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Found 2 results

  1. cropsey23

    Don't underestimate the nerd, Part 2

    Part 1: Part 2: Hey, I’m Cody Baldwin. My friends on the rugby team call me CB for short. Yea, it’s my initials, but it also stands for Cannon Ball. At 6’ 1” and a solid 190lbs, I’ve been known to take out the entire defensive line of opposing rugby teams. I’ve seen that nerd around campus. He always has his huge backpack full of textbooks. I was on the quad playing ultimate Frisbee with my buddies when I saw walking towards me. I knew if he didn’t move, I would have to slam right into him. He wasn’t veering from his path, even after I yelled out, “HEY NERD,” so I started to run faster, actually aiming for him. I was going to teach him a lesson. Boy, was I wrong. I slammed into him and it felt like I was running right into a brick wall. Or the side of an aircraft carrier. Literally, I bounced right off him, and he didn’t budge an inch. I was sprawled out on the grass, my head was spinning, and I was seeing stars. After a minute, I looked up, and he was standing over me. Towering over me. He had dropped his backpack and taken off his hoody. And holy shit, he was built like a fortress wall. Enormously wide shoulders, powerful chest, and softball sized biceps. He leaned down and with complete ease, hoisted me up to my feet. His massive hand steadied me on my shoulder, and he firmly held me in place for a few seconds. He said, “Just wait til your head clears a bit buddy.” I couldn’t break free of that grip if I wanted to. He stood at least 4 inches taller than me, and easily outweighed me by 40lbs. I had completely underestimated the nerd. He let me go, and as bent over to pick up my Frisbee, I walked over to pick up his backpack. I couldn’t budge it off the ground. He smiled, unzipped it for me, and let me peek in. He was carrying around 8 45lb plates from the gym. “Can you do math, bro?” he asked derisively. He easily hoisted it up onto his shoulders, as I stood in shock. “That’s 360lbs,” I said. “The equivalent of two of you, right?” he said, smiling. Without waiting for an answer, his massive arm pulled back and he hurled my Frisbee clear across the campus. “Go fetch,” he ordered me. “And bring the Frisbee back to my dorm room. Bowman Hall, room 810.” “The nerd dorm?” I asked, stupidly. He leaned in, his eyes narrowing, as he put his massive hand on my shoulder, and started to squeeze just a bit. The crushing grip made my knees buckle, and I could tell he was holding back. “That’s the last time you call me a nerd, UNDERSTAND?” I nodded in terrified agreement. I found the Frisbee almost a mile away, and trotted back to Jimmy’s dorm room. He answered the door in tight sweat pants and tank top that looked painted on his massive frame. “You’re in my chemistry class, right Cody? From here on, I’m going to do all your papers and work assignments. Now, don’t get the wrong idea – I’m WAY smarter than you. I can do that work in just a few minutes. And I’ll get you to memorize all the material so you’ll pass the exams.” “Thanks Jimmy, I don’t know what to say,” as my voice trailed off. “In exchange, I control your diet. You’ll be my science experiment. I’ll get more muscle on that frame of yours, and you won’t have to worry about academics. Deal?” Jimmy said, offering me his massive hand. “Deal!” I said, my eyes irresistibly drawn to the bulge in his sweat pants. “Is that my first meal?” I asked sheepishly. Jimmy laughed, “Maybe you aren’t such a dumb jock after all. Yeah, time to get on your knees and give me head.” I hesitated for a few seconds, and Jimmy just held up his massive flexed bicep. “You won’t get this big, Cody, but I guarantee you will bulk up. I won’t chase you if you run out of here, even though I’m much faster than you. But I think you are hungry for some muscle.” And before I knew it, I was on my knees with Jimmy’s fat 9-inch dick down my throat. The next few weeks, I spent all my free time with Jimmy in the nerd dorm. My GPA inched up to 3.85, technically making me the smartest guy on the rugby team. I didn’t really know all that much, it was just memorization drills. Oh, and Jimmy was right – I have bulked up. I’m up to 205lbs now, and I’m the most terrifying rugby player in the state. If only people knew it was because I was kneeling for a muscled nerd.
  2. Hey I’m James, or Jimmy if you know me a long time. People have always underestimated me. Jocks look at me and see a bookish nerd. Nerds look at me and see an oafish jock. But I don’t mind. Being underestimated gives me a huge advantage. I’m intelligent. VERY intelligent. The nerds won’t let me join their study groups, but I manage to outsmart them anyway and I’ve maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. The jocks see my glasses and look right through me. Until last week, that is. Some of the rugby players were tossing around a frisbee on the quad, and one of them slammed right into me. Okay, I’ll admit, I deliberately stepped in his path because it was time to establish my dominance. It was pretty funny to see the dazed look on his face. He easily weighed 190lbs, and he could flatten most people, but I didn’t budge even an inch. I made sure to pull off my hoody when I went to help him up. He looked at me in my tank top and knew that I outmuscled him by at least 40lbs. I clasped his hand and easily hoisted him up, pulling him in close. He swallowed hard and I could tell he had a newfound respect for me. Yeah, he’s my bitch now. I’d make him do my homework by I’m smarter than him by an order of magnitude, and he knows his place. Mostly, he does my domestic chores, and I’ve told him that by slurping down my alpha loads, he may actually muscle up too. And guess what, I’m smart enough to know how to make that happen.