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Found 2 results

  1. Ultrabeef

    m/m The Pride Pack

    The Pride Pack By Ultrabeef I decided to try my spin on a theme that has been used in other stories before. Enjoy. “Jeez bro! Your parents are RICH!” Ryan whistled as he took in the impressive log cabin in front of him. “Shut up dude! It belonged to my grandpa” Landon grinned and blushed, liking the attention from his friends. “It’s gonna be a weekend to remember guys!” Landon yelled. “Dude, stop staring at the cabin and help me carry this shit!” Jayse grumbled as he struggled to carry two big duffel bags. “Here, give me one of those, Slim” Manuel grabbed a bag from Jayse’s hand and the four college friends headed up the steps of the imposing front porch of the gorgeous timber-framed cabin. After getting their stuff stowed away in the bedrooms of the cabin, they started to do what four college friends tend to do - drink. Landon, a cute baseball jock with curly brown hair and bright blue eyes was telling stories of how he was plowing his girlfriend last weekend when her dad walked in on them. “Holy crap dude! What did you do?” Manuel, the sensitive Mexican soccer jock asked in shock. “I told her dad to shut the door and finished up” Landon laughed. Jayse and Ryan high-fived Landon as they laughed. Jayse was starting to get a little tipsy from the free-flowing booze. He was a tall, skinny, basketball player with brown hair and a goatee. His angular features and high cheekbones gave him an exotic look. “Jesus bro! Why don’t you eat something. You’re nothing but skin and bones and that booze it hitting you hard” Ryan slurred as Jayse accidentally knocked a lamp over on his way to the kitchen. “My girlfriend likes me thin” Jayse muttered. Ryan was a short, cute, blond lacrosse player who was a real ladies man on campus. He had probably gone out with and had sex with almost every female in his classes. “And bring some more beer on your way back!” Ryan called to Jayse. Jayse came back from the kitchen with a strange looking package of beer and handed it to Ryan. “What the fuck is this?” Ryan exclaimed as he picked up the four pack of brightly colored bottles in a rainbow colored carton. The carton had the words “The Pride Pack” printed along the side along with a picture of two muscular (and obviously gay) guys with their arms wrapped around each other. Manuel laughed “I saw it at the liquor store on an end display — it’s some fag themed beer for Pride month”. “Oh shit! That’s hilarious bro!” Jayse laughed grabbing a bottle. “Hey, give me one dude, I don’t want to be left out!” Landon grinned as Jayse tossed him a bottle. “Why are they all different?” Ryan asked taking a bottle and tossing the last one to Manuel. “It’s like a sampler pack or something” Manuel shrugged. “Well, it’s all we’ve got left and I’m not driving all the way back to town right now” Jayse slurred. “No, shit dude. You’re barely in good enough condition to walk” Ryan joked. Landon took a sip of his bottle first. It was filled with bright pink liquid and the bottle was labeled “Total Twink”. “It’s fruity. It tastes like hibiscus or something. It’s really good though.” Landon chugged the beer and slammed down the empty bottle. “Sthit! That was fabulous!” Landon exclaimed with a faggy lisp. The other guys howled with laughter at his “fake” gay accent. “Nice one bro!“ Manuel laughed as he chugged his root beer colored bottle of “Dapper Daddy”. It had woodsy flavor like bourbon and was smooth going down. Manuel felt so calm and at peace as he finished his bottle. “Damn gents, that was delicious” he sighed in newly a rich deep baritone. “What’s with your voices dudes?” Jayse asked laughing. “What are you thalking about?” Landon asked with a look of confusion on his face. “Yeah, what do you mean, son?” Manuel replied, his voice richer and lower than before. Jayse just shrugged and took a tentative sip of “Juicy Jock” — the frothy teal colored beverage tasted a bit like Gatorade. Jayse eagerly drank down the bottle. “Damn bros! This is some rockin kick-ass shit!” Jayse grinned, his face looking a little blanker than a moment ago. “You guys are too fucking much!” Ryan laughed as his friends ridiculous reactions to their drinks. Ryan brought the final bottle to his lips. It was a deep red fruit punch color and was labeled Beefy Bull and tasted fruity but also musky and woodsy. Ryan was captivated by the strange flavor. As he brought the bottle down he felt a jolt of energy surge through his body. “Shit dudes! This is some wild juice!” Ryan’s attention was quickly brought to the scene in front of him. Landon was rolling on the floor grabbing his stomach and moaning “Fuck! This hurts!” Manuel and Jayse were staring at Landon when the same feeling hit them too. “Oh sthit! It feels thso...thso...fucking...good!” Landon moaned as his hand reached down into his shorts and he started stroking his obviously hard cock. “Fuck dude! What are you doing?!” Jayse screamed at the sight of his friend feeling himself as he doubled over in pain. “Oh damn! I feel so full!” Manuel groaned as he undid the button on his jeans, his formerly trim waist starting to swell. Ryan now felt the pain hit him and immediately he grabbed his stomach like his friends. “What the fuck was in that shit!” Ryan spoke through clenched teeth. The four guys had never felt such a confusing mixture of both pain and pleasure. Landon was starting to look different. His brown curly hair had lightened a few shades and was starting to look blond. And it looked like the tips of his hair were frosted pink. “Sthit boys! I think those drinks are doing something to us” Landon whimpered as his big pink lips plumped up and his now angular cheekbones became more pronounced. “Oh! You think so genius?” Manuel grunted as his voice deepened into a husky growl. Manuel’s chest was swelling out as a pair of beefy pecs strained his v neck t-shirt. Thick dark hairs were sprouting across his chest out of the neck of his shirt and across his arms. And most pronounced of all, Manuel was developing a thick, hairy gut that hung over the open waistband of his jeans. “What’s happening to your stomach Manuel?! We’ve got to stop this shit!” Jayse replied as his formerly thin frame slowly swelled with striated, vascular muscle. Jayse’s shoulders and back grew wider and wider stretching his t-shirt tightly and making his waist seem even smaller as a tight eight pack began to appear. Ryan moaned as his body too began to swell with muscle “Oh fuck bros! What’s happening to us?” Ryan’s arms were thickening as his shirt struggled to contain them, big swollen, sweaty pecs were starting to pull his shirt to the breaking point. Landon’s transformation had started to slow and it was obvious that the previously intelligent baseball jock was gone. Landon was completely naked and his smooth hairless body and massive cock were utter perfection. He had big smooth ass that just begged to be fucked. “I think that drinkth turned me into a total twink, boys!” Landon, on all fours, gyrated his big butt in the air as he arched his back and stroked his big dick, moaning loudly in his new higher pitched voice. “Fuck me! I’m thso fucking hot!” Landon put his finger into his mouth and rubbed it on his pert nipple as he licked his lips. “Oh shit, boy! Look at that cute fuckable ass!” Manuel growled in his newly deep voice. The naked, hairy, hispanic daddy smacked Landon’s ass with his big hand causing Landon to squeal with delight. Manuel had bulked up with some muscle but there was a definite layer of fat and dark fur coating it. Manuel’s boyish looks had matured somewhat and he had salt and pepper hair on his temples as well as a beard coating his jaw. His fat, hairy gut jiggled as he walked and his fat, latino cock leaked precum as he took in the sight of the now twinkish Landon. “You like this big, beautiful booty, don’t you...daddy?” Landon purred seductively, biting his plump lower lip. “Oh hell yes...boy” Manuel growled fully assuming his new daddy role as he stroked his big hairy dick, “Daddy is going show you what a real man is like...son” The aggressive older hunk bore little resemblance to the sensitive Manuel from mere minutes ago. The two friends, now lovers, started aggressively making out. “Oh shit bros! What the fuck are you doing?! You’re straight!!” Jayse yelled as he watched his two formerly straight friends start to make out. Then Jayse looked down at his totally ripped muscular body. “Oh fuck! Look at me, I’m totally jacked!” Jayse ran his hands over his sensitive nipples that perkily jutted from his ripped pecs and ran his hands down over his striated 8 pack abs. Veins snaked across his muscular body. Gone was the skinny basketball player, a total muscle hunk had been born. Finally his big hands found his huge, half-hard, leaking cock. It was ridiculously long and thick, easily porn star proportions. And the muscular hunk groaned at he ran his finger across the sensitive tip of his veiny cock and brought his finger to his mouth, tasting his own seed. As Jayse looked into the mirror on the wall he was in awe of his beauty. His pouty lips and etched cheekbones along with his goatee made it clear he was pure masculinity. “So...fucking hot!” Jayse purred “so hot...such a hunk...and so...horny”. Just then Jayse heard a deep moan coming from the corner of the room. He turned his head and gasped, Holy fuck!” Ryan staggered to his feet and adjusted his legs to accommodate their new-found girth. “Wha...what the fuck happened to me bros?” Ryan rumbled. Ryan was still the same height as before the transformation but he was at least three times as wide. A total muscle bull, the former cute lacrosse player now looked like a professional bodybuilder. Naked, massive, thick, bulky muscle hung from his frame. Boulder shoulders flowed from his thick neck and led to freakishly huge and veiny arms. His pecs were so swollen with new growth that his nipples were forced toward the floor and hung like a shelf from his body, red stretch marks snaked from his arm pits across his chest. His thick, wide back and flaring lats led to a thick waist. Ryan had a six pack but it was part of a heavy muscle gut that distended from his body. His legs were pillars of brawn — thick, beefy quads and perfect diamond shaped calves. As Ryan turned Jayse saw his huge, hard, beefy bubble butt and felt his own cock swell. “Oh fuck! I feel so heavy and thick” Ryan flexed his huge bicep and watched the thick muscles and veins bulge. “Shit dude! I’m fucking huge!” Ryan smirked a cocky grin at his freakishly huge body, his cute boyish features now more mature and manly. Jayse ogled the pure masculinity and size of his friend. “You’re not huge everywhere bro!” Jayse grinned looking at Ryan’s crotch. Ryan struggled to look down over his thick pecs but had to settle for the mirror on the wall. He flexed his freakish guns and then saw his crotch and blushed. Ryan’s dick had shrunk in the transformation and was puny and embarrassing in the midst of all this massive muscle. Just then Ryan saw Jayse come up behind him and felt Jayse’s thick rod on his ass cheeks. “Shit Ryan! You’re hot as fuck! So fucking massive, such a muscle bull” Jayse purred as he kissed Ryan’s thick neck. “You’re so jacked with muscle and hot as shit too bro!” Ryan moaned as he turned around and wrapped his muscular arms around Jayse. The two muscular hunks started passionately making out, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths as Jayse reached around and cupped Ryan’s huge bubble butt in his hands. “Oh shit bro! I just just gotta fuck that big muscle ass of yours” Jayse purred as he flicked Ryan’s massive pec with his tongue. “I want to feel that huge cock of yours inside me bro!” Ryan moaned showing Jayse his big butt while his own tiny dick leaked precum. “Happy Pride boys!” Landon squealed as Manuel penetrated him to the grunts of Jayse and Ryan roughly having sex on the sofa. This would definitely be a weekend to remember.
  2. Thedemon1906

    Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Primera historia que posteo en español espero que la disfruten. Si quieren que la siga por favor muestren su apoyo Hace mucho tiempo que estoy enamorado de mi compañero de clase heterosexual, pero no fue hasta hace unos días que decidí tomar cartas en el asunto. Joaquín es de los deportistas del colegio, juega un juego famoso aca llamado Rugby. Muchos lo deben conocer por sus jugadores fornidos y masculinos y él no era la excepción. Aunque no tan grande como los de la televisión, Joaquin a sus dieciséis años ya medía un metro noventa y sus músculos empezaban a notarse. Tenía unos ojos negros impresionantes que combinaban con su pelo y el tono oscuro de su piel latina. Joaquín y yo nunca fuimos amigos cercanos, aunque algunas raras veces vino a mi casa. Pertenecemos a mundos diferentes, él era deportista y yo todo lo contrario. Aunque solo tenía quince mi cuerpo estaba fuera del promedio. Conocía que eran los bíceps y abdominales solo por verlos en otros hombres pero por mi parte nunca los tuve. Media un metro ochenta ,y aunque no era bajo, me mantenía en el promedio. Mi pelo era marrón y mis ojos verdes, pero lo que más destacaba de mi era mi casi inexistente pene de dos cm y mi culo mas que prominente, monstruoso. Fue hace unos días buscando por internet porno, una pagina de publicidad se me abrio. “Pócimas para el amor y la vida Avenida libertador 386” Fue en ese momento cuando decidí en ir a investigar. Un dia despues de clases me desvie un poco de mi ruta normal para ir a mi casa. Mientras caminaba recordé el incidente que había tenido devuelta hoy en el vestuario. Las risas de mis compañeros al ver mi paquete desnudo se había hecho costumbre, junto con los golpes y empujones que siempre lo acompañaban. Javier era el q mas me molestaba. De casi un metro noventa y ocho y un cuerpo bien tallado yo siempre era su presa. Todo se calmaba cuando llegaba Joaquín a separarnos. Cuando me conecte otra vez con la realidad me dí cuenta de que había llegado. El negocio en cuestión consiste en una puerta muy chiquita y cero ventanas. Empuje la puerta para encontrarme en una habitación circular con aspecto muy lúgubre. Estantes de lo que parecían ser líquidos de colores se encontraban a lo largo de las paredes. En el centro una mesa redonda se erguía y en la cima una bola de cristal con una campanita de hotel al lado. Toque la campana y me senté a esperar en uno de los cojines de la mesa. “Ya lo atiendo” gritó una señora que a juzgar por su voz cargaba muchos años de vida. Una puerta q se encontraba detrás mío se abrió y de ella salió una mujer de por lo menos ochenta años vestida con una túnica negra hasta el piso y unos collares con gemas que parecían antiquísimos. -¿Qué es lo q desea?- -Necesito una poción para volver gay a mi amigo heterosexual- -JAJAJAJAJAJAJA- Rió la vieja mujer - eso es lo que todos los homosexuales de tu edad quieren. Ven, toma, pon tu mano encima de ls esfera primero veamos tu destino- Hice lo q la mujer pidió incrédulo y por dentro de la espera un humo empezó a salir. Ahí es cuando lo vi todo. Yo era alto y estaba jugando al rugby con Joaquín. Mis músculos se notaban a través de mi uniforme transpirado. Era heterosexual y tenía una novia. Pero de repente pusieron la decisión de ser capitán del equipo entre Joaquín y yo. Joaquín sabia que yo ganaría entonces vino a la misma bruja que yo y le compró dos pócimas. Una para que yo y el resto de personas no se den cuenta de mi cambio y otra para volverme lo que soy un estúpido, débil y sumiso pasivo quien nadie recuerda quien era antes. Cerré mis ojos y los volvi a abrir, no creyéndome los flashes de memoria que recien habia experimentado. -¡El me lo robo todo solo por ser capitán!- grité mientras mi percepción de mi compañero cambiaba. Me sentía frustrado y dolido, especialmente defraudado. - Es verdad, pero estas en suerte querido porque con la poca plata que poseía tu Ex amigo no llegó a comprar el seguro. Por un módico precio te puedo vender la poción para convertirte en un viril activo y la pocion para convertirlo a el en un pasivo y si quieres tambien te regalo una para enamorarlo. La única que te saldría cara seria la que utilizarias para que nadie se de cuenta de los cambios.- Me quedé unos segundos absorbiendo toda la información y contesté. -Me llevo todas menos la del olvido, no la voy a necesitar- Una sonrisa se marcó en los labios de la mujer al entregarme las pocimas y la sonrisa suya se me contagió a mi. “Cambio de planes”