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  1. Marvelous Man - Chapter 22

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RMBwDf7UPA6P6UR9YNSBADC-9ObDd7aj3TdkN4uYk2Y) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, SPECTRI, RANSIS, & IREEAN IREEAN GO AWAY All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RMBwDf7UPA6P6UR9YNSBADC-9ObDd7aj3TdkN4uYk2Y) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: DONALD MORGAN, ANDREW L, SPECTRI, RANSIS, & IREEAN IREEAN GO AWAY Chapter 22: Two of Cups Pink cherry blossoms danced in the warm breeze, as the door to a roof access was wedged open. Sunlight illuminated the robotic figure stepping onto the simulated Japanese high school rooftop. The Soulem, cladded in a zaffre-colored fundoshi and red rectangular glasses, slowly trudged towards two muscled men hugging beneath a cherry blossom tree. Gemini coughed, “Um, hey guys.” Marvelous Man and Gene broke their embrace from each other. The musclebound superhero could feel himself blushing at being caught hugging the Totochtin prince. He wanted this intimate moment to stay private; especially from it being crashed by his soured love interest. As he and Gene looked back at Gemini, he saw the Soulem avoiding eye contact with mood rings flushed pink. “Sorry to interrupt, but the magical researchers need to talk to you,” said Gemini. The Soulem reported, “Something about upgrading your silver balls...which I’m pretty sure isn’t a sexual euphemism, but it could probably go both ways with you involved, heh.” “Yes, I can see the humor in your insinuation, Gemini. Thank you for telling me. I will take the leave.” nodded Gene. The Totochtin prince began his walk towards the simulation’s exit. As he passed by the cherry blossom tree, he stopped in his tracks. Gene turned around to face Marvelous Man. The rabbit superhero smiled, “Remember the wisdom I have imparted, Marvelous Man. You must make the effort to bandage it up. And when you are ready, I will happily partake in the fruits of the intercourse with you.” Marvelous Man could feel his body emit an extreme amount of body heat, that it felt like his own flustering was cooking him alive. He and Gemini watched the bunny demigod continue walking towards the rooftop access door. As Gene approached the door and exited through it, Gemini slowly shuffled about to face the musclebound superhero. The Soulem said nothing, while avoiding Marvelous Man’s eyes. The hulking bodybuilder did the same. “So…” hesitated Gemini, “This is awkward…” Marvelous Man replied, “Uh-huh…” The muscle demigod felt like this was his moment to say something. To make the first move in repairing their relationship. But...could not find himself to say anything. Every part of him wanted to either curl up into a ball or fly away. He then heard the Soulem speak up. “There’s...kinda a lot I want to say, but it’s actually hard to figure out where to start. Which is kinda funny...ya know, cause I got a computer mind and all. So it should be easy to figure it out...Sorry, I’m yammering,” said Gemini. He continued, “I guess I should say congratulations. After thinking it over, I’m glad you picked Gene. He’s...a lot nicer than how I’ve been. And I know he can make you happy, since he can detect emotions and all. I don’t even really know the guy, so I can’t just make off-handed assumptions about how he truly feels about you…” “Oh, no. It’s not like that,” corrected Marvelous Man. Gemini held up his hand, “Sorry, Justice. Please just let me finish. Before I lose the guts to say all this...or I might go back to being how I was,” The bulky android paused for a moment before taking in a deep breath. As he released his held breath, his shoulders sagged. Gemini then began to lightly pound his fists together; knuckles against knuckles. “...You were right. I was being a Dickasaurus Rex. I’m sorry,” admitted the Soulem. He explained, “And the more I look back on what I did with you, the more I realized how fucked up I was being. I forced my feelings on you and bullied you. And that’s not real love...and that’s not what a true friend does. Back in Sunnysville, I tried to understand your life...but I didn’t ‘get’ you. Ya know? Hell, I was being such an ass with Gene. Bet he didn’t even know what was really going on, huh?” Marvelous Man shook his head, while Gemini stared up at him. In the space of a nanosecond, a thought whispered in his mind. Was it wrong that he never said a thing to Gene about his relationship with Gemini? “No, not really,” he replied. Gemini walked towards the cherry blossom tree and laid his back against the bark. His cybernetic eyes briefly wandered up at the tree’s pink canopy before flicking back down at his hands. The gentle pounding of the bulky Soulem’s fists against each other continued. He sighed, “And then...after you called me out on my shit. It didn’t exactly click, cause all I felt was broken...inside. I ran back to my dad. Hoping to fix my pain. But all he did was try to explain love and stuff. That it’s not like those movies and books and whatnot.” The fist pounding ceased immediately. Gemini grasped his elbows as if he were hugging himself, while mood rings on his cheeks turned a deep blue. Teardrops began to form at the edge of his eyes. “And that’s when I got the call about your...disappearance. You were gone for two whole days, and...it was...I was terrified. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and whether you were alive or not. So that’s when I thought about if you never came back. I just...I’m not sure if I could handle that. Just a world without you, Justice,” said Gemini. He paused to wipe his eyes of the tears. The Soulem smiled, “And then a miracle happened! You came back. It was at that point that I realized it didn’t matter if we weren’t boyfriends. I just wanted to be with you. I-in your life, I mean. Being friends with you was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Stepping away from the tree, the robotic being gazed up into his overly-muscular friend’s eyes. The bulky Soulem’s mood rings flashed to rose red, while his face became serious. His arms shifted; one drooping down while the other held onto the relaxed elbow. “A-an-and! I know that all that stuff I did and how it hurt you...I know we can’t ever go back to being how we used to be. Things are different now, and I get that...but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back to being friends again. Maybe not on the same level, but we can still try to get close to that, right?” Marvelous Man felt stunned at what he heard. His friend’s disposition seemed to have flipped on the opposite side of the spectrum. The muscle demigod knew his friend was right...but he could not help but feel guilt at what happened. It was a mix of both feeling like he enabled his friend to have bad behavior and also hurting Gemini’s feelings. The hulking bodybuilder smiled, “Yeah, I forgive you. And I honestly do want to be friends with you again.” The Soulem’s mood rings flashed the color of sky blue. “Great! But, uh, just so you know...I’m still a work in progress. I’ll still be an asshole, but I’m trying to be better. Just call me out on it, okay? Can’t keep using my new body as an excuse for what I do,” grinned Gemini. Marvelous Man nodded, “I will. I’m just glad we could patch things up.” “But, ummm, Gene and I aren’t a couple,” he corrected. Gemini’s mood rings became grey, “Huh?” “He broke it off with me,” said Marvelous Man, “He realized he couldn’t love me the same way I loved him...it was for the better. I’m pretty sure I’m the one that’s supposed to have a broken heart, and, uh, I still kinda do. But I think he was more broken up about it than I was.” The bulky Soulem paused for a second; his face projecting dumbfoundedness. Gemini’s mood rings shifted to white, “Oh...You okay?” “I think so. He said some things that put it into, uhh, perspective. I wasn’t any better than you when it came to love,” sighed Marvelous Man. He mentioned, “Plus, I kinda went through some traumatizing shit that having a wrecked love life isn’t so bad.” The robotic being looked away. “Oh, right...the kidnapping,” recalled Gemini. Marvelous Man slowly nodded, “Yeah, that...and some stuff that happened after…” “Did you want to hug it out and cry about it?” suggested the Soulem. The musclebound superhero smiled, “Naw, I’m all cried out right now. And I think I sorta reached some state of numbness...again. If that makes sense. But...I think I could use a close friend to talk about all this heavy stuff.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “Wow...that’s some heavy shit right there,” remarked Gemini. The two friends sat at the bench beneath the blooming cherry blossom tree. Marvelous Man stared out at scenery beyond the roof’s metal fence. He sighed, “Yeah.” “But why do you call your opposite healing power a poison? I mean, you know what it means, right?” commented Gemini. The muscle demigod looked down at his friend. A part of him wanted to explode in the frustration of being questioned. Apollo had trained him in the ways of medicine and drilled into him the many facts of what is poisonous, toxic, venomous, etc...But he knew it would not do good to be so volatile at a newly repaired relationship. Marvelous Man’s eyebrow flexed in confusion, “Uh, yeah, I do.” “Just saying, it’s more of a venom than a poison, cause you’re directly inflicting it on someone,” said Gemini. Marvelous Man corrected, “That’s only when you’re injecting it into someone. Mine is more like...a secretion.” “Eh, having that dark power stab into people’s eyes to cause mental trauma sounds more like a venom. Besides, it sounds cooler,” shrugged the Soulem, “Oh! You should call it, Soul Venom!” The hulking bodybuilder giggled. He had missed moments like this. Events where he and Gemini just hung out as Justice and Gemini to talk about random things. Stupid things. Things that were childish but always had an odd depth to it. Even if it came down to talks of what color would they want grass to be. Or if the fetishism of creating a Soulem version of oneself and having sex with it is masturbation. Marvelous Man hummed, “That does sound cooler.” Seconds ticked by in silence. Neither being moved, as cherry blossom petals danced in the breeze. The mood rings on Gemini’s cheeks slowly changed to purple. “So...you have a unique celestial element, huh? And it’s supposed to help you win against the Skeleton Lord?” questioned Gemini. The muscle demigod nodded, “Yep. But it was more like I had a better chance of winning if I figured it out what it was.” “And it’s a virtue type of element, sooooo that’s gonna be harder to figure out,” noted Gemini. Marvelous Man sighed, “I guess. And it’s connected to my parents’ own celestial elements. My mom said it was a seed...whatever that means.” “So we got war, love, and...light? Or is it medicine and athletics?” said the bulky Soulem. Marvelous Man replied, “Heh. My dad just considered himself as complex. But I saw him as more of an art god when I tried to put a label on him.” Gemini’s mood rings flashed orange. “...How the hell are supposed to figure it out with such a mixed bag like that?! War isn’t even a virtue! It’s the opposite if it were trying to be in the same category somehow,” he grunted. Marvelous Man shrugged, “I dunno. Maybe if we tried to see the good side of it, it’d make more sense.” “And just what positive aspect do you see in war that isn’t connected to the profiteers of it?” said Gemini. Marvelous Man looked at the ground, “Well...maybe...I dunno...passion? Like, people only go to war to protect the ones they love and their nation. And love is, like, a chemical reaction for people to fight harder or just keep going at something regardless of difficulty. And it’s when it gets harder that a person refuses to give up.” Gemini looked at his friend with a stupefied look for a moment before staring out at the scenery. The color within his mood rings shifted back to white. “It’s so weird how you have such a unique perspective to things. It even shows in your fighting style. Well, either that or you just like being super extra...But even though what you said is a complete stretch, I wouldn’t say you’re wrong. True virtue is being able to give your own positive feedback no matter the challenge. Kindness instead of wrath and whatnot,” he replied. The Soulem continued, “So something that is connected to love, passion, and...art. Feels like it should be something super easy to figure out. But it’s like when you’ve looked over something you didn’t feel was important that when you really need it, it’s just not there. Sooooo...I dunno, soul? Since the soul can be linked to emotions and all. Seems like that’s what it is given how your powers seem to work with the venom and supercharge.” The muscle demigod thought about what his robotic friend said. It almost sounded like it had made sense...but his instincts told him that was not the answer. “Naw, it doesn’t feel like that’s what it’s supposed to be,” frowned Marvelous Man. Gemini sighed, “Well, shit.” The uncomfortable silence made its way back; filling the void of unsaid words. Marvelous Man felt he was going in a spiral that was slowly going down to an unfortunate end. Every time he tried to find a way to break from the pattern or forget about it, the feeling would always pull him back in. Ugly and numbing emotions would creep back in; never doing anything but always making themselves aware since the second encounter with the Skeleton Lord in the subway. It had been easy to immediately ignore such nasty things back then. But after his confrontation with his parents...the emotions had now started to pounce on the musclebound superhero. And with every second he was aware of them, they would gnaw at the core of his optimism. Marvelous Man needed to be rid of such things. He gambled everything on his friend. If not being about to exterminate the vermin feelings, then at least Gemini could help take some weight off of the negative emotions. His lips trembled. “Have you...ever wished you didn’t exist?...Or maybe...that people would be better off without you? Maybe even the world?” he asked. Gemini immediately glared up at the hulking bodybuilder. His face was completely flabbergasted, while his mood rings flared a bright yellow. “WHAT?! NO!,” exclaimed Gemini, “Justice, why would you say that?!...What’s-are you alright? Bro, where’s this thinking coming from?” Marvelous Man looked away, “It’s just...I don’t know...something I’ve just been thinking about for a little while...maybe even more since shit went down…I know I try to stay happy, but it’s been getting pretty hard right now. All I feel now when I’m alone and just thinking is guilt.” “ And...well...It’s cause it feels like all I’ve done so far is make everything worse for everybody else. And now...that feeling of not being able to shake off the bad stuff just keeps coming back. It’s like, it doesn’t feel fair that I’m alive when so many people are dead. Even when they’re not completely innocent or something, I’m not sure. I’m going through a lot of stuff so fast my head is just flying off and I don’t know how to feel anymore other than considering...not...existing,” he continued. Gemini placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder, “Bro, are you feeling like that right now?” “I guess…” shrugged Marvelous Man. Gemini spoke, “Take a deep breath right now, okay? Just do it.” It was an odd request from the Soulem, but the hulking bodybuilder complied. Taking in a deep breath of air, his meaty pectorals slightly expanded. Marvelous Man’s pecs then deflated back to their normal state upon exhalation. The muscle demigod could not explain how, but it felt as if the stress he was carrying had been slightly relieved. “Now listen, it’s okay if you want to think that, but don’t ever believe in it. We can’t stop the thoughts we have and should just go through all the, ya know, processes of it. But it’s dangerous if you give thoughts like that the power to become truth, okay?” lectured Gemini. The Soulem continued, “I know a lot of crap went down. And whether you were part of it or not, it still would’ve happened. Those homeless people still would’ve died back at the subway and the crack den, but you were able to stop the Skeleton Lord from causing more harm. Hell, Gene is still alive cause of you. Oh! And those people at the park too! They would’ve bled out if you weren’t there.” Marvelous Man thought back to those events the Soulem listed. His friend was not wrong. Things could have gone a lot worse if he had not been there to heal his friends and the innocents. And now that he thought about it, if he had not been kidnapped by the PB&J Gang, the Skeleton Lord might have arranged Gene to be kidnapped instead. “I guess you’re right,” he nodded. Gemini spoke up, “Yeah, I am. I mean, you even managed to befriend Sugar Skull and bring him into the D.A.B.! Who else but you can do that? Though I think he might not be happy right now with Puzzles ‘stern talking to’ if ya catch my drift.” “And even if you weren’t Marvelous Man right now, you changed people for the better as Justice. Look at your parents. They’re...well...the stories always projected them as batshit insane gods, but you talk like they’re overbearing parents that love you too hard!” he exclaimed. The Soulem threw his hands up, “That’s a complete one-eighty if I’ve ever heard one! I know you said and did some things to them, but I’m sure they’ll come around if you give them some time.” Gemini paused for a moment; his mood rings turning pink. “And, well...I met you by chance. We became great friends, and you helped awaken me by being there for me. Maybe things didn’t turn out so well after that...but in the end, we made up...just right now though, heh…” he babbled. Gemini sighed, as his mood rings turned white. “My point is, your very existence makes all the difference and don’t you forget it. The positive things you provoke in people may be small compared to what you expected, but it all carries the same weight. Even if it’s as small as being their friend or even getting someone to try a new thing. And superhero or not, your existence inspires change in the people around you,” he said “But look, I’m no therapist, and I really think you should see someone about this. I’m currently pulling therapy articles from the internet for what you’re probably dealing with as we speak, but all I’m doing is putting a band aid on the situation.” Immediately after Gemini’s speech, the entire simulation shook with the intensity of a strong earthquake. While lasting for only two seconds, the quake was vigorous enough to upset the Soulem’s balance. Gemini fell forward, as an overly-muscular arm reached out to him. Marvelous Man leaped upward and swept his arm around his robotic friend; catching Gemini in the process. Steadying the Soulem upright, the musclebound superhero’s thoughts shifted from concern of his friend to the quake. His mind quickly pieced together that there must have been some outside force to cause such shaking. “What just happened? Was that an earthquake?” he said. Gemini held his fingers against his head, “Not sure. Give me a sec. Scrolling through social media.” The Soulem’s metallic eyebrows furrowed. His eyes seemed to look glazed over, as he streamed through data. Seconds after, he blinked his eyes back into focus. Gemini’s face expressed only horror, while the mood rings flashed to a bright yellow. “Oh my gosh...no no no nonononono…” he muttered. Reaching into the brown satchel strapped over his shoulder, Gemini pulled out a glass smartphone. He tapped on its glowing screen a few times before holding it up next to his face. The Soulem turned away from the muscle demigod; pacing back and forth in a frantic motion. He mumbled, “Come on, come on, come on! Please, oh, please pick up.” Gemini came to a sudden stop, as his face was instantly washed over with shock and then relief. “Dad! Oh my gosh. Thank goodness, you’re alright! Why aren’t you at work today?...You got the flu? Oh, thank fuck that happened...S-sorry, Dad. I-I’m just really scared right now, but at least you weren’t at work today...It’s-I’m, uh, not sure how to say this dad. There was an explosion at the Arkos Division, and it was so powerful that it just shook the D.A.B. headquarters right now...No, I’m fine…I love you too, dad...” he rambled. Marvelous Man’s eyes went wide upon hearing Gemini’s side of the conversation. He felt himself nearly reacting to what he heard, as a telepathic message interrupted him. The musclebound superhero heard his field analyst’s voice. Fairuza announced, “Gene, Marvelous Man, please report immediately to the Director’s office. If you spot Gemini on the way, please bring him. I tried contacting his phone, but it’s busy.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “Seven minutes ago, an explosion occurred at the Arkos Division headquarters,” reported Puzzles, “It is not yet certain if it was an act of terrorism, but it was most definitely an attempt to distract us heroes.” “And the reasons as to why we know this is because at the same time of the explosion, our magical alarm wards placed around the Skeleton Lord’s fog had detected a spike in activity. A monster and two humanoids with undead features have been seen exiting the fog. A, uh, pardon the term, skeleton crew of drones and police officers placed there have been able to stop the intruders. Recordings of the intruders have yet to be released.,” he continued. Director Skye sighed, “We were lucky so few appeared. Any more than those three, and we definitely would have to send over some body bags.” Sugar Skull shuffled about in one of the office’s cushy seats. “What happened to the invaders?” questioned the ghoul. Puzzles pawed at his tablet, “They were immediately killed. The humanoids were armed with firearms. Once they aimed their weapons at the police, law enforcement attacked in self defense. The monster was also killed. Assumed to have been caught in the crossfire of bullets. Let’s see...no bodies were found. Upon death, the suspects had instantly disintegrated and left behind a distinct bleach odor.” Sugar Skull concluded, “Which is what the creatures of Limbo smell like. Uh, ummm...OH! Guaranteeing that the fog really is a gateway for the Skeleton Lord to exit through.” Marvelous Man felt both of his hands being grasped, as he felt nausea begin to overtake him. The surprising, tight sensation caused his queasiness to recede. Within each hand, the muscle demigod held Gene and Gemini’s hand. A warm, rubbery feeling in one clutch, and a soft hand that emitted flecks of anger underneath concern in the other. Elbows on the desk with fingers intertwined over each other, Director Skye leaned forward. He closed his eyes momentarily, as he exhaled a long, audible sigh. His eyes then flicked up at the team members; scattered about in either seats or standing in the center of the room. “Without collecting all the conclusive evidence, it’s too early to arrive at that kind of destination...Sadly, I am inclined to agree with you, Mr. Skull. I cannot ignore such a coincidence to occur soon after our earlier meeting,” said the master witch. The soft closing of a book echoed in the tension-filled office. Marvelous Man looked down to see Fairuza recently finished running a magical scan with her book. The field analyst had an apprehensive look on her face, as she shifted in her chair. Fairuza slowly raised her hand into the air, “Director Skye, sir, I’m afraid I have some more bad news. It’s about the explosion at the Arkos Division headquarters.” “...And what foreboding information have you discovered?” said the Director. Fairuza disclosed, “Multiple casualties discovered so far, and the explosion caused half of the facility to collapse. It’s unsure how many more are buried underneath the rubble. Survivor injuries has ranged all the way to critical. Medigel they have present had been greatly reduced due to the explosion and only have a handful on hand. Paramedics arriving soon.” Fairuza swallowed. She had a pensive look on her face. Her eyes gazed downwards as if she were carefully choosing her next words. “I was able to scan the area and find the login information of a security guard for their cloud’s security feed...They will no longer be needing it. Um, in any case, I’ll be accessing their cloud right now. Director Skye, where can I broadcast?” she finished. The Director’s hand began to glow blue with magic, as it casted multiple gestures at his wall-mounted paintings. What had been colored brushstrokes on the canvases were now a black screen with a runic symbol illuminating in the center. With the magical alteration complete, the master witch pointed at his modified painting with an opened palm. She gave a slight bow, “Thank you, sir.” Setting her yellow book on her lap with the front facing down, the mystical field analyst placed her index finger upon the center of the hardcover’s back. The tip of Fairuza’s finger began to softly radiate with magic. She then traced her glowing finger in a circular motion; causing the back book cover to shine a small magical seal. Fairuza then lifted the cover; revealing a square gap sliced into the page. A glint of a shiny object gleamed from the tiny chasm, as it rose up into view. The object exposed itself to be a crystal sphere made of an indigo rock that was freckled with white patches all over. The rising then stopped, as a pedestal made of paper could be seen holding the crystal ball. The crystal ball seemed to be perfectly sized for Fairuza’s palm, as she cupped her hands around it. Fairuza’s hands glowed a faint blue before the magical energy seeped into the indigo-colored sphere. The mystical field analyst stared into her crystal ball, as the enchanted painting’s image across from her flickered. With the runic symbol on the canvas completely dissolving, the login page of a website took its place. Fairuza continued gazing into her magical sphere, as the blank boxes of the login page had begun to fill with text. Everyone but Marvelous Man turned to the screen. The musclebound superhero kept switching attention from the screen back towards the mystical field analyst; confused by the interaction of magic with technology. Marvelous Man bent down to whisper at Gemini. “Ummm…” he asked, “So how is she…?” Gemini explained in a hushed tone, “There’s a computer chip in her merlinite crystal ball. And with the runes grafted inside the ball to interact with the chip, she can affect technology. But the magical capabilities of that can’t hack the government or anything. It’s more like a magical universal remote.” The mystical field analyst slowly exhaled. Her hands slightly trembled, as the skin stirred. The moving skin split open; revealing eyeballs flickering about before focusing on the orb. Marvelous Man flinched at the sight, while everyone else continued casting attention towards the painting. “NGHUH!” reeled the musclebound superhero. Gemini clarified, “She’s fine. I guess the inside of her crystal ball is laced with spells to multiply her consciousness. I wonder what it’s like to look at 4 different screens with one mind...FYI, each of her eyes are a copy of her mind. Can’t imagine what her migraine will be like after the fact.” Seconds passed before Marvelous Man managed to force his gaze away from the disturbing eyes breaching from Fairuza’s hand. Turning his stare towards the magical painting, he spotted a new update to the canvas. The screen had transformed into four different camera feed screens; each one fast-forwarding through a timeframe before skipping to another scene. Marvelous Man tried to watch, but the images moved faster than he could comprehend. Fairuza continued scrying her crystal ball in silence. After a minute had flown by the fast-paced images turned to black. The eyes on her hands then began to shut; withdrawing into her body. With the last magical eye closed, Fairuza looked up from her crystal ball. “It wasn’t an accident,” she said with a neutral tone. The Director inquired, “By whose hand?” “A man in Aztec-styled clothing. Putting him on screen,” Fairuza replied. It had been too much of a coincidence to think someone else would be running around in such a specific style. Marvelous Man kept his mouth closed; it was obvious who it would be but did not want to assume. The musclebound superhero continued watching the black canvas, as he gripped the arms of his jacket. The black painting changed its image; shaping into another recording. The camera feed showed two lab-coat workers standing in front of two glass pillar-like containers with unrecognizable technology attached to parts of it. The glass structures held two figures within; obscuring their faces by huddling down with their faces casted at the ground. As the scientists were making their rounds with checking on the computers attached to the containers, an unseen force pulled one of them back. The yanked scientist then bent himself backwards; standing on the tips of his toes as if possessed by an evil spirit. The neck’s left side of the attacked scientist then split open, as blood started to spurt from the wound like a sprinkler. The other scientist stood in motionless shock at the scene in front of her; unflinching even after being bathed in the splatters of her coworker’s blood. The male scientist was then released from the invisible grasp and landed flat on the floor. As it happened, a figment began to materialize next to the downed scientist. It started reconstituting as feet; tanned as dark as mocha. The building blocks of the visible being continued construction of the legs with the edges of a red cloak that was outlined with teal. As the materialization created a red-knotted loincloth with a teal outline, the musculature of the mysterious being appeared to be slim like a professional athletic runner. The man came armed at that time, as a bow and quiver came into visibility and slung over the shoulder. The entirety of the head and face was covered; topped with a snake-shaped wooden headdress like in the Aztec illustrations Marvelous Man had seen in world history textbooks. Sugar Skull crossed his arm, “So the watchdog has come to collect.” The video paused, as the Director looked towards the Limbo being. “You know him?” questioned Director Skye. The ghoul nodded, “That’s Itzcóatl. He’s one of the Skeleton Lord’s guardians and right hand man. He showed up at the Skeleton Lord’s newest hideout when I rescued Marvelous Man. He’s a hunter that hides in the fog like a shark.” “And to make him more annoying, he can become, ummm, invisible. The Bruja also told me his quiver is enchanted to make copies of his arrows. Haven’t fought him yet but seeing this shows he’s probably the most deadliest out of all of them,” added Sugar Skull. The rabbit demigod released his hand from Marvelous Man’s, as he turned to face the ghoul. Gene frowned, “But how did the Itzcóatl manage to invade the Arkos Division headquarters? The building should have been warded to detect the magically invisible.” As Sugar Skull opened his mouth, he was interrupted by an electronic voice. “Not if that guardian’s power is supernaturally-based rather than a mutation. They’re a superhero company based on only science. And because they’re so sure their machines can detect and quarantine magic, that they refuse our help or even do basic warding. It’s why their supernatural captives keep breaking out, and their machines are very limited at detecting the various frequencies magic has. Until it’s figured out what the base frequency of magic is, they can only detect the handful of spells or supernatural powers made public,” sighed Gemini. Puzzles spoke up, “Fairuza, continue the footage.” Everybody turned their attention back towards the magical painting, as the security recording resumed. Itzcóatl pulled out a dagger with a black blade that appeared to be made of obsidian glass. The guardian pointed his weapon at the injured scientist before switching the dagger’s attention to the female scientist and then towards the glass containers. The footage did not seem to have any audio recording capabilities, as the female scientist nodded while mouthing a reply. With shaky hands, the female scientist placed her face in front of one of the containment unit’s computers. The device appeared to be an apparatus designed for eye-scanning identification. Upon completing the process, the Arkos Division worker typed away at the keyboard. The glass container reacted to the input by melting a rectangular doorway on the side of itself. The female scientist then ran to one of the drawers lined against the wall and opened it. Pulling out what she needed, she scurried over to her bleeding partner. While the worker was applying what appeared to be a salve from a soft tube onto her partner’s wound, the prisoners within the confinements exited the two glass containers. Marvelous Man recognized first one; Zareb, the African guardian of the Skeleton Lord who commanded electricity with the twin axes. The other was a knight, who was defeated before the musclebound superhero arrived at the scene. Zareb raised his hands into the air; his hands wiggled about as if it were calling out to something. Black smoke similar to the fog ebbed from his forearms and flowed into his hands. The whisping miasma then shapeshifted into Zareb’s iconic axes. Clanging them together, the runes grafted onto the enchanted weapons glowed. Lightning emanated from the magical axes; shocking nearly everything in random arcs before striking the recording camera. The camera feed became black, as the lightning shot into its eye. “My best guess is that Zareb, the Skeleton Lord guardian with the lightning axes, caused some sort of negative reaction with his continuous voltage and...triggered an explosion. Until we know more, that’s all I can say,” reported Fairuza. The Director questioned, “And who is the knight? What exactly can he do?” “Other than wielding a glaive-type lance, I don’t know, sir. But he’s not as dangerous, if he was captured so easily,” replied Fairuza. “Not unless he wanted to be captured. Same goes with Zareb,” said the master witch, “And what about our guest?” Puzzles stated, “Gilgamesh is still on ice, Boss. Not taking chances with this one. He’s tried a couple of times to get out whenever he’s been thawed for questioning, but our wards have made sure to keep him caged. We’ve also made sure to enchant the time capsule spell he’s in with a curse to put the freeze on anybody that didn’t undo the spell properly.” “Good. With the Skeleton Lord’s muscle out of the game, it’s made things easier for us. Double down on invisibility jamming spells. I do not want that ghastly rat getting in here at all,” said Director Skye. Puzzles bowed, “Yes, Boss!” “Gene, you go to the fog entrance and be on standby. Until we get barriers up, you’ll be the first line of defense against the invading ghouls and all those Limbo monsters,” commanded the Director. Gene nodded, “I acknowledge.” “And take Sugar Skull with you. Maybe this time, he can actually benefit us,” added the master witch. Sugar Skull placed his hand over his chest, “Ah. I’m touched.” “Marvelous Man, I need you to head over to the Arkos Division and help the injured folks with your healing abilities. Use that expansive healing of yours. The supercharge one. If anybody is alive under the rubble, it could be their only life support until they’re rescued. Gemini, you go with him. See if you can dig up any information in regards to...well, anything. I suspect you and your father’s relationship with the A.D. could give you some leeway in attaining such,” ordered Director Doug. “Yes, sir,” said Marvelous Man and Gemini in unison. The musclebound superhero felt pride course through his body, as he remembered what Gemini said to him earlier. He might not be able to save everybody, but he can make a difference in saving some lives. It was time to focus on what he can do and give it his all. Director Doug leaned forward; fingers interlaced with one another. A bead of sweat began to form on the master witch’s brow. He gave a quick sigh before looking up. He declared “Mark my words, people. This is only phase 1 of what is about to come. Dismissed.”
  2. Enhancements (Pts 1-4)

    Enhancements: Part One The Beginning It had been six months since Chris's life had changed forever. A nineteen year old college student, Chris's body had always been unremarkable. He was a wiry, average-height boy, his pasty, acne littered skin stretched over his bony, muscleless figure. He was mostly hairless, save for the few stray hairs poking out of his chest and nipples and his pubic hair, which he kept mostly trimmed. His butt wasn't anything special, either; although it wasn't flat, it was nothing compared to the asses on the porn stars that Chris loved jerking off to. It was on that day, 6 months ago, in fact, that Chris had sat in his desk chair, beating off and watching porn, when it happened. He had just returned from a short jog. It wasn't that Chris hadn't been trying to get physically fit- it was just that his fast metabolism and poor eating and exercise habits needed to be overcome in order to see real progress. He wasn't bad looking, either - just altogether average. Chris thought maybe if he could get a little more muscle onto his frame, he'd be a catch. But on that day, after his run, sweaty and a little horny, he returned to his single dorm room and decided to watch some porn and have a little private fun. He shut his dorm door, which locked automatically, and pulled off his mesh blue athletic shorts and his sweat through boxers. In exchange, he put on his white Bike No. 10 jockstrap - too chicken yet to wear it out on a run, but wanting to feel how his ass and cock felt nestled in the tight straps and pouch. After sitting down, he opened up his laptop and grabbed a bottle of lube, pulling up his favorite porn video and beginning to rub at his crotch through the knit fabric of the jockstrap. As he dreamed of being as big and muscled as the studs he was watching suck and fuck on the screen, he slid the jockstrap off, lubing up his 6" cock, beginning to stroke. Moans and groans of intense pleasure filled his ears as his headphones transmitted the sounds of sex from the porn video. Chris took his jockstrap up his face, gently inhaling his own musky scent, imagining instead that his own jock belonged to one of the muscled boys from down the hall. Through this blissful fantasy, Chris didn't realize he was ignoring the loud knocks on his heavy dorm room door. It was only after he decided to change videos - he wanted to look for something to satisfy his fantasy of getting fucked in a locker room - that he heard the loud knocking and shouting from the hall. "C'mon man, I know you're in there, I saw you just got back from your run," came the voice from the hall, accompanied by more loud knocks. "I really, really need to talk to you." Chris signed, recognizing the voice. It was Evan, a guy from down the hall. He pulled his earbuds out, looked down at his lubed up erection, back to the computer screen, and finally at the door. "Can it wait?" he hollered. "I'm in the middle of something." "No man, please! I'm having a crisis here." Chris sighed. Evan was a close friend, maybe even his closest; he wanted to know what was the matter. He quickly pulled on his jockstrap and shorts, wiped off his hands as best he could, and walked over to the door, his erection quickly subsiding. He opened the door, shirtless, to a similarly shirtless Evan. "Come in, then," he motioned to his hallmate. Evan did, then sat down on Chris's black futon, which was positioned in the middle of the tiny room, facing the 32" LCD that Chris had atop his dressers on one side of the room. His lofted bed and desk were on the opposite end of the room, against the far wall, and behind the futon. Evan leaned back, spreading out on the futon. Unlike Chris, he was a muscular guy, with nice, beefy pecs and thick biceps, outstretched across the back of the futon. He too, was mostly hairless, save for a few curls of chest hair and thick tufts of armpit hair, which Chris could easily see due to Evan's provocative pose. All in all, Evan was about 6', maybe about 185 lbs. It was he who Chris had been trying to get workout tips from, although their schedules had not really lined up much to be able to go workout together. Evan was straight, much to Chris's dismay- and Evan knew that Chris was attracted to him, as Chris was the first person he had come out to, back at the end of freshman year. But it was sophomore year now, a full summer behind them to clear the awkwardness of that conversation back in May, a full summer for the unrequited advances of Chris to fade in his mind. If you asked Chris, he would tell you that he didn't have feelings for Evan any more, but deep down, he knew that he was still deeply infatuated with him. And now, on this late September Saturday afternoon, Chris groaned, "So what's wrong." "Did I interrupt you beating off?" asked Evan bluntly. Chris sighed and pressed the question. "What. Is. Your. Crisis." Evan looked up at his friend. "Well. You being the expert on gay things and all..." He looked up at Chris, who was until these words sweaty and annoyed. "I need advice." Chris raised an eyebrow. He had gotten his hopes on Evan misinterpreting signs like this before and he wasn't about to let it happen again. Evan, on the other hand, looked like was going to throw up. He didn't know how to interrupt the feelings he was having, let alone tell Chris, a guy whom he had upset deeply for not being gay, this new development in his sexuality. "Well," Evan said, gulping. "I was trying to hook up with this girl, Ashley, last night over at Sig." Chris rolled his eyes. Sig was a frat they had gone and partied at a few times as freshmen, taking advantage of the free booze offered to freshmen the brothers thought might rush. Chris and Evan did not, and Chris had not been back since. Evan, on the other hand, had friends in the frat from high school. "And it was going great," he continued. "Until things started getting, well, serious. I just couldn't 'do' anything! I mean, it was like I wasn't attracted to her, at all. Like suddenly it clicked that I wasn't doing this because I thought she was attractive, but because I felt social pressure!" "So you had whiskey dick, big deal," retorted Chris, his arms folded. "You've gotten off with girls before, haven't you?" "No, it was more than that. I wasn't even that drunk. And no, if you must know, I have not gotten more than a BJ from a girl before." This surprised Chris. Really, for all that talk, Evan was a virgin? "So what do you need me for?" Chris groaned, thinking back to the porn he was watching and how much he'd so rather be masturbating. "Well... this morning I was really thinking about it. So I tried to jerk off. I pulled up all the porn I usually watch. And I realized that all of it had really, really good looking dudes in them. I mean, big, muscley guys. I think I've been jerking off to them all along." Chris sighed. He really, really could not let himself be Evan's experiment. After all the strife and sadness he went through the last time, when he came out to Evan, he couldn't do it again. "I know, I know what you're thinking," said Evan. "But this is different. Just now, I pulled up some actual gay porn. And Chris, it was hot. Like, crazy hot." Chris's cock stiffened a little to hearing Evan say this. But he knew better. "So you thought you'd come over to me, who you know wants your hot bod, to see how real these feelings are." This whole time, Chris's computer had still been playing the porn he had been watching, but just now, it must have reached close to the end, as the quiet tiny sounds of men screaming sounds of intense pleasure could be detected, despite being played through tiny Apple earbuds still plugged into the computer. "Go on then, bring that over here," Evan said. "I'll show you." By this point, Chris was too horny to protest or keep his guard up. This was a real, actual chance to see Evan, not just naked, but jerking off? He grabbed the laptop, putting it down on the floor in front of them. Evan pulled down his own shorts, revealing his thick 6.5" cock. He lubed it up, looking over at Chris. Evan was hard as a rock. "Damn, this is hot," he moaned. The two spent the afternoon jerking off, kissing, and sucking each other off. That fateful afternoon was the beginning of their relationship. A few weeks later, they would explore each other further, Chris and Evan losing their virginity together, as Chris rode and bounced on Evan's thick member. And now, six months since Evan learned his true sexuality, the two boys were going to take their relationship to the next level. --- It was a frigid February Friday morning. Evan and Chris had driven in to the city, taking advantage of their long 4 day winter weekend, to celebrate this milestone in their relationship. After parking the car in a large garage, the two boys walked out into the quiet streets of the city gayboorhood and approached their destination. They looked up at the sign of the nondescript shop front. In blue block letters, it read "Andro's Men's Clinic". In the window, a small sign read "Enhancements available here!". "This is the place," Chris breathed, pushing the door open, leading him and his boyfriend inside.
  3. Unit 246: Chapter Five

    Chapter One is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13112-unit-246/ Chapter Four is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13146-unit-246-chapter-four/ Unit 246 Chapter Five Unit 389 had still been enraptured in the feeling of becoming as empowered as a neutron star, as unyielding as a being of chrome and tungsten, as disciplined as a fighting machine and as built as forgotten hero-god of the past, when someone or something cut the power supply off, and put an end to the relentless behaviour of Medical Artificial Intelligence 5. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Thirty thousand seven hundred millibanner. And... And... Aaaaaannnd... Warning. Lacking power supplyyyy..." He and the two other units regained their awareness of their physical surroundings. Socket A and socket B were damaged by the size of the forearms and calves of Unit 388 and himself. The lead glass walls of the chamber had cracked, and the electric cables supplying the hypertrophic generators smelled like they had burned. Individuals in hazmat suits stood in Lab 5, some of them of non-enhanced size, others obviously fellow individual units. Still dazed by The Procedure, he and Unit 246 and Unit 388 had been helped out of the chamber. Someone in a hazmat suit carrying the insignias of a lieutenant spoke to him: "Attention all units! Number?" "Sir! Unit 246, Sir!" "Sir! Unit 388, Sir!" "Sir! Unit, 389, Sir!" "You will be escorted to MedBay." They were escorted to MedBay. Three other men already rested there: A non-enhanced private with a partially-transformed and disfigured arm and shoulder, and two individual units of uncertain upgrade with something similar to burns in their faces and their right arms. A human surgeon, a Bleronian nurse and Medical Artificial Intelligence 1 took some samples, and gave them some pills. The Emotion Access of the other units were disabled, and they remained silent, but the wounded non-enhanced man was angry when he regained consciousness: "I'm not sure exactly bloody what you three were doing in there, but you succeeded in making me a bloody freak, without even looking inside! Fuck what it hurts! The painkillers doesn't work! Nurse Zzmnczythia? May I have another painkiller?" The blue-skinned Bleronian expressed a vapour of pity through their blowhole, and answered: "A higher dosage could be dangerous, but I could give you a telepathic analgesic, until Doctor Lǐ has evaluated your unusual state. You have assimilated hypertrophic power without any preliminary injections, and so has two of the other wounded patients. I am not at liberty to administer any telepathic analgesic to a patient without express permission, according to the Human-Bleronian Communication Agreement of Common Galactic Ansible Date 200.374.615. Do I have your permission, Private?" "Of course you have my permission, Nurse. While you are at it, why don't you blast the brains out of those fucking hulk morons over there? I give you my permission to do that. Fuck, this hurts so damned much!" "I am not at liberty at blasting other patients without their own express permission, Private." "Sorry, Nurse. Forgot the absence of irony in the Bleronian language. Please zap me with the mind-ano, already." * * * They had been kept in MedBay for two shifts. The best treatment of the injured non-enhanced Private was found to be The Procedure, using Prototype Enhancement formula upgrade 7.2, which had been sufficiently evaluated to be used in a non-standard enhancement like this. The Private did't seem to enjoy the thought, as two Enhanced Special Marine Servicemen upgrade 7.1 strapped the patient to the wheeled sickbed and moved him to the undamaged Lab 4: "No! You can't do this! I want to remain myself! Don't make me one of them! My girlfriend will hate me!" * * * Lieutenant Fforbes had given him a scolding, and he deserved it, because Lieutenant Fforbes told him he deserved it, but the – part interrogation – conversation turned into something more analytic after a while. "Do you remember anything of the past, Unit 389?" "Negative, Sir! This individual unit came into existence two shifts ago, and exist for the purpose of enhancing his capacity and use his capacity to the utmost, for the sake of the Galactic Empire. I hope, that I have enhanced my capacity to the utmost, Sir!" "I see. Though the events at the Becoming of you and Unit 388 damaged Lab 5, your Becoming has given us new, updated and complementary data, of use for the Galactic Marine Corps." "Sir! Thank you, Sir!" "But the damage inflicted to Lab 5 and three passersby deserve punishment." Lieutenant Fforbes was silent a few seconds, but the new Unit, which had forgotten, that he once had been Sergeant Mulligan, continued to stare straightforward without flinching. "And you have caused another problem. His Majesty's Battleship Demogorgon will not be able to use hyperwarp, until a new series of hyperwarp-safe hibernation-pods are acquired. This might delay missions of great importance. I will find out a suitable punishment. Let me see... Unit 389 blacked out. When he returned to consciousness his phonewatch showed, that it was one shift later, and he stood outside Lieutenant Fforbes private quarters. He knew that he had been given an order to give a hand at the installation of the new series of pods at hibernation deck. When he arrived at hibernation deck, he found Unit 246 and Unit 388 there, assisting the short and tiny dockworkers with the anti-grav trolleys and the new, bigger, pods. Pods suitable to contain Enhanced Special Marine Servicemen of upgrade 8.1.
  4. Hi There All! Here is a teaser for the third chapter of my ongoing sci-fi series. You can see the full chapter on my patreon page. Pledging just $1.00 per month gets you access to two 3000+ word chapters each month with more excited content coming soon. Feedback is appreciated. If you'd like to find out more on the series and enjoy the full exclusive chapters, hop on over to my Patreon page. patreon.com/rekoobaz Enjoy! Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 (Teaser) The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero Chapter 4 (TEASER) - Frisky Feedback patreon.com/rekoobaz Location: New California Convention Center, Central New California, PC-B, Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri System), 1st Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy Year: AD 2135 (After Eeros devastating loss at the competition, he ends up losing something even more important when he goes back to one of the judges hotel rooms to work on his "posing".) "I don't normally do this, not for free anyway, but if you're interested, you can come back to my hotel room and I can help you with your ‘posing routine’ if you like." Frisco said under his breath again so no passersby would hear. "Really?!" Eero beamed, "That'd be amazing.” ————————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— Over the next half hour, Frisco enlightened Eero with a huge amount of tips and tricks for his posing. Eero stood in front of the mirror, Frisco by his side, shifting from pose to pose, front and back double biceps, lat spread, hamstring flex and so on. Frisco adjusting Eeros stance, the position of his arms, telling him what muscle groups to flex, making sure each pose was perfect. Frisco tried to keep his cool as he ran his hands over the skin of the sexy hunk of muscle standing in his hotel room, using his posing advice as a cover to feel up the big muscle slut in his tiny pink poser. Frisco could feel his arousal coming back fast. "All right, Im gonna call out a few poses kid and you're gonna fire them off, just like we've discussed, got that?” Frisco announced. "Ok, Im ready to go!" Eero responded Frisco returned to the chair "Front double biceps!" He yelled. Eero dutifully pulled his arms up, holding his forearms at the correct position, allowing the peaks of his biceps to rise beautifully. Eero also flexed his abs, hard, for extra effect. Lastly pointing the toes on his right foot allowing his quads to flex and ripple. Eero held himself. "Not bad, not bad," Frisco commented "Front Lats!” Eero shifted, pulling his elbows forward allowing his beautiful lats to flare majestically out to the sides. His bulging rounded delts putting on a good show too. Frisco shifted in his chair, getting a little antsy watching the display. "Side Chest!” Eero stepped sideways, his legs spread allowing them to join in on the show. His big muscle tits really caught Frisco’s attention though, the young bodybuilder taking his advice about emphasising what he had to heart. Frisco began palming the growing bulge in his tight sweatpants. "Uhh, back double!” Raising his arms up again, extending one of his legs and flexing his calf with all his might, Eero almost seemed to disappear, in his place the image of greek god, only bigger, the pose so superbly executed. Friscos bulge quickly growing bigger. "Back lats!” This really got Frisco going, leaning forward in his chair, practically watering at the mouth. The pose perfectly highlighted Eeros extreme sweep from his wide lats down to his sexy slender waist. Eero giving his glutes a playful flex as well. Frisco let out a low growl, “Yeahhh." "C'mon kid, side triceps, now!” Yet another opportunity for Eero to show off this squeezable pecs, the execution of the pose definitely making them seem larger, as was Eeros intent. "C'mon! Get into it!" Friso yelled. Eero flexed harder, grimacing, letting out a groan. "That's it, you're getting it. Man if you had performed this well on the stage today, you would've gotten a much better placing!" Frisco admitted, standing. He stood closer to Eero, feeling the heat radiating for the bodybuilder. "Last one, MOST MUSCULAR!" Frisco bellowed. Eero leaned forward, flexing his arms in front of him, his whole body blossoming, exploding with muscular power. “Harder!" Frisco yelled. "Yeah!" Eero yelled, flexing harder. "C'Mon, harder!” "Yeahhh!", eero pulling even harder. "Fucking harder, go big or go home!” "FUCK YEAHHH!” Eero letting out the most primal, masculine growl. Frisco couldn't take it anymore. His now solid erection begging to break free He grabbed Eero, spinning him around and pushing him up against the mirror, kneading his pecs, the both of them breathing heavily. "Fuck yeah you big muscled fucker!" Frisco breathed. The both of them staring at each other, faces only inches apart, Eero was completely caught up in the rush of it all, until Frisco leaned in and began furiously making out with the young bodybuilder. Eero caught by surprise, Friscos tongue slipping right in. Eero struggled to break free, he could feel the judges throbbing erection rubbing against his brief posing strap. Eeros own junk thickening up despite himself. Frisco eventually pulled away, staring into Eeros’ eyes with a lewd grin. "Please don't," Eero begged. Frisco just scoffed, grabbing the bodybuilder again and throwing him onto the bed, Eero landing on his back, looking up to see Frisco approach. "Remember how I said earlier I don't normally do this for free?" Frisco reminded. "Well, given this evenings success I think this time should be no exception!” ————————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— © Rekoobaz Hope you enjoyed this little teaser of Chapter 4! The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon. Chapters 1 and 2 are free to view to give you a taste of the work to come. I'll be starting out with two chapters every month with more exciting content to come in the future. If you're interested you find out more at patreon.com/rekoobaz By pledging just $1.00 per month you'll be able to enjoy this chapter in full at 5000+ words. Thanks and again, feedback is appreciated!
  5. Grandpa Burt Grows (Repost)

    GRANDPA BURT GROWS Story by Muscl4life and rdalrt2 Part 1 “These are new.” Grandpa commented, looking at the two blue pills in the bottom of the little plastic glass that I handled him, and for one second, it just felt he could read my mind, my heart skipped a bit. “It’s okay, gramps. Just a couple of new vitamins, they’re harmless.” I kindly encouraged him with a glass of juice to help him gulp down yet another set of pills. “Vitamins are a waste in this old sack of bones.” Grandpa just shrugged and took them down, not realizing that he had just swallowed a billion dollar revolutionary experimental super anabolic inducer that I had been secretly developed especially for him at my new job at ChemTech Labs. Don’t look at me like that; you would do the exact same thing too. Well, if you were a young man with a brilliant genius who loved your grandfather and hated to see him so miserable. I didn’t want his golden years to feel so lonely and uneventful. The man has been serving his country as a military and as a police officer, he served almost 35 years and became a rewarded crime fighter, but now people looked down at him, like he wasn’t capable of taking care of himself. Starting with dad, who insisted that Grandpa was no longer able to live by himself at only 68 years old! It was a good thing that I volunteered move in with him after I graduated from college, avoiding another major family crisis. Usually, grandpa was the most active man I knew. He was a 5’10” 170 pounds guy in top shape, grandpa could run 5 kilometers three times a week, and still lifted heavier than my scrawny self. He did try to eat healthy, but lately doctors were bugging him with cholesterol levels being too high. I used to think Grandpa Burt was my invincible hero, the same broad shouldered dark haired, gallant officer with the manliest mustache in the world, just like the picture hanging over the fireplace. After his surprising divorce, and the unexpected passing of Grandma, he did seem to lose a bit of his flare, became much more silent and less vigorous, more susceptible to illness, and in the last couple of months he did lost several pounds because his organism was much frailer. I wouldn’t let my grandpa go like that! At least not without doing something about, and being a very resourceful (some would say brilliant) young man working at a very disputed research position at the most prestigious pharmaceutical company of the world meant that I had access to several prototype formulae, just waiting to be improved by my skills. And so I decided to take this andropause study and bring it into a whole new level, I was determined not to just soften the loss of muscular mass, strength and sexual drive, I would find a way not only to revert these nasty symptoms, but to change the scenario around, my formula would actually help elder men to continue vigorous and strong throughout all their lives, if not healthier and stronger. Okay, I might be a bit obsessed, but all geniuses are obsessed. I also knew my formula was highly experimental but there was no better timing. Although I would never harm grandpa intentionally, and he needed to be the first human test, after all the formula was especially tailored for his genetic makeup and physiologic needs. Following the improvised treatment system that I pretended that his physician had created, Grandpa Burt took 2 pills three times a day, followed by a special nutrient shake that I developed especially to make sure his organism was getting all the amino-acids it deserved when the anabolic cycle started. Basically, my formula would “jump start” the genetic production of testosterone, which provided a new anabolic cycle in his organism, therefore overcoming the nasty effects of the andropause, allowing his life to get back in the vigorous standards. I had to hide my utmost excitement during the following days; I gave an excuse at work and said that my grandpa needed my cares, when in fact he was feeling healthier than ever. His appetite returned with revenge, he ate everything that I served him and even went back for seconds. His work out disposition had not only returned, it now seemed much more intense and his blood work was pristine, which overcame my most optimistic expectations. However, even if I were able to fool grandpa initially, I should have guessed that a prodigious 19 year old lab rat would never be able to keep the façade from a man who worked as a detective for over three decades for much longer. It turned out that Grandpa was just giving me enough line to see what was going on, and I realized it just at the end of the first week into the treatment, and I brought grandpa the first daily dose of his “vitamins”. “How are you doing sir?” I brought the tray with his special medication. “I’m feeling better than ever, son!” Grandpa Burt gave me a mighty hug, and since his recovery, he already added the lost weight, even increasing his bodyweight to 177 pounds of hard lean mass. “What was that for?” I asked blushing deeply. “Do I need a reason to hug my favorite grandson?” He chuckled, grabbing the little glass with his pills and the glass of water. “I am your only grandson…” “And that’s your father’s fault. Your grandma couldn’t have more children and he knew I’ve always wanted a bunch of little grandchildren.” “Yeah, yeah, yeah, now take your pills at once.” I admit now that I am the worst liar in the world; my body language gave up my excitement. Grandpa stopped right before he actually gulped the pills. “What is the name of this product?” “W-what?” I gagged. “What is the name of this wondrous drug that you’re giving me without any prescription from my doctor?” Grandpa Burt asked once again, this time looking down at my 5’6” frame, and I couldn’t stop shaking for once. “Oh…I don’t know…it’s new to the market…” “Is it now? And a brilliant young man who currently works in the pharmaceutical area wouldn’t happen to know about such a miraculous new drug?” Grandpa Burt had his smartest look framed by his silver mustache, and my knees were so weak, that I spilled all the beans. “I am sorry, grandpa! I didn’t mean to harm you, I made this drug for you, and it is especially designed to help you overcome andropause symptoms. I know it sounds dangerous, but I’ve taken all precautions, I swear I would never let anything bad happen to you.” I must confess I would expect to hear a lecture, but instead I just got another warm hard hug and a kiss on my forehead. “That’s okay, son, I am a little upset that you've been stealing from your work to get me these pills, but I can see why you did it. I'm touched that you care so much about a useless old man." “Well technically I didn't steal, the formula was just a prototype, it didn't even work, it was merely an idea, I had to start from scratch and I've got much better results in you than the other candidates, but then again this formula is tailored for you, I don't think it would work that well in another man. But don't worry, now that we have established such impressive standards, I guess we can drop them, your organism will probably keep producing regular levels of testosterone that will help you to keep strong and healthy." I said casually, but then my grandfather just did something that surprised me, he not only swallowed the pills I had given him, he just smiled and proposed me something that I would never expect to hear. "The way I see it, I've got an incredible opportunity with these pills, and my genius grandson being kind enough to provide them." He smiled warmly, looking down at me with his inquisitive expression. "And I'm not going to waste it. I want to see what these pills can do...so instead of stopping, I want you to bring me even more powerful versions. I don't know if I'll get to feeling as good as I did when I was your age, but I want to see everything that this new drug can do." "Grandpa Burt?" It was all I could mutter. The former law-enforcer just looked down at me, hugged me so tightly and thanked me for giving me a new chance on his life. I was caught unprepared; the turn of events was so unexpected. "Of course, sir. I can do that, we can adjust the formula to make it more potent if you want, but I must warn you that it will make your body more muscular and increase some other aspects of your organism. And, you will actually feel better than when you were my age sir, the overall enhancements are going to happen on top of your current stats." His smile was warm, and made my young scientist's heart melt. "That sounds wonderful to me, son. Now if you'll excuse me, I think it's been far too long since I worked out." I followed Grandpa down to the basement like a little lamb. His weight set was still in there, though it had been collecting dust for the last year or so as it sat unused. The doctors had told him to take it easy; since his joints couldn't sustain the stresses of intense weightlifting. But once he changed into his workout gear and walked down the steps to the basement, setting up the bench press with 145 pounds, less than he used to do but still a significant weight. He could only laugh as he easily pumped the weight up and down, racking it after 20 easy reps. "Hah! That was easy...Add on another 45 pounds, son." I eagerly obliged, thus matching his previous cargo, but even after that he just waited until I added another 20 pounds. I was afraid that he would hurt himself, but as grandpa started this new series with renewed energies, it soon became obvious that his treatment had not just returned his strength, it actually made him a bit stronger and his joints no longer hurt. "This is going really good, sir, your organism must be producing collagen as well, making sure your joints are properly prepared for a brand new anabolic cycle that your organism entered, or at least the first one..." I felt very proud of making my aging grandpa feel young and strong again. The lean man grinned as he pushed out 10 reps, racking the weight with a chuckle. "It's been a long time since I've been able to lift like that. It didn't hurt at all..." He raised an arm to rub at his elbows and shoulders, chuckling. "Mmm, this is great! I feel strong as a young buck!" I gingerly nodded. "Well sir, a young buck wouldn't be that strong, you see your body is used with strength train and such information is well kept in your organism, so when you undergo the strengthening process, the overall results are magnified by your own experience. This is not just another puberty growth induced by chemicals; it is actually a better anabolic cycle because you are a better man than you've used to be back in previous days. I guess this explains such impressive results right of the bat." I tried to explain Grandpa Burt about the feedback of his enhancement treatment, but I suddenly felt that he was not paying enough attention; his intense blue gaze only seemed interest in the uncanny results in front of them. "Oh, we shouldn't forget the shake..." I smacked my forehead. "Mmm, that's right. Why don't you go make it for me, son? Make it a big one as well, your grandpa is feeling awfully hungry today." Grandpa Buck grinned back at me, looking up at the young man who made the impossible true with an eager expression. "And you'll be making a lot for dinner, won't you? I'm going to need a lot of protein tonight." "Don't worry, pops, I'll never let you starving!" I said with a timid grin as I went upstairs to bring him the nutritional shake I've developed and also made sure that we had steaks for dinner. When I got back, I saw that my grandpa was still working out very intensely, it was like he was visiting an old friend that left a long time ago, and such friend was himself at the prime of his shape, but now he realized that he was getting too strong for such old standards, he already added another 70 pounds to his previous record and didn't seem challenged enough. "Is everything alright here sir?" The older man grinned, standing up without taking his eyes at his reflection in the mirror. "I feel great, son. Stronger than ever! In fact..." Grandpa Buck pulled off his shirt and revealed his torso, making you gasp as you see his toned abs, his defined pecs, his thick arms and broad shoulders. He looked so different already! "I think these weights might be too light for me pretty soon, though." I gasped as noticing that my 68 year old grandpa already had his 6-pack back! I guess his recovery was going better than I thought. "Wow, this is impressive, gramps! I guess that you being conscious of the ongoing changes on your body is having a positive impact on your development, it is causing a tremendous pump effect over your body, which is so impressive." I looked back at the winning smile of my grandfather and blushed so intensely, there was nothing in the world that I wouldn't do to make him happy. "I won't let you down, sir. You said you wanted a more powerful version of the formula and I shall give you that, it is actually pretty simple to design a more potent version, but I'll challenge myself to make sure that you will be bigger than you've never been!" Grandpa resumed his work out for that day, and although he was tired, he said he had never felt better in his life, and everything thanks to me. The very next day, I left home pretty early, not without giving Grandpa his first dose of the day and make sure he ate his breakfast, he was actually so excited about a brand new work out day, after all yesterday he had packed impressive 8 full pounds of impressive muscles, which made him 185 hard toned strong rugged pounds. “Go make me more muscle pills, son!” He playfully said as he smacked my butt, and for some reason it hurt a bit more than it was supposed to, or at least I felt my butt tingling for a long time afterwards, but it was not something bad, quite the contrary, I rubbed my cheek all the way to work. When I finally got back to ChemTech, I quickly fed the computer with several different adjustments of the original formula, and slowly worked them on the simulator to make sure the final product turned out even better than I first expected. Several hours later I returned home with a new batch of stronger and more refined muscle growth pills especially designed for my grandfather, and I was surprised to find him working out until late at night, but with a smile in his face and the most amazing pump I've ever seen. "Grandpa? Are you still working out? I thought you were doing that when I left? Did you eat well? Did you start dinner or should I do it?" I asked feeling kind of worried by the intense look on his face, it suddenly seemed like he had been there all day, which couldn't be possible, could it? The older man chuckled as he greeted me, standing in front of the boy with a broad grin. "Oh, you're back already...I've actually only been stopping my workouts to eat and go to the bathroom, I've been going at it all day! And instead of getting tired, I'm getting stronger than ever! My bench press is already up to 280 pounds, isn't that impressive?" I was shocked, looking at the uncanny physique on Grandpa Burt made me realize his organism was reacting far better than I had anticipated; it was like he had been working those muscles throughout all his life! The look on his glorious body was impressive, and when I reached to touch the hardness of his incredibly pumped muscles, it felt like touching a hot marble wall. "Whoa, grandpa Burt, you are so hard, and pumped!" I gulped, repeatedly touching the uncanny hard surfaces of those muscles with my curious respectful finger. “That's not the only thing that's pumped." Grandpa replied in a low, husky tone, and it was only then I noticed something else was pumped and went beet red at the very moment. "Holy testosterone, Batman!" was all that I could mutter by seeing my grandpa sporting a boner underneath his tight shorts, and not just any boner, it was the most impressive hard cock I had ever seen in my young life! "What's the matter, son? A real man isn't ashamed of his natural testosterone and manly urges. Getting pumped up makes me feel like a real man, my cock is just responding in kind!" He said with a smirk, not at all embarrassed by his boner. "Erm...I guess it's part of the effects, after all you are no longer suffering from andropause..." I actually didn’t know how to feel, after all it was supposed to be really strange to hear his grandpa talking about sex so frankly, right? But deep down in my soul, I felt incredibly proud that my grandpa shared such intimate feelings with me, but I tried to forget about the humongous size of his cock bulging under the flimsy fabric of his shorts. “Anyway, I hope you are feeling hungry, I bought tons of chicken breasts and tuna steaks, I think that you need extra protein now that we are gonna test these..." I gave him the new bottle of pills, and the look on my grandfather was priceless. "Take 4 of them after each meal, and on that note, you should know that you must do at least 6 meals a day, grandpa." “Oh don’t worry about that, pretty boy.” The older man's grin was out to ears, he immediately marched upstairs and started cooking a ton of food. “Are you sure you want to cook all that for dinner?” I asked in shock with his appetite, but grandpa just nodded along. “Sure, I love cooking in bulk, besides, I’ve got a feeling there won’t be leftovers.” By the time dinner was served, there were Chicken fillets, tuna steaks, protein powder shakes, Grandpa Burt surely made more food than we could eat in three days, but then again he was a growing man, and he needed lots of food to fuel his growth! “Come on boy, dig in before I eat it all!” He sat down and started eating it eagerly, moaning loudly at each bite he took and then the most amazing thing happened...his muscles seemed to twitch and expand with every swallow of food, and I was shocked to realize that it was not just my imagination, my grandfather was growing more muscular right in front of my eyes! At first, I thought Grandpa wasn't aware of his growth, he was just moaning and groaning, the food should be really good, but it was only then I noticed he was also aware of his muscles growing thicker, bulkier, heavier, wider and more massive, his pumped up organism quickly soaked in the nutrients in his bloodstream and responded to the muscle growth inducers in such a vivid way that I could only gasp in excitement and shock. "Grandpa, you're...you're growing!" The laughter on him made me realize that his growth was going on for a while now, he just wanted me to realize it first. "Shit, the formula is working far too well!" "There's no such thing, boy. It can only work even better!" He grinned as he polished off the last bit of food, flexing his massive arms. Those biceps had to be at least 21 inches, he was getting so huge! Meanwhile, I had been entranced with his expanding muscles too damn intensely to even notice him reaching down and grabbing the bottle of pills, pouring some out into his hand and then swallowing them. "I figure I should up the dosage to six pills, you probably created the dosage for a man smaller than me." "Oh, grandpa, please...don't do this we still have to see what the original dose was capable of...holy cow!" I said as Grandpa moaned, his body shaking so rapidly, his muscles bulged and he grunted, his tight clothes were ripping, the seam in his pants exploded on the thighs and the back of his tight T-shirt tore off as he smiled at me. We both heard the buttons on his shirt popping out of his shirt, and hitting different parts of the house. He just brought his arms at shoulder level and flexed the biceps watching them growing into uncanny size. "Holy cow! Grandpa you are awesome!" "Damn right I am, boy...look at these muscles." He flexed his immense biceps with a growl, the bulges of muscle surging up to 26" around, he'd grown as big as the biggest bodybuilders from that meal alone, and he was still getting bigger! "You think a little young man like you has BEEF like this? I'll show all those young boys a thing or two about REAL power." Grandpa growled, exulting in manliness and boasting with strength. "Grandpa, please...you have to take it easy, all this new testosterone can be dangerous to your brain, I don't want you to turn into some kind of uncontrolled freak okay?" I was really concerned with his health, it was then I noticed those intense blue eyes and the manliest smile in the world focusing on me. Once again my world stopped when his huge hands hugged my small, frail 145 pound frame into his glorious expanding physique. Grandpa pressed our bodies together and my hard cock rubbing on his uncanny 8 pack abdominal wall as his own monumental cock pressed against my frail figure, I only noticed his hand going down my soft tiny bubble butt and moaned, I've never felt him ripping my pants, but his harsh huge hand rubbing my right cheek felt so good. "Please, grandpa, you must stay calm”. It was all that I could whisper. "I'm plenty calm, boy. Now stop arguing...this is what I want. And I'm going to get it." He said with a broad, confident smile before firmly pulling me in for a kiss. But this wasn't like his other kisses, as my shaking lips pressed against his own and his manly mustache tickled my nose, his overpowering manly musk filled my lungs, his tongue slipping into my eager mouth as his massive hands rubbed and squeezed my gluteus, pulling the rest of my clothing off. Mmm, you look good naked. Just like your grandpa. I think there's going to be some new rules around here..." I went quiet, suddenly there was no need to argue, and things were self-explainable. I blushed intensely as my grown grandfather gently picked me in his arms and took me to the couch, where we sat very calmly. He brought his arm up and with just one look he told me exactly what I needed to know, I hugged the giant biceps with my eager both arms and kissed the rugged mountainous shapes on it, which pleased my grandpa tremendously, and I felt the hardness of his immense cock pressing on my virgin butt. Without asking anything else, I just laid my face against his immense chest and guided his huge hand back to my pretty virgin butt, and he inserted two huge fingers and judging by the way my eyes popped, he just laughed out loud, noticing I was very nervous at this, but so freaking excited. It was hard to believe that this growing man, my own grandfather, was penetrating me with his huge fingers. But it was happening; I was going to get fucked by my own studly Grandpa Burt! He pushed the two fingers in deeper and deeper, stretching me wider around them. "Mmm, I love watching you squirm as you take it, boy. You have never gotten fucked before, have you? You think you can take grandpa's huge cock?" He asked in a very deep, manly, yet authoritarian tone that made me melt. I wanted to say yes, but I gasped at the sight of the immense thing, fear overtook my body and I just shook my head violently, hoping that my grandpa would spare me from such horrendous pain, but instead he just laughed out, and held my head against his chest, lifting my body higher and spreading my legs. I screamed as those fingers were replaced by the most massive cockhead in the world, pressing into my virgin butt hole with such unstoppable force, I wanted to cry out in pain, but each time I opened my mouth it was muffled by the harsh kissing tongue of my growing grandpa. He kissed me rougher, dominating my little body with his expanding monumental physique, as rubbed my body with his huge paws, he squeezed tighter and with more passion, turning all the pain into pleasure which seemed to melt into my cock, I blew without ever touching myself, but still that immense monster was going deeper inside of me and Grandpa seemed to enjoy stretching me up like that. His cock was so huge, so powerful, it made a young weak man like squirming and moaning as Grandpa Burt sank me deeper and deeper atop that shaft. It had to be more than 14 inches long and bigger around than a soda can, stretching my poor virgin butt so deep and wide that no other man would even come close! I couldn't believe that I was taking the cock that had made my father! "Mmm, you're so tight around me, boy..." He whispered I tried to settle onto the base of his shaft, the pain slowly fading. My heart beating so fast, I vainly thought the worst was over, the burning pain on my butt, the humongous cock pushing deeper inside me, but Grandpa clearly had other plans. All of a sudden, he just stood up with me still impaled on his monster shaft and walked downstairs back to the basement, supporting my weight as I moaned with each single step he took. “Don’t worry boy, we just need a view, and you will understand everything Grandpa wants.” The glorious master of muscle calmly sat in front of the mirror of his weight set, he savored our joint reflection and kissed my cheeks, caressing my hair and cleaning the sweat over my eyes. “You are the sweetest little boy. I will make sure you are always proud of my size, of my strength, Bobby.” Then, he flexed his arms, showing me how massive he had gotten thanks to me, and the pain was gone. “Oh Grandpa, you’re so huge, so amazing!” I was still pacing, still moaning, still not used to be fucked, but so eager to learn more. “I sure am, pretty Bobby, my genius little flower, but I want to get bigger, and you want Grandpa to get bigger too, right?” “Yes, sir, nothing else in the world would make me happier than making you bigger!” Then, Grandpa Buck picked the bottle I gave him and handled it to me, opening his huge hand to get a few more. “Then you get to pick how many pills should I take now, boy. I know you want me huge so I am happy with any number you pick.” I just grinned while I put the whole bottle all back in his paw. “I’ll make more when you run out of these.” I smiled and felt the cock growing even harder and thicker inside me. The massive older man smiled, those blue eyes seeming to pierce through my soul as I poured out the entire contents of the bottle, more than a hundred pills in his huge hand. "It seems like you finally understand." He chuckled, raising that hand and swallowing the entire collection of pills! He shuddered with delight as they began to work, going through a posing routine with you me attached to his cock, I could feel the cock stretching me wider, going deeper, Grandpa Burt was sweating as he grunted and kept pumping up bigger and bigger, feeling the pills start to kick into his overdrive muscle growth. His pecs surged out, his biceps expanded bigger than barrels; his legs grew thick as tree trunks. "Mmmm, I'm starting to get pretty big now, boy!" He boomed with laughter as he grew wider and wider, his body passing dozens of pounds every minute, his body hair growing thicker as his hair grew back in, he was taking testosterone to a whole new level! I was so lost in the amazing view of my grandpa, but then, something else was burning down my butt. The mega massive cock increased its girth but as it grew bigger it started pouring its contents inside me, and it suddenly felt like I was being flooded by the river of my grandpa's cum! His orgasm was like a dam, he just exploded inside me and his face became priceless as he enjoyed his growth increasing and pacing faster, his cock grew harder and huger as a new load formed and within seconds he came once again, feeling even huger, his muscles expanding and his body hair increasing its manliness. I could no longer understand what was happening, the growth cycles were now becoming a giant orgasm when Grandpa pressed his hips deeper into me and started fucking me like a maniac, I just screamed and felt my belly being flooded! The bench over which we were sitting began to creak from the strain of holding up such immense weight, the mighty ultra cock bucking in and out of my young man’s ass. But Grandpa Burt saw his grandson's guts were bulging out like I'd swallowed a watermelon. He grunted as he began to lift me from his immense cock, not wanting to hurt me with the unstoppable flow of cum from his expanding balls. He slipped off that shaft with an audible pop, and gallon of hot cum rushing from my ass even as grandpa sprayed his seed into the air, splattering against the ceiling, coating the both of them! Instead of fucking his boy ass with his cock, he forced me down onto one of his biceps and flexed as hard as he could, stretching that gaping anus even wider, fucking me with the power of his muscles as his cum began to fill up the basement, the elder man growing past half a ton in muscle and only wanting MORE! At some point I noticed that grandpa's orgasms never seemed to stop, he just came constantly with a growing fury of muscle, he just continued flexing and cumming, soaking the basement in over three feet of cum before his muscles and his monstrous cock finally seemed to stop growing so fast, which must have taken over 30 minutes of uncanny power! Eventually, I was so exhausted that Grandpa just held me in his glorious chest, his cock raining cum on top of both us as he just kissed me with increasing passion, my exhausted being was simply overwhelmed by such manliness scenario while Grandpa Burt just kept my hole warm by inserting his fingers and kissing my ears, telling me how much he loved me, and how much he wanted me to feel proud of his humongous size, I guess I must have dozed off in this lullaby. “Don’t worry, boy, I’ll be here and even bigger when you wake up, your monster muscle grandpa promises, you my little pretty Bobby.” I woke up at once, noticing that I was back on my room, I feared that everything had been a sweet wet dream, because my balls were really aching. But, I realized I haven't been alone in my room. There were huge wet footprints on my carpet, so I stood up and called for Grandpa with growing hope in my heart. "I'm here, boy." Came a deep, rumbling bass from the doorway to the bathroom. I looked over and came once again on the spot despite my allegedly empty balls, seeing the massive man squeezing through the doorway sideways, filling up one wall of the bedroom with his uncanny muscles, wider beyond belief, packed with such strength that he almost didn't look real! He had grown taller, standing 6'6", but he'd grown so wide that he was 11'3" across his shoulders, each of his pecs strong enough to lift a tank off the ground, his arms bigger than his waist at 142" around, his middle a sleek 10-pack of abs. His balls were so big they brushed the top of his feet, and his permanently-hard cock was long enough to brush against the underside of his chin, leaking pre constantly, so huge that it was almost impossible to believe it was on him! "Haha, is your grandpa a little too big for you, boy? You young kids don't know anything about POWER! Let me tell you something little man, I used that industrial scale on the basement and I found out I'm 8,510 pounds, but before the end of the day, I'll have reached five digits. There's nothing you can do to stop me, I have to keep growing STRONGER!” He boomed, flexing his biceps and showing off his hairy musky pits that still reeked of mega-male despite him just having showered! I was taken aback by the monstrosity of my glorious Grandfather, I wanted to scream of fear and of excitement. “ARGHHHHHH!!!!” I was about to totally freak out, but once again Grandpa Burt picked me in his glorious arms and held me so tight I was immobile. “It’s alright, Bobby…Don’t worry, you’re scared, but I’m in control. Now just take a deep breath and deal with the fact your Grandpa is the most amazing, strongest, and powerful motherfucker in the WORLD!” Grandpa kissed my lips over and over and made me feel calmer, until my nerves were actually back under my control, I didn't even remember I had orgasmed so many times, but noticing the splattering over grandpa's chest I realize his size was pretty much intense. "Whoa...grandpa, I'm sorry for freaking out like that, but, damn...you must admit this is so intense, you are a monster of real muscle, and I want to make you grow bigger too sir, it is the only thing I want to do in my life!" I confessed, blushing intensely, desperate to be under his good graces. The massive man just laughed, kissing you once again. "I would love that boy. You make me so proud; I'm able to be a new man because of you! But I don't want to stop here...hehe, I think you have created a monster, boy! I'm so eager to grow, I keep thinking I'll be satisfied at one size, and then I want to grow even bigger than that!" End of part 1 Part 2 I still couldn't believe that my grandpa, my hero former cop grandfather Burt turned into a monstrous muscle freak because of the formula I invented. Still, he spent the previous night proving me that he was all so real, and I must say that I wasn't expecting that he could be so intense. We had been fucking for so many hours that I have simply lost track time, as well as the sensibility of my boy hole, which had been used and abused by my glorious grandpa as it pleased him. After trashing his bedroom for – oh so many amazing hours – Grandpa squeezed into the tiny doorframe of his en suite bathroom and gently tried to insert his monumental mass into the huge bath tub, which he only partially have succeeded, so he had to hold me over the tub while most of his ginormous physique was still outside, which was just fine since he wasn’t interested in soaking his glorious monstrosity in the water just yet, he just wanted to check how much of his cum actually fit inside me. Grandpa actually seemed very interested in how much of him could actually fit in my tiny body, after all his cock had to be at least 15 inches long and so damn thick that it was a real miracle that he didn’t split me in half with that monster. Still, he took great deals of pleasure by sticking his fingers and the giant muscle cock of his into me like I was just his boy toy, and I loved the way it made me feel so tiny and pleasing for the glorious geezer. "Oh grandpa..." I moaned as he retrieved his giant member and watched the uncanny amount of his cum going down the drain as he held me over the bath tub. The massive muscle monster held me, his only grandson tightly as he turned the water on, squeezing my little frame against his incredible mass as the shower washed over our bodies. I’ve never felt so small and so precious at the same time, I was just a little puny bug compared to my humongous, massive grandpa, who seemed to be growing constantly! He was so horny and insatiable, putting much younger porn stars to shame, and he was hung like an elephant! "Mmm, damn boy, your ass tastes amazing, I could eat it for days!" I giggled. "Well daddy, no one doubts you could do that, I just never thought you would keep going and going, and going. Geesh, you have fucked me so many times already, your bedroom is a freaking sea of sweaty muscle cum." I blushed as the ginormous freak gently washed my boy butt, massaging the soft areas with his huge fingers and just making sure that I could still house the immense cockhead on him. "Did you get soft any moment ever since you grew grandpa? I mean, not that I am complaining it is, well to realize you are THAT manly, makes me feel weak, after all I am only 19 and my cock already is aching just to even think you are using me like that, I'm totally spend and I'm just a teenager, I should keep up with your horniness right?" The huge man laughed, rubbing the base of his massive, hard cock. "Actually I think it's just getting harder! All that testosterone surging through me is keeping me so turned on, my nipples are hard as diamonds, my cockhead is so sensitive. Even just talking about it making me hornier than ever!" Although I didn't mean to feel uncomfortable, it was just something that I hadn't anticipated. "Grandpa, you are so much more than I could ever take, I mean...you have fucked me until I passed out at least 4 times and you've kept going on, you are so much more than I could ever try to encompass. Oh grandpa, you need so much more for your pleasure right? Oh I'm so stupid, so selfish; I have been thinking on just me when it's you who need so much more. Grandpa you are still so very horny, we have to find you release right? You want to keep fucking and showing your amazing muscles, oh how could I be so selfish?" I gently whispered in his ears. "Please, Grandpa tell me that you want to have more little guys to fuck, I feel kinky just to imagine that I am not even close from pleasing your needs! It makes me feel proud of your humongous size and manliness, I will gladly help you to get all the release you need Grandpa Burt!” The massive older man blushed, but he couldn't deny his manly urges. "It's true, boy. I’m sorry, your cherry is so nice and tight but you're not enough for me. You're not NEARLY enough for me. I need more little boys like you that I can wear out, that I can fuck until they pass out, and they won't be able to satisfy me either! I'm too much man for anyone; you are just too weak to handle all of me." That moment was so intensely powerful, I didn't expect to cum while Grandpa held me like that, but it was just the purest form of flattering. Grandpa Burt smiled as he kissed my forehead, his hard cock ached for more action and I had to provide it. "You know, sir, we must have to find new ways to release you, we already know you can fuck for hours, but how about working out? You seem to enjoy all that work out, do you feel like it could help you with your enormous problem? I mean we can try to find you some really huge and heavy equipment to give you some challenge." Grandpa Burt grinned, pondering what exactly could challenge him, but he remembered there was a scrap yard not too far from here. Old rusted out cars and other junk would be perfect for him. "Mmm, I suppose I should try and work out while I still can, before I grow even larger from more pills." He chuckled, toweling off his naked body as he held me like the precious boy I was to his glorious monstrousness. "I don't even think we have any clothes that would fit me, and who would dare to tell me I couldn't walk around naked? “Oh, yeah, that would be a slight problem…” The first problem we noticed right away was the uncanny width of Grandpa’s new muscle. We just stood there measuring him for any kind of possible clothing, but it soon proved impossible. "We can try to cover your crotch with some kind stretch fabric, in some poser trunk version but a million times bigger!" I chuckled as we tried to wrap sheets around his waist, which still seemed small enough compared to his monstrous chest, shoulders, legs and especially the super mighty cock. "Please grandpa...can't you take it under three yards? It would make things easier; we still need to figure a way to get you out of the house without destroying the frontal walls. "Hmph, who says we need to save the walls? If a building isn't big enough for me, I have the right to destroy it. In fact, I've wanted to remodel this old house for a long time!" He chuckled, tossing his makeshift toga aside as he strode through the hallway, his immense body shaking the floor with every booming step. "It all feels like a dollhouse to me." He smirked, looking around before staring back at me, those icy blue eyes piercing through my soul like warm knife through butter. "So where did you hide the rest of the bottles, son? Be honest, you know you can't lie to me." He was shocked, he'd never even told his grandpa he intended on doing more than one bottle, but Burt's police intuition was razor-sharp! "Oh, Grandpa, I didn't hide anything, I just need to make new batches, I thought that bottle would last for a month, but that's okay. I'll make an even more powerful batch tomorrow, I mean I could go right now back ChemTech but I thought you would like me to...enjoy your new size. I mean there's so much I would like to investigate, your monstrous new size, and your amazing height growth, I didn't plan on that in the original formula, not to mention that you are twice wider than you are tall, which means your muscular proportions are out of this world, I just want to explore your current amazingness before I make you bigger, please sir..." I asked him with my own big puppy eyes. Burt smiled and looked down at his grandson over his massive pecs. "You want to enjoy my body, boy?...I don't think you're capable of understanding just how powerful I am. Try to imagine how much I can curl with these biceps..." He raised his arms to flex, grinning confidently as the twin peaks of muscle rose up above his fists, above his head, huger than ever! "Nope, I am even stronger than you imagine, I could lift the whole house up with these arms! And my pecs are so huge and strong, feel how hairy they are, boy. I'm getting furry like a bear, and as my testosterone increases I'll just get even muskier, too. Soon I'll be able to make you cum just from letting out my man-stink." "I...don't doubt it, Grandpa, but I think we can find a way to challenge your glorious body. We could go to that demolition site near the docks that you’ve mentioned . They have all kinds of huge old things that you could lift, it would be a great camp study of your monstrous muscles, besides, if we find something that challenges you I can think on ways to increase your muscular density, to make you pack MORE muscle into your body allowing you to get even stronger with hyper dense muscle fibers. You see, sir, I want you to become even more monstrous but in ways that you will have lots of fun!" I watched as my immense Grandfather seemed even more pumped up with the idea of getting of the house, showing his immense body to the world, at least that would give me some time to think on new improvements to the formula, because I know he would get back to that issue, I knew that Grandpa Burt would never let go of the idea of getting more pills. "Let me get the door for you, Grandpa..." I offered to open the door, but then I felt his humongous hand pushing me aside so very gently. The enormous older man just had an evil grin in his manly face, and I just gulped in excitement as Grandpa decided it was time to leave his house for a "walk in the park" with me. He strode toward the front door, despite the fact that he was three times wider than the doorframe. He had no intention of opening it, he just clenched his fists and ducked his head as he barreled right through it, crashing through the wall and taking out an entire side of the house, just laughing as his immense body crashed through! He dusted himself off, his hairy body not even scratched from the incredible sight, looking back at his grandson. "Well, aren't you coming, along boy?" It took me a few moments to realize the behemoth was actually talking to my little person, so I dusted myself from all the destruction and ran to his side, right away the monumental geezer picked me in his arms. "Grandpa, I can walk by myself you know?" It was then I realized that things really have changed between us. The way he carried me in his monumental manly massive chest indicated that I wasn't supposed to do anything unless thinking on ways to make him grow more muscular, and even if I wasn't smart enough to conclude that, Grandpa Burt had all reason to voice it out to me. "You will never walk anywhere on your own unless I tell you to, do you understand boy? Your only job now is to be a beautiful butt for me to fuck, and a brain to come up with ways to make me even bigger. I will carry you everywhere, you will be with me all the time, even when you pass out from my fucking you I will not stop, I will always carry you my precious little grandson. But things still need to get done around the house, so I'm going to go show those weak little construction workers who a real man is." Burt chuckled, his aged face wearing a smile that was a bit patronizing, but I could see the manly love in his expression, he was digging to have me all for his pleasure, and I guess I couldn’t complain much either. I realized it was not the time to question the prudence neither the practicality of my Grandfather's decisions, so I just played along, enjoying the way in which his glorious muscles waddled. He just covered the distance with his immense physique much faster than I anticipated; we approached the demolition site where they would put down the old industrial plant to build something new. There were a few big sturdy workers hanging by the door, and Grandpa Burt just walked to them. The glorious muscle geezer chuckled as the 6'2" tall 240 pounds muscle guy just gasped at the size of my humongous grandfather. He dropped his cup of coffee and could barely mutter a word. The other guy, a 6'3" 260 pounds dark skinned man just looked up at Grandpa and gagged. "Daaaamn!" I guess Grandpa felt happy with their behavior because his hard cock just produced a humongous dollop of precum that he shoot over 20 feet in air before landing loudly between the two shocked little construction guards. "Hmph, they let you two little weaklings stand out front? Are you sure you're old enough to work at this job, you look like a pair of little BOYS to me!" The massive, monstrous muscle geezer stomped towards the workers, fire burning in his eyes as he stared down at them, his colossal hairy chest heaving with every breath he took. "You call those toothpicks muscles? I can barely see you! You look like you're wasting away you tiny little weaklings; take a look at REAL mass." He chuckled and puffed out his immense chest, flexing his arms, bouncing his grandson atop one of his massive biceps. The poor little guys couldn't fathom the immensity of Grandpa’s 600 plus inches monstrous chest inflating to all its glory, when he hit the combination of side chest and the partial biceps display, the little guys were actually screaming and trying to tell him that his entrance was not allowed. “YOU CAN’T COME IN! This is private property!” One of them shouted, finally gathering strength to face the silver haired behemoth who carried me inside. “That was a bad move!” I thought as I gulped, because Grandpa’s mega dose of testosterone flared his temper so much that he just hit a most muscular pose that produced an aftershock wave, sending the poor little guys against the gate. Now Grandpa was pissed enough to teach them a lesson for their stupidity. He strode right past the two defeated guards, reaching back with one massive fist and punching through the solid iron gate, hitting it with a single punch so hard that it went flying off its hinges, looking like someone had driven a bus into it! "A little lesson for your puny weaklings, I go wherever I want. If you think anything can stop me, think again." He chuckled, stomping deeper into the site. The place was crowded with workers and heavy duty machinery, but Grandpa Burt just strode heroically deeper into the site, watched by the shocked muscle guys. As I stood sat over his monumental shoulders, he caressed the humongous cock, dropping a huge lead of precum behind his super massive body. All of a sudden, there was this group of 5 “big” guys, the smallest of them standing at least 6'3" and 300 pounds came running down towards us, they were carrying sledgehammers and pickaxes, and the looks on their faces were not friendly at all. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU FREAK!" The leader was a 6'4" 330 pounds blond guy wearing a safety vest and holding the tools in a very threatening way, or at least in a manner I used to think was threatening but when Grandpa Burt just rolled his eyes, I knew they were in for a treat. The massive old man chuckled and stood before the tiny men, looking down at them. "Hmph, I will make you little bugs a deal, you hit me as hard as you can, and I'll try to notice it." He laughed, holding me up and planting a hungry on my boyish lips. "This is my grandson, Bobby...and he's going to make me even bigger, you little wimps will be even weaker compared to me!" It was really hard for me to follow their actions, because when Grandpa spoke to me, all I could only hear his manly deep voice. When he kissed me, everything seemed to turn into a blur, but this time he actually made strategic pauses, which allowed me to see the guys hitting his glorious physique with all their puny strength. The sledgehammers shattered against the hardness of his abdominal muscles, the pickaxes smashed as they hit his monumental muscles. Over and over the dangerous tools tried to harm him in vain and by the end they were all destroyed, unable to even scratch my Grandfather's manly muscles as he made out. The little skinny guys couldn't believe such powerful sight, they just stepped back as Grandpa Burt looked at their destroyed weapons. Then, he gently placed me back on the ground and grabbed the five guys in one side of his mega monstrous bear hug in a second, and just at the very next moment he was caressing my chin with his free hand. Meanwhile, Grandpa Burt continued to crush the group of men against his massive chest, forcing them to breathe the musk from his armpit, the men coughing and choking on the intense taste of man. "Hah, are you little bugs finally done? I didn't feel any of that; you guys are even weaker than I thought! Now, it's my turn...and you little boys need to learn who your master is." “YOU LITTLE FUCKERS ARE TOO WEAK! I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU, LITTLE BOYS!” Grandpa tossed the five muscular men away and just shouted at rest of the crew that he was really disappointed at them, for being so weak and puny. I watched in awe as my gallant mega geezer grandfather stepped closer to a bunch of 30 feet tall columns these little guys were demolishing. The first one went down with nothing but a single punch fired by the humongous hand that I loved so much. The power was so intense that it simply pulverized the concrete thing into shreds! I moaned in my pants and Grandpa chuckled, holding his gigantic biceps for my worship, and it was only then I noticed the rest of the guys he had defeated were also very hard. “HEH, You were taking too long to do something so simple!” Grandpa Burt shrugged . Grandpa chuckled as he walked towards the next column, and this time he just pushed his massive cock into the concrete surface, easily piercing through the thing, and started fucking the pillar like it wasn’t real. But my eyes could see that it was actually made of iron bars and solid concrete, and the impossible fucking continued until he uprooted the column from the soil! “What do you say, Bobby? Is it fun already for you? Or did you really expect these guys and their silly job would keep me from the thing I really deserve?” I gulped as my eyes devised the glorious view of my Grandpa attached to a giant concrete column by his mega monstrous cock; it actually made him laugh as he walked towards me with the giant concrete thing impaled to his mega manhood! The giant muscle grandpa gently hoisted me up, holding my tiny body so easily with one hand, able to crush me like a giant if he wanted to! The look in his eyes was one of anger, it made my body tremble with fear. "Bobby, why haven't I grown any bigger yet, boy? You had better have lots of plans to make me even larger; I hope you don't think I'll be content with this puny size!” "Oh...Grandpa, I am so sorry, I mean, I don't have anything to make you huge now...It's just...I can try..." I was so shocked, my cock was aching hard as he lifted me so effortlessly of the ground, I knew he could crush me like a grape, but yet, my massive grandfather was not pleased, he needed to get bigger. “I’m listening, little boy? You don’t want me to get disappointed at you right?” His tone was serious, so I needed to come up with something, anything to make him bigger. It was then that I noticed these other guys were all boned up and jacking to the sight of my glorious Grandfather Burt. "You know, Grandpa, this might be just a shot in the dark, but your pills are basically pure testosterone composts and these guys are all jacked up on steroids and similar components, maybe if you had their juices you could start another growth cycle..." I still didn't know if I was right, but I REALLY wanted to be right and have my grandfather grow bigger until I get the next batch of his pills. As soon as he heard that, the massive older man tore the clothes off the construction workers and crouched down, hiking his hairy ass up in the air. Grandpa Burt ordered one to fuck his hole, and grabbed another to start sucking him off while the remaining guys were squeezed against his immense body and forced to rub their cocks against his massive hairy muscles, he'd get their juices one way or another! I guess I didn't expect my grandpa to be in such need to grow and it made my heart sink inside my skinny chest, but suddenly, as those little guys were moaning and dumping their loads into the glorious body of my Grandpa Burt he was laughing again, his deep voice grunted and I noticed the same kind of bulging movements on his physique before he started growing. "Grandpa, it is happening!" I just gasped as his glorious physique bulged, the hairy monster sized muscles bucking and growing thicker, hairier, manlier. One by one he was getting the juices of the tiny guys inside his organism and he was hungry for more size and strength!" “Mmmff, come on you little men, I know you have more to give!" He laughed, sucking harder, forcing the guys against his muscles, even clenching his ass so the one fucking him couldn't escape! He was like a black hole for cum, he needed grow bigger and BIGGER! At first, I thought his growth wouldn't take off like the previous times, but just then my Grandfather didn't disappoint me, it was like his muscles started growing bigger for the first time all over again, his mind was so determined to milk every ounce of muscle growth cum from those hard workers that soon he was going through the growth spurts and bulging everywhere. “That’s it little fuckers! Give DADDY your muscle juice! Let’s make a bigger, manlier Burt!” I gasped as those guys dumped their loads down my grandpa's butt and mouth and he continued to grow, feeling so excited and marveled with another round of intense muscle growth. I watched as the guys just continued running towards him, suddenly I realized that there were at least 200 men in that place and they were all hard, sweaty, muscular hungry men all horny for my mega massive grandfather, and they covered his glorious muscular monstrosity. Then, at the bottom of the pile of sweaty huge muscle men, I felt the earth shaking; there was a loud noise and a deep guttural tone that made my heart skip a beat. I realized the little guys were all cumming over each other, feeling overwhelmed by the monster resurging underneath their worshipping figures. “DAMN, BOBBY, You didn’t tell me these little guys were so juicy!” He said as the muscles grew bigger and even more marvelously humongous, the guys were holding to the glorious expanding behemoth of my grandfather, and his transformation took new heights and standards. The pile of worn out little men grabbed onto the sides of my Grandfather’s giant muscle bellies, on each pectoral he should have over 30 little guys, while on his arms he easily supported at least 15 dudes, his monumental legs were thick enough for other 20 guys, while his butt could support at least 25 of them. It was such a monumental view, there was something so monstrously powerful that my young mind still couldn’t fully encompass. At the bottom of such enormous pile, emerged my glorious Grandfather Burt, bigger and hairier than ever, but so outrageously muscular that although he stood at the height of 7’3” tall, his body had to be over 30 freaking feet wide! “FUCK BOBBY…These guys are all dry already!” The booming voice of my grandfather made me cum intensely over and over, he just towered over me, his glorious cock was over 2 feet and a half long, and so freaking thick that I just shook in fear. “That’s a good thing we have lots of equipment here! Come on you little fuckers, help me weigh this glorious monster body of mine!” The hulking grotesqueness of my beloved super manly grandpa said as he waddled. His biceps were so huge they peaked over ten feet above his head, and his chest stood at least 15 feet from his glorious body. His balls were giant sized cum producers. I needed to take my time while the construction workers weighed my glorious Grandfather. He just held me in his grotesque arms and grunted. “Damn boy, I now weigh 35,087 pounds of humongous hairy muscle, and you only made me hungry for more. I hope you don’t get any excuses to make your master more muscle pills right?” I just shook my head as the mountainous man flexed for me, engulfing all my view in muscle, squeezing me in the cleavages of his behemoth standards. I knew right there, Grandpa Burt loved me, and he wanted me to make him grow, this was the only thing that I needed to do in my life now. End of Part 2
  6. Hi There All! Here is the second chapter of my ongoing sci-fi series. This chapter has a little bit more "action" in it if you know what I mean. Feedback is appreciated. If you'd like to find out more on the series, hop on over to my Patreon page. patreon.com/rekoobaz Enjoy! The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero Chapter 2 - Suiting Up patreon.com/rekoobaz Location: “Venditio", T-1e, Trappist system, 1st Quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy Year: AD 2135 “Ugh!” Eero groaned, splashing some water over his face. Eero had awoken a few hours later feeling worse than death, everyone had told him his first jump using FTL drive would be unpleasant, he just hadn't realised how unpleasant. It felt like the worst hangover of his life. The Distance of the jump, more than three hundred light years in fact, didn't help matters either, he really should've tried a shorter distance to get himself used to faster-than-light travel. But Eero wasn't one for baby steps and as he saw it he had a busy schedule to keep up. Eero stepped into the compact shower room on the Musculus, letting the cool water run over his body, hoping it would make him feel better, cleaning every nook and cranny much more thoroughly than the day before, before drying himself and grinning at his reflection in the mirror. “Time to get some new gear!” Eero Cheered Eero had arrived in the Trappist-1 system, a mere 39 light years from earth. As he entered the orbit of T-1e, Eero was simply overwhelmed by the shear volume of other ships orbiting the planet. It was already a dizzying hive of activity and he hadn't even set foot on the surface yet! Eero fought the urge to make a “not in Kansas anymore” joke as he set the Musculus’ navigation to the spaceport in the city of Venditio, the home of a massive Galleria supposedly able to “cater to every whim,” or so it was claimed when Eero was reading up on it. As Eero docked at the spaceport without too much hassle, aside for having to wait for a berth. He took in the enormity of his surroundings. T-1e's spaceport was easily 10 times the size of the one back home. Completely undercover, with a seemingly endless network of huge promenades, passageways, and catwalks leading out to the docked ships. Had it not been clearly marked with directions Eero would've been lost before even setting off. Stepping outside into the sunlight for the first time, Eero quickly slipped his sunglasses on in shock. The sunlight, brighter, whiter than the sunlight of the small red dwarf back home, assaulted his eyes. “Maybe I'll get a nice tan from it though,” Eero Reasoned. On his way to the galleria, Eero took in the sights, sounds, smells and people all around him. Large holographic billboards, the collective roar from the crowds shuffling from place to place, the pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant aromas from food stalls nearby. So many different faces passing him in a constant blur. It was something new to him, but he noticed many people had genetically altered themselves in some way whether in the pursuit of beauty or perhaps some other reason. Back home he'd only ever seen a few people like that. Now they were passing thick and fast. Eero stepped into the massive galleria feeling the cooling air, a nice reprieve from the sweaty crowds outside. Taking off his sunglasses and pulling out his Slate from the back pocket of his coveralls, Eero pulled up the information about the store he was looking for, it was listed under "Antique" store, whatever that was. Run by a guy called “Samus,” Eero read on his Slate. “Right, Now where are you?” Eero looked around, realising he could be there a while. ————————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— Some two hours later, sweaty and exhausted, Eero finally stumbled across the store in question, Tucked away at the far end of the Galleria. Eero pulled himself together, unbuttoning a few buttons on the front of his coveralls to cool himself down, completely shirtless underneath, Eero let out a sigh of relief and entered the small store, “Samus' Militaria.” Before him lay a huge range of wares, many of them not of interest to him, but he was drawn to a rack full of old flight jackets, black, tan, lined with shearling, the lot. Just like the ones in his great granddads stories. He could do without the musty smell offending his nostrils, but they were still interesting. As Eero was transfixed by the garments in front of him, the shopkeeper emerged from the back. “Holy Shit! You're huge!” The guy exclaimed. Eero spun around, surprised by the man’s sudden outburst. “Whoa sorry 'bout that man” the guy said Eero took in the man before him, dressed in sweats, he looked young, certainly no older than Eero “Are you . . . Samus?” Eero Questioned “Me? Haha, no way! Samus is my Uncle. I just help out in the store from time to time,” the guy explained. “Im Ace,” the guy continued. “Eero” introduced himself. Eero went back to looking at the garments. As Eero browsed, Ace secretly stole glances at him, taking in what he could see from underneath the tight coveralls. “Man this guy is hot!” Ace thought to himself. Eero was looking at all he jackets and despite the variety, they all had one thing common, an eye watering price. As Eero turned, Ace got another peek of the bulging pecs Eero had poking out from his coveralls. “Ummm,” Eero said walking over to the desk where Ace sat. “I don't suppose you have anything like this a bit cheaper?” Eero asked, holding one of the jackets in is hand. “Don't think so, why? Wanting to do a re-enactment on a budget or something?” Ace questioned “Re-enactment?” Eero repeated sounding confused. “Yeah, or are you tryna do a cosplay or something?” “Cos . . . play?” Eero repeated again. “Well, yeah. The only people that buy those are history junkies or some cosplayer tryna do some period character.” Ace explained. “You're not wanting to actually USE it are you?” “Well, sorta, yeah.” The young shop assistant laughed. “Dude, these are so not suitable for that. Especially if you're travelling interplanetary. Most of this stuff is antique, ancient, thats why it's so expensive.” “Oh. I see.” “Yep, Sorry about that dude,” Ace apologised. “Well, Um, Thanks anyway.” Eero said, dejected. “Damn!” Eero though to himself, stumped by something as simple as clothes shopping. Maybe his mother was right. Perhaps he wasn't cut out for travelling the big, bad galaxy. As Eero turned to leave, Ace stole another quick look at Eero's Pecs, and trailed his eyes down seeing all the way to the bottom of Eeros’ Abdomen before his coveralls closed up to hide what lay beneath. Ace was so enamoured by this muscly figure standing in his uncles shop, he took a chance. “Wait!” Ace yelled “I . . . um, I've got a friend who works in a clothing store on the other side of the galleria. They might have something you'd be interested in.” “Really?!” Eero turned, excited. “Yeah, I'll be closing up in about half an hour, I could take you over there if you like.” “That'd be awesome!” Not so stupid after all Eero thought to himself. As they waited for the time to pass Eero told Ace about his plans, how he competed, how he had left his home planet in search of adventure and Ace listened intently, no other customers around to interrupt their conversation. Ace told Eero about himself as well. Turns out Ace was in fact younger than Eero at 19, and was into bodybuilding himself, but as more of a spectator. Not to say Ace wasn't fit, he was a very respectable 190lbs of ripped muscle on a 5'ft 9in frame. As Eero talked, Ace had pulled out his Slate and was messaging his friend that they were soon off to meet. Ace grinned wickedly each time a response came through from the mystery friend. “Wonder what thats all about,” Eero thought to himself as he continued to talk. ————————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— “Here we go!” Ace said excitedly. “My buddy Benz closed the store a little bit earlier to help get you what you need.” Ace tapped on the glass and waited. “Gee, that was nice of him!” Eero looked at the name of the store, "Magna Rimor" the sign said. On the glass there was also holographic writing with the text “Interplanetary wear for the BOLD”. Eventually a figure emerged from the back of the store, opening the entry for Eero and Ace and closing it behind them, being sure to put the “Closed” hologram on and switching the glass of the shopfront to opaque so they could have some privacy. “Damn, I can see what you mean! This guy is packed with muscle!” Exclaimed Benz, the shopkeeper, who wasn't too bad himself at 26 with about 210lbs, but lacking in good definition. “Told ya Benz.” “Heh, thanks,” Eero said somewhat awkwardly but still pleased at the admiration of his hard earned mass. Eero took in the sight of the man before him, trying not to stare has he took in the man’s outfit. A tan full length fur coat with knee high black boots and from what Eero could make out a very tight pair of ripped black short shorts. “Must be some sort of ‘look’ I'm not familiar with,” Eero thought. “Ace said you were in need of a new outfit, and he's right man, can't have you going around in those coveralls, you gotta show off the goods!” Benz declared, taking Eero by shoulder and leading him to the changing area. Eero was led into a well illuminated round room with changing rooms on one side and a large mirror on the other, it sort of reminded Eero of the posing room at his gym back home. Benz, standing behind Eero leaned over his shoulder, “Why don't you loose the coveralls, let me see what I'm working with.” Ace Grinned. “O-okay” Eero replied, a little weirded out. Sure he'd been on stage in nothing but his posers before but this was a different setting. Eero pulled his bulging arms out of the sleeves and pulled the top half of the coveralls down to his waist before tying the arms around, not wanting to show himself off so indecently. Eero saw Benz smirking behind him in the reflection of the mirror. Ace taking a seat off to the side. “Ace here said you were looking at those mouldy old things in his uncles shop, I've got something better,” said Benz, almost whispering into Eeros’ ear. Benz disappeared for a second and returned with the coolest jacket Eero had ever seen. It was just like the ones he'd seen in his great grandfathers old comics. An amazing shearling bomber jacket with white shearling tufting out of the cuffs, waist and collar. The outside was a silver metallic effect leather with belt like fasteners around the waist and cuffs. The garment appeared to glow in the light. “Wow! That's exactly what is was after!” Eero exclaimed “It's specially designed with interplanetary travel in mind, it even has a built in heating element for even the coldest environments, you wouldn't have to wear anything underneath!” Benz said winking. Eero took the jacket in hands before putting his arms through the sleeves, just verging on snug. His bulbous pecs spilling out the front. “Hmm, you sure it's the right size?” “It's the largest we have,” Benz lied wickedly. “But theres just one thing I need to fix,” Benz said, stepping behind Eero and quickly yanking Eeros coveralls all the way down to his feet. “H-hey!” Eero Protested, standing there now in nothing but the jacket, his jockstrap and his shoes caught up in his tangled coveralls. Ace laughed at the spectacle, knowing where it was going. “Much better, jockstrap fan are we?” Benz questioned. “I think I know just how to finish this outfit off then.” Knowing he was already pushing his luck with Eeros’ nudity, Benz ushered Eero into one of the changing rooms, but not before discarding the coveralls and shoes Eero had kicked off. Eero waited in the jacket and his jockstrap until Benz slid a huge shoe box under the door, “They'll match the jacket perfectly.” Inside was a pair of thigh high boots matched perfectly to the jacket he was wearing, silver metallic leather on the outside with shearling trim along the leg opening. Eero had to admit to himself they looked good, but were they even mens? They had an air of slutty-ness to them he thought. Regardless he slid them on not wanting to be rude, they fit snugly and Eero liked how they felt giving his quads and calf muscles a slight squeeze. “Mmm, these are pretty nice” he thought to himself “But I can’t really wear just these!” he shouted from inside the changing room. “Right you are!” Came Benz’s voice from the other side of the door as a small package was slid underneath. Eero opened the package and his heart stopped at what he saw inside. A tiny, white, stretchy, THONG! “Was he mad!?” Eero thought to himself “Hey, I can't wear this!” “Sure you can, Ace said you're a bodybuilder, you should be used to this kinda stuff.” Benz called from outside. Eero reluctantly dropped his jockstrap and pulled the tight little piece of fabric awkwardly over the new boots and stretched it over his thighs. The thong sat snugly over his privates with the string along the back nestling between his glutes. Eero made a pained expression as he hesitated, and then turned to face himself in the mirror. But what he saw stunned him. The whole ensemble, the jacket, the boots and the ludicrously tiny thong thrilled Eero in the most unfamiliar way. He took in his reflection, seeing his bulging pecs spilling out from the jacket, the boots managed to capture every contour of his thickly muscled legs, and the way the thong sat on his hips accentuating his tightly packed slender waist. It all came together perfectly. He almost couldn't describe it, the way he looked, it made him think of himself in a way he never had before, sexy. “Yes, thats it” Eero thought, “I look fucking sexy!” Eeros self admiration was cut short by and knocking on the door. “C'mon, we wanna see!” Ace yelled. “C'mon, C'mon, C’mon,” the two of them starting chanting, “C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C’mon” getting louder and faster. Eero, suddenly not feeling quite so confident as he did moments ago hesitated, then took a deep breath and slowly opened the changing room door. The two guys had stopped chanting as the door opened and Eero slowly revealed himself. A collective gasp filled the room, the two men suddenly hit with a wave of arousal seeing the bodybuilder in his new revealing clothing. Eero, slightly sauntered out of the changing room, still not used to the new boots. “Ooh,” Ace moaned, “thats fucking hot!” no longer bothering to hold himself back. “Agreed!” Laughed Benz. “I-I don't think I can wear this out in public you guys, i’ll get arrested!” Eero protested. The two men laughed, “Maybe in the backwater you grew up in!” Ace teased. “But in more established space things are a little more relaxed.” “Anyway, it looks perfect on you!” Benz declared, standing behind Eero again. “Besides,” Benz pulled in close behind Eero, definitely whispering this time, “It’d more of a crime not to show off this magnificent body”. Benz slowly moved his hands down from Eeros shoulders along his back, over his flared lats before slowly reaching around and groping Eeros pecs. Eero flinched at the cold touch of Benz hands, “N-No.” Eero Breathed “Whats wrong? I thought you'd like someone admiring your muscles? Or do you only allow it when they're a paid spectator and you’re flexing on stage?” Benz joked, Pulling one of Eeros’ puffy nipples between his fingers causing Eero to breathe in sharply. Benz then pulled his arms around Eeros, locking him in a Nelson hold. “Go on Ace, cop a feel of these beauties.” Ace stood in front of Eero and began massage the large pecs, running a finger between the two mounds, pinching the nipples. Causing Eero to moan. “St-Stooop, Please” Begged Eero, “Don't be silly” Benz replied, "I think you're enjoying yourself.” Eero was awash with feelings that he'd never felt before, welling up from the very core of his being, this combined with the assault on his body was leaving him feeling very confused. And strangely aroused. Ace moved lower, first tracing the underside of Eeros pecs before running his hands down the tightly packed abs on Eeros midsection, causing Eero to writhe and stretch. Eeros’ resistance began to falter. Benz noticed and loosened his grip, moving one of his hand down to feel one of Eeros firm glutes, large and firm with just enough give. Eero couldn't deny he could feel himself becoming quickly erect. Ace knelt and began to feel the quads beneath Eeros’ new boots, before his hand joined Benz’s on the other cheek, Pressing hard just Benz gave the other cheek and firm smack. “Unhh!” Eero let out again, starting to loose himself. Ace pulled on one of the sides of Eeros thong before letting it snap back into position, causing Eero to flinch once again. Ace then decided to go in for the kill leaning in close around Eeros navel and began to drag his tongue downwards. Eero was panicking, perspiration beginning to form on his brow, his faced scrunched up in anguish, a semi in his new thong. Benz too had joined in on the tonguing, giving Eeros' left ear the ride of its life, just as Ace moved lower and slowly began licking on the base of Eeros’ . . . “NO!” Eero shouted, breaking away from the two men and his arousal. “Please, No more.” Ace and Benz looked at Eero, who was clearly shaken. “All right, All right, we've had our fun Ace. Lets give him a minute to cool down.” Eero leaned against a wall trying to relax, breathing heavily. “Looks like another satisfied customer hey Benz” Ace joked. “Nah not quite, he’s just flustered now” Benz replied grinning. A few minutes later after Eero had “cooled down” and got his composure back, he asked “Now, um, about payment I guess,” looking down at this new outfit. “Oh no, you EARNED it!” Benz replied Eero just blinked “Definitely,” Ace agreed, “just be sure to come back soon!” he winked. And without so much as a goodbye they shoved Eero out of the store and back into the crowds of people bustling through the Galleria. Eero was instantly embarrassed, slipping his sunglasses back on before even getting outside. Hurrying straight back to the refuge of his ship the Musculus. ————————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— Finally back on the musculus Eero headed straight for his cabin and just collapsed on his bed, trying to make sense of the events that had just transpired. Eero was filled with mixed emotions as he stared at the ceiling, thinking back to the feelings he had encountered whilst in the changing room. Sure he'd always admired the hard work he had put in to his physique but this was different, Bolder, and Cocky. Then seeing himself in that outfit, there was that strange feeling of sexiness he felt. “What the hell did they do to me?” Eero thought, his emotions out of control. The way they had groped his muscles and almost groped other “things” filled with and almost primal arousal for the briefest moment. Not even his girlfriend had ever touched him like that. And he couldn't deny it, that deep within, there was a part of him that had enjoyed it. “But, does that make me . . .? No, of course not, I've got a girlfriend!” Eero reasoned. “Besides I wasn’t doing anything, it was all them,” trying to justify everything that had happened. “And then there’s this ridiculous outfit!” Eero said aloud, getting up and looking at himself in the mirror. But despite how frustrated and confused he was from the days events Eero couldn't deny that when he saw himself in the mirror he was impressed. His new Bomber jacket, Boots, and tiny thong were a seemingly absurd ensemble but they showed of his body so well! And now that he thought of it, no one that passed him in the Galleria had even batted an eyelid on his the way back to the spaceport. "Maybe they were telling the truth, maybe it isn't THAT outrageous,” Eero hoped. Truth is, it was a little bit. “I guess I have to wear it, I got it for free [more or less], It'd be rude not to.” Eero took in his reflection one last time, giving a timed flex before heading back to his bed, exhausted. “Here's hoping tomorrow won’t be so bizarre.” ————————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— End of Chapter #2 © Rekoobaz Hope You enjoyed the story so far. The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon. Chapters 1 and 2 are free to view to give you a taste of the work to come. I'll be starting out with two chapters every month with more exciting content to come in the future. If you're interested you find out more at patreon.com/rekoobaz By pledging just $1.00 per month you'll be able to enjoy further chapters Thanks and again, feedback is appreciated!
  7. Hi There All! This is my very first time posting on the forum. I've been a lurker for some time and thought it was about time to share the beginnings of a series I've been working on. This first chapter is a little narrative heavy but there will be much more to enjoy in the coming chapters. Chapter 2 is coming tomorrow As this is my first written work, feedback is appreciated. The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero Chapter 1 - Setting Off patreon.com/rekoobaz Location: 'Nulla Excitatione' Colony, K 186-f, Kepler 186 system, 1st quadrant, Milky Way Galaxy Year: AD 2135 Eero had finally done it, standing proud, covered in fake tan, oil and wearing nothing but his pink poser and a winning smile. "Number 12, Eero Ericson Solis" The announcer bellowed into the microphone. The crowd cheering as the name of the undisputed star of the contest was called out. After months of training Eero had finally taken First place in the N.E.C (Nulla Excitatione Colony)amateur bodybuilding competition, the biggest and, well, only bodybuilding competition on the planet. Eero, ever humble was gracious in his victory even though he knew the other competitors were never a major threat. Aside from a few other men, none of the competitors would be what you'd call a proper bodybuilder. As it was only really an amateur comp, Most just did it as something to do on an otherwise uneventful planet. Eero grew up on Kepler 186-f, a fairly dry planet orbiting a small red dwarf about 560 light years from earth. Although roughly the same size as earth, 186-f had a rather small population of around 700,000 people. 186-f was what people referred to as a “Middle Rung” planet. Not on the frontier of human exploration but not fully established either. But now 40 years old, the atmosphere had changed from frontier colony to almost normal small communities. This meant less of a military presence on this slowly burgeoning planet, which led to problems, the threat of increased crime, but also opportunities for certain people, like Eeros’ father. Eero, his mother and father first came to 186-f 20 years ago just as the planet was approaching 'middle rung' status and Eeros father cashed in on the boom by setting up his own securities firm. They lived a comfortable life, but Eero wanted more. And now standing there, tanned, oiled, pumped and smiling, Eero had the last piece of the puzzle to start on a new adventure, a rather sizeable cheque! (And a pretty nice trophy too) ———————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— "Congratulations Son!" Eeros father said, beaming and giving Eero a hard pat on the shoulder as they drove immediately from the competition to the spaceport. "With a Physique like that it was an easy victory for you!". "Heh, Thanks old man!" Eero said grinning as his father looked over, taking in his sons magnificent body. At 21, Eero stood a decent 5’ft 11in with his dirty blonde hair, almost permanent playful grin and chiseled face, which had always made him popular with the girls growing up. But Eeros father was paying less attention his sons face and more to his musculature. Eero had weighed in earlier that day at a very generous 240lbs, with his bulging 20 inch biceps, rounded pecs completing a 47 inch chest, six pack abs tapering down to an absurdly tight 27 inch waist before flaring back out again with his rippling quads and beginnings of a rather nice bubble butt, it was clear to his father why Eero had reigned supreme at the comp that day. Sure, there were bigger men than Eero in the competition, some of them his dads own muscly employees. But no one came close to Eero in definition and symmetry. Eeros father let his hand rest on his sons leg as they drove, trying to cop a slight feel without being too obvious, feeling the slight remains of oil and fake tan. Eero had been a little too quick to wash up after the comp and get over to the spaceport. His father continued giving subtle rubs to his sons quads, Eero not really noticing, his father had always been sure to show his support of his sons bodybuilding. In fact if Eero could remember correctly, his father was the one that got Eero into bodybuilding in the first place. ———————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— When they arrived, Eeros second prize for the day was waiting for him in the distance. They stepped out of the transporter, a slight chill ran though air of the enormous hanger, Eero quickly pulling on his oversized hoodie over his stringer tank he'd worn atop his tight shorts. And there it was, suspended in the air by several docking clamps, Eeros' ship. Since graduating high school Eero had worked tirelessly as a security guard for his fathers company, and with the occasional comp each year, and a VERY generous amount from his parents. Eero had finally afforded himself his very own ticket to freedom. A small spacefaring vessel about 55 metres long similar to a military Corvette. Eero bought it off a merchant who his father had done a great deal of business with over the years, getting Eero a good deal. But it had still been very expensive, around 200,000 credits. Most of his sensible friends were spending that kind of money on literally more grounded purchases like their first house. But that was exactly what Eero didn't want! Besides this was house you could take anywhere in Eeros mind. "What a beauty!" said his father, whistling. "You sure you wanna got through with this? I'll miss ya." "Positive." Replied Eero, "Besides, I've exhausted all the competition here,” He Grinned. "Aleks! Eero!" came a gruff voice from behind them, the ship merchant. "Come to collect the old girl?” "Hey now, you said it wasn't that old?" Eero replied laughing. "Right you are, only 10 ten years, its been a display model most its life.” "Well, I believe I owe you this" Eero handing over a fresh new cheque. "And those must be mine" Eero gestured at the stack of manuals, codes and key cards in the merchants hand. "And this too young fella." The merchant replied, handing Eero a bottle of champagne. "Been a display all its life, hasn't been christened. Got a name in mind?” "Sure do, 'Musculus", the C.C.V Musculuuuus!" Eero shouted, tossing the bottle at the ship and pulling an eye popping most muscular. "Heh, just like its owner hey?" Eeros father laughed. "Makes sense considering what you've got in mind." Eero dreamed of becoming a champion on the bodybuilding stage across the galaxy, travelling from system to system to compete in the all the biggest and best comps he could. And he wanted to do it all while seeing as much of the world that he could. The Musculus was his ticket there. ———————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— “It's huge!” Eeros mother exclaimed as it sat above the motor pool at his fathers depot. “Just like its owner!” Eeros father joked, nudging his son playfully. Eero, screwing his face up at his fathers gross mention of his sons bits replied,”It's not that big Mom, just enough.” “Are you sure you wanna do this?” Eero was getting sick of been asked that today. "Yes, Mom, absolutely” Rolling his eyes. “Its just that, well, it's a big world out there and it doesn't kindly to the . . . unfamiliar” His mother replied, choosing her words carefully. Now Eero certainly wasn't stupid, he'd been a model student throughout his school years and a hard working and vigilant employee under his father. He was however at times gullible, unwary. With an innocence that belied his big muscular physique. He'd been exploited growing up by other kids and his somewhat guarded upbringing had certainly been part of the problem, but he was and adult now, his mother had to let go. And so did his girlfriend Chastity. She was none too pleased about Eeros plans. Or as she saw it, "Pointless galavanting around the galaxy,” when he should be getting down on one knee. But eero was a free spirit and wouldn't be contained that that easily. "Besides, it'll probably be only a couple of months at most babe" Eero reassured, giving her as kiss on the forehead as she stood there, arms crossed. “You better not try to relieve your ‘urges’ in the arms of another chick whilst you are up there!” She spat. “No girls, I Promise.” Eero assured her. ———————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— As Eero hefted the last of the belongings he was taking with him into the ships hold, he took one last chance to take in his friends and family gathered to see him off “Hmm, not many." Eero thought, looking at his mother, father, girlfriend (with her arms still crossed and a rotten expression) and two of his buddies that had come by to see him off, as well as a few of his old workmates who were milling about the motor pool and had stopped to wish him well. "Guess there isn't too much keeping me here. At least they'll be there for me if I cock this up." Eero mumbled. But secretly praying it wouldn't come to that. “No, I'll be fine." Thought Eero and he shouted his final goodbyes through the holds closing hatch and the Musuclus ascended into K-186f's orbit. Eero staring out the portholes in wonderment the whole time. ———————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— A few hours later, after the initial thrill of heading into space for the first time since he was a baby had worn off, Eero explored his new mobile home and tried to come to grips with many of the ships systems. Most of the ships compartments where finished in either a white or grey cladding, hiding the labyrinth of pipes and other mechanical workings underneath. Indirect lighting in ceiling and some around the floor bathed the compartments in a soft glow. Their overall effect meant the ships interior didn't feel too severe and industrial. Eero shuffled down the central gangway, taking stock of all the different spaces. Aside from his Master cabin there were 4 more cabins with 2 berths each. "Good for if I have party" Eero Joked. As well as the Bridge, there was the galley with a small mess room attached, shower room, hold and a few other empty compartments yet to be fitted out. "Hmm, I'll certainly need to find some more fittings." Eero thought, sitting down and shuffling thought all the manuals and paperwork the merchant had given him, remembering the guy saying something about a list of spares locations around the galaxy that eero should take advantage of. “Later" Eero grinned, "I've got some more important things to address.” Eero stood and made a beeline for the large mirror against one of the walls in his cabin. Slipping out of the coveralls he'd put on earlier and taking in his full 240lbs glory and gratuitously re-enacting his routine from that morning. Under the soft light of his quarters, Eeros skin looked flawless, airbrushed. Eero was already pretty free of any imperfections, especially acne. One of the advantages of building up his bulging muscles without the help of substances. Eero shifted from pose to with an almost infectious enthusiasm, taking in those bulging 20inch guns, repping them continuously, trying to get a bit of pump going. Going in for a lat spread, watching his rounded, sizeable pecs bunch up, his nipples soon erect from the cool air in the cabin. Tracing his fingers down his tight abs to rest on his hips. His other 8.5 inch "muscle" began to flex in the pink posing strap Eero was still wearing since this morning. He opted for the briefest of posers show off as much as he could, including the tight but verging on bubble butt glutes and to show of that slender waist. Eero would never have indulged in such behaviour back home, especially if his girlfriend was around, she was never too keen on the bodybuilding stuff. But now Eero could do whatever the hell he wanted. That realisation did nothing to stop his arousal "Better control myself, I've got a lot to do." And as Eero took one last look at those perfect muscles he was reminded as to why he wanted do this, Indulging a childhood fantasy. "Yeah, you're a space explorer now,” he laughed. Eero could remember in his early years when his family would visit, his great grandfather would share with him amazing stories about his life and how he was once a noted coloniser, instrumental in the expansion of mankind into the stars in the mid 21st century. His grandfather would also share with him these fascinating documents from even earlier called "Comics," from a time when man could only dream of doing what Eero was. The comics of fantasy and fiction had inspired Eero monumentally and he decided he need needed something all the best characters had, A killer outfit. Eero had found a place on the local intranet about a place on a planet in a nearby system that actually sold stuff from those periods, like actual ex-military gear. “That'll give me an authentic look!" He'd thought to himself back when he was planning. Eero had over a week before his next contest in another system. Awfully soon for another competition for sure but Eero wanted to get moving and get his name out there, and why shouldn't he give another comp a try so soon? He was high on success from his latest win. He couldn't possibly loose. In the meantime it was training, exploring, and most importantly, getting some new gear. "Yeah!" Eero yelled, flexing his biceps. "Time to suit up!" ———————————————————————————————- # ——————————————————————————————————— End Chapter #1 © Rekoobaz Hope You enjoyed the story so far. There will much more to come in chapter 2! CHAPTER 2 WILL BE POSTED TOMORROW The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero will be an ongoing series on Patreon. Chapters 1 and 2 are free to view to give you a taste of the work to come. I'll be starting out with two chapters every month with more exciting content to come in the future. If you're interested you find out more at patreon.com/rekoobaz By pledging just $1.00 per month you'll be able to enjoy further chapters Thanks and again, feedback is appreciated!
  8. Unit 246: Chapter Four

    Chapter One is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13112-unit-246/ Chapter Three is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13142-unit-246-chapter-three/ Unit 246 Chapter Four Obediently, and without hesitation, Unit 246 fastened Sergeant Mulligan's still bootclad feet in the power sockets. Sergeant Mulligan could feel the army boots on his feet, and the rubber insulation of the sockets clinging to his calves. The dim light inside the chamber was reflected in the chromed exterior of the sockets, and Mulligan's camo trousers still covered his lower body. His upper body was naked, sweat glistening, since Mulligan perspired, under the influence of anticipation and excitement. Unit 388 endured his own Procedure in silence, since Emotion Access was deactivated, and Unit 388 was still growing more and more into an icon of impossible and intimidating masculinity. Unit 246 continued to fasten Sergeant Mulligan's hands in the two power sockets wide overhead, forcing Mulligan to form an X. It was now impossible for Sergeant Mulligan to leave the contraption, and he was forced to keep the slightly uncomfortable assumed X-position. Unit 246 loomed over him, a monument of protective muscular strength ready to explode into action. "Connect me to mind-program." When Unit 246 applied the electrodes to his shaved temples, Sergeant Mulligan shivered, and he could sense the low-intense murmur of the preparatory mind-programming running in his brain. "It is good, Unit 246. Now proceed to recline in the usual chair for updates, connect yourself to mind-program, and await update." Unit 246 obeyed his order. It felt like a lump in his throat, and Sergeant Mulligan swallowed. A hint of fear lightly brushed his conscious mind, and then faded away. A delightful trepidation awoke in his guts, and expanded into his chest. Then he gave the order: "Medical Artificial Intelligence 5, activate and run update on Unit 246. Activate power socket B." The metallic voice answered, devoid of any personality: "Activating power socket B." His body felt like it was humming, and he became pleasantly warm. "Activate the nanites inside the test subject!" "Sergeant Mulligan. Nanites activating. In test subject. Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1. Let me remind you. Sergeant Mulligan. That enhancement formula is. In prototype stage. Caution is adviced." "Caution acknowledged, but overrided in socket B and update station. Proceed." "Overriding Prototype Caution Protocol in socket B and update station. Proceeding. Safety Protocol activated. Unable to proceed with. Safety Protocol activated." "Deactivate Safety Protocol in socket B and update station." "Safety Protocol. Deactivated. In socket B and update station. By. Sergeant Mulligan. Security clearance. L6." "Proceed." "Proceeding. Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1 now identified. And activated. In test-subject, power sockets B. And at update station. Mind-program running. Concomitantly to. DNA-alteration. And. Nano-facilitated re-building. Hypertrophic power activated. Current now. Twenty millibanners. And increasing." Now, Sergeant Mulligan understood, why some test subjects used to express fear and nausea in the beginning of The Procedure. A temporary feeling of alienation to his own body spread, but, unlike usual test subjects, Sergeant Mulligan knew what to expect, and his eager thirst for strength quickly subdued the fear. He had looked forward to this. Soon, the strength of the most proficient armed unit of the entire galaxy would circulate in his veins. Soon, his average physical frame would turn into an unstoppable steel-hard titan. Soon, he would become like his subordinates, who for so long had been his physical superiors. He trembled again, and felt how his body was trapped in the contraption, unable to escape if anything, against all probability, would go wrong. Warm. Felt warm now. Comfortably warm. And relaxed. He swallowed again. His muscles began to ache in a non-painful, even pleasant way. It was really happening! With Unit 388 growing and transforming at socket A right before him, and Unit 246 growing and transforming at the update station to his right. Growing together with his subordinates. Growing with the lads. Growing with the hulk marines – where-ever did the civilians pick that nickname up? Growing together with his brothers in arms. Becoming. Uh! Uhnnnn! Becoming. Oh, fuck, yes! Becoming more than human! "Nanites fully integrated. And working according preferred prototype enhancement formula. DNA alteration incomplete, but running. Testosterone levels rising. Hypertrophic power current. One hundred millibanners. And increasing. Mind-program. Intensifying." "M.A.I.5! Increase and intensify!" "Increasing. Intensifying." Oh, fuck, yes! It was happening! It was happening, now! His old daydream... becoming true... joining his men! So unbelievably good! He took pride in acting calmly and making well-considered decisions even in extreme situations, but he had never been able to compete with the disimpassioned resolve of the Enhanced Special Marine Servicemen under his command, and he craved that level of serenity and will-force. He could already feel the impact of the mind-control, and he took the feeling in. Drank of it eagerly. Cherished it. Embraced it. But there was something he missed? Under these circumstances, he wouldn't always be able to give Medical Artificial Intelligence 5 the necessary orders to increase and intensify the process, when needed. Better let the Artificial Intelligence handle that. "M.A.I.5! Continue to increase and intensify all parameters and levels continuously, until I give you an express order to terminate this. The order apply to all sockets and update stations." "Sergeant Mulligan. Security clearance. L6. Has given. Permitted order to. Increase and. Intensify. All sockets and update stations. Continuously. Will not terminate, until given permitted order by. Sergeant Mulligan. Security clearance. L6." "Good." "Hypertrophic power current. Twelve hundred millibanners. And increasing. Mind-program. Intensifying." He could hear the breathing of Unit 388 and Unit 246 increase, when The Procedure intensified, and he could watch Unit 388 grow to incomprehensible levels of muscular strength. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying." He could feel himself becoming taller, and he could feel his army boots disintegrating inside the power sockets. His quads and hamstrings forced themselves out from his camo trousers, ripping them apart. Tatters of camo-patterned fabric laid scattered around his station. With these legs, he could lift mountains. Yes! He was becoming a super-soldier! Yes! Change me! Brutally force me to become more! Make me a hulk-marine for the Empire! Heroic proportions! Monstrous proportions! His abs turned into a set of pétanque-boules hard as steel. It felt unbelievable. His pecs grow into godlike proportions. His shoulders broadened. His traps... Oh God! His traps! The power was so overwhelming now, and the mind-program was like a wave drowning his individual mid, tearing his soul apart in a all-consuming feeling of rage, lust and ultra-masculinity. The individual unit roared in bliss, power and ecstacy. The individual unit grew... "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Two thousand seven hundred millibanner. And increasing." The individual unit grew and it felt how it increased its capacities further. Unit 389 floated in a sea of stimulating power, and it could feel its strength increase. More. More. Without end. It liked how its strength increased more, more and without end, but it noticed, that Emotion Access was enabled, and the intensity of The Procedure could be difficult to handle at these levels. With Emotion Access enabled, it was hard to concentrate enough to call the attention of any superior officer. Hard. To concentrate. So good. So hard! His capacity! Sky rocketing! His brothers. In arms. Growing too. Big. Brothers. Together. Mighty. Tough. Brawny. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Three thousand three hundred millibanner. And increasing." Unit 389 was dimly aware of the warm, hard, growing presence of his brothers. Growing. But it was not aware of anything else in its surroundings. Empowerment. It was stronger now. Stronger than any man in the Galaxy. Except his two brothers. Unit 246. And Unit 388. Here. Present. Undergoing extreme hypertrophy and hyperplasia together. Undergoing DNA alteration together. Joining his brothers in size and strength. Together. Bigger. Could crush mountains. Couldn't remember any time in the past, when it could not crush mountains. It had no past. Unit 389 felt how it was being born in this very minute. Born to inherit Power, Brawn and Might. With his brothers. To fight in combat with his brothers. Bravely. To defend. To protect. And to be an Enhanced Special Marine Serviceman. Hulk-marine. The civilians said. Yeah! Look at these hulk-marines! Look at this hulk-marine! Seven foot, two inches. And growing. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Four thousand one hundred millibanner. And increasing." It wanted to crush asteroids. It was a steel monument. A steel monument dedicated to ultra-masculinity. And strength. And willingness to put oneself in danger's way. To protect. To defend. No, a monument of chromium! A monument of titanium! A monument of tungsten! It felt like its bodily presence expanded in all directions, all its muscles engorged to an insane level – feeling like planet-sized muscles – veins spreading all over him. It wasn't sure if it roared. It wasn't sure about anything outside the intense experience of re-programming its mind and re-programming its physique. Reprogramming. In order to defend and protect. The hypertrophic power streaming into its defenceless and unprotected body was beginning to feel hard to bear. Too much. Perhaps better terminate The Procedure. "M.A.I.5! Terminate Procedure at all stations!" "Negative. Test subject identified as Unit 389. Will not terminate, until given permitted order by. Sergeant Mulligan. Security clearance. L6." Unit 389 felt slightly confused. Something wasn't aright, but his confusion was drowned in the feeling of further empowerment. It was almost too much. Almost. But it also felt pleasurable beyond description. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Eight thousand six hundred millibanner. And increasing. All test subjects now reaching. Height eight feet. And increasing." His brothers began to roar and moan now, despite that their Emotion Access was disabled. He roared, too. And moaned. Sinking deeply into the rapture of growth. Of becoming. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Ten thousand one hundred millibanner. And increasing." An alarm went off somewhere, but it didn't matter. Something broke. He didn't know what. It didn't matter. The only thing that mattered was, that the Artificial Intelligence continued to increase and intensify all parameters and levels continuously. He wanted it. He craved it. He eagerly embraced the full effect. "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying. Hypertrophic Power. Twelve thousand three hundred millibanner. And increasing." He didn't know for how long time The Procedure continued. Unit 389 was unable to terminate it, but it didn't matter. There was no such thing as too much. There was only the rapture of muscular empowerment without limits. Without any limits at all. Without any limits of brawn. Without any limits... Unit 389 increased his capacity. For the Empire. And the Emperor. And his brothers in arms. Stronger. Becoming a power-being. Becoming a nuclear explosion. Becoming indomitable. Becoming invincible. Becoming... * * * Chapter Five is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13150-unit-246-chapter-five/
  9. Unit 246: Chapter Three

    Chapter One is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13112-unit-246/ Chapter Two is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13129-unit-246-chapter-two/ Unit 246 Chapter Three Sergeant Mulligan trembled in anticipation: He wanted to know. He wanted to know how far the lads under his command could grow. He wanted to know what the Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1 would do to a slim and narrow-shouldered civilian, and Unit 246 had brought a test subject for him. To hell with precautions! Why spend valuable time on evaluation of formulas 7.3 and 8.0 when the 8.1 already existed in a prototype state? He wanted to know. The civilian – a protester even – had been given a meal, which he seemed to appreciate. What did the central galactic administration and the multi-corporations think of, when they increased fees and prices on food, and why on earth had they re-routed some of the shipping routes? Even if those mining families had no right to protest in the violent manner they did – we ought to trust the Emperor – they were right on one point: All human beings need food. Well, now the civilian had been given a meal and a nutrition-injection, and Unit 246 had brought him to Lab 5 on Sergeant Mulligans order. Unit 246 had stripped the frightened test subject naked, and fastened the feet and hands of the test subject in the four power sockets. Unlike the updates, managed while the individual unit reclined in a sort of chair, the initial enhancement Procedure demanded another treatment. The chrome-shining power sockets swallowed the test subject's hands and feet entirely, and he stood with his skinny legs broad apart inside the sockets, shaping an X with his arms. Unit 246 was now attaching a hose to the test subject's genitals. The test subject became pale. He looked frightened, and didn't dare to say anything to Sergeant Mulligan or Unit 246. Mulligan was curious: Some of the early recruits had a background in sports, or had good records from earlier military service. The second generation consisted at a ratio of 20% of sons of former Enhanced Special Marine Servicemen, with no former background in the Forces until The Procedure. This test subject was uncharacteristically thin, but the hopes for the 8.1 update aimed at something more extreme than hitherto. Something amazing could be about to happen, opening a wider range of future recruits, unless some unforeseen side effect would kick in. Like the 5.4 upgrade... A short moment of hesitation went by, when Sergeant Mulligan remembered the screams of the deformed monstrosities, that were the result of the discontinued 5.4 upgrade. The scientists must have transcended such obstacles since quite a long time, by now. The scientists still warned against using any formula newer than the 7.2 upgrade, but why take so long time with the prototype formulas? The 7.3 prototype worked well on Unit 246, a few days ago, didn't it? Mulligan wanted to build prototype soldiers. Some day... Some day he wanted to become one of them. He had led these larger-than-life marines in combat so many times, marvelled at their stamina, performance... Self-control... Muscles... Their superior in the command chain, but their inferior when it came to actual capacity. Some day, he wanted to join them. The test subject had been overcome with fright, but now his fear released a string of words: "Don't you see, Bill? It's me! Max! Please, release me from this machine! Don't torture me! I don't know anything about the leaders of the protest. I just joined, because I needed food! I don't know anything! There's no use for torturing me! It's me, Bill! Remember?" "Unit 246, administer the DNA-alering injection to the test subject." "Yes, Sir!" It was done. A muffled cry from the test subject. "Unit 246, administer Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1 to the test subject." "Yes, Sir!" "What was that? Truth serum? But I do not know anything you want to know! Bill?" Unit 246 looked straightforward in a dispassionate and slightly machine-like way. "Unit 246, connect the test subject to mind-program." "Yes, Sir!" The eyes of the test-subject widened. "Leave the chamber, Unit 246!" "Yes, Sir!" Unit 246 towered at the side of Sergeant Mulligan, and watched the chamber. "M.A.I.5! Heat the chamber up!" The Medical Artificial Intelligence answered with its usual metallic voice: "Sergeant Mulligan. Chamber is. Heating up." A familiar humming sound began and increased in volume. "M.A.I.5! Activate the nanites inside the test subject!" "Sergeant Mulligan. Nanites activating. In test subject. Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1. Let me remind you. Sergeant Mulligan. That enhancement formula is. In prototype stage. Caution is adviced." "Caution acknowledged, but overrided. Proceed." "Overriding Prototype Caution Protocol. Proceeding. Safety Protocol activated. Unable to proceed with. Safety Protocol activated." "Deactivate Safety Protocol." "Safety Protocol. Deactivated by. Sergeant Mulligan. Security clearance. L6." "Proceed." "Proceeding. Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1 now identified. And activated. In test-subject, power sockets A. Mind-program running. Concomitantly to. DNA-alteration. And. Nano-facilitated re-building. Hypertrophic power activated. Current now. Twenty millibanners. And increasing." "What's happening to me? What's this? It's..." The faint outlines of the test-subject's muscles were becoming visible. "No! What are you doing? What's happening to my body? Like it's taken over by something not me... Feel sick... Must puke... Sickening feeling... So alien... What the fuck is happening to me?" The metallic voice of M.A.I.5 interrupted: "Nanites fully integrated. And working according preferred prototype enhancement formula. DNA alteration incomplete, but running. Testosterone levels rising." "BILL! You must release me! Something sick is happening! Something..." Unit 246 observed the chamber, without showing any reaction. Sergeant Mulligan observed, fascinated by what he saw. At this early level, it looked fairly similar to what he had observed innumerable times, but the novel aspect of this experiment was, that a typical ectomorph was able to achieve the same level as the more typical mesomorphs used in the past. "Hypertrophic power current. One hundred millibanners. And increasing. Mind-program. Intensifying." The test subject's fear seemed to melt away, but something else was rising. "I said: Release me! You bloody wankers out there, even you, Bill! I trusted you! Now you let me out or I shall... I shall... Yes! O fuck, yes! Bigger now! I will fucking give you a thrashing, with this new strength, if you don't let me out, and let... Fuck! So good! Couldn't have dreamed of..." "Hypertrophic power current. Five hundred millibanners. And increasing. Mind-program. Intensifying. Testosterone increasing. DNA-alteration progress 25%. Nanite activity at 35%. And increasing." "Wait? What are you doing? No! You can't... Can't make me into a hulk-marine! I don't want to become one of them! I'll find you a cure, Bill. I promise! Let me out, so that this... Oh, fuck! So good! So much! You can't change me... Look at these guns! Can't move them now, but anyhow... YES! Look at this bruiser... this brick shithouse... I'll show you when I break free... Let you see some aggro! I'll marmalise you! The power streaming through me... so bloody UNBELIEVABLE!" "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying." "YES! Look at me! The new Uni... No! No, you can't change me! I'm Max, Bill! Remember Max? So big now... Like you, Bill... Becoming like you... So good! So much! So big! So hard! Like a good mari- ... NO! I'm me, I'm not... So fucking massive. I could soon crush this machine if I wanted, but I don't WANT to crush it, since it is so GOOD when it cram me more and more full with this muscle building POWER... No one will mess with me. I'm a loyal... NO! I'M MYSELF! Program me according to your wish, Sarge... NO! So big! Like a good marine! Noooooo!" "All parameters and levels increasing and intensifying." Unit 246 didn't show any reaction to the test subjects' ramblings, but Sergeant Mulligan studied the process with deep interest. It was the best enhancement formula he had witnessed. The test subject was now of about the same size as Unit 246, and The Procedure wasn't even half-way. Enormous pecs protruded from the wide chest, and a monstrous – yet functional – trapezius covered his back, thick lats hanging on each sides. Veins covered large areas of the test subject's body. Instruments allowed them to hear the test subject's heart beat. "Hypertrophic power current. Twelve hundred millibanners. And increasing. Mind-program. Intensifying." "I'M MYSEEEEEEELF! Sir! Unit 388 reporting for duty! Please enhance the abilities and capacities of this individual unit, Sir! This individual unit exist for the purpose of enhancing his capacity and use his capacity to the utmost, for the sake of the Galactic Empire. Let me inform you, Sir, that Emotion Access is still activated, and that... Uh! Uhnn! Let me... UH! ...That The Procedure is quite intense. Sir! So good! More, Sir! Give me more!" "Hypertrophic power current. Two thousand millibanners. And increasing. Mind-program. Intensifying. DNA-alteration progress 97%. Nanite activity at 95%. Testosterone level. Rising." Sergeant Mulligan would soon deactivate Emotion Access, but he wanted to observe the next minute or two. The test subject was now bigger than any former or existing Enhanced Special Marine Serviceman. "Yes, Sir! Bulging all over! Every muscle engorged WITH POWER! Could crush anything! For the Emperor and the Empire! This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for pleasure and this is for fun! Joining my brothers in arms! Defend! Protect! Yes! Increasing!" "Hypertrophic power current. Two thousand five hundred millibanners. And increasing." "Unit 388, deactivate Emotion Access." "Sir! Yes, Sir! Emotion Access deactivated. Proficiency levels increasing, Sir!" "M.A.I.5! Procure Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1. for two further test subjects!" A white cylinder moved away from the antiseptic wall, and the metallic voice returned: "Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1. for two further test subjects procured." "Pick it up, Unit 246." "Yes, sir." He picked them up. Sergeant Mulligan trembled. He was going to show them. He was going to show his superiors the advisability and usefulness of using Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1, despite all the talk about safety precautions over at Research and Development. "Unit 246, administer the DNA-alering injection to me." "Yes, Sir!" "Unit 246, administer Prototype Enhancement formula 8.1 to me and yourself." "Yes, Sir!" "Unit 246, now enter the chamber, together with me. "Yes, Sir!" Sergeant Mulligan was going to show them. He was going to show them the power of the prototype formula. He was going to show them his power. He was going to become the second prototype. * * * Chapter Four is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13146-unit-246-chapter-four/
  10. Unit 246: Chapter Two

    Chapter one is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13112-unit-246/ Unit 246 Chapter Two They had faced so many enemies, and his men in the Enhanced Special Marine Servicemen company had proved their worth at so many occasions. Sergeant Mulligan remembered the time they defended farmers on Eridanus 2 against radioactive dinosaurs, the time they defended crystal-farmers on Alpha Centauri 6 against mind-eating wind-scyphozoa, and the time they defended miners on Ceres against acid-spouting xenozoa. Innocent colonists against local wildlife – those times he had no doubt. His men fought heroically, and achieved what no ordinary human would have achieved. There were other times, when he did what he had to do, and led his men crushing rebellions. Zaztron 4 seemed to fall in the latter category, but it had to be done, otherwise there could be unrest in the entire arm of the galaxy, as Lieutenant Fforbes had informed him. Sergeant Mulligan cheered at the thought, and felt a sting of envy, of his men on leave in a space harbour – either on a mainland planet or at a space station. When they had Emotion Access switched on, these lads knew how to party. Their toleration of alcohol was off the chart, and then there were the hulk-marine-groupies, as some civilians put it. Lots of women avoided the Enhanced Special Marine Servicemen when the latter were off-duty, of course. The rumours went before them. Then there were those women who sought the pubs and clubs where his men relaxed after work. Well, some men too, but the authorities preferred to hush that aspect down. If any pregnancy occurred, the Empire payed the mother a monthly allowance until the boy – it was always a boy, because of the genetic tinkering – reached the age of fifteen, when he automatically became the property of the Galactic Empire. Sergeant Mulligan watched the central console for the hibernation-pods. They went from yellow to green. His men were awakening. He had to brief them about the mission. * * * The whining sound of shells and landing-vessels. Shouts. Stun rays, death rays and conventional fire. Students throwing stone at hulk marines in battle armour. Max crouched behind a heap of rubble, and wished he was somewhere else. He felt nauseous, and his belly was empty. The protest had began, when supplies of flour and vegetables had been cut off. A planet like Zaztron 4 wasn't suitable for agriculture, even inside greenhouses, and the mining planet was dependent on a steady flow of supply from other planets. The galaxy needed metal. Usually, there were no problems. Starving people a ready to resort to desperate means. A loud noise: The News Tower bombarded – other planets wouldn't know what happened here. It would have felt better if Bill had been here, but it had been eight years now. He had spent six years in school with Bill, and he had always felt so safe, light-hearted and protected when Bill was around. The first two years in school had been bad: The other children, especially the boys, picked on him, because he was so short and thin. When third grade began, the seat to the left of Max was empty, and the new pupil took a seat there. Bill. As an outsider, Bill was shunned by the other pupils, too, but no one dared to pick a fight with Bill, and since Bill and Max were friends, the bullying of Max ended that year. Bill had arrived with his Mom from somewhere else in the system, no one knew with certainty from where. Bill and Max spent afternoons after school playing in the rubble from the mines, or watching children's programmes. Bill's Mom was really nice, but she was often sad, for some reason. The year between their thirteenth and fourteenth birthday, Bill had began to grow, and he grew faster than any of the other boys in class: At age fourteen he was broad-shouldered and tall far beyond the average fourteen-year-old, and he had used his new-won height to carry Max and Tom, another short friend, across the belt of willow-scorpions between the school and the pier. A few months before next birthday, Bill had become silent and moody. Max still remember the day the room to the lecture hall opened, two officials in the black uniform of the Galactic Empire entered, and approach Bill's seat. "William 3285197 Smith?" "Yes?" "Will you please follow us." Bill's cheeks had become blossoming red. "No, I don't want to follow you, Sir." The uniformed men dragged him out of the lecture hall by force. "NO! I told you, that I don't want to follow you!" Eight years. Eight years since that day. He still missed the comforting presence of Bill. Protesters screaming. The stench of blood, innards and death. Max threw up, couldn't control his fear. The clunky sound of men in battle armour marching. One of them approaching. So this was it. He was going to be shot, probably by a hulk marine. Pity. They had been quite impressive when they saved those farmers attacked by dinosaurs. Pity that he would die at the hand of one of them. He looked up. The heavy battle armour towered over him – a hulk marine inside: Buzzcut, big traps (as usual), some sort of camo uniform inside the armour. Then he recognised the face: Older, of course. More angular and masculine, as all of them. But it was, yes it was indeed, his old friend Bill. He was going to be killed by Bill, his best friend. "Bill? Bill, it's me, Max?" "Negative. The designation of this individual unit is not 'Bill'. The designation of this individual unit is 'Unit 246'. "Are you going to kill me?" He didn't know from where the projectile was coming. It could have been protesting miners, or it could have been the hulk marines, but a projectile hit the place where he had stood. He didn't stand there anymore. He was encapsulated inside a part of the battle armour in of the hulk marine who looked like Bill. "Negative. Some civilian hostiles shall be converted. This unit has found you convertible." The hulk marine began to walk away from the battleground, approaching a landing vessel. * * * Chapter Three is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13142-unit-246-chapter-three/
  11. Unit 246

    "Unit 246?" Unit 246 recognised the voice of Sergeant Mulligan, one of his non-enhanced superiors. He turned around, and, with an expressionless face, faced the officer. "SIR!" They were standing on a metallic landing between two passageways. A deep shaft continued under them and above them, used by robotic vertical transport, and also allowing some fresh air to circulate inside His Majesty's Battleship Demogorgon. "Follow me to Lab 5. New scientific breakthroughs have to be tested." "I understand, Sir." Devoid of any individual will, Unit 246 followed Sergeant Mulligan to Lab 5. The door opened with a metallic voice: "Security Clearance. L.6. Welcome. Sergeant Mulligan." Unit 246 recognised the room. It was the room where he was born. It was the room where he had become empowered. His Sergeant gave an order to the Medical Artificial Intelligence: "M.A.I.5! Procure Prototype Enhancement formula 7.2.!" A white cylinder moved away from the antiseptic wall, and the metallic voice returned: "Prototype Enhancement formula 7.2. procured." "Pick it up, Unit 246." "Yes, sir." He picked it up. It was a pen-shaped auto-injector of glass and metal. He held it in his big hand, and watched his Sergeant. The body temperature of Sarge was increasing, especially in the genital area. Unit 246 was entirely calm. He had Obedience Mode switched on, and he had Emotion Access switched off. He was entirely calm, and he was ready to obey the next order. "Inject yourself, Unit 246." "Yes, Sir!" He sat down on a chair, in order to relax his legs, did what he was told to do, and injected the Prototype Enhancement formula in his right quad. The needle penetrated the fabric of his camo trousers. "May I remind you, Sergeant Mulligan, that the nanites of Unit 246 have to be reprogrammed?", the M.A.I.5 interrupted. "I am aware of that, M.A.I.5. Heat up the enhancement chamber." "Heating up enhancement chamber." The contraption at the far end of Lab 5 began to hum. "Unit 246, how do you feel?" "Excuse me, Sir, but I do not understand the question." "Correction: Unit 246, do you identify any adverse side effects of the Prototype Enhancement formula?" "Negative, Sir! But the extent of the formula's effects will not be identifiable until nanites are working at 100% efficiency level." "Very well, Unit 246. Enter the chamber." "Sir! Yes, Sir!" Unit 246 entered the chamber, and sat down in one of the reclining chairs inside. The humming intensified. "Unit 246?" The Sergeant's voice could be heard through the loudspeakers. "Yes, Sir?" "Connect to mind-program." "Yes, Sir. Connecting to mind-program." Unit 246 fastened the electrodes to his temples, and awaited further enhanced programming. Calmly and objectively, though immersed in a semi-hypnotic relaxed state, Unit 246 could notice how his height, chest circumference, arm circumference and leg circumference increased, and Unit 246 felt vaguely proud, that he would become more adapted to serve the Galactic Empire as an Enhanced Special Marine Serviceman. Sarge sounded proud too, but sounded slightly unprofessional, where he stood outside the chamber. "Fuck! yes! That's my lad! Good boy! Grow for me! Grow for the Empire! Bloody can't believe it! Why did they delay formula 7.2 for so long time? Could have reached these levels earlier, and made good use for it, in the service of the Emperor. Like they are now delaying 7.3., 8.0 and 8.1... Can't believe the size of your quads, lad. Fuck! Your chest... Like fucking medicine balls. And your volley ball shoulders! Yes, more! Grow for Sarge! Unbelievable traps! Those steel-hard abs..." Sarge had to sit down on one of the comfortable foldable benches. Unit 246 was vaguely aware of, that Sarge shivered and spasmed where he sat at the foldable bech, watching the chamber. Unit 246 couldn't understand why. Unit 246 was so deep into the enhancement process and the re-programming. He existed for the purpose of enhancing his capacity and use his capacity to the utmost, for the sake of the Galactic Empire. The humming decreased. "Unit 246?" "Yes, Sir!" "You may remove the electrodes and leave the enhancement chamber." "Yes, Sir!" The unit did as he was commanded to do. "At ease, soldier!" "Yes, Sir!" "I am inspecting you." "Yes, Sir!" Sarge squeezed the pecs of Unit 246. The Unit continued to look forward expressionlessly. Sarge massaged the trapezius of Unit 246. Sarge placed himself behind Unit 246, with his face in the broad and well-defined back of Unit 246. Unit 246 could feel Sergeant Mulligan's hand on his abs. He didn't move or say anything. Sarge returned to face him, kneeled and put his hands at the quads and hamstrings of Unit 246. They were interrupted by their ear-implants: "Everyone to hyperwarp-protected pods. Preparing for hyperwarp-jump in five minutes. Ansible distress call from Zaztron 4. Preparing for hyperwarp-jump in five minutes. Everyone to hyperwarp-protected pods." "You may go, Unit 246, but before you go: Mindswipe all your memories from the last 60 minutes." "Sir! Yes, Sir!" Unit 246 left Lab 5, and headed for the fast-speed lifts. He left the lift at Level 78, turned left in one of the passageways. It was colder here. Smoke looking like melting dry ice surrounded the pods. Unit 247 already slept inside his pod to the right of Unit 246, his powerful and muscular frame dimly visible through the hoarfrost on the glasslid. Unit 246 sat down in his pod and reclined. Already on his way down in hibernation, he could see Unit 245 reaching his pod on the other side. He rested among his brothers. His brothers in arms. The Galaxy's finest. The best of the best. The unit the civilians for some reason called The Hulk Marines. When His Majesty's Battleship Demogorgon entered hyperwarp, Unit 246 and his brothers were already in deep hibernation. Chapter Two is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13129-unit-246-chapter-two/
  12. My Weekend JOB part two by F_R_Eaky Dedicated to so many artists, writers, etc. that inspire. PART ONE: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/6983-my-weekend-job-part-one/ Joshua went to take a shower in the hotel room, but became lost in thought looking at himself in the mirror. His crotch was just up over the counter top now. He looked down at his feet to see their new size and comparison to the floor tiles. He stood and marveled in the shower to see where the shower head now came to on him and how he could look over the shower curtain rod with just a slight tilt of his head or a raise onto his toes. "I'm six foot four....six foot four!" He said to himself over and over again. He rubbed his hands up and down his body to wash it and felt how he had not only grown, but lost all his unhealthy weight. Like his friend, Brent, he too had grown taller and achieved the build of a swimmer. As his hand went further down though he suddenly had a very shocking revelation. "OH MY GAWD!" "You alright, Josh?" Cried Brent from the other side of the bathroom door. "Ye....ye...yeah." stammered Joshua. "You just discovered your third leg, didn't you?" "WHAT?" Said Joshua, realizing the implication Brent was making. He turned off the shower, threw open the curtain, grabbed a towel and stepped outside to see Brent sitting on the bed, laptop open, watching a growth video, and his cock was enormous. Joshua was so taken back that he dropped his towel. Brent looked up and over to him and then smiled. "You look about the same soft as I did - nine inches" Joshua looked up to Brent's face, who just took a ruler from his side and tossed it to Josh. "It's fully erect now and is twelve inches exactly. Can you believe that? Twelve inches. We're some of the largest hung men on Earth." Joshua felt his cock rise up and bob, the new length and girth of his cock fought against its rising and made a compromise by simply sticking straight out. Sitting down on the bed, Joshua began to watch the videos Brent had pulled up and suddenly Brent began to stroke Joshua's cock. The sudden jolt of pleasure was so powerful, it made Joshua convulse a little and his toes and fingers curl. "OH GAWD!" "I know.... they're soooo sensitive now. and I think our balls have increased in size too." Joshua reached his hand out and made contact with Brent's magnificent member and began to stroke it. This in turn made Brent begin to contort and curl his digits inward as well. The two watched more videos and stroked until they couldn't stroke anymore and blew two very large loads into towels. After a second shower, Brent presented Joshua with some of his clothes and a pair of size sixteen sneakers. Joshua was nearly ready and raring to go again, an erection trying to happen once more as the idea of wearing Brent's clothes and them fitting turned him on very much. "I kind of figured yours weren't going to fit too well anymore and you needed something to drive home in." Joshua thanked Brent for the clothes, and the two packed their things and said goodbye to one another. Joshua almost didn't make it home without blowing a load. He had to get used to the fact that he was tall. In some hallways and some older gas stations and convenient stores on the way home, he had to duck signs or watch the door frames as they were much lower than the modern standard average. Getting used to walking with longer strides and his large size sixteen feet and their shoes was also a challenge, not to mention he now had to put his driver's seat much farther back than it used to be. ***************************************************************************** * It had been about a month since Joshua had spent a weekend with Brent, as per usual. Normally between his schedule or Brent's schedule, plus the fact of how far apart the two of them lived from each other, the two could only meet about every three or four months or so. But oh, what an exhausting month it had been. Although Joshua enjoyed his new height, his larger feet, his slimmer build, and his larger cock, and enjoyed them immensely, they created a few problems. The first was Joshua's friend, Lawrence, Larry. How on earth would he, could he explain a seven inch growth spurt plus a several pound weight loss or change over the course of a weekend? He had to dodge Larry over and over again, for him not to see Joshua, until Joshua could come up with an explanation. Not only that, but none of Joshua's clothes fit him, so he couldn't make an appearance at work or even in the mall or parks, not until he could buy some clothes. And that didn't come easy. Although only being six foot four inches tall, there were still many things on the normal rack that didn't fit well on Joshua's body. That didn't even take into account that Joshua had to start learning to "wear" his soft cock down one pants leg or the other as it all wrapped or balled up upon his larger testicles simply created too large of a bulge. At any rate, there were some clothes, especially the shoes, he would have to buy either custom made or at much higher prices due to there being a much more limited supply of them. He called in sick for two days, feigning the flu, and went on a shopping spree the best his savings could allow. Then he came in early and left late every day so as not to have coworkers see him too much standing so much taller than he used to. When it did come time for him to have to walk to a meeting with a group of people he would hunch so his new height wasn't quite as noticeable. He also had to think cold shower thoughts whenever he did have to go walking around the office because he noticed how many more people he stood taller than or that most of the people he thought were really tall in the office, were at best just as tall as he is now. But Joshua also decided to help his financial situation out a little bit. Thinking about how expensive it was to have to buy a whole new wardrobe, not to mention that the mattress on the bed seemed a little short as well, he wondered how on earth he was going to earn all the extra money he needed. The answer came to him as he passed by an old costume shop window in the heart of his city's "old towne." They had as one of the displays an old eighties style wrestling outfit, but had combined it with a Mexican style wrestling mask. He went in a bought a couple of wrestling masks and then went to sports store to buy some wrestling trunks. Once he was back at home, he created an account on CAM4 under the name, Clyde S'dale, and listed himself as a behind the scenes wrestler lithe but toned build, 76" x 8-13" plus 12". At first things were a little slow, but once everyone got a glance at the size of the bulge in his trunks and the unveiling of his cock, the rise of his cock to erection, men and women began to flock to his page like moths to a flame. And of course many wanted to see him jack off or self suck his cock, and Joshua was all too turned on and willing to do just that, but made those acts private so as to have folks pay for the privilege to see that. He moved on to or added other muscle or cock cam sites and it didn't take him long to earn a decent amount of money. But the buying of new clothes, some new pieces of furniture, and nearly nightly jack off sessions, sometimes multiple, was making Joshua exhausted. Then one night Joshua received a phone call from Brent. "Hey Josh, how you doin'?" "Hey Brent, doin' well. You?" "Doin' okay. Whatchu doin' now?" "Not much." "Really... not been growing? Not been getting big?" "Oh yeah! Constantly, man. You know me. Hardly a day goes by I don't dream of getting huge, muscular, and hung." "Still? Even now, when you're six foot four and hung like a bull?" "Oh maaaaaaan. Even more so now. I can't believe we both grew. To have our fantasy kind of come true like that. It's such a turn on. Hmmmmm fuck...." "Getting hard now, just thinking about it?" "Yeah....aaaw gotta get these jeans off and set my cock free..." "I understand. I still can't believe how big our cocks got. How meaty and hefty they feel." "And still so rock hard and throbbing." "Yeah.... and we just want them to get bigger." "Ooooh yes.... bigger.....biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii iiiiiiiii gerrrrrrrrr..." "No... we can't get into it.... not right now." Joshua stopped speaking or moaning rather, but silently kept playing with huge, engorged cock as he listened. "I need to meet up with you again, and I think you need to meet up with me again. We need to hang together because we rock, we understand each other, and now understand what a well endowed man needs." "Awwww man... I agree...." And Brent told him a hotel he had booked, the city it was located in, and arranged for him to meet the following weekend. After hanging up, Joshua imagine how much fun the weekend would be, what happened the last time they met up, and about growing hulk sized. It didn't take him long before he was spraying a supreme sized load from his natural hose. ***************************************************************************** After knocking on room 1709's door and greeting Brent after he opened it, Joshua walked into two surprises for the weekend. The first was that this room wasn't a room. It was a couple of rooms that contained a living area, a dining nook, the bedroom area, and a bathroom. Brent explained that both of them being tall men now, he decided to use up his hotel points to get some accommodations that were just under the presidential suite level. He also did this because of the second surprise. "Whoa! You're right, Brent, he did grow." Joshua turned the corner to find two other net buddies he made: Darien and Andrixos. Darien was a 6' 1", balding blond man, blue eyed, with a slightly stocky and hairy body. Andrixos was 6' 4", average build that was pretty smooth, green eyes and thick mop of sun-kissed brunette hair. These two were also fond of the same fetish Brent and Joshua liked, again some slight variations in hose they fantasized about things, but still the general outcome was the same: bigger, taller, stronger, more hung men. "Sorry to surprise you like this, Joshua, but I had to tell someone what happened. I was visiting with Darien a couple of weekends ago and he at first didn't really believe my story until he noticed my new shoes and that they were definitely bigger than size twelves." "Not to mention the fact that once you took them off, I could tell your feet filled those shoes and filled them well." Said Darien. "Anyway, I told them about our little growth and of course explained the greatest changes happened to you. They went to looking at your Facebook page and saw your pics of you standing next to your tall friends, one whom I remember you telling me was six foot three inches tall. They decided to have a major weekend and see for themselves what you looked like now." The trio stood there looking at Joshua as he looked back at them and thought for a minute. Finally, Joshua relaxed his stance and placing his laptop case on the dining table announced... "Cool... .... I've had to hide the changes from all my coworkers and my friends. I mean, how does one describe a seven inch growth spurt, not to mention a five and half inch one down there, over the course of just a weekend? It's nice to be able to tell someone and talk about it." With that the four of them changed into more casual and comfortable clothes, pulled out laptops, and began to watch and talk all about the growth that happened and the growth they'd love to see. Towards the end of the night, or very early in the morning, they decided to wind down the first night of their growth fest and retire of the evening. "So really, you guys were just jacking off to some videos, you released, and the next morning you woke up changed?" asked Andrixos. "Yeah," said Joshua. "Just like we had hundreds of times before with those particular videos we showed you earlier this evening." "Well, we don't feel any different? Do you two feel different or like changes are going on?" "No" said Brent, "But there was one thing we had done differently, by accident that we normally didn't." "What was that?" "We came on each other." Joshua blushed as he spoke, "actually we accidentally blew into each other's mouths." "You sure it was accidental?" said Andrixos as he gave Josh and Brent a smile. "It was." said Brent. "He helped me climax and I herky-jerked and wound up pointing my cock his direction upon my release. To be polite, I helped him get off and aimed it at myself, so he didn't feel like I was just shooting at him for fun." Brent then got up off the bed he and Joshua were lying on top of and went to go use the bathroom, at which point Andrixos got up off the other bed he and Darien were on and took Brent's spot. "Whatchu watching over here?" Andrixos asked Joshua as he reclined across the bed. "Oh, it a series of morph videos. The artist takes these video clips of bodybuilders and after a certain point he has them blow up in size and then everyone takes photos of them. Sometimes they blow up twice from two different normal poses, or he blows them up twice, bodybuilder to super human to inhumane." "Oh yeah, I like those videos." Said Brent as he came back, and reaching for his laptop, grabbed it and sat on the other bed next to Darien. He threw a chord end over to Joshua. "Here, let's sync up so we can easily see what you're playing over there, over here." Joshua plugged the chord into his lap top, clicked on some things, and soon whatever he was playing on his laptop, Brent was viewing on his. [...(crowd grasps, the sound of slightly heavy footfalls as a bodybuilder takes the stage....) ] "Oh I like this, that's Alexey Lusekov. He is so fuckin' thick!" said Brent. [... (Alexey makes his way center of the stage, raises his arms to do a frontal lat and chest spread.) pow pa-pow pa-pow pow pow pa-pow.... errrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRT! (Alexey blows up to twice his size... the crowd ooo's and ahhh's even louder and more and more photos are taken) .... pow pa-pow pow pow pow pa-pow pa-pow pow pow pow...] Darien leans over to see Brent's screen better. "You like Alexey cause he's all thick and swole, you like him now that he's even.....bigger!?" "Hmmmmmmmm oooh yeah....." Andrixos leans over and queries Joshua. "How 'bout you, Josh? You like Alexey?" "Ooooh yeah... I like Alexey. He's so fuckin' thick and dense, full and hard, yet defined...." "And now that he's even bigger?" "Uhhhhmmmm yeah.... love that...such power..." [....(Alexey turns and does a side chest shot. The crowd ooh's and awes when he suddenly breaks it and then goes back into it and then swells even bigger.) ... errrrrrRRRRRRRT HURRR! POW PA-POW PA-POW PA-POW POW POW POW....] "You like it when they swell, don'cha, Joshua? " "huh huh....oooh yeah....muscle's poppin' getting fuller..." "How 'bout you, Brent?" "Yes.... Those big full muscles just getting... huh...huh.... larger and thicker... Oh look... huh... Joshua, it's Lee Priest. You love Lee Priest. ..." "Oh yeah.... huh huh...loved him for ages..." [ (Lee steps up in front of machines in the weight room. His arms are hanging so far out to his sides because his lats and upper arms are so thick. He stands there and straightens his posture.) eeerrrrrRRRRRT! (suddenly his shoulders and back broaden even incredibly wider, his arms become a little fuller and so does his waist line, even though it looks tight under his white tank top. He flexes his arms a little bit. The scene repeats only this time it's slower...) HURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!] "You like that don't you, Brent. Getting bigger... Stronger...." "Yeah... more muscular... harder....denser..." "Come on, big boy.... don't let Lee outgrow you..." "Yeah...huh huh...huh....huh.....getting so pumped up." "You like it too, right, Joshua?" Said Andrixos as he placed his hands on Joshua's shoulders. "huh ... huh....yeah.... growing bigger...denser... stronger... fuller....huh huh huh..." "And Lee's not goin' to outgrow you. Why you're a full foot taller than him, maybe more. You can't outgrow him... you're doing it now aren't you...ERRRRRRT!" "OOOH FUCK! YES! Growing...." [(Scene changes to Lee now doing shoulder shrugs... in the middle of which he suddenly grows) eeerrRRRRRRT! (the scene again repeats itself in a slower fashion as the hunky Lee Priest begins, slower this time to work out those shoulders and then grow...) HUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!] "You're swelling right there with him, aren'tchu, Brent big boy?" "UUUH... yes...growing...huh huh...swelling....huh....ballooning...." "Come on, big man....grow... GROW! You a wussy? I SAID GROW!" "HUhh BIGGER! huh huh huh....stronger....denser....harder...thicker! huh hhu hhuh...." "You're not gonna let Brent and Lee out grow you are you?" "NO! NO! Getting bigger! huh huh huh more swole! Fuller! STRONGER!" "Must be hard for you to stroke that cock... it's so much longer and thicker than it was before." "HUH HUH huh huh huh huh huh yeah....oooh soooo... huh huh big....the sensations! Ooooh." "Look here comes Phil Heath to the stage. He's gonna swell and outgrow you." [ "He said he wanted the word massive to be used amongst the other words that I commonly used to describe..." (Phil Heath does a double bi and then....) HUUH! (Instantly he doubles in massive size and the crowd gasps and cheers).....] "No... NO.... huh huh huh huh our growing him!" "And your cock is growing even longer and thicker too..." "OOOOOoooooohh OH! YEAH! huh huh huh huh huh .....gettting soooo bi-HIG! huh huh huh..." "You're growin' too, aren'tcha big boy. Gonna become a real man?" "Yes....huh huh..." "Yeah?" "Yes...bigger...huh...STRONGER!..... DENSER!.... huh huh huh huh..." "Why don't you show me how you can grow...." At that moment, Andrixos and Darien each grabbed either Joshua's or Brent's cock. One hand grabbing the head and squeezing it hard while rubbing the thumb up over the head and the slit, while the other hand pulled long, firm, and slow down the shaft. "AUUUUUUUUUUGH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" "AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" The sensation of this blow was so strong, both Joshua and Brent convulsed, shook, spasmed, as they blew their load and then passed out. Andrixos and Darien both took the shots into them and then proceeded to jack off to the rest of the videos, falling asleep after they came. ***************************************************************************** The next morning, three of the buddies awoke to the sound of one of them screaming. "HOLY SHIT!" The three sat up in the beds they were laying on and looked towards the bathroom door. Andrixos, slowly peeked around the corner towards his three friends and saw them all breathlessly sitting up, awake, on the beds. "Sorry, guys....didn't mean to wake you..." "Well, what surprised or scared you?" Asked Brent. "oooh..." stated Darien.... "I think....oooooh..... I know....." Everyone looked at Darien.... the sheets over his lap began to shift and move, rise, and a pillar like formation began to rise up and cause the fabric to tent. It began to sway and bobble a little, then suddenly there was a snap, like the sound of an elastic band pulling taught against skin after being pulled and stretched too far. Joshua shot a glace over to Andrixos. "I take it you're now a member of the foot long club, too?" Andrixos, shrugged and stepped out of the bathroom, revealing that his member was tenting his underwear to maximum capacity. "You seemed to have slimmed down just a titch and toned up as well." "Alright, Darien," said Brent, "Stand up..." "What?" "Get out of bed and stand up." "But uhmmmm...." "We're jack off buddies, we've seen each other before, and the two of us have been walking around with a ruler in our pants now for a month. You're not going to surprise or scare us." Slowly Darien stood up, and then walked over to Andrixos, whom he was now just as tall as. "Ok to make it official," said Joshua, "Go attempt to put your shoes on and see if they fit." The shoes didn't fit of course, both of them now wearing size sixteens. After the initial shock wore off the four men began to talk and discuss how great it was all of them being tall, slim and trim, and hung. Brent and Joshua pulled out some extra pairs of shoes and gave them to Andrixos and Darien, while Andrixos loaned some clothes to Darien to wear and then the four of them all went out to grab some breakfast. The four of them had a hard time keeping their cocks deflated, and smiles from spreading across their lips, because all of them being slim and six foot four inches tall, had folks asking obvious questions such as "Was there a basketball tournament in town?" or "Is there a meeting of International Tall People Clubs nearby." They had fun knowing they were making quite a sizeable impression on most folks, even though they did run into other men who were slightly to quite a bit taller, and many who were larger built. Still it surprised them that at "only" a "mere" six foot four how many men they were taller than. They spent the late morning doing some clothes and shoe shopping for Andrixos and Darien, taking a couple of pictures in garages showing how they stood as tall or almost as tall as the height restriction for occupancy. They returned to the hotel room around noon and got things unpacked and sorted, placed things they bought for lunch and dinner on the table, and slowly began to just be seated in various spots of the suit. Finally Andrixos spoke up. "Ok... I have to know, is anyone else's horniness factor up like a thousand points? I mean, I don't know about you. It was already hard getting used to having to snake my cock down my pants leg, but the rubbing that was going on, the people asking if we were parts of sports team, talking about how big and huge we were, made me want to nearly blow several times." "Yeah..." laughed Joshua. "...It does take some getting used to, but you don't really get over it. I mean, that cock is just....THERE! There's no other way to say it, and it's going to get moved and rubbed regardless." "So, how did you two...get used to it? Control it?" "How else?" said Brent as he flipped open his lap top. "We jack off." The guys proceeded to have another waking session... and then another....and another.... before actually stopping and having lunch properly. They talked about the changes in their lives between the height difference experienced by Joshua, to the new shoes needed by everyone, they moved on to some politics, favorite movies and t.v. shows, guys they thought were hot, and other things. After dinner though, they began to stroke their individual mighty meat and think about bodybuilders, strength, growing, and being hung. A few hours and several bathroom towels later, it was late into the evening again. They were set for one last load to blow and feeling of euphoria. Andrixos had called up a 3D animation, still , video on his computer.... [ (sound of hard rock playing, while a man in an olive pull over complains....) "My head! What is happening?" (He suddenly holds his stomach) "My stomach. I'm gonna.... Whaaaa!" (Suddenly the man collapses to his butt on the ground....) "Pain gone. So...horny..." (his cock suddenly inflates, but then his body becomes just as rigid...) "uh....grrr.... I can't move! ... ... ... My voice! That's not me! It's too deep..."] "Ooooh yeah.... " cried Joshua. "Get a real man's voice... deep...low....make a chest rumble when you speak..." "hmmmmm" "oooooh" "oh, yeah...." Called out his three friends. [ "What is going on? Why is this happening to me? .... .... ... What the fuck?" (Suddenly the man's chest begins to inflate, thickening, widening, barreling out with muscle.) "Grow....Grroowww Bigger. Make me bigger!"] "Yeah... grow bigger, boy... get massive like us!" called out Darien. "Bigger....'' "Stronger..." "Denser...." [ (The man stands up and then begins to arch his back.... his muscles begin to inflate filling his clothes up to their maximum capacity.) ] "Getting bigger!" called out Brent "Stronger..." "Fuller..." "Swole...." "Harder...." "Denser...." "Thicker...." "Bulging...." [(suddenly the man begins to get taller too. His pants hem riding up his shins. His shirt hem riding up his abs. His sleeves travelling up his arms. All while his muscles continue to grow and pull and stretch on his clothes....] "More massive.... huh huh ....." cried out Andrixos. "Peaks, cuts, definition....huh huh huh ...." "Bigger muscle bellies...huh huh ...denser....huh huh...muscle fibers....." "Fuller...talller...stronger....bigger....massive...huh huh huh huh ...." [ (suddenly the man's balls inflate, his dick grows longer and thicker, bursting his fly wide open. The camera backs up for all to see the man has torn his shirt wide open down the front with just his burgeoning chest, while the sleeves have been shredded by his arms...) "FUCKIN' HUGE GROWIN' FUCKIN' HUGE!!"] "Cock getting huh huh huh larger..." "Balls getting bigger....huh huh huh huh" "More cum huh huh huh swirling round and round huh huh huh inside..." "Nads producing more huh huh hormones..." "Making us grow even bigger...huh huh huh " "fuller...huh huh......LARGER!...." "Which causes them huh huh huh to gro-OW bi-HIGGER! HUH HUH HUH" [(the man now stands nude, almost in a crab or most muscular pose, the whole world to see his giant and immense height, muscular, and cock size...) "PUMP ME, MOTHER FUCKER" (His cock rises even larger to the occasion...) "OH YEAH, I'M GONNA BLOW!"] "BLOW HUH HUH OOOH AND HUH HUH GROW!" "BIGGER! HUHU HUH HUH" "STRONGER! HUH HUH HUH HOOOOO-OH!" "BROA HUH HUH HUH BROA HUH HUH BROA-DER! ER!" "TALLER! HUH HUH MUCH MORE HUH HUH TALLER!" "MORE HUNG! HUH HUH HUH HORSE HUNG!" "EVERYONE HUH HUH HUH IS GETTING SO SMALL COMPAIRED HUH HUH TO US HUHU HUH...." "NO MAN IS OUR MATCH! HUH HUH HUH HUH" "WE ARE MUS HUH HUH HU HUH HUH MUSCLE HUH GAWDS!" [ (The man begins to spew his load of hot seamen everywhere his body, cock, and balls still inflating and growing as his blowing.) "C'MON FUCKER KEEP GROWING!... .... ...GAWD! OH MY FUCKIN' GAWD! (He continues to swell and blow....)] "YES! BIGGER! STRONGER! HUH HU H HUH AIIII OOH! GAWD! I...IIIIII" Joshua bucks and humps the air as he goes into orgasmic spasms. His hand jerking towards his right. "OOOOOOOH DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!" Brent sees Joshua's involuntary motion, but goes into orgasm as he tries to roll to his right to avoid the cum shot. Instead he rolls to the right, but his head jerks back to the left, his mouth receiving the first full blast from Joshua's skin cannon. "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK AUH AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" Darien goes into orgasm, leaning forward and screaming not aware of the trajectory Brent has just sent his load into. It makes its mark right into Darien's open scream, who then jerks back on its taste sending his spunk to the right. "YESSSS YESSSSS! GROWING BIGGER AND BIGGER! HUH HUH HUH WHOO! WHOOO'S A MUSCLE HUH HUH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD!" Andrixos scoots down the bed, his head collapsing into the pillow that would've received Darien's volley, but now it makes contact with Andrixos' mouth. His body convulses and twists to the left, and he has an orgasmic release that at first is all release of tension and then suddenly tightens so fast and hard, it cause his body to convulse to the left and thrust his pelvis up high. Creating an arc of spoo that goes soaring over Darien, Brent, and into panting lips of Joshua who's attempting to recover from a most powerful release. Swallowing, coughing, the four gasp and spit and swallow, trying to regain their composure and senses. Attempting to get feeling back into their feet and hands, allowing their fingers and toes to uncurl. Shivering, shaking, they pass out into a horny oblivion. ***************************************************************************** * During the night, the four men have hot and fevered dreams. Each one in their own fashion sees his self continuing to grow, to pack on muscle, to become more hung, their bodies becoming ultimate paragons of towering strength, power, and virility. All other men a small compared to them and they are shrinking by the minute. These men are becoming gods....TITANS! The same one who woke everyone yesterday will wake everyone again. He has dreamed that he has grown so big and so powerful, his pinky tow alone covers a metropolis of millions of people and their sky scrapers. A blimp too small for his eyes attempts to show him pictures of the people crowding around, rubbing, and jacking off on his feet, worshipping him madly. His cock springs into action soaring up and Up and UP! Such a massive meat monster it is it dwarfs the Empire State building by two, three, four times its size! He strokes as he pops his other arm's bicep and bounces his pecs, laughing lightly at how like fleas humankind has become to him. Suddenly he releases a load that cascades down in a deadly torrent. The first shot alone floods the city. The second takes the support or foundations out of building causing them to collapse. The third volley causes his sperm to spread out and empty into the sea or travel across plains.... Suddenly he is awake. His cock is still spewing. He tries to clear his head, knowing that the sensation is wrong due to the dream. Yet, he knows... he knows he's spewing more spoo than he did just the night before. Now... he must pee. Wincing in pain as he pulls back the sheet. He can feel the dried cum that became glue from last night, binding his skin and the sheet as one. He can still feel his cock giving up more spunk as it pools on the mattress a bit. He stumbles and fumbles his way to the bathroom, stooping a little because of how tired he is. He points his cock at the toilet and urinates, then flushes. He thinks to himself, "I should go ahead and shower, get this dried spunk off of me." It is mere moments after the shower is turned on that he yelps out in horror. His three buddies again sit up in bed and turn their attention to the bathroom. Andrixos comes to run out the door when suddenly... WHAM! His head meets the door frame. Crumpling to the floor, Andrixos nearly loses consciousness, and remains in a haphazard seated position. "Did... did... I just see that right. Standing all the way, straight up.... did....did Andrixos just bang his head on the door frame?" "Yes, Joshua, you did." Said Darien and he flung the sheets off to stand and go check on his friend." "Good lord! " cried out Brent. "Darien! Look at yourself... you're.... you're... kind of built!" "So are you!" "So are we all." said Joshua. "We're all that mildly athletic to soccer player kind of build. You know just before you begin to look like a personal trainer." Darien gave a hand out to Andrixos. "Easy does it... tilt your head forward before you come through...." "Good....night... look how his leg muscles bunch and pop as he stands....oh my gawd....." "Look at how you, Joshua, rise a tent pole in the middle of the bed!" Sure enough from seeing how built and tall they were now, Joshua had begun to develop a chub. This was eventually done, willingly or no, by Brent and Darien as well. As Brent reached over and pulled the sheet off of Joshua... he let out a yelp of fear and then began to hold and strangle his penis as though he had a monster. "My gawd! This thing is like a foot and a half long now!" "And judging by the door frame," said Brent. "We're all now six foot - ten inches tall." The four sat or stood there in silence, in the room, staring at one another.
  13. Happy Father's Day by F_R_Eaky Chapter Three: A Keg & A Six Pack for Father's Day. Chapter one: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12542-happy-fathers-day-by-f_r_eaky/ Chapter two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12560-happy-fathers-day-chapter-2-by-f_r_eaky/ The phone rings. Oisin reaches out to pick it up and instead sends it flying off the end of the table. Cursing, he picks the phone up off the floor staring at his arms and hands in disbelief; he's been fumbling and tripping and knocking things over all day yesterday, and this morning is only mildly better. He has this thought, sensation that he's taller, bigger, stronger, but not by much. Something around four inches taller or so, although his feet and hands have gotten much larger and his build has become a bit beefier. Seeing his reflection in the glass of his cupboards, he's distracted from the act of answering the phone, absentmindedly setting back down on the table. He's in just pajama bottoms although they are riding slightly high on his legs, still comfortably snug. He is shirtless as the pajama top felt a bit off...tight?...confining? He turns sideways and looks at his reflection. He does his best attempt at a side chest pose. Then he faces straight on and attempts to put his arms straight down, but they're being held up by his back or is that lats? He has lats? "Have I gotten more muscular?" he thought to himself. "I don't recall being this built before?" Running his left hand over his pec, he inhales a quick breath as his fingers glance over his nipple, and then they continue down...down...down... his waist. No six-pack, but still slim, taut, and solid. His toes are being tickled and he realizes his feet are extended past the tiled area onto the carpeted. He wonders at this and backs his heel to beginning of a tile and sees his foot is the exact same length as the floor tile. Suddenly a rush is felt through his body. His groin is feeling very hot and his cock and balls are beginning to feel more and more cramped inside his briefs and his pajama bottoms. In a matter of moments he is looking down and staring wide-eyed at the decent sized tent his pajama pants are producing. The ringing of his phone again wakes him up to real life and he bends down to retrieve it and answer. "Uhm....Hello?" "Uhmmm Hi. This Lorcan Kiley. I'm trying to reach Oisin Shanahan...." "Oi... hi, Lorcan. This is him. How are you? Still planning to come over today?" "Yes, but I have a question for you." "I may have an answer. What is it?" "Well.... I don't want to seem presumptuous or cheeky, but.... I met this guy yesterday, not that I'm wanting to cancel, and he's not boyfriend material or anything... He's about your age, all alone in the world too, and well... ... .... He had a guy set him up for a supposed romantic date yesterday only to leave a note saying he was an ancient leprechaun and not worth dating." "No, he did not." Oisin gasped. "Aye. Not only that, but he and a bunch of his friends had hung back to watch when he read the note, then laughed at him and sped off in their car." "So you were thinking he might need a bit of a pick me up." "Aye. I told him I was coming over to your place today, but I didn't say he could come along, but I wondered... Two sonless guys and a fatherless young man, all single, no family...might be better with three to make the time go by ignoring all the father's day celebrations." "I appreciate the call, and I don't mind. Invite him over. Wasn't making anything fancy. Shepherd's Pie to be exact. I can just break out a larger cooking dish after I pop round the corner to get some more meat and veg." "Deadly. I'll call him and let him know." "Alright. See you two around one. Slán." " Slán." ************************************************************************** The phones rings. Cian opens his eyes and immediately shuts them, pretty sure that someone has instantly jammed needles into them. Groaning he opens his eyes a second time and watches as the room spins and rocks back and forth a bit; his vertigo is not acting correctly. He feels the ring of the phone pierce his ears more than he hears it. He stands up and tries to walk but he wobbles a bit. "My legs feel like rubber.... why are my thighs rubbing together so much? I can't walk straight." Cian thinks to himself. Stepping over huge piles of clothes he fumbles his way to the living room where his phone is, but upon walking he hears a deep resounding thud... thud... thud... coming from somewhere as if a man of goodly size was walking extremely heavy, very heel-toe like. He wished whomever it was would stop as it was making his head pound even worse. He stopped his walk to sense if it was coming from his neighbor upstairs. ... ... ... They stopped. He started to walk again, the heavy footfalls began once more. Cian looked up at his ceiling and called out, only slightly, "Oi! Ya bastard! Trying walking through ya flat instead of traipsing around like yer stompin' out bugs!" The phone rang again and he grabbed it from off the table somewhat angrily. "Oi, it's Cian." "Hi, Cian. This is Lorcan. They friendly guy from the beach yesterday." "Oh... yeah.... I remember." "Well, I spoke with my friend and he's fine with you coming over, if you'd still like to." "Sure... I still have to return your towel. Surprised you called me, given my abrupt departure." "It's ok. You didn't look to well. Might have been the heat." "Aye... the heat." "Well, since it's my first time heading to this guy's place, I'd like to pick you up around eleven if that's ok with you." "Sure, yeah, fine..." "Alright, see you then." "Aye..." Turning to head back into the bedroom, Cian clipped his foot on the table leg and staggered into his bedroom doorway only to tumble forward after slipping upon two empty bottles of Bushmills Irish whiskey. "OOF!! OW!! FUCKIN' TABLE! ... .... .... .... How the hell? ....I was fairly far away from...." Cian grabbed his foot, but still lying eye level with the floor looked across it to see almost his entire wardrobe laying, scattered on the floor. He stared at it in wonder and slowly his hand reached out to pick up one of his shirts. It was split in so many places. All of his shirts were split in so many places. Down the chest, down the back, busted sleeves, ripped out arm pits.... Nothing was whole. He then picked up some pants and some shorts. Many of them had their waist buttons missing. Most of them had tears in the crotch, at the butt, down the outer seems near the thigh, some even had split cuffs or hems. After picking up one pair of pants, he noticed a piece of paper on the floor, a couple of pieces taped together in fact, and there was writing, calculations, and the outline of a foot. Calculated the foot would be 30.5 cm long (12 inches) and need a UK size 13 (US 14) shoe. Shakily Cian sat up and swung his foot around and placed it on the paper... .... ... it was a perfect fit. Scampering in a backwards crawl from the paper as if it was some horrific thing, he slammed into one bedroom wall and sat there shaking and breathing heavy. It took a bit of time before he realized his stubbed foot was hurting and bleeding slightly. Walking weavingly into his bathroom, he broke out some medicine and bandages to clean and dress his foot. When he when he stood up however, he became motionless. Looking deeply into the mirror, he turned his head around to see if someone else was there. He stepped forward slightly and tapped on the glass and wave his hand in front of it to see if it was t.v. image or if someone else was standing on the other side of clear glass. His hands went up to his cheeks to smack them, then they progressed down over his chest as his breathing became rapid and his pecs heaved up and down. They then glided over his arms, down his waist line, across his thighs. This wasn't him...was it? Memories began to flood his brain of him coming home, after he made sure the coast was clear and once here, sitting down and belting a few back before looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He then tore through his closet like a raging animal, trying this shirt on, with those pants and yet he couldn't successfully get them up or down to where they were supposed to be. Everything popped or snapped or ripped or tore. And shoes!... ... ...His feet covered his shoes now. His toes extended about one maybe two inches beyond the shoe. There was no way of ever getting them to fit in his size 5s again. Cian felt his heart rise up in his throat as he looked at his body in the mirror, then through the doorway to a couple of posters of particular rugby players, then back to the mirror, then back to the posters, back and forth, back and forth.... Suddenly he felt a good hard smack against his abdomen wall and looked into the mirror, then straight down. "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" ` Splashing some water on his face, Cian went back into the living room, still fumbling his way, grabbed the phone and hit "dial last number." "Hello, Lorcan. It's Cian. Uhm.... odd request. I..... er..... I....that is uhm..... I... I had a break through... IN! .... I had a break in last night. No... I'm fine... just the gobshites went through and uhm....took knives or scissors or something to all my clothes. ... .... .... No, I'm fine. I wouldn't of noticed ... I kind of got really fluthered last night. Anyway... I kind of need to have some friends pick me up some clothes otherwise I..... I'm.... I'm going to be in the nip all day and I don't think they allow that usually outside of a man's house. Could we make my pick up closer to half past eleven or quarter till noon? ... .... ... Alright. Thanks." ************************************************************************** Lorcan and Cian arrived about a quarter till one at Oisin's home. It wasn't any bother them arriving early, he let them in and they sat in the living room. They had the tele tuned in to a rugby match, but they weren't paying a lot of attention to it. They were giving out a little background info, making lots of small talk, as folks do when they're newly acquainted and making friends with one another. They discovered a fondness of several card games and so Oisin broke out a deck and they continued to chat and play while the shepherd's pie continued to cook. When it was done, Oisin went into the kitchen to get it out of the oven, along with some bread and another side dish, as well as a pitcher of an ice cold drink to have with dinner. Cian went in to assist Oisin and Lorcan asked where the plates and things were to set the table. The three sat having a good time and a good dinner, joking and even playing some cards at the table with occasional screams at the t.v. to some rugby player or a referee. Eventually though they decided it was time to retire back towards the living room and they got up to clear the table. "Oi, Oisin. Gotta say that was an excellent shepherd's pie." "Thanks, Cian. It was my mother's recipe, or her mum's, or her mum's mum's mum's mum." "hahaha. Old family recipe." "Something like that." "Only thing we need now is a good Guiness or something like it to sip down while watchin' the rest of the game..." "Or playing cards." said Loran. "I still need to earn money back from you two or I'm not going to have enough to last me through the semester." Everyone had a good laugh at that and then Lorcan said he'd go grab the beers for Oisin and Cian, when suddenly both of them blurted out a very loud and firm no. Everyone stood there looking at one another for a moment or two before Oisin said with a smile, "That is you set the table, it's our turn to get things." "Okay, but it is supposed to be father's day, so you two grab your beers, and I'll clear the table and do the dishes. How about that. At least I can kind of feel like I honored the day." Cian and Oisin laughed lightly and agreed, grabbed their beers and sat down to relax in the living room while Lorcan went to wash dishes in the kitchen. They sat kind of silent for a moment before Oisin looked over at Cian and calmly asked, "So...what did you look like before?" "What?" "What did you look like before Lorcan poured you a drink through his magical cup?" "Whaddya mean?" "Well, you're a pretty big guy." "Yeah? So are you?" "True but I wasn't until about two days ago." "So?" "So.... you don't look like a guy who would have a rude note left for him calling him an ancient and tiny leprechaun not worth dating." "Oh..." and Cian looked away and down at the floor. "You also said 'no' a little to emphatically like I did, so I assumed he must have poured you a drink and you changed. He did the same to me." "You mean you weren't always kind of rugby looking?" "No... I was only 172.72cm tall and 9.14 stone." "So... what? Guys gonna find me interesting now because I'm kind of tall and built?" "I would've found you interesting even if you weren't tall and built?" "Yeah, right." "No, seriously. I have a thing for red headed guys. I just think they look great." Cian blushed so his cheeks matched the color of his hair. Still looking down he softly said, "160 centimeters tall...just under 8 stone.... but I was cut as hell...." Oisin smiled, "Like an anatomy chart? You could see all the individual muscles?" "Yeah....they just weren't huge and bulgy." "I still would've traced the hell out of them with my finger tip." Cian blushed again. "And now? Thirteen and half stones now at 188.88 centimeters." and Cian did a double bicep pose in the chair. "We're a matched pair then." "What?" "I'm the same.... 188.88 centimeters or six feet tall and thirteen and half stones or one-hundred and ninety pounds. And....I'd definitely jump you in a heartbeat. You really act all tough and macho, but you've got a great soft side, too." Cian blushed a third time, but blushed so hard his entire body turned red. "So uhm.... can I ask a personal question?" "I don't know we know each other that well, but why the hell not? Go ahead." "Did your... you know.... down there..." and then Cian hoarsely whispered, "your shillelagh?" "Oh.... that... yeah.... it did....Yours?" "Yeah...." "Ah...." "Ah...." "You measure?" "No. In total disbelief. Afraid to..." "So it's...." "Kind of out there, yeah." "Mine too." "Really?" "Yeah." "Ah." "Ah..." They sat there in silence for a number of minutes. "You know..." said Cian after a long pause, "I could go for you too. I like you dark guys. Thick dark hair, deep dark eyes, really tan skin, nearly looking more Spanish, kind of exotic." It was now Oisin's turn to blush. Cian continued. "Did he...Lorcan that is.... ask you what kind of guys turned you on?" "Yeah.... he did?" "Is uh.... that.... when the....changes started happening?" "Yeah..." "Yeah... .... ... me too." "Yeah?" "Yeah." "Ah." "Ah...." The silence hung heavily in the air once again before Cian finally broke it. "So you like big guys too?" Oisin sat up on the edge of his seat. "Oh yeah." "Like football or rugby players?" "Bigger." "Bigger?" "Yeah like bodybuilders." "Bodybuilders?!" "Yeah and not just amateurs, like pros. Seasoned pros. The ones at the top that are winning the Mr. Olympia." "Ooooh yes.... like like someone who is a superhero or specifically about ready to blow into the Hulk." "Oh gawd, yes." The two men began to shift in their seats. They could feel their new clothes beginning to close in on them like they were wearing apparel made from shrink wrap. "Do you feel.... warm?" "I feel hot!" "You look hot. Even hotter than just a minute ago." "So do you." And together they looked at each other and stated. "Lorcan." "The iced drinks..." "When he was setting the table...." "Poured the drink...." "Through his goblet." They sat there for a moment, being very fidgety, feeling their growth slow down as their clothes became just a little bit tighter. "Cian." "Aye?" "Your clothes are beginning to fit like under-armor exercise clothing." Cian swallowed hard. "So are yours..." "You want to continue?" "Fuck yeah! You?" "Come on... let's not reward him with a show. Let him be surprised." Oisin motioned for Cian to follow him and took him to his bedroom. Once he shut the door, Cian practically ran into him, kissing him fully, deeply on this lips. "Fuck this is so hot, you growing, me growing...." "You wanna grow for me big boy?" Cian growled. "Come on, tell me how big you like your men." "Awww fuckin' huge man...." "Hmmmmnnnn yeah....with arms as big as cannon balls?" "Oooooh uhuh....yes fucking bigger than your own head!" "Oh shit! uh damn that hurts, but feels so good..." "So powerful...." "So manly...." "FUCKING ALPHA!" The two started groping and feeling their bodies and individual muscles. It didn't take too long before their sleeves were ripping up to their deltoids, their chests were splitting their collars down to their navels, their lats and back were flaring out ripping the armpits wide open, and the backs began to be pulled apart screaming in tears and rips. Also too their butts were bubbling out causing the back of their jeans to explode. Their thighs started busting side seams. Their calves started making the bottom of their jeans round out and remain up, clinging to the large bulbous, diamond hard shape. "How tall....huh huh huh huh huh.....Oisin do you like your men?" "Very tall...." "Like American footballers?" "Taller" "Like wrestlers?" "Taller!" "Basketball players?" "The tallest of basketballers!" "OOOOH shite!" "Hmmmmmnggg fuuuuuck!" The rest of their shirts begin to rip and shred away along with their pants, which lost all hold on top as their bodies inched their way up and swelled out broader and thicker with the new height. Their waist buttons popping and smacking the other's new crunching and bunching abs and obliques, bouncing clear across the room. Their feet swelled and lengthened as well as thickened into huge manly feet made for extremely tall men and tall men that lifted huge amounts of weight. The sides of their shoes just grew out and rolled down to lie flat on the floor before suddenly ripping open straight across both sides of the shoe as their toes stretched and lengthened ripping out and pushing forward the front of their shoes until the fronts rested underneath the balls of their feet. Oisin let out a small hurt noise as his head hit the bottom of the door frame and continued to grow past it. Cian growing at the same rate, still lip locking Oisin as their conversation and grope fest continued. "How do the muscles grow, Oisin? Does the weight spread out over the new height?" "No... it grows with it.... " "Uggggghhhhnnnnn" "Oooooh daaamn..... they keep the size proportionately become hugely built giants." "Like the hulk?" "Like the hulk..." "Definition?" "Total.... one can identify each and every muscle, very cut, extremely defined." "HMMMMMMMM AUUUUCH! And.... and..... how well can you see the density?" "OOOOOOOH.... GAWD..... full..... FU-HULL! aaaahhhh huh huh huh huh full of striations, so many lines..." "Awwww maaaaaannnnn...." "How... how....huh....how about veins?" "Fuuuuuuck yesssss. I love to see veins.... how they highlight the shape of an upper arm riding across the peak from valley to valley..." "ShhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiIITE!" "How they move into the chest looking like tubes filling the pectoral muscles with something causing them to swell out thicker, fuller, broader, heavier." "Oooooh...." "Hmmmmmmm." "What kind of man do you really love, Oisin?" "OOoohhh oh...oh...oh.... a.... a.... RED.....huh huh huh....a red head.... extremely tall.....extremely built......like totally white... not pasty white like an albino, but that natural white that make his red hair just stand out.... ..... extremely cut, tight waisted, totally smooth, except maybe..... maybe a little bit of hair around his nipples, a good bush under the arm, and around his cock. .... augh and long haired.... like down to his shoulders so his bangs can playful....uh-HUH! .... huh huh huh....playfully hide his eyes with what almost looks like a theater curtain but more natural color." "Oooooh" Cian began to moan and groan as his body began to morph and change just slightly and his freckles began to fade away on his upper arms and face, but his red hair began to become more vivid, but slightly darker into something like wine color, nearly burgundy, and then the hair under his arms and near his underwear's waist band began to grow in thicker and thicker and small sprigs of hair grew out in the center of his chest and the spread out and feathers ever so lightly but more dense from that center to around his nipples. Oisin backed his head away and looked Cian for a moment then erotically whispered in ecstasy, "Fuck..... like an alabaster statue of some new Greco-roman god, only much more developed... like three times the size of Heracles...." The groping and growing continued as they rolled around across the wall, their arms, shoulders, elbows breaking holes into the plaster, knocking pictures off, and breaking off sconces. "And you? Cian? What is the love of your life like?" "Some.....huh....huh.....someone.... someone who is just as tall as I am....just as big and strong as I am....extremely tall.....extremely built.....but that off season build.... or with what they call a roid gut..... a..... big.....huge.....bulbous.... medicine ball..... of a stomach....that still has the lines of his abs creasing in there........even though he's got that extra twenty....thirty pounds of weight.....his jet dark hair hanging long in the front but no longer than his ears in back, a style that flutters and flies up in the breeze but masks and makes his deep dark, smoky eyes play peak-a-boo..... ...... the same dark hair that creates a five o'clock shadow by noon and he usually just winds up keeping it as a three-day scruff looking beard.... .... along....along with..... body hair that grows in thick....but not so thick as to hide his muscles and definition....but still enough to know.... you're dealing with a man.... a bear!..... it grows and feathers out sparsely across his upper arms and thighs but then grows in thicker as it goes down his fore arms and shins....and of course up the center of his abs and chest up from his groin and feathers out across the great expanse of his chest, and across the obliques. He looks like a cross between a hairy power lifter and an off season Olympian." It was now Oisin's turn to moan and groan and buck as he grew and grew and his muscles grew slightly larger and a little smoother than Cian's, followed by his stomach distending more and more outwards as Cian looked down, moaning "oh fuck yeah!" over and over again as he places his hands over the growing gut, stroking, caressing, and cupping it. Oisin looked up at Cian and smiled broadly. They locked lips again until Oisin broke it off to ask Cian seriously, "And you man's shillelagh?" "I bet.... hmmmm mmmm nnnnrffff..... I bet just.....huh huh huh....just like yours..." "Like a bat?" "Oh yessssss.... I want my man to squeal ever so slightly... to know I'm filling him to the maximum...." "Like soft it's hanging down almost a two thirds down our thigh...." "And it's not just a shower...." "It's a grower...." "Like another three to four inches longer...." "And growing so thick...." "And hard...." "And veiny...." "Like our muscles....oooooohOOOOOOH!" "AAAH AH AH AHHHHHHH! yes... Yes....YES LIKE OUR MUSCLES!" "And our balls?" "Big and pendulous.... but still pulled up slightly tight to us...." "Hanging enough to be see and peaking on either side of our mammoth soft rod...." "And full of so much come....we need to jack off daily..." "OH! Twice daily!" "With enough spoo each time...." "We cause average men to nearly choke on the amount..." "They're stomachs actually full!" "AAAAUUUUGH!" "oh! Oh! OH! OOOOOOOOOOH!" And the pair groaned and writhed again this time as their cocks grew out like snakes coming out from a hole, the head followed by more and more of the body, slithering out longer and longer. But this time, the snake is wrapping around inside a pillow case as their cock became caught up in their now already too tight of underwear. It then became a bit painful as their balls began to swell and inflate, pushing out more and more forcing their cocks to push back at them and their underwear leg straps to cut into them until finally snaps and rips and tears were heard and the two men stood there with extreme cocks swaying and swinging against their undulating thighs. Cian backed away from Oisin and grabbed a hold of his underwear's waist band and grunted, once only, and jerked to snap what was left of his underwear clean off. Oisin growled at Cian and did the same. The pair then began to stand up and down on their tip toes and their pants hems that were just barely clinging to the top part of their calves just blew apart in one clean rip and the pair was now totally naked. The two stood there staring each other down, smirking, smiling, at each other with lust and devilish grins. "Cian?" "Aye?" "Are you a top.... or a bottom?" "I'm verse...." Oisin moaned loudly at the answer and moved in to embrace Cian hard. Pushing Cian towards the bed, he suddenly flipped them around as he whispered in Cian's ear, "As it was wrong for you to be dumped, be the alpha tonight. Take me....TAKE ME HARD!" The duet of mighty, mountainous men fell backwards onto Oisin's full sized bed. The frame groaned and snapped instantly. Cian and Oisin stopped and looked around, then busted out in huge fits of laughter and shrugged. Oisin flipped himself around to lay the length of the bed, his feet and legs sticking out and over from about the knees down. They were both about as broad as the bed or mattress and their combined muscular weight definitely made it so flat it looked like it was only a few inches thick. The sight of how small the bed was made the pair moan and laugh and very quickly, almost too quickly and very painfully achieve full erections, upon which Cian smiled at Oisin, who raised his hips and buttocks in the air and nodded in the affirmative. It was said that the grasp and groan of pleasure as Cian entered into the exceedingly tight hole of Oisin was so loud it was heard up to three houses away, despite closed windows and doors from all houses. Cian began his motion driving his rod in and out, just a small amount as first, but more and more as he worked up steam and speed. The pair looked like they were one of those old fashioned individual oil rigs that dot some areas of America drilling for oil. The hammer rising up causing a piston to pull out and then shoves it in as it comes back down. There would have been bed springs squeaking and making noise, but as they flattened them, instead it was the sound of large thumps slamming against the hard wood floor. Lorcan, looked up at the ceiling from the kitchen sink every now and then, but then went back to work washing the dishes for the fifth or tenth time. Eventually the two men were screaming in ecstasy, Cian filling Oisin until his spoo spurted out in great spurts from Oisin's hole, until he pulled his pecker out. Oisin spewing his goo all over Cian's thighs, abs, chest, neck, face, hair, until he looked like a bucket of white paint had been dropped on him. Once down, the two laughed and laughed in deep bass voices that shook the windows and echoed through all rooms of Oisin's house. They wiped each other off with the sheets, that nearly were like beach towels to them, and then continued to grope each other and pinch their nipples, lightly stroke their cocks, until the motions got slower and slower, and soon the mega men were fast asleep.
  14. Gang Hulk

    Another of the mini-Hulk series. Hope you like these. Gang Hulk DJ looked nervously at his older brother as they cut through the street. "Stop worry Deej. I tole you we'll be fine" "Man, the dudes in this street are bad, Li'l H" "Yo!' a voice yelled from a house on their right. "Whatchu doin here?" "We just cuttin' home" Li'l H replied "Dont want no trouble" He nervously hitched his pants up a bit. His baggy white t-shirt hanging loosely on his frame. DJ pushed in closer to his brother. 4 big men came down from the porch and circled them, "Well maybe you found it" DJ pushed closer, "I tole you we shouldnt be here Li'l H" "Shut it Deej" The biggest man smiled, "Li'l H?" he sneered. "Li'l Hot shit?" one of the men smacked him in the head. "Li'l Ho?" another smacked him. "Li'l Homo?" a third taunted and they all laughed. Li'l H said, "I don' wanno trouble" "Li'l Homo needs a lesson" the third repeated shoving him against the others. "Take the kid" shouted the leader and one of them grabbed DJ. "H...No....Don't let them hurt me!" "Put him back" "Li'l Hot shit thinks he can tell us what to do!" There was a punch. Li'l H staggered and shook his jaw. "You need to stop" Another punch and a shove. Dj screamed from somewhere out of sight "H! Help me" Another punch another shove. H went down and spit blood out of his mouth. A hand jerked him to his feet. "What's this Li'l Ho? Someone try to wear Mommy's necklace?" he pointed to a thin scar around Li'l H's neck. Li'l H just looked at him. Then he smiled. "You wanna find out? Hit me again" "Oooooo tough guy" said the leader and swung hard sending Li'l H reeling back onto the pavement. At last he felt the release. It had been a long time since the last one. knowing that the first phase his eyes turned white, he smiled and closed his eyes and held back. Didn't want to give anything away too soon. But it felt so damn good. The pain vanished and power replaced it. Sensual, dark, mind blowing power was racing through him like a freight train leaving the station. He felt himself get jerked to his feet. Did they notice his shirt was a bit tighter? He smiled and kept his eyes down. A light gasp escaped him. "That one hurt ya, huh tough guy?" Another punch but this one didn't register as much. He only stepped back a bit. Shirt tighter, pants straining. DJ yelled, "H! Can ya hear me? I need the big guy! Help!" One of the thugs yelled, "Ain't no big guy here, cept us" He smirked an shoved but this time Li'l H didn't held his ground. "Fuck, bro you wimpin out? Hey Li'l Homo your Homey is callin' you" and the third guy shoved hard but his hands felt like they smacked against stone. Li'l H grunted again but this time small popping sounds were heard. With his head still down he smirked. "Told ya I didn wanno trouble" his voice was deeper and raspier. "Da fuck?" the leader said. "Yo look at me homo!" and grabbed Li'l H by the shoulders which suddenly thickened up under his hands. Li'l H finally raised his head and smiled. His white eyes open for all to see, "You in trouble now" That's when they noticed his chest pushing out against the shirt. and his clothes straining against a suddenly athletic and muscular body. Li'l H's dick rose up as he enjoyed the full sexual power of the change and embraced it. The leader staggered back but two huge fists grabbed him and held on. The other three fell back staring not sure what to do for their friend. The leader goggled as the front of H's shirt split and two huge pecs spilled out. His ass swelled outwards against his sagging pants causing the belt and waistband to snap. They fell to the ground around thighs that were thickening to the size of redwood trees. And H was growing taller. The leader felt his feet leave the ground as H hung on. "He's turning into a freak!" one of the thugs yelled. The back of H's shirt split as his back widened and thickened and streaks of green color ran through his hair and down through his skin. He was grunting and snarling. The boxers burst open and fell away as well. At last it slowed and a 7 foot 500 pound green behemoth stood there holding the thug leader. The creature snarled at him then hurled him across the street and crashing through the porch roof to lay stunned on the deck of the house he had come from. DJ hollered, "Woo Hoo, the big guy is here!" The other three tried to scramble away, but the creature ran in front and pushed over a massive oak tree blocking their way. They turned and ran back towards the house and the creature followed. He smashed the door open and found them cowering in a corner of one room. A strong smell hit the creature's nose and it looked down and saw that two of the thugs had pissed their pants. The creature went back to the driveway and pulled the basketball hoop out of its concrete foundation and brought it inside bending the thick metal pole to wrap around the three thugs and hold them. Then he slowly sat down on the floor and blinked stupidly for a moment. The thugs stared at the creature as it slowly shrank back down. The green color fading from its skin. DJ came cautiously into the house. "H? you here?" "Yeah" came a deep raspy voice. DJ rounded a corner to see Li'l H still semi-hulked out and slowly reverting. He loved watching his brother change and smiled. H smiled back. Breathing heavily. He looked like a heavyweight bodybuilder now. DJ came over and sat by his brother, who threw his arm around the boys shoulders. "You knew?" one of the thugs hollered to DJ "You knew that homo was a freak like this?" H rose to his feet and started to swell back up. His exposed dick rising to attention. Green color seeping back through his skin. "Shit! Don't say that dude!" Yelled one of the guys trying to squirm away from his poorly spoken friend. "We're sorry...I'm sorry... Please" Suddenly, H shuddered and his balls pulled up and a huge load of green thick cum shot out and covered the three thugs. They groaned and yelled as 6 more volleys of green oily cum covered them. The thug that tried to apologize got a mouthful he inadvertently swallowed. H turned back to his brother and slowly sat down. His brother put his head in H's lap who stroked his hair as he slowly changed back. With a last shuddering gasp, Li'l H was little again. "Deej. I need to get up and get some clothes" DJ stood up and they went out to the porch where the leader was just regaining consciousness. "Hey give me your clothes" H ordered. The thug looked at him. "Don't make me ask again. Strip. Now" With a scowl the thug obeyed. The clothes were a little big for H, but only for now. He smiled and he and DJ walked off the porch and back down the street as if nothing had happened. In the living room, the three thugs tied with the pole tried to holler for help. "Hey. THe homo's gone. Help us man" "Dude shut it. We shouldn't a done it" "What are you a homo for muscle now too? Did you like it?" "We're all stuck here. And it's our own fault" The leader came in and saw the mess. "Hey man help us out of this! Help us" The apologetic one stopped talking he felt....funny. The others continued to yell and bully, "Help man. Get a chain saw or something, cut us out and...stop pushin damn it.....oh shit" The thug who swallowed looked up with a smile. He was thickening up and his eyes had turned white. "This feels fuckin.....awesome" his voice deepened. From outside the house could be heard shouts and grunts and the sound of bending steel.
  15. Happy Storiversary. It is a bit long...but I hope you all enjoy this piece. - Fraank Foolish Muscle by F_R_Eaky Many years ago, in the time they called the Dark Ages, there was a couple who ran a troupe of traveling minstrels, jokesters, and mummers named Cadman and Beca Howels. They had limited success with their troupe, but still managed to garner requests for performances at some of the well to do halls and churches. Now it just so happened at one semi-well to do hall, that the Lord was indeed very, very old. So much so in fact that upon some brilliant performance by one of the members of the troupe, it excited him so much that he expired on the spot. As he fumbled his way toward a hall corner, he cried out the name, "Amlodd" (ahmloth) and collapsed just in front of a crib. Inside this crib was his son, Amlodd Pryce. It was reported that his mother, a mysterious woman who came, and left, in the darkness of the night, was perhaps some kind of Elvin princess who wished to disobey her father. She was very tall for a woman, with a long, though quite beautiful form, and they say her face had elf like features, but on moonlit nights, in the streams of moon beams, she was absolutely breath taking to behold. But whether that was true or not, she was not to be seen for ages, and what was to become of the poor child? Like his mother, the baby Amlodd was long and lanky for a child, particularly for a baby. This only added to the mystery and fear folks had about the child thinking Amlodd would grow into something fearsome or disgusting looking like a changeling. As it was one of the performers who had, by accident, killed the Lord of the hall, and nobody there wished to care for the child, it was deemed that some member or couple of the troupe should take care of him. Thus the townsfolk snuck him into one of the troupe's pageant wagons and when the discovery of him was made half a day's ride away, Cadman and Beca decided to adopt him as their own. Although, they did keep his original Christian and surnames, lest any powerful dark magic become attached to them. If there was any dark magic connected to Amlodd, it was kept firmly inside him and turned on him over the years. He was eighteen years old now and grown into a fairly tall man, if one could call him that. Six feet one inches tall from his bare feet to the top of his head. Taller than most in any village they visited, but still a number of men taller than him, and they were almost all much bigger built than him. His limbs were spindly like a willow. His skin was white like birch and smooth like hazel. His hair was this drab blond, the color of dirty water or linen and hung straight like moss or vines that was lifeless. His face was smooth, soft, and round, still much like a child's, and the same could be said for his body and build. The only thing that was striking about him was that he had these piercing green eyes, bright as a field and yet deep as a forest. Perhaps it was because of his drab and unhealthy looks that he seemed invisible. Most people ignored him, even most of the troupe members. Although Cadman and Beca loved him, as he got older he was given more and more behind the scenes tasks when travelling, packing up or down, or during performances. If he was skin and bones before, Amlodd thought he would surely die soon one day from pure exhaustion. Now, no one is sure exactly how it happened. Had the other neighboring kings hired all the best troupes before him? Had all the other troupes become ill with the plague or something less severe? Were all their paths blocked by dragons, trolls, or brigands? Whatever the reason it seemed the only folks King Cai Trahern could book for his Twelfth Night celebration were Cadman and Beca's troupe. And thus the troupe found themselves in the royal palace hall of King Cai, entertaining him, his son, Prince Rhys, and many of the kingdom's Lords, Ladies, and Knights. It was during shows such as these, Amlodd was relegated to being the "silent jester." Not a mime as some would guess, but a quiet behind the scenes jester. He would be the one to come out and do clumsy summersaults in order to show how good the acrobats were. He would be straight man for jokes, pie slams, pitcher dumping, water buckets, and depantsing. Of course he was also the gofer and prep person for the acts when they needed items brought to them or to be told they were up next. All of this done in a second, third, fourth hand me down jesters outfit whose vibrancy was so low, one almost swore his outfit was black, white, and gray. As the acrobats and jugglers were performing, Amlodd was rushing in to bring the props needed for the magician & herbalist, Baeddan (bAthan) the magnificent who would be next. Amlodd was crossing the back of the hall, when a floor candelabra snagged a corner of one of the handkerchiefs of a long trail of them that were connected. It broke free but left a tail of silk streaming behind Amlodd a good several feet. At the same time as Amlodd's crossing the hall, a man rose from his seat... and rose...and rose.... It was Macson Roderick, the tallest, biggest, bravest, and most boastful of all King Cai's knights. His figure cut broad at the shoulders and tight at the waist on a six foot four inch frame. His chest barreled out so that his tunics were stretched tight at the collar and those tunics nearly fit like dresses upon normal sized men His arms were such it was difficult to create sleeves for them, even worse to create a rerebrace, upper arm armor plate, that fit his arm relaxed yet allowed freedom of mobility of his biceps when he raised and flexed them during combat. The same could be said for a cuisse or greave to fit his thighs and calves respectfully. He had jet black hair with streaks of white mixed in. His eyes were beady, narrow, and so dark brown folks often mistook them for black. And his teeth.... although nearly perfect and white, had canine teeth were large enough it seemed as though he had fangs and might be part wolf or perhaps daemon. So, as Amlodd was crossing the main hall, Sir Roderick was crossing Amlodd's path. His right foot came down upon the tip of the silk handkerchiefs, which became taught as Amlodd continued to walk forward, and his left foot then became caught in the silk handkerchiefs and Sir Roderick went down upon the stone floor with a mighty thud. The hall became deathly quiet. Everyone looked towards the fallen knight. He spilt his ale all over the floor, himself, and his own body weight crushed his wooden goblet into many pieces. Roderick turned his face from the floor and glared at Amlodd with a gaze that would freeze a man's heart and kill him the very instant their eyes met. Rising up from the floor, Roderick let out a string of expletives as he called out to the unknowing and unwitting Amlodd. "You witless, walking willow! You ass gas full-gorged hugger-mugger!" "What?" "What? WHAT!? You make a string of second hand silken kerchiefs to trip me and after I fall flat on my face, crushing my goblet, and you say WHAAAAAT!?" And although Amlodd is extremely thin and lithe, Sir Roderick still displayed quite a bit of strength as he hoisted Amlodd by the throat into the air with one arm. The young man hangs there choking as Sir Roderick bellows at him, "Tell me why I shouldn't have at thee, now?" "Because, it is Twelfth Night. It is my house. It is my hall. It is my table, and I, the King, for one, care not to see battle nor bloodshed on the last of the blessed nights of Christe-mass! Now put him down, Sir Roderick." Sir Roderick glanced over to King Cai but still held his grasp on Amlodd's neck firm and kept him supported in the air. "Macson!" Reluctantly Sir Roderick brought Amlodd down, but did so by way of flinging him half-way across the room. "I will have recompense. He caused me to crush my one and only good goblet. I have nothing and there is nothing else in this kingdom that will hold enough to quench my thirst like my goblet could. And although I can order one it will take months to carve it, stain it, weather it, reset jewels from the old one into it." "Then we shall ask the boy to pay you. Young man, do you have anything to cover the expense?" To stunned for words, Amlodd stood up, bowed towards the king and softly muttered, "No, sire." "Sire," Cadman came forward and spoke. "He is an orphan boy, adopted by myself and my wife. As he stays with us and we feed and clothe him, we keep most of his earnings. The only thing of value that he has is a small amulet, but that is the only thing he has connected to his father who passed away when he was just a baby, and it certainly will not cover the cost of replacing Sir Roderick's carved and bejeweled goblet." "Then he shall face me." bellowed Sir Roderick. "If he has no material worth, his human worth will do. If he survives the combat, he's paid off the debt. If he does not survive, again, he's paid off the debt... ... ... with interest." King Cai spoke out again. "Surly you can see that he would never survive. He may be a man, but just barely. He has no beard. You said so yourself that he was a walking willow. I've seen you snap logs four, five times in thickness compared to him with your bare hands, and you wish to go to combat with him in armor and weapon? I implore you. For Christmas. For Chivalry." Macson Roderick stood there looking Amlodd up and down before finally scoffing and sneering at him. "Alright. In honor of Christmas and chivalry, I will concede, with this caveat: There is no doubt that he owes me for the cup; accident or no it was his fault. He has nothing to pay me back with save himself. He is, surprisingly but a few inches shorter than me, so that should make him man enough to be able to face me. I will allow him one month per each year it took me to develop and double it. That would give him ten months. And since it is the last day of Christe-mass, I will even give him a gift of two more months to train. One year to train in total, however he can, see if he grows any, see if his beard comes in. As an added bonus he receives one extra day, for my Liege would not have us fight on Christmas so then on January sixth the beginning of Epiphany, not the morrow, but the next, we shall have our duel." With that Macson pulled out a rather tatted and worn glove, not one of the fine ones on his hands, and threw it down at Amlodd's feet. Amlodd nervously bent forward and picked it up as he knew he had to and placed it under his belt. Toward the end of the evening, when many of the guests had left, retired, or flat out fallen asleep at the tables, Amlodd darted from this end of the hall to the other gathering bits and pieces of props, costuming, and equipment and packed them away in their proper boxes and trunks. After setting a number of the trunks near a side door, he began to notice he was being watch by someone in the shadows. He was more average in height, around 5' 10" tall, his frame had a slight build to it, but was much more lithe than what Sir Roderick was - he was more like an acrobat or tumbling jester. His clothes seemed as though they may be fine, at least in cut if not in material. It was too dark to tell the quality. The silhouette of the man's hair was definitely cut in a well to do fashion. As Amlodd stood there staring at the man in the shadows, when the wind came wafting from behind the man towards Amlodd he could smell a pleasant and heady fragrance coming off the man. The man leaned his head forward ever so slightly and Amlodd saw a silver glint from the man's forehead. "Come." The figure took to walking down a spiraling staircase until it came into a storage room, where upon he lit a torch and used it to light a few more within the room. There were a number of trunks and several casks stacked here and there, but was still fairly bare. After lighting the last torch, the figure turned around and Amlodd could see it was Prince Rhys. Grabbing Amlodd's tunic, he pulled the young jester around and backed him against a wall. Then with one hand running down the neck of Amlodd's tunic and one running up the bottom hem of the tunic, Rhys began to rub the chest and crotch of Amlodd. "I like men who are bigger than me... ... ... but not just any big man; I want one who is not only large but has a decent heart and soul. You are somewhat tall, you may become big and muscular or not, but you definitely have a decent heart and soul. You knew you should and wanted to pay Roderick back, but really couldn't. Yet, Roderick didn't need to make you owe him as it was an accident. He could've watched where he was going. "This is the start of my private treasury. The one separate and apart from the kingdom's treasury. My father isn't fond of my lifestyle. I know it's your lifestyle too. You eyes never went to any of the women, including the dancing wenches, but when the acrobats came out in their tight tights and tumbled... Your ratty-tatty clothes didn't hide much, if you knew when and where to look. If a man could beat Sir Roderick... ... ... he could possibly be my champion as well. You're kind of cute when you lift your head up. I like your eyes." Amlodd almost couldn't breathe. He felt the blood rushing to his face, and rushing to his organ, and yet at the same time all that blood felt as though it was streaming through all his limbs and chest trying to inflate them as well. "I don't want to see Roderick win in anything. He's too haughty. He bullies too much. And I think he's after my father's throne, certainly wants to make sure I don't inherit it. I don't know if you could grow large enough and powerful enough in a year to protect my father and me, but you could grow big enough and learn enough skill and strategy to possibly defeat Roderick. To that end, you have my permission to come in and borrow as much as you need from my treasury. Just leave me notes or receipts for what was paid. Course how are you to get in here? The guard was in the middle of shift change when we came down and they certainly won't let you in, so follow me." With that Rhys led Amlodd to a lone cask in the corner. It appeared to have a leaky tap that constantly dripped wine. "It's hooked up to a miniature aqua duct that brings in a tiny stream of water that passes through iron ore. If in here, give this tap a twist.... and the cask front opens. Step inside.... close the door and turn this knob the other direction. Same thing but backwards when you come back unannounced." They walked down a tunnel for quite some distance until the corridor ended and Rhys pushed open a smooth marble section of wall. This allowed them to step into another room full of sarcophagi. "Take this key. Head up the stairs and as quietly as you can unlock the gate. This is the royal tombs, no one ever comes down here. Relock the gate once out and go to the right. Push at the wall within the frame and it will open to the outside. It will look like you're coming out of the memorial stone for one of our great poets. If any of the brothers from the church catch you near the gate, tell them with a confused look that you were looking for the shrine to Saints Bacchus and Sergius. After they redirected you, act like your praying, and after they leave come back to the gate." Rhys stared fully at Amlodd now. "Tell me... do you find me striking?" Amlodd nodded and stammered out a yes, to which Rhys grabbed him by his crotch again and then looked up in delight. "You may be a few inches shorter and much, much lighter than Sir Roderick, but I do believe your lance is more than equal to task than his...." With that Rhys gave Amlodd a full kiss, which caused the room to spin, stars to move across the heavens, the air to be removed from Amlodd's lungs, and time to be frozen. When Amlodd finally woke from his bubbling feeling of awe, Rhys was gone. ***************************************************************** Late that night, after finishing the packing of things away within the pageant wagons, Amlodd squeezed himself into the rigging attic of his and his parents' wagon. Upon reaching the decent height of 5' 8" he was slightly too big for this space, now at five inches taller, it was impossible for him to even really sit up in the space at all. But with it being winter, it was easier for him to roll and slide his way into position to sleep from the trap door and over the furs he used for covers. He also like the space in the winter time because with the furs, it was easily heated up just enough with only one or two candles, as opposed to the summer when it never became cool. It was relatively quiet around the wagons tonight, most of the troupe seeking rest within the castle's great hall. Amlodd however had been told to sleep out in the wagon in order to help keep watch over them. A couple of the acrobats in two other wagons helped to keep watch as well. Halfway through the night, the wind picked up slightly and Amlodd awoke to what sounded like a moan on the wind. At first Amlodd was exceedingly frightened as he thought he heard his name on the wind. When he was sure of it, his mind thought it must be a banshee come for him, but soon he realized it was a man's voice that was calling. Hopping down from the rigging attic, Amlodd went to one of the side window shutters and opened it up. The moon was dancing in and out of clouds creating quite the light and shadow show that to modern eyes might have almost look like some kind of slow strobe effect. Standing in the middle of the square the pageant wagons encircled was a man in flowing white robes who pointed a finger towards the window and Amlodd and then made a "come hither" motion, after which the man began walking. Thinking that he surely must recognize this man, Amlodd quickly put on his boots, grabbed two-three cloaks to brace himself against the winter weather, put them on and then left the wagon. Following the white robed figure out the gate, Amlodd walked down the road, then onto a path for quite some time. Eventually he found himself in a clearing in the forest, located beside a stream. It was cut into a circle and at the outer perimeters the young man noticed there was a ring of trees: Elder, Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, then some Vines growing upon one Beech tree, Ivy growing upon another Beech, and Reeds springing from the bank of the stream. There in the center was a large stone block and standing beside it was the white robed man. Amlodd went to approach the man, but as he did so, flits of light began to dodge to and fro in front of his face, grabbing his hair, pulling his cloaks, undoing the laces at his boots. Eventually there was such a great swarm of the lights bobbing and attacking Amlodd folks would swear he himself was glowing, but poor Amlodd was nearly blinded. Then they began to prick and poke, cut and jab at him, rip and tear at his hair and tie it into knots. Finally Amlodd could go no further, and he wondered why the man who had led him here wasn't speaking out or assisting him. "Please! I mean no trouble, good sprites. This man came to me and I want to ask why and who he is. If this is wrong, communicate with me, let me know what I should do." At that moment the flits of light all left Amlodd and began to form two rows a person's width apart from the stone to the outer ring of the circle. A silvery figure appeared who flashed and shimmered as it approached until the silver light was gone and a woman with auburn hair coated or made in Autumnal leaves, a gown made of deep rich moss, and a tray of many miniature pitchers stood in her place. Setting the tray upon the stone, she walked towards Amlodd, poured just a drop from one pitcher on top of Amlodd's head, then smiled at him and kissed him. Suddenly it felt as though Amlodd was in a shower, and all the small cuts and scratches he received were healed and disappeared. "My Lady..." said the robed man and he bowed deeply to the woman. Amlodd looked up and over to the man in white and then stammered, "Bae... Bae..Baeddan?" "Yes, young sir. It is I, you whom you know as Baeddan the great magician and herbalist. However I am actually a druid and today I have come to petition for you. My Lady, I fear for this young man's life. Through a small accident it is threatened and not only do I fear this to be a great tragedy, but the man who has issued it is cruel, harsh, hard, and has little regard for human, let alone animal or plant life. On top of that, I feel something for this lad. I feel him connected somehow to this land. He is needed. The cur that bids him to fight has only allowed him a year to train, where he has had several years to work on and grow into the tower of strength he is today. I beseech and implore you, Lady. Is there naught you could do to help him?" The woman smiled again at Amlodd and then a female's voice was heard on the wind as she took Baeddan's hand in hers, and the other hand twirled and waved over the small pitchers on the stone. "In a cup of oak to provide stability and strength..... Birch bark to make you the Achiever, one who strives after and completes his goals... seeds of a Grand Fir to grow straight and tall.... the seeds of willow to observe and move with agility.... Hazel nuts for wisdom and knowledge.... Rowan berries so that you can think clearly and learn of strategies... Holly berry for cutting and piercing and to know how to lead and rule.... the grape of vine to help you see both sides of situations and thus equalize things out... the berries of ivy to be a survivor, to overcome your adversaries and their plots.... .... Lavender and Lemon for attraction, grace, and sexual prowess.... a pinch of thyme so time may be on your side. To be heated by fire!..." And lightning struck the inside of the cup. "Stirred by air!" A gust of wind caused the liquid to swirl. "Made consumable by earth and cleansed by water!" A patch of moss rose out of the river bank and the liquid rose out of the cup landing and straining itself through the moss, flowing back into the cup. "Now drink, my handsome young lad...." Amlodd wasn't sure why he felt safe in drinking the oddly mixed concoction, knowing some of the items were surely poisonous to men, but he felt that the lady could do no wrong and Baeddan urged him to do so. He tossed back the contents of the cup. It felt and tasted like mulled wine. As soon as the last drop was down, his head spun, things began to go in and out of focus, his knees gave way, and he felt as though he would sleep for a thousand years. Looking up he saw Baeddan's face for just a fleeting moment. "I must take leave of you and the troupe now. Tell them you followed me, but that you lost me and have no idea where I was heading. Tell no one about this night or sight. If you wake late, tell folks you had to much mead." ************************************************************* Amlodd awoke the next morning just before the break of dawn. A mist was rising from the river and in eastern distance a rooster could be heard crowing. Glancing around he could see the clearing, the trees still standing, but the large stone was gone, likewise the Green Lady and Baeddan. But as his vision cleared his stomach roared and roared so long and so loud it sounded as though thunder was rumbling in the distance. He wasn't just hungry, he was downright starving. He was craving food, any and all kinds of it, where as normally he ate lighter than the smallest bird. He couldn't hunt in these lands, they might still be the king's. The wagons didn't have enough food. He knew what he must do. Running back to the grave, the church, the catacombs, the treasury, Amlodd took a healthy amount of gold, leaving a note saying it was for the purchase of food. He then took a basket from the wagons, took it to the market place, and began to buy pies, bread, and anything else; one item from each stall so as not to arouse inquiry, and hiding it in the basket beneath a towel. Once that was done he returned to the wagon where he began to pull out each item and devour it quickly as though he hadn't had a meal in weeks, months, perhaps a year. He ate all of it. He ate so much his stomach felt like it would burst. He thought he might be sick. He lay down on the floor and soon fell asleep. The season of Christe-mas over, things would be quiet for a while until a couple of days around Mardi Gras and Shrovetide, and then quiet again until the celebrations of Easter. January would be a time of rest and maintenance. No performances, but the repairing of rigging and props, re-sewing of torn costumes and clothes, the decision of which Biblical stories they shall present in each wagon for Easter and thus change in sets and paint. However it wasn't tasks as usual for Amlodd this January. At first things were normal, except for his appetite being ravenous, especially a newly large craving for milk. It was so extreme that not only did he start getting up early each morning to work at a couple of farms milking cows, he nearly, on more than one occasion, went to drink directly from a teat like a calf. Amlodd truly wondered and almost feared this craving, but felt he could keep it in check and the extra money didn't hurt anything either. But then there were the stares... ... ... and the new accidents. Originally folks would turn and look up at him, but their glance would quickly turn back away, not because they felt ashamed for looking, but because Amlodd wasn't that tall nor huge as they perceived he might be from peripheral vision. However as the days of January faded into time, more and more people began to stare at him. Their faces began to carry more awe and fear. They began to part the way for him without any request to do so. Amlodd kept getting this feeling that their faces were getting farther and farther away. Other things were happening too that were confusing and frightening to Amlodd. He used to be able to simply bow his head and bow slightly at the waist, as though bowing to the king, when walking through a doorway, but more and more he kept banging his head on door frames, needing to bend over perhaps even more than Sir Roderick had too. Signs from on high became attackers and Amlodd wondered why people were hanging them so low. The rigging attic was getting smaller and smaller, harder and harder for him to slide into and even then, he couldn't get comfortable as his feet were growing longer and wider and now being pushed out further by the longer legs, kept getting caught in the rigging ropes, or smacking props, pulleys, and winches. Shrinking clothes, shrinking chairs, shrinking beds. Bowls seemed like cups, cups looked like thimbles. It seemed as though everything were getting smaller and smaller. Why even the horses for the caravan began to appear almost dog like to him, great Dane type to be sure, but still the equines did not seem so large and domineering as they once did. Amlodd's tunic was riding up higher and higher on his thighs, so too did his pants on his calves. His shoes kept bursting side seams ripping all the way around his feet. What had started out as mid calf boots were now simple shoes that only came up to the bottom of the ankles. By the end of January folks couldn't help but stop and stare, whisper, and gossip. Amlodd now had to bend at the waist and the knee in order to come through doors as the door frame only came up to the top of his shoulders, His parents... well, his adoptive father, only came up to just under his arm pit. Even though he was still very skinny and slight of build, he had grown as tall as some trees said some folks, but most everyone was certain he was taller than the largest man of the kingdom, Sir Roderick. Amlodd's possessive craving for milk subsided quite a bit at the beginning of February, but his appetite for bread, meat, and vegetables only became stronger. He would trek deep into the forest, beyond what was listed as the bounds of the king of course, and set snares, traps, and hunted for animals. If townsfolk could see what Beca saw, they would think Amlodd was catching and eating all the wild game of the forest, if not the world. Two to three quail plus eggs in the morning; an eighth of a boar or a couple of pheasants for lunch; meat, vegetables, and bread for dinner and going back to finish all the leftovers. It was at this time that the troupe began to practice for the pageant plays they would perform at Eastertide, and it was also at this time a number of accidents began to happen to all members of the troupe. The first time it happened to the man in charge of the thunder and clouds. He had fallen out of the top rigging on one wagon and broke his arm. Amlodd was sent to replace him, but he couldn't quite fit due to his height. And so he reached in to grab the pulling system with his right hand and began to pull it one handed, then reached with his left hand for the other and began to alternate curling his arms up and extending them out back and forth to make the clouds move. Next came the two acrobats. At the same time they both took a tumble wrong spraining and pulling muscles here and there. The men who lowered and raised the Angel Gabriel during the Annunciation Play had to go forth and replace them. Amlodd was called upon to handle that, which he did after reworking the system with several pulleys. By the end of the reworking, Amlodd was standing on the ground, behind the wagon, back to it, pulling on two ropes walking forward to raise the actor up and backward to lower him down. Later in the year the act and motion would evolve into Amlodd simply pulling his arms forward in front of his chest and squeezing hard and then extending his arms back behind him again. In The Temptation of Jesus, the man who pumped the bellows for Lucifer's smoke and fire, caught his pants leg on fire and had to recuperate due to small burns. Again Amlodd was called upon to fill in, but his arms were already too tired and aching from moving the clouds and Gabriel, so he stood upon the billows and began to alternately press down with his legs back and forth, back and forth. The men who raised the whale's mouth from the floor and thus lowered and rose Jonah, got caught and pinched in the rigging and were laid up for several weeks. Poor Amlodd was again called in to replace him, but his arms were already so taxed and his legs worked that he would crawl on his back to the position under the wagon and he would alternate between hoisting the whale and Jonah up by pushing up with his hands straight out from his chest, or move up further and push with his legs and feet straight up from the hips. Then there was the typhoon from Jesus Calms the Sea. No accident to anyone there, but the system froze up and thus the waterspout was completely motionless. That is until Amlodd realized the cloth formation was as long as he was tall, and so he would climb up onto the roof of the wagon, drop down into spout, with arms outstretched upon the roof to hold him and then rotate his legs round and round to make the waterspout move. After each performance poor Amlodd thought he would vomit whatever he had for lunch his stomach and abs felt so sore. And thus on and on it went, poor Amlodd was worked to death, so one would think. Yet, over time the tasks became easier and easier for him to accomplish and changes began to happen. By the end of February Amlodd looked broader in the shoulders although not much beefier. There was some definite definition to him which people would marvel at and yet still proclaim he looked like death, all skeleton like. By the end of March he had ballooned out to where his abs began to stick out a little bit, his chest began to hang in two very slim crescent moons, his back was a little wider, his arms although not huge looking had taken on a solid firm ball shape with a vein riding across the top. He finally had a look to him like he wore his clothes instead of his clothes hanging from a pole, and he was eating more. It might have been said that he eating four to five quail plus eggs in the morning; one fourth of a boar or four pheasants for lunch; meat, vegetables, and bread for dinner for three men and going back to finish all the leftovers, but Lent had now started so instead Amlodd was swimming in streams with nets and baskets and while one to two baskets could help feed everyone in the troupe for the day, Amlodd was eating about three baskets full all by himself. At the end of April, Amlodd sneaked into the vault for a fairly large sum of money. The troupe needed a new food wagon, primarily because of how much food Amlodd was bringing in or buying just for his growing needs. He could polish off six quail now without thinking about it, three-eighths to one-half of a pig or boar satiated his stomach at lunch. and they began fixing one whole cauldron full of soup or stew and bread just for him. His body was assuredly becoming very athletic with his pants hem beginning to cut into his calves while his thighs filled out the pants nicely. His chest that looked like two large crescent moons began to pull his tunic tightly across, while his upper arms were filling tightly the sleeves of his tunic. and they had begun to hang out away from his body. In May his clothing troubles began. His chest was now that it looked like he was trying to steal two large platters underneath his tunic, that is until he breathed deeply and arched his back slightly and suddenly the tunic tore down the front. This was not to be out done by the sleeves which were constantly making small popping and ripping noises complaining about the developing and balloon size of Amlodd's arms. They too would at times eventually burst wide open. Of course how could one hear that? Whenever Amlodd reached for something in the rigging or leaned over to grab more food, a tear could be seen and heard right under his arm pit and the formation of what some folks called wings would poke through. Beca had to take time to mending all Amlodd's clothes, who never thought about himself as he was too busy helping cover accident after accident and problem after problem and when he wasn't doing that he was busy hunting, catching, or scarfing down his food. Quail were gone being replaced by three chickens or pheasants; one-half to three-fourths of pig for lunch; a vegetable stew, bread, and the meat was left whole in the forms two to three extra large steaks. This didn't take into account the small quantity of fruit and nuts being snacked on in between. The towns folk began to comment on how Amlodd not only stood taller than a doorway, but could fill the entire space that a door did and then some. Five chickens, dozens of eggs and biscuits were eaten at breakfast daily by June's end, along with an increase of food at lunch and dinner. Doctor's and clergy began to speculate that Amlodd was the daemon of gluttony personified in human form or that he had a spiritual hole in his stomach that made the food disappear. Meanwhile his arms had grown thicker and filler, making a noticeable peak whenever he moved them into a curled position. Beca by now had banned him from having any sleeves as he kept bursting out of them. Two small half-globes filled Amlodd's tunic, making it look as though he was now sneaking good sized bowls somewhere. The tunic would split down the front save Beca now used the sleeve material to add fabric to the front and then embroider heavily a design down the middle. She did have to contend with the fact that now whenever Amlodd bent over his back would tear down the middle, as well as the fact, she kept forgetting to account for his odd developing wings, which made his back much wider and thicker and pushed his arms up farther away from his body that a normal person's should ever be. Not to mention that his calves were set on ripping his pants hems every single day and they were becoming so full, Beca wondered if Amlodd wasn't becoming built so weird way around as they seemed the size of arms, and not just any arms but the size of his own upper arms. This doesn't even take into account Amlodd's thighs which Beca swore were larger than most men's waists, perhaps even their torsos. They were so big, it gave Amlodd this odd, near hourglass shape but not with the soft curves of a lady, but with hard slanted angles. The thighs were becoming a problem to Amlodd as the neighborhood children started to make fun of how he walked, which was now with him kicking his legs out to the side a little bit. At the festivals at the end of July, more teasing came from the children, but gasps of awe and wonder from the people in the villages the troupe visited. Carrying in a large tree sized pole for a pole dance, folks couldn't believe Amlodd was able to carry it by himself. They couldn't believe how his neck looked as thick as the pole. They marveled that the silhouette of his shoulders, back, and deltoids looked like the same shadows cast at sunset by the mountains. That his arms were hanging at near forty-five degree angles from his body, pushed away but those growing wings that made his waist look smaller and smaller. His chest now looked as though he was carrying out two hogsheads, or small barrels. His arms looked like boulders, almost as large as a man's head. Any amount of physical bending, twisting, or work made him swell and inflate slightly larger than when at rest and he frequently ripped his tunic here there and everywhere until it would suddenly just fall off of him, revealing a pair of pants that were ripping in the crotch, around the thighs, up the calves, and even around his ass which had begun to bubble out harder, firmer, and larger. Beca didn't know what to do, the base for Amlodd's clothing was being shredded to nothing and she was running out of scraps to use for repair. And still, Amlodd was loading more and more food onto the spit and onto his plate to eat, and Beca wondered what Amlodd was turning into. End of August and Amlodd is walking around in a full sized cloak that fits him more like a cape and will not close in front and a pair of pants that look more like three-quarter length shorts. Breakfast consists of several chickens, two dozen eggs, and about half a pig, while lunch and dinner are even larger, and some are betting that Amlodd is to the point of eating half a cow. His neck is as thick as his own head, but it's hard to distinguish that as his traps rise so high they almost touch his ears. His deltoids look like small boulders connecting his arms to his shoulders and his arms are now so large the biceps are beginning to take on almost a square appearance and the triceps simply pop and stand out from behind. His back and lats are making him look twice, three times as wide as any man he stands next to and his abs look like the side of a castle wall, which is topped off by two barrels that are Amlodd's chest. So full, round, broad, and thick they are that Amlodd's nipples have begun to point down and out from his torso. His forearms look like a whole cow or pig's leg cooked in size and shape, yet still have veins criss-crossing all over them so that when Amlodd moves his hand at the wrist, it had the appearance of one of Baeddan's old magic tricks of a bag full of writhing snakes. Amlodd wishes Beca could make him a tunic again as his thighs cause his pants legs to become very tight, and not only can one see their three-four tear drop shape definition, and also that of his thigh biceps, and how firm and round his butt is, but also the outline of his soft cock hanging down. Between that and him walking around shirtless, flashing his increasingly hairy torso and arms now to the world, townsfolk began to call him barbarian or Viking behind his back. At the end of September Cadman has added two new acts to the troupe's entertainment repertoire: The Giant Jester and Guess the Weight. Beca doing the best she can, Amlodd is sent out on stage with a patchwork pair of pants, matching jester's cap, and his torso painted here and there with matching colored diamonds. However he isn't turning flips or telling jokes, he is doing a strong man act: lifting boulders, snapping large pieces of wood, hoisting people in the air one handed. He goes out to fields and has a yolk placed over him and runs a challenge between him and a local farmer's horse or oxen team to see who can plow the most on a field. It is fitting that last act as the horse used for pulling the troupe's food wagon sprained his foot and thus, as Amlodd did for many of the other members of the troupe, replaced the horse in pulling and pushing the wagon here and there. And of course, Guess the Weight is there to see who can guess how much Amlodd weighs, a particularly hard job as not only does muscle weigh more than slim and fat, but that Amlodd is still eating, still performing muscle grueling tasks left and right, and thus is still growing bigger, harder, denser, fuller, thicker and stronger. During October the town the troupe was staying in, the local Archbishop hired Amlodd for two things: one during the day to help some local stone masons with moving blocks of stone while making repairs to the cathedral and adding to the structure. In the evenings, the Archbishop allowed the townsfolk to have a festival in the square in front of the church and he dressed Amlodd up to look like a gargoyle come to life. During the day he was hoisting and hefting and lifting and carrying huge stones of granite hither and yonder, and during the evening he could've relaxed in his role but found the children were more frightened and thrilled if the gargoyle picked up heavy stones. Of course the stones weighed so much more than the pull of the rigging or the pulling of the food cart and it caused Amlodd's muscles to hunch and bunch and swell and grow in newer, faster, and more challenging ways. There were times having Amlodd help out brought work to a standstill. The other workers, the master masons, even the brothers of the church would all just stop and watch Amlodd work. When moving his arms, whether loaded with weight or empty, the shape of them changed from something almost block like to this sudden towering mountain peak. His chest barreled out more and more as the day wore on until his shirt would split down the front center. Amlodd would sometimes take his shirt off and everyone would marvel at his torso which looked like a brick wall topped with two meaty and hard slabs making the merlons of a parapet castle wall. His legs swelled, everyone could see even with pants the pull and strength of his hamstring. His calves simply pulsed and throbbed with size and strength. Some thought it looked like a heart, but if it was, it was the heart of God himself as it was far too large to ever be that of a human. Every day the builders and clergy men saw Amlodd's form grow bigger and thicker on a daily basis. The Archbishop and his men frequently had discussions on how this must be how Goliath looked, how Amlodd was a walking statue like those of the giants mentioned in Genesis or those of the archangels, except they were never so fully built, or riddled with so many lines scored across their muscles, or criss-crossed with so many throbbing, pulsing, veins. And of course there was discussion that maybe Amlodd was a fallen, as in fell in an accident not cast down to Earth, angel as there was no man who could be so.... "blessed"....by God in the groin. These changes were not lost on Amlodd. He noticed many of them over the course of time: doorways were a foot shorter and he was twice as broad as them, seats barely fit, tables were raised by his knees, he needed double the fabric for clothing, tubs only came up to his waist when he sat in them and his form sent half the water spilling out. If he attempted to stretch his legs just the slightest, either his feet would kick out the front of the tub, or his thighs winged out and the tub split from the sides, but it wasn't until one evening in November that it really hit home. This November evening, he was sneaking back out of the vault and the catacombs after grabbing a large sum of money. He had to get it. There was simply no way his clothes could be pieced together like a large patchwork quilt any longer. Just the slightest movement, the shortest intake of breath and his clothes would scream, give up their hold and life, and fall away to the floor. He desperately needed new shoes before the winter set in harshly and the Christmas Pageant and Twelfth Night festivals would begin once again. But this last time it was hard to leave. Amlodd was still having problems adjusting to his new size and strength. He thought he was pulling the royal catacomb gate slowly and quietly, but the rusted gate was no match for his bulging arms and hulking-bulking body and the gate swung closed quickly and clanked loudly. He ran down the corridor to the secret door to leave, but this made it worse for no matter how quietly he attempted to run, the heel to toe movement of his massively muscled body caused his feet to thud with thunder! After barely making it out of the Royal Cathedral, Amlodd ran and ran and then stopped and rested by an ancient looking pool. He pulled one knee up and held it, trying to rest his head upon it, but this was difficult to do because his chest mounding out so thick made it near impossible to grasp his knee or get his head to his knee. He had extended his right leg out fully and he could see his massive foot, nearly half a floor tile wide and perhaps a tile and a half long. He took off his cape and felt the cool breeze caress his body. Closing his eyes to the wind's touch, he couldn't believe how good it felt, how many mounds and crevices on just his body alone the wind had to caress and swirl into and over. He bent over and looked into the pool and was so shocked by what he saw. His hair had become lighter, in the moonlight it looked as though it glowed a bright honey-golden color. It was long. It was thick. It was a like a mane that surrounded his head and it blew this way and that, so carefree, and yet perfectly in place at the same time. His nose had defined into classic arrow point. His cheek bones had raised up a little higher, but his jaw had become a bit wider and much more square which was now outlined in a nice bit of a three day stubble beard that was just as golden hued as his top hair. Hair continued down his chin, over his throat, spreading across his chest and down his abs. In wonder, Amlodd touched his jaw and then moved his fingers down to his chest. A shock ran through his system when his hand grazed his left nipple. Amlodd shuddered and took in a gasp, but he brought his hand back quickly and began to massage, fondle, outright grope his own left pec. He could feel it swell slightly to his touch. He could feel his nipple lengthen and harden. Continuing to run his hand down his abs, he stopped just before his cock base and ran his hand backwards up, up, up, through his ab and chest hair. Once that happened it started another swelling action. Feeling a stretching in his groin, Amlodd let out a soft "oh no" and attempted to grab a hold of his cock as though perhaps he could squeeze it and stop it from becoming erect. This only resulted in keeping what little of pants cloth he had from moving while his cock continued to stretch and grow. "Auuuuuuuuuuugh" Amlodd moaned as his traveling cock head rubbed against the tightened pants. Letting go of his cock, Amlodd bucked his hips up at the rubbing sensation the cock head received, and with that his cock shifted in the pants while springing fully to length and girth, tenting his pants out tremendously and then ripping a hole in them. As the evening breeze whipped and swirled, filling Amlodd's crotch with newer, cooler, fresher air, Amlodd yelped in ecstasy, his hand knee-jerk reactions went straight to his cock, catching a hold of loose fabric still clinging to his peen and began to rub it and rub it, stroke and caress it. The touch and sensation coming from this mighty and thick rod of sexual pleasure overwhelmed Amlodd's senses. His stroke brought a buck from his hips, a moan from his lips, and quiver from his mega frame. Over and over he stroked that club, that was almost too big for his own hand, until finally that jolt went through him. The jolt that went out from the groin, around the balls, across the ass, up the back, around the neck, up the chin, over the lip... ... ... before suddenly taking a dive straight back to the cock base where it then shot straight out from it. His ample balls suddenly pulled into his body and then felt as though they were being softly squeezed, deflating, but they would pop back to size and squeeze in again, over and over. Leaning back and crying out, Amlodd's right hand reached out, accidentally grabbing an ancient stone pot and shattering it, nearly crushing it to dust. His left hand tightened his grip on his cock, but that didn't stop it from shooting out stream after stream after string after string after ribbon after ribbon. As Amlodd shook and convulsed, it felt as though he was getting hit by strips and strips of hot leather that had fallen and now lay across his groin, his abs, his chest, his neck, his chin, his face, and perhaps even shot beyond! After several, no, dozens of convulsions, Amlodd collapsed and when he began to feel a film forming over him where the copious cum strings had fallen, he flipped himself into the brisk pool, washed himself off and then, seeing he had destroyed his pants, wrapped the cape around his waist so it hung in front like a loin cloth and ran back home to the wagons, with money in tow. The month of December progressed along. The work at the Cathedral kept working his muscles out to the max, mainly because when the master masons began to notice the load was become light for Amlodd, they'd pile more stone and brick on. The first three weeks of December they had to make him work inside the enclosed cloister courtyard as he had no clothes. The Archbishop took pity on him, it was said, and ordered enough fabric to make him a descent respectable outfit. With the money Amlodd took from Prince Rhys' stores, he bought enough cloth to make him a work outfit, something he could wear at the Cathedral or quarry, and another bolt or two to make him a new work outfit for the troupe. The people of the villages and towns he went to stared at him in awe and wonder now, but with all the work he had done at the church, the dairy farms, and other areas, people knew that although he was a mountain of a man he had a most caring soul. Thus whenever they saw him, although they made way for him to pass, they always looked up at him and smiled and greeted him: "Wes Hael, Great Amlodd!", "Good morrow, Giant Amlodd.", "Well met, Mount Amlodd.", and from the children, "Pop your arm, Amlodd, pleeeeeeease!" And they would take turns squeezing it and then run away giggling. This of course all had an effect on Amlodd. He stood straighter and taller when walking, with his head up high. His chest that already barreled enough, was stuck out further when he walked now, with his shoulders back and broad. He had become used to his size and fallen into the giant and broad man's gate: his arms having gone from straight, acute, right, to damn near obtuse hanging angles from his body; his stance becoming set with feet shoulder, his broad-broad shoulders, width apart; and when he walked he kicked his legs out to the side and then rolled them around and forward in order to move. Indeed for the last some folks swore that if one put a pair of sticks between Amlodd's legs while he walked, a fire would soon be struck. And then came all of his new clothes, which despite being measured just shy of month ago, still did not quite fit. The poor giant still stretched them very taught and although they held together and did not burst, it still looked as though he were wearing clothes that were one to two sizes too small. **************************************************************** Finally Twelfth night of the next year was upon them. Amlodd and his troupe were back in the great hall of His Majesty, King Cai Trahern. The fires were stoked to a roaring blaze, the cooks had slaved over many a delicious dish for weeks, whole roasted pigs and towering cakes were laid out, nobles and guest from every corner of the kingdom had arrived to celebrate, even Baeddan the magician was there, although he looked to be more of a close advisor to King Cai, and was dressed in brilliant white robe with golden torse. Sir Macson Roderick was there, of course, bully barreling his way across the hall, knocking men and women down, taking the largest portions of the feast and giving a nod shrug off to folks who had to wait for seconds to arrive now, in order to eat their first. First course out, the salutations to the King, the Prince, and other fine Nobles, as well as to God and Kingdom made, it was now time for the entertainment to begin, King Cai made the gesture and his herald made the announcement, "Lords and Ladies of the Court and Kingdom, it is time now for the Green Rose Entourage!" Cadman and Beca came in followed by their troupe making a mini parade around the inside of the tables until all, save Amlodd, were in and Cadman and Beca we once again standing in front of the King. They all graciously bowed, some pleasantries were exchanged and then Cadman clapped his hands, the troupe members disappeared, and the Herald made the introduction of the first act. "Lords and Ladies, here for you now are Tyler and Taylor the Twin Tumbl...." "Yes, yes, yes, yes.... oh let's do forego all these in between acts and get to the main attraction everyone has come see." Said Sir Roderick as he stood up from his seat and glared at the Herald. "As we're awaiting the oh so one-sided match tomorrow, everyone watches to see what our man, Amlodd, has become so they can make appropriate wagers tomorrow. Let us just cut to the chase and have him perform his act. What is it... he's supposedly a great, mountainous strongman now?" Sir Roderick's group of men cackled and guffawed with laughter and snorts. "Bring him out now and the other acts can fall in line behind him." Just then the hall's main entry doors opened and the Herald announced, "Her Majesty, Queen Ifanna Appleonia of Ælfanweald." Under the arch of the doorway, there stood the most enchanting woman ever seen. Tall, quite tall for a woman, although still shorter than Sir Roderick. Her gown was full and shimmered with several layers of translucent colored fabric? A magnificent strand of diamonds and amethyst hung about her pale neck while small clusters of the same hung from here ears. They matched her eyes which sparkled in her comely, ivory-like face, above her lips of ruby. She wore a crown that looked like lace made out of golden threads, which rested upon great buns of hair spun of silver, combed perfectly, glowing, studded with diamonds or was it fireflies? The Queen half-way across the hall without making a sound and then politely curtsied to King Cai. Sir Roderick however was incensed that his calling for Amlodd had been interrupted and shocked those assembled by turning addressing Ifanna in an extremely unchivalrous manner. "Regal wench. You need to learn your place, in line behind a man and after he's finished." He turned to actually take his hand and smack her face, and the crowd gasped in shock and awe, twice. The first time was because he dared to openly strike a woman, and one that was a queen at that, and second because Ifanna took her hand to grab his striking wrist and stopped it cold. Made more impressive that her hand upon catching his didn't even budge inward towards her. Just before she spoke some of the assembled guests swore her face glowed and flashed, as though her complexion were made of tumultuous skies filled with storm clouds and lightning. He voice then boomed and echoed throughout the hall. "I am no wench! Regal or otherwise! I wait for no man and I am never in queue, waiting in a line... ... ..." and looking towards King Cai, "Save when protocol calls for it from me for my most gracious host." King Cai nodded his head, "You are most welcome, cousin of crowns. We shall arrange a seat for you at my right." With that the crowd saw a sight that once again caused gasps to grasp the air; Ifanna still holding Sir Roderick's hand, turned and twirled herself and him as though they were doing some sort of dance, and suddenly Sir Roderick was thrown back and onto his awaiting stool and appeared somewhat stuck there. Ifanna passed gracefully by and looking down upon Roderick said, "You need to learn your place... knight." After another throne like chair was placed at the head table and Ifanna sat down, apologizing sweetly for arriving so late to the festivities, the herald turn to see what should be done, the acts in order as the troupe wanted to present them or ask for Amlodd to be brought forward. Reluctantly the King granted Sir Roderick's request, but stating loudly much to Roderick's embarrassment, "Let's see this newest act so Macson can see the man, his challenged opponent for tomorrow, and once viewed perhaps the blow hard will go home to prepare and the rest of us can enjoy this feast in merriment and peace." Although he somewhat growled a response back, Macson Roderick ended it with a "It'll be good to see the small willow twig once again...." and then let out a series of laughs, chuckles, downright obnoxious blasts of mirth as he sat back at his table and had all his men laughing as well. Many of the gathered guests laughed at his remark as well, but they soon began to taper off into silence. Even Roderick's men fell into being as silent as church mice as they saw Amlodd approach and come to stand in the center of the hall. Still chuckling as he turned and started to speak, it faded away and became very timid as Roderick finished his question and stood there looking up to the face of Amlodd. "So this is the mighty... ....mountain.... Amlodd?" Roderick had gone to stand toe to toe with Amlodd was stuck dumb at the fact he only came up to just under Amlodd's nose. He noticed that Amlodd's torso extended wider than his shoulders, by a good bit, and that didn't even begin to include Amlodd's boulder like shoulders, wing like lats, or his upper and forearms. Scanning him top to bottom, Roderick was going through a mixture of shock and rage as he could see that the costume, jester booties, tights, tunic were all brand new, but they clung closely to Amlodd's skin leaving nearly nothing to the imagination. The diamond shapes on the tunic were pulled so taught across Amlodd's chest, they looked more like some kind of misshapened trapezoids. Both in the chest and in the arms, if Amlodd breathed one could see the rise, the fall, every twitch and movement of the bulging, bulking muscles. And the tights were even worse, looking as though they were thoroughly painted on showing every absolute crease, crevice, bulging mound, popping muscle, throbbing vein, cable like ligaments and tendons as if Amlodd were nude. Only the striations were missing and some weren't so sure of that. Not knowing Amlodd's new size, he had stepped up a little too close and place, what most used to think were ginormous feet, on top of Amlodd's toes. Amlodd wiggled them a bit, rising Roderick's feet as his did so. Then looking down as Roderick did, when they raised their heads Amlodd stared at Roderick's face and gave a soft and non-meaning, "ow", with an arched eyebrow down to Roderick. Roderick didn't speak but had he, he would've stammered, and he slowly so as not to look afraid, backed off of Amlodd's feet. While everyone laughed lightly, Roderick went into a tantrum directed towards King Cai. "It is just as I heard. He has turned into a beast. A beast within a year! This is most unnatural! This is magic! His body is enhanced by the fae and I know it was done on the early morning of Epiphany last by that mad mage!" Baeddan stood up to protest. "I did no such thing, Your majesty. The contest between them tomorrow is as fair as can be!" "You didn't feed him a potion then? One that would make him grow into a giant? To give him muscles like granite? To have him cheat so he could best me? Brother Relgo, now!" With that a priest, built nearly as large as Roderick himself suddenly hurled a large iron cross at Amlodd. While Amlodd held it after catching it, the priest began to chant sternly and quickly, "In nomine Patris, ut deleret omnes magicae et dryadalum sanguinem de corpore... In nomine Patris, ut deleret omnes magicae et dryadalum sanguinem de corpore... In nomine Patris, ut deleret omnes magicae et dryadalum sanguinem de corpore!" There was a glow from the cross, and then one around Amlodd which then began to form a line, a stream at the top of his head, but after gathering for so long it receded back into Amlodd followed by a blinding flash. When everyone could see again, there was Amlodd still standing in the center of the hall, still as large as ever. "Brother Relego, I thought you said iron and that prayer would cast out all fairy magic and fairy blood from Amlodd!" Relego stood there dumbstruck, but the question wound up being answered by Baeddan. "It didn't work for two reason, Sir Roderick. Number one there is a small bit of magic here, but you allowed it. You did say when making your challenge last year that Amlodd had a year and a day to build himself up in any way he saw fit. You knew that although he would become a titch healthier, maybe even a tad bigger in a year, he would never gain the size needed unless he could have the training for years like you did. But you gave him that. You said you would give him a month for each year of training it took you to become the near giant man you are today, and you even then gave him a couple of months extra. So I did give him a potion, one that would make his body work and grow a year's worth within each month, but that was decided to be legal and just by the universe, otherwise it wouldn't have worked. The second reason why it didn't leave? He was a late bloomer. The height he has and the frame he has would've naturally happened to him in the next couple of years. He was indeed to be a giant of a man." Sir Roderick roared, "Auuuuuuuuugh! I will not have what was once a twig of a fool ruin my plans! He will not best me, and I still declare he cheated! I shall have this kingdom and rule over it!" With that his men, plus a few hidden ones, held swords and knives to key nobles, the king, and the prince. Roderick then grabbed a quite heavy, long oaken bench and smacked Amlodd upside the head with it. Amlodd having looked to see how Prince Rhys was doing didn't see it coming. Seeing stars Amlodd collapsed to the floor, attempting to shake off the blow. He just barely got his vision cleared to see the next strike with the bench and catch it with two hands as if he were hoisting a bar over his head. Roderick jumped and landed on the bench causing Amlodd to go into a crouching position, the bench in his hands and resting upon his broad back. He began to easily lurch back up, but then some of Roderick's men came to assist and jumped onto the bench as well. When even those three men didn't seem to slow the lurching down, Roderick bellow to all of his men to come over and assist. "Pile on. PILE ON! We keep him down we can take him out and the kingdom will be ours; the king too frail and the Prince a scullery maid!" Other men joined five men on the bench, eight men on the bench, twelve men on the bench... Roderick's dog handler jumped on. Thirteen men and two dogs on the bench. For a brief moment it seemed that Amlodd was pinned and the men could draw swords and daggers and stab him through. But Roderick forgot his time given for Amlodd to build up was still going. The challenge day wasn't until tomorrow, and Roderick and his men, left Amlodd in a grand position to work out and grow. The crowd began to speak in whispers and cries wonder what was going to happen? Was it a kingdom over throw? Was poor, poor Amlodd dead? When suddenly they began to hear grunts and moans from a low pitched voice followed up by some "whoas" from Roderick and his men. More grunts and groans, heavy labored breathing, whoas. Soon the sounds became on long string being chanted over and over again. The bench and the men on them began to bounce and bob as if they were actually in a small boat out on the water. It was Amlodd. He had positioned himself when they piled on to have his bulbous bubble butt resting on his ankles, while his arms were up and holding onto either side of the bench. He was currently bouncing on his legs... more and more he bounced... more and more and every ten reps or so higher and higher. Soon guests began to see his legs and they began to hear his tights. A rip here and zip there. Each rep, each bounce his tights became tighter and tighter, exceptionally form fitting. The guests could see as the tear drops of his grew larger, fatter, fuller, almost as though they were two, three, four wine skins being filled to capacity and prepared to burst. His thigh biceps mounded out more and more making his thighs look twice, three times as big as his waist, each! The hamstring pulled so thick and taught it could be used as an instrument string, probably a bass as big as it was. The diamonds on his calves grew wider and harder losing that shape and moving to large hearts with rising veins, making his calves appear to be two large sacks holding pythons that writhed and wriggled. With each bounce and size increase the seam of the tights popped and spread apart. Runs in these tight hose began to sprout on every side, soon one appeared every inch or so and pulled and ran the entire length of Amlodd's legs until it looked as though he wore leggings made of ribbons that were only attached and gathered at his waist and his ankles. By this time Amlodd was able to get his legs fully extended and standing straight despite the bench and its occupants' weight. Now it was time to get the bench up off his back. Still stooped, he began to once again bob his attempting captors and killers up and down in the air. Moaning and groaning, breathing through clenched teeth, Amlodd nearly swore as it seemed to be taking him so long to get them lifted, but eventually he did, but being in a stooped position began to lose some balance and so he somehow switched the load over his head and the pressing up came more from his chest and not his back. Now the bod and ride up and down was becoming really wide as Amlodd pushed them far up and out when his arms extended, but lowered them long and slow with his elbows sticking far behind his back and the bench resting on his chest. This too became quite cumbersome and soon Amlodd began to hoist them over head quickly into order to alternate between back and front, chest and back. As this was done he began to swell larger and thicker in his torso. The chest and back pulled, stretched, tore the diamonds on his tunic. In one sudden movement his back snapped the collar and started a rip down the center back. Next switch the chest snapped it and produce a rip all the way down to Amlodd's upper abdominals. This was followed by long ripping strips happening under the arms as Amlodd's lats spread out wider and wider as though a pair of wings were being unfolded. So it was just strips of multi diamond ribbons that were hanging off of Amlodd's shoulders that eventually fluttered to the floor and revealed a colossal column of cobblestones and bricks that a horse could walk across as a road, a chest that appeared as hard and to barrel out as large as any of the mead or wine casks created to hold hundreds of gallons, and a back and lats that grew into an upside-down evergreen tree that had grown on the bottom as wide the tops of 400 year old oaks. Through all the bouncing and bobbing, many of Roderick's men now yelped for fear, dropping their knives and swords and holding on to each other for dear life, not sure they wanted to find out what a ten to eleven foot drop in full armor would feel like. For Amlodd had now worked his way up to having them hoisted above his head. And he lowered them on his back and neck, then back up and down on his chest, over and over and over every time his biceps, triceps, forearms grew, expanded, became thicker, harder. So full were his biceps now when relaxed or full straightened they looked nearly square. Combine them with the clydesdale sized horse shoes Amlodd was now sporting for triceps, it looked as though Amlodd had the blocks he was hoisting at the Cathedral for upper arms. His fore arms grew as well, coming in thick, hard, veiny, pulsing and popping looking like most men's legs and calves, or gigantic roasted turkey legs were attached at Amlodd's elbows. The sleeves, the only thing left to Amlodd's clothes besides the crotch of his pants and his booties, everyone watched them stretch and pull and shrink wrap the mighty upper arms and tops of the forearms until when in the down position of holding the bench and knights on his chest or back they finally simply tore the fabric across the top of the bicep, or along the side exposing the crevice between bice, brachialis, medial and long heads of the tricep, or creating rips from the elbow up to the wrist, or snapping the cuffs. Eventually the sleeves having been shredded to threads drifted to the floor and there stood Amlodd nearly naked with his hands and arms held high above his head holding the bench with the knights and dogs. He stood motionless, his muscles, all of them totally swollen, fully hard, veins crossing over their valleys and dales, and streams of sweat winding and rolling in and out over the mountains and valleys of Amlodd's body. Hair matted from the sweat all over his body: across the expanse of his colossal chest, down the abs to his waistband, feathering over his quartz like quads, his block like biceps, his freakish forearms and concrete like calves, not to mention the five o'clock shadow on his jaw line or his mane of head hair. His neck looked like it had ballooned as well, becoming possibly thicker than his own head, and suddenly it looked to be pinched off by his trapezius which was mounding more and more mountain like as he held his attackers mid air. He was a living walking statue of the ancient Greco-Roman gods that folks had seen, except he was two...three...four...five times as built and broad as any of them. Finally Amlodd's gritted teeth came open and a low growl that became a scream came out of his mouth as his arms swung back and dipped down a little bit, only to instantly push out and swing forward at the same time, sending the bench, knights, and dogs hurtling through the air across the hall to land near to the double entrance doors. And now Amlodd stood there, breathing heavy, his chest heaving, his arms slightly bouncing up and down, up and down. Finally, he clenched his fists, bent his torso slightly forward, and brought his hands down and in front of his abs, flexing and crunching everything at once with a primal scream. "eeeeerrrrrRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAUGH! .... .... ..... huh.....huh..... The....huh....huh..... challenge..... huh....isn't......huh.....until to.....huh....to.....huh...huh.....TOMORROW!" And having been somewhat bent down in this pose, Amlodd picked up the Iron Cross from the floor, took in both hands on either side of the side bars, and making the same pose and growling louder, proceeded to bend the iron cross until it looked like two of the letters thorn for "th" (þ) placed next to each other in mirror image. Although Roderick's men were shaken and fumbling still from the thrown fall, Roderick was back on his feet screaming and rushing towards Amlodd. He went to strike with his left hand, Amlodd caught it. He went to strike with his right hand, Amlodd caught it. There they stood pushing one another with their hands together, fingers intertwined. A couple of times it seemed Roderick was winner and pushing Amlodd's hands backwards to touch his wrists, but this was only because Amlodd still was unsure of how large his body and muscles were or how easy it was to execute some movements with them. Still it wasn't too long of them going back and forth before Amlodd had the idea of basic fighting principles, and with a loud yell, moved forward, bending Roderick's hands back to the wrists and then twisting his arms down and out, nearly snapping Roderick's forearms off. A simple push sent Roderick then stumbling backwards towards the entrance door again. Amlodd turned to face King Cai and to apologize for having to fight on this last day of Christe-mas when he knew and understood the King's order for no fighting to occur until the first day of Epiphany was being disobeyed. But Roderick wasn't done. His coup wouldn't be stopped by a lowly jester... no, a jester's lackey. Screaming he snatched up two spears and chucked them at King Cai and Amlodd's back. "ENOUGH! NOUGH Nough nough ough gh gh gh....." It was Queen Ifanna who had stood up and with her hand stretched out. There was a flash of light and as her voiced echoed near endlessly throughout the hall, the spears stopped midair and then suddenly changed course flying into the back of two empty server's chairs. Stepping out from behind the head table, Ifanna walked towards Sir Roderick with a cold and stern look like a mother reproving her child. "I will not be undone! I will have..." "SILENCE!" and her voice again seemed to echo eternally throughout the castle halls. "You have caused men to fear you, not respect you for your size. Instead of helping your fellow man with your natural gifts of size and strength you have bullied them and taken from them to preserve yourself and never to help out your fellow man. Your king gave you a powerful position so you had something to occupy your time, to keep your idle hands busy and not turn to pursuits un-noble and wrong. And you repay him thus? Belittling him, his people, his son, and attempting to overthrow and become king yourself? Your king.... .... .... the Earth and Universe are much displeased with this." "And what will you do about it, witch?" "I AM NO WITCH! I control power of the Earth and Stars as guided by them to ensure harmony, prosperity, and peace. And this.... shall happen this eve." She gave a nod and motion of her head to have Amlodd stand near or over Roderick. Roderick stood up, presumably to take yet another swipe at bringing Amlodd down, but before he could, he felt a chill and a lack of ability to move. " Macson, oh, Macson, so vain with your size, It's blinds you to seeing life's true and great prize. Belittle and bully those weaker than you, Now called one a cheat, when his actions were true. So abhorred were your deeds, we now place this curse, To take what your prize away with a verse. And grant it unto your most gracious foe, To ensure you're in check, he more now shall grow. Your lack of chivalry tis now your downfall, live life here among us so tiny and small!" Sir Roderick and Amlodd both began to feel a tingling sensation all over their body and before he knew it, Roderick's worst nightmare began to take form. Two minutes pass and suddenly he realizes that his head only comes up to the bottom of Amlodd's jaw or chin. Two minutes pass quickly again and it becomes much worse, he just barely stands taller than Amlodd's shoulder. He cries aloud in protest, but once done realizes that now he only stands as tall as the top of Amlodd's chest. A string of expletives towards Ifanna and then he only comes up to the join of Amlodd's deltoid and upper arms, or right at his underarm. A defiant cry of "this is not happening!" and suddenly he's only as tall as the bottom of Amlodd's chest and it seemed to just out feet to him like some great awning stretching out above him. He now cries and sobs as pieces of his armor slough off of him as though he were a tiny child playing dress up in his father's clothes. And then Roderick only came up to where Amlodd's lats and mid torso meet. "You are a bitch and you will undo this right now!" And Roderick picked up dagger and as best as his much smaller and shorter arms could do, threw it at Queen Ifanna. It clattered to the floor well short of its mark, not due to magic but because of how weak and small he was. "Auuuuugghh...." Macson stood up straight for a second and then suddenly, he watched as the next row of Amlodd's abs rose above his vision and his head. "The curse shall stay upon you and for every time you are again bullying, arrogant, or abusive towards someone, you shall shrink another two inches, lose more muscle size and strength and it shall be given to your perceived foe or more to Amlodd should you cause that person to cross over. It shall do this until you have learned your lesson or your are as small as a fae, and then you will have to come to live in my realm." Macson let out a small yelp and as quickly as he could pulled his tunic out from under his armor, wrapped it around himself and then left the hall. Meanwhile servants were running into one another as they attempted to bring Brandywine and snifters for what with all the growing just added to Amlodd, none of his clothing was left intact. His feet had exploded out of his shoes, and if not his bubble butt, his more than enough, ample package caused the last bit of his pants to split and give way. He was now standing totally nude and with a pendulum greater in size than perhaps the town clock swinging in the breeze. Dozens of women fainted, many men looked despondent and depressed now, and it was rumored that even Prince Rhys let out a squeak of pleasure and then passed out in his chair. Amlodd went to grab the bench and hold it in front of his groin, but Queen Ifanna waved her hand and soon dew drops swirled all over him, the breeze blustered and gusted all around him and he was clean and well wash from his ordeal and then all his scraps of cloth from his torn clothing, along with a few of the banners on the wall, combined together to make a brand new pair of pants and tunic that fit him well and just snug so that he was dressed both with comfort and move ability, but all could see he was a man with extreme muscular size and strength. Amlodd approached the high table, bowed before King Cai and issued an apology for having burst through his clothes and being nude in front of everyone. The King chuckled and said there was no need to apologize as number one, the growth really wasn't in his control and two, because he had just saved the king and the kingdom. But at that very moment one last pop was to be heard, It was the pop of Amlodd's necklace. His neck had grown too thick and strong for the necklace and it had managed to stretch the chain, some of the links apart and release causing his amulet to fall onto the table in front of King Cai. Cai looked down at the amulet and then his eyes grew wide. "Who gave you this amulet, boy?" "I assume my actual father did, sire. It was around my neck when Cadman and Beca found me." "Cadman, Beca, come forth. You say you found this child?" "Yes. As we said last year, it was half a day's journey from the last great hall at which we performed that season." "Young man, what is your last name?" "Pryce, your majesty, why?" "That amulet contains the crest of the Duke of Langberch, Sir Islwyn Pryce. I know this for that duchy is part of my kingdom and Islwyn is a distant cousin, thus part of the royal family. Something like the mid thirties or so in line for the throne. I had heard of his death, but nothing about you, except how you had gone missing." "Your Majesty," said Beca. "We didn't take him, truthfully. We found him amongst props and other thing in one of our wagons. The staff of the household feared him to be a changeling due to his long size as a baby. We accidentally caused the death of Sir Islwyn, so the staff thought it was our responsibility to take care his child. We told them no. When we discovered Amlodd, we saw his name on the back of the amulet and knew he was Sir Islwyn's baby boy but we didn't think anyone there wanted him. We only knew Islwyn as some great local Lord... by name.... we didn't know him by title." King Cai sat back in his chair and sighed. "Well then, before festivities resume, we must take care of some business. I want all to hear me and hear me well and good. These are formal and royal proclamations and the scribes shall do well to note it, as well as the Chamberlains and Heralds. First, for saving us and the kingdom this day, Amlodd Pryce is here by granted knighthood in our most prestigious order. Second Sir Pryce is hereby to assume his station as his father's son and heir and it to be Duke Pryce of Langberch. Third, the regent whom I appointed to govern Langberch until the heir be found, has sided with the former Sir Roderick, so I will send you immediately to take back your duchy, trounce the regent, and restore order and control of the duchy as quickly as you can. Fourth once you have done that, you are to find someone to act on your behalf in those lands for you are to move back here for two reasons: reason A. You are to take control of my armies. A man of your gigantic stature, size, build, and strength, just by being here will surely dissuade any enemies for thinking to attack. We shall have the best of my warriors help teach and train you in fighting and tactics. and B. In as much as I'm not sure about this.... lifestyle.... I certainly cannot change my son, nor where his feelings of adoration and passion take him. I have no idea how you feel, but given that we now know you are of royal and noble birth, not to mention the addition of physical stature to the royal line wouldn't hurt, if you manage to come to some agreement on having children somehow, then I have no problem with an arrangement of marriage between you and him, if you'll have him." The giant, Sir Pryce blushed deeply and sheepishly said, "I thank you, your Majesty for all these gifts, and.... yes if he will have me, I will have Price Rhys." Shouts of joy and laughter filled the air. King Cai ordered the armor of Macson taken away to be reshaped and used to make new, larger armor for Sir Amlodd Pryce, Duke of Langberch. Amlodd was asked to sit at high table, Cadman and Beca and all members of their troupe were given extra payment at the end of their performances for not only being such good entertainers but for having restored the Duchy of Langberch, a branch of the royal family, and the reason why the kingdom was saved. Prince Rhys was finally roused awake and spent the remainder of the evening sitting in Amlodd's lap, who prayed all night that he would not pop and erection in front of the crowd in the hall, even with wearing well fitted pants. Later the Prince and Amlodd went strolling up the Prince's bed chambers. Amlodd remembered first meeting the Prince, when although taller than the Prince then, the Prince at least came up to Amlodd's brow. Now the Prince just barely made it up over the bottom of Amlodd's pecs, just under the arms or right where the deltoids and upper arms meet. Speaking of upper arms, the Prince went through his yearly clothing allowance that night, having Amlodd pull his pants up over his arms, lacing the pants shut, and then flexing his arms and watching the laces or the waist band snap. Rhys nearly went into orgasm when they compared the tattered challenging glove of Macson to Amlodd's hand which dwarfed it considerably well. However Rhys became quite the surprise and great lover to Amlodd. Bringing Amlodd into the castle, several things had to be redone. He now stood head and pecs taller than the doorways, the end of the beds hit him at the knees, if his head was completely against the headboard, his knees tilted tables so that he tipped them over, and chairs frequently broke under his size and weight. Of course, it was still a chore to make clothes for him as well, and most horses shied away from now, so he rode into battle not upon a horse, but drawn in massive chariot pulled by four great plough horses. Nothing ever truly fit Amlodd.... .... .... save Prince Rhys. Amlodd wasn't sure how it was possible, but Rhys would slide down, taking Amlodd's mighty rod all the way to his globe like balls. It seemed that Rhys never tired of Amlodd and his great physique. Every night all Amlodd had to do was to bounce a pec here or pop a bicep there, or let his trews drop and let his staff sway. Within a heart beat Rhys was there, climbing him to reach his mouth and kiss him, clinging to his neck, groping his shoulders, cupping his pecs, pinching and sucking his nipples, sucking or squeezing his biceps and upper arm, tracing his abs, grasping his buttocks, caressing his thighs, following the contour of his hamstrings, kneading his calves, massaging and comparing his feet or hands, combing his chest hair with fingers, or stroking, sucking, or sitting on his colossal cock. The pair were frequently late for morning breakfast and meetings because Prince Rhys usually had to perform all these actions and he took his time doing so, sometimes even stopping and waiting, reducing Amlodd the giant to moaning and tears. During festival times, Rhys would work Amlodd up for several nights in a row and then leave him hanging and on the last evening of the festival, perform the ritual of caressing again and then Either shimmy his ass slowly and bouncing down Amlodd's royal scepter or take his average prick and fuck Amlodd's mighty anaconda until Amlodd screamed and roared in ecstasy. It's been said they have broken five beds, up to ten tables, and nearly a gross of chairs, and those festival nights, Amlodd fills at least two chamber pots completely full, but not with piss or poo. It is this they have used to impregnate the "Proxy Queen", a fair lass selected by both Rhys and Amlodd to be the surrogate mother for their child... make that children. All of them strapping young lads who matched in height, if not stood taller than their father Rhys by the age of eleven, and sometimes given to small bursts of growth, probably due to small ones Amlodd continued to have. Yes.... no one is exactly sure how long it took, or how much size Macson gave still to Amlodd. He was able to live decently and alone after selling the jewels that were once incrusted into his goblet, but oh he still had an attitude. A man here, a young lad there, he still threatened and picked fights, becoming more and more upset and jealous because these fights left him smaller and weaker than before. Of course there were the few who came back hoping to gain more height and strength from Macson, only to be extremely pissed when they didn't grow again and took it out on him. The royal family wasn't sure how long it took before Macson caused his own disappearance, but they guess he killed at least three men in his fights from the size Amlodd had grown, which in turn affected his son's growth. The local townsfolk say that the last time they saw Macson Roderick was at a tavern one festival night. He had ordered his usual large tankard of ale which he could barely hold let alone consume. His stature having shrunk so small, this tankard alone was enough to make him a rude angry drunk and picking an unwarranted fight with three men. They say he stumbled home that night only to discover that he was now so short he couldn't even reach the door handle to his house. As he cried and pounded on his door in frustration, there was a blinding flash and he was faced by Queen Ifanna who took him into the fairy realm with him screaming and kicking. And those folks who live in the woods warn travelers that Macson still didn't learn for he came in as one of the biggest fairies that night, but now there are a band of fairies that stand nearly two feet tall and poor Macson now sits in a fairy sized bird cage, a pet to Queen Ifanna. And that's the story of how our fair kingdom came to be ruled by a giant, mountain of a man. Some took him for a fool, a real fool, but he grew into a powerhouse! And now only a fool would attack our fair kingdom and Kings Rhys and Amlodd, for not only is Amlodd a huge and powerful man to contend with, but their five sons are all grown now and mountainous giant each in their own right, equal to the size of their father, if not a wee bit bigger. If you ever want to see what gods look like in all their glory, it's nearly sun rise now, and that near hidden path leads to Loch Cyhyrau, the loch where the royal baths are built over and almost every morning at dawn you can see Kings Rhys and Amlodd and their five sons: Glanmor Foawr, Drystan Famhair, Efrog Arafa, Kyledyr Fathach, Caswallawn Cawr, and their five husbands, taking a bath.... amongst other things.
  16. The Grow Fish

    After a fun weekend on the beach, I had a bit of inspiration and this is the start of what I thought would really just be a short scene type of story. Please forgive the typos, grammatical errors and such as I just needed to get this started and posted... I literally couldn't sleep with this story floating around in my head haha. Hope you enjoy! The Grow Fish Part 1 The weather was perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better day on the beach, and it was the 4th of July no less! The local gay beach would be overrun with guys from LA to San Diego, and as luck would have it, I arrived with my boyfriend early enough to secure a prime spot, just up the sand from the wave tossed water front. This was exactly where you wanted to be to watch all the hot, bathing suit-clad guys as they ran into the water in varying degrees of near nakedness. Yes, today would be the perfect start to another glorious Southern California summer! My boyfriend, Jesse, and I had been dating nearly 7 months. Surprising to both of us, considering our much longer history of chatting on and off on Grindr. It took us practically a year to even meet in the first place. I wasn’t in a hurry to date, enjoying new found freedom from my previous relationship… Ok lets call it what it is: I was being a sex crazed man-whore. And with the body I’d been working on over the past couple years, finding some hot hookups was not a challenge! At just a hair under 6 foot, I’d taken my 32 year old rather average and slightly overweight 215 pound body down to a lean, muscular 185. Not that I let it go to my head, really. I was still a bit modest and unused to the amount of attention I could garner from the thirsty crowd of horny males cluttering the gay apps… all ultimately looking for sex, thinly veiled behind a mask of friendship or gym buds, or whatever line they cared to use. But modesty didn’t stop me from enjoying the reward of my hard work! In contrast, Jesse, was all too happy to give me time and space to explore. Apparently, he saw more in me than one night of fun. We did meet last spring, however, and hit it off epically. What originally started as a few dates turned into a couple months, and some really great sex along the way. While he’s not a buffed up gym rat like myself, he sports a smaller, less muscular 5’7” dancer’s frame. The difference is actually what I find appealing… I get to be the big muscular boyfriend, and he loves appreciating my bigger body and how it feels against his own. Sometimes I'd even noticed him proudly showing off his man to his friends via some of my Instagram photos. Eventually, though, he broke it off, saying I was still unprepared for anything serious. We stayed in touch, and after months with a growing sense of desire for something more concrete and a distaste for all the meaningless sex, I asked him out again. With some obvious trepidation and discussion of what he was truly looking for in this potential relationship, we agreed to make it exclusive. Now, nearly 2 years after our initial online conversation, here we were: madly in love, enjoying the sun, sand, and cleverly disguised drinks of Gatorade and vodka with our close friends, under one of a couple hundred canopies, umbrellas and tents that lined the beach. All that remained was to kick back, and mentally undress the horde of sexy men flaunting their bodies before us, while avoiding eye contact with any previous hookups that I preferred not to have to introduce to Jesse as they walk by. Of course, that didn’t stop a few from making their presence known, along with a handful of friends I actually enjoyed seeing amongst the crowd. A couple hours into the day, I saw a couple from my gym. They are a somewhat oddly paired match once you get to know them a bit, but are the sweetest and truthfully sexiest married couple I know. Hell, they even wanted to have me over one evening for some fun, but schedules never worked out in my favor sadly. Nevertheless, both go by Chris strangely enough, both are nurses, and share the same height of about 5’8”. However, thats where the differences start. While Chris #1 is a fiery and outgoing Latino with a leaner build and a wild streak, Chris #2 is a quiet, reserved Asian guy with a thicker muscular body and a go with the flow personality. I honestly never can quite tell what he’s thinking, he just smiles and lets life happen. We stood a while, catching up on each others lives, talking about how I was doing with Jesse and the new relationship, and other random gossip of the day. Chris #1 continued on about their latest adventures at EDC in Las Vegas and all the fun they had, when suddenly he stopped mid sentence. His eyes grew large, as I could tell his attention was drawn away to something happening beyond our conversation near the water. It wasn’t until his usual effeminate exclamation of “oh my god”, that I turned to see what was happening behind me. A rather large fish (what I thought to be an over grown dolphin) had washed ashore, and had a small group of guys gathering around it. Dolphins aren’t an uncommon sight around our beaches. They’re often seen swimming through the open waters, scaring surfers, and delighting tourists, but I’d never seen one this close, or this large. The group of guys around it seemed to be discussing what to do and how to get it back in the water, when two of them bent down to touch it. What happened next set both of my nurse friends running into action, as I stood there mouth agape. Upon contact, both guys appeared to have been shocked with a sort of electrical discharge and flew several feet back from where they were kneeling. Naturally, this caused the other guys around the creature to quickly retreat, leaving it to suffer further on the wet sand alone. About the time that my two friends reached the two that were unconscious, I snapped out of my stupor and joined them to see how I could help. Latino Chris had reached one of the guys and knelt over him, asking him if he was ok and shaking his shoulder to see if he was responsive. However, his arm recoiled when he grabbed the guy’s shoulder, and he yelled, “Shit! I just got shocked.” He attempted to rouse the guy again, roughly rubbing his chest and once again jerking back from an apparent shock. Asian Chris seemed to be having the same experience as they looked at each other, sitting on the sand next to the bodies and discussed what to do. One victim seemed to be breathing while the other next to my Latino friend either was not breathing at all or it was so shallow it was undetectable. He reached up to his neck to check for a pulse and despite some obvious discomfort from more electrical shock, he determined the guy needed CPR. His husband moved over and started compressions as best he could, while Latino Chris performed the mouth to mouth breathing functions. Both would take a few seconds between their duties to back off, shaking their hands or head and release a few expletives due to the jolts they were taking, then return to action. Not even my own CPR training could have prepared me for something like this. You never actually expect to use it, much less face something so bizarre in the process of trying to save a life. Ultimately, the guy started breathing and shuddered back to life after about a minute of CPR. Coughing, he weakly sat up and put his head between his knees, trying to catch his breath and recover from the trauma. The Chris’s fell back on the sand, breathing heavily from the dramatic experience and rested for a moment. The 2nd victim began to stir as well, and we could breath a sigh of relief that it seemed they would be just fine. After a few moments, I gave my hand to my friends to help them up off the ground. To my surprise both of them shocked me! It felt almost like a quick static discharge and it was done. I shook my hand out and laughed, as I asked them if they were ok. Looking up from my hand I realized, at that moment, I wasn’t looking at the top of their heads like I usually do. Instead, Asian Chris was eye to eye with me, if not slightly higher, and Latino Chris was clearly looking down at both of us from a few inches above. My first response was to look down at the sand, as I must have been standing in a hole or they were on the higher part of the beach as it sloped up from the water. But neither was true, and the odd height difference was just the beginning. In fact, I watched as both of their feet elongated slightly, pushing through the sand a couple inches. Then calve muscles developed, pushing out an inch or two on either side of their legs, followed by their quads. Latino Chris’s growth was even more prominent as his legs exploded with new muscle and size. Large tear drop shapes formed as his quads pulsed bigger, pushing into each other and causing him to adjust his stance significantly. My gaze traveled higher as his cute red, white and blue speedos stretched to its limit both in the back and the front. Already decently endowed (he’d once told me he was just shy of 7.5” downstairs), I saw his suit bulge forward like a water balloon. The top opened slightly as his cock grew in obvious length and girth, competing for space against his enlarging balls. A curved portion of his brown hose like penis pushed up and over the edge of his speedos, the head buried somewhere far below visibility, which just served to accentuate his new size. Even in its current flaccid state, I couldn’t imagine it being anything less than 9 or 10 inches soft and already thicker than any cock I’d ever seen. His abs, which had already been well maintained, began popping into greater definition, the valleys between them etching deeper and deeper by the second. The top row was quickly being eclipsed by a growing shadow casted by pecs which had previously been firm and tight, but were now much fuller and stretching all directions into large manly slabs of meat, and pushing out a couple inches from his chest. While his nipples began pointing downward and tanned areolas growing wider than a half dollar coin, the sides of his pecs were beginning to spill out beyond my view, rubbing against swollen and inflating veiny biceps. Large and growing arms attached to thick, rounded deltoids practically the size of my own head, began to flex in response to the growth being experienced. Unexpectedly, I heard him chuckle, the typical effeminate voice I’d grown accustomed to now gone and replaced with a much deeper rumble. I looked up now, further than before, and stumbled back a step, shocked by how much taller he’d gotten. My eyes were just level with his chin, so I had to guess he was close to 6’6” now, maybe more… a growth of practically 10” in just minutes! His face, sitting above ominously sloping, thick traps, was even more rugged. He’d gone from a cute pretty boy, to gorgeously handsome; a look you could only describe as devastatingly attractive masculinity. A grin formed slowly on his lips as he looked down on me. He was most certainly the new alpha between us and clearly enjoying the revelation as he explored his massive body, and I tried not to pass out myself. To be continued...
  17. The Hologram

    Quinton and Joanna McMullen walked into the dark room. It had navy, steel walls, and no windows. The 7'6 basketball player and his 5'6 brunette wife didn't know why they were "invited", but when the men in black came to the McMullens' front door holding a gun and a National Security Letter in the other, the couple didn't ask questions. At the center of the room was an elderly blonde woman in a red suite, though her hair was fading to grey. She was holding a bright red flip-switch in her right hand, an arrogant smile on her wrinkled face. It was almost silly how villainous she looked; Quinton almost felt like giggling. "Do you know where you are?" the woman asked. "Do you know who I am?" Quinton shook his head, but Joanna started - "I know you! You're Catherine Washington, the head of the FBI's Operational Technology Division!" The elderly woman stepped back, surprised. "Dear me. You're more informed than I anticipated. Yes, that is my official title. But it's a rather misleading title. What I've been working on with my team the past few years is creating a perfect being. A superhuman, if you will. Aaron. He's in an island far, far away from here - it's much too dangerous to bring him here. But today, he is going to have his first test. And you two are the test rats." Catherine flipped the switch, and a hologram appeared. And when it did, the couple gasped. He was tall... impossibly, dizzingly tall. Quinton, who hadn't looked up at someone since he was 14 years old, was only at eye level with the top row of Aaron's abs, the model's heaving pectorals completely eclipsing the basketball player. Quinton felt himself shaking, his dick shrinking, his greatest pride dwarfed by this superior man before him. Quinton craned his neck back, gazing up, up, up, at Aaron's face. Then he gasped, witnessing the most beautiful smile anybody had ever seen. Aaron's pouty pink lips spread to reveal a mouth full of brilliant straight white teeth. To the sides of his lips were two rosy cheeks, as bright and colorful and delicious as cotton candy. Above were large, innocent puppy-dog eyes, their green-blue pupils as deep and mysterious and lonely as the ocean. Those eyes were so gorgeous, so beautiful that Quinton's lips started drooling and his own eyes started tearing up, just from eye contact with this perfect man. On top was a gorgeous head of dirty blonde hair that Quinton dreamed of running his hands and lips through. Aaron's skin was flawless, without a single deformity - not even so much as a wrinkle. His peach-colored flesh was totally even - no dark spots, no patches, no mistakes. Not even newborns had skin like this Despite Aaron's baby-like lips and eyes, despite his smooth soft skin and innocent expression, his sharp, diamond-like cheekbones and powerful chin made it impossible to doubt Aaron's masculinity. Aaron's face could put that of any Hollywood hero to shame. Quinton could not imagine any face that rivaled Aaron's. This was the epitome of male attractiveness. There was no way that anyone could find a way to improve upon Aaron's impossibly handsome features. Then Aaron winked. Quinton couldn't take it anymore. This man was just so, so, so beautiful. The basketball player - a husband, a father, a proud heterosexual - screamed as massive amounts of jizz blasted out of his dick, a torrent far greater and longer and harder than any he had ever experienced with a girl. After two minutes of literally nonstop cumming, he passed out on the floor, cold. Quinton's girlfriend, Joanna, was two feet shorter than her husband, so Aaron's record-breaking height seemed even more ridiculous to her. She was only just above eye level with Aaron's hips, and positioned behind his hologram, so that she was staring directly at his fantastic butt. She was amazed by the man's ass - two globular spheres, a true bubble butt. Joanna had always had a secret fetish for soccer players, with their hot tight butts, but Aaron's flesh-pillows were truly something else. Shakira and Beyonce would kill to have an ass with half the volume in Aaron's rear end. Aaron's amazing ass was supplemented by an equally incredibly pair of legs. His quads were no smaller than the size of her torso, and they rippled with so much muscle that it was a wonder they didn't have their own gravitational field. Every movement - even the slightest twitch - caused an eruption of muscle that would POP POP POP all over Aaron's body like a magnitude-9 earthquake. It was breathtaking to see such size, such power, and soon Joanna forgot all about Quinton's presence and existence, so engrossed was she by Aaron's perfect pair of legs. Then Aaron turned around, and Joanna shrieked. Oh god. Long. Thick. Huge. Veiny. It hung all the way down to his knees, completely flaccid - almost a foot-and-a-half long. And it was so wide... nearly as wide as her athletic 26-inch waist. His erection could probably kill an elephant - if Aaron entered her, she knew that she would split in half like tissue paper. A globule of pre formed at Aaron's cockhead, then dropped to the floor, splattering against the tile. Joanna fell to the floor, reaching for the sweet white liquid, but when she found it wasn't real, that she could not touch it, could not touch him, she started spasming, her body consumed by insatiable lust for the man who did not exist. Catherine looked at the dead couple, their bodies drained of life from their sexual desire for the hologram. She flipped the switch off. "That was a success"
  18. Marvelous Man - Chapter 16

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O52F8UJS70fDmrK2gYawUXBtklu8IEUwpOdaOZrPuoM) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ For first looks and more illustrations, check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ecchimultiverse First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter SPECIAL THANKS TO MY PATRONS: CHRISTOPHER FLOYD & DONALD MORGAN Chapter 16: Wrongs, Rights, and Rimming? Marvelous Man’s reality felt like it was becoming undone. He had been careful to balance his two different lives without raising any suspicion from his friends and teammates. Adrenaline kept accelerating his heart rate with the sound of pumping blood raging in his ears, and it took every ounce of the musclebound superhero’s will to keep his breath steady. There were plenty of questions racing through his mind, but one statement drowned out the inquiries: SHIT!!! In one huge reveal, Gemini now had a new body that was exotically erotic and masculine. Apparently, he had also been employed by the D.A.B. to act as the team’s new member as a technician. But the one thing Marvelous Man hoped would not happen is Gemini recognizing Justice in his alter ego. The probability of that happening at this very moment can be compared to pulling a pin out of a grenade and not exploding. Gemini had just subtly outed Marvelous Man, while offering a handshake. There was no other choice but to keep playing along in order to keep up face. Marvelous Man accepted the handshake; gripping it with caution. The muscle demigod could feel Gemini squeezing hard enough that it felt like his hand was going to turn into a diamond. This would become the second time today his hand would be crushed. He strained back a smile. Marvelous Man stammered, “R-really? What a coimidam-I mean, coincidence.” “Yeah, I bet,” grinned Gemini. The Director sipped his glass of sweet tea before continuing. “Marvelous Man, I’ll need you to debrief Mr. Yin here about our current situation with the Skeleton Lord,” Director Skye ordered,” As for you, Gene, I’ll need you with me when we start interrogating our petrified guest. I supposed he will respond better with you in his visual vicinity.” “Understood,” bowed Gene. Director Doug turned to Fairuza. He drawled, “Fairuza, I’ll need you to help record our interrogation. Maybe you can find something whatever Gilgamesh spills to get us a better idea about our skeletal problem. Especially with how he is associated with that fiend and how he managed to keep his youth.” “Yes, sir. Of course,” replied Fairuza. The Director smiled, “Splendid. Now if y’all excuse me, we still have about two hours left before our guest thaws out, and I will be taking my lunch.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Being dismissed from Director Skye’s office, Marvelous Man and Gemini made their way towards the elevator. Neither said a word, but Marvelous Man was too aware of the tension between them. It was seconds after they entered the elevator and it closing behind them, that he tried to break the ice. “So…” said Marvelous Man, “uhhh, as the Director told you, we’re dealing with the Skele-” “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re a superhero?” interrupted Gemini. Marvelous Man paused, “I...am a superhero. Is my outfit not cl-” “DON’T! Bullshit with me, Justice! I know it’s you. I have facial recognition software like every other Soulem!” exclaimed Gemini. He continued, “I mean, at least have the decency to put on a mask or something. You can blend in with the crowds of other giant black bodybuilders in this city, but that can only fool human eyes.” The muscle demigod said nothing. Marvelous Man stared down at the ground; incapable of making any eye contact with his Soulem friend. The elevator dinged as it passed the fourth floor. “When we first met, you told me you were a trust-fund baby and was in between jobs,” recanted Gemini. Marvelous Man answered, “...That wasn’t a lie...at the time. After I met you that same day, the D.A.B. hired me to become a full-time hero. Before that, I had just got my superhero license and was patrolling as a hobby.” “Oh...Still, why didn’t you tell me? I thought we were friends...maybe even best friends,” frowned Gemini. The husky Soulem’s mood rings turned to a deep blue. Marvelous Man looked up at his best friend. It struck a chord in his heart to hear someone openly validate their friendship with the bodybuilder superhero. “We are! It’s just that...I mean...I wanted to protect you and my loved ones. I don’t want my enemies to know about you and hurt you, Gemini,” explained Marvelous Man. Gemini looked at Marvelous Man with a face of bewilderment, while his mood rings turned grey. He exclaimed, “What kind of fatherfucking logic is that?! Did your understanding of the world come from an old-timey comic book or something?! I ‘supposedly’ have close relations to the you that is Justice fatherfucking Starr. Because of that, I have to know your superhero alter ego, so that I can prepare myself in the event that your well-known enemies try to get the drop on your civilian life by targeting me.” The elevator dinged again, as it passed by the third floor. Mood rings flashing red, Gemini crossed his arms. “You’re doing more harm than good. You’re not helping. You’re just being selfish,” he lectured. Marvelous Man’s vision began to turn murky, as he could feel something building up in his eyes. He clenched his fists. He was a superhero. Superheroes do not cry. They must be a symbol of unwavering strength. But…the fear of losing the only friend Justice had and the sadness of betraying Gemini’s trust felt more painful than Gilgamesh breaking his entire hand. He choked a whisper, “...I’m sorry…” Gemini stared into the muscle demigod’s eyes. As he did so, the Soulem’s mood rings’ color shifted into white. His hand slowly drifted to Marvelous Man’s until it hesitated halfway. Changing direction, Gemini placed his hand on the bodybuilder superhero’s bulging shoulder. “...I care about you, Justice. You’re the only friend around here that I have, and I barely know you. Please...tell me the truth. Just everything...anything at all...Please,” he sighed. Marvelous Man closed his eyes to prevent any seeping liquids. He could barely hear the elevator’s ding of descending passed the second floor. The musclebound superhero sobbed, “...Okay.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Soon after Marvelous Man calmed down, the two relocated themselves at Marvelous Man’s apartment. Marvelous Man did not leave as Justice earlier that day, so the he had to enter the premise through the roof access. The muscle demigod then fished a silver key out of his pocket while making his way down the steps. “Ya know, I think this is the first time I’ve been on your roof. We should go swimming on your roof’s pool before fall sets in,” mentioned Gemini. Marvelous Man nodded, “Yeah, sure. I’ve never dipped in there yet.” “That’s a shame. Too much time taken up from superheroing?” inquired Gemini. Marvelous Man answered, “Yeah, and cause I spend all my free time hanging out with you. You kinda had a fragile body back then, so that’s why all we did was walk around the mall and watch anime.” The Soulem’s mood ring flashed to pink, while he flustered. “Oh...Well...thanks for being considerate,” replied Gemini. The muscle demigod smiled, “No problem.” Marvelous Man then stopped in front of his living room closet. He briefly remember his first time arriving in the real world through there. While the process of going to another world felt somewhat magical, crossing over and arriving into the real world was so instant and tame. The bodybuilder superhero place the silver key into the door’s lock; jangling an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top keychain attached to the silver key. “Soooo, are you gonna tell me who you are and stuff? Cause I assumed you brought me back to your apartment, cause you’d feel more comfortable dishing it here...did I really just say that?” said Gemini. Marvelous Man turned to Gemini, as the Soulem’s mood ring changed to white. He spoke, “I do, but I have to show you something first before I can explain everything about me. I promise it’ll make sense once I do. Just let me change before I show you.” Raising his arms above his head, the muscle demigod placed his golden bracelets on top of the other. Marvelous Man chanted, “Marvelous Muscle Magic, Metamorph!!!” The bodybuilder superhero was instantly transported into his transformation void. After having to do it countless times to maintain his double life, he no longer dreaded it. The feelings from the transportation and assailing on his erogenous zones were at first annoyance, then numbness, and finally accepting it and enjoying the teasing pleasures. His heroic outfit exploded like shattered glass; leaving his musclebound body floating nude in the void. This was then followed by silver paint slapping at his glutes and groin. His muscular globes jiggled in every direction, as silver fabric began to form. Once the hulking man’s silver thong fully materialized, the transformation vacuum collapsed. Justice landed gently on his large feet. Taking a breath to appreciate the pleasurable transformation, Justice could feel his sex at half mast. The bodybuilder looked at his handsome Soulem friend and noticed the bulging movements in Gemini’s zaffre fundoshi. Justice’s mouth began to water, as his thoughts wondered about his friend’s robotic penis. He then realized that Gene’s hypersexuality was starting to seep into his personality. “So...you have to say that every time to transform?” coughed Gemini. Justice sighed, “Yeah. At first it was kinda embarrassing to say, but I got used to it.” The musclebound man attempted to change the subject in the hopes of distracting his thoughts and changing Gemini’s dark red mood ring. “Did I ever tell you where I came from?” asked Justice. Gemini lightly nodded his head, as his mood ring’s color turned into purple. The Soulem recalled, “Yeah, you said you came from Sunnysville?” “Uh-huh. And I want to take you there. It’ll make sense once I show you, I swear,” said Justice. Gemini’s mood ring flashed grey, as he gave Justice a confused look. He replied, “Oookaaay...Like, right now? What, we gonna use teleportation magic or…?” The Soulem tilted his head, while his eyes gazed upon the silver key in the closet’s lock. His mood ring immediately shifted to a purple. “Wait a sec! Are we gonna walk through your closet like that magical wardrobe?!” inquired Gemini. Justice could see the curious giddy in his friend’s digital eyes. The bodybuilder replied, “Ummm, I’m not sure what you’re referencing to. But yeah, we’re gonna be walking through my closet.” Gemini’s white eyes dilated like a cat enraptured by euphoric catnip. “Oh my gosh, dimensional magic?! I am going to flip if you’re telling the-uhhh...wh-what are you doing?” stammered the Soulem. During Gemini’s flabbergast, Justice had bent down in an attempt to take off his silver thong. He continued to slide it down his tree-trunk thighs while looking up. The musclebound man noticed his robotic friend’s mood ring began to constantly fluctuate between pink, grey, and dark red. He replied, “Hm? Oh, I’m just taking these off. Nobody in Sunnysville is real, so it doesn’t matter if I’m naked. You can take yours off too, if you want.” “I’m, uh, I’m good,” said Gemini. As the Soulem watched his overly muscular friend pull the silver thong down to the ankles, his mood ring color shifted to black. A wicked smile crept on his silver face. Gemini spoke up, “Soooo, if you’re not gonna wear anything, mind if ya let me dress you?” The hulking bodybuilder stood up and kicked away his thong. He then looked at the husky android with a puzzled face; unsure if he heard his friend right. “Huh?” said Justice. Gemini pressed, “Just saying. It doesn’t matter if you’re not wearing anything, since you said the people aren’t real...which is a really weird thing to say-Sorry, getting off topic. But c’mon, let me dress you. It’s not like you can be embarrassed.” Justice had never seen the Soulem’s mood ring take on a black hue, but he knew it could not be good. His instinct told him that something was amiss and to say no. But he felt like he would be letting down his friend again if he refused. The bodybuilder already hurt Gemini’s feelings once today and did not wish to do it again. “Okay,” he sighed. Gemini replied, “Great! I’ll be right back!” As the beefy Soulem’s mood ring color changed to light blue, Gemini ran to Justice’s bedroom. Justice tried to shake his unease. It seemed like an odd idea, but it could be fun. He wondered if he had the will to refuse whatever Gemini wanted him to wear. The worst thing the Soulem could do is make him wear his buttplug. He then told himself it would not be so bad, since they are only touring Sunnysville. “Dude, did you buy some anime replica sex toy?” shouted Gemini. Justice flexed his eyebrows in confusion before his eyes bulged at a faint memory. A while back, he thought it would be fun to purchase sex toys from the internet that were shaped like props from famous television shows and movies. There was only one that caught his eye that was quite similar and came at a hefty price. And after purchasing it, he forgot about trying it out; leaving it to occupy a corner of his room. Gemini continued, “Dragon Pearls™ anal balls? Some kind of Chinese knockoff? Oh wow, yeah, instead of stars, it’s got Chinese characters, heh. Geeze, it’s heavy! What is this, fourty pounds?” “Shit,” muttered Justice. Exiting Justice’s bedroom, Gemini lightly jogged back to his bodybuilder friend. He was carrying several objects in his hands, but there was something else that would catch anybody’s attention. Slinged over his shoulders and around the back of his neck were eight orange spheres interconnected with a white string. The crystal-like orbs were bigger than softballs and had red Chinese characters planted in their centers. The Soulem’s devilish smile was even wider than before, and the color of his mood rings were constantly phasing back and forth with dark red and black. Evil seemed to be dancing in Gemini’s eyes; sending a chill down Justice’s spine. Justice quickly reasoned, “Those aren’t clothes.” “Neither is your Marvelous Man bikini, yet you wear it in public cause it technically clothes your immense dong and balls,” shot back Gemini. The Soulem whined, “C’mon, broooo. You said you’d let me dress you. I mean, are you not able to fit this in you?” “I can...but I don’t want to,” replied the bodybuilder. Gemini continued griping, “Justice. C’moooon. Please? You seriously gonna take back your word?” Justice did not need Gene’s ability to sense the sexual hunger radiating out of Gemini. He knew it was going to be awkward getting pleasured by his best friend. The bodybuilder briefly wondered if all Soulems with supposed functional sex organs were as perverted as Gemini was starting to become. Knowing that he would never hear the end of it and probably hurt their friendship, Justice knew what he had to do. “Fine,” sighed the hulking bodybuilder. Gemini beamed, “Yes! I brought some lube if you need it.” “I don’t, but it’ll make this go a lot faster. Just let me clean myself out first,” said Justice. The overly muscular man thumped his way over to the bathroom. His thick cock loudly slapped against his thunderous thighs with every step. Gemini called out, “Maybe you should get a spell tattooed on yourself, so you can stay permanently clean. Unless you’re like, ya know, some sort of supernatural being or have an artificial colon.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The bulge in Gemini’s zaffre fundoshi pushed against the fabric with furious determination at a chance to be fully erect and free of the tie-string loincloth. In one hand, he held a bottle of Crack Addict lube and the Dragon Pearls™ in the other. The Soulem’s mood ring color flashed an intense dark red, as he stared at the erotic sight in front of him. Splayed open was Justice’s rear end. The bodybuilder stretched his legs open into a perfect split; resting his exceedingly meaty legs on the couch. With nothing to keep his massive bubble glutes together, his virgin hole was left exposed for the Soulem to behold. “Well? You gonna do it or not?” said Justice. Upon Justice voicing his impatience, Gemini shook his head to relieve the carnal daze in his eyes. The Soulem replied, “Huh? Oh, yeah! Sure. Just, uh, give me a second to lube up.” “Just put it on the balls. My ass doesn’t need the prepping,” said Justice. Gemini nodded, “Yeah, I can tell. It’s already got a gape. But, ummm, how’d you get it to be so puffy? It’s like a donut.” “Anal pump. I’ve been using it for...huh, it’s been years, but I actually lost count, heh. But I had to get a new one when I moved here,” explained Justice. Gemini exclaimed, “Damn! How are you not a sex obsessed being if you buy all these sexy clothes and sex toys?! You don’t bother eye-banging every guy we pass by when we go to the mall and stuff.” “I still do. Just not with every guy. And I just feel that all my sex stuff should be kept home in my own privacy. But if I was still in my teens, I would’ve let you bang me without question, hehe,” stated the bodybuilder, “But what about you? You’re trying to put a toy in me and keep staring at my hole.” The Soulem sighed, “Sorry. After my awakening and getting my new body, the moderators for my upgrade said that I’d have a hyper interest in sex for the next week or so. So it should go away soon.” “Oh, right! I totally forgot! Congratulations on your awakening! I guess that’s why you got a new body, huh?” said Justice. He then paused for a second as realization hit him. The musclebound man spoke up, “Ohhhh, so that’s why it’s also called robo puberty!” “Yeah...so I’m really sorry if I keep drooling whenever I look at you. It’s just that...your body is really hypnotizing. Especially your asshole,” licked Gemini. While Justice was used to people flirting with him, it was different to hear his best friend complement the sexual appeal of his body. It sent a tingling sensation that aroused his man meat to twitch and harden. Gemini has made comments about his body before, but it was usually about his bigness or strength. However, his Soulem friend’s new statement roused a new hunger in Justice that felt like it could only be sated with more of those sexy comments...or maybe more. Justice hesitated, “Oh. It’s cool. But thanks for saying that. Ummm, can you put it in me now?” Gemini said nothing, as his eyes kept staring at Justice’s pillow-like bussy. He walked towards the bodybuilder’s hole, as if he were in a trance, and kneeled down. The Soulem slowly leaned forward until his face planted against the stretched buttocks. With his nose pressing against the soft, donut-shaped anus, Gemini’s nose inhaled the manly scent. “Fffffuuuuuck…” exhaled the Soulem. The musclebound man flexed an eyebrow in confusion. He felt something odd, but it was not a feeling of penetration. Opening his mouth, Gemini’s black tongue rolled out. It looked almost like a normal tongue until it began to flex and undulate like a worm. As it slithered in the air, the wet tongue started to glow a soft neon blue. The glimmering, blue tongue wriggled its way onto the bodybuilder’s perineum; tasting the smooth, chocolate taint. Floundering about, Gemini’s tongue layered the soft area with Soulem saliva. The blue muscle was still not satisfied, and trailed down the perineum’s line. It met its unfortunate end, as it collided against the couch. Justice sharply gasped, “G-GEM?! Wha-” Tilting his head up, Gemini snaked his glowing tongue back into his mouth. The Soulem’s silver lips brushed against the overly-muscled rump’s. With them perfectly aligned, Gemini’s face pressed further into the exposed buttock. Justice could hear a wet smooch, as the bulky android puckered and kissed several times. “Wh-what are you doing?!” moaned Justice. He could feel a tickling sensation on his anus, but it was hard to describe. It was wet, and it felt so good. It also felt teasing, and he wanted more but not knowing what it was scared him a bit. He could also feel a big object pressing against his thick rear. The object felt smooth and metallic, but it was warm instead of the expected cold. He briefly wondered just what Gemini was applying before a new sensation took over; melting his ability to move or resist. Gemini opened his mouth, during the mouth to anus make out session, to allow his glimmering, blue tongue to squirm out. It swirled over the pillowy rim of the entrance in slow, clockwise motions. Upon completing a rotation, Gemini would return back to kissing. He would smooch the hole’s lips a few more times before releasing his blue tongue in the opposite direction. With the pumped rim now thoroughly wet, the Soulem’s tongue went into a new direction. The blue tongue slowly slid into the gaping hole. It burrowed deep into fleshy tunnel like a worm without a hint of defiance from the muscle ring. It squirmed in every direction before returning into the metallic mouth. Immediately after, the glimmering appendage darted right back into the bodybuilder’s rectum to taste the virgin meat and explore every part of it. Justice laid on the couch in his perfect leg split; moaning in ecstasy. The tickling, pleasurable sensation now traveled inside of himself. He was powerless to stop Gemini’s unseen action, as he could no longer form a coherent thought. The bodybuilder was now mindless; lost in a lust fog with his eyes rolled back into his skull. The senses in his head spun, and he could no longer tell what was up or down. Pleasures of electricity zipped across his spine; twitching every muscle cord in his body. He whimpered, “Gem…” Gemini stood up. His robotic erection strained against the zaffre fundoshi and lined up against Justice’s pumped, wet hole. The Soulem looked down and reached for the drawstring of his mokko fundoshi before stopping midway. The bottle of Crack Addict lube and the Dragon Pearls™ were still in his hands, and his mood ring color switched to grey. His eyes darted about as if he snapped out of his trance and wondering what just happened. Keeping silent, Gemini quickly doused the orange anal balls with the sex lubricant brand. The color of his mood ring during the lubrication changed to yellow, before fading back to dark red upon finishing. Dropping to his knees, the Soulem placed the bottle of lube on the ground. He then grabbed the crystal orb on the end of the white string, and placed it against Justice’s gaping hole. The donut-shaped entrance widened upon the lubricated Dragon Pearl™ pressing against it. As the hole enveloped the orange orb, it accepted it with a soft, wet shlop. Justice grunted in pleasure from being stretched and filled. The gaping orifice then twitched as if it were a mouth hungry for more. Gemini carefully proceed with the second orb; resulting in the same outcome. The bulky Soulem continued to shove the rest of the crystal balls into Justice’s plump opening. As he slid the last ball in, his hand accidentally slipped in. Justice moaned at the sudden fisting, while Gemini playfully rolled his hand about. Smirking, Gemini pulled his wet hand out with a loud plop. All eight orbs were successfully fed into the hungry hole. The only evidence of such a feat was a ring attached to the anal ball’s white string; hanging outside the pillowy rim. Gemini stood up and gazed upon his handiwork. A shiny, orange glint shimmered from within Justice’s virgin chasm. Gemini’s eye wandered about Justice’s twitching body that was still paralyzed by the onslaught of euphoria. His mood ring transitioned to black. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Justice opened his eyes. He felt full and surmised that Gemini successfully inserted the Dragon Pearls™ into him. He then wondered how he ended up on his back, as the ceiling and the top of his pectorals now stared back at him. There was also something clung around his neck, but it did not matter at this moment. The bodybuilder remembered his anus was being tickled and then lost his sense of self and time. As he tried to recall the event, Justice then felt an intense itching on his hole. Trying to sit himself up, Justice spotted Gemini. The husky Soulem stood in front of him; holding a bag of shiny objects. The color on Gemini’s mood ring had now went back to being white. “...How long was I out?” hesitated Justice. Gemini smiled, “Long enough for me to put on the finishing touches of your new outfit.” Justice positioned himself to get up before noticing something else. “Why am I still doing the splits?” he asked. Gemini shrugged, “You looked really sexy doin that, so I split your legs again after I flipped you over. You’re surprisingly flexible for a super buff guy. It wasn’t even a struggle to get your legs to do it.” “Years of gymnastics and yoga,” answered Justice. Gemini flexed a suspicious golden eyebrow. He inquired, “Between all the bodybuilding?” “I had a lot of free time back in Sunnysville,” shrugged Justice, “Anyways, let me see what you did before we go.” Breaking from his split pose, the hulking bodybuilder placed his legs together and stood up from the leather couch. Justice thumped his heavy body back towards his bedroom and could hear a jingling of bells that he could not identify its origin. He could feel the anal balls wiggling inside of him with every thunderous step he took. Justice mentally admitted to himself that although it was weird to feel so much stuffed into his body, it did feel pleasurable and sexy knowing he took it all in. As he approached the bedroom door, he could not ignore another sensation he had been feeling since he woke up. Justice’s hole itched and twitched with an intensity that needed to be scratched. It was greater than its usual urges to be stretched and filled. Justice thought the anal balls were enough but figured it might have increased his endurance to take on more. As he reached down to pet the sexually-hungered mouth, the bodybuilder heard his Soulem friend shout. “Oh! That reminds me,” said Gemini. Dropping the bag of shiny objects, the bulky android ran to the musclebound man and stopped within touching distance. Gemini grabbed the Dragon Pearls’™ ring, hanging out of Justice’s anus on a white string, with one hand and placed the other on the bodybuilder’s wide back. He yanked as if he were trying to start up a lawn mower. Gemini commanded, “I wish you wouldn’t touch your hole until the Dragon Pearls™ are completely out.” Immediately after Gemini said his wish, Justice’s hole began to bulge against an object trying to exit. An orange orb was pulled out of virgin rectum with a wet plop ringing in the air. The bodybuilder gasped at the sudden stretch and partial loss of fullness. Electricity danced in Justice’s body, as the musclebound man was now paralyzed by the pleasurable shock. Before Justice had time to breathe, Gemini yanked the white string again. “I wish that you can’t take off the outfit I put on you until the Dragon Pearls™ are completely out,” added the Soulem. Another crystal anal ball popped out of donut-shaped hole. Justice’s body was assaulted by the multiple sensations but managed to gain enough willpower to do one action. The musclebound man held out his arms and braced himself against the doorframe. In the act of doing so, Justice sacrificed the power in his legs. The bodybuilder sagged to the floor, as his overly-muscular legs could no longer stand. Justice’s rear end poised up upon reaching the tiled ground; held up by the anal leash grasped in Gemini’s fingers. The bodybuilder shuddered, “F-Father...fucker...Wh-what did...you do...that for?” Gemini playfully tugged at the Dragon Pearls™ string. The orbs did not react this time; causing Justice’s round, muscle rump to be lifted higher up. Squatting down, the bulky Soulem slid his white, rubbery index finger halfway into Justice’s pumped hole. He then twirled in finger in a slow clockwise motion; eliciting wimpy moans from the hulking bodybuilder. Gemini licked his lips with his glowing, blue tongue, as his mood ring flashed to dark red. “Just testing it. Apparently, this anime knockoff sex toy is a magical object,” he replied. Justice moaned, “What?!” Even though he should be angry and having many different emotions about this situation, Justice felt himself sinking back into the lust fog. All of his emotions were being drained by Gemini toying with his hole. Justice wanted to fight back, but a bigger part of him wanted to give in. Especially since the itching sensation on his anal lips was finally being relieved a little bit. “Yeah. I’m surprised you didn’t look at the booklet in the box. Or at the very least, read the description info on whatever site you bought it from. But I guess when you have all the money to burn, things like that or even the price won’t deter you,” said Gemini. The Soulem rambled, “Basically, the Dragon Pearls™ are a mind control device that isn’t labeled as a magical mind control device, cause those are illegal. Not to mention, they would have been cancelled out by the magical mind control disruptors placed all over the city to prevent mind hacking. But this enchanted sex toy uses lust energy and can only compel a person once they give consent to have the balls put in them. So it would be really hard for a terrorist to use it against the president or something.” “Anyways, once they’re in you, I’m able to give you eight commands, but I have to start it with ‘I wish’. And every time I command you, I have to pull out a ball for it to work. Don’t worry though, I won’t make you do anything rapey like having sex with me. But apparently, the eighth command is permanent, and all the previous ones are temporary depending on how much lust energy was absorbed,” he continued. Justice could not believe what he was hearing. He thought to himself that he really needed to pay better attention to the description info before he bought something on the internet. No wonder that sex toy had all those zeroes. Gemini explained, “So I’m just gonna say in advance that I’m really sorry about all this, and that I don’t have much control over myself. I’m just super horny right now, and I just am now realizing what a sadist me and my dad really are. Sooooo, while my inhibitions are really low, I’m just gonna try to enjoy this as much as possible. Consider it payback for keeping a secret from your best friend that could have explained why we couldn’t have hung out all those times you were heroing before I got my upgrade.” The hulking bodybuilder tried to sigh, but it ended up turning into a moan. Gemini was not going to let it go even after Justice apologized. He then figured it was better to play along with Gemini’s role play, to keep his best friend happy. But when Justice has hit his limit, he will stop pretending to be deceived by the husky Soulem. “Fine. But...why does...my asshole itch...so much?” asked Justice. The Soulem smirked, “Grabbed a bottle of Crack Addict from your room. It’s that irritant lube that makes ya itch wherever you apply it to. Must be driving you pretty wild, huh, bro?” “Yeah...Can I get up now?” said Justice. Ceasing the finger twirl on Justice’s hole, Gemini uncoiled the white string that had wrapped around his finger from the action. The Soulem then slapped his hand down on the bodybuilder’s massive, round glutes; causing the skin and fat underneath it to ripple like a stone tossed into a pond. Justice moaned loudly from the buttocks assault and again from Gemini leaning down to give the donut-shaped hole one final lick with his glowing, blue tongue. He replied, “Now you can.” Justice remained face down for a few more seconds before collecting enough strength in his massive legs to stand up. At full height, his hands remained braced against the doorframe to keep his body straight. The bodybuilder then opened the door and slowly thumped his mammoth-sized body into his bedroom. Other than the anal balls inside of him moving, he could now feel the two orange orbs outside of him slapping against the back of his tree-trunk thighs. It was almost as if he had a tail. Finding the many wall-sized mirrors installed on the wall, he stood in front to gaze at his appearance. He became perplexed at what he saw, and realized he really needed to pay more attention to what he bought. The outfit Gemini made him wear was technically allowed for public dressed, but it was on the same level as Gene’s dating wardrobe. A gold-plated slave collar was now adorned around his neck. It had a short-lengthed chain linked to the front of the collar and drooped down into the cleft of Justice’s colossal pecs. Justice spotted his ankles had also been arrested with gold-plated slave cuffs that had small bells linked onto the sides. Focusing on his crotch, he noticed his hefty family jewels had been fitted through a golden cock ring that had been lined with a stretchy fabric. The shiny, metallic silver spandex housed his sexual fruits and stretched to a skin tightness that every detail of his manliness can be seen. The shiny spandex had the word “IT” printed in large, metallic gold spandex, so that even his crotch spelled out that he was bounded to a submissive, sexual servitude. Justice’s eyes were finally drawn to the last of what Gemini put on him. Shimmering on his belly button and his forehead were body jewelry rhinestones. They were white and sparkled like diamonds. The one on his belly button was the biggest of the two; completely covering the fleshy depression with a circular shape. As for the one applied onto the center of his forehead, it had a diamond-shaped rhombus figure to it. More than likely, these rhinestones were the final pieces, since that is what was most likely in the bag Gemini held when Justice woke up. “Am I supposed to be some sort of sci-fi slave prince?” guessed Justice. Gemini shrugged, “Something like that. I just grabbed what I thought would look sexy on you.” Justice looked in the mirror again to take in his new appearance. There was something exciting about wearing such an outfit, and it was starting to grow on him. It felt as if Gemini had awakened something within him. He always knew he was a power bottom but did being subjugated turn him on? The musclebound bodybuilder felt that Gemini would be the only one he could trust with such a thing for now; even though the Soulem was being a perverted pain at the moment. Though part of Justice relished at how dominant Gemini was over him. The overly-muscular man poked at his forehead rhinestone. “Well...I don’t completely hate it. I’m kinda liking this bindi. And the belly button one is...not bad,” he said, “By the way, how strong is this adhesive? It’s not budging at all.” Gemini stated, “It’s supposed to stay on you for a week, so I’m guessing it’s pretty strong stuff. So unless you want to rip off some epidermis, you probably shouldn’t try. Oh, and it’s waterproof and heat resistant, so a shower ain’t gonna make it come off.” Justice frowned as he played with his metallic spandex-encased bulge. The fabric felt smooth to his fingertips, and he was finding it fun to jostle it in his hand. He then spotted in his wall mirror a wet spot starting to develop on the silver spandex. “Fine. At least I can take off the cuffs and collar when you get those Dragon Pearls™ out of me,” remarked the bodybuilder. Gemini then mentioned, “Oh, yeah. One last thing. I stuck a whole bunch of different-colored rhinestones on your back.” “What?” said Justice. Gemini grinned, “Yeah, I arranged it to look like the Gemini constellation. So that’s my brand on you for right now to show that I own you, heh. But I’m not feeling it right now, so I’ll probably try something later that’s more noticeable and more me.” “Fine. Whatever. Is there anything else you added?” huffed Justice. Gemini pursed his lips, “Hmmmm, nope. That’s it. But let me just do one last thing.” Grabbing the white cord sticking out of Justice’s hole, Gemini yanked it. “I wish that you can’t move unless I’m wearing the Dragon Pearls’™ pull ring or holding onto the string,” he commanded. Another wet plop emanated from Justice’s hole, as another orb popped out. The bodybuilder gasped at the sudden stretch, and its sensation coursing through his musclebound body. It might have been pleasurable to feel and relieved some of the itch, but it also felt humiliating. Justice exclaimed, “Okay, that’s it!” The muscular man reached behind himself and grasped at the sex toy’s cord. Relaxing his bowels, Justice tugged at the Dragon Pearls™. The bodybuilder expected his hole to be stretched multiple times, but nothing happened. He adjusted his grip on one of the orbs and jerked at it again and again. The outcome was the same; not at all budging and locked within his rectum. “The hell? I’m relaxing all my ass muscles. Why isn’t it coming out?!” he said. Gemini smirked, “I did just tell you about a minute ago that you bought enchanted Dragon Pearls™. I even gave you that whole spiel on how it works. Only somebody commanding you can pull them out one at a time.” “I thought you were just roleplaying or something. It’s just too crazy for something like that to exist,” replied Justice. Gemini sighed, “Says the guy that bought an anime knockoff replica sex toy.” Justice said nothing while releasing his hold over the orange orb. The bodybuilder then attempted to touch his itchy anus; his fingers reaching out to the affected area. Justice’s hand stopped in its tracks just as it was about brush against his asshole. It was as if there was some magnetic field that repelled his hand away from his hole. “Dammit,” he muttered. As Justice gave up, the bulky android’s mood ring color shifted to black. Gemini spoke up, “Allow me to demonstrate wish three.” The Soulem relinquished his grasp over the Dragon Pearls™; slapping against the bodybuilder’s overly-muscled thighs. He grinned, as Justice’s body immediately seized like a statue. Gemini’s hands began to wander over Justice’s wide, wing-like lats, as he leaned forward to kiss the musclebound man’s mountainous traps. Even though Justice could not move, he could still hear and feel the wet smooch applied to his skin. The bodybuilder then wondered how the Soulem’s metallic lips were warm, wet, and somehow tickled his skin. As Gemini finished his kiss, he squatted down. The husky Soulem moved himself in front of Justice and looked straight at his friend’s metallic spandex bulge. Extending his glowing, blue tongue, Gemini licked at the bulge’s wet spot that now had a raindrop-sized manly residue leaking through the shiny, silver bulge. “Mmmmm. Sweet. Just like you,” flirted Gemini. Justice felt his cheeks burn. He was not sure if it was from either being flustered at the compliment or being humiliated at his paralysis. “...Thanks...can we go now?” he replied. Gemini sneered, “Don’t want to have sexy times with your best friend?” As the Soulem stood up, he dragged his glimmering tongue over the silver bulge. It then slid across the cobblestone abs and into the crevice of Justice’s mighty pectorals. All evidence of such an act was a trail of the Soulem’s saliva on the hulking bodybuilder’s skin and the newly polished navel jewelry; shimmering in the bedroom light. Gemini then changed his attention to the watermelon-sized pecshelf. He softly bit onto Justice’s left pec multiple times, as his hand molested the other. Chocolate pec meat spilled through the white, rubbery fingers of the hard grip. Justice could only moan at the titillating action and groaned even louder once Gemini switched to the bodybuilder’s nipples. Justice gritted his teeth. It was very hot but also weird to watch his friend make love to his chest. He wanted to ask when Gemini started to have sexual attractions to him, but there was something else he needed to say. Justice could not let himself get lost in the erotic euphoria and excitement from being dominated. The bodybuilder gathered his willpower and thought of the most unsexy thing he could think of. Pickle peanut butter sandwich. “I think that’s why it seems awkward to me. You’re my best friend, and...I dunno...I still feel bad about what happened, and I need to show you the real me. Please?,” he answered. Gemini instantly ceased his erotic activity upon hearing his best friend. He looked up at Justice’s eyes, while the color of his mood ring changed to white. The Soulem frowned, “Sorry. You’re right. I’m getting so easily sidetracked right now, but...I do want you to show me more than anything, dude. I want to understand.” Next Chapter
  19. The Olympia Bar - Chapter 3

    Hey guys, I'm so sorry that it's been quite a while since I posted but I've been going through a very rough time. But I'm back and I'm happy to have finally written this chapter. However, I will say in advance that this chapter will be a lot more plot heavy with it being the penultimate chapter. There is a sex scene with some mild growth but I've been wanting to bring the plot to the forefront of the story, because that's just how I like to write. So i hope you enjoy the story and I promise there's a lot more growth in the next chapter, which will be the final one. Just a warning too, this chapter is going to get pretty dark. But without further ado, here's Chapter 3. ______________________ The Olympia Bar Chapter 3 – Investigations Commence and Liaisons Continue Jack knelt down to inspect the box of Olympia Energy bars that Mr Malone had left at the foot of his bed. Picking one out, he held it up close to his face and inspected the wrapper, lifting up the sealing flap to find ingredient and production information. Searching rather rapidly convinced there was something odd about the bars apart from its strange effects, Jack was satisfied when he found all the correct legal information. However his heart sank a little. How was this all fine? There are so many processes one must go through to set up a business, never mind sell a product on a worldwide scale. Not only did these Olympia Bars appear out of nowhere to become an instant international success, but the very visible side effects of consumption can’t have gone unnoticed. Why would any government be ok with this? Surely they must know? Jack rose up from his squatted position and began to dress himself. Slipping a shirt on over his once again slim figure, Jack took a moment to stare at his dreamy teacher. Last night with Mr Malone had been incredible, beyond any sort of dream Jack could have imagined. But there was something wrong. This whole situation just felt…off, and not just because he’d slept with his teacher. His mind made up, Jack rummaged through his bag until pulling out his phone. Being careful not to wake up Mr Malone, he headed downstairs with his bag under his arm. First he needed the WiFi password for Mr Malone’s house. Unlocking his phone, Jack looked around the house until he found the wireless router behind the television. Jack took a note of the router’s ID and password, then took a seat on his professor’s comfortable 3-seat sofa and loaded up his internet browser. Taking the Olympia Bar from his jeans pocket, Jack typed the name into the search bar only to be surprised by a surprisingly short amount of search results. “Hmmmm…” Jack wondered aloud “let’s see, the company website. This all seem pretty legitimate,” he sighed before going back to the search results “there’s barely anything. No news stories, no reports, no reviews. Nothing!” Beginning to stress himself out, Jack had almost given up hope of finding anything out of the ordinary until he stumbled upon what seemed to be a Reddit post on the strange snack. “It’s only Reddit, but still it’s better than nothing.” Jack clicked on the page only to audibly gasp at the headline of the post. DON’T EAT OLYMPIA BARS, THEY KILLED MY HUSBAND! “What?!” he said a little too loudly before delving straight into the text that accompanied the headline. ‘My name’s Margot and this is a warning to any and all men. My husband Connor purchased a crate of these energy bars after hearing about them from one of his gym buddies. He’d always wanted to be bigger and fitter, despite my saying that I loved him the way he was. So I agreed for him to try a sample crate, after all if it would boost his confidence and improvement in the gym who am I to deny him that happiness? They arrived rather promptly and we both said we’d try one to begin with, which proved to be eventful. With one bite I spat out the bar in disgust. It tasted utterly foul, yet my husband was chewing and munching on his with spectacular gusto, even mentioning how delicious it was in between bites. And so my husband headed off to the gym whilst I had some of my girlfriends over. Curious to know what they thought to the bars, I offered them each one to try and I was partially surprised to discover that they all had the same reaction as me; instant disposal of their mouthfuls and dry-heaving. A couple of them did however say they’d take some for their respective partners to try, believing they might enjoy them.’ Jack took his phone into the kitchen whilst he went to get a glass of water, too intrigued and fearful to stop reading for more than a few seconds. ‘My husband then returned for the gym and I almost didn’t recognise him. He was huge. Now, he wasn’t exactly slim to begin with, but not in a muscular way. Despite this I loved him as he was. But that day when he came home, what I saw was a world class bodybuilder standing in my kitchen, with my husband’s face stuck on top of his huge, boulder like shoulders. Needless to say I was bewildered and very much excited, but something felt off. The bars were all he wanted to eat despite the dinner I’d made for us and by the next morning he was nothing short of a giant behemoth of a man. I’d also received texts from one of my girlfriends saying that her partner had drastically grown overnight, sending a picture as proof. She wasn’t kidding. This is where things became weird, and I know I’m taking a long time to get to my point but I need people to know the full story so they know what’s going on and what signs to look for if someone has had these vile energy bars.’ Jack took a gulp of water and unconsciously stroked his bulge slightly at the thought of Margot’s husband becoming a stud just like he and Mr Malone had the previous night. ‘A week passed and my husband had become strangely distant from me. Not that he was ignoring me, and we were getting on just as we always had done, however he was spending a lot more time at the gym and with my girlfriend’s partner Brian, which didn’t go unnoticed by her either. And then I received a picture for her, of my Connor and her Brian in bed together, and it wasn’t exactly hard to see what they were up to. As well as being shocked and mortified at this revelation, I was extremely concerned. Connor was 100% heterosexual and had never shown any interest in men before this incident, and for that matter neither had Brian. But there they were, and over the course of the next few photos it was evident that they were enjoying their activities. Between his obsession with the energy bars, the growth effect they had and now this sudden homoeroticism, I knew there was something off. And then no less than a fortnight later the worst happened. Connor came home as pumped as ever before collapsing to the ground without warning. He was frothing at the mouth and I’ve seen enough detective dramas to know that that’s usually a sign of poisoning. The autopsy found no known poisons in his system, ad as of yet I’ve had no word from the police what’s going to happen with getting justice for my husband’s murder. I know there’s no solid proof, but I know these Olympia bars have something to do with Connor’s death. Please, I’m urging you: if you have any information regarding my husband or these bars, if you believe someone you know is eating the bars, or maybe you have been eating them. Contact me. I need to know what these things are and stop anyone else from suffering like my husband and I have.’ Jack wiped away a tear that had travelled its way slowly down his cheek as he read the poor woman’s plea for help. Knowing what he had to do, he called the number on the bottom of the post after writing a note for Mr Malone when he woke up and leaving it stuck on the fridge. “Hello, is this Margot? My name’s Jack, I just read your Reddit post you wrote on the Olympia Bars and your husband. I’m truly sorry for your loss but I was hoping we could possibly meet so I could find out more details of the effects they had. I’ve eaten some and someone I know has, but nowhere near as many as it sounds like your husband did, and I need to know what might happen and how to stop it…” __________________________ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Caleb knocked on Jack and Steven’s front door, shuffling nervously. He’d fallen asleep the night before so hadn’t brought around the rest of the Olympia Bars as promised, hence why he was here now. “Jack!” He shouted, hoping that his friend could hear him. He felt awkward stood out in the street so was desperate to be inside. “Jack…urgh…Jack’s not home,” Caleb heard Steven grunt from inside his room which faced the street “do you want come back another time?” “Well I brought the rest of the Olympia Bars like we agreed on,” Caleb responded rather weakly. Something about the way Steven just spoke was off, and honestly pretty intimidating. “You brought them?!” Steven almost growled it seemed “come in now!” Caleb opened the door and stepped inside only to be knocked over after Steven barged into him recklessly, slamming the door shut before tearing into one of the bars in the box. “Oh fuck yes!” Steven groaned as he wolfed the energy bar down in mere seconds. “Steven are you okay…holy shit!” Caleb’s eyes rested on Steven, only he didn’t look like the athletic Steven he knew. No, instead he looked like an amateur bodybuilder, large bulging muscles straining under his flawless skin, abs rippling as Steven bent down to pick up another bar, gobbling that one up just as quickly as the first. Caleb stared in shock and almost awe. Despite being straight by all accounts, he could definitely appreciate a fine male form when he saw one and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t appreciating Steven’s rocking body right now. In fact the twitch in his crotch was very evident of his current appreciation, but why was this arousing him? He liked girls. “Oh fuck…yes!” Steven grunted before falling to his knees, body pulsing as power and strength flowed through him, his muscles bulging and growing slowly. His bones cracked and reformed, causing Steven to cry out in pain as he grew in height to accommodate his swelling mass, keeping his improving body in proportion. Finally getting the sensations under control, Steven stood and stomped towards a panicking Caleb, a crazy lust filled expression on his face as he advanced, muscles still popping and bursting with strength. His abs cut and shredded further to form a brick wall 8 pack. “Erm, Steven…” Caleb tried to reason, backing off what’s going on?” “It’s those bars Caleb. I don’t know exactly what they do but these muscles are nice, and so are you.” “What? Steven you’re straight, as am I. What are you doing?” “Whatever I want,” he grinned almost menacingly, “and right now, I want you. Strip. I want to see your weak little body take my huge cock!” And with that Steven tore off his trousers like they were paper, a monstrous 14” cock flopping out, rock hard and throbbing. “Steven, stop, this isn’t you!” “I wonder what your big brother would think seeing you becoming my little cock slut!” Steven laughed before tripping Caleb up to prevent him from making it to the door. “No…” Caleb whimpered, trying his best not to break down and appear even more weak than he already was “please, don’t.” But with that, Steven shoved his cock down Caleb’s throat and began face-fucking him, showing no remorse. ______________________________ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­After a 40 minute walk, Jack arrived at Margot’s address and rang the doorbell. The door was opened within barely 5 seconds of his arrival and he was greeted by a rather pretty, if clearly middle aged woman. Her blonde hair was styled in a messy bun, with make-up barely applied to her face and evidence of mascara tears. “Hey Margot, I’m Jack,” Jack introduced himself calmly “I’m so sorry about Connor, it can’t be easy for you.” Margot didn’t say a word; instead she just pulled Jack into a hug, tears beginning to surface in her eyes. “Hey, hey it’s ok. We just need to talk, we can work together to try and sort this all out,” Jack smiled as Margot broke the hug. “You’re kind to offer,” she finally spoke, moving a strand of hair out of her face “but I’m worried things are too late. My friend I spoke about in the post, Sarah, she’s at the hospital now. Brian’s not been feeling well and after I warned her about what happened to Connor, she wasn’t taking any chances.” “No, it isn’t too late,” Jack reassured her, holding her hand “but you need to tell me everything. I’ve eaten some of those bars, as has my teacher and god knows how many others. Now, I’ve learnt that the effects are temporary, but the bars also seem to have an addictive quality which makes people want to eat more. You said Connor wouldn’t stop eating them right?” “Oh, yeah. They’re all he ate. No matter how many meals I cooked, even his favourites, he would fill himself up on those things. Aren’t you craving them? You said you’d eaten some.” “Oh, you have no idea how badly I want one but I refuse. There’s something wrong with them and I need to know what,” Jack said almost through gritted teeth, the struggle on his willpower being brought to the front of his mind wasn’t helping. “You mentioned that you and your female friends couldn’t stand the taste of them?” “Yeah, they were disgusting! All of my female friends agreed, and yet any man I know who’s had them enjoyed them. From what little information I could find online, it seems to be the same everywhere. Males loves them, females hate them. I don’t know why, but if there is something more to them than anyone realises, maybe they’re tailored to appeal to the male taste and not females? I mean men are the only gender with a Y chromosome, so maybe the part of a chromosome that is missing to make a Y contains the gene that makes the taste vile?” Margot deduced out loud. “Smart thinking, that thought crossed my mind too,” Jack responded, “so whatever these things are, the effects are clearly designed to only be experience by men. But why? They cause extreme feats of muscle growth, an unhealthy addiction and the death? That’s quite a wide array of random effects to experience. Plus surely if you made a product you wouldn’t want to make it kill its consumers, that’d be a pretty huge fuck up and pretty bad for business, unless…” “Unless…oh,” the realisation dawned on Margot just moments after Jack. “Unless it wasn’t a fuck up at all. But even then, why would the company aim to kill its customers? As I said, that’s pretty bad for business. They’d be bankrupt just as quickly as they make their millions with all the lawsuits and court cases they’d have to face, and I’m pretty sure even the biggest companies couldn’t afford to bribe their asses out of court for that long. They’d have to be seriously good at covering up their tracks to avoid…that,” Jack gulped before saying that, realising he’d just stumbled on the answer “check your Reddit post.” “Why?” Margot exclaimed mildly surprised at Jack’s sudden temperament change. “Please, just do it. If what I’ve just said holds any truth then it would explain why they’d feel fine with what is essentially murder.” Jack waited anxiously as Margot searched on her phone to find her post. As he expected his suspicions were soon confirmed. “It’s gone, but I didn’t take it down,” Margot cried out, beginning to worry. “No, they did, whoever they are.” ____________________________________ “Oh fuck me Steven!” Caleb whimpered and moaned as both he and Steven neared their climaxes, Steven’s huge 14” dick slamming into his prostate before being pulled out just as fast and slammed back in. “Hell yes Caleb, fuck you’re so tight. I’m gunna cum!” Steven howled in pleasure before thrusting one last time and exploding inside of Caleb’s previously virgin hole. Caleb followed suite and bust his own load all over his tight toned body, sweat sheening on his forehead as the sex finally came to an end. “Why did that just happen?” Caleb asked breathily, regaining his energy. He’d been terrified at first but before long Steven had managed to turn him on and Caleb couldn’t resist going all the way even if he’d tried. “Is that your way of complaining?” Steven chuckled before placing his huge arm under Caleb’s neck, pulling him into a hug. Caleb rested his head against Steven’s huge, pillow-like pectoral. “I don’t know. I’d contemplated experimenting before but I’d never felt the need to before. But despite my initial fear, that was hot. I may consider sleeping with a guy again,” Caleb sniggered and smiled at Steven, who pulled the younger boy into a brief kiss. However their intimate moment was interrupted by the phone ringing loudly from the living room. “Excuse me,” Steven said politely “I should probably get that.” Steven proceeded to walk downstairs to the living room, picking up the house phone and holding it up to his head. “Hello?” “Hello! Steven is that you? It’s Mr Malone!” “Oh, hello sir, long-time no see. What’s up?” “Look, please don’t ask questions, but Jack stayed at my place last night and now he’s gone. He left a note but it was rather strange and I’m not going to lie I’m quite worried.” “Why was Jack at your place?” “Please, I asked you not to ask questions. I’ll explain in person but I need to know if Jack’s ok.” “Well I don’t know sir, he hasn’t been back home yet. What did the note say?” “That’s something that I’d rather explain in person too. Would you be ok with me coming round to talk to you?” ________________________________ “Margot,” Jack asked, worry lacing his tone as stopped his pacing around the living room “your phone number was on that post.” “Yes it was,” Margot answered seemingly thinking it was a question “that’s how you found me.” “Yeah I know but that’s not my point. Phone numbers are registered and can be traced. You can find out a lot of information about someone from their phone number. I mean, I think that would explain the ominous black car now parked outside your house.” “Shit!” Margot panicked, and understandably so. Before any of them could react, the door was kicked down and large, muscular men stood in its place. One of them was more than big enough to fill up the doorframe, but two was practically begging for the wall to cave in. Out from the middle of them stepped a very smartly dressed man, slicked back black hair and the look was even complete with sunglasses. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Margot yelled, taking a step forward. BANG! The poor woman collapsed to the ground with a thud, blood pouring rather quickly out of the bullet hole in her head. Her lifeless form was then picked up by one of the muscular thugs. “Fuck!” Jack panicked, trying to think of a way out of this situation. “Take him, he’ll be useful,” the slimmer man ordered the other beast of a man. “Why did you kill her?! She was just grieving over her husband!” “Well now she can join him instead,” the man responded smarmily, seemingly unaffected by his murder of Margot. “You bastard! All of this over some fucking energy bars?! What is wrong with you freaks!!” Jack shouted in rage, throwing a punch at the slim man and successfully colliding with his nose as the grunt carried him past him. The man clamped his hand over his nose to try and minimise the bleeding. “You little fucker. You do realise who’s grip you’re in right?” he spoke in disgust before clicking his fingers as if giving an order. Before Jack even knew what was going on, he felt a snapping pain as the grunt snapped his arm as if it were a twig. “Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh!!” Jack cried out, tears forming in his eyes from the incredibly intense pain. But things only got worse as the grunt proceeded to slam Jack down onto his knee and snap his spine. Jack screamed at the agony before the pain became too intense, passing out. “Throw him in the car,” the leader of the trio ordered “the boss will have plans for him.” ______________________ So, thank you for reading guys if you made it this far. I'm sorry for the lack of growth and sex in this chapter but as I said I wanted to really highlight the plot for the story, which I have been planning since the first chapter. I promise you there will be A LOT of growth in the final chapter which I'll try and have written and uploaded within the next couple of weeks. I hope you enjoyed this chapter though and are excited to see the conclusion to my first story for this brilliant site. Thanks for reading studs.
  20. Police Hulk

    This is the first of a series of short subjects. I love the Hulk and thought, what if different individuals in different situations were the Hulk. This is the first. Cop Hulk Davis ran down the side alley as fast as he could . He heard the footsteps behind him. "Damn, how could those cops have shown up so fast?" He had been in the convenience store for only 5 minutes. He paused to look back and saw one dude chasing him still. Good the other guy had given up. He could easily outrun this out of shape, pathetic cop. Suddenly he was slammed from the right. The younger cop had circled around and pinned him to the ground. Davis struggled as the cop tried to flip him and cuff him. "Stop moving! You're under arrest!" The older cop caught up finally, panting and gasping, "Franco...(pant),...You good here?" The younger cop looked up, slightly out of breath himself, "Yeah, Jonesy, You can head back. I'll bring him in my car" Davis struggled some more and Franco barked at him, "Stay still. You got my blood pressure up as it is and that ain't healthy for either of us." Jonesy smiled, "Want me to read him his rights or you got it?" Franco stood and pulled a card out of his wallet, "I got this, you should head back. This punk may need a lesson." Davis panicked thinking of some kind of rogue cop was going to beat the shit out of him without any witnesses. "No, man, stay. I didn't do nuthin wrong. Don't leave us alone." Jonesy laughed, "Chill, ain't nothing gonna happen to you." Franco laughed with his friend, then read Davis his rights and hauled him to his feet. Davis squirmed and struggled some more. Franco grimaced then snarled, "Stop wiggling around." He led Davis to his car as Jonesy headed back the way he had come. "How come you by youself? Ain't you supposed to go in pairs?" Franco said nothing. He pushed Davis into the back seat and shut the door then climbed into the front. Davis watched him radio in the arrest and report that he was heading to booking with a suspect. Davis saw him put the radio mic back then he grunted oddly but just started the car. "Dude, just let me go. I didn't do nothing." Franco didn't turn around, but just talked to the mirror, "You wasted my afternoon chasing you. It ain't good when my pulse starts going." He grunted again and made a face in the mirror. "Dude, what is wrong with you? Why you keep making that noise and that face?" "I told you...(grimace)...You got my pulse going. Now I have to get you to booking before I really lose it." "Lose what? I didn't do nothing! I promise man. It was a mistake, I didn't know the dude would have a gun." Franco just grunted again and the car suddenly slowed and turned off the main road into a dark alley. "What the FUCK! Where you taking me?" The car slowed to a stop as Franco brought his hands up to his face then made fists and slammed them into the seat. He turned in his seat to face Davis, and snarled through his teeth "It's too late. I warned...can't fight....." he opened his mouth and let out a huge gasp and his eyes turned startlingly white. Davis panicked and backed up against the seat as far as he could get with his hands cuffed behind his back. Franco turned back forward grunting and snarling with an occasional "No...no.....can't" Davis kicked against the door, "Dude, let me out of here! What the hell is happening to you?" A loud groaning sounded from the front and Davis felt the car begin to sink down. He looked and saw the cop's head start inching toward the roof of the car. He heard a couple of pings and saw buttons ricochet off the windshield accompanied by a growl. The back of the shirt appeared to rise up towards Franco's head then split open as massive traps swelled up but the skin was turning a deep green color. There were more ripping sounds as the cop continued to transform right in front of him. Davis tried to lay on his side and kick at the windows, flailing in panic. He couldn't get the right angle to hit but with his head on the seat he was witness to an immense right arm raise itself up to the head and saw a bicep larger than the steering wheel of most cars and as thick as two Christmas hams burst free of the sleeve of the shirt. Davis let out a shriek as the other fist rose and the thing in the front seat punched through the roof of the car peeling it back like an aluminum soda can. The creature stood up through the opening forcing it wider, then turned to face Davis through the hole it had made. Davis opened his mouth but couldn't speak. In front of him was an 8 foot green creature with so much muscle it was amazing it could move, but move it could. The remains of the cop clothes fell away and only a tattered waistband remained holding a ragged set of underwear. The back had been blown out by a swollen muscled butt and the snake that protruded from the front was dumbfounding. The creature reached down for him and pulled him up to its face. Davis felt a warm sensation in his pants and realized he had just pissed himself. "Ple...please...don't kill me....I promise..I swear I won't...I won't hurt or rob or do anything...I...Just let me......I won't say...." The creature pushed him against the wall. Davis nearly passed out. Then the thing sat down, with his hand still wrapped around Davis waist. It started to nod like it was going to sleep. Davis watched dumbfounded as the creature grew smaller again. Muscles began to recede. The creature's head slowly lowered back down. Even the creature's dick began to shrink back down. Davis tried to get to his feet. The creature suddenly grew more alert. It jerked its head towards Davis and growled. It started to swell up again. "No...no...I'm...good...I'm staying....I'm..." But the green color had begun to fade and now he was being held by a massive bodybuilder cop. Even that began to fade. Soon a young athletic man was sitting there with white eyes. The cop gave a loud snort and gasp and blinked then his normal green colored eyes returned. Suddenly a shadow loomed over the end of the driveway. Then a voice called, "Franco! You about done down there?" Franco looked up and smiled, breathing heavily like he had just run a race, "Yeah, Jonesy. He aint gonna hurt anyone ever again." Jonesy walked over and tossed a bundle of clothes to his partner, then unlocked Davis' handcuffs, "Son, don't you ever give us reason to chase you again." Franco leaned over and whispered, loudly, in Davis ear, almost like a kiss, "And don't you breathe a word of this. We want it to be a surprise for all of your friends out there. Next time it won't go so well for you." Davis turned pale, "No...no sir....I wouldn't...." then he turned and ran. Jonesy smiled, "Guess we need to get this thing towed out of here" he gestured towards the car as Franco started to get dressed. Franco smiled, "We go through those don't we." He tried to button the shirt but realized it was too small,"Jonesy, we need to find some clothes that fit" "Yeah well you picked these out. I don't think you de-hulked all the way this time." Franco winked at him and smiled, "Maybe I didn't" Jonesy laughed, "Damn, I love being your partner" "We work well together" They fist bumped. The two partners made their way to the end of the alley to start rehabilitating another delinquent. Jonesy sighed, "But I wish I could be the Hulk one time" "Shut it!" They laughed and walked away.
  21. Lake Light

    In the Beginning... I woke up in a good mood. The forest scent filled my nose with clean air. Grabbing my anxious cock, I had to take a much needed pee, so I walked out of the tent and walked to the edge of the campsite. As a nice thick steam of hot piss fogged the crisp air and cold ground, I watched in disbelief when to the right of me, I saw the huge figure of a man come out of the woods towards me at the campsite. I wasn't afraid of him, but I felt anxious. No...it was something else...I was in awe. This man was not ordinary in any way, he was just huge. His arms looked thick and muscled, but not super cut and his chest was enormous. Each pec was larger than my head. His neck was the biggest I'd ever seen, with enormous traps and shoulders. Still, even with all of his size, he looked strangely familiar and he was wearing my brothers University of Nebraska shirt that I had gotten him. That was a little too odd, but for some reason, it didn't matter. It was tight as hell on the man, and it even had a split up the seam of the right side and around the neck, which again wasn't a surprise, since he was so overblown with muscle. He looked like a pro Strongman, yet he had really boyish features. I continued my piss, never one for being piss shy and actually, as I watch him lumber slowly towards the campsite, I was getting aroused the closer he came. I'm bisexual, but mainly because I had a crush that turned into a relationship with my best bud in college, otherwise I've had girlfriends my whole life. Still, deep inside of me, I always had a thing for power lifters and bodybuilders. If they were big with muscle, my cock went big for them. No one in the family or even my closest friends, knew of my duel identity, but this wall of a stud was getting me hard and any inhibition of showing my gay side was ebbing at lightning speed. I just didn't care what he or anyone that may be passing by saw. In fact, I wanted an audience. I didn't know why, but all I knew was that there a hunger inside of me that was building. I waved with my unoccupied hand and I told him to join us, still thinking that my brother was asleep in the tent. Even though I had stopped pissing, my hand continued to message my growing cock until I was so rock hard, it was hard to fit my cock back into my shorts. The man, smiled and sat down on the make-shift picnic bench that my brother and I had made. Where we were camping, wasn't in some state park or crowded camping park. Our parents had brought us up to these mountains when we were younger and since mom's passing, we thought it fitting to come back to the place we cherished most. Dad, was having a harder time and couldn't join us, because any memory of mom just hurt him too much; even good ones. The forest was very dense, with a lot of wild animals, both tame and dangerous. We had seen bears and coyotes many times, but for some in-explainable reason, they never bothered us. This place was safe and private. Only a few hikers would sporadically come by. The place was peaceful, incredibly beautiful and isolated. It was special. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but when the man sat down that's when I saw the shredded fabric of what was left of the red shorts that my brother had been wearing last night. It couldn't be...It just couldn't. I gave the man I look, that I'm sure was one of a mixture of "What the Hell?" and "If you hurt him...?" I walked over to the tent and pulled back the flap...empty. My heart sank, but then I heard my 16 year old younger brother’s, deepened voice come out of the man. He said that it was him...That he was Jimmy. I whirled around and looked into the man's eyes...and soon realized it was my brother's eyes. He stood back up and then I realized just how tall he was. He must have been over 6 feet and Jimmy was only a scrawny 5'2". I don't know how, maybe it was the eyes, or the voice or the clothes, but I knew this imposing figure was,in fact, my brother, only changed. Strangely, my lust for the beast before me, now my brother, did not lighten, in fact, it continued to build. I was slightly taken aback by that, but not disgusted; not in the least. I asked what had happened to him and he said that he woke up, while it was just beginning to get light out. He said that he was wide awake and felt instantly refreshed as he walked out of the tent and he felt like something was different. He said he felt different, too. He didn't want to wake me, just thinking that he was just being silly, so he decided to go for a walk up to the mountain lake for a swim. He felt like swimming. He didn't know why, but he just did. He said that when he got to the lake, he noticed something glowing in the water about 50 feet out in the lake. At first he thought it was the morning sun reflecting on the water. Then as he waded into the water he knew it was coming from under the water. Since we were just at the lake the night before and there was nothing, he decided to swim out to see what it was. He knew he should have gotten me first, but it was like he was drawn to it. He said that as he swam towards it, he felt the water getting warmer...or was it him that was warming up. He was sure, but then he said he felt stronger and stronger and (blushing) hornier. He still had his boyish charm. He felt pulled to the light as he continued and when he had finally gotten over top of the glow, he said he felt a rush of bliss (again blushing) like he had an orgasm, but it was all over his body and then he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was laying on the beach, his clothes were on but they were dry, tight and shredded, as he pointed to his shorts that now left nothing to the imagination, as his new, well over 7 inch cock and huge balls hung out in the open. Being such a short guy, Jimmy's cock was only 6 inches when Hard; I caught him beating off a couple of times. He said that he saw that he had grown muscle all over and there was another change in him, too. He had a hunger inside of him, but not for food. I told him that he should see his face...that had changed too, that he was incredibly handsome. I told him he had aged about 10 years and he looked like a man in his mid 20's. His eyes widened and grunted deeply in a "whattya know" kind of way. He said that he knew he had to come back and get me, so we could figure this out and so he could....he stopped his sentence, pausing for a few seconds as he looked at me and then he said that he immediately came back to the campsite and this is where we are now. I told him, he looked fucking amazing and he agreed as he looked at his body and began to caress himself, first his pecs, then his biceps, then in a moment a sheer fantasy, he did a double bicep pose that shredded his sleeves as he huge arms exploded in muscle. He looked away from his body and he looked at me, seeing my expression of shock, awe and not surprising....desire. He said, "You like what you see, big bro...yeah...I think you do" then his left hand grabbed his now growing cock. He walked over towards me as I was like a deer in the headlights. I couldn't move as he began to tower over me the closer he came to me. His cock was now over 9 inches and pointing the way to me. My own cock was so rock hard, it hurt. Then he stopped a couple of feet away, but since his body was so huge, his pecs were right in front of my face. I could smell the power in them. I looked up as his shadow covered my body. That’s when I noticed the hunger in his eyes. It was a hunger like mine, primal and sexual. My sweet brother was gone and what had replaced him was a massive hunter. The confidence and the animalistic attitude that poured off of him was incredible. I believed that to him, I was no longer his older brother...I was his bitch. I could feel it coming off of him and…it turned me on...more than I'd ever been turned on before. Normal reasoning said that his should not be, but it was as if we were no longer brothers, but...but an Alpha and his Beta. We just stood there for a few seconds with the lust inside of us building to a crescendo and then we leaped at each other tearing off our clothes as we embraced and kissed. Jimmy lifted me up with one hand and tore my shorts off with one easy swipe of his other hand. Once naked, he put me back down on the ground and I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth. His rock hard cock was huge, at least 11, possibly even 12 inches long and over 7 inches thick. I barely got his cock head in my mouth and only 6-7 of his incredibly thick inches would fit down in my oral cavity. He fucked my mouth like a bull and within minutes I welcomed the warmest and most lavish gush of cum to ever fill me up, but he didn't stop. He grabbed my head and continued his assault on my throat, miraculously pushing another few inches further into me, saying, "I can't stop Ray...I'm not done yet....I've got so much more...Aaaahhh!!" and he came down my throat a second time. I was having trouble breathing, so he pulled back just long enough for me to catch my breath, but then he plowed his huge cock even deeper into my throat. I thought my lips were going to tear it hurt so bad, but at the same time, I didn't want him to stop. And he didn't. He continued his assault as he face fucked me for another 2 massive loads. With each load he pushed further into my throat and by the last gush of cum down my throat, his balls were against my chin. I knew it was impossible. There's just no way I could have been able to take that abuse. I literally should be dead, but it was as if he wasn't human anymore, because no man could do that and at some point, I believe he changed me somehow. Then without even a glimmer of getting soft, he pulled out of my mouth, effortlessly picked me up and turned me around on my hands and knees and he plunged his granite cock into me. Only the head and a few inches were inside, but I screamed so loud, it scared the birds. Even with my cries of shock and pain, he didn’t ebb his momentum though. His grunts and growls only solidified that he was like an animal. A fucking Beast. He continued to push more of him in as tears rolled down my face, then more…8…10 and then I felt his pelvic bone against my ass. He was completely inside of me. That’s when something changed as it did with my mouth. Even though it was still painful, it was a pain that was incredible and sexy. The pleasure overtook the pain and it overtook my body. I didn't know why, but I later learned it was his cum that began to change me. It made me more palatable for him. It made me be the perfect sexual concubine for him. I began to plead for him to fuck me and then fuck me harder…and harder, to which he emptied the first load deep into my ass…and as I felt the warm cum fire into my stomach area, I felt the rest of my body orgasm, then he grabbed my hips, stood up, bringing me with him as held me like a wheelbarrow plowing his huge thick cock into me. His balls slapped my taint so hard I thought he’d bruise me. We continued to fuck for hours as we destroyed the campsite fucking in various areas and positions. I think he had unloaded over 10 orgasms into me, but I wasn't sure as I think I lost count. The tent fell on top of us, then we pounded on the picnic table, braking that and even I came three times before he finally came inside me for the last time with my shoulders on the on the sandy ground as he jack-hammered me, with such force and quantity that even though he had quite literally filled me up inside, the excess soaked the ground below us. When he pulled out of me, he was still hard as a rock and I believe he was still ready for me, but I was a lifeless lump. Completely exhausted, I pleaded for him to let me rest. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t ready for that, "I don't know why, but I can't...I need to take you there....I need you to change so we don't have to stop....ever!!" so he picked up my living, but exhausted body, draping me across his powerful arms like I was dead and he carried me up to the lake. My 16 year old younger brother, was now my master, my guardian, my lover, my Alpha. As I laid, slumped in his arms, I no longer even thought of him as my brother. He was the beginning of something amazing, and I was his first loyal subject. I knew what he was doing and I felt excited inside. I smiled and exclaimed “YES” when I saw the glow as we reached the edge of the lake. The air was different up here, instead of being lighter, it was heavy and you had to breathe in big lumbering breathes. My cock began to rise again has he walked into the water. My brother, pulled me up to him and bent down to kiss me as he said in an even lower and more booming voice, “We’re going to be Gods!” and I felt his cock push on my back under me coating me with his precum. Further and further he walked into the lake and with every step, I felt Jimmy's body react to the water. He was growing. I could feel his size increasing as I was cradled. As soon as my body touched the water, I instantly felt better. My brother held me like a lifeguard saving a drowning swimmer as he pulled us toward the light. I began to feel the strength in me rise and the feeling of power in me was exploding. I began to blissfully growl inside as my strength and power increased. It was as if thousands of hours of working out were paying off instantaneously. We both began moaning, vocally, as we got closer to the light. We weren’t even half way there when I told my brother I could go on my own, but he, told me no as he held me close and I was very glad he did as I could feel us both getting bigger and stronger. The feeling of my own growth was beyond comprehension, but feeling him getting bigger next to me, no human had ever felt such pure bliss before. We felt each other expanding and our lust to get bigger increased. We both had no inhibitions at all about what was happening to us and we welcomed it completely, with every fiber of our existence. At the campsite, my brother was like that of a linebacker, but now he was becoming a one of the biggest bodybuilders on earth. His muscles were growing and he was getting super cut. Thick veins formed on his skin. Hair formed on his pecs and actually all over his body as his testosterone levels must have been going through the roof. I myself, now felt what he must have felt when we were having sex, because I felt that I could go for hours and cum and cum and cum. I felt like I was stronger than most any human on earth and I knew that my brother was even stronger than that. We were still about 15 feet from the light when my brother seemed to convulse as his eyes turned bright blue and then a blue light wave exploded from his body and across the lake. I had know idea what that was about, but immediately, I felt like I could lift a house, with my strength increasing now like a rocket, but my body was still puny in comparison to my bother. I would find out later that at that moment, he had grown taller as well and that he was about 8.5 feet tall and his shoulders were over 5 feet wide. He was the biggest and strongest man on the planet. When we stopped above the light with it surrounding us, we again embraced as we tread water. We must have been out there longer than he was before, because I was now that of a slightly smaller Jay Cutler and he had reached his God status, that the light had obtained for him. My brother was still human, in his soul, but he was no longer a human being, physically and I envied him. His eyes became blue again and he began to chant. The words out of his mouth, seemed almost like the chant of an Indian would make. Then his body seemed to omit, the same light as what was beneath us; a golden hue that was filled with warmth and energy. We also noticed that we did not have to tread water anymore as either the light beneath us or my brother's light was keeping us afloat. Again, we hugged each other, in love, but mostly to feel each other grow. Wave after wave or continued power and strength fed into me, but now it was coming from my brother. I looked at him and into his blue eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. I opened my mouth to receive his kiss and that's when I felt it, one huge blast of energy shoot into me and I exploded in growth and power. I was now almost equal to my brother, but I knew that I would never obtain his status as he was the Alpha. I could feel my own cock growing in size, clearly surpassing most men, but I felt my brothers grow even more and when we let go of our embrace, I was held up by my brother’s cock. I felt it push against my hole and my hole opened for him. There was no pain, only sheer bliss. Again, I felt another explosion of him inside me and then everything went black… When we woke up, naked on the beach, we weren't alone. There were two hikers shaking us, but they quickly backed away when we woke up. Both men were very attractive, fit young men and it was clear to us that they were enthralled with us. We looked at each other and knew that we were going to overtake them and fuck them. They were going to be our newest recruits. They must have known it too and they walked toward their new masters. Both men didn't seem to be in a trance, but they knew that they were there for our pleasure and sexual release. The told us that they wanted to worship us and that they had never in their lives seen anything like us. They stripped off their gear and clothes and when both Jimmy and I stood up, they knelt before their new Gods. Then we all looked out into the water to see the glow still there and calling to us. It was as if the light was telling us to add to our lineage, which we were happy to oblige it by. The hikers asked us if we knew what it was? We did and we told them they soon would, but first, we needed to cum.
  22. Hyperization (Furry)

    A kobold was running for his life as pursuers hidden behind black uniforms and masks chased after him with their guns drawn. One of them fired but the shot landed on Kardukk’s right shoulder armor. He contemplated fighting them but a pair of shoulder armor, vambraces and greaves made out of iron wasn’t going to win him any fights. Not to mention the small reptile was only three feet tall. The corridor he ran seemed endless and mad as it was bathed in an eerie red glow. With fatigue setting in his speed began to falter. Beads of sweat trailed down his grey scales from his head to his back. But then his blue eyes sparkled as a door was just in sight. Kardukk beat his white scaled chest to empower himself to run faster, yet it was all for naught. Something hit him on the back of his neck, rendering him almost paralyzed. There was just enough energy left in him to turn and note the dart. Kardukk collapsed, unconscious. The lighting in the room then returned to normal as the guards aimed their weapons at the creature. A menacing dragon wearing a gas mask and a pair of camouflage pants then cut through the group and approached the now unconscious prey. He was enormous in stature, towering over all the guards at seven tall. His bare front white chest drew the attention of every fur present. He bent down and examined the captured target, the golden scales that ran down his wide, muscular back and his bulging arms glistened under the florescent lights. He pointed to one of the guards behind him, “Take him to the cell, and prep him for the professor,” the dragon said in his muffled voice. The one guard saluted, “Right away Commander Soamur.” As the hulking dragon walked off, the unconscious prisoner slipped into a dream. _____________________________________ Deep underground behind five layers of steel doors locked with a complex encryption was a massive laboratory that doubled as the private quarters of the base’s researcher, Lowius. The room was divided into two sections; one side held the laboratory where all of Lowius’s research was conducted, the other was his bedroom with shelves of books for him to pass the time. As the commotion a few floors up was going on the olive green alien was enjoying his many books. He was dressed in his usual white lab coat with holes for his protruding white and smaller yellow spikes along his back and a pair of long blue pants. His broad muscular pectorals were exposed to the world to see since he never wore anything under his coat. In his right hand he had Mysterious Worlds and How to Get There, on his left he was rereading Magical Doodads all while his second pair of hands below were busy piping a concentrated acid onto a piece of golden scale. Thanks to his four eyes splitting his concentration between jobs was a simple task. The sound of the doors behind him opening pulled his attention away from his work. Setting the books down on his table Lowius turned to face his guest. “Soamur…” Lowius had to fight his urge to let out a tsk. “Professor,” the dragon looked down at the shorter alien, “I have your next assignment. You are to proceed with the next phase of the DNA mutation program.” Up close the differences in their power was obvious, Lowius though physically fit with some muscularity was still smaller compared to the commander. “What? The next phase involves real living beings. The theoretical analysis is still under way; I can’t ethically allow you to accelerate the process. We don’t know what will happen,” Lowius angrily protested. The commander’s nostrils flared, “Might I remind you that the one funding your little tests is the Republic. And the reason you live to breathe another day is because I so graciously as one of the greatest commanders of the Republic will it.” Each sentence was punctuated with the commander stepping closer and closer to the professor until the smaller creature was backed up against his desk. “I…I can’t. This is wrong,” Lowius said softly. Soamur’s face darkened. With a snap of his fingers the professor was brought to his knees, his body shaking in pain as the invisible collar on his neck blasted him with a powerful electric shock. A menacing smile grew on the dragon’s face as he watched the professor suffer. “I trust you will do your best then. Your little guinea pig is on the way.” Squirming on the floor, rage filled Lowius’s mind as the commander walked off. _____________________________________ Five days passed since that painful meeting. The test subject that was brought in was identified as a kobold. Tubes filled with life sustaining chemicals were attached to the subject’s arms and thighs while he remained bound and unconscious on the operating table. To the right of the table was Lowius still racking his brain over the serum he was working on. He had been cursing at his computer every time the simulation failed. There was just no way to make the super soldier serum work. Slouching over his notes Lowius was just about to give up when Soamur entered. “What do you want?” Lowius asked without turning his back. “I see our little trespasser is still in one piece after the serum,” Soamur said. “He hasn’t been administered the serum. I ran some tests, and there is no way it will work.” Soamur scoffed at the professor’s reluctance to do as he was told. “Now how can you be so sure of that if you didn’t really test it?” The commander placed his scaly hands on the professor’s shoulders. Lowius’s pupils dilated, a sense of dread gripped his heart. That was what Soamur was known for, the ability to inject fear into anyone with just his words. “N-no need. I know what I’m doing. I’m not going to let him die for no reason.” The dragon’s fingers dug deep into Lowius’s shoulders causing the alien to flinch. “Your words are hollow professor. You know your curious nature begs you to do it. All you need is a little push in the right direction,” Soamur whispered into the alien’s right ear. Everything seemed to slow down at that moment. Lowius watched petrified as the commander’s right arm reached for his keyboard and entered the instructions to pump the serum into the subject. His computer screen began flashing red. Back at the dissecting table the pumps that fed the kobold was pumping a mysterious orange liquid. Lowius quickly ran out of his chair to tend to the patient spasming out of control all while the wicked dragon laughed maniacally at the professor’s suffering. Turning to leave, Soamur left with one message, “I expect a report soon professor. Have... fun.” _____________________________________ The situation was dire. Lowius was frantically looking left and right for some tool to help him save the tortured kobold. His test subject was twisting and turning his body, trying to break free from the restraints holding his hands and feet down. It looked like it was doing more harm than good. What made it worse was listening to the harrowing screams and spine tingling growls coming from the tortured soul. Only one solution came to mind, the healing tube. Lowius pressed the red button hidden underneath the dissecting table the table rose and flipped itself until the kobold was upright. A huge oval shaped contraption held by two metal poles descended from the ceiling. The dark blue tubes surrounding the contraption began to glow and hum as a glass barrier extended from behind the table and encircled the subject. His restraints and the life sustaining tubes retracted back behind the chair. Both the glass and table then combined to form a chamber. Mysterious light green liquid quickly poured from the contraption and in seconds the chamber was filled to the brim with the solution. Miraculously, the wounds left from the tubes healed in a blink of an eye. Seeing the subject’s body calm down filled Lowius with relief, he slumped backwards into his chair. In just ten minutes he felt himself lose ten years of his life. Just as he thought it was all over the corner of his eyes caught sight of a flickering shadow from the tube. Lowius’s eyes widened when he realized the serum he administered triggered the transformation. He watched the kobold’s head inching towards to the top of the tube as he grew taller by the minute abandoning his dwarfish form. His limbs grew longer and ballooned with muscle. The subject’s arms expanded gradually. First a noticeable bulge in his bicep formed, no bigger than one or two tennis balls. Slowly the peak of his bicep rose with several veins snaking across them. His triceps and deltoids followed suit, doubling in size, making the kobold’s whole arm look like someone stuffed a bowling ball inside it. After five minutes Kardukk’s arms were touching the base of the tube and were still growing in width. His flat chest then began to extend outwards and curve into two small hills of muscle. As his pecs grew denser deep striations began to form across his chest. Simultaneously his shoulders widened apart and his traps began to thicken. It looked like his head was about to be swallowed whole by his own traps as his pecs pushed his chin upwards, but then the growth began to even out as his form grew taller until his head bumped on the roof of the seven foot tall tube. A sharp screech then emanated from the back of the kobold as a white four sided white mace which grew on the tip of his curly tail was now rubbing against the glass. Inside the tube, Kardukk was aware of every change happening to him. Every fiber of muscle in the kobold’s body pulsated with energy. Slowly, his mind was overtaken by the growth, he wanted more and he needed to be bigger! As if powered by his very will the warm glow of the growth intensified in heat. There were two things the professor could have done: he could have run out to call for help or he could have programmed the tube to terminate the specimen, but he did neither and just watched from his seat - powerless. All the while a very noticeable bulge began to form inside the alien’s pants. Next, the bottom half of the kobold started twitching as the growth continued. His once soft belly was replaced by an eight pack wall of abs. Still the most jaw dropping sight was the kobold’s widening thighs and calves, thighs that looked like they could crush a metal cube between them with one squeeze, and beefy calves large enough to balance weights on them. All logic was thrown out the window, as the professor rushed towards the tube and pressed his snout against the glass to take in his greatest creation’s glorious ascension into power. Then came the ‘third leg’, the kobold’s soft member hardened and began to elongate up his abdomen nearly reaching his torso. His modest orbs dangling beneath his shaft grew the least, inflating to the size of melons. “Ah hell,” Lowius exclaimed as he noticed cracks forming around the tube. Just as he got onto his feet, the tube exploded with a loud crack followed by the thunderous roar from the creature it once contained. _____________________________________ Lying on his stomach Lowius thanked the stars that none of the glass shards punctured him. Unfortunately, his clothes were soaking wet from the green substance. A massive shadow then rose and loomed over him, before he could even get up Lowius was tugged backwards by his lab collar. The alien gasped when he felt his back slam against something squishy. Craning his neck upwards he made the mistake of opening his mouth in shock as he saw an immense meaty dick, the hard member leaked a dollop of pre that splattered all over Lowius’s face. He didn’t want to admit it but the warm musky solution felt good against his skin, his two toned cock throbbed as he licked some of the pre off his mouth. Completely distracted the now aroused scientist was hoisted off the ground and turned over by a pair of powerful arms. Clearing his face Lowius stared eye to eye with a very angry looking kobold. It was a sight to behold as the kobold stood at his full height, his horns almost brushing against the ceiling. “Now, now we can talk about this. The uhhh growth potential of your unique cells must have been accelerated by the healing tube and-“ Kardukk interrupted with a loud grunt. The professor didn’t get a chance to completely register what the kobold wanted before the huge muscle bound creature pulled him close for a deep kiss. It was a mind numbing experience, the way the kobold's enlarged tongue invaded his mouth, Lowius could feel it inching deeper down his throat. Pressing his hands against Kardukk’s hard shoulders Lowius pulled himself back to get more comfortable. Now, he was ready. Using his quartet of tongues the alien struggled to wrap them around the expansive organ. But it didn’t matter, their kiss was hot, he could taste the kobold inside him and he wanted more. Never before had he been overpowered so fiercely and passionately. As they kissed Kardukk started undressing his little friend, delicately removing his lab coat with his massive hands and chucking them onto the Lowius’s table. When the kiss broke, Lowius slumped forward half naked and hugged the kobold’s bulging pecs, panting heavily. The kobold’s cock smacked Lowius on the back right above his firm buttocks. Though feeling drained the sexually hungry beast gave the alien no time for respite. Kardukk started flexing his pecs, squeezing the smaller alien’s head between his beefy pectorals. Lowius let out a muffled groan as he was lost in the excitement and power of his muscular partner. Taking the opportunity to indulge himself Lowius licked the kobold’s cleavage and freely explored the broad chest with his hands. The muscle bound kobold groaned heavily. A mere brush from the professor’s skilled hands sent electricity down Kardukk’s spine, his throbbing member drooling with pre along his shaft. Lowius’s boner pressed close against Kardukk’s abs all the while leaking copious amounts of pre through his pants. It was both stimulating and annoying at the same time to have his hard member restrained by his clothes. Unable to hold back anymore, Lowius started unbuckling his belt. But the kobold had a faster solution. He grabbed the professor’s pants and ripped them in half like a piece of paper. Finally freed from its cotton prison, Lowius’s cock slapped against Kardukk’s abs with a wet thud. Its blue tip glistened under the white lights thanks to the fountain of pre gushing from his cock. The bright red color that stretched from the middle of his shaft to its base gave the illusion that he was about to erupt anytime soon. Kardukk smirked at the sight of the alien’s smaller dick, his ego growing. Fueled by lust Kardukk pushed Lowius closer and higher until the professor’s colorful penis rubbed the kobold’s pec cleavage. Like a pet begging for a treat, Kardukk guided Lowius by pushing him gently on the back, letting his cock slide in and out between the kobold’s pecs. Lowius quickly picked up on what the bigger creature wanted. He grabbed onto Kardukk’s mammoth shoulders and started gyrating his hips. His pre soaked cock was a blur, fucking Kardukk’s pecs intensely. Never before had Lowius experience such powerful muscles, the way Kardukk clenched his cock with a simple flex. Just when he felt the pressure in his cock building up, yearning for release the kobold relaxed his pecs and playfully bounce them. “Oh you naughty beast,” Lowius said, his cock still throbbing but the need to cum was subsiding. Not wanting to be outdone he slid down Kardukk’s abs until his snout was facing the kobold’s hard member. Holding the heavy pair of orbs with his lower hands felt so surreal yet so pleasurable. The other pair of hands of his daringly rubbed the kobold’s abs. His burning desire to pleasure the kobold stripped him of his restraints as he buried his nose deep in the musky sack that held the muscle beast’s testicles. The scent of sweat and musk mixed together was an orgasm to the senses. With his tongues he started lapping Kardukk’s balls. Lowius enjoyed the struggle of worshipping the enormity of the kobold’s balls. Moving his snout up, his tongues wrapped around the hard veiny shaft, licking it like he would a popsicle, running his tongues up and down the meat pole leisurely to savor the salty taste. Kardukk threw his head back purring. The mad scientist really knew how to worship a cock. When his partner reached for his bright pink dickhead with the kobold’s whole body tensed. His cock erupted with pre all over Lowius’s face. Still the alien kept going as he plunged two of his tongues into the exposed urethra, causing Kardukk to jerk and flex his upper body. With his other two tongues Lowius wrapped them along Kardukk’s cock and proceeded to suck him off. It was a struggle to fit the entire member in his mouth, like he was trying to consume an extra-large salami in one go. But the alien quickly got used to the thick dick filling his mouth. He was like a vacuum sucking every drop of pre leaking from the tip while exploring the tickling the inside of the kobold’s member. As his grunts grew heavier Kardukk decided to turn the tables in his favor. With one hand he pulled the scientist off his cock, leaving a trail of saliva connecting the alien’s mouth and his hard dick. Flipping him over till his ass faced the kobold Kardukk brought the professor’s tender bottom close to his face and started rimming him. His extensive tongue plunged deep into the crevice of Lowius’s stone hard butt cheeks, sending tremors up the professor’s spine. Despite the size of his tongue the kobold worked it like magic, licking the outer ting of the alien’s hole to tease him before sinking deep to turn the alien into putty. Pre dripped from Lowius’s cock all over Kardukk’s chest again. Seeing his window of opportunity the kobold pulled out of the professor’s hole and raised Lowius’ butt high above his head and suckled the alien’s twitching cock. His large mouth made it easy to take in Lowius’ cock in its entirety and his dangling scrotum. Just like the professor, the massive kobold relished the taste of the alien’s manhood. If someone were to watch the two in action at that moment it would look more like the kobold was milking the professor for every drop of sustenance his cock can muster. Thrice did Lowius come close to blowing his load in Kardukk’s mouth, but he did not want to lose to the titan. “Slow…slow down… you’re going to make me-“ Lowius said softly with his tongues drooping from his mouth. Kardukk replied with a deep chuckle before releasing the professor’s private parts. The naked scientist looked sexier than ever with strings of sticky saliva and pre covering his ass and cock. “Must fuck,” Kardukk said in a deep voice. The kobold pulled Lowius off of him and pinned him on his back between his mighty thighs. Lowius’s snout was pressed against the cool lab floor by just two fingers, his plump posterior pointed upwards towards the kobold’s raging boner. Looking down pass his puffy pectorals Kardukk was enjoying his view. After wetting his index and forefinger with a quick wet lick of his tongue the kobold rubbed around the rim of Lowius’s hole. The usually composed scientist let out a heavy moan, his claws ran along the floor leaving visible scratch marks. Watching his former captor squirm from such a light touch excited the Herculean creature. Kardukk pushed his fingers into Lowius’s tight hole, with every inch he shoved into him the alien gasped and howl. Once both digits had impaled Kardukk’s plaything the kobold started pumping his hole, finger fucking the professor with increasing ferocity. “Faster… faster!” Lowius begged. Kardukk licking his lips was more than happy to comply. At one point his fingers brushed against Lowius’s prostate making the professor yell out at the top of his lungs. Lowius’s cock spewed ropes of pre all over the floor, some of the goo even landed on his stomach. Confident that his little fuck buddy was ready Kardukk pulled out his fingers with an audible pop. The kobold pulled Lowius’ ass closer to his dick. His veiny cock rubbed along the smaller creature’s butt cheeks slowly. As he slid his dick along Lowius’ ass Kardukk could feel the same warm glow from before - he was going to grow. Holding Lowius by the hips Kardukk thrust his dickhead into the alien’s hole. Lowius howled in pain and pleasure as his hole stretched to accommodate the huge rod entering him. Feeling the pulsing cock inside him pushing against the walls of his ass and going deeper Lowius thought he was getting the ride of his life. But turning back Lowius gasped at the sight of the kobold’s dick pushing him further in front. “Fuck! He’s growing!” thought Lowius. This time it was different, most of the growth was concentrated in the kobold’s private parts. Lowius nearly screamed when his feet were lifted off the ground and rising with the growing shaft expanding in girth and lengthening inside him. Thick veins popped along the now baseball bat sized dick, every inch it grew a bucket load of pre filled the professor’s insides. While the professor was impaled on his growing cock, Kardukk was taking the chance to enjoy his own muscles. Kneading his pecs Kardukk moaned. His body felt hot from the continuing growth. All the while his balls had been expanding. Now they were as large as watermelons and still growing. The buildup of semen in his balls flooded the kobold’s brain with ecstasy. His cock rose ever higher until Lowius’s was looking at the ceiling, the kobold’s cock must have been at least a meter long and as strong as a stack of steel pillars. “I don’t think,” Lowius moaned when his prostate was pressed again, “this is going to work. You’re too big even for me,” said Lowius. There was no reply from Kardukk. He held onto Lowius’s hips once more and proceeded to lift the little guy off his cock. Just when the alien’s supple butt reached the tip of the kobold’s dickhead Kardukk pulled him back down, slamming him deeper. The two roared in unison at the moment of impact. Desiring nothing more but release Kardukk continued to slide the professor up and down his dick. With every pump all Lowius could do was grunt and moan. His own cock was spraying pre across the room. Once his ass got accustomed to the kobold’s girth pleasure sweeter than ambrosia washed over him. Feeling his balls pulling upwards Lowius knew he wouldn’t last long. Kardukk’s was mercilessly slamming his meat into Lowius, fucking him faster and faster. Just as he felt a tightness in his scrotum the kobold’s poundings slowed down… and then he cummed. Every fiber of his body tensed up at that moment, the veins across his muscular body popped. Lowius could literally feel the blast rising up the kobold’s shaft as wave after wave of hot semen flooded his insides. The feeling of being filled by so much hot cum was heavenly. Unable to hold it back anymore, Lowius’s cock erupted when the third load of cum rushed into him. White ropes of semen flew across the room and hit the wall across the professor. His brutish lover was showing no sign of stopping but there was just too much that Lowius could not hold it all in. Streams of cum began to flow out of Lowius’s ass and formed a pool beneath him. After the eleventh cumshot Kardukk slumped backwards and sat leaning against the table he was once held. Lowius was able to dismount himself when the kobold’s cock softened. The professor just laid in the white pool of semen that leaked out of him. His whole body felt like he had been doing cardio for a whole day. Exhausted, the two fell into a short sleep. _____________________________________ When Lowius finally woke up he found himself naked on the floor but squeaky clean. “Hey!” a voice called out to him from behind. Lowius turned and saw the still huge kobold sitting against the ruins of the healing tube. “Um, err are you talking to me?” Lowius asked while pointing to himself. “No I wanted to talk to the wall behind you,” Kardukk replied sarcastically. “Well I guess a whole lot of explaining is needed here-“ Kardukk raised his hand up gesturing to the professor to stop. “Skip the guilt talk doc. As you and see and felt I am better than ever,” the kobold bounced his pecs which caused the professor to blush a little, “my body is a little particular. Let’s just say it will take more than that to hurt me.” “Yeah, well it still wasn’t right of me to allow it to happen. There were so many chances for me to have stopped it.” Lowius lowered his head in shame. “But I promise now I will get you of here.” Standing up Kardukk smiled at the remorseful researcher, “I believe you. But sadly I have to chalk this up as a failed mission.” “What mission?” Lowius walked closer to the gigantic kobold. “I was supposed to get some documents about making indestructible dragon scales, but at this point I’ll settle with getting somewhere safe.” Lowius nodded and extended out his hand for a handshake which Kardukk happily reciprocated. “I’m Lowius by the way,” the professor said. “Kardukk,” the bigger kobold replied. “Nice to meet you. Now let’s get out of here.” The two then began concocting a plan of escape, and perhaps put an end to the madhouse they were both trapped inside. _____________________________________ “Can I get someone over here in the lab. I have a corpse that needs disposing. Bring a full bodysuit, you don’t want any of this stuff to get on you,” Lowius said into the intercom on his desk. The bait was set. Kardukk stood by the lab door careful not to be seen while Lowius stood in front to distract whoever it was that was coming through. A soldier dressed in a bright yellow radiation suit entered the lab five minutes later but he did not get a chance to blink before a boulder like fist descended upon his head, knocking him out. Confiscating the agent of his clothes Lowius donned his attire. The suit was too big for him so it looked loose on him. Nonetheless, no one would notice as he sneaked Kardukk under a giant white tarp on a cart. Whenever a random guard would pass by Lowius would tap him on the head that was the signal for the kobold to hold his breath. If they wanted to make it out alive Kardukk had to play a very convincing corpse. Their target was the incinerator room and energy core. Both rooms were one floor apart from another. So, first Lowius dropped Kardukk in the incinerator room. As discussed earlier, behind the massive trash burner machine was a six foot tall vault door that lead to the vehicle storage bay outside. With his incredible new strength opening the door would have been a piece of cake for the kobold, but he had to wait for Lowius to join him. After dropping Kardukk off, Lowius made a mad dash to the energy core room. The heart of the entire base’s operation and the only thing separating him from it was a DNA scanner. It was obvious who would have permission to such an important area. Pulling out the golden scale from before from his pocket Lowius pressed it against the scanner. A quick scan and the doors opened with a whoosh. Soamur should not have let his guard to let the professor get his hands on something so valuable. Inside, a huge black cylinder made of steel and electronics extended to the ceiling. Excitement filled his chest as the chance for freedom was so close. Upon entering the room Lowius reached for the keyboard mounted on the machine and made quick changes to its instructions. First, he deactivated the protocol that kept his collar running. A click of button here and there and a soft beeping sound came from his neck. The invisible collar revealed itself before unlocking and falling to the ground. Rubbing his throat Lowius felt immense relief to finally have the threat against his life taken away. Still it was no time to celebrate, Lowius worked fast to activate the core’s self-destruct system. He chuckled at the thought that the base’s own security measure against invaders would be used against them. The timer was set for 20 minutes. Lowius walked briskly back to the incinerator room, a task hard to disguise as natural since there was a ticking time bomb behind him. Once he reunited with the behemoth who had draped the white tarp over his privates Kardukk pulled back the vault with little effort. Together they ran for the closest unguarded storage ship and blasted off into space with no resistance. From the backseat window Kardukk watched as a small red dot formed on the planet’s surface where the base used to be. It was finally over. Stripping off the mask from his attire Lowius turned back towards his friend. “Comfortable back there?” Lowius asked from the passenger seat. Stretching his long legs Kardukk leaned against the back of the ship, its interior was roomy without any cargo to carry. “All good back here, but a little entertainment on this flight would be nice.” Lowius chuckled before he threw something to the kobold. A stack of documents entitled, Empowering Dragon Scales landed on his lap. “Read that then till we arrive at our next destination,” Lowius said with a grin on his face. And with that the professor set their ship into hyper speed and the ship disappeared among the stars. Despite the Republic’s best efforts to apprehend those who destroyed their base, they were never found. Rumor was that the two had left the universe completely and were on their own world hopping adventures. The End.
  23. Marvelous Man - Chapter 12

    No more once-a-day updates. You're now caught up. Chapter 13 will be done by hopefully next week. All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XbcU-m63WlyPjz2UTFi5WrfkFFo0gdYmuGCyGT5tQOQ) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 12: Unordinary Sleepover After his embarrassing fiasco, the musclebound hero quickly cleaned off his remaining suds and excused himself. He rushed through the lockers and applied the golden athletic cup to his genitals; not taking notice that the inside of it is now clean and dry. Afterwards, he left the D.A.B. premises and flew home. Marvelous Man landed in an alleyway that was a block away from his apartment building. On his way back home, he realized that he had needed to find out where his shopping bags from the mall spawned at. It could have materialized either in his apartment or in the building’s foyer. That was how it worked back in Sunnysville in his three-story house. Marvelous Man rationalized to himself that the bright side of this world-building discovery would be introducing himself to the building’s staff. But perhaps not as Marvelous Man. Placing his golden-encased wrists on top of one another, he held them high into the air. Marvelous Man took a deep breath; bracing himself for what is next to come. He chanted, “Marvelous Muscle Magic, Metamorph!” The muscular superhero was instantly transported into the familiar vacuum where his transformations take place. His only clothing, the jewel-encrusted athletic cup, exploded off of him. The colored paint that form his clothes then proceeded to slap his naked body; jiggling his glutes, pecs, and thighs in the process. Finally emerging from his transformation dimension, he donned the clothes of his original persona, Justice Starr. Justice shivered from the stimulation and took a breath to calm himself down; forcing his erection to soften. He then stared at his black tank top and khaki kilt and suddenly realized that he never bought any shoes. Outside of his heroic form, he would be vulnerable to any broken glass or pebble lying on the ground. Justice made a mental note to himself to buy more shoes at a later time. The bodybuilder strode out of the alley and made his way towards the apartment building. Justice caught a look at his home as he walked down the sidewalk. From a ground-point perspective, the building looked as if it were a skyscraper after Justice lost count of the floors. As he approached the entrance, he spotted a doorman standing guard at the building door. He was an old man that appeared to be in his sixties with a bulky physique. Although the bulkiness might be attributed to his red, military-style overcoat; adorned with golden buttons and braided cords linking over his shoulder. He had white, fluffy mutton chop facial hair connecting to his bushy mustache. Atop his head was a red peaked cap, a style military officers would wear, pinned with the hotel’s golden logo on top of it. The doorman looked up at Justice as the muscular man came closer. His hazel eyes had a mixed expression of curiosity and intimidation, but his mouth kept smiling. He spoke with a soft, gruff voice, “Good evening, sir. Can I help you with something?” “Yeah,” nodded Justice Starr, “Uh, my name is Justice Starr, and I-” The doorman’s eyes sparkled, “Ah! Mr. Starr! We were expecting you! Come in, Come in!” Pulling open the door behind him, the doorman waved Justice in. He bowed his head at a slight angle; as if he were addressing royalty. Justice smiled and ducked underneath the door frame. Before he had time to observe the welcome lobby after stepping inside, the doorman zoomed around Justice. “Terribly sorry about that, sir. We can have that door redone to be more acquainted with your height,” said the doorman. Justice stammered, “O-oh, no! It’s fine. I’m used to it.” “Good to hear. Right this way to the front desk, Mr. Starr,” guided the doorman. The doorman power-walked across the lobby; scuffling against the red carpet runner. His shuffle came to a quick end, as he stood in front of a mahogany brown reception desk. Behind the desk was a red-haired woman wearing a grey power suit. She leaned over the mahogany desk, as the doorman whispered into her ear. After the murmuring was finished, she stood up straight. Her piercing grayish blue eyes gazed at Justice upon his arrival at the desk. She smiled, “Good evening, Mr. Starr. Welcome to the Piscelemartie. I must say, you are even more handsome than your photo.” Justice felt weirded out by the comment. Perhaps his parents leaked a photograph of himself to the apartment staff? “...Thanks?” said Justice. The clerk chuckled, “Oh, I’m sorry. All staff are given photos of our residents, so we can easily recognize them. In any case, I just need a confirmation of identification before we proceed any further. Your butler stopped by earlier to drop off your IDs. So this should just take a few minutes.” Justice did not say anything. He knew he definitely did not have a butler. More importantly, how did that “butler” attain an ID of his? The bodybuilder dug into his pockets and felt around...it was empty. >>>>>>>>>>>>> “Thank you for waiting Mr. Starr. Now that you’ve been confirmed, here are the keys to your penthouse. I realize it’s a bit old fashion, but the residents here feel safer having low-leveled technology to counter modern day burglars that can easily hack any pin pad or fingerprint scanner lock,” she said. The clerk handed back Justice’s driver’s license with a set of silver keys on top. Justice accepted the items and placed the keys and his card into his khaki utilikilt’s pocket. Justice nodded, “That’s alright. And thanks.” “Oh, and one more thing, Mr. Starr. Your butler has been waiting for you with your purchases in the waiting lobby. That’s in the next room. I hope you have a wonderful stay here at the Piscelemartie,” said the clerk. She pointed to a regal set of black doors. It had an interesting pattern of grooves carved into it, which complemented the golden doorknobs. Justice replied, “Umm, thanks.” As Justice opened the doors and ducked underneath the doorway, he wondered who this butler was. He had never seen anybody other than his parents in his apartment when he arrived during the day and night. The inside of the waiting lobby had a lavish, calming style. There was a large wall-mounted television with a red leather sofa in front of it and black leather chairs strewn about. A crystal chandelier hanged in the center of the room while glowing softly. On the other side of the lobby was a row of four elevator doors with a metallic being standing next to it. It was a chrome-plated robot with metal bunny ears and had rows of shopping bags scattered around itself. The robot had a white mood ring circulating around its head that was located where its mouth should have been. Its choice of fashion was a zaffre drawstring fundoshi, hunter green utility belt, and brown flip flops. “Gemini?” said Justice. Gemini’s three microscope-like lenses rotated to its longest scope before he waved at Justice. His electronic voice projected a posh English accent. He greeted, “Good evening, Master Justice. Shall I fetch you a cup of tea and the morning newspaper?” Justice’s eyebrow flexed up in confusion as he walked towards Gemini’s location. He was sure that Gemini did not talk like that earlier. Justice then noticed Gemini’s mood ring change to a light blue. “Ha! I’m just messing with you!” laughed Gemini. Upon hearing Gemini’s accent change back to his usual American accent, Justice grinned. He questioned, “So you’re my butler?” “Oh, I just said that, cause they were getting ready to kick me out. It was the only thing that popped in my head at that moment when they weren’t going to let some nobody wait around in their building,” answered Gemini. Justice asked, “How’d you find out where I lived?” The mechanical being pointed at the shopping bags near his feet. “You left your wallet in your bags, and I looked up your address with the driver’s license inside. But yeah, the uptight lady at the desk held onto it, since you haven’t check in your residency yet,” said Gemini. Justice spoke, “Oh…” “Which brings up the question,” said Gemini, “Why didn’t you check in before you went shopping? Better yet, why the heck did you just drop all your stuff instead of taking it with you when you ran off? Is burning money part of your hobby?! Cause ya might as well have doused it all in gasoline and flicked a match onto them!” Gemini’s mood ring turned red. Justice hesitated, “Uhhh...I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.” Gemini sighed as his mood ring changed to white. “I mean, what were you expecting? For them to just appear in your apartment? Did you, like, used to having servants back at your previous home or something?” he said. Justice felt a cold sweat run down his neck. He tried to smile, “Heh, yeah...I kinda did. It was silly of me to think they’d just respawn in my home. I’m really sorry about that. Thanks for bringing all my stuff back here.” Justice realized he would have been royally screwed were it not for Gemini being with him earlier today. It is now definite that the real world does not inherit the same rules as Sunnysville does. “It’s fine. I know you weren’t being a dick. And I didn’t have anything to do today, so I was fine waiting around here instead of just keeping all your things. So lucky you,” shrugged Gemini. Turning around, the robot pushed an elevator button. He then remarked, “By the way, what kind of name is Piscelemartie?” “Sounds like a pasta,” commented Justice. Gemini picked up a few of Justice’s shopping bags before facing Justice. “Right?!” exclaimed the robot. As the two waited for an elevator to descend to their level, Justice looked down at Gemini’s loincloth. He pointed, “Oh, hey! You’re wearing the Mokko fundoshi I got you today!” Gemini’s mood ring shifted to a shade of pink. “Well...yeah. It was really nice, and I thought I’d wear it. You were right, though. I do look good in it. I’m kinda liking the zaffre color now,” replied Gemini. A second passed by as Justice looked up at the electronic display of what floor the elevator was on. Justice smirked, “So did you soil your white ones?” “Fuck you,” said Gemini. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Inside of Justice’s home, Gemini sat on Justice’s leather couch. He stared at an enormous, wall-mounted television that was playing a live-action soap opera about cat people in an alternate time period. The heavy thuds of a big person echoed in the penthouse, as it drew closer to where Gemini sat. Gemini turned his head, “I still can’t believe you live in this penthooooo-” The robot’s mood ring flashed to a dark red, as he spotted the noisemaker. Gemini’s lenses adjusted itself; bringing into focus at the source of what rendered him speechless. Justice thumped his way in front of the couch with a Carnal Desires shopping bag in his hand. His bulky body bounced with every step until he stopped. Looking down at the skinny robot, the bodybuilder found it cute that he caused Gemini’s metaphorical jaw to drop. The muscular being was nearly exposed. Other than sporting the shiny, silver thong he bought earlier, he was nearly naked. His tree-trunk thighs pushed out his pouch, but it was not enough to support the thong. Filled to the brim with the sexual mass, the silver pouch took on a round, pendulum shape. It sagged heavily from all the weighty meat and orbs in Justice’s crotch that it left the base and part of Justice’s penis exposed. The silver thong itself contrasted with Justice’s milk chocolate skin; making his filled pouch appear even bigger. “So what do you think?” smiled Justice. Gemini stammered, “Uh, uh...GREAT! Just...great. G-R-E-A-T…” The robot gave a thumbs up gesture that shook uncontrollably. “Yeah, it feels really nice to wear this,” nodded Justice, “Though kinda disappointed that it couldn’t cover up my dick’s base. I guess they’re not used to making it for big guys like me, hehe. Gotta say, I like how the fabric plays with my hole...Sorry, am I saying too much?” Gemini’s lower body squirmed. He replied, “Nnnnnope!...N-not at all. Umm, could I see your behind-YOU FROM BEHIND?!” Although the robot’s outbursts seemed odd, Justice decided to pay no mind. He figured Gemini might have some programming quirks or glitches that were not apparent. After all, he had just met his new robot friend today. Justice could have missed it, due to being occupied with shopping. “Yeah, sure,” said Justice. Rotating himself, the bodybuilder had his back facing Gemini. The robot’s gaze started from atop Justice’s nape, slowly trickled down the expansive back with many crevices of muscle packed in, and finally stopping upon the glutes. Justice’s buttocks were so big and round, it practically swallowed the thongs tail; buried underneath globes of muscle and fat. Only the very end connecting to the rest of the slim, silver waistband was able to escape the musclebound cheeks. Justice dug his hand into his shopping bag. At that same moment, Gemini began groping genital-lacking crotch. The robot’s mood ring changed to grey, as he looked down at his sexual gesticulation. Looking back up at Justice’s overly plump derriere, Gemini’s mood ring switched back to dark red. In what seemed to be an unconscious movement, Gemini then started to lightly punch his crotch. Small clanging sounds rang from his crotch that went by unnoticed by Justice. He spoke up, “So I was thinking we could do some fingernail painting just to see how the coats-. Whoops.” A small glass vial of silver nail polish slipped from Justice’s grasps. It fell through the air faster than the bodybuilder could react. Clinking onto the ground, bottle remained intact. “Oh, thank goodness. It didn’t break,” sighed Justice, “Well, that was lucky.” Without even squatting, Justice bent over. Years of martial arts and some gymnastics allowed his bulky body to have great flexibility. As long as his bulging muscles were not fighting with each other for space, he can easily bend his body into splits and difficult yoga poses. With his head down at his knees, Justice’s buttocks flared. His strained back muscles pulled up his globes of muscles to expand with more perkiness, while Justice folded himself in half. Gemini’s mood ring flickered nonstop between orange and dark red. The sight of seeing Justice in a vulnerable position for surprise intercourse cause the robot to pound his metal crotch even harder. His arm pistoned like a steam train at full speed. It sounded as if a crowd of people were in the room hitting their pots and pans together. The metal banging noises were no longer inaudible to Justice’s ears. Quickly picking up the nail polish vial, he stood up. Justice turned around to see Gemini paused in mid-action of punching himself. “Arrre you okay?” asked Justice. Gemini looked from Justice, to his hand, down to his crotch, and then back to his metal hand. During that moment, his mood ring switched from a dark red, to a grey, then yellow, and finally stopping at a shade of pink. He hesitated, “I’m just...beating myself up cause...I don’t have any fingernails?” “Oh. That’s too bad,” frowned Justice. Gemini nodded, “Yeah, I don’t got any toenails either.” The robot wiggled his feet. His toes were actually a fused appendage with only a gap between the big toe and his fused little toes. While not the most visually pleasing for those appreciative of feet, it served its purpose of fitting into shoes and the brown flip flops Gemini currently wore. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t test them yourself,” chirped Gemini. Justice shrugged, “Yeah, ok.” The muscular man sat himself down on the couch next to Gemini. Justice shook the bottle for a few seconds before reading the label. “Guess I’ll try out...Cock Cage Silver,” sighed Justice. The robot’s mood ring changed to sky blue. Gemini spoke in a high pitch voice, “Oo-lah lah. How fancy.” “Shut up,” smiled Justice Twisting the cap off of the nail polish bottle, Justice placed the glass vial between his pecs. His pectorals flexed; clamping shut around the tiny bottle and securing it in place. Gemini chided, “So those do serve a purpose other than making you hot or resting your drinks on it.” “They do. But I’m not sure if I should be insulted that you're calling my pecs a serving tray or be flattered that you called me hot,” giggled Justice. Gemini said nothing back, as his mood ring switched to pink. While the cap’s brush to his nails with a silver coating, a curious thought bubbled in Justice’s mind. He spoke up, “So I was wondering. Do you have to, like, follow that ‘laws of robotics’ stuff?” Gemini looked Justice in the eye, while his mood ring blinked into a green color. “Umm, no. I’m a Soulem, not some junky AI,” he replied. Justice looked away, “Oh…” “You don’t know what that is, do you?” questioned Gemini. Justice’s eyes went wide, “...No?” Gemini’s mood ring changed to white. “No offense or anything but have you been living under a rock or something? How do you not know this stuff?” asked Gemini. Justice’s heart began to race. He wanted to get up and run. Thankfully, he was so focused on brushing his nails, that he had enough mental clarity to keep still. Justice could not think of a good excuse and instead let the words roll out of his mouth. “Cheesedoodle,” he answered, “I mean...I was homeschooled...out in the country.” Gemini’s mood ring became purple. “So you’re just an ignorant, rich jock, huh?” assumed Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yep, that’s me. It’s why I left to...learn more about the world. My parents felt I was old enough to do it myself and gave me this place.” As Justice finished putting the final coat on his last fingernail, Gemini’s mood ring switched to white. “Huh...okay then. A bit fucked up, but okay,” shrugged Gemini. He began to explain, “So I’m what’s known as a Soulem. I can pass that Turing test, cause I basically have a digital human soul. And I get the soul from my dad’s-, I mean, my creator’s brain scan. I get all his personality, quirks, subconscious fears, and even his knowledge. So that means I get free will. Yay. Now sometimes Soulems can inherit their creator’s memories to become a 100% robot copy of their creator. But that’s usually for great cops or scientists near death.” “So yeah, the basic history for us Soulem was that a scientist invented the brain scan thing cause designing an AI with emotions and stuff was exhausting. And with having a digital human soul, people were more likely to trust us and less likely to think we’d start some sort of uprise to extinguish the human race. Then a few years later, we were able to get civil rights and be treated as people,” continued Gemini. Justice stared at his nails to make sure he coated perfectly. It was interesting to hear Gemini give an exposition about Soulemkind. Though amidst the explanation, Justice remembered something the Soulem said earlier. He inquired, “So what about pleasurebots? You mentioned them at the mall earlier with Sugar Skull.” “Yeah, they’re Soulem too, but they’re more of a unique brand,” said Gemini, “They’re Soulems who’re already ‘awoken’ and whose sole purpose is to be a sexual slave to mankind. So they get off on being called a pleasurebot. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain how they originated.” Justice guessed, “Brain scan of a kinky person?” “Heh, that’s a nice way of putting it. I prefer the term ‘super slut with zero inhibitions’,” laughed Gemini. Justice giggled, “That’s mean. So what do you mean by awoken?” The Soulem’s mood ring turned purple. “In simplified terms, humans pretty much call it robo-puberty. It’s...basically when a Soulem’s complex emotions become unlocked. Ya know, stuff like love, lust, or even depression. Or even those emotions that can’t be easily put into words, ya know? It’s when they experience something that causes those emotions to be ‘awoken’ and become a truly developed being. Mazel tav for them. But I haven’t gone through it yet, or otherwise, I’d have a penis already,” explained Gemini. Justice smirked, “I bet it’d be in the shape of a drill.” Gemini’s mood ring changed to sky blue. “Yeah, cause I want to dig right into your love tunnel,” he joked. The Soulem immediately looked away as his mood ring became pink. Justice bursted out laughing. He felt so caught off guard by Gemini’s remark, that he could not help but laugh. His laughing died down a few seconds later. Gemini resumed his exposition, “Sooo, yeah. Unless you’re a pleasurebot or inherited the memories from your brain-scanned human, you’re not an awoken Soulem. Cause when we come to life without either of those factors, we’ve practically got the emotional intelligence of a baby. And we kinda need to have a little more than that if we want to be able to handle those complex emotions and carry out our purposes.” “And...what’s your purpose?” asked Justice. Gemini’s mood ring became red, as he kicked off his brown flip flop. Lifting his leg up, he firmly nudged his chrome-plated heel against Justice’s thigh. The Soulem scoffed, “How could you forget already? I told you it was to see if robots could perform magic.” “Ack! Cold!” flinched Justice. Feeling Gemini press his foot into Justice’s enormous, muscular thighs felt like a metal rod that was kept in a freeze. Justice immediately scooted away. He then rubbed his thigh in an effort to rub the cold away. As he did so, he looked up to see the Soulem’s mood ring turn sky blue. Justice questioned, “So if you’re not awoken, then why have that mood ring thingie on your head?” Gemini rolled his head as if he were expressing an eye roll. “Well, obviously I still have emotions. Just not the more complex ones. And also, cause, I kinda don’t have a face. Can’t really express myself with these lenses I have here,” he answered. Gemini tapped on one of the scopes that contained his optic lenses. Justice nodded, “Oh...right. Well, it’s actually kinda cute on you. I like it.” The Soulem looked at the television after hearing Justice’s remark. His mood ring’s color shifted to a shade of pink. “...Thanks,” said Gemini. Justice turned to the television as well. The soap opera of the cat people was still playing. The scene appeared to be a calico catman seducing a persian catman by rubbing his tail against his. The bodybuilder commented to himself, “I wonder where those furry people came from.” “Oh, they didn’t come from anywhere. They’re transpecies,” spoke Gemini. Justice’s eyebrow flexed up, as he turned his head to Gemini. He said, “Transwhatnow?” Next Chapter
  24. Marvelous Man - Chapter 7

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1I5XrV7wcuO9hhzVcqM3M8BnykDhi56XbVNxjdy1aD_4) For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ecchimultiverse/ Tumblr: http://ecchimultiverse.tumblr.com/ First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 7: Haute Couture A silver key attached to a cherry-topped ice cream sundae keychain dangled between Justice’s fingers. It gleamed in Justice’s eye; echoing temptation. This was the key that allowed Justice to be free of his cage, but now it seemed to serve the purpose of letting him back in. So much had occurred in one day. His parents revealed that his hometown has always been fake, and the only reason for being created was to become a superhero that entertained his parents. He failed to capture a supervillain more than once, as well as being humiliated. And he had also experienced terror; a possibility that he could die and helpless to assist others. It was a lot to process. At least back in that fake world, it was safe and predictable. He wondered if he had decided to use the key to go back to his gilded cage, would he ever come back out? His thoughts then wandered back to last night when he met that bunny boy, Gene Lightfoot. He was strong and had lots of willpower. There was also a hint of carnal gluttony, but thinking about that part started to make Justice blush. And then there was the part where Gene invited him to the D.A.B. headquarters to file a report to help support Gene’s claims and shed some extra light on what had transpired. Thinking further back, there was also Sugar Skull; a perverted ghoul that was interesting to converse with. And then there was Octomentist. She was from the science-themed hero organization and was tough, but she meant well. Realization dawned on Justice. Yesterday was the first time he was able to interact with anybody without having to stick to a script. He could talk about anything without causing people to malfunction. His circle of friends no longer had to be his parents. There was so much risk in the real world, but it was all worth it to be able to socialize with other people and express himself however he wants. He also needed to get their personal phone number, if he wanted to continue talking to them. Filled with the inspiration to get outside, Justice decided to get out of bed. His muscular body of overbound proportions wrestled the golden sheets off his naked body. The silk sheets that grazed against his milk chocolate skin felt very pleasurable; combined with his king-sized memory foam mattress, it was like resting on a cloud that stimulated Justice to desire masturbation. The feeling was further increased when his long, meaty tip and full sack brushed against his euphoric bed sheets. His meatus then began to fill with the inspiration to release and erected itself into a hardened form. Justice cupped his hairless purse, full of his plum-sized sexual fruits, with one hand before dragging his fingertips over the crevice of his inner thigh, across his cobblestone abdomen, and then fiercely groping his sight-obscuring pectoral meat. His hips slowly gyrated against the golden silk, as he licked his lower lips and lightly bit them; a low moan escaping his lips in the process. As for the other hand, it gripped his erected dark chocolate bar; lazily pistoning until slithering away towards somewhere more enticing. It snaked down, passing underneath his pouched orbs of manliness, until reaching his pleasure hole. His fingers petted the hole’s moist rim; eliciting another low moan from himself. Without any resistance, a finger slid through the small gape and into his fleshy love tunnel. Then two. Then three. Each time his fingers effortlessly slipped in, Justice bucked and gasped sharply. Justice’s thoughts wandered to Gene and his encounter with him. The rabbit-eared demigod trapped in the Skeleton Lord’s dark magic that nearly brought him to orgasm. Without the circumstance of being in danger, it was quite sexy to dwell on that image. Justice remembered Gene’s body quiver from pleasure, and then he thought about Gene using his strength to dominate Justice himself. For as long as he could remember, Justice always felt an attraction to strong men. While it was fun to use his own hands to play with himself, he enjoyed the assistance of sexual toys more. He made a mental notation to pick up some pleasure tools later on. Justice then wondered if Sugar Skull really did have a ghost jelly cock. The possibility of the ghoul possessing one seemed exotic and oddly erotic. Justice groaned with bliss, as his groping hand switched to and fro with his bulbous pecs and more fingers slipped into his stretched hole. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Stepping out of his room, Justice made his way down the hall. He felt relaxed as his mind was still swimming in the euphoric afterglow. Though that was slowly disappearing due to his hunger pangs. Justice’s stomach grumbled, as he wish he had some clothes to put on. The only thing he could find in his room, other than bed sheets and curtains, was the apartment complex’s complimentary fluffy bathrobe. Had Justice been an average-sized person, the robe would have fit perfectly. Instead, all Justice could manage to do was tie it into a makeshift Japanese loincloth in order to at least cover up his manhood. While the penthouse apartment was his new home, he was not about to strut around naked when one of his parents could have dropped by unannounced. Justice made another mental note to purchase some clothes before shopping for lube and dildos. As Justice passed through the main hall, he noticed a change in his surroundings. Most of the statues and artworks portraying his dad, Apollo, was replaced with statues and other artwork renders of Ares and Aphrodite. Justice figured Papa and his mom had a talk with Apollo and wanted to be included in the final design. He then spotted different weapons and photographs of happy moments with his family framed across the wall. Upon arrival into the kitchen, Justice saw a black garment bag draped on a dining chair and a greeting card on the wooden dining table. Nobody else but Justice appeared to be in his apartment. Most likely, his parents must have stopped by earlier to drop those items off, while he was asleep. He approached the table and picked up the card. The front of the card had a cartoon cat with its fur soaking wet and dripping water onto a blank floor. It did not look pleased at the slightest. The front card read, “Heard you didn’t have a great day.” Opening the card, it was the same cat, but it was covered in a blanket looking satisfied. The rest of the card read, “But it’ll get better with love and some R&R”. Underneath the text and cartoon was his parents’ signatures. Aphrodite’s font signature of “Mom” was basic with a cute, curvy shape to it. Ares’ “Papa” looked as if it were written by a first grader. Apollo’s signature was the biggest that took over half of the blank space; written with his own name in huge cursive letters with big and fancy loops. Even in writing, Justice’s dad wanted to stand out. Justice then noticed some scribbles from Papa written on the opposite side of the card’s cartoon and signatures. Ares wrote, “Left you a spare of my clothes. Apollo really wanted to buy you new clothes, but I insisted you were old enough to buy your own. Spared you from skinny jeans. You’re welcome.” Turning his attention to the garment bag, he unzipped it to find a hanger draped with a black wife-beater shirt and a khaki utilikilt. Justice did not mind wearing kilts, as it felt nice to have his family jewels and muscular thighs being cooled during hot weather. And other than being more flexible to move with it, he knew his masculine body complimented well with the garment. Though it was not as if he had any other choice; seeing as how his only other option was to walk around in the fluffy, pink fundoshi loincloth he was currently wearing. He did not feel like challenging the boundaries of public indecency laws. The overly muscular bodybuilder then became distracted by his hunger pangs becoming more noticeable. His stomach felt as if it were thumping like a gorilla beating its chest. Justice hoped his family stocked the cabinets and fridge with food as he wandered over to refrigerator. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Marvelous Man floated inside of a parking garage on the third floor; scanning the area around him for any passerby. Only parked vehicles and deadening silence were on the only things on that level. He then glided to a corner and placed his bracelets together. Marvelous Man chanted, “Marvelous Muscle Magic, Metamorph!” The area around the superhero became a spaceless vacuum, as his clothes exploded like confetti holograms. His naked musclebound body continued to float in the vacuum with the second phase of his detransformation about to begin. Spanking sounds echoed in the chamber with paints of black and creamy tan striking with wall paint strokes at the musclebound body from every angle. The black paint slapped his back and torso; causing his meaty pectorals to jiggle in the process. The creamy tan paint swatted the spherical glutes and tree-trunk thighs; making them bounce in every direction. The slapping and spanking started slow and gained speed with every passing second. Accelerating the whipping to a point where the noises were no longer separate and became too many to keep track of. The paint collecting on the milk chocolate skin began to form into clothing fibers. This process continued in the void until Justice’s kilt and black tank top became fully formed. The timeless vacuum around Justice collapsed as his bare feet landed on cool concrete. He shivered, “Why is everything I do a sex thing?!” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The automatic doors that led from the parking garage to the Barticle Troy Mall slid open as Justice walked through. It was researched on his smartphone that Barticle Troy Mall was the largest shopping district in Skyway City with the most clothing stores. A five floor paradise for shoppers, and the most likely to lose children at. Conveniently, they also had a store that catered to adult paraphernalia. Though Justice needed to go to the D.A.B., it was still an hour before noon, and he figured he had enough time to purchase his personal essentials. As Justice began to integrate into the mall’s main artery, he surveyed his surroundings. The interior was packed with stores side by side; stretching off into the distance that created the feeling of taking a lifetime to visit every store in the mega mall. What surprised Justice the most was the diversity of the patrons that his parents never mentioned. Though when one is told superheroes are real, it was to be expected that there would be a richness of racial variety. And when Justice was superheroing, he hardly gave the civilians any attention other than keeping them out of harm’s way. Amongst the many humans that shopped there, a splash of science fiction and fantasy existed in the fray. Robots, cyborgs, and even supernatural and mythological beings walked about gossiping with others, including humans, or getting lost in their cell phones. Some were dressed with modern clothes, while others were garbed in armor or loincloths or other articles of clothing that reflected their culture of origin or beliefs. One thing that seemed to never change was overweight security guards. “Get back here, you stupid toy!” shouted an electronic voice. Justice turned to a voice and saw an eastern red dragon made of paper the size of his fist fly over his head before a chrome-plated robot jumped into his view. The bipedal machine apparently leapt, because it began to tackle Justice. While the robot was not too heavy for the surprised man to handle, it was enough to upset his balance and send the bodybuilder to the ground. He grunted as the impact and the robot’s weight pushed the air out of his lungs. The electronic voice spoke out, “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Are you alright?!” The voice seemed to originate from somebody that was nearly face to face with Justice. Justice looked about and observed that the only person close enough to say that was the robot that had no lips. In general, the chrome machine lacked a face. On the section where its mouth was supposed to be located, there was a colored pink ring, like a glow stick, that circulated around the head. As for the eyes, it appeared to have three microscope lenses that differed in size. All three were located on a single rotator in the center like a mythical Cyclops. The only other feature on the mechanical being’s head was its ears. It had rabbit-like ears that seemed to resemble Gene Lightfoot’s. Justice felt pressure on his chest and gazed downwards. On top of his pectoral mountains were the droid’s hands; digging into and groping his chest as a means of trying to sit itself up. Even though the robot’s hands were of an average adult human size, it was not enough to contain the pec meat that spilled between the digits and outside of its grasp. And while it was a pleasant feeling, it was neither the right time or place for such foreplay to occur. “I’m okay, but could you please stop groping me?” asked Justice. The robot looked down and noticed its hands molesting Justice’s watermelon-sized chest. The chrome droid let out an inaudible squeak and immediately released its grip. The ring’s pink color seemed to intensify as if it were some sort of mood ring. The robot apologized, “Sorry!” “And get off of me,” said Justice. The robot stood up, “Sorry.” Brushing himself off, Justice rose up and surveyed the rest of the chrome automaton. Not did it seem to have ears similar to Gene’s, its height and body type were also alike. If the two were in a dark setting and the robot’s mood ring turned off, Justice would have a hard time distinguishing the two. It also seemed to be wearing an odd combination of clothes consisting of a white drawstring fundoshi loincloth with its string tied into a bow, a hunter green utility belt, and brown flip flops. “Why did you tackle me?” questioned Justice. The robot’s mood ring’s color shifted to white. It sighed, “I was trying to catch the dragon toy that flew over you. It’s over sixty dollars, and constantly on back order. Made the mistake of activating its seal before tying a string to it.” Justice turned to where the toy would have flown off to. “Don’t bother. It’s long gone now,” said the robot. Justice shifted uncomfortably, “Sorry.” “It’s not your fault. Though maybe if I had upgraded my body to be like a gymnast, I could’ve vaulted over you...though I think I’d need a pole vault and some doves for when I pole vault over you in slow motion,” remarked the droid. Justice giggled as the robot’s mood ring changed to sky blue. “Well, I’m glad there’s somebody around here with a sense of humor,” said the robot, “I’m Gemini,” Justice held out his hand, “I’m Justice.” Gemini looked down and observed Justice’s hand. He hesitated for a second before reciprocating Justice’s gesture of friendship. “Weird name. I would’ve figured names like Wall or Ox would’ve done you justice,” said Gemini. Justice giggled, “Did you seriously try to make a pun out of my name?” He began to walk forward with Gemini following next to him. “I know. It’s low-brow humor. I’m sorta rusty at jokes since...I don’t really have anybody to talk to at work,” shrugged Gemini. Justice asked, “You work alone?” “Naw, it’s just that everybody is a jackass. They see me as a joke or furniture or whatever and talk behind my back. Just because I’m not an organic being doesn’t make me less of a person for trying to study magic. So I get back at them by speaking in beeps and whirs. It all means jackshit, and it pisses them off. It’s awesome,” answered Gemini. Justice laughed, “That’s kind of an asshole thing to do. So you study magic?” “Yeah it’s what I was programmed for. My dad, I mean, creator was interested in seeing if a robot can perform magic. So I just try to analyze spells and enchanted items and see if I can understand how they can work. Currently, I’ve found that magic has a unique wavelength when my ears try to tune in. Haven’t been able to zero in on it yet, but I’m getting there,” explained Gemini. Justice thought back to his encounter of the dying magic that tried to keep the Skeleton Lord sealed. He questioned, “What about smell?” “Smell?” said Gemini. Justice nodded, “Yeah. When I found magic that died out, it made a popping noise and smelled like burnt popcorn.” Gemini tapped his chin as his mood ring changed to purple. “Interesting. What sort of magic was this?” he asked. Justice answered, “Uhhh, sealing magic.” “Did it have a color?” questioned Gemini. Justice replied, “Blue.” “When and where did you see this happen?” pressed Gemini. Not wanting to reveal his secret identity, Justice quickly surveyed the stores closest to him as a means of finding an excuse to distract Gemini. A few steps away, he spotted a boutique he needed to go into, Battlefield Delicates & Activewear. The shop seemed to cater mainly towards underwear and brief-style clothing. Underwear was a definite need for his wardrobe. Justice pointed, “Uhh, Oh hey! I need to get some clothes from this store. Want to come in with me?” “Mmm, Sure. I never went clothes shopping before. I mean, other than going to the supermarket to pick up the stuff I’m wearing right now. With exception to this Mokko fundoshi,” replied Gemini. Justice looked down at him, “Why not?” “Never saw the point of buying more, since I don’t soil it as easily as you organics do. No offense,” shrugged Gemini. Justice spoke back, “None taken.” As the two walked inside, Justice observed the interior. It looked no different than the clothing stores he shopped at back in Sunnysville; albeit with minor changes. The boutique was a small shop that had mannequins showing off the boutique’s flashiest clothing, thematic colors of brown, red, and grey strewn about, clothing racks with different styles and size, and a mix of electronica and heavy metal music softly playing from the store’s speakers. A small Latino sales clerk appeared from behind the purchasing counter and waved at the two. “Welcome to Battlefield Delicates & Activewear! How can I help you today?” he greeted. Justice waved back, “Oh, hi! I’m new here. Do you have anything my size? I’m an Extra Large.” “Of course! Everything you see here does carry an XL size. Have a look around and let me know if you need anything. We do have a changing booth in the back corner of the store,” nodded the sales clerk. Justice wandered the store with Gemini silently following behind. As they passed by the swimwear section, Justice snatched up swimming briefs that had colorful designs and patterns. There were other styles that caught his eye; such as mankinis and similar swimwear that were just as revealing. Gemini finally spoke up, “So why are you picking up so much? Don’t you only need one if you’re going swimming? Or is this for your daily activities when you’re walking around and stuff? Or...is it because you keep soiling them to the point that they have to be disposed?” “What?! No! I just like it. The designs are really nice, and I’d look good in it,” exclaimed Justice, “So it really is legal to wear all this in public places like this?” The robot pointed to his hunter green utility belt. “Pretty much. As long as your bits and tits are covered, you can wear as little as you like. I used to only wear a loincloth, but then I had trouble with transporting my personal effects around. Ya know, wallet and change and stuff. So I wear this cause of the pockets,” explained Gemini. Justice nodded, “Oh. So your job is okay with you dressed like that?” “Well, they don’t say anything, so I guess so,” answered Gemini. The two wandered over to the loincloth section. The area was lined with furs and long cloths meant to be fastened into a fundoshi-style loincloth. As Justice browsed the fur loincloths, he was slightly amused by a row that seemed to confirm a demand for fake fur loincloths; most likely for the people that wanted to feel like a barbarian without the feeling of blood on their hands. He picked up a few furs that felt really soft and turned to Gemini. Justice pleaded, “Can you hold a couple for me?” “Sure, I guess,” complied Gemini, “Hey, don’t dump the whole thing on me!” The mood ring on Gemini turned red as Justice began placing all his collected garments into Gemini’s arms. “Sorry, I’m running out of space on my arms,” apologized Justice. Gemini exclaimed, “Then stuff it between your pecs! There’s lots of space there!” Justice resumed his perusal while Gemini slowly calmed down with his mood ring becoming white. As Justice began to browse the fundoshi cloths and select whatever appealed to his tastes, a thought came to him. “Hey, I just thought about something. Do you have a favorite color?” questioned Justice. Gemini paused for a moment, “Hmmm, not really, no. You?” “Well...it used to be gold, but not anymore,” said Justice. Gemini pressed on, “Why?” “It’s...I don’t feel like it...it doesn’t really express me anymore. I don’t feel like I’m the best anymore. And gold is such an awesome color that winners wear. But I’ve only just been getting by, and there are people out there much better than me,” admitted Justice. Gemini followed Justice into the underwear section and said nothing for a few seconds. He then moved in front of Justice but kept close to his side. He stated, “So why not go after silver? Getting by is still winning. It’s just not the end result you wanted. It might not be as great as gold, but silver is still great nonetheless.” Justice stopped in his tracks. Gemini had a point. Silver is still an accomplishment and quite pretty; as well as shiny. “Hmmm, I guess you’re right. I think I’ll get seven of these then,” agreed Justice. Standing in front of a clothing rack full of shimmering silver thongs next to gold ones, Justice began picking them up. He would definitely look just as good in silver, and it would complement his golden bracelets. Gemini inquired, “So if gold isn’t your favorite color anymore, why do you still wear the bracelets?” “It’s a birthday gift from my parents. Besides, just because gold isn’t my favorite color anymore, doesn’t mean that I don’t like wearing golden jewelry,” answered Justice. After picking up other selections of thongs, jockstraps, and string bikini underwear, Justice and Gemini dropped the collected garments on the check-out counter in front of the store clerk. The store clerk scanned each clothing while asking his default question if they found everything to their liking. Justice responded with his scripted yes. Another thing that never changed even outside of the artificial word; store employees always asking the same questions and saying the same phrase. A few minutes passed by in silence after Justice’s reply until the clerk finished scanning all the clothes. The store employee looked up at Justice, “Your total is three thousand, six hundred and eighty-five dollars and sixty-eight cents.” Justice reached down into his utilikilt’s pockets and found only empty space. He never bothered taking his wallet and phone out of Marvelous Man’s jacket before transforming back. If he wants to get those two things back, he will have to transform again. “Shit…” gritted Justice in a hushed voice. He smiled at the clerk, “Umm, I think I left my wallet in the changing room. I’ll go get it and be right back.” After excusing himself, Justice powerwalked towards the corner end of the store where the changing room lied. He entered the stall and tapped his golden bracelets together. A small flash of light escaped from the stall twice but went unnoticed both times by his new friend and the clerk. Justice then exited the changing room and slowly waddled back to the cash register; trying to keep his massive erection tucked behind his tree trunk thighs. He reached into his khaki kilt’s pocket and retrieved his leather wallet. Pulling out a black debit card from it, he handed it over to the store clerk. Gemini turned to Justice, “The hell kind of job allows you to blow that amount of cash?” “I’m actually in between jobs right now. My parents, ummm...they left me a trust fund. And I’m buying this much cause I accidentally forgot to bring my clothes with me when I moved here,” explained Justice. Handing Justice back his debit card, the store employee began to stuff Justice’s purchased garments into several bags. The cash register completed the transaction and printed out a receipt during the bagging. The clerk then snatched the receipt and handed it, along with the filled shopping bags, to Justice. The retail associate chimed, “Thanks for shopping! Hope to see you again!” Justice thanked the clerk and accepted the items. Still feeling flustered from the transformations, Justice decided that he would finish his clothes shopping another day. After all, it was perfectly legal for him to wear his purchased clothings in public, so there was no longer an immediate need to find something to wear as Justice. With his shopping bags, he and Gemini exited the store. It was time to obtain the utensils for his adult needs. But first, he needed to find a directory. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Having walked passed a music store and up another floor, the duo arrived at the erotica store, Carnal Desires. The entire interior of the store was painted with a layer of black and random areas bathed in the rays of blacklight. Strewn about, there was aisles of sexual toys, lingerie, and DVDs. Though what stood out amidst this outlet was a small table carrying a wide selection of nail polish that was located in the center of the store’s foyer. “All right! I need to stock up on fingernail polish. I left my whole collection at home,” said Justice. Picking up a shopping basket he spotted next to the store’s entrance, Justice made his way to the nail polish table. The bodybuilder rapidly plucked every shade and placed it in his basket. Gemini’s mood ring turned to gray as he watched his friend shop. Gemini questioned out loud, “Why is there a nail polish section in this erotica outlet?” As Justice heard his friend’s inquiry, he looked at the label of the current polish he had in his grasp. “I dunno, but it’s pretty-...oh,” responded Justice, “It’s all sex pun names. Precum Clear.” Gemini’s mood ring turned to sky blue, “Ha! Well, at least they function as nail polish, right? That’s all that matters.” “Yeah, you’re right,” grinned Justice. With one of each color in the basket, Justice made his way to the sex toy aisle and eyed the rows of lubrications bottles within that area. He picked up each brand and sampled drops of it on his fingertip; rubbing his fingertips together to test its viscosity and slickness. Eventually, he settled on bottles of strawberry and grape flavored lubricant, a really slippery lube branded as Unicorn Cum, an itch-irritant lube branded as Crack Addict, and ultrasound thermal gel lubricant. Justice also included a few bottles of massage oil in case if he invited someone like Gene over for something more...sensual. The two made their way further down the aisle into the rows of dildos differing in height, width, color, and even species. Justice browsed passed the smaller, beginners selection and inspected the ones for more advance users. Grabbing a couple that suited his fancy, he began stuffing a few into his basket. Gemini’s mood ring flared pink, “H-Holy shit! You can actually fit those in you?! That one’s as big as my fist!” “Yeah. I’m naturally loose, and I’ve had a lot of practice. I’ve even deepthroated them when I was in the mood,” shrugged Justice. Gemini shook his head, “Nooo...That?! No way you could fit that in your throat! Don’t you humans, ya know, throw up? Cause of that bulimia stuff.” “Nope. I never had a gag reflex. Made sword swallowing really easy when I tried that one time,” reminisced Justice. Gemini crossed his arms, “Prove it.” “Okay,” said Justice. Deepthroating was always an easy feat for Justice, especially for a dildo that size. It was a bit amusing for Justice to see Gemini so shocked. Though he had to admit, performing oral on a sex toy in public to amaze his friend was a bit arousing. Picking up the toy Gemini exclaimed about, he held its bulbous head to his lips. A tumbling sound of rubbery thuds echoed on the top shelf next to him. Turning to the noise, Justice spotted a decorated skull. It was perched above the top shelf of toppled dildos; staring down at him. In each of its sockets was a blinking red light in the center, while white pixelated words “REC” appeared in the top center of the empty, black sockets. The skull seemed to breathe heavily like a stereotypical voyeur pervert. Justice’s brow flexed in confusion, “Sugar Skull?” “You know this guy?” said Gemini. Marvelous Man personally met the Sugar Skull and would have knowledge about the ghoul’s existence. Justice, however, did not. Justice lied, “No. That head is a sugar skull. The kind from Dia de los Muertos.” “That is correct. But I’m not just any sugar skull. I’m THE Sugar Skull,” proclaimed the ghoul. Sugar Skull began to clumsily climb over the aisle dividing shelves; his torso crossing over and knocking over other dildos in the process. The dildos rolled off the shelf and made rubber plattering sounds upon floor impact. It was surprising to see Sugar Skull not glowing at all after being supercharged last night. The ghoul continued, “And I-” The shelf holding up the sex toys and the upper half of Sugar Skull’s body collapse. Upon the echo of bent metal, Sugar Skull careened towards the ground. Justice and Gemini took a step back for the ghoul to land between them, rather than on them. His fall was broken by the floor dildos; causing his back to land in an uncomfortable, jagged fashion. “Aye!” grunted Sugar Skull, “I’m okay. I just need to move into a more comfortable position.” The ghoul used his legs to push off the ground and slide himself forward. After two soft pushes, Sugar Skull’s head was directly underneath Justice’s khaki utilikilt. Justice rolled his eyes. Of course Sugar Skull would do something like that. “Wow, you are packing! Do you have a permit for that, uh, concealed weapon?! Perhaps you should squat down, so I can inspect it. Maybe even have a taste of your fruit salad. Don’t worry, I love licking the rim of the bowl too,” exclaimed Sugar Skull. He paused for a moment, “Oh. You probably couldn’t see, but I was, umm, waggling my long blue jelly tongue at you.” Gemini’s mood ring flashed green before switching to a concentrated orange. As the colors flashed, the robot stepped forward and stomped on Sugar Skull’s crotch. The ghoul wailed in pain, while Gemini continued to grind his foot against Sugar Skull’s privates. Sugar Skull immediately rolled away from Gemini’s assault and stood up. His eyes changed back to spinning, yellow cartoon flowers. The ghoul winced, “I think you misheard me. I didn’t ask you to crush my balls. Though I’m not opposed to it. I’m just not in the mood for it right now.” “Well, I’m not in the mood for you sexual harassing my new friend,” fired back Gemini. Sugar Skull smiled, “Ohhh, so you were feeling left out, huh? It’s fine. Everybody wants to touch the living contradiction of life and death. So tell me, how big is your robo dick?” Gemini’s mood ring returned to white while crossing his arms. “I don’t have one,” he said. Justice and Sugar Skull both said, “Huh?” “I don’t have one. I don’t have a penis cause I’m not a pleasurebot,” explained Gemini, “...And cause I haven’t gone through robo-puberty yet…” The ghoul broke out in laughter. His purple teeth chattered for a few seconds before his face became completely serious. “Wait, how old are you? Because I don’t mess with kids, and I’m not going to touch any robo jailbait,” said Sugar Skull. Gemini sighed, “There’s no laws for robot pedophilia...I don’t think...But if it helps, I’m physically six months old. Mentally, I’m nineteen years old.” The air hung thick with awkward tension, as rave music played in the distance. “Huh. Well, that’s sort of killing my erection,” said Sugar Skull. The ghoul turned to Justice, “But perhaps I can resurrect yours, hehe. Tell me, what’s better than one penis?” Before Justice could answer, Sugar Skull stepped towards him. He closed the gap between himself and Justice until they were within kissing distance with each other’s faces. The ghoul grabbed Justice’s hand and placed the palm against the loins of his purple pants. “Two penises,” whispered in Justice’s ear. The curiousness about Sugar Skull went up another level. In the palm of Justice’s hand, it actually felt like there was two penises residing in the ghoul’s nethers. Gemini’s mood ring changed to green. Gently wringing his hand away, Justice stepped back. He declined, “Sorry, but I don’t even know your name.” “Oh, how rude of me,” apologized the ghoul, “My name is Sugar Skull. A ghoul from Limbo. My job is to investigate any supernatural things that could be hiding in the human body. I am excellent at searching every crevice and places that are in need of being touched.” Justice held out his hand in an attempt to greet. Hopefully to distract Sugar Skull from making the effort of seducing him. He introduced himself, “I’m Justice. Justice Starr.” Sugar Skull reciprocated the handshake. “A pleasure to meet you...or will be, hehe. Say, have we met before? Perhaps in a dark place? Your body is very familiar,” said the ghoul. Justice shook his head, “I don’t think so. I just moved here yesterday.” “Hmmm, well, I do not usually go for big guys. But you are very cute. You remind me of a hero I met last night,” mentioned Sugar Skull. Justice began to sweat, “Oh?” “Yes. And maybe I’ll see him and you again soon,” flirted Sugar Skull. The ghoul reached into his purple sleeve and pulled out a business card. He placed it in Justice’s basket. Sugar Skull winked with a heart emoticon, “My card. In case you wish to discuss later...or maybe something more. Adios.” As Sugar Skull turned to walk past Gemini, Justice picked up the card from his shopping basket. Other than his name, phone number, and email printed on it, there was big cursive text that read, “Let’s make each other feel alive~”. Justice flipped the card to see if there was anything else printed on it. It was a greyscale photo of Sugar Skull’s naked, chiseled body covered in rose petals and lying on what appears to be a fur rug. The ghoul’s head was cropped out of the photo as well as his nethers. His hands were sensually placed with one on the edge of his chest, and the other on the crevice of his diamond cut hips. It seemed that no matter what Sugar Skull did, it was always a flirtatious opportunity to get into his pants. “What a creep,” huffed Gemini. Justice shrugged, “I think he means well. He just...gets caught up showing off. I admit, it is a bit charming. C’mon, I gotta go buy this stuff, and I don’t want to be caught with the wrecked dildo shelf.” The two made their way to cash register and proceeded the checkout with the store’s clerk. Thankfully, the total price was not as ridiculous compared to the Battlefield store, so Gemini did not bother to raise questions about his income or work history. Perhaps the trust fund excuse extinguished any further monetary query. After all, it was only a measly five hundred dollars; an amount that Justice considers to be petty. As the two left the store with the recently purchased adult toys and lubrication, Justice remembered something. It was something he needed to give his friend before anything else. It was not too weird to be giving gifts to somebody you just met, right? “Oh, right! I almost forgot,” he said, “I got you a gift!” Digging through the clothes of his Battlefield shopping bags, Justice searched for Gemini’s gift. His eyes glittered as he found what he was looking for. Pulling it out, the gift revealed to be a drawstring fundoshi. “Here! I got you another Mokko fundoshi!” presented Justice. Handing it to Gemini, the robot held it in front of his eyes. The lenses on Gemini’s head rotated as it seem to be scanning the garment. His mood ring changed to a thoughtful purple. He analyzed, “It’s...very blue. It’s dark...yet very bright. What shade is this?” “I know, right? It’s Zaffre. It’s like a shade of cobalt or lapis. I got you this, so you had more variety. And in case you soiled the one you’re wearing, heh. Blue is a friendly color, so I figured your coworkers might liken up to you more. Plus, I think it’d look good on you,” explained Justice. Gemini’s mood ring changed to pink, “Oh...thanks. It’s very nice. Thank you.” “You’re welcome. Hey, do you know what time it is?” smiled Justice. Gemini replied, “Ummm, it’s 12:36 P.M. Why?” Justice’s eyes went wide. He had spent too much time socializing and shopping. The goal was to spend thirty minutes of gathering some of his necessities and handling the rest after he visited the D.A.B. Headquarters. But even though he failed to accomplish this goal, he did not feel completely bad about it. “Oh, man! Sorry, I gotta go! Running late! I’ll see you later!” said Justice. Justice dropped his shopping bags and took off; sprinting towards the parking lot. He could hear Gemini calling off into the distance, but there no time to reply. Justice knew it was rude to leave his new friend abruptly and leave all his shopping bags there. However, he was on a tight schedule and could not waste a second more. In Justice’s mind, he quickly rationalized that his bags would appear at his apartment within an hour. After all, that is how it worked in Sunnysville, so the same should happen in the real world. Because if it did not, then Justice would be royally screwed. Next Chapter
  25. Arthur Thorn Part Five by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10588-arthur-thorn-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10601-arthur-thorn-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11207-arthur-thorn-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11266-arthur-thorn-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ It had been a very pensive couple of months. Arthur's psychiatrist had scheduled a meeting with Arthur Thorn, his boyfriend, David Hamm, and his and David's personal trainer, Ian Francis, with himself and a Dr. Sambaran Barua, but when originally scheduled it was going to take Dr. Barua a couple of months to be able to have a clear schedule and fly out there. Dr. Orlando stated in the meantime that Arthur was not to go workout at the gym so as to eliminate any possibility of running into former Mr. Olympia, Gerogio "The Bull" Toro. But that left things edgy for Arthur and David. Two months ago Gerogio set Arthur off and set off two of some kind of freak growth spurts that had taken him from a skinny man of five feet four inches tall to a considerable man of size: six feet four and with at least a personal trainer's build if not a little bit bulkier. Coming out the growth, Arthur was filled with rage, which lessened into a forceful and boldened passion, upon which he took the position of top upon his lover, David. Arthur was somewhat mortified as he came out of his growth stupor to see he had become the top in the activities, as well as the fact that he now had to get used to being a man of considerable size, equal in height and size, if not slightly larger, than his boyfriend, David. David had to contend with emotional feelings of worry, fear, and concern over what was happening to Arthur, but then suddenly had to deal with feelings of doubt, diminishing masculinity, being a submissive during sex, and insecurity of his own size and strength, and worse yet, that his lover was also more hung than he was, and that wasn't a small feat. Needless to say tension hung in the air around Arthur and David's house and if it was any thicker, it would pliable like the substance that Arthur oozed during his last two growth spurts. It didn't help when small things went awry, such as when the doorbell rang and David went to let Doctors Orlando and Barua in, Arthur rushed to put one of his favorite, most comfortable t-shirts on only to shred it completely. He was having to borrow clothes from David left and right and although it turned him on a little, it also scared him a bit. It also unnerved David as well. Having quickly found a shirt of David's to wear, Arthur came into the living room and joined David, the doctors, and Ian, and they all sat down. "Right." Said Dr. Orlando. "I'm going to tell you up front that this is going to sound like we're crackpots. You're probably going to want us to leave, but believe me, this is real and a very serious problem." "With what I've seen so far, I'm not so sure I like the sound of this." whispered David as he looked painfully worried over to Arthur. "I'm going to let Dr. Barua take over from here." "I'm sorry," interrupted Arthur, is he a specialist of some sort?" "Yes, I am, but not a specialist in psychiatry." "Of what then?" "Hindu religion and philosophy." "What does that..." "If you will sit back and listen for just a moment. Have you heard of the concept of reincarnation?" "Yes, but I've never believed in it." "Well, if you value your life, you're going to have to believe in it now... ... ... and respect it." "What?!" spoke Arthur, David, and Ian out loud. Dr. Orlando spoke up. "Arthur. I know this going to sound totally crazy but I want you to consider the following." and he pulled out photocopies of newspaper articles and laid them out for Arthur to see. "This is Miles Ashe, known as "mile-wide" to his friends, admirers, and fans. He was the reigning Mr. Olympia before Gerogio was. In fact, Miles was set to probably break the record for number of times being Mr. Olympia. Look at his physique. He had size, he had density, he had definition, he had symmetry, he had it all, and may I say unprofessionally, from the look of him in his posers, he had an...endowment, shall we say. "Now pay attention. A couple of months before he was going to compete in his seventh Mr. Olympia contest, he was driving down a road with a dangerous hair pin turn. Something happened to him, or rather to his car, and he went careening off the road. They discovered his burnt body in the remains of the car. He was pinned into it by the engine. The tree he collided with had pushed the entire thing up and back right onto his lap. ..." "That's like my dream..." whispered Arthur. "Yes. Like your dream. The item you can't seem to lift. I want you to also take note that in your nightmares you've said something about being 'a mile wide.' It's quite possible you have been trying to remember who you were by your past life nick-name, but it didn't quite make sense to you so your subconscious has made you say you are a mile-wide instead of simply being Mile-wide." "Oh come on!" Shouted David. "What kind of hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo are you trying to stuff down our throats?" "It's not mumbo-jumbo" said Dr. Barua. "It is very rare when a case of reincarnation is remembered so vividly or produces effects to occur to the new present body, but it can and does happen. Arthur, look at the date of the accident. ... ... ..." "That's.... .....that's the date of my birth." "And your near death experience, as well as interest in visiting a Hindu temple was around your last birthday was it not?" "Yes." "We believe you feel incomplete with your past life. As though it was snatched from you way too soon. ... ...." "Like something was stolen from me." "Exactly. As such, it's unfinished business. Unsettled business, and you want to, need to take care of it, resolve it now." David looked over. "And how is he going to do that?" "I'm not exactly sure, just yet. We know Mr. Toro triggers the feeling that Arthur's life as Miles was cut short, but we need to answer the question, why does he feel like Mr. Toro stole it from him?" Arthur spoke up. "The other day, when I had the growth spurt that turned me into...." "Arthur 3.0..." David said with a bit of shyness and yet a little bit of humor. "Yeah, into this...before hand, what set me off was that he attacked me. I went into a rage and was arguing with him and it just came out suddenly but without the 'a', 'I am mile wide.' He stopped his beating me. I mean he just froze and looked at me like he'd seen a ghost. He totally forgot me, walked out of the gym like he was worried. It was as if he had to go check something." "Then there must be something as to why he is the trigger." said Dr. Barua. "But what is it that is happening when this gets triggered? What is going on with me?" "You are exuding ectoplasm. A kind of solid, flowing material from the spiritual plane. Normally it only comes and helps ghosts, phantoms, to temporarily assume a recognizable form, but in your case... ... ... You feel so wronged by whatever it was that was stolen from you, you're using the ectoplasm to add mass and change your body." "Then I should be done now, shouldn't I? I mean I'm already I'm already his size aren't I?" "Not quite." said Dr. Orlando. "You're still an inch shorter, your shoulders not counting the muscle aren't quite as wide as his, and you have nowhere near the muscle mass, size, strength." "But he certainly is packing like Miles was." said David under his breath. "So what is going to happen to me? How much more will I change?" "We're not sure. You could not change anymore. You could change more so to look similar to what Miles Ashe did. You could still feel threatened or wanting of revenge and load up even more, bigger, if possible than what Miles was." "Even bigger?" gasped Arthur and David together albeit with different tones. "But the worse problem is the psychological aspect. You can't and shouldn't pull too much of the memories through. You'd simply be reliving your past and be unable to feel and function in the present, or you could put yourself in a loop feeling the accident over and over, which could cause the same physical damage to you in this life time again and again until...." "Until what?" "Until you die. ... ... ... Either due to mental or emotional stress or the physical damage." "David..." Arthur turned to David, who although pondering the fact of a lover that's larger than him, still pulled Arthur into him and hugged him for support. Ian suddenly sat forward. "So the key here is to figure out what was stolen from Arthur...uhm... Miles, and why Mr. Toro is the trigger for Arthur remembering that part of Miles' life?" "Exactly." "I think I can help out with that. I'm one of the reporters for a local fitness magazine. I could arrange an interview with Mr. Toro and see if any information turns up." "All right, but be careful. Even in the decent shape you're in, he's still quite a bit bigger than you are." "No worries...." *************************************************************************** It was mid-afternoon when Ian was escorted by personal assistant to Gerogio Toro's home office. The assistant looked to be a man of considerable size himself, but certainly would still be in just the fitness category and not heavyweight contenders. Seated in a chair at the desk across from which Mr. Toro was sitting, Ian saw Mr. Toro give him the one finger sign for "just a moment" as he finished reading through some reports. Even clothed Mr. Toro was quite the marvel of a man. The dress shirt didn't bunch in the usual places it does on most men. No, instead the wrinkles are all condensed and shoved together in folds and layers at the elbow crook, the underarms instead of loose and wide all up and down the arm and torso. The shirt was tailor made for him, probably a couple of years ago as the fabric did pull quite tightly across his chest, enough so as to pull the two fabric sides apart just a titch in between where the buttons held them together. The torso part of the shirt was pulled taught and tight against his chest, his lats, back, and shoulders. As Ian sat there waiting, watching Mr. Toro breathe, he almost swore he could here microscopic sounds of microscopic rips happening in the fabric and that at any moment some part of the shirt would instantly just tear completely from the back, or the chest, or from wrist to deltoid, showering him with buttons or strips, if not threads, of fabric. But that didn't happen. Instead Ian just watched every time Mr. Toro moved his arms and the ball that was the bicep rose up and down or seemed to roll back and forth, increasing in mass and size as it flexed. Ian wondered what the man's abs or roid gut looked like under the shirt that surprisingly was still quite loose and wrinkled hanging around it. Ian then shifted his gaze towards a modern styled curio cabinet in the corner of the room. It was gilded in gold with glass shelves and a mirrored backdrop. Inside of it, it held several large golden medallions each of them resting against a statuette of Eugen Sandow. But at the bottom, there was another statuette. This one looked like a gilded wrench of some sort. "They are impressive, aren't they?" "ahem...yes." Said Ian his attention brought back to focus. "And so is the build and career of the person that earned them." "Thank you. So Mr. ?....." "Francis." "Mr. Francis, you work for who again?" "In this case I work for 'Flex & Fitness Monthly' a local health magazine." "You... .... you also work for that gym. The one I've recently started attending." "I know the owners there, and I frequently take my clients there to train and workout, but I'm not actually an employee there." "And you train that one annoying young man... " "If you mean Arthur Thorn, yes I do, and I am sorry for his behavior. I'm trying to ensure that his workout schedule no longer coincides with yours." "I see.... so what brings you here today?" "Just an interview for my magazine. Find out how you are since retiring, what inspired you for all those wins, why the move to our fair city...." Thus began a decent line of questioning which Mr. Toro seemed all to happy to answer: He's fine, still maintaining most of his shape since retiring although adding a little to his waistline. He's thinking of opening a new branch of his gymnasiums in this area and is scoping out the potential clientele as well as locations. He favorite thing to eat is a chicken salad lettuce wrapped sandwich which contains tarragon and cherry flavored dried cranberries and thinly sliced celery, unless it's a special occasion then he enjoys a grand T-bone streak with numerous baked potatoes covered in everything it shouldn't be. What inspired him was his appreciation of classical Greco-Roman art work and how there was one statue dedicated to the god, Kratos a god of strength and power whose face looked almost exactly like his. He knew as he grew up, seeing that statue, that if he worked at it he could build himself larger and stronger than that example ever was and thus as close as he could actually be, be godlike like Kratos himself. He would be the marble statue with larger bulges and deeper crevices, harder and more defined body, that people would look up to and worship. "And what about that other award?" "As yes... that is my other inspiration. One of my other passions is cars and this was for my design in a hot rod I built. After I won that, I knew I could go on to win other things in other parts of my life. It was the first first place trophy I ever won. I put it there in the front to remind me that once I'd taken care of it, nothing could stop me from achieving my goal." "And was your goal to be one of the top three or four men in Mr. Olympia? That is to be one of those who won it so many consecutive times?" "Not to win all in a straight row, no. Not at first. At first it was just to break in and win at some level, but I knew I would place high. There wasn't much competition." "How about Miles Ashe. Was he competition?" "What?" "Well, Miles entered into the competitive bodybuilding scene around the same time as you, winning what was it?..... five or six times before you did?" "Six. Yes.... that is correct." "And then suddenly he dropped out." "It was an unfortunate accident!" "I'm sorry?" "No... I'm sorry. That was too large of an outburst. It still strikes me deeply to think on his loss. He died you know... in a car crash. He was truly my only competition." "Ah.... what are your thoughts on the two of you competing? Do you think you ever would have toppled him?" "what...." "Well, I mean he beat you out each time for his wins did he not? So if he hadn't died, do you think you would've have eventually topped him? Defeat him in all areas of size, mass, strength, symmetry that he was so well known for?" "It was my time...I would've risen over him even if he was still alive. I would've won when I won the first time." Gerogio Toro was clearly become agitated. He kept dart glancing over to the curio cabinet. At first Ian thought it was just to the entire collection, but then he realized Mr. Toro kept looking at the car award. "And what do you say to all the writers for Flex, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness who kept comparing you to old photos of Miles stating you still weren't up to par?" "He put you up to this didn't he?" "I'm sorry?" "You're actually working for that little piece of shit you train, aren't you?" "No. Just asking various questions our readers might want to know ab...." "This interview is over, you muscle munchkin!" "I'm sorry if I said anything..." "GET OUT!" Ian ran out of the office and front door as fast as his little legs could carry him. Luckily he had a trainers build so there was some strength there to give him some speed. He didn't stop running until he got to the subway to head to Arthur and David's home, but first a stop to see Dr. Orlando. ***************************************************************************** "So, Mr. Francis what are you telling me." "I think I know why Mr. Toro triggers these... those.... the episodes with Arthur, and he's not just the trigger, he's the guy who stole the something from Miles-Arthur." "Go on..." "He has among his bodybuilding trophies, right up there with his Mr. Olympia wins, what looks like to be an award for an auto show. He told me he received it for some kind of work on a hot rod he built. Now, I'm a car aficionado as well, and I have never seen an auto award or trophy like that. Not only that but there are several things that are odd about it. First his eyes seem to light up more over it than his Sandow trophies for Mr. Olympia. Second he told me, and I quote, ' After I won that, I knew I could go on to win other things in other parts of my life. It was the first first place trophy I ever won. I put it there in the front to remind me that once I'd taken care of it, nothing could stop me from achieving my goal.' Now add to that number three, it is the oddest looking car trophy I've seen. It's not a golden car, or steering wheel, or planner's compass, it's a tool and specifically a tube cutter tool the kind of tool one uses..." "To cut brake lines with. My god.... he couldn't defeat Miles. He knew he would never defeat Miles. The only way he could do it..." "Was to get rid of him. Mr. Toro not only took the title of Mr. Olympia away from Miles, because he was no longer there, he took Miles' place. He stole Miles Ashe's life from him by cutting the brake line on his car." "Does Mr. Toro realize you figured this out?" "I don't know, but when I began to ask him about how folks still compared him and Miles, he became very angry and agitated. He started glancing back over at the 'car trophy' as if he were worried or guilty. Then he screamed at me the interview was over and started to chase me out of his office and home." "We've got to figure out what to do. If this is what Miles needs to sort out in order for Arthur to go back to a normal life.... it may never happen. Even if we could have traced samples of brake fluid from Miles' car to that tool, it would have been destroyed during the gilding process. We'd have nowhere to turn to go for clues. This would never be solvable. It will always be listed as an accident. Miles-Arthur will never get any peace." Ian and Dr. Orlando just stood there for a moment in silence unsure of what would happen to Arthur. **************************************************************************** It was going on midnight. Ian had scheduled Arthur's training sessions just after the gym closed at ten in order to ensure that Arthur and Gerogio wouldn't cross paths. Arthur was on the last of a large repped workout with Ian counting out the reps, although Ian sometimes had a hard time focusing and keeping concentrated as he couldn't believe this large, hunky man was his client Arthur. "....eighty-four.......eighty fiiiiiiiive...." The bar bell slammed into the rack. "Auuuuugh...man.... I..... I jus...... I just couldn't do any more...." "That's okay. You've figured out what your max rep is on that exercise. Once anyone has done that, the idea is you have to work your way up to where one-hundred reps is relatively easy for you to do. That is one killer kind of workout to do for strength or mass. Why go so extreme?" "I.... .... I just feel the need.....to.....you know?" "No, I don't." "I just feel I need to every once in a while really push myself. I'm not going to do it the whole year, but maybe on bulk up times. Something..... hooo...... you know..... to really amp my training with..... inject.....some power..... POWER! .... into it." "Well, just don't overstrain or you not only will not gain any size, or strength, or ...ha ha pow-er, GRRRRRR! But you'll lose size and strength as well. And what was with that grip?" "I don't know.... for some reason I just started doing it that way." "Well... after that kind of work out YOU need to go relax everything. You need to do a thorough cool down. First in the sauna for ten to fifteen minutes, rise shower in the pool area, then the Jacuzzi for ten to fifteen, then the cooler whirlpool for another ten. You know those stretches I showed you, if any part of you feels a little stiff, do those stretches and do them slowly." "Yeah...yeah...yeah.... all right." Arthur went to the lockers and stripped down nude. He sat there for a moment mesmerized by his body, most especially his cock and balls. He was pretty hypnotized by his lover, David's, equipment when they first met, until a few days ago he was still captivated by it, lusting after it, couldn't wait to feel like he was being torn by it... but now... Now he was in awe of his own junk. He knew he was slightly more hung than David now, even though they were the same height. He wondered if he was gonna break the record of Jonah Falcon if he continued to grow. A clang from the gym as Ian put plates away woke him from his thoughts and Arthur went to stand under the shower just a few minutes before he went into the sauna. Arthur entered in the sauna wearing a specific terry cloth towel. It cinched at the waist and had a little pocket to carry things if needed. David loved to just lounge around in these, with these new muscles and cock and balls that were hanging pretty large and heavy, Arthur could now understand why. Leaning back, Arthur sighed a little and his hand began to roam over his body....first working out a kink in the neck to shoulder area, then slowly moving down and cupping the crescents that were his pecs, and he began to bounce them, first one and then the other. He chuckled lightly feeling the heft and weight of each pectoral as it bounced and then he used his thumb to stroke his nipple and then hold it in a light pinch as he sucked in his breath at how sensitive and good the touch felt. Next he moved his hand up his forearm and then his upper arm tracing the risen veins that snaked this way and that over his arm, pulsing and feeling so thick and hot. He couldn't believe how big his biceps and whole upper arm were now and enjoyed the feeling of strength and power. He had grown....grown a whole foot taller. It was amazing how much bigger just 6' 4" was to most men. How broad he had become, how cut and defined, he almost filled up a doorway. It spoke to him. It was better than anything he ever imagined in his fantasies. As both his hands now moved down his abs tracing and feeling each firm brick, and his mind realized how large of man he had become, his prick responded by oozing out even longer that what it did from his grow, engorging and becoming fatter like his muscles did, as the veins rose to the top and filled his cock with blood. "Oooooh" moaned Arthur as he touched himself and felt the sensitivity of his large cock send a shiver across his balls, over his ass, and up his spine. "This is not helping me cool down...." he mumbled to himself and he stood up, giggling slightly at the fact that his king kong dong stuck out enough to keep the towel sides from completely closing on him. "fuck it... no one else is here to see." And he walked out of the sauna. WHAM! Instantly Arthur dropped to the floor seeing nothing but spots and stars. His vision blackened, his mind dazed he never saw the large hand coming back at him. "URRRRK! GAAAA UHHHHH!" There was Gerogio Toro standing in the pool area, holding Arthur against the wall by the neck with just one hand, choking him... .... ... to death. Arthur gasped and tried to beat on the forearm and hand that held him firm and although he had marveled at his own physique moments ago, he had to admit this forearm was much bigger and stronger than his. Gerogio moved his face close to Arthur and scanned Arthur's face up and down. "You don't look like him facially... but your body is developing like his. You used the same kind of hold as he did. You're using the One-Hundred Rep program like he did on off-season bulk up time. You even called yourself Mile-Wide the other day. .... ..... .... I don't know what this is, how this is, but Miles isn't coming back in any way shape or form to defeat me or my record." "A-HUUURK!" Mr. Toro punched Arthur in the gut and then threw him down to the tiled floor. "Your..." gasped Arthur. "Your record is... .... still topped by Haney and Coleman, and..... ugh.... you're tied with Schwarzenegger. You never went on to win an eighth title." "Yes, but Miles never reached the seventh. He might have gone on to dominated us for years with his freakish size, perfect symmetry, density, striations, definition, everything! Hell he had a porn cock too! But when life makes things too unfair, sometimes you have to take the initiative to even the playing field. Myself and others didn't have time to wait around for another possible five years or so for him to retire or step down." And now, Mr. Toro placed his foot over Arthur's throat and put most of his weight on it as Arthur was still gasping for breath. "So I took care of him. Yeah.... I snipped his brake line. I knew the route from his house to town, having been invited so frequently to his house for parties, workouts, he was even a perfect host. Gawd, I was so sick of him! ... ... ... And I don't want him back. He's not coming back to break the record of mine, or Haney's or Coleman's, and he will not reset it so high no one ever has a chance to break it. Not as himself.... not as you.....not as a combination." Mr. Toro leaned in to put all his weight onto Arthur's throat but suddenly he saw similar stars to what Arthur had seen earlier and then his face collided against the wall. "Get off my boyfriend you pampas ass!" Mr. Toro recovered quicker than what David thought he would and delivered a punch to his face causing David to swerve his head, but then David delivered another blow to Mr. Toro's gut causing him to moan greatly. "I may be smaller than you in muscle size and development, possibly even less in strength, but I'm a police officer, trained in fighting, even before I joined the force. I know how to hit..." "OOOF!" "Where to hit." "UGHFFF!" "And thus how to fight!" But the next blow Gerogio caught in his hand and twisted it away, and with surprising speed for a man his size, suddenly brought his left knee into David's groin making the officer see stars. More stars were coming as his right knee then came up and placed itself in between David's eyes as his face came down from the blow to his gonads. This blow knocked him backwards and into a bit of a daze. "You'll prove no match for me....but I'll take care of you later. I'll take you both out of life and won't need to hear any more of this. But first, first.... I take care of you, new living Miles." And Arthur who was just starting to stand up received a kick to the solar plexus and then one to face. The room reeled. Arthur reeled. Arthur's vision spun. Arthur himself spun over and onto his back splayed out on the floor. Gerogio then picked him up, holding him with his left hand and arm, as his right proceeded to make contact after contact with his face several times and then alternated between face and stomach. With each blow Arthur's stance became weaker and weaker until his knees buckled and Gerogio laughed at how easy it was and going to be as his tossed him into the pool. At the sound of the splash, David kind of came to, screaming the word no and running as if to jump in the pool, but he wouldn't make it. Gerogio turned his fists of fury onto David, and David unfortunately knew, in order for him to make to Arthur, he would have to take Gerogio down if not completely out. The two would remain locked in battle for quite some time. Gerogio breathing heavier and heavier having to take on someone who was halfway to his size in muscles, slightly taller than him, but also trained to fight and bring someone down by any means possible. David, having to deal with tears welling up in his eyes as his brain started calculating how long Arthur could survive under water and drowning before resuscitation was possible. He more than likely would lose Arthur and then he'd have to decide if he would cross the line as an officer. But unnoticed to both men life had stepped in and was going to grant Arthur his greatest fantasies. When Gerogio hit Arthur the last time, sending him into the pool, their remained a something of a ghost. It was the form of Miles Ashe and he was screaming in agony at the loss of the body of Arthur. Arthur's body meanwhile landed on large paddle board and his head upon a lane rope. It game just enough time before his unconscious body sunk into the pool that the ghost form dove into Arthur's body and the body soon began to cough and cough violently while sheets of ectoplasm where spewed out of his mouth and everywhere. The first sheet flung out and covered Arthur's head while the rest then went on to cover his body as it sunk to the bottom of the pool. While submerged more and more sheets of ectoplasm streamed out from his mouth moving like eels then ballooning out like jelly fish to encompass him. It take long until he was in a cocoon of extreme size and density, so dense the translucence usually seen in ectoplasm wasn't there. If Gerogio and David could have paid attention or seen through the cocoon, they would've wondered and gasped. Become struck in awe and worry. The first thing that happened is the cocoon shrunk by quite a bit, while at the same time Arthur's balls began to inflate, swelling into oranges, possible grapefruit size. The cocoon began to rip and tear ever so slightly as Arthur's own testicles began to push his legs apart due to their ample size. And then it began, the slow ripping and tearing as Arthur's body began to grow. Once again his feet just began to extend out longer, wider, thicker, fuller, even his toes becoming both longer and thicker to the size of a giant male. His hands and finger tips stretched out, growing, reaching, getting longer and longer until his hand could engulf any other man's. Other man's hands were only the size of his palms. The huge mits that baseball catchers and pitchers wear were nothing compared to the size of just one of Arthur's hands. And then the cocoon began to become longer and longer and longer. Up up up grew Arthur's torso. Out out out grew his legs getting taller and taller. The sound underwater was so surreal as his bones cracked, his tendons and ligaments snapped and reconnected, making Arthur grow and grow. His arms reached to match proportionately the length of his legs and then his shoulders began to widen and widen ever so much broader than anyone has ever seen. The extreme V that is seen in bodybuilders was almost already there just with Arthur's natural, thin, unmuscular shoulder width. Finally his neck rose up higher and higher from the shoulders along with his head which finally grew to match. This wasn't just a tall man... this was the likes of Meyers Leonard, Shaquille O'Neal, Yao Ming. Someone that was made to play basketball because he dwarfed the other exceptionally tall players. And the growth wasn't done. The power that was infusing Arthur's body started at his neck causing it to swell thicker and thicker, fuller, harder....It soon looked exactly like some kind of Greco-roman column. It was a plinth of pure marble that would snap any collar from dress shirts to leather sex straps. It would laugh at them all, perhaps even iron collars and simply snap them like tissue paper. There appeared rivulets of blood streaming across the neck, growing larger into streams...into rivers..... rising to the top to become large squirming pythons that sunk down into the trapezius muscles causing them to bunch and rise up, mound and spread, growing thicker, higher, becoming a mountain ranger that grew and rose higher than the Appalachians, the Rockies, the Andes, and the once neck that thought itself so huge, proud, and thick was now in danger of being pinched off. Still the snaking vessels continued moving outward to trigger the deltoids to mound and grow into bowling balls and then medicine balls, atlas stones, boulders. For the now it looked as if mountain ranges ended in ball formations and large spindly trees stuck out from those gargantuan rocks. But there would seen be other peaks to view as Arthur's biceps began to pop and flex, mound and pose. What once was baseball like grew and grew to replace the bowling balls that were lost just moments before, that split into perfectly divided heads that swelled and surged with sickening vascularity wriggling all over it. At the same time the triceps began to stretch and blow up forming a bend of wire, an actual U, a horse shoe shape, a horse shoe shape for a Clydesdale horse. Once that was done the ropes of veins wound their way around the forearms and in the hands causing the forearms to blow up in size so they would bust out of shirt cuffs, hand cuffs, the plastic blood pressure cuffs on store machines, looking like gigantic turkey legs or the clubs of cave men. Next his chest began to heave and mound, the two crescents giving way to full moons which in turn turned into huge platters, and those platters turned in granite plates, and those plates continued to inflate larger, thicker, harder. Fine lines of striation building up more and more criss-cross the every growing mighty shelf of pectoral muscles. The nipples began their decent looking as though they were rolling over the edge of the plates pointing down, down, downward and growing somewhat larger, harder, and more protruding. The great shelf blew up so much and so wide it threatened to cover the biceps, it threatened to push up the jaw line and chin of Arthur's head, it threatened to complete the work the trapezius squeezing the neck so hard it would pop Arthur's head off. The valley and the shelf top distance down to the abs was becoming so great normal men would swear they could lose their whole hand in them. Next the arms were pushed out to the sides, out from under the great barreling pecs by the growth of the back and the lats. The back bunched and built up growing wider and thicker, helping to add even more width to the impossible shoulders Arthur was now sporting. The back muscles grew and grew until one could see a the formation of a top...a downward directional arrow....an evergreen tree.... a seven foot Christmas tree.... a blue spruce conifer that had grown to twelve feet tall! And then the lines of growth spread over the lats and pumped more and more blood into them, feeding them, and they just simply swelled out more...More.... MORE..... MOAR! To gigantic handles that Gods could grab a hold of to pick up Arthur but mere men could never hope to grasp one handed they were so thick and wide.... that v shape which grew into a w, which in turn grew wider and looked more like an open hand fan so wide the spread. It was almost as if he had on a natural growing, occurring wingsuit. Arthur's body then began to undulate and roll as his abdominal muscles and obliques began to crunch and bunch in harder and more frequent contractions. It looked almost like webbing or a virus was running through his body as with each crunch the lines of definition spread out farther and further from his midsection out to his sides. Locally, in the center, it looked as though brick after brick of cobblestones were being laid out to form a perfect road. However it was soon seen that Arthur's abs were off just slightly creating a little bit of a herring bone pattern by the same bricks, which became fireplace sized stones, and then grew into concrete style blocks, and all the while across his sides the definition spread out like invisible hands were drawing, etching a road map all up and down Arthur's lower torso. This brick wall will break sledgehammers... ... ... The rolling and grinding continued as Arthur added his groin into this dance, and as he did so, his butt began to stick out and balloon and bubble and mound into two thick, globulous melons made of hardest material. Buns of bronze....iron.....steel.....titanium. An ass so thick, bubbled, and hard forget quarters, you could bounce manhole covers off them, denting the covers. The plasma tubes carried more of the plasm power down...down.... until the thigh biceps began to answer the gluteus maximus' challenge and it two began to bulge and swell, harden and thicken into this firm curve of power nearly rivaling the bubble like shape of the butt. Then it caused the ham strings to become pronounced, thick, tight, taut, so that one could almost swear if one plucked it s/he would a sound like a base string strummed and then a SNAP! The vessels wound their way around that string to front of the thighs feeding and fueling the quadriceps into overdrive. The already pronounced tear drop shapes began to breathe, inflate growing from small drops of water in much larger heavier rain, into shapes of balloons that are filled with water, into a group of wasps' nests, each one fighting for room, swelling so high and thick off the thigh, the mounds and crevices so deeply cut and defined and so large it was impossible to believe they could all be attached on one leg. If Arthur had been standing his stance would've widened from middle of chest to outer chest to shoulder width to arms width to arms width on his body size. And as the legs were being pushed apart the veins now coiled their way down into the calves and the fairly good sized balls began to breathe and swell, shrink and inflate growing firmer, denser, fuller, harder. A good sized ball began to grow into a diamond the diamond into a heart, the heart into something of a blob that swore to the thighs they would not be bigger than them. The muscle growing so thick and powerful it nearly made Arthur's thighs look as though they came to points. And now Arthur's balls swelled again and then shrank. They inflated and deflated. They grew huge and then smaller. With each motion Arthur bucked his hips and his cock oozed out of him longer and thicker, looking more and more like a snake and it's head flowing out of Arthur's groin. It was as if the mighty python that had been swirling, winding under Arthur's skin all this time under growth was now finding an exit point. It grew long and thick, hanging from him like a gigantic link of sausage from a butcher's shop. Also with each pulse of the balls, hair began to push out more and more from Arthur's pores. The light dusting he had grew before across his chest and around his groin spread out and thickened. It grew and feathered out across his whole body. The forest of the chest and groin declared they would meet, and meet they did. A manly coat of hair that was thick enough to grab onto, run the thickest of fingers through, but not so thick that one couldn't still clearly see the crevices, the mounds, the striations, the definition and mass of each and every muscle group they covered. The chest, the abs, the groin, the thighs, the calves and shins, half way up the upper arm, the forearms, a sprinkling on the hands and feet, a break at the neck, but an oh so thick beard and mustache along the jaw line and lip. A Five o'clock shadow was reached by noon, and by five it looked almost like two to three day scruff. Finally Arthur's head hair began to grow out, long, semi-spiraled and yet feathered growing down and down until it would just touch his shoulders. David and Gerogio had fought everywhere. Tiles were broken, walls were busted, pool equipment was smashed, and the two even fell into the shallow end of the pool where Arthur had fallen many minutes before. The cuts on their bodies began to add a red tinge to the pool and their thrashing and bashing created waves and churned up currents in the water. It was this that had caused Arthur to begin to be pulled in undertow to the deep side of the pool and then to be tilted somewhat, head to the top of the water. The last of the ectoplasm was sucked in by Arthur's mouth, add still more fuel to his body. Once inside a bit of pool water went into his throat and he began to cough and sputter. He went to go into a panic of flailing, but then his toes scraped the bottom of pool. Upon hearing the noise, David and Gerogio stopped, motionless, looking sideways to the deep end of the pool. One had a look of confusion and hope, while the other had a look of awe and fear. Tilting his head back, Arthur sucked in a deep breath, then closed his mouth tilted his head forward, and forcible made himself stand on his heels at pool bottom. Arthur's head disappeared under the water and Gerogio feigned a small smile of pleasure, believing that he was sinking down and drowning now. But then there was a slight stir of a current, and Arthur's scalp broke above the seven and a half foot water mark. Another current and his forehead poked up. Still another and his eyes rose above the water. The current becoming stronger and then Arthur's nose popped up. Originally flat footed the top of the water was only a couple of inches from the top of Arthur's head, and thus he began his walk, his slow, wide kicked gate towards the shallow end of the pool and with each step he rose higher...higher....higher... that the top of the water. Eventually he rose high enough his whole head was above the water line. His wet hair hanging in strings all around his head and even a few in front of his face. It was wicking off water and dripping onto his shoulders and then chest which had a cascade of water falling from it as though some great Hawaiian cliffs interrupting a stream. As he continued to rise, David and Gerogio began to see exactly how broad, how thick, how huge, and how tall this man had become. With each step it appeared as though his muscles were still growing in density and size. His body now moving more and more with each step pushed the water towards the two fighting men, creating larger and larger waves in the pool that threatened to splash over the basin and knock the two men off balance. His arms now out swayed majestically and powerfully from side to side with them hanging more at near 90 degree angles from his body. His groin and cock rising above the water now, the mighty schlong joined in the swaying as it swung in front of Arthur's legs like a mighty pendulum of a clock At this point Arthur could move his legs much for freely and as his side-kicked walked forward his mighty thighs propelled more water and larger waves. At this point both Gerogio and David decided to exit the pool. David hopped up on the tiled floor and then off to his left near the Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Gerogio hopped up and went to go to his right, but became petrified when Arthur suddenly bellowed out in a voice so low, deep, and powerful that it not only made his, but Gerogio and David's chest rumble. I caused the lights and the glass panes of the windows to vibrate and shake. And this low growl of a voice uttered only one simple statement as Arthur's eyes fixed in a dead lock upon Gerogio Toro. ... .... .... "yooooooou...." Now at the three foot section, where it still took most average sized and even some taller men a bit of a hop to walk out of there without using the stairs, Arthur simply stepped out of the pool as though the three foot gap were nothing, his massive foot coming down upon a drain covering cracking it, and the other, finding the 12 inch by 12inch tiles, showed that both of the feet were a tile and a third or so long and just a tad more than half as wide. Gerogio stood there rooted to the spot, plastered to the wall as Arthur came to stand before him, filling up Gerogio's entire vision with nothing but chest. Swallowing hard, Gerogio knew that not only had Arthur managed to bring his past life as Miles Ashe forward, but that in needing justice, or even possibly revenge, Miles called up much more ectoplasm than was needed and Arthur was not only so vastly built in musculature that he looked like one of the Muscleheadz cartoons, but that he completely dwarfed him, Gerogio, as he only reached the top of Arthur's shoulders. This realization woke Gerogio up from his stupor and he bolted to his left, attempting to run away. Arthur picked up a chair and threw it, dead shot, right between Gerogio's legs. Mr. Toro went sprawling to the floor and the scrambled to get up upon hearing the exceedingly heavy footfalls of Arthur coming towards him. He regained his stance and composure and turned around and delt a perfectly executed boxing blow right to Arthur's abdominals, with all the strength he could muster. Arthur didn't even flinch. With all the facts of his past life in his mind, he knew what Gerogio might try and was prepared for it, having crunched his abs tightly. Gerogio winced in pain after his fist struck such a hard meaty object that was Arthur's abs. Pain shot through his whole hand and he wondered if it might not be sprained. Sprained or not Gerogio knew this could be it and he began to punch, kick, flail, slap, Arthur as hard and often as he could, but it seemed to make no dent whatsoever. Suddenly Arthur's hand went out and clasped Gerogio's neck which although thick and powerful and more than a handful to most men, felt thin and weak in huge paw that Arthur now commanded. The pool scene was now the reverse of how it started: a body held in place against the wall but it Mr. Toro's body against the wall, held by Arthur's hand. Arthur held Mr. Toro there squeezing harder and harder Mr. Toro's throat. David began to call out to him. "Arthur... or Miles?..... love.... please don't.... don't kill him.... you'll become a wanted criminal. You won't have the ability to live the life you felt was taken from you.... Hon? Art? Oh... gawd..." And feeling as though he had no connection to the behemoth that stood on the other side of the pool, David broke down and cried, fearing he had lost his love forever. Meanwhile Arthur just stood there holding Gerogio and the two stared at each other scanning one another's faces until finally, Arthur let Mr. Toro slump down to the floor. "No...." said Arthur. "I do not feel like killing as I'd be no better than you... and I AM... your better. No, you shall live to watch me live my old life out as the new me in Arthur, surprising new comer step out onto that stage take the statue and continue to take it until I break the record and then some." Arthur then turned and walked away, his powerful, thudding steps slowly making their way towards David. But Mr. Toro rose once again screaming, a piece of busted tile in his hand and he ran towards Arthur's back to stab and pierce the skin striking the kidneys, or the spine, anything to take this man out of this world. David shouted out a warning. Arthur already knew what was happening and he leaned his torso forward and kicked out his right leg and foot, coming squarely into contact with Mr. Toro's torso. Gerogio doubled over loose and limply around the size 27 foot, his arms and legs wrapping over the gigantic leg that carried the massive foot into his stomach. Then from force of impact Gerogio went sailing the other half of the pool, landing into the water of the deep end. In a moment Arthur was lifting him out, practically one handed by the throat, slapping Gerogio's backside to expel water from the man's lungs and leave him semi-conscious on the floor near a sliding glass door as his sternly whispered into Gerogio's ear, "And there's nothing you can do about it." The thuds of his foot falls echoed loudly in the pool room as Arthur then ran around the pool back towards the Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Grabbing David, without thinking, Arthur simply hoisted him up to his face and then bear hugged him as well as kissing him deeply. "My love. oh.... my love.... I don't know what this means for us, or how this will affect us.... but know there is much of me that is still the same. I still love you more than life itself, but I am so thrilled to be so huge, so powerful, as in my dreams. I will compete. I will win! I want this so much... but I want you to be with me?" As David began to smile meekly at Arthur and whisper I love you back, David began to feel Arthur's prick rise and grow and nearly be able to push his body away from Arthur's. Arthur held him out and the two of them looked down at the huge hose between them. "I'll tell you what it means.... it means we're going to need to buy a lot of lube, but no matter how much we have.... there's still going to be about 8 inches to that fucker you won't be able to plow into me." Arthur pulled David in for a long deep and passionate kiss, one which they explored and checked tonsils, but there was a slight hiccough from Arthur, a small gag from David and suddenly, David's manhood which had become erect shuddered and grew out just a tad thicker and fatter than it was before. They looked down and then back up smiling at one another. "Well." said Arthur.... "looks like both of us could topple Mr. Falcon for his title. You can definitely still top me with that any time you like." ****************************************************************************** After a bit of fooling around in the Jacuzzi and whirlpool, which Arthur just barely fit in, Ian suggested they call the police and make up the following scenario. Arthur was to go out the back door and run through the alleyways so as not to be seen to get home. David, in his beat up condition was to remain here and wait for the officers, explaining to his fellow coworkers how he and Ian were having a training session and that Mr. Toro attacked him while coming out of the sauna. Ian would strike his own head with a plate, clamming he had no idea what had happened, thus implicating a pre attack on him so Mr. Toro could get to David in order to intimidate, attack, and find Arthur. But before that, as he knew the owners, and where the recording equipment was, he would edit out Arthur and Ian's workout session, and Gerogio's attack on Arthur, while having Arthur smash some of the cameras in the pool room for him, and blaming it on the fight between David and Gerogio. It would all seem very plausible, for unbeknownst to Arthur, Ian had hidden a tiny micro recorder in the pocket of his terry cloth towel, which picked up all of Mr. Toro's confession. Thus after that evidence wound up played for the fight - the portions where Mr. Toro addressed Arthur by name scrambled - Mr. Toro was then charged with the premeditated murder of Miles "Mile-wide" Ashe. He lost his case and was sentenced to life imprisonment, his first formal day in an actual prison, the same day that Arthur "Atlas" Thorn first competed and won first place on the Mr. Olympia stage. It irked Mr. Toro that all the inmates wanted to watch the Olympia to see the seven foot four inch tall walking mountain of muscle god that was soon to dominate the sport. Arthur went on to win a total of ten times, before deciding to retire, somewhat early, and focus on his family life with his partner David. The pair who together wound up purchasing and running several gymnasiums across the country which originally belong to some unknown firm from Italy or somewhere. And of course, Arthur lived his dream fully, especially when he was feeling down, he would step into his bedroom, pull out some old clothes from his skinny, five foot four inch tall days and do things like shred them just by attempting to put them on, or use his arms to blow out old waist bands, stomp his feet on his old sneakers and watch them disappear, or take forever to slip into a pair of underwear that looked and felt more like a jock strap and work his cock into erection and watch it rip the underwear apart. Either that or wait for David to come home, while being completely naked on their newly extended bed and let David explore his body and then plow him like the alpha David likes to be. His favorite part is When David strokes him off having to use both his hands and then punches, pinches, pokes, prods, and fondles his heaving pectorals. Arthur never had any more dreams and anything else he came to knew about Miles Ashe's life had to be from study or talking with family and friends of Mr. Ashe, who for some reason, never seemed to mind talking with him about it. And Doctors Orlando and Barua filed the case away as one of the few proof positives of reincarnation that ever existed, although they knew most of the mental and medical community would never believe them. Still they went on to enjoy years of laboratory research attempting to reach out to their own past lives.