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Found 11 results

  1. AdonisObsessed

    High School Reunion

    High School Reunion I had been looking forward to the reunion of the high school football team of 2009. That might have been a bit surprising considering I, as the designated benchwarmer, didn’t have all that much of connection with the rest of the team. It was a pretty bad connection if you could even call it that. Coach had been had been more than happy to turn a blind eye to the often cruel behaviour theyd throw at me and the other less gifted football players. Teens just need a punching bag during puberty, right? And now we were here. At the same bleachers I had been forced to sit on during most of the trainings because coach didn’t want his view disturbed by a set of wimps running across his field. At the same bleachers I had been given a black eye by Wyatt and his group of jock goons after they thought I been trying to steal the show at the latest game by performing above my usual abysmal standard. At the same bleachers Wyatt had allowed me to suck him off in the last half of our senior year, our session always ending with him grabbing my tiny dick and telling me how pathetic I was. The memories… The overwhelmingly negative memories. But that was a decade ago, and things have a knack of... Changing in such a period of time. So that's why I was smiling as I walked up to the bleachers that had been in my nightmares just ten years back. But, to be fair, I tended to smile a lot these days. Why wouldn’t I? There was a lot to smile about in life, my life specifically. I was a different guy compared to 10 years back. Grown up to be a man. Long gone were my boney limbs and puny form, all replaced by solid muscle stacked on top of solid muscle. Had a late growth spurt too, made me bigger all over. Instead of insecure and unsure I was confident. Had all the reasons too, If you looked as good as I did in a sleeveless shirt, you’d be hella confident too, even if you were sitting at the place that had made you miserable a few years back. I considered snapping a quick pic for my millions of instagram followers but I heard shuffling footsteps behind me. “Wyatt!” My deep voice boomed. I gave him a tight hug making sure he felt each of my massive muscles envelop his lesser form, and making sure he got a deep inhale if my musk as I pressed my soft yet meaty package into him. “You're looking good man.” I commented while staring down at Wyatt. Wyatt was not’ looking good’. If anything, he was looking pretty terrible. His football honed and toned body had made way for soft edges and pudginess. Laziness, probably. The once handsome squarejawed look seemed now to be covered by fat and a late onset of acne. I'm pretty sure he looked shorter as well, though that might just be my own growth spurt playing tricks on me. I'm pretty sure I saw a bald spot forming as well with my height advantage. To imagine the subject of my nightmares and wet dreams being reduced to this. God, Wyatt was looking pathetic. The puny man tried to escape my massive and muscular bear hug. “Can you let me go, please?” His meek voice called out. Losing all that muscle mass to laziness must have raised his voice a few octaves. I tried on my best dumbfounded expression, as if I was only just realising my powerful and muscle filled body was completely overpowering the lesser man. “Sorry!” I said, while letting him go and taking a step back, making sure he basked in the pure sex my body was radiating. “I'm bad with faces…” He whimpering mumbled clearly not remembering me, the super stud, as part of his team. “You don't recognize these babies?” I said while flexing my 21 inches of cold biceps. I watched the expression of pure arousal and bliss turn sour as I dropped the façade. “It’s Jack, dedicated reserve of the ‘09 team.” Horror instead seeped into his face as he was probably remembering all the times he shoved me down a dumpster and used me as his cum dump. Probably regretting that now that I was approaching the 300 pound mark of pure muscle mass. I continued our little charade by pretending to be surprised by his shock and horror. “Don't worry little man, bygones are bygones.” Waving my hand like the year of torment hadn't left a mark. Actually, now that I had the strength to lift up cars and the confidence to match, I could probably say the only marks on my body were the stretch marks on my muscles. “Are you sure? I feel…. Pretty terrible about how I treated you.” Wyatt's sentiment was there but it was still hardly sincere. He was infatuated with the Adonis that I now was standing in front of him. I'd make that sentiment of regret sincere yet. “Well, I could really use your help with this.” I sighed heaving out my gigantic shaft and filled blue bursting balls. I'd have another few minutes before the rest of the reunion showed up, and I could really use a proper draining right about now. He didn't need much encouragement to start worshipping my divine form. His own sad looking body contrasted nicely with my own testosterone filled one. “God you're pathetic.” I grunted as I grabbed Wyatt by his hair and forced more of my big jawbreaking tool down his throat
  2. AdonisObsessed

    Coach is Getting Big

    Coach is Getting Big “When are you hooking the team up with the stuff you are on coach?” Simon meekly asked, practically begging with desperation. His jocky football formed body was normally the envy of everyone around him, but compared to big burling coach, he might as well have been as thin as a twig. Coach just raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about, boy?” “C’mon coach, you’re not fooling me, a few weeks ago your body was fat and droopy, past its prime… Now though....” Simon’s lips suddenly felt awfully dry. “Now, well, fuck man, you’re bursting out of those shirts.” Coach let out a deep chuckle, enjoying the attention Simon was giving him. “Stop laughing! You’re holding something back, some new supplement from the team… Something that is making those pecs so full...Those biceps so swollen.” Coach stared down at the college jock interrupting his lifting session, beginning to feel rather annoyed. “I’m not talking to you boy, till you treat your coach with some proper respect.” The Coach grunted, picking up the free weights again, feeling Simon’s hungry stare as started doing curls and blood started pumping through his biceps. The effort didn’t just pump them up, they seemed to… Grow under the effort. Simon was left flabbergasted for a moment, the man who had once been easily walked over by Simon and his gang of goons seemed to be gone. Coach might actually force them to put in some effort during training now, instead of just allowing for easy riding for anyone with a sports scholarship. “I’m sorry… Sir?” Simon mumbled hesitantly. “Attaboy, now, what was your question again?” Coach grunted in between his reps. “What… Supplements…” Simons eyes were entirely fixated at the impressive display of strength and power going on in front of him. “What… Supplements… You… Were.. Taking… Sir.” Coach roared, finishing his set, his muscles bulging and writhing under his shirt as pounds seemed to be added to his already beefy frame by the second. “Hard work ethic is the only supplement I need, boy.” The Coach said while flexing his pumped up arms in the mirror, and rearranging his hefty package after liking his results. Simon licked his dry lips, wondering if all the female professors going on pregnancy leave and the hunkifying and hungifying of coach were related. Coach just smirked, damn was he filled with testerone, he’d have to unload his balls a little before he’d do his next set. “Simon, go wait for me in the locker room. Have your ass ready and in the air by the time I get there.” Simon seemed a little taken back for a moment, before eagerly nodding. Walking out of the gym and shaking his trained ass in a way he knew coach liked. Coach heard his phone vibrate in his pocket. Carefully grabbing it out, making sure not to crush it in his big hand, coach just let out an exasperated sigh while reading the message. It was from one of the profs in the biology department. “Hey Coach, just wondering if the latest batch of experimental muscle boosting pills did anything for the football team yet?” It read, the man’s nasally voice present even in his text messages. Coach pondered for a moment, before typing his reply. “Nothing as of yet. Send another batch, the team could use the extra size.” Coach threw his phone down his gym bag, grabbing for the tub of pills it uncovered. Simply labeled: “New Supplements: To be tested on team” Coach eagerly put his thick and muscular fingers in, grabbing for the few remaining pills in the tub. He was just testing the water with this supplement Coach reasoned with himself, not living out some narcissistic fantasy where he got to be big and powerful again. As soon as he was absolutely sure they were safe to use, he’d hook the team up as well, Coach reassured himself. If Coach finally pushed past 300 pounds of solid muscle, and no student would ever outsize him again, he’d be sure they were safe and harmless. Maybe 350…. ...Besides if Simon’s ass was as tight as rumoured, Coach could use the boost.
  3. AdonisObsessed

    The Blinding Date

    The Blinding Date Normally, Matt rarely worried before going on dates. Matt had dazzling good looks, a nice lithe preppy build, and a closet of expensive clothing that would make the Kardashians blush. Under normal circumstances, he’d throw a few adorable smiles and that was enough to make anyone he’d date with at ease. Throw in a few cute jokes and by the end of the evening he’d have a guy go down on his humble dick. These weren’t normal circumstances however. Because unlike Matt’s toned but small body, shaped by a few years of the college gymnastics team, the guy he was going to go out with today was absolutely gigantic. Matt always thought he had more of a thing for slim and proportioned men like himself. Turns out though, Matt just hadn’t run into 6’8 guy with enough muscle packed on his frame to lift up a car. Matt had to make sure he wasn’t drooling as he stepped up to the muscular behemoth he got to call his date. “Matt, right?” The hunk said, shaking Matt’s small hand with his own muscular and calloused mitten. “Glad you showed up, thought you might not come after you got a little... Over excited when we first met.” The hunk lets out a deep chuckle, the thick layers of muscular beef on his chest danced around merily. Matt blushed scarlet. The hunk stops his laughter and gently pats Matt on his head. “Don’t worry little man, it’s hardly the first time I made someone shoot their load by walking into the room.” Although he’s comforted, Matt’s blush doesn’t fade, the memories of a warm wet spot of semen forming in front of his gymnastic training buddies after seeing the hunk strut into the training area still fresh on his mind. “So, you want to… Grab some coffee?” Matt asks meekly, his voice sounding like a schoolgirl compared to the manly tremor of the stallion. “Sounds good man.” The stud stands up, his button up shirt straining to hold back his pec wall. Matt feels his own puny penis growing hard as he sees how well the hunk fills out every part of his outfit. The pair got plenty of stares as they moved from their meeting place to a nearby cafe, hiding in the park. Well, the hunk got plenty of stares anyways, and whistles from girls and guys as they took in how well his pair of jeans hugged his tight bubbly butt and generous package. Matt bit his lips. Besides being extremely aroused, he was a little irritated with the slab of beef that juggled next to him. Because he still hadn’t introduced himself. The normally silvery tongue of Matt seemed to have escaped down his throat as he tried asking. “So, uh, what’s your name?” Matt asked, awkwardly cringing at his own direct and bafoonish question. The sporty Matt felt a little out of breath trying to keep up with the titan’s strides. The hunk looked deeply in thought, absentmindedly scratching through his already thick 5’0 clock shadow. He stared down at the smaller Matt, clacking his tongue like the idea of giving away his name deserved great consideration. Finally a smirk plastered onto the stud’s face. “It’s me, Eli, you idiot.” Matt’s mouth fell open. Matt quickly regained his composure, he knew when a prank was being played on him. “Very funny man, did Eli hire you or something.” Matt did his best to hide his disappointment, if he had fallen for a practical jokes he’d beat the runt up. “Nah man, it’s me.” The man masquerading as Eli flexed his impressive bicep, the short sleeves slowly being torn apart by the big muscle. “Don’t you recognise these big guns.” Matt didn’t. Eli was a pathetic wimp who had tried to get with Matt at various occasions. Matt might have been petit, and not all that hung, but he was wealthy and did gymnastics, so he didn’t feel like he had to settle for every acne ridden loser that made a move on him. “Alright, alright. Here, I got some proof.” The hunk fished out a worn phone from the back pocket of his jeans, clearly his glutes had dented the phone and crushed the screen. His thick digits tapped across the screen, shortly handing it to Matt while it was playing a video. In it, Eli stared directly into the camera, standing in nothing but a pair of ill fitting briefs, his scrawny form was on full display, the body of a lazy man. Eli held a small pill up to the camera before swallowing it down. What followed was a whole lot of screaming and moaning as Eli’s frame stretched and grew to match the hyper masculine physique of the man standing in front of Matt. Matt took a few steps back, swallowing loudly in fear, and doing his best to cover up the wet spot his dick had made while spewing his small load of cum. Suddenly Matt felt like it hadn’t been the smartest idea to harshly turn down the guy who had a father working on experimental muscle growth pills. Eli just let out another deep chuckle. “Don’t worry little guy, not gonna hurt you. In fact…” Eli softly grabbed Matt, and grinded his incredibly filled pouch of meat against the smaller man’s back. “...The fact that you were disgusted by me before and now can’t help but cum by just seeing me is an incredible fucking turn on.” As Matt shuddered again, leaking more drips of cum into his pants in the still very public park, Eli thought it was probably a good thing that Eli was gonna be the one on top in the hour long fuck session that was undoubtedly to follow. Unlike wimpy Matt, Eli was at least man enough to not shoot his load every five seconds.
  4. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 4)

    Ethan follows Joshua into the kitchen through the back door as they arrive home from this most recent relationship counseling session. Neither one of them appears particularly glad to be home though this is through no fault of the home. The tension is so palpable between them that you could cut it with a knife. "So you're saying you didn't call me a bully?" Ethan asks pointedly as he circles the kitchen island and stands on the far side of it. While it would offer practically no resistance for Ethan in reality, the symbolic gesture of putting something substantial between them is a non-verbal technique he learned in one of his solo counseling sessions to help create distance and a psychological barrier that prevents an argument from devolving into a confrontation. "I'm saying that I was only using the term 'bully' in the context of that situation as shorthand for how you were behaving," Joshua explains exasperatedly as he perches onto one of the bar stools. "But do you think that I'm really like that?" Ethan softens his tone as he turns and retrieves two bottles of water from the fridge, offering one to Joshua across the island. "Not around here you're not," Joshua accepts the offered beverage and takes a quick sip. They've been debating non-stop since they got into the car and his throat is dry. "I think... that... whatever they teach you at this superhero corps," Joshua chooses his words carefully as he tries to clarify his thoughts, "is designed to promote this... to instill this mentality that you have to be... that you have to take charge of a situation by force if necessary... which is completely understandable if you're facing, say, an army of psychopathic alien killer robots come to enslave humanity." "That's ridiculous," Ethan shakes his head in disagreement. "How is it ridiculous?" Joshua asks with deliberate calm because his first instinct is to blow up but in one of his sessions he learned how to change his tone of voice to promote dialogue that's intended to help fix their relationship and not escalate the conflict. "First of all," Ethan begins, "robots aren't really psychopaths because they don't have emotions in the first place so they can't lack empathy. Second, if they're killer robots then they aren't going to enslave humanity, they're going to exterminate it." Ethan keeps a serious face for a few seconds but finally cracks and his dimpled smile breaks through revealing he's just using humor to defuse and lighten the tone of the conversation. Joshua chuckles. "Fair enough... but do you get where I'm going with this?" "Yes I do," Ethan nods, much more empathetic than he was only moments ago, and leans down to rest his elbows on the island, closing the distance between them now that the risk of conflict is abated. "You're saying that being a take-charge badass at work doesn't mean I get to be the badass at home?" "Basically, yes!" Joshua nods. "And I don't think you've ever been like that here at home, which is why I'm saying that I DON'T think you're a bully, I just think that your training and instincts can kick in at inappropriate times like when you get excited or angry. Like you can't go around smashing the skulls of psychiatrists like you can with villains. All that adrenaline or testosterone or whatever gets going and it blinds your common sense." "So I might have some rage control issues," Ethan nods and takes another sip of water. "Actually I think it's just situational awareness," Joshua shrugs, "not rage control. You immediately calmed down once you looked around at the situation and saw that aggression wasn't called for. I think that's what the therapist meant about metaphorically hanging up your cape at the door... if you can keep your aggression in check after hours then there shouldn't be a problem." "I suppose," Ethan ponders for a moment, "but being a superhero isn't a 9-to-5 job. Evil could strike anywhere and at any time and I might have to go kick some ass at a moment's notice." "That's situational awareness," Joshua holds up his hands in a sort-of 'there you go' gesture. "How have you gotten to this point in your life without understanding socially appropriate behavior?" "I don't know," Ethan shrugs and a faint audible sound of ripping emanates from behind him which both of them hear and acknowledge with a shared eye contact. Ethan stands back upright and raises his arm up to try to locate where the ripping sound originated and another one, louder and longer, accompanies a visible rip in his shirt seam where the sleeve is stitched to the chest fabric at Ethan's armpit. As he moves his arm up over his head to examine the new rip, the entire side of the shirt bursts open at the seams as his thick, wing-like lat escapes the garment's restriction. "See? I knew I couldn't wear a shirt off the rack even if it was altered." "Don't worry about it," Joshua chuckles as Ethan's flailing is only shredding the shirt around his immense frame. "It was worth a shot." "Well that's twelve hundred bucks down the drain," Ethan sighs as he simply reaches one arm across his chest, clutches the shoulder fabric of the other side, and with an effortless tug rips the remains of the shirt from his body to dangle from his fist in tatters. He makes a little show of the demonstration with a front double-biceps pose that highlights off his impressive peaks and wide lat spread, topping it off with an non-vocalized 'boom' he often mouths when he's being intentionally cocky for show. "Wait!" Joshua's jaw drops. "You spent twelve hundred dollars on that shirt??" "Technically it was two shirts," Ethan explains, grinning as he rolls his massive shoulders around to stretch them out after their confinement in the now-expired shirt. "That was how much material was needed to make it into one shirt my size. And the wardrobe department doesn't work for free!" Joshua face-palms himself in disbelief before eventually wiping his hand downward in an attempt to erase his expression of disbelief, with limited success. "How much were just the shirts?" "One fifty," Ethan replies. "So you paid someone... a thousand dollars... to alter a shirt for you?" Joshua asks in astonishment. "Not just someone," Ethan clarifies, "he's the best bespoke costume tailor in the corps. He dresses all of the big name heroes. It's impossible to get him unless you're someone really important. In fact, he didn't even want to touch this fabric but I have a way with people you know." "But you had to pay him a grand to fix your shirt?" Joshua asks. "Oh no," Ethan grins, "He'd do it for me anyways - we're buds - but he's so in-demand and so backlogged right now that I kind of had to incentivize him in a monetary fashion to get mine done first." "You bribed him?" Joshua rephrases. "Please!" Ethan smirks in mock offense. "A superhero wouldn't bribe someone... that's unethical!" "Okay," Joshua sighs, "I'm not going to pretend to understand the first thing about superhero ethics or maybe this is just that Ivy League education emerging but either any case why would you spend all that money on one shirt? YOU may not realize it but that's a lot of money!" "No it's not," Ethan nods as he balls up the shirt remains and tosses it over Joshua's head in a high arc to land in the trash can across the room. "I make plenty of money." "How?" Joshua asks and then hesitates. "Or am I going to regret asking?" "Superheroes don't work for free," Ethan explains. "The superhero corps may be an internship program but they still have to pay us otherwise most of the heroes would go elsewhere... and a lot of evil organizations have very deep pockets so the hero leagues have to keep up with whatever is the going rate." "But aren't you on suspension?" Joshua probes further. "And there are multiple organizations, both good and evil?" "Being on suspension doesn't mean they stop paying me," Ethan throws his hands wide in the air in front of him emphatically. "I think it's like they want to keep their option on me in case they want me to come back. Otherwise, I could be a free agent and get recruited by another league. And not all organizations are purely good or evil - that's kind of over-simplifying it. It's more like they're in competition with one another like rival corporations but some of their ethics can be a little questionable. I don't want to 'turn to the dark side' but if I got another offer I'd have to weigh the pros and cons. And it's like you said, if there wasn't a chance of getting back into the corps then why would they keep investing in me?" "Maybe to keep you from looking at those other options," Joshua offers, "especially if they are, for lack of a better term, more sinister options. Maybe it's cheaper to keep you sidelined and funded than to cut you off entirely and have you free to go elsewhere and then potentially have to face off with you as an enemy." Ethan's grin melts into a more solemn countenance as he contemplates Joshua's theory. As he replays all the memories of the superhero corps in his head, he begins to re-examine them in the light of this new perspective to see if perhaps he's been too naive all this time about what's really going on. He puts one hand on his chin and then slowly leans forward until that hand's elbow perches on the island. "Look," Joshua finally breaks the interlude, "I'm not trying to shake your confidence or anything..." "No, no," Ethan cuts him off. "I understand. I'm just embarrassed that I didn't see it that way before. I guess I was the superstar for so long I was blinded by the intoxication of my own popularity." Ethan looks into Joshua's eyes and realizes that what the therapist called Joshua's need to mentor isn't actually a disadvantage in their relationship, it's an advantage that complements Ethan's inexperience and occasional naivety. Ethan may have the brawn, but Joshua has the benefit of life experience to see things in a clearer perspective. Ethan leans forward to move his face in close to Joshua's and Joshua follows the cue, leaning in to meet Ethan. The crackle of breaking tile and splintering wood breaks the spontaneous romantic interlude as Ethan quickly backs off and looks down in the area of his crotch. They both see that as Ethan leaned in his hips and thighs were bearing down on his side of the island, shattering the edge of the countertop and breaking the face of the base cabinetry. "Sorry, I'll fix that," Ethan apologizes. "Later," Joshua stands and holds out a hand in Ethan's direction, an affectionate grin on his face. "I liked where this was going a moment ago." Ethan circles the island and places his comparably larger hand in Joshua's hand, allowing Joshua to take the lead. Joshua stands up on his tiptoes as he leans upward towards Ethan so Ethan reciprocates by hunching over and putting his face within reach of Joshua. Placing both hands around Ethan's neck, Joshua pulls Ethan's face to his and presses their lips together. Ethan places his hands on Joshua's hips and returns the kiss with enthusiasm. Joshua nibbles on Ethan's lower lip and slowly pulls away with it between his teeth, finally letting it go as he re-centers his head to gaze up into Ethan's eyes. "We both know you don't have to stay hunched over like that," Joshua coos softly. "I was just following your lead," Ethan smiles. "Well my lead leads to the bedroom," Joshua instructs. Ethan effortlessly curls his arms up at the elbows, still clutching Joshua's hips, to bring the smaller man up to eye level with him. Joshua's feet dangle uselessly in the air above the floor but he finds this perfectly acceptable as he knows he is in no safer place than his lover's arms. They resume kissing as Ethan strides across the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom, Joshua in arm. In the bedroom, Ethan sets Joshua back down on the floor and slides his hands upward, his fingers catching the fabric to peel off Joshua's shirt. Fortunately, the height difference does offer certain strategic advantages and Joshua stands at nipple height to Ethan so he hungrily attacks them with his tongue, nibbling and licking them in alternating rotation until they are hard and erect. Ethan moans in satisfaction as his hands rub up and down Joshua's back, then occasionally Ethan holds his hands over Joshua's head and rubs them together at super-speed for the friction to warm them before replacing them on Joshua's back where they are like a hot stone massage with his hands. After several minutes of this foreplay, Joshua and Ethan mutually take a step back from each other to remove their pants and advance from foreplay to more erotic junctures. Joshua easily unbuttons and simply drops his pants to his ankles but Ethan's pants don't drop so easily due to his muscular bubble butt coupled with the nature of the specially-formulated materials used to make superhero garments. The fabric wants to cling to every bulge and sinew unless it is literally peeled off like a second skin. Joshua steps out of his pants and steps in to slip his hands inside the open front of Ethan's pants then slides his hands around to the hips which pries the fabric from the skin. It's a little like peeling a banana to extricate Ethan from his clothes but worth it as the reveal of Ethan's incredible musculature and superhuman proportions never ceases to impress and amaze. "Okay," Joshua breaks the silence but hoping not to break the passion of the moment, "how is it that you look bigger out of clothes than in them?" "Partly the fabric which is woven with nanobotic particles to adapt to the most extreme conditions a superhero might face," Ethan explains as he lifts one leg and then the other to leg Joshua slip his pants out from under his feet. "And partly just a technique superheroes are taught to contract their muscles in street clothes. Quite frankly most clothes just feel like I'm wearing a straight jacket and these are designed not to rip like normal clothes will." "You can just make yourself bigger or smaller?" Joshua asks, his eyes wandering to Ethan's ample bulge as he ponders the implication. "Or do you just mean it's the difference between being flexed versus relaxed." "A little of both I suppose but I can 'power up' and shrink down to a certain extent... Oooooh!" Ethan realizes what Joshua is implying. "I guess if I concentrate I could increase it a little." Ethan holds up his hand and slowly spreads the distance between his thumb and forefinger to imply the portion of what he calls a little increase. "That's a little?!" Joshua staggers back in mock terror. He loses his balance in the process but from his hunched position at Ethan's feet he only drops a few inches onto his backside They both chuckle at the clumsy but playful proposition. "I assume," Ethan softly but somberly kneels and offers Joshua a hand back to his feet, "that is the principle reason we haven't done more yet. I mean, we've been pretty creative so far with blowjobs and rimjobs but we haven't..." "I know and I'm not going to lie," Joshua shakes his head, "it is a little terrifying just thinking about riding that beast." "So," Ethan offers, "why don't we switch places? I don't know if we ever really discussed it with each other but I never assumed I have to be the eggplant. Something that stuck with me from therapy is that I default to the physical alpha role... well, why don't we consciously choose to change that? I'll be the peach!" "Okay," Joshua shakes his head and rolls his eyes, "I don't know what all this eggplant and peach stuff is but I'm assuming from the context you mean who's on top?" "Isn't it obvious?" Ethan looks bemused at Joshua. "It must be a generational thing," Joshua shrugs. "Haven't you ever noticed the eggplant emoji in texts?" Ethan begins to explain. "That represents..." "Yeah, I got it," Joshua interrupts before Ethan finishes explaining. "So then why can't your eggplant find my peach?" Ethan keeps with the humorous analogy for no other reason than to make light of the age distinction. "I hadn't thought about it," Joshua ponders, "but do you think my 'eggplant' could make any, um, impact?" "I'm willing to give it try if you are!" Ethan shrugs and smirks. "I wouldn't want the experience to be disappointing for you though," Joshua dithers. "I don't think you could ever disappoint me," Ethan smolders, radiating that irresistible charm of his that has some power to influence people. Joshua feels instantly imbued with an increased self-confidence which flashes across his face in an instant. Joshua steps in and acting on Ethan's earlier demonstration Joshua attempts the same feat, cupping Ethan's hips and trying to lift him, at least enough to pivot and playfully toss him onto the bed on his back. Ethan senses Joshua's intention and using his ability to fly he simply shakes off the force of gravity and makes himself hover which allows Joshua to maneuver Ethan's huge frame in mid-air as if he was a party balloon. Because he was expecting there to be actual effort required Joshua easily half-tosses Ethan and the demonstration of power this simple gesture instills in both of them is a huge aphrodisiac... for Joshua as the discernibly powerful dominant partner while Ethan sits back to experience what it's like to relinquish control and just experience the passion. With Ethan on his back, Joshua reaches across and pulls down the front of Ethan's briefs, letting Ethan's thick, soft meat flop out and audibly slap his thigh. Ethan bucks his hips towards the ceiling to allow Joshua to work the briefs past his ass and then he straightens his legs out over the end of the bed to allow Joshua to quickly discard them from his body altogether. Ethan reaches both arms up towards the headboard and interlocks his fingers behind his head to let it rest on his palms. This lat spread position fills the queen size bed with Ethan's immense frame as his elbows reach the opposite edges of the mattress. Joshua parts Ethan's legs and climbs up between them, gently lifting Ethan's flaccid phallus in one hand, feeling the robustness of it. Even limp it's about five inches long and thick as a cucumber. Joshua knows first-hand how large and unyielding it gets at full mast which is why he's always been reluctant to let Ethan put it inside of him. Even taking it orally usually gags Joshua but at least in that situation he can pull himself off of it. Now, Ethan is willing to receive Joshua and Joshua wants to make it memorable. He starts by leaning in and gently tracing his tongue along the underside of Ethan's cock from the root to the tip. It doesn't take long for the stimulation to take effect and Joshua can feel it twitch and begin to lengthen almost instantly. Along with superpowers, Ethan is super-sensitive, which can be both a benefit and a shortcoming in lovemaking. Joshua licks up and down the underside a few more times and then heads towards the tip and begins making slow circles tracing the outline of the glans outside the foreskin. Since Joshua is circumcised, he's never exactly sure how far to go with Ethan's foreskin, whether teasing it increases the pleasure for him or just distracts and whether a superhero's presumably invulnerable foreskin is an erogenous area or not. As long as Ethan responds positively then Joshua knows how to proceed and to date Ethan's body language has always been completely affirmative of Joshua's techniques so he's concluded from their past romantic encounters that invulnerability does not denote insensitivity. Joshua's tongue probes the crevice at the tip of the fleshy tube and can already taste the saltiness of Ethan's precum as it begins to percolate and lube Ethan's sensitive glans. Meanwhile, Ethan moans with mounting ecstasy and he reflexively arches his back, sending his meaty pecs and cobblestone abs ceilingward. Although he is mindful enough to take care not to buck his hips too violently and risk choking Joshua on his thrusting man-meat, nevertheless Joshua is finding the throbbing member increasingly insistent to force itself into his mouth. Ethan's fingers begin clawing at the mattress, unintentionally shredding the comforter down to the flat sheet below. Joshua slowly pulls down to unwrap Ethan's moistened sausage from its circumcision casing and resumes circling the uncovered glans with his tongue, sending even stronger shockwaves of pleasure to disrupt Ethan's central cortex. Ethan is gasping as his moans grow louder and more urgent and he feels his sexual potency multiplying within his loins at an alarmingly exponential rate. He realizes if this keeps up he'll climax very soon so he tries to distract himself mentally from the stimulation in order to postpone the inevitable and extend the entire experience for both of their mutual enjoyment. Joshua takes Ethan's cockhead into his lips and begins a series of very slow, random-seeming techniques, including probing Ethan's generously-large slit with his tongue, sucking, licking and deep-throating as much of the swollen behemoth as he can manage until he begins to gag but all intended to help keep Ethan from climaxing too soon. After giving Ethan's shaft plenty of attention to get it ready for launch, Joshua heads down and focuses some attention on Ethan's testicles. Ethan is not particularly low-hanging but his two ample orbs do manage to trace separate silhouettes of themselves beneath their hairy scrotum enclosure which allows Joshua to single each one out for individual service. He can manage one of them at a time so he gives each a mild tug and then takes it into his mouth, slurping and sucking on it as hard as he can figuring Ethan's virtual invulnerability precludes actually damaging the otherwise highly sensitive organs. Ethan doesn't seem to react as strongly to the stimulus of his nutsack so Joshua doesn't spend a lot of time there before moving on. Putting one hand under each of Ethan's immense thighs, Joshua gently lifts to signal Ethan who then reaches down and takes hold of his own thighs, cupping each with his hands and pulling them up towards his own chest to spread his ass cheeks for Joshua to explore. Joshua spits a gob into his own hand and works it around with his fingers before gently pressing one finger to Ethan's tightly clenched anus and begins tracing circles around it. After a couple of minutes of this, Ethan's hole seems unresponsive and Joshua stands up to look past Ethan's knees into his face. "I think you're going to have to consciously relax your sphincter," Joshua announces, "otherwise this is like trying to massage a brick wall." Ethan takes a few deep breathes but after another minute Joshua is making no progress. "Hang on," Joshua gets up and rushes into the bathroom, returning a moment later with a small pill in his hand which he offers to Ethan. "What is this?" Ethan eyes the pill suspiciously. "It's just a muscle relaxer," Joshua reassures. "For me it's pretty potent but I'm guess for your size it'll have a pretty mild affect, just enough to get you to relax." "Maybe not even that," Ethan shrugs as he accepts the pill from Joshua's hand and pops it into his mouth. "Most narcotics have no affect on me anyways." "Then no harm in trying it," Joshua smiles and grabs a bottle of lube from his nightstand before returning to his kneeling position at the end of the bed. It takes several more minutes for Ethan to begin to feel any effect but as Joshua also rubs warming lube around Ethan's hole it slowly relaxes and opens for him. Joshua adds a little more lube and gently presses one finger inside, to which Ethan's sphincter instinctively tries to close tight again. Joshua grimaces a little. "Sorry!" Ethan calls out. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, no harm," Joshua replies, "but I'm glad I didn't go any deeper yet because that thing could probably take off my hand!" "Ah can feel ith workin dough," Ethan begins to slur his words a little as the sedative affect kicks in. He lets his head fall back on the mattress and stares up at the ceiling. "I thought you said narcotics don't work on you?" Joshua chuckles as he observes Ethan's reaction. Ethan doesn't reply but Joshua proceeds with two fingers probing Ethan's hole to loosen him up... then three fingers. Once Ethan begins to relax the result is pretty fast and Joshua has Ethan's hole ready for action. "Okay big fella," Joshua slaps Ethan on the thigh to get his attention. "Are you still with me?" "Oh yeah," Ethan mutters, "it's starting to clear now." "That was fast," Joshua remarks. "Super-metabolism," Ethan shrugs with a goofy grin on his face. "Well I need you to scoot yourself down here towards the end of the bed," Joshua explains. Ethan doesn't seem to react so Joshua leans in down between Ethan's legs and grabs his hips, trying to direct how he needs to move. Instead, Ethan wraps his thighs around Joshua's waist and locks his ankles together behind Joshua's back. "No!" Joshua begins to get frustrated and now regrets giving Ethan the sedative. "This will be better!" Ethan coos and then sits up and wraps his arms around Joshua's neck. Joshua is getting a more frustrated and in spite of his certainty that he couldn't pull away from Ethan's grasp even if he tried, he instinctively pulls back anyways. Joshua is shocked when he's actually able to pull himself back upright and more shocked that he's done so while hauling Ethan's titanic frame with him! Joshua takes a step back and sure enough Ethan is clinging onto him like a chimp hanging onto Tarzan, arms around his neck and legs around his hips, and in spite of his colossal body weight Ethan doesn't feel heavy at all to Joshua. Joshua stands there for a second to figure out what to do next and recalls one of the more complex sexual positions he's seen in videos where a top who has the size and strength to carry a bottom can fuck him in a standing position. Even though they have the size equation reversed, that actually seems to work to Joshua's advantage as he realizes this position affords him the opportunity to pound the ass of this four hundred pound muscle beast while holding him aloft! Just the thought of if re-invigorates Joshua's arousal and he reaches one hand down to spread some lube on his shaft before angling it for Ethan's hole. Ethan's moans of exhilaration are interlaced with occasional sharp yelps of bliss as he feels Joshua's rod probe his insides while Joshua grunts in satisfaction as he bucks his hips and feels Ethan's ass receive him, almost pulling him inside! Joshua takes a step back and turns, cocking his head to one side to catch a glimpse of himself holding Ethan's double-sized frame aloft in the full-length mirror on the closet door. As improbable as it appears, visualizing it as it happens in the mirror stokes Joshua's ego further and stimulates his dominant juices so that he increases his vigor pumping his steely rod into Ethan's hole. Meanwhile, Ethan keeps one hand around Joshua's neck and slides his other hand between their chests and down to his own erection where he vigorously strokes himself towards release along with the friction of his member rubbing against Joshua's abdomen. It isn't long before Joshua feels himself releasing and stops pumping in order to just lean back against the wall and feel Ethan's weight and hold on his rod inside as it pumps its load into Ethan's ass. At the same time, Ethan leans back a little too, opposite Joshua's leaning, to get that final surge of stimulation he needs to shoot by directing Joshua's ejaculating vigor against his prostate, ensuring a simultaneous climax. It works and Ethan screams out loudly as he shoots his load which sprays up between their torsos like a geyser and the rains back down again to splatter on their upturned faces, shoulders and chests. Both men are panting and spent for the moment so Ethan slowly unlocks his ankles from behind Joshua's lower back and easily hoists his hips up off Joshua's still-rigid cock, using his hands on Joshua's shoulders as a leverage point. Joshua spins around and flops down on his back on the bed, still panting but deeply satisfied. Ethan plops down beside him and props himself on one elbow. He gently slides his free hand down Joshua's sweaty abdomen and slowly milks his slowly-softening shaft, still warm and slick with lube and cum. "That was amazing," Ethan smiles after a few pants. "You were doing something there, weren't you?" Joshua remarks between breaths. "What do you mean?" Ethan grins ornerily. "You made yourself weightless or something," Joshua points out, "so it would be like I can toss you around the same way you could toss me around." "I thought you might enjoy that," Ethan shrugs one shoulder. "If my alpha status is predicated on being the stronger partner in the relationship, I figured I could offer you at least a simulation of that same experience. Didn't you feel invincible? Just a little?" "Oh fuck yeah!" Joshua sits up. "That's exactly how it felt! And I felt like I could do anything - of course at that moment anything mostly just involved doing you but WOW! You're also not high, are you?" "Of course not!" Ethan laughs. "I told you narcotics don't have any effect on me." "So why pretend you were drugged?" Joshua cocks his head curiously. "It helped me find a mental place where I could be submissive," Ethan explains, "but also it was just a tactic to encourage the dominance response in you. It's not like I desire the whole date-rape fantasy but it does speak to something primitive inside of us... I don't know." "Sneaky," Joshua grins. "So listen, obviously I want to keep going but I'm going need a rest before I can perform again and probably a snack and a viagra. I'm sure your 20-something libido can probably pump out three or four loads per hour but ..." Actually," Ethan interrupts, "if you're not adamant about another round as soon as possible I was thinking we could clean up and go out. It's still early so there's plenty of time to play later but I've been feeling a little cabin fever lately." "Go out?" Joshua stammers a little. "Do superheroes do that?" "We're people too!" Ethan chuckles. "I guess that could be fun," Joshua agrees, trying to mask his reluctance to the proposal. "You're not into it," Ethan instantly picks up on Joshua's hesitation. "I've never really been into the club scene," Joshua admits. "It doesn't have to be a club," Ethan compromises. "It can be a piano bar or coffeehouse or whatever you're into." "I don't know when it happened but I think I turned into a hermit," Joshua slowly comes warms up to the idea. "But you know what? Why not?!" "Great!" Ethan hops up off the bed and in a momentary flash he returns fully dressed. "Yeah," Joshua smirks, "I'm going to need more time than that to get ready. And there is no way that you could have showered that fast - the water can't even come out of showerhead that fast." "It can if I want it to," Ethan winks. "I'm not buying that for a second," Joshua laughs as he gets off the bed and strides towards the bathroom, "but I cannot come up with a better explanation... unless... can you control the water?!" "Of course!" Ethan raises his voice a little for Joshua to hear him from the bathroom. "I just turn those knobs and the water does whatever I want it to!" "You are such a smartass!" Joshua bellows back as the water begins to run in the tub, then he switches it to the showerhead and steps into the tub. He immediately feels confined in the small space as he turns and Ethan has zipped from the bedroom into the bathtub in his usual lightning speed manner, taking the nanosecond it required to doff his clothes back on the bed. "This shower is barely big enough for both of us," Joshua points out. "I have been thinking about that," Ethan replies while reaching past Joshua's head for the body wash and squirting a generous amount on his hands to begin lathering and scrubbing Joshua's shoulders and chest, "and I know we've been living together for a few months but I think we should revisit the idea of remodeling the upstairs... not that I'm unhappy being down here with you by any means!" "What are you getting at?" Joshua asks as he receives a large dollop of body wash and begins rubbing it around Ethan's glistening 8-pack and chiseled pecs. "I thought it wasn't worth it for you because of the low ceilings." "I'm not saying it won't take more work than you probably initially planned to do up there," Ethan elaborates on his idea, "but reconstructing the roof can fix the ceiling height issue and then if we build it out as a self-contained unit with the view towards moving up there ourselves then it would be a lot nicer than just building it out as a rental unit... and one of the things that could be incorporated into the layout is a larger shower room." "That sounds a lot more expensive than what I had in mind," Joshua half-sneers at the idea. "But what if I'm paying for it indirectly," Ethan replies, "by way of my paying rent?" "I thought that was just a ruse you pulled to arrange to meet me?" Joshua chuckles, recalling that day several months back when Ethan showed up. Joshua suddenly realizes it seems like it was so much longer ago because of the amount of fondness and memories they've packed into such a short interval. "It was," Ethan shrugs playfully, "but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good idea... YOUR idea I might add." "I'm not saying it's not a good idea," Joshua mulls the proposition as he shimmies under Ethan's upraised arm in the cramped shower to scrub his barn-door backside, "but it sounds like for the kind of renovations you're describing it would be a lot more money than the rent would cover. Just reconstructing the roof to be taller would be astronomical." "Raise the rent, raise the roof!" Ethan laughs. "Besides, you and I both know I could lift that roof up right this second." "But can you put it back together again?" Joshua chuckles. "So you're saying if we figure out how much this will cost, you'll just pay whatever the rent would become to afford it?" "Pretty much," Ethan nods and then gasps a little as Joshua gently strokes up between his legs to scrub any residue from their earlier romantic adventure. "What do you say?" "We would need to get some estimates," Joshua wiggles back around to Ethan's front to face him again, "but - and I am hesitant to raise a delicate subject - but how much do you think you could afford per month?" "I would have to double-check my monthly budget," Ethan glances up into space as if doing mental calculations, "but I think I could safely say ten thousand." "A MONTH!!" Joshua staggers backwards, not that there's anywhere to fall but in the slippery tub he starts to lose his balance so Ethan quickly grabs him to prevent him falling between Ethan's legs. "HOW MUCH DO YOU MAKE!!" "Enough," Ethan surreptitiously evades answering the question directly. "I'm sorry," Joshua regains his composure and his footing but turns to shut off the water, "that was rude of me to ask. It's just between that and the thousand dollar alterations I have a hard time wrapping my head around your relationship with money." "Obviously I don't earn as much as I could be earning if and when I become a full-fledged superhero, Ethan tries to explain as he steps out of the tub and grabs two towels, handing one to Joshua, "but the compensation I receive is commensurate with my position in the rankings and my unique skill set." "And you're getting that even while on suspension," Joshua clarifies. "Correct," Ethan confirms. "I guess it just boggles my middle-class mind," Joshua finishes drying himself and drops his towel on the floor as he starts to leave the bathroom, "how you can be so nonchalant about amounts of money that many people don't even earn in a year. I mean, it makes sense with your Ivy League education and your big dic..." "What does my education have to do with it?" Ethan interrupts solemnly and then begins to crack a smile as he realizes what Joshua said right when he was cut off. "And did you just say 'my big dick' is why I earn more money?!" Ethan cannot stifle his chuckling. "I'm not a gigolo!" "No!" Joshua laughs as he realizes how it came out when he said it. "That's not what I was saying... I'm just saying that you and I come from two different worlds when it relates to money. No doubt you know a lot more about making money than I ever will but rubbing elbows with the folks who have it can rub off on you even if you cannot afford to live that big and then you're in for trouble." "I appreciate your concern," Ethan smiles genuinely as he finally finishes drying himself off and stoops to pick up Joshua's towel from the floor, hanging them both on hooks to dry. "Trust me when I say that I'm not going to put myself in financial straits with this project. In fact, I might be able to write it off as a home office deduction!" "A home office?" Joshua looks skeptically at Ethan as he retrieves his clothes from the closet and begins to dress. "Where else does a superhero work?" Ethan raises his hands in inquiry. He realizes that he's still naked and while he could dress in a second he decides to do it the 'normal' way and steps into a fresh pair of briefs, stoops, and pulls them up with a snap of the waistband which catches Joshua's attention. "I wanted to ask something else," Joshua gently broaches another potentially sensitive subject. "Okay," Ethan nods as he slips on his shirt and begins to button it from the top down. "I noticed something in the shower while I was washing your abs and I was reluctant to mention it at the time," Joshua treads lightly, "but you have no belly button." "You know me," Ethan stops buttoning his shirt as he reaches his lower abs where his navel would be, "I'm always losing buttons." "I'm serious," Joshua steps in close and gazes up into Ethan's eyes. "I always thought it was just recessed somewhere deep down inside the ridges of your abs but I looked closely and I don't see one." "I really don't know," Ethan gets serious and sincere, returning Joshua's gaze with an almost childlike innocence. "You're not the first person to point it out but I really don't have an answer." Joshua can tell that there's probably something more about this topic that could be incredibly personal and possibly painful for Ethan so he lets the subject drop.
  5. goggletan


    I've been busy setting up my tumblr blog but i'll still try to come back to post stories here occasionally for readers here This is a new story i recently did. Hope you guys like it Jul 3 JUL 4 MORNING 7AM JOSH AND ZACH DORM ROOM Zach slept peacefully under his blanket. It was a cold morning and the sun was still barely out to warm the air. The room was quiet except for the hush hush sounds of Josh getting out of his bed. He made sure not to make any noise and crept across the room where Zach was sleeping soundly. Putting on a shirt and a jacket he quickly left the room only to pass by a picture of him and Zach together. He gazed longingly at the photo and closed his eyes thinking about last night. Both he and Zach had decided after the drama yesterday that they would forget about the offer by that sick lifeguard Devin. Who knew the neighborhood hunk was actually an asshole sicko who got off to people’s misery. Both he and Zach made a pact to ignore Devin and just sleep through the morning. Unfortunately for Zach, pacts were created to be broken. MORNING 8.59AM SWIMMING POOL LOCKER ROOM Josh had to admit to himself that he was half expecting that there would be no such locker named 69. He was still prepared that at 9am the locker would open to nothing and he would realize that he was being pranked by that sicko the whole time. He was however thankful that he arrived on time. Although most people would come to the neighborhood pool in the afternoon, Josh would take no chances. As the clock striked 9am he gazed upon the closed locker and was surprised that the mechanical lock had just automatically opened on its own. There was no doubt that this was not a joke now. Everything was there. The shorts, the whistle on the lanyard, the sunglasses and the red bottle… It was all there. Josh felt his hands on the shorts and he could even smell the stinky musk of sweat and sunblock lotion on it. It was such a turn on. He knew his life was about to change. Grabbing the red bottle he felt so overpowered. He could still see the fresh cum, white, thick and milky. He licked his lips as he looked around the room noticing the beach chair Devin and other lifeguards before him would seat like a king on a thrown as they gazed out at they’re kingdom of popularity. Still holding the bottle he walked towards the chair and calmly sat down. The suntann oil grease rubbed on his skin, the jock sweat smells filled his lungs and the arrogance of a bodybuilder lifeguard body swept across him. It was incredible. He placed the red bottle down on the ground near the chair to allow his full immersion He could feel his mind getting cockier. he could hear his thoughts getting prouder, he could feel that confidence in him growing. The power was overwhelming. It was at that moment he knew he was supposed to be the king he was always meant to be. The cocky lifeguard posing his well oiled body by the pool with everyone glancing over. The muscled bodybuilder at the gym everyone was afraid to talk too. Josh took off his shirt and his shorts as he moved his fingers to gently circle his small cock head. His moans got louder and louder as he begin to pound on his cock harder and harder. His heartbeat pumped faster and faster as thoughts filled his mind. A muscled future A popular future A cocky future A sensual future His thoughts ran wild across his imagination and wildest fantasies knowing full well it would all soon become reality. His pumping was so fast now that his moans were more like suppressed screams. With a final climax he shot all over himself like he had never done before. All that pressure that had accumulated inside him made him erupt with creamy white lava as he opened his mouth to gasp for air and express his uncontrollable pleasure The climax finally led to a slow sensation as his tired arms relaxed down. His shoulders sloped down and his fantasies took control and his thoughts faded away…. 10AM SWIMMING POOL LOCKER ROOM The sound of splashing water and girls giggling finally awoke him. He was still groggy as he grabbed his underwear to put back on. He looked around him thinking what an incredible dream he had. It was a perfect dream, filled with his fantasies….. And it suddenly dawned on him. THE RED BOTTLE. He frantically looked at the last spot where he had placed the bottle. It was gone Nothing. He ran out as a fear begin to grow in his heart. His nervousness was coming back and his heart was beating faster and faster. He opened locker 69 to find everything inside gone. Putting his hands on his head as he turned around the room hoping to find it somewhere. Praying he had accidentally misplaced it somewhere and that he would find it hiding under a random table to chair. Nothing. Nothing at all. SWIMMING POOL MAIN AREA Running out to the pool area he found 2 girls in a skimpy bikini giggling at each other. Before looking at Josh with a curious face. “Are you alright” they asked . “NO, I LOST SOMETHING IMPORTANT! DID YOU SEE A RED BOTTLE ANYWHERE?” Josh was losing it hoping the girls had somehow seen it. The girls shrugged to each other before one of them replied “No……. “ “But the new lifeguard might have seen it. Its his first day on the job tho.” One of the girls pointed her finger at the direction behind josh “Hes so hot….aren’t you glad we live in this town?” The girls continued to giggle at each other as Josh looked behind him. THE NEXT DAY JUL 5 Think this is the first story where majority of the story is told in image and social media text form haha. Hope you guys like it. Lemme know what you think of the characters too. Oh and lemme end this one with a quote "Don't count your chickens before they hatch"
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    Cambio de planes (cap1)

    Primera historia que posteo en español espero que la disfruten. Si quieren que la siga por favor muestren su apoyo Hace mucho tiempo que estoy enamorado de mi compañero de clase heterosexual, pero no fue hasta hace unos días que decidí tomar cartas en el asunto. Joaquín es de los deportistas del colegio, juega un juego famoso aca llamado Rugby. Muchos lo deben conocer por sus jugadores fornidos y masculinos y él no era la excepción. Aunque no tan grande como los de la televisión, Joaquin a sus dieciséis años ya medía un metro noventa y sus músculos empezaban a notarse. Tenía unos ojos negros impresionantes que combinaban con su pelo y el tono oscuro de su piel latina. Joaquín y yo nunca fuimos amigos cercanos, aunque algunas raras veces vino a mi casa. Pertenecemos a mundos diferentes, él era deportista y yo todo lo contrario. Aunque solo tenía quince mi cuerpo estaba fuera del promedio. Conocía que eran los bíceps y abdominales solo por verlos en otros hombres pero por mi parte nunca los tuve. Media un metro ochenta ,y aunque no era bajo, me mantenía en el promedio. Mi pelo era marrón y mis ojos verdes, pero lo que más destacaba de mi era mi casi inexistente pene de dos cm y mi culo mas que prominente, monstruoso. Fue hace unos días buscando por internet porno, una pagina de publicidad se me abrio. “Pócimas para el amor y la vida Avenida libertador 386” Fue en ese momento cuando decidí en ir a investigar. Un dia despues de clases me desvie un poco de mi ruta normal para ir a mi casa. Mientras caminaba recordé el incidente que había tenido devuelta hoy en el vestuario. Las risas de mis compañeros al ver mi paquete desnudo se había hecho costumbre, junto con los golpes y empujones que siempre lo acompañaban. Javier era el q mas me molestaba. De casi un metro noventa y ocho y un cuerpo bien tallado yo siempre era su presa. Todo se calmaba cuando llegaba Joaquín a separarnos. Cuando me conecte otra vez con la realidad me dí cuenta de que había llegado. El negocio en cuestión consiste en una puerta muy chiquita y cero ventanas. Empuje la puerta para encontrarme en una habitación circular con aspecto muy lúgubre. Estantes de lo que parecían ser líquidos de colores se encontraban a lo largo de las paredes. En el centro una mesa redonda se erguía y en la cima una bola de cristal con una campanita de hotel al lado. Toque la campana y me senté a esperar en uno de los cojines de la mesa. “Ya lo atiendo” gritó una señora que a juzgar por su voz cargaba muchos años de vida. Una puerta q se encontraba detrás mío se abrió y de ella salió una mujer de por lo menos ochenta años vestida con una túnica negra hasta el piso y unos collares con gemas que parecían antiquísimos. -¿Qué es lo q desea?- -Necesito una poción para volver gay a mi amigo heterosexual- -JAJAJAJAJAJAJA- Rió la vieja mujer - eso es lo que todos los homosexuales de tu edad quieren. Ven, toma, pon tu mano encima de ls esfera primero veamos tu destino- Hice lo q la mujer pidió incrédulo y por dentro de la espera un humo empezó a salir. Ahí es cuando lo vi todo. Yo era alto y estaba jugando al rugby con Joaquín. Mis músculos se notaban a través de mi uniforme transpirado. Era heterosexual y tenía una novia. Pero de repente pusieron la decisión de ser capitán del equipo entre Joaquín y yo. Joaquín sabia que yo ganaría entonces vino a la misma bruja que yo y le compró dos pócimas. Una para que yo y el resto de personas no se den cuenta de mi cambio y otra para volverme lo que soy un estúpido, débil y sumiso pasivo quien nadie recuerda quien era antes. Cerré mis ojos y los volvi a abrir, no creyéndome los flashes de memoria que recien habia experimentado. -¡El me lo robo todo solo por ser capitán!- grité mientras mi percepción de mi compañero cambiaba. Me sentía frustrado y dolido, especialmente defraudado. - Es verdad, pero estas en suerte querido porque con la poca plata que poseía tu Ex amigo no llegó a comprar el seguro. Por un módico precio te puedo vender la poción para convertirte en un viril activo y la pocion para convertirlo a el en un pasivo y si quieres tambien te regalo una para enamorarlo. La única que te saldría cara seria la que utilizarias para que nadie se de cuenta de los cambios.- Me quedé unos segundos absorbiendo toda la información y contesté. -Me llevo todas menos la del olvido, no la voy a necesitar- Una sonrisa se marcó en los labios de la mujer al entregarme las pocimas y la sonrisa suya se me contagió a mi. “Cambio de planes”
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    Thats what Bros are for (Part 2)

    Link for part 1 A full week later Sun 20 Aug The next afternoon Mon 21 Aug As a way of saying thanks, Scott picked me up during the late afternoon and drove me with my luggage to the frat house. He didn't speak much during the journey except to say he enjoyed his 2 weeks immensely. He seemed nervous and at times shaky but I assured him that once he got his body back i will try my best to bulk him up to my standards too. As we arrived we could see the typical frat building. In all its grandness it looked incredibly imposing. Not surprising tho, this fraternity has been popular for producing not only smart boys but also guys who became future fitness models, star sportsman and coaches who brought their teams to victory. It was a frat where members were chosen based on an overall combination of good looks and athletic potential and rumor has it that they preferred guys who possessed a cocky or alpha personality trait as well. We were greeted at the door by a group of senior boys who were all imposingly tall and large. You could tell a number of them were professional bodybuilders with their large bodies. Some of them were swimmers with broad shoulders and golden tann lines. A few were baseball players with they're mighty arms and thick muscular legs. But all of them had godly faces. And i mean absolutely Adonis faces. Is it no wonder this is one of the richest frats on campus? These boys can easily take a few modeling photos and sell them as year calendars with demand coming from other states and even overseas. We were ushered in through the main door where a huge mirror stood beside us. For the first time in 2 weeks i could see both me and Scott side by side and it was then i realized how big the differences in our size had become. Because i wasn't used to his skinny genes i had actually been losing alot of his mass since i took control of his body. He on the other hand having taken control of my body with the determination and regular gym visits had become absolutely pumped. I couldn't help but think how lucky i was that Scott managed to help me bulk my body up so much. I would be having alot of fun once im back to being me. I snicked to myself. Looking around i realized there were no one else around. It was just the seniors and us both. Scott eyed one of the seniors before he nodded his head. The senior opened another door to a smaller room and gestured us both in. Looking down at me Scott lifted a brow before saying "I didnt tell you but they called us both in earlier before the other newer members arrived. They said they wanted to settle the swap first before the other members arrived. Guess i can return your sunglasses and cap now huh?" I felt pity for him "Nah bro, i'll let you stay a hot stud for a few more moments" He smiled slightly asking again "Can i do the honors of clicking the button that will swap us back later?" I nodded and handed him the Chonovic app. 15mins later A group of seniors no more than 12 or 13 begin to fill the room and take they're seats. They all stared at us curiously before one of them, a broad shouldered handsome swimmer type stood up and begin to speak. 'Welcome Scott and Greg to our fraternity. I'll cut to the chase. We understand both of you were involved in some cheating related to the admission of members to our frat house 2 weeks ago. Are you both aware of this?" Both me and Scott nodded our heads The swimmer continued "Alright. We have already discussed our course of action. Helping another frat brother is one of the most important traits all frat boys here should have. And as ironic as it would seem this was a clear test of brotherhood. However the main cheater will continue to face punishment as he tried to impersonate someone else in our admissions and will be subjected to the official punishment. I will leave the unofficial punishments such as hazing for the other junior members to decide later. He then yelled loudly "Scott! Do what must be done." Without looking at Scott I breathed heavily feeling terrible for him thinking about what must be going through his mind now. A full 3 seconds passed as i fixated my eyes on the senior members and heard the sound of Scott picking up the app. "BANG!!!!" A loud crashing noise filled the room shocking me to the core. I turned to face Scott before looking at the ground The Chovonic app was just lying on the ground completely crashed and destroyed In a moment of shock i was so stunned I couldnt even look or hear what was going on "Thank you senior members for the kind compliments. I have always tried my best to help my brothers around me. But after Greg's successful audition he refused to swap back. It was only because of the safety mechanism which allowed the host to switch back that I got my body back and was able to make it for my own audition." My jaw dropped as I finally gained control of my nerves and looked back at Scott. He had just finished his speech and turned to look at me similarly. I watched as his previously nervous face was swept away almost instantly revealing the smug cocky face I had never seen before. I could see the arrogance in him spread like the plague, from his eyes to his mouth as his tongue licked his lips in a show of dominance and finally to his body posture. He assumed a more relaxed stance before speaking again. "I always knew bad characters existed in the world but i never thought it was my own buddy. Greg your'e really a disappointment. I willingly swapped my body with you so that you could finally live out the life you always wanted and join the best frat house in school and you threatened not to return my body. Seriously Greg wtf...." "no...nooo....NOOO NOO PLEASE NOO. THATS NOT TRUE!" I yelled as i turned around to face the other seniors who looked at me negatively. "I WAS THE ONE T....." Scott interrupted me "What? What you gonna say again? That it was actually you who swapped bodies with me? And that you were actually the real bodybuilder? If you wanna lie Greg you should at least not lie in my face" "FUCK YOU SCOTT! YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! YOU SET ME UP!!!" I replied wildly. Turning to the main senior speaker hoping for some understanding "I HAVE PROOF MAN, SEE MY PHONE. I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS ASKING HIM TO RETURN MY BODY! FOR 2 FUCKING WEEKSSS!!!" Scott eyed me for a moment before tuning to the main speaker "Yes Greg i set you up. Because i had no choice anymore. You were constantly hounding me to swap back our bodies and even threatened to destroy the chovonic app once we swapped again. I had no choice but to bring this up to the higher authority. I always thought you were my brother Greg. Why would you do this to me?" We both hurled insults at each other for a moment before the main senior speaker yelled for silence. When the room was quiet again he spoke again. "Greg you are an insult to the honour of this frat house. You will be automatically expelled as of tml. But because on official school papers you have been admitted to this frat house you are allowed to stay for tonight" The senior than looked at Scott as i stood there still stunned. "Scott. Because of your selflessness to help a bro in need you will automatically be allowed access to the frat house's private pool area even though you are a junior here. I see that you also have a large and powerful body. I know some people who are in need of a fitness model. If your'e interested i could introduce them to you." Scott smirked before looking back at me. The council of seniors than started to get excited and there was alot of commotion. The swimmer senior than continued "However there is also the unofficial punishment to hand out" He lifted his brow as if in delight. "We have decided that you Greg, are a fucking dirty asshole that needs to be cleaned up properly. Scott, you have the honour. Let the punishment begin" The group of seniors went crazy with they're yelling while I looked at at Scott in total disbelieve. He simply raised his head and gave me a cocky smug. I was suddenly yanked from behind me. I tried to yell and resist but there wasn't much my small and weak body could do. I was pushed on a sofa where a group of boys clamped my arms and legs down with they're powerful thighs. I shook my head from left to right struggling as hard as i could. The guys were all moving around me laughing at my expense as i was quickly stripped naked. My pale skinny body lying there in humiliation. I tried to yell again but this time something squishy was forced into my mouth. I couldnt really see above me but it tasted salty. It came in and out of my mouth repeatedly. Before i can make sense of what was happening. I gazed up to see Scott, naked too in all his grandness doing a double bicep pose while sitting on my chest leaving me immobile and unable to escape while he continued to use his balls to put in my mouth or put it over my eyes. He than slapped my face with his giant cock and forced in down my throat shortly after. I swore i could choke at any moment. Saliva and precum was flowing out of my moth everytime he plunged his monster cock in. His moans got so loud that he eventually pulled out and while doing an aesthetically pleasing double bicep pose his cock burst out in the most powerful cum shot i had ever seen. Ropes after ropes of cum spilled out while he maintained his pose. Letting out a powerful roar his cum spilled all over the room including a large portion on my face while the seniors cheered enthusiastically. "CLEAN HIM CLEAN HIM CLEAN HIM!" The seniors chanted. Scott with his powerful thighs still pushing my body down came closer to my face. I couldn't help but cry while his hot breathe was felt on my face. It was so dominating and emasculating for me. I couldnt take the humiliation anymore. He than spread the cum all over my face symbolically cleaning me up and pushed his finger into my mouth making me suck it dry while i helplessly watched him smirk. With his face so close to mine i whispered like the pathetic pussy i was now with saliva and cum leaking all over my face "I helped you get the life and body you wanted....why would you betray me??" He blew another hot breathe onto my skin as his mainly scent filled my nose. "Well thats what bros are for.... Unfortunately Im not one." Lemme know your thoughts I think Scott is def gonna win Asshole of the year award tho
  8. goggletan

    Poker Face

    The giant creature was right in front of my face. I couldn't believe i was face to face with it. I looked at it firmly with my eye wondering how i was going to fit it all in my mouth. As impossible as i thought it was, I knew I could definitely be able to do it. Because after all, this giant piece of meat used to be my meat. I stared up at the man before me. He looked at me with a stern poker face hiding all his emotions behind a pair of sunglasses. I could only stare back at the reflection from his sunglass reflection looking at the pathetic skinny loser that is me right now. All I could make out was my pale skin covering my bony nerd body. Oh how i miss my old body as i glace from side to side looking at his broad muscular shoulders and buldgind pecs. At least I know he was still going to the gym regularly, thats a relief he's not wasting my hard earned body away. As you can probably tell i wasn't always this pathetic. I was once a champion sportsman as well as a top poker player representing my frat brothers. Oh at least i thought i was the top poker player. A week ago I got way too overconfident at a party where i was eyeing this hot chick. She was however attached to a skinny loser whom i challenged to a game of poker. If i win I get to fuck his girlfriend while he watches and i asked him what he wanted if he won. He said he wanted to be me. I thought it was a fucking retarded request. How the hell do you swap bodies with people? If i only knew..... I have to admit though. He was pretty good at the game. But most impressively was his poker face. He was good at hiding his emotions and he would only give his emotions away when he knew he won. Which was way too late for me. I dont know how he did it but after losing the game i was stripped of my entire body. My muscles, my good looks, my height...everything. And i did become him. It was terrible watching him pretending to be me. No one would believe that we swapped bodies and I had to watch him live the frat life i was meant to live. As much as he was great at his "poker face" he was also a fast learner and he literally became me. Walking down the school hallway with my iconic swag and speaking in my cocky tone of voice. I however couldn't get used to my new lower status as a loser nerd at the bottom of the college food chain. But i wasn't about to give up. I did whatever i could to get people to notice and help me. I contacted my frat brothers and tried to convince them, I tried talking to the girls who used to wanna be fucked by me so bad. They don't believe me now. But if i keep telling people someone will be bound to help me out! My luck started to turn around however when he approached me just 15mins ago. I was shocked because he told me he wasn't feeling happy in his new body and really wanted his old life back. Its almost like he was trying to beg me to swap our bodies back. The only way he claimed however we could transfer our essence was for me to suck the "muscles" out of him. From his cock. I had to ingest as much of his cum as i could. As disgusting as it sounded i was not about to let this opportunity slip me by. I want my body back no matter the cost. I couldn't see his eyes through his reflective sunglasses but by the sound of his sad emotions he seem like he really meant it. He dropped his pants and revealed the monster meat i had missed so much. Only this time i was pleasuring it. And oh do i know where all the sweet spots were. I fixated my eyes on the head and reach my tongue out gently making sure i got my saliva all over it. I lathered the head slowly occasionally wiggling my tongue resulting in soft moans from him. Stretching my mouth as large as i could i tried pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. Not even half way through and i already felt a slight urge to gag and i tried making muffled noises hoping to catch his attention. He calmly placed one arm over my head and the other on my already stretched mouth. "You do want your body back right stud boy? You do wanna go back to living your frat life again dont cha??" I tried saying it was too big but it came out as a few muffled noises as he now forcefully used the arm on my head to ruffle my hair before pushing my head deeper in. His other arm moved close to my lips as he squeezed a few fingers into my lips and tried to stretch my mouth larger. His pushes were starting to get faster and i was almost chocking on both his giant cock and my own saliva. He was pretty good at reassuring me with "c'mon stud boy, a little bit of pain for the high life again. Don cha miss the gym and your muscle life??" He was now pushing me deep down . I could feel with every thrust my urge to chock was greater. I closed my eyes and tear alittle from the heavy imapct of him pushing my head. It was seriously a rape. He was raping my face and all i could do was to kneel there powerless to stop him with my muffled noises that could only be directed at his monster cock. His moans got louder, faster and might i say sexier with every thrust and speed increase. With one final roar i could tell the floodgates were open. I braced myself for the eruption of mount vesuvius. His never ending cum envelop my mouth in ropes after ropes of creamy ambrosia filling my mouth up. I tried to let go of his cock and pull out. But he felt my resistance and pushed me further back in. "Now now stud boy you need to take as much of my monster cum for you to go back to what you were. You miss those days where everyone boy or girl were begging you to fuck them right? I was tearing and my mouth was as stretched as it could be. I could only protest with noises as i swallowed everything down. After what seemed like an eternity, he released my head and i fell backwards and collapsed from the entire ordeal with saliva, cum and sweat dripping all over my face. I finally awoke from my deep sleep. I was feeling groggy and my sight was still slightly blurry. As my vision sharpened i look down at myself. I then turned right and left to look at my arms. These skinny bony arms and pale white skin certainly wasn't my body. Hearing a sound from behind me I saw my old body doing a double bicep pose as he looked in the mirror. He noticed me and turned around "Hey youre awake bro. Just testing out my guns. Been missing em. How you doing in your old body?" I stared back at him in shock as i tried to get back on my feet. "Wait but this can't be happening! Im you! And you're me! We haven't swapped back!!" He shook his head slighly and walked towards me before patting my back "Bro the swap is done. You're just having fragments of my memory when you were inside my body. I have fragments of your memory too and i thought i was you" I scratched my head still confused. He was hard to tell as he was still wearing his sunglasses. I couldnt see his eyes but he sounded pretty convincing. I nodded back "Alright then. So is this swap finally permanent or will our memories continue to overlap?" He looked sternly back at me "The blowjob is what makes the swap permanent" He gave of a subtle but noticeable smirk after that comment. Looking back at him curiously i replied "What so funny?" Removing his sunglasses to reveal a completely smug and cocky face. "Nothing. Nothing funny at all.... " Thanks for reading Lemme know what you think of the story and the characters
  9. goggletan

    Donation (Part 2)

    Link for Part 1 below , i tried to write it in a way where you didn't need to read Part 1 but not sure if it works. Anyways after posting the short story(Part 1) i had people asking me to continue it via a different character POV / continuation on their characters, so thought ill give it a try I looked around me carefully first. I had to make sure no one else was in the room watching me. After a few seconds of confirmation that i was the only person in the locker room i excitedly opened the bag before me. I didn't have much time so i had to be as quick as i could. I knew Vince took quick showers after the gym. I could smell the distinctive musky gym and protein powder smell coming from his bag. It was such a turn on. I could see all his jock equipment inside together with his clothes. I brought his stringers and boxers to my nose and took a few deep breathes. How it smelt like heaven, what an honor to rub your face on the clothes that a champion Mr Olympia bodybuilder wore daily. Simply heaven! An idea poped up in my mind and I searched around the room and found a mirror. Never in my wildest fantasies would i thought of giving this a try. I took of my sweaty underwear and shirt and instead put on his clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I tried striking the hottest pose i could do. Squeezing my small cock into his jockstrap that made my dick look huge i tried to look as sexy as possible in the mirror. "Damm do i look great. If only i could have his body... Well since im in his clothes i can fantasize that i am in his body right?" Still not satisfied, i rummaged through his bag and spotted his flashy iconic sunglasses. I put them on too and tried striking a double bicep pose while admiring myself in the mirror. I tried squeezing my biceps as hard as i could hoping, just hoping that i could even at the slightest, look as identical as Vince as i could. To be a champion bodybuilder Mr Olympia just like Vince... As i stared back at the image before me i tried to imagine what i would look like without all the fat and blob and what i would look like having a champion bodybuilder's body, or rather Vince's bodybuilder body... Its a strange feeling, but i felt so complete wearing Vince's clothing. I was always a large kid and growing up i became even larger. Not on the muscle side but on the fat side. I always felt that this wasn't my body. And recently in the past month i had been obsessed with the bodybuilder lifestyle. For some reason or another i desired to wear what those beastly bodybuilders wore in the gym, i tried to mimic their cocky attitudes and speak to myself in the mirror. When i walk past the gym im so tempted to go in there and do a few sets of bicep curls. I didn't understand why but I felt so at home being in a bodybuilders clothes surrounded by his stink and sweat. It was amazing. It felt so natural... So engaged i was being in Vince's clothes that i didnt realize his reflection in the mirror. I turned around looking shocked and my jaw dropped. He looked at me curiously for a moment eyeing me up and down. Before asking "The hell you doing in my clothes you fat fuck?" I froze and started to shake, terrified of what he was going to do to me. To incur the wrath of a Mr Olympia bodybuilder was something on a completely different level. I placed my hands on my face hoping not to get hit and closed my eyes. It was a terrifying few seconds of silence. "Get the fuck out of my clothes you fat fuck" spoke Vince in the most arrogant way he could put it. I opened my eyes to see him raise a brow. I quickly lifted the stringers off my flabby body and took of the boxers before handing it back to him. He took the boxers and immediately threw them into the bin a few inches away. "If you think im gonna wear that after being in contact with your shrimp of a dick you are solely mistaken" I gulped while watching him wear the stringers over his body. He was a total god. A total muscle god. I just wished i could touch his shoulders, feel his thick pecs and lay my fingers on his abs. It just felt so right. His body was just perfect. Staying silent i hurriedly wore my own underwear trying not to show him too much of my baby dick. "I know youve been following me for the past month you crazy stalker.... And i don't blame you." said Vince in his typical calm voice. I stayed silent still unknowing what he wants. Vince flexed his right bicep and gave it an awesome kiss. He then licked his overgrown bicep in the most cocky way he could letting it shimmer in the light. He then stared me down arrogantly "You want this don't you fat boy" I blew my load. Trying to contain my moan, my eyes betrayed me as they rolled back in ecstasy. The stain on my underwear grew quickly as Vince begin noticing. I shot my last rope of cum before i came back to my senses and realizing what an embarrassment i was watching Vince tearing me apart with his arrogant laughter. I broke into tears as i dropped whatever i had to grab my belongings attempting to make a run for it. "Thats for wearing my clothes you sick fuck. Dont you ever dare touch my stuff ever again fucking fatso!" To hear him say and act in such a demeaning way was the last humiliation straw i could take. "How could anyone play such a cruel prank on another human being? Knowing full well I would be turned on by your body. Youre such a cruel person, you dont deserve this body..." I yelled back at him He showed little emotion before revealing a smirk "Believe me fatty you want cruel pranks? I'll give you cruel pranks... 2 Hours Later I spent close to an hour crying in my own bathroom. To survive under such a cruel prank was no easy feat. I had never before face such humiliation and degradation. It was even worst when you receive that treatment from someone whom you idolize. It was a terrible feeling... A ring came from my phone and i realized it was from an app called SWAPER. It was an app that helped find people willing to "donate" bodies to others as well as people who wanted a different body. Both parties however had to agree to having their bodies swaped. It could take ages, even years to find someone willing to swap because lets face it. Which fashion model with the perfect face or gym bodybuilder with the broad shoulders would wanna swap with any loser out there? I just shrugged that thought out wondering who it could be.. I open the app and was shocked.... It was him. It was Vince! But why would this mother fucker be so willing to trade bodies with me? I just didn't understand.... He said liked cruel pranks. But the only cruel prank that could happen from this is him... It was a risk i was willing to take. I took a deep breathe and pressed the swap button..... "BEEP! BEEP!! BEEP!!!" Never intended to create a part 2 so not too sure if the story flowed. But lemme know... Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed
  10. godofjurai

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 03

    Sorry for the LONG delay. I have been busy. Real life gets in the way some times. And I am also trying to change my health/lifestyle by becoming something like the characters and the big muscle men of this forum (Have a progress thread in the Watch Me Grow section if anyone has not seen that, not the hottest guy yet, but working on it), so please forgive me for the delay... I now present you with the next part of this epic series... Part 03 Gym Time Andrew headed upstairs to take a shower after Matt decided to head out to the gym in a rush. His body was covered with sweat and his muscles and bones ached for some reason, almost like he worked out all day, which he never worked out a day in his life. The weirdest thing though was the stench lingering in the air surrounding him. It wasn’t a strong smell, but it was something that Andrew also was not used to, musk. Maybe it was just Matt’s sweat and odor rubbing onto him from the encounter they just shared in the kitchen. As Andrew finished up in the shower he headed to the room he shared with his brother. He made his way to his closet and grabbed a shirt out of it, pulling it off the hanger. As he pulled it over his head there was a tightness around his chest and arms. “Weird,” he pulled off the shirt and grabbed another one, and it was the same tightness. He kept trying on shirts. Over and over he pulled them off till there were a pile of them littered on the floor around him. “What the fuck?!” Andrew drops the last shirt he tried on to the floor, looking down at himself. He finally notices the changes he went through. Abs he never had pushing out from under his skin, not much yet, but there was a definite view of a four pack as he rubbed his fingers across each stepping stone of flesh. His pecs were firming up as he moved his hands to them next, which he then finally noticed a ball of muscle popping out from under his upper arm where a bicep would normally be on a man that had muscle, which Andrew clearly now possessed. Andrew’s cock began to harden. He moved to his dresser and grabbed his swim shorts. “Might as well go for a swim with a body like this,” he pulled them on and headed out to the pool. **** Matt finished up his daily morning classes. All throughout his lecture though he kept thinking back to the morning he just had with his brother. That blow job was intense, nothing like he had ever experienced before. His cock kept getting hard thinking about it, actually popping out of his jock and traveling down the leg of his pants. He had to make several shifts in his seat just to make sure his mighty cock was not seen by his other classmates. Class had ended though and he was at the gym, eager to start his workout and get his mind off of his brother. Matt quickly made his way to the locker room and changed out of his regular casual attire, pulling on a tank top and a gym shirt. They were a bit awkward on his large frame, almost as if they were a bit loose, especially the tank top. Maybe he stretched it out over the few weeks he wore it to the point it was at this loose fitting. Matt headed out to the workout area, eager to finish up before lunch. He threw himself on a weight bench, starting his usual reps but he seems a bit off. Getting up he lowers the weight and manages to do a few before getting tired rather quickly. “Need some help, runt?” Matt’s buddy Dan almost appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the bar right in the center. “Come on, Matt. I’ll give you a spot. You look like you might need a little help today.” Dan was always a bit shorter and a bit less built, standing at 6’4” and weighing 285lbs. Today though, Matt seems to see Dan as a bit bigger than normal, almost as if they are close to the same size. Matt shakes off his delusions and continues his workout as he decides to take Dan’s help for the remainder of his session; spotting one another on their sets, but Matt tires out on each of his sets as the weight is a bit too heavy for him now. Dan wraps his arm around Matt’s shoulder as they finished up their workout. “Bad days happen, Bud. I’m sure you’ll kill it tomorrow.” Matt nods at Dan, a bit annoyed as they make their way into the locker and strip down for their shower. Dan moves under a shower head right next to Matt and turns the handle to start up his shower head. He begins to soap up his hairy, beefy chest with the soap provided by the gym. Matt watches on as the water sprays down on himself, his cock still hasn’t gone down all day from his earlier sexual encounter with Andrew. Matt begins to stroke his cock to try and relieve himself, the steam of the hot water making it hard to see what was going on with the two of them. Dan begins moving the soap down to his abs, when the bar manages to slip and slide across the floor. “Fuck…” Dan bends down trying to feel for the bar with all the rising steam and heat rising to the ceiling around him As Matt continues stroking, he notices Dan’s form on the floor; his beautifully sculpted muscular ass on on fours right in front of him. His ass cheeks parted slightly with a dusting of dark hairs pushing out of his cracks. As he manages to reach it, it slips out of his hands a bit farther across the floor. “Mother Fucker!” As he moves and bends forward, his ass flexing and cheeks opening up a little more and exposing his hairy puckered, spasming hole. Matt and Dan had fucked around before. What once started as bros in the gym quickly became into several sexual encounters, both drunk on their own masculinity and testosterone. Never had the thought crossed Matt’s mind though to do anything in the gym. But that ass, right in front of him, begging to be fucked. Matt’s dick was rock hard and raging with lust, there was only one clear course of action. Matt took a step forward, grabbed Dan’s hips, and slowly pushed his cock into his friend. “NGH, WHAT THE FUCK, BRO?!” Dan started breathing heavy, surprised at this quick action from his friend. He straightens up immediately, gasping in shock, his ass muscles clenching tightly around Matt’s throbbing dick. Matt pushes his cock deeper into Dan, wrapping his powerful arms around him, pulling his friend against him in a crushing grip. “You trying to drive me nuts, dude?” Matt growled in pure bliss. “You, bending over like that? Shoving that ass in my face while I’m hard as a fucking rock and trying to beat off in peace?” Dan snarls in protest. “FUCK YOU, BRO! I DIDN’T…” Matt slams his hips forward violently, driving his cock all the way into Dan with one brutal thrust. Dan gasps, his words dying in his throat. Matt pushes Dan up against the wall and starts pumping his dick into him hard; Dan’s own stiffening member slamming into the tile wall each time Matt crashes right back into him. A low groan of lust escapes Dan’s lips as he begins to enjoy it. “That’s it,” Matt purrs into Dan’s ear. “I knew you’d love this…” he begins pumping his dick faster into him, brutally fucking him against the shower wall, the hot spray of the water falling on them both as they grunt and groan in animalistic passion. Dan’s ass begins to clench tighter around Matt’s cock as a moan finally escapes his lips. Matt’s arms reach around, under him, and lock against his abs. Dan begins to push backwards, pushing his ass onto Matt’s cock as he begins to enjoy as he begins to really enjoy this sexual experience that started with Matt forcing himself onto him. Matt’s thrusts are vicious, like a jackhammer pummeling pavement as he extracts his cock to the opening of Dan’s hole before slamming it right back in like a piston. Each time, they meet each other half way; Matt pushes in, Dan pushes back. Matt’s balls slapping Dan’s cheeks with such force, it causes a slap so loud it can be heard across the entire shower room. “Uhn…FUCK… I… I…” Within seconds, Matt practically snarling and grunting in triumph, begins to fire his hot seed into Dan, driving his dick all the way in to the hilt as his cock literally begins to spasm and go wild, pumping a surprisingly large load of cum into him. Dan begins to tense all over, every muscle flexing as he growls and grunts along with Matt. As Matt holds onto Dan, his powerful arms wrapped around his torso, he begins to slowly feel his arms getting pushed apart. Matt looks down at Dan’s back in confusion; Dan’s traps are flexed hard, throbbing, and slowly growing bigger as they rise into mountains of muscle. Matt’s eyes widen as he watches not only them rise, but the section of his back begins to move upward as well. Not only is Dan gaining more muscle mass, he’s growing taller as well. Matt’s grip around Dan’s torso breaks, his hands sliding farther and farther apart as he lifts his arms up trying to hold onto him. He rakes his fingernails across Dan’s chest, noticing that it fels thicker, fuller. Even Dan’s ass around Matt’s cock feels different, the glutes getting bigger, stronger, the target zone of his ass rising further and further off the ground with each passing second. Dan finally unclenches his glutes around Matt’s cock, making Matt stagger back, pulling out of his friend with a loud pop. Dan stands still for a moment, slowly turning around to face his friend. “How?” He looks himself over. “Did you?” Matt’s jaw drops. Dan is easily three inches taller than he was before, maybe four. Well over 300 pounds of pure masculine beef, possibly 330 pounds, or even more. He smirks at Matt, the hot water of the shower washing over his massive muscles. Dan reaches down for Matt’s body, but Matt shakes out of his daze and rolls out of the way. Dan is much bigger now then Matt, but he is not used to the new size and weight of his body making him a bit clumsy. “Where you going Matt? HAHAHA…” His laugh echoing off the walls. Matt get up onto his feet, backing towards the door to the locker room, not taking his eyes off of his enormous friend. “Ah come on, Matt! Can I fuck you now?” Dan grins from ear to ear, feeling much more confident. He takes a step toward Matt. Matt grabs his towel from the partition wall and holds it against his waist, making it into the locker room as quickly as possible, now filled with more people changing. Matt makes it to his locker, grabbing his clothes and quickly throwing them on as Dan enters into the locker room, scoping out the area for his prey. Dan’s so confident of his new body he doesn’t even care to cover himself. Matt manages to get one last glimpse of Dan now in clear focus; he’s a fucking monster. Cock close to 12 inches long and bouncing like a compass as it sways from side to side as he continues to scout out the room looking. “Anyone seen Matthew?!” People just stare in awe, no one saying a word as Matt manages to slip out the door into the main gym area, fully clothed, as he makes his way to the exit to head home. *** Matt makes it back home, not sure what just really happened back at the gym with his friend Dan. Part of him wanted to believe it was all some hallucination on his part, but he knew better. He did not just see him grow, he had FELT him grow; right under him as he fucked him. The moment after he came into him, he just started to get bigger, and not just a tiny bit, but a lot bigger. Matt began to shudder as he remembered how Dan wanted to fuck him with that huge dick. Dan had never been so large before but now… he tries to put it out of his mind as he gazes out the window to the back yard, noticing Andrew in the swimming pool, his twin’s arms cutting the water with clean strokes. Matt goes outside to get a closer look. He pauses for a second on the grass, noting Andrew’s shoulders, how they looked a bit more defined, a bit more muscular. The wetness of his brother’s skin showing the definition a bit better as the sun reflected off of him. Matt walks over to the pool, setting down his gym bag. “Hey Andrew,” Matt watches as his brother reaches the edge of the pool. “You been swimming much lately? Looks like it’s doing you good.” Although part of Matt was wondering if it might have been something else that was changing his brother. “Nah, Matt. I just felt like going for a swim.” Andrew looks up at Matt from the water, smiling at his bro, placing his arms over the side of the pool. Matt notices the bulges in his brothers arms and shoulders as the water slides off of his brother’s body. “What’s wrong with you though, Matt? You look like you saw a ghost or something.” Andrew propels himself off the wall, swimming towards the other side on his back. Matt notices the definition in his brothers chest and the feint appearance of what looks like the beginning of a set of abs. Blond hair sprouting across his brothers arms and legs. Matt sits down on a chair near the pool, watching Andrew do laps. Noting the new muscle definition, the way the muscles move under Andrew’s skin with each stroke. He remembers that morning, Andrew drinking down his cum, and then thinks about what just happened to Dan at the gym. Clearly there’s a connection, and it seems like that connection might be connected to his cum. Matt stands up and heads inside, taking his gym bag with him and tossing it into the corner of the living room. He walks up to the second floor bathroom, stripping completely, stepping onto the scale. 285lbs… Matt nearly chokes. He was 300lbs yesterday. No one loses 15lbs instantly. Not water weight. Not muscle weight. And not fat. It makes absolutely no sense. Matt put his clothes back on and headed back to the living room. He takes a seat on the couch, staring at the TV, not bothering to even turn it on. Andrew finally finishes swimming and goes back inside, drying himself off as he takes a seat next to his bro on the couch. “Are you ok man? You aren’t acting like your normal self.” Andrew playfully punches Matt on the shoulder. “You came home from the gym, looked at me weird, and then just jetted back inside. If it is something I did, you can tell me. We are brothers.” Andrew places his hand on Matt’s shoulder, moving his other hand to Matt’s fuzzy, bearded cheek, turning his face to look at him. There was sadness in his eyes. “Hey, bro… We were born together. We have a connection unlike other bros unless they were twins like the two of us. Whatever is going on with you, I am here for you, and will always be. Matt looks down at Andrew, smiling softly. “It’s nothing, Andrew. I just had a lousy workout, that’s all. Wasn’t up to my usual weight and reps on anything. So I’m just a bit bummed.” Andrew doesn’t quite know how to take that response. It sounds truthful, yet it also seems like his brother might be holding something back. Matt wraps a powerful arm around his shoulder, pulling Andrew in closer. “Only thing you did was give me a great BJ this morning, okay? So don’t worry about it. I’m cool.” He rubs the back of Andrew’s head affectionately. Andrew leans into Matt’s larger mass, breathing in the musk and cleanliness of the shower he took at the gym. Andrew’s cock begins to stir again, now that he is so close to his twin. “Damn, Matt. What I would do if we were identical twins. I wish I was as big as you. As manly as you… even your scent bro.” Andrew turns his head slightly to get a whiff of the scent of his brother’s armpit. “You really comfort me.” Matt blushes a little, but obligingly lifts his muscular arm a bit, letting Andrew have some access to nuzzle his furry pit. Even though he showered just a bit ago, his manly musk was already coming back, due to how quickly he had to rush out of the gym and also his natural pheromone musk. “If we were identical, I suspect that we’d never get anything done. We’d be busy fucking each other’s big muscle butts all the time!” Matt began to laugh, bringing his arm down across Andrew’s shoulders again. “Since that isn’t the case, we’ll just have to make do, I guess.” Andrew leans into Matt a bit more. His eyes growing heavy from the comforting smell and embrace of his twin as he dozes off to sleep. Andrew content, and happy to know that his brother who he thought he had lost from when they were kids is slowly proving to him that they still are connected. Matt just sits there, listening to the slow breaths of his brother; sleeping in his warm arms, his head snuggling against his inner pec muscle with his large arm wrapped around him… To Be Continued... Coming Soon: Part 04 – Want Me, Want You
  11. godofjurai

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 02

    Here's part 02... I hope I did this justice. A tiny bit of changes in this chapter. If you read the transcript, I am pretty sure you all know what's coming next! If not, enjoy this chapter for the first time and enjoy this amazing ride! Part 02 First Meal Matt woke up the next morning a bit later then his usual time. The sheets of the bed, twisted around his massive body. With a loud yawn, he sits up; he feels strange, not like his typical energetic self. As he rubs over his eyes with his hand, his large arms brush against his lats and massive pecs, pushing them together. As he pulls the twisted sheets off of his body, grunting in annoyance at how they are wrapped tightly around his thick tree trunk legs, Matt rolls out of bed and staggers over to his closet and dresser, completely naked. His massive cock swinging back and forth with every movement, semi-erect, and quite a bit harder then he’s normally used to. The one thing however that is truly discomforting for him though is his balls. They ache. Like someone hit him hard right between them the other day. It’s a lingering pain that he quickly remembered to the night before, wondering if what happened with Andrew truly did happen. Matt digs through his underwear drawer grabbing a fresh jockstrap and puts his legs through the leg openings and slides it up towards his hips, adjusting the massive bulge in its pouch. Andrew has been downstairs it seems for a good while though. The smell of bacon and sausage being fried in a pan travels up to their bedroom on the second floor. Matt stifles a moan as it’s his favorite type of meats to eat. Its candy to his senses. While Matt finishes, Andrew preps everything for them to have a nice hearty breakfast, it’s a typical morning for the boys as Andrew always makes sure his bigger twin has the right breakfast before hitting up his gym. Matt finds a pair of gym shorts and puts them on as well, enjoying the way they hug his tight, beefy glutes. Not bothering with a shirt, Matt decided just to head downstairs, swinging his huge arms back and forth, stretching them out before his breakfast of champions his bro is preparing him for his typical morning. His nose twitching as he enters the kitchen, doing a couple more stretches. “Cooking already, bro? I like it!” Sniffing the air again, Matt says amiably. He walks over to the coffee pot and pours himself a large cup of Dark Roast brew, adding a bit of cream into it. Next he heads over to his supplement drawer and starts to get out his various vitamins and boosters, gulping them down with his fresh cup of coffee, before sitting down at the table. Andrew grabs a large plate from the cabinet, plating a large amount of Eggs and Bacon, with a side of potatoes. Matt doesn’t like a lot of carbs so he makes sure to give him less potatoes and more proteins to help his bro grow even larger with his workouts. He brings the plate over to Matt before grabbing himself a cup and pouring some juice in it for himself, sitting down opposite of Matt. “I’m sorry about your new supplements from last night…” Andrew looks down at his food, feeling a bit bad at what had happened. “They probably cost you a fortune from what you told me they were.” Matt listened to his twin, but he still couldn’t let what happened to him cause him not to keep his body maintained and get even bigger. He quickly ate his food, making sure not to leave a single scrap behind on his plate. “Well, I’m bummed that they got broken like that, but I didn’t pay for them, so I guess I’m not out much of anything. Although it would have been nice to try them out this morning.” Matt tries to think of last night, but his mind is a bit fuzzy. All he remembers is something gray, skittering around his bedroom, as it traveled up his leg, latching on to his huge cock, before plunging right into his piss slit and filling his balls?! No, that can’t be right. He thought to himself, before another memory starts to plague his mind. Did I fucking blow my brother too?! Matt shook his head. Thinking it must have been a weird dream. It can’t have happened. Whatever he saw last night, the gray and black tentacle things, they couldn’t be real. It had to be a nightmare for sure. Matt looks down at his empty plate, trying to make everything make sense in his head. “I’m bummed, but I’ll just see if my guy can get me some more. You never know, maybe he has another batch.” Andrew reaches his hand across the table, placing it over Matt’s larger paw. Matt looks up at him, confused, but at the same time he feels comforted. “Can we do that stuff again like last night, bro?” Andrew smiles up at his twin, a deep intensity in his eyes. “I miss those moments. It was like we were kids again. I felt like I had my old bro back…” Matt blushes and looks away, “Well, um, I’m not sure. I uh… I kinda thought that was a weird dream, you know?” Matt clutches Andrew’s smaller hand in his larger one, holding it gently. “I, uh, well I don’ quite know…” he stammers, returning his gaze back to his twin, seeing the look of hope and affection that Andrew has for him. Matt’s cock was throbbing from this moment; raging hard in his jockstrap, all ten inches. He chuckles, giving Andrew’s had an affectionate squeeze. “Well, if my cock is any indication, then I’ll probably be saying yes. Fuck I’m horny!” Matt releases Andrew’s hand and stands up, taking his empty plate to the sink. His shorts are tented to the extreme, making his predicament obvious to anyone who would see him at that moment. “Man, I’m going to have to wear different underwear today,” He looks down to the protruding bulge. “I’ve got class, and then gym at 10. But I’ll be here tonight, Andrew. And we will see how things are going then.” Andrew clears his plate, bringing it to the sink. As he puts it into the sink, the fork laying on it falls freely to the floor, clattering between both him and Matt’s feet. They both bend down at the same time to pick it up, but due to Andrew’s smaller height, he reaches the fork first and as he comes back up, his head hits hard into Matt’s chin. Andrew clutching his head in pain as he falls back onto his knees. “Fuck, Matt. You got a thick skull!” He sits on the floor rubbing the pain, with his back against the kitchen sink, his legs apart. Matt rubs his own jaw from the impact several times before realizing he is fine. He bends over and picks Andrew up off the floor and helps his brother to a chair. “Easy there, Andrew. Are you feeling okay?” He holds him steady; his large, meaty hand on one of Andrew’s shoulders. As Matt watches his brother, concerned, the fork in Andrew’s hand clatters back onto the floor again. “Damn Andrew, you’re worrying me…” Matt lets go of Andrew as he bends down and looks for the fork. He has to bend down farther and look under the chair and table and still can’t see where the fork has gone to. Matt decides to crawl under the table to see if he can find it, his massive body making it look a bit funny as he tries to maneuver himself under it. He finally sees it, crawling forward, reaching out and clutching it in his large hand. As Matt backs his way out from under the table, he notices the lower half of Andrew’s body, seated in the chair. Andrew’s legs spread wide. As Matt’s gaze goes up to hand Andrew the fork, his eyes catch a glimpse of something in his twin’s shorts. He pauses, looking up the pant leg, and sees Andrew’s cockhead, pushing out just a little; a little drop of pre cum is bubbling off the tip, and Matt’s horniness begins to return, but this time at an alarming, skyrocketing rate. Andrew watches his bro, reaches down, and scratches at his bulge through his shorts. The mesh of the shorts rubbing against the droplet of pre causing it to create a string of his emission from his piss slit to the bottom portion of his short opening. “You okay, Matt? You’ve been down there for a while.” Andrew asks worried about what his brother was possibly doing under the table, with his other hand still rubbing the emerging bump on his forehead from their little accident. Andrew scoots his chair out a bit from the table, the light from the ceiling fan illuminating his crotch a bit more from where it was originally pushed under the table. “Yeah, I’m good,” Matt responded, his voice distant and unfocused. As if he were in a trance, he inches forward, moving between Andrew’s legs. Matt rubs his scruffy jawline against Andrew’s inner thigh. His head emerging from under the table as it moves towards his brother’s crotch. Andrew can feel the warm breath of Matt touch the tip of his cock as his brother moves more towards it. The fork clatters again to the floor, forgotten, as Matt brings is strong hands up and rubs them up along Andrew’s thighs, his hands going from his twins knees to his hips. Matt reaches under Andrew’s shorts and pushes back the hem until Andrew’s leaking cockhead comes into plain view. Matt moves his head forward, obscuring Andrew the view of his own tool. All Andrew can feel is Matt’s lips press against his cockhead, kissing it gently. He lets out a soft moan, not knowing what else to do, as he slowly moves his smaller hands to the back of Matt’s head, rubbing his fingers through his brother’s hair. Matt stops for a second, looking up towards Andrew; a snail trail of Andrew’s precum connecting from Andrew’s cock to Matts lips as he looks up at Andrew for some sort of approval. The string of precum disconnecting from Andrew’s cock as it swings across Matt’s bearded face and neck; and in an instance, there is not a single trace of it. Andrew looks on a bit confused himself now. Cum doesn’t just disappear. But that isn’t the only concern; the hair on Matt’s face isn’t as thick as it was before. Andrew places his hand under Matt’s chin and leans down. Matt comes up and meets him as their lips touch and they begin a long kiss. Matt rises up more, his back pushing the table away from them as he reaches around his brother, his thick arms wrapping around Andrew’s body. He lifts Andrew off of his chair and stands up straight, pushing Andrew up against the wall behind him. Matt returns a much stronger kiss; it’s deep, passionate, hungry, as he rams his tongue into Andrew’s mouth, sucking his lower lip between his teeth. Matt pulls away, breathing deeply, looking at Andrew with unfocused eyes. His vision begins to sharpen and return as he looks on at Andrew in his arms. “Why… do I want this so bad?” Andrew’s back still firmly pressed against the wall, his cock harder than ever. “I want this too, Matt. It’s not just you… Want me, like I want you bro…” Andrew pushes his face back towards Matt, placing his lips back on his brother, rubbing his back of his brother’s head as he is held off the ground, his arms around Matt’s thick neck, resting on his mountainous traps. Andrew pulls back, looking Matt right in the eyes. “Please Matt! Want me, like when we were teens.” Andrew feels Matt’s cock pulse under him uncontrollably in his jockstrap. It wants to break free. Andrew pushes his own shorts down around his thighs as his 4 inch cock comes free and pulses. He reaches a hand down to it, giving it a hard stroke, getting some of his precum on his finger and brings it up to his lips to taste his own seed. Matt watches as his brother tastes himself, making him even hornier, wanting his brother even more. There’s a fire in Matt’s eyes, one Andrew has only seen when Matt works hard and gets a serious pump going. One that he only gets while he’s on the field or rolling around a wrestling mat. When Matt gets that look in his eyes, nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, and he makes sure to get the greatest reward possible. “Fuck!” Andrew moans as he too is getting excited from his brother’s determination manifesting. It’s the way he has been wanting to be looked at for a long time again by his giant sized twin. Matt’s arrogant, jock alpha beast mode was about to be released. Matt pulls Andrew up against him, bringing his brother’s face up against his huge chest. He flexes the massive shelf slowly against his twin, making sure Andrew can feel the thick muscle roll as it tenses. Then he gently guides his brother’s head down his abs, down to his massive cock. Matt grabs the root of the thick beast, guiding it up. The big helmet head brushing against Andrew’s lips. Andrew can smell the musk washing off the cock, the bit of pre gushing out of his piss slit, slick against Andrew’s lips. “So boned, bro… Like, fuck, Andrew. I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but I fucking want you bad.” Matt’s head is spinning, more precum emerging from his slit. Part of him wants to reach down and force his brother’s mouth over his cock, fucking his twin’s face until he cums. But another part, an unfamiliar part of him, wants Andrew to do the exact same thing to him. Matt reaches forward, his large fingers running through Andrew’s hair. Andrew looks up into his brothers eyes, licking his lips. He gets down on his knees, Matt’s hand never leaving the back of his head as he continues to massage Andrew’s scalp. Andrew reaches his arm up and wraps his hand around the monstrous shaft. It’s the first time he has seen it this big and this close in so long. Andrew closes his eyes and opens his mouth as he moves his head closer to the giant python sticking right out of his brother’s groin. He pushes his tongue out, it’s the first thing that makes contact with Matt’s cock as he tastes the saltiness of his twin’s precum coming off of the tip. Pushing even more forward, trusting his larger brother with his hand still on his head, the head begins to enter his mouth, followed by the thick shaft, making Andrew open his mouth wider. As the head hits the back of Andrew’s throat, he closes his lips around the shaft and begins use his tongue and inner cheek and sucking skills to pleasure his much larger brother as best as possible. Moving his head back up to the head before going right back down the length, getting into a steady rhythm. Matt moans out in pleasure. The hands on the back of Andrew’s head pulls him all the way as far down his shaft as possible. He can feel his cock hit the back of Andrew’s throat again as he holds him there. Andrew gags once… twice… three times, as he feels his brother’s throat finally open for him as his cock begins to push even deeper. “Oh Fuck!” six inches going down his twin’s throat, then 8 as more and more of his man cock fills his brother’s mouth and esophagus. A Matt begins to start bucking his hips, going back and forth, pumping his huge dick in Andrew’s mouth. Andrew’s lips are stretched around it, and his brother’s teeth grate against the skin of his rod. Matt’s so turned on it just makes him even hornier. Each time Andrew gags, his throat squeezing around his large cockhead, little precum spurts push out of his cock. “Fuck yeah, Andrew! Mmmm… Ffffffuck!... Take that big man cock bro…” his huge chest heaving as he breathes heavily, driving his dick more and more into his brother’s mouth, a trickle of sweat running off of his brow. Matt begins to let out a groan of pleasure as he finally begins to release a load down Andrew’s throat. His shaft going nuts inside his twin’s mouth, spasming violently as he continues to send cum rocketing down his brother’s throat. As his orgasm begins to subside, he pants heavily, feeling Andrew suck the cum right out of his dick. “Oh fuck, that was good bro…” Andrew swallowed it all and his own balls begin to churn. His cock trembles, a pleasant warmth spreads throughout his body, traveling through his bones before settling in his muscles. Andrew feels something going on within him, but isn’t sure what. Little known to him, his height has increased slightly; from 5’5 to now 5’6”. His muscles tense all over his body and quiver for a moment under his skin as ten pounds of muscle was added to his body. Andrew feels strange, but good. Very good. A little bit stronger. A bit more confidence. A bit more capable. Andrew wipes his mouth as he stands up to his full height. His cock has expanded slightly as well, but not by much, as his balls churn from this little scenario they just experienced. Andrew moans, his own shorts still dropped and his cock hanging free and hard. Looking right up at Matt, Andrew’s balls pull up in their sack. His balls begin to fire, large, fast shots. The first one hits Matt right across his abs… the second, his bobbing cock… the third and fourth go right across Matt’s thick thighs and large feet. Andrew pulls away, ducking under Matt’s large arm as his last shot sprays a trail right across the kitchen floor. Andrew turns around for a split second, looking back at Matt. Matt looks a bit less proud, not standing as straight as he usually does. His brother’s traps a bit sunken down. What Andrew thinks is Matt is a bit embarrassed of what just happened, but what really is happening is something completely different. Matt’s body is slowly losing mass as he drops an inch in height within seconds, losing his imposing 6’5” stature that he was so proud to have as he crumbles away to 6’4”. Matt’s massive cock, still hard, but not the hardness that it typically is even after he blows a massive load. Matt doesn’t have his after orgasm hard on anymore. Matt staggers backwards, confused at why he suddenly feels so light-headed. But the moment passes and he slowly recovers. “Fuck Andrew, that was an incredible blow job… you’ve totally blown my mind, bro!” Matt chuckles and reaches down to wipe off the cum that was shot all over him by his brother. But just like before, there was nothing to clean up. Matt shakes his head, pulling up his jock and stuffing his semi-hard cock back into it. His shorts follow a moment later as he looks over at Andrew, noticing that his twin looks a little less thin than he used to and a bit more toned. Matt turns, heading back up the stairs to their bedroom for his books and the rest of his clothes. As Matt leaves, Andrew too notices the changes. His shirt doesn’t quite feel so loose on his shoulders; it doesn’t hang as loose off his thin torso. It’s an odd thought, and one that doesn’t really make much sense yet; Shirt’s don’t just shrink while a person wears them, after all. To Be Continued… Coming Soon: Part 03 – Gym Time

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