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Found 2 results

  1. Trio

    no sex The Sublime Soldier

    Trent was an average gardener, 26 years old, 170cm, with an average body, not too impressive, he didn't have strong abs, or a wide chest, nor powerful byceps, but he wasn't not completely unmuscular, he could carry around on a fight with someone unprepared. He was shamed of his deep down muscle aspirations, deep down repressed. He would lift, do push ups, sit ups, but all in secret, as he had a secret life. He was interested in Art, plants, beautiful things, he could be considered an artist, though he would secretly dream with a militarized life, being an obedient soldier. If his life was any different, he would be the most dedicated soldier there is, putting up everything, for his motherland, to protect and serve. But he thrived as an artist, and was also happy being himself that way, like two people in one. One day he was getting to bed after a day of work when he saw something that drew his attention. By his desk, there was a dog tag, that wasn't there before. That ornament was so unlike him, he thought, yet he looked to it, thought, and as a curious human that he was, he picked the iron necklace, analyzed it with his careful hands, and in the end decided to adorn himself with it, he passed the dog tag through his head and let the cold metal land on his neck and chest. Then, he went to sleep. He tried to, anyway, for his whole body shuddered, he squirmed and groaned of pain. After 20 minutes of this, he woke up on an urge to get rid of the pain he was in, that he had no idea where it did come from, he was washed by sweat and his clothes were extremely wet. He had to shower, so he went to the bathroom, carefully took off his pajamas and would go straight to the shower but as he glazed on the mirror, he noticed himself... or was something of his head? But he could see him somewhat more muscular(?) Definitely something of his head, but he did look good with the dogtag though, he thought of himself to be so manly with it, his carefully hidden side would start to show now, and he would start to flex and hit his chest like an ape, feeling masculine, feeling like a soldier he secretly dreamt of being. But instead he stopped glazing the mirror and finally went to the shower, the moment only last some seconds. The shower was pleasant, as he let the water run free through his chest, what he had of abs, the water going softly through his dog tags, that he was still wearing. He then dried up, put on new pajamas, and returned to bed. But he didn't reach bed, instead, he fell on the ground on his knees. The pain he was feeling returned stronger than ever, he screamed out of pain and suffering, and raised his arms at his side. Something extraordinary begun to happen, he started to grow, slowly, but steadily. His cries of pain echoed, as his body started to grow in size, and in muscle. He started to become more and more muscular on a painful and slow proccess, he was screaming of pain, crying and begging for mercy. He had no idea what was happening to him. His shirt slowly started to get tighter, as his body was reformulating, it was an oversized shirt so it took a while, but eventually, as he reached 183cm, and with his expanding muscles claiming space, it started to stretch even. He only got an idea of what was going on when it started to rip apart, slowly revealing his widening chest, that was getting broader and harder at every passing minute. "What is happening to me?! This... muscles... this is not who I am!" His shirt kept on ripping apart, revealing more of his chest. It was a glorious view for all, but not for him. His dogtag was glued to his left chest now with his sweat, that had a very intense smell, it was a thick sweat that was covering all his body again. "UGH!" He emited a primal sound now, so unlike him. His body was transforming faster now, and his clothes kept on ripping apart, slowly revealing his abs that were carefully being sculpted, carefully, but looking more savage and glorious at each passing moment, it was like he was turning to Herakles from ancient Greece. Realizing this was a turning point to him, and as his transformation slowed a bit, he muttered to himself, without realizing that his voice too was changing, becoming deeper and thicker. "How can this be? I am... changing... transforming! I never wanted this!... GRAH!... Ugh... I am getting muscular, stronger... look at my chest, this is unreal! I... want it... to... stop!" He kept on transforming, and something else started to change. The pain was there, but he started to feel pleasure with it, something was being liberated in him, a rage, something deep down him, he always wanted this, just never admited to himself! He wanted to be a muscular man! Yes! A powerful man! Yes! A beast! A.... a God! Inside his head, his changes became dramatic, a flood of thoughts invaded his brain, thoughts of war, glory, being naked slaying his enemies as he needed no shield or clothing, he was his own armour, like a mighty cyclops, he wanted to work out in the boiling sun, work like cattle that he was becoming, he wanted to punch, serve, act, plow land just to test his new force that was flooding him like a tsunami, he noticed something else, he wanted to fuck. He wanted to masturbate, and to masturbate his fellow soldiers, exchange powers, his life is war now, war and glory, invaded his mind, making him become a beast inside and out. "GROAR" "ROAR" RAAAHH" "UGH UGAH!" He was bellowing while transforming! "UH UH" He was forgetting how to talk. His mind was being transformed, reformed, but also wasnt at the same time. As the flood become stronger, he rose up stronger than his transformation, and with his powerful arms in the air, he screamed. "I AM TRANSFORMING! I AM BECOMING A MIGHTY SOLDIER! A HERO! I LIKE IT! All of this... is being provided by this dogtag, it freed me! Saved my soul! YES! UGAH! Might and intelligence are combined, my mind is rushing, but the animal inside of me is growing too! I am both man and animal, primitive force and... something more is coming! I CAN FEEL IT! MIGHTY GODS, TRANSFORM ME, I EMBRACE YOU METAMORPHOSIS, I RENOUNCE TO MY HUMAN FORM... I BECOME A HERO! TRANSFORM ME! MAKE ME A MONSTER, MAKE ME A PREHISTORIC BEAST!" Now his body was covered in flames, as his whole being was being molden with his new glorious form, he was roaring, growling, laughing and now crying out of joy and enthusiasm. His clothes were gone, he was naked, his cock was hard and growing with his body, his balls growing too, his arms and legs getting thicker and thicker, his hair fell down until he was with a tamed short buzzcut. Everything was coming together, his artistic side being molden down with the beast within, the soldier meets the gardener, he was the artist of his own body now, being shaped to fit a true sublime soldier that he was primed to be, and to celebrate that, in flames, his skin was being covered in boiling hot metal, that was erupting from his own body, specially from his cock. As his sexual desire grew beyond measure, while everything else described was happening, gallons and gallons of precum and them cum came out of his body, and his semen became metal and was covering his body now, stronger and stronger, he was on the last part of his change. This was inside and out, he was turning into a machine beast, his organs were melting down inside his body and were being reconstructed, his heart was washed in metal, new organs produced the nutrients his newly body desperately needed, his eyes became unrecognizable, becoming like the ones of insects, Horns erupted from his head and shoulders, his so much hardened shoulders. Tattoos were starting to erupt in his new skin, and in the end, he growled, on the most unhuman and glorious voice ever to be listened by the ear. "IT IS DONE! I AM THE SUBLIME SOLDIER NOW, PRIMED TO SERVE MANKIND! I RENOUNCE MY HUMAN CONDITION TO BECOME THE SUBLIME SOLDIER, THE DOGTAG GLORIFIES ME, I AM THE REBORN IMAGE OF ZEUS, BUT I AM SERVANT, I CHOOSE TO FIGHT FOR MANKIND, TO SERVE! IN EXCHANGE MANKIND WILL ACCEPT ME! I RENOUNCE CLOTHING, NOTHING IS WORTHY OF HIDING MY GLORIOUS IMAGE! I AM A FREAK, A BEAST, THE MONSTER. Even if I never see a battle, this is my purpose now! Trent! How you evolved! Rejoice with your new life!" Saying that, he looked at his new body, his extraordinary extremely hardened chest, hard as stone, his 8 abs amazingly being exposed, with every vein carved inside them, veins that don't transport blood anymore, but transparent liquid known as the elixir. He could transform every mortal he saw as worthy now, just by letting the liquid rush through their skin. He had a primal urge to spread his seed, but he knew he had to contain himself, and should always astrive to master the art he was now equiped for perfecting: the art of war. His shoulders, hardened and with the powerful horns, were glorious, his dogtag, the special dogtag, pending on his chests, the chain flowing through his chest and thick neck and shoulders like a river. His arms, capable of so much now, of erecting monuments of stone and marble. He was the hero now, the sublime soldier, and he aspired for glory. He looked around his house, he didn't need any of the things he needed before, a job, his job was to serve and fight, food, his body was providing the food, even breath became unecessary, he was almighty. he had a powerful mind, that he controled. He was the sublime soldier. He left the house. And went to present himself to the authorities. He was ready for his new life as the beast.
  2. laboriens

    m/m the military base of education

    hello before starting this story, I want to say that I am French I do not speak English so I use google translate. In this story, he can have all the same horrible things. Except that no one can die (they are invincible but can be crushed or hurt but after it takes shape) french version: story interactive: