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Found 30 results

  1. MuscledJunk

    m/m The Police Brute - Episodes I - IV

    Disclaimers: It’s my first story so criticism is welcome While there is not much of it in this episode, there will be A LOT of violence in future installments. You have been warned. The Police Brute – Episode I Life is meant celebrated, to be enjoyed, to be lived. It is the constant pursuit of happiness, the search for a greater purpose, which keeps us going everyday. But what if you don’t believe there is any greater purpose for you, if you don’t think there is any happiness to be found in your life? Then you end up like me. A short, single and skinny gay police man with no friends, who spends his free time thinking about ways of killing himself. I wasn’t always like this. My life used be close to perfect, until I turned 14. That is when I realized I was gay. From there on it was all downhill. First my parents disowned me and kicked me out of the house, when I came out to them on my 17th birthday. After taking one glance at my parents, everyone could have guessed that this ultra-conservative couple would not tolerate a gay son, but I foolishly thought that they would change their views for me, their only son. Being young, dumb and broke I did what I could to survive, even if it meant doing the unspeakable. It started as a job on the side, once every two weeks, but it quickly turned into a daily affair and I have to tell you, being a young gay prostitute was not easy. I got mistreated, abused or just flat out robbed. When I turned 21, I decided it had been enough. The almost four years of hard, dirty work were finally over. I took all the money I had saved during that time and started college. College was another beast which I had to tame, but after what I had endured it seemed like a walk in park. Still I had problems connecting with people, especially men. Sadly college was over before I could learn how to get over my anxiety. Next up was the police academy. The experiences I had made on the street, had made me want to fight the grave injustices of this world. That was another foolish idea of mine. After 20 weeks I finally got my dream job and it was the shittiest thing in the world. I got overworked, underpaid and after some time I even forgot my original goal. That brings me to a day, that started like any other. I got to the station and waited for my partner, so we could start our patrol. He was late so I slowly got bored and started thinking of ways to end my miserable life. In the end I came to the conclusion that I would chicken out of it like usual. After what felt like an eternity, my boss, Alex came over to me and I thought he was going to tell me my partner called in sick or something, but he just stood there for a few moments until he finally muttered:” Pete...he-he got into a car accident last night. He didn’t make it.” I knew I was supposed feel sad or something, but truth is I didn’t really care for him that much. Alex let me go home to mourn for the weekend. Instead of mourning I watched old comedies on Netflix. When I walked into the station on Monday, I unknowingly began a new life. The first sign came when Lenny, our secretary handed me an XXXL uniform. “Um, I didn’t ask for a new uniform. Besides this one is kind of oversized,” I told him, as I tried to hand back the uniform. “The uniform isn’t for you. It’s for your new partner,” he replied. “Not to fat shame, but don’t people need to meet certain health standards to work here?” I asked. “You’re gonna be surprised,” he smirked. “Your new partner is waiting for you in your office, but first Alex wants to see you. In his office” That was the second odd thing that happened, because Alex barley ever let people into his office. A working theory was that he was secretly a cam-guy, but I believed he was just hiding the fact that he doesn’t do any actual work around here. Turns out I was right. But after arriving in his office I was too preoccupied by other things to realize that. Alex was sitting at his desk, his face plain as if he’d just seen a ghost. Or to be more precise, he was sitting in front of what used to be his desk. Now it was split in half, with dents all over it, looking like someone had broken it in half using their bare hands. I took a seat and instantly felt that something heavy had sat in the chair before me. “John I know these past few days have been hard for you with the passing of Pete, but we have already found a replacement,” he whispered, visibly shaken. “Good,” I replied. “Is there anything wrong?” “Your new partner is...intimidating,” Alex muttered. “He insisted on getting you as a partner, because of a...em...special quality of yours.” With those words he escorted me out of the room without saying anything more. Now I was confused. I approached my office with caution, breathing heavily, scared of what awaited me. Once I arrived at the door, I pulled down the handle and slowly started to push it open. Suddenly a deep, masculine and sensual voice came from inside the office. “You don’t have to be scared. I don’t bite,” he shouted. I stepped inside, only to witness a behemoth of a man who was stripped down to his underwear sitting on my chair. He stood up, so that I could see him in his full glory. The 260lbs man had a face that would give most models a run for their money. Lush black hair, sparkling blue eyes, beautiful lips, a sexy five o’clock and the most gorgeous jaw in the history of man kind. It only got better from there. His neck was as thick as some peoples thighs, with veins snaking over his boulder like shoulders, to his biceps. But calling them biceps was gravely downplaying their monstrosity. They were at least 23 inches with peaks worthy of the Mr. Olympia Stage. I was already drooling before I had even seen the best part. His chest was made of two globes, throbbing at every breath, threatening to explode out of their own skin. Hiding underneath the two balloons were eight stone hard bricks. You would think a man this big would have a huge gut, but no. He was ripped to the shreds with veins protruding out of his abs. Then I looked below his waist, a waist that was no wider than my own, and dropped the oversized uniform I was holding in my hands. Between his two mighty legs, which were almost as thick as my body, was an unbelievably huge bulge, almost visible through the giants thinly stretched underwear. He walked up to me, until I was in arms reach of his body. He lifted his left bicep and flexed it, at which point I let out a slight scream. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a faggot,” he said, as a devilish smile crept over his face.
  2. dominantmusclemaster

    m/m Dominant Muscle Master

    Edit - Just a warning that this story contains violence, snuff and gore. You have been warned The man was standing with his girlfriend so he clearly wasn’t gay, but it made little difference to me. I wanted him so I would have him and neither his girlfriend nor his sexuality would offer any impediment. I waited till he looked my way once again and then I caught him in my gaze, my beautiful brown eyes boring into his, holding him captive. I walked towards him, keeping my eyes focused on his as I did. “Hi”, I said holding out my hand, “I’m Michael”. I took a deep breath, pushing out my rock hard pecs and tightening my washboard abs, the sight of my perfectly sculpted, muscular body caused him to stammer as he reached for my outstretched hand. “H…hi”, he said, I’m Frank”. I gripped his hand tightly causing him to wince in discomfort. I was using only a fraction of my power and he could tell immediately that my strength was so much greater than his own, as he registered my subtle display of dominance. I turned to the woman next to him and flashed her a dazzling smile, watching as she tried to fight back the lustful feelings my remarkable body was engendering within her. “Are you his girlfriend?” I asked bluntly, although it was clear that they were a couple. She hesitated, taking in the dense musculature of my torso before lowering her gaze to the large, obvious bulge in the tiny trunks I was wearing. If the poor sap hadn’t been standing right next to her she would have denied it, hoping that her availability would give her more of a chance with me, but she eventually nodded her head in acknowledgement. “Yes”, she whispered her voice full of regret. “Not any more”, I said, and her face lit up only to turn to shock as I finished. “Frank’s my girlfriend now”. I turned back, an evil grin on my face. “Isn’t that right little man.” “B..but”, he stammered, “I…I’m not gay”, “You’re dick’s been rock hard since I walked through that door”, I growled, “so don’t give me that shit. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your miserable little life, don’t you. Look at me, look at my muscles, feel my power, my strength. I’m everything you’ve ever dreamed of being. You want to kneel at my feet and worship me with every fibre of your being, don’t you?” It was too much for the man, for any man, my presence was simply to strong, my body to incredible, my dominance to absolute. He was inferior to me in every way and he knew it. He nodded his head. “Yes”, he said eventually, no longer able to resist the inevitable. “Then drop to your knees and worship me”, I said. Without another word he fell to his knees, he reached out and began to rub his hands over the vast expanse of my muscle packed thighs. “My God”, he gasped “you’re muscles are like steel” “Kiss them weakling”, worship my body with your lips, your tongue. His ministrations soon had my dick hardening, and it began to push obscenely against my trunks as it grew. “Remove my trunks”, I commanded and he immediately began to peel them off me, freeing my spectacular cock and balls. His girlfriend almost fainted as she watched my dick expand to its full length of sixteen inches. Frank could only stare in awe. He would never have believed that any man’s dick could be so long, so wide, so incredibly hard. He looked down at his own erect dick tenting the front of his shorts, harder than it had ever been and oozing precum, yet its eight inches was insignificant next to my supreme appendage. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward, forcing my dick into his mouth. “Suck it”, I commanded, and again he obeyed instantly, cowed into subservience by his now obvious inferiority. The girl watched her straight boyfriend kneel at my feet and suck hungrily on my monster shaft with a mixture of disgust and arousal. She was a beautiful woman with an impressive body and was used to being the centre of male attention, but now she was entirely superfluous. I turned to her, a look of contempt on my face. “You can go now”, I sneered, “I have no use for you”. Without another word I turned back to my new slave. I had already forgotten her and she knew it. Tears welled in her eyes from the pain of my rejection and the betrayal of her boyfriend. She had met me only moments ago, but my body was so perfect my eroticism so all-consuming that I knew my rejection hurt her far more than the loss of her boyfriend. “Frank”, she whimpered, but he completely ignored her. He was in a sexual stupor, completely unaware of anything but my absolute perfection. She called his name one more time before realising that he was lost to her and then she fled. Franks hands roamed up and down my thighs and over my hard muscular ass. His fingers slipped into the crack as he cupped my buttocks and with a cruel sneer I flexed my glutes trapping them in place. He attempted to pull them free but the strength of my glutes was more than a match for his arms. I continued to squeeze, crushing the digits between the hard slabs of my sculpted ass cheeks. His eyes widened in pain as he felt the bones of his fingers grind together but he was unable to scream as my cock effectively gagged him. I increased my thrusting, enjoying his discomfort as I raped his mouth and moments later I exploded in a powerful orgasm, pumping streams of thick hot cum down his throat. He began to gag and I released the vice like grip on his fingers and pushed him away, covering his face with juice from my still pumping cock as he fell to the ground coughing and spluttering. The taste and scent of my cum drove his lust to previously unimagined levels and i watched as his cock twitched involuntary as he released his own load without any physical stimulation. "Is that it", i sneered, "Is that all the sperm your pathetic balls can generate?" Frank had never had such a powerful orgasm, and by the standards of any other man it would have been an impressive amount, but then I'm not any other man. He looked at the wet stain on his shorts and realised that it was a miniscule quantity compared to my prodigious release. I stood over his prone body, droplets of cum dripping onto his stomach from my now limp cock. I raised my arms and flexed in a double bicep pose, causing him to groan in ecstasy as he watched my biceps expand and harden into two balls of unimaginable strength. I began to flex my legs, causing the muscles to swell and recede in a symphony of power. Within seconds my muscle display brought his dick back to life and i reached down and tore his shorts from him as if they were no more substantial than wet tissue paper. I resumed my display, flexing my legs, my abs, my chest, forcing him deeper under my spell with the hypnotic demonstration of my power and control. He lay beneath me moaning softly, so completely in my thrall that he was unable to speak. “From now on you will address me as Master, do you understand?” He nodded at my command his eyes were glazed and a thin trail of drool ran down his chin. "Hey, what the hell's going on here", a voice called out behind me. I continued the erosion of Frank’s free will with my muscle display; my only response was to flex my glutes and back, giving the interloper behind me their own muscle show. The voice walked towards me, "I said what's goi....". As soon as he drew level with me i reached out with one hand and grabbed him by the throat, lifting his entire body off the ground with ease. I turned and locked eyes with the suicidal non entity that had dared to disturb me. It was the receptionist, a skinny teenager that had just recently started the late shift. His six foot, hundred and thirty pound frame looked truly pitiful next to my own, as he hung suspended in mid-air gasping for breath. "You dare to interrupt me, you puny worm", i hissed, tightening my grip on his throat, completing blocking his airway. Within seconds his eyes rolled back, his body went limp and i let him fall to the ground. "Oh shit", Frank said, finally finding his voice. "Is he dead?" "Not yet", i grinned. "Take his clothes off, while i make sure no-one else dares to disturb me". Frank looked as if he was about to question me, until i narrowed my eyes at him. He immediately crawled over to the unconscious body and began to unfasten the boys belt, his dissent completely crushed by my gaze. I walked through the reception and locked the door, it was unlikely anyone would come in now but i wanted to make sure. When i got back Frank had stripped the boy and he was beginning to come round. I stood before him, hands on my hips, my strong, muscular body radiating power and authority. Slowly he stood up and looked at me, trembling in fear. "Please", he begged "Please don't hurt me". He was clearly terrified but my mere presence controlled his body more than his feeble mind could, and i smiled as his cock rose in obeisance to me. "Is that the best you can do?" i asked staring at his now rock hard cock which was barely six inches. "I...I'm sorry", he stammered, "this is as big and as hard as it's ever been". "And yet even limp my shaft dwarfs your pitiful erection", i said, walking towards him and grabbing him under the arms. I lifted him into the air and pinned him against the wall, stepping forward so that he was held in place by my vastly superior body. Anyone standing behind me wouldn't have even known that i held another person pinned to the wall as he was completely eclipsed by my muscular bulk. I took a breath, expanding my pecs and forcing them into his own inferior chest. I could feel his ribs bending against my abs and his sternum make a creaking noise as the thick slabs of my chest muscles crushed against it. I gave the slightest flex of my pecs and he groaned in pain as the pressure increased. No words were needed, he knew i could kill him in the most brutal way with nothing more than the slightest twitch of my mighty pecs. "Please", he whimpered fearfully, although his dick was still rock hard against my abs. I looked down at him my gaze boring through his very soul. I saw his fear and arousal, the only two emotions left to him as i dominated his mind, his spirit bending to my implacable will as easily as his body had bent to my unyielding muscles. I lowered my head and kissed him, my full, pouting lips engulfing his own. I felt his body relax as his fear yielded to his arousal and within moments i felt him tremble as he came all over my stomach. I broke off the kiss and looked at him. The look in his eyes was of absolute adoration. "Did you enjoy that?" i asked softly. He could only nod, to spent from the immense pleasure of the orgasm to speak. "Good", i growled, because now it's my turn. I stepped back and turned him round so that he now faced the wall, handling him as easily as a normal man would handle a doll. I turned to Frank who was watching in an almost trance like state. "Kneel behind me and worship my legs and ass with your lips", i commanded, “i expect to feel them on every inch of skin". I stepped forward again, once more trapping the teenager against the wall. "Please don't" he pleaded, as he felt the tip of my erection against his ass, but it was time to take my pleasure now, so i ignored his pleas and began to push my massive shaft into him. He screamed in pain as i forced my way inside him, slowly stretching his virgin ass to breaking point and then beyond. I clamped a hand around his mouth to stifle his screams, all the better to hear Franks groans of pleasure as he licked and kissed his way up my bulging, muscular calves to my oak like thighs. I noticed that he kept his fingers away from my ass crack, after the last time, but he was diligently covering every inch of my muscle packed legs and glutes with his tongue. I began to pump harder, each thrust driving my immense cock slightly further into the violated teenager’s ass. I also felt a warm spray against the back of my thighs as Frank lost control, and started to cum. Ironically the more damage i did to the teenager the more the blood lubricated the passage, easing his pain a little. The slight reprieve didn't last long of course. A few savage thrusts and i felt his ribs begin to snap as his lower body was crushed against the wall. A few more and my cock was buried deep inside him, destroying everything in its path, his frail body unable to withstand the its sheer size and power. I felt a familiar churning in my balls as my nut sac tightened, and i flexed my pecs, crushing the boy against the wall so tightly that his entire sternum shattered, his body flattening to a fraction of its thickness between the hard concrete wall and the even harder muscles of my body. At that moment i gave a roar of pleasure as i emptied my seed into the now mutilated corpse, my thick creamy sperm mingling with the blood and gore that leaked from his body. I felt another hot spray, over my ass this time as Frank once again succumbed to my immense sexuality, and i was impressed with his ability to keep cuming so often. "Enough", i said to Frank, stepping back from the wall and peeling the remains of the boy from my dick, dropping the shattered almost unrecognisable ruins to the ground. "Go find a mop and bucket, and clean this place up", i ordered, "while i dispose of this". I found a large canvas bag, which was just a little too short to fit the body in, but i soon remedied that by folding him in half, snapping his spine as easily as a dry twig. I also grabbed a couple of fifty pound plates and dropped them into the bag. "Do you have a car here?" i asked Frank when he returned with a mop and bucket. "Yes, it's parked right outside". "Give me the keys", i commanded. He picked up the shorts I had torn apart earlier, found the keys and handed them to me. I hefted the large bag onto my shoulder barely noticing the weight and went out to the car. I noticed there were no other cars parked nearby which meant that the receptionist didn't have one which was good. I dumped the bag in the boot of Frank’s car and headed back inside. It was only then that i realised i had gone out completely naked, covered in blood and cum, luckily no-one had been around. While Frank cleaned up the mess I had made in the gym I took a long hot shower, cleaning the blood and cum from my spectacular body. Once finished a pulled on a pair of black leggings that were stretched so tightly over my bulging musculature that they were practically see through. I often wear leggings in public, I love the way the skin tight material clings to my swollen muscles, hiding nothing of their power and beauty. I usually wear a pair of trunks under them to cover my manhood as the leggings are stretched to transparency, but it was late and I didn’t expect anybody to be around, so I didn’t bother. I covered my upper body with a white compression shirt, my abs, pecs and nipples clearly displayed through the material. I admired myself in the mirror for a few moments, flexing various muscles, threatening to rip my outfit apart with their size. I admired my long thick cock, covered by the leggings, but clearly visible through the material, and then headed back to the gym. Frank had finished cleaning up the mess and had returned the mop and bucket wherever he had found them. I had ordered him to get dressed once he finished and now he stood awaiting my return in a t-shirt and jeans. “Let’s go” I commanded, smirking as I saw his dick press against the material of his jeans at the sight of me. I locked the door of the gym as we left with a set off keys I had found on the reception desk and climbed into the passenger seat of Frank’s car. “Where are we going master?” he asked as he started the car. “The docks”, I said, “just drive, I will direct you”. Ten minutes later we parked outside the gate of the deep-water dock. The gate was secured with a thick chain and a large padlock, but it wasn’t thick enough to prevent my entry, or even test my muscles. “Wait here”, I said getting out of the car and walking to the gate. I grabbed the chain with both hands and began to pull, my biceps bulged, and there was a few moments of resistance before the steel links succumbed to my strength and snapped apart. I dropped the heavy chain to the ground and pushed open the gates, waving Frank through. I climbed back into the car and we drove to the edge of the dock, where I proceeded to remove the bag from the boot and drop it into the deep water. The weights I had added ensured that the bag and its contents immediately sunk to the bottom. I climbed back into the car and Frank had just turned around about to head back through the gates when a police car came driving in. “Shit”, I thought as they flashed us down. They had obviously seen the opened gate on their way past and decided to investigate. I briefly toyed with the idea of killing them; even armed they wouldn’t stand a chance against me, but I knew they would have already radioed back to the station with the car details and license plate. I would have to take an alternative approach, but it would be no less enjoyable. “Stay here”, I commanded Frank and quickly climbed out of the car. I flexed my upper body to the max as I walked towards their now stationary vehicle. My biceps shredded the already overstretched sleeves, my shoulders split through the top of the compression shirt, as rips appeared down the sides and front from my rapidly spreading lats and expanding pecs. The shirt was hanging in tatters from my spectacularly pumped upper body and I simply tore the remains of it from me. The two cops got out of their car and approached me warily, hands on the butt of their pistols. “What’s up officers?” I asked innocently, watching their eyes rove all over my body, trying to take in its absolute perfection. “Jesus Christ”, the older of the two men exclaimed, “you’re fucking huge. Jesus Jack, he’s bigger than you”, he said to his partner, who was obviously no stranger to the gym. “What are you doing here?” the buff cop asked. “I had some rubbish to dump, thought it would be easiest just to dump it in the dock. I know it’s illegal but just saves me the hassle of driving all the way to the dump”. I fixed my gaze on the older cop as I spoke, subtly flexing the muscles in my legs. I could sense he was the weaker of the two, mentally as well as physically. I noticed his eyes glaze over as he stared transfixed at the hypnotic display of pulsing muscle before him. “You cut the chain?” the other cop continued. “Yea, sorry about that”, I replied. “Must have been some heavy duty cutters you used”. “I didn’t use cutters”, I replied. He looked at me quizzically and I raised my arms into a double bicep pose. “I used these”, I continued. “No way” he said, gulping audibly, “that’s not possible”. “Look at me” I smiled, flexing harder, turning my body into a wall of living steel. “Look at my muscles, their size, their hardness. Do you think there is anything my body cannot do?” “I…I..”, he stammered, barely able to think in the face of such extreme strength and power, knowing that no matter how many hours he spent in the gym he could never come close to my size, my density. I turned back to the older cop, who was visibly trembling with desire. “Go to your car and radio the station back. Tell them you have checked me out and everything’s fine, nothing to report.” Without a word the cop turned back to his car to carry out my commands. The bigger cop may not have been as deeply under my spell as his partner, but he was too far gone to question the fact that I was now the one giving orders. I stepped towards the other cop and flexed my bicep in his face. “Feel it”, I ordered. He wrapped his fingers around the rock hard ball of muscle and began to squeeze. I could tell he was putting everything he had into it in an attempt to reclaim some of his masculinity, but he couldn’t make the slightest dent. “My God”, he gasped, “it’s like warm steel”. “Flex”, I commanded him. His body responded before his brain had even registered the command and he raised his arm and flexed it in front of me. I wrapped my fingers around the hard mound and began to squeeze. Almost immediately he gasped in pain as my strong fingers effortlessly overpowered his muscle, crushing into it with childish ease. “Please stop”, he gasped, “Please, you’re hurting me”. “Do I look like I am even trying?” I asked him. “No”, he cried out,” aahh….please… more”. “Do you understand just how inferior your body is to mine I asked”. “Yes”, he gasped, “you’re so strong, so unimaginably strong”. I released the man’s arm and turned to his partner who had just come back. “Well?” I asked. “It’s done”, he replied, “I told them we had sent you on your way and we were resuming our patrol”. “Good”, I responded, “now strip”. Both men immediately began to remove their clothes and in less than a minute they were standing naked before me, their dicks erect. “Kneel”, I commanded. Again both men obeyed me without hesitation dropping to their knees before me. My domination of their puny bodies and feeble minds was turning me on and my dick began to stiffen. I placed my hands on my hips and flared my lats, causing both men to moan with desire as they bathed in the glow of my magnificence. With my hands holding the waist band of my leggings in place, my dick began to press insistently against the black material until it simply tore through it with a loud ripping. The sight of my huge, powerful dick bursting through its nylon prison was all it took to crush the any last vestige of the men’s free will. Unable to control himself the smaller of the two reached out and began to stroke my calves, gasping with pleasure as he felt the hard nylon sheathed muscle beneath his fingers. “Did I give you permission to touch me weakling” I roared. The anger in my voice caused him to instantly pull his hand away, but my reflexes were so much faster. I took hold of his wrist and squeezed it painfully. “Aarrgg”, he cried out in pain “Please, i…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you…you’re just so strong, so powerful, so…so irresistible. “You need to learn your place little man”, I said, “you are nothing in my presence, do you understand?” “Yes”, he groaned. I turned to his partner, savouring the fear in his eyes, and raised an eyebrow questioningly. He nodded his head, confirming that he knew his place. “I am your Master”, I continued, “and you exist only to serve me, you have no will but mine, no desires but mine. You are nothing more than an extension of my consciousness, and as such you are mine to do with as I please. Do you understand your place now?” Both men nodded, “Yes Master”, they said in unison. My huge, beautiful cock was bobbing inches from their faces, the head glistening with precum, and both men stared at it as though in a trance. “Have you ever seen such a large, powerful cock before?” I asked them. The older of the two could only shake his head, unable to speak as my presence overwhelmed his puny mind. “No”, his partner whispered, “it’s incredible”. “You want to worship it don’t you?” I asked. “To pay homage to my incomparable masculinity with your lips. You want to taste my seed, my divine nectar, isn’t that right?” Both men again nodded their assent, groaning in pleasure at the thought of being given such an honour. I released the older cops wrist and began to stroke my member, looking down at the two men. “But I do not deem you worthy of such an honour”, I sneered. I watched impassively as whatever remained of their spirits shattered as I refused them the only thing they now desired. “Please”, the younger of the two men begged, while his partner groaned in despair. “You dare to question me?” I asked threateningly. “No Master”, he whimpered. I was still stroking myself and I could feel my orgasm build. “Despite your insolence and inferiority I will allow you to taste of my magnificence”, I said as I began to cum, spurting thick gobs of creamy sperm over the two men, coating their faces with my virulent seed. The two thralls unconsciously began to lick their lips, tasting my seed, the smell and taste of my powerful ejaculate causing them to respond in kind, coating my lower legs with their own inferior release. I looked down at the creamy goo that now covered my magnificent calves with disdain. “Lick me clean”, I commanded, and both men immediately leant forward and began lapping at my calves, their spent dicks hardening again as the feel of my powerful muscles against their lips enflamed their arousal. I stood before these insignificant whelps like the dominant God I was for a few moments as they greedily swallowed their own cum. “Enough”, I commanded, once they had cleaned off their mess and they immediately pulled away, their bodies instantly responding to my command. They looked up at me, fear, desire, and adoration in their eyes. They would do whatever I asked of them, without question or hesitation. They belonged to me now, their devotion to their Master absolute. “I am finished with you now”, I said, “You may resume your work”. With that I walked back to the car and climbed in. “Let’s go”, I said and Frank immediately drove off leaving the two policemen still kneeling on the ground, covered in my cum. Free from my presence the two men would begin to regain control of their senses. They would get dressed and resume their patrol, but they would never mention what had just happened to anyone. They wouldn’t even discuss it between themselves, shame and confusion over what had happened would make sure of that. Although a degree of self-control would return to them, their lives would be irrevocably altered. Sexual arousal would be impossible unless they were thinking of me, but they would think of me often. I would haunt their dreams, they would wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat their pathetic dicks twitching as they involuntary orgasmed. Forced to live with the knowledge of just how truly inferior they were they would grow increasingly depressed, unable to take pleasure from anyone or anything, the memory of tonight the only thing that would bring them any respite from their despair. Eventually the thought of living like this, in misery and without my presence to console them would prove too much and they would take their own lives. If they were particularly strong willed their will to live might prevail but they would be a shadow of their former selves, barely capable of functioning as a useful member of society, rendered clinically insane. I gave Frank directions and ten minutes later we pulled up outside my house, on the outskirts of the city. “Take out your dick”, I ordered. Frank immediately complied, and pulled out his throbbing erection, which was dripping with precum. I turned his head so that he was facing me and leant forward. “You have done well tonight little man”. Before he could respond I pressed my lips to his, I felt his body immediately relax as he surrendered to my kiss. For several minutes I kissed him, expertly probing his mouth with my tongue. After thirty seconds I felt his body tense as he ejaculated all over steering wheel, but the overwhelming eroticism of my kiss kept him hard and he came two more times before I released his lips. “Will I see you again Master?” he asked breathlessly, his eyes pleading with me to say yes. “If I wish it”, I replied, “Now go home and dream of me slave”. “Yes Master”, he said as I climbed out of the car. By [email protected]
  3. BigZargo12

    m/m Metal muscle 3

    Metal muscle part three Metal cabin crash The four middle-age men were playing cards and drinking. Ryan, Paul, Huber, and Lee were all drunk and ready to pass out. As the fireplace began to dim all four men suddenly felt a cold wave of fear and a sense of doom, but that was the only warning they had as the cabin door was forcibly slammed open. The wooden chips shattering everywhere, peppering the four men. Then four huge 8 feet tall metal muscular men stepped through the demolished cabin door, destroying some of the doorframe as they passed through. Each man was overcome by a supernatural wave of fear, causing them to pee their pants. The four sons of Emperor maximum did not wait for these four men to overcome their fear. The first metal man went up to Huber whose back was closest to the destroyed cabins door. With a strong grip the metal man yanked Huber, onto the floor, dislocating his arm in the process. Then swiftly one by one Huber’s arms and legs were broken each making a snapping sound as Huber screamed in pain as the metal man stopped on them. The screams of the pudgy Huber snap others from their feared induced shock but by then it was too late for the other metal men were upon, each yanking them off their chairs and crushing their limbs preventing them from resisting. The sons of Emperor maximum grabbed their victim’s pants and slowly transmuted it into metal. Once the victim’s pants and undergarments became metal it flowed into the metal men revealing the victims naked lower half flaked with bits of metal that were slowly spreading on the skin. Each of the victim’s broken limb began to heal but as they did so metal began to spread slowly covering the broken area. Huber’s arms and legs no longer hurt but now felt heavy and limp. A string feeling was coming from his arms and legs, he tried to lift his right arm only the fine it not responding. When Huber with a tiered full glanced at his right hand, saw and felt the metal slowly spreading from the spot that was broken by this man covered in metal. He drunkenly realizes that he was turning into a metal man. He and his other friends try to resist as each of their legs spread out. Huber saw his metal assailant smiling with the evil grin and glowing red eyes as he felt his virgin ass hole being stuffed by his assailant monsters metal cock. At First Huber felt pain as his fat ass was being stuffed but then that pain transformed into pleasure. He started to feel the metal man move his hips back and forth pulling and plunging his fat metal cock in Huber’s fat ass. Huber could feel corruption spreading across his body slowly changing him. Huber couldn’t resist the pleasurable metallic corruption as he was one of the first to praise the name of Emperor maximum, and with those words spoken Huber’s cock already hard because of the pleasure began to fatten and swell as it was being coded in metal. “By Emperor maximum please keep stuff your hard-fat metal cock into this fat pig’s ass.” Hubert said As He squealed and panted in pleasure. Huber and his friend’s transformation started to pick up. Huber’s fat pudgy body began to swell and harden with growing muscles as metal started to completely cover him. First, he started to stretch out growing tall and tell reaching 8 feet. Then his chest began to widen out words as his pecs started to harden and balloon out pushing his nipples downwards. Bursting his shirt as it slowly became metal and was the absorbed by Huber’s growing body. His neck thickened with muscle; his biceps swelled with growth; His thighs grew until they were larger than tree trunks; His pudgy belly transformed into a huge muscle gut, and as his face was covered in metal his jaw squared out his face became more hard and his eyes turned red. Huber’s body was now completely covered in metal, with no hair insight and extremely muscular. The newly changed Huber moaned as he said, “that the spot,” has he felt his brother of Emperor maximum thrusting began to speed up. Huber grabbed his hard-throbbing metal cock and started to rub it in the rhythm with his partner. Several moments later Huber felt hot metallic cum blast up his ass, and a couple seconds later he came shooting there metallic cum all over himself. Huber felt the cock in his beefy metal ass leave as his partner stood up. When Huber got up from the floor, he saw that most of his friends were converted into huge muscular metal men. Lee was resisting the blessing of Emperor maximum but his will was a waning as half of his once skinny body was covered in metal. The rest of the sons of Emperor maximum surrounded the prone Lee, as his ass was being fucked. Lee tried to plead with his friends. but it fell on deaf ears. The presence of the other metal men began to speed up Lee’s conversion. Lee moaned and then roared as his muscles grew and metal covered the rest of his skin. Several seconds later the man that was Lee panted as his hot metallic cum was reabsorbed back into his metallic skin. Once there were four sons of Emperor maximum now, they were eight. It did not take Ryan, Paul, Huber, and Lee, very long to slowly lose their memories of being human. Their human names no longer meeting anything to them as the sons of Emperor maximum had little of their past lives. Then they heard the voice of the Crystal heart. “Yes, my little brothers spread the blessings of our father Emperor maximum. Once I nearly claimed this world in the name of our father, but 12 Shaman stopped me. This time I will not do this alone, And I will not stop until this world is covered in metal and every man praises the name of our father Emperor maximum.”
  4. tokkola

    Better Off Ted - Part 1

    Hi all, this is my first story - please let me know if you have any feedback, or if you want to see more. ----- I feel like I’d been staring at the monitor for hours. I traced out the equation on the screen with my pencil, then tapped the pencil’s eraser against my nose. Everything looked correct. I’d tested the formula on mice, run it through various computer simulations, and mapped out the worst-case scenario, over and over, for nearly a year. Since I was 15, I’d worked on my dream project, certain it would give me everything I wanted. “Ted! Are you coming to bed?”, Jenna asked. Jenna already knew the answer, but this was part of our nightly routine. She got in bed at 11, called for me at 11:30, I said “Five more minutes!”, and I worked on the computer until 2. But this time, I was done. I was sure of it. She wasn’t exactly sure what I was working on, but thought it was for work. Otherwise, why would I have three computers, two printers, a 3-D printer, and on and on in my office? It was most certainly not for work, of course. When I was 15, I’d gotten hooked on muscles. Having them, that is. Being huge. Going to the gym was boring, slow, and incredibly unsatisfying. But, ah, if there was a way to chemically force my body to grow muscle, then that would be the most efficient route. I didn’t really think stuff like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was real, but maybe the human body just needed the instructions to induce actual drastic physical change. All you needed was software and something to power it. So I taught myself biology, chemistry, anatomy, biochemistry, DNA, physics, programming, etc. etc. – and actually netted myself a doctorate in the process. Now 27, I’d dedicated 12 years to this fantasy, but there was a nice side product – I might actually have a working formula. A formula produced a solution that jump-started a chemical process in the body that built muscle consistently and steadily, over time. With a daily dose every morning, I’d be a mass of muscle in just a few months. Computer simulations suggested it would work, but the mouse trials that produced big, aggressive, strong mice – that was really something. I had started shopping for speedos and man-thongs online, and found myself masturbating or forcing myself on Jenna constantly. She didn’t understand why I wanted to fuck at 2am, but I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I hit the switch on my computer to start synthesizing a dose for the morning, and headed to bed. I pulled the covers back, and climbed on top of Jenna. “Ted, come on - I have a big day tomorrow.” “I‘m finishing a big night right now.” She sighed and let me peel her pajama pants off. I pulled her panties aside, and pushed right in with no warning, pumping away. In anticipation of having the muscle to totally dominate her in a few months, I was a little rougher than usual, squeezing her shoulders, and her ass. “Ow! What is with you? I gave you some ass.” “Just loving my little Jenna.” She looked annoyed, but played along. --- The next morning, I got up an hour early just to down my dose. I had a little coffee machine-type device I’d rigged up years ago that could create any type of liquid concoction you might want from a variety of ingredients, liquid, powder, or what have you. I even had orange Gatorade added for flavor. I quickly picked up the dose – a small quarter cup of translucent green fluid – and swallowed it. It didn’t really have much of a taste – maybe a faint copper flavor. I immediately got an erection, but I chalked that up to excitement. For the next week, I took my morning dose, and found myself jerking off non-stop, and I even began jumping on Jenna as she came in the door. I peeled off her clothes at the front door and pounded her on the couch. During the week, I weighed myself, measured my body parts, and did visual checks, even taking nude selfies. I should have seen minor muscle growth evenly across my body, including penis growth (yes, I added that in). I’m a pretty average guy – 5’9, slender, but no real muscle tone. Dick … average? Around 6 inches or so, but I was going for a pussy-splitter. Something in the neighborhood of ten inches. I wanted to hit …. maybe 6’4, 6’5? And the body needed to be massive. Wide shoulders, big pecs, the whole thing. I had a computer layout of my body measurements and how to chart them until they hit world-class bodybuilder dimensions. But after doing measurements on day 7, I saw no changes. Nothing. After 7 whole days, I saw no difference whatsoever. Nada. I didn’t get discouraged; after all, some medications needed time to build up in your system before having an effect. Okay, maybe I was a little discouraged. No more constant hard-ons. Jenna was fine with this; she had started to get pissed whenever I started grabbing her ass or pulling at her clothes. “Oh, I get a night off? Great. Maybe you should lay off the porn. Or look at it more. The opposite of what you’ve been doing.” I didn’t even bother to respond – I was curious why I hadn’t seen any gains. The next morning, I took my dose downstairs, and dumped it into a glass of orange juice. I started to butter an English muffin, and reached for the glass, only to feel someone’s pajama pants. Jenna? I turned, and she was finishing my orange juice. “Sorry, chief. That was the last of the OJ, and you were supposed to buy more.” I stared, slack-jawed. “You know you were on grocery duty. Don’t give me that look.” I slammed down my knife. “God DAMMIT! That was fucking mine! What the fuck-“ She was taken aback, unsure why I was spazzing out over orange juice. I cut myself off mid-swear and marched upstairs. I checked to see how long it would take to synthesize another dose – 4 hours. I heard Jenna slam the front door as I hit the start button. --- When I got home that evening, I went straight to my office and gulped down the dose. Then I started making dinner. Jenna came in as I was boiling noodles. “So… what was this morning all about?”, she asked. “I was being a jerk and I have no excuse so I’m cooking dinner and hoping you’ll forgive me for orange juice,” I replied. “Are you feeling okay? You were all despondent last night. No computer work, no begging for sex, nothing. A girl starts to wonder if she still has her charms,” Jenna looked at me quizzically. “Oh, just stressed out about a timeline for work, and I was a giant baby about it to you.” I wasn’t being honest, but I couldn’t tell her the truth. The more I thought about it – I wondered… should I tell her? She drank a potentially body-altering chemical that could- no, she had one dose, and her body will dump it. If nothing happened to me in a week, nothing is going to happen to her. We watched a movie and snuggled on the couch before going to bed. The next morning, we both woke up together slightly early. Jenna felt around for my cock, and started stroking – that wasn’t like her. She was very much about her routine in the morning. Then again, we were up early. “Hey Ted. How’s little Ted? I mean, how’s Big Ted? Or Medium Ted? Does he even have a name?” Jenna reached inside my boxers. “Good morning to you too,” I offered. I put my hand under her shirt to touch her stomach. Jenna had a very average girl-next-door body, with no real muscle to speak of – but my hand was touching some… muscle? She was usually so soft, but this was firm. Jenna pulled her shirt off and mounted me, and we had a quick morning session before getting dressed. She certainly looked different. Just a little. Could the formula have affected her? As I got dressed, I looked at the morning’s dose. I took it downstairs, and dumped it into a glass of orange juice. Jenna came down right behind me. “Here, kiddo – have some juice,” I said, holding out my glass. “After yesterday? Nuh uh, I’ll just walk around outside with my mouth open until it rains,” she started to reach for the fridge. I put my hand on her shoulder. “As the man who was wrong and a giant man-baby and should apologize to his beautiful girlfriend much more than he does, I beg you to drink this peace offering.” I held the glass up like a fancy bauble to Indiana Jones. Jenna smiled and took the glass. I figured I could rig up another dose later that day; I needed to see if Jenna was actually benefitting from the formula. Over the next week, I kept up the orange juice gag – and it became a part of her routine. I had my dose in the afternoon, she in the morning. And, god damn it – she was growing. I noticed that her softness was giving way to more firmness, everywhere. Her shoulders seemed wider. Her hands seemed a little bigger. Her thighs, thicker. Her legs had always been fairly pencil-y, but she was starting to show tiny calves. Calves. Over the next 2 weeks, she grew – slowly, but surely, she was getting bigger. I, on the other hand, was exactly the same. I tried mixing my dosage with orange juice, I tried eating what Jenna ate, sleeping when she slept, everything she did. Nothing. I went back and checked the equations, reviewed my math, reviewed the science – I was back to staying up until 2am. My work was just fine. So what was the fucking problem? Later that night, I was jolted awake. “Ted?” I rubbed my eyes. Jenna had been patting my face harder and harder until I woke up. “Huh?” I made eye contact with Jenna. She turned on the lights, pulled the sheets back, and climbed on top of me. “Jenna, it’s…. what time is it?” She started to pull my boxers down, but I put my hand on her wrist to stop her. She didn’t even make eye contact as she swatted my hand away. We wrestled back and forth until she just reached through my fly and started beating me off. My cock responded to the attention, but I was getting mad. It had been… a month? I’d been trying this muscle experiment for a month after doing over a decade of research, and I had nothing to show for it. My girlfriend, all 5’5” slender build of her, was getting bigger. Growing muscle. Getting stronger. Getting more aggressive. Hornier. More dominant. Well, that was stopping. I tried to push her off, which only succeeded in pissing her off. “So when you want some ass, the store is always open. When I’m in the mood, the shop is closed? That’s how it is?” She was definitely pissed. “Jenna, I need sleep-“ I was not in the mood. I was about to get her off of me when she slapped me. It wasn’t hard, but enough to catch me off-guard. I expected her to storm off and sleep downstairs – but instead, she grabbed my cock, and inserted it into herself, and started going to town. Before I could start to protest, she already had my wrists held down, with her knees at my hips, pinning me in place. She leaned down and bit my lip to keep me from talking. --- The next morning was a Saturday, so I expected to sleep in. I found myself, however, being nudged by Jenna. “Ted, go get my orange juice. And breakfast.” Before I could argue, she reached into my boxers, and started fondling my dick. I was awake now. I took the morning dose down with me, and dumped it into a glass of orange juice as I got some English muffins ready. Wait, what was I doing? I just told myself I was cutting her off. I stared at the glass of juice. “Ted! What’s the ETA on that juice?” I supposed, at this point, I should keep the trial going, and see how she progresses. Right? Plus, the sex was great, and I had time to see what was wrong with my formula. I took the food and drink upstairs. She downed them right away. “Oh, that’s it? I was thinking maybe some fruit, too.” She did the puppy dog eyes. “Yeah, maybe – I’d have to go out.” “Great. I need to eat better for the next few days for my physical next week.” She started to adjust her pajama shirt. “Then again, I’ve been feeling great lately, and my yoga class on Wednesday is really paying off. I’m seeing some muscles pop up.” Physical? What physical? That might be a problem – she might have elevated testosterone levels. Was this for work? Hmmm. Interestingly enough, this is the first time she’d acknowledged her body’s changes. “What physical?” I asked. “Oh, that once-a-year thing at work where they do blood pressure and bloodwork to raise awareness about … I’m not sure. But everyone skips junk food for a week. Why?” She didn’t make eye contact – she was too busy rubbing her hand back and forth across her newly-appeared ab muscles, which she just seemed to have discovered. I shrugged as I realized I was getting hard watching her explore her new body. “How ‘bout that fruit, champ?” --- As I browsed the Safeway for … fruit, I thought over the formula in my head. Maybe Jenna was exposed to something at work. Maybe something in my genes was blocking the chemical reaction. I wasn’t on medication, and neither was Jenna, except birth control. But now, this physical, that was a problem. Could it get her fired? Maybe I should tell her. Up until now, this whole thing had been… unethical, at best. What had I done? I came in with two big paper bags full of enough fruit to fill a grocery cart. Jenna was waiting in the kitchen, and started eating the bananas. “Jenna, can we talk?” “Sure. Is this about more fruit in the car?” “No. This is about your physical.” She didn’t make eye contact. She’d fit the entire banana in her mouth, and was rummaging through the bag until she got a peach. “You may have something in your system that might come back on a blood test,” I started. “I don’t think your jizz will come back on a blood test,” she said, pulling an apple out of the bag. “No, not that. A few weeks ago, you drank my orange juice, and I got upset… because I’d put some medication in there for me,” I was looking at the ground. “Well, if it was a one-time thing, I’m sure it’s out of my system, but now I know why you blew up over juice, so hey,” she nodded to the side. “It wasn’t medicine. It was an experimental… drug. For me. To build muscle automatically. And I’d been taking it, and still am, with no success. But you grew muscle right away, and you’ve been on it for the last month. And that’s why you have abs and muscle, and why your pants don’t really fit. And why you’re hornier.” I looked up. She was looking right at me with a blank stare. She put the finished apple on the counter. “Excuse me?” she asked. I shrugged. “It was wrong, and I’m sorry, but … I had to see if it wor-“ I never finished the sentence. Jenna had balled up her hand into a fist, and driven it into my cheek. I went to the floor. “What the… FUCK…. is the matter with you? I could be eating poison. I could have cancer. What the … shit?!” She ran upstairs. I could tell she was pulling a suitcase out of the closet and stuffing it. She came down the stairs a few minutes later, with a half-zipped rolling suitcase, a shirt poking out. I tried to block her path to the front door, and it became another fight like last night. Again, I thought I had my foot down firm, and was sure I wasn’t budging; we pushed back and forth until she shoved me aside. I tried to grab her arm, but she just swung wildly with her fists, landing a few punches on my shoulder and back. I tried to pick her up, when I felt my feet leave the floor – she had picked me up! She flung me to the side, and stormed out the door. That went about as badly as it could have, I guessed. I cleaned up the furniture we’d knocked over, and put a bag of frozen peas on my cheek. I couldn’t tell if it was going to bruise. I tried calling Jenna’s phone. Straight to voicemail. I spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch, staring at the TV, which I didn’t bother to turn on. I still took my afternoon dose. I went to bed at 11, and looked out the window for any sign of Jenna. I thought about driving around to friends’ houses, hotels, or who knows what, but I was pretty sure she didn’t want to see me. --- I was jolted awake by someone rubbing my shoulder. “Huh? I turned on the light by the bed. It was Jenna. “I understand why you did it.” She took off her clothes except for her underwear and bra, and climbed into bed, spooning me as the big spoon. I had no idea what to say. An hour later, she woke me up again by grabbing my cock, lightly slapping my cheek. “Let’s go, mama needs.” “Huh?” I was so out of it and confused. She didn’t wait for an answer. She held one hand on my chest while she worked my cock with the other. As soon as I was hard (it didn’t take long), she started pounding away. “I want you to keep giving me the drug.” "But I thought you-“ she held her hand over my mouth. --- Over the next two weeks, I kept up the drug for both of us, with only her seeing results. She started to show real muscle definition, especially in her quads and back. Her energy levels kept going up – she started jogging in the evening, just to burn off her excess energy. We had sex as soon as she got back, and again in the middle of the night, every night. She had me order a cock sheath online just as a back-up in case I was ever too tired to fuck. She also had me get Viagra, dildos, and so on and so on. The evening sex was very much a relationship-type couple fuck session – but the middle of the night was not. As time went on, she got bigger and stronger, and the sex got rougher and more painful. Every morning I found new bruises in the mirror, mostly on my shoulders and waist. I had some big ones on my ass where she squeezed me too hard. Once, she bit my tongue too hard – as I started to make a noise, she clamped her mouth over mine, and squeezed my shoulder like her hand was a pincer, giving me worse pain somewhere else as a distraction. The night sex was clearly all Jenna taking control. I was, at this point, a dildo named Ted. I enjoyed it, except for the bruises and stuff in the morning. We had reached the point where I could no longer physically stop Jenna from doing what she wanted; fighting her just meant more bruises, possibly on the face. It was just easier to give in. In the meantime, I hadn’t discovered why the formula wasn’t working for me. I was ready to start testing the coffee or something at Jenna’s office. As for her physical, Jenna simply called out sick that day. Jenna was, under her clothes, ripped. Her work clothes pretty much hid everything. She had thick arms and her thighs stuck out. Chun-Li would’ve been impressed. She ate like a high school football player, and had become mostly impatient and demanding. Most of our interaction that wasn’t about sex or food involved her giving me commands by placing her hand(s) on my shoulder or ass to push me in the desired direction. I had started taking a daily regimen of aspirin to cope with the sore back, hips, shoulder, neck, and legs. I felt like I’d just crawled out of a car accident. Sex had become a writhing beating where Jenna pummeled me into the mattress. It was starting to become a painful chore. I’d realized that I couldn’t stop Jenna when she decided it was time to fuck. As we both got ready for the morning in the bathroom, she pushed me out of the way to use the toilet. Then she pulled me out of the shower so she could get in first. Then she shoved me aside so she could use the mirror. That’s when I realized she had gotten taller. She had been 5’5”, and I was 5’9” – but we were nearly even in height. Son of a bitch. I came downstairs for a Saturday morning cup of coffee. Jenna was at her laptop. “You didn’t get stuff for breakfast. No coffee for Ted until you come back with food.” she said without looking up. “After I have coffee,” I said as I walked into the kitchen. “Don’t make me repeat myself, Ted,” she said. I stopped. Should I joke my way out of it, or just ignore it? I opened the cupboard for a coffee cup. “Don’t fucking dare, Teddo. Grocery store,” she repeated. I ignored her and pulled out a red mug. She got up and I instinctively braced myself. She put her hand on my shoulder and started to pull. I couldn’t resist. She didn’t budge a millimeter when I tried to push her back. “You know the rules.” I tried to put a hand in her face, but that was slapped away, and followed with a firm slap to the cheek. I tried to swat at her hand, and was slapped again. She shoved the car keys into my mouth and clutched my junk. “You be a good Ted and come back with Jenna-food, and little Ted gets to play.” “Ted is tired and needs coffee,” I said as I pulled the keys out of my mouth. I tried to squirm out of her grasp, but she wasn’t having it. It was like trying to move the Statue of Liberty. “Look, if your muscle formula dealy worked on you, you could have coffee, but it didn’t, so you can’t. Go get food before I get pissed. Do you really want to ruin the weekend?” I did not. --- As I filled a shopping cart with food, I wondered if I could just cut her off. She’d probably notice the muscle loss, but wouldn’t be as aggressive. Was it worth the gamble? She was pretty smart, and she wouldn’t lose the muscle for a while. It would be a few months before I could physically defend myself. All the ‘what ifs’ went through my head: it was entirely possible the effects might be permanent. Taking her off the drug cold turkey might put her into withdrawal. She might get angry enough to break an arm. Or worse. When I went home, I decided the best plan was to talk. When I walked in the door, I heard her rummaging upstairs. I put the food away, and went up to talk. As I walked in the bedroom, I was treated to the sight of my overly muscled girlfriend abusing a giant blue dildo. I was dumbfounded. She finished and took a shower, ignoring me completely. When she got out, I tried again. “Jenna-“ “Ted bring food?!” she mimed gorilla-like movements. “Yes, but first, we should talk,” I started. “Okay…” “I think you can recognize that you’ve become bigger, much bigger, stronger, and more aggressive than the old Jenna. I’m a little concerned, because, well, you’re basically raping me every night, and treating me like a slave. I think we should try to wean you off the drug.” I waited for her reaction. She was still naked, but had no reaction. She pulled on a thong and a sports bra. Her breasts had grown, not to a ridiculous size, but definitely a large C, supported by growing pectorals. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail. “Ted, I think you’d admit I’m a girl of routine, and I’m pretty sharp. Yes?” she put her hands on her hips. “… yeah…” “Every morning, I meticulously weigh and measure myself, and have tracked a steady rate of growth. If that changes or stops, there will be trouble. I have never felt this good about myself, felt more in control, or felt more like a … a… I don’t know what. But a few months ago, you did whatever the hell you wanted, whenever you wanted, and I was fine with it. Now I’m in charge. I’m bigger, stronger, whatever. I get to eat, fuck, choose furniture, decide our bedtime, pick a TV show, choose our vacation, or whatever. I do. Me. I’m in charge. Me.” She took a step toward me. I realized she was between me and any sort of exit. Fuck. “I’m not saying you’re my bitch or slave or servant, or anything like that. But I’m in charge. Do you understand?” I nodded. “Good. What do you think will happen if I notice I stop growing?” I looked at the floor. “Do you need an idea of what will happen?” I didn’t answer. I started to feel hot all over, sweating. “Answer me, Ted.” I looked up. She was almost nose to nose with me. I realized, unfortunately, that she was slightly taller than me. Her shoulders were wider. Her arms had veins. Her forearms were thick with muscle. I knew if I moved even a little bit, she was going to swing at me, or something. “Um,” I was stalling. I couldn’t really run. She held my chin with her finger and thumb. “What do you think is going to happen if you screw me?” “You’d be upset.” “Yes, I would. What would I do to you?” “Probably hurt me.” “How would I do it?” “I don’t know.” “I am going to give you a sample.” I froze up and my stomach started to twist. She was going to cross a line, but I hadn’t done anything! She quickly shoved me up against the wall and punched the wall repeatedly, leaving a hole. My feet were off the floor. “You are going to keep me growing. If that changes, I will break something. Should I break something now as a warning?” I shook my head. “Good. You’re going to get back on your computer, and you’re going to stop looking for a way to grow Ted muscles, and instead, grow a bigger Ted dick. Do you understand?” I.. what? “Dick. Bigger. Grow one. Do you understand?” I nodded weakly. “Good. You have two weeks.” “Two weeks? I can’t-“ “Two weeks, Ted, or I break something. The first break will be something you can still work with, like the arm you don’t use. After that, I’ll start breaking stuff you need. Got it?” She let me slump to my knees and she stomped out of the bedroom and down the stairs, undoubtedly to forage for food. Jesus Christ, I hoped there was food downstairs. --- I took the next two weeks off from work to dedicate to the dick formula. But I also kept working on a muscle formula for me. Maybe I could come up with something that would work overnight, and I’d be able to overcome Jenna. Jenna had reached bodybuilder proportions. Like, stupid 80s steroid-sized proportions. People in public stared and made hushed comments. She was up to 6’1”, I think, and had Arnold-esque arms. She had broken the bedframe from sex, and we (well, she) placed the mattress on the floor. She had started hitting me during sex, usually slapping, and sometimes she squeezed me so hard from cumming that I nearly passed out from the pain. The last day of the two weeks had arrived, and I was no closer to finding a dick-growing solution. “You know, if this doesn’t come through, I’m going to have to find a better lay at the gym. You really can’t take it any more,” she gloated. That night, I stared at the computer screen. Nothing was wrong. So what was I missing? I decided to check my email when it hit me – this computer had an internet connection. I went through my logs to see what record there was of any external connections – sure enough, an IP I didn’t recognize popped up a few months ago. Son of a bitch… was I hacked? I started over from scratch, and redid my formula, working through the night, capturing a few things I could change to speed up my muscle growth, and seeing if anything had been changed. Sure enough, something in the code made an almost-unnoticeable change that altered the formula. Digging deeper, I realized it needed a special set of circumstances to work – basically, the formula would only work on a female. I hadn’t seen it before, I reasoned, because I was simply double-checking what I thought was my own work. God dammit. I unplugged the Ethernet cable and finished up. By the time Jenna woke up, the doses were being produced. “So you did it?” she asked? “Yeah, worked up until the deadline.” “Good for you and your little dick!” she exclaimed. I rolled my eyes. Once they were both ready, she downed her dose but stopped me from drinking mine. “First, we need a before and after.” She ripped my jeans in half and cupped my balls. She held out my cock and measured out the three soft inches. “How much are we going? Six inches added on? Eight?” she asked. I shrugged. “I didn’t have a chance to test it, but my math suggests about 5 to 8 inches. It shouldn’t take long.” I replied. “Good, because I can’t live on this nub anymore. Let’s get some photos,” she used her iPhone to take a few dick pictures. She clutched my cock in a death grip and tugged. “Let’s grow already!” She grabbed me by the throat and pushed me down to my knees. She squeezed my face to hold my mouth open and poured the dose in, then clamped her hand over my mouth. She fondled my cock, expecting the process to be automatic. “Well?” she looked at me skeptically. “I probably need food.” I choked out. She let me up, and I snacked on a few things. After an hour, nothing had happened. My heart dropped. Jenna held my junk in her hands and looked at the clock. “Looks like your new cock is a no-show. I guess I’m going to have to beat the shit out of you to teach you a lesson, then I’m going cock-shopping at the gym.” My stomach started to hurt, when I felt a cold rush moving down. Was I seriously going to shit myself in fear? I looked towards the bathroom, just a few feet away. “I gotta go!” I yelped. “Yeah, you’re going to go meet the nice folks at the ER.” She slapped me in the balls, and I doubled over in pain. She held my wrist in a pincer grip. “Get up. You can suck on my clit before I break your arm.” I tried to push her off and reach for the bathroom door, but she didn’t move. My entire body felt hot, then it felt like my back started to… peel. I wanted to scream, but couldn’t. Jenna let go of my wrist as I straightened out and stood up. Her face was all shock. “What the … fuck?” I caught my reflection in the microwave door glass. I was… huge? It worked! I was huge. HUGE! I realized I now had several inches in height on Jenna, and was much, much wider. Jenna was frozen in place. I made a show out of cracking my knuckles. My turn. I moved forward as Jenna tried what she’d gotten used to doing over the last several weeks: swinging at me. I easily caught her hands, and scooped her up in a bear hug. She writhed back and forth to try and get free, but I was too strong. I slowly squeezed as I walked up the stairs. I dropped her on the mattress. She looked unsure what to do as I ripped off what used to be a pair of shorts, letting out a painfully hard cock. She started to scoot backwards, but I grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her face-first towards my cock. She was able to take most of it, but I pulled her off, and held her down as I drove my dick into her unwilling pussy. I used my hips to pound her, payback for her angry sex with me. She tried to push me off with no success as I unloaded weeks’ worth of frustration. I let her punch me in the chest, but she might as well have been punching a brick wall. I felt myself ready to cum, and pulled out, pushing my cock head into her mouth as she struggled. She couldn’t pull away as I pumped round after round of jizz into her mouth. My cock reached the back of her throat, thick enough to give her no choice but to swallow the entire load. I wondered if I’d gone too far, but then, she grabbed my still-hard cock. She was actually enjoying it. She pulled me back inside of her, and we went again and again. Each time, we wrestled and abused each other with slaps, punches, choking, and whatever we could do to try and hurt each other – but neither of us seemed able to actually be hurt by it. I still had the size and strength advantage. She took another load down her throat, and accepted me forcing her to take it. She rolled over and pulled her sheet up. My cock was actually going soft for the first time, worn out by hours of hard fucking. Laying next to Jenna, it was like having an arm or a front-hanging tail nestled up against her. She was asleep, but I still cozied up as a big spoon behind her. I wondered what she’d do when she woke up – would she attack me, destroy my computer and equipment, run away, or what? I wrapped my arms around her, clasping my hands, reasoning that she’d break free of any type of binding I might find, and fell asleep. --- I woke up first, as luck would have it. Sunlight was starting to peek through the sides of the curtains. My arms were still around Jenna, but my hands were no longer clasped together – I guess that was bound to happen. But as I looked closer, Jenna’s shoulders seemed… wider? … fuck. I carefully pulled the sheet back. She was bigger, all right. She’d grown during the night. I guess that made sense, she’d had a dose yesterday. She was nearly my size, but it still looked like I had an inch of height on her. She must’ve felt the cool air with the sheet off, and began to stir. Now what would I do? She stretched, and rolled over to make eye contact. “Well, yesterday was something. I guess I was kind of a bitch, but you deserved it,” she started reaching for my cock. “Me? What did I do?” “Uh, hello? You treated me like a guinea pig. I guess it worked out, though. All of you grew, and you ended up being a lot of fun,” she started tugging. As she looked me up and down, she paused. “Did I grow?” She jumped up, and started pulling on my arm. “Am I bigger?” She started looking both of our bodies up and down, sticking her leg out to try and compare calves. “No, I’m still bigger,” I said. “For now,” she retorted. “Let’s get me another dose.” “No fucking way. You tried to break my arm,” I got up, and looked around for something to put on. I wasn’t really in the mood to fuck, even if my body was starting to get in the mood. “You’re fine. And I wasn’t really going to do anything,” she said. “That’s not how it sounded. We’re both done with that stuff.” “Says the guy who’s bigger and stronger.” I found a box of speedos I’d ordered when I had anticipated muscle growth, and put it on. “So you’re cutting me off. What the fuck.” I didn’t reply, but she walked over and reached into my speedo pouch, pulling out my quickly hardening cock. She got on her knees. “Well, feed me something.” I jerked off and quickly spurted several large loads into her mouth. That was interesting; she’d never liked swallowing before. Throughout the day, we just fucked and argued about the drug. She swallowed me each time, insisting on stopping and pulling my cock into her mouth for me to finish. She was really pushy about it. I eventually had enough, and just bent her over to keep her from getting her way. She tried to fight out of it, and I ended up putting her through the wall. We fell asleep in bed together again. In the morning, we had to get ready for work. Luckily, we’d ordered clothes online, so we had things to wear to work. We wouldn’t really be able to hide our growth, though. I had no idea how I was going to explain my body – Jenna’s growth had been gradual, even if unnatural. I decided I could work remotely until I figured something out, though I had no idea what that might be. While I was deep in thought, Jenna had rolled over and put her mouth on my cock. I tried to pull her up to meet face to face, but she wouldn’t budge. Huh. I thought I had the advantage. I was able to stop her from working my cock, and she moved up towards me until she was completely on top of me. She quickly moved to hold my wrists down, before I realized it. I struggled, but her position gave her the advantage. Then I realized we were the same size. Son of a bitch. She noticed it too. She used her knees to push my legs apart, and managed to slide on to my dick. She was in control. We seemed to be even, but her position made the difference. “Well, well. Looks like I’m still growing. You might be in trouble soon.” How was she still growing? She hadn’t received a dose. I spent the fuck session worrying about tomorrow, but my dong did all the work. Jenna got off and went about her routine to get ready for work. I worked on my computer while simultaneously looking over the formula. The code looked like it had changed. The introduction of a certain thing would cause a female who’d received a dose to grow. That thing looked like… semen. How the hell had someone changed it? My head swirled with questions, but I was able to come up with a solution for work. With a few minor changes, I created a formula that would give me the ability to instantly change back and forth from old 5’9” lazy Ted to muscle freak Ted. After thinking about it, I made up two doses, with one for Jenna. Just to be safe, I thought, I made a separate formula that would reverse the recipient to normal, putting it into an empty tube marked “Rash Relief”, and put it on the bathroom counter. I drank the concoction, and waited. After an hour, I had intense stomach pain, and headed to the bathroom. I spent the next hour vomiting. When I got to my feet, I was … Ted again. I was a very pale, sickly-looking version of the old me, that was for sure. My clothes hung off of me, no longer being stretched out by swollen, veiny muscle. I looked down – it was the old dick, too. I kind of wished I’d kept the monster cock, but I could always fix that later. I went back to work and waited for Jenna to get home. I wondered how she’d react to my, uh, shrinkage. --- Jenna came in that evening with a few bags of groceries. I waited upstairs as she started cooking dinner. I could feel my heartbeat pounding through my chest. Why was I so worried?, I wondered. I could grow again if Jenna came after me. But I realized that might be the end of our relationship if she really turned out to be a monster. I started down the stairs. “Ted, do you want-“ she froze as she saw me come down the stairs, pale and slight. I stood there waiting for her to say something, but we just stared at each other for what felt like forever. “Hi,” I started. “What … happened?” she had been holding a baking sheet, about to layer it with foil, and was now clutching it. I tugged at my shirt, several sizes too large. “I’m not sure why I look like someone who’s been stranded on and island.” “Ted, you looked that way before you grew. You didn’t really eat and you didn’t go outside.” she was looking at the floor now. “I was … kind of rough on you.” She stepped toward me, and pulled on the shoulders of the shirt. “Are you okay? Did the formula wear off or something?” “No, I did this. I decided it’d been enough, and just reversed the entire thing,” I pulled a small vial with a top out of my pocket. “I have one for you, and… we can just go back to the way things were.” She took the vial between her index finger and her thumb, and walked into the kitchen without saying a word. She unscrewed the top, and promptly dumped the whole thing down the sink drain. “Wh-what… what are you-“ Before I could finish, she stomped back over to me, and drove her fist into my stomach. It lifted me off my feet, and dropped me to my knees. I was out of breath and in piercing pain. I landed on my knees, and immediately took a upwards punch to my chin. Another shot struck my right cheek, followed by one to my left that kept me from falling over. It all happened so fast I couldn’t see it. Jenna grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into the living room. Repeated hard slaps to my left cheek left my skin stinging. A fist came in hard at my shoulder driving, pushing me to the ground, followed by several more. I held back tears and cries; my shoulder was overloaded with sensations of pain. “Fuck… you!” Jenna lifted me with her hands under my shoulders, like a small child. She held me up with one hand, while her other pulled my shorts waistband back. She was looking at my now-normal junk. “You didn’t even keep the dick. You asshole. I was worried for a moment you were sick from the formula, but no – you just wanted to put me back at – at being the little woman you can push around. Well, fuck you.” She dropped me to my knees, which were now hot with pain from being thrown and dropped. I tried to push her away, to no avail. As I got to my feet, she punched me – right in the balls. I was curled up in agony on the floor, trying to keep myself together. I could feel her footsteps moving towards the stairs as I tried to figure out if I she’d crushed my balls. She stomped up the stairs, going for… my office? Then I heard crashing and metal scraping noises. She was destroying everything. My computer, the equipment, the formula processor, everything. A few moments later, she was back. “That guarantees you’re tiny Ted from now on,” she said, starting to reach for me as I instinctively recoiled. I thought about changing, growing, to stop this. I wasn’t even sure if it’d work. Or, if it did work, what if I only grew a little at a time? I figured it wasn’t worth the risk in front of Jenna. “Jenna, I spent years working on that. Why would you do this?” She pulled me to my feet. “No more questions. Go get the monster cock sheath. After you’re done taking care of me, you can finish dinner.” I went upstairs as she watched, arms folded. At the top of the stairs, I could see the mess of computer parts and holes in the wall in my office. I went into our bedroom, and pulled a 10-inch rubber cock out of a bedside table drawer. As I walked by the bathroom by the top of the stairs, I could see a small plastic tube marked “Rash Relief” was still there. So I had a back-up plan. I finished cooking the dinner Jenna started, but she ate all of it. Every time I reached for something she would grab my wrist, and take it first. “You can just eat some Saltines,” she said. I went to the bathroom just to get a break. As I pulled the elastic waistband of my shorts down, she opened the door, and quickly grabbed my dick. She squeezed, hard. “You know, if I want to, I can stop you from pissing. You need to ask me for permission.” “What? That’s insane. Leave me alone, Jenna.” She squeezed harder, somehow, and my dick felt like it was going to pop. The pressure was unbearable. “Okay, okay, please stop, please!” She let me go. “Go clean up, then you can rub some body cream on me. Then maybe you can piss.” She watched as I cleaned the kitchen. I rubbed her body down, which was fun, but I had to fucking piss. “Can I go now?” I pleaded. She opened the fridge, and pulled out a jug of water. “Start drinking,” she said, smiling. I knew any answer but obedience would be a severe beating. I drank as much as I could. I didn’t bother trying to stall – she’d probably force the entire thing down my throat. I got about a third of the way through the jug. “That’s all I can do,” I said, panting. “You can piss when you finish the whole thing.” I wanted to cry, but held it together. I tried to move toward the bathroom, but she blocked the kitchen exit, and tipped the jug toward my mouth with her hand. “I can’t do this, I have to go!” I pleaded. “If you can’t finish it, then just piss yourself.” I had no choice. I just let it go, and the wet stain on my pants grew, and began to drip on the floor. “Oh Jesus, just go.” she said. I hurried to the bathroom. As I finished up, I had to see if I had the ability to change on command. I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it, but … I had to do something. I balled up my fists and looked myself in the mirror. I tensed up. What should I do to make the change, exactly? That wasn’t something I could exactly program. I looked at myself closely in the mirror, and pulled off my baggy shirt. I pictured my body growing to gigantic, muscular proportions. “Ted, what’s taking so long? You need to clean up your mess.” I felt a burning sensation in my lower back, and my skin felt like it was peeling, quickly, almost like ripping. I could see my arms swelling, shoulders spreading out, and my chest pushing out. Veins began to pop out here and there. My stomach started to show separations in my abdominals. My forearms swelled. My cheekbones pushed out. My hands widened. I tensed again, and looked myself over in the mirror. Was I as big as I was before? It was hard to tell. Maybe I should be a little bigger. As I thought that, I grew again. My shorts were concealing an inhuman bulge of cock and balls. My thighs had ripped my short legs. Looking down, my calves jutted out. I guesstimated how big I was compared to Jenna. I should have a few inches on her, but thought I could use a few more. I looked in the mirror and saw myself get wider, taller, thicker. I looked like I could push the house over with one hand. I had to be near seven feet tall, and … Jesus, I couldn’t imagine how much all of this weighed. “Ted?” I smiled. “Shut the fuck up, Jenna.” “What did you say?!” I heard her stomp towards the bathroom door. As she pulled on the knob, I pushed it open, and I could feel her stumble back. She had a fist in the air when she saw what I’d become. I had a good six inches and over a hundred pounds on her. I quickly took a step forward, and covered her fist completely with my hand. I realized the pain in my shoulder and cheeks were gone. Huh. She struggled to pull away from me with no success. I trapped her in a mock hug, and smiled. “We need to talk.” ----- *** To Be Continued ***
  5. Thedemon1906

    Father and son (part two)

    Michael woke up hugging his son from behind. Clothes were prohibited in the experiment so his hard dick was poking his ass. Disgusted he took his arm away and turn around to look at the ceiling. His son and him never had a good relationship. When his mother was alive the little wimp was always with her. It is not that he didn't try to have a good relationship with him. But the thing is that every time he wanted to go fishing with him or for them to play football, his son never wanted. Also there was the masculinity thing. When he was young and even now people always told him how masculine he was and how big he was. With lots of hair that covered his big pecs and huge arms, his 23cm fat cock and muscular definition he always assumed his son would be like him. A stud. But when Nicholas grew up to be a wimp, with a soft jawline and no hair at all, he was quite frustrated. The thing that bothered Michael the most wasn't that his son was small, but that the only thing big that he had was his butt. He looked like a woman. Mike had to hear his friends “jokingly” saying that he looked so much like a girl that they would fuck him. Now he was lying on his bed, with his morning wood looking to the ceiling, wondering what was this experiment about. His son turned around, still sleeping, and put his left hand on top of his dad muscle chest. Mike closed his eyes, Barbara was there besides him. He turned around, facing his son still with his eyes shut. Then he opened them. Nicholas looked different. He didn't know exactly what was different but something certainly changed. He looked a little bit bigger, maybe it was the poor lighting but his shoulders seamed a little broader. A thought flew quickly through Mike's brain, maybe his son was finally growing. His son hand travelled from his chest to his muscle ass, Mike felt a shiver. ____________________________________ -Hello dad- Michael was cooking completely naked while gently dancing to no sound. -You know that the shower doesn't work there is only one of us?! This fucking rats, they can even pay water for two showers! TWO!- His father seemed moodier than usual. -the pills have arrived, we have to drink them together- Michael placed two plates filled with bacon and eggs. They both sit at each side of the table. Little glasses that contained two pills sat on the table, one said Nicholas and the other Michael. Nicho grabbed his cup and opened it. This time the pills were different. The one that was previously light blue was now triangular and had a deeper ocean blue colour, and a white pill was also added. He looked up and saw his dad had the same white pill but also a deep pink circular pill. -They warned me that the white pill was full of hormones. Side effects included constant “excitement”- he said as he looked down at his cock trying to express what he meant to his son without talking. Nicho understood perfectly. They both eat their breakfast and approached to the mega computer. The scanning began as the day before. -Subject one: Nicholas. Male Male, 1,81m tall, 65kg, muscle development 7%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: mild , Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 15cm erect, anus:not sensitive- Both father and son stood shocked to discover that Nicholas had gain 3cm, 6kg, and 3 cm of cock in less of a day. Michael glanced at his son and indeed he look bigger, and more masculine. He prepared to say something but the machine started talking again -Subject two: Michael, Male Woman, 1,86 cm tall, 87kg, muscle development 50%. Completed superficial analysis, proceeding with profound observation. Testosterone: Mild, Happiness levels: Low, Penis size: 18 cm erect, anus: midly sensitive- A cold shiver ran through Michael’s body. Maybe he was expecting to grow like his son or maybe was the fact that he only now heard that the computer had said “Male Woman”.what did that mean? -WHAT THE FUCK?- He shouted, he had lost 3 cm in one day, 13kg, and 3 cm from his cock in one day. He wanted to cry, and he had already taken the second pill. In the screen appeared a new position someone was in all fours, and the other guy was behind him, pressing his cock to his ass. He turned to look at his son that smiled and made a gesture with his hand like asking him to be the one in the floor. Michael got really angry really fast, he wasn't a woman. He wouldn't bend. Angrily he walked towards his kid and punched him in the stomach. Nicholas lost all air and bended because of the pain, that's when Mike blind by anger and shame hit him hard in the face. Nicho fell to the floor his nose was bleeding. Mike took the opportunity and grabbed his son by the waist and got him into position. Nicho tried to walk away but Mike with his stronger body hold him down and hit him in the back. -I AM THE MAN- He shouted as he grabbed his son's ass. He saw his erect cock, much smaller than before and got angry again. He was going to prove it. He was bigger, manlier than his son. Nicho felt as his dad's unlubbed fat cock entered his virgin ass. The pain was so big that he shouted a little bit. He was still confused by the punching and blood was running from his nose, but he could still feel his dad penetrating him. One thrust, two thrusts, Mike was getting faster he slapped his son's ass very hard. -You are my bitch, YOU ARE MY MOTHEFUCKING BITCH- Michael continued raping his son. Nicho could feel his father's cock stretching his ass with a lot of effort. He was a beast, fucking him like an ape. His son started crying and that only got him hornier. HE WAS THE MAN he thought HE HAD THE RIGHT TO FUCK THIS CUNT. Michael’s cock exploted inside his son’s asshole. But almost no cum came off. Suddenly he came back to reality. His son was bleeding in the floor, about to pass out and he, his father and only parent, had just raped him. -You wanna shower?-
  6. EDIT: Story now includes an extended ending Hello everyone reading, this will be my second story post ever, hope it's good and I'll appreciate any feedback I would like to state up-front that I don't intend to make a sequel to it, but I might play with the Venom theme in other future stories since the Symbiote lends itself well for muscle growth storylines. Sadly I didn't have the time make visuals for this story too, but I do really like adding a couple of illustrations for stories, so if anyone can and would like to contribute scenes to add to the story feel free to hit me up or post below and I'll integrate it Spidey and Venom’s Experiment It had been a while since Spider-Man and Venom had been enemies, they or better said, Peter and Eddie had somehow come to become something akin to acquaintances or maybe even friends. This came about after a few times when the duo had had to join forces against a common enemy. As much as Venom hated Spider-Man, he was also extremely dominant about his own territory and his prey and didn’t like the idea of anyone taking over his turf, but even more than that, anyone but him getting to take the Spider-Man made his blood boil. And as strong as Venom was on his own, he had reluctantly accepted Spider-Man’s help on more than one occasion when faced with an overwhelming opponent. After a few times, the tension between the two had managed to simmer down a little and they slowly started to talk more with each other as opposed to always being at each other’s throats, after all, sharing intel was important in keeping an upper hand on anyone who had it in for New York. _______________________________________________________________________ Peter and Eddie’s little alliance started to develop into something more like friendship as time went by and each started to forget the things that had made them sworn enemies in the past, and most oddly was that the Symbiote had its influence on Eddie reduce over time and as such it couldn’t rile his emotions up as much anymore against the Spider-Man and practically became nothing more than an extension of and under the control of Eddie as the Venom rather than a sentient entity with a will of its own. ‘Eddie’s become a pretty cool guy this past year’ Peter thought as he was pulling a t-shirt over his head. He was getting ready to meet with Eddie; they had been hanging out for non-superhero related reasons more often as of late. Peter was going to go to over to Eddie’s place for a movie night. He was really curious to see Eddie’s place since it would be his first time there. ‘Okay, all done here, better get going before I’m late again’ Peter said while grabbing his keys and heading towards the door, glancing at the clock on the way out which read 21:07. _______________________________________________________________________ As Eddie put the bag of sweet popcorn in the microwave and saw 21:51 on the screen he said to no one in particular ‘that twig is late again as always’ as he grinned a bit from the corner of his mouth. Eddie had taken a liking to calling Peter ‘twig’ due to his lithe body, Peter wasn’t a fan at first but has grown used to it since. Eddie liked calling Peter this in part because he himself was a pretty built guy at 1,90m (6’3”) and 104kg of muscle, he was thick, broad, well-shaped and tall to boot, he couldn’t resist making fun of Peter’s small size in comparison, but in part he also found Peter’s lithe body interesting in a way, he couldn’t explain it. He would just sometimes stare aimlessly at Peter’s body, following its contours and shape, mapping it all out, looking him up and down, it just made him a little warm inside and he didn’t know why but he liked it, not that he would ever admit it to Peter, he was way too proud for that. As his thoughts drifted off he started to think how it had been a while since he had heard the Symbiote’s voice in his mind, It had stopped really taking over and Eddie had for all intents and purposes gained full control over the Symbiote’s powers now. It had struck him as weird but there was just so much he didn’t know about the creature that there was just no way to know why It’s consciousness had just faded away, maybe too much time bonded with another creature with a distinct personality? Who knows, but he did wonder ‘if I have full control over Its powers now I wonder what all It can do, It didn’t exactly come with an instructions manual’ as he was playing with some of the goo around his hand, changing its shape randomly. Ding dong, ding dong ‘So he’s finally here’ Eddie said as he left the popcorn to do its thing and headed towards the door. ‘Well hello, was starting to wonder where you had ended up, thought maybe the wind blew you away’ said Eddie with a sarcastic tone. Peter just rolled his eyes and entered the apartment panting a little ‘Sorry, I left the house late, got all the way downstairs, then realised I forgot the key to my bike’s lock, so had to go back up then down again’ Peter just slouched unto the sofa. ‘I’m sorry but can I bother you for some water?’ he asked Eddie. ‘Sure lemme get you some...’ he said trailing off all the while not taking his eyes off of the sweat-drenched t-shirt sticking to Peter’s figure. ‘Here you go twig’ gulp gulp gulp ahhh ‘Bless you muscle man!’. Eddie burst into laughter ‘Muscle man?!’ ‘Yeah, figured if you’re going to call me twig all the time I should have a name for you as well’ Peter said in a sarcastic tone. ‘Well well, look at that, Peter Parker giving me sass’ Eddie said as he got close to Peter climbing onto the sofa kneeling with one leg on either side of Peter's, and gently lifting Peter’s shirt off of him leaving him in nothing but his shorts. ‘You can’t be wearing this drenched thing on my sofa’ Eddie told Peter who in turn replied ‘Sorry about that, I biked as fast as I could’. ‘It’s cool, it’s a hot day anyway and I don’t have an AC sadly, besides I have plenty of laundry to do, now I have even more of an excuse’ Eddie said while taking off his own tank top he was wearing and tossing it into the washer with Peter’s t-shirt and a basket of laundry. Now standing there was the big brute in nothing but his boxers and socks, which didn’t go unnoticed by Peter who tried to play it off as best as he could. ‘Nice place you got here by the way muscle man’-Peter Chuckling ‘You’re gonna keep that up aren’t you twig?’-Eddie ‘Yep’-Peter ‘Yeah it’s a nice place and for $705 a month, a fantastic deal here in NYC’-Eddie ‘7-0-5??!! That’s cheaper than my place!’-Peter Wink ‘I know’-Eddie ‘Ugh no fair, but I’m glad for you’-Peter ‘So, back to the theme of the night, what movie are we watching?’ said Eddie as he threw himself unto the sofa with Peter ‘How about the new Batman movie?’-Peter ‘Ohhhh with Bane in it right? Yes!!!’ Eddie said with a certain excitement Eddie wasn’t just buff for fun, he had a thing for muscle, he found it beautiful and sexy on himself but also to admire, just taking a look around his small apartment one could see several posters of bodybuilders and lame inspirational gymrat quotes like ‘NO excuses!’. As well as a weight rack and bench in one corner with dumbbells on the floor around it. _______________________________________________________________________ ‘That was awesome’-Peter ‘Yeah, especially Bane and that venom he uses’-Eddie ‘So that’s how you got so big huh? You named your alter-ego with the Symbiote Venom because you got your hands on some of Bane’s venom? wink’ said Peter in a mocking tone ‘Hey!’ striking a double-bicep pose sitting down ‘These are all-natural and I got them long before the Symbiote came along’ said Eddie with lots of pride Peter was taken aback by the pose, it was certainly a sight to see, especially those hairy armpits of Eddie’s which looked like caves with huge lats behind them, framed by the thickest arms Peter had ever seen so up-close, he gulped but he wasn’t gonna let Eddie know he was impressed or Eddie would hold that over his head for eternity. But at that point Peter did feel a bit disappointed though that he wasn’t in a bit better shape to feel more confident, he knew Eddie didn’t call him twig or showed off to hurt him but to boost his own ego but it did get to Peter sometimes, the jealousy. He would just like to experience having a body that impressive just once. As Peter came back from his detour into his thoughts he found himself eye to eye with a curious-looking Eddie who was analysing his guest quite in-depth. ‘Geez, what?’-Peter Stares intensely for a bit ‘Did I hurt your feelings?’-Eddie ‘Shit, he figured me out that easily? I really need to stop giving away my emotions so easily’ Peter thought to himself in a fit of surprise. ‘Nah don’t worry about it’-Peter ‘You’re lying to me Peter’-Eddie ‘You almost never call me Peter’-Peter ‘I thought that would catch your attention, or at the very least not add oil to the fire’-Eddie ‘You’re too smart for your own good, be dumb and buff’-Peter ‘You wish, so are you gonna tell me or are you gonna tell me anyways but after I pry it out of you?’-Eddie ‘Fine... you didn’t really hurt me just so you know, I just get a little insecure sometimes, I mean you look pretty impressive and I’m just a ‘twig’ and it can be something I wonder sometimes like ‘man how is it to be that big?’ You know?’-Peter ‘Sorry I didn’t mean to call you that to chip at your confidence’ said Eddie with genuine remorse. Chuckling ‘Calm down Ed, I know that, it’s not your fault my mind runs amuck’-Peter ‘Don’t worry about it, can I go use your washroom though? I really need to pee after everything I drank’-Peter ‘Oh yeah, sure there pointing door to your left’-Eddie ‘Thanks! Be right back’-Peter _______________________________________________________________________ ‘Man didn’t mean to make Pete feel bad, wish there was something I could do though to boost his confidence, but muscles aren’t something you can get just instantly’ Eddie thought to himself. ‘Wish I had some of that venom Bane had. Or at least knew how to make it. I mean it’s probably some kind of steroid, and I can get my hands on those but again not instant enough, would still take months of work. So venom must be like a super steroid, hmmmm....’ ‘Okay so steroids work by introducing excess amounts of testosterone into the body as well as other hormones, which are mainly produced in the gonads, hence why your balls shrink on a cycle, they stop working in response to the excess....’ ‘maybe if there was a way to stimulate his body to do it on its own it would work but how? UGH!’ Eddie thought, rubbing his hair in frustration. Then it came to him ‘I wonder how much control I have over the Symbiote? I mean I know it can physically affect the human body, that’s how it used to control me and affect my emotions, and those are controlled by hormones breathes deeply I can do this....’ _______________________________________________________________________ ‘Man I feel like I have been freed from a prison’ Peter said as he sat back down with Eddie. ‘What’s up?’-Peter ‘Pete, you said you wondered what having a muscular body would be like right? Would you really want to have one if you could?’-Eddie ‘That came out of left field’ Peter thought but still replied with ‘I guess so, it IS really impressive and I guess it would just be an interesting experience, but building a body like that would take more time than I have’ ‘Okay, do you trust me?’-Eddie ‘What?’-Peter ‘Do, you, trust, meh?’ Eddie asked again in a playfully annoyed voice with a grin on his face ‘Yeah, of course, why the sudden question though?’-Peter ‘I can give you that body if you would want to try what I have in mind, it’s weird but I think I can do it if you want to of course’-Eddie ‘What? Really?! Has he gone crazy? Have I gone crazy? Why am I so excited, it can’t be, but I don’t believe Eddie would lie to me, especially not about something like this’ Peter thought to himself ‘So, will you trust me?’ Eddie asked again, sounding fully honest ‘Okay, I’m yours, what do you have in mind?’-Peter ‘So, I was thinking, steroids work by enhancing the naturally produced hormones in the male body...’-Eddie ‘Yo, Ed I don’t want to do steroids’-Peter Sigh ‘Could you let me explain and THEN give your opinion?’ said Eddie in an annoyed voice ‘Sorry, go on I guess...’-Peter ‘So as I was saying, it supplements what your body naturally has and does, and I was thinking back about Bane and his venom, how it goes straight into his bloodstream and makes him grow like it’s a super-concentrated amount of the hormones which have an instant effect’-Eddie ‘Uhu... continue?’-Peter ‘Stay with me, so I was thinking how could I achieve a similar effect in your body maybe. Then it came to me, the Symbiote, it controlled us, our emotions and behaviour when we were with it remember? It has the ability to modify our hormones, so maybe I can use it in a different way, to affect other hormones’-Eddie Peter made a face of sudden realisation and interest ‘Ha! See! So now that I have full control over the Symbiote, I think, if you are up for it I can send it into your body and make your body make itself more muscular by changing how it works’-Eddie ‘That’s, that’s, that’s actually quite genius that you came up with this’-Peter Grinning widely ‘Hey, I’m brawn AND brain, cut me some slack’ -Eddie _______________________________________________________________________ ‘Hmm.... okay, honestly I’m still unsure, but... I trust you, I’m all up for this, what do you need me to do?’-Peter ‘Great! I know I can do this, for you at least. Okay well the primary hormone for muscle growth is testosterone, right? That’s produced in your balls, so this is weird, but I will need you to take your pants off’ Eddie said hesitantly Eddie was confident this method would turn Peter away from trying it but to his surprise, Peter gave a grunt but then reluctantly took off his pants and underwear and sat back down ‘Okay do your thing’-Peter ‘You really trust me that much?’-Eddie ‘Yep, so you better not disappoint me’ Peter said candidly Grinning ‘Okay’ -Eddie Eddie raised his hand and the Venom goo started to coalesce on his right hand, he then brought it down to Peter’s cock, and suddenly the Venom lurched towards the piss-slit entering Peter more forcefully than he had anticipated, he screamed at first but shortly after started squirming and moaning. Eddie watched, taken aback by how much his heart pounded seeing Peter like this, wrapped in painful bliss with his dick rock-hard. The Venom kept making its way inside Peter until it reached the balls and started accumulating. Peter lurched again as his balls started swelling, to the size of hen eggs, then slowly into lemons, then into the size of oranges, it was mesmerising. Once they were full and plump Eddie commanded it with his mind to surge Peter’s body with a new compound they would modify from Peter’s own testosterone and that’s when it started. ‘Ah, Ahhh, AHHH!!! AHHHHH!!!!!’-Peter ‘What’s wro...’-Eddie Eddie didn’t need Peter’s reply to get an answer, he stared as veins started to bulge, starting at the ballsack, swelling thick as rope and moving their way upwards, onto Peter’s shaft. Up his crotch onto his abs. Down his quads, and that’s when the growth started. ‘Wow .... ‘-Eddie Eddie saw as the thick veins he saw expanding like the root system of a plant, turning dark as if tar was following through them instead of red blood. Which was followed by the sudden but slight growth of whichever muscle the black liquid reached through the new network of veins. It was an amazing sight. First the quads, they swelled a bit bigger, then a bit more, it came in waves. ‘AHHH UGH NGH UGHHHH!!!!’-Peter Then suddenly the growth bursts got more intense, Peter’s legs went from those of a guy that regularly biked to those of a sprinter, then to those of Robert Forstermann. The quads and calves swelled like balloons, Eddie enthralled by all the individual muscle heads, the striations and the veins that only grew thicker. Moreover, the after-pulse left in them only made the whole thing more surreal and, well, arousing to his sudden realisation. ‘Holy shit Peter ...’ Eddie trailed off as the growth continued, Peter only panting heavily. The growth next went up his abs, the veins growing thicker all of a sudden. GROAN-Peter Each of the individual mounds of the abs started to pulse, thicker and thicker each time till they protruded enough that you could hide your finger in the grooves between them. Eddie was especially turned on by Peter’s particular ab arrangement. His bottom 4 ab mounds had joined in a somewhat U shape with 4 more individual ones above it, making Eddie feel a chill down his spine as he started sweating from everything he is seeing. The growth hit his obliques and apollo’s belt next, making them swell into thick masses gorgeously shaped and framing Peter’s fantastic overly developed. ‘NGH YEAH!’-Peter As Peter was getting into the transformation, his lats were next affected, the body seemingly reacting stronger and stronger to the new hormone in contrast to the slow growth of his legs the lats simply burst outwards, huge, meaty, veiny and striated drawing a hellish scream from Peter’s mouth. They spread like wings and were enormous like a body builder’s lats, they glistened with Peter’s armpit sweat and were decorated by a gorgeous armpit with a beautiful tuft of brown hair. SCREAM ‘OH GOD! IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO MUCH! MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOP EDDIE!’ Peter said as tears welled in his eyes. ‘I can’t Peter, I’m sorry I’m sorry, the hormone is already flowing through your system it’s not my Symbiote anymore doing anything’ Eddie said in a very worried and apologetic voice as he saw that Peter was truly in pain. Next the black veins reached Peter’s pecs which also burst forward into two huge mounds of pure manliness, giving Peter a cleavage any man, and woman, would be jealous of, they were monstrous and well-rounded, thick enough that they’d make you drool, and each crowned with a thick, delicious nipple that seemed to have grown bigger as well, getting as thick as a finger sticking out about 3 centimetres, aiming almost straight down. Eddie could only stare dumbfounded at Peter’s developing body, some drool escaping his mouth which hung ajar. The growth intensified as the veins raged thicker and darker from the pecs onto his shoulders, down his arms, and up his neck. ‘You’re almost there Peter, hang in there’-Eddie The deltoids on Peter swelled into huge round spheres to the sound of Peter’s screams as the growth moved down his arms. First, the triceps swelled in two stages becoming engorged into a ridiculously thick horseshoe shape, with the long head growing especially large. Then came the biceps blowing up into a solid ball like a softball ball but with a vein running on top of it that looked like a snake with how thick it was, the throbbing and swirling it came with adding to the likeness of a snake. Finally, the growth reached his forearms as they thickened with cords of muscles, swelling nearly as thick as the biceps themselves, rough and manly Eddie thought to himself. They looked like Peter’s hands could crush diamonds with forearms that large, they would give most guy’s legs a challenge. Lastly, the growth reached Peter’s traps, whom at this point was red in the face, panting drooling and screaming from the pain he was going through. His traps swelled and grew from his shoulders down his back, it was large and plump, joining up with his neck but not overwhelming it so it still looked like distinctive parts of Peter’s anatomy. And then suddenly Peter breathed a breath of relief and seemed to have passed out, his veins started to turn back from black to pale green and skin coloured but not losing any volume, still looking sickly engorged like roots atop his muscles. ‘Peter, Peter, are you okay?’ said Eddie to his friend who seemed to be out cold. His chest heaved up and down so at least Eddie was sure Peter was alive. However, just as Eddie thought the transformation was over, the final growth seemed to be hitting Peter’s dick which was a nicely average 14cm (5,5”) but soon started ballooning larger and larger to Eddie’s shock who was right in front of it as he had been squatting at this point in front of Peter who was on the couch. ‘Holy shit,....... that thing must be 18cm now? 22? 25?!’-Eddie said, mouth agape The growth finally seemed to stop somewhere around 30cm (12”) long and 20cm (8”) in circumference, with balls that had swollen to match as well, about as big as a grapefruit. The massive thing just stood there hard and bobbing lightly up and down in front of Eddie while slowly going limp. Eddie had never thought of himself as gay, but after seeing Peter transform, and definitely after seeing his dick grow into this behemoth he was experiencing all kinds of feelings he had never felt before or at least not in this context or combination, lust, wanting, fear, confusion, curiosity, jealousy, especially jealousy. Eddie was 1,90m (6’3”) and 104kg of muscle, Peter’s about 178cm (5’10”) and used to be maybe 77kg at best, but now, Eddie was guessing he might weigh nearly as much if not more than he did himself. Peter was now a freak, he’d give a professional bodybuilder a run for their money. He was jacked to hell and probably no more than 6% body fat to boot, you could see every vein, every striation, every individual muscle group, it was like an anatomical model intended for medical school except the muscle mass was cranked up to the max, Eddie had never before been intimidated by anyone, at least not anyone he knew in person, but now Peter was the one guy to make him insecure about his own size.... and maybe some other feelings as well? _______________________________________________________________________ ‘Peter, Peter!’ Eddie said in a worried tone, it had been about an hour since Peter had transformed and passed out and Eddie was starting to get anxious. ‘Pete, please wake up’ Eddie said again to the seemingly unconscious muscle-giant that was Peter with angst in his voice. Peter’s eyes snap open ‘Peter? I’m so happy you’re awa...’ said Eddie, trailing off as he realised Peter’s eyes were entirely unresponsive and blank when suddenly Peter launched himself from the couch grabbing Eddie quicker than his brain could process, slamming him onto the floor. ‘PETER WHAT’S GOING ON WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?!’ Eddie yelled in fear towards the unresponsive Peter who was now pinning Eddie’s legs open. The beast then proceeded to rip Eddie’s boxers right off, exposing his ass which Peter seemed to have locked his eyes on. ‘NO, PETER PLEASE, I’M SORRY I DID THIS TO YOU, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, DON’T DO THIS!!!’Eddie screamed as he desperately clawed at his formerly kind and gentle friend, he feared both what was about to be done to his body as well as having destroyed his best friend, the realisation that he really loved Peter dearly coming forward in his mind, Peter being the only person who ever got to really know him in-depth even though they were enemies at one point it never stopped Peter from being kind to him after they settled their differences even when Eddie seemed to still doubt Peter’s intentions for a very long time before he got comfortable with his presence Peter never seemed to put up any defences against Eddie. Suddenly, Eddie felt a sudden and piercing pain like a bone being broken coming from his behind as the beastly Peter shoved his monstrous dick up his ass without any semblance of lubricant, or tact, forcing his hole open wider than it was ever meant to, impaling him down to the balls in a fraction of a second. Then Peter started pounding like a machine that was designed to drill through rocks, he pounded Eddie like he wanted to kill him with his dick, and his face like an angry beast sure gave Eddie that idea. This drew a most gut-wrenching scream from Eddie who was crying at this point and had a frightened face like that of a child. This sight seems to have been the one thing to bring Peter back from wherever he had been lost in his mind, his pupils shrinking again and his eyes becoming focused. ‘Eddie? What the... What happened to me, my arms why are they so huge why.... EDDIE?! WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!?! WHAT AM I DOING TO YOU, I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!!!!’ Said Peter in remorseful shock, but as he attempted to pull his titanic pole out of Eddie the pleasure he had been unaware of suddenly rocked him down to his core, his eyes rolling into the back of their sockets and he roared the most erotic moan anyone had ever heard and unloaded a cumshot into Eddie making him grunt and moan as the what seemed like a litre of cum filled him up to his stomach. As the bliss subsided Peter seemed to be coming back to his senses. ‘I’m... I’m so sorry Eddie, please forgive me I’ll pul... FUUUUCK!!!’ Peter couldn’t finish his sentence, while he was trying to pull out of Eddie, suddenly Eddie’s ass grabbed unto the mammoth dick like a vice, it felt amazing but nearly painful to Peter as he looked down to see what the hell could be going on when he saw what was happening to Eddie. Eddie let out a guttural roar as his body exploded, all his muscles suddenly engorged even larger, they expanded in every direction as veins as thick as power cords swelled under his skin feeding the muscles with unimaginable size, some of these veins coloured black in some points and slowly transitioning into grey and normal colour. His already impressive build expanded in waves, quickly approaching Peter’s current size, then quickly overtaking it, after what seemed like 10 powerful pulses of pure power the growth seemed to have stopped. ‘Christ...’ Peter whispered under his breath in shock and amazement, as his cock, which was actually now even harder than in his berserker stage earlier, was expelled from Eddie’s ass. If Peter was a beast after his transformation, then Eddie was a thing from mythology. His muscles appeared to be almost twice as large as Peter’s. If Peter would give a pro body builder a run for their money, then Eddie would reign supreme as Mr. Olympia, uncontested for as long as he lived. His arms were massive, his deltoids were like sculpted marble spheres, his abs reminiscent of an old European cobblestone street, his legs so large they begged the question whether he’d ever be able to wear pants again, and his cock, lord, his cock must have been at least 25cm (10”) in circumference and 40cm (16”) long, it was massive, could even beat a few gym regulars to a flex off, it was a grotesque thing. ‘Peter?’ came Eddie’s voice, sounding disoriented and scared. ‘Eddie! Are you...’ Peter trailed off, he had extended his hand to help Eddie but now he slowly pulled it back, ashamed and scared of what he had done to Eddie, he broke down into tears slumping unto his knees. He was sorry he betrayed his friend, he was sorry he raped him, he was sorry he had caused such a face scared for his life to be plastered on his friend's face when he came to his senses, he was sorry he had probably caused him physical damage with the monster he’d impaled him with, and he was sorry he had now turned him into a real freak, Peter at least was still human-like, but Eddie would never be a normal person anymore. He could never be forgiven. ‘Peter, PETER! WHAT’S WRONG? Don’t cry, please don’t cry’ Said Eddie as he ran towards his friend attempting to embrace him. Pushing Eddie away ‘DON’T TOUCH ME!!! I raped you, and now I made you into a monster, I’m sorry, don’t touch me, I’m not worth living...’ Peter cried in shame as he rolled himself into the tiniest ball he could make himself into. However, Eddie reached for him, and struck him across his face with the back of his hand, then again the other way now. With a face in surprise (not just surprise but also because that slap was carrying even more of a punch coming from the behemoth that was Eddie now) Peter looked up to Eddie who had a face of pure fury but pained at the same time. ‘Shut your mouth and don’t ever say that again’-Eddie ‘First of all, I was the one who experimented on you first, anything that happened therefrom was my fault’-Eddie ‘SECONDLY, I don’t care what happens, ever, you are never to say again that you aren’t worth living, or I’ll beat you bloody and senseless myself until your brain starts functioning properly again’-Eddie ‘GOT IT?!?!’ Yelled Eddie at Peter who winced at the loud words, still taken aback by what has happened, and more so as Eddie started to cry staring right into his soul. Slumping down in front of Peter ‘Just stay the Peter that I know okay, I thought I had lost you there for a bit’ Said Eddie as he hugged Peter, crying his eyes out. ‘Sorry I worried you...’-Peter ‘Don’t apologise dumbass, I did it to you... I was scared I got rid of you’-Eddie ‘Still, I can see I worried you quite a bit’-Peter ‘Of course, I love you...’-Eddie eyes widened, fake coughing ‘Well I love you too, of course, you’re practically a brother to me’-Peter ‘And what if I thought of you as more than just a brother?’ Said Eddie in a monotone fashion looking straight into Peter’s eyes. ‘WhA? UhM you’re just still a bit confused and emotional Eddie, I think yo...’-Peter ‘Not really, I meant what I said and I’m very certain of what I meant’-Eddie ‘.............’-Peter ‘I know what I feel, I’m not crazy, I’m brain AND brawn remember? And you don’t have to reciprocate the feeling, I actually used to be very wary of you at first, I’ve never really been very close to anyone, and certainly didn’t have an interest in finding that in someone I hated as much as you.... but that changed....’-Eddie ‘I have been feeling weird towards for a while now, I just didn’t know what it was, it was all new to me, but seeing you transform.... I guess it finally pushed me over the edge.... my brain was overloaded, my heart was pounding, and I can’t even admit the thoughts I had about your body while watching it, one I will admit though for your sake is that I don’t regret what you did to me when you went berserk...... I might have even enjoyed it more than I should have..........’-Eddie Peter’s mouth hung agape and his eyes were as large as the world, whilst Eddie was turning red as a beet at the confession he had just made. .......................... Mustering up the courage to break the silence ‘I see.... well I can’t say I dislike how you look now, you are even more impressive now, but at least now I don’t have to be insecure around you’-Peter Pointing at his body ‘You like THIS?’ Said Eddie surprised, he thought he was too much now for anyone to find attractive but his worries have just been blown away with the words from the guy he was in love with ‘I mean... I’m hoping you like what you see too?’-Peter ‘From what I said earlier you should know the answer to that is yes twig’ Eddie said sarcastically ‘Besides, I liked it even before the extra meat’-Eddie Flexing his arm ‘More like a sturdy tree than a twig now don’t you think?’ Peter said with a smirk Doing a double bicep pose ‘Eh still looks like a twig compared to THESE’ Eddie said arrogantly but in good fun Bringing his right hand to his cheek, arm supported on his crossed legs ‘Great, I could make men and women cream themselves from just looking at me and I STILL can’t impress you!’ Peter said with a bit of sarcastic annoyance in his voice ‘Still, I know why I grew, but what happened to you?’-Peter ‘Not that I’m complaining about it....’-Peter ‘I think maybe the hormones I made the Symbiote create inside you, were leftover in your balls after the transformation so it was in your cum, and when you came in me, in that volume it reacted with the Symbiote inside me and had an explosive effect’-Eddie ‘And trust me I’m not complaining either because at least now I’m strong enough to take on that crazed fucking of yours again and actually enjoy it instead of fearing for my life, almost being fucked to death by a muscle rage machine’ Eddie said with a mischievous look. ‘I’m sorry about that...’-Peter ‘You can make it up to me by giving me a second chance to prove myself’ Eddie said sarcastically. ‘I think your new muscles came with extra arrogance too’ Peter said sounding slightly annoyed but intrigued by Eddie. ‘Oh no, whatever shall I do, could you help me with that oh Spider-man?’-Eddie Quickly grabbing Eddie and bringing him in close face to face to a dead-serious face, surprising even the overconfident Eddie, Peter whispered into his left ear ‘I will teach you that every hero has a bad side....’ as he heard these words Eddie felt the enormous meat Peter had now become hard below him even lifting him just slightly off of the floor. Gulp ‘I think I did create a monster in the end’ Eddie thought to himself. With hungry eyes and a shallow breath coming from his mouth Peter grabbed Eddie and flipped him right over. Eddie could barely grasp what was going on he felt his hips being pulled up, ass in air and knees on the cold floor. His own massive cock becoming rock-hard within moments slapping his torso forcefully, the head reaching just shy of his cleavage, however, he was still extremely nervous after his ‘traumatic’ experience with Peter’s new and improved dick when he had transformed. Although he quickly started to lose focus on that as he felt a moist tongue suddenly penetrating him without remorse, exploring his insides with the conviction one would explore uncharted territory with. MOAN ‘Ohhh Pete, Pete-er, I haven’t done this before go a little easi-AAaaAoOn me’-Eddie Peter pulling his tongue out of Eddie ‘Never huh? I honestly wouldn’t believe you if I didn’t know you as well as I do because the face you're making right now tells me you wouldn’t be able to live without it’ Said Peter in a playful but mischievous tone while staring at Eddie ‘Shut up, don’t think just because you’re a bit more buff now that I’ll be your playthi-High pitched whimper’ Eddie said as Peter suddenly sucked on his hole forcefully ‘Oh really?’ Said Peter in a sarcastic tone while licking his lips ‘Well that high pitch you just hit would beg to differ’ –Peter ‘Don’t mess with me twig’ Said Eddie clearly a few shades redder than he was just a few seconds ago 'So even a guy like you can become flustered....?' Peter thought to himself taken aback by the adorable expression on that muscle freak's body ‘Oh.... well then, prove it mu-scle-man’-Peter Eddie couldn’t take the humiliation anymore, he was the dominant one out of the two of them, not Peter, he couldn’t believe how much control Peter had over him just by giving him a rim job, he had to turn the tables on him before he loses out to Peter, if there is one thing stronger than Eddie’s lust (besides his new and improved muscles) it was his ego. He quickly grabbed Peter with his legs in a leg cradle move bringing him down to the ground then turning around and pinning him in place. Being on top of Peter like this, having the control again Eddie understood why Peter was enjoying it so much, and his titanic cock agreed. ‘Hey, come on, I was just starting to enjoy it....’ Said Peter dispirited ‘Well, I have an idea for something you might enjoy, I know I will at the very least’ Said Eddie with a lustful look, propping Peter’s legs up on his own shoulders and placing the head of his cock on Peter’s hole ‘Hey, Ed, you’re not serious right?’-Peter Smirking –Eddie ‘Ed, no, you can’t put that thing in me, mine almost broke you and mine’s still human, you can’t be serious’ Said Peter clearly worried Eddie accumulated saliva in his mouth before pouring it over his massive pole, lubricating its length up and down and starting to move in closer to Peter, as close as he could without entering him. Peter was sweating profusely at this point and was starting to freak out. ‘Yo, YO, YO, YO ED, you can’t be serious, you’re gonna kill me with that thing’-Peter Grabbing Peter’s cock and kissing it ‘Don’t worry, I took yours when I was normal, I’m pretty sure that new body of yours can take much worse than this, I mean what else are these delicious Groping Peter’s Pecs muscles good for then, you musclebound spider?’ Said Eddie arrogantly with a very prideful and almost evil look in his eyes That’s when Eddie grabbed Peter by the shoulders and started pushing Peter unto his monstrous shaft, swiftly penetrating him down to his balls in one smooth controlled movement, all 40cm (16”) of it, knocking the wind out of Peter. The thing’s head had ended up two-thirds of the way up Peter’s oesophagus, almost reaching into his neck. He was literally choking on Eddie’s dick but from the wrong way. When he reached all the way inside Eddie, Eddie collapsed partially unto Peter below him, it felt amazing, no, more than amazing, it was indescribable, it rocked Eddie to his core, his best judgement was a small boat in the storming state that his mind was in right now and Peter was going to pay dearly for it as he started to pull out of Peter. ‘SHIIIIIIT, NGHHH UHHH!!!!’ Peter yelled in erotic fury, his mind going blank from the pleasure he was being subjected to. When Eddie had pulled out about three quarters of the way, he then mercilessly slammed the whole length back in in one shot. Drawing a perverted and painful scream from his victim. This only feeding more into the animalistic side of Eddie that had taken over. The old Venom had nothing on the sadistic sexual hunger that Eddie embodied right at this moment, in fact, it would have seemed quite tame in comparison. Eddie, with a Cheshire grin plastered on his face, started to progressively pull out about halfway then ram Peter’s hole full throttle, picking up the pace with each audible WHACK! that echoed through the room followed by a loud moan that could only be described as immorally erotic. As Eddie had let himself fall into hedonistic depravity, an hour and a half in, he was pounding Peter in the bulldog position as if he was trying to make minced meat out of the poor boy, the amazing Spider-Man had been reduced to nothing more than a muscle-bound nearly sexually-comatose sex toy for the Venom. He had fucked him doggy, pile driver, jockey. Up, down, and side-to-side, on his back, on his knees, on his stomach, up-side-down. Peter’s asshole didn’t even function anymore and he was starting to wonder if his prostate had been obliterated. Every attempt at a protest or for a rest-stop out of Peter’s mouth was quashed by Eddie giving him a harder than normal fuck shutting him right up. Peter couldn’t hold out much longer. ‘Ed, I... UGH! I can’t GAHHH FUCK! EDDIE I’M FUCK FUCK FUUUCK’-Peter ‘Just shut up and just let me make you mine, only mine...’ Eddie whispered into Peter’s ear as he carry-fucked him, moving him up and down like a glorified fleshlight His words made Peter’s eyes light up like stars on a clear night and that’s when he reached his limit ‘FUUUUUUUCK!!!’ Peter said as Eddie rammed his asshole one last time ‘NO you WON’T!’ Eddie said as he grabbed onto Peter’s cock with his mouth sucking down so hard it locked him unto it and that’s when it happened. Peter roared as a massive load shut up flooding Eddie’s throat so forcefully he almost let go, but he was steadfast and sucked even harder, then it happened again, and again, 8 huge shots. Eddie’s stomach had distended a bit just from the volume as if he had been in an eating competition. By the time he let go, Peter was drenched in sweat from the orgasm he had and Eddie was exhausted and nauseous from the cum he just drank. From the exhaustion he let go of Peter, he was held up by Eddie’s pole still inside him but as Eddie started to go limp he slid down and off of his dick falling to the floor exhausted, Eddie came crashing down on his own as well, one arm on either side of Peter just barely holding him up, and as Peter looked straight at the musclegod that just fucked him to heaven, hell, and back, Eddie, with his mouth still full of Peter’s cum, grabbed him and gave him a french kiss that should be written down in history books, coating Peter’s mouth and forcing him to swallow his own cum, their tongues wrestling each other as if it were an Olympic match. After what seemed like 20 minutes of ferociously eating each other’s tongues they finally broke the kiss to the sound of cum dripping onto the floor. ‘Holy shit’ Said Peter, his body shaking slightly ‘You’re all mine Spidey, don’t forget that’ Said Eddie in an arrogant tone but with soft eyes that betrayed his words with his true desires, that he was simply in love with Peter -------The End------
  7. The first two parts are here: Part 1: Part 2: The Connections After a few minutes of trying to compose himself from what just happened, Roman quickly scoots over to an empty corner of the room where he can find something to shield him from the heavy breathing that is projecting from his husband Nathan. He can hear him snarling as the hulking beast attempts to stand up but crashes down into one of the chest of drawers in the room. He is obviously extremely disoriented. Roman covers his mouth so he doesn’t let out any kind of noise. Before long, the furry wolfman jump up and goes through one of the hotel room windows as glass flies down to the ground beneath him from their thirteenth floor balcony. The Italian gets up to see that Nathan is now running down the highway as car alarms go off and people are screaming. He can hear this going on for a few minutes as he disappears into the distance. Roman goes to retrieve his cell phone again and calls someone else that he knows. “Come on…..come on…..pick up…..” The phone rings several times before someone finally picks up the call. “Hello Roman, I assume that something has happened if you are calling me.” The Italian sits on the hotel bed and wipes his forehead trying to calm himself down. “Umm of course, I think you know what has happened.” The man on the other end sighs a few times before he speaks again. “Did your husband go through a change? Have you been hurt in any way?” “No I’m fine. He was completely out of his mind and jumped out of one of the windows here and went down the street. I have no idea where he went though. Please, I don’t want him to die from all of this insanity. You promised me that he would be able to live with this.” The man sighs again. “Okay, just tell me what room you are in so I can come over and we can talk a little more about this. I have people that are tracking him down as we speak. It turns out that he isn’t the only wolf on the loose right now. There are others besides him. Just stay put.” They both hang up and Roman spends another twenty minutes going over the situation in his mind. There is a knock on Roman’s door. He gets up from the bed to go and open it after hesitating a bit. When he does, the man rushes in and walks over to the broken window. He then opens the balcony door to look over the side before going back into the room. “We need to leave now Roman. People are going to get curious if we stay here.” He looks in the bathroom and sees the catastrophic mess in the shower. “WOW, and I thought Domino’s change was extreme. This is really horrendous. I guess his body needs to adjust to its new host. *looks at Roman* Grab your stuff, we need to go now.” As they both leave the room, there are hotel personnel and police officers coming around the corner. Both Roman and the other man manage to take cover just in time. They find a set of stairs that go down to the main floor and out into the parking area. The man points at a dark van and tells him to get in. The man starts up the van as Roman gets into the passenger seat and they slowly creep out of the parking lot. They start talking to each other again. “Okay, I think we should see which direction your husband might have went Roman. Who else knows about this anyway?” Roman pauses for a few moments before he admits that he called Domino’s house. “You called Domino? What did you tell him?” “Well…..actually I spoke to some Spanish guy there. I think he might be his assistant, but I’m not sure.” The man stops the van at an intersection and looks over at Roman. “You spoke to a Spanish man? Hmm…..that must be Carlos then. He was just changed him into a wolf himself at a meeting the other night. They must be fucking each other than if he answered the phone.” Roman looks at him puzzled. “Do you think that Domino is attempting to create an army of werewolves in the city?” The man starts driving again. “I think maybe he thinks that he can change all of his male employees into werewolves. I know he specifically wants Bulgarian men at his company because they are born with an unusual gene that makes them very powerful when provoked. Not all of them though are able to do this. I should know because he has attempted to do this to me in the past.” Roman makes a few ‘hmm’ sounds before he speaks again. “How close have you gotten to Domino?” The man smiles at him and winks. “I would say quite close. I have engaged the wolf in him many times and it has taken a liking to me. Of course I have pleasured it as well so I know that it won’t kill me on purpose.” “How do you not change when it scratches you? I know that can happen when you are having sex with it.” “I am immune to the wolf curse. *shows his clan tattoo behind his ear* See that, I am part of a group that studies the behavior of lupines and how they can further their agenda. I am glad that you have elected to help me and my kind Roman.” “Well, I just hope that I am making the right decision including Nathan in your studies as you call it. What is your name by the way? You never told me before.” “You can call me Val if you want. Let’s go and find your husband now before he decides to kill a whole bunch of people.” The two men continue to follow the destruction that Nathan has left in his way before it finally stops at an old factory on the edge of city limits. They both slowly get out of the van and creep around to one of the garage doors there. They can see that it has been ripped open and peek inside. Valentin takes a few deep breathes and slowly moves through the opening. After a few seconds, he puts his arm out motioning for Roman to follow him inside. They can both hear several different types of grunting and gnashing noises coming from the center of the warehouse. They can see that there are four wolfmen feeding off of three victims they have killed together. This intrigues the Bulgarian greatly because he is wondering why they would not fight each other for what they would view as being an alpha. Roman and himself are trying to stay close to the back wall and not make too much noise as they navigate towards one of the abandoned offices that is near them. When Valentin tries to open one of the doors, the creaking sound it makes interrupts the eating of the pack and they turn around quickly with them still munching on their food. The Bulgarian immediately puts both of his hands over top of Roman’s mouth since he can tell that the Italian is about to freak out and scream. One of the werewolves sniffs the air and is now walking towards them. It is quite obvious to Val that the wolfman recognizes Roman as its deep brown eyes fixate on him. Val grabs Roman and tosses him into the office doorway as the werewolf charges him. Roman scoots quickly underneath one of the computer desks in the room to hide. The other wolves are now jumping into the office and begin to search for the Italian as he squeezes himself in as far as he can. He closes his eyes when he feels one of them starting to breathe on him. The wolf reaches its huge heavily-muscled furry paw in towards him with its claws fully retracted. He covers his mouth hoping that he can somehow avoid being killed as the wolfman’s huge claws start to slowly shred his shirt and pants as it attempts to pull him out from under the desk and into its body. It is obvious to Roman that it wants something other than to eat him. The wolf’s cock is starting to emerge from its sheath as it starts to leak precum onto the floor. It reaches underneath his torso and rips the back of Roman’s pants out and yanks his briefs off as well revealing his hairy bum. The wolf makes a few deep grunts as it grips the frightened Italian by his sides before flipping him over to try and penetrate him. It runs its thick tongue up and down his back before slowly sliding it into Roman’s winking hole. Roman yelps feeling the thick mouth muscle massaging his anal cavity as he is lifted onto the desk so the horny animal can get a better grip on him. After a minute of this, the wolf starts to push its bloated rod inside him but before it can proceed further, it is hit by a long silver object which makes it let out a terrible squeal before it falls down onto the ground. Another werewolf attempts to jump over the one of the ground to attack someone, but ends up nearly in the same predicament as it also yells in pain before passing out onto the ground as well. A hand yanks Roman up off of the table and stands him up. It is Valentin who has somehow survived all of the carnage going on around them. He checks Roman’s backside and checks to see if his skin has been pierced in any way by the wolfman and somehow it miraculously has not. He hugs the scared Italian as he scans the room to check where the other werewolves are moving around at. “That was too close Roman. *shows him a silver staff* There is a reason why I carry this. If it comes in contact with them, it makes them automatically react and causes them to revert back into their human forms. Unfortunately, I have to get pretty close to them to pierce their skin.” There are lots of cracking and crunching sounds echoing throughout the room as Valentin turns to see that the werewolf that was trying to attack Roman is someone that he knows from Bulgaria. “I should have known…..Petr…..what are you doing here? If he is here, then that means that……” The other one that fell on top of Petr is someone else he recognizes. “Georgi? I knew this would happen. *sees the third man in the office* Now who the hell are you?” All three men are groaning as they start to come around from their wolfy hangovers. Roman is still in shock from the whole situation as he starts to stumble past Val and staggers out of the office. He turns to see that Nathan is trying to stand up after leaning up against the office wall. He was also knocked down onto the ground after his confrontation with Val. The man is dazed and confused as the Italian rushes over to him to help him up. He hugs the blood soaked stud as he kicks all of the furry debris and gore away from beneath his feet. Nathan hugs him tightly and softly whispers into his husband’s ear before moving away from him again. “Why is this happening to me?” He looks down at his freshly formed skin and notices that he is naked. He groans a little as Roman starts to walk him towards one of the bathrooms that are located beside the office area. They enter as Nathan’s husband leads him over to one of the sinks and turns it on. He lets it run for a few seconds before he starts to run water over top of his well-muscled partner’s stained beard and starts cleaning it with his hands. Nathan looks into the mirror behind Roman and sees the torn fabric in the shape of a wolf’s claw on his back and notices that his husband’s hairy ass is completely exposed. He panics. “Oh my god no, did you get raped by one of us?” Roman shakes his head. “No, thank god that Valentin was here to stop the werewolf that was on top of me. He has some silver staff that he uses to protect himself with.” “So that must be how I became human again. I sensed it deep down, but I couldn’t stop the other me from attacking anyone.” Roman manages to find a stack of paper towels in a dispenser and starts using them to clean off more of the blood on his husband’s well-muscled neck and chest. He is surprised at just how thick Nathan’s chest is. His pecs and nipples are much larger than they were the last time he saw him. After finally getting his chest clean, the Italian slowly starts to clean off his husband’s lower half. He is surprised to see that even Nathan’s cock and balls have blood on them. Just breathing on them makes them react as the bloody stud goes fully erect as his cock stands up into the air. His balls look to be quite full as well as their color changes to resemble two purple golf balls. He looks up at his husband who smiles down at him. “I am not going to help you with that right now Nathan. How could you be so turned on by all of this carnage?” Nathan shrugs his thick shoulders. “I don’t really know Roman. I suddenly feel extremely horny and I can’t seem to control it anymore. I guess you will have to help me with that as well.” Nathan’s husband coats a few towels with soap and uses them on his thick 9x6 inch rod before putting some clean water on top of it to clean off the rest of the blood. The well-muscled stud presses his huge quads and huge rod against his partner and rubs a few droplets of precum onto his sweaty cheek. He grunts a few times trying to communicate with Roman without saying a word. “You are not the same Nathan I once knew. I don’t remember you ever being like this before the change. I will do this for you this one time, but I don’t want to get any of your jizz on me because I don’t know how toxic it is to me.” Roman slowly starts jerking his husband making him buckle as a long strand of precum spills out of his engorged cockhead and dribbles to the ground each time he rolls his foreskin up towards his thick cockhead. His engorged balls tremble as he grunts deeply and grabs his husband’s head making Roman a bit nervous. “Be careful Nathan, I don’t know how strong you are now. You might accidentally hurt me.” Sweat is now pouring profusely from Nathan’s body as it starts to roll down his huge muscles and onto the ground joining his precum. He moans feeling his load building as his precum flows a bit thicker. His breathing intensifies as he feels the beast from within him starting to navigate to the surface again, but this time he is not concerned about changing. The bathroom door swings open as Valentin moves towards Nathan and shows him the silver staff he is holding. “Knock it off Nathan. I will stab you again with this. *sees how turned on he is* What are you doing Roman? If you keep doing that, he will tear you to pieces.” Roman stops what he is doing and moves away from Nathan. The horny musclebeast is in no mood to stop feeling that way and attempts to finish what was started on his cock. The beast is trying to come out again as a few popping sounds are heard coming from Nathan’s back as he grows furry again. Valentin wastes no time and stabs him with his staff which causes the wolfman to scream in agony as he falls to the ground with the Bulgarian sitting on top of him. His cock blasts a massive volcano of thick cum all over the bathroom as some of it hits Roman in the face. He quickly rubs it off and smears it onto the floor. “Shit…..shit…..shit…..damnit. Am I going to be okay? His cum is hitting me in the face.” Valentin turns to look and yells, “Get out of the way Roman. Run into the stalls and close the door.” As he does so, he can hear Nathan yelling and agonizing as his cock continues to blast cum into the air. After a few minutes, he finally stops moving and goes unconscious. He hears the staff hit the floor and it is thrown under a neighboring stall. Valentin gets up and runs over to where Roman is and knocks on the door. The Italian opens it as the Bulgarian throws a few paper towels into Roman and tells him to clean it off quickly. There are now two other guys in the bathroom wearing large bath towels around their waists. They both have similar features to Valentin. They help Roman up from the floor and escort him out and into the warehouse. They introduce themselves after helping Roman out of his cum soaked and torn shirt. “My name is Petr Brugunov and this is my assistant Georgi. We both work at Full Moon Pharmaceuticals in the research and development department.” Petr pauses for a few moments and motions for Georgi to look Roman over. “Let him check to see if you need any medical attention while I have a little chat with Valentin.” They both leave the bathroom to talk privately. “So, how did you turn me back into my human self, Валентин?” Valentin pauses for a few moments before he starts talking to Petr. “If I tell you Петр, then I will have to kill you instead of helping you.” He winks at Petr, who winks back. Both Roman and Georgi walk out of the bathroom together. The Bulgarian walks over to his master and puts his arm around his huge hairy muscular waist. The other man that was involved in the carnage is sitting down in the office with his hands in his lap. He is also wearing a towel, but it fails to cover up his cock and ballsack as the whole package peeks out. Petr and Georgi walk over to the ripped-up garage door and look it over. Roman and Valentin go in to talk to the other man. The Bulgarian goes into interrogation mode. “Now that you are a little more coherent, I need you to tell me how you ended up here and who you are.” The man isn’t as broad as the others, but his muscularity is still quite impressive. He looks as if he just finished a cutting cycle as his entire body from head to toe is vascular. His arms look a bit overgrown for his frame, at least according to Roman as he can’t take his eyes off of them. The man notices and slowly flexes them before he answers Valentin’s question. “Well… tell you the truth, I don’t remember. I signed up for a special lab study at Full Moon Pharmaceuticals, and they injected me with a few different serums. There were two other men that were having the same procedure done on them. After about ten minutes, I could feel something happening to me. It was as if I was being put to sleep because I could feel myself starting to drift away. The other men were freaking out like crazy. I think I even saw one of them die. It was bizarre. I remember feeling my body go numb and my skin burning. Ohh and my name is Gilbert Hadwin.” Valentin turns to look at Roman. “Does this story sound a little familiar? When we spoke on the phone, you told me that Nathan went through a similar procedure. I believe that this was done by Domino’s people.” While they are talking, he can hear a helicopter in the background. Out of the corner of his eye, the Bulgarian notices Georgi escorting Nathan past the door opening to the office. He jumps up from his chair and rushes over to look and sees that Petr, Georgi, and Nathan are taking their towels off and jump through the ravaged garage door before hopping onto a helicopter that is waiting for them. It quickly takes off once they are all on it. “We have to go now Roman. Your husband has been taken from us again. We need to get moving if we are going to find him again. Gilbert you will have to come with us.” After a few moments, Valentin and Roman help the man up and they quickly leave the office. The Bulgarian tells the Italian to take the man to the van while he goes to retrieve his staff. He meets up with them a minute later inside the van. Gilbert is sitting in the back of the vehicle and is looking around at all of the equipment that is set up and is confused by what he is seeing. “I feel like I have entered an alternate universe. Who are all of you?” Valentin and Roman look over at each other before turning to look back at him. The Bulgarian then says, “Actually this is the world we all live in. You are just becoming aware of it through a different lens. Some of us will live and some will die. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.” The man looks at them both and shrugs his shoulders as he shuts the van door. They drive off down several streets following the path of the helicopter until it lands on top of a darkly lit skyscraper. The building is not marked with any kind of signage whatsoever. They pull in and Valentin and Roman jump out. The Bulgarian is holding his staff as he slides the van door open and tells Gilbert to stay put because this might be too dangerous for him. He agrees as they slide the door closed. Both men stare at each other one more time before saying a few more words to each other. “Val, what do they want with my husband? There has to be something you are not telling me.” Valentin looks at him and shakes his head a few times. “You will find out soon enough Roman. I feel like this is about to come to a head.” They both quickly find the front entrance and rush inside not knowing what they will find next. End of Part 3
  8. MuscleMorphing

    Turnin Tricks

    Tunin tricks ain't that bad... actually it can be kinda fun. I mean, these little white dudes see my muscles and practically drive their cars into a lamp post. I act all nice like, "yo can I flex for you?" and grab my junk, wink, cheesy shit like that. Collect up front and suck 'em off for a while. Definitely make sure they got a good view of my big ass bulge. Tell em to get us a room if they want to see my cock. Again... collect up front. Once we're in the room, time for some fun... No more mr nice guy. Now you got em by the balls. No one in those motels give a shit if some dud is screaming bloody murder. I mean, what's little white boy gonna do? Run home and tell his wife? File a police report? So I take off the j-strap and let him worship my monster cock for a while as I flex. They'll suck it and lick it for a little while, not very well. I get off on the muscle worship, I mean I don't spend all that time bangin iron for nothin. Sometimes I'll oil up a little, shine a light on me like it's a show or somethin. I'll stash some posing briefs under my cap and slip em on. Get posers that are too small so they can't hold it all. Do my posing routine with my dick stickin half out. Make sure you catch em before they pop off, or they'll just leave. Usually by now I'm grabbing them and ripping their pants off. I hate using lube, but my cock is so fat I gotta. No John ever expects to bottom, I guess they think I'm gonna be their slut or something? Yea, this is where things get rough. Got em pinned down poundin like there's no tomorrow. They're screaming, sobbing, clenching their ass cheeks like its gonna stop me. God I love plowin these little fags. I'll flip em onto their back and and keep fucking so I can see their face... look down to see my thick ass cock stretching their asshole wide open, turning them inside out. I already got the money anyway, so I hurry up and finish, blow all over their face before they squirm away. Take the rest of the cash they got, then head back out for the next one.
  9. I am hoping there are other fans of the IFNB out there… It is, in my opinion, one of the best, consistent and intensely erotic muscle fiction series out there! I have been VERY in to the ongoing muscle fiction of the IFNB for a few years. It is a unique work, because it is not told like a traditional story but is told via "reports" from the world of the IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding). Every post is coverage of a contest, backstage or personal profile of huge, hung, alpha-aggressive athletes. Over the course of the short posts, story lines and themes emerge and it becomes VERY hot. The creator(s?) clearly know the real world of competitive bodybuilding yet also have broad-ranging imaginations. Everything from vanilla muscle worship to hardcore gang rape and everything in between! Old-young, coach-jock, hetero and homo, extreme sex and basic showing off . . . it all seems to happen in this world. The cool part is that they acknowledge in clever ways how this has been going on in real life and why none of us are familiar. They are tethered to real life (even if the muscle growth stuff is sometimes pure science fiction), so it makes it hotter. I also like how they RESPOND TO OUR COMMENTS and the storyline follows the fans' interests. The hot discussions and sub-fantasies that emerge are sometimes as hot as the posts themselves. I really get into chatting IFNB with other fans, so thought I'd post here and see who else loves these stories?
  10. GiganticBeast

    growth Gb's Dark Tales

    I am a very normal guy. Ish...sorta...sometimes. Very growth obsessed, as we all know, (or should know by now!) and have had countless years to focus on all kinds of fantasies and 95% of them are all wholesome and good, but every so often I want something more...I want something darker and that's where this thread is going to come in handy! This is by no means a thread for everyone, it has some topics and scenes some may find offputting! (which is why I'm posting it here!) For instance, in this story scene here, there is a woman who grows. But before you close the thread right away, let me explain. I'm a Bi giant beast man, and I've come across SO many growth stories online which deal with "turning the tables" as it were where the girl outgrows the guy. There's even a scene from time to time where the guy reclaims the power only to be trumped later on. I hate that part! With me, it's about the dominance, the POWER and that is something ONLY reserved for the men in my stories. So let me assure you, not all of these stories will have girls growing, but every single one of them will have the main theme of POWER in the absolute WRONG hands! Men who have no RIGHT to grow, and who will cause all kinds of mayhem and chaos and destruction! SO without further ado, enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The smell of the gasoline soaked burning wooden crosses filling the night air with a singeing acrid stench as the loud revelling echoed into night. The hollering cheering group of hatemongers cheering on as the helpless and hopeless were lynched and burned. Some of them hiding their faces with the long flowing white hoods, while others, even more brazen in their hate just wore plain clothes, so proud to be carrying out their twisted view of “God’s work” they want everyone to know! The crowd let out a few catcalls and slurs as the final victim was dragged up, the lithe woman still rebellious to the end after having just watched her father and husband killed senselessly. “You understand your charges? You witch, turning the minds of men with your fucking magic, making them think terrible thoughts all so you can drag them to your bed! For that only ONE sentence is appropriate!” The burly Klansman held her noose in hand staring at her, his thick bulge obvious as he ogled her curvy form, clearly falling victim to that aforementioned witchcraft! While she WAS a healer and a voodoo priestess, she’d only ever used the lessons passed on from her mother to help others, and now this muscled brute was going to end her life. Defiant to the end, she spat one last time, as the Klan leader strung her to the cross, the rage building inside of her, a darkness a seething burning hatred that could no longer be kept inside! It felt like her soul as screaming out of her body as she spit out the curse! "I swear you scum anything you do to me shall be returned to you TENFOLD!" she spat again, as the burly Klansmen struck her delicate face. "Shut your mouth you fucking whore!" he leaned in, closely, sniffing her and giving a lick across her smooth sweatsoaked cheeks "It's a shame that mouth of yours is so fucking filthy because I could think of a dozen better uses for it!" he leaned in giving her a kiss before she bit his tongue, causing him to lash out and strike her again, and damned if he couldn't feel a shock just as bad if not worse than a suckerpunch! Reeling from this, he stood back adjusting his robe, before ordering them to light her up. It was at that point he noticed her starting to moan and writhe on her stake. Far from the fear that was gripping her just moments ago, she was feeling more aroused than she ever had in her life! A warmth spreading over her, and it made him feel just as horny, his mind drawn to her full figure, her firm perky tits, everything about her made him want to fuck! This revelation hitting him just as he watched her breathing get quicker! The ropes starting to fray as she looked just as confused as everyone else! She let out another shrill moan as she suddenly SURGED up, her body bursting free of her restraints as she fell to her knees in orgasmic pleasure! From the center of the crowd rushed out the girl’s mother, the old woman smiling, watching her daughter moaning and overcome with the pleasure of this last minute spell, she was proud of saving her daughter's life like this! "IT worked! NOW my daughter you'll be unstoppable, a black goddess able to crush every one of these fuckers!" and the girl started to grin, stroking herself and feeling her body swell and grow against the hot summer ground! The klansmen backing up in fear as she swelled to 10ft, then 15ft! She never felt POWERFUL! Her foot easily kicking aside one of the men who dared approach her! “EVERY ONE OF YOU FUCKERS IS DEAD!” she laughed, stomping once again the screams of terror of the little bigoted men suddenly falling hushed! She stood, confused as their attention was drawn behind her! Turning around slowly, she felt her heart stop! Watching that burly Klan leader stroking his cock through his robe, his body starting to heave with each deep breath! Every single person was losing their minds, but he was there, up on the hill stroking, and his obvious bulge was getting MORE and MORE obvious! He looked down at himself, watching the veins pulse up and down his thick hairy forearms, feeling his heart pounding faster as he stared up at the 15ft tall amazon. "YOU FUCKING WITCH! What have you DONE TO ME!?!" he moaned his body overwhelmed with the most intense orgasm of his life, as his cock literally tore free of his pants and his robe, throbbing thicker and through the open noose as he held it in his hand! Watching as the beast continued to grow with each thick rope of cum he fell to his knees as he watched the veins pulsing further up his arms and he could feel his shirt growing tighter under the flowing robe! Button bursting after button as he let out a deep guttural groan, which slowly twisted into a laugh! “You did this! You made me UHnnnnnn You made me GROW with your stupid fucking curse! You stupid little GIRL!!” he boomed with laughter as he was just 8ft tall, but by this point his cock stretched down even further, as another orgasm hit his powerful growing body, his arms stretching down his body, growing all the way to the ground as he jerked and spasmed swelling out of control! Watching his biceps fill with powerful thickening muscle as he flexed outwards feeling his lats balloon out so wide his shirt literally BURST off his frame as his arms pushed so far up his shoulders were pressing against his ears! “Mother what have you DONE!?” the amazon cried, terrified, unable to move her orgasmic growth finished at 15ft but still held in the afterglow, and the terror of this hulking hairy brute swelling in front of her! Her mother was in just as bad a state as the growing monster of a man who had just hit the 16ft mark plastered her in cum! “OH GOD it’s just not Uhhnnnn STOPPING!” he groaned barely able to talk, feeling his pecs bulge so thick they pressed against his chin! His hairy sweaty body looming over her now and shuddered as every single ab swelled outwards the thick snaking veins pulsing them into a burly musclegut, as his biceps throbbed so full he could no longer bend his lengthening arms! Struggling now to stay on his knees, moving them apart as his thick quads pressed against one another, the muscled thighs so massive they were running out of space to grow! The crowd cheering now! No longer afraid, but loving every minute, unknowing that this musclebound monster was pumping out so many pheromones that every man and woman in the crowd was overcome with an orgasmic sense of euphoria, even the once rebellious amazon felt herself was too turned on to stop herself from grinding her legs together in awe! His cock stretching down to just a few feet above the ground, pouring precum at this point as his hairy body only got thicker! “OH GOD it’s still HAPPENING i’m still GROWING how much BIGGER am I uhhnnn gonna GET you whore? I’m a FREAK already!” he bellowed shouting down at the flinching amazon before it hit him...10 times...10 times as BIG!? Again he spurted another jet of cum over the crowd, unable to stop himself from growing as he hit 20ft tall! “FUCK you’re making me SO BIG! Do you SEE uhhnnn OH FUCK Do you SEE what you’re DOING to me!?” he groaned punching the ground, his muscles jerking as hundreds of pounds of mass were pumped onto his growing frame every single second! Rising once again to his knees the monster hit 30ft then 40ft his booming guttural groans getting so LOUD they could be heard in the next county, he was trapped here, swelling and growing out of control until his cock let out another throbbing spurt of cum and swelled down to touch the ground once again! But it grew so thick the noose cut off circulation like the worlds tightest cockring! The huge low hanging balls swelling as he felt his body shudder and stop growing! Realizing that he had stopped the growth for now, he let out a snarl “OH YOU DESERVE A SPECIAL THANK YOU FOR THIS! FOR MAKING ME SO fucking BIG!” he laughed, realizing his true place wasn’t doing god’s work, it was BEING a GOD!” The amazon let out a terrified shudder as she felt herself revolted by and so turned on by this hulking monster, she wanted nothing more than to see him dead, but now her body NEEDED that massive cock inside her and as he loomed over to grab her she didn't so much as flinch!
  11. Herald

    The Flexorcist (24)

    Twenty-four After running into the still massive Connor, Sean and Keith hadn’t spoken another word. Connor’s words had brought reality crashing down on them. The death of Father Luke had left the field open for Tomas’ evil plans. A heavy silence hung between them as they wandered over to Logan’s room. “No one’s here”, Sean said, “he’ll probably be at football practice.” “Why would he?”, Keith replied, “He’s lost his muscles to Alex.” “If Alex reacts like your brother, he’ll want to show the players he’s in charge now by comparing his massive body to Logan in front of the entire team”, Sean stated. Keith reddened completely as memories of him worshipping his younger brother’s beastly muscles in the shower filled his mind. Not all the blood went to his face though. His pathetic cock instantly jolted to its 3 inches as he recalled the feeling of the hot masses of hard, striated beef bulging all over his brother’s frame. “We’ll come back later. Let’s go to our room…”, Sean stopped midsentence and stared at the hallway. Keith looked up and followed his friend’s gaze. His eyes widened in horror as he recognized the hulking figure that had just emerged at the end of the corridor. “Missed me, boys?”, Anton asked with a big grin. “Run!”, Sean screamed and rushed away in the opposite direction, Keith following him like a shadow. “HAHAHAHA!” Anton’s loud, deep laugh echoed against the walls as he engaged pursuit of the two runts. “Faster! He’s catching up!”, Keith yelled in between fast breaths. The two frail boys sprinted through the deserted, dark, icy hallways. The only sound filling the empty corridors was that of their quick, light feet and the heavy, loud thuds of Anton’s big feet. “I can’t go on much longer”, Sean said as his lungs burnt painfully and his weak legs began protesting. Keith dragged his 10 pound heavier friend into a closet and quickly locked its door as they turned around a corner. He motioned Sean to control his breathing as they heard heavy footsteps closing in. Anton blinked a few times as he rounded the corner: the hallway in front of him was completely empty. “You can run, but you can’t hide! We own this school!”, he bellowed loudly. Sean and Keith jumped up as the thunder-like voice rumbled mere inches from their hideout. “Gotcha!”, Anton said and pulled open the door on his left. In the locker room Alex was dragging Connor over to the shower zone after their fight. He reached the big mirror at the entrance to the showers and turned his attention to the mirror, releasing his grip on Connor. The battered Connor slumped to the floor as the 500 pound behemoth released his arm. Alex’ strong grip was all that kept his 560 pound body up since his knees couldn’t support him after the beating he took. Alex didn’t even notice it as he was entirely focused on his own reflection. The thick muscles on his beastly frame were pumped and engorged with blood after his football practice and the fight with Connor. The shirt of Logan that he was wearing, had several tears were it could no longer contain his bulk. He inhaled deeply, making his chest swell and ripping the shirt even more. He smirked at the sight and did a most muscular. The straining shirt didn’t stand a chance against the steely muscles: the hard mounds of beefs ripped it to shreds in seconds. “Seems like I need bigger shirts”, Alex said grinningly as he peeled the remnants off his majestic body. Connor stared up at the beast that had taken him down. His breathing was slowing down as his own 560 pound body was recovering from the fight. He grunted weakly as he tried to get up, pain shooting through his battered abs from the movement. The grunt made Alex look aside. He turned away from his reflection and grabbed his fellow behemoth’s armpits. His 55 inch biceps hardened into vein-infested cannonballs as he lifted Connor up from the floor and put him on his feet. Connor’s legs shook slightly as they supported his weight. He looked straight into the other behemoth’s blue eyes. “Let’s see what you’re made off, boy”, Alex said and ripped off Connor’s shirt in a swift motion. He turned his gaze to the mirror to compare their incredibly muscular physiques. Connor also looked in the mirror to see the body that had beaten his. It was the first time he saw Alex uncovered torso. The contrast between them couldn’t have been any bigger: Connor’s pale white skin made him look like a statue of marble, Alex natural tan on the other hand gave him the look of a bronze antique warrior and highlighted the grooves and lines between his thick muscles. The muscles on both their bodies were beyond huge: slabs of protruding beef hung heavily from their chest atop a deeply grooved 12-pack of cobblestone-sized abs; thick, perfectly round bowling ball-sized delts gave them an awesome v-taper; huge, long arms hung relaxed yet threatingly next to their torsos. Connor noticed how his muscles clearly outsized Alex’ ones: his shoulders were just a few inches broader and a tad rounder; his pecs jutted a bit further from his chest and his abs, despite their dark red color from the beating, had deeper grooves between them. His arms on the other hand were clearly no match for Alex’ titanic ones. “You’re right to admire my awesome body, boy. The body that took you down easily. The body of a real man”, Alex said as he noticed Connor’s gaze, “Let’s check our wheels”. Alex flexed his quads and the bulky cords of beef busted through his skintight pants. Connor stared at the meaty quads and also noticed the clearly outlined thick snake that bulged against the right quad and stretched the boxers. “Afraid to compare? Or impressed by the view?”, Alex asked smirkingly as Connor hadn’t reacted. He ripped off the other behemoth’s jeans, also tearing away Connor’s boxers and exposing him completely. Connor shuddered a little as the cold air hit his plump dick. “Seems like you’re afraid to compare. You have your boxers on, I’m nude”, he replied reflexively. “We’ll see who’s afraid!”, Alex bellowed. He ripped off his boxers, his half hard cock smacking against his left quad as it was freed and instantly threw a most muscular, making all his muscles bulge with strength. Connor automatically copied the pose, transforming his 560 pound body in a symphony of veins, striations and mounds of hard beef. A faint smile formed on his lips as he noticed that his strong legs also outsized Alex’ thick ones. He relaxed his pose and grunted in pain as his rock hard cock smacked against his battered abs. He looked into the mirror and his smile grew even wider: his own 21 incher pointed straight at his reflection and was thicker and longer than Alex’ 20 incher that had a slight curve to the left. Alex noticed Connor’s smile and decided it was time reclaim his domination. “Wipe that smile off your face, boy”, he said angrily, “your muscles may be bigger but I’ve trashed you completely.” “Not only my muscles are bigger. My dick is thicker and longer than your crooked one”, Connor replied instantly. Somehow the other behemoth seemed less intimidating now than during the fight. If he could recover completely, he wouldn’t hesitate to show Alex who was on top. Anger filled Alex and he sensed that his domination of Connor was crumbling. “Flex your arms!”, he said harshly. Filled with new hope and with his energy almost restored after the fight, Connor swiftly flexed his arms into a double bicep pose. His thick, horseshoe-shaped triceps hung low from his arms, a thick vein snaking over them onto the bicep; his meaty biceps surged upward, stretching his pale skin to the max as it formed a football-sized mass of hard meat covered in blue veins; the peaks swelling till they reached an intimidating 45 inches. “Just as I thought: weak sticks”, Alex said. He stepped up behind Connor and copied the pose. Connor’s mouth fell open in disbelief at the scene: when Alex’ arms were fully extended, his titanic triceps hung lower than his own flexed ones, the veins feeding them were two times thicker than the one vein on his triceps; the bulging biceps exploded upward and outward, already surpassing his when Alex’ forearm was only halfway up; Alex brought in his arms completely and hardened his flex; the peaks that rose to the ceiling, began were his own ended. “Like a molehill next to my Mount Everest”, Alex said and hardened his flex some more. Connor just stared as the mind blowing muscles swelled some more, passing the 55 inch mark. He thought he could hear the bronzed skin stretching to contain the impossibly mounds of muscle, crisscrossed with thick veins and stretch marks. He couldn’t believe that even without the peaks, Alex’ biceps were still thicker, bigger and clearly harder than his own huge ones. He lowered his arms and gaped at the full glory of the other behemoth’s 55 inch arms in the mirror. Alex smirked as looked at the best reflection in the mirror: his titanic arms. He had lusted after Logan’s muscular arms since the first day he’d met him and had joined the football team just to gaze at them. In class, Connor’s beastly arms had distracted him the entire time and he had proposed to tutor him to get a chance to feel them. Now both his former idols were completely dwarfed by his 55 inch canons. His dick jolted as he thought of how his arms had overpowered Connor’s 560 pound body and installed his complete domination over him. Connor shivered as he felt the other behemoth’s 20 inch cock smack against his muscular ass. Every thought of standing up to the formerly wimpy water boy had evaporated from his mind just by sight of those beastly biceps. He turned around, his own hard 21 incher brushing against Alex’ hard 20 incher and extended his hands to feel the hardness of those flexed monster arms. Alex shuddered as pleasure erupted in his rock-hard cock from the contact with Connor’s hard one. He saw the other behemoth reaching for his biceps and shoved him back hard. Connor blinked in surprise as the left bicep in front of him suddenly relaxed and a strong paw hit his chest hard. The force of the push caught him by surprise and sent him backward against the mirror. He lost his balance and slid down to the floor, quizzically looking up at Alex. “You never touch my perfect body, boy”, Alex sneered down at the still bigger behemoth, “only I can feel, grope and lick my godly muscles”. He groped his titanic, flexed right bicep with his left hand and felt the hardness of the mound. “O yeah, hard beyond anything I’ve ever felt”, he said. Connor stared up at Alex worshipping his own monstrous arm. From his perspective, the bicep looked even bigger than up close: more hard lines and veins highlighted the orb of meat and the bush of dark pit hair completed the spectacular sight. He gulped as he saw Alex’ thick fingers groping the hard peak, trying to dent it. His dick jolted as Alex grunted to withstand his own strength. Alex released his flexed right bicep and began licking the hot, hard surface. The tip of his tongue traced the thick veins that snaked across the cannonball-sized muscle atop his arm. “Mmh, hard as steel”, he grunted in between licks. “Gotta love that manly scent”, he said as his tongue descended to his low hanging tricep and he sniffed the curly hair in his deep armpit. More drool dripped from Connor’s open mouth onto his protruding pecs at the erotic scene. His fully engorged 21 incher pointed straight up, the dark red head rubbing in the canyon between his pecs. But Connor didn’t notice it all: he was drinking in the sight of the self worshipping god in front of him. Alex’ final remark sent him over the edge: his big balls churned and began releasing cum as orgasm rolled over him. His throbbing 21 incher was trapped between his flexing pecs and blasted load after load of thick, sticky cum right onto his face. Cum splattered against his face, in his eyes, into his open mouth as the angry red head shot it out. After 7 loads the violence of his orgasm tempered down and five more loads flowed from his cock, pooling onto his protruding pecs and slowly sliding into the deep canyon that held his deflating cock. Alex stared down and laughed as he saw Connor coating himself with his cum. “You came just by seeing me worship my arms, boy. A real man lasts longer. Now I know why I took you down so easily: you’re no match for a man like me, aren’t you boy? These are the arms that now rule this university”, he boomed and threw another double bicep pose while the slight curve in his engorged shaft made his 20 incher smack against the left part of his abs. Connor’s cock jolted at the sight of the monstrous biceps hardening again and it shot a final load onto his cum-covered face. He lowered his head in defeat and every ounce of resistance left him as he noticed that Alex hadn’t even climaxed himself. “I’m gonna shower”, Alex said as he lowered his arms, “You’ll wait until I’m done. Men shower first, boys later”. Alex stepped over Connor and slowly strutted into the shower zone, his erect cock dangling back and forth as he savored his domination. Anton ripped away the door and stared into an empty room. He tossed the wooden door aside and continued his search. Sean and Keith held their breath as they heard the heavy footsteps in the hallway. The sound of the crashing door made them jump up. “Look at us”, Keith whispered, “last year we ruled the school and now we’re hiding in a closet”. Light suddenly flooded the previously dark closet as the door flew off. “There you are”, Anton said as he stared down at the two skinny boys, “Let’s have some fun. I’m dying to see how much of my cock fits in your bony asses. And then i'll take you to see Tomas”. Sean shot up but lost his balance. He fell forward and his head collided hard with Anton’s cock. “Mmpf”, Anton grunted in pain. He stepped back, holding his hands in front of his agonizing dick. “Go!”, Sean yelled and he jumped out of the closet with Keith. Anton saw the runts shooting past him and flung his arm in their direction. The two small boys dodged the tree-sized arm and sprinted away into the dark hallway. “I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth!”, Anton boomed and chased them once more. “To the exit!”, Keith said and quickly rushed down the marble stairs and turned to the left. Keith followed him and they heard the heavy footsteps wandering off in the distance. Anton angrily scanned the deserted corridor and punched against the wall; his meaty fist sank into the concrete like it was pudding. “Must have taken the wrong turn”, he said and returned to the staircase and turned left. Keith and Sean had reached the exit and were unlocking the door as they heard Anton’s heavy footsteps closing in. They threw open the door and rushed outside. The boys froze in their footsteps as a big, brown wolf appeared in front of them on the path and howled frighteningly. They turned around and sprinted back to the building, the wolf right behind them. Anton grinned as he saw Keith and Sean sprinting toward him; they would never escape him now and his master would be very happy. Sean and Keith looked behind and saw the wolf getting ready to attack. They threw themselves down on the path as the wolf jumped to them. The big creature passed over them and collided with Anton’s meaty chest, sending both him and the 580 pound behemoth crashing down to the floor. Sean and Keith quickly got up, sprinted past their fallen enemies and disappeared in the first room on the right. Seconds later, Anton painfully got up, looked around and bellowed in anger. He grabbed the wolf’s neck and launched the big creature onto the grass. He locked the doors and angrily returned to his room to report to Tomas. Sean and Keith heard Anton leaving, waited a few more minutes and emerged from their hideout. “Let’s go to Logan’s room first”, Keith said. In the locker room Connor looked up as Alex stepped over him and disappeared into the shower zone. His cum-covered chest still heaving up and down after his intense orgasm. His mind kept shooting back and forth between the image of his own body clearly out sizing Alex and the image of Alex’ spectacular arms. The thought of those hard masses of vein-covered meat made his cock harden slightly. Connor heard the water turn on, slowly got up and cautiously entered the shower zone. He blinked a few times as he made his way into the actual shower area. All the showers were running with steamy hot water and the thick clouds of fog that filled the shower zone, dimmed the lights on the ceiling: it seemed like penetrating the tropical jungle. Connor stepped under the first shower on his left and quickly rinsed the cum off his majestic body. He then slowly and carefully walked over the slippery, tilled floor. As he reached the center of the spacious shower area, the steamy fog enveloped him completely. He proceeded step by step and moved toward the furthest wall. The contours of a big silhouette became visible through the steam as he took another step. Connor advanced further and the clouds of hot fog dissipated, revealing the back wall of the shower area. The three showers on the tilled, white wall were running and produced more steamy vapors that circled slowly upward to the ceiling. The real spectacle was underneath the central shower: Alex. He was facing the wall and had his broad back turned to the shower area. Connor stared at the 500 pound behemoth showering his godly body. The mounds of muscle rippled and flexed along the wide surface of Alex’ beastly back. Water cascaded down in the deep grooves and cuts from his large, round delts to his narrow waist before sliding over the curve of his meaty ass. His titanic, 55 inch arms bulged as he brought them up to massage his hair: the overdeveloped bracchialis jutted out wide atop the low hanging tricep and under the mountain like peak that rose upward. Connor licked his lips, but quickly shook his head: he wasn’t here to worship those juicy arms, he would take Alex down by surprise and make him into his muscular pet. He focused like he did before a wrestling match and moved in. Alex opened his eyes astonished: before he could react, two strong arms passed underneath his own huge ones and two big paws locked together behind his neck. “You took me by surprise in the locker room. Time to even the score”, Connor said in Alex’ ear. “Still hadn’t enough, boy?”, Alex asked, “You’ll see what happens to weaklings that don’t do what they’re told”. He wiggled and squirmed to loosen the bigger beast’s hold. “I’m 60 pounds of pure muscle bigger than you. Once I’m done with ya, you’ll be the boy”, Connor rumbled. He stepped back a bit, dragging Alex with him. “You won’t break my hold like you did back in the locker room this time”, Connor said and tightened his grip, making his hard 45 inch biceps dig into the other behemoth’s armpits. Alex grunted softly as the steely biceps dug into his armpits. “I don’t need the wall to break your weak hold, boy”, he replied and shrugged his meaty shoulders. Connor’s eyes widened as the thick traps made Alex’ neck swell in his grasp. He fought in vain against the uprising muscles, but his 560 pound body hadn’t recovered completely after the fight. His locked fingers were pried open as the traps bulged with power. Alex felt the grip faltering and shrugged his shoulders a second time. He broke free and swiftly turned around to face his opponent. Connor’s mind was still trying to process what had just happened: no one had ever broken free from his strongest hold. Alex’ blue eyes were the last thing he saw before a hard blow hit his protruding chest. He lost his balance on the slippery floor, crashed down onto his back and slid backward toward the center of the foggy shower area. An evil smirk formed on Alex’ lips as his eyes followed his opponent that disappeared in the fog: he had escaped the bigger guy’s strongest hold and had clearly felt that he had not much power left. “I’m gonna enjoy round two even more”, he boomed into the clouds of steam. Connor was slowly getting up as Alex’ threatening voice rumbled through the shower area. He knew he didn’t stand a chance against the 500 pound guy without getting bigger. He decided to run for it and headed for the exit. A strong paw suddenly grabbed his neck when he stood up. Alex had noticed his opponent’s frame through the fog and had moved in rapidly. His left paw had grabbed Connor’s muscled neck just as he was about to flee. He forced him to turn around. Connor felt like his neck was about to snap as the other behemoth’s crushing grip made him face him slowly. “Never start a fight you can’t finish, boy”, Alex said as he looked his opponent straight in the eye. He could see the fear in it as he clenched his right paw into a thick fist, making his forearm bulge with strength. Connor tried to free himself from the impossibly hard grip, but Alex’ arm didn’t budge. He stared in horror as the 500 pound beast made a fist. He flexed his still battered abs in a protective reflex. “Not good enough”, Alex grunted and smacked his fist into the dark red 12-pack in front of him. Pain beyond anything he’d ever felt exploded through Connor’s majestic body when Alex’ fist collided with his already weakened abs. His knees buckled and Alex’ strong grip was all that kept him from slumping down. He summoned every ounce of strength left in his body and flung his right arm at the smaller guy’s face. Alex quickly raised his right arm and easily fended off his opponent’s punch. “Too weak, boy”, he said and dragged the 560 pound guy back to the furthest wall of the shower zone. Under the central shower, he released his grip and let his opponent slump to the floor. “Get up”, he bellowed. As soon as Alex released his grip on his neck, Connor’s thick legs gave out and his 560 pound body crashed down. He heard the other behemoth’s order and tried to get up. His wobbly legs couldn’t handle his weight and he clumsily collapsed back down. He grabbed the tilled wall for support and managed to get up after two more attempts. He grabbed the showerhead and pulled himself up, not releasing it to prevent his majestic body from crashing back down. The instant Connor stood up in front of him, Alex rammed his fully engorged 20 incher into the tight and very muscled ass. He groaned in pleasure as he fucked the bigger beast with full force: the feeling of the strong muscles clenching around his rock hard dick was way better than raping his bony teammates. “YEAH”, he grunted deeply. Connor instinctively clenched his ass in protection as he felt the hot rod enter. It was smaller and thinner than Anton’s 25 incher, but due to the slight curve in it, it hit a spot in his ass that drove him wild. “Ugh”, he moaned as his body rocked back and forth by the force of the fucking. Luckily he could grab the shower head for support or else his beaten body would have crashed down with the cock in his ass. His 560 pound body hadn’t even enough power left the make his own cock hard again: it dangled half hard between his thick quads. Alex placed his paws against the tilled wall for extra support and upped the force of his thrusts even more. He felt all powerful ravaging the bigger beast. Realizing he had dominated his former idol both physically and sexually, sent him over the edge. He roared deeply as his balls blasted several loads of thick cum through his rock-hard 20 incher into the clenching muscular ass. “YEAUGHN!!!!” Connor shuddered as the dick in his ass exploded. His huge body shook in harmony with the blasts that filled him. A watery load of cum dripped from his own semi-hard cock. After 8 loads, his orgasm cooled down and Alex withdrew his slowly deflating dick from the other behemoth’s ass. He grinned in triumph as his opponent slumped down, cum dripping from his ass. Connor’s worn out body just collapsed as the 20 incher retreated from his ass. He stared up in awe and defeat at the godly frame towering over him. He blinked as two strong paws grabbed his armpits and lifted him up. He shook from exhaustion as his weight rested once more on his feet; luckily the big paws still supported him. He looked groggily into the blue eyes in front of him. “Finally know your place, boy?”, Alex boomed at the worn out opponent in his grasp. He grinned as he saw the big guy nod weakly. “Time to make the lesson sink in then”, he said and released Connor, quickly putting his right paw back under his right armpit as Connor nearly collapsed back down. Connor looked quizzically at the 500 pound beast as he heard his remark. Pain exploded through his body as a thick fist collided with his battered abs. His head shot back in pain as more jackhammer-like punches rained down on his stomach. “Last time I let you off too easily”, Alex said as his fist kept ravaging his opponent’s body. The once armor-like, stony surface was no longer a match for his titanic arms: his left fist sank deep into the dark red abs that felt like jelly against his steely knuckles. “No, please”, Connor grunted weakly as blow after blow smacked into his totally defeated abs. Alex’ strong grip prevented him from falling down and held his body inches away from the wall so that his abs took the full force of the punches. Connor looked down and saw that the dark red skin was turning purple under the onslaught of the other behemoth. Alex plump cock hardened with every punch he threw. He just loved dominating; now he understood why bullies kept tormenting their weaker victims. But he had done more: he’d taken down a bigger guy. He smacked his fist against his opponent’s abs once more, making it sink completely into the now weakened surface and pulled it back. He grinned down on the behemoth in his grasp: some blood was dripping from Connor’s mouth on his pale white protruding chest; his 12-pack had lost every definition and was completely flattened by the series of blows it had taken and looked dark red-purple. He hoisted his opponent up and took him in a bone crushing bear hug. Connor’s head shot back in pain as Alex’ beastly arms wrapped around his battered body and forced the air out of his lungs. The bulging biceps easily dug into his flattened obliques and bore into his body. Black dots danced before his eyes as the other behemoth crushed his worn out muscles. He felt fear beyond anything he’d ever felt before: when he was still a small runt he’d been afraid of his bigger bullies but knew they would never really hurt him; now, he felt his body was on the verge of breaking completely. Alex saw the panic in his opponent’s eyes and smiled. He slammed his fully engorged 20 incher in the muscular ass once more and hardened his flex some more. “Getting the lesson”, boy?”, he groaned in Connor’s ear as he thrust his hips back and forth to fuck his ass. Connor’s mind didn’t even process the other behemoth’s words: he was too far off in pain to react. The black dots now filled his vision almost completely and his big muscles did everything they could to withstand Alex’ crushing grip. The unbearable pain mixed with pleasure as the hot, hard, yet slightly curved shaft invaded his ass again. “Your muscles may be bigger, but you’ve got no real strength”, boy”, Alex groaned, “Wrestlers are fake, weak pussies. Footballers are real men”. He hardened his flex some more, enjoying how his monstrous, 55 inch biceps sunk deep into his opponent’s flattened obliques. “YEAUGHN!!!!” Alex bellowed in pleasure and his muscles flexed as his cock exploded in the muscular ass he was fucking. The pressure built quickly as volley after volley of thick cum blasted from his throbbing shaft. The cum of his first fuck was still inside and this second portion rapidly filled the tight ass. He could feel his own cum sliding along his rock hard 20 incher as more loads blasted from it. He released his bear hug and pulled his opponent from his dick after 5 shots; he milked three more loads from his cock shot, blasting them against the tilled wall, before his orgasm calmed down. Connor fell down once the other behemoth freed him from his grip. He looked up, his back on the water and cum-covered floor underneath the running shower, and stared at the blasts Alex milked from his cock. Alex released his deflating cock and looked down on his beat-up opponent. He smiled at the result of his work: the imprints of his huge arms were marked in dark red on Connor’s skin from the bear hug, his defined 12-pack looked completely flat and purple from the beating and some blood was leaking from Connor’s mouth. Alex raised his arms in triumph, did a double bicep pose and roared deeply, the sound echoing through the foggy shower area and rolling through the locker room. Connor gazed up and shivered in fear at the beastly roar. His dick jolted at the display of raw power as the other behemoth flexed his titanic arms. He knew it had been foolish to take on that beast after their first fight. Alex kept staring Connor straight in the eye and saw that he had understood the message. “Suck me off while I finish my shower, boy”, he bellowed as he lowered his arms, grabbed some soap and began soaping his chest and abs. Connor weakly got up on his knees, grabbing hold of the other behemoth’s thick quads for support and faced the plump cock that dangled atop a set of orange-sized balls. He opened his lips, took in the half-hard shaft and began sucking. Alex rumbled in pleasure as his cock was teased to hardness again by the 560 pound man’s tongue. He stopped soaping his torso and played with his hard nipples as the sucking on his now fully hard 20 incher intensified. Connor gagged a little as the cock in his mouth hardened fully and slipped into his throat. The slight curve of the shaft made it hit his left tonsil slightly. His tongue traced the thick veins up and down the lengthy shaft and his teeth playfully teased the surface. “Oh yeah”, Alex grunted as the tongue and teeth played with his rock hard shaft. He led his left paw slid down from his chest, over his intimidating 12-pack and grabbed the back of Connor’s head. He began bucking his hips and fucked the mouth of his opponent. Connor chocked slightly as the 500 pound beast began thrusting the 20 incher roughly in his mouth. He tried to retreat but the strong paw held his head in place. He grabbed the flexing quads in front of him to steady himself and kept sucking hard on the shaft. “YEAUGHN!!” Alex’ roar filled the shower area as his cock exploded in his opponent’s mouth. He pumped in and out of the spasming throat as load after load of cum flew from his cock. Connor gagged and swallowed as cum began blasting from the 20 incher fucking his face. The cum blasted against the back of his throat and his left tonsil and quickly filled his mouth. Alex roared and roared in ecstasy as his third orgasm of the day rolled over him. He looked down and grinned as he saw cum pouring from corner of the other behemoth’s mouth and even from his nose. He noticed a feeble load dripping from his opponent’s semi-hard cock and withdrew from his mouth, blasting a final load onto his face. Connor looked up as the cock left his mouth, just to get his face covered in cum. His eyes slowly traveled up along the majestic body towering over him and locked onto the piercing blue eyes staring down. He nodded respectfully at his new master. Alex saw the nod and pulled the other behemoth up. “Good boy”, he said, “Now let your master finish his shower and leave”. He shoved Connor backward, sending him tripping and sliding to the exit. Connor crashed down on the slippery floor, got back up and rushed out off the shower zone as fast as his wobbly legs allowed him. He grabbed his towel, dried his beastly yet battered body and put it on the bench next to his locker. He took his clothes when a hot rod invaded his worn out ass again. “Just making sure the lesson stays in”, Alex grunted as he rammed his 20 incher in the muscular ass, “Gotta love being huge. I feel so powerful!”. He began pumping his cock violently up and down the clenching ass. Connor moaned in pleasure and exhaustion as his ass was being plowed by the 500 pound behemoth. He put his hands on the bench for support and closed his eyes to undergo the fourth fuck in half an hour. “Just… ugh… remember you never touch my… ugh… body. I… ugh… owe you… ugh, boy”, Alex groaned in between fastening breaths. He upped the pace of his thrusts and drove his cock into the muscular ass like a battering ram. Connor nodded at his master’s remark and marveled at the power, both physically and sexually of Alex: his fucking was way more intense than Anton’s. His semi-hard cock leaked a watery load of cum onto his clothes. “YEAUGHN!!” Alex beastly roar escaped his mouth and his majestic muscles flexed as his fourth orgasm of the day erupted through his body. His big balls, already filled again after his previous explosions, released heavy loads of sticky spunk that geysered from his throbbing 20 incher and splattered into the clenching ass he was plowing. Connor was on the verge of passing out from exhaustion and pleasure. He’d never liked being dominated since he’d gotten huge, but he knew he was simply no match for the 60 pound lighter beast. Alex pulled the other behemoth from his cock and coated his broad, muscular back with his cum. He then turned his opponent around and covered his face with his final load. He grinningly looked down at Connor and said: “Make sure you’re here tomorrow after football practice, boy!”. Connor stared up at the 500 pound behemoth and nodded.
  12. LeSeigneur

    The Labours of Hugh

    The Labours of Hugh By Chip Masterson For the Seigneur de M. “My God, what is that beast?” My master and I stood in awe as we watched a lone man carry an entire butt of beer on his back and gently drop it in place. You could hear it slosh - a thousand pounds of beer carried as lightly as a side of beef! But what looked like a man – or the absolute ideal of what a man could be – had the face of boy no older than I. His downy face looked untouched by a razor, yet the width of his shoulders rivaled every champion assembled here, with helmet-sized shoulders and chest muscles as thick as a man’s torso. His bare arms dwarfed my skinny legs, yet his waist, carved into grooves like a cathedral column, was flatter than mine. His legs were covered with several boar-hides stitched together, and with calves pushing them up like a giant’s fists. As he turned to leave, I could see he was so thick from the front edge of his chest to the highest peaks on his back, that if I were to stand with my back against his arm, his torso breadth would my shoulder-width. That back! A dozen crevices zigzagged among the humped cobbles and stony plateaus, undulating and transforming like a landscape in a dream. I pinched myself – I was awake. My master, Sir Alain, a knight of the royal court, had come to Chateaulin bearing the king’s congratulations to Count Houel on the birth of his second son. The Count was throwing a birth festival before hosting the folkmoot, and my master had entered the lists. He was speaking with the Marshal of the castle, Sir Geoff. Sir Geoff looked amused by our gawking. “That’s Hugh, one of my boys,” Sir Geoff explained. “He’s about the age of your boy here.” “Impossible!” Sir Alain sputtered. “I’ve seen quarry workers who couldn’t rival him for size!” “I rescued him after his parents exposed him in the woods,” Sir Geoff continued. “I soon discovered why – when he became impatient for food or cleaning, he smashed his crib to splinters with his tiny newborn fists. They feared raising a prodigy, but in some way, I felt commanded to care for him – I guessed then it was the voice of God, but now….” He paused, and changed course. “He’s very lonely – the other boys avoid him. He spends a great deal of time hunting alone in the forest.” “The Count allows a boy in the chase?” Sir Alain sustained shock after shock, and he hadn’t even mounted his steed yet. “The Count and all the farmers are grateful,” Sir Geoff explained. “Since he began entering the forest, we haven’t seen or heard a single wolf – it’s been years now. He eats like several men, and I can hardly increase his rations in front of the other boys, so he supplements his hunger with boars and other things he catches with his hands. The husbandmen even give him a portion of meat at every slaughter in thanks for his protection. It’s almost pagan,” Geoff added with a wry smile. “What a remarkable warrior he would be,” Sir Alain marveled, “if only he had a better station, and not born for the front line. Robert Guiscard could take all of Italy and drive Emperor Constantine into the arms of the Turks. But perhaps the work of a beast is a more fitting utilization of his unique – talents – after all. Providence is never wrong.” Sir Geoff looked at him sideways with his arms crossed, and said nothing. Soon we were preparing for the joust, a new form where, instead of a mass charge around the field, two knights face each other one-on-one and try not to get killed. I was nervous as a girl, though only King Philip could beat my master (though “beat” might not be a completely accurate description of what actually happened). My master was called against Sir Geoff and the knights rode out, the sunlight dancing off their shiny mail hauberks. They leveled their lances, and at the signal, charged. Almost immediately a strap on Sir Geoff’s saddle broke and he wobbled – but through his narrow visor, my master must not have noticed. Geoff couldn’t brace himself for a thrust and my master glanced a blow off his shoulder that sent Geoff spinning through the air and landing with a hearty smack. Everyone rose in silent suspense. My master had already turned about, still not realizing what had happened, not seeing see Geoff’s boys rush to his aid, . He began his parade – but a spur only jostled him in his saddle – his horse neighed but didn’t move. He kicked again but his mount’s effort to spring only resulting in it being pulled back into the air. My master dropped onto his back in the mud. Stunned, Alain looked up and saw Hugh holding his horse by the tail, fury etched into his handsome young face. “A strap broke – it wasn’t far, you should have stopped!” Hugh yelled – a shocking breach of order. My master flailed but couldn’t rise. My fellow knaves hesitated at the sight of Hugh – only I had quickly sprinted over – so Hugh cheekily slid his arm underneath my masters and effortlessly pulled him to his feet. They were the same height – maybe Hugh was my age, but he was easily a foot taller. “Apologize at once!” Hugh demanded, pressing his chest forward and making my master step awkwardly back. The audience gasped again at these unprecedented offenses, the Count himself shocked speechless. Instinctively raising his shield against Hugh’s “well-armed” aggression, Alain glared past him, glaring at a helmetless Geoff, who winced as boys removed his armor. “Sir, control your boy before his unseemly pride proves fatal!” Whether the threat irked Hugh more than being ignored, I’ll never know, but I saw Hugh’s jaw clench. In a blur, his arm sprang into the air, parallel with the ground, and punched my master’s shield in a quick, efficiently lethal motion – as if my master were livestock for slaughtering. Alain stumbled backward, sucking for air – the blow had split his shield and the horribly dented steel boss had torn the leather hide, sliced through the mail and sunk into Alain’s chest. The leather hide covering the shield trapped his strapped arms – he couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t pull it off. He fell on his knees, stunned and bleeding. The boys huddled in terror so I pleaded with Hugh, “Help him! He’s dying!” Rage melted from Hugh’s face like a passing storm and he realized with alarm what his immeasurable power had done – and to a man ostensibly his “better.” Hugh grabbed each side of the shield and wrenched them apart, shredding the hide covering and exposing the boss. He pulled that out and blood spurted against his face. He put his fingers into the mail and ripped it open like rotten cloth, pressing on the wound to staunch the flow until my fellows braved his proximity and aided our master. The doctor rushed forward, relieved that he could bind the wound without having the remove the mail shirt first. Count Houel rose imperiously and called for Geoff. I couldn’t hear what they said, but Geoff kept nodding and Houel furiously pounded his fist in his palm. Hugh stood a few feet from me with his head down. I smelled something sweet and salty I couldn’t quite place – I closed my eyes and it tickled the back of my mind. Like a memory I haven’t lived yet. I’d secretly taken the twisted and torn boss, and now surreptitiously fingered it behind my back – feeling the shape of his knuckles where they turned it inside-out, the warped edge that had torn and hurt him it should be protecting. Fortunately it missed his heart and lungs – but it’s the kind of scar you want from battle – not from a boy’s fist. Geoff went to Alain first, confirming the punishment, then came over and placed his hand on Hugh’s shoulder. His hand rose and fell like a rowboat at sea as Hugh breathed. Hugh nodded and walked around the center rail. A riffle disturbed the female stands, back and forth like a cauldron being stirred. Two big yoked draft horses were brought out and I understood what Hugh faced. I dropped to my knee beside my master and said, “Please, my lord, please spare his life! I’m sure he can be reformed! I believe he can do anything, anything he sets his mind to.” Alain patted my arm. “We’re only frightening him with what will happen if he doesn’t learn his place. The ostlers won’t let him get hurt. Too badly.” As I helped him into chair, I heard Hugh say, “What about my other arm?” My balls tingled. I shifted from foot to foot as a strange irritation grew in my groin. Two more horses were brought up from the stable. Hugh stuck out his arms, releasing feral tangles of reddish-gold curls sprouting beneath them and spraying a mist of sweat. With ropes, the ostlers lashed Hugh’s wrists to the yokes. Then, to guarantee the horses wouldn’t bolt and kill him, their bridles were lashed to the corners of the court, with enough slack that they could apply a torturous pressure that would remind Hugh of his place in the future. The horses fidgeted nervously, nostrils flaring and hooves kneading the dirt. Houel made an angry speech about honor and respect, but sensing a universal impatience, yielded Alain the field. Alain lifted his hand, and dropped it wearily. The ostlers promptly goaded the horses forward. The ropes leading from Hugh’s wrists twisted, but so did the ropes between his wrists and shoulders – his arms that almost dwarfed the haunches of the horses themselves. Each horse took several steps before its hooves slid against the dirt. Alain nodded again and the ostlers urged the horses harder – but the beasts could only lean into their bridles until the effort made them shake. Hugh stared at a point in the sky, his torso rising and falling, his legs planted like oaks. The stable boys urged the horses forward, but their legs could only dig grooves in the ground. Hugh turned his arms slightly, aligning his heaped shoulders with the winglike flare of his back, and refused to move. A sheen of sweat dappled the burnished golden down covering him, and I caught that sweet, wild scent stirring me – though there was no breeze. I realized it came from under Hugh’s arms. The horses smelled something different – their nostrils flared and with a single shriek, they bolted – or rather, attempted it. Hugh panicked at the sound and tensed his arms – two horses stumbled onto their forelegs. Hugh bolted them all in place. His hands gripped the ropes with white knuckles and his unexpected restraint multiplied panic into terror. The horses threw themselves against the ropes, bucking and springing, but only rising straight up instead of forward. The teams danced side to side, seeking any advantage over the terrible weight that pinned them down – and Hugh, squinting, jerked the ropes tight and stopped their dancing. Hugh pulled his shoulder blades together, his flesh humping and squeezing together. This dragged the horses backwards, and they screamed and stamped the ground in fear and fury. Hugh bent his elbows, tightening his arm muscles, and sixteen hooves skidded toward him half a metre. His hands twisted and he gripped the rope farther along, pulling it toward him as his swollen arms turned purple with veins. Though only half-bent, the meat of his forearms pressed against his bulbous upper arms. The horses’ eyes rolled with panic, their mouths frothing and chomping their bits. Hugh closed his eyes and, swaying side to side as he absorbed the animals’ combined efforts, raised his fists higher and brought them closer together. The reins to the court posts tautened and, as the audience gawped in amazement, the horses themselves rose off the ground and floundered, writhing helplessly in mid-air. Hugh twisted the rope again and drew more into his relentless fingers, his chest rippling with dents and ridges as he fought to bring his fists together, lungs heaving. The animals twisted as they stretched between the posts and Hugh, their shrieks strangled by the pressure into hoarse gasps of desperation. Urine and shit poured out of each animal as Hugh’s inexorable hands reached for each other. A shocking crack of splitting timbers shook the stands as the posts gave way – but not enough. A groan like stretching leather was followed with a horribly wet FWWWWUMMMPPPPP! Hugh’s fists knocked against each other – because his arms had ripped four horses apart, spewing blood and gore over his rounded masses and into the crowd. The torn torsos flew towards him and clumped into the dirt while the head-half rebounded into stands. Some people screamed and ran but some couldn’t move, shaking or trembling. Flushed with victory, Hugh smiled broadly and quickly shredded his rope. He opened his eyes and saw with disbelief what carnage his arms had wrought. His skin glowing and his entire body heaved for air, a weird pride surmounting the grotesquerie. Young maidens surged from the stands, yammering and gazing devotedly at him. Pleased (and a little stunned), he flexed his arms and the girls caught their breath – a couple swooned. The bush-covered, deep round pocket that sank between his back and chest and smelled warm and inviting. One bold lass reached out to touch him, giggling, her fingers flying back as if burned. “It’s okay,” Hugh said. “I can make it bigger.” Hugh began pumping his arms, and muscles still swollen from the struggle turned from red to violet, with blue veins snaking under the skin. Each pump expanded his arms got bigger, until their round shape changed and a second peaked cap rose above the bulk. The maidens were all modestly attired – not a bosom in sight – and yet his presence, his heat, his scent compelled their hands to reach for him, regardless of propriety. Several of the girls swarmed around him, their fingers exploring his physique as they might a statue of Hercules. With a huge smile, Hugh dropped his arms and thrust out his chest, letting them uselessly poke their fingers into its obdurate surface, feel its edges and contours. I could see it dawning on their astonished faces how Hugh’s living flesh mocked the so-called armor of the knights. As their fingertips traced the arabesque of ridges in his back, I could also see a single pulse along one leg of his trousers. Hugh’s own eyes now brightened as the fawning girls sparked pleasure in his man-parts, which in turn shadowed his handsome face with anxiety. Despite his advance development, I guessed he’d always used his arms and legs as tools, never experienced a rush of triumphant potency flooding his limbs, then reaching beyond them and enthralling the opposite sex. The girls’ desire sparked lightning which flowed through his muscles to his manhood, forever fusing sexual arousal with displaying his body and exerting his strength. As if he were entirely a living erection. A savage bellow erupted from suddenly jostling shrubbery and in a cloud of dust, a massive bull appeared, its nose bloody where it ripped away from its ring. The girls shrieked and fled, many simply crouching behind Hugh. The bull faced Hugh and pawed the ground, challenging him. I heard my master say, “There’s something in Hugh’s sweat that disturbs stallions and bulls alike. It maddened those horses, and now our bull senses his dominance threatened.” Before anyone could move, the bull lowered its broad head and charged, lance-sharp horns swinging wildly. Hugh growled back and actually ran at the bull, bulging arms cocked and ready to spring. They met in a thunderclap of bone striking bone-hard muscle as Hugh slammed his chest against the bull’s skull. Each animal bounced back from the impact, the bull staggering with its tongue out. Hugh recovered first and grabbed the horns low. Digging his mighty legs into the soft earth, he shoved the bull’s skidding hooves back, away from the stands. But the bull seemed locked on his enemy – it swung and shook its huge head – or attempted to. Hugh grunted and rocked sideways; his shoulders turning ominously toward the beast, each like a head sprouting a thicker horn. The bull bucked his head until Hugh slowly, steadily, unmercifully slowed it into immobility. The bull pulled back and twisted its thick neck the other way – but Hugh twisted his wrists and raised his elbows, checking its progress and holding it tight. With a strained groan, Hugh forced the shuddering head back up. The bull tried to toss Hugh up into the air but Hugh’s grip held it like tar. With a war cry, Hugh exploded and slammed the bull’s head down against the ground. Angered, stunned, the bull leaped forward – but didn’t get far. Hugh’s shoulders sank back, soaking up the bull’s strength and then driving it back out against the animal with greater force. In quick bursts Hugh thrust the bull back; its set hooves trenched the earth which could not withstand Hugh’s power. Trapped in superior hands – Hugh utterly controlled the head, defying the animal’s every twitch – the animal’s eyes rolled and its bellows rose in broken cries of disbelief. The crowd cheered to see this boy-man tame a bull bare-handed – so Hugh grinned and raised one fist into the air … and contained the bestial violence with one hand! The crowd’s deafening praise drowned out the bull’s chest-rumbling fury, its rippling shoulder and haunches quivering, shaking – impotent. Squealing with rage, the bull jabbed its free horn a few centimetres at Hugh. The boy brought his free fist down on the bull’s head. A crack like lightning splitting a tree shocked everyone to silence. Hugh struck the bull again, his knuckles smacking into the densest part between the horns. The bull’s knees buckled and drool looped out of its mouth. One more THWOKKK and the bull dropped flat. Shaking out his hand while the crowd cheered, Hugh walked around and stuck his arms under the bull’s belly. In one swift move he lifted the enormous beast up against his chest … and then his arms pressed it up over his head. He dropped it once against his own stony shoulders and the bull guttered an exhausted wheeze. He lifted the pull again and repeated the drop, the impact making the bull’s head loll. Finally Hugh lifted the bull over his head and carried it around the arena, giving everyone a close look before he SLAMMED it against the ground, its legs splayed out like petals. The impact clattered weapons in their racks, and some of the ladies lost their balance. The bull lay perfectly still so Hugh slapped its face several times to see if he had killed it with one fist. The bull opened its eyes, saw Hugh, licked Hugh’s hand and rolled over on its back, its enormous male-part exposed, red and glistening. Hugh held both hands over his head again like a champ. Under the crowd’s cheers I heard my master mutter, “That bull will never stud again.” “Young knave,” announced Houel once ordered was restored, “God and Fortune have placed you in the lowest estate, in which your earlier offenses to Sir Alain are unpardonable. And yet your manly vigor and dauntless courage indicate a nobler origin, one in which your outburst would not only be unexceptional, but possibly demanded as a point of honor. With your parentage unknown, we may never know the truth – except through your honorable and obedient actions henceforth. I bid you to mind your tongue and temper, obey my vassal Sir Geoff in all things, and your God-thewn limbs may one day raise you to an estate commensurate with your valor.” The Count then turned to the events planned for after noon dinner, but my eyes were drawn to his left arm, which had disappeared behind his back. It appeared to be rhythmically twisting back and forth – or rather, in and out – as he spoke of Hugh. I doubt anyone else noticed – all eyes remained on the smiling hero, his cowed bull; Hugh’s innocent freckles belied a ferocity lurking underneath. I had to see to my master’s horse. Hugh led me to the stable, saying eagerly, “You need to clean the hooves, right?” he asked me. Before I could so much as unstrap the saddle, Hugh ducked underneath the stallion and lifted him over his head – this after so many exertions already! The horse panicked at first, but Hugh’s deep voice and commanding presence calmed it – I even saw the head of its maleness peeking out, as with the bull. My own trousers felt heavy and tight and I stood riveted before the column of living power before me. “Well, go on!” he said. “I’m hungry!” I grabbed a pick and indulged in cleaning each hoof without bending over – I barely had to move the stallion’s legs. When I indicated I was done – I had no voice – Hugh gently put the horse down and deftly unbuckled the tack, which he effortlessly carried, saddle in one hand and all the dressings in the other, to a bench and rack against the wall. When he came back, he asked if he could brush the animal instead. “I didn’t like hurting those horses before, or the bull,” he said sheepishly. “Something just came over me I can’t put into words – like when I’m hunting. I’m usually gentle here.” He wielded the brush like a pro, the stallion responding with shivers and affectionate nudges – one animal acknowledging the superior protection and care of another. I marveled, not for the first time, how some animals sense danger in his aroma, while others are soothed … and aroused. Hugh ate separately from the other boys, who swarmed around the young squire. The noble boy kept looking at Hugh with jealousy, but managed to captivate the other boys with tales of court love affairs and adventures. Only one boy looked our way … and he too looked jealous when he caught my eye. Hugh finished his portion of stew before I had barely begun, and fetched a bag full of preserved meats from his stash. The rough burlap had his name crudely embroidered on it, and while I finished my plate, the boy-man devoured several hunks of dried meat, teeth ripping the hard flesh apart with animal hunger. The morning’s excitement, and being both full and so near Hugh’s humid heat, made me long for a nap. But Hugh jumped up and dragged me with an iron grip out to watch the afternoon events. When prizes were awarded, everyone looked at Hugh as if they knew he deserved not only the top prize, but the whole array of jewelry. The winners too seemed abashed, even my master, who came in third overall and got a beautiful golden torque with three emeralds. I noted that, though decorative, it could fit his neck – but not Hugh’s. I had to attend my master at dinner and eat with the other boys, but when we were dismissed, I left them and went back to the stable. He brightened like dawn when he saw me – his new friend – and we went outside and sat on a stone in the cool evening. Without a word, he draped his heavy arm around my shoulders and I stiffened to support its weight. After watching the stars come out in companionable silence, he yawned like a lion and guided me to his lonely straw pallet, away from the boys on the other side of the animal stalls. Hugh dropped his trousers pulled off his loin cloth, sniffed it, nodded and put it back on. His virile member swung away like a pendulum – but most remarkably, it was utterly smooth. I had thought, given the maturity of his armpits, that he’d be woolly below as well – but that growth had not yet started, it seemed, no more than his beard. How poised between two worlds he seemed, striding them both like the Colossus of Rhodes. Unexpectedly, I felt fear sleeping next to a creature so powerful and, worried he might crush me in his sleep (or in a bear-hugging dream), I curled into a tight ball on the edge of the mat. The night turned frigid and a howling wind whipped around the stable. But Hugh burned like a fully-stoked furnace, his pale skin radiant. I heard him say, “Are you afraid of me too?” I rolled over and, shivering, told him, “I didn’t think I was, but suddenly I felt very tiny.” He looked hurt and said, “I never hurt little creatures. That would be terrible. I don’t even step on worms after it rains.” He extended his arm and I wormed closer, his heat like a heavy woolen blanket embracing me. My head was smaller than the pillow of his arm, not stony at all but firm and, in some way, compelling and safe. He saw the arch in my loincloth and looked around excitedly – “Did girls sneak in?” When he realized we were alone, he sighed and said, “Oh, you’re like Ralph. Ralph was my friend until the others turned him against me.” “Nothing could ever turn me against you!” I blurted out. “I would pledge myself to you as your vassal forever, here and now, if you could take me.” He giggled at the ridiculous thought but nestled happily against me. “You can touch them, if you want,” he said quietly. “I never used to like it when Ralph did it, but today it felt different – all those girls’ hands. I don’t know what I felt. I sure liked it though.” “You’ve never been with a girl?” I asked in amazement, assuming he’d plowed wide and deep. He shook his head. “My master told me the story of Samson, but the truth was, his hair was a symbol of the other thing that grows out of a man. And when he lay with Delilah, she took his essence – so he became weak, her weak slave.” I realized Geoff must have been afraid of what Hugh’s youthful exuberance might do to a tender girl – or grown woman, or sheep or cow. I said nothing and placed my hand on his belly, which ran beneath my fingers like hot bricks on a cooking hearth. I explored the heavy bulk beneath his smooth skin, not clench into stones but full of rumbling threat, rising and falling with his breath. It felt like a city street brought to life, the cobbles able to yield or harden at will. My hand crept up to where his chest rose up like an escarpment – though he lay flat on his back! – and spread like wings to either side. I could barely reach over his chest and rub the solid mound of his shoulder, and stroke the junction where his chest and arm came together like the stanchion of a rope bridge. He raised his forearm and drew my face in his humid armpit. Though I wasn’t nearly finished exploring his manly terrain, the heat and sweet pit-fumes and soft tickling hairs overwhelmed me and I shot my seed in several fierce spurts, my whole being jerking and one foot cramping up. I don’t know if he noticed, but he didn’t let me go – I think he’d already fallen asleep. My release, after the day’s events, left me empty and I too slept in his dark musky chamber. I awoke before dawn – Hugh was already at his chores. Duke Conan would be arriving this morning to begin the folkmoot (there’s quite a queue of gripers this time around, I hear), and the great entertainments would continue, including a troupe of acrobatic Prussian dwarves said to be astounding and funny. A post rider ripped by us and headed straight into the castle. Word went around that we were to assemble, and soon Count Houel mounted the rampart along with by Sir Geoff and the seneschal, an old man, called for everyone’s attention. “My esteemed brother-in-law, Conan Duke of Bretagne,” Houel announced, “shall arrive presently – yes, yay, quiet, quiet! – and he sends ahead not only his salutations – please, quiet! – but also a demand: William, Duke of Normandy, has taken Maine - yes, an outrage! – and our lord expects Normandy shall enter our lands as well, with or without invitation. Every able-bodied man of service age is to immediately prepare for a dress inspection with what weapons and armor he is able to supply, so that we may assess the state of our defense and prepare accordingly. We shall gather again an hour before dinner ready for war and our lord’s review.” He clapped his gauntlets and hell erupted as everyone leapt pall-mall to get home and dust/shine what rusty pieces of tin may decorate their mantels. The Bretons hadn’t seen much action in recent years other than border skirmishes here and there. Now local politics had now thrown Bretagne’s scent under William’s nose and he was chasing it down like the dog of war he is. For armor, the knaves generally tussled over left-overs and scraps from the smithies, but nothing fit Hugh. An older boy remembered an unusually stout squire many years ago who had left mail behind. It was out of style but I doubt anyone would notice that, if it fit. Hugh had to borrow a tunic from the blacksmith – he rarely wore a shirt of any sort. I spread tallow over the arms and shoulders of the borrowed tunic, trying not to linger in the all the rippling valleys and crests which thrummed like volcanos even while relaxed. I and three other boys then lowered the hauberk over his head. We could have restyled the hauberk, repositioning the giant belly links to Hugh’s shoulders where they were needed, but we hadn’t time. We jerked and yanked hung our entire weight off the armor, squeezing it around the outcroppings his his chest, shoulders and back. It hung loose halfway down his midsection and when he put down his arms, the sleeves didn’t quite reach the elbow. The coif fit fine over his head but was tight around his neck, and spread only partly as far over his upper torso as it was designed to. He started breathing fast in the constricting armor, the clinking links rattling with each breath oddly disturbing, if musical. He could barely move in any direction and looked as stiff as a giant wearing a doll’s costume. We watched in awe as the many war machines were wheeled out and lined up for demonstrations. Somehow, I thought Hugh more impressive than they. By the time Duke Conan arrived, all the pomp and ritual left us sweating in the sun, knees trembling from the weight of unaccustomed armor. A couple boys passed out, clattering to the ground, but Hugh looked fine – confined, sweatily pungeant, but unaffected by the heat. While reviewing us, Conan blinked several times when he came to Hugh. “You there, come forward,” Conan ordered. Hugh walked stiffly forward. “How can you fight? It looks like you can barely move.” Knowing he had erred in not previously providing Hugh with suitable armor in case of war – so rare was fighting in these parts – Geoff piped up and said, “He’s had a growth spurt recently and his armor is actually at the blacksmith’s for alterations--” Duke Conan silenced him, eyes glued to Hugh, and said, “I was speaking to the … boy.” He walked around Hugh, suppressing a sigh at the span from side to side, and front to back. He actually ran his fingers across Hugh’s upper back to test if this was some kind of prank. I don’t think he could tell where the steel stopped and Hugh began. Suspicious, perhaps, that beneath the tunic was steel casing of some kind – perhaps plated armor (Houel could hardly afford to fit his entire levy in plate – no one could), Conan came around and ordered Hugh to raise his arms. Then he cocked his ear, listening closely. Hugh raised his arms straight out the side. The links squirmed noisily as the hard surface below changed shape. The entire hauberk rode up several inches. “Now throw your arm back and bend it as if you were going to throw a spear.” Hugh got his arm half-way back when he got stuck. Conan exchanged a dark look with Count Houel and Hugh wiggled his torso, shifting several more belly inches up around his chest so he could move his arm all the way back. As he half-bent his arm, the links twisted and flattened around it. “Make a muscle,” Conan ordered. Hugh obliged. Hugh tightened his fist made his sinews expand, higher and wider. The mail exploded, shooting fragments of steel in both directions. The other warriors yelled and shielded themselves from the painful missiles. The Duke blinked and saw the pale reddened mound surmounting through the shattered mail, splitting the tunic as Hugh made it bigger … and bigger … and bigger still … and with a final straining grin, created two peaks and peppered us with several more links. Hugh looked eagerly at Conan for approval, but Conan simply stood there with his mouth open. So Hugh, thinking the Duke wanted to see more, held out his other arm and flexed it fully-extended. The chain mail tightened noisily while the meat of his back-arm jutted out … getting rounder … bigger … until it shamed the upper arms of most men and held the links at maximum tautness. His front-arm resembled rose in a long arch, trembling a moment against the links until they popped in the middle and ripped open, exposing the deep crevice between the two halves. Hugh then flexed his arm to match, possibly outdo, his other arm – and the mail and tunic obediently tore apart deep into the pit and over the dragon-claw undulations of his shoulder. He stood there, showing off his two beauties, and several women fainted. Female sighs and moans (or I should say, high-pitched sounds – not limited to females) sang through the assembly as he put his hands on his hips. At the same time, he moved his elbows out and widened his back in stages, left to right, left to right, so you could see his it from the front! The links chinked and jumped, the bottom rising higher and higher up his torso … and then Hugh bounced his chest muscles back and forth. Twisted steel shards blew off his chest and showered down on the crowd, often drawing blood. Even the Duke was not immune but nobody stopped him, watching him in rapt awe. Pulling his shoulders forward, he split the hauberk down the sides, tearing steel like old cloth. Strips of unhinged metal flowed off his body like oil. He kept on popping all his muscles until he reduced the tattered armor to old fringe hanging off the coif. For a moment, I felt a communal urge to spontaneously kneel. But Conan’s eyes shone avidly, and he clapped his hands together. He turned toward a pavilion set up for dinner and ordered, “Clear away the food and bring that banquet table up onto the dais. Right up there,” Conan pointed. As servants scurried, I heard him say to Houel, “I think we have a secret weapon against Normandy right here. I will test of his capacities.” Turning to Hugh, he intoned, “Young knave, come forward and show us your pith.” “Please, sire,” Hugh said, bowing and coloring deeply, “I’ve done enough lately, and it makes the other boys – they’re scared of me. I don’t want to scare people anymore.” “It’s not a request, boy!” Conan thundered. “You will do as commanded or face the consequences.” A nod from Geoff removed his objection and he nodded his obedience. Obviously the Duke hadn’t been informed about the bloodbath yesterday’s “consequences” turned into. It took four straining, huffing servants to trundle over the enormous oak-plank table over the uneven ground. While they struggled with the empty table, Hugh pulled off the coif, his arm nearly pressing against his face, and stripped off the remnants of mail and tunic. A flock of girls surrounded him, rubbing shreds of tallow-covered tunic into his white, perfect skin with a fervid devotion that would make the saints jealous. Others caressed his chest and several explored his back. Three or four of them gripped his arms and he suddenly raised them to his sides, the girls hanging off like pennants and giggling with feverish delight. He showed off how his arms charged shape, raising and lowering the girls with only the granite peaks. They swung back and forth but he stood solid as a Maypole. A couple dropped to caress his legs through the boar hides but that alarmed the ancient seneschal, who hobbled over with a loud bell and shooed them all away. The table arrived at the said, but the servants were too exhausted to lift it up the step, so four fresh servants came and heaved, fumbling, with all their might. Duke Conan grinned and commanded, “Everyone - remove your armor and pile it onto the table!” Geoff sent the dwarf troupe over to help, and as boys helped free their masters and shucked their own hauberks, the dwarves made a clever show of passing it along and, climbing upon each other’s shoulders, layering the mail and helmets with exaggerated artistry. The boards of the platform groaned and popped as the weight increased, and increased further. Just when I thought I heard the table complain as well, Conan called a halt, and ordered two goblets to be filled with wine and set at either end of the table. Reaching into a pocket inside his sleeve, Conan pulled out a small cross, gold with garnets and pearls. “If young … young …” (a servant whispered to him) “young knave Hugh can lift this table into the air without spilling so much as a drop of wine from either goblet, I will entrust his master with this, my own devotional cross, to secure his education and his future needs.” A collective gasp went up – knaves were not allowed to own gold. To have a small treasure in trust for the future was unheard of. Conan either doubted Hugh could combine vigor with dexterity and endurance … or he prayed for it with all his soul. Geoff caught Hugh’s shoulder and whispered, “Remember – when you move things quickly then stop, anything not tied down will keep moving. Slow and steady.” I could see Hugh reining his enthusiasm by the set of his jaw. He leapt onto the dais from a stand and surveyed he table from various angles. The platform cricked underneath Hugh’s feet as he circled – the links of armor tinkled and flared in the sun. His additional weight severely stressed a dais constructed to hold a dozen men. The table sported a pair of stout columns carved with spiraling grooves at each end, braced by an inconvenient trestle running the nearly three-metre length of the bankette. And undulating terrain of steel rose in layers above his head. The goblets were nearly brimful. The trestle would get caught between his legs if he straddled it – he’d never get it all the way. I saw now Conan’s strategy – not simply testing Hugh’s brawn, but his strategic thinking and adaptability. And any solution would require more than simple pith. He went around to the back so all we could see was Hugh’s bent, boar-hide covered legs under the table – the armor pile fully obscured him. He squatted and extended his arms at angles underneath. Then he straightened his legs: and the table rose steadily off the platform. Cries of awe and disbelief rifled through the crowd. The platform sank beneath his feet, the wood barking loudly. Widening his stance, Hugh seemed to drop his shoulders and press up from underneath – the towering steel swayed and flashed in the sun. He edged one foot in front of the other, boards sagging loudly from the concentrated weight. Finally, the bottom of his chest-shelf caught against the trestle. He took several deep breaths while everyone else held theirs. In one smooth movement, he powered the creaking table out and up into the air, slipped his head underneath it and shifting his hands to align with the corners for stability. A loud POPPPP! burst from the platform, which bounced dangerously beneath him. One of the builders caught his attention with a glinting knife, and pointed out where the joists were. With a grateful smile (me: jealous), Hugh slowly spread his legs until they rested on the cross-supports. Thicker trusses protested at such punishment – when it was covered with chairs and people, the platform had been silent, solid as the earth – but they took the stress. He whipped his back leg forward and the swirl of interlocking sinews that rose from his waist and twisted around each other to brace the expanse of his upper torso made the carved pillars at the table’s ends look puny. Plus, how such a narrow, flat and tightly-coiled abdomen could rise and moor the broad clustered beef that anchored his oak-branch arms … it defied belief. No blubbery “strongman” rival such power, such beauty. Sweat trickled down the gullies and trenches of his man-flesh, and his groiny-salted scent wafted insensibly through the crowd. Men stirred unwittingly, uncomfortably, some angrily, while girls and women both undulated, their own bodies responding to Hugh’s proximity by lubricating their gyrations and stirring their desires. I felt my own ass and cock discharge an oily moisture as I wiped drool off my chin. Hugh turned his hands backwards and pressed the table high. The mountains of armor shifted slightly but the tremoring goblets stayed dry. As the trestle scraped against his belly – I half-expected to see shavings fall away as Hugh’s serrations carved the wood as it rose. But of course, the ladies had massaged enough cow fat into his skin that it slid easily past them. With his arms extending above his head, his chest bulged out so far out that Hugh pressed his his chin against the top of one to brace his neck. It did not dent. With a final grunt, he thrust and locked his elbows, the bole-thick knotted arms fitting into his shoulder and chest musculature like a complex war machine. The trestle caught on his overhanging chest and bent like a bow in that final thrust – I dug my nails into my legs, afraid the wood would crack. But the squawking wood held and a cheer went up all around. All except Conan, who’s intent face sweated as profusely as Hugh’s, and whose hips jerked violently, his entire body rigid. But Hugh wasn’t done defying our imaginations. Carefully, Hugh stepped to the end of the dais and dropped down onto the first step, bending his arms to keep the table level as he descended. The stair steps squeaked until he got nearly to the bottom, when one snapped with a BANG! Everyone jumped and yelled in fear for him. But Hugh took it in stride, smoothly following the drop while scrunching his body to keep the table level. He dropped his other foot onto the ground, and walked through the last, splintering steps and risers as if they were made of straw. He carried the table directly to Conan himself. Tension gripped the crowd – what was he going to do? For a moment, I felt a flash of panic - he would hurl the table and its contents onto the Duke and pronounce himself King, defying all challengers. I even saw Conan flinch, his guards fidgeting between the call of duty and the sudden will to flee. But Hugh merely lowered the table back down so that it hovered above the ground, and turned it sideways so Conan could observe, and remove, the first unspilled goblet without having to move himself. Then he kept turning, showing Conan and the audience the rippling contours of this back, which tremored in a rapid tattoo from the strain but never flagged from their labors. My eyes were drawn to the perfect globes capping his hide-clad legs - I wanted to grab them and pull him against me – or hang on while he pressed himself into me. But I shook those thoughts out of my head. Hugh stopped again so Conan could take the second goblet and verify that not a drop had spilled from it either. The he completed his circle and, his arms and shoulders beginning to quiver, he lowered the table to the ground as if presenting it as a gift to his lord. Hugh came around, issuing a hot wind of deep breaths and looking as though he could defy Samson and Hercules together. He dropped down on one knee before Conan, his head sinking beneath the rising plateaus of his back. Hugh could barely control his quavering musculature as he recovered from the punishing victory – he vibrated with effort and stilled himself, as he had the bull. In a cracked, hollow voice, Conan said, “Riiii--” He coughed drily, drank half a goblet down and sputtered, half-choking. With wine staining his chin, he said in a tight voice, “Rise, s- … m-my boy. Where is your m-m-master?” Geoff stepped forward, beaming with pride and relief. Conan gave Geoff the golden jeweled cross, and made him swear an oath on the blood of the Savior that that treasure should be used only to secure a future fit for man who will doubtless perform feats of great renown in the service of his lord and land. Again he crowd cheered and Hugh disappeared beneath a roiling female sea. Water, oil, food passed hand to hand through the crowd to care for him where he knelt, and Conan, feeling singularly ignored, stepped over the Houel and called Geoff and Alain to them. “I had thought to test your war machines against one of the menhirs in that field over there – but I think that, once he has fed and rested, we should test them against young Hugh. That will give us a greater idea of how we could deploy him against the machines of our enemies.” Geoff clearly wanted to protest – both the test and the “use” of Hugh in place of a giant rock simply went too far. But it was not his place, and turned away and prepared to speak with Hugh about what he still must do to fully earn the jeweled cross. Myself, I felt Hugh would love dominating the biggest, mightiest mechanisms created by man – if he were fresh. The last few days, he expended more puissance than a dozen or more grown men. Any failure due to fatigue could make him very angry. And I’d seen him angry – Hugh nearly killed an armored knight with one controlled half-punch through his shield. Even a days’ delay would restore him sufficiently. Worried for him, and the rest of us, I tried to tote up how many men would have to pool their strength to accomplish Hugh’s many feats – the horses followed by the bull, then lifting a horse, then chores chores chores; and chores the next morning before bursting armor and slowly lifting a weight that nearly destroyed the dais he stood on. I could see men falling in exhausting, others rushing to sustain an enterprise for which Hugh required no assistance. I felt dizzy – such potency in one boy-man violated every sense of reason and nature. It was a breach in the world, some supremacy stepping down from the world beyond and stretching human belief to its breaking point. I remembered Jacob had wrestled with an angel, and held it helpless in his arms for three solid days before the angel was able to treacherously injure Jacob’s hip, and escape ignominiously the patriarch’s iron grasp. If men have lived before who could dominate even the angels of God, then perhaps such a man could exist again – not a pagan mythical Hercules, but real man, created by God … perhaps to test our faith. See if we would worship the miracle worker or the one true God who made him. I prayed for guidance through this confusion … but my hands weren’t the only part of me pointing towards heaven. “Jealous?” Alain said, coming up behind me, making me jump. “Ah! Sir, uh, n-no…” I stuttered. He gently cuffed my head and gestured to where Hugh had moved to a couch and was being fed and massaged (or groped) by a hundred hands. “Someday you’ll have the girls pawing over you too,” he told me. “But I’m afraid today, no man here can compete with this shining prodigy.” Relief flooded me – he never suspected who I was jealous of…. Mid-afternoon, people stretching from naps re-assembled for the siege-engine demonstration. The first to be wheeled forward was a new battering ram. “In battle,” Geoff explained, “the roof would be covered with wet hides. Thirty metres long, it weighs over a tonne thanks to the iron head. We can fit thirty men on each side.” “That doesn’t look like a ram to me,” Conan said, peering at the head. “It looks like … a fist.” Houel glowed with pride. “That was my innovation. It’s more frightening, isn’t it? Like the fist of God knocking on the door.” Conan rolled his eyes and said sourly, “I think if Hugh stands on that rise over there, he’ll be in a position to test this … fingered thing.” While the engine was wheeled into place, Hugh eagerly ran over and put his hands on his hips. The shadows his wide shoulders and prominent chest cast over his stomach made the cobbles look truly like a stone wall … except that, while he waited, Hugh flexed and relaxed the individual cobbles and rolled his stomach like sea swells. Stone walls can’t do that. Geoff instructed the soldiers, “Let’s start slow – just you ten.” They positions and began swinging the chains faster, and faster, and faster. The heavy SWOOOOOSH through the air conveyed the speed and weight of the ram and for a moment, I seriously feared for Hugh: that ram could knock a bull out more efficiently than Hugh had. It could kill the bull at one blow. Had Hugh met his match? Soldiers swiftly pulled the brakes away while others shove and the machine lurched forward with its thick capped member extending obscenely. An ear-splitting SMAKKKKK! made us wince as the iron fist struck Hugh dead center in his belly. Hugh flew off his feet and the machine lurched backward, shoulders yelling from the shock that rattled their arms. Hugh landed on his shield-tough back several metres away and rutted the turf landing. He immediately sat up and waved he was unhurt, shaking his golden curls to clear his head. The soldiers however hobbled off the platform, gripping their forearms in each hand, faced carved in pain. “That was fun!” Hugh laughed before leaping straight up onto his feet. His stomach blazed angry scarlet beneath his pale freckled chest. He mock-punched himself and clowned like it really hurt, but then he grinned and, stretching side to side and back and forward, assumed his stance for round two. The crowd bubbled with murmuring like a pot nearing the boil – particularly on the ladies’ side. The men gave each other dirty looks at how openly their women displayed such rampant desires – an impotent rage, given their rival. Two dozen new soldiers replaced the first crew and exchanged nervous glances. Once again, the chains swung back and forth, gathering force. It seemed to gather the crowd as well – people swayed back and forth in rhythm, their excitement building along with the ram’s speed. They unleashed the engine with a violent rush and I hid behind my hands. A thunderclap braced the air as Hugh flew higher and faster and farther than before. The log shuddered to an astonished stop and many of the soldiers screamed and fell to the floor from an impact their joints weren’t designed to sustain. Hugh cut a trench through the field and he sank from view. Yet he hooted merrily and we knew that the ram had failed to hurt him again. Yet Conan frowned – I don’t think he expected Hugh to sail into the air, however unhurt he may be. Had he imagined an impossible spectacle? Had he hoped to insert Hugh between a ram and a besieged gate in the hopes of protecting the fortress with Hugh’s stronger build? Clearly that wouldn’t work. I looked at Geoff, who wore the same worried look as my master: an unhappy lord is more dangerous than any war engine. Yet I saw clearly what Conan overlooked: a ram’s force is transferred into the gate or wall, which cracks and weakens as that force flows through it. Hugh did not absorb that force – he repelled it. That’s why the shock surprised the soldiers and why the ram wobbled backwards. It was that repulsion, force being echoed away from Hugh, that propulsed him through the air. A gate made of such material would be impregnable. Hugh alone possessed such material. Again, I shivered, thinking of a living man who could harden himself beyond any other rock or metal in creation. A living man who let me touch him. Cheers and guffs of awe rose from the crowd as Hugh marched back to the frustrated machine, clods of soil falling off the harder bedrock of his back. Geoff rushed over, whispering urgently to him - Hugh smiled like the sun and nodded happily. The soldiers looked frightened. And this time, the ram was fully crowded with men. The crowd mirrored the swinging ram with their bodies, thrusting themselves forward and back in unwitting unison and urging some maximum test which could release their pent-up excitement. The huge log sliced through the air with a deepening WHOOOSH that beat fast and faster until the moment of its release: it sped forward and Hugh unexpectedly leaped at the iron head with his chest. The KKRRRAKKKKK! rang like a church bell breaking apart. Hugh dropped straight down while the entire engine bounce swiftly away from him, the men behind it jumping out of the way and the rowers flying off the sides. Hugh didn’t move. A frozen silence held the crowd until, as a single being, it raced forward. Hugh looked up and sucked in a mighty draught of air, shook his head and looked around, blinking. The crowd stopped, as if the living thing might become a dragon or griffin. A stunned look clouded his eyes – then they focused on the engine rolling to a slow stop, listed to the side where something broke, and all the men crawling away in pain. He remained crouching, catching his wind. Conan himself inspected the state of the ram. A split ran the entire length of the log – it slumped unevenly in its chain sling. Even more amazing, the top two “knuckles” of the fist had flattened slightly, deformed to the sides. “That’s solid iron,” Geoff said, mouth gaping. He turned back to Hugh. Some soldiers were helping him to his feet – he was so heavy it took three to a side and one in back, and they braced their legs jointly against him like buttresses until he steadied himself. He kept jerking his head, the death-knell of the fist still ringing. Geoff kept waving his fingers in front of Hugh’s eyes but the boy batted them gently away and said, in a firm voice I hadn’t heard him use before, “I’m done with having things run into me for a couple of days.” “The trebuchet is next,” Geoff said worriedly. “Shall I--” Hugh shook his head again with a sly grin. “I have different plans for it.” Geoff stepped back, momentarily alarmed by the forthright assurance Hugh now assumed. He walked around in circles, stretching and massaging his crimson chest. I pined to do it for him … and would have done, in front of everyone, had my master not sent me on an errand. His order felt like a dagger in my stomach. I ran quickly, gave a dispatch to a courier, and by the time I got back, the battered-ram had been trundled away and the trebuchet wheeled forward. Two men on each side grunted as they turned the wheels that ran the tackle and slowly raised the mass of iron-bound oak blocks into the air. Hugh wasted no time. “What are we going to do to this?” Conan asked eagerly. “You’ll see,” Hugh answered arrogantly - which seemed to excite Conan rather than offend him. Conan stepped back as Hugh walked behind it, put one foot on the arm resting on the ground, and signaled the drop. The weight crashed to the platform and Hugh roared like a bear as he bore down with his foot. A legging seam burst open, exposing a bovine thigh – and the pivot rod cracked. The entire beam smashed through the machine with an explosion of splinters. Hugh picked up the end and wrested it free, jostling and battering the entire machine. He placed the end of the arm across his shoulders behind his neck and, draping his outside arm over the top, raised the entire thing up parallel to the ground. Then he wrapped his other arm over it . . . snorted like a bull . . . and pulled. His back opened wide like angel wings, his stomach muscles meshed like the gears of the apparatus itself, and his arms filled every space with their compressed, pulsing meat. We heard him breathing heavily in the silence. Hugh’s face contorted in angry concentration, and his elbows dipped. The short length behind his neck actually bent, issuing a CREEEAAAK SNIK-SNIK-SNIK SNIK SNIK FRACCCKK! The heavy bar split open like a monster’s toothy maw. His outside arm pulled and then twisted the broken as Hugh broken bole until it tore away. He pulled more of the bar across his implacable back. One deep breath and again his face strained, pitting the obdurate ridges of his vein-studded neck. His arms too snaked with blue veins nearly tearing through his buttery red-splotched skin. The solid oak held out as long as it could until Hugh’s arms compelled it to shiver, quake and surrender. He kept going, snapping the bar into pieces without rest, his breathing hoarse, his tender boy’s face a mask of resolute destruction. By the time he fractured the last bit, his grimace bore a terrifying resemblance to some fairy-tale demon. Slivers and chips of wood dusted his hair and body from oak exploding under unbearable pressure. Beside him, a stack of logs ready for the fire. “Magnificent!” Conan declared, unable or unwilling to stop the gushing females who pawed his dauntless, bloated arms and reverently dusted splinters from the many crevices in his back and lodged in his hair. I got a tingling sensation in my groin that he’d tear the engine apart with his bare hands with so much admiration – and indeed, he jumped onto the counter-weight and, clinging to a cross-bar with his toes, grabbed an iron strap in each hand and pulled. The iron bent up a bit but stopped. Hugh jerked them hard and broke them free, happily bending them up and back. He dropped to the ground, dragging the tortured iron with him. Then, inspired, he dragged the freed lengths toward each other and began wrapping them around each other in a giant knot. Then he yanked two fresh sections loose, working the cold metal like it was toughened leather. Showing off, he held an arm rigid and folded the metal back over itself by simply turning his wrist, zig-zagging in with tight switchbacks. At the same time, his other arm rippled as it twisted the flat iron into a spiral. Conan coughed loudly and Hugh turned, glowing in the sun and gleaming with sweat. He had saved the most trying test for last. Hugh slugged down goblets of water and gnawed on some fragrant apples, which mixed a sweetness into his rapturous he-sweat as secretions from different body areas ran and mingling together. “In war, we have not time to rest, no time for refreshment,” Conan declared. “When our enemies lay siege to our cities and hurl boulders into our walls and through our houses, how shall we respond? I want to crush them – literally.” He turned to Hugh, his bony arm outstretched toward the sacred grove. “These standing stones have weathered every winter, every storm, since time immemorial. Centuries of raging wars have neither injured nor moved them. Some say they were planted in the time before men, by Titans or Giants. Some say only Druid magic could have raised and sunk them into the fields where they mystify us to this day. Surely no mortal men could have moved such behemoths. “Young Hugh, your task is to do what neither man nor nature has ever done before you. Uproot one of those ancient monuments so it may be used to smash our enemies and their war machines. You may choose your victim – but your choice will be noted.” Conan led the way; a crowd of men tried to raise and carry Hugh on their shoulders, but the ponderous hulk proved impossible to lift and manage, so they simply surged around him like a pack of hunting dogs. Hugh scooped up the nearest two damsels and carried them like bouquets of flowers in the crook of each arm. Their dainty hands tried to squeeze the unyielding marble of those arms, twisting their hips as they did so. None of our stones are as big as the ones up north, but the field still looks strikes me as a giants’ graveyard. Hugh naturally went to the largest one, shoulder-height but a little wider than he. I wondered which weighed more, and nearly laughed out loud at the absurdity – an absurdity only to someone who had never met Hugh. While Hugh walked around the stone, inspecting clefts and lichen, Conan whispered to Houel, “even if he can only loosen it, we should be able to pull it free with a team of oxen. And he could easily build a gigantic trebuchet to launch these stones. Perhaps even a conveyance to move to them.” I shuddered. Hugh carried the focused, appraising air of a land agent, factoring dimensions, materials and weights that hobbled the imagination. Without ceremony, he dug his feet in and fell upon the weathered stone, oppressing it with focused forces beyond anything nature herself could muster. After so many efforts, Hugh drew from a deep well of virility that seemed never to run dry. The crowd tensed along with him as we waited for the monolith to give. No one doubted it could outlast the onslaught of Hugh. Never relenting the pressure he built up, Hugh managed to slip his hands, his shoulders, his legs into different positions, seeking a stronger purchase, groping with his senses toward the spot already growing weak under his duress. Worrying the monument from every angle, wearing out its grip on the earth, Hugh bullied the half-buried boulder until he found the place where Creation would buckle beneath his will A breeze ruffled through the grass … but when it passed, the grass still shivered. “Look!” I pointed. As every eye turned away from the hero and toward the ground, it humped and split. The stone listed slightly into the breach and several people fainted along with it. Hugh didn’t let up but churched the ground behind him plowing into the monolith. A hump broke upward between his legs as Hugh silently commanded the monument to lie prostrate before him. Conan choked as the yawning field disgorged waves of loam displaced by the foot of the stone being impelled up into the light. Hugh stepped back for the first time, shaking his throbbing limbs so the muscles tossed back and forth like small animals. He spent a few seconds catching his breath, and the swung himself under the leaning side, grappled for a hold, and pulled with a heavy grunt. The earth vomited in distress as Hugh dragged the stone towards the level and mashed its face toward his feet. The menhir listed drunkenly now but something deep intruded on his progress and held the stone. Hugh vigorously tugged and wiggled the tonnage, breaking the obstruction and relinquishing its hold on the monolith once again. Hugh’s arms engorged in undulating ridges, spurs and peaks. His shoulders bulged nearly as big as his head, their carved fingers digging like claws onto his arms and back. His concave belly shifted right and left, directing dominance from his legs into his arms and rippling around his frame like wind-blown sheaves of wheat. Finally, with one crippling shove, Hugh wrenched the monolith free of the earth, crammed its face into the dirt as the entombed end blasted through in an eruption of soil and small rocks. When I shook the grit out of my eyes, I could barely believe what I saw – nearly as much had been buried as stuck up from the earth. It was twice as big as it had looked, the unearthed portion was dark and wet, with clumps of mud sticking to it like the lichen huddled all over the exposed half. Nearly twice as big as Hugh, it seemed impossible to move it any further, except – maybe – to roll it down a hill (were the ground not flat). Wasting no time, Hugh walked around the far side, knelt and reached one arm over the width of the fallen warrior of time. With a HUP and a HRRRGGGGHH, Hugh leaned backward, bending like a bow. His stomach clenched in sharp relief and long rods rippled in his extended forearm. The rock rose a few centimeters but then fell back into the turf. Undeterred, Hugh nearly bounced it back up into the air – but this time, the side closest to him slipped and fell. The fact that he could lift it at all froze everyone in a tableau of wonder. He wrapped his rock-strewn arms around it and pulled, his neck bulging and face purple, but only managed to lever it off the ground and shift it sideways a bit, farther away from its empty grave. He reached underneath and drove his legs down as he raised the end as far as his knees, kneading the ground to press an advantage – but again the weight proved too much, and he had to drop it. He called for water and wide-eyed, trembling girls brought him several bowls, along with fruit and a hunk of roasted beef. He gorged himself, allowing the girls to lick the grease off his fingers. He rubbed them against the surface of the stone, peeling off layer of flint and coating them with dust. He walked around to the middle and tried to raise it laterally – it hinged up half a metre or more before it slipped free. Hugh’s face clouded with annoyance and I feared his angry fist might turn it into more manageable pieces – but he redirected his impatience into his arms. Reaching one arm over the top, he grunted and craned it a metre into the air – several people experienced spasms of a certain kind – and held it teetering while he tried to shift the weight for the next stage. But the tonnage resisted his power and bobbed toward the earth. With a strangled scream, Hugh stopped it for a moment – held it – but had to let it go. Setting his feet farther apart, he heaved yet again, grappled the monolith higher, his lower arm bursting its skin as it braced the burden, dragged his shoulders back and, staggering once, wrestled it onto thighs – where it balanced, its immensity sinking him into the soil. Hugh took three breaths, rocking back and forth with each one, then leaned further back and levitated the stone onto his chest, tottering around as the menhir fought his dominance. He sidled to a halt and paused a moment, dwarfing mass trapped by his inexorable arms. His face screwed tight with strain, Hugh pressed the under arm up, its sinews bunching and trembling, while the arm over the top actually flipped the rock over – a move that almost went wrong, had his legs not danced and buttressed him to stop it. Then his legs began to shake violently and he sank beneath the stone which pressed against his face. The crowd burst with burbling concern that he might be smashed under the giant rock, his hubris leading to a predictable end – and I was afraid if it brought him to his knees, he’d but unable to continue. But … it didn’t. He didn’t kneel. He waddled toward stonier ground, looking like an ant carrying not a crumb but the entire loaf. Hugh’s knees began knocking as he fought to stand, the perfect globes of his ass quivering in time – but he worked his hands around to the underside even as he fought to discipline his rebelling limbs. Taking advantage of what inertia he’d created, Hugh wasted no time resting but pressed the rock above him – his body near parallel to the ground. Barking ferocious groans I could feel in my breastbone, he manipulated the granite giant up as he straightened his back and fought mightily against his own shaking arms. With hoarse, whistling war-cry, the god-man-boy straightened up and pressed the menhir up until his elbows locked and framed his terrible visage. He continued bellowing as he trapped the stone mountain in the air above him, mocking its desire to reunite with the earth. He lurched several steps before stopping at the end of the softer ground and sought Conan – rooting the Duke to the spot with his eyes. He stayed that way until Conan buckled at his hips and dropped his mouth in something like awe. With a snarl, Hugh then let it drop behind him and flexed his bloated arms until the cramping made him shake them out. Once more the crowd poured over him, massaging and rubbing him – a crush Hugh might not have been able to sustain had not circumstances turned against us. His sweet odor took on a pungeant manly stink, which the air caught and carried back into the forest. Before long, a grisly roar answered Hugh’s call from the forest. My master said to Geoff, “I thought you said Hugh had scared off all the predatory animals.” “He has,” Geoff replied. “There must be a migration.” “Bears don’t migrate,” Alain said, “And that was a very angry bear. Again, a mere whiff of Hugh’s scent has driven some beast to fury.” We got a first glimpse of the foaming, shambling beast, and Geoff said with restrained panic, “Not fury, but madness,” Geoff concluded. “That bear is mad. Its bite is deadly – even a scratch can afflict a man with madness.” People stampeded for the city walls once the bear blundered sideways out of the grove and shook deadly froth from its drooling maw. Despite being clearly spent, Hugh immediately strode to face the monster – and we all felt riveted by the same thoughts – if he were too exhausted, Hugh would be no match for the bear – killed or, worse, infected. A rabid Hugh could lay waste to the entire county. The afflicted are routinely strangled before the madness takes hold, but who, or what, could constrict Hugh’s throat? The archers ran back to the castle to fetch weapons but Hugh advanced alone. “No! Hugh, I forbid it!” Geoff ordered, but Hugh responded only to a higher calling, his fatigue replaced by renewed vigor. He ripped the shredded remains of his leggings and codpiece and tore away even his undercloth, one naked beast facing another. Women tried to turn away and close their eyes, but they had lost the will to resist the sight of Hugh's golden glory. Palming two large stones, he bounced their weight – likely as much as a strong man could struggle up to his chest – and then hurled first one, then the other, in quick succession, his arms like trebuchets – only more powerful. The bear fell, struck on the head and shoulder … but rose up on two legs, now truly angry. Slinging ropes of poisonous slobber across the field, it roared and fell clumsily to all fours, lighting into a lopsided charge on legs it seemed unable to fully control. As if it were under the spell of a sorcerer’s apprentice. Hugh ranged from side to side but the bear turned and faced him, always advancing. The hero crouched on titanic legs and launched himself into the air, rising for several metres and sailing over the bear like a bird of prey. The animal stood and swatted at him but Hugh flew too far and too fast, causing the unsteady creature to fall onto its back. As it struggled back to its feet, it turned so Hugh could leap and plant himself like a spear onto its vast shaggy back. Hugh tried to wrap his arms around the giant’s chest but could barely reach – his fingers touched but couldn’t grip. The bear roared and shook violently, but Hugh’s fingers pierced the dense fur and his legs clamped over its waist. Then Hugh shook back. Savagely throwing his body from side to side, Hugh forced the bear to stumble sideways several paces before it plant its claws and hold onto the ground. He shook the bear again but it lowered itself to the ground – so Hugh threw his shoulders back with a strained grimace. And overcoming the bear’s fury, bent its spine back and its forelegs off the ground. Hugh cinched his arms and legs – the bear bellowed in pain and confusion, outmuscled by something small yet heavy and brutally irresistible. Hugh shook the bear again until its head wove back and forth, and then he arched his back and slammed that head into the ground. A look appeared in the bear’s crazed eyes – a moment of clarity, a primitive instinct for escape. The beast fought against Hugh’s strength with the renewed energies of something now fighting for its life. As Hugh’s shoulders tensed, prying the bear’s up again, it fought him, bucking and shaking, matching him strength for strength. Feeling the iron spine defy him, Hugh squeezed until the bear screamed. Every move Hugh made in directing the bear one way, the bear countered, twisting and scratching the other way. Hugh’s face contorted as his arms labored against the sturdy ribs, his fingers grappling for a link. The bear writhed violently but Hugh closed his eyes and with a hissing sound, linked his middle fingers. The beast wore stark fear on its face, its chest compressed, its hips being wrench by the horrible contortions of Hugh’s legs. I held my breath – I couldn’t tell what Hugh was trying to do, besides hang on. Slowly, by pitching his back fiercely, Hugh guided the bear to the stone he had just conquered. His eyes sharpened frightfully, and with his teeth bared and an almost-evil smile, he arched his back again and clumped the bear forward with his own indomitable torso. With claws clutching helplessly at the soil, the bear realized – as much as it could – it was losing. When Hugh coerced his captive abreast of his trophy, he flexed his entire body, lifting the bear off the ground and slamming it back down. He did it again, and again, each time gaining a greater bounce until with clenched grunt, Hugh actually flipped himself onto his back on the stone’s surface, the quarter-tonne bulk pronged above him. The animal’s legs waved in the air but Hugh’s back spread out beneath him, bracing against each terrorized thrust of the mindless brute. The boy-man had even crushed its roar down to a steady wheezing moan frothed out with its spittle. Hugh’s legs trapped the bear’s hind limbs and pulled them out and away, immobilizing them. He arched up onto his shoulders and bent that iron spine – and squeezed. Hugh shook the bear to the left and clamped his hands more tightly to its chest. He jarred it to the right and a sickening pop came out of the bear’s lower quarters. The wheeze now carried a bone-chilling whine of fear. Hugh tensed ferociously trembling with impossible effort, bending the bear's steely ribs in on themselves. Hugh’s rising growls drowned out the animal’s eerie whistling. Now gripping his wrists, he shrank the bear’s chest further through barbaric will. His arms, buried deep in the fur, rubbed slightly back and forth: their knots, harder than bone, fractured ribs. He rattled the bear like a doll, draining the dregs of its vitality with relentless determination. Its swimming forelegs slowed, and slowed further, and then merely waved as if blown by the wind. Once the bear’s legs stopped moving (though still twitching), Hugh’s legs straightened out, further disjointing its hind legs and hips. The trapped victim emitted a thin, high wail, its tongue lolled out of its mouth, a harsh gurgling sound coming with it. Hugh could have finished the bear off right there, but something terrible had been ignited in the man-boy’s chest – and further below. Hugh rolled off the stone and plopped the weakened beast onto the ground. Arching his own back, Hugh brought his legs forward and clamped them against the stove-in ribs. Pulling the bear backward again and trapping its lower torso with his own, Hugh gyrated up, his ass dimpling and clenching, his manroot thrusting through the densely matted fur. It seemed to pulse with every sharp crack echoing through the circle. His eyes feverish, the shocking obscenity of the tableau held everyone in a merciless grip. Hugh wrangled his arms up, never releasing their unbearable pressures, hands reaching for the animal's head. Gripping the rocklike skull, Hugh's chest rose like twin peaks as he stopped the bear's thrashing. His hands crept down, his bulbous forearms immobilizing the bear's head. The entire crowd buzzed with tension that ratcheted higher as Hugh linked his hands underneath its head. With a grim frown, Hugh straightened back up, fighting the bear's final desperate spasms. With a final choking splutter, the bear’s head rose in Hugh's puissant grip, its long long neck tremoring. Stretching. Tearing. Hugh’s invincible lance jousted with the arched neck, his hips slowly digging up and down. But the bear's neck was too long - even with the skull pressed into the valley of his chest, the neck did not break. He'd either have to be work his way backwards ... or ... My knees gave way weakly as Hugh's sculpted arms sprouted veins along their extreme curves. Hugh pushed the head up in a harrowing repeat of his menhir feat. A thin shrill shriek bubbled out of the gaping maw, big eyes suddenly blank with a resignation more terrible than its death throes. Hugh's elbows inched up, his hands rising to stomach-curdling wet PWOPP sounds. Hugh stretched the neck unnaturally longer even as the bear's tongue seemed to crawl out of its throat. Blood sprayed from tears in the victim’s hide, the skin rending in garish jagged slashes. Hugh grimaced as he grappled the bear's body down – down and away. Hugh pushed his arms towards the sky with renewed gristle. Through the ragged flaps of skin, I could see thick cables of muscle stretching and then rolling up into tight knots. Soon I could see the white bones floating like beads on a broken chain washed in red. His virile member erupted, spewing ropes of viscous pearlescence through the hot fur and into the ragged wounds. His legs gripped the body firmly, riding it with bucking hips and plowing himself violently against the dying beast. Finally, with a triumphant bellow that shook the stones themselves, Hugh extended his arms all the way up and sheared the bear's head off its jerking, dying torso. The torn neck fountained blood, mired with Hugh's own jetting essence streaming up through the coat like grappling ropes. Hugh’s seed-fountain continued even as the blood slowly ebbed, soaking the coat in his milky pith. He shuddered, his naked muscles rippling and drumming fleetly beneath his papery white skin, and making a final grunting cry, Hugh stubbed himself out in eye-flickering bliss. Hugh paused a moment, chest heaving with deep satisfaction, until the echoing pleasures slowly Faded. Shaking sense and awareness back into his golden-curled, blood and semen-caked head, carried the still-lethal skull, dripping blood and froth of Hugh, to the gaping pit that once housed a menhir, and dropped it in. He went back to the corpse, grabbed a loose hind-leg, and pulled it over to the grave, kicking it in. Then, in desperation or derision, I couldn’t tell, Hugh tugged the stone, bit by exhausted bit, until its immeasurable tonnes covered the tomb. Hugh turned and raised his fists over his head, his heavy arms bent and throbbing like the empurpled mast rising above his navel, shaking its own glistening fist. But only briefly - he sank down, hands on his knees his shoulders sinking and his back sagging. Then he was lost as cheering soldiers surrounded him and, in a joint effort, raised him to his feet and half-carried him away from the slung saliva and gore, to a grassy rise shaded by the setting sun. The women broke through the soldiers with kettles and bowls of cool and steaming water, shouldering them away like an invading army. Over their heads I heard him mutter “meat,” and platters passed hand to hand from the high table directly to him. Sating himself, he fell into a deep slumber, oblivious of the hands massaging oils into his muscles. Soon the jealous guards rallied and drove the women away, circling him and facing out to keep so many hungry eyes and hands at bay. Geoff had excused Hugh from the rest of his chores that afternoon, so after I finished mine and got something to eat, I returned to his pallet. He was fast asleep on his back, lying flat on his back with only a modest cloth around his loins. The air near him shimmered torridly, and sweat beaded on my forehead and under my arms. I quickly doffed my togs and draped myself over his mounded form. He stirred slightly, his barrel chest rising, but otherwise I may as well have been a light blanket. Arousal chases my fatigue away, and take advantage of last night’s offer and stretch my limbs, pressing my body against his muscles – firm yet pliable at rest, their density defied my penetrating fingers, but I could press and caress them, trace the expansive flesh as it narrows and gathers into steely tendons. His blood pulsed slowly through them, perfectly balancing his other humors and restoring his incalculable vitality. My own loin covering stirred as I rubbed against the serpent sleeping between the pillows of its generative nest. The serpent rose slightly, stirring waves through Hugh’s body which undulated and stretched in sleep. His mouth pursed and opened slightly and, overcome with desire, I gripped his upper arms and slid myself up onto his chest. My own member lay erect in the alley that ran down the center of his cobbled abdomen – it fit perfectly, caressed and massaged as those muscles rose and fell as he breathed. From the barrel-crest of his chest, I reached down and placed a daring kiss on his thick, languid lips. Still asleep, his mouth accepted mine, rubbing against my lips. I nuzzled the down around his chin and let my tongue slip out, seeking his. His tongue also sought mine and they caressed one another and explored each other’s hot, wet den. My own drool flowed strongly, lubricating our fun, and a distant, dreamy smile invited me to display greater passion. I sucked his lips and licked his teeth, and when I felt his hands land lightly on my ass, I shuddered in anticipation and a little fear: if he rolled over and didn’t wake up, could I support his weight or would I be crushed or suffocated by Hugh’s ponderous magnitude? I stretched my arms over his and wrapped my legs over his thighs, encouraging him to stay put but offering my nether orifice for his rising python. He gripped me tighter, so tightly I winced and bit his lip by mistake – his eyes opened drowsily and for a moment, we gazed at each other with his hands clasping hindside. Just then a sharp laugh startled us both (and several of the horses). Hugh raised his head as I turned and saw a buxom young maid with a startled look on her face. “You boys are incorrigible!” she said a little loudly. Hugh rose up on his elbows and sloughed me off to the side, where I adjusted my loin cloth and blazed bright red. She paid me no mind. “All rested, hero?” she said saucily, tugging coyly at the lace that held her bodice together. “How would you like a real woman to satisfy you. I promise it’ll be better than some smelly bear.” She spread her knees and pressed a palm into her skirt with an open mouth. Heat kindled in Hugh’s eyes and his groin snake bobbed up through the folds of his cloth. She walked backward toward a stack of hay bales in the shadows. Forgetting me, Hugh rose – like a mountain growing before my eyes, or a dragon taking off from its lair, his body simply kept going and going and going until he was up and around the corner. But Hugh stopped short, looking uncertain. “Come on,” she cooed. “No one will care. You’re a man now. You do what you want.” Hugh fidgeted against the cloth restraint binding his eagerness. “My master said I would grow weak if I did it. I don’t even, you know, do myself. Not as often as other boys.” “You’re no boy, and no man is your master,” she chided. “Not even the king can rival you. Besides, we all saw what you did to that bear. Are you weak now?” She threw a horseshoe, which he caught. Spreading the fingers of that one hand around the prongs but not taking his eyes off her, Hugh squeezed – and crushed the metal shoe as if it were clay, until it snapped in two. Yet he didn’t let it go – gathering both parts into his palm, he folded them in half – both at the same time – until the outmatched steel could bend no further and broke again. His clenched the pieces in his fist and mashed it again, his forearm filling with rocks that scrubbed against each other. A metallic tinkling seeped out between his white-knuckled fingers. When he opened his fist, shattered fragments of steel rained to the floor, unidentifiable as having ever been a forged horse shoe. “Guess not,” he replied with sheepish excitement. The maid had watched wide-eyed, bosom heaving and mouth opening and semi-closing in excitement of her own. Though she massaged both her breasts and released them, she stiffened and shivered as if fulfillment had ignited without any external stimulation. Her eyes hooded with breathless hunger. “Then, what are you waiting for?” she half-dared, half-begged him huskily. That was it. His loin cloth ripped around his vibrant erection has he flung it away and pulled her to him, immediately entering her. She gasped as his girth stretched her open more than ever before, but he didn’t rush to the finish line. Hugh’s natural instinct for lovemaking took over – building, teasing, pulling back, slowing down then racing, all the while withholding his essence. His manfunk wafted through the stable with a delirious mixture of wild musk and protective warmth. Her eyes rolled up into her head – however vigorously he slid in and out, he was gentler, more controlled – stronger – than any man she’d been with. And … he made her wetter than ever before. Mixed with the leakage from his powerful organ, they slid against each other like eels. She clutched at the hay behind her, her nipples like craters as another pleasure wave washed through her. Again, instinctively, Hugh let her subside and then whipped her up until the storm broke in her several times before he unleashed his own deluge. Hugh’s arm shot out and grabbed a shovel, the blade warping in his grip. He shot into her with such force she instantly came again, biting her lip to stay quiet. His ass dimpled and writhed for so long I realized I would get no sleep tonight – perhaps never again. My own midsection rocked as I spurted in envious sympathy. I massaged myself dry with my under cloth and was about to return to the pallet, when I saw it – he wasn’t pulling out. He was clearly still turgid. Still filling her. Still thrusting. She smiled hungrily, grabbing his ass and pulling herself against him. He slammed into her hard this time, again and again, jiggling her breasts and body, shattering her composure and driving her to wild abandon. She thrashed and ground herself against in rhythm against him, whipping her loosened hair from side to side and moaning gutterally like a cow in calving. In full control and awareness of their danger, Hugh smoothly grabbed a leather work glove and gently shoved it into her mouth. She chewed it like it was dinner. He came again, dimpling longer than before but sluicing in and out and spilling long tendrils of cock drool. I stayed crouching, hardening again and barely aware of the pain. And as I suspected, he didn’t quit. More like he was still getting warmed up. But the maid began to flag, endless pleasure addling her brain. She shuddered periodically, ranging between an empty smile and a tense incomprehension that only Hugh’s persistence could dismiss. Her sopping hair lay lank over her shoulders, her breathing hitching from his power and then siking into a heavy, coarse wheeze. He came a fourth time and she moaned in mindless pleasure and pain. His seed spurted down and ricocheted off his pendulous ball sac … as if she were full. For the first time, he pulled out completely, his knob painted her belly and breasts with his man-lime. A steady stream ran down her legs slowly, like freshly-rendered glue. His sword waved challengingly, throbbing with purple ardor. His exhales came fast and heavy and his red eyes burned with feverish intensity. For a moment, he wasn’t sure what to do but then, face enlivening, he lifted her into the air, spun her around and did what I had so longed for: took her bunghole like a rutting beast. The pain shocked her awake and she screamed into the glove. Her torso impulsively clenched around him but hadn’t the strength to expel the invader. Sliding her up and down on his breed shaft with one hand, he pulled out the glove stuck his fingers in her mouth, attacking her defenses on two fronts. Her panic retreated and as they joined into a single oscillating being, his body commanded hers to banish pain and feed greedily on pleasure alone. Obediently, her body obeyed and her tension fell away like the tattered remnants of her clothing. He bobbed her up and down endlessly before clenching his ass and releasing another eruption of manly lava. Feeling his own control fight for command against greedy, voluptuous gluttony, he wrapped one arm around a stud and squeezed. His arm crunched into the wood – splinters broke out around it. He squeezed pitilessly as the ecstasy of another tidal wave rolled out of him and utterly submerged her. Solid oak creaked and split loudly. Finally he eased down, left the poor oak post alone, and rested his back against a high stack of hay, holding her up with one hand and simply staying still. But staying within her. Not softening. Not at all. The crippled beam groaned as the weight of the roof shifted into its weakness. The groaning excited Hugh and he slowly began plumbing her for a sixth time. Something broke in my mind – a relaxation, an acceptance of such unbelievable strength and stamina. A kind of faith moved my heart that I never felt at mass. My body responded by releasing another white libation, globs of it billowing forth before the ecstacy could catch up – it rushed in late and quaked me to my soul, submitting my life to this thundering, earth-shaking deity before me. Hugh focused intently on her, careful not to bruise or injure her as he ground her back and forth in semi-circles. Her limbs flopped randomly, their motions aimless and simply sparking off stray bolts of joy her weaker frame could not contain. She shuddered again as another convulsion gripped her, and her seizure gripped him and undammed yet another flood of his virility into her guts. Not only the stream down her legs increase, now from two willsprings within her, but her belly began to bloat. Hugh looked as though this premature release – stimulated by her and not commanded by him – had cheated him. He stayed in and bucked her a little roughly, making her jaw chatter loosely, until he pasted her insides a seventh time. Ignoring how her rib cage expanded in his grip, Hugh plunged deeper with an urgency he hadn’t shown before. His bull-balls slapped the back of her ass as he chased the shimmering bliss he caught so easily again and again. His back stiffened and spread apart and the overflow of another cascade splattered his nutsack and thighs. Her eyes opened with bemused surprise as she belched and … smelled Hugh in it. The maid passed out completely and slumped on him, twitching and jerking like a dreaming dog. His face glowing with greed for a vein of gold that ran deeper and deeper into the mountain, he kept excavating for it. A series of short hard rams made her burp his salty musk, made her breasts flop along with her arms and nodding head. The hammering sped faster and faster until his cheeks became a blur. Then suddenly he stopped and mashed her down as if he were trying to snap his manhood off. But that prong stood up to him defiantly and rebuffed his efforts. Within the frenzy of his ninth fusillade, a heavenly smile pierced his face like a sunbeam after a storm eliciting a heavenly smile to spread across his face. The sun banished the storm and he slowed down to a steady strum. Pinning her against a wall of hay with only his horn of plenty, he put his hands on his hips and wiggled them, watching her bob like a puppet. Hugh didn’t like her leaving him alone like that - so he leaned forward, placing one fist on either side of the hay beside, and supported her with It while staring intently into her face. His presence penetrated her dazed mind and dragged her back to consciousness – while he stayed still, spreading and pulsing with her, her own grinding movement down below betrayed her return to paradise. He began slow rotations, lazy figure eights that hardened him until his balls hitched. Then, again, he became … perfectly … still…. But she shook with warring tensions and seized with unhinged rapture. He grinned with masterly hauteur and withheld himself until she scratched violently at him and seemed she’d shake herself apart if he did not feed her. Still he waited until her panting desperation opened her eyes – he locked them to his – and she seemed to wither and bloom at the same time within his gaze, her mind turning inside out beneath the fullness of his revelation. Still he waited. Still he grinned. Finally, drool spilled in rivulets out of her mouth, followed by a plaintive mewling bordering on despair. He nodded, slowly, over and over as he felt her identity disintegrate – and then he released the hounds of war. Her chest inflated from the inside, a strangled cry of incredulous surrender rose from her gaping mouth, and her breath, redolent of his salt, filled the air and made the horses rustle and neigh. His own fecund odor returning to him from inside her kept his demonic prick sharp as he tunneled even deeper into the mountain for that skein of gold. His muscles flinched - he had ridden himself raw – and now every motion exploded in his brain. A mere normal man would pull away, flee, his brain melting. But Hugh was made better. He carried her gingerly to a worktable, sweeping clean its surface with his arm, and laid her down. He stood upright so that the pressure bore down on his virility, and though it bounced her up a little, it soon settled down. Standing there, hands on his hips, his massive chest rising and sinking like storm billows on the open see, he defied every extreme sensation – he refused to withdraw, he would not pass out. Hugh willed every impulse into submission, and wrung the savor out of each moment. They could not gang up on him. They could not overcome his control. His chest rolled triumphantly as he disciplined his own rebellious passions and directed them to serve him one more time. The lightning from this battle shot into her. She twitched wildly, arms and legs spasming and battering his ram inside her. He conducted the unbearable pleasures until he chose to let them go. Throwing his head back, he barked and howled, reached up and grabbed a roof joist: and each time her leg kicked or her hand flicked, his fingers sank deeper into the splintering oak. He swayed there, his head shaking slowly back and forth and veins pounding in his neck. With a moan of pure satisfaction, his shoulders twitched and his hips swiped her back and forth across the table. He froze and braced his legs and ass. An eleventh milking surged into the maid. Her body swelled, her neck fattened – and his puissance gushed out of her moaning mouth in driving bursts. My body wrenched a third helpless time together with gripping alarm. I felt immobilized but somehow I shouted, “Sir!” as his seed trickled out of her nose and not only from her ears, but also her eyes, like pearly tears. Hugh’s eyes whipped open and he turned and glared in mad fury. I fell back, my cock now heaving drily, and mustered all my courage. “She needs a doctor!” He looked back and for the first time saw the swollen main, his viscous ichor still seeping from her head. He pulled out suddenly and a bucket’s worth of slime whooshed out and all over his legs. He lifted her in one arm and, with the other, battered a hole in the side of the stable. He ran into the village, naked and not only erect but still foaming like … like a mad bear. He woke the doctor by breaking his door in half. The doctor clutched his blanket in terror, then saw the girl and jumped up so Hugh could place her on the bed. Though he was no longer in her, the overflow continued to leak out, spreading slowly over her body. All the time, though her eyes fluttered pure white, the smile never left her lips. The doctor pushed gently on her belly and semen oozed from several openings at both ends. He turned around and, seeing Hugh’s still-drooling plowshare, started in amazement before recovering himself. “Young man, I’ll take it from here.” Tears stained Hugh’s beautiful features. “I didn’t mean to … will she be all right?” “I’ve never seen anything like this,” the old man confessed. “So long as nothing inside her has burst, she should pull through. Though I doubt she’ll ever be the same. You should prepare yourself however: I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a father, several times over. Such prodigious … vigor … might likely plant a prodigy of seedlings in this young girl.” Turning away, he muttered again, “Like an Irish rabbit.” Hugh seemed stricken so I gripped his unyielding arm tight as I could. “Come, you should rest again. And I can’t carry you if you fall asleep stark naked in the street.” Hugh shuffled out and embarrassedly propped the shattered boards door back in the doorway. Overcome with a surge of relief or joy or something, he grabbed and lifted me high into the air, shook me wildly with an ecstatic grin on his face, and draped me over his shoulder like a potato sack. I could feel the slimy slap of his dick against my feet as he trotted down the moonlit street. My hands explored the battlements of his back under the guise of holding on: the central pennant-poles, the squarish berms of annealed flesh over each shoulder blade, and the ramparts that spread to either side. The feeling his shoulder rippling back and forth against my belly made me come again but, having nothing left, it hurt more than anything. I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Back in the stable reeking of fornication, he flung me onto his pallet and stared down proudly. “My friend!” he said, beaming, chest flaring. Then, treating me more like a pet than a friend, he lay down beside me, enclosed me with his irresistible arm-mass and tucked my face into the deep pit of foggy musk between his chest and back. He fell to sleep immediately but my heart raced like a hunting hound. His bushy hairs tickled my forehead and soon his peace encompassed me. I dreamed I was running beside him and wagging my tale forever and ever. THE END
  13. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (22)

    Twenty-two In the gym Alex recovered from the most intense orgasm he had ever had. He grinned at the sight of the cum drenched dumbbells and mirror. He looked down and saw cum slowly flowing down in the deep canyons of his strong 12-pack. He left the gym, strutted through the deserted locker room and entered the shower zone. He smirked as he noticed the past out, fallen star athlete Logan still lying on the tilled floor. He ignored the now 90 pound quarterback, turned on a shower and washed his beastly body. Soaping his huge, steely muscles made him hard again and within seconds he creamed all over the wall. He turned around and blasted two more loads over Logan, coating his frail body with a thick layer of his sticky cum. He turned off the shower, grabbed Logan’s towel and sensually dried his meaty muscles. He slowly strutted into the locker room. Alex opened his locker and smiled: none of his clothes would fit anymore. He went over to Logan’s locker and grabbed the lock. He clenched his fist, easily breaking the metal lock. He ripped off the door with his 55 inch right arm and pulled out the team captain’s bag. He went through its content and fished out Logan’s football jersey. It had been made to fit over the armor covering the quarterback’s 320 pound frame. Alex ripped off the sleeves as they would never fit over his 55 inch arms. The shirt protested with tearing sounds as he pulled it on. It ripped a few inches under his armpits but stretched to the max as it hugged his bulging muscles. Alex sat down on the bench and noticed a dark ribbon in the bag. He pulled it out and recognized it: Logan wore the ribbon to indicate he was the team captain. Logan always put it around his 25 inch arm to emphasize the size of his then impressive bicep. Alex slid it over his left arm and grinned: the ribbon could only made it halfway on his thick forearm. The elastic fabric creaked as he clenched his fist and the steely cords of muscle bulged on his forearm. In the shower zone Logan slowly regained consciousness. He blinked a few times to focus his vision and quizzically looked around. Tears filled his eyes as reality came crashing down on him: he recalled how the mysteriously beefed up Alex had sucked him off and how his hard earned muscles had melted away. He got up slowly, his weak legs shaking from the effort as the large amount of sticky cum gluing him to the floor, gave in to the pressure. He hit the button of the shower three times at full force before managing to press it hard enough to turn the shower on. “Alex didn’t grow as he sucked me off. This means my buddy Paul is the biggest man on the team. I’ll get him and Mike to help me get back on Alex”, he said to himself as he rinsed the cum from his skinny body. The shower stopped and since he didn’t succeed in turning it on again, Logan left the shower zone. He searched for his towel but didn’t find it and entered the locker room. He gasped loudly as he stared at the massive back of the figure sitting on the bench in front of his locker. He saw how his own big shirt looked like it was painted onto the behemoth: it stretched to the max as it tried to contain the huge muscles that were clearly visible on the impossibly wide back. Alex turned around and looked straight into the fallen star athlete’s eyes: sitting down he was the same height of the standing Logan. “I hope you don’t mind I’ve put on your shirt. Mine doesn’t fit anymore”, he said. Logan’s mouth hung open in disbelief, but no sound came out. Alex’ deep baritone voice send vibrations through his weak body as it echoed against the walls. His eyes wandered over the huge pecs and strong 12-pack abs pushing against the white fabric. “I tore off the sleeves. They were tight around your arms. They would’ve never been able to contain my arms”, Alex added matter-of-factly. Logan gazed at the ripped off sleeves. Some torn off strings lay atop the water boy’s beastly, perfectly round, cannonball-sized delts that stuck out widely at his sides. They led to unbelievably thick, football-sized, vein-covered biceps that hung relaxed next to the behemoth. Alex followed the quarterback’s gaze down and snickered as he saw Logan stare at the ribbon on his forearm. “I always marveled at how this ribbon highlighted your biceps. How big were they, captain?”, Alex asked. “25 inches”, Logan replied, his high-pitched voice drowning in the water boy’s deep baritone. “I only get them half way up my forearms. Means that my forearms are thicker than your biceps were”, Alex said and clenched his fist hard. Logan’s eyes widened as the cords of muscle on the forearm thickened. The elastic fabric of the ribbon split as it could no longer contain the tree-sized forearm. The fallen star athlete’s pathetic dick hardened to its new, 1 inch size at the sight. “Oops. Seems like my forearms are bigger than your pumped biceps were. And my pinky is longer and thicker than your baby dick”, Alex said as he held his pinky next to the quarterback’s hard cock. Logan looked down and tears filled his eyes as he realized that the behemoth was right. His dick was rock hard but was clearly shorter and thinner than the finger next to it. He lowered his head to hide his tears. “Look up at the new star of the team”, Alex said and put his finger under Logan’s chin to make him look up, “go ahead and cry like the weak little boy you now are.” Logan fought against his tears as he was forced to look into the behemoth’s eyes. “It’s time to inform the other members of the bulk squad there’s a new top dog on the team. Get dressed and lead me to Mike and Paul. Matt will be dealt with later. Oh, and from now on your place in the locker room is with the skinny boys on the other side of the table. Got it?”, Alex boomed. Sean and Keith jumped up from the bed as Connor barged into their room. “Why aren’t you back to your normal size?”, Keith asked as he stared up at his younger brother’s huge frame. “Oh, uncle said I first have to get Anton. Now I’m still big enough to carry him over to Tomas’ room. Then everything shall be how it’s meant to be”, Connor replied. “He’s locked away in the basement. The furthest door on the right when you go down the stairs”, Keith said. “Thanks. You guys stay here and in a couple of hours things will be back to normal”, Connor said and left. “Told you my brother was still the same good guy”, Keith said to Sean. “Something’s not right. You don’t think this is a trap set by Tomas to get Anton free?”, Sean asked. “No. I trust my little bro. You saw how my uncle made him repent and freed him from Tomas’ evil influence. Have some faith”, Keith stated. “I sure hope you’re right, buddy. I’ve got a strange feeling. We haven’t heard from Logan anymore. And wasn’t your brother supposed to be tutored by that Alex guy when we ran into him?”, Sean asked. A loud clap of thunder cut off their conversation. “See”, Keith said, “the fight between my uncle and Tomas is underway. I just know everything will turn out fine. Soon we’ll be back to our muscular selves and dominate the wrestle team again.” “Mike lives over there”, Logan said and pointed at the house in front of them. Alex had insisted on visiting Mike first, even though he lived off campus and Paul on. The long walk had only taken them a couple of minutes: after a few hundred yards, Alex had put Logan on his back because he couldn’t keep up with the behemoth’s long legs. Logan had wrapped his bony arms around the muscular bull neck and simply indicated the route. “His mum will probably be home”, Logan said as a huge paw grabbed his baggy shirt and put him down. “I’ll handle it. You go first and ring”, Alex boomed and shoved the 90 pound former quarterback toward the door as he stayed on the sidewalk Within seconds Mike’s mother opened the door. Before Logan could say a word, she said: “Oh, you must be Logan’s little brother. You have the same features as him. He’s just way bigger. What can I do for you?”. Logan fought against his tears and before he could speak, Alex emerged behind him. “Logan’s little, 12 year old brother brought me here, madam”, he said, “I’m the new star quarterback. Logan told me your son is one of our best players so I really wanted to meet him. Logan was feeling drained and he send his little bro to show me your house”. Mike’s mother looked in shock and lust at the heavily muscled athlete in front of her. She sensually licked her lips and her breathing fastened. She blushed as the quarterback blinked at her. “He’s in the uhn… pool. Should I uhn… call uhn… him?”, she blurted out. “Oh no, I don’t want to keep you from your work”, Alex said, “can we go join him?”. “Sure uhn… Just uhn… go around the house and call me uhn… if you need anything. Anything at all”, she lustfully said and stared into Alex’ eyes. Alex grabbed Logan’s bony shoulder and dragged him along to the backyard. “Stay here and don’t make a sound”, he said as he threw Logan onto the grass. He quickly removed his clothes and silently lowered himself in the pool. Mike was floating around on an inflatable crocodile, enjoying the warmth of the sun. The crocodile suddenly flipped over and he landed in the water with a splash. “Must have lost my balance”, he said to himself as he resurfaced in the center of the pool. He looked at the side of the pool and noticed his phone was ringing. He swam toward the edge but around halfway the distance something grabbed his thigh. He yelled in surprise and struggled. The thing released his thigh. He looked around but didn’t see anyone. Suddenly, a large paw grabbed his ankle and dragged him back to the center of the pool. Mike shoved and struggled but his muscular leg could break free. He extended his arms, trying to swim away as his 262 pound, athletic body was dragged to the center of the pool. The paw released his ankle and Mike put his feet on the pool floor. He turned around quickly to see who or what was in there with him. A big shadow fell over Mike as Alex emerged from the water. Water cascaded down from his gigantic muscles, highlighting the deep cuts and lines as he rose up and up, towering over the 5’8 athlete. Mike froze and stared in awe at the muscular beast inches away from him. His football instincts alarmed his brain and ordered him to flee. Before he could back away, two huge paws grabbed his armpits and hoisted him up until he was eyelevel with the strangely familiar giant. His torso was exposed up to his speedo, his legs were still in the water but his feet didn’t reach the floor anymore. He was totally at the mercy of the beast that held him effortlessly. “Came to tell you there’s a new captain on the team”, Alex boomed at the athlete that felt like a feather in his grip. “Alex?”, Mike gasped in disbelief. His brain alarmed him to break free and run for it but his body didn’t react to the commands. He just stared at how the formerly skinny water boy dwarfed him in height and width: Alex’ broad, perfectly round, beastly shoulders were twice as broad than his own thick ones. “How?” “Let’s say that Logan already paid for his faults”, Alex replied and ripped off Mike’s speedo, “Liking what you see?”. Mike shivered as the cold air brushed against his hardening dick. “Let me go, please”, he pleaded as he held his hands in front of his inflating 8 incher. He wiggled and flexed his torso but the strong arms that held him didn’t budge. “You gonna do whatever your new captain says?”, Alex asked and shook him lightly. Mike’s vision danced as his 262 pound body rocked back and forth by the sheer force of the behemoth. His hard cock smacking against his eight-pack. “Yes, I’ll do whatever you say”, he said quickly. “Good. But I want to make sure you know your place”, Alex said. He turned Mike around, slammed his back against his own protruding pecs and rammed his engorged 20 incher into his teammate’s ass. “No!”, Mike cried in pain as inch after inch of the thick, hard cock invaded his ass. “Everything okay, boys?”, Mike’s mother asked as she emerged at the backdoor. Lust exploded down her body as she stared Alex’ exposed muscular torso. “Mum, help. He’s raping me. Call the cops!”, Mike cried in fear as tears flowed over his cheeks. “Everything’s okay, Madam. Just a little horseplay between teammates”, Alex said and bounced his pecs, making striations explode over them. A large wet stain formed on Mike’s mother’s pants and she rushed back into the house. “You didn’t think I was going to stop ‘cause your mother was here? No one can stop me. Let’s have some fun”, Alex said and began swimming around the pool with Mike impaled on his dick. Mike was pushed under water by Alex’ beastly body as he swam lap after lap. Mike took deep breaths every time he could but his vision began going black. Alex turned around and continued swimming on his back, exposing Mike atop his frame. Mike took deep breaths to fill his lungs. His head rested on Alex’ protruding, half melon-sized pecs, his ass aching as the thick, engorged 20 incher jolted inside it, his own 8 incher pointed stubbornly hard at the sky. He grabbed hold of Alex’ sides and pushed to free himself. Alex put his left paw on Mike’s chest, covering it entirely and began shoving him up and down his monster cock. Mike fought with all his might, but the behemoth’s left arm easily overpowered his 262 pound body. His well-trained muscles flexed and a loud moan escaped his mouth as his 8 incher exploded: four loads of cum shot straight upward and splattered down onto his eight-pack. “I lasted longer when I was a runt”, Alex grunted in his ear between fastening breaths. Soon enough his balls churned and began blasting loads of sticky cum through the long shaft of his engorged 20 incher. The pressure build inside Mike as more cum blasted into his intestines. After about five minutes Alex pulled Mike from his still hard cock, shot a final load in Mike’s face and tossed the 262 pound athlete away in the pool. Mike resurfaced and stared at the insanely muscular back as Alex climbed from the pool. He ogled the display of striations and veins as the behemoth toweled his meaty muscles. Alex pulled on Logan’s shirt again and looked down as he heard Mike’s phone ringing. He grabbed it and saw that it was an incoming call from Logan. He crushed the phone in his paw and dropped the remains in the pool. “I own the team from now”, he bellowed at Mike and left. Logan tried recalling Mike in vain. Suddenly, his feet left the ground and he stared into Alex’ angry face. The giant took the phone from his hand and crushed it between his fingers. “Not smart to make me angry, you worm”, Alex boomed in his face, “get me to Paul!” Back at Orchid University Connor forced the lock and slammed open the door indicated by his runt brother. He rushed inside the room and discovered the past out Anton dangling in the center of the room. He ripped off the thick chains and gently put the bruise covered, 580 pound body over his shoulder. He returned to Tomas’ room where he slowly put Anton on the bed. “Will he be okay?”, he asked as looked down on the painfully breathing beast. “He’s heavily injured, but will recover. He’ll just need some time. I’ll use my magic to speed up his recovery but it will still take some weeks. The ritual will have to wait ‘till then”, Tomas said. Tomas fetched an ancient looking book from his desk, opened it and ordered Connor to stand back. He began invoking strange incantations. An infernal heath invaded the room and Anton’s 580 pound body began floating above the bed. “Restitutionem salubris, bestia meae! Revigorationem corpus suis! Ego! Hic! Nunc!” Small dark clouds formed above Anton’s body and little lightning flashes shot into his thick, meaty muscles. Faint grunts left Anton’s mouth with every lighting that struck. Connor stared in awe at the scene, wondering just how powerful Tomas was. As promptly the clouds had appeared, they disappeared. Anton’s body gently landed on the bed. “Now my pet can recover in peace. You helped me bring down those priests and saved my pet”, Tomas said to Connor, “Name your reward. Whatever you will, you’ll get!”. Connor scratched his stubbly beard as he thought and smiled as he got an idea. “I want Kurt”, he said. “Consider it done”, Tomas replied, “Now go train yourself for the ritual. You have 10 days to be ready!”. Connor nodded and left the room. Logan’s knees buckled slightly as his feet hit the ground again. Alex had thrown him on his broad back once more as they had returned to Orchid University. “That’s his room”, he said as he pointed at a door on his left. “Good”, Alex said. He motioned the fallen star athlete to enter and they barged into the room. Paul stood up from his desk and turned around as his door opened. He quizzically looked at the two strangely familiar figures that entered. “Logan? Alex? What the hell happened to you guys?”, he asked as he recognized them. Logan began to speak, but Alex quickly cut him off: “Sit and shut up!”, he bellowed. Paul and Logan instantly sat down on the bed. Paul wrapped his muscular arm around his buddy to protect him. “The new team captain wants to have some fun with his teammates. Strip!”, Alex ordered and began pulling off his own clothes. Paul and Logan got up and did as they were told, removing their pants and shirts. Logan stared down to avoid Paul’s gaze; he wasn’t used to being the smallest guy. “You have a scale and a tape here?”, Alex asked, savoring how he outsized the others. “In the bathroom”, Paul replied. “Get them, boy”, Alex said to Logan, who sprang into the bathroom to fetch them. “Let’s check our weight”, Alex said and put Logan on the scale. “What does it say?”, he asked Paul. “90 pounds”, Paul read from the scale. “That’s even smaller than I was”, Alex said, “seems like you fell from quarterback to flatback. Your turn!”. Logan stepped down and Paul stepped on the scale. “275”, Logan peeped in his high-pitched voice. “That’s a start”, Alex said and shoved Paul from the scale. “What does it say?” “5… 501 pounds”, Logan said in disbelief staring up at the tower of muscle in front of him. He couldn’t even see Alex’ face as the protruding rack of pecs blocked it from his view. “Yeah! A real man now leads the team”, he boomed and kicked the scale aside. “We’ve always admired your arms, ‘Captain Canon’”, Alex said, “Why don’t you let Paul measure them?”. Logan shook his head but knew he couldn’t resist the alpha man. He reluctantly raised his right arm and flexed it, avoiding to look at it. Paul wrapped the tape around the bony arm, whispering “I’m sorry, man”, and tightened it: “5 inches”, he said. “Seems like the canons aren’t loaded anymore”, Alex said laughingly, “Let’s make our new flatback measure your quads, ‘quadster’”. Paul handed the tape to Logan and flexed his thickly muscled quads. He controlled his breathing as he felt his former team captain’s hands on his thighs: he had always secretly lusted after Logan’s beefy body and even now that he had shrunken down, Logan still turned him on. Logan wrapped the tape across the meaty quad, noticing how the cock in Paul’s briefs slowly hardened. “35 inches”, he said admiringly, “man, I’ve always felt intimidated by your legs. Didn’t realize they were this big”. “Sorry to interrupt you ladies, but it’s time for something big now”, Alex boomed and sat down on the bed, “Measure this, flatback!”. Paul and Logan stared as Alex extended his right arm. The size of the vein-covered, meaty forearm seemed to rival Logan’s quads. Logan looked up expectantly at the even juicier bicep. “Not yet”, Alex said with a smirk, “first measure my forearm.” Logan put the tape around the tree-sized forearm. He gasped as Alex clenched his fist, making the steely hard cords of muscles swell and even more veins explode under the paper-thin skin. “37 inches”, he whispered and pulled away the tape. “Bigger than your quads, ‘quadster’”, Alex boomed, “Ready for a real big arm now?”. Logan and Paul gawked in awe as Alex raised his right arm. The thick tricep hung low and was clearly separated from the football-sized bicep. The bicep exploded upward and outward as Alex brought in his forearm: veins exploded all over the pineapple-sized orb of beef that swelled atop the arm. “Measure it, flatback!” Logan slowly and admiringly wrapped the tape around the ball of muscle, groping it in the process. His one inch dick was rock hard as his hands felt the impossibly thick bicep. His eyes widened even more as Alex hardened his flex and the peak swelled some more. “Well, what does it say?”, Alex asked. “Just over 55 inches”, Logan peeped. “Bigger than both your former arms crammed together! Seems like there’s a ‘King Canon’ on the team now, flatback”, Alex boomed. Logan couldn’t believe the size of Alex’ arms. His hand couldn’t even fit around the beastly peak anymore. He put his other hand on the other side of the peak and even then it still wasn’t totally covered. His dick leaked a feeble load as Alex stood up and he hung from the pineapple-sized bicep. Logan’s weak grip faltered and he fell on the ground on his ass, Paul quickly helped him to his feet. Alex looked down on the two athletes and laughed, savoring how he dominated them. He grabbed Logan, effortlessly lifted his undefined 90 pound body, tore off his briefs and tossed him on the bed. “Hey! Leave him alone!”, Paul said loudly. “You gonna make me?”, Alex asked. He turned around and looked down on Paul’s 275 pound frame. Paul gulped and stepped back as the behemoth in front of him slightly flexed his beastly muscles. “I thought so, Alex said and ripped off Paul’s boxers too, “Now you’re gonna fuck our flatback.” “No. I won’t hurt him”, Paul replied instantly and looked at the diminished Logan on the bed. “Wrong answer”, Alex said. He quickly made a fist and slammed it against Paul’s defined, strong abs. The meaty paw busted right through the hard muscles and sank deeply into the 275 pound athlete’s stomach “Augh”, Paul yelled in pain. Alex grabbed hold of his left armpit and effortlessly lifted him off the floor. He ripped off Paul’s boxers and roughly stroked his cock to hardness. Paul’s feet dangled in the air and his muscular frame rocked back and forth as the behemoth pulled on his inflating cock. Within seconds the meaty paw had it to its 7 inches. Logan got up and slid from the bed. “Let him go!”, he peeped in his high-pitched voice and threw his tiny, weak fists against the former water boy’s beastly 12-pack. “Feels like a fly on my frame”, Alex said. He grabbed the diminished quarterback’s torso, covering it entirely with his paw, and tossed him back on the bed on his stomach. He released Paul’s rock hard 7 incher and threw him on his now frail teammate. “Augh”, Logan grunted as the 275 pound Paul fell on his weak 90 pound body. “Let’s have some fun”, Alex boomed. He positioned Paul’s cock against Logan’s ass en rammed it hard into it. “Augh!”, Logan cried out in pain as the engorged 7 incher was slammed into him completely. “I’m sorry, buddy”, Paul whispered in Logan’s ear and slowly pulled back. “Were just beginning”, Alex said. He put his left paw on Paul’s lower back and rammed him back into their skinny teammate. “No! Please”, Logan peeped in agony. Pain exploded through his weakened 90 pound body as Paul’s hard cock kept being slammed into his ass and his 275 pound frame was being pushed against him. Tears flowed from his eyes as his frail body protested against the treatment. “I’m so sorry, man”, Paul whispered every time the behemoth shoved him hard into the bony ass. He positioned his muscular arms at his sides and tried resisting the large paw on his lower back. “Your weak arms are no match for my left arm”, Alex smirked and began pushing even harder. At the same time, his right hand roamed his own thick, protruding pecs and played with his nipples. The bed creaked in protest as Paul’s 275 pound body kept being pushed up and down atop the now crying Logan. Logan grunted in pain as he felt the hard 7 incher twitch inside him. Paul’s hard muscles flexed against his weak back as orgasm raced through him and his cock exploded down the bony ass. “No need to thank me, guys”, Alex said laughingly, “See you boys at practice tomorrow. And don’t be late!”. He released Paul’s back, put on his cloths and abandoned his battered teammates. “I’m so sorry, man. Are you okay?”, Paul asked as he withdrew his deflating cock from Logan’s ass. Logan didn’t react. He peeped a final time as the head of his teammates cock left his worn out ass. He rolled himself into a ball, grabbed his knees and laid on the bed crying in pain and shame. Paul gently patted his hair and wrapped his arm around his fallen team captain. “He’ll never touch you again, I swear”, he said, “We’ll get back on him tomorrow at practice with the entire team.”. Logan sobbed weakly in his big friend’s protective grasp.
  14. Omiganda

    B.I.G.: Spring Break (Part 1)

    So I havent posted in a while because of my desire to invent new hobbies lately. I apologize for anyone waiting on my other stories but they were all waiting for a new child to be born from my mind. This is the newest story I have but the trick this is that this is not the main story. This is only a chunk of the outer scope of a main idea. I've been waiting to try and write a story this big and, now, I think I'm ready to give it a go. The next part will be the actually main story that goes into the continuous section so, until then, I hope this gives you an idea of where I'm heading. B.I.G.: Spring Break Part 1 “Are you sure your brother isn’t a drug dealer, Troy?” asked Kent as he looked up at the tall building in front of them. He and his 3 friends just stood outside looking at it, their eyes moving from window to door to front lawn as they all were baffled by the size of the beautiful building they were going to spend Spring Break in. “He’s not. He just can’t help being great at computer engineering and working as a director for his company” said Tory, the mastermind of the trip. It was a long distance from Minnesota and what better place to be than by the ocean in Florida. Kent, a freshman in college, along with some other good friends, Davis and Luis. Kent wouldn’t normally have been dragged across 1/3 of the country for a single week of vacation but somehow all of them had been dragged along with their rich junior friend, Troy Roman. Back when all 4 of them had been in high school, the 4 of them had been the best of friends. It was only when Troy had left for college that they’d all started to detach from each other. That wasn’t the entire reason, of course, but it was probably one of the biggest causes for their alienation from each other. “Well, at least we get to live the good life for a week” Davis said. “No jobs, no chores, no responsibilities. Just a big open space” Luis said as he threw an arm around Davis’s shoulders. This remark deserved an agreeing nod from Kent and Troy as they both were still looking up at the clean, white building. The building resembled the kind of house you’d expect a famous actor/actress to have. The windows were paneless and glistened with a sparkled clean that you couldn’t get even after years of polishing. Surrounded by a white wall and a gate, the structure looked like a building one would only see in a gated community. The perfectly white building had many edges to it and was flat at the top, a difference from the traditional rooves one would see in Minnesota. There were several palm trees set around the building that glistened in the afternoon sunlight. The street that the group was standing on was paved beautifully as though it were just recently done. Seagulls and sounds from the ocean came from behind the building. Kent turned his head to Troy again. “Why did you say you wanted us to come again?” “I just wanted to catch up, Clark” Troy said as he gave Kent a grin and his dimples showed. Kent’s face reddened a little and turned away to his phone as if to check his messages. Kent didn’t believe Troy even if he did call him by that joke of a nickname he’d made for him back when they still knew each other like good friends. Kent knew the kind of people Troy was around. His click was mostly a group at his fraternity that so happened to have denied his invitation to his brother’s summer home for the break. Some had made plans already. Some said that they had tests to make up for. Some just simply didn’t want to go with Troy. Kent didn’t personally know any of the fraternity brothers of Troy’s but he knew some of their histories. He’d overheard in the university cafeteria that Troy had been bad mouthing some of the brothers and may have been betting on the school team behind closed doors. Being the guy that he was, Kent was as skeptical as possible regarding Troy’s situation. They were most certainly Troy’s very last resort. Kent could see in Troy’s personality that he would have brought a bushel of girls over them. It was the fact that he didn’t that puzzled him. Kent was red for a reason. Troy was a solid 10 when it came to ratings in hotness. He had dirty blonde hair with a pair of blue eyes that could stop a truck. Troy’s jawline was angular and screamed masculinity when he smiled. When he smiled, his eyes just seemed to get brighter than ever and made it hard for anyone not to trust him. His hair was well done while still giving off that kind of bed head only a perfect male model would have. He was wearing a plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up that showed off the glistening, tanned skin on his muscular forearms. The shirt was well formed but it was difficult to disguise the bulging muscles beneath Troy’s tight, grey tanktop. His muscular pecs could be clearly seen and his six pack was no exception. Kent couldn’t resist the 5 o’clock shadow covered grin that his model hot old friend Troy gave him as he dripped sex appeal. Kent was glad he was wearing a jacket that covered hovered above his crotch. His shorts were being mildly forgiving of his big erection as he tried to disguise and turn slightly away. Troy looked back to Luis and Davis and raised an eyebrow. “Shit, you two are at it already?” he asked as Luis and Davis made out slowly and heatedly against their rented car. Luis’s handsome grin turned to us and he gave us his devilish glare. He’d always had that kind of handsome charisma to his face. His brown eyes were flickering with a mischievous gaze past his black curls. “We were nice enough to wait till we got here. Be glad we didn’t have cum all over your backseat” he said as he turned back to Davis, put a finger beneath his chin, and gave Davis another deep kiss. Troy scratched his head like he was pondering how to react before shrugging. Kent always felt that all of them being gay EXCEPT Troy was just cruel punishment from the universe. Troy was probably one of the hottest guys Kent had ever known and yet, though 3 out of 4 of them were gay, he was the one feeling out of place. After Davis and Luis had gotten together in their senior year of high school, Kent never felt like he’d be truly courageous enough to tell them that he himself was gay. It would have been awkward in his perspective. Kent would never live it down. “Well, we need to drop our shit off then get a good drive going” Troy said as he went and opened the back of the car and threw a duffel bag over his shoulder, his forearm muscles bulging. Kent, Davis, and Luis followed suit as they grabbed some bags and also began to carry some luggage through the front door. The inside of the house might have been even better than the outside in design. The wooden floors were polished to the point where you couldn’t imagine a particle of dirt being on them. The kitchen was large and appeared to be stocked with food thanks to Troy calling his maid service ahead of time. The living room was big with a widescreen TV in the wall, crystal tables and stands, a crystal chandelier, pictures of expensive looking modern art, assorted ferns and plants in the corners, and a mini bar placed artfully with a row of stools. The stairs leading up to the 2nd floor revealed a somewhat long hallway of rooms that went from beautiful porcelain bathrooms to well furnished bedrooms all with king sized beds wearing silk covers and each owning another large widescreen TV in the wall. When they’d dropped off all their stuff and went to the back of the house, a pool reached out into the distance surrounded by lawn chairs shaded by umbrellas and a view of the ocean so magnificent you could watch for hours. “Don’t let me go, Luis!” Davis shouted playfully as he spread his arms and started a reenactment of Titanic. “Why would I? You’re one sweet piece of ass!” Luis joked as he wrapped his arms around Davis’s waist. The group all looked at the view for about 5 minutes until they’d finally come to the conclusion that they should see the city nearby before planning anything else. ------------------------ The drive around the city was definitely cool for Kent. He liked looking at other places in brochures for distant hotels and in the movies he watched so seeing it all up close wasn’t that bad. They were driving for a good while beside the ocean and even dived through the streets of the city to scout possible places for their nighttime adventure. After leaving a sandwich shop they’d went to for lunch, they drove back home to briefly switch clothing. “Ok, we’re going out and we’re getting laid” Troy said as he threw his shirt off, dropped his pants unabashed and ran up the stairs wearing nothing but a tanktop and some tight boxerbriefs that Kent couldn’t help watching head up the stairs. “Why do we have to leave to get laid, I can get some ass right here” Luis said as he grabbed Davis around the waist and pressed lips to his. Kent’s jaw clenched watching his friends kiss. It always struck a note in his chest watching people who were together show it off. “Come on, babe, we might be able to pull off a threesome if we play our cards right” Davis said between kisses. “Uh… I think I’m staying here for the night” Kent said as he turned away and headed for the living room couch. Luis and Davis looked over to Kent. “Why? Don’t tell me you’re afraid to meet a girl outside of little ol’ Minnesota” said Davis. “No, I just think I need a good nap before I do anything big this week.” The two lovers looked at each other with interested glances before Luis shrugged. That was usually their sign that they’d let the situation go. However, Troy stepped in, coming down wearing a pair of tight skinny jeans that showed off his muscular legs and nothing else as he was putting on a tight striped shirt, flashing his abs to everyone before it came down and pulled over his defined muscles. Troy threw on a puka shell necklace and threw his leather jacket over the sofa before throwing his arm around Kent’s shoulders and wagging a finger down at the much shorter boy. “You’re not missing out on our first night on the town, Clark. Time for you to show your super human strengths and come home with a Louis Lane. Hell, if we’re drunk enough, we might pull us an orgy and have it out back here.” Kent was going to protest but Troy was giving that look again. Kent’s face reddened trying to force himself to disagree with those cheekbones. In defeat, he went along with Troy’s plan but not under his terms. “Don’t think you’re going out in that either” Troy said, looking over Kent’s blue jacket and his awkward looking white shorts. “You have to show the girls what your made. Go ahead upstairs, there should be some pants I wear that are tight enough on me for you to wear loose and, if anything, a shirt that shouldn’t look half bad either.” With a pat on the ass, Troy sent Kent forward to the stairs and waited patiently for him to come back with his suggestions on. Luis and Davis had already dressed for partying ahead of time and waited with Troy for Kent to come down. After what went to about 30 minutes, they heard the sound of Kent’s footsteps tapping on the steps and they all got up to leave. Kent was blushing as he wore a white shirt with skinny jeans that fit well to his body. His shoes, which were usually the best thing he wore, helped in making him look great as he wore the red hi tops over the ends of the jeans to disguise the extra leg length. All together, Kent looked great. “Damn, we should have you wear stuff like that more often” Luis said as his mouth was agape along with Davis’. Troy came up to Kent and lightly punched him on the arm. “That’s more like it.” Kent just shook it all off as his friends pushing his buttons. “Let’s just wrap this up” was the last thing he said before they were off to begin their story that night. “That’s right, everyone wrap it up or else you’re coming back with a rash!” ------------------------ The city lights were like a decoration of Christmas ornaments across a ground surface below their view. Driving into was like driving into a light show as we went down the streets like all the other night time cruisers. The town was full with night goers looking for a good time. 4 of them were driving in their Jeep through the pool of people going around, checking out their surroundings in a new lighting. It took roughly 10 minutes before Davis and Luis told Troy to stop the car. They were in front of a gay bar with bright pink signs. “Don’t wait up” Luis said as he smiled into Davis’s neck. Troy shook his head with a grin as he saw the waved them off. “I don’t want to see any add ons unless they’re chicks, understood?” Davis and Luis just laughed as they turned and headed inside the bar. Troy and Kent were alone now, the engine still purring. “I think we need to come down with a case of sweet ass, bro” Troy said as they headed to a party Troy’d heard about nearby. Kent was sitting on the couch alone next to a guy passed out from drinking way too much alcohol and letting it knock him out. Kent was sipping hard lemonade with an expression of unknown origin. His face wasn’t the happy variety, nor was it the kind of sadness. It was the kind of someone who’d made plans that he couldn’t make use of. A party with no other guys he knew besides his super crush ex-friend who barely knew him anymore. Kent had to sit there and watch people pass by for minutes on end as he sipped and received an extremely dim buzz. The lights in the room were low so that those couples and “couples” could make out in semi-privacy in the dark corners. It was like a cesspool on its way to a room orgy between horny 20 somethings, people who didn’t know each other, and half asleep drunks. Kent was in the middle of all of it trying to keep composed and unaffected but it was difficult. After 30 minutes, he couldn’t take any more and tried to leave. Problem is, he didn’t want to leave without Troy. He found Troy a few minutes later talking to some girl. It took less than a minute for Kent to notice that, even when half drunk, the girl was finding nothing interesting about Troy as she passed him a “Fuck off, perv” and turned to leave. Troy grabbed her arm and held tight in his drunken stupor. “Hey……. Wait. I’m not…. *burp*…. Done talking to you” he mumbled. The girl shook him off and smacked him hard across the face, sending him sprawling back and landing in Kent’s arms. Kent ignored the shifting in his pants as he watched him lie in his arms for a moment before shifting awake. “Wha?” he said as he looked up to see Kent. “Oh hey, buddy, I missed you.” “You alright, “buddy”?” Kent responded. “Fuck off man, I need to go..” he mumbled to low for Kent to hear. “What?” Kent asked. “FUCK OFF!” With that Kent was shoved and sent sprawling into a coffee table, shattering the glass and knocking over plastic red cups as Troy turned to leave. Kent pulled himself out of the mess as people crowded around him taking pictures for future internet media. ------------------------ Troy was trudging in no direction particularly as he went down the street with a beer in hand and a sleepy expression on his face. Troy scratched his stubble before he ran into a fence and dragged himself off of it before continuing. He ended up turning into an alley way with few lights that was hard to see with the alcohol making him see curvy lines and waves. It was like looking out your car window while in a car wash. Flashes of his frat mates and other friends went through his mind as he thought about all of the things that happened before getting there. He couldn’t forget how his friends turned on him after learning his parents were cutting him off and his ‘girlfriend’ avoided him. He didn’t know why he called her his girlfriend since he himself thought she was nothing more than a bossy bitch. His frat members had turned on him after learning of the cut off too and were questioning if he’d help pay for the house rent this month. “Fuck ‘em” Troy belched before something unexpected happened. A large moving thing came at him like a train and practically rammed into him. Things happened too quickly for him to register. One moment, he was running into a guy who’d probably mugged him the way he hit him so hard and kept walking and the next, he was pressed against the wall by the same man as if he’d turned around at lightning speed and was holding him to the bricks. “Lemme go man!” he shouted as he struggled against the man’s grasp. All he could see when he tried to look up at the surprisingly tall man’s face was a red cap. He was wearing a jogging suit that looked like it was stretching around a big creature. The man was breathing hard as he looked down at the struggling Troy but, if Troy had been fully sober, he’d have seen the fact that the man’s arm was unmoving and unflexed. Almost as though he was barely trying or trying not to press him through the wall. Troy was struggling for a solid minute before he tried to shout for help. Of course, his cry was met with something unexpected. The large man had kissed him and he’d gotten a glimpse of someone with beautifully smooth and reddened skin. The man had a 5 o’clock shadow of black that was too hot to pass up and, as time progressed, Troy began to notice it less and less. Lights flashed in his brain as the unexpected occurred and he tried to figure how to respond. He didn’t expect his response to be relaxing and melting into the kiss though. Troy’s knees buckled as his body warmed up to the feeling of the man’s strong tongue in his mouth. His eyes were fluttering as he experienced feelings he’d never felt with his girlfriend, even when fully drunk. His hands were loosened around the thick forearm of the man holding him against the wall and he fought less to be freed. It was like a cyclone of sex and hormones hitting him all at once as he let the kiss take him. When the man pulled back 4 minutes later, Troy surprisingly still had his eyes closed and his mouth agape as he felt the feelings fade only slightly. Some part of him wanted more but he didn’t know why. The man pulled back and his big, muscular chest came into view as he looked down at Troy with his face still in shadow. Though Troy could make out a grin on that beautifully crafted jawline, he could see nothing else. “You’re perfect” the man’s deep, gruff voice said as his free arm reached down to grab at something. Troy looked down to see what the man was grabbing and his eyes bucked as he saw him grab his pants, pull down, and something came free. He was almost afraid to guess what it was by all the size it owned. It was like a log had grown out of his assaulter’s pants and had flew out to thwack him in the groin too. The man was holding him at the end of his arm length still, more than 2 feet away. The man’s muscles didn’t even tense as he pushed Troy down to his knees and the large log thwacked him in the face a few times. “Suck” was the only word Troy was given. To Be Continued……..
  15. He grabs Bloodstone’s scrubs and tears them off including his underwear. He then turns the doctor around and starts slapping his leaky pole on his ass. The doctor tries to get away but Davis holds him down with his free hand. ‘I just want to see if this protein can be transferred to another man. Remember you told me that if I came, I would shrink so…..if I pump it into you…..would you fucking grow from it? My mind absolutely loves the thought of that doctor because I have this craving that won’t go away.’ ‘DAVE! NO! Don’t do this! Your curiosity got the best of you. Why should I have to bear the brunt of your decision?’ The big man secures Bloodstone and picks him up to carry him over to a table. He puts him down and tells him to get on his knees. The doctor tries to resist him, but is not strong enough to really make any kind of move. ‘You wanna play doctor? HUH? *slaps Bloodstone’s chest and back* Get on your knees… and I both know that you can’t stop me from pumping you full of this stuff.’ He lifts the doctor up off the table and arranges his legs so that he is on all fours as Bloodstone’s hairy ass glistens with sweat. Davis moans as he looks at it and moves down to run his tongue along the doctor’s hole. He slaps his ass a few times which makes Bloodstone submit a little. Davis’s strong hands travel up and down the doctor’s back making him relax. Bloodstone’s hairy cock starts to harden making Davis laugh as he slowly parts the doctor’s ass lips with his tongue. He stops after a few minutes to reach his free hand between the nervous man’s legs to massage his hairy ballsac and pet the 9x6” rod that the doctor is sporting. He is very impressed with how equipped Bloodstone is. ‘See…..this isn’t so bad is it Ross. In fact, I am hungry for some of that beautiful meat to go along with the peanut butter you made me. You told me to relax before remember? I think you should relax now.’ Davis pulls the doctor’s cock and balls underneath his legs so he can get a taste of them. The big man licks his big ballsac and lightly sucks on it tasting some of the fear emanating from Bloodstone’s body. He moans as he runs his tongue up and down the thick cock and plays with the head on it flicking his tongue a few times. The doctor trembles feeling sensations rushing up and down his body. At this point, Davis knows that he has Bloodstone willing to give in to his advances. He swallows the huge pole and gulps each time it hits his throat. The doctor moans long and hard feeling it rub the big man’s insides. Davis gets a rhythm going that makes Bloodstone hump his mouth. The big man lets out several ‘mmmmm’’s knowing that he is winning the doctor over. He takes his other hand that was holding the doctor in place and slowly pushes a few fingers inside Bloodstone’s hole. ‘STOP IT PLEASE DAVE! Uhhhh……*winces*. I can’t do this…..why subject me to such torture?’ *Davis stops sucking for a few moments* ‘You are not fighting me anymore doctor otherwise I wouldn’t be working your cock over so easily. I am really hungry for some of your spunk by the way. Is this part of your secret formula?’ *laughs* The big man goes back to working the doctor’s cock again with his mouth as he continues to rub the inside of Bloodstone’s hole. He can sense an urgency developing now and picks up his speed. He moans with each round tasting the doctor’s thick juicy precum as it coats his throat. He pulls on his own cock to get himself ready for the true test. He pulls the doctor’s cock out of his mouth to watch it spill its honey on his tongue. He smiles and kisses it a few times. ‘Okay doctor, it’s time for you to show me how much of a stud you are. Feed me Ross, I want it in my body.’ Davis starts stroking it rapidly making Bloodstone yell in ecstasy. He can’t hold back much longer and the big man knows it. He gives the doctor’s cock a few much rounds of sucking and feels his balls twitching wildly. He stops sucking right when the flood goes barreling down his throat. He slaps the doctor’s leg with his free hand and moans deeply gulping down each jet. Just when the unfortunate scientist thinks he is satisfied, the big man starts sucking again. The doctor agonizes and wants him to stop, but Davis will have none of it. ‘Ross… taste incredible. I want more…..I know there is more in you your balls are big and beautiful. *moves down to suck on them individually for a few minutes before going back to the doctor’s cock again* MMMMMM, makes those balls work for me Ross.’ He sucks in a steady rhythm making the doctor gasp as he feels another load starting to flow into his cock. Davis drains another load out of him swallowing every drop and letting it relax in his throat. He sighs and pulls his fingers out of the doctor’s ass and away from him. After a minute or so, he pulls Bloodstone’s cock out of his mouth and steps back. The doctor collapses on the table and moans from exhaustion. ‘It’s okay doctor, I will do all of the hard work now.’ Davis’s big cock drools in anticipation of entering Bloodstone. The big man rubs it on the doctor’s hole which seems primed for entry. His cock slowly pushes its way inside as the eager top picks the scientist up against him and holds him in place. He thrusts methodically in and out while Bloodstone just mumbles jibberish. ‘I won’t torture you very long I promise. Besides my balls are so bloated I couldn’t hold back much longer anyway.’ Davis’s voice cracks as he feels his ballsac contracting and pushing the cum directly into his cock. With a few hard thrusts, he sprays the inside of the doctor’s intestines with his thick spunk. Bloodstone groans feeling it rush inside him. There isn’t anything he can do at this point. Davis pulls out of him and lays him back on the table. A stream of cum flows on the floor from the doctor’s anus as the big man falls to the floor and rubs his cock and balls. He looks at his arms and flexes them a few times to just admire their beauty. He looks up at the scientist and wonders if anything will happen to him now. ‘Well, looks like the waiting game now Ross. Maybe I need to try and coax it to wake up inside you.’ The doctor scoots his way to the edge of the table and falls off landing on his side. He yells in pain as he continues to move away from Davis. The big man seems uninterested in following him since he isn’t moving very fast. Bloodstone leaves the supply room and heads for the chemical shower located on the other side of the panic room. He doesn’t hear the big man following him so he tries to crawl a little faster. He gets to the shower and pulls himself up slowly to pull the lever to turn the shower on. Davis now decides to get up and enters the room. ‘HA, what are you doing doctor? I don’t think washing yourself off is going to matter all that much.’ Davis goes and picks up the jar of peanut butter and makes a motion like he is going to stick his hand inside it. He hears the doctor groaning and sees him fall to the ground grasping his stomach. A huge smile appears on the bodybuilder’s face as he realizes that this may very well work. He walks over to Bloodstone and gets down on his knees to look at him. The doctor is now hurting so badly that he can’t even look up. ‘Hurts doesn’t it Ross…..when it first started in me I thought I was dying, but once it reached my balls, I was in heaven.’ The doctor’s lean frame begins to make a few popping sounds as his abs jut out a bit. The big man watches them intently as he rubs each eight individual tiles. Bloodstone looks terrified as he feels it moving through him. His lower body’s muscles stretch and pull outward forming into small vascular tree trunks stretching all the way down to his ankles and feet. Davis massages them slowly as they finish growing. ‘You are not going to be quite as large as me it seems, but I have to say I still like what I am seeing.’ Bloodstone’s flat pecs fill out next as he strains to breathe. His arms are growing entirely new veins inside them as they branch all the way up and down his hands and shoulders. His back and ass pop several times growing slightly larger and wider than before. High-pitched stretching noises radiate from the sides of his back as lats seem to come out from nowhere. Once it finally gets to his balls and cock, the doctor looks like he is completely spent and passes out. Strange stretching sounds are now coming from his crotch as the big man notices the doctor’s ballsac growing larger as his testicles blow up in size. His cock grows even thicker than before which immediately gets the attention of Davis. ‘MMMMM doctor, I think you are going to need this taken care of again.’ He leans down and licks the swollen cockhead with his tongue and figures out that he can shove it inside the piss slit. The doctor lies motionless not reacting to any of this stimulation. The big man slurps the river of honey that is now flowing freely from inside and moans deeply. Within a few seconds though, he starts to feel a bit weird and stops drinking the fluid. He falls backwards onto the floor and starts to rub his face and head. Bloodstone wakes up and looks over to stare straight at him. He quickly crawls over to Davis and throws the big man’s legs over his shoulders. He gets up on his knees to return the favor on the big man. He shoves his massive cock inside the bodybuilder and starts fucking him relentlessly. Davis agonizes feeling the doctor filling him up with that fluid. His muscles begin to shrink slightly as his cock immediately erupts. Bloodstone grabs his legs and moves both of them over to the jar before angling Davis’s huge cock inside it as it cums steadily. The big man looks absolutely horrified seeing the cum starting to mesh with the peanut butter inside. He continues to shrink and starts crying uncontrollably as he nearly returns back to his original size. The doctor slows his fucking down and squeezes Davis’s balls trying to get every last drop out of the shrinking man. Davis can no longer speak because he is so exhausted. The doctor pulls his huge cock out and gets up off the ground with the jar in tow. He takes it over to one of the media stations and returns to the supply room to retrieve his potions and scrubs before coming back. He pours one of them inside with the peanut butter where it merges with the cum and starts glowing. The doctor smiles and documents it on his tablet that was sitting in his pants. He flexes his new muscles and turns back around to look at the shocked man lying on the ground. ‘I just wanted to tell you Dave that the experiment was a rousing success. In fact, I would really like to thank you for imbuing me with muscles I haven’t had in ages. I actually needed someone like you to consume this protein just to see if it was the right combination and fortunately it was. Your brain chemistry improved as a result and you became very articulate which was a surprise. Although I wasn’t expecting you to rape me, I was not going to resist you.’ Davis looks at him in confusion and doesn’t really know where he is going with this. ‘You see Dave, I am part of something bigger, something…..very important. There are others like me that are trying to find ways to turn regular humans into muscle monsters. I think I might be the first one though to successfully keep the human mind from disappearing after transformation. Now, if you will excuse me I need to find a new set of clothes for this great new body of mine. I will send someone in to help clean you up so you can be sent into the recovery ward.’ The doctor grabs the jar, his tablet, and the remaining potions and leaves the area. Davis lays his head back down on the ground and starts sobbing again. With the experiment over, the doctor sets out for his next agenda.
  16. Omiganda

    m/m The Bear's Cub Part 10

    Part 1: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-1/ Part 2: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-2/ Part 3: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-3/ Part 4: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-4/ Part 5: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-5/ Part 6: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-6/ Part 7: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-7/ Part 8: http://muscle-growth...ars-cub-part-8/ Part 9: The Bear’s Cub Part 10 “WHERE’S MY CUB!!!” It was silent as I, Toxic, and Donut stood in the living room, the call of Bear cutting whatever was happening off. The air was thick with anticipation as we waited for someone to get in but no one did. I looked at Donut and he gave me a look to go check out what was up with Bear. I tip toed around the corner as if a live tiger was around the corner waiting for me to pounce but, instead, there was nothing there. I walked to the front door and everything seemed fine. Well, all except that there was an ungodly shadow at the door. It was really a trick of the light but, when I squinted, I realized that the door itself was crème colored. The space at the front door was filled with crème but it was also filled with white…. fabric? My eyes practically bulged out of their sockets as I realized that the door was wide open and there should have been a front porch to the house in the view. The door itself had to be roughly 8 feet tall due to its extremely tall occupants but it looked like something was lodged into it. I jumped back and needed the wall for support when the massive blockage moved and bear’s big, bearded face appeared. “Fuck! It’s like a dwarf house!” came the heavy bass of Bear’s voice. My ears vibrated and I thought that the house actually shook around me with the power of his voice. Bear had a big smile on his face that was only 100 times more handsome with the help of his beautiful brown eyes and big beard. “You mind if big ‘ol me comes to play, Cub?” he teased. My cock was hard and obvious with my briefs as the only means to cover it. I didn’t even question the extra, though minimal, increase in size beneath my undergarment as I was more concerned with the moving wall at the door. “Bear…. you’re so…… big” I said thoughtlessly as I actually grabbed my cock and watched him crouch. “Yeah, and Big Ol’ Bear wants to play with his little pups!” With that, Bear pulled in his shoulders and tried to slip his way through the door. 2 extra inches of excess Bear declared no dice as the house shook a little pushing Bear back. “Shit. I might have to break the door down” he said as he pulled back and studied the door. My cock was hard and angry as I watched Bear try to fit himself through the door. Thankfully, while laying on his side and wiggling his way in, Bear’s width made it through the door with a few feet to spare. I dared to wonder what would have happened if Bear had been any bigger in his attempt to get inside. Bear got off his knees and I just watch him reach higher and higher and higher till his head was hovering beneath the 10 foot ceiling. Bear was definitely a big customer as he filled much of the space in front of me. Bear smiled down at me and scratched his hairy stomach beneath his new shirt only for the bicep to tear. “Shit! This was the biggest thing they had at Buck’s Big and Tall” he said as he reached over and released a chorus of tears and straining noises trying to reached for the first tear. All of the clothes Bear was wearing was falling apart like tissue paper trying to contain the big, bulging muscles he had wrapped in them. Muscles with definition from hell flexed and bulged with even the slightest movement at Bear’s command. I was really using the wall to support my weight now as I couldn’t control my cock, pushing against the tight briefs like an angry beast. Bear giggled a heavy, throaty chuckle as he saw me strain watching him destroy his clothes. “Mmmm, looks like my little ol’ Cub wants a piece of Papa Bear, huh?” Bear stopped trying to stop his shirt from tearing and he came over to me. Bending the 2 foot distance in height to look me in the eyes. I was breathing roughly trying to contain myself in his presence. Bear’s eyes were so controlling and knowingly looking into me. He had a smile on his face as though he were fully aware that he had me on a leash. I think he knew. He closed in and I felt his bearded face touch my neck. With a gasp, I tried to collect myself but it was becoming useless. I would have let Bear take right there, regardless of the fact that Donut and Toxic were still in the other room. That didn’t happen, however, as Bear leaned into my ear and used his power to his advantage. “Get the other pups from the car, Cub.” I practically sprinted at his command. My body was moving before I could really think. We were in a town of houses where other college goers could see me sprinting on the lawn in my underwear but I didn’t care. I had to get to the other pups NOW. I was going to open the door when I realized the Hummer was rocking like it was on a spring board. I could hear it jostle from front to back trying to contain what was happening inside. I treaded carefully to the door and opened. What I saw had me leaking pre into my little briefs. Inside, a frenzy of sex was going on in the back seat. Muscles were going everywhere as a much bigger Taker, Balls, Hare, and Slugger were inside and kissing each other in their new clothes. None of them were wearing clothes big enough to conceal their physiques and I wasn’t complaining. They were over each other with aggressive kissing sessions and rough crotch rubbing like the horny college guys they were as they each tried to practically become united beings in everything from switching partners to making out to 4 way kisses. The air in the space was hot and their gasps, moans, and growls weren’t any less hot. It was like ferocious beasts having feral sex as each one got a taste of each other. Crotches rubbed crotches, chests pressed chests, arms touched arms to everything else. It was wild and I wanted nothing more but to be apart. It was 4 minutes before anyone registered I was there. “Hey, Cub” Hare said through rapid breath as Taker was kissing him from his chest down, his fish net tank top looking tight against his body. “You want to play too?” I was so close to accepting the invitation when Bear’s gaze filled my mind. “Bear wants us all together.” All the pups in the car suddenly stopped, looked at me like I’d just told them there was raining money, and then quickly shuffled to get out of the car. I jumped out of the way as Taker and Hare came out first, their size struggling to fit out of the car door at the same time before they dashed across the lawn. Balls and Slugger were following suit, both of them yanking up their shorts quickly without damaging their hefty merchandise. I quickly jogged safter them as I saw the last pup enter the house with my cock bouncing with the movement. I was quick to try and make it into the living room but I hit a wall. Well, not a wall exactly. More like a blockage of big, muscled pups waiting outside the perimeter of the living room. I tried to move some big biceps or back muscles out of my way or try to get around them but it wasn’t any use. I was the runt of the litter after all. Only when I was able to get around Hare was I able to make out what was happening. Bear was in the living room, his form nearly pressed against the high ceiling with his mass and Donut standing beside him looking a fraction as massive. That much muscle was unbelievable on one person. “Now, Toxic, I thought we talked about this. No fucking with my Baby Cub. You’ve been very naughty for the past few days, huh?” Bear sounded calm, upset, and amused at the same time as his heavy voice rumbled in our ears. It felt a lot he was playing with Toxic using his words. Of course, he wasn’t using them alone as we all watched him hold Toxic up on the ceiling. Even with all of his new muscles, Toxic was being held clear off and parallel to the ground the way someone would hold a board of plywood above ground with one hand. I couldn’t make it out from my perspective but Bear’s position for Toxic coincidentally was happening with Toxic still in the buff. His new, weighted cock was hanging like a fixture from the ceiling. It was hard and reddened with Toxic’s excitement and he wasn’t hiding it. Bear saw this and smiled at Toxic’s erection and grabbed it, making the big, smaller man quiver. “Oh, so you were just horny, huh? That’s funny, I only gave Slugger permission to play with my Baby Cub. Slugger? Did I give anyone else permission to play with Baby Cub?” “No, Bear” came Slugger’s deep voice in a kind of manly squeak. Bear looked up at Toxic again, who was squirming against the Bear’s grip. “Well, you know what that means. I can do whatever I want to you till I feel you’ve been punished.” Toxic’s eyebrows raised and he stopped struggling in Bear’s grip. Bear lightly smacked Toxic on the face. “Luckily, I’m fucking pissed and fucking horny at the same time. So you get the package.” Laughing came all over the room as Bear let Toxic down and threw him into Donut’s grip. “Get him ready” Bear said as he ripped the taters of his shirt clean off and dug his big hand into his tight white shorts. They looked like they were just begging to be released from his body. Donut had a big smile on his face as he held Toxic’s forearms from behind and took him over to the couch. Toxic put up a fight but it looked half assed. Balls and Taker went over and helped Donut in holding Taker down as they placed him firmly on the couch. Balls took out a bottle of lube from one of his big pockets and put all over his hand before going right for the kill. I gasped as I watched that big hand go right for Toxic’s bubbled ass and pulled it apart easily. “Mmmm, and it looks like your big and ripe, too” Donut said as he watched Balls shift his hand deeper. “Don’t bite your tongue” Taker chimed in as he continued to hold down Toxic’s back. Toxic moaned and groaned with pain and pleasure as his ass was widened by Balls’ big hands. Meanwhile, my cock was still hard and soaking my briefs. I wasn’t alone, though. Slugger and Hare already had their pants around their ankles and their muscular legs were in bold relief as they reached down for their cocks. I gasped at the new size they coveted. They were both atleast 20% than before! Which was saying a lot for Slugger! Slugger had claimed to 16 inches of cock between those big, baseball playing legs! Now, it looked like he could sprout a little bigger before tearing an ass open. It was almost like I was looking at an actual baseball bat! Slugger saw me and gave a handsome grin. “Don’t worry. If you want we can play and I’ll be gentler than Bear will be.” Slugger grabbed his new cock in that jock-y fashion. I wanted to lick every visible part of him but I was torn as Hare kissed my neck from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing my ass against his crotch, his leather pants pulled wide open so I could feel his big cock swell against me. That’s when we heard the first squeal from Toxic. We stopped what we were doing and watched as Bear struggled with his pants. “Shit, these things are so damn small!” he roared as he tried his best to get whatever was in his garments out. “Fuck it” he said simply and grabbed his pants with a big hand. A tear rang out as Bear revealed his naked body and his cock fell like the beast that it was, smacking a truly massive thigh as it’s soft form was revealed. Everyone mouth dropped at the beast Bear was coveting. It looked like Bear was connected to a fleshy anaconda as a massive cock reached down and made it to his knee in length! It had to be nearly 2 feet long and still not even semi hard. “That’s more like it” Bear said as he grabbed his balls and hefted his big package. Even his hands weren’t able to contain the cum filled orbs between his legs. I saw it as a miracle his pants could have held on to two melons like those. “I liked how big I was before all this swelling happened but I kinda like this, too” he said with a chuckle as he walked over to the vulnerable Toxic, his cock swinging heavily and probably displacing a lot of wind with it’s mass. It looked like it was big enough to challenge and easily defeat my bicep in width. “And let me clarify, no one’s getting shared time after this. This is just to take the edge off. We’re still not going to play together until next Saturday, understood?” Nods were all around as Bear smiled and stood over the couch like a ferocious beast. “You know, Toxic, I remember when you were the runt. I remember how Slugger opened you up for me when I saw smaller. How’d he do it again? Ah, I remember.” Bear leaned over the couch and his arms for support as he grabbed his cock and aimed it at Toxic’s opening. “Hang on.” Toxic began to moan and squeal and gasp as his ass was penetrated by the nearly apple sized head of Bear’s cock. He was testing the boundaries of Toxic’s ass as Bear pressed deeper and deeper with his cock still soft. “Oh yeah. That’s the spot. Open wide.” Toxic tensed and relaxed rapidly as he tried to make his ride less of a chore. His ass was being stretched by the size that Bear was pressing into him but, very slower, he was taking all that he could into his ass. “You’re definitely not as roomy as any of the other pups, Pipsqueak, but that’s OK. I like it this tight sometimes.” Toxic gave a grunt in response as he tried to give Bear all the room he could. Bear wasn’t even half way in and he was spreading Toxic thin. Toxic’s face was showing a mix of emotions that one would see someone make when getting on a wild rollercoaster for the first time. A chorus of “Oh Fuck”s and “Fuck Yeah”s came from the other pups as they all were growing hard at the sight of Toxic’s ass cheeks being penetrated by so much meat. I myself had never seen so much man in one room as their cocks reached unfathomable lengths and they held them in their big hands yet they still appeared large. My eyes were attracted to each cock like magnets as I saw them all but I was most concerned with Bear as he inserted more neverending manhood into Toxic. Toxic looked like he might not be able to take anymore when Bear finally stopped at the halfway mark. “That’s about fair. Don’t want to tear you apart, do I?” Bear said as he finally stopped inserting and swung his long, big leg over the other end of the couch. I saw Donut let go Toxic’s hands as Bear stood over him with his hands on his muscular hips. “You have touched a pup who I’ve declared fit for one on one sex with any of your brother pups. For this, you will not receive the ultimate punishment, however…” I saw Toxic’s hands practically fly as they grabbed onto the couch. Why was he holding on so hard? Everyone was silent as Bear made his first grunt, the signal that he was about release his sexual energy like an open dam. Toxic made a prolonged groan as his face appeared to be in the throes of ultimate pleasure and pain. “You have tried to place your dick where it shouldn’t have been. Now I get to play with you the way I want.” Toxic’s prolonged moan got a bit loader as grabbed onto the couch. I couldn’t see what his problem was until I saw it happening. Bear’s cock. It was growing hard! Bear was simply standing above Toxic as his cock grew in Toxic’s ass. Bear’s eyes were closed but his grin showed his pleasure as he occasionally grunted when his cock had grown another inch longer and maybe another inch thicker! Toxic was singing a high note of pleasure as his ass was being penetrated royally. “Fuck……. Ugh……yes..” he was able to say as his back arched a little. Bear held him down and leaned over him. “You enjoying this, pup? You want more?” Bear said as breathed down Toxic’s neck. Toxic only nodded as he could barely speak. Bear’s cock hadn’t stopped growing as it swelled another inch thicker. “Mmmm, that’s a good pup. Let it in and I’ll give you the ride of your life.” I was watching and believing as much as I could as Bear’s cock filled all the space in Toxic’s ass. Toxic was loving this as he moaned. “That’s my little naughty pup” Bear said down to him as he kissed him on the neck. “You’d get to play with me more often if you weren’t so bad.” Toxic tried his best to speak and gave all the words he could muster. “But… I want….. you so much….. Bear…..I… love….ugh!” Toxic’s cock was leaking all over the cushions as he experienced pleasure from another world. Bear only grinned as he watched his little pup squirm trying to handle all of his manhood. Bear had the cock of a sex behemoth and a body to match. He kissed Toxic’s back as he finally reached an UNBELIEVABLE semi-hard girth. “Looks like that’s all you got. I don’t want to break that tight ass.” I laughed on the inside at the mention of Toxic’s “tight” ass. With size like that, Bear could make any ass he wanted tighter than a cock ring 3 sizes to small. Although I’d never worn one or seen one first hand before, I knew full well that Bear’s size could put a dent in one. Toxic was screaming at the top of his longs as Bear only pushed himself in a little. Toxic was now cumming without touching himself as Bear reached his pleasure spots easily. Cum was getting all over the couch as he jizzed in volleys. The other pups were getting horned up at the sight of so much pleasure. It was only when Toxic finally stopped cumming and fell on the couch defeated that Bear let him cock and his cock head smacked his knee, the head slightly past it now. “That’s enough for now. Everyone back to what they were doing.” Everyone quickly pulled their pants up and were about to head to different rooms to blow off steam whether alone or with each other but Bear cleared his throat and they all stopped again. “I almost forgot. Tonight’s the night I’m going to let Baby Cub play with one of you guys. Don’t do anything he’s not OK with.” Everyone stopped and smiled at me but Bear made sure to secure who was getting the night. “Tonight is… Donut.” Curses and swears went around the room as the other pups grumbled in frustration and went off to go play in rough sexual release. Donut’s big beautiful body came over to me in nothing but his tight jock strap and he loomed over me like Bear would have before he’d grown. He grabbed me and hugged me tightly in his big arms and I felt my nose press into his pec cleavage. “We’re going to have so much fun!” Donut said, his big, excited voice rumbling through my body. I was going to be in for a wild night. To Be Continued……….
  17. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (19)

    Nineteen Decrypting the medieval document proved to be a very difficult and frustrating exercise. Even after three weeks of continued work and study, Tomas had only translated five pages of the thick scroll. He pushed the document aside and slammed his desk while swearing in frustration. “Something wrong?”, Anton asked as he entered the room and tossed his gym bag on the floor. Tomas ignored the remark and headed to the bathroom. “Get in here!”, he ordered without looking at his pet. Anton did as he was told. He entered the bathroom and saw that Tomas was already in the shower. He quickly tore off his clothes and joined his master. He looked down on his master and smirked as he noticed his inflating cock. Tomas scanned his pet’s amazing body in awe: Anton had come straight from the gym and his beastly muscles were still pumped and swollen. “580 pounds is the right size for you; you look simply perfect, my pet. I love how your oversized shoulders dwarf the rest of your huge muscles”, he said as he groped the mass of thick pecs on his pet’s chest. Anton groaned in pleasure and flexed his pecs. Striations exploded across the surface and the strong muscles turned into concrete-like hardness under his master’s touch. His own cock stirred as it began to swell. Tomas made his pet turn around and explored the mass on the incredibly wide back. He felt the cuts and crevices between the mounds of muscle before grabbing the hardness of his pet’s beefy triceps. He couldn’t take no more; he grabbed Anton’s tightly muscled sides and shoved his fully engorged 17 incher into the meaty ass. “Nothing beats pumping the frustration out of me”, he grunted as slammed his cock in and out his pet’s ass. “Mhm”, Anton groaned. His cock hardened further until it reached its intimidating 25 inches, his left paw roamed his own beefy chest as his right one caressed his left bicep. Tomas came quickly, he screamed as frustration and cum exploded from his body. He kept pumping his pet’s ass as load after load of cum blasted from his throbbing cock. He remained inside and grabbed his pet’s engorged 25 incher, stroking the impressive length while his own cock deflated inside the muscular ass. Anton put his hands against the tilled wall and closed his eyes in pleasure. His master’s strong hand pumped his shaft and sent shivers down his spine. He encircled the hand with his right paw and guided the strokes, adding strength and pressure to the action. Tomas grunted as the huge paw encircled his big hand and the pressure of his pet’s grip sent a mild pain through him. His 17 incher raced to hardness again inside the juicy ass as his pet smacked his 300 pound muscular frame against his broad back by the sheer force of his strokes. Pleasure flooded Anton’s beastly body as he felt the cock harden again inside his ass. “Yeaugh!”, he bellowed and goose bumps exploded on his body as he came. Blasts and blasts of thick, sticky cum shot from his 25 incher and splattered against the wall. Tomas moaned as the strong muscles on Anton’s body flexed from his orgasm. The juicy ass encircling his 17 incher clenched and milked a second round of blasts from it. His muscular quads shook from the effort. After a few minutes, Anton’s orgasm cooled down and he released his deflating cock. A thud made him turn around. He smiled as he noticed his master on the floor: he was worn out completely. He grabbed him under the armpits and effortlessly raised the 300 pound athlete. He placed his left arm around his master’s lower back and rested his ass against the bottom row of his 14-pack abs. “You okay?”, he asked as he gently ruffled Tomas’ hair with his right paw. “Much better now”, Tomas said and grabbed his pet’s gigantic delts for support. “It’s just frustrating it takes so much time to translate that document. I can fell I’m close, but it’ll take some more weeks before I can finally cast the spell for the dark ritual.” “More time for me to rule the jocks”, Anton replied and his right paw played with his still plump 25 incher. “How are the football players coming along…ughn”?, Tomas asked, his voice shooting up as his pet’s 25 incher invaded his ass. He clenched it reflexively but the hot pole easily broke through his defenses. He shut his eyes and moaned as the last of the 25 inches was pushed inside. “They finally know their place. I just beat up the four biggest of them. A single blow in the abs sent each of them down. Now I dominate, dominate, dominate”, Anton grunted, pumping his 25 incher in his master’s ass every time he said ‘dominate’. He looked down as he something jab him in the abs and smiled: his master’s cock had re-inflated and the 17 incher throbbed in the canyon between his 14-pack. Tomas opened his eyes and they rolled back in pleasure as the hot pole kept invading his ass. “Ughn!”, he moaned and his 17 incher exploded all over the thick rack of pecs that protruded from his pet’s chest. The five remaining blasts off his balls splashed against the striated muscles and slid into the deep crevice separating them. “YEAughn!”, Anton bellowed once more and drove his 25 inches hard into his master’s ass. His cock exploded and he kept pumping his hips as load after load of cum shot from it. Tomas marveled at the hard, flexing chest in front of him and grunted as the pressure inside his ass increased with every volley of cum. A final dribble of cum flowed from his deflating 17 incher and smeared against the cobblestone-sized abs of his pet’s flexing 14-pack. Cum began pouring from his master’s ass along the length of his pumping cock as Anton kept shooting load after load of cum. He gently pulled his master from his 25 incher and blasted a final load against the ceiling. “Relaxed now?”, he asked as he put his master on his feet. “You certainly blasted all frustration from me, my pet”, Tomas said grinningly as cum kept flowing from his ass. “Man, how much did you pump in me?” he asked as he stepped from the shower and dried himself. “At least a couple of gallons. But you’ve got some on me as well”, Anton replied grinningly. He turned toward the beam of water and cleaned his torso. Tomas put on his clothes and shook his head as he noticed his pet’s inflating cock. “You really are a total beast”, he said as he returned to his desk. “I am a total beast. A god!”, Anton screamed and did a most muscular. Striations exploded across his body as all his titanic muscles hardened, his engorged cock smacked against the top row of cobblestone-sized abs, oozing precum against the hard surface. Anton grabbed the lengthy shaft and within seconds the results of his third orgasm sprayed the glass of the shower. Sean and Keith were in their room trying to figure out how to stop Tomas. The thought of Connor toying with the 240 pound wrestle coach and the image of his supreme muscularity still sent their meager pencil dicks to hardness. “There’s no way we’ll be able to defeat Connor and Anton by ourselves”, Sean said, “And even if we do, we still have to stand up to Tomas, who also outweighs the two of us”. “You’re right”, Keith replied, “Even with my uncle’s help we can’t beat them. We’ll need more help. Perhaps the wrestle team will be prepared. We are the former stars after all”. “They’re too scared of Anton. The entire team could take him down, but there’s still your brother to back him up. The two of them would smash the others”, Sean answered. A knock made them look up. Sean got up and opened the door. He involuntarily stepped back as he gazed upon a shirt strained to its limits by a rack of pecs. “Mind if I come in?”, a deep baritone asked. Sean recognized the captain of the football team and stepped back to let him enter. He sat down next to his buddy Keith and they stared at the muscular athlete that sat down on the other bed. “What brings you here?”, Keith asked in his high-pitched voice. “We need to talk, guys”, Logan said, “It’s only normal that football players rule the school. It has always been like that. Ever since last year that brute Anton took over our top spot. He was a scrawny swimmer when he got paired with you, Sean. And you were the star wrestler. Now look it you! You guys must know what happened.” “We’ll tell you. But you have to promise not to laugh”, Sean replied. He told the entire story of Tomas’ and Anton’s growth. He even included the part of Connor. Disbelief filled Logan’s face as he heard what had happened. “We were just thinking of a way to stop them. But the two of us are too weak to take on even one of them”, Sean said. “We’ll have to separate them, like you proposed”, Logan stated, “If we can neutralize Anton and Connor, it will be easier to defeat Tomas. Connor is being tutored by Alex, the little guy that wants to get on the football team. I’ll take Alex under my wing in the gym and convince him to keep Connor busy.” “Just don’t hurt my little bro”, Keith said. “He’s no longer the same Connor you used to know”, Sean replied, “You saw him take care of the wrestle coach and didn’t he humiliate you during summer?”. “Don’t worry. If Alex can keep him busy until you uncle has defeated Tomas, the spell will be broken and he’ll be back to normal. That leaves us with Anton.”, Logan said. “We could drug him”, Sean stated, “I can get some tranquilizers from the lab.” “Good”, Logan replied, “I’ll ask him for a drink and we’ll drug it. Once he’s out, my men will lock him away in the cellars long enough to defeat Tomas. I’ll come back next week to see where we are.” Tomas was slowly making progress in his study of the medieval document. He was about half way through it and had already gotten some new information. It seemed that the one conducting the ritual would gain supreme, infernal powers; he would be able to control his entire environment. He would be assisted by several large creatures. One of them would dominate the others and would be “the champion from Hell”. That one would be unbeaten in combat and no one would be able to defeat him, not even bigger creatures. “That has to be my pet”, Tomas said out loud, “he has beaten Sean and Keith and clearly dominates Connor too. Let’s get back to work!”. Alex was finishing a set of pull-ups as he heard a sound behind him. He turned around to see the four biggest football players enter the gym. He grabbed his towel and made his way to the exit. “Where’re you going?”, Logan asked while the other athletes strutted over to the bench press. “I know the drill, guys”, Alex replied, “I’m only 130 pounds. The small guys have to leave when the big ones want to train.” “You can stay if you want, it’s okay with me”, Logan said, “I could give you some pointers to bulk up. You do want to make the team, don’t you?” “That’s my dream. But it’ll take time. You sure I can stay?”, Alex said. “I’ll help you build arms like these”, Logan said and flexed his 25 inch canons. He smirked as he noticed Alex open mouth. “My nickname is ‘Captain Gunner’ because of these 25 inch babies. Biggest arms of the team. At 320 pounds of beef I’m the biggest man on the team. Come on, let’s train our arms!” Alex stared in awe at the 200 pound heavier stud training him. He marveled at the amount of weights Logan could curl. His own scrawny arms were killing him after two exercises and sweat was pouring from his red face. “Well done”, Logan said as Alex finished his set, “ The only way to grow is to go balls out every training. You’d better stop now before you get injured. You can join me any time to train and I’m expecting you on football practice tomorrow. You’ll start as water boy for me and my three wingmen.” A large smile formed on Alex’ face as he realized he had made the team. He thanked Logan, greeted the other big guys on the bench press and hit the showers. The next day he could barely lift a paper as his arms hurt like hell, but he did made it to the locker room in time for football practice. He looked around nervously and felt intimidated by the jocks; he was clearly the smallest, skinniest in the room. Logan saw Alex enter and introduced him to the team. He motioned the small guy to come over. Alex slowly walked across the locker room, looking around at his teammates. He discovered there was a clear hierarchy on the team: next to the door were the smallest guys, most a good 30 pounds bigger than him; at the next row of lockers were the 200 pound guys, a notch bigger than the first group; the third group consisted of a few 230ish guys, one of them had arms the size of the first group’s legs; at the other side of the central table was the final group: Logan and his three wingmen. Matt, the smallest of them, stood at 5’8 and 255 pounds of muscle; Mike was exactly as tall but weighed 262 pounds and Paul, Logan’s best friend, was 6 feet and weighed an impressive 275 pounds of ripped muscle. They were all shadowed by Logan’s 6’3 and 310 pounds of bulk. “Your place will be right here with us”, Logan said, “I’ll watch over you during practice and you’ll make sure us big guys stay hydrated. Come on, change into your uniform.” Alex reluctantly pulled off his shirt; his skinniness was highlighted even more as he stood next to the team’s biggest men. He stared in awe at the slabs of muscle on Paul’s legs. “We call him the ‘quadster’”, Logan said as he noticed Alex’ gaze, “his quads are even a bit bigger than mine.” Paul smirked and flexed his legs; the beastly muscles hardening into stone. “He’s no match for my arms though”, Logan said and flexed his 25 inch guns. The entire team stared at their captain’s hard biceps. “Captain Canon!”, one of them yelled and soon the entire team was shouting “Captain Canon”. Logan smiled and ordered his team to start practice. Alex eagerly followed the four big men and refilled their drinks several times. After practice the team showered quickly to make room for the star players. Logan and his three wingmen always trained half an hour longer than the others. They ran extra sprints and practiced their offensive play. Logan grabbed the football and stormed toward the end zone. He shoved his thick shoulder into Mike’s chest as he tried to block him. Mike’s body was pushed backward by the impact and he fell aside; it was just enough to slow Logan down just a bit. Matt and Paul stood next to each other to block the star quarterback. They braced themselves and grunted as Logan’s shoulders collided with their chests. Their combined weight was enough to successfully block Logan’s attack. The big man pushed with all his might, but the defense kept its ground. Mike came up to Logan and snatched the football from his hands, ending their drill. “Man, you really got stronger during summer”, Mike said to Logan, “I thought you broke my ribs when you drove your shoulder into me.” “Yeah, you did push us back a little”, Paul said. Logan just smiled and patted his buddies’ backs. “Let’s hit the showers!”, he said and signaled Alex to join them. The little guy walked behind them as they entered the deserted locker room. Logan and his friends quickly stripped off their sweaty uniforms and strutted over to the foggy shower zone. “Come on, Alex. If you wait any longer the water’s gonna be cold”, Logan said before disappearing in to hot fog. Alex took off his uniform and entered the shower zone. The foggy heat felt heavy around his body. He could hear the star players in the furthest corner and slowly wandered over. Their big frames appeared slowly through the fog. He gazed in awe at their well-trained physiques. The water sliding over the cuts and lines between their muscles highlighted their supreme muscularity. He gulped as they circled around him, imprisoning him amidst their bulk. “We want to ask you something”, Logan said. “W…w….what?”, Alex peeped looking up at the giants towering over him. “You get along quite well with that wrestle guy Connor, don’t you?”. “Y…y…yes”, Alex said. “Good. You need to do us a favor.”, Logan said. “Anything. You guys name it”, Alex blurted out. “We’re gonna reclaim our dominant position in this university by taking out Anton and Tomas. It appears that Connor is on their side. So we want to make sure he doesn’t get in our way. You’ll have to keep him busy tomorrow night for at least two hours.”, Logan said. “But how?”, Alex asked. “You’ll think of something. If we take back our top position, we’ll train you to be big enough to join our ‘bulk squad’”, Logan said. He nodded to his friends and they left the shower zone. Sean and Keith had made everything ready for the showdown with Tomas. Keith’s uncle would come over in two days to finally exorcise Tomas. He had found the right spells in Rome, in the secret archives of the Pope himself. The football players would take out Anton tomorrow night while Connor was being tutored by Alex. Sean had provided the tranquilizers from the university’s lab. Early the next morning, Connor left the gym. He still had to hide his flawless physique and trained very early in the morning and very late at night. His relentless training was really paying off: he had gained another 30 pounds of muscle, weighing in at 550 pounds of hard, ripped beef, just 30 pounds less than Anton. He’d added 5 extra inches to his 40 inch arms and felt stronger than ever. As he approached his room, he noticed someone standing at his door. An evil smile formed on his lips as he recognized his puny, 240 pound wrestle coach. The coach stepped back instinctively as the behemoth closed the distance between them. Before he could say a word, a huge paw encircled his waist, lifted him effortlessly from the floor and dragged him inside. He was tossed on the bed and stared at huge freshman’s back as he closed the door. His dick hardening at the sight of the bulging muscle stretching the tight tank-top. Connor turned around and smirked as he noticed the hard cock in his coach’s pants. “What do you want?”, he bellowed in his deep voice. The coach shuddered as the behemoth’s voice vibrated through his own well-trained body. “I’ve come to bring your new training schedule. It’s time to knock your technique up like with the other rookies”, the coach said, realizing his mistake as he spoke. “Rookies?”, Connor boomed, “I’ve already kicked your ass good on the wrestle mats.” “I mean like the other boys”, the coach blurted out quickly. “Boys?!”, Connor bellowed angrily, his voice echoing against the walls, “Get up!”. The coach slowly got up from the bed but didn’t move fast enough. Connor grabbed his waist and put him on his feet in front of the large mirror on the other wall; the mirror reached from the floor to the ceiling. “Strip!”, Connor ordered harshly. The coach knew he couldn’t resist this behemoth and took off his shirt. He stared up at the freshman next to him. “Take it all off! Or do I have to rip it off?”, Connor rumbled. The coach quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and stood naked in front of the mirror. He shuddered in anxious anticipation, his hands in front of his hard cock. “Let’s see who’s the boy here”, Connor said and ripped off his tank-top. The coach’s eyes widened in shock as the behemoth revealed his insanely muscled torso. “You’re even bigger than two weeks ago!”, he whispered. “Thanks for noticing, coach”, Connor said, “I’ve bulked up another 30 pounds, I’m now 550 pounds of muscular beef. It seems like you’re the boy in this room.” The coach nodded in silent admiration as he drank in the sight of the beastly muscles is the mirror. This freshman made him, an Olympic champion, look like a prepubescent boy. His cock jolted as ripples and striations undulated across the rack of pecs. “Looks like you need this training schedule”, Connor said as he grabbed the instructions on the table, “Eat it!”. The coach gagged as the gigantic paw forced the paper in his mouth. He chewed and chewed and painfully swallowed the paper. “Can I go now?”, he asked weakly. “The fun’s not over yet”, Connor said and pushed the coach’s hands aside to reveal his hard 8 incher, “See, you’re saluting my body. Let’s complete the salute!”. Connor grabbed an empty cup from the table and handed it to his coach. “Fill it!”. The coach held the cup in front of his throbbing 8 incher. Within seconds he was cumming into the cup and filling it as load after load of cum flowed from his cock. The door suddenly opened and Anton barged into the room. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”, he asked as he noticed the scene. “Off course not”, Connor said and turned to Anton, “What’s up?”. “I come from the gym and am feeling pumped. Let’s arm-wrestle to test our strength”, Anton said and sat down at the table. “Fine by me. And you keep stroking that feeble dick, boy!”, Connor said and installed himself opposite of Anton. They locked hands and began. Connor instantly fell that he actually had a chance against the still bigger behemoth. Veins exploded all over his 45 inch bicep as he summoned more strength. Anton was surprised that his smaller buddy put up such a fight. He could even feel his arm going down just a little. He smirked and tapped onto the full strength of his beastly arm: his bicep swelled to its 50 inches and veins snaked along the steely muscle as he slowly pulled back toward the starting point. Connor grunted, his face reddening under the pressure. He dug deep into his power and shoved every ounce of strength in a final attack. More veins surfaced on his bicep as it peaked bigger; the stony muscle hardening bigger than ever. He slowly began pushing Anton’s arm toward the table. Anton’s eyes widened in disbelief as he felt his arm going down. No matter what he tried, Connor’s strength couldn’t be denied. He grunted and puffed and managed to slow down his opponent. Connor groaned deeply and slammed the thick arm down on the table. A shocked silence filled the room. “It’s just a game and I was worn out from my training”, Anton said and quickly left the room. Connor jumped up and flexed his pumped bicep into a stony ball of vein-covered, hard muscle and bellowed in triumph. His dick springing to its 21 inches as he realized he had just taken down the top dog. Connor began flexing his torso in front of the mirror, admiring his ever improving size. The coach marveled at the even bigger bicep and milked a few extra drops from his dick into the filled cup. He gently placed it on the table and silently retreated from the self-worshipping behemoth. He put his hand on the doorknob as a strong paw grabbed his armpit and pulled him toward the mirror. “We’re not done just yet”, Connor groaned. He yanked down his own pants and slammed his coach onto his rock-hard 21 incher. Pleasure quickly filled his body and his cock exploded into his coach. Five minutes later, he pulled him from his deflating cock and tossed him on the floor. “Leave, boy!”, Connor bellowed at his worn out coach. Anton was in a bad mood after losing his arm-wrestle match to Connor. Even though it was just a game, he hated losing. He decided to lighting his mood by pounding on a few football players. He was ravaging Matt’s abs as Logan appeared and asked him to stop. “Man, we’re all athletes. It’s just not right that one jock beats up another. We should work together and beat up some nerds. I mean if we combine forces we could rule this university”, Logan said. “I already rule this university”, Anton harshly replied and slammed his fist into Matt’s abs again. “I know, man. But if we would all get along, things would be much easier. You’re the top dog, no one questions that. We’ll be your wingmen”, Logan said. “More like my wingboys”, Anton said but lowered Matt, “it’s not a bad idea. I’m sure Tomas will like this too.” “See, why don’t we go have a drink?”, Logan asked. “Deal”, Anton said, “But you’re buying”. “Let’s go”, Logan said and they headed over a bar. Inside, Logan nodded to his friends and Paul came up with the drinks. “Let’s toast on our mutual respect”, Logan said and raised his glass. Anton raised his glass and drank it down in one long gulp. Paul quickly brought him a second one. Two drinks later, Anton’s eyes began to fall shut. He fell over on the table and passed out. Logan motioned his three wingmen and the four muscular athletes dragged the passed out behemoth outside. They put him into a car and drove him over to the university, where they tied him down and locked him up in the cellars. In the main time, Connor was being tutored by Alex, who did everything he could to make the lesson last and last. After two hours, Connor said he had to go out and see Anton. “Anton’s out”, Alex said unthinkingly. “How would you know?”, Connor asked, “Is there something you’re not telling me?” Alex reddened completely and blurted out: “Just guessing.” “You sure you’re only guessing?”, Connor said and clenched his fist, making his bicep bulge and rip through his baggy sweater. Alex stared in at the hard peak and slowly looked up at Connor’s face. Connor ripped off his sweater and revealed his gigantic body. “I could crush you with one finger. Speak up!”. Alex shook his head. “I promised my teammates I wouldn’t tell.” “What if I helped you to get real big?”, Connor said, “I’ll make you dwarf all your teammates.” Alex gulped and his brain told him he had no chance against this behemoth. He might as well benefit from it. He sighed and told everything he knew. Connor listened carefully and nodded; he would brief Tomas to make a plan. “That will not be necessary!” Tomas’ face had appeared in the mirror and he had followed the entire story. “You’ll come to my room for instructions!”, he said to Connor. He then turned toward Alex and asked him if he was prepared to give up his soul to grow. “Euh… yes”, Alex replied. An icy chill and hellish chants filled the room. “Just add your cum to this formula, let your body absorb it and you’ll grow while you work out”, Tomas said and his face disappeared from the mirror. Connor grabbed the cum-filled cup from the table and poured it into an empty shaker. He handed it over to Alex and rushed over to Tomas’ room. Alex couldn’t believe that he had betrayed his friends. He quickly discarded the thought and focused entirely on growing huge. He sprinted toward the locker room, pulled down his pants and began milking his cock. Soon enough his cum mixed with the liquid in the shaker. He put on his workout gear and entered the deserted gym. He gulped down the thick liquid, emptying the shaker at once. His stomach protested and he felt bloated. The feeling transformed in a warmth that enveloped his entire body. He stepped over to the squat rack and put his familiar weight on the bar. He got under the bar and began squatting. Unlike other workouts, he easily did 20 reps without even breaking a sweat. He doubled the amount of weight and restarted. The burning sensation in his legs intensified with every rep. He could feel his quads swell as he squatted up and down. His once baggy workout shorts stretched as the muscle beneath swelled and hardened. Tears appeared on the fabric and with a loud ripping sound his thick quads busted through. He gasped at the size of his swelling legs: deep cuts and crevices separated the cords of muscle; the large teardrop-shape, covered in veins, dwarfed his kneecaps; below them, thick calves had formed at the back of his legs. “Yeah!”, he grunted and racked the weight. He quickly jumped over to the pull-up bar; his muscular legs easily supporting his otherwise still skinny body. He jumped up and grabbed hold of the bar. He pulled himself up and began cranking out reps; clumsy and very slow at first, but very soon his lats got stronger. He felt his back swell and broaden with every rep; mounds of until then inexistent muscles grew and hardened, fighting for room on the inflating surface. He could even feel his arms getting stronger. He reached down and was surprised to discover that his feet now simply reached the floor; even his height was increasing. Alex smirked as he noticed the bench press. He added 45 pounds to the bar and began. His roaring laugh echoed through the gym as he racked the bar: it felt like a feather to him. He added five more plates, got under the bar and began pressing the bar up and down. His flat pecs grew with every rep. At first they formed paper-thin shapes on his chest, but quickly swelled as more mass inflated them. His shirt squeaked under the pressure and finally give in as the mounding pecs ripped through. Veins and striations snaked across the swelling slabs and the canyon between them deepened and deepened. He racked the weight and flexed his chest, making it swell some more. Alex grabbed a pair of dumbbells and began doing shoulder presses. He did 20 quick reps with the 40 pounders before grabbing a more challenging weight. He took the 80 pounders and struggled to raise them. At first, the weight seemed to lighten with every rep and soon enough he cranked out perfect rep. His shoulders exploded in size and girth as mass inflated his delts into impressive roundness. The broadness added to his slim waist gave him an awesome v-taper. Alex threw down the dumbbells and began doing bench dips. His already formed triceps, stimulated by the bench presses and shoulder presses, hardened at the back of his arms. Every rep sculpted horseshoe-shape further as mass inflated the hard muscles. The insane pump was beyond anything he had ever felt. He looked down and noticed his still small biceps. Alex got up from the bench and grabbed the 80 pounders still lying on the floor. He struggled to do one rep but simply couldn’t lift the weight. He let the dumbbells hang in his hands and made a second try. He managed to curl the weight up with every ounce of willpower in his swelling body. Veins snaked along the tennis ball-sized muscles on his arms as he lowered the weight. His next rep was easier; his biceps grew and hardened and were no longer over-challenged by the weight. As the dumbbells went up, their size increased. They passed the size off goose eggs and swelled to an impressive 20 inches of vein-infested, hard meat. Alex kept pumping his biceps to the max; he wanted them bigger! The muscles kept hardening, dwarfing the other big muscles on his body. The pump was too much and Alex dropped the dumbbells as his biceps reached 25.5 inches, outsizing even Logan’s arms. Alex looked in the mirror and gasped: his perfectly muscular body lacked every definition in the abs. He quickly laid down on the ground and began doing sit-ups. His flat stomach hardened with every rep and soon enough thick, strong muscles pushed upward against his skin. The 2-pack turned into a 4-pack, the 4-pack swelled into a 6-pack and the hint of a fourth row of abs peeped deeper under his skin. The cuts between the coke-can-size muscles deepened and hardened with every rep. He got up and smiled at his reflection. The former image of his 5’7, 130 pound frame had evolved into his now 6’, 270 pound body. His natural tan added definition to his already impressive muscles. He began flexing his newly grown muscles, entranced by the veins, striations and hardness of his body. He really liked his new physique, out-sized by his hyper-sized biceps. He tore off the remains of his tattered shorts and discovered his familiar dick, stubbornly hard at five inches. He stroked it with two fingers of his now too big hands and smiled: the shaft was lengthening and thickening in his grasp. He closed his entire hand around it and kept stroking until it stopped at just over 10 inches. The thought of having moved up into the group of big men of the football team sent him over the edge: cum squirted from his cock all over the mirror and dumbbells. After eight blasts, his orgasm cooled down and he fell exhausted on the floor. As he realized that he still wasn’t the biggest man on the team, he gazed up and stared at Tomas’ face in the mirror to receive further instructions…
  18. Omiganda

    m/m The Bear's Cub Part 9

    Sorry about the delay! I know someone was hoping that I'd post this sooner but I've been playing with college and Photoshop so I almost had too little time to write something new. Luckily, I got enough time next week to right atleast 2 new chapters. Crossing fingers! OH, and I hope you guys enjoy this one. The goal of this one was to flesh out the characters a little while adding a bit off...... color. Enjoy! Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7: Part 8: The Bear’s Cub Part 9 It was a really different feeling walking around the frat house. My underwear was tight to my skin and felt so light, giving me a sort of sinful feel that gave me the feeling my parents could walk in at any moment and I’d be there, on full display to be embarrassed and almost naked. It was different here though. I felt really good for some reason. Almost as if I could walk around the Cave in nothing but a jockstrap and it would all be cool. I could just imagine Bear in a tight one himself and stretching it like its plastic wrap with that beast he was packing. The house was quiet, a contrasting to all the other times I’d been in the Cave. There wasn't a massive frat horny frat member around that might try to take me and break me like a Slim Jim. Am I slut? I thought to myself a bit hesitantly. I really enjoyed the sex. Like, REALLY enjoyed the sex. But it was so much to take on from the time before all this started. I was a spring chicken in a field of hungry sex wolves with big muscles, wide struts, and big endowments centering the masterpieces. Was that wrong? I thought about things like that and got chills up my spine as I walked down the stairs and pulled at the waistband again. I liked the feeling but it was still tight and it left a red mark when I looked down to observe. I could felt my cock harden as I imagined the red mark on someone bigger than me. I could see Donut now, his pale skin contrasting that red mark. My cock twitched in the pouch of my briefs as I thought about him. I thought I was bound to drool the way I was thinking about all those amazing curves and that red hair flaring out as he held me down. I’m not cheating on anyone, I thought. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I laughed at the realization that I wasn’t alone in the fact that I always thought about sex. It was fucking college! Everyone’s thinks about it! I probably think as much about them as straight guys think about girls, I joked to myself. I was a little hesitant to enter the kitchen now. It was such a humbling experience how my little 5’6 body had trouble reaching counters because the house was made for much bigger men. Everything cookable was up at the top of the drawers and I didn’t want t look ridiculous climbing the kitchen counter like a toddler trying to get food on their own. The only thing I could reach were the poptarts. There were so many different kinds I found it almost odd that any of the cubs would eat these. They probably dissolved in their systems in, what, less than 2 hours? Regardless, my stomach got me raring to jump and grab a box of plain strawberry that I practically flew to reach. It was when I landed that I stopped in my tracks and I looked at my feet. Something wasn’t right. I knew for a fact that, because I was so small, the ground didn’t create much of a vibration when I landed. I shouldn’t have heard a sound. Then, I looked at my feet and gasped. The way they reached out didn’t look the same. Were they bigger? I went over to the kitchen table and just looked at my feet as I ate poptarts, my eyes intently looking for differences. My feet were healthy and clean, like I always kept them. But my legs didn’t connect them the way my body did. There was even a vein as if there were actual muscle in there! A smile crept on my face for a second as I reached for another pack of Poptarts but suddenly my thoughts sort of shrank in my head. They seemed really insignificant suddenly. Who gives a fuck about feet or food, I suddenly thought. Where had this come from? I was motionless as thoughts ran through my mind. My feet are puny. These little tappers aren’t worth shit. But Bear’s…… I didn’t even realize my hand was in my little briefs as I thought about the cubs. I subconsciously leaned back in my chair and looked up at the ceiling. If I could see myself, it would have looked like I was looking into another world or at a television. It wasn’t far off as I thought of Bear and the cubs. HIS cubs. My cock was rapidly getting hard as I lay in my briefs on the kitchen chair, moaning as my cock grew in my hand. Was it bigger? I didn’t take a quality second to think about that as I pounded away in my briefs. I didn’t realize my other hand was rubbing against my body until I was fully hard. Whoa, where did all of those muscles come from? Before I knew it, I was really looking at my body. The muscles weren’t large. Still, they were tight and lean like a track athlete. I felt the strength in the muscles and flexed some. My body felt so firm now! I was fidgeting in the chair a little. Rubbing here, then rubbing there. My mouth was gaping open as I tried to release the pressure from touching my own nipples. I didn’t remember having sensitive nipples till now. I was so in the throes of pleasure, I could tell my toes were curling. I leaned back in the chair and was practically using the head of the seat stand at a 45 degree angle from the ground. I was practically hovering as my legs flexed and lifted my ass off the chair. “Ugh!” I grunted as my cock tightened and shot off my jizz like a gun. There was more than I remembered as I actually came for a good bit and it got on the table. When it was over, I was in the chair still, my body weak from climax. My eyes were closed as I tried to recuperate. I didn’t hear anything. Not even the big steps moving towards me. “Not great” came a familiar, condescending voice from behind me. I was quickly opened my eyes as I realized I was no longer alone. A big man came around from behind and dragged his finger over my salty mess on the table, bringing it to his mouth as he looked at me. “Not very good but oh well” said Toxic as he licked his lips and looked down at me with a bit of a smirk. “Liking the new size, runt?” he said down to me. I went red almost as I quickly grabbed my cock and did everything I could to stuff it back in and pretend like he hadn’t seen anything. New size? “You’re so little it’s ridiculous. If we're all going to get bigger, you could have at least gained some real mass. Here's some real fucking muscle” With that, Toxic raised a lean arm and flexed. I gasped as I saw that bicep bulge and rise. It had to be over 19 inches of muscle packed on one arm. Toxic was wearing tight a tight t-shirt with letters stretched over his big pecs and his nipples almost pulling at it themselves. His arms filled the short sleeves even though they were now up to his shoulders and looked like if he hunched them, it might explode. I could hear him puffing himself up and chanting "big, big, big". He was wearing a watch but it looked tight on his big, veined arm. I could only really see his legs from this position but I could tell his entire lower body was big as it filled his jeans and looked like he’d burst at the seams by squatting too much. He was wearing sandals but it looked like they were just a little small on him. This filled body had my attention. He saw my hunger and chuckled. “At least you know to appreciate a mad with real muscle” he said as he raised his bicep some and kissed the peak. I drooled as it was one of the things I always found hot about big athletes. Cocky as fuck. “W-Wha—“ “Wha-Wha-What am I talking about? Bullshit! You can’t tell me you didn’t notice yet.” I looked down at my body and really noticed my muscles. They were so much different from how they were before. I looked at him and he looked at my body too but not in the same way. It felt more like disgust from him. “I can’t blame you. It’s not a lot to look at, huh?” Instantly, I got a bit mad. I was really overwhelmed with him before but, now, Toxic was pissing me off. I tried to stand up and walk away but I felt a big, powerful hand grab my shoulder and hold me in place. “Where ya goin’? Got all these muscles and I have no one to help me come down from the high.” At this, he spun me around and I looked up at him. He was so big and he looked like he could eat several steaks with that look he was giving me. I thought about how I felt a few moments ago. Was this what I looked like getting horny and bothered all of a sudden? I wanted to run but Toxic was sure I wasn’t going anywhere. He looked at me like I’d just covered myself in barbeque sauce. Toxic walked forward, pushing me back till my back touched the couch in the next room. Before I knew it, he’d flipped me over it and I was on my stomach. “That’s a good runt” he said as he began to unzip his tight fitting jeans and his own white briefs came out for air as the package got some space. He was bigger than I remembered as he pulled down his pants and the big beast he coveted was lifted and then dropped over his underwear, the endowment bouncing a little with its weight. I was about to run as flashes of the last time I’d had sex with Toxic came to me. I had to get away. Toxic had my leg before I was really on my feet and he flung back down on the couch, holding me in place with one hand like I was a balloon he was holding against gravity. I fought but it was useless. I was placed on my stomach and had little room to fight or defend myself. My ass was free game. Toxic let his pants fall and he used his other hand to grab at the couch so he could hold his weight over me. “Just relax and enjoy it, runt” he said down to me. I closed my eyes as I prepared to be assaulted by this big horrible, beautiful man on top of me. I fought but I felt so defeated. He grabbed waistband and yanked it down to put my ass on full display. Right as I thought I felt a big cockhead graze my cheeks, the hovering feeling of hormonal man above me was gone. I heard someone hit the wall like a force had thrown them at it. I opened my eyes and looked behind me to see a naked man with clearly pale skinned heritage in his genes. Donut’s big muscular back was a comfort but it was different. He looked so much bigger! His ass was filling his jock strap and then some with it’s big, hard form. He was so big that, even though Toxic was wider, I could only see his hands and legs grasping the wall. Donut was so wide. His sweaty body was a work of art in the sunlight as held Toxic. When he spoke with his powerful voice, I was actually taken aback because…..well….. it sounded… Scottish. “Ah gang doonby tae git a good pump 'n' ye attack th' wee Cub?” Donut said to Toxic face to face as Toxic was being pinned over a foot above the ground. Toxic looked like he was in pain being held on the wall the way he was but he forced a smile. “Don’t get too excited, Angus” Toxic said through bared teeth. “You’re Scottish is showing.” There was a booming thud as Donut pulled Toxic off the wall and forced him back on it with force. “Clam up, ya’ hurdie! That's nae mah pumpin' name! ” he roared. “Ah thought we telt tae keep aff th' Cub!” I saw Donut cock his arm back and my cock was hard like titanium. His arm was big before but it was so much different now! That bicep was really impressive the way it bulged bigger than my head and made his forearms and shoulders swell! His roadmap like back was being redrawn as his muscles all tightened. Even Toxic looked like he was starting to get afraid of Donut fast. I came over to Donut. "Don't hurt him, Donut! He's just being an ass!" I tried to plead. Half of me wanted to hurt Toxic after he tried to take me and use me again like a lucky sock or a condom but I knew it wasn't right. I was almost afraid for him but it all meant nothing when the door slammed open. Bear was home. “WHERE’S MY CUB!!!” To Be Continued……..
  19. Omiganda

    m/m The Bear's Cub Part 7

    Apologize for the delay. Life and writing often dont mix for me although they share so much in common. The next chapter is one that I think you guys have been waiting for. Till then, don't mind if Toxic makes your eyes pop a little. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Part 7 I was in utter pleasure as I let my nose go over the hard body towering above me. The male scent was so strong, I couldn’t get enough of it. It was almost toxic. Of course, Toxic only looked down at me with an unamused expression on his face. “You having fun down there?” he said down to me with a condescending voice. I didn’t register the tone as I wanted to touch every part of him. That didn’t seem to be in the plans as Toxic put his hand down underneath my chin and lifted my face to look at him. “Think you got enough time to service me now?” he said impatiently. I felt his cold look and felt as if he was taking control of the situation. It wasn’t as though he were showing hatred towards me (at least I didn’t think so). Toxic was taking control. Like poison, he was in my system and spreading as he leaned down to look at me face to face. His cold, blue eyes spoke to me like a overpowering glare from a sentient being. His brown hair just made the color difference stronger from everything else on this stallion’s body. He yanked me up to my feet and stuffed my face in his hairy chest, my nose tickled. “Funny. I should take care of you like you’re my little bro. After all, I was the last pup before you.” Toxic grabbed loosened his pressurizing hand to let me raise my head to him. “Time for your test” he said as he pulled me and gave me one of the most amazing kisses of my life. My legs became jello underneath me as I felt his lips and his forceful tongue touched all the right places in my mouth. I almost let my eye lids lower to a close as I felt the powerful feelings through his actions. He had one forearm to my cheek but his other limb was being held by tense grip. I felt the power in his forearms, both twice as thick as my biceps. I couldn’t dent him in the slightest. I was being drawn into his being and by the time he released my lips, he had me. “Take it” he commanded. That’s all I needed to drop to my knees and willingly yank at his bikini shorts. They looked tight against his body as they held up his ass and his hefty bulge, its size stuffing the pouch. The moment the thick meat was released from its tight prison, I had already kissed the head and was beginning to swallow it. It was thick but didn’t appear to be the biggest of the bunch regardless of it filling my mouth some. I looked up to see if Toxic was enjoying it but he was still looking down at me. His eyes weren’t hungry like all the other pups. They were observing me. It was as if I was in some kind of “oral exam”. He smiled in a way I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a smirk. The most condescending smirk I’d ever seen. Almost a shit eating grin. “Fine, I’ll give you a few more inches” he said. With a smooth grunt and thrust, I was bombarded as the thick meat in my mouth was growing exponentially. It was slow but it was still shocking. He was definitely a grower as I felt my jaw relax to accompany the oncoming girth. I felt my gag reflex kick in as his cock began to reach down my throat imposingly. “Yeah, that’s enough” he said. With suprising control, he’d completely stopped his large cock from getting any bigger with his command alone. He wasn’t nearly as thick as Slugger but he was definitely a big boy. I felt his hand reach and wrap around the back of my head with a big grin on his face. “Now let’s see if we can get some motion going” he said. With a sudden flex, he pulled me in without giving me time and he took control of my mouth. My mouth was suddenly very sore trying to accompany so much so fast. I was helpless and in pain. Tears were running down my cheeks as Toxic used me like a below average sex toy. “Fuck, you’re not comfortable at all. You’re so fucking pathetic.” I tried to grab at his waist to slow his push and pull down but he smacked my hands away. “Don’t fucking touch there until I say so, shit rag. If you can’t handle this, you’re certainly not going to be good service to Bear. You’re fucking nothing. Don’t worry though. I got a lot of *grunt* everything to fill you up with. Won’t give you all I got, though” I felt myself shrink in size spiritually as I felt Toxic’s cock swell a bit. My brain was being thrown back and forth and bouncing in my head, my head starting to hurt. I had little time to slow down and cool off, however. The moment I tried to come for air, Toxic fired his cock onslaught at full force. Instantly, I was coughing as the cum almost got into my lungs. Toxic didn’t care as he held my head and threw his head back, firing cum like a loaded cannon. My face was quickly hit and covered by his outburst of jizz, my clothes quickly getting soaked. I was being hit the bursts but I didn’t feel them. I was already blacking out, not getting to see the end of Toxic’s ejaculation. In the dimness between conscious and unconscious, I was able to make out some things before completely blacking out. Toxic’s icy glare, his cock cleaning itself off with my shirt, his letting me hit the floor like I was trash. Things that I’d let happen to me unfolded. I was a discarded tissue after jacking off for Toxic. That’s what I would have expected to see last anyway. I saw the door fly open and two pairs of big feet stampeding in. One was indefinitely massive while the other was large in a smaller scale. Both were large and looked like they were stuffing their shoes. Both bigger than Toxic. I saw a pair of almond eyes looking down at me. Beautiful eyes hidden behind dark hair. They weren’t like Toxic’s but they were still recent to my memory. Hare? --- I woke up abruptly, sitting up too quickly and causing my head to pound. I cringed and pressed my hands against my head as if to steady it. I groaned in pain but I couldn’t move my legs for a moment. They were heavier than I remembered. Where was I? I only got a split second to cover my surroundings before something grabbed me and yanked me into a big wall of warmth. It was familiar. The smell and feel were so comforting and pulled me home. Bear had his large body consuming mine as he held me. I was barely on the bed now and the covers were all that kept us apart. “I’m so glad you’re OK, Cub” he said as he didn’t let me go. I accepted the embrace with the knowledge I couldn’t escape even if I wanted to. It was a moth to flame scenario. I couldn’t believe how much I missed all of Bear. His big, hair covered muscles were my comfort zone as he seemed to be cradling me as he was sitting. Bear let me go after 5 minutes but I could see in his eyes that he wanted more time. “I promise I’ll never let something like that happen to you again” he said as his beautiful eyes were sincere and concerned. I must have looked like a beaten animal to him. I wasn’t badly bruised although I was starting to feel the pain from bluntly falling to the ground. My clothes had been replaced completely with nothing but an oversized white t-shirt that was more like a dress on me. “We didn’t have time to get you more clothes so we had to get you something from Toxic’s closet. He’s the only one small enough for you to try and hang onto something.” I felt afraid of what I was wearing as I looked at it as though little pictures of Toxic were all over it. Bear saw it in my eyes. “Relax, Cub. Toxic’ll get his punishment in due time. Tomorrow, actually.” I looked up at Bear as he had a smile on his face but he looked like he was overheated. Was that sweat? “What do you mean? What’s happening tonight?” At that moment, the door opened and we turned to see Hare coming in with a plastic blue bowl of cold water with a rag floating at its center. “It’s time for you to become one of us, Cub. Time for the Worship.” Hare came around Bear and leaned in to put the moist rag on my neck for me to hold. “The Worship?” I asked. Oh shit, I joined a fucking colt, I thought as I held the rag. Hare smiled and licked his lips. “It’s the day we get to play” he said as he turned to Bear. Bear looked like he was having a hard time in his seat. Everything looked like it was tensing and flexing harder with each second. Hare came over to him and kissed him on the forehead, squeezing out a moan from Bear. “Our day of celebration. Today’s the day we all prove our loyalty and acknowledge our servitude to Bear.” To Be Continued……..
  20. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (18)

    Eighteen The next morning Tomas awoke early, he scanned the room for his pet but didn’t see him. He stood up and walked over to the mirror above his desk. He made some strange movements with his hands while saying: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, show my pet, in the name of unholy Maul!”. The mirror went dark and infernal flames appeared before it revealed the wrestle hall. On the mat, Anton was sleeping a few feet from Connor. Tomas yelled a command in the mirror. Anton and Connor sprang up from the mat as Tomas’ voice filled the wrestle hall. The behemoths knew they had to return instantly to their master. They grabbed their ripped clothes and sprinted toward Tomas’ room, their long flaccid cocks thwacking against their beastly quads. Rushing through the hallways, they could feel the temperature drop gradually as they approached their destination. They stopped in their tracks as they entered their hallway; it didn’t look anything like it did yesterday. Tomas’ increasing powers totally controlled the far part of Orchid University now. The lights flickered incessantly, shrouding the corridor in a sinister atmosphere; strange shadows slid along the lengthy walls and hellish whispers echoed against the ceilings, accompanied by the howls of the wolves outside the building; the temperature dropped even further resulting in an icy chill. Anton and Connor stared at each other but quickly continued to the end of the corridor and barged into their master’s room. Tomas sat casually on his bed as his towers of muscle stood next to each other. He grinned as he noticed the goose bumps across their big frames. “Glad to see you guys didn’t lose any inches because of the chill”, he said as he looked at their dangling cocks. “I’m gonna tell you guys what’s up next, but I want to have some fun first. Sit on the bed on your hands and knees, Connor!”. Connor did as he was told. He stared at the wall, exposing his muscular ass at the others. The strong muscles of his ass clenched in anticipation. He blinked as he felt Tomas sit down on his lower back, facing the opposite wall. “Now my pet, you will pleasure me and dominate Connor, do it!”, Tomas said while stroking his cock slowly to its 17 inches. Anton stepped forward, his cock had already hardened to its 25 inches from staring at Connor’s ass and engulfed his master’s dick while driving his own rock-hard cock into the exposed muscular ass. He began sucking and pounding like his life depended on it, his strong 14-pack flexing as his hips drove his fleshy pole in and out of Connor. He grabbed hold of Connor’s sides and upped his force. Connor steadied himself under the bigger man’s thrusts. His cock slowly inflating with blood and gentle moans escaping his mouth. Tomas put his arms behind him, grabbing his pet’s tree-sized arms for support. He closed his eyes in pleasure as the behemoth sucked and teased his 17 incher. “Yeaugh!”, he grunted as he tried to dig into the hard masses of meat that were his pet’s arms. “UUGGHHNN!”, he moaned loudly as his cock exploded in his pet’s mouth. Anton groaned in pleasure as he felt his master explode within a minute after beginning to suck him off. The thought of sending Tomas over the edge so quickly flooded his 580 pound frame with pleasure and he pounded Connor’s ass even harder. “YEAUUUGGGHHHNNN!!!”, he bellowed as his 25 incher blasted out load after load of cum into the clenching ass. Connor’s cock hardened completely and reached its impressive 21 inches as he felt his fellow behemoth explode in his ass. He closed his eyes and thought of how he had dominated his brother last week and his coach yesterday. The images of him dominating their muscular frames sent him over the edge and his balls blasted out gallons of sticky, thick cum onto the bed. After this action, Tomas revealed his orders and his behemoths executed them promptly: they moved Anton’s stuff into Tomas’ room and Connor now had a room for himself. A week later, most of the students arrived for the new academic year. The strange weather conditions made them wonder and the hordes of big, black wolves chased them around campus. As long as they stayed on the pathways, the wolves didn’t hurt them. Keith was unpacking his things as the door opened. He turned around and smiled at his roommate. “What happened to you?”, Sean asked as he entered. “Same that happened to you”, Keith replied, “Anton spent summer at my place.” “Did he steal your muscle too? He must be as big as a house now”, Sean blurted out. “Nope, he didn’t get any bigger. He stayed in my brother’s room and made me suck him off every night. I spent the entire summer in the gym and bulked up to 290 pounds. Until a week ago, I was bigger than ever. That’s when my skinny younger brother barged into my room. He already outweighed me when he made his first move and drained all my mass. Now I’m smaller than he was”, Keith said. “I would have loved seeing you at 290 pounds of ripped muscle. I bet you looked spectacular”, Sean answered and kissed his buddy. Keith put his bony arm around his skinny buddy and let himself fall backward onto the bed, dragging Sean over him and returning the kiss. The following day classes started and life at Orchid University retook its normal course; as normal as it could be with the strange meteorological conditions and the wolves haunting the perimeter. Sean and Keith cautiously walked over to their classes, thoroughly scanning the hallways for Anton or Tomas. They somehow managed to avoid their foes. Connor had put on his oversized sweater and installed himself at the back of his class. He smirked as he looked at the freshmen in tow in front of him; they were talking about playing sports but he was clearly bigger than the 3 of them together. The lecture began and Connor puffed because of the difficult notions used by the professor. By the end, he simply gave up and played with his strong 12-pack, tracing in and out the deep grooves between the rows of cobblestone-sized muscles. “Huh?”, he reacted and looked next to him. “ Not an easy first lecture to follow, he? You can copy my notes if you want.” Connor blinked and looked down at the brown-haired guy next to him. “It’s okay, man”, Connor replied, “I’m gonna flunk this class; I always stink in biology.” “Oh, if you need extra help, I can tutor you. I’ve gotten a prize in biology back in high school. I’ve tutored may of my co-students.”, the guy said. “Why not?”, Connor answered, “A little help won’t hurt me. Next week?”. “I’m free tonight, after football practice. I could come to your room around 8”, the guy said, “I’m Alex by the way”. “Connor”, Connor replied, “that’s fine by me, I’ll see tonight”. Anton was greeted by reverential and lust-filled eyes as he entered his lecture. He grinned smugly at the reactions: several girls reddened and giggled as they drank in the sight of his gigantic physique; some guys and even the professor also reddened. He installed himself in the far corner of the room, making the football players move by just staring at them. He knocked over the star quarterback by bumping his thick shoulder into the guys chest; the 320 pound athlete fell down like a ragdoll. He shot up, but stepped back as Anton clenched his fist, making his forearm ripple with power and his 50 inch bicep swell. Anton smiled as the athletes retreated to the other side of the room. He looked down as he felt a hand grope his bicep. “You’re so damn big”, Kurt said. “You look bigger too, captain”, Anton replied, “Been bulking?”. “I’m up to 290 pounds now, thanks to some chemicals”, Kurt said and flexed his arm. “Nice”, Anton said and poked the muscle, denting it easily, “but small compared to me”; he flexed his own arm, making it swell into its 50 inches of ripped, vein-choked meat. Kurt gasped and creamed his pants as his own muscular arm was totally dwarfed by Anton. Another load filled his boxers as he felt the hardness of the beastly muscle. “Would you gentlemen mind sitting down?”, the professor asked. “Sorry, Kurt was asking if my arms had gotten bigger”, Anton replied and did a double bicep pose. The entire room went silent as the behemoth flexed his intimidating arms, showcasing his physique and installing his domination. Several students, even some football players and the professor had raging hard-ons. Tomas didn’t attend any lecture, he spent all day studying and decrypting the ancient book. Some passages were written in a bizarre language, a mixture of Latin words and local dialects; he knew it would take time to be able to complete the ritual, but he was patient. A panicky yell made him look outside. He grinned as he saw a hunter being chased by several black wolves. The man rushed toward the exit and disappeared. Sean and Keith were discussing a tactic to stop Tomas. “It won’t be easy”, Keith said, “He was untouchable with just Anton at his side and now he has my behemoth brother to help him.” “What about your uncle, the priest?”, Sean asked, “Hasn’t he recovered by now?”. “He left the hospital three weeks ago and went to Rome to study some documents to vanquish the demon. We could contact him”, Keith replied. “We’ll do that. But we should try to weaken Tomas in the meantime.”, Sean stated, “Your brother depends on his scholarship to stay here, right?” “Yep, but he will have past his test by now”, Keith said. “That’s no big deal. We still have great influence on the wrestle team. The new coach will at least have to listen to us. If we convince him that your brother is on steroids, he will be suspended and lose his grant. Let’s go see the coach!”, Sean said and left; Keith following him. After his lecture, Connor had gone straight to the gym. Tomas’ magic had engulfed the place so it was empty; Connor couldn’t reveal his physique until Tomas permitted it. Connor had put his oversized sweater in a locker and entered the gym shirtless. He marveled at his reflection: the melon-sized, striated, vein-covered pecs formed a meaty rack of concrete muscle that protruded from his chest; deep grooves highlighted the thickness of his cobblestone-sized hard pecs that formed his 12-pack; strong obliques rippled at the sides of it; his cannonball-sized delts gave him an extremely wide, v-taper, a thick vein snaked over them and down onto the hard masses of his 40 inch arms. He thought of Anton’s size and a hungrily look filled his eyes. He had worked out heavily ever since arriving at Orchid university and had put on 20 extra pounds of beef over the past 3 weeks, but his body didn’t seem able to get any bigger. “Gotta grow!”, Connor bellowed and began doing pull-ups. An hour and 10,000 pull-ups later, Connor crashed down on the floor. His lats were pumped beyond belief and even his beastly arms had swollen past their 40 inches. He slowly got up, breathing heavily and smiled at his reflection: he looked wider than ever. He knew he had to hurry since the football players would soon come in for their weight training. He strutted into the locker room and took a quick shower. He wrapped a towel around his tightly muscled waist and opened the last door on his right. The wrestle coach jumped up from his chair as his door flew open, Keith and Sean turned their heads around; they stared at the behemoth that entered. “Every student has to knock before they can enter”, the coach said with as authoratively as possible. “Sorry, coach”, Connor replied and knocked on the door, slamming his fist right through it. “You’re even bigger than last week. Are you on some kind of super-steroid?”, the coach blurted out, “These gentlemen here were so kind of pointing out your fraud; it appears that you have been juicing all summer”. Connor looked down at the chairs in front of him and laughed out loud. “Well, well, little bro are you telling these lies about me? And you brought your little girlfriend to back you up.” Sean and Keith stared up at the behemoth towering over them. They couldn’t even see his face because of the rack of pecs. Their cocks hardened as they scanned the huge muscle inches away from them. “I’m surprised you believe these pathetic runts, coach. They’re just jealous of my mass, can’t blame them off course. My wimpy elder brother has been lusting after me all summer since I got my growth spurt. He even wanted to wash my muscles in the shower once. It’s just sad that he tells these lies. I’m all natural, coach. Just finished my training. Did 10,000 pull-ups like every day”, Connor said. “No one can crank out 10,000 pull-ups. Not even you”, the coach said while drinking in Connor’s physique. “I can easily; like I’ve beaten you easily”, Connor replied, “I’ve come for my prize by the way.” “What prize? You’ve gotten your scholarship”, the coach said. “This prize”, Connor stated and grabbed the frame containing the gold medal from the wall. “You put that back!”, the coach yelled and sprang up from his chair as did Sean and Keith. Connor didn’t react; he broke the frame and hung the Olympic medal around his own, muscular neck; the gold medal rested in the deep crevice between his melon-sized pecs. “Doesn’t it look better on a big man?”, Connor asked. Involuntarily, the coach nodded, but quickly his anger took charge. “I’ll suspend you for good now!”, he yelled. Connor simply tossed aside his towel, striations exploding across his spectacular chest as he loosened the fabric from his waist. The coach stared in awe at the flaccid monster cock dangling between the tree-sized, deeply grooved quads, as did Sean and Keith. None of them reacted as the behemoth ripped off the coach’s clothes and threw him on his stomach on the desk. “Off course, a medal isn’t enough since I’ve dominated you completely in our match. You boys strip too!”, Connor said while stroking his cock to hardness. The coach suddenly regained his senses as he realized what was about to happen. He jumped up but a strong paw shoved against his back and pushed him down again. He budged and squirmed but couldn’t move. Sean and Keith moved in to help him; they grabbed the thick forearm and pulled with all their might; the tree-sized arm didn’t shift an inch. Connor grinned at the scene: his brother and his buddy looked like dwarfs tucking at a bear. He ripped off their clothes with his free hand and shoved them against the wall. Sean and Keith fell back against the wall and stared with fear and arousal at the behemoth. Their pencil dicks stubbornly hard atop marble-sized balls. “Did you boys hit puberty yet? I’ve got more pit hair under my right arm than both you guys around your sticks, eh dicks”, Connor said before turning his attention to the squirming athlete on the desk. He smiled as he noticed how his meaty paw covered three quarters of the athletic back and his 240 pound coach was easily overpowered by his left arm. His cock jolted to full hardness and he bellowed in triumph as he claimed his second prize: he simply drove his engorged 21 incher into his coach’s ass. “Noughn!”, the coach yelled in pain as the plum-sized head and the steely-hard shaft invaded him. He screamed as more pain exploded through him, tears flowed from the corner of his eyes and spasms shot through his body. He grabbed the side of his desk and pulled with all his might, but the strong paw kept him in place. “Yeah!”, Connor boomed, his deep baritone filling the office. He enjoyed the feeling of totally overpowering the squirming, 240 pound Olympic champion with just one hand; it excited him far more than being fucked by Anton’s 25 incher. Sean and Keith gazed at the scene in front of them; their meager pencil dicks jolted as Connor’s deep voice vibrated down their weak bodies. Keith couldn’t believe how his gentle little brother had changed so radically. “Please, please, no more, stop, please”, the coach pleaded. He tapped his desk three times, trying to make the behemoth freshmen stop. He could feel the plum-sized head retreating; a load ‘pop’ resounded as it was pulled from his ass. He clenched his battered ass with all his remaining force and inhaled deeply. Connor looked down and grinned; his cock hadn’t been this hard since the night he had dominated and drained his brother, it was even harder than last week in the wrestle hall. He gave his steely hard 21 incher a few hard strokes. “Please, go. I won’t tell anyone and pretend this never happened. Keep my gold medal and we’ll forget about this all”, the coach mumbled and summoned his last ounces of strength to free himself. His well-developed muscled flexed as he tried to push himself up from his desk, while keeping his agonizing ass tightly clenched. Connor’s forearm didn’t budge as his coach made his attempt to flee. The feeling of being the undisputed, dominant alpha-male in the room flooded him entirely; he howled in ecstasy as he rammed his throbbing cock at full force in the clenched ass. The coach’s mouth hung open but no sound came out; words died in his throat as the plum-sized head busted through his clenched defenses and the hot pole was driven into his ass. Spams shot through his muscular arms as more pain filled his body. “Stop, bro!”, Keith yelled in his high-pitched voice, “Where’s the good kid mom and dad raised? Can’t you see that all this power is corrupting you?”. Connor kept shoving inch after inch of his steely hard cock into his coach’s ass. “That’s an inch more than last week”, he boomed in pleasure and began pounding the ass, shoving the desk back by his force. He grabbed the coach and sat him up on his 21 incher, pumping his ass with long powerful thrusts. He then looked at the two runts against the wall and said: “I’ve I’m corrupt, why are you guys hard then? Come over here and feel a real man!”. The coach looked down and gasped; the freshmen’s monster-cock was outlined against his 6-pack as it slammed in and out his ass. His own cock was hard and oozing cum over his desk. Sean and Keith couldn’t resist the behemoth’s command. They walked over to Connor and roamed his supreme musculature. Their pencil dicks throbbed and throbbed as they felt the hardness of the flexing abs and beastly arms. They stared up reverentially at the tower of muscle and their cocks leaked a feeble load. Connor’s breathing fastened as he kept pumping his coach’s ass. He supported the 240 pound athlete with his left paw that covered the man’s chest while his right paw roamed his own 12-pack, that flexed and tightened with each powerful thrust from his hips; he didn’t even feel the weak small hands of Sean and Keith caressing his spectacular quads. “YYEEAAUUGGHHNN!!”, he bellowed deeply as his balls exploded. Gallons of cum blasted from his 21 incher. Sean and Keith gazed in awe as the tree-sized quads flexed under their touch as Connor came; their meager balls pushed out another load of watery cum and they fell back exhausted. The coach grunted as the behemoth’s cock swelled and exploded in his ass. The pressure built painfully and his stomach began looking bloated as load after load of cum filled his intestines. Cum began flowing from the coach’s ass along Connor’s monster-cock as more loads blasted from the 21 incher. Connor grunted in exhaustion as he pulled his dick from the battered ass. He tossed the coach on the desk and inhaled deeply, stroking his still hard 21 incher and blasting cum all over the walls. He released his over-stimulated shaft, wrapped the towel around his 12-pack and left the office with a heaving chest, grinning at the cum-covered men before he left.
  21. newthirty

    m/m Pyramids - Part 4

    "Now we have the first two slaves for the hard labor", laughed the priest and approached to the two heavily sweating muscle monsters. "Will-less and powerful as the gods himself. They will be able to lift the half-ton stone blocks with ease. Pharaoh will be pleased. " But suddenly User grabbed the oldest priest from behind and pulled him up. The priest looked surprised in the distorted face of the Egyptian muscle-bull. Startled, he heard a voice, pressed out with huge effort: "What ... did ... you ... do to me… made ​​me ... I’m User..." "I order you to let me down now!" Cried the priest loudly. Nakht in the meantime caught the other two thin men, the priests were scolding now and kicking, but were stuck in his paws. "You will not ... command ... User " grunted the muscle monster. He held the priest who tried desperately but hopelessly to free himself in front of User’s still raging manhood, still stiffly sticking in the air and grunted: "You ... also try ...the wrath of the gods … and my rage and fury ..." User mercilessly fucked the priest’s skull until the paste ran out from his mouth - as a fine foam... the gigantic fuckstick threatened to tear his mouth apart. When he came at last, he let the priest fall down carelessly and squirted loud screaming. The opposite wall was hit a dozen times until the engraved hieroglyphics were unreadable. Then User lifted the man up again. He was regaining consciousness. User flexed his muscles in an incredible display of power and looked down at the trembling man. "We strong as gods ... thou shalt be respectful ... otherwise User will squirt you to a pulp, little man. Think of that, puny man! " The priest crept trembling back, nodding. Then User turned to his buddy Nakht, who still held the other two priests in his paws. Nakht’s cock was no less harsh and impressive and massive, but he had not abused the priests. He had just watched as Users had showed whos boss. He saw his incredible power and remained hard. The struggling men in his paws he had already forgotten. "Nakht ... you too ... User does .. sorry ..." Nakht grinned. "Why ... those muscles .. and Nakht ... Nakht’s rod is strong as a bulls ..." Nakht threw out his chest, put his hands on the hips, so that the two priests hardly got air. User pressed his hairy chest on Nakht’s broad chest, felt the wide overhanging shoulders and stroked Nakht’s rock hard arms. They were sweaty and hot. Nakht grumbled in agreement. "User ... User sees strong ... Nakht strong ..." Their cocks collided and it rumbled. Their necks were as thick as their gigantic bold skulls, they turned to the ceiling, both laughing loudly and angrily. One of the priests, which hung like rags in Nakht’s arms, trying desperately to cling somewhere, touched fleetingly Nakht’s thick and hard cock. Nakhts then groaned blissfully, looked down and noticed the two priests in his paws. "What do with the priests?" Users dick twitched expectantly and a fat drop of cum oozed from his piss slit. But Nakht shook his mighty bare skull. Some drops of sweat flew around. He dropped both priests and they were not moving. Timidly they both looked up at the two muscle monsters whose massiveness was incredible. Then Nakht grabbed with both hands the cock of his buddy and pressed firmly. User came violently and sprayed the wall again powerfully. After that, he saw firmly in Nakht’s silver shining eyes: "Let us build a pyramid ..."
  22. newthirty

    m/m Pyramids - Part Iii

    Panting and moaning there was a huge bald guy by almost seven feet in front of the priests, shoulders wide as three men, a dark hairy chest, musclebound without end. His still stiff cock leaked further and the precum ran like a brook down the thick, veined shaft to the scrotum. He flexed his huge biceps and roared again. Barely human sounds, as Nakht thought, shivering. Then he just stood there, his mighty legs wide apart, let the impressive arms dangle to the floor and gasped. And growled in the direction of the priests who were now silent, probably amazed by the transformation, too. One of the three priests, the eldest one, finally approached this monster of a man and took a risk to have a direct look in his eyes. It seemed briefly as if the muscle monster would made - with one blow of his huge paw - a bloody stain out of this man. But he hold himself and bowed at last to the old priest. The priest approached and took another hold of Users testicles, which were much larger than before. "My choice was good, very good. In thee rages the force of Ra and Set... The priest then grabbed the thick shaft, but he could not even cover half of its circumference. User gasped loudly and the priest began slowly stroking the huge cock up further. "You like that, don’t you?" When he touched the bottom of the glans, a heavy flow of precum started to emante from Users dick, like a spring steadily and dripped down the monstrous hardon. The priest rubbed on and User’s stubbled face twitched and he growled quietly. "You will be the tool which I will make a name for myself before Pharaoh ..." whispered the priest and continue massaging the incredible cock, still further swelling and trembling. The frail fingers of the old man looked ridiculous on this gigantic penis. "And you will be the father of many of these muscled gods as many as we need, until we will be the masters of the world ..." Here already splashed the first heavy surge out of Users fat glans and the priest flinched. At that very moment, a heavy and seemingly neverending rattle and chinking from falling metalstandards ruined the moment. All heads flew around, just to see a shivering peasant, Nakht. The old priest took his smeared right hand off User’s enormous tool and turned to Nakht. User growled dangerously. The priest ignored it and smiled at Nakht. "What are you doing here?" "I'm his friend ... what have you done to User?" Without answering him, he turned to his fellow priests: "Well, then we will just start the second phase at the same time.” And with a melodramatic gesture of his still cumsoaked fingers, he bekoned the former peasant and screamed: “User, show him - the power of the gods! " User broke free from his rigid habitus and approached Nakht with a groan. Nakht tried to drew back and tried to appeal to User, but no understanding or recognizing spoke from the silvery glowing eyes of User. Finally, the hulking muscleman grabbed the panicked Nakht, and held him that he had no way to escape. "User, User! It’s me! Nakht! Stop it! User! " Users calloused fingers tore Nakht’s skirt in seconds to shreds. Nakht screamed and cried User’s name. When Nakht was naked, User held his trembling friend in front of his huge manhood that seemed to have grown even further. While this dramatic scenen one of the priests whispered to his colleague: "This is the solution to our problem. To transfer the godly force from the shrine to thousands of workers would be too time consuming. So we can use the power of the gods easily transmitted from man to man, by fucking each other ... " And that was the keyword: Users huge phallus rammed in the blink of an eye into Nakht and he cried out. User roared with him, a deep, booming, satisfied roar. Nakht believed to die, while the huge cock moved in and out. Soon after that Nakht was almost as numb as he was raped by this incredible monster. It was only when that musclebeast began to cum, he awoke again. At the beginning it was just bad. And then it was warm. Nakht felt his muscles – they began to grow as he itself grew bigger and wider. A feeling as if he was inflated and then filled with heavy sand, seized him and amazement him. Mesmerized he looked at his paws, which were swollen beyond belief. He touched his growing pecs and biceps, while User grunted over him. The growth was orgasmic. Each thought of revenge against the priests went out as soon as his will subdued to what was provided: absolute obedience to the men of the gods. They were the rulers of the force, they had to obey. As User pulled his huge cock finally out of him, Nakht was almost as massive and muscular as his buddy. Both rose up together and looked at each other from silvershining eyes. User laid his paw on the massive shoulder of Nakht and pressed vigorously. Then he winked. Following this, both turned to the priests.
  23. The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste Alfie was born with a gift he inherited from his parents. He never wanted to use it for any particular reason because he knew if he did, he could not fit in with the rest of his classmates. The other kids always talked about him behind his back as if he was some freak of nature. They knew about the story of his family's secret and made it clear to him that he wouldn’t escape its reputation. What they didn’t know though is that he always knew what they were thinking. He can hear their thoughts traveling through their heads. This never became an issue with him until he entered high school. They always pick on him because of the way he looks physically. He is not a fit guy and they know that they can push him around because of it. He has been practicing his mental abilities for several weeks to make his hormones react in a way that they can become a factor in retaliation for his bullying. His father has even told him that if he wants to prevail in a bad situation, he needs to harness his energy and fight back. The baseball team is the worst offender because he tried out for it one day last summer and always wanted to play. He was deemed too heavy and couldn't keep up with the bigger, more muscular boys. Some of the guys had monster arms and huge quads due to their hardcore training routines. Alfie envies their dedication and really wants to have that trait too. One day as he walks to his next class in the hallway, three of those huge guys from the team stop dead in their tracks where he is walking and knock him over. His school books and supplies fly everywhere around him as they start laughing and taunting him. He gets so mad that he decides enough is enough and starts playing with their heads. He makes eye contact with all three of them and starts focusing his energy on their minds. He knows that their only power in this situation is in their muscles, so he starts to make them feel uneasy. He makes them shrink one by one as their hulking arms and legs start to diminish in size. What he wasn't expecting was stealing their muscle power and putting it into his own body. If it was just one of them, he would only experience some growth, but since it is three of them, his growth will be astounding. He can sense the changes coming to his body as they are frozen in their positions. Alfie looks down and sees muscles starting to peek through his fat. He weighs 230 pounds in his current state, but it is obvious that he will grow even bigger. The guys are rail thin now as they watch his body convulse and reshape itself in front of them. His fat arms are thickening into huge cannons as they keep stretching bigger. His once flabby moobs are now forming into gargantuan pillows which explode through his shirt. His clothes shred as he can't stop the growth process. His big legs are becoming massive tree trunks as his back begins to take up the entire walkway. He realizes that this isn’t normal growing but there is little he can do about it at this point. The guys don’t even notice how much they shrunk because they are mesmerized by this behemoth appearing in front of them. His growth gets to the point where the floor below them starts creaking. Alfie raises his arms and puts them out to his sides to push on the lockers and crush them. His old ass is reforming to grow to three times its size as he busts through his underwear. He reveals his thick throbbing cock as it oozes its thick gunk on to the quaking floor. Amazingly, Alfie’s mind remains intact as he lets out a huge roar to scare the baseball players. The guys start running now but he manages to catch one of them in his arms. He thinks about hurting him real good, but instead decides to teach him a lesson and tries to penetrate him. He rips his pants off and gets his cockhead in before the guy squeals in pain. The other two are still running, but they turn around once they get to the stairwell to see where the other guy went. The two guys, Ronnie and Todd, wonder what they should do next. Their teammate, Steven, is being raped badly by Alfie but he must be over 8’ feet tall and 400 pounds easy now. There are screams heard through the building as other kids go barreling out the side doors to avoid the behemoth’s wrath. Steven continues to wail as Alfie spreads his ass wider and wider as his 15” cock moves further inside. Todd tells Ronnie to go call 911 since he doubts the police would be much help. After sending his teammate down the stairwell to call emergency services, Todd finds a fire extinguisher close to where he is standing and grabs it. He runs towards Alfie who is still ravishing Steven. He sprays him with the extinguisher and makes him angrier. The hulking kid starts to use his powers again on Todd, but this time to make him fall over. Todd screams in pain as his head is killing him. He falls to the ground and is knocked unconscious. With Ronnie not there, Steven is powerless against the behemoth. He begins to weaken considerably as Alfie finishes fucking him. The huge kid dumps his load inside him and drops him on the ground. The floor beneath Alfie now is cracking and giving way. He manages to lift himself out of the sinkhole that was the floor and makes a door in a nearby wall to go outside. Flashing lights surround him as various security teams set up their positions when he comes into view. He is told to get down on the ground or they will have to shoot him. Ronnie is seen hiding behind one of the SWAT team members. Alfie spots him and starts to charge towards him. Shots ring out as he is hit several times. He falls over and destroys the concrete beneath him. Everyone is told not to approach him because they are not completely sure if he is awake or not. Ronnie attempts to get past the barricade set up by the security teams to see if Alfie is dead. It seems he has forgotten about the massive monster’s mental powers. The Two Lovers Edwin is a nicely built 27 year old who was previously overweight during his childhood. He decided six years ago to do something about it though. Before he started though, he went to college and earned a great degree from a well-known university. He met all kinds of guys there and learned a lot about himself including the fact that he is really into muscle, a lot of muscle. His first boyfriend is not extremely big and isn't that tall either. He always went to go and watch him practice for his archery tournaments and was amazed at how muscular he had to be to compete. For a guy that wasn't taller than 5'3, he is major ripped and has quite the arms. Edwin loves to rub his arms all the time and enjoys the feeling it gives him inside. They both used to say how they were both outcasts when they were younger and now they have each other. One day, both men were at the local mall and walked by a vendor that was pushing a new product aimed at enhancing your libido along with various other things that they couldn't mention out on the floor. Both guys were suspicious because no one was stopping to even listen to the guy's spiel. His boyfriend, Angelo, heard the word libido and pulled his arm to stop and listen to the vendor. After a little coaxing, Edwin did in fact stop and that was all it took. The vendor gave both men one single pill to take before they both have sex. He mentioned that the results will happen when you need them to. They both looked at the tiny little bottles with the pills in them and were really confused as to why there would be only one pill. The vendor said trust him it will be all they need and then proceeded to walk out of the mall. It is very strange to see the man turn around after giving them the pills. Both men are intrigued that just a single pill could do so much. They don't want to waste too much time so they have sex that night. Edwin tells Angelo to take his pill first because he is the more sexual one. He does so but nothing was happening. He already has abs that peek through the skin, but they don’t completely show.....yet. Edwin decides to wait to see if Angelo’s pill starts working before he takes his. After several minutes, there is still nothing to be seen on him. He begs Edwin to take his since he doesn’t want to be the only guinea pig. After giving in to his playful nudging, he takes his pill. Nothing seems to be happening for him either. The two men both decide to do the nasty anyway since they are already so horned out. During this point of his life, Edwin’s body is fairly average and has no real muscle tone. Angelo however still finds him incredibly attractive even without the muscles. He starts to kiss his adorable Latino lover and rubs his hands all down his chest and back. He hears him start to moan and groan, but the eroticism of his voice keeps his attention on the stud’s body. His hands can now feel a noticeable difference in his back. The muscles appear to be getting wider as he feels his lats spreading and thickening outward. With his body up against Angelo’s, he feels his pecs starting to fill out, getting fuller as his arms get beefier and veiny. He starts licking the growing biceps filling up with more blood and getting more powerful. His abs are popping out into huge blocks and amazingly he height is increasing. He can hear Angelo’s spine and back making loud popping sounds adding inch after inch of additional height to his frame. He had decent legs before, but now they are getting as large as oak trees. He had a small penis because of his height, but Edwin can now feel that it has lengthened because of his height difference. It is at this point that Angelo tells him that it is his turn to change. Now at 5'8, he is just one inch shorter than Edwin is. He places his nicely formed hands onto his lover’s back and starts to massage him. At the same time, he uses his tongue to start licking the creases of his ears. He moves up to Edwin’s neck and feels the muscles tense as the sweat begins to bead up. He moans since the feeling is so amazing. He wraps his arms around him to get to his chest which at the moment has no definition.....yet. He caresses and rubs Edwin’s pecs as he begins to feel the muscle fibers expanding. His skin starts stretching as he hears popping coming from all over his body. The sound instantly gets both men excited as their cocks grow hard. Angelo takes his right hand and moves it down to Edwin’s cock as he feels it lengthening. His skinny arms are swelling and dripping with rivers of sweat. His pecs blow up into boulders as the ends of his nipples drape down towards the floor. Angelo can’t stop licking him now as he moves his body to Edwin’s front to get to his hairy abs and beautifully formed new tree trunk legs. His back continues to make huge popping sounds as it adds muscle after muscle to his changing frame. Edwin appears to be the same height. They both wonder what would happen if they came on each other now. Neither one of them would eat the cum, but would love to see what happens if they rubbed it into each other’s muscles. They get so hot for each other that it doesn't take very long for both studs to climax. They manage to do it at the same time and spray their juices on each other. It is at that point that they both started rubbing it into each other. For one of them, the growth didn't stop, but for the other one, it did. The pills had the same effects on both men, but when they came on each other, the jealousy became too much for one of them. Angelo ended up becoming Edwin’s ex-boyfriend after that crazy night. They don't talk to each other that much anymore since the outcome was not satisfactory for one of them. They moved on to different men with different qualities.
  24. The Night to Remember Cameron and a few of his friends have been invited to a club where shirts are optional. The catch to this invitation is that they all must sign a contract and agree to not leave if they are allowed to enter. He finds this contract to be a tad strange, but his friends are all for it. He has a week to decide if he is going to sign the contract or not. Four of Cameron’s friends are invited to go, while the other one was not. This particular one, Jefferson, is actually fit, but ran his mouth too much because he mentioned to the man handing out the contracts that he was straight. Cameron in particular is of a small stature, but is well-toned with curly blonde hair on his body and head. He also has green eyes, pale skin, is quite smart, but likes to think that he is private. His slightly overweight buddy, Kenneth, has long black hair, dark-colored eyes and a slight tan. Dennis is a very well-built guy who works out daily and has a shaved head, an extremely hairy body, hazel eyes, is bisexual and is quite tanned. Finally there is Lorenzo who looks like a powerlifter, is known to work out at least three times a week, is red headed, has no body hair, isn’t tanned whatsoever, and has secret feelings for Cameron. Lorenzo is also Cameron’s best friend and has been trying to get him to sign the contract for three days. The event at the club is only two days away and he hasn't decided to go yet. Both Kenneth and Dennis turned their contracts in and are prepping their pick-up lines in time for the event. It is on the day before the event that Cameron finally gives in and signs the contract. Lorenzo is so happy about it that he has sex with him. Cam never thought about his powerlifter buddy up to the point, but after they have sex, he can't stop thinking about him because of his powerful body and loving nature. He promises to stay by his side once they finally get into the club. The day arrives and all four men get to the club. The bouncer at the entrance already knows who they are and just looks the other way. Cam cannot believe it was this easy, but it happened like it was no big deal. Once they go inside, Cam and Lorenzo are shocked to see the large amount of men there. They both remember that the event brochure stated that they are to be shirtless once they enter so it doesn’t take long before both of them take their shirts off. The atmosphere is teaming with huge amounts of testosterone. Cam’s other friends have already started mingling with the men there. Before long, the host comes out from the back and starts talking about the main event. Cam and Lorenzo are surprised to hear about a surprise water show taking place later on and why something like that would this be at a club. Once the host concludes his introduction, the two friends get drinks and start talking to the other club goers. Cam recognizes one guy in particular because he is somebody that he works with at his job and is quite easy on the eyes. Drew has a hot body with a perfect 8-pack and a nice ass. Lorenzo smiles as he sees that Cam is quite fond of the man so he tells him that he will be back in a while. They start talking about general stuff for a few minutes and then decide to slow dance out on the floor. While they are dancing together, they feel a small mist of water hitting them on the head. They immediately look up at the ceiling and notice that there is a sprinkler system dropping water on top of them. It is at that moment that every man in the club starts feeling sensations moving down from their head to their feet. Cam looks directly at Drew and notices his chest starting to grow along with his shoulders. Lorenzo comes up behind him to put his arms around his waist and he himself grows wider. Cam has started to swell himself. He feels his chest starting to balloon out away from his body and watches his abs make big popping sounds quickly revealing a nice 6-pack. They look around and notice the same thing happening to everyone in the club. Kenneth is transforming into a decent looking guy now since his muscles have swelled up so that the fat looks healthy on him now. Dennis’s transformation is perhaps the grandest one of all as every stitch of clothing he is wearing is completely shredded and falling off. With their hormones now running wild, men are starting to worship each other and start fucking. Cam suddenly feels the urge to rub his big growing cock against Drew’s hole and pushes it in. Drew moans as Cam humps him vigorously moving in and out. Still keeping a hold of him, Lorenzo pushes his massive member inside of Cam’s hole and begins pumping him. Kenneth and Dennis meet up and begin fucking each other too. The water eventually stops pouring down on them and the growing stops, but not before giant puddles of goo start to move across the floor as guys start spraying their jizz on top of the slippery surface of the dance floor. Cam pumps his load into Drew’s hole while Lorenzo does the same to Cam’s hole making the men yell in ecstasy. The feeling makes them shutter so much they all fall into the cum lying the floor. They laugh as their bodies look all shiny and wet. They rub their hands in it and sling it at each other playfully. Kenneth and Dennis seem oblivious to everything around them and are constantly fucking back and forth until they shoot their loads multiple times on to each other. It isn’t until the doorman walks into the room that every guy gets quiet. He is holding a large bucket of water it appears and dumps it over his head. With his huge arms out beside him, he growls as he transforms in front of everyone. The immense stretching and popping sounds coming from him make the guys moan as his muscles blast through his tight outfit as he continues to grow wider and wider. It dawns on many of the guys in the club that this may be a bad thing and they start to run for the exit. The massive monster growing in front of them stops them in their tracks and begins to beat them to death. Cam, Drew, and Lorenzo decide to find another way out to avoid this mega man. The behemoth eventually sees what they are doing and charges after them. Lorenzo turns to fight him off and drags him to the ground. The monster’s mammoth prick finds his hole and starts to maneuver its way in. Lorenzo yells in pain as his hole is being split apart. He eventually loses consciousness and is pushed aside. Cam and Drew manage to get out at the back of the building and start to race for a nearby car. Before they get in, the monster grabs Cam and pulls him into his arms. Drew starts punching the behemoth trying to get him to let go, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Cam is being squeezed to death by his enormous pythons. Trying to save his friend, he attempts to knock him over by tripping him. Before he falls into unconsciousness, a shotgun is heard from behind them. The bullets go flying into the mammoth’s back and he falls over dead. Cam rolls out of his arms to his side and appears to be lifeless. Drew notices the man with the shotgun and it appears to be Jefferson who just learned a few minutes before that the club was not what it appeared to be. Drew races over to check on Cam who awakens in severe pain. Jefferson goes to check for other survivors since Kenneth and Dennis have seemingly disappeared. Ambulances start showing up a minute later as the carnage looks to be subsiding. Welcome to the Main Event The time has arrived finally after so much preparation, dieting, bulking, cutting, tanning, and even fitting for the big moment in the spotlight. Lucas has started getting ready for this event for three years. He is one of those guys his friends have always talked about. His body has always had no problem responding to the different phases of his training. He isn’t necessarily the biggest guy in his circle of friends, but his is the one with the most definition. Speaking of friends, one of them, Jesse, has decided to join him in his upcoming event just in the last year. He certainly hasn't trained as long as Lucas since he doesn't look as cut or developed, but his insight into his friend’s training had helped him a lot. He always looked up to him when they were both younger, he may have even held a slight crush for him. Lucas has suspected that for quite some time, but didn't want to jeopardize their friendship in case he was upset about it. The closeness they have had lately to each other may make it a little more difficult to hide though. He tries to keep it professional, showing him how to pose, what muscles needs more work, what he needs to eat to look leaner, and how to look harder on stage. While Lucas is a bit shorter, he looks much bigger since they are both in the same weight class. They will be competing against eight other men, two of which they both know. One in particular, Maximo, has been a thorn in Lucas’s side for years because he also competed against him in not only bodybuilding, but also in sporting events in college. The guy loves rubbing his ego in his face every chance he gets. He used to bounce his pecs and flex his arms every chance he got because he always thought he was never going to lose to him. The other man, Zane, is less aggressive, possibly because he is also a lot older and wiser. He views him as a threat only because he has such maturity. He showed up to a previous competition unbelievably big and hard and won the overall easily. So here we are, the day of the main event. It is now that both Lucas and Jesse are prepping for the stage. Both think they look pretty dang good, since their muscles are harder than ever. While Lucas’s nerves appear to be quite low, Jesse seems a bit scared since this is a new experience for him. He reassures him that if he does his posing routine correctly, he will do fine. The other eight men are also prepping themselves as they pump themselves up. The order is selected and all ten of the competitors get in line to wait their turn to get on the stage. After each individual posing routine, the ten competitors are sent out on the stage at the same time. They are all supposed to do posedowns and try to outmuscle each other. Lucas gets on one end of the stage, while Jesse is on the other. The heat on the stage is starting to get unbearable because of the body heat being produced by all of the muscle gods. Jesse is the first competitor to bend over to take a break from the heat. It isn’t long before the guy beside him has to take a breather too. Then the guy beside him does the same thing. Lucas looks over and wonders what is heck is going on. Whatever is happening is starting to spread across the stage. Maximo though seems unfazed and continues to pose like he just won the event. Lucas finally stops posing to go to check on his friend. Jesse says he feels a little better now and gets back up from the floor to continue his posing. Lucas stays beside him to keep him company and starts posing again too. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices something strange occurring to his friend. He can see Jesse’s body starting to grow. He isn't the only one there with the same predicament either. The growth seems to be continuing on nearly all of the guys there. Lucas, Maximo, and Zane seem to be the only three on the stage to be unfazed by this phenomenon. The other six competitors seem to be accelerating their growth cycles since many in the audience seem to be hearing the stage beginning to buckle. Jesse has probably grown an extra 100 pounds at this point and doesn't seem to be stopping. Lucas is in a state of shock at what is happening to him. His friend seems completely oblivious to what is happening to him and is still trying to do his posing routine. Many in the audience have all started racing out of the building due to the impending carnage that is about to happen to the complex. The other two guys that were not growing, Maximo and Zane, have managed to leave without being noticed. Lucas remains with Jesse who is still growing rapidly with the other six men beside him. His growth has gotten so extreme now that he is falling through the floorboards of the stage. His posers are ripped off and his cock is swinging violently since it is probably about two feet long now. His mind appears to be gone since he now looks at Lucas with lust instead of concern. He tries to run from the giant but can't get very far. He realizes that he will pay dearly for staying with him this long. This growing beast grabs a hold of him and slams him to the ground. He attempts to crawl away from him, but the stage crumbles around him as he goes down with it. Lucas is unconscious by the collapse. The six growing giants are not fazed by the collapse and push their way through the debris. As he lies there unable to move, he will be violated by the giant that was once Jesse. He grabs Lucas’s lifeless body and rips his posers off. He squeezes his monstrous cock into his small hole and starts to slowly fuck him. He picks his tiny body up with his cock and moves to a clear spot away from the crumbling building. He loosens him up enough to push more of his girth into him. He draws a bit of blood now as it starts to drip from his hole. The huge creature doesn’t even notice this and continues to fuck him. His brain appears to be on lockdown as his ultimate goal is to pass his power on to Lucas. It is at that moment that he comes to his senses and awakens to feel nothing but unimaginable pain. He has managed to squeeze even more of his cock into him now. He realizes now that he is being raped by this giant as he tries to move, but it is like he is in cement as the behemoth is starting to lie on top of him. He screams in agony as the giant pushes nearly a foot of his cock into his anus. The hulk is starting to push his weight on top of him and is slowing suffocating him. Lucas tries to motion for him to stop but eventually goes unconscious again. The giant man is now starting to pump his thick ooze inside Lucas. With him being crushed slowly, it will take a lot to revive him. The other giants there have started to disperse through the crowd of people still in the building and found victims to penetrate. The cum is now flowing through his body filling up his intestines and even moving into his stomach. He lies there motionless underneath Jesse as his body begins to change as the spunk is absorbed. The hulk begins to feel his ass pushing against his cock as Lucas’s hole starts to widen. Muscles start exploding in size as they widen and swell up into enormous balloons. His back stops getting crushed and grows as muscles bunch up on top of each other. He manages to gain nearly twice his body weight as the hulking brute on top of him starts to groan at what is transgressing beneath him. Lucas still hasn't awakened yet, but his breathing is improving as his body’s organs are recovering rapidly with the new growth cycle. Jesse now pushes his cock all the way in and pumps even more cum into his body. Lucas grows again as he gets taller and taller going beyond 8’ feet and growing past 500 pounds. His increasing size is now surpassing Jesse. When Lucas finally awakens, he feels as if he has been born again. Interestingly, his mind is clear and not jaded like what happened with Jesse. He feels his cock still residing inside him and quickly scoots forward to get it out. Both of their enormous sizes have actually made a crater in the ground beneath them. As the freshly grown Lucas becomes aware of his surroundings, he tries to get up and stumbles into a tree, completely knocking it over with his might. He quickly turns to see Jesse getting up from his position and running towards him. Instead of running himself though, he stops dead in his tracks to clash with the now smaller hulk. The sound of the two behemoths colliding is enough to shatter the glass in the surrounding neighborhood. The complex where the bodybuilding event was held is now rubble. The eerie moans coming from the giants are heard coming from the middle of the debris. Their victims are metamorphosed into growing beasts themselves now as clothes are being shredded and muscles are popping and growing from every aspect of the complex rubble. It is not known how far this will go as a couple of men escaped the fury.
  25. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (17)

    Seventeen The next morning Connor and Anton left for Orchid University. Two weeks early as Connor had to undergo some tests before he could get a wrestling scholarship. His mother had tears in her eyes as her youngest, 500 pound son hugged her. Keith creamed his pants as he drank in the sight of his younger brother’s bulging arm; the bicep wrapped around his mother was chocked in cuts and veins. Connor grinned down on his brother as he noticed the dark stain. “See you in two weeks, little guy”, he boomed. “Don’t worry, madam”, Anton said, “I’ll watch over your son. Thanks for letting me stay here all summer.” “I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done, Anton”, the mother replied, “You’re always welcome here. Take good care of my baby boy.” “Let’s go, buddy”, Anton said and patted Connor on his massive back. Connor released his mother, grabbed his bag and strutted behind his roommate. People watched in awe as the two behemoths walked passed them to the station. Some even rubbed their eyes or pinched their own arm to check if they weren’t dreaming. The two muscular beasts just grinned and continued their way. “We’re gonna dominate the entire university”, Anton said, “No one while question my position as top dog with you to back me up”. At Orchid University a peaceful serenity filled the stately buildings. Apart from some foreign exchange students, no one was already present; everyone was still enjoying summer. Things changed as Tomas arrived. The splendid weather mysteriously changed in chillish, autumn-like conditions: the sun didn’t manage to peep through the gray clouds and a strange, thick fog covered the surroundings at morning and in the evening. At night, frightening howls echoed against the buildings as evil wolves haunted the grounds. Tomas had had an excellent summer. Back at home, he had discovered an ancient book in his family’s library. The medieval book told his family’s history. Apparently, one of his ancestors had made a deal with the devil back in the day, but the deal had never been completed. His ancestor had been killed by local villagers before he had been able to conclude the dark ritual. Thanks to the evil spirit of his ancestor inside of him, Tomas would now be able to seal the deal. Tomas grinned as an exchange student sprinted for his life, chased by a big black wolf. The change in weather upon his arrival proved that he was more powerful than last year. He entered his room, closed his eyes and concentrated on his pet. An evil smile formed on his lips as he saw his 580 pound pet exiting the station and heading for the university with another behemoth following him. His dick hardened as he thought of his pet’s rock-hard, massive muscles and the fun they would have later on. He reopened his eyes and began unpacking his things; carefully putting the priceless book in his desk. “Here we are, buddy”, Anton said as he and Connor passed through the gate and entered the domain of Orchid University. The two behemoths stepped back as a big black wolf appeared before them. “I don’t want to die”, Connor said while holding his bag in front of him. “Don’t move”, Anton replied, “Perhaps he won’t see us.” “No, that’s with dinosaurs”, Connor said, “Let’s run for it.” The two behemoths turned around and the blood froze in their veins. Two other wolves stood there, blocking their way out. “Now what?”, Anton asked as he pushed his back against Connor’s wide back. The wolves didn’t attack for some reason; they howled frighteningly as they circled the two giants. “I think they want us to follow”, Anton said. “Let’s do that”, Connor said and began moving down the path. The wolves escorted the two behemoths toward the entrance. As soon as they reached the building, they howled once more and disappeared into the fog. “What the hell was that?”, Connor said as he entered the building. “Perhaps we’re too big and they don’t dare attack us?”, Anton replied, “Let’s get to our room”. As soon as they changed their sweat-soaked shirts, Anton led Connor to Tomas’ room. They barged in without knocking. Tomas was finishing a shower as he heard some noise. He turned off the water, wrapped a towel around his tightly muscled 12-pack and stepped into his room. He grinned as he recognized his pet. Anton looked down on Tomas’ muscular, 300 pound frame. He also noticed the stirring movement under the towel. “Things are gonna be very interesting this year”, he said and crossed his arms in front of him to emphasize his 50 inch arms. “You’re right, my pet”, Tomas replied, “… “There’s no denying me now”, Anton interrupted him, “I’m the biggest man alive and with Connor to back me up, I’m gonna rule this school. No one will stand up to me, not even you. The pet has become the master!”. He stepped up to Tomas, towering over him in height and width. “Really?”, Tomas asked, his vision filled with the ripped muscles of Anton’s incredible pecs that stretched his shirt. “Yeagh!”, Anton bellowed. He grabbed Tomas’ armpits and effortlessly lifted his 300 pounds of muscles until he looked him straight in the eyes. “What are you gonna do to me, my pet?”, Tomas asked, his cock inflating by the demonstration of raw power. “I’m the master now. I’m calling the shots. You’re at my mercy. And don’t call me ‘pet’ anymore!”, Anton growled, “I’ll show ya. Rip off my shirt, Connor!”. Connor instantly obeyed the angry behemoth. He grabbed the back of Anton’s shirt and ripped it off, exposing his divine torso. “Yeagh”!, Anton grunted, “I’ll reward you later. Stop squirming!”. He raised his arms a bit as he felt them shake. “I’m perfectly still”, Tomas replied, “Perhaps you’re getting weak?”. Connor noticed that Anton’s face was slowly turning red and that his arms were shaking. He blinked as he thought that the massive arms looked smaller than before. Anton grunted. “What’s happening?”, he asked, while Tomas seemed to get heavier. “You fool”, Tomas said, “Did you really think that you could take my place? I’m the top dog here. I’m the one that made you big; now you’ll pay the price!”. Horror filled Anton’s face as he realized what was happening. He dropped Tomas and slumped down on the floor; his majestic body was deflating like a leak balloon. Within seconds he was back to his old 150 pounds. “Connor, help me”, he peeped in a girlish voice. Connor didn’t budge. He stared in disbelief at the runt on the floor and raised his hands in defeat toward Tomas. “Wise decision, Connor”, Tomas said, “Now my pet, what shall I do with you? I could stomp you to a bloody pulp. Or let Connor break your bones. I could even feed you to the wolves.” “I’ll do anything you ask”, Anton peeped, “But please give me back my beautiful muscles. I’m begging you”. Tomas ignored his deflated pet and turned his attention to Connor. “Let’s see you’re made off first. Strip!”, he said. Connor instantly did what he was told, he didn’t want to lose his muscles too. He ripped off his shirt, jumped out off his pants and boxers. Anton drank in the impressive sight. The 500 pound Connor was bigger than him and Tomas together. His 5 incher throbbed as he thought of the hard, juicy pecs and the tight ass he’d dominated. “Very impressive”, Tomas said as he moved in a circle around Connor, “You’re a fine addition to my muscle corps.”. His cock swelled to its 17 inches as he felt the hardness of Connor’s muscles. “You’ve gotten all this size from your brother?” “No”, Connor replied, “I’ve first drained two bullies that bugged me. Then I took my brother’s muscles as well.” He shivered and blood flowed to his dick as Tomas groped his thick arms and played with his nipples. “With you in are ranks even the football players will know their place”, Tomas said, “but I want to keep your size a secret for now. You’ll have to wear oversized sweaters. Let them think that you’re a fat slob. There are some sweaters in the bathroom, go try them on!”. Connor nodded and strutted into the bathroom, rejoicing that he hadn’t lost his muscles. “Please make me big again”, Anton pleaded in tears. Tomas looked down at the depleted swimmer and grinned. “I’m not gonna make you big. I will make you huge again if you promise to behave from now on.” “I will! I will”, Anton peeped, “You’re the master, I’ll do whatever you say!”. “Good. Since you’re my pet, you have to please your master. Get me off and I’ll give you back you muscles”, Tomas said as he dropped his towel and sat down on the edge of the bed. Anton moved over to were his master was sitting. He sat down on his knees and grabbed the muscular legs for support. He gulped as he looked at the rock-hard 17 incher that pointed at him. Veins snaked along the thick shaft toward its dark red head. “Hurry up! Your weak body doesn’t turn me on. If I don’t get off before my cock goes flaccid, you don’t get your muscles back”, Tomas said. Anton immediately put the cock in his mouth, or tried to. He forced his jaw open and managed to get the thick head in. He took in a few inches of the rock-hard shaft and began sucking with full force. “Man, I don’t feel anything. Are you even trying?”, Tomas said. Anton let his hands join in on the action. Even with the top part in his mouth and both hands around the shaft, there was room on his master’s 17 incher. He tried to lick the head with his tongue, but the hard shaft overpowered his tongue. “This isn’t gonna work”, Tomas said and snapped his fingers. Anton blinked as he felt his master shrink. The shaft in his hands was getting shorter and thinner; within seconds he released one of his hands as he could take more of the shortening shaft in his mouth. Even the thick head was deflating since his tongue could now easily play with it. Off course Tomas wasn’t shrinking. He had simply reversed his spell so that Anton regained his previous size. “Yeah, please me”, Tomas grunted as his pet sucked his throbbing 17 incher. Anton looked down at his arms and a smile formed on his face. He scanned the rest of his muscles and found his body back to its 580 pound state. He took his master’s cock completely in his mouth and sucked at full force. Within seconds a series of squirts blasted in his mouth, not even filling half of it. “Yeaughn!”, Tomas grunted and began pulling his deflating cock from his pet’s mouth. Anton decided to give his master an extra treat. His strong tongue teased the 17 incher to hardness again, easily overpowering the thick shaft. Another series of blasts disappeared down his hungry throat. Tomas inhaled deeply and ruffled his pet’s hair as he pulled his cock from his mouth. “Good boy”, he said, “You’ll be staying in my room with me this year. Connor can have your room.” Connor had admired the scene from the bathroom. His cock had swelled to its 21 inches as Anton had regained his impressive size. “I have to go to the wrestle coach for my test”, he said as he stepped in the room, wearing the ridiculously oversized sweater. “Anton shall lead you, you fatso”, Tomas replied. Neither Anton nor Connor spoke on their way to the wrestle hall. Anton was too busy feeling his massive arms and Connor was focusing on his upcoming test. “You go change in the locker room. I’ll go join the coach in the wrestle hall”, Anton said and guided Connor over to the locker room. “Who are you?”, Anton asked as he entered the wrestle hall and saw a young-looking guy in a dark singlet. The man turned around and looked up to the behemoth’s face. “I’m the new wrestle coach”, he said, “I’ll replace coach Williams.” “You look very young for a coach”, Anton replied. “Well, I’m only 28”, the coach answered, “ I didn’t intend to end my own career but the university made me a very very nice offer. I’ve won the gold medal at the last Olympics and was seeking a new challenge. I heard some rumors about a giant freshman that stomped the competition. When I looked up some videos, I realized I would never stand a chance against you in the ring. So I applied here to train the wrestle team. I saw that your technique isn’t perfect just yet.” “Size always wins over technique”, Anton said. “My opponent at the Olympics was 50 pounds heavier than me and I still beat him thanks to my technique”, the coach stated. “What do you weigh?”, Anton asked. “240 pounds”, the coach said, “My opponent really outsized me, but technique’s everything. I wore him out and pinned him when he was tired.” “At your size perhaps”, Anton replied, “I’m 580 pounds of ripped beef. No technique is gonna tire me. I would simply grab you and smash you on the mat. Should we try?” “No, that won’t be necessary”, the coach said, “I’m here to test the rookie”. “I sure hope no one will get hurt”, Anton stated. “I’ll go easy on him”, the coach said smilingly. The coach turned around as a big shadow fell over him. He stepped back involuntarily and the smile vanished from his face. His mouth fell open in disbelief as his eyes scanned the rookie. Connor’s American flag singlet clung to his massive body. It seemed like it was painted onto his frame. His protruding pecs stretched the fabric across the rack of melon-sized muscle, making striations visible through it; the deep grooves between the big muscles of his stony 12-pack were highlighted by the fabric; his tree-sized quads showed off their immense size; on obscene bulge pushed against the fabric were his thick cock snaked down his right leg. “I’m ready, coach”, Connor rumbled in his deep baritone. Goosebumps appeared on the coach’s arms and legs and sweat formed on his forehead as he realized that he was going to fight the beast in front of him. “What are you stats?”, he asked in a cracking voice. “7 feet and 500 pounds”, Connor replied coolly, “you?” “I’m 5’7 and 240 pounds” “Don’t forget to mention your gold medal, coach”, Anton said from the side of the ring. “You’re an Olympic champion?”, Connor asked, “I hope you’ll go easy on me, coach. Let’s begin”. Before the coach could react, Connor lifted him off the floor and put him down in the ring. He stepped back and turned to face his coach. “GO!”, Anton bellowed. The coach acted within a second. He knew very well that he didn’t stand a chance against this behemoth. So he tried to surprise him. he launched himself at Connor and drove his meaty shoulder into his abs. Pain exploded through his body; it felt like he had hit a brick wall. He reached for his bruised shoulder and retreated. Connor couldn’t suppress a grin; his unflexed abs had easily withstood his coach’s attack. He jumped up and threw himself at his opponent. The coach went white as he saw the beast coming at him. More pain than ever before exploded in his body as his opponent crashed against him, sending him backwards on the mat. The massive leg covering his chest pinned him down easily. “1, 2, 3. I take round 1”, Connor said and got up, “Ready for round 2?”. “Round 2?”, the coach asked weakly, “but you’ve pinned me. It’s over.” “I’ll give you a rematch”, Connor replied. “Oh, no. That’s fine; I’ve seen enough”, the coach said. “No, no, I insist”, Connor stated and grabbed the coach’s singlet with his right paw and put him back on his feet. “I’ll take defensive position”, Connor said and sat down on his hands and knees. Instinctively the coach got on top of his opponent. He positioned his hand against Connor’s stony abs and his other hand against his elbow. He stared in disbelief at the bulging muscles on his opponent’s massive back. “Why are you laughing?”, he asked as he noticed Connor’s chuckle. “Your feet don’t reach the mat when you’re on my back, coach”, Connor said. The coach looked back and saw that his opponent was right. He hadn’t even noticed it as he was admiring the rookie’s massive frame. “The match is over then”, he said. “I don’t want to deny you your rematch, coach. We’ll switch positions”, Connor replied and got up. Very slowly, the coach installed himself on his knees and hands. His heartbeat went up and his body trembled as the giant shadow fell over him. He could feel the heat emanating of his opponent’s huge muscles as he placed himself over his 240 pound body. The thick quads next to his own well-muscled ones felt like hot marble against his sweaty skin; the protruding pecs felt heavy on his muscular back. He gasped as his opponent’s meaty arm reached under him; Connor’s right paw covered his entire stomach. The left arm that his opponent placed next to him on the mat looked like a young tree. The coached inhaled deeply and focused. “GO!”, Anton bellowed again. The coach summoned all his strength and pushed forward with his strong legs. Sweat was pouring over his red face as he tried to outmaneuver the beast. As he realized that he couldn’t move an inch, he decided to try something else. He planted his knees on the mat, grabbed hold of his opponent’s right arm and pulled with full force, trying to throw him over his shoulder by shifting his balance. Connor smiled at his opponent’s efforts; there was nothing that his gold medal decorated coach could do against him. He let his paw slide along his coach’s abs so that his massive bicep made contact with the abs. Connor then flexed his arm, making his bicep bulge and swell. The coach grunted in pain as the beastly, rock-hard bicep dug into his strong abs. He flexed his eight-pack to protect himself. Connor felt his coach flexing his abs, but his bicep easily overpowered the well-trained muscles. He lifted his arm slightly, crushing the coach between his stony pecs and his steely bicep. “Aughn”, the coach grunted in pain. He had never felt weaker in his life; this freshman was toying with him, an Olympic champion. He budged and squirmed, but it was no use: the beast dominated him completely. Connor enjoyed dominating his coach; he felt as strong as the night he had drained his brother. He flexed his pecs and bicep. “AUGHN!”, the coach grunted as more pain filled his battered body. His opponent’s meaty muscles engulfed him completely. He was having troubles breathing as the beast flexed them around his 240 pound body. “How did you ever win that gold medal? Let’s end it”, Connor said in the coach’s ear. He raised his left hand and ripped off the coach’s singlet. “What are you doing?”, the coach asked weakly as he felt the cool air against his skin. He tried to free himself but Connor’s flexed pecs and bicep held him firmly in place. Connor didn’t react. He proceeded by ripping of his own singlet. His left hand found his plump cock and began pumping the hot shaft. Within seconds it was up to its 21 inches. The coach looked down past the 40 inch arm that pinned his body against the freshman. He gasped as he noticed the long, thick pole in Connor’s paw. “You can’t masturbate during a match. I’ll suspend you for the rest of the season”, the coach said. “Okay, then”, Connor replied. He released his throbbing cock and placed his left hand on the mat again. “You’ll never get you scholarship, you perve…..”, the coach said. His voice went silent as Connor put the large head of his 21 incher against his ass. “I do as I want”, Connor grunted and shoved his thick cock in his coach’s ass. He repositioned his right arm so that his paw covered the coach’s abs again and pushed inch after inch of his monster cock in the tight ass. “AAAAUUUGGGHHH!”, the coach cried in pain, “Stop please, you get your scholarship. Let me go”. Connor ignored the remarks and kept shoving his cock deeper into his coach; about half of his 21 inches disappeared into the spasming ass. He grabbed hold of the coach abs and began stroking him up and down his rock-hard cock. The coach’s mouth hung open but no sound came out. The man seemed lost in pain. Connor grinned as he felt the coach dick smack against his fingers. “Like being dominated by a freshman, Olympic champion?”, he asked in the coach’s ear. The faint grunt made Connor fasten his strokes with the coach. A thud made him look aside; two strong arms had appeared next to his. Before he could react, Connor felt the familiar sensation of Anton’s 25 incher invading his ass. “Let’s double the fun”, Anton grunted in his ear. He grabbed Connor’s meaty shoulder with his left hand and began pounding the muscular ass. “MMhhugnh”, Connor grunted as pleasure filled his body. He upped the speed of his strokes as Anton pumped his ass. The coach was entirely lost. He was being dominated like never before. He felt like a ragdoll in the paw of the beast that used him as a fucktoy. He couldn’t understand how someone that was 10 years younger, had just tossed him around the wrestle mat and was now ravaging his ass. He squirmed as his cock exploded against the massive paw that covered his abs. “UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!!!!”, Connor roared as he came. He felt the coach cum against his paw and his mind was flooded with pleasure. He had totally dominated an Olympic champion without breaking a sweat. His muscles flexed wildly as load after load of cum blasted from his 21 incher. The pressure in the coach’s ass kept building. Connor released him and the 240 pound coach flew off several feet by the pressure of his blasting cock. Connor’s 21 incher kept exploding all over the wrestle mat as he stared at the battered champion in the pool of cum. “YEEEAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHNNNNN!!!!!!!”, Anton bellowed deeply as his cock exploded. The feeling of Connor’s flexing muscles around his rock-hard 25 incher sent him over the edge. Volley after volley of thick, sticky cum shot into the spasming ass. He marveled at the amount of cum that Connor was producing. After about four minutes, Anton’s orgasm calmed down. He was totally worn out from this intensive orgasm. He slowly pulled his cock from the muscular ass. His eyes widening in disbelief as he fell onto his back on the mat. As Anton’s deflating 25 incher was pulled from his ass, Connor got up and milked five more blasts from his rock-hard 21 incher; coating the coach and Anton with his cum. “Did I pass the test for my scholarship?”, he asked with a heaving chest, looking down at the two exhausted men and grinning. The coach nodded weakly at the behemoth towering over him.