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  1. INTRODUCTION So, this is a real monster of a story. When I started it, I really had no idea how it would expand and expand. I just kept adding onto it. Initially, it was a story that encapsulated my love for older muscle men, but I expanded that with more younger college aged characters as I went on. The entire thing has really been a labor of love. The thing I wanted to get out of the way first was that when you write a story, sometimes characters just pop out of nowhere and that happened several times for me. I don't have any political motives in my story, in fact I'm pretty hopelessly centrist. For instance, I have a Middle Eastern character and that really doesn't have any deeper meaning other than I honestly wanted a Middle Eastern character but his interactions with other characters aren't really influenced by that fact. That having been said, I couldn't write a college story taking place today without commenting on a few of the trends I've seen in the news, and I think I either lightly poke fun of them or use them as plot points early on. I want to get this out of the way now because I'm really not making any huge commentary here, but I needed a way for my villain to be villainous, in so many words. It's hard to create a good villain, it's probably much harder for me to write bad guys than anything else. The question of who do I want the villain to be? arose early on. Originally I was going to have this much darker story, but changed it when I realized that my characters were getting much deeper and more fleshed out than my perverse fantasies at first made them out to be. They became something different and in following them around, I realized I couldn't really hate any of them 100% but in the case of my villain, I really wanted the audience to hate him right off the bat. It just makes it easier to absorb (if you'll pardon the pun) what's happening to him. This story encompasses many muscle story themes, ranging from revenge and muscle theft to age progression and regression to reality alteration, as well as gay to straight and straight to gay transformations. None of this particular story involves minors, but there are some non sexual flashbacks early on to earlier childhood and teen memories. I hope you enjoy this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I'll be continuing to edit this story throughout the next 24 hours so if you want more, don't worry. There's 26 chapters I have written so far and they will be coming shortly. This story is almost done, and stands right now at about 250 pages. I see it as about 4/5ths of the way done. I will probably finish it up by next weekend. Thanks so much, and I promised myself I would start reading all the other stories here in the Muscleversary category only after I finished my own, to give me an incentive to get it done. I will hopefully enjoy all your wonderful stories sometime soon. Derek THE HOURGLASS PROLOGUE It was a black and white sort of night, between the light fall of snow on the ground and the dark sky devoid of any color, and the bright, blinding light of a street lamp illuminating Connor Swogger aka “The Swagger” as he lit up a big cigar that curled smoke up into the night. Cody looked up at the much bigger man, who posed a formidable figure. The Swagger wore a heavy leather jacket and looked down at Cody, who stood a full foot beneath the football quarterback and captain of his team. Cody smiled nervously. This was The Fucking Swagger and you did not fuck up around The Swagger. Connor Swagger was as beautiful and masculine as they came. His black hair was neatly cut in a conservative 50s look, slicked with pomade, parted at the side and combed up in the center with not a hair out of place. He had a classically model looks. His face was perfectly proportioned. Half-Italian and Half-Anglo heritage gave him a perpetual light tan to compliment all his features. Nose not too big. Intense eyes that saw everything and when you saw him, you avoided his gaze. He had that kind of look. Hawkish. His eyes drilled holes into you. A powerful ridge over his eyebrows. His ears were equally well-proportioned. Not too big. His jaw was strong and he had a small cleft in the middle. Perfect shade of stubble. And for the lucky women that got to bed him, he exploded in the muscle department. His arms were so big and well defined it was like watching two giant scoops of ice cream piled on either arm, of pure muscle. His chest was voluminous and perfect. His shoulders, like cobra hoods, lifted any light shirt above his neck in a quite intimidating fashion. His voice, which approached the gravelly and bordered on the kind of sexy where women or gay men would practically vie just for the chance to hear whatever words came out of his luscious mouth, finally spoke: “So you want to come in?” “Yeah, I’d..I’d like to.” “We don’t let just anyone in to an Alpha Beta Omega party.” Connor held his cigar thoughtfully in the air, watching the smoke curl up in the freezing air. “What does your family do?” “My father is an engineer. My mother just works at a plant nursery. But I’m a straight A student and I know I’m going places. Sir.” The little man stood at only 5’4”. Face that looked older than his 19 years. Had a bit of a receding hairline and closely cropped light ginger hair. He had a desperate look on his face. He looked like a tall ginger midget with buck teeth. “You know who you look like?” “S-sir?” “You look like a taller version of Mini Me. From Austin Powers.” “Yeah..I…I..” “Look if you want something to partake in, we can help you with that, but I can guarantee you that no girl in there is gonna touch you with a ten foot pole. Just look at you.” The little man looked unsure and ashamed. Is the little puss gonna cry? “I just thought maybe I could mingle-“ “Stop. Did you hear what I said?” “Yes, but-“ “There are no buts with me. You heard what I said. So there it is.” “Look,” the little man continued, trying to put his game face on. What was his name? Dave? Cory? “I know I look little but I am on my way to big things. How would you like an all expenses paid vacation to the Bahamas? I have a cousin down there who can take care of you and-“ “Stop. You’re boring me.” Connor took a drag of his Macanudo. “My stepfather is rich as fuck. I can go anywhere in the world on his credit card. Hell, I could take a vacation to Paris to celebrate getting up in the morning. How are you at physics?” “I…I’m really really good.” “Great. You’re going to write Randy’s physics homework by next Friday. He’ll give you the details. You got cash?” “Yeah. I uh…do you guys have coke?” the little man asked, not realizing he gave away his own uncertainty and anxiety away in his voice. “Yes, we do. That oughtta cover it.” Connor counted the roll of bills. “In exchange for the paper you will be allowed in. I also have a paper due by Wednesday. How are you at history?” “Great! What do you need? What’s it on?” “The Spanish Civil War and its portrayal in two films, Pan’s Labyrinth and Belle Epoque. Think you can handle that?” “Film papers are a snap, Mr. Swogger. Sir.” “You are going to write that paper. In exchange, Mackenzie here will introduce you to some of the girls. Do not say anything stupid. Do not bring up any nerd crap about hobbits, wrestling, toys, roleplaying, or your collection of literally anything.” Connor bit into his cigar and inhaled so the cherry of it glowed red, the only color that Cody could see. “Yes, sir. That’s why you’re the boss, sir.” “And you are scientific proof that beta males exist. Take him inside.” “I’m very excited to be here. You guys are the coolest..” as the little man lagged behind Mackenzie, Connor turned to Randy and said: “I’m gonna need to take a few of the boys over to see someone. Keep an eye on the party while I’m gone. Do not let anyone who is unauthorized into the coke room. And I mean NO one.” “I won’t. I’ll make sure of it.” “Put Nunez to work setting up some beer pong. Get the good wine out. It’s gonna be that kind of night.” Connor chewed his cigar. It was a rare vice he allowed himself. He was addicted to nothing in this world so much as controlling others and he did it with ease. Across the campus, a fresh layer of snow piling up as it began to fall lightly over the three fraternity brothers. His two cohorts, Sammy McCabe and Jeff Hobson were two of Connor’s closest football and fraternity brothers. They saw eye to eye on things. More importantly, they always followed Connor’s lead. They walked to the 24 hour library, past the circulation desk with the lone employee stationed there this time of night, a future spinster fat chick with glasses who completely ignored them as she went through a stack of books. Third floor and to the left, all the way down was a room. No one was in the entire building. Friday nights were generally abandoned until the week before midterms. Inside a room, which thankfully wasn’t glass (60s era architecture allowed for more privacy than modern architecture) he found two men hunched over a table and whispering to each other. One immediately got up and whispered an apology. “What the hell is this?” a man in glasses exclaimed. “Here he is, as promised,” the second man, a sophomore who wanted to pledge as Alpha Beta Omega told Connor. “Good man, we’ll take it from here,” Connor said as the future pledge slipped out and Connor’s goons closed and blocked the only doorway. The small study room was dimly lit by one small orange lamp hanging from the ceiling. “Who are you? What do you want?” “Richardson, right? Max Richardson?” Connor began. “Yeah, what’s it to you? What is this all about? Are you idiots trying to intimidate me or something?” He immediately came across as a weaker man. Black hair, possible Jew. Big glasses. Obviously gay. Slightly effeminate. He put his arms on the desk for support so he could stare directly at Connor. “We just need to have a little chat about your plans. See, it’s become known you want to form a little protest.” “Yeah. That’s my right. Constitutional amendment about free speech. Might wanna…look it up.” He was getting nervous now. He could feel it in the room. He was alone and it was nearly midnight. No one could see him or hear him. He reached for his phone and Connor plucked it out of his hands with a smile and handed it to McCabe. “Now then. Where were we? Let’s talk about your plans to protest the school for racism, sexism, and homophobia. And what else, you want Yeoman University to be a sanctuary school for illegal immigrants?” Connor began listing things off as he knew them, without consulting any paper. He had this part memorized. “You want to create an environment where students can feel free to express themselves with safe spaces. Well, that’s good. Are you in a safe space now, Max?” “I don’t know what you think this is but I’m going to tell people about it.” A little more frantic in the voice now. Good, good. “I’ll answer that for you. See, there are no safe spaces. Life isn’t a safe space. And up here in the far north? We only care about three things. Football. Getting grants for the school. And the prestige that comes with hobnobbing with the class of American’s finest. That doesn’t include the janitor you want to give a Tesla car to because of your socialist mess of a belief system.” “What I want is for everyone to have justice and equality and those are things you probably don’t understand.” “Oh, I understand. See, I’m majoring in business. Which is like majoring in the Real World. You are majoring in some kind of bullshit Pretend World arts degree where you can just imagine that life isn’t ruled by certain factors. One of those is we are this school. We. As in the rich kids who come here and fund everything. And this school is very old and has a lot of investment in not becoming like other schools where little bitches like you run around screaming your gay asses off and try to run shit by publicly demanding that the Dean and Vice-Dean bow to your every whim for fear of being deemed racist, sexist and homophobic. It’s amazing what a little taste of power does. See, some people can handle it. Some people aren’t meant to. You’re one of the latter.” “Yeah well I’m still gonna tell everyone about this and I’m gonna bring a judiciary hearing against all three of you and-“ Connor held up his hand to silence him. “Please stop. I’m not one of your moronic minions. I have something to show you.” As Connor was speaking, McCabe got out a folding laptop out of his backpack and flipped it on. “I want you to tell me if any of these look familiar. Any of these conversations where you were talking about all the dirty little things that turn you on.” “Oh my GOD.” Max’s eyes went wide. “How did you get these! That’s private. Those are private!” He pointed a finger at Connor. “Don’t you know there is no more privacy? Now there was this guy in Iceland and you told him that you would love nothing more than to be his little woman, to dress up in lingerie for him, be his little whore, even be his slave girl, and it just goes on and on. Oh and here you say that you wouldn’t mind if a…well you say some really raunchy things here. Not to mention highly illegal! I don’t even want to repeat them. You even distributed illegal materials. Where did you even get those pictures? And if your parents ever saw this particular passage, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t ever be the same in their eyes again.” “There was no guy in Iceland,” Max said softly. “No, dude. That was me,” Hobson answered coldly. “What do you want?” Max was now at his mercy. He’d be willing to do anything now. “You’re going to stop any and all anarchic bullshit. No bullhorns. No social justice on campus. No anti-establishment nonsense. And especially no criticism of this school or the people that run it. Do we understand each other, Max?” “Perfectly,” Max said, trying to be calm. “Great. In addition, you will report any and all subversive activities directly to me and the Dean. You will do this via email or in person, depending on what I direct you to do. You’re not going to make many friends with this BS anyway. People are sick of that shit. They come to this school to get away from that shit. That guilting, nanny-state coddling that makes simpering morons and cowards into heroes. It elevates the undeserving and tries to put them on a pedestal as if they were the same as real men like myself and my colleagues, or real women like my girlfriend who plans on being a wife and mother someday. And maybe she’ll do some work online. That’s what God intended when he made people. One man and one woman are what a real marriage looks like and why it’s so hard for you people to understand is beyond me.” “You think you’re so much better? Look at you. You’re a bunch of bullies and hypocrites pretending like you should just do whatever you want because you’re on the fucking football team? Fuck you. You’re nothing more than a…pathetic coward yourself.” Max didn’t really have a lot of oomph in his speech and if anything it seemed bitchy. “You’re not the Mafia, you know.” “No, but I have respect for what those men do.” “Of course you do,” Max said, amused. “Because they have a code. And they stick by it.” Connor walked around the table to bend down and look Max in the eye, looking at him with a scolding look and speaking in a scolding tone as if he was with a child. “And if I were you, Max, I wouldn’t talk that way to my superiors.” And with that he sucker punched Max straight in the gut. Max made a terrible small sound, the wind having been knocked out of him and he was grasping again for air. He whimpered and cried as he crumpled on the floor. “Don’t ever call me pathetic or a coward again, or I’ll take one of your body parts with me next time as a fucking trophy. We’re done here.” Connor came back to Alpha Beta Omega as if nothing had occurred. He told everyone to have fun. He encouraged drinking and debauchery. He hooked a few people up he thought would love to have sex now that they were all drunk enough. He was the Master of Fun. He was the Master of Everything in this school. He was Connor the Swagger and he was un-fucking-beatable. That night he took a demure girl by the name of Danielle upstairs to his master bedroom suite. Hundreds of years old, the room had a giant bed and was decorated with antique furniture. It gave one the feeling of grandeur and opulence, which is nothing less than what he deserved, and as he plied her into bed, with her shy looks and soft skin, and tossing her hair to please him, lying back to look sexy for him as he slipped off her panties and climbed on top of her, dwarfing her, slipping inside her, he thought about how it would last forever. A life of fucking, partying, hot women and getting rich. Danielle stared at his arms, massive biceps and tris as big as her head and the veins that ran between him she orgasmed at the sight of him above her, his giant pecs and his unbelievably handsome face. He kissed her hard and shoved her up in the air, his dick ready to fully plow her as he carried her on his dick, using her body to service him, to act as a personal fuck toy he could carry, heaving her up and down over his mightily engorged fuckstick. That’s why I love short women, he thought. “You like that, babe?” “That was…” she gulped. “That was amazing, Connor. I’m so glad I’m with you.” She was all over him, kissing him and the two fell asleep in each others arms as snow collected on the windowsill behind them. And standing down in the snow just below the house was a stranger wearing a dark woolen overcoat, looking up, who saw and heard whatever he wanted. No one saw him. The figure walked back into the woods from the direction he came as the snow erased his footprints one by one.
  2. Owen pulled his coat close to himself, the rain pelting down onto the Danish street. Even though he’d lived here for over a year he still felt like a fish out of water. It was nice place, he just felt small. The average height here for men was much higher than back home in Britain, and 5′8 Owen was at least 6 inches shorter then the average blond Danish man. He rushed up the stairs to his apartment, where the feeling that he was tiny got worse. Owen lived with a German, a Dane, a Swede and an Asian-American. All of them were big guys, they all went to the gym together, leaving little redheaded Owen alone. Owen found Peter and Sven watching TV in their workout shorts, the German scratching at his abs, while Sven was tying his Swedish mane of golden blond hair into a bun. The TV’s sound was turned up very loud, and Owen could just about hear why. Lee’s bed was crashing against his bedroom wall, the giant Japanese hulk from San Francisco was ruining another poor Danish girl. Owen sighed, Lee was always at it, Asians were just sex gods, plain and simple. It still felt odd to him, like Asians didn’t fit the image. Owen just couldn’t place it, like something had changed. He always brushed those thoughts off, he was just jealous of the massive stud. Owen grinned to himself at his own stupid thoughts and started pulling off his shoes, when Noah the native Dane thudded pass him, knocking Owen off balance. “Shit… sorry Owen” he apologised pulling off his headphones Noah was oversized, and was more viking like then Sven. Overdeveloped pecs stretched out his shirt and long beard masked an amazing solid jawline. He’d got caught without a coat and his shirt was damp to his chest and thick meaty arms. Owen nodded in response to his apology and bit his lips as Noah’s pecs bounces involuntary. He headed to the kitchen, while Noah slapped both Peter and Sven on their beefy shoulders before vanishing into his room to change out of his wet clothes. “Anyone want a cuppa” Owen asked the two big blond men on the sofa “Nah” Peter called back “Owen, I haven’t asked, what is it with you Brits and tea” Sven asked Owen ran a hand through his short reddish hair and sighed. “I really have no idea” He grinned, something about India and the empire They all spoke english in the apartment, as all of them but Noah were learning Danish. Owen lifted a supposably clean cup out of the sink, only it wasn’t and cold tea splattered Owen’s shirt. He grimaced and pulled off his shirt, his pale lean chest on show, lightly freckled and with little to no fat. Thankfully his red sweats were spared, he wouldn’t have to show off his tiny bulge, damn his Irish genes. That was another thing he was jealous about, he remembered his grandad mentioning before Owen moved to Denmark that ‘Hung like a Viking’ was a saying, and it seemed to be true. All of his roommates were hung, and weren’t shy about it. He expected it of Lee, ‘once you go Asian’ was well known, but all his other roommates being hung like bulls, that was just unlucky. It wasn’t like stereotypes were true. Owen just shook his head, he was being stupid again, he was just a twinky ginger, he sighed. He tossed his shirt into the washing machine, finding some of the guys dirty clothes. What was it with these guys, they made a mess and wouldn’t ever clean, it was always Owen’s job. “Fucking vikings” Owen muttered ——————————————————————————————————————————— He stretched himself out after rising from the washing machine, his meaty wide hands palmed the ceiling. He let out a deep contented groan as his long vast muscled back cracked. “Owen can I get pass please” the small soft almost nervous voice of Noah asked He grunted and leaned back, letting the small Dane slip passed him, Owen’s own swollen rounded pecs blocked his view of the tasty looking blond. Owen stared at the cup of tea on the side, he knew he’d made it but why. It was germanic Peter who inherited his country’s stereotypical lust for tea. With a meaty hand he poured it down the sink and grabbed a bottle of water. Owen’s wide feet thudded with each step, his heavy swinging cock bounced wildly, level with Peter and Sven’s heads when he stood behind them. Both little vikings looked up at Owen, their eyes on the imprint of his hardening cock. Owen could almost hear them gulp, he gave it a scratch, hung like a celt he thought. He remembered when he showed each of the little blond northern europeans what that meant, even Lee was shocked when he saw it swinging when Owen swagged around naked. He stepped around and sat between his ‘reluctant’ fuck buddies, they loved it and half the time begged for it, but none of them wanted to admit they rode the cock of the ginger celt they shared a room with, especially as Noah liked to have Owen dress up like some shitty marvel superhero, Taranis or something, he was the celt god of thunder. Owen usually just forced his cock down Noah’s throat when the little viking tried to explain it to him. Owen was too busy eating, drinking, fucking or fighting to read comics, he was a pureblooded celt after all. Owen bounced his thick bicep, he could feel Sven’s pale fingers running along the celtic war band he had tattooed around the muscle. “Shit Owen, can’t get over how fucking big you are” the deep voice of Lee chuckled He swagged into the room, slick with sweat. Owen remembered when Lee moved in, the huge asian looked like he’d shit himself when he had to stare up at Owen, it was like the guy had never met a celt before. “I’m a celt, dumbass” Owen called back “Average height is like 6′4 back home” “And you’re way above average” Lee sniggered giving Noah a playful slap on his peachy ass as the little viking slipped pass the massive American “Hell yea” Owen laughed giving Lee the view of his back flexing as he hit a double bicep pose from the couch “I should visit Britain sometime, would be nice to be a shorty for once” Lee said “Oh yea” Owen said “And you boys too” he slapped his hands on Peter and Sven’s shoulders “I’m Iceni, we breed them big” Noah wrapped his little arms around Owen’s thick neck, kissing Owen’s traps. Noah while scared of how he’d be treated if people found out he loved getting pillaged by a celt like his homeland had been for hundreds of years was more open with his affection in private than Peter and Sven. Noah continued with the talk about Owen’s family tribe “And don’t Iceni boys share” Peter and Sven looked pass the rising tent stretching out Owen’s sweats with aroused but terrified eyes and gulped, both knowing Owen was one of 9 brothers.
  3. “Here goes nothing.”, Paul murmured to himself, taking his position. His sculpted chest rose as he took a deep breath. stepping onto the block in front of him. He wasn’t entirely sure how this would go, it was his first time at such a competition and of course she had had to choose the national championship as his debut. She just couldn’t resist testing the reality changing qualities of her magic at one of the biggest possible events. You see the old woman in the back of the photo. She is a witch. And to top things, she is Paul’s mother and now trainer. But first things first. —————————————————————————————————- It all started on a normal Saturday evening. Paul and his mother sat in the living room together and watched the tryouts for the upcoming national swimming competition. You may ask why a young man in his mid-twenties is at home on a Saturday instead of partying and to make things worse even hangs out with his mother. You see, even at school Paul was always an outsider. Being a small, effeminate guy, who had a lisp and was even to nerdy for the chess club, it was only natural for the other students to avoid him and even beat him up. At that time Paul didn’t know about his mother’s magic powers and so he carelessly said out loud: “Man, I wonder what it was like to be a swimmer. To swim along these great athletes and have millions of fans cheering for you.” An so an hour later, when Paul had already gone to bed, for lack of alternatives, his mother began her magic and finally in the early morning hours she finished the ritual. —————————————————————————————————- The alarm clock on the luxurious night stand rang, waking the giant of a man from his sleep. Still half dreaming, the man hits the snooze button, unaware of the fact, that the clock showed only 6 o’clock. But it wasn’t unusual for the man to wake up this early, after all he had a strict training regimen to keep up. The guy moves towards the broad windows of his apartment, one hand rubbing sleep from his eyes and the other casually scratching his bulging abs, before shifting lower to give the enormous horse cock the man called his own a few waking tugs. Looking down past his firm chest, at his diamond calves and clown feet, the man named Paul slowly realized, that something had changed and that he wasn’t in his old room in his mother’s house anymore, but in an expensive looking apartment with view over a foreign city’s skyline. Walking to the bathroom, he only just realized a giant picture of him holding three Olympic gold medals for swimming or the twink and the blond woman, passed out comatose on his king sized bed. Somewhere in a deep corner of his mind, he remembered that he had a competition to attend and that he had to get ready, so he hastily finished his morning routine, got dressed and left the flat, leaving the twink and the woman sleeping. He had the strange thought, that they had deserved and that they should rest a bit and recover from last night’s action. Paul drove to the swimming hall (which he had never been to before, but could strangely find just perfect) with an expensive looking car, speeding past people who gave him admiring looks and even cat called after him. When he arrived at the swimming hall, an old woman in trainers awaited him, wearing a basecap with the word “COACH” written on it, who Paul recognized as his own mother when he approached her. Eagerly his mother approached the young athlete, only to ask: “So, what do you think?” A little surprised by the question and still a little confused by what his morning had looked like, Paul replied a little suspiciously: “Of what?” Now it was his mother’s turn to be surprised. “Your new life of course.”, she answered as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Only now Paul fully realized the strange even that had occurred that morning. “That was you?”, he asked a little bewildered. “Of course, who else.”, his mother retorted and than she slapped her forehead with a wrinkly hand, “I forgot to activate your new memory.” with this she reached out and touched Paul’s forehead slightly. Immediately the newly created stud was flooded with a multitude of new memories. His childhood, which he almost completely spent in the local swimming hall, participating in regional swimming competitions form a young age and always being one of the most popular guys in school. Not to forget his mother had given him knowledge of her magic. —————————————————————————————————- So several hours later he stood on the starting block, sure that he would win this championship, just like he had ruled the last Olympic Games. With a deep breath he sighed: “Here goes nothing.”
  4. Tucker and John were an odd couple. Not only were they mixed raced, with Tucker being an Afro-American and John’s grandparents having come from China in the late 1960′s. But that wasn’t the most extraordinary thing about their relationship. They weren’t the stereotypical black and Asian guys. While Tucker was had graduated from college as the best of his year and even had a doctor, working for a big international medical company, John had dropped out of high school, which not even his status as the school’s star quarterback could prevent, since that couldn’t compensate for all the Fs he had. So while Tucker worked in a big laboratory and had just developed a new medicament against the flu, John worked as a personal trainer in one of the local gyms and sided as a fitness model. The couple didn’t even fulfill their respective stereotypes in the bedroom. While Tucker was a timid little bottom, who was hung like a gerbil, John was an aggressive top, who knew how to use the coke bottle thick shank of sexmeat, that hung between his legs. He would continuously tease Tucker’s keyhole tight asshole with his fist sized cockhead, which alone was enough to make the little guy spurt, before pushing in in one smooth motion, that would then become a constant jackhammering, that would change his blissful moans into orgasmic screams. And while Tucker had already shot numerous loads, it would take the horny Chinese another 30 minutes to dump his in comparison enormous load up the black doctor’s big booty. But then one day, a mysterious package arrived. Tucker found it in the hallway, when he came home form work, having packed up his things early, to surprise his husband, only to find their flat as messy as he had left it, even though he had asked John to tidy it up while he was gone. Tucker would have done it, but he was already late, after the Asian hulk had had another go at his ass this morning. “He probably isn’t even up yet.”, Tucker thought checking his watch. It was already past 2 pm but he forgave his husband, after all it was the big guy’s free day. Forgetting the package for the moment, Tucker silently entered their shared bedroom, finding John still asleep, the bed sheets stuck to the impressive tent his bull cock was making. Quietly, the little black guy approached his sleeping husband, slipping his under the sheets and going down on the impressive tool, the sleeping John stirring slightly as he did so. Slowly but steadily the Asian behemoth awoke, as his twinky husband blew him, even able to deepthroat the cock until he, now fully awake, forced the entire length down his lover’s throat and finally shot a humongous load. “Hey baby, finally awake?”, Tucker asked. “Yeah.”, came the reply from his husband, his voice so deep, that it made Tucker’s little cock hard again. A short time later, John had gotten dressed, meaning he now wore underwear, leaving his perfect torso on display, and set at the kitchen table, downing a coffee and reading the newspaper. Then Tucker came in with the package he had previously ignored. “We’ve got a package, baby. It’s addressed to both of us.”, he said, showing the brown box he held in his small hands. When the two of them opened the mysterious carton they found a small vase and a piece of paper in it, that read: “To set things straight in your relationship.” Curiously Tucker inspected the vase. The little piece of pottery was painted with what looked like a mix of Asian and African symbols. “That thing looks pretty strange.”, Tucker murmured to himself. “Show it to me.”, John asked him and Tucker handed him the vase. And in the exact moment, when both them touched the mysterious piece of pottery, a bronze light erupted from it, knocking the couple out. —————————————————————————————————- John laid on the bed, the sheets still sticky from cum. But of course it was less his cum than rather the one of Tucker, the big black bull. He had spent all night jackhammering his enormous black dick up John’s tight Asian ass and from the looks of it, he hadn’t stopped, when John had already passed out from both exhaustion and bliss. It looked like Tucker had shot over a gallon of cum all over the place. John’s little cock already got hard, just thinking about his husband. Despite having two doctor titles and having made a lot of money, when he had worked for that one chemical company, John had quit his job two years ago, when he had met Tucker. Before that, the Asian twink had been one of then leading experts in mathematics and chemics in the whole world. But then he had met the black behemoth called Tucker. The guy was just perfect, Incredibly big muscles under that perfect black skin and the most stereotypical black horse cock to ever be created. John had to quit his job, so he would be available for Tucker to fuck at all time, while the black titan did his brutal workouts. Speaking of the devil, a massive shadow appeared in the doorway. Tucker had to turn a little sideways to enter the room, his massive shoulders far to broad to pass through the doorway normally. As he approached the bed and the delicate figure lying in it. Undoing his belt, Tucker asked in deep bass voice: “Hey ,baby, ready for round 6?”
  5. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- At the age of 85 Roger had lived his life to the fullest, but all good things had to come to an end. A week ago, he had collapsed in his house, with heavy headache and now his whole body ached. Luckily his wife Cecilia called an ambulance and now he laid in a hospital, surrounded by his 3 children, their partners and children. His condition had terribly worsened in the last three days and he could feel himself getting weaker by the minute. Then his daughter Naomi approached him: “Daddy, can you hear me? I have a present for you. I know, you don’t believe in such things, but the woman I bought it from told me it could help you get better. Do you want me to put it onto you?” Roger smiled weakly and nodded. Naomi had always had a thing for this esoteric stuff, he remembered. As the lock on the necklace closed, the dying figure of Roger Schmidt faded away, leaving his family behind, their memory of him slowly fading away, as his body dissolved. —————————————————————————————————- When Roger opened his eyes again, he found himself in a nice looking backyard in what looked like a quiet suburb. And much to his surprise, he stood on his own two legs, even though he had barely been able to lift his hand just a minute ago. And then he noticed, that it wasn’t even that hard to stand. To be exact, he felt like he could run and jump and do whatever he want. He felt better every second, more energetic, stronger and somehow … younger. Unbeknownst to him, it did not only feel like he was getting younger, but he really was. The years were melting away of him. 10, 20, 30 and ultimately a whole 60 years simply vanished from his life. He now even stood straight again, showing his complete height of 6′ even pretty good. Roger even had the same lean build, he had in college, as well as the same unruly mop of chestnut brown hair. But his hair was rapidly growing, refining itself into a bun of pitch black dreadlocks that reached halfway down his back. That wouldn’t be the case for too long, since Roger slowly inched higher, his back cracking loudly, as more and more inches were added to his height. The now 25-year old didn’t notice a thing as he scratched his dreadlock covered head. When the itching subsided, Roger stood at the now impressive height of 6′8″. And when the growth in height had stopped, the next transformation started. Starting from his new black mane a new skin color spread across his body, having it assume a chocolate brown tone. And with the process, the clothes he had gotten from the hospital dissolved and reformed into a pair of spandex pants with a grey, triangular pattern across it and some wristbands. A comfortable feeling spread from his chest, as his already lean build was replaced by a much beefier and much stronger set of muscles. His chest was expanded to form a pair of plate sized pecs, with the most perfect set of ab muscles you would ever find, laying underneath. His newly grown football sized biceps were connected to the now cannonball sized shoulders, with veins running all along his massive new arms. But the biggest fulfillment of the Afro-American stereotype grew between his newly transformed horse legs. His old 5″ prick got replaced, by a new 11″ schlong, that snaked down the leg of his spandex pants. Suddenly the backdoor of the house opened and a small blond boy, came out into the garden. “Roger, are you finished with your workout? Adam and me need you desperately.”, the twink said, in a soft, high pitched voice. “Go ahead upstairs and prepare your asses for getting pillaged. I’ll be following you as soon as I finish my protein shake.”, Roger replied all of his thoughts now directed on working out, fucking and spreading the glory of masculinity.
  6. Jerry had had a miserable day at work. His company had decided to remove jobs and so, being one of the few ones who didn’t get fired, the pissed of people blamed him for getting fired. So he had to hear insults all day and some of them even threw stuff after him. So when he came home into his small flat, he immediately grabbed a beer from his fridge and sat down at his desk. Because so many people had been dismissed, he had to take work back home. That’s why he was quite surprised when he found a strange gaming console laying on the table. Out of curiosity he switched it on and immediately an odd writing popped up: “Chronivac - The Game”. A figure appeared on the screen. It looked oddly like him. The same hanging shoulders and flabby gut, stacked on a relatively small frame. The character even wore the same blue suit and white shirt, hell even the same red tie. A window showed up, ordering him to enter a name. He chose to name his character ‘Jake Seid’, he always found the name Jake incredibly hot and his own surname was Seid. Experimentally he moved the guy around and knocked at a door. A message popped up: “ To enter this room, you must give something as a toll.” The inventory opened and Jake inspected the thing’s he currently had. Unlike normal roleplay games, the inventory did not only consist of the materials the character currently owned but apparently also some characteristics, like intelligence, ideals, character traits and so on. In order to enter the room, Jake chose to sacrifice the perfect eyesight of his character. As his figure entered the room, he adjusted his glasses, since he just couldn’t believe what he saw. The room he had entered looked like a mix between a strip club and a brothel. Getting hard at the sight of the shockingly realistic, sexy women in the room, he spotted a chest, whose old looks seemed incredibly displaced, in the corner of the room. When he opened it, he saw something getting added to his inventory. He was pretty shocked when he noticed that a penis had been the added thing, which automatically got equipped. “What the fuck.”, he chuckled to himself. The dick, that the character had equipped looked exactly like his. When he tapped on the screen to see the details about his new acquisition another chuckle escaped his mouth. “What a coincidence.”, he thought. The new dick of his character was 8″ soft and 11″ hard, just like his. Still a little confused by the coincidence he left the room. The next room he came across had a sign on his door, which somehow looked like barbell. He entered the room and once again he got surprised by how real the game looked. The room was filled with workout machines and posing mirrors. It looked like a gym. Curiously he approached one of the machines. A message popped up: “ Would you like to use the machines? As a result your character will become stronger but will lose his inhibitions in return? Do you still want to use the machines?” Without further hesitation, Jake clicked the ‘Yes’, after all he always had a ting for huge muscle men. For a moment the screen went black and when it went on again the figure was no longer small and flabby, but rather consisted of nothing but rockhard, superstrong muscle. It was almost comically how he looked like he would burst out of his now super tight suit any moment. Thinking of this, Jake opened his own jacket and stripped out of it. It was just so uncomfortable sometimes, having to squeeze his giant muscles into this suit when he was at work. Luckily the management had accepted that he couldn’t wear a tie, his bull neck was just to massive. Suddenly there was an explosion of golden light on the screen. The words ‘LEVEL UP’ were written with golden letters in the middle of the screen. “With your first LEVEL UP you get a present and are furthermore allowed to upgrade on thing about your character”, read the small message underneath. When he clicked ‘Okay’, he was guided to the character menu. After brushing improvement options, such as ‘Intelligence’, ‘Body Hair’ and ‘Metabolism’ aside, Jake settled for the option ‘Height’. A message popped up: “Do you really want to improve your figure’s height by 1?” Of course he prove and slowly watched his character growing, until he stood a foot taller than his former height of 5′7″. “And now for the gift.”, 6′7″ titan Jake Seid thought as he opened the package. In it, he found an item called ‘Tattooed Body’, which he immediately equipped, since he was a big fan of tattoos. And to make things even better, they looked exactly like his. “This game is so full of coincidences.”, he thought as he thought of the wings on his beefy forearm, the triforce on his massive biceps and cannonball shoulders or the sun on his impressive pillow pecs. “This item gives you the unique effect ‘Sexual Prowess and Stamina’, which triggers the effect ‘Paradise Bliss’ in all sexual partners of this character”, showed another message, as he equipped ‘Tattooed Body’ As he exited the menu, his character suddenly stood before a door. “This room contains your last challenge! Are you sure you want to enter?”, asked the notification, when he tried to enter. Naturally he approved and his character entered the room. The inside of the room resembled a film set and yet again a message popped up. “This room enables you to acquire the skill ‘Porn Star’, but your value ‘IQ’ is too high. Do you want to reduce the value ‘IQ’ to 90 to acquire ‘Porn Star’.” “Being a porn star would be really nice.“, Jake thought and clicked the “Yes”-Button. “Thank you for playing ‘Chronivac - The Game’”, showed up on the screen, but Jake couldn’t read it anymore. “Hey Jake, you dumb stallion, lay that damn console aside and come here. Time for your next movie.”, came the call of Hugh, the director, from the door, “You’ll be playing the main character in ‘Office Orgy Party’, so put on the jacket and come here.”
  7. The first thing Peter noticed when he entered the coffee shop, was the beautiful red-haired barista, who stood behind the counter and winked at him, when she noticed him stepping into the room and sat down in a comfortable padded seat in the middle of the room. And the second once again came painfully to his mind as he saw his reflection in the window. A scarecrow stature, combined with a generally short frame, a spotty face and braces. Additionally he wore an ill fitting dark blue polo shirt and beige shorts, with a cheap looking black watch. Then finally the waitress/barista came to his table, casually throwing her long red hair over her shoulder and introducing herself with a sexy smile: “Hello, sir. My name is Veronica. What may I get you?” For a moment, Peter was speechless, simply amazed by the beauty of this woman, but then he replied stuttering: “A b-b-big coffee with m-m-m-milk and s-sugar, please.” A few minutes later, Veronica came back and placed his order before Peter, leaning so far forward, that it gave Peter a good sight of her bosom. In fact, the sight was so good, that his little 3″ prick got hard and swelled to its a than enormous 4″. So, yes, he wanted to talk to her, tell her that he was pretty (Though she obviously knew herself.), but he lacked both confidence and resolve. Frustrated by his inaction, Peter took a sip from his coffee. Sure, he had an humongous 10″ dick, but other than the bulge in his jeans, that she couldn’t see when he sat, there was nothing special about him. It’s not like he could get it out in the middle of the shop and make her speechless. He took another sip from the smoking hot light brown liquid. ‘Of course I am pretty tall. Maybe she noticed me because of that.’, 6′6″ beanstalk Pete thought. Sure, having a big dick and towering over most people was nice, but having an ugly face and the build of a stick figure turned most people off, so he mostly went home alone. Yet again angered by his perpetual failure concerning women he took a sip from his black coffee Yeah, he had gotten booked for this one modelling campaign an year ago, but that was only because of his handsome face. That’s why they only wanted close ups, only face, no body. It was pretty frustrating when you thought of it. Even when a woman was a attracted by his warm green eyes, pouty lips, narrow but nonetheless masculine or his glass cutting jaw, they always made a run for it when they saw his body. With one last sip, his cup of coffee was finished. Pete’s sculpted chest strained against his tight polo shirt as he sighed deeply. He just couldn’t get himself to talk to hot women. Even though he had a big dick, was taller than most people he came across, was a demanded model, had a master’s degree in molecular biology and even got a body that made most of the regulars in his gym green with envy, he just lacked resolve and was pretty shy. Noticing, that his cup was empty, Pete waved at Veronica, his powerful biceps straining at the sleeves of his polo. while he watched the sexy red-haired waitress approach, he scratched his deeply cut sixpack. Somehow he felt odd today, but he couldn’t lay his finger on the reason. He quickly passed it off. ‘Maybe the hose needs to be drained again.’, Pete thought, rolling his egg sized balls and sausage dick around between his humongous thighs. “Do you want something else? I will get you everything.”, Veronica asked, her smile implying, that she meant literally everything. “I would like to fuck you in the restroom, if you like.”, Pete replied, his voice deep and making Veronica obviously go wet. “Sure.”, she simply answered. Inside his mind, Pete rejoiced. Not only would he get to ram his insatiable fuckstick into Veronica again and again for the next hour but he had finally beaten his damn shyness for once.
  8. Damn genie. When I found this ancient book (Yes, it is not a lamp.) and when I opened it, a green skinned boy escaped.But calling him a boy is somewhat an insult, since he is more of a man than I am…I mean was. I was pretty average when I found this book. Just a normal, Asian boy in high school. Average build, average height, average grades. The thing was I had a thing for sports. Football, baseball, basketball, you get what I mean. But since I was totally average, I couldn’t hope to get a place on a any of the teams. It isn’t like I got bulled or so, but I was pretty unnoticeable. So what was the first thing I wished of the small, muscular incredibly hung green skinned man? The thing every guy would wish for,a giant dick. The genie snapped his fingers and *BANG* my dick was no longer the 5″ it had before, but a coke bottle thick 13″ monster, whose hunger I could already feel. But I didn’t want to jack off in front of the genie. So the second wish I had was also a logical consequence. I wished to get to sleep with every person I wanted. When the genie snapped his fingers this time, it wasn’t a *BANG*, but more like a feeling of confidence, that spread form my groin. I knew, that every person I desired would now be more than willing to become a willing orifice for my new monster. So now my sexual fantasies were fulfilled and I turned to my passion. “I wish I would excel at sport.” With a slight sneer the genie snapped his fingers a third time and told me with a deep voice: “Since you wished to excel at sport and not sports, I twisted your wish a little. You will be the world’s best athlete at the first sport you see, runt.” And with this words, without even letting me say my objections or complaints, he dissolved into smoke, retracted into the book and simply vanished as if he never had been there. Still a little confused, I sat down on my bed. And then my brother Evan came in. You know, we shared the same room and it was mostly okay, but that day I had come home from school earlier than expected. So when my brother entered the room, wanting to relieve some pressure (If you know what I mean.), he looked as surprised. But the worst thing was the object he had under his arm: a bodybuilding magazine. In this moment the words of the genie echoed through my mind: “ You will be the world’s best athlete at the first sport you see.” And then there was the *BANG*. —————————————————————————————————- “Sorry, Dave, I didn’t want to interrupt your posing routine”, he said, holding the magazine in front of his tented shorts. That’s when I saw myself in the mirror. I only wore a pair of tiny posers to hold back my manhood, muscles bulging all over my body. Enormous traps, that swallowed my entire neck, shoulder wider than most wardrobes, giant arms, easily bigger than my or Evan’s head, and… I think you get what I mean. Then I saw the second greatest surprise: The person on the cover of Evan’s magazine was no other than me. “I guess you must be busy, having that big competition this weekend, right?”, Evan joked, laughing embarrassed and blushing bright red. “Yeah.”, I answered, my mind now entirely blown by my foghorn like voice. And then the biggest embarrassment this day happened. A wet spot spread from my brother’s groin. He had just shot a load. Now almost crying with shame, Evan ran out of the room, locking himself up in the bathroom. —————————————————————————————————- About a week later I’ve worked out how this world works. It seems like I am the number one in the worldwide bodybuilding community at an age of only 18, just like genie had promised. I had been thrown out of school, since my humongous muscles distracted the other students to much and my voice in addition with it made everyone spew a load right away. Competitions aren’t fun either, since I always win them, thanks to my stupid wish. Though I have to say genie took my second wish pretty literally. For example, when I watched “Ted” on Friday and thought how hot Mila Kunis was, there was a ring at the door and much to my surprise I found Mila Kunis standing outside when I opened the door. Needless to say we fuck like rabbits all night and she is now pretty much far too stretched to ever receive pleasure, getting fucked by someone else than me. But the best thing is, that I make tons of money now. Not only through the price money from the bodybuilding competitions but through a you could say side job as well. Porn industry pays me well for the videos of me fucking all the celebs I get. The video with Jennifer Lawrence was a hit, but my most successful film features me and Liam Hemsworth.
  9. SPANISH Un día mi hermano menor se compró un extraño videojuego durante una venta de garaje, el juego se llamaba "Quest for muscles" y parecía una copia barata de skyrim en el explorabas un mundo abierto mientras peleabas con monstruos y subías de nivel. Sin embargo, había ciertos detalles que eran inquietantes el avatar de mi hermano era una copia casi idéntica de el incluso en el cuerpo era flacucho y bastante más bajo que la mayoría de los npc además cuando lo subía de nivel en lugar de estas comunes como Magia, inteligencia, destreza habían sido remplazados por cosas como bíceps, tríceps, pectorales, estatura, etc. cada vez que el personaje de mi hermano subía de nivel estos stats aumentaban ligeramente. No le di mucha importancia y dejé a mi hermano con su videojuego mientras yo me fui a dormir me costó un poco por que escuchaba ruidos de mi hermano aun jugando. "En algún momento se cansará" pensé mientras me quedaba profundamente dormido, ala mañana siguiente me desperté y los ruidos del videojuego aun sonaban ahora si estaba enojado ese enano había estado jugando sin parar toda la noche. Ese fue el colmo camine hacia su cuarto para darle una paliza por no parar de jugar. pero algo hizo detenerme al abrir la puerta en lugar de encontrarme a mi escuálido hermano menor en su lugar había un hombre gigante, sus piernas eran tan largas que sus enormes pies colgaban unos cm sobre la cama, pero lo más impresionante era su físico, sus bíceps eran del tamaño de melones, uno de sus pectorales era más grande que mi cabeza y a través de sus apretadas ropas se podía ver unos marcados abdominales. sin embargo, Lo que hizo que me congelara es cuando vi la cara del hombre gigantesco, unida por un grueso cuello estaba la cara de mi hermano menor con todo y sus gruesas gafas de nerd, sus ojos estaban fijos en la pantalla de la tv y en sus manos tenía aun el control de la video consola el cual se veía diminuto en sus enormes manos. En ese momento volteé a la pantalla y pude ver al avatar de mi hermano ahora con un cuerpo enorme matando a unos monstruos y subiendo de nivel."Genial! ¡Al fin llegue al nivel 100!" grito de repente mi hermano en una voz ahora más gruesa y varonil volteo hacia mí no se había dado cuenta de mi presencia y sonrió con una sonrisa malévola"Hola hermano una disculpe creo que me quede algo adicto a este juego, pero creo que valió la pena" dijo mientras hacía saltar sus redondos pectorales yo solo me quede en espectáculo mientras mi hermano "pequeño" se levantaba de la cama y su cabeza se elevaba más y más y más.... ENGLISH One day my younger brother bought a strange videogame during a garage sale, the game was called "Quest for muscles" and it looked like a cheap skyrim copy in which you explored an open world while fighting monsters . However, there were certain details that were disturbing the avatar of my brother was an almost identical copy of the even in the body was skinny and short most of the npc looked taller than his avatar, in addition when he was leveling up instead of the common stats like Magic intelligence, dexterity they had been replaced by things like biceps, triceps, pectorals, stature, etc. every time my brother's character level up these stats increased slightly. I did not give much importance and left my brother with his video game while I went to sleep ,it took me a while because I heard noises of my brother still playing. "At some point will get tired" I thought while I was sound asleep, the next morning I woke up and the sounds of the video game still sounded now if I was angry that dwarf had been playing without stopping all night. That was the last straw I walked to his room to give him a beating for not stopping playing. but something made me stop when I opened the door instead of finding my scrawnt younger brother in his place there was a giant man, his legs were so long that his huge feet hung a few cm out of the bed, but the most impressive was his physique, his biceps were the size of melons, one of his pectorals was bigger than my head and through his tight clothes you could see some marked abs. However, what made me freeze is when I saw the face of the gigantic man, joined by a thick neck was the face of my younger brother with everything and his thick nerd glasses, his eyes were fixed on the TV screen and in his hands he still had control of the video console which looked tiny in his huge hands. At that moment I turned to the screen and I could see my brother's avatar now with a huge body killing monsters and leveling up."YEAH!, finally reach level 100!" Suddenly my brother shouted in a voice now thicker and more manly, he turned towards noticing my presence and smiled with a malevolent grin"Hello, brother, sorry I think I was somewhat addicted to this game, but I think it was worth it" he said while bouncing his round pectorals I just stayed in shock while my "little" brother got up from the bed and his head was it rose more and more and more ....
  10. Eugene laid on his bed, the heads of Sam and Dan bobbing beneath the blankets. His massive feet hung out the end and he was gently running a hand across his pecs. His TV was on and playing the latest Spider-Man movie. The arachnid superhero was swinging through the streets of New York, sunlight glistening off his hairy abs and his overstuffed bulge bouncing with each swing. Eugene felt one of the twins gag on the massive head of his cock. He chuckled slightly before returning his attention to Spider-Man, he liked seeing a nerd superhero. It was always these short, skinny or fat superheroes. Former models who turned to acting and now made guys like Eugene feel bad about their muscle bound forms. This guy playing Spider-Man, Tom something was actually pretty good and looked a lot like Peter Parker from the comics. Though Eugene never remembered Peter Parker using his giant bulge to smother robbers. ——————————————————————————————————————————— In some studio Tom stood atop a New York apartment building, staring out at a green screen while the director and crew fiddled with a camera behind him. His feet overhanging the slabs capping the building’s brickwork as he stood astride the corner of the roof. Clad head to toe in the red and blue spider-man uniform. Just a young actor pretending to be a teenage superhero. Filming was close to finishing and this was one of the final scenes. They’d actually filmed it before, but the director wasn’t happy with it so he’d got Tom to fly back to the studio from London and film it again. He flexed his toes, his heels hanging off one end of the wall and his toes off the other. Luckily he was pretty well balanced, even though his size 22 feet were barely getting any stability from the wall. Before puberty hit and turned Tom into any other stereotypical nerd Tom had been a dancer, but growing over a foot and piling on thick muscle had ruined that, so he turned his talents to acting. The fans turned on behind him, the cool breeze making him flex his thickly muscled glutes. The skin tight costume was hugging every curve of his muscle butt, the tops of the cheeks actually partly visible. Originally the costume had covered him completely, but he’d had a slight growth spurt between getting measured for the costume and when he turned up for the filming of Civil War. Slight, being 6 inches of height and 50lbs of muscle. Plus hair had started to come in. He remembered how embarrassed he’d been when he turned up to the studio with a thick beard and richly forested hair spreading over his abs and pecs. But it turned out it actually fit the character better. Peter Parker had always been a towering mass of hairy nerd in the comics, and Tom’s portrayal had gone very well with audiences. “Ok Tom, you know how this goes” the director shouted from behind him “Just a good dramatic shot of you overlooking the city you saved from Mysterio” Tom shook out his massive arms and stood proudly with them on his lean hips to stare out at a green screen. Even though his face wouldn’t be in the shot he was trying to put on a serious smile. The mask didn’t cover his bearded jaw, the higher-ups decided that for some reason Tom’s lantern jaw covered in the thickest beard ever to appear on film was a good fit for the character even though Spider-Man always covered his nerdy beard. The studio went silent and the director called ‘action’. Tom just stood and breathed steadily, he could actually hear the fibers of the costume straining against his slightly heaving pecs. “Wait….wait… cut” the director shouted Tom turned his head. His thick bull neck being slightly strangled by the costume. “Whats wrong” he asked his voice booming loudly even though he’d tried to keep the volume low “Just your junk” the director said stepping over to him With Tom standing on the wall his solid ass was face level with the director, with Tom flexing his cheeks in embarrassment. He looked down past his pec shelf to the overpacked crotch resting between his giant thighs. It looked like it always did when he wore the costume, a round lump of animal sized fuck meat. “Jake, can you sort him out please” the director shouted to one of the aides A young guy came running over and without saying a word to Tom stuffed his hands into Tom’s pants. Tom could feel Jake’s face resting against one of Tom’s ass cheeks as the guy reached around him to pull at the straps of Tom’s jockstrap. “We really need to get you a new jock” the director said “The straps are always getting loose” Tom was thankful for the mask covering most of his face, he could feel his cheeks burning red. Jake’s hands were forearm deep in Tom’s musky jockstrap and were rearranging their contents. One of Tom’s baseball sized nuts was being lightly cupped by Jake as Tom’s deli quality sausage was curved around underneath them. “Your junk was hanging lower then it should” the director explained to Tom One of his hands on the small of Tom’s back, it would of been on Tom’s shoulder, but Tom was over 7ft tall and standing atop a high wall. The director would have to be a nerd of the highest standard to even hope of reaching one of Tom bowling ball sized shoulders. “We can barely have these beach balls you call ass cheeks in a shot” the director chuckled, Jake though was nearly pressed his face right between Tom’s cheeks “Can have those wrecking ball nuts swinging low between your legs” Jake finally got ahold of the straps of Tom’s jock and was adjusting them to tighten them up. Tom could feel the weight of his genitals rising up, his almost overflowing pouch getting dangerously close to completely overflowing with cock meat. Tom could swear Jake lingered for a moment, he could feel Jake take a deep breath with his face buried between Tom’s ass cheeks. “Much better” the director said, giving Tom’s ass a firm slap when Jake moved away Filming started up again and within 5 minutes it was over. Tom jumped down from the wall with a floor shaking thud. Pulling off his mask and tossing it to Jake, the aide passing him a water bottle. “Thanks” Tom said, staring past his pecs down to Jake The guy was actually very cute, maybe a year or so older then Tom. He was short and very slim, probably had been an athlete in school, a guy who’d never even look at Tom. But now Tom was a big celebrity, didn’t matter that he was a hairy muscle beast, just appearing in a film had made it like he was a short fatty. “You’re welcome” Jake said beaming up at Tom “Your lunch is waiting for you in your dressing room, and is there anything else I can do for you” Jake was biting his lip and gently loosing the straps of Tom’s jock. Sweet relief spread up from Tom’s crotch as his heavy meat was allowed to swing. “Can’t believe it is actually part of your job to do that” Tom muttered as he started for his dressing room Jake just laughed, a few steps behind Tom. His short legs not keeping up with Tom’s lengthy strides. “Well I’m your assistant, you are my job” Jake said as Tom ducked into his dressing room “Wait what” Tom said suddenly turning around Jake walked face first into Tom’s hairy abs. The warm studio lights had caused them to be slick with sweat. “Yea, I’ve been your assistant throughout filming, who did you think was bringing you scripts, food, costumes and emptying your trash” Jake said wiping his face clean of sweat Tom felt himself blushing again. The mention of his trash turning him a bright crimson, everyday of filming Tom’s trash was packed with cum stained tissues. Wanking his massive meat was the only way for Tom to not pop an arm sized boner in the middle of filming, and he’d had to turn to tissues after seeing some of the crew carrying cum soaked towels through the set on the first day. “I never noticed” Tom said feeling bad Jake just laughed “Surprised you notice anything with those pecs” Tom found himself bouncing them for Jake, who’s eyes just went wide. Jake quickly moved past Tom and set up Tom’s lunch. A massive fresh salad, Tom had tried to eat healthy, but the studio ordered him to keep his weight up, so it was salads and protein shakes everyday. Tom changed out of the Spider-Man costume, pulling some grey sweats over his rounded ass. His long cock hanging down one leg. Jake had moved onto cleaning up the dressing room, the small guy struggling to restock the dumbbells onto Tom’s weight rack. Tom took a seat and started eating. The heavy duty metal chair creaked a bit as he lowered himself into. In the mirror at his dressing table Tom could see Jake sniffing Tom’s jock strap. Jake’s tongue flickering out to lick at some of the still wet pre-cum staining the pouch. Tom’s cock throbbed slightly and hardened down the leg of his sweats. “Hey” Tom called Jake dropped the jock and started spluttering out an explanation, his eyes wide at seeing himself over Tom’s shoulder in the mirror. “Was it you who cleaned out my fleshjack” Tom asked On the table an XXXXL fleshjack sat somewhat clean. It did look like someone had been scooping out the gooey cum with their tongue. Jake went bright red, Tom’s bearded face pulling up into a smile. He swiped his hand out and knocked the fleshjack into the trashcan. “Get under the table” Tom ordered, his cock flexing against his sweats
  11. “What are you staring at, faggot? Yeah it’s me ‘little’ Daryl. Do you still insist on mocking me. I thought so, puny ass faggot. What happened you ask.” “I got sick of you and your football buddies bullying me, so I searched the internet and found a spell, which steals animal attributes.” “I got the physical power of a gorilla horde, the incedible hair of a lion, the dick of an elephant and so on.” “My body somehow adapted to the changes and reality did as well.” *You ask, why you can remember* “Oh yeah, I made you immune to the changes, so you could admire my new body even more. So you and I are the only ones who remember my old self. Oh and unfortunately I had to trade my homosexuality in order to make the changes. I am now straight as an arrow.” “Seems like your girlfrriend is now mine, as are your buddies. I rule the fucking school now, though it unfortunately cost a lot of animals their happiness.” *You ask about the tiger* “Oh yeah, I stole something important from him, his wildness. For what you ask. Hahaha, your girlfriend will be so much happier now that she has me. I used his wildness in the bedroom. He was so tame, that I had to take him home.” “So I have to go and fuck your, or should I better say my girlfriend. And now fuck off, faggot!”
  12. In honour of Endgame coming out here a story involving Cap himself. My name is Rick and that is me in the picture, I like to think I’m pretty hunky, but I wasn’t always. I’ve always been a nerd and a couple years back I looked like one, but puberty and a big brother forcing me down the gym changed all that. A couple hours a day in the gym, four days a week was all I needed. I still wear glasses and read comics, but now I’m ripped and have killer arms. Chris my boyfriend though is the same nerd I fell in love with. We came out to each other and started dating soon after, just two cute nerds. But years later I’m a stud and Chris isn’t, I still love him, but I’m just not attracted to him anymore. I know it sounds terrible, but I keep catching my eyes wandering to hot guys when I have an amazing guy who loves me already. The Djinn promised to change all that. I wasn’t sold on him being a Djinn, but when the greasy teen turned into a green skinned muscle bound genie, complete with the puffy pants and goatee I became a believer. He gave me one wish, I asked about the three wishes rule. He said because I didn’t find his lamp I only got one, I felt lucky for just the one. So when Chris was around my place playing video games the Djinn appeared and asked what I wanted, he already knew. I stared at Chris for a while, his top pulled tight over his slightly flabby belly, his hair greasy and his skin not much better. My eyes wandered over to the framed Captain America movie poster on the wall, Chris Evans handsome face looking across the room to me. “I wish they looked like Chris Evans” I asked the Djinn, he smiled and nodded There was a puff of smoke and suddenly Chris Evans sat on my sofa, he was still wearing Chris’ clothes, but pecs and abs pulled the shirt tight now and his cargo shorts looked much better with nice long toned legs erupting out of them. “You ok” I asked concerned Chris turned and smiled, he was identical to Evans now. “Yea I’m cool” He grinned then turned back to his game He sounded the same as before, the wish must have only effected his looks, not that I was complaining. I sat down and started kissing his neck, but Chris was focused on his game, and I needed to head to work. Reluctantly I left Chris with his games, but I’d get to try out the new Chris tonight. I half jogged to work and didn’t even notice another jogger, so the two of us banged into each other. “Crap sorry” I apologised “No worries” An elderly voice replied But it came out of Chris Evan’s body, the tight muscle covered by little running shorts and a skin tight muscle shirt. I just nodded immensely confused, and someone who wasn’t Chris Evans jogged off, Evan’s muscled ass flexing with each step. “Worked it out yet” A familiar voice oozed Another Chris Evans rested against a nearby street lamp. “Genie” I queried Chris Evans nodded, he even flexed his arm for me. “So have you worked it out yet” the Djinn asked I shook my head, noticing more and more Chris Evans making their way about town. “You wished for THEY to look like Chris Evans” Djinn smirked “You never said who was the THEY, so I covered myself by making everyone look like Chris Evans” “Everyone” I asked Djinn nodded and with a poof of smoke vanished. The one wish rule fluttered though my mind, I was stuck in this world. I slowly made my way to work, everywhere a new Chris Evans distracted me, up till I got to the local gym. Maybe having a dozen Chris Evans in various states of undress running on treadmills at the gyms large front window would make this world liveable.
  13. Derek was a real fan of piercings and tattoos. As a real punk he had to be of course. He was easily recognizable as one through his hairstyle, a blue mohawk, the tunnels in his ears and his black clothes. He had decided to get another piercing, one that he had desired for a long time, a nose ring. He thought it would give him a somewhat bull like appearance. Of course tat was a false hope. At a height of 5ft6 and a weight of 90 pounds, the 26-year old skinny punk was little a bull as could be. Even his cock matched this statement. Where others his age had an average dick between their legs, skinny Derek, had an 3″ nub that could hardly satisfy his former girlfriend. Maybe that was the reason why she had cheated on him. After catching her in bed with Daniel, his best friend, the week before, they broke up. To get them out his mind, he had decided to get a new piercing. Entering the piercing studio, he was greeted by the owner. “Hey Derek. Why are you looking so glum, buddy?”, his longtime friend asked him. “Veronica hs cheated on me with my best friend.”, Derek replied. “Damn, that’s shit. I guess you want a piercing to come to other thoughts? What did you have in mind?”, the owner questioned him. “Yeah, dude, you’re right. I thought of a nose piercing, if you can do it.”, Derek replied. “Yeah sure. I have a nose ring I kept exactly for such an occasion.”, the piercer said and went into the back of his store. A few minutes later he came back with a small box, containing a silver nose ring. “Shall we get started, Derek?”, he asked with a grin. ———————————————————————————————————- Half an hour later, Derek stood up from the chair, where the owner had pierced him and stretched, his muscles twitching and his spine cracking. “Damn, that hurt.”, he said rubbing his freshly pierced nose. Colin, the owner, and he himself couldn’t help but watch the massive muscles on his arm flex. In addition Derek made his pecs dance, bouncing a little tune with his pillow pectorals. His other plate sized hand felt up the eightpack hidden underneath his shirt. The muscular legs, supporting his 6ft9 body could easily be mistaken for marble pillars and the feet that made up his base were easily size 19. “Okay, Colin, here you go.”, Derek said handing him 250 dollars, “Keep the rest.” “But I only need 100, Derek.”, Colin replied surprised by his friend’s gratitude. “Doesn’t matter, I was just paid for the last shoot.”, the male model calmed Colin, “Got more than enough at the moment. Okay, see ya.” When Derek left the shop, he suddenly got a message. “Everything set for tonight. Danielle and I can’t wait.” It was from Veronica, a girl that he had been fucking for several months now. She had organized a threesome with her best friend Danielle tonight, though it was no problem for Derek. “Shit.”, Derek boomed. He had caught sight of himself in the mirror. Stubble coated his perfect, angular jaw in just the right way. His lips looked like they were made to give a woman an orgasm just kissing her. His broad nose was now perfectly accentuated by his new piercing. His sparkling green eyes were perfectly emphasized by a pair of thick bushy eyebrows. But his joy and pride was the wavy undercut that permanently looked like he had just woken up. ———————————————————————————————————- Back in his apartment , Derek stripped his clothes off completely. It was just so much more comfortable to let his farm animal sized cock and bullnuts swing around freely. He decided to take a picture of himself and send it to Veronica. ‘Gotta get her ready for tonight.’, Derek thought, his mammoth tool getting hard at the thought.
  14. The day was finally there. Beatrice and her classmates would finally get their high school diplomas. They would get the certificate of all their hard years of working through school, leave this lame small town and conquer the world. And her future looked bright, after all she was the second best student in her year. The only student, who was smarter than her was the Chinese genius Chang Lee. She had to admit, that she was jealous of him. The little nerd came from a rich family and was captain of the chess and debate teams. Rumor had it, that he got accepted into the MIT an Harvard and even had an offer to study abroad in Oxford. “Beatrice LaDorre.”, the principal said. Finally it was her turn to get the diploma. As she stepped on the stage and looked at the audience, all she could see were happy faces. Even her mom smiled, though it looked slightly wicked. They’d had a quarrel the other day. Her mom had gotten furious after Bea had told her that she was the second best student in her year. The argument had ended with her mom yelling after her: “I will make you the best student.” Oddly enough she didn’t take photos of her own daughter, maybe she was still angry with Bea. Then she left the stage and it was time for the real star to appear. “It’s an honor to me to hand a diploma over to the best student this year, Chang Lee.”, the headmaster announced and Chang entered the stage. Surprised she saw her mother draw an odd old polaroid cam and then there was a blinding flash as she took the photo. ‘He will do just fine.’, Angela LaDorre thought, ‘But he definitely won’t be an honor student anymore.’ —————————————————————————————————- When the flash had subsided, Chang felt odd. Heavy, big and somehow at ease. When he looked down to find the origin of the feeling, all he could whisper was: ”Fuck.” He was a fucking stud. His arms were easily the size of softballs and he felt like he could effortlessly lift trucks with one hand. Unfortunately his pecs were so big, that he could not see what laid underneath. But he sensed, that the rest of his body was just as powerful and muscular as his beefy arms. All that he could see beneath his monster pecs was the prominent bulge in a pair of shiny red posers. “And here is our next participant. Nr. 476, Chang Lee.”, a voice announced and somehow Chang felt compelled to enter the stage. When he, still in awe, stepped in front of the audience he noticed that he couldn’t remember anything from his old life. He couldn’t even remember how to add up simple numbers. His head felt so empty, but it was okay. He knew that he would win this contest and then he would fuck a few twinks backstage, just like he always did.
  15. Sophie was a total fan of Justin Bieber. His texts spoke directly from the bottom of her heart, his small, toned body was perfect and his face was like an angel’s. He was her ideal man. Unfortunately she was just a normal fan and a superstar like Justin would never even stop to look at her, it was such a tragedy. One day she helped her grandma cleaning and found a strange amulet, a thick golden chain with a ruby pendant. When she asked her grandmother if she could keep the necklace, the old lady smirked scarily and approved it. This very evening she sat in her bedroom and looked at herself in the mirror. The necklace really accentuated her red hair, she should wear it at her the next concert, maybe Justin would then notice her. Suddenly the gem began to emit a bright red light and Sophie’s world blurred for a moment. —————————————————————————————————- Seconds later, Justin Bieber’s tour truck stopped in front of his girlfriend’s house. The mountain of a man, who was the superstar, left the truck. Together with him his roadie left the car and told the singer: “This way Mr. Bieber. Your girlfriend lives just here.” “Huhu, yeah. Gotta empty my nuts into her.”, the dumb star replied with a deep voice, that was the main reason he was so popular with the girls, it made them go wet in an instant. Though himself standing at 7′8″ and weighing around 350 pounds of solid muscle wasn’t a hindrance either, especially if his muscled torso was permanently on display, since no shirt had fit him since he had been 16. “We’re gonna leave tomorrow Mr. Bieber, so please hurry with your… task.”, the man reminded him and knocked at Sophie’s door. As she opened the door, the giant popstar ducked into her hallway, his head grazing the ceiling. “I hope you’re ready, baby,”, Justin Bieber said to his girlfriend dropping his pants as soon as the door was closed, revealing his 14″ monstrosity, that was already leaking pre.
  16. Charles was on his way home from a long holiday. It had been a real fun trip, especially with the new program on his phone. It was called “Chronivac: Desire Version” and had a very interesting function. After scanning for a certain amount of time, the user could transform into the ideal partner for the scanned person. Charles had had lots fun with the app, scoring with every chick he could find, it had really been an intense week. So he was all to happy to find out that his seat neighbor in the plane was a beautiful 20-something girl, with long brown locks and a perfect hourglass figure. “Hello.”, he greeted her, for the moment in his old body, that of a skinny pimple faced nerd. He sat next to her and decided to start the app, maybe he would get to fuck her on the toilet later. Suddenly his other seat neighbor, a pretty well built middleaged guy in business clothes appeared and sat next to him. “Hello.”, the businessman said in a deep voice. —————————————————————————————————- 10 minutes later the plane had taken off and Charles felt his phone vibrate, indicating hat the scanning process was finished. He excused himself and went to the board toilet. He opened the app and without looking over the stats in the app again, he hit the ‘Enter’ button. There was a blinding flash and gone was the nerdy old Charles. In his place now stood Chad, a male fitness model who had been in this land for a photo shoot. Or at least everyone remembered it like this now, except for Charles, who was well aware of the changes that happened. He checked his new body out and was pleased with the results. He lifted his shirt and admired the cut sixpack and firm pecs that laid underneath. He took a photo of himself and continued to check himself out. His muscular arms and broad shoulders threatened to rip the plain black t-shirt any second. His thighs were hidden by a pair of short sweatpants, but a short flex confirmed that his legs were just as built as his upper body. Chad also noticed that his pants were stretched at the back by a big, bouncy bubblebutt. He looked at his face in the mirror and was taken aback by his face, that oozed masculinity despite his pretty boy looks. It was accentuated by a mop of unruly brown hair, that he now remembered spending half an hour each morning styling. The only thing that bothered him a bit was that he couldn’t feel the weight of a big set of genitals dragging the front of his pants down. ‘Maybe she isn’t so keen on bull dicks.’, Chad thought, remembering the perfect results, the app had brought forth in the past week. “Let’s reap the fruits of my labor.”, Chad said and left the toilet. —————————————————————————————————- As he sat down again, followed by the gazes of every woman on board, he was greeted by the voice of the businessman saying: “Hey, babe.” ‘Wait? Babe?’, Chad thought and new memories of being a bottom for his horsehung manager and husband. “I think I need you baby.”, Chad whispered into the ear of Luke, feeling an emptiness in his ass and groping the man’s prominent bulge to underline his point.
  17. In ancient times an aztec tribe had produced 6 differrent amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the aztec tribe was wiped out by the spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. ———————————————————————————————————- John roamed the streets of his hometown, in search for a collar for his dog. Because Spike was a still a puppy, he had destroyed his previous collar while wanting playing with John. His owner had only had Spike for one month because Veronica, his ex-girlfriend, had wanted to get a pet, so their relationship would eventually be saved, but ultimately Veronica had left him last week, leaving him alone with the pup. Just as John was about to give up, he passed a pet shop. As he entered ‘Johnson’s Pets’, he was greeted by the sound of numerous animals and the sight of the obese owner. “Welcome to ‘Johnson’s Pets’, my name is Doug Johnson. How can I help you.”, he greeted the customer with bored voice, not bothering to lift his gaze from the magazine he was reading. “I’m in search for a dog collar.”, John told the owner. “Corridor 3.”, the owner said, leaving John to search for the collar alone. Though the assortment of collars was rather limited, there were only three to chose from. He picked up the middle one and was surprised by a voice. “Give me to an animal.”, the ghostly voice ordered and John felt the need to follow it’s orders. After he had paid for the leather band John headed home. ———————————————————————————————————- When he reached his flat, he was immediately greeted by the sound of Spike. The husky pup came running towards him, having waited for his master nearly an hour, John hadn’t felt the need to have someone take care of Spike, when he was only gone such a short time. “Okay Spike, come here.”, he told the dog and buckle the collar around Spike’s neck. Suddenly the collar started to glow with a cold white light, bathing the whole room in it’s shine. When the light began to subside it looked like Spike had grown, a lot. He now looked like a grown dog of about 4 years. All of a sudden Spike began to stand up form the ground. In the course of the process, Spike’s posture changed into that of a human, so now he looked like an anthropomorphic dog. Soon after this, his face began too. His muzzle receded back into his head and his whole skull cracked and creaked as it took on an overall human look. At the same time all of his beautiful white fur fell out and coated the floor with hair. Left behind was a petite, nude man, who looked, like he belonged to an native american tribe. John could only watch in horror as the former puppy began to grow in height, until he towered above his 6′ master by at least half a foot. Simultaneously the collar loosened and changed texture as it became a long chain with some pearl like things hanging on it’s owner’s unimpressive chest. Spike could only say “What the hell is happening to me” in a deep baritone as his body filled out with muscle. Strong legs, that would make him able to run faster than his old dog body, and boat like feet to support his soon gargantuan upper body. Unbeknownst to him, John hadn’t understand anything Spike had said, because he wasn’t able to understand the language of the native American tribes. As Spike’s upper body grew heavy and hard with powerful muscles he got older, so now his former 28 dog years were converted into 28 years of human life. His flat rippled and 8 blocks of muscle popped up, forming a luscious eight-pack. Spike involuntarily made his pigeon chest on which the amulet rested flexed only to unflex it again, leaving it a little bigger than before. The process repeated several times, until two hard firm pecs had replaced his flat chest. Simultaneously with his arms becoming two beautiful balls of muscle, his shoulders squared and hardened, making them more fitting for the new hunk. The white fur that Spike had lost before whirled and transformed itself into white fur briefs, bots and shoulder pads. Just when the fur was in place, a spear started to form in Spike’s hands. The former dog looked at the spear confusedly, not noticing that he was starting to vanish or John’s shocked face, as his former puppy dog disappeared into thin air. His former owner swore to himself to never tell anyone about this, since he didn’t believe what he had seen himself. ———————————————————————————————————- As he lifted his gaze from the spear, Spike found himself in a strange environment. Snow coated every tree as well as the ground and he could hear birds chirping all around him. “There you are Spike!”, an approaching, unfamiliar man exclaimed, “Great, you caught the deer. Nothing else to be expected from the best hunter in our village. Come on let’s take it home.” He grabbed onto the dead animal and began dragging i away. Out of instinct Spike decided to follow him. 15 minutes later they reached a small village, consisting of about 20 huts. All of the inhabitants gathered around the returned hunters and that’s when Spike noticed a feeling in his groin. When he looked down he could see a cock sneaking down his leg. The organ in question was as thick as a bottle and wasn’t affected by the cold atmosphere around them at all, since it was still at least a foot in length. He heard two plopping sounds and felt the new weight of two egg sized testicles between his legs. Spike tore his look away from his now gargantuan tool and looked at the villagers. He noticed that almost every woman here had was pregnant. ‘They all carry out my children.’, Spike remembered, thinking back to the regular sex sessions with each of them. Since his tribe disapproved the use of modern inventions like condoms and since Spike was extremely virile, almost every session ended with a pregnancy. As he eyed the children around the village he noticed that they all looked kind of alike ‘They are all my children.’, he thought to himself. ‘Of course they are, it’s the right of the strongest hunter to reproduce.’, he added mentally and new memories started flooding into his head. He was the best hunter the tribe had since he was 13, having been given the name Spike for his excellent hunting qualities with his trademark spear. Now at the age of 20 he had gotten even better at hunting. “Okay ladies, I brought the prey. So who is gonna be the one lucky one to be my price.”, he exclaimed, ready to claim his well deserved reward.
  18. The evening wasn’t going too well for Yasin. In hope of finding a girlfriend, he had signed up at a dating website. Of course he had used wrong data, claiming that he was a muscular tower of manliness, who worked as a professional football player. His profile picture was the face of some unknown Arabian model. The reality though looked different. He had the same weight he had stated in his profile, but it wasn’t muscle mass, it was pure fat. And though he was 6′4″, he looked much shorter, because of his build. And his face was totally unable to compare to the profile picture he had used. He had a double chin, where the model’s looked like it was carved out of marble. The model’s glass cutting jaw made him want to cry when he looked at his own practically nonexistent one in comparison. Yasin’s meek beard paled in comparison to the model’s manly forest of facial hair, and his alias’ black locks made him want to rip his own wiry, greasy hair out. So it was no surprise, when the girl looked like she wanted to puke, when she took place opposite of him. After half an hour of a miserable date, he excused himself and went to the restaurant’s restroom. He started to sob when he had entered it, hoping that nobody would hear or see him. That’s when he noted a pair of underpants lying on the rim of the sink. He curiously approached the unknown piece of clothing and as he touched it, a bright flash of light blinded Yasin. ———————————————————————————————————- When he had regained sight, Yasin saw himself in the mirror, quickly realizing that he was nude except for the blue briefs that had been lying on the sink only a second ago. It was a pathetic sight, his large belly barely contained by the skimpy blue underwear. Suddenly he felt a pulling all over his body. He watched as his gut pulled inwards and revealed a flat stomach. The event was followed by what seemed like 4 powerful punches in his midsection as each row of powerful ab muscles popped into existence. The growth spread upwards, reaching his moobs. They hardened and plumped up, creating two beautiful rounded pecs. His narrow shoulders widened and beefed up, as his lats expanded into a pair of gorgeous, almost angelic wings. The arms that were connected to his new cannonball shoulders were the next thing to transform. Though they kept their circumference. The soft fat on his arms, shifted and changed into hard muscles, his blob like arms transforming into a powerful display of manliness. ‘They are ideal for throwing and receiving wide passes.’, Yasin thought, a little surprised were this thought had come from. While his upper body had gotten muscular, his lower body hadn’t been left out either. His legs, that were previously nothing more than a gathering of fat, jiggled and started to compress, until all the fat had been changed into stonehard muscle, even making his thighs touch. ‘The are perfect for running past the opponent’s defense.’, he thought, confused by the sudden new memories that were flooding his head. He now remembered being a member of his high school’s football since freshman year and getting into college on a scholarship. He had gone professional after having graduated with a master diploma of advanced physics. He constantly got underestimated, people thinking he was an idiot because he was a great sportsman. He watched his face change in the mirror. He saw his jaw square and becoming like cut marble. His face overall began to look like the face of the model he had used in his profile. But then he witnessed as it got even more manly looking than the already beautiful model. His beard got thicker and bushier, coating his gorgeous face with thick black hair. Suddenly he felt a strange sensation in his pubic area, it was like someone was pulling at his dick and balls. He lost himself in nearly orgasmic bliss as the briefs got tighter and tighter, being stretched by a giant set of genitals. He pulled up the shorts, that had suddenly materialized on the floor. They were tight around his thighs and his cock mad an obvious bulge in the front. He headed out of the restroom again and returned to his date. “So,…Daisy, was it? Shall we go to your place?”, he asked her with his deep bedroom voice cupping his bulge and watching her stare at his bare upper body with lust in her eyes. “Sure.”, she replied, moving her thighs together, going wet at the thought of the best quarterback in the state fucking her raw.
  19. I always had a thing for universities. Maybe that’s why a 75 year old wizard like me still visits the campus from time to time. It’s not like I look like my real age, I look like a perfectly normal college student. Like other members of my guild I have the power to alter reality at will, though I am not as powerful as many others of them. I can only change the life of one person at a time, not like Ron, a senior member who is said to have transformed an entire comic convention into a bodybuilding expo. But I guess this power comes from the experience of several centuries. But enough of me, my magic or my guild. This tale is about my philosophy professor, Dr. Baxter. —————————————-—————————————————————- I sat in the back of the lecture hall and watched the 75 year old prof enter the room. As the old man (I am one to talk) shambles towards the platform. He had a rather crooked posture, which made him look even smaller than his already little 5′6″. His suit looked baggy on his old and infirm body. Except for a few grey hairs he was bald and his somewhat Asian face was wrinkled like an old plum. Though he was a brilliant philosopher and was well known throughout the country. “Hello everybody, welcome to this years philosophy course. My name is Dr. Thomas Baxter and I’ll be your professor for this semester. Our topic today will be Friedrich Nietzsche.”, he greeted everybody with a croaky but friendly voice, that despite his age managed to fill the auditorium. I have to admit that Dr. Baxter had been my favorite teacher since he started at this university almost 50 years ago. He had been gone for a year to try get a taste of retirement 5 years ago, but had quickly returned saying that he would teach until he died. I decided to give him a gift and transform him into a younger, better version of himself. First of all I made his croaky, old voice a deep sexy baritone. With a swift wipe of my hand the old man’s Adam's apple swelled and his voice dropped an octave. Suddenly everybody was not only taken in by the professor’s words, but was hypnotized by the sound of his voice as well. I decided to let the last hairs on his head as well, leaving him completely hairless with a few polishing movements of my hand. This also let the spots and imperfections on his head disappear as well, leaving it a perfectly smooth glittering bald head. I made a pulling gesture, straightening his spine, so that he had now a perfect posture and at the same time I increasing his height slowly. At the end of his explanations about the early life of Nietzsche, the 75-year old stood at the imposing height of 6′7″. Next of came my favorite part. I started with his arms, beginning with his hands. I stretched my fingers, at the same time I saw Dr. Baxter’s hands grow as he explained the basic idea of Nihilism, until the hands on my y had reached a size, where they could palm a basketball with ease. His forearms followed shortly after that, literally exploding out of the sleeves of his tweet jacket. The sleeves of his jacket completely disintegrated when I patted my own biceps, causing the biceps of his professor to enlarge as well. The otherwise skinny teacher now had solid arms, that looked, like he could easily crush bricks to fine dust without real effort. As Dr. Baxter continued to talk about Nietzsche’s ideas of moral, I continued my fun. I made my hands form a V and slowly but steadily increased it’s width. Professor Baxter’s shoulders followed the movement, widening and filling out with strong hard muscle, until he looked like he would have trouble getting through doorways. His collar was torn to shreds as his traps swelled, until it looked like his neck was practically nonexistent. I clapped my hands quickly, causing his back to twitch and grow, twitch and grow. As he turned around, to take a gulp of water, it looked like ants were crawling under his clothes. Before he was finished drinking, his back shielded his entire body from view, his jacket getting stretched by his seriously massive muscles. His lats had participated in the growth so it now looked like he was trying to hide wings from us. He turned around again and I knocked on my desk twice. Each knock made his pecs swell, till his jacket couldn’t contain them anymore and simply exploded into shreds. His pecs were on full display now. They involuntarily bounced and everyone in the auditorium was entranced by the rhythm of the big hard muscles flexing and dancing. I was the first one to lift my gaze from the beautiful display of manliness. I snapped 6 times and each time I did so an ab muscle popped up on the previously skinny stomach of our professor. They looked like washing dirty clothes on them were an easy task. The upper body of our professor now looked like a bodybuilder’s, but his lower body was still that of a 75-year old. That was about to change to. I slapped my hands on my thighs and Dr. Baxter’s legs blew up with muscle. He shook his legs as if he wanted to relax them a bit, continuing to talk about Nietzsche’s concept of ‘Übermensch’ and his thighs changed into two meaty hams. His calves followed suit, blowing up into two nice powerful diamonds. Two complete his growth, his feet transformed from two petite little feet size 7, into giant boats size 17. As Dr. Baxter was about to finish the lesson I decided to finish his changes as well. I grabbed my crotch, making my professor’s struggling suitpants shrink, until they were a pair of skimpy, shiny blue posers. The poser’s tightness revealed the tiny cock the doctor called his own. I made a gesture as if I was stroking a cock and Baxter’s cock responded accordingly. Everyone could witness the posers getting tighter, being pulled taut by what seemed like a farm animal sized cock and a pair of egg sized balls. At the same time, a tan spread from his groin, coating his whole body in a chocolate brown color. His face changed too, into that of a younger black man. Last but not least I decided to ease his life a bit. I emptied his mind with a touch to my temple, leaving him barely enough intelligence to do the simplest of tasks. So an hour after the famous 75-year old philosophy professor Dr. Thomas Baxter had entered our auditorium, the 35-year old professional bodybuilder and top candidate for the title of Mr. Olympia Tom Baxter started to pose for the eager audience in the lecture hall.
  20. “Come on David, I need your cock up my ass now, or I can’t concentrate all day.”, the deep bass of my boyfriend Jamal boomed, while he danced for me, shaking his big black booty for me. You may think I am some kind of bodybuilder, to be begged to fuck this beautiful man’s ebony ass, but I have to disappoint you. I am just your average law student. I am a bit on the nerdy side, but now I have a huge cock. You’re irritated? Understandable. But let me tell you the story from the beginning. ———————————————————————————————————- I met Jamal 3 months ago. He came to me in need of private tuition, and I was all to happy to oblige. Jamal had entered college through a basketball scholarship, but was constantly struggling with his classes. He had especially problems with his mathematics classes, aiming to become some kind of banker or so. Soon after we started our lessons I found out that he was gay and after a month we started dating. Right on our first date we ended up in bed and I found out, that Jamal was not only a genius on the basketball court. He was such a gentle passionate lover and the stereotypical black dick wasn’t bad either. He teased my hungry hole with his monster before pushing in one smooth motion. The sheer size of his tool made me scream, but the screams were soon replaced by moans of bliss. I shot my first load right on his second thrust, but it took Jamal another 5 minutes of thrusting before he shot his first load. Though he shot 5 further load up my ass before he was satisfied. The next month flew by swiftly. I helped him with his studies, I visited his basketball games and of course He shoved his donkey dick up my ass almost every night. But the whole bottoming got old pretty quick and I was just not fit for topping, my cock being only about 3″ hard. It seemed even smaller compared to Jamal's 9″ tool and bull nuts, so I had to settle with bottoming. One night Jamal was pounding my ass again, when I looked out of the window, tears in my eyes from the ‘mere’ bliss of having my hole penetrated. That’s when I saw a shooting star and made a wish. ‘I wish I could be the top for once.’, I thought before passing out. ———————————————————————————————————- When I awoke the next day, I was greeted by the sight of the bed cover bobbing up and down and a feeling of bliss in my groin. I pushed the blanket away and saw the head of Jamal working what looked like a footlong cock between my legs. I was amazed of what I saw, but before I could say anything, my hips reflexively thrusted forward, as my balls blew a giant load down Jamal’s throat. “Are you okay, baby?”, I asked him, since he had been thrown back by the intensity of my load.”I’m fine, shall we get to the main event?”, he asked, his deep voice making me quiver. Without hesitation Jamal climbed on top of me, leaving his briefs behind, only to reveal a cock, that was far smaller than my old one. Though I was surprised by his action, my body moved on his own, grabbing him by his hips and pushing my now huge dick up his ass unceremoniously. Half an hour later, I was pumped dry and Jamal started to lick the rests of cum off my tool. “Thank you, baby. I’ll be going to practice now.”, he said after he had finished his task. Soon after Jamal had left I decided to get up too. After I had finished my usual morning routine, I left my apartment. I was instantly greeted by the view of a skinny guy holding a leash that was connected to a collar, worn by man of bodybuilding proportions. I witnessed several similar couples on my way to university. But the strangest thing happened when I had reached my destination. A guy easily twice my size, who was even bigger than Jamal, approached me and asked: “Um, David, I know you’re in a relationship and so on, but could you please fuck me now. I need it badly.” Needless to say I used this opportunity, despite my continuous confusion. I quickly worked how this world worked. It seemed like all big guys were now hungry bottoms with tiny dicks and the skinny guys were aggressive tops with massive tool. What can I say? Seems like I got what I wished for.
  21. Cho had always been a skinny child. Of course he was, he was Asian after all. He was predestined to always be the one in a group who was the shortest and skinniest. And the word short was not only meant heightwise, he was as hung as a 3-year old child. But he had stopped complaining years ago. He had settled to being a bottom for the bigger guys, meaning almost everybody. Cho had given up his dream of being the top in a relationship long ago. He had tried relationships with guys and gals alike, but he always ended being either the bottom or being left. Still he had decided to go clubbing tonight. After an intense night of dancing, flirting and drinking, he went home with a black behemoth named James. The 7′ giant spent all night thrusting his black jackhammer of a cock into Cho’s big Asian ass. After James had emptied his bullnuts into Cho’s tight hole for the 5th time the tiny Asian passed out from the pure orgasmic bliss. The next morning Cho woke with his raw ass still in the air, the black stallion lying asleep next to him. He gathered all his clothes that were scattered throughout the room and made his leave. Though after he had closed the door behind him, Cho noticed that he had left his glasses on James’ dresser. “Damn!”, Cho, exclaimed with his high pitched voice. He didn’t really need to wear them all the time, but still it was infuriating that he had forgotten them. His work as a programmer was a struggle without his glasses. Since he was farsighted he couldn’t really see what he was typing. He decided to pack up earlier this day and pay his optician a visit. As he approached the shop at main street, he noticed a sign: “Currently on vacation. Will probably be back on 17th” “The 17th? That’s still one week from now!”, Cho squeaked angrily. He decided to head home using a small alley as a shortcut. That’s when he noticed a shop on the left of the alley. The store window displayed a few pairs of glasses and since he needed one desperately he decided to enter the store. He was greeted by a whistle and several air balloons. “Congratulations! You are our 1000th customer!”, a croaky voiced old man exclaimed, revealing a banner who read exactly the same thing. “Your price is a free pair of glasses”, the old man added in a far more normal tone. “Let me have a look at you.”, he asked Cho, eyeing from head to toe, “Ah, yes you are farsighted and need 2,0 dpt on both eyes. I think you’ll like this model. But please don’t try it on here, I unfortunately don’t have any mirrors.”, he said handing Cho a fitting pair of glasses. A little startled Cho left the shop again. He decided to have a look at the glasses through the reflection on the store window. “Here goes nothing”, Cho said with his high pitched voice and pu the glasses on. ———————————————————————————————————- “Looking awesome.”, Cho commented, eyeing the new glasses on his angular face. As he watched himself in the reflection he couldn’t help but letting his calloused plate sized hands over his square jaw, feeling the stubble under his fingers. “Shit, I’ve only shaved an hour ago. By the way were was I going?”, he asked himself. ‘Oh yeah, I was on my way to meet James.’, he remembered. The little black twink had called him to arrange a ‘meeting’, an invitation on a coffee that would definitely end up with sex again. He could just tell him so, but little James was just to shy. He had just never had sex with an Asian before. All Asians were just plan sex beasts and most of them were cool with fucking a twink’s ass. Of course they were, Asian bullnuts and monstercocks needed to be constantly pumped dry, no matter the method. Cho was no exception. Like many other Asians Cho hadn’t finished high school and spend his entire free time partying, working out and most of all fucking. As he reached the small cafe James had chosen, he already saw the black twink waiting for him. “Hello Cho. I have already ordered you a coffee”, James greeted him with his soft, effeminate voice, shoving a cup of iced coffee across the table. “Yeah thank you. So do you want to fuck now? I still gotta make two movies today.” came the straightforward reply of Cho, who was checking out his phone. He already had several messages from several guys and girl, all more than willing to become an orifice for Cho’s cock. James had been totally entranced by the twitching of Cho’s muscles and the pumping of his veins. “Yeah sure.”, James said, standing up and making his way towards the hotel across the street. Thirty minutes later James found himself on all fours as Cho jackhammered his cock up his ass. He could only moan as the 7′3″ 320lbs Asian bull was gripping James’ hips tightly as he shot his first load up the black boy’s hole. While James had already shot numerous loads it was the first for Cho. “Don’t you dare passing out yet, I still have a few ones left.”, he whispered into the almost unconscious twink’s ear. ———————————————————————————————————- Another hour later Cho left the room and made his way to the movie set. He was scheduled to make two porns today. “Ben Whore”, was featuring him fucking his way through numerous girls in an ancient setting. He didn’t know the name of the second movie, but it was centered around him dominating numerous twinks and amateur bodybuilders and fuck their asses until they were raw. He got scheduled for porn movies on a regular basis. After all ‘Cho, the Japanese Bull’ was the most famous and best paid porn star in the world.
  22. My name is Ron and I am a wizard. I have been alive for several centuries. I have seen empires rise and fall, people making terrible mistakes and experiencing the highest of joys. But most of all, I have had my fair share of fun with mankind. You see, my special kind of magic allows me to alter people’s bodies, minds, all kinds of places and of course reality to avoid suspicion. ———————————————————————————————————- I was out to have fun again and which place would be more fit for a reality warping wizard and muscle growth enthusiast than a comic convention. I saw endless possibilities for mischief, using quite a lot of them. I blew a meager He-Man cosplayer up with brawn and emptied his mind, leaving him nothing more than a breathing block of muscle. To upgrade his costume further he transformed the guy’s dog, who was dressed up as Cringer into a real tiger. The next ‘victim’ was a guy in a baggy Captain America costume. I expanded his muscles until the costume was straining against his new bodybuilder physique. I decided to take the fun to a new level and sat down. The spell I wanted to use consumed a tremendous amount of magic energy, so I had to gather some more first. An hour later I had gathered all the power I needed and cast the spell, transforming this comic expo into a bodybuilding convention. ———————————————————————————————————- I watched the nerds around me blow up into musclebound hunks of various shapes and sizes, the themes of the booths shifting from comics and nerdy movies to nutrition and working out. The costumes most of the visitors wore shifted into revealing tank tops and spandex shorts, though I spotted a lot of shirtless hunks or studs who were only wearing a speedo or poser. That’s when I saw a pair of nerds, eyeing the muscular bodies around them with awe. They were obviously turned on by display of sheer manliness and the smell of testosterone, that filled the air. ‘Now that’s interesting, so I get to play a little more.’, I thought an decided to follow them. They stopped in front of the booth, which belonged to the National Physique Committee, which was about to announce the best person who had won the most bodybuilding contests this year and that’s how I got an idea. “Ned Plinburg, please come to the stage.”, the announcer declared and a spotlight aimed at one of the nerds. The crowd cleared a path towards the stage and hesitantly the skinny boy walked towards the platform. As I watched him entering it, I made his clothes disappear, leaving him in nothing more than a tight black speedo. It was obvious for everybody that the covered dick wasn’t so big, since only a small bulge was visible at the front pouch. Almost everyone was laughing at him now, since his short, twiggy body was on full display. Of course I couldn’t leave him this way, so I began with increasing his height well past 6′. He ended up at a towering size of 6′10. He looked even more comical now, but I gave him a body more fitting the convention. His muscles grew and grew until it had definitely pro bodybuilding qualities. Additionally I altered reality so everyone now remembered him winning the Mr. Olympia contest three years in a row. Next I made his glasses disappear and transformed his face and hair in the process. He ended up with a model like visage and a nice brown buzz cut. As a special a trait I added little studs to both of his ears. So now a pale, shy bodybuilder stood on the stage. A man came onto the stage, holding a giant golden trophy and handed it to Ned. I decided to alter his name as well making him Ned Muscleburg. “I am very proud to give this trophy to the man, who has won it the last three years as well: Ned Muscleburg!”, he announced. As he took the trophy a tan started to spread from it until his whole body was dyed in a caramel brown colour. “Um, thank you…”, he said softly. Though I had deepened his voice significantly, he was still very shy. That had to change and so I made a few corrections on his mind. “I would like to thank my husband and long time supporter, Dean. Come to the stage, honey.”, Ned boomed and pointed at his former friend, who was still a nerd. When Dean had reached the platform I had another idea. With a devilish grin I lengthened and fattened the dick in his jeans, as well as growing his balls. Though he was still as skinny as a girl he was now as hung as a bull. “Without him regularly pleasuring my hungry muscle ass I could have never won this many contests.”, the giant, musclebound bottom exclaimed and kissed his horsehung twig of a husband.
  23. “What is it Gilbert” Landon shouted to the short nerd in his doorway Landon was lounged on his bed, his massive feet propped up on the wall, a basketball bounced out of his meaty hands and slamming against the ceiling. He was having to shout at Gilbert, even though the nerd was a few feet away from him, because his laptop was playing music at full blast. The speakers he’d connected it too were shaking the room with bass. “Please... can you turn the music down” Gilbert shouted back, his voice squeaky “I need to study for my calculus exam” Landon just rolled his eyes, one hand tossing the ball at Gilbert. The nerd caught it, but was knocked back a step by the force of the throw. Banging into a bare wall, he dropped the ball and reflexively went to fix his thickly rimmed glasses. Landon’s other hand reached behind himself and turned the music down. Gilbert was the type to make noise complaints, and Landon already had two against him this semester, another and he’d be fined. Landon’s dad was already very unhappy, he’d already paid three fines last semester. Landon rolled off his bed, his big feet thudding as he rose to his full height. Little Gilbert barely making it to Landon’s solidly built chest. The nerd stepped back again, a splattering of fear in his dull eyes. Landon just smirked and slammed his door in Gilbert’s face. ———————————————————————— A week passed before Landon saw Gilbert again, he’d just had a terrible football practice. Landon who was an amazing player had visibly gotten worse over the last three practices. At first it was one or twice failed catches. Then it was more failed catches and terribly thrown passes. But this time he’d become exhausted after a simple run, half a dozen laps of the field. Normally Landon could do that with ease, he was renowned for his stamina, dozens of girls could testify to that. He was walking back to his dorm, his meaty shoulders slumped, his legs and arms sore. His workout bag was tossed over his shoulders and was slapping against his lower back, which was odd. Normally it was up by his shoulders, his broad width and thick chest pulled the straps tight. Now they were loose for some reason. Landon was shocked to see Gilbert. He was in running wear, he’d been out jogging. He looked flushed and sweaty. His posture was straight, it made him appear taller. “Sup Landon” Gilbert smirked, his voice was deeper It was only a bit, but it was notable. Also that squeakiness was gone. Before Landon could answer, two girls appeared behind Gilbert, both athletic girls, both way beyond Gilbert’s league. “Damn you are fast Gil” one of them cooed Landon knew these girls, he’d even done them both. They didn’t even notice him as they laughed and slipped pass Gilbert, vanishing into his room. Gilbert gave Landon a wink and slammed the door in his face. Landon went to sleep that night with a pillow over his head, the laughing, moaning and bed shaking from Gilbert’s room was too loud. The next morning Landon filed a noise complaint against the little nerd. ———————————————————————— Another week passed, Landon was feeling worse and worse, and no one seemed to notice. He’d been kicked from the football team, his coach didn’t even seem sorry. He just spent all day in his dorm or in class, he was actually studying nowadays. His professor was actually pretty impressed with the essay he submitted a couple days ago, joked that he’d have to report Landon for plagiarism. He knew something odd was happening, he was felt weaker, his muscles were softer and smaller. His shoulders had narrowed and his chest flattened. He was hornier than normal, his cock was nearly always hard and he was jerking off a dozen times a day. His room reeked of stale cum and his trash can was overflowing with flakey tissues. His cock though wasn’t the same pile driving slab of sex meat it had been a few weeks back. It wasn’t a two hand job anymore, only one of Landon’s weaker hands were needed to get him off now. Gilbert, or Gil as he was being called now had gone from strength to strength. At this moment as Landon was jerking off Gil was leaned up against Landon’s door. His powerful arms having lifted a cheerleader off her feet and they were forcefully making out while she cooed about how big and strong Gil was. This only turned Landon on more, the regular sex Gil was getting and the animalistic way he fucked reminded Landon of how he had been. Landon furiously jerked as he listened to the girl exclaim at Gil’s body and looks. It sounded like Gil had even had to shut her up when she nearly screamed out loud about the size of his cock. Landon imagined she grabbed a handful and finally realised what she’d signed herself up for. Landon spent another night alone and jerking off to the rough thumping of Gil’s bed as the growing nerd fucked some girl into ecstasy. ———————————————————————— A month had passed and Landon had completely regressed from the big man on campus alpha male he’d been. He was shorter, far shorter. Landon was far below average height now, he was too scared to measure it, but he thought he was around 5’4. He’d been to the doctors and they assured him he wasn't shrinking, in fact he’d always been short and the doctor actually laughed when Landon said he’d been way above average only a month ago. Landon’s build wasn't any better, he was skin and bones now. His hard earned muscles having melted away, and like with his height there wasn't any evidence he’d been built, or even an athlete. The small weight set in his room just vanished one day, they’d been replaced with a stack of comic books and DnD manuals. All of his workout clothes, running gear and muscle shirts were gone. Button up shirts, geeky t-shirts and nerdy sweaters having replaced them. Landon was now short, skinny and super nerdy. He was even wearing glasses now, his vision terrible without them. No one seemed to notice and no one noticed Landon at all. Girls he’d slept with didn’t seem to know him at all, his friends were not his friends anymore. Gil on the other hand was a completely different man. He’s exploded in size, muscles appearing upon muscles. His height skyrocketing, he’d even taken Landon’s position on the football team. Landon sat in his room, door open due to the spring heat and listening his music. His music was quiet this time, he was a lot more self aware now and wouldn’t force everyone else to listen to his music. “Hey Landon” A deep voice called from the open door Landon turned around and saw Gil, he was shirtless, only wearing dark basketball shorts. The straps of a rucksack digging into his thick shoulders. A meaty hand clinging tightly to a massive pot of protein powder, his other hand wrapped around a calculator. “You mind turning down the music” Gil said without a please, his tone obviously an order Landon quickly nodded and turned his music down so low there wasn't any point in listening to it. Gil just smirked and bounced a large pec. “I’ve got a workout” Gil explained even though Landon didn’t ask “Then got a physics class” Landon just nodded again from his desk chair, his tiny feet hanging high above the ground. Gil’s enormous sneaker clad feet firmly planted on the floor. Gil smirked again and then said something just to push Landon and his new regressed form. “Would you want to sniff my sweaty workout gear afterwards” He asked Landon went bright red and just nodded. Gil didn't respond and left the room. Landon heard the big stud laughing to himself as he left, talking about how the exchange must of been completed. “Exchange” Landon muttered to himself as he watched Gil’s firm ass walk away But he didn’t think on it any further, he noticed Gil’s dorm room door was open. The room was empty, no fucked senseless girls to see Landon as he snuck in and stole a musky jockstrap from the floor. The shrunken Landon so far gone he didn't even noticed the spell book on the desk open to the page about physical exchanges. He just happily put the jock to his nose and closed his dorm room door behind him.
  24. Sprinting pass fellow students JD hardly had to dodge anyone, they moved out of the way for him. Being 6’4 was a blessing at times like this, and it was a requirement for football. Which was the reason he was sprinting, he was late for practice. He appeared at the edge of the practice field, the entire team already running laps. JD jogged up pulling off his jacket, his tight workout gear underneath. The coach nodded at him as he dumped his gym bag on the sidelines and headed onto the field. JD stopped and stared for a moment, there was someone new on the field. A giant shirtless broad shouldered black man, a muscled beast with his running shorts around his ankles. He had white hands gripped his meaty ass cheeks as some white boy was sucking his black cock. JD could see two swollen pitch black bull nuts bouncing between the ebony hulk’s legs. “What the fuck” JD exclaimed and the sucking stopped with a deep grunt from the beast The hands let go of the muscle man’s ass and still with his back to JD the big black dude pulled up his running shorts, having to dip his legs to cram what must be a massive monster cock into them. The white guy stood up, it was Colton the quarterback. He had a long rope of fresh cum hanging from his chin. The hulking black stud who must be at least 7ft tall saw it and hooked it around one of his sausage sized fingers. Colton sucked the cum from the finger and even suckled at the meaty digit for a few seconds. After he finished he answered JD “Hey, what you shouting about” he asked JD looked shocked “You were just sucking this….” he stopped himself from saying something he’d regret “…this guys… cock” Colton and the black man shared a look, the black man chuckled. “How else am I gonna get my protein shake” Colton stated matter of factly A jolt of pain shot through JD’s head, Colton appeared to have not noticed, but the black guy did. JD looked back at them and the black beast was staring at him curiously. The black guy was Quentin, the water boy, it was his job to shoot a load of protein down the throats of every player. He was annoying guy, JD had kept trying to get the Coach to hire a little guy to do it, why did he have to get a hulking muscle beast with a jaw breaking cock as the water boy. Quentin smirked “Yo JD, i got your shake here” His voice shook JD’s knees, and Quentin groped his bulge and heaved out his hardening monster dick. JD dropped to his knees and started to suck, Colton jogged off to run some laps. Quentin just started playing on his phone, not really doing what a water boy should do. JD would complain to the Coach, Quentin was hired to give relentless face fuckings to the athletes. Having JD struggle to suck down the massive black cock in his mouth was not what was expected to be happening. Quentin was meant to be choking JD with his horse cock till he almost lost consciousness. It didn’t take long for Quentin to flood JD’s guts with cum. He pulled off of the ebony water-boy and stood up. “Quentin you were slacking” he shouted up at the hulk “You can’t do that, what if this was a game day, you might be the reason I miss a pass” Quentin smirked, and bounced his pecs in JD’s face. JD just crossed his arms and looked up. “I’m a star player on this team, you’re just the water boy” JD stated throwing all his ego into his voice “We could replace you very easily” JD knew that was a lie, Quentin was the only guy who could provide the protein for so many athletes. “Ok, calm down dude” Quentin said still typing on his phone with one hand “Ill make it up to you on game day, don’t worry” Quentin finished typing on his phone and JD patted his bloated cum gut. His tight workout shirt rode up over this swollen belly like it always did when Quentin shot a load down his gullet. “Good” JD smirked triumphantly He waddled away with his guts sloshing, Quentin laughing his ass off behind him. JD joined his teammates, all of them with inflated cum guts. Quentin would have to lay off the cum production supplements, his balls were overdoing the guys with cum, maybe JD should complain about the guy again. A voice in the back of his head was screaming that this was all wrong, not the complaining, the voice told him he always hated Quentin. But that Quentin was short, skinny and a whiter then whiter nerd, not the face fucking black horse cocked behemoth he was now. Something had changed. JD looked over to Quentin on the side lines, he was scratching at his massive balls through his shorts. The imprint was visible from meters away, but Quentin was more interested in his phone. He was typing again, JD couldn’t remember Quentin ever being on his phone before. He’d always been so involved with keeping the athletes guts full of cum. Then the voice shouted back, not guts full of cum, a water boy is meant to keep you hydrated. JD decided to confront Quentin, something wasn’t right. He jogged over, his stomach which was normally a few rows of abs was still bloated and sloshing with cum. Quentin looked up as he approached, he smiled again and stopped typing on his phone. JD felt a wave of vulnerability wash over him, or it might of just have been the breeze hitting his jockstrap clad pale body. He would never understand why they could only wear jockstraps at practice. JD walked right up to Quentin and pulled at the fabric of the water boys running shorts. The 5ft4 jock looked up with big blue eyes at the massive ebony monster. Quentin peeked over this huge pecs with a cocky smirk. “Whats up little man” He boomed down, his cock hardening It pushed upwards in his pants leg and bumped into JD’s swollen cum gut. “Ummmmm” JD was very nervous “Something is wrong” Quentin reached down and cupped JD’s oversized ass cheeks and lifted him up. They were face to face now. “You can tell me” Quentin chuckled “I am the team’s water boy” JD nodded, though the voice in his head told him to be quiet. “Well… I have this feeling that this is all wrong…you shouldn’t be face fucking me” he started and let out a cum tasting burp, Quentin looked like he was trying not to laugh “…that I shouldn’t be all small and submissive” he continued his little hands playing with Quentin’s big chewy nipples “…but I do know…. I do know that we don’t get on and I keep complaining about you” Quentin nodded “Yes you do, which is why I focused everything on you, which is why you think all this is wrong” he said, but JD eyes were blank, he had no clue what Quentin was saying Quentin laughed and JD’s baby sized cock went rock hard. He bounced JD in his arms so he could get a better hold of him and started for the locker room. The water boy continued “Maybe I shouldn’t of lowered your IQ, that’s probably why you don’t understand whats happening” JD just stared confused, but Quentin was still talking “But I’ll change that afterwards….Oh good just what I imagined” JD turned his head away from Quentin’s massive chest. They were in the locker room, it looked like always did, clothes and gym bags, the smell of Quentin’s cum soaking into every surface. The voice in his head bellowed at him, why the fuck was a cum stained bed doing in the locker room. Quentin tossed JD onto the bed and dropped his shorts “Don’t worry little guy, this is what a water boy does” he smirked, lining up his fist sized cock head with JD’s key hole sized boy pussy.
  25. Flynn watched his tumblr account. Suddenly a message popped up. “We’re updating the site. Please wait a second.”, it read. Indeed the side reloaded a moment later. Though the new site didn’t look any different. Out of nowhere an anonymous message appeared. ‘That’s weird’, Flynn thought, since his lifestyle blog only had about a dozen followers. “Hey, i love your stories. really hot muscle growth porn. Some of the best on tumblr.”, the message said. “Thank you very much, anon.”, Flynn replied. He was very proud of his captions, the anonymous reader not being the first one to tell him that. Instantly another message appeared: “I like the regular photos of yourself. But you never answer the messages.” Of course he didn’t. He got far too many, to answer all of them so he just didn’t do it at all. The next message read: “You’re quite a hunk. i bet you’re the biggest guy in your gym.” ‘Of course I am. It’s obvious from the regular photos.”, he said in an arrogant tone. That’s why he only wore briefs in all pictures. He had to show this masterpiece of a body off. “And from the look of your struggling briefs, you are quite hung too.”, the next one showed. Palming his bulge Flynn thought back to the countless women that had been satisfied by his python of a cock. “I guess you are quite popular with the guys.”, the following message came in. ‘Yeah, this python has tasted quite a few twinks’ asses and mouths.”, he thought to himself, still holding the obscene bump in his briefs. “But you seem to dumb to write yourself. Who does it for you?” Flynn’s brother read out for him. He was simply not smart enough to read or write, having droppedd out of middle school. That’s why he had such an amazing body at the age of 19, he had lots of freetime. “Uhuhu, you do Dan.”, Flynn replied. His broher Dan helped him with virtually evrything he did. He made his workout plan, regulated his nutrition and even wrote the porn blog the two had together, mostly using photos of Flynn for his captions. Skinny Dan just had the brain and dumb Flynn had the brawn. “I love your cam shows. Really hot stuff.”, Dan read. “Oh speaking of it, Flynn, it’s about time.”, Dan mentioned and clicked a button. A picture of Flynn’s room popped up. “Okay, I’ll let you do your task now. I’ll be back in an hour.”, Dan slowly told Flynn, hoping that the big guy could follow him. “Ok.”, Flynn replied, watching his brother leave the room. “Come on, big dude, flex a little bit, like you always do.”, a comment read. Only understanding the word ‘flex’ Flynn got to work. He hit pose after pose, mostly flexing his biceps, but also standig up to show off his entire adonis body. “Where is the lifting?”, an indignant message showed up. Flynn only understood the essential ‘lift’. For lack of alternatives he decided to lift his desk chair. Another comment popped up: “Your nude cam shows are the best.”
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