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Found 22 results

  1. hoola

    growth Don't Stop: Parts 8+9

    Hey everyone, sorry again for the delay, but work is crazy. Anyway, enjoy! Parts 1+2+3: https://muscle-growt...stop-parts-1-3/ Parts 4+5: https://muscle-growt...-stop-parts-45/ Parts 6+7: PART 8: The next morning began as the previous few mornings had for Andrew. He woke up, noticed he had a huge raging erection, and went to the bathroom to take care of it. This morning, he was happily surprised to once again find that he had changed dramatically since the day before. He had a really full beard now. It was luscious, thick and was already about a quarter inch long in most places. He looked like he was well on his way to becoming a lumberjack in just a day or two. However, even under the layers of facial hair he could tell that his face was more angular and cut than before. Continuing down his body, he could see tufts of chest hair poking out of the top of his shirt. Quickly tearing off his shirt he found a veritable forest of chest hair leading to a dense covering of hair on his new eight pack abs. He could tell that his legs were much hairier too now. “I must be the hairiest Asian on campus now,” Andrew though proudly. By the increased hair wasn’t the only change Andrew found. It appeared to him that his workout had paid off handsomely because he was not only ripped, he was enormous. He was at least six feet tall now with huge tree trunks for legs. He could see massive calf muscles pushing out from his lower leg in a perfect diamond cut formation. Above them were huge quads and hamstrings that had gotten so big there was no longer a gap between his legs. His muscles were so big that they made his legs touch each other while standing up normally. Another effect of his massive quads was that his dick and balls were pushed a little bit out from his body making them look even larger than they already were. His cock had to be at least eight or nine inches long (confirmed to be 8.75 inches by Andrew’s handy ruler) and was as hard as steel. His balls meanwhile were each as large as a tangerine and churning with huge loads of semen. He needed to ejaculate soon or else they would swell so much it would start being painful. As much as he wanted to get off on his new physique, there were still areas of his body that he had not explored yet. His abs were like a cobblestone path carved into his stomach, and flexing them and unflexing them made Andrew realize that he could easily stop a gut punch with his abs of iron easily. His pecs looked absolutely swollen with new muscle. The massive fleshy pillows were so big now that his nipples hung straight down. He looked like he could bench press 400lbs easily now. However, despite all of his other fantastic muscles, the greatest was yet to come. His arms looked like they were at least 20 inches around now. Crazy veins snaked their way lazily across the top of his massive peaked biceps while his triceps hung pendulously from the back of his upper arms. His forearms were huge too (probably from jerking off so much). All in all, Andrew looked like a professional bodybuilder, and right then and there he vowed to enter a competition as soon as possible. However, Andrew was becoming a little nervous now. His body was really fucking amazing, but he was worried he was losing sight of what had truly mattered to him. He hadn’t gone to class at all the previous day and instead had spent his time furiously masturbating, working out, and having a marathon of sex with Nicole. The more he thought about his situation though, the more he realized that he liked what he had become, what he was becoming, and what he was about to become. His muscles were so sexy and powerful he felt like he could do whatever he wanted. So, he went back to the bedroom, erection swinging straight out from his body, gently woke Nicole up, and started having the best sex of his life. After his third orgasm in as many minutes, Andrew rolled off of Nicole and noticed that her chap stick had fallen out of her bag. “Hmm, I don’t recognize this brand,” Andrew thought as he put on some of the chap stick on his lips. He noticed a weird tingly feeling on his lips after the application, but he chalked it up to it being an intense mint flavor. He absentmindedly pocketed the chap stick before heading out to class. PART 9: Andrew found that his mouth was getting really dry during class all day. He couldn’t stop staring at all of the hot girls who would have been way far out of his league the previous week, but now were well within reach. He felt tormented by these adulterous thoughts, but the girls were hooked on his new physique. They would blow him little kisses and wink seductively at him, and in response to his rapidly drying mouth he would put on chapstick at least twice every hour. None of this was helping get rid of the erection he had maintained all day since having tantric sex with Nicole that morning. He felt the urge to sneak off the bathroom between every class to masturbate, and even struggled to limit himself to one orgasm. Finally he was done with classes for the day, so he ran to the gym as fast as he could. He could feel his thighs chaffing against each other a little bit as his legs swelled with blood, getting pumped and swollen from just a few short minutes of cardio. As soon as he was done changing in the locker room (where all of the guys were amazed by Andrew’s flaccid dick which was longer than almost all of their dicks hard), he hit the weights. Something immediately felt different to Andrew. As soon as he began his first bench press he could feel an intensity in his entire body that filled him with euphoria. His now 9.5 inch cock instantly hardened and lengthened a bit more filling the front of his gym shorts with an obscene bulge. Every lift he did filled him with euphoria and made him feel like he was about to burst through his own skin. He could feel his muscle growing with each curl, each squat, each press. He didn’t know what he was doing anymore except that it felt fucking incredible and that he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. A sizeable crowd had gathered around him including several of the girls and guys who had been eying his physique all day long. They couldn’t take their eyes off of his bulge and bulging muscles, and a few were becoming noticeably aroused right there in the middle of the weight room. Eventually one of them, a cute black girl sauntered up to Andrew and sat on his lap as he was bench pressing. His dick instantly went into overdrive as he shot load after load into his gym pants. He never stopped lifting during his orgasm, and the crowd gasped as they notices his pecs and arms swell larger and larger with each rep and cum shot. Just as he was about to stop shooting his tank top ripped right off his chest as his confined pecs burst through the fabric. Andrew was an animal. He knew that he loved Nicole, but his sex drive was amped up way too high to ignore all of his waiting admirers. He picked the black girl off of his lap and carried her on his shoulders to the private shower stalls where he fucked her brains out. Andrew was becoming more and more aware of the fact that something weird was happening to his body, but so far all he had surmised was that each time he came he would get bigger, and not just his muscles. He could feel his dick expanding with each orgasm. It wasn’t much each time, but with the way he had been cumming the past few days, he was on his way to having the biggest dick of all time. He didn’t want this growth to ever stop.
  2. radiokida

    Black Hulk

    This is my first complete story. Some of you have been reading this in the Unfinished section of this forum. It's now finished, so I'm posting it here. Thank you to those people who have already given me positive comments on this story. They will undoubtedly encourage me to write more stories. The story has six chapters. Some of them have gay themes, others straight themes, and others bi. I have made some very slight edits to the original six parts that were posted originally, to hopefully improve the story slightly, when it comes to grammar and continuity. Hope you enjoy my story! ------------ BLACK HULK Chapter 1: Kris meets Black Hulk Everyone gasped when he entered. He swaggered slowly to a deckchair, with his belongings, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. This was not odd, since we were in the hotel indoor pool, me and around six or seven strangers. What made everyone gasp was the sheer amount of muscular development this man's body was presenting to our senses. To me, those muscles were instantly recognizable. They belonged to Henk Kuria, or, as everyone in the porn industry called him, Black Hulk. Winner of the past three Mr. Olympias and a long string of other bodybuilding contests, Black Hulk stormed into the bodybuilding scene in 2020 as a 6'4, 380lbs unknown 20-year-old from Kenya. That year, he not only easily defeated, and humiliated, the then Mr. O. Phil Heath, but has won every bodybuilding contest he entered. The incredible thing is that, according to the latest news from the IFBB, Black Hulk weighed an astonishing 420lbs in last year's Mr. O., with a barely comprehensible 4% bodyfat. How do I know this? Well, I've jacked off at least once everyday as soon as my eyes feasted on this giant monument of musculature back then in 2020. So much, so that this year I decided to travel all the way to Las Vegas to witness this guy live. I truly am a huge fan of his. Not just for his giant muscles, but also for his lifestyle. A few months after he won his first Olympia, Black Hulk came out as bisexual. At first, there were rumors that the IFBB would retract his title, but soon common sense prevailed. At that time, Black Hulk started to feature in a lot of porno movies, some straight, some gay, and some bi. The astonishing thing is that, as time went by, not only did his incredibly huge muscles became bigger and bigger, but also, visibly, his cock and balls grew in unison. In his first porno, fucking Lela Star, he had a very respectable 8 inch cock. In his last, not only did he grew 40lbs of muscle since that first porn flick, but also 2 inches of cock; moreover, his dick is visibly much thicker. This last porno was a reverse gangbang, where Black Hulk fucked 20 women in 2 hours. One after the other, every woman roared in an earth shattering orgasm, begging him to stop. Then, in the end, he climaxed on all of them at once, in a cumblast that lasted a full minute. Needless to say, this porno flick proved very popular. The gay porn community have now asked him to film a gay-themed similar flick, with 20 men. Anyway, Black Hulk is here, a few feet away from me. Apparently, he decided to use the services of the same hotel I was in, during his stay in Las Vegas to undoubtedly conquer Mr. Olympia for a fourth time. My cock instantly grew rock hard in my swimtrunks; luckily I was in the pool, so nobody noticed. What also helped somewhat was the fact that every other person that, up till that point, were with me in the pool decided to pack their things and leave. Maybe they were disgusted by his muscles, or by his well-known overly sexualized lifestyle, who knows. Fact is, I was the only one to witness him casually removing his towel from his overly-muscular waist, revealing a swimsuit that was clearly struggling to contain the massive cock and balls inside it. Then he proceeded to jump in the pool, with a grace that beguiled his enormous frame. This was too good an opportunity to miss. I had to talk to him! But... I completely froze! "Hey man, nice traps" a heavily-accented voice said. It took me a while to realize that Black Hulk has just spoken, and, further, that he was referring to... me! "Uh... fuck. I mean... uh... thanks" I stammered. "I'm... I'm Kris... I'm... uh... sorry, I... big fan... I... I..." "No need to be shy around me, Kris" he grinned, his teeth's sparkling whiteness contrasting sharply with his dark black supermuscular body. "You must work out? I like your traps a lot." Black Hulk is complementing ME? Wow, this must be a dream. "Uh, thanks, uh, yes, I do..." That was all my brain could muster. "You've got a nice package down there too", he continued, grinning even wider. Instinctively, I turned beet red, and tried to cover my erect genitals. Damn, I must be so erect that he could notice from above the water. "You are indeed a big fan." he continued. "Am I responsible for some of your orgasms?" "ALL of them" I blurted out loud. "Since your first Mr. Olympia win, I haven't orgasmed to any human being except you." That was the brutally honest truth. "Good. I like sexy fans like you. You here to see me win another Olympia, right?" "Yes... yes I am. Nobody comes close to your hypermuscular body." "Indeed, nobody does." He climbed out of the water. "Come here. Feel my body. I don't bite." Suddenly, like a wild animal overcame with lust, I jumped out of the pool and started squeezing all of his bodyparts. Those traps, that seemed to go all the way level to his ears. That barrell neck, thicker than the circumference of his head. Those huge shoulders, so monumentally massive and defined. Those impossible biceps, that, even relaxed, seemed like somebody had stuffed a melon inside them. Those triceps, that protuded so far out of his arms that they almost looked like biceps. Those forearms, so incredibly thick, thicker than a normal man's legs. Those pectorals, incomprehensibly thick and full shelves of muscular power. Those abdominals, looking and feeling like eight slabs of diamond-hard bricks on his tapered down waist. Those lats, popping out so ridiculously wide of his back that they seemed like almost having a life of their own. That unbelievable back, so thick and defined and wide and massive. Those quads, impossibly muscular and immense, so massively muscled that I couldn't even hug one. Those calves, scarcely comprehensible slabs of meat, each bigger than my own pecs. Those glutes, protruding out of his hips even more than his monstrous back muscles. Every single bodypart of this incredible human specimen required your constant attention and worship. I found myself squeezing, feeling, massaging, sometimes even licking each and every one of his bodyparts. "Mmm, you really like my body, don't you Kris? This year, I weigh 440lbs, 4% bodyfat. That's another 20lbs more than last year's Mr. O." He moaned contentedly. I was slowly turning him on. "How do you do it, Black Hulk?" I asked him I licked one of his nipples, then continued "I mean, I'm proud of my 5'9, 190lbs body, but I have to work really hard to stay in shape. You look godlike all the time. I'm squeezing as hard as I can and it feels like squeezing a marble statue." "Man, you want my body so bad. Your lust for me is actually turning me on" moaned the superbodybuilder. "Let's go to my room. It's more private." He dried off, and re-wrapped his towel around his waist. Even like this, the towel was slightly tented... his cock was indeed half-hard. "You sure? I mean... yes, YES" I almost shouted. I hurriedly dried off and wrapped my own towel around my waist, concealing my own totally erect cock that had been straining my swimtrunks for the past half an hour. As we were leaving, a family entered the pool premises. The mother and the father were shocked by the dimensions of my idol, and they were relieved that we were leaving. Their son, who couldn't have been older than 7 years old, pointed at him and said "Look, Mommy, it's the Hulk!" We exited the pool amid the voices of the mother and father trying to explain to their kid that my idol wasn't the Hulk because his skin wasn't green. It took us around five minutes to reach his room at the twenty-first floor. During those five minutes, a million thoughts raced through my head. Are we going to have sex? Will this be just a worship session? Am I dreaming? Whatever it was, I thought how blessed I was to be with the man of my dreams, even if this was, indeed, a dream. We entered his room, and I closed the door. The room was huge, almost like an apartment. I was marveling at the beauty and size of the room, when I felt him hugging me from my back. Then he whispered, in that sexy accent of his, "Let me give you a pre-show." He allowed me to turn around. His cock and balls were now visibly straining his swimtrunks more than before. He started to practice his posing routine in front of me. Now I already described to you his incredibly huge muscles, how massively thick, huge, hard, and bulging they were. That was when he was relaxed. When flexing them, his muscles really came alive. When he did a crab pose, his already enormous and thick pecs inflated outwards like balloons, except that they were even harder than before. I found myself getting so hard that I had to take off my swimtrunks, because they were hurting. He slightly gasped when he saw my erect cock, probably because it was leaking precum. He did a back pose, copying Ronnie Coleman's signature pose, where he would spread his lats more and more, until he reaches their maximum spread. Except this man's back was infinitely thicker and infinitely wider, to the point where, in his final lat spread pose, his fists couldn't even reach his relatively small waist. I moaned slightly in response, as my precum was forming a small puddle below me. He then turned sideways, and here his absurd thickness was made clear. My eyes traced through his neck and traps, going outwards through his immense back muscles and monstrous pecs, to then narrow down to his waist and well-muscled abs, to then stretch out absurdly by his impossibly thick glutes and monumental quads. He started doing his signature pose, where he slowly flexed his right bicep, making it turn from a melon, to a bowling ball, to a watermelon. As my eyes bugged out, witnessing the incredible flexing of his bicep, I was absolutely sure that bicep couldn't grow any bigger, but then he grinned and effortlessly flexed it further, making it probably as big as a basketball. I lost it; I started to cum powerfully all over myself, at the sight of this incredible display of musculature, all without ever touching my dick. So powerful was my orgasm that most of my cum hit his forearm, bicep and right quad, even though I was a good two feet away from him. My cock was an erupting volcano that was being kept in check for far too long, resulting in a more massive eruption than usual. My orgasm took about seven seconds to complete. It was, easily, my most satisfying orgasm ever. "God, that's so hot" he murmured, as he scrambled to remove his own swimtrunk, which only succeeded in tearing it off his hulking body. His own cock was now rock hard. "I made you cum just by flexing my muscles... that's the hottest thing I've ever witnessed." he moaned. His cock was covering his navel and his midsection, probably around a foot long and as thick as my wrist... no, probably even thicker. His balls hung low, and looked as big as the rest of him. I came closer to him, rubbing my own cum along his quads, then my left hand cupped his balls. They must have easily been five times bigger than mine, maybe even six. My right hand managed to just encompass the huge girth of his erect cock. Then I started to stroke it, caress it, marveling at its incredible size. "Harder, Kris. Use your full strength with me! Do not hold back!" the massive superbodybuilder implored. "Yes, yes, certainly, I apologize, Black Hulk." "Do not apologize. I like you a lot, Kris. Nobody has ever turned me on as much as you have done today." I started to nibble on his left nipple, which was almost the size of a small penis, while I simultaneously pinched his right nipple and jerked his amazing cock with my hands. He moaned in delight. "Ohh yes, you're good at this" Black Hulk moaned. I'm GOOD at this? This is my very first sexual encounter with anyone, and fate wanted that my very first sex session was to be with the biggest, most muscular bodybuilder on the planet. "Please, don't stop" he continued. I rubbed my hands against his abs, with all my might, in the meantime licking and biting them. I tasted his savoury sweat and a bit of my own cum. His huge cock became even bigger, as it almost hit my head. "FUCK, that's it, I HAVE to fuck you," he roared. He lifted me up like I was a rag doll. He let me face his gigantic upper body while pointing his giant dickhead towards my ass. "Hold on, hold on, Black Hulk! Please... please... be gentle... this is my first time." I felt his massive dickhead penetrating me. Surprisingly, it didn't feel as uncomfortable as I thought. Using just a fraction of his hulk-like strength, he pushed inside me, using his own precum as lubricant, until most of his cock was in. "Relax," he whispered in my ear. "Let go of me, balance on my cock alone, feel how even my cock is super powerful." I did as he told me, and indeed, his cock managed to support my entire weight. I also felt some liquid squirting inside my ass. "Are you... cumming?" I asked him. "That's my precum, Kris. It squirts as far as most people's cumshots. It will help with keeping your insides nice and moist for my cock to slide easily." "Wow, you're amazing, Black Hulk!" I hadn't finished saying this completely... he grabbed my ass and pushed his cock partially out of my hole and pushed it back in, slowly. "Did that hurt?" he asked. "No, no." "Good. Enjoy the ride. Cling to wherever of my body you like!" I grabbed his giant pecs as he started fucking me, first slowly, then faster and faster. At some points, he was almost hitting my prostate. My dick went rock hard again, as I realized that I was completely at this monstrous hulk's mercy. Soon, he started to moan louder, and his body started to glisten with sweat. His glistening muscles flexed several times as he edged closer to orgasm. Then he hit my prostate, sending me into an instinctive orgasm, and... "Oh GOD, Kris, I'm CUMMING... OH... OOOHHHOOHHH... Fuck YEAH!" My butt was blasted repeatedly with this incredible man's cum, in an orgasm that must have taken a full minute. Then, slowly, it abated, and his breathing became more normal. "Ohh... phew, that felt really good Kris." He disengaged his cock off my ass. Surprisingly, none of his cum rolled out of my butthole, and I did not feel bloated or anything. "Uh... where did your cum go?" I asked him. "Is this normal?" "I honestly have no idea" he told me, concerned. Then it hit me. A massive spasm all over my abdomen. Then all over me. Then it went as quickly as it came. Perhaps it took two seconds, tops. "Fuck, what was that?" we asked, together. ---------------- Chapter 2: Mysterious Bodily Reactions We looked at each other, stunned. "Did... did it hurt?" the overly-muscular black bodybuilder asked, after a protruded silence. "No, no. It felt... weird, though. Like there was something inside me stretching my body parts. But now, I feel fine." "You sure?" the muscle monster mused. "Really, Henk, I do." It was the first time I called him by his real name. The hulking muscleman smiled faintly, in approval. "Look, today has been unbelievable getting to... know you better, Henk. You fulfilled my utmost dreams, and more. I'll never forget this day, ever. But now, I'm sure you need to prepare for tomorrow's prejudging and Saturday's contest." "Yes, I do, Kris. But I have an offer for you. Would you want to be backstage tomorrow and Sunday, with me?" "You're kidding? I'd really, REALLY love to! But, I'm not, uh, very well-acquainted with... being back-stage." "I just need you to apply oil on my body. You know, to make my muscles show more. I'm sure you'll do very well in that regard, after how you worshipped me earlier." The huge muscleman winked and grinned. "The rest, leave it up to me. You in?" Rubbing Black Hulk's giant muscles with oil? Who in their right mind would refuse such an offer? "Of COURSE I'm in! I'm just afraid that I'll be turned on all the time by your..." "Good. That's exactly what I want." Black Hulk grinned again. His grin is so hot, I thought: pure white teeth atop a sea of bulging black muscles. "What do you mean?" "You'll see tomorrow." I wanted to ask him why such a successful bodybuilder does not have a team of trainers, nutritionists, sponsors and spokespersons, but I decided not to raise this issue. Still, this IS a little weird. He seems to be all alone in this hotel, after all. The other Mr. Olympia contestants are probably answering questions in press conferences, whereas Black Hulk is in a hotel fucking a stranger... "Oh, and another thing. You're free to come to my room any time while you're staying in this hotel," continued the multiple Mr. O. winner. "Likewise, Henk. Listen, I'm starving. Shall we get something to eat?" "Yes, there's a buffet going on. It started while we were... swimming", the massive black bodybuilder winked. "Let me shower first. I still stink of your cum." He laughed. "Okay, I guess I'll go shower in my room and come back," I said. "No you won't," the immense muscle mountain quipped. He lifted me up with one arm. "You'll shower with me. Why waste water? Besides, you can lather my back much better than I can." "Oh, I can lather every INCH of you, not just your back" I moaned, getting horny again at the prospect of showering with the man of my dreams. He carried me to the shower, and opened the water. We lathered each other. He was right: his upper body was so wide that he couldn't ever lather himself at various places. I paid extra attention to each of his bodyparts, rubbing them with shower gel repeatedly. Even though I had orgasmed twice in the past half an hour, I found myself getting hopelessly horny again. He showed me his massive biceps again, flexing them for me, making them basketballs of power. "Fuck, man, those biceps, they make me rock hard every time. They're so FUCKING immense," I moaned. He placed my cock between his super thick left forearm and his giant left bicep, and flexed the bicep around my cock. Needless to say, this had a very quick effect: my cock blasted another copious amount of cum all over him. He smiled. "It's my turn now" I told him, as I recovered from my third orgasm in thirty five minutes. I grabbed his cock and gave him a good handjob. The cock rose to its barely-believable length and girth. Then I took his cockhead in my mouth; it was as big as a fucking apple. I sucked him as hard as I could, while simultaneously jerking it off with all my might and fondling his oversized balls. He started to moan louder and louder, until finally I was rewarded with a mighty roar, accompanied by a large stream of cum blasting out of his cock, hitting the sides of the shower with impressive force. His orgasm took about half a minute to abate, which was incredibly amazing, considering that only half an hour before he was spraying cum for an entire minute. We finally headed off the shower. I dried off and wrapped my towel around myself, when I noticed something. "Hey look, that's weird... I don't have any hair anymore! Like, no hair on my chest, my forearms, my legs, my armpits... I don't even have pubic hair!" I touched my head and face. My hair and stubble were still there, thankfully. "Hmm... that IS strange..." the black muscleman mused. "You're... you're kinda like me, now, with no hair below your neck at all." "That's different - you probably waxed it for the contest. Right?" "Uh, actually I didn't. I don't have any hair on my body. Below my head, that is. Maybe... that's what your spasms did to you earlier... still, why would your bodyhair disappear so quickly?" The overly-sized muscleman was deep in thought. "Don't worry about it. I'll get used to it. And, maybe it'll grow again. I'll pop out to my room to wear something. We'll meet near the elevator," I said. A few minutes later. I was next to the elevator, wearing shirt and trousers. I saw him coming, and was stunned again. He was wearing a white T-shirt with the words 'BLACK HULK' embroidered in black, and blue shorts. However, they were so tight on his bulging mountains of muscle that all of his muscle beneath the fabric could easily be traced, including not only his immense pecs, but also his abdominals and his nipples. His shorts expanded ridiculously around his superhuge quads and glutes, each overinflated muscle group threatening to rip it off at any moment. "Jesus, Henk, your clothes leave absolutely nothing to the imagination, don't they?" I murmured. "They don't. I had made these to order when I was 410lbs, a year and a half ago. Now that I'm 440lbs, they are juuuust a little bit tight," he teased. We entered the restaurant and took a plateful of the buffet food. People actually stopped and stared at the huge muscleman. Some murmured something to themselves, others turned to their friends and nudged them to take a look at Henk. I felt proud that I was next to him. Nobody in the whole world has an amorous partner as hot as mine. I was really starving, so I visited the buffet several times, like four or five times. The massive bodybuilder did likewise. I noticed that he was not much choosy with his food; he was eating carbs, protein, fibre, milk products... he was enjoying everything. That's weird, I thought: this guy is going to be in the world's biggest bodybuilding contest tomorrow, and he's not even trying to eat well for it. What I soon found weirder was how my appetite was not satiated, even after eating 7 platefuls of food. Even Henk said he was full after taking seven plates of delicious food. On the other hand, my stomach felt like I barely even started. "Man, you eat even more than I do... that's impressive," the black muscle mountain mused. "I'm surprising even myself... I usually just take three plates, tops, including dessert," I said. "What's happening to me? I'm still starving!" "I honestly have no idea... good thing we have this buffet going on... you can keep eating without paying extra!" Black Hulk said, glancing towards another table. Looking in the direction he was glancing at, there was a young woman sitting down, eyeing both of us, but especially staring at my idol. "You know her?" I whispered. "I don't think I do," confessed the huge bodybuilder. "She wants me badly, though, judging by how she's looking at me. I know that look. Bet her panties are soaking wet!" He laughed faintly at his own joke. "I'll go get another plate of food," I said. "Cool. I'm good. I'll wait for you." As I filled my plate for the eighth time, I actually felt a little bit jealous. But then I remembered that his superhuman musclegod is a well-known pornstar... it is to be expected that he's not into one stable sex partner. Just then, I noticed the top button of my shirt had popped off. That's strange... even my sleeves are filled more than before. It seems like my body is getting bigger. Well, of course it is... I must have eaten close to 8000 calories in the past hour or so. But, my waist was still as trim as ever... it's like the extra weight has gone to my... pecs and arms? I went back to my restaurant seat, noticing that, in the meantime, Black Hulk was in the company of the girl that was eyeing him earlier. "Uh, excuse me, I'll go to the bathroom quick," I quipped, then immediately raced to the bathroom close by. * * * Everyone gasped when he entered. He swaggered slowly to a restaurant seat, accompanied by a man who must have been in his mid-twenties. This was not odd, since we were in the restaurant buffet room, me and around six or seven strangers. What made everyone gasp was the sheer amount of muscular development the former man's body was presenting to our senses. To me, those muscles were instantly recognizable. They belonged to Henk Kuria, or, as everyone in the porn industry called him, Black Hulk. This guy was, in a word, freaky. I've always secretly loved professional bodybuilders. My female friends somehow always found them 'gross' or 'disgusting', and, in front of them, I agreed. But, secretly, I get wet whenever an overly muscular man flashes past my eyes. And Black Hulk wasn't just overly muscular. He was, like, twice as big as the biggest pros. This guy's muscles were astonishingly huge... really, there was no comparison. It was like his muscles had muscles of their own. And he was BLACK. I LOOOVE black men. They look so virile. His skin was really, really dark, too; he was one of the blackest men I had ever witnessed. That made him even hotter, in my books. I had searched for his name ever since I stumbled upon the first porno I watched that featured him. He fucked Lela Star senseless in that porn flick, and the poor girl with the comically enhanced butt just didn't know what hit her. She must have felt like she was being fucked by a bulldozer. And then, his orgasm, showering all over her body... his cumshot was easily that of 10 men combined. After that flick, Lela Star actually took a six month break from porn, citing 'personal issues'. But the stage was set. Black Hulk had stolen her limelight, and that light is still shining brightly. Indeed, he not only shot several other porn flicks, with men, women, or both at once, but he became even bigger, and his orgasms even longer and more powerful. Some people started to question how real his orgasms were, although most did not care. The porn industry made sure to mention that none of what they're filming was staged or faked. And, in most nights, I end up shoving a cucumber in my pussy, fucking myself furiously, wishing that cucumber was Black Hulk fucking me into oblivion as I watch him on my phone in my bed. Anyway, Black Hulk is here, a few feet away from me. For some reason, he happens to be in the same hotel I'm in. Maybe for a new porno shoot? Who knows. I was staring at him. He was wearing a white T-shirt, with the words 'BLACK' and 'HULK'. The word 'BLACK' was stretched all around the top of his enormous pectorals, while the word 'HULK' was below it, in the middle, with his two nipples on either side of the word. Fuck, his T-shirt was so tight that even his nipples were visible; that's insane. His pectorals must be much bigger than my own breasts. That's really saying something, as I wear a 34M cup size. I'm a chubby 5'7, 175lbs woman with a 48-32-40 figure. You either love or hate my body. Some guys find me disgustingly fat, while others just adore my voluptuous body. I've had a few one-night stands with men from the latter category, and they have honestly given me much-needed self-confidence about my body. This made me accept what God has given me, and now I flaunt what I have, rather than try to hide it. Which is what this incredible male specimen a few feet from me certainly does; that T-shirt he's wearing just makes him flaunt the godlike upper body he has. Fuck, he's even hotter up close than in the pornos. My juices were flowing. Just then, the guy he was with him stood up to take another plate. I decided to show slightly more cleavage, to see if the giant black bodybuilder noticed. He did, and smiled. I smiled back, then stood up and came next to him. "Hi, I'm Chloe, nice to meet you, Black Hulk." I extended my hand. He took it and kissed it. "Likewise, Chloe. I'm Henk. You've got a very naturally beautiful body, miss." He smiled. "Thank you. Nowhere near close to your magnificence, though," I said, my heart racing. He likes me. Helikesmehelikesmehelikesmehelikesmeeee... "You're a fan, Chloe?" asked the god, known to us mortals as Black Hulk. "Yes. Big fan of your, uh... movies. Big fan of your huge muscles. You're the best!" I enthused. "Thanks, dear. On holiday?" "No, business trip. I'm a journalist, working for the website I'm assigned to write an article about the gambling and entertainment industry here in Vegas, by witnessing them first-hand. I return home tomorrow morning. You?" "I'm here to win the Mr. Olympia contest for the fourth time." I stared at him blankly. I never heard of a Mr. Olympia contest before. "What's that... a pornstar award?" I asked, innocently. Black Hulk laughed. "No, no. It's the biggest bodybuilding contest in the world. I've won it three times already. I'm here to win it for the fourth time. It starts tomorrow and ends Saturday." Just then, Black Hulk's friend returned, and told us he was going to the bathroom. He left the plate on the table and rushed away to the lavatory. "Who is he?" I asked, curious. "He's Kris. A REALLY good friend. He's responsible for making me look good during the contest while I'm backstage. Mostly by rubbing oil on my body." Wow, I'd love to do that, I thought. "You'd like to do that, don't you?" the massive muscleman asked, grinning. "Uh... yeah... admittedly, I'd love to." How did he know what I was thinking? Am I really that easy to read? "Then come to my room... I will let you do that, and more." He winked at me and smiled again, flashing those pure white, sparking teeth. "That's if you've finished eating, of course," he added. "No, no... I'm finished. But... what about your good friend... Kris?" "I'll just leave a note on the table that I had to leave suddenly. Come on, I'll pay for your meal." Just then, he stood up. "Oh, uh, you don't..." I stopped midway through speaking, as I witnessed his 6'4, 440lbs supermuscular frame towering over me. "I mean, uh, thanks," I corrected myself. The black god endowed with the most immense muscles I had ever seen went to the counter and paid for three meals. He then scribbled a note and left it on the table. I was actually impressed that his thick, muscular fingers could still hold a pen relatively easily. "Let's go, my room is in the twenty-first floor," Black Hulk cooed. People stared at us as they walked out of the restaurant and into the elevator. My panties were practically soaked now. I was worried that some wet spot would be visible down my dress, especially since there was another couple with us in the elevator. Their eyes bugged out when they saw the mountain of muscle that was with me. I felt proud of my catch tonight... I was sure this one-night stand will be my best one ever. We arrived at his room. I guess it was some kind of executive suite, because it was much larger and spacious than my room. I closed the door behind me, and immediately sneaked in his bathroom, removing all my clothes. I was never so wet and horny in my life. I tiptoed out, and, before he had even turned around from placing the door key on the desk, I rubbed his massive back, and whispered: "Ready when you are, Black Hulk." ---------------- Chapter 3: Chloe Sex and Muscle Growth He turned around, surprised at my directness. His deep brown eyes scanned my naked body from top to bottom. They approved of what they saw. "I'm always ready, Chloe. You have a very curvy, beautiful body. It reminds me of the beautiful women from my home country. Except your white skin, which I find very appealing," the muscular pornstar said. He put his well-muscled arms around my nude lower back, inviting me to draw myself even closer to his titanic body. I gladly accepted the invitation, and began to grind my entire body, especially my ample breasts, against his hulking, bulging muscles. My head could only reach his monstrous pectorals, so I cradled it between them. He moved his hands towards my round butt, and squeezed them. Being so close to him, I felt his cock starting to stir. "You like my ass, huh?" I cooed as I lifted his T-shirt, willing him to remove it. This exposed his fantastically muscled eight-pack abdominals. I started to squeeze them, but they felt like hard bricks. They were so thick that I could insert my entire index finger in the space between each of the brick-like abdominals. "Holy cow, you're a fucking muscle brick shit-house. Your muscles are even bigger than they look in your pornos," I continued, in absolute amazement. He said nothing; he only grinned at me. Then, his right hand moved towards his T-shirt. Tugging it from the bottom, he tore it off his ridiculously overdeveloped upper body like he had been tearing off toilet paper. His entire upper body was now exposed, and I almost fainted. From the position I was, I could see two enormous orbs of pectoral muscles, each as big as a gravel sack. I rubbed them slowly. They were dense, thick slabs of power; no wonder he could rip off this oversized, yet barely-fitting T-shirt so incredibly easily. The minimal effort he produced to tear off his T-shirt off his body made his arm visibly bounce... it looked as big as one of my buckets I use when I wash my apartment's floor. It was my turn to get speechless. I felt my vaginal fluids roll down the inside of my thighs - I was THAT turned on. My breathing grew heavier. He then gently lifted me up, so that my eyes were level with his. His grin was confident, cocky. He was definitely my first one-night stand that could lift me up so easily, as if my curvy, 175lbs body was as heavy as a book, to him. He lowered his head and sucked my right nipple, which I felt was as big as one of my lipstick bullets. Instinctively, I lowered my head back in ecstasy, as I felt his lips leave my right nipple to plant themselves on my left. I started moaning loudly, wishing him to ravage my pussy with that huge cock of his, that 10 inch monster I always fantasized would, one day, be sliding inside MY pussy instead of the pussy of some random plastic-surgery-filled pornstar. He placed me back on the floor. My eyes were transfixed on the ridiculous bulge between his massive thighs. He removed his shorts, freeing his massive cock from its confines. It immediately sprang upwards, hitting my abdomen in the process, then started to lengthen and thicken further. He had no pants beneath the shorts. Finally, the magnificent dick eased its growth. It pointed directly to my face; I imagined it telling me that, since I was responsible for waking it up, it was going to fuck me really hard. It looked bigger than 10 inches, and thicker than the cucumber I practise with when watching his porn flicks. My sexual arousal has never been this high. My mind was completely blown away by this god. I felt my juices trickle down my thigh and reaching my knees. "You told me 'ready when you are' earlier. Well, I'm definitely ready NOW," Black Hulk announced. He lifted me with one arm and placed me on his bed in a doggy position, with my ample butt facing him. I then waited for him to insert his giant black fuckstick inside my waiting pussy. I felt him do precisely that a moment later. His cock felt really hard and filled up my vaginal walls completely, but I was so well lubricated that there was no pain at all, just ecstasy. "Oh God, you're so big, you fill me up so much. Fuck me, fuck me HARD!" I shouted in delirium. He didn't need my compliance. I felt his hands grab my ass, then he started to fuck me senseless. Each push of his cock inside me felt like a mini-orgasm. I started shouting obscenities, strings of dirty vulgarities that my mind was stringing up there and then. I was nearing an earth-shattering orgasm, so my slurs were becoming more and more high-pitched. In response, he fucked me faster. That was it: my eyes rolled backwards and my mouth made an exaggerated 'OOOOOOOHHHHHH' shape as I climaxed powerfully, my vocal chords trying to keep up with the intensity of my orgasm. He slowed down, waiting for my orgasm to subside, then picked up the pace once again. I felt his cock throbbing even bigger inside me, probably triggered by my insane climax. "Fuck, fuck, fuuuckk, FFFUUUUUCCKKKKK OOOOOHOHOHHHHOHOHHH GODDDDDDDD FUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!" I shouted as another orgasm hit my senses. He slowed down again, then restarted his relentless pussy drilling with that insane cock he has. I've seen him do it several times in his porn movies; how he'd fuck a girl repeatedly, sending her into countless orgasms, until she literally couldn't take any more, and then, and only then, he ejaculates. I used to think that a lot of editing was involved for that to truly happen. It turns out no editing was required; this man, or should I say, god, knew how to please a woman in a complete, entire way. "Fuck... fuck... Hulk... HULK... BLACK HULK... PLEASE... no more... oh god... you're so good... but please... no more... that's more than enough... fuck... so much cock..." I finally told him after my latest mind-blowing orgasm. I must have orgasmed eight, nine, ten times, I don't remember. He slowed down, then proceeded to slide his cock off my pussy. "No, Black Hulk, what are you doing? I want you to fill my pussy up with your seed." "You sure?" "Yes, I am. I'm on the pill, and I've had my period six days ago. It's safe. Please fill me up with your seed. I beg you. It would make me complete." Black Hulk obliged. He inserted his still rock hard, massive cock inside my vagina. He started to fuck me yet again, but this time, his technique was subtly different. This time, he was doing this to pleasure himself, not myself. Soon I heard him moan louder and louder. I figured he was getting close to orgasm, as his fucks became quicker and more powerful. Finally, I felt him insert his cock completely inside me, almost together with half of his balls, and he roared loudly. I felt my pussy being blasted by an incomprehensible amount of cum. His orgasm lingered on for what seemed like a full minute. During this time, his cock was spewing cum non-stop. I felt my belly actually expand a little bit as my internal organs tried to accommodate this insane amount of cum that was being introduced to them. Finally, his orgasm abated, and he sighed contently. My belly went back to its usual form, and he disengaged his gigantic organ off my vagina. I turned round slowly on the bed to face him. He was covered in sweat, which I found really hot. I opened my legs to allow some of his cum flow out of my vagina, but, surprisingly, none did. "Hey, what the hell? Where did all that cum go?" "I... I have no idea," Black Hulk said. He looked concerned. Then, I suddenly felt it. A massive spasm all over my abdomen. Then another one all over me. Then several spasms, one after the other, shaking my entire body. I continued spasming like this, for what seemed like an eternity. During all this time, I couldn't speak, nor move, nor do anything except spasming, although I was completely conscious. Then, finally, as I was expecting another spasm hitting me, it did not come. I waited and waited, but nothing happened. I must have spasmed for, like, an entire minute. Black Hulk looked at me, and uttered "Oh my god!" * * * I went back to my restaurant seat, noticing that, in the meantime, Black Hulk was in the company of the girl that was eyeing him earlier. "Uh, excuse me, I'll go to the bathroom quick," I quipped, then immediately raced to the bathroom close by. I looked in the mirror. My pecs were definitely bigger. I felt them, and confirmed my suspicion: they were not only bigger, but firmer, denser. Removing the remaining buttons of my shirt, my eyes analysed my abdominals. They looked more defined. My arms looked like they were tighter around my half-sleeve, too, and, although I wasn't feeling uncomfortable yet, my trousers looked tighter around my quads. I smiled. I redid the buttons of my shirt - well, all of them except the top one, which popped earlier - and went back to the restaurant. Strangely, my massive bodybuilding friend was nowhere to be seen. When I went back to our table, there was a note: "Something came up. I paid for your meal. See you tomorrow. BLACK HULK." Something came up, huh? He's probably fondling that bitch's huge boobs right now. Oh well, he's a pornstar, after all... I wolfed down the plate that I had filled up earlier, the one I had left on the table. I was still hungry. Like, REALLY hungry. I revisited the buffet table many other times. Each time, I devoured the food like I had not eaten for weeks. After five more plates, another button popped off my shirt. I decided to undo all the buttons at this point. People were leaving the restaurant, it was getting late. I continued to relentlessly gulp down plateful after plateful of food, amid occasional tears of fabric from my short sleeves or trousers. Finally, after eating about 30 plates of food, I was satiated. Mind you, it felt like I've just eaten a salad, but, at least, I wasn't hungry anymore. I stood up to leave, when the kitchen staff manager stopped me. "Sir, you have to pay." "Uh, my friend paid for my meal already." "Yes, he did," he explained, glancing at my upper body, partly concealed by my tattered shirt, then at my face again. "But, uh, you ate much, much more food than I had ever seen in my twelve years of being head of this restaurant. So we thought that, uh, you'd pay again? It would still be a bargain for you, you know." He sounded sheepish, which was something I never got from other people before. It was as if he was afraid talking to me. "Uh, sure, I understand. Here, I'll pay twice as much as the price bill. You deserve it, the food was delicious." My hands reached out for my wallet. In doing so, my right bicep involuntarily flexed, causing my right sleeve to rip completely. The restaurant manager gulped. "No, no, no... uh, you know what, we're fine. We're glad our service was to your satisfaction. We're good. You may leave." "Take this as a tip," I insisted, handing him seventy dollars. "And I'll be sure to recommend your restaurant to my friends." "Thank you, sir. Much appreciated." He took the money and hurried back to the kitchen, relieved. I proceeded to go back to my room. People stared at me as I walked. Part of my shirt and trousers were in tatters, so I thought that's why people were staring. I arrived at my room, removed my clothes, and looked at the bathroom mirror. The reflection depicted on the mirror shocked me. I looked like a professional bodybuilder. My muscles, even relaxed, were round and hard. Nowhere close in size as those of Black Hulk, but easily as big as those of the bodybuilders from the noughties era. I looked like Jay Cutler in his prime. No wonder people were staring at me, and no wonder that restaurant manager was stuttering. I started flexing, and my muscles responded beautifully. My biceps were particularly huge, perfect peaks of muscle flesh. My pectorals were thick and heavy. My abdominals were massive and well-defined. My quads were twice as big as before, and even my cock looked bigger. I felt it grow and harden as my eyes feasted on my own, hot, muscular body. I marveled at its size... easily two inches bigger than before, both in length and in circumference, and completely hairless - like the rest of me. My balls felt fuller and bigger, too. I then noticed a bathroom scale tucked away in the corner of the hotel room. I reached out for it, and stepped on it. My eyes couldn't believe it when the needle stopped at... 260lbs. My brain was trying to comprehend my new mass. Even if I assumed that the scales were not calibrated correctly, it still meant that I had somehow gained 70lbs of mass in a few hours. Even weirder, from what I saw in the mirror, all of this mass was added to my muscles and cock, and none of it went in my body as fat. "Wow," I finally gasped. "I look incredible." But, what caused this? My mind started to recall the earlier events of the day. Then I remembered. The spasms. The cum somehow magically disappearing inside me. Black Hulk! His cum must have done this to me. I didn't mind this at all, of course. In fact, I was grateful for this gift that he gave me. But, I had to go back to his room to have some answers. Problem was, I did not know what I was going to wear. Nothing fit me. I then decided to wear the swimpants I was wearing in the pool earlier. It was still wet, so I wrapped a towel round my waist. People won't ask too many questions, seeing me like this. It would look like I was going for a late pool dip. I arrived at his room. As I was going to knock on his door, I heard muffled voices speaking inside. One of them was of a lady, and she sounded upset about something. Then I heard Black Hulk's voice, seemingly trying to calm her down and reassure her. In the next few minutes, her voice took a different tone, and she seemed much more amiable. I heard them approach the door. "My clothes still fit me," I thought I heard the lady say. "I look really hot!" "You were hot before, too," I heard Black Hulk's voice say, "only now you're even hotter." "I'm ready. Let's go," she said. I decided to knock on the door, otherwise I'd be accused of overhearing their conversation. "It's me, Kris. Am I disturbing?" The door opened. Black Hulk was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, identical to those he wore with me at the restaurants, but, this time, the colours were inverted: the T-shirt was blue and the shorts were white. Then a lady appeared, who I recognized as the woman we met at the restaurant. She looked slightly different, but I couldn't put a finger into how. "Uh, hi Kris. This is Chloe. We were just... OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" ---------------- Chapter 4: Chloe's Transformation "I grew." I flexed a bicep. With little effort, it became as big as a grapefruit. "I grew a LOT," I continued. "And I wanted to ask YOU, man, what happened to ME, because YOU caused this." "Don't waste time, sexy," the girl who Black Hulk introduced as Chloe mused, "I have already asked him how he did THIS to ME, but he claims he does not know." With that, she lifted her dress, and I gasped. Her breasts were still really big, but now her belly was gone. Instead of it, she had a flat stomach, with visible, but faint, abdominals. Her arms looked narrower and more toned, as did her legs. "He transformed me into a fitness model," she continued, "just by, uh, having sex with me. I started to spasm uncontrollably, and when that was over, my body fat had melted, except for the fat in my breasts and butt." Wow, I thought to myself. What the fuck? "Listen, I already told you that I don't know what's happening. It's the truth," the immensely musclebound, black musclegod said. "And you - and I -love your new look, anyway." "That's besides the point. I look too hot, now, to work in any normal job. Do you think I can continue to be a journalist with a body like this?" she said. "I told you already, you can be my spokesperson. And you agreed, didn't you?" Black Hulk replied. "Yes, I did. And I'm looking forward to it. It gives me an amazing opportunity to be close to you. Although," turning to me, "Your friend Kris here is HOTTT too. Wow, look at that body!" "Thanks, Chloe, but if you're trying to seduce me, it's not working. That's not how I swing. Sorry to disappoint," I smiled. Honestly, however, she did look incredible. Perhaps I could make an exception with her... "Pity," she uttered. Then she changed the subject. "I'm starving to death here. Let's go eat something. Isn't that why we were leaving?", she said, as she lowered her dress again. "Hold on a minute," I said. "What did you say? You're hungry?" "Awfully so. I feel like I haven't eaten for an entire month," she answered. "Well, the same thing happened to me. I don't know if this super muscle god," - referring to Black Hulk - "told you, but we had steamy hot sex earlier today." I stopped, reminiscing those incredible, orgasming moments. "Anyway, my body also spasmed a bit, though only for a couple of seconds. Also, all of my body hair disappeared. Then, I started feeling REALLY hungry. I've just finished eating, actually. More than thirty platefuls of buffet food. And I could eat more, if I wanted to... after all that food, I feel like I've eaten a salad. That is how I got all these muscles." "Wait, so... if I eat, I'll grow muscles?" she mused. "Probably. Judging from what happened to me, anyway." Turning to the massive bodybuilder, I said, "that's why I came to your room, Henk, to demand an explanation." "And I don't have any," Black Hulk said. "I'll repeat what I said to Chloe. I'm as puzzled by what happened to each of you as you are. Honest to God." "So, let me get this straight. If I eat, I'll become big and muscular?" Chloe repeated. "This fitness body is hot, and I can certainly live with it. But, me being huge and buff, like both of you... I don't know if I can handle that. But... I'm SOOOO hungry, dammit!" "Look, uh, maybe it doesn't work the same way for women as it does for men" said the black, musclebound god, to try to calm down the situation. "Come on, let's go. I know of a place close by that offers huge servings; if you eat it all, you get it for free. You need to eat first, Chloe, then worry about what you look like later." "So THAT's how you solve this problem, huh?" snapped the lady. "I eat first, then worry about how I look like later?" "Have you got a better idea?" the insanely muscular hulking man answered, quietly. Then he continued, "Look, if it helps, I did not want to be this big, either. But I did become this big, and I learned to embrace my body." "What do you mean?" I interjected. "You started going to the gym to get bigger, right?" Black Hulk paused. Both my pair of eyes and Chloe's were on his. For once, we were not looking at his outrageously muscular body stretching his T-shirt and shorts to their absolute limits. Then, he broke the silence. "Would you believe me if I told you that I never set foot in any gym in my entire life?" "WHAT???" me and Chloe shouted simultaneously. "Look, man, that's simply not possible," I continued. "Nobody grows a body as huge, dense, and bulging with muscles as the one you possess without lifting stuff. Then again..." I paused, then continued, "nobody grows 70lbs of muscle in a couple of hours, either. So many weird things happened today that what you've just said could also be true!" Black Hulk nodded. "Is that how much you grew?" asked Chloe, still shaken by the events that have unravelled in the past few hours. "Yes. That's how much I grew." I answered. "I weighed 190lbs this morning. Now I weigh 260lbs." "Wow... then I will REALLY become buff, if that happens to me as well," Chloe mused. "Say, I wonder how much I weigh right now." She stepped on the scales, which, unlike those in my room, were actually easily accessible in this one. "Wow, I only weigh 145lbs. I lost 30lbs!" "Really? Then maybe that's what the spasms were doing... they were melting away your fat," I suggested. "Maybe that's why I did not spasm as much as you did, too." She was probably going to retaliate my last suggestion that she was fatter than I was with a tirade of verbal abuse, but then she felt her tight stomach rumble. "Hey, can we continue discussing this later? I kinda need food URGENTLY." "Sure. You're coming with us, Kris?" Black Hulk asked me. "I'd love to, but nothing fits me. Can I lend some clothes?" I asked. "I could, but I'm 6'4 and I outweigh you by almost 200lbs. You're only, like 5'9." "I don't mind. I can still wear something." Black Hulk rummaged in his luggage. "Here, try these," he told me after extracting a yellow, full-sleeved, shirt and black shorts. "I was going to give them to a lucky fan next Sunday. They're from my first ever Mr. O. win, when I was 380lbs. Sorry, that's the smallest item of clothing I've got." I went to his bathroom, and tried them on. They were definitely too big for me, even though I was a veritable bodybuilding specimen myself. But there was nothing better to wear. I adjusted the sleeves to fit on my body as well as possible, and came out of the bathroom. "This will have to do. Let's go." We hurried to the restaurant, which turned out to be a pizza place. The decor contained a few pictures of past Mr. Olympias. In the middle, there was a picture of Black Hulk from last year's contest, triumphantly flexing his left arm, a barely comprehensible basketball of power, and clutching the trophy with his right. Some of the other clients greeted the arrival of the man, who seemed so revered in this restaurant. The owner greeted us, too, and shook Black Hulk's hand. "Good to see you, Paul," the musclegod said to the owner. "This is Kris, and she is Chloe." "Nice to meet you all. Hope you enjoy my food! Today I've got the Black Hulk pizza. We usually serve it to a group of 6 to 8 people. If somebody of you eats it alone, he... or she... gets it for free!" "I accept the challenge," said Chloe promptly. "My, my, lady, you have a huge appetite," smiled Paul the restaurant owner. "Mind you, if you lose the challenge, you'll have to pay for the pizza. It's worth $80, but, since you're a friend of Black Hulk, I'll give you a discount." "She won't lose," said Black Hulk the person, grinning. "Me and Kris here will split another Black Hulk pizza. What do you say, Kris?" "That's fine by me," I said. "I guess we can manage that." "Cool. Two Black Hulks then! One of my servers will be right back in a moment with your pizzas!" He hurried to the kitchen. "Look, Chloe, bill's on me, so don't stress if you lose the challenge," the supermuscular hulk told Chloe, softly. "But, I'm rooting for you!" "I WILL win the challenge! I've never been so hungry! I swear if I don't have food in front of me in fifteen minutes, then I'll eat both of you alive!" She laughed at her own joke. She looked happy, and raring to go. I smiled at her joke. I was happy too. Today's events made me happy. I was grateful for today. In the space of a few hours, Black Hulk turned from a distant idol to a close friend, who gave me an incredible gift; the gift of massive muscle size. Actually, he gave me another gift: the gift of friendship. I looked at him, at that body, and smiled. Shit, looking at his magnificent, supermuscular, bulging body never gets old. My cock stirred in my pants. The pizzas soon arrive. They were indeed HUGE. They couldn't fit together on our table, so one of the servers combined another table close by to ours. The server bringing the pizzas was a girl. She gave one to Chloe and split the other one. "I'm Amanda, your server" said the girl. "I'll be making sure that none of you boys will be helping the lady with her challenge. Especially you, Black Hulk. Pleased to meet you, by the way. You are even bigger than the pictures suggest." "That's what everyone tells me. Pleased to meet you too, Amanda. I'll be a good boy; I won't help Chloe here in any way!" Black Hulk answered, winking at the girl. The moment her pizza was served in front of her, Chloe began wolfing it down. It was a bit hilarious, in a way, seeing this 145lbs, 5'7 woman eating such a huge pizza. Not only was the pizza huge, but it was also topped with lots of ingredients: pepperoni, minced meat, artichoke hearts, tomato, peas, onion, green pepper, olives, and, of course, cheese. Me and my impossibly-muscular friend started to eat ours. The pizza was, indeed, delicious. Chloe was on a mission, eating a quarter of the pizza before we had even eaten our first slice. She didn't say anything, just ate and ate and ate. Amanda, for her part, had her eyes transfixed on Black Hulk. His upper body bounced and flexed involuntarily as he ate the pizza. She saw the bulging pecs and arms, and swallowed hard. She went in a dream-like state, as if she was thinking about a raunchy situation - indeed, her face turned slightly red. "Amanda, you should keep your focus on Chloe here, you know..." the monumental musclegod told her, grinning. "Uh, yes, sure, sure, I'm completely focused on what she's doing," the girl stammered. But she really wasn't, of course. She was mesmerized by Black Hulk, the supermuscular god of male bodybuilding perfection. Chloe was already on the sixth slice of the 16-slice pizza. She had already eaten more than two person's worth of food. By contrast, I was on my third slice, and Black Hulk was on his second. I watched, fascinated. It looked like her dress was slightly tighter around her bosom and shoulders. While eating her eighth slice, there was the sound of tearing fabric. Chloe seemed not to notice, and continued eating. Glancing at her, I noticed that her dress had ripped slightly from her back. She continued to eat and eat, amid more tearing sounds of her clothes. Black Hulk only ate two slices, then said he ate enough. I managed to eat six slices; not bad, considering I had eaten so much only an hour before. Now, however, I was really full. We could only stare at Chloe eating her pizza and, seemingly unbeknownst to her, growing out of her clothes. Meanwhile, the server girl, Amanda, was barely noticing what was happening to Chloe either. She was still apparently daydreaming about Black Hulk's gigantic slabs of muscle being proudly displaying through his overstretched clothing. She couldn't stop staring at him. I saw her grinding her feet together. Wow, Black Hulk's effect on some people is so strong. But, really, I understand Amanda's reaction to him; after all, I had a similar reaction to him, and probably so did Chloe. Chloe was now two slices away from eating an entire Black Hulk pizza. Her eating rate was steady; she never once took a break. I understood better than anyone how she was doing it, since I went through the same thing a few hours before. People were now approaching our table to witness this busty 5'7 woman manage the feat set by the pizza owner. I noticed her arms were now not just toned, but there were clear biceps, and even triceps, where none were before. She was much wider, too, which was part of the reason why her dress was ripping from her back. Finally, she did it. The last morsel of the pizza was consumed. Everyone cheered. Hearing these sudden cheers, Amanda snapped to her senses, and congratulated Chloe. Sensing that her job was done, she hurried back to help with the other tables. "That's amazing, Chloe. You ate a pizza made for 8 people!" I enthused. "I... I'm still hungry. Can I eat what's left of your pizza?" she meekly uttered. I gasped. "Uh... sure, sure. That's okay with you too, right, Henk?" "Yeah, go ahead. Better not let it go to waste. I'll go to the bathroom in the meantime," said the immensely muscular man after which the pizza was named. Just then, Amanda came out with a tray of drinks for some other table, and noticed the enormous bodybuilder walking to the bathroom. She quickly served the table, then hurried to meet Black Hulk before he entered the restroom. He somehow was not surprised by her; he looked like he was actually waiting for her to meet him there. She entered a staff-only room and invited the huge musclehulk in. After a while, I decided to investigate. "What's taking Black Hulk so long? I'll go see if everything is okay," I told Chloe. Of course, I knew what was happening. I went outside the door marked 'Staff Only', and immediately I could hear moaning and heavy breathing, and an 'oh my god, you're fucking huge!'. Yeah, as I suspected, the black musclegod was making out with the waitress. I went back to my seat. Chloe was almost finished with her pizza. "You okay, Chloe?" I asked her. "Yes, Kris. I'm starting to be full. After eating this last pizza slice, I should be satiated" she said, happily. "You know that you grew, right?" I asked her, softly. "Yes, I know. I actually liked it. How my body was making my dress small. How it couldn't contain it. It felt so good. In fact, I WANTED to grow muscles." I was taken aback by this confession. Just then, Black Hulk came back, looking sprightly as usual. Amanda was close behind him, slightly red-faced, but smiling widely. I went next to my massively muscled friend. "Hey, I know what you did back there," I whispered in his ear. "Yeah, she wanted to see me without my T-shirt. I obliged. Then she grinded her pussy against my right quad until she orgasmed loudly. That's it," Black Hulk whispered back. "After what happened to you two, I'm more careful now," he continued. "Okay, I'm satisfied now!" said Chloe suddenly, chewing the last morsel of our pizza. "Thank you, Black Hulk, for the free pizza, it was delicious!" "Sure, Chloe. I guess it's time for us to go back to the hotel, then. Let's pay and leave," Black Hulk said. He winked at Amanda. She came quickly. He gave her a hundred dollar bill. Paul the restaurant owner came by, to make sure we were satisfied by the food. After assuring him that we indeed were, we left. It was late, almost midnight. Chloe's dress was barely managing to hold her visibly wider frame. I still had a million questions to ask Black Hulk. How did all of this happen? Was it true that he never went to the gym? How did he get so huge, then? Was he somehow affected by someone's cum, the way his cum affected me and Chloe? As I was pondering these things, Chloe suddenly turned to me and said, "Hey, Kris, uh, you have already gone through what I'm going through. Would you mind if you sleep in my room tonight? My room has a double bed, because they couldn't find me a room with a single bed. I... I just want to make sure that nothing happens to me, you know?" "Uh, sure, sure Chloe," I answered. Then, referring to the black, tall, musclebound bodybuilder, I continued "Good night, Black Hulk. And thank you. Today was the best day of my life." "You're welcome, buddy. See you tomorrow at 8. We have breakfast together, okay? And see you too, Chloe. I'll extend your stay a couple more nights, from my own money." And we parted ways. Chloe and I entered her room. It was almost identical to mine, except it had a double bed, as she said. Almost immediately, she removed her dress, shamelessly in front of me, and went in front of the mirror. She gasped at her new, muscular body. Actually, so did I. I'm gay, but this woman was packing so much muscle that this was actually turning me on. Then came a huge surprise. She turned round, removed her bra and her panties, and cooed, in a really sexy voice, "You've feasted your eyes on MY body. Now let me feast my eyes on that sexy bod of yours, Kris." ---------------- Chapter 5: Kris and Chloe Make Out I was taken aback. "Uh, Chloe... you know I'm gay, right?" "Tell that to the bulge between your legs, honey," she replied, pointing to my crotch. "Besides, I only wanted to see your body, not to fuck me." "Fair's fair," I said. And, with that, I removed my oversized shirt, and my shorts. These clothes had made me forget how massively muscular I had become. "Jesus, Kris, you're fucking massive." Chloe's jaws dropped. "You look even bigger than before." "Yes, that could be the case, since I ate almost half a pizza, rememb..." "Oh, shut up. I don't care. All I care about is being in this sea of bulging, sexy, thick, hard muscle." With that, she started feeling my traps, my shoulders, my pectorals. On every bodypart she felt, she moaned appreciatively. "Shit, you're built like a brick shithouse. You're so hot. You're making me so fucking horny," she murmured. This was an absolute first for me. Usually, I'm the person who says these kind of things to another man. This role reversal was unexpected. However, I felt horny, too. Really horny. This woman was turning me on so bad. Her hands traversed my abdominals, a six pack of ripped musculature, then my butt, composed of incredible, striated glutes. I slowly removed my pants. I had to. She smiled. "For a gayboy, you're really turned on right now," she laughed. "Shut up." I admit, I was hurt by her comment. "Good, I hurt your pride. That's what a real man..." she started, but I stopped her. I shoved my half-hard cock in her mouth, and forced her to suck it. Even though she was considerably strong, she was no match for my much bigger strength. "Mmmmmphmphmmphmmphmmppphh!" she complained. The more she struggled, the more turned on I got. Her eyes bugged out as my cock expanded in her mouth. Suddenly I was apprehensive, and let her go. She lashed out at me. "What the FUCK, Kris?" "I... I'm sorry, Chloe. I don't know what hit me. I swear..." "Shut up, silly. I actually LIKED that. A lot. I like it when you're rough. Hey, I can take a beating!" she smiled, as she flexed her biceps, turning them into considerable mountains of female musculature. "In fact," she continued, as she went down on her knees, "let me show you how much I liked that." She took my now hard cock in her mouth, and started to suck it, while her hands tugged at it with all her might. "God, oh GOD, yes, that's good, baby... so, so GOOD. Fuck, you're so good," I was murmuring non-stop. She disengaged her mouth. I was rock hard. My cock felt really huge and thick. Bigger than ever. Probably because it was. "Let's get to bed, honey," she cooed. We did. The double-bed creaked as it took the mass of our considerably developed bodies. I put a finger in her pussy. It was soaking wet. Chloe moaned, and bit her lower lip. "Let me be on top," Chloe whispered. "Let me ride you. I know, this must be strange for you. Sorry about earlier, calling you a gayboy. You're an incredibly handsome man with unreal muscles. You turn me on so bad. I say silly things when I'm turned on. Let me make it up to you." She plunged her soaking wet vagina on my superhard cock. It felt great. My cock felt like it was being sucked by a thousand tiny mouths. So this is what a pussy feels like, huh? I thought. Hmm, that doesn't feel half-bad. In fact, it feels fantastic. Chloe started to ride me. Her ample breasts bounced with each of her thrusts. I was never enamoured with female breasts at all, but now, they suddenly looked really hot. In fact, Chloe looked fucking hot, from head to toe. And not because she was a muscle beast. She was hot because she was a really, really sexy human being, like Black Hulk is, only in a very different way. Her moans got quicker and higher-pitched, as she neared orgasm. Wow, I thought, a woman is going to orgasm because of me? That's so hot. I saw her eyes roll backwards, then her mouth let out a really loud moan. She was in orgasmic bliss. She orgasmed hard. Her body shook all over. Her orgasm was long. It took, like, more than half a minute. All the while, she was convulsing in sexual delirium, and moaning, almost shouting, in delight. Now I'm not obviously an expert in fucking females, but I thought that this wasn't normal. Seeing her climaxing for so long because of me turned me on SOOO much, though. I couldn't believe it. My body, my power, my muscles, must have done this to her. What happened to me? Why am I fucking a woman? Why am I enjoying it so much? Before a few hours ago, my sexual fantasies always involved being with a huge, muscular guy fucking me from behind. Well, I still find that fucking hot. But now, my fantasies are also including people worshipping my muscles and sucking my long, thick, hard cock, which then fucks them hard until they orgasm uncontrollably. Yes, I want to fuck this super sexy, hot woman HARD. "Oh fuck, that orgasm was so intense... your cock is so good! God, that orgasm continued to roll and roll, like a wave... I never felt anything like it!" she enthused, when her orgasm finally subsided. "Now it's my turn, sexy!" I told her. I sat up and grabbed her from her ample back, making her huge breasts squish against my upper body. She was very muscular, but I was stronger, and could easily lift her entire body in this way if I wanted to. Then I started to fuck her, pushing my cock inside her moist pussy. She appeared to like this; her eyes closed and her mouth went slightly wide. I continue fucking her, upping my pace little by little. Soon I felt my orgasm nearing, and I started moaning, first slowly, then more frequently. She sensed my climax was near. "Shoot inside me, honey, gimme your sperm!" I did. And how. "Oh, fuck, FUCKKKK, OHHHHH I'm CUMMINGGG! OHH YESS, OHHH, OHHHHH... it's still going... OOOHHHHOOHHHOHHH SHIIITTT! Ohh god, GOD here it COMESS AGAIN HOLY SHITTT... OHH FUCKK IT'S NOT STOPPINGG! OH MY GODDDD! OHHHH GOD YESS!" I came buckets. My orgasm must have taken way more than half a minute, perhaps even a full minute. It felt so intense, so amazing, so pleasurable, so powerful. That was, undoubtedly, my most satisfying orgasm of my entire life, easily topping my three powerful orgasms I had with Black Hulk a few hours ago. "Holy fuck, that felt REALLY good! I also felt it, the orgasm coming in waves of sexual pleasure." I was almost laughing with pleasure. Chloe was also grinning widely. She disengaged my cock off her pussy. A pool of my hot, white cum poured out of her vagina. "You know, Kris, I thought 'here we go again' when you cummed inside me. Your orgasm felt very similar to Black Hulk's, both in duration and in intensity. But no, your cum was not absorbed inside me, like his did. That's... that's a relief, I guess." "It is," I confirmed. "I never came so much in my life, though. Not even close. Black Hulk must have given us more than one gift. It's not normal for your orgasms to take that long, right?" "No, it's not. It left me completely satisfied, though. It felt better than 10 of my usual multi-orgasms." Then, she looked at my body, again. "God, you're so hot. Your muscles are so thick, so bulging with power. You fucked me there like I weighed nothing to you. Even though I feel very strong myself, and weigh considerably more than an average woman." With that, she climbed out of the bed, and lifted the end of the bed, with myself on it, supporting the bed on only its two front legs. "Wow, girl. You ARE strong. I'm sure many men are incapable of doing that," I enthused. Chloe placed the bed back in its original position. "You know, that surprised even myself," she admitted. "Is there a scale here? I want to find my weight." "If this room is like mine, there should be one stowed away behind the corner of the room, near the door," I said. "Ah yes, there it is. Here goes nothing." She stepped on the scales. "180lbs. Wow, I gained 35lbs. Probably more, since this is my naked weight. Holy shit." "You know, Chloe, your body is not biologically possible," I suddenly said. "What do you mean?" "Your breasts are beautiful and large. So is your butt. On the other hand," I continued, "the rest of your body is completely devoid of fat. This is clear from how apparent are your muscles. Now, that's impossible, because, when females gain or lose fat..." "... they gain or lose it in their breasts, first," Chloe continued. "Precisely. In fact, many female bodybuilders look like men for exactly this reason. To make their muscles visible, they need to lose fat, and they end up literally without breasts. That's why some of them resort to plastic surgery to augment their breasts back. But you... your breasts are enormous, and are mostly fat, and your hips are still very female-like. That's... biologically impossible." "Another gift from Black Hulk?" "Probably. Man, I have so many questions to ask him tomorrow." I then climbed on the scales myself. "Hmm... 270lbs. I gained 10lbs from the pizza restaurant." "You know, I think I'm ready for another round of powerful sex," teased Chloe, as she rubbed my back, feeling its rippling, muscular power. And we spent the rest of the night fucking, fucking and then fucking some more. * * * My phone woke me up. It was 7:30am. Yesterday was a great day. I met two incredibly beautiful persons. I fucked them hard. The sex felt incredible, way better than the sex I perform in my porn movies. They grew after I fucked them. That's weird; that never happened with any of the porn actors. Maybe because I never orgasm inside porn actors - that's strictly prohibited in my contract. Let's hope they don't ask too many questions about that. I stretched my monstrous, black arms and climbed out of the bed. I hope Chloe and Kris wake up in time. You see, I asked the receptionist to extend Chloe's stay for two more nights before I slept yesterday, from my own money. The receptionist rejected the offer, because her room was already booked for today by somebody else. However, he arranged that Chloe switch to my room, so that it becomes a two-person room from a one-person room. I accepted this change - after all, it's cheaper too. So, after asking the receptionist for her room number, I went to tell her the news. However, I heard moans of sexual pleasure when I arrived at her door. She was probably having sex with Kris. So I decided to tell her the news when we meet for breakfast tomorrow. Suddenly, my cellphone rang. "Hello?" "Hi, is this Mr. Henk Kuria?" "Yes, speaking." "Good morning, Mr. Kuria. I'm Tony Halep from the IFBB. You have been chosen for a random doping test ahead of your participation in the Mr. Olympia contest this weekend." "Uh, okay, and what does that... entail, exactly?" I asked. "We'll need you to provide a urine sample by noon today." Shit. That's bad news. Like, really, really terrible news. "Hello? Mr. Kuria? Are you still there?" "Yes, yes, uh, Mr. ... Halep." "We can collect the sample from backstage, don't worry. The prejudging starts at 7pm, as you know, but I'm sure you were going to be here earlier... unless you do a no-show like you did yesterday for the press conference." "Uh, yes, Mr. Halep... I'll be there... at noon," I stammered. "Good. See you then, Mr. Kuria." "Uh, see you." And the line went dead. "Shit, I'm in trouble. Better wake up the others." I said to myself. I dressed quickly, feeling my monstrous, black, hyper muscles stretch the T-shirt and shorts to their limits. I paused... shit, the clothes hugging my huge muscles always feels so good. Then I hurried to Chloe's room, and knocked on her door. "Chloe, Kris, wake up. It's me, Henk." No response. I knocked harder. "Chloe! Kris! It's 8 in the morning. We need to have breakfast together, remember?" Still no response. "Come on, Kris! Chloe! Anyone! Wake up!" as I banged on the door, hoping for someone to wake up. Well, I must have hit on the door a bit too powerfully, because it suddenly gave way, and it fell into their room with a loud bang! The sound was deafening, but, strangely, whoever was inside did not budge. I decided to enter. "Kris? Chloe?" But there was no one there. Then I looked at the door, flat on the ground. There was a number written on it: 427. "Shit, I'm on the wrong floor, I should be on the fifth!" And, with that, I ran the stairs to the fifth floor, and double-checked that I was in front of the right room. 527. Good. I knocked on the door. "Chloe! Kris! Wake up! It's me, Henk." No response. "Come on, Kris, Chloe, please." Then I heard Chloe. "Uuuhhhh... can't we sleep a little more... we're tired." "It's 8 in the morning. Come on. We need to have breakfast soon." The door opened. Chloe was still naked. Her body was perfectly muscular and curvy. She was, simply, a goddess. I never saw another woman as muscular as her, not even among the female pros. At the same time, her figure was sexier than any female pornstar I fucked. She was stunningly hot and massively muscular at the same time. I entered, and closed the door quickly. A massive stink greeted me... the stink of dry cum. "Fuck... did you... holy shit, you both stink of cum." "We do. But we're gonna shower quickly," said Kris, as he woke up. He, too, was naked. He looked gloriously handsome and muscular. Certainly the second biggest muscleman in the world, second only to me. His cock rivalled mine in terms of size. "Good to see you, Black Hulk." "Wow, Kris. And I swore you were gay." "I was. But have you seen Chloe? I mean, holy shit. She's, like, perfection incarnate." "She is. And, so are you, you know." I said. "All thanks to you, man. You still haven't told us how you did it." "I'll tell you today. But first, can you shower quickly? And no more sex, for now, please. Although, admittedly, you do look like a sex god and a sex goddess." "Yeah, let's shower. But we need to buy some clothes that fit us," said Chloe, as she entered the shower. Kris followed her, and they showered and rubbed each other's bodies with soap. This, of course, turned them on considerably. They started to touch each other's sexual organs. But then they decided enough was enough for that day. They turned off the shower and stepped outside, drying in the towels. "Guys, I have a problem." I confessed. "Long story short, I need to provide a urine sample by noon." "Yeah, so? We have ample time to have breakfast, go shopping for clothes, and then go to the contest by noon," said Kris while drying off his huge muscles. "You don't understand... I cannot give a urine sample!" I told them. "Uh... why not? You didn't take... drugs, didn't you?" Chloe said, as she dried her ample breasts. "So THAT's what you didn't want to tell us, huh?" "No, no, of course I didn't," I said. "You took a diuretic this morning. Right? Is that it? Honestly, these diuretics rules are bullshit," Kris mused. "It's not that, either." "Then, what is it?" they asked, together. "Because... because I haven't urinated for the past three and a half years." ---------------- Chapter 6: The Origin of Black Hulk (Three and a half years ago.) I met Chitundu a few weeks ago. He was tall and handsome, with a nice, ripped body. I was actually slightly taller, at 6'4, but I was skinny, and weighed only 155lbs. But he liked me. We were a gay couple, in a country, Kenya, where being gay is punished harshly. I've heard of a friend going to 10 years imprisonment because they caught him having sex with another man. Another gay couple were beaten to death. Indeed, that gay couple was us. We were enjoying ourselves, in a barn. After rubbing each other's bodies and turning each other on, Chitundu penetrated my ass. It felt great, being fucked by my soulmate. But then, suddenly, the barn door burst open, and four men, armed with sticks and tree branches, started beating us left right and centre. They insulted us, calling us things like 'filthy pigs', 'homos', and 'nasty animals' as we succumbed to their beatings. Soon, I lost consciousness. When I came to, I was still in the barn, covered in blood. I tried to move, but it ached horribly. They must have broken a few of my bones. I tried to see if Chitundu was there with me. Somehow, I managed to spot him. He was motionless. "Chitundu! Chitundu!" I called him, weakly. But he didn't respond. "Help! Help us! Please! We were assaulted! Help!" I tried shouting, but my voice was feeble. I was trying hard to stay conscious, but I drifted away again. When I woke up, I found myself on a bed, in a make-shift clinic. I was alone. Somebody must have found us, and took us to some kind of hospital. I had bandages all over. "Hello? Hello?" I called. Soon, a white man dressed in white overalls came in. "Oh, you're up, thank God," he said, in an American accent. "What's your name?" "Henk. I'm Henk." I answered. "Do you have family?" "No, I don't. My parents were both from Kenya, although my Dad had Dutch ancestors. My family died in the polio plague, though, a few years ago. I live with Chitundu, the other guy. Who are you?" "You're in very bad shape," he said, ignoring my question. "You've got a broken arm, a broken leg, and at least three broken ribs. You also have countless bruises and cuts, some of which are infected, and others starting to get infected. Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary tools and equipment here to mend you adequately." "Where am I? Where's Chitundu? And who are you?" I asked him. "That's not important right now. What's important is that you're safe here, for the time being. I'll soon try an experimental cure on you. It's the only way you can heal completely, but it's never been tested on anyone." "Wait, I don't want an experimental cure!" I cried. "It's either this, or you die by the end of the week," the white guy in white overalls said firmly. "Okay, okay then. Please, I don't want to die. I've only just turned 20." "If you believe in my methods, you won't die, Henk. Trust me," the white man said, smiling faintly. "Now, I'll soon administer a rectal suppository." "What's that?" "It's medicine that is administered through your rectum... your... butthole," the mysterious white man said. "This is very modern, cutting-edge technology. I travelled from America to Kenya because my studies show that Kenyans' DNA should accept this medicine better than the DNA of any other person coming from a different country." He paused, then told me, "I need you to help me turn you over." With a lot of pain and suffering, I managed to do a quarter-turn. "That's enough. Thank you, Henk," as he produced a bullet-sized device. He quickly literally shoved it in my butt. My butt muscles accepted the device, and it was inside me. Suddenly, I started spasming uncontrollably. Each spasm was really painful, due to my broken ribs. I started shouting frantically in pain. But, after a while, the pain started to subside. Eventually, after about ten minutes of spasming, the pain had disappeared completely, and the spasms soon stopped. "How do you feel now, Henk?" the white man asked. I turned around to face him. "Much better. The pain is gone completely. In fact, I think I've never felt better." "Good, Henk, I'm glad. The experimental medicine was a success. It should have mended all your broken bones, and healed you completely." I started touching my arm, my leg, my torso. No pain at all. "Wow, it must have! It just works... just like that?" "Yes, just like that. That's the miracle of science," he said, smiling. "I'll need to keep you here for some more tests, but the initial impressions look very encouraging." I suddenly remembered my friend. "Where's Chitundu?" I asked again. The man in the white overalls sighed. "I'm sorry, Henk. He's... gone." I started crying. I lost the only acquaintance I had. "I'm really sorry," the white man tried to console me. "I couldn't do anything for him. He was already dead when I found both of you." Then I felt it. A big stomach rumble. I clutched my stomach. "Do you have something to eat... uh... Doctor?" I asked, amid tears still rolling down my eyes. "I'm hungry." "Sure. In fact, I have something better," the man in the white overalls said. "I predicted that you should feel really hungry after the medicine has performed its... uhm... magic. So I'm going to give you food through a pipe from your nose to your stomach. I'll be monitoring you, don't worry." The man motioned to a large tank, which, apparently, contained food in liquid form, and drew a thin pipe out of it. I winced slightly as the pipe got through my nose, but it wasn't that bad. The man in the white overalls switched on the tank, and that was that. "I'll be in the next room. Please, for your own safety and well-being, do not leave the room. Even more importantly, under no circumstances should you remove the pipe from your nose," the mysterious man said. "Thanks, doc, for saving my life," I told him. He smiled faintly, and left. I tried to be motionless, but soon I was getting bored. Even though I was still naked, I was, at least, covered by a white bedsheet. I started feeling a bit awkward in certain positions, so I tried to shift my body to be more comfortable. After a little while longer, I was feeling... more built? My arms were not twigs anymore, but were getting a bit more manly. My pectorals weren't practically non-existent anymore, but were filling up nicely. My stomach, which was a washboard, was now getting slight hints of abdominal muscle. I was growing muscle, at a steady pace. This wasn't stopping, either. I was getting bigger and bigger. I shifted my legs a bit further away, because they were thicker and were hitting my balls. This felt really good. My arms were now quite thick, and my biceps were now much more prominent. My pectorals were big and strong. At this point, I thought I was as big as Chitundu. But my growth did not stop. Even my bedsheets now took a different shape, due to my bulging muscles beneath them. "This feels so good," I said to myself. I felt my cock getting bigger. I was getting turned on. I started to slowly stroke it, under the bedsheets. I was surprised how huge it felt. I moaned softly to myself, as my strokes became faster. All the while, my muscles were still getting bigger and bigger; I was as big as a fitness trainer now. "God, I'm gonna cum!" I murmured to myself, so turned on by my own expanding body. And cum I did. An orgasm that soaked up my bedsheets completely, that lasted at least half a minute. I must have been moaning really loudly, because, mid-way through my orgasm, the man in the white labcoat returned, alarmed. "Oh, my, you're masturbating!" he said. "That's a relief... I thought you were moaning in pain. Oh my, that's an astonishing amount of semen... I've never seen anything like that in my life. Wow." The white man's jaw dropped. Then, when my climax had finished, he said, "Let me change your bedsheets." I had, indeed, finally done blasting cum, but I was still growing muscles. I sat up on the bedside, naked, with my increasingly muscular body now plainly visible. The man in white was shocked. "What is happening here? This is an unexpected side-effect," he said, more to himself than to myself. He hurried to change my bedsheets, and I covered myself again. "Sorry I masturbated. But, my growing muscles... feel so good," I said. "Tell me, Henk, are you still hungry?" the white man asked me. "Yes. Still hungry." "Okay. Try not to masturbate until the machine finishes its job, okay?" "Okay, doc," I sheepishly said. "By the way, my name is James, and I'm actually a molecular biologist." And, he left. I was getting turned on again. But, I resisted the urge of touching my dick. My muscles were still getting bigger. My biceps now looked as big as volleyballs. Touching them, they felt amazingly powerful and hard. My pecs were like two sacks of gravel. It was like somebody was pumping them up, inflating them like balloons. Except they were hard as diamonds, not soft and squishy. My abdominals were like six... no, eight, perfectly-placed, hard bricks. My thighs were like monstrous barrels. I was wider, too, to the point that my shoulders and biceps couldn't fit under the bedsheet anymore. Finally, my hunger was abating. James, the molecular biologist, or so he claimed to be, returned. "Hello, Henk. Everything alright?" "More than alright. I feel like a god," I truthfully answered. He switched off the machine, and removed the pipe off my nose. Almost all the liquid food inside the machine was gone. I had somehow absorbed all of that food inside me, during the past hour or so. "That's it, then. Good as new. Literally," James said. "I wish I'd keep you a little more while I do a few tests on you, to see exactly what caused this... muscular side-effect, and if other side-effects manifest themselves in due time." "Sure. I don't have anywhere to go now. Might as well stay here. And I don't have any clothes, either, so it's useless to leave," I said, matter-of-factly. James not only did a few tests on me, but treated me like a son. He bought me clothes and brought me meals. Another side-effect he noticed was that I never urinated or defecated anymore. It seemed like any food and drink intake was being completely used to sustain my body, to grow bigger muscles and to produce sperm - a lot of sperm, for that matter. He also noticed that I did not have a single hair below my neck. Looking at my skin under a microscope, he noticed that I had no hair follicles at all, from my neck downwards. His medicine must be completely focused on improving my body all the time, and it had no reasons to produce by-products like body hair and feces, he theorized. Once he was finished with his experiments, he proposed that I fly to America with him. Since I had no family in Kenya, I gladly accepted. My passport and visa took a little while to be issued, but, finally, me and James were in America. I started working in construction. My workmates were astonished by my strength and muscles. I could lift stuff with one arm that required the strength of two men. One of my workmates, Steve, was gay. He once literally threw himself on my body while I was showering. I fucked him and came all over his body. That was the first time I was the one doing the fucking, rather than being on the receiving end of a fuck. It felt so good. Steve loved it, too; he told me he was never so turned on in his life. This 'love affair' continued for a little while. After earning a bit of money, I could afford living in an apartment alone. It was hard leaving James, after what he has done to me. James understood, but asked to keep in touch. I agreed. People stared at me wherever I went. Once, a lady stopped me while walking outside my apartment, and asked me where I worked out. I told her that I didn't. "Jesus, you've got crazy genetics, honey. You should become a pro bodybuilder!" she suggested. "Bodybuilder? What's that?" I asked, curiously. The lady was surprised. Then she told me, "Google it, honey. You'll know." A minute later, she was inside my apartment, and I was fucking her senseless. She orgasmed several times, and I erupted my dick's contents all over her naked, curvy body. It was at this point that I realized that I was not necessarily gay, but that women turned me on, too. Especially women who literally drooled over my incredible, mountainous, enormously muscular black body. I did follow her suggestion. Pictures of men and women with huge muscles emerged off Google. But none had muscles bigger than mine. I dwarfed even the biggest, most muscular bodybuilder. I learnt that there were contests for bodybuilders. The most prestigious one was called 'Mr. Olympia'. I decided to take part. The IFBB were shocked by my size, so they decided to throw me in as a wildcard. Guess what: I won the contest, beating 9-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath comprehensively, coming literally from nowhere. People started calling me 'Black Hulk', and it stuck. I became an overnight sensation. I did magazine photo shoots, interviews, documentaries... the list goes on and on. I even starred in a movie cameo. People couldn't get enough of my size. They couldn't believe that I was a 6'4, 380lbs supermuscular man with only 4% bodyfat. Men and women, young and old; everyone wanted to know about me, or drool over my hypermuscular body, or both. The photo shoots exposed something else about me: my dick, apparently, was much bigger than average. This prompted some porn houses to call me, asking if I would consider being a pornstar. I told them I'd do it, for the right price. And so my first porn movie was born, where I fucked this woman with an outrageously big, but fake, ass, called Lela Star. The camerapersons were astonished at my stamina, and how my cock stayed hard throughout the whole shoot, without me needing to take breaks or taking substances to keep my penis hard. Lela Star later confessed with me that it was the first time that she orgasmed for real, on set. I took that as a big compliment. Two hours after the porn flick shoot, I was fucking her again, in her house. My sexual stamina was insatiable; I could perform amazing sex after only half an hour of having my cum erupting from my huge dick. After the success of my first porn movie, more and more porn producers asked for my services, including gay companies. I accepted the gay porn acts too, automatically revealing to the world that I was bisexual. The IFBB called me after this, telling me that my bisexual lifestyle was 'damaging their reputation'. I told them, with contempt and disgust, that, apparently, the fact that Mr. Olympia is a pornstar does not damage the IFBB's reputation, but the fact that Mr. Olympia fucks other men does. Year after year, I continued to grow bigger muscles, albeit at a slower pace. On average, I was gaining 20lbs of muscle every year. And in 2023, as a 6'4, 440lbs ultramuscular bodybuilder, I walked in this hotel to participate in my fourth Mr. Olympia contest. * * * I ended up withdrawing from the contest, and resigning from the IFBB as a professional bodybuilder with immediate effect. That was the first thing that Chloe had to do as my spokesperson: announcing that I was not going to produce a urine sample and withdrawing from the contest, citing lack of transparency in doping tests. As a former journalist, she knew what kind of questions journalists ask, and she handled the press brilliantly. I was enormously proud of her. Although maybe, some of the journalists could have also been a little intimidated by this muscular spokeswoman... An uproar ensued, with people furious about having bought tickets for the Mr. O. to see me in action, only to see me announce my withdrawal. Most of them blamed the IFBB for their hypocritical way in which they do doping tests. In order to calm down the situation, I suggested that I could do a free posing routine after all the contestants do theirs, a routine which did not have anything to do with the contest; it was just a bit of entertainment for the public. The IFBB liked this idea, and, after negotiating the right price, I agreed to do it. I got Kris with me, backstage, of course, to 'rub oil' on my massive, bulging, huge muscles. Kris wasn't out of place among these contestants at all; he was easily as big as the biggest Mr. O. contestant there. Mamdouh Elssbiay, who most people called 'Big Ramy', came over and expressed sadness at what happened to me. He also congratulated Kris on his physique. I sincerely wished him all the best during the contest. "You know," he told me, "thanks to your withdrawal, I'm really in with a shot this year. But I'm not sure if I'll win it next year, if Kris here decides to participate." Long story short, Big Ramy did end up winning that Mr. Olympia contest for the first time. In so doing, the Mr. Olympia trophy was transferred from an African man to another African. But the plaudits went for me. The audience erupted in applause when I set foot on stage, and shouted 'Black Hulk, Black Hulk' repeatedly in support. Chloe suggested to wear my posing pants a little lower than usual, to reveal juuuuust a little cock, to spite the IFBB. After all, I was doing this just for fun, not to compete. The audience loved it. I wowed them with my physique as much as I could. As I was leaving the stage, the audience erupted and wanted more. I got back to the stage and did my customary bicep pose where my bicep inflates bigger and bigger and BIGGER. Some of the audience audibly gasped at the impossible size of my flexed bicep. Then I left the stage, this time for good. When I returned to the hotel, I was informed that the security cameras on the fourth floor detected a person of my size ripping off the door of room number 427... ---------------- Epilogue It's been four years since that Mr. Olympia contest; since Kris and Chloe received 'the gift', as we started calling it. I grew even bigger since then. Still at 6'4, I now weigh 500lbs of solid, massive, freaky, black muscle beef. I settled down with Chloe and Kris, and we three live together in my apartment. They are both incredible human specimens in their own right, not just physically, but also emotionally and, why not, sexually too. So I thought, why not? My job is now full time as a porn actor, sometimes even shooting 'amateur' footage with Kris, Chloe, or both. Life is good. Kris is now a superhuman god of muscle development. Incredibly, even though he's only 5'9, which is more than half a foot less than I'm tall, he weighs a scale-crushing 510lbs of incomprehensible slabs of immense muscle - 10lbs MORE than I do. His secret? Well, he still eats well and goes to the gym regularly - unlike me. His muscle development is really insane. The Internet calls him 'Blond Hulk', and I find it quite appropriate. Due to how much shorter Blond Hulk is than I am, his muscles appear much, much bigger than mine. Of course, sex with him is as insanely hot as his muscles, if not more. Recently, he fucked me, rather than vice-versa, and then I fucked him back. It's good to finally have someone with the necessary muscle to fuck Black Hulk; I kinda missed the feeling of being fucked from behind. Kris never competed as a professional bodybuilder, partly because the IFBB dissolved itself a year ago. More on that later. Chloe is also an incredible muscle specimen. She now weighs 225lbs, which, on her 5'7 frame, is really quite a sight to behold. Her muscles are really dense - probably denser than mine or Kris'. She's still got two magnificent orbs of breastflesh jutting out of her pecs, and her biologically impossible hourglass figure is still definitely eye-turning. She's still my spokesperson - now for my porn endeavours, though. People call her 'Curvy She-Hulk' online... I kinda like it! Of course, our lives does not revolve solely into having just us three as sex partners, fucking each other. Part of why we're in this porn business is our extremely sexual lifestyle. We cannot do otherwise; 'the gift' forces us to have frequent sex, or, at the very least, masturbate often. When Kris, Chloe or I go out to eat alone, or go to buy some new clothes, or whatever, it's not unusual that one of us picks some hot guy or girl and give him or her a bit of sexual bliss. If we really like the person, Kris or I ensure that we orgasm inside their pussy, or butthole, thus giving that person 'the gift', slowly turning them into a veritable god or goddess - just like I did to Kris and Chloe four years ago. Interestingly, we recently discovered that Chloe can also give 'the gift' to her sexual partners. It turns out that her ample breasts ooze out a liquid when she's sexually excited, which, when drunk by a person in the right amounts, gives 'the gift' to that person. This allows Chloe, like us, to give 'the gift' to both sexes. We three are, of course, all bisexual. Indeed, that's one other side-effect of 'the gift', we learned - it turns that person bisexual, no matter what sexual orientation he or she leaned to prior to receiving 'it'. Slowly, 'the gift' started to become more widespread. People receiving 'the gift' - which we started calling 'gifters' - of course, fucked other people, due to their heightened sexual desires, spreading 'the gift' like wildfire. Many people, males and females, started becoming hugely muscular humans literally overnight. The professional bodybuilders training night and day in the gym simply couldn't compete anymore. This prompted the IFBB to dissolve bodybuilding as a sport for good. Moreover, the ideal female body perceived by the world at large slowly started shifting to the one that Chloe, and all female 'gifters', possessed. And James? We did decide to meet James, to ask him to study the process of how 'the gift' works. While doing so, James became totally obsessed with Chloe's incredible beauty, and - long story short - he received 'the gift' himself from her. One aspect of 'the gift' that was puzzling James was pregnancy - or lack of. The amount of semen produced by male 'gifters' was about 10 times as much as normal males did, and female 'gifters' had the perfect, ideal vaginal shape to accommodate these males. Moreover, the sperm count of male 'gifters' was astonishingly high, at around 800 to 1000 million sperms per millilitre, with close to 100% rapid progressive sperm motility. Female 'gifters', on the other hand, ovulated more frequently than non-'gifters', and did not have periods. In spite of all this, it seemed like male 'gifters' were incapable of impregnating female 'gifters' at all. After studying this anomaly for long, James finally managed to crack this mystery too. Incredibly, male 'gifters' couldn't impregnate female 'gifters' alone; there needed to be the semen of TWO different male 'gifters' in the vagina of a female 'gifter' for pregnancy to happen. This was confirmed to be true when me and Kris impregnated Chloe the same night that James made this discovery. Our family is expecting our first child; the first child in the entire world that will have two Dads and one Mum. Will we tell the story of our child, and of our future children, in the future? Who knows... time will tell. THE END
  3. * FINALLY FINISHED * This Chapter is the very first one with NONE of the JP story in it at all, but I will fill a gap in Chapter 21: between JP and Matt's workout at JP's house and heading to the park to meet Andrew and his friends. Once JP and Matt were done playing football with Andrew, Mike and Carrie, they decided to get changed before having supper at JP's house with his parents and Matt's mom. "Matt and I brought a change of clothes with us," JP said, as he and Matt held up their backpacks. "But I'm guessing that you three left your good clothes back at your hotel." "Yes we did JP," Andrew said, "But I brought a Washington Area map with me so that we could find our way here from our hotel." He unfolded the map on his truck hood and pointed to the pink line that went along the roads from the Comfort Inn Pentagon City to Burke Lake Park. He handed JP a pink highlighter and added, "All you have to do now JP is trace the route from here to your house on the map." "Why did you choose a pink highlighter to mark the map with Andrew?" JP asked him with a slight frown. "It's the only colour that wasn't already on the map, so it will stand out," Andrew replied. "I didn't pick that colour to make a crack at you and Matt, if that's what you're thinking." "Actually I was for an instant Andrew," JP conceded, lowering his eyes to the map to hide his embarrassment at being wrong. Then he looked back up at Andrew and added, "I'm sorry about that man." "Don't you know me better than that JP?" Andrew asked him with a hurt look on his face. "I'd never make fun of someone else's choice of partners! I'm not your brother Ryan you know!" "Yeah I do know that Andrew, but I'm just really nervous about anyone else finding out about me and Matt," JP revealed in a very soft voice. Andrew leaned closer to make sure he could hear everything JP was about to say. As he continued tracing the route to his house and filled in the address, he added, "With all the people who have found out today: Matt's mom, you and Carrie, I don't know how much longer we can keep the secret from getting out." "Well don't worry JP, I won't tell anyone: certainly not your parents at dinner tonight," Andrew promised him. "You can trust me like a brother; I hope you know that." "I do Andrew," JP assured him, breathing a big sigh of relief. He set down the highlighter after he finished tracing the route to his house: which was in the subdivision north of the park. "Now, onto a different subject Andrew." His big friend nodded in agreement and stood up to his full height. "As you can see from the map Andrew, my house is in the triangle formed by Burke Lake Road, the Fairfax County Parkway and Ox Road." "I have eyes JP!" Andrew teased him. JP looked up from the map and grinned as he saw Andrew smiling at him. "You know Andrew, even with the map highlighted, you might have a hard time finding my house without my help. Why don't Matt and I follow you guys back to your hotel in his car. Then all you'll have to do is follow me back to my house." "Good idea man," Andrew agreed, looking at his watch. "It's 3 pm now; what time are your parents expecting us for supper?" "5:30," JP replied. "Let's go back to your hotel where we can all get changed. Then Matt and I can show you three around the Springfield Mall and our other favourite hangouts before we head back to my house for supper." "Good ideas JP," Andrew said. "Let's go," he added, folding up the map and opening the driver's door of his truck. Carrie got into the passenger seat and Mike got into the back seat. Everyone closed their doors and wound down their windows. JP stood beside Andrew's window and said, "You lead the way to your hotel Andrew; I'll be right behind you." Andrew smirked at his choice of words. "I didn't mean it that way Andrew!" JP chuckled, feeling his face turn red with embarrassment. "But I'll expect you to be right behind me when we leave your hotel!" "Funny man JP, but I'm a giver, not a taker!" Andrew laughed, hoping to ease JP's embarrassment. His ploy worked as he saw the redness fade from JP's face. "Let's see if you can keep up with me," Andrew bragged, proving that JP wasn't the only one who could use double meanings. JP laughed as he headed to his car and Andrew started his engine. Once JP and Matt got into his car, Andrew pulled out of the parking lot and onto Ox Road. He turned right onto Burke Lake Road and headed northeast towards the intersection with Braddock Road. JP stayed right behind him as they headed northeast, passing a few houses on their left side. "I just thought of something Andrew," Carrie said suddenly. Andrew looked over at her briefly and saw her looking very thoughtful. He waited for a few seconds for her to speak and then prompted her, "Well don't keep it to yourself Carrie, unless it's something I shouldn't know." "It is something you should know, but JP forgot to tell us," Carrie said. "What's that?" Andrew asked her. "JP never told us if his parents know we're coming for supper or how much they know about us," Carrie replied. "I'm sure he asked them if we could come over for supper, but you're right: we don't know what he told them about us," Andrew realized. "I wonder if JP let them know that he thinks of me as his honorary big brother." "I don't know Andrew, but we should ask him when we get back to our hotel," Carrie decided. After about ten minutes, Andrew turned right onto Braddock Road and headed east towards the Capitol Beltway: specifically Interstate 495. "Hey JP, Andrew's taking Braddock Road towards the Beltway: a route we know very well," Matt said. "Yeah and he seems to know where he's going, probably because he highlighted the route from his hotel to the park," JP informed him. "He's probably back-tracking." He noticed Matt looking confused, so he elaborated, "He's retracing his route back to his hotel." Matt nodded in understanding as JP mentally kicked himself for forgetting that his boyfriend wasn't a genius like him. After another couple of minutes, the ramps of the Capitol Beltway came into view and Andrew took the southbound ramp of Exit 54B onto I-495. "Now we head south to Exit 57, which we will take onto Interstate 395 northbound," Carrie informed him, looking down at the map in her lap. "Thanks Carrie," Andrew said, keeping his eyes on the interstate traffic as he carefully merged with it. "This traffic is really heavy; it's worse than driving on the 401 in Toronto!" "Don't tell me that you're nervous Andrew!" Carrie teased him, trying to put him at ease. "You can flatten linebackers effortlessly in football games! Is my huge muscular man scared of a few little cars that he could probably overturn with no effort at all?" "Ok Carrie, I know what you're doing, and it's working," Andrew laughed. "Thank you for helping me relax; I'll have to reward you for that later." "How about we shower together back at the hotel and you can show me how grateful you are," Carrie suggested with a sexy smile. "Okay Carrie, but don't distract me too much with sex talk on this busy highway," Andrew ordered her. He smirked as he noticed her staring at his crotch and then swiftly caught her hand as she reached for the waistband of his gym shorts. "Don't even think about giving me Road Head Carrie; it would be too dangerous in this traffic!" Mike burst out laughing from the backseat and Andrew glared at him in the rear view mirror. "Shut up man; you're not helping!" "It's your fault for speaking your thoughts Andrew, when you should have kept them inside your head!" Mike chuckled. Carrie burst out laughing at his choice of words and Andrew finally cracked a smile: realizing that they had teamed up to make him relax. "Okay guys, it worked: I'm relaxed now," Andrew assured them. "Are you happy now?" "I'll only be happy when I can feel the soft touch of my big man in the shower," Carrie informed him. "You won't have long to wait for that Carrie, as long as you keep your eyes on the road so that we don't miss our exit," Andrew reminded her. Carrie smiled as she looked back at the road and imagined all the fun she and Andrew would have in their hotel shower later. Once JP's car and Andrew's truck got to the intersection of I-495 and I-395, they turned onto I-395 and took it northeast towards Alexandria, passing the Landmark Mall and skirting the northern Edge of the city. They finally reached Andrew's hotel at the Glebe Road exit and pulled into the parking lot. "There now, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Andrew asked as he got out of his truck. "Whatever you say 'Mr Scott,'" JP laughed, recognizing Andrew's quote from Relics: a Star Trek Next Generation Episode. "So, now that we're here which rooms should Matt and I shower and get changed in?" "Mike's room," Andrew replied. "Carrie and I are going to have fun together alone in our hotel room." He glanced over at Carrie with a suggestive smirk, and she returned it with one of her own. Then Andrew turned back to JP and said, "Let's go upstairs now and we'll meet in the lobby in half an hour." JP nodded in agreement as he and Matt followed Andrew into the lobby and up the stairs to his room. "Were you afraid that our combined weight would be too much for the elevator Andrew?" JP asked him with a joking grin. "No JP!" Andrew laughed. "I just figured that star athletes like us don't take the elevator. That's something lazy people would do!" JP laughed as Mike opened the door and waved to Andrew as he and Matt followed Mike inside. "Alone at last Carrie," Andrew said, picking Carrie up effortlessly and taking her into his room. He closed the door with his free hand and began kissing Carrie softly as they headed into the bathroom. "I hope you're going to do more than kiss me Big Man," Carrie teased him with a sexy smile. "I'll hug you as well Carrie," Andrew promised her. "I want you to fondle me," Carrie ordered him. "Maybe later Carrie; I don't want to risk hurting you and the shower is going to be awfully slippery once it's all wet," Andrew reminded her, turning it on. "And so will you Andrew; I'll make sure of that!" Carrie chuckled. "Well then, you'd better start right now Carrie," Andrew decided, making sure the bathroom door was closed. He smirked as Carrie struggled to take off his skintight t-shirt. "What's the matter Carrie: is my t-shirt too tight for you to get off?" "Yes it is Andrew, so I'll let you do it," Carrie chuckled, as Andrew peeled off his t-shirt. "I'll have to figure out some other way to make you happy." "I certainly will be if you keep doing what you're doing Carrie," Andrew assured her, as she began fondling his massive pecs and eight-pack abs. "You mean if I keep doing you," Carrie suggested with a sexy smirk as her soft hands continued to explore his massive muscles. "I don't think that would be a good idea Carrie, at least not until we're both legally consenting adults," Andrew said seriously. Carrie nodded in agreement, not knowing the real reason Andrew was reluctant to have sex with her: he was afraid he would hurt her with his great size and strength. "I'll just keep massaging your massive muscles Big Man." "Yeah Carrie, you've waited since this morning to worship my massive muscles, haven't you?" Andrew asked her with a cocky smirk. "Yeah I have Big Man," Carrie replied, closing her eyes in pleasure as Andrew gently massaged her face and neck. She quivered in anticipation as Andrew bent down and gently kissed her. As his massive arms came gently around her slender frame, Carrie felt tears running down her face. "I love you so much Andrew, and it only grows deeper the more intimate we become!" "Well don't worry Carrie, I'll make sure it gets better each time," Andrew promised her, gently wiping her tears of happiness off her face. "I look forward to it Andrew, and it will be great when we go all the way: hopefully before Christmas," Carrie hoped. Andrew smiled and nodded: feeling nervous about having sex with Carrie for the first time, but only because he was afraid that he would accidentally hurt her with his great strength. Knowing how irresistible his massive muscles were for her, Andrew no longer had any doubts about performing up to and beyond Carrie's expectations. For the next 20 minutes, Andrew and Carrie fondled, hugged and kissed as they had their shower. Then they got changed into their clothes for dinner. They made sure they had their ID and US money and then stepped out into the hallway, locking the door behind them. "Oh, no one to meet us," Andrew said, as he noticed that the other three were not out of their hotel room yet. "Good, that means they aren't ready yet, so we were still able to beat them even though we had fun with each other in the shower," Carrie said. "Yeah, but they had to take their showers one at a time," Andrew realized. "That means it took twice as long." "Don't you mean three times as long Andrew?" Carrie corrected him. Andrew shook his head with a slight smile and Carrie nodded in sudden understanding, realizing that JP and Matt had probably taken their shower together. "Sorry about my mistake Andrew." "No problem Carrie," Andrew assured her. "Now I'm going to see if they're ready." But he didn't get the chance; as soon as he stepped up to the room next door, the door opened and JP stepped out. "Hey Andrew, I see you and Carrie are all ready for dinner," he said. "Yes we are JP; are you and Matt ready to lead us to the Springfield Mall?" Andrew asked him. "Yes Andrew, but I was hoping I could ride alone with you," JP requested. "I'd like to prepare you for the reception you'll face at my parents house. Matt can follow us with Carrie and Mike in my car." "That's fine with me JP," Andrew agreed, after Carrie nodded in approval. "Let's go." As they walked down the hall to the elevator, Carrie smiled at Andrew, very happy that she had such a great boyfriend. JP led them to the elevator, and the doors opened as they approached. A crowd of people got off the elevator and then the five teenagers stepped inside. Andrew pressed the lobby button and the elevator doors closed. After the doors closed and the elevator began to descend, Mike said to JP, "My older brother's name is Matt." "That's good Mike; what does he do?" JP asked him. "He's in the Infantry in the Canadian Army," Mike replied proudly. "He's one of Andrew's instructors during his reserve weekends." JP nodded as the elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal the hotel lobby. As he led the way across the lobby to the front doors, he said, "We'll make the Springfield Mall our first stop," he added, looking down at Andrew's map. "Will we see any of your friends there JP?" Andrew asked. "No I don't think so Andrew," JP replied. "I never see much of them during the summer." He pushed open the front door and led everyone outside. "See you at my house Matt and be careful driving my car." "I will JP," Matt promised him, waving goodbye. "Since you commented on my car when I arrived at the park earlier, you won't have any trouble finding it in the parking lot JP," Andrew said. JP nodded and tried to figure out how to tell Andrew what he had noticed without making his huge friend mad. Once they got to Andrew's truck, JP took a deep breath and said, "I have something to tell you Andrew, but I don't know how you'll react." "Then you'd better tell me now, before we get in the truck JP," Andrew warned him. "That way, you won't be trapped in a confined space with me if you make me mad." "OK Andrew: here goes," JP said, screwing up his courage. "Basically, when you were bragging about the fun you were going to have with Carrie in your hotel room, you were acting just like Ryan does." "Again with your brother JP," Andrew sighed in exasperation. He opened his truck door and added, "I really hope I get to meet him, considering how obsessed with him you are. From what you've told me, he sounds a lot like some teammates of mine who are arrogant jocks." "Ryan used to be on the wrestling team with me before he focused only on football," JP said as Andrew started the truck. "Now he has a full ride to Virginia Tech." "Are you proud of him for that?" Andrew asked him as they pulled out of the parking lot. "I would be if he wasn't such an arrogant prick about it!" JP snapped. "He took off a summer road trip without even telling our parents where he was going! They just hope that he makes it to Tech in time for the first football practice." "You know, since he's an incoming Freshman, he'll probably be Red-shirted," Andrew informed him. He noticed JP grinning and added, "That should knock his ego down a notch or two." JP's grin widened as he realized that Andrew had once again found a way to make him feel better. Then he suddenly realized something else. "Hey Andrew, does that mean that you won't get any playing time in your freshman college season either?" "I will get some playing time if we win the Provincial Championship this fall JP," Andrew predicted with a cocky smirk. "However, we'll have to wait to see how much playing time the football coaches at Ohio State offer me." He noticed JP's grin turn into an excited smile at the mention of the school he wanted to go to for college wrestling. "Consider my recruiting visits this summer practice for yours next summer JP," Andrew advised him. "By bringing you along with me, you'll be on the radar of the college wrestling coaches and maybe they'll come see some of your matches this fall. Make sure you wear your varsity wrestling jacket on my recruiting visits and bring your District Finalist medal as well." "I will Andrew," JP promised his big friend, really happy that Andrew was preparing him early for his college career. "After supper, I'll get my jacket and medal out of my room for the road trip that starts tomorrow. Did you bring your football jacket with you Andrew?" "Yeah man, it's in the back of the truck in my gym bag," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "I'll probably wear it at the mall; it should be cool enough in there." "Good, then we can see how close in colour scheme they are," JP said, suddenly remembering that Andrew's school colours were blue and white just like his. As they approached the Capitol Beltway, Andrew said, "There's a question I've been meaning to ask you JP." "You want to know how much my parents know about you," JP guessed. When Andrew nodded, JP added, "You also want to know if I got their permission to go on your recruiting visits with you." "And what is the answer to those two questions JP?" Andrew asked him with a big grin. "I'll tell you right now Andrew," JP replied. "We should be at the Springfield Mall by the time I'm done." Andrew nodded at him to go ahead and JP began speaking. ================================================================================================================================================= A few hours before, JP and Matt had gone over to JP's house for their daily morning workout in JP's basement gym. Then they went upstairs to shower and change for lunch with JP's parents. They came downstairs to find JP's parents finishing the lunch preparations in the kitchen. "Good morning JP," his mom Maureen greeted him. "Did you and Matt have fun last night at the National Mall?" "Yes we did Mom, though there was one unpleasant incident that had a positive outcome." "What happened son?" his dad Paul asked him, as his wife ushered them into the dining room for lunch. "A big college guy and his friend were sexual harassing Chrissy so I intervened," JP replied as he sat down at the dining room table. He noticed his dad's face clouding with rage so he hurried on with the story. "One of the big guys wanted to fight me, so when he went to punch me I twisted his arm behind his back, put him in a choke hold and threw him to the ground. Chrissy thanked me after they ran away and then we suddenly noticed two huge guys approaching us. I was about to fight them too, but Chrissy told me that they had been approaching to help her out before I got there. I thanked the huge guys for being ready to help Chrissy out and then Matt and I introduced ourselves to them. We got to know them better throughout the evening and they watched the fireworks with us later, after introducing us to their friend Carrie of course." "And what are the names of these two huge heroes?" JP's dad asked him with a big grin. "Andrew Pearson and Mike Stevenson," JP replied with a proud grin. "Andrew Pearson: the YouTube High School Football Star from Orillia, Ontario, Canada?" JP's mom asked in astonishment. "That's what I asked and Andrew confirmed it," JP replied. He turned to his dad and added, "He's a really great guy Dad and I got to know him quite well in the half hour before the fireworks started." After telling his parents everything he and Andrew had talked about, he showed them the pictures and videos he had taken of Andrew the night before. Then he concluded the story by saying, "I told Andrew that I'd ask you two if he could come over for dinner tonight with his friends to meet you and Matt's mom." "Well considering all that you've told us about him, that sounds like a great idea son," Maureen said, as they continued eating lunch. She looked over at Paul, who nodded in agreement, and added, "He sounds like a great role model for you and I'm glad that his success hasn't gone to his head." "It sounds to me like Andrew could teach your brother Ryan a thing or two about what being a big brother is all about," Paul said with pride in his eyes. "We'd be honored to have a famous Canadian high school football star eat dinner with us tonight." JP grinned, knowing that those words were high praise indeed coming from his dad. "Did you say that Andrew and his friends are going on recruiting visits throughout the Mid-West this week?" "Yeah Dad, but I guess I forgot to tell you what Andrew offered to do for me and Matt," JP realized. "Did Andrew offer to take you two on his recruiting visits with him?" Paul guessed with a glowing grin of pride. JP nodded and Paul shouted, "I knew it! Andrew is indeed the role model you need right now and he's thought of everything to help you secure your college wrestling career!" "You sound more excited about it than I am Dad!" JP teased him. "I am excited JP; Andrew's going to help your college wrestling dreams come true," Paul predicted. "He's really filling the role of the big brother very well so far. We'll have to talk to him over supper of course, but I can't think of anyone I'd rather have looking after you than Andrew Pearson." "I don't need anyone to look after me Dad, not after I took down that punk who was bugging Chrissy last night!" JP informed his dad with a glare. He flexed his biceps and snarled, "I can take care of myself and anyone who cares to test that theory is going to regret it!" "I should have chosen my words more carefully son, but so should you," Paul warned him with a frown. "I hope you don't try to start anything with Andrew; judging by his size, he could crush you like a paper cup!" "And Ryan too!" JP predicted with a cocky smirk. "Stop it son!" Maureen shouted angrily. "Ryan may have been acting like a jerk for the last few years but he's still your brother. He might need you one day, so don't turn your back on him now." Mrs. Maloney had no idea how prophetic those words were, but in a couple of years they would all find out. "Okay Mom, I understand," JP said, mostly to placate her because he couldn't imagine a future where he and Ryan would ever be close again. "I'll think about what you said and try to think of Ryan as my brother and not my rival." "Good for you son," Paul commended him. "But speaking of rivals, both you and Andrew lost your respective championships last season, didn't you?" "Yeah Dad, but why are you bringing that up now?" JP asked. "Maybe during your road trip this week, you and Andrew can mentor each other on how to win your respective championships this season," Paul replied. "I could also give you two some tips during supper tonight." "Good idea Dad," JP said sheepishly, looking down at his plate as he finished his lunch. "I'll tell your ideas to Andrew when I see him at Burke Lake Park this afternoon." "Good for you son: you're including him in your workouts," Paul said approvingly. "After supper you should show Andrew your basement weight room and the wrestling room at school." "More good ideas Dad," JP agreed, as he and Matt stood up from the table. "Can Matt and I head over to the park now to meet Andrew and his friends?" "As soon as you call your mother Matt," Maureen replied, standing up to collect the lunch dishes. "Invite her over for supper and you can tell her all about meeting Andrew and his friends last night." Matt nodded and went into the living room to make the call. His mom agreed to come over to JP's house for supper that night and told him, rather hesitantly, to have fun with JP and his new friends in the park that afternoon. Then Matt and JP said goodbye to JP's parents and headed over to Burke Lake Park to go running with Andrew and his friends. ============================================================================================================================================= "Good story JP," Andrew commended him, as they pulled into the Springfield Mall parking lot. "Well, here we are at the Springfield Mall." The 2006 sign below is only one year after my story takes place: July 2005. "I have eyes Andrew!" JP teased him, throwing Andrew's earlier line back in his face and pointing to the mall sign. Andrew grinned at him and then noticed JP's car pull up beside them with Matt, Carrie and Mike inside. "Hey Matt, I see you made it okay." "Yes I did JP; so what will we do in the mall for the next hour or so?" Matt asked him. "We'll just walk around and stretch from our workout this morning and our jogging this afternoon," JP replied. Then he got out of Andrew's truck and turned around to see Andrew putting on his blue and white ODCVI Varsity football jacket. "And now I know what Andrew's going to do: show off his jock status to all the people on the mall." "Yeah JP, I have to give into the jock image sometime so it might as well be right now," Andrew informed him with a cocky smirk. He locked his truck and added, "I'm ready if you are JP." "Yeah I am Andrew," JP said, following Andrew to the nearest mall entrance. Andrew led the way into the mall and headed for the food court, once he checked the directory to find out where it was. "Supper's not for a couple of hours Andrew." "Yeah I know, but I haven't eaten since lunch so I'm starving man," Andrew informed him. "These huge muscles need constant fuel to stay well maintained." "I can understand that man, but no one could miss how well maintained your huge muscles are. There should be a Five Guys in the food court." Once they got to the food court they realized that there was no Five Guys there. "It looks like you made a mistake JP: there's no Five Guys here," Mike said. "Thank you Captain Obvious," JP snapped. "I don't suppose you can tell me where the nearest Five Guys is?" "You're the one who lives in this area JP; you tell us," Mike dared him, not letting JP know that he knew the answer. "Right across the Interstate on Old Keene Mill Road," JP suddenly remembered. "Let's go: I'll show you guys my favourite restaurant." "And then I can return the favour if you ever come up to Orillia," Andrew offered. Everyone nodded in agreement and then retraced their steps back to their cars. As they walked, JP realized that there was something different about Andrew, but he couldn't put his finger on it. His huge friend seemed taller than he had been before their visit to he hotel, and there was a nagging sound that JP had constantly heard since they had entered the mall. JP slowed, lost in thought, and then looked ahead at Andrew. He finally noticed the source of the nagging sound he had heard. "You're wearing cowboy boots Andrew: that's why you're suddenly taller," JP realized. "Am I?" Andrew asked, looking down. "Oh yeah I am. But then I've always worn cowboy boots since Grade Five, so I didn't even notice. I only wear shoes when I have to dress up, work out or play sports. And the reason that I'm noticeably taller is because the heels on my boots are three inches, not the normal inch and a half. So I stand 6 foot 10 with my boots on: making me the same height as the Undertaker. So I may have to duck my head to get into your house." "Don't worry about it Andrew; you look really cool and tough," JP commended him. "It's no wonder everyone we've passed has stared at you in awe and fear!" "Don't forget about yourself JP; you attract a lot of attention as well," Andrew reminded him. "Yeah I noticed that yesterday at the National Mall and on the train," JP said, suddenly looking embarrassed. "Don't feel embarrassed JP; it comes with the territory of being a top athlete," Andrew informed him. "Just wait until the interviews start!" "You've had interviews Andrew?" JP asked him in astonishment. "Yeah man, I was Athlete of the Week on VR News at the end of the last football season," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "Then the college recruiting visits started a few months ago." "Which schools did you visit this spring Andrew?" JP asked him, as they reached Andrew's truck. "Penn State, West Virginia, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Florida and Miami," Andrew replied, his smug grin morphing into a cocky smile. "But those were Junior Day visits, held during March Break. I was one of only 50 high school junior athletes at those events." They got into Andrew's truck and he started it. "The first visits to the schools just for me start tomorrow when we visit Ohio State." "You mean The Ohio State," JP corrected him as they pulled out of the parking lot. Andrew smiled and nodded; realizing that of course JP would know the proper name of the school he wanted to wrestle at during his college years. "What other schools are we visiting this week Andrew?" "Notre Dame and the University of Michigan," Andrew replied, pleased that he would be able to visit three US Football schools that week. "I would have visited Michigan State as well, but they don't offer tours of their football stadium. An Unofficial Visit isn't much good without being able to tour the stadium where I might play college football one day." As they drove across the bridge over the Interstate, JP asked, "Will we spend one night at each school Andrew?" "That's the plan JP, but I'll have to check Mapquest to be sure," Andrew replied. "From what I remember though, the first leg of the trip takes us to Ohio State in six and a half hours. We'll pass halfway between Pittsburgh and Morgantown on Interstate 70 westbound." "And I'm guessing that the schedule is more flexible since we're driving," JP guessed, as they stopped at the red light at the west end of the bridge. Andrew nodded in agreement as the light turned green and they were able to turn left before the oncoming traffic started moving. Andrew parked his truck in front of the Five Guys restaurant and waited for Matt to pull up beside him in JP's dark green Geo Prism. Then everyone went into the restaurant and lined up behind an older couple until it was time to order their food. The guys at the counter soon took their order, staring at JP in awe and Andrew in fear. Andrew felt exasperated that he got the same reaction everywhere he went but he was also relieved that JP was diverting some of the attention off of him. As they waited to pick up their order, Andrew sent Mike to pick a table for them with Matt and Carrie. Then he turned back to JP and noticed him glancing warily around the restaurant. "What is it JP; what has you so nervous?" Andrew asked, though he could guess. "I'm making sure no one from school is in here," JP replied. "I'm really popular there, even more so now than my brother, and since we have a supper timing to meet, I don't want there to be any more delays." He smirked as Andrew grinned at his use of a military phrase. "Just a phrase I picked up from my dad Andrew." Andrew nodded with a smile and hen turned back to the counter to pick up their order. JP breathed a sigh of relief: pleased that Andrew hadn't figured out that JP didn't want anyone from school telling Ryan about his new friend Andrew. But his hopes were dashed as he turned towards their table and noticed a huge familiar figure coming through the front door. "Oh no," JP groaned in dismay; not pleased at all to see his brother's former teammate on the football team. "Let's get to our table Andrew, before he sees us." "Who are you talking about JP?" Anew asked, as they reached their table. "It's Tyler Backton: Ryan's teammate on the football team," JP replied, putting a hand to his forehead in dismay as they sat down. "Of all the people I didn't want to see today, he's the one who could tell Ryan all about you!" "Maybe if he tells Ryan that I took over his role as your big brother, it will shame Ryan into reclaiming it," Andrew suggested hopefully. "Don't worry JP; I'll stand up and hopefully my size will scare Ryan once he hears about it." He stood up, revealing himself and drawing Tyler's attention. Tyler's eyes widened in astonishment at Andrew's size and he carefully approached JP's table. "Hey JP, who's your big friend?" Tyler asked hesitantly once he has stopped beside JP's table. "It's huge friend actually, and his name is Andrew Pearson," JP replied, standing up from the table. Andrew stepped forward to shake Tyler's hand, towering over him even though Tyler stood 6 foot 3 and weighed 275 pounds. Tyler had to conceal a wince at the strength in Andrew's grip, guessing that JP's huge friend could bench a lot more than 400 pounds. "Good to meet you Tyler," Andrew said. "You used to play high school football with JP's older brother Ryan, didn't you?" "Yeah this is my senior year coming up so it's my last chance to impress Penn State enough to get a full football scholarship." "Then we have something in common: we both want to earn a full ride from the NCAA," Anew informed him. "I hope to get into Miami but depending on how the recruiting visits go, I could be persuaded to stay closer to home: like Ohio State perhaps." Andrew glanced significantly at JP as he finished speaking, who took it as a cue to say goodbye to Tyler. "It was good seeing you Tyler but we have a dinner timing to meet. I'll say hi to Ryan for you when I see him again and I'll see you at the wrestling camp in six weeks." "Sure JP; see you later," Tyler said agreeably. He nodded at Andrew and added, "Nice meeting you man." "You too Tyler," Andrew said, giving him a big grin. "See you later." Tyler nodded and headed out of the restaurant with his take-out order. Once he was gone, Andrew turned to JP and said, "There now, that wasn't much of a delay, was it JP?" JP shook his head and grinned: pleased that Andrew had once again found a way to make him feel better. Half an hour later, as they were driving to JP's house, JP said, "I have a very important question to ask you Andrew." "What is it Big Guy?" Andrew asked him, glancing over at him with a small grin. "What's it like to be you?" JP asked, looking over at Andrew with great respect in his eyes. "What do you mean JP?" Andrew asked, even though he had an idea. "You're admired and respected by everyone, even my friends, you're a god on the football field and lots of NCAA schools want you to join their football teams. How have you stayed so humble even though you've been a super jock for years?" "Super jock: that's a good one JP," Andrew said with a smirk. He noticed his smaller friend looking at him seriously, waiting earnestly for an answer. "It hasn't been easy not to let all the attention go to my head for the past seven years. But once I took care of the bully in Grade Five, everyone admired and respected me for being their hero. I couldn't bear to disappoint them, so I had to play the role of the humble big guy." "So you're just pretending to be humble Andrew?" JP asked, looking disappointed. "At first I was, but then it became my natural state," Andrew informed him. "I had a rough time when my Grandpa died almost a year ago and I gave into the cocky jock role to cover it up. But when I got suspended from the team and then we lost the Provincial Championship, it put things in perspective and I returned to my humble and gentle nature. Also, everyone wanted to learn how I got so big and strong so I gradually became a mentor for the small guys: training them to become football players like me in high school." JP grinned: pleased that his image of Andrew as a gentle giant had not been tarnished. "It sounds like you've made nothing but good decisions in your life man." "I know it seems that way now, but 2004 was quite frankly a 'Year of Hell' for me," Andrew informed him with a frown. "That was the title of a two-part Voyager episode in November 1997," JP suddenly realized. "Yeah, but unlike the crew of Voyager, the events were not erased by a magic reset button so I have to live with those memories for the rest of my life," Andrew said seriously. "I was allowed to play the final two games of last season and I didn't let my emotions get the better of me even when we lost the Provincial Championship. Coach Everson noticed my newfound maturity and helped me get invites to Junior Days here in the States a few months ago. And now I'm going on my first Unofficial Visits to schools in the Midwest." "Are you bringing Mike along, just like me, to help him get exposure to the college coaches?" JP asked him, astonished at Andrew's story of maturity discovery. "Yeah man, he was my first protege: I taught him everything he knows," Andrew replied proudly. "I want to help him realize his college football dreams. Unless the college coaches ban me from bringing anyone else along on my recruiting visits, I'll make sure the limelight shines on all my proteges." JP nodded, pleased with Andrew's explanation, and then just glanced occasionally at his huge friend in awe during the rest of the drive to his house. Andrew noticed and smiled quietly to himself: pleased that he inspired such admiration from a famous athlete like JP Maloney. Once they arrived at JP's house, Andrew got out of his truck and took a few deep breaths to calm his nerves. "It's okay Andrew, I told my parents nothing but good things about you," JP assured him, as Matt pulled up in JP's car. "You lead the way into your house with Matt JP," Andrew ordered him. "I'll follow with Carrie and Mike." JP nodded and led the way to the front porch. As he climbed the front steps, the front door opened and JP's parents stepped out. "Hello son, how are you?" JP's dad asked him. "I'm fine Dad: I had a great day with my friends," JP replied. He motioned behind him and added, "I'd like you to meet my new friend Andrew Pearson." Mr. Maloney, who rarely had an emotional reaction to anything, widened his eyes in astonishment at how huge and muscular Andrew was. JP, on the other hand, grinned at how much bigger and more muscular Andrew was than his big brother Ryan. "I'm very pleased to meet you Andrew," Mr. Maloney said, revealing his admiration for Andrew by using his first name right away. He stepped forward and shook Andrew's hand eagerly, who remembered to be gentle so that he wouldn't crush Mr. Maloney's hand. "JP has told me and my wife all about you." "All good things I hope, but I guess we'll find out once you invite me inside," Andrew said. "Yes you will, come on in Andrew," JP's mom said, ushering everyone into the house. She shook his hand once they were inside and added, "Welcome to the Maloney house Andrew." "Thank you Mrs. Maloney," Andrew said, taking off his boots. "You're welcome Andrew, but please call me Maureen," Mrs. Maloney ordered him. "And call me Paul," Mr. Maloney added. As everyone took off their shoes, Matt's mom stepped out from the living room. "This is Mrs. Anderson: Matt's mom," Maureen said, as Andrew and his friends stepped forward to shake her hand. "I'm very pleased to meet all of you," Mrs. Anderson said as they all stepped into the living room across from the kitchen. "So Andrew, JP tells me that you can bench-press more than 500 pounds," Paul said once they were all sitting down. "More like 700 pounds actually, but who's counting?" Andrew asked with a smug grin. His grin faded as he noticed everyone staring at him with a mix of awe and fear. "If you have enough weight plates in your basement gym, I'd be glad to demonstrate," he offered. "We should have enough plates downstairs," Paul assured him. "After all, JP here benches over 300 pounds," he added, smiling proudly at his son. "Let's go downstairs and find out." Andrew and his friends followed the Maloney's downstairs to the basement weight room: where Ryan and then JP had turned themselves into the gods of Central High School. While Mike and Carrie stared at all the machines and weights with astonishment, Andrew didn't seem surprised. "You don't seem surprised like your two friends to see an entire gym down here Andrew," Paul said. "I have one in my basement at home Sir and it looks a lot like this," Andrew informed him. "Call me Paul Andrew," Mr. Maloney advised him. "Because it's time for a rhyme Paul?" Andrew asked him with a smug grin. "Very funny Andrew!" Paul laughed, as JP added extra weight plates to the bench-press to bring it up to 700 pounds. "Twice as much as I bench but I'll get there one day," JP predicted. "First you have to win the State Championship JP," Paul reminded him with a frown. "Yes Dad, I will," JP assured him, putting the locking pins in place. "But before any of that happens, we have to see if Andrew can truly bench 700 pounds or if he was exaggerating." "Hey JP, don't talk about me like I'm not in the gym!" Andrew ordered him. He flexed his massive biceps with a cocky smirk and added, "Last time I checked, I was in the gym!" "There's no way anyone could miss you, considering how big and muscular you are!" JP assured him. "Let's see how effective these huge muscles are in the gym!" Andrew shouted in excitement, laying down on the bench. "Get your cameras ready everyone!" Andrew grabbed the loaded bar as JP lowered it into his hands. Then he lowered it to his chest and pushed it up fairly easily, causing his friends to look amazed at his awesome strength. Since JP was serving as his spotter, though he really didn't need one, Mike was free to capture Andrew's massive strength using the video mode on his digital camera. Mike, like everyone else, watched with amazement as Andrew benched 700 pounds easily, making it look almost effortless. Andrew raised the bar for the tenth and final rep, letting JP put it back on the brackets. "Good job Andrew," JP congratulated him. "How do you feel?" "It felt easier than it did last week," Andrew replied with a big grin. "I didn't even break a sweat this time. Do you have any more weight plates so that I can try again for my maximum of 800 pounds?" "No I don't Andrew," JP replied, his eyes wide with fear and amazement at Andrew's awesome strength. "Too bad JP," Andrew said, sitting up from the weight bench. "I guess I'll have to see if the gym at Ohio State has enough weight plates to challenge me." "Yes, when you take JP and Matt there," Paul said. He looked at his watch and added, "It's time we got dinner started, so we'll go upstairs now. Mike, you come upstairs with us so that you can email that video to the colleges you and Andrew will visit this week." "I'd like to stay down here with Andrew until dinner's ready," JP said. "I have something to show him that I think he'd like to see." Matt glanced over at JP as he headed upstairs and JP nodded, confirming that he was going to show Andrew The Wall. "See you upstairs later for dinner Andrew," Carrie said, standing on her toes to give him a kiss. Andrew bent down to meet her soft lips, kissing her softly. He folded his massive arms around her gently as he breathed in the fruity aroma of her perfume. "See you soon Carrie," he said, stroking her face softly as he drew back from her soft lips. JP grinned as he saw the gentle smile on Andrew's face as Carrie walked upstairs. "You really love her, don't you Andrew?" JP asked his huge friend. "Yeah man, in fact, I hope we get married before we go to college," Andrew replied. He turned to JP, saw him smiling, and realized that he was probably thinking of Matt. "Now JP, enough about me; what did you want to show me?" "What I call 'The Wall' Andrew," JP replied, leading him to a door in the far left corner of the basement. "I've only shown this to Matt, so I hope you realize how much I trust you that I'm letting you see it too." "I understand JP," Andrew assured him. "Let's see what this 'Wall' looks like," he added, as they stopped in front of the door. JP grinned and opened the door, turning on the light so that Andrew could see the contents of the room for himself. As Andrew looked around the back room, his eyes widened as he saw the pictures of JP's progress from a skinny kid to a muscular jock. "You look surprised Andrew," JP said with a smug grin. "Don't you have pictures of your progress at home?" "Just in a photo album, not all over two walls JP," Andrew said with a slight frown of disapproval. JP seemed to twitch at the words 'Photo Album' and Andrew noticed. "What is it Big Guy?" he asked softly. "I have something else to show you Andrew," JP replied. "Again, this is something I've shown only one other person: Matt." Andrew watched as JP walked over to a cabinet in the far corner of the back room. He opened a drawer and pulled out a photo album: the same one he had shown Matt after their visit with Matt's dad. "Are those more pictures of you JP?" Andrew asked with a big grin. "No Andrew, these are pictures of my brother," JP replied seriously. He opened the album and showed Andrew the pictures of his big brother Ryan: from when he was a fat kid in Grade Five to when he became a high school jock. "When Ryan was a fat kid he was always nice to me and I idolized him: following him around everywhere. He was the perfect big brother back then." "So what happened JP?" Andrew asked him gently, as they looked through more pages of the album. "As he got leaner and more muscular, he began to pull away from me, especially once high school started and he made the football team," JP replied. "Once he became a jock, he no longer had time for me." "Then who taught you how to work out when you got to high school?" Andrew asked with a confused look on his face. "Actually Ryan did, but only because I begged him to," JP replied sadly. "He didn't offer to do it; I had to bug him until he gave in. Then he told me that if I worked out a bit, perhaps even joined the wrestling team he was on, I wouldn't get picked on at school. You might not believe this Andrew, but I was barely 100 pounds two years ago." "I know, I can see the pictures JP," Andrew reminded him, pointing to the left side of the first wall. "Yeah that's true," JP realized. "Anyway, Ryan became my personal trainer and workout partner almost two years ago and he helped me become what I am today." "So what happened JP?" Andrew asked, figuring that they would soon get to the heart of the matter. "What happened between the two of you that turned you from workout partners into rivals?" "I really don't know Andrew," JP replied, looking down at his feet. "Are you sure JP?" Andrew asked him seriously, handing back the photo album. "You never gloated when you began to catch up to his size and strength? You never made fun of him when he got stuck on a weight-lifting plateau or put on a few pounds of fat?" JP's jaw dropped in astonishment at Andrew's insight but then his face fell as the full impact of his big friend's words hit him. "Oh no," he whispered, sitting down on the bench with his chin in his hands. "It's all my fault Andrew: I pushed Ryan away by doing everything you described during my last workout with him three months ago! Instead of encouraging him when he got stuck at 325 on the bench-press for three months, I gloated that I was only a few dozen pounds behind him. I rubbed my success in his face instead of thanking him for helping me get to where I am today!" "I'm afraid so JP, but you're not the only one to make those mistakes," Andrew assured him. "I did the same thing with Steve almost seven years ago, even though he never trained me. I certainly didn't think about our friendship when I gloated about suddenly being bigger and stronger than he was when we started Grade Five!" "You were only ten years old Andrew; you probably didn't know any better," JP assured him. "But I on the other hand was already 16 years old three months ago and I still made fun of Ryan!" "Don't feel too bad JP; at least you still spent time with him all these years," Andrew reminded him. JP's face brightened with a small smile as he realized that Andrew was right. "I, on the other hand, completely neglected Steve the summer before Grade Five, even though we had been best friends since Nursery School! And then to make matters worse, once I got bigger than he was, I just gloated about it instead of helping him get as big and strong as I was! I also spent more time with my new protege Mike instead of Steve and then our friendship ended in a big shouting match that Christmas." "And how did you regain your friendship with Steve?" JP asked, hoping that he could get an idea on how to repair his relationship with Ryan. But his hopes were dashed when Andrew replied, "I never did repair my friendship with Steve JP or he would be here with us right now. Instead, I've spent the last seven years being his rival on the football field, even though we're on the Offensive Line together!" He noticed the look of defeat in JP's eyes and suddenly thought of something that could cheer him up. "But you have a couple things going for you that I never had JP." "What's that Andrew?" JP asked, a glimmer of hope returning to his eyes. "You and Ryan are brothers," Andrew replied, as JP put the album back in the cabinet drawer and closed it. "And as you said, you last worked out together only three months ago, which means that you continued spending time with Ryan even when he didn't want to." "That's three things Andrew," JP teased him, ushering him out of the back room. As he closed the door, he gave Andrew a cocky smirk and added, "I thought a smart guy like you would know how to count!" "Very funny JP!" Andrew laughed, as he followed his smaller friend across the gym to the bench-press. "The point I'm trying to make is: you didn't give up on your relationship with Ryan like I did with Steve. I know Ryan's away right now on his pre-college road trip, but when he gets back, you should try to fix your relationship with him before it's too late." "It's already too late Andrew!" JP snapped in exasperation. "Ryan ran off on his road trip without saying goodbye to me or our dad! We don't even know if he'll be back for Thanksgiving, which is four and a half months away here in America! He'll probably have forgotten about me by then! And if you haven't fixed your friendship with Steve, what makes you think I can fix my relationship with Ryan?" "It's only been there months since you last spent time together, not seven years like it has been with me and Steve," Andrew reminded him, trying to keep his smaller friend calm. "Also, don't forget that he's your brother JP. Family ties don't usually get broken; they just get frayed. I have confidence in you JP; you're not the quitting type. You know, the next time Ryan is home for a while, perhaps during Christmas Break, I should come down here so that I can see both of you. Maybe if Ryan sees our brotherly relationship, it will inspire him to regain what he's lost by turning away from you." "Or he'll figure that he's been replaced and resent me even more," JP huffed, feeling worse not better. "I guess I'm not the best example on this matter JP; I can't even follow my own advice!" Andrew finally realized. JP nodded in agreement, wondering when his big friend would stop talking about Ryan. "After all, I've never had a brother and I haven't shown any willingness over the past seven years to patch things up with Steve. I just replaced him with my first protege Mike Stevenson: the guy for whom I originally neglected him! I think when I get home this summer, I'll try, somehow, to make up with Steve. After all, we'll only have one last year of high school together and then we may never see each other again! I can only hope that you try to repair your relationship with Ryan when you see him again. I would hate for you to have to live with the regret of a failed relationship for seven years like I've had to do." "Sure Andrew, whatever you say," JP said dismissively, getting really tired of being lectured by his huge friend. "And maybe Hell will freeze over while I wait for Ryan to become my Big Brother again!" "You'll have to make it happen JP; you can't wait for it," Andrew advised him, trying not to get mad at JP's impatience. "Once you're as big as he is, he won't be able to ignore you anymore! He'll have to talk to you then and maybe he'll be proud of you for a change instead of jealous!" "You're right Andrew," JP realized, relieved that his huge muscular friend wasn't mad at him. "I'll try to fix our relationship the next time I see him, if he gives me the chance that is!" "That's all I can ask JP, but remember: you don't have to do all the work," Andrew suddenly realized. "Ryan has to want to be your Big Brother again or you'll never regain your relationship with him. I only hope it doesn't take something happening to one of you for the other to realize just how important you are to each other." Andrew had no idea how prophetic that statement was, but he did realize that he was scaring JP when he saw a glimmer of tears in his eyes. "Sorry for scaring you like that JP; I guess I'm not doing a very good job of cheering you up, am I?" "No you're not Andrew," JP replied: both truthfully and bravely considering how huge and muscular his big friend truly was. Andrew glared at him and JP hastily added, "But I guess you can't be good at everything, can you Big Guy?" Before Andrew could reply, the basement door opened and JP's dad started down the basement steps. "Dinner's ready you two," he said. "Come upstairs and get washed up." As Andrew and JP followed him up the basement steps, he asked, "What were you two talking about down here? It sounded rather heated." "We were talking about Ryan," JP replied through gritted teeth as he clenched his fists in fury. "I can't believe that he didn't even say goodbye to us before he left!" "Neither can your mother and I," Paul agreed. Then he added, "But I guess we shouldn't be surprised; he's barely acknowledged us during the last four years!" "I'm here Mr. Maloney," Andrew said quickly, hoping to head off another rant about Ryan. "I'd be glad to fill the 'big brother' role for JP." "Thank you Andrew," Paul said gratefully. "That's exactly why we're trusting you to take good care of JP during your upcoming Mid-West Recruiting Visits." He noticed JP glaring at him and hastily added, "Not that JP needs to be taken care of; he proved that last night when he took care of that jerk who was bugging Chrissy!" JP grinned proudly and then his father's previous sentence penetrated his consciousness. He turned from the sink, where he was washing his hands, and asked his dad excitedly, "Did you say that Andrew will be taking care of me during the recruiting visits?" His dad nodded with a small grin. "You mean I can go with my new friend Andrew on his road trip?" "Yes JP, but first clean up the water you splashed on the floor in your excitement," Paul ordered him with a chuckle. JP's face turned red with embarrassment as he grinned sheepishly and grabbed some paper towels. Paul turned back to Andrew and said, "I'm placing a lot of trust in you Andrew: to keep JP safe during this road trip. Can you do that for me?" "For us Paul," Maureen corrected him with a frown. "JP's our son, not just yours." "Of course dear," Paul said hastily. "I didn't mean to forget about you: I just misspoke." "Okay Paul," Maureen said. She handed him some plates and added, "You can make it up to me by setting the table." "I'll help him Mom," JP offered, anxious to spend some time with Matt. "Good idea son, that will give me a chance to talk privately with Andrew for a couple of minutes," Maureen decided. Andrew looked surprised, but he stayed quiet while JP and his dad left the kitchen with the plates and cutlery. Then he turned to JP's mom and asked her, "What did you want to talk about Mrs Maloney?" "Call me Maureen Andrew," Mrs Maloney said. Andrew nodded and Mrs Maloney continued by saying, "I just want you to know how much Paul and I appreciate you being there for JP." "Especially since Ryan hasn't been," Andrew interjected. "JP told me all about that downstairs while you guys were cooking dinner." "Yes Andrew, Ryan hasn't been there for his brother like you have, both last night and today. JP told me at lunch all that you talked about last night and how similar you two are, considering all that you've both gone through over the last few years." "Yes I was surprised myself at how similar we are," Andrew agreed. "But I'm glad to help JP get a head start on his college wrestling hopes by taking him with me to Ohio State." "I have complete confidence in your ability to look after JP on these upcoming Unofficial Recruiting Visits of yours," Maureen informed him proudly. "Thank you very much Mrs Maloney," Andrew said gratefully. "I'll make sure to justify your faith in me by keeping JP safe. But from what I saw last night, JP doesn't need protection from anyone!" "Yes, being a District Finalist in wrestling does have its advantages when dealing with college guys on the prowl," Maureen agreed. "Have you ever had to use force to scare people away from Carrie?" "Only the force of my voice," Andrew replied with a smug grin. "One of the advantages of being huge and insanely strong is that anyone who wants to start trouble is scared away with just a look!" "Good for you Andrew; now that you are in the middle of college football recruiting, any fighting you're involved in could derail that entire train ride!" "Thanks for that insight Mrs Maloney," Andrew said, as the oven timer went off. As she took the food out of the oven, he added, "I find it very gratifying to be a big brother for JP, just like I did in previous years for my football proteges, who are now my teammates." "That's good to hear Andrew," Maureen said, setting the food on the large breadboard. "I'm glad you've had a lot of practice being a mentor. Now let's go into the dining room for dinner; everyone's waiting for us." Andrew nodded and helped her bring the food into the dining room. Then they sat down at the table, where everyone else was already seated. They said grace and began eating. "So Andrew, have you and your friends mapped out a travel plan for your NCAA Road Trip?" Mr Maloney asked. "Yes Sir," Andrew replied. "I have the map book in my truck; I can show it to you after supper." "Good idea Andrew, because if you're taking the route I'm thinking of, I have another idea." "I can remember the route Sir," Andrew said. "It will take us to Ohio State, Notre Dame, and Michigan." "That confirms that my idea will work, but I'll tell you what it is after supper when we look at your map book," Mr Maloney decided. Andrew nodded in agreement and Paul added, "So Andrew, do you realize what an amazing coincidence it was that you and JP were in the National Mall at the same time last night?" "Yes Sir I do," Andrew agreed. "But I also realize that this was the only summer I could do it. Last summer I was Basic Reserves Training and next summer I will be preparing for my freshman season of college football. But I must say, when I saw JP on the train, I knew that I recognized him from somewhere. Then once my friends and I got back from our tour of the National Mall, we used his bright blue tank top as a reference point to find our spot on the lawn again. Then I remembered where I had seen him before: on the front page of the sports section of the Washington Post." He noticed JP's friends and family smiling with pride at the memory of the day JP had been interviewed. "I was trying to figure out how to introduce myself to your son when those two big college guys started bugging Chrissy. I was about to intervene to protect her, but JP got there first and helped her out. Then I was able to introduce myself to him, once he noticed me of course." "You're impossible to miss Andrew," Paul said proudly, referencing Andrew's huge muscles. Andrew smiled quietly as Paul added, "JP told me all about how you were ready to help Chrissy before he got there." He thought for a moment and then said, "I might as well tell you my idea now, while you get yourself a second helping." "What do you mean Sir?" Andrew asked innocently, after he swallowed his last mouthful of food. "You cleaned your plate Andrew and so did Mike," Paul replied with a big grin. "Raise your hand if you want seconds." "How about I flex my arm instead," Andrew decided. He flexed his massive arm with a cocky smirk and added, "Both my huge arms need lots of fuel to get even bigger!" Everyone around the table laughed at Andrew's cocky attitude, which reminded them that he was a jock, not just an athlete. "I think your ego is just as big as your arms Andrew," JP teased his huge friend. Andrew grinned at his smaller friend and then realized he'd better get the conversation back on track. "What was your idea Mr Maloney?" he asked, as he got himself a second helping. "Call me Paul Andrew; I told you that when you first got here," Paul said. He waited for Andrew to nod in agreement and then added, "Ann Arbor is a lot closer to Orillia than it is to Washington DC." "Yes it is Paul," Andrew agreed, grinning as he guessed where JP's dad was going with this. "Good, then since we've hosted you tonight, how about you and your family return the favour once your Unofficial Visits are complete?" "Are you serious Dad?" JP shouted in excitement before Andrew could reply. "I get to meet Andrew's family and friends and perhaps see where he has achieved glory on the gridiron?" "If Andrew and his parents agree," Paul reminded him. He looked over at Andrew, who nodded in agreement. "Good, then all we need to do is get your parents on Skype after dinner and ask them." He looked over at Andrew and asked, "Are they home?" "Yes Paul; they're making plans for me to visit some Canadian football schools," Andrew replied. "Good, then it's all settled," Paul decided. "Let's finish our dinner and then we can Skype your parents and see if they're on board with my idea." Everyone nodded in agreement and followed his suggestion. Then, after dinner, Andrew used his laptop to get his dad on Skype so that he could introduce his parents to his new friend JP Maloney and his family. "Hey Dad," Andrew said once Chad's face appeared on the screen. "Hello son," Chad said, grinning at his son. "How is your Washington trip going?" "It's going quite well Dad," Andrew replied. "In fact, I met some new friends and their parents." He took a few minutes to tell his dad about the events of the previous evening and that afternoon. "What do you think Dad?" "I think you've made a great new friend," Chad said with a proud smile on his face. "But you forgot to tell me his name." "I didn't forget, I held back his name deliberately," Andrew informed him with a smug grin. He motioned JP to step into view of the laptop screen and added, "I think you'll recognize him." JP stepped in front of the laptop screen as Andrew stepped back. Chad's smile widened as he said, "You're JP Maloney!" "Yes I am Sir," JP said, surprised that Andrew's dad recognized him. "How did you recognize me?" "I took a business trip down there last week and I noticed your article in the sports section of the Washington Post," Chad replied. "It was the part about you starting a middle school wrestling camp that caught my eye actually." "Why was that Sir?" JP asked, not noticing Andrew stepping into the living room to speak with JP's parents. "Andrew has been a mentor himself: his first mentor was Mike actually," Chad informed him. "Then he mentored Mike's older brother Mark. The next year, he mentored the current Starting Quarterback and Wide Receiver on the OD Varsity Football Team. You stick with Andrew and he'll show you how to be a good mentor for your future protege Nick." "I will Sir," JP promised him. "You don't have to call me Sir, JP," Chad informed him. "Okay Mr Pearson," JP said agreeably. "That will do for now," Chad said. "Now, did Andrew call me on Skype just to introduce you to me or did he have another reason?" "There is another reason, but I should let Andrew tell you what it is, after you meet my parents of course." JP motioned his mom and dad over to Andrew's laptop and they introduced themselves to Andrew's dad and mom. "My parents had an idea Mr Pearson," JP said. "I'll just get Andrew so that he can hear it too." JP went into the living room to get Andrew while Paul and Maureen talked for a bit with Chad. "Your son is a really great young man Chad," Maureen said. "He has really taken JP under his wing in the absence of JP's older brother Ryan." "Yes I know that very well and he has been a great young man for many years," Chad agreed proudly. "Did Andrew tell you how he has mentored a few of his friends over the years and helped them become football players?" "Yes I believe he mentioned that," Paul said. He looked up and noticed Andrew and JP coming back into the den. "Explain your idea to your dad Andrew." "Actually it was your idea Sir," Andrew reminded him with a smug grin. "You're right, it was Andrew," Paul realized. "Okay Mr Pearson, here's my idea: since Andrew's last recruiting visit is near Detroit, he could go right to Orillia from there with JP." "So that we can host you and your family in return for you hosting our son right now," Chad realized. He turned to his wife Susan and asked, "What do you think dear?" "That sounds like a good idea," Susan agreed. "We have lots of room if you count the guest room and the pullout couches." "Good then it's all settled," Paul decided. "We'll keep in touch so that you can let us know when Andrew leaves Ann Arbor. Then my wife and I will start the journey to Orillia, which we will be able to reach in one day from here. Then we can all meet at your house." "That sounds good to me," Chad said. "See you all in a few days. Be sure to call me once you've crossed the border Andrew." "I will Dad," Andrew promised, waving goodbye to Chad. "See you later." "Goodbye son: enjoy your recruiting visits," Chad said. Once the Skype connection had been broken, Paul turned to Andrew and said, "There now, it's all settled Andrew: once you and JP cross the border into Canada, he can call us so that we can start our journey to meet you in Orillia the next day." "Would a text message be more convenient Sir?" Andrew asked. "That way, JP won't get any international calling charges on his phone bill and neither will you." "That's a very good idea Andrew," Paul commended him. "Thank you for suggesting it." He turned to JP and said, "Now how about you and Matt take Andrew and his friends over to the high school so that he can see the football field and the wrestling room." "Good idea Dad," JP agreed. "But how will we get into the wrestling room? I don't have a key." "But Coach Graves does and he'll be expecting you," Paul informed him. "Once you told us about Andrew during lunch, I knew that it would be a good idea to show him where you have achieved glory on the wrestling mat. So I called Coach Graves and told him my idea. Since he had some work to do for August's Wrestling Camp, he said that he would bring it to his office in the high school after supper. I told him you would meet him there at 7:30." "Okay Dad, I'll go get ready now," JP said, heading for the stairs. "Good idea JP," Paul agreed. "Your mom and I will stay down here to entertain your guests." "Thanks Dad, since I can't do that all the time!" JP joked, heading upstairs. "Don't forget your wrestling jacket JP!" Andrew shouted. JP grinned and nodded, pleased that Andrew had thought of everything. As JP turned the corner out of sight, Maureen turned to Andrew and asked, "Why did you tell JP to bring his jacket? It's really hot outside." "It was my idea to help raise his profile for the recruiting visits," Andrew replied. "It makes sense for him to make sure it still fits. He's pretty muscular you know." "That's an understatement Andrew, especially when referring to you," Mrs Anderson said with raised eyebrows. "Thank you Mrs Anderson," Andrew said. "But I think I should get my jacket out of my truck to make sure it fits. I'll be right back." Andrew headed outside to his car and JP's parents took that opportunity to get their digital camera. Once Andrew came back inside with his football jacket on, he found his friends and their parents waiting for him in the living room. "What's going on here?" Andrew asked with a smile. "Just a group shot before you go, now that both you and JP have your jackets on," Paul replied, holding up his digital camera. "You mean all three of us," Andrew said with a cocky grin, as he held up Mike's football jacket. Paul grinned at Andrew's cocky attitude as Mike put on his football jacket. Then Paul set the timer on the camera, placed it on the mantle, and stepped back so that he would be in the picture with everyone else. Everyone grinned as the camera flashed and then stepped up to the mantle to see what the photo looked like on the screen. Once everyone had voiced their approval of the group picture, JP said, "We'd better get going Dad, so Matt and I can show Andrew and his friends the high school wrestling room." "Actually JP, you and Andrew go ahead," Matt said. JP turned to look at him in surprise and Matt added, "I want to stay here with Mike and Carrie." Andrew turned around to see Mike and Carrie nodding in agreement. Mike saw his look of astonishment and said, "Don't look so shocked Andrew: you must realize that the dynamics of this friendship were set last night when you spent half an hour alone with JP." Andrew nodded in sudden understanding and Paul said, "Besides Andrew, while you and JP are talking with Coach Graves, I can show your friends JP's wrestling videos." JP looked suddenly embarrassed, hoping that his dad wouldn't show the footage of the District Final match that JP had lost four months before. Paul noticed his son's sad look and decided to cheer him up. "If you lend me your digital camera son, I can upload the video you took last night of Andrew to YouTube." JP handed over his camera and grinned at the thought of helping raise Andrew's profile for the NCAA. He watched as Andrew slapped Mike on the back and hugged Carrie goodbye. "I'm ready to go now JP," Andrew said as JP opened the front door. "Good, so am I Andrew, so let's go," JP said, heading outside. Andrew waved goodbye to JP's parents and Matt's mom, before following his friend outside to the driveway. "Should we take your car or my truck?" Andrew asked once he reached the driveway where JP was waiting. "We should take your truck Andrew, it looks cooler," JP replied. "Especially when I turn on the under lights," Andrew said with a cocky smirk. "You must be a fan of the Fast and Furious movies," JP realized. "Especially 2Fast 2Furious," Andrew said with a big grin as they got into his truck. "Because it takes place in Miami right?" JP guessed. "Gee, someone's a genius, as far as stating the obvious!" Andrew laughed as they backed out of the driveway. "Shut up man!" JP laughed as they drove down the street. "Just try and make me JP, if you've got the guts that is!" Andrew dared him with a cocky smirk. Andrew and JP continued laughing and joking as they drove to Central High School, enjoying the freedom to act like jocks without worrying what their friends thought. Meanwhile, back at JP's house, Andrew's friends and JP's parents said goodbye to Matt's mom, who was heading home. Matt promised her that he would stop by to say goodbye the next morning, since JP's parents had granted permission for him to stay over. "After all Matt, Andrew only knows the way to this house, not your house," JP's mom reminded him. "That's why your mom brought an overnight bag for you when she came over for dinner." Matt's mom didn't reveal the real reason she was letting Matt stay over at JP's house that night: she needed some space from her son after the bombshell he had dropped on her that morning. Andrew and JP soon reached the high school and parked by the gate in the fence surrounding the football field. The school below in Fairfax County is probably what the author of the JP stories based Central High School on. And of course the team name in the JP Story is the Spartans, not the Wildcats. "Are you ready to go inside Andrew?"JP asked as he got out of the truck. "As soon as I get something," Andrew replied. He got out and opened up his truck's tailgate. Then he reached into his gym bag and pulled out his old Miami Hurricanes football. Then he closed the tailgate. "See JP, just a little accessory to complete my jock image." "You mean your Super Jock image Andrew," JP corrected him with a smug grin. "Your words JP and I agree with them," Andrew said with a big grin. "Let's go into the school and meet your wrestling coach. Then you can show me the wrestling room where you have achieved athletic glory on the wrestling mat." JP grinned back at his huge friend and led the way into the school for the chat with Coach Graves. As Andrew followed him down the hall to the wrestling room, JP smiled to himself as he realized that he would be mentoring a dozen kids there in wrestling in about six weeks time. "What do you think Andrew?" JP asked as they stepped into the wrestling room. "Most impressive JP," Andrew replied, looking around at all the pictures and newspaper articles on the wall. His eyes widened as he realized that most of the pictures and articles were of JP. "Someone's certainly popular in this school," he remarked, making the understatement of the year. "He should be, he's the first District Finalist we've had in over a decade," a deep voice said from behind them. Andrew and JP turned around to see a burly man in his 40s walking towards them. "I'm Coach Graves: the Head Coach of the District Finalist Central High Spartans Varsity Wrestling Team." "Pleased to meet you Coach," Andrew said, holding out his right hand. Coach Graves shook it firmly, only wincing a little bit from the strength of Andrew's iron grip. "I'm Andrew Pearson: Starting Center for the District Champion ODCVI Blues Varsity Football Team." "District Champion sounds a lot more impressive than District Finalist," Coach Graves realized, causing JP to look down at his feet in shame. Graves noticed and quickly apologized to his Star Wrestler. "Sorry about that JP, but it's true. You're good, but obviously not as good as Andrew here." "I'll do better this season Coach," JP promised with a scary look of determination on his face. "This time I won't just win the District Title but I'll be the State Champion as well!" "I'm sure you will JP," Graves agreed, pleased at how determined his Star Wrestler was to succeed. His cell phone suddenly rang from his shirt pocket. "Sorry guys, but I have to take this call: I've been expecting it." He took out his flip phone opened it up, pressed the green phone button to accept the call and listened intently. "Okay, I'll send him right out." He ended the call and turned to Andrew. "There's someone important waiting for you on the 50 yard line of the football field Andrew." "Okay Coach, I'll head out there now and then I'll meet you and JP back in here," Andrew decided. "We'll meet you out there Andrew," Graves said. "JP and I have a few things to work on for the Lincoln Middle School Wrestling Camp in six weeks." Andrew nodded in agreement and waved to JP as he headed out of the wrestling room. As he walked down the hall towards the stairs, he wondered who could be waiting for him in the middle of the football field: which he could see from the second floor window. Once Andrew exited the building and skirted the stands, he saw a big man in his 40s standing in the middle of the field. As he got closer, he noticed that the big guy was wearing a Central High Spartans Football t-shirt. "Hello Andrew, I'm Coach Palmer: the Head Coach of the Central High Spartans Varsity Football Team." "Pleased to meet you Coach," Andrew said excitedly, shaking his hand firmly. He noticed Coach Palmer massaging his sore hand and smirked as he added, "As you already know, I'm Andrew Pearson: Starting Center for the Orillia District Varsity Football Team." "I'm very pleased to meet you Andrew and there's someone else who would like to meet you: over the phone anyway." He picked up his cell phone and sent a quick text message that consisted of only two words: 'He's here.' "Who did you just send that text message to Coach?" Andrew asked curiously. "You'll find out in about 30 seconds Andrew," Coach Palmer promised him. Sure enough, within 30 seconds, his cell phone rang. "Hello, is that you?" he asked. He listened closely to the answer and nodded his head in satisfaction. "Good, thanks for calling back so quickly." He listened a bit more and added, "Sure I'll let you speak to him, since that is the reason I wanted you to call me in the first place. Just a second." He handed his cell phone to Andrew and said, "It's for you." "Thanks Coach," Andrew said, taking the cell phone and holding it up to his ear. "Hello?" "Are you Andrew Pearson?" a deep and confident voice asked from the other end of the line. "Yes I am," Andrew replied, feeling a little uneasy that the mystery caller knew his name. "Who is this?" "This is Ryan Maloney," the caller replied. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* And that, after two months, is the end of Andrew's Recruiting Summer Chapter 4. Please let me know what you thought of my first attempt at a cliffhanger ending. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Coming soon: - Andrew finds out why JP's older brother called him - Andrew takes JP and Matt on his Ohio State Recruiting Visit.
  4. Wyatt: ‘Uhh….why….no….stop’ *tosses and turns in his bunk* ‘I don’t want it….take it away….’ Roberto: ‘WAKE UP PRISONER!’ Wyatt: *jumps to his feet and nearly falls over* ‘Wha? Shit it happened again. Ahh crap I have already forgotten it.’ Roberto: ‘Time for you to shower.’ *throws a towel at Wyatt* Wyatt: ‘Are you going with me?’ Roberto: ‘Of course, I have to it is my job.’ Wyatt: ‘I assume you are going to watch me take a shower?’ Roberto: ‘Just get out of your cell and follow me.’ *directs Wyatt to the showers* Wyatt: ‘You are so cranky all the time.’ *silence* Wyatt: ‘FINE! I don’t need to talk to you anyway.’ *takes his stripes off and showers* *Roberto takes a glimpse and smiles behind him* *Wyatt turns and Roberto wipes the smile off his face* Wyatt: ‘You are watching me. Do you like what you see?’ *silence* Wyatt: ‘Come on, admit you like my ass. Even though I am small, I know my ass is nice.’ *turns to look at Roberto to get a reaction as his cock stands up* *Roberto doesn’t make a move at all* Roberto: ‘Do you mind putting your towel on please man?’ Wyatt: ‘Do I make you nervous? Come over and touch it, I want you to.’ *waits for Roberto to walk over, but he doesn’t budge* *Roberto points to the towel close to Wyatt and makes a motion to put it around his waist* Wyatt: ‘Damn, you are tough.’ *puts towel on still with hard-on* ‘I need to relieve this somehow.’ *starts stroking, but Roberto waves his finger no* Roberto: ‘NO! You won’t do that here, maybe in your cell, but not here. King would kill me if I let you do that here.’ Wyatt: ‘Wow, he has a lot of power here doesn’t he? Would something happen to you if you had sex with me, not that I would ask you to?’ *silence* Wyatt: ‘You aren’t even going to answer? DAMN!’ Roberto: ‘Yeah I’ll answer that question and the answer is NO! King gave me instructions to make sure that you behave yourself until he gets back again and that means the sexual innuendo or anything okay?’ Wyatt: ‘Alright I get it, but this hard-on has to be relieved.’ Roberto: ‘Back to your cell then man. You can do it there, but you will clean up the mess, understand?’ Wyatt: ‘Yeah I understand.’ *they walk back to the jail area and Wyatt goes back into the cell* *Roberto closes the door and moves back to his original position with his arms crossed* *Wyatt pulls his towel off and remembers that he left his stripes in the shower area* Wyatt: ‘Shit I forget my clothes, can you get me some clean ones Roberto?’ Roberto: ‘Fine, I will be back shortly with some new ones then. Remember clean up the mess you make.’ *Roberto leaves as Wyatt starts stroking his cock* *he moans as it feels so good* *after a few strokes he feels a bit strange and doesn’t notice that his body shakes a little* *he stops stroking to get up and wipe some sweat from his brow* *he goes to lean on the cell door to catch his breath as he gets a slight pain in his back* Wyatt: ‘OH GAWD, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG…..* *he feels his back stretching a bit as his spine grows and he adds height* *his chest begins to heave as it begins to grow larger and fuller* *his grip on the cell bars begins to make them creak a little as his hands and forearms swell* *he sees the veins in both arms thickening and looking like ropes as they get denser* *he feels his legs moving further away from each other as his cock lengthens and points towards the floor* Wyatt: ‘OHH YEAH *deeper voice* WHOA, IS THIS MY VOICE?’ *grabs throat* *rubs his chest and notices huge mounds of flesh and a thick stomach before flexing his massive guns covered in huge veins* *he laughs a bit as he finds his huge ass and rubs it* *his horniness is quite apparent as his cock pools precum on the ground* *he strokes it rapidly and roars with pleasure as he feels a big load building already* Wyatt: ‘MMMMM FEELS SO AMAZING….* *he shoots an enormous rope out of his cell as it hits the window in front of it* *he coats it with thick spunk and feels himself getting slightly weaker* Wyatt: ‘AHH DAMN *voice diminishes* fuck no!’ *shrinks with each rope as he regresses back to his normal size after completely cumming* *he wonders how this happened in the first place* Wyatt: ‘Is this what those dreams were about? Hmmm….now I’m curious.’ *sits and ponders as he sits naked and waits for Roberto to return with his new stripes* At the Precinct: King: ‘Jamie how did it go with Monroe?’ *sits at a table with Jamison in the lunch room* Jamison: ‘He obviously took the bait boss. The judge approved the contract without a second thought. It almost seemed too good to be true.’ *smiles from both men* King: ‘Excellent job Jamie, I will talk to you later when I get to the bar.’ *gives Jamison a firm handshake and leaves the lunch room* *cell phone rings, King answers* King: ‘King here. What are you talking about? *pauses* I did exactly what I intended to do. *seems flustered* I don’t think you need to talk to me like that. *gets more angry* Well why don’t you come down here and run the department then, jeezus crimony.’ *hangs up* *stomps into his office and sits down to vent to himself* *wonders if things down in the jail are going well and contacts Roberto on his cell* King: ‘Roberto? Where are you?’ Roberto: ‘Sir, I needed to go get the prisoner a new set of stripes, he showered and forgot to get a fresh set afterwards.’ King: ‘Oh alright, but don’t leave him unattended very long, it is hard to tell what he may do next.’ Roberto: ‘I know sir, I am on my way back now.’ King: ‘Good, we need him to trust us here because otherwise I may get myself into some trouble.’ *hangs up on Roberto and gets up to shed his dress shirt* *closes the blinds to his office and locks his door* *he stares into a mirror in the corner of his office and bounces his huge pecs* King: ‘Mmmmm damn Marquez, you are looking fine my man. If I stand here too long I just might get off on myself.’ *starts to rub his thick chest and growls a little* King: ‘Phew, I just can’t help myself.’ *undoes his belt and unzips his dress pants and pulls them off* *flexes his huge quads and marvels at their thickness and power* *growls again as he pulls his underwear off and does a full body flex* King: ‘Ahh yeah I am looking so hot.’ *pinches his nipples and growls a little louder* *watches his huge cock get erect and bounce up and down before dripping a little precum* King: ‘COME ON MARQUEZ I KNOW YOU CAN SHOOT THAT LOAD.’ *wills his cock to cum without touching it as it squirts more precum this time on to the mirror* King: ‘YEAH RAWR, COME ON BIG MAN I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT. COME ON!’ *his cock begins to swell a little bigger as if it is about to grow* *he roars as he feels it building and drawing closer to the edge* King: ‘FUCK YEAH, OH YEAH, SHOOT THAT HUGE LOAD MARQUEZ. AWWW FUCK!’ *solid white ropes coat the entire mirror as he laughs at the sheer force it commands* *he moves the mirror into the nearby bathroom as he hears a knock on the door* *he races to put his outfit back on before he opens the door* King: ‘Just a minute, I need to get something done before I can help you.’ Ashe: ‘YOU BETTER OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR RIGHT NOW OR I AM CALLING THE MAYOR!’ *realizes it is Ashe, the current city council chairman and former lover and gets up to open the door before he buttons up his dress shirt* King: ‘Eddie, what a pleasant surprise I…..’ *Ashe interrupts* Ashe: ‘Jerking off again Marc? Yep, I see the fucking puddle over here, when will you grow up? I feel sorry for your coworkers here. What a sty this is.’ King: ‘Well hello to you too. What brings you here today?’ *sits down in his chair while Ashe stands by the door* *Ashe looks irritated* Ashe: ‘Really? You do know I keep tabs on everything you do here. We do fund this department after all.’ King: ‘So… there a problem?’ *Ashe stares at him with that same irritated look* *King smiles and bounces his pecs* Ashe: ‘The money Marc. Where is the money going that we are giving you?’ *King bounces his pecs faster* *Ashe gets pissed* ‘STOP DOING THAT!’ King: ‘You used to always like it when I did that.’ *Ashe goes over to an empty chair and hesitates* *Decides to remain standing* Ashe: ‘I want answers right now damnit! What are you doing with….’ *King interrupts* King: ‘Research. We are using it on research……for the department.’ *Ashe looks puzzled* Ashe: ‘What? Are you kidding me? I want more specifics. What is this research that you are going on about?’ King: ‘Guys are getting hurt out in the field quite a bit so we started up a new program to look into a way to boost their performance and help prevent injuries.’ Ashe: *seems confused* ‘I don’t know what to think about that. You don’t normally lie to me so I guess I could buy that. Send me a copy of this ‘research program’ and I will talk to the council about sending you more funds.’ *stares at King’s chest and smirks* Ashe: ‘I admit, you do look amazing Marc. Are you on this program?’ King: *smiles and even laughs a little* ‘Maybe. Do you think it is working?’ *flexes his bicep and watches as it stretches his sleeve to its limits* ‘Keep watching…..’ *he squeezes his bicep until the sleeve splits* Ashe: *rolls eyes* ‘You haven’t changed at all dumbass. I will talk to you later.’ *leaves the office and closes the door* King: *talks to himself* ‘Hmmmm…..I didn’t think I would have feelings for Wyatt already. He is such a prime candidate for this program. I just wonder when he will start to show any type of transformation.’ *sits back in his chair and sighs* *he wonders if he will have to make a choice in the future of whether or not to let go of Wyatt or become his partner* At an Unknown Lab Institution: Chemist: *looks under microscope* ‘Hmmm….doesn’t seem right….Wincott where did this sample come from?’ Wincott: ‘Doctor I think it was sent here from the SVU department. Do you need me to call them and find out who it belongs to?’ Chemist: ‘Hold on a minute, I think I am getting some reaction here.’ *reaches for dropper filled with fortified sperm* *squeezes a little onto the slide* Chemist: ‘WHOA, Wincott get over here.’ Wincott: ‘Okay, what do you have there doctor?’ Chemist: ‘A delayed reaction is what we have here, take a look.’ *moves to allow his assistant to take a peek* Wincott: ‘Wow, this prisoner’s cells reacted violently when the sperm came in contact with them. Whose sperm is this anyway?’ Chemist: ‘Hmmm looks like Marquez King. How long has he been in the program?’ *checks logbook for verification* Wincott: ‘Quite a long time I imagine doctor.’ Chemist: *confirms date of entry* ‘Indeed Wincott. Sixteen years precedes the program by a mile. Wait? Sixteen years?’ *eyes get huge* ‘How is this possible?’ Wincott: ‘He would have had to of been a test subject to be from 1997, quite young in fact.’ Chemist: ‘We really need to talk to him because this is unreal.’ Wincott: ‘Wait doctor.’ *looks concerned* ‘It may not be wise to interfere in ‘his’ matters.’ Chemist: *seems confused* ‘Exactly who are you talking about Wincott?’ Wincott: *looks worried* ‘The headmaster doctor. He is the one responsible for starting this whole program. He has a small clan of men recruiting petty criminals so they can be experimented on. Obviously Marquez King is one of those men.’ Chemist: ‘Well, we have his sperm here Wincott and it is extraordinarily powerful. I still think we should talk to him. Get me an appointment to see him tomorrow.’ Wincott: *grabs cell phone* ‘Fine, but I won’t be involved in this. You are going to get yourself into a mountain of trouble doctor.’ *dials SVU* ‘I would like to speak to Officer King please.’ *transfer into King’s office* *King answers* King: *picks up office phone* ‘Who is this?’ Wincott: ‘Officer King, I am Devin Wincott from Sierra Labs. The head scientist of my research department would like to speak to you about your ‘sample’ you had sent to us for study. He wants to see you in person though.’ King: *smiles and makes a funny noise* ‘I almost forgot I sent that, sure I will speak to him. When does he want to come here?’ Wincott: ‘Tomorrow sir. Is this possible?’ King: ‘Sure, but I will have to go to a few meetings first. He can contact me in the late afternoon, I can’t give you a specific time because these meetings can sometimes last longer than they should.’ Wincott: ‘I will let him know officer, have a great day then.’ *clicks cell off as King hangs up* Chemist: ‘I heard what you said. Thank you Wincott for your assistance, your shift is over now I will talk to you tomorrow.’ *Wincott leaves the lab area and goes into the scrubs section* *someone follows him inside* *he turns and sees them staring at him* *he looks surprised, but not frightened* Wincott: ‘How did you get in here? I thought they took your credentials away from you?’ *the person sits down on a bench located across from the scrubs rack* *they start to speak* Person: ‘Don’t worry about me getting in here, I just need to know what Dr. Chizik is working on right now.’ Wincott: ‘He is using a sample from the SVU department and it contains some really powerful sperm too.’ Person: ‘Whose is it? Come on, you can tell me Devin we have a history you know.’ Wincott: ‘His name is Marquez King. He runs SVU and has some strong connections.’ Person: *keeps a straight face* ‘Thank you Devin I appreciate your cooperation.’ *hugs Wincott as he stands and even kisses him on the lips* ‘You know I really miss the good old days of us together in medical school.’ Wincott: ‘I miss them too Corbin. Is that all you needed was to know what Dr. Chizik was working on?’ Corbin: ‘Yes and I may be paying him a visit soon too.’ *turns to leave* *Wincott changes out of his scrubs and into civilian clothes* *Corbin walks out of lab facility and into his tinted car* *he dials a number on his cell and Bluetooth picks up call* Corbin: *speaks into Bluetooth* ‘Get me the headmaster. I need to speak to him.’ Computer: *HEADMASTER WALLACE FOUND* Corbin: ‘Sir are you there? This is Corbin Abrams.’ Headmaster: ‘It is about time you called me Abrams, what do you have for me?’ Corbin: ‘I got into Sierra Labs again. My ex, Devin Wincott is working with a chemist that has obtained a sample of an officer by the name of Marquez King, do you know him?’ Headmaster: ‘Hmmm Marquez King, I think I do Abrams. I want you to find out exactly what that chemist is doing with that sample and find out why that officer sent it to him in the first place.’ Corbin: ‘I will do that for you sir. Oh, I want to know when I will be privileged enough to enter the program.’ Headmaster: *pauses and laughs* ‘Don’t worry Abrams, your time will come. Just get to the bottom of this for me and we will go from there.’ Corbin: ‘Alright, it is an honor to serve you headmaster.’ Headmaster: ‘I am fortunate to have someone loyal like you too Abrams. I need you to hang up before someone tracks this call unless you are in the ‘car’.’ Corbin: ‘I am sir, but I will hang up anyway.’ Headmaster: ‘Good, get going then.’ Computer: *PHONE CALL ENDED* *Corbin drives off* *Headmaster Wallace stands in his study in his lakeside mansion* Wallace: *hears a knock on his door* ‘Come in and it better be good.’ Wife: ‘Edward, do you even care that our son is incarcerated for hitting that man?’ Wallace: ‘He has always fumbled through life Colette. It is time for him to figure out how to deal with something of this magnitude. Besides I’m not that worried about him.’ *Colette slams the door* *Wallace goes to look out onto his huge balcony and stares out into the lake* *he talks to himself* Wallace: ‘That boy doesn’t realize how special he is. I just hope that King doesn’t fuck this up or I will have to get rid of him permanently.’ *rolls his right hand over his face and silver beard* Wallace: ‘I sometimes wonder if all of this was really worth it. I mean I haven’t used the stuff for years.’ *realizes he is just talking to himself and smiles* ‘What am I doing? If that woman hears me saying this shit, she will fuck it up for good.’ *turns to go back inside the study and shuts the doors and closes the blinds*
  5. Austinevenson42

    The King of the Nerds

    The King of the Nerds Have you ever felt just like everyone else, if not worse? Like there wasn’t anything inherently special about you? Yeah, that perfectly described me… My name is Kyle and I was you average nerdy college senior just trying to get through life. I only felt truly at home with my friends in the comic book and gaming club at the school, especially Jenny and Tom. The other aspects of college, like partying, drinking, or sex, were so foreign to me. Yes, you heard me right, I was still a virgin at 21. Embarrassing, I know, but don’t worry, I know why you’re here, and my life was about to completely change for the better. So, sit back, relax, do what you need to do, and learn about the day that I was transformed from your average little nerd, into the king of the nerds. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Hey Kyle, so what are your plans for this Spring Break?” asked Jenny. “I’ve actually been meaning to catch up on Super Mario Odyssey, but not much else other than that,” I replied. “I feel that, I need to catch up on Horizon Zero Dawn,” Tom said as he smiled at me. Oh Tom, I had such a major crush on him. Ever since freshmen year I wanted to tell him how I felt, but either he had no interest in men, or, like me, he was in the closet. Sometimes I even thought he might have been interested in Jenny, but he was definitely too much of a wuss to even make a move on her even if he was straight. I was never even sure what Jenny might have thought of us, whether she was waiting for either of us to make some sort of move on her, or if she had absolutely no interest in us. She claimed to have “had boyfriend in high school,” but I was pretty sure that we were all virgins. Sad, right? Three nerds, probably interested in each other, but too chicken or scared to do anything about it. “Well guys, that’s my mom, I’ll see you this Saturday for the gaming convention!” I said with a lot of enthusiasm. Since the start of the semester I had been looking forward to this convention. Even though we all lived far away from each other when we weren’t at school, this would be a chance for all of us to hang out outside of school. I was really scared to be sharing a hotel room with Tom, but it was okay, everything was going to work out for the best, I was sure of that. Jenny added, “We are just going to meet at the hotel, right?” “That’s the plan, but don’t be late like usual Kyle!” replied Tom. As I got in the car I responded with some laughter. A part of me felt like he was flirting with me, so I needed to get out of that situation before I started blushing. My mom and I both waved and she drove off. I felt so embarrassed, here I was, wishing I was with Tom so badly, and I could do nothing about it. My excuse was that I didn’t want to risk messing up our friendship by asking him out, but that was a lie. Even if we weren’t friends, I just couldn’t make a move. But, this wasn’t the time to think about this, I was going to enjoy my spring break. Like I planned I got to play a lot of video games during the break, but what happened later was nothing I could have ever predicted. I couldn’t shake my feelings for Tom on any day of the week. Every now and then they would come up again, reminding me that I didn’t have the guts to even find out if he was gay. What made matters worse was that on Friday I just had this horrible head ache. It seemed that the more I thought about him, the worse it got, as crazy as that sounds. I decided to actually go to bed early that night, as my head ache seemed to have transitioned into really annoying body aches. I was actually getting a little scared that I might be too sick tomorrow to even go the convention… Yet, when I woke up, I felt better than ever. My body felt a little heavy, and I initially seemed a little disoriented, but I honestly felt great. Normally I go to bed late, so I think the extra hours might have really done me some good. Oh, how wrong I was! Before I got out of bed I removed the sheets off of me, revealing the body of a chiseled Greek sculpture. I was so amazed at the sight of my body, my mouth was locked wide open, in pure awe. I was a scrawny little guy, but somehow my body transformed to that of a sexy fitness model. I couldn’t believe it! I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror across my room. Before even getting a better look at my muscles I noticed that I was even taller. I had been 5’8", an inch taller than Tom was, but I had to be about 6’0" now. Then, I started flexing my incredible physique. First, I played with my new massive pecs, which I could bounce and make even bigger. I felt them up for a little while as my nipples began to harden. Next, I noticed my abs, wow. I had rock hard six pack abs. It was so hot to touch each one, they were just like pure muscle. Then, I noticed my ripped biceps. It honestly looked like I had baseballs under my skin as I flexed them in every pose I could imagine. I used to have twigs for arms, and now that they had to be at least 16 or 17 inches. That’s when I noticed it, my erection, bigger than ever. There it was poking through my boxer briefs and in between my new tree trunk sized legs. I went to pull down my underwear to get a better look, but almost comically struggled to get them past my giant thighs. When I managed to get them off, I was greeted with a giant penis. It was significantly thicker than it was last night, and at least three or four inches longer than my old little 4-inch penis. I was so turned on, just looking at my reflection in the mirror, I knew that I had become a god. But, after a little more flexing, I wanted to try out how real these muscles were. I looked around my room for something heavy and then remembered how much my dad and uncle had struggled to bring in my mattress and big bed frame. I knelt down next to the bed, expecting to use ever muscle in my body to move this bed. Then, almost with pathetic ease, I raised the entire bed a few feet off the ground. Fuck, I was a monster. That was when my dick and I had had enough. I dropped the bed back where it was and decided to jerk off before I exploded. I sat on the floor in front of the mirror with my gigantic, sculpted back against my bed. I went to town on my cock, expecting to cum in a minute like I usually did, but this was a real man’s dick. Somehow, even though I was hornier and more turned on than I had ever been in my life, I stroked my cock for almost 20 minutes, with every second bringing me more and more pleasure. Seeing myself in the mirror, my muscles flexing as I stroked harder and harder, worked wonders to bring me to the edge. Then, cum exploded all over my abs, pecs, and face. It almost seemed like my dick wasn’t going to stop after almost a whole straight minute of pure ecstasy. I finally felt like I was no longer a boy, I was a man’s man, I was a sex god. I had the body that men only dreamt to have, one that would be able to get me anything I wanted. But, although my body was that of a man now, my mind had not changed. After a minute of heavy breathing my composure returned and I saw my cum covered reflection in the mirror. Despite looking like a hunk, I felt so embarrassed and disgusted with myself that I had just done that. Only someone so narcissistic would masturbate to their own reflection. I also imagined how horrified my parents and friends would be to see me like this. You don’t just become this ripped overnight, something had to be wrong with me. Yet, I didn’t have the time to deal with this if I was going to make it in time to the hotel. I couldn’t do anything about my change in height, and more mature looking face, but I could cover up the muscles. I threw on some massive sweats that just made it look like I was getting fat, grabbed the luggage I packed the night before, and ran to catch the nearby bus. Even with the sweats though, I could swear that I caught people staring at me. I was so embarrassed. I wasn’t used to any attention at all. The height was especially something I had to get used to, a lesson I quickly learned after hitting my head as I entered the bus. Luckily, the bus ride was somehow faster than I expected, and although I was 15 minutes late, it could have been worse. Plus, Jenny and Tom were right there waiting for me, albeit a little annoyed that I was so late. “Wow, who called it Jenny, who called it…” said Tom with a smirk. Jenny responded, as I approached them, “Wait a minute, Kyle, no way, did you somehow get taller in the past week?” With Tom also seemingly shocked, I panicked to think of any sort of response. Then, I blurred out, “I must have gone through some second puberty, apparently it isn’t totally uncommon.” Although I looked super awkward, and couldn’t even look them straight in the eyes, that was something I actually remember reading a while back. Either way they seemed to shrug it off even though they definitely thought that was a weird response and had no idea why I was wearing such large sweats. But, as we were getting the keys to the room Jenny would be staying in, and the one that Tom and I would be staying in, I started to notice that maybe the sweats weren’t as big as I thought. Although they were hiding most of my upper and lower body, they were actually pretty tight around my arms. If I even slightly flexed there was a chance they could rip, and that is exactly what happened. As we were all hanging out and laughing in my room before we were going out to the main floor of the hotel, my right bicep tore the sweatshirt. The room went silent as the seams ripped, revealing my chiseled arm. Jenny and Tom could not believe what they were looking at, as I quickly turned red, embarrassed that my secret was about to be revealed. No one knew what to say, and I had no idea what thoughts could be going through their minds. “Kyle…what happened to your arm…” Tom said, almost appearing worried. “Okay guys, if I am being honest with you, it wasn’t just my height that changed over the break,” I replied, feeling ashamed that I would have to reveal my secret to them. I took off the shirt to reveal my new hunky physique, with Jenny and Tom just staring in awe. “How is this possible Kyle? You went from having a normal body to looking like a bodybuilder or something” stated Jenny, who was unable to take her eyes off of all the various muscles. I felt so embarrassed just hearing that word, “bodybuilder,” to describe my body, along with the stares and attention from Jenny and Tom, it was all too much. I quickly ran to my luggage to get a shirt, but soon realized that they were all far too small for me. The biggest one I could find was a sleeveless tank top, showing off my massive chest. When I turned back around, it was obvious that both of them were staring at my pecs and arms, which just felt mortifying. With that said, I felt that I should also change my sweatpants, as I was actually beginning to sweat in them. But before I went to the bathroom, I probably needed to address what was going on. “Hey guys, can you stop staring at me, it’s kind of weird,” I said looking at both Jenny and Tom. Both of them then yelled out, “Sorry!” and went on their phones, almost as if they were being awoken from some kind of trance. I ran to the bathroom to change, but again had trouble taking off my sweaty boxer briefs. When I finally managed to, I threw on my new underwear and shorts, which didn’t do much to hide my bulge. I will say though that when I got a look at my body in the mirror, I couldn’t help but think that I looked very hot and sexy in this outfit. Tom and Jenny must have agreed that I looked good as when I walked out of the bathroom their jaws practically fell to the ground. After they managed to compose themselves we finally made it out of the room and on to the floor with all the sellers and gaming stations. As we walked around I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of people were staring at me. If we are being honest video game nerds and geeks tend to be skinny, fat, or borderline unhealthy. Both Jenny and Tom were a little more attractive than your average nerds facially, but their bodies were skinny in the way you’d expect a nerd to be—prior to today I was much the same. But, now with my new amazing muscular body, I might as well have been an alien. Some guys seem intimidated by me, while other people just seemed interested in looking me up and down. A part of me was kind of starting to like the attention, but at the same time I just wasn’t used to people looking at me like this. Either way, the three of us had a fun time walking around and getting dinner later, but I couldn’t help but think that the both of them were continually flirting with me, if not fighting for my undivided attention. At the end of the day we each headed back to our rooms, with Jenny giving us an extra key so that we could come over later if we got bored. I actually decided to grab a shower first, feeling a little sweaty from all this tight clothing I was wearing. As I hopped into the shower I thought I could hear some heavy breathing coming from outside the bathroom, but I just decided to ignore that. While I was in the shower though, I couldn’t help but get turned on from scrubbing each of my muscles with soap. In no time, I found myself playing with my cock as I rubbed my muscles, which eventually caused me to explode endless streams of cum over the shower wall. When I was done I quickly panicked to clean off all the cum, get out of the shower to towel off, and spray some air freshener so that the smell of cum wasn’t so obvious. That was when it hit me, I forgot to bring a pair of clothes into the bathroom. To make matters worse, the heavy breathing I had heard earlier seemed to have gotten louder. I was particularly afraid of Tom seeing me in just a towel, as I usually just changed in the bathroom anyways. Nonetheless, I barely managed to wrap the towel around my hips and left the bathroom. When I walked into the bedroom area, what I saw horrified me. Tom, who I guess didn’t hear me come out of the bathroom, was sitting on his bed with his pants and underwear down at his calves. With his right hand, he was he was rapidly stroking his cock, and with his left hand he was holding up my sweaty underwear and sweatpants from earlier up to his face. I didn’t know what to do, but when he finally heard me he put down the sweaty clothes to see me standing there. Then, before I could even say anything, the sight of my god like physique in just a towel all wet seemed to be enough to push him over the edge and make him cum. As Tom’s head fell back, his mouth opened wider, and his eyes rolled back, he whispered, “God Kyle, you look like a fucking sex machine now.” I didn’t know what to do, there was my best friend, who I had wanted for so long, practically worshipping me like I was some sort of god. Just my sight was enough to push him over the edge, his cum falling onto the floor. He went from seeing me as his best bud, to a piece of meat from which he could derive sexual pleasure from. As much as I was turned on, I was disgusted with myself, Tom, and the whole situation. I quickly threw on some clothes that barely fit and ran from the room. This wasn’t me, I wasn’t a hunk, I was a nerd. A week ago, nothing like this was even possible, I wasn’t ready, even if my body was. I ran to Jenny’s room, hoping that at least she had some sort of sanity. I opened the door and walked in, breathing heavily, still unable to fully take in what was going on. Then, I noticed I had a raging boner through my shorts, which I quickly tried to hide in case Jenny could see the door. Luckily, she was in shower, so that gave me at least some time to relax. But, I swore I could hear someone talking so I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door a crack, and that’s when I heard it. As Jenny moaned from the shower she was saying, “Oh Kyle, fuck me Kyle…Your muscles are so hot, I need them…God, destroy my pussy." I couldn’t believe this, even Jenny, the logical voice of reason in our group, was unable to stop herself from masturbating to the thought of my body. But, something in me clicked. As my boner rose to full mast, it seemed my body was starting to take over. The attraction I’ve been having to my own body, the attention I’ve been getting all day, and the immense pleasure that Tom and Jenny have been having because of me finally released my inner hunk. Why would I continue to be a scared little nerd, when I was in fact the sex machine that Tom said I was. This was my opportunity to lose my virginity and really see what my body could do. I walked into the bathroom, which was enough noise for Jenny to stop masturbating. Then, I ripped my shirt off like tissue paper and opened up the curtain, to Jenny’s initial dismay. With Jenny staring at my muscles and doing nothing to cover herself up she barely whispered, “Oh my god Kyle.” Finally growing into the personality you’d expect with a body like mine, I cockily responded, “Why would you stop, Jenny.” Before she could say anything, I took off my shorts and underwear and stepped into the shower with her. I was pretty sure that I was gay, but in this moment, all I wanted to do was fuck the living shit out of Jenny. As I got closer to her I saw that she had just recently orgasmed just from thinking about me, so now it was time to give her the real deal. She began by rubbing her hands over my chiseled pecs and abs while I quickly moved to making out with her, while grabbing her tight, perky ass. She continued to move her hands around my muscular body, worshipping every inch of it. Jenny seemed to be especially fond of rubbing her boobs against my pecs and abs, while running her hands over my shredded back muscles—something that just drove my cock crazy for some reason. I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life, and from the hunger Jenny had for my body, I could probably say the same for her. Jenny said, managing to get a few words in between making out with me, and sucking on my muscles, “Fuck Kyle, you look like a Greek god…I need you…I need your monster cock inside of me…destroy me with your massive muscles.” Stopping to let out a loud, erotic moan, “I’ve been waiting for so long for one of you two to have the guts to ask me out and have sex with me…I’m on birth control…for the love of god Kyle fuck me like there is no tomorrow…” Before I could even respond, my giant muscular body seemed to know exactly what to do to please Jenny. Just with the strength of one arm I lifted her off the ground, holding her up against the shower wall. With the water only hitting me now, and my body glistening, I can’t imagine the sight that Jenny must have witnessed. Even before I did anything she began to shake in my arm, moaning louder, and orgasming. Her petite little body, before I had even started truly pleasing her, began to squirt, in an incredibly intense orgasmic experience. We both knew she wanted more though, so I began to play with her clit using my other hand. To give her even more pleasure I also began to suck on her sexy large breasts, something that definitely drove her crazy. Somehow, I did these so expertly that in just a matter of moments I brought her to her third orgasm, this one more earth shattering than the last. Jenny was so attracted to my muscles, that she felt continually on the brink of orgasming—a power I loved having, and one I was prepared to continually abuse again and again. She was unable to stop herself from orgasming whenever I touched her, whenever I was near. Causing so much pleasure for her, and seeing her worship every single one of my massive, ripped muscles, continually even brought me to the edge. But, unlike Jenny, it seemed that my body knew instinctively how to hold it. Already, I had felt the intense pleasure right before cumming multiple times, but my body, my sex machine, god-level physique, it just knew exactly what to do to prevent that. It’s almost like my body was made to provide me with the most pleasure possible. When I was a skinny little nerd I could barely masturbate for just a few minutes, and now, after just one day of being a real hunk, I had somehow become a master of holding back…god this level of pleasure was amazing. Once she calmed down again, it was time for me to have some real fucking fun. Now using both hands, I grabbed her off the wall and placed her on top of my thick, practically 8-inch dick. Initially shocked at how easily I could do it, I began to lightly fuck her while holding her up just with my arms. A few days ago, I was so weak I could probably barely have sex with someone without getting exhausted immediately, and now I was holding up Jenny without any support. As her moans grew louder, and my dick started to go faster and deeper, I noticed how small she truly was. Jenny was not much shorter than me a few days ago, and we were about the same weight, but now look at us. At 6 feet, 190 pounds of pure, solid muscle, I was a giant monster compared to her small 5’5”, 118-pound frame. She practically felt like nothing in my arms, eclipsed by the size of my gigantic frame. Then, as I felt Jenny’s fourth orgasm consume my penis, I knew it was time to go to full speed. With my cock, all the way in her pussy I started to fuck her. Harder and harder, faster and faster, I began to groan and moan, like a wild animal consuming his pray. Although Jenny had just orgasmed, she began to scream my name and moan louder than ever before. God, I really was a sex machine, the power I had over Jenny, the pleasure I was experiencing, it was all incomparable to anything. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK Kyle, don’t stop…harder…harder…FASTER…faster…I’ve never felt...such…such pleasure. You’re a fucking animal, GOD,” Jenny said while still screaming and moaning. “God Jenny, I’m so close…” I managed to let out in between my grunting and moaning. “Kyle, cum inside of me, god YES please fuck do it…” Jenny responded almost begging me to. I grabbed Jenny as tight as I could, fucking her as hard as I could for another few more minutes. I wanted to draw out the pleasure, to experience as much as I could of it, and my body knew all the tricks. Then, as I was about to explode, Jenny had her fifth orgasm, the strongest of them yet. As I used most of my strength to prevent her intensely flailing body from getting out of my hands, I began to gush cum inside of her. My cum, which I had been holding in for so long, shot out like streams of bullets, filling her up. When I noticed she couldn’t take any more of it, I gently placed her exhausted body onto the shower floor as I continued to cum all over her face, breasts, and stomach. I was amazed, Jenny was sitting on the floor, exhausted beyond belief, breathing heavily, and incredibly sore from the positions I had her in, but I felt nothing. I was barely out of breath, felt like I had only experienced a light workout at most, and knew my cock was already ready to go a few more rounds. Jenny looked like she couldn’t handle any more pounding though so I let the water clean her off, turned it off, and stepped out of the shower. “Don’t leave Kyle…” Jenny managed to say from the shower. “I lied to you and Tom, I’ve never had a boyfriend, you were my first…” Laughing, as I dried myself off, “Come on Jenny, not to hurt your feelings but we could kind of tell you were lying. But, hey, we got to be each other’s firsts.” Jenny replied, “I want more though, my vagina feels so empty without your meaty cock inside of it. Plus, I know that wasn’t your best, a part of you was afraid of hurting me.” She was right. Not only was I using a lot of my strength to actually hold her up in the first place, but I was also scared what my full strength could have done to her virgin pussy. Giving her a sexy smile I responded, “Are you ready for round two then?” Without saying anything, Jenny got up from the shower floor, jumped into my arms, and started making out with me. Although we were still wet, we didn’t really care. Rubbing our bodies and lips together, I picked her up again and took her to the hotel bed. I laid on the bed with her on top of me, giving her free roam of my ripped muscles. I love how Jenny took charge in order to pleasure herself. While making out with me she rubbed her breasts against my giant pecs, and clit up against my rock-hard abs. Although she was exhausted from our shower sex, Jenny was eager to continue, running on pure pleasure and ecstasy. “Be rough with me Kyle, I want to see what those muscles are made of,” said Jenny in a sexual and thirsty tone. The thought of fulfilling her request, and finding out for myself the limits of these muscles was such a turn on. I started by smacking her on the ass at around a ¼ of my strength, which made her scream in pleasure. As I continued up to 50% of my strength I saw her ass turning red, barely able to take any more, but she loved every single fucking second of it. Then I turned her on to the bed, holding her down from the sheer strength of my body. With just a third of my strength she was powerless, unable to stop me from doing anything I wanted, and she didn’t want it any other way. I was just amazed at how horny she was for my body, just a few minutes of me holding her down, being rough with her, and rubbing all of my muscles against her pushed her to a sixth orgasm that left her completely out of breath. “You’re such a bad dirty girl Jenny,” I laughed, “And now it’s time for me to show you how much of a man I have really become.” I got up, showing my amazing physique to her, fuck I really must have looked like a god among men. My newly acquired sexual drive needed to be quenched, and fucking Jenny again and again would definitely help—not that she wasn’t beyond eager to please me and herself. This was not only her first time with a man, but a man that no future fuck could ever match. Jenny knew that she had to get the best of it for as long as she could, until she had to settle for some other skinny nerd who would just never be the same. Shortly after getting up from the bed and stretching my drop dead gorgeous muscles, I grabbed her, put each of her feet over my shoulders, and positioned her to rip apart that pussy with my monster cock. This time, I started off a lot harder, sticking my dick all the way inside of her. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster. Then, I turned her over, grabbed her hips tightly, and went to town on her. Unlike before, I was using close to all of my strength. She was screaming and moaning louder than ever, to the point that I thought I was actually destroying her vagina with my muscles. The bed was shaking back and forth so much that when I heard a crack I wasn’t sure if it was the wall or the bed. I bet you the nerds next door were getting horny listening to some real hardcore sex going on here. Either way, my animal instincts kicked in, and I found myself lost in a new level of pleasure. I honestly lost track of how many times I felt Jenny orgasm, and when I started to cum inside of her I could feel the exhaustion finally getting to her. Again, I decided to cum all over her, at this point seeing it as a way to truly show my dominance over her. By the time I was done, I still felt that I could go a couple more rounds, but Jenny was practically out of it. A part of me, felt kind of bad when I got out of bed and look down upon her completely destroyed body. Yet, I was also amazed, I did that, I gave her so much pleasure that she couldn’t handle it anymore. But, one thing was for sure, my body wasn’t done yet, it needed more pleasure. I was a god meant to be worshipped and I knew exactly who was next on my list. I went back to the bathroom to grab my clothes, realizing then that I had ripped my shirt to shreds, and that my shorts were just completely soaking wet. My underwear was fine, and it actually took me sometime to realize that I could just walk out in them alone. I finally wasn’t ashamed of my body, I had the muscles that everyone could only dream to have, touch, and fuck. I never wanted anyone to see me without my clothes, I was scared to go the pool for fear of my body being judged, and I never tried to get with anyone because I just saw myself as a pitiful little weakling. But now, I was the man, the god, people wished they were, yet could never actually become. I could have anyone that I wanted, and even get anything that I wanted. I was now part of an elite group of individuals who could be considered sex beasts, who could get you horny just by looking at your or taking their shirt off. I loved that idea that when I walked into the room, literally any room, I would be the hottest guy, the one that people would either hate for being so hot, or just want to be around just to get a glimpse of his body. Once I was done ogling over myself in the mirror in the bathroom, I decided to head out. Jenny was still passed out, but I imagined that she would come to later or tomorrow and still want more. I'd be curious to know how her soreness would be though, something that this body didn't seem to really understand. All I knew now was that I was in for some fun walking through the hallways of the hotel over to my room in just my sexy green boxer briefs. Honestly, you should have seen the stares that I got from people when I walked from Jenny’s room to my room. First, there were these two nerdy girls, who definitely just orgasmed when they saw me—I could practically see them dripping through their pants. Next, I saw a guy and a girl, who I assumed were dating. The girl couldn’t keep her eyes off of my body, and her boyfriend was definitely pissed. It’s funny though, I could have had her then and there if I wanted to, and her pussy of a boyfriend wouldn’t have been able to do shit about it. But I was a man on a mission, so I just left her with a sexy wink that might have almost made her fall over. Lastly, right when I was going to get to the room, I saw two little nerds who were practically getting erections from just watching me walk down the hallway. That was me not too long ago, and I definitely felt some pity for them. But, I decided to make their night, as I walked up to them I grabbed each of their cocks and balls and squeezed them. I could feel their cocks rapidly growing from my touch and presence, something that only increased when I signaled them to touch my pecs. This was nothing that these cuties had experienced before, and I would have loved to teach these guys some of what I learned with Jenny, but I had to run. I gave them a wink, blew them each a cocky kiss, and left them in the hallway with their fully erect boners. I imagine that they could go and help each other finish the job. As I walked into the room and closed the door I saw Tom, who seemed like he might have been crying earlier, sitting on his bed sulking. I felt so bad to see him like this, just like I had been many times thinking about Tom in the past. I found out that the guy I had liked for years now adored me, and I shunned him when I realized that. I knew I had to make it up to him, but my inner hunk was going to have some fun with him. Just like Jenny, he wanted to worship my god-like physique, but, in this case, I have a little more experience up my belt, and there was a lot more that I wanted to try with him. Once Tom noticed I had come in he ran up to me and said, “Oh my god Kyle, I am so sorry I didn’t mean for you to see that. It was wrong of me to do that to you…wait, where have you been for the past hour, and where are your clothes…not that I am necessarily minding right now?” Chuckling a little I responded, “Do you really want to find out the answers to those questions, or do you just want to pull my boxer briefs down and give me the best blow job you can?” “What…I thought you weren’t interested?” replied Tom, who was definitely getting horny again. “Eh I was definitely a little startled at first to find you masturbating to my sweaty underwear, but I’ve honestly been into you for a while now,” I stated, actually blushing a little. Tom, smiling and blushing too, responded, “No way, I’ve had a thing for you for the longest time, the muscles are just what took me over the edge. I actually think that Jenny has a thing for you to now that I think about it…” Laughing, and thinking about what had just happened, I replied, “Wow so you are telling me we could have done this forever ago, that’s a shame…but, hey, let’s make up for lost time.” “Yes, sir, you don’t have to tell me twice,” Tom stated as he licked his lips. I actually felt hornier than ever in expectation of playing around with Tom. Not only had I been waiting for this for years, but, if I was bisexual, I definitely still preferred men over women. I wasn’t sure where Tom stood, but I knew he was dying for this moment even more than I was. He initially put his hands on my massive pecs, sliding them down to my washboard abs and obliques. Then, Tom began to suck on my left and right nipples as I flexed my back for him to feel up and down into all the different ridges. Next, he seemed interested in playing with my biceps which I gladfully flexed for him. I wanted to show him how strong I was so as he held onto my right bicep I lifted him off the ground, something that seemed to really turn him on. Tom seemed to be more in love with my muscles than Jenny. When I put him back down, he wanted to lick every single rock-hard part of my body, starting with my giant pecs and then moving to my sculpted abs. It seemed like he licked each and every single ab muscle, moaning as he moved lower and lower. The little nerd was worshiping me like a Greek god—he was obsessed with my body. Then, he moved back to lick my biceps, which he did as he rubbed my hardening nipples. God, his worshipping of my body just made me want to rip his ass apart more and more. Speaking of ass, Tom seemed particularly interested in mine, as he began to rub my steel-like ass while licking and sucking my abs and pecs like a hungry mad man. “Okay, no fucking way Kyle, you’re so hard all over, but that ass is as tight as marble,” Tom said in amazement. I couldn’t help but laugh at that comment, but before I could say anything Tom started making out with me. Wow, I had waited for this moment for so long, and it was finally happening. I was in heaven, and we were just getting started. But, I knew that it would be even hotter, if I started to take back charge of the situation. “Get on your knees,” I commanded in a stern and sexy tone. Tom didn’t question what I said one bit, he seemed extremely turned on for a real man like me to be telling him to pleasure me. He went down on his knees, putting him at the perfect height to suck off my cock. He started taking off my underwear and was just amazed to find my rock hard 8-inch monster cock ready for him to cater to. Tom was definitely at a loss for words, also feeling my incredibly massive muscular thighs and calves as he forced my underwear past them. Then, before he could even comment on my dick’s size, I shoved half of my cock into Tom’s pretty little mouth. At first, he had a little trouble, but then he started sucking and licking like a champ, while playing with my large balls in one hand, and rubbings my chiseled abs with the other. The little wimp was in complete ecstasy, with his 5-inch or so cock rising to full mast. Wanting to help the poor guy out, I used my sexy right foot to lightly stroke his cock, something that sent erotic shivers throughout all of Tom’s body. But, as Tom started to get use to sucking half of my cock, I decided to take things up a notch. I planted both of my feet firmly on the ground, grabbed the back of his head, and I started to skull fuck him. In and out, in and out, all 8-inches of my cock penetrating his little mouth and throat. Tom was definitely unable to handle it, as he gagged every time my dick went all the way in, and started to tear up. Using only a fraction of the power my muscles gave him, I fucked the shit out of his face. It was so hot, I was getting so close… I pulled out of his mouth, with Tom in complete awe of what just happened. I then cleaned up the drool from his face and dragged him by his shirt to my bed. When I sat down and positioned my cock in front of Tom, I realized that I had actually ripped his shirt in the process. He didn’t seem to care at all about it, so I finished ripping it off and threw it across the room. Wow, he was just a skinny as I was, if not skinnier, and now he was just putty in my big strong hands. “Wake up wimp,” I commanded, “this cock isn’t going to take care of itself. Tom quickly returned to my cock like a magnet, this time eagerly trying to take all 8-inches of my thick beast. I let him have some fun on his own, but when he took a break and began to drool, I quickly wiped it and rammed my dick back into his mouth. Then, I started intensely fucking his mouth, to the point that I was honestly getting scared that I would break his jaw—something I didn’t want to do, but honestly turned me on thinking that I had the strength to even consider that as a possibility. “That’s enough,” I demanded, “Now, just lick my cock and balls Tom.” He did so eagerly, happy to keep pleasing me but to also breathe. Tom licked and sucked on my balls especially, which just felt so good I began to moan louder. Then, when I had had enough pleasure, I picked him up and sat him on my lap. He was so small compared to my massive ripped body, he was almost like a doll practically. Tom seemed to be enjoying it, as he began to grind on my dick, rubbing his back against my sculpted pecs and abs. Fuck, a few days we would have been equals, and now, I could literally do anything I wanted with his frail little body. “God Kyle…you’re amazing…this body, it’s incredible…I want you to fuck me, but…but…I’m a virgin,” Tom said looking completely embarrassed. As I stuck a finger in his ass, massaging it, I also started to stroke his dick. “Don’t worry Tom, we can work it out,” I said with a cocky smirk. “FUCK Kyle…how are you doing that….my GOD that feels amazing,” Tom replied as he moaned louder and louder. I honestly hadn’t realized how big my hands had gotten until I grabbed Tom’s dick. I was able to hold the whole thing at once, something that weirdly turned me on. I began to stroke his dick faster and faster, as I added a second finger to Tom’s ass. I could tell that he was trying to hold back cumming with every fiber of his being. But, soon enough, his toes began to curl, his moans practically became screams, and he began to shoot cum over the floor and my hand. Tom had been holding it for so long that he was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm for a whole minute. Tom was completely out of breath, but it was finally time for me to try out that pretty ass of his. Without notice, I picked up his skinny little body and placed it on my massive cock. At first, he screamed out in pain, but as my dick stretched him out, he seemed to be enjoying it more. I loved how easily I could just lift him up and down with my bare hands, still having plenty of strength to also fuck him myself. Sitting on my cock, Tom was like a rag doll I could easily move around, bringing us both immense pleasure. He even started to get into it himself, pushing and pulling on me to go even faster and deeper. But, I wanted more, I wanted to fuck him for days. I pulled Tom off of my massive cock, smacked his ass so hard he screamed and bent over, and then I grabbed him by the hips. Without a moment’s notice, I started to fuck the shit out of him. Being able to hold him tight, I was able to fuck him even harder than before. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, Tom could barely handle it. I was literally fucking his ass into nothingness, using nearly all of my strength. He was screaming my name, moaning louder and louder, he was in utter ecstasy. But, I wanted to really show off my strength, so I picked him up off the ground and continued to destroy his ass like nothing else in the world mattered. “Oh god Kyle, oh GOD…how are you THIS strong…I could never imagine that you could do this, FUCK…you really are a SEX god,” Tom screamed, already on the brink of cumming yet again. Tom only made me want to fuck him harder and harder, especially when he came for a second time, all over himself and the floor. I really was a god among men, someone people would beg to have sex with, if not just touch. My body was a well-oiled machine made to experience sexual pleasure, and give people the fuck of their lives. Plus, the strength, god the power I had, I haven’t even fully tapped it. Jenny passed out and I could already see Tom was tiring out, but I was still barely feeling anything. Fuck, I really had become a monster, and I loved every minute of it. In between moaning and screaming Tom managed to whisper, “Kyle…can I ride you…the thought of it…fuck…sounds like heaven.” God, he was so fucking right, that did sound amazing. I laid down on the bed with Tom, allowing him to jump up and down on my cock. Wow, he loved it, intensely using his legs to bounce up and down on my massive meat. But, I was getting close, and I wanted in on the fun. In this position, I was able to rapidly fuck the living shit out of him. I really was in heaven, with Tom’s ass perfectly massaging my cock, and Tom having the greatest pleasure he has ever felt in his life. This was his first time having sex, but before we knew he was cumming for the third time, now all over the bed. The sight of him in ecstasy was enough to push me over the edge, with my cock exploding cum inside of his ass. When Tom fell over from exhaustion, the cum started to spurt all over me, even hitting my face, the backboard of the bed, and even the wall. As I laid there just taking it all in, Tom came to and saw all of the cum over me. Like a rabid animal he jumped on top of me and started licking all of the cum off of me. He started with my abs, then moved to my pecs, and finally we continued making out. “Wow, your body, your lips, even your cum…it all just tastes so delicious,” Tom said as he laid down next to my giant sculpted body, practically passed out from the intense fucking. After I chilled in bed for a while, relaxing, Tom finally came to. He seemed pretty dazed and out of it, but he seemed hungry for more sex. “Look who’s finally awake,” I said looking at him sexily. “God Kyle, that was honestly a million times better than I could have ever imagined. I loved every minute of it, and I need more, I need you” Tom said practically begging for more. “Actually, there is something I’ve always wanted to try. Throw on some clothes, I’ll put on some new boxer briefs, and we will head downstairs,” I replied as I flexed my muscles. Without questioning anything, Tom threw on some clothes, practically at light speed. He had no idea what we were doing, but he knew I was going to fuck him again, and that’s all he cared about. As we left the room, all the nerds that were still up and about couldn’t help staring and ogling at my body. I even heard one guy whisper under his breath, “that lucky bitch, why can I have a man like that.” Wow, I really had become the king of the nerds. I was still into video games, comics, and all the other stereotypical geek stuff, but I also had the body of a god, and the ability to endlessly fuck people until they couldn’t take it anymore. Then, we arrived at the pool, where I had always dreamt of having sex with someone. I imagine it wouldn’t be much different, but the setting just made it more of a thrill. Yet, it seemed like some random old guy was busy closing up the pool for the night. “Hey man, can we still get into the pool,” I said in a strong, stern voice. Still trying to lock up, the man stated, “Sorry bud, close at 10, no ifs, ands, or buts.” That was when I turned him around, got a good look at him, and said, “I don’t think so, we are getting into the pool, and you’re going to bed old timer.” The old man couldn’t believe what he was looking at. The hotel was swarming with average looking skinny nerds and geeks, but there I was, a ripped, muscular hunk. He honestly didn’t know what to say, and, in the end, didn’t stop me and Tom from getting into the pool. I was actually getting turned on realizing that there were some nerds staring at us from the door. If they were looking for a show they were about to get one. Tom, probably would have been self-conscious if he knew, but his attention was solely focused on my muscles. He especially lost it as I stripped my underwear off. God, I must have looked so hot naked, with all of my muscles pumped from all the sex I had been having. “So, are you coming into the pool or are you just going to stand there and stare the whole time?” I stated have joking, but practically commanding him to join me. “Oh…um…yeah, of course,” responded Tom as he took off his clothes at a faster speed than when he initially took it off. When he initially jumped in we actually just splashed around, almost having fun, but then we quickly started making out. I could already feel Tom’s full erect boner as I held him close. Through the water he enjoyed feeling up my muscles, he was practically obsessed with them. He couldn’t get enough of me, and I loved the fact that I was finally fucking my crush. I thought I would never get a chance with him, and now Tom was literally begging for me to fuck the shit out of him. “Fuck Kyle, you make me so horny it’s insane…I don’t get it, you’re just so gorgeous,” Tom said as he began to suck on my neck and squeeze my bicep muscles. “Well Tom, I’m here to please,” I said as I carried him over to the pool ladder. There, I sat him on the highest rung, lifted his ass and legs up, and stuck my massive cock into his ass. Using the ladder’s rails for support, I was able to fuck him with all of my power. It actually got to the point that I could feel the rails loosening, and ultimately breaking. Soon enough Tom had his most intense orgasm yet, but he begged me to get out of the pool so that he could get all my cum in his mouth. He decided to suck me off again, so I gave him a good ole skull fucking. He was probably even more turned on by my glistening muscles. My pecs, abs, and biceps must have looked especially fine. After a few minutes of that, I came in his mouth. He tried to take it all in, but eventually he just couldn’t take it anymore and I sprayed the rest over his body. Then, I picked up his exhausted little body and we sat together in the shallow side of the pool. For once, I was honestly actually starting to feel some level of exhaustion. “Wow, guys, that was so fucking hot,” said Jenny from the door. “Woah, looks who's awake,” I said excited to see her. Biting her lips, Jenny responded, “So how about we make this a party.” I looked around and saw the two nerdy guys from earlier, who looked pretty shy and awkward, but they obviously wouldn’t be here if they weren’t eager to join. I honestly had not thought about the idea of a threesome, or an orgy, but it definitely excited me. So many people wanted this body, these beautiful ripped muscles, why not share it? “Come join us in the pool then,” I replied with a sexy smirk. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well that’s my story guys, hope you enjoyed it. Somehow, I went from a scared nerdy little kid, to the hunky king of the nerds. Literally everyone at that convention the next day was talking about me, and many of them wanted a piece of me in some shape or form. I truly am a god among men now, and I regularly fuck Jenny and Tom, among other people. I’ve been asked why I don’t just get a boyfriend or girlfriend, but, come on, look at me, I can have infinitely more fun single. You wouldn’t believe some of the adventures I’ve been on with my godlike looks, but those are definitely stories for another day. If you are interested in them let me know, I swear some of them are fucking juicy. Don’t worry though, as cocky as I have become, and oh have I become a cocky bastard, I’m still a nerd at heart. Like I still read books or play video games, I just do that shirtless, and often time after pounding the shit out of someone. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the orgy at the end, come on guys, I think I gave you enough. Hope you had fun! I'm going to get back to my game, I have some fun scheduled for later.
  6. LJackson

    Muscle Worshippers: Chapter 8 of 14

    Chapter 7 is here. And this is really where it gets interesting... 8 Olly Friday, September 26th Late for work again today. I know it's wrong. A month ago I would haven't dreamt of it. A month ago I was early, eager to please — god, such a good little boy. But was that bad? I love the library — I don't want to piss off Mr Bartholomew — but equally, I can't bring myself to give a fuck. Am I a bad boy now? I'm definitely not so little these days. No, I'm not a bad boy. God knows, I'm working harder than ever. I get up at five to get to the gym early enough for my morning session. Just me, the Beast, and a few other hardcore lads. We devotees of the iron, sweat and lift. Most of those other guys in the early morning, city types with nice pecs, are still only doing half the work that me and the Beast are putting in. We're there to do a cardio session and a few light weights. We spar a little in the changing rooms. That's just session one. We still have our weights session scheduled for the evening. No, that's all good. Mum and Dad and Anthony are pleased to see me taking some exercise. My parents are glad to see me becoming a man. Anthony nods encouragingly, but I can see there's something behind his eyes. Perhaps he's not sure which of us is the big brother nowadays. Especially after his nice pale blue interview shirt got ripped up the back. He found it on my bedroom floor. 'Jesus Christ,' he said, 'What happened to this?' I wasn't in the mood to talk nicely about it. It was a Saturday morning and I was getting ready to go for a swim. 'I guess I happened to it, bro. I'll replace it.' 'You get in a fight?' 'What are you, deaf, blind or an idiot? I told you that I happened to it. In case you haven't noticed, I've put on some weight since you first leant it to me.' 'You mean you outgrew my shirt?' He was turning it over in his hands. 'The sleeves are all burst too.' 'Are they? Look, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't realise you cared about it so much.' 'You don't seem to remember it happening.' 'Sometimes when I've had a good session, and I'm really pumped, I guess I forget myself a bit,' I tried to explain, still packing my swim bag: towel, trunks, shake... 'I just can't believe you've put on any muscle so fast.' 'It happens when you first start at the gym. The Beast's an expert, and I've been reading up. A guy my age has the right chemical balance. He's ready to...' 'Explode?' 'If you want.' 'Show me,' he said. I really hadn't wanted this, but he'd asked for it. I went and stood before him and pulled off my sweat top. I like it because it keeps my new physique something of a secret. It's outsize. You can't tell, at first glance, how very outsize I am. 'Oh, fuck.' He covered his mouth with his hand. 'Olly, you look like a — like a gorilla or something.' 'Do you see how I bust your shirt open now?' I balled my hands into fist, demonstrating the iron bars my forearms have become. I banged on my chest with one first. The smack and the little bounce always made me want to smile, especially thinking how little I used to look when I first struck these poses in the bathroom mirror. 'Do you see what I'm packing? Your shirt was for a normal sized guy, Anthony, and I've started to go way beyond normal.' 'I suppose you're just...' His mouth was dry, staring at the thick sinew of my arms, my hulking shoulders, my rugged six pack. 'You're growing up faster than I thought. I didn't realise you even had chest hair.' I ran my fingertips through it. 'That's testosterone. When you're working out at my capacity, the body starts producing more of it. I'm flooded with testosterone now, and it — well...' I clapped my hands together for emphasis, and couldn't resist pulling a momentary 'most muscular' pose, so he could see the whole story. 'It makes things grow.' He shook his head in disbelief. 'I hope you know what you're doing.' 'Don't worry, little guy,' I patted his shoulder patronisingly. 'I'm right on course.' He looked repelled, and for some reason I loved it. I tried not to show what a turn-on it was, just pulled my sweat top back on and went out the door for that swim. Mr Bartholomew is less than happy. Last Friday he complained that I wasn't taking the job seriously. That was at the start of the day, and I swallowed that down pretty well, but he kept on at me all day. I told him how I was carrying three times the number of books about now, and could reach the higher shelves without standing on a step ladder. He said that was all very well, but that it was attitude that was the thing, and I had a bad one. That afternoon the ex-policeman came in for a chat. Well, I've written about him in here before. It's the highlight of my week. At first I thought it was just because he's a tough like me, and in some ways more so than the Beast. He doesn't lift or anything, but he's army-fit, and fucking tall. He towers over the Beast and has to stoop a little just to come in at the door. He's been in some hard situations, he told me. He said he chased down drug dealers and smacked their heads together. He's been in situations where he's carried a gun, and others where he's had to wrestle a bloke to the floor and pin him. That takes strength, sure, but it takes something more: self-belief. Yeah, he's a tough guy, a real man, the sort of guy my brother would be shy of talking to. Not sure why he quit the force. Reading between the lines, I think it was something to do with addiction. The first time we talked, he wanted to know about gym stuff. I got a real buzz when I realised he'd noticed the little changes in my body, the output of all my input. It's nice to be admired. Of course, I like it from girls most of all. I like to see that look in their eyes that their pussy is melting, that they want me inside it, that they're dreaming of my cock. But when I get it from guys it's worth three times as much, because I know they're saying they put themselves beneath me. I am the dominant one, the alpha male, for once. And then when he was asking again last week, the penny dropped. He's gay. A little — or rather, six foot something — poof. And I realised, as I was talking, that his eyes kept going down to my arms, my chest, my packet. He couldn't stop staring, and then I could see a look come over his face. The look that meant he wanted me to come over his face. I folded my arms before him, and he had to actually take a step back. His eyes boggled. 'So, where do you work out?' he asked me. 'Uranus,' I told him. 'It's just down that way.' I pointed past his shoulder so that my massive arm was right in his face. He stared at it like a hungry man looking at steak. 'Maybe you should come along.' 'I'd like to,' he said. 'You'd like to what?' I said, leaning in conspiratorially. 'I'd like to come,' he said. 'With me?' I said. 'If you're interested,' he said. I gave a big laugh then, put out a big hand and pushed him away playfully. He almost stumbled. 'You've changed since I first came in here, if you don't mind me saying so,' he said, and I've been puzzling over what he meant exactly. But later that day, when the last customer had gone and we were locking up, Mr B. cornered me by the photocopier and said I needed to spend less time chatting and more time doing what I was paid for, or perhaps they'd decide my presence was not required. After a whole day of being baited, that's when the red mist finally came down. I turned and shoved the guy, less playfully then I did the ex-police officer. He went down right away. 'Please don't hurt me,' he whimpered. 'Please don't hurt me,' I parroted. 'I didn't mean to be rude,' he said, 'but -' 'But you're used to being a bully,' I said. 'I'm not. But I could get a taste for this.' I went and stood over him. He looked up at me in horror but also in desire. He didn't know what he wanted, but I did. I slowly undid the top button on my chinos. 'I thought you were a different sort of boy when I employed you,' he said. 'The sort you could push around,' I said, slowly unzipping my fly. 'You were so polite, so sweet-natured.' 'I was littler then,' I said, reaching into my trousers and pulling out my junk, still wrapped in my clean white briefs. I cradled it in my hand, letting him take it in. 'I've grown up a bit.' 'That's a nice size,' he said greedily, getting up onto his knees. 'It's certainly more than I'm used to,' I laughed. 'Do you want — do you want me to suck you?' he asked. More worldly wise than I'd have thought. 'Open wide,' I said, and pulled out my dick. He looked up, uncomprehending, then turned back to my big soft cock, hanging like a piece of ripe fruit from a big, solid tree. He opened his mouth. I caught the back of his throat with a stream of golden piss. He gasped, but I grabbed his curly, grey-white-black hair, and after a second or two he relaxed, and took it like a man. 'Say thank you,' I said. 'Thank you, sir,' he said. 'No more complaints from you, I hope.' 'I only want what's best for the library,' he said, wiping his mouth. 'And all of us,' he added quickly. No, I don't think I'll have any more trouble from him. And I don't think my work out regime is affecting going to the library. I'm always finished in plenty of time to reach the door for opening time, especially now I can run faster than ever before, and it's only a couple of streets away. None of that is so wrong. But when I've finished my morning session, then comes the shower. The Beast and I still shower in adjacent cubicles, just like that first day when could barely lift 10kg. Back when I was a shrimp next to him. I'm nowhere hear his weight and size yet, of course, or his definition — he's still bigger than me, and has five years' advantage on me. I'm still nowhere near the point where I can live my dream. Take his place. Have Estelle tell him how much more she likes my dick. Have him grovel in front of me and call me his master. I'm still too weak for that. And crazy enough that my dick is growing with my muscle, I'm not even half as hung as he is. And we're still pals. We go into our showers together, and I take my bar of Coal Tar soap, and I turn on the water. Jets of red hot water hit my shoulder blades and run down the crevice of my arse, into my arse hole, and down my newly engorged thighs. I take the soap and rub it in circles on my shoulders, around the burning ridges of my trapezius muscles, inside my stinking, furry armpits, over the hard ridges of my stomach, round my dick and balls, up and down my thighs, and up inside my chocolate starfish. And this is where I start to go wrong. This is where I am able to take stock of how my biceps have swelled and my triceps have swelled, as I raise my arms to scrub away beneath them; I can appreciate, in this silence of the water hissing, how much harder and wider my lats are than last week. I soap up my pecs and I take note of how much broader they have grown, and how much further they stand from shoulders and my thick, vascular neck. This is when my dick becomes solid, and I can practically feel my heart beating in it. It seems to stand a little longer and flare a little wider every time I get it hard, and then I soak away at it, marvelling at how it's grown, adoring it with the caress of my bar of Coal Tar. Now I am able to flex and pose and feel how much the muscle has sprouted on and within me. I love feeling the extra mass that I've grown, sometimes overnight. I have to feel the new thickness and solidity of my thick cock, as I pump my big fist on it. I go into a reverie where all I am conscious of is the size of my muscle and how it has grown. I think about the stares I've got from girls and from guys. I think about how I bust Anthony's shirt and how he looked at me with such envy. I think of the jeans I was wearing last week that ripped at the seams because my thighs are so big now. I think of how I accidentally snapped a door handle off the door at the library. I reach down and feel my balls, now big juicy orbs full of spunk. I reach around and feel the tightness and roundness of my glutes. I twist and look down at my tree trunk thighs, grown from hairless saplings. I look at how my body hair has grown wild across the chest and arms and stomach that were completely smooth a week ago. I think of the tiny physique that stood in this cubicle stall once before, half the size of me at least. Fuck, what's happening to me? I feel I'm becoming obsessed. I've got the physique of a true bodybuilder now, but it's not enough — it's really not enough. I've got it in my sights now. Another couple of years and there'll be a beast in that shower stall. Okay, I'm going to have to sneak into the bathroom and have another wank now. I need to do more than get my boss to drink my piss in the library after hours. I need to get some sex soon. I reckon the police officer would go down on me, given half the chance. That's what we were really talking about, last Friday. I made sure of it. 'Come with me?' I said. 'I'm flattered, big guy, but I'm afraid I don't fuck guys. This big mister -' I grabbed my bulge and squeezed it to show him how it crammed my y-fronts ' — is strictly girls allowed.' God, he looked humiliated, though he tried to smile. Fucking queer, after my body. That reminds me. Sophie replied to my text. She's coming tomorrow. I'd better save that wank tonight. I'm going to give her everything I've got.
  7. Chapter One "Oh, you were able to come!" As Roger gave Henry the biggest hug ever recorded in history, his friend gasped "I'm not the Ultimate Musketeer" and as Roger let go he chuckled "Although I could be if you wanted me to!" "We'll save that for the masses!" smiled Roger and with that opened the doors to the SUV and as Henry and Roger piled in all the materials they would need for the Olympia, they jumped in and pointed in the direction of Las Vegas and said in unison "Olympia, HO!" and with that Roger gunned the engine and they were off *** "Your destination is 809 miles away" announced the sat nav as they left Fort Collins "and will take eleven hours and thirty five minutes!" "Wow!" exclaimed Henry, "you do realise that's the same as travelling from where I live to Aberdeen and about two thirds of the way back again. You were right when you said that America was a large country!" "A large country" smiled Roger, "with large men heading to a contest with even larger men!" and with that they both laughed before Roger said "So, how was the flight?" "Flight?" asked Henry, "what flight?" "The flight from the UK to here!" replied Roger "Really?" asked Henry raising an eyebrow, "why on earth would I want to waste money on a flight?" "You never!" gasped Roger to which Henry replied with a chuckle "I did" and with that stated his journey. "I left my home at midnight today" he started, "remembering of course that I'm seven hours ahead of you. I had my luggage with me and so wheeled it down to the beach where I live. Then, and considering it was now a quarter past midnight, I went to the beach hut I have and there I..." "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "you did, didn't you?" "...became the Ultimate Musketeer!" added Henry and as he did Roger roared "Oh, fuck, yeah. Go on, tell me what you did!" "Well, after wrapping the luggage onto my back, I dived into the Irish Sea and headed due south west until I got to the Azores a little after three in the morning my time!" "Oh fuck!" moaned Roger, "how fast were you going?" "I'm not sure, but give me a moment" and as he consulted his tablet he replied "About three times faster than an aeroplane, but then I always like to go full throttle when I start!" "And then where?" moaned Roger "Well, I took a right hand turn and headed towards the United States. I think I arrived in, oh, now what was it called?" and with that he looked at the map and said "Ah, yes, here we are, Beverly Beach in Maryland, and that was just about sunrise" "You swum the Atlantic in a little over twelve hours?" gasped Roger "Give or take, yes!" "Oh man, your heart must have been pumping!" "Two hundred and forty beats per minute" said Henry, "about the same as a brisk jog. And from there I ran all the way here" "How long?" moaned Roger, "or should I stop the car now and cum?" "Let's see" came the reply, "I arrived in Maryland at around seven in the morning eastern, so that's five in the morning mountain, we'd agreed to pick me up from the airport at eleven mountain so five hours!" As Roger moaned, he pulled the car over and started scrabbling for something. Pulling out what looked like a drinks bottle, he pulled out his eleven inch cock, thrust it into the bottle and moaned "Speed?" "Three hundred and thirty nine miles per hour" came the reply, "a little under half the speed of sound!" "OOOOOOHHHHHH, FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!" screamed Roger as he came into the bottle and as he orgasmed panted, "Tell Adam, the next time he visits, take the aeroplane. I don't think I'll be able to stand too many of his go it alone journeys!" "Hear that, Adam" said Henry tapping his head, "on the return journey we book a plane" to which Adam grumped in reply "That's not fair, you know I wanted to swim through the Panama Canal!"
  8. Omiganda

    competitions Belly Down Part 6

    This chapter's a little light but it's to make the next chapter more impressive Get ready for rapid narrator change Belly Down Part 6 “Go, Ken, Go!” “Go,Ken,Go!” I was watching intently with as much motivation as I could for Kenny but it was tough to focus on the match. It had taken him two months to grow into quite a celebrity. Kenny would see me every blue moon but I cant say I didn’t evade him intentionally. I could feel something about him change and, in tandum, change me. I used to love his shyness and his extra consideration and even his tight little frame. Then something changed before the break and nothing remained the same. For example— Suddenly, Kenny slammed his beefy opponent on the blue mat and there was a loud smack as the poor guy’s body collided with the soft material. The referee gave the count and an explosion set off in the audience. People who knew Kenny cheered loudly for him. Kenny jumped up and flexed confidently for the crowd and two thick biceps appeared on his arms. My cock shot down my leg as I saw his butt flex in the ridiculously tight spandex. The team ran up to him and group hugged him clumsily almost knocking the entire group down. Kenny was lifted on his team’s broad shoulders in victory. He’d been the last match and he’d devastated his opponent. The guy got up defeated and returned to his group but I saw him for what he was actually doing. Though not entirely, the man’s cock was hardened and poking forward in his hidden jockstrap and was a darker color towards the end. I felt pretty bad for him but it was overshadowed by my happiness for Kenny. I saw him coming towards be for my praise, a big grin on his face, and I almost pulled back. That feeling again. “How’d I do, Casey?” he asked excitedly, waiting for my personal view. I couldn’t take him down after all his work. “Great, buddy, you definitely sweeped him off his feet!” I said. He grinned and flexed a bicep. “He was pretty light for a guy at 189! I think he forgot to eat a few more protein bars!” I tried to keep my eyes to Kenny’s face and he was kind enough to aid. His face had gotten sharper and more masculine in the last two months. His eyes sparked more than before and flashed occasionally with a kind of inner light, making his eyes bluer. His freckles had reduced greatly and were fading two by two everyday. His cheekbones were stronger and higher. His brows were bigger and shapely, framed by his stronger brow. All of this was framed in a jaw line that flexed when he flexed anything. I dared not test him too much in fear his powerful jaw would flare at me. Wait, what? I suddenly thought. Why am I ‘afraid’ of that? Kenny was still pretty gentle although he was more social and more confident. Besides his growth from 5’9 to 5’11 and up to almost 200 pounds of striated meat, he was a teddy bear. “I just felt so much sudden power near the end! I felt so strong!” Kenny exclaimed excitedly, his face a ray of red-headed sunshine to me. I couldn’t be in a more equal form of excitement and hesitation. --- Casey and I were coming back from an early dinner when people started noticing me and I received a shower of cat calls. “Tearing ‘em apart, huh, Ken?!” one of the jocks from the swim team called. “Ken! Ken! Ken!” chanted some quirky looking computer club fans. I didn’t realize I was puffing out my chest as I walked down the street with Casey beside me. Seeming to grow with my own impressiveness as each individual fan passed by and gave me more praise. I looked over at Casey and couldn’t help getting kind of upset. He was still plenty big compared to be at 220 and 6’2 although he’d begun to lose a teeny bit definition, the veins becoming a little less visible, trying to gain a little weight for the upper weight classes. I on the other hand was starting to gain some real weight. My body pushed against my clothes tightly and I felt my butt press against the seat of my jeans, a new feeling but also kind of exciting. My back pushed my hoodie further than before, making the size pointless as my girth started to become noticeable. Why did I wear clothes anyway? I was practically naked at the last competition, after all. Coach was proud of me but he was starting to struggle upping the sizes for my uniforms and tea hoodie. Already the last replacement was pressing against my shoulders, chest, and back more than they did when he’d purchased them for a slightly smaller Kenny at 185 pounds two weeks ago. Plus, it didn’t help I was unsure how to respond to the looks I was getting. Left and right, people were starting to look at me in what I registered as ‘unnecessary’ glances. Sure, my clothes were kind of tight but not super noticeable, right? We turned the corner and I saw it again. A female math teacher whose class I went to last semester was eyeing me like I was a math problem she just HAD to solve. It was a little... uncomfortable for me. I tried to look back kindly and sincerely but it was hard. Everyone always gave me that look as if I wasn’t wearing any clothes at all. I saw Casey look at me too but that was different. I was a little embarrassed watching him look at me that way, making me almost wish my pants weren’t so tight and my legs weren’t so wide and my back didn’t show so much and my waist weren’t so tight and firm. The other side of me was different though. I wanted him to look. I wanted him to see how good I was starting to look and be proud of my accomplishments and show some sign he was interested. I just wish he’d do it where I could see him and not slightly behind me as we walked down the street. “Hey” Casey called. I immediately ignored every other person ogling my tight jeans and turned my neck and raised my eyes to show my attention. “Yeah?” I asked intently. I was clinging to his words and I didn’t know it. “Why does everyone call you that now? Ken?” he asked, looking away from me for some reason. Why wasn’t he making eye contact. The sunset was making his face look redder than usual so I couldn’t tell. Or… maybe it wasn’t the sun? “Uh… long story” I said, trying to brush off what had happened. “You wouldn’t want to hear the details to it.” He looked at me eye to eye now, though his eyes darted down to the ground occasionally. Was he always this shy or was this a new thing? “I liked it when you were still Kenny…” he said, trailing off near the end. I looked at him intently, trying to read his face. “What do you mean, I’m still Kenny” I tried to reassure him. He didn’t look at me when I said that. He passed me and sped up with his longer legs and didn’t say anything but I saw his lips move. Being the youngest and smallest of many brothers who were all much much taller than you, you became adept at reading lips from a distance without getting noticed. Did he say ‘Are you’? I asked inwardly. Nick didn’t say anything snappy this time. Almost as if he thought it would be more fun to let me squirm. --- “Done” said Nick from in my head as though he'd been cooking an egg inside, his voice decipherable but still like multiple of him speaking. I was in the shower again, wiping down my body from the day’s sweat out in the sunset in a hoodie. Spring wasn’t made for thick hoodies. I was rubbing my soap covered hand down my stomach, my abdominals flexing and bunching, the skin glistening as if it were tight to the skin. I’d only just started getting used to looking down and seeing my body, my meek personality giving birth to someone with more physical confidence. “Done?” I said with uncertainty. Nick sounding excited never led to anything good. “Oh, hush, This one’ll be fun” Nick said as he appeared in the reflection of the shower porcelain, his red eyes looking back at Nick. “Your body is barely passable now” he said as he also mimicked my rubbing my legs down but in a more seductive way. God, I wish he could act like my reflection for once. “That’s boring. Anyway, shush up. I have things to say” he said as he put his hands on my now muscular hips and grinned. “We’re going out tomorrow tonight.” “What? What does that mean?” “What does it sound like? Your body is durable enough to do the hero thing.” “Jumping off buildings??” “No, dumbass, I said BARELY passable. We need to let you do smaller things before we head up to that. Tonight’s my last night solo.” I still couldn’t fathom how Nick had tricked me into accepting the fact he was using me like a doll in my sleep. It wasn’t the fact that I was parading around as a super hero all night, my face was covered so no one saw. It was the fact that I was jumping off buildings and crushing cars and running into walls without any permission given. Somehow, we’d come to the agreement that, as long as I don’t get revealed, he could SAFELY have his fun. I wasn’t looking forward to giving him permission to do it. Or was I? "Uh oh, looks like your friend is awake again" Nick chimed. I looked down and frowned a little. My cock was getting harder to keep in check lately and it didnt help it had gotten another inch longer, the 9 inch length wagging with every movement of my hips. With no hesitation, I started rubbing up and down the length, my toes curling as I felt my body parts tingle with the mixed impacts of dropping water and pleasure. I didn't know what I would do if I didn't have two showers a day. --- “We’re here in the central plaza speaking to an individual citizens recognize as ‘The Red Menace’. Thanks to our chance encounter, we’re allowed an exclusive from none other than the super hero himself. Red Menace, what makes you want to come out here and save these people? How do you know when these things are going to happen? Government officials who call this their home town ask ‘aren’t your consistent appearances at these crime scenes a little too coincidental’?” The 5’7 reporting, red lipped, dark haired woman holding her microphone in a tight yellow skirt with her camera close behind her and focused on ‘The Red Menace’ held the silence and waited for the hero to speak. She looked at his lips and felt compelled to come close and touch them with her own. She was trying to hide it but she was already moist between the legs trying to talk to him. He grinned a handsome grin at the question and his eyes flashed a little. “Well Ms. Dare, I’m just an average man walking around like the rest of you. Well on roofs” he started, fueling the nearby crowd with laughter. “I just pass by these incidents, car chases, bank robbers, and crooks by accident. I don’t know what your sources say but I have nothing to do with these crimes. I just come and save people. If these ‘government officials’ really are that suspicious of me and this city, they might want to do a favor to the public and fix it themselves. Until then, I’m going to give you all a little hand. Cool?” With that, the Red Menace jumped up into the night sky towards a nearby 10 foot building and was gone in the blink of an eye. The reporter, Ms. Dare, looked off into the night, looking as though she wanted to chase after him but she pulled herself back. She looked back at the camera flustered but forced herself into one piece after her encounter with the hero. “Bb-Back to you Jeff” --- A single man in red suit leaned back in his comfy chair, his eyes on the television. His broad shoulders competed with the wide chair and his hair slicked back in a simple fashion. His angular and fierce features were more imposing in the dim lighting. The entire room’s theme of red made him fit right in with his sinisterly dark hair and his reddened, flashing eyes. He remained straightforward and didn’t react to the flashing of the large flat screen tv over his fireplace as he glared into it. “Bb-back to you Jeff” the screen said before he roared and made the tv crack and shatter with the overpowering sound. It was like a terrifying reach of death’s hand coming and yanking your mind out. “There’s no need for any further investigation, Musisin, your peer has gone astray” the man said as he turned around and faced a man on the opposite side of his desk. Unlike the rest of the room, the man on the opposite side seemed younger and didn’t match their surroundings with his blue tie, blue skin, and white hair. He looked petrified in his stance on the opposing side after watching his duke destroy the nearby television with merely a shout. He was too afraid of having his head sliced off by the man’s large and imposing frame. His red glare seemed to cut through him almost. “You have one job. Find him, kill his vessel, and collect him. I don’t know what type of experimental mess he’s creating now but I won’t have it without any kind of consensual request. Is that clear?” he boomed to the blue-ish man. “Sir, yes, sir” To Be Continued…….
  9. Hey guys! I know it has been a while since I last wrote. The story is pretty much still unfinished but I realized that having all the chapters spread out wasn't helping either. My plan now is to post all the chapters here, edited of course, this being so if you reread you will get a little extra fun from it. I'll also be posting progress pics within the story of the character,Vonny, who is based off of me and has very similar muscle progress. This way you can imagine how the character is growing a little better along with reading. I will also be posting pics from the web of what other characters look like and some scenery in order for you all to fully experience everything. Thanks for being patient and I hope you all will enjoy. Leave a comment if you have and questions or ideas!
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    superhero Marvelous Man - Chapter 8

    All comments and critiques are welcomed here and on my Google Docs( For other chapters, I will post them on here later. But you can find the archives on my FA and Tumblr with pics included. FA: Tumblr: First Chapter | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter Chapter 8: Reporting to the D.A.B. Floating down to the ground, Marvelous Man landed in front of the D.A.B. public headquarters. Finding it was no issue with the help of his smartphone’s GPS. The muscular hero looked up at the five-story building and found its architectural design to be quite basic. The only thing that helped the structure to stand out was its holographic sign floating at roof level with blue flames levitating on both sides of it. It had the acronym “D.A.B.” in a cobalt color font with a subtitle underneath explaining what the letters meant. Marvelous Man couldn’t tell if the holographic sign projection was caused by magic or science. Marvelous Man walked through the sliding doors; mindful to duck his head underneath the door frame. Inside, the foyer hallway reminded him of his old high school. The ground was paved with tiles of white and navy blue resilient flooring. The walls were painted with a drab white and aligned with propaganda posters encouraging membership and the importance of the D.A.B. Not too far away, there was a gray, curved reception desk with a bored woman sitting behind. In the back of her was another hallway trailing further inside the building. There were rows of black chairs lined against the walls that were filled with a few elderly people. Stepping up to the reception desk, it took a few seconds for the bored woman to look up from the book she was reading to take notice of Marvelous Man. Her eyes widened at the surprise visitor and clamped her book shut. Immediately, her attitude changed to a more welcoming attitude. She greeted, “Hi! Welcome to the D.A.B.! The Demon Authority Bureau. I’m Sophie. How can I help you?” “Hi. Umm, I’m Marvelous Man, and I came here to give a statement about what went on in the graveyard yesterday. Uh, this guy named Gene told me to come in,” said Marvelous Man Sophie directed, “Oh, right! We’ve been expecting you. The head of the bureau wanted to speak to you personally about that incident. Just head down behind me and take the elevator to the fifth floor. It’s Room 506.” Oh...okay. Thanks,” said Marvelous Man. Following Sophie’s directions, Marvelous Man headed down the hall behind her. The hallway itself was basically the same as the foyer with the exact flooring and wall color. Minutes passed by until he came upon a set of elevators on his left. He pushed the button and waited for the elevator to arrive. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Marvelous Man stood in front of a door with an engraved plaque “Director Skye of the North American Region”. He sighed; trying to calm himself while his heart wouldn’t stop beating so fast during the elevator ride to the fifth floor. He knocked with a hard tap to establish his presence. A second passed by before the door swung open by itself. The voice from within the room called out, “Enter.” Marvelous Man complied and ducked his head underneath the door frame as the door closed behind him by itself. Inside, the spacious office was furnished with plants, statues, and other furniture with a flooring covered with a cobalt-colored carpet. Amongst the wall was scenic paintings hanged and glowing runes painted on empty spaces. At the back of the room, the wall was replaced with a glass pane; letting in sunlight and giving a scenic view of the city. Before the wall-sized window sat a cherrywood desk with a man residing in it. More than likely, he was the Director of the D.A.B. “Marvelous Man, I presume?” said the man. The Director at the desk spoke with the drawl of a Southern gentleman, and his vocal tone sounded soothing and deep. From far away, the muscular hero could see that other than workplace knick knacks, the cherrywood office desk had a desktop and some sort of creature huddled on top. Marvelous Man nodded, “Yes, sir.” “Splendid. Please, have a seat,” said the man. Marvelous Man complied and walked forward. In front of the Director’s desk resided a cream-colored armchair. He sat himself down in it. It might have looked nice, but it was not at all comfortable for Marvelous Man to sit in. It did not help that the chair’s fabric was cheap and causing his thighs to itch. Observing the man at the desk closer, Marvelous Man could tell that the Director dressed with as much sophistication as his accent. The man wore a cobalt suit with a pearl white vest and a navy blue tie to complement the whole ensemble. The suit itself seemed to bring out his milky white skin and auburn hair. His hair and beard were well trimmed to give off the impression of a successful businessman. The creature at the desk looked to be a sort of furry imp with baby goat horns. It resembled a fluffy grey cat, but its head was slightly bigger than his body and wore a suit similar to the Director’s. The imp’s crystal blue cat eyes were adorned by a pince-nez glasses that lacked any arms and rested on the imp’s pink cat nose. It sat at the edge of the cherrywood desk, pawing at an electronic tablet that was as big as its head. Marvelous Man found the creature to be adorable, and that it seemed the D.A.B. took its company colors very seriously. The Director stood up and held out his hand. His physique seemed to be that of a bit bulky to fill out the suit but still be slim. He greeted, “I’m Doug Skye, Director of the North American Demon Authority Bureau Region.” Marvelous Man grasped the hand to shake. He immediately had to stifle a painful groan as his gentle handshake was met with a tourniquet-strength grip. Not wanting to lose face, he kept smiling. “Nice to meet you, sir,” replied Marvelous Man. Director Skye released his grip and pointed his open palm at the fluffy cat imp. He introduced it, “And this here is my familiar, Puzzles. He’s a smoke imp.” The feline familiar looked up at Marvelous Man. Its voice and accent sounded as if a middle-aged Russian man’s voice box was implanted in the imp’s throat. “A pleasure,” said Puzzles. As Puzzles went back to fiddling with his tablet, Doug sat back down in his black leather chair. Director Skye spoke, “Now first of all, I just want to let you know that I appreciate your assistance with taming those unrested souls back at the New Forest Cemetery. But I have to say that I was not expecting you to be this big. Gene really understated your size.” “...I’m sorry?” said Marvelous Man. Doug waved his hand, “Oh, don’t mind my tangent. Anyways, let me just review your file before we go any further. Puzzles?” “Already on scroll, boss. Just put on glasses,” said the imp. Director Skye nodded, “Thank you.” Opening one of the desk’s drawers, he pulled out a black eyeglasses case. Doug snapped it open to retrieve a pair of silver-rimmed visor glasses. The visor glasses’ lenses had a blue tint, and its narrow height was slightly bigger than the Director’s eyes. The lenses began to light up with a square of multicolored pixels in front of Doug’s eyes. Director Skye then gestured with his right hand in the air; as if he were scrolling and zooming in an image on an invisible tablet. Marvelous Man looked down and noticed an object sprawled open on the desk in front of the Director. It looked like a paper scroll that he saw in world history textbooks about the Torah. However, it seemed that the paper was substituted with a transparent plastic sheet that glowed with its own pixels. “So it was you that caused the graveyard to shine like a Christmas tree, am I right?” questioned Director Skye. Marvelous Man felt like this was about to be an interrogation, and he was not sure what the correct answers were. Marvelous Man could not help but feel tense. He swallowed, “...Yes, sir. The effects are temporary. So it should go away, uh, soon.” “Oh, it’s fine. That cemetery got back to its gloomy self about an hour or so ago. The people living close by were pissed that your light was bright enough to wake them up. But none of them got hurt, and the only damage was a couple of smashed graves and a bunch of holes in the ground,” mused Doug. The Director continued, “So other than having the proverbial powers of a flying brick, you can enchant people and objects with light, and you can heal wounds or poison.” “Yes, sir. I can also throw my wreath like a boomerang...even though that’s not my powers. I just thought that you should know,” answered Marvelous Man. Doug nodded and took off his glasses. Folding and then perching it next to his electronic scroll, he turned his gaze back to Marvelous Man and folded his hands together. “Well, you definitely have a very diverse array of skills. But I think it’s time to get to the point of our meeting. I’d like you to tell me what happened last night,” spoke Director Skye, “And don’t worry about your encounter from Sugar Skull. Gene testified that you were not involved with whatever that ghoul was trying to do.” Marvelous Man complied, “...Alright.” >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “And after that, I went home. That’s about all that I can remember about last night,” admitted Marvelous Man. Director Skye had his hand cupping his chin, as he listened and mulled over Marvelous Man’s testimony. Marvelous Man felt that the Director had suspicion in his eye. Doug spoke up, “I see...So when did you fuck him?” “...What?” said Marvelous Man. Director Skye cleared his throat, “Gene Lightfoot. My investigating agent that has the rabbit ears. When did you have intercourse with him. It’s alright to say it. You’re not in trouble. Every man at this company has had some sexual encounter with him at least once. I just need to know when it happened. Was it before, after, or even during the altercation with the Skeleton Lord?” “Wha-No, no! I didn’t have sex with him! I mean...I really did want to, but I didn’t,” exclaimed Marvelous Man. Puzzles stopped fiddling with his tablet and looked up. Director Skye leaned forward, “So what kept you from chasing after his bunny behind?” Marvelous Man thought hard about why he did no such sexual deeds with Gene. It happened more than once that he got an erection with the desire for Gene’s body. But every time, he found a way to counteract those feelings. “...I know this sounds silly, but...Whenever I felt this gigantic urge to...have sex with Gene, I just thought about how much I loved being a superhero, and that I needed to do my superhero duty at that time,” answered Marvelous Man. Puzzles and Doug looked at each other for a moment before turning their attention back towards Marvelous Man. Director Skye smiled, “How’d you like to work for the D.A.B.?” “Huh?” said Marvelous Man. Puzzles spoke up, “Bossman said would you like a job?” “Oh...I-I guess so. Why?” asked Marvelous Man. Puzzles explained in his thick Russian accent, “Because of your powers, and you are less likely to fuck up. Everybody wants to play ‘hide the salami’ with Gene. That is why he is forced to work alone or with female field agent. Unfortunately, all our female field operatives are high ranked and had to go fight monsters in another realm from invading ours. So we’re short on staff, and you would make good partner for Gene.” “You see, Gene is very special. Other than his super strength, shapeshifting, and his sensitivity to sound cause of the, ya know, rabbit ears, he’s a level two empath,” stated the Director, “That means he can pick up the emotions of other people and even emotional fingerprints recently left on objects or places. He could even detect a person’s aura and know who exactly they are and where they are. Well, as long as they are in the close vicinity of him. His power makes him perfect for recon and investigation for the D.A.B.” Marvelous Man thought back to his encounter with Gene last night. It now made sense as to how the bunny demigod detected him and the skeletons coming out of the ground. Director Skye held up his finger, “But...this is where it start becoming a double-edged sword. He doesn’t know this but while he’s receiving all those emotions like a radio, he’s also broadcasting his own to everybody around him. And because of his...background and his unquenchable thirst for sex…-” “He makes everybody horny,” butted in Puzzles. The Director nodded, “Yes. And usually, that ‘broadcast’ of his can be canceled out by a strong will. So it’s supposed to affect lesser beings and the less inhibited. But with him having universal good looks that can appeal to anybody, everybody that looks at him drops their guard for a second and are immediately infected by his libido. And thanks to our enchanters, it’s why this room, the female staff, and our suits are warded against his ability.” “Oh...wait. Why aren’t the men warded?” questioned Marvelous Man. Puzzles chimed in, “Being the company cum dumpster helps bring up work morale for the male staff and keeps them from moving on to other jobs.” Doug glared at his familiar. “What? It’s true,” shrugged Puzzles. Director Skye sighed, “So now that you know Gene’s...specialness, would you like to join our organization? We could use someone of your skill set, and we’d start you off with a nice salary.” Marvelous Man paused. It was all happening so fast. He needed field experience to rank up, and this was opportunity at his doorstep. Only somebody insane of self-righteous would forgo this chance. “Sure, I mean, yes!” he exclaimed. Director Skye smiled, “Splendid. Puzzles show him around and get him his communicator and scroll, while I push the paperwork through. Now Mr. Marvelous Man, I’d appreciate it if you could start immediately. Seeing as how Gene has to track down the Skeleton Lord before he actually tries something nasty this time.” “Um, yes, of course,” nodded Marvelous Man. Setting down the tablet on the desk, Puzzles immediately transformed into grey smoke. The smoke drifted over to Marvelous Man; resting upon his shoulder. It then reformed back into the fluffy imp that sat and stared at the muscular hero. He reasoned, “I have tiny feet, so I’ll be riding on you. Come on, let’s go find Gene first.” “...Okay” said Marvelous Man. Director Skye called out, “Oh, and one more thing, Marvelous Man. I’d like it if we kept this conversation about Gene’s abilities to ourselves. Especially from Gene. He has no idea that he can influence the emotions of others, and I feel that him knowing that information could hurt himself. Emotionally, that is.” Marvelous Man did not know Gene that long, but anybody with a conscience wouldn’t like to know that they can literally affect the minds of others. If Marvelous Man had that power, he would probably not be able to differentiate who is actually being sincere and who is being swayed by his own emotions. And all those men Gene had sex could possibly cause Gene to believe that he was a raping them all this time. “Yes, sir,” he nodded. Getting up, he waved at the Director and excused himself. Even though Puzzles looked to be as heavy as a toddler, Marvelous Man could barely feel any weight pressing down on his shoulder. One thing he found odd was that Puzzles smelled like a blend of lavender and jasmine. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> As Puzzles explained what each the purpose of each floor was for, he guided Marvelous Man to the second floor: The Shower and Onsen Floor. It was the first obvious place to look for him other than the Training Floor located underground. If not in either places, he would be on the dormitory third floor. Puzzles went on with his lecture, “This is where our employees go to relax and get cleaned up. The water is refined and heated with magic and elemental familiars, which can help field agents recover from wounds faster. On this floor, we also have saunas, and all the facilities we use here are separated by gender. The walls have also been warded to keep out peeping eyes that try to ghost through objects or use clairvoyance or astral projection or whatever. Bossman cannot handle another lawsuit, and my aromas can only relax him so much before he gets a stroke. That was figure of speech. He hasn’t had a stroke...yet.” “Oh...So does Gene get dirty a lot if this would be the first place to look?” questioned Marvelous Man. Puzzles replied, “Yes. I did say he was the company cum dumpster, yes? The men get rejuvenated here and get horny when he’s around. Everybody naked and willing, it’s like candy land for him. Check the locker room first.” Marvelous Man saw Puzzles point to the door for the male locker rooms. He could feel the overwhelming sense of lust washing over him and erecting his primal member. This was not at all like Marvelous Man to get an erection for no reason. That part of his life passed after puberty. Obliging the fluffy smoke imp’s commands, the muscular hero pushed open the door and ducked underneath the door frame. The inside smelled of sweat and musk and echoed with slapping sound effects and the moans of males in ecstasy. Marvelous Man immediately spotted the origin of the smell and sound ten steps away from him. On all fours, Gene Lightfoot was naked and perched on top of a locker room bench. There were two men with him as well with one in front of Gene and the other behind him. Both of them impaled the bunny demigod in a spit roast fashion with their own erect primal members. The one in front of him was a young, caramel-colored Latino man with a swimmer’s build, and the one invading Gene’s rear was a smaller, chubby Caucasian. “I-I-I’m sorry!” stammered Marvelous Man. Backing up, the muscular hero bunked the back of his head against the door frame. Puzzles’ head also collided; causing him to yelp in pain and rub the back of his head. The imp complained, “Watch what you’re doing, you colossus! I told you what he was going to be doing. Why were you so surprised? Nevermind, I’ll take care of it myself.” Puzzles transformed into his usual gray smoke and glided down to the ground. After reforming himself on the floor, he fixed his tie and waddled to the door. The fluffy imp pushed open the locker room door and let himself in. A few seconds later, the sound of a muffled explosion detonated within. The three men Marvelous Man spotted taking part in lustful acts ran out the room sputtering and coughing. The room behind them was filled with smoke that slowly wafted out the entrance. Puzzles nonchalantly walked outside with a satisfied grin. “Must you do that, Puzzles?! I do not find that amusing at all! You could have waited until I was finished with the sex,” coughed Gene. Puzzles sneered, “It’s amusing for me. Besides, three is a crowd, and the best way to break up crowds is to use tear gas. I could try to use a stink bomb scent, but I wasn’t sure if you three had the fetish for that sort of thing.” “But to change subject, now that you’re here and well enough to fight, we need to prep for today’s mission. The magical researchers should have pinged the Skeleton Lord’s location by now with the orb you lodged into him last night,” he stated. Puzzles turned to Marvelous Man, “Go to the magical research facility on fourth floor. You can’t enter without someone like me, since you chose to not release your real name. So just wait outside until we get back. Gene needs to get his spare uniform on the dormitory floor, and I need to make sure he does not ‘get lost’.” “Sure,” nodded Marvelous Man. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Though the sliding glass doors were the entrance to the magical research facility, it paid no mind to Marvelous Man’s existence. Unlike the other floors he was previously on, the fourth floor had its own foyer before actual entry into the facility. Marvelous Man supposed that whatever they researched in there was of great importance. There was no keycard slot or numeric keypad, for typing in a password, next to the door. The muscular hero wondered how someone with higher clearance was given access to such a place. Beyond the glass door was another hallway; turning in another direction to hide its secrets. The elevator door behind Marvelous Man chimed. Turning around, he saw the door opening; revealing the fluffy Puzzles and a freshly-clothed Gene. The rabbit demigod had his arms crossed with his face not hiding any shred of annoyance. As for the smoke imp familiar, his face appeared neutral, as he straightened his little navy blue tie. Transforming back into grey smoke, Puzzles flew over to Marvelous Man’s shoulder and reformed itself back into its suited furry form. The imp sat down as the glass door in front of them slid itself open. Marvelous Man took initiative and trudged on through with Gene following behind. After turning the corner in the hallway, the travel was cut short as they arrived to a spacious room. The area appeared to be a small Victorian-era library with shelves lined with books, and the wooden walls were adorned with masks, portraits, and mystical runes. It reminded Marvelous Man of the Director’s office but with more antiquity to its style. While most of the places in this building seemed to be dull in every sense of the word, important places like this and Director Skye’s appear to give off their own personality. The library seemed to give off a homely tone; complemented by a fireplace and a ticking grandfather clock in the corner. As Marvelous Man scanned the room, he noticed something odd about it. Though it was expansive, there was no other doors leading to other rooms, and the library was not big enough to fully fill out the fourth floor. The staff in this area was also small, since he counted less than twelve people in the library. He would most definitely have to ask about this floor later. A woman of Iranian descent looked up from her book while sitting at a wooden table across from them. Upon spotting the three, she closed her tome and stood up. She wore a cream white hijab with a navy blue gown and appeared to be in her late thirties. The woman bowed, “Good evening, Mr. Puzzles and Gene. I’m so sorry that I did not see you earlier.” “It’s no problem, Fairuza,” replied Puzzles, “This is Marvelous Man. He’s new and is Gene’s partner for now. Marvelous Man this is Fairuza. She’s a sorceress and your field analyst for now.” Fairuza looked up at Marvelous Man, “Nice to meet you.” “Good to meet you too,” nodded Marvelous Man. Puzzles spoke up, “So have you managed to locate the Skeleton Man?” The field analyst nodded and opened her book while whispering to it. The printed text began to rise off the page and float in the air. The words collected itself into a small ball that levitated above the book. Fairuza then gestured with her free hand and caused her hand to flow with a small grey aura. The ball of words broke apart and started to form a map with traffic lines and simple building shapes. Once the map was fully complete, she pointed to a sphere of words that was pulsing on top of a road. “With Gene’s ball, I located him underground in the abandoned Ridgemont subway station and hasn’t moved since. But I find this concerning, because this is one of the homeless communities in Skyway City. He could be hiding amongst them, which isn’t that hard with what Gene said about his complexion…” she stated. Puzzles speculated, “Or he could be holding them hostage or something much worse. What about the scribes? Were they able to get a visual on him?” “I’m afraid not,” shook Fairuza’s head, “They’re being blocked or warded by something. And the police department haven’t received any calls or complaints yet.” Puzzles questioned, “So what do we know about Skeleton Lord then?” “Well...nothing. There’s no historic mention of a Skeleton Lord. Even the magical archives are drawing a blank. The magical researchers are still analyzing the building fragments, but all I can say is that he’s really old. Do not take him lightly. He was sealed away for a reason, so he could be a Rank B villain or above. I’ll let you know more when the magical researchers get back to me,” explained Fairuza. Puzzles sighed, “Then we need to nip this in bud or else the Nemesis Branch will take over this case. And then bossman really will have a stroke after shouting about them stealing all our work and funding.” The smoke imp straightened up. “Alright. You two need to get in there and find the Skeleton Lord. Do not engage him until after you have safely evacuated the homeless. After that, take him down. Dead or alive, just take no chances. He raised skeletons when he was at his weakest, so there’s no telling what he could do after getting some rest. Gene go pick up your weapon. The enchanters have modified it a bit to help you catch runaways. Fairuza please give Marvelous Man his communicator and scroll,” commanded Puzzles. The situation felt tense to Marvelous Man as his heartbeat accelerated. The threat of the Skeleton Lord appeared to increase with every passing moment. He already had a difficult time when him and Gene were assisted by Sugar Skull to temporarily thwart the ancient villain. Without the ghoul or anybody else’s assistance, could they really handle it? Next Chapter
  11. Herald

    theft The muscle frat (3)

    Three Fear filled Tristan's widened eyes as he was slowly span around to face Brock. He tried resisting and fighting back but his 124 pound body was totally overpowered by his brother's 241 pound buddy. His more-than-half-hard cock slapped against his skinny left leg while he was turned around. He quickly held his hands in front of it and looked up into the 5'8 man's eyes. "Just relax, man", Brock said as he looked down in the 5'5 little guy's dark brown eyes, "Don'tcha think it's time we had a real talk? Things can't go on like this. Yar bro and I are trying to help ya out". A pleasant warmth began flowing through Tristan as he listened to Brock's deep baritone voice. He felt his 5 incher harden fully beneath his hands as he was mere inches away from the amateur bodybuilder physique he'd admired for several years. Brock noticed the fear disappearing from the small boy's eyes and a hint of what seemed like a smile forming on his frail lips. A shiver travelled down his spine and his sight went dark for a second while he felt a tingling sensation between his meaty paws and the skin of the skinny guy's bony shoulders. He blinked his eyes to refocus his gaze. Tristan perceived pearls of sweat forming on the huge athlete's forehead. A faint moan escaped his mouth as the warmth increased exponentially throughout his frail body. He closed his eyes in pleasure. Brock looked down at the guy in front of him while the last black dots disappeared from his sight. His sight still was a bit foggy as if the steam in the shower zone kept him from seeing clearly. He noted the small, flat pecs and wondered why Tristan always wore baggy clothes: he looked decent enough like someone that had started working out a few months earlier. The tingling sensation made him look at his own paws and noticed the frail, yet squarish looking shoulders beneath them. He looked further down to discover the thin yet strong looking biceps with a prominent blue vein. The small guy had the typical surfer look with his nice tan. Brock looked back at the small boy's chest. He would have sworn the flat pecs looked bigger than a couple of minutes earlier. Tristan let out a second, louder moan as the warmth seemed to slip inside his bones and muscles. He reopened his eyes and stared at the meaty rack of hard muscle atop Brock's chest. The thought that the protruding pecs seemed less impressive than he'd imagined, flew through his mind. His cock felt harder than ever before and it throbbed behind his hands. Brock stared at the growing boy in his grasp in disbelief and blinked his eyes again, but the foggy ring at the edge of his gaze only got more intense and prevented him from seeing anything else than the frail boy in front of him. "Ya're getting bigger, T.", he said as he noticed the hardening four-pack. He looked up and saw the now even thicker pecs swelling with every breath the small boy took. He felt the bony shoulder beneath his paws hardening and thickening. Brad's little brother now looked like a surfer who had spent too much time in the gym. The tingling sensation between his meaty fingers and the swelling shoulders increased some more. Tristan heard the huge man's remark and looked down at his body. A disbelieved gasp escaped his mouth as he stared at his muscular and still growing physique. He'd gained a good 40 pounds and it showed clearly: every muscle on his body was bigger, it was like he was going through puberty once more right there. His hands fell away from his cock and a throbbing hard, 6 incher stood up straight in front of him. He looked up at the man holding him and noticed that Brock no longer looked like an amateur bodybuilder but more like an overbuild fitness model. Brock's gaze was glued to the growing guy's rock-hard cock and a jolt went through his own dick. "Fuck. Ya're getting big like yar bro", he said in a slightly higher voice. The tingling sensation expanded through his body and seemed to invade every one of his meaty muscles. A hint of fatigue made a tremor course through his thick quads, but he was too busy admiring the hardening physique in front of him to notice it. Tristan noted the much less rich baritone and looked at his brother's huge friend's face. He gasped when he saw Brock's face: his prominent jaw line was getting softer and made his squared masculine face beginning to look rectangular. He also realized he was looking straight into Brock's eyes. His mind quickly processed this realization and he suddenly knew where his new size was coming from: the prophecy he'd read in the frat house library was right. He was now just as tall as the guy that once towered 5 inches above him. Their bodies now weighed exactly the same, but looked clearly different: Tristan's was bulging with pure, ripped muscle and growing where Brock's was shaggy and somewhat blobby looking and obviously shrinking. Brock couldn't believe his eyes: the wimpy, frail boy before him was now looking like a contest ready physique competitor. The shoulder beneath his hands were broadening and thickening and began pushing open his fingers; the once flat pecs were now a nicely protruding rack of striated muscle atop a deeply grooved six-pack; the stick-like arms were replaced by strong looking, muscle-filled pipes that had to be around 18 inches. A throbbing motion made him look down and he saw the thick, rock-hard 8 inch cock protruding proudly from Tristan's body. The thick fog at the edge of his sight began dissipating and as he looked down he noticed his own chest. "No", he mumbled in a hig-pitched tenor voice, "where did my muscles go?". "Here", Tristan said in a now way deeper voice than Brock. His thickly muscled arms reached forward and he grabbed hold of his brother's friend's armpits. Instantly, more warmth rushed through his ever growing body. The tingling sensation from Brock's hands also appeared where Tristan's hands made contact with his body. A wave of exhaustion and weakness seemed to come over him as he felt his muscles being siphoned into the other man. "Let me… go", Brock said in a breaking voice and tried squirming free. He fought with every ounce of strength left in his weakening body and manage to loosen the grasp around his ribs. Tristan felt his brother's friend breaking his hold but quickly replaced his hands in his armpits and applied more pressure. His growing body got stronger with every passing second while Brock's diminishing one only got weaker. "Feed me your size!", he boomed in his deepening baritone voice and let the energy and mass flow into him. Brock tried freeing his hands from the swelling shoulders but they were fused to the now boulder-sized orbs of muscle. His eyes widened as he felt his feet leave the floor: the guy he'd outsized by nearly 120 pound just minutes earlier now held him effortlessly in the air. "Put me down, T.", Brock pleaded desperately as his body now sank below 160 pounds. He fought and squirmed but the grasp around his torso got stronger and stronger. "Ya still have more left to give", Tristan replied as he enjoyed the feeling of being all-powerful and dominating the huge stud he'd luster after ever since he'd first seen him. Brock just stared at the ever-growing beast that held him, tears flowing from his eyes: Brad's little brother was quickly closing in on his own old size and showed no signs of stopping. His heavy, striated protruding pecs heaved bigger with every breath and each time maintained their new size, the tanned skin was stretched tight across the inflating mounds of meat and stretch marks began appearing at the top and sides of the massive rack as the quickly growing muscles pushed the paper-thin skin to its limits; the arms that held him up were perfectly round and bulged with muscle and snaking veins as they now clearly surpassed the 23 inches he once had; the six-pack had evolved into an impossibly deeply edged eight-pack; his once stick-like legs now were pillars of strength that easily supported his growing body and his rock-hard cock was closing in on a double-digit-length and the girth of a coke can. "Please, give my muscles back", he pleaded in a girly voice. Tristan looked into the tear-filled eyes of his brother's best friend. A smirk formed on his lips as he realized how easily he held the once huge athlete up: the once huge Brock felt like a feather in his swelling 25 inch arms. Brock's intimidating, masculinity-oozing body had shriveled down to the same pathetic size he'd been minutes earlier and kept getting weaker in his grasp. His own, now huge body felt energized and strong as warmth and mass kept flowing into him and fed his growing muscles. "Fuck. This feels so good", he said in his rich, deep voice. Brock noticed the hungry look in Tristan's dark brown eyes and he realized the guy wasn't going to give his muscles back. His own eyes widened as he marveled at the guy's body: the wimpy boy he'd always known now surpassed his size at his prime. The muscles bulging all over the man's growing body kept amassing more mass. The man holding him up wasn't simply huge, he was growing beastly: shoulders now twice the size his had been and perfectly round, gave him an impossibly intimidating v-taper. Fatigue began overwhelming his own diminishing body as he sank below 100 pounds. Tristan felt his growth coming to an end and summoned the last ounces of strength from the weak body in his grasp. "FUCK YEEAH!", he boomed in a deep bass that echoed against the tilled walls and rattled the wimpy frame in his grasp. He tossed the now 80 pound Brock aside and looked down at his own 284 pound body. He looked like an ultra-heavy weight bodybuilder ready to compete: every muscle on his 6'1 frame was pumped, hard and ripped and rippled beneath his paper-thin tanned skin. His 12 inch cock exploded against the tilled walls, flooding the shower zone with his sticky man juices. He abandoned the wimpy Brock and swaggered out of the shower zone, his heavy footsteps echoing through the frat house. Brock lay down on the cold, wet tilled floor and waited for the sound of the heavy footsteps to fade. He got up slowly, his skinny legs quaking with fatigue: he felt like he'd just gone through a grueling workout. He avoided looking at his reflection in the mirror, put on his shirt and sighed: the once skintight tank top now hung like a tent around his 80 pound body. He wandered over to his room and stumbled backward as he saw the huge Tristan coming out of it with some of his clothes tossed over his bowling ball-sized left shoulder. He waited a few seconds and went into his room. All his clothes were tossed around the place. He picked the now way too big shirts and pants up, put them back in the closet and heard his phone vibrating. He went for it and noticed a text from his buddy Brad. Got my bro's text. Seems like ya guys having a great time. Will be spending the night at Emilys. Have fun. B. Brock put his phone aside, got in bed and cried himself to sleep. The next morning Brad came back to the frat house with a smile on his face. He'd spent a very good night with Emily, like they always did. "Just in time for my morning workout with Brock", he said as he entered their mutual room. "Who are you?", he said as he saw a small guy standing in the center of the room. Brock jumped up at the sound of his best friend's voice. He turned around and had to look up to look at Brad's face, his best friend was now a full head taller than him. "It's me", he said, his weak voice breaking as he began crying. "Brock?", Brad asked incredulously as he recognized the patheticly skinny boy, "What happened to ya?". "Your brother… in the shower… my muscles…", Brock muttered in between sighs and sobs. Brad closed the distance between them and put his hands around his best friend. "It's okay, man. I'm here for ya", he said as he gently patted the frail back. Brock let his best friend comfort him. For the first time since he'd lost all his muscles, he actually felt safe. His now 100 pound heavier friend's embrace filled his weak body with warmth. "So, my brother did this to ya?", Brad asked, "but how?". "Don't know", Brock peeped in his girly voice, "my muscles just flowed into him when we were in the shower last night." "I'll go talk to him. He has to give yar muscles back. I'll make him do it!", Brad said. "He won't listen to you", Brock replied. "Don't underestimate me, buddy", Brad said and flexed his 17 inch right arm, "Come on, let's go talk to him!". "You don't get it: he's huge now. Way bigger than you are", Brock stated as he looked at his buddy's flexed arm with envy. Brad noticed Brock staring at his arm and quickly relaxed his pose. "No worry, buddy. I'm his big bro. He has to listen", he said as he gently ruffled his best friend's hair and went to the door. He stepped through the frat house to the part where his brother was staying, his buddy Brock following close behind him. He slammed open the door of the first room and stormed in, Brock right behind him. Someone had pulled the mattresses from the two beds and placed them together in the center of the room. But otherwise the room was deserted. "What are ya runts doing here?". The deep, thundering bass rumbled against the walls, rattled the windows and resonated in Brad's and Brock's bodies. They spun around and saw Tristan entering the room. The small Brock retreated behind his bigger buddy as the beastly teen came in. Brad looked in awe at his younger brother: every huge muscle on his body seemed ready to jump through the skintight hoodie he was wearing; the prominent vein snaking along his upper arms was clearly visible through the fabric. Not wanting to show his intimidation, he stepped up to his brother to confront him. He gulped as he had to look up slightly to stare him in the eye and he noticed that his brother's insanely wide shoulders were more than twice as broad as his own. "You took Brock's muscles?", he asked as deeply as possible. "Yep", Tristan replied matter-of-factly", I also took his hoodie". "Give them back", Brad stated, ignoring how his brother's deep bass drowned his own voice. "Or else what?", Tristan replied and put his hands on his hips and flared his lats, making his body double in width. The stretched hoodie protested with a tearing sound as it split open under the pressure of the beastly teen's wide back. Brad couldn't help it and took a step back instinctively. "Just give them back, bro", he said. "Ya're gonna make me?", Tristan asked coldly and inhaled deeply to make his huge chest expand. More tearing sounds came from the hoodie and the zipper at the front was pushed down by the massive mounds of striated muscle. "I… ehm", Brad began but words died in his throat as he laid eyes on the deep cleavage between his huge brother's thick pecs. More intimidation flowed through him and he had to summon all his willpower not to take another step back. Tristan saw the look of doubt in his older brother's eyes and a smirk formed on his lips. "Well?", he said. Before his brother could react, he shoved him in the chest. Brad didn't know what hit him. One moment he was standing in front of his now massive brother, the next he flew through the room and crashed down on the mattresses. He coughed as he got up to his knees. A huge paw grabbed hold of his shirt and lifted him up. He stared in disbelief at his younger brother as the beastly teen held his 185 pound body effortlessly up with his right arm. "Ya're in no position to tell me what to do, bro. Got it?", Tristan boomed angrily. Brad clutched at his brother's massive arm, trying to break free. "Guess I'm no longer 'little T.' like ya called me. Seems like 'little B.' is just a bug in my grasp", Tristan said as he shook his brother back and forth, "I'm calling the shots now. Got it, little bro?". Brad nodded, knowing full well he was no match for his beastly brother. He'd never felt more scared. "Now get lost!", Tristan boomed and tossed his brother into the corridor. Brock sprinted toward his best friend and the two of them quickly got away.
  12. This story is coming to an end. Got some hot stuff here. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Thursday. Cardio, Biceps, and Back Day: Part 5 It is 9:45. Troy and I are standing in the weight room drenched in sweat. I’m pumped as fuck. We ran 2 miles this morning and decided to work chest and back afterwards. We are 15 minutes into our bicep workout. I can see the veins in Troy’s blood pumping with blood with each dumbbell curl and his arms aren’t all that’s pumping with blood. His cock is obviously hard through his running shorts, which are so short that they barely reach the middle of his thigh. I see his meat twitch with every curl and in a way I can feel his alpha energy radiating from his body. I have two 40 pound dumbbells and he has two 45 pound ones. His biceps are obviously stronger than mine. His rock hard biceps are burning read as he curls and I wish so much to be as big as him. We finish our last set and I pat him on the back. It is still drenched with sweat from our run, but I don’t care. “Fuck bro, your biceps are swole as ever,” I say. “Thanks man,” he says. “But look at yourself. Those are boulders. Flex those babies.” He looks in the mirror and flexes his bicep. I flex both of my biceps. I am wearing a black stringer tank top and the flexing reveals my hard pecs and with both biceps flexed, I look amazing. Troy’s eyes light up. “Shit bro!” he says. “I need to get a pic of this!” He takes out his camera and we strike the same pose. “Look at the two of us alphas.” He says this while showing me the picture. “Two powerful bros, ready to crush all of those that get in our way.” “Me, an alpha?” I say. “Yeah dude!” he basically yells. “Look at these arms!” he says and grabs holds of both of my biceps. “You’re a beast!” I don’t know how to respond to this, but before I can Troy gets a message on his phone. He looks down at his phone and his eyes open wide. “Holy shit, man! I got an internship in Superset City!” “WHAT?!?” I am shocked. Superset City is the fitness capital of the entire United States. The only people that live there are pro bodybuilders, extreme fitness enthusiasts, and basically anyone with a bod worth showing. “I got an internship in the swollest city in the word! Fuck!!” He is shaking with excitement. “When will you leave?” I say. I am a bit panicked. Troy can’t just leave. “Next Fall is our senior year. Dude, you should apply. I don’t have a roommate yet and it would be cool to be able to work out and chill with you every day!” “Really?” “Yeah, man! Just promise me you’ll think about it” I hesitate. I never thought about doing an internship, but to go away with Troy would be amazing. I don’t know why he wants me to go, but I don’t want to let him down. “I’ll think about it.” I say. “Great!” We continue to work out. Troy is even more pumped than before and we charge our way through the rest of our biceps and back workouts. We are burnt out by 10:45 and in a desperate need to shower. Troy follows me into the locker room. I no longer feel nervous when I go in here alone with him and I immediately begin stripping. Once my clothes are off I see that Troy is already naked too. He stands directly behind me and I know he is looking at me. “Wow man,” he says. “I feel like you are swelling up every time I see you.” I turn around and look at him. He stands in front of me fully erect and I feel like I could ask him anything at this moment. He just doesn’t seem to give a fuck that his showing me his all. I look down at his hard abs. They are protruding from his stomach, each individual muscle begging to me caressed. His cock points straight to the ceiling and is oozing with pre-cum. My dick starts to stiffen up and I see his eyes twitch down towards it. “Like what you see, bro?” he asks. This question shocks me. How do I respond to such a question? Should I tell him that his hard body turns me on or would that ruin our friendship? I decide to try to turn the conversation. “Dude, you look great, but I need to take care of this hard on,” I say. “I always feel like busting one after a good workout.” He looks at me inquisitively and slowly begins to move forward, his eyes never leaving mine. He stands right in front of me and I see him debate something in his mind. His eyes are full of questions and then suddenly a look of remorse comes over him as if he suddenly changed his mind about something. He backs away slightly and walks towards the showers. “Let’s go man!” he says over his shoulder. I watch his tight ass as he walks away. Fuck. My cock is dripping just thinking about those swollen globes. I follow behind him and get into the second shower, He is in the first and I hear him turn on the water. I turn mine on and thinking about his ass I start stroking my cock. I feel so close already. Suddenly my curtain is open and I am shocked. My hand is immediately off my erect dick and I turn around. TROY IS STANDING IN THE SHOWER WITH ME!! “You know… Out of all the muscles on your body that I have touched,” he says, creeping slowly towards me. “I have never touched this one.” He slowly reaches his right hand down and wraps it around my cock. Fuck! What is happening? He begins to stroke me and my body is filled with immense pleasure. His other hand begins to play with my nipples. I feel so good that I don’t know how to reacted, so I just melt into his hands. He begins to stroke faster and faster and his left hand beings to feel my abs. I begin to shake, my climax is building. “There it is big guy,” he says, “Let it all out. Show me what an alpha’s cock can do!” My cock bursts! Hot white streaks splatter Troy’s chest, dripping down onto his own cock and I finally let in a gasp of air. I fall back against the wall soaking wet. “Nice, bro!” he says and steps out of my shower and back into his. I’m still shaking as I hear him begin to moan. I finish cleaning and I know he is done when he turns his water off. I wait a minute, still lost in thought and then I turn off my water and go out to get changed. I don’t speak as I get dressed. I don’t know what to say, but then I remember his text about wrestling from yesterday. “So dude, you still wanna wrestle tonight after dinner?” I say “That’s right!” he says. “Heck yah man! I don’t have a singlet, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t wear one.” “Nah man, that’s cool. I just won’t wear mine.” “No! You have to wear it dude! I love that thing on your bod. It shows off the best of you.” “You mean my dick?” I say and laugh. “That’s just one of the good parts,” he says and laughs also. Well, at least he likes my dick. That’s good. Right? Troy’s phone begins to go off and he looks down at it. The light in his eyes die down as he ignores the call. I notice that his attitude is a little damp. “You ok, man? I ask. “Everything is cool,” Troy says anxiously. I can tell that everything is not cool “What wrong?” I’m just a bit worried about my relationship. My girlfriend is worried that I will get too big and she doesn’t want to date anyone bigger than me.” “So what does that mean?” “She wants me to stop working out.” What?! That’s crazy as fuck.” “Agreed.” “Well I hope you guys can work it out,” I say although it is a lie. “Thanks, bro,” he says. We begin our walk out of the gym and plan to meet to wrestle an hour after dinner. It wasn’t until dinner time that I heard from my friend Angelica, who had heard from Cassidy, who had heard from Joy that Troy and his girlfriend had broken up, not even an hour after the two of us had left the gym.
  13. Hey guys here is part three of A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains. Here is the link to part two. Enjoy! A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Part 3 Outside. Tuesday Morning. Cardio and Abs Day: I wake up to my phones alarm at 8:45. I grab it from underneath my pillow and turn the alarm off. There’s a text from Troy. Troy: Morning bro. I’ll be at your front door a couple minutes before 9. Be prepared. It’s a nice day out. I jump out of bed and take off my clothes; my roommate has left for his early class so I have the freedom to walk around my room naked. I go into my bottom dresser drawer where I keep all of my gym gear and throw on a pair of black compression pants and a blue stringer tank top. Then I grab some black gym shorts and drag them over the compression pants. It would feel weird running in just the compression pants themselves. I can’t have the imprint of my dick visible for the whole campus to see. Before I leave my room, I look into the mirror. Perfect, the stringer hangs low enough to keep my pecs visible. The juicy round globes burst through the stringer and I’m not even pumped. Next, I grab a small bag and fill it with spare clothes and put it on my back, then I go downstairs and head for the front door. I check my phone as I open the door and I see Troy has texted me again. He’s already outside. I go out and he’s standing in my driveway wearing a fitted grey shirt and a pair of fitted bright yellow compression shorts that show a clear imprint of his heavy cock and balls. What… how… why is he wearing that outside? I can’t believe my eyes. He wears the shorts as if showing off his junk is a normal part of his day and I try not to look down at his cock. I gather my thoughts and try to behave normally. “You got here fast,” I say. “I woke up early and I was so pumped that I had to get here!” “Let’s do this then!” I reply excitedly. I really want him to turn around so my eyes stop wandering to forbidden places. “Yeah, let’s go!” he says and immediately turns around and breaks into a run. I start running and follow closely behind. Oh shit, now I have his tight ass to look at. Squats have really been doing him justice. I can see each ripple of his chiseled glutes through the yellow shorts. I try to focus on something else and I raise my eyes to his back. I can see his mountainous traps poking through the tight grey shirt, riding their way up his thick neck and I crave traps of that size. I need to have traps that huge. I notice darker spots appearing on his shirt and he begins to slow down to an eventual stop. “That’s one mile down,” he says. “One more to go.” He then strips off his shirt, revealing his solid abs and finely haired chest. He has a little happy trail that doesn’t take away from the marvel, but increases it. It makes him seem manlier. He turns and run again. I try to focus on other things as we run: the science buildings, the freshman dorms, the trees, the nice 70 degree weather, but his recent shirtlessness has all of my attention. I stare at every inch of his back as we run. His entire back seems to be flexed as he runs and I wish I could stand and punch it repeatedly to feel the power I know it holds. We stop in front of my house again after two miles and I am beat. “Alright,” I say between breaths. “That wasn’t so bad. Now I need to go to the gym and work on abs.” “Abs?” he asks. “I actually need to work my abs, bro. Can I come with?” “Hell yeah, bro! Why not?” We walk to the gym from my house. Troy puts his grey shirt back on and a little bit of my anxiety shrinks. I was starting to lose it from seeing him shirtless. It’s a short walk; takes less than 2 minutes. We show the desk worker our ID’s and head into the weight room. “So what do you usually do for abs?” Troy asks. “I start off with weighted ab crunches,” I say as I walk over to the weight rack and grab a 45 pound plate. “Ready, bro?” “Wow man, that’s a lot of weight. How many reps do you do?” “40.” “Jeeze.” He looks nervously at me. “I’ll try.” My world suddenly stops for 2.5 seconds. Did he just say he will try? I think I may have just found his weakness…Abs. He grabs a 45 pound plate and we make our way over to the floor mats. We both lay on a mat and begin doing crunches. Troy seems fine in the beginning, but he begins to slow down. He stops at around 26 reps, but I keep pushing. He looks over at me as he lies on his back with eyes that subtly hint at jealousy. “Damn Von, your abs are stronger than mine!” I push to 40 and then lay back, breathing heavily. “I know you have 3 more sets in you,” I say. His eyes basically pop out of his face when I say this. I smile cockily at him. I seem to have a lot of control in this situation and I have to keep myself from laughing. “Um...Maybe you have 3 more sets of 40. I’ll go for 20.” “Haha ok man.” I am awestruck that I finally found something I am better at. We finish our sets and move on to doing ball crunches, then hanging leg raises, then Russian twists. Our abs are burnt out so we head to the locker room, grabbing towels from the front desk on our way over. He walks into the restroom first and I take a leak. Troy takes his shirt back off and begins to flex his abs in the mirror. I finish peeing and walk over to the mirror. I take off my shirt and start flexing my abs too. Troy can't be the only one to put on a show. “Your abs are getting solid, bro,” he says. “Thanks man, you aren’t too bad yourself.” His abs are red and twitching beneath his skin. My hands are twitching to punch those muscles, to feel the solid impact, but I’m too nervous to ask. “Alright, I need to get clean. It’s shower time!” he says. He walks into the locker room and I follow behind him. He goes to a locker and removes his clothes for the day. I set my little bag down on a bench and take off my shorts, leaving on the compression pants. I look up and my body stalls. Troy is standing with his back towards me with his hard, chiseled ass out in the open. His ass is as white as the moon and his huge round cheeks look strong enough to crush bricks between them. I stand there with my compression shorts still on and he turns around. “Aren’t you gonna shower?” he asks. Troy is standing in front of me completely nude with just a hand covering his cock. “Yeah… I’m just… I’ve never seen anyone get naked in here before.” “What?! That’s what locker rooms are for!” he replies, both hand waving in the air, revealing his flaccid 5 inch meat. “The locker room is a safe place to be naked and enjoy it and the best part is that people can admire your body and you can admire theirs without any consequences.” He starts flexing both biceps as if he is being watched by anyone other than me; his cock is swinging between his legs mercilessly. He turns around and does a double bicep back pose, extending one of his legs and revealing his heavy balls between the cracks of his thighs. He turns around and I look back at him awkwardly. I notice that his cock is starting to get a little hard and he knows it too, his hand makes his way down and he starts to stroke it. “Let me help you, bro,” he says.” He walks forward, still semi-hard, gets down on one knee and grabs the band of my compression pants, ripping them down and revealing my 4 inch, flaccid, black cock and ass for anyone to walk in and see. His head is extremely close to my cock and I am paralyzed with fear. He looks down at my dick as if it was a normal part of his day and gets back up, turns around and walks to the shower. “Let’s go, man.” I follow behind him and he stops at the first shower. I go to the second, but barely make it past him before he slaps me on the ass. HARD! The sound resonates in the shower area and I jump a little. “Damn, bro. Those squats are doing you justice.” “Thanks,” I say and chuckle nervously. “Same to you man.” “You haven’t felt these beauties man. Give them a good squeeze.” He turns his back to me, his ass waiting to be worshipped. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I grab both of his ass cheeks and give them a hard squeeze. They feel like rocks in my hands. “Fuck,” I say. He begins to clench his cheeks and I feel so much power in my hands. It is getting harder for me to breath and I start to get hard from his clenching, so I let go. “Alright,” I say. “Shower time.” I walk into my shower and he goes into his. I hear his curtain close and his water turn on through the thin shower wall and I start to relax. I turn on my water and I make it extra hot. That was close. I feel the water rush over me and I start to breathe normally again. I desperately need to cum but I will save it for later. After two minutes, I hear something from Troy’s shower that sounds an awful lot like moaning. “Troy, you ok over there?” Uhh…I’m gonna be honest with you because you’re my bro. It’s been a while since I had sex with my girlfriend.” “So that means you’re— “Spanking the monkey, chocking the chicken, beating my meat, yup!” I can’t believe it. I’m in total shock. “Oh…” “Hey man, there’s nothing better than a good orgasm after a workout. Get hard and try it out!” He didn’t have to tell me twice, I was already hard and hearing him moan through the thin shower wall turned me on. “I always like feeling my pecs and nips when I jerk it. It makes my cock drip so much,” he says over the rush of the water. I begin to stroke my cock and then I hear his moaning. I begin to go faster and he gets louder. I start to moan and he hears. “There you go bro! That’s good shit right there. Fucking bust your nuts all over these walls.” I completely lose it at his words and blow all over the place. I moan in complete ecstasy and I hear him huffing and grunting as his wad shoots from his unseen hard cock. “Ugh..fuck!” he say. “I really needed that,” “Me too” “Well it was nice to do it in your company man.” We both finish showering and walk out of the showers, still naked but not awkward anymore. We walk to our clothes and as we get dressed, I see that his cock is still red and semi-hard from the tugging. “We should shower next to each other more often. It’s way more fun!” Troy says. I’m a little thrown off by what he says but I keep it together. “Haha yeah. Sure man.” “So see ya for leg day tomorrow?” “Yeah, for sure.” We are fully dressed by this point and walk out of the gym. Troy and I leave the gym and he fist-bumps me before we go our separate ways. There are so many questions in my mind. I know Troy is straight. He has never shown any sign of curiosity. He has a girlfriend, but why aren’t they having sex? I’m turned on by Troy, but only because he’s a strong alpha and I admire that. I admire how competitive he is and how he pushes me to be stronger. I know that I’m not feeling love for him, but today was strange. He’s never been this close to me before. He literally stripped me down today. Something is changing in Troy and I think I’ll start pushing him a bit to see what will happen. I know just how to push too… Wrestling.
  14. Bjort

    Cap & Bucky, Part 1 by Bjort

    Hi all, I recently mentioned in another thread on Fan Fiction that I had written my own story about Captain America and Bucky. With some encouragement, and in the name of science, here is the first installment of that story. I hope you all have and much fun reading it as I did writing it Let me know what you think and feel free to make suggestions. Us writers and such attention whores! Excelsior! (as Stan Lee used to say), Bjort The True and Unauthorized History of Captain America & Bucky As written by James Buchannan Barnes III, manuscript edited by Bjort. Freeport, Bahamas—February 23, 1944 I don’t really know who the hell I am writing this to, or for--for that matter. It’s just that both Cap and I are so sick of the crap that has been spewed out about us by the Army in the name of “morale” that I thought I would at least write down the real story. I know damned well that if the brass ever found this they would burn it, as they would see it as not only showing up what a load of shit they have been giving out with but as also “morally reprehensible” and “perverted”. Fucking hypocrites! Anyway, I ought to start with the basics. My name is James Buchannan Barnes III and I am 19 years old. My mother calls me Jimmy or James or when she is irritated with me--Trip, but everyone else has always called me Bucky. My Dad called me that from the get go to annoy my Mom and to avoid confusion as he was called Jimmy and he hated Trip for someone with a III after his name. I am an Army brat. My Dad joined the infantry in the last war and decided to make a career of it. He eventually went to OCS and became a Captain in the newly formed paratroopers. Later on he also worked a lot with commando and guerilla combat training groups. He was killed in a plane crash when I was 12. We were stationed at a big training base outside DC at the time. My Dad had been something of a rising star in certain Army circles. The brass took it on themselves to look after Mom and me and she got a decent pension and a job on base working as a secretary. Needless to say with Mom working I was pretty much on my own. I did OK in school but ran wild the rest of the time. Some of Dad’s old friends kept an eye on me (more of that a bit later). I soon learned all the ins and outs of life on base and, for the most part, had free reign. Soon I was getting after school commando training and a few other things on the side from my Dad’s old unit. I was also making decent money doing errands and scamming the troops at dice and poker. I was not a big kid, but I was quick on my feet and pretty sharp on the uptake. I was about 5’ 8” back then and was built like a middle distance runner—which I was. I was reasonably good looking too, with wavy brown hair, green eyes and what I was told was a nice smile. About that same time I also found out something else about myself—that I am as queer as a three dollar bill. Not in a sissy kind of way, mind you, but I found out that I was completely hot for cock and muscles—or preferably both in the same package. Girls just left me cold—no reaction at all. Needless to say I kept this discovery on the QT as much as I could, although I must admit that an Army training base certainly provides ample opportunity for a confirmed cock hound. I turned 18 and graduated from High School in the spring of ’42. I had decent grades and, thanks to Mom’s connections with the brass and other big shots, a place at the Point for the fall. Things on base had gone into high gear after Pearl Harbor with loads of construction and lots of men rotating in and out all the time. By then I had become a sort of unofficial mascot for Dad’s old commando unit--secretly training and “playing” with them on a regular basis. All of my skills, both military and social had developed considerably. I became adept at guerilla combat, weapons and explosives, slight of hand, various cons, drinking, swearing, games of chance, muscle worship and was generally considered to give the best blow job in the Army by those in the know. I was looking forward to a last summer on base and to applying my skills to the as yet unsuspecting members of the West Point entering class. A few days after graduation my Mom threw a slight monkey wrench into my plans for a summer of fun and leisure. She, of course, knew nothing of my extracurricular activities or that I had a substantial wad of cash stashed away. She was concerned that I have enough money to pay for incidentals in the fall and had arranged for me to work officially on base doing miscellaneous janitorial scut work. I really couldn’t buck this idea without giving too much away so I went along with it. Fortunately my boss in the maintenance and cleaning office was an easy going lifer who was more than happy to give me a free hand as long as the work got done. Slipping him the occasional smuggled pint bottle certainly did not hurt either. Even before Pearl Harbor the base has seen a lot of new construction and war readiness activities. One of the most mysterious was a new training compound that had been built miles from any other base facilities. It was all very top secret—no one really knew what the hell it was for and regular base personnel were kept away during construction. The finished product looked more like a prison than an Army base. It was surrounded by a very high solid wall topped with razor wire and was posted with signs threatening gunfire for any who approached the perimeter. The really odd part was that after it was complete this camp, known simply as Area S, was sealed off and not used. By the time I went to work in May of ’42 the entire facility had been empty and seemingly abandoned for more than 6 months. My first day on the job the boss handed me a set of keys and asked if I had a bicycle. I said yes and asked him what that had to do with anything. He told me that the brass wanted someone to schlep over to Area S and do a general cleaning. I was also to check for minor repair needs. The boss said that he did not want me to use something from the motor pool and that he did not have time or the manpower to drive me out there. Given that it was a decent 10 miles around the base to get there he felt I would need my bike. He handed me a set of keys and told me that there should be plenty of janitorial supplies out there, so not to worry about toting along mops, brooms etc. He said I could take as little or as much time as I need as long as the place looked relatively clean and I reported all maintenance issues to him. I bitched a bit about this—but it was a nice morning for a bike ride. I took off home, fetched my bike and headed for the mysterious Area S. As it was already warm and a bit humid out, I changed into a fairly snug pair of gym shorts and a white t-shirt which showed off my tight frame to advantage. I made sure to ride straight through the base parade ground, giving the troops a bit to look at. I was such a tease! After peddling around the perimeter fence at a good clip for a while I came to the turn off for Area S complete with chain link fence and deadly warning signs. It was another mile or so through dense woods to the actual compound. I unlocked the man gate and got my first look at the highly secret facility. What a disappointment! It looked like any other training facility with all the usual buildings. The only difference I could see is that these were all recently finished. Despite the newness, the place had an air of abandonment as the grounds had not been tended. My orders were to clean up building interiors only—particularly bathrooms and kitchens—and to spot any problems and report them up the command chain. Area S was not a large facility. It seems to have been designed for small individual unit training—possibly a commando group. As I circulated around I did notice that everything in the compound seemed to be especially well built and that it was all of a slightly larger scale that the other areas of the base. It made for a strange environment. Someone had clearly spent a packet on the place as it was all first class equipment and facilities. How typical of the Army to spend all the effort and dough on this place and then to let it sit unused with no upkeep for over half a year. Fatheads! There really was not that much to do. The construction crews had done a very thorough job cleaning up after themselves and the buildings had all been sealed tight since then. Nevertheless I cleaned the kitchens and the enlisted barracks bathroom. I swabbed out the gym locker room and was truly impressed with the gym facility and equipment--all brand new and state of the art. I did the administrative office and then headed for the officers quarters. As I entered the building I heard running water. “Great” I thought to myself “I’ll bet a pipe has broken and it will be a god-awful mess.” As I headed down the corridor for the latrine I could hear that the water was running in the shower room. “Well” I thought to myself, “No sense in getting my clothes wet as there is nobody around anyway.” So I stripped off and began to haul bucket and mop etc into the shower room buck naked. As I started to round the corner into the shower room I suddenly came to a silent but abrupt halt. There was no broken pipe. Someone was taking a shower at the far end of the shower room. And what a someone! Facing away from me was the biggest and most beautiful muscle stud I had ever seen. He was tall—6’6” I found out later—and had a full shock of what looked to be golden blonde hair. His frame bulged with muscle across his back and wide shoulders. His arms were amazingly thick and his lats flared out like some sort of cape only to taper down to a tight narrow waste. His ass was nothing short of glorious—a full on bubble muscle butt just asking to be fondled and fucked. His legs, often such a disappointment on big men, were just a muscular as the rest of him with wide flaring thighs and massive calves. As I stood there I also noticed a faint scent—a combination of soap, sweat, steam and a musky smell that was all man. Most intriguingly that scent made me think all sorts of strange and sexy things. I even imagined that his body was pulsing slightly with some sort of aura of vitality and power, straining as if some elemental force was pent up inside his massive frame just waiting to be set lose. As it hit me I felt my nostrils flare and my head go light. My stomach gave a giddy lurch followed by an instant hardening in my crotch. I damned near dropped my bucket--I was in instant lust! I stood there frozen, not making a sound as this muscle god soaped himself up. He raised one leg slightly and put his upraised foot on a nearby stool. This gave me a view of one of the biggest pair of balls I have ever seen, but oddly no view of his cock. This mystery was explained as, with eyes shut, he rotated under the shower head to reveal a massive tool already risen to half staff and from the look of things going quickly to what could be pec slapping level—it was that long! His front was even more spectacular than his back, if that was possible. He had a classic rugged square-jawed face with full lips just aching to be kissed long and hard. His chest was deep and wide with bulging overhanging pecs, huge nibbleable nipples and a dusting of golden fur. His abs were also lightly sprinkled with blond hair, perfectly chiseled and set like stone blocks over a blazing thatch of fiery golden pubes. As he continued to turn, eyes still shut against the spray of the shower, his cock did reach chest level. It seemed to go on forever and was unbelievably thick, tapering slightly to a glorious cut head the color of a ripe plum. He let out what seemed to be half pleasurable moan and half exasperated groan and said quietly “Damn, I thought I had gotten this monster under control.” As he reached toward the hot water tap, I felt an uncontrollable urge possess me as my own manhood also rose to full height. I was remarkably fearless, almost mesmerized, as I brazenly strutted up to him and said softly “Maybe I can give you a hand with that.” Glorious deep blue eyes opened and gave me the classic deer-in-the-headlights stare. I looked into those pools of deepest sky and felt something just click into place. He looked as if he wanted to speak but I put my finger over my mouth and said “Shhhhh.” Then I took hold of his massive cock with my right hand and reached up to his shoulder and neck to pull his lips and mouth toward mine. He let out a soft moan as I slid my fist down his mighty shaft toward those perfect balls of his. He bent his head toward me and kissed me, gently at first but gradually as if both our lives depended on it. What can I say about that first incredible kiss! It was long and deep and it felt as if electric sparks were jumping between us as I seemed to become hyperaware of both my body and his. I was beyond aroused! It was as if every atom of me was reaching for him and shouting “Yes! This is it! This is what we have been looking for! This is home!” His kiss became stronger, less tentative as I began to work his cock with one hand and to feel his iron hard pec and squeeze its very aroused nipple with the other. After what felt like a lifetime our kiss broke apart. I moved down to tongue the great cleft between his pecs and then go to work sucking the nipple I had been squeezing. He let out another slightly louder moan as my hand reached the thick base of his monster shaft and began to gently squeeze his massive churning balls. I finished off both of his amazing nipples, teasing and torturing until each stood out like a proud tower occupying the crest of a mountainous pectoral. I looked back up at him for a moment and again he seemed about to speak. I pulled his face back down to mine and went in for a second even more electrifying kiss that sent shockwaves zinging all over my body—especially down my now fully raging hard on. “Jeez!” I thought as we French kissed like school kids on a first date “This super stud has damn near made me cum with just a couple of smooches! I can’t wait for more!!!” With that thought in my head I decided that I needed to move down slope for the main attraction. I broke that amazing kiss and ran my tongue back down his chest, stopping for a brief flourish to each rock hard nipple, made my way down his insanely deep and cut granite wall abs (God those will be fun to nuzzle later on), and arrived at the golden thicket clustering around the unbelievably thick base of what is to this day the longest and most beautiful piece of man meat I have ever seen. Getting down on my knees, I went straight to work on his cock and balls, giving them the most thorough and longest lasting blow job ever. He had amazing stamina! I played with his enormous joint and orange-sized balls for what seemed like ages. After a particularly vigorous tonguing to the rim of his helmet and the long underside of his manhood I chanced a quick pause to look up at his face and see how close he was to blowing what I knew was a humungous load. He was just beginning to arch his neck back and had the most blissful look on his face when he got a snoot full from the still running shower. I almost began to giggle, but he did not miss a beat reaching around with the hand that was not running its fingers through my hair and turned off the water. I went right back to work and with the water off could hear him moaning softly with the occasional “oooohhh!” thrown in. His cock tasted wonderful as I worked its massive iron hard shaft and glorious head--different from any man meat I had ever known. As with the rest of him, his super-sized cock seemed to almost physically vibrate with power, as if it were holding back some explosion. As his balls began to swell, precum the color of light golden honey began to flow down from his bright purple cock head. Its first taste on my lips hit me like a strong slug of whiskey sending warmth across my body. I slurped it up like a starved dog going for a T-bone—I could not get enough as the warmth spread and intensified like a slowly building fire of power and passion. As I redoubled my tongue action his hips began to buck and his cock suddenly swelled to an even more magnificent size. I could tell he was close to the king-god of all orgasms as I greedily sucked down the last of the precum, giving his helmet an even more intense working over. He let out the sexiest deep growl rising into a shout of profound exultation as he came with a force that literally knocked me back. He came and came and came in amazing jets…fountains of delectable cum! He plastered my face and hair with his initial load. God the taste of it! The feel of it in my guts and on my skin! Golden jizz that made my entire body tingle and sing with that same electricity as when we had first kissed! I lapped up as much of his man juice as I could manage. I embraced his still rock hard cock and rubbed it against my chest and abs. He came again as I massaged his seed all over my torso and crotch. I was ready for his third eruption and lapped down as much of his manly nectar as I could get. Again and again he shot in huge amounts, covering me from head to toe before his dick began to subside as he let out a long moan of contentment. For a moment I lay back on the shower room floor, motionless, reveling in the incredible feelings whizzing around in my body and brain. My muscle god lover too seemed in a trance as he leaned against the wall, eyes closed with a look of incalculable bliss on his gorgeous face. As I slowly got up I realized that the gallons of cum he had just spewed across me were gone. My body had absorbed every available drop like a dry desert plant in a sudden rain. I felt, full, sated, complete for the first time. I felt a thrilling sort of buzzing throughout my frame and was slightly dizzy as I stood up. I reached out to steady my self and suddenly found I was encircled by my super lover’s massively muscular arms. I looked up into those deep blue eyes again and we connected, communicating without words, just reveling in having found what we both knew to be deep and abiding passion and love. Contact seemed to intensify the electric feeling chasing rabbits through my limbs. I began to shake, slightly at first, then harder as if I had a case of the DT’s. I was not ill however, quite the opposite in fact. I felt amazing! I took a step back from him and stood shaking in the middle of the room. Suddenly my dizziness and disorientation passed, replaced by a growing sense of euphoric power. I arched my spine with a crackle and threw my head back as the feeling continued to grow. The shaking continued to intensify until I felt my entire body give a massive shudder. My perception seemed to snap back into focus as the shaking stopped and I realized that my perspective was off. I could now almost look my lover directly in the eye! As I looked down at myself I realized that my bones had been changing—lengthening and thickening, tendons and ligaments growing denser and stronger. The feeling of strength and power plateaued just for a second, and then kicked into an entirely new ecstatic dimension—better than any orgasm. I felt as if strength and life were pouring into my body and that it was drawing on that power to fulfill its ultimate potential. I was in utter bliss as my muscles began to stretch and bulge to fill in my newly expanded frame. I felt my traps and delts spring up across my widening shoulders and neck--mounding up to amazing proportions. My chest and lungs expanded, followed by my pecs which grew up and out, layer upon layer of brawn arching over my ribcage and meeting over my heart to plunge into a vertical Grand Canyon. My back and lats ballooned out into a thick cobra hood of muscle, while my waist actually narrowed, forming a solid lattice of muscle supporting gloriously hard, and deep set abs. I was in complete ecstasy as I turned my head to see my upraised arms explode with massive manly forearms and huge triceps. I flexed and beautifully peaked melon sized biceps sprung toward the sky—gleaming with power! It is a curious sensation to feel your own ass expand with muscle just as your thighs and calves erupt with mighty sinews more than capable of supporting newly minted muscle. Suddenly all of the power seemed to focus on my cock and balls, which I suddenly realized had remained rock hard during the entire transformation. I did not think that what was happening could get more intense or erotic, but it was nothing compared the feeling of my balls suddenly tripling their size, heavy and waiting to pump out massive loads through a dick which was rapidly turning into the flesh and blood equivalent of a fire hose!. That was exactly what my cock was straining to become as it stood straight up against my sexy new abs. It felt incredibly hot as it strained upward, growing harder longer, thicker and more sensitive--ready for some serious man-on-man action. Instinctively I reached for my burgeoning manhood just in time to slick it up with a generous dollop of silvery precum. It seemed to leap to attention as I grabbed it’s now beer can width and began to stroke for all I was worth. I gripped with new found strength in both hands, yet it remained hard and eager for as much rough wanking as I could provide. I stroked for what seemed like ages, all the while my golden muscle god watched mesmerized—his own prodigious manhood now rising back to full attention. He tentatively, even shyly, moved around to embrace me from behind—pressing his glorious muscled body and humungous cock into me. “Maybe I can give you a hand with that.” He whispered as he slowly reached around and began to massage one of my mountainous pecs and huge aching nipple with one hand while stroking my new massive cock with the other. The touch was as incredible as our first, sending waves of pleasure through me as he began to kiss and nibble my ear. He moved down to nuzzle my neck and trap as our stroking quickened. I was building up to an incredible finish, aching to unleash my manliness for my lover. I too let out a surprisingly low growl as I felt the dam about to burst. My new voice rose into great shouts of ecstasy as I too shot off a massive high powered flood of cum. Shot after shot followed as I unloaded my load in huge spurting jets and I nearly passed out from the intensity of the experience. It was total and complete mind rocking bliss, undercut with a deep and powerful sense of infinite strength and stability. As I finished I turned to face my lover once more and added into that overwhelming emotional mix the purest and most joyous feeling of happiness I had ever experienced. We gazed at each other in complete understanding, desire and love. We kissed deeply for what seemed like forever, and then broke off to look at each other--still in a lovers embrace. He blushed deeply for a moment and said in the sexiest husky-man voice I had ever heard “Hello, my name is Steve.”
  15. hoola

    transformation Don't Stop Parts 6+7

    Sorry it's been so long since the last post, but here are then next installments in Andrew and Nicole's growth adventure. When will it stop... Parts 1+2+3: Parts 4+5: PART 6: Andrew lay on his bed stunned at the amount of times he had just masturbated. He thought it had to be a record to have cum almost thirty times in a 24 hour time frame, but his analytical thoughts were soon squashed by his raging hard-on. It looked absolutely massive compared to what he had barely swinging between his legs only two days ago. He was so proud of his meat that he almost forgot about how jacked he was now. His right arm was noticeable larger than his left due to the pump he had gotten from jacking off so much, so he decided to hit the gym and test out his new physique. Hi cock got super hard just thinking about lifting weights. “Maybe I’ll hit the gym after a little self-workout…” Nicole was running some assays in her lab when she overheard a troubling conversation. “Have you seen our pheromone chapstick prototype Jessica? I can’t find it on my lab bench. I swear I just set it down there a couple of days ago…” Bret said. Nicole knew exactly where the chap stick was, but she wasn’t about to confess to stealing it so that she could make her crush into more of a man. And what a man he was shaping up to be. Nicole knew the chap stick was more than just capable of attracting members of the opposite sex. Through her organic chemistry knowledge she knew that the chap stick had certain properties that would enhance male virility characteristics including muscle mass, penis size, body hair, and sex drive. She had decided to put her knowledge to the test on Andrew who had been a meek and weak boy until a couple days prior when he had begun his true transition into manhood. Nicole had liked Andrew for a while, but now she was starting to find him irresistible. She started getting wet just thinking about his big dick and his new beard. It took everything she had not to start masturbating right then and there in her lab. Meanwhile, Andrew was proving to be a monster in the gym. He had gone a few times before to try to build some muscle to impress the girls in his classes, but he gave up after a few days of not seeing any results other than a severe soreness and increased appetite. However after his (secret) doses of growth formula he was setting personal records like crazy. He hardly felt winded after more than an hour of a grueling full-body workout, but he felt pumped. His muscles felt like rocks under his skin, and speaking of rocks, his penis had been hard as a rock since he left his house. He finally decided to take care of it and ran to the bathroom. Jumping in a private shower stall he started stroking his shaft and feeling up his now swollen muscles. His pecs felt like huge pillows, and the coating of hair on them was driving him crazy. He felt like a real man and wanted to cum like a real man. Nicole wasn’t around, but he had plenty of memories to work with and was orgasming like never before in just a few strokes. He felt like the orgasm would never stop, but it sadly did after almost a minute of constant and intense cumming. PART 7: Somewhat satisfied, Andrew returned to the weight room just as Nicole arrived for a light workout. She absentmindedly put on some of the growth chap stick believing it was just her normal chap stick. She had just started running on the treadmill when she heard a loud series of grunts coming from the weight room and decided to check it out. Surprise surprise, it was Andrew who was making all of the manly noises. To her surprise, he looked absolutely swollen. His pecs were large enough that she could lose a few fingers in his cleavage, and his legs looked like they were cut from diamond. His muscles weren’t as big as she would have liked (yet), but she was definitely getting turned on by her new manly boyfriend. His sweaty chest hair and beard were just confirming his newfound virility to her, and she knew she had to have him immediately. “Hey Andrew,” Nicole whispered seductively into his ear, “How about we go hit the showers.” Andrew’s dick, which had softened up just a bit since his last monumental ejaculation, became instantly rock hard when he hear Nicole’s voice. He didn’t say a word to her, he just picked her up in his hot rippling arms and carried her to the shower area. As soon as they found an empty stall they got to work. Andrew stripped off his shirt which was completely soaked with his sweat and revealed a chiseled six pack like Nicole had never seen before. Nicole, who didn’t know she had put on the growth chap stick, frantically tore off the rest of their clothing and started kissing Andrew all up and down his body. His 7” dick stood hard at attention, just waiting for the moment for Nicole’s lips to reach it. His balls were swollen and churning with huge loads of cum just waiting to be released. Nicole started blowing him, and he almost lost it right then and there. It felt so good whenever she had her lips stretched tight around his rapidly growing cock. He briefly thought back to just a few days before when he was jacking off to this exact fantasy, and he couldn’t believe how far he had come (and cum) in such little time. After a few minutes of the best blowjob of his life, Andrew picked Nicole up and impaled her on his stick. She screamed and moaned in pleasure as she orgasmed immediately from the penetration. Her orgasm was driving Andrew’s dick crazy, and it took only a few more minutes for him to erupt. He was in absolute bliss and felt like he was cumming for an eternity (in reality it lasted for three minutes, but that’s still inhumanly impressive). Completely exhausted yet entirely insatiable, the couple cleaned themselves up (not before a few more rounds of crazy sex) and headed home where their sexual marathon would never stop. All the while, Nicole was thinking about how much manlier Andrew would become and if she ever wanted to stop her not-so-little experiment.
  16. js44

    super-powers The Jocks Rule II

    Tagline: A jock finds an ancient artifact to gain the godly powers of a race long extinct. Author's Note: A sequel to my old story from 2012 (now in the archive). This is the third of my bad boy corrupted stories, where guys get corrupted by supernatural powers and things of that sort. I have a bad habit of writing too many of these stories, but I tried my best to vary this one up a little bit, and I left it open for another chapter. Let me know criticism or even ideas for other stories like this. I like the whole muscle growth superpower story and don't see a ton of them around anymore, so hopefully it is fun for some of you guys reading. If it is a bad story, let me know that, too always trying to improve what little I do write these days. The Jocks Rule II Marcello thought he was going on a hike with his sporting buddies. He thought they were going to do a little hunting, a little swimming, a little camping for the weekend, something to celebrate their senior year's spring break. He never knew that his buddy Daniel had worked another plan in, and that Marcello would become a key part of it. When he hopped into Daniel's old VW Golf, he nodded to Larry already in the coupe's old back seat. “What's up, man?” Larry asked. School had been keeping Marcello busy and he was busy trying to get his academic requirements in order before college next year. “Ugh, just busy, dude,” Marcello said. “I'm lookin forward to spending a weekend with you guys. I had to miss track practice last week so I could get these college interviews in. Whatever.” Daniel and Larry exchanged glances with each other. “What?” Marcello asked. “Larry, did you bring your rifle and clay pigeons?” Larry cleared his throat before explaining to Marcello their plan, “Okay man, we're not exactly going to just hike and shoot and stuff. Last weekend, while you were out of town, Daniel and I found this sick cave under Lake Sereno. It's fuckin nuts man, but there's some cool shit in there but since you're the smartest and all that, we gotta show it to you, you might be able to understand what some of the shit on the walls and artifacts say. I don't want to say too much because you probably will think we're crazy, but just bear with us.” Daniel stepped on the gas as they pulled onto the highway out of town, Daniel was more excited to get there than Marcello realized. “Where is it?” Marcello asked. “We've gone fishing at that lake for years I've never seen anything like that.” “It's underwater,” Daniel answered, calmly. “Maybe a half mile out from the Forest Deck Pier. I think for a long time it had been covered by a rock or a sandtrap, but I accidentally anchored over it and it caused the dirt to cave in, that's when we discovered the cave.” “Hang on, hang on,” Marcello answered. Marcello was a critical thinker and a smart guy, and none of this made sense to him. “First, how could you get into the cave if it's underwater, you don't have any scuba tanks. And second do you really think you're the first person to discover something like this? Don't you think if you found something with valuable shit inside it it would have already been discovered?” Daniel simply nodded his head. “Nope.” He said. “The underwater portion is small, it only takes about 10 seconds to swim through and you're above the water line again, it's not flooded. And I don't know or care if anyone else has discovered anything there before, it's fuckin cool and there's shit in there that I want you to see.” Marcello just nodded his head. “Alright. But I didn't bring anything to swim in.” “We didn't either,” Larry said, “doesn't matter, we all know each other well enough.” Daniel pulled his car into the parking lot. “It'll be a quicker access if we walk to the other side of the lake, there will be less people to see us too, it's way more remote over there.” Daniel and Larry led Marcello through a familiar trail of thick, evergreen trees and shrubs on their way to the pointe at the lake. Marcello liked his friends well enough, but he and his buddies knew that, for a jock, Marcello was the smart, sophisticated, calm, less impulsive of the group. He must have gotten those traits from his mom, because his dad was always a redneck, impulsive, jock loving athlete who had conditioned Marcello to play and condition at every sport he could. Marcello enjoyed the competition too, but he knew he was always a little different from his friends and fellow athletes. Now in his senior year, Marcello was looking forward to finishing the year strong in his track and field sport—Daniel and Larry meanwhile wanted to slow down time and hopefully never end their high school careers. On the walk out Marcello's buddies continually talked about their meet the next day, the schools they'd be competing against, and who would have the biggest muscular mass to show off during the meet. Marcello finished his senior year strong, all honors classes, a good university acceptance, he played Football in the fall, Wrestling in the winter, and now track and field. He enjoyed track the most, it was easy and running as well as pole vaulting allowed him to work more automatically. Larry and Daniel led the way out to the shore before taking their shoes and socks off, undressing for the swim out to the cave entrance. Marcello knew these guys since his freshman year, they were always more into being athletic and building tough bodies, something Marcello happily took part in but never gave as much attention to it as his buds. They were also way more assertive and often acted like the class bullies in PE and with non-athletic outsiders. “Outsiders,” they called them, Marcello thought, nodding his head “no.” “Do you guys mind getting naked today? I have a towel in my trunk but I don't want your underwear soaking through my car,” Daniel requested. “If we get naked we can dry off once we get back and our clothes will already be dry. Obviously.” Larry chuckled as he dropped his gym shorts. “Dude, your car is a piece of junk! Who cares?” Marcello tossed his own t-shirt to the side as he sat on the soft, moist dirt to untie his tennis shoes and pull off his socks. “We've seen each other naked every day for nearly 4 years, I think we'll be fine,” he said. Larry just nodded his head in a appreciative “yes.” “Yeah we do know how to get naked,” Larry responded. Marcello looked up at his friend. Larry was a gymnast since his youth and continued to condition himself that way. He had a thick layer of muscle on his body though he was a shorter guy at only around 5'8”. “Have you been shaving yourself?” Marcello asked as he stood himself back up. Marcello towered over Larry with his own 6'3” frame. Marcello looked down at his own bare chest to see a decent amount of dark, curly hair branching from his breastbone out toward his thinly defined pecks, a treasure trail going down to his waistline. Larry nodded his head, “yeah man, the chest hair is bugging me. I don't mind it on my legs, but not on my uppers,” he said. Marcello could see the pores where Larry's hair used to be, but his masculinity showed itself below his waist, with his shaped quads and shins covered in blonde hair. Marcello's own body was nearly the opposite of Larry. Marcello hit both a second wave of height spurt as well as a hair growth a year or two ago. He now stood fairly tall but the resulting growth made him fairly lanky. Marcello's own muscle definition was there, but was much less defined than Larry or even Daniel's own. As Daniel stripped down to his own boxer briefs, Marcello briefly brought his attention to his other friend. What Daniel lacked in muscle definition he had in more noticeable masculine traits. His black hair covered his legs and chest in full force. The guy was a hairy fiend. Unlike Marcello and Larry, who tended to wear boxers, Daniel always wore dark, spotted boxer briefs, and he wasn't afraid to show its key defining part: his obnoxiously large package. “What?!” Daniel would always say as onlookers brought their attention to his stuffed balls and dick. He liked the attention his dick brought him, and he wasn't afraid to show it to girls or guys. Marcello had only been with a girl a couple of times, his on-and-off again girlfriend Cheri, but Daniel seemed to get laid all the time. And for the dudes? He used his packing authority to intimidate and ridicule, sometimes to Marcello's own amusement. Larry was the first to strip naked and tug on his flaccid dick. Marcello followed and Daniel soon followed after him, his large package flopping out as he pulled his briefs down to his ankles and rolled them into a ball. “I'll hide the clothes under this rock, here, guys,” Daniel said, motioning for his naked friends to toss them their own underwear. Marcello stretched himself and looked out to the shimmering lake to his right. Larry stepped into his view and carefully walked over the sticks and washed up rocks before wading into the lake, his hard, square ass rocking with his bulked quads. “Nice n' warm, dudes!” he said before taking the last step off the shore and into the deeper water. Marcello followed him turned to see Daniel closely behind him, holding his hand over his eyes to keep the sun's reflection from shining out his view. Marcello took a long dive into the deep water and dove under, enjoying the refreshing feeling of the water against his naked body. He could hear Daniel doing the same. Larry grabbed Marcello's shoulders and quickly shoved him under, horsing around as quickly as he could. Daniel soon followed suit and the three guys got into a combo splashing and free water wrestling match. Marcello couldn't easily be pulled under because his height enabled him to quickly evade his would-be captors, but Larry easily got hold of Daniel and held him under for a second before Daniel punched him in the abs, forcing him to let go. “Shh!” Marcello said, sinking his head close to the surface of water. “There's some fishermen out on the other side of the lake.” Daniel didn't seem to mind, “No biggie man,” he said, continuing to whisper. “here, let's wade over this way, I'll show you what we found.” The guys quietly kicked over to the center of the lake, carefully evading the fishermen off the shoreline. Marcello would have never known to look in this area of the lake for anything, his buddies very well may have found something special. “Alright, we have to dive under, you'll see the hole it's about 3 feet wide, swim into it and as soon as it makes a U-shaped turn back up, you'll notice it turns from sand to smooth stone, like a cave wall, you'll be able to get there in 10 seconds or less.” Marcello interrupted. “Wait,” he said. “let's go one at a time so if we can't find it we can turn back around again to breathe. Count to 15 before going next.” “Good idea,” Daniel said. “I'll go first,” and with that he dove under. Larry gave Marcello another playful splash. He looked at his friend and couldn't help but think this entire activity was silly, from looking for lost caves to swimming naked in the middle of the afternoon. But Marcello seemed to be able to do silly stuff and come out of the situation better off, so he figured, what the hell. Larry dove under and worked his way toward the cave. Marcello looked around and noticed the fisherman were gone, they must not have noticed three naked men in the lake. If he or his buddies got lost or drowned, it would take days for people to find them. Finally, Marcello dove and despite the murky water, he was able to find this 3 foot wide hole and he worked his way inside, quickly turning back up toward the surface and surprising himself into an open and clean smelling cave. He took a breath and saw his buddies ahead of him, dripping water down their naked bodies as Daniel had his arms crossed and Larry had them at his side. Larry turned around and offered Marcello his hand as he lifted him up from the entrance pool. “Damn, you guys were right,” Marcello said. He walked silently around the open cave. It was huge. And brilliant. Light shined in from a translucent glass ceiling on the corner of the cave, flooding the room with sunlight. The area where he entered was mostly empty, but Marcello saw as he approached the other side a lot of bizarre and interesting items: carved benches, odd shaped weapons, swords, shields, and magnificent and old paintings scattered around the floors and the walls. “You guys already saw all this, right?” Marcello asked, shaking himself dry as he carefully inspected each item. “Yeah,” Daniel answered, following him, “I'm sure there's more around here, but we saw a lot of stuff, we didn't take anything though, we couldn't understand the script that was written next to each item, and everytime we tried to take something...” Marcello found out as he picked up a sword on the ground and electric shock burned into his hand and he let go, snapping the weapon back into its held position against the wall. “What the fuck?” he asked. Daniel continued, “...yeah, that happened.” “Alright,” Marcello said, thinking critically, “let's see if we can read some of this.” Writing was scattered everywhere, but it was in a script that seemed to be a mix of Greek and some strange, hieroglyphic-like symbols. Marcello didn't really study either language so he wasn't familiar but toward the back of the cave stood a strange, rounded-shaped relic, and on the floor were foot marks where someone had stood, apparently long enough to erode the very rock beneath the floor. Marcello examined the footprints and carefully placed his two bare feet into each, Daniel and Larry carefully looking behind him. “We didn't go back this far earlier,” Larry said. The imprints shifted and molded against Marcello's feet and he felt a strange sensation within his own head, as if someone was reading it. Suddenly, the wall's language began to shift, the lettering and symbols moving and morphing into a new script. Latin script. Something Marcello could understand! His eyes opened wide at the paranormal occurrence happening before him. He couldn't believe it. As the lettering slowed, the rock moved one again away from his feet and Marcello stepped toward the wall and carefully read what had been translated, he assumed, for him. A Human. Here. After so many years. Welcome. We are the Zets, we have placed our lifeforce here for your kind to one day find. Some have discovered this place before but none were worthy. Until you. When our race was conquered by the Ledomites, we were forced to flee our home planet, and deposited our artifacts across your planet waiting for the perfect species to merge with. You will be our first. We were warriors once, ultimate immortals, and we need the same strength and character to carry on our purpose. An athlete. A man who is capable of athletic pride and competition, who has the character of a warrior and the shamelessness of his body. You are the first to walk to our presence in your One True form. Because of this, You shall gain our gifts of power. Marcello couldn't believe what he was reading. It was absolutely ludicrous. As Larry and Daniel approached more words began to appear under the script. Two more men of honor arrive with their True Form ready. Once the First of You merges with our power, the other two will have the ability to earn our gifts. Take these and only these. After you have merged with us you can come back to this place, your new sanctuary. The rock bench shifted in front of Marcello and his friends and like an earthquake three distinct cracks formed and three previously hidden artifacts emerged from the bench. “Holy shit,” Marcello whispered, “Guys, what the fuck is happening.” Out of the bench three green, rocky half cylinders morphed and dropped in front of Marcello. They were small, rounded half shaped cups, almost like a cup put into an athletic supporter. Once again the writing shifted. These are our first artifacts. Each of you take them. The first of you must wear it first in front of a human victim, any male form with which to power yourself. Then the second must repeat, and finally the third. You must do this in your True Form, and your victim must be in his own True Form. You must make a pact to do this within the next 3 moon cycles, lest you forfeit our powers and our gifts. Marcello was in a daze, partially brought on by the writing in front him, partially brought on by this situation in the first place. What was this place? Daniel took a step closer and nodded his head. “Yes, of course,” he said in a daze. “What are you talking about?” Marcello asked, pushing his friend back. “I don't know what the fuck this is, but you saw what's happening here, there's fucking powers built into this place, and into these jock cups, they are made for us. Young men who are jocks and happy to be naked. Of course we're going to take them, of course we're going to use them. “And what the fuck is this talk about human victims?” Larry asked, joining the whispers. “I don't know yet,” Daniel said, “but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to join this society of, uhh, Zets. Short of killing someone, I don't think anything bad will happen, I think we need to put these things on our dicks in front of some other naked dudes, we use some of their lifeforce to gain the Zets powers.” “Are you FUCKING NUTS?!” Marcello asked, looking around to see if anyone had followed them in. “We are standing NAKED in a cave with magical words morphing in front of us, and it's says we need to steal someone's LIFE to gain the powers!” “No, it didn't, it just said 'victim',” Daniel said. “And anyway, we can figure that out later, let's take these things then we'll figure out what to do next.” Daniel reached out to grab the rock and bone-encrusted cup but when he grabbed it he immediately grabbed his arm and doubled over. “Oww!” he said. Looking down at his arm, Marcello noticed a roman numeral “II” tattoo grow onto his skin, and another one onto his waist near his pubic hair. Daniel moved his hand and touched his waist. “I'm number II,” Daniel said. “You've gotta be I Marcello, and that makes you III, Larry.” Marcello breathed a sign of stress before reaching his own arm out and grabbing the cup, it too burned his hand but the cup easily lifted off of the bench and into his possession. When he did so, Marcello had a brief flash, like a dream, of a powerful and immortal soldier, someone who seemed to be able to do essentially anything. “Woah,” Marcello said, stepping back. The fantasy grew inside him, it was orgasmic. Feeling more enthusiastic about his own potential powers, Marcello smiled. “Okay guys, let's take these,” he said. Daniel lifted his arm back and grabbed his own cup, feeling the same fleeting fantasy as Marcello had. Larry followed third, and earned his mark as well as his own vision. “Oh fuck yeah,” Larry said, now more enthusiastic as was Marcello and Daniel. The three jocks smiled at each other but quickly their attention was brought back to the writing for one last time. As men of strength in your True Form, you must make your pact. Deposit your seed into our artifact and find your human victim within 3 moon cycles. The bench before them shifted once again and stretched into a mini altar, one each in front of Marcello and his friends. Marcello looked to the left and the right and saw a strange, claw like table form, a hand directly in front of each of their crotches, perfectly positioned to hold the cups each of them had in their hands. “What is it saying, exactly, Marcello?” Larry asked. Daniel answered for him, “it wants us to swear an oath to ourselves and to the Zets that we will do this within 3...moon cycles...” “Full moon cycles,” Marcello said, staring at his alter. “That's 3 months or so, plenty of time,” in a daze, Marcello continued. “We need to promise to ourselves and also to the Zets. And we need to jizz into the cups now so that they become a permanent part of our being.” The guys looked at their own cups before setting each of them down onto the claw-like altar pedestals. The hands closed on the cups and held them in place. “Holy shit,” Marcello said. Daniel ran his hands from his shoulders down his chest and toward his package, closing his eyes and dreaming of the powers he could soon gain. “Guys, this isn't going to take me long, I hadn't wacked in a few days because I thought I was gonna get laid tonight, but, this is way more important.” Marcello had masturbated in front of his friends exactly one time before and it was a drunken, limp biscuit-style prank they were playing on the non-jocks to see who could jizz the fastest. This was completely different, but Daniel was already growing a stiffy and positioning himself. Marcello turned back to Larry who was dazzlingly tugging at his own member. “We gotta, dude,” he said. The vision had of Marcello's powers were making him horny, and his friends own erections were adding to his enthusiasm. Marcello set both of his hands on his waist and rubbed the sides of his butt before moving his hands toward his package, lifting his flaccid dick and feeling his balls, tenderly touching them as his dick started moving outward and higher. His balls pulled against his body and a shudder of pleasure went through Marcello. His breathing increased as he started pumping his dick, rubbing his left hand against his balls as he started jerking himself faster and faster. “Okay,” Daniel said between breaths, his eyes shut, “I'm almost ready, I want the power, the power!” he said louder. “Just a second,” Marcello said, his own breathing increasing, “I'm almost there,” “Make sure you're, hmm, umm, aiming,” Larry added, opening his eyes. The three jocks moved their feet and positioned their cocks in front of the waiting cups. “Fuck yeah!” Daniel whispered as his cock chocked and spewed his semen onto the cup, his body quaking in orgasm. The sight trigger's Marcello's own orgasm as he followed suit, Larry to the right of him following right behind. Marcello kept his attention on the cup as his dark yellow and clear liquid fell onto the cup, the cup soaking it in as it began to glimmer. Daniel wiped his dick into the cup and Marcello and Larry soon followed, getting the last of their seed onto the artifact. The altars snaked back into the wall, dropping the cups onto the floor. Marcello picked his up and noticed the same roman numeral I inscribed on the inside of the cup. Its shape changed somewhat, shrinking just slightly in size to match his flaccid package. Marcello was tempted to wear it immediately but Daniel stopped him. “Wait dude!” he said. “We need to do this outside of the sanctuary, and in front of another naked male. We can find some guys to try this on tomorrow after PE, but not now. Marcello looked down at the cup before looking at his naked buddies examining their own, each with their own personalized numerals. “Okay then,” Marcello said, agreeing, “I'll try it first tomorrow, then you guys can follow. But who do I try it on?” The three of them began to smile in union: “Evan,” they said together. Evan was a short man syndrome, crazy, hyper active non-jock who was in their PE class. The guy was short, skinny and vastly underdeveloped, but he didn't let that stop him from being intrusive, rude, petty, mean and selfish. He beat up on everyone even when he couldn't actually hurt anyone and always started fights. He was particularly mean to Larry but had picked more than a few fights with Marcello and Daniel. Marcello never picked fights with anyone and only saw Evan as a mild annoyance, but perhaps it was time for Marcello to show the dweeb who was boss. Marcello led the way back through the cave entrance and to the shoreline. Their clothes safely sat near the shoreline as the jocks toweled off. “Okay,” Daniel said, planning their time tomorrow, “we're all getting naked in the showers tomorrow. Hide your cups in your towels and once we corner Evan, Larry, throw Marcello his cup. Once Marcello changes I don't think we'll have a problem finding another victim for me or you.” “You take PJ, I'll take Charlie,” Larry added, “they should be easy targets.” “If I gain these powers right after putting this thing on,” Marcello added, “we'll have everyone's solemn attention, it's going to be a complete hypnotic show.” Marcello's dick started rising again with the thought of merging with the Zets powers. He didn't know who they were or where they came from, but that vision was real enough for him to try this. – PE class did a round of ultimate Frisbee in the muddy, rainy afternoon, so it was easy for the class to take time to shower after class. As the guys and girls separated, Marcello, Daniel and Larry gave themselves long glances as they rethought their plan from earlier. Larry would carry in all three artifacts under his towel and the three guys would be the last to walk in. No one ever took the shower-head next to Evan because he immediately started fighting with them, so Marcello knew it would be the perfect time to corner him. Daniel and him would take the shower head next to Evan and when he started fidgeting Daniel would corner him, giving him room for Marcello to place the artifact on his crown jewels. The guys lined onto their lockers and stripped of their PE uniforms. Marcello asked Daniel, “this might be the last time we're clothed,” as he pulled off his compression shorts. “The Zets were naked warriors, you remember what we saw yesterday?” Daniel nodded peeling down his own compressions and removing his t-shirt, “I love being naked, that's why we were chosen. That's why were the men in 'True Form' heheh.” Larry unfolded his towel and the three naked jocks set their artifacts into the towel, larry closing it. The three of them walked toward the shower corridor, hearing already Evan taunt and bother everyone near him. He was singing his song “You're a piece of shit...” something he made up while he flung soap onto every guy bypassing him. He would get shoves from the bigger guys around him, but nothing to really stop him from his menacing behavior. Daniel took the showerhead to the right of Evan as Marcello parked himself next to Daniel. Evan turned around to look at the two jocks and smiled, “Clean up, bitches!” he shouted, throwing his soap bar onto Daniel's forehead. His face quit smiling, however, when Daniel approached him. Daniel shoved the smaller Evan into the corner as Evan kneed him in the naked dick. “Ah, shit!” Daniel said between breaths, “you're...gonna, fuckin pay for that!” Larry unrolled the cup from his towel outside the gang shower and tossed it like a frisby toward Marcello, catching it easily with one hand. “What the fuck are we doing here, guys? Maybe we should let Evan alone, he's just a little twerp.” Marcello said. Larry shook his head no as he joined Daniel in holding the little guy in the corner of the shower with one hand. “Stay put you, we have a purpose for you,” he said before turning his attention back to Marcello. “Dude, we made a pact last night, this thing is centuries old and the ceremony requires it to be this way. You were the chosen one. Just try it on.” Marcello's surroundings drifted away as he stared into the intoxicating void within the cup. It seemed to encircle his mind with its power, its neverending attractiveness. “Okay,” He said looking back ath the jocks. Turning around he noticed the guys around him starting to look over Marcello's shoulder. Wondering what he had in his hands and what he was doing with hit to Evan. Marcello had reached the point of no return, if this didn't work he would be screwed, probably expelled, if it did work all of their lives were going to change forever. He lowered the cup toward his package. “You're the man!” Daniel shouted, “put it on and show Evan who's the boss.” Evan couldn't stop from taunting the lanky tall guy in front of him. “You're fucking idiot, Marcello.” he said, “when that thing makes you look like a dork I'll be the one tackling you to the ground.” Marcello's heart started racing as he pushed the cup closer to his dick, he could hear a voice begging him too, promising to reward him of powers he had never before imagined. He turned toward Daniel with a smile on his face. “You gotta look at Evan. You're tall enough to corner him don't look at me, dude!” Daniel said, remembering the instructions carefully, and carefully trying not to get himself hurt. “Point your artifact toward him!” Marcello turned back to the naked Evan, preoccupied with trying to fight Larry off of him. “As soon as it goes on, I'm backing away, look right at Evan,” Larry added, ignoring the little guy fidgeting with his arm. Marcello took a step closer to him, the two men, though both naked, couldn't have been more different. Evan was a feisty, underdeveloped, loud, menacing looking kid who pushed what little weight he had around to disturb and annoy as many people as possible—common short man syndrome traits; while Marcello was tall, skinny, hairy, quiet and had a secret and quiet strength to him, his muscles just barely defined underneath his dark, bronze skin. “Just stay still for me, Evan, this will be over in a minute,” Marcello said, chucking, his legs switching, his body asking him to put on the powerful artifact. As expected, the cup suctioned onto his dick and peeled itself onto his balls as soon is laid against his body “Woah!” Marcello shouted as it began folding over his package, the wooden and bone artifact liquifying itself into a putty-like mass as it spread over his balls and deep into his crevices between his legs. Marcello started feeling it around on his balls; his first reaction was to pull it off, the substance was menacing, disturbingly scary even, but he remembered what he heard last night, what the ceremony required, what he needed to continue to do. The cup stretched around his dick and up his pubes and started cracking like dry sticks, pieces of wood quickly liquifying into a puddle of soft energy, the power finally breaking free from its mold. The energy was surging his body with new thoughts, dark thoughts that he had never before even dreamed of; thoughts of evil, of dominance, of being a master of all things. The thoughts flooded his mind incomprehensibly, but he was surprised to find he could somehow make sense of it, though he could also feel his humanity leaving him, emotions and empathy falling away into purpose and control. He didn't mind at all, it was making him happier than he had ever been before. He was the Man! He was the hottest shit around, he told himself. He had a newly-formed purpose and an ability formerly inconceivable before now. Marcello loved the act of getting naked with his buddies, but this somehow felt different. He felt as if being naked and putting on this artifact of an all-powerful race was perfectly meant for him. And the energy filling him seemed to agree as well. Marcello watched the mass fold outward toward his legs and between them to his ass crack. The liquid energy pushed like puddy out to his waist and began branching around his skinny butt, stretching over it like a pair of briefs. Or a loincloth. Marcello was happy to witness it, he felt great, he loved being naked and loved having the attention of his friends right on him. The ceremony had a purpose and the purpose was to push the naked powers of the Zets into Marcello himself. Marcello let his hands go from the cup and enthusiastically allowed it to envelop him. As the artifact started cracking and liquifying, a dark green light started flashing like a spotlight at a stage, a bright, directional light. He could feel its purpose exactly. “Evan, of course!” Marcello told himself. His victim! His sacrifice. He directed his dick toward Evan and let out a scream of pleasure, a foreign and frightening sound, a mix between a shrieking horse and a deep, low rumble of thunder. Marcello's back twisted in the direction of Evan and his foot automatically stepped toward his victim, Marcello moving automatically, the power itself now directing him. His hips rocked forward as the putty thined around his ass, connecting on his backside. Marcello's dick was now clearly visible behind the thin powerful substance, and electric green light flashing right onto Evan. Evan, for the first time, had a flash of horror cross his mind. Up until this point he thought he had a silly prank he could play on the naked jocks. But for the first time, a strike of fear hit him as the green light felt like an oven wave of heat flash across his own naked stomach and waist. “What?! Oh my god, get me out of here!” he shouted. The dark green light crossed his bare chest and focused on his waist, lighting it and his small dick with a dark, mossy color. Evan's eyes opened wide with fear and pain. He couldn't look away. Larry and Daniel found themselves in shock and horror as well. Their friend's calm and stable demeanor was quickly turning into pure ferociousness. Marcello took another step toward Evan as the light brightened against Evan. “Oh God!! ARGH!” Evan shouted in pain, tears flowing from his eyes. “What's happening to me!!” Evan looked down at his hands as Marcello's friends and the other PE guys surrounded the scene unfolding before them. Evan's skin was turning gray and pale, he seemed to be aging quickly. Drying out. His skin loosened and dried, cracking like wood. His eyes glassed over as his muscular frame flattened into a skinny, dry twig. Evan's small dick started folding up and into his body as his hair folded back into his skin. His teeth receded as his body stiffened like an old board leaning against the side of a building. His breathing stopped as he froze into place. “Oh my god, it's actually working. Back up, guys, back up!” Daniel shouted. The guys tried backing away but couldn't look away at the horrific scene unfolding. The body that was Evan mummified into a decaying, skeletal corpse as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and his hair receded, the flashing green light now completely encompassing the decaying body, hardening into dust. Daniel turned his attention to Marcello as his friend's body started gaining height. His loincloth powered friend walking, in a trance, closer to Evan. “You're mine, human, come to me!” Marcello groaned under his deepening voice. Evan's body started dissolving into a dark green dust as is swept and surrounded Marcello, wrapping over his body like a tornado, folding into the cup as the cup itself wrapped over and wound tightly onto Marcello's loins. “Heh, heh, HAHAHAH!” Marcello started cackling. “Yes, I am complete, the powers, yes THE POWERS!” Marcello's back started cracking and growing as the tornado swept him into a fierce firestorm of power. As it did, Evan's lifeforce entered into his body causing it to explode with power and muscle. His cackling got louder as his body expanded with muscle, sinew wrapping down his tall, dark back and exploding his shoulders and pecs, lengthening his spine and thickening his neck. As he extended his arms his biceps pumped with a thick contours of sinew building a hard rock over his arm and pushing his veins out to his skin. His hands cracked and grew as he turned himself around in his powerful glory to look at his friends. The cup was electricifying over his dick . Marcello's chest pushed out as his nipples grew in size, the light fuzz of chest hair over him growing now growing further, thick and manly down to his quickly deepening abs. Marcello's thin and tight body was pushing out with hard muscle, six well-defined abs separating from each other topped at his pecs and down to his waist, just in time for his quads to tighten and push out, creating football-sized muscles on his upper legs. Marcello started twisting his body more quickly as his hair filled out over his pubes and down to his quads and shins, his lower legs quickly lengthening and growing in size, pushing the jock to 6'6” height. “Oh fuck yes! MORE! MOOORE!” he shouted as his dick started twitching. It lengthened and dropped low as his balls followed suit, the cup stretching with his massive package, his virility growing with his body as his testicles gained weight and mass. Marcello couldn't help but touch it and as he did he felt his circumcised head quickly folded behind his new godly foreskin, regrowing over his dick. Hair grew between his quads and back to his ass as it filled with muscle, matching the power of his thick legs. The material of the cup snapped into tendrils of power as the electricity engulfed Marcello's loins, feeding their way into his body by way of his ass and pecker. Now free to touch, Marcello grabbed his erected dick with force and pulled, each stroke of his hand vibrating his body with surges of masculine pleasure. He couldn't help it nor did he care that he was masturbating in front of his friends, the pleasure was too much. Every pump afforded him a shudder of pure orgasmic pleasure, each pump heightening his sensations and opening his mind to the powers his body was gaining. With every pump Marcello left the confines of human thinking—his formerly stable, mature and sensitive self was giving way to the cup of the Zets, a powerful and corrupted race, Marcello now realized. Marcello all too eager to gain it. But his friends were unfamiliar with the corruption wrecking their former friend. The naked beast started generating a blue electric glow around him and quickly a burst of electric light flashed out of Marcello's crotch as he began to crest, hitting Daniel in the chest, throwing the jock to the other side of the open shower room. Daniel landed on the floor, holding his head. “What the fuck?” he said, trying to get up, dizzied by the burst of power that pushed him. Larry started backing away from Marcello as the transforming god realigned himself toward Larry, throwing another burst of power-laden light onto him, slamming him into the shower wall. “Ugh, fuck,” Larry said, dazed out. The other jocks began to flee the shower corridor, running as quickly as they could away from the transforming god. One jock, Jonathan, couldn't get out of the corridor before the masturbating Marcello grabbed him with his arm, throwing him onto the shower floor. Jonathan's naked butt slammed onto the floor and slid back toward Larry, still trying to lift himself from his own knocked out daze. They stared up at Marcello as his eyes formed now a glowing red. Marcello, or the corrupted god Marcello was becoming, made a menacing smile as the jock's muscular legs began to buckle at the orgasm of his own pleasure. As his quads quivered and knees shaked, Marcello's left hand moved ever faster over his erected dick, droplets of precum starting to drip from his massive head. “What the fuck?!” Larry shouted as he grabbed Jonathan and slid him across the floor. They reached the back of the shower but to his dismay Larry found the rear fenced door shut. He had to remove the padlock, but his hand wouldn't fit through the gate to turn the combo. “Oh shit, we gotta get out of here! HELP HELP US!!” he shouted, Jonathan trying to lift himself up. As soon as he turned around, however, he grabbed Larry's shoulders, “FUCK DUDE!” Jonathan shouted, “he's right behind us!” But to their surprise, Marcello stopped of any further violence. The blue streaks of electric surrounded him completely as he continued to jack off, the human growing further and further in size and strength. Marcello could feel the Zets immortal powers sink into his body, and he was completely content with his new corrupted state. He let out a low groan as his dick began spewing onto the tile floor, volleys of cum landing on the shower floor, “MMM YESS!” he shouted, lost in his own masculine pleasure. The blue streaks of electric power sapped back into its master's body as Marcello let go of his erected dick. Taking the time to examine his new form in all its naked, godly glory. Larry couldn't help but stare, the warrior was perfect, his hair covering his legs and ass, the treasure trail perfectly snaking up to his curly chest, deep adonis belt pointing directly down to his massive package. He was the definition of a masculine immortal. Marcello stretched and smiled in his newfound powers before smiling at Larry and Jonathan at the end of the hall. “Oh Daniel,” he shouted, “it's your turn...” Larry had calmed from the calamity that was happening moments before, but he was afraid to continue onward. Daniel's corruption would be 10x as worse as Marcello's with his enthusiasm for the power already in full force. When coach walked into the shower room to respond to the fear and telling of Marcello's classmates, he sensed the panic and disorder running through the Coach's mind. Marcello reached his arm up and knocked him out, putting him into a tranced sleep so they could continue undisturbed. Daniel walked beside his power-ridden friend, holding his own cup and ready to go. He tossed Larry his III cup. Larry cleanly caught it and stood staring at the artifact, waiting now for his turn, entranced by the powers it held within. “Jonathan,” Daniel said, “you're the only naked one around and I really want these powers.” “What the fuck?” Jonathan asked. “Daniel, wait,” Larry said, “we can find someone else. Jonathan is your friend.” Marcello stopped Daniel. “I locked the doors in the back of the locker room. Everyone is trapped. Go find PJ or Charlie. Jonathan is a naked jock, we will have join join our ranks shortly.” Jonathan felt relieved as he looked into Marcello's eyes, he could feel the powers that Marcello meant to give him. He wanted it more than anything. Marcello forced open the rear gate to the corridor and Daniel stepped casually through to find a victim for himself. Marcello pulled Jonathan toward him and slapped his ass. “You can become a god too, you have the body and the personality.” Marcello realized his new mission, to transform as many humans into Zets as possible, and to spread his new race's powers. He could sense one other man from far away already transformed, and as soon as his two friends met with their powers, they would join up and determine a plan to conquer the humans. Larry watched as Daniel walked the corridor to the lockers and cornered CJ. He lifted the cup toward his now-erected dick, ready to try the powers on for himself. In an automatic motion, Larry grabbed his own cup and followed, ready to be the third.
  17. Most recent chapter: Chapter 14: In Which Casey Discovers He Likes to Get Worshipped Chapter 15: Casey’s First Interview with Sergeant Moster In the main building, Gunst, dressed in regulation baggies and sweatshirt, was waiting for Casey and Moster with a set of keys. As directed. “Good morning, private,” said Moster. “Good morning, sir.” “Hey,” Gunst said to Casey, a little cool. “Hi,” said Casey. Right away he was intimidated by Gunst’s size. “Got everything?” Gunst asked him. “Wha-….yeah. I got everything.” “Take him to his quarters,” said Moster. “Casey, come to my office after you’ve moved in. 3:30. I want a few minutes with you before you meet the men this afternoon. My office is over there. Red door. I’ll see you then. And don’t be late.” He strode away, without waiting for an answer. “Yes, sir,” said Casey meekly, watching him go. Gunst gave him a hard smile. “Let’s go, then. To your new home.” He turned and walked to the end of the main hall. Casey stared, hypnotized by his thick traps, his broad batwing lat spread as he strode away, and then coming back to himself, hurried to catch up. Gunst led Casey down several long corridors. They turned right, turned left, passed about 10 doors, turned right again. Casey began to worry that he was going to get lost in this huge place. Then Gunst stopped. He unlocked a door. “Welcome. Your quarters. Enter and sign in.” He held the door open for Casey, who hesitated. “No, after you.” “Okay.” Gunst went in, and Casey followed him, his heart beating wildly. His new room was a single. Though it was not the first time in his life he’d had a room to himself, this one was big, and it was all his. The ceilings must have been 12'. All the ceilings in the Home were that high. But this was different. He was speechless. There was a main living room with two deep comfortable sofas, a wall of full-length mirrors, a large posing dais with lights, a big dinner table, a desk and four deep, cushy chairs. There was an entirely serviceable open kitchen, a broad glass door to an outside enclosed private terrace, a sizeable bedroom, and big bathroom with an extra-large shower with about 100 different nozzles and spigots, and what looked like an second, somewhat squat toilet. That, he couldn’t quite figure out. “What’s that?” he asked Gunst, pointing to it. “Your bidet.” “My wha-?.....” “Cleans your butt. You’ll need it.” “I keep clean.” Casey was offended. Did they think he was an animal? “Trust me.” The bed was a super king, broad and deep, with a mirrored ceiling so he could see his muscles as he woke up in the morning. The bright terrace continued outside the bedroom with a second entrance, and was open to the sky. The rooms were filled with light, but there was no view. No one would have been able to see in. Casey was a little disappointed. He’d hoped he could see down the mountain, and maybe even the Pacific roiling in the distance. In the corner opposite the terrace door stood the 6 8’-0” 3-paneled mirrors, in front of the dais. Overhead, spotlights were aimed at the dais. In front was a brand new video camera on a tripod. Casey regarded it a moment. “Wow. A camera.” “Yeah. We all get em. Record your progress. Tape your posing.” “This is no bullshit,” Casey breathed, stunned. “No, no bullshit. They’re serious. It’s all about muscle and getting bigger. Hop on, sport,” said Gunst., indicating the dais. He switched on the overhead lights. Cool spots of filtered white-rendered LED light shone from above. Casey stepped onto the dais and gazed at himself in the center pane of the mirror. In his reflection, his t shirt clung sweatily, his superhuman muscles rippling powerfully. He was transfixed at his reflection. “Wow,” he said, whistling. “Ain’t you seen yourself before?” “Not like this.” “Well, you’re big, dude. Real big. Big and hard. Zaftig and Moster got special plans for you.” He paused a moment while Rockland raised his arms and slowly flexed a front double biceps into the mirror. Shit, thought Gunst. His arms look bigger n’ mine. Fuck. His eyes drifted down to Casey’s perfect bubble butt, covered by his grey baggies. A deep butt crack pulled the loose fabric tightly into the shadows of his ass. “Awesome glutes.” “Thanks, man.” Casey now at work, working his way through his mandatories. He glided from pose to pose with ease. Gunst half-smiled, and took a step towards the door. He’s just a kid, he thought. A superhuman huge kid made of muscle, yeah, but just a kid. “You know how to work the camera?” “No,” said Casey, admitting it, humiliated as he always was at being so dumb. Gosh, I’m dumb, he thought. “It’s easy. Come down here.” Casey stepped off the platform and moved close to Gunst. As always he was intimidated, standing next to muscle bigger than his, but he said nothing. Gunst felt the heat wafting off the kid but studiously ignored it. He showed Casey the video cam. “Switch on here. Battery will always be charged. They’ll do that for you. Open the LED screen like this.” Gunst pushed a button and the screen flipped open, a little blue wall with menu items printed. “Then push this.” He pushed another button and the red blinking light and the REC menu appeared in the window. “Awesome.” “You following this?” “Yeah.” Actually, he was. After all, this was how he was going to record his own muscle. Of course he was following. “It’s aimed and focused to the dais and set for the proper lights. Switch off the room lights when you use it for best res.” “Okay.” “Got it?” “Yeah.” Gunst doubted it. “Okay, man, I’m gonna split now. You settle in. Be in the gym and ready to work at 1600 hours.” “Okay.” Casey studied the camera and then thoughtfully stepped back on the dais without switching it on. “That’s 4 PM.” “Okay.” “It’s noon. You got four hours before training and three and a half before you meet Sergeant Moster for debriefing in his office. Remember where his office is?" "Yeah." He didn't. Gunst smirked a little. "Go out the door, turn left, head to the main corridor, turn left again. Walk to the bulletin board past the cafeteria entrance. Turn right. Red door." "Okay." Casey was looking at himself in the mirrors. He wanted to pose some more. He thoughtfully flexed a powerful forearm, inspecting cables of veins. Gunst gave up. After all, it was his ass. "Eat and get some rest. Check out your refrigerator. They prepared some meals for you. Have a couple of steaks and a few chickens.” “Okay,” said Casey, already dreamily posing for himself. He hit another double bi. He was headed back to his distant mountain on his private planet. Gunst watched Casey as he hypnotically posed. Damn, the kid looked good. Casey slipped out of his shirt and threw it on the floor and hit a crab shot. Gunst, impressed in spite of himself, shook his head, and headed for the door. “Don’t wear yourself out, dude. Four hours. Three and a half, really.” “Okay.” "Take a shower. You stink." "Okay." Gunst started out. “Can I ask you a question?” Casey asked shyly, stopping his posing a moment. “What?” “How much you weigh?” Gunst smiled, hard faced. “375,” he said. “Shit, man.” “Yeah. You?” “310.” “So I’m bigger.” “Yeah,” said Casey. Gunst turned to go. “For now,” Casey added. Gunst looked back at him and grunted noncommittally. He left the room, closing the door, leaving Casey alone to ponder the wonders of his own physique. “Damn,” he breathed quietly to himself. That dude is huge. But then again, Casey hadn’t entirely realized that he looked this good. Good, yes. But not THIS good. As Gunst walked back up the corridor to his own room he felt a sudden impulse to run off to the gym again and spend the next hour doing punishing curls. For now?? The little asswipe actually had the balls to say this to him? But he knew it was true. It was just for now. This kid could surpass everyone. Including Moster. P21 may have been a miracle drug, but muscle recovery was still necessary, and as it was Gunst had spent a good hour just the night before curling hundreds of pounds. But damn. That kid’s biceps were sick. Sick. Unreal. He had to get his bigger. Bigger, harder, more vascular. He had to dwarf the kid’s arms when, on some inevitable future date when Moster lined them up next to each other barked out FRONT DOUBLE BICEPS to both of them, Gunst could raise his arms to the almighty skies and curl up a walloping huge double bi’s that would force the musclepuppy Casey into a shameful corner. But he knew that wouldn’t happen. Casey was just too big, too hard, too perfect – and only 18. Shit. Damn. Fuck. Gunst went to his room and stretched out on his bed, suddenly depressed. A few minutes later he got up and ate six chicken breasts. And then lay down again, resting, willing his arms to recover, to get bigger. Shit. Damn. Fuck. After about 10 minutes of posing, Casey, innocent of the turmoil he was already causing in the quad, felt both hungry and thirsty. He stepped off the platform, gave a last look at himself in the mirror, and did a side chest. Pop. Pow. Yeah. He wandered into his kitchenette. A surprisingly good-sized, double door industrial grade refrigerator (stainless steel, reflecting, naturally, so he could see himself) was center in the wall. He opened it up and was surprised to see three 5-gallon water bottles, shelves of Tupperware containers filled with cooked, cold bloody rare steaks and cooked chicken breasts, some prepared salads and tuna salad. He grabbed a whole steak and gobbled it in three bites, then drank a full quart of water. He opened the vegetable drawer. Unlike other young bodybuilders - stupid assholes - who turned their noses up at vegetables, at anything 'green', Casey craved fresh veggies. The drawer was full, he happily noted. He fished around and found some tomatoes and fresh celery stalks. He popped four whole tomatoes - "Vitamin C!" as Miles would have said - and began gnawing on a stalk. He closed the door and gazed thoughtfully at his reflection in the stainless steel. Miles. He really missed him. He hadn't seen him now for - what? - a year? More? Miles would be so proud of him. Maybe he could get out some time, go to Raw Weight, see Miles, and maybe pose a little with him? He sure hoped so. And....maybe something more, too. He belched softly and headed back into the main room to start unpacking. He raised an arm, sniffed at an armpit. Yeah, he did stink. A shower would come next. A knock came at the door. He answered it, the gallon water bottle still in his hand. It was Private Lang. He was dressed in an-all black skin-tight bicycling suit and was carrying a helmet. He dripped with sweat. “Hey,” said Casey, eyeing Lang evenly. He too was handsome, and he too had a heavy sagging cock bulge in front. Casey guessed they all wore clothing to show themselves off to their best advantage. But why did they all look like male models? Even Gunst, big and broad and homely, looked like he belonged in a magazine. Or on the movie screen. Or on TV. “Hey. Welcome. Listen, haven’t got much time. Moster will be here in a second. Want to warn you about something.” Casey was annoyed and awed for a moment by Lang’s two-day scruff and perfect hair. Damn. Fucking good looking dude. Shit, now what? What did he just say? Something else he had to worry about? “Come on in.” The heavily muscled Lang gazed briefly up and down at the shirtless Casey, lingered his gaze a moment on his bulging crotch, considered a moment, but then said, “No, thanks. Another time. Believe me.” “Sergeant Moster’s not coming. Come on in.” “No. Another time.” “Okay. So what’s up?” “You gotta watch out for Tiffany.” “Don’t I know it.” Lang fumbled in his fanny pack and pulled out a small pill bottle. He handed Casey a white capsule. “Something else, too. Take this before the workout.” Casey played dumb. “What is it? Drugs?” “Naw. Well, yeah. I guess. We all take ‘em. They’re not toxic and they’re not hallucinogens, but it’ll make you feel stronger and more confident, and they free up your…..well, natural inhibitions.” “Haven’t got any.” “Bullshit. You’re scared as hell, even Hension can see it. Hell, if I can see it, then, dude, you’re scared.” “I’m not fucking scared.” “Anxious, then. Nervous. Anyway, you should be.” “Why should I take this? What is this, anyway? You guys all trying to punk me?” “No! Trust me, dude. Take it. By the time the workout is under way you’ll be ready for anything. What do you normally single-arm curl?” “170 pounds.” “Take one and you’ll curl 220. Single arm.” Fuck! Casey grabbed for it, popped it down his mouth, and took a chug of water. Then he grinned. “Thanks! Sure you don’t want to come in a moment? We could pose together.” “Yeah…..I would…..but later. Gotta go.” He looked nervously down the corridor and scooted away. Casey closed the door. He unpacked some muscle magazines, his new jockstraps and do-rag, his iPod and laptop, and started to set up his new video camera on a tripod. He liked to record his posing practices, and with the dais and the mirrors and the new lighting he was already excited. He dropped to the floor and reeled off a fast150 push-ups. He needed to jerk off soon, but was interrupted by another knock at the door. This time it was Waring. He looked like he had just gotten out of the shower, his hair slicked back, his clothes tight and plastered against big muscles. “Whassup, dude?” he asked. “Welcome.” He extended a calloused hand. Casey leaned against the door and crossed giant arms. Another handsome dude. He didn’t shake. He blew out air, looked at him levelly, and just waited. Shit. After all, all these dudes had shot their cum all over him just 12 hours ago. Didn’t they remember? It was kinda weird they all seemed to have either forgotten, or just didn’t care. Or maybe they did it all the time to each other? Whatever. He was here to get big. There was a long pause. “Okay, I guess you’re just settling in and not ready to receive guests. I got something for you anyway. House-warming gift.” He held out a fist, opened it, revealing a capsule. Casey looked it and gazed at him, not taking the bait. “Don’t you want to know what it’s for?” “Lemme guess. My inhibitions? Give me a boost? I can curl 3,000 pounds? Protect me from Tiffany? Make me millions?” “Okay, who was here before me?” “I don’t remember his name. Good-looking guy with black hair. You’re ALL good-looking guys with black hair.” “Some are blond, some ginger, some bald. How old?” “Old. I don’t know. 27?” “Mustache?” “No.” “Bicycle clothes?” “Yeah.” “Lang.” Waring looked around. “Did he give you one already? Did you take it?” “Yes, and yes.” “Good.” He held out the capsule. “Keep it. Take it anyway. I took two once,” he added, and smiled to remember a particularly hot ‘Pose and Approve’ session with both Alvarez and Lang, after which, unfortunately, he was not invited to return. Not yet, anyway. “Sure you don’t want to come in?” Casey gestured ironically, but he wouldn’t have minded. A little double-posing practice would be a good workout. But once again, all he got was the once-over. Waring paused a little and grinned, his face turning pink, but shook his head. “No, I gotta run. Bye.” And he loped off down the corridor. Casey closed the door. Whatever. All these dudes were weird, muscle or no. He took the second White Caps, flexed a few more minutes in front of the mirror, waited for something to happen. Nothing. Suddenly he was tired, so he decided to grab a nap. He went to his room, kicked off his boots, tore off his sweatpants and jock, and sprawled naked onto the huge bed. He was instantly asleep, dreaming vaguely of his muscle planet. When he woke up, the light in the room had changed, but he didn’t notice it. All he could think of was his dick, hugely and almost painfully hard. He was ready to go, now. The caps? Maybe. He masturbated on his bed, formally initiating himself to his room. He watched his reflection in the ceiling mirror as he pumped his big shaft. Within 30 seconds he came, his cum spurting high and splashing the glass of the mirrored ceiling and plopping down onto the sheets, staining them deeply with pools of cum. “Shit,” he said. He got up went into the bathroom and closed the door. He shat heavily and pissed about 2 gallons with heavy ropes of piss splashing into the toilet. He stared suspiciously at the bidet, and then at the shower. There were the seemingly dozens of jets and spigots and controls, but after a few minutes of carefully testing, he got it to work. He showered for about 10 minutes, washing himself off carefully, loving the jets of steaming hot water that hit every angle of his physique. He stepped out and grabbed a huge towel off the rack. It was warm to the touch, as if it had just been taken out of the drier. Damn, it felt good. He draped it around himself and went back into his room. His sheets had been changed. The ceiling mirror was clean. Fuck. Who the hell had been in here while he was in the shower??? And his workout clothes were laid out on the bed. Oh well. Guess he had invisible maids, too. He changed, and went to the kitchenette to get a bite of chicken and another jug of water. On the counter there was a note: I let myself in. Hope u don’t mind. Take this pill. It will help. C U later in the gym. --- Hension Next to the note was another capsule. What the hell? He took it. He looked at his watch. 3:40 PM. “Shit! Shit!” he shouted. Late again! He tumbled into his sweatshirt, and ran off to meet Moster in his office. ******** 15 minutes later, Casey stood at attention in front of Sergeant Moster’s desk. “Well, Cadet,” said Moster. “Late again. Very late. At ease. Let’s talk awhile. Have a seat.” He gestured to a flat bench used for bench presses. Casey dutifully lowered his bulk onto the bench and leaned forward anxiously, resting his elbows on his thighs. Sweat rolled down his torso. He wiped his eyes and stared ahead of him. He wasn’t going to get punished for being so late? He had run all the way from his quarters to the office and got lost six times. He finally had to ask some Puerto Rican kitchen kid – oh, yeah, the kid who was there last night, sucking all the musclemen’s cocks while he wrestled Abdul – where the hell Moster’s office was. The kid had stared at him hungrily but Casey wasn’t about to get into it. “Down there,” he’d pointed, and Casey ran off. This time he found it. He saw none of the other men. Moster came out from around the desk and approached, looking him over. “Rockland – I mean Casey … - I’m going to get right to it. You show great potential. Big muscles, lots of strength, good flexibility, tall, young, still growing.” “And I got good bones. You and Dr….” He paused. He couldn’t recall the dude’s name. “Dr. Zaftig.” “Yeah, Dr. Zaftig, you both said so last night.” Didn’t Moster remember last night either? Fer crissakes. “Yes, and good bones, yes.” He stood in front of Casey. “Do you have questions?” Casey looked up at the Sergeant plaintively. About a million of them, actually. But he said nothing, and shook his head. His eyes roamed up and down his CO’s massive physique. Moster’s shiny black biceps exploded out of his white t-shirt, with veins thick as snakes, lining the peaks and networks of pumping blood vessels criss-crossing his forearms. His hands, resting lightly on his hips, were enormous, with thick fingers, white, trimmed fingernails and long, powerful thumbs. His neck was impossibly huge, and his traps sloped powerfully into massive deltoids. His lats flared out almost horizontally. Casey had never seen so much muscle. And in his pants, his package drooped casually from his fly down along his right thigh in his uniform trousers. The massive bulge extended nearly to his knee. Casey gulped and licked his lips a little. He could see the mountain of cockhead corona and make out the deep piss slit, even through the thick fabric. Moster’s gaze never left his eyes. “Well, Casey?” “Sergeant Moster, what is this place really about? Why are we here?” “You’ve been on campus two years. You should know. We’re Valhalla Labs.” “Yeah, I know that. But what is it? Really is it?” “Valhalla Labs is a unique training facility. Here we build and train the finest specimens of men on earth.” “But just bodybuilders.” Moster looked down into Casey’s eyes, slightly startled. “Yes, just bodybuilders,” he confirmed. “There are other kinds of men who get built. Gymnasts. Swimmers. Football players.” “Yes.” “So why just bodybuilders?” Moster paused a moment. “Son,” he said, pacing, “don’t you want to be here?” Casey fell all over himself replying. “Oh, yes, sir, I do want to be here, sir, and nowhere else!” “So….is there a problem?” “No, sir, no problem AT ALL. But….why are we here?” And he still didn’t ask, pointedly, about the wrestling and the cum job and all the craziness from the night before. Moster paused again, and spoke in a measured tone. “The Nineteen – and now, with you, The Twenty – are potentially the finest specimens of male musculature on the planet. Most bodybuilders, power lifters, weight lifters, look mighty impressive, but, you know, they have all sorts of internal problems. Bad hearts. Very bad livers and kidneys. Bad skin. Small testicles. High cholesterol. Bad blood pressure. Boils, scars. They smell bad. No endurance. And…..too often….they have very tiny cocks.” Casey had to admit it was true. “But not here. Here we build men who will last. When you, son, reach your 50th birthday, you’ll look much the way you do now. When you reach 70, God willing, you’ll look like a man of 40. Do you know how old I am?” Casey paused a moment. “28?” he ventured. “I’m 48. 49 next month.” “No shit.” “No shit. Let’s see your biceps, son. Remove your sweatshirt.” Casey complied and meekly flexed his guns. He smiled hopefully. “Are they okay?” he asked nervously, flexing, looking from arm to arm, glancing hopefully at the dancing triple peaks of each biceps. “You know they’re better than just ‘okay’. Or you should know. Good God, you’re still reticent?” “Re- ti – what?” “Still shy? Don’t you feel strong, son? Don’t you feel huge and powerful?” “Not next to you, sir.” Moster was touched in spite of himself. “Stand up, son,” he directed, peeling off his shirt and heading over to a broad expanse of mirror. “Come over here and join me.” He bent and began to unlace his boots. Casey got up and trotted over to join Moster at the mirror. Instinct told him it might not be a good idea to tell him just at present that he had recently taken three white caps. So far he hadn’t felt anything unusual. But then, he’d had a long nap, too. Maybe you weren’t supposed to take white caps and then immediately go to sleep. “Kick off those shorts. Your jock, too. Strip down.” Casey did as he was told, pulling his jock down shyly. Moster unbuckled his belt, peeled down his trousers, kicked off his boots and rose, ripping off his t-shirt. His massive muscles bloomed with gigantic power. He was wearing a powerfully knit bright red posing suit underneath his trousers that magnificently displayed his bulging tool. “All our posing suits are privately made. Otherwise, they won’t fit. See?” First he grabbed the side straps and pulled up. The pouch loomed magnificently, full of Moster’s massive penis and balls. He moved from side to side, showing the strength of the suit. “Actually there’s some steel mesh in there. You get used to it.” Then he pulled down the poser from the side straps and, one foot at a time, stepped out of it. His cannon firehose flopped out and down heavily and loudly slapped his quads. “Face the mirror, Cadet,” said Moster. Casey obeyed and turned, and together the two musclemen stood naked in front of the mirror. Wow. Casey knew he had never seen – no, nor imagined – bigger muscles, nor a bigger engine like the one Sergeant Rod Moster was sporting between the walls of each diamond-shaped quad. He stared at it, slack jawed, his mouth dangling open, amazed. From the beautiful muscle jewel-setting that was Moster’s lower rectus abdominus to the ridge of shrink-wrapped muscle from which plunged the massive, thick shaft, Moster’s massive, huge, perfect monster penis was a thing of beauty. A few moments passed, and Casey finally spoke. “You have a very big dick, sir. Begging your pardon.” “Yes, quite the tool, isn’t it?” Moster said expansively, waggling it from side to side. “It might even be the biggest in the world. Anyway, no recorded penis has been found to be bigger.” He looked down appraisingly at Casey’s organ, “Yours appears to be almost as big, I see.” “No, not, really, sir.” “Oh, yes, I think it is. Close, anyway. Let’s see you wave it back and forth. Like this.” He began to whip his penis noisily from side to side. It slapped loudly on his quads. “Go ahead. I know you can do it. I saw you do it for the boys in your room this morning.” Casey was mortified, remembering. “Try it, cadet.” “Okay.” He waved it back and forth timidly. “No, throw some energy into it. Be a man!” Moster continued to slap his cock against his quads. Casey gulped and began to whip his engine a little faster, a little harder…..and suddenly he was surprised to hear slaps as loud as Moster’s coming from his own extremities as his ample cock made contact with his muscular quads. Moster reached down and grabbed Casey’s member in a powerful fist and began to squeeze. Casey was stunned. “Sir!” “Relax, Private. I know you’re a grower. I want a demonstration.” He began to powerfully stroke the penis, and in his grip Casey immediately became erect. “Very nice indeed. 12 inches? More?” “I’m not sure….” “Zaftig sure knows how to find them.” Casey was getting dizzy. A heavy glob of precum appeared from the piss slit, ran over Moster’s fist and dripped onto the floor. “Nice,” said Moster. “Good boy. Have you masturbated yet today?” Casey was mortified. He took a step back and his thick penis popped from Moster’s enveloping fist. Moster let it go. “Yes…..” “How many times?” “Just once.” “Right.” He walked back to his desk, his penis waggling mightily as he walked, and hit a key on his laptop, which dinged. He read a message, looked up and smiled. He returned. “Yes, I see that you did, about 25 minutes ago.” “Wha-a-a-a-a- t?!!?” “The cleaning report came in.” Cleaning report?? Christ, the sheets. They file this stuff? “Are you guys spying on me?” “We’re going to monitor your activity, yes. We do this for all the men.” “Do they know?” “Yes, of course they know. Many of them relish it. The men like to be on cam. Is this going to be a problem for you?” Casey decided to change the subject. “Sir, it embarrasses me. I have to jerk off about 5 or 6 times a day.” “Seems that you’re off schedule then, if you have only masturbated once so far.” “Well, it’s been a weird day.” “Don’t let me stop you.” “I’m not gonna do it now!!!” Casey was getting more and more mortified. What was all this, anyway?? “No, of course not. You still have the societal blockers in place that prevent that. So do the men, actually, in my presence. They wouldn’t do it either while in this office. Of course, at meal times, in the gym, on the track outside, wherever or whenever they feel they have to, they whip out their dicks and go for it. You saw that last night, actually.” Finally. “Last night was really, really weird,” said Casey. “You’ll get used to it.” “I will?” “Yes, and with talent like yours, the men will be very eager for you to start joining them in priapic exercises.” Hunh? “You’ll find out. In time. Meanwhile, you should be very proud. Your penis is one of the finest specimens I have ever seen. And I have seen thousands of the best of the best. Yours is….well… rivals mine.” Shit, thought Casey. Really? Sudden he got a little coy. “Gee, and I have always been ashamed of my big dick.” “Really. Why?” “I can’t….hide -… it….” Casey colored deep red and looked down at himself. There it was, looming out from his body, huge and solid. “And why would you want to hide it?” “You hide yours!” Casey blurted. “Or you try to.” “That’s different. I’m in command. And the men all know now about my superior tool. If I showed it all the time, it would lead to all kinds of problems.” Moster bent and pulled up his posers and trousers, carefully wrapping his giant engine securely in the folds of pants fabric. He squatted slightly, reached into the waistband of his slacks, and positioned the shaft so that it lay, lazy and secure, against his right quad. Then he went back to his desk. “Get dressed now. But hang on.” He reached into a drawer and pulled out a small vial, then walked back to him and leaned in quietly. He spoke low into Casey’s ear, and raised his palm surreptitiously. In his hand was a single white capsule. “Take it,” he said. Not again. He was already feeling – well, not high, exactly, but close. He was dubious – after all, he had already taken three – but what the hell. He pretended innocence, and he made his face appear anxious. “What is it? Drugs? I’ve never done drugs.” “This is pure P21. The drug of choice. Take it.” “Will I be okay?” he asked, wanting to trust him. I hope so, Casey thought. I took three of those little suckers. “You’ll be fine,” assured Moster, and he meant it. “Frankly, yes. It is a drug. It will not hurt you - but it will do something to your perception of yourself. Take it. Now.” “Okay.” Casey nodded dumbly and bolted it down. Inside he was elated, excited, wondering if this new mystery supplement was a new kind of steroid, able to produce great surges of strength and growth. Then he looked up hopefully at Moster, now sitting back at his desk, easy in his chair, his legs wide before him, open to the world. “Meet us in the rec room after your shower for post workout eval.” “Yes, sir,” said Casey. Inadvertently his gaze lowered to the Sergeant’s lap. He stared at the bulge. Wow, he thought again. Damn. “Good. Now get to the gym and get started. Some of the men will be there. You have some serious lifting to do. I’ll join you presently.” He pushed an intercom button. “Dr. Irving?” “Yes?” came the voice on the squawk box. “Get the camera ready and head to the big gym. You'll find everything you need in the locker room. Dr. Irving is there ahead of you. He'll set you up. Get moving now.” “Yes, Sergeant Moster.” "And don't dawdle." He checked his watch. "You're already 20 minutes late. The men were expecting you at 16:00 hours. They don't like to be kept waiting." "Are they all there?" "By now, yes." "They gonna jerk off all over me again?" Moster smiled. "No, not tonight. Frankly, you have them all a little too worried about themselves to pull anything like that again so soon. Besides...." Casey waited for it. "Besides what?" Moster smiled. "Nothing. We talk again after your workout tonight. Then dinner and then bed for you. Get going now." Click click click. Moster was typing. Casey stood still, uncertain. Moster looked up. “I said get going, Casey.” Casey nodded, dumbly wordless. Gee, he types fast, he thought. He pulled on his sweatshirt and scampered out the door. After a moment he was back. “Sergeant Moster?” he asked, shy and frightened. “Yes, Cadet Rockland?” “…um..….which way IS the gym….?” Moster had to smile in spite of himself. He pushed back from the desk and rose. “Okay. We'll go together.” He approached Casey, looked him over with brief approbation, and nodded to himself. This kid was something else. Just what he had been waiting for. Just right for his plans. Just right for the big picture. The picture Zaftig wasn't aware of. Yes, everything was going smoothly. He headed on down the corridor. Casey followed him, submissively scampering a few steps behind. It was going to be his first workout as one of The Twenty. He felt both scared and powerful. And just a little pissed off, as the White Cap began to work on him. Those dudes weren't gonna jerk off on him again, any time soon. He'd see to that. He knew what he had to do. Okay. Time to go train. ********** Want to reread "The Twenty" from the beginning? Click here for "The Twenty" - A Muscle Novel in Progress: Precis, Introduction, and Chapters 1 & 2
  18. Herald

    role-reversal (Un)even rivals (6)

    Six Three weeks had passed since Ted installed his domination over his cousin. Ever since the pool incident Chris had tried avoiding his 5 year younger cousin as much as possible. Every time he left the house, he scanned the street through the window and then rushed to his car to speed off. Two weeks ago, his cousin had nearly surprised him as he wanted to drive away. The huge teen had appeared behind Chris' car and had effortlessly lifted its back tires off the ground. He had shaken the car up and down, his huge traps bulging in the process, while laughing deeply. After several minutes, he had dropped the car, making it slam down hard and had then slammed his fist against the door at Chris's side, denting it. He had looked smirkingly at his cousin through the window as Chris sped away. Worst of all was the presence of Trisha. She kept going on and on about Ted's fantastic body and how much bigger than Chris he was everywhere. Chris then just nodded and went on the prepare her food: Ted had ordered him to take care off his girl and he didn't want to risk making her upset. Or even worse: making her tell his cousin she was upset… Jeremy wandered into his gym full of energy. The voodoo curse he'd cast on his rival had reached its climax at the last full moon, 5 days ago. He had drained 40 more pounds of muscle from Chris, now weighing in at 265 pounds of ripped beef. "I now exactly weigh what Ted weighs", he said to himself as he looked at the teen's stats on the enlistment form, "Time to make clear who's in charge here. I'll first whoop his ass and then steal his muscles too. I'll be the biggest champ ever seen!". His 6 incher throbbed in his pants at the thought and he went into his office to search for the second voodoo doll and the spell. Chris awoke from a restless sleep. Last night, he had gone to bed early in the guestroom as usual. A few minutes later, he had heard his cousin's heavy steps entering the house and his deep voice chatting to Trisha's high-pitched one. He'd hidden under his sheets when the heavy footsteps climbed the stairs and slowly strutted passed his door. He'd heard the lust in Trisha's voice and her animal grunts as they went at it. Five times, Ted's load, deep roars had echoed through the house and shaken his bones before everything went silent. Chris rubbed the sleep from his bloodshed eyes and listened. He could hear voices coming from the master bedroom. "Is there no satisfying you, beast?", Trisha asked as she noticed the thick pole tenting the sheets, "We did it five times last night. That's as much as me and Chris in a week." Her hand rubbing the hard skin of the massive pec her head rested atop. "A real man can go at it whenever he wants", Ted replied, "ya're not used to one, that's all." He caressed his frail girl's back, his big paw covering it nearly completely. "Let's go for another round", he said and easily lifted the 120 pound girl up with his left paw. "I just can't", Trisha said, "I'm still stretched out from last night. How about tonight?". "Fine, then suck me off", Ted stated and lowered her atop his beastly frame. Trisha gulped but her lust for his majestic body and the look in the teen beast's eyes made her obey. She crawled down over his eight-pack, passed the fleshy pole that pointed straight up and tried wiggling in between the two insanely thick thighs. A grin appeared on Ted's face as his girl tried budging his strong legs. The huge quads didn't budge. He opened his legs to make room for her and placed his hands behind his head, making his beastly biceps bulge in the process. Trisha's eyes widened as she noticed the perfectly round orbs of beef atop the teen's huge arms but quickly turned her focus on the job at hand as he nodded down to her. She grabbed the hot, rock-hard shaft with both hands and jerked it with all her force. Ted's grin got larger as he noticed the hands of his girl not even spanning half the girth of his huge cock. The thick, engorged shaft didn't move: the 120 pound girl was too weak to stroke his hard dick. Trisha sat up a bit to get a better grip and tried applying more force. Her head began turning red from the effort. Ted pulled his right paw from behind his head, grabbed his girl's head and pushed it down on his cock. "No", Trisha mumbled, "it's too big". She fought back with all the force in her body, but the teen's right arm overpowered her completely. Her face was pushed onto the dark red, big, engorged head of the thick cock. Ted ignored her and pushed her face down on his dick, the huge head sliding into her mouth. Trisha gagged as the teen's huge cock invaded her mouth. She tried resisting but she knew she was completely at the beast's mercy. The head and two inches of the shaft filled her mouth completely and she sucked with everything she got. Ted held the 120 pound girl's mouth atop his dick and began exploring his own protruding, thick muscles with his left paw. He felt excitement tickle his big balls as he pinched his hard nipples. His left paw descended further, traced the ridges of his strong, yet protruding abs and grabbed his rock-hard shaft. He began pumping along the thick, long shaft. "YEEAUGHN!", he bellowed deeply as his balls exploded and blasted their sticky load through his cock into Trisha's mouth. Trisha's mouth was filled completely with half of the teen beast's first load, cum dripped from the corner's of her mouth and leaked from her nose as more thick spunk blasted from the throbbing shaft. Gagging noises would have escaped her mouth if had been stretched around the thick pole. "Yeaughn!", Ted bellowed once more as more cum blasted from his cock into Trisha. He marveled at his own prowess as his balls kept retracting to rush out more loads. He saw cum now flowing steadily from his girl's mouth, nose and even out her ears. He pulled her from his cock as she fell limp and blasted five more loads against the ceiling before his orgasm cooled down. "Time for my morning swim", he rumbled and got up from the bed. He pulled on his skintight boxers and strutted out of the room, not even looking back at the worn out Trisha. Chris hid under his sheets as he heard Ted's load, deep roar filling the master bedroom. He crawled deeper when his cousin's heavy footsteps resounded in the hallway, praying that the giant wouldn't enter. He exhaled deeply at the sound of the backdoor being slammed shut. He waited for a few more minutes before leaving his bed. He cautiously opened the door of the guestroom, looked around to check if things were safe and walked into the hallway. He moved toward the bathroom for his morning shower. A faint sound made him freeze in his tracks and he pressed himself against the wall. Trisha had regained consciousness after having serviced the beastly teen. She whipped the stains of sticky cum from her face and looked at the clock. "Shit! I'm late for work", she yelled out and rushed into the bathroom at a pace her wobbly legs permitted. She quickly washed her face, got dressed and hurried down the stairs. Chris let out a deep breath from relief as Trisha hadn't noticed him. He waited until he heard her car drive off before continuing to move. He knew he was safe for the rest of the day. He entered the bathroom and caught his reflection in the large, 7 feet mirror covering the wall on his left. The man, wearing a somewhat too big pair of pajamas, looked nothing like the proud athlete that flexed and inspected his buff physique daily until two weeks ago. Chris sighed and quickly looked away from the depressing image. His hand reached for the top button of his pajama shirt as he moved away from the mirror. He tossed his pajamas in the furthest corner and stepped to the shower. He looked down to avoid his naked reflection in the mirror when a movement outside attracted his attention. He moved toward the window and looked down at the garden. Ted had gone home to inject his now swollen balls with his daily double dose of the new, designer steroid his wimpy housemate was providing him. As usual, he felt the energy coursing through his huge body as soon as he emptied the needle in his balls. He walked out and dove into the pool. Swimming lap after lap, his strong muscles propelling his beastly frame through the water. After 15 minutes, a mild burning sensation spread across his wide back as a soft pump build inside the hard masses of bulging muscles. He slowly swam toward the side and easily pulled his body from the water, his thick arms flexing in the process. Chris stared in awe at his younger cousin's big body as it rose from the water; it looked bigger than any body he'd ever seen, including his own at his prime. He gulped when he noticed the thick triceps exploding outward out the back of his arms as the teen got up from the pool. Water slid down along the crevices separating the mounds of hard muscle that bulged against each other across the insanely wide back, topped with thick rising traps. Ted enjoyed the mild pump after his swim and casually groped his huge muscles. His right paw roamed the hard shelf of protruding meat on his chest while his left paw slid down and grabbed hold of his own beefy ass, clenching the muscle to test its hardness. Chris' eyes widened at the scene unfolding next to the pool. His hand instinctively reached down and grabbed his cock. He slowly stroked his inflating shaft as he gazed at the show below the window. He had never been turned on by a guy or any of his muscular opponents, but his younger cousin's freakish frame filled with hulking muscle sent unknown urges through him. Ted released his pecs and flexed his right arm, enjoying how the thick bicep swelled with girth as he brought in his fist. He turned around and went into a most muscular, making striations and veins being pushed up by his big muscles against his skin. Chris gasped as his cousin turned around and feared that the huge teen had seen him. His heartbeat calmed down a bit as he saw his cousin continuing his poses. He kept stroking his cock at the explosion of muscles hardening all over the wide frame of his cousin. Ted raised his arms and threw a mindboggling double bicep. His tree-sized arms swelling into round, orbs of power next to his head. Chris' hand frantically pumped his cock, but it only got half-hard. He moved away from the window filled with frustrations. Even though he'd lost 70 pounds of muscle, his cock seemed to have retained its size. But ever since his mysterious shrinking had worn off, he had never gotten fully hard again. "What's wrong with me?", he asked himself as he kept stroking his cock for several minutes without getting it fully hard or even getting off, his mind filled with the images of his cousin's body. "DID YA ENJOY DA SHOW, CHRISSY?" Jeremy was going through his desk in search of the second voodoo doll and the spell. "Where did I put those things?", he asked himself as he emptied the last drawer atop the wooden desk. He quickly checked the few items that fell out, swiped them back into the drawer and placed it back in the desk. He turned around and pulled open the metal closet only to find it empty. "I've got to have the spell to drain that kid's muscles too", Jeremy said to himself. He slammed the closet shut and turned around, when his eyes caught a piece of paper lying under his desk. He picked it up and felt the blood freeze in his veins as he read it. It was a repo document that contained a complete list with all the things that had been impounded a few weeks ago when he was away for his contest. Jeremy pulled out his phone and called the number marked on the paper. The deep, bellowing voice echoed against the tilled walls and made Chris jump up. He turned around, his hand still stroking his half-hard cock. His cousin was standing in the hallway, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist and looked straight at him. 'Wh… What do you mean?", he asked as he released his dick and placed both his hands in front of it. "Come on, little guy", Ted rumbled, "Ya think I didn't see ya looking?". "I… ehm… I saw something move outside and… ehm… wanted to check if everything was ehm… okay", Chris blurted out. "Ya've been staring at me every morning since last week, Chrissy", Ted growled. "Ehm… I…", Chris said, his face turning red as his cousin looked straight into his eyes. A grin formed on Ted's lips at his cousin's reaction. "No worries, little guy", he stated, "ya're right to admire perfection." Ted stepped into the bathroom. Chris stepped back instinctively as his huge cousin entered the bathroom. "Fucking small door", Ted said as he moved slightly sideways. Chris gulped: his cousin was too wide to fit normally through the doorway, his broad shoulders brushed the doorway in the process. Chris' mouth fell open a bit as he took in the teen's massiveness: Ted's shoulders were half again as wide as the doorway. He took another step back as the teen beast stood only a few feet from him and seemed to fill the entire bathroom with his presence. His cousin's body looked huge as he had stared at it through the window, but up close it looked simply beyond human. The tree-sized, massive arms that hung relaxed at the teen's sides, were round and hard, stretching the thin skin tight across the meaty masses that formed his triceps and biceps; the three heads of the round, freakishly wide canon ball-sized delts were clearly separated from each other by deep cuts etching into the shoulder; his pecs jutted forward from his chest and formed a muscular shelf obscuring the top of the beast's stomach, but the thick muscles looked somehow less impressive trapped between the bulging arms and the insanely broad and perfectly round shoulders; his stomach was a somewhat bloated eight-pack of cobblestone-sized abs divided by grooves; his strong looking neck reminded off a bull by the uprising, meaty traps; even while the beastly teen was fully relaxed, a thick vein prominently snaked along the meaty masses of his biceps, over the hard surface of his wide, front delt onto his chest, several smaller veins branching from it into the muscles. Chris' mouth had gradually opened more and more as his eyes scanned his younger cousin's godly torso. His hands moved away to reveal his cock as his arms just hung next to him. The smug grin on Ted's lips widened further as he noticed his cousin's reaction. "Ever seen a body so huge, so hard, so muscular, so … perfect on stage, cuz?", Ted asked and scratched the back of his head with his right paw, making his right bicep mound up an revealing his deep armpit in the process. Chris just stared at the mound of muscle atop the teen beast's arm, veins exploding across its surface as the mass of hard meat bulged into a football-sized orb. The wave of musky scented heat emanating from the teen's hairy armpit, filled his nose. Goosebumps appeared all over Chris' body as the heat and manly odor of his cousin enveloped him. His cock rose to the occasion, its 7 inches protruding in a hard salute from his pelvis. "Star of da family getting off on my huge body?", Ted asked sarcastically as he saw his cousin's cock inflate, "lucky ya never were up against real men, champ. Ya would have boned up on stage. I should enter a contest too. Would blow all them wimpy boys away. What ya think, cuz?". Ted finished scratching his head, lowered his right arm and playfully clenched his fist, making his thick tricep explode in vein-choked hardness at the back of his tree-sized arm. "Ehm… you … ehm… your chest lagging a bit", Chris replied automatically. "MY CHEST? LAGGING?", Ted bellowed angrily, his deep voice rumbling against the tilled walls and filling the bathroom and his face turned red. "I … ehm… mean to compete…", Chris blurted out, jumping up at the teen beast's reaction. "Let's see who's lagging!", Ted boomed and went into a most muscular. His traps jumped upward, pressing into his broad neck; his freakishly wide delts hardened into steely cannonballs as its three heads swelled and pushed more veins up against his paper thin skin; his beastly arms turned into concrete hardness as his biceps balled up and pushed into his protruding chest; veins and striations exploded all over his powerful pecs; below the hard rack of muscle, his eight-pack turned into an armor-like wall of cobblestone-sized muscles. "I … ughn", Chris mumbled at the symphony of muscular perfection that erupted in front of him. His balls drew tight and his hard shaft throbbed as his 7 incher blasted out a patheticly small load into the towel that was still wrapped around his cousin's waist. One small load was all that his balls could produce and his cock already began deflating slowly. Chris lowered his head in shame. "HAHAHA", Ted's deep, roaring laughter rattled the bathroom as he relaxed his pose and saw the small amount of cum dripping along his towel. "Too much perfection for ya, Chrissy?", he said grinningly, then added: "flex yar pecs". "Huh?", Chris muttered and looked up into his cousin's eyes. "Ya said my puny pecs were lagging, cuz", Ted replied, "Let's see da champ's chest. Now flex!". His cousin's loud command made Chris shiver slightly and he automatically obeyed the teen beast. He brought his hands together in front of his diminished abs and flexed his chest. His flattened chest hardened a bit but the layer of fat coating his body didn't let any veins or striations appear. "Wow, an excuse for a chest", Ted said with his smug grin, took a step toward Chris and put his left paw atop his cousin's pecs, covering them almost completely. Chris sighed as his cousin's paw made contact with his flexed chest. He could feel the beastly teen's strength through the relaxed palm. He peeped in pain as his cousin playfully clenched his thick fingers, making them sink into the flexed chest like it was butter. Chris tried relaxing his pecs, but his cousin's strong grasp simply overpowered his diminished muscles and cramped them into flexed state while crushing them. "Please, Ted, let go", Chris peeped in pain with tears leaking from the corner of his eyes as his cousin's fingers kept digging into his chest. He sighed in relief, bent over and placed his hands on his knees, gasping for air as the paw released his chest. His pecs felt completely destroyed, beyond anything he'd ever felt after any of his intense workouts. "Now ya feel my LAGGING chest, cuz", Ted bellowed. Chris got up instantly and placed his hands atop the beastly teen's protruding pecs. He gulped as he noticed that each of his hands didn't cover half of his cousin's pecs. It felt like putting his hand on concrete heated by the sun. The beefy, hard muscle radiated heat into his palms. He copied his cousin's action and clenched his hands with all his might. His eyes widened as his fingers couldn't put the slightest dent into the rock-hard surface. He tried summoning more power, his body shaking from the effort, his breathing getting faster and his face turning red. The pecs in his grasp easily withstood the attack: his fingers simply couldn't budge the hard, hot surface. He gulped as he realized the strength hidden in the teen beast. Ted's smug grin reappeared on his face as he saw his cousin struggling to dent his relaxed pecs. "Let's flex my LAGGING chest", he said as he felt his cousin starting to release his hold. He put his tree-sized arms in front of his lower abs and flexed his chest. Chris' eyes in amazement and disbelief when the concrete-hard slabs of muscle contracted under his touch. He could feel the striations and web of veins through the paper-thin skin as the thick muscles pushed them upward. His fingers were pried open by the waves going through the surface as the beastly teen bounced his chest. His flaccid cock jumped back to full hardness and throbbed wildly in the air as the powerful pecs hardened fully under his touch. "Still think my pecs are lagging, cuz?", Ted asked. Chris just nodded 'no', his fingers roaming the steely hard surface. His 7 incher throbbing some more as he traced in and out of the striations crisscrossing the shelf of hot muscle below his small looking hands. "What was yar best pose, Chrissy?", Ted demanded and bounced his pecs some more, enjoying the delicate touch on his beastly muscles. "Back double bicep", Chris replied, looking up to stare in the teen beast's eyes. "Let's see if I can match yar money shot, cuz. Ya can let go of my chest now", Ted said casually while grinning down at his smaller cousin. Chris looked at his hands and noticed they were still fixed atop the magnificent pecs. He reluctantly lowered them, his cock jolting as his cousin hardened the muscle a final time. His mouth fell open when the beastly teen turned around and exposed his back. Thick traps broadened the base of the neck and descended down toward the wide shoulders; beefy bumps of hard muscle flowed into each other all over the broad surface that formed an insane looking v-taper due to the relatively slim waist. "Ya'll have to tell me how it looks, cuz. Don't have eyes at the back of my head", Ted stated. "Ya hear me?", he asked as he didn't get any response. "Huh… ehm… yes", Chris answered, the deep voice shaking him from his wonder. "Let's do this!", Ted boomed and slowly raised his tree-sized arms next to his frame. Chris just stared as the mounds of beef atop the broad back rolled against each other, fighting for space on the massive surface. His mouth went dry when his cousin's arms were fully extended next to his freakish frame, the thick triceps hanging heavily at the back of them. His hard cock wildly rocked back and forth in the air as the teen beast brought in his forearms. Veins exploded all over Ted's bulging biceps as they mounded bigger and bigger. Chris' balls contracted painfully at the sight. The beastly teen's biceps balled up further, peaking high as he brought in his hands to flex them fully. "Ughn", Chris moaned. His balls convulsed, summoning a meager, watery load that leaked from his 7 incher. His diminished body shivered and he lost his balance. He extended his hands and placed them on the broad back for support. Ted heard his cousin's lust-filled moan and turned around. His inflating cock ripped the towel aside as it swelled with blood. He put his right paw atop his smaller cousin's shoulder and pushed slightly. Chris' knees buckled and he sank down on the floor on them. He looked straight at the teen beast's growing cock that inched toward his face. He grabbed the pillars of corded, deeply grooved muscle that were his cousin's legs for support and stared at the fleshy snake, inflating atop the low-hanging, lemon-sized balls. He was mesmerized by the hefty pole that lengthened and thickened. Veins coiled along the swelling shaft as it inched closer and closer toward his face. Ted pivoted his hips, smacking his now fully hard, 14 inch cock against his cousin's face. Chris yelped in pain as the rock-hard pipe of hot meat smacked against his left eye. Before he could pull himself away, the snake throbbed and exploded right in his face. "YEAUGHNN!", Ted groaned as his lemon-sized balls blasted out load after load of thick cum. Chris felt like he was being buried by hurricane of sticky spunk. Every time he tried to take a breath, a torrent of cum filled his nose and mouth. He was on the verge of passing out when the avalanche of cum came to an end. He inhaled deeply, filing his lungs with oxygen. He felt his cousin's paw release his shoulder and crawled backward, moving away from the still in post-orgasmic bliss teen beast, until he felt the tilled wall against his back, streams of the gluey, hot liquid slowly sliding down his drenched face and dripping onto his nearly vanished pecs. Ted noticed his cousin's retreat. He took one big stride and effortlessly pulled the small guy up as he closed the distance between them. "Where ya goin', cuz?", he asked. Chris shivered as the beastly teen put him back on his feet. "Haven't you humiliated me enough?", he peeped and spat out some cum that slipped into his mouth, "What have I done to you to deserve this?". "Ya don't remember?", Ted boomed, "Every family meeting ya were the star of the day. Everyone yakking 'Chris this and Chris that'. Every time ya had to arm wrestle the other kids, even though ya were the biggest guy." "But it was just a game", Chris interjected and looked up into his cousin's eyes. Fear filled his diminished body as he noted the dark glare. "NOT TO ME!", Ted bellowed loudly. Chris startled as the teen beast's deep voice rattled his body. "I didn't mean to hurt you", he said, "I even came to visit you in juvy." "Now it's my turn to play, cuz", Ted continued, ignoring his cousin's last remark. "What…", Chris said but stopped talking as the beastly teen's paws grabbed his waist. "Man, ya're so light, cuz. What ya weigh?", Ted asked grinningly while he effortlessly lifted his cousin up against the tilled wall. "ehm… 159", Chris replied automatically. He wiggled and wormed but his body didn't move an inch in the strong grip that nearly spanned his entire waist. His feet dangled in the air as they left the floor. "159? HAHAHA I weighed that when I was 15! Now curl 225 for reps easily. No wonder ya feel like a fucking feather", Ted bellowed laughingly and continued lifting his cousin. Chris wiggled with all his might, his hands tugging at the thick fingers encircling his waist and his legs kicking wildly in the air. His weak hands couldn't pry open the teen beast's paws and his knees felt like they hit a concrete wall as they collided with the huge quads. He looked down on the beastly teen's tree-sized arms that kept raising him higher. The muscles in the massive upper arms looked hard and round, yet showed no sign of strain whatsoever; veins snaked across the corded muscles in the thick forearms. " I'm sorry I made you feel bad. Let me go, please", he whined as he realized he was completely at the teen beast's mercy. "I'm just havin' fun, cuz. Just like ya back in the day. Nothing like dominating an opponent. Besides, looks like yar enjoying this too", Ted replied and lifted his cousin some more. Chris looked down to follow the teen beast's gaze and saw that his own cock was nearly hard again. It was already up at 5 inches and kept inflating very slowly. In a reflex, he put his hands in front of his dick. "I'ld hide it too if it was that small. Mine's bigger flaccid than yars fully hard", Ted said and held his cousin still against the tilled wall. Chris ignored the beastly teen's remark and sighed in relief as his rise came to an end. He hoped his cousin would grow tired off showing off his superb strength and let him go after this humiliation. "Huh?", he muttered as his cousin took a step closer, pressing his hard, protruding chest into his soft stomach. Chris' eyes widened in disbelief and horror as he felt the fat, hot head of the teen beast's 14 incher press against his ass. "No", he screamed and tugged frantically at the strong paws around his waist. He looked down pleadingly into his cousin's eyes but only encountered a deep, cold, dark glare. Ted just grinned smugly at his smaller cousin's feeble attempts to get free: dominating the former star of the family, that was clearly turned on by his own majestic muscles, made him harder than ever before. He pushed his hips up and yanked his arms down, driving his 14 incher into his cousin. "NOOOOO…UGH" Chris' painful, high-pitched squeal flew through the bathroom as the searing, thick spear invaded his intestines. He clenched his ass, his entire body in defense but the fleshy battering ram simply overpowered him. His ass felt like it was going to be ripped open by the girth of the beastly teen's massive cock; he felt it stretch wider and wider with every inch of rock-hard meat that was shoved into it. His mouth hung open in a silent scream, his eyes closed and his faced contorted as agony pumped through his frail, 159 pound body and his arms hung limp at his sides as his defenses were being obliterated and his body was shoved down. He felt the teen beast's pubes brush against his frail ass as the last inch of the massive cock entered him. The sharpest pang ended. Chris took in a deep breath and reopened his eyes, his heart beating in his ears. "Remember how I dominated yar puny ass three ago, cuz?", Ted asked while looking slightly up in his cousin's eyes and grinning smugly as he noticed his cousin's nod, " I'm 80 fucking pounds bigger now. 362 pounds of pure, rock-hard, beefy muscles. More than twice yar size, cuz." Ted released his cousin's waist and took another step closer to the wall, trapping his cousin's body between his own beastly frame and the tilled wall. "Yeahgn", he groaned as his smaller cousin's body spasmed around his 14 incher. Chris' mind was swirling with the most intense pain he'd ever felt, overwhelmed him. Other sensations mixed with the excruciating pain as the beastly teen's protruding pecs shoved him against the wall. A jolt went through his still swelling cock when he realized that the tilled wall against his back felt softer than the wall of muscle in front of him. His muscles twitched as his mind processed his cousin's remark: the kid that was five years younger than him had evolved from a puny pencil into a beastly god that outweighed him by 200 pounds of pure muscle. His now hard 7 incher smacked against the hard cobblestone-sized abs of the eight-pack in front of him when he fathomed he was supported by his cousin's cock and pecs. His eyes wandered the wall of muscle that trapped him and widened as they took in how the beastly teen outsized and dwarfed his own body: the teen's waist was as wide as his own diminished shoulders and led up to a pair of insanely broad, cannonball-sized, perfectly round shoulders, half again as wide as a door. His ass clenched around the throbbing pole as another jolt of pleasure mixed with the pain. "Yeahgn", Ted grunted as he saw the look of admiration in his smaller cousin's eyes. His 14 incher jolted in the pleasantly tight ass as he installed his full domination and took over the spot of the fallen star. He automatically raised his arms for a victory flex. Chris' eyes widened like saucers and his mouth hung open as the teen beast flexed his tree-sized arms. Veins snaked across the wide lats that presented themselves at the side of the broad back; the thick, horseshoe-shaped triceps hung hard and low at the bottom of the impossibly bulky arms; the meaty biceps ballooned upward and outward, rising higher and higher, dwarfing footballs as the muscles hardened into their full size; The separation between the two heads was clearly visible through the paper-thin skin as the muscles swelled into their 35 inches of rock-hard, vein cobbled beef. Chris could swear he heard the satin-like skin stretch as it tried to contain the huge muscles swelling and hardening with power. His hands instinctively reached for the intimidating orbs. They trembled as they neared the magnificent muscles and felt the heat produced by them. "Wow… ughn", he groaned when his small hands made contact with the concrete-hard, bigger-than-footballs muscles. His 7 incher instantly smacked wildly against the armor-like eight-pack and his puny balls spewed a watery load of cum against the ridged stomach. Ted felt the dribble against his cobblestone-sized abs and the frail touch of his elder cousin on his rock-hard biceps. The thought of completely dominating the fallen star of the family and dwarfing him like a ragdoll with his own 362 body sent him over the edge. His lemon-sized balls churned and orgasm flooded his divine frame as his cock exploded and his body hardened fully. "YEEAAUUGGHHNNN!!!!!!!!!!!", he roared in deep, all-consuming pleasure and blasted the first of a long series of loads into his frail cousin. Chris felt like riding a wild bull, his 159 pound body shaking back and forth violently on the rhythm imposed by the beastly teen's 14 incher that filled him with sticky, liquid heat. His hands kept groping the flexed, spasming biceps, unable to dent the stone-like surface and being pried open by the sheer force of the spasms shooting through them. His hard 7 incher smacked against the armor-like, deeply grooved eight-pack. The protruding shelf of pecs pressing him against the tilled wall, flexed in unison with the other majestic muscles on the teen beast's 362 pound body and crushed his own meager chest. "YEAAUUGGHHNN!", Ted kept roaring as his 14 incher blasted out angry load after angry load of thick spunk into his smaller cousin. He felt the smaller guy's small dick drum against his strong stomach and pressure build along his throbbing, thick shaft as it pumped more cum into the small guy. After 10 big loads, his most intense orgasm ever cooled down and he looked at his cousin. A grin appeared on his sweat-drenched face as he noticed that the small guy was still groping his massive arms. "Know yar place now, cuz?", he asked as he controlled his breathing. Chris looked into the teen beast's eyes and nodded. He let his now bloated body be pulled from the still hard pole and sighed in pain as the pleasure left him. He crashed down on the floor, sticky cum flowing steadily from his devastated ass, his body worn out by the fucking of a lifetime and stared up at the beastly teen that strutted away slowly and entered the shower. He passed out with the sound of water raining down against the tiles. "Fine, thanks", Jeremy said and ended his call. He slammed his fist in frustration against the desk. The secretary of the repo company had told him that the stuff from his gym had indeed come in. He'd offered all of his prize money to buy it back, only to discover the bank had already used it to pay for the weights and machines still left in the gym. He'd tried to propose an advance on his prize money for the upcoming season to buy back the stuff from his desk, but unfortunately it had been sold publically a week ago. "Better focus on dominating the upcoming season with my new physique", he said to himself, "And move away from that crazy teen beast since I can't steal his muscles too. I could train in that private gym he and Chris had given an interview before their last show.". Jeremy quickly sprinted out his gym, ducking away behind a tree when he saw the impossibly huge Ted strutting toward the building, got to his car and drove off. He quickly packed his things in his condo and drove away. After a four hour drive, Jeremy arrived at the gym owned by the main sponsor of the LTB. He entered the facility and greeted the receptionist who threw him a lust-filled look. "Come to prepare the next season?", she asked as she licked her lips playfully. "Yep. Have to keep these muscles growing", Jeremy replied and bounced his pecs under his tight shirt. "You have the place all to yourself", she replied and handed his key, "Just one other guest for the moment". "Fellow athlete?", Jeremy asked as he grabbed his bag. "Na, some guy that arrived earlier today. Says he's here to get some rest. If there's anything I can do for you, just let me know. Anything at all", the receptionist said and caressed his hand. "We'll see", Jeremy replied and winked at her. He went up the stairs to the champ suite located at the back of the only corridor on the second floor, passing the doors of the four other rooms of the hotel on his way. He entered his suite, scanned it with a smile, tossed his bag aside and got to bed to sleep off the frustration and fatigue from this day. The next morning Jeremy awoke fully recharged after his long sleep. He felt energy coursing through his body and jumped out off his bed. He pulled on his boxers, sweatpants and t-shirt. He grabbed a small towel, prepared his workout shake and left his room, eager to get to the gym. He swaggered through the hallway, enjoying the feeling of being the undisputed top dog, when the second door on his left opened and an athletish looking guy stepped into the hallway. The guy bumped into him and bounced off against the wall. "Sorry", Chris said and rubbed his shoulder as he looked at the guy in front of him. "Chris?", Jeremy asked as he stared at his former rival, "What are you doing here?". Chris recognized his eternal rival and responded automatically: "Had to get away from my cousin. He gave me a black eye". He noted how Jeremy's shoulders and pecs stretched his t-shirt and the thick arms completely filled the strained sleeves. "What happened to you, man. How did get this big?", he asked as he took in his rival's body. "Just bulking for the next season, man. Been using a new routine. Had some great results on it these last weeks. Up to 265 this morning", Jeremy replied and flexed an nicely shaped, hard, 22 inch arm to illustrate his point. "That's over a 100 pounds more than me", Chris blurted out. He stared at his rival's meaty arm, bigger, rounder and harder than his own had ever been. "I'm off to the gym. Wanna join me?", Jeremy asked and lowered his arm. "I don't know", Chris mumbled, but his now way bigger rival was already moving toward the stairs. The same lustful feelings he'd felt for his cousin's beastly body urged him to follow the big guy to see his body in action. Jeremy entered the gym, Chris following him like a puppy, and headed for the rack of dumbbells in front of the mirror. "Quick arm workout", he said as he grabbed the 30 pounders and began cranking out quick reps to warm up. Chris followed his lead, grabbed the 20 pounders and cranked out reps. He glanced at his rival and noticed the smoothness of the motion and the veins swelling along the working muscle. His own reps were far less smooth and his arms quickly began burning. He held the weights next to his body and stared at the big guy in the mirror. Jeremy enjoyed the pump spreading through his strong biceps and a grin formed on his face as he saw his fallen rival glance at him. "Let's do some real work, little guy", he said as he racked the dumbbells and grabbed hold of the 120 pounders. Chris reluctantly followed his rival's example and grabbed hold of the 50 pounders. His arms protested in agony as he lifted the dumbbells and instead he grabbed the 30 pounders. His arms, even though still 14 inches, were weaker than they looked. He struggled as he forced himself to complete the first rep. Jeremy grinned at the sight. "My warm up weight is too much for you to train with", he said as he pumped out another smooth, perfect rep. His biceps balling up, straining the sleeves of this t-shirt that retreated above the working balls of muscle; veins etching across the corded muscle on his forearms. Chris felt his dick begin to harden in his pants. He dropped the weights and rushed out off the gym, not wanting to be humiliated next to his rival. He looked back as he reached the door and saw the big guy taking off his t-shirt to continue his workout. A few hours later, Chris got back to the hotel after a long walk and went up to his room. He was about to open his door when he noticed that the door of the champ suite was slightly ajar. He couldn't resist to take a look in his former room. He carefully peeped into the apparently deserted suite and went in. He locked the door behind him not to be surprised and turned on the lights. Melancholy filled him as he thought back to the pleasant times he'd passed here. "So it's you." Chris turned aside and saw his now 100 pound bigger rival standing in the doorway to the bathroom. He simply stared at the muscular man that stepped into the suite. Jeremy was wearing nothing but his black, tight boxers, showing off his intimidating physique. He put his hands on his tight waist as he stepped to the center of the room. His broad, round shoulders formed a strong line from which hung his hard-looking, strong, meaty arms; his nicely rounded pecs protruded from his chest and made his nipples point down to the floor; his grooved six-pack rippled and flexed with every breath, veins snaking across the lowest row of the coke-can-sized muscles; his quads bulged hard and wide, stretching the fabric of his customized, black boxers. Chris ogled the spectacular body his opponent had somehow built and didn't move as his clothes were ripped away and his own body was exposed for inspection. "We're no longer in the same league", Jeremy said laughingly, "We're still the same height, but man, you look pathetic next to me. Like the 159 pound boy you are". He groped his own hard pecs and kneaded the warm muscle. Chris nodded instinctively at the big man's remark and kept taking in the beautiful sight of hard, cut, vascular muscle in front of him. His cock swelled in his briefs, tenting them as it hardened to its 7 inches. "I'm gonna strip you of all your titles. Dominating you like a 265 pound god dominates a prepubescent runt", Jeremy said and flexed his arms. Chris stared at the hard, 22 inches of beefy muscle that turned into round, vein-covered orbs atop his rivals arms. Precum leaked from his dick, forming a dark stain on his tented briefs. Jeremy noted the smaller guy's reaction and felt his own cock harden. He ripped away his own boxers, making his 7 incher smack hard against his tight six-pack. "Suck me off", he said to his fallen opponent and reached for his smaller shoulder to push him down. Chris didn't even let Jeremy touch his shoulders. He dove down onto his huge rival's cock and took it in his mouth in a swift motion. He grabbed the tight, muscular waist for support and sucked with all his might. He craved for the muscular, 265 pound body under his grasp. "Fuuuuck", Jeremy groaned by the unexpected and eager action of his fallen rival. His cock throbbed and his muscles twitched in pleasure as the little guy suck his cock voraciously. "UGHN", he boomed as his balls exploded and rushed out his loads into the hungry mouth. Chris' cock also spewed its meager load into his briefs as he sucked his rival's blasting cock. "Didn't know you liked cock that much", Jeremy said between fast breaths as he pulled his still hard cock from the smaller guy's mouth. "Best head I've ever head. Perhaps I should keep you around for that", he said and pulled up his diminished rival. Chris heard the huge guy's words and nodded in pleasure. He let him pull his 159 pound body up, enjoying how the guy dominated him. Jeremy was pulling Chris up when a sudden weakness invaded his own body. "No", he said as he felt his body shrinking. "YES" Jeremy and Chris looked at the door and saw Ted standing at it. And growing. "Found yar voodoo stuff", Ted said and opened his paw to reveal a voodoo doll dressed in Jeremy's shirt. A jolt went to his huge body and he threw back his head as his muscles swelled in size. Chris and the shrinking Jeremy rushed into the bathroom and jumped onto the escape ladder. The heard Ted's deep moans as they disappeared into the night.
  19. A Christmas Surprise Edmond is a very charitable man and has always done whatever he could for his friends. Whether they needed financial or emotional support, he was always there for them. He has never once felt like he should ask for handouts even if they were offered to him. Despite his good deeds, Edmond is quite lonely and feels a bit empty inside. While it isn’t unusual for him to attend the yearly parties at his friends’ pads and at his workplace, he has never found that one person to fill the empty space in his soul. His friends have never caught on to this since he has always been really good about covering up his emotions with them. This year he put his Christmas tree beside the fireplace for the first time since he moved into a new house just a few months prior. He positioned it to where he could look at it as the fire crackles in the room to give it a nice ambiance. It has made for great photos as well since he has snapped quite a few pictures on his camera, and even filmed the whole scene to send to all of his buddies. Edmond is quite modest about his body as well. Being as lonely as he is, his workouts have been ramped up to deal with the feelings he is having. His friends’ remark about his huge biceps all the time and how they always stretch the sleeves on nearly every shirt he owns. As a bit of a joke this year, he decided to film himself shirtless in front of his tree and did a few bodybuilding poses. He has played the video back several times to stare at his thickly muscled torso as it would glisten in front of the fireplace. After editing the final product, he sent pictures to most of his friends who once again remarked about how studly he was looking. Still modest by all means, he found this to be a bit ridiculous but deep down inside he was loving the way he looked and wished that he had a companion to share Christmas with so they could enjoy the fruits of his labor. He wasn’t always alone. His ex-boyfriend Les still comes by once in a while with his husband Ralf, but this year they were going to Florida for Christmas. (Les and Ralf live in Connecticut.) After attending one of his friend’s parties on Christmas Eve, Edmond arrives home around 11 to crash on the sofa. He ends up dozing off after a few minutes. As he lays there sleeping, the fire goes out and something makes a really loud sound on his rooftop. It seems as if something or someone is trying to make their way down the chimney. Feeling the room getting colder, Edmond wakes up to go check on why the fireplace went out. He can hear rustling coming from above his head and reaches over to grab the fire pick located on a rack about two feet away. A man falls out of nowhere and lands on top of Ed’s head as his face plants directly into the soot. The large man gets up as Ed jumps back to clean his face off with the clothing he has lying beside the couch. When the man walks out from within the fireplace to look at him, Ed is shocked to see that it is the man from those stories he heard about from his childhood. The man is not as heavy as they described him to be either. He looks like he could be in his 50s, but is a remarkably handsome man as well. He is laughing as he walks towards Ed. In complete shock, Ed drops the fire pick and nearly passes out. The man grabs him before he reaches the floor and picks him back up to lay him on the couch. Ed can feel how strong the man is by the way he holds him against his chest. The man’s red and white suit is quite snug as the heat emanates from his body. The man speaks in a very deep manly tone and tells him that his name is indeed Kris Kringle. He says that he came to present a gift to Edmond which has quite a few perks that he might enjoy immensely. The man’s sexy brown eyes never look away from Edmond as he speaks to him. His white beard clings to his firm face as Edmond finds himself surprisingly attracted to the man. He tries not to show it but the man is completely on to him. Kris is now sitting beside him on the couch too which doesn’t help matters. Kris hands Edmond a red velvet pouch with what looks like a bottle inside it. He tells Ed to take the bottle out and to read the inscription on it. The heavy glass bottle contains a green liquid which sparkles as it hits the light in the room. Kris says that he can decide what to do with the liquid since it can provide joy if he so desires it. He thinks, ‘What does Kris mean by happiness though and is this some kind of test?’ He looks at the bottle again and wonders what he is supposed to do with it since all it says on it is ‘Happiness’. Kris puts his arm around Edmond and pulls him in closer to his body. He whispers in his ear, ‘you can drink it, rub it into your body, or don’t use it at all. It is your choice.’ Ed’s eyes widen as he is given these options. Kris already knows what his choice is going to be, but wants to hear it straight from Edmond’s lips. He unbuckles the black belt attached to his suit and opens the top part of his jacket as he reveals his greying hairy chest which has a treasure trail that moves all the way down to the hairy bush he is sporting. Ed is floored that the man he knew from his youth is in reality an extremely muscular daddy and he is sitting beside him. Kris grunts a little as he slowly leans in to give the surprised man a soft kiss on his lips. He takes the bottle out of Ed’s hands as he kisses him so he doesn’t drop it by accident. It turns out that the bottle is only part of the gift that the hairy man is giving him. He places it on one of Ed’s side tables as it continues to sparkle like diamonds beside the lamp and the fireplace. Kris gently slides him down onto the couch as he gets better situated on top of his chest as his hugely muscled gut presses up against the striped shirt that Ed is still wearing. Kris nuzzles his face with his beard and plants long wet kisses on his partner’s neckline. It isn’t long before the mature man decides to take his entire suit off to get completely naked. Ed grabs Kris’s huge ass and feels both of his firm glutes in his hands as they flex and strain. Before he can do anything else, the sexy older man pulls Ed’s shirt off and massages his thick chest with his tongue. Kris asserts his power over his younger counterpart as he unzips Edmond’s pants and pulls them off as well. The two men’s cocks are playing hockey with each other as they slap each other numerous times before they finally lie up against each other and throb together. Kris smiles and laughs in his deep husky tone as he lets Ed know that he will feel a huge amount of ecstasy as they get further into the sex. He slides down the couch to pick the young man up so he can play with Ed’s hole as he licks it slowly before laying him on his musclegut to push his big cock inside. Ed doesn’t put up much of a fight as he gives in to the sexy older man’s advances and relaxes his hole completely to let the muscle daddy slide all the way in. Kris starts fucking him in quick bursts exerting a great deal of power into every thrust. Ed is confident that he can take it though since he focuses quite a bit on his core in his workouts. After several minutes of steady pounding Kris stops fucking him to reach over and retrieve the bottle from the table to open the lid. Ed looks at him and motions for him to drink it since it is what he wants him to do. The big stud moans under his breath and agrees as he gulps down half the bottle. He pulls his cock out of Ed before pouring the rest of it onto his heaving chest. The contents roll off the edges of his massive pecs as it trickles off his swollen nipples and into Ed’s waiting mouth. He licks the hair on Kris’s muscle gut before working his way up to munch on his big pecs and chews furiously on both of his swollen nipples. The happy older man squeezes Ed tightly as he feels his body starting to change. His skin gets tighter and more vascular as the veins grow thicker along the surface of his skin. His body hair changes to a solid brown as his cock gets more rigid than before. Ed moans feeling the muscle daddy changing as he continues to worship the mature man’s amazing chest. At the same time, Ed can feel his body changing as his muscles starts expanding. The pleasure he is feeling makes his cock shoot several ropes of cum all over his partner and himself. He looks up into his lover’s eyes and sees how incredibly handsome Kris Kringle is becoming as the man’s brown eyes look down at him as he grins. Kris proceeds to penetrate Ed once again as he fucks him with even more force than before. The feeling he is getting from this makes him almost numb as Kris continues to pound him. He can sense the big stud is about to cum and fears that Kris will plug him up if he comes inside his body, but the sexy brown-haired man assures him that he will be safe because another part of the gift is immunity from sexual diseases as well. He stops fucking Ed just before he starts blasting several ropes of cum into his gut as it coats his insides. They both moan loudly letting the rush flow through them. Ed is completely unaware that his body has grown by 10 pounds through this whole sequence as Kris massages his bottom’s bloated muscles. Kris pulls his wet cock out of Ed again to move himself down to work on Ed’s slightly larger cock. He toys with the head as it fills up with blood and then gobbles it down his eager throat. He moves in rapid succession as he immediately manages to get Ed close to unloading a monster of a load. Ed sweats profusely as he squirms back and forth on the couch as Kris holds him down promising him that he won’t lose a single drop of his manseed. After noticing his partner’s cock and balls turn a deep purple, Kris moans feeling the thick cum creep up into Ed’s shaft as it swells against his lips and teeth. He positions himself to catch the first massive rope as it sprays the inside of his mouth making the big man gag a couple of times. The next few ropes end up hitting him in the face before he locks back down onto Ed’s cock again and swallowing the rest of his load. The sensations he feels from it flowing into his stomach makes him grunt and growl with absolute delight. He continues pumping Ed with his big hands as more cum flows down into the muscle stud’s throat before letting the last few spurts shower his face as he moans deeply rubbing his younger lover’s dick against his beard. After this final exchange, Kris tells Ed to lay back and just relax as he moves back up to wrap his arms around his lover and to pull him into his chest to hold him close. The sexy older man tells him to go to sleep and not to worry that he will still be there in the morning. Christmas Day arrives and after a great night of sex, Ed wakes up and sees a much younger Kris Kringle standing in front of his Christmas tree wearing just a pair of red boxers with white fleece along the top edges. His back is to Ed as all of his massive curves glisten while beads of sweat roll down each one of them and disappear into his gorgeous butt crack. He spreads his lats out as his stands there with his hands on his hips. Ed says something to get Kris’s attention. As he turns around, his pecs bounce and his biceps clinch since he is not expecting his younger counterpart to be awake yet. He smiles as his new brown beard glows just a tad as he says, ‘Good morning, I hope you enjoyed the time we had last night.’ Ed responds by saying, ‘It was one of the best nights of my life.’ which prompts the sexy man to do a few poses himself in front of the Christmas tree. Kris stops posing to go sit beside him and puts his huge arms around his equally big partner and turns to look him in his eyes. He tells him that everything that has been given to him so far is permanent and that he will remain with him for as long as it is deemed necessary. Ed tries to hide his loneliness from Kris, but the older hunk is fully aware of how he feels just from the way he is acting. He leans in and kisses him very passionately as their tongues meet. They have sex again as Kris pulls off his red boxers to move his lover on top of him to slide his huge cock inside Ed as he rocks him up and down making the younger man moan deeply. The fucking feels so much different this time because the numbness he felt before is dissipating. Kris squeezes his lover’s thick arms and worships his huge chest with his mouth and hands. He tells Ed to just relax and let him do all of the work since it is Christmas after all and he is the one receiving gifts. He sucks on Ed’s huge nipples and rubs his hard ab tiles prompting Ed to grunt loudly as he starts to produce precum down below. Kris picks up speed inside him and promptly pumps his seed inside his lover over and over again while he continues to worship Ed’s muscular body. He finally stops unloading inside him to pull his cock out so he can return the favor and get his partner to shoot his load next. Kris somehow has the ability to make Ed’s cock swell bigger and wants him to watch as he makes this happen. The stimulation from the older stud’s tongue quickly makes the muscles in his pole pump up as it moves all the way down into his balls which are doubling in size. The pressure is so unreal that it feels as if he is going to explode in the literal sense. Ed begs him to let him cum since his cock is now turning purple. Kris laughs as he pumps it slowly with his mouth and positions himself to catch the thick river as it flows into his mouth. He growls feeling his body tense up as he starts to get a huge pump all over his body as it turns purple like it is getting ready to burst. Ed jumps to his feet to feel Kris’s hairy chest as it gets all wet from the huge amount of sweat coming from every pore in his skin. It feels so good that both men blow their loads again this time onto the floor. Ed asks Kris how long he will stay like this which he responds by saying that it is only temporary, but it could last longer if he decides to make a resolution for the upcoming New Year holiday. This is something that Ed has never done before, but will for the first time in his life. Since Kris said he was not leaving, this next New Year’s holiday would be more meaningful than ever before. Ed tells him that he wants to introduce him to some of his friends just as a way to include him in some of their social gatherings; however, the big hairy stud tells him that this can’t happen until after he makes his resolutions on or after January 1st. The two sweaty men get up to go to the shower to wash each other off. This of course leads to more passionate kissing and nice prolonged handjobs from both men. A question that is being asked in Ed’s mind is, ‘Where is all of this cum coming from?’ He is spurting nothing but solid white cream from his balls and it makes him wonder if perhaps he would continue to do so after the New Year begins. Kris smiles since he knows what his partner is thinking and unloads a nice thick load of cum as well. It appears that the happiness potion has made both of them more virile and more youthful as a result of consuming it. He then asks his older lover, ‘How is he going to keep this secret for an additional week?’ Kris tells him to relax and not to worry because he has other places he can go to in the meantime so he can just live life the way he did before they met for the time being. After draining their hoses, cleaning up their mess, and drying off, Kris tells Ed that he will be return in a few days so he can make his resolutions since there isn’t much else they can do together at this point. Ed looks at him with a bit of concern on his face but once again Kris reassures him that he isn’t leaving for good and that he will return when the time is right. After a few more minutes of hugging and kissing, he leaves out the back of the house wearing his red and white suit and slowly disappears into thin air. As he tries to keep from getting emotional over Kris leaving, Ed immediately starts texting several of his friends to tell them that he may have finally met someone that he cares greatly for. Some of them find it quite peculiar that this would happen on Christmas Day, but they do believe him somewhat. He hopes that they can meet him after the New Year starts, but he does agree with them that maybe he should just take this one day at a time. After an extremely busy week at his workplace, Ed tries to cope with being alone again since Kris still hasn’t returned from wherever he said he was going. It is the 30th of December and he has heard nothing from him. Luckily though, his friends have visited since they really want to know who this mystery man is. He doesn’t have any pictures of Kris yet to show them because he forgot to take some when they were together. One thing they didn’t pick up on was the fact that he is slightly bigger from when they last saw him at the Christmas party and from work. By drinking the green potion he was given, he ended up gaining at least 30 pounds of muscle through several days of slow gradual growth and even has more hair on his body as a result. He wasn’t too shabby before the changes, but even he has noticed some major changes like how much bigger his biceps are and how his pecs are even closer to his chin than beforehand. His workouts have gotten quite a bit easier as well. He has upped his max weight on the bench and can squat at least 100-200 pounds more than previously. The stress he had from not having Kris around has kept him focused on the gym more than ever. He has made it a point to get a bunch of workouts in before New Years Eve since he doesn’t know what Kris has planned for him. The anticipation has been building up in his brain and he wants to look his best for when he does return. The story continues with New Beginnings, coming soon!
  20. Part 1: Sorry this took so long but this has got growth and fucking and wrestling so get over it *** Stephen got up the next morning feeling beefier than ever. He'd grown further still over night and was feeling up his own body yet again. He must have eaten a little too much to go to the muscle serum and he was even feeling thicker, softer pecs, just overall bigger. He found that barely any of the clothes he owned fit any more. They were tight around the chest and arms so before Stephen made his way to the gym he thought he'd have a little fun. He picked out a bunch of shirts, button up, short sleeved and stood in front of his full length mirror. He slipped each on one, pulling his body into this much tighter attire. He flexed his triceps and watched them ripple in and out of his sleeves, straining with each push. He then rose both his arms up into a double bi and blam! They ripped, each one, bursting open and letting his biceps out. Grabbing the shirt by its front he pulled forward and it ripped down the back, his lats spreading outward. All this power make Stephen feel great but he had to keep it in for now or he was going to be late. He slipped compression shorts, stretch tight, over his thickening thighs and throbbing cock before putting a singlet on up top. He wouldn't want to be late for coach. *** Stephen walked through the gym to his coach's office. The rest of the boys were deep in concentration, running laps around the gym. He wasn't sure if he should join in when the coach stuck his head out of the door and welcomed him. "Come in boy" Stephen sat down in the chair in front of coach's desk. Coach walked around wearing a tight pair of shorts, showing off those thick buns. He looked a little bigger from yesterday, Stephen would swear. Leaning on the desk he looked Stephen up and down. "Flex for me" "Sorry Coach?" "I said flex for me, come on." Stephen did. He pulled his arms into a double bicep pose before standing up and turning around to show off his back. He pulled his arms down and puffed up his chest to show of his triceps. He then went into a most muscular and looking down on himself he could help but get a semi. It wasn't helped when coach put his hand on his chest and started running it over his nipples. Moving back into a bicep pose coach felt up those too before standing back. "Good work kid, you look good" Coach grinned "You'll get there soon enough" Stephen was kind of disappointed with that but he knew what he meant. Looking back through the windows at the boys out there he knew what coach meant. Looking back he saw that coach, with his back to him, was disrobing. "Coach, do you want some privacy" "Aw shut up Stephen, we're all men here." We certainly were. As coach pulled down his shorts he revealed a pair of soft but chiselled cheeks, and as he bent further a tight hairy hole. Stephen's semi was quickly growing. Coach pulled of his shirt just as sensually before throwing it aside. He then pulled out a singlet, tight and white which he slipped over his beefy bod. Once it was all up he turned around to Stephen who was quickly trying to readjust himself. "So we're wrestling today" "What, why?" "It's a good way to practice tackling. And it's a great workout" As coach said this Stephen was transfixed on a thick bulge swaying back and forth "Have you worked out yet?" "Not since last night" "Oh so you've got room to grown then. Good. Afraid we haven't got another singlet for you but there's some cotton shorts in clothes bin, just throw them on, I'll see you out there." Stephen rifled through the bin full of sweaty, musky clothing until he found a pair of shorts he liked. They were tight and full of holes; they'd be perfect. He slipped off his compression pants which now had pre-cum wet spots, and put the shorts on over his jock. He then headed out coach's door. Out in the gym he noticed the rest of the men had changed in the mean time. God damn, he was sad to have missed that. But what lay before him was still a site for sore eyes. A bunch of thick, thick men, with huge chests and sometimes wide waists all fit into wrestling singlets. Coach began to command the room. "Okay men, you know the drill: pair up and let's get down to business" He blew his whistle. Everyone scrambled into pairs and Stephen felt lost. At home he felt huge but hear he felt small. Then he felt dwarfed as the top of chest suddenly fell into site. It was Mark. Stephen was taller than yesterday for sure but Mark seemed taller still. He was huge all over with biceps like steel, huge pecs over a set of soft, protruding abs. "Guess we'll be partners then" Mark grinned. Coach blew the whistle again and they assumed positions. As they began Mark quickly over-powered Stephen, pinning him to the ground. Stephen didn't let this phase him. It was barely a fair fight to begin with but he felt stronger than ever. "I'm gonna take your ass" Mark growled as he leant over Stephen. Stephen didn't mind that at all. Again they began to wrestle, their bodies entwined, rubbing against each other. Pushing against Mark, Stephen felt himself grow; underneath his skin his muscles stretching further outward. Mark kept over-powering him in the end but each match got longer and longer still as Stephen felt himself get taller, get thicker. He looked deep into Mark's eyes as their arms locked and he watched Mark's muscle tremble under his singlet, groaning in resistance. They'd roll together on the floor, pushing each other down until suddenly Stephen heard a rip. His pants tore right down the ass and fell to the floor. He was left in just a jock and singlet but he felt the top could go. Standing up from a squat he pulled it off and threw it to the side. He looked down over himself and knew he was bigger. Mark was smirking across from him, and he followed suit, pulling his singlet down over his body until it was resting around his waist. His nipples were round and hard, his chest covered with thick dark fur. They again grappled with each other. Stephen's cock was beyond hard and he could see that Mark's was beginning to poke out the end of the singlet's short legs. This was the power Stephen mustered to push Mark to the ground. He rolled him over onto his back and pressed his body up against his thick ass. Pulling his arm back he admired the thick back that lay before him. He ground himself into Mark and whispered down into his ear: "I can take your ass too." The coach's whistle blew. "Okay boys good hustle! Hit the showers and I'll see you all tomorrow" *** Mark and Stephen separated after their match, Mark striding forward to the showers as if he wanted nothing to do with his partner. Stephen took no notice, he thought he must be embarrassed to get topped by the rookie but it was no big deal; Stephen felt stronger than ever. He stripped off his jockstrap as he got in the shower and washed himself. With soap and water he wiped away the sweat and grime of rolling around on the gym floor, working his hands over his body, admiring his much larger muscles as they glistened under the water. His ass truly was something amazing. That's where he figured all he ate must have gone. He shook it in his hands and watch how soft yet firm and thick it was. He slapped it. That was loud. He went back to washing himself when he was slapped again, but it wasn't his hand this time. His ass was grabbed, a thick handful taken. He was pushed up against the shower wall. "I think you want this, don't you rookie?" It was Mark. "Do you think you can come out on top? I think it's my turn, don't you?" Stephen looked backed and deep into Mark's eyes. "Fuck me." They went into a deep kiss, tongues rolling together as they did on the gym floor earlier. They were embracing each other, Mark pressing his body against Stephens, pressing Stephen's against the wall. Their dicks were rock hard, Stephen's very quickly springing to life, Mark's now leaking with pre-cum. How long had he been watching for? They rubbed together and as Stephen left their embrace he took to it quick. He began to work Mark's cock well, sucking it deep down his throat. It was thick and vascular like the rest of him, and it gave Stephen's mouth a stretch. "Fuck Mark" Stephen took his mouth off "You knew I wanted this?" "How could I not, you couldn't keep your eyes off me" Mark took Stephen's head in hand and pushed him back onto his cock "Plus you're the rookie: you gotta help captain out." Stephen slurped up Mark's cock some more, working his full lips over the head and shaft into his throat and back out. Mark groaned in ecstasy, but Stephen wanted more. Stephen groped at Mark's chest as he sucked, flicking at his nipples and working his pecs in his hands. Mark began to bounce them as he did and he smiled. He flexed revealing the thickest fucking biceps that you could imagine. Reaching up he grabbed them and worked them in his arms. Stephen returned to the nipples as he pulled off Mark's cock, sucking them and taking Mark's chest into his mouth. Mark gasped. Stephen pull him in and whispered in his ear "You promised you'd take my ass" Mark was quick to turn him around and push him down against the wall. Mark was working his cock around Stephen's hole before he thought he'd return the favour. Plus that ass was hard to resist. He got down on his knees and pushed his face into Stephen's crack, licking up and down this tight hole. As he stuck his tongue in Stephen groaned deep and began to work his own cock as it leaked pre-cum down its shaft. Mark got up and pressed himself into Stephen, cock riding up his crack. He kissed Stephen's neck as he pushed his cock slowly in. Stephen's back arched to take it, pushing his ass further still, the bubble butt looking like a pair of beach balls riding down Mark's cock. Mark brought his hands around and with one worked the nips on Stephen's newly thick chest and the other working down Stephen's curved cock. He thrust back and forth, faster and faster as Stephen groaned louder and louder still "OH FUCK MARK!" He was riding Stephen hard and Stephen loved it. They quickly changed position so that Mark was sitting on the bench and Stephen was bouncing up and down on this hard, thick cock. His own cock bounced as this happened, hitting against his abs. All this sensation built up in Stephen to a breaking point. He arched his back once more as his dick twitched and began to spurt thick ropes of cum into the air. They hit the opposite wall and his own chest as he bounced, cumming further more as Mark continued to fuck him hard. Then Mark pulled him off and lay him on the bench on his back. Mark, thick and hairy, was looming over him, cock in hand. His pecs bounced as he worked his cock to completion, his biceps squirming as he pushed his dick to cum. Mark followed Stephen in spilling himself over Stephen's chest, and into his mouth. Stephen licked it up. Mark leant onto Stephen's chest and licked his nips clean before leaning back in a slump. "Fuck, I think you'll make a perfect addition to the team". Just then the door swung open. Stephen, covered in cum, stood up instinctively. It was coach. "See me in my office now" [TO BE CONTINUED]
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    m/m An evening run, chapter 5

    Chapter 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7 A/N: Sorry for the delay guys, my muse is on a strike apparently. Big thanks to MonsterMash62, for proof reading/editing and offering suggestions. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy, and as always, don't be shy to comment and/or critique, I appreaciate everything. We spent the next few days mostly together, having fun. My ankle got good enough that I didn't need to use crutches when walking, although I still wasn't able to bring myself to full on running. We didn’t do anything else sexual together, although I’m sure Ty jerked himself off in the bathroom, many times. Eventually, I got curious and broached the subject of me joining him. "Ty, could I jerk you off?" He perked up. "Absolutely! You sure about it?" "Yes, I want to... explore." “Thank you,” he said as he kissed me on the cheek. "Do you think I could return the favor?" "What'd you have in mind?" "Well, I could jerk you off too, or maybe use my mouth; whatever's comfortable for you." "Okay, that sounds cool. You up for it now?" "Heh, yeah I'm up for it." He stood up, pointing to his hard cock. When we didn't have to leave the apartment, we didn't bother putting our clothes on. "Come on, I'll give you a ride." I stood up and he grabbed me under my armpits like I weighed nothing. He put me on top of his dick, which was strong enough to carry me. I squeezed my thighs to give him some pleasure, which he appreciated with a deep moan. I hugged his front, his lats blocking me from reaching his back, and I kissed his scruffy chest. A faint smell emanated from his skin, from the citrusy soap he used. His hands went to my back, stroking it. When we got to the shower, he set me down. His eyes lit up when he spoke. "So how do you want to do this?" "I was thinking, you sit, or lie down, I do my best, and you give me advice if you think I could do better. How does that sound?" He growled at me with a smirk: "Sounds grrreat." He sat on the floor against the wall and opened his legs. "Knock yourself out." I stepped closer to him, taking in his width and thickness. He’s such a big man, I felt like a dwarf even when he was sitting and I was technically looking down on him. I kneeled between his legs, reaching out to touch his already throbbing cock. "Are you giving me your easy setting?" He gave me a big smile and shrugged. "Well, it's kinda hard to, well, not be hard when a hottie like you is talking about wanting to get me off. Not much of a choice I'm afraid." I let my hand rest on his penis, feeling it twitch. Feeling the warmth and the wetness of his precum leaking onto my fingers. I shuffled closer, brought my other hand to it, and started to spread the precum around his shaft. I had to use both of my hands to cover the whole circumference, it was that thick. I gave him some long, slow strokes, stopping just short of his fist sized head, and he started moaning in time with my fingers. After a few more strokes, I rubbed my fingers over his sensitive head and he tensed up. "Babe, you might want to avoid doing that. At least if you want this to last." I narrowed my eyes at him. "I thought you didn't have any trouble blasting two times in quick succession?” I kept stroking, but slowed down while he spoke. "Not trying to brag, but I can actually go even more often.” He lifted one of his eyebrows at me. “Just letting you know." I smiled at that. "Okay then. Let’s see that." I locked my hands behind the head of his cock and pulled myself closer. His breath caught and as expected, he came with another roar. Large spurts of his cream crashed into my chest, each feeling like a long push from one of his thick fingers. It only took a minute, but I squeezed his head lightly throughout. When the last drop fell onto my chest, I took one finger to the cum sticking to me, and slid it into my mouth. It tasted pretty salty, with the aftertaste reminding me of his scent. Not bad, but I wouldn't drink it out of a glass. "Damn, you look so hot right now," he said with a sigh. "You like me being soaked in your cum?" "Well, yeah. But if you don't like it, we can clean up." "No, it's okay, I want to continue." I thought this would be harder, or more awkward, but it was pretty easy, since I just wanted him to feel good. "Nice. Go right ahead," he said enthusiastically. I felt his precum start to flow again but I wanted to experience something other than his pole. I drifted my hands downward to his balls. I fondled them, feeling their firmness, their weight in my hands. They were quite hairy, the hair short and curly just like on his chest. His balls moved around a little bit as I explored them, and then they twitched closer to his body. I looked up at his face. "Are you close already?" "Around you, I'm always close. But if you mean that twitch, that was me. There's a muscle that can do that." He twitched his balls a few more times for demonstration. "Oh, cool." I gently squeezed them. He closed his eyes. "More, please," he moaned. I applied more pressure, and he started tensing up again, his hands curling into fists, pressing into his stiff thighs. It still felt a little weird, seeing someone so affected by my actions. "Fire in the hole!" I yelled. I gripped his balls with all of my strength, which caused another eruption. His cum shot all over me for the second time that day. As he recovered, his chest heaving, he brought his hand behind my neck and pulled me closer. He leaned in and licked drops of his cum off my face. His tongue tickled me all over and I couldn’t help but giggle. "Damn, you're just the best Eli." I put my hand on top of his. "Thank you. Can you go one more time?" He laughed: "You're going to spoil me at this rate. I think we should drink some water first." "That's a good idea." We stood up and went to the sink. Ty bent down and started drinking, cupping the water and bringing it up to his lips. I looked at his backside, watching his muscles dance as he shifted his weight. He was firm all over. His lower back muscles were bigger than any I’d ever seen before. His big round glutes sat on top of the thick ropes of his hamstrings, which split at the bottom of his legs to attach to his shin bones. I reached out and gave his ass a light pet, it’s size reminding me of a horse. At this he stopped and looked back at me. "What are you doing?" "I was just wondering what your butt felt like. Should I stop?" "Only if you want to stop." He went back to drinking. I rubbed the globe of his left glute with both of my hands, wondering at the size and smoothness that gave way to hair when I strayed near the tight ravine in the middle. I looked into the mirror. We would definitely have to have a shower after. When he had his fill, he stepped away to allow me to drink as well. His belly looked distended slightly from the volume of water he just drank, but was still tight as a drum. I realized that I wouldn't mind if he let himself go and developed a fat belly. His personality wouldn't change and if he didn't mind, there'd be no problem for me. I took only a few gulps, turned off the tap and turned to Ty. He was rubbing his belly, which was sticky from the small bit of cum that had landed on him instead of me. "Ready for more?" he asked. I nodded and he grabbed me under my arms and took me back to our spot in the shower. He sat down and put me on his thigh. "Do you think I could suck you off now?" I paused at that. "Yeah. What do you need me to do?" "Nothing, just relax, enjoy it and tell me if you don't like anything." With that, he grabbed me around my waist and raised me until my crotch was level with his face. Everytime he lifted me I got this exciting feeling in my lower belly. I squirmed every time I felt it, even though I liked it. He noticed. "Am I hurting you? Should I grab you in different way?" "No, it's fine. I'm just a little bit ticklish, but continue." "Alright, let's wake up the little guy." With that, he brought my crotch close enough to touch. His beard tickled at the insides of my legs and my lower belly as he dragged me around his face, inhaling my scent. He moaned lightly, his vibrating cheeks and warm breath causing my legs to tingle as he roamed over me. I held onto his shaved head, rubbing his scalp. My dick responded to all the friction and movement by perking up. "Oh, fuck yeah," he groaned. His first task finished, he straightened his arms to admire his work from further away. He stared at my dick, turning my whole body slightly to look at it from different angles, his smile widening. As far as I knew, it wasn't anything special. Fairly average in length and girth, pointing slightly to the right. He licked his lips: "Damn, that looks beautiful." I raised my eyebrows at that. Did he really find it beautiful? "Uh, thanks." He kept staring at it as he spoke. "And juicy too. I'm gonna enjoy it very much." And with that he opened his mouth wide, and quickly brought me back to his face, inhaling my dick. It suddenly felt like it was snugly enveloped in a moist and warm tunnel that began moving slightly. It was better than what my hand was capable of. More enthusiastic too. Then he started moving my whole body, playing with humming, sucking and swallowing around my dick, creating amazing sensations that traveled from the base of my cock and traveled all along my spine, making me squirm against his hands. He held me firmly, my struggling no match for his muscles. I felt the quick approach of an orgasm, and he must have felt it too, since he eased up. He took me out of his mouth, licking the underside of my dick as it exited. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum very quickly, if you keep that up," I panted. "I... it never felt this good, you're amazing at this." "Hee, thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it too." I looked down, and his dick was throbbing again. "Wait, you too?" "Heh, yeah. I just can't help myself." I leaned down and kissed the top of his head. This was much more pleasant than masturbation. Masturbation had been exciting at first. Well, I didn't finish my first jerk-off because it felt like the need to pee and I didn't want that to happen in my room. Then I tried on the toilet, and found out that it actually felt good, and it was different than peeing. But over time, it just became a mechanical cleaning of the pipes so to speak. This was something else entirely. I hoped it would be exciting every time. And if it was, maybe we could visit a House of Pleasure. Maybe introducing a few toys would heighten the pleasure from sex for us both. Ty said he's down with pretty much anything... But that would have to wait for now. I directed my focus back to the present. "I'm ready." He grinned widely at that, and he renewed his assault on my crotch. Yeah, I could get used to this. I grabbed his head as he swiftly brought me to the edge and I started bucking against his face. "I'm cumming!" With that, I arched my back to drive my dick even deeper into his mouth. He moaned around my dick, warm air rushed along my legs and I started shooting. As I unloaded, I felt his hands grab me a little bit harder and warm fluid shot along my spine up to my head. He pulled me out, gave my penis a parting lick and smacked his lips. "Mmm, thank you for the treat, it was delicious." "Really?" "Yeah, you taste very good." "Flatterer." "I try." He brought me down to his lap to let me rest. I nuzzled close to him, closing my eyes. I felt his warmth radiating off of his chest. He started rubbing my back. I opened my eyes, looking at his cock, which was still hard and slowly leaking precum again. I reached over and stroked it, coaxing an extra spurt of his pre out of it. "You already want more?" "I want you to feel good. I may not get any direct pleasure from it, but making you happier makes me happier.” He chuckled and brought his other hand to the base of his cock. "Then go ahead, there's more than enough area for both of us and you don't have to do all the work." He started stroking himself, leaving the head to me. I cupped it with both of my hands and noticed that while it was retracted, his foreskin could envelop the head even while his cock was fully erect. "Wow, everything about you is big, even you foreskin!" "Yeah, you want a closer look?" "Yeah." He shortened his strokes, giving me space to inspect it closer. I leaned forward, and started pulling at the foreskin. It was pretty difficult, thanks to the pre and cum making everything slippery, but I succeeded. The pre still made its way through the new obstacle. I slipped my finger inside the tight wet space. Ty moaned loudly at that. "This shouldn't be this hot." I smirked at him. "You think that's hot, huh?" I leaned forward even further and plunged my tongue in there, darting in and out, tasting the salty wetness. He started bucking his hips lightly, driving his penis against my mouth, but it was too big to fit inside. Suddenly he grabbed my head and yanked me off his penis, which erupted in the next second. "Holy... fucking... shit! Damn, you gotta warn me before you do something like that." "Heh, yeah, don't want to get hit in the eye with that." I looked down at my body, which was covered in splotches of drying cum. This was more fun than I imagined, but it was mentally draining for me. "Well, I don't want to spoil the mood, but we should get cleaned up." "You go ahead, you riled me up so much I gotta cum at least once more." I stood up and went over to the shower area to start washing off, while Ty resumed jerking off. I stood with my back to him and as I was scrubbing my head, he grunted loudly and I felt something hitting me on my butt. I turned to him, seeing him kneeling and his cock aimed at me. "You hit what you wanted?" I shook my hips a little at him. "Yeah. Bullseye." "Hmm, you sure about that? I think the bullseye's a bit deeper than that." "You want me to try again?" "Not right now. Though if you were nearer, you could probably penetrate it just with your cum. It packs quite a punch." "Damn, where do all these hot ideas come from?" "I have no idea. How high and how far are you able to cum anyway?" "Haven’t checked recently. Though I'm sure I can shoot over your head." "Could you show me?" "Mmm, one last orgasm, coming right up!" He resumed his vigorous stroking, aiming the dark head of his cock above me. "Ugh, three... two... one... blast OFF!" With that, he once more produced more of the white substance, which went sailing over my head, grazing the ceiling. "Whoah, that's amazing." "Thanks, if you want, I could show you somewhere else with no walls and ceilings." "We could go on a trip outside the city." "Good idea." He stood up and joined me under the shower. He helped me scrub off the dried cum on my back and I helped get it out of his pubes. After that, we toweled off and made some food together to take our minds off of the sex. It had been fun, but I needed a break, to figure out how I felt about it all. After all, we could take our time figuring out what to do next, thanks to Ty’s patience.
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    worship An evening run, chapter 4

    Chapter 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7 A/N: I just noticed that the chapters are getting progressively longer (this one is twice as long as the first one). Anyway, here it is, hope you guys enjoy, I tried a few ideas that sounded fun, so let me know what you guys know. As always, please do comment and critique (you could even pm me if you want). --- I woke up suddenly, because Ty got up in a rush with a quiet "Sorry, I really need to go." And he quickly thuded into the bathroom. I was unwilling to get up, so I kept my eyes closed and rolled over to the large warm area that smelled like his body. I guessed he really need to go, since he almost groaned with relief. And there was the powerful stream. And another, and again. Well, my peeing hypothesis was totally wrong, because nobody does Kegels first thing in the morning when they really need to pee. Oh well. I started wondering if he ever did that before, but I wasn't sure. I couldn't remember, but he always got up before me. And then there was a longer stream with less force. And then the flush of the toilet. More thuds, but these were slower and somehow more relaxed. "You're lying on my spot." "So?" "Should I lie down on your bed?" At this I cracked my eyes open, he stood at my feet, towering over my lying form. "Don't you dare, it would collapse under you. And you wouldn't fit in it anyway." "Well, that leaves me with just one option." He scratched at his furry cheek. "Hmm, if Ty falls on Eli in his apartment, and there's no one else there, does it make a sound?" With that, he seemed to start growing bigger, my brain still slow from the remains of sleep only realizing too late that he was falling on top of me- BANG! I flinched and yelped, shutting my eyes, before realizing that nothing hurt. I opened them again, and I could only see the dark brown of his skin filling my whole field of vision. I looked to the side, where I could see one of his arms supporting his frame. He must have extended them to catch himself. "Fuck, don't freak me out like that! I would've been flattened to a pancake under you!" "Aww, but don't you trust me? I won't ever hurt you." As I got my breath under control, I wanted to repay him, so I grabbed onto his nipples and tweaked hard, as that always hurt me like hell. He roared in response, and he almost let himself drop onto me again. "Fuuuck, don't do that! I thought you were angry at me, not horny." "What are you talking about, I just hurt you." There was a pause, before he shifted downward so we could see face to face while he was still above me, his arms supporting him. "Uh, pain wasn't what I felt. I, um, enjoy that, actually. No offense, but I really don't think you have the strength to hurt me doing that. Not without some tool at least." "Damn. Sorry I tried to hurt you." He chuckled "It's okay. You must have really been freaked out. I get it. I won't do something like that again. But I won't refuse if you want to twist my nipples. At least in private, I don't think many people would appreciate me roaring anytime you wanted." "Okay, got it. Well, there's no way I'm going back to sleep, I've got too much adrenaline in my system now. What about you? Should we get up, go do something?" "Hmm, I want to stay in bed some more." Then he grinned. "And you're staying with me." He went back to the original position, his pecs hovering just over my head, before he lowered himself so I was once again surrounded by his body. I tried to push him up, with no effect, but he was careful to let me breathe. It was quite comfortable, feeling him, putting a firm pressure on every part of me like a heavy and hot blanket. Like I was in a tight full-body cast and it tightened and relaxed around me a little with his every breath. The short hairs tickled my face slightly. "In the bathroom, you came, didn't you." He only hmmed affirmatively. "Do you do that often while here?" "Sometimes, does it bother you?" "I never noticed before. But no, it doesn't bother me. I mean, it's fairly common, right?" "Well, maybe not exactly common, not in my, uh, quantity, but yeah, some guys do that. And, I think it might happen more often, due to the recent developments. You cool with that?" "Yeah." We spent a little more time like that, before we decided to get up. We made ourselves some breakfast and we talked about what we wanted to do that day. We settled on some exercise first, then Ty wanted to give me a massage. We cleaned the dishes, and went outside, so Ty could exercise himself a bit, and give me some pointers. First, he told me to just slowly work on my walking, just feel through the whole process, feel when it hurt, when it felt wobbly, and such. I still used crutches, but I tried to use them as little as possible. It was all quite hard, since he went through his own routine, displaying his body with no indication my presence bothered him. His muscles, writhing under his dark skin as he commanded, holding his body in various positions without much apparent protest. Then he decided to work on my strength a little, letting me test myself against him, we had an armwrestling match where he of course held his own without any effort whatsoever. I even tried both my hands against his, without any change which wasn't that unexpected. He complimented me anyway. That felt pretty nice. Then he put me through modified push ups, where he knelt behind me and held my shins off the ground to not put any strain on the ankles. Then he made me do pull ups. He stood in front of me, and he put his flat hands, palms facing his torso, in front of his chest, so I could grab onto his fingers. He raised them until I dangled a couple inches in the air. To give me motivation, he promised a quick peck for every time I could pull myself up to his face. That was great, even though I didn't manage more than three reps in a set. Then we did L-sits together, I managed only a few seconds at a time, without having the strength to lift even one of my legs. Ty of course had no problem holding it the whole time even with me struggling on top of his tighs, but his encouragements made me push myself harder. When we ended the last exercise, I was panting, clutching at my sore belly, while leaning on his midsection for a while. Then we stood up to go inside and Ty grabbed me and slung me over his shoulder, giving me a great sight of his back, glutes, hamstrings, calves and the backs of his massive feet as he made his way over to the shower, where we washed the sweat off. We decided to go to the food court for lunch, as I wanted to go outside for change. I assured Ty that it would be fine to go on foot, I'd tell him if it hurt too much so he could carry me. We arrived, the court wasn't fully packed, which was good, I was fine walking here, but I wasn't sure if I could manage waiting in a queue for a long time. We got our food (it was a thick and quite spicy tomato soup with mealworms), Ty of course got a big bowl of it, and we made our way to 'his' table. The crafters made it because of his request, but they improved on the basic design, and it could be used by other people who were bigger in some way, fat, tall... We spent most of our meal in silence, but I noticed that he was slower than usual, I almost had my bowl empty while his was still half full. I put my hand on his fist, noting that it was clenched pretty hard. I rubbed at it to get his attention. "Everything alright, big guy?" "Huh? Oh, yeah, I, yeah, I think. I'm just freaking out a little bit, overthinking everything..." "Would it help if you told me and I gave my opinion?" "I'm not sure. But I want to deal with this on my own, if you don't mind." "Alright." I didn't stop rubbing his hand, and it did get more relaxed. "Can you relax your hand a little bit more? I want to try something." I finished the soup, so I had both of my hands free now, which I used to coax his fingers from the fist, and I tried to interweave the fingers of his hand and mine. His hand was too large for me to get all of his fingers, but I managed to grab his pinkie and ring finger, with my thumb reaching his knuckle from the underside. I smiled at my victory, and looked up, Ty's stunned face was looking back at me. "What?" "Nothing, it's just a bit surprising for me. Not in a bad way of course." "Your hands are not that big Ty." "No, I didn't mean it that- I just wasn't expecting it that's all." The rough pad of his thumb assured me to keep holding his hand. When he finished his bowl, Ty carried the dishes to the cleaning counter, while I made my way to the entrance. As he reached me, I asked him: "Your folks weren't here today?" "I didn't see them, so probably not, they're probably taking another shift." "Okay, you mind if we take a little detour at our way home?" "Not really." --- We visited a craftstore, where I got some bodypaint, which I usually only got for the kids. They always love making a mess. But this time, I was intending to use it in a more precise way then they did. I told Ty that I recently got a nice canvas to paint on. --- Along the way we talked about the massage, I wanted just a regular back rub. Back home, we put the cans of paint away, Ty got the oil from the kitchen, as he instructed me to take some towels and put them below me, strip down and lay on the futon. I made myself comfortable, my hands under my forehead, an additional rolled up towel under my ankles. I heard Ty approach thanks to his thudding accompanying him everywhere. "Okay, I'm going to straddle you, do you mind if I'll be nude?" "Hmm, not really, but won't your penis get in the way?" "Let me try it." I heard the rustle of him taking off his boxers, and he moved over me, put the bottle of oil near my head, he got in the position above me on all fours, and he got up into the kneeling position. I felt his hairy balls land between my thighs, just under my ass, but he didn't touch me otherwise. "Okay, so it shouldn't get in the way. Although it may drop some precum on you, that alright with you?" "Yeah it's fine, as long as you don't cum, I don't want to clean this room." I felt him move again, and then I felt his long and hot penis pressing into my back, then his pecs joined it and then he planted a kiss onto the back of my head. "Don't worry, I'm pretty good at holding back." He raised himself, and grabbed the bottle, pouring the oil into his hands, warming it up by rubbing them together. "Here I go." One of his hands landed on the small of my back covering a considerable area, exerting light pressure as he moved it towards my head in a very short time. The other hand joined it on the other side, but moving slower. He repeated this a few times, gradually adding pressure. Then he changed to just the tips of his joined fingers, focusing the pressure. A moan escaped me in response to his stimulation. I assured him that it feels great, and urged him to continue. I felt like I was melting under him. He started adding more circular motions, squiggles, sometimes going slow and hard with the heel of his hand along my spine, sometimes using quick brushes that danced along my skin, sometimes driving a tip of his finger into a sore spot, almost to the point of unbearable pain, while whispering soothing words to take my mind off of it. Then he returned back to the slow strokes, and he moved onto my traps and the back of my neck, working it like a dough he had to prepare for baking. And then he tapped on my back, lightly (for him) and rhythmically. He ended with going back to the start, with the very light strokes across my whole back, before just resting his hands there, letting me feel their warmth. I whined a little bit, sad that it was over already. He chuckled "Enjoyed it?" "Soo much..." I felt drained of all energy, yet rejuvenated at the same time. "Didn't feel the precum falling though." "Yeah, got lucky and it all fell on my hands. Don't worry, you'll still smell like me until you shower." He was right, I didn't notice it until now, but there was his musk in the air now... "When did you get so good at this?" "On the farm, we usually massage each other after work, so I got a lot of practice. Though I probably never felt like you did. Guess it'd take someone a lot stronger to give me a proper massage." "Have you thought about having more than one guy working you at a time? Maybe they could walk and stomp on your back. That has to do something, right?" "Hmm, never looked at it that way. I'll bring it up, see if they're up to it. Maybe even do a few push ups as long as they're up there." "You're unbelievable, isn't massage supposed to be about relaxing?" "I guess so. " "Anyway, my body is feeling limp like boiled noodles right now. I don't think I'll be able to paint..." "Aww, and I wanted to see you paint so much..." "You're like a kid. Just give me a few minutes, and I'll be up. Also you're kind of keeping me down." "Oh, right, sorry." He jumped up, moving to wash his hands and put away the oil. I gathered my energy and sat up slowly, checking on my body. Despite the seemingly rough treatment, I felt really good, more loose, more relaxed... "I'll have to persuade him to do this more often. Well, it's probably not going to take much persuasion, to be honest." I went for the paint cans, selecting three colors. Green, red and yellow. I turned to Ty, who was looking at me with that curious expression of his. "Can you bring a chair to the bathroom?" "Bathroom? Why there? And where's your canvas." "You're the canvas." I said with a smile. The confusion written in his face was quickly replaced by a questioning look and then it settled into a wide smile. "That's awesome!" In his joy, he grabbed the chair in one hand, and with the other he grabbed me by my waist, cans still dangling in my hands, as he practically skipped into the bathroom, his cock that became hard very fast leading the way. He set me and the chair down, looking at me. "So what do you need me to do? Should I hold you in front of my chest as you paint it? Should I hold some poses for you?" He started posing, going through several in a few seconds, not able to choose one... And his cock started flinging pre cum like yesterday. He was like an overgrown puppy, just crackling with energy at the prospect of his master giving him a treat. "Whoa, hey, settle down. Can you sit down here?" He froze in the middle of the side triceps pose. "Oh, uh, yeah. Sorry, I got carried away." "Don't apologize, it's great that you're so enthusiastic. Though I have to say, the painting itself won't probably be that exciting." He sat down, and I took an old rag and brought the chair closer to him but as I approached him from the front, I sat down on his thigh, it was like I was facing a wall of living stone, shivering with excitement. "Okay, now take a couple of deep breaths, and lean back a bit." I opened the cans and dipped a finger in the first paint as he followed my directions. I started to cover his massive chest in lines, circles of different color, noting the drops that were caught on his chest hair. Painting it in my emotions, wherever my hands wanted to roam I let them. Well, at first, I steered them away from his nipple, but as I looked up to his face, I could see him looking back with such intensity... I let myself brush against it, first with just the clean parts of my hands, as I drew them near the nipple, and then even putting just a dot of paint directly on the top of it. Both actions resulted in sharp inhales from him, and an intensifying of the precum dripping from his cock, which now formed a puddle between his legs, soaking my foot a bit. I repeated the same thing while sitting on the other leg, which gave me acces to his other side. Then I moved onto his abs, where I highlighted his bellybutton, and drew lines more or less pointing towards it. He politely moved his dick away when it got in my way. I got a bit playful, 'accidentaly' smudging a bit of paint on it. As I decided his front was covered enough, I stood up and went to get the chair. "Is this the end?" "No, I'll continue on your back. Unless you want me to stop." "Please continue, this is pretty intense. Oh, and just sit down on the chair, I'll move you." He added with a smirk. I sat down and he reached over with one hand, grabbed the leg of the chair, and moved it, with just a twist of his torso slightly behind him, then he faced to the front again, grabbed out with the same hand backward, and moved it again, so now I was right behind him, giving me the vast canvas of his back at my discretion. Then he gave me the cans. I started working again, noticing that as I progressed, his breathing became more heavy, the muscles clenching under my hands. "Are you okay? Do you need a pause?" "No." He sounded pretty angry. "Please continue, it's just much more intense than I thought it would be. I'm just having a hard time holding it back." "Holding what back?" And then it clicked, the heavy breathing, the twitching muscles, the words filtered through his clenched teeth, the memory of his hard cock growing harder during my work on his front... "Oh, you want to cum? Fire away at will. I don't have to be the only one painting here." I continued, now focused more on very slow, very light strokes along his back, sometimes leaning closer and helping the paint dry with a gentle breath... "Fuck-" Another dot. "I-" Another stroke, this time quick and short. "I'm-" I dipped my whole hand in the paint, meanwhile gently blowing on an empty patch of skin. "I'm gonna-" I slapped my hand on his skin with all the force I could muster. He roared like a bear, arched his back, and his dick exploded. The ropes of his cum splattered on the wall several feet in front of us, painting it in a vertical puddle of white goo that reached above my head. It was amazing to watch. As his orgasm died down, the cum created a path from the wall painting leading directly to the person responsible. "Woah." Still huffing, he began to laugh. "You just got me to cum with only some paint and breathing, without anything touching my dick and the only thing you can say is 'Woah.'? " "I'm kind of speechless right now." He stood up and turned to me, his still throbbing cock pointing at me, then he leaned down, grabbed me under my armpits and brought me to his mouth to kiss me. I happily reciprocated. After a long while we stopped. He put me down again and stomped to the mirror. "Now I really want to see what you painted." He looked at himself, turning one way and the other, visibly growing more confused. "Uh, no offense meant to your talent, but... This just looks like a painting of a three year old kid that just got crayons." "Actually, it's a very complex pattern of lines and dots, designed specifically to make the paintee more turned on and to bring them to climax. I got it from a magic book I was given by my great grandpa." I tried my hardest to look completely serious, looking at him through the mirror from his side. "Are you kidding me?" "Yes." "Aww, and here I thought you could do some more magic for me." "You're magical enough as is. I just basically let my fingers go across your skin, while thinking about you, me, us... I thought this would be a good, I guess, intimacy exercise, but apparently it's also a bit more for you. Which is great." "I love you." I looked at his face directly. I knew he meant it. The next sentence was easy to say. I may not have been able to pin my exact emotions about all this, but I felt sure that it was in the right place. "I love you too." I hugged him, planting kisses on the painted skin as he brought me even closer to him with his arms.