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  1. Fakmail

    Three days delivery, Part 2

    For part one: ------------------------------------------ After the events of last year, Hal had moved on in life. For about a month afterwards, he was relentlessly tormented by his ex-roommate Mark who stole his body enhancing injections and added his own special mix to ascend to a higher state of life. He'd just try to live his life, only to suddenly be forced against the wall by an invisible Mark. It was hell on earth. Hal ended up moving to a new town a few months after the incident, and now roomed with a man named Jason. Jason was always at his computer typing away, and never even tried to interact with Hal for more than a few brief periods of time a month. Hal eventually had enough of this and decided the only way he could escape this nightmare was to try again. He saved up all the cash he could over the last 12 months and returned to his previous black-market listing. They'd updated with an extra side package called "Lab 12's 3 step program" for an extra cost Hal was all too willing to pay. Only this time, he thought ahead. No way was his new roommate going to steal this one. He had the package delivered to his workplace instead. His boss and coworkers wouldn't have any idea what the product was, nor would they care. Hal waited for three days, and rushed into work that day. To his surprise, the package made it in tact. He quickly drove all the way home and locked himself in his room. He was worried to no end that somehow, Mark would interrupt this process. He became impatient and opened up the Extrazilla injections, there were ten this time, each one now structured to work half as well to help persuade people outside of the user that the bulking is natural if done over the course of several weeks. He closed his eyes and injected himself with the first needle. He felt a rush of power come over him as every muscle in his body became more and more tense. It was subtle, but he could tell he was getting bigger. He had moved from scrawny to well-rounded in a few moments. In a few minutes it subsided. He grinned at this, and quickly ran off to the gym, eager to test to see how much more he could lift, but carefully took time to lock the door behind him before he left. What Hal didn't realize, was that Mark was setting a trap for him. While Hal was gone, Mark started to fuck with Jason. He started by cutting the internet to the whole apartment. "Fuck, where'd my game go?" Jason said in disbelief as his screen went black. "No no no no....." he said over and over morning the loss of his virtual gold and cinnabar. It was here that Jason went to check the router, which just so happened to be locked in Hal's room. But Jason needed to get back online, and decided to pick lock. Hal got home about thirty minutes later, tired from the workout. He'd gone up roughly 50lbs of max benching in just one use of the serum. He couldn't wait to see how much more he could do with another, when he stopped dead in his tracks. His door was open. He quickly pushed the door open and ran for the bed. The box was gone. "No... NO!" He started to well up before he became startled by a voice in the doorway. "Looking for these?" Jason said tossing 9 empty vials on the floor in front of him. "YOU BASTARD! THOSE ARE MINE!" Hal yelled. Then he stopped and stepped back puzzled. "Wait. Why aren't you any bigger?" he said. Jason smiled and said "Oh I had a little run in with an old friend of yours before I could use them, or even knew what they were. He showed me some pretty amazing things, like how to increase the potency of these things to an amazing level, too bad it takes a little longer." It was at this point that Mark appeared in the room in a flash of light. He was still massive, about 10 foot, maybe a bit taller now, and still had all the muscular power of before. Now he wore a series of chain-based piercings as clothes, and donned a red third-eye on his forehead. "What's up twerp, long time no see" he said. "Jason you can't trust this guy, he's bad news, please you must listen to ..." Hal tried to say before being backhanded by Mark to Jason's knees. Mark smiled and said "Hey Jason, it's been about twenty minutes right? I think you're good to take the pills now..." Hal panicked and begged Jason not to eat the pills, but he didn't listen. The pills had been crushed into a fine powder, presumably as a result of Mark's instructions. He poured the lot of it into a tall glass of protein shake, and downed the whole thing. The changes started slowly with Jason, slowly the fat dissipated and shuddered throughout his body. After a few minutes, he looked like a child inside of his own oversized clothes. Then just as quickly as it vanished, his mass projected outwards and upwards. Within minutes, Jason had become a hardcore athlete, who easily could have benched 400lbs. His biceps were the size of watermelons, and his pecks like two full size pillows beneath his shirt. It was at this point that the doorbell rang. Mark then spoke up, "Oh, looks like our special guest is here, sorry Hal I invited her over, hope you wouldn't mind." Hal ran out to the kitchen to find Clair getting a glass of milk from the fridge. "Whatsup babe? You called, said it was an emergency?" Clair was Hal's girlfriend of three months. She was a smart girl with a small frame and a big butt. She only had AA cups but Hal didn't mind. She was the center of his world. "Clair, you have to get out of here! There's a guy here named Mark who's super dangerous and..." "Hello Clair...." Said a deep sexy voice from the doorway. It was Jason, practically ready to burst out of his clothes, but the bigger issue was what was bursting out between his legs. Clearly the drugs were doing their magic as the member's size made it look like he was stuffing his pants with a tube sock. "Woah!" Clair said looking at him. "Hal who's your friend?" she said staring at Jason's stomach. "That's just Jason, look Clair you need..." But Hal stopped mid-sentence as Jason had motioned with his finger for Clair to come closer, and she complied. Soon she started rubbing her fingers all over him and giggling, paying Hal no mind. "Wow Clair really? Right in front of me?" Hal said pissed off through his teeth. "You're so..... big.... baby" Clair said softly do him. "And I'm about to get a lot bigger." he said smiling evilly. As if on cue, Jason's shirt and pants tore right down the side, within moments he was completely naked, with his massive monster cock pressing against Clair's chest. Moments later, he had ripped her clothes off entirely. Hal attempted to leave the room as the two started fucking voraciously, only to be stopped by Mark in the doorway. "What, leaving so soon bitch boy? Don't you want to watch the fun part?" Jason, for as much as his size helped him, did not last very long much to Clair's dismay. "Uggg, I'm covered in your..... warm.... delicious.... cum!" She screamed shifting from a voice of disgust to one of lust as she began slurping up every drop of cum plastered across herself. She couldn't get enough of it. Once she was done, she bent over like she had a cramp, and to Hal's horror, he saw his ex transform. Her exposed breasts expanded slightly, filling up her hands in a couple of moments. She was growing taller as well, with her already thick ass pushing out further and further from her now even thinner frame. By the time she was done growing, she had DD breasts and the body to match. Hal stared at the immense beauty he had been presented with and started undressing. She chuckled and said "Look, Hal, you're nice and all, but mama needs a big boy in her life now she's all grown up... Why don't you go over there and play with yourself little man...." all while gripping Jason's dick with her hands and breasts. The two were like rabid wolves, not stopping for a moment to pause from absolutely abusing the other. After a while Jason starting to drink from Clair's lactating breasts, the reaction of which, seemed to energize him, and had him grow even bigger. Soon he was well over 12' tall. The two went back and forth for an hour, each one allowing the other to grow larger by drinking their excrement. At one point, Hal tried to lick some up for himself, but quickly found it had no effect on him. Hal ended up just sitting in the corner crying for a long time. But eventually the two were interrupted by a timer set on the stove. Mark spoke up at this alarm, "Ah! Jason, it's time to use "B" for the best results, you can give some to your new squeeze too if you'd like..." Hal again begged and pleaded with both Clair and Jason to not do it. They both just laughed and responded with "HA! You kidding? Look at us! We're giants. People are going to worship us after this next leap." from Jason and "Mmmmm I wanna do it inside the house baby, I want to watch the world under me as I emerge from it a god!" Clair finished. Hal watched in horror as the two pricked themselves with the needles marked "B", and just like last time, both of them froze where they stood, with their eyes becoming jet black. Mark started chuckling to himself "Fucking morons. Can't believe they fell for that. Oh well, they're big enough I suppose." Mark stood behind Jason and willed his massive snake-dick inside of Jason's mouth and down his throat. Soon, Jason turned pale and was absorbed into Mark like Halley and Jake were. Marks eyes turned white as his skin crackled with energy. His already massive form began pushing on the ceiling as he slowly swelled to be too big for the room. Hal ran out of the house in terror, even though he had no clothes on. To his dismay he saw Mark expand out of the building through the roof. All around him his long dick was crackling with energy as it spazzed out to the power he had absorbed. Mark finally picked up Clair from the room and laid her out on the roof, which coincidentally was the same height as his legs. As if by psychic ability, Hal was lifted up and held over Clair's body by a few feet. He knew what was coming, but Mark was determined to make him watch it. Laughing maniacally, Mark pressed the end of his dick against Clair's albeit massive legs. Still her little cunt was far too small for the goliath dick she was presented with. For a brief moment, Hal thought she could escape, but no, Mark had other plans as he forced the monster in, tearing her legs apart in the process. Even though she was dormant inside of her own mind thanks to "B", she screamed in pleasure and pain at this. Mark proceeded to fuck her like a tiny pornstar, inventing new ways to cram his dick into her. All the while, her body was protected by a small forcefield to keep her in the same condition, even if she'd been completely torn in half. Eventually Mark came, showering the whole block with his load. And once he was done, Clair, completely spent, was absorbed into his massive cock, causing him to grow even more to the size of a three-story house. He laughed hard at this as more piercings and runic symbols appeared all over his body. Like magic, Hal fell back to the ground, only to find everything had been reverted. Nothing was left inside the house, nothing was destroyed, to no surprise nothing from the box was left, leaving Hal broken and empty inside. How much longer was this monster going to torment him. That's when he noticed the message left for him on his wall. "Mark is hungry.... And Hal will deliver." Hal winced at this, and quickly rushed to start making pizza for his god. To be continued....