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  1. By Arpeejay Part 1 “Leave the kid alone.” It was the first day of my sophomore year at Worthington “Worthless” High School and Ralph Peters was about to kick my ass. Ralph wasn’t all that much to look at and as bullies go he wasn’t all that prepossessing either. He was no more than 5’8 and at 180 lbs. he was practically barrel shaped, his shoulders, chest, and midsection all exactly the same size, with the sort of stubby arms that make you think of T-Rex. Or Nelson Muntz. But considering I was two inches shorter and all of 120 lbs. soaking wet with the muscle tone of a wet noodle Ralph was more than big enough to clean my clock and then some. Which is why when he decided to put my skinny neck in a headlock, there wasn’t much I could do about it. “Leave the kid alone.” It dawned on me that the deep, masculine voice with the vaguely Northeastern accent was being directed at Ralph! I had been too busy saying my prayers to realize that I wasn’t just imagining it! I looked up over Ralph’s flabby arm to see who was doing the talking. Wow! Who the hell was this big guy?! Well over 6 feet and well over 200 lbs., with wavy brown hair, soft brown hair, slightly stubbly square jaw, sideburns. Wotta hunk! “So whatcha gonna do about it?” Ralph sneered. “Here to save Jensen’s faggit ass?” The big guy had been moving closer the whole time Ralph. Now he casually untangled me from Ralph’s arm and pushed my tormentor (well, TODAY’S tormentor, I should point out) up against the brick wall. Ralph’s eyes widened and he began to squirm but it was pretty clear that the guy in front of him was as much of a brick wall as the one behind him. And THEN the guy reached under Ralph’s armpits (ick!) and lifted him up to eye level. “I don’t like bullies,” he said in a low even voice. “Pick on this kid again and you can try ME on for size, got it?” And then he just held him there. Ralph’s eyes darted back and forth, trying to think of a way out of the situation that didn’t involve complete and total capitulation. I swear he was chubbing up, too! “Well?” Ralph deflated. He hung his head. “Got it,” he said. “Just put me down, OK?” “Put me down what? I didn’t hear you.” Ralph mumbled: “Put me down, PLEASE.” The big guy let go and Ralph took off like a jackrabbit. “Nick Delios,” the big guy said, sticking out a hand the size of a hubcap! “Roger Jensen,” I replied, taking his hand. “Look, it’s lunch time. How about we head over to Franklin’s and I will buy you a burger. It’s the least I can do!” +++ “Is that guy always such an asshole?” Nick asked, squeezing into a booth that was clearly too small for his huge frame. “He’s not the only one,” I pointed out. “Not by a long shot. But he’s persistent.” Nick shook his head. “Every school I’ve ever been in, it’s always the same,” he said, finally letting go of my hand. “So you’re new here?” I asked. “I don’t recall seeing you around.” Nick nodded. “Yeah, a new school every year,” he said. “At least since my dad walked out. My mom doesn’t like to stick around one place for too long.” I shook my head. “Man, that must suck,” I said. “Having to start a new school your senior year!” He frowned, then laughed. “What makes you think I’m a senior?” he asked. I just looked at him. “Uh, you’re fucking huge, that’s why!” He grinned. “Well, yeah, but it happens,” he said. “I’m a sophomore. Same as you, right?” How did he know that? I wondered. “So, uh, did your parents, uh, your mom, like, hold you back for football or something?” It wasn’t uncommon at Worthless, where football was king. “I’m 15,” he replied, clearly a bit irked with my line of reasoning. “My birthday was April 10th.” “Get out!” I answered. “Mine’s April 11th!” He grinned. “So I’m ONE day older than you are?” I looked him up and down. “One day and about 10 inches and 100 lbs. older than I am,” I pointed out. “You’re 5’4?” he asked. “I would have guessed you were taller!” “5’6,” I replied. “And 120 lbs., if that wasn’t bleedingly obvious!” He arched an eyebrow. DAMN! I was always jealous of anyone who could do that! “Your guesses are a little bit off, in that case,” he said. “I’m one day, eight inches, and 130 lbs. older than you are.” Hack! Gasp! Wheeze! I nearly choked on my milkshake. “You OK, buddy?” he asked, looking concerned. Catching my breath, I nodded. “You’re 6’2 and 250?!” He looked vaguely embarrassed. “I guess getting tall early runs in my dad’s family,” he said. “I was this height a year ago and haven’t grown any taller since then, so I guess I’m stuck here.” I laughed. “Six-two isn’t a bad place to be stuck!” I pointed out. He grinned. “I’ll just have to work on getting wider,” he added. Fuck! “Clearly you have the genes for it,” I noted. He shrugged his yard-wide shoulders. “I wouldn’t know, to tell you the truth,” he replied. “I never knew my dad’s family and my mom’s people are all shrimps.” We spent the next 45 minutes going over our life histories. He had been born in New England, spent most of his elementary school years in New Jersey, and then hopping around Upstate New York before landing in Worthington. “Welcome to the garden spot of the Midwest,” I said in my best deadpan voice. He looked around. “This is as good as it gets?” he asked. I laughed. “It’s Indiana so, yes, this is about as good as it gets!” His mom, it turned out, was an ER nurse. Made decent enough money, apparently, but her work hours were erratic and it seemed every year she was looking for something better. “But it’s always the same,” he pointed out. “Which is why I get to deal with this new school shit every year. I really think she’s afraid if she sticks around anywhere my dad is going to come hassle her.” I sighed. “My dad’s a jerk,” I pointed out. “Well, at least towards women. My mom left a LONG time ago. He has a new girlfriend every year – and it never lasts. Ten years later he’s still playing the field. You would have thought the fine women of Worthington would have figured it out by now.” We talked about the classes we were taking. AP European History, Algebra II, Latin II, and Chemistry for me. Basic English, Basic Math, Basic Science, and Shop, for him. “Gee,” he said. “You must be really smart.” I snorted. “Nah, not really,” I said. “I’m just a big reader. I figured out early on that if I stuck my nose in a book I could tune out the fights my mom and dad were having. And then it came in handy when Dad decided to bring home some floozy.” He frowned. “You read for fun?” he asked. “Sure,” I said. “Doesn’t everyone?” I swear he blushed. “Never have been a big reader,” he said. “Never had any books at home and, uh, the library scares me.” I laughed, then stopped when I saw he was getting steamed. “Hey, sorry,” I said. “I mean, if I work at it really hard I can imagine being scared of the library. It’s quiet, it’s big, there’s usually someone too willing to shush you, and the layout isn’t really obvious. But for me it’s always been my safe space. Bullies don’t go to the library!” He thought about that, for a while, eating fries off my plate while he pondered. “You know,” he said. “I think I have a – what do you call it? – a proposition for you…” My eyes widened. “Uh, I know what Ralph said but I’m not really sure…” He waved his hands, pushing that away. “No, you’re not getting it,” he said. “The deal is: You’re smart, I’m big. You get bullied, I have trouble with my grades…” Slowly it dawned on me what he was getting a. Pfft! And he thought I was smart! “So if I helped you with your school work…” He nodded. “You could keep the bullies off my back?” He stuck out his hand. “My tutor,” he said. “My bodyguard!” I replied. We shook on it! +++ And that was how it started. “Want to meet up after class and get started on my tutoring?” he asked. I was somewhat surprised. We’d just met and already he wanted to hang. Naturally, he misinterpreted my hesitation. “Well, if you’re busy…” I snorted. “Are you crazy?” I asked. “My social life consists of posting imaginary conversations with my dog on Facebook!” He laughed. “Let me guess,” he said. “The dog is imaginary, too?” I blushed. “No, no,” I reassured him. “Spots is certainly real. Just wait until he decides to hump your leg.” Because God knows that’s what I’d be doing! And I blushed again. “Where do you live, anyway?” I asked, going for the save. I nodded that way. “1382 Maple,” he replied. Wow! “Get out!” I exclaimed. “You’re in the Heights, too?! I’m at 1317 Maple!” He grinned. “That’s, like, the next block, right?” he asked. “I’m still figuring out the neighborhood.” I nodded. “Less than five minute walk from my house, which is a 15 minute walk from here, and on the way to yours.” So we agreed to meet at Franklin’s, then go to my place so I could drop off stuff, and head to his place. I was on pins and needles the rest of the afternoon, looking forward to hanging out with My Bodyguard, as I thought of him, and more than a little anxious about how things would go. “Uh,” I said, tentatively, as we were walking along. “You might meet my dad.” He arched that eyebrow again. “It’s that bad?” I seesawed my scrawny shoulders. “Depends on whether this is one of his ‘take the afternoon off and get drunk’ days,” I replied. It’s no fun being the motherless child of a drunken father but in some ways I have it lucky. Pop runs his own accounting firm, makes a decent living, and his alcoholism is pretty much confined to one afternoon a week, usually Friday (but it varies.) Ditto, he’s a happy drunk, quick to tell you that he loves you, man, really, really loves you. I keep bringing him beer until he gets sleepy, then I feed him something and put him to bed. (And, yes, his problems with women have everything to do with alcohol; he gets nervous, he gets drunk, and they can never-never-never reassure him that he’s good enough. Sad, really.) I know kids whose drunken parents are physically or emotionally or verbally abusive. Like I said, I lucked out. And, no, I didn’t say all that to Nick, didn’t want to scare him away, but I alluded to it. “My old man was a shitbag,” Nick pointed out. “He only got drunk once a month but when he did my mom came out of it with a black eye or a twisted arm or a bruised rib.” I shook my head. “Dude, that sucks,” I said. He nodded. As it turns out, Pop was home. “Roger, is that you?” he asked as I entered the door. (As if it would be anyone else!) Please, I thought, please, please, please! And, yes, there he was in his usual “Drunk Day” attire, green boxer shorts with purple elephants and a ratty wife-beater. NOT his best look! Don’t get me wrong, my dad’s not a bad looking guy. He’s just a couple of inches taller than I am but he weighs half again as much as I do and it’s mostly in the right places. Broad shoulders, thick chest, beefy arms and legs. So, yeah, he has a bit of a paunch but he’s 45 years old, for heaven’s sake, give him a break. He’s a lot better built than Ralphie Peters, I thought, even though they’re basically exactly the same size. “Who the hell is THAT?” my dad exclaimed. I looked over my shoulder and saw Nick standing backlit in the doorway. All my dad saw was a tall, VERY broad shadow! Nick stepped forward into the light, a tentative smile on his handsome face. “Pop, this is my friend Nick,” I said. “Nick, this is my dad, George Jensen.” Nick stuck out his huge hand. “Nick Delios, Mr. Jensen,” he said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” His hand swallowed up by Nick’s, Pop just stood there and stared up at the huge teen. “Jesus Fucking Christ,” he said. “You’re a BIG mofo, aren’t you?!” I winced. Yeah, when he’s in his cups, Pop’s MBA vocabulary tends to fly right out the window. Nick just chuckled. “Working on it, Sir,” he replied. “I just need to get my grades up.” Pop looked at me. “Ah, ha,” he said. “That explains it!” I really sorta wanted to know what exactly was explained, but I really sorta didn’t want to know either! “Dropping my stuff off, then we’re heading to Nick’s to study,” I said quickly. So I left them there for five minutes to talk sports, the only thing other than accounting and beer that holds Pop’s interest, while I ditched my books and changed shirts. “Oh, oh, look out,” Pop said, when I returned. “He’s upgraded to Rugby rather than another Comic Palooza tee-shirt.” He looked Nick up and down. “You must have impressed him,” Pop said. “It’s quite an honor when he upgrades to Rugby!” This time Nick and I both blushed. “OK, you two, get out of here,” Pop said, opening the door with a drunken flourish. And we exited. +++ “What?” We were walking down Maple, and I was muttering. It happens. A lot. I mutter. When I’m stressed or upset or embarrassed. “What?” I looked up. “Oh, sorry,” I said. “When I’m stressed or upset or embarrassed, I mutter. A lot.” Nick dropped his big hand on my shoulder. “Dude, I can’t imagine what would have you stressed or upset or embarrassed,” he said, leaning down close to my ear, as if sharing a confidence. “I was quite amused by your old man.” I looked up him, I looked up at his hand. I really was happy with the thought that it might stay there for the rest of my life. “And now it’s YOUR turn,” he muttered. Turnabout is fair play, after all, I guess. +++ The house Nick’s mom was renting was virtually identical to ours, with the layout reversed and a different paint job. Other than that, I could walk through it blind-folded and find my way around. Which I pointed out to Nick, who said “cool,” and showed me his room (LOTS of bodybuilding posters), his mom’s room (LOTS of Impressionist prints), and the kitchen. “Man, I gotta eat,” he said, reaching under his shirt and rubbing his flat belly. I tried not to swoon. I say “flat” but I mean “ripped,” “corrugated,” “cobblestoned,” “eight-pack,” you name it. “You should eat, too,” he said. “It’s the only way you’re gonna get big.” I started to stammer something about not having much of an appetite. He held up a big paw. “Stop it right there,” he said. “It’s just a matter of learning how to eat. And you DO want to get big don’t you?” I blushed. “I mean, yeah, of course, but look at this…” I spread my hands, encompassing my scrawny body. “Underfed,” he said. “Underconditioned. We can fix that.” My eyes brightened. “Really?” He nodded. “No doubt about it,” he declared. “Whether we can fix me…” I snorted. “I think we just need to find the right switch to flip,” I said. He gave me a quizzical glance. “What are you interested in?” He pulled back his sleeve and flexed his right bicep. I gasped and grabbed the kitchen counter. “Please don’t do that again!” I blurted. He grinned. “You mean ASIDE from bodybuilding?” I was stumped. “Oh!” I exclaimed. “Yes! What are you interested in aside from bodybuilding?” He pursed his lips. “Dogs,” he said. “I had to give up my dog, Daisy, when my parents split.” My eyes widened and my mouth opened. “Dude,” I said. “That’s so sad!” He nodded. “And, well, let’s see. Woodworking, believe it or not, and, uh, well, gardening.” It was my turn to raise eyebrows (both at the same time, unfortunately!) “For real?” He blushed. “I wish I had a green thumb,” I said before he could go on. “Everything I try to grow withers up and dies. Plants literally RUN from me!” He chortled. “They do not!” “They do, too!” Just then the front door opened and in walked a very petite, very young-looking brunette. “Nick, I’m home…” the voice stopped when she caught sight of me. “And who is this handsome young fellow?” I turned bright red, naturally. “Mom,” Nick said, intervening. “Meet my friend Roger Jensen. Roger, this is my mom, Deb Delios.” I took her small hand – and, believe me, my hands are small enough that I notice when someone’s are smaller! “Mrs. Delios,” I said. “A pleasure to meet you.” She laughed. “Well, aren’t YOU the young gentleman?” she asked. It was clear that she was the source of Nick’s vaguely Northeastern accent. “But you can call me Deb, OK?” I shook my head. “Uh, how about ‘Nick’s Mom,’ or, uh, ‘Mrs. D’?” She rolled her eyes. “What is this? A 70s sitcom? Whatever floats your boat, MISTER Jensen!” She eyed the kitchen. “I see the monster has been fed,” she pointed out. “Did he actually leave any for you?” I stifled a burp. “Two tuna sandwiches,” I replied, smugly. “Which is probably the equivalent of his usual daily protein consumption,” Nick pointed out. I glared at him. “Is not!” “Oh yeah?” Mrs. D harrumphed. “You two knuckleheads stop with the bickering and clean up the kitchen while I go get changed, will ya? Afterwards we’ll talk about dinner. You’re staying right?” I looked at Nick, lifting my shoulders. “The woman lives to feed people,” he pointed out. I snickered. “Explains YOU, in that case!” Which Mrs. D was getting changed, Nick and I went over his courses, his grades, which subjects he found challenging, what was easy, and so forth. And I gave him a complete rundown of life at Worthless High, with special attention paid to cliques (“Nerds for me, of course!”), bullies, and beauties. Dinner was delicious. What mom pulls leg of lamb, roasted potatoes, a killer salad, sautéed veggies, and chocolate cake out of her back pocket? Because that’s what we had and I couldn’t figure out how she did. I could barely stand by the time we were through and more or less staggered to the front porch, Nick in tow. I turned to him as he stood there, towering over me. “That was great!” I said. “I had fun!” he replied. “As for tomorrow…” I looked at him expectantly. “I’m your bodyguard,” he said. “I will stop by your house and we will walk to school together. We will have lunch together. We will walk home together.” I nodded. “And I am your tutor, which means…” He looked at me. “Public library after school,” I said. He groaned, then got a really evil look in his eye. “Fair enough,” he said. “Provided you go with me to City Gym on Saturday!” My eyes nearly popped out of my head! “They won’t even let me in!” I exclaimed. He snickered, evilly. “That’s where you’re wrong, buddy boy,” he said. “All you gotta do is get your dad to fill out and sign a form. Mom has a discounted membership through the hospital and I already have mine filled out and I can download one from their website. AND I have a free guest pass!” I didn’t even think about it. I wrapped my arms around his rock-solid waist and gave him the tightest squeeze I could manage. “You’re the best, Nick Delios!” Gently, he squeezed back. “We’ll see about that,” he replied. Part 2 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14717-my-bodyguard-part-2/
  2. By Arpeejay Part 3 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14718-my-bodyguard-part-3/ Epilogue The rest, as they say, is history. Pop and Mom were not surprised when we greeted them holding hands when they returned from their wedding / honeymoon / golfing trip. They were all serious, of course, about the fact that we were very young and that commitments made at our age didn’t usually last past college, if that long. Likewise, they said, we might want to play down the fact that technically speaking we were stepbrothers. “Not that anyone is likely to give the two of you shit about anything, much less that,” said Mom, always the outspoken one. Pop just cleared his throat and nodded. The biggest change was that he and Mom bought a new house. Each of the existing houses had three bedrooms and two baths which was too few bedrooms and too few bathrooms from their perspective. We pointed out that we didn’t actually NEED a bedroom for each of us but they put paid to that idea. “Look,” Pop said, for once the spokesperson. “We don’t care WHERE you sleep but it will be good for each of you to have your own space. Mom and I each want an office of our own so don’t knock it.” They found a four bedroom, three and a half bath house, with a full basement, and an office, which gave them a bedroom, Nick and I each a bedroom, a bedroom to use as Mom’s office, and a first-floor office for Pop. Plus a three car garage and a pool. Nick and I were both kind of shell-shocked after the first tour. “Uh,” I said. “You DO remember that Nick and I are both planning to go to college, right?” Pop snorted. “Quite aside from the fact that at the rate you’re both going you’ll have your pick of academic AND athletic scholarship, your old man’s an accountant,” he said, smugly. “We have been living well within our means.” Whoosh! Nick and I spent that first summer lifting and lounging around and in the pool and fucking and sucking and lifting and swimming and… Well, exactly what you would expect us to be doing. “Just think of this as your honeymoon,” Mom said. “Next summer you’re getting jobs,” Pop added. Gulp! Of course, what kind of job they thought Nick was going to manage remained to be seen at that point. When we started our junior year of high school that fall, he was tipping the scales at 400 lbs. of solid muscle, bigger than any professional bodybuilder and most powerlifters. By that point he had a 40-inch waist but his chest was significantly bigger around than he was tall, his quads measured 44 inches, and his arms were bigger than my 32-inch waist. He officially retired from the high school weight-lifting team after a private session with the coach in which he benched an even ton – 2000 pounds – for one perfect rep. After he recovered from his near faint, Coach looked at me, looked at Nick. “You realized this means that Nick is far and away the strongest man on the planet, right? Quite possibly in all of history?” We nodded. “And he’s 16 years old,” I pointed out. He blinked a few times. “I’m guessing you would just as soon this was not public knowledge,” he surmised, correctly. I nodded at Nick. “Black helicopters,” he said. But that was OK, I took over as captain of the weight-lifting team that year. I started the year at 5’11 and 250 lbs. Let that sink in. In one year I had gone from 5’6 and 120 lbs. of nothing to 5’11 and 250 lbs. of total muscle stud. I weighed as much as Nick had done when he picked up Ralphie Peters and held him against the wall. “I’m assuming a 750 lb. 1RM bench is satisfactory?” Coach just muttered and fanned himself. “Come again,” Nick said. Coach spread his arms and looked towards heaven. “What did I do to be blessed with a couple of fucking muscle mutants?” We liked that idea! “Just call us the M&M’s,” we said. Relieved of any athletic competitions, Nick took up discussion and debate and before the semester was over the kid who had been reading below grade level a year previously was captain of the debate team. Meanwhile, I led the weight-lifting team to its second-consecutive all-state title and likewise broke all existing records for a high school weight-lifting team. And it never stopped. By the time we graduated, Nick had for all practical purposes transcended humanity. At 550 lbs. he was for all intents and purposes a national celebrity. Once he passed 450 lbs. (just before the end of his junior year) we decided to change strategies. Instead of trying to hide his size and strength (at that point his bench was closing in on 3000 lbs.) we decided to advertise it as much as possible. “World’s strongest kid is also world’s strongest man” went the usual story-line. We figured if we became extremely well-known it would be very hard for some black ops super soldier program to swoop him up. We had several visits from men and women in black suits, white shirts, black ties and very boring cars, then another set by big blowhards in uniforms with lots of ribbons on their chest. Pop refused to consent to any meetings without cameras and recorders present so they were perhaps a bit more reticent than they were otherwise. “Look,” he said, finally. “You DO understand that every supplement company in the world, much less the country, is after Nick for research purposes, right? We’re going to do the research, alright, but it’s going to be through Harvard or MIT or University of Chicago or someplace like that; and together, Nick and whichever university, they’re going to license the results. If you want to employ it, get in line.” By that time, of course, it was becoming apparent that while I was never going to catch up with Nick I was likewise off the charts in terms of physical development. On my 17th birthday I hit my max height, 6 ft., weighed 310 lbs., and was benching more than 1000 lbs. for reps. (I also hit max dick: 10 x 8 ½ inches, still a couple of inches shorter than Nick’s 12-inch cannon but an inch bigger in circumference. He wasn’t complaining!) As for me, I graduated Worthington weighing a dead even 400 lbs., with the same measurements Nick had had at that weight, only I was two inches shorter so I actually looked a bit thicker than he had done. I was kind of irked really. Not because I hadn’t caught up with him, despite having more than tripled my size in three years. No, it was because if I had gained an extra 25 lbs. and he had done the same the two of us would have weighed exactly 1000 lbs. And I thought that would have been cool! I explained this to Pup, who just rolled his eyes. “You DO understand that you’re exactly twice the size of your old man, right?” Pup was in pretty good shape before he met Mom but at 5’9 and a totally ripped 200 lbs. he looked freaking awesome. “Get a grip,” Mom added, who made no bones about the fact that she was delighted to have a gigantic food bill to feed her sexy husband and two gigantic sons! She referred to us as her “own private herd of beef!” Oh, and there was this. At graduation, Nick was valedictorian, I was salutatorian. “He’s the jock,” he joked beforehand. “I’m the brain!” Mom rolled her eyes. “You’re both going to Stanford,” she pointed out. “Get over it.” We were on stage together. He listened to my speech. I listened to his. When he was done, he motioned me forward and together we said. “Thank you Worthington, for bringing us together!” And then we kissed. The stadium erupted. Nick leaned in and whispered in my ear: “Am I still your bodyguard?” Over the din I was unlikely to be heard so I mouthed my response: “Until the end of time, Big Man, until the end of time!” THE END
  3. By Arpeejay Part 2 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14717-my-bodyguard-part-2/ Part 3 Spring Break was a month later. Pop and Deb (after Valentine’s Day, Pop told me in no uncertain terms to ditch the “Mrs. D.”) were taking us to Sanibel. “But Sanibel’s boring,” I said. “Nothing to do but sit around all day or ride bicycles and dodge old people.” Nick, practical as ever, asked the most important question. “Does the resort have a gym?” Pop nodded. “A big one.” Nick looked at me. “I think we can deal,” he said. Mrs. D, I mean, “Deb,” chimed in. “More to the point, some good restaurants and a great golf course. And just who’s paying the freight?” There she had me. “The people who like to play golf?” Getting there was interesting. Pop and Deb had first class seats (he had miles) while Nick and I were stuck in the back. “Me oh my,” the very cute, clearly gay flight attendant said as we were getting ourselves seated. “I hope you guys won’t be too cramped!” By this time I was up to 5’9 ½ and 200 lbs. I had gained 40 lbs. since Christmas but only an in to my waist. Meanwhile, my chest was up to 47 inches and my arms were 18 inches cold. (And, no, I hadn’t been neglecting my legs. My quads were a decent 26 and my calves were just half an inch shy of my arms. When your waist in only 29 inches, 200 lbs. goes a long way!) Meanwhile, Nick was up to 330 lbs., still with just a 34-inch waist. You’ve heard of yard-wide shoulders? Nick’s were literally a meter wide. I knew because I’d measured them. And if you happen to be metric-challenged, a meter is 39 inches! Just then a big fat bald guy in a rumpled business suit and a brief case showed up. Who goes to Ft. Myers for business?! “I’m the middle seat,” he said, grumpily. I stood up and reached for my stuff. “Actually, we’re traveling together,” I said. “Would you like the window or the aisle?” Just then, Ryan, the cutie flight attendant, intervened. “You know,” he said. “I think I might have a solution. Y’all hang tight and let me check something. I’ll be right back!” And two minutes later, he was. “That’s what I was thinking,” he said. “Unbelievably, we had a cancellation so there’s a seat available in first class. Do you want it?” He was looking at Nick, who was clearly the biggest of the three of us. Nick broke into a big grin. “I think this is your lucky day,” he said to the fat man, adding for Ryan’s benefit. “Since Roger and I are traveling together, this gentleman can take it and we won’t have to be split up!” Ryan beamed at him. “Super! Just follow me, sir!” I looked at Nick. He looked at me. “That was close,” I said. He nodded. “A fate worse than death,” he agreed. +++ We were standing on the beach, watching the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, where people who live in little pink houses vacation down on. Or, rather, I was watching the sunset. Nick was, as usual during our visit, surrounded by a gaggle of giggling girls. Brittany, Bethany, and Dawn, in this case (or, as I thought of them, “Spittany, Biffany, and Spawn”) although it could easily have been Caitlyn, Kayla, and Kate, or Sierra, Tierra, and Vierra. Wherever we went, aside from the gym, THEY were there. Always three of them, always newly conjoined BFFs, always blonde or brunette or ginger (and never black or brown or something remotely multicultural – it was Sanibel, after all.) And Nick was lapping up the attention. Well, why not? He was a fucking mountain of muscle, with board shorts that barely contained his 34-inch quads, plus a nice dusting of dark curls on his chest and abs, and for this trip hair that was slightly longer and curlier than usual, plus ever-present stubble. He looked like a college football lineman. A Big Ten SENIOR college about to go off to spring training for the Pats or the Eagles or the Vikings. If he had stood still for more than five minutes, I am pretty sure they would have devoured him literally. “What I wouldn’t do for a tranquilizer dart,” I muttered. “Say what?” I felt a pair of big, meaty hands on my big meaty shoulders. “I’m thinking of tranking you,” I said, not looking over my shoulder. “I’m guessing that if you’re conked out, Spittany, Biffany, and Spawn are going to devour you. Literally.” He chuckled. “Jealous much?” I felt my inner Diva rear her ugly head but before I could say a word, a pair of giant steel girders – Nick’s arms, that is – wrapped themselves around my tight midsection. “I’m guessing I haven’t been overly attentive,” he murmured in my ear. I leaned back into him. “You can say that again.” He gave me a squeeze. “It’s because we’re on vacation, you know,” he said. “At school I have to keep my distance or I would have some BIMBO on my arm every day of the week.” I turned to face him. “Isn’t that what every sophomore stud wants?” He looked down, then up at me. “Not if it gets in the way,” he said. I raised my eyebrows. “In the way of what?” I asked. He took my chin in his paw and angled it this way and that. “Of hanging with my best friend, of course,” he said, nonchalantly. “What else could it mean?” What indeed! +++ Two months later and it was the weekend before prom. At Worthless, prom wasn’t just for juniors and seniors, it was for the whole school. A little weird, but that’s how we roll at W.H.S. I hadn’t bothered my freshman year – who wanted to go with a little dweeb lie me – but now… In two months I’d grown another half inch taller, to 5’10, and packed on another 20 lbs. That’s right: 5’10, 220 lbs. of solid muscle. I was far and away the best built guy at Worthington High School, with the exception of a certain mountain-shaped object who shall remain nameless, and one of the strongest, too. I was benching 455. For reps. And a week earlier I had achieved what eight months previously I would have considered simply impossible. One rep @ 505 lbs. Meanwhile, of course, Nick had likewise gained another 20 lbs. At 350, he was quite literally a mountain of muscle, with a 70-inch chest and arms that were closing in on 30 inches. Ditto, at the same state competition (I had joined the team) where I benched 505, he broke the all-time world teen record: 1100 lbs. Which put him right up there with Ryan Kennelly and Eddie Hall and the world’s other elite powerlifters. And what none of the judges or other competitors or the lifting world at large knew was he was faking. Out of sight of anyone but me, he was benching 1100 for reps and his 1RM was actually 1400 lbs., four times his bodyweight. So we were both feeling pretty studly and fairly self-absorbed which is why we were thoroughly gobsmacked when Mrs. D, uh, Deb, called us into her living room for a chat. And there was Pop sitting in the best chair. “Boys,” he began. “Oh, knock it off, George, let me do it,” she said. “You’ll just get all mushy.” She cleared her throat. “George and I are NOT going to be here for your prom weekend,” she said. Well, that wasn’t completely surprising. Self-absorbed as we were, it had been clear since Valentine’s Day that we were dating. “Instead, the two of us are going to Sanibel,” she continued. “To get married.” “What?!!” “No way!!” And I couldn’t tell you, at this point, which of us said one, which said the other. Time for Pop to clear his throat. “You see…” “Oh, knock it off, Pop!” I exclaimed. “What fantastic news!” Nick crossed his gigantic arms. “But you don’t want US at your WEDDING?” Deb, uh, “Mom” maybe (?), patted his sequoia-sized leg. “Sweetie, George and I have both done the walk down the aisle thing,” she said, placatingly. “This time all we want is Justice of the Peace, a suite with an ocean view and a hot tub, and maybe a golf course…” Pop snorted. “And maybe a restaurant or two, although…” “We could always order in…?” I cleared my throat. “Glad we got that settled,” I said. “Now I finally know what to call Nick’s Mom. From now on, it’s just Mom!” Nick chimed in. “And now the two of us are going to shove off to the Jensen household so you two lovebirds can spend some, uh, ‘quality time’ together.” We skedaddled. “That was close,” I said. Nick wiped his brow. Not much causes him to break out into a sweat! “I was afraid they were going to start making out in my living room!” Back at the Jensen Ranch. “Uh, so what about prom?” Nick asked. I shrugged my big, thick shoulders. Let me say that again: I shrugged my big, thick shoulders. I loved being able to do that! “Well, clearly we’re going,” I said. “Prom wouldn’t be worth much without its two hottest studs, would it?” He frowned. Why was he being so serious about this? “But together, right?” I rolled my eyes. “Of course, together,” I said. “Unless you were thinking of asking Paige, Sage, or Rosemary?” Those three were the ones most persistent in lavishing their attentions on Nick, much to his chagrin. Cute girls (we called them the “Scarborough Sisters,” after the Simon & Garfunkel song, not that they were sisters) and all smart as whips until they got around Nick, at which point they became blithering airheads. “Good,” he said. “That’s settled. I’ll pick you up at 7 p.m.” I gave him side-eyes. “You will, will you?” He nodded. “I have it all figured out,” he said. “Which reminds me: After school on Monday you’ll want to go to Hadley’s to have your tux fitted.” CLONK! “My what?!” He looked at me. “You can’t go to prom without a tux, can you?” Speechless. “I gave them your measurements,” he said. “But they said with a physique like yours they’re going to need to make some pretty significant adjustments.” Astounded. Finally, I found words. “And what about you? Where are you renting yours from? Omar the Tent Maker?” He gave ME the side-eyes this time. “Mom had one made for me,” he replied. “For my birthday. Tailored.” I gaped. “But haven’t you put on another 10 lbs. since then?” I had. We had celebrated our back-to-back birthdays with a long gym session, a birthday cake apiece, and an overnight Netflix binge. I’ve never been hungover but I’m guessing what I felt the next day was in the same ballpark! “I have,” he said. “They built it with room for me to grow.” Once again, my BFF was revealing hidden depths. “Alrighty then!” I said, brightly. “You DO have it all figured out, apparently.” He reached for the remote. “Ready for some peak television?” he asked. “The Expanse or Man in the High Castle?” I replied. He smiled. “How about both?” +++ The doorbell rang at 7 p.m. Saturday. Have you ever seen 6’2 and 350 lbs. of solid muscle in a tux? A couple of things: First, it more than fills the doorframe. Second, Mount Kilimanjaro is less impressive! “I didn’t think a corsage was appropriate,” said the Man Mountain. “But I thought these would do instead.” He pulled a dozen red roses from behind his back. SWOON “Uh,” I said. “Is this a DATE date?” He smirked. “How would I know?” he asked. “I’ve never been on one.” I nodded. “Me neither!” A voice from the Limo – apparently one with very good ears – added. “Yes, dummies, it’s a DATE!” He looked me in the eyes. Deeply into the eyes. Like Bela Lugosi looking into your guys. “Why would I go with anyone other than the handsomest man at Worthington High School?” I’m pretty sure I squeaked. “Me? Handsomest?” He snorted. “Blond hair, blue eyes, stubble, built like a brick shit house,” he said. “That guy you showed me, Adam Charlton, he’s got nothing on you…” GULP! “Really?” He took my hand. “Do I really need to tell you twice?” Dinner at…Gustave’s? “Probably we should have gone to Sonic,” he said. “Since we can’t have wine and we need to get out of here. But apparently the prix fixe menu is pretty speedy.” Did he just say prix fixe? I barely knew what prix fixe meant; I wasn’t expecting it from him! Ray deposited us at the gymnasium promptly at 8:30 p.m. When we walked in hand-in-hand… Gasps! “Can you believe it?!” Cat calls! Whistles! Claps. “I think I’m gonna be sick.” That last was simultaneously from Ralphie Peters and Sierra-Tierra-Mariah or whatever her name was. For a lumbering mass of muscle, Nick was surprisingly light on his feet. For a couple of musclehead white boys, we weren’t totally without rhythm. And, finally… The slow dance. I’d been dreading it. I knew the theory but… “Just follow my lead,” he whispered. Turns out Taylor (I was never going to forget HER name) had taught him (“when…?”) how to slow dance, knowing what he had in mind. And at the end, in front of 500 Worthington High School students, teachers, and parents, he kissed me. It wasn’t a brotherly peck, either. I thought it was just me but when it was over there was absolute silence for about 30 seconds. Then the gym exploded in cheers, applause, whistles, the whole nine yards! We unclenched, held hands and, slowly pivoting, bowed to the four corners of the room. Then Ray took us home. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” he said, cheekily, as we exited the Limo. I looked at Nick. “Really?” He chuckled. “Oh, yeah,” he said. “Taylor’s uncle is well-known in the community.” Community? What community?! There’s a community!! At this point I couldn’t tell you whether we danced up the stairs to my bedroom, Nick carried me up the stairs, or we just magically floated there. “Are we going to do this?” I asked. Now when he looked down at me he didn’t have to look very far. I was 5’6 when we had first me eight months previously but now I was 5’10. “Is it what you want?” I squeezed him HARD. He gasped. That wouldn’t have happened eight months previously either but I had put on 100 lbs. of solid muscle in the meantime. “Oh God YES!” I was ready to have at it right then but, as on the dance floor, he led the way. We kissed, slowly, thoroughly. He undressed me, slowly, thoroughly, teasingly, erotically. Then did the same for himself. By the time he was done my 9-inch boner was dripping pre like crazy and ready to explode at the slightest touch. I put my hand on his 12-inch ramrod. He groaned. “Who does what?” I asked. He arched an eyebrow. “My thought is: We both do EVERYTHING,” he replied. “Then two-three-ten more times?” I asked. He nodded. “But have you…?” He shook his head. So did I. “But I’ve watched plenty of YouTube!” We both said it at the same time, then laughed. It was heaven. After we were spent, I asked him. “Why didn’t we do this a long time ago?” He shrugged his Everest-sized shoulders. “I was waiting for you to figure it out.” I punched his shoulder. I had punched my locker when it got stuck (“Worthless” Worthington strikes again!) and put a fist-sized dent in it. But Nick’s delts at that point were about the size of my head. “Owee.” He took my hand and massaged it. “I was waiting for YOU to figure it out,” I replied. He stroked my cheek. “I think you would agree that at this point we have BOTH figured it out?” I nodded, then had a thought. “It’s not just because I was a runt then and now I have muscles, is it?” He rolled his eyes. “You were just as hot then, Stud, as you are now,” he pointed out, much to my surprise. “You just KNOW IT now.” And maybe that was the difference. Not that it mattered. I was in bed with my man. And he was in bed with his. The Epilogue can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14719-my-bodyguard-epilogue/
  4. By Arpeejay Part 1 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14716-my-bodyguard/ Part 2 Gee, that was a lot of back story, wasn’t it? Just as well, though, since that first day together pretty much defined our sophomore year. Nick would come by in the morning, we would have lunch together, we would walk home together in the afternoon, followed by homework (at my place or his), an early supper (at my place or his), and then an hour at either the library (my place) or City Gym (his!) Nobody, and I mean nobody, gave me any trouble when Nick was around. When he wasn’t around, there were two or three times in the first week or two when someone wanted to make a big deal about it, pushing me up against a locker, cornering me in the bathroom, knocking books out of my arms, usually to a taunting chorus of “Delios’s Dweeb” or “Nick’s Nookie.” (Didn’t I wish!) And then I would tell Nick about it and by the time we went home one or more guys were staggering around with black eyes, busted lips, and, a lot of times, wet crotches. Yes, he made them piss their pants! After THAT, the bullies tended to give me a wide berth. The jocks, on the other hand, most of whom weren’t the bullies, stopped razzing me. If I was good enough for Nick, I was good enough for them. Likewise, the nerds – my clique of choice, even though I really didn’t have much in common with them, other than good grades – fell for Nick pretty hard, especially when they discovered he had an EXTENSIVE comic book collection, with half a dozen vintage issues that caused their eyes to pop. It took all of an afternoon to get Nick comfortable with the public library. I showed him how it was laid out – fiction over here, young adult over there, non-fiction upstairs. Ditto, how the card catalog worked, how to find a book by an author, what it was like to browse. I even introduced him to Mrs. Pate, the afternoon reference librarian, quite possibly the most grandmotherly – and seriously professional – person I had ever met. As for his “reading below grade issues,” I hit the nail on the head by introducing him to Jim Kjelgaard. No, not Worthington’s Own Channel 47 Sportscaster! I mean the author, Jim Kjelgaard (1910-1949), the young adult author whose 1945 novel “Big Red,” about a champion Irish Setter and the Quebecois boy who loves him, set the bar when it came to books about boys and their dogs! Nick, his brand new library card dwarfed and somewhat soaked by his sweaty palm, checked it out that first afternoon. And brought it back to me the next day. “More, please.” I gaped. “You read it already?!” He nodded. “Have you read it?” he asked eagerly. I shook my head. “Well, no, not really, I’m more into SF / Fantasy, you know, but I’ve always heard…” Nick proceeded to tell me the plot, ALL of the plot, on our way to school. Well, take that back – he only made it about halfway through! He told me the REST of the plot on the way back. And over the Fall semester he proceeded to read every single Kjelgaard book in the Worthington Public Library, then got interested in SF / Fantasy when I pointed him to Andre Norton and Madeline L’Engle. By the middle of the semester he was reading at grade. By the end of the semester he was reading ABOVE grade. One day while Nick was perusing the Science Fiction section, the pile of hardbacks under his arm growing ever larger, Mrs. Pate pulled me aside. “This is for you,” she said, handing me an autographed copy of Kim Stanley Robinson’s newest book. “Mrs. Pate,” I exclaimed, before she gave me that “quiet now!” look. “I can’t take a gift from you. I should be bringing gifts TO YOU!” She snorted. “That young man of yours has turned into a champion reader,” she said. “And it’s all because of you! Warms the cockles of my old librarian heart! Think of this as a reward for ‘Meritorious Service in the Cause of Readership,’ OK?” I’m not sure who was more surprised, me or her, when I gave her a big hug! “Just don’t tell him what it’s about, OK?” she murmured. And I never did. As for me, well, who knew? I took to City Gym like a duck to water and thanks to Mrs. D’s inability to take NO for an answer I started gaining weight. About the same time, my growth spurt, if that’s what it was, finally kicked in. By the time Christmas break rolled around, I was up to 5’8, two inches taller than the day I had met Nick. And did I mention that I was gaining weight? Yeah. About that. I grew like a fucking weed! In four months I gained 40 lbs. of solid muscle. I was no longer a twig! I had a muscular 40-inch chest, a rock-solid 28-inch six-pack waist, and “decent” 15 inch arms. “Jeez, look at you,” Ralphie said one day when we were in the locker room changing for gym. It’s always been clear to me that the Locker Room Gods are actually minions of Hell because I had always wound up with a locker next to someone like Ralph Peters. “I guess the Big Guy has been feeding you good, huh?” he added. The leer was unmistakable in its meaning. Without thinking, I whirled, grabbed Ralph by his tee-shirt and slammed him into his open locker. “Listen, you fat fuck,” I growled. “You can say whatever you want about ME but if I hear one nasty word from you about Nick Delios I’m going to beat the shit out of you.” The naked fear in Ralph’s eyes caused me to laugh. Surely he was kidding, right? I didn’t just jack up my arch nemesis, did I, the one who still outweighed me by 20 lbs., even if it was 20 lbs. of blubber? “Whatever you say, Boss,” he managed to splutter. “Nick’s a good guy.” I released his shirt. “Damn straight he is! See that you don’t forget it!” I slapped the back of his head, slammed my locker shut, and headed out. At lunch, Nick kept looking at me. “Uh,” he said finally. His vocabulary had grown by leaps and bounds but reticence was just part of his nature, what can I say? “Uh,” I replied, waiting for him to get to the point. “Did you beat up Ralphie Peters in the locker room on my behalf?” GULP! I blushed, furiously. “Well…uh, well,” I started. Talk about reticence. “We had words, that’s all.” He arched that stupid eyebrow again. “Oooookay,” he replied. “Well, word on the street is that you slammed Ralph into the locker, slapped the back of his head, and told him to stop talking shit about ME or that you’d clean his clock.” I licked my lips. I wasn’t sure I liked where this was going. “And by word on the street, I mean that Ralphie told it Mark Connor who told it to Jack Gamble who told it to Theresa Fortney who told it to me…” I blew out the breath I’d been holding. “Well,” I said brightly. “I guess it must be true, in that case!” He held up his big hubcap fist in front of my face. I looked at it. “Bump it, doofus,” he said. I looked up at him. He had the biggest grin on his face. And bump it I did. Oh, yes, I was forgetting to mention the ironic part. The ironic part is that in the same time I had put on 40 lbs. of solid muscle, Nick, good as his word, had put on FIFTY pounds during the same time. That’s right. By Christmas he was tipping the scales at 300 lbs. His chest was up to 60 inches, his arms were up to 25 inches, with a 34-inch waist and 32-inch quads. His strength was off the charts, too, which was good because the coaching staff at Worthington was really pissed off with him. Mrs. D wouldn’t let him play football (“no concussions on my watch!”), he had no interest in making weight for wrestling, and the one time he tried rowing he swamped the shell. Which is why, in some degree of desperation, they started a weight-lifting team. Nick won every competition he entered and under his tutelage the big guys on the wrestling and football teams were getting significantly stronger, which made the coaches very happy indeed! So now you understand the irony of runty little Roger Jensen “defending the honor” of the biggest guy in school? Right? Right. “Does this mean I’m no longer your bodyguard?” he asked, looking somewhat forlorn. “And does that mean I’m no longer your tutor?” I snorted. “Get outta here, are you crazy?” I exclaimed. “Of course, you’re my bodyguard! Of course, I’m your tutor. And, for that matter…” I stopped. He was looking at me with those soulful brown eyes from under those thick sexy eyebrows. “Yeah?” he asked, hunching his mountainous shoulders. I let out a breath, then leaned over and tousled his wavy brown hair. “You’re not just my bodyguard,” I said. “You’re also my best friend. In fact, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had.” He grinned. “You know it’s moochul, right?” You can take the boy out of New England, you can’t take New England out of the boy. I leaned back and stretched, something I did a lot more now that I actually had a muscle or two to flex. “Yeah,” I said. “I know. Or strongly suspected, anyway.” This time I was the one who stuck my fist out. But he didn’t bump it. He took it in his hand and held it for a minute, then squeezed it. “You’re the best, Roger Jensen.” I squeezed it back. “We’ll see about that!” +++ Spring semester was the same as Fall semester only fewer sports and more activities. Like Valentine’s Day. And Spring Break. And Prom. And growing. And growing. And growing. Valentine’s Day was interesting, to say the least. For one thing, Nick bought ME a card! He handed it to me when he came to pick me up Valentine’s morning. “Uh,” he said, articulate as ever. “This is really a ‘Thanks for being my best friend’ card, you know, not any of that mushy stuff.” I beamed. “Hey,” I said. “I’ll take all the loving I can get.” He blushed. “And I have something for YOU, too, but you have to wait until this evening.” His eyes widened. “Really?” It was my Grandma Jensen’s famous Wauconda cake, named for the town in Illinois where she taught when my dad was in elementary school. Chocolate with chocolate fudge frosting. “Oh My God, this is so delicious,” he said, having just finished off a third of the cake and washing it down with 20 ounces of whole milk. “You made it yourself?!” I nodded, pleased with his reaction. “I’m so glad you like it,” I replied. “My Grandma Jensen’s recipe!” Just then the door opened and Pop walked in. With Mrs. D.! They were dressed to the nines! Nick and I both stared! “What about Grandma Jensen?” Pop asked, then spotted the remains. “Wauconda cake!” Turning to Mrs. D, he proclaimed: “We can skip dessert at Gustave’s, Deb. My mom’s chocolate cake recipe is the world’s best and Roger here is its greatest living interpreter!” Nick and I looked at them, looked at each other, looked at them again. “You’re going somewhere?” “Gustave’s?!” Deb, as per usual, rolled her eyes. “It’s Valentine’s Day, you think we’re gonna Netflix and chill? Phooey on that.” Then she turned and smooched Pop right on the mouth! “We’ll be back late,” Pop said. “Don’t stay up. And DON’T polish off that cake!” When they had left, Nick and I just stared at each other. “Well,” he said, finally. “That’s interesting.” I just shook my head. “How could we have NOT noticed?” He shrugged his mammoth, or more precisely, his MAMMOTH, shoulders. “I thought your dad was looking spiffer than usual,” he said. “And Mom has been uncommonly cheerful, lately.” I chewed my lip. “Are we OK with this?” He waffled his hand. “So long as he treats her right, I’m down with it.” I sighed. “The problem in the past is that he usually goes overboard,” I said. He leaned back and stretched. “We’ll see,” he said. “It doesn’t matter. If it works great, if not, it won’t make a difference for you and me. Will it?” I chuckled. “Not a chance, Big Man,” I said. “Now let’s go see that movie!” Part 3 can be found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14718-my-bodyguard-part-3/
  5. goremeridian


    (I just want to thank the MG forum for giving me the drive to start writing again. I've been in a bit of a tailspin for the last eight months or so, and I REALLY needed this. Enjoy...I hope!) Regrets Dylan hunched on his bed, cock twitching furiously in his tight black briefs. The wrinkled, sweat-drenched sheets were thrown back, exposing his lithe, faintly rippling tan torso to the silvery April moonlight. Exposing too his insatiable, slick hard-on, straining hungrily against his Calvin Kleins, sodden with load after load of his cum. He couldn’t sleep. Not simply because of his horniness, though that was certainly a factor. It had been a week, after all, since he had last been fucked, and the hand working his 8-incher was no substitute for Sam’s thigh-thick, veiny 16-incher slamming into his prostate and stretching him impossibly wide. His libido would not be satisfied with mere masturbation, no matter how violently he fapped. It was like the time he’d had a steak at Bavette’s in Chicago. Dylan had known then that all other steaks afterwards would feel inferior. After feeling Sam’s new, thick meat inside him, no orgasm would come close. Especially not a self-induced one. Not because of the heat, either. He was a sun-bunny; he’d practically grown up on Santa Monica Beach and even this hotter-than-usual climate didn’t bother Dylan in the slightest. His modern house had an air-conditioning system that would have pleased even the most rampant thermophobe, but he rarely used it. For him, the heat was like a warm comfort blanket. Not because of the noise of the distant storm, either, booming faintly across the city, setting the big windows rattling, getting louder as the minutes passed. They hadn’t had a storm here in LA in months, not a proper one anyway, and rather than being disturbed by the building rumble, Dylan felt a faint trickle of excitement running through his smoothly-muscled physique at the prospect. He put the strange irregularity of the storm’s roars – a sudden succession of BOOMS, followed by a narrow stretch of silence before another BOOM split the sky, sounding like some kind of storm-giant’s footsteps dragging through the distant moonlit city-sprawl – down to the sheer weirdness of the California climate. On the West Coast, particularly after a drawn-out, parched, tense season, they didn’t have storms; they had STORMS. No, Sam couldn’t sleep because – in addition to horniness, and heat, and excitement at the oncoming tempest – Sam was also feeling regret. And it went deeper than any of the other feelings. Bone-deep. Six months ago things had first come to a head. Sure, they hadn’t exactly been going swimmingly before then, but that’s when he and Sam had had their first argument. When Sam was only 314lbs. Dylan winced, as though the memory caused physical discomfort. Only. That stupid, stupid word. Absently, he started playing with his cock again. * “Three hundred and fourteen pounds!” Sam’s handsome face sneered down at his little boyfriend. He was flexing his grotesquely swollen right bicep, the huge mound, silhouetted against the hot midday September sun beaming in through the window, clenching into peaked perfection with every squeeze. A pencil-thick vein pulsed magnificently across its surface, feeding the twitching, aching muscle fibres, straining the mountain of muscle bigger, bigger. Dylan’s mouth was dry as he took in the sheer mass of his boyfriend. He had never seen him this pumped, this freaking HUGE. His tongue, eager to explore every crevice of his huge boyfriend’s bloated, striated mass, TASTED Sam’s testosterone in the air, and his tiny, tight buttocks spasmed in excitement. Sam smirked. The fact that Dylan was sitting down magnified the size difference between the two of them. He could barely make out his tiny, lithe boyfriend below his pecs, but just knowing that he was down there, just knowing that compared to his freakish mass, Dylan was a fucking HOBBIT, a puny little WIMP, triggered a moan of ecstasy that rumbled up through the bodybuilder’s throat. He could feel his thick – fuck, his monster-thick – cock swelling in his too-tight gym shorts. The little fucker wanted him big? Well, he was that now and more. He groped his engorging member with the thick fingers of his free hand, marvelling – as he did more and more often of late – at the new girth of his endowment. So Dylan wanted him big, did he? Well, now he’d gotten his wish. And then some. Sam’s groan of pleasure deepened, became more masculine, gravelly, as he fondled his monster cock. He was going to split the little size queen in fucking HALF! Dylan’s hot apartment reeked of Sam’s muscle and testosterone, as though reflecting the bodybuilder’s excitement back at him. The smell had permeated the walls, the carpet – hell, Dylan knew even his clothes would smell of his boyfriend now, even after several washes. The bigger Sam got, the more smell he radiated, like some sort of divine aura of MAN and MUSCLE. And the little man LOVED it. “Weighed myself at the gym just now,” Sam grunted. “Three hundred and fourteen. Nearly broke the fucking scale. That’s finally bigger than Mr O, Dylan!” He brought both arms up into a double biceps pose. The peaks seemed to strain even bigger, even HUGER, even as the bars of thickening muscle rippled beneath the paper-thin skin of his wrists. Dylan loved his guns. This pose would set the little runt dripping cum, no doubt. “So what do you think of your stud boyfriend now, runt? This muscleman finally big enough for ya?” Dylan gazed up at his monster of a boyfriend. His nostrils quivered, taking big gulps of the huge stud’s scent. Sam was swollen, bloated with mass, the striations of his freakishly large pecs practically bursting free from the too-tight muscle vest, his arms – no, he corrected, his CANNONS – looking hideously huge, the peaks rippling with steely sinew, like they were so massive they were going to split the skin, just as he had envisioned in his deepest fantasies. He would admit to himself, he had felt some modicum of guilt at putting his boyfriend through this, at driving Sam to become more and more musclebound, yet that smidgen of guilt was quickly swept away on a tide of lust. And yet… “It’s amazing.” He found himself stammering. “I mean, you look incredible Sam.” The big man’s grin widened at his words. “But…do you think you can get any bigger?” He asked. Sam’s expression didn’t fall straight away. It was as though the incredulity at his boyfriend’s ungratefulness needed a few moments to take root. But it fell soon enough. “Bigger?” He lowered his arms, Californian sunbeams lancing suddenly into Dylan’s wincing pupils. Sam said Bigger? but he may as well have said What the fuck?; his deep voice carried such pained disbelief. Dylan tossed his muscle magazine aside – he’d been sitting on the edge his bed gawping at the pictures of the muscular hulks flexing when Sam had burst eagerly through his front door – and quickly came to his feet. His eyes were at the same level as his boyfriend’s Adam’s apple. It looked bigger too, somehow. The little man’s dick was rock hard with lust. What was he saying? His boyfriend had gotten huge for him, bigger than most other bodybuilders on the planet. Shouldn’t he be satisfied? And yet he wasn’t. He lifted his gaze. Sam’s big, brown eyes wavered, somewhere between anger and pain. “I mean…you’re only 314.” Dylan heard the word only coming out of his mouth, the two syllables triggering a new frisson of guilt. He continued anyway: “But you could be so much bigger!” He reached out and grasped his boyfriend’s tree-trunk arm reassuringly, the thick muscle slick with hot perspiration. “ONLY?” Sam snorted “ONLY?” He tensed his arm, splaying Dylan’s fingers wide as they struggled to hold onto so much bloated mass. “I’m one of the biggest fuckers on the planet, and you say ONLY?” He grabbed his smaller boyfriend’s shirt in a big paw, thickening arm muscles writhing and bloating obscenely, and threw him backwards onto the bed. Before Dylan could recover, Sam had torn off his muscle vest – the material barely registering to his superhuman muscle – and, tossing it aside, raised both arms into a double bi. “This is what you wanted, right? Extreme mass?” His biceps seemed to lurch even bigger as his anger fuelled his flexing. “I didn’t even want this but you insisted.” His voice was getting louder now. “I have killed myself…six hours a day in the gym for the last 4 months…” He slipped effortlessly into a lat spread, the monster muscles flowing like water and hardening into pale granite, his skin colour a testament to the hours spent heaving around iron in a dank, hardcore basement gym away from the sun. “I’ve taken all the fucking drugs you wanted, even fucking overdosing on those goddamn horse steroids, despite the fact my doctor warned me against taking even a tiny dose…” In a swift move the bodybuilder, muscles rippling hugely, tore his gym shorts and briefs off. His monstrous cock, veined and gloriously thick, swung free, and Dylan’s nostrils were greeted with a new heady wave of testosterone. “I’ve even injected my fucking cock – MY FUCKING COCK – because you wanted me bigger everywhere.” Dylan, still supine, head still reeling, could barely take his eyes off the pulsing monster as it thickened into its full, erect 11 inches. “You said you wanted me bigger than Mr O. Well I’ve done it – I’ve done it for YOU.” Sam’s voice was wavering, his anger splintering as his puppy dog personality – as his love for the little man – reasserted itself. Dylan sat up. Tears were beginning to form in the big man’s eyes. He crawled across the bed and grasped Sam’s cock with his right hand. It felt so thick between his small fingers, so musky-damp, so warm. He could feel his boyfriend’s blood pulsing through the veins as he began slowly to work his hand back and forth. With his left hand he reached up to the bodybuilder’s chest and began massaging his sweaty, glistening pecs. The hot Californian sun blazing through the window was nothing compared to the heat radiating from the bodybuilder’s flexed, straining muscles, the thickening sinews rippling throughout his hyper-huge physique. “I DO appreciate it Sam.” Because of the muscleman’s anguish, his pecs were tensed tightly, and Dylan’s fingers could only rub faintly against the striated surface, brushing the large, pink circle of his areola. “Every day I’ve seen you getting bigger and bigger…” He adjusted his arse as it spasmed once more. “I’ve felt you getting bigger and bigger. And I know it’s all been for me. It’s because you love me.” Sam’s pecs were slightly less flexed now. Dylan continued: “But I never said I only wanted you bigger than Mr Olympia.” He squeezed Sam’s left nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “I want you SO much bigger, Sam. Much, much bigger. Would you…do that for me?” Sam’s nipple hardened, even as his expression softened. “Even bigger?” His voice, capable of booming across a loud, clanking gym, barely came out as a croaked whisper. “I can’t help it, big guy. I’m a macrophile. It’s a sickness, you know that. It’s what drew me to you that first day, in the gym. You were the biggest guy there. But…” He shrugged. “I just need you HUGER. Bigger than the guys in my magazine. Bigger than anyone.” Dylan paused in his ministrations. “I’ve been researching. New drugs, new routines…experimental stuff…” “Don’t stop,” Sam grunted, and his little lover recommenced working his thick tool. A small part of him liked the idea of getting even bigger. Wasn’t that why he’d taken up bodybuilding in the first place? But a larger part of him was afraid. He was already a freak. How could he live a normal life if he got even bigger? Then he glanced down at his little boyfriend, kneeling cutely on the edge of the bed, his little earnest gaze peering up at him, his diminutive fingers straining to wrap around his monster dick as it thickened between his tiny fingers. And he caught the magazine beside him. Morphed bodybuilders, total alpha freaks. His heavy balls pulled close, swollen with seed as the image of him being bigger – way bigger – than even the computer generated mass monsters in the magazine swam before him. He envisioned his tiny boyfriend’s ecstatic face turning white with lust and awe when he flexed 30 inch biceps in front of his eyes. No, 40 inches. 50! Even BIGGER! With a grunt, he ejaculated. Hot, heavy squirt after hot heavy squirt of thick man-cream exploded from his swollen, sweaty godcock, coating Dylan’s face even as the little man struggled to stem the flow by swallowing the tip. “Nggg, I’ll do it,” the freak groaned. Glugging down the last few drops, Dylan looked up eagerly past his boyfriend’s bloated, swollen pecs, his fingers fondling the steel-hard nipple familiarly. “What?” He coughed, cutely, cum running down his chin. Sam smirked. “I said I’d get even bigger, if that’s what you really want.” He sighed around the smirk. “A LOT bigger.” * That had been their first argument, but not their last. Sam buffed his pillow up, as though that would help him get to sleep, and flopped his aching head back down onto it. He knew, however, that his discomfort wasn’t physical. Why couldn’t he keep his cock out of it? This was the longest relationship he’d ever been in – and he’d certainly never met a man as willing to accommodate his desires like Sam – and yet he’d wrecked it completely, all because of his stupid obsession with monstrously huge men. Sam should have walked then. Dylan wouldn’t have blamed him if he had. Four months of hell, he’d put himself through, all for his selfish little boyfriend. And how had Dylan rewarded his efforts, his pain, his sacrifice? By telling him he wasn’t big enough. But the big man hadn’t walked. Indeed, he’d become even more accommodating, even more determined to grow to a size that Dylan could finally be satisfied with. The storm sounded closer now. The slow, steady booms and thunderous roars reverberated across the city. Dylan had started to sense the faint tremble of an earthquake, too, as though the land were trying to copy the sky. He both felt and heard the BOOM of the angry, swirling heavens and the bones of the tectonic plates resounding together, grumbling through the sleeping silvery city, followed shortly by a second, closer, BOOM. A storm-giant’s footsteps indeed. He’d been through LA earthquakes before, however, and wasn’t worried. Even if storm and quake got much closer, it wasn’t like he was going to get to sleep now anyhow, not the way he was feeling. Distantly, he heard the tintinnabulation of glass breaking in a moonlit street. Some shop owners hadn’t quake-proofed their storefront windows, probably. Idiots. He thought about moving over to the window to see if he could make anything out, but he was too busy working his cock to get up now. Instead, his thoughts drifted to the last time he had seen his boyfriend. The last time he had felt that magnificent dick deep inside. One week ago. * Impaled. Dylan had heard the word before. But it was only when he was with Sam that he truly understood what it meant. “MFFFF,” the hulking bodybuilder grunted, his hot breath, redolent with the faintly saccharine whiff of protein shakes, blasting into Dylan’s face. “Just a few more inches to go, runt!” Dylan squirmed, eyes rolled back on his head in ecstasy, as his boyfriend’s steel-hard thick 16 inch meat squelched and pulsed even deeper into his insides, rearranging his guts so that they could accommodate his monster endowment, stretching his sphincter wider than a man’s arm. He could take it, though. It wasn’t as though Sam had gotten this big overnight. For six months since the only 314lbs argument the huge bodybuilder had worked to better himself, to grow into the kind of man that Dylan fantasised about. As he had grown, so too had the godcock attached to his hulking, sweaty, swollen mountain of a body. And through their daily powerfucks, Dylan’s ring had, by necessity, grown with it. Sam’s strength had grown too. He claimed to have benched 8200lbs only that morning. That was nearly four tonnes of iron. And Dylan could believe it. The way the man effortlessly gripped him with one huge calloused paw while he began to move him up and down on his monster cock – pulling him all the way up until he felt the bulbous head stretching his sphincter, then SLAMMING him back down, pushing his fuck-tool to new depths, forcing his godcock to wreck more and more of his lover’s insides while his skinny limbs spasmed, flailing uselessly about him – made it perfectly clear that to Sam, Dylan was nothing more than a fleshlight, and weighed about the same. Dylan wasn’t the only one in ecstasy. While Sam regretted not having a mirror to watch his massive, grotesquely swollen form crushing his smaller lover while he pounded him to oblivion, he could see the effect his cartoonishly enlarged mass was having on Dylan. And it thrilled him. The poor little man could barely walk these days, and when he did it was only to totter over to greet Sam at the door when he returned from a gym session so he could throw himself at the bodybuilder’s clenched brawn, tiny tongue out and eager to lap up the sweat glistening amid the striated, heaving Herculean freak-mass. Or to spear himself once more on the bodybuilder’s steaming hot, veiny megacock as though trying to split himself in half. The little fucker was surely finally satisfied with his boyfriend’s size – a fact that Sam was relieved and excited about. The last six months had been hell. Quitting his job to devote more than eleven hours a day to the gym. Overdosing on experimental steroids and cock-enhancing drugs Dylan had found on the Kazakh black market that made the crazy growth cocktail he’d taken in the first four months seem like aspirin. Heaving weights around that a year ago he wouldn’t have dreamed he could lift – and wouldn’t have dared to try for fear of tearing his goddamn arms off. Sweating blood, day in, day out. Not to mention enduring the steady rise of horror and disgust in people’s eyes when they saw him – the local freak, a celebrity, a real-life fucking Incredible Hulk of god-mass crammed into too-small workout clothes. In the last twenty-six weeks he had become the biggest, most grotesquely musclebound bodybuilder in the world. 6 foot 8, 634lbs of man, with a 16 inch cock thicker than his own freakish, bunching Popeye forearms. He had effectively given up any chance of having a normal life ever again. But to satisfy little Dylan, to see the excited look on his face, like some eager puppy, whenever he returned from the gym, it was all worth it. He’d done it because, despite Dylan’s selfishness and his obsession with macrophilia, he loved the little guy with all his heart, and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. Today was where the growth ended though. Finally. He’d still need to take the drugs and haul the iron to maintain his hypermuscled monster freak conditioning, but less often. He could finally – finally – reclaim some sort of sense of self. Maybe he could broach the subject he’d been meaning to ask for some time, seeing as they had been going out for nearly a year, now that they were in a good place. Or so he thought. “I’ve been looking online,” Dylan moaned, drained of energy, as he snuggled beside his giant lover some time later. He was tentatively feeling around the hugely gaping hole of his raw arse with his little, twitching fingers, wondering absently whether it had been so stretched that it would never return to its original tightness. “Mmmmm?” Sam rumbled inquisitively. He was in a half-doze, exhausted from the killer gym session and the two hour fuck fest that had followed. His muscles ached pleasantly – except his four-tonne-lifting pecs, which throbbed painfully in every steel-hard striation every time he flexed – and the big man was on the cusp of drifting off. “Online?” Dylan wrapped both his arms around Sam’s right bicep and gave the relaxed muscle a tender kiss. Even unflexed, the grotesque muscle was a sight to behold, and felt harder than diamond beneath his soft lips. Flexed, it was 72 inches, over twice as big as the medicine ball Dylan used for his workouts, when he could find the energy or the ability to move. “Yeah. There’s this experimental treatment developed by some Crimean scientist, based on solar energy, bulls’ semen, radiation…I think there’s even some blue whale DNA in there somewhere; I didn’t read the small-print. It’s the effects that I was more interested in. It will make the muscle growth you’ve experienced so far pale in comparison.” Had he been less weighed down with lassitude, Dylan would have noticed that his boyfriend had grown very, very still. “I’ve had some samples shipped to your apartment. Thirty crates. Even a few millilitres would kill a normal man. I thought you could start on a couple of hundred litres a day – don’t worry, you’ll put it all to good use, particularly with the new, even tougher weightlifting regime I’ve been putting together for you…” For a big man, Sam could sure move quickly. He heaved himself to his feet, big limb breaking effortlessly free from Dylan’s grasp, towering over his tiny lover, freakish cock swinging and slapping madly about his bloated thighs. From this angle he couldn’t see Dylan – or much of anything – below his monster 283-inch pecs as they twitched angrily into pallid twin landscapes of titanium brawn. He felt the muscles in his arms flex and twitch, pushing his limbs away from the rippling sinews of his lats as they strained freakishly beneath his pale, paper-thin skin. “You mean I’m not done GROWING?” He stammered. He had meant it more aggressively, but exhaustion and disbelief had worn his voice down. Dylan blinked, surprised. “Of course not. I mean, you’re big…really big-“ His 8-incher twitched in agreement. “But you’re only 630lbs…” “634 this morning,” Sam growled. He raised both arms into a double bicep – Dylan’s favourite pose – and FLEXED his freakish arms, blotting out the goddamn spring sunlight and plunging his lover’s small form into penumbra. “I am the BIGGEST BODYBUILDER ON THE PLANET, runt…BIGGER THAN THE FUCKING HULK.” He didn’t realise he was shouting now, his booming, manly voice spilling out of his throat, the delts framing his bull-neck swelling with inconceivable might and mass. “THAT’S WHAT THEY CALL ME, YOU KNOW – THE HULK.” He grunted, squeezing MORE mass into his biceps, feeling the blood-engorged veins pulse maddeningly up and down his grotesque arms, feeding MORE blood, MORE testosterone, into the sinews, pumping them up BIGGER and BIGGER, past 76 inches now, so goddamn ANGRY that he just wanted the little shit cowering before him to pass out in fear and lust. Not that he could see the little man past the swollen god-mass of his rippling, striated pectoral muscles. If he could, he would have been greeted by the sight of Dylan fapping madly as he gazed up at him. Dylan loved it when Sam got aggressive like this. Loved it when he flexed, showed off his mass, the insane size difference between them, even as he hated himself, loathed himself, for putting Sam through this. “But…” He forced his regrets aside. “But think how amazing you’ll look when you’re even bigger! Won’t you do it – for me? Because you…love me?” He started to come to his feet, but Sam’s cock, swelling and bloating into a freakishly thick tube of veiny man-meat that could choke a fucking hippo, caught him on the side of his head with a glancing blow and sent him sprawling back onto the sheets. All about him the smell of Sam – the rich, godly musk of MUSCLE and MASS – seemed to thicken, become tangible. For a moment, Sam was quiet. Like he was mulling something over, like a great, ponderous thought was working its way through the bodybuilder’s mind. The room was quiet, except for the steady pulse of the muscleman’s heartbeat. For a moment, Dylan waited, trying to catch sight of his lover’s face beyond the heaving mass of sinew that was his chest, to catch that thought in Sam’s big, brown eyes, eyes that he knew would be wavering in surprise, in anguish, in pain. Then Sam nodded to himself, and, with a grunt that grumbled up from somewhere deep within his monstrous chest, broke the silence: “I have to go.” It wasn’t a shout, but it may as well have been. Dylan felt as though he had been punched in his stomach. Had he pushed Sam too far? Returning regret – and fear – began to curdle in his belly as the big bodybuilder slowly and determinedly turned away, his monstrous form seemingly even bigger than when they had fucked, as though reminding him of everything he was losing because of his stupid, sick macrophilia. By the time Dylan found his voice again, his freakishly huge boyfriend had gone. “What have I done?” He murmured weakly, crawling pathetically about on the wrinkled, sweat-soaked bedsheets, the pain of guilt worse than any anal discomfort he was suffering, far worse, far deeper. “What have I done?” * Six nights later, there he was still. Unable to sleep, unable to move, unable to think about anything other than muscle, cock, and regret. Hot wind howled about his house now, roaring against the rattling windows like a giant’s breath. The earthquake-storm too had increased in power, in intensity. It sounded like the goddamn streets were buckling, cracking and splintering, tarmac snapping and buildings crumbling, streetlights and neon shopfront signs spluttering and dying. BOOM, it went, setting his house shaking, the deep noise of tectonic plates grating against each other synching orchestrally, majestically, with the roaring of the furious storm. Somewhere distant, a dog was barking madly, and car alarms were screaming in the night. A crack was running up one of his walls. This was a big one. Perhaps the biggest he’d ever experienced. BOOM, it went again, like the angry heartbeat of the world. Then – for a moment – it stopped. Dylan twitched, cock-gripping fingers slick with pre, and his breath caught in his throat. And suddenly the roof of his house exploded inwards. Brick-dust and plaster rained down into the bedroom. Gasping, Dylan squirmed in terror as debris bounced off his bed, pulling his legs up to his chest as though by making himself smaller he would avoid getting crushed. The last thing he expected to hear was his boyfriend’s voice. Or to see the tip of his impossibly huge cock poking through the giant hole in the roof, glistening before him like the inviting mouth of some monstrous, purply cave, swirling with plaster dust and debris. The overwhelming smell of MAN and MUSCLE instantly caused Dylan to cum, violently – so violently, in fact, that he almost missed the words: “HEH, WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT YOUR LATEST LITTLE COCKTAIL OF DRUGS WOULD WORK THIS WELL, YA LITTLE MACROPHILE?” Dylan couldn’t reply, so terrified and turned on was he. It wasn’t an earthquake at all. Wasn’t a storm. It was…his boyfriend? It was…Sam? Holy fuck. “MMMM? SO,” The bodybuilder continued casually, his mountainous, flexing titanic bulk hunched over the tiny neighbourhood, his monstrous phallus twitching as he impaled his little lover’s house still further, splintering the wooden floor of Dylan’s bedroom beneath its impossible weight, smearing thick pre over the walls, the furniture, over the tiny shuddering figure huddled on his bed, and widening the creaking hole in the roof as the drainpipe-thick veins criss-crossing its surface began to fill with blood and his godcock began to swell in his excitement. After ten months and one week, he was starting to see the appeal in growing more and more massive. “YOU THINK I’M BIG ENOUGH NOW?” He chuckled, his hot breath blowing the roof tiles off a distant apartment. “CAUSE I’VE STILL GOT 29 CRATES TO GO…AND I THINK I’M JUST BEGINNING TO ENJOY MYSELF.”
  6. Hey guys. A man by the instagram name of weiss.sean has been writing a story about me, check it out and check out his profile on insta, mine too mrwelshy We are not supposed to judge a person by the shoes worn. He has an innocent and sweet face, he is one of those people that you immediately trust once you look in the eyes but, what he can do with his body nobody else is capable of. He is a 25 Welsh guy. A guy that put his life into the discipline of Iron, a man that is sculpting his body to reach levels of perfection. A bodybuilder. His body is pure perfection, a sweet face set on a muscular and ripped body. Trained in MMA, BJJ and Kickboxing. What else could man of that age request for more? Why building a body with those masses and then training for fights? Welshy, his name. His innocent face does not match to whom he is in reality. He is so perfect in every way that he might be compared to a war machine. He is powerful, strong and agile at the same time. He could put any bodybuilder down in seconds and end their careers for good. Welshy’s presence on the stage was well known as he was an amazing poser full of energy that could amaze an entire crowd even without music and his body was stunning. His most muscular hit pose was a feast for the eyes. One, two, three movement followed by a grunting “boom” to show such power. Anytime he hit an abdominal and tights he used to scream out a very loud “yeah”. He was pure beauty, an intimidating element for his fellow competitors. He was cocky and arrogant, always keen to show off his body to the others and ready to mock all those bodybuilders that were not at his level. He of course won that competition but he couldn’t imagine that he was about taste something completely new in his own career, “fall, dominance”, he the one whom used to dominate men with his body.. A guy that could end up Branch Warren’s life with a bearhug. Welshy, the guy able to put Conor McGregor to sleep with a punch but as said before, never judge a person by the shoes worn. Welshy will soon teach the quote “the bigger they are the harder they fall”. Welshy was in the locker room and the only one person with him was “skinny” Denis as named by Welshy. Denis was not even close to half of Welshy’s body structure. Denis was not ripped or as huge as Welshy. No comparison could have been even spoken. Huge Welshy started moving in circle around Denis, in his classic cocky way. He finally approached Denis and whispered in his ear “Look, a retirement would be mandatory if I were you, maybe try to be a personal trainer, you’re not worth as bodybuilder, not at all”, gently but arrogantly he slapped Denis’s face. Suddenly Denis grabbed and squeezed Welshy’s testicle, Denis “got Welshy by the balls” literally. The Welsh Dragon was in pain and doomed by Denis. The pain was unbearable. “Before, I rip them off, leave me alone” said Denis to Welshy. “OK, ok, I got it, sorry, sooooooooorry” screamed Welshy. Denis released the grip. Welshy was heavily breathing, holding the crotch for the pain, shocked eyes appeared in his face. Welshy was in pain but full of anger. Welshy threw a right punch to left Denis’s chin with all the power he had in that moment. A punch of that power should have broken anyone's chin but Denis’s head did not move of a single inch hence a smile appeared in his face. -You thought, you could hurt me, didn’t you Welshy? Let me tell you a thing, I am going to break you, you'll be food for my dogs shortly, but first look at me- Welshy stepped back of few inches and in the meantime Denis’s body started changing. His body chsnged, what Welshy described previously as a “skinny” body type turned into the most shredded body Welshy has ever seen in his life. That body was absolutely huge and demonly defined. Denis hit a double bicep, showing the Welsh Dragon his “improved ” body, screaming a very loud “boom”. -Try again Dragon if you dare!- Welshy blew another punch towards Denis’s face but the other bodybuilder, faster, grabbed the Dragon by his throat and lifted him up off the ground. Welshy was trying to free himself from that grip, kicking against the mole, trying to catch a breath simultaneously with Denis’s taunting. He has never experienced such strength in his entire career. “Welshy, you encountered the wrong person to play with. I’ll show you what being strong really means then I will fuck you”. The Dragon kept on try to get free and the air became gold, unreachable. Denis released the old making the victim slips into his arm in a bearhug. Denis held Welshy by the waist, with his arms wrapped as a python and started squeezing. Welshy realized how hard Denis’s body was, metal around his waist. Denis’s pecs were pressing against Welshy’s abdomen and the Dragon could feel how rock hard those pecs were. Welshy suddenly had a semi erection thinking about his cocky sliding up and down between them. He came back immediately on earth when he felt the pain in his ribs and backbone. “You know I can squeeze the life out of you, don’t you Welshy?” said Denis. “Please stooop, you, aaarrrghhh, you...killing me” moaned Welshy. “This is just the beginning, pain is what you need then you will worship me and afterwards, I’ll literally fuck you up” replied Denis. Denis dropped Welshy onto the floor like a bag of potatoes. The Dragon was lying on the floor, in pain. Denis approached him and pulling his hair, brought his face to his muscle quads, forcing Welshy to lick them. Welshy was kicking and feeling the mole’s body with his hands. He seemed like touching granite. Every inch was rock hard solid. Denis’s quads were huge and ripped, strong and powerful, capable of squeezing a stone between them. Welshy was in full erection. Denis lifted him up from the floor pulling his hair and what Welshy was imagining when in the bearhug happened. Denis placed Welshy’s cock in his hard rock pecs and started wanking Welshy with them. Welshy face was priceless. Welshy cock was moved up and down. “Let me see if you can resist without coming after 3 minutes” Denis asked Welshy.
  7. spacevlad

    Away Game: Chapter 2

    This is the second and (as of now) final chapter of the story. In this chapter, Adam and Wyatt explore their feelings for each other. Lots of sex and growth ensues! “What are you doing?” Wyatt rumbled softly. Adam retracted his hands and then froze, holding his breath. “Were you touching me?” Wyatt asked. “It-it was an accident, I was just, uh shif ting around, and—“ “Uh huh. Hmmm little buddy,” Wyatt slurred and then reached over to Adam. “What are we gonna do with you, hmm?” the big man rumbled and then reached for Adam. Adam tried to back up but was already on the edge of the bed. Wyatt’s huge arms wrapped Adam up like he was tackling him, and then the big lineman pulled Adam closer into a tight, warm, fleshy embrace. Wyatt squeezed Adam into a bear hug and pressed Adam’s face against his chest. “Yeah come here little guy,” Wyatt whispered. “Damn, you’re so skinny,” he said and humped his waist forward, rubbing the titanic bulge in his shorts against Adam’s stiffy. “Yeah, I thought so,” Wyatt hummed as he rubbed his bulge against Adam’s. “You like big guys, don’t you?” Wyatt asked as he squeezed Adam harder. “Y-yes,” Adam grunted as the most beautiful man he’d ever seen ground his giant body against him. “I’m sorry, you’re just so BIG and I, I, I just wanted to see what it felt like, and—“ “Shhhhh, little guy, you’re in luck. As it turns out, I love skinny little guys like you,” Wyatt breathed as he moved his lips closer to Adam. Adam could taste the beer on Wyatt’s lips as they kissed, their tongues wrestling, Wyatt’s thicker lips and mouth dominating Adam’s. They kissed for what seemed like forever to Adam until Wyatt pulled away. “How’s that, little freshman?” Wyatt said with a grin. Adam was speechless and just sighed in relief and pleasure. Wyatt’s huge left hand explored Adam’s skinny frame, reaching lower, running over Adam’s ribs and hips until he felt the meaty handfuls of his kicker’s bubble butt. “Ohhhh fuck yeah,” Wyatt rumbled as he felt Adam’s perfect, round ass. His huge paw took handful and squeezed, his fingers sneaking into the crack of Adam’s ass. Adam returned by rubbing his hands hungrily all over Wyatt’s chest, shoulders, and arms, feeling every inch of bulky muscle packed on the college senior. Wyatt tensed and flexed his muscles to show the power he had over the diminutive kicker. “You like that? All that muscle? You wanna feel?” Wyatt rumbled as he shifted his weight and pinned Adam on his back. “You like all this size?” Wyatt said as he straddled Adam and flexed his big arms, 22” of thick power, exposed hairy pits radiating his jock BO stink into the room. “Oh fuck yeah, ever since the first day I saw you at practice I couldn’t believe how big you were, fucking huge,” Adam breathed as he reached up and rubbed Wyatt’s huge belly, which was pressing down on him. “Aww yeah, the first time I saw you I knew I watched your skinny little ass, couldn’t wait to stretch you out on my thick cock,” Wyatt drawled as he pressed his hard bulging cock against Adam’s shorts, knocking on the door to Adam’s thigh hole. “Oh fuck, yeah, big man, do whatever you want to me, so much bigger and stronger than me, do it,” Adam whispered and Wyatt growled in response. The big man stood up at the end of the bed, shucked his shorts, and then spat into the palm of his hand. He reached down and started stroking himself, his dick 8 inches long and nearly as thick, a huge red mushroom head slick and hard. His pecs and arms and traps tensed as he pumped his cock harder, his huge thighs fighting for space against his swelling balls. He was hairless, totally smooth and sweaty, slick and glistening in the moonlight filtering in through the blinds. Adam ripped the sheets and covers off the bed and got in position, stretching his flexible legs over his shoulders and spreading himself wide. “Aww fuck yeah Adam, such a furry hole, look at that, perfect fucking, ooooh yeah,” Wyatt growled as he slipped a slick finger inside Adam and rubbed it around. “Gonna stretch you out SO good bro, you’re gonna be feeling it for days, I promise. Most guys can’t take my cock… can you?” Wyatt said as loosened up Adam while staring right into Adam’s brown eyes. Adam just groaned and moaned louder, the big lineman’s fingers already making him feel things I had never felt before. He looked up at the monster jock towered over him, thick muscles tensing, lineman gut jiggling slightly, swollen cock throbbing and leaking. “Yeah here it comes bud, get ready,” Wyatt whispered as he got back onto the bed, the mattress shifting and groaning as his 360lb bulk straddled the little kicker and he pushed his cock relentlessly inside. Adam groaned and Wyatt clamped a huge hand down over Adam’s mouth, silencing him. “Shhh bud we can’t have the rest of the team hear us,” Wyatt growled as he pushed his cock in even deeper. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah,” Wyatt whispered as he pushed in all the way up his balls. Adam could feel the big tight balls pressing against his ass. He looked up at his enormous buddy with his mouth agape, then nodded for more. Wyatt slowly pulled his cock out right up to the ridge of his mushroom head and then slammed back in with a grunt, like he was slamming into someone on the football field. “Uuunnnnnggggg,” Adam said as quietly as he could, still shocked that this was happening. The huge lineman grabbed Adam’s ankles and held them in place as he thrust in and out of Adam. “Oh my god bud you got SUCH a tight hole for me to fuck, don’t you,” Wyatt rumbled as he set Adam’s ankles on his shelf-like shoulders and pecs. “So fucking tight for my big thick dick, huh” Wyatt said as he increased the pace of his fucking. “Uhhnnnngggg yeah big guy, fuck me, fuck me Wyatt, holy shit, so big!” Adam said as Wyatt rode him, pounding in harder and harder, all 360lbs of his bulk crashing into him. “YEAH fucking right so huge, gonna grow more and more too huh, big fuckin’ monster jock pounding you GOOD,” Wyatt breathed as his lips and mouth tensed. He pounded away relentlessly, slamming his heavy bulk into Adam’s tight hole, stretching it, ruining it, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Adam’s entire body. Minutes went by with the only sound being Adam’s muffled groans, Wyatt’s determined growls, and college jock beef slamming together. Wyatt’s eyes squinted together and he twitched. “Feels so good, big top pounding his little freshmen kicker, hell YES,” Wyatt boomed and his face contorted in a tight expression as he exploded into Adam. Adam felt the heat of his lineman buddy filling him up, making him feel complete for the first time in his life, felt pressure surging inside. Wyatt groaned and grunted and pulled out, cum dribbling onto the sheets of the bed as he stood again at the end of the bed, his huge thick red cock bobbing and dripping onto the floor. “Your turn now, little guy,” Wyatt rumbled and he climbed back on top of Adam, this time at a different angle. “What, what are you, whoooooooooaaaaaaaa,” Adam breathed as Wyatt slurped up his rock-hard cock into his mouth. It did not take long for Adam to explode into Wyatt’s mouth and for the hungry jock to slurp up every drop of Adam’s seed. “Mmmm nothing like a midnight snack,” Wyatt grinned as he scooted forward until he was laying next to Adam once again. “Come here, little guy, you’re all mine now,” Wyatt said as he wrapped his huge, strong arms around the kicker and pulled him in until he was spooning him. “Wyatt, that was amazing,” Adam said as he felt the warm breath of the senior blowing against the back of his head. “Shhh little guy, just go to sleep now and let me wrap you up,” Wyatt said as he squeezed Adam in his arms. “I got you now.” Adam just smiled, euphoria still tingling up his spine and ass from being freshly fucked, and they both drifted off to sleep. -- Adam woke up still being gripped tightly by Wyatt’s huge arms. Massive scarred-up forearms seemed to cover most of his torso, and Wyatt’s beefy pecs pressed against Adam’s back and neck uncomfortably. Adam shifted and wriggled a bit, trying to escape Wyatt’s grip, but found that he couldn’t. It was enough to rouse the sleeping giant though. “Hey there little guy, good morning,” Wyatt purred, his deep voice sounding soft. “Well, that was fun last night huh?” he asked as he squeezed Adam from behind again. “Uh huh, it was… incredible!” Adam said and pushed himself against Wyatt harder, his ass pressed up against Wyatt’s morning wood. Wyatt shifted away from Adam and reached his arms up to stretch. His huge body stretched longer than the length of the bed and his arms actually bumped against the headboard. Annoyed, Wyatt grunted and stood, looking a bit… different. “Whoa, what the… is the room smaller than I remembered?” Wyatt asked, reaching up to scratch his chest. Adam turned to look at the beefy lineman and his jaw drawed. Wyatt was noticeably bigger. Several inches taller and much more muscular, he looked more like a professional wrestler or strongman competitor than a chunky offensive lineman. He still had an ample belly and soft extra padding, but he looked harder, bulker, bulgier, more muscular everywhere. “W-Wyatt… you… are you bigger??” Adam asked in confusing as he scrambled out of bed to compare his own size to Wyatt. Wyatt waddled over to the bathroom, his heavy steps shaking the entire room, and looked in the mirror. Adam turned the light on, and Wyatt took a deep breath and drew himself up to his full height. “Well holy shit, I’m DEFINITELY bigger than last night! What the fuck,” the big senior rumbled, his voice deeper too. “I look fuckin’ AWESOME!” he said and he raised his right arm up to flex. His huge bicep exploded with thick, round muscle, a vein throbbing down the center of it. “How the fuck did this…happen!?” Adam stammered as he snuck around Wyatt—who had completely eclipsed Adam from the mirror—and started exploring every inch of beef on Wyatt’s huge body. “I don’t know, bud, but I feel amazing… I’m gotta be almost a foot taller than you and at least 100lbs bigger,” Wyatt said as he flexed every way he knew… he tensed his traps, which merged with his bull neck, he brought his fists together and saw his pecs pulse with thick powerful muscle, he shook his thighs and watched the massive quads solidify into rock-hard beef as he flexed. Wyatt’s huge cock throbbed and stiffened up fast, poking out into a raging boner as he watched himself flex and watched his little buddy worship his growing body. He turned to Adam, grabbed underneath the kicker’s arms and lifted him up, and made out ferociously for over a minute. “Oh fuck yeah, this is bigger too!” Wyatt purred as he reached down to squeeze his cock after detaching from Adam and letting him down to the ground. “You wanna get down there and take care of that for me?” he growled. “Yes sir!” Adam dropped to his knees and opened wide, stuffing Wyatt’s swelling cock into his mouth. Wyatt groaned and wrapped one enormous hand around Adam’s skull, pushing his cock in deeper as he started thrusting rhythmically. Wyatt looked in the mirror, a skinny little twink on his knees choking on his massive cock, a gigantic football monster staring back at him, packed with more size and muscle than he ever let himself dream of having. He flexed his arm and tried kissing it, but there was too much trap and delt meat in the way for him to reach. He moaned and blew his load down Adam’s throat. Adam sucked down all he could and then fell back onto his ass. He looked up at Wyatt towering over him, a huge muscular giant, his body swollen with muscle and fat, and he grinned. “Now it’s my turn!” Adam huffed and he held his hands up for Wyatt. Wyatt reached down and effortlessly lifted the 150lb kicker into his arms and carried him over to the bed. “That’s right little bud, I need more of that sweet cream of yours. This big boy is hungry!” Wyatt boomed and then threw Adam onto the bed from several feet away. Adam scrambled and fell on the bed and was quickly pinned down by Wyatt’s huge bulk. The heavy lineman crushed him until 450+ pounds of muscular football jock, smearing post-cum all over Adam’s chest and flat stomach. “You’re so little, and I’m so BIG, damn we make a perfect pair, huh?” Wyatt rumbled as he grabbed Adam from underneath, pulled him up, and then slurped up the kicker’s comparatively smaller cock. Adam lasted even less time than last night as he watched the giant football stud bob his head back and forth over as he sucked Adam’s dick. How as this real? Adam wondered but ultimately couldn’t think straight as the pleasure radiating through his body. He exploded into Wyatt’s mouth after only a few seconds. Wyatt greedily slurped up every drop, sucking hard to make sure he didn’t miss one, and then stood up. This time the results were more immediate. Wyatt felt a pleasing warmth radiating through his body, starting in his stomach and then pulsing out from there like a furnace. He grunted and groaned and he felt his muscles cramp and tense involuntarily. He winced, took a deep breath and stretched his arms up, and then let out a huge sigh. As he did, his entire body exploded with size. He surged up several inches, his body grew thicker and wider, his muscle ballooned harder and rounder. He took another deep breath, deeper this time, and then groaned, growing and growing right in front of Adam. Wyatt’s arms bumped against the ceiling as he grew, past seven feet tall, the floor creaking under his exploding weight. “Holy shit, Adam, look at this!” Wyatt boomed as he exploded with more size, growing and growing into the biggest damn football player that’s ever existed. He swelled up to strongman size, then powerlifter size, then BIGGER, his body bulging with hard muscle, his gut round and jiggly still but with turtleshell abs swelling underneath. His arms stuck out to his sides as his arms and lats fought for space, and his traps and shoulders blew up taller and wider. He adjusted as his weight as his thighs ballooned thicker, rubbing against each other awkwardly. His calves bulged with more size, absurdly huge and matched only by his huge feet. His cock throbbed hard again, over a foot long now and thick as a beer can. His piss slit flared angrily and the big mushroom head glistened red. Wyatt felt the surge of energy subside and brought his arms together in a most muscular pose for Adam, his massive chest bulging with muscle. “FUCK YEAH!” he roared. His whole body was slick with sweat, and he seemed to shine in the morning light. Wyatt went to the mirror and grunted and growled and laughed as he looked over the changes to his huge body. He looked over at the doorway to the toilet and laughed; there was no way he was fitting in there now. Adam appeared at his side, nestling in under his sweaty, rank armpit. The little guy only came up to Wyatt’s nipples now, and his eyes were even with the top of Wyatt’s huge round belly. “Well, little buddy, whatever’s in your spunk has a pretty powerful effect on me, I’d say!” Wyatt rumbled as he pulled his little boyfriend next to him and squeezed him in a friendly headlock. “I sure am glad we got paired to room together!” Wyatt said. He shifted Adam around and reached under the kicker’s arms and lifted him up; it was even easier now than just minutes before. He pulled him close and kissed Adam aggressively, pressing the little freshman’s body against his gigantic one in a huge bear hug. After a minute, they finally detached, precum from Adam’s leaking cock smeared against Wyatt’s gut. “Me too, big guy… me too!” Adam said with a grin and they kept making out, their cocks throbbing against one another, ready for another round of growth.
  8. LJackson

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 7 of 14

    Chapter 6 is here. 7 Stephan Friday, September 5th 'So,' Hakan said, as we closed up the cafe today, 'what was it with those guys?' 'What guys?' I kept my voice totally straight-bloke-ex-policeman level, squirting antibacterial spray over the kitchen worktop. Focusing on the polished granite, trying to make my face just as unreadable. 'Nice try, mate,' Hakan replied. 'That might have worked on the dope-smokers and speeding offences you used to haul in, back in the day, but you're in the company of a grandmaster now.' 'You mean Olly and his pal?' I said. 'The lad who came in on my recommendation?' 'Yeah,' said Hakan, flinging me an amused glance. 'Only a couple of lads,' I said, with a shrug. 'Gym buddies, I think.' 'Just buddies?' 'The Beas- I mean, the dark-haired guy. He's got a girlfriend.' I was buffing that surface to a shine it had never known before. 'I've seen them out together.' To put it mildly. 'And unless I read it wrong, Olly — the other guy — he wouldn't have minded a turn with her, as well.' 'Fit?' I froze. 'Who?' Hakan laughed. 'The girlfriend. Who d'you think!' I could barely remember her now. 'It was just the once, but — yeah, I should say so. Like a model.' 'Ah, I hate those fake looks,' said my boss, polishing with his tea-towel. 'Too much time in the gym, they come out looking like something made by Mattel.' I thought about Hakan's wife, the sexy Ayla I glimpsed at the interview, trying to gauge her place in this pronouncement. 'Well, I guess you're in the minority.' 'Well,' Hakan said, putting away the last pan, 'I guess I am.' He stood up and reached for the drinks cupboard. 'Brandy?' 'Love one,' I said, tugging off my apron. Hakan watched me with a snigger of amusement as he filled two tiny glasses. 'What?' 'Need to get you a bigger one of those, if you're sticking around,' he said. 'It was fine on my sister, but it looks like a napkin on the Jolly Green Giant.' 'Watch it,' I said, threatening to chuck it at his head. 'And yeah, I'm sticking around, if you say I am.' 'What I say, goes?' he said, handing over the glass. 'I wouldn't argue with a man like you, Hakan,' I said. 'You better not,' he said, with a slightly mad look. When he gave me a smile to show he wasn't kidding, he still looked sort of dangerous. Then he knocked back the Brandy with a gulp. 'So where'd you meet the man mountain, eh? In the police?' For a second I didn't know who he was talking about, was trying to think of some mutual acquaintance we might have. 'What, Olly? I don't really know him.' 'Hey! You know him well enough to recommend your fine new working establishment, and he seemed pleased to see you.' 'Funny, though,' I said. 'I don't think of him as big. Not like his friend.' 'There's not much to choose between them.' Hakan shook his head. 'I like to think I can handle myself, but with those guys? For once, I'd hold my tongue.' 'They certainly eat the same amount,' I said. 'How many pounds of beef was it?' 'I wouldn't know, you're his pal, weigh him!' laughed Hakan, refilling my glass without asking. The small kitchen was filled with the aroma of the booze, dark and sweet. I hadn't felt so relaxed in years. I don't know when I last laughed that way. I clinked my glass impulsively against his, feeling full of good wishes. 'Next time, though,' he said, suddenly looking vengeful, 'you can tell them not to wash down my cooking with their filthy protein shakes. Or I'll take them both on and use some of my kitchenware to make the point.' 'They must both be doing some extreme stuff in the gym to need all that fuel,' I said. The pair had arrived straight from their work-out, faces flushed, the Beast's arms and shoulders in his purple t-shirt looking jacked. Both of them slightly wild-eyed. 'You know what they say. You have to eat big to get big.' 'Exactly my issue. My cooking is not fuel for their body obsessions,' said Hakan seriously. 'It is about pleasure. Happiness. The stuff of life.' 'I still can't believe Olly's getting to be so strong,' I said, changing the subject. 'He must be working hard at it. When I met him, he couldn't have taken the lid off a jar of pickled onions without straining.' 'Goodness knows what he's hiding under that baggy sweat top he's rocking,' Hakan replied, 'but it wouldn't strain him to do anything, my friend. I shook hands with him, and those hands were big. He's a dangerous bloke. I bet the weed smokers didn't give him shit.' 'Oh, he's not in the force,' I said. 'He's a librarian.' 'Funny,' said Hakan. 'He is! He works up the street.' 'He looks like army material,' Hakan replied. 'Apart from that fluffy blonde hair.' 'Yeah, he's still fluffy,' I said, savouring my third Brandy. 'Hope he stays that way.' 'Hmm,' said Hakan, regarding me thoughtfully. 'He seemed to get a lot of attention from you, for a librarian you hardly know.' 'Maybe,' I said, trying to think fast, trying also not to lie. Hakan looked like the kind of alpha male who'd be seriously weird about working with a gay guy. I'd managed to keep things under wraps for a week together, even feigned interest when he pointed out his favourite female customers. 'I suppose it's because he's putting on muscle so fast. I worry that it's not healthy.' 'He looks in the peak of health.' 'He's just a gentle guy. Nicely brought up. Intelligent. Softly spoken.' I shrugged. 'I don't want him to lose that in his quest to get big. I wish he'd settle for being normal.' 'Neither of them are normal now. What does his fellow meathead do for a living?' 'Internet porn,' I said, and burst out laughing. Hakan didn't laugh. 'Really?' Suddenly I realised I was saying slightly more than I'd meant to. 'I — that is, no, of course not. I'm kidding.' I licked the Brandy off my lips. Hakan had one sleek, black eyebrow raised. 'So why say it?' I took a deep breath. 'It's just that I once saw him online. Not a porn site. It was a thing about, you know, keeping fit. Muscle building.' 'You were looking to get into that shit too?' 'Don't we all think that kind of thing, now and again?' 'I don't need to build nothing. I am built. I am splendid,' Hakan said, poker-faced. He spread his arms in a parody of Mr Universe posturing. 'Doof!' he grunted with each new pose. 'Boom!' He had the classic ex-military build, with a certain amount of bulk from years of dedication to the culinary arts. He wasn't ripped, cut, defined or sculpted but he was huge, hairy and powerful. I found myself licking my lips again, even though the guns show was meant for laughs. At least, I was sure it was for laughs. 'Doof! Boom! Doof! Perfect!' 'Yes, maybe you are. Us mere mortals need a bit of work. It's meant to be inspirational.' 'Okay,' said Hakan, scratching his stubble. 'Show me.' I swallowed. 'Uh, what do you...' 'Show me,' Hakan said, 'this website with Olly's buddy on it. I'm curious. My laptop's upstairs.' I followed him up the narrow little stairwell to his flat, eyes fixed on his delicious-looking arse in his jeans. How was I going to get through this, I wondered. He didn't seem to have guessed about my sexuality but this might be a test too far. Should I back out? I remembered how I'd been undressing him in my imagination during the interview. As we went up the corridor, peering into the bathroom, the tiny kitchen, I thought how I was beginning to go beyond the surface with him. Dangerous waters, but irresistible, especially when you're building up a wank fantasy. We stopped momentarily at the door of a bedroom. The interior was cluttered with books, papers, ring binders. 'Ayla,' said Hakan. 'My sister, remember?' 'Ah,' I said. 'I thought she...' But I left things there. I was too curious to back out now. Besides, Hakan himself had asked to see the website. There was nothing gay about it. The Beast was proof of that. Hakan's bedroom was ultra minimalist. It looked as clean as a monk's cell. The bed was low on the floor, laptop on one side, a glass mug freckled with coffee grounds on the other. Hakan patted my shoulder with one big paw. 'Close the door.' 'Oh?' I said, following orders. 'There's a smoke alarm in the hallway,' he replied, going to open the window. 'And I'll never hear the end of it from Ayla if she smells anything.' He was rolling a cigarette now. I realised how strongly the bright, clean room smelled of tobacco. Hakan had never shown any indication of smoking before. He kept it all up here. 'So show me this website.' I turned on his laptop and, without having to even think of it, tapped out the web address. We sat down on the bed and I set up the laptop on my knees. He lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply. 'I hope you can delete this off my internet history later,' he said. 'This machine is meant to be for my accounts.' 'I've done that enough times,' I told him, clicking through a couple of screens. 'Don't worry.' 'This doesn't seem to offer much in the way of routines, diet suggestions, that sort of thing,' Hakan said. 'Whoa, look at that dude. He's like the Hulk!' 'That's right,' I said. 'Some people take it way too far.' 'I reckon for some guys, there is no 'too far',' said my boss. 'It's like an addiction, isn't it? Just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.' 'That's right,' I said. 'I worry that could happen to Olly.' Although it would also be fucking hot if it did. He could afford to get — well, just a little more muscly... 'Is your friend on here?' asked Hakan, reaching over to my lap to scroll down, pressing the laptop onto my already hard dick. 'Mmm,' I grunted, 'I don't think so. I suppose it's only a matter of time.' I typed in that familiar profile name into the search box. 'Here's the thing you wanted to see.' 'Me?' Hakan chuckled, sucking on his cigarette, as the Beast's video loaded. 'This is your fantasy. I'm just interested in you, my friend.' He peered at the screen. 'Nice looking house.' 'I reckon it must be one of the big places in the village,' I said. 'The old Georgian buildings opposite the picture gallery. You can see all this lavish furniture and stuff from the street.' 'Ever see that, from the street?' Hakan said, digging his finger at the screen. The Beast was standing in front of the webcam in a white singlet and shiny black boxing shorts. He had a calm, noble expression on his face, one arm raised behind his head, revealing the width of his triceps and the span of his lats. The other arm slowly raised, revealing the planetary scale of his bicep. 'Hmm,' Hakan said. 'That is impressive.' 'He looks sort of like a Greek statue. Uh, don't you think...?' I stuttered. 'More like a Greek poser to me.' Hakan reached across me to drop his cigarette in his coffee cup. His elbow flattened me against the bed. I could smell the bitter cologne on his neck. Eyes still on the screen, he sat upright again. 'I don't need to go round with my shirt off to prove I'm a man. Look at me.' 'You've got testosterone coming out your, ahem, pores,' I said. 'Guys like me could do with a bit of muscle to help them along.' 'This is your ideal?' he said, rubbing his chin doubtfully. 'Yeah, I'd like to be built like that, I suppose,' I said. 'You're tall enough. You're intimidating. What are you compensating for?' and he snarled a laugh. I managed to laugh in reply. 'I don't have any worries on that score.' 'Yes, yes, they all say that,' he said, completely truthfully. 'Go on then.' 'What?' I wondered if he was asking me to leave. He was unzipping his jeans. 'Let's compare, man.' 'Uh, if it's all the same...' 'Hey,' he said, reaching into his jeans. 'Don't make me do this solo, man.' As I watched, he pulled his dick out of his fly and held it up between finger and thumb. My first thought was, Well, if you really want to know, Hakan, I am bigger than you. Then I thought, Uh-oh, but I've still got an hard-on... It was too late to split hairs about that kind of thing. 'Hey man,' he said, as I unbuttoned my fly and lifted out a stiff prick. 'I think you'll find that's cheating.' 'Sorry bro,' I said, waggling it proudly. 'That's how it comes.' 'Okay, hold it, I'll catch you up,' he said. 'Rewind that video.' With my free hand trembling, I slid the video tracker back to the start of the Beast's display. 'You like this stuff after all, mister?' Hakan spat on his fingers and slicked them around his dickhead and up and down the shaft. It was already semi-hard. I wondered what it would look like when he was at 'competition level'. 'Well, it's a new world to me, but I don't need much to get me in the mood, you know what I mean?' I knew. Delicately, I primped my stiffy with the tips of my fingers. I was getting into this idea of competition. My heart was beating fast. I didn't want to lose out on size-points to Hakan: though, I figured, this was a win-win situation. Onscreen the Beast was pulling his singlet over his head. 'Oh yeah,' said Hakan. 'Take it off for me. Dance for me, bitch.' The Beast refused to dance, but now he pulled a 'most muscular' that made his pecs stand out proud. 'Fuck,' said Hakan, pumping his fist. 'Capital titties, there.' 'Wouldn't mind sliding my dick in between those,' I said. 'Don't think mine would fit. Too wide,' said Hakan, holding his now hard cock up for my inspection. 'It's wide, alright,' I said, 'but still no match for mine.' 'Get lost,' said Hakan. 'Admit it.' 'Never.' The Beast onscreen was showing us the size of his back. 'Hate to be his girlfriend,' Hakan said. 'The weight of him on you. Imagine.' 'I am imagining,' I said, wanking my dick faster now. 'Little poof. I can't believe you persist in this crazy idea that you're the man than I am,' Hakan growled. 'Bring that over alongside mine.' I leant closer. He reached over to hold mine at an angle that suited him. Then he held mine in his fist, comparing the feel of the girth with his own, as if he were choosing avocados in the supermarket. Then he leant in closer and placed his hand over our dickheads to measure the comparative height. 'Oh, yeah,' I couldn't resist saying. 'Yeah,' he said. 'Mine is definitely larger.' 'What?' 'Much larger.' He cocked an eyebrow. 'You'll just have to deal, bro.' 'Let me try,' I said. I love the feel of a new man's dick. I love how the temperature, the shape, the contour, the hardness, the length of hair, the softness of the skin are never the same from one lovestick to the next. I pretended to making careful calculations, while all the time just enjoying the sensation of drawing his foreskin slowly, luxuriously back and forth. I spat in my palm and slicked his dick up wetter and wetter till I was moving almost frictionlessly. I looked at Hakan's face, which was etched with concentration. He caught my eye and set his jaw. 'Glad I hired you,' he said. 'Good to see you know what's what.' 'I wasn't expecting this.' 'No,' he said. 'Me neither. But I saw a different side of you with — what's his name?' 'Olly,' I said, still massaging his meat-rod. 'You couldn't stop staring at him,' he replied, closing his eyes as if going off into the reverie. 'You're his slave, man. You want him bad.' 'Maybe,' I said. 'I want a lot of guys. That's my trouble. I'm greedy.' 'Nothing wrong with a big appetite,' said my boss. 'Addiction's something else. Something crazy hot. This website makes total sense. You worship that guy's body.' 'Is that so wrong?' I said. He looked me in the eye. 'Not when it's about to make me cum, bro.' I could feel him fattening up in my hand, ready to blow. 'If you say so.' 'I do,' he said. 'Keep obsessing. He needs someone like you. It's the last piece of his puzzle. One day he'll realise it and — Holy fuck!' His hot fuck butter was spuming over my fist. 'And fuck, but I want to see what you both do when that happens.' I smeared his sticky white funk over my knob and wrapped his fingers around it. 'There's more to the story,' I said. 'So tell me,' he said, reaching up to pinch my right nipple. So he did. Well, he is my boss.
  9. The first two parts are here: Part 1: Part 2: The Connections After a few minutes of trying to compose himself from what just happened, Roman quickly scoots over to an empty corner of the room where he can find something to shield him from the heavy breathing that is projecting from his husband Nathan. He can hear him snarling as the hulking beast attempts to stand up but crashes down into one of the chest of drawers in the room. He is obviously extremely disoriented. Roman covers his mouth so he doesn’t let out any kind of noise. Before long, the furry wolfman jump up and goes through one of the hotel room windows as glass flies down to the ground beneath him from their thirteenth floor balcony. The Italian gets up to see that Nathan is now running down the highway as car alarms go off and people are screaming. He can hear this going on for a few minutes as he disappears into the distance. Roman goes to retrieve his cell phone again and calls someone else that he knows. “Come on…..come on…..pick up…..” The phone rings several times before someone finally picks up the call. “Hello Roman, I assume that something has happened if you are calling me.” The Italian sits on the hotel bed and wipes his forehead trying to calm himself down. “Umm of course, I think you know what has happened.” The man on the other end sighs a few times before he speaks again. “Did your husband go through a change? Have you been hurt in any way?” “No I’m fine. He was completely out of his mind and jumped out of one of the windows here and went down the street. I have no idea where he went though. Please, I don’t want him to die from all of this insanity. You promised me that he would be able to live with this.” The man sighs again. “Okay, just tell me what room you are in so I can come over and we can talk a little more about this. I have people that are tracking him down as we speak. It turns out that he isn’t the only wolf on the loose right now. There are others besides him. Just stay put.” They both hang up and Roman spends another twenty minutes going over the situation in his mind. There is a knock on Roman’s door. He gets up from the bed to go and open it after hesitating a bit. When he does, the man rushes in and walks over to the broken window. He then opens the balcony door to look over the side before going back into the room. “We need to leave now Roman. People are going to get curious if we stay here.” He looks in the bathroom and sees the catastrophic mess in the shower. “WOW, and I thought Domino’s change was extreme. This is really horrendous. I guess his body needs to adjust to its new host. *looks at Roman* Grab your stuff, we need to go now.” As they both leave the room, there are hotel personnel and police officers coming around the corner. Both Roman and the other man manage to take cover just in time. They find a set of stairs that go down to the main floor and out into the parking area. The man points at a dark van and tells him to get in. The man starts up the van as Roman gets into the passenger seat and they slowly creep out of the parking lot. They start talking to each other again. “Okay, I think we should see which direction your husband might have went Roman. Who else knows about this anyway?” Roman pauses for a few moments before he admits that he called Domino’s house. “You called Domino? What did you tell him?” “Well…..actually I spoke to some Spanish guy there. I think he might be his assistant, but I’m not sure.” The man stops the van at an intersection and looks over at Roman. “You spoke to a Spanish man? Hmm…..that must be Carlos then. He was just changed him into a wolf himself at a meeting the other night. They must be fucking each other than if he answered the phone.” Roman looks at him puzzled. “Do you think that Domino is attempting to create an army of werewolves in the city?” The man starts driving again. “I think maybe he thinks that he can change all of his male employees into werewolves. I know he specifically wants Bulgarian men at his company because they are born with an unusual gene that makes them very powerful when provoked. Not all of them though are able to do this. I should know because he has attempted to do this to me in the past.” Roman makes a few ‘hmm’ sounds before he speaks again. “How close have you gotten to Domino?” The man smiles at him and winks. “I would say quite close. I have engaged the wolf in him many times and it has taken a liking to me. Of course I have pleasured it as well so I know that it won’t kill me on purpose.” “How do you not change when it scratches you? I know that can happen when you are having sex with it.” “I am immune to the wolf curse. *shows his clan tattoo behind his ear* See that, I am part of a group that studies the behavior of lupines and how they can further their agenda. I am glad that you have elected to help me and my kind Roman.” “Well, I just hope that I am making the right decision including Nathan in your studies as you call it. What is your name by the way? You never told me before.” “You can call me Val if you want. Let’s go and find your husband now before he decides to kill a whole bunch of people.” The two men continue to follow the destruction that Nathan has left in his way before it finally stops at an old factory on the edge of city limits. They both slowly get out of the van and creep around to one of the garage doors there. They can see that it has been ripped open and peek inside. Valentin takes a few deep breathes and slowly moves through the opening. After a few seconds, he puts his arm out motioning for Roman to follow him inside. They can both hear several different types of grunting and gnashing noises coming from the center of the warehouse. They can see that there are four wolfmen feeding off of three victims they have killed together. This intrigues the Bulgarian greatly because he is wondering why they would not fight each other for what they would view as being an alpha. Roman and himself are trying to stay close to the back wall and not make too much noise as they navigate towards one of the abandoned offices that is near them. When Valentin tries to open one of the doors, the creaking sound it makes interrupts the eating of the pack and they turn around quickly with them still munching on their food. The Bulgarian immediately puts both of his hands over top of Roman’s mouth since he can tell that the Italian is about to freak out and scream. One of the werewolves sniffs the air and is now walking towards them. It is quite obvious to Val that the wolfman recognizes Roman as its deep brown eyes fixate on him. Val grabs Roman and tosses him into the office doorway as the werewolf charges him. Roman scoots quickly underneath one of the computer desks in the room to hide. The other wolves are now jumping into the office and begin to search for the Italian as he squeezes himself in as far as he can. He closes his eyes when he feels one of them starting to breathe on him. The wolf reaches its huge heavily-muscled furry paw in towards him with its claws fully retracted. He covers his mouth hoping that he can somehow avoid being killed as the wolfman’s huge claws start to slowly shred his shirt and pants as it attempts to pull him out from under the desk and into its body. It is obvious to Roman that it wants something other than to eat him. The wolf’s cock is starting to emerge from its sheath as it starts to leak precum onto the floor. It reaches underneath his torso and rips the back of Roman’s pants out and yanks his briefs off as well revealing his hairy bum. The wolf makes a few deep grunts as it grips the frightened Italian by his sides before flipping him over to try and penetrate him. It runs its thick tongue up and down his back before slowly sliding it into Roman’s winking hole. Roman yelps feeling the thick mouth muscle massaging his anal cavity as he is lifted onto the desk so the horny animal can get a better grip on him. After a minute of this, the wolf starts to push its bloated rod inside him but before it can proceed further, it is hit by a long silver object which makes it let out a terrible squeal before it falls down onto the ground. Another werewolf attempts to jump over the one of the ground to attack someone, but ends up nearly in the same predicament as it also yells in pain before passing out onto the ground as well. A hand yanks Roman up off of the table and stands him up. It is Valentin who has somehow survived all of the carnage going on around them. He checks Roman’s backside and checks to see if his skin has been pierced in any way by the wolfman and somehow it miraculously has not. He hugs the scared Italian as he scans the room to check where the other werewolves are moving around at. “That was too close Roman. *shows him a silver staff* There is a reason why I carry this. If it comes in contact with them, it makes them automatically react and causes them to revert back into their human forms. Unfortunately, I have to get pretty close to them to pierce their skin.” There are lots of cracking and crunching sounds echoing throughout the room as Valentin turns to see that the werewolf that was trying to attack Roman is someone that he knows from Bulgaria. “I should have known…..Petr…..what are you doing here? If he is here, then that means that……” The other one that fell on top of Petr is someone else he recognizes. “Georgi? I knew this would happen. *sees the third man in the office* Now who the hell are you?” All three men are groaning as they start to come around from their wolfy hangovers. Roman is still in shock from the whole situation as he starts to stumble past Val and staggers out of the office. He turns to see that Nathan is trying to stand up after leaning up against the office wall. He was also knocked down onto the ground after his confrontation with Val. The man is dazed and confused as the Italian rushes over to him to help him up. He hugs the blood soaked stud as he kicks all of the furry debris and gore away from beneath his feet. Nathan hugs him tightly and softly whispers into his husband’s ear before moving away from him again. “Why is this happening to me?” He looks down at his freshly formed skin and notices that he is naked. He groans a little as Roman starts to walk him towards one of the bathrooms that are located beside the office area. They enter as Nathan’s husband leads him over to one of the sinks and turns it on. He lets it run for a few seconds before he starts to run water over top of his well-muscled partner’s stained beard and starts cleaning it with his hands. Nathan looks into the mirror behind Roman and sees the torn fabric in the shape of a wolf’s claw on his back and notices that his husband’s hairy ass is completely exposed. He panics. “Oh my god no, did you get raped by one of us?” Roman shakes his head. “No, thank god that Valentin was here to stop the werewolf that was on top of me. He has some silver staff that he uses to protect himself with.” “So that must be how I became human again. I sensed it deep down, but I couldn’t stop the other me from attacking anyone.” Roman manages to find a stack of paper towels in a dispenser and starts using them to clean off more of the blood on his husband’s well-muscled neck and chest. He is surprised at just how thick Nathan’s chest is. His pecs and nipples are much larger than they were the last time he saw him. After finally getting his chest clean, the Italian slowly starts to clean off his husband’s lower half. He is surprised to see that even Nathan’s cock and balls have blood on them. Just breathing on them makes them react as the bloody stud goes fully erect as his cock stands up into the air. His balls look to be quite full as well as their color changes to resemble two purple golf balls. He looks up at his husband who smiles down at him. “I am not going to help you with that right now Nathan. How could you be so turned on by all of this carnage?” Nathan shrugs his thick shoulders. “I don’t really know Roman. I suddenly feel extremely horny and I can’t seem to control it anymore. I guess you will have to help me with that as well.” Nathan’s husband coats a few towels with soap and uses them on his thick 9x6 inch rod before putting some clean water on top of it to clean off the rest of the blood. The well-muscled stud presses his huge quads and huge rod against his partner and rubs a few droplets of precum onto his sweaty cheek. He grunts a few times trying to communicate with Roman without saying a word. “You are not the same Nathan I once knew. I don’t remember you ever being like this before the change. I will do this for you this one time, but I don’t want to get any of your jizz on me because I don’t know how toxic it is to me.” Roman slowly starts jerking his husband making him buckle as a long strand of precum spills out of his engorged cockhead and dribbles to the ground each time he rolls his foreskin up towards his thick cockhead. His engorged balls tremble as he grunts deeply and grabs his husband’s head making Roman a bit nervous. “Be careful Nathan, I don’t know how strong you are now. You might accidentally hurt me.” Sweat is now pouring profusely from Nathan’s body as it starts to roll down his huge muscles and onto the ground joining his precum. He moans feeling his load building as his precum flows a bit thicker. His breathing intensifies as he feels the beast from within him starting to navigate to the surface again, but this time he is not concerned about changing. The bathroom door swings open as Valentin moves towards Nathan and shows him the silver staff he is holding. “Knock it off Nathan. I will stab you again with this. *sees how turned on he is* What are you doing Roman? If you keep doing that, he will tear you to pieces.” Roman stops what he is doing and moves away from Nathan. The horny musclebeast is in no mood to stop feeling that way and attempts to finish what was started on his cock. The beast is trying to come out again as a few popping sounds are heard coming from Nathan’s back as he grows furry again. Valentin wastes no time and stabs him with his staff which causes the wolfman to scream in agony as he falls to the ground with the Bulgarian sitting on top of him. His cock blasts a massive volcano of thick cum all over the bathroom as some of it hits Roman in the face. He quickly rubs it off and smears it onto the floor. “Shit…..shit…..shit…..damnit. Am I going to be okay? His cum is hitting me in the face.” Valentin turns to look and yells, “Get out of the way Roman. Run into the stalls and close the door.” As he does so, he can hear Nathan yelling and agonizing as his cock continues to blast cum into the air. After a few minutes, he finally stops moving and goes unconscious. He hears the staff hit the floor and it is thrown under a neighboring stall. Valentin gets up and runs over to where Roman is and knocks on the door. The Italian opens it as the Bulgarian throws a few paper towels into Roman and tells him to clean it off quickly. There are now two other guys in the bathroom wearing large bath towels around their waists. They both have similar features to Valentin. They help Roman up from the floor and escort him out and into the warehouse. They introduce themselves after helping Roman out of his cum soaked and torn shirt. “My name is Petr Brugunov and this is my assistant Georgi. We both work at Full Moon Pharmaceuticals in the research and development department.” Petr pauses for a few moments and motions for Georgi to look Roman over. “Let him check to see if you need any medical attention while I have a little chat with Valentin.” They both leave the bathroom to talk privately. “So, how did you turn me back into my human self, Валентин?” Valentin pauses for a few moments before he starts talking to Petr. “If I tell you Петр, then I will have to kill you instead of helping you.” He winks at Petr, who winks back. Both Roman and Georgi walk out of the bathroom together. The Bulgarian walks over to his master and puts his arm around his huge hairy muscular waist. The other man that was involved in the carnage is sitting down in the office with his hands in his lap. He is also wearing a towel, but it fails to cover up his cock and ballsack as the whole package peeks out. Petr and Georgi walk over to the ripped-up garage door and look it over. Roman and Valentin go in to talk to the other man. The Bulgarian goes into interrogation mode. “Now that you are a little more coherent, I need you to tell me how you ended up here and who you are.” The man isn’t as broad as the others, but his muscularity is still quite impressive. He looks as if he just finished a cutting cycle as his entire body from head to toe is vascular. His arms look a bit overgrown for his frame, at least according to Roman as he can’t take his eyes off of them. The man notices and slowly flexes them before he answers Valentin’s question. “Well…..to tell you the truth, I don’t remember. I signed up for a special lab study at Full Moon Pharmaceuticals, and they injected me with a few different serums. There were two other men that were having the same procedure done on them. After about ten minutes, I could feel something happening to me. It was as if I was being put to sleep because I could feel myself starting to drift away. The other men were freaking out like crazy. I think I even saw one of them die. It was bizarre. I remember feeling my body go numb and my skin burning. Ohh and my name is Gilbert Hadwin.” Valentin turns to look at Roman. “Does this story sound a little familiar? When we spoke on the phone, you told me that Nathan went through a similar procedure. I believe that this was done by Domino’s people.” While they are talking, he can hear a helicopter in the background. Out of the corner of his eye, the Bulgarian notices Georgi escorting Nathan past the door opening to the office. He jumps up from his chair and rushes over to look and sees that Petr, Georgi, and Nathan are taking their towels off and jump through the ravaged garage door before hopping onto a helicopter that is waiting for them. It quickly takes off once they are all on it. “We have to go now Roman. Your husband has been taken from us again. We need to get moving if we are going to find him again. Gilbert you will have to come with us.” After a few moments, Valentin and Roman help the man up and they quickly leave the office. The Bulgarian tells the Italian to take the man to the van while he goes to retrieve his staff. He meets up with them a minute later inside the van. Gilbert is sitting in the back of the vehicle and is looking around at all of the equipment that is set up and is confused by what he is seeing. “I feel like I have entered an alternate universe. Who are all of you?” Valentin and Roman look over at each other before turning to look back at him. The Bulgarian then says, “Actually this is the world we all live in. You are just becoming aware of it through a different lens. Some of us will live and some will die. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.” The man looks at them both and shrugs his shoulders as he shuts the van door. They drive off down several streets following the path of the helicopter until it lands on top of a darkly lit skyscraper. The building is not marked with any kind of signage whatsoever. They pull in and Valentin and Roman jump out. The Bulgarian is holding his staff as he slides the van door open and tells Gilbert to stay put because this might be too dangerous for him. He agrees as they slide the door closed. Both men stare at each other one more time before saying a few more words to each other. “Val, what do they want with my husband? There has to be something you are not telling me.” Valentin looks at him and shakes his head a few times. “You will find out soon enough Roman. I feel like this is about to come to a head.” They both quickly find the front entrance and rush inside not knowing what they will find next. End of Part 3
  10. Thedemon1906

    Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Primera historia que posteo en español espero que la disfruten. Si quieren que la siga por favor muestren su apoyo Hace mucho tiempo que estoy enamorado de mi compañero de clase heterosexual, pero no fue hasta hace unos días que decidí tomar cartas en el asunto. Joaquín es de los deportistas del colegio, juega un juego famoso aca llamado Rugby. Muchos lo deben conocer por sus jugadores fornidos y masculinos y él no era la excepción. Aunque no tan grande como los de la televisión, Joaquin a sus dieciséis años ya medía un metro noventa y sus músculos empezaban a notarse. Tenía unos ojos negros impresionantes que combinaban con su pelo y el tono oscuro de su piel latina. Joaquín y yo nunca fuimos amigos cercanos, aunque algunas raras veces vino a mi casa. Pertenecemos a mundos diferentes, él era deportista y yo todo lo contrario. Aunque solo tenía quince mi cuerpo estaba fuera del promedio. Conocía que eran los bíceps y abdominales solo por verlos en otros hombres pero por mi parte nunca los tuve. Media un metro ochenta ,y aunque no era bajo, me mantenía en el promedio. Mi pelo era marrón y mis ojos verdes, pero lo que más destacaba de mi era mi casi inexistente pene de dos cm y mi culo mas que prominente, monstruoso. Fue hace unos días buscando por internet porno, una pagina de publicidad se me abrio. “Pócimas para el amor y la vida Avenida libertador 386” Fue en ese momento cuando decidí en ir a investigar. Un dia despues de clases me desvie un poco de mi ruta normal para ir a mi casa. Mientras caminaba recordé el incidente que había tenido devuelta hoy en el vestuario. Las risas de mis compañeros al ver mi paquete desnudo se había hecho costumbre, junto con los golpes y empujones que siempre lo acompañaban. Javier era el q mas me molestaba. De casi un metro noventa y ocho y un cuerpo bien tallado yo siempre era su presa. Todo se calmaba cuando llegaba Joaquín a separarnos. Cuando me conecte otra vez con la realidad me dí cuenta de que había llegado. El negocio en cuestión consiste en una puerta muy chiquita y cero ventanas. Empuje la puerta para encontrarme en una habitación circular con aspecto muy lúgubre. Estantes de lo que parecían ser líquidos de colores se encontraban a lo largo de las paredes. En el centro una mesa redonda se erguía y en la cima una bola de cristal con una campanita de hotel al lado. Toque la campana y me senté a esperar en uno de los cojines de la mesa. “Ya lo atiendo” gritó una señora que a juzgar por su voz cargaba muchos años de vida. Una puerta q se encontraba detrás mío se abrió y de ella salió una mujer de por lo menos ochenta años vestida con una túnica negra hasta el piso y unos collares con gemas que parecían antiquísimos. -¿Qué es lo q desea?- -Necesito una poción para volver gay a mi amigo heterosexual- -JAJAJAJAJAJAJA- Rió la vieja mujer - eso es lo que todos los homosexuales de tu edad quieren. Ven, toma, pon tu mano encima de ls esfera primero veamos tu destino- Hice lo q la mujer pidió incrédulo y por dentro de la espera un humo empezó a salir. Ahí es cuando lo vi todo. Yo era alto y estaba jugando al rugby con Joaquín. Mis músculos se notaban a través de mi uniforme transpirado. Era heterosexual y tenía una novia. Pero de repente pusieron la decisión de ser capitán del equipo entre Joaquín y yo. Joaquín sabia que yo ganaría entonces vino a la misma bruja que yo y le compró dos pócimas. Una para que yo y el resto de personas no se den cuenta de mi cambio y otra para volverme lo que soy un estúpido, débil y sumiso pasivo quien nadie recuerda quien era antes. Cerré mis ojos y los volvi a abrir, no creyéndome los flashes de memoria que recien habia experimentado. -¡El me lo robo todo solo por ser capitán!- grité mientras mi percepción de mi compañero cambiaba. Me sentía frustrado y dolido, especialmente defraudado. - Es verdad, pero estas en suerte querido porque con la poca plata que poseía tu Ex amigo no llegó a comprar el seguro. Por un módico precio te puedo vender la poción para convertirte en un viril activo y la pocion para convertirlo a el en un pasivo y si quieres tambien te regalo una para enamorarlo. La única que te saldría cara seria la que utilizarias para que nadie se de cuenta de los cambios.- Me quedé unos segundos absorbiendo toda la información y contesté. -Me llevo todas menos la del olvido, no la voy a necesitar- Una sonrisa se marcó en los labios de la mujer al entregarme las pocimas y la sonrisa suya se me contagió a mi. “Cambio de planes”
  11. BigBen

    Supergod Part 3

    The next day at school it was gym class and Sammy and the rest of the class were changing into their speedos for swim class. Sammy and his nerd friends having small, skinny bodies whereas the jocks were tall, had six packs and pecs without looking like bodybuilders, flexing and showing off their muscles to each other. Dan hadnt shown up yet, probably too busy enjoying his new life as a Supergod, Sammy thought to himself. The rest of the class hasn't a clue, Sammy just couldn't wait for their reactions when Dan finally showed up to show off his new strength, powers and most of all, his body. As the class had made their way out to the pool the coach took attendance and noticed that Dan was missing. "Where's Dan? He ill or something?" "No I'm right here coach!" and with that the whole class turned around to see Dan walking out the walkway from the changing room, clad in nothing but a pair of tight crimson red posing trunks, his Herculean muscular quads bouncing as he strutted through to join the rest of the class, flexing his basketball size pecs and then his bowling ball size biceps as the rest of the class stared in awe, most trying to hide their erections. "What is the meaning of this, Dan?! That's not appropriate swimwear! Have you been taking steroids?!" The coach barked at Dan. Dan just turned and smirked back at the coach, striding toward him, imposing his mammoth figure over him as he looked down on the athletic swim coach who used to boss him around. "Hey you know what coach, I think it's about time you...cooled off" and then Dan took a deep breathe and blew out ice cold air all over the coach, essentially freezing him solid. "Whoa dude! You just froze the coach! What are you?" Said Chad, one of Dans jock buddies. "You are now looking at the new superman boys! Your new god!" Dan said, raising his arms with emphasis on the word god, then raising himself up in the air, showing off his ability of flight. "And now that I've given you a demonstration of what i can do boys, you can all spread the word throughout school. I'm bringing in a whole new world!! HA HA HA!" Dan boomed before he raised one arm up and kept his body straight in classic superman pose before he flew out the building making a giant hole in the ceiling. The class couldn't believe what they just saw, neither could Sammy. They quickly took the coach to the school nurse who hadn't a clue what to do with him and returned to the showers. Sammy however, was still too in awe of Dan and trying to contain his erection in his trunks, decided to wait behind to shower by himself, he could also feel something churning in his stomach and wondered if it could be from Dans cum he swallowed the night before. Haha imagine if I gained superpowers too, thought Sammy. As Sammy went into the showers after the rest of the class left, he stripped off his speedo letting his throbbing cock fall free and started lathering himself up under the shower, and started gently whacking himself off when one of the jocks, Brett walked in. "Hey little Sammy, guess you got all boned up over the new and improved Dan too, huh " Brett said as he walked in, pointing his pretty impressive cock straight at the startled Sammy who tried to cover himself up. "Brett what do you want? " "What do you think Sammy? I'm a testosterone fueled man and I need release, and your ass looks good enough for it" Brett said as he grabbed Sammy and forcibly kissed him, he then dragged Sammy across the room and sat on a bench, motioning for Sammy to hop on his cock. Sammy couldn't resist, he was so horny from the sight of Superdan he slid himself on Bretts cock beginning to moan as he continued to imagine Dan, but also imagining becoming a supergod himself as he began to moan some more. Brett was enjoying bouncing the nerd on his hard cock too, even though Brett considered himself straight he was still so hard from Dan and his display of strength and superpowers that even this nerds ass will do to satisfy as he started pumping harder and faster. Sammy was loving it and really getting into it, when suddenly he felt the churning in his stomach again as Brett pumped more and more before releasing a hot load into Sammy "ohhhh man!" They both said in unison as Sammy then released his own load on Brett too. But Sammys stomach still churned, and then began to hurt as Sammy quickly hopped off and collapsed on the floor as the pain worsened. "What the fuck? What's wrong? I wasn't that big was I? Haha" Brett said. The pain then suddenly stopped and Sammy stood up, but something was different. Like he had a realization, a newfound knowledge. The cum the nerd had swallowed from Dan the night before had a whole ton of potency krypton power in it and all it needed was a trigger, and the sexual energy and Bretts cum was just the trigger it needed to give Sammy the knowledge of this and what he suddenly was capable of! "HAHA no don't worry Brett! You weren't too big! Not at all! But don't worry...I soon will be....what did you call me before, Brett? Little Sammy? Well get ready to meet MASSIVE SAMMY!!! HAHAHA" And with that Sammy spread his legs a little and squatted a little, clenched his fists so hard and concentrated "GRRRRRR!!" , and concentrated "ARGGGGHHHHH" , and sure enough the potent Krypton energy inside him was released! And Sammy began to grow with extreme pleasure as he felt his back widen, his chest balloon out, his body gain mass all over! "HAHAHA! YESSSS! THINK I'M A NERD NOW BRETT? GET A LOAD OF THIS!" and Sammy concentrated more, and more and began to inch up and up and up, reaching 8 feet tall! His arms became the size bigger than any bodybuilders and his shoulders made him look like a tank! Sammy concentrated even more and a 6 pack ballooned out "hmmm a little more" and Sammy concentrated again forming a nice irresistible 8 pack! And finally concentrating some more, his limp cock became thicker and longer, and his cock hardened once again as Sammys eyes changed colour to a reddish hue and he grinned. A massive cocky grin as he looked down, and down at Brett before flexing a double bi. "WHAT DO YOU THINK OF LITTLE SAMMY NOW BRETT? " Brett was in shock again. First Dan, now Sammy as two massive super muscular freaks, he became instantly hard again as Sammy continued flexing before fishing out an XXL size bright red speedo from the lost and found and slipped it on before going back out to the pool and looking at the hole Dan made before "SUPERGOD HUH? HAHA! I'M COMING FOR YOU DAN!" Boomed Sammy as he squatted down flexing his legs, arm extended and jumped high then flew after Dan! "HAHA YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FLY NOW DAN! I'LL SHOW YOU WHO THE TRUE SUPERGOD IS!" Sent from my Samsung device
  12. londonboy

    Papa Bear

    [Selfishly, this story has things I love - older men, romance, sex, and strength. I humbly submit it as my offering to this great event.] His big beefy calloused hand wrapped around the back of my head and pulled my face into his concrete-hard right pec. There was a loud smack as I hit his unyielding tight flesh. I couldn’t have pulled my head away even if I had wanted to – he was just that strong. His fingers tightened on my skull and he rubbed my nose, lips, cheeks, and forehead back and forth across the wide expanse of his chest muscle. It seemed as big as a continent. I had become something akin to a washcloth in his hand. My crushed nose got some temporary relief as it slid down into the deep, seemingly unending crevice between his mammoth mounds of meat, but then he started flexing and squeezed the holy hell out of my face. I was suddenly shocked by how powerful pec muscle could be. Meanwhile, his other equally large, strong hand slid slowly down my back and found its way into my ass crack, easily parting cheeks and pressing dangerously against my tight hole. His first two fingers toyed with me as both hands moved slightly upward, making me go up on the tips of my toes. “Unhhhh . . . yeaaaaah,” he said in a low deep growl-like whisper, clearly pleased by how my bubble butt clamped tight in response to his invasion. He stopped the advancement at my ass, pulling his hand away – obviously, that particular part of my body would be a special reward for a later time. I fell back down on the soles of my feet, no longer supported by his strong hands. The fingers at the back of my skull moved again, my face was pulled from its resting place between his tensed pecs and roughly dragged through the heavy salt-and-pepper fur covering his mammoth chest. I knew where I was headed before I even got there. The big muscular paw led my saliva-leaking mouth directly to his massive right nipple – jutting from his pec like a huge knob of granite flesh waiting to be adored. My lips instantly parted to accept the hard thing and I was surprised by its size. “Suck,” he ordered, in that same sexy-as-fuck low voice that seemed to rumble loudly from his enormous chest. I marveled at how a man’s voice could sound so powerful and full of testosterone. My mouth immediately became like a high-powered vacuum. I latched onto his hairy pec like I was in a contest to see who could leave the most nipple hickeys – even though I knew his skin was too hard for me to do any damage. The big man let out a deep animalistic growl that made it clear I was doing a good job. The grip on my head tightened even more and my face was compressed into his hard muscle so deeply it hurt. Evidently, my oral skills became too much for the big man, though, because he suddenly let his fingers grip my hair and he pulled my head backwards, forcing my face to turn up towards his. He brought his lips down to mine and immediately his mouth became a much more powerful vacuum than I ever could have dreamed of being. He sucked so hard I swear my feet came off the ground again. His tongue didn’t just dominate my mouth – it ignored the fact that I was even there and had its way with me – jabbing deeply into my throat. I started to become alarmed that I would soon lose teeth, tonsils, or possibly my own tongue – his kiss was more like an ancient army with a battering ram. Still, it was thrilling beyond belief. Obviously, the massive man liked it too, because he pulled his face away from mine and again emitted a pleased low growl before slamming my face back into his pec, so I could return to pleasing his nipple. This was the third time in three weeks I had summoned the huge man known only as Papa Bear to my condominium. He was an expensive hustler, but his particular specialty was way beyond what my fantasies could ever have begun to conjure up. The three hundred and fifty pound muscled bear was somewhere around fifty-five to fifty-eight and had the kind of manly beard that would make any lumberjack jealous. A silver crew cut that seemed to emphasize his masculinity even more and a body that seemed like three huge power lifters molded together just added to the overall package. When you touched his muscles it felt like they were perpetually tensed – as if he was flexing for you all the time – but then you realized he was just hard as hell . . . everywhere. When I stood beside him it felt like I was a five year old hanging out with his monstrous father. He wasn’t much into conversation, a definite plus, and – somehow – the guy instinctively always knew what I wanted . . . or needed. The first week I had told him I was in the mood for lots of sex, so he banged me hard numerous times in different spots around my home. I was in so many different positions that night I saw my place from angles I had never even imagined. We actually didn’t make it to the bed in the master bedroom. I lost count of his orgasms somewhere around two o’clock when I was being pounded so hard on the dining room table my eyes were rolling back into my head. I did, however, remember groping his hard-as-stone guns through the entire evening – somehow their obvious strength and size anchoring me in reality. I swear the already massive things swelled even bigger during the sex that night. The next morning, as I lay nude and totally spent on the carpet in the middle of the living room and Papa Bear prepared to leave, he apologized for how sore I was going to feel for a few days. He also reminded me I had asked for lots of sex. I ended up calling in sick at work for two days - just because every muscle in my body was in agony and I found it very difficult to walk. It had been exactly the kind of evening I had wanted. When I called him the second time I swear I detected a pleased tone in his voice and I was impressed when he said he remembered exactly who I was and where I lived. Before we hung up he asked what I was looking for from the evening and I told him it had been a rough week and I was looking for some romance and cuddling. When I opened the door a few hours later I was greeted with a dozen red roses, a bottle of wine, and Papa Bear dressed in an insanely tight crisp white button-down shirt – opened more than half way down to show off his mega furry pecs. I was pretty sure my entire head could’ve disappeared between the man’s mounds of muscled chest beef. When he bent his arms I swear you could hear the material in the sleeves screaming because it was stretched almost to the bursting point. One of the hottest things in the world, to me, is a guy wearing clothes and his muscles still being so defined that you can actually see veins and striations. I had a feeling if the senior muscle man had inhaled too deeply the poor shirt would have instantly been a pile of shredded rags on the floor. Once the flowers were arranged nicely in a vase and the wine had been poured, the big man picked me up in his arms as if he was just giving a shrug, motioned with his head for me to take the glasses, and then carried me to the large master bathroom. I could sense that my weight barely registered to his bulging guns. He held me with one arm as he started the water in the large Jacuzzi bathtub, and after checking to make sure the temperature of the water was just right, he set me down, kneeled, and began to lovingly undress me. He stroked my body as he undid buttons and zippers. Once I was standing there nude, he stood up – his full six foot four inches – and slowly took off his own clothes, making sure he tensed every bulging muscle as it was uncovered. He knew watching him undress would turn me on completely – and the skyrocketing rod at my crotch confirmed that assumption. To tease me, he flexed his gigantic arms when he was fully undressed, knowing the show would make my night. He, again, easily lifted me and then placed me in the tub – cupping warm water in his hands to let it cascade over my body to help me get used to the warmth. The temperature of the water, however, seemed to soar to boiling point as soon as he joined me in the tub. I was just as turned on by his soft caresses as I had been by his all-night power plowing the week before. Once he was nestled comfortably in the big bathtub, he pulled my smaller body onto his, his bulging chest becoming a pillow for my head. We sipped our wine in silence as he softly pinched my nips, fondled my balls, massaged my shoulders, arms, and legs, and kept my cock at full mast with loving thick-fingered strokes every few minutes. Even though his body felt harder than stone, it was so comfortable lying there – feeling my body go up and down as he inhaled and exhaled. I fell asleep resting on him and about an hour later I woke up to find myself in bed and him propped up on one big arm beside me – staring at and caressing me as I slept. He leaned his face down to mine and gave me a kiss on the lips. He then moved his mouth near my ear. “Would you like this big man to be inside you?” he asked in a soft sultry voice that was full of love, need, and extreme power. I simply nodded my head, too turned on to say a word. He reached over and pulled my body on top of his as he lay on his back. It was as if he were merely pulling up a light sheet. Resting on top of his mountainous torso was quickly becoming one of my most favorite things in he world. He then slid both hands down my sides and grabbed my hips. He easily lifted my body in the air, turned me upright, and then I felt his hardening cock slap against my ass with a loud thud. He lifted my body higher and then moved my ass so it hovered over his straight-as-an-arrow steel-like thick rod. He lowered me slowly – until the wide tip of his penis poked teasingly into my tight hole. I clenched my ass even more – determined to block his passage, with the intention of giving us both more pleasure. This made him smile and chuckle – me thinking I could prevent him from getting what he wanted. His grip at my hips tightened and he pulled my body downward – slowly and methodically. His cockhead easily pushed its way through my tight love hole and I threw my head back as I let out a defeated scream. Papa Bear had penetrated my inner sanctum with a mere tug of his mighty arms. The big man’s cock was clearly as strong as the rest of him - because it didn’t waiver at all during the invasion. The big man let me rest there – impaled by his big hard weapon – until the initial pain turned into something closer to tortured pleasure. He was only slightly inside me and, yet, it seemed like I was being plowed by the thick end of a baseball bat. His smile grew bigger and I quickly figured out that my tight hole was also giving him much pleasure. His cock was leaking so much pre-cum it was like an instant full tube of lube had been emptied for the plowing that was to come. I felt my chute slowly accepting Papa Bear’s big hard tool and the huge man slowly pulled my happy body lower – making me moan loudly with pure joy. I was breathing heavily and pinching the shit out of his nipples by the time my butt cheeks felt the bristles of the thick fur around his balls. And then he was completely inside me and I rested securely on his crotch. Papa Bear released his grip at my hips and my body stayed in place – like the sheath of a sword. That’s when the big body beneath me began to roll like giant gentle waves hitting the beach. The motion of his pulsing crotch gave me unfathomable feelings of ecstasy and I squeezed his nipples even harder. “You feel so fucking good,” he said in a voice that seemed to soothe and empower at the same time. It was like the low strong hum of a powerful jet. Papa Bear finally melted into a rhythm that made it seem like we were on a waterbed enjoying the constant swishing back and forth of heavy liquid below. His strong broad body supported me easily and every time his hard tool thrust deeper into my body I would tug on his nipples to make him arch his back even more – sending his cock further into me. We had become one entity – a cycle of pleasure running through both of us, constantly exciting the other man to new levels. His pulsing cock caused me to tighten and push down heavily and that just made him want to shove in harder. I was so ‘on fire’ from his slippery cock moving in and out of my ass that I didn’t even realize how close I was to ejaculation. Suddenly, my body tensed up all over and rockets of cum started shooting out of my hard as stone cock – held tightly in the grip of Papa Bear’s right hand. Huge splotches of cum shot up past the big man’s face – hitting the wooden headboard of the bed, like some orgasmic art project. I blasted off about twenty rounds and somewhere in the middle of my release the big man started spurting gobs of his manly juice into me. Watching me get off had been too much for Papa Bear – he responded with his own cannon shooting off a big load. With every super orgasmic release his crotch bucked upward, which only rammed his rod harder into me and sent me reeling even more. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the big man stopped spewing and when his breathing finally returned to normal he lifted my body off his tool. Papa Bear then, again, laid me on top of his big torso. His hand immediately returned to my ass and started caressing my cheeks – as if to tell me he was waiting for a chance to return. “Did Papa Bear help his boy forget about his ugly week for a little while,” he asked softly – true concern clearly in his words. “Yes sir,” I replied. “Good. You rest now, son. You deserve it. I’ll be right here to comfort and protect you while you sleep,” he added. “You don’t even have to worry about work. We can talk about me going in with you one day and taking care of anyone that bothers you. I’ll not wear a shirt and that’ll intimidate the hell out of anyone that’s a pain. How does that sound?” I didn’t even respond because by that time I was fast asleep – surrounded by hard warm muscle and the comfort of his soothing voice. It hadn’t been a difficult decision to call Papa Bear the first time. A friend of mine had given me a flyer for this dude that he said was the exact man I was looking for. I was impressed with the picture of the man’s arm – I was gigantic and it didn’t look morphed in any way. But it was the written invitation to have a true older alpha come take care of you that really intrigued me. God, I loved huge mature men. There’s just something unbelievable about a white haired muscled monster that gets me going big time. I’m sure it has something to do with them being experienced – years meaning they have learned a lot about life, about themselves, and about pleasing others. I was a big sucker for white, fur-covered mountainous pecs, too. A generous dusting of hair surrounding plump nipples made my mouth water. A massive muscled grandpa-looking dude could be fodder for my jerk-off sessions for the rest of my life. The friend who gave me the flyer had heard me pour my heart out numerous times. He was the bartender at one of my favorite gay hangouts in the neighborhood, so he had learned a lot about what I liked and what I didn’t. He also knew how often I fell for older men that just wanted a quickie – and usually ended up getting my heart broken. I trusted my friend to help me out, so it was easy to take the flyer. When I dialed the number on the advertisement, a deep alpha voice said, “You better like muscle and what it can do if you’re calling this number. You’re talking to Papa Bear.” “Um . . . excuse me,” I said, a little caught off guard by the answer. “The name’s Papa Bear, kid. You want me to take care of you?” came the reply and the gruff voice thrilled me again. “Uh . . . um . . . yes . . . sir.” I responded. “Oh good, I like polite boys,” Papa Bear answered. “Text me the details – name, address, what you’re looking for from my visit, and anything that might be off limits for you.” “Um . . . off limits? Like what?” I replied, clearly inexperienced in this kind of business transaction. “Like, is it not okay to break furniture or be rough enough to cause bruises or make sure you share any particular fetish you may have,” he replied – and the idea of him crushing furniture made me harder than I already was. “Got it, sport?” “Um . . . yes sir,” I replied. “Try not to beat off too many times thinking about our upcoming meeting, kid, or staring at my big arm on that flyer,” he said before hanging up. “I want you to be juiced to the max.” Thankful for silence, because my cock needed time to back off from the edge, I immediately texted him the details, including how I hoped it could be Saturday night. I was a little surprised when I got an instant reply. The message only said, “I’ll be pumped,” and there was an icon of a flexed biceps. I stared at the screen for a while – unable to control the excitement that was gushing through my body – specifically returning to a part of me below the belt. I wanted to beat off to the flyer of Papa Bear’s arm, but I could still hear his deep voice telling me not to. I knew I would have no concentration at work or home for the next four days. I also knew I’d clean my place better than it had ever been cleaned before. That had been how it all began and now we were in the middle of our second visit. I dreamed about Papa Bear the entire night after our romantic time in the tub and the slow, toe-curling sex in bed. When I woke up, I immediately sensed that the big man was not there. It was kind of like when you’re sitting in traffic and a huge dump tuck beside you finally pulls away – you instinctively can feel the absence of something so gigantic. I started to get a little sad, thinking the older muscleman had left, but then I smelled freshly brewed coffee and what I’m sure was bacon and eggs. My morning wood stiffened even harder when I imagined Papa Bear working away in my kitchen. Then, as if on cue, the mountainous bulging man walked into the bedroom, wearing only the apron I had been gifted with at the end of a weeklong cooking class in Tuscany. When I wore it, the red and blue material almost covered my entire body – coming down below my knees and the opening at the neck hanging down below my chest. On Papa Bear, however, the apron didn’t even cover his crotch and his chest was so big it made the top part of the material look like a small tight bib. The man’s huge dong was hard and arched out like some kind of pornographic crane. Papa Bear smiled at me when he saw I was awake and he stood by the bed, reaching down to tug on my raging hard-on through the sheet. “Looks like we were both thinking about the other,” he said and I simply nodded yes – enjoying his big paw roughly fondling me below. “I’ve got breakfast and coffee ready, but I was hoping you might want me to fill you in another way, first?” I didn’t say a word. I merely reached out and started stroking his hard cock – marveling at the fact that my hand couldn’t reach completely around it. Clearly, the man had not built his muscles to compensate for inadequacy in other areas of his body. I, again, didn’t say a word – I just nodded my head and brought my mouth to the tip of his cock, kissing it lightly. In such a short time that I wouldn’t be able to tell you how it happened, he had lifted my body off the bed, taken off the apron, sat down on the edge, and was lowering my ass toward the big penis tower between his legs. I bent my knees so I’d end up kneeling when he was completely inside of me. By now, I was used to the moment of impact from his unyielding power stick. The head of his dick felt like stainless steel or something even harder when it poked teasingly at my hole. I shocked the older muscleman a little when I suddenly jerked my body downward in his hands and forced the plump head inside of me with one quick pop. I shouted and he grunted in pleasure as soon as I forced the invasion. Papa Bear, however, took my lead and with his powerful arms he plunged my body down his long thick rod with one quick jerk. For a few seconds my mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. It took only a few more seconds for me to register the extreme pleasure of having him all the way inside of me and I began to moan happily as he rolled his hips on the bed and forced himself back and forth in my love canal. “You feel so good, babe,” he said – and I swear it was one of the most loving things I had ever heard. “How ‘bout being a good boy and sucking on these huge pecs while I rock your world.” Most people would have considered those words cocky. Not me. I understood this man almost as much as I understood myself. He knew his words would please me – and they did. They pleased me very much. And pleasing him always made me happy. He also didn’t need to ask me twice about his thick plugs. My mouth was on his right nipple in no time at all. A confident man knows what he wants and what he likes – and he’s not ashamed to ask for it. Papa Bear loved having his nipples abused. I had learned that already in our few times together. I clearly got the balance of teeth and sucking just right because the big man’s body uncontrollably responded to my work with shivers, goose bumps, and a racing heart that pounded loudly through the man’s mega pecs. “Aw fuck, you’ve got a hot mouth, son,” the big man said in between low, animal-like moans. Papa Bear also clearly had glutes of steel. His ass was pulsing up and down on the bed, with an added crunch from the man’s cobblestoned abs, and that was creating a rhythm between our two bodies that quickly edged us both toward release. It felt like I was on the back of some giant horse that was galloping wildly. I continued to chow down on his nipples – moving from right to left as he held tightly to my hips, thrusting my body up and down on his cock even faster and harder than before. I was a guy that had had lots of sex before this man. That’s not boasting, it’s just a fact. But sex with Papa Bear wasn’t even an action – it was more like something that just happened – like breathing or swallowing. We were natural together. It was a matching of giving and receiving that blended perfectly. My cock was tightly pressed between our bodies – rammed continuously against his hard stomach - and, like the night before, I was so excited by this man and his body I started cumming before I even realized I was near ejaculation. Suddenly, my cock was spewing hot milky jizz between our torsos. I continued to tug mercilessly at the man’s thick, hard nubs and finally Papa Bear could take no more. It was probably a mixture of the abuse at his chest, the clenched ass around his thick tool, and my hands savagely kneading his hard massive guns that sent him over the top. Again, I was filled with the love juice of this muscled senior and it seemed like I was being injected with the nectar of the gods. I swear I could feel how his cum immediately energized and fed my body. It was like he was the conduit bringing some kind of life force to all of me. I received every drop he had to offer and never stopped sucking on his pecs. Soon, our heartbeats had settled into a normal rhythm and I pulled my face from his chest. We simply stared at each other for a few minutes. “You make me want to be big and strong,” he said softly. “You already are big and strong,” I replied. “Yes I am. You make me want to be bigger and stronger,” he answered. “That turns me on like you wouldn’t believe,” I said, smiling at the big man in a way that made him smile, too. “Want some coffee? I made it strong . . . like me,” he said, chuckling at his own joke. “That sounds great, but I don’t want to separate from you, just yet,” I replied. “You don’t have to,” he said and then stood up – easily taking my body with him. “You’re so light it’s like only having a sweater wrapped around my waist.” To be carried – with a thick rod still plugging your hole and strong arms wrapped around your lower back – is one of the best feelings in the world. It means the man holding you is big . . . and strong . . . and in charge. There’s something about a powerful air fucking that is simply amazing, but sometimes just to be carried or held can be so much more exciting. Papa Bear bounced my body up and down in his big hands a few times - just to emphasize how I weighed no more than a beach ball would to a normal man. I had the strong feeling he could have tossed me through the ceiling, but I knew he wouldn’t. That wasn’t the kind of guy he was. He loved his strength – and showing it off – but he wouldn’t ever think of hurting me. Once we made it to the kitchen he placed me in a chair and then poured us both some coffee. He sat in the chair next to me – swinging his leg over the back of the thing in that macho alpha kind of way. A plate with breakfast food was placed in front of me. He then started eating, but flexed his free arm right beside me – the peak swelling to hugeness. I immediately knew it was for me to have something to grope while I ate. The man certainly knew how to please. I reached over and placed my small fragile-llooking hand on top of his monstrous biceps and then tried desperately to press the skin inward - even a little bit. This made Papa Bear grunt a small chuckle, as if he was saying ‘no way, kid,’ and he flexed the thing even harder. We ate our food in silence – my hand caressing his big gun the entire time. Every now and then I’d lean over to kiss the big mound of muscle and Papa Bear would lean in to do the same thing – our eyes meeting over the giant peak. It wasn’t until that moment that it registered we were both sitting there totally nude – raging hard-ons poking upward in our laps and still sticky from my earlier explosion. My hand went back to the top of his bulging arm and tried desperately to grip the muscle – but to no avail. “Big enough for you, son?” Papa Bear asked. “Yes sir,” I replied, “and then some.” “I’m always forgetting how big they are and busting the seams of my sleeves. I probably ruin two shirts a week,” the big man said as we both stared at the mammoth mound, which he was tensing upward and then relaxing. It was mesmerizing. “Most folks say biceps are the muscles that most exemplify strength. What do you think, boy?” “When they’re as big as yours, sir, they certainly shout power – lots of power,” I answered. “They used to be my favorite muscle on a huge man, but you’ve helped me see there are lots of other great muscles, as well.” “Yeah, like what?” he asked. “Well, after your arms, it’s kind of hard not to be immediately attracted to your tremendous chest, sir,” I said. “It seems to go on forever. But then, you’ve also got some keg-sized muscled thighs, abs of steel, shoulders wider than most doors – oh, and forearms that would even make Popeye jealous. And then let’s not forget your insanely thick and powerful calves – they turn me on a lot. So, I guess in answer to your question, I am attracted to all of your muscles. “That’s a great answer, kid,” he replied and leaned down to give me another kiss. “It’s starting to feel like I finally found the real reason I’m so big. I got to get going, sport. Shall we clean up this kitchen?” “I’d rather you leave that for me to do and, instead, we take a quick shower together,” I suggested. Before I could say another word I was back in his arms and we were headed back to the master bedroom. My supersized shower – with two powerful jet showerheads seemed small as soon as Papa Bear stepped inside. We spent the next fifteen minutes soaping up each other – his body taking a lot more time than mine because there was so much of him – and then we rinsed. He picked me up like a child after wrapping me in a towel and dried me off while I was held aloft in his arms. I watched him dry off, then dress, and finally we were standing at my front door. It was obvious neither of us wanted the time to end. He gave me a long kiss and then there was the exchange of a white envelope. I could have sworn he found this moment as awkward as I did, but I knew that wasn’t possible. As soon as he was gone, my place felt empty – such a huge presence had disappeared. It was like knocking down a wall and then immediately missing it. That night I called him to set up another meeting – for the upcoming weekend. He picked up after the first ring. “I was hoping you’d call and yes I’m available for any time you say,” was how he answered the phone. This thrilled me more than I could have imagined. It seemed like he was genuinely into me – and not just playing a part for the money. I had thought hard about this conversation since I knew he would ask me what I wanted from him at our next visit. And sure enough, after we had settled on the date and time, the big man asked his usual question. “What do you need from Papa Bear this week, boy?” he growled. “I would like you to be a dominant alpha, sir. If that would be okay with you,” I said and I swear I could feel him smile. “Are you sure, bub? That’s my favorite role to play. I can really get into the part,” he said – and I could tell he was very excited about the possibility of being allowed to be free to be the huge alpha he was. “I’m sure, sir. I can handle it,” I replied – and this seemed to please him very much. “Then listen very carefully, son,” he began. “I want you to greet me at the door stark naked. No underwear, no socks, and not even a ball cap. I don’t care if neighbors are walking by or if there’s someone else at your door. I’ll be there at eight. Remember, you better be nude. I want immediate easy access to all of you. I don’t want to have to punish you right from the beginning. You understand your Papa Bear, son?” “Yes sir,” I replied, my excitement clearly obvious in my answer. “That’s a good boy. I’ll see you Saturday at eight,” he said and then hung up. A week can sometimes fly by or feel like an eternity. That particular week felt like ten years. I could think of nothing else other than groping Papa Bear’s huge arms, sucking on his massive succulent chest, and feeling his strong body underneath me as I was filled with his loving tool. Twice, while sitting in important business meetings I had been asked a question and I said the word ‘muscles’ as my answer before I even realized what I was doing. Another thing that made the week drag was the fact that I didn’t once let even a drop of my sweet juice ooze from my cock. I wanted to save it for Papa Bear. I wanted to explode so hard for him that night that it would be perfectly clear I had saved myself just for him. When it was finally Saturday, I did more chores than ever in my life, just to fill the day so I wouldn’t beat off in anticipation of our meeting. An hour before the big man arrived I stripped to my birthday suit. I was so worried about disappointing the man that I walked around for sixty minutes completely naked. At ten minutes until eight I stood by my front door – like a puppy waiting for its master to return. The man’s loud knock ten minutes later made me jump and my cock shoot hard at the same time. I opened the door quickly – ready to show my alpha what a good boy I was. It had not dawned on me that Papa Bear might have chosen to do the same thing he had requested of me. When I looked out, he stood there in all of his powerful glory – just as naked as I was. A raging hard-on poked upward from his crotch and I immediately realized he was just as excited to be there as I was. “Good boy,” he bellowed in a low voice and I swear a big gob of pre-cum oozed from my cock in happy response to his pleased look. “I have a feeling some of your neighbors are busy beating off right now. I might have been too much for them.” The man reached out, grabbed me under my arms, and then lifted me up to plant a big kiss on my face. As usual, it wasn’t a pleasant caressing kiss – it was more like a cannon ball blasting through the side of a ship. I was held aloft like some kind of child’s doll while the big man’s tongue pillaged my mouth in a way that made it clear Papa Bear was in total alpha mode. He carried me a few steps into the place while using his foot to close the door behind him. He pulled his face from mine and tossed my body to the ground – fortunately I was able to stay standing. The big man’s chest was heaving up and down – like some kind of massive battleship riding waves in the ocean. Again, it was clear that Papa Bear was just as excited as I was – and I briefly wondered if he had spent the entire week thinking about this moment, too. “Come here,” he ordered, since his toss had sent me a few feet away. I walked up to him and he immediately raised his arms into a full-on, mountainous double biceps pose that made my knees immediately begin to wobble. I moaned out loud and this made he big man smile. He tensed his arms so hard that his face turned red and I swear his biceps seemed to swell higher than they ever had before. Papa Bea then let out a loud growl and threw his body into a frightening most-muscular pose. Every part of his body seemed to scream power as it exploded in supersize. If I hadn’t been turned on so much I clearly would have been petrified. The man released the pose and then just stood there – bulging like some morphed version of a normal man. I suddenly got the feeling he was calming himself down. It dawned on me that the man clearly knew what he was capable of – how powerful he could be if he let himself go. This was his way of not losing control – containing the alpha beast within him so he didn’t hurt something in my home or me. And that brings us right back to where this story began. Papa Bear’s huge hand cupped the back of my head hard and then smashed my face into his massive pec. I sucked his hairy nip with all of my might – ignoring the pain his hard-as-stone flesh inflicted. I was in heaven, totally dominated by this older muscleman – used like a toy, yielding to his grip like a plaything abused by a toddler. Papa Bear was grunting and moaning in a way that only fueled me on. To know I was giving this man pleasure excited me so much. To know he controlled the situation completely only made it that much hotter. “More teeth,” he ordered and I started roughly chomping down on the hard nub in my mouth. “Hell yeah, that feels real good. Don’t be afraid to use your molars, boy.” When you parachute from a plane there must be this point – soon after the initial moment of utter panic – when you simply give up all worry and completely give yourself over to the air around you. You submit to gravity and begin to enjoy the act of falling – the joy of being utterly free. Held tightly in the steel like grip of this elder powerful man gave me the same kind of feeling of freedom. I submitted myself completely to his lead – his control. Every molecule of my being seemed to be fully erect – totally tuned in – to his dominance. To be that free was a gift only a strong man could give. Of course, Papa Bear was aware of this fact, as well. It was clear he knew he had me in the palm of his hand – both literally and figuratively. He also didn’t abuse his power. That was not his style. He simply accepted the situation, as the way things should be. He was bigger. He was stronger. He was older. He assumed his rightful place as mentor, master, and dominator merely because of these concrete facts. I was his Gumby doll to be folded and manipulated in any way he desired. I was lucky to be his toy. I was privileged in my submission and we both knew it. I was the one paying for his services, but I was the product being used and not the other way around. The strong hand gripped my hair again and jerked my head back – causing my teeth to pull his nip roughly at the same time. The hard thing popped from my mouth as Papa Bear brought his lips down again for another round of face sucking. His mouth suctioned onto mine like some kind of high-pressurized interlocking doors on the International Space Station. There are kisses you remember because they are warm, gentle, and incredibly romantic – and then there are kisses etched in your memory because they are so manly and rough that you feel your own testosterone level has increased considerably. Papa Bear didn’t really kiss – it was more like his mouth ravaged your entire insides. His tongue dominated in the same way his powerful hands did – as if there was little awareness of the small being he plundered. It’s not that he didn’t care – you could feel his passion even in the dominance – it was just that you were unable to resist him in any way even if you had wanted to. By now, my stiff-as-a-board cock was leaking copious amounts of gooey homage to my muscle master. I couldn’t have turned off that pre-cum faucet even if I had squeezed my dick with all my might. Papa Bear’s other hand – the one not strongly interlocked in my hair – slid down to my ass and one of his thick fingers teasingly caused my pucker hole to clamp tightly shut when it, again, brushed roughly across it. My body was being stimulated simultaneously in so many areas that my eyes were beginning to roll back into my head. The big man was like an orgasmic lightning bolt shocking the hell out of my body every few seconds – causing me to jerk up on the balls of my feet in excitement. He again pulled his face from mine. “Gonna make you my boy-sicle on a thick stick,” he said, gruffly. His long powerful forefinger forced its way into me and I let out a loud moan that filled the room – making it clear that the invasion had been satisfying. My poor clenched asshole had been defenseless against his penetration – again showing my weakness and his strength. Papa Bear’s mouth clamped back down on mine, so his tongue could mirror the exploration his finger was doing below. I was now his finger puppet – controlled in every way. Submission isn’t weakness – no matter what anyone says. It’s a gift that you have to choose to give. There was no part of my body offering any resistance whatsoever at this point. I submitted my entire being to this elder muscle god – in hopes that he would give me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. I didn’t just let him have his way with me – I encouraged him to completely view me as his. My moans begged for it. My open mouth and open ass screamed for it. Every turned-on inch of my body gave permission for it. At this point we both knew he controlled my orgasm, too. I was his loaded gun and he could pull the trigger any time he wanted. His thick finger exploring my ass shaft or his tongue invading my throat could have easily sent me over the edge at any moment, but Papa Bear wasn’t done playing. He wasn’t through showing me how he could dominate me on so many levels. Suddenly, his finger retreated from my hole and I immediately missed its presence – its power. I could tell he was amused as soon as I let out a disappointed whimper. He liked making me need him so much. His mouth left mine and again I profoundly felt the absence. Luckily, his muscled body still pressed against me, so I continued to be consumed by his presence. “You’re completely mine now, boy,” he said, peering intensely into my eyes. “I own you.” “Yes sir,” I instinctively shot back – even though we both knew his words had been a statement and not a question. “I make your sun rise and your sun set,” he added. “Yes sir,” I answered – again, merely to show him my obedience. Papa Bear rolled his monstrous pecs up and down just to give me a thrill. I watched, mesmerized, as the hard muscled beef tensed upward and then tumbled back down like huge waves lapping onto a wide sandy beach. The big man clearly knew his pecs could cause a muscle trance in any man he cared to show off for. My mouth was open wide in awe as I saw the hard muscle tense and release – controlled completely by its master, just as I was. It was the kind of perky bulging chest all pro bodybuilders dreamed of having and it was covered in his delicious salt-and-pepper fur. The word ‘seasoned’ popped into my head as I stared at the bulging mass that had been shaped into perfection over many years in the gym. I thought about all the incredible poundage that had been lifted day after day to make this man’s body pop out in such mouth-watering goodness. Every fiber of his frame seemed to be hard and massive, but then he’d tense different parts and they’d grow even bigger. The huge god raised his right biceps and flexed it hard near my face. “Taste the power, son,” he said – again it sounded more like an order than a suggestion. If your lips have never kissed warm, hard-as-hell muscle before then there is no possible way to explain the experience. It’s like trying to explain the ocean to someone who’s never seen it – until they stand on the edge and see the incredible expanse, the majestic beauty of water going on and on, and hearing waves roll in they’ll never fully understand. It’s the same when your mouth touches the expanse and majestic beauty of an older man’s huge rock-hard gun. It’s when you finally do it, that it all makes sense. When my lips pressed into his manly tight skin it was like a million little pins suddenly poked every part of my body in unified excitement. There’s something about a flexed biceps that reeks of power, masculinity, and pure beastly dominance. Both the worshipped and the worshipper feel this – it’s where the huge bodybuilder and the smaller plaything meet completely on the same level – and experience the same unleashed enjoyment. The bigger man knows his gun is a giant magnet and the other guy gladly yields to the unbreakable force that pulls him into the muscle. Papa Bear’s massive triceps looked like the hull of an ocean liner – hanging down all tensed and enormous. The blasting peak on top looked like a flesh covered mountain range. His upper arm was much bigger than my head. My face pressed against the hard skin and the only thing that filled my view was muscle. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, and began kissing and licking the marbled wall before me. I swear I could feel the testosterone oozing out of every pore of the huge man’s body. It felt like my face was pressed against a bunch of bricks – or more like bricks covered in steel. If I could have bottled the man’s aroma I would have called it ‘Strength’ because that’s what he smelled like. Again, it was hard to explain, but you could sense the power of his arm and his entire body just by inhaling his sweetness deeply. He radiated confidence, security, and something akin to an unstoppable force. Papa Bear picked up on the fact that I was taking deep soothing breaths through my nose so I could savor his masculine scent. “Let’s take you to smell central, boy,” he said and I could tell by something in his voice that he was smiling. Again, a big paw grabbed the entire back of my head and, pushing my face harder into his skin, it slid me across the huge biceps and into his hairy, sweaty, muscled pit. The man clearly knew it was exactly what I would want. Even the bristles of hair in his arm cave seemed hard and powerful. I immediately took a deep breath and my body shook with excitement as I inhaled his powerful bear musk. It was the perfume of a Greek god – a mixture of sweat, muscle, manliness, and something that could only be described by the word ‘security.’ I could have stayed pressed into that man-cavity for the rest of my life. I let my tongue dart out many times just to lap up some of the delicious taste of pure masculinity. I was sure my own muscles would grow a tad bigger just from licking some of his testosterone-laden pits. I also had a feeling I’d be sprouting some thicker hair all over my body, as well. It was obvious that Papa Bear liked having his pits cleaned – he was grunting and moaning even louder than before. This only made me want to bury my face deeper into the pit. I started kissing, licking, and sucking his underarm like I was some kind of muscle pig. “Gotta fucking kiss you again, man,” he grunted suddenly. It was as if Papa Bear could no longer restrain himself for some reason. He quit flexing his gun, pulled my face from his pit, and then grabbed me roughly by the ass and lifted me into the air. He slid his hands down my legs – encouraging me to wrap them around his waist. He latched onto my thighs tightly as he walked towards the wall. Once he had my back firmly against the solid plaster he let go of my legs. My body was held in place merely from the force of his powerful body pressing into me. It was difficult to breathe, but I didn’t care. Being surrounded by all of his muscle was pure heaven. He brought his hands up to my cheeks and then pressed his lips against mine. I had thought he had kissed me roughly before, but all of that was child’s play compared to this super hyped-up suction kiss. Immediately, it felt as if Papa Bear’s tongue was going to push my head through the wall. Even this particular muscle in his mouth seemed to be super powerful. His hands squeezed my head tightly and his body pressed me against the wall even harder. Again, Papa Bear suddenly pulled his face from mine and spoke as if his life depended on his next move. “Gotta be inside you, son,” he growled, and I swear I almost came. While keeping my body in place simply by pinning it between the wall and his huge chest, Papa Bear reached down and latched his big hands on both of my ass cheeks. He then started pulling them apart – opening me wide. Soon, I felt the stone-like tip of his thick long cock press into my hole. People often forget that a man’s dick is a muscle, too. It needs to be worked out and trained just like a biceps or a quad. Papa Bear had clearly been pumping his tool for many, many years. It was powerful beyond words. The fat mushroom head felt like it could puncture steel. He pulled his chest back a little and let my entire weight fall down on the hard head. I sat there anticipating some kind of loud pop when he plunged into me, but Papa Bear had a different plan. He let my body sit on top of his hard tool for a while – teasing me and making my body ache for his manly invasion. It was only when I began to whimper like a begging puppy – in need of his plowing – that he finally acknowledged me. “You’re mine now, son. You wanted to be dominated tonight – controlled – and now you’ve met your master. I’m gonna make your every thought and desire come true. I’m gonna make you wish I was inside of you twenty-four-seven.” This was exactly what I had wanted when I called the man earlier that week. I had said I needed him to dominate me, but what I had really wanted was to give myself up to him in an orgasmic offering. I wanted to submit myself in a way that would please both of us beyond anything we’d ever experienced before. We were about to meld into one. Very soon I would be like one of his huge muscles hanging all over different parts of his body. It would register to him that I was another human – but I would be part of the big man – something wrapped around his cock to give him pleasure. I had no way of stopping what was coming – even if I had wanted to. I was his gift to open – his man to plow, as he wanted. I could feel every part of my being giving itself to him – my ass, my thoughts, my desires, and my love. I needed him inside me in the same way I needed air. It wasn’t something I constantly thought about, but once I was awakened to the need it consumed me completely. It was clear that Papa Bear understood how I felt – and not just because he was being paid. He sensed my devotion – my total submission. I also got the feeling that he gave himself to me in the same way – becoming my protector, my rock, and my muscle guardian. Of course, my brain kept saying he’s a paid hustler and he’s just good at his job – don’t think he’s fallen for you. But my heart kept saying the man had desire for me that went way beyond just doing a good job. When his cock head burst through the gate of my love chute it was like the most dramatic part of some kind of celestial symphony or the highlight of a magnificent firework’s extravaganza. We both moaned in unison and then I gasped out loudly as my body slid down his long thick tool. To be filled by a strong muscular man is such a reward – such a real-life fantasy coming true. But to be filled completely while being held in the air – strong arms holding you and huge legs supporting the weight, and a giant chest pressing into you – now, that is beyond heaven. Being connected to an older powerful muscle bear in such an intimate way could be fodder for all the jerk-off moments of the rest of an entire football team’s lives. As wonderful as it was to be in this position there was also part of me that wished I could be across the room watching it. To see this big man impaling me while he easily held my body in the air would have been a picture I wanted in my mind forever. And then Papa Bear did a strong pelvic thrust that sent my body upward and I slid back down his tool with a big smack at the bottom. It was as if his crotch now controlled everything. The friction made in my ass from his move was almost too much to handle. I was afraid of spewing. It took all of my concentration to not unload my entire cum-bank in one huge explosion. The big man clearly sensed this and knew how to prevent it. “You cum when I say you can, son. And only then,” he growled as he continued to bounce me up and down on his cock with successive thrusts. The man was powerful enough to easily lift me in the air and keep me there for a long time. I also had the feeling I hadn’t begun to see the total strength in his body. But it was his intention – no, his complete acceptance that he could control my orgasm - that excited me beyond what I could have ever imagined. My body instantly obeyed his command. I immediately knew my jacked-beyond-belief cock would await his ‘okay’ before it exploded – no matter how close he edged me towards release. Papa Bear, of course, controlled the tsunami that was building within me. My release was his and only his to control. Every fiber of my being submitted itself to him. He realized this fact. He sensed how his words had made my cock obey – instantly. He let out a loud grunt – continued to thrust his crotch even more – and pulled my body away from the wall. He walked us both to the middle of the room – my body still impaled on his strong tool and still bouncing up and down in response to his powerful thrusts. Every time I came slamming down on his cock after his crotch jerks would send me upwards I’d moan loudly – uncontrollably egging him on. Papa Bear began to air fuck me even harder – grabbing me at the waist so he could enhance the bouncing of my body with his powerful arms. I would slam down on his tool even harder – giving him more pleasure than the time before. My clenched ass was basically his tool for getting off – as if it was just a coincidence I was a human being. The goal of the entire pounding process was to give himself the kind of release fit for a huge muscle god. I was his orgasmic plaything and the pleasure I was getting and would receive just happened to be a by-product of his own powerful titanic release. I had ceased to be the client – I was the means to an end, a very big, pleasurable end. Meanwhile, I just enjoyed the ride - groping his big hard arms as he easily manhandled my body up and down on his big tool. Seeing Papa Bear’s body getting jacked even more as he pumped me up and down and in and out was like porn heaven. A light sheen of sweat now covered his entire bulging body – only enhancing the size of his rock-hard muscles. My giant elder dominator was now in his own world. He, of course, still knew I was there – still knew his job was to please me – but he also knew getting himself off was what I wanted most. My much-needed orgasm was important – but not nearly as important as seeing Papa Bear pump out a testosterone-laden eruption of his powerful juice. I wanted to be filled with his sweetness – and then I wanted to hear his command allowing me to cum. My body was now full of boiling man honey – fueled completely by Papa Bear’s muscles and confident attitude. I was a dam ready to burst – begging to explode – and he was the superman capable of busting through. The bucking of the big man’s hips increased to what seemed like super sonic speed. My ass was being pounded heavier than it had ever been before. I tightened my sphincter just to give him more pleasure. At the same time I continued to run my hands all over his tensed bulging biceps – his muscles causing me to get excited way beyond what I had ever imagined possible. I was bouncing up and down so hard I was afraid I was going to break something. The big man’s moans were getting louder and louder and I could tell he was close to his titanic eruption. His body was tense all over and this caused giant veins to pop out everywhere. He looked like some Greek god pulling down the pillars of a huge temple. I could feel the intensity of my on orgasm building just from the way his body now looked. Suddenly, his moans stopped and his body tightened up even more. He slammed me down to the base of his cock and kept me there with a strong grip – and then he bellowed loudly. “Cum, boy!” Happier words had never reached my ears. My body obeyed its master immediately. A volcanic eruption shot forth from my cock – sending a huge blast of cum into the air, which then rained down and splattered against his huge pecs with a loud smack. As I continued to send out volley after volley of my warm seed, the big man’s giant tool pulsed strongly in my ass and then spewed forth like some kind of untapped fire hydrant. I was instantly filled with a hot wet lava-like sensation. It definitely felt like some dam has been burst – wave after wave of his love juice shot into me with a fierceness that was unfathomable. The loud beast-like grunts that accompanied each thrust of his hard-as-hell cock added even more pleasure to the moment. Again, Papa Bear was lost in his orgasm. I was now only the little plaything that was getting him off. I’m sure it registered to the giant elder man that I was there, but it didn’t matter – his body was so on fire with his ejaculation he pounded me like a heavyweight boxer taking out his frustrations on a punching bag. Each thrust of his crotch sent his massive rod deeper into my love canal and this caused me to cum even harder. The strong elder man started to walk around the room as his rod sent a few last missile spurts into my body. My own still-hard cock continued to gurgle out cum – even though I was sure my body had never been emptied the way it just had. “Fuck . . . I’m so jacked, boy! Take a look at all that power, babe,” Papa Bear said, and I immediately knew he was staring at our reflection in the giant mirror on the far wall of my dining room, since he had stopped all movement. The first time you stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon you immediately understand your own insignificance in the scheme of the universe in a new way. At the same, time, however you realize you are part of the beauty of the cosmos, as well. Seeing my small frame being held in the gargantuan pumped-to-hell arms of this super Gramps caused the same exact reaction in me. I was being held by a force . . . a power . . . a beast so big it made me feel like a tiny insect. At the same time, however, the enormous man’s strength empowered me in a way that was hard to describe. It was like his testosterone was infectious. Because his herculean body was so easily holding me, I felt safer, more secure, and more supported than ever before. Papa Bear was, indeed, ‘jacked’ beyond belief. I could see why the elder man had been so pleased. Muscles didn’t just bulge out all over his body – they were more like some morphed-up 3-D version of the man being projected onto an immense IMAX screen. My entire upper torso was puny compared to his granite-like massive beach ball sized biceps. His gun looked like he had just finished some three-hour lifting session – focused only on his arms. For a second I actually thought the man’s powerful biceps and triceps would make the Grand Canyon look lame. This senior man had held me aloft for so long I had forgotten that most people are not able to carry grown humans around for that amount of time. And there was no evidence of the man being even the least bit tired. I was still impaled by his stiff rod and it was obvious, from the pulsations below that Papa Bear was turned on by our reflection. He noticed that I was staring at the huge hard peak of his arm, so he let go of my ass with one hand – easily holding me in place with the other – and then balled up his fist, and flexed the biceps at his side. “I’ve always been big, boy,” he said – in a low growl-like voice – like he was starting a fairy-tale story for a child. “My mom said she could feel me flexing in her womb. The doctor said I came out already chiseled like a tiny gymnast – a six-pack and bulging biceps. No one knew what made me so muscled – they said it must have been lucky genetics. The medical profession was a little taken aback by howmuch weight I gained those first few months and how I skipped the baby ‘fat’ period and went straight to being stacked. They said I used to crawl under my playpen and bench it up and down before I could even walk. My dad said I liked to crush and bend things before I could even sit up. He said he could tell that my unformed brain still understood that I needed to work out. At three years old I could whoop the asses of my two brothers – who were six and eight. They said I used to pick them up and toss them across the room and then stand over them flexing my body. I don’t really remember that, but I do remember always being stronger than my friends and other kids in my grade. When I was six years old I could beat my dad at arm wrestling. At my elementary school there was this big burly janitor named Stefan, who noticed how big and strong I was and encouraged me to start lifting weights. He had a basic set of dumbbells and barbells at his office in the boiler room. I would go there every afternoon and he’d show me the correct way to lift for maximum growth and strength. He couldn’t believe how quickly I caught on or how fast I grew. When I left for junior high he said I was stronger than most college dudes and I was already bulging through my clothes so much that many teachers thought I was wearing multiple layers. The day Principal Donovan told me to take off my sweatshirt because he thought I was wearing padding was the best. I slowly pulled the thing off and then bounced my beefy pecs a few times followed by a few flexes of my arms. Old man Donovan looked like he had seen a ghost. He turned red, moved his clipboard down to his crotch, and stammered as he told me to put my shirt back on. Is my little story making you happy boy?” “Yes sir. Very much, sir,” I whispered back as I looked up to his bearded manly face. “Good, I like it when you’re happy,” he said, smiling down at me. “I bumped into Mr. Donovan about twenty years later at the supermarket. His open-mouthed stare and wide eyes made it clear he was shocked – and pleased – by how big I’d grown. He had to actually crane his neck back to look me in the face and I was about twice the size of him. We chatted for a while and one thing led to another. Soon, I was at his house - squeezing his face between my pecs, crushing his head between my biceps and forearm, and compressing all the air out of his body between my tree-trunk sized thighs. I’d never seen a guy so into being dominated – well, up until you. He’d beg me to shake hands with him and squeeze so tight that I worried I’d crush his bones. It was wild. He didn’t want sex and I was shocked that he never spurted – not one time while I was there. But he told me when I was leaving he had never been with someone so huge and strong. He said it would be a night he would never forget and I have the feeling that old man Donovan still thinks about me and our time together and busts out huge wads that bring him close to blacking out. “I know the feeling,” I said, smiling. “Yeah, you do,” he said, still holding me in the air. “When I was nine there was this kid named Jared who got his mother to make us superhero costumes. He insisted I wear the Superman outfit and I don’t even remember what character he was. It wasn’t important to Jared, either; he just wanted me to dress up as Superman. He then insisted we wrestle, even though I outweighed him by over a hundred pounds. He was groping my muscles big time as we wrestled and I started to get my first major boner from showing off. At one point I had him pinned to his bed and he whispered in my ear, ‘Lift me over your head.’ My cock shot rock hard at the thought and a few seconds later I had his smaller body easily in the air – held aloft by my bulging arms as if he weighed nothing. I started walking around the room and as soon as we both got a look at ourselves in the mirror over his dresser we simultaneously shot through puberty. We both busted out our first boy wads – dumping major amounts of hot cum into our costumes. I couldn’t believe how fucking huge and strong I looked holding him in the air. My arms didn’t drop even a fraction of an inch as I spewed my torrential load. Jared’s body continued to flop around in my strong hands long after my explosion had ended and that’s the first time I realized my supersized muscles had a mysterious power over some fellas. At first, I worried about what my penis had just done, thinking I was sick or something, but then I remembered hearing some older boys talking about ‘getting off’ and I quickly figured out this is what they meant. On top of that, it felt so freaking awesome I knew it must be something good. We both spewed about four more times that night, from me curling him, doing push-ups with him on my back, and a lot more, but nothing got us both off as much as each time I lifted him over my head. Jared needed little time to refuel his body – especially when I would lift his body up and down, easily using him as my boy-bell. When his orgasm would finally end he’d look at my reflection in the mirror and say something like, ‘Toss me on the bed, Superman.’ It was such an incredible night. “I’d love to see you in a superhero costume sometime,” I said, smiling. “We can make that happen, “ he said, just as happy as I was at the idea. “High school was better than I ever could have imagined. I was the biggest guy on campus. Who knew so many horny athletes would dig my muscles so much. I lasted two weeks on the wrestling team, but Coach Williams told me I couldn’t do it anymore after that because I was just too strong and too big. Nobody wanted to practice with me and he knew other schools would swear I was in my twenties. At first I was pretty upset, but then Coach told me I could use the Senior Gym any time I wanted. A freshman in the Senior Gym was unheard of and they didn’t like it one bit - that is, until I came in, stripped down to my shorts and started lifting. I curled with one arm what the strongest guy could bench – so they immediately became submissive little gymbos trying to win my attention and affection. Ryan Smith, the captain of the football team, seemed to adore me the most. He constantly begged me to show off my strength – lifting benches loaded with ten guys, hoisting up the back of some car, and picking up his tight jock body with one hand and holding him overhead. That last feat used to please him the most. That’s pretty much when I started learning exactly how to please fellas. Guys would invite me for sleepovers and insist we play gladiator or superheroes, just like Jared. They always wanted to be the bad guy and have me use my powers to subdue them. It’s when I learned to role-play. Can’t lie, son, I got off on it, too.” “How could you not?” I replied. “Exactly. College is when I got into bodybuilding and dominated the amateur circuit in my state. It was fun for a while and I loved having auditoriums full of screaming fans, but there was something about one-on-one muscle worship that got my juices flowing more than anything else in the world. To have a smaller guy begging me to flex, needing me to show off, and wanting my muscles more than even air, itself, was like the biggest adrenaline rush I’d ever felt. Suddenly, I wasn’t just building huge muscles for myself anymore, I was doing it to please guys that would never get the chance to know what being big felt like. I viewed it kind of like charity work – helping dudes live out their fantasies. That’s also about the time I met Doc. I was about twenty-two and I literally bumped into this wall of muscle at the gym one day. When I glanced up from where I was knocked down on the ground I beheld a strapping white-haired behemoth. He smiled down at me, said ‘sorry little fella,’ held out his hand and told me everyone called him ‘Doc.’ My feet came off the floor when he pulled me upward and I had never felt a grip so tight – or seen paws so big. Doc reached around and squeezed the back of my neck hard and told me I was a cute little man. It was the wildest thing – every time he referred to me as small my cock pulsed harder than it already was and I felt giddy as a schoolgirl with a first crush. “How old was Doc?” I asked, and Papa Bear smiled, knowing older muscle men turned me on. “Older than I am now. He was probably sixty-seven or sixty-eight and built like a tank. He wasn’t a pretty-man bodybuilder – no, he was a sexy-as-fuck powerlifter who was thicker than a building. I was bigger than most men, but he was a giant compared to me. I followed him around the gym like a puppy that day – hoping to learn anything I could, but secretly hoping I could win his favor or something more. It was the weirdest experience for me – to be on the other side of muscle adoration. Suddenly, I wasn’t the alpha. I was the smaller guy begging for a show or some kind of attention. When he was finally done with his strong-as-fuck put-me-to-shame lifting he grabbed his bag and headed toward the door. He turned around near the exit, looked at me, and only said, ‘Heel boy.’ I was at his side in mere seconds and I never left it. Doc trained me for twenty years. He taught me things like how to make a man cum by lifting him with one hand around his neck and how to give a man maximum pleasure while fucking him in mid-air.” “I’ve had first-hand experience of how well you learned that, sir,” I quickly said. “Indeed you have,” Papa Bear replied – smiling down at me. “What happened to Doc?” I asked – and I swear I saw Papa Bear’s eyes mist up a little when he spoke. “The man was lifting until age 90. He was still huge and powerful. Five days after his ninetieth birthday he died of a massive heart attack. Your Papa Bear has never been so sad in all of his life, son. This is the man that molded me more than anyone else. He helped me to zoom beyond what I thought were growth and strength plateaus. He also taught me how to be as gentle as a kitten and how that can be as much of a turn-on as tremendous power. Doc always said his proudest day was when I finally lifted more weight than him. Granted, this wasn’t until I was about thirty-four. The man just never seemed to stop growing or getting stronger. But the day I out lifted him he did something I never expected – he let me plow him. It was like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow – the big man offering his ass to me. The man was so big and strong I was able to go wild and fuck him with all of my power – and that pleased him more than either of us expected. That night, while we lay in bed after having sex for the fourth time, he looked into my eyes and said, “You’re the alpha now, kid. I’m still the boss – just because of my age – but you’re the top man. I’ve plowed so many asses – including your own – it will be good to be submissive for a while. Who knows, maybe I’ll get stronger than you again one day, but I doubt it. My kid’s growing up to be a fucking beast and one day men will cream in their pants simply because you bent your arm in a tight t-shirt.” “That, alone, can make me shoot,” I said. “Son, you squirt when I only bounce my pecs once,” he said teasingly, but we both knew he was right on the money. “Simply because of their size, sir” I replied and then asked, “Aren’t you getting tired of holding me?” “Not at all, son,” he answered. “As a matter of fact, I completely forgot about it.” “Just how strong are you, Papa Bear?” I asked. “How strong do you want me to be?” he teasingly shot back. “The strongest,” I quickly said. “Done,” he replied and jiggled my body up and down in his hands as if to emphasize the point. “I need to tell you something, son. And it might make you a little mad, so I apologize in advance.” “Okay . . .” I said, tentatively, not sure where the conversation was headed. “I’m not a real hustler,” Papa Bear said. “What?” I asked, very confused. “About four weeks ago you were very drunk at The Eagle. Do you remember?” he asked, referring that favorite haunt of mine. “Yes,” I replied, knowing exactly what night he was talking about. “You were at the bar pouring your heart out to Sam, the bartender – going on about how stressful work was and how you didn’t have time for dating. You told Sam you wished you could just find someone you could pay to have sex with – someone huge and older. Those were your only conditions. Do you remember,” Papa Bear asked. “I do,” I again replied. I had been drowning my sorrows about another ended romance and how there didn’t seem to be any true alphas in the world. “I had been watching you all night, kid, but you were too drunk to notice. When you left I asked Sam about you and he said you were one of the nicest guys around. He also said you made lousy choices when it came to men,” the elder big man said, laughing. “That’s last part is pretty accurate,” I replied. “Well, two nights later I asked Sam, who happens to be a good friend, to slip you a fake flyer I had created the next time he saw you. I knew what you were looking for, so I put a picture of my biceps on the paper, along with the invitation to have a true alpha make all your dreams come true. A day later I was ecstatic when you called,” he said. “I’m really sorry and I’d understand if you didn’t want to see me again.” “What?” I asked, honestly surprised by his words. “Why wouldn’t I want to see you?” “Well I did lie to you,” he answered, “and I kind of took advantage of the situation.” “Yes, yes you did. However, it didn’t feel like the sex or the conversations were ever a lie,” I said. “No, all of that was real . . . and the best sex I’ve ever had,” Papa Bear added. “Same for me,” I answered back, “but I do have one important question.” “What’s that?” Papa Bear asked and I could tell he was nervous about what was going to come. “Where’s my money? I paid you a lot of money for two visits,” I said, smiling at him. “I put it in a safe place,” he answered. “I was hoping we might use it one day for something fun . . . like a vacation.” “Or maybe a honeymoon,” I replied and the smile on big Papa Bear’s face was priceless. In response he bounced his monstrous pecs and squeezed my ass tightly.
  13. You can check out the previous case here: Case A, Part 1: Case A, Part 2: Case B: “Can we please move this along a little bit faster; I have places I need to get to.” “Dude, you have to wait just like everyone else does, alright?” The extremely muscular receptionist at the front desk, Armand, has been listening to this 41-year-old overweight man for several minutes now as he continues to complain about the waiting time. “Dr. Darkori will be out soon, he has a huge backlog of people he needs to see. He sometimes has to spend more time with some clients because of their complex issues.” The side door leading into the exam rooms opens as two very well-muscled men emerge holding hands. One of them appears to be sporting a giant volleyball in their stomach as well. The other one hands Armand a clipboard as they wave goodbye to him and head out the front door. He smiles and waves back at them as he asks the overweight man what his name is. “Alright dude, you are probably next. What is your name again?” “Henry Davis. I was referred to Dr. Darkori by Dr. Aberdeen about a fertility problem I am having.” Armand shakes his head yes. “Yeah I talked to Aberdeen the other day. He said he was sending someone here that had an issue with their penis. The doctor will be out shortly to meet with you. I do have a warning for you though. He looks a bit different than everyone else you might see.” Henry looks at him puzzled. “What do you mean ‘different’?” Armand chuckles a few times. “Oh you will see what I am talking about when he comes out here.” After a couple of minutes, a red-skinned man in a white lab coat walks out and leans on the receptionist’s desk. Armand hands him a clipboard and he skims it over quickly. “Whew, this has been a busy day so far Armand. *looks over the file* Mr. Davis is it? Follow me then and we will have a consultation.” Henry follows behind the doctor into an exam room that looks almost like any other you would see in a doctor’s office. The doctor takes a seat at a small table with a laptop on it and starts to enter a few entries into the computer. He motions for Henry to go ahead and sit on the exam table. After a couple of minutes of documentation, the doctor turns to look over at the overweight man. “Okay Henry, it appears you have been referred to me because of an issue with your penis. My name by the way is Seth Darkori in case you were wondering. Just call me Seth if you want to, I don’t mind at all. Now, tell me more about what your problem is and I will determine how to proceed.” Henry looks at him in disbelief as he scans the doctor’s red body and muscular frame. He might even be slightly attracted to him. “Uhhh…..well can I ask you a personal question first? Why are you…..ummmm…..well…..why is your skin red?” Seth laughs for a few seconds before he speaks again. “Don’t worry Mr. Davis, I get this question every other time someone new comes here. I was born this way actually. It is in my genetics. I function the same way you do so there is no need for you to focus so much on it. Now tell me more about why your penis is in need of being examined.” The man sighs a little before he continues his explanation. “Well, I have a very tiny penis. It is affecting my social life greatly and I am getting tired of feeling bad about it. I’m not sure what can be done about it, but my primary doctor thinks you can help me somehow.” Seth smiles as he gets up from his chair to walk over to Henry. He then remembers to put some gloves on before he proceeds. “Sorry, I’m used to my assistant Brodie being here. He took the day off to be with his partner so I have to do everything. Let me take your blood pressure and whatnot before I take a look down there.” The doctor performs the collection of vitals like blood pressure, body temperature, heartbeat count, and even checking for lumps on the man’s body. He then motions for Henry to stand up. “Okay, I am going to need you to take your pants and underwear off for me so I can assess your condition.” Henry seems embarrassed but understands that he needs to do this. He sheds his dress pants and puts them on the floor before pulling down his boxers very slowly. His erect 3-inch penis and tiny ballsac are nearly hidden underneath the fat he has accumulated over the years. The doctor looks at them calmly as he reaches down to touch and rub on the small pole. “Hmm, yeah it is pretty small. What surprises me the most Henry is that your balls are actually quite underdeveloped. They should be much bigger than this. You should have healthy vascularity in both your testicles and your penis and I don’t really see that. I do have a procedure that I can perform on you though. Lay back on the table for me please while I go over and find the right instrument to administer the medication to you.” Henry lies back down on the table as the doctor goes over to his cabinetry and opens up one of the drawers. The overweight man can’t help but to watch him and sees the doctor pulling out a few metal rods on the counter. After taking three of them out, Seth walks back over to press them up against the man’s hard cock until he finds the right size for it. He makes a few ‘uh huhs’ before walking back over to put the other two back in the drawer. He closes it and opens a cabinet above him to pull out a bottle with a bunch of capsules inside. The bottle itself is labeled ‘enlargement’. He takes the rod, puts it inside the bottle, and slides one of the capsules into one end of the rod before putting the bottle back inside the cabinet again. He grabs a bottle of lube and walks back over beside Henry to grab an instrumentation table which has wheels on it. The tray on the table is already prepped for use so Seth can put his instrument and the bottle of lube on it. He stands very closely by Henry’s side. “Okay Mr. Davis. I am going to be performing a procedure on you that will cure your penis problem. You will be feeling a lot of pressure when I insert the instrument into your urethra. After a couple of minutes, you might start to enjoy it in all actuality. I have had patients tell me that it is quite relaxing. I am confident that this will be successful so don’t worry about it too much.” The doctor squeezes some lube on to his gloves and then rubs it all over the metal rod. He then finds Henry’s cock again and strokes it a few times to get it hard once more. The concerned overweight man can barely watch as Seth parts the cockhead’s slit and slowly slides the rod down inside his cum canal. Henry groans feeling the rod rubbing up against the walls inside his shaft as it continues to slide down even further. It finally stops at the base as the doctor looks at his patient’s face and sees that he is in a bit of discomfort. “Don’t worry Henry. The hardest part of the procedure is about to pass. I am going to release the capsule at the end of the rod and will pull the rod out slowly so it doesn’t irritate the inner lining of your shaft. You will feel a very strong numbing sensation passing through your entire penis and into your ball sac. It should not take more than a few minutes for the procedure to be completely done. *puts a finger up in the air* Ohh and another thing…..*pauses for a few seconds and then smiles*……there might other benefits to this procedure as well. I haven’t tested your blood or your metabolic system, but you may lose some weight as well depending on how your body reacts to the capsule. That will happen simultaneously with whatever occurs with your penis. Just stay calm for me for another minute or so while the capsule dissolves inside your shaft.” Henry’s cock throbs while the doctor holds the metal rod in place. He feels the capsule begin to break open as he releases it by pressing on a knob on the top of the instrument. He slowly slides it up and out of the man’s urethra and sits his cock off to the side towards one of Henry’s legs where it continues to lightly bounce. The red-skinned doctor then places the rod on the tray and moves it over to where it was before he decided to use it. It is quite obvious that the pill is already starting to work because Henry has a puzzled look on his face. “Oh gawd! Yeah Dr. Darkori, I can’t feel my dick…..this doesn’t feel right. *the numbness moves into his testicles* Ack! What is happening to me?” The man’s cock pulsates as a couple of light pops come from within the base. It turns a bright red as the veins in his shaft start swelling as it begins to lengthen as well. At the same time, his testicles are swelling as his sack expands to prepare for their new size. Henry feels his testosterone levels rising too. He is sweating profusely as reaches down to rub his chest with his hands and lightly moans to himself. The doctor examines his cock as it rises from Henry’s leg and into the air as it continues to lengthen as it then reaches for his stomach. It is now over 6” long as new blood vessels start growing from out of nowhere. His testicles are looking like normal-sized ones now as they continue to swell. The numbness is now resigned to just the inner part of his cock’s base as his shaft resumes its metamorphosis. Seth grins knowing that the procedure is working according to plan as he sees the man’s stomach starting to shrink as well as his shirt moves closer down to his chest. Henry’s cock slides up along the bottom half of the shirt as a couple of very bloated veins are now wrapping around the shaft as it surpasses 9” and continues to snakes its way up towards his ribcage. He moans deeply as he reaches up to pinch his nipples which are fully erect now. His testicles are nearly as big as golf balls as they fill in the remaining space inside his sac. Dr. Darkori runs his fingers along the slick wet shaft feeling its raging power in his hands as it continues to expand and lengthen. “Things appear to be going quite well Henry. *notices how his patient’s body is getting more defined* It appears that the capsule is tapping into your metabolism as well. Your body fat has decreased in half already.” Seth reaches down to feel how firm Henry’s legs are now before returning his hands back up to Henry’s huge shaft. He strokes it a couple of times making the much leaner patient grunt loudly as the doctor squeezes his huge cockhead causing a river of precum to flow into one of his gloved hands. The man’s cock has now reached his well-defined pecs which are now pasted to his soaked shirt. The doctor runs his precum laden glove along Henry’s lips before sitting him up on the table so that his immense cock can now touch his mouth. “I do believe your penis is in need of some attention Henry. Open your mouth so it can find its way inside.” At this point, Henry’s testicles have grown to the point that they resemble baseballs as they stretch his sac to its limits and his cock is beyond a foot long as he slowly leans his head down onto it massaging the cockhead with his tongue and lips moaning deeply as he tastes the sticky precum flowing down into his throat. His body has now gotten down to less than 10% fat as his muscles are completely visible in his shirt. He moves further down on his shaft and picks up speed on it as it swells and his ballsac contracts. His voice strains as the sensation is nearly too much for him to bear as he feels his cock getting ready to blast his insides. As the river of cum rushes into his 15” rod and down into his stomach, the doctor watches Henry’s body hemorrhage as his muscles start exploding in size. He moans deeply as he continues to massage his huge pole with his mouth as the white flood starts to roll out of his mouth and down the sides of the powerful rod. With his body still arched downward, he tries to stay in rhythm as his abs, obliques, and lower back muscles double up on each other. He comes up for air after swallowing a few gulps of cum to take a few deep breaths as his pecs and upper back blast through his shirt as it cascades to the ground beside the doctor. He is now reveling in his transformation. “YES! MORE…..I WANT MORE! I haven’t felt this alive in my entire life. Feed me more oh great penis!” He goes back to worshipping his cock as it dumps more cum inside his body. His voice is noticeably deeper as well now as his facial muscles look much fuller than before and the hair on the top of his head is growing much thicker. He is developing a very thick brown bushy beard with a few grey strands in between every few hairs. Seth continues to squeeze the massive pole as Henry’s softball-sized nads react to the stimulation. Both of the growing man’s legs are inflating into huge hairy redwood-sized tree trunks which coincide with the huge heart-shaped diamonds that are taking over the lower half of his body. His shoes explode under the sheer power of his fat toes and 18” feet. The doctor seems to be quite taken with Henry’s metamorphosis now. He pulls his patient’s 16” member out of his mouth to lean in to run his own tongue all over the massive cockhead which continues to spurt thick globs of cum. He makes a few ‘mmmm’ sounds before he looks into Henry’s eyes to tell him something. “It tastes quite good Henry. *feels a quick rush of energy passing through him* I think I am…..*his back and chest muscles immediately tear through his lab coat* OHH GAWD YES! This is going to be quite fierce.” The doctor flexes his guns and pushes his chest out to destroy whatever fabric is left on the top of his coat. His legs and cock emerge shortly after that as the red behemoth grunts a few times before hopping on to the table and positioning himself just above Henry’s gargantuan pole. It immediately starts to slide itself into the big doctor’s hole which stuns the patient. Somehow, Seth’s body is molding itself to his cock as it continues to slide further inside. Seth smiles at Henry before bouncing up and down on him. The huge muscular top moans loudly as his cock and balls continue to produce more and more cum as it floods the doctor’s system in waves. “YES! This feels so good Henry. I can feel myself…..*loud stretching noises are ringing from all over his body* MMMMMM…..your cock is an amazing muscle builder Mr. Davis.” Seth is growing again as he feels his legs and ass spilling over the sides of Henry’s waist. He bends over to bury his growing tits in his patient’s face as his nipples start leaking fluid down the muscleman’s big chest. The horny top munches on them tasting the sweet liquid coming from them as the doctor’s dick manages to find Henry’s mouth from in between his huge red mountains. Henry sucks on his cock vigorously tasting the thick precum as he takes turns on Seth’s bloated pecs and his raging 20” cock. The exam table crumbles beneath them as they continue to keep pace with each other. After a few minutes of toying with the doctor’s mammoth cockhead, he is rewarded with a thick white flood which places Henry in a comatose state. It is the tastiest liquid he has ever consumed but it is also too much for his mind to handle as he lies there motionless. “OH DAMN! I’m sorry about that Mr. Davis. I got so ravaged by my lust that I forgot that my cum causes a euphoria in humans. I think we need to stop now anyway since it is obvious that this was a rousing success. Unfortunately, I will have to give you a partial antidote to this because you can’t leave here looking like this.” The doctor slowly slides up and off his dazed client as he waddles over to the cabinets again where he realizes that his hands are too big to open the cabinetry. He breaks the cabinet door open to retrieve a long needle with a huge bottle of liquid. He quickly jabs the syringe into the bottle and collects part of the specimen before plunging the needle into his bulging 28” right gun. He finds another long needle and collects more of the specimen into that one before walking back over to his patient’s side and gets down on the ground again. He is already starting to shrink as he plunges the needle into Henry’s huge 25” left bicep. “This is a fast-acting agent in case you didn’t notice already. Don’t worry your penis and ballsac will still retain a very healthy size after you scale down a bit.” After just thirty seconds of the serum being in his system, Henry shrinks down to about half the size he was before. His cock slowly shrinks down a few inches, but then stops at around the 10-11” mark while his balls stop somewhere between golf ball and baseball size. The doctor examines them closely before sucking on Henry’s cock a few times to make it rise again. He smiles as he continues to jerk him until a few more ropes of cum come spilling out his cockhead. “Everything looks perfect now Henry. I have done all I can do for you at this point in time. Now if you will, please go wash up in the bathroom over here *points to the other side of the room* while I clean up some of the mess we made.” He helps Henry up and leads him over to the bathroom where the lean muscular man begins to shower. The rubble they left is pushed into a corner on the other side of the room as the doctor finds a clean shirt and a pair of pants for him to wear when he leaves. He remembers that Henry was wearing boxers as well as he finds them sitting on the table he was doing some of his research on. He picks them up and hands them in to Henry who gasps loudly when he puts them on. He quickly rushes out into the exam room and points down at his huge bulge. “OH MY GAWD! It is so huge I can barely wear these now. This is awesome! Thank you so much Dr. Darkori.” The doctor grins and hands Henry the shirt and pants he got for him and tells him to put them on. They fit almost perfectly as his new incredibly well-toned muscular body fills in every square inch underneath the fabric. Seth finds Henry’s old pants and hands them to him. “I don’t think you will be needing those anymore Mr. Davis. Your legs might fit fine inside the pants, but your waistline is probably half the size it was when you walked in here. These are just a reminder of who you were before. Okay, I think my work here is done. *hands him a clipboard after he signs his name on the dotted line* Take this to the man at the front desk and you can go ahead and leave. Call me when you need to come back for anything else. *waves goodbye*” Henry waves back and smiles as he goes out the exam room door and down the hallway. Seth rushes into the bathroom shortly after to take a shower himself. He remembers that he needs to find another lab coat in the closet and puts it on first to make sure that he can fit in it. After cleaning up, he secures it firmly so that his junk doesn’t fall out by accident. It is time for him to meet his next client and leaves the exam room to go back out to the main lobby.
  14. londonboy

    Little Mouse - Part Four

    [Nothing better about being on break for Christmas than getting to write some stories. Sorry, it's short.] “Come on, Matt, let’s wrestle.” “You got to be kidding, Mouse. You’re so small I’d obliterate you in less than twenty seconds.” “You might be surprised, you know. It’s possible I could last longer.” “Come on, squirt. Get real. Look at the size of me. You’re like not even the size of one of my legs. I flex a gun and it bulges out thicker than your chest.” “Yeah, but just think about the fun we’ll both have as you manhandle me as if I were nothing. That should get you excited, huh?” “You are one fucking muscle whore, aren’t you, little Mouse. You are just trying to get me to toss you around like a little toy. Being dominated by me is like taking speed, isn’t it? You just can’t get enough.” Matt moved so quickly that Michael had little time to react, let alone do anything to prevent what was coming. Matt easily picked up the little guy, lifted him over his head, and then slammed him down onto the bed on his back. The mattress was soft, but Michael still got the air knocked out of him. Within a flash, Matt had thrown his huge body on top of the smaller guy – smashing him with his big torso. The wrestler then grabbed the edge of the mattress on both sides and started grinding his body into the smaller guy. This had been exactly what Michael had hoped would happen. Michael was too wound up by the remnants of Tommy’s power bar still surging through his body, as well as the usual high level of excitement that the big wrestler’s body caused. He immediately squirted a major gob of his juice that quickly soaked through his underwear and gym shorts. The wetness was instantly felt by the big jock. “Aw fuck, Mouse. Did you shoot a load? Damn, I can feel it – all sticky and wet. Dude, all I did was shove you into the mattress. Oh shit, Mouse, now my pants are all messed up.” “Can’t help it, Matt. I just love it when you put me in my place. Better watch out, though, one day I might be able to match your strength and maybe even surpass it. I might be dominating you!” “When donkey’s fly, little Mouse.” “Or maybe when I can toss your ass across the room – it’ll be the same thing.” “What was that, Mouse? Did you just say you thought you might one day toss my huge body across the room? Little man, you couldn’t even budge all this muscle one inch using all of your strength – let alone, pick me up. But look at this. I can hold you in place with just one hand.” It wasn’t clear if Matt knew that Michael was egging him on or not. It didn’t matter, though, since Matt was playing into the smaller guy’s desires perfectly. Matt reached down and put one of his massive hands around Michael’s neck and softly squeezed – playing with the little guy, but using enough strength to remind him who was in charge. Matt pressed down at the same time – holding Michael in place, easily. There was no way for Michael to escape the grip and that’s just the way he liked it. At the same time, Michael noticed something even more wonderful – he could feel Matt’s cock getting harder – much harder than it had ever been before. He could also feel the thing throbbing with excitement. It seemed that Matt was enjoying the little exchange as much as Michael was. The smaller guy decided to test a theory. “That puny arm, Matt? I bet I can beat that tiny thing with very little effort.” The smile that crept across Matt’s face turned Michael on even more, but it was also a tad frightening. Challenging Matt was hot-as-hell to Michael, but it looked like it thrilled the big wrestler even more. Matt’s cock jerked hard inside of his pants – Michael could feel it pulsing strong. The big hand around the smaller guy’s neck gripped harder and he could feel his head and upper body being pressed into the mattress with even more power. It was getting more difficult to suck in air – his windpipe was slowly being crushed. Matt was breathing more deeply – kind of like a bull getting ready to charge. Michael figured it was time to take all this sexual tension to a new level. “That all you got, punk? I bet a high school girl could easily whip your ass. And here I thought you were some kind of big, strong wrestler.” Michael’s teasing sent Matt into a super-charged alpha frenzy. He let go of the guy’s neck, quickly slid his body up until he was kneeling beside the smaller dude’s face, unzipped his pants, and had his hard cock slammed into Michael’s mouth before either guy batted an eye. The thrusting that ensued was like a major medieval battering ram against castle gates. The dominating ballet act has been choreographed perfectly by Michael. All of this had been exactly what he wanted. The bigger man was face fucking like crazy in order to show the smaller guy he was nothing. Michael sucked like a pro – having learned exactly what to do to get Matt to the brink of no return quicker than anything. Before either man even had time to catch a breath, the big wrestler was churning out one of the heaviest loads ever – something that satisfied both men to no end. Michael’s throat seemed to be a bottomless well that could suck up anything Matt had to offer, while the wrestler seemed to pump out enough juice to make up for all the weeks of those pitiful spurts that had come before. Even in the midst of all this action Michael was able to take note of how challenging the big man had turned both of them on beyond what he ever imagined. Matt seemed to love the idea of some guy going all cocky on him and then the bigger man putting him in his place easily. Michael began to wonder what was going to happen when he was actually big enough and strong enough to seriously challenge the other man – even though that thought was still truly foreign to him. He figured he was going to be able to cause Matt to orgasm even ten times stronger than he just had. That was going to be hot beyond belief. The usually reserved wrestler let out a moan so loud that Michael figured it was heard across campus. The release was so bombastic, that Matt could not help from sounding like a giant growling bear. “Awwww fuuuuckkkk, little Mouse . . . that was incredible. Your tight little throat never felt so good. Did you see how I smashed you with just one hand? One hand! And yet you mouthed off like you were some guy five times bigger than you are. Shit, that turned me on so much. Acting like I was dominating someone big and cocky. Oh, we’re gonna have to do that a lot more, Mouse. You’re going to have to act all tough and bossy – and then I’m going to put you in your place. I’m going to dominate you like you’re the little squirt you are. Fuck, that’s going to be so hot. I gushed like an ocean, didn’t I?” Michael’s mouth was still full of Matt’s now semi-hard cock and he had swallowed like a madman. The moment had been the closest thing to mutual satisfaction the couple had ever experienced. That thought thrilled the smaller man very much. He had caused Matt to become more excited than ever before. It was like they were moving to a new level in their relationship and that made Michael happier than he had ever felt with the wrestler. Slowly, he was beginning to trust the relationship again. He was thinking he had found a secret way to make Matt bust his nuts hard every time – by challenging him. Michael also knew the bigger he got the more he’d be able to challenge the wrestler. That thought turned him on tremendously.
  15. momoware

    Serving Muscle Daddy chapter 1

    I wrote this story today and I've wanted to for ages, based on a guy in his mid-50s I know who recently got into competitive bodybuilding. He's so gruff and manly and when we see each other in the street or in town he slaps me on the back and I wish I was one of his sons. This is what I imagine he and his grown sons get up to behind closed doors. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave looked really good. He had turned fifty a nine months prior and had never felt better. Life seemed to be back on track for the guy, who had not had the easiest of times. His high school sweetheart Angela, with whom he had sired two sons, had been gone from his life for twenty six lonely years. His love for her had been so profound that he had never even glanced in the direction of another woman since her passing. Until her death he had been a keen gym goer and amateur bodybuilder, and she loved when he would bounce his meaty pecs or flex his powerful arms for her. It made her feel safe, and him feel masterful and strong, like a trusty protector of his beloved treasure. After she was gone he stopped paying attention to this aspect of his life, turning his attention to being a dutiful father for the lads and working hard to provide for them. It was as he approached the milestone birthday that he caught a glimpse of himself in the shower, his shoulders still broad and his waist still trim, that the idea crossed his mind to head to the home gym in the basement and see if any of his formidable strength remained. He was to be pleasantly surprised as he loaded up a squat rack with heavy weights, dropped to ground with them over his shoulders and bounced up effortlessly. The adrenaline was instant and a rush of excitement coursed through his body. After this exercise his quads were bursting with veins and pulsating wildly. “This is definitely something I could get back into.” He pondered. Fast forward to Christmas Eve, as Dave sat by the fire in the living room with the newspaper and a glass of wine, his bulging muscular frame filling the armchair his sons entered the room. “Ah there you are boys! I was wondering where you’d both got to. Come and join me on the couch.” The beast of a man stood up, his mass eclipsing the two smaller men who had sprung from his seed. He sat in the middle of the sofa and was joined on either side by Andreas and Robert. He put his arms around their necks and brought them in to nuzzle his huge, hard chest and they obediently and adoringly rested, each head gently placed on one solid pec. Dave began to rub his sons’ backs gently, and then not so gently. After not long his arm extended further and further south and was massaging their buttocks. Massaging them hard. The boys each began to squeeze one of their dad’s thick nipples, which immediately began to get thicker and harder. A small moan came out of each of their soft mouths as a large middle finger entered their rectum. “Shhhhh boys, don’t respond, just let it happen, ease into it.” Upon their father’s instruction their anuses appeared to relax and their expressions of anguish turned to beaming smiles and Dave began to thrust his finger in and out of the tight holes. “Boys I never imagined we’d have such a happy Christmas after your mother died. This is such a delight, I love you both so much.” He then began to passionately kiss Andreas, thrusting his tongue down his son’s throat. “Daddy we love you too. Every day that Andy and I stay home to look after all of your needs is a dream come true, we love our daddy!” purred Robert into dad’s ear. This pleased Dave and he flipped his body over, leaving Andreas to catch his breath, and began thrusting his giant body against Robert’s slight pudgy build. Robert moaned as Dave bit down on his lower lip before digging his warm wet tongue into his mouth. “Robbie you’re so tasty, just what I needed after a big dinner!” Dave ripped off his sweater showing a distended, but nonetheless ripped, belly from the aforementioned meal. The trousers came next and his gigantic throbbing cock made quick work of tearing through his tight boxers. “Andy, worship my body like a good boy while I smash your brother’s arse open!” Andreas didn’t need to be told twice and he got down on the floor, licking his father’s toes and then moving up the rippling legs, first kissing and groping the calf muscles that jutted out like coarse diamonds and then moving his head up between the beefy red hot thighs. He kissed the insides of his dad’s quads as Dave tightened his grip on his son’s head as his pleasure intensified. “Come on Robbie, time to see if I loosened you up enough.” In less than a second he undressed his son and turned him over, burying his handsome face in the asshole, excavating the deep crevice with his tongue. “Mmmmmm Robbie you taste so good! You’re truly the fruit of my loins, I can’t wait to get you properly lubed up to take daddy’s pillar of flesh!” Robert was in a trance, so thrilled to be dominated by his possessive, caring daddy and immediately widened his rectum, knowing that an enormous and powerful force was about to enter, and would not be soft or gentle. Having been widened by his father’s loving tongue and finger there was no difficulty slipping in his member which glided beautifully in and out of his son’s snatch. Dave beat his chest as he pounded his son’s ass and grunted primordially like a wild animal as he felt the throes of orgasm approaching. He tightened his grip on Robert’s waist as he pumped his cock into the little man’s ass three more times, unleashing a flood of semen which flew up Robert’s ass and began leaking a steady warm ooze down his thighs and onto the floor. It was so warm that it began to steam as it made contact with the winter air outside. Whilst Robbie lay on his back on the couch, continuously dripping from his asshole, Dave was not yet sated. He looked over to Andreas, his more muscular but still diminutive son and indicated that it was his turn. Andreas removed his shirt and pants and stood looking up to his father in just his underpants. Dave wrapped his arms around Andreas and began to feel his body up. “You two boys remind me of your mother and myself years ago. Robbie you’re lovely and soft, smooth all over. Putting my dick in you is like sticking it to your mum’s tight wet pussy, and you scream and howl like she used to, like you can’t decide whether you’re on cloud nine to have my godly dick inside you or whether you’re terrified it’s going to rip you wide open. Andy,” he said, caressing his son’s chiselled face “you’re like me when I was in my 20s. Tight abs, nice pair of pecs and wide shoulders. Still a baby compared to me, but I love seeing the little similarities between us. And the way your six pack is always covered in stubble from you shaving that stubborn hair that won’t stop growing. Just drives me wild, let me stick my head in there!” He proceeded to motorboat his son’s pecs. He stood side by side next to his son, spread his legs slightly, and lifted his arms in the air, bringing his large hands into fists next to his head forming an impressive front double biceps pose. Andreas followed, the arrogant smirk on his face warming Dave’s heart. He put his hands around Andreas’ left biceps, squeezing them with ease. The two continues to pose down as Robert crawled over to the two of them and began worshiping them. Sucking his father’s still erect cock and working Andreas’ with his hand. “You really are just like your mother Robbie, such a good sucker. Once you’ve made me cum a second time I’m going to reward you by letting you come to bed with me.” Robert began to suck even harder and faster, he loved going to bed with his daddy, and he would lay in his daddy’s arms al night jerking off again and again, the two of them waking up in a sticky pool of both of their discharges that flooded over the edge of the bed and all over the floor. As his father shot his load down his son’s throat, Robert blacked out, probably deprived of oxygen and enjoyed several hours of comatose muscle worship dreams.
  16. Sorry this has taken so long. Slight case of writers' block and real life kicking my ass. Hope to get next chapter out within a week or so. Jason looked at his flat, or more importantly, at the cum dump he had taken all over his mirror. He knew his body was different. The numbers he had taken earlier did not lie, nor did his eyes. His trim belly had been replaced with a set of abs that looked like a section from a cobbled street. It was also hard to ignore the improvements in his cock. His dick was had been average, 6” and slim, now it was 8x6… He normally jerked off once a day, twice if he was particularly horny.. But he had cum three times already and each time had resulted in more cum then he had managed in those golden early teen years when his balls seemed like they were a cum factory. Jason had always thought he was straight, or at least he had assumed he was. He had a few girlfriends, but work and life often got in the way. He had several gay and bi friends and never really thought about them in that way. Sure he had got drunk once and kissed a guy at college but who hadn’t? However, since he had seen Brad earlier, he had cum twice and both times the image of Brad’s body and cock popped into his mind. Grabbing a cloth, Jason wiped down his mirror, enjoying the smell of his own cum. Without thinking about it, he used his finger to put some in his mouth. The taste surprised him, it was a bit salty but he really enjoyed it. Moments later he was lapping up cum from his mirror. Doctor Weinberg watched this latest development with a degree of surprise and interest. His fingers danced across the keyboard “Subject seems to enjoy the taste of his own semen. His sexual appetite seems remarkably increased compared to our initial observations. . However, lab analysis suggests his semen is not an effective vector for transmission, but will result in children with enhanced musculature.” Jason sat down on his couch, having opened a few windows, the smell of cum started to lift from the apartment. He had lost his gym pump but he felt fantastic, he could not stop grinning at the gains he had made. Granted he did not understand how he had gained so much overnight, but he was enjoying the ride. He grabbed his enlarged cock as he caught his reflection in a mirror. “Fuck I’m pumped … I love it”. Jason knew he wanted to get laid and wanted to experiment, without possibly ruining his friendship. Reaching for his phone he quickly downloaded an app. He had often teased Brad for using Grindr, but he was horny and wanted to see how good a guy was. A quick dick pick (softish) later and he was up and running… Having shown a soft cock with a ruler at 6” he was rather popular and got several messages within the next 10 min. He got several messages, but picked on “HotASS23”. He was close and from the pic that he had sent Jason (Hard8) his ass was close to Brads. “Maybe close enough that I can imagine what it would be like with Brad..” About 20 min later, Jason was opening the door to HotASS23. He looked to be in his mid-20s and certainly had a decent body. Sadly he was nowhere near as built as Brad, but he was ripped and the same height as Brad, with an equally tight looking ass. Plus, Mr Ass23 was, as advertised English, and Jason loved the accent. “Hi I’m Chris” Mr Ass offered a handshake as he stepped into Jason’s rapidly cleaned apartment.. “I believe you’re expecting me Hard8” Jason grinned, flashing his perfect teeth and twin dimples; he nodded and closed the door behind Chris. Within seconds they were kissing.. Chris was clearly VERY excited by Jason’s body, as his hands explored the bulging muscles barely contained by Jason’s t-shirt and shorts. (Well it was summer) The writhing mass of hands exploring each other’s bodies moved from the door to the couch. Jason fell onto the couch and Chris was on top of him, straddling him. Chris ripped Jason’s shirt off his body, clearly eager to explore the mass of muscle before him. “Damn you’re a big one” Chris squirmed against Jason’s crotch “and getting bigger by the second” Jason lay there, partly in shock at how aggressive Chris was, but also loving it. His body seemed hyper sensitive as Chris ground against him and licked his pecs. “Oh god that feels good” He could not believe was he was doing as he pulled Chris’ face towards his and kissed him. It was like something went off deep inside Jason as his tongue explored the inside of Chris mouth. His body responded… Chris was clearly loving his experience and his hands moved over Jason’s hard muscular body. He twisted Jason’s left nip as his right hand ran over the washboard abs, down towards the waistband of the shorts. For his part Jason was lost in kissing his Chris and grabbing onto his tight ass… “Fuck me hard with that 8” cock of yours” Chris’ voice was low, almost a whisper in Jason’s ear. The request was honest and earnest and one that Jason was more than willing to oblige. Jason moved slowly, letting Chris enjoy every moment. He slowly proceeded to slide Chris’ trousers down, caressing his legs as he went. But something was building within Jason, a burning desire to fuck. He was hornier then a rhino in mating season and becoming more so every moment. His dick swelled to full mast, but little did Jason realise it had grown again. It was no longer 8x6, instead he had a pornstar worthy 9x6.5. “Ok…” Jason grabbed his dick, and at that moment he knew it was bigger. He flashed his best shit eating grin “ you asked for it Chris” There was no way that what followed would be described as making love. It was most definitely fucking. And the state of the room afterwards meant it clearly it had been “highly energetic fucking”. It looked like a tornado had gone through the living room. Things had been knocked over, moved and even the wall had a small crack in it. The whole place stank of sex. Lots and lots of sex. Jason’s balls had gone into overdrive. He had fucked Chris and then seconds after he came his dick went soft for a moment before getting hard once more. Chris, the eager size queen had sucked him off, impressively swallowing nearly every drop of the massive cum dump. Jason had got hard again at the sight a few drops of cum escaping Chris’ mouth. Chris noticing the re-hardening and begged Jason to fuck him again, not wanting to be a bad host, and marvelling at what was happening Jason had been more than happy to comply. Jason had pounded Chris’ ass like a jackhammer and cum heavy a third time. Totally exhausted, Chris had fallen asleep moments later. As he pulled out, Jason’s dick softened for a moment or two. As he looked at the sleeping form of his fuckbuddy, Jason grinned as his felt his cock grow steel hard again for the fourth time. Jason grinning had proceeded to jerk off and covered most of Chris’ hot torso with warm cum. Finally Jason’s dick returned to a limp state, Jason caught his reflection out of the corner of his eye. Yes the mirror had been knocked in the vigour of his fuck session, granted it had cracked but as he looked at his body he could help but notice, he had grown a little bigger… Everywhere. “Fuck me, that was intense.” Jason looked at the room and laughed. “I fucking loved that, it was better than any woman I have ever been with.” He flexed his double bi, noticing he had grown a little taller as well. He took his cock in hand, enjoying the heavier heft he felt. “Man I wanna men 24/7 if this is what it feels like and does to me. “ BUZZ He looked at his phone “Jason you got a Grindr profile!?” The message was from Brad.. “want me to cum over?” Jason looked at the state of the room. And replied. “Give me an hour, I’m cumming to you.”
  17. Check out Part 1 here: Part 2: “Jasper, we don’t have time for this. This is the most logical way of converting Clive into a carrier. He will have to take my cock up his anal cavity so that I can find his prostate. I am feeling incredibly horny right now and need to fuck somebody so I suggest you go get him or I will have to make you the carrier which is not the most logical plan.” Jasper agrees and goes to get Clive. He pulls him into the exam room which makes the smaller partner a bit uneasy. The red behemoth grabs Clive who is quite alarmed by the huge monster standing in front of him and puts him on the exam table before propping his legs up onto his bloated shoulders and traps. Seth rubs his thick fingers along Clive’s wet hole before turning to look at Jasper who seems quite turned on by this. Seth looks down at the lube he left on the floor and turns to speak to Jasper. “Get me the clear lube on the floor Jasper. I want to make this as comfortable as possible for him. *looks back around at Clive who seems very tense* Relax Clive, let’s see how your body will respond when I press my cock up against your hole.” The huge muscular demon rubs his shiny purple cock against his human bottom’s tense opening before slapping it a few times. After getting the lube for the doctor, Jasper hands it to the red beast and begins to run his fingers all over the red doctor’s soaked backside before maneuvering around to the amazing slabs beneath his two engorged tits. Jasper is becoming quite intoxicated by the huge monster’s amazing musk as he rubs his thick cock against Seth’s big tail. The doctor turns his torso just slightly to the side before wrapping his tail around the muscular human’s waist. He picks him up off the ground to make him moan a couple of times before putting him back down. “You feeling good right now Jasper? Just give me a few minutes with Clive and you will be amazed at what he will be doing to you. For now, feel free to let your inhibitions take over as long as you don’t interfere with my process.” The doctor squirts a big pile of lube on his fingers and reaches down to completely coat his massive shaft before slowly parting Clive’s hole. It seems quite receptive to Seth’s entry as the doctor positions himself over top of the helpless human. The thinner bottom appears to be in a bit of pain as the red hulk begins to bear down on him. “Just stay relaxed Clive and you will be fine. There is going to be an incredible amount of pressure right now. I am going to manipulate your prostate into trusting me so I can convert you.” Clive groans as the doctor continues to spread his hole wider, stretching his anal walls as it tries to accommodate the girth of his mighty pole. He can’t resist the beast either as he feels Seth’s cockhead pressing up against his prostate. The red-skinned muscle monster begins slowly fucking him as Jasper continues to worship the doctor’s body with his hands and rubbing up against Seth’s bloated ass. After toying with Clive’s prostate for a few minutes, Seth stops moving inside him as he starts to feel the bottom’s prostate swelling. The human’s cock and balls turn a deep purple as the red hulk can feel that he is getting ready to unload inside him. Clive starts yelling because the sensation is so overwhelming which prompts the doctor to put one of his massive paws over top of his patient’s mouth. “Shhh…..stay calm Clive. *feels his balls starting to throb* Mmmmm, this is going to feel good when it comes out. *breathes heavy as he turns to talk to Jasper* You might want to get back Jasper, I have to maneuver my cock into just the right spot in order for this to work properly. *holds Clive firmly as he picks him up and sits him upright onto his engorged member* Ready for it Clive? MMMMMM…..it is going to be quite the rush.” Before Clive can even get a word out, he can feel Seth’s bloated cock showering his insides. Seth continues to cover the bottom’s mouth as he screams from the sheer volume of cum wrecking him. Jasper fears that the doctor is killing him because it looks like Clive is in severe agony. The doctor continues to grip him tightly as the river starts to pour out of Clive’s anus as he passes out from the ordeal. Jasper notices that his boyfriend is unconscious and starts to beat on Seth’s back to get him to stop fucking. “Relax Jasper in order for this to be successful I have to ravage him pretty badly. His body has to be prepared to be converted. Just give it me a few more minutes and you will see what I am talking about.” Jasper still seems a bit unconvinced. “I want to trust you doctor, but seeing him like this is really driving me crazy. I love him so much and hate to see him in such distress.” As they continue to banter with each other, they don’t even notice that Clive is starting to change physically. The bottom is writhing against Seth as his cock and balls begin swelling as precum starts to roll down the huge red hulk’s abs and right quad. He groans deeply as his muscles start expanding. It is at that point that Seth can feel Clive’s hole getting wider against his thick pole. He decides to put the growing human back down on the exam table as he pulls his limp dong making it flop a few times. The stretching sounds get louder as the unconscious grower’s legs and calves expand to twice their size as Jasper looks on in awe. The growth quickly moves up into his chest and abs as each individual slab pops before forming into a perfect six-pack. Jasper can’t resist rubbing his oozing cock on each one of them as Seth picks him up. The stunned bodybuilder turns to look at him as Clive’s bloated cock arches to find his partner’s gaping hole. The doctor slides Jasper on top of it which prompts him to yell in shock. “No need to wait Jasper, he is responding the way he is supposed to with my serum. His changes will be permanent as well because he is now a carrier of the virus. Now it is your turn to coax him into filling you up so that you two can start to bear children.” Jasper reaches down to feel Clive’s pecs swelling as each muscle fiber contracts. His small biceps and forearms are growing now as well as his veins struggle to maintain their size over top of the huge boulders forming. His back and lats are pushing him up from the table as Jasper leans in to kiss him on the lips. He moans noticing a huge difference in the way Clive kisses as the growing human starts to wake up to embrace him as he starts to fuck Jasper. The intense transformation is too much for his cock as he launches massive rivers of cum up inside his partner’s body as he yells in delight. His body continues to change as his face is more chiseled than before and a light layer of stubble appears on his face. Jasper grimaces as they continue to kiss each other. Dr. Darkori rubs Jasper’s back for a couple of minutes as Clive finishes filling him with massive quantities of sperm. Some of it flows into the floor beneath them as the two muscular lovers sit and try to collect themselves as the doctor starts to move away from them and over to tower over his desk to open one of his drawers. He is still bloated with muscle himself and is trying to find an antidote to his medication before he becomes consumed with lust. He could sense it as Clive was transforming and managed to keep it under wraps. However, with the two patients now emitting quite a plethora of hormones, he is finding it more difficult to control his own. “Guys, just give me a second here. *opens a drawer and talks softly* Ohh, thank gawd. *pops a pill out of a bottle and swallows it as he looks down at his swollen cock* Whew…..down boy. *it is leaking precum like it did before* I can’t let you dictate my moves, sorry.” Clive pulls out of Jasper as he tries to stand up. The newly muscular 27-year-old stud walks over to Seth and starts to massage his shoulders. The doctor pushes him away immediately though. “Knock it off Clive, you are feeling a bit horny I know, but I won’t be doing anything else for you at this time. *walks back around the desk towards Jasper* Jasper, you need to sit back down okay? Let everything swim around inside you for a few minutes. You will be developing a bump here in just a bit.” Seth pulls some of the paper off the table and has the 28-year-old bodybuilder sit back down. The tired bodybuilder grasps his pelvic area and appears to be in some discomfort. As he stands beside Jasper, he feels Clive’s huge vascular arms surrounding him as the thick hulk tries to slide his cock inside him. The doctor reaches around and grabs him by one of his arms before escorting him into the bathroom. He closes the door quickly and punches another button located beside the other one. The door makes a swooshing sound like they heard before as a steel door slides down from above. Clive yells in anger as he punches the door. “You need to relax Clive, it will wear off shortly. Don’t break your hand okay?” Jasper looks concerned, but he seems to get it. “I don’t appreciate you doing that to my boyfriend, but I suppose I can understand why you would want to keep him from interfering with this….. *feels his pelvis starting to swell* OHH SHIT! IT HURTS SO BAD!” Jasper’s lower abs and pelvic region are starting to bulge into what appears to be in the shape of a giant volleyball. His pecs are also swelling as his nipples stretch to twice their size. They both leak a clear liquid which is rolling down his bloated torso now. The sensation of his growing belly and erect nipples makes his cock spray the doctor’s body with a jet of precum. The doctor reaches down to massage the uncomfortable man’s balls which are rapidly filling up with cum now. “Things are looking really good Jasper. The whole process is working really well. *runs his hands on Jasper’s even larger round belly* It looks to me like you may be having more than one.” Clive has now stopped banging on the bathroom door as the doctor goes over to let him out. Seth pushes the same button he pressed before as the huge hulk rushes over to look over his partner. He is in awe at what he is looking at. He gently rubs the pregnant man’s furry pecs and squeezes his engorged nipples as they shoot what appears to be milk all over his bulging stomach. He then runs his hands along his lover’s belly as he kisses and licks the top part of it. Jasper’s agony appears to be subsiding as the pregnancy appears to be in its final form. The doctor walks back over to them again. “I think you two are ready to take this out of the exam room now. You should be due in about 12 weeks Jasper I would think. The babies have to be taken care of the same way they would be if they were being carried inside of a female. Of course, when you need to deliver them though, they will be coming out of your anus. Your body will transition to being able to do that in the meantime. Clive, I hope you are enjoying your new body because it is permanent since you are now a carrier of the pregnancy gene. Now, I will get you both outfits from the closet over here by the wall so you don’t have to leave here in the nude.” After a couple of minutes of shuffling through garments, the doctor returns to where he was before and sees that Clive is now servicing Jasper’s throbbing cock. The pregnant stud is moaning quite loudly as he starts to drench his partner’s face in thick voluminous cum. The happy sucker grunts as he takes turns gulping down the thick sea of cum and letting it smack him in the face. He looks up at Seth and smiles as he finishes drinking his partner’s nectar. “As long as it is just you doing that Clive, that isn’t a problem. The seed coming out of his cock will be needed later for when the babies are ready to mature.” Both of the men get up after they compose themselves and are in need of a shower. They both go into the bathroom to clean up before emerging just a few minutes later. They are now dressed to go in the clothing Dr. Darkori provided them. He is standing by the first button he punched so he can release the lever on the exam room door. The same swoosh they heard earlier disappears into the ceiling. As they both turn back around to look at Seth as they get to the main door, they notice that he has now returned to his original size again. “In case you both didn’t know, that noise you heard at first was a steel door coming down for the exam room door. Anyway, I want to see both of you again in 4 weeks. I will be checking to see how both of you are doing in your new roles. *hands Clive a clipboard with papers on it* Give that to Armand at the front desk for me Clive. I need to clean up myself before I see my next patient. *waves goodbye to both men* Talk to you both again soon.” They both wave at him as they go down the hall into the main lobby. Dr. Darkori stands by the bathroom room door and sighs a few times. He whispers a few ‘thank gawds’ to his self before going into the shower. The experiment worked exactly the way he hoped it would. Hopefully his luck will continue. End of Part 2
  18. ferruminfratris

    MInotaur's New Muscle Toy

    Once I realized that I was lost, I cursed the fact that I had decided to wander into this insufferable maze. I could tell that night as coming as the temperature had started dropping and I might have to worry how I was going to stay warm during the night, since I hadn't found anything to burn or to keep warm with in all my hours of wandering. After a little while, I found a nook that I crawled into and curled up and tried to get some rest for a few hours. I must had been more tired than I thought, I woke up in a completely different part of the maze in front of this large roaring fire that was keeping me and the whole room warm. Looking around I saw the Minotaur for the first time. He was at least 7 feet tall, and covered in thick, hard, dense muscle. From head to toe the man-bull was coats in thick black hair that somewhat resembled fur, but not really. Everything about him was huge, from his tree trunk legs, to his broad, full chest. Even his genitals were grossly over exaggerated, they had to be at least 3 times the size of mine. The Minotaur noticed that I was awake, grinned and walked over to where I was. He picked me up in his thick, powerful arms, and placed me on the edge of his massive bed in the chamber. He opened the front of my pants and with his calloused hand he freed my junk from its prison of cloth. Then, just as quickly he dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth and sucked it hard, which didn't take very long at all. Once I was hard, he took his time licking and pleasuring my dick with his tongue while I was lost in sheer ecstasy. With each pass of his tongue I could feel my dick getting harder, and more powerful. Looking down to watch him work on my tool, I saw that my dick was in fact getting, longer and thicker and harder with each pass he made. It was even beginning to change shape and colour to more closely match the man-bull's who was doing this to me. Part of me wanted him to stop, and the other part of me was too lost in pleasure to tell him or make him. At one he moved down to explore and lick and suck on my balls, which I could feel churn and swell as they stretched my sack to its absolute limit and then continued to stretch it even more. The man-bull even went for far as to lick and suck on my taint, making sure every aspect of my member got the attention that it needed. Before long, my package was rivalling the Minotaur's in size and power. The erection continued to build in size and intensity bringing me to the point of near orgasm, as I felt my massive balls pull up and prepare for their imminent release. The man-bull paused for a second, leaving me on the precipice, before ramming his head down to the base and shoving my massive dick down his tight throat making me come. As he sucked and milked every last drop of my humanity out of my dick from the longest and most intense orgasm I had had up till that point, I felt other changes starting to happen inside me. With each pulse of the orgasm I felt it move through every inch of my body. Each wave of pleasure forced my muscles to grow and harden as I began to grow taller and thicker at the same time. As I grew my body started to itch as tick course hair started to grow in everywhere. As my orgasm wound down the changes were far from over and I still had along way to go. But the massive Minotaur wasn't quite finished as he raised my legs up and positioned himself to take my hole for round two. Now it was his turn. The man-bull pressed the huge head of his penis against my which quivered and spasmed in anticipation. He thrust his hips foreward, implaing me on his massive dick and stretching me to beyond my absolute limit as I gasped and moaned in pleasure. It wasnt long before i felt his huge furry balls pressed against my ass as he ground against my hole stretching me out. Then he began to slowly move in and out of my massaging my growing prostate, making me hornier and harder with every pass. It didn't take before I began to feel the pressure building in my own balls, as the pulled up and churned from the impeding orgasm. On instinct I leaned my head up and right as i started to cum, I shot my entire load into my eager and waiting mouth, and swallowed every last drop of it. While the bull-man continued to pick up speed and fucked me even harder I felt a heat spread throughout my body. And with each passing thrust and gasp of pleasure from me,I felt one of the most intense pumps I had ever felt every single muscle of my body harden and grow. I looked down at my arms and muscles were growing and hardening and pressing all of the veins right to the surface of the skin as dark coarse hair began cover them. I could feel my lats pushing my arms out from my body as the expanded and thickened. My chest was filling out and soon it ecliped the view I had of my abes which has started to from into and 8-pack of cobblestone like proportions. As the hair on my chest thickened and coated my newly formed mounds of flesh, I felt the bones shifting and realigning in my legs as they began to terminate in broad hooves like my sire's and my quads grew to enormous proportions. As the rest of my changes continued to occur I felt my sire's dick harden even more as he came deep inside me filling me up with his potent seed. With each spurt of his cum, I continued to grow more hirsute, harder, denser, bigger. As his orgasm finished I was a little bigger than him and all but my head had changed to match his powerful and masaculine form. he pulled out of me and I flexed my ass shut to keep as much of him inside me as I could. My sire turned over and shook his ass in the air, offering it to my quickly growing dick. I followed my urges and instincts, and grabbed the man-bull by his furry hips, and plunged my throbbing member deep in his ass. I began to thrust in and out of him as his expert ass began to milk and squeeze my dick with each pass making me harder and hornier. Each pass into my sire's ass made me feel stronger and denser and more powerful. I felt the hair growing on my face, marking the beginning of the end of my transition from mortal to beast, I felt my canine elongate and sharpen a little as my face pushed foreward, and formed into a shortened bulls snout. as I began to near orgasm, the pressure in my balls began to build even more intensly than before, as a splitting pain began to also build in my head, the closer i got to orgasm the more intense the pain in my head became. I drove deep into my sire one final time, and exploded my seed in him and at the same time a pair of massive horn erupted out of my skull sealing my changes. Once I finished, I leaned back and stood up to examine my newly changed and powerful body, moving my hands over my hard hairy muscle giving it a firm squeeze on occasion. My sire got up and slid his thick arms under mine and gave my nipples a tight squeeze before grasping my thick heavy pecs in his hands, turningme on again. Saying, "We aren't nearly fiished yet. Let me show you everything your new body can do..."
  19. builtspill

    Moving Day

    <i>Old, old thing.</I> Four boxes. That's all it had taken to completely wipe me the hell out. Four boxes out of a two-bedroom house with full basement, that still needed to be moved. This was going to be a hell of a day. Let's go back a bit. James, this guy at work with whom I'm pretty good friends, had asked me to help him move. I did, with the understanding that there would be about five of us there. The whole thing didn't sound so bad - James has a nice little house out in the country and hanging out, lifting a couple of couches and drinking some beers on a mild day sounded fine. That was my mindset at 5 pm Friday. Come 9:17 am, Saturday, I got to James' and found the other guys had punked out, the heat index was supposed to peak at 90 and he didn't have a chance to hit the store before coming home to finish packing last night. And there's the four boxes out of what seems to be hundreds that kicked my ass, only a half-hour into the move. Plus furniture. Plus god knows what else in this place. James was in the same spot. "I'm sorry man, I thought I had those guys nailed down. And I had no idea it was going to get this hot today. The forecast said upper seventies at the most." I stifled my real response. "No, it's cool. Shouldn't take too long." To die of heat exhaustion, that is. "Listen," he said. "This isn't going to work." Yes! I expected a free pass- he'd hire some guys to do it for him, or we'd wait until a better time - say the middle of January. "I'll be right back, I have something in the refrigerator that will help." He left the room. Refrigerator? What, was he expecting Gatorade or something to help us move two million tons of his junk? He returned from the kitchen, holding what looked to be a glass of Gatorade. Of course. "Here, drink this. A friend of mine at the university's been working on it in his spare time. It'll help with your, um, stamina, that sort of thing," he said as he handed me the glass. I looked at the lime green liquid. "This? This is your solution?" He looked a bit anxious. "Trust me. Actually, I'm glad the other guys didn't show up. I didnt' have enough of this for everyone. I drank some a few minutes ago and I'm already feeling better." He looked at his watch. "Actually, can you excuse me for a minute? I'll be right back." He headed upstairs into the master bedroom, leaving me there with the glass of whatever the hell it was. Smelled like your basic lime-green sports drink. Oh well, it was cold, I was thirsty and I'm much higher up on the beverage food chain. I downed it in one gulp. It wasn't bad, pretty good, actually, with a nice warming sensation on the way down. At the time, I chalked it up to some kind of placebo effect, but I was beginning to genuinely feel better, when I heard a noise upstairs. It was some kind of crashing, with a small yell. I rushed up- it was the room James had gone into - the master bedroom. The door was partly open and I brushed it aside. What I saw still- well, I- I still have trouble describing it, though I've visualized it over and over, with the rest of that whole weird, hot day. What I saw was James. Covered in sweat, completely nude with his back to me. His clothes folded on the bed, in a neat pile. That alone would be strange enough, as I usually don't strip down when I have folks over, much less when I'm moving everything I own to a new house. That wasn't the strangest part, though. Now, I'd never see him with his shirt off, much less his pants, but I could have sworn he was bigger, somehow. More muscular and, well, growing. His whole body was this surging mass of muscle. His back looked like he was flexing it- every muscle was throbbing, swelling and contracting, but retaining size with every cycle. It was bizarre, I could have sworn I'd heard his skin stretching. He was kneeling alongside a dresser, using it to support himself. With every deep strained breath, his arm flexed a bit more - his fingers were even getting bigger, making indentations into the mahogany. I caught myself being hypnotized- no, that's not right. No, I was getting turned on by the whole process, watching his glistening body swell bigger and harder, imagining the power in those increasingly dense muscles. His breathing wasn't that of someone going through some painful change. It was closer to the type of breathing you did when you discovered exactly what your body can do right around age 13 and did it over and over again, for the sheer pleasure of it. Then the breathing changed to an occasional grunting, as his body shuddered. He just stayed there, his massive back heaving, our breathing the only sound in the room. "Matt?" I was startled as he cut the silence. "James? I, um.. God, man, what- what the hell is this?" "Don't worry, don't freak out. It's cool. Can you come over here and help me out?" I'm not sure, but I think I said something in the affirmative, because I found myself walking over to him. He just seemed to look bigger and thicker and wider as I got closer- the smell of his sweat, his something, his maleness just got to me. I touched his back- it was hot to the touch. "Yeah, you might want to wait a second before any contact. Side-effect. Push that metal stool over, could you?" I could and I did, just staring, without a single coherent thought in my head. There was a clicking ound, as he took his massive fingers out of the grooves they'd made in the top of the dresser. He placed both hands on the stool - it bend under his massive bulk. It seemed this wasn't the first time he'd had to do this, there was a bit of a ritual to it. First he leaned forward, causing the muscle in his arms and back to bunch up even more. Then the legs bent, flaring calves outward, causing thick veins to rise to the surface. He rocked back slightly and put those powerful legs to work, getting the rest of him upright. As he went up with a grunt, that ass- that amazing damned ass - just hardened into strips of deeply striated marble. Then he turned around. Oh man, did he turn around. I had to back up a bit, you see. It wasn't just muscle that had grown. I had to back up to avoid the roughly thirteen-inch erection as thick as my forearm James was now sporting. Up to that point, I had always considered myself straight, with the chance of going bi after a heavy night of drinking. At that moment, I would deny even knowing what a woman's breasts looked like, if it meant I could get a chance to touch that thing. "Matt? Matt? Matt, up here." I looked up - he'd gained about four inches on me in height, too. There was James' face, on a head, resting on a neck packed tight muscle sitting atop the thickest, beefiest, densest torso that had ever existed. "James, what..." I trailed off, looking over the thick pecs, pusing hard brown nipples downward, the deep eight-pack of abs leading to that incredible area where the legs join the torso and the aformentioned massive erection. "Matt, you need to listen. This is normal. That will become apparent in," he looked at the clock on the nightstand, "about five minutes." Five minutes? What the hell was he talking about? "That fluid we drank is a temporary growth serum. In a few minutes you'll be feeling the effects and - up here, Matt, that will stil be there once you've changed- and I decided to go first to give you an idea of what will happen. Now the first thing I'd suggest is trying to relax and maybe removing your clothes, though shredding them is fun and I do have extras if you need an outfit." "Wait- What? Serum? What? Why?" "Well, there's no way we're going to move this stuff today by ourselves, so I thought I'd help things along a bit. Besides, I haven't changed in a couple of weeks and wanted to do it with a friend." "But that's insane! I- I don't know what to think. Listen, I have to get out of here. I don't know what you're talking about - experimenting on me, growth... I don't know." I was confused, I had no idea what he was talking about. What happened? Why did I all of a sudden feel like fucking one of my friends? One of my friends that had grown into a 6'7" behemoth covered in layers of dense, cut muscle? I had to get out. I was panicking, it was too much to handle. I turned to leave the bedroom, when it hit - I was on fire, felt like I was burning up, sweating all over. James bounded over to catch me as I fell. I could feel his huge arms and chest through my damp t-shirt. His massive cock rested against my leg, throbbing with each beat of his heart. My dose kicked in. It had started. I slumped back to the bed and sat down, the room began to waver in front of me- I felt like I couldn't move. As hot as I'd been earlier, things became warmer, stifilingly so. My stomach was where it started- it felt as though I was going down a very steep hill, but wasn't anywhere near reaching bottom. James knelt in front of me and put his massive hand on my shoulder. "Matt? You have to listen to me. Just try to relax and don't fight it. It hurts at first, but gets better, okay?" All I could do was nod, I tried opening my mouth, but all that came out was a grunt as the first wave hit and my body stiffened. "Here, man, let's get you out of these - easier for your first time." I felt weird, almost swimming, as he grasped my t-shirt and tore the thing in half. I looked down and saw my chest and stomach covered in sweat. The skin was alive, writhing, pulsing. I found it harder to breathe, my heart was beating off the scale. Another wave and another groan. "It's okay, Matt. Focus-- I'm right here, just relax," he said, as he made quick work of my shorts and boxers, before bending down to slide off my shoes. I laid back on the bed. My body felt like it was exploding, burning. Everything felt tight, I closed my eyes and saw colors as the falling sensation in the pit of my stomach became more intense. I vaguely felt James' huge hand on my leg-- I couldn't make out what he was saying, the roaring in my head was deafening. Though his rubbing my upper thigh felt comforting somehow. Then it hit - the final phase, where most of the growth happens. Later, James told me that the first time is usually a bit overwhelming. Once you've done it once or twice, it becomes a bit more, well, pleasurable. Me, I didn't have a problem with my first time. I felt like my entire body was in a constant state of flex, with no control over any of it. Wave after wave of this strange sensation came over me. The first effect was I got a huge erection, I felt like I was going to tear the skin off of my cock. Instead, it just kept stretching, getting bigger. Then this tingling sensation hit in my feet and moved up. I lifted my head off the bed as much as I could to look in the mirror and could see it happening- I was fucking growing! Veins were popping up all over my legs, cris-crossing, thick and hard, carrying serum-charged blood to my muscles. I could feel my skin get tighter in my calves and looked in the mirror to see them plump up. The tingling moved up my legs, as I felt them getting heavier, thicker-- god, it was the hottest thing I'd ever felt. I looked over at James. He was just watching me grow, while stroking that huge cock of his. I watched his arms and shoudlers bunch and flex and found myself wanting to touch them, feel them as the tingling hit my groin. Oh my god. I could have cum gallons. I felt my balls stretch, my cock's growth accelerated and left me a moaning, writhing mass of swelling muscle on the bed. James looked over and smiled. I wanted to touch myself so badly, start stroking, but hadn't quite regained that much control over my body yet. I felt my ass rise off the bed a bit and harden, my stomach receeded then pumped into a thick, riged eight-pack. My arms were pushed away from my body as my torso thickened and I felt my back spread out liek a pair of massive wings. My whole body was tingling now, felt like electric shocks were hitting me all over as the process refined itself, added more mass and strength. The whole thging felt like an endless orgasm. I moaned and bucked my hips. I was able to finally move my arms and instantly started stroking the huge erection that was now as thick as my wrists used to be. This was too much for James, as he finally shot his load, the stream of thick white supercharged juice blasting ina straight stream across the room, covering the mahogany dresser. Seeing him lose it triggered my own orgasm, which intensified what I'd been feeling the last five minutes about a thousand fold. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever felt in my life. Once I stared coming, I just couldnt' stop - it felt almost endless. I just lay there, caressing my new body, feeling every muscle in my chest and arms, fully flexed as this hot white fluid kept shooting up to the ceiling. After a couple of minutes, it finally ebbed. With two or three spurts, it was done and I just laid there, trying to wrap my mind around what just happened. James, who had finished just before me, broke the silence. "See? Good thing I got those clothes off." "Oh my god. James, I-I-" He came cover and offered a thick arm. I grasped it and he pulled me up, effortlessly. He put his arm on my shoulder, as I was a bit unsteady and my center of gravity had shifted somewhat. It was so weird- my legs- I couldnt' have put them together if I'd wanted to. And everything felt so light. I mean, I must have been a hell of a lot heavier, with this added mass, but I didn't notice it. James saw the confusion in my face. "Come on, let's take a look at you," he said, as he led me to the mirror. "Holy- that's. Holy shit." "Yeah, not bad for a first-timer man." I'd ended up about an inch shorter than the enhanced James but made up for it in other ways. Everywhere was thick, striated muscle-on-muscle. It looked like I'd been training for a competition for months. Juststanding there, it looked like I was in some kind of freefall, every muscle was huge and hard and pumped. And I was hung like noone's business. As soon as that thought hit my head, my cock popped up to its 14-inches and a clear drop of precum formed at the tip. I felt James shudder behind me and his monster expanded up along my hip. "Woah." "Yeah, a bit of a side effect, there. It has a hair trigger. It'll be hard the whole time we're like this, but it only has to be worked off every half hour or so. Trust me, that won't be problem." I hit a double biceps. I couldn't believe this was me. This huge, thick-- and it felt incredible. "James, what the hell is this? How is this possible?" I turned to him and put my arms out. "What is this? What did you do to me?" "First of all, don't worry. You'll go back to normal in a few hours." "I figured. You don't usually look like this." "No, just when I want to, every couple of weeks or so. I have this, well, friend. Hm. That's not exactly right. When we're like this, we're a bit more than friends." I felt a vague feeling of anticipation in my balls when he said this. I absently ran my hand along my lower abs above my hard cock. "Yeah? You've done this with someone before?" "Like I said, it's an old friend of mine who works at the university. He'd been working on this supplemnent for the military. He broke about a thousand ethics guidelines by testing it on himself when he was sure of the results. I happened to come over when he had changed. He trusted me, so he let me in on it and gave me some of the stuff. He later faked failed results for the government while he refined the process and decided what to do with it. Every other month or so, we get together for a weekend and well..." "Ah, that's why you live out in the middle of nowhere." "Yeah and am moving father. It'd be hard enough to explain one massive nude guy walking around once in awhile to some neighbors, but two fucking like rabbits? Nah, too tough." "So, why me? Why'd you give it to me? I'm not gay." "Neither am I. Eh, maybe a bit. That's mostly come on after starting on this stuff. Well, I was hoping the other guys would cancel. Hey, I'm the IT guy at the office. I know you hit the bodybuilding sites. Oh I know, I've seen the logs for the other sites you hit. But come on, you kind of wanted to be like this, didn't you?" He put his hands on his hips and thrust his thick chest out to make the point. "Yeah, I guess. I don't know. I sort have wanted to know what having a body like this was like. As for the other... it's weird. I don't mind telling you that I find you so damn hot right now." I felt an odd flutter in my chest as I said that. It was the truth, but still felt weird to admit. "There you go," he said, as he moved closer to me. "Now, we have some moving to do. Like I said, we could buy ourselves a solid half hour or so of work until we get distracted by the side effects again." "What do you-," I started as he moved even closer. I could feel his heat, radiating onto me, mixing with mine. He put his right hand on my hip and my cock slid against his thigh. I felt this electric shiver travel from my balls up to my chest. The falling feeling was back in the pit of my stomach, but it was different this time. Way different. I started feeling up and down his arms, tracing the ridges and striations, feeling the tightly packed power just under the taught warm skin. He reciprocated. Neither of us spoke, just feeling each other's huge, pumped bodies, breathing heavily. We moved even closer, tight against each other, muscle sliding on muscle. I knew what I wanted next. I looked up slightly at him, my lips open, wet with anticipation. We kissed. I felt his tongue meet mine. I remember thinking that even those had been enhanced by the supplement. As we kissed, long and hard and wet, we explored each other's bodies, groping, grasping. We fell to the floor, causing the whole house to shake, two 400 lb massive muscle men in the throes of passion. I was on top, reflexively grinding against him, wanting release. I opened my eyes and looked down at him. His arms were up on my chest, huge, thick pillars etched with striations and veins. I put my arms on his pecs, feeling their heat and thickness. "I want-," my voice was barely above a whisper. "Are you sure?" he asked, concern in his eyes. "I mean, I've had more experience at this than you. Maybe we should switch around." "No. If that's as strong as the rest of this," I put a huge peaked bicep in his face. "Then I should be just fine." I leaned forward and laid another deep kiss on his thick soft lips. I felt his body shudder in anticipation as he grasped the base of his massive member and started to maneuver it into position. I tensed my arms and closed my eyes. I could feel my thick fingers diffing into the hardwood floor. I felt my whole body flex a bit and I'm pretty sure I was shaking slightly, which seems a bit silly now. 398lbs, covered in huge muscle and strong and dense enough to be some sort of comic book character and I was afraid? Well, that's what happens during everyone's first time. I tried to relax, but I couldn't help tighten up as he eased into me. As soon as the head entered, I let out this deep, guttral yell from god knows where within me. My fingers dug deeper into the floor. I opened my eyes and looked down at James' face. He told me to just relax, but I couldn't, it hurt like hell going in, but I wanted more. The head passed and I squeezed with enough force to clamp a steel pipe in half. I strained, I grunted, as my body adjusted to having part of another person inside of me. Finally, I was able to take in about 3/4 of his length. "I-ngghhh-don't know if I can do this. It feels kind of good, but kind of uncomfortable." James looked confused for a moment, then a smile crossed his face. "God, I'm sorry man. Here, just a second, this should make it easier-- another benefit of this huge thing." He closed his eyes for a second and I felt him flex and swell a bit inside of me, then I felt a warm, soft sensation, as he began to pull out-- I went nuts, I almost came right there. "Oh- oh god... what did you... is that--" "Yeah, I can control the amount of precum I produce... well, I mean, you can, too -- is it more comfortable?" "Oh yeah... It's--" he thrusted into me again, deeper and smoother this time. "Agghhhh... bett.... nhhhhh... better." He kept moving in and out, driving me insane. I couldn't think straight, I just started thrusting my ass into him, helping him go in farther. There were a couple of times he got in to the hilt - it hurt again, but in a much better way this time. He took his right hand and pressed my cock in the cleft between his pecs. He nodded to me and I knew what to do. I strained a bit and felt the clear fluid start to flow. My god, that felt amazing, it slid so easily and felt so sensitive-- even that had been enhanced by the supplement. All of this was beginning to be too much-- being filled by a thick thirteen inches, surrounded by huge muscle, being pec-fucked-- I already felt myself getting close. I could feel my balls beginning to swell again and my body tense up. James could tell what was coming and he stepped up his thrusting. Pretty soon, he was close to the edge, too. I could feel mine cresting, building-- I could feel him swell inside me slightly. We locked eyes for an instant. Then we exploded. I screamed and my whole body shook-- every muscle flexed huge and hard. I blasted a torrent of cum right into James' face, as he opened his mouth to take some of it in. I felt a flood of his juice fill me inside, then flow down and out, around his shaft. I looked down, he was flexed, too, every massive muscle standing out in relief, every striation. I just kept cumming and cumming, I couldn't shut it off and I could feel James still going inside of me. If anyone had walked in, it would have been insane-- two huge bulging masses of muscle, conencted, yelling and grunting and shooting thick streams of milky liquid. Finally, after about five minutes, it stopped. I collapsed on his chest. I felt him slowly draw out of me, the head emerging with a slightly wet quiet pop. I rolled off of him onto the floor and on my back, spent. It was quite some time before either of us could speak. "You do this often? With that scientist guy? "Every two weeks or so." "Holy shit." "You like it?" "I'm still trying to get my mind around this, but, um, yeah." "I thought so. Well, let's get to work, we have about half an hour before we have to take care of things again." "What?" He got to his feet then helped me. "Yeah, makes the whole process not very practical. My friend's working on it, though." I got to a standing position, still a little unsure of my footing. I was already getting hard all over again. "Okay, what's first?" The rest of the day was incredible. I was lifting piles of boxes, stacks of stuff like they were nothing. I carried the refrigerator out on my own. A freaking refrigerator. I was so turned on, I had to jack about three times afterwords. We loaded up his heavy-duty truck, threw on some way too small extra clothes he had for modesty's sake and went over to the new place and moved everything in. It just felt so good, using this new body, feeling every muscle flex and bunch up, feeling the sun on my naked body-- god, it was amazing. Oh, there was the four more sessions of hardcore sex with James, too. Three more at his place and another at the new one, to christen it. Around nine that night, I was helping him rearrange some things, feeling him up, when I started feeling weird, shaky. James helped me to the couch. I could see the same thing was happening to him. "Don't worry," he said. "The stuff's just wearing off, it'll pass in a minute or so- unhhh.." He dropped to the floor. This feeling of fatigue hit me, I couldn't move anything. Then, I tensed up and could feel myself deflating-- my skin sliding against the couch, as my body returned to normal. The heat from the dissipating energy or mass or whatever filled the air around me, it was almost stifling. Then it was over. Just like that. I pulled myself up and I ached all over, covered in sweat. James was sitting there, next to me. "You okay?" "Yeah, I think so. Just kind of sore." "Well, your body's been through a lot. Just drink lots of fluids. Actually--" He got up and went into the kitchen, sidestepping huge boxes that seemed small only minutes before. I felt kind of cold and self-conscious. I wrapped myself in a nearby blanket. "Hey," he yelled from the kitchen, "were you going home tonight? You can stay over, you know? If it's too late and you're tired." "um, well-- I don't know. I mean, what we did--" "If you're uncomfortable, you can sleep on the couch, that's cool. Or--" He came into the room, with two glasses filled with what looked to be fruit juice. "We can stay up a little longer."I shrugged off the blanket, took a glass and smiled. "I guess I could stay for a nightcap. So, when's the next time you and your scientist friend are getting together?" "Next weekend. I already told him about you, said you'd probably be interested after this weekend. He'd really like to see the effects on another person." "Well, anything for science," I said as I downed the supplement. I could already feel myself getting hard...