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  1. “Are you sure these are the uniforms” Will asked from behind the closed door Rob who was sitting on a the sofa just sighed while he half heartedly watched TV while playing with the skimpy black shorts of his own uniform in his hands. “Yea that’s the stuff the boss sent” Rob said He too was a little concerned and confused by the uniform, but their employer, a local restaurant, had been making stranger and stranger business decisions lately. Changing the menu and firing the chef was a bit sudden, but not really strange. Changing the name to Cocky’s BBQ Joint and adding a logo of a muscle bound rooster was strange, but they’d been a low rent bbq joint before hand. The uniforms being changed from farmer like garb to a black cap, black socks and little black shorts was the strangest thing so far. Will’s door opened and out strode an enormous black man. Rob threw himself out of his seat. “Who the fuck are you” he shouted He was about to shout for Will, his roommate and a short flabby white boy when the big black brute put up his hands in a calming gesture. “Wait wait, it’s me” the man said in a voice similar to Will’s, just a bit deeper The black guy turned his cap backwards and suddenly he deflated, his skin lightening and his height decreasing. Within a second the black man had changed into Will. “What the fuck” Rob muttered, stepping forward to check out Will “I have no idea, I put on the outfit and I grew into a black guy” Will explained “I read the letter that came with the uniform, it said to turn the hat backwards if you want to switch out of your work form” “Work form...” Rob started to ask, but Will turned his hat forward again and began to grow Will's chest shot outwards, inflating into two thick pecs which slammed into Rob’s face as his roommate grew taller. Rob’s face remained pressed between the heavy warm pecs as Will’s skin darkened into a rich dark hue. Will’s shoulders rocketed out as his toros grew wider and his arms lengthened to match his new height. His messy dark hair retracted under his hat and his face cracked into a handsomer shape. Will’s lips plumped up and were joined by the sound of his flat white ass inflating into a meaty black muscle butt. Rob stepped back from Will just as his roommates legs exploded into two black tree trunks. His roommates shorts were pulled tight, but continued to grow tighter as his small white boy cock swelled into a shank of black sex meat, capped off with two hulking cum filled bull nuts. “Fuck” Rob muttered He was hurriedly pulling off his clothes and trying to get his own uniform on. “Magic uniforms” Will chuckled “Uniforms which turn us into hunks... black hunks” Rob was still changing into his uniform “Why though... to get more people in” he asked “Don’t think too much about it” Will laughed, flexing a thick muscled arm for his own amusement “Just enjoy the body” Will had taken off the hat, testing whether it was needed to maintain the change. It wasn’t, once it was removed Will remained as a big black guy. He then pulled down his shorts, a pair of briefs struggled to contain his newly enhanced cock. These briefs were Will’s from before he changed and they didn’t seem to be effected. They were still the small size and looked like they’d burst at any minute. “Gonna need some new briefs” Will laughed He turned to look at Rob just as Rob gingerly put the black cap onto his head. The change was as sudden as Will’s, but it was different. Rob’s muscles were inflating, but not as big as Will’s. His body was soon covered in smooth yet tight muscles. His proportions similar to a gymnast. His chest cut into a v shape, with plumped up pecs. His shorts grew tight over a rounded bubble butt, but unlike Will, Rob’s crotch didn’t swell like a subway sandwich had been stuffed into it. To Rob it actually felt like his cock was shrinking. He could tell he was getting shorter. His eyes going from looking at Will’s massive black pecs down to his ripped abs. The change stopped, Rob looked himself over. He was tiny, muscled and cute. His skin was snowy white and near to perfect. “Fuck me” Will said staring down with hungry eyes at his roommate Will’s underwear snapped, the tattered fabric slapping Rob in the face. It was damp with sweat and pre-cum. There was a louder slap as Will gargantuan horse cock flopped rock hard onto Rob’s gymnast chest. A long string of pre-cum dripping from the apple sized head onto Rob’s white skin. No words passed between the two. Rob was scared by how much he suddenly wanted that massive black dick, and it looked like Will could tell he wanted it. Rob went to turn his cap backwards so he could change back, but he was beaten to it by Will’s big mitt of a hand. Without a word and a smirk on his lips Will effortlessly tossed the black cap out of the apartments open window, trapping Rob in his cock hungry twink form. “Whoops” Will laughed as he lighted his cock up to Rob’s already opening plump lips
  2. I always had a thing for universities. Maybe that’s why a 75 year old wizard like me still visits the campus from time to time. It’s not like I look like my real age, I look like a perfectly normal college student. Like other members of my guild I have the power to alter reality at will, though I am not as powerful as many others of them. I can only change the life of one person at a time, not like Ron, a senior member who is said to have transformed an entire comic convention into a bodybuilding expo. But I guess this power comes from the experience of several centuries. But enough of me, my magic or my guild. This tale is about my philosophy professor, Dr. Baxter. —————————————-—————————————————————- I sat in the back of the lecture hall and watched the 75 year old prof enter the room. As the old man (I am one to talk) shambles towards the platform. He had a rather crooked posture, which made him look even smaller than his already little 5′6″. His suit looked baggy on his old and infirm body. Except for a few grey hairs he was bald and his somewhat Asian face was wrinkled like an old plum. Though he was a brilliant philosopher and was well known throughout the country. “Hello everybody, welcome to this years philosophy course. My name is Dr. Thomas Baxter and I’ll be your professor for this semester. Our topic today will be Friedrich Nietzsche.”, he greeted everybody with a croaky but friendly voice, that despite his age managed to fill the auditorium. I have to admit that Dr. Baxter had been my favorite teacher since he started at this university almost 50 years ago. He had been gone for a year to try get a taste of retirement 5 years ago, but had quickly returned saying that he would teach until he died. I decided to give him a gift and transform him into a younger, better version of himself. First of all I made his croaky, old voice a deep sexy baritone. With a swift wipe of my hand the old man’s Adam's apple swelled and his voice dropped an octave. Suddenly everybody was not only taken in by the professor’s words, but was hypnotized by the sound of his voice as well. I decided to let the last hairs on his head as well, leaving him completely hairless with a few polishing movements of my hand. This also let the spots and imperfections on his head disappear as well, leaving it a perfectly smooth glittering bald head. I made a pulling gesture, straightening his spine, so that he had now a perfect posture and at the same time I increasing his height slowly. At the end of his explanations about the early life of Nietzsche, the 75-year old stood at the imposing height of 6′7″. Next of came my favorite part. I started with his arms, beginning with his hands. I stretched my fingers, at the same time I saw Dr. Baxter’s hands grow as he explained the basic idea of Nihilism, until the hands on my y had reached a size, where they could palm a basketball with ease. His forearms followed shortly after that, literally exploding out of the sleeves of his tweet jacket. The sleeves of his jacket completely disintegrated when I patted my own biceps, causing the biceps of his professor to enlarge as well. The otherwise skinny teacher now had solid arms, that looked, like he could easily crush bricks to fine dust without real effort. As Dr. Baxter continued to talk about Nietzsche’s ideas of moral, I continued my fun. I made my hands form a V and slowly but steadily increased it’s width. Professor Baxter’s shoulders followed the movement, widening and filling out with strong hard muscle, until he looked like he would have trouble getting through doorways. His collar was torn to shreds as his traps swelled, until it looked like his neck was practically nonexistent. I clapped my hands quickly, causing his back to twitch and grow, twitch and grow. As he turned around, to take a gulp of water, it looked like ants were crawling under his clothes. Before he was finished drinking, his back shielded his entire body from view, his jacket getting stretched by his seriously massive muscles. His lats had participated in the growth so it now looked like he was trying to hide wings from us. He turned around again and I knocked on my desk twice. Each knock made his pecs swell, till his jacket couldn’t contain them anymore and simply exploded into shreds. His pecs were on full display now. They involuntarily bounced and everyone in the auditorium was entranced by the rhythm of the big hard muscles flexing and dancing. I was the first one to lift my gaze from the beautiful display of manliness. I snapped 6 times and each time I did so an ab muscle popped up on the previously skinny stomach of our professor. They looked like washing dirty clothes on them were an easy task. The upper body of our professor now looked like a bodybuilder’s, but his lower body was still that of a 75-year old. That was about to change to. I slapped my hands on my thighs and Dr. Baxter’s legs blew up with muscle. He shook his legs as if he wanted to relax them a bit, continuing to talk about Nietzsche’s concept of ‘Übermensch’ and his thighs changed into two meaty hams. His calves followed suit, blowing up into two nice powerful diamonds. Two complete his growth, his feet transformed from two petite little feet size 7, into giant boats size 17. As Dr. Baxter was about to finish the lesson I decided to finish his changes as well. I grabbed my crotch, making my professor’s struggling suitpants shrink, until they were a pair of skimpy, shiny blue posers. The poser’s tightness revealed the tiny cock the doctor called his own. I made a gesture as if I was stroking a cock and Baxter’s cock responded accordingly. Everyone could witness the posers getting tighter, being pulled taut by what seemed like a farm animal sized cock and a pair of egg sized balls. At the same time, a tan spread from his groin, coating his whole body in a chocolate brown color. His face changed too, into that of a younger black man. Last but not least I decided to ease his life a bit. I emptied his mind with a touch to my temple, leaving him barely enough intelligence to do the simplest of tasks. So an hour after the famous 75-year old philosophy professor Dr. Thomas Baxter had entered our auditorium, the 35-year old professional bodybuilder and top candidate for the title of Mr. Olympia Tom Baxter started to pose for the eager audience in the lecture hall.
  3. Sprinting pass fellow students JD hardly had to dodge anyone, they moved out of the way for him. Being 6’4 was a blessing at times like this, and it was a requirement for football. Which was the reason he was sprinting, he was late for practice. He appeared at the edge of the practice field, the entire team already running laps. JD jogged up pulling off his jacket, his tight workout gear underneath. The coach nodded at him as he dumped his gym bag on the sidelines and headed onto the field. JD stopped and stared for a moment, there was someone new on the field. A giant shirtless broad shouldered black man, a muscled beast with his running shorts around his ankles. He had white hands gripped his meaty ass cheeks as some white boy was sucking his black cock. JD could see two swollen pitch black bull nuts bouncing between the ebony hulk’s legs. “What the fuck” JD exclaimed and the sucking stopped with a deep grunt from the beast The hands let go of the muscle man’s ass and still with his back to JD the big black dude pulled up his running shorts, having to dip his legs to cram what must be a massive monster cock into them. The white guy stood up, it was Colton the quarterback. He had a long rope of fresh cum hanging from his chin. The hulking black stud who must be at least 7ft tall saw it and hooked it around one of his sausage sized fingers. Colton sucked the cum from the finger and even suckled at the meaty digit for a few seconds. After he finished he answered JD “Hey, what you shouting about” he asked JD looked shocked “You were just sucking this….” he stopped himself from saying something he’d regret “…this guys… cock” Colton and the black man shared a look, the black man chuckled. “How else am I gonna get my protein shake” Colton stated matter of factly A jolt of pain shot through JD’s head, Colton appeared to have not noticed, but the black guy did. JD looked back at them and the black beast was staring at him curiously. The black guy was Quentin, the water boy, it was his job to shoot a load of protein down the throats of every player. He was annoying guy, JD had kept trying to get the Coach to hire a little guy to do it, why did he have to get a hulking muscle beast with a jaw breaking cock as the water boy. Quentin smirked “Yo JD, i got your shake here” His voice shook JD’s knees, and Quentin groped his bulge and heaved out his hardening monster dick. JD dropped to his knees and started to suck, Colton jogged off to run some laps. Quentin just started playing on his phone, not really doing what a water boy should do. JD would complain to the Coach, Quentin was hired to give relentless face fuckings to the athletes. Having JD struggle to suck down the massive black cock in his mouth was not what was expected to be happening. Quentin was meant to be choking JD with his horse cock till he almost lost consciousness. It didn’t take long for Quentin to flood JD’s guts with cum. He pulled off of the ebony water-boy and stood up. “Quentin you were slacking” he shouted up at the hulk “You can’t do that, what if this was a game day, you might be the reason I miss a pass” Quentin smirked, and bounced his pecs in JD’s face. JD just crossed his arms and looked up. “I’m a star player on this team, you’re just the water boy” JD stated throwing all his ego into his voice “We could replace you very easily” JD knew that was a lie, Quentin was the only guy who could provide the protein for so many athletes. “Ok, calm down dude” Quentin said still typing on his phone with one hand “Ill make it up to you on game day, don’t worry” Quentin finished typing on his phone and JD patted his bloated cum gut. His tight workout shirt rode up over this swollen belly like it always did when Quentin shot a load down his gullet. “Good” JD smirked triumphantly He waddled away with his guts sloshing, Quentin laughing his ass off behind him. JD joined his teammates, all of them with inflated cum guts. Quentin would have to lay off the cum production supplements, his balls were overdoing the guys with cum, maybe JD should complain about the guy again. A voice in the back of his head was screaming that this was all wrong, not the complaining, the voice told him he always hated Quentin. But that Quentin was short, skinny and a whiter then whiter nerd, not the face fucking black horse cocked behemoth he was now. Something had changed. JD looked over to Quentin on the side lines, he was scratching at his massive balls through his shorts. The imprint was visible from meters away, but Quentin was more interested in his phone. He was typing again, JD couldn’t remember Quentin ever being on his phone before. He’d always been so involved with keeping the athletes guts full of cum. Then the voice shouted back, not guts full of cum, a water boy is meant to keep you hydrated. JD decided to confront Quentin, something wasn’t right. He jogged over, his stomach which was normally a few rows of abs was still bloated and sloshing with cum. Quentin looked up as he approached, he smiled again and stopped typing on his phone. JD felt a wave of vulnerability wash over him, or it might of just have been the breeze hitting his jockstrap clad pale body. He would never understand why they could only wear jockstraps at practice. JD walked right up to Quentin and pulled at the fabric of the water boys running shorts. The 5ft4 jock looked up with big blue eyes at the massive ebony monster. Quentin peeked over this huge pecs with a cocky smirk. “Whats up little man” He boomed down, his cock hardening It pushed upwards in his pants leg and bumped into JD’s swollen cum gut. “Ummmmm” JD was very nervous “Something is wrong” Quentin reached down and cupped JD’s oversized ass cheeks and lifted him up. They were face to face now. “You can tell me” Quentin chuckled “I am the team’s water boy” JD nodded, though the voice in his head told him to be quiet. “Well… I have this feeling that this is all wrong…you shouldn’t be face fucking me” he started and let out a cum tasting burp, Quentin looked like he was trying not to laugh “…that I shouldn’t be all small and submissive” he continued his little hands playing with Quentin’s big chewy nipples “…but I do know…. I do know that we don’t get on and I keep complaining about you” Quentin nodded “Yes you do, which is why I focused everything on you, which is why you think all this is wrong” he said, but JD eyes were blank, he had no clue what Quentin was saying Quentin laughed and JD’s baby sized cock went rock hard. He bounced JD in his arms so he could get a better hold of him and started for the locker room. The water boy continued “Maybe I shouldn’t of lowered your IQ, that’s probably why you don’t understand whats happening” JD just stared confused, but Quentin was still talking “But I’ll change that afterwards….Oh good just what I imagined” JD turned his head away from Quentin’s massive chest. They were in the locker room, it looked like always did, clothes and gym bags, the smell of Quentin’s cum soaking into every surface. The voice in his head bellowed at him, why the fuck was a cum stained bed doing in the locker room. Quentin tossed JD onto the bed and dropped his shorts “Don’t worry little guy, this is what a water boy does” he smirked, lining up his fist sized cock head with JD’s key hole sized boy pussy.
  4. “Hey, are you Tai?” Wyatt asked the stick thin Asian boy in the bright yellow top. He’d jogged after him down the street. He was sure the guy had hurried his walk out of fear of the 6'4 platinum blond jock chasing after him. Wyatt forgot how intimidating he was sometimes.But than Tai looked more like a middle schooler than the college student Wyatt knew he was. Tai stared up at him with wide scared eyes and nodded. His bundle of books shaking in his hands. “Oh good, I’m Wyatt” he offered a hand, which Tai took with his own tiny fist “I heard you do tutoring, I really need some help” “Oh” Tai replied, some of visible nervousness vanishing “Yea, I can help, I charge hourly though” Wyatt smiled and nodded down to the barely 5'5 black haired boy “Yea I can pay, if you’re free tonight” “I’m actually free now, if you want to get started” Tai asked “Do you have your stuff” “Yea in my bag” Wyatt said excited and relieved his shoulder bag bouncing off his hip Wyatt hugged his new pint sized tutor “Thank you, thank you” He’d been desperate, his grades were terrible. This gratefulness made him forget himself, across the street a gym buddy, a brick wall of chocolate muscle, gave him a confused look, which Wyatt ignored. Tai’s face was pressed between Wyatt healthy pec shelf, Wyatt’s thick arms bear hugging him a little too hard. Before Wyatt could end the hug someone somewhere made a wish that completely changed history. Suddenly every stereotype concerning Black people Asians and was switched and made completely true. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Wyatt inhaled deeply, his nostril full of the musky scent of Tai. He quickly pulled himself away when he realised he’d had his face between Tai overdeveloped pec shelf for a little too long during their hug. Though Tai hadn’t hugged back, his thickly muscled arms had just been held away from Wyatt, he appeared slightly embarrassed by it all. Wyatt noticed the black boy across the street moving as quickly as he could. His tiny frame hurried escaping the vicinity of Tai the campus Asian Bull. “Sorry about the hug” Wyatt mentioned Tai just smiled and gave Wyatt a thumbs up, his bicep bulging. “It’s cool little man” his voice boomed, so deep you couldn’t even hear the local girls panties dropping “So you want to come back to mine” Wyatt blushed, he was little worried about being alone with Tai in his place. He knew of Tai’s reputation. “Ummmm, ok” Wyatt said a little reluctant Tai offered Wyatt his bundle of books and said “Come on you know what my tutoring would cost you” Wyatt nodded and took the monster Asian’s book. Tai started down the street, his long legs quickly causing Wyatt to fall behind. The sight of Tai’s well formed thick muscle butt pressed tightly against the Asian’s jeans caused Wyatt to blush. He remembered his buddies joking about how big and round Asian boy’s asses were, though they never said it in front of an Asians. They didn’t want to get punched through a wall for being a racist. “Here we are” Tai announced stopping outside a very nice townhouse “Wow” Wyatt said “I know right, an Asian living in a white neighbourhood” he chuckled deeply Wyatt noted that Tai left his door unlocked, but then who would steal from Tai, the guy was the biggest Asian he’d ever seen. “Dump your books on the table” Tai said pointing to a large dining room table “And email me and essays and stuff later, so I can get a sense of your writing style” Wyatt nodded, he knew what Tai considered tutoring to be wasn’t tutoring to anyone else. Tai would write all your essays and you’d get great grades, exams were up to you, though he’d offer a study plan. The guy was genius, he was on an academic scholarship for physics, the guy was meant to be the next Einstein, just one who could bench press over 300lbs. Wyatt did as told and tried not to choke on the smell of muscle and sweat that hung in the air. He also tried not to pay attention to the piles of unwashed clothes and even torn clothes that littered the large living area. He did though stare with awe at the weight bench that had a bar bending under the weight of the plates that Tai had loaded onto it. Tai suddenly reappeared, now shirtless. His heavy pecs bouncing as he walked with a two naked girls tossed onto either shoulder, a bundle of clothes in one hand. He passed Wyatt and dumped the girls and their clothes outside the front door. He returned and noticed Wyatt’s confused face. “Oh, I tutor those two” he said not even explaining why he’d just dumped two very well fucked girl outside He then undid this jeans and forced them down his tree trunk legs. He was going commando and to Wyatt the world went into slow motion as the campus legend flopped out. Tai just gave his oversized bull nuts as scratch and smirked. “10 inches soft” he explained “And 13 hard, when you suck me off the closer your chin gets to hitting my nuts the closer you get to an A+” Wyatt just gulped, he knew having Tai as tutor was going to be struggle, but he’d never thought the stories would be true. Though he’s seen so many Asian men naked, he knew they were all part horse. Tai took a seat on his sofa and spread his legs wide. His cock hung over the edge of the cushions. He turned his tv and games console on, his controller in hand and the music of Star Wars started up. “I’m gonna play some Battlefront and you’re gonna milk my dick” he ordered, not even looking at Wyatt “If you well then you’ll spend the night as my cum dump and you’ll get the perfect grade you want” Wyatt without a word stripped, he felt scrawny in presence of the sculptured muscles of Tai. He sunk between Tai’s legs and stared at the Asian’s horse cock in its massive helmet head. Wyatt started to lick the soft wrist fat cock. It began to harden after a few long lick of Wyatt’s tongue. Wyatt started to work Tai’s churning bull balls with his hands, each nut nearly too big for Wyatt’s fists. “Good” Tai said with a slight moan Wyatt smiled, but then Tai’s hand wrapped around his head and forced his open mouth down on the baseball bat sized dick. “Better” Tai said Wyatt spluttered, trying to force himself down the cock so he could get at least a B on his next paper.
  5. This is a new part of another series from my tumblr, only a few parts were ever posted but it was requested so much. Basically it focuses on stereotypes and switches them, but also greatly exaggerates them. This is a new introduction part just to give you all an idea of the sort of world it creates. The series focused on switching the stereotypes between Asians and Africans, I also did one where Celts and Scandinavians switched. Just a disclaimer, I don’t believe these stereotypes, please don’t send me angry messages about how they aren’t true, I know they aren’t. “Lapped you again” Leon shouted as he thundered pass Oliver The strapping dark skin athlete seemed able to fun for hours without breaking a sweat, his lean yet powerful legs throwing him along the running route with each long stride. Leon was the track star of the university. Multiple national medals from his time in high school and he was trying to get more. Oliver was the opposite, he’d never even gotten onto the track in high school, also just missing out. But things were different now, the coaches had seen how hard Oliver tried and how far he’s pushed himself, so they gave him a chance. He had to finish in the top 40 of the coming race and he’d be set, if he didn’t he’d be out. Oliver loves running, but most people just assumes he wasn’t athletic. It was partly racism as Oliver was short and skinny Asian guy, everyone assumed he was some math nerd.Oliver has some mild resentment towards Leon, the guy was naturally gifted. He even complained that he had to work to stay lean, his body just wanted to bulk up with powerfully thick black muscle. But Oliver could see how much Leon worked for everything, if only the guy wasn’t so arrogant. Leon on the other hand had a great deal of respect for Oliver, he could see how hard the guy was working and could see the passion he had for the sport. He just wasn’t that good at it, he was ok, but nothing like Leon. Oliver would never win any medals or break any records, Leon on the other hand was a year or two away from the World Championships and then the Olympics. Leon was widening the gap between the two runners again, Oliver vanishing away behind him. Leon looked over his shoulder just as Oliver disappeared from view as Leon descended a small hill, at the same time the entire world shifted. Reality twisted and the extreme imaginings of many became fact. Imaginings that jumped, centuries of caricature between two peoples switched between the two. Leon found himself falling down the hill, his skinny limbs waving wildly as he tumbled. Somehow he’d tripped on a rock, his tiny sneaker clad foot finding the only rock on the pristine grass running route. He thudded onto his back, his breath being knocked out of his skinny chest. He was very happy he’d worn contacts today, if it had been his thick rimmed glasses he’d have broken them. Leon wouldn’t stomach telling his parents he’d broken another set, at least these wouldn’t have been from behind knocked down by one of those massive Asian athletes who dominate nearly every sport on campus. And speaking of massive Asians, Oliver came over the hill. His enormous shoulders blocking the low lying sun for a second. His heaving pecs bouncing with each long limbed step. Oliver’s lush black hair covered by a grey beanie, his wide torso covered in a skin tight workout shirt and music blaring in his ears from a small phone clutched in his hand. The guy couldn’t wear any sort of holding for his phone when he went running, his immense biceps had snapped the last one he wore, nearly took his eye out. Leon gulped, he was embarrassing himself again. Oliver while built like a truck was an amazing running. His tree trunks legs could muster insane bursts of speed, and his stamina was legendary. But Leon suspected it wasn’t his stamina from running that had all the girls talking. The big lug came to a thundering stop, his gigantic sneaker class feet standing with a wide stance just in front of Leon. They are size 19, massive oversized dogs. Leon only knew because he’d seen these sneakers sitting on a bench in the locker room next to his own gym bag. The curiosity was immense, he’d nearly been caught opening the tongue to check the size when Oliver came out of the showers this muscles glistening. “Damn dude you ok” Oliver boomed down to Leon “Yea I’m ok” Leon complained, rising up on his elbows Oliver’s crouched down, he was smiling and actually looked concerned. A guy like Oliver didn’t need to be arrogant, he had everything already. As Oliver crouched his grey sweats bunched up around his meaty thighs, the outline of his long soft cock came into view. It hung in a hammock of cotton, the jaw breaking cock head was visible. Leon gulped again, the thing was terrifying. So big it added a second to Oliver’s sprints even with an industrial strength jockstrap holding the beast back. He’d heard Oliver complaining to some of his Asian jock buddy’s that his jockstrap has snapped on his morning jog. The straps around his meaty shelf like ass had given way, and a circus tent of a jockstrap was laying on the ground somewhere on campus. Leon knew that stretch of fabric could net Oliver a few hundred bucks if he sold it online to the right pervert. “Can you stand” Oliver asked Leon wasn’t listening, he was following the length of Oliver’s soft cock up to the rounded bulges of his orange sized nuts. Leon knew Asian guys were hung, but Oliver was something else. “You hit your head or something” Oliver asked laughing a little His massive strong mitt rubbed Leon’s closely cut tight curly hair. Leon pushes himself to his feet, the still crouching Oliver was only just shorter then Leon at his full height. The skinny black runner felt smaller and smaller as Oliver rose above him. Leon eyes level with the two wide slabs of muscle that hung from Oliver’s chest, he could see them flexing with each breath. Leon was standing with all his weight on one foot, his ankle hurt. He couldn’t apply any pressure to it. “Shit, you aren’t gonna be able to get back to campus on that” Oliver said with concern “Yea” Leon muttered with pain as he tried to stand on both feet again Oliver sighed and without a word wrapped a massive arm around Leon’s waist and tossed him over a hulking shoulder. “Hold on little dude” Oliver laughed as he started to walk back to campus with some speed Leon was too shocked to react, his eyes glued to the two rolling boulders that stretched out the back of Oliver’s sweats. Asians guys always had big round asses, Leon wished his could get even a bit of the juiciness that Oliver’s has. Leon knew his little cock was rock hard and digging into Oliver’s shoulder, the bouncing of Oliver’s steps kept making Leon grind his cock. Oliver just responded by gripping Leon’s flat ass tighter. Leon could have sworn he heard the big guy muttering how Leon should be careful. Leon was trying, but all this muscle and close contact was setting his horny little dick off. With each step Oliver took sound of his soft cock slapping his muscled thighs was getting louder and louder. Leon could even see it swinging back between Oliver’s legs, the fat cock head leaking against the light grey sweats. The beast was getting hard. Leon gulped again, Oliver had turned a corner into a sheltered wooded area. The big Asian walked off the path and into the trees. He slid Leon off his shoulder and gently dropped Leon onto his knees on the soft grass between some trees. “You want this” Oliver asked sounding anxious Leon just nodded, his mouth already watering. Oliver just dropped his sweats, his bare ass and legs open to the air. His huge rock hard cock shot upwards, sending a rope of thick pre-cum flying over Leon and splattering against a tree. “No homo” Oliver muttered as he forced the willing black runner’s mouth onto his donkey dick
  6. Pete was a student, he was doing sociology and was currently doing a paper on how various people are treated on dating apps. He’d set up a bunch of different profiles, using donated images from other male friends and students. The profiles for each were identical, very normal and very plain. Each profile was named the same, Darren, and each profile spoke of a love for movies, football and cooking. Some were already successful, some had already been offered meet-ups. One in particular was doing very well, but for Pete did not remember setting the profile up. It was called Darren, it was registered as gay, whereas all the other profiles were straight. The profile picture didn’t look like any of Pete’s classmates or friends. The profile picture showed a large black man. A very well built and good looking black man. It was a selfie pic like all the other donated pics, but unlike the others who were all fully clothes the black man was shirtless and wrapped in a towel. The race of the picture wasn’t odd, Pete had made sure to include a wide variety of profiles. This black hunk was one of four other black guys in the experiment. The reaction to the profile was the same as the other pictures who anyone would class as ‘goodlooking’, and it was actually probably going beyond the normal reaction the ‘goodlooking’ profiles was getting. At least twice as many people were contacting ‘Black hunk Darren’ as any one else, and the messages were extremely explicit. People were very quick to ask this Darren for sex or sexy pictures. Pete was shocked at how he’d seemed to be happy to play along, he didn’t remember any of it. The messages Darren had sent were just as explicit and super dominating, treating every guy who messaged him as nothing better than a ‘pathetic runt’. Pete was worried about how this would effect the essay, but before he could contact his professor to ask about the issue he noticed his hands were black. Not brown, or tanned, but richly black, nothing like the pasty cream he’d skin was. They were like the hands in the ‘black hunk Darren’ profile pic. Pete freaked, jumping away from his laptop. His legs which were suddenly filling out his shorts much more then before sent his note book and papers flying. Pete was thankful he was in his dorm and not in the library as he freaked out. The thighs beneath his shorts were super thick with muscled and the same dark tone as his hands. He moved to the bathroom to find a mirror. His nose had changed as well, it was black and looked a lot like Darren’s. He was playing with his nose with his newly black hands when the seat of his shorts tore. His ass was inflating, two rounded black muscled cheeks bursting out of his shorts and underwear. The shorts now in tatters fell to the floor. His lowers legs and feet were black now as well. Pete’s feet tearing apart his socks, his toes popping out between the straining threads of cotton. Pete didn’t react to his lower body changing, he was too occupied and worried as his entire face cracked into Darren’s. The well kept facial hair in the profile pic spread over Pete’s strengthened jaw. Pete’s light brown hair pulling into his scalp. The sleeves of his shirt burst. The change to his hands had spread up to his shoulders, he arms were longer and covered in dark muscle. His stomach crunched as abs popped into existence. Pete was taller, his head inching closer to the ceiling with ever second. His chest exploded outwards, two massive slabs of pitch black muscle bounced forward. Pete was Darren, or more accurately Darren had replaced Pete. The worries about his essay were gone and the only thing Darren cared about was fucking ass and getting money for it. Cash Master Darren didn’t even know he was or had been a sociology student. Darren bent down and picked his phone up from the torn remains of his shorts. He bounced a pec for himself in the mirror before dropping the towel. The thick head of Darren’s log like cock was losing the final cream tone of skin as Darren snapped a nude selfie. Darren nodded at the hot pic of him flexing with his soft cock draped over the edge of the sink. His meaty fingers deleting all the picture of some pasty white dude that had appeared throughout his phone. Darren thudded on his wide feet into Pete’s dorm room. For some reason he didn’t have a single weight in the room, and why were there books on the shelves and not sport trophies from his glory years in high school. Darren ignored the scattered essay papers and with a confused grunt he logged off the dozen different dating profiles till only his one remained. He clipped his phone in and loaded the nude pic up, sending it to every single one of his contacts. “There you go you sluts” Darren laughed deeply, scratching as his bull nuts “Fuck.. I need to find a throat to fuck” Darren then saw his profile, it was super tame. Nothing about Darren’s love of fucking ass relentlessly till beds break, or how he loved dominating guys till they were quivering cum dumps. “Gotta change that” Darren muttered But he was stopped, the first replies about his massive black cock were coming in, and they all wanted to meet Darren, or ‘BlackDomBeast’ as his profile was named. “Damn, gonna have to set up some surge pricing for all the sluts on campus” Darren laughed as he started to book his first meet up, and the second, and the third and the fourth.
  7. A deep metallic clanging echoed throughout the dark compartment, someone was banging on the door. “Time to wake up Eric” a voice called “It’s Enrique” He called back in a voice that was unfamiliar The clanging stopped and light filled the compartment. Enrique was inside a shipping crate, the heavy metal door slowly opened and natural light shone in. Enrique was an expert in computer engineering and some big software company wanted him at their HQ in the US, but Enrique was from Central America. Which for the current administration was on its way to becoming a big no no. So this company paid a group of very smart men with very low morals to bring Enrique to the US in the most permanent way possible. As Enrique stepped out into the light he saw what that permanent way was. His dark skin was lighter, whiter. He felt taller, when he stepped into the crate he wasn’t anyway near as close to banging his head on the top of the doorway as he was now. “I’m white” Enrique exclaimed in that unfamiliar voice “You’re American” the voice from earlier corrected It came from a friendly looking man who was obviously wearing a gun under his jacket. The man was searching through a pile of clothes. “You took to the change much more then we thought you would” the man said “Though our employers will love you, a brain and some brawn, they might be able to put together a company football team now” Enrique looked down, he had pecs, and abs and he was hairy. He’d been hairy before, but now it looked good. Curving between the ridges of his new pecs and abs. He ran a hand through it. It was soft and a little sweaty. “I don’t remember anything” He said, still feeling up his abs Enrique remembered getting into the crate and having it closed on him, but the next thing he knew was the man banging on the crate to wake him up. “The change puts you into a coma so it is easier to change you” the man explained vaguely “Easier on you mentally, plus it means you don’t have to sit through a couple weeks of travel” Enrique stepped out of the crate, he felt like a new born learning to walk. He was so much larger now, his legs reaching much further than before. His hand was still on his abs, but it was moving down towards the small brown briefs he’d been given to wear before being loaded into the crate. The man turned back from the pile of clothes with a shirt and jeans in hand. “Christ” the man said looking down at Enrique’s bulge “I swear every time a guy changes the cocks are getting bigger and bigger” Enrique knew he had a goofy grin on his face. The man laughed “Don’t worry about it, you’re an all American corn fed farm boy now, you’ve gotta have a cock like a horse on ya, or no one would believe it” he winked He tossed the clothes to Enrique, who started to get dressed. The clothes didn’t fit, they were tight around his crotch and his shirt barely buttoned up. “We’ll get you some new clothes tomorrow after we get you set up at your new apartment” the man explained He’d locked up the crate and was tidying up the pile of clothes. With one hand he guided Enrique towards a car, Enrique far taller than the man. “Now Eric” the man said “This is your new car, its from the company as a welcome, I’ll drive you today, and we’ll get you a license tomorrow” Enrique nodded “Ok, and its Enrique” The man shook his head “No, its Eric, no 6’5 ginger dude is called Enrique” The goofy smile returned to Enrique’s new American face.
  8. The Wright boys hung behind and allowed their buddy Demarco to swagger into the house, his swelling ass giving his hips a swing. The four boys were half brothers and shared the common features of their legend of a man whore father. All tall, all built and all very well hung. Demarco was their friend since childhood, they’d all growth up together, but now Demarco’s paling skin and slimming body was bringing the boy’s well practiced black horse-cocks to a solid throbbing erection. The brothers felt a little sorry for Demarco, he was like family, but there was no shared blood. They all knew that Demarco would do the same to them if they were in his position. It was either he gave up his holes or the Wright boys ended up like their dad with a dozen kids in a dozen cities. They were practically drooling as Demarco’s basketball shorts slid further down his thinning thighs, his shelf like ass the only thing holding it up. The boys had already been shocked by the changes, within seconds of Demarco downing the protein shake after their long game of basketball the changes had started. He’d reaching into his shorts and with some maneuvering he pulled his sweaty jock out and dumped it on the floor. His healthy bulge shrunk into oblivion, that made the boy’s feel really sorry for him, but Demarco wouldn’t need his cock any more. Demarco turned to his homies as he stepped into the house, barely registering that his hand wasn’t palming the basketball like it used to. “We watching the game” he asked, his voice now soft, his widening tongue flopping out between his plump lips The brothers nodded shocked as the changes, there was no trace of the tough looking black boy, now only a slender lisping white boy. Demarco’s broad chest had thinned out, the six pac on his slim stomach only there due his now very low fat content. As Demarco moved towards the sofa he left his shoes behind, his big size 13 feet long gone. The brothers followed him in, all of them stroking their huge cocks through their shorts, pre-cum bubbling through the fabric. The brothers moved towards the kitchen, dropping their shorts as Demarco settled on the sofa. Their huge cocks swung ahead of them, they were the main reason for dosing Demarco. The brothers were always horny and in need of a pussy, but if the boys could even find a condom that fit it would only break when they shot their humongous loads. Instant baby maker, the boys didn’t want a kid yet, they needed a slut. One by one the brothers filled a cup with their thick loads, it would finish the transformation. Deon the eldest brought the cup over to Demarco, the now even smaller white boy didn’t notice the huge black boys naked in front of him. They settled into their seats, Deon and Noah joined Demarco on the small two seater sofa. The brother’s heavily muscled thighs crowding the still shrinking boy. “Got you another shake” Deon smiled as he used the cup to scoop up a fat drip of cum from his fist sized cock head Demarco smirked and took the cup, the game started playing in the background. The brothers weren’t interested, they slowly jacked their cocks and watched Demarco chug down the full cup. He moaned with approval as he finished, his long tongue slurping up the leftovers. Demarco’s little feet swung over the edge of the sofa, nowhere near the floor. His entire body was tiny, but built for sex. He squirmed his swollen bubble butt into the sofa and slapped his thick pouty lips together. His slim belly groaned and the brothers smirked at each other, it was time. “I’m really hungry” Demarco moaned, his eyes of Deon’s footlong black monster
  9. “Damn, what is taking that nerd so long,” Thomas grunted as he paced the front of their dorm’s suite. Thomas had been on his computer looking at porn, trying to rub one out before his buddies came over because Jessie blew him off to go study. He often went to more of the ‘free’ porn sites and did his best to ignore the pops ups to avoid getting a virus. Today was not his day though. He wasn’t watching where he was clicking and got some bug called Chronivac on his computer. It wouldn’t go away and it seemed to get info on him immediately. Luckily his suitemate was a computer science major. Jordan was one of those stereotypical pasty white nerds with thick glasses. The guy rarely went out of his room, which really didn’t bother Thomas. Their relationship as roommates was not bad. Sure the guy was a bit of a neat freak, but Thomas would just roll with it. Between trying to pass classes and the football team, Thomas really didn’t bother to argue with Jordan. Once Jordan got back to the dorm from what Thomas expected to be a day spent studying at the library, he explained to the nerd what had happened. Jordan seemed excited when he mentioned the bug being called “Chronivac.” So excited he tossed his bag and said he would need the room to himself to concentrate. Thomas shrugged it off, just thinking what a nerd Jordan sounded like. Thomas guessed the bug must have been difficult because he grunts of what he assumed to be frustration come out of the room every now and then. Thomas’s footfalls came to a stop with a huff. He thought Jordan was taking too long. Darryl and Jack were going to show up any minute and he was getting impatient. Finally, he pushed the door open to tell Jordan to hurry up. Thomas stared into the room at the massive black man laying on a large bed, the only one in the room. The computer he was typing on looked almost too small for his massive, thick hands. Thomas thought it was his computer for a moment, then a headache hit him and he wondered why he would need a computer. “Jordan?” Thomas asked, uncharacteristically unsure of himself. The black behemoth smiled, his pearly white teeth contrasting with his dark skin, “Oh Tommy. Back so soon?” Tommy? No one called Thomas that since grade school. “Oh um yeah. I was just wondering if you were going to be done soon. Darryl and Jack are coming over. I’d like to have the room.” Jordan’s grin just widened as he pressed a button on the computer, “Oh sure. I bet you want some private time with them, but first…” He set the computer aside and swung his huge legs over the side of the bed. Two massive feet, looking to be about size 19, thudded on the floor as he stood up. Thomas didn’t remember Jordan being so tall, let alone being taller than him, yet standing right in front of him was this 6’9” roommate. “… I think we could have some time to ourselves too.” Jordan reached into his pants and pulled out the biggest cock Thomas had ever seen, not that he could remember seeing many of them. Thomas felt something strange was going on, but he could not figure out what it was. Instead he found himself focusing on the big head of Jordan’s cock that had a pearl of pre forming on top. He felt the need to lick it off. Getting on his knees, he looked up at Jordan’s face past his huge pecs. Jordan just had a wicked smile on his face and gave him a nod. Thomas started to lean forward to start sucking Jordan’s cock when a knock at the door froze him in place. “Darryl and Jack are here! Maybe they will help me figure out what is going on,” Tommy thought to himself. “Come in,” Jordan’s deep voice rumbling, making Tommy feel weak. Thomas turned his head to see Darryl and Jack come in, only to see two huge black men enter, only just a little smaller than Jordan. “Ah Tyrell, Hakeem. Glad you finally decided to show up!” Jordan boomed, followed by laughter from all three. “It looks like you got started without us.” One of the dark hunks replied, eyeing Tommy. Jordan just shrugged his massive shoulders, “Can you blame me? With an ass and mouth like Tommy’s, who wouldn’t want to fuck him every time you see him?” That got a laugh from all three giants. Tommy felt like a piece of meat being dangled in front of some hungry panthers. He reached back and pulled his briefs out from his bubbly cheeks to try and get more comfortable. “Well it looks like you already have dibs on his mouth. I’m sure Hakeem and I can share his ass.” All three now had an equally wicked grin. “Sure bros, let’s start!” Jordan declared, and Tommy gulped.
  10. Ultrabeef

    Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcher By Ultrabeef “Hey babe! You coming to the pep rally after-school?” Chase, the sandy haired, blue-eyed, captain of the swim team, yelled down the hall to his hot cheerleader girlfriend, Brittany. “You know I’ll be there sweetie!” Brittany smiled back with her beautiful grin. “Damn, man. You are one lucky SOB”, Wesley, Chase’s best friend elbowed the star of the swim team and shoe-in for class president. “I AM a lucky guy!” Chase beamed at his scrawny, nerdy dark haired friend Wesley. They had been friends since Kindergarten but Chase’s status as a star athlete and popular kid had strained their friendship these last few years. “Hey Wesley!” Brad yelled down the hall. Brad was Brittany’s younger brother, an overweight gamer nerd with long brown hair that hung sloppily over his eyes. Wesley liked to hang out with him. “Oh...uh... hey Chase. You...uh...coming over to see Brittany later?” Brad stammered, his cheeks blushing red. “Yeah. Maybe after the pep rally.” Chase confidently replied his dimples showing as he smiled. “I gotta get myself re-elected class president you know!” Brad, his mouth having gone dry from watching Chase talk, just mumbled dumbly, “oh, yeah, right”. “See you dudes later” Chase quickly replied grabbing his backpack and hurrying down the hall to wrap his arms around Brittany and plant a big kiss on her lips. “Damn, he’s cute” Brad sighed. “Too bad he’s not gay.” Wesley smirked and smacked his friend, “Jeez dude! You got a crush on your sister’s boyfriend?!” “Shut up! Maybe” Brad stammered sheepishly. As Wesley cautiously watched Brittany and Chase turn the corner at the end of the hall, he turned his attention back to Brad. “Ok, you know the plan right?” Wesley pulled a small purple ring out of his pocket and placed it in Brad’s hand. “Is this really it?” Brad asked skeptically, looking at the plan, cheap looking ring. “Yeah, and it’s really powerful so be careful with it, ok?” Wesley spoke with great seriousness. “It’s a dream catcher ring. All you have to do is slide it under your sisters’ pillow tonight while she sleeps. Then retrieve the ring in the morning and give it to me, ok?” “It’s not going to hurt Brittany or anything, right?” Brad asked with concern. “No! Jeez! Quit being such a pansy dude!” Wesley slapped his friend on the back. “Once Brittany’s dreams and imprinted on the ring, I just put it on and “poof” I become the man of her dreams!” Brad looked skeptical and confused, “but what about Chase? She’s been dating him since 6th grade.” “Magic, dumbass!” Wesley replied with feigned annoyance. “Look, the way I see it, Chase has had everything: popularity, great looks, hot girlfriend, for way too long. It’s time for someone else to have a chance”. “Yeah, ok.” Bradly slowly replied. “I’ll meet you in the boy’s locker-room at 6am”. Brad turned to leave as Wesley grabbed him “with the ring.” “Yeah, with the ring” Brad repeated. The next morning at 5:45am Brad paced nervously in the boy’s locker-room waiting for Wesley to arrive. He had followed Wesley’s instructions exactly and placed the ring under his sister’s pillow. This morning, when he went to retrieve it while his sister was in the shower, the ring felt much heavier than Brad remembered. “How’d you sleep?” Brad asked Brittany as he grabbed a Pop Tart while heading out the door. “Amazingly!” She replied with a smile, “best night’s sleep of my life!” Brad silently considered if this crazy dream ring could actually be real as he paced in the empty locker room. Just then Wesley slipped into the locker room. “Well?”, he hissed, “did you do it?” “Yeah” Brad replied, gingerly taking the heavy purple ring out of his pocket and handing it to Wesley. “Jeez! It’s so heavy!” Wesley wondered aloud as he held the ring in his hands. “You are the best, man!” Wesley started to tear up as he spoke to Brad, “I can’t wait to be your sister’s new boyfriend!” Wesley took the ring and slid it on to his finger. Wesley felt a surge of energy emanating from his finger and surge through his body “oh jeez!” He gasped “something's happening”. As he spoke Brad could see Wesley’s body start to change, he was growing taller. Wesley’s t-shirt now revealed his stomach that was tightening into a toned 6 pack. “Oh, jeez...shit, bro! This feels so good” Wesley groaned as his shirt stretched taught across his widening back and shoulders. “Oh god!” Wesley moaned his voice lowering into a sexy baritone “shit bro! I feel so fucking horny!” Wesley’s dick bulged in his now tight jeans and his butt turned into a cute ass connected to strong swimmers legs. Wesley’s brown hair lengthened over his eyes as his face became more handsome and rugged. His cheekbones became more pronounced and his lips plumped as his teenage complexion cleared up revealing perfect skin. Suddenly the changes stopped and Wesley stared at himself in the mirror. “Oh fuck bra! Fucking look at me and what I’ve become”. Brad was looking and trying to conceal his raging boner at the sexy hunk his best friend had become. “Oh my god Wesley!” Brad managed to squeak out. “Wes. I think I’m more of a Wes now? Don’t you?” Wes flexed and squeezed his hard, toned bicep. “Um, yeah sure.” Brad mumbled, his mouth dry in the presence of this stud that used to be his average looking friend. Wes cockily sauntered over to Brad and tossed him the now light ring. “I owe all this to you bro!” Wes smiled, “I want you to have the ring.” “Wha...really?” Brad stammered. “Shit yeah, bro! I don’t need it anymore”. Brad pocketed the ring from Wes’ open hand as the muscular teen in the skin tight clothes sauntered out of the room to look for Brittany. Meanwhile, Chase gave Brittany a kiss on the cheek at her locker before heading off to his first period class. “Have a great time in Bio, try not to fall asleep” Chase mockingly said. “You too babe, I know Econ can be a snoozefest too. See you after class”. Brittany watched as Chase headed down the crowded hallway when a rich, deep voice purred from behind her “Hey Brittany, how’s it going?”. Brittany spun around to find the owner of the voice, an absolutely gorgeous hunk of a teen with ripped arms straining out of his tight t-shirt, his bare stomach exposed revealing his rock hard abs, and as her gaze traveled lower Brittany gulped at the big bulge in his tight jeans. As she looked up at the tall stud’s face she marveled at his beautiful lips, high cheekbones, and dazzling green eyes that hid mysteriously behind his sexy long bangs. “H...h...hey” Brittany managed to mouth her knees feeling weak in front of this hunky teen. “You ready for that test in Bio today?” The teen continued and Brittany felt his rumbling voice cause a quiver in her crotch. “D...do I...know you?” Brittany asked in confusion. “Heck yeah babe, it’s me Wes! I mean Wesley”. Brittany tried to process what she was hearing. “W...Wesley?” She looked at him again and he did kind of look like Wesley. If Wesley had a jacked, athletic brother. “H...how...?” Brittany asked in confusion. “Let’s just say it was time for me to get an upgrade” Wesley grinned his new beautiful, perfect smile. “You like?” Wes flexed his bicep for Brittany tearing his tight sleeve in the process. Brittany moaned softly as she felt a wetness in her panties. “How about we ditch Bio and work on some Anatomy instead” the newly cocky Wes purred taking Brittany to the empty gym and under the bleachers. Brittany wasted no time peeling off Wes’ tight t-shirt and revealing his perfect chiseled torso. “Oh fuck!” Brittany moaned as she felt Wes’ hot swimmer’s bod and kissed his chest. “Yeah, Brit. It’s time to forget about Chase and upgrade to a real man” Wes purred as he undid his jeans. At the mention of Chase’s name Brittany snapped back to reality. Chase was her boyfriend. They had dated for years. She loved him and he loved her. As these thoughts raced through her head Wes dropped his jeans and pulled down his packed boxers revealing a thick veiny cock leaking with precum. At the sight of Wes’ beautiful cock all hesitation and thoughts of Chase went out the window. “Oh fucck!” Brittany moaned cumming in her underwear. Wes confidently lifted her top over her head and undid her bra, letting her ample tits flop out. “Oh fuck yeah!” Wes purred fondling Brittany’s big tits, “I had no idea how lucky Chase was!” “Who?” Brittany asked with confusion. “Never mind babe” Wes growled as he ripped off her soaked underwear and guided her gently to a wrestling mat under the bleachers. As his thick cock penetrated her tight, wet, hole Brittany screamed in delight, her moans echoing across the empty gym. As Wes pumped her full of his hot seed they both knew that Chase was out of the picture forever. When Brittany didn’t come out of Bio at the end of the hour, to be walked to her next class as usual, Chase became concerned. Bumping into Brad in the hallway Chase asked with urgency “hey, have you seen your sister?” “Me...uh, no I...” Brad began to stammer in embarrassment. “Nevermind” Chase mumbled as he stormed off to his second period class. Chase was excited to finally get a text back from Brittany during class after she had ignored his increasingly panicked texts during class. “Hey Chase. We are done. Met someone else. Sorry.” As Chase gulped in a panic and tried to respond to Brittany’s breakup text he got no response. By lunchtime the entire school was buzzing about the newly hunkified Wesley and the fact that Brittany had dumped Chase for him. Chase stormed into the cafeteria in a fury, and seeing Brittany talking with some of her friends and giggling marched over to her. “Brittany! What the hell? We’ve been dating for years. The class election is tomorrow. And you break up with me...with a freaking text?!” Chase could feel his voice echoing in the suddenly silent cafeteria. “Sorry” was all a dazed Brittany could muster. “Is there a problem here babe?” a deep voice rumbled behind Chase. As he spun around he found himself staring at a perfectly toned chest being barely contained by a t-shirt. “What the...”. Chase stammered, taking a step back to take in the tall, ripped jock. “W...Wesley...is that you?” Chase choked out. “Yeah bro! And it’s Wes now” Wes grinned. “Sorry about the breakup bro” Wes went over to Brittany and planted a sensual kiss on her lips as she responded in kind. Chase, overcome with emotion started to cry, running out of the crowded cafeteria to the laughs of the students and the chants of “Wes for Pres!” In the empty hallway the sounds of Chase whimpering could be heard as Brad approached him, standing there silently. “What do you want?” Chase angrily looked up at Brad. Brad was speechless, even in anger and through his tear-filled eyes Chase was still so cute to Brad. “I think I can help”. Brad explained how Wesley had used the dream ring to become Brittany’s perfect dream man. As he showed the ring to Chase, Chase's eyes widened. “You’ve got to help me bro! You’ve got to put that ring under Brittany’s pillow and get it to me! It’s the only way I’ll even have a shot at competing with Wes and getting my old life back!” Brad hesitated as Chase pleaded with him, wiping the tears from his eyes at this glimmer of hope. “I’ll see what I can do” Brad gulped. “Thanks bro! I owe you, big time!” Chase grabbed Brad in a big hug and then scurried to the bathroom to clean himself up before his next class. Brad just stood there in the hallway reveling in the hug he had just received from his crush, his dick getting hard in his jeans. The next day Chase hurried over to Brad before first period. “Well, did you do it? Give me the ring!” Chase was determined to get his girlfriend back. “Um, well...I...” Brad stammered as he gazed longingly into Chase’s gorgeous eyes. “Um...here” he mumbled as he opened his hand to reveal the ring. “So, I just put this on and turn into Brittney’s dream guy again?” Chase clarified, the excitement clear in his voice. “Um, yeah. I guess, but...” Brad trailed off as Chase had already run down the hall toward the exit doors, not even caring that he was skipping school. On his way out the door he passed Brittney and Wes making out in the stairwell, which only fueled his anger and determination to get her back. Once home, Chase ran upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door. Standing in front of his full length mirror he slipped the ring onto his finger. Immediately Chase could feel his body changing, he felt warm and his body tingled while his head felt fuzzy, like an alcohol infused buzz. He felt a tightness across his chest and as he looked in the mirror he could see his chest swelling under his t-shirt. His shoulders suddenly started to broaden as well pulling his shirt tight as his delts bulged and his neck thickened. "Oh shit! It's really happening!" Chase moaned. He pulled up his t-shirt to see a tight 6 pack forming on his formerly skinny and undeveloped missection. As he struggled to pull off the shirt he could hear the fabric tearing. Needing no further encouragement Chase tore the remaining fabric away to reveal the growing muscle. His pecs were bulging out further, he could feel their heaviness as they pulled away from his body, his large, puffy nipples starting to point toward the floor as their mass increased. Chase hefted his pec in his hand and moaned "Ohhhh...fuuuccck!" as his played with his newly formed massive pecs. His delts flared out like wings from his trim, small waist as his back grew thick with muscle. His burgeoning legs were straining his jeans but were loose at the waist. Chase could see a huge bulge forming and he struggled to pull the jeans down over his powerhouse legs and thick bubble butt. "Shit, why is my ass so big...?" Chase wondered as he started to stroke his huge cock. "Oh fuck yeah! Brittnay must like her guys stacked...although I wonder why Wes didn't get this big?" Chase wondered as he continued to beef up, his arms thickening with veins visible under the surface of his perfect pale skin. Diamond stud earrings appeared in each ear and his hair started to lighten into a platinum blonde faux-hawk. As Chase's lips pouted out and grew larger and his cheekbones became more pronounced he started to realize that something was wrong. Brittany hated blond guys, and huge muscles. Brad liked those things! Chase struggled to get the ring off his finger but it wouldn't budge. "Oh sthit! whath's happening to me!" Chase whimpered as his voice developed a faggy lisp. The transformation had stopped as the ring slid off his finger easily, leaving Chase, his big chest heaving, as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Staring back at him was a huge, sexy, hunky, blonde bodybuilder with a big dick and a big muscle butt. Chase fondled his big muscle tits and moaned as he grazed his big sensitive nipples “Oh fuck! I'm, thso fucking hot! Hot fucking musthle fag!!" Chase started to shoot his load as he jacked his big dick at his reflection. Strangely Chase wasn't angry. The transformation had been complete, he wasn't at all interested in Brittany (or any girl for that matter). He had become a gay muscle stud and he knew exactly what he wanted. "Justh wait until I get back at Brad!" Chase grinned as he put the dream catcher ring under his pillow. The next day at school the kids were whispering in the hallways "Did you see Chase?" "Holy crap what happened to him?" "He's huge!" "And totally gay now!" Chase just smirked as he sauntered down the hall in his pink flip flops, tight rainbow crop top and denim cut-off booty shorts. He was every gay guy's wet dream come to life. Chase sauntered up to Brad who was at his locker with his back to Chase and purred "hey, babe! like what you thsee?" Brad turned around and his eyes widened. "I...I...um..." Chase could see Brad's dick growing in his shorts. "Ch...Chase...is that you?" Brad mumbled. "Sthure is! Sthomebody wasth a very bad boy with the ring!" Brad couldn't believe what he was seeing. Here was Chase, his secret crush, totally transformed into a musclebound gay hottie! Brad was short of breath, he could feel himself starting to pass out. Suddenly the world went black. When Brad awoke he was in a small darkened room. "Wh...where am I? Wh...what happened?" Brad mumbled in confusion. "Hey, sthweetie! I guess you just couldn't handle all this hotness." Chase was sitting next to Brad, his muscles bulging obscenely in his tight, tiny clothes. "You're in the nursthes' officeth". "Oh my god! Chase! I...I'm sorry, I just..." "Chase grinned, his perfect white teeth gleaming in the dimly lit room, “Oh I know sthweetie! You have a crush on me and made me into your fanthasy man. I'm not mad. But I do plan to get my own revenge". "Wh... what do you mean?" Brad mumbled in confusion. At that moment Chase slid the ring onto Brad's finger. "What the fuck?! No! Not that!!" Brad struggled to pull the ring off but it wouldn't budge. "I slept with the ring under MY pillow last night babe. If I'm YOUR dream man, YOU’RE gonna be mine!" "Oh fuck!... ahhh...it feels...so...good!" Brad moaned under his breath. "This sthould be interesting!" Chase grinned as Brad began to change. Brad could feel his body expanding as his muscles began to swell, his Avengers t-shirt soaked with sweat and clinging tighter to his expanding shoulders, thickening arms, and newly swollen pecs. Brad grew bigger and bigger as pounds of muscle added to his frame. "Shit! I'm getting too big!" Brad moaned in a panic as his neck thickened and his voice dropped an octave. "Oh fuck! My voice!" Brad grapped his neck as his pecs ballooned out forcing his arms further away. Suddenly he could feel a coolness on his scalp as his hair started to fall out of his head. "Wh...what’s happening to my hair bro?!" Chase just smiled as big spacerers appeared in Brad's ears and tattoos started to crisscross his suddenly massive pale body. "Oh shit! not tats man!" Brad moaned as his skin started to darken. "What the hell's happening to my skin?!” Brad whined in his rich baritone. “Oh sthweetie! Didn't I mention that I have a thing for big, thick, black guys?!" Brad could feel his glutes balloon out into a freakish muscle ass shredding his jeans as his dick swelled into a thick black cock and his balls swelled full of testosterone . "Oh fuck bro! What have you done to me?" Brad the enormous freaky black bodybuilder moaned in his new deep voice as his transformation stopped leaving him naked and panting for air in the cramped nurses office. “Oh shit!" Chase grunted as he whipped out his own swollen dick and started stroking it, “so fucking stacked!” Brad caught sight of himself in the full length mirror on the wall and moaned, his huge cock swelling and leaking pre as he hefted his meaty pecs and flexed his huge right bicep. His face was beautiful with pronounced cheek bones and big full lips. The melanin in his skin didn’t hide the tattoos covering his huge, hard muscles. This, coupled with his bald head and piercings gave the formerly fat, white, gamer nerd the look of a total African badass. Chase came up behind him and playfully smacked him in his thick ebony butt. “Now, you are definitely what I call boyfriend material”. Brad turned around and shoved his big lips onto Chase’s, kissing him passionately while cupping Chase’s big ass with his large powerful hands. “Oh fuck yeah baby! Is this what you like in a man?” Brad growled in his sexy baritone. “Oh shit yeah, you big black stud!” Chase purred as he rolled his tongue around Brad’s large, puffy, nipple. An animal instinct took over the formerly shy Brad as he gently shoved Chase onto the exam table, seamlessly transitioning into his new role as a total top. Chase, former confident leader of the school, likewise embraced his new role as total bottom slut and arched his back raising his cute, big, bubble-butt into the air revealing his tight hole to Brad. Brad needed no further prompting, guiding his huge dripping fuck stick into Chase’s virgin ass as Chase moaned with both pain and delight. As the school nurse approached her office, the primal grunts coming from inside gave her pause. She wisely decided to extend her coffee break. When she returned an hour later her office was totally abandoned and destroyed. Puddles of cum were everywhere and her exam table was completely smashed in half. The next day at school the whispers were louder than ever. The new school hunk Wes easily won class president and received a celebratory kiss in front of the entire school from his new girlfriend Brittany Fair. Meanwhile, under the bleachers Brittany’s now step brother Brad grappled erotically with his new boyfriend (and Brittany's former boyfriend) Chase, during the assembly announcing the winner. The sounds of the two gay teen hunks making out in the darkness were drowned out by the cheers of the student body.
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