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Found 5 results

  1. It was the night of Halloween and Alan was getting ready for a party. His bro Rick had invited him over to his house, where he was having costume party for all the college’s athlete’s, swimmers, wrestlers, footballers and the like. But probably best of all was that Rick had also invited their cheerleading squad as well as the teams from two other campuses, meaning there’d be an abundance of pussies to plow. Just thinking about it, Alan could feel his sizable tool getting hard. He’d show these cheerleaders why he was called “The Piledriver”. Rick hadn’t been very specific as to what the costumes should be like, just shrugging and saying they should wear whatever they wanted. Though when Alan had asked him if he was kidding, Rick just smirked and said he had planned “a special surprise” for the party. Knowing Rick Alan thought that meant his bro would probably turn up in some awkward fairy outfit or something. Rick was always pulling pranks like that. For example he turned up as a flamenco dancer, red dress, high heels and everything. Miraculously he still went home with the captain of the cheer squad and Sarah didn’t even look that drunk. Alan chuckled as he thought of that. Rick was really the master of pick-up lines. But this year Alan would steal the show. His costume consisted of a loincloth with leopard print, a necklace with fake animal teeth and a hollow mace filled to the brim with condoms. His caveman costume left all of his hard earned muscles on display, really showing off why he deserved to be the captain of the wrestling team. He wasn’t as stocky as most of his teammates, but rather on the cut side. Though he was just as big as the rest of the team, if not bigger. Finally after having styled his mop of brown hair to look especially wild and unruly and making sure his loincloth accentuated the size of his dick enough he was on his way to the house next door. Luckily he wouldn’t have to walk far to get to the party, or get back to his room with a girl later. On his way out he looked into his little brother’s room. While Alan was a total jock, who had been blessed by puberty, it had pretty much passed by his brother. Matty was nerdy and the only real change puberty had given him was a growth spurt of about half a foot, making him a little over 5′8 and thin as a stick. The little guy was facing his computer, probably writing another superman fan fiction or wanking off to some weird Hentai. Alan just sighed, but his fists clenched. He really didn’t want to be angry, but every time he saw Matty, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by the nerd that was his brother. Luckily only a few of his best friends knew of their kinship and even those were too much. “I’m off to Rick’s party. Don’t do anything weird, I’ll be back later.”, Alan said plainly and left the room, not even waiting for Matty’s response. He knocked at the door of his best bro’s house and was surprised by Rick’s costume. The almost equally big guy was dressed in a rather cheap looking lion onesie and was smiling like a madman. The costume was loose fitting and didn’t show anything of his strong body. “What the fuck are you wearing, bro. You look like a weirdo.”, Alan said and gave his bro a friendly punch to the chest. “Well I wanted to feel like a real animal for once.”, came the chuckled reply from Rick. Alan just rolled his eyes and stepped inside. Immediately he jumped back. Right in the middle of the hall, on a little table at the bottom of the stairs sat a weird Jack O'Lantern. The pumpkin had a wide, toothless smile and wide eyes, but the creepy thing about were the signs that covered the rest of the orange globe, kinda like runes and satanic symbols Alan had seen when looking for material on a presentation. Also it had a big black candle on top, which seemed to absorb the light from around it. “Told you I had a surprise planned for tonight.”, Rick said and patted his bigger friend’s shoulder, “It is imbued with magic and ass long as the candle burns everyone will be transformed into their costumes.” Alan just rolled his eyes. Rick was into such stuff from time to time, but Alan never took him seriously. “Yeah whatever dude.”, Alan said and shrugged his wide shoulders and grabbed a beer from a nearby cooling box. “To a legendary evening.”, he said and downed the beer in one go. Within the next hour the guests came, every single one freaked out by the jack O'Lantern. There were so many different costumes. The wrestlers came as cavemen, similar to Alan, and gladiators, the football team seemed to have made a pact and all came as toddlers in oversized diapers, leaving their impressive impressive torsos on display. The cheerleader had come as nurses, cops and the like, of course everything in the slutty version to attract a strong athlete and fuck them good. Finally when everyone was there Rick lit the black candle and that’s where Alan’s memories stopped. He awoke the next morning with a massive headache, just some pictures left of the last evening. He barely remembered the band of toddlers that had been crawling around the house or how he had smashed his wooden club on the head of a mustached cop, that had been flirting with a busty hippy girl. He walked into the kitchen downstairs and grabbed to grab a mineral water but as soon as he entered the room his jaw hit the ground. There at the kitchen table sat an impossibly big man in a tight superman suit. Even though he was sitting Alan guessed the man had to be at least 6′6 and over 270 pounds of pure muscle, which was barely concealed by the tight textile he was wearing. “Who the hell are you?”, asked Alan the stranger. “Are you kiddin’, bro?”, said the stranger in an incredibly deep voice, “It’s me Matt.” Alan was sure he would have fainted had he not grabbed a wall. This giant of a man was supposed to be his nerdy little brother? He couldn’t believe that, yet the face of the man looked familiar, like someone had sent Matty’s face through a kind puberty twice. He had the same light blue eyes, though they now had a piercing look and the same nose, though it was now accentuated by the angular form of his lantern jaw. Matt stood up from the table and Alan gulped. Standing he was even more imposing than sitting, though that was hardly possible. Calmly the big guy walked over to his older brother. Only then Alan noticed that the costumed man wasn’t walking, he was floating over. “You can fly?”, asked the dumbstruck jock. “Yep. I have all the powers of Superman. Flight, super strength, super speed. I ran to France this morning and stemmed a truck over my head single-handedly.”, Matt answered and thought back, ignoring the fact that his brother had just fainted and fallen onto the floor. Some time later when Alan reawoke he found a letter next to his head. “Hello Alan, I hope you’re feeling better. I carried you to your bed, when you fainted. Currently in Europe to do some sightseeing. Will be back tomorrow. Matt.” This had to have something to do with that weird stuff Rick was talking about the last night, so Alan decided to pay his bro a visit. After some debate and threats Rick admitted that he had found that spell online and it had actually worked last night and transformed everyone into their costumes. However the spell seemed to have reacted with Matty’s Superman pajama and have made him into a superhero, like his idol. However he couldn’t explain why it was still active despite the candle having burned down. A quick visit of the magic website confirmed Rick’s worries. Since Matty had only been barely 18 at the moment of the casting, his transformation was permanent. And as if that wouldn’t have been bad enough, Alan had found a small white puddle of cum in the garden. It wasn’t difficult to find out the puddle was cum and that it had come through the hole in the roof. So not only was Alan now stuck with a musclebound superhero as a younger brother, the superpowered teenager was also dealing with an increased libido right. And if the costume hadn’t been stuffed than Alan would have to get used to a little brother with an immense tool too. That sure as hell was scary enough for this years Halloween.
  2. Ryan cleared his throat and opened the app. The strange program had appeared a few days before on his phone and promised a world altering experience. And “Chronivac - Phone Services” took that pretty literally. Ryan had tried out the new calling app and it didn’t miss out on it’s promise. Just after he got it, he had called his brother Sean at college and when he replied to the “Can we talk later? I’m busy.” with a joking “Jacking your insatiable monster off, right?” something happened. When his brother came home this weekend he had a really obscenely large bulge in his pants, clearly bigger than Ryan remembered. But everyone acted like it was normal especially Sean. That’s when a thought came to Ryan’s mind. Maybe i was because of the app. He searched for the number of his best friend. Drew and Ryan had been together ever since kindergarten. They had done everything together. From playing in each other’s garden to some gay experiments. During one of their experiments Ryan had noticed that he had feelings deeper than friendship for Drew, but his best friend clearly didn’t share them. Soon after Ryan discovered his feelings, Drew had gotten a girlfriend and though she was a really nice girl, Ryan didn’t like her. But with that app, Ryan could fix things. Finally the call connected. “Hey Ryan, how’s it hanging.” “Just as normal.”, he chuckled and gulped in anticipation. “So are you at the gym again? Probably, after all you haven’t been much else in the last 5 years, am I right meathead?” Deep within he could feel that the app worked. At the other end of the town, Drew suddenly found himself in a gym, that seemed like a second home to him. He held the phone, that looked ridiculously small in his big calloused hand, at his ear, while the other dinner plate sized mitt caressed his hard eightpack. “Yeah, how did you know. But I guess it is no surprise, I practically live here.” “The wall length mirrors might be an added benefit. After all you always check yourself out in every reflective surface you come across. But it would be a waste to let that beauty go unnoticed. And that beard is something to fantasize about too.”, Ryan said and bit his lip. Maybe he had overdone it. But Drew just laughed it off. “Yeah, it grows like crazy. I only shaved that morning and I have an insanely dense beard right now. But what’s with all that beauty shit. Are you a faggot or so?” Ryan took a deep breath. Now or never. “Of course I am, dummy. We have been together since high school.” Suddenly a though came to Ryan’s mind. The Chronivac made everything true, so did this go for the ‘Dummy’ remark too. “Duh, you’re right, honey, I guess it’s normal to forget stuff if you’re as dumb as me.”, answered Drew, his natural baritone now sounding incredibly dumb. “At least you’re good at other stuff. Like lifting weights and posing.”, Ryan quickly said to at least give his new boyfriend. Suddenly a clinging sound could be heard from the gym. Drew probably stepped on a dumbbell lying around. “What happened, honey? Did you trip over your own feet? I guess that can happen with size 23′s. Or are you hot? And that happens even though you don’t normally were a shirt in public, right?”, Ryan commented and immediately Drew’s already stretched to the limit tank top dissolved into thin air, while his shoes grew several sizes to become nearly clown sized. All of a sudden a guy came up to Drew and talked to him. “Hey dude, you’re awesome. I really admire your dedication. Can you give me some tips?”, he gushed. Drew only grunts a short “Later.” and shows him the phone. This small encounter gives Ryan a wicked idea. “What was that? Are you at a convention?” “A comic convention?”, Drew asks dumbly. A little confused you reply.”No, of course not. A fitness expo.” “Yeah, I still have some work to do. Probably will come home late, small guy.” The ‘small guy’ remark probably was meant as a joke, but immediately Ryan felt extremely vulnerable. And together with Drew calling him ‘faggot’ earlier, a strong empty feeling spread in his now giant bubble butt. “But I am so horny right now. Come here and give me your Monster dick, stallion.”, he whines, causing a chuckle of his boyfriend. “If you insist, my cute little bottom, I am on my way.”, finished Drew and ended the call. Back in their new shared flat, Ryan adjusted his new butt plug in preparation of his boyfriend’s monstercock. While he did that he wondered if the ‘Chronivac - Phone Service’ maybe worked both ways.
  3. In ancient times an Aztec tribe had produced 6 different amulets, that were meant to enhance the masculinity qualities of the one who wears it. The amulets were in use till the Aztec tribe was wiped out by the Spanish conquistadors. But they were lost and had been forgotten for centuries, but now in our times the amulets are showing up again. —————————————————————————————————- Sneaking into a big mansion was always so easy. Normally the really wealthy guys didn’t bother with expensive alarm systems, especially the old ones. Just like the guy, whose mansion was easy prey for Thor. At the age of 85 the man was slowly getting senile, his young wife using his money to party with hot strippers. Thor even knew when she went to which club and what dancers were usually with him. People just tended to overlook him. Which wasn’t a bad thing for a thief, but sometimes it kinda sucked being only 5′4″. Thor brushed those thoughts aside as he typed in the code for deactivating the alert. The soft ping confirmed that the guy’s wife had really told him the real code when he had carried her home one night, after she had drunken far to much. He was simply amazed at the sight of the luxurious interior of the old fart’s mansion. By the time he would be finished here maybe he would buy a house just like this, but that would have to wait. Thor couldn’t help but wonder how the guy had amassed enough money to lead this kind of life as he searched for the really precious stuff. Something about a big construction company stirred in the back of his mind, but was silenced as he opened the winged doors to the exhibition hall. Expensive looking pieces of jewelry laid in glass showcases next to ancient pieces of pottery all with a little sign, which told the reader what object of value they were currently watching at. But despite all of the precious thing he could steal, his gaze was drawn directly towards the pedestal in the middle of the room. Slowly he approached his object of interest and read the sign: “One of the ancient ‘Amulets of Masculinity’, rumored to be one of six, having masculinity-enhancing properties for the wearer, of Aztec origin.” Something in the deepest corner of his mind told him to put the necklace, practically urged him to. And so every other thought was banned from mind as he took the amulet and put it around his neck. When the fastener closed it felt like everything in his life finally clicked into place and he disappeared in a flash. ————————————————————————————————— “Where am I?”, whispered Thor and suddenly random memories started flooding into his mind, mostly from his childhood. Being teased for having such a delicate body and not the muscular frame of his namesake. People expected a towering viking when they heard the name of the Norse thunder god and not the timid figure he was. Just as he tried to fight away this thought’s his smartphone buzzed. A girl named Daphne had texted him: “Hey, sweetheart, I can’t wait to get a taste of your hammer this night again.” “What hammer?”, Thor asked himself and just when the words were spoken, he felt an unfamiliar weight between his legs, which immediately made sure what Daphne was talking about. He knew he should have been freaked out, but oddly he didn’t feel bothered at all. But before he could think about this further the next message buzzed in. This time it came from someone called Kyle. The pic linked to the profile showed the the backside of a rather twinky figure. “Come here stud, my body longs for your muscles.” And once again the text message triggered a change. This time his whole body began to ripple and grow, each heartbeat increasing his muscles’ size and hardness, while thick veins spread all over his body. When the ripples finally stopped, Thor had become exactly what was to be expected from his name. Big round shoulders, long strong biceps and bulging forearms paired with outstanding wide pecs a deeply cut midsection and a massive pair of wheels. He couldn’t quite figure out why he felt kind of stacked. But before he could find out where this feeling came from, two texts popped up on his phone simultaneously. The first one was from a girl named Heather: “Yo are so tall, I never met a guy on whose pecs I could rest my head on while standing.”, having him shoot up to an extraordinary height of 7′. The other one was from a guy named Jonathan. His message read: “I wanna stroke your blonde beard while you fuck me.”, and promptly an itch on his jawline indicated that a well trimmed blonde viking beard had appeared on the new masculinized face. The new Thor walked over to the mirror standing in the corner of his room and admired his improved body. “You have to share the gift of your masculinity with the world.”, suddenly called out a voice in his head. He looked at his smartphone again and decided to give Heather and Daphne a call. He surely would have fun with his new body today.
  4. Damn genie. When I found this ancient book (Yes, it is not a lamp.) and when I opened it, a green skinned boy escaped.But calling him a boy is somewhat an insult, since he is more of a man than I am…I mean was. I was pretty average when I found this book. Just a normal, Asian boy in high school. Average build, average height, average grades. The thing was I had a thing for sports. Football, baseball, basketball, you get what I mean. But since I was totally average, I couldn’t hope to get a place on a any of the teams. It isn’t like I got bulled or so, but I was pretty unnoticeable. So what was the first thing I wished of the small, muscular incredibly hung green skinned man? The thing every guy would wish for,a giant dick. The genie snapped his fingers and *BANG* my dick was no longer the 5″ it had before, but a coke bottle thick 13″ monster, whose hunger I could already feel. But I didn’t want to jack off in front of the genie. So the second wish I had was also a logical consequence. I wished to get to sleep with every person I wanted. When the genie snapped his fingers this time, it wasn’t a *BANG*, but more like a feeling of confidence, that spread form my groin. I knew, that every person I desired would now be more than willing to become a willing orifice for my new monster. So now my sexual fantasies were fulfilled and I turned to my passion. “I wish I would excel at sport.” With a slight sneer the genie snapped his fingers a third time and told me with a deep voice: “Since you wished to excel at sport and not sports, I twisted your wish a little. You will be the world’s best athlete at the first sport you see, runt.” And with this words, without even letting me say my objections or complaints, he dissolved into smoke, retracted into the book and simply vanished as if he never had been there. Still a little confused, I sat down on my bed. And then my brother Evan came in. You know, we shared the same room and it was mostly okay, but that day I had come home from school earlier than expected. So when my brother entered the room, wanting to relieve some pressure (If you know what I mean.), he looked as surprised. But the worst thing was the object he had under his arm: a bodybuilding magazine. In this moment the words of the genie echoed through my mind: “ You will be the world’s best athlete at the first sport you see.” And then there was the *BANG*. —————————————————————————————————- “Sorry, Dave, I didn’t want to interrupt your posing routine”, he said, holding the magazine in front of his tented shorts. That’s when I saw myself in the mirror. I only wore a pair of tiny posers to hold back my manhood, muscles bulging all over my body. Enormous traps, that swallowed my entire neck, shoulder wider than most wardrobes, giant arms, easily bigger than my or Evan’s head, and… I think you get what I mean. Then I saw the second greatest surprise: The person on the cover of Evan’s magazine was no other than me. “I guess you must be busy, having that big competition this weekend, right?”, Evan joked, laughing embarrassed and blushing bright red. “Yeah.”, I answered, my mind now entirely blown by my foghorn like voice. And then the biggest embarrassment this day happened. A wet spot spread from my brother’s groin. He had just shot a load. Now almost crying with shame, Evan ran out of the room, locking himself up in the bathroom. —————————————————————————————————- About a week later I’ve worked out how this world works. It seems like I am the number one in the worldwide bodybuilding community at an age of only 18, just like genie had promised. I had been thrown out of school, since my humongous muscles distracted the other students to much and my voice in addition with it made everyone spew a load right away. Competitions aren’t fun either, since I always win them, thanks to my stupid wish. Though I have to say genie took my second wish pretty literally. For example, when I watched “Ted” on Friday and thought how hot Mila Kunis was, there was a ring at the door and much to my surprise I found Mila Kunis standing outside when I opened the door. Needless to say we fuck like rabbits all night and she is now pretty much far too stretched to ever receive pleasure, getting fucked by someone else than me. But the best thing is, that I make tons of money now. Not only through the price money from the bodybuilding competitions but through a you could say side job as well. Porn industry pays me well for the videos of me fucking all the celebs I get. The video with Jennifer Lawrence was a hit, but my most successful film features me and Liam Hemsworth.
  5. Charles was on his way home from a long holiday. It had been a real fun trip, especially with the new program on his phone. It was called “Chronivac: Desire Version” and had a very interesting function. After scanning for a certain amount of time, the user could transform into the ideal partner for the scanned person. Charles had had lots fun with the app, scoring with every chick he could find, it had really been an intense week. So he was all to happy to find out that his seat neighbor in the plane was a beautiful 20-something girl, with long brown locks and a perfect hourglass figure. “Hello.”, he greeted her, for the moment in his old body, that of a skinny pimple faced nerd. He sat next to her and decided to start the app, maybe he would get to fuck her on the toilet later. Suddenly his other seat neighbor, a pretty well built middleaged guy in business clothes appeared and sat next to him. “Hello.”, the businessman said in a deep voice. —————————————————————————————————- 10 minutes later the plane had taken off and Charles felt his phone vibrate, indicating hat the scanning process was finished. He excused himself and went to the board toilet. He opened the app and without looking over the stats in the app again, he hit the ‘Enter’ button. There was a blinding flash and gone was the nerdy old Charles. In his place now stood Chad, a male fitness model who had been in this land for a photo shoot. Or at least everyone remembered it like this now, except for Charles, who was well aware of the changes that happened. He checked his new body out and was pleased with the results. He lifted his shirt and admired the cut sixpack and firm pecs that laid underneath. He took a photo of himself and continued to check himself out. His muscular arms and broad shoulders threatened to rip the plain black t-shirt any second. His thighs were hidden by a pair of short sweatpants, but a short flex confirmed that his legs were just as built as his upper body. Chad also noticed that his pants were stretched at the back by a big, bouncy bubblebutt. He looked at his face in the mirror and was taken aback by his face, that oozed masculinity despite his pretty boy looks. It was accentuated by a mop of unruly brown hair, that he now remembered spending half an hour each morning styling. The only thing that bothered him a bit was that he couldn’t feel the weight of a big set of genitals dragging the front of his pants down. ‘Maybe she isn’t so keen on bull dicks.’, Chad thought, remembering the perfect results, the app had brought forth in the past week. “Let’s reap the fruits of my labor.”, Chad said and left the toilet. —————————————————————————————————- As he sat down again, followed by the gazes of every woman on board, he was greeted by the voice of the businessman saying: “Hey, babe.” ‘Wait? Babe?’, Chad thought and new memories of being a bottom for his horsehung manager and husband. “I think I need you baby.”, Chad whispered into the ear of Luke, feeling an emptiness in his ass and groping the man’s prominent bulge to underline his point.
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