huge, they were pushing him away from Skye by a couple of feet. His traps were creeping up the side of his thick, veiny neck, growing above his ears. The great slope of them descending until assaulting the beachball sized boulders that capped Will’s shoulders. Skye remembered this moment from a dream he had long before this moment. He remembered the two of them in the field and remembered Will growing to incomprehensible proportions. That dream had come true. It was just as he remembered it. Will stood up. He was now a true titan. Even at Skye’s considerable height of almost seven feet, his eyes only reached to Will’s nipples. But the mass was unbelievable. Will had become nearly as wide as he was tall. His lats spread out like a hang-glider’s wings. He was devastating. Skye reached up and placed his big meaty hand on Will’s pec—over his heart. “It’s about fucking time, Big Man!” Their hearts were still beating together. They didn’t even need to speak anymore. They both just knew what the other was thinking, feeling, wanting, without saying a word. “Let’s go take care of Jesse.” Will spoke and it sounded like thunder or a landslide. It was pure unadulterated masculinity. “Yes, let’s.” The two gigantic beasts moved toward the jail. They moved like a wolf pack of two, scanning the horizon, moving with skill and fluidity. Skye could feel the protective possessive nature of Will moving next to him and he realized that Will did indeed want to kill Jesse. “We can’t kill him Will. If we do, then we are murders and we will never be left alone. As big and powerful as we are, we will get chased and hounded forever.” “I want to rip his heart right out of his little weak body. I want to show it to him as he fades away from this earth! He fucked with the wrong guy when he attacked you.” “Let ME take care of Jesse. I want his punishment to come from me.” Will paused a moment. They were near the front of the building. Skye wanted to take care of Jesse, so he would of course stand back and let Skye handle his revenge. “That doesn’t mean that you can’t destroy everything in that building for your own sport. Just leave the little scrawny piece of shit to me,” Skye said. They walked ahead toward the front entrance, naked, erect, and with a frightening determination in their eyes. They walked right through the plate glass doors, not pausing to open them. Will’s width took the heavy metal frames with him as he walked forward. The sound of bricks and concrete being torn from the walls made a loud deep rumbling sound. The officer at the desk looked on the advancing monsters, his eyes popping open. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Fuck me!” he whispered to himself. Skye shot him a look that made him cower. “Maybe later,” he said with a smirk. “Hey, stop! STOP!” The officer unholstered his weapon and fired two shots, both hitting Will in the shoulder. He wheeled around. It felt like a mosquito bite to him. He looked down and saw the bullets on the floor. They had hit his skin and just fell away. The two moved down the main hallway, Skye in front of Will. Although Skye was massive, Will’s height and width were causing lights to be knocked off of the ceiling and moldings around doors to explode when coming into contact with his shoulders. They passed a door: SECURITY it read on the placard. Skye pushed the thick steel door open and walked inside. Panels of screens and recording devices lines the walls. “Will, you want to play in here for a few minutes? All this shit needs to be smashed.” Will looked at his man like he had just been awarded a prize. “Hell yes!” The brute tore the doorframe off walking in. He started crushing everything in the room easily. Skye just stood in the doorway, with a huge erection, smiling. “It should be free time about now. Let’s go out to the yard, shall we?” Skye looked back at Will. This was going to be fun. They walked through the common area. A few inmates were playing chess on one of the tables in the corner. They looked at the massive mountains walking through the area and both pissed themselves. The guards who Will and Skye both knew turned the corner and the muscled beasts locked eyes with them. “FUCK man. That is Will and Skye. What the fuck happened to them?” “Hey, Hey! What the fuck man?” The guards were yelling at the two titans. “We have a score to settle. Please don’t try to stop us,” Skye said flatly. Will saw the opening to the yard and lowered his shoulder, walking steadily ahead. This time he walked ahead of Skye. Pressing his mass into the wall. The entire concrete structure started to crumble as the ground shook. The men on the yard looked toward the sounds as Will pushed through the thick wall. He kept walking, never changing his pace. The inmates stared at the giants, one looking like a blond haired god, shredded and ripped beyond comprehension, and the other crazed with the mass of a long-haul truck. Several of them pissed themselves immediately and others unzipped their jumpers and took their cocks out to beat themselves off. The two giants looked like a perfect mix of sex and destruction. It was fucking HOT. Skye sauntered up to Big Matt, the man who had punched him in the nose. As he got closer, he looked down at the man cowering beneath him. “Where is Jesse, Matt?” Skye’s voice rumbled. Matt knew he was staring at a god, and he hoped god was feeling magnanimous. “There, in the weight cage.” His mouth dropped as he looked over and saw Will using his insane strength to rip the concrete pylons of the fences out of the ground. Skye knew that Will was feeling destructive—for destruction’s sake—and was still angry about his time in that jail. People were backing away from the two who were now on different sides of the yard. Will was walking around, destroying everything he saw. “Hey Will, I found our friend John over here. John wants to suck your big cock, Will.” Will came bounding over to Skye. John had a look of lust on his face. He was one of those who had pulled his mediocre cock out and started wanking at the site of the two inhuman creatures in their midst. He was salivating. “Now John, do you want to suck my dear Will’s cock? He makes gallons of cum. It’s so sweet. I told you I wouldn’t forget your kindness. I haven’t wanted anyone to suck Will’s cock since we have been together, but I feel like sharing today.” He looked to the fucking god next to him. “You want your cock sucked, honey?” The 9 foot tall mountain nodded his head like a little boy and a dangerous smile spread across his handsome face. John was quaking, but couldn’t believe that he was invited by these monstrosities to play with them. Will fell on his insanely muscular knees and offered his cock to John who then opened his mouth and started to work Will’s gaping cum slit with his tongue. “Now don’t get used to this, John. That is MY man and no one drinks from him twice, except for me.” Will moaned. Being Skye’s muscle whore was turning him on like he wouldn’t have believed. He’s do anything Skye asked, of course, and that he was pimping him out to a guy here was fucking unbelievably amazing. He wanted to be Skye’s monster slut, if only this once. John opened his mouth wide to take in Will’s enormous throbbing head. He put both hands around the thick long shaft. Will’s manhood was over two feet long, so he had a lot of room to play with. Thick viscous clear precum flooded John’s hands and he started lapping it off of Will’s tumescence. Skye just patted John on the head, like a little puppy who was pleasing its owner. “Be sure to make my man happy, John.” He smiled down at him and walked toward Jesse. Jesse had been watching the events playing out in the yard and knew that he couldn’t hide. “What the fuck are those things?” He was turned on and he was terrified. As they got closer, he realized that the larger creature was Will. It was WILL! And the most beautiful one was Skye. “OH, FUCK!” He started perspiring. He was dead now. He knew it with certainty. Will was being sucked off by that big gorilla, John. Pangs of jealousy sprouted up in his mind. That should be HIM sucking off Will. “Fuck that John guy. Fuck Skye.” “Jesse!” Skye roared as he got closer. “You tried to kill me last night you mother fucker. I am here to get payback! YOUR ASS IS MINE.” Skye was angry. He was rarely angry, but the ant in front of him had tried to kill him in bed the night before. He walked up to Jesse and bent down and grabbed him by the collar of his jumpsuit. “You wanna say anything before I get started?” “What are you going to do to me?” Jesse was trembling. He saw his life flash before him. “I’m going to make you mine! I am going to fuck you, Jesse. And then I am going to leave you. You want me to fuck you?” The thin man nodded, yes. He did want to be fucked by Skye. He was gorgeous. “You better open that hole up wide. I am going to wreck you for every other man in your life. You will always think of me… and what you did to me. Letting you live, your hole aching for my big fuck-tool will be more punishment than I can imagine. You will never see Will or myself again, but we will haunt your mind. You wont forget this moment, and it will make you crazy with lust for the rest of your life. You will suffer knowing that you had a god cock living inside of you for a moment and it will tear you apart knowing it will never happen again. You may think you are getting off easily here, but let me tell you Jesse, you will be tormented by this forever because you will NEVER have it again.” Jesse was staring wide-eyed at Skye’s cock. It was dripping lube onto the ground in long thick strings. He wanted to taste it and approached to touch Skye’s hard throbbing meat. “NO! You turn around and bend over you piece of shit. You still want this cock to destroy your insides, Jesse? Maybe having the CHANCE to get fucked by this and not taking it would be a better punishment. What do you say?” Jesse could hardly think straight. He was so overcome with lust, his mouth was salivating, and his hole was loosening in preparation to get fucked by the largest cock he had ever seen. “I want you to fuck me! FUCK ME!” He turned around and bent over the table. Skye took his leaking cockhead and rubbed it against Jesse’s tight hole and pushed in. No waiting, no loosening. Jesse yelled out in pain. Will’s eyes snapped open and looked over to see what was happening…he could only feel anger coming from Skye. He realized that Skye was going to fuck Jesse and he thought “Brilliant move Skye. Fuck that piece of dirt so hard, he never forgets what he did to you.” Jesse’s ass was being drilled. Skye was merciless. He knew he could probably kill the guy if he used more than a small part of his strength. He fucked Jesse harder. Muffled moans erupted every few seconds from Jesse’s mouth. It hurt. It felt amazing. He would never be satisfied like this again. His hole would always need more than any man could ever give him. It would be torture for the rest of his life and he now knew it. Skye felt Will about to cum. “Will, let me drink your cum!” Bellowed Skye from across the yard. John detached his mouth and hands from Will’s enormous appendage and Will ran toward his lover. Skye kept pounding little Jesse’s wrecked ass and bend slightly over so he could suck Will off to completion at the same time. He wanted to taste Will, and he had to be sure that John didn’t swallow any of the engineered virus. He clamped his thick soft lips around Will’s swollen cock and took him into his warm mouth cave. Will lasted all of five seconds. Volleys of cum rushed out of Will’s melon-sized balls and into Skye’s hungry mouth. The giant tossed back his head and yelled. It felt so fucking good. So FUCKING GOOD! Skye pumped a couple of more times into Jesse and felt that he was about to cum as well. Will’s orgasm had flipped Skye’s own switch, the waves of pleasure ripping through Will’s mind spread out to his partner. He pulled out of Jesse, leaving a gaping open hole, quivering, begging for more. The cool air of outside licked the insides of Jesse as it rushed in after Skye removed himself. Jesse had never felt so empty. “If I can’t feel that again, maybe I wish I were dead,” he thought to himself. Will cleaned off Skye’s fuck-stick with spit and his hand. He polished Skye’s knob and Skye shuttered. Kneeling again on his knees, Will took Skye once again into his mouth. He wanted that sweet caramel-y nectar to flood his stomach. “You ready to grow again Will? You ready to get bigger, my Big Man?” The orgasm once again exploded vast quantities of jism out of Skye and into Will’s waiting stomach. “Fuck, ya. Take it all in Will. You’re gonna keep growing until we tell your body to stop. Drink up.” Skye had planned that Will would continue to grow until they both were injected with an immunoglobulin that Skye had engineered to halt the viral infection that was causing their growth. With the viruses incapacitated, they could chose how big, strong, and powerful they would each become. That time would come, but it wouldn’t be now. There was still a lot of growing to do. They looked around the jail yard. It looked like dozens of men had been involved in a massive circle-jerk. Cum was everywhere. Men were still jerking off at the site of Will and Skye’s conquest of two inmates and the incredibly hot visual of Will sucking off Skye. The entire place smelled of fresh air, cum, and manhood. It was perfect. The two beasts walked toward the large opening that Will had made to get to the yard. They walked, hand in hand, down the corridor to get back outside, Skye walking ahead when the hallway narrowed. They reached the front entrance where the entire entryway had been destroyed. They could hear sirens in the distance, no doubt making their way to the jail. The guard that had offered to help Skye the day before rushed up behind them. “Hey Will, Skye. We lost our CCT feed so nothing you’ve done here was recorded. I don’t know how that happened." Skye smiled. “I wanted to give this to you. It’s my cousin's phone number. He and his boyfriend are, ummmm...different…like you two. Something happened to him not very long ago—kind of the same thing I guess. They are both fucking huge. Almost as big as you. He lives a few hours away on his family farm with his boyfriend. I think that they could help you or at least give you a place to stay while you figure things out.” The guard extended a sheet of paper out to them. Skye took it and looked down. Written in blue ink it simply said: Cliff and Shane: (509) 555-1212 =================================================================================================== * for those of you who have not read the my first story, the reference to Cliff and Shane will be missed, but believe me, it is an important reference for the future :-) I put a link here to that story below. https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4889-shane-complete-pts-1-3/
  18. brothers

    PREVIOUS REFERENCE: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4099-my-partner-moves-on/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3760-my-twin-moves-on-chapters-1-12/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had inspiration to write another continuation. This story kinda falls out of line of the originals but I think considering the content and the way the story progresses I figure people would like it. This is a story about both twins coming back for the holidays after being away for a couple years. Rhys was doing his studies for marine biology in the Caribbean. Ryan has started his own business with a partner (Brian from My Partner Moves On). How much has changed? Well... (I always urge people to contribute to any stories I write because I like seeing other people's ideas and story lines. You guys are all creative.) My Twin Is His Own Man Part 1 "COME ON!" Ryan's deep voice shouted at a fellow student on the weight bench. "You can do it bud!" Brian shouted more encouragingly standing side by side with Ryan. Both of them watching the student like a hawk, forcing him to lift the weight until near exhaustion. The student had just finished another rep when Brian looked quickly at Ryan and Ryan rushed to the head of the bench. Ryan just got there as the weight began to fall down on the student. Ryan caught it with ease and racked it quickly. The student on the bench was panting. "Nice job bud!" Ryan encouraged looking back at Brian. "You're making good progress bro." Brian added looking at a chart he had been holding the whole time. "You gained a good 15 pounds since we started a month ago." The student could only nod and pant. "Okay, up you go." Ryan reached down and helped the exhausted student up by his shoulders. "Shake 'em out." Ryan suggested mimicking the motions that needed to be done. The student blankly complied. "Okay," Brian knelt down by the student and spoke evenly. "This is the end of your training for the year. I'll draw up some things for you to do to maintain your gains over the break. You don't want to lose your progress." "Well, even if he does, we'll get him back on track." Ryan added kneeling down next to Brian. The both of them seemed to work like brothers, almost like twins even though Brian had to be at least 10 pounds lighter than Ryan. Ryan also had the most aesthetically built and ripped body of the entire school. The visible power in his body was intimidating. That didn't matter much because both of them were intimidatingly huge amongst the campus. "But if you follow this plan, you'll be making more gains next year and spending less time catching up." Brian added. "Can we count on you to follow the plan?" The student nodded. "Good. Now hit the showers, and have a good break." Brian concluded. The student stood up slowly and wobbled to the shower room. "I really hope he follows that plan." Ryan mumbled. "I think he will. He seemed happy with his progress." Brian said appraisingly. Ryan looked at Brian with a semi bewildered look. "It's Christmas break." "I'm not really worried about it." Brian said confidently. "Okay man, I'll hold you to that." Ryan nudged. "Hey Ryan, speaking of Christmas break, you gonna go home finally?" Brian asked. "Well, I guess I should. I haven't seen my parents in about 2 years, not to mention my brother. I'm not sure I'm looking forward to that." Ryan replied half-heartedly. "What? You still afriad he's gonna come back looking like the Incredible Hulk?" Brian poked at Ryan nudging his arm with his elbow. Ryan looked down at the floor. "Come on Ryan. You did a great job bulking this year and now that you've cut you look competition ready. I mean FUCK. I wish I had your body right now!" Brian appraised. "So what? You're over 350 pounds of solid muscle, and you grew 8 inches. You're one of the biggest guys around. You're an asset on the football team as well as all the other sports you're in... come on, if no one's proud of that then they're freakin crazy bro." Ryan didn't look convinced, he was certain he was going to be completely eclipsed when he got home. Ryan wanted to keep his expectations low so he wouldn't be as dissapointed when he got home. Brian grabbed Ryan's shoulders and shook him a bit. "Snap out of it dude! You're freakin awesome. You been helping the little guys too. We make a great team as personal trainers for them. You have a lot to be proud of." Ryan finally relented. "Yeah, I guess you're right." he said with a bit of a sigh. "Go home man. You're family hasn't seen you in a long time. When are you going to get the opportunity to see them again? You can't spend another winter break here again. It's not fair to them." Brian noted. Ryan rolled his eyes. "I guess you're right. I'll go home. At least I don't have to stay there if it gets bad." Ryan laughed a little. "There's my man! Now, help me clean up and then let's get outta here. I'm not sticking around here for the winter. I got a little bro to tease." Brian teased. Ryan laughed and the both set to work replacing all the weights and wiping and cleaning the machines. After that, they tackled the shower and left a note for the janitor to go home early. It was something they did in apprecation for the school and janitor letting them use the facility for their training sessions. Both of them left the rec center without showering figuring they would take them at their dorms before leaving. Arriving at the exit both of them noted the snowy weather outside. Both of them were wearing their gym shorts and tanks. Brian pulled out a jacket from his gym bag. "You didn't bring a jacket?" Brian teased. "No, but I'm not that far away." Ryan replied confidently. "Okay bro. See you after the break!" Brian said his goodbye with a strong bro hug. Both muscled bodies flexing and bulging. Brian then darted out into the snow with a final wave. "You guys are crazy!" A security guard said from behind Ryan. Ryan could only laugh and looked down at himself. "You gonna be okay out there?" The guard said with some concern. "Yeah man, I'll be fine. My dorm's just up the hill." Ryan assuaged. "Okay, but I'll keep an eye on you while you're still in sight before I lock the place up." The guard said. "Thanks, but I'll be fine." Ryan said quickly and then he darted out into the snowy weather with his gym bag before the guard could say anything else. Ryan's sneakers crunched in the snow as he ran back to the dorm. The running kept his heat up as he did so. He felt a rush being out in the cold, dressed as he was. There was a feeling of invincibilty. He was able to be out in the cold clad in only a tank and shorts. Ryan smiled as he appraised his body for it's feat. A couple of yards later he stepped on some icy patches so he decided to slow down a bit. He could see his dorm a short distance away. The cold was only just starting to get to him. Ryan though for a while on the remainder of the walk. He dreadded and was excited by seeing his brother. He knew that no matter how the stats were between the two of them, they were still brothers and the both will still have made some kind of gains while away. It wasn't like he was being left behind at a measly 180 while his brother continued to get bigger. Ryan was truly was happy for his brother even if he was bigger than him. He just couldn't shake the competitive nature that was in him. But Ryan ultimately figured that was what had motivated him to be what he is now. Ryan entered the dorm and brushed off some of the snow. The place was quiet since most had left for the winter break. Ryan practically bounced up the stairs to the fourth floor where his room was. Once down the hall and in his room Ryan searched for his bags and started to get ready to leave. Ryan had grown a lot since the last time he was home. He had to go through 3 wardrobe changes since then. Since he spent a lot more time in the gym, his wardrobe consisted of mostly gym clothes. He had a few jeans and tees, but he never bought anything long sleeved except for the occasional favorite hoodie. Ryan decided to go home in more conservative attire. Ryan shucked off his gym clothes, took a quick shower, and put on a pair of sweats and a tee shirt, both of which were getting really tight and hugging every muscle on his body, the tee shirt sleeves stopping just below his shoulder. Ryan looked at himself in the mirror and he couldn't help but get hard at his own reflection. Ryan had to admit to himself that he was a HUGE man. 355 pounds of hard dense muscle that he had gained from really hard workouts and a little help from the supplement he made with those tablets. He was ten pounds heavier than his training partner Brian, and Brian wasn't as ripped and shredded as Ryan was. Ryan brought up an arm and flexed it. Ryan watched as his bicep exploded into a 32 inch ball of strength. Ryan remembered the first time he lifted the back end of a truck with ease with those big arms, almost contemplating lifting the whole thing off the ground. Ryan's whole body bulged with power. A few pops from the shirts sleeve snapped him out of his trance. Ryan grabbed his favorite orange hoodie and put it on. The hoodie straining to contain the huge muscled masses that was Ryan. One last look in the mirror had Ryan fixing his hair a bit. It was then that his thoughts went back to his brother. When Ryan had left his brother's college, Rhys was still around 290 pounds of raw muscle about 100 pounds heavier than he. Rhys was built pretty much like Ryan, thier body types helping them to achieve the constant ripped look most bodybuilders would die for. Ryan had left that college at 6'1" and 190 pounds. He had gained 160 pounds and was now 6'9" which added 8 inches to his height. He could only imagine though how much bigger Rhys was should he have kept up the same gains. Ryan quickly estimated that Rhys would be topping 450 pounds and possibly towering a good 7'3." "Damn, what it must feel like to be over 400 pounds." Ryan said to himself after a few moments staring into the mirror. Ryan smiled afterward. "Well, if he's bigger, it's not like I can't catch up." Ryan said looking down at a familiar bottle with the mostly dissolved pellet in it. Ryan looked back into the mirror and scoffed. "Who the fuck am I kidding?" Ryan said before shucking all of his baggy clothing off and putting on a pair of basketball shorts that were tight enough to show off his size not to mention a very ample bulge. He also put on his tightest under armor tank. Ryan was feeling good about himself no matter how big his brother was. With one more final explosive most muscular, Ryan finished packing, grabbed his things, shut off the lights and exited his dorm to the mystery that was what his brother would be when he got there. Ryan made his way back home impatient yet taking his time. He knew he was getting closer when the snow turned into rain. Ryan flexed an massive arm as he realized he was back in his element. Three to four hours later, Ryan pulled into the driveway of the old family home. Ryan's heart and stomach flipped when he noticed a huge crater in the yard. He shut the motor off and walked quickly up to the crater. He remembered that a tree had been there, but his parents had planned to get rid of that as soon as Ryan and Rhys left. But, Ryan's imagination was running overtime. He was imagining his brother creating that crater from a Hulk jump from his college to home. Ryan's cock was instantly hard at the thought of having so much power. Ryan moved closer to the crater and looked for giant footprints. Unfortunately or fortunately he didn't see any. The idea was dashed when Ryan saw tractor tracks a couple of feet away coming from where the tree stood. Ryan laughed to himself as he pushed the idea away that his twin brother traveled like the Incredible Hulk. Just for fun though, Ryan jumped a couple of times. Ryan was surprised at how high he was jumping and even more surprised at the loud thud that resulted when he landed. Ryan walked up to the front door and knocked on the door, his knock reverberating loudly. Ryan cringed at the loudness. "Okay! Okay! No need to break the door down!" Ryan's mother was heard clearly behind the door. The door opened quickly and Ryan really found out how much bigger he was than mere mortals. Ryan's mother was just tall enough to come up to his chest. "Oh hello! How can I.... holy... Ryan?" Ryan's mother greeted as her eyes moved from his chest and up to his face. "Hi Mom!" Ryan said sheepishly as he greeted his mother. It looked comical coming from a man who was 6'9" and 355 pounds. "I know you said you were working out, but I had no idea..." Ryan's mother started. "Mom, it was two years ago. Rhys and I are both doing it and I guess we have good genes." Ryan said to quickly diffuse any misgivings. Ryan's mother was about to say something but decided to keep it to herself. That was when Ryan's dad showed up. Ryan turned to the side to enter the house. "Well, looks like Rhys finally rubbed off on you." Ryan's dad said. Ryan was kinda suspicious about his tone. "All you have to do now is keep your grades up and you'll maybe be able to match him." Ryan's mother slapped him. "What? I'm just kidding." Ryan's dad replied a little hurt. Ryan gave a little smirk. "It's okay mom. Actually Dad, my grades HAVE improved a little more. But then again I really was no dummy to begin with. I'm not going to pretend I'm a genius, but I do know how to learn. I also know what I'm good at. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to unpack since I'll be here for the next two weeks." Ryan stated matter of factly. The confidence took his parents both by surprise. "Is Rhys home yet?" Ryan asked plainly as he headded up the stairs, his heavy footfalls reverberating in the stairwell. "No he hasn't yet, but he did call earlier. He said he'd call back when he was about to arrive." The mother replied up the stairwell. Ryan turned and slid his huge body through the door to his old bedroom. Ryan couldn't help a smile as he noted he had to turn sideways to fit through doors now. Looking around the old room, Ryan remembered the first time he discovered Rhys was growing. Ryan set his eyes on the mirror that they looked at. The discovery of his twin actually being bigger than he was. Ryan knew that it would probably be the case. But Ryan also knew that he should be proud of his own progress, or at least that's what he kept telling himself. Ryan flexed in the mirror. He should be proud of his gains he thought. He had become a beast in his own right. He didn't use the tablets to the degree that they were used at Rhys's college. Ryan's growth was seen as phenomenal, but not unheard of. He and his group of friends were all getting believably big, except maybe Terry, who had to quit the bodybuilding scene after he tipped the scales at over 400 pounds. It was something they all agreed on when they began the buisiness of bulking people up, especially those that needed it. Terry left the group to start in on his own. Terry had run out of his stash of tablets. Ryan told Terry he would hold off on giving them to him because he wanted to see what the amount of atrophy was. Terry was to continue to work out like usual. Brian decided to be the test case for atrophy without working out. It was something Ryan had been curious about. How long was it before they begin to shrink? Ryan found out later that Terry, with his workouts, was able to maintain his level of fitness but not his bulk. His size did shrink, as well as his strength, but his stamina did not. Those amounts weren't as dramatic as Brian's. Brian began to shrink after a week with no workouts. It seemed like the shrinking kept getting faster everyday. Before things got out of hand, Ryan put Brian back on the tablet and all was happy again. Ryan had a lot to be proud of. Ryan stopped flexing and sat down on the bed gently. Ryan had bad experiences with normal bed. His weight broke some of them. Ryan heard the bed groan as his weight came down on it. Once he knew the bed would handle his weight, he reached to the end where he had placed his bag before he got distracted by the mirror and pulled it around in front of him. Ryan began the process of unpacking. His wardrobe for the break only consisted of tank tops, shorts, socks and speedos. He brought a pair of short spandex bike shorts as his bed clothes. Ryan was almost finished with his unpacking when the phone rang. Ryan grabbed the phone that was on the nightstand and picked up. "Hello?" Ryan's voice was a bit shaky but still kept it's confidence. It was the time he was waiting for. He was excited and fearful at the same time. "Hello? Who is this?" A deeper manly voice boomed in his ear there was some noise in the background. It immediately sent a chill down his spine and into his ample cock. "This is Ryan." Ryan said to the deep voice on the other end. "Ryan? Is that you? Geez bro, your voice got deep." Ryan smiled, he knew immediately that it was his brother. "My voice is deep? Look who's talking, you're putting Barry White to shame." Ryan prodded. "Sounds like you've been getting big." Rhys said with a hint of excitement. Ryan couldn't help but notice a slight repetitive booming noise as he talked with him. "Yeah, I did. Probably not as big as you are considering what you sound like now." Ryan admitted. "Come on bro, give me some stats! You were so obsessive about mine before. Spill the beans!" Rhys playfully commanded. "Okay, it's only fair I guess." Ryan relented. "I grew about 9 inches in height. I weigh about 355 right now." Ryan started in. "My best bench was a solid 1000 pounds for reps..." Ryan continued but was stopped when he suddenly heard a "holy shit" from his brother. "Wait, wait, wait. You're benching half a ton?" Rhys sounded astonished. "Yeah, I'm pretty proud of it." Ryan commented but then relented, "You're probably benching three times that. But I'm still proud of it. Keep in mind, you did have a head start." "I dunno Ryan. 1000 for reps? I'll have to see it for myself. I believe you though and if it's true, no one will be more prouder than me, bro." Rhys said. Ryan could virtually picture the smile on his brother's face as he said that. "Now enough about me. What about you Rhys. How big are you now?" Ryan asked, with a little bit of giddiness. "You're about to find out. I'm almost there." Rhys said with more wind following and then the connection hung up. Ryan looked at his phone for a moment, his cock at full mast.... Then he heard a loud BOOM from the backyard.
  19. transformation

    Hey, guys. It's been a long while, but I'm finally making good on my promise and rebooting my story from the previous site, "Charlie". Things have slowed down in my life, I've got a new creative fire, and I'm ready to jump back into this story. You might notice some differences from the original and you'd be right; I'm re-editing as I go. Changing some things around plot-wise, etc. Boring writer stuff. Just enjoy! * * * Friday night and my only company was the cold beer sweating beside my open laptop and a stack of my students’ essays, ripe for grading. Such was the life of the English major who had decided to return to his hometown to teach high school instead of moving on to bigger and better things. If you think that reading the half-assed efforts of students trying to argue that Holden Caulfield was anything more than an egocentric little shit was my preferred way of entering the weekend, you’re wrong. Yes, even I, Andrew Donovan, Senior English teacher of West Cape High, wished his life different. I would never have guessed that that little wish would begin to be fulfilled in the form of an email, but as I slashed across yet another essay with my trusty red marker, I heard the gentle ping on my laptop signaling that a new message had just dropped into my inbox. Sighing, I capped the marker and tossed it aside. Another late assignment, I thought. Number three of the night. Can you say ten points off? Which wasn’t exactly fair, considering I’d promised to return them two days before, but that was one of the small joys of being a teacher: minor omnipotence. It was the subject heading that caught my attention first: “Long Time, No See!” When I’d begun teaching, I had gone into it envisioning that I would be one of those few educational greats who ends up getting a Lifetime movie made about them. As part of that image, I had taken to giving out my personal email address to my students because it made me “seem more relatable”. In the end that proved fruitless because they used it only to turn in late assignments or ask for the reading they had been too lazy to copy down. I clicked open the email and, well…have you ever had your stomach plummet and your heart skip a beat at the same time? It’s not a pleasant feeling, let me tell you, but such was the sensation that gripped me as I read the first sentence of that fateful email. So I must have started this email about thirty times in thirty different ways and I can’t think of what to say, so I’ll just say—hey, its Charlie Greene! I’m in town for business. Are you free for lunch tomorrow? I’d love to catch up. Let me know! I stared flabbergasted at the screen. When I finally realized that my mouth was literally hanging open, I reached for my beer and downed the rest of it. And then I went for a second. When I finally began to feel the alcohol permeate, I flexed my fingers and let them drop to the keyboard. I must have tried a dozen variations of the same reply before I settled on the briefest. Before I could stop myself I hit the return key, irrevocably sending my reply out into the digital abyss. I sighed and sat back in my chair…and realized I was rock hard. All eight inches of my cock throbbed in my boxers, begging for attention. I swiftly reached for my pulsing shaft and gasped at the sensation. It was incredibly sensitive to the touch and twitched eagerly as I wrapped my around it. I haven’t been this hard in years, I thought. Slowly, I eased my hand down my rigid dick and instantly felt my balls tighten and draw close to my body. It’s like I’m teenager again or something. This isn’t going to last long. And it didn’t. As the first shot of cum splattered across my chest, I lost my breath and jerked in my chair, my toes curling into the carpet as the second, third, and fourth spurts followed. “Holy shit,” I panted when I’d finally finished. “Holy shit…” I couldn’t remember that last time I had had such a fulfilling jerkoff session. At thirty-five, I usually only gave my cock a quick jerk and tug, rolled over, and fell asleep. But as I sat there panting, I stared down at my cock: it was still half-hard and it instantly responded to a second round of my coaxing, lengthening to its full potential. Every rigid vein pulsated as I jerked my cock and I could feel my balls swelling for a second load. A minute later three three long ropes of cum splattering onto my already covered chest. “Oh, fuck…” I groaned, collapsing backwards in my chair. Dazed, I plucked some Kleenex from the box beside my printer and started cleaning cum off my chest. I haven’t shot back-to-back like this since I can’t remember when. I wonder if I could go for a third time? “I don’t think so,” I answered to no one in particular. As fantastic as the orgasms had been, the usual exhaustion that followed them was already settling in. I had just wiped off the last of jizz from my right nipple when my laptop pinged again. I hurriedly tossed the cum-soaked tissue into the garbage and opened my inbox. His simple reply read: Awesome. See you Saturday! * * * For you to understand the whole wonderful chaos of what would end up happening, you have to understand the complicated history that Charlie and I shared. The obligatory backstory, if you will. The short version sounds something like: we were nineteen when we met in the latter half of our freshmen year at college. I was an English major from California, he was a business/communications double-major from Indiana. We met when we were assigned as partners in a shared Bio lab and such was the not-so-glamorous joining of our two lives. By sophomore year we were roommates. That’s the short, clean, “boy meets boy” part of the story. The “boy loses boy” part comes later. The morning I was supposed to meet Charlie—the man who would become a veritable legend and forever change my life along the way—I went up to my attic and rifled through some boxes. “Here it is,” I grumbled as I heaved a marked COLLEGE SHIT from a dusty corner. Carrying it into the middle of the floor, I began pulling out its contents: old essays and portfolios, a foam finger from some long-forgotten sporting event, my diploma, and an assortment of other once-valued memorabilia that I could just as easily do without. Beneath it all, however, was a stack of photographs held together by a rubber band. From the top photograph, Charlie’s beaming face stared back at me. The same disarming grin that had sent butterflies frantically buzzing through my stomach nearly sixteen years ago had not lost its effect. If anything, it was more potent and infectious. I felt a grin of my own spread across my lips as I plucked the photograph from the pile and examined it closer: his clear green eyes, and short, sun-kissed blond hair...and that beautiful fucking smile. It was a politician’s smile, fake as all hell, but undeniably handsome. It would throw you on your metaphorical ass if you weren’t prepared for it and I hardly ever was. I flicked through the rest of the photographs. Charlie and I (looking pathetically sub-par beside him in my oversized leather jacket that I had once inexplicably thought made me look suave) standing in front of our dorm. Charlie in his soccer uniform, sweaty and grass-stained. Charlie with his arm around me at one of the countless house parties he had dragged me to some weekend. Nearly every photograph was either of Charlie or Charlie and myself somewhere on campus. Surely there are photos of other things? Other people, right? As I reached for the box again, I glanced out the dusty window. The sun was already high in the sky, easily nearing noon. Nearing lunchtime. “Shit!” I hissed. Only an hour until I was supposed to meet Charlie and I still needed to shower. Mentally kicking myself, I scrambled downstairs and hurried into the bathroom for a shower. Suds still not entirely rinsed from my hair, I reached for a towel and began drying off when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. Where in the hell did that guy come from? Sure, I hadn’t actively worked out in a few months (okay, at least a year), but the slight paunch of fat around my middle seemed a little unfair. And my chest, when had that happened? I’d never sported an enormous chest, but it had at least been defined. But now…now my pecs were just downright sad. Starting to droop even. “Real impressive, Andrew,” I said flatly. Despite the fact that it was easily eighty degrees outside, I donned a jacket in hopes of hiding my softening torso and tried to at least find comfort in the fact that I was not yet balding. In my reply, I had suggested Applebees, an old favorite of mine, but as I stepped through the door that fateful day, I began to regret it. In a town like West Cape, there aren’t many places to socialize and Applebees was one of the most common amongst my students. I fretted at the thought of seeing them there and did a quick scan. With no familiar faces in sight, I followed the hostess to a table and quickly dropped into a seat. The table wouldn’t hide much in the way of my inescapably middle-aged body, but it would tuck my enormous erection out of sight. The anticipation of seeing Charlie again after so long had made me hard again. I desperately wanted to duck into the bathroom and jerk off until I couldn’t move, but that didn’t exactly seem a feasible option. “I’ll have a Coke,” I told the hostess nervously. “And the second party? Do you know what they’d like?” she asked. “Water, I guess,” I said, perhaps a little too pathetically. The hostess’ grin faltered as she slipped away to fetch out drinks. I trained my eyes on the door. I wonder what he looks like now. Why the hell don’t I have a Facebook? I could have just looked him up. Idiot. He’s probably even more handsome. Better with age. Like a fine wine. God, I should’ve ordered something stronger… Every time the door opened, I straightened in my seat, but each time it was an elderly couple, some housewife and her friend, or a pair of students that I vaguely recognized. It isn’t like wasn’t common knowledge throughout West Cape that I was gay (news like that travels fast in a small town), but it was nonetheless awkward to see them out and about when I was on a date. This isn’t a date though, Romeo. It’s a lunch. Keep that line of thinking at bay. It got you into major trouble last time, remember? Last time. How could I forget? The door opened again, but I was hardly paying attention. I had slipped lost into one of the most mortifying memories of my life. A cool spring night my senior year of college, standing in front of a frat house, some 90’s indie rock song blasting from a stereo through an open window, empty beer cans and Solo cups littering the front lawn… “Andy?” “Hmm?” I said, expecting the waitress. I turned...and my mouth fell open. To say my heart skipped a beat would be an understatement. Leaped would be a more accurate description. Jumped. Dove. Take your pick. They’re all relatively inadequate. I believe my heart may have altogether stopped, if only for the briefest second, which technically means I died for a second. “Charlie,” I breathed. The first thing I noticed was that grin. That impossibly fucking brilliant grin. Dazzlingly white and wide, his smile was perfectly blinding. It was spread across the face that time had ostensibly forgotten. Whereas the first of middle age’s wrinkles had already begun to form at the corner of my eyes, there wasn’t the slightest hint of one on that flawless face. Not that anyone would have cared if there were. The rest of him absolutely demanded further examination. Although I wouldn’t have thought it possible, my eyes were torn from that grin and drawn to the rest of him…starting with his shoulders. Where had the slim, wiry soccer star that I known gone? The shoulders of the man standing before me were wider than I had ever seen them. They weren’t massive, but they were large and sculpted enough to force his red polo shirt to fit him snugly as a glove. They firmly capped a pair of arms that were easily doubly thick around as my calves and which strained the sleeves of his shirt in a way that made my already hard cock impossibly harder. I could not help but note the veins that snaked their way around his forearms, feint though they might have been. “It is you,” he said, dropping into his chair. “I thought so. I couldn’t tell at first. You look different!” “You…you too,” I said breathlessly. “H-How you been?” He grinned. “I’m great! Sorry I’m late. I got a little lost. Did you already order?” I must have answered, but I don’t remember. I watched in a daze as he scanned the menu, his thick arms swelling larger and straining his sleeves further as he bent them to pick up the menu. They had to have been at least eighteen inches, probably larger. I wouldn’t know; I had only ever dreamt of arms that large. I kept envisioning how they’d feel beneath my fingers. “I think I’ll get the steak. What’re you getting?” he wondered aloud. “I, uh, steak, yeah,” I stammered. “Great!” he said, folding up the menu, and flashing that grin again. My cock grew painfully stiffer. I was visibly stunned by him and kept glancing out the window so as not to appear too obviously awed, but our waitress was less coy. I heard a soft gasp escape her lips at the sight of Charlie as she approached. “So that’ll be two steaks, medium?” she said after he had ordered, never taking her eyes off him. “Sounds right to me,” he said and winked at her. Girl, I feel sorry for your ovaries. They must be on fire, I thought instantly. I know I am. I reached for my water and began sipping it ferociously. “So you’re probably wondering what’s up with me, right?” he said, placing his hands on the table. They were so much thicker than the last time I had seen them, the hands of a man who had labored long hours in the gym. Cords of muscle stood out in his forearms. Not at all the hands a soccer player. I wondered what sort of strength such hands possessed and wanted to know, good or bad, for myself. “Yes,” I said. Drop the monosyllabics, you sound like a cave man. “Yes, I am wondering what you are up to, yes.” “Well,” he started to say, and paused dramatically. It was nice to see that not quite everything had changed about him, though the obvious transformations certainly weren’t unwelcome. “I’m moving to West Cape! Well, West Cape-adjacent. I got a transferred last month and now I have to relocate, man. Can you believe that?” I reminded myself not to give a one word answer. “I can’t, no. W-What do you do?” I couldn’t have cared less what he did, honestly. I just wanted to hear him speak. In addition to the underwear model’s physique he had developed since we had graduated, his voice had dropped half an octave. It probably wasn’t obvious to everyone, but I could still vividly remember the long nights we had stayed up talking about everything under the sun and, to me, it was definitely deeper. Did that come with the territory of packing on forty or fifty pounds of muscle? Did the weight of those clearly ample pecs beneath his shirt weigh on his ribcage? Even as I watched, one of them twitched, sending a tiny ripple of movement across his shirt. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. “Client relations, mostly. I won’t bother you with the gory details. So you’re an English teacher now?” I wondered fleetingly for a moment how he knew. I didn’t realize it then, but that necessarily meant that he had done some digital digging for my contact information. My being listed on West Cape High’s faculty page wasn’t the sort of thing that popped up on the first page of Google results, if you catch my drift. Nevertheless, I blathered on for a while about my teaching duties, before asking, “So where’re you living? The east side of town?” The smile dropped from his face and the light behind those green eyes dimmed. He turned and stared out the window, biting his lip. It would have been sexy as hell (okay, it was sexy as hell) if anxiety didn’t look so unnatural on his face. He turned back to me. “I actually don’t have a place yet,” he said. “I’m still looking, you know?” And before I could stop myself, before I could fully formulate the thought in my mind and factor in the countless possibilities and repercussions that could and ultimately would result from such a simple, stupid and unguarded statement, I said, “You could stay with me.”
  20. * FINALLY FINISHED * "Ah, so you're JP's big brother," Andrew realized, once he heard the caller's name. "It's good to meet you man: verbally at least." "It's good to meet you too Andrew," Ryan replied, fully aware that his former coach could hear them. He didn't give voice to his thoughts: I don't want to be known as JP's brother; I'm my own man! "Once Tyler told me all about you, I looked you up on that new YouTube site and saw all your videos. You're an awesome football player man, and you'll have no trouble getting a full ride to any school you want!" "Thanks man," Andrew said, pleased that Ryan had told him how he had found out all about him. "I'm glad to have one fan at least." "Much more than just one, considering all the views your videos got," Ryan assured him sincerely. "That's part of the reason my college coach wanted me to call Coach Palmer and arrange this phone call. My coach told me to tell you that he's going to arrange an Unofficial Recruiting Visit down here for you the next time you're in Virginia." "That's very flattering man; thank him for me," Andrew said. "I'll have to give you the contact information for my high school football coach back in Orillia. He can coordinate with your college football coach to arrange everything for the visit." "It wasn't just your online videos that put you on his radar Andrew," Ryan informed him. "He also took note of your impressive performance at the football camps you attended this spring." "Well I'm glad I wasn't easy to miss," Andrew said seriously. "After all, I was among dozens of other high school football players at those camps, and I think I was the only Canadian there." "You're impossible to miss Andrew," Ryan assured him . "My coach told me that when he saw you in March, you weighed 275 pounds and stood 6 foot 7 inches tall." "Those were my old stats," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. He noticed Coach Palmer edging away to give him some privacy and added, "I'm bigger now." "How much do you weigh now Andrew?" Ryan asked him, sounding a little nervous. "305 pounds of solid muscle," Andrew replied, having detected a hint of fear in Ryan's voice. "It was a great day when I reached the average weight of an NFL lineman." "That's awesome man; I'm really happy for you," Ryan said sincerely. "Coach Palmer's no longer in hearing range Ryan; tell me how you really feel," Andrew said, just to test him. "I have been man," Ryan said seriously, hearing the slight hint of menace in Andrew's voice. I'm going to have to watch myself with him, he thought to himself. He sounds like he's just as smart as my little brother! "My coach told me that your performance at the spring football camps led to you getting offers for Unofficial Recruiting Visits throughout the Midwest." "Starting with Ohio State tomorrow," Andrew said, deliberately dropping the name of JP's hopeful college. "When do I get to meet you in person Ryan?" "You'll have to wait until your Unofficial Recruiting Visit at Virginia Tech," Ryan replied. "My coach asked me if I would be willing to be your campus guide, and I'd be glad to do it." "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, getting the feeling that Ryan was a really great guy under his cocky jock exterior. "You know, I just thought of a way we can see each other face-to-face even if we're probably dozens of miles apart." "You're right man, I'm in Harrisonburg off I-81 right now," Ryan agreed. "How can we see each other face-to-face without being in the same room?" he asked. "On Skype man," Andrew replied. "I have it on my laptop. Do you have it on yours?" "Sure I do man," Ryan replied with a big grin, getting excited at the notion of seeing just how big and muscular Andrew truly was. "Do you want to talk later once you get back to your hotel room?" "That sounds like a great idea," Andrew replied, anxious to see what the famous Ryan Maloney looked like. "It's a much better way for two new friends to chat long distance than on Instant Messenger." He heard a long silence on the other end of the line and hastily added, "If you want to be friends, that is." "That's fine with me Andrew," Ryan agreed eagerly. "It would be great to get to know you better and find out how you got so big and strong. Coach told me that you can bench 700 pounds for reps!" "Yeah, that's only because I couldn't find enough weight plates in your home gym to get to my max of 800 pounds tonight," Andrew said cockily. "Hopefully the gym at Virginia Tech has enough weight plates to challenge me." "Wow!" Ryan shouted in astonishment after another long silence. "You're insanely strong man; I bet you can bust through any defensive line effortlessly!" "Yeah I can man, but I always help the other players up afterwards to be a good sport," Andrew said seriously. "No sense being a sore winner." "I've heard of sore losers, but what's a sore winner?" Ryan asked curiously. "A sore winner is someone who gloats about his victory, acting cocky and arrogant as he rubs his success in other people's faces," Andrew replied. He decided to be completely honest with Ryan about his younger brother and added, "Kind of like how JP was during his last workout with you this spring." "So he told you about that, did he?" Ryan asked angrily. "No, I kind of tricked it out of him," Andrew replied. "I'll tell you more when we chat on Skype tonight, but I'd better text you my contact information on Skype now." "Don't forget your cell phone number Andrew, and ask Coach Palmer for mine," Ryan reminded him. "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, pleased that he and Ryan could keep in touch. "You know, it might be hard for you to confirm you got the text while you're on the phone with me," he suddenly realized. "Do you have a notepad you can write on instead?" "Good idea man; yeah I do," Ryan replied. After a few seconds, he said, "Go ahead Big Guy, I'm ready." Andrew quickly gave him all the required information and then Ryan returned the favour, once Andrew pulled out his cell phone. "I've got all your contact information Ryan," Andrew said. "I'll text you when I get back to my hotel and then we can meet face-to-face on Skype." "I look forward to it Andrew," Ryan said sincerely. "Get Coach Palmer back on the phone. I want to thank him for arranging this cell phone call with you this evening." "That's a good idea Ryan," Andrew said, signalling Coach Palmer to come closer. Once Coach Palmer stepped up beside him, Andrew added, "It was great talking to you man; I'll see you on Skype later tonight." "Goodbye Andrew," Ryan said, before Andrew handed Coach Palmer's cell phone back to him. Andrew waited patiently while Ryan filled Coach Palmer in on all that he had discussed with Andrew. Once the call was over, Coach Palmer turned to Andrew and said, "Very good Andrew: now you have another Unofficial Recruiting Visit lined up for this summer, hosted by one of my best players no less! Ryan thinks a lot of you and he'll be very happy to host a big man like you on campus!" "Yeah, and I'll enjoy being hosted by the Big Man on Campus," Andrew said with a big grin. "Very funny Andrew, making a play on my words like that!" Coach Palmer chuckled. "Hey, I don't just have brawn, I actually have brains as well!" Andrew reminded him with a cocky smirk. "I know that now Andrew," Coach Palmer assured him with an indulgent smile. "But since we're standing on the football field, how about you show me just how skilled you are at using your brawn. I can see that you're already prepared, since you're holding your football." He noticed Andrew's cocky smirk morph into a confident grin and added, "I'll use my digital camera to capture your performance on the field and then I can send that video to Ryan's college coach." Andrew nodded in agreement and slowly took off his football jacket. "Would you mind putting my jacket on the fence behind you Coach? I don't want it to get dirty." "You just want to leave the back of your Varsity Jacket free for a Provincial Championship patch, don't you?" Coach Palmer realized with a big grin. When Andrew nodded, he added, "Then you'd better take off your t-shirt as well, then you won't get it dirty either." Andrew grinned with excitement at the prospect of showing off his huge muscles and slowly began to peel off his skin-tight t-shirt, disguising the effort to make it look like a show for the coach. Coach Palmer's eyes widened in astonishment and more than a little fear at Andrew's massive shoulders, huge pecs, enormous biceps and eight-pack abs. "Uhhh... that's great Andrew, now jog across the field to the other end zone so that I can throw you the ball," Coach Palmer stammered. "You can catch a hundred yard pass, can't you?" "If you can throw the ball that far Coach," Andrew teased him. "I certainly can Andrew; I just hope you can run that far," Palmer said, taking the Miami Football out of Andrew's hands. "Move it Mister: that's an order!" "Yes Sir!" Andrew shouted eagerly, running down the field with huge strong strides. Coach Palmer cocked his arm back, marshalled all his strength and threw the football as high and as far as he could. He followed the flight of the ball as it arced through the air and had to shield his eyes from the glare of the sun in the west. He finally saw Andrew catch the football at the opposite end zone and he realized at that moment that none of the videos he had seen of Andrew's performance on the football field had been exaggerated. ================================= Meanwhile, in a hotel room in Harrisonburg, Virginia, off Interstate 81, a strikingly handsome jock with jet black hair and piercing green eyes stood up from the couch by the window and grinned. Perfect, Ryan Maloney thought to himself. I'll be able to learn from my new friend Andrew Pearson how to get really huge and strong. With any luck, he'll pick my school over Ohio State and then we can be right beside each other on the Offensive Line. Ryan frowned as he suddenly realized something. Once I get big enough that the coach lets me play, of course. But then he grinned again when he realized that he had found the perfect reason to give Andrew for why he wanted to get bigger and stronger. He'll never know that I just want to get big enough that my little dweeb brother can never get close to beating me in anything ever again! "Who were you talking to out here Ryan?" Luke asked, stepping out of the washroom after his shower. "One of my brother's friends man," Ryan replied, turning to face his smaller friend with a smug grin on his face. "Is he a dorky band geek like your brother?" Luke asked with a sneer. "No man, in fact he's big enough to make you look like a runt," Ryan replied with a slight glare. He maximized the YouTube Video he had been watching of Andrew before Coach Palmer had texted him. "See for yourself man; keep an eye on number 3: Andrew Pearson." Luke and Ryan watched the highlight video of the 2004 Provincial Championship game between Andrew's team, the ODCVI Blues from Orillia, and the Eastview Wildcats from Barrie. "Wow man!" Luke shouted in astonishment once the video had ended. "You've got to convince your coach at Tech to get Andrew down there for an Unofficial Recruiting Visit this summer." "Already done man, after Tyler told me all about him," Ryan said with a cocky smirk. "And guess who gets to host him for his visit!" "You mean, you're going to be the host?" Luke asked him in surprise. "Of course man, who else?" Ryan scoffed. "Who better to host an incoming freshman than a current freshman?" He left out the part where his Tech coach had reminded him that all Redshirt Freshmen had to act as student hosts for incoming freshman prospects. "Once I showed this video to Coach, he told me to call my high school coach and set up a phone call with Andrew. And thanks to Coach Palmer calling Coach Graves, who called my dad, JP ended up bringing Andrew over to Central High School this evening. Once he got Andrew alone, Coach Palmer texted me and I called him and got to speak to Andrew. He's a really great football player, as your could see from the hugh light videos." "Hey maybe you and Andrew can become teammates on the Offensive Line next fall and win a college football championship," Luke suggested. "Yeah, and maybe Andrew can show me how to get as huge and ripped as he is!" Ryan shouted in excitement, flexing his massive biceps. "Then I can leave that little dweeb brother of mine in the dust once and for all!" "That would be awesome man!" Luke shouted in excitement. "Then when you go home for Christmas you can give that brother of yours the worst present he's ever had!" "Yeah, the present of my awesome presence!" Ryan shouted, proving that Andrew wasn't the only smart guy in the state. "How will you convince Andrew to help you get bigger without revealing the real reason?" Luke suddenly asked. "Easy, I'll just tell him the truth: my coach at Tech won't let me play until I'm a lot bigger and stronger," Ryan said smugly. "Andrew will never realize that I just want to get huge to dominate my little brother so completely that he'll shrivel up and rot just like a little raisin!" "Sounds like you've got it all figured out," Luke realized. "So, enough talk; you want to head out and see what kind of summer parties JMU has to offer?" "Sure man, and maybe I can find a hot chick who wants a piece of me," Ryan sneered with a suggestive smirk. "I'll keep my cell on vibrate so that when Andrew texts me, I can get back here and see him on Skype." "You want me to come back with you?" Luke asked, as they headed out the door. "Naw man, I want to see him alone," Ryan replied. "If he sees two of us, he might think something's up when I ask him if he'll help me get bigger like him." Luke nodded in agreement as they headed down the hall. Ryan breathed a silent sigh of relief, relieved that Luke hadn't figured out the true reason that Ryan wanted to speak to Andrew alone: so that no one could horn in on the new friendship that he was hoping to form with JP's new mentor. ================================= Andrew had been showing off his football skills for ten minutes, so neither he nor Coach Palmer noticed JP coming out of the high school gym. Andrew threw his football from the far end of the field to Coach Palmer, but he threw it too far and it hit JP in the chest before he could catch it. "Are you okay JP?" Palmer asked as JP fell onto his back. But then he grinned as JP rolled through the fall and back to his feet. "I guess you are okay," he realized, noticing the cocky smirk on JP's face. "Sure I am Coach; it will take a lot more than a 120 yard pass to hurt me," JP asured him; relieved that his high pain tolerance had allowed him to withstand the impact of the football. "That's the furthest I've ever seen anyone throw a football though; even Clark Kent on Smallville last season restricted himself to 60 yard passes!" "Andrew outweighs Clark by at least 80 pounds of solid muscle," Palmer said, grinning at JP's huge friend as he jogged shirtless across the field towards them. His jaw dropped in astonishment as Andrew stopped in front of him and he could only stare in awe at the sweat glistening on the body of the hulking muscle god in front of him. "Uh, very good job Andrew: your football skills are very impressive," he managed to stammer out. He turned to JP, whose eyes were as wide as his own and asked, "What did you think of Andrew's performance on the field tonight?" "It was amazing Coach; I can see why you wanted to see him tonight," JP realized. He noticed the digital camera in Palmer's hands and added, "It looks like you got a lot of good footage of Andrew's football skills. Which school are you going to send it to?" Coach Palmer and Andrew looked at each other uncertainly, unsure how to answer JP's question without making him mad. "Are you going to tell him, or should I?" Andrew finally asked Coach Palmer. "Tell me what?" JP snapped, guessing that there could only be one reason why they so reluctant to name the school. "It's Virginia Tech JP," Coach Palmer replied, gambling that his position as Head Football Coach would keep him safe from JP's wrath. He was right, because all JP did was narrow his eyes slightly in anger. "I'll let Andrew tell you all about it; I've got everything I need," he added, holding up his digital camera. "See you later JP and nice meeting you Andrew." With that, Coach Palmer beat a hasty retreat into the high school, leaving Andrew alone to face JP. Andrew looked over cautiously at JP, who was glaring at him with a look of fury on his face. "Go ahead JP; let me have it for talking to your brother and then I can explain how it happened," Andrew sighed. "I ought to punch you in the face for even talking to Ryan, knowing how much I hate him!" JP snapped. "Fine, do it if you think it 'll make you feel better!" Andrew snapped back. "It won't make any difference to me; I probably won't feel it anyway!" JP roared in fury and lunged at Andrew, his right fist leading the way. SMACK! JP punched Andrew in the face with all his strength. To make his smaller friend feel better, Andrew let his head snap around from the blow, even though he didn't feel a thing. Encourage by thinking that he had actually hurt Andrew, JP kept punching Andrew in the face, making his big friend's head rock back and forth. Andrew didn't even stumble or flinch though, and eventually JP got tired. He stopped punching Andrew in the face and settled for kneeing him in the gut instead. Soon JP's hands began to ache from punching Andrew's tough jaw and his knees felt like they had impacted a concrete wall. JP ignored the pain for a couple more minutes and kept hitting Andrew in the abs until he finally tired out and he was no longer mad. "Feel better now JP?" Andrew asked, breathing a sigh of relief that JP had stopped attacking him. Hopefully he got some of the rage at his brother out of his system by attacking me! "You look tired." "Yeah I am Andrew," JP replied, smiling when he noticed Andrew rubbing his chin with one hand and his abs with the other. As he tried to catch his breath, he added, "I'm glad I was able to hurt you a bit; that means that I'll be able to wipe the floor with Ryan the next time I see him!" "Good JP, can we go now?" Andrew asked him impatiently. "Or did you want to throw my football around for a while on an actual football field?" "That would be great Andrew," JP said excitedly. "You always know what to say to make me feel better." "And apparently I know what to do as well, since letting you punch me several times calmed you down," Andrew realized with a gentle smile. "What do you mean by 'letting' me?" JP asked him in surprise. "I mean that I could have caught all your punches if I had wanted to," Andrew replied, crossing his massive arms with a smug grin. Then he noticed JP frowning, so he decided to cheer him up. "But I figured that it would make you feel better if I acted as your human punching bag. Anytime you want to let out your frustrations by doing it again, just let me know man. Or don't; it won't matter to me because I barely felt anything anyway." "Thanks a lot Andrew; now you've made me feel worse!" JP snapped at him. "Sorry about that man, but you punched me, not the other way around," Andrew reminded him with a cocky grin. "But you don't hear me complaining about it!" "That's because you just admitted that I barely hurt you!" JP snapped in fury. "That's because I'm almost twice your size JP," Andrew reminded him. When JP glared at him, Andrew sighed and added, "But if it makes you feel any better, you did hurt me a little bit." "Not enough Andrew!" JP yelled in fury. "How am I supposed to take Ryan down if I can't even make you wince when I punch you?" "I outweigh Ryan by almost a hundred pounds," Andrew reminded him, having to clench his fists to keep from snapping back at JP. JP grinned: suddenly feeling better and Andrew grinned back at him. "Now can I tell you how I ended up talking with Ryan over the phone?" "Yes Andrew," JP replied, suddenly realizing how lucky he was that he hadn't made his huge friend mad. Andrew told him the whole story and concluded by telling JP that he would show Ryan just how big he was on Skype later that night. Then he and JP finally got to throw the football around on the field for about an hour. Andrew showed JP some of the football drills he went through as an Offensive Lineman at ODCVI. JP smiled to himself, really happy that Andrew was playing football with him: something Ryan had never done. Once they were done, it was 10 pm and getting dark. The lights around the field came on and Andrew had an idea. He stood under the uprights near his car and said, "So this is what the Friday Night Lights look like." "It's Tuesday night Andrew," JP teased him with a smirk. "Funny man JP; it was a figure of speech and you know it!" Andrew laughed. "Speaking of figures, you certainly make an imposing one with the lights behind you," JP suddenly realized, a trace of fear showing up on his face. "Then take a picture of me with my game face on," Andrew ordered him, getting down into his three point stance with one hand holding his football. Andrew glared up at the camera as if he was about to take down his opponent and JP quickly took the picture, feeling very afraid of his huge friend at that moment. "Okay Andrew, how about we try one with you smiling?" JP suggested, trying unsuccessfully to keep the fear out of his voice. "Sorry about that JP; I didn't mean to scare you," Andrew apologized. He grinned up at JP, who took another picture, and then stood up to his full height of six feet and seven inches. "There now JP: we've played football, taken some pictures, met your wrestling coach and you've used me as a human punching bag. Are you ready to go home now?" "Yeah Andrew, and I'm really excited about tomorrow's recruiting visit to Ohio State," JP said with a big grin on his face. "The Ohio State JP," Andrew teased him, finally putting his t-shirt back on. He noticed JP mock-glaring at him and laughed. "Don't look at me like that man; you're the one who corrected me about that earlier today!" "You're right Andrew," JP realized, as they headed to Andrew's car with their Varsity Jackets slung over their shoulders. As they reached Andrew's car, he asked, "So what are you going to do when you get back to your hotel with Carrie and Mike?" "I'm going to call Ryan on-" Andrew began, before having to catch JP's fist in mid-punch. "Don't try that again JP: you've hit me enough for one night," Andrew growled in fury. He gave JP's fist a slight squeeze until JP winced in pain. "Do you get the point now man? I can catch your punches anytime I want to!" "Yes Andrew, I've got it!" JP gasped in pain. "Can you let me go now?" "Sure man; I've made my point," Andrew replied, releasing his iron grip on JP's fist. JP massaged his sore hand and Andrew said, "Why do you insist on asking questions that you don't want to hear the answer to?" "I don't know Andrew," JP replied, as they got into Andrew's car. "I guess I'm just too curious for my own good." "Yeah, you seem to have forgotten that cautionary tale about the cat who was too curious," Andrew realized. "Don't even joke about that Andrew!" JP begged him. Andrew looked over and a look of concern came over his face when he saw how scared JP looked. "Aroused, your great physical strength could kill! And I only felt a tiny sample of it when you squeezed my fist!" "I'm sorry about that man, but you made me mad for a moment there," Andrew informed him. "I was in a really bad mood all last fall and the results weren't pretty." "Why was that Andrew?" JP asked, as Andrew started driving them back to JP's house. "My grandpa had a stroke last fall, just after I graduated Basic Reserves Training," Andrew replied. "I was really worried about him during football season, since he was confined to a wheelchair and could barely speak. Fortunately, my parents were able to bring him to every game, but then my nemesis David Harrington insulted him and I just lost it and punched him in the face, giving him a bloody nose. The next punch knocked him out. If Steve, Darrel and Mike hadn't pulled me away, I would have killed him with my bare hands!" JP just stared at Andrew in speechless terror as his big friend's face turned red with fury and his hands turned white on the steering wheel. Andrew looked over at JP, still furious from the bad memories, and saw the look of terror on his face. He started taking a few deep breaths to calm down and was relieved to see the normal look of confidence return to JP's face. JP wisely decided to wait until Andrew had calmed down completely before he asked, "What happened next Andrew?" "Coach Everson suspended me for two games and my parents chewed me out hard when we got back home," Andrew remembered, looking embarrassed. "I actually stayed in a hotel that weekend, not wanting to deal with anyone. Then when I got home from school on Monday evening, my dad informed me that my Grandpa (his dad, not my mom's) had suffered another massive stroke and was now confined to a hospital bed. I could see in his eyes that my dad blamed me for that, since Grandpa Pearson had attended the game where I took David out for insulting him. I felt really bad and I visited Grandpa every weekend after that, now that I had seen the damage my bad temper had caused." "It wasn't your fault Andrew," JP tried to assure his big friend. "It was probably just a coincidence that your grandpa had another stroke around the same time that you were punching David." "That's not true JP; he had the stroke at the game right after I attacked David!" Andrew shouted in frustration. "My rage stressed him out so badly that it caused his second stroke and put him in that hospital bed!" JP just stared at his big friend in sympathy, not having a clue what to say when he realized what an incredible burden of guilt Andrew had been carrying around for almost a year. Andrew sighed as a tear ran down his cheek and he and JP just drove in silence for a few minutes while he tried to compose himself. "What happened next Andrew?" JP asked his huge friend gently. "Coach Everson let me play in the Semi-Final and then the Provincial Championship Game," Andrew replied. "Unfortunately, the O-Line had learned some new plays under the back-up Center that I wasn't familiar with and we lost the Provincial Championship Game in the last second due to a missed field goal because David deflected it. I managed to control my temper about that but I broke down in my grandpa's hospital room as I told him a day later. He couldn't say a word, but he did reach over with his one good arm to grab my hand. I promised him that I would win the next Provincial Championship for him and he smiled. Then he fell asleep and I went home. We got the news the next morning that he had passed away during the night." "So you were the last person to see him and he went to heaven happy," JP guessed. "Yeah man," Andrew said with a gentle smile. "And now you know everything about last season and why I'm not really a cocky jock anymore." JP nodded in understanding. "You're the only one who knows everything I've told you, besides Carrie of course, and I want it to stay that way." JP nodded in understanding, realizing how much Andrew thought of him that he would reveal his innermost secrets. "Do you have anything else to tell me Andrew, or is that it?" JP asked. "That's it JP," Andrew replied, glancing over at his friend with a gentle smile. "I think we're even now, since you told me everything about you and Ryan earlier this evening." JP tried to keep the anger he felt at hearing the name of his big brother from showing on his face, because he remembered how easily Andrew had shut down his attempt to punch him earlier. I'd better be on my best behavior with Andrew; he could crush me with one hand tied behind his back! JP realized in sudden fear. Then he thought of something that made him smile. "Getting excited about the trip to the Ohio State tomorrow JP?" Andrew asked him. "Yeah Andrew," JP replied, not letting his huge friend know that he was actually thinking of how scared Ryan would be when he saw how big Andrew was. "I'm really grateful that you're taking me to see the school I hope to wrestle at in my college years." "No problem JP; Mark did it for me, so I'm returning the favour in a deflected manner," Andrew informed him. When JP looked at him with confusion, Andrew explained that his first protégé Mark Stevenson had invited Andrew along on his Officual Recruiting Visits during the previous football season. "So in a way, Ohio State is already aware of me, because I went there with Mark on his Official Recruiting Visit almost one year ago," Andrew explained to JP. "Did you mentor him just so you could get early exposure to the NCAA?" JP teased him. Andrew glared over at him in mock fury, but a slight grin betrayed his true feelings. "Just joking Big Guy." "Hey, I told you before, you call me 'Huge Guy' JP!" Andrew roared, unable to keep a cocky grin from appearing on his face. JP laughed and the two of them continued joking around until they got back to JP's house. Once they got to JP's house, they parked in the driveway and Andrew turned to JP. "Thanks a lot for listening to everything I told you about last season without judgement JP," Andrew said gratefully. "You're a great friend." "Thanks Andrew; you are too," JP said, as his parents came out of the house. As he and Andrew got out of Andrew's car, he said, "Coach Graves got in touch with all the wrestling coaches at each school we're going to, so I'll be having my own early Unofficial Recruiting Visits while you have yours." "Good job man; taking a page out of my book I see," Andrew said with a smug grin. He turned to his friends, who had come out of the house after JP's parents and asked them, "Did you guys have lots of fun with Matt and JP's parents while we were gone?" "Yeah man," Mike replied. "JP's parents were bragging about him while he was gone, showing us his wrestling photos, newspaper articles, trophies and his District Finalist Medal from last season." "I hope we can see a State Championship Medal from you next season JP," Mr. Maloney said with a frown. "You will Dad," JP assured him, trying to make his determination show on his face. "But in the meantime, I will have to show off my District Finalist Medal to the Ohio State Wrestling Coaches tomorrow." "Yeah, when I called Coach Graves and told him which schools Andrew was taking you to, he said that he would get in touch with the wrestling coaches at those schools," Mr. Maloney said proudly. "Yeah he showed me all the emails from them, in which they expressed their hope that I would talk to them while I'm on campus this week," JP said with a cocky smirk. "So I told Coach to say 'Yes, he'll be glad to meet you there' and he added my cell phone number to the email replies. Then the coaches can text me with the details." "And all this wouldn't have happened if Andrew hadn't offered to take you with him on his recruiting visits," Mrs. Maloney said, reaching up to put a hand on Andrew's massive shoulder. Andrew looked very embarrassed as JP's parents ushered Andrew inside to talk to him some more. "Where's your mom Matt?" JP asked, finally noticing that she was missing from the group. "She already went home, after leaving a packed suitcase here for me," Matt replied. "What did you and Andrew do at the high school?" JP ushered him into the house so that they could talk, leaving Mike and Carrie standing outside on the front walk. "Do you feel that we've been forgotten by Andrew over the last couple of days?" Mike asked Carrie. "No more than the past three years when Andrew spent a lot of time mentoring his current teammates," Carrie reminded him. "He didn't have to mentor you of course; your big brother Matt did a lot of that, as well as training Andrew for football before high school." "Yeah, Matt's mentoring of me and Andrew got us ready for high school football so that we played on the Varsity Team even during our Freshman Year," Mike remembered. "Of course, Coach Everson had Andrew and me be the back-ups to the Centre and the Left Tackle respectively that year. Then Carl left for Miami and Andrew took over at Centre and I got to start at Left Tackle in Grade Ten." "Good thing too, because the college recruiting started just last year: your second season as Starting Left Tackle," Carrie reminded him. Mike grinned and nodded, and Carrie added, "I'm a little surprised that no college coaches have recruited me for Girl's Hockey yet." "Ask to meet the Girl's Hockey coaches at each school we visit and you'll find lots of recruiters visiting you this fall," Mike predicted. Carrie grinned at Mike: pleased that for all his big muscles, he hadn't lost any of the intelligence that had let him tutor Andrew and Phil in exchange for weight training years ago. Carrie and Mike chatted for a few more minutes and then went into the Maloney house, where they found almost everyone talking in the living room. As Carrie looked around, she noticed that Andrew and JP were not there. "Where are Andrew and JP?" she asked Mr. Maloney. "JP took Andrew up to his room to show off all his wrestling newspaper stories and trophies," Paul replied proudly. Carrie nodded in understanding: pleased that Andrew had found another protégé after not having one the previous year. Up in his bedroom, JP was proudly showing Andrew all the newspaper clippings and trophies from his high school wrestling career. "This is very impressive JP; you have really achieved great athletic success in only two years," Andrew congratulated him. "And you're a District Finalist as well." "Probably nothing compared to what you've achieved Andrew; you actually won the District Title." "Yeah, but this coming wrestling season, you'll win the State Championship JP," Andrew predicted with an encouraging smile. JP smiled as Andrew had once again made him feel better. "What did you want to do now Andrew?" "Help you pack for the college road trip that starts next week, but perhaps I should see Ryan's room first." "What for Andrew?" JP asked with an angry look on his face. "I want an objective view of the kind of guy he is," Andrew replied. "A look in his room is the best glance I will get at his character since he probably decorated itself." "Fine, let's get it over with so that we can plan our trip," JP agreed reluctantly. He led Andrew to Ryan's room and opened the door, revealing all the posters of scantily-clad women all over the walls. "Well, that certainly reveals Ryan's true character with one look," Andrew realized. "On my walls at home, I have football players banging heads on the field." "So now you see how different you and Ryan are, which explains why I think of you as my big brother instead of him," JP explained, closing Ryan's door again. Andrew nodded and followed JP back to his room to help him pack for the road trip. About an hour later, Andrew and his two friends said goodbye to JP and his family and headed back to their hotel. Once there, Andrew told Carrie that he wanted to talk to JP's brother on Skype. "Okay Andrew, I'll just go have a shower before bed," Carrie said. "Have fun talking to your new friend." Andrew had told her all about his talk with Ryan earlier that evening. "I will Carrie, and I'm going to wear my ODCVI football t-shirt so that he can see just how big and strong I am," Andrew said with a smirk. "Fine, have fun playing 'Who's the Alpha' with Ryan," Carrie laughed. "See you later Big Man," "That's 'Huge Man' to you 'Little Girl'," Andrew teased her with a mock glare. Carrie laughed and headed into the bathroom to have her shower. Andrew pulled out his Motorola Razor and texted Ryan. Then he activated Skype and waited. ================================= Meanwhile, at a club in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Ryan's cell phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket with a frown. "Sorry babe, I've been expecting this text," he apologized to the hot girl he was in the middle of kissing. He read the text and grinned when he realized that Andrew was ready to start their Skype Chat. "I'm going to talk to my new friend, and he'll show me how to get even bigger and stronger for you next time," he promised her emptily. Ryan stepped back and quickly found Luke so that he could tell him where he was going. Then he headed out of the club, after promising to pick Luke up later, and drove back to their hotel to talk to Andrew. Perfect, Ryan thought to himself as he drove. Andrew will teach me how to become really big and strong so that I can give the girls more pleasure than they've ever dreamed of! And I'll be big enough to smash that dweeb brother of mine into pieces, as well as all opposing players in the games this season! Ryan was still grinning about his foolproof strategy to get Andrew's help when he pulled into the hotel parking lot. He stepped out of his car, put on his best arrogant jock face, and sauntered into the lobby, grinning like a cat at all the pretty girls he passed by. But this time, he didn't talk to any of them, he was too eager to see his new friend Andrew face-to-face. Once he got up to his hotel room, he went inside, opened up his laptop and activated Skype. As the image on the screen resolved into focus, Ryan's jaw dropped as he saw what was on the screen. ================================= Andrew smirked as he saw the look of shock on the face of the black-haired, green-eyed jock on his laptop screen. "Ryan Maloney?" Andrew asked, just to make sure he was talking to the right person. The big guy on the screen nodded silently; still too shocked to speak. "I'm JP's new friend Andrew Pearson." He waited for almost a minute before Ryan got up his nerve to finally say something. "How are you man?" "Oh just fine; I had lots of fun on the Central High football field showing off my football skills for Coach Palmer," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. Part of him realized he should probably act more humble, but then he realized that he had finally found someone who would approve of him acting like an arrogant jock. "I threw a pass that went the entire length of the field and knocked JP off his feet when he tried to catch it!" Ryan's look of shock intensified and then a fleeting look of concern appeared on his face. It was quickly erased by an arrogant smirk, however. "Did that little dweeb run home and cry to Mommy about it?" he sneered. "Be careful Ryan; that's my new protégé you're talking about," Andrew warned him, his protective instincts flaring up. "And he told me how he was once yours." "Yeah he was," Ryan said, remembering his last workout with JP less than fondly. "Sorry about that Andrew; my brother and I just don't get along anymore." "Did you want to talk about it Ryan?" Andrew asked. "It won't go any further than the two of us, since my girlfriend isn't in here with me." "Okay Andrew, and then we can talk about more exciting things: like your upcoming recruiting visit to Virginia Tech," Ryan agreed. "And I will email you the video that Coach Palmer emailed me of my exploits on the Central High School football field," Andrew offered. "Then you can forward it to your football coach at Tech." "Good thinking Andrew," Ryan agreed. He began telling Andrew about how his little brother JP had followed him around everywhere all his life and then started bugging him about working out when he got to high school. So Ryan began teaching him to work out, but he never imagined JP would take to it so well and get close to surpassing him. So Ryan gradually removed himself from his brother's workouts, especially after the events of three months before, and their relationship was practically non-existent since then. "That sounds rough man," Andrew said sympathetically, realizing that JP felt the same way. "I went through something similar with one of my good friends about seven years ago." "Tell me about it Andrew; I can listen while I watch the video you sent me," Ryan said, opening up the email attachment. So Andrew told Ryan all about his failed friendship with Steve, basically repeating word-for-word the same things he had told JP the night before. Like JP before him, Ryan was amazed at how similar his experiences were to Andrew's. "So what do you think Ryan?" Andrew asked, once he had finished telling Ryan everything. "That's an amazing story Andrew, and I can see that we have a lot more in common than just being great football players," Ryan replied sincerely. All thoughts of acting like an arrogant jock in front of Andrew were gone, and he felt that he could finally be himself with his new friend, which was a great relief for him. "Your video is amazing as well, and my coach at Tech will be really excited to see it." "More excited than you are Ryan?" Andrew teased him, trying to lighten the mood. "Yeah man," Ryan replied with a big grin. "But I'm excited to meet you in person as well, and I'll talk to Coach and get an Unofficial Recruiting Visit set up for you at Tech later this summer." "Thanks man," Andrew said gratefully, sensing that their conversation was wrapping up. "Well, I look forward to it, but right now, I'm going to have a shower and go to bed. Do you want me to say hi to JP for you when I see him again tomorrow morning?" "No Andrew, I will when I see him again," Ryan replied seriously. "And do me a favour." "What's that Ryan?" Andrew asked him. "Don't talk about my brother anymore with me unless I ask you about him," Ryan said. "No problem Ryan," Andrew agreed. "Text me later if you want to have another Skype chat." "I will man; just email me your travel plans so I know where you'll be tomorrow night," Ryan said. "Sure thing man; talk to you later," Andrew said, preparing to sign off. "See you Andrew," Ryan said, just before he ended the conversation. Andrew sat back in his desk chair and stared at the blank screen for a moment: thinking hard. Hopefully one day I'll be there when Ryan and JP have fixed their relationship and then I won't have to choose which one to be friends with, he thought to himself. Then he heard Carrie calling him from the bathroom. "Andrew, I'm ready to have another shower: this time with you!" Andrew grinned, stood up, and headed into the bathroom, looking forward to having lots of fun with his girlfriend before they went to bed. * FINALLY FINISHED * COMING SOON: - The Road Trip to Ohio State - The Ohio State Recruiting Visit itself - JP gets a head start on his own college recruiting process thanks to Andrew My website page for this chapter: http://seanspictures.webs.com has a picture from Google of what I imagine Ryan would look like. Just click on the link for Chapter 5 and go halfway down to see it.
  21. Ok, first attempt sorry for the grammar mistakes.. enjoy! I was in my car the other day. I was late for work so I was driving pretty fast. I was at a few blocks from my office when suddenly, after turning at the traffic lights, I had to stop because of THAT. In front of my car was standing a man, but not sure it was in effects human. He was enormous. Must have been 6,8’ high, short hair and unshaved face. His neck was wide as his head, ripped and slightly crossed by veins. His traps were huge and totally deformed the collar of the T-shirt he was wearing. It was a very old, worn-out yellow shirt, it had something written on it but it was not readable anymore, part because letters were almost totally faded, and most of all because of the huge balloons he had for pecs, that distorted the writing. It seemed like he was hiding two basketballs under that consumed shirt, that was so damnly stretched by the torso underneath, that I wondered how it could still resist from tearing apart. It was almost a second skin for this man, but formed some cloth bridge between a pec-mound and the other. It continued following the wide lats but couldn’t cover the whole abdomen. The eight juicy packs were pushed ahead by a bloated roid-gut. I could notice some veins through the fabric. His shoulders were gigantic bowling-balls, and under those hung two arms that made me almost choke as I realized how big they were. They must have been 25 inches unflexed, but pretty defined so it was all raw muscle. The biceps looked like melons, totally covered by engorged veins, and the triceps were so developed that almost doubled the arm thickness. The sleeves tried to cover those bulging masses, strained in the effort and almost ripping. The forearms were like a gross mass of throbbing veins covering a ham bigger than my thigh. He was wearing a pair of jeans that looked like painted on his legs. His quads were gigantic, ripped like hell and covered in veins, visible through the fabric. I gulped as I saw his crotch, that bulged obscenely trying to hide what it seemed to be a monster. It was pushed to the front from the enormous mass of the legs, that left no space to accomodate such meat-and-balls, so that the jeans could barely cover the manhood. The wide, furry root was in fact partly visible. He was crossing the street with a man, wearing a suit and having a cell-phone conversation, and a blonde, short-haired woman wearing a tailleur and sun-glasses. The business-couple had already arrived to the sidewalk, but the hulking man stopped in the middle of the street, turned into my direction and looked at me. I almost died, partly scared and partly turned-on, but he wasn’t looking right at me, he was just looking at my car, standing a few feet from him. He suddenly smirked arrogantly, had a step towards the car and squatted. The expression on his face changed and became serious. I heard some noise coming from under the front of the car and in a moment I was going up. This freak was lifting my car with me inside!! The red, vein-covered mass of muscles that was his neck and traps, and the bulging pecs inflating under the yellow T-shirt now almost covered all of my visual. First only the front, but soon all the car was floating over the street, held in the air by the giant that I could hear hard-breathing and grunting a few feet from my face. It lasted some seconds that seemed an eternity to me, and then the car started to go down again. The muscle-monster laid the car on the street, the smile turned back on his face, that was totally red for the effort. His body had changed in the meanwhile. He was even bigger now, blood refilling his bloated muscles through veins that now looked like ropes criss-crossing over his now 27-or-so-inches-upperarms, his neck and torso. The clothes had serious rips that showed parts of this God-like body underneath. The mountains he had for pecs went up and down with the respiration, and between those two globes was now resting the head of the biggest cock I have ever seen. The head was like a big grapefruit, and the column of throbbing flesh covered in veins was thicker than my forearm. The shaft was dripping a large amount of pre-cum that was forming a wet spot on the shirt, in the middle of the muscle-boobs. His balls were not clearly visible, beeing the only part still covered by the jeans, but the crotch was still pretty fullfilled by the mass inside. The button of the jeans had been shot away by the swelling manhood. The freak had another deep breath or two, turned to the business couple and shouted “THIS is how strong I am!!”. Then he bounced his pecs a couple of times and flexed a left bicep that made me almost faint in his over 30” girth, while with his right arm tried to reaccomodate the leaking monster, slowly turning soft again, in the straining jeans, partly tore apart by the massive thighs, now visible between the shreds. The suited man was still holding the phone but certainly was not paying attention to the conversation anymore, accordingly to his mouth that was totally open in disbelief. The woman seemed to have no reactions, except for an eyebrow lifted behind the sunglasses and a little smile on her red lips. The hulk, still trying to put his monster-hose back in the pants, now using both freaking arms to the purpose, walked slowly to join the couple, then the three of them entered into a black van and drove away. I was still immobile, slowly started to breathe, and looked all around myself trying to understand what had just happened. This is when I noticed the wet spot in my pants, I had one of the biggest orgasms ever according to the wideness of the dark spot and I hardly remembered it. I thought it was a better idea to turn the car and go back home, no work today…
  22. theft

    Two The next morning Brad awoke with a strange feeling: the mixture of too many beers and the pride of being a DEXAMENI-frat member buzzed around in his head. He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked around the unfamiliar room. He was laying in a bed against the left wall, the bed against the opposite wall was empty but the sheets were tossed on it. He tried figuring out how he'd gotten there. All he remembered was the initiation, the first two beers and then everything was blurry. "A shower would do some good", he said to himself as he sat up in his bed and tossed his sheets aside. He noticed he'd worn his boxers to bed. He tried stepping out of the bed but his spinning head made him pause for a second. The door opened and he looked up. "Ah, ya're awake, roomie", Brock said as he entered the room. "Roomie?", Brad asked while his buddy, wearing nothing but a towel rapped his waist, closed the door and turned around. "Yeah, Keith agreed you moved in with me since we're friends. Normally the new guys have to stay together in the other part of the building but I convinced him to let ya stay with me", Brock replied. "Thanks, buddy." "Don't mention it", Brock stated with a grin, " Ya really let yourself go at the party. I carried ya upstairs to our room. Ya were too wasted to make it up the stairs. Ya passed out in my arms. Ya didn't even hear me get up an hour ago for my morning workout." "A shower would be a got idea", Brad said and stepped out of his bed. He walked over to the center of the room but his 45 pound heavier friend didn't move and blocked his way to the door. "There are some rules around the house ya don't know yet, rookie", Brock said. "What do you mean, B.?", Brad asked and looked into his friend's eyes. "Well, I'm the senior member here. Second in line after Keith. So ya have to do what I say", Brock said as he placed his hands on his hips to flare his lats and emphasize the width of his 229 pound body. Brad nodded as he took in the size of his best friend's pumped arms. A hint of jealousy going through him since he'd always envied Brock's good muscle building genes. "I could use a blowjob right now", Brock said. "No way", Brad blurted out. He gulped as he saw the look on the bigger man's face. Brock folded his pumped arms in front of his chest, making the mounds of muscle that were his biceps swell into the rack of pecs. Brad reluctantly fell down to his knees and looked up at the veins snaking along the cords of muscle in his buddy's forearms. He reached for the towel when the 45 pound bigger man began laughing. "Got ya", Brock said as he exploded in laughter, "Man, ya should have seen your face. Priceless!". He grabbed his buddy's armpits and hoisted him up to his feet. "You mean I don't have…", Brad began. "Na. I could make ya, but you're my friend", Brock stated, "Serious though, if ya want a good blowjob let me know. One of the new members from last year is great at giving head. Might gonna see him right now". Brad noticed the stirring motion beneath his best friend's towel. "Shower's in the hallway", Brock said as he disappeared from their room. The semester went by like a breeze: Brad had the time of his life in the DEXAMENI-frat. He enjoyed the friendship of his roommate who kept watching his back. Every time one of the older frat members wanted to put him up with some humiliating chore, Brock would show up and say that he was his personal rookie and made him carry his shoes or gym bag while the others laughed at him. They kept working out daily, pushing each other to their limits. Brad had managed to gain three more pounds, now brushing 185 pounds of ripped muscle. Brock on the other side put on another 12 pounds, making him a whopping 241 pounds of bulky mass, his arms now measuring nearly 23 inches cold. Some of his newly gained mass was fat though, a role of lard began obscuring the bottom row of his muscle gut, but being the biggest guy on the football team was more important to Brock than a ripped six-pack. A week before the Christmas holiday, Brad walked into their room. His eyes went wide as he stepped in. Brock was lying naked on his bed while some small wrestler was nestled between his thick quads and sucking him off. "Jeez, I'm sorry", Brad muttered as he backed away. "Get in and close the door, rookie!", Brock ordered as he looked up to his roommate. Brad closed the door and stood in the center of the room, staring at the incredible scene in front of him. He actually felt his own dick hardening in his pants as he looked at the small, yet muscular wrestler sucking his buddy's 10 inch pole with gusto. "YEAUGHN", Brock groaned deeply, his meaty chest flexing as he blasted his load down the wrestler's eager throat. "Good one, Jay", he said as he gently ruffled the wrestler's hair. Brad watched as the wrestler got up and noticed the large wet stain on the guy's tented boxers. "You've such a hot body", the wrestler said as he rubbed his hands along the masses of meat atop Brock's chest. Brock bounced his meaty pecs under the guy's grasp and looked at his roommate. "Ya want a blowjob too, Brad?", he asked. "Na, I'm good", Brad replied. "Your loss. Jay's got the best mound on campus", Brock said and clenched his fist to make his right bicep harden under the wrestler's touch. "Wow", Jay said as his hands were pried open by the orb of steely meat. "Ya can train with me after the holidays like I promised, Jay", Brock said, "Now leave me and my roomie to it. Happy holidays". He threw a double bicep and sent the wrestler off. Just as Jay passed by Brad he said to him: "The offer stands. If you want a blowjob, let me know. Brock said you have a great body too". Brock exploded in laughter as he saw the dazzled expression on his friend's face as the wrestler left their room. "Told ya he's real good. He came up to me the first week he'd gotten in the frat and offered me a blowjob right there in the showers! He's even more into my body as I am. Ya should really give it a try, buddy. So, what's up?". "Problems at home", Brad said as he sat down on his bed, "You mind putting on some clothes?". "A shame to hide any part of this body", Brock replied and slowly rubbed his hand along his bulky frame and gave his deflating 10 incher a good squeeze. He did pull on his boxers. "My little brother dropped out of high school and is in constant fights with my parents. Some holiday I'm up for", Brad said. "Why don't ya ask him to stay here on campus. He could sleep here in the frat house, most of the guys are going home. I'm staying since I'm an orphan so ya don't have to be here alone with him", Brock replied as he walked over to his roommate's bed and sat down next to him. "Sounds pretty good to me. But I'll never convince my parents", Brad stated and looked into his buddy's eyes. "I'll give 'em a call. Say ya have some stuff to do on campus", Brock said and patted his friend's back. "Tell them my brother's in for some pre-student program", Brad said and thanked his best friend. Brock indeed managed to convince Brad's parents and a week later his brother arrived on the nearly deserted campus. A faint knock on the wooden doors of the frat house echoed through the hallway. Brock opened the door and looked down on the skinny boy standing there. "Little T.", he said with a grin as he recognized Brad's little brother Tristan. Tristan instinctively stepped back as he looked at his older brother's massive friend. Despite having turned 18 a few weeks earlier, Tristan looked like puberty had completely forgotten him. Standing 5'5 and weighing a measly 124 pounds, he looked like an emaciated kid. Even the thick hoodie and the baggy jeans he was wearing couldn't hide his skinny frame. Brock looked into the small boy's dark brown eyes and felt a bit uneasy, despite outweighing him by more than 100 pounds. Tristan just stared back into the huge man's eyes. He noticed the unease and a smug grin formed on his lips. He'd always used his intellect to mess with his jock brother and Brock, enjoying their stupid reactions. "So", he asked, "Can I come in or do I have to stay out here?". "Oh, sure thing, little T. Come on in. I'll show yar room", Brock said moved aside to let the small boys enter. "You're getting fat, Brock", Tristan said as he squeezed his frail body between the wall and the huge man's muscle gut, "Jeez, you're taking up half the corridor with your bulk". "Biggest man in the house and on the football team", Brock said with pride and flexed his right arm in front of his torso, making his 23 inch gun harden in a veiny, striated orb of meat. Tristan stared at the round ball of hard meat and shook his head. "If I want to see some dumb meat, I'll watch some cows. Just show my room. Then you can go back at mindlessly pumping iron to compensate", he said in a harsh tone. Brock relaxed his pose. "Let me grab yar bag", he said to break the tensed atmosphere. He tossed the bag over his broad shoulder and silently led the small boy to his room, wondering why the guy didn't admire his muscles like the others. Even though he could squash him like a bug, Tristan always made him feel somewhat unsecure. "Here we are", he said as he opened a door in a deserted hallway, "If ya need anything, let me know. Yar bro and I are staying on the other side of the house. I'll come get ya for diner", Brock said and left the small boy. He closed their door behind him and went for the gym. Tristan looked around the room but couldn't get the image of Brock's huge body from his mind. He'd always had a crush on the guy ever since he'd seen him shirtless, comparing his muscles to Brad's. Since then, Brock had only grown bigger and he'd often jerked off thinking off the guy's big muscles. He'd only played cool and uninterested to avoid being caught. Now, having stared at Brock's bulk stretching his tank top to the max, his cock was raging hard since the huge man had opened the door. Tristan unbuttoned his pants, pulled his throbbing 5 incher from his briefs and began stroking his hot shaft. Within seconds, he blew a watery, meager load, thinking about Brock's beastly body. He pulled his pants back on and got unpacked. A few hours later Brock returned from the gym with Brad. They found Tristan sitting in the kitchen, quietly eating dinner. "Hey, little bro. Heard you dropped out of high school", Brad said. "So?", Tristan replied without looking up. "Cool with me", Brad stated a bit uneasy. "Let's eat too", Brock said to break the tension. He knew Brad and Tristan had never really gotten along. "Good workout, man. Still feeling pumped", he said to Brad while he bounced his pumped pecs. Tristan looked up as he finished his meal and saw the meaty mounds of muscle dance atop the huge man's chest. "Lucky I'm done eating. One could easily lose his appetite looking at a half naked man with a role of fat protruding from his gut", he said while his cock hardened in his pants. "Sorry", Brock replied uneasily and put on a shirt he pulled from his gym bag. "Little bro. It's Brock who got the idea to invite ya over. So ya could get some distance from man and dad. So show him some gratitude", Brad said to his brother. "Wow, Brock. You're improving: you had an actual idea", Tristan answered instantly. He snickered as he noticed the embarrassment in the huge man's eyes. "I'm going to bed. Exhausted from the trip.", he said and disappeared from the kitchen. "I'm sorry, man", Brad said to his bigger friend, "I really thought my brother would thank ya for letting him stay here. I'll talk to him in the morning. So, nice record ya set on the bench today." A smile appeared on Brock's face when his buddy mentioned his new record. He felt testosterone flow through his 241 pound body just thinking of his lift. "I'm gonna trash our opponents on the football field. Can't wait to break the 250 pound mark", he said and groped his thick pecs. The confidence of being the biggest man around returning to him. The rest of the week went by as it had started: Tristan stayed in his room most of the time, avoiding his brother and Brock as much as he could. Brad and Brock let the small guy alone and spent lots of time in the gym, constantly pushing each other. They decided to throw a party just for the three of them, hoping to take Tristan's mind off things at home. As they ended their workout, Brad said he would get the booze. He took a quick shower and went to the store, while Brock blasted out some more sets to make his 23 inch arms grow some more. Brock smiled at his reflection as he did a double bicep and saw his pumped arms. Brock arrived back at the frat house, pulled off his sweat-drenched workout gear and strutted into the mutual showers. He heard the water running and saw Tristan standing under the farthest shower head. He nodded at the small guy and took the shower next to his. He sighed as the hot water cascaded down on his beastly body. Tristan looked up in shock as he heard the heavy footsteps and saw Brock stepping up to him. He quickly turned around, facing the tilled wall as the man he secretly lusted for stood next to him. He felt blood flowing to his flaccid cock and focused on hiding his beginning boner. Brock began soaping his wide, muscle-filled frame and looked aside to the small boy standing next to him. Up close and without his baggy clothes the guy looked even wimpier. "Nice tan ya have", he said, giving Tristan a compliment to break the tension that somehow always appeared between the two of them. "So that's why you're always in the gym: to look at other guys' bodies", Tristan replied and glanced aside to look at Brock's pumped arms. A shiver went through him as the masses of hard meat, choked with veins bulged while the huge man soaped his body. Another jolt shot through his further hardening cock. "No, I…", Brock muttered, "I really mean it: ya look good. Wish I had a bronze tan like yours". He felt even less sure after his remark, like the small guy made him feel weak and helpless. "Thanks, I guess", Tristan answered coldly. He turned off the shower, getting ready to leave. He turned toward the tilled wall on his right, his small back facing the huge man next to him and his hands covering his half-hard dick. Brock noticed the skinny boy's back and decided he had to talk things through."Tristan, wait", he said as he turned off his own shower. He gently put his paw atop the boy's frail shoulders. Tristan jumped up as the huge man's paws covered his bony shoulders completely. "What the fuck are you doing, Brock?", he yelped in his high-pitched voice and tried to squirm free. "Calm down. I just want to talk.", Brock replied and gently spun the small boy around so he could look him in the eye.
  23. Arthur Thorn Part Two by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10588-arthur-thorn-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ " Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃmmmmmmmmm... ... ... Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃmmmmmmmmm... ... ... ... Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ... ... ... ..." "Arthur...what are you doing?" David Hamm, Arthur's boyfriend leaned the broad and built shoulders of his 6' 4" frame onto the doorway he was just four inches shy of filling in and crossed his bulbous arms that strained his short sleeves in front of his barreling chest which threatened to pop buttons off with deadly force, while he stood there smirking, his green eyes sparkling in the candle light while his burnt orange hair became high lighted by it with golden streaks. The same highlights appeared slightly on tuffs of hair poking over the collar of his t-shirt and in between the color of his policeman's uniform. "I am meditating. I told you I was going to be doing this today." Arthur just glanced a shy smile back towards David and then resumed position he's much shorter and lither body into sitting up straight in a cross-legged position. "I didn't think you'd start this early. What are you meditating on?" "You know what I'm trying to do. One of my friends suggested being hypnotised and maybe it'd get me over this slight obessession of giant sized bodybuilders with donky dicks..." "I thought you like me and my body." and David laughed. Arthur laughed and tossed one of his cushions towards David's head as best as his scrawny arms could do. "I'm serious. You know what I mean. How I just think about it all the time, how I feel I should somehow be it, become it." "I've always told you I'd be happy to take you in to work out with me. What could be better than having your boyfriend help give you the dream you've always wanted." "David... at late twenties going into thirties I doubt you're training is going to be able to make my height dreams come true, nor is my cock going to grow any more." "Yeah, but your muscles would. You find guys like Lee Priest or 'Flex' Wheeler still sexy, don'cha?" "Yesssss.... but it's just not the same. That's why I want to try and get rid of and control these feelings, urges. I've got my giant hulk for a boy friend, that's good enough. Why keep thinking on a goal that's never going to happen. Has no way to happen, unless some sort of deity like miracle occurs?" "Well, just don't waste your whole day off with this. I don't want you all zoned out when I get home. I've got your favorites in the crock pot and chillin' in the fridge. It's romance night tonight, bro. Besides I don't want the whole house to smell like....what is that you're burning?" "It's a combination of herbs and such made into an incense. I was told it would aid me in this chanting to bring focus to my mind and thus peace to it. Surpisingly though there was a huge run on incense down at the local herbs and magic shop so I had to get what was left.... if I remember correctly what I could get was cedar, apple.....as.....asphodel.....yew.....thyme....myhrr..... and I think I got the last of the frankensence as well." "uh-huh.....right.... Well, try to burn all of it; it stinks. And what are you saying?" "Oh my friend gave me a number of various chants from Hindu and Tibetan beliefs." "I see........ I don't know a thing about any of this stuff. Maybe that's what drew me to you. Cute little twink with a dark mysterious side." "I put a spell on you....and now you're mine..." David laughed hard. "I love you, goof nut. Come here and give your man a kiss before he heads out to protect and serve." Arthur stood up at once, spun on his heels to face David, then ran to him and leaped into his arms, wrapping his legs around David's tight waist, and the encircled his arms around the marble column of a neck after an attempt of grabbing around the chest failed. David caught him easily and the lip locked long, hard, and deep, Arthur kissing David extremely deeply for some reason. "Whoa...... forget the incense...that kind of lovin' is gonna make me swoon. Can't do that. You don't have the ability to drag me to the bedroom." "True, but I could just strip you in this doorway and have my way with you." "One more kiss. Mmmmmwuah! And off I go. Love you." "Love you too." And with that David left for work while Arthur sat back down in the meditative position and looked at the list his friend gave him. "Hmmmmmmmm let's try this next chant.... Om Namah Shivaya.... Om Namah Shivaya...." ************************************************************************* "Hey, babe I home fro-auck.... a-huh....." Immediately upon opening the door and stepping inside, David could feel the air being sucked out of his lungs and his eyes beginning to water. He stepped backwards through the front door of his house and began a coughing fit. Meanwhile his neighbor, who was one the front porch of his house, stood up and looked gravely concerned at the amount of smoke pooring out the door. "David!... DAVID! Is your house on fire!" "No... waaaaa-huh a-huh.... I don't think so, but there is a ton of smoke. Have you seen Arthur?" "I don't think he's come out all day." "Oh god! Max, come stand here at my front door. I've got to run in and see if I can find Arthur." "Wait one second..." Max ran into his house and then back back with dripping wet dish towel. "Tie this around your face. It'll help filter the smoke as you try to breathe." David grabbed the towel, tied it, and ran back into the house. He ran back to the den figuring that's where he'd find Arthur and sure enough there he was slumped over in his meditative position. In the fire place the bulk of Arthur's incense purchase, enough for a month's worth of meditation, was nearly completely burned up. Running towards the fireplace, David popped the flue open and then ran to the large den window and threw it open wide. The he ran and picked up Arthur as easy as can be although the strain caused havoc with his uniform and t-shirt underneath as both ripped down the back and the t-shirt screamed at the flexing of the arms and then the rush of blood they received from the pump of picking Arthur up. Dashing through the corridors, David ran out the front door with Arthur and collapsed on the front yard. Gently laying Arthur down, he looked at his boyfriend for signs of movement. "Oh god... He's not breathing... HE'S NOT BREATHING!" David went to place his hands onto Arthur's chest, but Max grabbed a hold of his wrist and calmly looked and him and told him, "You call for help. In your state in that body, you might break a rib...or two...plus his sternum and collar bones. I've got this." And as Max began CPR on Arthur, David clicked on the walkie-talkie on his shirt and cried out, "This is 2 Adam 5 10-10A, I need EMS at 22 Stone Avenue for a victem of Smoke Inhalation." "Copy 2 Adam 5 10-10. EMS is in route. We'll have their dispatch call your cell phone. Dispatch out." David fell back on to his hands in the grass and continued to cough through the wet twoel on his face, while staring at Max who was still working on his boyfriend in the grass. Suddenly Arthur began to weakly move his hands as if trying to push something, and through weakly gasped breaths of air called out, "Pressing on me.... pressing on me....why can't I move it? Why can't I move it!" Max stopped administering CPR, but he and David both wondered what Arthur was mumbling about. ****************************************************************************** Three and half months later, after the accident, they had figured out that it was the result of a combination of two things: one Arthur had managed to put himself into a deep trance, making him unaware of his surroundings, and two, a mild earth quake had occured, the shaking causing one of the incense cones to fall over and thus ignite the entire bunch of incense supplies Arthur had bought. In his trance Arthur never noticed the house filling up with too much incense smoke, and apparently the smoke detectors needed their batteries changed. Arthur had gone off to do meditations in the woods now, so as to breath in clean air and not aggrivate his lungs. Coming back home, he entered through the back door and nearly exited from the same when the lights came on and a screaming din of the word, "SURPRISE!" was yelled at him by many familiar faces. Staggering forward, Arthur reached out to wrap an arm around David for support and leaned into him almost like a shy child trying to hide behind his father. Scattered throughout the room was Ted Hamm, David's father; Henry & Roselynn Thorn, Arthur's parents; Rose & Ivy Thorn, Arthur's younger twin sisters; Maude McFessel, Arthur's friend from art college; Josh Dauber, Arthur's best friend; Quinn Williams, Arthur's former lover, but just good friends; Jasmine Arkiros, Arthur's dealer; Ian Francis, David's personal trainer, and several artists and workers of the gallery in which Arthur displays his work. After around of games, and a round of drinks, fine food provided by the best junk food places in town, topped off with a double chocolate fudge, chocolate icing birthday cake, the party broke up and Ian was in the bedroom stripped down to his underwear deciding what he would wear to bed: pajamas, t-shirt and underwear, t-shirt and pajama shorts... He had almost backed into the master suite bathroom doorway but stopped when he felt the breeze of air that indicated it had just been opened. David now stepped heavily behind him. Arthur could feel the heat of the hot shower body rising off of Davids's body. He could smell the cleanness of the shower water, the perfume of the soap, the musk of David's manly scent all filling his sinuses to capacity and mixing together in a heady scent that was almost as bad at the incense he purchaed month's ago. One of David's feet now came underneath him, standing heel to heel with Arthur's own foot. Arthur looked down in anticipation and awe, an excitement welling up inside of him that he knew would cause him to burst out of his body. Glancing down he saw the mighty and muscular foot of David in its entire naked size 16 US shoe, a full 3 inches longer than size 7 shoe and it seemed nearly twice as wide. Arthur swooned backward at the sight, and placed his hands to catch himself on the door frame, but instead his hands made contact with David's thighs. He could feel the the deep crevices, the mounding bulges off the three tear drop shapes as David rolled and popped them as he flexed each thigh back and forth. Arthur could feel these criss-crossing ridges, feel heat from them, feel a flow from them, feel a beat from them. Arthur swallowed hard and thought to himself. "Awww damn... ... .... He's not only just taken a shower, but he's done just enough of a workout to give himself a good pump and engorge his veins. ... ..." Arthur swooned again, this time his whole torso leaned back and that back, shoulders, neck and and his head to feel and measure the size of his boyfriend and what a mountain of muscle he was. Arthur's head only came up to David's shoulders. That head and neck could feel only Davids protruding pecs and just the great crevice between them at that. The shoulders and back could only feel this great wall of cobblestones or brick that moved in and out and rolled as David breathed. That receeded at Arthur's touch and pinched and caught Arthur's fingers in the deep recesses and held them with the individual bubble loaf formations that felt as hard as stone. David lifted up his mighty hands, like bear paws they were and he began to rub them up and down Arthur's shoulders, delts, and upper arms. Ocassionally he squeeze and cupped them, moving them down to hold Arthur's biceps with just a thumb and forefinger. But this time David slowed his rythm and began to caress Arthur a little more exploratory. "Babe, have you been working out?" "Kind of." and David could feel the blood rush up Arthur's body into his face. "I've not been tossing weight around, but to get rid of some of the.... I don't know.... anxiety? of trying to control this obsession I've been performing the excersizes on the health track out at the park. You know, the sit up bench, the dip bars, the stair climb and calve lifts." "I can tell. I can feel it." "Yeah, well, I'm still a stick figure. Especially compared to you my handsome hulk." Pushing his arms back he could feel David's own massive lats pushing back on them and proving they would give in not one inch. Arthur's hands began to latch onto and creep up David's forearms, the fingertips gliding and tracing the veins from the hands up the forearms as much as he could reach. The was a low moan suddenly from Davice and then Arthur could feel this knob begin to press through his underwear at his butt. It seemed like it was going to try and pentrate both his underwear and him, but it began to move up and up and up, the knob growing into a large, thick rod, that pulsed with a beat and heat, filling the crack of his ass like a bratwurst fills up a hot dog bun, and that knob still rose a little higher hitting the small of Arthur's back. David was a fully erect 8.5 inches. "Oh gawd....Arthur.... you know it drives me wild when you trace my veins.... .... ..." Arthur spun around and pressed David's cock between David's upper groin region and the middle of Arthur's abs. He burried his face in the middle of the ginger giant's pectorals, letting the auburn chest hair tickle his closed eyes, his nose, his lips, and his face. Arthur called out muffled by the cavernous chest, "And what does it do if I reach out and feel your muscles up. Marvel at their strength and size, comment on how your thighs are bigger round than my torso?" Suddenly he felt few drops and little wet spot happen between him and David. Looking up, Arthur cried, "Come on, big man, show me how big and strong you are!" And with that David grabbed Arthur by the waist and hoisted him up in the air. He then slowly brought him down on his mighty rod, after quickly, forcefully, and with ease, stripping the underwear, ripping it clean, off Arthur's body. Arthur then wrapped his legs around David's torso and began to run his hands up and down David's arms, cupping and squeezing the bicep of the upper arm, tracing all major rivers and rivlettes of the blood vessles, burying hia nose into David's pits and then sucking on one of David's nips, hoping and praying that the muscle milk he's read about in so many muscle growth stories, would start gushing out and fill his belly until it extended out like a pregnant woman. "AAAAUUUGH FUCK!" David went ridgid in his stance for a few moments and Arthur could feel his hole being flooded with David's seed. David quickly walked him and Arthur to the bed where after pushing Arthur up just a little, soon attached a a strap to his prick at the base and then smiled down at Arthur. Tonight was going to be a fun and long evening. ********************************************************************* Late in the evening after Arthur and David had fallen asleep, David was awoken by Arthur tossing and turning in bed. "Babe, what is it? Are you okay?" David tried to wake Arthur up by gently shaking him on the shoulder, but he just couldn't seem to do it. Arthur was flailing his hands and arms about trying to kick his legs, but it looked as though they were weighted down. "Oh gawd! Pressing on me! Pressing on me! Press....ing.... on ....me..... Why can't I move it? Why can't I move it!" Flipping round so that he straddled Arthur's crotch, David tried to grab a hold of both of Arthur's shoulders. "Arthur! Baby! Wake up! It's a bad dream. It's just a bad dream! What are you talking about you can't move it?" Suddenly Arthur's hands reached out and pushed against David's shoulders and chest. "Why....can't.....I move..... it!" The pushing went on for a number of minutes until Arthur changed hand positions and one of his hands went down to David's crotch and the other between a shoulder and pec. Still chanting out "Why can't I move it!" Arthur's hands and arms began to move with David on top of them. David became paralysed in awe and fear as Arthur suddenly raised David off of himself and then into a military press position over his head as Arthur, still sleeping, sat up in bed. "Arthur...ARTHUR! Wake up! This isn't normal. My gawd.... what's happening to you?" "Why can't I move it? WHY CAN'T I MOVE IT! C'MON! COME OOOOOOON! AUUUUUUUUUUGH!" Suddenly David's crotch and shoulder began to burn and Arthur's arms began to tremble and he began to scream. Arthur screamed out a extremely loud "no" and then fell over sideways, falling off the bed onto the floor and sending David into the wall. Arthur woke up sobbing and screaming about his hands. Pulling them in and clutching them to his chest. Shakily David stood up on his knees and reached out for the light that had been knocked off the night stand during his toss and saw in the night his lover trembling, the skin on Arthur's hands and forearms having turned bright red and large blisters forming up and down them. Arthur collapsed unconcious, his breathing becoming extremely low, slow, and wheezy. David fumbled for the bed side phone and dialled 911. "Hello.... I need an ambulance at 22 Stone Avenue to pick up a.... a......burn victim?"
  24. Previous chapters: "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Precis, Introduction, Chapters 1 & 2 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapters 3, 4, 5 - White Cap Training / Hardcore Muscle / A Brief History of Casey Rockland "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapter 6 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapters 7, 8 - Hardcore Training, Part 1 / Tiffany's Talent "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapters 9, 10 - Good for Morale "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 11: Casey Meets the Muscle Squad "The Twenty" Chapter 12, Part 1: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match "The Twenty" - Chapter 12: Part 2 Casey vs. Karim Abdul: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match "The Twenty" - Chapter 13: After the Match "The Twenty" - Chapter 14: In Which Casey Discovers He Likes to Get Worshipped "The Twenty" - Chapter 15: Casey's First Interview with Sergeant Moster "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 16 - Hardcore Training Part 2: Casey’s First Herculaneum Workout, and What Happened After "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 17 - The Presentation "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 18 - Inside Zaftig's Lab: The Musclemen Revealed "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 19 - Further Encounters, Part 1 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress: Chapter 20 - Pose and Approve: Further Encounters, Part 2 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress: Chapter 21 - Sam and Casey "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress: Chapter 22 - Field Trips for Worship, Part 1 Precis: Valhalla Labs is a remote mountaintop Northern California military facility, overseen by genius muscle growth scientist Dr. Ira Zaftig and CO Staff Sergeant Rod Moster, a 7'-0" ripped and hung 395-pound black muscle giant. There, 18 extraordinary bodybuilder-soldiers live, train, and play together, overseen by Moster's strict rules and brutal regimen for muscular perfection. Known as Project Herculaneum, the men serve as Dr. Zaftig's lab rats, receiving regular injections of P-21, a specially developed enzyme that facilitates muscle and strength growth in the very few bodybuilders whose systems can withstand it. The goal: to create an army of supermen, whose strength, size, and combat skills are unparalleled in the modern military. Unfortunately for the Project, the soldiers' enhanced strength and dramatically increased muscular size is accompanied by a corresponding increase in priapic size as well, along with a rapidly diminishing sense of social restraint and inhibitions. And along the way, the men's extraordinary physiques prompt their own extreme muscle fantasies into a daily acting-out sexual reality. Into the mix comes young Casey Rockland, a lonely, handsome, super-hung 18-year old bodybuilding giant. Inducted by Dr. Zaftig into the top-secret government muscle strength and growth project, Casey comes to learn the ropes amongst the muscle giants, whose hunger for hardcore training is matched only by their sexual appetites and growing fantasies, including their insatiable appetite to receive muscle worship. Casey's innocence, simplicity, and his ever-growing need to receive equal doses of both love and muscle worship threaten the very core of the decade-long Project, itself only now approaching its full potential. Chapter 9: Good for Morale, Continued Oral was hardly uncommon in the compound. In fact, Moster encouraged it. And Zaftig was fascinated by the men’s hunger for it, though he never took part. Not long after starting a P21 protocol, each man had developed insatiable an insatiable need to suck and be sucked. Cocksucking was therefore more than just a healthy release for the men: it was now mandatory. And though none of them would acknowledge themselves to be 100% gay, part of their acceptance into the program relied on each man’s private original tendencies towards pansexuality, boosted as they were by the behavioral blockers of P21. Over the years, each of the bodybuilders in Project Herculaneum had at one time or another sucked every other bodybuilder’s cock to full release many dozens of times. Often it happened in the showers after training, but sometimes it was after meals, as well. And as all were superlatively endowed with astonishing penises of uncommon weight, size, length, beauty and girth, no one was disappointed. Even Abdul Karim took part, much to the surprise of everyone. Though he never talked about it, even appearing bored, the more observant men noted a gleam in his eye each time he bent to service Gunst. Oral was against the rules on rest days. By the time training days came around again, the musclemen were already laughing, slapping each other on the backs during meals, and smacking their lips in anticipation. Fucking was another matter. All the men had been vaccinated against the virulent STDs that had long ravaged the world, and were now immune to any infection, their antibodies remorselessly attacking any invader. Butt fucking was an art. The soldiers were all equipped with powerful machines, all endowed with superb glutes, and all highly in touch with the pure waves of pleasure broadcast by their sensitive prostates. Good muscle butt fucking was serious stuff. As all the men were huge, heavy, and powerfully strong, it was like heavy lifting crossed with pure animal pleasure: one bull fucking another bull. Vigorously. Group fucks of spirited, high-energy muscle daisy chains were a once-a-month event, seriously organized and generally preserved on video for the records. Wearing full black leather masks in order to remain as anonymous as possible, and with deep black satin robes covering their individually distinctive bodies, the men gathered in the dimmed mess hall and connected their dicks to the next asshole in a line-up deliberately arranged by Moster. Muscle worship was not part of the evening. The point was prostate manipulation and bonding. Still, private fucking was not discouraged. A few of the men had distinct preferences for one another as fuck buddy, even as the cocksucking was group-wide and free-for-all. Of course, Schumacher had been fucking them all for years – except for Karim, of course. Apart from the daisy-chain sessions, no one dared to even approach Killer Karim from the rear - if he valued his teeth, that is. But so far, as far as he knew, no one man in particular had privately fucked Joe Tiffany – apart from the scheduled group daisy-chain fucks, where Moster was careful to make sure that the connections varied from session to session. Schumacher had fucked him just once in a group session, although as always as always he was masked and gowned. He could see through Tiffany’s mask that his eyes were rolling back in his head in pleasure, and Schumacher wasn’t sure Tiffany knew who he was. He knew it was Joe Tiffany’s muscular rear he was fucking, however, sliding up and down his supercharged big cock. That butt was pure, beautiful gold, a magically shaped combination of soft skin and raw, ripped power that was mind-boggling in its balance and tireless in its energy. Tiffany had taken charge of the fucking, as he gave it to the taller muscleman in the chain ahead of him, powerfully blasting forward into the glutes ahead of him, and, in perfect timing, also pumping his animal butt up and down on Schumacher’s cock with furiously blind energy. For his part, Tiffany knew full well whose cock had impaled his perfect butt that night. He didn’t share this information. From that night, he had a plan. Another plan, that is. In reality, all of the men were deeply aware of whose butts they were servicing, and who was manfully plugging his own from behind. The men had spent too many hours together in the rec room, on the workout floor, in classes and in the showers, not to be able to instantly recognize and distinguish each of his buddies. The wearing of the robes was nothing but a farce, but still they conceded, secretly further aroused by the spectacle of the volumes of black fabric draped with alluring mystery over each man’s rippling physique. Still, from that night on, Joe Tiffany knew that Herman Schumacher was just the man to regularly plow his supple, needy, bodybuilder-cupcakes behind. All he had to do was train him just a little bit over the following few months to ensure that he was captive, obedient, and would always be on call whenever Tiffany was of a mind to be mindlessly fucked. In the mean time, at night in his quarters his oversized dildo was getting the workout he bought it to do during one of his rare trips to town. He would energetically shove it deep into his butthole, rear his head back, close his eyes, and dream of Schumacher’s likely powerful thrusts. And, as Moster always said to Dr. Zaftig, who wasn’t entirely comfortable with the ritual behind the group fucks, “They need more sex than ordinary men. A lot more sex. Their metabolisms demand it. Besides – “ And Zaftig would say with him, in unison, “It’s good for morale.” Waring was screaming in Gunst’s face. Steve Waring “Come on, asshole! What’s the matter, pansy ass? Can’t you do it? You’ve only done 12 so far, butthead. What’s the problem, 200 pounds too heavy for you to curl, baby boy?” Gunst’s face was screwed into a mask of lip-curling, teeth-crunching pain as he vainly tried to complete the 13th rep. His biceps were exploding. The veins in his neck stood out like steel cables. His face bloomed deep crimson. He screamed. He couldn’t do it. He strained and squeezed and tried again, and his arms froze mid-rep, unmoving, the biceps bulging with 23 inches of shattering power. Suddenly he threw the weight to the floor, where it crashed resoundingly, echoing throughout the compound. Waring jumped back a little to avoid getting hit by the bar. The other men never stopped work, nor did they look up. Moster strode over to them. “What’s the problem here, Private Gunst?” “I – I couldn’t do it, sir,” said Gunst, backing away and mopping his face with his huge hand. Ashamed, he lowered his head. Fountains of his sweat splashed onto the floor. Moster turned to Waring. “What set was he on?” “Sir, he had completed five sets of 15 reps each, sir.” “Successfully?” “Yes, sir.” Gunst glanced nervously down at Sergeant Moster’s twitching palm. Moster hadn’t punished anyone yet tonight for slacking, and he knew it was about time he’d want to show his authority over the men. He needn’t have worried. Moster smiled kindly. “That’s actually pretty damn good, Private Gunst,” said Sergeant Moster. “Waring, take care of this man, and then let’s see him try again.” “Yes, sir,” said Waring. The young bodybuilder quickly got to his knees, lifted Gunst’s pulsing cock out of his barely restraining jockstrap, brought it tenderly up to his lips, and began to suck it deeply. Gunst closed his eyes and reared his head back thankfully. Immediately his cock was at full erection, throbbing and pulsing in Waring’s mouth. On white cap nights, cocksucking was permitted on the workout floor only if approved by Moster. “Use your lips, Private,” directed Moster, “the way we’ve discussed. You know the way Private Gunst likes it.” Waring nodded eagerly and mouthed the young man’s giant throbbing organ. “Pump your hips, Gunst.” Gunst began manfully plowing Waring’s good-looking, All-American face. “Harder.” Gunst pumped harder, and the satisfying sucking sounds grew louder, adding to the din. Waring thoroughly licked the cock up and down its full length, and rubbed it against the two-day old beard stubble of his cheeks. “Scratchy,” moaned Gunst with pleasure, his eyes closed. He plunged in again. Tiffany nudged his darkly handsome training partner Private Lang, who was just finishing a set of pull-downs. “Check ‘em out,” he murmured, winking and pointing. Lang turned and smiled broadly at the dreamily cocksucking Waring. “Waring always was a good cocksucker,” he said, just a shade too loudly. “You have a problem, Private Lang?” Moster’s voice boomed through the room. Tiffany ducked his head towards the pull down machine. Lang went white. “No, sir,” he stammered. “I think you do. Get over here.” Here it comes, chuckled Gunst to himself, watching the intimidated Lang stumble forward meekly as Waring, below, hungrily sucked his throbbing big cock. “Go get your punishment, man,” whispered a grinning, sweating Corporal Lefevre, punching the shame-faced Lang on the shoulder as he passed. Alvarez watched expressionlessly. “Take it like a man,” he murmured Alvarez as Lang passed him. He flashed a hard look at Tiffany. He knew what he was doing, getting Lang on the hot seat. He’d pay. Later. The hot seat. Indeed. 5’-11”, 280-pound Lang, streamlined with ripped, striated muscle and dripping with sweat, approached Moster and stood at rigid attention before him. He saluted. Sighing, acting as though he were resigned to the inevitable task of discipline before him, the giant Sergeant Moster sat heavily on one of the benches. By now the men were all looking away in a mix of nervousness, embarrassment, eagerness and excitement. Lang stood motionless, staring straight ahead in perfect attention, dreading the humiliation about to befall him. “Was something funny, Lang?” “No, sir.” “You don’t find Private Waring funny?” Lang glanced nervously at Waring, who greedily sucked cock. “No, sir.” “What are the rules, Private?” “We are respectful of the need for regular oral stimulation, sir.” “And why are we?” “It’s good for morale, sir.” “Was your comment good for morale, Lang?” Lang was ashamed. “No, sir.” “No. Let’s get to it, Private.” “Yes, sir.” Lang relaxed his attention, gulped, and quickly slipped out of his sopping t-shirt. He squeezed large droplets of sweat out on the marley surface of the gym floor and tossed it resignedly in the growing puddle. Standing before Moster a little pathetically, he was a muscle giant about to be chastised by an even larger muscle giant. Silently, submissively, he bent over Sergeant Moster’s powerful quads and lay prone on his lap. Moster, his fingers twitching, raised his palm. He paused a moment. “How long has it been, Private?” “Since when, sir?” Through Moster’s sweatsuit Lang could feel the man’s enormous penis, relaxed across the top of the sergeant’s right thigh, press against his abs. “Since I had to discipline you in front of the men, Private?” “About two months, sir.” Moster glanced down appraisingly at the beautiful, trembling glutes that lay gleaming over his knee. He paused, his hand held aloft, inspecting with internal approval. “You were training legs tonight, weren’t you, Private?” he asked. The suspense was killing Lang. “Yes, sir, I was, sir.” “Squatting deep?” “Yes, sir.” “Keeping good form?” “I think so, sir.” “Good, Private. This will supplement your workout tonight. Heat helps muscles grow.” With calloused, powerful palms, his thick fingers spread wide for maximum sting, Sergeant Moster sharply spanked the muscleman’s rocky glutes with carefully applied, deeply resonant butt smacks. Lang twisted and turned on his lap. After a few sharp spanks he cried out. “Sir, it stings, sir!” Tears spouted from his eyes. “Goddamn right it stings.” Moster turned to Gunst, watching from a few feet away with wide eyes, his large cock sliding deeply in and out of Waring’s mouth. “Fuck face, Private,” he commanded. “Yes sir!” shouted Gunst. He placed his hands on the back of Waring’s head and pumped his hips rhythmically as Waring, his mouth full of cock, moaned with deep satisfaction. The rest of the squad was watching. Moster could see all were now getting visibly excited. Their jocks were starting to bulge fearsomely, and two or three massive penis heads had popped out of their restraining pouches. “Get back to work!” Moster commanded, and without hesitation, the men turned back to their weights and began to lift again with renewed zeal. Gunst’s huge body shuddered, and a river of thick cum began spurting out of Waring’s mouth and down his chin. “UUUUNNNNNGGGGHHHHH!” he roared. Waring was moaning deeply as the desperately swallowed the pint of semen pouring down his throat. By the time he was finished shooting his load, Moster was steadily applying the 25th blow to Lang’s shiny red, twitching musclebutt. Moster issued his next order. “See that you finish that set properly, Gunst, or you’re next on the hot seat.” “Yes, sir!” he shouted, stuffing his dripping, still hard cock back into his stained jock as best he could as Waring, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, scrambled to his feet. “Spot me,” Gunst said to Waring, and, grabbing the weight, he peeled off 15 perfect-form, agonizingly correct curls. Waring, doing his best to ignore both his own achingly enlarged cock and the yet looming bulge in Gunst’s jockstrap, and with the splotches of cum still dripping down his face, spotted him with as much concentration as he could muster. “1! 2! 3!” Waring counted the reps, filled with admiration as Gunst’s mountainous biceps exploded with power. As Waring shouted the count, Moster applied another heavy smack for each rep to the quivering, deeply scarlet, muscular bottom of Private Lang, who, over his knees, groaned deeply with a blend of humiliation, excitement and pain. As he spanked, Moster called out loudly to the men. “Attention! Men!” “7! 8! 9! 10!” Spank! The man snapped into attention from wherever they stood around the workout floor. “Tonight you will be meeting our newest recruit in Project Herculaneum.” Spank! Spank! “From this evening on, we will now be known as The Twenty.” Spank! Spank! Spank! The men stood at rigid attention. “Yes, sir!” they shouted. “And remember, men,” said Moster, grinning down at handsome Private Lang stretched over his knees, who had tears in his eyes and whose face was almost – but not quite – as beet red as the handprints on his perfect butt, “being spanked by me is a badge of honor. Never be ashamed when I call you forward to the hot seat have your butts whipped. I do not pay such honorific attentions to anyone outside the squad.” Spank! Spank! “18! 19! 20! 21!” “Yes, sir!” Spank! Spank! Tiffany grinned. He had often spotted the quiet, shy, legendary young muscle giant Casey Rockland in the mess, and heard all about his fearsome physique. He was looking forward to meeting him. He paid no attention to the unwavering, hostile gaze of Corporal Alvarez. Corporal Schumacher strode over to him. He glanced over at Alvarez threateningly, who immediately shifted his gaze and went back to work. “You better watch it. You don’t want to piss off that guy,” he muttered to Tiffany. “Who the fuck cares?” shrugged Tiffany. Thirty feet across the room, Moster continued to apply his stern, masterful spanking to Lang’s squirming, rock-hard musclebutt. Lang’s face was now contorted in an ongoing blissful combination of pain and pleasure, his mouth forming a smiling O….. “…oooooooooo….” Alvarez was watching closely from the corner. Even at more than 40 feet, Tiffany could see the Alvarez’s jock was now poling straight out from his body, strained to the bursting point. “I can’t always cover your ass when you misbehave. These men are my buddies. You’re still new here.” Tiffany smiled cockily. His fresh young musculature glowed with youth and health. He knew that since the last daisy chain that his sunny handsomeness and bad boy intentions had become irresistible to the old horndog Schumacher. It was all going beautifully. “I can take care of myself,” he said. He gestured with his thumb to the blank-faced, completely erect Alvarez, who was by now busy with his next set of deep squats. “Besides, he looks like he doesn’t mind.” The mute Private Meyer was now gleefully bent over before Alvarez, holding his ankles and laughing silently, dancing and twitching that magical butt of his just a few feet in front of the man’s protruding jockstrap. Alvarez had to grin. Then he turned back to the squat bar. “See?” Schumacher grunted. “Yeah, I know you can take care of yourself.” Schumacher moved in close and breathed into Tiffany’s face. “ I want to see you later on.” “You do, hunh?” “Yeah, I do, hunh. After the detail meets Casey Rockland, you come to my quarters. Tonight. That’s an order.” “Finish up, men!” commanded Moster, still spanking the twitching Lang’s bright-red glutes. Spank! “Ouch!” Lang cried. “You’re not my CO.” Tiffany lifted a bar off a squat rack and began doing slow military presses. He smiled indifferently at Schumacher and said no more. Schumacher grunted angrily and moved to the cable rack, where he finished off his chest workout with a final set of intense cable flyes. He now had Corporal Herman Schumacher wrapped around his little finger, and he knew it. He wrapped up his set of presses, now purposefully ignoring him, and grabbed his towel. He wiped himself off and smiled beatifically across at Moster. Moster, never pausing in his discipline of Lang, was amused. He winked at Tiffany. He knew he’d get the Private’s butt to himself – in time – but he generously allowed that Schumacher would get to it first. And that was part of his plan. Casey Rockland was the other part. The workout was finally over. “To the showers, men,” Moster called out. The men collected their workout bags and empty water jugs, and filed eagerly off the floor, clambering over one another like puppies, heading towards their no-holds barred shower room games. Even the normally disgruntled Karim had a special light in his eyes. He was looking forward to Gunst’s piss. As they raced out, Moster looked down at Lang, still stretched pitiably over his knee. “How many was that, Private?” he asked calmly. “59, sir.” “Good. I assume you enjoyed it?” “Yes, sir,” he said with meek truthfulness. “Actually, I loved it.” “Then here’s one more for good luck.” He raised his black hand and applied the last, 60th searing red-hot butt smack. WHACK! “Ow! That was good, sir!” Lang scrambled to his feet, saluted, and tenderly rubbing the scarlet handprints on his delectable bodybuilder butt. “May I join the others now?” “Off with you.” “Thank you, sir!” Lang scooped up his discarded clothes and plastic bottle with one hand, flinging his gear over his broad shoulders, standing still for a moment pouring what was left of the cool water over his shoulder onto his stinging glutes. He grinned at Moster. "Thank you again, sir, for the discipline. My butt needed it." Moster waved him off. Then, kneading his iron-hard, hand-print reddened butt cheeks with the fingers of both hands, the handsome private scampered happily, if somewhat bow-leggedly, away to join his sweaty, horny muscle buddies in the locker room. Chapter 10: The Showers Inside, they had already slipped out of their drenched t-shirts, boots and jockstraps, slipped on striped flipflops, and had headed quickly to the showers, and down to extreme business. Lang was eager to rejoin the men. After all, there was just enough time for one more round of group cocksucking, butt fucking, and stress-reducing water sports before they all had to gather in the lab upstairs to meet the new recruit. Naked in the steamy group shower, he found his way to his muscle buddy Alvarez. He fell to his knees as Alvarez turned, strode forward to meet him, flexed his mammoth biceps, and shoved his meaty erect cock into Lang’s gratefully receiving mouth. Behind Lang, Private Gunst thoughtfully soothed his stinging, reddened glutes with a powerful jet stream coating of clear, clean piss. His mouth full of cock, Lang nodded gratefully up at Gunst, who returned his nod with a “Hey, it’s okay.” Lang arched his butt to receive the coating of piss all the better. He glanced over at Schumacher, who was now violently plowing Tiffany’s wide-open mouth with his own swollen firehose man meat. Schumacher hadn’t said a word. He had walked directly up to Tiffany, who swiftly went to his knees and carefully guided his lips over the shaft of the Corporal’s 11-inch penis. Schumacher was facefucking him as mercilessly as he could manage, but the young Private seemed serenely in control. As usual, he never gagged. Which made Corporal Herman Schumacher plow harder and deeper. Which prompted a satisfied smile on Tiffany’s calm, appreciative lips as he sucked with cool detachment the muscle daddy Schumacher’s violently throat-pounding large cock. After Gunst finished painting Lang’s glutes with thoughtfully applied streams of hot piss, he turned to Waring, fondled the handsome young muscleman’s leathery testicles, got down on his knees and allowed him to glide his own achingly engorged member down his eager throat. “MMMMmmmmm, it’s good!” he moaned, satisfied. “Even big boys like to suck cock,” he winked up at Waring. He smacked his lips. “If it’s big enough.” “Is mine big enough?” asked Waring as he rubbed his scalp in the streaming hot shower. “Yup,” answered Gunst, dipping in for another full-throated suck. “Sure is.” All the other musclemen were similarly at work, soaping up, sucking cock, washing armpits, lathering crotches, laughing, shouting, grunting, flexing their muscles, getting their oversized cocks sucked, or with their faces buried deeply in their buddies’ spectacular glutes. In the center of the shower, Corporal Alvarez and Private Lang were going through “Pose and Approve.” Alvarez was gliding through his finest posing routine, while below him and kneeling on the tile floor Lang licked and sucked his huge, stiff cock with hungry appreciation. “Front double bi’s,” said Alvarez. “Pow.” Meyer was dead center in the large shower room, standing on one hand on the tile floor, holding his powerful body aloft, his legs spread wide, one fist supporting his full bodyweight. He arched his butt high and smiled happily as, through the steam and roar of the water, one after another of his training buddies bent over and applied luscious, deep licks into his succulent butthole. He grinned, pumping his stiff cock with his free hand as they licked, kissed, and smacked his firm buttcheeks. Jin and Washington were now each chewing ferociously on Bogarde’s perfect, brown nipples. He roared with pleasure, and pumped himself into a mighty front lat spread. Straps of pec muscle bloomed powerfully. He turned from side to side, proudly thrusting forward each pec. His buddies chewed, licked and bit. Meanwhile, the handsome Blankenship, who had a preference for big black cock, was fiercely lathering up Washington’s enormous pole. He covered it waves of soapsuds, pumping it up and down as it rose to full girth. He glanced up at Washington, now biting Bogarde’s nipples. “Yeah, you got one big black motherfucker muscle cock!” he shouted. “You like big black cock?” roared Washington, waggling it in Blankenship’s face. “Love it!” he shouted, and washing the soap off, took it all in his mouth. “Watch him suck my cock!” Washington whooped. Obatu, soaping his armpits, laughed. He strode over to the group. “Room for another brother?” he asked, and without waiting for an answer, shoved his meat into Blankenship’s face. Blankenship smiled rapturously, and as Obatu continued to soap up, he took his cock into his mouth as well. “Most muscular,” said Obatu. “Pow. Check out dis crab.” Black veins exploded. His fists pumped together. He pushed his hips forward. His cock surged straight ahead. The two black cocks plunged in and out of Blankenship’s mouth, his tongue tracing over their shiny thick veins. The enormous Washington, the biggest man of the group of five, put his arms around Bogarde’s and Obatu’s shoulders, while on the tile beneath them Blankenship moved from cock to swaying cock, from Washington to Bogarde to Jin to Obatu and back to Washington again. Surrounded by the bodybuilders’ cocks, Blankenship sucked each erect penis deeply. He gazed at the network of veins that criss-crossed the hip muscles of each of his buddies. Their huge cocks were like jewels set in the finest of settings: lean, fat-free muscles. When he got to the handsome Asian Private Jin, he marveled once again about how a Chink could have such a huge dick. He sucked it lovingly as the other men stood closely above him, their cocks looming in his face, dripping with water and pre-cum, awaiting their turn. When he finished with Jin, he moved on to Bogarde, whose nipples were being avidly chewed with care above him by Jin and Washington. Bogarde’s cock was, of course, in great need of immediate service. No problem. It was, after all, a world of huge, looming bodybuilder cocks. And Blankenship’s favorite sport – after bodybuilding – was cocksucking Next to him knelt the dimwit Hension, his handsome face now buried deeply into the posing Corporal Alvarez’s glutes. Lang was now on his feet and posing with him, as the dark Arab Corporal Karim, behind him, licked and kissed his mighty ass as well. He caught Hension’s eyes, and, in unison, the two men buried their faces into the posing partners’ glutes. “Hey, careful, there,” said Lang. His butt still stung, and Moster’s handprints were still glowing bright red on his taut asscheeks. “Sorry, man,” said Karim. He gently licked the red hand welts, and could taste Gunst’s piss. He knew the man’s special sweet taste. Gunst had often pissed deeply into his mouth. Chad and LeFevre, soaping up themselves, moved over to Hension, whose beautiful face was deeply buried in Alvarez’s butt. “Hey, McIntyre,” called Chad, “get over here and take over for Hension!” “Don’t bother me,” said Hension. “Sure thing,” answered McIntyre, licking Meyer’s butthole. “Be there in a sec!” “What are you doing, guys?” asked Hension plaintively as Chad and LeFevre lifted him bodily from Alvarez’s glutes, carrying him into a corner of the shower. Alvarez stopped posing for a minute and looked back at them. “Hey, where you taking him?” he asked. Lang looked up. “To the rescue,” said McIntyre, now on his knees and pressing his face into Alvarez’s butt. “Oh, okay.” Alvarez turned back to Lang and continued posing. Karim had never stopped licking Lang’s ass. Chad and LeFevre were now sharing Hension’s pretty tool. “Figure you have it coming,” said LeFevre,” licking away the last remnants of the chili powder. “You guys,” said Hension, and began to wash his hair as the men cleaned his cock with their tongues and lips. Moster leaned in at the shower door. “Good work tonight, men.” He turned and headed toward the locker room door. “Thank you, sir!” the men shouted after him. Moster called back to them as he left the locker room. “No fucking tonight. No time.” “Shit!” Moans of general disappointment. “Sorry. Expect you all upstairs in the lab in 10 minutes.” “Yes, sir!” Once again, in unison. On the workout floor, alone and silent as always, the meek Dr. Irving slipped back into the room and to shut down the lights for the night. From the locker room, he could hear the splashing of the showers and the groans, moans, roars, whoops and shouts of the satisfied men as they each let loose volleys of thick, spurting cum high into the steaming air, arcing and splashing onto each other’s superbly muscled bodies. Thick cascades of semen plopped onto the tile and began flowing slowly past the men’s browned feet towards the shower’s drains. Irving walked over to the garbage pail. He glanced inside. Yep. There they were. He could see them in the half-light. He reached in amidst the wet rags of paper and extracted 18 empty aluminum capsule wrappers. Moster had probably ordered the enhancements from Zaftig particularly for tonight’s workout. He knew that by now each bodybuilder probably had already cum three or four times. By 2150 hours, they would all, to a man, be drained. Except, of course, for Sergeant Moster. He picked up the receiver of the staff phone on the wall, and pushed a button. “Facilities,” he requested. In the distance now, the men were all roaring as one. No doubt they were all spurting in unison by now. Pints and quarts of cum. “Facilities? Yeah. Irving. Right. Better put the plumber on notice. The shower drains in the main workout locker room will be clogged again tonight. They need to be cleared by 1800 hours tomorrow.” He hung up without bothering to listen to the response, turned, and walked out of the room. In the showers, the roaring was dying down to satisfied explosions of breath and more laughs, whoops and hollers. The water was turned off, and locker doors began to open. The room grew quiet as the men dressed, all thoughtful now. All thinking about the new recruit they were about to meet. Casey Rockland. In the showers, thick rivulets of cum dripped from the ceiling, walls, spigots and faucet handles, clogging the drains. It cost Zaftig thousands each month to simply to maintain the system’s burgeoning septic tanks. “It’s just one more thing I didn’t really plan for,” he would sigh to Moster, who would nod, straight-faced. "It's always something," Moster would reply, absently scratching his bulge.
  25. The first two chapters of my muscle novel-in-progress, The Twenty. Links to other chapters: Links to chapters of "The Twenty": "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapters 3, 4, 5 - White Cap Training / Hardcore Muscle / A Brief History of Casey Rockland "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapter 6 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapters 7, 8 - Hardcore Training, Part 1 / Tiffany's Talent "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapters 9, 10 - Good for Morale "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 11: Casey Meets the Muscle Squad "The Twenty" Chapter 12, Part 1: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match "The Twenty" - Chapter 12: Part 2 Casey vs. Karim Abdul: A Very Turkish Wrestling Match "The Twenty" - Chapter 13: After the Match "The Twenty" - Chapter 14: In Which Casey Discovers He Likes to Get Worshipped "The Twenty" - Chapter 15: Casey's First Interview with Sergeant Moster "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress. Chapter 16 - Hardcore Training Part 2: Casey’s First Herculaneum Workout, and What Happened After "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 17 - The Presentation "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 18 - The Musclemen Revealed: Inside Zaftig's Lab "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress - Chapter 19 - Further Encounters, Part 1 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress: Chapter 20 - Pose and Approve: Further Encounters, Part 2 "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress: Chapter 21 - Sam and Casey Precis: Valhalla Labs is a remote mountaintop Northern California military facility, overseen by genius muscle growth scientist Dr. Ira Zaftig and CO Staff Sergeant Rod Moster, a 7'-0" ripped and hung 395-pound black muscle giant. There, 18 extraordinary bodybuilder-soldiers live, train, and play together, overseen by Moster's strict rules and brutal regimen for muscular perfection. Known as Project Herculaneum, the men serve as Dr. Zaftig's lab rats, receiving regular injections of P-21, a specially developed enzyme that facilitates muscle and strength growth in the very few bodybuilders whose systems can withstand it. The goal: to create an army of supermen, whose strength, size, and combat skills are unparalleled in the modern military. Unfortunately for the Project, the soldiers' enhanced strength and dramatically increased muscular size is accompanied by a corresponding increase in priapic size as well, along with a rapidly diminishing sense of social restraint and inhibitions. And along the way, the men's extraordinary physiques prompt their own extreme muscle fantasies into a daily acting-out sexual reality. Into the mix comes young Casey Rockland, a lonely, handsome, super-hung 18-year old bodybuilding giant. Inducted by Dr. Zaftig into the top-secret government muscle strength and growth project, Casey comes to learn the ropes amongst the muscle giants, whose hunger for hardcore training is matched only by their sexual appetites and growing fantasies, including their insatiable need to receive muscle worship. Casey's innocence, simplicity, and his growing need to receive both love and muscle worship threaten the very core of the decade-long Project, itself only now approaching its full potential. Introduction The 3-story steel, glass, and concrete compound was snugly nestled in the misty rural hills that rolled gently inland from the ocean, where the Santa Ana winds met the hot air rising from the distant desert to the east. Poised at the edge of the highest peak of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the 2000-acre gated complex was just barely visible from the discreet entrance on Pacific Coast Highway below. A single sign stood at the locked automatic entrance gate, reading Private No Outlet The private drive wound up the mountain, snaking through dark woods of redwood and pine, finally arriving at the labyrinth of vine-covered high concrete walls, topped with barbed wire, which surrounded the entire complex. Closed circuit cameras marked every turn of the road. Manicured lawns and open fields could be occasionally glimpsed through thick veils of leaves, branches and red rock. 350 miles south was Los Angeles. San Jose was the closest city, 30 miles away. Local residents drove past the gate on Pacific Coast Highway, wondering about the mysterious multi-million dollar complex. The place had seemed to spring up overnight, seemingly from nothing, more than 10 years before. The traffic in and out was largely limited to food delivery and supply vans. Unseen generators hummed through the night. The people who worked there appeared to be in residence. Was it an athletic training facility? Low planes flying overhead clearly identified a likely indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool, bicycle trails, playing fields, and more. There were also a few outer buildings that appeared to be well-appointed dormitories, with small lawns and private drives. A building attached to the central core might possibly be a central hall, with sizable private, enclosed terraces open to the sky. Convoys of SUVs, all bearing the logo VALHALLA LABS were parked in a half-empty parking lot in front of the main building. Occasionally local delivery men, bringing whole sides of raw beef, fresh vegetables, lab equipment, chemicals, electrical supplies, and – this was the most perplexing part – hundreds of tons of expensive exercise equipment would spot one or two dozen young men on bicycles, pedaling furiously through the high hills, always followed at a discreet distance by an unmarked black car and by the one of the SUVs. From a distance the men on the bicycles appeared to be unusually large. In any event, the local deliverymen weren’t talking. Most would just shrug and say they didn’t know. Besides, they’d signed a confidentiality agreement barring their conversation about what they might happen to observe within. And since no one appeared unduly nervous about the place, over the years the matter dropped. Still, the rural locals who hung out at the motorcycle bars and music clubs nestled deep in the hills continued to buzz. Most assumed that it was some kind of military base and laboratory. Others noted the apparent residence buildings from the air, and thought it was either a private Olympic training compound, or some kind of crazy health nut cult commune. Certainly it was neither a prison nor a university. But no one really knew what it was. And over the years, little by little, the mysteriously well-tended commune was enveloped in the mists of revered local mystery, a legend the hill people of the coast, who were mostly Northern California biker clubs, surfers, horsemen, and artichoke farmers, relished and loved, without knowing anything about it. Remote, mysterious, un-Google-able, not listed on any map, no one really knew what the place was, and even less was understood. However, since it was apparent that no nuclear waste was being discharged, no one worried. No one appeared on either San Jose or San Francisco streets with appeals to join some far-out religion. No shots were fired in the night. And because, in fact, the whole compound was refreshingly green, paid its local bills on time, and was mysteriously quiet at night, for years no one really worried about the place. If only they had known it was the wellspring of the Fountain of Eternal Youth. Or, as it came to be called years later, after all the fuss and scandal and stories had finally faded into the misty aura of legend – the Lourdes of Bodybuilding. ********* This is the story about the day that it all changed forever. THE TWENTY A Government Issue Adult Cartoon -XXX- Muscle Fantasy By Joey Silverado This book is dedicated to Tiny Yokum – and to all his fans, past, present, and future. From Dr. Warren Irving’s Notes List sorted according to date of entry into program. Click tables to see details. Chapter 1: Project Herculaneum October 20th, 2017 1855 Hours In Valhalla Labs’ 15,000 square foot soundproofed gym, 18 of the longtime test subjects of Project Herculaneum were approaching the second hour of their balls-to-the-wall workout. On the west wall, one-way visibility windows framed the magnificent mountaintop panoramas in the growing twilight. As the sun disappeared, the glass increasingly glowed with the golden reflections of a roomful of massive male musculature. The workout floor crackled with the sounds of iron clangs, grunts, groans, and ecstatic roars of pain, shouts and taunts. The air was thick with hot sweat, crotch and armpit smell. Low ranking solders in the US Army, and ranging in age from 20 to 45, the 18 were, to use the argot of the world of male bodybuilding, freaks. Huge muscle freaks. Animals. Swole. Jacked to the balls. ‘Roided to the tits. Except that they weren’t ‘roided at all. Every man on the squad was clean and clear of the usual bodybuilding drugs required to build massively muscled specimens of uncommon size and strength. And they weren’t just conventionally “huge” either. All of the soldiers of Project Herculaneum were fired by one supplement only. P21. And Project Herculaneum, now approaching the end of its first decade, was finally yielding the astonishing results promised from the beginning back in 2007. The Project Director and Genius Factotum, Dr. Ira Zaftig, had long dubbed his lab creation enzyme P21, “The Fountain of Youth.” The wellspring of eternal energy, strength, youth, beauty, and sexual power. Perhaps the secret of life itself. The Men of Project Herculaneum thought of P21 differently, though. “It’s the straightest line between two mostly unreachable points: freaky muscle, and ba-boom!” Or so said Private 1st Class Dan Gunst, a 6’-10”, 375-pound mountain of ripped muscle whose growth on the enzyme had surprised even project founder Zaftig. Off to one side, the 19th man on the squad squatted on a bench and closely surveyed the men's training with half-lidded eyes. By far the largest man in the room, CO Staff Sergeant Rod Moster’s muscular perfection was unparalled, even in this room of freakishly huge men. Squared-jawed and blindingly handsome, 44-year old Rod Moster was 7’- 0” tall, weighing in at 395 ripped and shredded pounds, a black mountain of solidly ridged muscle: deeply separated, profoundly striated sheer muscle mass, boasting a body fat index of 1.2%. Dr. Zaftig was the heart and genius creator of Project Herculaneum. The squad and their CO were the ongoing subjects of his personally supervised “Top Secret” project. For years, the men had been receiving regular lab-controlled injections of Zaftig’s carefully developed muscle growth enzyme, P21. Sergeant Moster, on the enzyme for more than a decade, was the project’s powerful senior officer and unopposed trainer. Yet in spite of Moster's formidable size and strength, he was soon to be equaled by two of the soldiers in his direct command, Corporal Karim Abdul and Private Gunst. He knew it, too. The workout room met Moster’s strict standards. Room temperature was always set exactly at 90o. Moster would not allow air-conditioning on the workout floor. After all, sweat lubricates muscles and encourages growth. No one disputed Moster's rules. On a sprung workout floor measuring 10,000 square feet, there were two dozen squat racks, 42 benches, 8 rows with hundreds of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 300 pounds, and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gleaming machines, standing bicycles, elliptical tracks, cable racks, ropes, belts, grips, and stacks of weights. Hundreds and hundreds of tons of weights. In the distant corners of the gym, a few normal-sized Valhalla lab assistants scurried silently in the shadows with video equipment, towels, heavy water jugs, and cleaning equipment. The men on the floor never paid any attention to the pipsqueak lab rats, as they called them. Occasionally, one of the pipsqueaks meekly approached Sgt. Moster with questions or a need for direction. Moster was always gracious, brief and business-like with lab underlings. They were Zaftig’s people, after all, and he appreciated that it just might be difficult to recruit them. More importantly, the lab rats were not, after all, muscle worshippers. Geeky science majors somehow matriculated from Berkeley and Stanford, their applications for their employment were most thoroughly scanned to determine both their dedication to science, and their lack of sexual interest in the project subjects. Past circumstances had indicated that the men of Project Herculaneum were unusually vulnerable when it came to the possibilities implied by muscle worshippers. The less of that from outsiders, the better. For now, anyway. Besides, there was real money to be made with the advent of worship. That would come later. Above all, Moster didn’t want to water down the future possibilities. Some day, when all this was over, there was a lot of money to be made. Moster was counting on it. Under his leadership, the goals of his 18 musclemen were never ending, their focus never dulled by the daily routine of their sequestered lives inside the Valhalla Compound. And for Moster, it was all about building muscle. Solid, rock-hard, healthy, powerful muscle. Muscle supported by bones and internal organ strength. Whereas Dr. Zaftig was compelled to his daily grind of endless lab research and observation of the men by his quest for eternal youth, Moster was not distracted by such vague, high-minded creationist illusions. All Moster cared about was that his men develop huge, serious, ripped, dominant, clean, overpowering muscle, muscle like the world had never seen before. Moster relished the fact that his extraordinary development was still a constant inspiration to his men. He generally preferred to remain completely covered, rarely choosing to display his magnificent physique. His custom-built oversized sweatsuits were carefully tailored to camouflage his physique while not hindering movement. They were heavily reinforced at the seams to avoid tears and bursting, and were neutral in construction and color. The sweat pants were gathered into tight stretch bands at Moster’s ankles. He generally wore combat boots and a white do-rag. But even the careful design of more than 25 yards of a blend of durable synthetics and heavy cotton couldn’t disguise Moster’s 60-inch wide shoulder girth, 7'-6" reach, 70-inch chest, 36-inch quadriceps and 25-inch calves. An observer might only be able to guess at the Sergeants’ biceps, triceps, and brachialis size. Moster chose to wear his sweatshirt loose, masking a slender, powerfully shaped 32-inch waistline. He never tucked it in, always making certain he was successfully covering his crotch. He had his reasons for this, which were well known by his men. Whenever Moster appeared in uniform, or civilian clothing, his appearance was all but terrifying – and, at the same time, insanely alluring. His boxing, wrestling, and extreme fighting skills were superior to all but Corporal Karim. Moreover, by now in this stage of team development, Moster found he had to work harder than his men in order to maintain the very slight edge he still held. Zaftig knew this, much to Moster’s subtle discomfort. He knew could be unseated by the right man at any time. Project Herculaneum was that far along. He remained proud of his team, knowing as he did that some day soon they might surpass him. When it became apparent to all that his long-held edge over the others was narrowing, a few of the men privately anticipated the day that he might finally be bested by one of the 18. The bets were on Karim Abdul, though Abdul had no particular vendetta against Moster; all the same, it would be a day of reckoning for the alpha CO, to atone for some of the more painful and humiliating extra-curricular disciplines he had long enforced. Hey, as long as that day doesn’t come too soon, he would joke in the mess hall. And all would laugh, even as they exchanged meaningful glances. Moster’s dedication to Project Herculaneum was total, even if it did lead him to occasionally lock horns with the dreamy, physically underdeveloped senior genius Dr. Zaftig. The 67-year old Zaftig was both crafty and kind-hearted. Though he held a basic unshakable respect for all, he was not above manipulating the men’s fragile psyches to get what he wanted out of them, and he made it a priority to know and understand all of them for their personal strengths and weaknesses. Over the years, it had been hard work finding and inducting these particularly gifted men into the program, and, once introduced, each man represented years of painstaking research, investment, time and testing. It was only right that he would pay close attention to what made each man tick. On the other hand, Moster preferred to accent his authority with an occasional dash of cruelty. He felt it was good for the team. After all, life was cruel, wasn’t it? And so together, Zaftig and Moster had forged a decade-long alliance of good cop/bad cop, each man sharing in his own personal way a common goal. Both cared only for the success of Project Herculaneum. At base, however, they held profoundly different motives. Zaftig hoped to find the perfect candidate for P21. As magnificent as the 19 men were, the final, perfect genetic recipient of the miraculous compound had yet to be discovered. Sergeant Moster, meanwhile, had other plans. All those worship sessions loomed ahead on a promising horizon of money, power, travel, and new opportunities. After all, Moster wasn’t a fool. Zaftig might be, but he certainly wasn’t. Chapter 2: P21 1987-2017 Ira Zaftig’s 2007 successful lab synthesis of Protein P21 promised nothing less than a physical revolution for all mankind. For more than 30 years, the eccentric, obsessed, and touched with genius, Harvard Med educated Dr. Ira Zaftig had parlayed a vast inherited private fortune and the proceeds of his own lucrative San Francisco medical practice into ongoing lab research and experiments. At first, he sought to develop nothing less than an injectable synthetic that would, of course, cure cancer. The usual dream of every young medical researcher, the youthful and wealthy Zaftig, heir to a lumber empire long sold to a larger conglomerate for a lifetime profit that elevated him into the 1%-ers, had the means to set up a private lab to do it. Over the years, that cure for cancer evolved into something else. As he aged, Zaftig grew more interested in creating a formula permanently extending youth, while enhancing physical strength and systemic health. The years passed with no result. Zaftig grew more obsessed, and eventually discarded his practice. He never married and avoided personal relationships, building an impressive private lab in the Santa Rosa Mountains outside San Jose. And he became a hermit whose life routine was only about continual research, testing, developing, synthesizing, note-taking, and video review. He amassed a team, whose job it was to test protocol after protocol on lab rats, guinea pigs, and rhesus monkeys. None of the animals, he was satisfied to note, were ever harmed by his injections, but none ever exhibited any permanent signs of renewed vigor, either. It was as if they were injected by harmless placebos. Over time, lab teams noted some temporary strength and health benefits in some, not all, of the lab animals. The effects were temporary, at best, and it was difficult to determine which animal might feel the effects, and which ones would not. Zaftig assumed sympathetic systems were required for any effects at all to take place. By 1998, Zaftig had engaged as his permanent first assistant the all but silent, studious, equally hermetic Dr. Warren Irving, whose natural reticence disguised fervor equal to Zaftig’s. By then, Zaftig’s ever-growing lab employed small army of coming-and-going lab workers, security personnel and personal administrators, whose silence and trust was purchased with time-stamped temporary employment terms, astonishing starting salaries and carefully drafted legal confidentiality contracts, were on hand in the continually refurbished lab facility, now enlarged into a complex of some size. Since Zaftig was seeking the creation of a God, he appropriately named his ever-growing facility Valhalla Labs. At first, in the specialized world of pure research outside the lab, ‘Zaftig’s Folly’, as came to be referred to, was an unending in-joke on the perils of vanity research. However, it was equally observed that any man or woman who had served in Zaftig’s lab emerged silent, circumspect, and deeply respectful about what went on within. Over the years, the jokes stopped, and by the late 1990s, ambitious young researchers hoped to spend a few seasons at the secluded lab, if for only to slake curiosity – and to make a lot of money. Still, the lab had produced nothing. No patents had been applied for. On it went, year after year. Then, after 30 years of steady non-production, in 2003 the 53-year old Zaftig had a breakthrough. A crop of lab male lab animals appeared dramatically invigorated by a trial run of newly developed formula. Careful notations of animal behavior indicated that the rejuvenation of the lab animals was deeply organic in nature. Most importantly, after protocols were ceased, the effects remained. And the animals grew surprisingly. They did not become monsters, but measured, in some cases, a quarter larger in size and weight than they were at the outset. They were somewhat more aggressive, too, but, as all were relieved to note, did not become, maddened, dangerous or even slightly mean. In fact, personal handlers reported that the animals appeared “cheerful” and “playful.” They also, when allowed, copulated with the other males, and sometimes the females, almost continuously. This was noted by Zaftig, who duly recorded it. Dr. Irving felt Zaftig somewhat ignored the sinister implications. After a year of continually successful lab animal results in select males, it was finally time for the first human trial. Zaftig, ever the Henry Jekyll tried P21on himself. The results were disastrous: violent vomiting, nosebleeds and headaches forced Zaftig into a week of bed rest. “Wrong genetics,” he had to admit to himself. He assumed the formula was a failure for humans, and lived in despair for weeks. Once recovered, he volunteered for trial his chief lab assistant, the meek, complicit, and nearly silent Dr. Irving. The injection nearly killed him. In sympathetic systems, it was as if evolution was sped up 10,000 years. P21 was capable of creating nothing less than jaw-dropping gigantism, coupled with glowing organic health, visually stunning physical perfection, astonishing strength, grace, speed, coordination, and renewed sexual energy. It only worked on X-Y heterogametic chromosome pairings – that is to say, on human males. Moreover, at this point in its development, it was successfully observed in very few subjects. Because of the necessary secrecy of the project, Zaftig lacked proper comparative controls, but by his estimation, he calculated P21 to be beneficial for only 1 out of every 1,000 men. However, for that one recipient, the sky was the limit. Zaftig finally saw the light on a subject for whom the formula might work when he met Rod Moster. That was in 2006. Moster was facing prison then, charged with manslaughter. Zaftig had heard all about the man’s prodigious muscularity, and got him the best defense money could buy. Moster served 1 year, and was released. Zaftig awaited him at the prison gates, ready to whisk him away to the Santa Rosa Mountains, to another kind of a prison, and yet one that Moster would soon relish. And so, in 2007, Rod Moster (soon to be Sergeant, USAC, hurriedly and secretly enlisted) became Project Herculaneum’s first official entrant. The a