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Found 14 results

  1. CMiller

    new feature Say hello to Groups!

    Today I'm introducing a new feature called Groups. This will act as hubs for people to socialize and share with each other depending on what group you are apart of. To start there are groups for roleplayers, bodybuilding, and such. Feel free to create your own groups if you feel there's not something there that we've seen yet. If you do happen to create a group it will have to be manually approved by an admin so it may take some time to be approved. Each group has its own hub and discussion area to chat and share. As always if you happen to have any questions go ahead and ask and don't be afraid to join a group and say hi.
  2. CMiller

    new feature Live Chat Is Here!

    One of the great ideas of the old site was a live chatting option, except it was very buggy and worked about half the time. To bring a better chatting experience to everyone we bring you the EvolutionFourm IRC. If any of you are familiar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) it's a lightweight service that supports many different chat clients plus web-based ones as well. For those of you who just want to chat and have a good time you can click the "Chat" tab up at the top of the page and enter your username. For those who might have an IRC client you can join the IRC server at (SSL Port: 6697) and the main chat is in #lobby. Having this IRC service provides a better and expandable chatting service over other options and has SSL support. So drop on by and say hi and chat with others from the community. More information will be available soon on all of the features the chat can provide. Right now it supports all services (NickServ, ChanServ, and more). If you experience any issues please let us know.
  3. CMiller

    new feature New Profile Tag

    In light of some confusion between people seeking real people and those seeking a more fantasy approach a new option has been added to the profile page that allows you to indicate that your profile is fantasy-based or real. This should help those who are looking for others to network with on the site to know what kind of profile someone has so there is no confusion. Please do not abuse this new system by marking your profile as real when it is actually fantasy to try to deceive others. . This will result in warning points and possible removal from the board. To quickly access your profile page to edit this new option click here:
  4. So I finally figured out how to allow you guys to upload private galleries to the Gallery. To do this you must post the album in the 'Member's Albums' category. When you create an album in this category you will be able to define the privacy level. Enjoy!
  5. CMiller

    new feature Share videos easily

    In my quest to keep adding new features for everyone to use I've now introduced a video hub to share videos. This hub allows you to post videos from video hosting sites here to share with everyone else. There are specific categories for you to explore and find videos. This system relies on user submissions so get to posting! I'm also currently looking for more ideas to add to the categories, feel free to leave them below and they could be added. Enjoy!
  6. CMiller

    new feature New tags and tagging system

    I've implemented some new tags as suggested by the membership. They're now available for use. I've also changed up the tags with 'Topic Prefix,' This will add a color coded prefix to the title of all the topics allowing you to have a quick way to see what the story is about. All of this is available on the story areas of the forums.
  7. CMiller

    Advertisement section is now live.

    The advertisement section of the forum is now live. If you are looking to fund a project related to muscle growth or similar then this is the section you must use. Please note there is a sub-rules thread inside the forum area and if you do not follow those rules then you will be subject to getting your forum posting permissions removed or banned. View the forum:
  8. Scriptboy

    news BBCode App Beta

    Guys, I have been working on a newer, more robust version of my BBCode app in C# .NET for Windows 7 or 8. If anybody wants to Beta test it and get the setup for it, please send me a message. The app is free of charge! You can use the BBCode tags on the Evolution Forum and on most other bulletin boards to format your posts with colors and images! Check it out!
  9. As you may have noticed we now have a brand new theme. It's more a long the lines of the old website with a darker style and some improvements here and there. Additionally we now have a shoutbox, which is just a place to communicate with others. We still have the IRC chat but this is just a quick place to see what's up. Lastly, in the coming days I'm going to be posting a contest to help us design a new logo, so be on the lookout for that.
  10. I've added two additional chatrooms to the default chat linup to allow for more separation in conversations. There is now #bodybuilding and #roleplaying. Each chatroom's function is defined by its name. The #bodybuilding chatroom is for general bodybuilding based talk like those found in the bodybuilding sub-forum. Likewise #roleplaying is for those wishing to roleplay or to look for those to roleplay with. There will still be #lobby which is open for general chat. These two additional chatrooms will help with those only wanting to chat about specific things and assist with better conversations. If you are using the web chat that is found in the menu bar you will automatically be connected to these two additional rooms and you will be able to select which room to chat in by looking at the top of the chat section. Pictured here, you can click and select which chatroom you want:
  11. CMiller

    new feature New Role Playing Forum

    As some of you may have noticed we now have a role playing sub-forum under the stories section. This area of the forum is for users to have a public role play between two or more people. You would use it just as if you were role playing in an instant messenger chat with each post being one message in the role play. There is a post here which will explain more and updated as needed: There is also a sub-forum inside of the sub-forum allowing you to advertise to others that you're interested in starting a role playing thread and others may respond.
  12. CMiller

    new feature The Story Archive Is Now Live!

    One thing a lot of the members expressed to me as this new forum was getting underway was the ability to archive and search for stories in a better way than just having a forum post to look through. The best solution that I've been able to round up gives a very simple solution to organizing stories form authors who post regularly on the forum. You'll now be able to conveniently view and search through new stories by the new menu item at the top of the screen. The process of how this works is fairly simple. An author will post their story as usual in the stories area and then the author will then submit that story link through the forum system under the menu item called "Submit Story." From there an admin will push the story to the archive. The story will still stay as a forum post on the forum but will also live in the archive section for better searching and organization. FOR AUTHORS When you post your story to the stories forum use the "Submit Story" link under the stories menu to submit your story and your name to the system. You story will generally be posted to the archive within 24 hours. When you post your story to the forum please keep it within one post because only the content of the first post will appear in the archive. Likewise if you have a multi part story in the same forum thread you need to make a new thread for the second part or it will not get added to the archive. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT CONTINUOUS STORIES.
  13. CMiller

    new feature The Gallery Is Now Enabled

    Everyone seems to enjoy the new profile picture functionality. Well let's see how much you enjoy a dedicated place to share images. The gallery section is now active allowing artists and those alike to post and share images. The gallery is broken down into sections allowing those to post and view galleries by what content they like. There are dedicated sections to artists allowing them to show off their work in one location and the ability to post their commissioned work to show off and hopefully attract more people wanting commissioned works. For those members apart of the Member+ group there is a special sub-section of the gallery for posting of works as well. Of course all content is bound by the board's General Guidelines as well as each category has their own rules and instructions on how to upload content. === As far as rules go here's a quick overview: In the Artist Works, Bodybuilding, Progress Pics, and Commissions categories you must create a gallery with the appropriate name and not post duplicate galleries. For illustrated works they need to be put into their correct gallery category. For image subjects that have been deemed controversial by the board they need to go in the appropriate Member+ area.
  14. One of the things that the old website didn't do well was organizing stories by author and making a better place to view them. Right now I am tinkering with the stories database and deciding the way that I would like to go. I would like the stories area to house regular posters stories, not just one off stories. So authors, listen up! There are two ways this can go down! Option 1: Authors will get a spot in the stories database and access to post their stories to the database which will list the stories. With this method you won't be posting to the forum but to the stories database. This allows posting directly to a dedicated area to have a better archivable section. There won't end up being a post to the forum area but only a post in the database. Option 2: Authors will continue to post their stories to the forum section and a member of the admin/moderating staff will promote your post to the "Stories" section. This will most likely be done by authors submitting a link to their story in a forum area for the admin/moderating staff to go promote it up to the database. This process is a little slower to post to the dedicated section but allows a mix of author's stories and one off stories to be posted in the same area. With this a link is put at the bottom of the story saying that it was promoted to the story section and will have a permanent area for archival and looking at other related stories. As always we're open to ideas, but we're limited to what the software can do. For those authors who post lots of stories let us know so we can give you access.