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  1. My name is Dr. Alex Griffin and I am a special kind of doctor. In the near future you see there are some individuals like myself who are specialized in a medical progress known as Masculinity Enhancing Puberty Correction, or more commonly known as Stud Treatment. We use a wide array of drugs, technology and chemicals to rewrite the results of a male individuals puberty to enhance said individuals in the areas of bodily fitness, virility, handsomeness and a complex mix of psychological treats collectively known as “alphaness”. Over the 5 years since this method has been developed we have worked to improve the process, eliminating some rather extreme side effects, especially after the Chicago Incident. Anyways the treatment has helped a lot of boys overcoming bullying, sexual frustration and parental disappointment. It has spawned a wide array of professional athletes, bodybuilders and *cough* porn stars. Of course some people have complained that it brings a certain level of unfairness to sports, but in my opinion I help people. Take Leo for example. He had been an overweight chess player, who had been treated like dirt for all his life. Puberty gifting him with incredible appetite and an less than incredible metabolism only added to the problem and a penis barely even 3 inches long didn’t help him with his low self esteem either. Add to it a bunch of bullying football players and you have a depressed teen. That’s why his parents decided to consult me. I was one of the leading scientists for the process and as such am considered an expert for it. I add a few special ingredients to the drug cocktail, of course all of it medicinal herbs, which enhance it’s effects. You should have seen poor Leo when he entered the waiting room and saw all of the already transformed teenagers. Though he was 19 years old and some of my patients were far younger than him, he was visibly intimidated by the sight of all the hulking brutes and the intoxicating smell of testosterone, lingering in the air. Several minutes later, after an embarrassing shriek because of the syringe and some audibly painful moments of skeletal reforming and growing muscle, he left the room and entered the next stage of the process, the so called restructuring chamber. You see, the drugs might have increased his height and muscle mass, but the chamber, a modified sunbed, activates the reshaping of muscle mass into an more aesthetic form, strengthens the bone structure and also increases the size of the subject’s genitals. Additionally his facial features transform into a more classically handsome form and the chamber restructures Leo’s vocal cords, causing his voice to drop to a smooth baritone level. As you can see he has already entered the beginnings of stage 3, the mental adjustments. His increased confidence has lead to the subject taking mirror selfies and soon he will create social media accounts dedicated to his new fitness lifestyle. After one of my assistants, most likely one of the female nurses, has had sex with the target, who by now should feel incredibly horny, he will also begin to show a more cocky and aggressive persona. Also I should not forget to make the target sign a contract, which obliges him to use condoms on sexual encounters, birth rates sky rocketed after the Stud Treatment was developed.
  2. Finally Jack had gotten to join the gym. He had meant to do it for years, but never really couldn’t quite motivate himself. Though it would have been really necessary, judging his more than pudgy figure. At a height of roughly 5'9" Jack weighed more than 270 Pounds of fat. It had been years since Jack had seen his dick, though he knew it wasn’t anything Special either, being 4" Long when hard. The long stairs up to the gym had gotten the college Student sweating and heavily breathing as he approached the reception desk. It was a gym off the college campus in the small town he lived in. He always felt so shy and self-conscious that he didn’t want to risk being seen by classmates or anyone he knew. He could hear weights clanking as he got signed in, a blonde jock behind the counter was working the computer. Jack felt like he was being judge by the jock, but the receptionist passed him his gym card and sent him on his way with a smile. Jack sighed and headed towards the locker rooms to get changed. As he entered he was immediately greeted by a familiar sight, the Body of his former high school’s top jock, Shaun. The black behemoth was as different from Jack as anyone could be. The years of football and gym had blown his muscles up into Fitness model size and they had grown even more since then. By now Shaun looked like he was about to step on stage at a pro Bodybuilding contest. As he turned around, Jack was greeted by another familiar sight, the glorious horse cock that had earned Shaun his nickname, “The Redwood”. Of Course it was because of his towering height too. As Shaun turned around and spotted Jack eyeing him up from the other sight of the room, a cruel smirk grew on his handsome face. Shaun swaggered over to where Jack was standing. The shorter man obviously looking uncomfortable. “Well well. If it isn’t little Jack Dillard. Though, I guess you aren’t that little. Don’t you know this is a gym, not a buffet.” Jack was blushing hard. Thankfully the gym only had a few people in it at the moment and Jack prayed no one heard Shaun’s taunts. He thought he had escaped his tormentor once he graduated, but fate dealt him a cruel hand it seemed. ‘This was meant to be a new start for me.’, Jack thought and looked down on the Floor. He just couldn’t muster up the Courage to talk back to Shaun, he never could. “I see you haven’t changed one bit, faggot. That’s if I ignore the tons of fat you grew. Though you still are a pathetic Little faggot, who isn’t able to talk back.”, Shaun taunted him in his deep commanding voice. He pulled up his gym Shorts and put on a tanktop, extra slowly so Jack would watch and swaggered out of the room, throwing a last “Hope you don’t sweat on my weights.” at Jack. Shaun’s footsteps echoed in the room as he left. Jack just stood in place, wringing his fat hands together. He felt humiliated, he wanted to go home right then. He clenched his fist, realizing he made a decision to get in better shape, and he wouldn’t let Shaun stop him. Well he could try and avoid Shaun at least. He peeled off his clothes and put on his xxl workout gear and headed to the treadmill, hoping Shaun didn’t like cardio. As he left the room and passed the reception desk, the jock threw him and murmured to himself. It sounded it a bit like “Poor guy.” and “Collided with Shaun.”. Jack brushed it off and walked towards the treadmills. He climbed onto one and started with the easiest stage, seeing from afar how big the weights looked, that Shaun lifted. Frustrated he cycled, not even noticing the strange glow in the eyes of the receptionist jock. Finally, Jack got too tired to continue and decided to call it a day. Even though his shirt was a quick-dry material, it was soaked with his sweat. He saw the blonde jock wave at him before he headed into the locker room. Jack sheepishly waved back and went to go shower. Thankfully it was stalls and not an open shower. Still, he picked one towards the back as he stripped and got his soap out. As he began soaping his less than impressive Body he didn’t even notice, that the Soap wasn’t it’s normal lavender blue Color, but rather a bluish green with glitter all over it. He also didn’t notice that it left the same glitter all over his Body, or that it sank into his Skin. The first thing that seemed odd to him was that his arm had a strange Tension to it when he used the Soap on his hair. He took his dear time Standing there under the shower, using the delightful Feeling Soap and enjoying the warm water cascading down his Body. His arm jiggled as he scrubbed his black hair. However, it started to jiggle less and less as he scrubbed away. The roundness from being fat gave way to the roundness of muscle. The peak of his bicep pressed into his ear and fatty shoulder. The soap seemed to have an odd scent to it. It was not like the normal clean smelling soaps he was used to. It had a more manly aroma, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. Soon the biceps wasn’t pressing into a fat shoulder anymore, but Jack’s arm was rather pushed a Little back when his shoulders rounded and broadened, growing into some cannonball like structures. Just beneath his new muscular shoulders transformed his moobs. He felt them up as his saggy unsightly tits expanded and hardened, enjoying how the growing flesh felt under his grab. He wasn’t even bothered by the feeling. It felt like that was the way it was supposed to be. Two large pecs now adorned his chest where his moobs used to be. One of his fingers grazed a nipple and he let out a soft moan. His meager 4" cock pressed against his waning belly fat. He heard someone’s footsteps enter the shower and he hoped he didn’t hear him moan. Another shower squeaked on so Jack wanted to finish, but he didn’t feel clean enough yet. He started soaping up his body, paying extra attention to his pecs. But before that he wanted to clean his whole Body. He let the Soap slide down his belly and rubbed it, Feeling it grow harder, but at the same time it felt like the gut was sinking back into his Body. He continued rubbing his belly until he no longer felt the soft pudginess of a paunch, but rather the hard bumps of what felt like a strong, firm, cut eightpack. Meanwhile the Person in the other shower stall had started moaning too, though it was a lot more high pitched. Jack’s hand wrapped around his small cock, completely enclosing it in his palm, and gave it a tug. He moaned, sounding a little hoarse, but also finding that he didn’t care if someone heard him. His other hand traced along the ridges of his abs and Apollo’s belt. Both hands left the front of his body to rub his ass. What once was a flabby sac of fat now was a perky bubble butt that still had some fat, but was mostly muscle. He gave them a grope, liking how strong his hands felt on his ass. As the water cascaded down his Body, the Magic Soap reached his legs. While Jack slowly rubbed along the unimpressive length of his dick with strong, big Hand, his legs jiggled and tensed, jiggled and tensed. The whole process repeated itself, until Jack was left with a pair of strong, brawny legs. They looked like two sinewy oak trees, built from years of Training. The water finally reached his feet, growing them, just like the rest of his Body. When they were finished, Jack’s feet looked like a hobbit’s, just without the hair. They were a solid size 20 and made a perfect base for his impressive 6'9" Body. Jack could over the stalls just by standing. His hand still tugged at his cock, it growing with every pull. He could see only one other shower was on and tugged harder, moaning a little deeper. A higher pitched moan seemed to echo in response. Jack smirked cockily for once in his life. He turned off his shower and wrapped a towel around his waist, his cock sticking out from it. His feet slapped against the wet tiles as he made his way to the other shower. Keeping that cocky smirk, he pulled at the curtain. In it was a small, almost feminine black Boy, looking no older than 18. He turned around in shock and revealed that he had been rubbing an unimpressive pencil thin 3 incher. Jack looked past his impressive built pecs and into the face of the Boy. Though he had a far less angular face and lacked the stubble and rough handsomeness, this face clearly was Shaun’s. With a look of lust and admiration the lithe Boy looked up into Jack’s handsome visage and dropped to his knees. Jack’s smirk only widened as the slapped Shaun’s cheeks with his 11" cock. The cocky smirk looked natural on Jack’s angular face. It wasn’t rough like Shaun’s was, but more model-like. A look of pleasure passed over those gorgeous features once Shaun took Jack’s cock into his mouth and began sucking like a pro. Shaun licked along the whole length of the Long shaft, fondling Jack’s cum-heavy bull nuts with his delicate Hands, only having Jack moan even louder. The new hunk forced Shaun’s boyish face further down his dick with a dinner plate sized Hand. Jack knew full well that Shaun probably had never sucked a cock before, but his throat was seemingly bottomless. Shaun was so skilled that it didn’t take Jack Long to shoot his first load, though it wouldn’t be his last. Once he finished cumming, he pushed Shaun off his dick, patted his head, and went to his locker to get dressed. He slipped on some pants and black shirt that showed off his pecs. Running a hand through the hair, he bounced them in a mirror before leaving. The blonde jock was waiting for him at the reception desk. “How was your workout?” He asked.
  3. “Can I sleep in your room tonight?”, asked the brute in the hallway as I wiped sleep from my eyes. “You had a nightmare again, right?”, I replied, though I already knew the answer, seeing his terrified look. The thing is that the guy in the photo looks like a fitness freak in his mid-twenties and his passport would support that guess, but the truth is, that this man is my little brother Dominick. He nodded and tears started rolling down his cheeks. “Come on, Donny, don’t cry. Remember? You’re a big man now.”, I said patting his bowling ball shoulder, “Come in, you can sleep in my bed tonight, but this is the last time. You’re a grown up now and grown ups don’t cry because of nightmares.” As Donny and I climbed under my blanket I couldn’t help but be once again amazed by the body he now called his own. I had seen a few bodybuilders on TV, but they all paled in comparison to my ‘little’ brother. His already mentioned bowling ball shoulders connected to a pair of grapefruit sized biceps and humongous forearms. His traps almost swallowed his neck and his pecs were easily as hard and heavy as bowling balls and overshadowed his thick sixpack. His legs were wider than an average person’s waist and just as muscular as the rest of his body, completed by the size 17 boat feet, that made up the base of his monstrous 6′5″ frame. Feeling the wide frame of my brother pressed against my back, i couldn’t help but remember the circumstances, that had let to my situation. My mother had died a few months after Dominick was born and our father, being one of the higher ups in the US military, was rarely home. So it was up to me to raise Donny. I brought him to school in the morning and after school I picked him up again with my bike. I cooked for him and read him stories, helped him with his homework and even managed to teach him a thing or two about life. Then one day, about a week ago, my father came back once again, carrying an ominous briefcase with him. He said he was on a trip to the other side of the country and decided to stop by and look how things were going. Turns out the thing in his briefcase was a bottle with some kind of liquid, that had to be kept cold and so he decided to pack it in the fridge, though he told the two of us explicitly how dangerous the fluid was and that we shouldn’t open the bottle under any circumstances. The next morning Dominick was up particularly early and still half asleep he wanted to make himself a bowl of cereals. Sleepy as he was he confused the bottle of milk with the bottle our father had had in his briefcase. I came into the kitchen just in time to see him gulp down the last spoon of his breakfast. He just smiled at me and pointed at the empty bottle, standing on the kitchen table. I only stared at it in shock as he said: “Mike, the milk tasted funny.” As it seems, the bottle our father had brought home contained some kind of it super soldier serum the military had created secretly, It was supposed to be given to a seasoned soldier and not to someone like my brother. Within an hour Donny had grown over two feet and gained more than 200 pounds of solid muscle. Our father, on one side angered at my brother for drinking the serum, on the other hand pleasantly surprised by the effects of the drug, decided that it would be easier for us to move, than to explain why a hulking man with a face strongly resembling my brother’s had appeared and why my younger brother was gone. The whole move went pretty well and with the new documents my father had gotten Dominick he was now legally 24 and made my guardian, though I still had to do everything around the house. Despite now being a grown up legally, my brother was mentally only 6 years old. but the aging and rapid growth weren’t the only changes the serum had made to my brother. The military had had test being run on him and the results were amazing. He was now not only super strong (He had curled about a ton without even breaking in sweat.), but his stamina had been lifted to superhuman levels as well (Donny had been running on a treadmill for more than 10 hours and then the equipment had given up.). Oddly enough though was that my little brother was still childish (He still played with his action figures, despite being in better shape than all of them.) but he was also ridiculously intelligent ( He had solved the Hodge Conjecture, one of the major unsolved problems in mathematics, within a few hours, a problem that mathematicians world wide had been struggling with for years.) Suddenly I was I brought back to reality as I felt a pushing in my back and heard the deep murmuring of my brother. “Oh yeah, Cynthia, just like that.”, he whispered as he grinded his growing bulge against my ass. Wait, Cynthia? Wasn’t that the 18-year-old daughter of our neighbors? But that wasn’t important right now. Donny’s giant erection had caused his comic print briefs to rip apart and he was now pushing his bare cock against my back. I just hope I can wake him up, before he lives out his wet dreams on me.
  4. Would you like to look like one of these guys? Do you want to be tall. handsome, build like a bull and be equally hung? Then try our new collection of special beauty products. These three guys you see in the picture haven’t looked like this for long. Actually, just this morning, they looked like your stereotypical Asian nerds. But then they decided to go the Springbreak party in their city. Of course our company ‘BodyChange Industries’, couldn’t let them embarrass themselves like that, so we got them their own free box of samples. You want to have a real nice build? Then use our ‘Workout Wax’. Do you want to look like Cho on the left, then use our new ‘Workout Wax - Jockboy’. Or do you prefer the build of the left guy, Hwang? Then use the ‘Workout Wax - Fitness Model’. Or do you want to have the big muscles of the beefy guy in the middle, Lee. Then we can fully recommend you our top seller, ‘Workout Wax - Bodybuilder’, to give your muscles a really good pump. Do you want to be one real handsome fucker? Then use our new line of ‘Model Moisturizers’. As you can see, they really work. The three hunks you see up there, previously looked like three trolls, that were pretty pale, due to only gaming and look at them now. Not only have their practically nonexistent jawlines been replaced by new lantern jaws, but as you can see, the Moisturizer has given them a really nice tan o their new perfect skin. By now three persons even offered them model jobs. And if they can’t impress they can’t get all the girls they want with just their bodies and looks, their musk certainly can, thanks to our new ‘Pheromone Perfume’. They now permanently emit a powerful manly odor, that makes all people around them, go wet or hard. Let’s jut say, they’ve had their fair share of sex by now. But of course you have to fulfill the expectations, the ‘Pheromone Perfume’ awakens. And thanks to us they can, or to be precise thanks to our ‘Footlong Lotion’. You see the bulges running down their legs? They aren’t just for show. Not only does the lotion give you the tool, you always dreamed of, but the knowledge how to use it too. So instead of going to the lame Springbreak party, they went to the beach to show off their new rocking bods and of course put them to good use. Let’s just say they didn’t leave the beach huts for a while that day and neither did the three top heavy bimbos, they had met on the beach. So if you want to make the same experiences as Cho, Hwang and Lee visit our website and we will send you your free set of samples right away.
  5. One could say, that Dan and Matt had an easy relationship. They lifted together, they were roommates and they helped each other jook up with girls. But Matt had enough of Dan. He had enough of his arrogance, because he was bigger, the perpetual mess he made of their flat and that he always got the hotter chick. So he decided to do something about it. He found a strange little shop downtown and the owner, a strange old woman, sold him a vial with a clear liquid. “Make him drink this after great physical struggle and he should become what you want him to. Oh, and don’t struggle with the pay, it’s for free.”, she said with a wide smile, showing the few teeth she had left. “Thank you very much.”, Matt replied, ignoring the creepy smile. And there he was. After a rather intense workout he decided to use his opportunity and poured the liquid in Dan’s post-workout protein shake. “Here you go, bro. Drink up.” “Thanks, bro, that’s exactly what I needed.” Dan bawled and downed the shake in one go. “How do you feel?”, asked Matt, curious if the potion had already started working. “Pumped, exhausted, horny. The usual.”, replied Dan, not noticing the disappointed look on Matt’s face. “Wanna go home? Let’s shower there.” —————————————————————————————————- Half an hour later the two hunks reached their apartement. Suddenly Dan said: “Dude, I don’t feel very well. I think I’m gonna throw up.” Dan darted past Matt and went straight to the bathroom. Only seconds later Matt could here moaning coming out of the room. Expectant of the potion’s effects he entered the bathroom, only to find his roomamte shirtless. It looked like the changes were about to start. “FUuuUuUUuUUUuuUUuuuUucK!” Dan shouted, his deep vice cracking to a higher tone. Meanwhile the hair on his body seemed to simply disappear in a wavelike motion, leaving him completely hairless. The next thing to change was his height he dropped from a nice, beefy 6′3″ to small, but all the more muscular 5′7″. But that was about to change to as Dan’s muscles started to twitch and shrink. The muscular bodybuilder physique Dan had been so proud was forgotten several seconds later and a slim, almost effeminate, body was left behind. Dan turned around and Matt had to laugh. On top of the petite body was still Dan’s face with his trademark manly beard. Dan just looked at Matt as the hairs of his beard receded into his jaw and his black buzzcut changed into blond locks. As Dan felt up his hairless face his lips plumped up, which made them like they were made to suck a big nice cock, and his eyes became a bright blue with a longing look at Matt. The changes finished as the shorts that Dan had held up until now fell down and revealed a 7″ dick. But it started to shrink in size and Matt could see were it was going. Dan’s booty started to expand like air was getting pumped into it. “Please, master, could you fuck me?”, Danny asked Matt, who was totally bewildered, that he had just been called ‘Master’ by his former alpha roommate. “Sure, Danny.”, Matt replied, giving the obscenely big bulge of his jeans a tug. That was one of the few things he had had ahead of Dan.
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