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  1. hero1000returns

    no sex Son of the Hulk (Revised)

    Under an old user name in an old section of the forum, I had written a story about the son of the hulk. Here is a re-imagined version of that story... Son Of The Hulk Jason looked at his phone. The text was there. The number from multiple call attempts had been flagged as "possible spam". "Meet me at 1:30 by McDonald's across the street" Jason looked around uncomfortably. A click and another message. "I am wearing a green polo shirt and blue jeans with a grey ball cap" Jason was dumbfounded. His mother was killed in a car accident when he was 7. He had no idea who his father was. He had no siblings. He had been passed from foster home to foster home. Some better than others. Why was a stranger texting him? Was it that old guy from that perverted home where they molested all the kids? Jason was sure he was still in prison. How would he even have his number, though? The front door of the apartment banged open and shut. "Yo! Jason! You here?" "Yeah, Bryce! Be right there" Jason picked up his phone and went out to the kitchen to see his roommate, gym rat Bryce. Straight from his workout, sweating, pumped, and super stinky. "Damn, Bryce, don't they have showers at that place? Iron Palace or whatever?" "Iron Mecca, bro, and yes, but in a rush today. Besides the sweet man perfume makes the phat chicks follow" He gave a smirk and flexed one ample sized arm. "Vomit you mean. And I am not one of your 'phat chicks' so clean-up" Bryce laughed. Jason looked at his phone it was 1:15, "I gotta go somewhere real quick" Bryce paused at the awkward sound in Jason's voice. "Hey, yeah, I can shower real quick and go with you, if you want. We can grab some food or..." "No." Jason looked uncomfortable, "I gotta do this by myself. But..." He paused. "I will call you at 2:00. If you don't hear from me, call the police ok?" "Woah, are you sure you don't want me to go?" "No. I'm sure it will be fine. We can eat afterwards" Bryce was already peeling off his sweaty t-shirt. "Okay, bro. And don't worry I will clean up the floor there" Jason glanced at his phone then left the apartment. McDonald's was only a block away, but if he drove with his tinted windows he could see the mysterious messenger before the person ever saw him He got in his 2018 Lime Green Dodge Charger and revved the engine. As he pulled out onto the highway, he saw the restaurant and a bus stop out in front. No one was there as he passed. He decided to make a U-turn and check again. As he waited for the light, there was another message from the phone. "Just pull in this time" A jolt of discomfort went through him, "Talk about some big brother shit" he muttered. He turned at the light and as he approached the restaurant again, he saw somebody with the matching outfit sitting at a table in the play area. He pulled in and parked. Jason studied him for a minute before getting out of the car and knew that the guy was watching him back. He looked like he was only a year or two older. Maybe 28 or 29. 30 at the oldest, definitely. "Here goes nothing. Let's see what this guy wants" He opened the car door, and stood for a second. The stranger watched him from inside the building. Jason went in and circled towards the play area. He stood just inside the door and spoke, "Okay. I’m here. What do you want?" "If you are going to try to be subtle, a Lime Green Dodge Charger is not the way to go" the stranger gave a sardonic smile. "I will ask again, what do you want? You have 30 seconds to make yourself clear" "It will take longer than 30 seconds" "25" "Okay. I need to talk with you about your family." A surge of hurt and anger flashed through Jason. "I'm leaving! Right now!" "Don't! Jason, this is important! I have information on your father!" Jason paused half turned towards the door "The father who never gave a damn about me? Who left me to foster homes and molesters? That father???" Jason spun with tears stinging his eyes, "Well, FUCK HIM!" The stranger was also crying, "I know..." "You know nothing!" "Please, Jason, let's just talk." Jason stormed out the door, keys already in hand. The stranger was on his feet and following. "Jason stop, please, just..." People in the McDonald's had paused to watch the spectacle. Jason jumped in the car and tried to slam the door but the stranger had a grip on it, fighting him for it. Jason began backing out of the lot, fighting for the door at the same time. The stranger was yelling at him to stop. He finally got some leverage on the door and slammed it shut as he sped up towards the highway, only to realize he had shut the stranger’s fingers in it. The stranger was screaming and being half dragged along the pavement. Jason popped the door and kicked him away. He saw people in the restaurant with cell phones out filming the whole thing. Great, he was about to be the next viral sensation! Maybe the world was better without social media. He didn't see the stranger’s eyes turn white. He didn't hear his screaming voice drop in pitch or notice as the stranger ran for the cover of the woods. He turned onto the highway trying to figure out where to go to cool off. Not back to the apartment just yet. What the hell was going... WHAM! The whole car shook violently. WHAM! WHAM! from the back of the car. Something green and huge had smashed the trunk of the car and was lifting the rear end off the ground. Jason gunned the gas but the back wheels just spun in the air. The creature lifted the whole car over its head like it weighed nothing and carried it off the highway. Jason screaming from inside. Other cars had stopped and stared. Jason undid his seat belt and tried to open the door and jump free as the thing raced off into another section of the wooded hillside. The monster shook the car throwing him around like a rag doll. Finally, the beast dropped the car in a ditch at such an angle that Jason was trapped inside. Surely with everyone watching he just needed to stay low until help arrived. Surely help would arrive...right? Another loud bang and the door pulled free and went flying off. A thick muscular green arm, larger than anything Jason had ever seen reached in and dragged him from the car. Jason screamed in terror. The creature actually became very gentle when it got Jason out and then set him down near the car. It watched Jason as it slowly sat beside him. Jason tried to edge away but the creature was on full alert. Then he thought it looked a bit smaller. Odd trick of the light maybe. The creature blinked a bit confused and maybe sleepy. Yes, it was smaller. It was shrinking somehow. The muscle retreating. The creature let out a gasp. The face took on a more human shape. Jason stared, it was looking more like the stranger from the restaurant. "What the actual fuck?" he whispered as the stranger looked like a heavyweight bodybuilder with a light green tinge now. "I....I...tried..." it rumbled gasping between words The creature gave a huge sigh and swallowed as he became more like an athletic jock. At last his eyes returned to a more normal hazel color. The man sat there, watching Jason. Breathing heavily. Jason said nothing but just stared. The man spoke, "I just wanted to talk. I didn't want to scare you." Jason didn't move. "It is hard to control sometimes. feels...good" "Who the hell are you and what do you want with me?" Jason spoke softly. The man looked at the ground. Then back at Jason, with tears in his eyes, "I'm your father, Jason" Somebody was slapping Jason's face. He opened his eyes. He looked up and saw the stranger, then realization dawned that he had passed out. Jason recoiled. The man stepped back. They were still in the woods by the car. "I wrecked your car. I'm sorry about that." " can't be my father. You are only about 30 years old? I'm 27! That's impossible" "No, Jason, I am actually 60" "What...what do you want from me?" "I want my son. Is that so bad?" "You’re freaking me out." Jason felt his heart race. Jason's phone rang, he looked down and saw it was 2:15 and Bryce was calling. He ignored it. Maybe Bryce would call the police for real and he would get help. The stranger said, "Are you going to answer that?" "No" "Your roommate will be worried. He does love you very much" "Have you been stalking me? You're a stalker. That's it. You have studied my life because you have some sort of weird thing about me. That's it. Well, when I don't answer, Bryce will call the police, so you had better just leave and not do anything to me. I don't know your name or where you live and you can just leave me alone and..." "My name is David" "What?" "David, and what about my secret that you just saw?" "That was a hallucination. You injected me with something and..." Jason started to cry. "Please don't hurt me. Just go away and I won't tell anyone about this..." "Stop, Jason! I am not going to hurt you. You really are my son. I will explain if you give me the chance. It is important for you to understand because..." Jason stuck his fingers in his ears and closed his eyes. David sighed and waited. Eventually Jason opened his eyes again and pulled his fingers out, "You're still here" "Yep" "How can you be my father?" "Long story, can we get some clothes and go somewhere? It is kind of cold out here" "You kind of destroyed my car" "Do you have clothes in there? Just a shirt at least? I can deal with torn pants. I've done it before" Jason, being a typical single guy, did have clothes all over his car. He grabbed a shirt and handed it to the man. David took it. A tight fit, but better than nothing. "I was studying an anti-aging serum. It was pretty effective but they wanted to cut my funding." "Why are you telling me this?" "Jason, right now it is just you and me out here. If I was going to do anything bad to you, it would have already happened. Well, other than your car. Sorry about that." "You can talk but keep your distance, I don't trust you." "Fine." He stared at Jason for a minute "Like I said, anti-aging serum. Funding cut. This was about a year before you were born. I needed to test it. I was about 32 at the time and I tested it on myself." Jason said, "So you expect me to believe you found a fountain of youth?" "I don't expect you to believe anything. I just want you to listen." Jason looked away. "If you really are my father, why did you hide from me?" "I'm getting to that. At first the serum was wonderful. It felt amazing. I took a second dose, and that is where some problems began to occur. There was an exponential problem that gets compounded without regulating the DNA structures" "Okay, that is all blah blah blah" "Right. Soon I was about 30 years old but much fitter and stronger than I had ever been. I hadn't told Kathy about this she just thought I was working out a lot" "Mom?" "Yes." "You slept with her with this serum?" David paused, "Yes." Jason stared. "A year after you were born, I was still as young as you see me now. People were going to notice. For your and Kathy's sake, I left. I put a large amount of money in the account to help her raise you. I didn't want you to have the social stigma of what I had done." "Just looking young? But you didn't tell her?" "I left a note" "She didn't understand it. And I never saw it because she died..." "I know." "You didn't come get me?" "Something else had happened, which no one knows about. Until now" "That thing?" David paused, "Yes. The first time it happened I was still living with you two. Coming home from work, I stopped for gas. As I finished pumping, two young men tried to car jack me. I tried to fight them out of the car, but they were in, kind of like what happened at McDonald's. They tried to drive off, but my lab coat was caught in the door. It ripped and I went flying off into a ditch at the side of the road. Then it happened. As I hit the dirt, I felt an incredible rush of power through my system. I didn't know what was happening. Rage fueled my veins and I could feel my clothes getting tighter. I felt amazing. But then I kind of blacked out. Fragments of rage and strength and then I seemed to come to, with only my boxers barely hanging on my frame. I looked down at a massively muscular body that I knew couldn't be mine, but it was getting smaller by the second. My mind was gradually clearing. You already saw that happen here, so you know I am not lying." "What does that have to do with me?" "I have been finding a way to control this, so doing some research on my own, as I can, I also found that I may have passed this on to you." "What?" "I am not sure, but you are nearing a point where your aging is beginning to slow down. Most people will continue, but that's why I was watching you. You aren't aging like everyone else, so more than ever I am convinced..." "I haven't ever turned green or done anything like that. People age at different rates, anyhow" "I know what to look for" "yeah? well..." "I needed to test you at the restaurant. I tried to talk to you carefully, but when you got angry about family?" "Yeah" "Did you feel anything?" "Pissed off..." "Your eyes changed color. Mine turn white. Yours did too. I thought you were going to have a full transformation in the play area of McDonald's and I tried to stop you. I definitely didn't want you to drive while it was happening." "You're lying" "No. Fortunately, you may have time before it fully happens to you, but I needed to warn you. I..." "Bryce..." "What?" "Yesterday, I got mad at him for spilling something on the floor. I felt powerful when I yelled at him and he actually backed up and said my eyes looked funny" "It may be closer than you know." "Damn it. I'd better call him back before..." Jason's phone rang again. It was Bryce. Jason answered it quickly, "Hello?" "2:00 is long gone! I almost called the cops for real, bro!" "I'm good. I think. I'll be there shortly." "Can we get some food? Growing boy gotta eat" "Yeah" Jason hung up and turned back to the man who was completely altering his life, "Thank you" David sighed. "I don't know what to call you. Dad? David? How do I even fit this into my life?" "I have been trying to figure that out too. I have an apartment not far from here. I can give you a ride home, then head back." "I guess" They finally emerged from the hillside and made their way to McDonald's. David had a large silver Ford F150. Jason climbed into the cab. "Nice truck, Davey" "Not Davey, definitely. Dave or David will work" "I guess I need to get my own place so Bryce doesn't find out" "You two have known each other since 6th grade." "How do you..." "I wasn't completely an absentee father. I watched and did stuff behind the scenes. That old child molester? Who do you think reported him? And had the evidence filed away to lock him up forever" They pulled up to the apartment, Jason got out. David looked down, "Stay in touch so we can figure this out." "Okay" Bryce was waiting outside, "Who the hell was that?" "Uh, just a friend." "Your face is kind of bruised. You okay?" "Yeah, give me..." "Where's your car?" "I wrecked it." He sighed. Bryce paused and stared at him, "Maybe you need to start lifting with me. A little muscle would do you some good. Confidence builder." Jason smirked, "Sure" "All right, let's eat"
  2. LionBUff

    no sex Survival Story (A True Story)

    I was unsure if this was fitting for this site but to be completely honest, I'm only posting it because someone may need to hear it. It has a good ending, and is 100% true. DOC version: Audio: Survival Story BY: LionBUff There’s no easy way to start a story like this. This is not my normal “gay furry males being gay furry males” story. I will probably write those again soon, but first, this story. This story is 100% true. This story is about my real-life triumph over depression. This story is about my real-life triumph over anxiety. This story is about my real-life triumph over bipolar mood swings that were so out of control I could never predict my mood in 5 minutes. This story is about my real-life triumph over crippling nightmares. This story is about my real-life triumph. This story is about my survival. It all started when my mom discovered a pain in her lower stomach. She assumed that she pulled a muscle or tendon deep inside of her while cooking and ignored it. A month later, she told us that the pain was so bad that when she ate a dead squirrel when she was a child as a dare the raging food poisoning that resulted was nothing compared to this. We rushed my mom to the ER. She told us that when the doctor inspected the area she pointed out that the doctor’s eyes went cold when he touched the spot. The doctor said there was a massive growth in her stomach and that it could be cancer. When my mom started crying the doctor said it only COULD be cancer and that it COULD also be something else that isn’t cancer. The doctor said that for now all she knew was that it was a lump that was growing against her stomach. The doctor said they wouldn't know until they could perform surgery to remove and investigate it. She scheduled that surgery and was prescribed pain killers to help her wait for the surgery which was weeks away. During those weeks we all felt the anxiety of not knowing what would happen. I distracted myself by writing stories to keep myself in the perfect worlds I had created in my head. The stories got my eyes off of my potentially dying mother and torn family long enough to not have a mental breakdown on a daily bases. These stories became my only consistent safe haven so I refused to leave them. I spent all day typing away about perfect worlds. When I wasn’t typing about the heavenly visions in my head, I was sleeping time away. Sleeping took me to dream realms where my mom was as healthy as ever. Sadly, as the day of surgery and the moment of truth drew near, these dreams turned into nightmares of my mom's funeral on a nightly basis. These re-occurring dreams always ended with me driving my own car to the funeral because it would allow my dad to take family members in his car when in reality I would drive to the interstate my mom’s hearse would be driving on and jump out in front of the hearse as a symbolic way to die next to my mom and immediately find her in the afterlife. These nightmares happened until surgery day. Surgery day happened and my dad, around 2 PM, called while I was in bed coming up with the next fantasy I would spend my life typing about. My dad said the lump wasn’t cancer but an odd internal growth common in older people. My dad was celebrating through tears of joy as he told me my mom was just waking up and already acting more alive than ever. He said the drugs were probably a major reason for my mom’s enthusiasm but he didn’t care. A few days after my mom came back home showing signs of feeling better than she’s felt in months I decided to make up my schoolwork. I’m sure most can imagine how hard it was for me to take school seriously during all of this. When I told my teachers what had happened, they all were as ugly as could be and said they either didn’t believe me, didn’t understand why I couldn’t just do school work during all of this, or just said they’ve been through worse and had no problem doing their work. This sparked more anxiety because it was already too late to drop out without failing. Thankfully, this isn’t the end of my story. I went to the head leaders of the school and told them everything. I told them about my mom, my anxiety, and my teachers' harsh lack of caring. Now, as I type this, it has been taken care of. My mom is home laughing and smiling more each hour than she did in a week's time. My teachers have taken back what they said and I’m back on track. Looking back at it, I now realize why I truly made it through. Those stories were all about furries. Regardless of their rating, both G and R, they were about anthro animals. Despite how weird these anthro animals were and how weird their actions in my stories were, people accepted them. They also started accepting me for the weird sad boi I was. They saw me as more than a sad boi with more sadness in each wrinkle on my sleepless face than most funerals combined. They only saw me as one of them. Furries gave me an escape. They lifted me up. As I grow up and mature, I have no doubt that there is no situation or episode in my life that furries won't be there to cuddle me through. Without the fluffballs I have met, I might just be a red blob on a hearse right now.
  3. sithspawn

    no sex Vlogger

    Welcome to the channel What’s going on everyone it’s your boy Clarky379 here...God that sounds lame with my accent. Ok let’s try again. Hi guys and welcome to the vi… Oh yeah and girls…if they’re watching...hi guys and girls…gah! That sounds even worse. I didn’t realise it’d be so difficult to start this off. Right…anyway…screw it. Welcome to my first video and I guess welcome to the channel. As you can tell by that terrible intro I’m not really into multiple takes or editing so this is going to be pretty raw and probably include a lot of rambling. There’s a good reason for that though and it’s because I don’t want anyone to think I’m doing any video wizardry or anything like that to trick you all. I might have to do a bit of editing if I need to stop filming and start again for some reason, but hopefully that won’t happen. I’ll probably end up repeating myself quite a bit and there may even be some swearing so if that offends you then I apologise in advance, but like I said, I don’t want to go back and edit anything unless it’s something that might get the video taken down, like one of my testicles coming into shot or something like that. Um…not that I’m planning on any nudity being in this so I have no idea why that example came into my head; but you get the picture. Right so; let’s get things started shall we? Ok, so first things first my name isn’t Clark, like, Clark doesn’t appear in my real name at all; not first name, middle name or surname, I just picked it for…I dunno really, I just kinda like it. And the numbers don’t mean anything either, I just picked them out at random and luckily no one else had that username. I’m not going to be saying much about my real life as I think things might get complicated later on if I do. Having said that, I will point out that I’m over eighteen, whether that’s by one day or a few years I’m not going to say, I’ll leave you all to speculate on that. I don’t have any family to speak of so I’m just kinda bumbling around the UK at the moment like a feather in the wind. I have no real plan of where I’m going or what I’m doing; I’m just kinda going with the flow. So why am I making this video then? And why am I in a forest in the middle of nowhere? Well I’m glad you asked, or at least I hope you did. I don’t even know if anyone’s gonna watch this thing but whatever. So the reason for all this is because things have gone a little weird with me lately. I dunno what actually happened but a while ago I got this weird feeling one night like…I dunno…a kind of energy surge or something like that. You know like when you get an adrenaline rush? Only it hasn’t really stopped since then. It just feels like my body’s about to go through some weird change so I thought if it does then it might be worth documenting it. I don’t mean a change like puberty or anything like that, obviously that’s been and gone, but this feels like…I dunno…like I feel stronger, but for no reason. I mean look at me, I’m not exactly a fit guy or anything like that. I’ve tried working out in the past but I just get bored and my mind starts to wander. The only reason I’m as slim as I am is because I walk a lot and eat right. Well ok, that’s not technically true, I eat unhealthy crap but it doesn’t seem to affect me so I’m not going to complain. Speaking of eating though. I don’t feel like I’ve been eating or even drinking as much as I used to lately. It’s like I’m only eating when I feel I should be and even then I’m going for stuff I like the taste of rather than thinking about what will fill me up. Like I might just have a chocolate bar and that’ll last me for hours. Maybe I’ll try and see how long I can last in a day without eating. If I don’t post any videos after that you’ll know it was a stupid idea and I starved to death in a forest somewhere. Oh yeah, that brings me back to the earlier question, why am I in a forest? Well to be honest I want to get away from people when I’m making these videos, because if something really weird is going on with my body I don’t want loads of people around asking questions about it. What could be going on I hear you ask, well that’s just the thing, I don’t know. But like I said, it just feels like there’s this huge surge of energy and I almost feel like I’m getting stronger. If that’s the case then it might be safer to test it out here rather than in a town or city where people will be in the way all the time. I know I keep saying I feel like I’m getting stronger but it’s the only way I can really explain it. It’s just…I dunno…like there’s a fire in all my muscles, like, you know how you get that pumped feeling when you’ve worked out? It’s like that, but it’s all the time. As far as I know I haven’t gotten any stronger, I mean…let’s have a look round here…ah ok, hold on a sec, there’s a nice big boulder over there, lemme put this down and try something. Well ok that didn’t work. I thought I might be able to move it or something but obviously not. At least all you lucky people got to watch me struggle and look like an idiot. There’s been other things as well, like yesterday I tripped over onnannun…blah!! Yeah I tripped over my pissing words there. Dickhead. What I was trying to say was path. Christ that was a mouthful, anyway, my arm whacked into the floor on that path and it didn’t hurt, and look, no bruising or anything. It might not seem like much but I definitely think there should be something there. I dunno, maybe I’m being stupid and seeing stuff that isn’t there but who knows. I just wanted to do this video as an introduction in case something weird is going on but if not then there probably won’t be any more videos, and this will get lost in the shuffle online somewhere. Anyway, hit that like and subscribe button…I dunno why but that’s what all the other vloggers say, so yeah, do that and maybe even leave some comments. Catch you later peeps. Oh Christ that was lame as f…
  4. Dkmort

    no sex Waterlogged

    Story removed
  5. ZFerrari

    no sex The Nakimoto Twins

    New story! Zach and Zane are driving to Leon's house in urgency. "Zach, slow down!" Zane yells. "Marcus sold me this car. I'm gonna drive it like I'm supposed to!" Zach yells back. "Like I said, Leon didn't even do anything!" "Leon was supposed to help you since you REFUSE to use the power I gave you!" "You mean the power that our father genetically gave us?! Yeah, sorry I don't use my power to destroy buildings and cause mayhem in Atlanta!" "Much destruction is needed in this broken ass city, so call it damage control" "Damage control?! So throwing a car through a window because you lost a black jack game is damage control?" "We don't talk about that. Besides we're here." Zach drift his car into a parking spot. Ever since Marcus trained him how to properly drive a car, he's been driving like crazy ever since. A 2016 Ford Mustang. He could do drifts like crazy. Zach and Zane get out and walk up to Leon's apartment door. Apartment 306. Zach knocks on the door very abruptly and loudly. Leon slowly walks up to the door with a gun in his hand. He looks in the peephole and see the 2 people he don't want to see right now. Especially after that scuffle 2 nights ago. "Open the damn door. We know you're home, cuz you're Altima is outside." Zach says. Leon slowly backs up from the door and cocks his gun. He didnt think he had to take a life today, especially 2 people he actually respect. He aims his gun at the door. Its all or nothing at this point. "Ok, this is taking too long." Zach says. Zach's right leg starts growing more muscular and vascular in his sweatpants. His thighs become more shredded and his calfs start to point out like a football. "Back up Zane" With one powerful kick, Leon's door is busted open. It sounded like a grenade went off. Leon started shooting at the twins but no success. The bullets literally stuck to the twins. Leon kept shooting until he ran out of bullets. "You mean to tell me this is your best friend? Since when does your best friend try to kill you?" Zach asks. "He knew the bullets wouldn't kill us. He just using that as a warning to stay back." Zane replies. "Yeah, exactly. The fuck you too niggas want?" Leon says. "Zane over here just got his ass beat, because he refuse to use his powers. And I hear that you were there but you didn't help him. So i just wanna know why." "You really think I would be able to take on those people? They had knifes, golf clubs, bats. Sorry that I'm not, you know, invincible like you are Zach." "So you left your best friend for dead because you were too chicken to even attempt to fight back. I know you had your hand cannon on you. But I,came here to give a little bit of a warning and a punishment. And Zane will assist me whether he likes it or not." "Exactly what are you gonna do to me?" "You'll see." Zach's left leg starts growing to match his right leg. "Lemme give you a recap on what we can do. We are the sons of Hanzo Nakimoto. His greatest feat was the power he inherited from his father, Lance Nakimoto. His power was being able to grow muscles on his body whereever and whenever he pleased. That includes this" Zach then takes his hand and rips his sweatpants and boxers clean off him. His cock is exposed and now growing in front of him. Zach is now smiling at the sight of his cock growing. Leon is looking rather scared of the snake he sees in front of him. "We can even grow our cocks, even they're not a muscle." "What's your point bruh? Are you gonna kick my ass?" Leon asks. "For real, like what are you planning Zach?" Zane asks "Leon needs to know not to leave you behind again." Zach's cock reaches up to the bottom of his chest. Zane is behind him looking real nervous on what his brother is gonna do next. His brother was always a loose cannon ever since he controlled his power. Whether the acts were good or bad, he always left a trail of destruction. Zane refused to use his power because he feared that he would turn out like his brother. Zane was the complete opposite of his brother. He was kind, soft spoken, had a good heart, and never had any bad intentions. He even helped the police to stop criminals when they couldn't. He only used his power when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But that was rare. Zane is the nicer twin. It's even because of him that Zach isn't in jail yet. "You see this cock up to my chest?? I can grow it to however long and thick I want it. Plus anything natural with it gets stronger too." Zach says. "Such as..?" Leon asks "Such as this." Zach says. Zach's cock shoots a stream of cum upwards and hits the ceiling, denting it. "What the fu- what the hell are you doing?!" Zane yells. "Leons punishment" Zach replies. Leon was completely frozen. Shocked at the sight he just saw. Somebody really nutted in his house, IN HIS HOUSE, and put a dent in the ceiling from that nut, IN HIS HOUSE. "That was just pre, this is a real cumshot." Zachs cock begin hardening, till it becomes harder than steel. Pencil thick veins starts appearing, running from the base of his cock to the tip. Even veins appearing on his balls. Zach's hands turn into fists when another stream of cum next to the dent with the stream going through the roof and into the sky 50 ft in the air. Leon is in disbelief on what he just saw. He just saw the same guy nut again but put a hole IN HIS CEILING. "Whoo that felt good. But I'm not done yet. You're gonna come with me outside" Zach says. "You just put 2 holes in my ceiling! Im not going anywhere with you!" Leon yells. "You're gonna come with me or its gonna get worse." Zach shot another stream of cum upwards and put another hole in the ceiling. "Then I guess I'm gonna pay thousands of dollars to get my house fixed huh?" "Then I guess you can forget driving around for a while too huh?" Leon knew exactly what Zach meant by that. Zach starts walking towards the door with Leon and Zane trying hold him back with no success. Zach pushes Zane to the side and picks up Leon over his head. He throws Leon against a parked car, paralyzing his back. He looks up to see Zach holding his car, A pearl white 2012 Chrysler 300 in the air with both hands over him. He tosses the car straight up 500ft in the air. His cock grows up to his chin, riddled with more veins, and a lot thicker. He arches his back and lets out a big roar as a tsunami of cum shoot out from his cock and into the sky above like a rocket. The cum fly ups straight and hits the chrysler and punches a hole from the bottom and into the car, then it punches a hole through the roof of the car and it breaks into 2 halfs. 20 seconds later, both halfs of the car come crashing down beside Zach, along with a rain of cum showering him. He gives Leon a cold stare as a warning of what he is capable of. "I hope you learned something today. C'mon Zane we're going home" Zach says. Zane helps Leon up from his paralysis and holds him back from attacking Zach. "Don't worry, I'll be back tomorrow to help you. Call a uber, go to a hotel and rest." Zane says. The twins get in the mustang and drift off back onto the road. Leon gets out his phone to call an uber and he reflects on the events that have happened in the past 3 days. He gets into a fight, doesn't help his best friend, get his house and car destroyed "Well, unlike my cousin, I only have to deal with 2 and not 7..."
  6. Bigconnorfan

    no sex Nuevo hermanito

    Todo empezó cuando terminé el colegio. Decidido a seguir con mis estudios pero sin ninguna universidad lo suficientemente buena para hacerlo, tuve que mudarme a la capital del país. Solo. Sin mi familia ni mis amigos. Pero lo hice. Debido a mis excelentes notas durante mi secundaria, conseguí una beca en una prestigiosa universidad conocida tanto por su excelencia académica como deportiva. En un país como el nuestro, ambas sumamente importantes. La beca consistía en que ellos me pagaban todo, incluso el alojamiento y la alimentación, lo que sí, iba a compartir departamento con dos estudiantes más, pero dije que más da, nada puede salir mal. Era un lunes de principios de marzo y todavía era verano cuando llegué a la gran ciudad. Fui directo al campus de la universidad donde me habían dicho que me explicarían mejor como sería el sistema de la beca. Llegué a la universidad y no lo podía creer. Era otra ciudad adentro de la ciudad. El parque era inmenso y habían varios edificios dentro de este donde debían de estar las clases y las instalaciones. Fui al edificio principal y hablé con la señora de admisiones. Estuve allí una hora y un poco más que fue todo lo que tardó en explicarme todo el sistema de las clases, horarios, lugares y mi departamento. Me dijo que lo compartiría con unos tales Tomás y Rodrigo Morrudos. Mellizos. Que coincidencia pensé. Le agradecí a la señora por tomarse su tiempo y luego de explicarme como llegar al departamento, que por suerte estaba dentro del campus, partí con mi valija y bolso listo para desempacar y comenzar esta aventura. Caminando por el parque me di cuenta de algo. Todos eran muy altos. De por sí no soy una persona alta, y tampoco grandote, mas bien la gente me definiría chiquito. Por ahi escuálido algunos con peor humor, pero nunca había sido un tema serio en mi vida. Tenía 18 años y medía 1,68 cm y pesaba unos 60 kilos. No esta tan tan mal, eso pensaba yo. Llegué al edificio y era enorme. Entré y había mucho alboroto de gente. Todos de mi edad o un poco más grandes buscando sus deptos y acomodándose. Claro eran los primeros días del año. Subí cuatro pisos por la escalera, la fila del ascensor era muy larga, y llegué a mi piso. Busqué el numero 403 e introduje la llave que me habían dado. Abrí la puerta y lo primero que sentí fue un olor masculino, a macho. Entré y vi que era un depto bastante chico, pero muy util. Tenía una pequeña cocina con microondas incluido, en esta misma una mesa con cuatro sillas, una heladera y la pileta con la canilla para lavar los platos. Una puerta abría a un pequeño baño con inodoro, bidet y ducha, y la otra puerta restante llevaba a mi cuarto. Al abrir la puerta me corregí diciendo nuestro cuarto. Había una cama cucheta y otra cama. La cama individual estaba tomada por un bolso grande y la cama superior de la cucheta lo mismo. Puse mi bolso en la cama que quedaba, la de abajo. Me di cuenta que no había tanto espacio entre esta y el colchón arriba mío pero no me quedaba otra. Había llegado tarde. Me senté en mi cama y me puse a desempacar. Había un ropero con tres secciones bien divididas para cada uno, un alivio. Mientras que hacía esto vi que habían unas zapatillas muy grandes en el piso. Agarré una y me fije el talle. Talle 50, no lo podía creer. Yo calzo 39 tan solo. El pie de ese ser humano debe ser inmenso. De curioso lo olí al zapato. Sentí algo y lo dejé en el piso donde estaba. Después de empacar fui a la cocinacomedor que era nuestro depto y me senté en el sillon que olvide mencionar, grande pero no se si para tres personas, y me puse a mirar television. Debían de ser las 7 de la tarde y me empecé a adormecer... Me desperté de golpe por el ruido de unos pasos pesados en el pasillo de afuera. Escuché dos voces. Graves. Muy graves. Retumbaban y las vibraciones entraban al depto. Hablaban de un entrenamiento. Y de que iban a estar con un compañero de cuarto. De repente se abrió la puerta. Del marco no provino nada de luz. Solo oscuridad. Se agachó y puso de costado para pasar por la pequeña, para él, puerta. Acto seguido lo siguió un gigante de su mismo tamaño. Yo estaba acostado en el sillón y todavía no se habían dado cuenta de mi presencia. Te vino bien el gimansio e! Mira este culote!- el gigante de pelo rojizo le apretó con su manopla la nalga inmensa del de pelo castaño. Te gusta este cuerpo que tengo e. Puedo jurar que cada vez estoy más grande, más gordo y más puesto. Mirá lo que son estas tetas!- empezó a rebotar dos melones gigantescos y fue entonces cuando se sobresaltó y frenó de golpe. Me miró a los ojos. Me vió. Mirá quien está acá hermano! Nuestro compañero, mejor dicho compañerito, de cuarto! Es enano! JA JA!- su voz grave retumbó en mi cabeza y empecé a pararme un poco asustado que me haya visto viéndolo e intimidado por su tamaño. Se me acercó a mí y con su altura y ancho me intimidaba. Era un gigante. Mirandolo desde abajo parecía incluso más grande. Me intenté parar y caí para atrás pero dos manoplas callosas y calurosas agarraron mis brazitos y espalda. No te caigas chiquito! Vení para acá que te queremos conocer mejor.- me levantó y estaba inmovilizado en el aire por sus manos. No podía creer la fuerza que tenía este hombre. Me puso frente a su cara y pude ver lo fachero que era. Seguía teniendo un poco cara de niño pero su barba recien afeitada mostraba que ya era adulto. Los pomulos bien marcados, labios gruesos, ojos marrones, y un cuello muy grueso. El enfocó sus ojos en los míos y rapidamente desvíe la mirada al piso. Estaba levitando al menos treinta centimetros de este. Emm hola. Soy Ramon su su compañero de cuarto.- dije tartamudeando. Hola chiquitin! Yo soy Ro, y él mi hermano Tomás. Somos mellizos como podes ver. BROAAAAR.- un eructo largo y potente directo a mi cara.- JA JA siempre me pasa, ahí te bajo enano me olvidé que te estaba levantando.- Volví al piso y ahí dimensioné el tamaño de ambos. Me llevaban al menos tres cabezas o más, y de ancho tres cuerpos si o sí. Estaban en musculosa y shorts cortos que dejaban poco a la imaginación. Tenían el cuerpo igual ambos. Dos caras grandes sumamente atractivas, Ro morocho y Tomás un poco más rojizo el pelo. Un cuello grueso y fuerte. El pecho más ancho que vi en mi vida, con dos hombros redondos y fuertes y dos tetas musculosas y gordas. Eran dos bolas de bowling. Tenían una solida panza pero que se le marcaban por sobre ese musculo grasoso los abdominales. Por debajo de los hombros, unos biceps gigantescos, más grandes que mi pecho, y antebrazos gruesos y firmes. Me impresionaron las manos, anchas y con dedos como morcillas. Tenían gambas gordas y tonificadas, muy anchas, con dos rodillotas impresionantes. Los gemelos enormes, y pies peludos de talle 50, gordos jugosos y de gigante. Todo este análisis lo hice en los 5 segundos en los cuales estuve parado enfrente de los colosos que iban a ser mis compañeros de cuarto. Nos vas a contar algo más de vos o que?- dijo uno de los gigantes que tenia en frente mío. Ss si. Llegué hoy del interior del país y estoy con una beca acá. Y voy a estudiar economía.-dije casi como soldado. Miralo al enano. Dejaste todo para venirte aca? No conoces a nadie?- Mm no.- ya ganando un poco de confianza.- Ustedes son los primeros con los que hablo, sin contar la de admisiones.- Bueno no pasa nada. Porque ahora vas a ser como un hermano nuestro!- Ro se emocionó y me levantó devuelta abrazandome con sus brazotes. -Mejor dicho, un hermanito!-
  7. Mickyh29

    no sex Worshipping my younger bro pt2

    While Ellis was showering I decided to go downstairs, I needed space to compute what had just happened during the past 10 mins or so, I had literally just become putty In my fit brothers strong hands, an 18yr old hunk making a 23yr old feel like a child getting a new toy. Ellis had me in a muscle hunk trance and one that he knew I enjoyed and if I’m honest so the fuck did I. I admit I would have been happy just to set eyes on his incredible body the whole time I was here but now with the whole worship thing I really do feel like that child. Around 15 mins later Ellis made his way back down stairs to the kitchen, luckily for my crotch , considering where we were, he wasn't wearing anything tight but opted for some baggyish grey joggers and a loose tee, even with them on you could still just about see the solid curvature of his pecs, and the roundness of his plump squatters arse. During tea the conversation was mostly about how my new life down south was coming on and future aspirations etc. Ellis was on to me though using every opportunity when mam wasnt looking to wink at me and bounce those ridiculous pecs of his under his shirt, each round of winks and bounces edged my bulge closer to making a visible bulge in my pants, a part of me wanted him to stop as we were nearly finished so I’d have a raging hard on when I stood up, but part of me couldn’t resist just watching as he effortlessly made me internally groan with delight. Ellis rightly or wrongly showed a little mercy and stopped, letting my bulge settle down, we both knew the main event was getting closer. Ellis told his mam that I was going to help him with some course work, we both left the table and headed upstairs, my heart was going 10 to the dozen, what would await me when that bedroom door closed? What did my hot brother have in store for me? I was about to find out, we got to the bedroom, I went in Ellis followed and closed the door behind him, here we go! “ So brother you want to feel what a hard muscular 18yr old body feels like do you? You want to feel every inch of this physique dont you, you want to feel what its like to be strong and have muscles, isn’t that right? ” As if a switch had been flicked inside his head, Ellis had gone from my younger bro to being a freaking hot dominant muscle master. That trance like feeling had been replaced with a real mental hold that Ellis now had over me, I was powerless to resist both mentally and physically, as mentioned Ellis can deadlift nearly 200kg, he'd make easy work of me! “ YES, YES, YES,YES! “ Is all could muster to say. I took a breath, “ I would love nothing more then to get my hands on such awesome muscles like yours, feel how solid they are, feel there power, you are right in everything you say bro.!!” Ellis smiled, “ good little brother, that’s right, little, I’m the bigger brother now right! Your nothing compared to me brother, I’m inferior to you in every way! Now come here and worship your godly brother.” Ellis then grabbed the V part of his tee round his neck, RIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPP, with no effort at all Ellis ripped his tee clean off his body, that muscular body of his primed and ready, I did need a second invitation. “ YES SIR” I blurted out, I moved the quickest i ever think i have towards him. My hands went straight for those bulbous pecs of his, taking in every inch of there fullness, roundness and hardness, I let out a groan as Ellis tensed them and made them impossibly harder, I couldn’t make a dent in them even if I tried. “ so hard so beautiful “ I exclaimed. I thrust my fingers deep into his pec gap, mmmm the power they must have. I move my hands down to his ripped toned midsection, taking in every ridge n rivet of his strong abs, God they felt hard as marble. “ punch me now brother! “ Ellis demands in a commanding tone. I look at him, “ er er er bro I’m not going to hi.......” Ellis' face turns angry, “ PUNCH me now you weak fuck!” he barks . I gulp hard in fear, a punch from Ellis would do 100x more damage to me then I would do to him, I shakingly ball up my fist, I move my arm back and with as much power as I had I aim a punch into his abs, “arghhh" I cry out as my hand feels like it’s just struck a mable slab, Ellis’ abs didn’t even buckle, my hand crumpled away, “ hahah impenetrable bro" Ellis mocks my attempt. “ yes bro they are, you are one solid 18yr old!” I quickly move my hands away and towards his arms, taking in the rippling muscle and size of his forearms, even to the touch you could feel the power surging through them. I slowly move to his biceps and triceps, tracing my finger round the noticeable mound that make you the horseshoe of his tricep, fuuuuck it looked thick and felt juicy, Ellis curled his arm to bring up the peak of his bicep, “ whoah fuuuuuuck" It wasn't even a proper flex but sweet jesus that peak balled up high on his arm, I clasped my hand round it my God it felt like molten lava, I thought his pecs were hard but christ his biceps took on a whole new level of hardness. As much as I wanted to keep worshipping those peaks I had to move on and upwards to his globe like shoulders, each shoulder was capped off with solid rippling mounds of lean muscle. During all this my insanely hard cock was doing its upmost to free itself from the confines of my trousers. Ellis shrugged his shoulders, my hands fell off easily. He turned round so his back was facing me, well when I say back I’m meant the 18yrold son of the Grand Canyon, fuuuuck Ellis’ back was built! I was just about to get my hands firmly on when he hit 2 unbelievable poses. Firstly a back double biceps: I didn’t even wait for the nod, I was straight in there, my bro had arms any grown man would be proud of. Just check out those peaks and believe me there just as impressive in the flesh, God help anyone who has to arm wrestle him, destroyed instantly! Then came the lat spread: It should be criminal for a 18yr old to have a back like that! Just look at that thickness and width, in-fucking- sane, my hands went straight for those lats, I grabbed as much of those meaty wings as I could, they felt unreal, slabs of pure solid muscle just hanging there like hams on a meat hook. Feeling the power that was flowing through Ellis' body and those muscles feeling like his body had been carved from the finest marble was beginning to make me feel weak at the knees.
  8. Mickyh29

    no sex Worshipping my younger bro! Pt1

    I’m going to start this off with a simple question! Is it ok for a 23yr old Male to worship his super fit hot 18yr old younger brother?? Depending on what side of the sexual orientation spectrum you fall on will no doubt point you in the direction of your answer. Its blatantly obvious that I’m coming from this from a gay older bro view. I should point out that my hot younger bro obviously knows I’m gay, as does the whole family, and, as I’ll explain later, it was he who loosely came up with the idea of the whole worship thing. So who is my hot younger bro and what does he look like.............. Well this is Ellis.......... I think from looking at those pics you can see that I dont use the words hot and fit likely!l! Check out those plump pecs and bi peaks for starters! Who wouldn’t want to worship that? He has some pretty good strength to go with that hotness, recently benching 150kg and squatting 180kg, all at a bodyweight of only 78kg and I'll repeat only 18! Ellis has always been sporty ever since he was In junior school, loved his Friday sports lesson in the school hall. In senior school he excelled in PE, made the schools football team and a year in the rugby team. The school had a pretty good gym with plenty of weights and machines and that’s where his love for working out really started. When Ellis went to college at 16 he took up sports as his topic of education, got his gym membership and has never really looked back since, hammering away at the gym every day building his body to the level of hotness it is now. So how did this whole “ me worshipping him “ thing come about!! Well like most 23yr olds I flew the nest a few year ago, but I always make a case to come back and visit the family during the summer holidays. So I got back around 2 weeks ago, Ellis was at the gym and would be back soon according to my parents, the house only had 3 bedrooms so I would be sharing with Ellis which even before I saw his new hotness would be fine as we had a great relationship, his room was big enough for two beds so my mam got the sofa bed sorted in his room. I was in the room putting my stuff away when I heard the front door open. “ hey guys I’m back.” It was Ellis but his voice had a much deeper tone from when I was last here. My mam informed Ellis that I was upstairs and tea would be ready in about half hour. “ cool mam, I’ll go see bro and shower, I’m starving” I heard Ellis spring up the stairs and towards the room, I had my bag turned as he entered, “ Hey bro good to you! “ he said. I turned round and was just about to return the favour, then I saw him, I just froze, jaw fully ajar. FUUUUUUCK I thought to myself, the tee that he had on was like a second skin, moulding sexily round the aforementioned plump pecs and solid arms. A bulge was embarrassingly becoming apparent in my trousers, I whisked my hands quickly infront hoping he didn’t see. I tried to regain some composure and string some words together. “ B b b bro, er great to see you too, wow you’ve put on some size haven't you!” I instantly walk over to hug him, anything to get close to his insane body, we wrap arms round each other and hug, “ ooopph got some strength to go with those muscles too I see!” jesus his grip was strong! We both let go. I stand back and just stare in awe at my fit as fuck bro. “ jesus bro you certainly know how to make a gay man happy, wow your looking fantastic!” as you can tell I’m failing at the trying to hide my enjoyment speech!. Ellis just smiles at me then laughs, “ ahh thanks bro, I’ve been working out harder this year and seems to be paying off I reckon! “ he winks at me. I try to pull myself together but I just can't! “ er yeah quite clearly, bet the girls are falling all over for you!” Getting there!l “ I think some of the boys are too hahha" Ellis replied. “ right better get showered before tea.” What Ellis did next kicked all the sensibility I had left into next year. Ellis peeled off that tight tee he had on, FUUCKKKKKK, that body was dripping with sweat and oozed tonnes of masculinity, every one of his hot muscles pumped to the max. And that's when it just came out, as free flowing as a river, not even silent or hidden.......... “WHOAHHHHHHH" I erupted. I realised straight away and instantly put my hands over my mouth, but it was too late , Ellis had obviously heard it, he just looked me and continued to smile as if he wasnt bothered that his older bro had given the clearest hint yet that he digged his fit body. “ shit, Ellis I’m so sorry, er I dont even know what to say, you have a fantastic body and it’s quite clearly had an effect on me, errr don’t be mad! “ I just stand there face bright red with admission and embarrassment. Ellis just laughed, “ Well it’s quite clearly had a effect on you bro, isn’t liking muscle one of the gay 10 commandments any way hahah!” I’m in too much of a trance to verbally reply so I just droolingly nod. “ well if my body makes you happy then I’m happy, in fact.... no no you wouldn’t want too with me being family. “ Ellis starts but cuts off and for the first time looks angry with himself. My eyes now in full puppy dog mode, “ no no Ellis tell me its fine, what is it.” Ellis regains his strong confident look, “ Would you like to worship me bro?” He walked over to me all dominantly. Those 7 words were music to my ears, fuck yes I would love nothing more than to get my hands all over his fit body and hes offering which is even better. “ bro I’m not gonna lie, hell yes I would love too! But why the sudden change in tact, wouldn't have had you down for this.” I ask. “ I do some part-time modeling on a weekend, some I’m used to girls and boys getting there hands on me, so it’s kinda a natural progression Haha. Plus I’ve recently discovered a little dominant side to me thru football, being captain etc has given me some new found bossiness Haha.” As he says that he grabs my hand and raises it to his pumped pecs, and starts moving it over them. Sweet jesus they felt like warm solid marble, I couldn’t help but start tracing my finger round his nipple and in his pec gap, “ whoah” I whispered again. Ellis looks up at me. “ How about after tea, we get into some serious worshipping bro?” he says with a confident masculine authority! All my brain would let me physically do was nod!
  9. Philosopher

    no sex The Chase (Part 2 Added!)

    I wrote this on a whim, and therefore some things might not make sense. I think it's something a bit different than the usual, so I hope you'll enjoy. * * * Outside, the weather was worsening. A deep, thunderous applause emanated from outside the dorm building, and the torrents of rain promised something more than a cold to whoever was foolish enough to be out right now. The two boys closed their door behind them, deep breaths and sighs coming out of their bodies as they finally escaped the storm outside. Even though it was nearly summer, the weather was as unstable as ever. The shorter of the two locked the door and threw the key into his bed on the left of the room, trying to make it fly to a wooden desk next to it. As always, the metal key bounced on the soft bed and fell to the ground in an unceremonious order. I am so bad at throwing things. The taller of the two proceeded to jump into his own bed on the right, the massive body almost enveloping the whole furniture from the top to the bottom. "Hey, Thomas, do you think we could ask the RA for a bigger bed? I always wake up with cramps and it's so fucking irritating," the muscular man said and his low voice echoed around the small room. Thomas sighed. "You know, I never signed up to be your babysitter, Luke. You can do what every single student does and go talk to the RA on your own. She's a lovely person, and I'm sure she has a crush on you, so you literally have nothing to lose. Do I need to remind you that we have more pressing matters to attend to, though?" he breathed out as he picked up the metal key from the ground and stored it in his pocket. "Oh, shut up," Luke chuckled. "You know for a fact that most people are intimidated when they see me. I mean, look at these guns!" he smiled as he flexed, and instantly, too massive balloons of muscle stretched his university-provided shirt to its limits. Thomas stared at him for two seconds before he rolled his eyes. Luke was always of the show-off type. He didn't really mind it most of the days, but sometimes it just got too annoying for even him to handle. Between the secret tinges of envy he felt every time he saw his roommate's handsome face and his Adonis-like body, the feelings would turn into a sour cocktail of anger and bitterness, that Thomas did his best to expel out of his own, average-sized body. It worked. Most of the time. "Hey... I don't remember your whole foot poking out of your bed. Don't tell me..." he said. Luke's smile turned to that of excitement and slight smugness. "Yup. Currently going through another growth spurt. You thought I was already super-tall before, well, just wait until this one is over. Then you'll see what real tall means. All thanks to the jewels," he raised his massive body, and a silver ring shined on the small light of the lamp above their head. Luke had to duck to avoid it, something that he didn't have to do a month ago. Thomas felt another sigh coming from his lungs. The jewels. Granted, he wanted to think of himself as a rationalist, despite him being the grant age of eighteen and a half. Thomas never knew that by spending most of his time in the library, he'd find an ancient tome in the 'Mysteries of History' section of Stanford's University Libraries. That book would, in turn, lead him into a treasure hunt in Santa Clara County, visiting places such as the Winchester Mystery House, to the Our Lady of Peace statue and even though the Big Basin Redwoods forest in the middle of the night, in an attempt to solve the mystery in the yellowed pages of the book. He never expected to actually solve the mind-numbing riddles and locate a massive cave in the outskirts of the forest, where something resembling a tomb was hidden behind the massive oak and redwood trees. Being the wuss that he was, Thomas had to recruit Luke as his buddy in order to enter the cave. Luke was both taller and more muscular than him, even then, and he knew that if a bear was residing the creepy cavern, then he'd just shout at Luke to fight it before both of them became minced meat. Not that the blonde and green-eyed Luke could defeat a bear, but it was better than nothing, right? Thankfully, there was no murderous bear in the cave, but instead some sorts of an altar, where five jewels had been placed in the middle of it. The altar reminded Dylan of Mayan architecture, although he knew that this was impossible. Beautiful drawings of humanoid figures had been drawn on the walls, each depicting a different person, or god, as Thomas found out through the help of the book. Apparently, by wearing these jewels, each user would be granted certain 'powers', that could both be used for good or evil, whatever the finder wished for. The book did not explain anything else, just that the finders could not pick a jewel on their own. The jewels had to pick them. They soon found out how, because the beautiful, silver ring on the top right of the altar levitated in the air, and hinged itself at Luke's arm. Similarly, a bracelet with a black orb intertwined itself with Thomas' hand, and even worse, both would not come out. That was a few months ago. Since then, Thomas had to look at his 'friend' grow even taller than he was before, his frame filling with muscle and power, growing as the days passed by. On the other hand, Thomas had only found a single 'power', and needless to say, he was not happy. "Okay. So, here's the thing. We really have no idea if the jewels have any sorts of limitations, or how many powers are inside them. You've only found super strength in yours, right?" he asked Luke, who was busy playing with the lamp. "Which didn't really help us back there..." Luke turned at him, now a puppy-like frown on his chiselled face. "We should have known that the other two had followed us in the forest. If we had been more careful, then we wouldn't be here in the first place," the frown turned colder and angrier, and a tiny vein formed into the giant man's forehead. Thomas liked calling Luke a giant, as he was 6'6 and slowly, but surely, growing more. With him being 5'9, Luke towered over him. In many ways, Thomas was a foil to Luke. Black hair that resembled the I-just-got-out-of-bed look, and black eyes that seemed to reflect all light in them. On the other hand, Luke had wonderful, blonde and wavy hair, while his viridian green eyes could hold your gaze for hours without stop. All that were enhanced by the strong jawline and pure virility that both his face and his body were overflowing with. The rain outside had stopped, but Thomas could see that the sky still had the ominous, dark clouds preventing the Californian sun from shining through. "We know they're students at Stanford, that's for sure. If they weren't wearing these suits, then we would know who they are by now. What annoys me is that they've stolen two jewels for their own and they know who we are. They think that by stealing our jewels, they can eliminate us from the race." Luke's body now trembled with rage, something that usually happened when the conversation turned to that mysterious duo that had made Thomas unable to sleep most of the nights, in fear that he would find a silhouette standing in front of him if he opened his eyes. "Dude, calm d-" Thomas tried to say, but it was already too late. "SCREW THIS!" Luke boomed with a volume that made Thomas' ears tingle and with a speed that was too fast for the smaller roommate's brain to comprehend, Luke's fist found itself embedded into the wall next to him. Thomas closed his eyes reflexively at the sickening crunch that emanated from Luke's hand, and he was absolutely certain that the towering man had probably broken one or more of his fingers. And yet, Luke made no sound at all. Thomas opened his eyes, and saw more than half of his roommate's hand inside the wall. What the fuck. "You... you did not just punch a hole in the wall. Do you have ANY IDEA what the university will do to us now? How are we supposed--ARE YOU INSANE?!" Thomas shouted as he rushed at the now swiss-cheese hole decorating the left wall of the shared room. He placed his hand on top of it, barely covering half of it with his palm. He then turned to a still-angry Luke, his fist still clenched in a desperate attempt to not destroy more of the poor wall. Thomas didn't know what kind of material the architects had used for their dormitory, and he wasn't about to guess. Instead, he picked the ancient book he was reading from the wooden floor and did his best to calm himself down, lest he wanted to go into a screaming match with Luke. Besides, their neighbours would have to be deaf to not hear the groan the wall made once the blonde man's fist defiled it. "Have I ever told you that sometimes, you make me want to strangle you in your sleep?" Thomas whispered as he tried to contain the ocean of fury boiling in his mind. At that exact moment, a white butterfly tapped at the window of the dorm, and he moved to open it. The butterfly flew around Thomas for a few seconds, almost as if it was happy to see him, and then it zoomed in the bracelet on his hand, disappearing the moment its small body touched the black orb. That was Thomas' overpowering ability. The power to use butterflies as minions. The book didn't explore the hidden powers of his jewel at all, only that the primary ability of the Bracelet contained something too dangerous for the user to use immediately. "Crap. The next part of the race is due next week. In Los Angeles, from all places. I still think that we need to tell Alice and Sam. They already know about our 'situation', and both are smart and honest, so why not?" he argued with his roommate, who had taken a white piece of paper and stapled it on top of the hole in an attempt to hide it. "Can't your little butterfly tell you that that's a terrible idea? How do they even know where the next fragment of the final Jewel is going to appear anyways?" he brooded as he flexed his long fingers, not a single scratch or bruise on them. Thomas didn't have an answer to that. A knock on the door snapped him out of his momentary stupor, and he slowly approached it before he was halted by Luke's wide body. He tried to dodge his hand, but it was simply impossible, as Luke could literally hold his full force in one arm, as he had repeatedly proven to him. "Can you not?" Thomas tried sleeping out of his grasp, but couldn't. He knew that Luke wasn't even using half his power, but that only made him angrier. "It's probably Sam. Who's not one of the bad guys! We have checked him countless times, haven't we?" he said. "Fine." With a swift move, Luke's paw enveloped the knob of the door and pulled in. A sound of screeching metal snapping was heard for a second, and Thomas found himself looking at the horrified face of Sam, Alice looking terrified behind him. "It... it was locked, wasn't it?" Luke whimpered and moved his hand away. "Yup." Sam's face turned from that of horror to that of amazement and awe. "Holy shit," he said and bent down to pick a slab of the metallic lock. Alice did her best to stop glancing at Luke's face, instead forcing her gaze to the more gentle Thomas, who was looking like he was about to explode. "Say, who's ready for the Summer Feast?" her face beamed with happiness and excitement. "I heard there's gonna be tons of booze." Thomas' black eyes looked at her and he managed to produce a meek smile. "I think I'm going to need something very strong."
  10. Robiqe2

    no sex K3000

    Had some time tonight, and wrote this quick. I have an ending planned, but feedback welcomed. Max is newly 40 years old, straddling two jobs, one that is very unique. Enjoy! “Hey Max, before you go . . .” It was Tracy, the desk clerk, stopping Max Sharpe as he was leaving the special gym after his shift. “What’s up Trace?” Max just worked his four hours, and was eager to head out. “Ken didn’t show for his shift, and there’s a pump class starting in five minutes. Is there any way you could stay?” This was the second time. Gerry covered for Ken yesterday, and no one had seen Ken since Sunday. “Dammit Ken,” Max grumbled. Tracy had her puppy-dog eyes in full effect. “Fine, but he seriously owes me when he shows up.” In truth, Max didn’t want anything from Ken. Ken was a tool. No fluff about it. First impressions from everyone were he had talent, but to say Ken was arrogant was saying there’s a lot of tea in China. Max remembered when Ken maxed out the K2000 machine, boasting to the gym, on Facebook, and Twitter that the owner would have to try harder if he didn’t want Ken running off to start his own lower gym. That’s what they were called: lower gyms. The owner came through, releasing the K3000, which no one could top. “Max, if you hurry, you can warmup.” “What level pump?” “It’s a masterclass, five definite and one tentative.” “Ken was teaching a masterclass? Wow!” Max had some trouble hiding his surprise. “Okay, I’ll be in room two, if it’s open.” “All yours, and thanks. Okay to lockup?” “Yeah, might as well. Have a good one!” “Goodnight Max.” “And let’s take it to 5 over your static min. We’ll pulse up and back down to no less than 5 for five minutes, and rest at 12 for three minutes to finish this set,” Max instructed in his best Mr. Rogers voice. Ten minutes later and the small class was placing their tubes in the cleaner. Dwayne, a younger guy, probably in his thirties, stayed behind. “Can I ask why you’re not the primary instructor for this class? You’re great at this. This is one of the best pumps I’ve had in two years. Seriously man, this class would be packed if you were in the driver’s seat.” “Uh, thanks Dwayne. I teach the intro courses, Manual I & II.” “Oh, you mean stretching and pumping?” “Yep, and clamping, ballooning, edging, etc, but I sub both the weights classes and the pumping classes. Can’t teach ‘em all.” “Right, well, thanks for the class. I’m going to head out.” “Okay, g’night Dwayne.” Max was glad to be rid of him. Some of the guys seemed to be confused about what the gym’s priorities were, despite the rules. As in, you weren’t allowed to cum, or to be seen outright masturbating; and you certainly couldn’t have sex of any kind. Max was always able to separate his passion for size from lust. Some new members fizzled out, thinking lower gyms were for hooking up with well-endowed men, only to be shunned by the strictly enforced rules. Max knew Dwayne was hitting on him, especially since his eyes kept darting below Max’s waist before he could put on his apron. All men wore aprons in the gym, changing upon arrival. The aprons covered from the waist to several inches above the knees in the front and covering the ass with an elastic band on the bare sides. Shirts and shoes had to be worn with aprons, unless you were in a workshop (class). Almost all of the machines in the open air room could be accessed by lifting the apron and stepping into the holders. Max finished resetting the room for tomorrow’s Man II class, and turned off the workshop room lights. He passed through the main machine room, pausing at the K3000. Despite knowing he was alone, Max checked over his shoulder, ensuring the room was empty. Max stepped onto the machine deck, and sat on the truncated seat. Leaning down, he adjusted the weights to 10lb shy of highest limit. Max removed his restriction ring, setting it atop the machine box, and lowered his soft but thick length into the holding tube. He tightened the grips and grabbed the release. The effect was immediate, pushing near 90lb of force on his penis. Max squeezed with all his might, watching a gauge on the machine readout hit 72lb. He released. Squeeze, 75lb. Squeeze, 79lb. Squeeze, 82lb. Max was rock hard now, adjusting the grips to loosen so he could move further into the tube. Starting again, 74, 78, 82, 82, 85, 86, 86, 86, 86, 86, 87, 86, 86, 86, 86. Max had to loosen the grips again. Maybe it was the combination of the fresh pump, or just knowing Ken could only push 58lb on this machine, but the K3000 was Max’s best friend lately. On nights he closed, he had it all to himself, not that many others dared touch it, as few could even master the K2000. He could feel the head of his dick humming, almost vibrating on his own. He stared at the weight dial. Just two notches left. Max went for it, turning the dial to 95. He’d never tried this before, but everything felt right tonight. 83, 82, 86, 88, 86, 86, 87, 86, 89, 90, 91, and safety. He felt that one! Blood pooled back into areas pushed from the last pump class. Max found this combination very successful. He knew he had the best control of any of the gym trainers. The pulsing was stronger now. He released the grips and was pulled even further into the tube. Six years and three inches. There were only 5lb left to go. Why not? Max turned the dial to 100lb. There was an audible click somewhere behind the machine’s paneling. 77, 80, 84, 86, 87, 89. Max engaged the safety. Heavy, but he wasn’t giving up. Six years and three inches, and that was just length. Nearly two inches in girth as well, but those weren’t his best traits. It was his strength, vascularity, and stamina. He used every machine in the lower gym those first few years, finding he liked the auto-pump and K-Series Stamina Builders best. After years of training, Max could summon steel erections and last for hours, even experiencing multiple orgasms when he focused. Enough rest, time to try again. 75, 81, 86, 89, 89, 91, 93. The humming was now a pulsating, unlike the throbbing heartbeat along his veiny shaft to which Max had become accustomed. His deep tissues were burning. The pulsating traveled from the head to his flat stomach. Nearly a minute after his last set, Max was treated to a mini-orgasm for his efforts. A few more of those, and he would be breaking some gym rules. Okay, time to go again. 78, 84, 86, 89, 87, 86, 89. Dammit, bad set. Perhaps he really was done for the night, and had reached to far too soon. Max couldn’t complete 2lb on the K1000 when he first joined. The card his high-school friend gave him when they were both working at the insurance office changed his world. At first, Max thought it a joke, a San Francisco “lower gym?” It took a lot of evidence to convince him of the legitimacy, and several months before Max could ignore other gym members walking around in aprons. You saw a lot of man-flesh, and despite the rigorous cleaning practices every morning, there was always the thick aroma of musk. Maybe one more set with everything he’s got. 81, 88, 86, 90, 91, 93, 99, click. The grips released without being touched, and the holding tube split in half, by design. Max pulled his turgid rod from the machine. The underside was slick with precum, easily visible standing straight in a one o’clock position. Veins from root to head flashed full to fuller, continuing the pulsating action taught by the K3000. It all clicked into Max’s head that the machine was designed for this, to teach his cock to pulse, requiring a new level of control and stamina. It took nearly twenty minutes for Max to figure out how to reverse blood flow, a valve he could newly control. He turned out the lights, and went to the rest room to take a piss. Once relieved, he went to the staff locker room and removed his apron. Even flaccid, Max’s veins seemed oversized, distortion making him appear larger than actual size. In the mirror, Max tried activating his new skill. Blood rushed so quickly in his penile structure that he nearly lost his balance. His glans filled and stretched wide, and the pulsating sensation and effect returned. He pulled blood back out, slamming the valve shut once drained, and repeated the action. By the third time, his entire girth was stretching further out with fresh blood. After the fifth run, Max was exhausted knowing this was his last pulse-push. He ran over to the quick-measure, and placed his entire package on the scale pushing against the clear plastic plating to get an accurate length reading. Max scanned his membership card to update his measurements. The stat differentials came back: L +1.2”, G + 1.4”, V +12Pt, GT + 5Pt. Max keyed yes to save these results, but was confused about the GT number. He never saw that one before, and navigated back to the home screen to see all stats. Length: 10.2”/Girth: 7.1”/Volume: 92.42Pt/Growth Tangent: 25Pt Growth Tangent? Max still had no idea what that was, but figured he could ask someone tomorrow. After packing up, Max locked up, and headed out into the humid parking lot for his ride home. The next morning Max went to his part-time job thankful he sat at a desk for four hours, as his pump from last night’s activities was difficult to hide in khaki slacks. After lunch, Max went back to Sil’s Underground. Tracy was at the desk as usual. “Hey, I thought you weren’t working today?” “I’m not, but I see Gerry’s on the board again instead of Ken. Sil’s going to have to get another member to step up and start training.” “Oh, well, yes. Apparently, Ken’s really missing. No posts. No answer to calls. His boyfriend came to the gate asking questions.” “What kind of questions?” Max was capable of putting his loathing for the man aside for some gossip. “Well,” Tracy leaned in so only Max could hear, “according to the boyfriend, Ken had been coming here at night, after closing, with the owner’s permission, ya’know.” “For what?” There was some jealousy in Max’s tone. “Personal training? I don’t know. I left Sil the message, but he said he didn’t know anything when Ken first didn’t show. It’s right out of a soap opera. Wait, if you’re not teaching, why are you here?” “I’ve scheduled use of the recovery chamber. I’m a little sore after last night.” “Sorry about that. We received several comments in favor of your class last night, though.” “No worries Trace. Can you let me know when Gerry finishes up?” “Sure thing, honey. Enjoy your rec session.” The three-part recovery gave Max time to ruminate on some of what Tracy said. Ken had access to the gym at night? That must be how he was advancing so quickly. Was the owner, Sil, training him? Max had never met Sil, though there were pictures posted at the entry: an average looking elderly man, partially bald. Once the chamber drained, Max removed the grips, and exited the chamber. The recovery chamber was fairly new, and a godsend. The primary cycle was electrical stimulation, followed by ultrasound provided by a mechanical roller, blissfully painful. Lastly, the chamber filled with a warm gel that felt like ocean waves pulling and pushing. You had to have at least 8” of length and 48 months of membership to use the chamber. Veterans of the gym viewed it as a reward for loyalty, as more lower gyms were popping up in major cities. It allowed the trainers to recover faster to be able to teach more often. “That’s better,” Max thought, as he headed back to the main equipment room. Many noticed him, and approached. The gym was crowded, and he answered questions, and gave advice when asked. The K3000 was empty, but there was someone on the K2000. Max walked by and checked the dial: 18lb. Not bad, but a long way to go. Walking back, Max noticed a chrome glint on the K3000, and paused to look at it. Instantly, multiple members turned to look, hoping someone dared to use the beast of a machine. Max knew better than to try this machine after last night, but the chrome was an addition to the weight dial. There were two more notches: 110lb and 120lb. Not even 5lb increments. When did Sil update the machine? Was Ken here after he left, and he and the owner updating machines? Could Ken really control 110lb? K-series machines taught users how to separate simple erection activities from absolute control. Experienced K2000 users could separate veins and chambers, move blood to areas surrounding the shaft, and introduce control of normally involuntary functions. Max went home disappointed. Why did Sil favor Ken? Was he not good enough? Max showered, ate, and watched highlights until 10:00PM, sitting in his lounger, stroking himself for almost an hour. He wouldn’t nut. This was about cleaning out dead cells. But Max couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know for himself. It was quiet at the gym, no cars in the parking lot. Max disarmed the building and used his key copy on the backdoor. He didn’t know what he expected to find? Sil setting up a new machine? Ken training in the dark? But there was no one. Max convinced himself that since he was there, he might as well get a quick workout in. Out of habit, Max changed into an apron, and stepped onto the equipment floor. Ken skipped the K1000. It was for new members. Once locked in the K2000, Max turned the dial to 50, and easily pushed/squeezed 40 reps out. Barely resting, Max moved the dial to 80, and engaged. This time, Max worked for 50 reps. He had to adjust the grips by about an inch, as he achieved his absolute erection. Maximum weight in the K2000 was still 100, and Max hit 60 reps with ease. Setting the K3000 to 80, Max pushed as much of his erect cock into the holding tube as he could, and set the grips, taking a deep breath before clearing the release. Twenty reps burned, but with the release on, the traveling pulsation returned. Max moved the dial to 90. Twenty more strong reps. Max could feel his veins bulging inside the chamber, and adjusted the tube slightly for comfort. The dial was moved to 100lb. Ten reps, and Max was now sweating, trying to focus. There was a competing sensation of pleasure mixed with disbelief. He felt bigger. This machine wasn’t for growth, but he felt bigger. He felt amazing. Max looked at the new dial settings, and without hesitation, moved another 10lb to the right. Only four reps. Max tried to remember sensations from last night, a “valve” sensation. Max released the safety, and tried again. Three tries it took, but Max found it. The head of his cock flared inside the tube, almost forcing Max to orgasm, but he stopped it. The next 10 minutes were surreal with Max achieving ten reps at 110lb, then twenty, and finally reaching 28 reps. Max reached for the dial, noticing veins along his exposed arms sticking out. The dial clicked into its final position. Max knew what to do. He released the safety, with the weight immediately being placed on his entire package. Everything, even his balls, felt weighed down, almost pulled under this weight. He let the machine pull, and responded by embracing the valve sensation and adding his power squeeze. Blood filled his entire shaft, immediately pushing into every crevice. Another rep, and blood filled the head, and maxed out the veins. Max repped again, and felt an unfamiliar expansion. Another rep, and blood pushed past the restriction limits of the holding tube forcing blood into his balls to grow. Was is blood? This felt different. Max continued, in an altered state, as veins throughout his body, in his muscles, grew and protruded beyond his skin. Veins bulged from his forehead to his feet, always cycling back to the holding tube. Max lost count of the reps completed, when he heard another click, and the tube split open, releasing a surprise. Max’s shaft bounced from the horizontal position to slap his chest, glistening from tip to root with fluids. Stepping off the platform, Max couldn’t believe what he saw attached to his body, afraid to touch it. His apron was pointless, as the mass pushed the heavy cloth to the side. How big was he now? He had to know, and rushed to the quick-measure, though with difficulty. The girth and overall size stretching from his waist had a gravity to itself, requiring a wider walking gait. Max lined up, pushed against the measuring plate, and scanned his card: L +3.6”, G + 2.3”, V +72.3Pt, GT + 54Pt *Length: 13.8”/Girth: 9.4”/Volume: 164.72Pt/Growth Tangent: 79Pt *Member 367, your measurements will not be saved. Verification Required. Management to advise. Thank you. There was no option to save; just OK or cancel. Max was too shocked by the measurements to complain about some silly error message. Max removed the monster, and gripped the base to enjoy a single stroke. The already bulbous head flared wider, fit to bursting. A guttural moan escaped from Max, as he orgasmed, making sure not to break any rules by ejaculating. His moan grew into a scream as mini-orgasms came closer and closer together, continuing for nearly two whole minutes. The next morning, Max moved slowly, first believing the previous night was a dream. It wasn’t uncommon for him to dream of an impossible size, but last night was so vivid. Moving his right leg under his sheets, Max knew right away it was no dream. Thankfully, he was flaccid, but felt soreness along his entire shaft. In his bathroom now, Max dropped his sleep shorts for a full mirror view. If not for the Sharpie-thick veins from tip to root and beyond, the reflection could have been one of those bad internet morphs. Max moved to turn on another overhead light, causing his manhood to sway. Soft, he was at least 10” long with the thickness of a beer can, but that wasn’t the only near comical sight. Pushing against his thighs were two heavy oval orbs in newly stretched skin sacs. The shaft rested on these giant testosterone pumpers, causing a downward facing arch. Max gripped the base, noting his fingers wouldn’t touch, and moved to stroke the monster. Soreness stabbed at his gut and pubic base, almost doubling him over, making him regret not using the rec chamber. Despite the pain, Max had to know if last night was a fluke. He thought about the K1000, and activated muscle and mindset to achieve an erection. Blood pooled into his shaft chambers, moving the soft muscle to a 3 o’clock position becoming more turgid, rising to 2 o’clock, and finally 1 o’clock, with tip just above his belly button. Max considered the K2000, locking his erection in place, pushing blood in and out, refreshing oxygen as the center, the middle chamber, of his cock grew stronger and harder. His testicles relaxed, moving further away from his body, setting off a separate reaction of pre-cum traveling along his newly reinforced length, to collect and trickle from his exposed and plum-sized head. Veins both large and small grew large only to flatten in pace with his heartrate. Max removed his simple white t-shirt to relieve his hardening nipples. Other areas of his body began to radiate with pleasure: his pits, ass, the back of his neck, and abs all becoming erogenous zones. Max pushed his mind and body to remember the K3000. This time it was easy to find the valve. All parts of Max’s groin began to pulse, almost as if the veins couldn’t keep up with the new demand. Deep tissue rose to skin’s surface, pushing the veins even further out. Pre was now oozing in a continuous flow to drip from Max’s balls onto the bathroom mat. Max didn’t care. His shaft was stretching, his balls losing their egg-like shape in favor of large oranges or grapefruits. A similar sensation from last night welled inside of him, spreading further into his body. Sensations of pleasure spread from his groin into his abdominals, his legs, his chest, his back, his feet, his hands, neck, arms, and even his face. Veins on Max’s entire body grew large and angry, while his body heat rose. Lost in a state of pleasure, his head forced back by the ecstasy, Max didn’t notice the height of his shoulders rising. Veins continued to push further, straining to be released from his body. Strands of muscle forced by blood spread through his glutes and back to his groin. The loop throughout his body was complete. Max stayed in this state for nearly an hour, drool pooling on the now soaked mat, unable to release himself from K3000 state. Not wanting to release himself from this state. Left to charge on his nightstand, Max’s phone buzzed and pinged as an incoming call rang out. Max’s lower mind concentration broke. All power and influence in his body returned to his groin, slamming back to its home. The force was unexpected and unprecedented. Max bellowed from a deep, masculine force from with, feeling the orgasm before producing its common effects. Citing his mirror, max noticed the shaft between his engorged pecs bouncing on their own. Max felt the weight of his new grapefruit-sized sacs as if for the first time; their sensations adding to the ongoing spasms of eruptions. Max came screaming, gripping the shower curtain bar, breaking it in half, stumbling as the first eruption shot straight into the air, barely missing his new firmer chin. Max gripped the sink with the left, and attempted to point his mini-Vesuvius away from his body with the right. The second shot hit the mirror, the shaft easily bent by Max’s sinuous and vascular arms. The third shot was more forceful hitting the mirror and cracking it. The fourth was difficult to control. Spurts were coming faster and harder, and Max was losing control. He didn’t know what to do, where to grip to control it. Max tried both hands, and shot into the corner, his hips in time with the release. Even Max’s larger feet and thick muscle thighs couldn’t maintain his balance on the pre and spittle soaked bath mat. He slipped, and gripped the towel rod, ripping it from the wall as the next set of spasms rocked his body. Exhausted, Max crumpled to the warmed and wet floor, feeling his body exit K3000 mode, then K2000. Max arched his widened back, still ejaculating like a hose after the pressure’s been removed. It took another eight minutes for his erection and ejaculation to subside. Showered and three gallons of water heavier, Max checked his phone. It was a missed call from Tracy. She left a message. Max played it, “Hey babe! It’s Tracy. Um, I don’t know what’s going on, but Sil wants to see you. Tonight, after closing. Gerry is going to cover your intro class, training that Leslie guy from New York to help replace Ken. I hope everything’s okay. I want all the details. Call me!” Could this be because he broke in last night? Was it really breaking in if you had a key? Max ordered food, a lot of food, and tried to find some clothes that fit, but nothing did. Everything was . . . bigger. Eventually, Max found a never-worn XXL t-shirt in the donate pile, from a walk for autism event, where he was given the wrong size. He tried some sweats but everything clung to his body. Eventually, Max gave up on briefs, missing his work apron. He cut the length of his baggiest sweat pants to make oddly erotic tight shorts. Max cleaned the bathroom, stealing glances at himself in the mirror. His cock and balls were grotesquely large and visible under their thin cover. When he walked, the tip of his glans peaked out the left side of his “shorts.” His chest pushed the shirt away from his body, constantly scrapping against his fat nipples and new skin. Irritated, Max removed the T-shirt, wondering why he ever thought the shirt was too big to wear. The sight of his chiseled abs and outline below the waist almost recharged his lust, but hunger stalled his constant groping and mirror-checking. Max ate and cooked everything in his fridge and pantry, but it wasn’t enough. Max spent most of the day eating and drinking, ashamed of all the times in his life he used the word “starving.” The responses from the delivery boys were becoming amusing. The first time, Max forgot he wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes, or anything other than tight shorts. After opening the door, the kid just stood there starring, his eyes going from chest to cockline, back and forth. Eventually, Max cleared his throat, and forced money on the delivery boy noting how his own hands dwarfed the young man’s. To be continued.
  11. LionBUff

    no sex Hanging Herc 2

    Hercules set both feet on either side of the boulder and pressed the head of his cock against the rock. Now that the side of Hercules' body was facing the audience, Homul could see the full length of Hercules' dick. Homul guessed that his cock had to be at least three times longer than his own. He could strap a full-sized horse cock on his body, and the only difference would be the color and the fact that his cock had a human shape. The size and veiny texture were the same for both Hercules' cock and a horse's cock. That and Hercules' balls were noticeably bigger. Homul couldn't help but wonder that if Hercules' gentiles could rival that of a breeding horse, how did his hormones compare? Was Hercules' as horny as a breeding horse? Was he filled with the same animalistic desire to spread his seed? Just like the sound of the tearing of Hercules' clothes, Homul's visions and fantasies of Hercules' body were faded out by the sound of ripping. Only this time, Homul wasn't picturing Hercules thrusting into stone on a building, he was watching Hercules thrust into stone right in front of him on stage. Somehow, it was even hotter than he imagined. Hercules' cock was ripping a hole into the stone like his head was an ax. Hercules didn't even look like jamming his dick into a boulder was painful, he was smiling like he was casually thrusting into any another mate. Dust and sand flew everywhere as Hercules pounded his body into the stone. With each thrust, Hercules dug slightly deeper into the rock. His balls swung around vigorously. No one in the audience said anything. They were soaking up the site of Hercules proving how masculine he was. His ability to rip his clothes off with nothing but his cock seemed like a simple party trick compared to this. When half of the harder than rock cock was inside of the boulder, Hercules speed up his thrusting. Homul didn't realize how slow Hercules was truly hammering his body into the stone until now. Hercules was swinging his waste faster than a tree branch in a storm. With each stroke his cock's head made inside the tunnel, it was digging, an eruption of dust flew out of the hole like a small explosion. A faint humming of sloshing filled the room. Homul didn't know if the wet-sounding humming was coming from Hercules' sweaty cock rubbing against the stone, or the sperm in his utter-like sack slapping against the inner walls of his testicles, or both. "If I could," Hercules calmly told the audience, "I would use my body to fight off our enemies. If my body can drill a hole into a rock like this, imagine what it could do to an enemy's skull! I could grab their head and slam it against my throbbing flesh. Their head would shatter into a thousand pieces!" After Hercules said this, the final few inches of his cock entered the stone. When all of his cock was inside, Hercules calmly inserted his cock into the hole he drilled and rested against the rock. Hercules breathed in and out, and leaned his arms on top of the rock, and Homul assumed this was the end of the show. "That was fun," Hercules said, "But it's still a bit heavy, isn't it?" Hercules pulled out, then hammered one final powerful thrust into the rock. A thunderous cracking sound echoed around the room, and the stone split in half. The two halves of the rock fell, revealing Hercules' cock standing there throbbing like nothing unusual was happening. Hercules grabbed the bottom end of his cock with his left hand and the top end with his right. "Ow," Hercules smirked. The audience quietly laughed. The men from earlier came back on stage and picked up one half of the stone as if it were a simple piece of furniture and carried it off stage. They came back to move the other half of the rock, leaving Hercules alone on stage. Once Hercules had the stage to himself, he quickly stretched a few muscles and turned back around to face the audience. "We know how hard my cock is, but how strong is it," Hercules asked the crowd. That was the cue for 4 full-grown men to walk onto the stage. Each of them were wearing classic Greek Armour, including the helmet. The 4 men, one at a time quietly swung their legs over Hercules' cock as if they were about to ride a horse. Once their bodies were standing over Hercules' giant flesh, they all picked their feet off the ground at the same time. Hercules held the 4 men up with nothing but his cock. His throbbing pole of meat held their weight effortlessly. Hercules even placed both hands behind his back to show off the fact that he was holding them up by only his enormous dick. "How many reps can you do," one of the men asked. Hercules clenched his teeth and flexed his dick, the men rose and fell with his cock. "One," Hercules said through his clenched teeth. Hercules flexed his cock just over 60 times before he told the men that he was getting bored. Hercules was bouncing the men on his pole for nearly 10 minutes, so the men were getting bored too. Hercules showed no sign of tiring out, so they just decided that Hercules could keep bouncing them all night and left the stage. When Hercules had the stage to himself again, he lifted both arms and flew his biceps. His biceps were massive. His left bicep had one singular vein sticking out of the top. "I already know how strong my arms are... but how strong is my body below my arms? Not my abs, my balls. How strong is the pressure behind my ejaculation? How far can I shoot a load?" Hercules kept his left arm flexed and used his right arm to point to the back of the room. A man is the same Greek Armour as the other 4 men was holding a Greek vase above his head. "Maybe this far," the man suggested. Hercules lowered his arms, placing his left hand on his balls and his right on his still-hard cock. He jerked his foreskin and measured the distance between the end of his meat and the top of the vase. "Maybe," Hercules said, "but I'll need help if I'm gonna make it that far." Two men walked out onto either side of the stage, both of them brought a small wooden stool with them. Each stool was slightly shorter than Hercules' waist. Both men sat down cracked their knuckles while Hercules rested his arms on their shoulders. "Ready," the man on the left asked. "Fire away boys," Hercules cried out. The man on the left grabbed Hercules' dick with both hands and jerked it so hard that the rubbing of the foreskin against the rod underneath sounded just like a small waterfall. The other man grabbed each testicle in each hand and squeezed the like a cow's utter. Hercules moaned, nearly losing control of his voice. He knew the men were going to do this, but he was still taken away by how aggressive they were. It didn't take long for pre to drip out. "Here it comes!" Hercules positioned his waist upwards so that his imminent ejaculation would shot towards the ceiling. Hercules felt weaker and weaker while his body braced. White liquid dripped from his cock very slowly for a few brief moments. It dripped out slowly, one drop growing on the tip until it was heavy enough to fall. The next round of pre drizzled out in small bursts. One small load after another flowed out, each load heavier than the load most men carry in their entire sack. Next thing Homul knew, a white arch stretched across the room so far that it 2 feet went past the man holding the vase. White raindrops dripped from the white arch creating a white line on everything underneath. Hercules was ejaculating with so much strength that he wasn't just shooting further than even he expected, but the stream of his seed was one solid river soaring over everyone's head. For more time than anyone could count, Hercules spewed seed with more force than a backed-up volcano. A large portion of Hercules' male milk missed the vase, yet it was over half full when Hercules finally stopped ejaculating. The two men massaged Hercules, assuming that eruption was painful. "Round two," Hercules asked the crowd.
  12. Original Story: Follow my main FA Account for more stories like this: Audio: HANGING HERC Homul walked down a dark path behind the town's pub towards a cave deep in the mountains of Greece. The path leads to a farmer's house on the other side of the mountains, but there was a special spot along the trail Hormul was after. A dimly lit cage-like door with the words "Firen Flight" greeted him. The door was covering a cave entirely lit by touches that were at least half burned out. A tall man in a Greek shoulder uniform holding a clay tablet guarded the gate door. "May I come in," Homul asked. The intimidating man looked at his tablet to think about his answer. Homul was worried that the Firen Flight wasn't as secret as he hoped and that he would be told to leave thanks to the crowd. He desperately hoped this wasn't true, he desperately needed a break. A friend of his told him how to get to the secluded Firen Flight deep in the mountains and told Homul that it was his favorite way to relax his mind. The man looked down at his tablet and saw that the Firen Flight was well below capacity. "It's pretty slow tonight, go ahead," The guard told Homul. Homul was so excited that he almost tripped over himself walking in. He walked down the dim cave and turned a few sharp corners before walking into a small room. The room had a wooden stage held up by clay on the further end of the room. Between him and the stage was about 6 round tables with no more than 4 men at each. This room was even dimmer than the cave leading to it, the only bright light came from a single hanging lamp on stage. The rest of the light came from tiny torches on the tables. Homul sat down and ordered his food and drink while he waited. Soon, an announcer walked onto the stage and told the room of men that a special guest was going to appear shortly. Homul's order came, and he enjoyed it... at least half of it. Homul was just a little over halfway done with his meal when Hercules himself walked on stage, looking even more muscular than usual! Hercules was wearing a cloth outfit that looked like a traditional Greek warrior's outfit with everything but the helmet on. Hercules' orange hair swung around in front of his face as he walked to the center of the stage. Homul noticed how little the covering worked when he saw a dim outline of Hercule's abs and chest. When Hercules was comfortable with where he was standing, he rested his unnaturally large arms beside him. "I spend all day using this body to fight off enemies," Hercules said bouncing his chest. "All-day, all I do is fight fight fight." Hercules lifted his arms and flexed his biceps while his chest continued dancing. "Well, gentlemen, this body isn't just built to fight." Hercules lowered his arms and rubbed his abs. The creases in the fabric stretched over every curve on his stomach. "These abs aren't just pretty, they can thrust my waist forwards so fast that my pelvis can pound into solid rick and shatter columns holding up the greatest temples." Hercules spent the next minute or two exaggerating his strength. He said that his chest could squeeze a lemon dry in the deep muscular valley, his legs can squat buildings and that his arms could pull a boat on land. As Hercules described his power, Hormul's mind was filled his visions of Hercules thrusting into buildings. The thought of his pelvis crashing and banging into things made him zone out. Hormel's visions faded when Hormul heard a tearing sound. The tearing was so loud that Hormul almost thought the cave was falling. Something else was falling instead Hercules' hands were resting behind his head, his elbows sticking out in a position that displayed everything below them. Hercule's hands were nowhere near his waist, yet the cloths around his waist were tearing off like an invisible hand was yanking it towards them. The fabric stretched outwards and split open as it did its best to keep the growth contained. Hercules wasn't just getting hard, he was sprouting a golden tree coated with wide and long veins. Hercules closed his eyes and clenched his teeth to help him concentrate on flexing his godly cock. The covering became a useless pile of thread resting along the top of Hercule's dick. The fabrics that remained were shaken off thanks to the golden and veiny rod dancing and throbbing, shaking everything off. Anyone with blurry vision would have assumed a snake was slithering out of Hercules' body. "It's getting a bit warm in here," Hercules cried out. He grabbed the top of his top covering with his right hand and the bottom with his left. He stretched both arms out away from the shirt, the left arm stretched down and the right stretching up. His hands brought the shirt with them. The ripping noise was a battle cry challenging any man to a battle of manhood. Seam by seam gave way to Hercule's strength. The shirt was like a curtain drawing back to reveal a gorgeous new sculpture honoring the gods. Only, Hercules was more muscular than the statues. His abs popped more, along with every other fiber of testosterone Hercules possessed. Pre was already dripping onto the floor into a white puddle. "It's so hot in here, I'm even sweating through my cock," Hercules joked. The crowd chuckled, unable to take their eyes off of the swinging utter of sperm hanging from Hercules. "anyways," Hercules spoke in a low and steady soft voice, "I'd rather show you what this body can do. Talking means nothing with a body beating this much testosterone in its veins." That line was the cue for a boulder to be rolled out on stage by thee assistants. "Let's lighten the load for the fine boys," Hercules suggested walking over to the boulder. TO BE CONTINUED...
  13. Bigconnorfan

    no sex Mamut en el colegio

    Todo empezó el primer día de colegio de anteultimo año. Había un chico nuevo que entraba en mi clase. Yo siempre tuve amigos y es por eso que quise hacerme amigo de él para incluirlo rapidamente. No sabia lo que me esperaba. Llegue a las 7:50 al colegio y ya habia todo un alboroto. Salude a varios que hace mucho o poco que no los veía y me dirigí a mi clase. Los bancos ya los tienen armados desde el primer día y cuando entro a clase y veo a todos sentados veo que solo quedan dos lugares adelante del todo. Deje mi mochila y me dirigi al baño. Al abrir la puerta me encontre con la espalda mas grande que hubiera visto antes. Parecia un jugador de rugby profesional. Me llevaba una cabeza y media, pero soy petiso. Debia medir un metro ochenta y cinco, y de ancho una puerta y media. Tenia la espalda un poco triangular y al bajar vi el culo mas grande de mi vida. Ni siquiera las minas de los videos porno se le comparaban. Era como dos sandias juntas. El pantalon lo tenia muy apretado y se le notaba claramente la raya del culo. Desde atras podia ver que tenia unas macetas imponentes. Que iba al gimnasio hace rato decian esas piernas que tenian gemelos del tamaño de mis cuadriceps. Al mirarle los pies vi que debia calzar por arriba de los 45. Eran pies inmensos que explotaban el zapato izquierdo y derecho. Todo este analisis lo hice en los segundos que tardo en girarse para lavarse las manos. Sacando mi mirada de este gigante fui a mear. Senti algo extraño en el momento y a los segundos escuche el ruido de la puerta abrirse y volver a cerrarse. Iba a ser un buen año pense. Tire la cadena y me fui a mi clase. Abro la puerta y veo que todavia nadie se habia sentado en mi lugar. Me siento y espero. Ya esta a punto de arrancar la clase asi que supongo que va a venir la profesora. Entra la directora a nuestra clase y por detras la sigue un mamut. Es el del baño? Pienso. Para entrar la bestia se pone de costado porque el ancho de la puerta no lo deja pasar, y veo que tiene una panza de birra, pero dos tetas solidas que la sobrepasan y estan a nada de tocar el marco de la puerta. Por poco su cabeza toca el marco de arriba y ahi es cuando le veo la cara. Una cara masculina, con barba afeitada creciendo, pelo castaño y cara redonda pero marcada. Ojos marrones serios y nariz mediana. Un cuello grueso, como el de los toros y el pecho mas ancho que la cintura, es el del baño claramente. Las tetas tienen la delantera pero la panza solida no se queda atras. El bulto se le marca mucho. Tiene una anaconda parece. El pantalon lo explota y los cuadriceps son enormes. Se le marcan a traves de la tela pero se nota que son mas tamaño que definicion. Tiene dos rodillas grandes y gemelos del tamaño de melones que terminan en los pies gordos que vi en el baño. La directora frena enfrente mio, ya que estoy en el primer banco, y anuncia: Buenos días chicos! Que arranque de año! Les queria presentar personalmente a Toto. Entra este año al colegio y viene de Alemania. Es un gran jugador de rugby, que se pueden dar cuenta por su tamaño, asi que se van a hacer amigos rapido jugando. Los dejo con el y la profesora que ahora viene. Suerte!. Se va por la puerta y me quedo con Toto enfrente mio. Lo veo desde abajo y es mas grande todavia. Tapa toda mi vista. El sigue mirando hacia delante y se acomoda la pija. Puedo ver como estalla la campera. Le queda apretadisima. Tiene los brazos inmensos, son como dos piernas mias. El antebrazo es grande tambien y las manos son gigantescas. Tiene dedos largos y gordos. Son como chorizos. Veo que me mira a la cara y rapidamente saco la mirada y miro el banco al lado mio y le digo: Toto! Te sentas al lado mio creo. Veni hacete amigo.- Me mira. Hace un intento de sonrisa y se sienta. O al menos intenta. El culo se le escapa por derecha e izquierda del asiento. Es muy chico para el. Y las piernas le quedan por afuera de la silla lo que hace que las rodillas empujen la mesa. Sus brazos estan pegados a los mios y siento el calor que emanan. Son musculo y fuertes porque con una mano levanta la mesa y la mueve a su derecha. -Mas comodo.-dice gravemente. Tiene una voz seductora y muy masculina. Entra el profesor y comienza la clase, no sin antes echarle una mirada disimulada a Toto. Lo fichó y se sento, empezando a hablar de como iba a ser el año. De reojo lo miro al macho que tengo al lado mio. Esta mirando hacia delante al profesor, y se acomoda la pija que se le sube para arriba por la posicion en la que esta. Deja su mano gorda y grande encima de su ingle, como protegiendose y tocandose suavemente. -Que calor- dice y su voz retumba en mi cabeza. Abre la campera y puedo observar mejor su panza y si, tiene panza de barril pero se le marcan levemente los abdominales. El pecho lo explota. Se le notan los pezones grandes y tiene un estante ahi parece. Pero al momento de sacarse la campera es cuando me sorprendo. Los brazos más grandes que vi en mi vida. No se comparan ni con los de fisicoculturistas amateurs. Son dos bichos gigantes. Deben ser del ancho de mis dos piernitas juntas y la pelota del bicep como una de volley. Veo como los flexiona y se inflan casi al doble. Tienen mucho grosor. Gira y me ve. Se da cuenta que estoy hipnotizado y se los comienza a masajear un rato. Saco la mirada rapidamente pero veo que me guiña el ojo. Siento algo que cada vez voy entendiendolo un poco mas. Me salgo de ese tema y me concentro en la clase, que se pasa volando. Ya se todo lo que tengo que saber para este año y me siento preparado. Suena el timbre del cambio de hora y me dirijo a mi otra clase, pero noto que Toto se queda en la misma. Supongo que solo coincidiremos en historia por el momento. Al levantarme, me acomodo el pantalon, agarro mis cosas y me voy. El resto del día sucede como cualquier otro y no vuelvo a ver al mamut en todo el lunes. Me vuelvo a casa, hago lo que tengo que hacer y cansadamente me voy a dormir. Ya arranco el año pienso. Segundo día. Llego al colegio y nada fuera de lo comun. Clase con amigos, trabajos que hacer y recreos que disfrutar. Hasta la ultima hora antes de comer. Historia devuelta. Entro a la clase y me siento en mi lugar. Arranca a darla el profesor y al rato se escuchan unos pasos por el pasillo pesados. De un portazo entra Toto que tiene que ponerse de costado. Parece mas grande que ayer pero creo que es la remera que es mas chica. Lo aprieta todo y se le notan las tetas inmensas y la panza marcada. Los brazos son grandes y fibrosos noto. Siento que podria aplastar lo que sea, o a quien sea con ellos. Se sienta en su nueva silla veo, que esta le entra pero por muy poco. Lo saludo y me saluda. -Hola enano. Nos vemos devuelta JA. Estuve morfando ayer mira lo que es esto!- acto seguido levanta su remera y pude ver por unos segundos una busarda enorme, peluda pero muy solida, con un caminito que llevaba al bulto que sigo viendo a través del pantalon. Nos llevamos bien parece, ponele. Me río y hago como si nada. Le extiendo mi mano y él al darme la mano, su manopla absorbe a la mia. Tiene mucha fuerza. Si quiere me la puede romper. Sus dedos deben ser el triple que los mios en todo sentido. Tiene un olor masculino que lo distingue y arranca la clase. Me preocupo por la materia de una vez. Veo que a él también le interesa y empezamos a hacer un trabajo juntos de investigacion. Sabe bastante y es inteligente. Y hasta buen pibe podria decir. Hablamos de Alemania y otras cosas, de que él es argentino pero vivio unos años ahi, de que jugaba al rugby y aca tambien va a jugar. Solo puedo mirarlo y verlo desde todos los ángulos. Hablar cara a cara es la excusa perfecta para admirarlo. Es gigante. A todo esto. Esta en mi camada y hoy arranca el entrenamiento. Termina la hora en un abrir y cerrar de ojos y nos vamos a comer. Al estar adelante de todos, salimos primeros de clase y él, con ganas de hacer una jodita se pone en la puerta de frente tapando toda la salida. Intento moverlo con mis manos y le empujo en la espalda. Es muy fibrosa pero tiene una pequeña capa de grasa que lo hace ser calentito. No lo movi ni un poco. Ya con hambre hago mas fuerza y ni se imuta. Se rie y se rasca el culo, en la raya lo que hace que dirija mi vista ahi. Esas dos nalgas grandotas. Que ganas de tocarlas pienso. Y lo hago. Le doy una cachetadita y le digo- Dale grandote. A comer que hace hambre.- se ríe y va, no sin antes agarrarme por la espalda y apretarme contra su cuerpo riéndose. El olor me asfixia y siento con mi cuerpo, todo su cuerpote. Haciendo la fila del comedor veo todo lo que se sirve. Una montaña de comida. Proteina y carbohidratos, fibra y todo lo que haya. Postres tambien. Debe pesar como 5 kilos esa bandeja. Nos sentamos 4 en la mesa que es para 6. Toto de un lado, usando una silla para cada pierna porque sino no entra, y de mi lado dos amigos mas. Empezamos a hablar y veo como Toto se devora todo. Esta famelico parece. Parece que se infla con cada bocado de comida. Mirando hacia delante solo lo veo a el. A su pecho, cuello y cabeza. Todo en proporciones mucho mas grandes que las mias, que las de cualquiera del colegio. Sus bocados son mis porciones. Tiene hasta la boca grande y dientes en muy buen estado. Es muy fachero me doy cuenta. Se me cae el tenedor al piso y bajo mi cabeza debajo del mantel. Enfrente estan dos rodillas anormales que protegen a su ingle de buen tamaño. Tiene el pantalon apretadisimo y me dan ganas de tocarle los gemelos. Me conformo con mirarlos un ratito mas y subo devuelta. -Voy a repetir- dice Toto gravemente. Se levanta y lo vemos partir casi que haciendo retumbar el piso, con la panza y el pecho un poco mas grandes. Su culote rebota hipnotizantemente al ritmo de sus pasos. Veo que hay mucha fila, pero el camina directamente a donde estan sirviendo, atropellando al paso a los pequeños que lo interponen con la comida. No le llegan ni al ombligo. Ni los registra y ni hace fuerza. Solo camina y o se mueven porque lo ven, o se ven empujados por su masa. Vuelve y se sienta. Empieza a comer la montaña de comida y la termina rapidamente. Recien ahi los demas terminamos de comer. -Escuchen esto.-dice. -BROOOOOOAAAARR- el erupto mas fuerte, potente y retumbante que escuche en mi vida. Siento cosquilleos y me llega el aroma que sale por su boca. Me ahoga. Y todos nos reimos. El mastodonte se acaricia la panza, se tocan los brazos y por ultimo las tetas, casi como en un ritual y se levanta, y todos lo seguimos al recreo. Es gigante, cuchicheamos detras de el. Ramon se para a su costado y yo voy con otro amigo atras de ellos. La diferencia entre Ramon y Toto es impresionante. Una cabeza, tres cuerpos. El cuello de Toto es ancho y fuerte mientras que el de Ramon es corto y flaco. La espalda de Toto es inmensa, mas que cualquier puerta de este colegio y es triangular mientras que la de Ramon es un rectangulo medio huesudo y flacido. La del macho es fibrosa y potente, y termina en un culo gigante, que explota al pantalon para todos lados, mientras que el culo de Ramon es huesos y casi que espalda. Toto tiene una pierna que es como tres de la de su compañero, pero mas gordas y grandes. Y dos gemelos que hasta le compiten en ancho a la cintura de Ramon. Estos dos se rien y puedo ver como Toto con un brazo lo agarra a Ramon y lo pega contra su panza, y se cae al piso con Ramon por debajo. Solo puedo pensar en lo que esta pensando el pequeño. Que ganas de ser el. Corremos al incidente y los vemos a los dos riendose. Toto levantandose y levantando a un Ramon dolorido. -JA JA JA- se rie y hasta retumba en el aire libre. Involuntariamente Toto flexiona sus pectorales y todo su pecho se mueve al unisono con su risa. Me veo hipnotizado hasta que el con una manasa me agarra y me abraza a su cuerpo. Su mano se reposa en mis hombros y los rodea por completo mientras que estamos panza con pecho. Me doy cuenta que debe medir un metro noventa y cinco. Lo tengo que mirar para arriba para verle la cara y su pecho me la tapa un poco. Mi mano izquierda termina agarrando su espalda baja y puedo sentir sus musculos y casi el inicio de su culo. Nos sentamos en un banco. Va se sienta el y yo intento sentarme en el poco lugar que dejan sus gambas. Al estar rodilla con rodilla dimensiono mis piernitas con sus jamones. Sus rodillas son como dos bolas de bowling y las mias parecen de tenis. Tiene dos jamones que ni siquiera seis de mi piernas le llegan en tamaño. Son musculosas pero con un buen grado de masa. Al ver sus piernas mi mirada se desvia a su bulto. Es inmenso. Se nota un paquete que sobresale entre tanta carne. Miro el mio y veo que esta un poco contento. El sigue hablando hace un rato y su voz me relaja y algo mas. Me siento seguro escuchandolo. Me dice que me corra que esta incomodo y de un movimiento sutil de piernas me tira al piso, donde estaban sentados los otros dos. Jodiendo, me abalanzo contra el en un intento de tirarlo del banco y me caigo de lleno entre sus piernas abiertas. Toto rapidamente las cierra y me veo atrapado entre dos piernas enormes que me aprietan. Puedo sentir su fuerza y musculatura. Al tratar de escaparme de la toma, con mis manos le toco los cuadriceps, rodilla e incluso el bulto. -Toto! Sos muy fuerte soltame bestia!- -JA JA JA. Sos un mani! Como te tengo atrapado e!- ahi es cuando libera su fuerza. En el segundo que agarro aire, dos brazos del tamaño de troncos me rodean el cuello y el torax. Toto flexiona y desflexiona sus bichos asi apretandome y mostrandome su poder. Aprovecho para tocarle los biceps y sentir al mamut. Me veo atrapado entre sus dos tetas inmensas y huelo el olor que emana. Me encanta. Aprieto mi cabeza contra su cuerpo y él hace mas fuerza todavia. Mis manos tocan sus brazos y antebrazos fuertes y potentes. Son masivos. -Toto basta. Sos muy grandote. Soltame porfavor.- digo jadeando. -Sos un cagoncito. No te bancas una putito. Mira que te gusta que te agarre e!- me suelta y nos reimos. Fue bueno mientras duro pienso. Suena el timbre y nos volvemos todos a clase. Ya no comparto horas con el en todo el dia. Hasta la hora de entrenar. Lo ultimo que veo es como se aleja a su clase, con sus gluteos moviendose arriba abajo, hipnotizandome y perdiendome en su silueta. Hasta que Toto con una mano se aprieta una nalga, se gira, me mira y sonrie. Despues se estrecha como bostezando y despliega sus brazos ampliamente casi que ocupando todo el pasillo. Es enorme, pienso, un mamut parece. Yo entro a mi clase y lo pierdo por el resto de la tarde. Termina el colegio y apuradamente guardo mis cosas en mi mochila y me voy al vestuario. Camino con algunos que hacen rugby conmigo y hablamos de lo que va a ser este año, de como tenemos que crecer en tamaño y juego. Somos todos mas o menos parecidos, alguno mas alto, mas gordo, mas musculoso, mas petiso, pero todos parecidos dentro de todo. Excepto por Toto. Hablamos de lo grandote que, y como va a hacer estragos en los partidos. Pero ninguno dice lo que esta pensando, lo duro que va a ser entrenar con el. Entramos al vestuario y ya hay varios adentro. Saludo y me comparo. Soy petiso y flaquito, pero para jugar de lo que juego no necesito tamaño. Me empiezo a cambiar. Ya me puse todo menos la remera y es ahi cuando escucho unos pasos fuertes que solo un gigante puede estar haciendo. Entra Toto por la doble puerta, esta vez sin tener que pasar de costado pero sí agachandose porque este marco es más petiso. Me ve y se rie con su voz grave. -Este es tu pechito? Tengo mas carne aca abajo que vos ahi- lo dice apretandose el paquete. Con una mano me aprieta una teta y se va a cambiar. Se pone enfrente mio. Empieza por abajo. Se sienta y se saca los zapatos. Dos pies monstruosos salen y largan el olor a pata mas intenso que haya olido. Se saca las medias y observo dos patones peludos con dedos gordos. Se para y yo sentado estoy a la altura de su bulto. Es ahi cuando se desabrocha el cinturon y tras varios intentos se saca el pantalon apretadisimo. Se me cae la mandibula y veo que me mira. -Nunca viste a alguien tan grandote? Estoy enorme viste?- dos macetas inmensas del tamaño de dos de mis cinturas cubiertas por una fina capa de pelo me impactan visualmente. Lo siguen dos rodillas gordas y grandes, seguido por dos gemelos fibrosos y potentes. Abarca toda mi periferia esos jamones y ni hablar del bulto que trata de escaparse del calzon. Por suerte se pone rapido el short no sin antes acomodarse la pija y mirarme. El short le queda incluso mas apretado que el pantalon y le remarca las colosales piernas. El culo se le nota mas todavia, y explota por todos lados. Mientras se saca la remera yo termino de cambiarme y me doy cuenta que hay varios mas como yo asombrados del tamaño de Toto. Nos va a violar en entrenamiento, pienso. -Quien me quiere ayudar a sacarme esto?- retumba la voz del hombre. Rapidamente me acerco y le ayudo a sacarse la remera. Le toco la cintura y es muy dura y ancha. Se agacha y le saco la remera por arriba. Es ahi cuando se vuelve a levantar y me veo enfrentado contra un pared que me tapa toda mi vision. Una panza inmensa con los abdominales semidelineados es seguida por un pecho gordo y colosal, cubierto por una capa de pelo recien afeitado que parece ser aspero al roce. Dos tetas que parecen estantes y no me dejan verle la cara a Toto. Un cuello de toro, ancho y musculoso, capaz de levantarme solo. Y dos hombros como pelotas de futbol, con una capa de grasa saludable. Toto se masajea la panza peluda y me agradace la ayuda mediante un abrazo. Me veo apretado con mi cabeza entre su pecho y mi cuerpo deformado a partir de su dura panza. Veo que mi pijita se choca con su bulto y siento cosquilleos. Él baja su cara contra la mia y me imagino muchas cosas. Hace mucho que no miraba esa cara redonda, marcada, con ojos avellana y barba en crecimiento. Muy masculina y fachera. Con la boca grande y una leve papada que lo hace mas seductor. Me dice-BROOOOOOAR- y el olor me vuelve a ahogar. -JA JA JA. Que creiste que iba a hacer? Que te iba a dar un beso? Lo tenia guardado hace rato a ese erupto. Que grande que estoy!- lo dice rebotando su pecho. Sigue en cuero. Es un mamut. -Me gusta eruptarle en la cara a mis amigos, asi que esto va a seguir asi. Y banca, me podes atar los cordones?- yo inocentemente me agacho y veo que se gira. Que extraño pienso. Miro hacia arriba y me encuentro con dos nalgas monumentales. Me veo con su raya en el medio de mi vista. El pedo mas fuerte que escuche en mi vida me entra de lleno a la cara. El olor mas fuerte y masculino que nunca oli antes. Me da asco pero quiero inhalarlo todo. El calorcito me sacude y escucha la risa grave de Toto y los demas que lo vieron. -Eso te gusto o no maní? Son las proteinas que me dan pedos. Tomo en cada comida del dia. Solo asi me mantengo gigante.- -Estabas podrido Toto- le dicen varios. Yo sigo estupefacto en el piso hasta que con una mano el me levanta y me pide perdon. -Ja ja, no hay problema. Fue una joda tranki. Que macho igual e. Nunca habia visto un pedo asi.- -Si te gusto mira que tengo mas e!- se toca la pija el y termina de cambiarse rapidamente. La remera de rugby la estalla. Se le marca todo el torso y los brazos enormes. Es un gigante. Y voy a tener que entrenar contra el. Me termino de cambiar y salgo afuera. Arrancamos juntandonos toda la camada en circulo. Lo presentan a Toto, como a un gran jugador debido a su tamaño y sus previos años de rugby. Los entrenadores estan hipnotizados con el. El Oso, un entrenador que es inmenso tambien, no le llega ni a los ojos a Toto, y ni siquiera lo empata en peso. Van a ser amigos yo creo. Oso le tira onda y Toto la sigue. Y es ahi cuando arranca el fisico que nos deja extenuados. Hace mucho que no corriamos. No lo vi a Toto mucho en el fisico porque separaron entre forwards y backs. Yo siendo medio fui al segundo grupo, y el siendo octavo creo, al primero. Comienza lo tecnico y pasa volando. Es todo pase y toma de carrera, y en mi grupo no estoy con Toto asi que fiu. Safe por hoy. Termina y hacemos cierre entre todos. Le damos la bienvenida a Toto y puedo ver que ya hay algunos golpeados y con cara de respeto al gigante. El head coach dice de cagarlo a piñas y eso intententamos algunos. Toto se pone en el medio y vamos a golpearlo. Pero con sus dos manos nos saca a varios a volar. Tiene mucho alcance y fuerza y al final lo damos de baja. Hace una pose triunfante y flexiona los brazos. Inmenso. Vuelvo a casa y me voy a dormir temprano despues de bañarme y comer, y no paro de pensar en Toto. Y de su pedo y eruptos asquerosos. Y siento algo pero lo esquivo. Me miro al espejo y despues me peso. Estoy pesando 55 kilos, no esta mal para un medio pero si para un hombre. Toto debe pesar el triple que yo. Me voy a dormir no sin antes imaginarme al mamut. Me levanto al dia siguiente, me cambio rapido, desayuno y parto al colegio. Llego un poco temprano y voy al baño. Se repite la escena del primer día. Lo veo a Toto de espaldas y lo saludo tocandole la espalda. Se gira, me saluda y ambos nos dirigimos a mear. Me pongo en uno y veo que Toto no entra entre los separadores por lo cual va a un inodoro. Termino de mear y veo como esta intentando de entrar al cubiculo para mear. El ancho del cuerpo no pasa por la puerta por lo que se tiene que poner de costado. Las tetas tocan el borde del marco y veo que ya se esta desabrochando. En el momento de sacar la pija el se gira enfrentando al inodoro. Y veo su espalda inmensa apretada por el cubiculo. Y su culo esta mas grande que ayer parece. -Gordo culon! Que comiste ayer? Estas mas grandote parece!- me acerco y le toco un cachete, duro pero relleno. Mi mano no ocupa ni un cuarto de lo que es esa nalga. -JA JA, que decis putito. Te gusta mirarme el culo e! Queres que me tire otro pedo en tu cara?- -Jajaja- - Bancame que termino de mear y lo hago.- escucho que tira la cadena y veo como intenta salir del cubiculo. Antes de volver a pasar por la misma humillacion devuelta, huyo del baño y escucho a Toto llamar mi nombre con esa voz grave que asusta. Voy a mi clase y las horas se pasan volando. Hacemos poco pero aprendemos. Es la hora del almuerzo y ya lo veo a Toto sentado con otros tres en la mesa asi que esta vez comere con otros. Cada tanto le robo unas miradas y veo como mastica y traga toda esa comida. Tiene la boca y la garganta grandes y en poco tiempo se baja su montaña de comida y va a repetir. Veo como se lleva puesto por delante a los pendejos y se sirve mas. Vuelve caminando como pinguino debido a su culo y gambas enormes que le hacen abrirlas para caminar. El pantalon lo tiene muy apretado adelante y le ficho el bulto. Pasa por alado mio y me roza con su pierna. -Te debo un pedo cagon.- lo dice sonriendo y sigue caminando. Le echo un vistazo a esas cachas gordas y me acomodo. Lo que se me viene. Lo miro mientras que se sienta y su espalda tapa a los otros tres que tiene enfrentado. Tiene trapecios musculosos que le dan mas envergadura al cuello. La cabeza es proporcional a su cuerpo y el pelo no es ni corto ni largo, pero cae en ondulaciones. Levanto mi bandeja y salgo del comedor. Me dirijo por un pasillo y noto que estoy solo. Que extraño. Entonces escucho unos pasos pesados y rapidos detras mio. Me doy vuelta y lo veo a Toto en velocidad viniendo hacia mi. Me cago hasta las patas y no me da ni segundos para reaccionar. Me atropella y me agarra con sus brazos fuertes. Me aprieta contra su pecho enorme y remera apretadisima. Estoy a varios centímetros del piso y estamos enfrentados cara a cara. Toto me mantiene con sus brazos inmensos que parecen dos bolas de bowling. Los toco y siento la dureza debajo de la piel. Son fuertes y robustos. -Te gusta lo que tocas? No seria la primera vez e. Yo aca estoy tocando huesitos nada mas.- me aprieta con sus manos la espalda y digo: - Basta gordo. Ya me agarraste. Que me vas a hacer ahora?- acerca su cara y sus labios a mi. Son rellenos y grandes. Lo miro a los ojos. Y él abre la boca. -BROOOOOAORRRRR- me quedo tonto. - JA JA JA. Que gordo que estoy e. Estos eruptos me calientan. Me quiero hacer una paja. Soy un mamut!- me baja al piso y me mira de pies a cabeza. -Te gusto eso? Te dije que tenia mas cosas para vos. Y sigo teniendo...- se agarra el bulto y sale caminando hacia afuera. Veo como se rasca entre esos dos jamones jugosos. Es muy fuerte y hace lo que quiere me doy cuenta. Antes de que lo pueda llamar suena el timbre y voy a mi aula. El dia transcurre sin nada mas interesante. Vuelvo a mi casa y agarro mi celular. Decido buscar a Toto en las redes. Lo encuentro en instagram y es privado, le mando solicitud. Me meto en facebook debido a la curiosidad y encuentro lo que estaba buscando. Toda una galeria de Toto. En la playa en verano, jugando al rugby en Alemania, en traje en un casamiento. En todas las fotos lo veo inmenso. Con un par de tetas musculosas que son la envidia de todo fisicoculturista profesional, una panza grande dura capaz de hacer rebotar a cualquiera, dos brazos enormes del tamaño de troncos, dos jamones de toro con un bulto remarcado en el medio y por ultimo ese culo monumental, jugoso y gordo, que es capaz de romper todo pantalon que le pongan. Es una bestia y me gusta me doy cuenta. Tiene algo. Es un macho dominante. Me empiezo a pajear y pienso en él, sus musculos, su fuerza, sus eruptos, su pecho, todo su cuerpo. Y todo lo que toque de el. Acabo rapido pero fue una de las mejores que he tenido. Nuevo dia. Llego al colegio y voy al baño como siempre. No esta Toto por suerte. Veo el horario y recien tengo historia en la ultima hora. Fiu. Se pasan las horas y no lo veo en todo el día. Llega historia, y me siento solo con el banco vacio a mi derecha. Viene un amigo y se sienta conmigo y hacemos el trabajo. Este dia entrenamos. Salgo del colegio al vestuario, me cambio rapido y voy a entrenar. Lo hacemos rapido y serio y el entrenamiento se pasa volando. No lo vi al gordo todavia. Que raro pienso. Me vuelvo a mi casa y extenuado me voy a dormir despues de comer. No paro de pensar en Toto y que le habra pasado. Me levanto al dia siguiente. Viernes. Me lavo los dientes, desayuno y parto al colegio. Camino por el pasillo, saludo a algunos y entro al baño. Me dirijo directo a mear y no me percato de mis alrededores. Escucho un ruido. Como de una cerradura. Termino de mear y lo veo. Me tapa toda la vista. -Me extrañaste enano ayer?- es un mastodonte. Está más alto parece y más ancho. Me agarro con la bragueta abierta. -La tenés enana! JA JA JA. Aparte, estoy viendo bien o estás contento de verme?- él se frota su manopla sobre su panza y veo como la remera se le sube para arriba, mostrando su caminito y ombligo. -Te gusta lo que ves o no? Ayer estuve todo el día comiendo y en el gimnasio. Por eso falté. Hay que mantener este cuerpo o no?- se toca las tetas y las hace rebotar al unísono. -Estás enorme Toto! Lo que habrás comido gordo e!- -JA! Te puedo morfar ahora si quiero. Pero antes otras cosas prefiero hacer...- veo que se lanza sobre mi y no tengo tiempo de reaccionar. Me agarra con sus manos y me rompe la remera. Me deja en cuero. -Sos enano. JA JA. Mira lo que es un verdadero macho!- Toto se rompe la remera flexionando las tetas peludas y sus gruesos brazos. Su panza me aprieta contra la pared y siento su calor. Entonces Toto me gira y siento un mastil en mi culo. -Te puedo romper el culo aca mismo... JA JA te estoy jodiendo amigo. Aun así, Veo como me miras y se que te gusto. Te gusta esto o no?- me vuelve a girar y estoy enfrente de su panza que me aprieta contra la pared. No puedo moverme. Estoy atrapado. Aprovecho y lo empiezo a manosear. Le froto la panza enorme que me cubre por completo y siento la fuerza de los abdominales por debajo de la grasa. Arriba de mi cabeza estan sus dos pectorales gordos que me hacen sombra. Intento de rodearlo con mis brazos para tocarle el culo pero no puedo. Ni siquiera llego a su cintura. Es muy ancho. Debe ser como cinco veces yo de ancho. -Sos enorme Toto. Y estas gordo pero duro al mismo tiempo. Cuanto estas pesando?- hablo casi que sin aire por toda la presion que hace su cuerpo en mi. -Estoy muy pesado enano. Anoche llegue a los 170 kilos. Soy 80% musculo y lo demas grasa. Pero grasa buena. Mira esta busarda.- acto seguido me agarra con sus dos brazos y me aprieta contra la pared que es su panza. -Te voy a dejar hacer solo una cosa porque veo que estas alzado.- me mira desde arriba con su cara masculina y sonrie con la boca abierta.- Te voy a dejar que me toques este culo inmenso que tengo. Necesito unos masajes ya.- se gira y lentamente observo el pedazo de gluteos que tiene. Dos sandias bien marcadas que explotan el pantalon y no dejan mucho a la imaginacion. Me acerco y con mis manos aprieto cada nalga y las exprimo. No puedo. Estan bien tonificadas y marcadas. Toto las mueve y las siento vivir en mis manos. Entonces veo como sus dos manos las abren hasta el punto de casi romper el pantalon y las cierra con mi cabeza en el medio. Él hace fuerza y aplasta mi craneo. -Ahora se viene lo mejor enano!- el pedo mas fuerte me retumba en la cabeza y me hace vibrar todo el cuerpo. El olor me sacude y me hace lagrimear. Toto se gira y se toca el paquete enfrente de mi cara. -Te gustó e putito.- lentamente se pone su campera, que la estalla, abre la puerta del baño y se va. Pasan las horas de la mañana y solo puedo pensar en lo del baño. Me tiene donde quiere Toto. Y estoy donde quiero me doy cuenta. Llega la hora de comer y voy al comedor. Lo veo a lo lejos al mamut. Corro hacia donde está y lo alcanzo. Veo toda la comida que se sirve y él no se da cuenta que estoy ahi. Le agarro un cachete y haciendo toda la fuerza que tengo se lo aprieto. Ni se inmuta. -Te gusto lo de la mañana mani e. Queres mas? Queres que te rompa el culo?- me lo dice al oído y se me erizan los pelos. -Segui fichandome la pija puto. Quizas en una de esas te la muestre. Ahora tengo que comer.- lo sigo y nos sentamos enfrentados. Se come su plato en menos de un minuto y como de costumbre va a repetir. Camina directo hacia donde se sirve la comida y todos se corren como siempre. Excepto uno de ultimo año. Es el octavo de su camada. Es grandote y fuerte. Pero nada en comparacion a Toto. Aun así, lo empuja. O al menos intenta. Toto le lleva una cabeza y un buen cuerpo de ancho. Toto solo se ríe. Y lo choca con su panza. El muchacho sale hacia atras y se cae de culo al piso. Escucho al mastodonte reirse y burlarse del humillado. Se agarra la pija enfrente del tipo y vulgarmente se rasca el culo para luego pedir la comida. Vuelve a hacerme compañía caminando lentamente. No se que pasa pero cada vez lo veo más grande. Todo el cuerpo esta mas grandote. Incluso la cara. Toto comienza a devorar su comida y lo observo. Tiene la boca grande y una barba creciendo que lo hace muy atractivo. La papada se la tapa la barba pero se nota un poco. Tiene el cuello inmenso. Es como el de un toro. Y ni hablar de la nuez. Termino de comer y el va a repetir devuelta pero esta vez sin ningun inconveniente. El gordo termina de alimentarse y como un ritual se acarica la panza que le explota, flexiona ese pecho ancho y por ultimo hace un desfilde de sus brazos gruesos y fibrosos. -Atame los cordones mani- sin pensarlo bajo al piso por debajo de la mesa y empiezo a atarle los cordones. Tiene dos pies gigantescos. Debe calzar 50 minimo. Levanto un poco la vista y veo esos gemelos gordos que le aprietan el pantalon. Los masajeo y siento el musculo, la fuerza. Trato de agarrarlos con mis dos manos pero son muy gruesos. No puedo. Y voy subiendo mis manos hasta esas rodillas gordas, inmensas. Las toco y me excito. Miro y estoy cara a cara con su bulto. Esta contento o nada mas es muy grande. Alargo mi mano. Y le toco la pija. Reaccion inmediata me agarra con su mano gigantesca y aprieta mi cabeza contra su ingle. Me veo sintiendo todo su paquete y no me da ni tiempo para respirar. Me mantiene ahi un rato y lo disfruto. -Te gusta puto? A la tarde venís a mi casa y vas a ver.- me suelta y me tira al piso. Veo como sus dos piernas se levantan y se van. Siento las vibraciones que hace su peso. Es enorme. Y pesado. Y me tiene dominado. Que ganas de tocarle todo el cuerpo, pienso. Que ganas. Llega la hora de historia y Toto no aparece. Se rateo parece. Termino el trabajo con mi otro compañero. Suena el timbre y salgo del colegio. Me dirijo a mi casa cuando de repente una sombra me oscurece. Es Toto. Me giro y lo veo en el short mas grande y apretado que vi en mi vida. La pija y los huevos le abultan todo el frente, mientras que el culo inmenso se le remarca por la tela. Es como una segunda piel y muestra las macetas que son sus piernas. Ni con mis dos brazos logro abrazarlas. Miro hacia arriba y esta en una musculosa que no puede ni cubrir la mitad de su pecho. Los brazos son dos pitones enormes. Son gruesos y anchos. Está más grandote que nunca. -Estoy gigante. Acabo de venir del gimnasio. Que ganas de comerme todo.-a lo que empieza a manosearse mientras que camina y me lleva puesto por delante. Me tropiezo y me levanta con una mano. -Seguime a casa maní, o queres que te cargue?- le digo que no y caminamos unas cuadras lado a lado. La imagen debe ser comica. Un hombre enorme de dos metros de alto y ancho, con un pibito de un metro sesenta y algo, que pesa menos de sesenta kilos. Soy un maní, como Toto dice. Pasan unas cuadras y me empiezo a cansar. Me doy cuenta que ya estamos lejos de gente conocida por lo cual acepto la oferta de ser cargado. Toto se emociona y con un brazo me levanta y me apoya boca abajo sobre su hombro. Siento todo el musculo y la dureza de su cuerpo. Mirando hacia abajo puedo ver el trasero mas perfecto, grande y gordo. Intento tocarlo pero mis brazos solo llegan hasta la mitad de su espalda. Y que espalda. Me doy cuenta que mi torso entra como mas de cuatro veces en el de Toto. -Cuanto estabas pesando mamut?- -Me gusta ese nombre putito. 180 kilos. Vos cagon?- wow. Subio 10 kilos en dos dias creo. Es inmenso. -Yo 60.- le miento. -JA JA JA. mentira. Pareces de 20 kilos. Debe ser porque soy muy fuerte. Y gordo. No sabes las ganas que tengo de echarme un buen cago. Con este cuerpo saco unas nutrias que ni te cuento. Y los pedos son lo mejor. Ya vi como se te paraba la pija. Es puro macho el olor. Me encanta. Estoy sintiendo tu pijita acaso? Ahora vas a ver lo que es una verdadera verga. Toto me sigue cargando por varias cuadras. El tacto con sus hombros musculosos me calienta y aprovecho para tocarlo disimuladamente en la espalda. Es una bestia de puro músculo, cubierta por una capa de grasa que lo hace inmenso. Al caminar sus nalgas se tensan y destensan, y sus gemelos se marcan al compas de sus pies. Estoy a casi dos metros del piso pero me siento seguro. -Llegamos!- Toto dice gravemente tirandome para adelante. Me caigo de culo al piso. Lo miro sentado y parece un gigante. La musculosa solo remarca sus tetas y sus dos grosos brazos. Su panza de barril lo hace tan ancho como alto casi. Sus dos muslos parecen troncos de arboles mientras que sus gemelos son dos melones. Observo su bulto y no entiendo el tamaño descomunal que tiene. Debe ser del tamaño de mi brazito su pija. - Vamos a entrar ahora putito. Vivo en una casa grande porque en mi familia somos todos grandes. Si ves una foto mía no te pajees okay? - Me quedo callado. El gigante me intimida pero me excita. -Okay?! JA JA te estoy jodiendo pasa dale.- Finalmente me levanto del piso y me doy vuelta. Me encuentro con una casa enorme. Con razón tardamos tanto en llegar. Caminamos por el patio y llegamos a la casa. Dos puertas mas altas y anchas que Toto nos reciben. Él abre una y yo entro. Después abre las dos para pasar él mismo. Entramos y las cierra. Veo a mis alrededores y me siento en una mansión. Con dimensiones bastante más grandes a las normales. En el hall de entrada hay un espejo. Solo haciendo puntillas de pie llego a ver mi cara en este. También noto que las sillas son más grandes, y altas. -A ver enano sentate en una de esas a ver como te queda.- a pedido del gigante lo hago. Tengo que impulsarme para llegar, y al sentarme veo todo el lugar que me sobra. Más de la mitad de la silla casi. Toto me mira, se caga de risa y con una mano me levanta agarrandome de la remera. Me pone en sus hombros como un padre a su hijo de dos años y me da un paseo por la casa. Tardamos un rato pero me mostró toda la parte de abajo. Todo en medida de Toto por lo cual nunca me choque con el techo a pesar de medir 2 metros y medio arriba de sus hombros. - Che todo bien que te tenga arriba mío y que te caliente mi cuerpo, pero a pesar de tener el cuello así de grueso puedo sentir tu pijita. Queres sentir la mia? Toto me baja al piso. Mis ojos ven directamente por debajo de sus dos pectorales inmensos. Son peludos y varoniles. Se me para la pija con solo verlo. Toto se da cuenta que lo estoy mirando fijo y con sus brazos me abraza apretándome contra su masa. Esta chivado. Mejor todavía. Tiene un olor masculino, a hombre. Inspiro todo lo que puedo y es entonces cuando me dice que se quiere echar una siesta. Simplemente camina a su cuarto, todavía conmigo en sus brazos y cierra la puerta. El cuarto es enorme. Y la cama también. Debe entrar toda mi familia en esa cama. Observo y veo su ropa, gigante, tirada por el piso. Veo fotos de él en la playa, con sus amigos, y... con su familia? En todas las fotos Toto es el más grande por lejos, pero en esta no. En esta es incluso más chico que el otro rinoceronte al lado suyo. Es muy parecido a Toto, pero más viejo. Deduzco que es el padre. Seguramente. De repente salgo de mis pensamientos. - Duermo en pelotas así que trata de no acabar en el pantalón.- a lo que se saca la musculosa. Parece incluso más inmenso. Sus tetas rebotan sólidamente y su panza parece inflarse pero aun así se nota la dureza de esta, y el semdelineamiento de unos abdominales. Se gira en contra mío y puedo ver el ancho de su cuerpo. Se baja el short. No tiene calzón. En mi vista aparece el culo más gordo, musculoso, redondo, fibroso, perfecto. Inmenso. Dos gambas descomunales lo mantienen y puedo ver entre estas los dos huevos de avestruz del macho. Las rodillas me tiemblan y caigo en la cama boca arriba. Estoy mirando el techo cuando de repente por una milésima de segundo todo se oscurece. Intento respirar pero no puedo. Siento mucho calor. Trato de salir. De sacármelo de encima. De sacarme a Toto de encima. Pero no puedo. El gordo de casi 200 kilos está encima mío. Apretándome e incluso dormido. Agregado a todo esto ronca. Estoy justo por debajo de su panza y tetas. Sus pelos me hacen cosquillas. Por suerte mi cara esta justo entre sus dos pectorales por lo que tengo algo de aire. Su pecho es inmenso y aunque quiero abarcarlo con mis brazos, no puedo. Siento mi pija parada contra su barriga y con unos rápidos movimientos logro acabar rápidamente. Todo el contacto me tenía muy caliente. Es lo mejor que me paso creo. Siento que estoy en un sueño. Hasta que una voz lo interrumpe. Una voz muy muy grave. -Toto! Donde estás pibe? Estás para unas luchas?- Toto se levanta de a poco y cada vez tengo más aire. Rápidamente se sienta en el borde de la cama por lo cual solo veo su espalda gigante. No debe entrar en ningún asiento de mortales con esa espalda. Veo como sus músculos se mueven cuando él se vuelve a poner su short apretado. El culo parece más grande dentro de la contención de tela. La raya está chivada parece. Que ganas de meter mi cara ahí pienso por un segundo. - Que pasa viejito? Querés que te cague a trompadas devuelta?- le responde Toto. - Querés ver como me lo cojo? Creo que ya vistes las fotos de mi viejo. Parecía más grande antes pero ahora estamos igual, o creo que soy más pesado yo. Ya lo vas a ver puto. A ver si te excita más él o yo. Solo hay una respuesta correcta e.- a lo que me zarandea con una mano como si fuese una muñeca de trapo. Empiezo a escuchar pasos cada vez más fuertes hasta que de golpe se abre la puerta. Solo veo una montaña de músculos gordos como los del mamut que cubren toda la puerta. Se agacha y pasa. Es Toto pero con canas. Y más sexy. - Hola pendejo! Volví de cogerme a esas viejas que me garpan por tocarme todo. También hubieron unos pibitos que quisieron que les rompa el culo. Y lo hice. JA JA.- se abrazan los dos gigantes. Creo que nunca vi tanto tamaño en tan poco lugar. La mano enorme del viejo le aprieta una nalga a Toto. - Estás más gordo e pendejo. Creo que finalmente pesas más que yo. Fijemonos.- El cincuenteañero se saca la camisa y revela su grueso torso. Inmenso. Dos tetas fuertes y peludas que dan pie a una panza de birra enorme. El pantalon del traje no puede ocultar el tamaño de las macetas ni del culo gordo que tiene. El bulto no se queda atrás y pelea por abrirse paso entre la tela. Lo que ocurre a continuación hace que acabe sin ni siquiera tocarme. El viejo de Toto y Toto comienzan a flexionar todos sus musculos. Sus brazos del tamaño de sandias, sus pechos de gorila, sus espaldas de bufalos. Son dos bestias inmensas. - Qué es ese ruido?- pregunta el padre. Me ve y se ríe. - Ya acabaste puto! JA JA. Tanto te excitan estos gordos? Queres que te rompa el culito? Vení que te quiero conocer enano.- El viejo de Toto se acerca a mí y escucho el crujir del piso de madera. Extiende su brazo enorme y con una mano del tamaño de mi pecho me agarra de la remera. Me levanta sin siquiera esforzarse y me pone cara a cara con él. Tiene rasgos mas tallados que los de Toto, pero similares, y con algunas canas en la barba que le cubre la papada musculosa. - Con que sos un nuevo amigo de Toto e enano. Alguna vez viste a alguien tan grande como yo? Aparte de Toto. JA JA. Salió igual a mí, un poco más chiquito nada más. - me baja al piso y me encuentro entre medio de los dos gigantes. Mi cabeza está a la altura de sus dos panzas y por poco no me tocan ambas. Miro hacia arriba y veo sus dos tetotas peludas. Un par con pelos volviendo a crecer y el otro con destellos plateados. Son muy parecidos en tamaño puedo ver. - Nada que ver viejo. Estoy más grande que vos. -responde el joven mastodonte inflándose el pecho. Es una mole de músculos y grasa y fuerza. - JA JA JA. Ya quisieras. Igual se me acaba de ocurrir una idea para solucionar esta disputa. Que tu amiguito decida. Aparte nos está viendo tan detalladamente que seguro ya lo decidió. Se nota que lo hipnotizamos. Somos enormes pendejo. Hasta las vergas inmensas tenemos. Seguro la de él no es ni del tamaño de nuestros dedos. Y los huevos ni te cuento. Al menos yo los tengo del tamaño de pomelos. Yo estoy bastante pesado también. Unos 180 kilos o más creo. No paro de morfar. Hay que mantener esta panza. Y este culo inmenso. Mis socios del laburo cuando me ven con mi traje apretado se les paran las poronguitas. Y mis camisas me estallan. Tengo dos tetas más gordas y fibrosas que me encantan. Vos también Toto, pero ya lo sabés. Y esta hormiguita también lo sabe. Así que maní, tenés que decidir. ¿Quién es más grandote? ¿Yo o Totito? Me quedo helado. Estoy entre dos mamuts. Uno más grande que el otro. Son inmensos. Miro a Toto, después a su viejo. Lo repito. Lo vuelvo a repetir. - Basta putito parece que solo nos queres mirar. ¿No queres tocarme a mí? Se lo que un maní siente cuando me toca. Mira lo que soy. Soy una bestia.- acto seguido el papá de Toto me agarra y me pone en sus hombros. No sé que tienen los gigantes con cargarme en sus hombros. -Toto, le voy a dar un momento que nunca se va a olvidar a tu amiguito. Me lo llevo a mi cuarto. En un rato te llamo.- miro hacia abajo y entre mis piernitas se encuentra el cuello grueso y fuerte del viejo. Tengo que abrir mis piernas bastante para sentarme comodo. Son como un calefactor sus hombros, aparte me sobra espacio. Salimos del cuarto y camina unos pasos a la derecha por un pasillo. Una puerta grande está a la derecha. Él entra y yo me la pego contra el marco. Es más alto que Toto parece. Miro por debajo de su cabeza y veo sus dos pectorales como dos dunas duras de arena. La panza es una colina solida que desemboca en un bulto inmenso y dos macetas gigantes. Miro más abajo y veo dos pies monumentales. Peludos, gordos y anchos. Son inmensos. Talle 50 mínimo. Tomo coraje y le pregunto. - Como te llamas?- -JA. Recién ahora preguntas? Me llamo Lucho pero decime como se te cante el culo siempre que tenga que ver con que estoy enorme. - - Dale Mamut- -Me encanto. Ahora esto te va a encantar a vos.- me baja de sus hombros y me sienta en su cama. Todavía más grande que la de su hijo, y el cuarto también. Aun así es un cuarto como el de mis padres. Estoy enfrente del mastodonte y es ahí cuando se desabrocha el pantalon y forcejeando consigo mismo se lo empieza a bajar. El calzón no puede ocultar el tamaño de su verga que esta por poco a salir disparada de ahí. Dos macetas bronceadas se abren paso hasta llegar a unas rodillas del tamaño de sandías. Extiendo mi mano para comparar y no son ni la mitad. -Tocá si queres.- aprovecho y bajo mis manos por sus gemelos gordos y fibrosos al tacto. Son enormes como todo su cuerpo. Me quedo mirando sus pies y es ahí cuando me levanta, se sienta en la cama y me apoya sobre su ingle. Mejor dicho sobre su pija, pero no está parada pero aún así la siento debajo de mí. -Sentate en mis gambas maní. Sí. Sentí la fuerza que tienen estas cosas. Te puedo comprimir si quiero. Y te voy a apretar un poquito.- me mete entre sus muslos gordos y empieza a apretar. Me empiezo a quedar sin aire y tengo su bulto enfrente de mi cara. Con una de sus manoplas me aprieta la cabeza contra sus partes y huelo un olor masculino que hace que se me pare. Afloja sus piernas y caigo al piso. Me encuentro con sus dos pies enormes y no entiendo el tamaño que tienen. Son del largo de mis antebrazos, y del ancho de mis dos piernas juntas. -Chupalos puto.- a su orden lo empiezo a hacer. - Sos un asco maní. Te voy a aplastar como la hormiga que sos.- con su pie me patea y me gira sobre mi espalda. Entonces lo levanta y baja su planta sobre mi pecho que lo cubre por completo y me empieza a apretar. Comienzo a soltar aire y trato de sacarmelo de encima pero no puedo. Es muy fuerte. Cuando estoy a punto de perder el conocimiento es cuando veo empieza a flexionar sus rodillotas y cada vez su inmenso trasero se acerca a mis ojos hasta que ya no veo nada. Mi cara se encuentra entre sus dos cachetes gordos y peludos. Emanan mucho calor. Es un olor a culo fuerte el que huelo. Muy masculino. De hombre. Lo único que me separa de su piel es el calzon apretadisimo que tiene. Siento su peso. 200 kilos de musculo que no me aplastan solo gracias a sus gambas inmensas. Inspiro todo lo que puedo y con mis manos aprieto toda parte de su cuerpo que puedo tocar. En este caso sus rodillotas y sus pies gruesos. - PRFFFFF- el hedor me deja inconsciente pero no antes siento el estruendo del pedo. Me despierto. Y estoy solo en el cuarto veo. Estoy en la cama enorme. Y estoy desnudo. Empiezo a escuchar pasos que retumban. Son pesados. Duros. Frenan. Entonces se abre la puerta fuertemente y solo veo una figura inmensa. Ancha, alta, gruesa. Dos bases de talle 50, pantorrillas del tamaño de melones, dos rodillas gruesas. Unos muslos gordos y colosales. Las bolas mas grandes que vi en mi vida, y la pija mas gorda y larga también, que se encuentran por abajo de la panza de birra del mamut. Un caminito que llega a dos tetas redondas y potentes que le dan poder a ese animal. Dos hombros fuertes y grandes, con un cuello grueso que da pie a una cara muy fachera con barba canosa. - Ahora te vamos a romper el culo puto. La tenes parada y es enana JA JA.- esa voz grave me derrite. No entiendo igual ese vamos... Vuelvo a escuchar pasos. Y por detrás del monstruo aparece su mellizo joven, con la pija un poco más grande todavía, y más relleno que el viejo. - Le rompemos el orto al puto viejo?- padre e hijo se paran enfrente mío. Estamos los tres desnudos. Veo mi cuerpo debilucho y solo puedo pensar en la fuerza que deben tener estos gigantes de mas de dos metros de alto y de 200 kilos. Son dos gorilas y yo un monito. - Esto te va a gustar puto.- el padre toma la iniciativa, lo agarra con una mano en la espalda anchisima de Toto y la otra en su culo, y se lo empieza a chapar. Montañas de musculo y grasa se abrazan y empiezan a besarse. Acabo. Veo como se masajean los cuerpos, como sus vergas crecen hasta ser del tamaño de mis brazos, como empiezan a bombearse y a apretarse. Los dos gigantes empiezan a chapar y cada tanto me miran de reojo. Yo solo observo las moles hacerse de todo. Estan completamente desnudos y yo tambien. Sus cuerpos me intimidan. Sentado en la cama tan solo llego a la altura de sus vergas. Se abrazan y tras un ultimo chape me dicen: - putito! Levantate! No seas maricon ni que el pedo haya sido tan fuerte! JA JA. Abro los ojos y lo veo al viejo de Toto mirandome desde sus dos metros de altura, todavia en calzones. Busco a Toto, pero no esta por ninguna parte. Me doy cuenta que sigo cambiado. ¿Habra sido un sueño? - Qué pasó?- pregunte desconcertado. Lucho me dijo que me estuvo mostrando un poco de su cuerpo, y que después del pedo me desmayé. -Perdon putito, pasa que hoy comi tacos y me pegaron pal carajo. Esta panza y este culote son capaces de todo.- se acaricio las partes nombradas y se sento en la cama. Me levante del piso y me sente al lado de el. La cama se inclinaba hacia su cuerpo debido al peso y me deslice hasta estar tocandolo. Mi cabeza no llegaba ni a sus hombros. Aun asi, acoste mi cabeza contra su brazote calido. -Tanto te gusta el tamaño enano? Que es lo que mas te gusta de mi? Mi verga? O mis musculos? O mi cara masculina?- -todo...- balbucee. -JA JA JA- me dio una palmada y me tiro de la cama. -Perdon chiquitin, no mido mi fuerza con los maníes. Veni sentate aca, mas comodo.- me subio a sus gamba derecha, donde me sobraba mucho espacio, y me recoste contra su panza. Si miraba hacia arriba solo veia sus tetonas. -Que estabas soñando cuando te desmayaste?- su voz grave me daba cosquilleos. Le conte mi sueño, de como aparecia desnudo y los observaba a el y a Toto chapar, apretarse y estar a punto de hacerlo. -JA JA JA, que sueño raro.- empece a sentir que algo se levantaba debajo mio. -Chiquito dejame que te bajo que tengo que ir al baño a echarme un cago. Si queres despues te lo muestro. Anda con tu amigote ahora que por falta de diversion se debe estar pajeando. JA JA, o morfando el gordo ese.- Me levanta de su piernota y me deja en el piso, esta vez parado y se levanta de la cama. Puedo ver su ereccion debido al tamaño inescondible, aun asi la tratade disimular poniendo su mano delante de la ingle. Antes de irme a buscar a Toto veo como su culote sube y baja mientras se dirige al baño. Salgo del cuarto y cierro la puerta no sin antes escuchar unos ruidos guturales provenientes del baño. Miro mi reloj y ya son casi las 12 de la noche. Hoy salia con mis amigos! Busco mi mochila a las apuradas, y no me da el tiempo para despedir a Toto. Salgo de la casa en direccion a la mia, y me olvido de lo que sucedio hace unas horas. Ese fin de semana hago programas pero nunca me lo encuentro a Toto. Fue muy extraño lo que pasó el viernes a la tarde y poco a poco empiezo a sentir que ni siquiera pasó, que imaginé todo. Llega el domingo y después de almorzar me llega un mensaje de Toto. - Te fuiste sin avisar el viernes pendejo. No era que te gustaban los musculos? Si no querés que te cague a trompadas vení a las tres de la tarde a la playa. Si no te veo vas a tener que tener cuidado en el colegio.- Leí esto y me asusté. Miré el reloj y todavía me quedaban 15 minutos para llegar a la playa. Por suerte vivía cerca, así que me apuré y me dirigí ahí. Llego y la playa estaba vacía por suerte. Lo busco a Toto y no lo encuentro por ninguna parte. Decido sentarme y esperarlo. Con el sol sobre mi cabeza me adormezco y me quedo dormido. Abro los ojos y esta todo oscuro. Siento que me falta el aire. Estoy apretado y muy caluroso. Levanto la cabeza y me choco con unos pelos chivados. Muevo mis brazos y siento una carne, fibrosa, musculos. Toto. -JA JA putito te levantaste!- tras decir eso se levanta y puedo observar que el mamut estaba tirado encima mío en cuero, y mi cara había quedado debajo de su enorme agujero axilar. Yo sigo acostado y el gugante se levanta. Está usando solamente un traje de baño azul que no deja nada a la imaginación. Los huevos y la pija enormes se notan, y sus dos tetas y panza lo hacen colosal. - jaja Toto eso te queda pintado!- -Y mirá que no viste este culote todavía.- se da media vuelta y sus dos nalgas inmensas ocupan toda mi visión. Tiene el culo más jugoso del mundo. Me siento y se me para la pija. A pesar del tamaño se nota a través del traje de baño y Toto se da cuenta. -Mirá que tenemos acá! El amiguito del maní quiere jugar! JA JA. Te voy a aplastar puto.- muy lentamente veo como Toto con sus doscientos kilos de musculo y grasa instala su culote sobre mi ingle. Te gusta esto trolito?- me pregunta la bestia sentada encima de mi pijita. A pesar de que él está sobre mí, mi ereccion no lo toca debido al tamaño de su culo que aprieta mis piernitas. Casi que todo su culo queda contra la arena y no sobre mis piernas. Aun así la poca masa que me toca, me toca entero. No me puedo mover. - Me encanta Toto...- -Que dijiste?- se levanta rapidamente y me mira desde sus dos metros de altura. -Nada..?- -Te voy a hacer pija.- me mira con cara mala y me asusto por un segundo de lo que el mastodonte puede llegar a hacerme y -JA JA enano siempre supe que te gustaba. Pensaste que me habia enojado y que te iba a hacer algo o no? Vi como te excitaste e no te hagas el boludo. No hay nadie en la playa...- Toto lentamente se baja el traje de baño y puedo ver como su caminito lleva a esa vergota gigante. Con dos huevos como pomelos. Se gira para sentarse y devuelta observo sus jamones y gluteos gigantescos y peludos. Son gruesos. Toto se sienta al lado mio y dice que me pare. Lo hago. Apenas soy más alto que él estando parado y el sentado. Sigue siendo tres o cuatro cuerpos más anchos igual. Veo como Toto se empieza a masajear lentamente su pija y poco a poco la boa empieza a crecer y crecer. -Ahora desnudate vos cagoncito.- Dudo unos segundos y miro a mi alrededor. No hay nadie y no parece que venga gente. Es día nublado. -Me cansaste puto.- Toto con sus dos manos gordas y grandes agarra mi traje de baño y lo parte en dos. Después hace lo mismo con mi remera. Me siento vulnerable estando completamente desnudo enfrente del mastodonte. Él con sus doscientos kilos, yo sesenta como mucho. Él con su pija de 25 cm, flacida, y yo con la mía de 12, completamente parada. -Enano primero acabas vos porque es obvio, despues me haces acabar.- Sin esperar respuesta con su indice y su pulgar, que son del tamaño de mi pene, me lo agarró y empezó a pajearme. Si podria decirsele así. Acabé a los cinco segundos. -Tan rapido? Estoy tan bueno?- lo hizo rebotando sus dos tetotas musculosas y peludas. -Ahora te toca a vos.- me agarró y me sentó en una de sus gambas. Tenía más lugar ahí que en cualquier silla. Su verga inmensa seguía parada y me puse a trabajar. Con mis dos manitos no podía agarrar la verga de Toto. Era muy grande. Intenté pajearlo pero realmente no podía. El gigante se cansó y se enojó conmigo. -Sos un maní y ni siquiera sabes hacer pajas? Al menos chúpamela.-— -Toto no voy a po- con una de sus manos acomodó su pija y con la otra agarró mi cabeza y la apuntó hacia ella. Ni siquiera me pude atragantar porque no entraba por mi boca. -No podes hacer nada bien enano. Lo tengo que hacer yo, o mi viejo en casa sino. Y ahora se te para devuelta e! Claramente te gustan los gigantes. Mira lo gordo, grandote y enorme que soy! Estas tetas! Esta panza! Estas macetas! Y este culo lpm es enorme!- mientras que Toto decía esto había empeZado a bajar lentamente con su mano sobre su verga. Su mano era perfecta para que él se pajeara claro. Yo con mis manitos de bebe no puedo. Poco a poco Toto fue acelerando el ritmo. Ver al gigante masturbarse me excitaba. Acabé una vez más, esta sin pajearme. Parecía incluso más grande así desnudo. -Estoy ENORME!- y acabó, cubriendome de wasca. Su pija gigante no paró por un minuto o incluso más. Yo solo podía pensar en Toto, y en lo que hacia con su viejo. Toto se levantó y se limpió la pija con mi ropa rota. Se puso el traje de baño y me miró desde arriba con un aire divertido. -No Tenés ropa enano! No me digas que se te volvió a parar! Wow. Bueno hagamos algo. Si me podes mover al menos unos centímetros, te doy mi traje de baño y yo me vuelvo en pelotas. Si no podes hacer eso, vas a tener que masajearme el cuerpo, y dejar que te rompamos el culo.- -Que!?- no entendí nada. -Ni en pedo.- -Putito ya todos sabemos que es lo que queres...- poco a poco Toto fue acercandose y apretandome con su panza mientras que no me dejaba irme para atras con sus manotas. -Dale moveme puto.- Intente empujarlo pero solo tocaba su cuerpote y me excitaba mas todavia. Sus dos tetotas ya estaban muy altas para el alcance de mis manos. Parecía que él había crecido. Lo miré y sentí que medía dos metros veinte. -JA JA JA. Toma distancia si queres y tackleame a ver!- Hice lo que me dijo y para que. En el segundo en que iba a tacklearlo, con sus dos brazotes me topeteó al piso. Perdí el conocimiento.
  14. ZFerrari

    no sex The 7 growing bros

    Ok now I can get these stories organized the right way Ok, so... Shit I dont even know where to fucking start, this shits fucked up. Ok... Lemme do this then. My name is DeMarcus or Marcus or Marc however you want to call me. Lemme start off by saying I am a black male and live a normal life. I have a beautiful wife named Jacqueline or as i like to call her "Jacqui" and we live in the suburbs of LA. We live in the hills in a big mansion living the good life. I mean it would an even better life if we didnt live next to our neighbors we like to call them bitch ass Niggas, The 7 muscle bros... Or the big 7 or any other bullshit y'all can call them. Now lemme get my point clear, I dont necessarily HATE Them, in fact they are good friends but they can be quite annoying. And i mean ANNOYING. Now even though it's about a good 3-5 minute walking distance from our house to their house, still doesn't mean we are safe. I mean we could move to another mansion, BUT, they be coming clutch sometimes and all the other mansions are already bought. As i mentioned there are seven of them. The first one is Elliot, I guess the ringleader of the big 7. This man had long blond hair all the way to his shoulders, blue eyes and has a perfect smile. For some reason he's always smiling and the one time I've seen him with a straight face it wasn't pretty. Now he isnt always happy go lucky like spongebob but you get the idea. He's towards the more nicer person of the group which is good for the people he hangs around with. Next we have Devin. He's about 5'8" with short black curly hair. He's nice to most people he meets but there have been some occasions where he would look at somebody and automatically hate them. He got green eyes always wear a Rolex wherever he goes for some reason. Then we have Reece, the shortest one there and constantly gets Shit about it, but that doesn't stop his confidence. He's the calm one of the group no matter what happens. He has the classic school shooter or the brown "Bowl haircut" with freckles on his face. He also has gray eyes. Now he have Dominic. The overly arrogant one. Now we not talking bout vegeta pride, its much bigger than that. He has a car he's really proud of having and coming from a car guy I can't really cant blame him. Its a 2013 Mercedes C63 AMG. Anyway he's about 6'1" with short black hair and really prideful. But not all the time. Then we Luíz the Cuban boy. He's got once again short black hair (What's with this group and short black hair?) and has a tattoo on his chest on each pec LUIZ HERNANDEZ written in cursive on his pecs. With mixed skin he's more of the lady's man of the group always with some bitch with the spring break titties. Next we have Chase the gay one. Surprisingly you wouldn't have known if he was gay wothout somebody or him telling you. He doesn't have any gay accent or any gay clothing he just looks like a normal person. He has this time short Brown hair and is the tallest one in the group going in as 6'4" tall. He's more worried abiut the the way he looks than anything else except family, but hes constantly fixing his hair or re-ironing his shirt in public. (You're about to find out how) Last but not least we have Case. Cade is even more arrogant than Dominic is. How so? Because he is sex demon. Meaning he is always aroused and horny for some fucking reason... Having nutted 10 times in a span in 5 minutes he's still horny. It get bad when he see a girl he really thought was hot. He nutted nonstop in his pants at target for like 30 min straight. With a black g-eazy havin ass haircut and sex drive higher than a pornstar Cade is the one I dislike the most. Now you're probably wondering shy their called the the 7 muscle growing bros. We have an rare element that we call wishirite. Wishirite can Grant anyone 3 wishes to anyone who possesses it. Elliot came across this gem and got what he wished for. To be friends with other muscle friends and he got what he wanted. The big 7 have the ability to grow and shrink whatever muscle they flex. Bicep flex, bicep grows. But they can only go so far, they can't grow that much taller. Only by like 8 inches. Ok so... Remember how i said chase would iron his shirt in public, well it wasnt with an acrual iron. Its with his cock. Yeah you niggas heard me his fucking cock. They also have the ability to grow their cock to any proportion they want and can even grow their cock taller and thicker than them. They even have the ability to shoot anything out of their cock and other handful of abilities. Heating their cock and using it as an iron, cumming really fast and really hard being able to shoot anything our of their cock like bullets, water, rockets, a fucking kamehameha anything. I had to learn that the hard way when my car was a victim to their machine gun cocks one time. It was a 240 sx too. And since Cade is the sex demon, his cock and get much much bigger and veiny. When he nuts I swear that shit goes to the moon. I've seen his cum break ceilings, lights, his own clothes, etc. Its crazy they each have their favorite muscle too. Elliot is biceps, Luis is his pecs. Reece is his legs, Dominic is his abs, chase is his back, Devin doesn't have a favorite and Cade is to no one surprise his cock. Well they the big 7 have been introduced maybe Elliot will tell the story of how he got the wishirite gem but thats a story for another day
  15. Quería presentarles mi primera historia. Tengo otras empezadas.. que son hojas y hojas de word, pero nunca las termino, y queria experimentar con un formato corto de capitulo unico. Es simple, pero espero les guste y dejen sus comentarios para intentar hacerlo mejor una proxima ----------------------------------------- Con un leve pánico me apuré en la cocina. Me froté el antebrazo por la frente para secar mi sudor y quitarme algunas manchas de harina… aunque la prioridad de momento era darme prisa. Genial! Los ocho medallones de carne en el horno parecian estar listo y desde la sala,con su voz gruesa, podia escuchar sus impacientes quejas. “Vamos, RAPIDO! tengo hambre!” Retiré la carne de la bandeja del horno y un poco mas aliviado, fui armando la última tanda de hamburguesas para ponerlas junto a las otras. Para agilizar, ya tenia la lechuga, el tomate y los panes rebanados. Todo listo: 24 hamburguesas, las 10 patas de pollo al horno y una generosa fuente de Lasagna. Subí todo al carrito y empujé hasta la sala. Allí aguardaba él. Roger, el hombre mas grande inimaginable parado frente a mi, con su imponente estatura y tan ancho como el portal de la puerta. Me sentia insignificantemente pequeño a su lado -y lo era-. Aunque un fisicoculturista profesional también sentiria lo mismo. Vi en su rostro una señal complaciente y enseguida tomó las patas de pollo, que entre sus dedos gruesos parecian de juguete y con una simple supción, como si fuera una paleta de niños, extrajo la carne del hueso. Una, dos, tres.. podia llevarse varias a su boca al mismo tiempo. Cuando se habian acabado, extendí la fuente con hamburguesas por sobre encima de mi cabeza. Él levantó la bandeja, la inclinó sobre su boca y dejó simplemente que las hamburguesas cayeran dentro. Lo mismo hizo con la segunda fuente, y mientras tragaba y tragaba, y veía que las hamburguesas iban desapareciendo rapidamente, yo sólo rogaba que la comida fuera suficiente. Crucé los dedos para toda la ración alcance al calmar al apetito del gruñón. “BURRRPPPP...Pero... ¿esto es todo?!” se quejó decepcionado al ver que el carrito ya estaba vacio. La fuente de Lasagna extra que habia adicionado no fue alcanzó a saciarlo. El cuerpo me temblaba un poco.. y es que estaba agotado. Estaba tan exhausto de pasar la mayor parte de mis dias cocinando sin parar, que creo haber perdido algo de peso. Podia notarlo en la holgura de mis pantalones. Pero es que, el apetito de Roger se habia vuelto tan demandante que apenas tenía tiempo libre para descansar. De pronto mis pies dejaron de tener contacto con el suelo. Miré hacia abajo y estaba flotando a un metro del suelo. Roger me habia jalado de la camiseta, y con nuestros ojos frente a frente me reclamó “MAS, QUIERO MAS! ALIMÉNTAME MARCO, QUIERO MAS. MAS COMIDA”. El corazón casi se me para de un susto ante esa exigencia en tono amenazante. Y aqui estaba yo. Otra vez en la cocina amasando, y recordando aquellos dias. Admito que tengo la culpa.. aunque ya de nada sirve. Era demasiado tarde ¿como no pude preverlo antes? A menos de un año del primer encuentro, los recuerdos eran tan frescos como si hubiese sido ayer. * * * Miré el reloj, y allí sobre una mesa del rincón del café aguardaba sentado un apuesto morocho. El hombre se puso de pie y extendió su mano para saludarme cordialmente. “Soy Roger” me dijo a los ojos. Teniamos la misma altura, aunque él rellenaba mejor su camisa. Se notaba que era un sujeto que gustaba del entrenamiento. Podria haberle hecho algunos comentarios sobre eso, pero preferí ir directamente al grano. Saqué de mi maletín un frasco con 15 comprimos proteicos y le indiqué que ayunas, tomara uno cada Lunes. Este suplemento, que prometía mejorar la masa muscular y el rendimiento de un atleta, lo habia creado yo. No fue nada fácil. Pasé noches y noches desvelado investigando e intentando decifrar algunas misterios del ADN, las celulas y algunos asuntos metabolicos relacionados, hasta finalmente lograrlo. Las pruebas en laboratorio fueron exitosas, y era momento de avanzar un paso mas. Ya estaba decidido en probarla en un humano, pese a que esos imbéciles del consejo interamericano de ciencia me denegaran el permiso. Pero no me importaba, no iba a parar. No iba a dejar que un grupo élite me negaran la posibilidad de ser reconocido como el autor de la pildora proteica que revolucionaría la industria del deporte, y que me llevaría a lo mas alto de la fama y el prestigio cientifico. Asi fue como todos los Domingos, Roger comenzó a visitarme para un chequeo semanal, y la experiencia estaba resultando positiva. No dejaba de expresarme lo enérgico que se sentía, y en como cada semana superaba sus cargas. “¿Porque no te quitas la camisa para que pueda verte mejor?” le sugerí el último dia del tratamiento. Roger se quitó la camisa y comenzó a flexionar sus músculos frente a mi. El estaba maravillado con los resultados obtenidos en esos tres meses y con la atencion extra que recibia en el gimnasio, y las miradas al transitar por la vía pública. Yo no podia menos que acompañar mi elogio con unas caricias sobre sus brazos. Yo tambien estaba maravillado al comprobar la efectividad del exitoso tratamiento. Se sentian duros incluso en reposo. Saqué una cinta métrica del cajón y lo envolvi sobre el abultado biceps de Roger. “Excelente!.. 41 centimetros!”. Eso eran 4 centimetros en comparación al registro inicial. Intenté controlar mis emociones.. pero era único y placentero ese sabor del exito de haber creado al adonis que tenia enfrente mio. Y mas al comparar el número que arrojaba la báscula. El peso corporal de Roger se habia disparado de 80 kilos a 97!. Y esos numeros no mentían. No hacia falta ver un numero en una báscula para darse cuenta que todos los músculos del atleta se habian engrosado como si hubiese entrenado por años. Bastaba verle como ese jean se pegaba a esos voluminosos cuadriceps y sinuosos gemelos, y en como la camisa también le calzaba notoriamente mas ajustada, al punto en el que ya no era le era posible abrocharse el botón superior ante la presión de sus carnosos pectorales. Me contaba además que con su nuevo tamaño y fuerza habia desplazado al muchacho mas grande y fuerte del gimnasio en el cual entrenaba. Que orgullo sentía haber creado a tal semental. Contemplé su musculatura y de impulsivo le lancé una pregunta. La maldita pregunta. “¿Acaso no te gustaria verte un poco mas grande y fuerte?”. En caso de aceptar la propuesta, le pedí que solo debia cumplir una unica condición: pasar las próximas semanas en casa. Necesitaba tenerlo cerca para estudio médico. No estaba tan seguro del efecto biologico que podria traer una extensión del tratamiento, pero mi sed de cientifico deseaba ir por mas. Cuando mayor fuese el éxito, mayor sería mi prestigio. Ya podía imaginarme en la tapa de los principales magazine de ciencia del mundo. Roger se mudó a casa, y para su sorpresa yo le habia montado un gimnasio hogareño en el garage para que pudiera entrenar a diario. Tenía barras, discos, mancuernas y bancas reclinables.Estaba encantando de tenerlo como huesped, y con la excusa de alcanzarle un bocadillo, yo me apoyaba en la puerta del garage, y me quedaba viendo como sus músculosos se tensaban en cada movimiento. Era como arte en movimiento, y el brillo del sudor recorriendo los surcos de sus brazos, sus hombros y sus pectorales lo hacia mas imponente ¡Que placer cocinarle a un hombre musculoso como él! Roger progresaba asombrosamente. Las mancuernas de 40 kilos las levantaba con una mano como quien alza un libro y en pocos dias, no tenía con que vestirse. Sus pantalones parecian pintados sobre sus cuadriceps, y tenía dificultades para hacerlo subirlo mas alla de sus turgentes y fibrosas nalgas. Sus camisas tampoco se salvaban. Un movimiento o una flexión a medio hacer, ya era suficiente para reventar las costuras. Se hizo momento de actualizarle el talle a uno o dos mas acorde a su nuevo tamaño, asi que visitamos al Mall. Antes del volvernos con todas las bolsas, paramos por unas rosquillas. Roger tenía hambre, y no importaba que se atraque con una docena de rosquillas rellenas, su indice de grasa corporal se mantenía estable. Me giré para ver a mi alrededor pude comprobarlo. “Tenias razón muchacho…”. La gente que pasaba a su lado lo quedaba mirando, y algunas chicas -y tambien chicos- lo codiciaban con la mirada. Increiblemente exitoso! El Peso de Roger se habia incrementado de 97 a 99 kilos en la primera semana… de 99 a 104 kilos en la segunda y de 104 saltó a 112 kilos para la tercera semana. Para el término del primer mes en casa, el muchacho habia alcanzado unos impresionantes 120 kilos, y por supuesto que yo acompañaba los festejos como si los numeros me fuesen propios. Su exito, era mi exito. “Doc, usted se esta encogiendo?” Me preguntó en confianza, y una mueca engreida. Oh! ¿como no pude notarlo antes?! Al tenerlo frente a frente, nuestros ojos ya no estaban alineados a la misma ahora. Delante de mis ojos tenía a su nariz. Miré hacia abajo para chequear si no era algun efecto visual del calzado, o algun tipo de broma.. pero estaba descalzo. No podia creerlo! y con esfuerzo para contener mi entusiasmo ante tal descubrimiento, fui en busca de una cinta métrica. Roger habia pasado el metro ochenta. ¡1,83 metros, Para ser mas preciso!. No solo venia aumentando su masa muscular mas rapidamente, sino que ademas también sumó 4 centimetros a su escultural cuerpo. Un efecto colateral gratamente impensado. Pero si creia que esos números eran asombrosos, no habria adjetivos para describir los que vería en las siguientes semanas: 1,84… 1,85… 1,87… Para el final de otro mes tuve que ponerme en punta de pie para leer su altura. Ya media casi un metro noventa!. Los dias seguian pasando, y sus hombros se elevaban mas y mas por sobre el nivel de mis ojos. Cada vez tenia que inclinarme mas para hablarle, y esos carnosos pectorales comenzaban a eclipsarle el rostro cuando me miraba desde arriba. “¿Quedó un poco mas de Lasagna?.. aún tengo hambre” Un plato de pasta ya no era capaz de saciar el creciente apetito de Roger. Tampoco dos. Se necesitaba mas que eso para cubrir el gasto enérgetico que su tono muscular en expansión le demandaba. Desde el punto de vista del experimento era grandioso…pero tambien admito que la situación se estaba volviendo un poquito inquietante. Y algo mas cansadora. Necesitaba pasar algo mas de tiempo en la cocina para preparar un mayor volumen de comida, acorde a su tamaño. “Mierda!”. Tomé nota de otros 7 nuevos kilos y 3 centimetros que habia crecido mi huesped en los últimos siete dias, y al trazarlos en un gráfico la situacion era preocupante. Sus progresos eran cada vez mayores, y la sospecha ya era un hecho. Al ver como la curva de crecimiento mostraba signos de aceleración, me vi en la drástica decisión de suspenderle la ingesta de la pildora proteica. Bien podría haber cancelado el tratamiento, pero... ¿dejar que se regrese a su casa?. No, lo queria conmigo! Despues de todo, ver semejante hombre con ese torso tan masculino que parecia haber sido esculpido por los dioses griegos, paseando por la sala con apenas un shortcito ajustado que no dejaba nada a la imaginación, era todo un privilegio. No podia privarme de ese deleite para la vista, asi que opté reemplazar los comprimido proteicos por unos simple comprimido para el dolor de cabeza. El plan no funcionó. El crecimiento de Roger no se detenía y sus números seguian subiendo mas y mas. Pasadas tres semanas mas, necesité subirme a una silla para poder extender la cinta métrica hasta la cima de su cabeza. “Me siento enorme!!, Doc HAHAH” No era para menos..¡2,14 mts!. Tan alto como un basketbolista pero grueso como un fisicoculturista. Los umbrales de la puerta presentaban grietas y marcos por sus descuidos.. Algunas veces olvidaba agachar su cabeza al pasar de una habitacion de la casa a otra, y otras veces, por bruto sus hombros y dorsales impactaban contra los bordes. Roger flexionó sus brazos para mi, y al contraerlos, unas abultadas bolas se inflaron tan altas como mi cara. Tremendo biceps! Lo envolví con la cinta métrica, que a ojo calculé serian de unos 48 centimetros pero me quede corto. ¡51 centimetros! Eso explicaba porque cuando se lo apreté entre mis manos, no logré cubrir toda la circunsferencia por completo. Con esos brazos y esa espalda ancha era fácil saber porque reventaban las costuras de sus camisas. Admito que sentía placer al ver mi obra maestra poniendose enorme. Pero contradictoriamente al mismo tiempo mi preocupación aumentaba fuertemente cada dia mientras veia como su cabeza se acercaba mas y mas al techo. ¿como era posible que continuara creciendo sin el suplemento?? Y mas alarmante era el ritmo en el que lo venia haciendo. Ya ni el talle 4XL podia contener terrible lomo. Y tampoco los muebles de la casa se salvaban. No habia material de la sillas que pueda resistir a ese mole de 181 kilos en la mañana. que para la noche la cifra habia ascendido a 192. Pero yo no tenía tiempo para repararlas, ni para comprar otras.. debia pasar mi tiempo cocinando, cocinando y cocinando para él. * * * “APÚRATE QUE TENGO HAMBRE...MAS RAPIDO, MARCO. DAME COMIDA!” Fui corriendo a llevarle la nueva tanda de pizzas recien amasadas. Con cada bocado que tragaba, yo veía pasivamente como sus músculos se hinchaban. Lo habia entendido, aunque muy tarde. Las calorias eran el combustible para que siga creciendo. No tenía certezas de por cuanto tiempo mas el gigante que esta cerca de duplicarme duplica en altura seguirá creciendo, pero a ese ritmo muy pronto su cabeza chocará contra el techo. Quizá en un par de dias… o en horas. “MAAAAS” siguió reclamándome. Con todo lo que se comió en minutos, podria haber alimentado a un equipo completo de rugby. Pero ni eso era suficiente para calmar al insacible. Queria mas! “MAS. Mas, Marco. MAAAAAAS!”
  16. OliverX

    no sex Growing in the dark

    A story I wrote many, many years ago. Slightly edited I post it again, as it is the prequel of the story ‘Darkgreen pills’. The basement of the university of Eldros de Rimbara, a dark and silent place no student or teacher preferred to be. They got easily lost in the maze-like network of corridors which had been taken over by bugs, mice and dust over the years. In the past, this was the place where different faculties had there labs, but during the first modernization new laboratories where build at the higher floors of the building, leaving the rooms in the basement empty and forgotten. Only a few small lamps shone a dim light into the large room and the only sound was that of bubbling liquids in all the colors of the rainbow. In the center of the room, surrounded by a dozen desks, stood a large mirror and blackboard full of complicated calculations. In front of it sat Donny at the largest desk. He was looking at one of his test tubes. The student examined the boiling, blue liquid the test tube contained with excitement. Would this be the mixture he had been working on for so long? From the day he found and claimed this ‘secret’ lab in the basement of his university he had been working on a biochemical serum to make his body bigger and stronger, so he could beat his brother someday. His brother, who has dominated him since he was a child, a bodybuilding fanatic, impressing others with his body and his strength. The pride of the family. As his brother was gifted with a strong body, so was Donny gifted with an excellent intelligence. Only twenty one and already a fourth year student. ‘Ah, the mixture should be ready by now’, Donny thought delighted. A bit nervous he took the test tube, put out the fire underneath it and turned to the blackboard, re-reading his calculations. ‘It should be perfect!’ Donny smiled as he looked at the last mouse in a tiny cage on a corner of his desk. ‘Well let’s hope this one works,’ he said to himself. ‘I’m not in the mood to run through the corridors to catch mice again.’ Donny took a needle, filled it with the blue liquid in the test tube and injected it in the mouse’s body. Nothing happened. Focused he examined the mouse. It moved a bit and ate some of his food. Suddenly the mouse didn’t move anymore. Angrily Donny washed his hands at the rusty sink. It was time to go home now. His parents waited for him with dinner. And of course his brother would be there, teasing him from the moment he walked through the door. Donny shivered at the idea. One last look at the blackboard. ‘The first thing tomorrow when college is finished is catching some mice! Hey, what’s that? That calculation is wrong. Of course it didn’t work!’ Donny grabbed a calculator from his desk and made one of the calculations again, discovering what he did wrong the first time. He looked at his watch. ‘Hmmm... Will be too late for dinner if I finish this. But when it works...’ With shaking hands the test tube was placed in a holder and Donny added some other liquids to it, until the liquid in the test tube turned dark green. He took a needle and filled it with some of the green liquid. ‘The mice are gone now’, the student thought. ‘No time to catch others.’ Full of doubt cause of the risks, he injected the liquid into his arm. His heartbeat rose when he became fully aware of what he just did. ‘What if this go wrong? I haven’t created an antidote.’ Suddenly he felt a stitch in his arm and just a few seconds later his whole body was burning. A terrible pain in his stomach made him fall on the cold floor. His breathing became heavier. He looked into the great mirror next to him and in awe he saw his arms getting more ripped. When he looked better he concluded that his arms were not getting more ripped, but that the muscles in it became bigger. His shirt became fuller and tighter, as a pumped up balloon. Donny screamed when he felt his jeans getting too tight around his legs. His skin was burning and his body felt big and heavy. With loud pops the buttons of his jeans gave way and the fabric ripped. Eventually his body even grew out of his shirt, revealing a body as big as a professional bodybuilder. The growth stopped and slowly Donny started moving his limbs. After a while he tried to get up. He laughed when he saw his new, bloated body in the mirror. He flexed his pecs and his arms which were forced outwards a bit due to his lats. His abs were nicely defined and his legs where thick and round. He walked to the scales next to the large mirror. ‘286.6 pounds’, he screamed. ‘That’s better than the skinny 143 pounds I weighed before.’ ‘Now I can go home,’ Donny thought. ‘I believe I’m bigger than my brother.’ He smiled. ‘He’ll probably catch in with me over a few years, but it’s good for now.’ He looked at the blackboard and laughed again. ‘I’ve done it.’ Then he saw the test tube which was still filled with 2/3th of the dark green mixture. ‘Why should I wait till my brother grows bigger than me’, Donny thought and fetched another needle. Again he injected himself with some of the green stuff. This time his body really, really hurt and screaming he fell to the ground. Donny closed his eyes and concentrated on anything else but the pain. Again he felt his body growing and breathing became heavier. His traps grew over his ears, making his head look very small. The shoulders grew big and meaty, making his upper torso twice as wide as his waist. His chest was pressed outwards, making his thick neck invisible. Even his nipples became larger, stretched with his skin. His arms pumped themselves up with every second. The football sized biceps and twice as large triceps were forced out by lats which didn’t only grow to the side, but also to the front. Donny felt his body going up in the air as his huge back ballooned out under him. He screamed again. His skin was so tight now you could hear it stretching. His calves where like pillows, raising his feet in the air. He couldn’t bend his legs, there just was to little space between the hams and his calves. Veins became visible, providing the growing muscles with blood, to pump them even more. The growth stopped and Donny had to lay there for a few hours before he could move again. He sighted and moaned trying to get up. After a few failed attempts he finally managed to get his huge, bloated body from the floor. Taking deep breaths he waddled to the mirror, which was to small now to show his whole body. Donny was in shock. He was so HUGE. But it in seconds shock turned in excitement. He tried to flex his veiny biceps, which failed. They were so enormous there was no space left to bend his arms correctly. The boy looked over his hugely swollen chest and saw the size of his nipples. He saw that his chest was so hugely overgrown they covered his upper two abs. The other abs looked like stone bricks. He had to put his feet as wide as he could to create space for his legs. He slowly turned around, cause he found it difficult to find balance with this new, heavy body and carefully he walked to the scales. Donny looked down to see what the scales had to say, but could only see his wide and thick chest. He used the reflection in the mirror showing 510 pounds. ‘Yeah baby,’ Donny said. ‘This is what muscle is meant to be.’ He smiled when he saw the last bit of the green substance. He got another needle and used his right hand to fill it up with the mixture. Another problem occurred. He couldn’t bend his arms far enough to inject the stuff. After a few minutes of thinking the student put the needle on his desk, with the sting side up and injected the liquid in his enormous right triceps by pressing his arm downwards. Again Donny fell on the floor while his body grew. Clouds filled the young students mind while his body blew up. He screamed. ‘Something goes wrong here,’ Donny thought. ‘I’m going to get too big!’ His body grew like mad. The already bloated chest grew before the boy’s head. The two legs pressing the feet even wider from each other. With raw shocks his back pumped up, lifting the screaming guy higher from the ground. His chest was so big and heavy now, he could hardly breath, and still the growth continued. His arms getting bigger and bigger. Biceps the size of beach balls were pressed outwards by the ever growing lats. Some of the veins popped. Also Donny’s shoulders grew. Wider and wider, pushing some desks away. A lamp fell on the floor, leaving the young boy growing in the dark.
  17. Dangeresque

    no sex Jesse Goes for a Walk

    A commissioned story from Sleta as his amazing Character Jesse goes for a simple walk down the way. Let me know what you think? Enjoy the story Jesse was a Caucasian male with silver and blond hair and a short black beard. He wore tennis shoes, blue jean shorts, and a white short sleeve polo shirt. He sat in his large backyard. in the pleasant Californian suburbs, and lay back on a chair with a pair of sunglasses on, just soaking in the sun and relaxing. He was anything but an ordinary man. The chair he sat in was specially reinforced to contain his ten foot tall hyper masculine frame. His muscles were a thing of wonder and it was a wonder he was able to keep any clothing on his gargantuan body. His seven hundred pound body didn't have an ounce of fat but rather was immensely packed with superhuman muscles that, even if he were five feet tall, would put any bodybuilder on the planet to shame. Jesse stirred from his seat, there was a desire that welled up within him. He wanted to go for a walk. He felt like dipping his toes in the ocean... but at the same time wanted to dip his fingers in an entirely other ocean. A smile spread over his face as he flexed subconsciously and crushed the chair under his weight as he already reached a height of twelve feet in size. Miraculously his clothes, while stretched super tight over his tremendous form, seemed to grow along with him as if by magic. The giant man rose to his huge feet and stood in his yard then turned towards the East coast and started his leisurely walk, tossing his sunglasses off without a care. The transformative feats would have been an unbelievable marvel for any other person but the Jesse it was just another day. He walked out of his backyard and rather than open the gate of his wooden privacy fence he simply trampled over it. His feet ripped free of his sneakers as he approached the 15 foot mark, crushing and splintering the wood to nothing between his toes as he trampled over it. He decided that then and there nothing was going to get in the way of his walk. He trampled barefoot through the side yard, leaving six inch deep foot indentation in the grass and dirt as he walked on. By the time he reached the pavement of his cul de sac street he was already 20 feet tall and his massive frame was already putting his shirt and pants to the test. He willed the charms on his clothes, that allowed them to continue growing with him, to dissipate and then awaited the tell tale ripping sounds as he continued his walk. The foot falls of the 25 foot tall giant quaked the ground and left foot deep footprints in his wake through the concrete and asphalt of the city streets. People stopped their cars and watched as his tremendous muscular frame ripped open his clothes a bit at a time. The light flexing of his thighs caused his pants to shred further up his legs as he approached the 30 foot mark. His walk had carried him to the edge of the city in no time, at that height, and his pecs started at the top of his polo shirt, steadily ripping it down the middle till the meat mountains were free to breath with his pink nipples hardening as they were exposed to the cool ocean breezes wafting in through the city. It only took the light flexing of his arms to tear the bicep covering portion of his shirt free an soon his shoulders were bare as well. He chuckled which flexed his abs and neck muscles, ripping out of the last remnants of his shirt, sending the tatters fluttering to the ground as he walked onward, leaving 2 foot deep impressions of his massive six foot long feet. At the forty foot height he now stood, his pants were next to go, tearing free of his frame by the sheer immensity of his soft cock bulge and incredible glutes. More fabric fluttered to the ground and left the giant all but naked except for his blue speedo which he left the growth charms on to keep a shred of decency on his cross country jaunt. He paused in the city by a mirrored skyscraper and stood sixty feet tall with ten foot long stompers that sank into the ground four feet with every powerful foot fall. He flexed his toes, really making a mess of the city street as he posed and flexed for himself in front of the mirrored building, swelling bigger and faster. His muscles stretching larger with a sound more akin to that of someone rubbing an over-inflated balloon... and Jesse could only smile. Jesse the giant walked on as little men and women fled from the hundred and fifty foot tall giant. He quaked the entire city with every footstep and his feet sank into the ground fifteen feet each time, leaving a trail of gargantuan footprints in his wake. He stepped on cars and buses, crushing the shrieking metal between his toes and leaving them as a sort of art installation within the deep and perfect foot imprints he made while his size and strength soared exponentially. He kicked through buildings without a notice, small shops being turned to rubble by invincible toes. His massive, swinging, soft cock, still barely contained by that incredible speedo, knocked into buildings and toppled them as the soft cock flesh itself was 100 feet long on the now 600 foot behemoth of pure masculinity. He walked out of the city and continued to grow, by the time he reached the mountains he was already 1500 feet tall and still growing and growing faster all the while. It seemed his growth cycle only managed to fuel itself. The more he grew the more power he had which he used to grow even bigger. He walked through the forest, crushing hundreds of trees underfoot and leaving massive footprints and kicked up debris in his wake as he continued his leisurely walk. He headed for Mount Whitney which stood an impressive 14,505 feet tall but as he walked up the side of it, his massive feet digging into it, he already stood 2000 feet tall himself with 300 foot long ground pounders that carried his mighty muscular frame. He stood atop the mountain, visible for miles in all directions and looked upon the vast countryside. He grinned and then flexed atop that mountain. He grew and grew, flexing and posing, crushing the mountain beneath him to gravel and dust and didn't stop till his feet were now longer than the mountain was tall. The massive giant breathed in a moment at his new height of 90,000 feet tall, standing over 17 miles in height alone with feet nearing three miles long as he continued to swell. Jesse chuckled a laugh that could be literally heard the world round, his every breath now powerful enough to change the weather around him as his head and body were in the realms of the clouds. He then walked on, his growth only increasing. Unbelievable footprints were left in his wake as he literally cratered the ground with every step of his terribly terrific frame. The word gargantuan was not enough as he reached the middle of the country a fifty mile tall giant who had a path of destruction the likes of which had never been seen before and that was by his casual footsteps alone. He saw he was only half way there and then he closed his eyes and shut down the limiter within him that kept him from his true size. There was an immediate surge of growth that caused the clouds to explode away from him as his gigantic feet swelled out and crumbled forests and towns in their now 100 mile long imprints. The six hundred foot giant now had his waist up to the level of the atmosphere of the planet so he stood half in the atmosphere and half in space. Jesse walked on, his feet cratered the ground beneath him and shook the whole planet with every footstep. Magma kissed the bottoms of his soles as his feet sank so deep into the planet's crust. He weighed so much and had so much mass that he even began to pull the moon from orbit a bit just from his leisurely stroll. He finished his walk and his growth at the same time, a giant who stood 3000 miles tall. He stood with 500 mile long feet that had crushed countless mountains, towns, forests, and god knows what else under them and his toes were dipping in the Atlantic ocean, spanning several beaches in the process. The mega giant squatted down and sat, his speedo covered ass quaking the whole of the planet in the process. He then dug his heels into the East coast of the united states and pushed. His ass sliding across the entire country and clearing out some of the smaller yet still massive foot prints he had left. He lay down with his feet in the Atlantic, his ass in the Midwest, and his head resting back in the Pacific ocean. He reached his goal to dip his toes in one ocean and his fingers in the opposite. Light splashing causing mile high tidal waves from the playful giant. He lay back on his new seat and just relaxed, soaking in the rays of the sun once more.
  18. OliverX

    no sex Dark green pills

    Grinning, Tony and Marlon sat side by side on the couch in Tony's small studio in the center of the Eldros de Rimbara metropolis. They were discussing their latest adventure in the new game "The Road Back" a multiplayer shooter. Their scrawny bodies squirmed with laughter as Tony remembered how his game character had shot another player off the server. It turned out to have been a rather comical moment. Due to the always tropical heat on the island of Pardisos de Rimbara, he only wore shorts. Marlon was not wearing much more. With a smooth swing, he placed his thick feet on the coffee table and lazily stretched his black body. He banged his bald head against the wall behind the couch with a thump. "Au!" His thick lips grimaced painfully, and a small tear of shock slid from his dark eyes, which looked Asian through his high cheekbones. Tony got up and walked lanky to the narrow kitchen to get a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator. His white, smooth body shone with sweat. He was not made for this heat and was happy that air conditioning would finally be installed in his studio next week. He rubbed the sweat from his face, which was much narrower than Marlon's wide face, and immediately stroked his blond, sticking hair. With his light eyes he looked at the black guy on his couch. "Those feet are getting bigger every time I see them, aren't they?" he asked, looking back at the light colored soles as he walked back to the sofa. "No, your nipples are getting smaller," was the response. Tony indeed had large, puffy nipples that were like pink patches on his skinny chest. The boys laughed at their comments. The doorbell rang and tensed with excitement they placed their glass of coke on the coffee table. Tony looked at Marlon with a smile, getting up to open the front door. They both knew what would be delivered today and hoped it would happen now. Today was Tony's 18th birthday and 18 was a magical number on the island. It was determined by law that you were allowed to place orders on from the age of 18 and this was exactly what Tony had done this morning upon waking up. Marlon had been super excited when he heard what his best friend had done. He had to wait another year before he was allowed to place orders there. He had just turned 17 last month. "It's in," Tony said, beaming and placed a small cardboard box on the coffee table. Marlon watched with interest as the package was hastily torn open, until there was nothing left but a small plastic bag filled with two large, green pills and a printed note. "Thank you for your purchase ..." Tony began to read. Roughly the note was pulled out of his hands by Marlon, then he walked to the kitchen. "Just open that bag," he said impatiently, filling two glasses with tap water. Marlon was right. What interested him in that welcome note? He had already gone through all the specifications of the product on the website several times. From the moment he accidentally saw the pills, when his older brother was surfing the site, he had his sights set on it. And now, two years later, he was finally able to try them out himself. He opened the bag with a sharp jerk and took out the two dark green pills. "They look like suppositories," Marlon said, putting a glass of water in front of Tony. "Are you sure you have to swallow them and they shouldn't go in the ass?" Tony laughed. "I'm sure, otherwise I wouldn't have invited you. You don't think I'm going to stuff such a pill between those fat, black buttocks of yours? " "These are not fat buttocks," said Marlon, protesting. "They call this a bubble butt." However, he knew very well that his bulging buttocks were larger than average and was very proud of it. He turned his bottom to Tony and hopped up and down. His shorts moved violently with the heaving movements of the fat butt that was inside. Marlon stopped hopping when Tony gave him a green pill. The boys excitedly tried to swallow their pill, which was not easy. The pill was so big that it stayed on the back of their tongue. Almost all the water in their glass was needed to flush it. As Marlon stared at the coffee table on the sofa, waiting for what was going to happen, Tony nervously moved up and down between the sofa and the kitchen. "I feel something," he said suddenly when he was in the kitchen. Marlon felt it too. A strange rumble in his stomach. Tony rubbed his belly. He felt his abs bulge under his skin. "It works!" he screamed. "With me too!" Marlon screamed back. Tony was bent by the contracting abs, as his chest started to grow. Like two airbags that inflated, they got bigger and bigger. His arms were pushed away by his chest muscles and when his biceps started to bulge, he could no longer touch his navel between his ever-growing abs. Marlon lay back on the couch to give his body plenty of room to grow. Tony looked startled at the black body on the couch. It looked like a big balloon that just got bigger. He didn't look much different himself. His shoulders grew so fast that he was afraid of getting stuck in the narrow kitchen. He got out with difficulty. His thickening legs had less and less space to move freely along one another. The shorts were tighter with every second. His heart raged and he gasped as his head was pushed forward by the growing trapezium. Marlon struggled to get off the couch. His growing buttocks needed more room. But he lost his balance due to the size of his growing legs and relapsed. He landed on the bench with a crash. Crack! The bench broke in two with loud creaking and he tumbled back awkwardly. He would have bumped his head hard against the wall, although his over-pumped back broke the fall. His thick traps and almost as thick neck kept his head in place. He heard Tony scream, but couldn’t see him. He could no longer look over his chest. Tony felt sore skin around his pecs. Although the rest of his body had stopped growing, his chest continued to pump. "I explode!" He cried. Marlon did not respond. He, too, felt strong pain shoots. In his legs and especially in his ass. He groaned loudly. Suddenly the pain disappeared. Except for the boys' panting, the studio was quiet. "Are you okay?" asked Tony after a while. " "Yes," sounded from behind two bloated pecs on the ground between the broken bench parts. Slowly Marlon moved his thick arms and tried to get up. "Help me out," he said. "I can't get up anymore." Tony slowly walked to the "struggling" Marlon. After every step he had to regain his balance so as not to fall. The size of his legs had ripped his shorts, and he tried not to tighten his immense chest muscles for fear of tearing out of his skin. Puffing with exertion, he reached Marlon, who in turn gasped from all the attempts to get up again. His shorts were completely gone. Not surprising, seeing that his legs were much thicker than Tony's. Fortunately, he wore a light purple thong, which still covered his noble parts. "Sorry about your couch," Marlon said as Tony leaned forward to help him up. His bulging abs got in the way. Because of the size of his chest and biceps, Tony struggled to get his hands close enough to each other to grab Marlon by the arm and pull him up. "My whole body hurts," he wailed. Marlon did not respond, but looked at his friend, who was standing there like a tightly stretched bouncy castle. His round shoulders made his head look small, and his arms which spread away from his body were much thicker than the shoulders. He stood in front of him wide-legged, as the hams pushed each other away. Marlon was shocked to see the two huge pecs, which bulged prominently under his neck and cast a shadow over the seen abs. The top two were hiding behind the pecs. "Those nipples really don't get any smaller," Marlon said, looking at the two pink patches that looked painfully tense. They were no longer puffy and shined in sweat. Tony, in turn, looked at the huge black body in front of him. Marlon's face seemed less wide because of the width of his shoulders, and he too kept his arms wide away from his body because of their size. His chest was not as big and bulging as Tony's. Instead… Tony stepped back to get a better look, almost losing his balance. He stared wide-eyed at Marlon's huge, veined legs. If he didn't know better, he would have thought they were too full of air. The muscles bulged far over his knees, and his hamstrings pushed his feet even further apart than his. "That was cool!" Marlon called suddenly, and the boys started laughing loudly, their massive muscular bodies bulging in all directions. Marlon slowly staggered into the kitchen, almost pushing Tony away. They were able to catch each other just in time before they fell. "So!" shouted Tony when Marlon passed by him and looked at his wide back. "That ass!" It immediately became clear to him that much of Marlon's muscle growth had gone not only to his legs, but also to his butt, which moved vigorously with every step he took. The fragments of what was once his shorts hung from the deep crack. "Are they beautiful?" Marlon asked curiously after finding out that he could no longer look over his pumped back to see his own buttocks. The idea of hopping up and down had been a bad one. He immediately felt that he would lose his balance, so he didn’t. "They’re like two beach balls," Tony replied, pulling the rags of shorts out of the butt crack. "And I found your shorts. Oh… and your skin is torn I see. " With a sore face, he looked at a small tear in the right buttock. Marlon didn't care. He staggered on to the kitchen to pour a glass of water. The "growth" had made him thirsty, but upon arrival it became apparent that he could no longer fit in the kitchen. He was too wide. Transversal was also impossible, his big ass bulged outwards too much to fit. "I have to get a bigger room," said Tony, after pouring a glass of water for Marlon. His legs and butt were less big and his huge chest had just fit between the counter and the cupboards above. Since it was impossible to look over his pecs to see what lay on the floor in front of him, he needed directions from Marlon to find the scales, which were on the floor in a corner of the kitchen. He had pushed the thing out of the kitchen with his feet. The boys burst out laughing. What a situation! "398lbs," Marlon shouted enthusiastically, while Tony stood on the scales with one foot. The other dangled next to it in the air. It was no longer possible to get both feet on the scales, his legs no longer allowed. He stepped off the scales, smiling, to make way for Marlon. "407lbs," said Tony. The boys spent the rest of the afternoon getting used to their new bodies. And a new sofa was bought via the internet. "When are we going to take another one," Marlon said suddenly when the sun went down and it was time to go home. Tony smiled.
  19. BigZargo12

    no sex Metal muscle 5

    Metal muscle five After a long day of working out Oliver was heading towards the showers. With his aching muscles he needed some hot water to loosen up the knots in them. Opening the shower stall Oliver step through reaching out with his right-hand towards diverter valve in an attempt to turn on the shower when he heard a scream. Immediately Oliver went into action heading towards the sound which was coming from the gym’s locker room. What he saw caused him to stop in his tracts, huge muscular metal people gleefully attacking people with brutal efficiency. One of these muscular metal men whose thick metal arm was stabbing a big fat man belly looked at as Oliver and said. "Look what we have here boys, an old man.” Oliver quickly looked around trying to seek an opportunity to help the gym goers. But all of them were incapacitated with different states of damage, some were so bruised badly that they couldn’t even move, while others had broken limbs, were knocked out on the floor and others were being handled by a muscular metal man or just flat out dead. Oliver seeing that the situation was hopeless and that he could not help anyone, attempted to grab a towel in the hopes of blinding one of these metal monstrosities so that he may retreat to fight another day. But it was not to be, before Oliver could even a grab a towel from a nearby bench, a metal man ran up to him with such speed that Oliver perceived the metal man as a blur. With his huge muscular arm, the metal man grabbed Oliver by his throat lifting him up in the air and strangling him at the same time. Oliver’s skin felt like it was on fire at the touch of the metal man. “Tell my Lord Emperor maximum I said hello.” The metal man said. As he clenched his huge hand into a fist. “what in hell are you talking about,” Oliver croaked while gasping for air. As the metal man punched Oliver’s face leaving a big bloodied crater in it. Oliver woke up in the dark room with four metal like stone pillars on each side with ambient red as light. When he got up, he found that he was naked, and he was in some kind of place there was only the hard-stone floor and pillars the rest was a black void. Then Oliver heard a powerful voice, “you will do.” He Suddenly felt a powerful presence begin to invade his mind. He was like an open book to this presence. His years as a child, a young adult and as an old man came to him in a flash. “Daisy,” Oliver said. As a teardrop fell from his eyes. The powerful voice gave a grunt, as if rifling through his memories was nothing. That grunt of apathy cost Oliver to get angry and with a roar yelled out. “I don’t know who you are but get the hell out of my head.” “Who am I you say said?” It said in a bemused tone. “I am your father, I am your Lord, I am your master, I am Emperor maximum you puny warm, but I shall fix that.” Oliver got the impression of Emperor maximum giving him an evil smile. Oliver screamed as he felt his mind being torn apart by Emperor maximum. Some of Oliver’s memories were devalued others were destroyed and others were altered, and worst of all new memories, and thoughts like how to serve Emperor maximum were planted in their place. Through the power of Emperor maximum Oliver’s wiry old body began to grow with new life and muscle. With every breath His pecs grew out, his biceps grew, his abs popped in the place, his back straightened and widen, his thighs swelled out, his feet grew longer, and he became taller. Oliver was growing, reaching light, medium and, then heavy weight bodybuilding levels growing out even more, Eventually Oliver’s human skin began to change into metal. Oliver was in now a 10 feet tall metal beast with insanely huge muscles, with pecs so big at the nipples point down words, biceps like bowling balls, thighs like thick tree trunks with lower legs to match, huge meaty hands, with a wide waste with a strong V to surround his eight pack ads, a strong square jaw, a huge 12 inches long erect cock, a pair of orange size balls, glowing red eyes, metallic coppery hair peppered all over his body with a beard and mustache and a bald head. Oliver came shooting hot metallic cum as red lightning surrounded his metallic body. The week Oliver was no more now there was only the general. The general opened his eyes to find himself back in the locker room. He lifted his huge body up his head nearly touching the ceiling and left the locker room. When he got to the weight room it was filled up with huge metal men each taller than a man but who were shorter than him. He looked upon these men who were once patron of this establishment who are now warriors of Emperor maximum and said. “Come with me my brothers we will conquer this world in the name of our master Emperor maximum.” “For Emperor maximum,” The rest of the metal men said, as they saluted. The general began to walk towards the exit with the other metal men following smashing anything that gone their way. Couple days later a small military base was being assaulted by the sons of Emperor maximum. Their metal bullets were useless against the metal man. The soldiers made a terrible discover for each male human slain or touched would slowly turn into a metal man joining the invaders by the time anyone discovered their weakness to a special type laser it was too late the base was overrun. Although two soldiers escaped the slaughter, the surrounding towns and cities were not so lucky and now in the hands of Emperor maximum making his army grow even further. Chapter end Authors note: The series is been fun, but I am going to take a break from Metal Muscle for now. Let me know what you thought of the Metal Muscle series so far and let me know ways to improving my works for the future stories. I am planning two another series: “Muscle mist ogre’s gift” and “Beef up the world ultra-bear”. I’m not going to say that “Muscle mist ogre’s gift” done but got all the ideas for the stories listed out for the first chapter. I just have to get the character bios made like what the characters look like that sort of thing for “Muscle mist ogre’s gift”. For “Beef up the world ultra-bear” I have the ideas for the first two part already typed up. Muscle mist ogre’s gift: a small town is enveloped by magical mist which causes people’s muscles to grow and eventually transformed them into big hairy musclebound ogres. Beef up the world ultra-bear: Bobby Brooker is running away from the enforcers when he its saved by a mysterious benefactor, who offers him a deal. Beef up all the men in the world and attain power and wealth or sit back and watch his world become enslaved by the triumvirate. Let me know what you think about these two-story ideas in the Reply section.
  20. Mickyh29

    no sex Big Bro Jack Pt 1&2

    Pt1 This is a story about Jack, Jack is no ordinary 19yr old……………. “COME ON ONE MORE!!!!” shouted Dean, Dean was jacks training partner. “ARRRGGGHHHHHH” grunted Jack as he lifted the last of his 12 reps on bench press on to the rack, jack stood up and looked in the mirror, staring back at him was a sight that drew gasps from both dean and others in the gym. Jack was a 6ft brick shit house. His chest was rippling with thick dense rock hard muscle, the vest he had on could not contain the sheer size of his pecs, they were so thick every time he breathed in the vest would ride up his torso and begin to tear under the sheer mass of his chest. “add another 25kg on each side mate” he asked dean Dean placed the weights onto the bar which was already loaded with 300kg, bringing it upto 350kg. Jack repped out another 12 reps like it was nothing, re racked the bar and got up again. “This is to easy, I need a real challenge! Whack another 100 on!” Dean added the required weight so that the bar had 450kg loaded on it. “ Man this is crazy shit jack, can’t believe what you’re doing, your pressing over 4x my body weight!!” “Well when you’re as big n strong as me there’s no room for light weights, its heavy as fuck or nothing at all, you don’t get pecs like these by lifting sissy weights!!” Jack bounced his enormous pecs, each bounce shifted his perilously frail vest close to breaking point. Jack laid down on the bench, got his tree trunk arms into position and with a mighty grunt lifted the bar from the rack, each rep was greeted with an almighty grunt, his pecs were bulging with blood pumping round his massive chest. Jack managed 8 reps before re racking. He stood up. “Arrrghhhhhh, im fucking pumped man, look at me? This is what u call pure beastly muscle!!” Jack was pumped, like nothing anyone had ever seen , he moved closer to the mirror, ripped off his vest to reveal the rest of his enormous body, his pecs still filled with blood and rippling from his bench press, sweat was dripping down to his stomach which resembled a block of marble which had had eight large chunks carved into it, his triceps were also rippling from the routine, his tri’s n bi’s were huge at least 35” round, veins snaking down to his beefed up forearms, his giant boulder shoulders looked strong enough to barge through brick walls, his meaty traps stretched up his thick bull neck and his lats were two thick slabs of rock jutting out of his sides. It truly was a sight to behold for everyone not at least dean who was trying so hard to hide his erection going on in his pants. “Jesus jack you look incredible, I’d hate to see a guy cross you!!” dean said with a hint of jealousy. “if they did, they would end up like this!” Jack picked up an olympic sized barbell with no weights on and began to bend it in half like it was made out of rubber, then tossed it aside. “anyway dean im 400lb of freaking huge muscle, I’d be surprised if anyone would cross me!!” Dean gave a laugh of a guy who was like ‘yeah I suppose so but really wanna see it’. “true enough, ok now its my go!!” Dean was inferior to Jack in height, weight and strength so before he could even start his lifting he had to take 400kg worth of weight of the bar. Dean was only 18 and had the physique of a track n field athlete, so he was fairly toned with a bit of size but that size looked skinny compared to Jacks mammoth size. So with 50kg left on the bar dean started his routine. Even though Jack and Dean were good friends jack always took the piss out of dean for his inferior showings, mostly to try and spur him on but also to show his superiority and dominance over him, dean could not help but feel intimidated by jack, he daren’t tell him to shut up or go away in slight trepidation of what jack might do. “ Come on you skinny git, call that heavy lifting I can’t even see your pecs there that small and feeble, if you don’t start tryin harder im gonna crush you, now LIFT!!!” jack’s booming shout reverberated around the gym. Dean finished his first set and sat up, “ Jesus jack im tryin alright!!” Dean bit back a little. “that’s not trying that’s playing safe, you wanna grow ? You want to lift heavy!!! That isn’t heavy look!” Jack then proceeded to lift the loaded bar of the rack with one hand and start repping some shoulder presses, after 20 reps he re racked the bar. “see!!” “alright jack stop showing off ya big headed freak!!” dean sarcastically replied. “Jealous you skinny fuck? Well you better be coz unlike you I wanna grow! I wanna get bigger and stronger than ever before.” “ well maybe you do mate but im an athlete, my sport does not require me to get big n bulky, so i maintain what I have!” Dean tried to hide the fact he actually likes jack being all dominant etc coz it makes him hard, and whether jack will like the fact that dean loves being with this muscle mammoth. After dean had finished his chest routine he and jack decided to hit some biceps. As Jack was so big and strong the dumbells the gym had were to light for him so jack had to curl using an Olympic bar and plates, he started of light by curling 100kg for 15 reps, “easy!! Whack another 250kg on dean.” Dean added the weight. Jack composed himself, lifted the bar off the ground and slowly started to curl the 350kg bar, with each curl his massive biceps ballooned to unprecedented sizes, thick veins popped and stretched with every move, after hitting 10 reps he placed the bar back on the floor, looked in the mirror and hit a double bi pose, his biceps bulged and formed a gargantuan mound of granite muscle that looked bigger than his head, he relaxed then hit it again this time managing to squeeze an extra inch on top of his already impressive bi’s. Dean had never seen jack hit a bi pose before, his cock was now so hard it was making an impression in his shorts. “ WOW jack they are awesome man fucking huge!! Im gobsmacked!” “I can see your impressed, I only have to look at your shorts to notice that, ya big gay, come over here?” Dean walked over to where jack was, the size comparison was breathtaking, next to jack dean looked like a twig. “take your top off” jack asked Dean didn’t dare disagree so he took his shirt off, his tight body glistened with sweat. “now stand infront of me and flex!” Dean flexed his biceps, moderate sized peaks appeared from his arms, they looked pretty cut but looked no bigger than 15”. To rub the salt in more jack then flexed his bi’s behind him, his bi’s clearly 3x the size of deans. Then without warning Jack picked dean up and started curling him, every curl took deans face to within cms of jacks biceps, jack curled dean 20 times before putting him down. “you like that gay boy, your cock sure did!!” Dean looked down and saw a dark grey wet patch were he had cummed, he looked up and said, “ that was awesome!!” Jack and Dean made their way to the changing room, got showered and headed home. Pt2 Jack and his younger brother got home from the gym. Jack unlocked the door, “ get inside now boy!” He grabbed hold of dean's shirt and flung him into the house. Dean went flying into the wall with a thud. Dean got back up and rubbed his shoulder. “ Wow master, you threw me like I was a rag doll!” He said in amazement, a huge smile beaming on his face. Jack slammed the door behind him, “ Listen shit bag, You are a rag doll to me boy, a skinny weak runt I'm gonna have so much fun with. Your my slave now, you do exactly what i say boy, I own you, I'm bigger, stronger and far superior than you in every way possible. You go to bed when I say, you get up when I get up, you cook what I tell you to cook, you get the picture boy?” “ Y y yesss master, anything for you, you are by far the biggest and strongest person I have ever seen!” Dean replied. “ Would master like me to do anything?” he asked Jack. Jack walked over to his younger bro, grabbed him by the neck and lifted him high in the air. Dean's feet were dangling at least 3ft off the floor, Dean was gasping for air, his legs flaing about, he looked down at his brothers menacing face, his eyes bulged at the sight of jacks huge, ripped, juicy muscled forearm easily hosting his light body up, Dean also had a view of his brothers immense pecs and collosal shoulders, both rippled with devastating power. Jack finally drops Dean on the floor, Dean coughs and splutters as air returns to his lungs. Jack stood over him his massive bulk dominating the space around them. “ Master would like to know what it feels like for you to be so easily man handled by your brother, how it makes you want to worship my huge muscles and witness my immense power?” he asked. He folded his huge arms across his even bigger chest, both fighting of space. Dean looks up at his brother, watching his huge devastating muscles fight for superiority on his body. “ It feels fantastic master, you are so strong you could lift anything, I would happily let you man handle me all time if it means I get to see your fantastic muscles in action. I would love nothing more than to lay my hands on your perfect body master and feel the power those huge muscles possess”. He replied. Jack smiled menacingly. “ Get up boy, take your shirt off!” He demanded. Dean picked himself up and lifted his shirt off his ripped body and tossed it on the sofa. He looked down at his lean ripped body then up to his brothers gargantuan body, he sighed in embarrassment. “ What would you like me to do master?” Dean asked. “ I want you to flex for me boy, I want to see how small and worthless you really are!” with that Jack shoved his bro towards the wall length mirror, Dean flew across the room and stumbled into the mirror. Jack prowled up behind him, he had a tape measure in his hand. “ Flex your bicep now boy.” Jack demanded. Dean knew better than to disagree so he reluctantly accepted and flexed his left bicep, a small hard ripped peak rose up his arm. Jack sniggered, “ my god so small!” He wrapped the tape round dean's arm, “ Christ you are pathetic boy, 12 inches! “ Dean hung his head,” yes master I am pathetic.” Jack then wrapped the tape round dean's chest and again chortled, “ 28in, disgusting, lift your left side shorts up you weed!” Dean obeyed and lifted his shorts up, his skinny athletic legs had a light coating of hair on, Jack knelt down and wrapped the tape round the upper part of the thigh. “ 23in, you are just one lanky piece of shit aren't you boy, how can you be happy looking like that, I've got broomsticks that are bigger than you, here.” Jack throws the tape at Dean, “ time to see what real muscle looks like boy!” Jack started by flexing his gargantuan biceps, peaks that would make Everest look small rose imperiously up his arm, muscle grew on top of muscle. “ Whoa…….” Dean moaned. His hands shaking as he approached his brothers immense arms, he began wrapping it round the peak, he joined the ends together and read the numbers. “ Fuuuuuckkkkk, 34in master, your a monster!” Jack cackled with delight, “ yes a boy I'm a monster, 34 in arms, the best in the business, I'd wipe the floor in any competition, now my chest boy!” Dean moved the tape to Jacks impossibly pecs, he started to wrap but jacks body was so huge and wide he had trouble keeping it there,” er er er master can you hold the tape please? “ he asked. Jack laughed, “ am I to wide for your pathetic skinny arms boy, there! “ Jack placed a meaty finger on the tape, Dean continued round his brothers bulk, he eventually joined the ends. “ 78in master, unbelievable! “ Dean was mesmerized by his masters sheer size. “ I could fit your skinny assbody in my pec gap and crush you with there power. Dean shuddered with fear as he took the tape away. “ Now my legs boy!” Jack lifted his shorts leg up to reveal the thickest most densely populated leg of muscle anyone had seen, ridges upon ridges of muscle piled high and wide engulfed his quads. Dean gulped hard, “ Sweet Jesus master your legs are freakishly beastly!” He began to wrap the tape round jacks meaty quad, the two ends met, “ 65in master, incredible! You are a collosal behemoth! “ Dean was opened mouthed at his brothers unbelievable body. “ Boy, come and kneel in front of my leg and open your legs,” demanded Jack. Dean knelt down and spread his legs a little, Jack moved closer placing his right foot in the gap in dean's legs, then looked in the mirror. “ Look boy my quad is wider than your upper body hahah” it was true, one of jacks thighs stuck out at least 15cm each side of dean's body. Dean was drooling. “ Master you are a dream come true, you are ginormous, stronger than anything I know, I am nothing compared to you, I'm weak, worthless, I am……….” He was about to continue but got interrupted my Jack. “ Enough of the talk boy, I know your weak, pathetic, worthless, a sad existence. Christ if you weren't my brother i would have destroyed you by now, you see boy, I want more, much more and your gonna help me get it, I wanna grow more bigger and stronger, so the question is do you wanna help me? Choose your answer carefully! “ Jack cracked his bull thick neck, the sound alone sent shivers down dean's spine. “ Y yyyess master anything you want I will get for you just say!” Dean knelt down and bowed before his brother. “ That's a good boy, now I want food, I need to eat big, get cooking for me boy,time to grow!” Jack ordered Dean to the kitchen. Jack got Dean to cook 1.3kg of lean mince, 500g of wholewheat pasta, 4 scope of optimum nutrition weight gainer and 500g of instant oats, it came to a whopping 6151 cals. Jack slammed it down in 20 mins. “ Boy, get down the shops and get me more food!” “ yes master”. Dean put on his coat and went shopping.
  21. 111dash111

    no sex ESP Enhanced Solder Programme

    I’m new to writing on this forum so here goes. “What have I got myself into?” Jeff thought to himself as the drill sergeant was screaming at the platoon. Jeff had decided he would join the army awhile back as he had always wanted to be big and feel strong and needed a way to motivate himself whilst giving back to the country. Jeff was a short and skinny 5 foot 4 guy and weighing just 110pounds, a drastic difference from his brothers, all naturally lean and muscled. He had always wondered why he was the runt of the family and felt it was just him not putting in the effort. “NOW LINE UP AND HEAD IN FOR YOUR ADDITIONAL MEDICAL TESTS!” shouted the drill sergeant. They took his height, weight, fat percentage and blood, which was odd considering he already had his medical done weeks before his enlistment date. One by one the recruits did their medical, and lined up outside the medical facility. Basic training went on as normal for the next 2 weeks and Jeff had felt himself slowly get stronger with all the PT he was doing. Whilst he was doing a standard obstacle course, 2 huge muscled guys approached his drill sergeant and pointed at him. “ RECRUIT JEFF! GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS OVER HERE”, “please follow these men” the sergeant said. “Oh gosh what have i done? Did I get caught for something?” Jeff thought to himself as he followed the 2 huge guys toward a black van. One of the guys spoke and said “You’ve been chosen for a new elite squad” “There’s gotta be some sort of mistake, I’m the smallest skinniest guy in my platoon, and I am not a smart guy either” “No there’s been no mistake, you are special, one of the few” piped up the other muscled man. “Should I get my stuff then?” Jeff said worryingly. “No, you won’t be needing your old stuff, you won’t fit into them very soon.” Jeff stepped into the back of the van and they sped off. The van had no windows to see out from the back and he had no idea where they were headed. Each minute felt like hours for Jeff but they finally arrived at the destination. It was an underground facility, with a very high ceiling all painted grey, like a huge hanger but all out of concrete. Just round the corner there were at least 20 other guys, all skinny like Jeff. He was puzzled as to how this could be an elite squad, everyone was small and skinny. “Get into the formation” the muscled guy ordered. Jeff ran over and joined the formation. A big guy in a lab coat had walked in front of the platoon and started speaking. “You all must be wondering why you’re here, what makes me different to be standing here, all these will be answered in the next few hours. For now, just follow my instructions and do as you’re told. Now follow me” The man in the white coat started walking and everyone followed. “Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Major Hollows, but you can just call me Hollows. I am the head of the Enhanced Soldier Programme, or ESP for short. And we will turn you into the finest soldiers this earth has ever seen. You will become the fastest, strongest, and most deadly soldiers ever created.” They soon walked into a bunk, with names on the end of each bed. On each bed were brand new uniforms, a set of boots, PT kit and what appears to be a black coloured neoprene drysuit. Here are your sleeping quarters, everyone head to your respective area, there will be a form on top of the new kit we’re giving you. Sign that and pass that to me, I will give you further instructions. Jeff headed to his bed, and picked up the form. It was a contract extension to 10 years to serve the army, and attached was a waver. “Yes, 10 years is a long time, but you will love your elite position in the army and 10 years will be too short” Jeff signed it, knowing he had nothing else better in his life to look forward to, so as every other recruit in the room. “Alright, everyone’s form is in, now it’s time to put on your new gear.” Jeff opened the box of boots,it said size 16. “This must be a mistake” he thought. He looked through the rest of his kit and saw everything was far too big, the shirts, the underwear, the pants, the socks. Only the drysuit looking thing was correctly sized. “Sir, these boots are far too big, in fact everything is too big” “There is no mistake, everyone put on your black skin suit, also known around here as a drysuit” “Once you’re done bring one set or uniform and the boots along and line up outside.” Jeff picked up the drysuit and immediately felt turned on “Quickly, take off your clothes in here and just put on the suit, you’re going to see each other for the next 10 years, so don’t feel embarrassed. Jeff hurried up and quickly put on the snug drysuit and rushed to line up with his oversized kit. “Alright, everyone follow me” They walked down a narrow corridor and through a huge thick metal gate with radiation danger signs on them. There was sure to be something dangerous inside this room. They entered a large all white room. There were many glass chambers inside this room. Each chamber was on a 45degree angle with a flat bed with straps on it. “Pick a chamber, and stand next to it, someone will assist you into the chamber. “ Jeff picked a chamber and stood next to it, there was what appears to be a diving helmet with a ball dangling inside. He also saw some hoses inside “That would explain the ports on the suit” he spoke to himself. A man in a lab coat came to Jeff. “Put on your uniform and boots then lay on the bed. Put on the helmet and fit the ball into your mouth as well” “This will supply you nutrients and there will be oxygen supplied within the helmet for you to breathe.Also, don’t worry about not being able to see out, there’s a screen inside it.” Jeff layed on the bed and placed the helmet on, following the instructions. He felt his arms being strapped down as well as his feet. This felt weird as the boots were 8 sizes too big for him. He then heard a hiss, and felt the chamber door closing in on him. The bed then angled itself to be level with the floor and the ball inside his mouth also began to expand.The screen in the helmet turned on and read “Standby” About 10 mins later, the screen switched to a video feed of Hollows with subtitles underneath. “Alright, time to explain what is happening. Your drysuit will begin filling with a liquid, so don’t panic whilst I talk. You have been selected to become an enhanced soldier as your DNA tests show you were suitable for this programme. Our programme will enhance soldiers by making your muscles grow and making you taller, with super strength and agility.” Jeff was suddenly super excited, and was really turned on. This was what he had been fantasizing his whole life, wanting to be bigger and stronger than his brothers. “Has the liquid been pumped in fully? Yes? Alright.’ Jeff felt the liquid slosh around inside his drysuit, following the empty spaces of his oversized uniform. Okay soldiers this is what will happen, there is liquid muscle inside of your drysuit that will become active once radiation is exposed. They will penetrate your skin and cause your muscles to contract, making microtears within. They will then attach themselves to your muscles and repair those microtears, becoming your muscles. This will also require lots of nutrients as your body grows, so you will be pumped into your stomach directly. This will also inevitably cause your body to grow taller as a side effect, thus the oversized uniform. It will hurt but you will be the best soldiers this world will see. There will be a countdown and the procedure will start, see you on the other side. ” The screen switched to black and the countdown began. 5 4 3 2 1 Initiating Jeff felt something flowing out of the ball in his mouth, it began gushing into his stomach, tasted like lemons. It began to fill him, until he felt like he was going to burst. Then, it happened. His skin started to tingle and his muscles started to contract, it hurt like nothing he had ever felt but it felt so good. Then the contractions became stronger, the straps holding him back from just flailing all over the place He felt his full stomach shrinking, and felt tight, his arms and legs felt extremely tight as well. He felt the drysuit shrinking, but it was actually him growing into the drysuit. His feet slowly growing into the size 16 boots. The pain began to subside, and began to fade out of his nirvana of pleasure. He felt the drysuit firmly on his skin and the uniform had fit him snugly. The screen turned on Initiating enrollment
  22. geektofreek

    no sex A Conversation with my Son

    I don’t usually like to talk about these sort of things. Personal problems and such. But my son, Aidan.... He’s just growing so out of control! You would think at nineteen-years old he would have stopped or slowed down a little. But no, not him. It’s almost as if his growth just keeps on increasing. Taller, wider, bigger. This never ending factory of testosterone! Especially his muscles. 270-pounds now. I’ve honestly never felt so small and inferior around another man before! “M-“Maybe it’s time you get a girlfriend or something, Aidan...“ I couldn’t help but stutter one night. Right at the dinner table. Watching him obsessively flex between each few bites. So in love with own increasing prowess. His own muscles. He could barley take his eyes off himself. “Meh...” Aidan, grunted in response. Finishing off every last bit of meat. *BURRRPPP “No ones really captivated my attention...” He continued. Giving his mammoth muscle arm a couple of pumps next. 24-inches of hulking teenage bicep. Seeming not even the slightest bit interested in the conversation. No girls. Not even guys. I honestly wouldn’t have cared if he was gay. But it was always just about his muscles. Nothing more. “Plus, I honestly just want to focus on getting bigger...” Aidan, stated like always. Pumping the Everest-sized peak of freaky bicep, right up against his face. Staring at it obsessively. “Bigger?” I stuttered. Actually dropping my fork to the floor. And yet the topic of conversation held me completely captivated. With my curosity finally at a tipping point. I just had to know... How big did my son want to grow? “Well, like... How much bigger...?” So I finally just had to ask. Seeing a bit of surprise in his face. The big wheels in his small head, slowly began to turn. With his face even turning a little red. It was almost as if he was embarrassed to admit. “It’s ok, son... We’re all friends here.” I tried to comfort him. But even my own curiosity wasn’t prepared for the magnitude of my sons muscle lust. “I don’t know, Dad...” Aidan, finally spoke up. “I’ve honestly been having the craziest dreams...” He continued. Already making me gulp. Watching him bring down one his arms. Adjusting himself in his seat. Pulling and tugging at his skintight bulging gym shorts. “Muscle growth dreams, I guess you could say...” He even bit his lips a bit. “Muscle growth dreams?” I questioned. “Yeah, Dad...” Aidan, gulped a bit. “Except sometimes, well... I don’t ever stop growing!” He shockingly continued. “Bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!” Groaning with this insatiable lust. Cringing the words through his teeth. “J-Jesus, Aidan...” Leaving me to stutter in even more disbelief. Especially as I watched his huge nipples began to harden up. Adjusting himself so much in his chair, it began to creak and crack. Almost as if he was getting horned up. “400... 500-POUNDS of muscle!!” Aidan, unexpectedly snarled. This untamed beastly muscle lust. Suddenly flexing into a most muscular pose. blowing his tank-top apart like paper. Right at the diner table. *RIIIIPPPP* “F-FUCK!!” Making me squeal like some school girl. Shrink into my chair. Suddenly overshadowed by these two absolutely monstrous blimps of muscle-breast. Pecs bigger then watermelons. Twice as hairy as my own. “But you’re already so big, son...” I blubbered in confusion. Feeling as if I had opened up the biggest can of worms. And yet he was nowhere near finished describing his fantasy. “More... and more... AND MORE!” He shamelessly continued. “800-pounds... 900-POUNDS! Urrghhh!” Aidan, really groaned. Grossly bucking his hips, his huge dick, a couple times against the underside of the table. “1000-pounds...” Aidan, shuttered. Whimpered. As if that was the ultimate number. This big ungodly muscle goal. “Unnghh... I’m so sorry, Dad...” Aidan, cringed. looking down at his foot-long boner. Actually lifting the table off the floor. Trying to stop himself. Control himself. “The big pussy crusher”, I heard his friends once refer to it as. “I just get so excited...” Aidan, admitted. Rubbing his gigantic shirtless muscle chest. Flicking his huge rock hard muscle nips. Even though he was embarrassed. But then again, this wasn’t the first time this had happened. Seeing my son uncontrollably horned up was becoming an increasingly awkward event. Usually occurring after a heavy workout. But never so randomly like this. “It o-ok, Son...” I tried to be supportive. “That’s quite the hungry appetite you got there...” I stated admiringly. With his cock still raging out of control. Sliding the dishes slowly towards me. My unsatisfied curiosity drove my ignorance to whole new playing field. “Is it even possible for someone to grow that size!?” I don’t know why I asked. Obviously it wasn’t possible. And yet I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from feeding back into my sons insane fantasies. “I don’t know if it’s possible, Dad... but I want it SO BAD!” Aidan, groaned with unbearable lust. Cringing and biting his teeth helplessly. With his cock suddenly throbbing, raging, what appeared to be a whole inch bigger. I thought he was going to cum! Remembering all those times I had to change his sheets the past couple months. All the wet dreams he was having... Were they really all just about him growing!? “Jees, son... At that size, you’d be squatting semi-trucks.” I chuckled jokingly... *RIIIPPPPP* “SEMI-TRUCKS!? Unnnghh, DAD!!!” Aidan, roared with embarrassment. As he finally cummed uncontrollably. “My LEGS would have to be ENORMOUS!!” He roared with wonder. As if I exploded his imagination. Watching his gym shorts actually blow apart. With his huge horse crushing cock emerging. Engorging to a whole new level of monstrosity. Gushing like a fire hydrant. So much cum I didn’t even think it was possible! Rope after rope of thick warm semen all over the chair, the table, his feet... his gigantic ape-sized hairy muscle legs. “YOU shouldn’t SAY such things, DAD!!!” Aidan, had totally lost it. Groaning in totally agony. A big rumbling pleasure explosion. Tilting his neck back helplessly. What a fucking beast. With his eyes closed in cringing embarrassment. I shamelessly peeked underneath the table... “Oh god...” I weeped even more. How was this my own creation? My own flesh and blood? My own son? Never seeing a cock so big in my life... Not even in the wildest of pornos! And he just couldn’t stop cumming. Leaking so much man-juice all over the floor. Even his shoes. Draining his big bull-sized testicles down to the very last drop. Like he hadn’t had released himself in months. Rumbling our tiny house as he helplessly bucked his huge car crushing muscle butt. “Dad... Please...” Aidan, choked up a bit. Knowing I must have been caught. “Please don’t look...” He even begged me a bit. I didn’t know how else to respond. Raising my head up. Seeing him still panting with his tongue sticking out. His face stuffed around nothing but muscle. Suffocated by his traps and pecs. Drooling helplessly down his colossal hairy chest. “I swear, I’m not gay!!” Aidan, unexpectedly continued. Looking beyond perplexed. “I just really... REALLY like MUSCLE!” He shuttered a bit more. Shooting out one last throat choking load. All his muscles bulging, tensing. “Jesus fuck, son...” Was all I could seem to say. “I guess I better start buying you more chickens then...”
  23. Herald

    no sex The dominant species (2)

    Keith had a restless night. The minute he’d hit his bed, he had sunk into a deep, dark sleep. Strange images of a little grey, octopus-like thing sliding across his body had haunted him. Shivers had run along his muscular body. He shot up atop his bed, inhaling deeply. “Finally awake, sleepy head?” He looked up and saw Matt standing in the doorway leading to their bathroom. “What time is it?”, Keith asked somewhat groggily, noticing his sheets were drenched with sweat that was still sliding along his torso. “6.15 p.m.”, Matt replied, “You almost slept for 11 hours. I just got back from the gym.” Keith looked at Matt, who was wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his muscular waist. His arms and shoulders still looked pumped from his workout. “Seems like you could also use a shower. Man, the entire rooms stinks of your sweat. I’ve got a date tonight so you have the room to yourself”, Matt said. Keith got up from his bed and walked to the bathroom. “Have fun, man”, he said with a grin and entered the shower. The shower worked wonders: the hot water made Keith’s muscles relax. He felt his balls churn and moved his right hand down to cup them. “Aughn”, he groaned as his fingers made contact with his over-sensitive balls. They felt a bit bigger than normal and he quickly turned off the water and moved in front of the large mirror. His balls did look a bit swollen. His entire body seemed a bit saggy, his muscles lacking their usual hardness. “A night of bad sleep. Most be some kind of flu”, he said to his reflection. Right then, his stomach growled loudly. He patted his six-pack, dried off, and walked toward their little fridge. He began eating and kept going until every ounce of food was down his body. He even eat the protein powder in the two tubs. He then gulped down two gallons of milk and burped. His right hand patted his somewhat bloated six-pack as he walked back to his bed. He got in and dozed off, not even hearing his roommate return deep into the night. The sound of water running pulled Keith from his sleep. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and felt his cock pulse inside his boxers. A grin formed on his face and his left hand disappeared beneath the sheets, moving toward his shaft. It disappeared inside his boxers and grabbed his morning wood. He began pumping his shaft. He felt his body heat rising as he stroked away. “This time you’re awake.” The remark made Keith return to the present. His roommate had just emerged from their bathroom. His hand froze atop his shaft as he looked at Matt. “I’m gonna grab us some food ‘cause you ate everything in the fridge. Make sure you’re ready to hit the gym when I return”, Matt said as Keith got up from his bed. “You’re not impressing me with that 8 little inches of cock”, Matt added with a grin toward Keith’s tented boxers before he headed out. Keith watched his roommate leave and then walked over inside the bathroom, dropping his boxers. He entered the shower cabin. Instantly a mixture of shower gel and musk hit his nose. He looked at the tilled wall and saw the sticky remains of his roommate’s orgasm slowly sliding down toward the floor. He didn’t know why, but the white liquid seemed to pull in his attention. Lick it A strange voice inside him seemed to whisper to him. Keith blinked a few times but felt his body move toward the tilled wall for some unknown reason. Feed…hunger… Lick it The next moment Keith’s mind went dark as the organism took full control of him. As his vision went dark, his body bent down, stuck out his tongue and licked the cum from the tilled wall. His tongue slide along the cold tiles as he licked away the last sticky remains his roommate had left on the wall. His vision returned as he stood back up. He blinked a few times, not knowing what had just happened and felt his cock smack against his six-pack. Mechanically, his right hand grabbed his shaft and stroked it roughly. Within seconds he was panting, his muscles hardened and he came. He threw back his head in pure bliss and closed his eyes. “UGHN”, he bellowed loudly. Inside him, the organism absorbed the cum pushed out by Keith’s balls. Unknown to Keith since he had his eyes closed, his cock blasted out a dusty cloud instead of its usual blasts of cum. He reopened his eyes as he heard his roommate come back inside the adjacent part of their room and turned off the water. He toweled off his body, put on his clothes and emerged fully energized from the shower. He followed Matt to the gym and had the workout of a lifetime, feeling stronger and more energized than ever. “Geez, what did you have for breakfast?”, Matt asked after their workout. He had struggled to keep up with the pace of his roommate. “Back on top, little guy”, Keith replied, “Let’s grab some diner. This one’s on me.” The next morning Keith awoke first. He heard his roommate’s calm breathing on the other side of the room. He got up and went into the bathroom. He sighed as the hot water cascaded down onto his broad, muscular back. He rubbed the shower gel along his torso, sliding his hands across his chest. Down below, he felt his 8 incher smack hard against his six-pack, begging for release. His left hand played with his nipple as his right hand closed around his rock-hard shaft. “Upf” Keith felt the tension build up inside him as a soft moan escaped his throat. His breathing got faster, his strokes longer and harder… “Dude, how much more time do you need?” The sound of his roommate’s voice and the knock on the matted glass pulled Keith back to reality. He noted the silhouette of Matt’s muscular body through the glass. He stroked his cock a final time as he was so close to his edge. “UGHRN!!!!!” Keith roared as his entire body jerked. His vision went dark from the pleasure that washed over his body. Like a day earlier, the organism inside him fed upon the cum produced by his balls. Before the liquid could reach the end of his shaft, it was consumed by the organism. His cock produced four large clouds of dust that sprayed in the air toward the ceiling. He reopened his eyes and gave his cock a final jerk. He inhaled deeply, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower cabin. He froze in his tracks as he saw his fully nude roommate standing against the sink. He noted the smug grin on Matt’s face who handed him a towel. “Hope you didn’t smear you cum all over the shower. Man, I think they heard you roar three rooms further”, Matt said as he moved toward the shower cabin. He pushed Keith aside and inspected the shower cabin. “Seems like ya produce more noise than cum, bud”, he said and turned his head to see his roommate leave the bathroom. He stepped inside the shower cabin and closed it. He breathed in, inhaling the cloud of dust produced by Keith and then turned on the shower. “Ready for class, dude?”, Matt asked 10 minutes later as he emerged from the bathroom. He grabbed his backpack and followed Keith to their lecture. After the boring lecture the two buds got back to their room to drop off their books, grabbed their workout gear and headed straight for the gym. Like the day before, Keith had an excellent workout. He hit a new PB on the bench press. This time however, Matt managed to keep up with his bigger friend. His energy was through the roof and he outworked his roommate on every exercise they did: he pumped out more reps and an additional set with weights that were only slightly less. By the end of their training, his sweat-drenched shirt hugged his pumped torso like a second skin. “Ow yeah”, Matt growled to his reflection as he threw a most muscular in front of the large mirror. The seams of his shirt popped open a bit at the sides as his pumped lats pushed the overstretched fabric past breaking point. “Someone’s having a good day. Looking good, man”, Keith said appreciatively. “So much energy”, Matt let out and hardened his flex some more. An obvious tearing sound signaled that his shirt lost the battle against his pumped lats. “Ya better got some new shirts”, Keith added with a grin. He blinked as his roommate ripped off his shirt and exposed his pumped torso. Every muscle on Matt’s torso seemed ready to burst through his skin. The shiny layer of sweat only added to the image. “Let’s shower”, Matt said and strutted past his buddy toward the locker room. Inside Keith, the organism was gathering more knowledge of his host. It lay in a near-dormant status inside his host, consuming very little of the man’s testosterone to avoid weakening him any further. It used its previous knowledge from the experiences in the lab in its advantage: it had acquired the knowledge not to drain the precious testosterone completely and kill the host. It was slowly bonding with the human body to survive on this new planet. Having been the dominant species on Mars for several centuries before falling into a near-fossilized state the tests inside the spaceship had brought it back to life. The rats had been a good snack and the first male had fallen victim to its overpowering hunger and urge to feed. The period inside the nurse had allowed it to get to know the dominant species on this planet. The lack of testosterone had forced it to feed upon itself and diminishing to almost nothing until the strong scent of pheromones given off by this young specimen of the opposite sex had pulled it back from its dormant state. Taking control of the female host to gain access to the male had been easy: these beings were no match for the impulses of the organism. It wondered how this species had managed to become the dominant one on this planet: it instinctively knew it could destroy these beings within seconds. Ever since entering the young male, it had been getting stronger feeding on his testosterone and the remains of spore the other male left on the cold surface in the rainy space they called ‘shower’. As it grew stronger and gained more insight in the functioning of its host, it began fusing slowly with its host. Two days later, Keith was changing into his football gear in the locker room as Matt patted him on the back and laughed as he hung onto his shoulders. “Heard some rumors you made Stacey a bit sore”, Matt said grinningly. Keith turned his head to look at him. “What…” “Geez, man”, Matt went on with his grin, “just crossed her on my way over here. She was still walking kind a strange. Heard the rumors there were very load groans coming from her room and ya were seen leaving pulling on yar shirt.” He squeezed his buddy’s shoulder more tightly. “Ya should ‘ve seen her face: smiling like a child on Christmas.” A grin formed in response on Keith’s face. He felt his legs working more and harder than usual to support his roommate’s body. Is he bulking?, he asked to himself, knowing that Matt had had excellent workouts the past three days. “Well, bud? No details?”, Matt asked. Keith felt some fatigue spread through his quads from supporting his roommate. He shrugged him off and went back to changing. “Ya could say I wore her out,” he let out. That’s the least, he thought as his mind went back to earlier that afternoon. He had been strangely horny and had pumped his cock into Stacey until she was begging for mercy. “Hope ya saved some energy for practice, bud”, Matt added and got changed himself. At the end of the week, Keith was standing in front of the mirror in their bathroom. He was looking at his shirtless reflection. He had lost about 10 pounds, making him look more ripped. “All this running at least got the summer pounds from partying off me”, he said to himself. “Yo, Keith. Ya in here?”. Matt’s voice made Keith turn his attention from his own reflection. “In here”, he replied and walked over to the adjacent room. He blinked as he saw his roommate standing at the end of his bed. “Back from the gym?”, he asked. “Nope. Class until now. Still have to hit the gym”, Matt replied as he turned around to face him. Keith couldn’t believe what he saw: his roommate filled out his shirt to perfection. Matt’s traps pushed the fabric slightly upward as his delts pulled it snugly around their round mass. His sleeves only came up to the top part of his biceps that filled them to their max even though his arms hung at his sides. A prominent vein ran along the side of the relaxed bicep and several smaller ones branched from it and crossed across the width of the upper arms. His forearms were decorated by more veins. The front of the shirt hugged his bigger pecs protruding more prominently from his chest. The shirt hung loosely around his midsection. “Wait… You don’t come from the gym? Geez… you look pumped as fuck, man. Guess you just need a bigger shirt then. Seems like this one shrunk”, Keith let out with a hint of disbelief. “Been growing like a weed. Like a second growth spurt or something”, Matt replied, “Gained like 20 pounds this week…” “20 pounds in a week? Better go easy on the food, chubby”, Keith let out with a grin. “And it’s all muscle”, Matt went on and lifted his shirt to reveal a tight six-pack. Keith’s grin melted away from his face as he stared at the chiseled six-pack that looked more defined than his own. He hardened his abs reflexively to make his own six-pack look more defined. His mind did the quick math. Fuck, that puts him at the 230 pound mark, he thought. “Looking good, bud”, he said”, “I lost 10 pounds.” “Of fat”, he added quickly. “So, ya’re about 210 right now?”, Matt asked. “Guess I’m the bigger guy now: have 20 pounds of muscle on ya”, he added with a grin. Being more muscular than his roommate made a rush of adrenaline shoot through him. “You’re heavier, but I’m still taller, chubby”, Keith shot back playfully. His smile froze once more in mere seconds as Matt came closer: Keith always looked straight at Matt’s forehead but now he was staring straight into his roommate’s blue-green eyes. A look of calm realization of someone that knows he’s the bigger man stared back at Keith. “Guess again, buddy: 6 feet. Just like ya”, Matt stated, “but bigger”. He flexed his right arm, making an 18.5 inch orb of muscle explode into hardness. Keith’s gaze was torn from his roommate’s eyes to the rock-hard bicep. Almost instinctively he raised his own arm and flexed it. His own bicep stopped as it reached 17 inches. The difference was obvious: his arm was more ripped but lacked the size of Matt’s bulkier one. “Come on. Let’s hit the gym. Having the greatest workouts of my life all week. It’s like I have energy for five. Can’t wait to pump some iron”, Mat said while he relaxed his pose and went to fetch his workout gear. “Well, ya coming or not?”, he asked as he saw Keith still standing in the exact same place. “Yeah, sure. Just a sec”, Keith replied and shook his head as he too got his workout gear. Inside the gym, Keith was relieved that his strength wasn’t off despite being 10 pounds lighter. He managed to match his personal record and even cranked out two reps more than normal thanks to lots of help from his buddy. “Fuck yeah. 6 reps”, he grunted as he sat up on the bench. “More like 4 and a half and one and half from me”, Keith replied grinningly. “Come on, buddy, move. My turn”. He pulled half the weight from the bar. Keith was still inhaling deeply as he got up, took a sip from the drink his buddy handed him and moved behind the bar to spot Matt. Matt laid down on the bench, took a deep breath that made his torso expand, grabbed the bar and cranked out 20 quick reps. Carp. 20 pounds more than my warmup weight, Keith thought as he looked down on his roommate who did a second and third warmup set. “Right. Add some weight, bro”, Matt said while he racked the bar. He waited for Keith to add the a plate at either side and then did his first work set. “…8,9,10,11,12”, he grunted and racked the bar. “More weight”. Keith obeyed and added another plate at each side. He watched his buddy crank out 12 more perfect reps. “More weight”, Matt let out and stared up directly into his roommate’s eyes. Two more plates were added to the bar and he un-racked it, groaning a bit as he lowered it slowly to his chest. “…8,euh9,euh10”, he grunted between his teeth while his face began getting red. Keith ‘s hand were near the bar to help but his roommate completed his set without a problem. “More weight.” “Are you sure, man?”, Keith asked. His buddy’s look filled with determination convinced him: he added two more plates to the bar, making the weight on the bar equal his own record. “Yeah”, Matt groaned as he un-racked the bar and lowered it to his chest. His face reddened further as he pushed the bar up. He growled, a deep guttural sound escaping his mouth as he continued his set. “…argh… 4,…humpf5, 6, yeah… 7… 8…9” Keith watched in disbelief as his roommate outperformed him with a weight he was proud off benching himself. He gave a spot and helped his buddy complete his tenth rep. “Geez, Matt. 4 reps more than me”, he let out appreciatively. “More…like… five”, Matt replied between deep breaths, “ya only did 4 solid reps with this weight. I did 9 perfect ones.” “More weight”, he added. Keith blinked at the remark. His mind was still processing the fact that his buddy had outperformed him with this weight. “Maybe you should call it a day, Matt. I mean, you already did better than me. Why risk…”. “More weight, I said”, Matt interrupted forcefully. Keith obeyed the order. He added two more, smaller plates to the bar that was now 30 pounds heavier than before. He looked down feeling a hint worried. He noted how his buddy’s engorged pecs protruded clearly against the sweaty shirt. Further down, he also noted a clear lump in the guy’s shorts. Matt un-racked the bar and lowered it in a controlled manner. “Fuck yeah”, he growled as he performed his first rep. Two more perfect reps followed. His face was dark red from the effort, sweat sliding along his forehead and his arms shook as he did his fourth rep. his pecs felt like they were on fire as more blood was pumped into the muscles. Keith moved in as his roommate lowered the bar for a fifth rep. “NO!”, Matt groaned to make Keith pull back his hands. “….arghugh…5” Keith stared in full disbelief as the bar was lowered another time and moved back up very slowly. He saw Matt’s arms shake as they pushed the bar further up. “…a…6…”, Matt grunted as he completed his sixth rep. Keith moved in and helped his buddy rack the bar. His mouth hung open slightly as Matt stood up and turned to face him: the guy’s pecs stretched his shirt insanely tight across the wide surface and seemed ready to burst through the fabric. There was no doubt who was the bigger guy now. “Fuck yeah”, Matt let out as he moved his arms back and forth to harden and relax his chest. “So pumped. Feels like my pecs ware gonna rip through my skin”. He grabbed the drink his roommate handed him and gulped half it down. “Right. Some pushups to finish things off”, he said more than he asked and moved toward the other side of the gym. Keith wandered behind his buddy and laid down next to him on the mat. Pushups had always been his favorite finisher of a good chest workout. He began pumping out reps, focusing on his form and breathing. He glanced aside and saw that Matt’s rhythm was faster than his own. He upped his pace a bit. After 20 reps, he felt the mild burning sensation spread through his chest. His breathing also got faster. Next to him, Matt kept pushing out more reps. At 35 the burning sensation turned into a painful soreness. He managed to pull out 5 more sloppy reps before his muscles gave out. Matt grinned as his buddy crashed down on the mat. “Giving up already?”, he asked playfully while he turned his head slightly. “I’ll show ya how it’s done”, he added and went back to his pushups. Keith just stared as he laid there, trying to calm his breathing. Matt passed the mark of 60 pushups without any faltering in his form. At the 80th rep, his arms began shaking slightly. “More”, he groaned as his chest began burning again. He closed his eyes as he pumped out more reps. “90”, he heard Keith say in a tone with hints of disbelief. His arms now shook more violently and his pecs felt like they were going to rip from his chest but he refused to give in. “Mo…re”, he wheezed, trying to ignore the almost stabbing pain in his chest. Keith shook his head in awe as his buddy went down at his 99th rep. He sat up grabbed the half empty drink and handed it over to Matt. “Thanks, man”, Matt said and grabbed the drink as he laid down to catch his breath. “You’re crazy, man”, Keith said laughingly while he stood up, “Too bad you didn’t get out a 100 reps. Better luck next time.” Matt gulped down the last bit of his drink and rose to his feet. Keith took a step back involuntarily as his roommate stood up: Matt looked massive with his pumped torso. The guy’s chest was so pumped it had ripped small holes in the fabric of the sweat-soaked shirt. “Ya were right earlier: I’m gonna need bigger shirts”, Matt said and ripped away his shirt. Keith’s stomach growled as his roommate revealed his torso. Inside him, the organism reacted to the scent of sweaty musk and testosterone. “Fuck. My pecs feel like they’re gonna burst through my skin”, Matt stated and looked past Keith at his reflection, “Fuack. Look at my chest. Just insane”. Matt laughed at his reflection. Keith stared at the pumped pecs that had a reddish shine beneath the sweaty surface. His roommate’s pecs looked like they had doubled in size during their workout. “Man, I can’t even flex ‘em. There so pumped”, Matt said grinningly. “Fuck. There so hard”, he added as his right hand groped the pumped chest. “Feel ‘em” Keith blinked at the remark. “Come on, man. Don’t be shy”, Matt went on. Keith didn’t move. He felt Matt’s hand grab his wrist and move his right hand up. He felt the warmth emanating from the pumped muscle as his hand was brought in closer. He sighed slightly as his hand was placed atop the left pec. It felt like concrete heated by the sun. “Watcha think, man?”, Matt asked and released his buddy’s wrist. Keith didn’t react. Instinctively, his left hand joined his right and placed itself atop the other, pumped pec. His fingers tested the pumped muscle, but couldn’t dent the rock-hard surface. The sweaty odor filled his nose and drove the organism inside him wild. Matt placed his hands atop his hips and stood there as his roommate fell his pecs. Having outlifted his former bigger buddy and feeling his own rock-hard chest resist the grabbing fingers, made him feel like a total alpha. He felt his plump cock inflate further inside his shorts. He closed his eyes in pure satisfaction. The growling sound of Keith’s stomach pulled him back to reality. “Let’s shower and grab something to eat. Seems like yar more hungry than me”, he said and brushed away his roommate’s hands. The shower zone was deserted as they entered and Matt walked over to the furthest shower in the corner. His hard 9 incher smacking against his abs in the process. Keith followed and took the shower next to his buddy. He looked aside and saw that Matt was facing the wall. The guy’s back looked more like a V each day. Matt’s right arm was placed against the wall, making a thick tricep jut out at its back as he let the hot water cascade down on his pecs. Keith noticed the faint rocking movement his buddy was making and heard his breathing getting faster and deeper. He automatically got what was going on. “Yeauhgn!”. Matt bellowed as he came in long bursts against the wall. The orgasm washed over him as the excitement of the workout and the realization of his new status flooded his mind. He pumped five thick blasts from his cock before he calmed down. “So fucking horny this week”, he said to his buddy and turned off the shower. “Don’t keep me waiting too long, man”, he added and walked back to the locker room. Keith didn’t react. As his roommate strutted away, the organism violently grabbed full control of him. His vision went dark while his body moved toward the adjacent showerhead. He moved toward the wall and began licking away the cum. Within seconds, he had consumed the last evidence of the powerful orgasm. The organism absorbed the precious liquid and felt the surge of energy as it returned to the slow process of bonding with its host. “Ya coming?” The shouted question made Keith return to reality. He shook his head, turned off the shower and joined his roommate. He toweled off and got dressed quickly to follow his buddy to grab some dinner. They decided to go to a diner off campus that was popular among students they had discovered a year earlier as freshmen. “It’s on me”, Matt said as they finished their meal, “I’ll go pay and see ya outside”. Keith stared as his roommate got up and left him to finish his drink. He noticed a cute brunette getting up from the adjacent table to follow Matt. As he joined his roommate a few minutes later outside, Matt was flirting with the girl. “This is Gwen”, Matt said to Keith. “Gwen, this is my roommate Keith”, he said to the brunette. “I heard Stacey and some of the cheerleaders talk about you”, Gwen said to Keith. Keith grinned a bit, catching the wink Matt gave him and also noting that the brunette’s hand was caressing Matt’s bicep. “Gwen studies literature. She wants to show me some of the poems she wrote”, Matt added, “I’ll catch ya later, bud.” Keith shook his head at the lame excuse as he watched his roommate walk off with the brunette, his hand firmly on her ass. “Show him some poems…”, he said to himself as he walked back to the dorm. Hours later, Keith was awoken by the sound of the door. “Interesting poems?”, he asked as he rolled over on his other side without opening his eyes. “Well, she had two very nice ones”, Matt replied with a laugh. Keith heard his buddy pull off his clothes and get into bed. A few minutes later, he heard the gentle breathing coming from the other side of the room and he fell back asleep himself. Later that night, when Keith and Matt were sound asleep. The organism took full control of its host once again. The organism had discovered that somehow this other male responded to its spores of dust by producing more testosterone. This reaction made the other male produce more of the precious, white liquid it could feed on without having to drain its host. Therefor this other male was the perfect source and the organism fathomed it had to provide him with a daily dose of spores to sustain the process. The side effect was that the other male grew bigger for some reason. The organism didn’t comprehend why just yet, but knew it had to learn much more from its host and that his knowledge would come with the process of bonding. The increasing size of the other male could perhaps come in useful in the future. Unknowingly and his brain fully shielded off by the organism, Keith got up from his bed and moved over to the bed of his roommate. He lowered his boxers and began jerking his cock. Within seconds the 8 incher was at full mast and throbbed. Matt turned onto his other side in his sleep, facing the exposed cock as it exploded. 4 big clouds of dust were blown onto his face and disappeared down his nose as he breathed in. Robotically, Keith pulled up his boxers again and got back in his own bed. He drifted off in a deep sleep filled with strange dreams as his brain regained control of him.
  24. ZFerrari

    no sex My best friend is a muscle freak.

    (Panting) "Grayson! What were you thinking?! I don't care how strong you are, you can't be doing this shit, and if you do QUIT DRAGGING ME INTO IT" "Oh hush Jack. They come up, I'll drop them" "Not as easy as you think it is. C'mon its this way. Ever since I met this man years ago, hes been a big help but, he be taking too many risks. He has this power that lets him controls and grow his muscles at will and thinks hes invincible. "This way, this way!" A Soldier screams. "Shit grayson. They're coming!" "Let Them come through. I got something for their Ass" Grayson says with a evil smirk. "There they are! Jack and grayson, you are under arrest for stealing the wishirite. Give up now or we will engage!" We both put our hands up but Grayson is smiling. I hope whatever he's plotting will get us out of here. "Checkmate..." Grayson says confidently. I instantly knew what that meant and dove behind them. He gets into a power-up pose and stands there grinning. One soldier shoots at him and the bullet hits him but doesn't penetrate his skin. Another Soldier empties a whole clip into him but again, doesnt kill him. "All right, you think we playing games huh? Men! Ready, aim, fire!!" All at once, all 9 soldiers empty all their bullets into Grayson, but to no avail. He hasn't grown his muscles yet, so this is new shit to me. All of the men stood there shocked, "how could that not have killed them" they thought. Grayson is still in the power up pose chuckling. He turns to me and says "I know you're not gay but don't cream your pants for whats about to happen." OH BOY "All these bullets you have shot but not one killed me" Grayson laughed. "It did sting a little bit I'll say that. But I might as well get a lil bit more comfortable. Grayson rips off his shirt showing a rock hard 8 pack and a really chiseled and veiny chest. "WTF are you doing?" I ask. "You'll see. Because I've had sex plenty of times with other girls, and they that I CUM A LOT. But since you soldiers wanna play around, its time to retaliate!" All of rhe bullets still on grayson are now being absorbed into his body. "WTH is happening" I thought. He starts moaning for a good 30 secs till I realise he's growing his cock in his shorts. I'm not but that just happens come in my peripheral vision. His pants starts ripping the fabric till eventually he has his own little fly. And his cock just bursts out, showing all 11 inches and veins and striations. "Ahhh. That feels better, but it wont compare to this." He continues to moan and he continues to grow his dick inch by inch every second. 14... 15... 16... 17 ... 18... 19... 20! A massive 20 inch cock with even more veins. "Ay sergeant Cole! Ready or not, HERE I CUM!!!!!" His cock starts shooting bullets back at the soldiers like a machine gun. SHOORING BULLETS. He screams and enjoyment and all if the soldiers fall down. He continued for a good 2 mins as he still shooting tbe bodies on the ground, getting a kick of his cock being a 50. Cal gatling gun. "All right they're dead! Stop!. Grayson stops and starts panting. "Sorry. I get a kick out of that. I can give this power too. The pleasure is unimaginable." "No thanks, I'm good. Let's just get this wishirite home...