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  1. ploder4

    My Twin Is His Own Man

    PREVIOUS REFERENCE: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4099-my-partner-moves-on/ https://muscle-growth.org/topic/3760-my-twin-moves-on-chapters-1-12/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hey Guys, here it is, the last chapter of Hard Mountain. It feels really weird putting this up. Thank you for everyone that's liked and commented, it's meant a lot. This started off as something a lot shorter and, like a muscle, the more I worked on it the more it grew. So thank you for reading, enjoy the last part. It's a bit of a wrapping up kind of thing but hopefully it'll satisfy. I'm working on another long story but it's nowhere near ready yet, though I have a story to put up next week that you should enjoy. Anyway, here we go... Chapter One Chapter Two Chapters Three and Four
  3. There is a part 1, although it isn't strictly a necessary read. Jack heaves bolt-upright in bed in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and breathing hard. Driving rain against the window is overpowered by the sound of his heartbeat. His pulse is strong and quick; he feels every drop of his blood course through his tense muscles. He sports an impressive semi-erection in his underwear, and his hard nipples slide up and down underneath the tight white nightshirt. His masculine jawline clenched tight, he pulls the sheets away from his soaked torso and swings his feet out
  4. Hialmar

    The Perilous Danger

    GUARDIANS OF THE CONTINENT Season 4 Episode 8 The Perilous Danger Most of the males of the family of Sir Neville Fink-Nottle-Reid had served in the civil service since the days of the Asquith cabinet, when agriculture no longer was enough to keep damp damages away from the family mansion in Flydale Major, located not very far from the slightly larger village Flydale Minor. Generations of his family had seen several Liberal, Conservative and Labour cabinets succeed each other, but only five monarchs during the same time. He sat in his hotel room in Brussels, and felt awkward. An
  5. Hialmar

    Unit 246: Interlude

    First chapter is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13112-unit-246/ Former chapter is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13150-unit-246-chapter-five/ Unit 246: Interlude ”Is there any Mr. or Mrs. Czythia in your life?” Unit 246 was sitting in a space harbour with Sister Czythia, though the title Sister was just an archaic convention. There were male human nurses called Sister, and the extra-terrestrial physiology of Sister Czythia made it even more of a non-gendered word. ”No, I live for my work as a nurse, in this phase of my life. Death will
  6. Hialmar

    Unit 246: Chapter Five

    Chapter One is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13112-unit-246/ Chapter Four is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13146-unit-246-chapter-four/ Unit 246 Chapter Five Unit 389 had still been enraptured in the feeling of becoming as empowered as a neutron star, as unyielding as a being of chrome and tungsten, as disciplined as a fighting machine and as built as forgotten hero-god of the past, when someone or something cut the power supply off, and put an end to the relentless behaviour of Medical Artificial Intelligence 5. "All parameters an
  7. Chapter One is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13085-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake/ Chapter Three is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13105-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake-chapter-three/ DISCLAIMER This chapter takes place in a leather bar, and there will be some kink. Please, be warned. Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Four Lucien felt playful and naughty, shy and daring. Above all, he felt worried for his own feelings. He was very attractive, wasn't he? Chad. But he was also his former bully. The
  8. Chapter one is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13085-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake/ Chapter two is here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13095-professor-schnackenburgs-mistake-chapter-two/ Professor Schnackenburg's mistake Chapter Three Lucien waited inside the entrance of The Dungeon at the far end of the gay street. He was dressed in a black rubber shirt with yellow stripes, in a cut which emulated a polo shirt, and he was wearing very tight black, shiny rubber trousers. Football socks on his feet, inside white-laced boots with high bootnecks. He couldn
  9. Wyatt: ‘Ahh damnit, I’m late for work again. Stupid damn lights, I don’t have time for this. Why does the speed limit have to be so low on this freaking road? UGH! Man, I hope there are no cops anywhere close to me. Hmmm, I think I am going to chance it.’ *sirens whizz past his car* Wyatt: ‘Ahh whew! I thought they were going to stop me, so far so good. *looks at dash for time* Oh fuck, my boss is going to kill me if I am late again. Where is my damn phone? *takes eyes off road for a few seconds and flies through light barely missing another car* OH SHIT! GAWD DAMN! I have got to stop doi
  10. LoveGrowth

    Changing my Life - Part 9

    Sorry for the long delay, I had some trouble writhing this part. However I do have some ideas for the upcoming parts… but you’ll have to wait and see when they come out… Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy and as always thank you for the support and lovely messages. Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Changing my Life Part IX Standing before me was Mr Jones. I hadn’t seen him since the incident that happened at the party. I was practically frozen but knew that I couldn’t tell him what was going on. I changed my shocked face into
  11. LoveGrowth

    Changing my Life - Part 8

    As always, thank you for all the support and reputation . I would like to mention that I’m having some problems at work so I’ll only upload on Sundays. Thanks for understanding and have a great Sunday! Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Changing my Life Part VIII “Rise and shine” I heard Max’s deeper voice say when I awoke the next morning. I sat up straight and looked at him. Before me, stood a tall, wide and hot muscle god with a small tray in his hands. He was wearing a tiny little speedo which, to be honest, didn’t cover up anything
  12. LoveGrowth

    Changing my Life - Part 4

    Hey everyone and thanks again for all the support on the previous part. This part is a little bit shorter than the previous parts but it is the last part without any growth. In the next part the fun will begin… Part I Part II Part III Changing my Life Part IV The doc stood up and walked over to what seemed like a wooden panel mounted on the wall. He turned his back to us so we couldn't see what he was doing. “DOM!” With a loud noise, panel opened up. Max and I were kind of scared about what was to come. “Well come on in!” the doc said inviting us
  13. LoveGrowth

    Changing my Life - Part 3

    Before you guys dig in to the next part, I wanted to thank you for all the positive comments an reputations that you are giving me. It really motivates me and keeps me going. I wish you all a good weekend and I'll see you all next week. Part I Part II Changing my Life Part III “Wh.. What d.. do you mean I found someone?” I said in disbelief. “Well I ended up on the weird corner of the web and found a forum that was dedicated to people who would like to start their experiment and are seeking for guinea pigs. As I was scrolling down, I found someone who cre
  14. LoveGrowth

    Changing my Life - Part 2

    Writing is going well so I thought why not post part 2 a little sooner. I really enjoy developing this story and I hope you like it as much as I do. I'd love to hear what you think about it and if you have any suggestions, please let me know. Part I Changing my Life Part II SLAM! I awoke to the sound of the front door slamming shut. Looking at the clock of my phone, I saw that it was 8:12 PM. “Max can’t be back already. He always returns around 9:00 PM.” I thought as I heard someone stomping up the stairs. “Max is that you.” Suddenly e
  15. LoveGrowth

    Changing my Life - Part 1

    This is a story I’ve been working on for a while now. I’d also like to point out that I have Dyslexia so there may be some faults in the story (so sorry in advance). It’s a story about a young gay couple (Jake and Max) just starting out in life. Jake and Max tend to go to the gym to stay in form but Max has always had the desire to grow bigger. Will he get what he wants? … Part II Changing my Life Part I The sun slowly started to set as I finally arrived home after a long day at work. I recently got the opportunity to take over a real estat
  16. Read what precedes this chapter if need be: Muscle Buddies 1.0 & 1.1: https://muscle-growt...orkout-session/ Muscle Buddies 1.2: https://muscle-growt...eping-a-secret/ Muscle Buddies 1.3: https://muscle-growt...now-who-we-are/ Muscle Buddies 2.0 & 2.1: https://muscle-growt...ng-the-admirer/ Chapter 2.2: Let's Assume That We Can Get Along Spending time with Omar over the summer before his senior year of high school has been incredibly satisfying for Jeff, especially after the recommendation from his assistant football coach Colton Goodwin. His relationship with Dustin has stayed fai
  17. The other parts of Chapter 1 are here: 1.0 and 1.1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/2085-muscle-buddies-the-powerlifter-the-bodybuilder-chapter-1-a-workout-session-chapter-11/ 1.2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4106-muscle-buddies-keeping-a-secret-chapter-12/ Jeff and Dustin’s junior year is now winding down after the two teenagers both have decided to accelerate their training programs. To prepare for the upcoming football season, Jeff is already starting to up his reps on all of his workouts to get stronger. Dustin is in the midst of a bulking phase that he was talked into trying by more
  18. Check out Parts 1 & 1.1 first to keep track: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/2085-muscle-buddies-chapters-1-15/ After making the playoffs at the end of the football season, Jeff wants to come out to the rest of the guys on the team, but Dustin keeps telling him that it isn’t going to help him if he does. After celebrating their last home game with the team, Jeff spends a little bit of time in the locker room having a ‘conversation’ with Dustin. The two studly teens laugh as they horse around near the lockers rolling on the floor and playfully punching each other. Without realizing it, t
  19. The Edge - Part 7 - Super Swoldier “It wasn't till i was about 9 when I saw my first muscle magazine - at that moment I was blown away at the muscle I saw on these people. I wondered to myself, "I wanna look like that someday" so not soon after I read my first magazine I started to lift weights.” – Jeff Long It was six weeks before the show. I’m not quite sure what Colin was doing, the bodybuilding stuff still didn’t make sense to me. I still wasn’t used to Colin’s “intrusions” into my life - it was to the point now that passing by a mirror and flexing was enough for him to sur
  20. Herald

    theft The muscle frat (2)

    Two The next morning Brad awoke with a strange feeling: the mixture of too many beers and the pride of being a DEXAMENI-frat member buzzed around in his head. He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked around the unfamiliar room. He was laying in a bed against the left wall, the bed against the opposite wall was empty but the sheets were tossed on it. He tried figuring out how he'd gotten there. All he remembered was the initiation, the first two beers and then everything was blurry. "A shower would do some good", he said to himself as he sat up in his bed and tossed his s
  21. Herald

    theft The muscle frat (1)

    One "Come on. One more, buddy!" Brad grunted from the effort, his face beet red as he curled the 100 pound barbell up. "10", he groaned between his teeth as he completed his rep. "Nice job, man", Brock said as he helped his buddy lower the barbell back down and place it on the floor. Both aged 21, the two had been friends ever since their first day in kindergarten and had always been in the same class up until university. Even then, they had both chosen Orchid University. After setting their first steps in the gym at age 15, they had continued working out together on a dai
  22. Hialmar

    m/m The Security Squad, Part 2

    Last chapter is found here: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/10522-the-security-squad-part-1/ The Security Squad: Part 2 News-reports about the so-called Security Squad were rare, and only reported about successful operations to prevent terrorist attacks. If what the news agencies reported, about the Security Squad, had been entirely true and the entire truth, The Squad would have been a force for the good -- as far as that was possible, under our contemporary regime -- but many of us doubted the accuracy of the news we heard or read. Many of us. Not all of us. Some n
  23. flamedelft

    sci-fi My alien prisoner - prologue

    So I've thought of a new story, so let me know what you guys think. This part is just a rough introduction, no growth, no sex or anything. That will come later. Shoutout to SeaMuscle and ragmangsm for being an inspiration for this story! --- So, today I met an alien. I was reading a book under a tree between classes, when I noticed someone approached me. I mentally marked the page and closed the book, turning my attention to the person that was standing next to me. "Can I help you?" I asked. The person wore a pair of baggy sweatpants and a hoodie, which was weird considering how warm it wa
  24. Herald

    theft The Flexorcist (26)

    Twenty-six All eyes turned toward the entrance as the deep voice rumbled through the wrestle hall. Connor looked up and he kept pumping out pushups. He grinned as he recognized Alex. Alex slowly walked to the center of the hall. He looked around at the staring wrestlers and bellowed: “Leave! The big men are gonna play now!”. All the wrestlers raced to the door and abandoned the wrestle hall, not wanting to get trampled during a fight between those beast. “You stay here, boy. You’ll be the ref”, Connor said to the diminished coach. He got up, leaving the defeated Aaron in the left corne
  25. AlexDrake

    Birthday Boy

    A little story I've already posted on my tumblr. Any and all comments and criticisms are appreciated A million little cameras flash into my face at once. Blinded by the sea of lights, I avert my gaze and look at the cake before me. A novelty cake; big, pink and shaped like a bodybuilder’s arm flexing a biceps. I smile. It’s a cartoon version of the heavily muscled arm around my shoulder, pressing me into a heavily muscled chest belonging to an equally heavily muscled body. Turning my face up, I look at the behemoth holding me. Shane Burke. Teenage bodybuilding s
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