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Found 9 results

  1. “Quick selfie” *You tenses your thick arms* *The phones camera flashes* “Damn, I’m a beast” “Nothing like my old body” “So strong… And well, black” “Not pasty like my old one” *You laugh* “Fuck…. What’s my old number” *You try to remember* “Oh yea” “He’s gonna love this pic” “Gets to see what he lost” “Sorry boys, I know this has been hard on you” “I just couldn’t do it anymore” “Being nearly 50 and so unfit and unhealthy” “You’d have done the same if you’d been in my position” *Your two boys stare at you, both angry* “I know…. I’m technically now more your brother then your father” “Though we don’t look alike” “Neither of you are over 6ft4 like me” “Or have muscles like I do” “Or an amazing jaw like this one” “Though you both could get tattoos” *You flex a tattooed bicep, both your sons glare more angry then before* “Though they won’t look as good as mine do” “Well… I don’t have much money anymore, because I’m only 22” “So hope these burgers make amends, till I get a job modelling or doing porn”
  2. “What you looking at” “What do you mean… Who am I” “I’m Drake Hughes, superstar athlete” *The little guy repeats his question* “Oh, so it’s you” “The real Drake, stuck in some body” *You pause and ponder for a second* “Makes you wonder what happened to my old one” *But you snap out of it and stare down the little man* “Sorry man, but we can’t change back” “The process is permanent” “And even if it was would you give up this” “I mean…. I have a huge cock now” “But you know all about that” *The guy goes to talk and you interrupt* “Let’s put it this way…” “You had what… 25 years to play with this” *You flex a bicep and bounce a pec* “Now it’s my turn” *Security approach to remove the short guy from the locker room* “If it makes you feel better….” “At least you didn't get my old body, it sucked” “Ok, so I’m not imagining things” “I’m getting enough lusty stares to know I’m not a wimpy short ass anymore” “So these tattoos really work” “The one on my arm changed my race” “Not that I’m complaining, I really fit in now” “No one would think I’m a tourist” “Plus with the tattoo on my chest….” “No, on my pec, that tattoo gave me a rocking body” *You feel up your ripped solid stomach* “These fucking abs, I could wash clothes on them” *You look down and pull open your tight swim trunks* “Yep, I’m gonna have to visit the tattoo parlour again” “My old dick does not fit this body at all” “I just hope I don’t have to get a horse tattoo on my ass cheek”
  3. “Sir, what kind of car is that” “I was giving it an oil change, my first one by the way” “And I got a load of oil on me, then I looked like this” “Really, you don’t see a problem” “I’m in high school, I was just being shown the ropes” “Now I look like I should be on the cover of Men’s Fitness” “OK, the abs aren’t that bad” “And it’s nice being taller” “But how do I explain this” “WHY SHOULD I EXPLAIN IT” “Because I was like 5ft8 and barely 90 pounds” “Now look at me, these arms have more muscle then my old body did” “OK, I’ll flex my arms again” “Sir, what are you doing, stop touching me” “You’re like 25, I’m barely 18” “Oh, you’re right, I’ll probably 25 now” “So… I really shouldn’t be a 25 year old virgin” “Especially if I look like this” “Water is great man” “Oh, what happened to me” “What do you mean” “Are you crazy, I’ve always been a stud” “I’m serious man, are you OK” “Wait, you don’t remember me at all” “Shit, that guy had said my life would change” “Oh, yea, I saved this guy” “But if he had changed anything then I would be different” “I mean I’ve always been 6ft4” “I’ve always been ripped” “I’ve always been this good looking” “Wait, you really don’t remember” “You think I was a pasty nerd, that’s weird” “So you don’t remember sucking me off” “Mate, you suck me off all the time” “I come back from working at the pizza shop and I’m super horny” “I’ve got like a baby’s arm in my shorts, and you can’t wait to get some” “You are like addicted to my cock” “Don’t blush man, you’re a great cock sucker” “How about it, there’s some beach huts back there” “I’m sure I can get you to remember”
  4. “What do you mean you won’t swap back” *The three hunks just stood and stared somewhat intimidatingly* “You have to swap back...” “You can’t stay in those bodies” “You signed contracts, exchanged money” “You’ll be in court for years” “What do you think? That you’d just vanish into a crowd” “You are inside the bodies of three famous models” “People will recognise you wherever you go” *One of the guy explains their evil plan* “Oh... oh, that...” *You think for a moment, admiring the hunks bare chests while you do* “That might actually work” “Come in honey, the water is great” *You stare open mouthed as your boyfriend comes galloping out of the water* “What’s wrong” “What do you mean, look at myself?” *He looks down and gasps* “I’m... I’m” *You try to calm him, hoping no one notices the guy freaking out* “I’m hot” *He starts poking his abs with a strong finger* *You sigh that wasn’t what you expected him to say, he’d been a white ginger guy only ten minutes ago*
  5. “Yo bro” *You raise an eyebrow at the two hunks* “It’s us, G and Xander” *Greg and Alexander, you think, it can’t be* “I know, I know, we weren’t fucking wimps” “Not shredded bros, like we are now” *They both high five and bump their chests together* “Man, you got to come talk to this guy” “He knocked into Xander, and we both called him a douche” “And then bang” *G slapped his hands together for effect* “We were shirtless and ripped” “He made us studs” “Fucking studs, man” *Both start looking for the guy* “Ummmm, can’t see him” “Yo, bro” *G points Xander to some girls* “Yesssss” *Your friends side step you and swagger over to the girls* “Ladies have you met my bud Xander and his pet Monster” *Xander drops his shorts and the girls take turns angrily slapping them, you grimace and hope the guy doesn’t come back for you* “Wow, look at you” *Your best friend is in shock, but flexes his abs* “You’re like a fitness model” “Those abs….. Fucking hell” *He flexes his biceps* “Talk about gun show” “Must of been that weird looking plant that did this” *He chuckles and bounces his smooth pecs* “Guess it wasn’t poison ivy after all” “And too think you didn’t want to come hiking”
  6. “So…. who do I text first” “Girlfriend...maybe...” “Parents…god no” “The longer I get to settle in before I meet his family the better” “Oh…Slut One… Slut Seven” “I wonder what happened to the ones in-between” “Well… I have the rest of his life to find out” *The phone buzzes* “Shit… who the fuck is Andy” *You answer the phone* “Yo…Bro…whats up” “Finally got the FaceTime to work” “Hey dick heads” *Two spotty faces appear on the screen, one is your old face* “Yep, it’s us, those little nerds” “Just not so little anymore” *Both you and your buddy flex your new muscles* “We had no idea it would be so easy” *You inhale your cigarette deeply* “And smoking is bad for you” “But this body is addicted” “Gonna have to break that habit” “But back to the issue” “We stole your bodies” “Because you are both cunts and don’t deserve to be hunks” “So we stole your bodies…” *You lean back to show off your chest for the camera* “And now we are gonna steal your girls” *You hang up the call and start the car* *Such a dork you mock yourself mentally, you’ll have to practice being Leon some more before making anymore social contact*
  7. Saturday 16:34 A picture of a freshly washed bright red muscle car flashed up on my phone. Greg- U like Harry- Of course, who wouldn’t Harry- U need to stop drooling over them, u cant afford it Greg- LOL, thats my car man Harry- No its not, its one u saw at the car wash while u were washing your trashy rust bucket Greg- 4 that your never getting a ride to school again Harry- Fuck off and hurry up, we’ve got Dan’s party tonite Greg- Why’d u think I’m at the car wash A new picture popped up, it had the same car, but this time the manly face and broad shoulders of some guy. Harry- Who the fuck is that Greg- Me Greg- U think I found a guy built like a football player at the car wash wearing the same clothes as me and asked for a picture LOL Harry- Shit that is the same shirt Harry- Whats going on Greg- I splashed out on the premium wash for the car Greg- And now I have this pussy magnet for a set of wheels Harry- How did that change you Greg- It was on a deal three for two Greg- So i washed myself and now I’m a fucking god Harry- That can’t be real Greg- Man its real, all 6ft6 of it Greg- Get down here and see for yourself Harry- Ok, but if your fucking with me Greg- I’m not fucking with u Greg- Just get down here, I still have one wash left with your name on it
  8. “Please sir you need to help me” “This guy has been chasing me for miles” “I kinda drank his drink by accident and he freaked” “What do you mean I don’t look like I need help” “Mate….. stop joking, I’m not huge” “Why should I just look at myself” “Holy shit…. you are right” “Fucking huge” “My chest man, so big and solid” “Look at these arms” “Yea…. I do have amazing arms” “Thanks for helping me……notice things” “I don’t need your help any more” “What….. no I’m not going to hurt the guy” “I’m just going to talk about getting some more of his drink” “You drank all of it” “Shit…you thought that was the growth serum” “No…that was the shrink serum for the guys at the gym” “Yea, you two are going to be really small” “I’m not sure, no taller than 4 and a half foot” “Well panicking isn’t going to help” “You are going have to live with looking at people crotches now” “What was that…sorry your voices are really high pitched now” “Oh…give you some of the growth serum” “No, it won't work, the shrink serum ruins the effects of it” “But, I probably should thank you both, now there is more serum for me” “Don’t worry, when I’m a giant I could always use some bed warmers” “You know I shouldn’t really drink the entire pint glass…” “It would be an overdose, I could grow into a giant” “Oh well, what the hell” *glug, glug* “Fuck…that was nasty” “No pain, no gain” “You know if I get really big I’m going to carry the two of you in my jockstrap”
  9. “This really isn’t what I meant when I wished for jock sex” *You’re jostled around as the man wearing you grinds against his boyfriend* “I’d have liked to have been one of the guys” “Or you know have some basic senses” “I’m just getting this loose idea of what’s happening” “I could be in a washing machine for all I know” *Then you realise without a mouth you can’t make another wish* “Shit…. I’m stuck like this aren’t I” *From his invisible perch the Djinn watched the hung jocks grind and kiss with a smirk on his lips* “Yea, keep smiling you cunt” “I know it was you who sold me out to the exam board months back” “But you don’t know that I know” “So keep smiling, keep enjoying our holiday” “Keep resting your beautiful ass on Kent’s amazing shoulders” “Keep flicking your hair in the breeze” “Because come tonight your body, life and near perfect test scores are mine” “Oh, look who’s waking up” *You stare up at your baby brothers face on a hugely muscled body* “Yea…. So guess who opened your mail” *His arm twitches and he smirks a little* “Now don’t be angry” “I’ll pay you back for the potion” *You go to sit up, he pushes you back down* “Now, I’m thinking you getting to watch me workout is $100” “Listening to me fuck babes through your bedroom wall is $200” “So if my math is correct….” *He stops to mentally workout the relatively easy math* “It will take three months of lifting and fucking to pay you back” *He smiles widely* “Should we get started, those cheerleaders you tutor just arrived”
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