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  1. Image taken from PapaWereBear on bdsmlr. FertiliGro Info 1: Side effects 1 FertiliGro is created and advertised as fertility-enhancement supplement for men. However, in addition to improving user's reproductive capabilities, side-effects have been observed, especially in repeat-consumption. Side-effects may includes, but not limit to : - Increases in user's muscle development. This effect is observed even in users who partake in little physical activity, but the effect is greatly enhanced by activities which promotes hypertrophy. - Increases in user's hair growth. In particular, hair growth that is typically associate with masculine traits, such as body hair, facial hair, and public hair, etc... - Changes in user's personality and mentality. This effect varies from user to user, but it typically involves changes in user's sexual preferences. Both in terms of their preferences for sexual roles, dominancies, fetishes, and also orientations. The user's attitude towards sex commonly become more open-minded and expansive, with the majority of user's orientation changes toward bisexuality or pansexuality, but changes to homo-sexuality has also been observed. In addition, users commonly become more open to sexual encounters and explorations of new fetishes and relationships. Due to the varied and wide scope of this side-effect, more studies are needed.
  2. They stood in front of each other, sweat glistening on their newly transformed bodies, panting heavily, disoriented by their unfamiliar power and mass. Perhaps it had been a bad idea to use supersteroids to escape their life as miserable dweebs. They just heard of all the pros, how it could turn even the smallest weakling into a hulking alpha whose scent alone would drive everyone in his vicinity into a sexual frenzy and they just couldn’t resist. Fortunately nowadays it wasn't too hard to get a sample, people were undermining all efforts of the government to contain the outbreaks left and right. Infected cum was everywhere in the so called "risk zones", and though the majority of people there (who hadn't turned or fled yet) carefully made their way around both the sex-crazed giants ripping out of their clothes in the middle of the street as well as the huge pools of pure infected cum they left behind, there were others who directly sought out the stuff, continuing the cycle. And some of them even sold it via the internet (after becoming living fabrication units for supersteroids themselves). The two friends decided to risk it and bought some of it, their hunger for becoming huge overriding any fears of potential risks they had. They gave each other a dose of the stuff wearing nothing but the widest tank-tops they could find on the market and their underwear. They felt silly, looking even wimpier than they usually did in the oversized clothes. But then the pain started. They screamed as their bodies began to shift and mutate, their testosterone changing into a compound at least twenty times as powerful as before, their negligible balls pumping out the rest of the small drops of their old sperm before filling up with new, extremely concentrated cum, growing bigger and bigger. Their faces shifted, weak jaws and chins becoming more pronounced, facial hair getting thicker and their necks swelling and forcing their voices to drop by the second. New lean muscle mass erupting on their bodies, their spindly arms changing into bulging guns, their formerly nonexistant chests replaced by massive pecs tearing through the suddenly much too small tanktops. Their pain-induced screams soon began to sound more like deeply sensual roars, as if they were celebrating being freed from their former pathetic selfs. Massive cocks, replacing their tiny dicks, tore through their underwear with precum splattering everywhere. Finally the transformation was completed, and they saw each other in the eyes. Two alphas, ready to dominate, ready to fuck. But behind these raw sexual feelings was something else, a much more subtle need that might have been present in their former selves as well, the need to be completed by the other. And now that need was fueling their sexual aggression even further. Admitting that this was what they had always wished for was their last rational thought for a very long time…
  3. “Jack?” I asked the tower of muscle and masculine power standing before me, “is that really you?” Jack had always been the bigger one of the two of us, dwarfing me in nearly every way. But I never had been jealous of him, our ideals were too different for that: He wanted to become a leading rugby player, I wanted to study physics. We had been friends since elementary school even though our differences were getting noticeable soon after we first met. But don’t get me wrong: Neither did he become just another stupid jock, nor I yet another geeky nerd. We compleated each other, me helping and enlightening him about the wonders of the universe, him getting me to work out at least so much that my physique could be described as “athletic”. We both even went to the same university later. The only downside of our relationship was that I just couldn’t bring myself to be honest about my feelings towards him. I could clearly see that he loved me (or at least had a strong crush on me), but I was only into girls sexually, making it difficult for me to handle those feelings. I didn’t want to lose my friend and if I had been gay I would have started our relationship as soon as possible, but that sadly wasn’t the case. Adding to that was my constant failure to get with girls I felt attracted to. They liked my body (and some even my mind) and I had an active sex life, but I never felt any emotional attachement to them and thus the sex got boring and repetitive fast until I just stopped having it altogether. To be honest, I only ever felt such a connection with Jack, thus I spend more and more time with him instead. But that slowly became equally unfullfilling in that I just couldn’t give him what he wanted and he was getting more and more desperate because of that. Finally we talked about it, argued about it and in the end he left my flat, clearly heartbroken after I told him just that, that I was unable to love him like he loved me. I didn’t hear from him for quite some time and he didn’t pick up his phone or answered my whatsapp messages. That was until today. Someone had surprisingly knocked on my door. But the only thing I saw when I opened it were huge abdominal muscles, shadowed by two massive pecs wider than the door frame. When I looked up I could barely make out an extremely handsome face that looked similar to Jacks but was harder, with a stronger jawline and a demanding, powerful look on it. “Yes it’s me. May I come in?” His voice was much deeper and more sensual than I remembered. “S…sure, step in!” I said, still baffled by the display in front of me. He wiggled his giant mass through the door, barely making it, then crashed on my couch, which nearly broke in half because of it. “What the hell happened to you?” I asked without giving him time to answer, “And where have you been? I’ve been trying to contact you for a month now!” He didn’t answer, just gave up barely enough space on the couch for me to sit in and waited. I sighed and sat down besides his huge frame. His arms alone were thicker than my upper body. There also was his scent: It was thick and musky, but somehow entrancing. It made me feel slightly light-headed just sitting near him. He looked at me, now much more friendly than before and said: “Look, I can’t explain everything in detail, but the point is that I needed time to think about what you said. At first I came to the realization that it was pointless chasing after you and that I should probably stop seeing you. But then I found these...” He showed me a bottle with red pills. “...on the internet and at first I thought they were just a total scam. But they provided free samples, so I thought: ‘Hey, why not?’ I only had to take the first sample to see the difference immediately. You know that I always wanted to be really muscular, right? And when I woke up the next day looking like a freaking bodybuilder I just couldn’t stop myself. I bought as many of these pills as my finances allowed and took most of them in a single day. The transformation was painful, but afterwards I looked like this, so it was pretty much all worth it. What I didn’t know then was that it had changed more than just my muscles: My cock and balls got bigger too. And how! Just look at this monster, even my trousers can’t really hide it. My testosterone levels must also have been increased a hundredfold, I couldn’t do much for the first two days after my growth but splattering the walls with all the cum produced by these huge bull nuts. I couldn’t stop myself. These muscles, this huge power, it was all just too intoxicating. And then my mailman made the mistake bringing me the second set of pills I ordered directly to my door. I opened the door for him and really tried to contain myself, but once he saw and smelled me he just tore my briefs open and sucked on me as if his life depended on it. I just couldn’t help myself, I unloaded into him without putting up much resistance. And that’s where I discovered that not only does my scent slowly but surely drive everyone wild (some faster than others apparently) but my cum had changed too. I don’t know why, I’m not a science expert like you, but the mailman just exploded out of his clothes. He became nearly as much of a mass monster as I did. And while he was married to a loving wife (as he told me later on), he just couldn’t get aroused by her anymore. I don’t know what exactly happened to him afterwards, I guess he quit his job. But the point is that I found the solution to our problem. Speaking of which, I see that you have breathed in enough of my scent already. Don’t hide that erection, give in to your lust and we can finally…” Whatever he said afterwards was lost to me since I was already licking and sucking on his massive rod at that point. The only thing I do remember after that is the huge fountain of his cum pumping into me, changing me. That has been three weeks ago. I can’t find any clothes that would fit me anymore, but I’m ok with that. Actually I’ve never felt better. Jack was right, this did solve our problems. We are both huge muscle freaks now with cocks as long and thick as our forearms, fucking each other senseless every other hour. And we love each other dearly, finally fully compleated by each other.
  4. Michael woke up hugging his son from behind. Clothes were prohibited in the experiment so his hard dick was poking his ass. Disgusted he took his arm away and turn around to look at the ceiling. His son and him never had a good relationship. When his mother was alive the little wimp was always with her. It is not that he didn't try to have a good relationship with him. But the thing is that every time he wanted to go fishing with him or for them to play football, his son never wanted. Also there was the masculinity thing. When he was young and even now people always told him how masculine he was and how big he was. With lots of hair that covered his big pecs and huge arms, his 23cm fat cock and muscular definition he always assumed his son would be like him. A stud. But when Nicholas grew up to be a wimp, with a soft jawline and no hair at all, he was quite frustrated. The thing that bothered Michael the most wasn't that his son was small, but that the only thing big that he had was his butt. He looked like a woman. Mike had to hear his friends “jokingly” saying that he looked so much like a girl that they would fuck him. Now he was lying on his bed, with his morning wood looking to the ceiling, wondering what was this experiment about. His son turned around, still sleeping, and put his left hand on top of his dad muscle chest. Mike closed his eyes, Barbara was there besides him. He turned around, facing his son still with his eyes shut. Then he opened them. Nicholas looked different. He didn't know exactly what was different but something certainly changed. He looked a little bit bigger, maybe it was the poor lighting but his shoulders seamed a little broader. A thought flew quickly through Mike's brain, maybe his son was finally growing. His son hand travelled from his chest to his muscle ass, Mike felt a shiver. ____________________________________ -Hello dad- Michael was cooking completely naked while gently dancing to no sound. -You know that the shower doesn't work there is only one of us?! This fucking rats, they can even pay water for two showers! TWO!- His father seemed moodier than usual. -the pills have arrived, we have to drink them together- Michael placed two plates filled with bacon and eggs. They both sit at each side of the table. Little glasses that contained two pills sat on the table, one said Nicholas and the other Michael. Nicho grabbed his cup and opened it. This time the pills were different. The one that was previously light blue was now triangular and had a deeper ocean blue colour, and a white pill was also added. He looked up and saw his dad had the same white pill but also a deep pink circular pill. -They warned me that the white pill was full of hormones. Side effects included constant “excitement”- he said as he looked down at his cock trying to express what he meant to his son without talking. Nicho understood perfectly. They both eat their breakfast and approached to the mega computer. The scanning began as the day before. -Subject one: Nicholas. Male Male, 1,81m tall, 65kg, muscle development 7%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: mild , Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 15cm erect, anus:not sensitive- Both father and son stood shocked to discover that Nicholas had gain 3cm, 6kg, and 3 cm of cock in less of a day. Michael glanced at his son and indeed he look bigger, and more masculine. He prepared to say something but the machine started talking again -Subject two: Michael, Male Woman, 1,86 cm tall, 87kg, muscle development 50%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: Mild, Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 18 cm erect, anus: midly sensitive- A cold shiver ran through Michael’s body. Maybe he was expecting to grow like his son or maybe was the fact that he only now heard that the computer had said “Male Woman”.what did that mean? -WHAT THE FUCK?- He shouted, he had lost 3 cm in one day, 13kg, and 3 cm from his cock in one day. He wanted to cry, and he had already taken the second pill. In the screen appeared a new position someone was in all fours, and the other guy was behind him, pressing his cock to his ass. He turned to look at his son that smiled and made a gesture with his hand like asking him to be the one in the floor. Michael got really angry really fast, he wasn't a woman. He wouldn't bend. Angrily he walked towards his kid and punched him in the stomach. Nicholas lost all air and bended because of the pain, that's when Mike blind by anger and shame hit him hard in the face. Nicho fell to the floor his nose was bleeding. Mike took the opportunity and grabbed his son by the waist and got him into position. Nicho tried to walk away but Mike with his stronger body hold him down and hit him in the back. -I AM THE MAN- He shouted as he grabbed his son's ass. He saw his erect cock, much smaller than before and got angry again. He was going to prove it. He was bigger, manlier than his son. Nicho felt as his dad's unlubbed fat cock entered his virgin ass. The pain was so big that he shouted a little bit. He was still confused by the punching and blood was running from his nose, but he could still feel his dad penetrating him. One thrust, two thrusts, Mike was getting faster he slapped his son's ass very hard. -You are my bitch, YOU ARE MY MOTHEFUCKING BITCH- Michael continued raping his son. Nicho could feel his father's cock stretching his ass with a lot of effort. He was a beast, fucking him like an ape. His son started crying and that only got him hornier. HE WAS THE MAN he thought HE HAD THE RIGHT TO FUCK THIS CUNT. Michael’s cock exploted inside his son’s asshole. But almost no cum came off. Suddenly he came back to reality. His son was bleeding in the floor, about to pass out and he, his father and only parent, had just raped him. -You wanna shower?-
  5. (Just something I'd posted on cyoc.net ages ago, thought it might fair a little better here) This all started when I moved in with my roommate, John.We were both pretty well off , but since my parents had decided it was time for me to get a place of my own for college, I was pretty much kicked out until my four years were up. They said that they would pay my way into whatever place I chose, but there were to be no issues, “Or else.” My father had said. So I moved in with John, and we got on pretty well. Or, as well as most roommates do. Move in day was awkward, and with classes starting, we had little time for chit-chat. I was the first to get to the dorm, and chose the left side of the room. The dorm room was minimalistic, and the walls were just off-white, but there was a bunk bed, a small kitchen, and a sweet bathroom that would be awesome for after wrestling practice. John arrived just as I was about to hop in the shower before my run of the campus began. It had been a long drive from Nevada to California, and my car’s a/c had very recently gone out. While the dorm room WAS cold, I was still hot and sweaty, and ready for a shower. I stripped off my t-shirt after I had put my clothes and bags away, and as my shirt landed in the hamper, the door opened to reveal a guy about my size, but just small enough to matter. As I looked him over, he gave me a somewhat patronizing smirk, while looking me over as well. He was a hot boy-next-door kinda guy. Blond hair, small-but-fit build, tan complexion, blue eyes, and a killer smile. Raising his eyebrows slightly, I could tell he was impressed…and a little angry. I took a look at his bags, and he happened to have a wrestling singlet sticking out of his sports duffel. He was dressed in a tanktop and shorts, with running shoes on. I was tall, dark haired, and even though I was just bit bigger than he was, it showed. He put his bags down and walked over to me.“Hey man! I’m John.” He said, giving me the official bro-hug. “’knew coach would put me with another wrestler. Always trying to get me to make friends.” As he said this, he gave me a rather tight squeeze, pressing our bodies a little tight for friendly comfort. His whole front pressed against mine, and the hug lasted a little too long. Not one to be outdone, I returned with crushing force, causing him to elicit a cross between a moan of pleasure and a groan of pain. I assumed the latter.“I’m Nick.” I said, untangling myself from the sadistic hug. Immediately I felt kinda bad for not waiting on him to pick bunks. “I kinda picked my bunk already, so I guess you can be the top?” He didn’t answer, and instead walked over to the door, grabbed his bags, and as he rolled past me, he paused.“I like being on top.” He said with a predatorial wink.Puzzled and somewhat turned on, I walked to the bathroom, stripping the rest of my clothes off on the way. . . . Because this was an all-boys college, the nearest town, and girls, were about thirty minutes away. The college wasn’t particularly strict about dress code, so naturally, most of the guys wore whatever, but it being California, and the middle of July, we all wore the bare minimum. Class didn’t begin until 12, so I figured it’d be a good time to practice in the gym. Already, the mats were down, and wrestlers were beginning practice. The locker rooms smelled of musk and were just barely cooler than the outside. Mist was throughout, and I went to my assigned locker to drop off my duffel and dress. I stripped my shirt, and as I was undoing my shorts, the lockerroom door slammed. I decided not to pay attention until needed, and as I looked down as my shorts dropped, I saw the same sneakers from this morning. “Sup dude?” He stared up and grinned. I tried to return his smile, grunted, and got out my singlet. As I pulled it up, I watched from the corner of my eye as he appraised my body.“I’m not queer you know.” I said. While in just his boxers, he stopped and turned fully to me with a cold glare. “What makes you think I’m queer, asshole?” He spat through clenched teeth. “You’ve got a semi, and you keep looking at me like I’m a steak or something.” My eyes narrowed. Still glaring, he pulled down his boxers, and brandished his dick toward me. “Does this look like a semi?”His dick filled his pouch to the waistband, but it wasn’t even hard. He was twice my soft length, and a little less than my girth. My guess was about 6 inches soft. Hard, he'd probably add two inches at the least. At my surprised expression, his glare became a cruel smile, and simple stated “and as for looking at you…not that your hard on the eyes, but I wanna check out my competition.” He pulled his boxers and singlet up, “and see what needs taking care of.” He strutted out of the lockerroom, and as he passed me, he made a grab for my balls, making me duck away. He feinted back at the last minute, and laughed cruelly the whole way out. . . . As practice ended, and everyone packed up, It was just us on the floor.“Hey Nick.” He called. “How about a little friendly one-on-one? Whatever the winner wants, he gets tonight.”I hesitated. I knew he’d ask for something ridiculous tonight…something degrading. However…I could see this working to my advantage. Humiliating him ought to get him off my back. Even if neither of us followed through, I could still walk away with my dignity. “You’re on-” I had barely started out when he barreled at me, knocking me on my back and straddling my chest. As he sat atop me, my frame seized up slightly. I didn’t feel capable of movement, though his cold-heat hands were not so much restraining my arms to the mat as caressing my biceps.“Told you that I liked being on top.” He smirked, his blue eyes dark and hungry. Feral.As he sat atop of me, I began feeling violated, as if someone were touching me intimately through the fabric of both the singlet and my underwear, I could see both of his hands though. His body rippled for a second, and as I felt waves of pleasure shoot through me, I could see a slight shift of his body. I felt cold, and his embrace was hot. His patronizing grin widened, and he seemed to be getting a bit more substantial, whereas I felt a little more…weak.His body stretched longer in his singlet, and his body atop of mine felt heavier. His biceps mounded with strength, and his abs and pecs became more visible through the singlet.Within a short moment that seemed a long time, the exchange ended. He leaned down and whispered. “I’ll be back for the rest tonight.”Patting my abs as he rose to a height that was just barely larger than before, but still larger, he walked off to the locker room, leaving me on the ground, sweaty, confused, and with a great deal of cum in my boxers.
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