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  1. Blue Pill Part 20

    Sorry for the wait, in case you need a refresher here is Blue Pill Part 19 And without further ado I give to you Blue Pill Part 20 Although she had just fed, Sarah was hungrier than she had ever been before. The smell that hit her as soon as she opened the door to the gym was intoxicating, like pure male essence. It was the aroma of sweat and testosterone that caused her newly formed dick to harden down the leg of her short running shorts. The head of her dick just barely held within the confines of her shorts. She began to sniff the air, walking down the hallway, following the smell to where it was the strongest. This led Sarah to a heavy steel door, which she quickly pushed open to reveal an even more intense cloud of the stench that led here there from the hallway. It was so thick it was almost as if you could swim in it. Sarah felt something wet drip onto her foot and as she looked down to inspect where it came from, she saw another drop forming at the edge of her boxers. The smell had her so turned on that she was hornier than she ever remembered being before. Sarah was surprised to find the locker room was practically empty, minus the few gym bags sitting outside of their lockers. She walked up to one of the gym bags that was setting open atop the bench. She looked in and found a used jock sitting on top. Sarah reached into the gym bag and pulled out the jock. It was still warm and sweaty from the previous wearer, as if it had just been discarded. She brought the jock up to her nose, smelling the amazing aroma of sweat and testosterone with a hint of cum. Sarah stuck the jock in her mouth sucking on the sweat and cum. As she was sucking she felt a surge of strength run through her body and felt her dick pulse in her running shorts. She looked down to see that the head of her dick was now just barely peeking out of the edge of her shorts. As she was looking down at her dick, she noticed that her entire body looked pumped. She ran her hand along the shaft of her penis, earning her a glob of pre-cum once she reached the head. Hormones were racing through her brain telling her she needed to get off and soon. Sarah heard the sound of a shower turning on through the doorway at the end of the row of lockers. She headed towards the doorway with a hunger in her eyes and a raging hardon in her shorts. " Time to feed" she growled to herself... When Riley had first arrived to the gym, his gut was full and swollen with Derek's cum. He knew he needed to do something to get the size of his beach ball belly to go down and after reading the note that was left for Derek about how it would be beneficial for him to work out, he decided the best place for that would be Frank's Gym. It was always filled with meatheads and hardcore weights. Riley was in his jock and a pair of sweats he had found in the school locker room and He was wearing a t-shirt that said 'Fletcher Valley Athletic Department'. It was a little loose on him, but he had a feeling it wouldn't be that way for long. He looked out across the gym floor and found a handful of guys lifting. They ranged in size from amateur bodybuilder to Olympia sized. The biggest being Damien, he was easily a 300-pound wall of shredded beef, ready to dominate his next bodybuilding competition. He was a 6-foot-tall wall of dark chocolate and he was walking straight towards Riley. Riley began to panic. He wondered if the behemoth had seen him staring or if he was just overthinking. Jason's heart began racing faster and faster as each titanic footfall of the giant caused his meaty pecs to bounce. His massive Quads rolling over each other as they fought for space inside the weak confines of his gym shorts. Riley couldn't believe his eyes when they finally fell upon the obscene bulge in Damien's shorts. He had seen some decent sized packages in the school locker room. Chris's came to mind right away, but what was in front of him now had to be as big as Chris's cock was when it was hard, and it was completely soft. As Damien got right up next to me he leaned down to say something in my ear. His deep baritone filled my soul, as I had a hard time registering what he was saying. "Yeah, I saw you lookin. You're gonna need about another 100 pounds before you can handle what I got to give. Come find me when you do though, I'd love to fill your bowl with my cream." He stood back up to his full height and I watched his face as a huge toothy grin formed on his face as he gave me a wink. He reached down to adjust his package which Jason swore was bigger than just a moment ago. As Damien walked past Riley, He turned to watch Damien as he stared directly at Riley's ass. He seductively licked his lips as he headed into the gym locker room. To say that Riley felt on fire would be an understatement, he felt like hormones were flooding his entire being. Not only that, but his cock was rock hard. He knew he needed to focus. If what the note said was true, he needed to start lifting so he could absorb all the muscle cum that was in his belly. Riley decided to start with arms, so he headed over to a long row of dumbbells in front of a large gym mirror. He grabbed the 25's to start as a warm up and headed over to the isolation bench. As he was walking over to the bench Riley watched his arms in the mirror as the sinewy muscle lightly flexed to support the weight in his hands. He flexed his arm straight down causing a slight bulge to appear on the back of his arm from his triceps. Riley sat at the isolation bench and began doing curls. At first the weight was a little heavy, but began to get easier to lift as he did more reps. Once he had 25 reps done he switched to his other arm and began lifting again. Riley watched as veins began to surface on his arm and his goose egg of a bicep began expanding, just a little bit more with each rep. With his biceps now feeling warmed up, he brought the weight behind his head and began one armed triceps-extensions. He really had to push at the beginning to get the weight up, but as he continued it got easier and easier with each rep. Riley did 25 with each arm and stood up to take the weights back. This time as he passed himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but gawk at his reflection. His arms were pumped just from his warm-up. Riley started the work out with 15-inch arms, but they were looking much closer to the 15-inch range and this time when he flexed his arm straight down, he was rewarded with an actual horse-shoe bulge on the back of his arm. The boner that had started to go down during his lifts sprang back to life as he admired his pump in the mirror. "Fuck yeah! I'm getting pumped" Riley growled to himself in the mirror. "So fucking hot!" Riley put the weights back and walked further down the row of weights, this time picking up the 50's. Riley had never done anything heavier for isolation curls than 35. He could feel the heaviness of the weight in his hands as he headed back to the bench. Riley sat down and began pumping out rep after rep. As the weight got lighter with each rep, his arm began to bulge with some serious muscle. Veins that had appeared during his warm-up were now thickening and branching out all across his swollen bicep. The hard knot on his arm was now about the size of a baseball. Riley then continued the same process with his other arm. During this entire process Riley's raging hard on had begun leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into his jock. Knowing that he was going to have some difficulty doing single arm triceps extensions with 50 pounds, He decided to do just a regular triceps extension using both arms and the 50-pound dumbbell. It was a struggle at first, but just like with his biceps it got easier with every rep he did. Riley lost track of how many extensions he did until he realized that the weight he was using felt as light as the 25 pounders. Riley stood up to take the weight back. This time what he saw in the mirror was a complete and total surprise, the arms that he now possessed were at least 16 inches and wrapped in veins. He couldn't believe how big he was getting. The thought caused his cock to flex in his sweats, which brought his attention to a wet spot that had begun to form where the head of his dick was. Riley reached down and ran his hand along his shaft, as he flexed his cock in his hand. He continued flexing his cock in his hand, as he brought his other arm up into a flex as well. This caused his cock to react by surging in his hand, the head of his cock was now poking out of his jock and shot a wad of precum on the inside of his sweat pants. More turned on then he ever remembered being in his life, Riley headed over to the bench press and loaded the bar with weight for a warm-up. He laid under the bar and brought the weight down to graze his nipples. He then pushed the weight back up. Riley cranked out rep after rep as he began to get a pump from his warm up. Riley began losing sight of his erect nipples as his pecs began inflating with blood. Riley decided it was time to put some serious weight on the bar. He got up and loaded the bar with 300 pounds and got back under the bar. The most Riley had ever benched before this was 150 and that was a struggle. Riley felt confident this time as he lifted the bar, he slowly brought the bar down, feeling the muscle fibers in his pecs stretch and scream in pain as they were forced to lift twice as much as they ever had before. The weight finally reached his pecs and he pushed with all his might to get the weight back up. Once it was back at the top, he brought the weight back down, this time not as much resistance from his pecs. Every time Riley brought the weight down he didn't have to go as far as his pecs swelled thicker with each rep. After what felt like an eternity, Riley finally re-racked the weight and sat up on the bench. Right away Riley could tell a huge difference in his pecs, the weight of his bulbous man breasts pulled heavily on the fabric of his shirt. Riley stood to look at himself in the mirror. "OH SHIT" Riley couldn't believe how big his pecs had become. "I might have done too many bench presses." Riley realized, too late of course, that his pecs were out of proportion with the rest of his body. They almost looked like breasts if it weren't for his slight pouch of a belly he had left. Riley ran his hand up along the curve of his bulbous pec muscle and moaned out loud on the gym floor as his hand rubbed across his pert nipple. A couple of the muscle heads turned to catch a glimpse of Riley and his increasing wet spot in his sweat pants. Realizing that he needed to balance out his body, Riley headed over to the squat rack last. One of the big meat heads must have been using it last, because they didn't take their weights off the bar. The bar was loaded with 500 pounds. Riley was feeling stronger than he ever felt and his rock-hard cock told him that he could lift that fucking weight. Riley braced himself underneath the bar and went to lift the weight up when the big muscle head that had been lifting there headed over to stop Riley. "Hey bro, that weight is way too heavy for your chicken legs, how about we start you off with something a little lighter?" "I'm going to crush this weight!" Riley growled with a fire in his eyes. "Well then, I'm at least going to spot you, I would hate for you to crush yourself under my watch. Names Ben by the way, I'm the manager of Frank's gym." "Enough talk Ben, let's lift some fucking weight." Riley lifted the bar up before Ben was positioned behind him. Riley could feel Ben's hard biceps against the back of his newly minted triceps. The breath on the back of his neck made him even hornier if that was even possible. "FUUUUCCCCKKKKK" Riley moaned/yelled as he squatted down with the weight, he could feel Ben's crotch against his ass as he pushed back in the bottom of the lift, then Riley began pushing the unbelievably heavy weight back up. At the top of the lift, Riley could feel Ben's biceps tense against his triceps as he was trying to get Riley to re-rack the weight. "Great job man, I..." "Did I say I was done yet?!?" As Riley squatted down again, with Ben following him down. The legs of Riley's sweatpants were becoming increasingly tight around his ever-enlarging thighs and he could feel his ass pushing back more into Ben's crotch. Riley flexed his ass at the bottom of the squat. This elicited a moan out of his spotter as he could feel Ben's dick hardening against his rock-hard ass cheeks. Once at the top of the lift, Riley started another squat. Riley could feel the power in his legs increasing as they blew up in size. He could feel his sweat pants becoming too tight against his straining cock and his ballooning ass. Before he could stop himself from humiliation, he heard the ass of his sweats give out with a loud rip. He could feel cool air hit his hole as it was exposed between the straps of his jock. Ben felt the head of his cock through his gym shorts push past Riley's rock-hard ass cheeks to his exposed hole. Riley felt Ben's cockhead through his shorts as it pushed against his hole. Riley decided to hold the weight there for a little longer. Ben rubber the head of his cock against Riley's hole. Riley's legs strained to hold the weight, but they grew larger by the second during the strain, making it easier the longer he held it. "Fuck man, I can't. You have got a really hot ass and I have never had these feelings for another guy before. I'm straight man I'm sorry." Ben pulled his cock head back from Riley's ass and stepped back. Riley stood back up with the weight and re-racked it. Riley turned around to face Ben. He stood almost eye to eye with Ben. Ben had the most beautiful hazel eyes and short military cut hair. His face was chiseled and manly looking. He had to be about 260 pounds. He was a big boy. Riley looked down and realized that’s not all that was big on Ben. His arms and pecs were massive, but what really pulled Riley's attention is what was poking at his hole just moments ago. Riley reached down and wrapped his hand around it, massaging the head. Ben moaned loudly as he closed his eyes and rolled his head back. Riley leaned his body in against Ben's, "Wh..what are you doing?" Ben stuttered as Riley leaned up and kissed him on the mouth. Ben moaned into Riley's mouth as Riley felt Ben's cock swell in his hand as it anticipated releasing its load. Riley stepped away from Ben before he could cum. Ben's eyes were still closed in a moment of bliss."FUCK! That was so fucking hot! Why did you stop?" "You're straight remember." Riley replied with a devilish grin." Besides, I'm done with my workout. Thanks for the spot Ben. Hopefully we can lift together again." Riley gave Ben a wink as he headed for the lockers, holding the ass of his sweats together as best he could. "HEY, WAIT! I never got your name!" Ben shouted after Riley. "If you want my name you'll have to see me again to get it." Riley headed into the locker room and began taking off all his clothes. He admired the way he struggled to get his shirt up over his massive pecs. Riley moaned as the hem of the shirt snagged on his nipples. Riley removed the remains of his sweats to reveal a raging hard on he wasn't expecting. It was about a half inch bigger than he was used to and quite a bit thicker. "Well this isn't covering anything anymore." Riley said as he removed his jockstrap and set it on top of his gym bag. Riley couldn't believe how big he had gotten. He must weigh at least 190 now. He heard the locker room door open on the other side of his lockers. Riley thought it might be Ben, so he wanted to make Ben work for it a little bit, so he turned and quietly slipped into the sauna before he came around the lockers. "God I can't wait to make love to the beautiful man!"
  2. Office of the boss

    I was very scared when I knock on the door of my bosses office. 'Come inside please.': his deep, manely voice say. I hoped the door and walked inside. My boss was standing by the window, looking outside. He was always intimidating, with his big muscles and angry face. My boss pull a cord and closes the curtains. He walk to me, beside me and closes the door, putting the key into his pocked. 'I don't want anyone borther us.' He walked to his desk and sits on the egde. 'Well. I'm glad your here. I hear storie about you, intresting stories.' I bite my lip. I hope my boss didn't discover my hobby. My secret hobby of muscle worksipping in the gym. My boss tiltle his head and say: 'Tell me. How is work going?' 'Okay... I think. I can rease all my targets.' 'And your personal life.' I gulped. 'Also.. fine. I think I got every thing on track.' My boss walked to me again an walked arround me looked to me from top till toe. 'Are you going to the gym son?' 'No sir. I don't have time.' 'Got a partner? Or someone waiting for you when you are home. Someone to cuddle with?' 'N...no sir.' I was more fright with every passing second, where was this going to. Suddenly, my boss placed his hand on my shoulder, with some kind of careness. 'Boy, you remember me of my son. He was always busy with work and never had time for the great thing called love. I wish I could helped him that time, but I couldn't. Now he's somewhere where I can't reash him. Not be able to talk to him anymore.' 'Forgive me... Is he death sir?' 'No, he's topman in Japan. It's distroying him. But he don't want to hear anything about it.' My boss walk to the front of me and kneeled a bit, so we where looking eye-to-eye. 'Your my best man. But I see your going the same way. I don't want make the same mistake twice.' 'How do you mean sir.' 'Listen. I know it... about the gym. Please, trust me. I never gonna tell anybody about it. Actually, I wish I had the courage to go there and have your magic hands on my own body.' 'Wait... what?' My boss taked my hand and place them on his chest. 'Boy, from what I heard you a pro work shipper and I was envy. Envy on every man who had the luck to have your hands on there bodies. I wanted to murder and beat them all. I wanted to distroy them... I, actually, want you.' I was silence for the longest second in my life. My boss, my mighty, dominante, musculair boss was showing love and careness, at me! 'Please': he whispered 'Tell me I didn't have screw it up.' 'No... I'm actually... surpriced. I always tough...' My boss looked me right into the eyes. 'I'm not the scare man like you all think. Specialy for you. I feeled myself like the king the day I reallise I loved you. Your beautiful eyes, you friendly person and your body.' 'I'm not as good as you.' 'You are. Your perfect, but... I maybe can change that.' 'What do you mean?' 'I got... a little something. Someone slipped it into my bag when I was shopping. There was a tag wrapped to it: You can give this to him and he will be great.' 'Okay, let me see.' My boss run to his desk and taked something out of the drawer. It was a little bottle, with something look like water. 'I think you must drink it all.' I didn't know what it was, put I put the bottle on my mouth and drank the whole bottle in one zip. Suddenly, there was a mighty rush into my body. I feel a pleassure I never feel. My whole body started to pump himself. First my chest, it ripped my best suit jacked like a paper towel. Two mighty,, enormous, breats like pecs, with silver dollars nibs, where show. I fel on my kneed and started to twitch the hard points, a rush of pleassure runs threw my body. 'FUCK!': I yelled, the moment my sleeves sheddered from the beach ball biceps suddenly showing up. I feel like I could crush a bike between my biceps and triceps. Then, I started to growth in hight, till I was two head bigger then my boss. My belly was melted away and showing some brick abs. A second later, my pants ripped, showing the biggest tights anyone has ever seen. They where almost as big as my new biceps, my feed had the size like sleds. Only thing still in fabric was my member. But I feel all the rush going there and in one enormus blasted, be fabric ripped open and show a member who get to the lower part of my pecs. I sigh depply and looked down. My boss has opend his pants and was jerking off. 'Boy.. you look great. ': he moamed. 'A dream guy.' I start stroking my own member. 'I must... I need...' My boss runs to me and started licking my member. He sucked it like a pro. My soccer like balls where getting attention by his hands. I moam deeply from all the attention. My boss was doing a great job and it didn't take to long for my to reach my peak. I roar so deep a window broke and released my spunk. It hitted the cealing and the other side of the room. When my member was done. I felled onto the floor. Total out. My boss walked to my head and softly kiss me. 'How about I take you out for dinner?'
  3. The caretaker

    Dedication The one who inspired this story know who he is. I want to thank him. Writing a shorter story in-between the multi-chapter sagas in my pipeline, keep my creative flow returning. Thank you. This was fun: The basics of MG stories, without any attempts to be original. The caretaker Nat was lucky. He'd got an employment immediately after high school, and now, four years later, he could afford a small flat. No day was like another, but each week was similar to the last one. Work as a caretaker fell somewhere between the repetitive and the variable. He had no idea about the exact purpose of the experiments going on in the labs of the company, but he didn't need to know, in order to fulfil his duties properly. He had signed a handful of documents about professional secrecy, when he accepted the job, but, as far as he understood, he hadn't seen or heard anything anyone would be interested of. Lorries or couriers delivered boxes, equipment or canisters, he signed the receipts, and he wheeled each thing to its place in the warehouse. The many labs upstairs requested one or another gadget, and he brought them there. Lightbulbs or other illumination broke, and he replaced them with new ones. The bathrooms usually worked as they should, and so did the fume hoods. He didn't have much in common with the boffins upstairs, but most of them seemed grateful for his work. He usually spent lunchbreak in a small subterraneous room close to the lockers, together with the two other caretakers. Twice or thrice, he had seen uniformed officers from the armed forces, or what seemed like athletes accompanied by persons from marketing companies or nutritional supplement companies, which puzzled him, since they didn't seem to fit in among the regular work staff. The wage was more than decent. Nat had given weight training a try in the past, but now only worked out infrequently, because of lack of gains. He was of average build, and at a height of 5'7''. He stirred in his sleep. Something was weird. The alarm clock hadn't beeped. Nor had his mobile phone. Usually, he didn't wake, before his technical equipment woke him up. He felt warm. His bedsheets were damp, because of sweat. His sweat had an unusual scent: Not bad, not good, just different than usual. He opened his eyes. It was still dark outside the window, but streetlights caused a dim light to fall into his bedchamber. Strange. Then he remembered. The accident! It had been about closing time, and one of the lorries were delayed by half an hour. His supervisor scheduled Nat for overtime, appointed him to receive the delivery, and went home. Nat could see researchers, lab assistants and office clerks leave the ground, when the lorry approached, and most windows on the facade of the main building were already dark. The guards at the gates let the lorry inside, and Nat signed the receipt as usual. A few large canisters had to be transported to the assigned shelves, and it took some time. Nat had prepared to turn the lights out and lock the building, when he had heard the strange sound further away in the labyrinthic system of subterraneous passageways. He turned around a corner, became aware of the pungent smell of some sort of gas or vapour, and then the bright, blue light exploded before him, and everything turned black. What had happened? And how had he ended up at his own flat? He felt sweaty, tired and hungry. He moved his fingers and toes. Legs and arms. Probably nothing broken. He tried to rise, and felt slightly dizzy. Time? His phone told him it was 5.20. a.m. He hadn't eaten since the accident, and felt more hungry than usual. His feet touched the floor, and he went to the kitchen. The cold, white light of streetlights projected a square of light on the kitchen floor. He peeked into the refrigerator: Two hardboiled eggs left from yesterday's breakfast. A package of cottage cheese. Salami. A bottle of milk. He peeked into the cupboard: Bread, three bananas. His headache didn't feel like it would appreciate more light, so he devoured the food without turning the light on. He finished his night meal with three pints of non-fizzy mineral water. The headache decreased, but he felt sore in all his muscles. He needed more sleep, and returned to bed. Sleep returned, but not the black unconsciousness of the past hours of night: Now he dreamed. The memory of the smell and the bright blue light returned and was repeated in his dreams, again and again, but he also felt heavy in a pleasant way – a feeling of being physically present in a way he never had been before: Anchored in the present, occupying more space than before, some sort of calm, joyful confidence. The pleasant state of the dream continued. Heavy. Present. Occupying space. He woke up with morning wood. The sun had risen. He felt hungry. It must have been only a few hours since his night meal, but he felt intense and ravenous hunger. Drowsily, he walked to the kitchen, but it felt like his legs didn't want to obey him. His balance was different than usual, His arms fluttered unfamiliarly in the air, when he regained his balance. Still drowsily, he ransacked the refrigerator and the cupboard for food. Silly: His tiredness caused him to imagine his hands to be bigger than usual. He boiled all the eggs left and made a porridge of oat flakes. An old jar of whey protein stood on a shelf, still unused because of his irregular and scattered gym routine. He mixed a protein drink and drank it all. After the unusually early breakfast, he returned to bed. He felt satisfied, warm, surrounded by the bedsheets and his sleepiness returned. A comfortable heat spread in his body. He smiled and relaxed, close to sleep. Then the comfortable heat intensified, and the feeling of soreness returned to his muscles. Half asleep, he flexed his arms, his legs and his glutes. His muscles felt unusually hard. Strange. He was probably still dreaming. The pleasure intensified. He emitted a little yelp, and returned to dream-sleep: He dreamed, that he grew, and that he outgrew the surrounding buildings, towering over the city and then floating out into outer space, becoming big as a planet with enormous muscles. It felt great. His alarm clock and his mobile phone woke him up. Workday ahead. Shit. He felt strange after that accident. Tired. Needed more sleep to recover. He had to call his supervisor and tell what happened. Perhaps a doctor needed to examine him. Strange feeling. Tired and energetic at the same time. Powerful even. But sore. Sleep overwhelmed him, and he returned to sleep. He couldn't remember his dreams. It was thirst that awoke him. The sun shone from zenith, and Nat's mouth was dry as sandpaper. His throat felt weird and thick, like he had acquired an infection. Shit! The work! He should have been at work hours ago! He stumbled out to the kitchen, still unable to find his proper balance, and rank two pints of water. An unopened bottle of milk stood hidden behind a jar of pickled vegetables. He opened it and gulped it down. What was wrong with him? Then he felt the pressure in his bladder, and relieved himself in the bathroom. He turned around to face the bathroom mirror, jumped at the sight of a muscular gigantic man who had broke into his home, and almost fell to the floor. The big man jumped too. Nate arose and looked himself around. No man. Imagination. He faced the mirror, which seemed to have been moved, and hanged at a lower position than usual. He stared. He moved his right palm to his cheek, his brow and his temple, and continued to stare. He moved his palm to hhis chest, and explored his pecs. The giant in the mirror followed his movements. The giant in the mirror was himself. A feeling of pleasure arose, and spread in his entire body. There was a lot of brawn to spread into, and Nat liked the feeling. He watched himself in the mirror, squeezed his beefy pecs and continued to stare in disbelief. Yesterday evening, he had been of average build and 5'7''. Now, a tall bodybuilder stared back at him in the mirror, probably around 6'3''. Nat felt dizzy again. He knelt at the bathroom floor. The soreness of all his muscles returned again, and intensified into something that was close to pain, but was also accompanied with a feeling of power throbbing in his temples and in his ears. His breathing became more frequent. Waves of pleasure engulfed him. He couldn't concentrate. He could feel his bone structure re-arrange itself, but the pleasure took the brunt of the growth pains. Scraping sounds of bone tissue and a sickening wet sound of muscle fibres caused a brief wave of nausea, but then the waves of pleasure returned again, more intense now. He could feel himself expand in every direction: His chest deeper, his spine taller, his legs, arms and shoulders rounder and fuller – able to lift weights of powerlifters or strongman competitors. An empowering and encouraging feeling of confidence grew in his chest and in his throat, and spread in his entire physical extention. He shivered and shuddered under the process, and felt weak of hunger. He knew his cupboard and refrigerator were empty now. He crawled to the kitchen and made a phone call to a super-market with home delivery, and he was mildly shocked by the deep timbre of his booming voice. He received the grocery delivery dressed in bedsheets, but his lack of clothes in the right size was still a future problem. He needed to eat. Eat more. Food. More food. Feed his muscles. Feed this muscle machine. Two omelettes. Two roasted chickens. A loaf of bread and three cans of tuna. He returned to the bathroom. He could watch himself grow at a visible rate, and it didn't matter, that he now only could think about his strength, his muscles, his power. 6'7''! 397 lbs! His quads were impressive, both in sheer mass and when it came to definition. An Apollo's belt was impossible to ignore under the six building blocks that were his abs, and drew attention to the V-shape formed by his narrow waist, steel-hard lats and wide shoulders. The sight of himself flexing his football sized biceps caused him to lose his mind in ecstatic rapture. His traps were cartoonish, and his shoulders like volley balls. A big protein drink. A BCAA soft drink. More water. Lots of water. His brawn craves food. Build more muscle. Build more. Building perfection! Yeah! 6'9''! 452 lbs! Yes! Look at me! He wanted to remove the dried sweat from last night, and took a shower. He caressed his still growing shape with shower gel, and let the warm water drizzle down his titanic back. His body convulsed in pleasure. He dried himself on a towel, which felt too small for his new size, and he returned to the mirror and the bathroom scales, mesmerized. 6'11''! 496 lbs! More! Still growing! Lost in bliss and revelry over his incomprehensible gains, the young titan wasn't aware of the desperate knocks on his door: "Nat? This is Dr. MacKenzie from work. I want to ensure that you are ok. An accident happened at the lab yesterday night, and we want to run some tests."
  4. This is a one shot continuation. I hope you like it. Comments welcome. And yes, this one was rushed too. If anyone would like to re-write it, they are welcome to. ==== Someone had just pointed out that I had forgotten to cite the original story. I apologize to Omiganda. I have commited a literary sin. Please forgive me. ==== The original story is Basically a God - by Omiganda <<< PREVIOUSLY >>> “That” I said over to the doctor, fully aware that he was on his knees, his hand rapidly going up and down. He was another victim to Johnny, another worshipper wiping away tears who just wanted to be acknowledged by the ultimate power above him. Johnny’s influence was too much for those who’d never seen him when he was smaller. I was used to people meeting him and wetting themselves, bursting into tears as they looked up at his mighty pecs. That smug face of total domination was usually too much by itself, the same one looking down from above the clouds and over those enormous, stadium sized pecs. I looked up and wondered if he could instantly tell which measly human was me, looking up and up and up, craning my neck to glimpse his power. I was a single speck, probably nearly indiscernible to him even with his super vision. One fist tightened as the other fist wiped away tears. I needed to escape. << THE CONTINUATION - ALTERNATE >> The Void - The World's First Megavillain I only knew of one way to do it. Johnny could hear my thoughts now, so I just thought it. "Kill me." I thought. The voice inside my head weak and feeble. Drained of any power left. "Kill me." I thought it again... and again... and again. Those two words. Over and over. My body curled up into a fetal position as the mere knowledge that Johnny existed overwhelmed my mind. My mind went blank. Those were the only two words that echoed, from then on. Nothing was left. Just those two words. Maybe I thought for a brief moment, Johnny would be merciful and grant me this final wish. Instead I felt my body skyrocket up into the sky. It was so fast I could feel the air friction heat the top of my head. With in a minute I was face to eye with Johnny Poundstone the Muscle God. His eyes flickered multiple colors as he scanned me over. I could feel the heat from those eyes begin to bake my body. Baked or not, Johnny seemed to be granting my wish without knowing it. That was until his will held me in the sky away from his eyes. I had to be miles away and yet my vision was filled with Johnny's godlike form. He must have known what affect his eye was having on me. I only escaped with a sunburn. I cursed him and my luck. "I am not going to let you die." Johnny said in my mind. He was now in my mind. He could read my thoughts and speak to me there. I knew now there was no where to hide. He was probably powerful enough to read everyone's mind all at once. "You are going to continue to live. You are going to continue to suffer at my will." Johnny added. It was his punishment to me. For no reason why it seemed other than for telling him "no." I began to cry. I couldn't live like this. But Johnny's will be done. Soon my body was rocketed back to the tower that once housed Johnny. Now it housed his growing disciples. I felt myself slow down before I crashed through a window and was hurled into a wall opposite it. I thought I heard something crack as I crashed to the ground. I couldn't move. Almost in an instant I felt a presence hovering over me. "Welcome back runt." It was Benton's voice but much deeper and richer than before. It made my cock hard in an instant. All of a sudden, I felt myself shoot off of the ground and hit the ceiling before floating back down towards an even bigger Benton. Now at 9 feet tall and very close to the ceiling, he looked like a mini version of Johnny proportionwise. His eyes flashed very much like Johnny's as he scanned me up and down. "Huh, still small and puny pipsqueak. What a disappointment. I bet I could break you without even lifting a finger." With that I felt my whole body jerk out of alignment. My bones snapped and a sharp needle of pain shot up my back before my whole body felt numb. In the next instant my body was snapped again in another odd position but I felt every pain receptor in my body flare up. It was torture. Again and again, Benton with the power of his mind cracked and realigned my body in various positions snapping and popping bones out and back into their positions. My whole body was broken, repaired and broken again. All the while a sadistic smile crept up on Benton's face. He was clearly enjoying it. "I didn't know he was that flexible, let me try." It was Penny and now her turn to see what kind of shape she could form my body into. Penny did it with less gusto but was having fun with me too. Then Benton started again, only this time tearing limbs from my body, watching them squirt blood only to reattach them again completely like new. Then ripped apart again and over and over. Tear, fix, break, fix, crack, fix... It went on for over an hour before they finally let my body drop to the floor left broken but healed enough to live and move around a little. I couldn't speak though. They left my jaw broken. I wasn't sure but I think I was able to get my body into a fetal position... I know I felt tears stream down my face at least for a little while. Knowing now that Johnny and his disciples could heal, especially themselves, they would live forever. I was doomed to an eternity of being their plaything. I think I muttered something before all my feelings went dead. "Forgive me Johnny for I have sinned." The last of my tears dripped to the floor as I stared blankly at some wall. I wasn't sure which wall, it was just a wall. It didn't matter. Everything went black. ------- I woke up later in a dark room. I wasn't exactly sure where I was. It was all pitch black. I could hear voices. I felt some things poking at me like some kind of metal creatures were attacking my limbs. Their bites stung a bit at first but then I was washed over with an overwheming sense of peace. I was able to pick out a voice very specifically. It was the voice of Trent. What was he doing? I thought to myself before I was washed over with another wave of peaceful bliss. The darkened void that I was in seemed to calm me instead of scare me. More voices, they seemed panicked now. I was curious as to what was going on out there but I just loved this peaceful place I was in. Another wave of peace, much more intense washed over me with a loud buzz. The buzz should have scared me, but I was too much into the calmness that I barely registered it. Another buzz added another intense wave of pleasure. But what surprised me was the buzz after that. It was so loud it echoed everywhere and seemed to keep intensifying. When that happened the entire void lit up into brilliant colors. Deep beautiful blues, dazzling yellows, brilliant reds... so many colors lit up in front of and danced before me. My mind tingled as I witnessed this beautiful display much like an aurora. As I thought that, all the colors organized themselves and I found myself in a pristine winter setting at nighttime. Beautiful evergreens and soft white snow. And looking up were the intense colors of the aurora. ------- I woke up in a hospital. It was very strange to me that I would actually wake up at all. I didn't want to wake up. Why would someone do that to me? I was disturbed from my peace. Lights were shined in my eyes and voices entered my head but I refused to acknowledge them. They were very rude to wake me up from my peace. I was moved. I was pushed. I was prodded. I heard beeping and other stuff I didn't care about. All I wanted was to get back to my peaceful spot. I wanted to be away from all of the lights and the noise and most of all... Johnny. Johnny created everything... right? Damn that Johnny. I laid there for several days. I had no visitors except for the pesky nurses and doctors that would come by and tend to my body. I couldn't get to my peaceful spot. It was always within reach but I would be taken away with another disturbance. However, one day about a week in, my attention was peaked when I heard sounds of approval coming from the group. "He's doing better than we thought... He might be released soon if we could get him to talk... I wish we knew who to contact to get John Doe back home." I heard. I didn't want to go home. I wanted to go to my peaceful spot. At this point I would do anything to get out of this place where I got constantly disturbed. I tried to move my limbs. They moved easily. I turned to the group and spoke. "I'd like to leave now." I said. They all looked at me in astonishment. "You can't leave now. We have to determine that you are fit to go home." A nurse said. I didn't care for her tone. I simply got up out of the bed and tried to walk. I took two steps and I discovered some beeping machines tied to my body and poking into my skin. I simply pulled them off and continued to walk. "Sir! You can't leave yet." A doctor tried to say. I suddenly felt a rage build up in me. It was a warm feeling that filled me up in a way. I liked it, but I know I couldn't handle it for too much longer as I really wanted my peaceful spot. I just wanted them to go away. I wanted them to leave me alone. I slowly turned my body to them. When I was face to face with them their faces grew white with fear. "Fear?" I thought as I saw them start to tremble, the nurse turned and ran from me screaming. "I am leaving now." I said to them... I noticed my voice had changed. It was a low gravelly booming voice that reflected off the walls. I turned back around and walked out of the building. No one moved or chased after me. As a matter of fact, people were moving as if they had no recollection of me. That made me happy. I didn't want any attention. I just wanted to be at peace again. But I had to find a place to do that. As I did, I heard noise around me. It was so loud. The sound was deafening and painful, my head was pounding I saw lights and flashes in my eyes. Through all of it I saw things move. Metal was bent and ripped apart, glass and concrete flying and then the sight that I dread seeing. Oddly, some of those things flying around me just vanished. It was like I had a cone around me that would absorb anything that was thrown at it. Making all this mess was Johnny Poundstone doing anything he could to make my day miserable. Everyday making sure that my life was filled with pain and suffering. He made sure that I would never be at peace. I hated him. But something was off, he seemed to be looking for something using his gigantic form to dig through the remains of the hospital I was once in. How could Johnny be so careless? Didn't he know people worked in that building. They were all just doing their jobs peacefully until Johnny had to go and turn everything into chaos. How many people were killed in what he did? Did anyone care? Was everyone just so much in awe of Johnny that nothing he could do would be a crime. Is Johnny getting away with murder? All the questions floating through my head faster and faster. I had finally figured out my goal. I knew what my duty was. I would have to be Johnny's nemesis. It would only be when Johnny was destroyed would I find my peace and so would everyone else. And since Johnny was a "so called" hero, then I would be his worst villain. I looked up and stared at a bloated muscular Johnny Poundstone. His muscles bulged and exploded exponentially with the smallest movement. All of the memories I had of Johnny and his acolytes, all of the ordeals I had to deal with... I hated him. I wanted him to know it. It was time I introduced myself to him so he could see what he created. I felt a wave of energy build in me... It felt cold and hot at the same time. I felt myself lift off the ground as the air beneath me darkened and warped under me. I knew what I was doing already. I was manipulating the space under me to levitate me closer to Johnny. I slowly rose to his height, dodging his efforts with the highest agility. It took Johnny a long time to master his powers... I seem to have mastered mine already. I was at the height of his eyesight. I floated there and waited for him to turn toward me. Something was really bothering him, I could feel his frustration. "SAM! I know you're here somewhere!" Johnny boomed his voice causing cars and people to go flying backwards and away from the shockwave he produced. I could only ask myself at this point why he was so concerned about me? Why was he looking for me? Didn't he know where I was at all times? "Here I am." I said plainly. It took a few moments but Johnny finally saw me floating off the ground. He jumped back a bit. "Sam?" Johnny asked not really believing what he was seeing. I paused a moment contemplating how I would fuck with Johnny's brain. He was a superhero with a super intelligent mind, but he was still that awkward nobody emotionally. I flashed some of the most goriest images of what he and his acolytes did to me, I could feel the power of what I could only describe as "the void" radiate these things to him. I also amplified the feelings I felt. I could tell immediately that he felt them. I knew that Johnny hadn't felt pain like this in a long time. It was time for him to revisit what it's like to be human again. Johnny's body spasmed as he was wracked with the pain of the recent break fix proceedure that his acolytes put me through. It only took a few seconds, but when I was finished it seemed Johnny got the impression he was now dealing with something more. "Sam?" Johnny tried to confirm. I paused again... for effect. I tilted my head oddly. I wanted it to look like something out of one of those japanese horror movies. I waited a beat more and then I spoke. The voice that came out of me even scared me. "SAM IS DEAD." I couldn't explain the range of emotions I felt from the both of us. The primary vibe I got from Johnny was fear. I on the other hand was feeling that plus joy, plus envy, plus liberation and vindication. I loved all of those feelings and I was going to milk them for all they were worth. I felt alive, I had a purpose again. I also had a goal, and it was the same goal for everyone, to be left alone in peace. The power that I now suddenly gained was much much more powerful than Johnny could ever imagine. But I wasn't going to let on how much, at least to him. I decided to call that power "The Void." It was an odd thing. The void usually means an absence of anything, but this felt like a bag. It was like endless bag I can put goodies in and can get what I need back in whatever form I wanted it. It was a bag of energy and non-energy at the same time. I had a storage bin the size of eternity at my fingertips and all I had to do was put stuff in it. Right now, I was powering my flight on the energy of the debris I had subconsciously packed away during the chaos. I was now going to show Johnny the new me. I changed my body into what I thought the void would look like in human form. I made myself all black and my body radiated an aura that looked like it was warping the air around me. I had no real descernable facial features except a very strong jaw line. I made myself look like a very muscular human shaped hole in space time but I made sure that my muscularity showed just enough to intimidate. I was no where near Johnny's bulk, but I could put Mr. Olympia to shame. Johnny wasted no time and sent a laser beam from his eyes right at me. I flinched at first but my body took it. I just absorbed the vast amount of energy that Johnny posessed within that one laser blast. It was hot and powerful enough to drill holes through planets, yet I absorbed it with no injuries. It was then that I realized where my power came from. Johnny let out another more powerful blast from his eyes. The energy setting nearby buildings a blaze, melting steel and incinerating wood. I watched as my surroundings went from a bright blue and green to a sudden white then a dark red, orange and black. Johnny was destroying the place. Johnny was outright killing people without even the hint of remorse. All he wanted to do was to "save the day" by beating me, his new nemesis. I knew this. I could read him. He thought that the people who died were collateral damage. When he defeated me he would not only get a free pass on outright murder, but would probably be congratulated, given a key to the city, money, women and men, fame... I watched with horror as a woman ran frantically fully engulfed in flames. It was horror to watch. It was even more horrible to see the fact that Johnny didn't even really notice. I knew what I needed to do. I knew that Johnny was most likely invincible as I knew I was as well. "Try and catch me douchebag!" I mocked him. And before he could react, I bolted skyward. I was in space within 10 seconds. Past the solar system in another 10 seconds. Johnny was hot on my heels as I looked back. I slowed down a bit, but as I did, I began to realize that Johnny wasn't following me. He was growing to catch up to me. He had to have been light years away but his body looked like it was only 100 feet away. His body grew and bulged, his muscles leaped and pulsed. Veins the size of galaxies throbbed with who knows how much volume of blood that went through them. Johnny was becoming a universe sized behemoth of muscle man. I had a stroke of genius right then. The moment I thought of it Johnny got close enough to grab me with a titanic intergalactic sized finger. There was a flash and everything was the same. I bolted outward again, I was headded toward the edge of the universe. The end of time. Jonny kept blowing up like a muscle balloon. Pushing countless galaxies aside to accomodate his massiveness. Within a minute, I reached the end. I looked behind me and saw nothing but Johnny. His whole body had just filled the entire universe. For all I knew, life in this universe had been completely snuffed out in Johnny's quest to catch me. Upon reaching the end of the universe, I tucked myself right behind the boundary. Johnny's hand hit the edge and suddenly it disappeared into darkness. Johnny screamed in pain and retracted his hand. I couldn't tell what really happened but it looked like his hand was smaller. I knew right then, I had already defeated him. The moment he touched me, I knew I would win. It didn't take much effort, Johnny did most of the work. I just played a little "catch me if you can." "COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!" Johnny shouted loud enough the sound of his voice warped it. Johnny tried to blow himself up even more, but pain was beginning to show itself on his face. "Johnny, you know it's a losing battle." I said calmly, in my regular voice. "YOU ARE MY ENEMY! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DID WITH SAM BUT I WILL GET HIM BACK AND..." "And what? Treat him like a toy? Throw him to your acolytes so they have something to play with? You've seen what they've done. I made sure you felt it too. But that is nothing compared to all of the death and destruction your power madness has just done." I said matter of factly. "WHAT?" Johnny pondered. "What do you mean 'what?' Look at you! You are big enough to fill the universe. You have pushed and squashed billions upon billions of planets and galaxies into the edge of the universe to their destruction. The same amount of countless life forms snuffed out in an instant. The same thing that happened in your quest to defeat me at that hospital. You caused destruction and DEATH! YES DEATH! If anyone is the evil villain here, it's you! And I have yet to see a single shred of remorse." I replied. "I..." Johnny seemed to be at a loss for words as he spoke. "I was going to give you a second chance... But I'm not sure now." I thought out loud. "What can you do to me? I am Johnny Poundstone, the most powerful being in the universe!" Johnny touted. "Not in the real universe." I muttered. "WHAT?" Johnny questioned with a growing rage. "Johnny, you should realize what one of my powers is. You do know what it is, don't you?" Johnny looked at me quizzically. I could only roll my eyes. All that power has made him stupid apparently. "Entropy." I answered plainly. "Oh that, and I can also create little pocket universes to put whatever I want in them and keep them there for as long as I like." I smirked at that last answer. It took a moment but Johnny finally got it when I saw the color in his face drain. "Yes Johnny! You are in one of my pocket universes!" I said with uncontrollable glee. "It's a good thing too. I mean, whooo! All that death and destruction that you just did? Thank goodness this was all fake." Johnny flew into an all out raging attack. I had never really seen so much energy, but Johnny's body exploded in a bright ball of light. The heat had to have been hotter than the billions of billions of snuffed out stars all together. All of that energy was blasted at me. I took it all with no effort. When the light faded Johnny looked for me. I was still right in front of him. "Oh yes! Big man with big power!" I mocked. "I'll show you some real power." I snapped my fingers and the edge of the universe wobbled. Johnny screamed in pain. "Time to put the genie in the bottle." I growled and I made the edge of the universe contract more. The void beyond taking energy away from Johnny. I waved my hand and the universe I made contracted at a break neck pace. If Johnny knew what was good for him he would contract faster. Light years of distance faded in seconds as the space kept shrinking more and more. Finally I was beginning to see the entire shape of Johnny. He was smart after all. In a matter of minutes we were back to the coordinates of where Earth used to be. In all of Johnny's rage. It had been completely snuffed out of existence. It was just him and I, all alone in my pocket universe. Johnny looked in horror at... nothing. It was then when he finally realized what he had done. There was no home for him to go back to. Everything was gone. Johnny began to cry. And believe it or not. I felt sorry for him. At that moment I decided to throw him a bone. In an instant I made a new earth from the near infinite amount of energy Johnny gave me. Instead of a sun, I made a ball of energy that burned much like the sun. It gave off enough heat an light to give the planet a natural feel. The planet was green and blue and full of vegetation. I made the pocket universe like a blue sky. There were no other stars or planets. And later Johnny would find out... no other life forms. Just him, all alone. On a planet that looked like it once had millions of people. This would be his prison for as long as I sentenced him. When my work was done, I turned to him. "I am not completely evil like you are Johnny. This is your prison. Enjoy it." I told him and quickly warped myself back into the real universe. I could already hear Johnny screaming "YOU CAN'T KEEP ME HERE! WHEN I GET OUT I WILL KILL YOU!" It was music to my ears. In the days that followed, I realized that I could replicate the powers that Johnny had on Earth plus manipulate the Void. I took all of Johnny's acolytes and placed them in prison pocket universes on their own. Maybe one day I will be kind enough to put them together, but for now, they had to pay for their crimes. I didn't outright fix everything like Johnny would have. I simply helped things right themselves. I made destroyed vegetation regrow faster. I made workers have more energy, stamina and strength to clear away any destruction that Johnny had made. I gave some people just enough power to be a force of good in the world. I chose those people, and I was very picky. I didn't want another Johnny being born. When all was finished and things felt more normal, I went into hiding. I manipulated enough finances and resources to make a modest home and a modest life. I looked out from my porch at a beautiful sunset. This would be my peaceful spot. END
  5. Changing my Life - Part 9

    Sorry for the long delay, I had some trouble writhing this part. However I do have some ideas for the upcoming parts… but you’ll have to wait and see when they come out… Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy and as always thank you for the support and lovely messages. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Changing my Life Part IX Standing before me was Mr Jones. I hadn’t seen him since the incident that happened at the party. I was practically frozen but knew that I couldn’t tell him what was going on. I changed my shocked face into a smile and greeted him. “How’s Max doing? Is he feeling a bit better?” “Max… erm yeah… he’s uh… he’s doing great!” I said mumbling. “Great to hear. I honestly felt a bit disappointed that you left. It was your party too, you know.” “I know sir, but I couldn’t keep Max from going home and taking care of him.” “I understand…” he said looking down and back up to see the boot of my car. Checking all the bags filled with oversized clothing, he looked back at me. “Those aren’t for you I may hope.” He said laughing. “No sir, they’re for Max.” I said. Mr Jones stopped laughing. Stunned he looked back at the boot. “Max?! He doesn’t need those, does he?” he asked. “He takes bodybuilding serious lately.” I said trying to find another excuse. “Oh, well then… I’ll see you around?” he said turning back to exit the car park. “Sure…” I said closing the boot. He wandered off, sometimes looking quizzed back at my car until he finally reached the exit of the car park. Relieved that the conversation ended, I started the engine and drove back home. Arriving home and stopping the car, I unloaded the boot and placed all the bags into the garage. As I closed the boot, I could smell the sweet sense of scrambled eggs. Feeling my tummy rumble I opened the door which led to the laundry. The door to the kitchen was opened and the smell of the delicious food overtook me. “Oh it smells lovely in here.” I said entering the kitchen. The kitchen was empty but the table was already set. Then I heard the stomping of heavy feet and noticed the glasses on the kitchen counter shaking. Water was vibrating as the stomping came closer. Two large feet entered the kitchen followed by 2 massive pecs and a body which made my body shiver and my cock spring to life. Ducking down Max’s massive body entered the room “I thought you’d like it.” He said looking down at me. I still wasn’t used to his hulking body and was in awe when I saw him in his full nakedness. I noticed that the only thing that came out of my open mouth was drool. My daydream quickly ended when Max started speaking again. “Did you find me some new clothes?” He asked walking towards the garage. “Y.. yeah, but err… I don’t know if it’ll fit.” I said following him to where I put the bags. Max started looking through the bags and grabbing some of the items. He turned around and pulled a tank top over his massive body. As he pulled it down, we both saw that it didn’t fully cover up his abs. It hardly reached his bellybutton. “It’ll do for now.” He said winking at me. He turned around and grabbed a pair of briefs and some trousers and laid them on top of my car. First he (tried) putting the briefs on. They stretched over his massive quads and tightened on his massive bulge and bum. There was no point in putting them on, they didn’t cover anything. Next were his trousers. They fitted perfectly. Even though he had a bit of a problem with closing the zipper, they were a nice fit. Seeing him smile made me swoon. He walked over to me and picked me up as if I was a feather. Kissing me passionately, he hugged me and held me for a few minutes. “Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have gotten a better boyfriend than you.” He whispered in my ear. Afterwards we walked back to the kitchen and dug into our food. I told max about how difficult it was to find clothes for him and about my encounter with Mr Jones. He laughed and didn’t seem to stop eating. He ate twice as much as I did. “Hey, did you receive an e-mail form the doc yet?” I asked almost forgetting. “Erm yeah, he said that the transformation is going according to plan and that I could take the second pill.” Max said between mouthfuls. “Well then, what are we waiting for?” I said standing up and walking towards the jar. “JAKE! STOP IT RIGHT THERE!” Max yelled, stopping me in my tracks. Frightened I looked back at him and saw him standing upright. “I.. I mean… I don’t want it yet…” he said sitting back down and looking at his empty plate. Questioned I walked back to the table and sat back down. “What do you mean? This is what you want, isn’t it?” I asked looking him into his eyes. “Yeah, but I’ll take it tonight, okay?” He said looking a bit down. “Hey, are you alright?” I asked placing my tiny hand on his oversized forearm. “I’m fine. It’s all just a bit much, you know. I still have to get used to this size.” He said looking for a bit of comfort. “I hear ya.” I said kissing him on the cheek. “Why don’t you have a look at the clothes and see if you like and fit in them all, whilst I wash the dishes.” Max looked up and embraced me. Smiling again, he walked back to the garage. I cleaned of the table and started washing up when I heard the first rips coming from the garage...
  6. Changing my Life - Part 8

    As always, thank you for all the support and reputation . I would like to mention that I’m having some problems at work so I’ll only upload on Sundays. Thanks for understanding and have a great Sunday! Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Changing my Life Part VIII “Rise and shine” I heard Max’s deeper voice say when I awoke the next morning. I sat up straight and looked at him. Before me, stood a tall, wide and hot muscle god with a small tray in his hands. He was wearing a tiny little speedo which, to be honest, didn’t cover up anything from his mammoth prick and a red bow tie around his neck. “Here you go.” He said handing me a breakfast tray. The tray contained 2 slices of bread, some sandwich filling, a glass of orange juice, yoghurt and a red rose in a vase. “Oh that’s so sweet. To what do I owe this?” I asked smiling at the most heart-warming breakfast I’ve ever received. “Just because you kept believing in me and helping me get through with it.” He said blushing and scratching the back of his neck as he told me how grateful he was. “This bow tie is getting a little bit too tight.” He said struggling to get the bow off of him. He sat down on my side of the bed. With one quick rip, the bow was off. Admiring the view was the only thing I could do. Max had grown so much since he started the experiment. I was pleased at how well it had been working the last couple of days and was getting excited at how much he would grow, but I wasn’t the only one that was excited. Whilst admiring my gorgeous boyfriend I saw, in the corner of my eye, that his little boy was waking up too. I quickly looked back as I didn’t want to be staring at it like a pervert. Max noticed it too and placed his big hands on it to keep it from ripping his favourite speedo. “Sorry this happens a lot since I took that pill. I just can’t stop looking at myself and enjoying what I see.” “I get it.” I said knobbing in agreement. I knew he enjoyed it as much as I did. “Hey uh, could you do me a favour?” he said rubbing his hands together. “Sure. What can I do for ya?” I asked placing the tray next to me. “It’s just that I need some new clothes and I can’t go out looking like this.” “What do you mean. You can still wear my clothes.” Max didn’t answer. He just looked at me, smiling, and turned red. “I think I grew a little overnight.” He said laughing. Max stood up from the bed and told me he would get his new stats as he measured himself that morning when he made my breakfast. As he reached the bedroom door, I immediately saw that he grew. He had to duck his head to get through the door and went sideways too. “I’ve got them!” he said entering the bedroom again. “So… how tall do you think I am?” Max asked holding the papers with both hands and pressing them into his chest in hopes that I wouldn’t see the answer to his question. “Uh I don’t know, like, 2.00 meters?” “NOPE!” he shouted with excitement “I’m now at 2.05 meters. Isn’t it great! However I do still weigh somewhat the same.” I leaned back, my head lying on my pillow. he grew over night! This can't be right. “That’s lovely, but uh…” I stumbled over my words as I was searching for the right words to tell him how I felt without him getting angry or thinking that I wouldn’t support him anymore. “What is it?” he said approaching me. “Don’t you think you’ve grown enough. I mean, this all happened with just one pill.” Max looked at me, not knowing how to react. He sat down next to me and looked down. “I thought you’d be happy for me.” he added. “I am, I’m just worried that you’ll grow too big. I still have to keep up with ya.” I said punching him on his shoulder and smiling at him, trying not to make him feel guilty; “Maybe you’re right, but I like the feeling of being the bigger one.” He said looking back at me. “You know what, why don’t we make a deal. You can grow a bit more, but when I feel like you’ve grown enough, you stop.” I said sticking my small hand out, ready to shake Max’s big, meaty hand. “Deal!” he said smiling and looking excited. Then he stopped smiling for a moment and added “Err, there’s something else I need you to do for me…” “What is it?” I asked curious. “You know how I ripped out of most of my clothes?” he said looking at some of the shirts and trousers that were still covering the bedroom floor. “Yes” I said raising my eyebrow. “Well… could you… maybe… get me some new ones?” he asked. “Sure!” I said happily. “I’ll get some new ones right after my appointment of this afternoon. But you’ll have to give me your stats so that I know what to pick.” He jumped off of the bed and walked up to me, giving me a big kiss on my cheek. “You’re the best, I love you!” After our little talk, Max gave me a piece of paper and some measuring tape and we started writing down all his stats. Once we were finished, I took my documents with me for my appointment and told Max that he should contact the doc. to inform him about his progress as I forgot to do so. He told me he’d write an e-mail and would add some pics to also show him the results. I told him that’d be fine and I left. I went to our local shopping centre which was just a fifteen minute drive. Walking around, I saw a lot of shops with XXL sizes. However, they weren’t the cheapest clothes. I got a few hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, pants, socks, jackets and so on. I even got him some new shoes because I knew that the ones he got would be destroyed by the time he’d be done. Back at the car park, I was loading the boot when I heard someone sneak up behind me, grabbing my shoulder and saying “Great to see you again.” I panicked when I turned around.
  7. Changing my Life - Part 5

    Thanks again for all the support on the last part and I hope you’ll enjoy the following part too :3. I’ll also try to post new parts every Wednesday and Sunday. If you happen to have some ideas for this story, don’t hesitate and let me know. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Changing my Life Part V The following days flew by. Max and I did start to see some results. His muscles had started to show some more definition and his clothes became fuller. In addition, he also started eating more. I did contact Mr. Petrov to see if this was normal and he told me it was one of the side effects. I also learned that if Max would start itching himself more, it would be a sign that he’d grow. It was the night of Mr Jones’ celebration, Max and I were getting ready. We would both arrive in costume, I would be wearing a bow tie and Max a regular tie. “Jake can you please come and help me!” I heard Max shouting from the dressing room. Upon entering I noticed he had trouble getting his jacket on so I tried to help him. “Ugh! It won’t fit!” he said turning around facing me. “I don’t get it we bought this suit yesterday. How can it not fit you anymore?” I said looking back at the jacket. “Because I’m growing baby.” Max said flexing his biceps in front of me, making my boner grow in my trousers. He started raising his arms more and that’s when we heard a loud.. RRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPP! His shirt stretched to its limits and ripped right in the middle. Popping some buttons of, his upper body was fully exposed. “Whoa! That felt great. Can’t wait to do this more often.” Max said making me nervous about his comment. “What about my shirts, you’re still smaller than me.” I said picking a shirt that would math one of my other suits. “Hey!” Max yelled “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” I said knowing that was bad of me to say. “It doesn’t really matter, soon you’ll be outgrowing me anyway.” I said tapping him on his shoulder, trying to make up for my horrible comment. “You really think so?” He said looking at me with those adorable puppy eyes. “Of course. You know I really thought that I’d lose you during this experiment. But now I realise, I shouldn’t have doubted you from the beginning because you were right. Those pills really do work.” Max smiled and his eyes started to water. He came up to me and gave me a kiss, followed by a big hug. “You really are the best boyfriend ever, you know that?” he said. “I know, now let’s get you dressed. We have a party to attend to.” Max wore one of my older suites to the party. It wasn’t really his size but it would do for now. After a long drive, we finally reached the office of Mr Jones. You could tell that he’d spend a small fortune on this night. There was a red carpet which lead to the entrance, small candle lanterns were placed alongside the carpet. At the party itself, there was this huge crystal chandelier, a live orchestra, a humongous chocolate fountain surrounded by plates filled with what looked like 5 star cuisine and then there was a projection on the wall showing the history of his company from the beginning ‘til now. “Ah there you are Jake.” I heard Mr Jones say as he approached us. I shook his hand and greeted his wife who accompanied him. “Good evening sir. It’s nice to finally meet you.” Max said greeting him politely. “Pleasure’s mine, young man. You must be Max than. Am I right?” Mr Jones asked. “Well yes I am.” He replied smiling. “Well than, gentlemen I sure hope you enjoy the party and try out some of the delicious snacks. But I have to go now, welcoming some other clients. Hope you don’t mind.” Mr Jones said winking at me. “Of course not sir.” I replied. Mr Jones went over to the other guests who just arrived as I looked over to where Max was standing. As I looked at Max’s face I realised that he wasn’t looking at me, but rather at all the dishes that were standing next to the chocolate fountain. “Hey you alright?” I asked. “Y.. yeah, yeah, I’m fine just hungry that’s all.” Max said scratching his arm. “Don’t be shy go on and get some.” I said patting him on his back. I looked over and saw some of my other clients, waving at me to come and say hi. “Tell you what, why don’t you get us some snacks and I’ll go and greet some of my clients. I’ll meet you at the fountain, okay?” I asked. “Sure thing.” he said walking straight to the table. I went on and greeted my old clients. “Was that your husband?” One of them said. “Boyfriend, actually.” I replied. “He’s kinda hot.” She said twisting her hair. “Hey he’s all mine.” I said jokingly. We all had a great laugh and shared some stories with each other. Some were sad and some were funny. “Hey, uh, Jake?” Mr Jones asked coming up behind me and turning me to face him. “Yes?” I asked looking at his concerned face. “What is wrong with your boyfriend?” he asked pointing at Max. As I followed his finger, I looked over to see Max standing at the table, bowing down holding his stomach. “I.. I don’t know.” I said looking at him with a questioning look. Max looked around and soon after took off, running back to the entrance. I turned around looking at my clients and Mr Jones who were all worried about Max. “Excuse me.” I said walking back to the entrance, worried that he felt sick or something. Walking through the entrance, I looked around searching for Max. I saw the door of the man’s toilets moving and there was no one around so it had to be Max. Or so I thought. Opening the door, I entered the man’s toilets. “Max? what’s going on? Is everything alright?” I heard some stomping coming out one of the cubicles and looked under to see if it were Max. I saw that it were his shoes so I knew it had to be him. But he was moaning and stomping his feet. “Jake! … ugh … I don’t know.. what’s happening to me… !” He said between grunts. I tried desperately to open the cubicle door but failed as he locked it. “Max, could you please open the door so I can see for myself what’s going on?” but there was no response. I could hear him grunting and moaning and then.. RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPP! POP POP POP! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Slowly the moans and grunts ended. The only sound that came out of his cubicle was him panting. “Max?” I asked not knowing what to do or say. SNAP! I heard the door unlock. Slowly the creaking door opened and I was faced with a colossal beast of a man. “Babe, I Think I need a new suit.” Max said scratching the back of his head.
  8. Changing my Life - Part 4

    Hey everyone and thanks again for all the support on the previous part. This part is a little bit shorter than the previous parts but it is the last part without any growth. In the next part the fun will begin… Part I Part II Part III Changing my Life Part IV The doc stood up and walked over to what seemed like a wooden panel mounted on the wall. He turned his back to us so we couldn't see what he was doing. “DOM!” With a loud noise, panel opened up. Max and I were kind of scared about what was to come. “Well come on in!” the doc said inviting us into the dark chamber. We slowly raised ourselves off of our chairs and approached the room. The doc turned on all the lights for us to find that this dark chamber was in fact a humongous laboratory. It was filled with a kinds of machines and screens with buttons, cabinets with bottles in all different colours and so on. He invited max to sit down on a large chair with chains and wires plugged in to it. Max sat down and the doc got a syringe out to take his blood. He gave Max a small stress ball to squeeze in and as he did, the blood was being drawn. After that he gave Max some juice and put the blood into a vile and put it in a machine. He then started asking max some questions regarding his health and physical performance but Max was healthy and in a good shape so there was nothing to clarify. “That is just fantastic.” The doc said as he pushed some buttons. We heard the machine rumble. “So what happens now?” I asked. “The machine will start making the pills based on Max’s blood. That’s all.” He said. “Are you sure you want to continue this?” I asked Max putting my hand on his shoulder and looking at him terrified. “There is no need to worry.” The doc said. He walked over to the other side of the room where another door was located. He unlocked it and asked us to come and take a look. In this room I was shocked to find a mouse, but not just a regular one, but one 10 times the size of a regular one. “This is Jerry, he is the latest test subject that I gave my latest pills. And you, my boy, will be getting the same pills as Jerry.” The doc said. The mouse was big. It had muscles all over its body even in its tale. Its paws where bigger than my hands and its head was wider than my chest. “How many pills did you gave him?” Max asked excited. “4 in total but the progress isn’t done yet. He still has a long way to go.” The doc said pointing to a small jar. The jar was filled with 6 more pills and me and Max knew exactly what they were for. “Ding” We heard from behind us. “Ah they are ready!” the doc said walking back into his laboratory. He walked over to some sort of microwave and opened the door to find a small jar filled with pills. He took the jar, closed the lid and gave them to Max. “Why do I only get 5 pills?” Max asked somewhat disappointed. “Because I didn’t know if 10 would be too much so we’ll start with 5.” The doc said. “Now I must warn you. There are some strict rules you must follow otherwise it will not work.” He said in a more serious tone. “What rules?” Max and I asked. “You must only take one, once a week, don’t ever take more as the results may be unpleasant, take them in with some water and then there is the most important part. Usually people think that they still have to work out, but that’s where their wrong. You see these pills get ‘confused’ when your body creates more proteins and growth hormones by itself.” The doc said in a dramatic tone so that it would stick in our head. “Here you might find that this is useful too.” He said ones again handing me a paper with some more information, along with the information he had just given us and his contact info. “Thanks doc!” Max said shaking the man’s hand. “Oh and if there happen to be any problems, just call me or send me an e-mail and I’ll reply as quickly as possible.” He said walking us out of the lab and into his living room. Before walking us out, he quickly said “And I’d like to see the results when they show. Send me some photo’s along with your stats so I know if it works.” We knobbed and walked out. The entire ride home Max was constantly talking about how happy he was, what might change in his life, how people might react … all the while, I was thinking about the negative things that these pills might contain. He could be dead by the end of next week. But thinking about that one mouse being that big, cooled me down a bit as it still looked normal. Only bigger and more muscular. Arriving back home Max immediately ran to the kitchen, ready to take his first pill. He poured himself a glass of water and gulped the pill down into his body. He ran back to the entrance to look into the mirror. Waiting for something to happen, but there was nothing. We both looked at each other “How is this possible? Nothing’s happening.” Max said looking at himself in the mirror. “Don’t worry, I’m sure that it just takes some time before you can see some results.” I said trying to make sense out of this situation. “Yeah you’re probably right.” Max said frowning. “Now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to ask you something.” I asked. “Okay shoot.” Max said curious. “Mr. Jones is hosting a celebration next week for his new addition and he asked me to join. So now I was wondering, would you like to come with me?” I asked. “Sure, anything for you babe.” He said grabbing me by my waist and pulling me closer to give me a kiss.
  9. Changing my Life - Part 3

    Before you guys dig in to the next part, I wanted to thank you for all the positive comments an reputations that you are giving me. It really motivates me and keeps me going. I wish you all a good weekend and I'll see you all next week. Part I Part II Changing my Life Part III “Wh.. What d.. do you mean I found someone?” I said in disbelief. “Well I ended up on the weird corner of the web and found a forum that was dedicated to people who would like to start their experiment and are seeking for guinea pigs. As I was scrolling down, I found someone who created pills which stimulate your growth hormones. He lives just 90 minutes from here and I already made my appointment for next weekend.” I watched in disbelieve and picked up the documents which were lying next to his laptop. “So what is this supposed to be?” I asked. “The guy who created the pills told me that they had some minor side effects and send me the list of the ones his animals got.” Reading the list, I noticed some weird ones but also some worrying ones. “Have you actually read this list?!” I said looking dazed at him. “Of course and you shouldn’t worry. He said that he’d check my body first before making the pills for me.” “Max I’m just reading the first ones and it’s disturbing; Anger issues, dried skin, loss of sight, kidney failing, death, … I mean do you really suspect me to believe that you will come back home alive?” Max noticed my voice changing from worried to anger. He put the pan with eggs back down and slowly approached me. “Hey don’t worry. I have a feeling that this is going to work.” He said kissing my cheek. “I’m not saying that it won’t work. I just don’t want to lose you because of a stupid pill.” “If it makes you feel better, why don’t you just join me on my trip to this guy’s laboratory?” he said smiling at me. “I’d love to but if anything goes wrong or if you don’t feel like continuing, please say so.” I said tapping him on his back as I was serious about all this. “I will. Now, what would you like?” “WHAT?” I asked. “Would you like sausages or bacon with your eggs?” After that morning, the rest of the weekend passed quickly and found myself sitting back at my office. I couldn’t get my head around the fact that my boyfriend, my short baby-faced heart-warming boyfriend, soon would possibly become a muscle head. Don’t get me wrong I loved the idea, but I was afraid of losing the Max I fell for. Ring, Ring I got out of my daydream as I heard the phone ring. “Wilson Realtors, how can I help you?” “Yes this is Thomas Jones speaking from the real estate business RealPoint Property.” “Ah good morning sir. What can I do for you?” “I heard the news about you being the new owner of the business and I was wondering if you’d like to celebrate. After all, our companies are both very close.” “Of course sir. I’d love to.” “Excellent I’ll be hosting our celebration on our new addition to the company. So I was wondering if you’d like to come join us for a drink.” “That sounds wonderful. When is this party supposed to take place?” “Friday, next week around 8:00 PM. Oh and of course, don’t forget to bring the lucky guy eh.” Mr. Jones started laughing as I knew what he meant by the lucky guy. He knew about Max and me and was totally okay with us being together. After all, he was an elderly Christian man so it was nice to hear a positive remark about us for a change. Plus Mr. Jones was a very well-known and wealthy man, so it was an honour to be invited to such an event. “Don’t worry sir, I’ll ask Max if he likes to join me. I’m pretty sure he likes to come.” “Excellent, I’ll see you next week then.” And he hang up. Next week. Maybe I won’t have Max by then. The week went by until the day arrived that Max would be going to the laboratory to find a cure that could possibly grow him. The night before, we talked about it and he became aware of what could possibly go wrong. But at the same time, I became aware of how much he liked to continue this process. That morning we packed our stuff and got into the car on our way to Mr. Petrov. That being the only name given to us. As we arrived at our destination, we saw no sign of life whatsoever. There was a forest at Max’s side and an open field at mine. “Did we miss something?” Max asked looking back at the papers which included the address. “Uhm… I don’t think so.” I said pointing at a mad scientist approaching our car. As the man knocked on my window, I looked at Max not knowing what to do as the man seemed pretty odd. Max didn’t hesitate and gave me a sign letting me know it would be safe to scroll down my window. “You must be Jake and Max, right?” the man asked scanning us both from head to toe. “Yeah!” Max replied excited. “This is Jake and I’m Max. Nice to meet ya.” Max stuck out his hand to give the man a handshake. “Nice to meet you Max I’m Mr. Petrov but you can just call me doc.” The man said shaking Max’s hand. “You can park your car here and follow me to my home. I’ll give you all the information and answer all your questions about the pills.” Mr. Petrov said. As we locked the car and followed the mysterious man back to his place, I took my chance to inspect his house. It wasn’t big but it definitely caught my attention. It was an old brick house with all kinds of different windows. Some big and square, others small and round. All in a variety of different colours. Then there was this big wooden box build beside the house. It was equipped with satellites, solar panels, cables and wires … “Sorry for the house. I don’t have much money and time to renovate it.” The doc said unlocking the door and inviting us in. He sat Max and me down and asked if we would like something to drink. “No thanks I’d like to learn a bit more about this pill.” I said cutting to the chase. “Ah yes my newest invention. Well it all started with an idea to develop muscles quicker. As you both may know it is pretty hard to achieve the body of your dreams if you don’t know how to train and diet properly.” Max and I looked at each other and knobbed as we both knew that what the old man said, was true. “So I found out that when you’re younger, your body starts to develop. This is called puberty. I started to do some calculations and testing on a variety of different animals and found out that if your body keeps thinking it’s still young and needs to develop, it will.” “But, if I may ask, what does this have to do with the pills?” I asked. “Well you see on its own, your body won’t change. So that is where the pills come in. You see they are all made with ingredients that give your body more proteins and growth hormones.” “So why haven’t you tested it on other people?” Max asked curious. “Usually when I give them the list of side effects, that my testing animals got, they freak out and end the program. But not you. You’re special.” He told Max. I noticed that he was getting excited about all of it as he got his big smile out. “So do you have any more questions?” the doc asked. “What will this procedure cost us?” I asked scared it might be too expensive. “It’s free as the pill is just in a developing phase and I need it to be properly tested first.” I was a bit more calm and started to think that it might not be so bad after all. "Any more questions that need answering?" Max raised himself off the chair and replied "When can we start?!"
  10. Changing my Life - Part 1

    This is a story I’ve been working on for a while now. I’d also like to point out that I have Dyslexia so there may be some faults in the story (so sorry in advance). It’s a story about a young gay couple (Jake and Max) just starting out in life. Jake and Max tend to go to the gym to stay in form but Max has always had the desire to grow bigger. Will he get what he wants? … Part II Changing my Life Part I The sun slowly started to set as I finally arrived home after a long day at work. I recently got the opportunity to take over a real estate business as the old boss of the company (the one that I was working for) decided that it was time for him to retire and enjoy his life. He asked me if I’d like to take over and I accepted. It was one of the best moments of my life, hearing that I’d soon have my own real estate agency. But after a few weeks I realized that it was a lot harder than I thought. Angry clients, incompetent staff and tons of documentation that I had to do got me down pretty quickly. Luckily I am very optimistic and have the best boyfriend ever who tells me that everything will be alright sooner rather than later. Before I unlocked the door, I was greeted with the smell of freshly cooked dinner. As I entered the house, Max came running down the hall with his arms spread open to give me a big ol’ hug. “Welcome home baby! How was your day?” He asked. “You know just a bit hectic with all the things that had to be done by tomorrow.” I said as I slowly loosened the hug and got my jacket off. “Oh well don’t be stressed out it’ll be fine. I know because you’re a perfectionist and like to get everything done before coming home.” He said trying to calm me down. “I guess so. What are you making, it smells delicious in here.” I said changing the subject. Max quickly changed his worried look into a happy smile as is said it. “I made your favorite dish. I’ve made spaghetti with my ‘famous’ meatballs you like so much!” He said happily as we walked to the kitchen. After dinner I helped Max clean the dishes as we talked about our day. Max, of course didn’t have much to say as he was unemployed and stayed at home cooking, cleaning and gaming. We argued in the past about me making money and he doing nothing but every time Max found a job, he’d always find something to get fired. And when we are looking for a job, he usually tends to stick to unrealistic jobs such as being an actor, gamer, professional bodybuilder, … “So are we going to the gym tonight?” Max asked after we were done. “Not today. I’m tired and need to do the laundry and get myself cleaned up.” “Hey you were the one that told me I couldn’t do the laundry.” He quickly replied. “That’s because every time you do it, the clothes change colour, get smaller or worse, the washing machine catches fire.” I replied. I didn’t bother though, it was kind of cute watching him experiment with the washing machine. But he never learned. So I decided that I would do the laundry and he would do the cleaning. “Would you mind me going. I found some interesting new exercises on YouTube that I’d like to try out.” He asked me with his puppy dog eyes. “Of course not, go ahead and grow some muscles.” I said knowing he liked to hear me saying that. Max got his bag and ran off. Before exiting, he turned around and said “You know, I have the best boyfriend of the world.” I smiled and started getting red. “No that would be me who has the best one.” I replied and Max closed the door, got in his car and drove off to the gym. Now that the house was empty, I turned the radio on for some good music during my time doing laundry. I really don’t like doing it but at least it’s the only thing I have to do as Max does the rest. After the washing machine was finally filled and turned on (hihi), it was time for a long, relaxing bath. As the bath was running, I changed out of my clothes and got a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror. I worked out almost all the time with Max and even if I didn’t do much at the gym, I noticed that I still managed to keep my 1.75 meter frame in a good and healthy shape. I didn’t have a lot of muscle that’s for sure but I was very athletic nevertheless. I turned around facing the mirror with my big bubble but and started thinking about Max and how he likes to fill it with his manliness. “I wish you were here to give me some pleasure.” I said to myself as I noticed that my little boy was starting to swell. Grabbing my shaft, moans started escaping my mouth. I closed my eyes and started jerking off thinking about my sweet lover who’d be pushing his body to the limits, trying to accomplish his dreams. Precum started dripping out as I started stroking faster and faster. Feeling I was close, my toes curled up and my head fell back as I shot my load all over myself. “Now it is definitely time for a bath.” I got my cum-soaked body in the tub as I slowly drifted away into a deep sleep.
  11. The muscle frat (2)

    Two The next morning Brad awoke with a strange feeling: the mixture of too many beers and the pride of being a DEXAMENI-frat member buzzed around in his head. He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked around the unfamiliar room. He was laying in a bed against the left wall, the bed against the opposite wall was empty but the sheets were tossed on it. He tried figuring out how he'd gotten there. All he remembered was the initiation, the first two beers and then everything was blurry. "A shower would do some good", he said to himself as he sat up in his bed and tossed his sheets aside. He noticed he'd worn his boxers to bed. He tried stepping out of the bed but his spinning head made him pause for a second. The door opened and he looked up. "Ah, ya're awake, roomie", Brock said as he entered the room. "Roomie?", Brad asked while his buddy, wearing nothing but a towel rapped his waist, closed the door and turned around. "Yeah, Keith agreed you moved in with me since we're friends. Normally the new guys have to stay together in the other part of the building but I convinced him to let ya stay with me", Brock replied. "Thanks, buddy." "Don't mention it", Brock stated with a grin, " Ya really let yourself go at the party. I carried ya upstairs to our room. Ya were too wasted to make it up the stairs. Ya passed out in my arms. Ya didn't even hear me get up an hour ago for my morning workout." "A shower would be a got idea", Brad said and stepped out of his bed. He walked over to the center of the room but his 45 pound heavier friend didn't move and blocked his way to the door. "There are some rules around the house ya don't know yet, rookie", Brock said. "What do you mean, B.?", Brad asked and looked into his friend's eyes. "Well, I'm the senior member here. Second in line after Keith. So ya have to do what I say", Brock said as he placed his hands on his hips to flare his lats and emphasize the width of his 229 pound body. Brad nodded as he took in the size of his best friend's pumped arms. A hint of jealousy going through him since he'd always envied Brock's good muscle building genes. "I could use a blowjob right now", Brock said. "No way", Brad blurted out. He gulped as he saw the look on the bigger man's face. Brock folded his pumped arms in front of his chest, making the mounds of muscle that were his biceps swell into the rack of pecs. Brad reluctantly fell down to his knees and looked up at the veins snaking along the cords of muscle in his buddy's forearms. He reached for the towel when the 45 pound bigger man began laughing. "Got ya", Brock said as he exploded in laughter, "Man, ya should have seen your face. Priceless!". He grabbed his buddy's armpits and hoisted him up to his feet. "You mean I don't have…", Brad began. "Na. I could make ya, but you're my friend", Brock stated, "Serious though, if ya want a good blowjob let me know. One of the new members from last year is great at giving head. Might gonna see him right now". Brad noticed the stirring motion beneath his best friend's towel. "Shower's in the hallway", Brock said as he disappeared from their room. The semester went by like a breeze: Brad had the time of his life in the DEXAMENI-frat. He enjoyed the friendship of his roommate who kept watching his back. Every time one of the older frat members wanted to put him up with some humiliating chore, Brock would show up and say that he was his personal rookie and made him carry his shoes or gym bag while the others laughed at him. They kept working out daily, pushing each other to their limits. Brad had managed to gain three more pounds, now brushing 185 pounds of ripped muscle. Brock on the other side put on another 12 pounds, making him a whopping 241 pounds of bulky mass, his arms now measuring nearly 23 inches cold. Some of his newly gained mass was fat though, a role of lard began obscuring the bottom row of his muscle gut, but being the biggest guy on the football team was more important to Brock than a ripped six-pack. A week before the Christmas holiday, Brad walked into their room. His eyes went wide as he stepped in. Brock was lying naked on his bed while some small wrestler was nestled between his thick quads and sucking him off. "Jeez, I'm sorry", Brad muttered as he backed away. "Get in and close the door, rookie!", Brock ordered as he looked up to his roommate. Brad closed the door and stood in the center of the room, staring at the incredible scene in front of him. He actually felt his own dick hardening in his pants as he looked at the small, yet muscular wrestler sucking his buddy's 10 inch pole with gusto. "YEAUGHN", Brock groaned deeply, his meaty chest flexing as he blasted his load down the wrestler's eager throat. "Good one, Jay", he said as he gently ruffled the wrestler's hair. Brad watched as the wrestler got up and noticed the large wet stain on the guy's tented boxers. "You've such a hot body", the wrestler said as he rubbed his hands along the masses of meat atop Brock's chest. Brock bounced his meaty pecs under the guy's grasp and looked at his roommate. "Ya want a blowjob too, Brad?", he asked. "Na, I'm good", Brad replied. "Your loss. Jay's got the best mound on campus", Brock said and clenched his fist to make his right bicep harden under the wrestler's touch. "Wow", Jay said as his hands were pried open by the orb of steely meat. "Ya can train with me after the holidays like I promised, Jay", Brock said, "Now leave me and my roomie to it. Happy holidays". He threw a double bicep and sent the wrestler off. Just as Jay passed by Brad he said to him: "The offer stands. If you want a blowjob, let me know. Brock said you have a great body too". Brock exploded in laughter as he saw the dazzled expression on his friend's face as the wrestler left their room. "Told ya he's real good. He came up to me the first week he'd gotten in the frat and offered me a blowjob right there in the showers! He's even more into my body as I am. Ya should really give it a try, buddy. So, what's up?". "Problems at home", Brad said as he sat down on his bed, "You mind putting on some clothes?". "A shame to hide any part of this body", Brock replied and slowly rubbed his hand along his bulky frame and gave his deflating 10 incher a good squeeze. He did pull on his boxers. "My little brother dropped out of high school and is in constant fights with my parents. Some holiday I'm up for", Brad said. "Why don't ya ask him to stay here on campus. He could sleep here in the frat house, most of the guys are going home. I'm staying since I'm an orphan so ya don't have to be here alone with him", Brock replied as he walked over to his roommate's bed and sat down next to him. "Sounds pretty good to me. But I'll never convince my parents", Brad stated and looked into his buddy's eyes. "I'll give 'em a call. Say ya have some stuff to do on campus", Brock said and patted his friend's back. "Tell them my brother's in for some pre-student program", Brad said and thanked his best friend. Brock indeed managed to convince Brad's parents and a week later his brother arrived on the nearly deserted campus. A faint knock on the wooden doors of the frat house echoed through the hallway. Brock opened the door and looked down on the skinny boy standing there. "Little T.", he said with a grin as he recognized Brad's little brother Tristan. Tristan instinctively stepped back as he looked at his older brother's massive friend. Despite having turned 18 a few weeks earlier, Tristan looked like puberty had completely forgotten him. Standing 5'5 and weighing a measly 124 pounds, he looked like an emaciated kid. Even the thick hoodie and the baggy jeans he was wearing couldn't hide his skinny frame. Brock looked into the small boy's dark brown eyes and felt a bit uneasy, despite outweighing him by more than 100 pounds. Tristan just stared back into the huge man's eyes. He noticed the unease and a smug grin formed on his lips. He'd always used his intellect to mess with his jock brother and Brock, enjoying their stupid reactions. "So", he asked, "Can I come in or do I have to stay out here?". "Oh, sure thing, little T. Come on in. I'll show yar room", Brock said moved aside to let the small boys enter. "You're getting fat, Brock", Tristan said as he squeezed his frail body between the wall and the huge man's muscle gut, "Jeez, you're taking up half the corridor with your bulk". "Biggest man in the house and on the football team", Brock said with pride and flexed his right arm in front of his torso, making his 23 inch gun harden in a veiny, striated orb of meat. Tristan stared at the round ball of hard meat and shook his head. "If I want to see some dumb meat, I'll watch some cows. Just show my room. Then you can go back at mindlessly pumping iron to compensate", he said in a harsh tone. Brock relaxed his pose. "Let me grab yar bag", he said to break the tensed atmosphere. He tossed the bag over his broad shoulder and silently led the small boy to his room, wondering why the guy didn't admire his muscles like the others. Even though he could squash him like a bug, Tristan always made him feel somewhat unsecure. "Here we are", he said as he opened a door in a deserted hallway, "If ya need anything, let me know. Yar bro and I are staying on the other side of the house. I'll come get ya for diner", Brock said and left the small boy. He closed their door behind him and went for the gym. Tristan looked around the room but couldn't get the image of Brock's huge body from his mind. He'd always had a crush on the guy ever since he'd seen him shirtless, comparing his muscles to Brad's. Since then, Brock had only grown bigger and he'd often jerked off thinking off the guy's big muscles. He'd only played cool and uninterested to avoid being caught. Now, having stared at Brock's bulk stretching his tank top to the max, his cock was raging hard since the huge man had opened the door. Tristan unbuttoned his pants, pulled his throbbing 5 incher from his briefs and began stroking his hot shaft. Within seconds, he blew a watery, meager load, thinking about Brock's beastly body. He pulled his pants back on and got unpacked. A few hours later Brock returned from the gym with Brad. They found Tristan sitting in the kitchen, quietly eating dinner. "Hey, little bro. Heard you dropped out of high school", Brad said. "So?", Tristan replied without looking up. "Cool with me", Brad stated a bit uneasy. "Let's eat too", Brock said to break the tension. He knew Brad and Tristan had never really gotten along. "Good workout, man. Still feeling pumped", he said to Brad while he bounced his pumped pecs. Tristan looked up as he finished his meal and saw the meaty mounds of muscle dance atop the huge man's chest. "Lucky I'm done eating. One could easily lose his appetite looking at a half naked man with a role of fat protruding from his gut", he said while his cock hardened in his pants. "Sorry", Brock replied uneasily and put on a shirt he pulled from his gym bag. "Little bro. It's Brock who got the idea to invite ya over. So ya could get some distance from man and dad. So show him some gratitude", Brad said to his brother. "Wow, Brock. You're improving: you had an actual idea", Tristan answered instantly. He snickered as he noticed the embarrassment in the huge man's eyes. "I'm going to bed. Exhausted from the trip.", he said and disappeared from the kitchen. "I'm sorry, man", Brad said to his bigger friend, "I really thought my brother would thank ya for letting him stay here. I'll talk to him in the morning. So, nice record ya set on the bench today." A smile appeared on Brock's face when his buddy mentioned his new record. He felt testosterone flow through his 241 pound body just thinking of his lift. "I'm gonna trash our opponents on the football field. Can't wait to break the 250 pound mark", he said and groped his thick pecs. The confidence of being the biggest man around returning to him. The rest of the week went by as it had started: Tristan stayed in his room most of the time, avoiding his brother and Brock as much as he could. Brad and Brock let the small guy alone and spent lots of time in the gym, constantly pushing each other. They decided to throw a party just for the three of them, hoping to take Tristan's mind off things at home. As they ended their workout, Brad said he would get the booze. He took a quick shower and went to the store, while Brock blasted out some more sets to make his 23 inch arms grow some more. Brock smiled at his reflection as he did a double bicep and saw his pumped arms. Brock arrived back at the frat house, pulled off his sweat-drenched workout gear and strutted into the mutual showers. He heard the water running and saw Tristan standing under the farthest shower head. He nodded at the small guy and took the shower next to his. He sighed as the hot water cascaded down on his beastly body. Tristan looked up in shock as he heard the heavy footsteps and saw Brock stepping up to him. He quickly turned around, facing the tilled wall as the man he secretly lusted for stood next to him. He felt blood flowing to his flaccid cock and focused on hiding his beginning boner. Brock began soaping his wide, muscle-filled frame and looked aside to the small boy standing next to him. Up close and without his baggy clothes the guy looked even wimpier. "Nice tan ya have", he said, giving Tristan a compliment to break the tension that somehow always appeared between the two of them. "So that's why you're always in the gym: to look at other guys' bodies", Tristan replied and glanced aside to look at Brock's pumped arms. A shiver went through him as the masses of hard meat, choked with veins bulged while the huge man soaped his body. Another jolt shot through his further hardening cock. "No, I…", Brock muttered, "I really mean it: ya look good. Wish I had a bronze tan like yours". He felt even less sure after his remark, like the small guy made him feel weak and helpless. "Thanks, I guess", Tristan answered coldly. He turned off the shower, getting ready to leave. He turned toward the tilled wall on his right, his small back facing the huge man next to him and his hands covering his half-hard dick. Brock noticed the skinny boy's back and decided he had to talk things through."Tristan, wait", he said as he turned off his own shower. He gently put his paw atop the boy's frail shoulders. Tristan jumped up as the huge man's paws covered his bony shoulders completely. "What the fuck are you doing, Brock?", he yelped in his high-pitched voice and tried to squirm free. "Calm down. I just want to talk.", Brock replied and gently spun the small boy around so he could look him in the eye.
  12. The muscle frat (1)

    One "Come on. One more, buddy!" Brad grunted from the effort, his face beet red as he curled the 100 pound barbell up. "10", he groaned between his teeth as he completed his rep. "Nice job, man", Brock said as he helped his buddy lower the barbell back down and place it on the floor. Both aged 21, the two had been friends ever since their first day in kindergarten and had always been in the same class up until university. Even then, they had both chosen Orchid University. After setting their first steps in the gym at age 15, they had continued working out together on a daily base and joined their high school's football team. Now they we're both among the star players of the university football team. Brad controlled his fast breathing and looked down at his former roommate grabbing the 120 pound bar from the rack. "Come on, final set!", he said to his buddy as he sat down on a bench, exhausted from their workout and took a sip from his shake. "Fuck yeah!", Brock growled as he began curling the barbell with perfect control. "Grow", he said to his arms, his big biceps swelling with every rep as more blood flowed into them. "8, agh, 9, agh, ten…", he groaned, "gimme a spot, man!". Brad got up from the bench and stood in front of his roommate. He placed his fingers underneath the middle of the barbell and assisted the movement. "Come on, one more!", he said to encourage Brock. "Eleuhven…", Brock grunted. His body trembled as he lowered the barbell back down. "Tweuhlve". Brad's eyes widened as his roommate went on to complete twenty reps before he helped him put the barbell down. While Brock grabbed his towel from the nearby bench, Brad looked at his own reflection in the mirror. He grinned and raised his right arm in a flex. The pumped bicep hardened atop his meaty arm, blue veins snaking along the muscle. "How big are those guns?", Brock asked as he emptied his shake and looked up at his buddy. "Just under 18 inches pumped", Brad replied and hardened his flex some more. Brock moved next to his friend and raised his right arm to copy his pose. His bicep, pumped and red from the workout, mounded upward as he brought in his lower arm. The peak pushed against his skin and a web of blue, thick veins fed the steely orb. "Nice man", Brad said while he stared at the obviously bigger arm. "22,5 inches all pumped", Brock stated with pride. "Let's hit the shower, man", he said as he relaxed his arm and strutted toward the exit. "Yeah", Brad answered. "So, any other news?", he asked as he caught up with his buddy. "I told ya a million times, man: I'm not the president of the frat. Just be patient", Brock said and patted his buddy on the back. "I've been waiting for an invite ever since we've got here three years ago. You got in during the second semester of our freshman year. This year is my last shot", Brad went on. Ever since Brock had been allowed into the Dexameni-frat, the most exclusive frat on campus that housed most of the top athletes, he'd been jealous. He'd been checking his locker for an invite every day since his best buddy had gotten in. Brock turned to face Brad, grabbed his shoulders and made him look in his eyes. "Your chance will come, buddy. Be patient!", he said in a loud tone to cut off Brad. He released his friend and continued his way to the locker room. Brad sighed, knowing his friend was right and followed him inside. The locker room was completely deserted. They took off their sweaty workout gear in silence. Brad was down to his boxers and reached for his locker when he noticed the little black envelope. "No way", he mumbled and took it. His hands trembled as he ripped it open and read the piece of paper inside. You've proven worthy to join the ranks of the Dexameni-frat. Report to the frat house this Friday at 1900h "Good news?", Brock asked, keeping his back to Brad as he stripped completely. "I'm in!", Brad blurted out. "Told ya to be patient, buddy. I'm glad for ya", Brock replied and strutted toward the shower zone. He turned on the shower and let the hot water cascade down on his muscular body. He looked aside to Brad standing under the shower to his right. "Did ya bulk up during summer?", he asked, "Ya look bigger than last year". "Yeah", Brad answered, "I'm up to 182. I'm catching up, buddy". Brock smiled at the reaction. Even though Brad was a tad taller, 5'9 to his own 5'8, their bodies looked different. Brad had the muscular physique of a ripped fitness model, while he had the heavily muscled look of a bulky amateur bodybuilder. "Still some work ahead, buddy. I've gained some mass too: up to 229,3 pounds." Brad turned to his side and faced his buddy. Every muscle on Brock's body looked fuller than his defined ones. "Ready to burst through the 230 mark, he big guy. We'd better change your nickname from B-rock to B-wall", he said. "My abs look better though." He caressed the grooves of his ripped six-pack. A smug grin appeared on Brock's face when his friend used his nickname. He'd always liked being called b-rock; it made him feel even bigger than he was. "Ya know what they say", he said playfully, "abs on a skinny guy don't count". He flexed his abs in response, making his somewhat protruding muscle gut harden. "You're lucky we're friends. I should have kicked your ass for that remark", Brad stated with a smile. They always fooled around but he knew his buddy always had his back. "Kick my ass? You and what army?", Brock answered in an amused tone. He turned to his right and faced his friend. Brad's defined muscles gave him an athletic look. His own muscles were clearly fuller and rounder, his shoulder's half again as wide than his buddy's. "Think ya could challenge the b-rock?", he asked as he threw a most muscular. Brad stared at his 229 pound friend flexing right in front of him. The bulky muscles hardened all over his broad frame: his thick arms digging into the rack of pecs atop his muscle gut, his meaty quads pushing against each other. "At least, I'm taller", he said with a smirk and stood tall to stretch out his 5'9 frame. "Ya have to have something to attract some female attention", Brock replied playfully, " otherwise no one would notice ya next to me." He relaxed his pose and gently punched his friend in the shoulder. "Na. You're lucky to have your big muscles. Your ugly face scares off anyone", Brad answered. "Thanks for helping me get in the frat. I really appreciate it, man", he said and thankfully patted his buddy's broad back. "I'm happy I could help. See ya on Friday for the initiation", Brock said as he turned off the shower and strutted away from the shower zone, water sliding along the crevices of his bulky muscles. Two days later, Brad made his way over to the Dexameni-frat house. His legs quivered slightly with every step he took and his stomach clenched together: it felt like his first day of school again. He looked up at the façade of the mansion he'd passed nearly daily since he's been on campus. Two flexed, muscular arms were painted on the wide door and the name of the frat of his dreams sat atop it: DEXAMENI. Brad inhaled deeply to calm his nerves and stepped up toward the entrance. He knocked three times and waited. What seemed like an eternity passed before the heavy wooden doors opened squeakingly. A muscular, bare-chested figure appeared in the dark corridor. "Come in!", a deep baritone boomed. Brad sighed, he had recognized Brock's deep voice and eagerly entered the frat house. "I'm glad it's you, Brock", he said, "I'm…". "Silence!", Brock rumbled, "you only speak when spoken too! Follow me!". Brad jumped up as the heavy doors closed behind him and by the harsh tone of his best friend. He nodded and followed the big guy through the long, dark corridor. Brock opened a door on his right and entered, his smaller buddy following right behind. "Strip down to your boxers", he said and folded his meaty arms in front of his protruding pecs. Brad obeyed and stripped off his clothes until he was standing in his American flag boxers in front of his friend. "So what's next?", he asked. "SILENCE!", Brock roared. Brad shivered, his friend's deep baritone rumbling inside his stomach. Brock led his friend into another room and made him wait by the door while he stepped up to the center of the room. He stopped at the base of a wooden staircase that led to an altar with a throne behind it. "O great leader", he said as he looked up to the figure in the throne, "I bring you a new recruit that wishes to join the ranks of our noble frat." "Bring him before me", the leader replied. Brock walked back to the door where Brad was standing and brought him to the center of the room. Brad's heart pounded nervously but the feeling of his buddy standing behind him, comforted him. "Step forward, brothers", he figure on the throne said. The other frat members appeared from the shadows and formed a circle around Brad and Brock. All of them were bare-chested like Brock and looked at Brad. Brad looked around and recognized Orchid University's star athletes. Their muscular torsos glistened as if they had been oiled up. He saw two of his teammates from the football team, the three top wrestlers and some other athlete's he didn't know which sport they played. He looked up at the figure on the throne and recognized him as the captain of the swim team. He wondered why the clearly smallest guy in the room was the leader of the frat. Keith, the frat leader, stepped from his throne and looked down at Brad. "Everyone that wishes to join the noble DEXAMENI-frat needs the advocacy of a senior member. Step forward he that backs this recruits acceptance!". Brad looked around nervously, but none of the frat members moved an inch. He felt his heartbeat going up, seeing his long awaited dream shattering before his eyes. "I support his candidacy!" Brad inhaled in relief as he heard Brock's voice and felt his buddy's paw atop his shoulder. "Very well", Keith said, "You have the support you need, recruit. Now let's see if you're truly worthy of joining the noble DEXAMENI-frat!". Before Brad could react, his boxers were yanked down and he stood fully exposed amidst his fellow athletes. He felt the blood race to his face and his cheeks started reddening. He moved his hands to cover his cock but two frat members moved in and tightly held his arms at his sides. He felt Brock's left paw grab his side and steady him. He inhaled deeply as his best friend's right paw grabbed his soft cock and began stroking it. He felt his cock harden and swell inside the strong paw that clenched around his inflating shaft. Within seconds he was rock hard. He looked down and saw that his fully hard 8 incher was completely engulfed by Brock's meaty paw. He noticed the tension on the corded muscles atop his friend's lower arm as the paw kept clutching his cock. His breathing fastened more and more as he felt on the verge of orgasm. "UGHN", he groaned as Brock gave his rock hard 8 incher a final, very hard squeeze and his balls spewed out their load. Six heavy blasts shot from his cock in an arch through the air before splattering down several feet further. He felt his muscles relax but the strong grasp of the two frat members that were holding his arms, kept him upright. He sighed in relief as Brock released his softening cock and grabbed his sides with both hands to steady him. "Seven feet and nine inches far", Keith said, "He's worthy of joining our noble DEXAMENI-frat!". The other frat members cheered as their leader grabbed the chalice from the altar and moved in front of Brad. He nodded at Brock. Brad felt his buddy release his right flank and grab his half-hard cock again. "Ughn", he grunted as his cock was stroked back to hardness. His drained balls stabbed in protest as a second orgasm was milked out of them only minutes after the first. His entire body went rigid as the warm, meaty paw grabbed his balls and clenched them together. Three watery loads leaked from his nearly fully hard cock into the chalice Keith held at its end. He would have collapsed as Brock hadn't grabbed his left armpit so secure him. He looked down and saw his buddy pull up his boxers before the warm right paw grabbed his other armpit. A feeling of relief went through his exhausted body. Keith shook the chalice, held it above his head for all the frat members to see it and placed it back on the altar. He turned around and looked back at Brad. "Welcome to our ranks, Brad!", he said, "now, let's party!". The frat members howled loudly and left the chamber. Bard followed them, not caring he was in his boxers. The feeling of finally being part of the frat filled him with joy.
  13. The Camshow

    This is my first story. It's been rolling around in my brain for quite some time now, and I finally typed it up. I hope you enjoy it! ****************************************************** I opened my laptop and logged into my email. I had just gotten a notification that the custom video I requested had landed in my inbox. I was tentative to open the file. I had requested custom videos before, and I was always a little disappointed. No one had ever been able to fulfill my request completely. Maybe what I was asking for wasn’t realistic. But this guy seemed different. I allowed myself to get my hopes up just a little bit. I opened the video, and his face flashed onto my screen. That face alone could make me weak in the knees: square jaw, perfect skin, and dark brown eyes that sparkled intensely but joyfully. He’s Asian, and his blue-black hair was spiked perfectly to frame his lovely face. He had crazy thick hair; almost as crazy thick as his body. He flashed a winning smile, and dimples appeared in both cheeks. “Hey there. Thanks for ordering a custom video, and thanks for ordering other videos from my website. I think I’m going to be able to give you what you asked for.” Another smile. I noticed that he was wearing a baggy t-shirt, and I was momentarily confused. “I need to go change quickly. I’ll be right back. This won’t count towards your twenty minutes.” That was thoughtful of him. He pushed himself out of his computer chair and walked out of the room. As he walked away, it was hard to see his body under the t-shirt and sweatpants he wore, but I knew what was underneath. After what seemed like an eternity (but was probably only two minutes), I heard him call from the other room, “Okay, here I come.” He walked slowly into the room and came into focus. I couldn’t tell if he was walking slowly to increase the drama, or if he was walking slowly because of how constrained he was by his new outfit. On the bottom, he wore the tightest pair of jeans I have ever seen. They must have been those lighter weight jeans that have some stretch in them, otherwise I can’t possibly imagine how he got them on. You could see the incredible bulk of his legs through the denim. His thighs we monstrous, and the various heads of his quadriceps muscles could be seen pressing against the pant legs. His calves were even more impressive. The bottom of his legs looked like diamonds, and they jutted sharply out towards one another. Even with his huge thighs, I bet his calves still brushed against one another when he walked. My eyes moved to his upper half and I think my jaw actually went slack. He was wearing a short-sleeve white button down shirt that was filled to, rather past, its capacity. The top two buttons were undone (I don’t think it would have been possible to button them), and his full, square pecs were pressing threateningly against the rest of the buttons. The shirt was tapered, so it only became slightly looser around his tight abdomen, but even his midsection filled the shirt amply. His incredible arms bulged out of the short sleeves, which he had pulled up a bit to accommodate their mass. “Well, what do you think?” He raised his arms slightly as he asked the question, and I heard a couple of stitches pop. “Whoops. Better be more careful. Or I guess I should just get started.” He turned around slowly in a circle so I could see him from every angle. As he turned, his remarkable ass became visible, full and round and clearly all muscle. When he was facing away, I could see every major muscle group of his mountainous back straining the shirt. It’s a mystery to me how he even got into it and managed to button it as far as he did. As he turned back around to face me, the camera angle changed a bit. “I wanted to let you know that my husband is handling the camera. I hope that’s okay. I didn’t want it to suddenly go out of focus, or have it accidentally miss something. Don’t worry, you won’t see or hear him. Unless you want to, but you’d have to order another video for that. He’s a pretty big guy, too.” He winked, and I almost died. “Okay, here we go. Let’s start from the bottom, shall we? I know you like my big calves. You specifically said you like big calves in your video request, and mine are the biggest around.” He started slowly going up and down on his tiptoes, and his calves flexed and swelled in response. “I did ballet as a kid and into high school. I think that’s why they got so big. That, and my genetics. I would have continued in ballet, but in college the rest of my muscles really started growing and I got too bulky. I still remember the poses, though.” He raised his arms in front of him and made a circle while bending one leg up and resting his foot just above the other knee. As he did this, he slowly and gracefully went up on the toes of his other foot. He held that position for a moment, and then it happened. RIIIP. The side of his lower pant leg split open and the diamond ridge of his calf muscle bust through. He smiled, and slowly lowered the other leg back down and lowered his arms to this side, returning to “ballet first.” “Well, we’re off to a good start. Let’s see if we can’t make these pant legs match.” He turned away from the camera so that his back was facing me. The camera zoomed down onto his lower legs. He repeated the pose from before, but this time went up onto the tiptoes of the other foot. He held the pose again, and I realized I was holding my breath in anticipation. He started slowly raising up and down on that one foot, each time his calf seeming to swell larger. I heard a faint pulling, and then RIIIIIIP, the pant leg split open down the back of the calf this time. The camera zoomed in, and through the tear in the jeans you could see a massive, upside-down heart made of muscle. He looked over his shoulder into the camera. “Well, that’s not really a match. But that’s how these things happen. I never know when or where my muscles are going to bust through a seam.” He turned around and examined his lower legs. “This is why I can’t wear anything above an ankle sock. I can’t tell you how many pairs of dress socks I’ve completely wrecked. They just don’t make elastic built for these bulls.” As he said that, he flexed both his calves one more time, and each tear spread open a little more, threads popping. “Okay. The next part is easy.” The camera zoomed back out so his whole body was in focus. “Many people don’t know how pumped you can get simply from holding a pose. Isometric exercises are an essential part of any good strength-training routine.” He took a deep breath and stepped his right leg out wide. He brought his hands together in front of him and lowered down until his thighs were parallel to the ground. “And now we hold. So…how are you?” He smirked. I could tell that, even though it looked effortless, it was probably a huge amount of work for him to hold his mass that still and that steady in that position. After about a minute, I started to hear a creaking sound. “Yeah, this won’t take long.” Another minute. More creaking. I think I even heard a faint rip. “Okay. Here we go.” He came out of the pose, and stuck one leg forward. Then he started shaking his relaxed thigh back and forth, the way you see bodybuilders do before they flex their quads. BAM! He flexed his quads, and the muscle split through the denim with a loud pop. He immediately moved onto the other one, swinging his massive thigh muscles before SPLIT!, he grunted and flexed and effectively bust the other pant leg open. “Whoo. I feel a little freer now. Still one more thing, though.” He turned around with his back to the camera and started twerking to some imaginary music. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” He laughed. Before I could prepare myself, he dropped into a deep squat and BAM! The seat of his pants split wide open, showing neon green underwear underneath. He came up out of the squat, and walked closer to the camera. “How we doing so far? Everything you dreamed of? Just you wait.” He grinned a mischievous little grin and started bouncing his pecs. They punched at the fabric of the shirt, pulling the buttons this way and that. “Now here’s the thing about hulking out: You have to do it in a certain order or it won’t work the way you want it to. I know you would probably like for me to finish with arms and save the best for last, but I’m going to be doing a lot of flexing, and if I don’t start with the arms, they will probably rip my sleeves before I’m ready. And it would be a real shame if my sleeves ripped while the camera was focusing on my pecs or my back. So when you’re watching this video again, and I am guessing that you’re going to watch it again, and again, and again, you can just fast forward and rewind and watch it in the order you want.” This guy clearly wanted to please his customers. And from what I had seen thus far, I was damn pleased. “Again, I am going to have my off-screen assistant help me out so we don’t have any ripping accidents before we’re ready.” He stepped out of frame, and I could hear my heart beating in anticipation. When he came back on screen, his arms were at his sides and the short sleeves had been pulled down and stretched over his massive arms. The shirt he was wearing had a thicker cuff at the end, and he had managed to find a short-sleeve shirt that covered the full length of his unflexed biceps and triceps. “We’ll do one at a time so you can savor it.” He slowly raised his right arm in front of the camera. The thick muscle bellies of his biceps rolled and shifted under the sleeve, and as he bent his elbow, the sleeve pulled taut. “Now, I’m not actually flexing yet. I want to draw this out as much as I can for you. This sleeve isn’t going to rip until I tell it to, but when I tell it to, believe me, it will rip.” He stared straight into the camera and got a really intense look on his face. I think he was enjoying showing off for me as much as I was enjoying the show. “You ready?” He looked back at his bent arm and it started to swell. Any wrinkles there had been in the material were pulled straight, and you could see the cuff of the shirt pressing tightly into his arm. “Here comes the peak.” His flexed arm, already huge, changed shape in front of my eyes as he twisted his wrist. The softball-sized muscle split and grew into a mountainous peak. I couldn’t believe the sleeve was still intact. His arm started shaking a bit and he twisted his wrist and re-exerted his flex one more time. Then it happened. The sharp peak of his immense biceps split through the top of the sleeve. He looked at the camera again and smiled. “Peak-a-boo.” He relaxed his arm just a bit and then forcefully flexed again. The rock-hard mound of muscle burst forth with an incredible satisfying RIIIIIIIP. The sleeve ripped open almost all the way up to this shoulder. He lowered his arm, and readjusted the cuff. He kept his arm straight and twisted it so I could see massive triceps underneath. With one strong flex, his triceps bulged with power and snapped the cuff of the sleeve. “Huh. Didn’t think that would actually work.” He adjusted in his seat and turned his left arm towards the camera. “Let’s try a different angle this time. You think my right arm is good? Just wait until you see what lefty can do.” He raised his left arm as he had done before, but this time I was looking at the rear view. Again, his sleeve filled up like a balloon as he bent his elbow. He bounced his biceps a few times, and I heard a couple of stiches pop. He got that intense look on his face again as he stared at his growing arm. “Rip that sleeve. Rip it. Rip it.” POP! A sharp mound of marbleized muscle tore through the sleeve. This time he didn’t relax the flex. He held it tight, twist his wrist back and forth, forcing his biceps to peak higher and higher, ripping the material as it went. When the ripping seemed to stop, he straightened his arm, pulled the cuff up a little bit, and flex his biceps hard with a “YEAH!!!” The cuff snapped like a piece of paper as his powerful biceps and tripeps decimated the sleeve, splitting it open from cuff to shoulder. He lowered his arms and looked at the camera. For the first time during this whole video, he was breathing heavily. “I bet the other cam guys couldn’t do that. I’ve got the biggest, strongest, freakiest peaked biceps around. And they just keep getting better.” He struck a double biceps pose and roared. His right biceps, which was still partially wrapped in a sleeve, swelled towards the sky through the hole it had created, tearing it open wider to accommodate for its pumped mass. The sound of ripping material poured of my computer’s speakers. I think both of us realized at the same time (virtually) that the tearing sounds weren’t just created by his biceps. He lifted his arms a little more, and the side seams of the shirt were ripped under each armpit. “Oopsy daisy. That’s what I was talking about before. I guess I got a little over-excited flexing my biceps for you and my lats felt left out of the fun.” He lifted each arm and examined the jagged tears created by his swelling lats. “When my muscles wanna grow, they grow. Can’t stop ‘em. But I am going to make my lats wait just a little bit longer. Husband, can you help me out one more time?” He stood up and stepped off camera, and when he sat back down, the top two buttons of his shirt had been fastened. The poor guy looked like he was choking. He stared rolling his pecs, one at a time. I could see the thick striations through the shirt. His muscle control was astounding. I found myself hypnotized. “Okay, this is uncomfortable,” he croaked. He flexed his thick neck and the top button popped open. “That’s a little better. But these big pecs of mine have been waiting to breathe for too long.” Bounce bounce bounce. Flex flex flex. In one swift movement, he brought his arms forward and flexed his chest. The sound of buttons flying filled the room as they ricocheted off the camera and the wall. His beautiful chest burst forth, bigger and fuller than I had ever seen it. He gave one more strong flex and the shirt tore on the sides of his solid, square pecs. The pocket over the left pec flapped up a bit and a perfect perky nipple became visible for one exquisite moment. Bounce bounce bounce. “I repped out 500 push-ups before I started taping. Just for you.” He slowly rolled his pecs one more time. On some guys, this kind of cockiness would be downright obnoxious. But on him, it was fucking adorable. The bottom buttons of the shirt were still fastened, and I could see the top two abdomen muscles through the opening. “Almost done. I still feel a little constrained. Let’s finish what was started.” He put his fists on his waist and began slowly expanding his lats. Threads popped one by one as his glorious wings tore through what remained of the side seams. Then, he stood up and turned around. He grabbed onto each side of the shirt and did one more epic lat spread. The back of his shirt split wide open down the middle, and his incredibly developed back came into view. He turned around to face the camera and effortlessly ripped the bottom of the shirt open, sending the remaining buttons flying. He roared one more time and struck a most muscular pose that most bodybuilders would envy. The tears on his sleeves ripped open more as his boulder deltoids flexed. Still flexing, he reached up and grabbed the shirt on either side of the collar and pulled down. The collar snapped, and he pulled the remains of the shirt off in two, tattered pieces. He stood up straight, chest heaving, forehead glistening with sweat. “And that, my friend, is how you hulk out.” He slowly swaggered towards the camera, leaning in close. “Until next time.” He winked, and the screen went black.
  14. Close Encounters

    I had a day off and decided to make this happen. Not sure if this is part one or just a one-shot. Comments and suggestions are appreciated as always, especially on if I should continue. *Zap* The bright beam from the sky attenuated rapidly. And then only a man remained, stark naked in the middle of the desert. But what a man he was. His pecs were the first thing to flex. Slowly at first, those globes of muscle rising, becoming fuller and rounder by the second. He stood there casually, pecs unapologetically standing at full mast, for a solid minute. After what felt like an eternity, he let one drop and proceeded to bounce them. The rest of his body was still except for the massive balloons heaving up and down on his chest. He looked as though he was enjoying himself. With pecs still bouncing (it almost looked automatic now), he pushed his elbows in and let his triceps stand in relief. Like sand dunes carved into his arms, immense and sharp. But they didn’t stay for long. He brought his arms up into a classic double bi pose. Like Everest, mountainous peaks piercing the heavens. The belly of each muscle was so fat and engorged that it seemed to spill over the edges of his arm, barely contained by his skin. He followed with an unbelievable most muscular pose. A dimple formed in his pecs where the major met the minor, while his forearms and biceps formed a thick, pulsing frame for his cobblestone abs. His dick was long, full, hard, throbbing. The head bobbed up and down menacingly, threatening to release. He came without as much as a wince. The cum shot right through his arms still held in the most muscular pose. 2 points. Wallace was not inclined to believe in fantasy or science fiction, but the evidence stood there proudly, cumming into the sunbaked dirt. He had just been out categorizing local species of lizards when the giant laser shot down from space and dropped off, of all things, a naked man. The Adonis from the sky. And he had Jason’s face. It had been a while since they had last hung out in high school, but Wallace was pretty confident that this extraterrestrial hunk used to be Jason. His hard on was leaking pre in his denim jeans. The desert sun shone on his olive skin, the bushy cactus he was hiding behind providing no shade. A second cylinder of light left some clothes on the ground nearby before fading away. They were garments for giants. Jason reluctantly put them on, obviously still wanting to explore his newfound prowess. The white tee shirt fit tightly around his arms and his shelf of a chest made a tent where the fabric draped over it. The mesh shorts, while equally as oversized, did not do much to hide his mind-bendingly massive quads or his apparently constant erection. As he moved to a double bi pose again, the fabric seemed to be barely holding together. -- It felt good to flex. It was somehow right in this body, natural. The constant arousal in his dick felt good, too, but it was almost annoying. His cock was permanently hard and he felt like he was going to cum every second. It was hard to focus, especially when he flexed. Which was almost impossible to resist. Should probably get that adjusted. On that note, they could’ve dropped him off closer to his house, too. Even though they gave him clothes (that barely fit, honestly), he was a spectacle. It hadn’t mattered much in the wilderness when no one was around, but as he walked around the oasis of a suburb he called home he received more than a few stares. He was probably going to have to get used to that. It took him a while to get inside once he reached his place. His hands were just so much bigger now. He thought for a second that he might just bust the door in, but he figured his landlords probably wouldn’t like that… Success. He got inside without breaking anything. But the house he was renting felt a little different somehow. He picked up an old framed picture of himself and his parents from high school. An average looking dude stared at him out of the photograph, maybe a little scrawny. Dark messy hair fell over his tan brown skin and framed his sly smile. He absentmindedly tossed it towards his bed. It flew into the wall and shattered. Well, so much for not breaking anything. It didn’t really matter, anyways. That was the old him. He picked up the photo, dusting off shards of glass and wondering if they could even hurt him anymore. Or if anything could hurt him anymore. He shoved the photo in an old travel guide. He was about to set it down when a thought crossed his mind. He grabbed each end with just his finger and thumb and tore it right in half. Like it was a napkin. The pieces dropped to floor with a thud, utterly defeated. The torn photo spilled out of the pages and onto the floor. Then he grabbed a phone book and tore that apart too. It was nothing. He reached for a pan and was about to crush it, but then he thought better of destroying all his worldly possessions. Clearly he could if he wanted to. Might as well not use them up all at once. As he looked for somewhere to rest, he finally noticed his room was much smaller than it was before. He couldn’t even lift his arms without hitting the ceiling, and he had to turn sideways just to get through some doors. He felt the strain in the boards and the concavity he created when he sat on his bed. It creaked and moaned. His cock was entirely ambivalent about all of this, meanwhile, and it had been silent for far too long. Jason’s balls had been churning non-stop and it was about time they get release. He tried to resist, but it was pointless. So he accepted it, tensing every muscle in his body as the ejaculate forced its way through his cock and drenched his shorts. Shit. That was his only pair. He took them off and started to look for new clothes. -- His hard on had not died down since he began following Jason. Which had posed a real problem, since he was basically sprinting from one hiding spot to the next trying to keep up with this Goliath. Wallace was unaccustomed to stalking. It made him feel a little uneasy. But this was not something you saw every day. He could even convince himself it was journalism if he didn’t think too hard. Which was easy, considering he kept leaking pre like a broken faucet. There was not a lot of time for fixing rationalizations between spurts. In spite of his uncomfortable erection, he found Jason rather easy to follow. It might have had something to do with the fact that he was approaching King Kong status or that he seemed to be blissfully unaware of his surroundings, but Wallace never lost sight of Jason. He wondered how many people had followed him in a similar manner. Though let’s be honest, it probably wasn’t that many. He pushed up his coke bottle glasses and unbuttoned the first button of his plaid shirt. The running joke was that he had raided Urkel’s closet but left his brains behind. Coworkers can be so kind. He pulled out the binoculars that were fortuitously located in his backpack. He never imagined that lizard hunting could prove to be so…lucrative. Yeah, that was the word. And boy was it fucking lucrative. By the time he had adjusted to a position where he could see most of the room Jason was in, the hulking monster had left his Gap for Giants clothes on the bed and began to rummage through his wardrobe. He pulled out a blue tee shirt with a video game character on it that looked like it was sized for toddlers in his gorilla hands. And then he tried to put it on. It was almost comical. Emphasis on almost. Wallace’s cock clearly had a different opinion. The shirt started to rip before Jason could even get his arm through one of the sleeves. By the time the other arm made it through, the shirt had already been transformed into a tank top. A lousy one, too; it barely even reached his abs. Meanwhile his pecs were practically suffocating with the tightness of the fabric. He laughed. And as he laughed he came all over the floor. Fucking ridiculous. Although Wallace wasn’t really in position to be critical right now. He wasn’t quite sure of when he came. He only felt it in his pants sometimes afterwards. Journalism at its finest. Jason’s laughter halted abruptly and was replaced with a stuporous state. Wallace could have sworn that a blue glow came over his eyes. After a few moments of drool-laden daydreaming, Jason grabbed his game boy and a Gatorade and ran out the door. Wallace was forced to follow, pants drenched in cum, binoculars swinging on his thin shoulders. -- Jason had hoped to spend a little more time on his own before they called him back. But it sounded pretty important. He hoped he wasn’t going to explode or grow extra limbs anywhere. They would probably laugh at him for saying shit like that. Jason realized half way down the street that he had forgotten his clothes. He had honestly only noticed when his stiff cock met the breeze. A few minutes later he was back on track, fully clothed, spunk drying on his shorts as he briskly trekked back to the pick up spot. A fierce battle between his Venasaur and a Charizard kept his mind occupied while he made his long journey back out to the desert (though really, it was only a mile). He had meant to bring Pokemon Yellow instead of Pokemon Red, but it would have to do. By the time he left his neighborhood, he had grown tired of his clothes. It was approaching 100 degrees anyhow. How could you blame him? So he ripped them off with one hand, never letting go of the Gameboy with the other. They would give him new ones, probably. -- Wallace started getting hard again approximately the same time that Jason’s clothes hit the ground. His glutes bounced as Wallace watched, and their metronomic, perfectly controlled motion was almost hypnotic. Wallace would have stayed captivated by their mesmerizing rhythm if Jason’s calves had not stolen his attention. Bellies like diamonds, it was hard to imagine he was not moving the earth every time he took a step. And if that wasn’t enough, the broad curvature of his lats swayed back and forth, accentuating their impossible size while each little back muscle flexed individually to highlight the definition. Wallace could have stared for hours, but Jason stopped rather suddenly in the middle of nowhere. Wallace couldn’t see any conspicuous landmarks, but Jason turned off his Gameboy and was clearly ready to ascend back to wherever he came from. And so Wallace ran. He ran faster than he ever had in his life, leaving his backpack and binoculars behind. His little lungs and legs burned in the desert heat, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to give up. By the time Jason turned around, Wallace was already on him, clinging his relatively tiny waist. Jason was amused. He grabbed Wallace by the back of his collar and lifted him up. It was kind of like picking up a cat by its scruff. Jason couldn’t say that he didn’t enjoy it, just a little. Watching the little man squirm in his grasp, knowing that there was absolutely nothing he could do. And then the beam came down, and off they went. *Zap* And within a few seconds it was like they’d never been there.
  15. Gary Lochs and the Three Bears

    This story is more silly than erotic, but it might get your imagination going or serve as a nice appetizer before reading some of the more graphic postings. Once upon a time there were three bears who lived in a cabin in the forest. Boris was the oldest, biggest bear. He had a huge, barrel chest with a bloated roid gut. His body was covered with fur head to toe and front to back. Brian was an off-season bodybuilder who enjoyed watching his body hair grow back after shaving it for each competition. Billy was the youngest, smallest bear. He was a former high school linebacker now growing a firm furry beer gut. One day after gorging themselves with a huge meal, the bears decided to go out for a walk. While they were gone, Gary Lochs happened to stumble upon the empty cabin while out for a hike. Gary knocked on the door, but when no one answered he let himself in. Gary wandered around a bit and saw a home gym set up in the back of the cabin. Being a bodybuilder himself, he decided to have a quick workout. Gary saw a rack of dumbbells along the wall. He picked up a pair of 25 pound weights and started curling but they were too light. He then went over to a pair of 125 pound weights - he could barely lift them off the rack! He struggled to curl them but they were too heavy. Gary wondered how strong must the man be who uses these weights! He then found a pair of 75 pound dumbbells. The weights felt good hanging by his sides - they were just right. Gary did 3 sets of curls, loving the feeling of his biceps pumping up during his workout. Gary then saw some resistance bands. He grabbed the first band with both hands and stretched it across his chest so far that it snapped in two. The band was too thin. Gary grabbed another band, but as much as Gary tried to stretch the rubber it wouldn’t budge. It was too thick. Gary then found a third band and started stretching it across his broad chest. It was just right. Gary could feel his pecs swelling up inside his shirt with each rep. The far side of the room was covered with mirrors, and there were some hooks with posing suits on them. Gary stripped off all of his clothes and grabbed a powder blue poser. He tried stuffing his dick inside, but the pouch was too small. Gary then tried on the black poser. Gary’s nicely-sized cock couldn’t fill up all the fabric of the posing suit - it was too big. Whose manhood were these posers supposed to contain?! Gary then tried on the red poser. It cupped his balls nicely and Gary could see the outline of his head bulging through the fabric. It was just right. Gary went through some poses, admiring the reflection of his pumped up physique in the mirror. He was getting a bit sweaty from all the workout and all the flexing, so he took off the poser and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Meanwhile, the three bears returned from their walk and saw the dumbbells sitting on the gym floor. “Somebody’s been lifting my dumbbells!” growled Boris as he returned the 125-pounders to the rack. “Somebody’s been lifting my dumbbells!” echoed Brian. Then young Billy said the same - “Somebody’s been lifting my dumbbells!” The bears then saw their resistance bands. Boris picked up the thick cord of rubber that Gary couldn’t budge and easily stretched it several times across his massive chest. “Somebody’s been using my band!” he yelled. Brian picked up his band and said “somebody’s been using my band!” Billy picked up the torn pieces of his band and said “somebody’s been using my band and snapped it in two!” Boris then picked up his black poser with the huge pouch. “Somebody’s been wearing my poser!” Brian held up his red trunks and said “somebody’s been wearing my poser, too!” Billy picked up his suit with the skimpy little pouch and said “somebody’s been wearing my poser and stretched the fabric out!” The bears heard water running and they went into the bathroom. They pulled open the shower curtain and saw Gary standing there lathering up his muscular body. Gary was so shocked at seeing all the hairy muscle staring back at him that he jumped out the window naked and ran out into the forest. And the three bears never saw him again. coming up next: Little Red Riding Hoodie

    It's prom time again, so I thought I'd repost this story from the old forum. Enjoy! THE MUSCLE PROM BY GLAMLEATHERPUNK (AKA GLAMROCKCOWBOY) 18-year-old Billy Green was not in a good mood as he walked down the street. He had just attended the funeral of his parents. They had been waiting at a traffic light, only a few nights before, when a drunk driver, traveling at over 90 miles an hour, had plowed into their car in a head-on collision that the investigating police officers had called the worst they had ever seen. Both Billy’s parents and the drunk driver had been killed instantly. Billy himself had been out on a date with his long-time girlfriend, Alice Johnson, and had met his par-ents at a local restaurant for dinner, before going to a Justin Bieber concert, including a “meet-and-greet” prior to the show, for which they had won tickets from a local radio station. To their astonish-ment, Justin had even invited them to ride with him in his limousine to an after-concert party. Thus, they had been spared from being killed in the accident itself, since Justin’s limousine had been several cars behind at the time. In fact, Justin, feeling an incredibly strong premonition of danger, had actually ordered the driver to take a side street, and then go around the block, arriving at the cross street of the intersection just in time to watch the accident take place! Of course, Justin had been as horror-stricken as Billy and Alice had. Although he had had to continue with his concert tour, Justin had done everything he could to help his new friends. He had even donat-ed a portion of the income from that night’s concert, and from the rest of the tour, to a trust fund that was set up for their benefit. That income, together with the huge financial settlement from the drunk driver’s wealthy family, plus the proceeds from his parents’ life insurance policies, had left Billy an after-tax multi-millionaire. As he walked down the street that afternoon, however, with Alice at his side, Billy’s mood was every bit as black as the new suit he was wearing. He would gladly have given up all of his sudden wealth to get his parents back, alive and well. Of course, that was simply not possible. Like it or not, Billy knew he had to get on with the business of living. It was for this reason that Billy and Alice, having wound up the funeral and related errands, were now walking down the main street of their town’s trendiest shopping areas. Their high school prom was coming up in a few weeks, and as President and Vice-President of their school’s Senior Class, Billy and Alice knew they would be expected to be present. Despite the circumstances, they both knew that they would need formal wear for the prom. Both Alice and Billy, however, had been distinctly turned off by this year’s crop of prom-oriented formal wear styles. That being the case, Alice’s mother had suggested that they check out the many vintage clothing stores in this district, and see if they could find outfits that would be more to their taste. Billy and Alice had both agreed that it was worth trying. Hence their presence in the vintage clothing district on this warm, sunny spring afternoon. Apparently, though, a lot of other high school prom-goers had had the same idea, for although Billy and Alice went from one shop to another, none of them had anything in stock that suited either one of them. Several shop owners told them that they had had some styles in line with what the two young lovers would have liked, but they had sold out of those styles days or even weeks before. As the afternoon wore on, the young couple’s faces grew longer and longer. It began to look as though they would have to give up, when Alice spotted a shop on a side street they had not yet visited. The shop had signs in its windows reading, “Going Out of Business!”, “Last Days!”, and other similar notices. Billy looked at Alice, who shrugged her shoulders indifferently. This being the only shop in the area that they had not yet visited, the two teens realized they had nothing to lose by going in and looking around. Loosening his tie and opening the collar of his dress shirt, with a sigh, Billy led the way into the shop. As might be expected, a bell attached to the top of the inside of the door rang as they came in. A tall, thin, elderly gentlemen looked up from the counter. “May I help you, Mr. Green?” he courteously inquired. Startled, Billy was about to ask how the man knew his name when he saw several newspa-pers neatly stacked on the floor behind the counter. The one on the top had headlines that Billy recog-nized only too well, for it concerned the very accident that had caused the deaths of his parents. The old man, obviously the owner of the shop, quickly sized up the situation, and apologized for inad-vertently upsetting his two young visitors. “You see,” he explained, “the circumstances of that accident were strikingly similar to the one that caused the death of my son and his fiancee just over 20 years ago, the day before they were scheduled to attend their own senior prom, and formally announce their engagement!” Billy and Alice groaned sympathetically, and expressed their condolences. “Thank you,” the old man replied softly, a sad but appreciative smile coming over his features. “And now, how can I help you two youngsters?” he asked. “Well, I’m sure this may sound strange to you—not to mention ironic—but Alice and I are looking for prom outfits—something from the glam rock era, or maybe even the rave era of the 90's!” Billy ex-plained. In response, to the two teens’ horror, the old man’s face turned white as a sheet, and he reeled as if he were going to faint. Billy instantly grabbed him by the arm, and helped him into a chair behind the counter. Meanwhile, seeing a restroom at the far end of the counter, Alice went to it, pulled out se-veral paper towels, ran cold water over them, then wrung out the excess. She then took them to Billy, who wiped the old man’s face and neck with them in an effort to revive him. To the two teens’ immense relief, their efforts were successful. As the color slowly returned to the shop owner’s face, Alice pulled a paper cup from a dispenser and filled it with cold water from an old-style filtered water dispenser nearby. She then handed it to the old man, who drank it gratefully. Billy went to refill the cup, and again the proprietor gratefully consumed its contents. “I’m sorry if I frightened you,” he explained, “but those were precisely the kinds of styles my son and his fiancee were wearing when they were killed! As a matter of fact, their personal wardrobes are all the inventory I have left! Everything else got picked over by other young prom-goers over the last few weeks!” Billy and Alice were startled by this information. “Your son and his fiancee were glam rockers?” Billy asked. “Oh, were they ever!” the old man replied, actually laughing as he spoke. “Just a moment—let me show you some pictures I have of them, and you’ll see what I mean!” Billy helped him to his feet, and he went behind the counter into a small office area next to the restroom. A moment later, the old man emerged with a thick binder containing dozens of photographs of two of the biggest, most muscu-lar, most drop-dead-gorgeous teenagers either Billy or Alice had ever seen. Billy let out a long, low whistle of astonishment. “Man! Talk about being glam rockers! WOW!!” he exclaimed. The young man, obviously well over six feet in height, was incredibly handsome, with big, sparkling sapphire-blue eyes, high cheekbones, a perfectly-shaped nose, and lips which were so big, so full, so pouty and sensual, that they all but screamed to be passionately kissed. His hair, a gorgeously rich chestnut brown in color, was teased up into a gigantic mass of tightly-wound curls, in a style typi-cal of the “big hair heavy metal” look of the 80's. His physique, which was displayed in several pic-tures, was mountainously huge, even by current standards. His wardrobe ranged from 80's-style glam rock to vintage-style Western to studded leather with multiple chains to incredibly wide-legged rave pants with black patent leather shoes and boots with incredibly high heels and platform soles. His wardrobe was rounded out by waist-length tuxedo jackets with matching tuxedo pants with extremely wide legs—and wide satin stripes down the legs to match! To go with the jackets and pants, the photo-graphs showed the young man wearing several different poet shirts with more rows and layers of ruf-fles and lace than either Billy or Alice had ever seen, along with brocaded ties and cummerbunds in almost every color of the rainbow! The girl was also well over six feet in height, and was a prime specimen of what was now referred to as the “femuscle” look. Both her muscles and her curves were extreme in their size and development. Her eyes were a brilliant emerald green, while her own huge head of curls was a gorgeous honey gold in color. The shape and contours of her lovely face complemented that of the boy to utter perfection, as did her wardrobe. The formal gown she wore in one picture—one of the last pictures to be taken prior to her death, judging by the date stamped on it—was of a huge, hooped-skirt design very similar to those that Billy and Alice remembered seeing in “Man In The Iron Mask,” in which Leonardo Di Cap-rio had starred in the early 90's. Even with that, however, her extreme muscularity and curvaceousness were both clearly evident. As the two teens shook their heads in amazement, the shop owner showed them another, smaller binder. “These are the last pictures I took of them prior to their deaths,” he said softly, a sad, wistful smile on his face. For a long moment, Billy and Alice each put a sympathetic hand on the old man's shoulders. Then, almost reluctantly, they opened the binder—and, when they did, they almost fainted. The first group of photos showed the young couple together, in what was obviously a set of formal prom por-traits. Only in these pictures, however, did the young couple’s true size and sheer good looks, aug-mented almost to the level of obscenity by their formal attire, truly become apparent. The last pictures of the young couple, however, were startling in their contrast to the previous group. These photographs displayed them in Western parade outfits that fairly dripped, oozed, and radiated vintage-style Western wealth, luxury, and extravagance. Virtually every square inch of each outfit was laden with gold, silver, platinum, and precious and semi-precious stones in every color of the rainbow. The saddles, bridles, chaps, spurs, and other tack in these outfits were easily worthy of being worn in the Tournament of Roses Parade, to say nothing of virtually any other parade or rodeo imaginable. Again, Alice and Billy shook their heads in amazement as they closed the binder. “And you’re selling both of their wardrobes?” Alice inquired. The old man nodded. “Even the rodeo outfits are included,” he said. “In fact, their wills specifically stated that both of their wardrobes must be sold together and complete—even their jewelry. That’s the major reason I haven’t been able to dispose of them before now.” As the two teens’ jaws dropped wide open in response, he went on, “Come, let me show them to you.” He thereupon led Alice and Billy from one display area to another, showing off both the boy’s and the girl’s attire. “These outfits look awfully big,” Billy remarked as he looked over one of the waist-length tuxedo jackets. “They were supposed to be that way,” the old man explained. “Aside from the fact that both of them were avid teenage bodybuilders, outfits from the ‘glam rock’ era of the 80's were often made oversized to emphasize the look of luxury and extravagance. All of them, however, can be altered without any difficulty, and since you still have almost two weeks until your prom—well, need I say more?” The old man smiled, and the two teens grinned appreciatively. “Before you make a final decision,” the shop owner went on, “let me show you the rodeo gear. I have it locked in a vault in the back of the shop for security reasons, as I’m sure you can understand.” As the two teens nodded, the owner went to the front of the shop, where he locked the front door shut. “I’m required to do this for insurance reasons,” he explained. Again, the two teens nodded their understand-ing, as the old man led them to the back of the shop. Here, a large vault, similar to what might be en-countered in a bank, stood buried in one of the walls. Using a magnetic key similar to ones Alice and Billy had seen in restaurants where they had worked in the past, the owner keyed in a combination. The mechanism buzzed in response, and the old man tugged on the door handle. Slowly, the ponderous door swung on its hinges, revealing a single large chamber containing the elaborate rodeo gear Alice and Billy had see in the final group of photographs. The two teens were awestruck. They had never seen such Western splendor in their lives. While both Alice and Billy were avid Western horsemen, and could easily qualify as college-level or even profes-sional rodeo or parade performers (especially trick riding, trick roping, and whip handling), neither one of them had ever dreamed of owning outfits as fine as these. Every piece in the collection, from the huge, wide-brimmed hats to the studded, fringed, gauntletted gloves, and even the spurs, was in as per-fect condition as if it had been made yesterday. After silently looking over the collection, Billy and Alice looked at each other for a long moment with-out speaking. Then, quietly, Billy looked the old man straight in the eye and said, “We’ll take it—the whole kit and kaboodle!” The owner hesitated for a moment, then asked, “You’re sure that this is what you want?” Quietly, but firmly, Alice replied, “Yes, sir—we’re positive!” In response, the old man lift-ed his eyes upward silently for a long moment, as if he were giving thanks for an answered prayer. Then, he led the two teens back out of the vault, locking the door behind them. As they went back toward the front of the shop, Billy asked, “How much do you want for all of this?” “$500,000,” the owner replied, “including all sales taxes, insurance, and delivery costs.” Billy’s and Alice’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Both teens had expected a much higher figure, especially given the size and quality of the rodeo gear collection. Nevertheless, they accepted the figure without a mo-ment’s hesitation. “I’ll have my attorneys make the necessary arrangements first thing in the morning,” Billy assured the old man. Then, checking his watch, he went on, “In fact, they should still be in their office, so let me call them right now.” As the old man unlocked the front door, Billy pulled out his cell phone. Within a few minutes, he had made the necessary arrangements. He then discussed delivery arrangements with the shop owner, who was only too happy to work around Billy’s and Alice’s school schedule. As they wrapped up the final details, the old man sighed gratefully. “At last, I can close up this shop and wind up my personal af-fairs,” he commented. At sight of the look of alarm that came over the two teens’ faces, he smiled and explained, “You needn’t be so alarmed, my friends—I'm not talking about cancer or suicide or anything like that! Nevertheless, I’m at an age now such that I’m more than ready to retire. My dear wife passed away several years ago, and my other relatives are well taken care of, so when my time comes, I should be as ready as anyone can be!” “Billy and I hope that time is a long way off, sir!” Alice said quietly, as the two teens took the old man’s hands in theirs. His eyes filled with tears as he replied, almost in a whisper, “Thank you, kids—thank you very much!” With that, they went to the front door. As they did so, the old man took a sign from underneath the front counter. As the two teens bade him goodbye, he fastened it to the door. On the sign, four words were printed: “CLOSED—OUT OF BUSINESS.” With that, the two teens went on their way. Three days later, the wardrobes arrived at the large ranch at the edge of town where Billy had grown up with his parents. Alice was there to help him sort out the various items between Billy and herself. By mutual consent, however, the rodeo gear for both teens stayed at the ranch, whose tack room had been equipped with an alarm system. Billy had arranged for the alarm system to be upgraded while waiting on the rodeo gear to be delivered, and when he and Alice got another look at the items included, he was glad he had done so. Between schoolwork and the prom arrangements, it was not until four days prior to the prom that the two teens finally got the chance to actually start trying on some of the outfits they had purchased. To their surprise, everything they tried on fit them surprisingly well, despite its being oversized. After try-ing on at least half a dozen combinations, Billy and Alice both decided to wear the fanciest outfits they had in their new wardrobe. After all, they both reasoned, a senior prom comes along only once in a lifetime, so why not get gussied up to the max for it? Alice had been studying cosmetology at the high school where she and Billy attended, so it was only natural that she should be the one to work up an appropriate makeup scheme for each of them. The result was a smoky, sultry color scheme for both teens, accented with multi-colored glitter. Even the lipstick they both decided to wear had multi-colored glitter in it. They also opted to wear so-called “rainbow” crystal ear studs as an additional accent. As a final touch, the two teens decided to tease their respective hairstyles up as big as they possibly could. This last touch would be carried out at the high school’s own hairstyling facilities, under Alice’s personal supervision. In the interim between his parents’ deaths and the prom, Billy and Alice, who were already very much an item at their high school, had become even closer. So much so, in fact, that by the eve of the prom, Billy made what he well knew would be one of the most important decisions of his life. To that end, the night before the prom, after Alice had gone home for the night, Billy went into the tack room, where all of the previous owners' jewelry had been stored. Awestruck as he was, Billy looked carefully over the jewelry collection. As he did so, Billy could not repress a wistful sigh. While both he and Alice were decidedly athletic—especially when it came to their rodeo performing—the simple fact was that neither one of them was anywhere near as big, or as brawny, as the previous young owners of the collection had been. Although the outfits they had chosen would look undeniably good on them, Billy could not help wishing that he and the girl he loved were big enough, and brawny enough, to fill out their respec-tive prom outfits the way they really deserved. Finally, after looking through the jewelry collection repeatedly, Billy found a pair of ring boxes that he had not noticed before. When he opened them, he instantly realized that he had found precisely what he was looking for. One box contained what were obviously his-and-hers engagement rings. The other box, as might be expected, contained his-and-hers wedding bands. All four rings were lavishly studded with precious and semi-precious stones in every color of the rainbow. Furthermore, a careful scrutiny showed that the engagement rings and the wedding bands were designed to lock together, thereby symbolically emphasizing the binding nature of marriage. With a nod of satisfaction, Billy took the box containing the engagement rings and set it aside, returning the box containing the two wedding bands to their original location. As he prepared to exit the tack room, on impulse, Billy bowed his head and silently prayed that the out-fits and the jewelry that he and Alice had chosen for the prom would prove to be a fitting tribute to the two young lovers who had perished so tragically some two decades before, just when they had been ready to crown their relationship by becoming engaged. As Billy left the tack room and re-engaged the lock and the alarm system, he felt as if the two teens in question were somehow smiling down on him. He carefully locked the ring box in a hidden safe in his parents’ former bedroom, and then went to bed. The day of the prom dawned sunny and warm, with brilliant blue skies and low humidity. For some reason, Billy felt unaccountably full of strength and energy as he fixed his breakfast, which was much larger then normal for him. Even so, Billy all but inhaled his morning meal in only 15 minutes. His lunch was even larger, yet Billy did not feel the least bit stuffed or overfull. On the contrary, in fact—Billy felt as though his energy levels were being pumped up higher than they had ever been before. As he finally began cleaning up before getting into his prom outfit, Billy suddenly got a good look at himself in his full-length bedroom mirror. His mouth dropped open for a long moment as he realized that both his hair and his muscles were already substantially larger and handsomer than they had ever been before. What was more, it actually looked as though they were both still growing. Even his sex organs were noticeably larger than Billy remembered, and they too appeared to be swelling with ever-increasing size, sexual power, potency, and virility. Billy swallowed hard as he realized the implications of what was going on, and even more so as he considered what could be happening to the girl he loved. If this continued, Billy realized, by the time they got to the prom Billy and Alice could be every bit as big, as strong, and as drop-dead-gorgeous as the two teens who had originally owned the outfits that Billy and Alice were even now preparing to wear that night. He humbly bowed his head and prayed for God’s guidance and protection going to and from the prom, as well as during the prom itself and the post-prom breakfast, not only for himself and Alice, but for all of those involved in the night’s activities. As if in direct response, Billy felt his strength and energy levels skyrocket as he headed for the bathroom to shower, shave, do his hair, and put on his makeup. By the time he was actually ready to get into his prom suit, Billy’s chest had more than doubled in size, and his other muscles had grown in direct proportion. As he put on one article of prom clothing and accessories after another, his muscles swelled even further and faster, as did his hair. By the time the young millionaire put on his rainbow-brocaded tie and cummerbund, and then put on his waist-length tuxedo jacket, he looked for all the world like a teenaged glam rock superstar. As he opened the safe and drew out the engagement ring box, he truly felt that way as well. After putting the ring box into his right jacket pocket, Billy pulled on his white kid gloves, then carefully put on a gorgeous top hat that complemented the rest of his outfit perfectly. Then, picking up the dress cane which had come with the wardrobe, Billy preened himself in front of the mirror in his bedroom. Almost perfect, he realized—al-most, but not quite. Something was missing—but what? In a flash, Billy realized that he needed to wear a cape to take his prom outfit over the top. Looking in his closet, he quickly found just such a cape and put it on. That did it! Now, Billy realized, he truly looked like the “King of the Prom, ” even if he wasn’t. His muscles seemed to swell up bigger yet, as the horn of the super-stretch limousine he had reserved sounded outside his front door. As he locked the front door and engaged the alarm before getting into the limo, Billy silently gave thanks for the outfit he was wearing, and prayed that Alice's outfit would be just as gorgeous. In response, his already huge physique swelled up bigger, stronger, and handsomer yet as he got into the limo for the short drive to Alice’s house. During that short trip, Billy silently prayed that Alice’s parents would look with favor on the request he would shortly make of them. His muscles swelled yet again as he exited the limo, carrying the corsage he had bought for the girl he loved. Alice’s parents were astounded at Billy’s enormous size and power, to say nothing of the glamor and panache he fairly radiated in his prom outfit. While he was waiting for Alice to join them, Billy took a deep breath, his chest expanding to even more gigantic proportions, and very quietly and humbly asked Mr. and Mrs. Johnson for permission to marry Alice. He was overjoyed when Mr. Johnson replied, “Take her with our blessing, son—we couldn’t possibly want a better son-in-law in the whole wide world!” He instantly threw his enormous arms around his future in-laws in a super-powerful, yet gen-tle and loving embrace. Only moments after he released them, Alice finally came to join them. Billy almost fainted as for the first time he beheld the girl he loved in her full prom outfit. She had become nothing less than the ul-timate cross between a supermodel and the so-called “femuscle” look. For her part, Alice almost swooned at the sight of her long-time boyfriend, now raised to the level of glam rock muscle royalty. Billy carefully fastened the corsage in place on her gown, then gave her the deepest kiss they had ever shared up to this point. Then, in the traditional manner, Billy went down on one knee, pulled out and opened the box containing the engagement rings, and humbly asked Alice to marry him. Alice's swift reply was, “Oh, yes, Billy, YES, a thousand times YE-E-E-E-E-E-S!!” Billy instantly rose to his feet, growing even larger as he did so. The young couple exchanged the rings, and then they ex-changed a kiss more powerful than even the one from a few moments earlier. As they then threw their now-gargantuan arms around each other in a tearful embrace, Alice’s body grew to a perfect match with that of her future husband. Even as they rode to the prom, the young couple felt, not only that they were becoming even more su-per-muscular, but that their outfits were becoming more decadent as well. Their arrival caused a total sensation among the other prom-goers, who showered them with cheers, wolf whistles, compliments and congratulations. The announcement that Billy and Alice had unanimously been elected Prom King and Queen (many of their friends and classmates told them they really should have been called “Prom Emperor and Empress”) was topped only by the further announcement of their engagement by Billy himself, including a formal invitation to the entire class to attend the wedding, which would take place directly after graduation exercises some six weeks later. The entire senior class went wild with joy, and the young couple found themselves being mobbed as though they were glam rock megastars! As the festivities came to their conclusion with the traditional post-prom breakfast, after which Billy and Alice rode home in their limo, Billy and Alice smuggled up to each other, finally falling into a light doze. As they arrived at Alice’s home, where her smiling parents were waiting for her, the young cou-ple awoke. With a puzzled expression on her face, Alice turned to Billy and reported, “You know, babe, I had this strange dream that those two teens who originally wore these outfits were actually smiling down on us the entire evening!” With a wicked grin, Billy replied, “Maybe they were, darling—or maybe it was a vision of some kind! Either way, I'm sure not gonna argue with it—especially after what’s happened to us!” He flexed his mountainous arms for emphasis, and Alice promptly did like-wise, a wicked grin on her own drop-dead-gorgeous features. The two exchanged a deep kiss, and then Billy returned home. After he had bade the limo driver farewell with a huge tip, Billy finally headed inside, picking up the Sunday paper as he did so. As he began to remove his prom attire, the young giant (now over 7 feet tall, with more muscle packed on his frame than he had ever thought possible) began reading through the paper. He froze as one item captured—nay, riveted—his attention. “Oh, no!” he groaned. The story he had just read was the obituary of the elderly gentleman who had sold Billy and Alice the ward-robes of the two dead teenagers. Indeed, the obituary mentioned the earlier tragedy, and that, just prior to his short retirement, he had sold the two teens’ wardrobes as his last act prior to closing his shop. Billy was deeply saddened. Still, he remembered that the old man had told them that he was ready for death whenever it might come, and especially now that he had been able to carry out his late son’s final wishes in making his wardrobe, and that of his girlfriend, available to another young couple who would enjoy getting glammed up as much as they did. As he continued perusing the story, Billy’s phone rang. He was not surprised when the caller proved to be Alice, who was practically in tears after having read the story. Billy gently pointed out to his fiancee that, if nothing else, they had helped the old man wind up his affairs, so that he could truly “rest in peace.” They talked a little while longer, and then they both finally went to bed. Just over six weeks later, Alice and Billy were married, in what the local papers called, “the richest, most glamorous, most luxurious wedding in this city’s history.” (Although he was still on tour, Justin Bieber made a point of send the young couple a message of congratulations, along with tickets to the final concert on his current tour.) Both teens were now a whopping 7' 7” tall, with muscles and hair to match, and wore the richest, most “glam-rocking gorgeous” outfits in the wardrobe they had purchased nearly three months before. As they entered the limo which would take them to the airport to begin their honeymoon, the two young super-giants silently gave thanks for what had been bestowed upon them. As they dozed off en route to the airport, they once again seemed to see the two teens whose wardrobes they had purchased—only this time, the boy's father and mother were with them, smiling warmly, as if to bestow a final blessing on them as they began their new life together.
  17. This story is coming to an end. Got some hot stuff here. Enjoy! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 A College Weight Room Story: The Path to Gains Thursday. Cardio, Biceps, and Back Day: Part 5 It is 9:45. Troy and I are standing in the weight room drenched in sweat. I’m pumped as fuck. We ran 2 miles this morning and decided to work chest and back afterwards. We are 15 minutes into our bicep workout. I can see the veins in Troy’s blood pumping with blood with each dumbbell curl and his arms aren’t all that’s pumping with blood. His cock is obviously hard through his running shorts, which are so short that they barely reach the middle of his thigh. I see his meat twitch with every curl and in a way I can feel his alpha energy radiating from his body. I have two 40 pound dumbbells and he has two 45 pound ones. His biceps are obviously stronger than mine. His rock hard biceps are burning read as he curls and I wish so much to be as big as him. We finish our last set and I pat him on the back. It is still drenched with sweat from our run, but I don’t care. “Fuck bro, your biceps are swole as ever,” I say. “Thanks man,” he says. “But look at yourself. Those are boulders. Flex those babies.” He looks in the mirror and flexes his bicep. I flex both of my biceps. I am wearing a black stringer tank top and the flexing reveals my hard pecs and with both biceps flexed, I look amazing. Troy’s eyes light up. “Shit bro!” he says. “I need to get a pic of this!” He takes out his camera and we strike the same pose. “Look at the two of us alphas.” He says this while showing me the picture. “Two powerful bros, ready to crush all of those that get in our way.” “Me, an alpha?” I say. “Yeah dude!” he basically yells. “Look at these arms!” he says and grabs holds of both of my biceps. “You’re a beast!” I don’t know how to respond to this, but before I can Troy gets a message on his phone. He looks down at his phone and his eyes open wide. “Holy shit, man! I got an internship in Superset City!” “WHAT?!?” I am shocked. Superset City is the fitness capital of the entire United States. The only people that live there are pro bodybuilders, extreme fitness enthusiasts, and basically anyone with a bod worth showing. “I got an internship in the swollest city in the word! Fuck!!” He is shaking with excitement. “When will you leave?” I say. I am a bit panicked. Troy can’t just leave. “Next Fall is our senior year. Dude, you should apply. I don’t have a roommate yet and it would be cool to be able to work out and chill with you every day!” “Really?” “Yeah, man! Just promise me you’ll think about it” I hesitate. I never thought about doing an internship, but to go away with Troy would be amazing. I don’t know why he wants me to go, but I don’t want to let him down. “I’ll think about it.” I say. “Great!” We continue to work out. Troy is even more pumped than before and we charge our way through the rest of our biceps and back workouts. We are burnt out by 10:45 and in a desperate need to shower. Troy follows me into the locker room. I no longer feel nervous when I go in here alone with him and I immediately begin stripping. Once my clothes are off I see that Troy is already naked too. He stands directly behind me and I know he is looking at me. “Wow man,” he says. “I feel like you are swelling up every time I see you.” I turn around and look at him. He stands in front of me fully erect and I feel like I could ask him anything at this moment. He just doesn’t seem to give a fuck that his showing me his all. I look down at his hard abs. They are protruding from his stomach, each individual muscle begging to me caressed. His cock points straight to the ceiling and is oozing with pre-cum. My dick starts to stiffen up and I see his eyes twitch down towards it. “Like what you see, bro?” he asks. This question shocks me. How do I respond to such a question? Should I tell him that his hard body turns me on or would that ruin our friendship? I decide to try to turn the conversation. “Dude, you look great, but I need to take care of this hard on,” I say. “I always feel like busting one after a good workout.” He looks at me inquisitively and slowly begins to move forward, his eyes never leaving mine. He stands right in front of me and I see him debate something in his mind. His eyes are full of questions and then suddenly a look of remorse comes over him as if he suddenly changed his mind about something. He backs away slightly and walks towards the showers. “Let’s go man!” he says over his shoulder. I watch his tight ass as he walks away. Fuck. My cock is dripping just thinking about those swollen globes. I follow behind him and get into the second shower, He is in the first and I hear him turn on the water. I turn mine on and thinking about his ass I start stroking my cock. I feel so close already. Suddenly my curtain is open and I am shocked. My hand is immediately off my erect dick and I turn around. TROY IS STANDING IN THE SHOWER WITH ME!! “You know… Out of all the muscles on your body that I have touched,” he says, creeping slowly towards me. “I have never touched this one.” He slowly reaches his right hand down and wraps it around my cock. Fuck! What is happening? He begins to stroke me and my body is filled with immense pleasure. His other hand begins to play with my nipples. I feel so good that I don’t know how to reacted, so I just melt into his hands. He begins to stroke faster and faster and his left hand beings to feel my abs. I begin to shake, my climax is building. “There it is big guy,” he says, “Let it all out. Show me what an alpha’s cock can do!” My cock bursts! Hot white streaks splatter Troy’s chest, dripping down onto his own cock and I finally let in a gasp of air. I fall back against the wall soaking wet. “Nice, bro!” he says and steps out of my shower and back into his. I’m still shaking as I hear him begin to moan. I finish cleaning and I know he is done when he turns his water off. I wait a minute, still lost in thought and then I turn off my water and go out to get changed. I don’t speak as I get dressed. I don’t know what to say, but then I remember his text about wrestling from yesterday. “So dude, you still wanna wrestle tonight after dinner?” I say “That’s right!” he says. “Heck yah man! I don’t have a singlet, I hope you don’t mind if I don’t wear one.” “Nah man, that’s cool. I just won’t wear mine.” “No! You have to wear it dude! I love that thing on your bod. It shows off the best of you.” “You mean my dick?” I say and laugh. “That’s just one of the good parts,” he says and laughs also. Well, at least he likes my dick. That’s good. Right? Troy’s phone begins to go off and he looks down at it. The light in his eyes die down as he ignores the call. I notice that his attitude is a little damp. “You ok, man? I ask. “Everything is cool,” Troy says anxiously. I can tell that everything is not cool “What wrong?” I’m just a bit worried about my relationship. My girlfriend is worried that I will get too big and she doesn’t want to date anyone bigger than me.” “So what does that mean?” “She wants me to stop working out.” What?! That’s crazy as fuck.” “Agreed.” “Well I hope you guys can work it out,” I say although it is a lie. “Thanks, bro,” he says. We begin our walk out of the gym and plan to meet to wrestle an hour after dinner. It wasn’t until dinner time that I heard from my friend Angelica, who had heard from Cassidy, who had heard from Joy that Troy and his girlfriend had broken up, not even an hour after the two of us had left the gym.
  18. Blue Pill Part 10

    I will apologize ahead of time, there is no growth or sex in this scene, but it is setting up for the next scene. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback if there is a certain direction you would like to see this story go. I keep hitting roadblocks in this story. Thank you everyone for all of your support Blue Pill Part 10 Modest would not even begin to describe fletcher valleys quarterback. It wouldn’t even begin to describe the massive home he lives in either. Chris had just returned home after his most recent fuck session in the gym with Luke amped up and ready to long dick his girlfriend Stacy for a few hours. “Hey baby, did you miss me? Cause my dick sure missed that tight snatch of yours!” Chris arrogantly flexed his dick inside his shorts, making the head of his python pop out the bottom. Stacy couldn’t take her eyes off the newly grown muscle man. “My god Chris, you’ve gotten so huge!” her eyes caught the tip of his dick peeking out of his shorts, so she reached forward and grabbed hold. She began massaging the meat in one hand until she realized that she couldn’t encircle it as it began to harden. “Jesus Christ! This things not even fully hard yet” Stacy exclaimed in awe as she got closer to examine it. Not believing what she was seeing. “Not even close.” Chris said with a smirk on his face. Chris reached one of his meaty paws out and wrapped it behind Stacy’s head, pulling her into his groin. He felt her begin pulling back so he let go. “There’s no way I can suck that thing! It’s too big already Christopher!” She had the look of fear in her eyes as she backed up, looking up from her man’s mammoth dick all the way up his muscular torso to his rage filled eyes. “Well if you won’t suck it, then I will just fuck you with it. How about that?” It was more of a statement than a question coming from Chris as he reached out wrapping a hand around her torso and pulling her closer. Stacy could feel Chris’s dick throbbing between her legs and up her skirt. “Now I’m fully hard, all 14 inches of me. Do I not have the biggest dick you’ve ever seen?” Chris began reaching under Stacy’s skirt with his other hand, moving her panties to one side as he readjusted his dick so the head was lined up with her clit. Stacy began to push against Chris’s rock hard pecs in protest. “You’re not fucking me with that freak dick! I don’t know how you got this big so fast, but you weren’t this big a few days ago.” “I know it’s great isn’t it!” Chris said with an evil gleam in his eyes. He began rubbing his gargantuan helmet along her pussy lips, getting his dick head wet with her juices. As Chris began pushing the head of his dick into Stacy, she began to scream in protest, punching Chris everywhere she could. “ENOUGH!” Chris slapped Stacy across the face. A look of shock and horror filled her eyes. “NOW I’M GONNA GET LAID AND YOUR GOING TO TAKE MY DICK WETHER YOU WANT TO OR NOT!” Chris grabbed underneath Stacy’s arms and easily lifted her up as his dick head once again found the entrance to her moist cave. “Chris, please don’t!” Stacy shouted as tears began to fill her eyes. “Once I get completely inside you, you’ll love it, I promise.” Chris began lowering Stacy down onto his dick. She just rested on the head of his dick. Her pussy not accommodating to the girth of Chris’s gargantuan tool. Chris began getting frustrated so he switched his hand to rest on top of Stacy’s shoulders and he began applying force. Softly at first and then with increasing pressure. “STOP IT CHRISTOPHER! YOU’RE GOING TO RIP ME OPEN” becoming panicked, Stacy only thought of one way out. She swung her leg back and with all her might swung it forward. With the force of the impact of her foot on Chris’s baseball sized testical, it was enough for the behemoth to become winded. Chris let go of Stacy and grabbed for the shooting pain coming from his aching nut sack. Stacy tumbled to the floor and without missing a beat, ran out the door and out of Chris’s house to her car. “FUCK YOU, YOU STUPID BITCH. I WAS OVER YOU ANYWAY!” Chris yelled in agony as he lay on the ground holding his balls. Stacy sped off down the driveway leaving Chris and his aching balls in the dust, tears rolling down her face and anger in her eyes. After a couple minutes of lying on the floor, Chris began to get the nerve to get up. He grabbed onto the edge of his bed and when he fully stood he had a sharp shooting pain emanating from his balls. “Fuck! I need some aspirin.” Chris headed towards his bathroom. He flipped on the light and stepped up to his vanity, noting his body’s reflection in the mirror. Seeing his mass filled frame and vein covered beef only started to make his dick hard again. He opened the cabinet and rummaged through all the contents, not finding a single bottle of aspirin. “Shit!” Chris said slamming the cabinet door shut. “Maybe dad has some in his bathroom. Chris waddled his way out of his bedroom and pain stakingly made his way down stairs. Once he made it to the end of the hall he turned into his dads room and then into his bathroom. He opened the cabinet pushing bottles out of the way as they fell out and rattled across the tiled bathroom floor. Finally eyeing some ibuprofen at the back of the cabinet, Chris grabbed the bottle, popped the top off and downed 4. “That should do it.” Chris leaned down to get a drink of water from the faucet. Chris stood back up to his full height and once again caught eye of his own reflection. He began flexing his massive peaked biceps in the mirror. Making his pecs jump as he tweaked his diamond hard nipples. “Man that bitch is fucking crazy not wanting to get fucked by this.” Chris said as he went into a double bicep flex. Grunting and beginning to sweat, Chris noticed the head of his dick poking its way up past his belly button and along the ridges of his abs. Chris held one arm flexed as he reached down with his other hand and began massaging the head of his dick. Pre- cum began gushing out of the tip as his dick reached full hardness. He began lubing up his dick with his pre-cum. “Fuck, I gotta fuck something and soon. Maybe I will see if I can get that tight ass Luke to sit on my dick again.” Chris began to head out of his father’s bathroom, when his foot made contact with something on the floor sending it rattling across the bathroom. Chris hadn’t seen, over his mammoth pecs, all the pill bottles he had knocked out of the cabinet. Chris bent over and began picking them up and placing them back in the cabinet. He walked across the bathroom to pick up the bottle his foot had made contact with. As he reached down, he noticed that the bottle didn’t look like any of the others in the cabinet, but looked very familiar. As Chris looked over the bottle he recognized the label. It was the same label that the two bottles had in his locker at school. Chris popped the cap off and inside were black pills.
  19. Dwarfed by Dad - PART 2

    Hey guys, thanks for the awesome feedback on the first chapter. Here's the second, once again, it was written on my phone, so please excuse the errors. Enjoy! READ PART 1 HERE DWARFED BY DAD PART 2/4 When he grabbed the same weights as me, the same 80-pound dumbbells off the rack, I knew, just like the old man said over breakfast, that he was going to totally outgrow me. But it wasn't going to happen in a week, or even a few days, it was going to happen in a matter of hours. Almost as if he was literally growing bigger by the minute, the second, a growth experiment gone wrong, only it was my father, and there was seemingly no end to his new found muscle lust... “You know what?” Dad suddenly chuckled under his breath. “I think these weights are to LIGHT!” My jaw dropped to the floor, watching him move his way up the rack, right to the bodybuilding coveted 100-dumbbells. As he picked each one up, his sleeveless and huge chiseled grandpa-looking arms suddenly surged in size, definitely bigger than my own, looking like some real bodybuilder, not just an amateur, but some professional title baring bodybuilding hunk, a definition of physical perfection I could only dream of achieving. “OH-fuck, does that feel GOOD!” Dad groaned out loud, all while the whole gym stared, shocked, as he somehow began picking up the pace. He wasn't slowing down like he should have, gritting his teeth, grossly snarling, as the veins in his musclebound and hairy grandpa-looking arms suddenly exploded to grotesque size. Then his biceps, the fat steak sized meat packed triceps, began to rumble, quake beneath his already tight translucent skin, like some ready to erupt volcano. Soon his arms didn't just look twenty-inches, but twenty-one inches, then twenty-two inches. The already obscenely tight sleeveless shirt squeezed tighter, then out of nowhere, impossibly, his indecently painted on gym shorts ballooned even bigger, strained around his bloated old man thighs, his groin, even the back his disgustingly swampy and global muscle man butt. “AW-Yeah, look at this PUMP I'm getting!” Dad roared, continuing his relentless pumping, rep after rep. “I'm looking HUGE!” *RIIIPPP* *RRIIIPPPPPP* “D-Dad, y-your shirt…” I whimpered in concern, in total dumbfounded disbelief, but of course, the old man couldn't have cared less. He stared at himself in the gym mirrors proudly, arrogantly, looking like his ego had exploded ten-fold, the pride of a young testosterone dripping teenager, marveling over the display of hulking muscle bulging destruction, happening right underneath one of his heaving hairy daddy-pecs. There was a small snicker, as he just kept on lifting, unapologetically even, staring right back at me, swinging the two massive weights around like it was a warm up, not stopping until the other side of his shirt unequivocally matched. *RIIPPPPPP* *RIIIIPPPPPPPPP* “HAHA, OH-God damn, would you just check out this PUMP!” *THUD, THUD* Dad set the two weights down on the ground, standing fully up, looking horrendously bigger, a lot bigger! We used to be pretty much eye level, but now, somehow, we weren't even close! The top of his burly bearded face and piercing blue grey eyes soared a couple inches over my own. And then there was the all that muscle, all those rippling layers of bulging new bodybuilder power. He turned to me almost immediately, with a giant smirk on his face, flexing one of his colossal and nearly sixty-year old arms, an absolutely monstrous and musky twenty-three inch hairy arm muscle, this peaking sweaty mountain of bicep, right in my jaw dropped face. “J-JESUS, d-dad!” I whimpered in humility. “I can BARELY breathe!” “GOD-damn, BOY!” Dad chuckled mockingly. “Your old man's BICEP is as big as your whole FACE!” “P-PLease… D-Dad…” I found struggle in my own words, to even breathe, burning red in the face from humiliation, as my dad just continually publically tortured me, feeling as if this eclipsing mountainous muscle stuffed against my face, would be my inevitable doom. But my father luckily pulled away, moving onto the display of his own meaty male muscle cleavage, his own massive hairy pectorals, the cinematic destruction of his workout shirt. You'd think the embarrassing spectacle would have been over, but it wasn't, far from it actually. “HAHA, never thought that I would have TITS bigger than most woman…” Dad joked looked down, relishing on the insane rolling view of his blimping silver chest. With the now insane measurements of his own chest, he nearly effortlessly, not even having to muster up half his strength, that mind-blowing muscle cleavage, to explode through the rest of his upper shirt fabric, huge pec after pec, fat nipple after nipple, suddenly unleashed. *SNAP, SNAP* *RIIIPPPPPPP* “OH-fuck yeah!” Dad bellowed. “W-WHOA, BRO!” Some random college jock approached my father. “You're like the HULK with those giant pecs!” “The HULK, huh!?” Dad responded with a grunt, a gigantic smirk, looking down at the marveling and significantly younger gym jock, having another lightbulb, a deliciously devilish idea, go off in his twisted head. He suddenly turned his stance, the strain of his clothes loudly audible as he walked, cracking and popping all the fabric like branches in a storm. The college aged stud gulped, trembled a bit, with his mouth dangling open, his eyes bulging out of his own sockets, as he came into sweaty view of my father's mammoth and ready to explode backside. It didn't take much more than simple movement, flaring out his grotesquely muscle engorged veiny arms to the side of his godly stance, placing his hands on his waist, right before everyone heard the first dramatic tear. *RIIIPPP* My dad couldn't help but chuckle once more, snicker even, his voice sounding even deeper then before, manlier, powerful. With one sudden and swift flex, the back of his sweaty bulging gym shirt was detonated, exploding all the pieces of sweaty grandpa-pungent fabric, right onto the jocks whimpering awestruck face. *POP, SNAP* *RIIIPPPPPPPPP* “H-HOLY-shit, bro!!!” The jock wailed in amazement, removing the destroyed fabric from off his dumbfounded face, the inside of his dangling mouth. “How's THAT for the HULK!?” Dad roared with arrogance, tilting his now bull-sized neck to the side, staring into the large gym floor mirrors reflection, seeing that tiny college jock stand behind him pathetically, like a little school girl, whimpering. Soon after, his two other jock-friends joined him shortly, absolutely losing themselves, as well, over the incredible live muscle devastation. One of the onlooking guys even had this pudgy boner, a pea-sized wet spot, tenting against his light gray gym shorts, totally fagging out. My dad couldn't have cared less, so power drunk off all the attention, he actually fed back into the three men’s queerness, rubbing one of his iron blistered hands right down the middle of his humongous muscular bodybuilding butthole. . “H-HEY man, I'm n-not GAY…” The main college stud whimpered, looking frantically around at his equally jaw-dropped friends, but of course, they all couldn't stop themselves from continuing to stare, drool for that matter. Dad, with an enormous grin plastered on his face, began slowly flexing his lower half, causing his totally titanic swampy old man muscle butt, those unbelievably pumped mammoth muscle thighs, to swell even bigger, just by just a single blink of his commanding power. The ready to blow gym shorts began splitting obscenely around the seams, first around his legs, then right down the center of his gigantic ballooning bodybuilder butthole. *RIIIPPPP* *RIIIPPPPPPP* “O-OH M-MY God!” The three jocks wailed. “FUCK-yeah!” Dad roared. “Just check out the size of those GLUTES, BOYS!” The old man confidentially roared, right as his shorts fell to the ground, leaving him almost completely naked, just his pair of shoes and the most rank sweaty briefs you had ever laid eyes on, so much grandpa-looking pubic hair spilling out the front of his briefs it was grotesque. But my dad continued to flex anyway, enjoying the whole mind boggling spectacle from his own reflection, maneuvering his nearly naked gigantic muscle man butt, even closer to the three whimpering and comparatively puny college jocks, bending over like it was some muscle porn show. “OH-man, he's S-SO fucking H-HUGE!” Another jock wailed like a girl, just as my dad’s tattered white slightly shit-stained grandpa-briefs began squeezing up between the enormous canyon of his own swampy ass crack, helplessly gobbled up, inch by inch, as if his ass was actually eating, leaving nothing more than an inch or two to cover himself from behind, barely anything in the front! “HAHA, looks like ALL my CLOTHES are about to go!” Dad roared with laughter, leaving those gym jocks speechless, in there own puddle of drool, two of them now, boning humiliatingly, stammering to strap their throbbing cock-shafts into the waistband of their gym shorts. As I looked around, out of the bubble of my disbelief, there was a whole crowd of people with their smartphones out, taking pictures, taking videos. Eventually we were asked to leave by the manager, but once again, my dad couldn't have cared less. He strut his huge and nearly naked, grotesquely hairy, old man physique, right out into the parking lot, right out into broad public daylight. He didn't even care about the clothes he left in the locker room, knowing, laughably, that they would no longer fit. “UN-fucking-believable!” Dad roared, adjusting his entirely horse-sized manhood beneath the wheel. “Did you SEE their faces!?” He continued boasting to me in the car, on the drive back to his place. As if things couldn't get any worse, when we got to a red light, about five minutes later driving, dad, besides continually fixing his out of control aroused musky-old man cock, began playfully flexing his now mammoth and hairy musclebound thighs, thirty-four inches each from the looks of it, right against the underside of the steering wheel, wondering if it was going to “POP OFF”, he kept on repeatedly joking. “D-DAD, don't break the car!” I whined worryingly. “Why NOT, son?” Dad chucked, no doubt mustering up another joke. “It'll just turn into good scrap-metal for me to LIFT!” He roared with laughter, raising, more like hauling, his colossal silver muscle arm over my comparatively small little head, still being at a red light, he began twisting and squeezing his power striations against the thin metal roof of his old Honda Civic. I watched looking up, with my mouth once again hanging wide open, seeing the metal actually warp and make the most god-awful groaning sound. *CRRREAKKKKKK* Dad just kept it though, even after the light turned green, flexing his huge skull-sized peaking hairy bicep relentlessly against of the ceiling of the car, almost like he was trying to blow the whole roof off. He giggled after about a minute, like some innocent little boy, playing with his new toy, three or four cars honking behind us, as he no doubt fantasized about another muscle destructing scenario. “HAHA, guess I better invest in a convertible…” Dad joked, smirking right at me, winking. He looked so stuffed into that tiny car already, it would have actually made sense. To think, when we had left the house this morning, he looked like a mere average bodybuilder, an old one, but now he was this total stage- ready competition-crushing muscle hunk, insatiable for more size, a desire to grow endlessly. The next two days were our off days, Saturday and Sunday. The whole situation had me absolutely biting my nails, sick to my stomach even, especially about the growing part. Even when I watch the videos online that people posted, “Huge Grandpa Growing”, over and over again, I just didn't understand how he was doing it, how this whole thing was even possible. Luckily, dad, wasn't to savvy with computers. “Morning, DAD!” I showed up to his house Monday morning, for our usual pre-workout breakfast. Usually the old man would be already cooking in the kitchen, but this morning, there was only these loud beastly grunts, emanating from the bathroom down the hall, the running shower. I know it was wrong of me, it was so wrong of me to even think it, but with an enormous gulp, I began, feeling intoxicated by the prospect, making my way down the long dark hallway, seeing the light at the end, the open bathroom doorway, a view of his naked figure after a long weekend. He was without a doubt jacking-off, the old-pervert still had it in him. As I turned the corner, even I had to cover my mouth from the loud escaping gasp about to be released, but it was tragically too late. “Is that YOU, son?” Dad’s voice bellowed. He was huge, monstrous, godly, a voice so deep, it vibrated my ear drums. The shadowed outline of his physique, this totally door-wide gigantic muscular backside, even through all the steam, I could tell, his shoulder width must have easily stretched up to four feet wide. Sitting below, two watermelon-sized glutes slammed against the steamed glass, the silhouette of these two tree-trunk sized legs, with nowhere to go, bloated and stuffed so largely together with muscle, it was a wonder how he could even move, how he even got into the shower in the first place. I knew I had to say something... “Y-Yeah…” I stuttered nervously, shaking, creeping out from behind the corner. “S-Should I start making us b-breakfast, Dad?” “SO glad you're here, squirt.” Dad blatantly ignored my question. “I need help WASHING my backside. There’s just TOO much muscle for me to move, HAHA!” My eyes bulged as he laughed, right out of my sockets, wanting to cover my ears from his tremendously deep voice, the loud thumping of the shower with each small movement of his no doubt gigantic feet. I couldn't believe what he was asking, what I was still seeing. We had seen each other naked tons of times, even when I was growing up as a kid, but this was different, this felt GAY! “U-Uh…” I stuttered, looking down at my bulging cock. “OH-come on, son! Don't be a QUEER about this.” Dad bellowed demeaningly. “Your DAD needs help.” He made it sound so serious, but I could hear that undertone, that snicker. I undressed anyway, knowing what was about to happen, whimpering at my misfortune. There was no going back from this... ******************************************** READ PART 3 HERE Comments are appreciated !
  20. Dwarfed by Dad

    Please excuse the errors as this was written on my phone. Enjoy! DWARFED BY DAD PART 1/4 It was shortly after my dad’s second divorce that he would start joining me at the gym. I was a hobbiest bodybuilder, at best, standing at five-foot-eleven and weighing in at around 235-pounds. He was definitely eager to get in shape, “impress the ladies”, to quote him correctly. Things started at a little slow, especially those first couples months. I wasn’t really holding my breath though, given the fact that he was pushing sixty-years old. But one week as we rinsed off in the locker room showers, after a nearly three-hour workout, I noticed the remarkable faint rippling of muscle beneath his usual beefy silver haired abdomen. Then as he raised his hands to wash his hair, there was slight bulge beneath his upper arms, a simple curvature, a bicep. “Looks like you’re finally showing some results, dad!” I proudly complimented “About time!” Dad said giving his arms a couple quick pumps, holding back his excited smirk. “Just the beginning I hope…” The unexpected scenario made me wonder, not by any means worryingly, just how big the old man was planning to get. I was excited to see his motivation. Seeing actual visual results had my dad pushing harder then ever after that day, so hard in fact, it felt like having an actual workout buddy, rather than just my father tagging along. “You ready to see these gains, dad?” It was towards the end of this one week, about seven weeks later, I felt so mammothly pumped from this totally insane new workout plan I was on, I honestly couldn't wait to see the results. A couple weeks back, we had agreed to only start weighing ourselves once a week, just for kicks. So with my dad standing next to me, showing the slightest signs of muscle bulging beneath his old man skin, I might add, we both stood on the gyms identical digital scales. At the time, he weighed about fifty-pounds less than I did, or so I thought. “How did I LOSE weight?” I blurted the words out loud, feeling my smirk, my pride, fall out my gut and onto the gym floor. All the work I had put in these last couple weeks, all that time, just seeing the loss of eight-pounds, on the scales digital readout, had me absolutely nauseous. It had to be an error, I thought. But I stepped back on, seeing the same readout, “239-pounds”. I was so close to finally reaching my goal of 250-pounds last week, it didn't make any sense! “Looks like the opposite over here, champ.” My dad delightfully remarked, making me turn piercingly, cringe my teeth even. The old man really did mean the opposite, standing there proudly next to me, pumping on his old arms, creating this ridiculously meaty bulge against his arm, this defined bicep, with the scale blinking a readout of 194-pounds, a gain of exactly eight-pounds. I'll be honest with you, seeing the slightly smaller gap between us, had me slightly anxious. “W-Wow...” I still tried to play it cool, with an embarrassing stutter. “I never thought that you would actually start gaining muscle, dad.” I’m pretty sure that statement just added fuel to the fire, as my old man, with those piercing blue grey eyes, turned to me looking like some arrogant teenager, the glamour of a new challenge, twinkling behind his once bored now lustful eyes. The next day, he showed up strapped into proper gym clothes, bulging even bigger than yesterday, or so it looked. I figured it was just a different clothing size, but then, and I know this sounds crazy, it was almost becoming impossible, as the days went on, to even keep up. “Look at this, champ!” Dad raised his bulging silver muscle arm in front of my face. “Sleeves are getting tight…” He had gained ANOTHER eight-pounds since last week. The small curving mound of muscle had developed into a full blown peak, this enormous baseball, stuffed beneath his silver haired old man arms. Dad couldn’t help but love showing off his incredible developments, at the gym, at home, even at the grocery store. I'll admit though, they were incredible to look at, even though I was still bigger, it was just crazy to see that kind of muscle on a man old enough to be most people's grandpa. “Now my shorts are getting tight…” Another week past, and this time he gained TEN-POUNDS of muscle. I couldn't believe it. In fact, most days I wanted to be sick. With all that extra weight, he was now less than twenty-pounds away from outgrowing me, this huge bodybuilding grandpa, in just a matter of months, weighing in 212-pounds of muscle. Just like he said, his shorts, the brand new ones he had only too recently bought, were now bulging with insane dimensions of his veiny bloated silver old man muscle thighs, disgustingly cupping his groin area obscenely, especially when he would squat. “J-Jesus, dad, I’ve never seen anything like it…” I still tried to play it cool, liked the avid bodybuilding I am. “You’re telling me, kid” Dad lifted up his shirt, revealing this EIGHT-pack of abs. “I’m EXPLODING with muscle” I dropped my jaw, the whole gym did. What fucking sixty-year old has hairy deep cut chiseled abs! On top of that, he looked almost twice as ripped as yesterday, with this iron-plated-v jutting down into his sagging, yet horrendously overstuffed and bulging, neon gym shorts. That day, while we were in the shower, I honestly couldn't stop staring, gawking, and my dad just ate it all up. How was he growing so fast!? To make matters worse, as far as feeling emasculated, that is, I was born practically hairless, barely any hair on my body at all, “baby smooth”, my dad would often comment. “I look like a fucking KING!” Dad, however, as he spouted his arrogance, lavishly rubbed and soaped up his growing rippling display of hairy meaty male muscle cleavage, rubbing and pinching his flapjack-sized nipples, getting off on his prowess, all his newfound power, like some total king, just like he said, this unstoppable growing alpha man. RIIIPPPPPP RRIIIIIPPPPPPP “GOD-damn, would you look at that!” Two weeks later, dad finally grew to the point of bursting through his first article of clothing. He said the words so delightfully, looking unapologetically smug, like he expected this to happen, turning his gaze delightfully, raising his arm, to see the small gaping hole on the underside of sleeve, right in the middle of his huge sweaty hairy armpit. He was so playful and curious, some big kid at the breakfast table, fingering the small opening almost like it was pussy, even going as far as slightly tearing it, which seemed to gave him an idea. It was with a devilish chuckle, like a lightbulb going off in his head, he raised that same arm and gave it a mighty and monstrous flex. RIIIIPPPPPP “GUNS bigger than Superman's!” He roared as his bicep, this totally massive bowling ball of chiseled hairy perfection, suddenly exploded through his sleeve, an atomic-bomb going off, blowing the fabric apart into a million threaded pieces, a scene out usually only my comic books, my dreams, all while I was eating breakfast. Then, continuing his disgusting piggish muscle show, he held up and squeezed the huge chiseled peak of old man muscle, right into his face, with so much silver hair flaring out, it was if a forest had grown in this entirely monstrous muscle cave, but it was just armpit “Fuck, I smell like an APE!” Dad gave his armpit a big whiff, inexplicably wafting his horrendous sweaty odor into my face, so sultry it made my dick suddenly bulge underneath the table. I wasn't gay, but fuck, he was just so manly. With my mouth completely dropped open, the half-eaten bacon and eggs falling back to my plate, I knew it would be hard for dad to not keep demonstrating and showing off his superior growing muscle strength. RRIIIIPPPPP “FUCK, yeah!” It wasn't long before he quickly raised his other arm, in a detonating fashion, with an equally loud laugh, a pleasing roar, as his other bicep exploded through the fabric even faster than the first. With both arms free, he began taking turns flexing and posing each magnificent peak of hairy muscle, over twenty-inches now from the looks of it, nearly the same size as mine! He also tried to flex through the front of his shirt, inflating his chest, the enormous blimping grandpa male muscle cleavage, but thankfully he couldn't. That didn't stop him from whistling in delight, openly fantasizing about the prospect of getting even bigger. “Won't be much longer, kid. I expect I'll probably outgrow you by the end of the week…” “I didn't e-even realize you WANTED to grow so big…” I stuttered like a kid. “Are you kidding me? Now that I've got a taste, I don't think I EVER really want to stop growing…” Dad smirked wildly, as he continuously pumped his huge hairy meaty man arm, slowly walking away. I was speechless, dumbfounded, watching, as his big old man bubble butt gobbled and thundered the back of his skin tight gym shorts. I know it may sound kind of weird to note this, I swear, I'm completely straight. But I’m giving you all the details because, and I'm gulping just saying this, his sleeves, weren’t the only thing that he would destroy that day... ************************************************************ Comments are appreciated! ************************************************************ READ PART 2 HERE
  21. The Black Stallion

    Hey guys! I've been posting a lot of similar stuff like this in the unfiltered-section on the forum, mostly with "daddies" instead. If you dig this, check them out! This story was supposed to be only a singluar chapter, but the growth scene is getting longer then expected. As usual, I wrote this all on my phone, so please excuses the errors. Enjoy! THE BLACK STALLION PART 1/3 Marcus, took off his shirt in front of me, revealing his totally smooth, yet thickly carved, half-black muscle chest, handing me his smartphone and asking me, his own mother, to snap some pictures of his progress. We stood outside by the pool. I knew it was wrong of me, but I whimpered at nearly every shot. When did my baby boy get so handsome, I kept on thinking, as I bit down on my lips. “Hey, mom!” Now the the boy was even bigger. Standing outside his college dorms, filling up nearly every inch of his college branded hoodie, bloating almost obscenely his once loose basketball shorts. He looked so unbelievably masculine and huge, this big black stallion, I thought, as he stood outside and waited for me handsomely in the rain. “W-Wow!” I stuttered as I got out of the car. “Just look how big you’ve grown!” “Thanks, mom. Sorry about the rain!” “That's Seattle for you!” I tried humorously replying, trying to hold back my motherly whimper, just from receiving the smallest hug. His huge black male muscle cleavage nearly suffocated me, entrapping my tiny white womanly face, between the depths of his musky and incredibly iron carved breast, pungent, even through the outside of his sweater. I squeezed a little tighter, making him squeeze a little more back. I honestly could barely breathe at this point. The powerful wall of his abs, eight huge bricks, combined with his pecs, compacted against my tiny motherly frame, nearly crushing me, with ease, like I was nothing more than some insignificant human grape. “Mind if we go upstairs, for a second, mom?” Marcus shamefully scratched his neck. “I really have to use the restroom.” I figured the poor boy had to take one of his glorious protein dumps, watching him quickly publically scratch his butthole, remembering, with a smile, just how many shit’s he used to take back in high school. It was almost hard to comprehend, just how many he would possibly have to take now, to even sustain such a beastly and huge physique. FARRRTT “S-Sorry, mom!” Marcus stuttered embarrassingly. The smell was nearly unbearable, as I walked closely behind him, behind his monstrous and muscular swampy bubble butthole, up four flights of stairs, up to his dorm room. But that didn't stop me from moving my nostrils any closer. All that was missing was a swinging horse tail and some flies, I queerly joked in my head. That big black stallion ass. He probably could have crushed me up there, if he wanted to. “Here it is.” Marcus said opening the door. “It's pretty tiny.” The smell was even worse in his room, so much overpowering shit and body odor, that in fact, there really was a small swarm of flies in his tiny closet-sized on suite bathroom. Marcus didn't seem the slightest bit phased, opening a window to his room, yes, but only complaining that it was a little hot, and not because of the horrendous smell. “It's cute, sweetie.” “Thanks! My roommate, Carl, just moved out. I don't think he liked that I used the bathroom so much…” Marcus grabbed the base of his sweater. “Oo-OH, well that's a s-shame!” I whimpered frantically, as he suddenly exposed to me every inch of his totally monstrous and muscle bound, now completely hairy, chocolate brown bodybuilder chest. He had pulled up his sweater, accidentally lifting up his t-shirt. There wasn't a single part of my body that could move, so glad that that my little boys face was covered, as I grew so weak in the knees and my panties began sopping wet. “A little help here, mom?” Marcus struggled beneath his own sweater. His beautiful teenage arms had grown so colossally muscular, so overly developed with these obscene black chiseled boulders, that even his t-shirts sleeves became hopelessly caught, the verge of exploding, was more like it. I quickly tried to help, so overwhelmed by his rank manly odor, all the curly and practically afro-thick armpit hair, exploding out into my face. Even I found myself eventually struggling with a whimper, just to help get my baby’s own shirt off, almost afraid that I might slip, fall into the absolute cave of his dark smelly armpit, underneath the mountainous black peaks, twenty-four inches, of teenage bicep, coming down and snuffing me out. “Thanks, mom!” Marcus finally pulled off his sweater. “All my clothes have been getting real tight lately.” He said the words, snapping me out of my daydream, as he raised both arms for a quick flex, proudly and confidentially, high above my small little head. His huge grinning white smile stretched across his black stubbled face. I honestly couldn't hold back this time, as he demonstrated his awesome and titanic teenage muscle strength, to his own proud and watching mother. “OH-OH!” I squealed openly. “Look at the SIZE of my baby’s arms!” “You like these gains, mom?” Marcus flexed a little more. “I really want to get big.” He said the words as if he wasn't big enough, as if the two bowling ball, bigger than my face, skull popping black powerful biceps, weren't enough for my baby’s giant dreaming appetite. I reached up with a gulp, trying so desperately not to show, that at this point, I was on the verge of having some totally out of control, panty destroying, hands-free orgasm. My small white womanly hands, my tiny painted pink fingernails, got nearly lost in the immensity of each bulging muscle head, the sirloin-sized sweaty meat-packs of triceps, dangling from my son’s mammoth arms. They were the biggest arms I had ever felt. FARRTTTT “My goodness!” I yelped. “S-Sorry, mom!” Marcus squirmed, cupping his flatulating butthole. “I almost completely forgot about using the bathroom.” Marcus took a huge couple thumps, turning around and carefully stuffing himself into the tiny closet-sized bathroom. To think, it was just the start of the school year, I lustfully thought. I heard the horrific groan of sewage pipes beneath the walls, the old hardwood floors creak and bend beneath my feet, the walls bow and strain, as he undoubtedly, innocently sat down to go poop. I know it was wrong of me, the smell was so grotesque, but I pressed my ear lightly against the door, imagining the view of my big baby boy, that huge beastly physique, crammed between those small bathroom walls, those massive hairy black bloated muscle thighs, hauling down on that tiny porcelain throne. My baby, must have been pushing over 300-pounds of solid muscle, I delightfully thought, and he was only eighteen years old. What a fucking man! FARRTTTT FARRTTTTTTT Marcus groaned loudly, as the flies began swarming even more, the smell grew even worse. I knew the whole dorm hall, awkwardly, could hear every minute of it, the gigantic muscle man devastation, his huge bull-sized protein shit. Eventually the smell got so bad I had to stand by his bed, or I should say, the airy open window. It gave me a small chance to look around his dorm room. The brand new laptop, grandma, had purchased him, looked fairly untouched, dusty practically. Probably from being at the gym all the time, I gleefully thought. His old roommates empty bed area, was now a stash for all his gigantic tubs of protein powders, towering bottles of supplement pills, and hundreds of protein bars, most of them already eaten and unwrapped. “O-oh my.” I whimpered underneath my breath, fingering, palming, as I squeezed my thighs together, my now completely soaked groin area. “Doesn't my boy want to grow big…” Thankfully, Marcus, was still so preoccupied, as I practically teared from overjoyed pleasure. He would always tell his father, that he never, sadly, wanted to become an actual “bodybuilder”. But now, as I looked even closer between the seemingly endless stash of muscle growth products, I became filled with ecstasy, coming into view of an absolutely pornographic array of fitness and bodybuilder magazines. I always hoped that my little boy would desire more, more than what he actually told people. That he would just keep eating and growing, never stop wanting more, until he transformed, my big black stallion, into the biggest and hairiest muscle-god… “...to ever roam the entire PLANET!...” I moaned in ecstasy out loud, just as the toilet flushed. My motherly pussy was on a total orgasmic breakdown. The best part, as I composed myself with his desktop tissues, while he washed his hands, there was this little post-it note that read, “Ask mom for more food money. Get BIGGER”. I was visiting him up at Washington State University, for an entire weekend, visiting from San Diego, and within fifteen minutes, I was already torrenting an orgasm. “Wow, I feel so much better.” Marcus groaned happily, thumping and squeezing his huge shoulders and legs from out between the small-framed door. He quickly then closed the door behind him, still itching his big butthole, but it was because of that I noticed, that at the top of his own global ass, the top of his huge bulging black watermelon-sized muscle glutes, was this entirely gross, shockingly long, dangling piece of shit covered toilet paper, swaggering now behind his big bloated muscle legs and ass, just like a horse, with each thumping step. “Oo-oh, s-sweetie…” I tapped him gently on the ass, so embarrassed to even bring it up, clenching with ecstasy as I felt, just how overwhelmingly powerful, even just a corner, of one of his tremendous, earth-quaking, stallion-sized black buttcheeks were. “Wh-when did THAT get there!” Marcus yelped embarrassingly, making things stupendously worse, as he thumped and hoofed around, clumsily trying to reach the stuck toiletpaper for it himself. It wasn't long, my big little growing boy, soon came to the shocking realization that I soon came to marvel over, that his arms were just too pumped and swollen with muscle, to even attempt to reach the middle of his gloriously huge muscular stink hole. “OH-my-ga-gawd!” Marcus roared in humility. “S-sweetie, just let me help.” I reached around his thumping beast-sized black muscle legs, the beauty calming down the beast, I romantically thought. It smelled unbelievably bad being that close, right after having him taken a dump, but you wouldn't believe the view. His shorts could barely contain, in fact they couldn't, the tremendous size of his chocolate colored, teddy-bear hairy, child-gobbling bodybuilder butt. It was no wonder my baby was having so many growing problems. “WH-WHAT are you doing, mom!?” “Stop fidgeting, Marcus! It's just your own mother!” The words dropped out of my mouth like it was a sin, as I tugged and pulled down the back of his skin-tight red basketball shorts, unleashing, like two air-bags going off, the expanse of his enormous, horrendously musky and farm smelling, black muscle butt. It was even more glorious than I could have ever possibly imagined, the most gigantic, most freakishly muscular bodybuilder butt I had ever seen in my life. Not to mention the fact, that it was slightly smeared with shit. “Ooh, ga-gawd, M-Marky…” I whimpered in disgust. “I'm sorry, mom!” Marcus wiggled and stepped uncomfortably, his big swampy black bodybuilder butt. “The showers here, they're just so small. It's hard for me to clean myself!” It was the perfect opportunity, I gulped, perversely thinking to myself, to finally get some real close alone time with my little boy’s, this stallion-sized, black muscle man butt. I grabbed a washcloth, while he stood there, bending over so obediently, still humiliated, that his own mother was going to wash out, with a wet rag, his own ass, but what choice did he have. “I'm so s-sorry, m-mom…” Marcus groaned, faintly under his breath, stepping and pushing back, his huge shit covered muscle butt, bending over, deeper against my motherly cleaning hand, the large wipes of my warm rough wash cloth, taking tender care of his beast-sized ass. There was a moment where his humongously powerful glutes couldn't stop quivering, flexing, especially as I wiped deep against his tender, I'm sure, teenage virgin male prostate. The more mommy buried my hand, the more my baby tried to fight back his deep grunting moans. “W-W-Wait… M-Mom, stop!” RIIIIPPPPPPP Eventually he asked me to stop, but it wasn't because of my washing. I was confused at first by what had happened, the indefinite sound of fabric tearing, my huge black stallion, heavily whimpering with whispers of embarrassment. He was trying to cover something up, trying to hide something in the front, his massive carved arms flexing to keep it from my eyes. Was it really that big, I devilishly began to thought. I put down the washcloth and began making my way to the front, coming into view of his blown apart briefs... ************************************************************ READ PART 2 HERE ************************************************************ Comments are appreciated.
  22. *BUURRRRRPPPP* Thanks Guys, that was a great stream! Enjoy the rest of your night!” Jason turned off the webcam and sat back in his chair. He could finally relax and was glad for that. It was a hard day at work and then had to come do a stream that he promised that he would do some time ago. However, Jason wasn’t streaming games, no…Jason was streaming food, or more specifically, him eating food. He had taken the idea from the Korean form of entertainment called “mukbangs” (lit. food room) and thought that he could use that to capitalize on the gainer community that he was a part of. He was not a terribly attractive man, quite overweight, but like many men of his size, he was jovial and had a good personality. He was also a good entertainer, which made him very popular for his streams because he could entertain the crowd by providing more than just a show of him eating large amounts of food. As evidenced by his large following, he saw an opportunity and did something that no one else was doing and managed to capitalize on it. He set up a funding method and people (mostly men) would donate money, either when they felt like it, or sometimes even a monthly subscription. This provided Jason the ability to purchase the large amounts of food he would eat on camera but also provided him with an extra income that allowed him to live more comfortably than his salary from work would normally allow. Sitting on the sofa away from his computer desk, which was now buried in food serving dishes and other such paraphernalia, he sighed. He knew that although he loved doing these streams, it was taking a toll on his health. He was overweight when he started streaming but his weight ballooned up and he was practically obese. He dreaded going to the doctor because he knew that it wouldn’t be good news. He also wasn’t very lucky in the romance department; he had gone on a few dates with some from the gainer community but there was no magic, no spark, and he didn’t know where that would come from. He was alone, and sometimes felt doomed to be that way. Getting up, he adjusted the very large UnderArmor shirt that he was wearing to accentuate the bloating from all the food. Shambling over to the computer area, he started picking up the food containers and utensils. He discovered this little box tied up very beautifully with ribbon. Carefully pulling on the ribbon, the bow came loose and fluttered to the floor. Opening the box, Jason saw four elegant little chocolate truffles, and thought “why not, a little dessert won’t hurt” and ate all of them, one by one. At the bottom of the box was a note: “Jason, Hope you enjoyed the truffles! Now watch this video at the URL below to see what happens next! - Jace” Jason smiled. Jace was one of his younger fans, only 20 and lean, but an enthusiastic supporter. The two of them interacted outside of the stream, sometimes chatting or via email, just talking like two friends would. This note however, was a little strange although not something that would be completely out of the ordinary for Jace. Jason walked over to the computer, fired up a web browser and went to the URL given on the note. It took him to a private video with no title or indication of what was the subject of the video. After loading for a bit, the screen showed the back wall of a room and Jace walked into the room, dressed up in a dress shirt w/ tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Jason knew that Jace was a cute kid, but now he looked downright handsome. Jace took a deep breath and started to speak. “Hi Jason! Glad to see that you enjoyed the chocolates that I sent you. I have a confession to make. You are a great and funny guy and watching you eat food is just part of the entertainment, but the only gaining I want to do is muscle. I’ve loved muscle for years, and I finally get the chance to experience it. My brother found this formula that is supposed to pack on a lot of muscle on you in a short amount of time and tried a tiny bit of it so I know it works. You’re such a great friend so I want you to be the first to see the new me after I take a full dose! Here goes nothing!” Jace drank a clear glass vial. Nothing much happened for a few seconds, but then some sort of rumbling was heard. As Jason looked closer to the screen, he could see parts of Jace’s clothing moving outward. The muscles looked to be getting bigger and broader, Jace was in ecstasy as the feeling moved throughout his body. “Oh yes! This feels so damn good!” Jace’s pants started to rip as his quads and hamstrings overcame his dress pants, causing the seams to split farther and farther with every second. You could clearly see the teardrop taking shape as his quads grew bigger and bigger. His calves were next, ballooning out the back of his legs into huge diamond shaped footballs. Just as his calves were almost done growing, Jace’s chest burst the front of his shirt, causing buttons to fly at the camera. allowing the chest to grow bigger, thicker, wider, forming a huge shelf on his upper body. Arms soon followed suit, as Jace flexed one arm and then the other, causing the seams to just explode open with the sheer mass of the biceps. The growth crept up to his shoulders, causing them to grow like bowling balls of mass, before his neck and traps caused the collar to pop open and forcing the tie off his bullish neck. Finally, the growth reached his back where it flourished and blew up Jace’s lats in both width and thickness, causing Jace to have a vicious v-taper from his super wide shoulders and lats down to his tiny, shredded waist. Jace started posing like a bodybuilder on the posing dias and then spoke with a rumbling voice that sounded like it had dropped an octave during the growth. “Aw fuck…that felt so damn good…wish I could have more of it! Now, on to my note…uh..I think something more is going to happen” The rumbling started again, but this time, Jace grew six inches and along with it, his feet shredded his dress shoes. While Jace was still figuring out how to properly stand at his new height, his cock added another 4 inches in both length and girth, with huge balls to match, bursting out of his crotch and tearing the remaining parts of his dress pants. “Shit, what the fuck?! Wow, ok, that didn’t happen with my brother. It all feels so good. Wish you could be here to feel all of this muscle, because I think you’d enjoy it *wink*. But, you’ll find out soon enough, because I couldn’t leave my best buddy out of this, so I added a half dose of the formula to each chocolate, accounting for your larger size. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Oh, you better get the door” As soon as the video ended, there was a knock on the door. Jason went to go answer it and there was Jace, standing there in nothing but some workout shorts, a smile, and a bouquet of roses in his hands. Jason let Jace in, who put the roses down on a side table and, with his massively increased strength, pinned Jason to the wall and gave him a big kiss. Jason started worshipping Jason’s big muscles, squeezing and licking them, finally realizing that he found the spark he’d been looking for. “Oh yeah man, feel those big muscles, feel their power…fuck man I can’t wait to see what this formula does to you” Jace didn’t have to wait long, because soon there was a rumbling that emanated from Jason, signalling that his growth was about to begin. What Jace didn’t know, though, was how it was going to take place on a man of Jason’s composition. Similar to Jace, Jason’s legs started growing bigger and bigger, causing the jeans to rip at the seams, and same with the calves, but what was different was that it didn’t look like Jason was losing any fat, but just gaining muscle underneath his fat, making him look even more massive. His calves blew up, becoming more like bowling balls shoved underneath his skin. Jason’s chest started to expand, changing the shape of his chest somewhat, making it look a bit more like his had pecs. Growing further and further, his chest finally defeated and spilt the UnderArmor shirt that he was wearing. Same for his arms, gaining a little more shape, but mainly just looking absolutely massive and finally splitting the seams. Shoulder, traps and neck followed suit, making Jason look like a freaky huge offensive lineman. His back grew thicker and wider, just accentuating his look. Jason, for his part, looked down at himself and tried to move, but found his movements restricted due to his extreme bulk. He frowned a bit and looked dejected as he looked like he was monstrous in a bad way. A lot of muscle maybe, but all covered in fat. “What the hell! Jason, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect this to happen” Jason said as he looked and felt guilty for what he had done to his friend. “It’s ok Jace. Maybe in time, the extra muscle will burn off the fat. I can see if I can join a gym” “Yeah, but…” Suddenly, Jason felt something…something different. He felt hot, REALLY hot. “Hey Jace, I think something’s happening” Jace looked at the perspiring Jason, and then down at his legs. His legs looked to be shrinking, but only the fat…the fat was being burnt off and you could start to see the definition in the muscle, faintly at first, but then in full, shredded glory. This made Jason smile a mile wide. Slowly but surely, all the extra fat on Jason’s body, all of which he had carried for a good portion of his life, was being burnt up. His chest went from being man-tits to a set of pecs worthy of a statue with their huge shelf. His back shredded up and was like a cobra hood, with many nooks, crannies,and veins. His arms went from being indistinguishable balls of muscle to being ripped enough that you could tell each individual muscle that gave them a wicked peaked bicep, complimented with a vicious horseshoe tricep. His shoulders similarly got lean enough that you could easily see all the striations. His waist shrunk to almost nothing, with some of the most amazing 8-pack you would ever see, completely shredded and striated. As Jason’s body temperature returned to normal, he breathed a sigh of relief. Jace walked over and felt Jason’s huge muscles, even bigger than his own…much bigger in some cases, like Jason’s legs were already well-developed from years of walking around with a large body and the extra muscle made them monstrous and powerful. Just as Jason had worshipped Jace’s muscles, now Jace was worshipping Jason’s muscles. Just as Jace was about to kneel down to go fishing for Jason’s cock, they heard the rumbling that signified the final phase of growth for Jason. Jason stepped back, and felt himself be torn apart. His body was growing in all directions..height, width, thickness.. He slowly grew another two feet, topping out at around eight feet tall. His muscles grew as well to compensate for the increased height, but then grew even more on top of that. His legs, freaky before, grew even freakier, with massive quads, boulder sized calves, and monstrous hamstrings. His pecs, arms, back, shoulders, all of them just blew up in size, becoming almost cartoonish in their size. He looked like someone had done a morph of his previous self after all the fat had melted off. Finally his cock burst out, growing another 10 inches and adding 6 inches of girth, balls so big that they could only belong to a cock so big. Jason felt the growth subside, breathed out a sigh of relief, and looked down at Jace with his mouth still gaping wide open. Jason picked him up, closed Jason’s mouth, saying in a basso profoundo rumble “You’re letting flies in sweetheart, how about we head to bed and talk about this in the morning?” With that, the two of them went off to Jason’s bedroom to retire for the night. Jason knew he wouldn't be part of the gainer community anymore.
  23. I did a re-write on Part 2 so it would match with the ending. Part 1 https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4854-outgrown-by-dad-tax-man/ Part 2 Patrick felt like he was swimming through water. Every so often he would see a light and some moving shadows in his view. Time seemed to stand still as he floated in complete silence until a deep muffled voice resonated through his "zone." When the sound reverberated all around him, he felt like time was scooping him up and taking him away to somewhere unknown. The light brightened and the figured in it began to take a sharper shape. The fuzzy lines filling in with more defined borders. Those borders composed the frame of a man's face. The more definition that was revealed, the handsomer and stronger looking the face looked. More and more as the face was unveiled by the foggyness. The lines showed a look of concern then the mouth curled up into a gentle smile. The man said something he couldn't understand but at that moment he felt as though he were on a plane and had just landed. The sudden feeling jolted him a little but he recovered enough to see the handsome man again in full clarity. Taking him in his sight he saw how big and strong the man really was, but his brain didn't register any threat from him. Patrick knew there was something wrong, but he had no energy to react to it. Ignoring that feeling made him feel better then and was much less work. "It looks like he's waking up. We better make sure he's secure," a deep voice said looking off to the side before looking back down at him. The face had a small smile that showed relief. "Mr. Branson, I am Officer Hoff. You are safe and you will remain so under the care of the Metro Police." Officer Hoff said softly to him. Patrick got a clearer look at Officer Hoff. He was pale white with fiery red hair mixed with a brilliant grey spiked in a military cut. His face reminded Patrick of an old Scotsman. The Officer's face was weathered and aged but his featured were distinctly chiseled showing off his strong lantern jaw. Officer Hoff's face was so defined that every expression caused his face to bulge and flex dramatically enhancing his expressions. The muscular face was mounted on a head which was mounted on a neck that looked almost twice as wide and bulged with every slightest movement. Veins pulsed all over the neck and face. Hoff's neck was surrounded by gigantic bulging trapezius muscles that bulged up to his ears. The Officer's blue uniform shirt audibly strained as he moved them. Patrick's vision was still slightly blurry as he was still coming to, but it only confirmed to him that he was in the presence of a very large man. "We have to make sure that he's willing to go through with the testimony. He may be our only chance," A deep but jovial sounding English voice sounded. The Brit's voice was very loud and very posh. Other words were exchanged but Patrick but he was too busy trying to figure out where he was. Patrick was able to feel his surroundings. He felt like he way lying in a bed. The large man's head moved out of his line of vision and Patrick was able to focus on a smoke detector on the ceiling. He was reminded of a hotel room. Patrick turned his head to the side. When he did his view was filled with the sight of an extremely large man. It was the same man who's face he had seen before. But now, Patrick had the complete picture of just how collossal this officer was. The blue uniform barely contained the bulging mountains of sinew beneath them. It was also no wonder why the officer chose to wear shorts and a short sleeved uniform. The man's arms and legs bulged out so dramatically that any flex would have ripped apart any sleeve or pant leg. It was bad enough the buttons on his uniform shirt looked like they were going to pop off at any moment. Patrick found himself mentally sizing up the man. The man had to be at least 8 feet tall and his hairy bare arms were bigger than Patrick's own chest. Patrick could practically curl up on the massive man's chest and use it as a bed. The officer's hairy legs were as big as his torso and seemed to explode with size as they made the slightest movement. The bulge on the massive officer strained his shorts to the limit. Patrick couldn't see the man's calves but he had to assume they were as big if not bigger than the close to watermelon sized forearms. The big man's face was smiling at him when Patrick gazed upon it. It was then that Patrick also realized that he was getting hard looking at the massive officer. The officer's smile continued as Patrick tried to cover his embarassment. "It's okay man. We're all men here." The officer said with a small laugh. The officer's voice was soft and comforting in contrast to his masculine alpha maleness that oozed from him. Patrick felt comfortable around the officer. Sighing in relief, Patrick laid back on the bed and turned his head the opposite direction. Patrick jumped when he got a view of another wall of muscle man sitting off to that side. The massive man jumped as well which caused him lean back a little too far in the normal sized chair that he sat in. The chair collapsed and soon the man crashed to the floor on his butt and deep resounding "Oh dear!" Patrick was astounded and the officer started laughing really hard. When the dust settled, the large man looked around somewhat dazed before shaking his head a bit and looking straight at Patrick. The huge man's face morphed into a goofy grin. "Hullo there!" The huge man bellowed in a deep posh English accent that belied the disheveled look that the big man sported. Patrick sized up the huge Englishman with lustful eyes. He had to be about nine feet tall and twice as big and wide as the officer. Every muscle exploded even more dramatically with the slightest movement. The weirdest thing about the guy was the fact that he looked like he had attempted to dress nicely in a tweed suit and tie which had long since lost the battle to contain the mountainous masses of muscle. The suit jacket and dress shirt underneath were split wide. All the buttons had long since popped off. The jacket's sleeves were ripped off, probably after the Englishman realized it was hopeless to keep his arms covered. The pant legs fared no better. They had obviously been cut off above mid thigh, most likely to try and contain a growing tear in a seam. The sight was ridiculous yet extremely manly at the same time. Patrick looked between the two massive men on either side of his bed. "Patrick, this is Alfred Tingle of the London labratory that makes the V supplement." Officer Hoff motioned toward Alfred in introduction. "Please, do call me Alfie." Alfie said softly with a huge grandpa-like smile. His balding head with a ring of silver white hair was framed on a set of traps and shoulders so massive Patrick felt he could definitely use them as a bed. Alfie stretched out a massive hand attached to an arm that looked bigger around than Patrick's chest. Patrick took the hand and shook it noting that the hand not only engulfed his, but also his wrist and part of his upper arm. The man could likely palm one of those exercise balls like a basketball. "What am I doing here?" Patrick asked tentatively. "You're now in the witness protection program." Officer Hoff said. "Your testimony is needed by two entities." "Testimony?" Patrick wondered. "Yes, you see, my lab needs information regarding your father. We have been recieving reports of V'd men going insane. Obviously, this is alarming and we need to figure out why as soon as possible." There was urgency in Alfie's voice. "You are also needed by the IRS." Officer Hoff added. "The IRS?" Patrick gasped. "I made sure all of those books were bala...." Patrick stopped himself. "He didn't." "Oh yes he did. He's been dodging the IRS for a long time. We've gotten some word about some illegal buisness practices as well. So the IRS is the least of his problems. All they ask is for him to pay his taxes. He still has to deal with the SEC and the many banks he ripped off." "Oh no!" Patrick sighed and put his head in his hands. "I bet I'm gonna take the fall for it too, that's usually how it ends up now a days. He gets all the glory, I get shit on." "Not this time. The government sees no evidence of you being involved in any of this at least for now. If something does come up, the government is willing to provide you immunity for your testimony." Officer Hoff offered. "But... I can't testify against my dad! He'll kill me!" Patrick sat bolt upright, his words fearful. "Calm down. You'll be fine. I'm your security detail and judging by what London sent, I assume this guy is also part of your security detail." Officer Hoff surmised looking the massive Englishman up and down. "I'm actually a scientist, although I can assume why they sent someone like me from what I hear. I'll be happy to protect you." Alfie's words were almost endearing. Patrick paused and tears were welling up in his eyes. "Thank you. Thank you! Thank you so much!" Patrick nearly tumbled off the bed only to land in Alfie's giant muscular arms. Alfie arms instantly hugged him securely but gently. Patrick began to cry. "My life has been a nightmare! Please tell me it's over!" Patrick cried, his voice muffled against Alfie's jacket. "I will guarantee you, your nightmare is over Patrick." Alfie said quietly. Alfie looked at Officer Hoff with mild concern. Officer Hoff's face hardened and became determined. "What do you think would cause a man, no less a father, turn on his own son like that?" Officer Hoff asked with some disdain. "Our techs don't know yet. Were doing some testing and stats to find out. There has to be something in the brain that causes such a dramatic change in behavior." Alfie wondered before turning his head down to the now calm and content Patrick. "Patrick, I'm gonna have to ask you some questions about your father's past. Do you think you can answer them?" Alfie asked quietly sounding a little condecending which he didn't intend, almost sounding like he was trying to talk to a child or pet. Alfie cringed after he said it but no one seemed to pick up on the unintended tone. Patrick nodded without a word. "Okay then, we'll work on this a little later. You've been through a lot. You're probably hungry and tired. I'm gonna go get us some food, Alfie's gonna stay with you." Officer Hoff said nodding to Alfie before getting up and leaving the room.
  24. Blue Pill Part 3

    Here is Blue Pill Part 2 if you haven't had a chance to read it Blue Pill Part 3 “Looks like I have some explaining to do.” I really didn’t know where to begin, but before I could say anything we could hear the announcer’s voice over the P.A. system. I knew we had to get out of their and quick before Chris came back for round two. “Are you gonna tell me how the hell you went from zero to hero in the matter of just a few hours or do I have to start guessing?” Eric was hammering me with questions the whole way home. “I think it’s best if I just show you, otherwise you will just think I’m crazy.” So that’s exactly what I did, or at least I tried to do. ************************************************** ******** Alright, so a little back story about my life. My dad Titus used to be a bio-medical engineer for the government. He was secretly working on a new drug for feed efficiency in cattle. Not just any kind of drug though, this was a government test drug that wasn’t meant for human consumption. It produced amazing results in the bovine that it was tested on. It was intended to increase feed efficiency in cattle and also increase fertility at the same time all while minimizing body fat. The drug was a huge breakthrough for the ranching community. My mom had told me that the reason my dad went to federal prison was that he was bringing his work home and testing it himself, which is a big no-no if you are a lab scientist working on a top secret government project. The only reason he was caught was his co-worker James, and best friend, had sold him down river and went to corporate about him working on the test drug at home. Mom had said that before dad left, he had been taking the drug and it changed him. It had made him more aggressive more dominant. He would get into fights with random people all the time. He would spend all of his time in the gym he had created in our basement. So mom did what any concerned wife would have done, she went to her best friend for advice. Her best friend just so happened to be my dad’s coworker’s wife Sarah. So she in turn told her husband so he could maybe talk to my dad, try and figure out why he was bringing his work home. James had dropped by the house one day to check on my dad, because he hadn’t been to work for a few days. He knocked on the door a few times, but nobody answered. James took a quick look in the garage to see if my dad was home. “Well I’ll be damned,” James whispered to himself. “His car is here, that means he has to be somewhere around here.” So he slipped into the back yard and reached his hand above the stoop next to the sliding glass doors that came out to the hot tub on the deck. As his fingers fumbled for the key he knew had to be there, he heard a faint sound coming from in the house. He finally grabbed hold of the key and worked it into the lock. When he finally opened the door, the sound was much louder and much deeper than what he could make out from outside. “MMMMMMMM…..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…” If James weren’t mistaken he would say that it sounded like moaning, but where was it coming from? James rounded the corner from the kitchen into the hallway, trying to be as quiet as possible on the tiled floor. As he made his way down the hall the sounds kept getting louder, and he had begun hearing a clanging sound, like metal hitting metal. The only door left at the end of the hall was the basement door. James crept up to it slowly, trying not to make any noise. He reached his hand out to turn the knob just as the clanging sound stopped. James also stopped because his heart was beating extremely fast. He listened very carefully for any sound. “OHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKKK!” James didn’t know whether he should turn in fear or check to make sure Titus was ok. James couldn’t just leave his best friend, what if he was hurt. James flung the door open and ran down the stairs. What he saw was astonishing. It was a complete gym. Every kind of machine you could ever imagine was in that basement. As James began looking around the room at all the equipment his eyes finally fell upon something he thought he would never see in a million years. In the corner of the room was a massive bench press machine, and on it sat a naked overly pumped Titus. His muscles, that he didn’t have a few weeks ago, were bulging all over his body. Veins snaked their way across his biceps and forearms. His chest jutted extremely far out hanging over his cobblestone 8 pack abs. However his abs were hard to see because of the massive flesh pole that was in the way. James knew Titus was well endowed because of the stories his wife and Sarah talked about, but his dick had to be at least ten inches long and 6 inches around. It was throbbing to what I assumed was his pulse. Apparently Titus hadn’t seen me yet, because both his hands reached forward and began to jerk on his massive dick. I crouched down and watched, not quite sure what to do. His hands began making sounds on his dick, like when you rub your hands together under soap and water. I could finally see the reason why, his hands and massive tree trunk thighs were coated in a clear coating. I could only assume it was pre-cum. As I watched Titus squeeze the pre from his dick he released his dick and grabbed back onto the barbell. Only then did I notice how much weight was stacked on each side. He had a total of seven hundred pounds on that bar. I thought there was no way he was going to lift that. To my surprise, and with a really loud grunt, the barbell was lifted up and then brought right back down to his bulging pecs. As Titus cranked out rep after rep on the bench press, I noticed how the bar didn’t have to travel as far to reach his pecs. That’s because his pecs were bulging bigger after each rep. As I sat there crouched on the floor in his gym it had then dawned on me, how much of this drug had Titus taken. When I looked back up, I expected to see Titus making his pecs bulge up even more. Instead there was nothing there. My heart began to race as I looked around the gym to try and find him. I felt something warm and sticky touch my hand and a wall of heat behind me. As I turned around, all I could see was a massive cock in my face as it dripped pre-cum all over the floor. It had begun to turn into a puddle and my hand just so happened to be in the middle of it. As I looked up past the massive dick in my face, past the rock hard abs, past the bulbous pecs that jutted out freakishly far from his torso, I saw Titus staring at me. “Long time no see James.” He said with a crooked smile on his face. “How did you do all of this in a matter of a few weeks?” I said as I pointed towards his massive physique. “Well, you know that new drug we’ve been working on? I figured out how to re-sequence its chemical make up in order for it to be digested by humans. With amazing results as you can see.” Titus pulled his arms up into a double biceps pose and I watched as veins exploded all over his arms and his lats flared out like a cobra head. “James, you can’t just test the drug on yourself! There are trials that still have to be ran. We don’t know what kind of effects this could have on you in the long run!” “At this point I really don’t care what could possibly happen, as long as I keep getting bigger, that’s all that matters.” “What about your family? What about your wife Rachel? What about your son? For Christ sake Titus he’s only three. Do you really want Jake to grow up not knowing his father?” Titus moved even closer to me as I began to stand up. “What makes you think my son is going to grow up not knowing me?” “Titus, I turned you in to corporate. It was the right thing to do, for you and for your family.” “My best friend….I should have known better than to trust you. Well they aren’t gonna take me, I will run before they have the chance.” Titus began walking towards the corner of the room where a gym bag and water bottle sat. He opened the gym bag and pulled out some clothes. Clothes that were screaming to rip apart the minute Titus pulled them over his engorged muscles. He then grabbed a bottle out of his bag and popped it open. He shook out a handful of blue pills and put them in his mouth, grabbed his water bottle and swallowed all of them. “They’re not coming to take you Titus, I am.” I grabbed the tranquilizer gun from my side pocket and shot Titus right in the chest. “I’m so sorry Titus, I didn’t want things to turn out like this, but I knew you wouldn’t listen to me.” “You son of a…” Titus slowly fell to the ground as he slurred the last of his words. He dropped the bottle of pills and blue capsules littered the floor. James began looking for Titus’s lab. He noticed a door ajar towards the staircase. He opened the door to find a room full of computers and diagrams of muscle groups. So James grabbed all of the pertinent information for the research and left the stack of blue pills in the corner of the room. “The lab is going to need all of this as evidence; I’ll just copy the formula and see if I can’t recreate it later. This could prove to be a huge breakthrough for MD.” James took one last look at the hulking form on the floor. “Goodbye old friend, it’s been fun.” As he rounded the corner of the upstairs hall he flipped open his cell phone and dialed a number. “The subject is down; you can take him into custody now.” ************************************************** ******** “I still don’t understand how you look so amazing. I mean I saw you in 5th period biology class and you didn’t look anything like this!” Eric continued on trying to figure out how I had gotten so buff. “I’m telling you, it will be better if I just show you.” So I led the way into my dad’s old gym basement. Mom wanted to turn it into storage, but couldn’t bring herself to come down here. So instead it is now my new man cave. I spend all of my free time down here, obsessing over the same thing my father did. We got to the mirrored wall with the racks of dumbbells on them and I grabbed the thirty’s and began doing curls. The veins in my arm began to pop out, but my arms didn’t seem to grow any bigger. “I’m waiting!” Eric said impatiently as he sat down on one of the benches with his arms crossed. “I swear, all I did was worked out and I got bigger. I felt this amazing rush of energy and then felt the urge to dispose of that energy.” So I moved over to the bench press and put two 45 pound plates on each side. I began pushing out rep after rep of presses, but still no growth. I began getting frustrated. “Well it worked before I swear! Something must be different…” Then I remembered my bloated belly and how as I worked out it began to shrink down. “All I need to do is get Chris to fill me with sperm again and then I can show you.” “What?” There was a puzzled and slightly disgusted look on Eric’s face. “What the hell are you talking about Jake? You sound really crazy now. You know, if you didn’t want to meet me for pizza, all you had to do was say so. I’m going home.” Eric got up and began heading up the stairs. “When you decide to tell me the truth, I’ll be waiting.” Just like that he was gone. Great, now my best friend doesn’t believe me. I’ve got to find a way to prove it to him, but how? Continued in Blue Pill Part 4
  25. A Savage Costume

    Yep, it's a Halloween costume story. Sorry for falling into well-established tropes, but I hope the timing is right and you enjoy! Jeff looked through the packaging again. There is no way this was all that was supposed to be included, the guy at the shop had obviously ripped him off. He had been invited to a costume party, and in typical college student style, he'd waited until about 3 hours before the party to actually find something to wear. In a panic, he searched the internet for top quality costumes available in his college town. It wasn't a big town, options were limited to say the least. But still he'd found a small little hole in the wall shop that had a few 5 star reviews online, so he'd hopped in his car and booked it to the shop. He wasn't disappointed; inside was an assortment of everything from superheroes, to pirates, to every monster that had ever graced a movie screen. Jeff was a bit of a nerd. Well, that was putting it lightly, he was 5 foot nothing, and weighed maybe a buck thirty soaking wet if you used heavy water. He wasn't socially that proficient, and had spent most of his High School and now college career hunched over a D&D table, rolling die, playing the strong hero, and basically living out everything he wasn't in real life. It was no surprise he'd found himself in the fantasy section, filing through various knights, knaves, peasants. Then he saw it! A very convincing barbarian costume. He grabbed for it as childhood memories of He-Man came rushing in. He'd always wanted to be He-Man, every boy his age had wanted to. His heart rose a brief moment before he realized looking at the model pictured on the box, that he did not have anywhere near the body to pull it off. He put the costume in its box back down, a little dejected. "Why don't you get that one? You want it, it's written all over your face!" Jeff spun around and found the owner of the voice behind him, an older gentleman with a white modest beard that just hid most of a name tag on his shirt that Jeff could discern must have said "owner". "Are you kidding? There's no way I could pull that off. Look at me," he gestured down to his puny frame, "no one wants to see this in a skimpy costume. I'd never do it justice," he smiled at the man, still wistfully longing to be able to actually wear and do the costume some justice. "Oh! No, you don't understand, those muscles, the hair, all of it is included in the costume. You'll look fantastic in it!" "What is it, like some sort of padded shirt or something?" Jeff picked the box back up and scrutinized the model on the front. He really couldn't make out where the muscle padding ended and the skin of the model began. "Sure, padding, yep, that's exactly what it is," the old man gave a reassuring smile. And somehow, Jeff had believed him, bought the costume, ran home to change, and now found himself sitting on his bed staring at the package with a picture of a bodybuilder of a model in barbarian shorts with bracers, long hair, boots; the works and only a pair of what he only could describe as "fur briefs" to show for it. He picked up the brown leather "tighty whities", holding them up at arm's length to inspect them. They looked like underwear, except for the thick blond-ish fur that was pluming up out of the waistband and the leg holes. "Ok...", Jeff thought to himself, "I need a saving throw if I'm going to make the party." He just stared at the fancy loin cloth. "Maybe I can pair it with something, get some sort of mashed together costume." He gave out a hopeless sigh. He had to admit the idea sounded completely stupid. "Never say die...just put it on, and let's see how bad it actually is. It won't be that bad. Sure, it won't be that bad, and something to put on with it will present itself." Jeff really didn't believe himself, but with 2 hours before the party, there really wasn't an option. Jeff peeled his shirt off his thin, pale body, catching a glimpse of himself in his mirror in the corner of his room. His lanky form and shaggy black hair adding to the general air of "unkempt" that summed him up. He threw his shirt in the other corner of the room, along with his jeans he'd just removed. His own underwear was the final piece of clothing gone. As he reached for the leather briefs, he averted his eyes from the skinny, unimpressive figure in the mirror. "Alright, here goes nothing," he muttered to no one else in the room as he closed his eyes and yanked the briefs on, the waist being far to big to fit his own, and the leg holes looking like they were made for a man with legs so big he'd have trouble walking. 'Roomy' was the vastly inadequate word to describe his feeling in the very oversized leather garment. He stood there, trying desperately to hold the briefs up, and squeezed one of his eyes half open, trying to soften the blow of what he knew he'd see in the mirror. His gaze was met with a very small, pasty, unimpressive guy in oversized fur underwear. "Oh no, no, no, no...", Jeff let the briefs go in desperation. He'd expected the cloth to just fall down when he let go, but he noticed as he dropped his hands, the briefs stayed in place. And there was something else, a feeling of 'fullness' around the top part of his thighs, almost like they were touching. Jeff adjusted his stance a bit wider, and looked down. He almost fainted when he saw his quads, and calves, already noticeably bigger than they were before. He stared in awe as he felt veins actually creeping up under the skin, showing in the stark relief of the definition of his legs. Adjusting his stance wider to accommodate the growth, his legs felt like they'd been inflated with way too much air, but as he reached down and felt, they were hard as rocks....and getting....harrier? He looked closer, and saw fine blond hairs, lighter than those on the briefs poking through the paper thin skin of the hard muscle on his legs. He reached down again, and was startled - as he reached, his arm, particularly his bicep, brushed against something. Something hard. He looked down and realized not only had his arms grown to bodybuilder size while he had been inspecting his legs, his chest had too. He tried moving his arms in front of his body, testing the range of motion with his newfound brawn. He found he could no longer reach across the front of his body, his muscles were just too massive, his arms and chest kept fighting for space. He raised his right arm, and tried touching his left shoulder ("Oh my god, it's a bowling ball!"), getting about three quarters of the way across before his chest prevented any more motion, bunching up with a thick valley ranging from his neck down through his abs, only slightly obscured by the blond pelt his body was receiving. He turned his head and saw something in his field of vision. Jeff realized it was his traps - raising up to just below his jaw from the mountains he now called shoulders. He looked in disbelief down at himself, having to bend over slightly to get past the view of his chest. Calves like diamonds as he flexed them. Quads that were huge, every head of the muscle visible beneath the blond fur. "Well, I'm going to be walking different from now on." he thought to himself. Cobble stone abs led up to the most massive chest he'd ever seen. He felt so heavy, he grinned at his transformation. Jeff was reveling in the sheer mass of his body, he'd never felt what it was to be 'big' in any sense of the word, and now he was bigger than any bodybuilder. Just moving brought a whole new range of experiences. Muscles plump with definition. He looked briefly in the mirror and held his arms straight up above his head as if he was raising a sword. His body was in stark relief as his biceps and triceps gave way to shoulders that could carry the world to armpits that were deeper than he'd seen formed by the wings of his lats as his back became the envy of any pro bodybuilder - his pecs still plump and defined even with his arms stretched up there was still a good inch of shelf underneath them. Cobblestone abs with blond hair leading into the waistband of the loin cloth, hinting at what might lie underneath. Quads blossoming out of their confining holes in the briefs. "By the power of GraySKuLL I HAVe The POWERRRR!", as he yelled his voice dropped a good two octaves as his adam's apple grew. Jeff laughed, he really did look like He-Man come to life. Only maybe bigger. He chuckled to himself and let his arms, now covered like the rest of him by blond hair, drop to his side - as much as they could. His triceps hit his lats, another new, exciting sensation of muscle on muscle, and Jeff realized now he'd always have his arms hanging at a 30 degree angle away from his body, his powerful back flaring out behind him like a gargantuan cobra's hood. Jeff finally got a good look at himself in his mirror. Any trace of the old him was gone, except maybe in some of the facial features. His shaggy hair was now a long flowing blond mane, the briefs were no longer large on him, and actually looked like they were a bit small on the behemoth bodybuilder lurking in the mirror. Jeff turned around - he glutes were globes of muscle. "Guess I've got squatter's ass now," the thought thickly moved through his mind. His muscles were massive. he tested flexing as best he could, his mind overloaded with the new feelings of his added muscle. He was big, huge. More importantly he felt huge. As he was flexing his bicep, admiring the vein popping out on its way down his massive forearms, he noticed his skin was darker. Like he'd spent a few days at the beach. His skin was thicker, tough, though still thin enough to show off his musculature. He had a dopey grin as he raised a hand and felt the cleft beneath his chest, losing a good portion of his hand under the massive pecs. He felt something else start to enlarge. He let out a guttural, deep, primitive, dull laugh as he glanced downward, noticing a fullness in the briefs being pushed out by the girth of his thighs, and actually slightly distending the front of the briefs. He'd have to examine that further after the change completed. In the last few seconds, his eyes changed to a steel blue, and something else. He tried to find the right words, but words weren't his strong suit now. In fact, as the Barbarian settled into reality, Jeff couldn't really concentrate on much at all. He heard a noise, a beeping of some sort, and traced it to a small rectangular thing on a table in the room. He looked at the strange glowing thing across the room from him, making out the letters C-H-A-R-L-I-E on it. Jeff would know that his friend Charlie would be calling him to arrange for a ride to the party, but a war was going on in his head as thoughts slowed and Jeff drained away. The Barbarian that was left just looked at the strange magic device. He walked over to it, his massive thighs rolling against each other as the Barbarian lumbered. He had to bend down from his massive six foot seven height to see over his pecs to look at the glow closer. He scrunched up his face, the short blond beard and mustache on the former college student forming a quizzical look at the strange markings on the screen, not able to comprehend their meaning. "Jeff" wasn't in control anymore, but Ja'Carr the Barbarian warrior was. Ja'Carr reached out a huge arm and touched the glowing, flashing thing, which caused the glow to go black. A booming bass voice rang out "I guess that wasn't important, heh." He looked as his massive arm, veins wrangling their way up his forearm, across the bicep and up to his huge cannon ball shoulders. He laughed out loud again, his voice so deep it seemed to make the windows of the room rattle. He didn't know why this body made him so happy. He couldn't quite get rid of the feeling that this wasn't his body, but he just crunched his abs, flexed every muscle in his legs and screamed into a most muscular in front of the mirror, muscles swelling, veins about to burst, relishing in the power and strength he had, the low reverb of the battle cry carrying though his apartment building and out into his neighborhood.