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  1. Ophiucus Meets Alabaster

    Author's note: Hello everyone. First story on here. I was reading about the 13th zodiac symbol, Ophiucus "the serpent-bearer", and thinking about what a perfect overwrought-fantasy smut name it is. A couple hours later I had written this, and figured I might as well share. Enjoy I was sitting on the front porch of my cabin when he entered the clearing. Fuck me, he was a sight. I hadn't hiked into town in a few weeks and this beautiful specimen was just what I needed. A pale, shirtless giant of a man. He was tall, probably 6'7", broad-shouldered and narrow-waisted. The kind of big-boned guy where his abs seem to suck in under his huge ribcage. His white-blond hair was cropped short, and ice blue eyes regarded me with a familiar hunger as he approached me. He wasn't hugely muscled, but had perfect proportions and was completely shredded. I admired the way he rippled as he walked, his muscles bunching and flexing under his skin as his set his pack down on the porch. His dark shorts hung loosely on his hips and no doubt would have trouble staying up if not for a lifter's ass that I knew would accompany his strong legs. I stood to greet him and extended a hand. He smiled dazzlingly to shake, offering a cheesy "Mr. Ophiucus, I presume?" His grip was politely firm, and I could feel the telltale callouses of a man who wasn't afraid of the gym. Striations appeared on his delts and pecs as he pumped my hand. Up close I could see his bare torso was hairless and glistening with the slightest sweat. I had a feeling he knew why I was out here, why I valued my privacy, but he was pressing all my buttons. Fuck, why not let myself have a bit of fun. "I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. I don't get much company out here. What brings you to my humble abode?" "Alabaster. Nice to meet you. Call me Al. I've spent the last few months looking for you, Ophiucus, and well, I assume you know why any man would want to track you down. I must say you're much better looking than I'd hoped." It's true, when I first started using my abilities, there had been no shortage of takers. I couldn't help but flex my 19" arms a bit as his gaze travelled over my torso. I was shorter than Al at 6' even, but I'd worked hard to build this body, and even though my abilities didn't work on myself like they did for other men, I hadn't aged since my mid-twenties and my hard-earned physique never deteriorated from the peak condition of my bodybuilding years. His eyes meandered from my scruffy, handsome face over my thick, lightly furred pecs, down the central groove of eight abs on a 30" waist, down my adonis belt to hover over the obvious bulge in the sweatpants that were my morning attire. I imagined his pale skin against my sun-kissed natural olive and the beast stirred a bit. Al involuntarily licked his lips before snapping up to meet my gaze again, blushing and bringing out his razor-sharp cheekbones even more. Fuck he was a pretty one. "Al, please, come inside. We should talk a bit." We headed into the cabin and settled onto the sturdy sofa. "Well Al, what do you know?" His eyes brightened as he told my tale. "Thirty years ago, you just appeared. You're like a sex god or a superhero something, and nobody knows where you came from. You were given the name Ophiucus and fucked your way through the gay world. Your bodily fluids enhance men, making them bigger, stronger, and more virile. You were on top of the world. Until, they say, it became too much. Men were getting demanding, acting entitled to your gifts, so you left. You disappeared overnight on the anniversary of your appearance." He grew bolder, leaning forward. "The town nearby has an unusual number of very physically endowed men, and nobody there will say how they got that way. I had to seduce the grocer's son to get him to tell me about your visits to town, paying for supplies with your gifts and swearing everyone to secrecy." I frowned. "Don't blame him," said Al. "I was very persuasive." He began rubbing my thigh. "I grew up hearing about you, obsessing over the famous Ophiucus, hoping to meet you. You were just the first, you know, of the people with gifts. Although none have been as dramatic as yours." I had heard of others, men and women with inhuman, seemingly magical abilities. Mostly they went about their lives not making a big deal out of it. To be fair, most gifts weren't as fun as mine. Al continued: "After I realized I was like you, I spent months tracking you down. I would like to ask for your blessings, but just meeting you has been an honor. You inspired me to build myself up, to use my gifts for others, and I wanted to thank you in person. Being rock-hard to the point of near-invincibility has allowed me to help so many people, getting strong has helped even more." His giant hand was running up and down my thigh, stroking near my growing bulge, squeezing the thick muscle of my quads. As I felt my hard muscles dent under his grip I began to truly appreciate his moniker. "You're a legend out there, and the pictures don't do you justice." "FIrst, I accept your thanks and I will help you. Hell, I'll have fun doing it too. You're beautiful like you are now, and I want you to know that." He blushed again and smiled, but only nodded, clearly excited about what was to come. He was rock hard in his shorts now and looked to have a healthy endowment. "Second, the changes are permanent. There's no going back. Do you understand?" He nodded. "Third, I don't control the limit. Everyone has a maximum, and I can help you get to yours, but you need to accept that it might not be what you imagined. Can you live with that?" Al looked at me with hunger. He grabbed my arm with one hand and placed the other behind my neck, staring deeply into my dark brown eyes. His voice was completely serious. "It's a hope and a dream, but I'm an adult and I know fantasies don't alway come true. That one at least. But if the process of trying is as much fun as I think it's going to be, I won't be dissapointed." Then he pulled me in for a kiss. His lips were warm and smooth and firm. Fuck, it had been awhile. I leaned in, then lifted up and straddled his big torso, enjoying the hard body underneath me. I wondered how far the gift would take him. I ran my hands over his gorgeous chest as he felt up my hard arms and snaked his tongue into my mouth. I felt a surge of power as the gift began its work, sucking his tongue in and caressing it with my own. He moaned into my mouth as his body reacted, growing harder, the fire racing into his core and all his muscles gaining an instant pump. I squeezed his thin waist with my thick thighs and felt the muscles twist and strain as he embraced me, picking me up as he leaned forward and stood. He broke our kiss as he turned and set me on the couch, kissing his way down my torso, tonguing my abs and working down to my waist. His lips brushed my adonis belt as he grabbed my sweatpants and shimmied them down over my thick quads, admiring the strong calves and even kissing my feet a bit as he undressed me. My thick cock, already half hard and past the 10" mark, swelled across my right quad with the attention he was giving my body. This guy loved muscle, and I had plenty to give him. Al quickly shucked his own clothes and towered before me, pale and ripped and gleaming. His own considerable cock was 9" and dripping precum as his eyes wandered my sun-kissed body. I placed my hands behind my head and leaned back, letting my biceps bulge into gorgeous split peaks and shifting my eyes from my arms to Al and back. He got the message and dove in, kneeling over my legs and bending his long torso down, gently licking and kissing my bulging left lat, up through my armpit and working up past the triceps and over to my bulging bicep. Our lips met on my arm as we indulged in a three-way kiss: Al, me, and my straining 19" bicep. My short scruff and his smooth lips clashed on my peaks. My tongue darted out to meet his, reactivating the magic and sending waves of power into his body. Al sighed longingly as his body hardened and bulged yet again. His 16" arms were looking more like 17" now. His abs had taken on a deeper groove. His now 25" thighs gripped me tightly. Al reared up and flexed in ecstasy at his latest improvements. He sat his hard ass on my lap and I felt developed squatter's glutes dig into my thighs as he crunched a most muscular in my face. We were in mutual muscle heaven. I began gently licking his big square pecs, each brush bringing new muscle blossoming into being. The cleavage between them deepened as his pale pink nipples turned downward. When I was done with him he'd never see them again without a mirror. Al grunted and tightened the pose as the growth spread from the point of contact, every muscle bulging a little more as his pecs bulged under my administrations. A narrow groove separated the upper and lower pectorals as they took on a heavy, squared off shape, bulging from collarbone to the sharp swoop back to his ribs. I worked my way up to his shoulders feeling up his rock hard, expanding legs as I switched back and forth between striated deltoids. Al started groping my pecs and biceps and grinding his fat cock against my abs as his shoulders broadened and hardened, each head distinctly bulging now even when relaxed. I felt up his legs on either side of my own and enjoyed the growing muscular feast in front me. He completely coated my abs in precum as his fantasies about my famous body came true. Each of Al's shoulders jutted from his skeleton by inches, getting truly massive to match his fat pecs. My cock was now a fully hard 12" under his expanding ass, snaking past his tailbone and receiving the benefits of his thrusting against my abs. His athlete's body was becoming a true bodybuilder. Al threw his head back and placed an arm on either side of my head, enveloping me in his growing body. His neck widened and his thickening traps bulged as he panted and thrusted against me. His left arm grabbed my head and thrust me toward his right bicep, where I happily obliged, kissing and licking, biting gently as the muscle erupted under my lips. The triceps hung lower as the split peak of his bicep grew from graceful bulge to hard ball reaching longingly toward his clenched fist. Al rotated his forearm to flex the muscle under my mouth, pressing me into it harder with his other hand. After a few minutes and a few inches the left arm had a turn and the 20" right arm was the one gripping my neck, massaging my traps as I worshipped this pale god's growing body. Al met me there and we recreated the three-way muscle kiss. Our tongues touching sent another wave of full-body growth and he spurted a sticky glob of precum onto my stomach. His forearms hadn't lagged behind and the veined, rippling meat undulated as he clenched and unclenched his fist, pumping his arms up as the growth poured into him. The balled-up biceps looked like they were ready to burst his straining skin as we panted in mutual admiration. Once his enormous arms attained a beautiful 22" symmetry, we instictively changed positions. Al stood up and pushed my legs apart, then got on his knees on the rug in front of me with his back turned. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around him, feeling up his newly enlarged pecs. I tweaked his nipples and began nuzzling his hair, breathing heavily into his ears. His enourmous melon-sized shoulders rippled with every movement. I began kissing the back of his neck as he shuddered. His traps responded beautifully, mounding up a little more each time he flexed them for me. Each unflexing left the traps as large as they were before the flex, the traps mounding up toward his ears in freakish hills, bowing out from strong neck to freakish shoulders into convex muscular monstrosities. The ridge between his traps deepened down his back until it was a valley of cleavage deep enough to lose a finger in. Nobody had ever responded this well to my gift, and I was going to enjoy seeing how far Al was willing to go, to grow into one of the biggest men alive. I leaned back to admire my work and he obliged me with graceful flex, rolling his huge shoulders and making the traps erupt with power. I moved to massage his traps and neck, running my hands across our creation. His neck was wider than his head now. He reached for my hands and brought them to his throat, where a few twists of his head brought his thick sternocleidomastoids into sharp relief under my fingertips. "Shit" I muttered. He responded by bringing my left hand to his mouth and sucking on the forefinger gently, guiding my other right hand down over his massive pecs and pressing his back into my own thick chest. He practically purred as my chest hair scratched against his broad lats. The secondary growth had spread to the parts I hadn't directly affected, and the thickened muscles flexed against me as I scooted forward off the couch and straddled his knees on the floor with my own. I humped my fat cock along the deepening ridge of his back. My precum smeared on his body and his back responded accordingly. The teres rippled with growth and his lats began creeping out. His thick arms were being pushed out by the v-shape turning convex. Al writhed and flexed. His hand released mine. I brought my hands back from over his shoulders and began to massage Al's growing lats. He got the hint and stood up, towering over me once again as his pale back filled my vision. I worshipped his back lovingly, exploring the spinal erectors and lats as his back exploded in a new wave of growth from my attentions. His 23" arms would have a hard time going below 30 degrees now. I lowered down to my hands and knees and got to work on his calves. The split head bulged from his leg sharply, jutting inches up and out. Each lick and kiss brought more and more muscle into being. Al pointed his feet and flexed them for me, alternating legs until his calves exceeded even his monstrous upper arms as my magic worked them into 25" freakish mushrooms of meat. Even at his height they were monstrous, bigger around than they were long. Al's calves were as big as a big man's thighs, over two feet around of rock hard striated flesh. Satisfied for the moment with the freakish calves, I lavished his hamstrings next. I could hear Al panting, his huge arms lifting with each breath as his bulging lats forced them further and further out. His hamstrings grew and flexed and grew some more under my attentions, pressing into my face as my scruff scratched gently over his straining legs. His thick squatter's thighs had to be in the mid-30's by now, and growing steadily. I reached around and felt the teardrop quads overflowing his knees. I grabbed globs of the precum burbling out of my dick slit in a steady stream and smeared it onto his quads. They responded by fucking erupting. His legs abruptly shifted apart as his stance was permanently changed for the wider. I felt carefully from behind, groping around his huge thighs a I continued to bury my face in his grotesque hamstrings. I got a good streak of precum on his sartorius and felt the sash of muscle across his quads thicken into a bulging rope of muscle Al reached back and gripped his thick ass, his arms having trouble as his expanding lats forced them apart. "Please," he whispered, guiding me to his ass. "Please." He was in muscle euphoria, barely able to speak. I dove into his ass, licking and kissing across the giant, striated cheeks, tonguing his hole deep, nibbling on the expanding hard flesh and tight, muscular sphincter. His ass was everything a muscle enthusiast could want, the pale cheeks involuntarily flexing against my face as I drove him wild. He collapsed onto his hands and knees, ass in the air. He was huge, closer to 400 than 300 pounds by now. From between his wide-spread 37" thighs I could see inches thick pecs pressing into the floor. His dick was over 11" now and drooling precum on the floor. I scooted over to him and slicked my dick up with my ample precum. Time for the main event. His muscular ass had to relax before I could penetrate. Al psyched himself up for the huge intruder, grinding his big glutes along my shaft a bit before lining up and pushing back against me. My fat cockhead pushed in, ever-so-slowly sliding though the muscular tunnel and spurting precum the whole way, until with a pop I was past his sphincter. I was leaking precum continuously, lubing him up to take my monster and growing his freakish muscles. He pressed his arms against the floor and lowered his chest, pushing his huge torso back to fuck himself on my fat cock. Fuck, his arms looked like 26" now. The triceps never looked relaxed, huge horseshoes straining as his biceps bulged against the sickeningly thick forearms. His huge back was an obscene ocean of pale flesh. His traps were so thick they bulged out from the bottom of his hairline to his upper back with an inches-thick furrow between them. After a few minutes of careful pushing, I felt his thick glutes finally press against my hips. His sphincter squeezed the base of my shaft reassuringly as he scooted back and forth an inch or so to get used to the monster inside him. I reached out and gripped the edges his lats. Even bulging so far from his torso, they were inhumanly thick. I held on tight and began to slowly thrust. In and out, faster and faster. He wimpered as the growth worked its way out from his core, distributed evenly and pumping his insane body up even more. "Fuck," he said between grunts. "Fuck yes. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck!" And I did. I plowed him harder, pulling back until just the fat head of my footlong cock pulled against his sphincher, then thrusting in again. Harder. Faster. I battered his prostate and stretched his tight, muscular hole as his body grew beneath me. My orgasm was building as my gigantic partner strained and pushed against me, his huge ass and hard thighs meeting my thrusts. I was just about to blow when he abruptly stopped. "Everything ok?" I asked. "Better than ok," he said. "But I need a change of scenery." He pulled himself off my cock, tenderly lifting his hole up the shaft until finally the fat, dripping head plopped free. Al stood up and turned around. I gasped. I hadn't seen his front in several minutes. His chest was beatiful, with a hand-deep valley running from top to bottom. His abs had hardened up into a brutal 10-pack, leading down to an almost sickening adonis belt. The bands bulged and writhed as his now foot-long cock bounced in front of him. It was as long as mine now, and even thicker. Al moved forward and manhandled me, laying me on my back with my arms over my head. One of his strong hands was enough to hold both of mine down as he positioned himself squatting over me. Then he reached down and guided my cock back to his hole as his knees stretched wide enough to keep his huge thighs from crushing me outright. His bicep and pec clashed as he lined up my cock and began fucking himself on me once again. Fuck me. His waist was still relatively narrow, but the bulging lats and bowling ball shoulders made it look tiny. His thighs were each coming to rival my thick chest. The pale behemoth began posing over me and massaging my body with his strong hands. He brought his 28" bicep up and kissed it, massaging my pecs with his other hand. He was in muscle heaven as he rode my thick cock and felt my hard body and his own gargantuan growing physique. As he groped me his pecs his biceps and pecs fought for room. He placed his bunched fists on his hips for a lat spread and his grotesque back muscles reached almost out to his elbows. He transitioned into a most muscular that redefined the words. His pecs bulged up and bumped into his chin while his freakish traps actually pushed his earlobes up. All the while his huge thighs pumped away, fucking my dick with his ass. "You're so fucking hot. Ah fuck your cock feels like it's splitting me open and I just want more. More!" He planted his left hand on the floor next to my head and groped my thick pecs with the right. I flexed for him and he groaned appreciatively, squeezing and pawing hungrily. I groped his thick arms, his biceps and triceps exploding from forearm to shoulder. His forearms were bigger than my 19" upper arms now, and covered with rippling fibers and veins. He rode me hard and I thrusted up to meet him, our sweat-slicked bodies making a meaty cacophony as we slammed together. I couldn't take it anymore. I erupted inside him, shooting rope after rope of hot cum into his hungry hole and sending him higher into ecstasy. His growth increased even more and his own orgasm came like a volcano. His cock blasted shot after shot, each one an even larger load than the last. Thick splattering noises filled the room for over a minute as his 14" cock blasted the huge overhang of his pecs with cum and it rained down onto my body beneath. I basked in the afterglow as his bulk collapsed onto me. Al's chest heaved as he caught his breath, rubbing the sweaty meat of his pecs on my face. His growth seemed to finally subside as the last of my cum worked its magic. I was still rock hard as we collected ourselves and he stood, sliding off my cock and coming to his full height. He was slightly shorter than his full 6'7" now as his legs had to be spread so wide. His 30" arms were resting at a 45 degree angle from vertical. His 84" chest flowed down to a ripped 32" waist. His body flared out again as his huge ass and 45" quads asserted themselves. His thick-jointed knees looked delicately small between those overhanging teardrops and the 31" calves that exploded outward in a bloated diamond. His alread single-digit bodyfat was now stretched over at least 200 pounds more muscle. His 14" monster cock was also still erect and thick as my wrist. Huge bull balls hung in his scrotum, pushed forward by his thighs. Al rubbed his hands indredulously over his awesome bulk, his muscles colliding as he bent and flexed. His pecs blocked his abs from his view and as he felt his ripped stomach his biceps and pecs fought for space and his lats prevented his elbows from coming too low. I stood in front of him and joined in the admiration. I ran my hands over the hard bulges of his serratus muscles and down his trim waist. His core was constantly tensing and flexing to keep his ponderous upper half upright. "Shit," I said. "Nobody's ever taken to it like this. You're amazing! Fuck!" "This is everything I ever dreamed of and more," Al said. He grabbed me by the hips and lifted me up to his level. I leaned forward over his pec shelf to kiss him deeply. We remained like that for a few minutes, two lovers enjoying the euphoric afterglow of a truly glorious fuck. His enormous arms showed no sign of tiring by the time he put me down. "How can I possibly thank you enough for all this?" He emphasized what 'this' was by bringing his arms up in an impossible double biceps pose. The huge peaks fought for space with his forearms and he absent-mindedly opened his fists and began stroking the cephalic veins with his fingers. I wrapped both hands around his cock and stroked the still-slick shaft. "I'm sure can think of a way."
  2. grUV

    So, this is my very first story. Thought I'd crack one out, while I'm waiting for my new job to start. Strangely it's more cock growth orientated than muscle growth, as muscle-growth was my original fetish. But there is muscle growth, and should it be worth continuing, there will be plenty more! So, please give constructive criticism and/or praise. Mainly praise. Basically just tell me it's awesome. But honestly, any feedback is appreciated, and should I have enough interest and then time, I may try to continue it. Title may be confusing: grUV - pronounced "groovy". Short for growth: ultra-violet. Which is a teaser for the basis of the growth. But enough waffle, here is: Chapter 1 Wow. What a night. I awoke with a slow grogginess that so often accompanies a night out clubbing down the bay with Dave. Thankfully we don’t have far to walk back, as he has a boat out in the harbour, docked out at sea. Nevertheless, the fact you have to use one of the numerous row boats to row out to it is always hilarious, especially when you’re as drunk as we were. “Ok?” What. I stared blankly, my eyes trying to focus, and take in what had awoken me. “I said, I’m rowing back into harbour to get some food for us all from town.” “Us all?” I croaked back. “Yeah, you, me and Brad.” “Brad?” “That guy I tried to introduce you to at the club. I’ve always said he can crash on the boat if he doesn’t feel like getting the last train back to his place. Looks like he took me up on my offer again, and rowed himself over at some point last night.” Dave explained. I had a vague memory of the cabin door banging open, and waking me in the middle of the night, and seeing a silhouette of a man, as he flopped onto some cushioning on the other side. I couldn’t remember meeting anyone specific at the club, we talked to a lot of people, and all I saw last night was a biggish shadow fall onto the bed near me, I couldn’t make out any discernible features. Nevertheless, I was in no mood to push for details, so simply responded with, “Cool”. “Yeah. He’s already up and gone for a swim. Maniac. Anyway, I’ll be quick as I can, but be nice. You were definitely too out of it to properly get to know him last night.” With that Dave went to the stern and hopped overboard into one of the two rowboats tied to his boat. I lay a while longer, grabbed a bottle of water, did a few stretches, and after a few minutes, felt well enough to venture out of the cabin and into the summer sun. I was just wearing underwear and shorts from last night, so I felt the heat of the sun immediately on my body. It was nice, but blinding. When my eyes adjusted, I looked out to the water, and caught sight of what must’ve been Brad swimming pretty fast back and forth. I took a seat at the starboard side of the bow, so I could face out to sea and watch him. After a few minutes he paused, and looked over to the boat. I gave a very unenergetic wave, but he responded, and began to make his way over to the boat. He heaved himself up onto the boat and for the first time I got a good look at him. The size of the shadow I glimpsed last night did not do him justice. The water trailed off his traps as his torso rose ever higher as he hauled himself up. He gripped the railings harder and pushed himself up, two triceps exploding to life as he did. He then swung a massive leg over the railing, and it landed with a heavy splash on the decking. He flashed me a smile as he began pulling himself to his full height. He had short dark hair which flowed beautifully into full stubble that lined his masculine jaw. His skin was a glowing olive, all of which offset a pair of blue eyes that sparkled like the sea that was still dripping off him. I watched a drop slowly begin descending from his neck. It travelled down the valley between two meaty pecs, and I continued to follow it as it meandered between his six abs. As it fell further, my eyes landed on his crotch. He was wearing just a red speedo. It was dark but shiny from having just been in the water. It looked a size too big for him, being quite wrinkly rather than hanging tightly on him. I assumed he was a bit of a modest fellow who didn’t want to draw attention, or maybe he lost weight recently. But I couldn’t dwell on my thoughts much longer, as he was standing fully upright now, had turned to face me, and said “Hey Stranger, the name’s Brad!”. I introduced myself and gestured for him to sit down just across from me on the other side of the bow. This gave me a great view of him as he sat down opposite me. He leant back against the railing, lying at almost 45˚, exposing his muscular torso to the sun. He brought up his left leg onto the cushioning and leaned his left elbow on it as he supported his head, commenting on how he was still feeling the effects of last night’s drinks. His bicep flexed and bounced up and down as he rubbed his head. His arms were huge, certainly the biggest I had seen up this close, I reckoned at least 18 inches. I empathised with his hangover, and we spoke about what we did remember from last night. He was quite a talker, but I was happy to listen. His pecs heaved when he laughed about the antics he got up to. The drips highlighted how defined and cut he was. I felt I was staring for ages. It must’ve been a while, because the sea water was beginning to dry, and left his body literally glinting in the sun. His speedos were also beginning to look lighter in colour, and I noticed also less loose. This caught my attention, but I wanted to be subtle. I kept directing open questions to him, and only answering with a yes or no to him, so he was soon lost in his stories again. I stole glances down every time he looked away, or closed his eyes to try and remember details of his night. I was right, his cock was definitely growing down there. The wrinkles of the suit began to disappear as a bulge began to form at his crotch. I could begin to see the shape of his dick as it slowly lengthened and filled the speedo out more. It also looked like his balls were expanding too, as the material of lower part also straightened out. As he rambled on, he continued to get bigger down there. His cock was lengthening and thickening; but now with the suit clinging relatively tightly to his new size, the material stopped any further advancement forward. I swear I could see the bulge kink and bend round as it still tried to thicken. This is when it suddenly dawned on me that he wasn’t getting hard. I theorised his genitals must have shrunk down a lot from his swim in the cold morning water. And now he was just warming up to his natural impressive size. However, the misshapen slowly growing bulge looked uncomfortable; and it must’ve been, as while he was still talking, he very nonchalantly pulled the waistband away from his body and bucked his hips. His cock lurched forward and down as it unfolded and grew into the new available space. As he let the speedo snap back onto his body, it now hugged a very impressive round sexy bulge, perfectly filling the perfectly-sized tight red suit. I figured he must be a healthy 5 to 6 inches soft, and pretty thick. Which was quite a pleasant unexpected growth from the initial practically non-existent bulge from his chilly willy I first saw. I was sure this was the case; nevertheless, I decided to test my theory. “How was the water?” I interjected when he finally wrapped up his current saga. “Not gonna lie mate, it was pretty nippy. Sun’s barely had time to warm it at all. Although an ice-cold blast does wonders for the hangover.” He replied. Well the sun had had time to dry him up nicely, and was now reflecting off the salt crystals peppering his chiselled torso. He was a sight to behold, and now that his crotch had stopped growing, I was finally appreciating the rest of him. And there were a lot of bulges to appreciate as they rippled from time to time soaking up the sun. “Why, you thinking of going for a dip?” He said as he stood up to get a bottle of water from the cooler Dave had on board. I watched as he rose to his 6’2” height. Turning sideways to walk across in front of me, I saw his big ass and quads tighten and marvelled as the big red bulge jiggled as he stepped. In profile it was clear just how sexily prominent his bulge was, its heft tugging on the material, showing it was in control, not the other way around. As he spun round to return to his seating position, again with one leg up, giving the bulge breathing space, I finally responded, “Perhaps I will in a bit. As you say, it might help with the headache”. “You a strong swimmer?” He continued. “Yeah, actually, in fact I was captain of my school’s swim team.” I said. “No way! Me too! Well when it wasn’t rugby season.” He replied. We began to converse about our various sporting endeavours at school. The conversation being much more two-way now that I wasn’t trying to ogle him. That being said, after several minutes, I did steal a glance down again. Seeing as he was almost displaying his bulge in that open position, it might seem weird if I keep avoiding it. My eyes quickly flicked back up to his, as I responded to his latest inquiry about which athletic events I preferred. My mouth ran off some generic answers, as my brain was pondering once again whether his speedo package was looking larger than before. I began stealing more regular glances. It was hard to tell. But when he went for a swig of water, tilting his head back, I decided to grab a longer look. I watched, it was hard to discern, but I swear I watched the whole round bulge slowly push the speedo further out as it enlarged. His head came back down, and I made sure to meet his gaze as he let out a refreshing sigh. Now, that I was curious again, I resorted to my initial tactic of getting him monologuing, so I could keep tabs on what appeared to be an ever-growing package. As he answered my barrage of questions, I was able to keep peaking down at his red speedo. I couldn’t stare long enough to visibly see any growth in action, but evidence came in another form. I started to note that wrinkles were beginning to reappear in the suit. Whereas before, the wrinkles suggested a speedo too large for him, these taut lines represented quite the opposite. Initially it was just two. Two lines stretching from each side of the suit to the middle, fading as they reached the flesh-filled pouch. However, with each glance, more wrinkle lines would appear. Four. Six. As the round bulge swelled bigger and pushed forward they continued to appear. Eight. Ten. Twelve! Again, as I was only glancing briefly, I could not see the growth, but on my most recent peek, I clocked that his bulge was almost in line with the end of the cushion now. There were soon too many wrinkles to count, and I noted that there didn’t seem to be any more room for more to form. Additionally, more of his legs were being exposed at the sides, as all the material was being pulled forward by the expanding bulge. He certainly seemed oblivious to all this going on, still chatting away about how much harder it is to play team sports outside of education. I didn’t know how much longer he couldn’t notice for though, the speedo seemed stretched to the limit. Then I heard it. It was hard to make out, as big Brad was still nattering on, but I heard what sounded like finger being dragged along the surface of an inflated balloon. I knew it must have been the fabric of the speedo straining after even more growth from his monstrous package. My theory was confirmed when my next cheeky glance down revealed that a space had been created above his muscular thighs where the material was now lifting away, pulled by what had to be about 9 inches of thick cock. I returned my attention back to Brad, had he not heard it? Apparently not, as he was still mid-sentence and continuing on like nothing happened. However, a few seconds later, I heard it again; and more prominently, as it fell between two words Brad was uttering. Brad continued speaking, but I saw a flash of shock appear in his eyes, and while talking he finally brought his leg down, and leant forward, trying to obscure my view of his bigger bulge. It worked briefly, my attention was now on his hefty pecs, making a muscular cleavage in this new hunched position, but I looked down again, and could still make out the bulge, which was now in line with end of the cushion on which he sat. Brad’s sudden fear and shift in posture must have meant he was aware of what was happening. I looked back into his eyes, waiting to see if he was going to acknowledge this weird occurrence. But he continued his story, finally finishing with a question to me. “Umm,” I murmured, then paused while I tried to actually think of what he had just asked me. But in that silence, the sound of the speedo stretching happened again. With no voice to mask it, it was clear, to us both, what had just happened. I looked to him, and we shared an intense eye contact, still in silence, still gazing into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, a huge, loud and long, fabric-wrenching sound was emitted from his crotch as the speedo strained ever further. I couldn’t help but stare down, as I was now able to clearly see the dreamy round bulge surge forth and begin to overhang the seat. It was growing so big, stretching the speedo, making it paler in colour. “Umm,” I began again, “Are you okay?” I naively asked. Brad slowly and simply leant back against the railings, and spread his legs, allowing me a full unobstructed view of his almighty size. He then grew again. I was unabashedly ogling his growing crotch. The sight, coupled with the sound of the fabric slowly losing its fight to his beastly dick, was such a turn on. “Yeah, I’m very okay.” He replied, almost laughing “You okay?”. I leant back too, “Yeah, maybe too okay!” I joked as my new posture revealed my tenting shorts. Brad laughed. “I wish I had known you were gay, I wouldn’t have been holding back otherwise!” His words were followed by three short bursts of rubbery stretching sounds as the tip of his bulge juddered bit by bit closer to the ground. “Holding back?” I questioned, “Wait, you’re not getting hard right now?” Brad laughed again. “Does this look hard to you?” He said cupping his giant package with his right hand. The round shape and way the bulge moved as its huge size overflowed his hand told me he was indeed still soft. “N.. No.” I stammered, “Bu…but, how?”. “Well, I’m guessing Dave’s suncream isn’t as water resistant as it claimed.” I stared blankly. Brad continued to explain further. “It seems when my body soaks up the sun and makes vitamin D, well, it really makes vitamin D.” His emphasis on the ‘D’ was complimented by another audible strain from his speedo, as his cock probably entered double figures in length. “Basically, when UV light hits my skin, it seems to make another hormone, as well as vitamin D, that goes to my dick and starts to make it grow. My balls too. The more light, the stronger the sun, the more skin exposed, the faster it happens. So, on a summery day like today, when I’m wearing only this, and haven’t got any protection on, well…” He trailed off, gesturing towards the now pinkish tight speedo barely containing an ever growing mass of meat. It grew again, this time the straining noise sounded a little different, almost as though a few of the fabric’s threads were beginning to snap. The change in tone made the tent in my lap bob a little higher. Brad smirked as he saw my cock trying to grow like his, but failing. He adjusted his position, rocking his hips slightly, and I gazed in awe, as the huge soft bulge continued to jiggle for a couple of seconds, which then reminded me, “Wait, you said you were holding back? …What did you mean by that?” “Yeah, you’re cute. I was trying to not get turned on. But seeing as you like…” He paused, and I heard a similar sound to the one just before, as I saw his cock jump a little, “perhaps I should stop resisting”. Suddenly a big straining sound was emitted, accompanied by some definite tearing sounds, as I saw a hardening cock shape surge forth. I could make out the outline of what was cock and what was balls now. Both hugely impressive sizes. Brad grunted and bucked his hips, and I could see the difference the erection was making to his genital growth. His cock was growing far faster than his balls as he got harder. The thick rod was pressed up against the ever-thinning material, so tight that I could make out the patterns of the veins on his dick. Especially as they continued to grow from both his arousal and his unique UV-absorbing condition. Brad moaned as another bout of rubbery straining and ripping sounds emanated from his crotch as the cock tried to lift away from his body as he got even harder. It was beginning to throb, and each pulse was accompanied by a ripping sound. I watched in lustful amazement as I saw holes beginning to appear in the speedo to the left and right of this mountainous bulge. Numerous ripping sounds continued as those strained wrinkle lines tore open into holes, allowing the speedo more slack. But it still wasn’t enough, as Brad’s cock quickly grew to fill the extra room. He was getting so big and hard, it looked around 14”. I could see most of it, as the base was exposed as his cockhead had pulled the waistband well away, and the speedo was more holes than material now. It was throbbing fast, and seemed to struggle to make that final growth it needed to burst free. Brad put both hands on the railings behind him, closed his eyes, leaned his head overboard, and then thrust. I watched as the base of his cock thickened substantially, the swelling then spread in a wave up his shaft, finally reaching his tip, which thickened too, adding that little bit of length so that a huge pop was heard as the speedo disintegrated into shreds, and a huge thick cock slapped up against his quivering abs. Brad was breathing fast, and I was dripping pre, having watched that sexy spectacle. But it wasn’t over. In fact, I guess even more skin was exposed now to the sunlight, which would only increase his growth. His cock pointed straight up and was thick and rigid, now at full mast. But as I suspected the growth continued. I watched as his two apple-sized balls seemed to fill, his cock was nudging up a little higher with each throb, hard to notice, but I could see. And very soon it drew Brad’s attention as the head dug into his pec shelf. He opened his eyes and looked down. Acknowledging the problem, he sank back down onto the cushion, and grabbed his shaft with his left hand pulled it away from his body. Fuck he was thick, his grasp not even close to encircling his cock. He then looked towards me, and pointed his cockhead in my direction and asked, “Want a taste?”. I didn’t even answer but simply moved across to him, took his monster in both my hands and pulled his cockhead into my mouth. It was a tight fit, but incredibly arousing. I slowly pulled my lips back off it, wetting the entirety of the head. I then used my tongue to lick all over his slit and glans, while my hands worked up and down what felt like a telegraph pole. I then eased the head back into my mouth, and began rhythmically bobbing my head up and down. I could feel him sliding past on all sides of my mouth as his fat head pounded the back of my throat. God, he was filling up all the space in my mouth. I then remembered he must still be growing, despite me shading part of his body. I decided to pause and hold everything in place, just so I could feel this miracle. At first, I couldn’t sense any growth. But I moved my hands together so they formed a ring around his shaft, and soon I noticed how his cock was slowly expanding, as my interlocking fingers were being pulled apart by this growing man meat. I then realised that his cockhead was now at the back of my throat, not because I had gone further down on him, but because he had grown another 2 inches in length. I noticed he was getting much thicker too, as my fingertips finally parted. His cockhead was no exception and was pushing against all sides of my mouth, allowing no passage of air. This realisation was such a turn on I almost came right there and then. But the need to breathe triumphed, and I jolted my head back, gasping, while pulling his mammoth junk from my mouth. “Well, well.” Said Brad, “Looks like you are enjoying. Perhaps we should move into the cabin before I become just too fucking big!” And with a smug grin, his cock grew up to halfway up his chest. Brad grabbed it, and began angling it down. “Open wide!” I looked at him confused and scared. How could he think that thing was going to fit in my mouth again after it just nearly choked me? “Your legs, silly!” He explained as he squatted down and slid his 18” dick under my groin. He slowly rose, pausing as he began to take my weight on his thick cock. I saw his quads bulge with dense striated muscle. After all this focus on his growing dick, I had forgotten just how hot and muscular he was. His thighs pumped up and his abs tensed, and he slowly stood up with me supported on his cock, balancing with my hands on his bulging shoulders. I could feel another dark spot of pre leaking onto my tented shorts, this was just so hot; but thankfully Brad wouldn’t have been able to see underneath his big pecs. Standing tall, Brad’s body was now fully bathed in sunlight. As he began marching me atop his junk, towards the cabin, I felt the rate of his cock growth increase, as the log supporting me thickened and rapidly lengthened, splaying my legs further apart. I let go of one of his shoulders, and felt the cock behind me as it grew to 20” and then 22”, each pulse lifting me higher as it gained more strength to take my weight. We made it to the cabin, and everything stopped. Out of the direct sunlight, and so the UV, Brad’s cock finally stopped growing. “Well,” he said, “I’m yours.” I stared into his handsome face, and again saw a smug grin come over his face. He throbbed his mammoth beast, and the rising cock angle made me slide down so that I faceplanted into his chest and stabbed him in the abs with my own boner. “Ooof,” He reacted, “That’s quite the weapon you’ve got there yourself. How about you free him from his prison.” I felt the same way, so swung my left leg over his huge cock and dropped to the floor. As I did so, his cock, now unburdened, swung up and the tip was level with the base of his neck. Having quickly whipped off my shorts and underwear before Brad saw the pre stains, I spun round to take in the view of him again. Gigantic. Everything. Pure masculinity. I had to service him. I grabbed the hand nearest to me, and began feeling and licking all the way up his arms; my tongue and fingers caressing every groove between the thick cords of muscle. On reaching his shoulder, I turned to face him, and had to stretch to touch each shoulder with each hand. His cockhead was level with my face, and was almost touching my nose as his broad chest pushed it out. I tried to ignore it for now, instead sliding both arms down to his biceps. He responded naturally, and raised both arms into a double bicep flex. Big boulders erupted forth, they split my fingers apart, and I tried to dig in, but the meat was just solid strength. I let my hands wander down to his pecs, and like clockwork, Brad started bouncing them, and my cock bounced in unison, tickling his balls in the process. I looked down and saw them. They were like two soft bowling balls, dangling down, halfway to his knees. I was so intrigued, I started fondling them, not noticing Brad begin to moan. I bent down and began to lick all around them, supporting their hefty weight in my hands, and watching as they overflowed from one of my palms to the other. As I licked them from bottom to top, I let my tongue run onto the base of Brad’s dick. He let out a louder deep moan, causing me to look up. I noticed now that his nipples had become sensitised, having thickened up, and were standing out a good half inch from his meaty pecs. I couldn’t resist, I jumped on his right one with my mouth, and began teasing and sucking at it, while ran my hands over his cobblestone abs, still trying to ignore the throbbing pillar next to my cheek. Brad moans only grew louder, he was loving this, and as I switched across to his left nipple, I saw a bead of pre run down his mighty shaft. While nibbling on his left nipple, I decided to reach across with my left hand and play with his right nipple simultaneously. In doing so, my arm was pressed against his 22” cock, and I could feel each throb, and just sense the power in it as it constantly vibrated with pure sexual energy. I couldn’t ignore it any longer. I left both hands twiddling at his teats, but began using my mouth to wet the beast before me. Round and round, up and down I went with my tongue, soaking his member, and causing Brad to start egging me on. When I was confident I had lubricated most of his shaft, I released his nipples and grabbed his cock with both hands, and began pumping his cannon. While continuing to wank him, I pulled the head towards me, at this angle, it was level with my mouth, and although too thick to fully fit in, I did my best to massage the glans with my lips. This was clearly appreciated by Brad, who began moaning and bucking. It was getting so hot, I had to pleasure myself too. One hand on my cock, the other on the largest one on the planet, while my mouth continued to suck its head. I accelerated the pace more and more, and more, until I realised I was close to cumming. “Fuck, I gotta stop!” I panted. “No worries,” Brad replied, “You certainly got me going good!” As I began to regain some composure, a thought suddenly crossed my mind. “OK, I gotta question… if it’s sunlight which makes… this… happen, then how come you don’t already have a cock as long as a road?” “Well, the effects wear off after I cum. I guess all the energy is stored as cum, and having it kept there causes my junk to grow. But once its released, everything returns to its previous state.” I must’ve flashed a look of slight disappointment, as Brad quickly continued, “But I never used to be this muscular, or have an almost 6 inch soft cock. Or even this tall. But a man gets curious; and I tried my own come once, and noticed it led to some permanent gains.” He said as he flexed a bicep up to my face. I grab my dick and slowly start stroking in response. “If you carry on as you did before, you might get a treat”. The idea that I could possibly grow larger, seemingly everywhere, was such a turn on that I was once again close to the brink of orgasm, and a large globule of pre emerged from my slit and ran down my quivering cock. Brad noted this and decisively spoke up, “Actually, I think you’ll like to watch this.” He walked over to the cabin door and stood in its entrance. I was wondering what he was doing, but then as I caught sight of the back of his hefty ballsack dropping down further towards his knees, I realised he was growing himself in the sun again. He was there for not even a minute, and then he spun round. Over 2 feet of thick meaty cock was advancing towards me, the tip bouncing around, now level with Brad’s luscious lips. He stopped inches from me. Bent his head a little down, and pulled his bloated cockhead into his mouth as much as he could. His lips moistened the slit as he used his bulging arms to forcefully pump the column before me. Brad began to moan as his actions became faster and stronger. I had subconsciously began wanking myself too. Brad’s eyes shut, and I could swear he was moaning ‘Fuck’ although his mouth was gagged by a head the size of a rugby ball. He let out one massive but muffled moan, and his stroking suddenly ceased. I looked down and saw his balls heave, and then watched his cock jerk as a torrent of cum ran up inside it and gushed into Brad’s mouth. The instant he began swallowing, I noticed him changing. I took a step back and watched as his whole body seemed to scale-up larger, keeping everything in proportion as he inched up, reaching now what must’ve been a towering 6’3”. He released his cock from his mouth, the spurts having finally ended, and I watched it lengthen an inch or two by itself so that the tip bumped against the bridge of his nose. I was on the edge, pumping like a maniac. Brad opened his eyes, saw me, and immediately placed his hands on his hips. And within an instant I saw his pecs puff out massively, expanding in size, weight and strength. His abs all swelled, fighting for space, and as he lifted his arms up and flexed, I saw his biceps grow larger and larger than before. His muscles were surging with much more energy than the rest of him, and that was my weakness. As his guns grew past the 20” mark, I blew my load and splattered his ripped torso, as his growth finally began to subside. We were both left standing there, catching our breath. I apologised for spraying Brad, and he laughed it off, grabbing a towel. I watched as he wiped my cum off him, and noticed his balls were back to normal, well maybe a slightly bigger size, but I had no reference point. His cock on the other hand was still looming towards me at an inflated size. However, I watched as it both began to soften and shrink, arcing down in the process. Brad cast the towel aside, and looked down at himself from his new height. After what I had just witnessed, his flaccid cock looked a sorry sight. But after glancing back at my own, and then back at Brad’s, I realised he must be 7 inches soft now! Plus Brad certainly didn’t seem unimpressed. “Fuck! Look at me, I’m massive!” He bellowed, as he struck pose after pose. It was true, his muscles had significantly grown. Dave might not pick up on the extra inch in height or cock, but Brad’s bodybuilder stature biceps and pecs were bound to give the game away. I wonder if Dave knows about this? “Damn,” continued Brad as he cupped his enormous left pec in his right hand, “This is incredible! …but we best get covered up before Dave comes back with the food.” I began redressing. Luckily the hot weather would dry my shorts out pretty quick from any embarrassing stains. I watched Brad rummage around the cabin until he found a pair of metallic blue speedos. He struggled to pull them up over his bigger legs. “Wow, I can’t believe how much my calves have grown. …Makes …this uuh..h. a bit difficult though, ..my quads too…” He wriggled about, his meaty muscles tensing and untensing in the process. They were just so big and defined now, I had never seen anything like it. Fuck I was getting aroused again. Brad eventually got the speedos on and over his genitals. They were super tight. And they made such a big beautiful blue bulge. It was shiny and massive, and I can’t believe I ever thought it looked small. Even framed by large cobbled abs and big quads, its size was unmistakeable. His thick 7 inch soft cock and balls already strained the material into a mouth-watering, big, round, shiny bulge. I couldn’t help but start boning up again. It looked so good. Brad caught sight of this, “Calm down now, Dave will be back any second.” I nodded, a bit disappointed and dropped my head. But instantly sprang it back up when I heard the now familiar sound of speedo fibres stretching. Brad was blushing, his arousal given away, and a glance at his package revealed some new taut wrinkles and a bit of delineation showing the outline of his chubbing cock. “No really,” Brad interrupted, resisting the moment, “let’s have you rub some suncream on my new muscles before I ruin another decent pair of speedos!”.
  3. Time on hands and inspiration really going. Here is chapter two. Home of the Gods Part Two by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13486-home-of-the-gods-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Fabian began to hear many voices after feeling a kind of thud that shook him awake. He was still exceptionally groggy and not at all aware of his surroundings. He was thinking he was in his tent on Ulpoo Island until he suddenly heard a loud ding followed by a friendly voice. "Welcome to New York, New York where is it a pleasant seventy-six degrees. The captain has asked us to remind you to remain seated until the plane comes to a complete stop from its runway taxing into our terminal and the seat belt sign is turned off. We'd like to thank you for flying Holo Airways and hope you have enjoyed this flight. Please make sure all your trays are in their upright position, and that you have all your carry-ons from beneath your seats or the overhead compartments before disembarking. Thank you again and have a wonderful day." Fabian bolted upright from his seat breathing heavily. How did he get here? What time was it? He was back in New York? Suddenly he felt a fairly large hand upon his shoulder and a low, but pleasant voice whispered in his ear. "Hey, bud. It's alright." Letting out a small yelp and turning around to his right, he saw the familiar face of Reid, whose six foot seven inch body was stretched out in the space in front of an exit door. "What? Reid? How?" "Take it easy. Wow... they really must have doped you up with some wild drink or smoke. Shame on you. Good lil' missionaries aren't supposed to do that." Reid chuckled and gave Fabian's hair a good tussle like he was a small child. "I... I've been out since the party?" "Yeah. You had me worried there for a bit. I figured they might have given you some kind of strong drink you didn't know about and so let you sleep it off. Told them at the airport when we got on the flight you were medicated for an accident on the island and that I was your care taker. Since I could easily lift you, had your passport, boarding pass, luggage, and could give them all your ID information, they figured I was your nurse or something. Not waking up in the morning was no biggie, not waking up as we boarded with me carrying you had me beginning to fret. Not waking up at all on the flight I thought I'd have to take you to a hospital when we landed, but you're awake now." The cab ride home from the air port to their apartment, Fabian told most of what happened to him during the ceremony to Reid, leaving out some of the more sexual content. Reid commented as he unlocked their apartment door and let them in. "Whoa! Sounds like they hopped you up on some serious stuff. Lucky it didn't shut down an organ or your brain permanently." "Tell me about it. Although not sure about the brain. Still groggy." "Still groggy? Dude you slept through the night, the boat ride to a main land, hop flight to a major airport and then the fourteen hour flight home. You have been eff-ed up majorly. And what did you get for this? A wonderfully woven, dick shaped basket." "What? How did you know?" "They dragged you back to our tent in the morning. Let me know you had been made part of the tribe, and told me to take care of your basket until you could find a proper place for it." "What?!?" "Yeah. They gave me a cool looking staff. Here in my suitcase. It actually comes in two different parts, they don't usually have any guys as tall as I am there. They told me I was to serve as your protector and that if I ever wanted to become part of the tribe, or more correctly start our branch of the tribe here, you'd know what to do when the time comes. What'd they do? Brain wash some secret instructions into you?" "No....I don't know.... I certainly do remember that part?" "Do you remember your name at least, Kali'iti'nui?" "No...except now that you mention it, I do remember them giving me that name." **************************************************************************** A couple of weeks passed. Fabian and Reid settled back into their regular schedules; Reid working for a delivery service, Fabian for a courier service. Things were going as per usual as autumnal days began to pass and turn into colder ones for the coming winter and holiday season. Fabian had just finished his last delivery and his dispatch had told him to go ahead and head home, no more deliveries for the day. He paused for a moment to think in his mind what part of New York he was in and what his fastest route home would be. Figuring that out he repositioned his bicycle into the appropriate direction and took off. He hadn't gone but one block when suddenly something large hit his throat and knocked him backwards off his bike, and knocked him off hard. Hitting the ground, his helmet was all that saved him from having a concussion or at the very least a mild headache. His butt and tail bone however might be another story. Looking up from the side of the road, Fabian saw a tall form, with fairly broad shoulders filling and stretching out a muscle shirt, a short leaved hoodie, black jeans, black work boots, and half fingered gloves. The figure took his hood down to reveal a decent looking man with ebony hair and dark, muted green eyes. It was Gabriel. The trouble making missionary from back on the island. "Yeah, you felt that didn't you? Closed lined by a real man, you fuckin' dwarf! Where's your buddy? You got it.... now where around to save your ass now, is he?" Picking up Fabian's bicycle he tossed it with ease into the alleyway and then picked up the still dazed and breathless Fabian up by his shirt collar. Standing him up against a brick wall Gabriel turned and faced him. "I told you, you were goin' ta pay for givin' me the shiner in this eye, you midget! You pipsqueak of a man don't get to take on or lay one on a real man like me. No, you pay for that. THIS! IS! FOR! BLACKING! MY! EYE! YOU! GNOMISH! MOTHER! FUCKER!" With each word of his last sentence Gabriel gut punched Fabian, moving his fist on up to punch in the rib, chest, mouth, and finally eye area. Being a main of decent size and muscle, his blows didn't cause and light marked bruising, but several large deep tissue black and purple marks, possible rib bruising or breaking, and lip busted in two places, bleeding nose, and a left eye so swollen, the right nearly joined in. Spitting on Fabian, Gabriel cursed him and then questioned him. "I hear they made you part of the tribe? What makes you so special? How come you get to be their man? Are you actually man? You size says you're more like a woman? You one of those guys whose crossbred from a gerbil and a horse? One of those....whadda your kind call them? Twinks? Let's see what you got?" With that Gabriel yanked Fabians bike shorts down, then practically ripped his underwear off of him. "Heh.... Look at that. What is that thing? A tiny water spigot? Can you even go to the bathroom standing up? I bet you need to use women's products just to use the can! Look at that thing....I..... could jack that thing off just using my thumb and fore finger....the tips..... a pair of tweezers!" Allowing Fabian to drop to the ground again, Gabriel unzipped his fly, fumbled around and pulled out his cock. "Looky here....." and he began to stroke himself off a bit until he had achieved full erection. "There is a man's dick for you." Pulling up Fabian in a sitting up position, he squatted down a bit and began to smack Fabian's face and poke Fabian's blackened eye with his schlong. "Eight and half inches..... yeah that's what a real man has. You're just a pussy.... a woman with a man's name. Well let me tell you something. It ain't over yet. As a pussy, you're gonna get fucked up real good. I'm originally from New York. I know where you work. I know where you live. My friends and I are gonna make you pay for not treating a real man with respect. And they're all as big as I am....in various shapes and sizes, but still, they all can easily dominate you. And we'll strike whenever your pal....what's his name? Red? Rod? Rad? whatever the fuck his name is. Hell we may collectively get together and take you out and then take him on sometime. He's a big man, but he can't take eight of us on at once. ... .... .... Anyway. I gotta go. You.... you have a nice day, shithead." And laughing Gabriel just walked out of the alley way leaving Fabian alone in the cold autumn air. ... ... ... It may have been a few minutes, it may have been a couple of hours that Fabian lie there in and out of consciousness. Eventually he got up, got on his bike and made his way home. Limping up the stairs and pulling his bike up them took twice maybe three times as long as usual before he finally unlocked the apartment door. "Finally.... it's about time. You're like an hour and half late. Dinner is cold. I was getting worried. You didn't call. Did you take on another after hours delivery again?" Reid walked into the hallway, just in time to see the bike fall over and Fabian collapse into a pile. "Reid..." "Oh my gawd! Fabe!" Picking up the phone Reid dialed 9 1 1 and told the paramedics he'd meet the ambulance outside of the apartment building. Grabbing a blanket he wrapped Fabian up in it and carried him all the way down the six floors of steps, not wanting to wait for the elevator in case a lot of folks were still arriving home. *********************************************************************** Beep......beep.....beep......beep......beeep......beep.......beep...... The sound of heart monitor going off was what Fabian woke up to. It took some time for his right eye to focus, his left held shut by a pad and bandage. Turning his head he looked to his right to see the torso of Reid over flowing the visitor's chair next to him, the light spreading of auburn hair glistening over his granite carved abs and chest. Reid's legs, one draped over the chair arm, bent at the knee his foot still touching the ground, while the other leg was extended out part of the shin and his foot well under the hospital bed. Suddenly Reid moved, pulling his jacket shut, smiling and blushing, "Sorry.... you came in and collapsed, I just grabbed you by instinct and got you to a hospital. I didn't think to grab myself a shirt, just the jacket." "No worries." "You just lie still. Let the pain killers work and keep you asleep. You've got several bruised ribs, one broken, busted lip, broken nose, broken eye socket, and one nasty concussion. They're keeping you overnight and looking into seeing if any surgery is needed. I called you work to let them know you might be out a couple of days still after this weekend and why. I also called your parents. They'll be here in the morning." ************************************************************************* Fabian's company gave him until his eye was better to be off, and then got what information they could on Gabriel to help Fabian press charges, as well as charges from them for damage to their bicycle. Fabian's parents came and stayed for about a week helping out with Fabian's care after he was released from the hospital, tidying up the apartment, making some good home cooked meals for the "boys" to have. Fabian and Reid talked about the hospital stay, Reid commenting that he thought Fabian must have changed religion as he kept chanting a name in his sleep. The name turned out to be Ke'atuka'ine, chief of the Gods of Ulpoo Island. Fabian laughed it off saying it must have been something the islanders chanted during his ceremony as he didn't remember the name, the pair only knowing who it was after they looked at the missionary information pamphlet on the Island people and their faith. The morning after Fabian's parents left, Fabian woke up and glanced out his window at the morning. With an icy chill suddenly running down his spin, he backed up with fear in his wide eyes. "Fabe, what's wrong, bro? You look like you've seen a ghost." "He's down there in the street." "What?" And Reid went to the window to look just in time to catch the site of Gabriel leaving a spot across the street from their apartment building. "It's ok... don't worry. Even if he can get in the building and up here, he can't come through the door, and if he does, I'll be waiting for him." Reid sat Fabian down on the bed, then sat next to him. Giving Fabian a brotherly hug, he heard Fabian gasp slightly and kind of pull away. Releasing Fabian, Reid looked at him and queried, "What?" Only to see in a few second a tiny little bump in his pajama bottoms. "I'm sorry." uttered Fabian and he ran to the bathroom and shut the door. "Hey...Fabian.... it's okay. Don't worry about it. I know. I understand you like big, built guys. It's an involuntary reaction. I'm not worried or insulted about it. Just.... just ignore it.... I'll fix some breakfast, we can sit at the table and watch something. No problem....If you really wanna know... that is.... I.... uhm.....you know.....I kind of.....well.... Fabe?....I'll be out here if you need anything." Turning to walk into his bedroom, Reid instantly froze upon hearing the cry of pain coming from Fabian. He had a terrible stomach ache now or mega proportions. As though he had been kicked in the stomach. Or he had a huge bowel blockage. Or he hadn't eaten in like three days or more. He was wincing and cramping in pain. There must have been something still wrong, unhealed with him. Staggering towards the toilet, he collapsed and fell into the bathtub, tearing down the shower curtain in the process. "FABE!" Hearing only guttural groans from Fabian, Reid applied his shoulder harshly to the locked door, busting through to see Fabian crumpled at the side of the bath. "It hurts, Reid.... it's like something is in my stomach.... like I've been punched by a demi-god....like I haven't cum in days..... ugh....months..... auuuugh...... YEARS! OOOOOOOOOOOH!" "Hold on.... I call the paramedics..." But Reid never got the chance. Suddenly the bathroom was full of the sound of drum beats.... first steady thuds keeping time and beat, then being overlapped by others pounding out various rhythms. Fabian began to sit up and sit cross-legged beside the bath and began to chant. " Ke'atuka'ine........ Ke'atuka'ine....... Ke'atuka'ine...... Ke'atuka'ine........ Ke'atuka'ine......." "Fabian? Fabian, what's wrong? Why are you chanting? What are you chanting that god's name?" Reid went to go kneel by his friends side but suddenly the shower turned on. Moving forward to reach for the spigot knobs a force repelled Reid easily and forcefully backward out of the bathroom, despite his large size. "FABE!" Within mere moments the bath was filled with steam such that Reid couldn't see through it and see how Fabian was doing. The next second Fabian wasn't sitting down and chanting, but standing, nude, under the shower, the water streaming down him from head to toe. Reid tried and tried to break through the invisible barrier that had formed in the bathroom door way, but it held firm against the extra large man. The drum pounding kept getting louder and louder, the name of Ke'atuka'ine was being chanted now by unseen singers. Fabian now placed his small hands around his groin, thumbs just above his cock, finger tips around his ball sack. He began to shout as if in pain, small staggering pant like utterances that became longer and longer until they were turning in huge elongated screams.... "Ah! .... Ah!.... AH!..... AH!...... AHHH..... AHHH..... OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOOOOH AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!" Looking down at himself, Fabian and Reid watched in surprise as Fabian's prick came to life and with each shout and moan, oozed out larger....longer.....thicker....than before. "Aaaaah" 3 inches.... "Aaaaah!" 4 inches.... "AAAAAAH!" 5 inches..... "OOOOOH!" 6 inches... "UUUUUUGH!" 7 inches..... "WUAAAAAAH!" 8 inches..... "NOOOOOOO!" 9 inches...... "HUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!" 10 inches..... "HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" 11 inches..... "HOOOOOOOOOOO!" Now Fabian had rocked backwards, standing in a corner of the tub, his cock fully engorged, covered in thick veins, looking like a Pringles can with melted wax lines down the side, spewing rope and rope, ribbon upon ribbon, string after string of spoo out of a large purple head, until his tiny feet looked like glazed éclairs and tub sides had glue spread all over them. Then Fabian stood straight and tall and spoke aloud, "I, Ke'atuka'ine have found the actions of this man worthy to call him my home, and have made him fitting and deserving for several other deities as well. Kali'iti'nui is thus honored and one day will change his name." And with that Fabian calmly laid down in the bathtub, the stopper plugged the drain, warm water filled to just around Fabian's face, steam filled the bathroom again, and tropical flowers grew in vines around the tub.
  4. Greed Demon Pt.1

    The Demonic Realm is quite straightforward. Think of it as a firm whose aim is to rake in as much sin as they can. It’s their currency. And yes their direct competition is a Divine Realm thriving on benevolence. The agents of both realms blend in with human society and meddle with the lives of everyday people to serve the interest of their own kind. Not to bore you with the details but here is a quick overview of the Demonic Realm: There are Major, Superior and Inferior Demons which indicate their potential for harm (there is also the supremes but you’re unlikely to cross paths with one. They can not manifest physically in the human world, least they destroyed it). They assume various functions, pretty much like the human society (and yes they have demonic IT guys… If you have ever dealt with an IT service you don’t need any proof). And there are seven main branches. One per deadly sin, obviously. You’d think gay clubs and bar would attract Lust demons and you’d be right. But what Landon was looking that night was a Greed Demon. And he couldn’t tear his eyes from it. It was a Hunter Greed Demon to be precise. A Bloodhound trained to track greed in men’s hearts and nurture it to cash in a much sin as they could. Think of it as a demonic salesman. There's an army of them trying to feed of our worst traits (just like ad there's an army of Hunter Angels trying to turn us into self-righteous dicks. Yes, they both suck). The demon seated at the bar had picked Greed because it was fun. One day you’d be messing with traders in the finance district, the next you’d be taking care of a fat bastard at all you can eat buffet. Greed was so deeply rooted in mankind and took so many forms that it knew it would never get bored and that it could find more exotic forms of greed to have fun once in awhile. Landon was seated alone at a small table in a corner of the bar. The demon had smelt his greed a few weeks ago while bursting a few speculative bubbles in the financial district (resulting in five bankrupt firms, two burnouts and one jumper, that would earn him quite a nice bonus this month). Landon was a trader, 32 years old stag fag, cute though unremarkable. What interested the demon was Landon’s recently found obsession with growing muscle. He fancied that getting more muscular would make him loveable. Or at least more fuckable. Over the last few months he had started working out, dieting, supplementing and he was wearing what meager gains he had achieved as a badge of honor. The demon immediately took an interest in him. Not that he would get much sin out of Landon but it would be fun. It had assumed a form specially designed for Landon. And it worked. Landon had his eyes glued to it from across the room. Eye fucking the demon, drinking in the sight, recording the images for later fantasies. It was stunning. In his late thirties, 6’4 tall, around 230lbs of muscle with just a tiny bit of bodyfat to make it look comfortable and powerful. The mass was sumptuously distributed. It wasn’t an athletic body, it was a pure porno body, sculpted for sex. The worn out jeans were skin tight, putting the emphasis on its powerful legs and huge round ass. The tight waist flared into a powerful torso with broad shoulders and almost disproportionately huge arms. The white t-shirt was hugging every inch of it and highlighting the massive pecs. Two fat nipples clearly visible pointing downwards, the dark wide aureola contrasting through the flimsy white fabric. A bull-thick neck stretching the collar supported a face that had Landon totally engrossed. It was clearly modeled to look like an Arabian man. The deep olive skintone, thick jet black hair with a few grey ones buzzed short on the side with a short fauxhawk on the top. Square features enhanced by his perfectly styled stubble, wide smiling mouth with a plump lower lips, strong nose and eyes like polished onyx adorned with dark lashes and crowned with extra thick perfectly shaped black brows. It was looking at Landon with a sly smile. Landon was comparatively small and unremarkable. 5’9, 185 lbs, mousy brown hair, dirty green eyes. Though he was definitely a handsome man he didn’t stand out in crowd. He also wasn’t used to be noticed, so when he realized the Man he had been staring a was looking back and smiling he panicked and looked down. He felt beads of sweat form on his forehead and his sweat levels go through the roof as he was flushed with embarrassment. When he finally lifted his head to look up, the Demon had crossed the room and was standing on the other side of the table. Landon was staring directly at the Demon’s obscenely bulging fly. Landon dried, as all the moisture his body could generate was currently in his briefs. He looked up, the generous pecs partly hid the magnificent face but a predatory smile could still be seen. He gracefully moved around the table and sat right next to Landon invading his personal space. Its gorgeous face going to his ears, its juicy pecs brushing against him, its heat radiating on his skin. “-Hello cutie I’m Damon” Its voice was deep, warm and husky. Landon hesitated for a moment, not sure he heard its name right. The first syllable sounded off. But his brain quickly shoved that thought aside. “-I’m Landon.” he said. Damon smiled, looking tenderly atLandon. He could taste the man's greed. An exotic greed, fresh, newly formed. An obsession for muscle and size. A compulsive need for more. More muscle, more food, more cock, more manliness, more sex, more size. A bottomless pit. A perpetual motion machine. Whatever little gains made calling for a bigger one. It wasn’t just the grueling workouts, the overeating, the race for calories… now that it was close, Damon smelt other things. Landon had recently botoxed his scrotum and gotten hyaluronic acid in his dick. He had skipped a couple months of saving for retirement to get penile enhancement. Landon’s greed was phenomenal. Damon had hit jackpot. It was easy for Damon to lure Landon to it’s den. A few flirty words, an ushered invitation and Landon was ready to follow the hunky demon anywhere. Just two streets away from the bar, Damon pulled out a key and opened the entrance of an apartment building. Had Landon not been starring at the glorious massive ass of Damon, he’d have noticed the key looked too old and didn’t match the modern keyhole. Or that the entrance they stepped through was too large to belong to the building he thought he had walked in. He might have even noticed that he had entered an alternate dimension. Damon was amazed at how easy that was. Lust Demons really had it easy. Be attractive enough and humans will throw themselves off cliffs without even giving it a second thought. Plus having a sexualized body was feeling nice. It usually assumed the unremarkable appearance of a average human male or female, not bothering with details like nipples or genitalia or body hair. The body it was wearing tonight was designed to be seen and desired. Though it was mostly a facade, the muscle mass made it feel dynamic and strong. The way it bounced and flexed was addictive. A big fat cock with a set of extra large balls was nestled in its briefs between its thick thighs. It was the first time he gave himself genitalia, and to be honest he’d have to do it more often. Especially having a dick. It felt ridiculously good, and it realized the bigger it made its dick the more satisfying it felt . It had to reel in and keep itself in check to avoid being too much of a freak. Damon’s apartment was gigantic (space is much more malleable in the underworld) it looked like a French Haussmannian interior (just look it up) everything was the same shade of clinical white. Like some 3d designer carefully sculpted the whole thing but forgot to put a texture on it. He led Landon to the living room dominated by a huge lush sofa on which Damon was sprawled. Its powerful legs opened to put its massive basket on display. He patted the spot next to him inviting Landon. Landon sat a respectful foot away from Damon, visibly ill at ease, stiff on the edge of the sofa. -”Aw for fuck sake” Damon growled rolling his eyes. He closed the distance between it and Landon grabbed the back of the man’s head and french kissed him. Landon was overwhelmed by the soft lips of Damon, its scruffy stubble and powerful tongue. His hand slowly found Damon’s body and he started caressing the big muscular demon. It was his first time with someone this size and it felt (ironically) like heaven to him. He loved it, he wanted to be like this himself so much. The experience was pleasant to Damon too but what was getting it off was the Greed inside Landon. It just needed to enter a pact with Landon and it would soon be rewarded by a tsunami of greed. Abandoning any subtlety, Damon got up. Its 13’’ boner was leaving a serious dickprint on its jeans. It took off its shirt and threw it away revealing his powerful torsos glorious pecs. Its mouthwatering pecs ever so slightly dragged down by their own obscene weight toward the perfectly carved abs. Landon was looking at him overcome with disbelief, joy, lust and envy. He couldn’t function anymore, he needed to be as muscular, no, more muscular than Damon. -”I know what you need” rasped Damon. “ I know you want to get bigger. You need to. That’s why you’re killing yourself in the gym. Why you got injections in your dick. Because you want to look like this!” it said, flexing. ”Or this!” he added grabbing his dick through its jeans. Landon was about to cry, his face burning, feeling humiliated, anger and jealousy rising inside him. Damon looked down on the human sitting in front of him and chuckled. -”Don’t get all worked up baby. I’m here to help.” Damon cooed, unfastening his fly. “Tell you what... You worship me and I’ll give you all the muscle you want, all the dick you want. You want to be a freak? Sure baby I’ll make you a freak. Just worship me.” It had its jeans around its ankles, a 13 inch wrist thick rock hard uncut cock jutting from a perfectly groom pelvis. Landon was still mistruful of the cocky hunk in front of him, but greed took over. He leant on grabbing the glorious penis, unsheathing it. -”Do we have a deal?” said the demon? -”Yeah...” Landon said before stuffing his face with as much dick as he could. Damon, growled and felt his knees buckle. He had underestimated Landon’s greed. They were just getting started and it was already exceeding what it had anticipated. Plus he was getting head for the first time and he fucking loved it. It could feel the energy flux going both way. Its demonic energy leaving it, fuelling Landon’s growth and Landon’s greed filling it making its power greater. Like a river flowing in two directions at the same time. He tried to focus back on Landon. Damn his clothes were stretched tight. He was already starting to look like a fitboy. It forcefully pried its dick from Landon, pushing back the man’s head with little ceremony. -”Undress.” it simply ordered. Landon complied, eager to get more from Damon. Landon was already looking like he had been hitting the gym for years. Faint abs showing, little pancake pecs emerging, the hint of a V shape. A decent 6’’ inches cut dick was painfully hard and leaking. This was going much faster than Damon planned. Damon shook its jeans and shoes off, it fell back on the couch, lifting its thick slightly hairy legs in the air and spreading them to expose its hole, magnified by the lovely shape of its muscular ass. -”How about we take it up a notch?” Damon said. Landon, positioned himself, caressing the powerful legs of Damon and rubbing his cockhead on the demon’s hole. It was unlike anything Landon had ever felt, clean, silky, warm and slick like it was already lubed. Landon kindly pushed himself inside Damon. It was unlike anything he had ever felt, the insides of the demon were deliciously smooth and warm, the muscle rings were applying the perfect amount of pressure on his dick. Damon was perfect, flawlessly designed for sex. The intimate connexion between the demon and the greedy human opened, unleashing a tidal wave. Landon’s greed making the demon more powerful than it would ever have imagined and Damon’s power growing Landon at a worrying pace. Landon’s body was starting to resemble a gymrat's. Unbelievable muscular definition,wide shoulders rounding up, bulging biceps, striated triceps, thick forearms, nice thick pecs bouncing up and down as he fucked the demon. Damon felt the strength of the plowing he was receiving augmented as Landon’s ass became more muscular and defined. The demon was delighted to feel Landon’s penis grow inside it, the stretching feeling was utterly amazing. It reminded Damon how it had wanted to give itself a freakishly big dick. It let its own penis fattened and lengthen beyond what was humanly possible. Landon looked in disbelief as the magnificent uncut dick reached the thickness of the demon thighs and a sufficient length for him to suck on it it while he fucked the demon. He obviously obliged giving the demon a blowjob while he pounded his ass. Landon adjusted his stance, his thighs were getting too thick and his balls too fat and hanging too low. His 10’’ dick wrecking the now distended demon hole, making obscene wet noises with the piston motion and the gallon of pre coating its insides. Landon was almost as big as a bodybuilder. His thick pecs casting a shadow on his rock hard abs. His shoulders striated and overblown with muscle, arms now too thick to bend entirely. He was constantly shifting and changing his stance to accommodate the mass that added to his frame, his bones were stretching to accommodate the onslaught of mass packing on his body. It was all too much for him, for both of them. Landon started pumping his load in the demon. Thrusting harder, harder and harder trying to pour his seed as deep as he could. Meanwhile Damon’s mind exploded as it’s power reached that of a Major Demon. As new powers and knowledge flooded its mind Landon semen flooded its inside. Its mind was wrapped in a warm lush blanket and as it experienced human male orgasmed for the first time it drifted into a deep much needed blissful sleep. On the other hand Landon who had been prone to sleep immediately after orgasm, resisted the hormonal tide quite well. Despite feeling week in the knees and hisdick softening, he was still mostly awake. He pulled out from the demon, the gross suction noise it made was accompanied by a ungodly amount of cum cascading from the demon distended but rapidly recovering hole. Had it been awake it would have regretted choosing a white sofa. Landon was still reeling from all the muscle and power he had filled with. He was monstrous 6’8 (2m7) and 328 lbs (149kg). He had 20’’ arms(51cm) and his glorious pecs got his chest to a glorious 55’’(1m40) while his waist remained barely thicker than his arms at a mind boggling 25’’ (65cm). He was in a haze, like he was severely drunk, and answering to his automatic habit of dressing up and leaving after hooking up. He grabbed his underwear,vaguely aware his 9’’ softy and lemon sized balls would never fit. Still he was surprised to feel them rip and disintegrate in his hands as he yanked them to pull them over his now gigantic quads. He discarded them and tried to pull on his jeans and T-shirt. The waist of the jeans resisted despite several threads popping, the seams of the quads and calves burst open as soon as he moved and his tee ripped on both sides, on the back and the sleeves were purely destroyed as he awkwardly put his clothes on. He stumbled toward the exit of the flat with just tatters on his back. A few minutes later the front door of the building spat him back into the real world. It was well past noon when Damon woke up. A reddish sunlight bathing the surreally white living room. Its 2ft morning wood dripping a steady trickle of warm pre on its chin, it shifted, stretching enjoying the feeling of its hard dick and its sore rectum. A satisfied smile on its lips Damon got to its feet, thinking it might keep this body for while(though he’d have to get his penis to a more manageable size). He rummaged through its discarded jeans to check its phone. It had received a shitload of messages. Damons smile grew wider as it went through countless messages congratulating him on becoming a Major Demon. In the middle of all those message was one from the Central Demonic Administration (CDeA not to be mistaken with CDia which is the Central Divine Administration). It requested Damon to register its familiar. As the pieces of the evening fell back in place its smile faded. He realized that Landon left its place leaving just a destroyed pair of briefs behind. It had its incubus on the loose. It was accountable for him. It was supposed to register him to CDeA and it was potentially responsible for a risk of exposure to humans. It was in deepshit trouble. -”hu..fuuuuuuck” Damon whined. To be continued
  5. Magic isn't real (part 3)

    Of course I was waiting for you. Sorry – I can’t stick around too long tonight. I have to work some magic with some others – well, yeah, I know it’s not magic, but whatever. You know what I’m trying to say. Yeah it’s been fucking hot. The AC broke in this place last night and the bartender is trying to get it fixed. But I see the heat has prompted the move to basketball shorts? Ah, I see – look at you swagging and going commando. I see your treatments have been producing some results you like? I bet you still get hard every time you bump into anything or think about someone noticing your thickening manhood, huh? Let’s look at you, big boy. God – fucking – damn, look at you. Your monster is really coming along, isn’t it? You look at least five or six inches soft by now. Are you tender? That’s a lot of growth in these two weeks. Let me outline the head…aaaaand, there you go. Man, you get thick, don’t you? Pulling your shorts legs…man, look at those balls. You got them big, too, didn’t you? They’re probably also pretty damn tender. You can’t wear jeans because your cock and balls would be pushing out the front zipper, huh? Hmm, you orgasm already? Your dick is pulsing…oh, that’s just your pre? Shit. Your dripping on the floor and onto my sandals. Mmm…you smell good, too. You like what I’m giving off? More cock growth juice. The fact that it’s hot in here makes it even better – I’ve been pooling it on my skin and it’s looked like I’m sweating, but I’m not sweating that much. I can wipe it off with a towel and ring it into a shot glass for you? Oh, or you can do that. Jesus H. Christ, your tongue on my neck…fucking fuck. Ugh…not the nipples. Fuck. FUCK. You…tr…lick…all of…god… Feel you…fuck…even bigger…need release…. Please. Please. Let’s try the bathroom. Muscle boy Christian isn’t coming tonight. He said he’d come by tomorrow for a drink. Let’s visit the bathroom. I know it was just cleaned. -- Close the door and lock it. So, last time I told you I know ways to make changes happen really fast. Calm down. Let me explain first. You absorb best through mucus membranes. Your nose, your mouth. Your stomach. But a place that I have found does the best and fastest job is up your ass. The rectum is insanely vascular, which is why hemorrhoids is a real thing. And I get a direct shot at your prostate. Will it take me time? To what? Put the proper hormones into my cum? Please. I’ve been loading it up and abstaining from cumming for two weeks, ever since I started my project with you. Damn, boy, you look like you been practicing. Let’s just see if you’re ready for me… God fucking shit, you’re tight. Uhh…uh…uhh….mmm…your…mmmmmm…asshole…fuuuuuuuuuuuu…so tight…mmmmm… -- You…uhhhhhhhhhhh…ready? God, just…UUHHHHHHHH. FUCKING CHRIST FUCKING GOD FUCK. *breathes heavy* God your ass was so good. No, keep down that way. Let me admire my work. Plus you need to absorb it all, and fuck did I give you a load. I might have produced a monster with that one! My body? I’ll tell you about my body later. Yeah I think you might be fine. You’ll leak a bit but not that much anymore. You want it all to stick around. Like I said, I can’t stick around much tonight. Oh, you are still looking happy. Well, I guess if I gave you a present – fuck, I can’t grab your cock, it’s so goddamn thick – you owe me a milk shake, no? Heehee.
  6. Magic isn't real (part 2)

    Hey, I remember you...Jake, right? You came back, huh? Clearly you didn’t think I was full of shit last week. Yeah, I frequent this place a bit. Bad habit, but it lets me work some of my stuff. Make some people happy. So, clearly something made you believe me. What was it that I said I’d do? It’s been a week. Oh yes. I see it clearly now. Your cock. I’m still being too loud? No one in here is paying attention to what we’re saying. People come here to get drunk, not to eave’s drop. Calm down – I see you pants aren’t. So, let me guess. You left here after I did, wondering what type of bullshit I was selling. About…an hour or two after I left?...you started to feel a weird sensation. It was like you were in puberty again. That dull ache that seemed to be everywhere that you didn’t like then, and you don’t like now. Except you felt it in your balls. You started to have that feeling that your balls might be bigger, or something is going on in there. A day or two later, you probably were noticing that everything that bumped into you made your dick immediately hard, right? It was like being a teenager all over again. It was so horrible – but so awesome – you kinda wanted people to know that this was happening, but not in public. Let me also guess that you’ve been walking around all week, aware of your cock, but also thinking that your pants feel a bit tighter in the front. The wiggle room that you once had isn’t there any more. It’s not much, but it’s noticeable, amirite? Found yourself playing with your junk, pushing it around when you had those two or three moments of being soft, wondering to yourself if it’s all an illusion? Does it actually feel a bit thicker? Does it feel a bit longer? You don’t seem the type to measure yourself, but god damn you wish you started, huh? Am I making you hard, recalling the week? Let me keep going. Tell me where I’m wrong and how I was full of it. I’d bet that last night you went to bed and woke up to a bunch of spasming in your – well, how do you sleep? Boxers? Ok, felt some spasms in your boxers. Cum all over the place, no? Reminded you of entering puberty and having that first wet dream all over again, huh? Did you feel like the pulses were longer, harder, and thicker than normal? Did you find yourself cleaning yourself even more than usual? Yeah, I thought so. Let’s feel. Oh, damn, daddy: you starting to pack. Are you liking this stroking? You twitch every time I get near your thick head. Yeah, daddy, you like this. I’m curious what you’ll look like in an additional week? Can you imagine if this keeps going? Yeah, I’m still pouring those hormones out around you. You can smell them, can’t you? That desire to keep around me? You want me to grow you more. Ooo, your aggression is up, too. Yes, daddy, show me how much more of a man you are. Mmm. Oh, you wanted to see what I did to the other guy? He was here on Monday. I asked his number. Let me see…ah, he’s on his way. Would you like me to keep pushing yourself to see if I can get you to shoot your juice all over the place, right here, right now? No? Damn. Let’s give it another week. I have a feeling you’ll be impressed by my first experiment…to your knowledge… Ah, speak of the devil and he shall appear. The muscle man comes in. I’m happy with how he’s dressed. Look at that tank top on him – do you notice those traps? They’re far more defined than they were last week, huh? See them actually pushing up towards his ears? And those delts on him – the V is far more defined on him, huh? Can you see the thickness separating the three heads of the deltoid? Damn. His thighs are filling out those shorts a bit more – I see his quads separating a bit. Nice bulge in the front too. What, I could have packed him as well. And…ah, I feel you’re getting hard again. *sniff* Hmm, I think you might be liking what you see? I smell you leaking “fuck me papi.” Am I right? Yeah, you feel like I’m right. Do you notice those biceps on him? Yeah, they look more defined than they did a week ago, huh? Notice how his tank is clinging more to this pecs. They’re rounder, aren’t they? They push a bit more out, don’t they? Doesn’t his chest look a bit wider? Maybe his waist is a bit tighter, or maybe its his chest slightly larger? Yeah, you don’t get that in lifting in a week. You get that if you lift for a week, like a mother fucker, and you have some superior genetics going for you. I think I need to give him some more, don’t you think? Oh, you want to join me in talking to him? Sure. Jake, meet my young muscled friend, Christian. Christian, Jake. How are you doing? You look like you’re hitting the weights a lot more. May I feel your guns? I’m kind of a muscle queen. I gotta feel power. Damn. What are these up to? 14”? You look like you’ve been packing onto your arms a lot in the past few weeks. And those veins! Sorry – it tickles – but tracing your veins is just amazing. Shit, you feel solid. Damn, I must be nervous – muscle does that – cuz I’m getting sweaty around you. Sorry, I sometimes smell a bit…yeah, TMI, no? I don’t wanna eat up too much of your time. Just wanted to say hi and introduce you to Jake. I’ll probably see you around. Clearly the beer here does the body good. So, what did you think of Christian? Yeah, I was having a hard time not wanting to touch that chest. You saw those nipples pointing through the tank, huh? Made you want to run your hands on them, under them, squeeze them? Oh, look: he’s turning around. He’s clearly been also working his ass. It’s starting to form that nice bubble, don’t you think? Yeah, he swings your way. I’d imagine that that butt would be a hard thing to split open. Yes, I see your thicker sausage stretching again. Does this talk get to you? You seem to be leaking – yeah, I see your pants, right near your hip…damn. Could you imagine bending Christian over, feeling that broadening back leading to that slender waist, shoving that thick cock of yours into him? Do you think you push harder than his ass could resist you? I’m wondering. You’d like to try? The bartender here keeps the bathrooms clean. He’s pretty good, and as long as you don’t make a mess, he’s fine with you trying out the bathroom with Christian. Haha, you will? I’ll just be here. I’ll wait. … Damn, that was, how long? Shit, that smile on your face. I see Christian hasn’t come back yet…oh, he’s going to have trouble walking? Well, no shit Sherlock, you were in there for half an hour. Was his ass as glorious as we could guess it to be? It was? Fuck. How many ways you fuck him? Six? Shit. I see you’re still hard at the thought of him – feeling hornier than usual, eh? Yeah, I’ve been loading you with more hormones. It’s gonna make you harder, thicker, longer, hornier, and full of so much more cum…yeah, you’re leaking again. Well, go get him. I’m sure he hasn’t moved too far from where you bred him. Shall I see you again in a week? I’m sure you’ll have plenty to show off. Ok. I’ll see if I can make your little muscle boy even bigger for you. I have my ways.
  7. An Adverse Reaction (Part 2)

    Hello all, Part 2 of Adverse Reaction. I hope you enjoy, will need ideas for my next story, so please feel free to message me with suggestions. For the next few days, Nick avoided me wherever he could. I didn’t see him for several days initially following the unusual events that took place in the gym shower. I had continued to grow all the way back from the gym at a much slower rate; it seemed over the next few days that I also continued to grow increasingly more powerful in the gym. My lifts were going up and up and so was every part of me. I couldn’t believe how strong I was getting, it was like a dream come true. However, despite clearly trying to avoid each other it was inevitable that we would bump into each other in such a small flat. That day came almost 8 days after the shower incident. I was struggling to squeeze myself into my old clothes. My slender jeans and slim fit tops were now discarded in the back of my wardrobe as they split when I put them on. Either that or they fought with pecs for space or dug into my arms and shoulders with incredible discomfort. Now I had to settle for baggy jeans or baggy shorts and my old hoodies or sports jerseys. Unfortunately I owned very few, and all my shirts now, began to stink of man after about 4 hours of wear. Apparently whatever my body was now kicking out, it smelled strong and powerful, just like the rest of me. I waited for a day when Nick wasn’t in. It was a plan that required patience, but I found that my new persona was hungry for a change in the dynamic at home. I grinned as my phone chirped. I looked down and opened up the grindr profile, I had paid extra to have the full app and get the notifications, because it was all part of the major plan. My grin was because, some new pics of me had sent my sexual appeal into the stratosphere and I was enjoying my new found appeal by fucking tight ass like a man in a desert, drinking water, for the first time in months. One new revelation out of all of this, was an increasingly dominant and slight sadistic streak in the bedroom, which had proceed to have grown only stronger in keeping with my outward appearance. I loved to watch down over my newly minted pectorals to see them suck me off, their eyes fixed on mine. The power of it. I knew I was getting hooked on it as a sensation. However, I also knew my plan involved me having to put that to one side, to achieve what I wanted. Knowing what I liked as a dominant in the bedroom, I began to talking to fellow dominant muscle guys. Guys who could gift me the very thing I craved. More power. Posing as a fit, athletic submissive, I found it tough to find the right dominant. Until today. I knew my housemate was out. The timing was perfect. This guy was just right. Arrogant and rude. Older by 15 years. Married with kids. Bulging with muscle and hung to fuck. I couldn’t steal from a guy like me, I had to take it from someone with ego, someone who looked down on me. Someone who only saw me as an inferior male specimen. The phone chirped again. As was the plan, he was coming right over from the gym. I had to be ready for him, on my knees, wearing a sports vest and a jockstrap. I looked over at the bedside table. There waiting for him, fresh from the gym, was an ice-cold, orange coloured protein shake. As I heard the handle of the front door turn, I was on my knees, I picked up the protein shake and held it out in front of me. If this worked, well… This was going to be amazing. He entered. He said nothing, but snatched the shake and kicked me backwards onto the floor from my kneeling position. I dulled the malevolent look in my eyes and watched as he drank the post-workout shake as I had offered to have ready for his arrival. If it tasted of anything, he did not express it. I watched his thick, powerful arms hold the shaker aloft. Sweat streaked his huge physique, he wore only a black string vest and some loose red gym shorts. He kicked off his shoes and stepped towards me. I could smell his fresh, fierce gym scent. My face in line with his crotch, I could smell his uncut cock. Suddenly it kicked in the light polyester shorts. It surged towards me, huge. Bigger than Sam. He growled as I massaged his legs, the organ pulsing to life, growing hard and thick. Moments later, he had lost control, grabbed me by the vest and the jock, shouldered his way into the bedroom and dumped me on the bed. Only, this was Nick’s room. I didn’t have time to correct things, as this guy was on me. Using me for his own pleasure. His cock pulsed down the length of my back, he grabbed me by the neck and I felt the searing pain of his cock enter me. It was brutally painful and I grunted, but he stifled it with one big sweaty palm over my face. He rammed my face into the bed, forcing my ass up. My hands gripped the edge of the mattress and I was forced to breath in my housemates acrid stink, which would have previously made my own cock harden. But I was becoming a different creature now. I wanted to fight back and push this asshole off me. But I wanted to grow. I had to be right, it had to be this luminous orange shit Sam had been necking everyday. The guy behind me, grunted and laughed at my apparent pain. His organ really was monsterous and he was damn strong. I could hear the wooden bedframe, creak, that unmistakeable sound of wood splitting as he ploughed me. Nick’s furniture moved across the floor between each, titanic thrust. Then it happened, I felt his cock thicken, and then thicken again, straining my hole. I felt him began to fire round after round into me. The change, was immediate. I felt it inside me. Like a spark to a freestanding pool of diesel. I ignited. My head rose up. “Oh fuck yes… FUCK…. YES….” Was about all I could utter as it ripped through me. Energy, masculine energy suffused my limbs. I felt my ass kick back, my thighs bulge with new mass. Fuck, I felt strong. My back cracked and I lengthened up the bed. I grinned as it hit my shoulders. I was no longer able to hold onto the roleplay fantasy as I felt my shoulders undulate and widen, lats surging in power. “Yes… I’m g-growing… This is fucking amazing…” I felt the softening cock slip out from me. I rolled over and saw the expression in his face. It was a face I had not seen before, a mixture of revulsion and desire. He loathed watching me grow but desired it for himself. He was torn, he felt drained, he wanted to leave, but he needed to know how too. I extended my longer legs over the bed, sprung forward with my strengthening arms and stood in front of him. I grinned at him only now slightly less tall than him, but in a split second, the margin vanished. I growled again. My pecs surged and thread of my vest creaked and split at the shoulder. I inhaled deeply and the split widened into a tear, revealing the bulging mass beneath the fabric. Another tear, this time from below. He looked down and went pale. His prior former glory, soft and hanging limp, looked smaller than he had every seen it. It’s mass, very obviously being siphoned into its opposite number as my small jock was being shredded by the growing mound of my package. I laughed as it tore open the jock at my right hip and my newly grown organ fell forwards, thick, large and pointing menacingly at him before it pulsed larger again. My nuts beneath, not left out from the transformation. I brought my arms up and flexed, they bulged with power. My features refining, my masculinity surging as he, went the other way. His previous bulging ripped physique, was still big, but much softer. He was shorter, looked less masculine but I mostly seemed to have drained him of his cock, which looked woefully average now. He looked between my taught biceps and his own softer upper arms as I flexed, I was captivated my their shape and bulge, a big thick vein now across the surface of my left bicep. I looked back at him. “Now fuck off, or I’ll take more…” His trainers made a plastic squeal as he made for the door, stumbling twice over his now, too large shoes. I grinned, turned to Nick’s mirror and flexed. This was amazing. It would be several more days before I could take this new found ability and turn it back against Nick. Had I felt any pang of morality about going through with it, it seemed to evapourate with my last growth. I considered, I was becoming no better than Nick or the asshole who just saw me as a convenient hole, but somehow, I didn’t seem to mind. ********* It was on the day when I had no more clean sports jerseys to wear that I squeezed my newly bolstered frame into the biggest tee I had. Instead of looking ridiculous, I looked incredible. I was never going to hide myself again I snickered, watching myself in the bathroom mirror, my biceps straining the sleeves, chunky veins emerging from beneath the cuffs and my new enhanced pectoral shelf straining the shirt. Just looking at myself made the sleeping organ in my jeans pulse. As I was about to flex in the t-shirt, I heard the door to the bathroom swing open and Nick stepped in. He was dressed only in a towel. “I need a shower” “Yeah, I’m nearly done Nick, you can wait 2 minutes” My blood burned as it pumped through me. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I had stood up to Nick, this was incredible. He looked at me malevolently. As I finished tusseling my hair with wax in the mirror, I gazed admiringly as my biceps swelled at bulged as my hands worked on my coarse, thicker hair. I glanced across in the mirror, Nick was watching my arms too as our eyes never met. “Right, all yours bro…” I grunted and exited the shower, smiling at the unmistakable hardening of Nick’s thick organ against his towel. He would never before have gotten aroused by me, but I couldn’t be sure if it was his protein that caused it, or whether Nick had always been secretly attracted to muscular jocks. As I walked out of the bathroom, it dawned of me that Nick would be in there for some time. His room would be unguarded. Checking over my shoulder, I crept into his room. The scent of his room more familiar now that my own bedroom was developing its own masculine scent. A quick glance across the counters and floors, did reveal that Nick had been entertaining Jenna recently. He left the very thing that I wanted, just lying there. I grinned and got to work. I traced the edge of my water bottle with a finger through the car ride, its precious cargo the only thing I could think about. Nick’s malicious gaze continued to drift from the traffic ahead onto my swollen arms, the size and obvious power, stretching the sleeves of my previously baggy t-shirt, whereas his underarmour hid what he had clearly lost very well. He had managed however, to quite easily convince himself, he was no less of a man than he was the previous week. As we arrived at the gym, as we exited the car I took my first gulp of my water bottle, the lemon juice not really disguising the digusting taste of his ejaculate. I loved the feeling of pure energy as it burned down my throat before setting a raging fire within my gut. More suddenly than I expected I began to feel myself grow as we crossed the car park, I could feel the arms of my t-shirt dig into hardening biceps, my burgeoning arm reached down to readjust my package which was becoming rather uncomfortable in my new jock, I bought to replace the previous one. “Stop playing with yourself…” Nick scolded his voice breaking as he did so. I loved the feeling, watching him wilt as I grew stronger and stronger. It was hard to avoid the temptation to drink all of the contents of my shake, but I resisted. I walked over to an empty weight bench, the agreed exercise to be shoulder press. After a quick warm up, I grabbed his usual working weight and hefted it over to him. He looked a little anxiously at the large imposing dumbbells before turning his face into a snarl. He hardened the look as he got his arms into the perfect start position with a little help. I stood back and took another big swig of the potent protein shake. On his second rep and his arms visibly twinged as his muscle thinned, his face strained as his arms struggled. “Bro…” he struggled growing red in the face As his face glowed so the change rocketed through me, I could feel my chest swell outwards. My tee was now edging towards dangerously snug. The end of my shorts were now rubbing the top of my knee and not the top of my calf as the flourishing muscle and elongating limbs, pulled them vertically. I positioned myself behind him, and applied a very firm pressure from beneath his elbows to help with the weight, but he still struggled, the contours of his elbows feeling flatter and softer. His weakening arms inched upwards a little more before stopping, as his muscle ebbed, it felt like I was draining it right out of him. Nick’s arms collapsed and the heavy dumbells came clattering to the floor, he leaned forwards onto his knees totally spent. Before we switched seats I took another big swig of the shake. My weight was less than Nick’s but much more than I would normally throw around. I hefted the weight into position, getting one up with the help of a quad, as the undeniable cracking of the hem of my shorts resounded in the air of the gym. I pressed the weight, from my stance I could feel the bulge in my underwear swell, the feeling of wellness and masculine power bolt through me as I pressed the weight, after the second rep, it felt light. It felt like the worlds best pump. But I knew better, I was growing still. I racked the weight, and grinning, watched Nick’s face fall as I grabbed more weight. I restarted shoulder pressing the heavier dumbells, now matching Nick’s weight, it was tough at first but it got slowly easier as I felt my growth continue but at a slower pace. The delts fought back hard against the taught fabric, the power of the muscle winning out on the fifth rep, as two seams cracked. The protuberant muscle tearing the fabric apart. I grinned at Nick who looked white with shock. The sixth rep, forced the muscle to bulge larger again, the stronger, harder, steely muscle tearing more of the seam like a knife through butter. I felt the pressure around that shoulder relax and I grunted a lewd moan, feeling the sinew burst from its cloth prison. “Oh fuck yeah… growing…” I grunted. I turned to the mirror, bringing both my arms up displaying their new expanded form. As I gently flexed, more cracking was audible. I drank in my new form, whilst openly taking long stares at Nick, he seemed weaker by the second where as I was empowered. My skin seemed to glow with vitality, my features more masculine and edgy and my eyes sparkled. I couldn’t remember, ever feeling this good. I think, looking back on it now, objectively, this would probably have been enough to address the power balance in the flat, to bring things back to an even keel, but something inside me had grown stronger too. I felt that “evens” wasn’t enough, I didn’t even wrestle with the desire, I simply gave into it, to the temptation to take more, to feel the power course through me again. I chugged some more protein shake and suggested some lateral raises. Nick for the first time, seemed almost defeated but agreed. I watched as we moved over to the smaller free weights. I watched Nick gingerly pick up the 8kg. “Shoulder injury…” he coughed, by way of an excuse for not using his normal weight. I watched as he began the exercise, his weakened musculature, struggling with the small weight. His arms shook and sweat seemed to pour out of him. I grabbed heavier weights and began exercising next to him. My eyes firmly locked onto the powerful body I barely recognised in the mirror, Nick looked on, watching striations burst out of my skin into prominence. Exhausted he let the weights hang by his side as I grabbed heavier ones. By now, I could feel others in the gym watch as my shoulders swelled and veins pulsed over the surface. I wracked the dumbells and brought my arms up into a flex. The swollen arms and shoulders, openly tearing the arms of my vest with audible cracks. “YEAH!” I roared, totally absorbed in this power, not caring how the transformation was affecting not just my body, my whole personality. On reflection, how many of us could be in this situation and not take it all, how many of us would turn down the opportunity to be elevated above others. Maybe, the old me could have turned back on it, but the testosterone tearing through my body, urged me on, pressing me to turn the knife in Nicks wound. At least, I tell myself it was that. Before I could pose again, Nick was gone. I glanced over to see him slip back into the changing rooms. I grinned, casually following him, sauntering through the gym, as other guys eyed my new form, probably the first time they’ve ever noticed me over my flatmate. In the changing rooms, Nick stripped and hurried into the shower. I could barely stop myself from grinning as my ruined workout shirt hung off my surging frame. I gently peeled the remains off, letting it drop to the floor as my chest caught my eye. Not only was it distended with muscle, but a fine coat of hair was now generously coating it, only adding to overstate the power and evolutional masculinity behind such a display. My thickened legs were swelling as I padded from foot to looking in the mirror, eagerly flexing my now bulgy and rounded biceps, the forearms crammed with veins and distended with a sickeningly thick spread. I chugged down the last of the precious shake. My eager guzzling causing the odd drip to land haphardly on my swollen pectoral shelf. Even as my left hand casually quested for it, I felt it absorb into my skin. It was like my body was adapting to Nick as a source of food. With my legs rolling over each other, I made for the shower. I knew Nick would want to once again try and put me in my place, with the only advantage he still had. I deliberately entered the shower, facing an opposite shower head to Nick. I felt the familiar surge within me, the change was coming, and this would be a big one. I knew Nick had his back to the shower head, as he always did, any excuse to show off his almighty package to anyone who would glance at it. I glanced out of the corner of my eye, his once proud muscle, softened, his hard look now distinctly puffier and flatter. His once thick neck, now looking thinner and less impressive. His typically rounded biceps looking more fusiform and slender. Yet, I was still aware his package had remained large. In his rush to get into the shower, he hadn’t appeared to notice the other changes to his body. “You think that I wouldn’t notice Sam?” He said suddenly, as I felt my back begin to furtively thicken. “Notice what bro…?” I asked innocently, turning halfway to face him. “You stealing my protein powder… It’s really good stuff bro, but I’ve hidden it now. I’m not sharing anymore with you, so enjoy the growth, because believe me, when I get back on it, I’m gonna make your life pure hell” He grinned at me his features malevolent. His hand reaching down and palming his thick, long piece of meat, grabbing the base, he gave it two quick tugs. If he registered that it didn’t seem as big, or as long as usual, his face didn’t reflect that. “However big you get, you’ll never be bigger than me where it really counts” He said laughing. But his laughter died away when I turned to face him. He drank in the image, watching, as my muscles seemed to bulge bigger. His mouth moved wordlessly as if trying to speak but unable. I felt the dragon roar up within me as power streamed through my body. I felt my legs lengthen, taking my growing profile in higher, I couldn’t believe how strong, how powerful I felt. “Alright fine…” I said finally, breaking the silence “But… I think you’ll find Nick… that I’m the one bigger where it counts and if I’m bigger, you have to suck it…” I continued Nick, his eyes darting between my chest, abs and, what was now a bigger than average flaccid cock. “Heh, I’m still bigger bro, you got yourself a deal. And if I’m bigger I guess that means you have to suck mine!” he grinned. “well… alright then…” I said feeling my growth slacken off again He began massaging his cock, it would have been impressive by anyone’s standards, of course, anyone that hadn’t seen Nick before this week. Now as I played with my own thicker, longer tool, it felt great as it engorged and grew hard as steel, the whole throbbing pole feel amazing in my hand, better than ever before. What I presume Nick used to feel. My bigger, swollen balls, pulsed with energy, my skin on fire. To my surprise, Nicks cock thickened obscenely, hanging lower and lower as he caressed it with a fist, soon it grew harder and began rising up, pointing straight at me. My sword rising to meet the opponent, like the calm before a joust or fencing tournament. He stepped forward, my eyes angled downward to meet his, I was growing taller. Again if he registered this, he chose to ignore it. Instead, he grabbed my big thickening pole and pulled me in closer toward him. But I grinned as I felt his purple, engorged cock head jab into my abdomen. My own cock, falling just a few millimetres short to do the same to him. I watched Nick return the smug, arrogant look plaster all over his face again. “Heh, you know, I’m gonna enjoy this…” he smiled, placing a hand on my thickened and bulging shoulder. I tried to look dismayed as I sank to my knees, the flexion making my quads bulge and distend. I’m not certain if Nick noticed much of what was happening, but glint in his eye suggested that somehow he was oblivious. I gazed upward, with as much of an innocent intent as I could muster, made all the easier as he gently slapped his cock against my mouth. I didn’t even have to time react as he bucked his now seemingly slender hips forward and penetrated my mouth with his thick organ. I concentrated on supressing my gap reflex and kneading the rigid shaft with the breadth of my tongue as he firmly handled the sides of my head for his own pleasure. As he thrust in, I could feel the last of the effects of the tainted protein shake start to slacken, but things were already accelerating toward my eventual victory as I watched Nick sneer, his legs buckle and toes curl. His insistent and powerful thrusting increased in intensity but weakened in power. I could take his cock more manageably in my mouth; I knew my grip on his legs strengthened as those very legs diminished. Then I felt it, before he knew about it, before even the tidal wave of his cum hit me. I felt the spark of power deep within me, grow hot and brighter with every passing second. I focussed on feeding that sensation and sucked hard on his cock and it felt like the dam burst within him as his cock pulsed and rope after rope of his thick white ejaculate launched into my mouth. I felt like I had the energy to run a marathon or move boulders, as I continued to suck hard on his organ. Within seconds, my thickened musculature began to grow again as I took everything Nick had to offer. I glanced up at Nick, his head back, totally gripped in pleasure, his eyes half closed. I watched as I saw his chest weaken, his abs lose definition, and his thighs lose the impressive thickness. I knew his cock was shrinking too as my mouth now held his whole length easily. I also knew exactly where it was going. On my knees, my now impressive slab of meat between my legs was hanging over a bigger pair of bull balls and grazing the wet tile beneath my legs, with every passing second, I felt it reel out and rest on the tile like a python. I couldn’t physically wait to see the new me, but I could feel myself growing larger and stronger by the second. The feeling was indescribable, save for the undeniable and unassailable power that coursed through every inch of my body. As pleasure washed over him, he placed a hand on my shoulder. I looked up, as he looked down, curious about the sheer size and breadth of the rugged, rock hard shelf he had gripped on to. As our eyes met, I licked the head of his cock clean and pulled the much shorter, dare I even say small, cock from my mouth and grinned up from the floor at him. He said nothing, as his eyes darted around my newly enhanced body. In a split second, his cock bucked and he came again, only managing two single ropes this time as it shot out and hit my chest. He watched as it absorbed into my skin and my pecs swelled even more freakishly than before. My shoulders widened and a involuntarily growl escaped my throat as I grew again. He fearfully stepped back, that’s when he noticed his transformation, in the opposite direction. “Whu- you… you took it?” “You gave it…” “No… I would never give it…” His voice sounding hollow and almost childlike “How…?” he ventured “I think it’s your protein, it’s nothing I’ve done” I said flatly I rose to my feet. I had grown so large, I put my final height at maybe 6’4, maybe more, my muscle, huge, thick, maybe 250/260lbs easily, eager and desperate to be used. I looked down at him, gone were the protuberances of his muscle, the towering, masculine height. His cock limp and shrunken. Despite this, his wolfish good looks remained, and the innocence in his face made his eyes sparkle even more. There was little more to say. He took one last look at what used to be his before turning and running. By the time I had gotten back to the flat that night, he was already gone. His stuff was mostly packed, he’d left most of his clothes, since they no longer fit him but he’d packed the important stuff. He left the weights and the bench. But I suspected that now they would be too light for me. I walked into the kitchen, not unhappy with my current situation. I wore only a pair of sweat pants, my big, muscled physique clearly on display, my obscene bulge displayed through the thick cotton fabric. I smiled as realised Nick left all his food, kitchen supplies and his vast array of supplements. But, on closer inspection, there was a gap above the refrigerator, my new vantage could show me that there was a footprint where something used to be. Nick had taken the experimental protein shake with him.
  8. Happy Father's Day by F_R_Eaky Chapter Three: A Keg & A Six Pack for Father's Day. Chapter one: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12542-happy-fathers-day-by-f_r_eaky/ Chapter two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12560-happy-fathers-day-chapter-2-by-f_r_eaky/ The phone rings. Oisin reaches out to pick it up and instead sends it flying off the end of the table. Cursing, he picks the phone up off the floor staring at his arms and hands in disbelief; he's been fumbling and tripping and knocking things over all day yesterday, and this morning is only mildly better. He has this thought, sensation that he's taller, bigger, stronger, but not by much. Something around four inches taller or so, although his feet and hands have gotten much larger and his build has become a bit beefier. Seeing his reflection in the glass of his cupboards, he's distracted from the act of answering the phone, absentmindedly setting back down on the table. He's in just pajama bottoms although they are riding slightly high on his legs, still comfortably snug. He is shirtless as the pajama top felt a bit off...tight?...confining? He turns sideways and looks at his reflection. He does his best attempt at a side chest pose. Then he faces straight on and attempts to put his arms straight down, but they're being held up by his back or is that lats? He has lats? "Have I gotten more muscular?" he thought to himself. "I don't recall being this built before?" Running his left hand over his pec, he inhales a quick breath as his fingers glance over his nipple, and then they continue down...down...down... his waist. No six-pack, but still slim, taut, and solid. His toes are being tickled and he realizes his feet are extended past the tiled area onto the carpeted. He wonders at this and backs his heel to beginning of a tile and sees his foot is the exact same length as the floor tile. Suddenly a rush is felt through his body. His groin is feeling very hot and his cock and balls are beginning to feel more and more cramped inside his briefs and his pajama bottoms. In a matter of moments he is looking down and staring wide-eyed at the decent sized tent his pajama pants are producing. The ringing of his phone again wakes him up to real life and he bends down to retrieve it and answer. "Uhm....Hello?" "Uhmmm Hi. This Lorcan Kiley. I'm trying to reach Oisin Shanahan...." "Oi... hi, Lorcan. This is him. How are you? Still planning to come over today?" "Yes, but I have a question for you." "I may have an answer. What is it?" "Well.... I don't want to seem presumptuous or cheeky, but.... I met this guy yesterday, not that I'm wanting to cancel, and he's not boyfriend material or anything... He's about your age, all alone in the world too, and well... ... .... He had a guy set him up for a supposed romantic date yesterday only to leave a note saying he was an ancient leprechaun and not worth dating." "No, he did not." Oisin gasped. "Aye. Not only that, but he and a bunch of his friends had hung back to watch when he read the note, then laughed at him and sped off in their car." "So you were thinking he might need a bit of a pick me up." "Aye. I told him I was coming over to your place today, but I didn't say he could come along, but I wondered... Two sonless guys and a fatherless young man, all single, no family...might be better with three to make the time go by ignoring all the father's day celebrations." "I appreciate the call, and I don't mind. Invite him over. Wasn't making anything fancy. Shepherd's Pie to be exact. I can just break out a larger cooking dish after I pop round the corner to get some more meat and veg." "Deadly. I'll call him and let him know." "Alright. See you two around one. Slán." " Slán." ************************************************************************** The phones rings. Cian opens his eyes and immediately shuts them, pretty sure that someone has instantly jammed needles into them. Groaning he opens his eyes a second time and watches as the room spins and rocks back and forth a bit; his vertigo is not acting correctly. He feels the ring of the phone pierce his ears more than he hears it. He stands up and tries to walk but he wobbles a bit. "My legs feel like rubber.... why are my thighs rubbing together so much? I can't walk straight." Cian thinks to himself. Stepping over huge piles of clothes he fumbles his way to the living room where his phone is, but upon walking he hears a deep resounding thud... thud... thud... coming from somewhere as if a man of goodly size was walking extremely heavy, very heel-toe like. He wished whomever it was would stop as it was making his head pound even worse. He stopped his walk to sense if it was coming from his neighbor upstairs. ... ... ... They stopped. He started to walk again, the heavy footfalls began once more. Cian looked up at his ceiling and called out, only slightly, "Oi! Ya bastard! Trying walking through ya flat instead of traipsing around like yer stompin' out bugs!" The phone rang again and he grabbed it from off the table somewhat angrily. "Oi, it's Cian." "Hi, Cian. This is Lorcan. They friendly guy from the beach yesterday." "Oh... yeah.... I remember." "Well, I spoke with my friend and he's fine with you coming over, if you'd still like to." "Sure... I still have to return your towel. Surprised you called me, given my abrupt departure." "It's ok. You didn't look to well. Might have been the heat." "Aye... the heat." "Well, since it's my first time heading to this guy's place, I'd like to pick you up around eleven if that's ok with you." "Sure, yeah, fine..." "Alright, see you then." "Aye..." Turning to head back into the bedroom, Cian clipped his foot on the table leg and staggered into his bedroom doorway only to tumble forward after slipping upon two empty bottles of Bushmills Irish whiskey. "OOF!! OW!! FUCKIN' TABLE! ... .... .... .... How the hell? ....I was fairly far away from...." Cian grabbed his foot, but still lying eye level with the floor looked across it to see almost his entire wardrobe laying, scattered on the floor. He stared at it in wonder and slowly his hand reached out to pick up one of his shirts. It was split in so many places. All of his shirts were split in so many places. Down the chest, down the back, busted sleeves, ripped out arm pits.... Nothing was whole. He then picked up some pants and some shorts. Many of them had their waist buttons missing. Most of them had tears in the crotch, at the butt, down the outer seems near the thigh, some even had split cuffs or hems. After picking up one pair of pants, he noticed a piece of paper on the floor, a couple of pieces taped together in fact, and there was writing, calculations, and the outline of a foot. Calculated the foot would be 30.5 cm long (12 inches) and need a UK size 13 (US 14) shoe. Shakily Cian sat up and swung his foot around and placed it on the paper... .... ... it was a perfect fit. Scampering in a backwards crawl from the paper as if it was some horrific thing, he slammed into one bedroom wall and sat there shaking and breathing heavy. It took a bit of time before he realized his stubbed foot was hurting and bleeding slightly. Walking weavingly into his bathroom, he broke out some medicine and bandages to clean and dress his foot. When he when he stood up however, he became motionless. Looking deeply into the mirror, he turned his head around to see if someone else was there. He stepped forward slightly and tapped on the glass and wave his hand in front of it to see if it was t.v. image or if someone else was standing on the other side of clear glass. His hands went up to his cheeks to smack them, then they progressed down over his chest as his breathing became rapid and his pecs heaved up and down. They then glided over his arms, down his waist line, across his thighs. This wasn't him...was it? Memories began to flood his brain of him coming home, after he made sure the coast was clear and once here, sitting down and belting a few back before looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. He then tore through his closet like a raging animal, trying this shirt on, with those pants and yet he couldn't successfully get them up or down to where they were supposed to be. Everything popped or snapped or ripped or tore. And shoes!... ... ...His feet covered his shoes now. His toes extended about one maybe two inches beyond the shoe. There was no way of ever getting them to fit in his size 5s again. Cian felt his heart rise up in his throat as he looked at his body in the mirror, then through the doorway to a couple of posters of particular rugby players, then back to the mirror, then back to the posters, back and forth, back and forth.... Suddenly he felt a good hard smack against his abdomen wall and looked into the mirror, then straight down. "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!" ` Splashing some water on his face, Cian went back into the living room, still fumbling his way, grabbed the phone and hit "dial last number." "Hello, Lorcan. It's Cian. Uhm.... odd request. I..... er..... I....that is uhm..... I... I had a break through... IN! .... I had a break in last night. No... I'm fine... just the gobshites went through and uhm....took knives or scissors or something to all my clothes. ... .... .... No, I'm fine. I wouldn't of noticed ... I kind of got really fluthered last night. Anyway... I kind of need to have some friends pick me up some clothes otherwise I..... I'm.... I'm going to be in the nip all day and I don't think they allow that usually outside of a man's house. Could we make my pick up closer to half past eleven or quarter till noon? ... .... ... Alright. Thanks." ************************************************************************** Lorcan and Cian arrived about a quarter till one at Oisin's home. It wasn't any bother them arriving early, he let them in and they sat in the living room. They had the tele tuned in to a rugby match, but they weren't paying a lot of attention to it. They were giving out a little background info, making lots of small talk, as folks do when they're newly acquainted and making friends with one another. They discovered a fondness of several card games and so Oisin broke out a deck and they continued to chat and play while the shepherd's pie continued to cook. When it was done, Oisin went into the kitchen to get it out of the oven, along with some bread and another side dish, as well as a pitcher of an ice cold drink to have with dinner. Cian went in to assist Oisin and Lorcan asked where the plates and things were to set the table. The three sat having a good time and a good dinner, joking and even playing some cards at the table with occasional screams at the t.v. to some rugby player or a referee. Eventually though they decided it was time to retire back towards the living room and they got up to clear the table. "Oi, Oisin. Gotta say that was an excellent shepherd's pie." "Thanks, Cian. It was my mother's recipe, or her mum's, or her mum's mum's mum's mum." "hahaha. Old family recipe." "Something like that." "Only thing we need now is a good Guiness or something like it to sip down while watchin' the rest of the game..." "Or playing cards." said Loran. "I still need to earn money back from you two or I'm not going to have enough to last me through the semester." Everyone had a good laugh at that and then Lorcan said he'd go grab the beers for Oisin and Cian, when suddenly both of them blurted out a very loud and firm no. Everyone stood there looking at one another for a moment or two before Oisin said with a smile, "That is you set the table, it's our turn to get things." "Okay, but it is supposed to be father's day, so you two grab your beers, and I'll clear the table and do the dishes. How about that. At least I can kind of feel like I honored the day." Cian and Oisin laughed lightly and agreed, grabbed their beers and sat down to relax in the living room while Lorcan went to wash dishes in the kitchen. They sat kind of silent for a moment before Oisin looked over at Cian and calmly asked, "So...what did you look like before?" "What?" "What did you look like before Lorcan poured you a drink through his magical cup?" "Whaddya mean?" "Well, you're a pretty big guy." "Yeah? So are you?" "True but I wasn't until about two days ago." "So?" "So.... you don't look like a guy who would have a rude note left for him calling him an ancient and tiny leprechaun not worth dating." "Oh..." and Cian looked away and down at the floor. "You also said 'no' a little to emphatically like I did, so I assumed he must have poured you a drink and you changed. He did the same to me." "You mean you weren't always kind of rugby looking?" "No... I was only 172.72cm tall and 9.14 stone." "So... what? Guys gonna find me interesting now because I'm kind of tall and built?" "I would've found you interesting even if you weren't tall and built?" "Yeah, right." "No, seriously. I have a thing for red headed guys. I just think they look great." Cian blushed so his cheeks matched the color of his hair. Still looking down he softly said, "160 centimeters tall...just under 8 stone.... but I was cut as hell...." Oisin smiled, "Like an anatomy chart? You could see all the individual muscles?" "Yeah....they just weren't huge and bulgy." "I still would've traced the hell out of them with my finger tip." Cian blushed again. "And now? Thirteen and half stones now at 188.88 centimeters." and Cian did a double bicep pose in the chair. "We're a matched pair then." "What?" "I'm the same.... 188.88 centimeters or six feet tall and thirteen and half stones or one-hundred and ninety pounds. And....I'd definitely jump you in a heartbeat. You really act all tough and macho, but you've got a great soft side, too." Cian blushed a third time, but blushed so hard his entire body turned red. "So uhm.... can I ask a personal question?" "I don't know we know each other that well, but why the hell not? Go ahead." "Did your... you know.... down there..." and then Cian hoarsely whispered, "your shillelagh?" "Oh.... that... yeah.... it did....Yours?" "Yeah...." "Ah...." "Ah...." "You measure?" "No. In total disbelief. Afraid to..." "So it's...." "Kind of out there, yeah." "Mine too." "Really?" "Yeah." "Ah." "Ah..." They sat there in silence for a number of minutes. "You know..." said Cian after a long pause, "I could go for you too. I like you dark guys. Thick dark hair, deep dark eyes, really tan skin, nearly looking more Spanish, kind of exotic." It was now Oisin's turn to blush. Cian continued. "Did he...Lorcan that is.... ask you what kind of guys turned you on?" "Yeah.... he did?" "Is uh.... that.... when the....changes started happening?" "Yeah..." "Yeah... .... ... me too." "Yeah?" "Yeah." "Ah." "Ah...." The silence hung heavily in the air once again before Cian finally broke it. "So you like big guys too?" Oisin sat up on the edge of his seat. "Oh yeah." "Like football or rugby players?" "Bigger." "Bigger?" "Yeah like bodybuilders." "Bodybuilders?!" "Yeah and not just amateurs, like pros. Seasoned pros. The ones at the top that are winning the Mr. Olympia." "Ooooh yes.... like like someone who is a superhero or specifically about ready to blow into the Hulk." "Oh gawd, yes." The two men began to shift in their seats. They could feel their new clothes beginning to close in on them like they were wearing apparel made from shrink wrap. "Do you feel.... warm?" "I feel hot!" "You look hot. Even hotter than just a minute ago." "So do you." And together they looked at each other and stated. "Lorcan." "The iced drinks..." "When he was setting the table...." "Poured the drink...." "Through his goblet." They sat there for a moment, being very fidgety, feeling their growth slow down as their clothes became just a little bit tighter. "Cian." "Aye?" "Your clothes are beginning to fit like under-armor exercise clothing." Cian swallowed hard. "So are yours..." "You want to continue?" "Fuck yeah! You?" "Come on... let's not reward him with a show. Let him be surprised." Oisin motioned for Cian to follow him and took him to his bedroom. Once he shut the door, Cian practically ran into him, kissing him fully, deeply on this lips. "Fuck this is so hot, you growing, me growing...." "You wanna grow for me big boy?" Cian growled. "Come on, tell me how big you like your men." "Awww fuckin' huge man...." "Hmmmmnnnn yeah....with arms as big as cannon balls?" "Oooooh uhuh....yes fucking bigger than your own head!" "Oh shit! uh damn that hurts, but feels so good..." "So powerful...." "So manly...." "FUCKING ALPHA!" The two started groping and feeling their bodies and individual muscles. It didn't take too long before their sleeves were ripping up to their deltoids, their chests were splitting their collars down to their navels, their lats and back were flaring out ripping the armpits wide open, and the backs began to be pulled apart screaming in tears and rips. Also too their butts were bubbling out causing the back of their jeans to explode. Their thighs started busting side seams. Their calves started making the bottom of their jeans round out and remain up, clinging to the large bulbous, diamond hard shape. "How tall....huh huh huh huh huh.....Oisin do you like your men?" "Very tall...." "Like American footballers?" "Taller" "Like wrestlers?" "Taller!" "Basketball players?" "The tallest of basketballers!" "OOOOH shite!" "Hmmmmmnggg fuuuuuck!" The rest of their shirts begin to rip and shred away along with their pants, which lost all hold on top as their bodies inched their way up and swelled out broader and thicker with the new height. Their waist buttons popping and smacking the other's new crunching and bunching abs and obliques, bouncing clear across the room. Their feet swelled and lengthened as well as thickened into huge manly feet made for extremely tall men and tall men that lifted huge amounts of weight. The sides of their shoes just grew out and rolled down to lie flat on the floor before suddenly ripping open straight across both sides of the shoe as their toes stretched and lengthened ripping out and pushing forward the front of their shoes until the fronts rested underneath the balls of their feet. Oisin let out a small hurt noise as his head hit the bottom of the door frame and continued to grow past it. Cian growing at the same rate, still lip locking Oisin as their conversation and grope fest continued. "How do the muscles grow, Oisin? Does the weight spread out over the new height?" "No... it grows with it.... " "Uggggghhhhnnnnn" "Oooooh daaamn..... they keep the size proportionately become hugely built giants." "Like the hulk?" "Like the hulk..." "Definition?" "Total.... one can identify each and every muscle, very cut, extremely defined." "HMMMMMMMM AUUUUCH! And.... and..... how well can you see the density?" "OOOOOOOH.... GAWD..... full..... FU-HULL! aaaahhhh huh huh huh huh full of striations, so many lines..." "Awwww maaaaaannnnn...." "How... how....huh....how about veins?" "Fuuuuuuck yesssss. I love to see veins.... how they highlight the shape of an upper arm riding across the peak from valley to valley..." "ShhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiIITE!" "How they move into the chest looking like tubes filling the pectoral muscles with something causing them to swell out thicker, fuller, broader, heavier." "Oooooh...." "Hmmmmmmm." "What kind of man do you really love, Oisin?" "OOoohhh oh...oh...oh.... a.... a.... RED.....huh huh huh....a red head.... extremely tall.....extremely built......like totally white... not pasty white like an albino, but that natural white that make his red hair just stand out.... ..... extremely cut, tight waisted, totally smooth, except maybe..... maybe a little bit of hair around his nipples, a good bush under the arm, and around his cock. .... augh and long haired.... like down to his shoulders so his bangs can playful....uh-HUH! .... huh huh huh....playfully hide his eyes with what almost looks like a theater curtain but more natural color." "Oooooh" Cian began to moan and groan as his body began to morph and change just slightly and his freckles began to fade away on his upper arms and face, but his red hair began to become more vivid, but slightly darker into something like wine color, nearly burgundy, and then the hair under his arms and near his underwear's waist band began to grow in thicker and thicker and small sprigs of hair grew out in the center of his chest and the spread out and feathers ever so lightly but more dense from that center to around his nipples. Oisin backed his head away and looked Cian for a moment then erotically whispered in ecstasy, "Fuck..... like an alabaster statue of some new Greco-roman god, only much more developed... like three times the size of Heracles...." The groping and growing continued as they rolled around across the wall, their arms, shoulders, elbows breaking holes into the plaster, knocking pictures off, and breaking off sconces. "And you? Cian? What is the love of your life like?" "Some.....huh....huh.....someone.... someone who is just as tall as I am....just as big and strong as I am....extremely tall.....extremely built.....but that off season build.... or with what they call a roid gut..... a..... big.....huge.....bulbous.... medicine ball..... of a stomach....that still has the lines of his abs creasing in there........even though he's got that extra twenty....thirty pounds of weight.....his jet dark hair hanging long in the front but no longer than his ears in back, a style that flutters and flies up in the breeze but masks and makes his deep dark, smoky eyes play peak-a-boo..... ...... the same dark hair that creates a five o'clock shadow by noon and he usually just winds up keeping it as a three-day scruff looking beard.... .... along....along with..... body hair that grows in thick....but not so thick as to hide his muscles and definition....but still enough to know.... you're dealing with a man.... a bear!..... it grows and feathers out sparsely across his upper arms and thighs but then grows in thicker as it goes down his fore arms and shins....and of course up the center of his abs and chest up from his groin and feathers out across the great expanse of his chest, and across the obliques. He looks like a cross between a hairy power lifter and an off season Olympian." It was now Oisin's turn to moan and groan and buck as he grew and grew and his muscles grew slightly larger and a little smoother than Cian's, followed by his stomach distending more and more outwards as Cian looked down, moaning "oh fuck yeah!" over and over again as he places his hands over the growing gut, stroking, caressing, and cupping it. Oisin looked up at Cian and smiled broadly. They locked lips again until Oisin broke it off to ask Cian seriously, "And you man's shillelagh?" "I bet.... hmmmm mmmm nnnnrffff..... I bet just.....huh huh huh....just like yours..." "Like a bat?" "Oh yessssss.... I want my man to squeal ever so slightly... to know I'm filling him to the maximum...." "Like soft it's hanging down almost a two thirds down our thigh...." "And it's not just a shower...." "It's a grower...." "Like another three to four inches longer...." "And growing so thick...." "And hard...." "And veiny...." "Like our muscles....oooooohOOOOOOH!" "AAAH AH AH AHHHHHHH! yes... Yes....YES LIKE OUR MUSCLES!" "And our balls?" "Big and pendulous.... but still pulled up slightly tight to us...." "Hanging enough to be see and peaking on either side of our mammoth soft rod...." "And full of so much come....we need to jack off daily..." "OH! Twice daily!" "With enough spoo each time...." "We cause average men to nearly choke on the amount..." "They're stomachs actually full!" "AAAAUUUUGH!" "oh! Oh! OH! OOOOOOOOOOH!" And the pair groaned and writhed again this time as their cocks grew out like snakes coming out from a hole, the head followed by more and more of the body, slithering out longer and longer. But this time, the snake is wrapping around inside a pillow case as their cock became caught up in their now already too tight of underwear. It then became a bit painful as their balls began to swell and inflate, pushing out more and more forcing their cocks to push back at them and their underwear leg straps to cut into them until finally snaps and rips and tears were heard and the two men stood there with extreme cocks swaying and swinging against their undulating thighs. Cian backed away from Oisin and grabbed a hold of his underwear's waist band and grunted, once only, and jerked to snap what was left of his underwear clean off. Oisin growled at Cian and did the same. The pair then began to stand up and down on their tip toes and their pants hems that were just barely clinging to the top part of their calves just blew apart in one clean rip and the pair was now totally naked. The two stood there staring each other down, smirking, smiling, at each other with lust and devilish grins. "Cian?" "Aye?" "Are you a top.... or a bottom?" "I'm verse...." Oisin moaned loudly at the answer and moved in to embrace Cian hard. Pushing Cian towards the bed, he suddenly flipped them around as he whispered in Cian's ear, "As it was wrong for you to be dumped, be the alpha tonight. Take me....TAKE ME HARD!" The duet of mighty, mountainous men fell backwards onto Oisin's full sized bed. The frame groaned and snapped instantly. Cian and Oisin stopped and looked around, then busted out in huge fits of laughter and shrugged. Oisin flipped himself around to lay the length of the bed, his feet and legs sticking out and over from about the knees down. They were both about as broad as the bed or mattress and their combined muscular weight definitely made it so flat it looked like it was only a few inches thick. The sight of how small the bed was made the pair moan and laugh and very quickly, almost too quickly and very painfully achieve full erections, upon which Cian smiled at Oisin, who raised his hips and buttocks in the air and nodded in the affirmative. It was said that the grasp and groan of pleasure as Cian entered into the exceedingly tight hole of Oisin was so loud it was heard up to three houses away, despite closed windows and doors from all houses. Cian began his motion driving his rod in and out, just a small amount as first, but more and more as he worked up steam and speed. The pair looked like they were one of those old fashioned individual oil rigs that dot some areas of America drilling for oil. The hammer rising up causing a piston to pull out and then shoves it in as it comes back down. There would have been bed springs squeaking and making noise, but as they flattened them, instead it was the sound of large thumps slamming against the hard wood floor. Lorcan, looked up at the ceiling from the kitchen sink every now and then, but then went back to work washing the dishes for the fifth or tenth time. Eventually the two men were screaming in ecstasy, Cian filling Oisin until his spoo spurted out in great spurts from Oisin's hole, until he pulled his pecker out. Oisin spewing his goo all over Cian's thighs, abs, chest, neck, face, hair, until he looked like a bucket of white paint had been dropped on him. Once down, the two laughed and laughed in deep bass voices that shook the windows and echoed through all rooms of Oisin's house. They wiped each other off with the sheets, that nearly were like beach towels to them, and then continued to grope each other and pinch their nipples, lightly stroke their cocks, until the motions got slower and slower, and soon the mega men were fast asleep.

    Part 1 “And that’s why I love enjoying a big juicy carrot, at least once a week!” said the young man, putting down the juicer on his spotless kitchen worktop and finishing with a big wink to the camera. “Check out my next video in a few days’ time, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, my Instagram and my Twitter feed. Remember, whoever you are, you can get a super-fit body if you really want – and I know you want it.” There was a long pause, and then the whole studio set dissolved into bustle and noise as runners moved in to disassemble it. “That’s a wrap, Tom,” said the man behind the camera, stepping forward to shake him by the hand. “Another month of online content locked down and ready to upload.” Tom Daley, British Olympian and all-round nice guy, beamed and shook the older man’s hand with all the freshness of a man who had just finished recording half an hour of material, not the eight hours they had just achieved. “Thanks, Chris,” he said. “It’s always a pleasure shooting with you.” You’re telling me, Chris Jones thought. “You can go and get dressed if want to, now, Tom.” He tried not to sound remorseful at the prospect. How much pleasure he had had today, just staring at the 23-year-old athlete in his diving trunks, the trim physique, ripped abs and hard little pecs that begged to be touched. Not to mention the material clinging to his cute little bulge. All in the name of work. “Good-oh,” said Tom. “I’d forgotten I was in the altogether – just feels so flipping natural to be wearing this.” “Believe me, if I looked like you, I’d never put my shirt on,” said Chris, laughing to disguise the honesty of his remark. “That’s so sweet of you,” said Tom, with a shy smile. “You’re no stranger to the gym, though, mister.” “You noticed?” Chris folded his muscled arms shyly over his barrel chest. “I guess it’s somewhere to go and let off stress, but I’m not serious about it.” “Really? I have to say, I sometimes wish my body was more like yours,” said the young man unexpectedly. “You know – the blooming size of you. I mean, obviously, I need to be pretty lithe to compete, but I feel pretty flipping… weedy. Sometimes.” Chris shook his head. “You’re in incredible shape, Tom. You know that.” “But sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be big. Really big. I mean – can I feel your bicep a minute?” said Tom, reaching out. Chris took a step backwards. “What, here?” “I’m not saying you get your shirt off or anything,” said the young man, idly rubbing his jaw, eyes averted. “Unless you want to.” “Well, it’s just… if someone should mention to Dustin about it –” Tom put his hands on his hips and laughed. “Come on, my career is built around my body. My hubby totally understands if I – focus on it, sometimes. With professionals.” Chris wondered about that. There had been rumours since January of Tom’s Snapchat conversations with hot gay fans. Nothing had actually surfaced, no matter how much Chris Googled. Dustin and Tom had laughed it all off in the papers, but nobody really knew what went on in their relationship – and then they had gotten married, as according to the plan, and everything had gone quiet. Some people had even accused Tom of leaking the sex videos himself to boost his brand. Whichever way the story was read, everybody had sussed now that the butter-wouldn’t-melt star of British Olympic diving was far from as innocent as he appeared. And Chris had sometimes wondered if there was some special reason Tom had selected him to make the Don’t Quit Till You’re Fit videos for his YouTube channel. Was it coincidence that Chris was gay, unattached and – according to his Grindr profile – a ‘hungdaddy4u’. “Well, let’s go back to your dressing room,” he said, hoping his big hard-on wasn’t too much on display. “We can firm up our next shooting dates.” Tom shrugged as if they were talking about nothing but that. Perhaps they were. When they got into the confined space of his dressing room, though, he looked rather more serious, and he took care to lock the door after them. “Come on, then,” he said. “Down to your briefs. What’s good for the chicken is good for the daddy, or flipping something like that.” He watched while Chris stripped, slowly, down to his Calvin’s. It was hard to read his expression but he looked appreciative. He bit his lower lip as Chris threw his Levi’s into the corner. “How flipping old are you again? Because you look incredible.” “I’m only forty-eight, young man,” said Chris, with a laugh. “You don’t need to patronise me.” “Of course not,” said Tom, looking away shyly. “Come on, then. Let’s compare.” “Well, I’m a foot taller than you for a start.” “Pull a ‘most muscular’ though,” said Tom. “We’ll compare triceps first.” “Like this?” said Chris. “Whoa. Your shoulders are… flipping giant. Check me out.” Chris looked him over. “Cute, little bro.” “Yeah, I get it. Mate, your arms look three times the size of mine. The forearms, everything.” “Let’s compare biceps, then. Front Double Biceps, pose.” “Like that?” Tom struck a pose and his little biceps popped up. “Sort of. More at ninety degrees, with then turn your hands inward, like this…” Chris had done this a million times in the gym mirror after a workout. He wished he was as pumped now as he was then. Only his dick was as engorged as he wanted it to be. He noticed Tom was practically salivating as he stepped closer and compared his solid little muscles with Chris’s less ripped but mountainous peaks. “Oh, I really am pretty little, aren’t I…” “Well, you probably need that when you’re competing, like you say,” said Chris. He took a gamble and reached out, resting a big brotherly hand on the younger man’s shoulder. Tom’s eyeline raised and they looked at one another with quiet, naked honesty. Or semi-naked, at any rate. “My diving career is nearly done,” said Tom. “It’s everything around it that I need to build up now. And the gymnasts are coming up behind me with proper blooming muscular physiques.” Chris couldn’t deny that he was an ardent follower of Max Witlock’s Instagram and his somewhat stronger physique next to Tom’s. Even some of Tom’s fellow divers, like Chris Mears, were more top-shelf material, and weren’t burdened by Tom’s nice-guy persona. “You can get big pretty quick,” he said. “It just takes a little time and maybe a little help.” “That’s what I thought,” said Tom. “That’s why I have this.” He went to his kitbag and pulled out a jiffy bag, and from it, a small plastic jar. “It’s from the States,” he says. “Jack Zefron put me onto it. Totally herbal and for the time being, legal.” The label on the jar simply read, ‘SWELL!’ Chris scanned the ingredients list, screwed the lid off and gave it a sniff. It smelled of sandalwood and leather. For some reason, Chris’s dick hardened at the scent. “Steroids, Tom?” “Nothing like that,” said the young man, wide-eyed. “It’s totally legitimate, just gives you a boost.” “You’re sure you need a boost?” “That’s why I brought you back here, Chris. To show you how much I need it.” Chris sighed. “I see,” he said. “And so that I don’t ask any difficult questions when we film next month, I suppose.” “Well,” said Tom, coyly, “I suppose there was one other reason I got you in here.” “Oh? What’s that?” “I need someone to apply it,” said the young athlete. With that, he double checked the door, stuck his thumbs in his shorts, and hauled them down in one smooth move. The stuff in the jar was the consistency of olive oil. Chris had to be careful. He dribbled a little into his right palm, then started massaging it right away into Tom’s arms. Tom looked at him warily the whole time, as if wondering what would transpire. The stuff warmed as he worked it, and he could feel his skin tingling as he massaged it into the young man’s forearms, underarms, shoulders, neck and throat. With a playful gesture he finished on Tom’s chin. “Feels nice!” said Tom, unsmiling. “I bet,” said Chris. “You want it on your pecs?” “Flipping heck, yeah,” said Tom, putting his hands on his hips again and welcoming the older man’s oiled caress. The muscle was firm beneath his touch, the nipples soft yet hard at the same time. He swept down the young man’s abs to his hips, till the whole of the athlete’s torso glistened. “Anywhere else?” he said. “Everywhere,” said Tom. Chris raised his eyebrows. Tom’s gaze was unwavering and serious. “To be sure of it working,” he said. “That’s what Jack told me.” Chris massaged the oils between his own palms before continuing. Two firm sweeps down Tom’s back, down to his arse cheeks, oiling them up too, and then the thighs, lightly furred with young dark hairs. He worked his thumb up briefly into Tom’s arse-crack and felt the musculature shudder with pleasure. When Tom turned around, his small but perfectly-formed dick stood hard out in front of him. Chris made sure to massage plenty of oil into that, but didn’t linger on it overlong. There was a businesslike tone to the whole operation. When he was done, the young diver gleamed as if he had not long been out of the water, except for his dry hair. Chris’s big chunky cock was forcing its way out of the leg-hole of his Calvin’s and dribbling precum down his thigh, but the pair of them ignored it. “Cheers,” said Tom, stepping away from the older man to show that their business together was over and done. “I dunno if it’ll even work for me. I guess we’ll find out at next month’s shoot.” “Right,” said Chris, his mind reeling. “Okay. Looking forward to it.” He adjusted his hard-on and looked for his clothes. What just happened here? “Don’t tell a soul,” said Tom. “Or my career, if not yours, will be over.” Chris smiled, as he stepped back into his jeans and buckled them around his waist. “Whatever you say, young man,” he said. It’ll be a miracle, he thought, if that magic baby lotion does anything more than moisture that beautiful tanned body of his. But Chris was wrong, as he was to find out – wronger, sooner, and more enjoyably than he could ever have imagined. TO BE CONTINUED
  10. You & I: The Bar

    YOU & I: At the Bar I don’t always wish to cause a commotion. Sometimes it’s more fun - more…satisfying - to make my changes without anyone even noticing my presence. Toning myself down, reducing my attractiveness, my size, my perfection, isn’t easy. Creating the man I am now, using terms like “most beautiful,” and “most powerful,” and so on, that’s easy, isn’t it? It’s describing the far-end of the scale, and I can add in things that amplify and correct any mistakes I might make along the way. Saying “the longest penis in the world” takes into account every penis on every creature. Limiting it to “the longest penis of any human male in the world” makes my cock lengthen, but it doesn’t improve its girth, does it? Because my words create a new reality, but only as far as my actual words are concerned. Saying “I have the largest human male penis in the world, both by length and girth,” finally creates the monster that normally hangs so proudly from my loins, a fat shank of sex longer and thicker than any other man possesses. Then I can finesse myself and create the gorgeous, perfect, mouth-watering beauty that makes men crave to set their mouths to it, an enormous and brain-sizzling length of cock that makes men and women spontaneously orgasm at the sight of it. A cock that can rise and lengthen to twice its size and pump out endless thick streams of hot, sticky cum that I can make do the most amazing things if it simply touches your skin, feeling like the deepest sexual bliss you’ve ever experienced, or causing your own muscles to begin to swell and bloat with strength - or anything else I wish to happen. So you can see that altering myself to be the most beautiful man on the planet is easier than trying to create, well, the most average man on the planet. I stand before a mirror and reduce my super-human dimensions and mind-bending muscular development into someone you might not even notice standing in the corner, watching the crowd amuse themselves, perhaps unaware that I am among them. Just another guy. The thrill of watching my changes manifest surprises even me. Being the focus of so much worshipful attention and making it impossible for anyone else to compare to my magnificence can throw such a damper on things. Watching someone else become the center of attention, and watch them understand and accept their own glorious perfection and begin to wallow in it - it’s positively addictive. And if I hand the reins to someone else and watch the results, it’s often much better than anything I could have created with my own imagination. That’s not to say that I don’t return to my usual physical perfection and incredible muscular size and power afterwards, of course. It is who I am now, and the other appearances I project are the artifice. I exist as the most beautiful man on the planet. The most powerful, the most sexual, the most muscular and capable, and being anything less is now impossible. I’m not sure what drew me to you. You were with some others, probably friends, you were smiling, laughing, flirting, having a good time. But I wanted to watch you fulfill your fantasies, because the man you dream about, your perfect lover. So I approach you and have to smile when you don’t even notice me at all. My masquerade is perfect, like everything else about me. “Hi,” I said. My voice is thin and high and lost in the noise of the crowd and the loud, pumping rhythms of the music. The bar is wet with beer and gin and the bartender, a shirtless, hairy-chested man with a ready smile to get more tips thrust into his tight jeans, answers me first. “What can I get you?” he asks. He doesn’t even look at me as he wipes off the surface of the stainless steel bar. “Just water,” I say. He looks up, disappointed. But he nods as he loses his smile and gets my glass of not-a-cocktail to me. “Thanks,“ I say, smiling back. Normally my smile would have the man pumping cum inside his shorts, but not this time - at least, not yet. He nods and turns his attention to other patrons, more handsome and more drunken than I am. I look at you again and you still ignore me. “You want to kiss the man to your right,” I tell you, and I watch you shift your eyes to your friend, whose muscular arm is hung across your shoulder. You lean towards him and close your eyes, but he isn’t aware of your desire and he’s got his eye on the hottest dude in the room, a guy who could have walked off a fashion runway with carved abs and defined pecs and piercing blue eyes. A dude who works hard to look that good and is unwilling to waste that work on any of you. He is the fantasy. The man everyone else wants. Until I change that. I move close so you can hear me, hear the words I speak that will change everything in an instant, even though you hearing them will make no difference in their power. I merely need to speak, anywhere, at any time, to change reality to my whims. But I want you to hear me speak them, I want to watch their effect on your head as I start to change your body. “You’re measuring every other man in this room. That’s okay, we all do it, even me. You’re weighing your opportunities and options, gauging which ones might say yes to a night with you, or even ten minutes in the alley while you suck their dick. By the way, you are an expert cocksucker. You’re adept and talented and very, very accomplished at sucking dick. Any dick. Every dick. You know exactly what your partner wants, often before they do, and you’re equipped to fulfill their desires in unlimited capacity. With your lips, and your tongue, and your hands, and your spit, all these things combine in some seemingly magical manner and you can bring a man to erection with a slight touch, and then keep him there as long as you need him there, even delaying his eventual explosion until you want him to come, and when he comes he comes hard and thick and full and you swallow it all.” I paused to look at your face as my words took effect, watching an expression of both need and confidence appear. Your lips seemed slightly to pillow, and when you licked your lips as you gazed now at every crotch in the bar, it was long and slick and wet. You smiled and you looked at the man you want to kiss and you move your fingers towards the crotch of his jeans and brush your fingers across the bulge of his potent manhood and he gasps and his eyes roll up and he staggers as you cause his cock to inflate in record time. “Good,” I say. “And you enjoy that. It raises your own libido, pumping sexual bliss into your head as you experience the sensation of growing erotic need in measure equal to dealing it out.” Instantly you suck in a shuddering breath as your own cock pulses and swells in concert with your companion’s. Now you rest your palm against your friend’s loins and you slowly knead his tumescence to full bloom. “Yes,” I add to my instructions, “your touch on a man’s prick is nearly the same as your mouth, a warm, slick embrace that pumps him to fullness and makes his balls sizzle and his skin heat. “Now,” I say, “look at the man you had focused so much desire on earlier. The tall, beautiful, muscular, confident man who is the focus of every man’s desire, except mine.” Your head turns but you continue to pet and rub your friend’s crotch, and a new idea enters my brain. “If you want to, but only if you want to, you can make his cock grow larger with your hands or mouth. You can make it longer, or thicker, or harder, or any combination of those instructions.” You smile and I know that you have instantly decided to push inches of new growth into your companion’s dick. I lean out and look down and I can see it swelling thicker and longer, pushing itself up his body until the head emerges from behind his belt, nudging its way up his body, and he swoons and gasps as he feels himself growing bigger and bigger. “But let’s look back at that man you want so badly. Tell me why you want him.” “He’s gorgeous,” you explain. “There are several gorgeous men here. If you wanted to, with your special talents, you could have any of them. Why him?” “I have always wanted him. I see him in here and he never pays any attention to me. He’s…perfect.” “I understand,” I say, though only I am truly perfect. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “Is it only the way he looks?” “No, it’s…everything. His smile. His eyes. His confidence.” “But you,” I say aloud, “are far more beautiful than he is. Taller, broader, more muscular, more powerful. You inspire lust and desire in every man you see.” Each words alters reality and I watch you change before me, your body swelling with muscular beauty, your chest pushing forward with two distinct globes of powerful meat, your shoulders growing broad and thick, your biceps inflating like balloons. Your body becomes the source of wet dreams, an impossibly gorgeous collection of marvelously carved muscle, now a full head taller than I am in my altered state of ordinariness, and your clothes can barely hold your newly swollen body inside. I look at your face and it has already altered as well. Men will come just to look at you. You will glance their way and smile and their cocks will grow swollen with desire and their balls will inflate with cum and they will shudder and swoon and erupt gouts of thick, warm cream your mouth craves like water. “You can have him easily,” I say. “So what more do you desire?” “Only him,” you state, because I have not erased that from your reality. “I want him to want me.” “He does,” I state. The man turns towards you but does not move. He and you have now switched places. His desire for you overwhelms him. "He comes in here just in the slight chance that he might see you, but he is scared of your rejection, because you are the focus of the attention of so many others in here, and who is he? He is also aware of your prowess, he has heard from others how your hands and your mouth can do things to his cock that would seem impossible. He wants to experience that, to know if it is true, and he hopes you will grow his cock in the same way you have grown so many others. “You have grown the cocks of many of the men in here,” I state, smiling. “If you look around, you can see which ones you have been with, because their cocks are huge, monuments to your powers, and they wear them with pride and honor, like steeds in your stable. Your eyes, like jewels, dance around the room and on the handsome men you find with your discerning gaze, you alter our reality and gift them with monster cocks, thick with swollen inches that tingle and sizzle as you spot them. They experience your sensation of growth, your special gift to them, and each now remembers the night when they were with you, and how good you feel down there as if your mouth is still applied to every cock in the room, sucking and licking and stroking them, your tongue dragging along their hard inches and pulling them longer and thicker with your mouth. Now the room is filled with men whose pants are overflowing with cock. Zippers are strained to the breaking point and button flies burst from the cargo they have been forced to try to contain, but your talents have no bounds and their cocks swell and lengthen. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 inches long and some as thick and wide as your palm where you stroked them and coaxed them bigger and bigger. They ache with need, these owners of prize-winning meat, and the heat of your gaze upon them reignites those memories and they each swell and lengthen towards hardness, growing to 18, 20, 24 inches long and thick as a forearm. “But you have never been with him,” I state. You shake your head and look again at that handsome man, who steals glances of your overwhelming beauty and muscular power. You swallow and lick your lips and take your hand from your friend’s prick, now grown to be one of the largest in the room, its massive mushroom pulsing at his chest, thick pumps of glistening honey pouring from it’s gaping mouth and he grasps his newly emerged monster in both his hands and slowly stroked himself, shuddering with intense sexual bliss. “That was kind of you,” I say. “He’s my friend,” you answer. “So you gifted him with the biggest cock of all.” You nod and smile and look over at your handiwork, a massive, beautiful, superhuman cock that shakes and throbs with constant need. I have another idea. “I like your bar,” I say, instantly transferring ownership to you. “What do you call it?” You smile. “The Coxswain.” I nearly laugh. I had not taken you for such an erudite gentleman. “Also known as…” “The cocksman. The man who sits at the bow of the rowers and urges them on, controlling where they will go, and how fast, controlling the speed, timing, and fluidity of their movement.” “Fluidity,” I repeat, looking over at his friend’s drooling prick, veiny and red and throbbing as he concentrated his attentions on his new toy, undoubtedly sending thick cascades of pure bliss through his body. He leans his head forward, sticks out his tongue, and licks himself before sucking the plum of the helmet inside his own mouth. You smile, enjoying the play on words. “Welcome,” you tell me, and you start to move your hand to my own cock. I allow it, curious as to how this will feel, and how far you will push me, and how big I will become. I can feel the heat of your hand even before you reach me, like the furnace of some forge. My cock throbs as if it knows you, recognizes your touch, understands what you can do. You look down and over towards me, pivoting slightly to focus your talents on me. Your shirt tears along its seams as your new muscles swell and flex. Your nipples are distinct and mouthwatering along the lower edge of two massive globes of pectoral might banded with hard cables of power. Your face is almost too beautiful, if such a thing could be said to be true - and I could make it true with a whisper. You place your hand on my groin and instantly I can feel your power manifest as you merely wish for me to grow bigger and I do! My cock twists and swells and pushes angrily against its confines as you unleash yourself on me, stroking me and rubbing me over my jeans and you look like an artist, a painter or, no, a sculptor! A master sculptor with just one object of your talent and unlimited resources at your beck and call. You keep one hand on me and use your other to undo my belt and pants, wanting more direct access to the source of your talented attentions. I swell fatter as you alter your skills and make me grow thick and hard and suddenly you pull my pants open forcefully and I spill forward, already inches larger than I designed and not slowing for an instant, gaining inches with your magic and stretching towards you. You gaze upon my cock with excitement, and you slowly fall to your knees before me and look up at my face and smile. In your grip I swell and lengthen with voracious size, and I can feel my prick sizzle and pulse with power and hunger. Then you open your mouth and suck me inside. It is…miraculous…inside your mouth. Better than any sexual sensation even I have ever encountered. And as you begin to exercise your complete hold over me, I feel myself swelling massive with inches of prick. You swallow me down and bathe me in bliss and I am overcome with some insane, perfect, powerfully sexual pleasure that radiates out from your mouth on my cock until my entire body feels like it wants to come. You growl as you urge my growth on, and I swell larger and larger, the end of my monster pushing deeply inside you and your hand grabs my ass and you pull my groin at your mouth, making me fuck your face as I grow bigger and bigger. I must be absurdly huge by now. The weight and heft of my prick is pulling from my groin like an iron barbell, and I can feel the mother of all loads shimmering along the fat inches of my dick lodged down your throat. You live for this, this is all you want or need, now. Cock in your mouth, swelling and lengthening and blooming with size and power because you will it to happen. I need to come, now. I need to, with a need stronger than anything else. I squeeze my eyes shut and ball my hands into fists and curl my toes with that need but you aren’t done with me, yet. How big am I now, inside you? How far does my prick reach, surrounded by the wet warmth of your mouth and throat? My balls bulge and ache with a load so heavy and thick that it feels like they’re being inflated with hot lead. I need to come. I must come. You close your eyes and I feel your deep growl along every inch of my augmented monster and you do something, release something, and I am coming so hard, now, pushing a fat gushing flood of cum along the fat inches of cock you’ve given me and I nearly pass out from the intensity of the sensation. You take it all and want more, so I give it to you, every drop I have. You milk me with your mouth, squeeze me with your throat, massage every bit of warm, salty cream I have to give you and then you pull away and I begin to extract my newly grown monster prick from you and am amazed and thrilled and staggered by what you’ve done. Your jaw nearly unhinges to allow me from you and I watch in awe and disbelief as inch after inch after inch of the glistening swollen beauty of my enormous cock emerges like a butterfly from its cocoon. Twelve inches. Fourteen. Sixteen. Eighteen. Still it comes, its glistening surface lines with fat veins. It’s like a sex muscle, fat as my wrist and long as my arm. You are reticent to allow me to escape your mouth and you watch my face as my eager bliss and anxious surprise shows. I reach down to grasp myself and I am thick and firm and warm and slick with spit and at last the bulbous head pops free from your lips and my new dick, a two-foot long beast that feels like it weighs fifty pounds, slaps against my leg, the fat helmet dangling past my knees, still drooling a stream of honey from its gaping mouth. The whole thing throbs and tingles and vibrates with sex. Do I even have enough blood in my body to erect this monument to male power? Can it arch its mighty head upwards, or is its sheer size and weight too much to allow it to swell to its zenith and proclaim its power to the world? You stand up and lick your lips then lean down and press your mouth against mine, and the kiss reignites my passion and I feel my monster pulse hard and sudden and I feel the familiar sensation of my unquenchable sexual appetite rushing into it and it heats up and swells and begins to rise. Impossible, I think, but I can feel it. I can feel what you’ve given me, this marvelous and unbelievable sexual tool and I know that it will grow bigger still on its way to its fully erect state. You release me from my kiss and stroke my cock and then turn your attention to the rest of the bar, smiling your gorgeous smile, hungry for more cum. You zero in on that one guy, the beautiful man, the man of your desires. I am nearly overcome with the sensation of my new prick continually swelling and lengthening towards erection but I need you to hear my words, now, I need to alter just a few more things. “You are the cock worshiper. The god of cock. Every man’s prick throbs with need and swells with desire and pulses with sex when you’re near. Your power radiates from you like heat, wrapping its hand around every man’s hungry prick and squeezing and massaging and milking it for its delivery of cum. Because cum is your food, your fuel, the source of your power, and your strength, and your beauty. You stride this world in naked perfection, your own prick the most beautiful of all.” I watch your clothing disappear and now you stand before me, muscles swollen, skin smooth and flawless, like a god among men. You turn to look at me, breathing hard, and show me your cock. It is…beyond beautiful. Truly, you are the god of cock. I swell in sudden and uncontrolled tumescence, my own monster rising in salute to your beauty and perfection, and you lean towards me and kiss the throbbing tip and I swoon and shake and push forth a thick, hot fountain of cream to worship you, and you surround the purple, gleaming head of my yard-long cock and swallow my offering to your beauty and power. We are all coming, now, in the presence of the god of cock, worshipping you with cum, our pricks swollen and hard and pumping load of cream to honor you, to exalt and to praise and to idolize you, our new god. You walk to the center of the bar and we are all your flock, in the church of the god of cock, huge and perfect, and you raise your thickly muscled arms overhead and open your mouth and we come and we come and we come. ... Is it a skill or a talent? I like to think it’s both. My talent is that I can make cocks grow. My skill is that when I do it, I create massive beautiful works of art that are a dedication to the power and passion of men. The god of cock, I’m called. You called me that when I was done with you, when I had given you the most magnificent example of my skills so far, that towering and gorgeous edifice branching from your loins, raising its plump and handsome head higher and higher, pumped thick and firm with hot blood and drooling a stream of warm, slick, delicious honey draining down its gleaming neck. I’ve met men who told me they love cock, but that’s before I show them what loving cock truly means. Some men, I give them a few extra inches and they’re satisfied. I can do that so easily, you see, barely a brush against them with my fingers and they’re lengthening in their shorts and swelling thick and fat. I know that sensation intimately because I feel it too. Did you realize that when I was growing you? That experience of your prick swelling, that delicious sensual sensation of a hard-on that just keeps growing, throbbing and pulsing and stretching longer and longer and longer, the feeling of masculine power the erupts from your dick when you’re getting hard and rising to show off your beauty and prowess, I feel it, too. The god of cock. But am I? A god, I mean? I love being me. I mean I fucking love it. I revel in it. The men I gift worship me and I drink down their delicious offering and grow stronger and stronger. Soon I’ll be able to simply look at a man - just glance at him, and offer a smile - and his cock will leap forward and swell heavy and thick and burst from its cage for the world to see. I gave you something special. You were standing there, next to me, and something about you was different. I can’t say what it was or why I felt it, but I knew you were different. And you deserved something extra special. Something I knew you would appreciate and welcome and worship. A monument to masculine power and strength. The cock of all cocks. Mine, I must admit, is something special, too. I stay constantly hard because that’s how I constantly feel. I am in love with my cock, more than any other cock. Maybe that’s where my talent originates. I have always been blessed with physical beauty, and I am glad for it. But it is my cock that is the true miracle, and all I want is to share my miracle with other men. I cannot remember a time before I could do what I do. It seems that I have always been able to do this. Was I doing it in high school? Did I approach friends in the showers after gym, my own monster already hard and throbbing, leaking a stream of warm honey down its thick neck, reaching forward towards my friend’s dick and placing my hand upon him, willing him to swell bigger and bigger while I watched him? Did I kiss him as I grew him, feeling his cock filling my hands and stretching longer and longer until he came a fountain of cream that I welcomed inside my mouth? Did I have a job, once? Did I go to work with my hard-on pulsing and weeping, sending out hot waves of power and resting my hand on my co-worker’s crotch under the table, meeting his gaze as he understood what I was doing to him - for him - feeling his prick tingle and swell to erection, and then keep going, bigger, fatter, longer, shoving down his thigh under his suit and edging towards his knee? My hands can do so much, but it is only when I invite a man inside that I can do some truly spectacular work. I suck your dick inside my mouth and your growth instantly accelerates, and I swallow you and urge your growth and feel you enter me and quiver and swell. I look up to watch your face, watch your expression as I continually push more and more and more power, more size, more strength into your dick and feel you inching down my throat, swelling and shaking with need. Then you come, and your push load after load after load inside me and I swallow it all and it feeds my power, the pure essence of masculine energy, and I take it inside me and it makes me grow stronger, more powerful, more capable, and then I stand up before you, my own cock practically exploding, the whole thing red and gleaming and hard as steel, the mouth of my beast gaping wide and drooling a stream of my delicious, masculine-scented honey. And you come again, and I grasp you and aim your cock at my mouth and take you inside me. It has happened so many times, yet I have trouble remembering them. Only this one is burned into my brain, as if you were the first man I had given my gift, and the biggest one I had ever created. I watched you swelling thicker and higher as I held you. Your face registered shock, at first, and then acceptance, and then desire. More, you told me, I want more. Give me more. And I could. And I did. So much more. A towering monument to me, and to cock. And then there they all were, my flock, th emen I had grown, now urgently displaying the fruits of my power, opening their trousers and reaching inside and pulling out inch after inch after fat, thick, firm, ripening inch of dick. Cut and uncut. Dark and light skinned. Each one built to its perfect form and swelling longer and thicker before me in worship of me and my own amazing and beautiful cock. I wish I could make you feel the way that I feel all the time. That pure, perfect, brain-sizzling sensation of pumping an endless fountain of cum up the massive meat that rises in ever-present wonder from my loins. I am coming even when I am not coming, the god of cock experiencing that quicksilver moment of orgasmic explosion forever, and wanting - no, needing to share that with everyone I see, every man I meet. I stride into the center of my followers, the worshipers of the god of cock, and they stroke themselves and lick themselves and suck themselves, moaning and whimpering and growling in perfect bliss as the colossal cocks I have given them swell and shake and tingle with sexual ecstasy. I can feel it, too. It magnifies my own power, my own bliss, my own energy, and I close my eyes and raise my mighty, muscular arms and flex them into full bloom and my cock climbs higher and higher, swelling as big as a leg, as hard as steel, the most beautiful and gigantic prick the world will ever know and my balls swell and throb and my load begins its long, long climb to escape my massive monster. Then I am coming, and you are coming, and they are coming, and we are coming. Pumping thick, hot loads of cum over and over and over, shoving it up the heavy, hard inches I have given you and you point your cock at my naked perfection and I open my mouth and feel your sticky, sweet loads splattering against me and my power swells and my prick grows suddenly massive and shiny and I am blasting my unstoppable load of super cum everywhere. I am the god of cock. I am coming for you.
  11. I think its a bit shorter than my other entries, but it is my first time writing a scene like this alone. I would appreciate any and all comments to make it better. Chapter 4: As Real as it Gets As soon as they got into the locker room John pulled Mike down and began to kiss him passionately. They kissed each other sloppily, their tongues grazing each other as John pushed Mike against a wall of gray lockers. Caleb smirked as his cock started to twitch with excitement. He took a picture of the distracted couple and sat down where he could secretly watch them. He wanted revenge. First he wanted to take down Mike a peg or two. Or more like a foot. He slid Mike's body down on the phone, causing him to become shorter, but keeping all his muscle. He shrank down to 5 foot 5, but he was wide as his muscles grew in size to fit his shorter stature. The former hulking bodybuilder was now the shorter of the two. The couple adjusted themselves as to comply with the change, but to them it was far too normal. “Now let’s make John a big hulk.” Caleb said as he played with the muscle settings for John. 180 pounds was far to small. He doubled that turning him into a 360 pound wall of pure muscle. John’s muscles twitched as they began to swell. His pecs growing with each heartbeat, creating slabs of pure muscle that pushed him and Mike away from one another. His hands grew larger as he began to rub the crevices of Mike’s bulging muscles. John’s arms thickened as his bi’s and tri’s exploded with growth. His delts and traps swelling, giving him wide shoulders and a thick neck. His stomach rippled as a massive 8 pack emerged from the smoothness that it once was. John’s legs were the last to change, growing to be the size of tree trunks, glutes so tight that they could crack walnuts, and size 13 feet. The last thing to change was their more personal bits. With such a small stature Mike had to get a reward of sorts. Caleb started to increase the size of the bugle in the picture and at the same time the real thing started to grow into its now tight confinement. The bulge expanded with every second, until it was quite obscene. John smirked as he saw the strained workout shorts, and easily ripped them off, revealing a footlong cock, throbbing and drooling precum. John ran his thick fingers over it, giving it a good squeeze before he flipped Mike over and started to rub Mike’s aching hole with his large fingers. John dropped his own shorts to his ankles revealing his own throbbing erection, a nice sized 8 incher. He couldn't wait to get to the showers, he had to take Mike right now. John pushed his throbbing pole against the tight, never used hole. With a grunt he pushed into the virgin hole, eliciting a loud, long moan from Mike. John started to jackhammer into Mike, both moaning as the rapid intensity of John’s thrusts only quickened. The lockers they were using as a wall were rattling with the quick pace of their lust filled romp. Caleb watched all this, his own shorts on the floor as he furiously stroked his own, five inch erection. He he looked at it, he felt he could make it bigger. Opening Reality Bender he took a picture of his own cock. He stretched it out, moaning as it grew longer and longer, stopping at a nice and thick 12 inches long. He moaned as he went back to stroking his own cock with softball sized balls as the other two made love. “I love you bro! I’m gonna bust!” John said as he stopped thrusting, blowing the load his large balls into Mike’s hungry hole. The pressure against his prostate made Mike blow his even larger load all over the lockers. They both sat down on the floor panting as Mike replied “I love you too bro” before embracing the much larger man. Caleb was cleaning up the mess had done all over the wooden bench seat he was on. “I should leave these two lovebirds alone” he thought as he pulled up his pants and started to go back to the gym area.Where he could hear someone yelling from outside the gym.
  12. Resident Muscle

    I've tried writing this story 3 different times and every time before I can complete it, I get logged off and lose it. Hopefully you guy will like it. Partially based on true story as there really is a guy that exists like Kris. Resident Muscle He moved in a few months ago. I work at an apartment complex and was doing a lease signing for Kris, a 27 year old oil field worker. He came in right after work and so was in full uniform, but he looked like he stretched those seams to the breaking point. Didn't know if it was fat or muscle, but he was a gorgeous man. Round cherub like face, but with a full beard. And beautiful eyes. A month or or two went by before I saw him again. He was walking to the laundry room and had shorts on. My god. He wasn't tall, in fact was only about 5'7". But his calves were huge and ripped. And coated in a dark layer of hair. I thought he caught me looking but I wasn't sure. Now Kris was a cowboy through and through. Big cowboy hat, tight jeans, flannel shirt, big belt buckle, and heavy cowboy boots. And a body that stretched every seam. Summer came and I was working one weekend and saw him and his friends out by the pool. This was the first time I had seen him shirtless. A god there before me. His arms had to be at least 20". Huge pecs that stood out half a foot from his body. 8 pack abs. A back that would rival a plane. And all ripped. The hairiness, which I love was trying to manifest itself as well, but it was obvious he shaved his chest and most of his back, but still some was missed. And the swimsuit seemed to be covering up a massive sea creature. The bulge was enormous. Now I also do a bit of maintenance so when a work order came in for Kris, I jumped on the chance to do it. as I entered his house, it smelled of man. Sweat, musk, outside, gym, all rolled into one. It was wonderful. Glancing around his kitchen, I saw a syringe and bottles of testosterone. So that's how he was getting bigger. Oh well, to each his own. As I went into the bedroom to do his work, I noticed his dirty clothes all over the ground as well as used Magnum condoms everywhere. I had seen him with some girls so no surprise there. I would jump his bone too. But the thing that really caught my eye was the almost full set of clothes set off to the side. I couldn't help myself, I had to try them on to be as close as I could to this muscle cowboy beast. Now I am 6'4", 195 lanky build, very little hair on my body to speak of, and a average 6" cock. The one part of me that is big is my feet. I have size 14's. If only other parts had grown into that. i stripped my own clothes off, and then put on his underwear. They were bikini style, but the pouch was stretched out that there was so much room with my little dick. Next I put his socks on. They were the knee high white socks. My feet more than filled the bottom, but the tops were stretched out from his calves they had a hard time keeping up. Next I put on his undershirt. It too had the pecs stretched out, and the tshirt I put on over it, the arms were stretched from all the muscle put into it. The jeans were a task. Him being a lot shorter than me, I pulled them up and had half my legs showing out the bottom, well half the socks. Finally, I squeezed my big dogs into his cowboy boots. He only wore a size 10 so they were crammed. Standing there looking in the mirror, I was getting so aroused. To think, my body was sharing the same space as this beast. I tried posing and it was laughable. While I was doing this, I didn't hear the door open. I heard behind me "Well what do we have here?" In a low booming voice. My god I'm dead. before I turned around I felt a need jab into my neck. When I get turned around, I hear him say "You ready for the big rodeo?" Not knowing what he meant, I was going to try and explain, but started to feel really hot. "How do you think I got to look this way?" He said. "Since you like the way I look, I'm gonna make you look just like me. Well not exactly like me. You see I just shot you with an experimental steroid that amplifies your testosterone levels and mutates what you already have. In short, you are about to become massive in all ways." I didn't know what to say, all I could do is freak out over being caught in his clothes and with whatever he stuck me with. "You see, I used to be a runt" he continued "Then I found this. Don't worry, it's permanent. And I'm gonna enjoy watching you unwrap yourself. Just wish it had been your clothes instead of mine, but no way we are getting you undressed now" i know what he meant everything was getting tight. I looked down at my feet squeezed into his boots. The pain was exrutiating I saw the leather bulge and buckle as my feet, my already 14 size feet were swelling and getting bigger. The tops started to seperate from the soles as toes, heel, and the whole damn foot just exploded out. I watched my feet grow to a size 20 or bigger and then start to rip the dirty white socks. Massive flipper feet immerged from them. While watching this, they seemed to be getting further away from me. I was getting taller. It sounded like a hand running over a balloon. I looked up and was only 6" away from the 8 foot ceiling. Then the growth started. my legs were suddely gripped in a terrible vice. That vice was his jeans. Already they had been turned into capris from the height growth so my calves grew and grew until they ripped apart the socks. Fankhouser would look like he had chicken legs next to these cows. My thighs started growing next. Firecrackers of sounds echoed as the tight jeans just exploded off my legs. My legs had taken his jeans and turned them into daisy dukes. My poor cock was being crushed, so I had to lift it on top of my massive thighs. I would forever walk rolling my legs around one another. I looked at Kris and asked how much longer does this last. "Oh you have a lot more coming to you." I also noticed his jeans bulging a bit. Was he getting horny watching this? while that was happeneing, my upper body swelled like a Macy's balloon. His shirt became under armour in a few minutes by my arms and chest engourging with pounds and pounds of muscle. I flexed my arms and heard the shirt just explode. My biceps had to be over 25" and not stopping. My forearms were like bowling pins. My chest was starting to stick out from me and my nipples were turning downward. The shirt ripped completely down the middle. The undershirt was hanging on for dear life, but not for long. My abs, lats, and back inflated and ripped it to shreds. Speaking of ripping to shreds, I could see every vein and stiration. I couldn't put my arms down. They hung at my side at a 45 degree angle. My neck started to swell and my Adam's apple grew. I couldn't even with my enlarged hands, get them around my neck. It was so massive. I was easily 7'6", 400 lbs of ripped hulking muscle, and size 24 feet. As my cock started stirring to grow, Kris jumped up and grabbed a needle from his nightstand and jabbed it into me. "Now for something extra. I haven't tried that one full dose, but since you dressed up as me and now look like me, let's make you a super me". Fire in my veins. That's the only way to describe it. My cock just started growing longer and longer and thicker. It swirled up in his bikini briefs and looked like bisquits about to pop out, and then they did. The underwear exploded and my cock, or my third leg, emmereged. It hung down to my knees and was as thick as a beer can. My balls grew to the size of baseballs. With the extra testosterone from the change and the bigger balls, in addition to god know what he shot me with, my body went into overdrive. Millions of pin pricks went all over my body and I looked down to see hair. Hair everywhere. A forest of dark hair sprouting on my chest. I lifted a leg to see it get coated with the same. I was starting to look Italian or Indian, there was so much hair everywhere. But my muscles were not to be covered up. I grew another 50lbs of muscle, inched a bit higher to the ceiling, and my cock added a few more inches. My face grew out a thick lumberjack beard that framed my face perfectly. Finally, it all slowed down and I looked in the mirror. Fuck the Incredible Hulk. He looked like a shrimp compared to me. I was a heaving, hairy, hung god. Strips of clothes hung on me from the destruction. My cock started to inflate from the sight and it went perfectly between my pecs and right to my mouth. I could self suck. I swung around and saw Kris there naked and jacking. I never knew he was gay, but all those time jacking to the image of him and now he looked small. "Kris" I said with a deep booming voice "you want to help me break this body in?" "What do you think?" As he came his first load. "Ok close your eyes" I bellowed He did. I reached into his nightstand and pulled out another needle and stuck stuck it in. His eyes flew open "Now the real show begins" Thoughts? Continue?
  13. An Adverse Reaction (Part 1)

    Hey guys, my first story on the forum, hope you enjoy, will post up a part 2 shortly. “Sam… SAM, GET IN HERE!” I hadn’t realised that I been instinctively cowering when his voice boomed across our flat. My friends first pointed it out when my hulking roommate invited himself out for drinks with us. It did come as a bit of a surprise to me when they told me this, mainly because Nick had never actually hit me or even threatened to, it’s just that I felt, like somehow, Nick could just bend my will. One of my closest friends at the time said I shouldn’t cower, like a puppy, but stand up to him. I could hear the strain in Nick’s voice though and I hurried into his bedroom. The sight and smell assaulting my senses as I entered; the smell of man went right up my nose in the first inhalation. It was sweat, stale sex, rich testosterone and damp, a kind of damp that you can only find in a student rugby players bedroom. It made my cock kick in its loose, thin, cotton sweats. Then of course, there was Nick, dressed only in a pair of boxers, with his weight bench sat upright, holding one of his 45kilo dumbells in both hands and grinning devilishy at me. “Dude, shoulder press… hand me the other 45!” his dark brows and long but spiked hair giving him a wolfish look. Dodging an empty takeaway carton, a discarded jock, a heap of college notes and at least one used condom, I picked my way to the dumbbell. The smell intensified as I got nearer to him. “Come on man, gotta get this done before Jen gets here” he grunted. I bent down, carefully raising the heavy dead weight. I hefted it over to Nick’s waiting hand as he got into position. I licked my lips as his biceps bulged as he flexed his arm into position. Both his thick pecs flattened out and his delts swelled freakishly, choked with veins from a pump. “Stand back” he ordered. I would like to say I watched, to say that I spotted him, but Nick was a tornado of male energy. A guttural roar emanating from his chest as he flexed the weight soaring toward the ceiling, his form disturbingly accurate. As his arms reached the maximum height, the clink of the dumbbells and the exposure of his forestry of pit hair, made my organ start to pulse in my shorts. As he went for more reps, so the smell escaping from his pits intensified over and over. The room filled with his scent. Looking back, I think that is one of the things that made me capitulate to Nicks demands as my flatmate. As the grunting continued, his shoulders and arms steadily bulging bigger from the pump, I quietly left the room wordlessly. I crept back to my smaller bedroom, put my hand gently on the top of my strictly average, rigid member, and felt it fire off into my pants. My legs weakening, I sank to the floor. My own varsity swimmers physique, feeling childlike compared to Nick’s hulking body. Soon, Nick’s girlfriend would be here, and I would be listening to them go at it for a few hours. I realised that I should probably try and get some sleep before it all kicks off. After cleaning up my own mess I walked down to the kitchen for a pre-bed snack, as I did, I thought about how Nick and I started off fairly evenly matched, how we were actually good mates who moved into this small, penthouse flat, off campus together. The weight set, the benches, bars, all bought with combined part time job salaries of both me and Nick. Now I barely get to use it. As I walked into the kitchen, I noticed his array of proteins adorning the top of the fridge. Is that all it took to make him bigger than me? Irritable, I escaped back to my room, snack in hand. I woke with a start. The all too familiar, rhythmical banging of Nick’s headboard against his wall had woken me. I decided against languishing in bed, getting a semi from the image of Nick’s powerful body fucking Jenna, his fitness-model cover girl. I skulked off to the kitchen and started making pancakes. Down the corridor of the tiny flat, I could hear Nick step up his rhythm and the grunting got louder. “He’s close…” I thought, before immediately regretting it, as I felt my cock thicken. I poured the milk into the blender and turned it on, which nicely drowned out the noise of Nick’s big finish. As I waited for the mixture to thicken, I again glanced up at the top of the refrigerator. Nick was reasonably busy, so I reached up and pulled down the white looking container. I had listened to Nick extol the virtues to protein, and pre-workout and whatever happened to be flavour of the month at the time. But this… this I didn’t know about. Which was out of character for Nick. I looked over the label, it was plain white with black text. Plenty of scientific writing, this was clearly not something picked up off the supermarket shelves. I couldn’t really argue with the results though. Nick had been getting bigger and bigger, much stronger too, all in the last few weeks his progress seemed to have jumped. But he wasn’t just getting bigger, he was getting leaner too. Most of all, Nick was getting bullish, ordering me around, demanding stuff, doing whatever he liked with little consideration, his new strengthened frame easily backing up his command of me. As that last thought lingered in my head I decided I should try some of the shake. Quickly, not wanting to get caught by Nick, I spooned two tablespoons of powder into a protein shaker and quickly poured water in on top. As I was shaking it, excited to see if I could catch up to Nick, I realised the sound of the blender had been masking the sound from Nick’s room. I reached and clicked the blender off and the swirling pancake batter came to a stop. I could hear the sound of my own breathing, and feel the beating of my heart inside my chest. But nothing else, Nick was clearly finished with his girlfriend. I had to get the stolen protein shake back onto the shelf before Nick came into the kitchen. I hefted the white tub into my hands and raised it above my head. “Dude… you made me a post-fuck shake!” I, almost froze at the sound of Nick’s voice, but managed to get the tub back on top of the fridge. My heart pounding at the thought of being discovered, sinking to the level of deception to try and catch up with Nick’s recent gains. As I turned to face Nick a further reality dawned. Stood there, semi hard, straining his boxers, a wet spot visible, his thick muscular topless torso, hard and glistening with sweat from his recent exertion. Nick’s look was not truly one of thanks. He observed me from underneath his thick dark brow, his bulging muscle giving him a menacing look. “Thanks for making it for me, but next time, don’t… it’s special stuff, only designed for me…” Nick almost growled through gritted teeth. “Tomorrow… you…me… college gym… chest day…” Nick continued between big gulps from my protein shaker. Thumping me on the chest with a meaty paw. I said nothing, as I watched the behemouth, swig the luminous orange coloured shake, small droplets escaping as Nick guzzled greedily, landing hapharzardly on his bulging pectoral muscle. “OK!?” Nick yelled, eyes narrowing, before belching loudly. “Yeah, sure Nick, sounds good” Nick eyed me for a few more seconds, turned on his heel and bounced off back to his room. I quickly retreated to bed, the pancake mixture left languishing in the blender. Tomorrow would be a heavy one. The next morning, I was awoken by the deafening bangs on my bedroom door. My head raised from my pillow to find my unimpressive dick had been erect and oozing all night, probably as a consequence of the thought of a gym visit with Nick. This crush had come out of nowhere, but it seemed to be growing stronger the bigger Nick seemed to grow. I dragged myself to the kitchen; Nick was already there, his tight muscle tank straining to hold back his bulging chest. “Time you got up lazy…” grinned Nick “Ready to go?” I croaked “What do you think little man?” he grunted, pulling a crab pose bursting with ripped muscle. As we walked to the campus gym, across the very quiet and expansive campus, the cold bit into my skin, but Nick seemed not to notice. Somehow, the elements only sought to make Nick even more brutally masculine and dominating. Reaching the gym, we headed straight for the weights section, deserted except for a lone American football player grunting softly between reps of squats. I did my level best not to stare at Nick, but mostly failed. His deep golden tan and his coarse dark hair gave him a wealthy exotic appearance, even as he began to warm up his veins pulsed and distended as his a gentle swell began in his muscles. “Chest today…” Nick said visibly bouncing ready to exercise. I berated myself for once again not suggesting a different body part. I only ended up working chest and sometimes shoulders because these are the exercises that Nick wanted a spotter for. I loaded up the bar precariously with extra 20kilo plates just for Nick. Trying his best to ignore me, Nick swung himself down on the bench and got into position in order to begin the workout. In this position, I was rewarded with the vision of the swell and heave of Nick’s chest. Nick on the other hand, would have had to settle for my crotch disturbingly close to his head. “Ready?” Nick grunted, and grabbed the bar, not really giving me time to react. As it transpired I was not immediately required. The new 20 kilo plates seemed like only an extra 5 to Nick’s mounding chest. He couldn’t help himself but smirk as the weight, no doubt felt lighter and easier to manage, than expected. I watched as Nick revelled in the all too familiar sensation in his chest, the pump soared through him, his triceps bulging as his chest bloating from the impact of the weights resistance. Again he pressed it up with ease, his big python plumping down the taught rugby shorts. This had quite literally meant, that whatever he was taking, maybe that new shake, had made him even stronger since last week. “woah dude… this is insane…” I said quietly murmuring watching the spectacle unfold. I watched on, Nick’s chest bulging and swelling as he grinningly pressed the weight, seemingly with growing ease. His arms didn’t shake and his form didn’t falter. His triceps flared, the veins distending along his arms giving him a look of sheer unstoppable power. He racked the weight without any help from me. When it was my turn, plates came off and I got into position, my head now close to Nick’s obscene bulge in his sweats. Not only did it look big, but this close, I could smell the incredible scent of the contents of his jock and it make the usual feelings bubble to the surface. I did my usual workout, my pecs fraught with effort and arms struggling with my usual weight, I watched Nick spot me, as my arms shook with almost half the weight he used, I looked up to him grinning down at me. This gave me the strength to finish my last few reps, but still, it served only to highlight the growing disparity in our muscle strength. The rest of the workout, I was feeling increasingly unhappy seeing Nick blow through all of his maxes and continuing to set new personal bests. I watched, uncomfortably as he nailed every chest exercise with greater than ever strength, amazed as he seemed to cope with anything thrown at him. I was so envious of his success, I figured I had to make a drastic change in my life or I’d get left behind. As I watched Nick strip for the shower, a common ritual after our workouts, that actually, maybe I needed to even the score. Later that night, Nick was out of the flat on a romantic date with his girlfriend. So I sneaked into his room while he was away. If Nick was taking this experimental supplement, there had to be some physical proof, letters, brochures, consent forms; there just had to be something to give me a clue. I needed to get on the trial. As I picked my way through Nick’s room, I found a cryptic letter from the andrology department of our university, now, SCU wasn’t exactly known for its research but, clearly, they were getting something right. However, before I had chance to read the information, I heard the familiar rattle of keys outside of the flat door, in a panic, I threw the letters back into the draw and slammed the draw shut, however in doing so, the cupboard rocked backwards then forwards. I looked upwards, in time to see the contents of one of Nick’s used condoms flow back out of the untied end and splash onto my forearm. I didn’t have time to react; I just bolted from Nick’s room out into the corridor and ran straight for my room. As I closed my door, I could hear Nick and Jenna come home and begin some post-date “activities”. My breathing calmed and my pulse slowed. My attention was drawn to the burning sensation on my right arm; I looked down to see the bright red streak across my supinated arm. I kept looking at it, it was red, and glowing, but there was seemingly no evidence of the disgusting contents of the used rubber. I was feeling hot all over, not just from the burning sensation on my arm, my clothes didn’t feel right on me. In the privacy of my own room, I shucked my clothes and went over to the mirror. I felt a spasm in my gut, then, suddenly, an intense warm glow spread through my body. I looked at myself in the mirror, my pecs hardened, abs tightened. I looked on in amasement, feeling sheer power tear through my body. My traps seemed to thicken, my delts pushed out from shoulders, giving them a fuller, rounded look. I was even convinced I was taller. I felt my legs precipitously thicken, I watched the inner head of the quadriceps surge into view, which only happened when I flexed, and yet, I wasn’t flexing. I looked up at my face, for the first time since I started college, I felt that I looked handsome and healthy. A grin unconsciously spread across my face. I had no idea how this happened, but I absolutely loved it. I posed for a little while longer. Feeling the bulge and play of my newly developed musculature, the heady experience of being taller, if only a fraction… Best of all the sensation that I must have a semi, except my cock was fully flaccid. I gyrated my hips watching the new piece of meat bounce around. It got hard easily and I wrapped my hand around it. My legs nearly gave way as my cock began firing round after round across the room, ribbons of pure white spunk blasted out and still my cock bounced in front of me, as if to fire again. I tucked the raging pole back into my strained boxers and glanced in the mirror. “Fuck yeah” I grunted, trying to flex my abs. Only, I’d never sworn into the mirror before… or actually… in many years. My stomach growled so I went to the kitchen dressed only my boxers. The bulge still present as I walked, for the first time, it seemed to bounce up and down gently as I walked along. I got into the kitchen, surprised to find Nick there, sat alone at the table, also dressed only in his boxers. He looked pale, and not in his usually arrogant vigour. The pale palour even made him look a little less masculine than normal. “You ok bro?” I said, sounding surprisingly manly. “Yeah, yeah, just had a bit of a funny turn…” Said Nick cryptically. The next morning, I woke up for the gym. I casually wrapped my hand around a raging morning erection, the cock, seemed bigger and stronger than I ever remembered. I brushed my hands up my thinner waist, across my flat stomach to the new shallow contours on my chest from my thickened pectorals. My hand found its way to the alarm clock, but it seemed I had awakened before my alarm clock, before Nick had the chance to wake me. I felt incredible after last night’s dramatic turn of events. Not only mentally but physically. I could feel energy just seem to stream out of me, I was ready to lift. The thoughts of stealing Nick’s new experimental protein shake could not be further from my mind at the moment, as a night’s sleep and deliberation had led me to the conclusion it was probablyresponsible for the effects of his potent spunk. I dressed, in front of the mirror, looking at my new body. I smiled as I quickly gave my arms a flex and my fresh, new biceps jumped up in my arms, now slightly less egg like, now definitely more fusiform in their appearance. Quietly dressing and walking out into the corridor, there was no Nick waiting with an annoyed glare, so I made for the kitchen. Nick’s half eaten breakfast was still on the table as he was filling up his protein shaker. “Y.. you’re up?” he croaked. I looked at him, he looked sleepy and tired. He rubbed his eyes and kept blinking at me. He was haphazardly dressed and his hair matted down to his head from the sweat of his night time activities with Jenna. “Are you ok dude?” “Err, just feeling a bit rough.” He answered, still staring at me. “Dude… did… you look like you, *ahem*, you’ve been making progress in the gym…” He continued, still staring at my chest. “Yeah, I think you might be right dude.” I replied, desperately avoiding the urge to show off my chest by flexing in front of Nick. He prepared his shake and we headed out. In the car, as we drove, I could feel Nick’s eyes stealing odd glances at me. I began to regret wearing the sleeveless top as I wasn’t sure if he was actually paying attention to the road. I could feel my balls tingle at the thought of a workout, I couldn’t wait to test my new muscle and I couldn’t wait to show Nick that I was capable of catching him up. As we arrived at the gym, he turned to me before we exited the car. “How did you do it dude?” “Do what Nick?” “How did you get bigger, we only worked out together yesterday, and now, you’re bigger… how?” “Nick, are you ok? I’m the same, just been working out hard.” “Dude, seriously?” “You’re delusional, now drop it” I growled with an uncharacteristic aggressive tone in my voice. Nick clearly got the message and promptly stopped asking questions, but his dark stare intensified. In the gym, Nick’s chest workout was woeful, his lifts were slightly down, he grunted and flailed with his usual weight and made much use of me as spotter. Clearly this bothered him, because he was getting progressively sharp in his statements as the hour wore on. When he had first removed his hooded jumper, he looked sick and, almost smaller. I however, was having a great workout, I loved the feeling of my chest bulging outward, the stretch of the fabric against it, the surge of the feeling of power and pride throughout me, setting new strength goals, took all my focus not to get rock hard. Whilst this was going on Nick, eyed me jealously. I could feel his cold dark eyes burning into me as he reluctantly spotted me for a new personal best. Before we could hit the showers, Nick insisted we do a flat bench press. I felt this was more of an exercise to prove a point instead of the training value of adding in another heavy set, complex lift at the end of the workout. As I pressed the weight up, I felt my body burn with exertion, I felt amazing. I added almost 10kg to my previous bench from yesterday, even with exhausted pectoral muscles from the previous hour workout. Nick racked up his usual weight, and through much straining and gritting of teeth and of course, some help from his loyal spotter, was able to do a few reps at his usual weight. As he racked the weight, it was clear the point he was trying to make, had not been as clearly illustrated as he had hoped. As he stared at me I obliviously fondled my swollen chest muscle. “What?” I asked “Nothing, lets hit the showers…” he said grinning for the first time today. Nick’s mood seemed to improve here as we entered the changing room. As he rather quickly undressed, I rolled my eyes, knowing what was coming. “Coming to shower?” he asked, grinning at me, as he intentionally groped his thick, soft cock, though wanting me to believe it as a mere adjustment for comfort. I undressed at the normal speed, grabbed my towel and followed him into the shower. As I walked in, I watched him slowly lather soap into his thick musculature. His soft cock, swinging gently back and forth as his arms worked above him. I turned my head, to glance at his cock, figuring the water must be colder than usual, as it seemed a fraction smaller than usual. As I got myself under a shower head, I looked over at him again. He was looking at me, but our eyes didn’t meet, he was looking downward at my groin. “Dude, come on, you took some of my protein didn’t you?” he said unexpectedly “Look, Nick, I didn’t…” “Listen, I told you to stay away from it.” He grunted, his eyes looking cruel with a darker hue. I glanced down at me, across my now swollen pecs, my flattered stomach, to my soft cock, I then glanced over at him. His cock looked back to its old size if not bigger, as our eyes met. I realised, that his cock was thickening. Never before had I seen Nick like this, his skin flushing, his cock becoming increasingly aroused. “You uh… need a hand there bud?” I snickered. Within a second he was on me, his powerful hands grabbing both my shoulders. When they wouldn’t yield he dragged me, hanging onto my smaller frame, causing us to collapse to the floor. I struggled against the huge bulk of his weight on top of me. A leg each side of my chest, he positioned himself on top of my pectorals, his big, thick cock growing up and outwards towards my face. His cock brushed my lips. “Is this what you wanted? Stealing glances at me all the time? Well, how does it feel now? Enjoying?” He grunted, thrusting his hips forward at the upward inflection of each question. He took hold of his long, engorging rod and smacked my lips with it. “Please st-“ before I could finished speaking, the salty, musky flavour of Nick’s thick member exploded forth as he sunk the head into my open mouth. His powerful thighs extended on top of me as more of the colossally large pole slid into my mouth. I tried to speak, but the organ took up all of my mouth, I tried to remove myself, but his huge legs pinned me. As he held himself up with one of his mighty arms, another steadied my head as he began driving the mammoth shaft in and out of my mouth. As he began pumping, I could feel a familiar burning throughout my limbs that I felt the other night after getting his cum on my arm. I could feel the precum drip down my throat, rather than fight this, I knew to let it happen, I would reach my goals, and Nick, total unknowingly, would help me. If I hadn’t had his huge rod in my mouth, I’m not sure I could hold back the grin I would have had on my face. I felt trapped as his mammoth legs pinned me, as he pumped himself into my face. I had to focus on breathing, but I could feel his pre already start to work on me, the power swelling within me like a tide. Nick was absorbed in sating his carnal urge, I brought my arms up around his muscular waist, I watched as the veins snaked and squirmed their way to the surface of my biceps, muscle fibres thickening, the individual muscles becoming visible in my forearms. I felt great, I wanted this, I urged it to happen. He grunted above, clearly enjoying himself, just as the effects of his pre began to slacken, I felt his hips increase speed an intensity. As his orgasm ripped through him, I could feel his seed fire into the back of my throat again and again. Greedily, as best that I was able, I sucked down as much as I could handle, gleefully knowing it would be my flatmates undoing. He grunted once again and then withdraw his mighty organ from my slickened mouth, shook the last remnants of his pure white spunk onto my chest. “You tell anyone about this… and I’ll end you…” His powerful body swaggered off back to the changing room, but yet as I watched him leave, I thought I could see a little less definition in his expansive back. As I lay there on the shower floor, I felt the seed I had just swallowed get to work on me. Slowly it burned in my guts, filling me with ever increasing power. I knew then, his act had given me strength beyond anything I could have achieved in a year of gym visits. I felt my ass thicken, broaden and push me up from the floor, I felt less of the floor as my back broadened and dense muscle moved in to cushion the bone. I jumped up, my stronger powerful legs growing at a pace. I glanced down to see my pecs swell, my flat stomach, flatten even more, the first hints of my abdominals erupt from beneath the skin. I grabbed onto the shower bar as more power bolted through my body. I felt the room lower as my entire body lengthened. My mouth let out an involuntary grown as my neck muscles bulged, reaching my arms up to explore my thickening neck, my new, stronger biceps bulged with power. I raced into the locker room, but I was alone, Nick had long since left, I looked into the mirror and didn’t realise the new, taller, stronger and all round more masculine Sam staring back. I pulled a double bicep pose, amazed at the sheer size and power contained within my arms, I’m not sure the average person on the street would consider them big, but I was on my way. They had to be 15 inches around, I estimated. Best of all, the familiar hardening of my cock, had a most unfamiliar quality to it. Looking down, my erection strained the now tighter swimmer trunks, the bolder individual leg muscles fought the elastic. I as I slipped down, the apparently looser waist band, I was more than happy to see my usually unimpressive erection, looked super hard, but also both longer and thicker. My bigger balls pulsed below it, urging me to lift, urged me to fight and to persue. I resisted however, and redressed myself and made for home, I had a plan. (to be continued)
  14. Lake Light

    In the Beginning... I woke up in a good mood. The forest scent filled my nose with clean air. Grabbing my anxious cock, I had to take a much needed pee, so I walked out of the tent and walked to the edge of the campsite. As a nice thick steam of hot piss fogged the crisp air and cold ground, I watched in disbelief when to the right of me, I saw the huge figure of a man come out of the woods towards me at the campsite. I wasn't afraid of him, but I felt anxious. No...it was something else...I was in awe. This man was not ordinary in any way, he was just huge. His arms looked thick and muscled, but not super cut and his chest was enormous. Each pec was larger than my head. His neck was the biggest I'd ever seen, with enormous traps and shoulders. Still, even with all of his size, he looked strangely familiar and he was wearing my brothers University of Nebraska shirt that I had gotten him. That was a little too odd, but for some reason, it didn't matter. It was tight as hell on the man, and it even had a split up the seam of the right side and around the neck, which again wasn't a surprise, since he was so overblown with muscle. He looked like a pro Strongman, yet he had really boyish features. I continued my piss, never one for being piss shy and actually, as I watch him lumber slowly towards the campsite, I was getting aroused the closer he came. I'm bisexual, but mainly because I had a crush that turned into a relationship with my best bud in college, otherwise I've had girlfriends my whole life. Still, deep inside of me, I always had a thing for power lifters and bodybuilders. If they were big with muscle, my cock went big for them. No one in the family or even my closest friends, knew of my duel identity, but this wall of a stud was getting me hard and any inhibition of showing my gay side was ebbing at lightning speed. I just didn't care what he or anyone that may be passing by saw. In fact, I wanted an audience. I didn't know why, but all I knew was that there a hunger inside of me that was building. I waved with my unoccupied hand and I told him to join us, still thinking that my brother was asleep in the tent. Even though I had stopped pissing, my hand continued to message my growing cock until I was so rock hard, it was hard to fit my cock back into my shorts. The man, smiled and sat down on the make-shift picnic bench that my brother and I had made. Where we were camping, wasn't in some state park or crowded camping park. Our parents had brought us up to these mountains when we were younger and since mom's passing, we thought it fitting to come back to the place we cherished most. Dad, was having a harder time and couldn't join us, because any memory of mom just hurt him too much; even good ones. The forest was very dense, with a lot of wild animals, both tame and dangerous. We had seen bears and coyotes many times, but for some in-explainable reason, they never bothered us. This place was safe and private. Only a few hikers would sporadically come by. The place was peaceful, incredibly beautiful and isolated. It was special. I don't know why I didn't notice it before, but when the man sat down that's when I saw the shredded fabric of what was left of the red shorts that my brother had been wearing last night. It couldn't be...It just couldn't. I gave the man I look, that I'm sure was one of a mixture of "What the Hell?" and "If you hurt him...?" I walked over to the tent and pulled back the flap...empty. My heart sank, but then I heard my 16 year old younger brother’s, deepened voice come out of the man. He said that it was him...That he was Jimmy. I whirled around and looked into the man's eyes...and soon realized it was my brother's eyes. He stood back up and then I realized just how tall he was. He must have been over 6 feet and Jimmy was only a scrawny 5'2". I don't know how, maybe it was the eyes, or the voice or the clothes, but I knew this imposing figure was,in fact, my brother, only changed. Strangely, my lust for the beast before me, now my brother, did not lighten, in fact, it continued to build. I was slightly taken aback by that, but not disgusted; not in the least. I asked what had happened to him and he said that he woke up, while it was just beginning to get light out. He said that he was wide awake and felt instantly refreshed as he walked out of the tent and he felt like something was different. He said he felt different, too. He didn't want to wake me, just thinking that he was just being silly, so he decided to go for a walk up to the mountain lake for a swim. He felt like swimming. He didn't know why, but he just did. He said that when he got to the lake, he noticed something glowing in the water about 50 feet out in the lake. At first he thought it was the morning sun reflecting on the water. Then as he waded into the water he knew it was coming from under the water. Since we were just at the lake the night before and there was nothing, he decided to swim out to see what it was. He knew he should have gotten me first, but it was like he was drawn to it. He said that as he swam towards it, he felt the water getting warmer...or was it him that was warming up. He was sure, but then he said he felt stronger and stronger and (blushing) hornier. He still had his boyish charm. He felt pulled to the light as he continued and when he had finally gotten over top of the glow, he said he felt a rush of bliss (again blushing) like he had an orgasm, but it was all over his body and then he blacked out. The next thing he knew he was laying on the beach, his clothes were on but they were dry, tight and shredded, as he pointed to his shorts that now left nothing to the imagination, as his new, well over 7 inch cock and huge balls hung out in the open. Being such a short guy, Jimmy's cock was only 6 inches when Hard; I caught him beating off a couple of times. He said that he saw that he had grown muscle all over and there was another change in him, too. He had a hunger inside of him, but not for food. I told him that he should see his face...that had changed too, that he was incredibly handsome. I told him he had aged about 10 years and he looked like a man in his mid 20's. His eyes widened and grunted deeply in a "whattya know" kind of way. He said that he knew he had to come back and get me, so we could figure this out and so he could....he stopped his sentence, pausing for a few seconds as he looked at me and then he said that he immediately came back to the campsite and this is where we are now. I told him, he looked fucking amazing and he agreed as he looked at his body and began to caress himself, first his pecs, then his biceps, then in a moment a sheer fantasy, he did a double bicep pose that shredded his sleeves as he huge arms exploded in muscle. He looked away from his body and he looked at me, seeing my expression of shock, awe and not surprising....desire. He said, "You like what you see, big bro...yeah...I think you do" then his left hand grabbed his now growing cock. He walked over towards me as I was like a deer in the headlights. I couldn't move as he began to tower over me the closer he came to me. His cock was now over 9 inches and pointing the way to me. My own cock was so rock hard, it hurt. Then he stopped a couple of feet away, but since his body was so huge, his pecs were right in front of my face. I could smell the power in them. I looked up as his shadow covered my body. That’s when I noticed the hunger in his eyes. It was a hunger like mine, primal and sexual. My sweet brother was gone and what had replaced him was a massive hunter. The confidence and the animalistic attitude that poured off of him was incredible. I believed that to him, I was no longer his older brother...I was his bitch. I could feel it coming off of him and…it turned me on...more than I'd ever been turned on before. Normal reasoning said that his should not be, but it was as if we were no longer brothers, but...but an Alpha and his Beta. We just stood there for a few seconds with the lust inside of us building to a crescendo and then we leaped at each other tearing off our clothes as we embraced and kissed. Jimmy lifted me up with one hand and tore my shorts off with one easy swipe of his other hand. Once naked, he put me back down on the ground and I fell to my knees and took him in my mouth. His rock hard cock was huge, at least 11, possibly even 12 inches long and over 7 inches thick. I barely got his cock head in my mouth and only 6-7 of his incredibly thick inches would fit down in my oral cavity. He fucked my mouth like a bull and within minutes I welcomed the warmest and most lavish gush of cum to ever fill me up, but he didn't stop. He grabbed my head and continued his assault on my throat, miraculously pushing another few inches further into me, saying, "I can't stop Ray...I'm not done yet....I've got so much more...Aaaahhh!!" and he came down my throat a second time. I was having trouble breathing, so he pulled back just long enough for me to catch my breath, but then he plowed his huge cock even deeper into my throat. I thought my lips were going to tear it hurt so bad, but at the same time, I didn't want him to stop. And he didn't. He continued his assault as he face fucked me for another 2 massive loads. With each load he pushed further into my throat and by the last gush of cum down my throat, his balls were against my chin. I knew it was impossible. There's just no way I could have been able to take that abuse. I literally should be dead, but it was as if he wasn't human anymore, because no man could do that and at some point, I believe he changed me somehow. Then without even a glimmer of getting soft, he pulled out of my mouth, effortlessly picked me up and turned me around on my hands and knees and he plunged his granite cock into me. Only the head and a few inches were inside, but I screamed so loud, it scared the birds. Even with my cries of shock and pain, he didn’t ebb his momentum though. His grunts and growls only solidified that he was like an animal. A fucking Beast. He continued to push more of him in as tears rolled down my face, then more…8…10 and then I felt his pelvic bone against my ass. He was completely inside of me. That’s when something changed as it did with my mouth. Even though it was still painful, it was a pain that was incredible and sexy. The pleasure overtook the pain and it overtook my body. I didn't know why, but I later learned it was his cum that began to change me. It made me more palatable for him. It made me be the perfect sexual concubine for him. I began to plead for him to fuck me and then fuck me harder…and harder, to which he emptied the first load deep into my ass…and as I felt the warm cum fire into my stomach area, I felt the rest of my body orgasm, then he grabbed my hips, stood up, bringing me with him as held me like a wheelbarrow plowing his huge thick cock into me. His balls slapped my taint so hard I thought he’d bruise me. We continued to fuck for hours as we destroyed the campsite fucking in various areas and positions. I think he had unloaded over 10 orgasms into me, but I wasn't sure as I think I lost count. The tent fell on top of us, then we pounded on the picnic table, braking that and even I came three times before he finally came inside me for the last time with my shoulders on the on the sandy ground as he jack-hammered me, with such force and quantity that even though he had quite literally filled me up inside, the excess soaked the ground below us. When he pulled out of me, he was still hard as a rock and I believe he was still ready for me, but I was a lifeless lump. Completely exhausted, I pleaded for him to let me rest. Not surprisingly, he wasn’t ready for that, "I don't know why, but I can't...I need to take you there....I need you to change so we don't have to stop....ever!!" so he picked up my living, but exhausted body, draping me across his powerful arms like I was dead and he carried me up to the lake. My 16 year old younger brother, was now my master, my guardian, my lover, my Alpha. As I laid, slumped in his arms, I no longer even thought of him as my brother. He was the beginning of something amazing, and I was his first loyal subject. I knew what he was doing and I felt excited inside. I smiled and exclaimed “YES” when I saw the glow as we reached the edge of the lake. The air was different up here, instead of being lighter, it was heavy and you had to breathe in big lumbering breathes. My cock began to rise again has he walked into the water. My brother, pulled me up to him and bent down to kiss me as he said in an even lower and more booming voice, “We’re going to be Gods!” and I felt his cock push on my back under me coating me with his precum. Further and further he walked into the lake and with every step, I felt Jimmy's body react to the water. He was growing. I could feel his size increasing as I was cradled. As soon as my body touched the water, I instantly felt better. My brother held me like a lifeguard saving a drowning swimmer as he pulled us toward the light. I began to feel the strength in me rise and the feeling of power in me was exploding. I began to blissfully growl inside as my strength and power increased. It was as if thousands of hours of working out were paying off instantaneously. We both began moaning, vocally, as we got closer to the light. We weren’t even half way there when I told my brother I could go on my own, but he, told me no as he held me close and I was very glad he did as I could feel us both getting bigger and stronger. The feeling of my own growth was beyond comprehension, but feeling him getting bigger next to me, no human had ever felt such pure bliss before. We felt each other expanding and our lust to get bigger increased. We both had no inhibitions at all about what was happening to us and we welcomed it completely, with every fiber of our existence. At the campsite, my brother was like that of a linebacker, but now he was becoming a one of the biggest bodybuilders on earth. His muscles were growing and he was getting super cut. Thick veins formed on his skin. Hair formed on his pecs and actually all over his body as his testosterone levels must have been going through the roof. I myself, now felt what he must have felt when we were having sex, because I felt that I could go for hours and cum and cum and cum. I felt like I was stronger than most any human on earth and I knew that my brother was even stronger than that. We were still about 15 feet from the light when my brother seemed to convulse as his eyes turned bright blue and then a blue light wave exploded from his body and across the lake. I had know idea what that was about, but immediately, I felt like I could lift a house, with my strength increasing now like a rocket, but my body was still puny in comparison to my bother. I would find out later that at that moment, he had grown taller as well and that he was about 8.5 feet tall and his shoulders were over 5 feet wide. He was the biggest and strongest man on the planet. When we stopped above the light with it surrounding us, we again embraced as we tread water. We must have been out there longer than he was before, because I was now that of a slightly smaller Jay Cutler and he had reached his God status, that the light had obtained for him. My brother was still human, in his soul, but he was no longer a human being, physically and I envied him. His eyes became blue again and he began to chant. The words out of his mouth, seemed almost like the chant of an Indian would make. Then his body seemed to omit, the same light as what was beneath us; a golden hue that was filled with warmth and energy. We also noticed that we did not have to tread water anymore as either the light beneath us or my brother's light was keeping us afloat. Again, we hugged each other, in love, but mostly to feel each other grow. Wave after wave or continued power and strength fed into me, but now it was coming from my brother. I looked at him and into his blue eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. I opened my mouth to receive his kiss and that's when I felt it, one huge blast of energy shoot into me and I exploded in growth and power. I was now almost equal to my brother, but I knew that I would never obtain his status as he was the Alpha. I could feel my own cock growing in size, clearly surpassing most men, but I felt my brothers grow even more and when we let go of our embrace, I was held up by my brother’s cock. I felt it push against my hole and my hole opened for him. There was no pain, only sheer bliss. Again, I felt another explosion of him inside me and then everything went black… When we woke up, naked on the beach, we weren't alone. There were two hikers shaking us, but they quickly backed away when we woke up. Both men were very attractive, fit young men and it was clear to us that they were enthralled with us. We looked at each other and knew that we were going to overtake them and fuck them. They were going to be our newest recruits. They must have known it too and they walked toward their new masters. Both men didn't seem to be in a trance, but they knew that they were there for our pleasure and sexual release. The told us that they wanted to worship us and that they had never in their lives seen anything like us. They stripped off their gear and clothes and when both Jimmy and I stood up, they knelt before their new Gods. Then we all looked out into the water to see the glow still there and calling to us. It was as if the light was telling us to add to our lineage, which we were happy to oblige it by. The hikers asked us if we knew what it was? We did and we told them they soon would, but first, we needed to cum.
  15. The Olympia Bar

    Hey everyone. This is my first story for the site as I finally plucked up the courage to write it. I've had this idea for a while. I apologise that it takes a little bit to get into the good stuff but I like to at least have some kind of set up for characters and scenarios for anything I write. I have some ideas where I want the stories to go but I'm not certain, so any ideas for what you think would work, or any sex scenes you'd like to see happen just put in the comments and i'll happily oblige. Chapter 1 – The Test Batch Jack awoke as the sun shone through the gap in his curtains, creating a streak of sunlight on his bed and annoyingly, right on his eyes. He lifted himself out of his bed groggily, trudging over to his window to pull the curtains rather violently back together before flopping back down onto his mattress and wrapping himself in his warm, comfy duvet. “Jack!” he heard his brother, Steven yell “Jack get up! You’ve got school today haven’t you?” Jack mumbled something incoherent and rolled over, pulling the duvet over himself tighter. But when the alarm clock blared to life, he gave up his fight to catch a few more minutes of sleep, slapping the alarm clock to shut it up before standing up and stretching properly. He walked onto the landing and bumped into Steven, who stumbled backwards startled. “Oops, sorry bud,” he smiled pleasantly “I was just coming to make sure you were awake.” Jack looked at his brother, stood shirtless in just his pyjama bottoms. Why did he have to have a hot stud brother? Steven and Jack were practically opposites and had little in common so it was always a wonder how they got on so well. Steven was 21, 6’2”, sporty, active and a gym rat, complete with a ripped body and admittedly gorgeous toned muscles to compliment his sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like a model, to be frank. Jack on the other hand was 18, 5’7”, nerdy and slim, played video games, watched anime and sung. A lot. In fact he studied musical theatre in college. Far from the sporting icon that his brother had been as college, Jack was an average theatre geek. Granted he luckily had his brother’s deep blue eyes which they’d both inherited from their mum, but had his dad’s brown hair, which he kept medium length and messy, the typical ‘twink’ hairstyle. And yes, he was gay. “Don’t worry about it, I’m just jumping in the shower so if you need the toilet, I’d go now,” Jack responded to Steven. “No bother, just be quick. Mum said I have to drive you to college today and I don’t want to miss my Monday workout.” “Ok, I’ll be quick,” Jack sighed before walking into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door before he stripped off his boxers and sleeping t-shirt. He looked at himself in the mirror for a moment, sighed and proceeded to step into the shower. He wasn’t unattractive per se. Some people would like him being the twink he was, but it wasn’t what he wanted to be. He wanted more than just average. His mental health wasn’t exactly helping either. Having being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, Jack didn’t look upon himself too highly. Just as he thought this he came to soaping up and lathering his junk, which in all honestly was rather beyond average. At 9 inches hard, Jack would go so far to say that he had the biggest dick in his year, at least as far as he knew. It was one of the only things he assumed he’d inherited from his Dad and he wasn’t complaining. After he finished playing with himself a little, he washed and conditioned his hair, taking care to really rub the product into his scalp. Finally he rinsed off and stepped out, towelling himself down the dry. “Hurry up Jack!” Steven shouted, much to the irritation of Jack. Choosing to ignore his brother, Jack went to his room to dry his hair and get dressed at a leisurely pace, just to annoy Steven. Finally, he knocked back his anti-depressant pill with some water before he headed downstairs. Lunchtime at college. After three boringly long lessons (mathematics and Computing respectively), Jack was looking forward to his theatre lesson after dinner, however dreading the gym lesson he had afterwards. “Hey, Jack,” the athletic looking boy next to him spoke “are you ok? You look a bit lost in thought.” “Oh, I’m fine,” he replied, still not looking at his friend as he spoke “just not looking forward to gym later. “How come?” the boy asked inquisitively. “I just don’t enjoy it,” Jack sighed “I’m no good at it, and I’m stuck in a class with you and all the other jocks and athletes, just because my brother was THE star athlete a few years ago. I get too nervous and terrified to do anything.” “You need to control that anxiety mate,” he advised “besides I’m always there to help. Just partner up with me like you always do.” “Thanks Caleb,” Jack smiled reluctantly. Jack knew he was only as close with Caleb as he was, was because their brothers were best friends. If that were not the case, Jack doubted he’d have given Caleb the time of day. He’d had too many bad experiences with athletes. “Hey, you say you struggle with gym and you tire out too easily, try this!” Caleb suggested, offering Jack what appeared to be an energy bar, still wrapped and untouched. “Huh? What is this? Why are you giving it to me?” “It’s a new energy bar. Olympia they call it. It’s a new product that my dad bought a trial box of for us to have during workouts, but they contain nuts which I’m allergic to.” “Erm, ok. I guess it can’t harm me.” Jack accepted the gift with a smile. He looked Caleb up and down discreetly. He never could quite understand what Caleb liked about him, but he wasn’t complaining. He was a great best friend regardless, and it wasn’t bad that he was easy on the eye too. Bordering on twinky and athletic, Caleb wasn’t that buff but very well-toned, which complimented his modern quiff styled black hard and green eyes perfectly. He was often the subject of Jack’s late night masturbation sessions, along with Mr Malone his theatre professor. “Jack? Jack!” Caleb shouted, clicking his fingers in front of Jack’s face and drawing far too much attention to the pair of them for Jack’s liking “you zoned out again bud. What’s wrong with you today?” “I’m fine,” Jack responded “seriously. I should probably head down to the theatre though so I’ll see you in gym!” And with that, Jack up and left the cafeteria. “C’mon Jack! I know you can hit that note!” Mr Malone said, clearly disappointed but trying to be encouraging. “You seem so lost in thought today, what’s wrong?” “Trust me sir, you’re not the only person to have said that to me today,” Jack chuckled lightly, jumping down off of the stage. “Can I have a word with you?” his professor asked kindly, picking up what looked like one of the same energy bars that Caleb had given him earlier. “Sure sir,” Jack smiled. “Everybody, please work on the factory scene, I’ll just be a few minutes,” Mr Malone told the rest of the class before he walked Jack outside of the door. “You know you can talk to me if something’s troubling you Jack. If there is then please do, I can’t have you being distracted. You’re playing one of our lead roles, and if you can’t hit the notes I’m going to have to re-cast Marius.” “I know sir, I’m sorry. I’m just going through a lot,” Jack said calmly, looking at his teacher in the eyes. He didn’t want to say exactly what it was, but he hoped that the tone in his voice and look in his eye got his point across just as well. Mr Malone breathed lightly, letting silence fall over the pair before he unwrapped his Olympia Bar and took a bite. “Oh damn…” he moaned as he chewed “that’s tasty!” “Where did you get that?” “Oh it’s a new product! I ordered a trial box as I get too tired at this place. I’m here ridiculous hours during the weekdays, and I’m marking all weekend so I need all the energy I can get!” “Oh, it’s just Caleb gave me one just like it earlier, I’d never heard of it until then.” Finally Gym class had arrived, and Jack was halfway through this week’s set workout routine, the coach barking orders at individual students and typically barking insults at Jack for being so ‘pathetic’ and ‘unworthy of sharing his brother’s name,” which of course did wonders to his self-confidence. “God…this is…nngh…heavy!” Jack grunted, sweat coating his brow and forehead as he struggled to complete 10 reps on the bench press with a disappointingly ‘light-weight’ in comparison to the weights some of the other students were lifting. "Oh hey guys, look at the wimp trying to be like us!" a rather large, intimidating boy sneered teasingly, flexing his impressive teen muscles to show off. “Leave him alone Damien!" Caleb snapped "oh c’mon, you’ve got this Jack,” Caleb encouraged him while he spotted his friend, worried he was going to have to grab the bar just to save Jack from dropping it and choking himself. “Urgh…no I haven’t!” Jack exhaled as he put the bar back on the rack in defeat, huffing as he stood up to head to his locker. “Where are you going?” Caleb called after him, concerned. “There’s no point in me being here,” he yelled back, fighting back tears. Jack sat underneath his locker on one of the uncomfortable benches and held his head in his hands. He was knackered, drenched in sweat and none the fitter for it, broken if anything. Fed up, Jack took the Olympia Bar Caleb had given him earlier for an energy boost so he could make the walk home without feeling like he’d collapse at any moment. “Hey,” Caleb spoke softly as he walked into the room, Jack halfway through eating the bar “it’s ok. So you’re not a gym rat, but you’re great in the theatre! You know you are.” “I don’t know,” Jack replied after a moment’s silence, swallowing the last of the bar before he dabbed his brow with a towel, picked up his bag and headed for the door to walk home. Jack collapsed onto his bed, a welcome feeling after the stressful and strenuous say he’d had. To top the day off, he was feeling a little funny in his stomach too. Just what he needed, an illness. Granted it was probably just his anxiety playing up again, he often suffered stomach pains in times of constant worry. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Without waiting for an answer, Steven opened Jack’s door slowly, popping his head into the room almost comically as he checked on his younger brother. “Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” he asked comfortingly, walking towards Jack’s bed and taking a seat next to him. “I…” jack tried to say through sniffles and tears “I’m a failure.” “No you’re not,” Steven patted his shoulder in a loving way only a brother can “you’re just having a bad day. You’re going through a lot, but we’re all here for you. Have you taken your tablet today?” “Yeah, I have.” “Oh, ok. I have no idea how to help make you better then,” Steven answered honestly “but I’m here if you need me.” “Thank you,” Jack muttered quietly before he felt a deep burning spreading throughout his body. “What the?!...” He jumped out of bed as a sudden burst of energy shot through him and he keeled over, his stomach searing in pain. The energy he felt turned into something stronger…power almost. Then the impossible happened. Jack felt his body growing. His pecs popped out and pressed against his shirt as his arms swelled in size, biceps balling and growing into large lumps of solid muscle, striations cutting through to define the bicep and tricep. His back burst out and tore the back of his shirt due to his pecs already bulging, the increased mass making the shirt ride up to show his stomach which had become a rock solid, cut six-pack in moments. His legs flexed and grew, his skinny jeans standing no chance of surviving the sudden increase in size. With legs cut like diamonds and strong to match, all that remained was his already large crotch. Jack groaned in pleasure as the feeling entered his cock, which was already rock hard, and lengthening slowly. Balls swelling to the size of snooker balls and dropping even lower, cum swirling and pumping inside them, an excess amount ready to launch from Jack’s growing dick, now at least a foot long and as thick as his wrist, veins bulging and pumping blood into the engorged member. Suddenly, as the growth ended, Jack roared out as he came, shooting an enormous load all across the bed and his own brother. As Jack came down the intense feelings he’d just experienced, Steven looked on in shock, after wiping his brother’s cum off of his face. “What the…what just happened?! Jack are you ok?” “Oh…fuck Steven. Better than ever!” Jack growled lustfully, stroking his new abs with one hand and the other arm flexing to show off his engorged biceps. “Jack, you just turned into an amateur bodybuilder, right in front of me. And you’re hung like a horse. And you just exploded your load all over me. What the fuck?! How did this happen?!” Steven shouted, taking off his cum-drenched shirt to reveal his own ripped torso. “I…I don’t know! But I don’t care, I’m bigger than you!” “I know! But how?!” “As I said Steven, I don’t know and I don’t care. Fuck I’m horny…” Jack grabbed his still rock hard 12 inch cock, jerking slowly before looking at his brother. “Care to help?” “What the fuck?! NO!” Steven snapped before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door. Shrugging as if nothing had happened, Jack slumped onto his bed which creaked at his new weight. Cock in hand, he slowly jerked his newly grown python as he searched up some hot bodybuilder gay porn, moaning as he watched two big muscle studs kissing passionately as one pounded the other’s hole. However his porn was interrupted when he received a phone call. Checking the caller ID, Jack was surprised to see that it was Mr Malone. “Sir? What’s wrong?” Jack asked “it’s 8pm why are you calling me at this time?” “Jack, did you eat the Olympia Bar Caleb gave you?” Mr Malone’s raspy, panting voice responded over the phone. “Erm yes why…” suddenly it clicked in Jack’s mind. “Sir, have you by any chance experienced some kind of…erm… changes?” “Yes, and from you asking that question I assume you have too,” his professor explained, his voice obviously slightly deeper than it had been before. “Can you come to my place?” “I guess, I’ll head out now!” Jack was barely fitting in the clothes he’d put on. He’d sighed when he realised he was going to have to buy basically an entirely new wardrobe, but it was a small negative to a huge positive, and he meant huge. As he approached Mr Malone’s place he could hear the grunts and groans already, and what sounded like tearing clothing. His cock instantly rock hard, he ran up his professor’s driveway and knocked on the door, impatient to see what his professor looked like now. “It’s open!” a surprisingly deep voice growled. Jack stepped inside and looked into the living room only to nearly cum there and then. Mr Malone was still growing, nearly 7 feet tall where he’d been 5’11” before, and was a wall of bulging muscle and veins. Brick like abs and enormous pecs visible as he reared back and flexed, shredding his shirt completely, jeans and underwear tearing too as a monstrous 19 inch cock flopped out and sprung up past his abs. “Fuck sir…” Jack stated, eyes glazed over with lust as his arousal took over. Before he had a chance to do anything, Mr Malone picked him up by his neck in one, ridiculously strong arm and slammed him into the wall. “Thank god you’re here Jack,” Mr Malone grinned before planting his lips on Jack’s a deep, passionate, manly kiss as his 19 inch monster and Jack’s huge 12 incher grinded against each other. “We’re going to have a wild night,” his professor promised as he broke the kiss, rubbing his leaking cock head all over Jack’s ripped torso before dropping him onto the floor. “Go upstairs…” ___________________________________________________________________________________ Well i hope you liked it guys. Feel free to leave comments, feedback and suggestions on what you'd like to see in future chapters, and i can't wait to continue this story. Thanks for reading studs.
  16. Second service.

    I'm feeling inspired lately It was our traditional friday night beer, at our usual gay pub. I met with three or four friends to down a few beers, and then a few more beers, get tipsy, take the best leak of the week, and then finally go home, eating some greasy take away. I love those evenings; it’s the best way to blow off some steam, talk some shit and have a great laugh. I knew all the patrons at that pub, so it wasn’t unusual that I’d hear someone shout my name to get my attention. “Oh my god! Is that you Tony?!” I heard behind me. I turned and froze. Half of me knew exactly who that man was; the other half refused to acknowledge it. Kevin Cox (yes, that is his real name. Kevin motherfucking Cox). My ex boyfriend. Not just my ex boyfriend...my ex boyfriend from high school. We were together from 15 to 20. Last time I saw him was 10 years ago, when I dumped him. “Kevin? Oh my… I didn’t expect to see you here. It’s been been forever. You look great buddy,” I stuttered. He did look great, but the two main reasons were that my most recent memory of him was a 20 years-old acneic boy, crying his eyeballs out so much that he had a running nose, and then shouting at me that “IcouldnotdumphimbecausehestilllovedmethatwasunfairandIwasacoldheartedbitch” with such force, that his face was red and had veins poping out. So yeah, that alone was a major source of improvement. The second reason was he did actually look great. He was a bit taller than I remembered, and had obviously been hitting the gym. He had beefy shoulders and arms, pecs showing under his tee, tight flat midsection and his legs stretched his jeans in an almost indecent way. “Thanks you,” he beamed, “you look amazing too. You even lost the little fat you had as a teen,” he said way too loud, putting his huge mitts on each side of my midsection. Asshole. I did have a bit of chub around my waist 10 years ago, and I went to great lengths to get rid of it. I even became quite athletic. Nothing like him, to be honest, but still decent. I smiled warmly trying not to show that he had hit a sensitive spot. But I’m sure he knew it. Kevin was, and still is, extremely clever. Too clever for his own good, and for the good of others, since he is a major sociopath. When I started dating him at 15 I was on cloud nine. He was handsome, he had a goofy smile and a face so adorable, everybody found him endearing. That feeling tended to disappear shortly after you got acquainted with him, though. He hated people, he was a convinced misanthrope, he only loved book and sports. When I say sports, please understand I mean performance...his performance. He’d do track n’ field and swimming at a high level, and was obsessed with his results. At first,all his entourage was relieved that he came out and found himself a lovely, cute, popular boyfriend (me, obviously). But, as the only human he deemed worthy of his affection, I rapidly became one of his pet obsessions and every means to keep me by his side was good. Over our five years together, he developed an eating disorder that he tried to force on me, cut me off from all my friends and shamed me about my body and my preoccupations that he deemed frivolous. And he dealt with our breakup the same way he dealt with anything not going his way: by throwing a major tantrum and being an abusive twat. That being said, you’d think I’d punch that toxic, piece of shit in the throat and walk away. I would have, if it wasn’t for the following three key element. One, it was ten years ago and people change over the course of ten years (or so I wanted to believe). Two, he’s hot, and I try to avoid antagonizing thick, strong, hot, cute, thirty-year old men, since they might be mating partners, even if just for a night. Three, I’m terrible at making decisions. “ I’d never have thought I’d run into you,” he said. “ After all I did to you, I was sure you’d avoid me like plague.” “ Actually I was,” I slipped. “Ouch. Fair enough,” he laughed. “What are you drinking? I’d love to catch up with you handsome! ” “Beer, obviously.” I said, raising my almost empty pint. We downed many beers. Much more than I usually do. We talked about what we did over the last ten years. Where we both were in our lives now. And so on until it was past midnight. I was halfway between tipsy and wasted, when I decided it was time to move on with my friday night routine : peeing, eating takeaway, going home. First, taking a piss. I don’t care much for bodily waste fluid evacuations but the friday night piss, after a shitload of pints, is just the best feeling ever. “ I’m gonna go take a leak,” I said to Kevin. “ Same here. Lead the way,” he answered. So, we went to the bathroom, I positioned myself on one of the urinals, he respected the bathroom etiquette by leaving an empty one between him and me. I heard him unzip and take a quick powerful piss. Meanwhile, I was struggling with my zipper, and my feelings. He was done before I had even opened my fly. “ Tony? Are you seriously that wasted?!” he laughed, getting behind me. He reached around me and undid my fly, slightly pulling down my jean and reaching my underwear. He grabbed my dick with one hand, pulling on my foreskin so I could pee while the other hand steadied my hips. I lean back on his powerful torso and started releasing myself. Fuck that was the best piss of my life. As I emptied, I hardened between Kevin’s fingers. Once done I was painfully hard and Kevin gave me two slow strokes. “I missed you Tony,” he breathed, in my ear. The whole scene was surreal. But before long, he tugged my hardon back in my briefs, zipped up my jeans, and let go of me. I almost fell backward. He chuckled. “Let’s go to my place.” A few minutes later, we were back to his place. It was spotless and clinical. Everything was white; it wasn’t so much a bias, than an utter lack of taste. White neutral furniture, sofa, appliance, it looked almost like a fake space. The only sign of someone actually living here, was the numerous and gigantic piles of books, DVDs and CDs everywhere. “First, shower,” he said, pushing me in the equally white bathroom. He undressed unceremoniously and I did the same. As we stood face to face naked, I became very aware of our size difference. I watched us in the mirror on the opposite wall. I was almost 6’, I keep myself trim, I workout to be tight, strong and defined. I keep my body hair clipped short all over. My face is quite angular and I have clear, brown, unruly hair, a short 3 day beard, and blue eyes. He was over 6’, his pale body naturally hairless, except for nice untrimmed bush above his big dick. His body would have looked sof,t but the muscle popping under the skin, and his perfect shape, gave a totally different impression, especially his shoulders to waist ratio. He looked intimidating and powerful. His face was clean shaved, with that still boyish look, and he had black eyes and his hair was a weird shade of dull black. I was both intimidated and totally horned up. I was rock hard. He was all smiles and looked down to his slowly rising manhood. I followed his gaze and my heart stopped. As the magnificent dick hardened, I realized he was dwarfing me down there too. He must have been around 9’,’ and it was sort of thick. Last time I saw him, we were almost the same size down there. I couldn’t help but feel sort of jealous. “Let’s get cleaned up, so we can get dirty,” He said. We both hopped into the shower. The enclosed space made me even more aware of how large he was compared to me now. I was even still wrapping my head around how much larger he was, and that idea of growth got my engines revving. He pressed his body against mine, kindly turning me, caressing my ass, fingering me. I never loosened up that fast, and when he presented his cockhead on my hole, I was shocked to realize that the foreplay and hot water had me ready in a matter of minutes. He didn’t ask or say anything, he just grabbed me by the hips and entered me. We both gasped. I felt his bush against my crack, and before he could even do a single back and forth, I felt his grip tighten unbearably, his whole body shook violently, he almost tripped in the shower, I felt his dick pulse inside me and deliver a fat burning load. I was dumbfounded. “Fuck!” he cursed, “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck! Aw fuck,” panting, “ I’m sorry,” more panting, “fuck you feel so good. Just gimme five minutes and I’ll be ok to go again. Fuck!” He pulled out and we finished showering. He was truly vexed, his face was closed, and his demeanor much less gentle than a few moment ago. Still, I was somehow happy to see this, instead of one of the tantrums he would have had years ago. I imagined his larger, stronger self, having one of his outbreaks of rage that I had been been familiar with. My blood froze. He must have felt that I was drifting to a dark place. He suddenly focused back on me, and pull me in to cuddle and rinse me. Once out, he towelled me off, and we move to his living room, where we crashed on his couch and started making out. In a matter of seconds he was hard again. He grabbed lube, from god knows where, and lubed his hard, big dick. “This time, I’ll make sure you get your fill,” he chuckled. He laid me on my back, lifted my legs, and started aligning with my hole. He slid in without any resistance. I can not believe I took such a massive cock so easily. He adjusted his position on his knees in front of the couch, while I was flat on my back. He squared his shoulders, puffed his impressive chest, and started thrusting strongly at a regular rhythm. Kevin was alway one for steady, powerful, unimaginative sex. And to be honest, I loved that strong, and to-the-point sort of shag. Before long, we were both sweating heavily, and he had a maniacal smile on his face. “I waited so long for this,“ he growled, “I can’t believe it!” He flexed one of his thick arms and the biceps bulged. My eyes were glued to this display of muscle, and I was almost drooling. His smile turned into a smirk and he lowered his arm so I could grab it and feel it. Had it been possible, my dick would have gone harder. “I remember you had a thing for muscles,“ he mused, between rhythmical thrusts. I suddenly vividly remembred the day he found my pornstash, filled with Hsmuscleboi drawings, photomorphs and bodybuilding pics. I love outrageously massive muscle, and when he found out, he gave me hell, and made sure I felt like a deviant freak. Once again, he felt the uneasiness of the situation. His fucking slowed down to a soft, slow, back and forth, and he covered my body with his. “I know I haven’t always been good to you. But don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you now,“ he purred, kissing my neck. I started freaking out inside, as I realised Kevin wanted back in my life. I mean he’s hot, and hung, and muscular, and a great fuck, but I wasn’t exactly planning on taking him back, and the mere idea of having to break it to him after sex was panicking me. He straightened, ready to resume his pounding. “I actually have a surprise just for you. I know you’ll love it,” he said, producing a little bottle, filled with pills, from somewhere by the couch. “Wait, how did you know we’d meet?” I asked, as he dry-swallowed pills from the bottle. “What the fuck? Are you taking drugs?!” He laid one of his thick hands on my chest, stroking me softly and trying to calm me. “This isn’t drugs! Seriously, you know me I’d never take drugs. You’ll see,” he laughed, “And yeah, I might have forced destiny a bit. I had to have you back,” he smiled, apologetically I felt rage, pride, affection, disgust, lust, and fear, mix inside me, but before one of those feelings took over, I noticed a shift in Kevin’s posture. “Fuuuuuuuck, it’s coming,” he rasped, locking eyes with me, “enjoy the show.” Kevin’s muscle started to grow. It was unmistakable. His size and definition were steadily increasing. That was just insane. He resumed his fucking and I started moaning, and he hit every spot inside me. What I saw was straight out of my wet dreams, veins poping on his body, feeding his growing muscles. His abs became more visible and his lats started to show. His pecs became more prominent; their shape becoming sharper and his nipples being forced down by the sheer mass of them. His shoulders widened again, and then so did his neck. He flexed his arms and I almost came. He was looking like a bodybuilder. His growth subsided and there was only fear and lust in me. “So what do you think,” he asked cockily. Fear finally took over, and I frantically tried to straighten on the couch, and hoist myself off of his dick. But he was fast, and before I could do it, he grabbed my waist and slammed me back on his dick. I let out a sharp cry out of surprise and pleasure. “For fuck sake Tony! Calm down,” he scowled at me “Seriously, I deserve another chance, I know I can give you what you need,” he said. He produced another pill and dry-swallowed it too. He saw the fear in my eyes and as he resumed his thrust much more slower this time he talked to me in calm voice. “I’m doing this for you Tony, I don’t like muscle, but I want to give you what you like. There it goes. I’ll be your muscleman Tony, and you could be my little worshiper,” he whispered. His body resumed its growth, and Kevin picked up the pace as he fucked me. I realised his dick was also slowly growing inside of me. I gasped, the increasing stretching feeling was starting to be quite noticeable. “Fuck, I missed you,” he kept rambling and growing. “I can’t believe I’m finally having you. After ten year,” he gritted his teeth, and his eyes started watering, veins popping on his muscular body. “I can’t fucking believe it. After you abandoned me for ten years,” he started thrusting harder. “Why you did this to me?!” and harder, “I fucking love you, and you dumped me!!!” and harder still. Kevin was slowly reaching the size of an heavyweight bodybuilder. He was pounding me like a mad man. He didn’t care if I liked it or not. He was using all his strength, which was increasing alongside his size. His newly augmented dick had gotten me so loose, that the cum from the load he fired in me while we showered started escaping me. His grip was almost hurting me, and he was punching my prostate with each thrust. This was some major revenge fuck; he was abusive and insane. The worst part, was that I had never been so turned on in my life. He flexed his arm, and the hypertrophied biceps swole, thick veins feeding the slowly inflating muscle. He started thrusting his dick at a vicious angle, each thrust forcing a sharp cry from me. “Look what you made me do,” he growled. “I’m becoming one of those ugly freaks you like for you. Fuck! I’m gonna be the biggest! You’ll never want to leave me once I’m done,” he smirked “This is how much I love you”. He laid himself on top of me, kissing me deeply. He was crushing me under his weight. His grip transformed into tender caresses. His pounding became less violent. He shoved my head in his pecs and flexed for me. He straightened again and looked down on me tenderly, while still fucking me. The view was breathtaking; he was bigger than a pro heavyweight bodybuilder. He wiped the tears from his face. “You’re not leaving me. Ever again,” he rasped, “you understand?” I could only nod, and sob. I had no other option, or he’d harm me or worst. His face softened, and a genuine look of concern took over his face. “Don’t cry baby. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said, wiping my face with his thumb. “Come here,” he said, standing. He effortlessly carried me, still impaled on his dick. He hugged me against his massive frame. He was sweaty, burning hot and the stench of sweat was strong. He bobbed me up and down, like he was trying to comfort me but with more than 10’’ of dick buried in me, it made me gasp and tense in his arms. “There, there,” he whispered, “ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I did some work on myself, I’m better. I got better for you. I got bigger for you.” He started lifting me up and down on his dick building, a nice rhythm. “Hummmph, this is so good. You’re so small, and tight and I’m so big and strong. I feel like you could never run on me anymore,” he laughed. At that point, my common sense had checked out. I was following the flow and taking what was to enjoy in that glorious trainwreck. I buried my face in the thick pecs of Kevin, and reached around, grabbing his wide, strong, sinewy back, grinding my dick in abs. “Aw baby, yes, you like it,” he said, caressing the back of my head. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to go all the way. But now that I have you in my arms, I know I have to do it.” He popped two more pills and swallowed them. I braced myself. This time, I could feel the growth and see it. His temperature rose. He was radiating an unnatural heat and I could feel it from inside me. His pulsating rod was so hot against my tender insides. His whole body tensed. As the growth resumed, the muscle fibers started to show underneath his skin, each muscle getting more defined and more exaggerated. He kept on fucking me, the whole time, his dick slowly getting longer and thicker, hitting new places inside me and stretching me in ways I had never imagined. His neck got thicker than his head, and his traps rose and fattened almost reaching his ears. His shoulders thickened and were pushed apart by his growing back. The muscles were stacking on top of each other, pushing against each other. My hands and arms forced opened by his growing back and lats. His pecs were getting so huge that they started sagging ever-so-slightly under their own weight, but every flex would make them ripple with thick cords of muscle in mindblowing way. I could feel his abs fattening and the crevice between them getting deeper, almost swallowing my dick as I rubbed it against them. His arms got thicker, and he had to reposition them due to his growing biceps. The head splitted and new bulbous muscles would emerge. His triceps were insanely large and they made two-thirds of his arms almost thicker than my waist. And his forearms were now almost as thick as his biceps giving and insane silhouette. Underneath all that his legs had each reached a gargantuan size to support his frame. They were arched, forced apart by the crazy amount of muscle packed on them, his quad were massive, ripped and each micro movement he made to balance us would result in an insane display of muscle moving under his skin. His growth finally stopped, and I would later learn that kevin was now over 500 lbs of muscle. He started to lose the rhythm of his fuck, his thrust getting erratic. I knew it meant he was getting close. Over his pecs, I could see his face contorted by pleasure, eyes rolled back, and his mouth agape with drool trickling from it. I myself was in a daze, a mix of terror, lust and obedience, my body wrecked by the growing monster and the the wave of pleasure sent by my devastated prostate, my mind shattered by bliss and abuse, my dick rock hard rubbing with abs that no human being should possess. I heard an unintelligible growl and my insides were once more flooded by the burning seed of the man.this time it was an insane amount a proper cup of hot cum filling me. The pressure and warm were so intense I unloaded too, a comparatively small load on his abs. Kevin was giggling, his whole body spasming and rocking under the strength of the orgasm. I could feel each spasm inside of me through his dick and my body followed his lead shaking and shivering in response like I wasn’t in control anymore. Well, I actually wasn’t in control anymore. Kevin slowly lifted me off his dick and set me down carefully. I was unsteady on my feet, weak in the knees, trying not to fall and not to let the cum inside me escape. But I was shaking and stumbling and rapidly cooling drops of cum were slowly running on the inside of my thigh. Kevin still hold me by the shoulders, dwarfing me. It was two time and half as wide and the thickness was overwhelming. “Let’s clean up and get some rest baby.” he panted “ we have big day tomorrow, I have to go clothes shopping and we need to collect your stuff so you can move in with me.”
  17. Changing my Life - Part 8

    As always, thank you for all the support and reputation . I would like to mention that I’m having some problems at work so I’ll only upload on Sundays. Thanks for understanding and have a great Sunday! Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Changing my Life Part VIII “Rise and shine” I heard Max’s deeper voice say when I awoke the next morning. I sat up straight and looked at him. Before me, stood a tall, wide and hot muscle god with a small tray in his hands. He was wearing a tiny little speedo which, to be honest, didn’t cover up anything from his mammoth prick and a red bow tie around his neck. “Here you go.” He said handing me a breakfast tray. The tray contained 2 slices of bread, some sandwich filling, a glass of orange juice, yoghurt and a red rose in a vase. “Oh that’s so sweet. To what do I owe this?” I asked smiling at the most heart-warming breakfast I’ve ever received. “Just because you kept believing in me and helping me get through with it.” He said blushing and scratching the back of his neck as he told me how grateful he was. “This bow tie is getting a little bit too tight.” He said struggling to get the bow off of him. He sat down on my side of the bed. With one quick rip, the bow was off. Admiring the view was the only thing I could do. Max had grown so much since he started the experiment. I was pleased at how well it had been working the last couple of days and was getting excited at how much he would grow, but I wasn’t the only one that was excited. Whilst admiring my gorgeous boyfriend I saw, in the corner of my eye, that his little boy was waking up too. I quickly looked back as I didn’t want to be staring at it like a pervert. Max noticed it too and placed his big hands on it to keep it from ripping his favourite speedo. “Sorry this happens a lot since I took that pill. I just can’t stop looking at myself and enjoying what I see.” “I get it.” I said knobbing in agreement. I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did. “Hey uh, could you do me a favour?” he said rubbing his hands together. “Sure. What can I do for ya?” I asked placing the tray next to me. “It’s just that I need some new clothes and I can’t go out looking like this.” “What do you mean. You can still wear my clothes.” Max didn’t answer. He just looked at me, smiling, and turned red. “I think I grew a little overnight.” He said laughing. Max stood up from the bed and told me he would get his new stats as he measured himself that morning when he made my breakfast. As he reached the bedroom door, I immediately saw that he grew. He had to duck his head to get through the door and went sideways too. “I’ve got them!” he said entering the bedroom again. “So… how tall do you think I am?” Max asked holding the papers with both hands and pressing them into his chest in hopes that I wouldn’t see the answer to his question. “Uh I don’t know, like, 2.00 meters?” “NOPE!” he shouted with excitement “I’m now at 2.05 meters. Isn’t it great! However I do still weigh somewhat the same.” I leaned back, my head lying on my pillow. he grew over night! This can't be right. “That’s lovely, but uh…” I stumbled over my words as I was searching for the right words to tell him how I felt without him getting angry or thinking that I wouldn’t support him anymore. “What is it?” he said approaching me. “Don’t you think you’ve grown enough. I mean, this all happened with just one pill.” Max looked at me, not knowing how to react. He sat down next to me and looked down. “I thought you’d be happy for me.” he added. “I am, I’m just worried that you’ll grow too big. I still have to keep up with ya.” I said punching him on his shoulder and smiling at him, trying not to make him feel guilty; “Maybe you’re right, but I like the feeling of being the bigger one.” He said looking back at me. “You know what, why don’t we make a deal. You can grow a bit more, but when I feel like you’ve grown enough, you stop.” I said sticking my small hand out, ready to shake Max’s big, meaty hand. “Deal!” he said smiling and looking excited. Then he stopped smiling for a moment and added “Err, there’s something else I need you to do for me…” “What is it?” I asked curious. “You know how I ripped out of most of my clothes?” he said looking at some of the shirts and trousers that were still covering the bedroom floor. “Yes” I said raising my eyebrow. “Well… could you… maybe… get me some new ones?” he asked. “Sure!” I said happily. “I’ll get some new ones right after my appointment of this afternoon. But you’ll have to give me your stats so that I know what to pick.” He jumped off of the bed and walked up to me, giving me a big kiss on my cheek. “You’re the best, I love you!” After our little talk, Max gave me a piece of paper and some measuring tape and we started writing down all his stats. Once we were finished, I took my documents with me for my appointment and told Max that he should contact the doc. to inform him about his progress as I forgot to do so. He told me he’d write an e-mail and would add some pics to also show him the results. I told him that’d be fine and I left. I went to our local shopping centre which was just a fifteen minute drive. Walking around, I saw a lot of shops with XXL sizes. However, they weren’t the cheapest clothes. I got a few hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, pants, socks, jackets and so on. I even got him some new shoes because I knew that the ones he got would be destroyed by the time he’d be done. Back at the car park, I was loading the boot when I heard someone sneak up behind me, grabbing my shoulder and saying “Great to see you again.” I panicked when I turned around.
  18. Choranaptyxic

    Choranaptyxic : ability to change size to fit the available space. When using dating apps you know you’re in for little surprises once a while. I had a big surprise a few month ago. Still not sure what happened but, it was probably the best thing to ever happen in my life. I was feeling lonely, after having had a shit day and as I was browsing on Grindr, I decided to finally give a chance to Max, a guy that had been messaging me for ages. His profile pic looked nice: he was 35, mixed, had an athletic frame and was quite a looker. I dunno why I hadn’t agreed to see him before. The guy sounded genuinely overexcited to see me, which sort of eluded me why. At 32, I was well-kept and well groomed, and I looked younger than I actually was. I was 5’9 with a tight, toned body. Decent looking, but nothing out of the ordinary. When I met the guy later that very evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite thicker than his profile pic had suggested. He was slightly shorter than me and quite stocky. He had a thick sweater on, and it kinda concealed his body. But there was no mistaking that he had broad shoulders, a thick waist, and big arms. He lacked definition, but the mass was there. We sat on the couch in my living room, after I got us a couple of beers from the fridge, and we quickly started talking and flirting. He was handsome, with sharp, defined features, and a softness in his eyes that reinforced his calm and friendly demeanor. His voice wasn’t very deep; but it was soft and soothing. The man was a perfect balance of natural strength and softness, and in just a few minutes I was under his spell. After just a few more minutes, I was just dying to kiss that stud. When he finally moved in to kiss me, I felt a mix of relief, fulfilment, and sex, like I never felt before. My hand started to explore his stocky frame, feeling the expanses of smooth skin, and the amazing firmness of muscles with just the right amount of chub on them. He was tender and kind, but there was no mistaking that he was the one in charge. And I loved it. He took off my shirt and undid my pants. I was half naked and he was still fully dressed. I felt vulnerable, yet protected by this man. He pressed himself on top of me; caressing me, kissing me, making me feel the full weight of his body.. “You’re so tight and pretty” he growled in my ear. He removed his stocky frame from my body, then sat comfortably in the couch and proceeded to take off his sweater. I went to straddle him, to help him take off that thick sweater, but was surprised to find his lap was wider than I thought it was. I readjusted myself on top of him. “You’re wider than I thought,” I said, as his sweater finally came off. I stared in shock at the shirtless man under me. His torso was wide and powerful, just as I thought it would be. The thin layer of fat shielded his abs, but above them, was a pair of big pecs. Perfectly shaped, with deep brown nipples, forced downward by the mass of muscle on the man’s chest. I cupped them, staring blankly at Max. “Yeah, I still have some extra holiday weight to lose,” he chuckled. “What?! Nah you’re perfect,” I snapped out of my reverie. “Your pecs are huuuuuge.” He smiled warmly, put his hand on the back of my neck, and then forced me down between his pecs. I had never, ever, actually seen or touched pecs that size. I was in heaven, worshipping that man. His other hand found its way onto my lower back, and I submissively arched my back. I was rewarded by a flex of his pecs, and his hand sliding in my pants, cupping my ass. I pulled my head out of his muscle cleavage, only to see his beaming face. He put both his hands on my waist to secure me, and then stood up, carrying me while I still straddled his waist. I gasped and giggled at the display of strength. He let out a soft chuckle as he put me down on the floor. And that’s when the evening took a fantastic turn: I was looking at him at eye level. It felt weird, as I positively knew he was shorter than I was. That was the first thing I noted about him. Yet, now we were even. Before I could show or express my surprise, he took me by the hand. “Where’s your bedroom handsome?” he smiled. The gentle, flirty, and firm tone suppressed any concern I could have voiced, and I obeyed him happily, and took the large man to my bedroom. Once inside, he engulfed me in his arms, kissing me deeply. In a matter of seconds, my pants were on the floor. Slowly, but unmistakably, I felt his head rise as I kissed him, and his back widened under my touch. I broke the kiss to try and understand what was going on. I was now at eye level with his mouth. I was shocked. He pushed me onto the bed and i fell onto my back. He was towering above me, and I realized that he was wider too. Under his massive pecs, the outline of his abs were now faintly visible. His shoulders were rounder, and his arms looked more defined. His waist was still very thick, but his wider shoulders gave him the beginning of a “V” taper. He was looking like a serious gym rat now, probably around 200 lbs but maybe more. I was at the same moment both freaked out and turned on. “Don’t mind if I get comfortable,” he said, taking off his jeans. As he pulled down his jeans, I was once again shocked by the man. Inside his grey, worn-out boxers, a thick hardon was clearly visible. More than clearly visible actually. The head was poking out of the bottom hemline and it was probably about 9 inches long. “Ooops,“ he laughed, tucking in the fat monster. “It’s massive,” I said, in utter shock. “Don’t be scared,” he said, with mock concern. “Come say hello. It won’t hurt you, I promise.” Once again, his strong hand grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me closer to the bulge, while his other hand, pulled down his boxers. Finally, the whole thing was exposed; the long fat shaft, with an equally thick head, sheathed in a long thin layer of foreskin. And hanging under it, a set of bull balls. I kissed the head; soft pecks at first, then progressively I got more and more of the head inside my mouth. I slid the shaft in, and started sucking and licking the whole shaft. I was rewarded by a deep growl, and felt him shiver under my ministration. I looked up at him. That’s one of my signature moves: giving expert head, while looking up at the dude with a pleading/ingenue look on my face. And for the first time in my life, it didn’t work! His face was totally blocked by his massive pecs. I never thought I could get that turned on. I ran my hand down his torso (the abs were definitely starting to pop on his stomach!) and grabbed one of the massive pecs. They were unmistakably bigger and firmer. As I sucked his dick and kneaded his pecs, I felt him get harder in my mouth. His penis fattened again and a solid half inch added to his shaft. Blowing him was starting to be a challenge. He took a step back, and his fat dick popped out of my mouth. I don’t know if he was any taller, but he was looking pumped! His definition was augmenting, and his muscles were starting to pop all over his body. The sight was breathtaking. We wrapped his strong arms around my waist and flipped me upside down. Before I knew what was happening, he had my decent sized dick down his throat, and my face was shoved on his dick. As we both went down on each other, I felt his strength grow. The pressure he put on my waist was noticeably augmenting, and I heard a faint stretching noise coming from inside his body. Though I couldn’t see, I knew Max was growing more muscular, and growing taller too. My dick popped out of his mouth as he grew up. Soon, he was tall enough to bend his head and rim me while I was upside down blowing him. Max flipped me back on my feet before too much blood reached my head. He was eversosligthly out of breath from carrying me. And I was now eye level with his clavicle. He was massive. Bodybuilder big now...I’d say about 250 lbs. His definition and shoulder to waist ratio was much more impressive now. And his pecs were mind blowing and out of proportion. I was breathing hard; he was turning into a monster right in front of me. He pushed me back on the bed and laid by my side. “Mmmmhh, you’ve got a nice mattress,” he purred, pulling close to him. My face right in his massive pecs; I suckled on them, licking and groping the massive muscles. I felt one of his thick fingers slide inside me. I gasped and he muffled me by pressing my face into his huge pecs, while he slid a second finger in my ass and started working me. “Do you have lube, handsome?” he asked. I tear away from the massive man and fumbled into the bed stand to grab a tube of vaseline and hand it to him. He helped himself to a decent dose, lubed his shaft, grabbed me, and pulled my face back into his pecs while stuffing his greasy fingers up my ass. Once fully lubricated, he layed me on my back and lifted my legs, exposing my hole. Once he aligned himself, I could feel his cockhead locking in my asshole. Probing and ready to fuck me. Then, he entered me. His fat 10-incher started sliding inside me. And as he he pushed, inch by inch, that was it. I finally saw it happen. He was growing. The stretching noise was perfectly audible. This time, the speed was alarming. Half his dick was in, and he was looking like Peter Molnar, only taller, and with even larger pecs. As the second half of the delicious schlong entered me, punching my prostate on the way, Max kept growing at the same pace. When his balls finally slapped on my ass, he was looking like one of those morphed bodybuilders. 300 lbs..may be more. I lost it. I came. I screamed and arched my back under the strength of the orgasm. Three ribbons of cum escaped me and crashed on my torso. “Oh my,” he chuckled. “Spent already?” he said, starting to pull out. “Not even close,” I panted, “I need you to fuck me.” I smiled and he started thrusting softly inside me. I started to loosen around his huge pole. I was moaning like a little bitch, as I felt his dick rearrange my insides. He lifted my ass, so he could lower his upper body on me and kiss me. That’s when I realized that he was almost as wide as my king size bed. His growth wasn’t as impressive as when he entered me, but it was still happening. My bed groaned under the ever increasing weight of the massive man. He straightened, grabbed my waist, and stood by the side of the bed, with my little body (compared to his) still impaled on him. He carried me like I was nothing. As gravity pulled me down I now fully felt the intrusive mass of his dick inside me. It felt thicker and longer. He started moving me up and down on his shaft, like I was just a fleshlight. My ass was unbelievably loose now. He was still growing and his muscles were unlike anything I had ever seen: shredded, massive, hypertrophied. And his head was inching toward the ceiling. He was over 7 feet tall! The amplitude of his thrust augmented, until he was fully pulling out of me and slamming back in. The suction noise was disgusting... and unbelievably sexy. He rammed his foot-long wrist thick penis inside me three final times, with a strength that could have killed me. And as his head bumped against the ceiling, and his form popped into an inhuman display of hypertrophied muscles, he roared and unleashed a torrent of jizz inside me. I’m still not sure how I felt at that moment: was it the earth shattering orgasm of a lifetime, or a near-death experience? I don’t know. Maybe both. Max must have blasted close to a liter of pressurized cum inside me. It almost tore my insides, and squirted right back on the floor. I don’t know how I managed to make it through without getting any bone cracked in the process, or how I ever regained a normal use of my sphincter. He lifted and put me on the floor. My legs were unable to carry me and he had to catch me before I fell on the floor. “Oh oh, looks like I exhausted my little dude,” he chuckled, cradling me between his gigantic pecs. I half remember him squeezing through the doorframe to the bathroom to clean both of us. I was nothing but a half conscious ragdoll, and it was utter bliss. Once we were both cleaned, he went to the bedroom. He grabbed a pillow and the duvet, then laid on the floor. He would have crushed the bed. Using the tiny pillow for his head, he laid me down on his massive torso, and threw the duvet over me. When I woke up the next morning, he was still massive, happily snoring under me. I confess, I never slept that well and I never felt as good as when snuggled against his monstrous frame. And as I was trying to process what had happened, I spotted his jeans on the floor. They were utterly oversized, like they would actually fit him now. I slid from under the duvet and went to the living room. I found his discarded sweater on the couch. It covered half of it. That was impossible. I retrieved my phone and checked Max’s profile on Grindr. The picture was exactly the same, him sitting in some random garden, except he was the massive version sleeping in my bedroom, not the one I greeted at the door yesterday. Below it, his stats read 7’5, 683 lbs. I stared dumbfounded at the screen for a while., A loud rumble jump scared me and shortly after, Max was squeezing his massive self into the living room. It was quite a sight to behold. The massive mounds of muscle, fighting against each other, as he moved with a surprising ease. He picked me from the floor, and lifted me to his face to give me a big kiss, before putting me back on the floor. He then sat on his huge ass (he was almost taller than me standing) and looked at me with puppy eyes. “Can I get breakfast? I’m starving,” he whined. “Sure, what’d you like?” I asked. “Anything. I’m easy,” he beamed. I never talked to him about that growth episode on our first encounter. It’s like Max had always been that oversized muscle monster. We started dating after that episode, and a few months later, we moved in together. He is the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met, and I think he’s the one. I noticed his size varies from 7’ to 8’, but he seems totally oblivious of the fact. So do the people around us. He height and thickness are the source of many inconveniences, but if I’m honest, it turns us on more than it annoys us. End.
  19. Changing my Life - Part 6

    I’m really sorry for not posting on Wednesday, but I had some trouble at work which I needed to take care off. Anyway, thanks once again for the wonderful support and I hope you are enjoying the story as much as I am. Also if you happen to have any requests for the story then please let me know. :3 Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Changing my Life Part VI Max waddled out of the cubicle, looking down embarrassed of the exposure of his body. His shirt had been split open, chest and new formed abs visible. His arms seemed ready to explode out of their tight tubes that were surrounding them. His trousers were skin tight and glued to him. The feet literally ripped through his shoes and his bulge was poking straight at me. Ready to bust a load. “What the hell happened to you?” I asked still quite shocked. “I don’t know. One moment I was eating and the next moment I felt a tingling sensation in my stomach so I ran out here and then, this happened.” Max said pointing at his body. He didn’t look any taller but he was definitely bigger. His muscles looked more defined and bulged out from all sides. “Okay listen, we can’t show you to anyone in this state. You look like the hulk just busted out of his clothes.” Max smiled and looked up at me because of my comment. “Really? You think I look like the Hulk?” POP! RRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Max may’ve been a bit too excited at my comment. His grown dick ripped out of his tight trousers and started leaking pre on the tilled flooring. “Yep now we definitely have to make sure nobody sees you.” I said looking at his grown crotch. I had to find a way out so I told Max I was going to look for an exit, whilst he would hide in the cramped cubicle ‘til I returned. Walking out of the toilets, I first examined the entrance. But to my disappointment the entrance was filled with people smoking and talking. Walking across the corridor, I found an emergency exit. “That might work, but how am I going to get him out of here without anyone seeing him?” I said to myself looking around for a solution. -Sigh- There was nothing. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly made my way back to the entrance and saw Mr. Jones approaching the toilets. “Mr Jones!” I yelled trying to keep him away from the door. “Oh hello Jake, how is Max doing?” “He.. uh.. he didn’t feel good.. and if I were you, I wouldn’t enter. He’s a real mess” I said. The sweat was dripping off of my back from the nerves of Mr Jones finding out about Max. “Oh, would you mind me checking to see if he’s alright? I did study medical school you know.” “I appreciate it Sir, but he’s alright. If you don’t mind, I think it’s best for us to leave.” Mr Jones looked a bit disappointed. Probably due to the fact that we are very close with each other (business wise). “I understand Jake. I hope you enjoyed anyway.” Mr Jones said smiling at me and getting his hand off of the doorknob. As he entered the party I noticed a small wooden box hanging next to the door. I opened the small door and found the control panel of the electricity of the building. That gave me an idea. I walked back to the toilets to find max sitting on the toilet looking worried and ashamed. “Did you find a way out?” “Yes, but you’ll have to do exactly what I tell you to do.” I exited the toilets first, looking around to check if the coast was clear. Then I ran to the control panel to shut down all the lights in the building. It was dark outside so it was pitch-black inside. People started screaming and I heard stuff getting knocked over. Max exited the toilets and took my hand as I led him to the emergency exit. Entering the car park, we searched for my car. Once we found it we had to get Max inside of it. Due to his overgrown body, he wouldn’t fit properly. Eventually we managed to get him in. We started the car and drove off. The entire drive home was quiet. I didn’t know what to say or think and neither did Max. we knew that it was all part of the pill but why did it have to happen now? And why did it have such a strong effect at the party and not at home? I kept asking myself questions about all that had happened. Before I knew, we entered the driveway. I shut down the car and got out, walking around it to open the door for Max. I opened the door and Max got his bare feet out first. Then he started to stand up and up and up... Standing at his full naked height, I was face to face with his ballooning pecs! Luckily our house was located on a deserted street so we didn’t have any neighbours. But if we had the would’ve certainly called the police thinking bigfoot was on our property. Max, now coated with a little fur, looked down at me and grinned at what he saw. “I guess you’re already my little baby, aren’t ya?” he said rubbing through my hear. I smiled at him and walked to the front door, unlocking it. I felt a warm presents behind me and knew it had to be Max. remarkably it felt like a nice radiator which was pressed against me, but in reality, it was just Max’s hot body. We both entered the house and I sat down on the couch replaying the entire night in my head. I heard some loud thumping as Max entered the room. “Err, are you okay babe?” Max said concerned out how quiet I’ve been the entire time. “Yeah, yeah, it’s just.. I haven’t comprehended everything that has happened today.” I replied smiling at him. “Hey uhm, would you like to measure and weigh me, so we can inform the doc at my progress.” He said looking at me with his innocent face again. “Alright, you get the weighing machine and I get the tape measurer.” I said standing up walking to the kitchen drawer. Max ran upstairs heading to the bathroom to get the weighing machine. He quickly returned with the weighing machine in his hands and placing it on the floor. I grabbed a chair and the tape and measured him from head to toe. Confused when seeing the results, I measured him again. “You won’t believe this.” I said looking at the tape measurer. “apparently you are 1.95 meters tall.” I said shocked at the results. “WOW, cool, and all that just with one pill.” He said looking at the jar filled with four more. “Let’s weigh your heavy body now, shall we?” I said trying to keep his attention. Max got on the scale and the arrow slammed to the right. He passed the 100 kg mark and continued down until eventually stopping at 140 kg. “140 kg of pure muscle.” He replied flexing his arms. I, shockingly, didn’t know how to reply again. Anxious, I looked at the ground. Max saw my frightened face and walked over to me, raising his beefy hands, picked me up and hugged me. “Hey, don’t be like this. You should be happy for me.” He said hugging me tighter. “I know, I’m just… processing.” I said looking at his manly face. Max kept hugging me for a good two minutes. His arms started to tighten around my back, preventing me from breathing. “MAX!” I yelled in pain. “SORRY.” He said loosening his grip and putting me down. “I guess I have to get used to all this strength.” We wrote down Max’s weight and height and took a picture from all angles to later send it to the doc. I couldn’t be bothered to send it that night so Max and I got in our sleepwear (Max’s sleepwear consisted of just a pair of tight underwear as nothing fitted him anymore) and dozed off into a deep sleep.
  20. Arthur Thorn Part Five by F_R_Eaky Part One: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10588-arthur-thorn-part-one-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Two: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10601-arthur-thorn-part-two-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Three: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11207-arthur-thorn-part-three-by-f_r_eaky/ Part Four: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11266-arthur-thorn-part-four-by-f_r_eaky/ It had been a very pensive couple of months. Arthur's psychiatrist had scheduled a meeting with Arthur Thorn, his boyfriend, David Hamm, and his and David's personal trainer, Ian Francis, with himself and a Dr. Sambaran Barua, but when originally scheduled it was going to take Dr. Barua a couple of months to be able to have a clear schedule and fly out there. Dr. Orlando stated in the meantime that Arthur was not to go workout at the gym so as to eliminate any possibility of running into former Mr. Olympia, Gerogio "The Bull" Toro. But that left things edgy for Arthur and David. Two months ago Gerogio set Arthur off and set off two of some kind of freak growth spurts that had taken him from a skinny man of five feet four inches tall to a considerable man of size: six feet four and with at least a personal trainer's build if not a little bit bulkier. Coming out the growth, Arthur was filled with rage, which lessened into a forceful and boldened passion, upon which he took the position of top upon his lover, David. Arthur was somewhat mortified as he came out of his growth stupor to see he had become the top in the activities, as well as the fact that he now had to get used to being a man of considerable size, equal in height and size, if not slightly larger, than his boyfriend, David. David had to contend with emotional feelings of worry, fear, and concern over what was happening to Arthur, but then suddenly had to deal with feelings of doubt, diminishing masculinity, being a submissive during sex, and insecurity of his own size and strength, and worse yet, that his lover was also more hung than he was, and that wasn't a small feat. Needless to say tension hung in the air around Arthur and David's house and if it was any thicker, it would pliable like the substance that Arthur oozed during his last two growth spurts. It didn't help when small things went awry, such as when the doorbell rang and David went to let Doctors Orlando and Barua in, Arthur rushed to put one of his favorite, most comfortable t-shirts on only to shred it completely. He was having to borrow clothes from David left and right and although it turned him on a little, it also scared him a bit. It also unnerved David as well. Having quickly found a shirt of David's to wear, Arthur came into the living room and joined David, the doctors, and Ian, and they all sat down. "Right." Said Dr. Orlando. "I'm going to tell you up front that this is going to sound like we're crackpots. You're probably going to want us to leave, but believe me, this is real and a very serious problem." "With what I've seen so far, I'm not so sure I like the sound of this." whispered David as he looked painfully worried over to Arthur. "I'm going to let Dr. Barua take over from here." "I'm sorry," interrupted Arthur, is he a specialist of some sort?" "Yes, I am, but not a specialist in psychiatry." "Of what then?" "Hindu religion and philosophy." "What does that..." "If you will sit back and listen for just a moment. Have you heard of the concept of reincarnation?" "Yes, but I've never believed in it." "Well, if you value your life, you're going to have to believe in it now... ... ... and respect it." "What?!" spoke Arthur, David, and Ian out loud. Dr. Orlando spoke up. "Arthur. I know this going to sound totally crazy but I want you to consider the following." and he pulled out photocopies of newspaper articles and laid them out for Arthur to see. "This is Miles Ashe, known as "mile-wide" to his friends, admirers, and fans. He was the reigning Mr. Olympia before Gerogio was. In fact, Miles was set to probably break the record for number of times being Mr. Olympia. Look at his physique. He had size, he had density, he had definition, he had symmetry, he had it all, and may I say unprofessionally, from the look of him in his posers, he had an...endowment, shall we say. "Now pay attention. A couple of months before he was going to compete in his seventh Mr. Olympia contest, he was driving down a road with a dangerous hair pin turn. Something happened to him, or rather to his car, and he went careening off the road. They discovered his burnt body in the remains of the car. He was pinned into it by the engine. The tree he collided with had pushed the entire thing up and back right onto his lap. ..." "That's like my dream..." whispered Arthur. "Yes. Like your dream. The item you can't seem to lift. I want you to also take note that in your nightmares you've said something about being 'a mile wide.' It's quite possible you have been trying to remember who you were by your past life nick-name, but it didn't quite make sense to you so your subconscious has made you say you are a mile-wide instead of simply being Mile-wide." "Oh come on!" Shouted David. "What kind of hocus-pocus mumbo jumbo are you trying to stuff down our throats?" "It's not mumbo-jumbo" said Dr. Barua. "It is very rare when a case of reincarnation is remembered so vividly or produces effects to occur to the new present body, but it can and does happen. Arthur, look at the date of the accident. ... ... ..." "That's.... .....that's the date of my birth." "And your near death experience, as well as interest in visiting a Hindu temple was around your last birthday was it not?" "Yes." "We believe you feel incomplete with your past life. As though it was snatched from you way too soon. ... ...." "Like something was stolen from me." "Exactly. As such, it's unfinished business. Unsettled business, and you want to, need to take care of it, resolve it now." David looked over. "And how is he going to do that?" "I'm not exactly sure, just yet. We know Mr. Toro triggers the feeling that Arthur's life as Miles was cut short, but we need to answer the question, why does he feel like Mr. Toro stole it from him?" Arthur spoke up. "The other day, when I had the growth spurt that turned me into...." "Arthur 3.0..." David said with a bit of shyness and yet a little bit of humor. "Yeah, into this...before hand, what set me off was that he attacked me. I went into a rage and was arguing with him and it just came out suddenly but without the 'a', 'I am mile wide.' He stopped his beating me. I mean he just froze and looked at me like he'd seen a ghost. He totally forgot me, walked out of the gym like he was worried. It was as if he had to go check something." "Then there must be something as to why he is the trigger." said Dr. Barua. "But what is it that is happening when this gets triggered? What is going on with me?" "You are exuding ectoplasm. A kind of solid, flowing material from the spiritual plane. Normally it only comes and helps ghosts, phantoms, to temporarily assume a recognizable form, but in your case... ... ... You feel so wronged by whatever it was that was stolen from you, you're using the ectoplasm to add mass and change your body." "Then I should be done now, shouldn't I? I mean I'm already I'm already his size aren't I?" "Not quite." said Dr. Orlando. "You're still an inch shorter, your shoulders not counting the muscle aren't quite as wide as his, and you have nowhere near the muscle mass, size, strength." "But he certainly is packing like Miles was." said David under his breath. "So what is going to happen to me? How much more will I change?" "We're not sure. You could not change anymore. You could change more so to look similar to what Miles Ashe did. You could still feel threatened or wanting of revenge and load up even more, bigger, if possible than what Miles was." "Even bigger?" gasped Arthur and David together albeit with different tones. "But the worse problem is the psychological aspect. You can't and shouldn't pull too much of the memories through. You'd simply be reliving your past and be unable to feel and function in the present, or you could put yourself in a loop feeling the accident over and over, which could cause the same physical damage to you in this life time again and again until...." "Until what?" "Until you die. ... ... ... Either due to mental or emotional stress or the physical damage." "David..." Arthur turned to David, who although pondering the fact of a lover that's larger than him, still pulled Arthur into him and hugged him for support. Ian suddenly sat forward. "So the key here is to figure out what was stolen from Arthur...uhm... Miles, and why Mr. Toro is the trigger for Arthur remembering that part of Miles' life?" "Exactly." "I think I can help out with that. I'm one of the reporters for a local fitness magazine. I could arrange an interview with Mr. Toro and see if any information turns up." "All right, but be careful. Even in the decent shape you're in, he's still quite a bit bigger than you are." "No worries...." *************************************************************************** It was mid-afternoon when Ian was escorted by personal assistant to Gerogio Toro's home office. The assistant looked to be a man of considerable size himself, but certainly would still be in just the fitness category and not heavyweight contenders. Seated in a chair at the desk across from which Mr. Toro was sitting, Ian saw Mr. Toro give him the one finger sign for "just a moment" as he finished reading through some reports. Even clothed Mr. Toro was quite the marvel of a man. The dress shirt didn't bunch in the usual places it does on most men. No, instead the wrinkles are all condensed and shoved together in folds and layers at the elbow crook, the underarms instead of loose and wide all up and down the arm and torso. The shirt was tailor made for him, probably a couple of years ago as the fabric did pull quite tightly across his chest, enough so as to pull the two fabric sides apart just a titch in between where the buttons held them together. The torso part of the shirt was pulled taught and tight against his chest, his lats, back, and shoulders. As Ian sat there waiting, watching Mr. Toro breathe, he almost swore he could here microscopic sounds of microscopic rips happening in the fabric and that at any moment some part of the shirt would instantly just tear completely from the back, or the chest, or from wrist to deltoid, showering him with buttons or strips, if not threads, of fabric. But that didn't happen. Instead Ian just watched every time Mr. Toro moved his arms and the ball that was the bicep rose up and down or seemed to roll back and forth, increasing in mass and size as it flexed. Ian wondered what the man's abs or roid gut looked like under the shirt that surprisingly was still quite loose and wrinkled hanging around it. Ian then shifted his gaze towards a modern styled curio cabinet in the corner of the room. It was gilded in gold with glass shelves and a mirrored backdrop. Inside of it, it held several large golden medallions each of them resting against a statuette of Eugen Sandow. But at the bottom, there was another statuette. This one looked like a gilded wrench of some sort. "They are impressive, aren't they?" "ahem...yes." Said Ian his attention brought back to focus. "And so is the build and career of the person that earned them." "Thank you. So Mr. ?....." "Francis." "Mr. Francis, you work for who again?" "In this case I work for 'Flex & Fitness Monthly' a local health magazine." "You... .... you also work for that gym. The one I've recently started attending." "I know the owners there, and I frequently take my clients there to train and workout, but I'm not actually an employee there." "And you train that one annoying young man... " "If you mean Arthur Thorn, yes I do, and I am sorry for his behavior. I'm trying to ensure that his workout schedule no longer coincides with yours." "I see.... so what brings you here today?" "Just an interview for my magazine. Find out how you are since retiring, what inspired you for all those wins, why the move to our fair city...." Thus began a decent line of questioning which Mr. Toro seemed all to happy to answer: He's fine, still maintaining most of his shape since retiring although adding a little to his waistline. He's thinking of opening a new branch of his gymnasiums in this area and is scoping out the potential clientele as well as locations. He favorite thing to eat is a chicken salad lettuce wrapped sandwich which contains tarragon and cherry flavored dried cranberries and thinly sliced celery, unless it's a special occasion then he enjoys a grand T-bone streak with numerous baked potatoes covered in everything it shouldn't be. What inspired him was his appreciation of classical Greco-Roman art work and how there was one statue dedicated to the god, Kratos a god of strength and power whose face looked almost exactly like his. He knew as he grew up, seeing that statue, that if he worked at it he could build himself larger and stronger than that example ever was and thus as close as he could actually be, be godlike like Kratos himself. He would be the marble statue with larger bulges and deeper crevices, harder and more defined body, that people would look up to and worship. "And what about that other award?" "As yes... that is my other inspiration. One of my other passions is cars and this was for my design in a hot rod I built. After I won that, I knew I could go on to win other things in other parts of my life. It was the first first place trophy I ever won. I put it there in the front to remind me that once I'd taken care of it, nothing could stop me from achieving my goal." "And was your goal to be one of the top three or four men in Mr. Olympia? That is to be one of those who won it so many consecutive times?" "Not to win all in a straight row, no. Not at first. At first it was just to break in and win at some level, but I knew I would place high. There wasn't much competition." "How about Miles Ashe. Was he competition?" "What?" "Well, Miles entered into the competitive bodybuilding scene around the same time as you, winning what was it?..... five or six times before you did?" "Six. Yes.... that is correct." "And then suddenly he dropped out." "It was an unfortunate accident!" "I'm sorry?" "No... I'm sorry. That was too large of an outburst. It still strikes me deeply to think on his loss. He died you know... in a car crash. He was truly my only competition." "Ah.... what are your thoughts on the two of you competing? Do you think you ever would have toppled him?" "what...." "Well, I mean he beat you out each time for his wins did he not? So if he hadn't died, do you think you would've have eventually topped him? Defeat him in all areas of size, mass, strength, symmetry that he was so well known for?" "It was my time...I would've risen over him even if he was still alive. I would've won when I won the first time." Gerogio Toro was clearly become agitated. He kept dart glancing over to the curio cabinet. At first Ian thought it was just to the entire collection, but then he realized Mr. Toro kept looking at the car award. "And what do you say to all the writers for Flex, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness who kept comparing you to old photos of Miles stating you still weren't up to par?" "He put you up to this didn't he?" "I'm sorry?" "You're actually working for that little piece of shit you train, aren't you?" "No. Just asking various questions our readers might want to know ab...." "This interview is over, you muscle munchkin!" "I'm sorry if I said anything..." "GET OUT!" Ian ran out of the office and front door as fast as his little legs could carry him. Luckily he had a trainers build so there was some strength there to give him some speed. He didn't stop running until he got to the subway to head to Arthur and David's home, but first a stop to see Dr. Orlando. ***************************************************************************** "So, Mr. Francis what are you telling me." "I think I know why Mr. Toro triggers these... those.... the episodes with Arthur, and he's not just the trigger, he's the guy who stole the something from Miles-Arthur." "Go on..." "He has among his bodybuilding trophies, right up there with his Mr. Olympia wins, what looks like to be an award for an auto show. He told me he received it for some kind of work on a hot rod he built. Now, I'm a car aficionado as well, and I have never seen an auto award or trophy like that. Not only that but there are several things that are odd about it. First his eyes seem to light up more over it than his Sandow trophies for Mr. Olympia. Second he told me, and I quote, ' After I won that, I knew I could go on to win other things in other parts of my life. It was the first first place trophy I ever won. I put it there in the front to remind me that once I'd taken care of it, nothing could stop me from achieving my goal.' Now add to that number three, it is the oddest looking car trophy I've seen. It's not a golden car, or steering wheel, or planner's compass, it's a tool and specifically a tube cutter tool the kind of tool one uses..." "To cut brake lines with. My god.... he couldn't defeat Miles. He knew he would never defeat Miles. The only way he could do it..." "Was to get rid of him. Mr. Toro not only took the title of Mr. Olympia away from Miles, because he was no longer there, he took Miles' place. He stole Miles Ashe's life from him by cutting the brake line on his car." "Does Mr. Toro realize you figured this out?" "I don't know, but when I began to ask him about how folks still compared him and Miles, he became very angry and agitated. He started glancing back over at the 'car trophy' as if he were worried or guilty. Then he screamed at me the interview was over and started to chase me out of his office and home." "We've got to figure out what to do. If this is what Miles needs to sort out in order for Arthur to go back to a normal life.... it may never happen. Even if we could have traced samples of brake fluid from Miles' car to that tool, it would have been destroyed during the gilding process. We'd have nowhere to turn to go for clues. This would never be solvable. It will always be listed as an accident. Miles-Arthur will never get any peace." Ian and Dr. Orlando just stood there for a moment in silence unsure of what would happen to Arthur. **************************************************************************** It was going on midnight. Ian had scheduled Arthur's training sessions just after the gym closed at ten in order to ensure that Arthur and Gerogio wouldn't cross paths. Arthur was on the last of a large repped workout with Ian counting out the reps, although Ian sometimes had a hard time focusing and keeping concentrated as he couldn't believe this large, hunky man was his client Arthur. "....eighty-four.......eighty fiiiiiiiive...." The bar bell slammed into the rack. "Auuuuugh...man.... I..... I jus...... I just couldn't do any more...." "That's okay. You've figured out what your max rep is on that exercise. Once anyone has done that, the idea is you have to work your way up to where one-hundred reps is relatively easy for you to do. That is one killer kind of workout to do for strength or mass. Why go so extreme?" "I.... .... I just feel the need.....to.....you know?" "No, I don't." "I just feel I need to every once in a while really push myself. I'm not going to do it the whole year, but maybe on bulk up times. Something..... hooo...... you know..... to really amp my training with..... inject.....some power..... POWER! .... into it." "Well, just don't overstrain or you not only will not gain any size, or strength, or ...ha ha pow-er, GRRRRRR! But you'll lose size and strength as well. And what was with that grip?" "I don't know.... for some reason I just started doing it that way." "Well... after that kind of work out YOU need to go relax everything. You need to do a thorough cool down. First in the sauna for ten to fifteen minutes, rise shower in the pool area, then the Jacuzzi for ten to fifteen, then the cooler whirlpool for another ten. You know those stretches I showed you, if any part of you feels a little stiff, do those stretches and do them slowly." "Yeah...yeah...yeah.... all right." Arthur went to the lockers and stripped down nude. He sat there for a moment mesmerized by his body, most especially his cock and balls. He was pretty hypnotized by his lover, David's, equipment when they first met, until a few days ago he was still captivated by it, lusting after it, couldn't wait to feel like he was being torn by it... but now... Now he was in awe of his own junk. He knew he was slightly more hung than David now, even though they were the same height. He wondered if he was gonna break the record of Jonah Falcon if he continued to grow. A clang from the gym as Ian put plates away woke him from his thoughts and Arthur went to stand under the shower just a few minutes before he went into the sauna. Arthur entered in the sauna wearing a specific terry cloth towel. It cinched at the waist and had a little pocket to carry things if needed. David loved to just lounge around in these, with these new muscles and cock and balls that were hanging pretty large and heavy, Arthur could now understand why. Leaning back, Arthur sighed a little and his hand began to roam over his body....first working out a kink in the neck to shoulder area, then slowly moving down and cupping the crescents that were his pecs, and he began to bounce them, first one and then the other. He chuckled lightly feeling the heft and weight of each pectoral as it bounced and then he used his thumb to stroke his nipple and then hold it in a light pinch as he sucked in his breath at how sensitive and good the touch felt. Next he moved his hand up his forearm and then his upper arm tracing the risen veins that snaked this way and that over his arm, pulsing and feeling so thick and hot. He couldn't believe how big his biceps and whole upper arm were now and enjoyed the feeling of strength and power. He had grown....grown a whole foot taller. It was amazing how much bigger just 6' 4" was to most men. How broad he had become, how cut and defined, he almost filled up a doorway. It spoke to him. It was better than anything he ever imagined in his fantasies. As both his hands now moved down his abs tracing and feeling each firm brick, and his mind realized how large of man he had become, his prick responded by oozing out even longer that what it did from his grow, engorging and becoming fatter like his muscles did, as the veins rose to the top and filled his cock with blood. "Oooooh" moaned Arthur as he touched himself and felt the sensitivity of his large cock send a shiver across his balls, over his ass, and up his spine. "This is not helping me cool down...." he mumbled to himself and he stood up, giggling slightly at the fact that his king kong dong stuck out enough to keep the towel sides from completely closing on him. "fuck it... no one else is here to see." And he walked out of the sauna. WHAM! Instantly Arthur dropped to the floor seeing nothing but spots and stars. His vision blackened, his mind dazed he never saw the large hand coming back at him. "URRRRK! GAAAA UHHHHH!" There was Gerogio Toro standing in the pool area, holding Arthur against the wall by the neck with just one hand, choking him... .... ... to death. Arthur gasped and tried to beat on the forearm and hand that held him firm and although he had marveled at his own physique moments ago, he had to admit this forearm was much bigger and stronger than his. Gerogio moved his face close to Arthur and scanned Arthur's face up and down. "You don't look like him facially... but your body is developing like his. You used the same kind of hold as he did. You're using the One-Hundred Rep program like he did on off-season bulk up time. You even called yourself Mile-Wide the other day. .... ..... .... I don't know what this is, how this is, but Miles isn't coming back in any way shape or form to defeat me or my record." "A-HUUURK!" Mr. Toro punched Arthur in the gut and then threw him down to the tiled floor. "Your..." gasped Arthur. "Your record is... .... still topped by Haney and Coleman, and..... ugh.... you're tied with Schwarzenegger. You never went on to win an eighth title." "Yes, but Miles never reached the seventh. He might have gone on to dominated us for years with his freakish size, perfect symmetry, density, striations, definition, everything! Hell he had a porn cock too! But when life makes things too unfair, sometimes you have to take the initiative to even the playing field. Myself and others didn't have time to wait around for another possible five years or so for him to retire or step down." And now, Mr. Toro placed his foot over Arthur's throat and put most of his weight on it as Arthur was still gasping for breath. "So I took care of him. Yeah.... I snipped his brake line. I knew the route from his house to town, having been invited so frequently to his house for parties, workouts, he was even a perfect host. Gawd, I was so sick of him! ... ... ... And I don't want him back. He's not coming back to break the record of mine, or Haney's or Coleman's, and he will not reset it so high no one ever has a chance to break it. Not as himself.... not as you.....not as a combination." Mr. Toro leaned in to put all his weight onto Arthur's throat but suddenly he saw similar stars to what Arthur had seen earlier and then his face collided against the wall. "Get off my boyfriend you pampas ass!" Mr. Toro recovered quicker than what David thought he would and delivered a punch to his face causing David to swerve his head, but then David delivered another blow to Mr. Toro's gut causing him to moan greatly. "I may be smaller than you in muscle size and development, possibly even less in strength, but I'm a police officer, trained in fighting, even before I joined the force. I know how to hit..." "OOOF!" "Where to hit." "UGHFFF!" "And thus how to fight!" But the next blow Gerogio caught in his hand and twisted it away, and with surprising speed for a man his size, suddenly brought his left knee into David's groin making the officer see stars. More stars were coming as his right knee then came up and placed itself in between David's eyes as his face came down from the blow to his gonads. This blow knocked him backwards and into a bit of a daze. "You'll prove no match for me....but I'll take care of you later. I'll take you both out of life and won't need to hear any more of this. But first, first.... I take care of you, new living Miles." And Arthur who was just starting to stand up received a kick to the solar plexus and then one to face. The room reeled. Arthur reeled. Arthur's vision spun. Arthur himself spun over and onto his back splayed out on the floor. Gerogio then picked him up, holding him with his left hand and arm, as his right proceeded to make contact after contact with his face several times and then alternated between face and stomach. With each blow Arthur's stance became weaker and weaker until his knees buckled and Gerogio laughed at how easy it was and going to be as his tossed him into the pool. At the sound of the splash, David kind of came to, screaming the word no and running as if to jump in the pool, but he wouldn't make it. Gerogio turned his fists of fury onto David, and David unfortunately knew, in order for him to make to Arthur, he would have to take Gerogio down if not completely out. The two would remain locked in battle for quite some time. Gerogio breathing heavier and heavier having to take on someone who was halfway to his size in muscles, slightly taller than him, but also trained to fight and bring someone down by any means possible. David, having to deal with tears welling up in his eyes as his brain started calculating how long Arthur could survive under water and drowning before resuscitation was possible. He more than likely would lose Arthur and then he'd have to decide if he would cross the line as an officer. But unnoticed to both men life had stepped in and was going to grant Arthur his greatest fantasies. When Gerogio hit Arthur the last time, sending him into the pool, their remained a something of a ghost. It was the form of Miles Ashe and he was screaming in agony at the loss of the body of Arthur. Arthur's body meanwhile landed on large paddle board and his head upon a lane rope. It game just enough time before his unconscious body sunk into the pool that the ghost form dove into Arthur's body and the body soon began to cough and cough violently while sheets of ectoplasm where spewed out of his mouth and everywhere. The first sheet flung out and covered Arthur's head while the rest then went on to cover his body as it sunk to the bottom of the pool. While submerged more and more sheets of ectoplasm streamed out from his mouth moving like eels then ballooning out like jelly fish to encompass him. It take long until he was in a cocoon of extreme size and density, so dense the translucence usually seen in ectoplasm wasn't there. If Gerogio and David could have paid attention or seen through the cocoon, they would've wondered and gasped. Become struck in awe and worry. The first thing that happened is the cocoon shrunk by quite a bit, while at the same time Arthur's balls began to inflate, swelling into oranges, possible grapefruit size. The cocoon began to rip and tear ever so slightly as Arthur's own testicles began to push his legs apart due to their ample size. And then it began, the slow ripping and tearing as Arthur's body began to grow. Once again his feet just began to extend out longer, wider, thicker, fuller, even his toes becoming both longer and thicker to the size of a giant male. His hands and finger tips stretched out, growing, reaching, getting longer and longer until his hand could engulf any other man's. Other man's hands were only the size of his palms. The huge mits that baseball catchers and pitchers wear were nothing compared to the size of just one of Arthur's hands. And then the cocoon began to become longer and longer and longer. Up up up grew Arthur's torso. Out out out grew his legs getting taller and taller. The sound underwater was so surreal as his bones cracked, his tendons and ligaments snapped and reconnected, making Arthur grow and grow. His arms reached to match proportionately the length of his legs and then his shoulders began to widen and widen ever so much broader than anyone has ever seen. The extreme V that is seen in bodybuilders was almost already there just with Arthur's natural, thin, unmuscular shoulder width. Finally his neck rose up higher and higher from the shoulders along with his head which finally grew to match. This wasn't just a tall man... this was the likes of Meyers Leonard, Shaquille O'Neal, Yao Ming. Someone that was made to play basketball because he dwarfed the other exceptionally tall players. And the growth wasn't done. The power that was infusing Arthur's body started at his neck causing it to swell thicker and thicker, fuller, harder....It soon looked exactly like some kind of Greco-roman column. It was a plinth of pure marble that would snap any collar from dress shirts to leather sex straps. It would laugh at them all, perhaps even iron collars and simply snap them like tissue paper. There appeared rivulets of blood streaming across the neck, growing larger into streams...into rivers..... rising to the top to become large squirming pythons that sunk down into the trapezius muscles causing them to bunch and rise up, mound and spread, growing thicker, higher, becoming a mountain ranger that grew and rose higher than the Appalachians, the Rockies, the Andes, and the once neck that thought itself so huge, proud, and thick was now in danger of being pinched off. Still the snaking vessels continued moving outward to trigger the deltoids to mound and grow into bowling balls and then medicine balls, atlas stones, boulders. For the now it looked as if mountain ranges ended in ball formations and large spindly trees stuck out from those gargantuan rocks. But there would seen be other peaks to view as Arthur's biceps began to pop and flex, mound and pose. What once was baseball like grew and grew to replace the bowling balls that were lost just moments before, that split into perfectly divided heads that swelled and surged with sickening vascularity wriggling all over it. At the same time the triceps began to stretch and blow up forming a bend of wire, an actual U, a horse shoe shape, a horse shoe shape for a Clydesdale horse. Once that was done the ropes of veins wound their way around the forearms and in the hands causing the forearms to blow up in size so they would bust out of shirt cuffs, hand cuffs, the plastic blood pressure cuffs on store machines, looking like gigantic turkey legs or the clubs of cave men. Next his chest began to heave and mound, the two crescents giving way to full moons which in turn turned into huge platters, and those platters turned in granite plates, and those plates continued to inflate larger, thicker, harder. Fine lines of striation building up more and more criss-cross the every growing mighty shelf of pectoral muscles. The nipples began their decent looking as though they were rolling over the edge of the plates pointing down, down, downward and growing somewhat larger, harder, and more protruding. The great shelf blew up so much and so wide it threatened to cover the biceps, it threatened to push up the jaw line and chin of Arthur's head, it threatened to complete the work the trapezius squeezing the neck so hard it would pop Arthur's head off. The valley and the shelf top distance down to the abs was becoming so great normal men would swear they could lose their whole hand in them. Next the arms were pushed out to the sides, out from under the great barreling pecs by the growth of the back and the lats. The back bunched and built up growing wider and thicker, helping to add even more width to the impossible shoulders Arthur was now sporting. The back muscles grew and grew until one could see a the formation of a top...a downward directional arrow....an evergreen tree.... a seven foot Christmas tree.... a blue spruce conifer that had grown to twelve feet tall! And then the lines of growth spread over the lats and pumped more and more blood into them, feeding them, and they just simply swelled out more...More.... MORE..... MOAR! To gigantic handles that Gods could grab a hold of to pick up Arthur but mere men could never hope to grasp one handed they were so thick and wide.... that v shape which grew into a w, which in turn grew wider and looked more like an open hand fan so wide the spread. It was almost as if he had on a natural growing, occurring wingsuit. Arthur's body then began to undulate and roll as his abdominal muscles and obliques began to crunch and bunch in harder and more frequent contractions. It looked almost like webbing or a virus was running through his body as with each crunch the lines of definition spread out farther and further from his midsection out to his sides. Locally, in the center, it looked as though brick after brick of cobblestones were being laid out to form a perfect road. However it was soon seen that Arthur's abs were off just slightly creating a little bit of a herring bone pattern by the same bricks, which became fireplace sized stones, and then grew into concrete style blocks, and all the while across his sides the definition spread out like invisible hands were drawing, etching a road map all up and down Arthur's lower torso. This brick wall will break sledgehammers... ... ... The rolling and grinding continued as Arthur added his groin into this dance, and as he did so, his butt began to stick out and balloon and bubble and mound into two thick, globulous melons made of hardest material. Buns of bronze....iron.....steel.....titanium. An ass so thick, bubbled, and hard forget quarters, you could bounce manhole covers off them, denting the covers. The plasma tubes carried more of the plasm power down...down.... until the thigh biceps began to answer the gluteus maximus' challenge and it two began to bulge and swell, harden and thicken into this firm curve of power nearly rivaling the bubble like shape of the butt. Then it caused the ham strings to become pronounced, thick, tight, taut, so that one could almost swear if one plucked it s/he would a sound like a base string strummed and then a SNAP! The vessels wound their way around that string to front of the thighs feeding and fueling the quadriceps into overdrive. The already pronounced tear drop shapes began to breathe, inflate growing from small drops of water in much larger heavier rain, into shapes of balloons that are filled with water, into a group of wasps' nests, each one fighting for room, swelling so high and thick off the thigh, the mounds and crevices so deeply cut and defined and so large it was impossible to believe they could all be attached on one leg. If Arthur had been standing his stance would've widened from middle of chest to outer chest to shoulder width to arms width to arms width on his body size. And as the legs were being pushed apart the veins now coiled their way down into the calves and the fairly good sized balls began to breathe and swell, shrink and inflate growing firmer, denser, fuller, harder. A good sized ball began to grow into a diamond the diamond into a heart, the heart into something of a blob that swore to the thighs they would not be bigger than them. The muscle growing so thick and powerful it nearly made Arthur's thighs look as though they came to points. And now Arthur's balls swelled again and then shrank. They inflated and deflated. They grew huge and then smaller. With each motion Arthur bucked his hips and his cock oozed out of him longer and thicker, looking more and more like a snake and it's head flowing out of Arthur's groin. It was as if the mighty python that had been swirling, winding under Arthur's skin all this time under growth was now finding an exit point. It grew long and thick, hanging from him like a gigantic link of sausage from a butcher's shop. Also with each pulse of the balls, hair began to push out more and more from Arthur's pores. The light dusting he had grew before across his chest and around his groin spread out and thickened. It grew and feathered out across his whole body. The forest of the chest and groin declared they would meet, and meet they did. A manly coat of hair that was thick enough to grab onto, run the thickest of fingers through, but not so thick that one couldn't still clearly see the crevices, the mounds, the striations, the definition and mass of each and every muscle group they covered. The chest, the abs, the groin, the thighs, the calves and shins, half way up the upper arm, the forearms, a sprinkling on the hands and feet, a break at the neck, but an oh so thick beard and mustache along the jaw line and lip. A Five o'clock shadow was reached by noon, and by five it looked almost like two to three day scruff. Finally Arthur's head hair began to grow out, long, semi-spiraled and yet feathered growing down and down until it would just touch his shoulders. David and Gerogio had fought everywhere. Tiles were broken, walls were busted, pool equipment was smashed, and the two even fell into the shallow end of the pool where Arthur had fallen many minutes before. The cuts on their bodies began to add a red tinge to the pool and their thrashing and bashing created waves and churned up currents in the water. It was this that had caused Arthur to begin to be pulled in undertow to the deep side of the pool and then to be tilted somewhat, head to the top of the water. The last of the ectoplasm was sucked in by Arthur's mouth, add still more fuel to his body. Once inside a bit of pool water went into his throat and he began to cough and sputter. He went to go into a panic of flailing, but then his toes scraped the bottom of pool. Upon hearing the noise, David and Gerogio stopped, motionless, looking sideways to the deep end of the pool. One had a look of confusion and hope, while the other had a look of awe and fear. Tilting his head back, Arthur sucked in a deep breath, then closed his mouth tilted his head forward, and forcible made himself stand on his heels at pool bottom. Arthur's head disappeared under the water and Gerogio feigned a small smile of pleasure, believing that he was sinking down and drowning now. But then there was a slight stir of a current, and Arthur's scalp broke above the seven and a half foot water mark. Another current and his forehead poked up. Still another and his eyes rose above the water. The current becoming stronger and then Arthur's nose popped up. Originally flat footed the top of the water was only a couple of inches from the top of Arthur's head, and thus he began his walk, his slow, wide kicked gate towards the shallow end of the pool and with each step he rose higher...higher....higher... that the top of the water. Eventually he rose high enough his whole head was above the water line. His wet hair hanging in strings all around his head and even a few in front of his face. It was wicking off water and dripping onto his shoulders and then chest which had a cascade of water falling from it as though some great Hawaiian cliffs interrupting a stream. As he continued to rise, David and Gerogio began to see exactly how broad, how thick, how huge, and how tall this man had become. With each step it appeared as though his muscles were still growing in density and size. His body now moving more and more with each step pushed the water towards the two fighting men, creating larger and larger waves in the pool that threatened to splash over the basin and knock the two men off balance. His arms now out swayed majestically and powerfully from side to side with them hanging more at near 90 degree angles from his body. His groin and cock rising above the water now, the mighty schlong joined in the swaying as it swung in front of Arthur's legs like a mighty pendulum of a clock At this point Arthur could move his legs much for freely and as his side-kicked walked forward his mighty thighs propelled more water and larger waves. At this point both Gerogio and David decided to exit the pool. David hopped up on the tiled floor and then off to his left near the Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Gerogio hopped up and went to go to his right, but became petrified when Arthur suddenly bellowed out in a voice so low, deep, and powerful that it not only made his, but Gerogio and David's chest rumble. I caused the lights and the glass panes of the windows to vibrate and shake. And this low growl of a voice uttered only one simple statement as Arthur's eyes fixed in a dead lock upon Gerogio Toro. ... .... .... "yooooooou...." Now at the three foot section, where it still took most average sized and even some taller men a bit of a hop to walk out of there without using the stairs, Arthur simply stepped out of the pool as though the three foot gap were nothing, his massive foot coming down upon a drain covering cracking it, and the other, finding the 12 inch by 12inch tiles, showed that both of the feet were a tile and a third or so long and just a tad more than half as wide. Gerogio stood there rooted to the spot, plastered to the wall as Arthur came to stand before him, filling up Gerogio's entire vision with nothing but chest. Swallowing hard, Gerogio knew that not only had Arthur managed to bring his past life as Miles Ashe forward, but that in needing justice, or even possibly revenge, Miles called up much more ectoplasm than was needed and Arthur was not only so vastly built in musculature that he looked like one of the Muscleheadz cartoons, but that he completely dwarfed him, Gerogio, as he only reached the top of Arthur's shoulders. This realization woke Gerogio up from his stupor and he bolted to his left, attempting to run away. Arthur picked up a chair and threw it, dead shot, right between Gerogio's legs. Mr. Toro went sprawling to the floor and the scrambled to get up upon hearing the exceedingly heavy footfalls of Arthur coming towards him. He regained his stance and composure and turned around and delt a perfectly executed boxing blow right to Arthur's abdominals, with all the strength he could muster. Arthur didn't even flinch. With all the facts of his past life in his mind, he knew what Gerogio might try and was prepared for it, having crunched his abs tightly. Gerogio winced in pain after his fist struck such a hard meaty object that was Arthur's abs. Pain shot through his whole hand and he wondered if it might not be sprained. Sprained or not Gerogio knew this could be it and he began to punch, kick, flail, slap, Arthur as hard and often as he could, but it seemed to make no dent whatsoever. Suddenly Arthur's hand went out and clasped Gerogio's neck which although thick and powerful and more than a handful to most men, felt thin and weak in huge paw that Arthur now commanded. The pool scene was now the reverse of how it started: a body held in place against the wall but it Mr. Toro's body against the wall, held by Arthur's hand. Arthur held Mr. Toro there squeezing harder and harder Mr. Toro's throat. David began to call out to him. "Arthur... or Miles?..... love.... please don't.... don't kill him.... you'll become a wanted criminal. You won't have the ability to live the life you felt was taken from you.... Hon? Art? Oh... gawd..." And feeling as though he had no connection to the behemoth that stood on the other side of the pool, David broke down and cried, fearing he had lost his love forever. Meanwhile Arthur just stood there holding Gerogio and the two stared at each other scanning one another's faces until finally, Arthur let Mr. Toro slump down to the floor. "No...." said Arthur. "I do not feel like killing as I'd be no better than you... and I AM... your better. No, you shall live to watch me live my old life out as the new me in Arthur, surprising new comer step out onto that stage take the statue and continue to take it until I break the record and then some." Arthur then turned and walked away, his powerful, thudding steps slowly making their way towards David. But Mr. Toro rose once again screaming, a piece of busted tile in his hand and he ran towards Arthur's back to stab and pierce the skin striking the kidneys, or the spine, anything to take this man out of this world. David shouted out a warning. Arthur already knew what was happening and he leaned his torso forward and kicked out his right leg and foot, coming squarely into contact with Mr. Toro's torso. Gerogio doubled over loose and limply around the size 27 foot, his arms and legs wrapping over the gigantic leg that carried the massive foot into his stomach. Then from force of impact Gerogio went sailing the other half of the pool, landing into the water of the deep end. In a moment Arthur was lifting him out, practically one handed by the throat, slapping Gerogio's backside to expel water from the man's lungs and leave him semi-conscious on the floor near a sliding glass door as his sternly whispered into Gerogio's ear, "And there's nothing you can do about it." The thuds of his foot falls echoed loudly in the pool room as Arthur then ran around the pool back towards the Jacuzzi and whirlpool. Grabbing David, without thinking, Arthur simply hoisted him up to his face and then bear hugged him as well as kissing him deeply. "My love. oh.... my love.... I don't know what this means for us, or how this will affect us.... but know there is much of me that is still the same. I still love you more than life itself, but I am so thrilled to be so huge, so powerful, as in my dreams. I will compete. I will win! I want this so much... but I want you to be with me?" As David began to smile meekly at Arthur and whisper I love you back, David began to feel Arthur's prick rise and grow and nearly be able to push his body away from Arthur's. Arthur held him out and the two of them looked down at the huge hose between them. "I'll tell you what it means.... it means we're going to need to buy a lot of lube, but no matter how much we have.... there's still going to be about 8 inches to that fucker you won't be able to plow into me." Arthur pulled David in for a long deep and passionate kiss, one which they explored and checked tonsils, but there was a slight hiccough from Arthur, a small gag from David and suddenly, David's manhood which had become erect shuddered and grew out just a tad thicker and fatter than it was before. They looked down and then back up smiling at one another. "Well." said Arthur.... "looks like both of us could topple Mr. Falcon for his title. You can definitely still top me with that any time you like." ****************************************************************************** After a bit of fooling around in the Jacuzzi and whirlpool, which Arthur just barely fit in, Ian suggested they call the police and make up the following scenario. Arthur was to go out the back door and run through the alleyways so as not to be seen to get home. David, in his beat up condition was to remain here and wait for the officers, explaining to his fellow coworkers how he and Ian were having a training session and that Mr. Toro attacked him while coming out of the sauna. Ian would strike his own head with a plate, clamming he had no idea what had happened, thus implicating a pre attack on him so Mr. Toro could get to David in order to intimidate, attack, and find Arthur. But before that, as he knew the owners, and where the recording equipment was, he would edit out Arthur and Ian's workout session, and Gerogio's attack on Arthur, while having Arthur smash some of the cameras in the pool room for him, and blaming it on the fight between David and Gerogio. It would all seem very plausible, for unbeknownst to Arthur, Ian had hidden a tiny micro recorder in the pocket of his terry cloth towel, which picked up all of Mr. Toro's confession. Thus after that evidence wound up played for the fight - the portions where Mr. Toro addressed Arthur by name scrambled - Mr. Toro was then charged with the premeditated murder of Miles "Mile-wide" Ashe. He lost his case and was sentenced to life imprisonment, his first formal day in an actual prison, the same day that Arthur "Atlas" Thorn first competed and won first place on the Mr. Olympia stage. It irked Mr. Toro that all the inmates wanted to watch the Olympia to see the seven foot four inch tall walking mountain of muscle god that was soon to dominate the sport. Arthur went on to win a total of ten times, before deciding to retire, somewhat early, and focus on his family life with his partner David. The pair who together wound up purchasing and running several gymnasiums across the country which originally belong to some unknown firm from Italy or somewhere. And of course, Arthur lived his dream fully, especially when he was feeling down, he would step into his bedroom, pull out some old clothes from his skinny, five foot four inch tall days and do things like shred them just by attempting to put them on, or use his arms to blow out old waist bands, stomp his feet on his old sneakers and watch them disappear, or take forever to slip into a pair of underwear that looked and felt more like a jock strap and work his cock into erection and watch it rip the underwear apart. Either that or wait for David to come home, while being completely naked on their newly extended bed and let David explore his body and then plow him like the alpha David likes to be. His favorite part is When David strokes him off having to use both his hands and then punches, pinches, pokes, prods, and fondles his heaving pectorals. Arthur never had any more dreams and anything else he came to knew about Miles Ashe's life had to be from study or talking with family and friends of Mr. Ashe, who for some reason, never seemed to mind talking with him about it. And Doctors Orlando and Barua filed the case away as one of the few proof positives of reincarnation that ever existed, although they knew most of the mental and medical community would never believe them. Still they went on to enjoy years of laboratory research attempting to reach out to their own past lives.
  21. Changing my Life - Part 5

    Thanks again for all the support on the last part and I hope you’ll enjoy the following part too :3. I’ll also try to post new parts every Wednesday and Sunday. If you happen to have some ideas for this story, don’t hesitate and let me know. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Changing my Life Part V The following days flew by. Max and I did start to see some results. His muscles had started to show some more definition and his clothes became fuller. In addition, he also started eating more. I did contact Mr. Petrov to see if this was normal and he told me it was one of the side effects. I also learned that if Max would start itching himself more, it would be a sign that he’d grow. It was the night of Mr Jones’ celebration, Max and I were getting ready. We would both arrive in costume, I would be wearing a bow tie and Max a regular tie. “Jake can you please come and help me!” I heard Max shouting from the dressing room. Upon entering I noticed he had trouble getting his jacket on so I tried to help him. “Ugh! It won’t fit!” he said turning around facing me. “I don’t get it we bought this suit yesterday. How can it not fit you anymore?” I said looking back at the jacket. “Because I’m growing baby.” Max said flexing his biceps in front of me, making my boner grow in my trousers. He started raising his arms more and that’s when we heard a loud.. RRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP! His shirt stretched to its limits and ripped right in the middle. Popping some buttons of, his upper body was fully exposed. “Whoa! That felt great. Can’t wait to do this more often.” Max said making me nervous about his comment. “What about my shirts, you’re still smaller than me.” I said picking a shirt that would math one of my other suits. “Hey!” Max yelled “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” I said knowing that was bad of me to say. “It doesn’t really matter, soon you’ll be outgrowing me anyway.” I said tapping him on his shoulder, trying to make up for my horrible comment. “You really think so?” He said looking at me with those adorable puppy eyes. “Of course. You know I really thought that I’d lose you during this experiment. But now I realise, I shouldn’t have doubted you from the beginning because you were right. Those pills really do work.” Max smiled and his eyes started to water. He came up to me and gave me a kiss, followed by a big hug. “You really are the best boyfriend ever, you know that?” he said. “I know, now let’s get you dressed. We have a party to attend to.” Max wore one of my older suites to the party. It wasn’t really his size but it would do for now. After a long drive, we finally reached the office of Mr Jones. You could tell that he’d spend a small fortune on this night. There was a red carpet which lead to the entrance, small candle lanterns were placed alongside the carpet. At the party itself, there was this huge crystal chandelier, a live orchestra, a humongous chocolate fountain surrounded by plates filled with what looked like 5 star cuisine and then there was a projection on the wall showing the history of his company from the beginning ‘til now. “Ah there you are Jake.” I heard Mr Jones say as he approached us. I shook his hand and greeted his wife who accompanied him. “Good evening sir. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Max said greeting him politely. “Pleasure’s mine, young man. You must be Max than. Am I right?” Mr Jones asked. “Well yes I am.” He replied smiling. “Well than, gentlemen I sure hope you enjoy the party and try out some of the delicious snacks. But I have to go now, welcoming some other clients. Hope you don’t mind.” Mr Jones said winking at me. “Of course not sir.” I replied. Mr Jones went over to the other guests who just arrived as I looked over to where Max was standing. As I looked at Max’s face I realised that he wasn’t looking at me, but rather at all the dishes that were standing next to the chocolate fountain. “Hey you alright?” I asked. “Y.. yeah, yeah, I’m fine just hungry that’s all.” Max said scratching his arm. “Don’t be shy go on and get some.” I said patting him on his back. I looked over and saw some of my other clients, waving at me to come and say hi. “Tell you what, why don’t you get us some snacks and I’ll go and greet some of my clients. I’ll meet you at the fountain, okay?” I asked. “Sure thing.” he said walking straight to the table. I went on and greeted my old clients. “Was that your husband?” One of them said. “Boyfriend, actually.” I replied. “He’s kinda hot.” She said twisting her hair. “Hey he’s all mine.” I said jokingly. We all had a great laugh and shared some stories with each other. Some were sad and some were funny. “Hey, uh, Jake?” Mr Jones asked coming up behind me and turning me to face him. “Yes?” I asked looking at his concerned face. “What is wrong with your boyfriend?” he asked pointing at Max. As I followed his finger, I looked over to see Max standing at the table, bowing down holding his stomach. “I.. I don’t know.” I said looking at him with a questioning look. Max looked around and soon after took off, running back to the entrance. I turned around looking at my clients and Mr Jones who were all worried about Max. “Excuse me.” I said walking back to the entrance, worried that he felt sick or something. Walking through the entrance, I looked around searching for Max. I saw the door of the man’s toilets moving and there was no one around so it had to be Max. Or so I thought. Opening the door, I entered the man’s toilets. “Max? what’s going on? Is everything alright?” I heard some stomping coming out one of the cubicles and looked under to see if it were Max. I saw that it were his shoes so I knew it had to be him. But he was moaning and stomping his feet. “Jake! … ugh … I don’t know.. what’s happening to me… !” He said between grunts. I tried desperately to open the cubicle door but failed as he locked it. “Max, could you please open the door so I can see for myself what’s going on?” but there was no response. I could hear him grunting and moaning and then.. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPP! POP POP POP! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Slowly the moans and grunts ended. The only sound that came out of his cubicle was him panting. “Max?” I asked not knowing what to do or say. SNAP! I heard the door unlock. Slowly the creaking door opened and I was faced with a colossal beast of a man. “Babe, I Think I need a new suit.” Max said scratching the back of his head.
  22. The Suit

    Not exactly my wheelhouse, but wrote this at the request of a furry friend. He is probably going to post it elsewhere too, in case you happen to come across a similar story. “Hey Chad.” Chad rolled over languidly on the couch to face Andy. Summer had just begun, and Chad wore only boxers as he woke up from his mid-day nap. His prodigious girth bulged through the thin fabric unapologetically, his head starting to peak through the rim. Chad had been unable to work out for the past year due to his herniated disc, but his body still reflected his formerly jockish stature. While he had lost a fair amount of mass, he still had above average musculature and tone. His chest stuck out proudly above where his abs had been, and his arms, though softer than before, still filled the sleeves of his shirts nicely. Chad was unsatisfied with this, but there was not much he could do about it in his condition. His cock, in the meantime, was unaffected and made this fact known at every opportunity. He grinned mischievously. Andy had been upstairs working on a “secret project” for the last few hours, and Chad had already started throbbing in anticipation. As Andy strolled down the stairs and into the living room, Chad admired his lithe body and smooth, young features. His deep jade eyes held a playful expression. “What have you got there?” Chad said, eyes intently focused on what Andy was holding behind his back. Andy grinned in kind, revealing his red panda suit. “Put this on, for starters. I made some changes I think you’ll like. I’ll go grab the head.” Chad hurriedly started donning the suit, careful to avoid aggravating his injury, and had just finished when Andy returned. So far he hadn’t noticed anything obviously different. Eager to find out what Andy had devised, he placed the red panda head over his own while Andy finished strapping up the last of the Velcro. “Okay, now don’t freak out. The spell I bound to the suit is going to start when I say the trigger word, and it might be kind of intense,” Andy said. “What? Why would I…?” Chad started to say. “Zanzibar,” Andy whispered. In spite of Andy’s warning, Chad started to freak out just a little. The suit tightened around his body when Andy had released the spell. While the fabric wasn’t constricting him, it started to conform perfectly to the outline of his body. “What did you do?” he said, a note of panic in his voice. Andy just smirked and watched as the transformation began. Chad first felt a warmth in his groin that slowly radiated outwards across the rest of his flesh. As it spread, his muscles tensed and relaxed rhythmically beneath the fabric, growing slowly with every flexion. The suit continued to alter its shape to accommodate the changes. It expanded where his swelling biceps and burgeoning triceps fought for space on his arms, while it shrank in the waist as his abs tightened into thick cords of muscle. It failed to keep up around his torso, however, momentarily constricting his breathing. His chest pushed relentlessly outward, growing rounder and fuller by the second, and his back pulled the fabric in the opposite direction giving a nobility to his stature. Ultimately it caught up, providing the contour for his heavy set of pecs and fitting perfectly taut along the jutting lats. It seemed to fare better with his quads and calves, even though they were ballooning at an equally dizzying rate. His legs rubbed together as he finally stood again and took a few steps towards Andy. “What the hell just happened?” Chad asked, still in shock. “What, you don’t like it?” Andy said. Andy couldn’t help but appreciate the results of his work. He guided his hands across the powerful chest and down the row of abdominals leading to thick, meaty quads. He kind of regretted not making the fur softer than it already was; some of the changes were hidden behind the thickness of it. Even still, he realized he had overcorrected (perhaps on purpose), and Chad was a little larger and better defined than he had been before his injury. Chad attempted to answer the question, but before he got his first word out the second part of the spell had started to take effect. The warmth that began in his groin intensified to a sensation near orgasm, his head flaring and pre leaking from his slit. His eyes, though not visible to Andy, began to roll back in his head and he fell to his knees from the overwhelming pleasure. It was a few minutes before Chad came back to his senses. Andy was not really in a rush to help him, either. Watching this indomitable stud he had created fall to his knees as the result of his work had him more than a little hard. Chad then lifted his head and gave Andy that lusty look that the costume had been designed for. Andy froze in anticipation. They held eye contact for what seemed like minutes before Chad rushed in on Andy and immediately began to disrobe him between grinding sessions. “How does your back feel?” Andy asked. Chad didn’t have time for questions like that. He was too busy running his claws across Andy’s back and humping him vigorously. The spell had given him some prehensile control over his tail, and he used it to wrap around Andy’s waist and rub it along his crotch. He then threw Andy down on the couch, noticing for the first time the newfound strength that had been missing for so long. And he relished in it. Andy was now his plaything, a vessel to shove his cock into anytime he wanted. The look on Andy’s face was still a little smug, though, as far as Chad was concerned. That wouldn’t do. Chad picked him up from under his legs, shoving him into the wall by the fireplace. They hadn’t done this position since the injury, and now Andy felt like a feather in his burly arms. He started to frot against Andy through the suit, the firmness of his cock apparent to Andy’s bare skin even through the fabric. After he couldn’t take it any longer, Chad slipped his dick through the opening in the crotch. His head pressed gently against Andy’s hole as it begged for release from the confines of the suit. “You’re going to cum soon if you keep going at this rate,” Andy advised. Chad didn’t seem to be paying much attention. “Alright then, you asked for it. Heel, boy.” Chad felt something like a rope slide around his wrists, shoulders, legs, and ankles, lightly at first and then just shy of painful. He couldn’t see anything physically binding him, but he guessed that Andy had constricted the suit at those points to allow control over Chad’s motions. Andy descended to the floor as Chad’s wrists drew closer to his ankles, and by the time his feet hit the ground Chad was already hogtied with his knees on the floor. “Let’s just take this nice and slow, okay?” Chad stared intently at Andy already knowing full well he could not disagree. He was using the full strength of his new body to pull against the binds to no avail. The more he flexed the tighter the binds became, and it was only making him harder. “I added that command in as a precaution in case you got a little too frisky, but I think I like you better this way. It reminds you who’s really in control here…” Andy trailed off. Chad’s cock still stuck out of his suit, full mast and dripping with pre. Andy knelt down gently and worked the tip of his tongue across his slit, slowly lapping up the sweet fluid that flowed steadily down his shaft. He carefully brought his lips down to meet the head as his tongue slid further down the shaft until his entire head was held inside Andy’s mouth. His tongue explored fluted edges of the expanding head, which always grew dramatically as he approached orgasm. Chad still held every muscle in tense opposition to the binds, starting to moan involuntarily as Andy held him constantly on edge. It might have been a byproduct of the spell, the fact that he was bound, or just from the absence of the pain that had plagued him, but the motion of Andy’s tongue incited more erogenous sensation than he could recall ever experiencing. All of his conscious thoughts were absorbed in the ecstasy of that moment. Andy pulled his mouth off of Chad’s dick, making a popping sound as his lips slid over the edges of the head. Now that Andy had released him from his blissful stupor, Chad slid slowly back into reality. He managed to angle his head so that he could look down at his cock, still pulsing, and noticed that it had not grown to match the rest of him. With some clarity finally returning to his thoughts, he managed to blurt out his burning question. “Andy, why didn’t you make me any bigger down there?” “Christ, aren’t you big enough?” Andy replied. Chad started to whimper in protest. What good was this body if it didn’t have the cock to match? Andy couldn’t help but smile at the behemoth who knelt entangled before him, begging him for more. “Hold on,” Andy said, flicking Chad’s cock hard with his middle finger on his way to emphasize his helplessness. Andy returned a few minutes later with a large, leather-bound book, leafing through the pages. Chad was still in binds, fully erect, and as far as Andy could tell still growing. Andy flipped through the pages of his tome looking for the addition to the spell that he needed, meanwhile allowing Chad to stand briefly before binding him again to a nearby chair. Ergonomics were important, after all. Once he found the incantation he was looking for, he studied it momentarily and began to recite it softly in the direction of the suit. The musical tones that escaped his lips were low and guttural, like a toad attempting a song in bass. The hair on the suit stood up as Andy made the changes to his previous spell. Within the first few notes, Chad’s dick started to throb with greater fervor than he thought possible. Each pulse left his dick just a little bit harder, thicker, longer, larger. The massive inflation of his already gigantic cock was almost painful, but Chad watched in ignorance of this as his dick grew larger by the second. “Happy?” Andy inquired after Chad’s cock had stopped growing. If Andy had to guess, it had gained about a third of its original size. Chad just stared at Andy through his lusty panda eyes. The renewed pre flowing exuberantly down his shaft like a small stream answered his question for him. Andy grabbed Chad by his joystick and started again where he had left off, realizing that his fingers barely fit around the shaft. Andy could feel Chad’s urethra pumping in his hands as the pre continued to flow. A few precursory strokes were followed with an attempt at fitting the massive rod in his mouth, but Andy was having some difficulty even fitting the head in. He had probably made Chad a little too large, even if Chad was too lost in ecstasy to recognize it. Andy made a mental note of things to change for the next time around. Without warning, Chad exploded into Andy’s mouth. While Andy did his best to swallow all of it, the force of his spray was augmented by the spell and the greater part of Chad’s cum spilled out through his lips, leaking back down onto Chad’s cock and groin. After gently removing his mouth from Chad’s head, Andy licked his lips. Slowly Chad’s convulsions died down and the semen stopped flowing. Andy and took a minute to clean himself up while he admired his handiwork. Chad’s body seemed as though it had not entirely finished growing, and even though he was still snugly bound Andy enjoyed watching his muscles tense as he resisted in futility. Meanwhile Chad had not quite finished his ejaculation, and shot a few extra spurts across Andy’s face. Andy chuckled a bit. The cum he was wiping off his nose and chin was nothing compared to the volume that ran down Chad’s shaft and soaked his groin. Andy took a few seconds to take in the whole scene, and then decided it was time to come to a close. “Kookaburra,” he whispered softly into Chad’s ear, citing the trigger word to inactivate the spell. Chad was perhaps too incapacitated to notice the changes, but Andy watched as he returned to his previous size, his cock the only feature that remained hard and proud as it returned to its former stature. His arms deflated, his chest sank, and his back shrank as the magic that had sustained his gargantuan body returned to the suit. Chad came back to his senses right around the end of the transformation. He removed the panda head, still reeling from the orgasm. Andy kissed him gently, the taste of Chad’s cum still fresh on his lips. “When can we do that again?” he asked. “Any time you like, big guy,” Andy said.
  23. Mutant

    Had a slow day at work so I wrote a little something. (Once again I have my friend Derek to thanks for proofreading/editing) My name is Tom. I’m one of the many mutants that tried to remain hidden and to live like regular people. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t save the world in a stylish outfit. My powers do not exactly allow that. Like many mutants. I discovered my power in a stressful situation as an adolescent. I was 19. It was my second year of college and I was (and still am) the cutest twink on the campus. Lean athletic body, dark hair neatly combed on the side, brown eyes with very dark lashes, slightly tanned skin, square features...I looked like a model. Well, a pocket sized model. I was sort of short….5’5”, to be exact...which is why I didn’t have much success with guys. This changed when I met Chris. He was in his first year of college. He was 18 years old and built like a power house, at 6’7 the blond hunk was 196lbs of muscle. I noticed him the moment he arrived at college, he was everything I loved. A big, cocky football player. I would just stare at him lustily every time he was close. My favorite thing to do was go to the gym at the same time he did. I’d take advantage of the mirrors to stare while we both worked out. Everything was cool until he caught me staring at him. He was with his girlfriend; he had been doing biceps curls, showing off and I had been enjoying the gun show. Unashamedly looking at the way his biceps balled up. And he saw me. I noticed it too late. He was looking straight at me with a hard look. I felt like a deer in headlight. We froze, staring at each other. It took me too long to gather my spirits and flee to the locker room The few days following that event were days of terror. Whenever we were in the same room, park, hallway, he would stare at me. His face was closed and hard, he was staring intently. It felt like he was studying me to figure out the best way to get to me and hurt me. I had to avoid him. I hoped he would forget about me. I even stopped going to the gym at the same time he did. It was the fourth day since the incident and I was drained from the stress and fear of running into him. It was around 9p.m. I was showering in the empty common bathroom of my dorm floor. Chris had left an hour ago to some frat party. I was looking forward to that burning shower to relax me. As I opened the door of of one of the shower stalls, I realized too late someone was behind me. I spun and found myself facing Chris. He pushed me inside the stall and pinned me violently against the cold tiles wall, his forearm pressing on my throat. He towered over a foot above me, his powerful muscles tensed and he grinned, looking down at me. “Gotcha” he growled. “Now what should I do with you” I started sobbing uncontrollably. He giggled cruelly and released the pressure on my throat, only to replace it with the grip of his big thick hand. His other hand grabbed my hip. “If you promise not to scream, I won’t hurt you.” I nodded “Good. You feel so small, I love that” His grip tightened on my hip. “You got a thinner waist than my girlfriend!” he said mockingly. His hands caressed my body, travelling to my shoulder. He pressed down on them. He wanted me kneeling in front of him. I complied and looked up to him still scared. I didn’t even reach his crotch in that position. “Seriously?! You’re that small” he exclaimed, half laughing. He bent over pick me under my arms and sat me on the bench in the middle of the bathroom. Now I was face level with his bulging crotch. “Better.” He growled. He grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved it on his crotch. The coarse denim fabric and his hard bulge weren’t nice. I wanted to scream and run away. but at the same time I was turned on by the man. He opened his jeans and shoved back my head on his underwear. It smelt like sweat, soap and a hint of urine. I could feel a long, hard, not so thick shaft under the fabric. I looked up: Chris was heavily flushed and breathing hard. He grabbed my hair with one hand, pulling me away from his crotch and took off his underwear with the other. He pushed me back, forcing me to lay on my back on the bench. He grabbed the waist of my sports shorts and pulled them down with my briefs. He lifted my legs in the hair, spat on my hole like we were in a porn movie and then he positioned himself to fuck me. I was terrified; I wasn’t ready for anal. I’m not even sure I was consenting, and there he was, ready to take me or to beat the shit out of me if I resisted. I winced as his cockhead pressed on my hole he was about to force his way in and suddenly something changed inside me. My sense expanded past the boundaries of my body. I became aware of his body like some sort of magnificent machinery. It all made sense from a mechanical point of view and I could feel energy pouring from my body into his. It took him some time to him to realize something was happening. Mostly because, as it happened, my inside relaxed and welcomed him in. He was so ready to force his way in, that when I relaxed he actually entered me in a single thrust. He gasped for air and a trickle of drool escaped his mouth, while it hung agape. His whole body twitched as he resisted the urge to shoot his load after a single thrust. He chuckled as he regained his sense, and then started to fuck me slowly. The flow of energy was still escaping me uncontrollably, pouring into him. And I realized his muscles were growing. It was very subtle, but it was building up and soon enough Chris felt it too. He was looking like he just had a killer workout. He picked up the pace and flexed his biceps. The view made me even more aroused and suddenly the growth accelerated. He was visibly growing now. He started pounding me harder while flexing his other biceps, his pecs, his abs. “Yeah little man, gimme more muscle. Grow me. Aw fuck. Yes. Moar!” Chris was just droning on and on about his growth while pounding me. He was apparently aware that I was the source of his growth. I was overwhelmed by the force and the pleasure of that fuck. Anyone fucking me that hard would have hurt me badly, even with a regular dick. Chris had been a hung man to start with and as the pressure inside me increased I knew his dick was growing too. After a few minutes of fucking and growing, Chris started to lose his steady rhythm and soon enough it was just brief shallow thrusts as he bust his nut inside me. As the hot semen filled me, the flow of energy died and Chris growth subsided. He was unmistakably bigger. His pecs were fuller, shoulders wider, arms thicker, pulling his tank top high. His abs were visible even relaxed. He must have been over 200lbs now. He pulled out from me and his cock was slick and dripping with cum. He tried to put his junk back in his pants and close them, but the added muscle and inches got his clothes fitting him in an unusual (and way hotter!) way. He flex his arm and giggled. “I’ll be seeing you soon” he said to me, before leaving me still half naked and leaking cum from my hole, unable to lift myself from the bench. The fear of someone walking in finally snapped me out it. I moved in a stall closed the door and let a burning shower poor over my body. I started to survey my body and particularly my butthole expecting to find that some serious damaged had been done. As my finger reached it, I felt a jolt of delight, it was pristine and I could feel the energy I felt earlier. I started fingering myself, letting the energy flow inside me. It was different then getting fucked by Chris, less pleasurable, but still pretty awesome and the energy building from that was intoxicating. I came and the energy stopped flowing. I felt tight and tensed like after a workout. I finished showering and got back to my room. Before sleeping I tried to masturbate a little to see if I could get more energy out of me, I wanted to test my power. But the earlier sex session had drained my sex drive and I couldn’t get a proper erection. I didn’t feel my power manifest and finally passed out from exhaustion. A few days later Chris was approaching for seconds. By that time I had figured it out: pleasing me anally made people grow more muscular and more hung. Also, my ass seemed to be extremely stretchable, resistant and “welcoming”. I mean I literally, accidentally, fisted myself. Which lead me to understand that the more extreme the pleasure, the more extreme the growth. I was slowly giving myself a perfect body. I had ditched my lean athletic build and was working my way to a fitness model body. I explained all that to Chris, we’d fuck twice a week and everything was fine. Chris would flex for me, fuck me silly, and grow. I had never been more sexually satisfied. I should have known that complication would rapidly ensue. While I managed to keep my transformation under radar, three weeks after our initial encounter, Chris was slightly over 300lbs, and quite an obscene sight. The blond teen still had a thin waist, most of his mass was in his pecs and arms or in ass and quads, his basket was making an embarrassingly big bulge at the front of his pants (after our last fuck it was around 12½ inches and god that felt awesome!). He looked like a drawing of HSMuscleBoi and he behaved like one too. Cocky, aggressive, sex crazed… Basically everyone thought the boy was juicing. He got suspended from the football team, drug tests were being conducted. His girlfriend dumped him. Word on the street was that he hurt her because his dick was too big and I tend to believe that. After a whole week without hearing from him, I thought he might have realized we overdid it. In just three weeks, I had blown him from a hung jock to a heavy weight bodybuilder with a monstercock. As far as I was concerned, I had other things in mind: what would happen the day I’d have a boyfriend? Someone I’d date for months, years?...I was thinking about contacting mutant association so that I could find a way to harness my power. Despite spending hours mulling over catastrophic scenarios, not expecting the one that would actually unfold. “grow me little guy”. I was walking out of the shower. It was late and I was the last guy in the bathroom. Chris had waited, singling me out like on our first encounter. He was naked and already hard, pre dripping on the floor. I nervously pulled my towel tighter around my waist. “Chris, you’re already huge. I mean, the football team is suspicious , maybe…” “Screw them!” he cut me “I don’t give a fuck about football! I want more muscle!” he said closing the distance between us. “Chris please” I begged. But the muscle monster moved closer, tore away my towel and flip me over making me face the wall. He caressed my ass, one of his thick fingers toying with my hole. I felt it loosen immediately, against my will, my power ready to flow into the monster. “I haven’t had sex in a week. That bitch Lily dumped me ‘cause she couldn’t handle me.” He said visibly vexed. “Fuck her. You’re the only one who understands me.” He started kissing my neck, pressing me in the whole with all his bodyweight “I should date you instead.” His finger left my asshole and I felt the huge dick head of Chris poke at my rosebud which loosened further to welcome him. “Chris…please…you’re going to get too big… please. Don’t.” I pleaded “I can’t believe it. You too? I thought you understood me.” I felt him ease the pressure like he was moving away from me. I was relieved, thinking that he would just walk away. I felt a sharp pain as he plunged his footlong inside me in one violent thrust. “You’re gonna grow me whether you want it or not! I’ll tell you when I’m too big” Chris pounded me harder than he ever did. Intentionally making sure that he hurt me, crushing me against the wall. A dark part of my mind was loving every second and every inch of the abuse and the flow of energy escaped me like a torrent. I could feel Chris get bigger and stronger at each thrust. He laughed as he felt the energy return to him. I tried to control the flow to restrain. It was the first time I actually tried to control it and I could feel it react to my will. I started slowing Chris’s growth. He must have felt it too. He spun me on his dick and lifted me so that my legs were around his waist and we faced each other. One of his hand supported my back, the other clamped my face. “If I were you, I wouldn’t. If you don’t grow me, you’re of no use to me and if you’re no use to me, I won’t need to make sure you’re safe” I let the flow resume its habitual pace and Chris relaxed his grip. As he started to grow again he gently hugged my body, his growing cock buried in me, gently fucking me. He started kissing my neck and my face. “oh yes! That’s it little dude. Don’t you want a muscle god of your own? Don’t you love growing me??” I had no idea how big Chris was, it was impossible to asses, no human had ever reached this size. He looked like one of the morphs you’d see on the internet. I was scared out of my wits, Chris was totally hooked on the growth. He was dangerous and yet more and more muscle stacked on his body. I knew his growth would stop once he’d cum but Chris was in no rush of finishing himself. Anyway he was big and strong enough to kill me with one hand. His arms were almost thicker than my waist, he was almost as wide as tall, nearly 6 feet from shoulder to shoulder. I felt him adjust his stance because of his growing legs, each one was now thicker than his waist. Shortly after it was his arms that needed to be readjusted his growing biceps and forearms prevented him to move like he normally would. I suddenly realized that this was my chance to neutralize Chris. Instead of trying to cut the flow I forced it on Chris. It was like a tidal wave of muscle. Chris exploded in size, the noise of muscle stretching resonated in the bathroom. His muscles bulged in every direction fighting against each other and in a matter of second Chris had doubled in size, his head trapped by his traps and pecs. His back muscle reaching almost higher thans his head.His arms forced at 90° of his body parallel to the floor due to their sheer size, biceps so huge the collided with his pecs. his legs forced apart at an awkward angle. All of it ripped beyond any measure, cord of muscles bulging with useless power, fat vein feeding the now inhuman mass of muscle. the pressure inside me grew to be almost unbearable. I could feel Chris inside me the unbelievable hardness, the warmth, the pulsations of his heartbeat. All that through the almost 2 feet of dick I was impaled on. My formerly tight muscular belly was distended by the overgrown penis inside me. It made a bump of almost half a foot apparently my stretchiness was quite considerable. Chris was immobile, he could only mumble unintelligible things. His jaws were forced shut by his pecs and traps. Out of sheer spite I forced a new tidal of growth on hin. It was much less strong than the first one. I shouted because the inside me was now making a bump sticking a full foot out and was almost as thick as my leg. That last growth spurt had left Chris bloated beyond any measure. He was a blimp vaguely shaped a a human. A collection of hypertrophied hyper muscle. He must have been around a ton of muscle, all of it crammed on a his 6’6 frame. His head almost hidden in the muscle mass. It was outrageous, almost abstract and yet, the ungodly sight made me hornier than I had ever been. Once the initial shock of the growth passed, I found Chris’s humongous dick to be extremely enjoyable. His muscles twitched randomly and mumbles could be heard. The flow was still steadily pouring into him and he was ever so slightly still inflating with more useless muscle mass. I slowly slid from his dick and was relieved to see my body tighten to its usual state and to feel my butthole revert to a vrigin tight rosebud. I was about to leave Chris to his fate on the floor of the locker room when I heard a sinister crack coming from him. I turned to face him and a series of plops and stretching noises reverberated in the locker room. Chris was changing it’s shape. Slowly his figure rose up, he widened again and slowly Chris mumbles tuned into a terrifying laugh. He was regaining mobility, his mass was redistributing on a wider taller structure. His head emerged atop the mounds of muscle of his body. “MOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Chris shout shook the whole building. Chris had gone from a 6’6 ball of muscle to a 8’ hyper muscle freak (his head was unchanged which made him look positively gigantic). Has he started to move slowly, getting used to his new body. His freakish mass still limiting his movement but he could stagger and fling his arms. Despite his clumsiness and limited range, he seemed fast. I ran from him. I was naked and bare feet I couldn’t go far. I made it to my room and barricaded the door, as silently as I could. I was trapped. I considered the exiting through the window but I’m sure Chris would eventually get to me. Running was just a temporary option. I’d need someone to overpower him… someone I could trust with insane amounts of raw physical power. An idea formed in my head, that was a long shot but if it didn’t work I would still be time to run and try something else. I grabbed my dick and started jelqing. Once I had a nice semi, I sat, spread my leg and bent my dick toward my hole. I could only rub the head against my rosebud but it was enough to get the energy to flow into myself. “COME NOW, LITTLE GUY! DON’T RUN FROM YOUR MUSCLE GOD! I WON’T HURT YOU!” Chris’s voice was deep and resonated through my whole body. It’s frequency was almost inhumanly low. I heard screams of dudes getting in the hallway to see what the commotion was all about. Chris’s laughter was a loud thunder, shaking the wall. His thumping was so overwhelming, that I almost failed to notice that my cock head was now inside my own hole. The flow of energy kicked in and I finally focused on myself. Forcing my power to go full strength. The feeling of my own dick in my hole, stretching me, pleasing me, was so intense that the flow of energy was stronger than when I forced it on Chris, and it was only dialing up. The growth was so fast and so extreme I was immobile in a matter of second. Due to my shorter stature I wasn’t nearly as strong as Chris, but I kept forcing myself to grow. My dick was already two feet long, with at least a good foot shoved up my own ass. I needed more. Not only to overpower Chris, but I just needed more. My muscles were so big they blocked my sight. My pecs were preventing me from seeing anything. My traps and neck muscle were so overdeveloped I couldn’t turn my head. My back was so hypertrophied, it forced my face into my monumental pecs. I could feel furniture pushed aside by my growing body, crushed under my weight. I was delighted by the sensation of my lats and oblique making the connection between my ever enlarging upper body and my still tight waist. My abs felt like bricks, fighting against each other. My legs were so thick, the mass on them was unbelievable, twitching with power. And at the center of my growing body a penis so gigantic, it was shoved inside me and starting to make a serious bump on my mid section. My balls were so large that despite being set on the side so I could selfuck myself they started to uncoil my penis and force it out of myself. Then I felt the wall of my room press against me. I was filling the whole room. I could feel them creak under the pressure of my growing physique. Than I became aware of something else. Vibrations, roars… Chris had found me and he was trying to tear down the door and wall between us. He didn’t have to try hard. In a few seconds, he had knocked that wall down. I could only imagine his face when all he found behind that wall was a living wall of indestructible muscle. That ‘s the moment I lost it. All the sensations were so much I came. It was a real cataclysmic orgasm inside me. My body exploded with a final surge of growth, knocking down walls, breaking the ceiling, colliding with Chris monstrous form. And as liters of burning sperm filled me, I felt my body accommodate the mass I had build. I was growing taller, regaining a bit of mobility. My penis finally plopped out of my hole and a tsunami of cum cascaded to the floor. I unfolded, wrecking the dorms. Finally I could see again. Everything seemed small. Even Chris. I was staring at me, mouth agape, dick hard and dripping with a fresh load that had just escaped him. I was half as tall as he was, maybe 14 feet tall and I was way freakier than him. My shoulder must have been 10 feet wide and my pecs and back were so hypertrophied that I was even thicker than I was wide. Ropes of muscle tapered to a waist tight and powerful under which legs three time as thick as my waist supported my titanic new body. My dick jutted from my pelvis almost as thick as my waist and reaching below my new. I had beach ball sized testes and I could feel them manufacture a gargantuan fresh load of cum. I grabbed Chris’ leg with my left hand and pulled. He fell on his huge ass with a loud thud and I flipped him over. My dick engorged as I used my other hand to part his asscheeks, exposing his tight virgin hole. Before I could pop his cherry, I started feeling dizzy and blacked out. Turns out the commotion attracted the mutant control patrol. And they knocked out Chris and I. Chris was put under therapy and then released in the nature. Since he isn’t a mutant he had no reason to be put in a center. On the other hand I was forced to join a center for mutant with sexual related power. I’ve had my share of fun, but that is another story.
  24. Blue Pill Part 16

    Blue Pill Part 16 James was in a state of shock as he looked down at the muscle bound man at the end of his dick. He couldn’t believe that just moments ago he was fucking his supple, voluptuous wife. “Sarah? Is that still you? Are you ok?” James asked with a worried look on his face. “Mmmmm I’ve never felt better baby.” The voice that rumbled from the throat of his used to be wife, sounded nothing like her former self. It was deep and rugged. It made his dick pulse inside his wife. James was taken out of his train of thought as he heard a deep moaning coming from beneath him. He looked down to see that Sarah had reached up and began pinching one of her tender swollen nipples. Milk began flowing freely from the nipple as her other hand stroked her newly formed 7 inch dick. “My god James! If I knew that being a man would feel this good, I would have had you do this to me a long time ago.” James could see the lust in Sarah’s eyes as she started stroking her pre-cum slicked dick faster. James’s dick pulsed harder in Sarah’s ass at the sight of her tweaking her nip as she stroked her dick. He knew he needed to pull out before she got any bigger. He needed to think of a way to reverse the effect and make his wife a woman again. James began to slowly back his dick out of his wife until the head popped out of her ass. James couldn’t believe how much his dick had grown. It looked like it was almost a foot long now. Had to be close to 8 inches thick. It was covered in veins and his cock head was huge. That was nothing compared to his bull balls. They hung low in his sack almost the size of baseballs. James felt relief as his dick head popped out. He thought for sure that he was going to burst. Before James knew what was happening, Sarah had wrapped her newly muscular legs behind his back and pulled him in closer to her, driving his enraged cock head back into her waiting hole. Sarah and James both let out a moan in unison as Sarah drove her husband’s dick further into her ass. James became panicked as he knew what cumming inside his wife would do. He tried pulling out against his wife’s legs, but she had become quite strong from all of his cum. James knew he was stronger though, but for how much longer. James willed his muscles to push harder as his dick began to pull back out. The whole time his bulbous cock head was rubbing against his wife’s prostate. Sarah let out another deep moan and her head fell back as she started firing cum everywhere out of her bucking 7 incher. The sight before him was almost too much for James, he was right on the edge of orgasm. He was almost out of Sarah when he felt to hands on his pillow like pecs. He then felt fingers grasp on to his super sensitive nips as it pushed him over the edge. “Yeah! Cum for me daddy. Fill me with your seed. Make me huge!” Sarah had an almost evil glint in her eye as she twisted James’s nipples. “You want your daddy’s dick that bad, then you’re going to take it all.” James, finally giving into his lust, slammed his dick back into Sarah, driving into her hole over and over again as he fired load after load into her ass. James watched as the body beneath him began to swell larger. Sarah’s traps rose higher as her neck got thicker. James watched as her arms bulged with more mass closing in on 19 inches. James could feel Sarah’s legs surge in size behind him as they slowly began crushing into his back. Sarah’s pecs ballooned even more as they filled with more muscle milk, almost making them look like breasts again. James started to become even more worried as he realized his wife was closing in on his size. James felt his wife’s ass get tighter around his dick as it grew with more muscle, pushing her up higher off the bench and taking his dick with it. While his wife was in a state of Euphoria from all the milk flooding into her pecs, he started backing up, pushing her legs back and pulling his dick out. He was finally to the very end, but his dick head was so large and her ass was so tight that it didn’t want to come out. He pulled with all of his might, until with a loud *POP* sound, his dick came out, releasing a torrent of his jizz along with it. Sarah began bucking her hips from the feeling of her husband’s massive cock head destroying her ring. Cum began flying from the tip of Sarah’s almost 9 inch dick as she moaned on the bench. James knew this was his chance. He needed to get away before his wife got any bigger. He quickly darted underneath Sarah’s thick legs and bolted for the gym entrance. James got to the front door and heard moans and what sounded like the banging of a head board form the top of the stairs. “No time to investigate, I’ve got to get to the lab and find a way to reverse this!” James snuck out of the house quietly. Leaving his hot muscular wife in his home gym and his son and that behemoth upstairs in his bedroom… Chris couldn’t get over the size of Derek. Chris straddled Derek’s torso as he slowly ran his hands along the ridges of his abdominals. Working his way up to his perky hard nipples that rested just under his bulbous rock hard pecs. His pecs were so full and thick that they jutted out almost 6 inches from his body. Chris stuck his finger in the gap between Derek’s pecs, feeling the curvature of his mountainous pecs. Chris continued his adventure of Derek’s body as his hands felt along the bowling balls of muscle Derek called his shoulders. Chris couldn’t believe how far they pushed out. His shoulders pushed so far out that he was twice as wide as Chris’s relatively athletic build. Chris traced the veins along his shoulders down to his biceps. Chris gasped when he saw just how big they had become. They were about the size of his head. They had to be closing in on 22 inches. They were truly massive. This only made Chris realize how bad he wanted Derek’s muscles all for himself. Chris knew that in order to get Derek to take the pills he was going to have to make him swallow them. “How am I going to get him to take these damn pills? He will never agree to give up his muscles.” Just like that Chris got an idea. Slowly getting off of Derek so as not to disturb him, Chris darted out of his room and into his fathers’ room across the hall. He noticed his father had left his closet light on. “Dad?! Are you still here?” Chris looked around the bedroom to see if he could see any signs of movement. He listened carefully as the house was dead quiet. Chris walked into his dad’s closet and reached onto the top shelf next to some old hiking gear as he pulled down a handful of rope. Chris walked quickly out of his father’s bedroom as his heart caught in his stomach. Down the stairs he could see his mom coming through the front door. It appears as if she had just gotten back from her jog. Chris ducked down, hoping she hadn’t seen him. “James honey, are you home?” Chris could hear his mom’s footsteps coming up the stairs. Chris didn’t believe in prayer much, but at that point he needed any kind of miracle he could get. As if it couldn’t have been better timed, a deep guttural moaning sound came from downstairs in the direction of their home gym. Chris breathing began to return to normal as he heard his mother’s footsteps retreat back down the stairs. “James is that you? CHRIST JAMES! What the hell happened to you?!?” Chris heard the gym door close and didn’t hear his father’s response. Curious, Chris began heading down the stairs to see what had startled his mother so much about his dad. “Fuck it, I will find out later. I have a body to grow.” With that said Chris turned around and headed back up the stairs with rope in hand. Chris returned to his bedroom and closed the door, making sure to not slam it, he didn’t want to awaken the muscle beast lying on his bed. Chris approached the bed and reached underneath one of Derrick’s thick hard calves. He wrapped the rope around it, making a noose and slowly tightening it. Chris lowered the first leg and repeated the process with the other. He tied the first rope holding Derek’s legs, firmly to the underside of the bed so he wouldn’t be able to kick. Next Chris used the same noose technique on Derek’s hands tightening the rope connecting them under the bed. Chris then tied a rope underneath the bed and wrapped it around underneath Derek’s bulging pecs so it would help stabilize his torso to the bed. To get the party started, Chris slapped Derek across the face. “Wakey, wakey asshole. Time to pay me back what you stole and then some.” Derek startled and sucked in air as he came to. The rope around his torso creaking as he drew in the sharp breath. Derek yanked at the line holding his hands tied together and realized he wasn’t strong enough to break free. “What the fuck do you want Chris?” Derek said in a panicked voice. “Oh you know exactly what I want, and you’re going to give it to me!” Chris reached down and began fondling Derek’s massive python. Even soft it was enough to fill both of Chris’s hands. Chris massaged Derek’s dick for a while and got no reaction. “I won’t give you what you want Chris. This is my body now. My muscles. My dick.” “You see Derek, that’s where you’re wrong. If you remember correctly, you were nothing when you came into my house and I was everything. I was a god. Now I’m going to take my god status back whether you are going to comply or not.” Chris jumped off the bed and walked into his bathroom. “How did he regain that size? He looks as big as I did before I stole his muscles.” Derek wondered out loud as Chris returned with a bottle in his hand. He set the bottle on his night stand next to Derek’s head. Chris then picked a bottle up off the floor, Derek instantly recognized the bottle. Chris popped the lid off, dropping a black pill into his hand. “Let’s see, I took this last time and lost everything. So now if you take it, I will gain everything back.” “Chris, you don’t have to do this! Look how good you look now! With a little time in the gym you could be back to your old size in no time.” Derek pleaded as Chris straddled Derek’s torso again. Chris leaned forward with the pill in his hand as he tried to push it into Derek’s mouth. “See that’s the thing Derek, why work hard for something when I can just have it now pain free?” With that Chris swung his fist into Derek’s nose, breaking it and causing blood to gush out. “AHHHH------mffffffmmm” Derek had begun to scream when Chris shaved his hand over Derek’s mouth. Derek barely felt the pills drop into his mouth as he began to run out of air. His nose was bleeding so much he couldn’t breathe through it. He had no choice but to swallow if he wanted to live. Derek swallowed the pills as tears began rolling down the side of his cheeks. Knowing he had sealed his fate and that Chris would soon take everything back. Chris reached his hand up and wiped away Derek’s tears. “Don’t worry Derek, from here on out I promise it will be quick and painless.” Derek jerked his head away from Chris’s hand. “Well, if it’s going to be like that. I was going to let you keep some of your size, but I think I’ve changed my mind. I think I’ll drain you till you’re hotter than Stacy.” On cue Derek felt his massive dick begin to pulse to life. He could feel each heartbeat throb through the entire length as it thickened and elongated, quickly arching its way up Chris’s back. “How the fuck am I hard?!?” Chris got a slight grin to his face, “Well, back before I started taking my father’s experimental drugs, I took a lot of steroids and I had no clue what I was doing. Let’s just say a heavy dose of testosterone with no p.c.t. left my balls and libido empty. So I got a prescription to Cialis. So you shouldn’t have a ‘hard’ time with getting an erection tonight.” Chris began laughing at his own joke as he reached behind him and began stroking the throbbing monster of a dick that Derrick possessed. Derek threw his head back and began moaning as Chris continued stroking his dick. “I think I want my dick in that hat tight ass of yours so you can feel what it’s like to be dominated by a real man. I want you to feel me inside you as I grow to mythical proportions.” As Chris was saying this he reached for the bottle on the night stand, clearly labeled Cialis. “You’ve had your medicine, time for mine.” Chris popped a pill into his mouth and swallowed. Chris wiggled himself backwards along Derek’s dick, until he was almost past Derek’s knees when his dick finally sprang up and smacked into his thick pecs. Pre-cum flew everywhere when his dick smacked his chest, giving his chest a nice shiny sheen. Chris reached forward, leaning against Derek’s dick as he massaged the pre-cum into Derek’s pecs making them look like they had just been oiled. Chris slid his hands over to Derek’s massive orb like biceps and began groping them. As he did, Derek couldn’t help himself but give them a flex to see how big they were. He could only lift his arm so far until his restraints brought him back to reality. Chris let out a slight moan feeling the bicep push his hand apart. Although Chris hadn’t moved, Derek could feel Chris’s bulbous Dick head pushing against his ass cheeks. Derek’s dick throbbed at the thought of being penetrated by the high school quarterback. A huge glob of pre-cum oozed out of his dick head and into the valley of his pecs. Without missing a beat, Chris leaned in and sucked up all the pre from the cleft between Derek’s pecs. The sound of slurping coming from Chris made Derek mad at the thought that he almost wanted Chris to grow larger. Derek knew that was the Cialis talking, it was making him so horny it was hard to think straight. Derek didn’t have to wait much longer as he could feel Chris’s body weight slightly increasing on top of his own. He felt his own back slowly slide across the sheets, but only a little. What really made Derek pay notice was that Chris’s dick was sliding past his ass cheeks and pushing at his hole. Derek could feel pre leaking out of Chris’s dick, making his hole slick and ready to be entered. Derek moaned again as he could feel his heartbeat pulse through the length of his entire dick which was almost a ridiculous two feet in length. Chris wrapped his mouth over the head of Derek’s dick this time as he was rewarded with another glob of pre-cum. Again Derek could feel Chris’s weight increase just slightly and he felt his own slightly diminish, but the cherry on top was the fact that Chris’s dick pulsed at his ass hole as it pushed right in with a pop as the head of his dick began to pulse inside his ass. That was all it took for Derek, his breathing quickened as the ropes holding his torso creaked and whined as he forced his hips up off the bed. Chris felt it right as Derek’s cock head throbbed in his mouth Chris could feel Derek’s balls pull up tight in his scrotum as he began to unleash his torrent of cream into the back of Chris’s throat. Chris could feel Derek shrinking smaller as each pulse of cum shot down his throat, filling him with a warm energy that couldn’t be explained. Derek’s dick got easier to fit in his mouth as it shrank down to a more manageable 18 inches. Before he forgot, Chris grabbed another pill and quickly shoved it into Derek’s mouth. Derek, having accepted his fate, swallowed, not wanting to anger the growing beast on top of him. Derek instantly began to moan into Chris’s hand as he could feel Chris’s rigid cock unreel further inside his ass, pushing his ass hole wider as Chris’s already impressive eight incher grew into a thick veiny foot long schlong. “Fuck Yeah! This feels incredible!” Chris in a state of euphoric bliss, began bouncing his pecs as they filled with more muscle. Pushing his already swollen nipples further down his burgeoning meat pillows. Chris reached up and tweaked his nipples and Derek watched as Chris’s arms throbbed thicker and thicker, veins exploding all over the orb of muscle that was beginning to amass on his upper arm. Chris pulled down on his nipples as he felt his ass and legs inflate with more muscle. With his rock hard ass, Chris pushed his hips forward, driving his throbbing dick further into Derek’s ass. As if on cue Derek began moaning as Chris continued to push his dick in to Derek’s hungry hole. “Yeah! You like that you little bitch?” Chris asked with an evil smirk on his face. Even though Derek still had some size on Chris, it wouldn’t take long to even the playing field. Wanting to speed up the process, Chris buried his thick cock to the hilt and simultaneously dove onto Derek’s still hard and throbbing dick. “HOLY FUCK! FUCK ME!” Derek couldn’t hold back as he felt his second orgasm rush up the length of his dick. Chris, already there to collect his sweet bounty began guzzling down cum. Surprised at how much shot out this time, Chris pulled off to catch his breath, allowing cum to shoot up onto Derek’s pecs. Chris swallowed Derek’s cock head back into his mouth to catch the rest of the precious seed that Derek’s dick had to offer. Derek felt his back slide against the sheets as he grew smaller. His once pro IFBB body was slowly getting smaller until finally it stopped. He was now close to the size of an amateur bodybuilder. Derek’s once magnificent arms were now about 18 inches. Still impressive by any standard, but not as big as he liked. What pulled Derek out of his inventory of his own body was the fact that he could now see over his diminished pecs, and what he saw before him was amazing. Before Derek was a true Adonis, a god if you will. Chris had the body of a Greek god as he continued to swell larger. Chris was getting off on his own body as it glistened with sweat. His abs undulated as an 8th row began to form. The sweat ran down from his bulging traps over his boulder like pecs and then dripped off his nipple onto his turgid cock that was inflating inside Derek’s ass even more. Derek moaned as he watched Chris pull an arm up and flex. Derek watched as the peak went from 21 inches to 22 inches. “FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THEM GROWING EVEN LARGER!!!” It was too much for Chris as he began shooting his load into Derek’s ass, filling it with his seed. Chris flexed his whole upper body in a most muscular. Derek could feel himself on the edge of another orgasm already. Sensing this, Chris grabbed another black pill and brought it up to Derek’s mouth. “Is that really necessary Chris? You’re already massive. Please let me keep what I have left!” Derek pleaded as tears began to build up in his eyes. Chris pushed the pill against Derek’s lips, but he refused to open. ***CRACK*** Chris back handed Derek across the face “MOTHER FUCKER DID I ASK YOU TO TAKE IT? I’M TELLING YOU TO TAKE IT, NOW OPEN YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH!!!” Chris’s neck bulged with veins as a new hunger took hold of him. Derek could see it in Chris’s eyes and now feared for his life. With tears streaming down his cheeks again, Derek opened his mouth and accepted the pill from Chris. Chris instantly began sucking Derek’s dick again. Harder and faster than ever before. Derek had to think of something and fast before it was too late. Derek began wiggling his arms and realized that his right arms restraint had become loose, but it wasn’t loose enough to get his arm free. With Derek’s dick in his mouth, Chris began fucking Derek’s ass hard and fast. Derek’s eye’s rolled back into his head as he felt his orgasm near, but did his best to hold it off so he could think up a plan of escape. Chris began getting impatient, so he reached his hand down and wrapped it around Derek’s scrotum. Testicles still the size of baseballs, Chris began to squeeze hard. Derek instantly began shooting his pent up load in a combination of pain and pleasure. Chris unknowingly began squeezing harder as Derek’s sperm caused a spike in his strength. Derek in serious pain now, reached his hand down and grabbed hold of Chris’s wrist to try and get him to let go. As Derek’s hand tugged on Chris’s wrist, they both realized at the same time that Derek’s hand was free. Chris, still sucking on Derek’s dick tried to grab for his free hand as Derek reached for the lamp on the bed side table. Derek grasped the lamp and swung it at Chris’s head causing it to shatter and blind Chris. “FUCKING FUCK!” Chris pulled off of Derek’s dick as he yelled in pain as the shattered glass momentarily blinded him. Chris reached his hands up to shield his eyes, when he did Derek reached up and punched Chris in the scrotum. Chris fell back in pain as one hand covered his eyes and the other grabbed onto his balls. As Chris fell back his gargantuan dick popped out of Derek’s ass along with all of the jizz that had built up inside from his ejaculations. As the last of his cum dribbled from his dick, Derek reached over and untied his other arm. Then he slid under the ropes, once tight around his torso, now clung loosely to him. Derek looked over at Chris who had fallen to the floor in his painful agony, as he hurriedly untied his ankles form the restraints. Derek was mesmerized as he watched Chris stand back up to his full height. He towered over the bed and the truly scary thing was, he was still growing from his last feeding. Derek was in awe as Chris’s dick throbbed even larger in front of him. Still unable to see, Chris began groping around trying to feel for the bed. Chris’s hand finally found the edge of the bed as his growth came to a halt. He had grown far beyond what Derek once possessed. Standing in front of Derek was a man that could win any professional bodybuilding show, no one could come close. His arms were at least 25 inches now as thick veins snaked their way down to forearms that were the size of Derek’s newly diminished arms. Chris’s pecs were so grotesquely massive that his nipples had all but disappeared from view beneath their hard veiny mass. His legs were a whole other story as they were bigger around than his waist. They had to be close to 40 inches. They were ripped and striated and they bulged as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other as he got closer to the bed. Not realizing how close Chris really was, Derek felt something brush against his leg. Derek was quickly jerked across the bed by an unbelievable force. “I’m GONNA KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!” Chris grabbed Derek by the throat and pinned him to the bed. Derek could feel Chris’s grip grow tighter around his neck as his vision began to blur. Derek began flailing and as he did his hand caught something. It was a bottle of pills. He sent them flying off the bed and into the wall across the room. Chris turned towards the sound still unable to see, Derek took this opportunity as the last of his consciousness slowly faded, he swung his leg up with all his might and connected his shin right into Chris’s right testicle. Derek heard a pop sound as Chris fell down to his knees using both hands to grasp his damaged testicle. Derek gasped from breath, consciousness quickly returning as air filled his lungs again. He realized it hurt to breath, but Derek had no time to think about that at the moment. Right now Derek knew he needed to get the hell out of there. Derek jumped off the bed and ran for the door, but before he left he remembered the bottle of pills that hit the wall. Derek turned and quickly surveyed the room finding the open bottle with pills scattered across the carpet. Derek rushed to the bottle and began dropping pills back into the bottle. Satisfied he had got them all, Derek stood up just as Chris lunged in his direction. Derek dodged Chris as he ran head first into the wall, knocking him out cold. Derek sprinted out the door as he pulled on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt he had found on the desk as he exited the room. Derek shoved the bottle of pills in his pocket and took off down the stairs and out the door as he heard an unfamiliar manly voice from somewhere in the house. “Christopher honey is that you?”
  25. Blue Pill Part 15

    Blue Pill Part 15 James always kept in good shape his whole life. He ran track in high school and played tennis, giving him a lithe build with sinewy muscles. It wasn’t until James left for college that he started visiting the weight-room more often. That’s where his lust for muscle began, it’s also where he first met Titus. Back then Titus was an Adonis, he had the body of a Greek god. James quickly became good friends with Titus, lifting with him, hanging out with him, only to find that they were both going to school for the same thing. Being around all that beautiful muscle always had James hard. James didn’t think he was gay, but something about Titus’s body drove him wild. It was at that point in his life that he would do everything and anything he could to become bigger. So throughout his college years, James had packed on some muscle to his thin sinewy frame, giving him more of a swimmers build. At 170 pounds, packed with muscle, he wasn’t much to bat an eye at but he was still quite the stud. After college he became obsessed with working out and it wasn’t until he stated working with Titus at the same government agency that James fell off the deep end and started taking steroids. He wanted to do everything he could to catch up to Tidus. No matter what he did though, Tidus was always bigger. James would say to himself, “One day I will be bigger than you Tidus. I will take all that you have worked so hard for and make it mine.” As he stood staring at his reflection in the mirror, James thought for the first time in his life that his dream could become a reality thanks to the muscle growth serum he had produced. James brought his arm up into a tight flex and watched as his 20 inch orb of sweaty, veiny daddy muscle bulged in front of his eyes. He reached up and tweaked one of his nipples and gasped in a sharp breath of air as pleasure rocked through his body, making his almost 10 inch turgid dick bob in front of him. He looked down as he watched a glob of pre-cum fall from the tip of his penis to the floor. James let out a low guttural growl as he continue to tweak his nipple and let one of his hands wander down to his cock to give it a few strokes, covering it in his slick pre-cum. “Let’s see what this body can do.” James started with his legs. Squatting all the way down to the floor with his new found strength it was easy. He found himself squatting nearly 400 pounds by the time he was done with his final set. He couldn’t believe how full and pumped his legs were. You could see veins branching off everywhere through the matted hair on his thick bulging legs. His legs had to be closing in on 28 inches, which was almost as big as his waist. James loved how his thick thighs now pushed his package out. James gave his hard throbbing dick a few more strokes, sending pre-cum all over his lower abs. Next James headed for the bench top do some chest presses. He loaded the bar up with 250, about 50 pounds heavier than his usual. James finished his first set with ease. “That barely even gave me a pump!” James said, astonished as head added another 50 to each side. James got under the bar and started his first rep and found that it was the perfect amount of resistance. He loved the feel in his pecs as rep after rep he watched his meaty mounds bulge higher, quickly making his rock hard nipples disappear out of view. His hairy pecs were covered in veins and sweat by the time he finished his last rep. He dropped the bar on the support and sat up. Instantly he felt the new weight in his pecs from his pump as they pulled further down then they usually do. James couldn’t believe his eyes as he looked in the mirror. His pecs were so red and swollen from all of the blood he pumped into them. He reached for a nipple only to find they were more sensitive than ever. This time James’s dick belched out pre-cum as if he were having an orgasm, but he wasn’t. He scooped up some of his pre-cum and rubbed it over his hairy pecs, giving them a shiny appearance and making them slick. James kept rubbing his slippery hands over his nipples, making his dick shoot out more ropes of pre-cum. James reached back down and scooped up more pre-cum, this time slathering his dick in it. He stroked his dick up and down as he was rewarded with even more pre-cum. James caught the pre-cum in his hand this time, curious, he brought his hand up to his mouth and licked his palm. A buzzing sensation rushed through his body as his sensory nerves were overloaded. James couldn’t believe the rush, so he quickly lapped up all that was left in his hand. His eyes rolled back in his head as he reached for his nipple again to tweak it. James was quickly brought out of his euphoria as he felt his nipple slowly stretching further down on his pec. He opened his eyes, but didn’t see anything odd. “Hmmm, that’s strange. James reached back down to stroke his dick, and when he wrapped his hand around it he could have sworn it felt meatier, thicker almost. James looked up in the mirror and gasped at the full body pump he had. “Holy fuck! I didn’t look this hard a moment ago!” James had scooped up another handful of pre-cum to test his theory that he had formed in his head as to how he looked harder, when his wife Sarah walked in. “CHRIST JAMES! What the hell happened to you?!?” Sarah looked shocked as she eyed her husband up and down. James turned to face Sarah. When he did, she saw his throbbing man meat for the first time since walking in the room. “FOR FUCKS SAKE!!! IS YOUR DICK BIGGER TOO????” Sarah’s eyes about bugged out of her head as a wet spot began to form in the crotch of her yoga pants. “You like it baby? It’s all for you!” James rumbled in his baritone as he went into a most muscular, sending all of his veiny, sweat coated muscles into sharp relief. Sarah couldn’t believe her eyes as she stifled a moan and bit her lip, the wet spot growing ever larger in her pants. “I know you want this thick daddy dick inside you. Come here and show me how badly you want this dick.” James said in a cocky manner as he flexed his dick, making it bob up and down, causing the veins running the length of his shaft to bulge even more. Sarah didn’t need to be told twice. She quickly closed the distance between her and James as she came in for a kiss. James pulled her into his embrace, she feel into his thick meaty pecs and had to stand on her tip toes to reach his thick meaty lips. While locked in their passionate embrace, James slid his pre-cum soaked hand down the front of Sarah’s yoga pants and began massaging her pussy. James slid his index finger in as Sarah let out a moan against his lips. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he continued to push his finger in past the knuckle. As James began moving his finger in and out of his wife’s pussy, he noticed that it was growing tighter around his finger. He thought that meant she was readying herself for an orgasm. So he pulled his finger out and backed his hand out of her pants. James reached down with both hands, grabbing on both sides of the wet spot of his wife’s yoga pants and ripped them open, revealing his wife’s leaking, quivering vagina. James pickled up his wife to straddle the hole in her yoga pants over his throbbing manhood. Pre-cum was pulsing out of the tip of his dick at a near constant rate now as the head of his turgid cock pushed at his wife’s pussy lips. It was a tight fit, but his cock head eventually made its way in. James began pushing in only to find that he hit the back of his wife’s wall with only 4 inches of his dick inside her. He kept feeling resistance as if her pussy was getting tighter. “OUCH! James that really hurts!” James pulled his dick out. “Sorry baby, but I’m too fucking horny. I’ve gotta fuck one way or another.” With Sarah’s legs wrapped around his torso, James reached behind his wife’s supple ass and ripped a new hole where her thick luscious cheeks split. James lowered her back down onto his dick, this time entering her tight pucker, he pushed until his cock head popped in. His pre-cum soaking her ass cheeks as he continued to spill more pre inside her. All the pre-cum made it real easy for him to slide his dick all the way to the hilt. “Oh My Gawwwwd baby! That feels sooo fucking good!” Sarah’s eyes were rolling back in her head now. James took that as a sign so he began to pull back out just to push his dick all the way back in. Supporting her weight and with his dick still inside of her, James walked them over to the Weight bench and lowered Sarah down onto the bench. Sarah had reached up and started playing with her nipples as James continued ploughing her ass. James remembered that he forgot to work his arms, lifted the bar above his wife’s head. He started doing bar curls as he continued driving his dick in and out of his wife’s ass. Each thrust with his rock solid dick driving him to lift the weight harder and faster with his arms. James couldn’t take his eyes off of his thick bulging biceps as each rep drove the peak higher and cause his veins to pulse even thicker. After about 100 reps, James noticed an odd sensation. It felt as if his wife’s ass was growing tighter around his throbbing dick. James looked down in shock, only to see his wife playing with her nipples. What shocked him though was the fact that his wife’s breasts looked bigger and more solid. That wasn’t the only thing though, her whole body looked harder. Like she had been lifting weights for the past 6 months. Then James got a real surprise when his wife gasped as milk shot out of her nipples. “Am I lactating?!?” Sarah asked with a look of confusion on her face. Sarah brought her hand to her nose to smell and James quickly grabbed her wrist and brought her hand up to his mouth. He sucked her finger into his mouth, tasting the sweet nectar that her jugs now produced. “mmmmmmmm” James moaned as he felt a familiar tingling sensation throughout his body. After sucking her fingers clean James leaned in and took on of her nipples in his mouth. The moment the milk spurted into the back of his throat, he lost it as he began shooting his pent up load. James began bucking into his wife’s ass harder and faster like a feral beast as he sucked even harder at her tit. Sarah could feel her husband shooting inside her as his dick throbbed over and over, however each time it throbbed it didn’t seem to decrease in size. Sarah’s eyes rolled back again as James began to hit new territory with his dick. “How the hell is that even possible?!” Sarah wondered out loud. Sarah realized that wasn’t the only thing that had grown as she latched onto James’s arms as an orgasm swept over her. She began summing and she could feel it hit her belly and the bottom of her tits. Sarah was so lost in her orgasm she didn’t pay much attention to it. She kept feeling her husband’s arms as she felt the rock hard boulders bulge larger in her hands. “Oh Fuck!” Sarah yelped as James had completely drained her first tit. Even though James had already cummed he continued driving his dick inside his wife’s ass as he felt his dick pulsing larger inside her. James quickly began sucking Sarah’s other tit. As he did his back muscles bulged thicker his lats bulged wider, pushing his arms further out. James had to reposition his stance as his quads fought for space. Probably the most beautiful sight of it all was his monstrous pecs. Which his wife had a wonderful view of as they began to sag lower, filling with more meaty muscle. Sarah reached up, feeling his rock hard pecs until she finally found his nipples on the underside of his pecs. Sarah pinched them and as she did her husband moaned while sucking her milk, driving his dick all the way inside her. Once again she felt her husband’s dick pulsating in her, spilling his seed inside her. Sarah felt odd as it felt as if her back was sliding along the bench as her husband continued ramming his fuck pole inside her. She looked down at her own arms as she watched them bulge thicker right before her very eyes. Her breasts no longer looked like breasts, they were hard and starting to show veins. She watched as her other breast started to inflate a little. She watched as her legs, which were up in the air from her husband fucking her, bulged thicker as more muscle was pushed into her ballooning quads. Sarah’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her husband switched back to the other tit. He had drained it in no time and there wasn’t much to take from the one he was on now. Sarah didn’t have much time to test her theory as to why she was growing, so she quickly reached her hands back up and gave her husband’s nipples a flick. This time James clamped down on her nipple with his teeth as he saw stars. He instantly began firing his load inside his wife’s ass. This time he came so much that cum started squirting back out and onto the bench. Sarah began cumming almost instantly as she felt her husband’s teeth clamp onto her sensitive nip. This time Sarah felt the sum spray all over her stomach and she heard a shot hit the bottom of her husband’s thick meaty pec. She had a moment of realization as her husband was still cumming inside her. So that was her cum that shot all over her. Surprised by cum hitting his pec, James finished milking his wife’s tit, just as they started to fill back up again. He leaned back up and noticed that his wife looked insanely muscular, like an amateur bodybuilder and her muscles were bulging right before his eyes, getting bigger with each passing second. “Fuck yeah! You’re getting so big baby, but nothing compares to these!!!” James lifted his arms into a double biceps pose as the peak rose higher and higher. “Gotta be closing in on 23 inches now. Jesus, look at these things!” James couldn’t takes his eyes of his own rock hard mounds of muscle. His body hair was matted down and covered in sweat from his intense workout and fuck session. Sweat dripped from his rock hard nipples as he continued to flex his biceps. Sarah couldn’t contain herself with the sight before her eyes, she reached down to finger fuck herself but when her hand got there, it hit something hard. She grabbed onto it only realizing that she was grabbing onto herself. Sarah looked down in time to see her own dick where he pussy used to be. It was growing larger right before her. The head looking swollen and angry, she gave it a few strokes and laid back again as she fired shot after shot against James’s rock hard abs. As Sarah’s dicked pulsed with her orgasm it made a wet smacking sound against her husband’s stomach. The sound of wet smacking and the feeling of cum shooting on him brought James out of his lustful state. He looked down only to see an unrecognizable face and body below him. No longer were there the supple curves of his wife or the big bulging breasts. Instead a handsome seasoned bodybuilder lay on the bench with James’s dick still buried in his ass. “My God, What have I done?”