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Found 11 results

  1. BrandedX2

    Tuck Wants a Loan

    by Brandedx2 (Like this story? Find more tales of huge guys getting taken down a peg at my tumblr and if you have a custom tale you want me to spin up for you, let me know! I do commissions.) People could tell, Rob knew. He had clients to train, he still had a workout to get in himself (if it even mattered, now), so he was stuck there at Global Gym. He had a reputation at Global as the biggest bodybuilder in a gym full of heavy competitors. He was also known as one of the most approachable guys in the gym, imposing in stature but by all means a gentle giant. He had a number of fans in the gym’s clientele, as well as the gym’s owner Clem and his idolizing son Terry. Everybody cheered when he got his pro card the previous year, all in agreement that there wasn’t a more deserving athlete around. Rob was used to having all eyes on him. But after what Tuck had done to him that day, those eyes made his veins cold. Between clients Rob eyed the scale outside the locker room. He’d been avoiding it all day, terrified of what it was going to tell him. He tried to let his eyes, the way his body felt, be enough, but he had to know. He hopped on the scale and looked down: 240. That morning, when he’d weighed himself after getting out of bed, he’d been 284. He’d walked in the gym that size. And then, standing in the locker room, he heard the shrill laugh of his least favorite “client” and turned around to see skinny, tattooed little Tuck in his usual tight wife-beater and cargo shorts, cracking his knuckles and looking Rob up and down with a look that always made the big bodybuilder shiver. “…just a little bit?” Rob said, side-eyeing Tuck, wishing he could get away from the little guy who was inching closer to him. “…just for a little while?” “Big fella!” Tuck said with a laugh. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you didn’t like having me around. Yeah just a little, yeah just for a little bit.” Rob looked around quickly to make sure no one was around when it happened (Tuck probably didn’t even care—he didn’t care about much) and then Tuck, wiggling his fingers wildly, reached out and poked him. He felt a sudden chill, and just like that, the size drained right out of Rob and into Tuck (forty-four pounds, he would find out later). His shorts fell to the ground and his tank top hung down like a dress without the rest of his bulk to fill it out. By all accounts he was still a big man, but nowhere near the massive size he’d been a moment before. Tuck looked like a heavy-weight prize fighter with all of the extra mass, and he’d even got taller. He shadow-boxed a bit, flexed his new muscles while Rob sadly examined his own diminished form. Tuck gave him a shove (he stumbled forward, not expecting the sudden force and his own lack of mass) and then took off. Rob had clothes he kept in the bottom of his gym bag for the times that Tuck “borrowed” from him; they were his old workout clothes from several years before, back before he’d gained the mass that made him a terror to the superheavyweights onstage. He remembered being that size and feeling big, but going back to it was too much. What was worse, the smaller shorts and t-shirt still looked baggy on him. Rob was used to stretching XXXLs to the limit, and he couldn’t even fill out an XL. Tuck had taken more that day than ever before. There was nothing Rob could do to fight it. Tuck had all the power. He had to play nice and wait until Tuck was done playing around with his mass, until he decided to give it back. That feeling of weakness was almost too much for Rob to bear. “What’s up big man?” said Leon, a big powerlifter and Rob’s occasional lifting partner, taking a break from his heavy squats. Leon used to say Rob was the only guy big enough to spot him. Rob nodded back as they passed each other, terribly aware of the difference in their sizes. Rob hadn’t felt that small next to somebody in awhile. Later on his client Carlos turned to him during posing practice, while holding a front double bi, and smirked in his direction. “Hey, Big Rob, my guns are looking big as yours, no?” Carlos took a step toward him to compare. Rob backed away and swatted at him. “In your dreams, buddy,” he said. “You’re good. Hit the locker room.” Meanwhile across the gym, Tuck was curling a loaded barbell with sloppy form, showing off for a few spandex-clad ladies doing lunges nearby. Girls had always been the core of Tuck’s objectives in stealing size from him, Rob noticed. At the end of the day, Rob paced around the locker room, a little panicked. He hadn’t seen Tuck in a couple of hours, and after searching the entire gym Rob couldn’t find him. “Oh, hey Rob,” Clem said, walking through the gym about to lock up. “I didn’t know you were still here. I can leave you the keys if you still want to work out.” Rob felt a pit in his stomach. What if Tuck took off this time? It would take years to build all that size back, if Tuck’s power even allowed that possibility. “Uh… Thanks, Clem, I think I’m gonna hang out here for a bit if you don’t mind.” Clem smiled and tossed Rob the keys. “You in a heavy cut phase or something?” Clem said, looking him up and down. “You look like you dropped some pounds.” “I’ll be bulked back up again soon enough,” Rob said, praying that was the truth. Tuck strode in with a loose swagger over an hour later. Rob would’ve knocked the kid out if he wasn’t so terrified of the kid. “Sorry, Bobby,” Tuck said, scratching his crotch. “I was plowing this chick out in the parking lot just now. She could not get enough of this!” he said, gesturing to his physique. “Oh, man, what’d you think I wasn’t coming back? Bobby, you wound me, buddy. You really wound me.” Rob shrugged and feigned a smile. “Naw, I knew you were coming back.” “I suppose you want to go back to normal,” Tuck said. Rob bit his lip and clenched his fists. “Man, you are such a big baby sometimes, Bobby. You’re lucky I love you.” Then he flicked Rob right in the forehead. Rob’s mass returned in an instant, and he felt a sudden pain all over as he burst through his clothes. They fell to tatters and Rob stood there, massive and naked, his posture finally relaxing after a brutal day. Tuck burst into riotous laughter at the sight of the giant man exploding out of his clothes. “Bobby, you are ridiculous, buddy!” said Tuck, once again five feet and a hundred pounds. He walked out of the locker room and Rob patted himself down, thankful to be himself again. That was all Rob heard of Tuck for awhile. Usually he could count on a visit from Tuck every month, whenever the little guy was itching for girls at the gym, but several months passed and Rob was relieved to find that Tuck didn’t come around. His career started turning up, as well: he got a huge sponsorship deal, a photoshoot with Flex magazine, and Clem asked him to be the face of Global gym. The first day it was unveiled, Rob looked humbly at the larger-than-life size poster of himself, twenty-feet tall, outside Global gym. He couldn’t believe where his hard work had taken him, and he couldn’t have asked for a better place to do work. Terry, Clem’s beefy son, greeted Rob at the door. “Your picture looks awesome!” Terry said with stars in his eyes. “Thanks Terry,” Rob said warmly. “One of these days you’re gonna be up there.” “There’s Big Hollywood!” Leon said and punched him in the shoulder. All eyes in the gym were on Rob. He couldn’t feel prouder, until he walked into the locker room and saw Tuck standing there. “Bobby! You’re a big deal now, aren’t ya!” Tuck said, arms crossed, a sly grin on his face. “Aw, Bobby, you always clench up when you see me. If I didn’t know better I’d think you weren’t happy to have me around!” Rob looked around quickly to make sure the locker room was clear. “Uh… Tuck, I… what do you… doing?” Tuck smiled. “Relax, big Bobby.” He pulled out a wad of cash. “This time we’re gonna train. Regular. Big man teaches little guy how to lift weights. Deal?” He extended a hand. Rob, relieved, shook it. “Finally want to start adding some mass of your own, huh?” Tuck handed over the cash. “Look, Tuck, if you’re really serious, I can take over your diet, your supplementation… Hell, I can get you juice if you want it. Just say the word, buddy.” Tuck started stripping out of his clothes, stood there naked, a little awkwardly close to Rob. “See, thing is, Bobby, there’s this chick out there right now who will blow your MIND. Huge tits, ass like heaven, body that looks like it was built to fuck… Man, she’s got me DROOLING, Bobby, but she’s only into massive guys. Like big giant freaks your size.” Rob grinned as he put his gym bag in the locker. “Don’t worry, Tuck. I won’t steal her from you.” Tuck, still naked, bounced his eyebrows. “Oh, I’m not worried about that one bit, big Bobby.” Then he grabbed a handful of Rob’s big back. It hit Rob hard this time, like needles everywhere. His body compressed so fast everything was a blur, and he found himself stumbling around, his arms and legs suddenly tangled up. His head ached for a moment, and he felt like he was going to throw up… then the vertigo passed and he looked around, shocked at how much bigger the locker room had gotten. His tank top and compression tights were tented around him, and as he stood he watched his whole body slide through the neck hole. His body—that couldn’t be his body! Still tan, but tiny all over, a size he’d never been even in adolescence: shoulders, arms, legs, chest, all so narrow and bony. Even his dick was tiny now, and he put one tiny hand down to block it. He felt exhausted, and like he was moving in slow motion. Then he noticed the huge shadow cast over him. “Fuck YEAH!” roared a low, bovine voice. The sudden eruption scared Rob so much he tumbled over, his little heart pounding rapidly at the sight before him: Tuck was ENORMOUS, every part of him bloated with massive muscle, skill covered in tattoos which made the presentation all the more intimidating. Tuck aggressively hit a crab shot and grinned at the mirror—Rob had never seen anybody so big! Terrified, he scrambled backwards, eager to get away from the giant man stomping and flexing and growling. “Where do you think you’re going?” Tuck said, tossing his old wife-beater and shorts at Rob. “You agreed to a training session. Only it’s gonna be me showing YOU how to move weights, little man! Get dressed little guy. I’m gonna borrow your old clothes—seeing as you couldn’t use them for anything but a circus tent!” Tuck gave his now-massive cock a swing. “Hopefully I can fit all this in there,” he laughed as he pulled on Rob’s clothes, which fit like skin. “Let’s go little guy.” Rob felt like he was going to be sick as he walked out on the floor. He had to take two steps just to keep up with giant Tuck’s long stride. All eyes were on them—or rather, they were on the massive tattooed beast Tuck had become. Rob was shaking. He was terrified that someone would recognize him, but as he walked out, he realized nobody was even looking at him. That was almost worse. “Grab some dumbbells, little man,” Tuck barked. “Time to do some curls.” He crossed his arms and smirked down his chest at Rob. Rob headed over to the weight rack—how much would he be able to lift? He looked toward the smaller weights. He reached for the 20s, but a young guy—a guy who had asked for Rob’s autograph and some lifting advice the day before—elbowed him out of the way and grabbed them himself. Rob grabbed the 15s and walked over to Tuck, who tilted his chin at him. “What are you waiting for? Curl!” Tuck growled. Rob strained. He couldn’t believe he could get his arms to bend. “I… I can’t…” he said quietly, shocked at how soft and high-pitched his voice was now. Tuck laughed and slapped his knee. “Are you serious? You can’t even curl those?” He walked over and grabbed some 80s. “Lemme show how to curl, little guy!” His form was sloppy but his massive physique still impressed everybody around. Tuck winked at a blonde fitness model nearby. Her name was Catherine, Rob knew; she did only go for monsters. She’d been flirting with him a lot that week, and he’d thought about giving her his number. “Go get some water,” Tuck said, racking his dumbbells and heading over to Catherine. Rob was stunned by the height of the water fountain, which was now at about eye-level to him. He stood on his tiptoes to reach it, barely getting water in his mouth. He turned around and ran into what felt like a brick wall—it was Leon, who looked GIGANTIC to Rob now. “Watch where you’re going,” Leon said politely, yanking little Rob to his feet with one hand. Rob glanced across the weight room and saw beastly Tuck, now making his pecs dance while he chatted with Catherine. He had a little time, he figured, so he quickly headed to the locker room. His gym bag felt massive to him as he fished it out of his locker—it was bigger than he was now! He had to text his clients and reschedule before they showed up. As he struggled with the zippers, he felt a hand on his shoulder. “That doesn’t belong to you, sir!” A strong hand yanked little Rob away from the bag, and another yanked the bag away from him. It was Terry, who was now twice the size of Rob. Terry gave little Rob a shove. “Theft is grounds for termination of membership.” “I-I wasn’t stealing!” Rob pleaded. “I was just… I thought it was mine.” “What’s your membership number?” Terry asked with an eyebrow raised. “0-1-6-1-1,” Rob blurted out, suddenly realizing Terry had no doubt memorized his number. “Uh-uh,” Terry said, grabbing Rob forcefully. “You’re outta here.” Rob begged him to stop, told him he could explain (even though he had no idea what he would say) but still Terry very easily dragged little Rob to the door while everyone in the gym stared at the scene. “My coach!” Rob begged, pointing at Tuck, who was too wrapped up in Catherine’s admiration of his giant body to notice. “He’ll explain!” “Nope,” said Terry, shoving Rob hard. “Beat it, or I’m calling the cops, reporting you for theft and trespassing.” Flat on his back outside Global Gym, Rob stared up at the giant image of himself at full-size and burst into tears. It was too much. He looked up and saw Terry on the phone inside and quickly pulled himself to his feet and walked to his car. He tried the locked doors, realizing that his keys were inside, in a bag that belonged to someone he didn’t look like anymore. He walked around to the opposite side of the car and crouched down as it began to rain. Everything would be fine, he told himself—as soon as Tuck set things back to normal, everything would be fine. Hours later he saw Tuck strutting from the gym, holding Catherine’s hand. Rob stood up and sprinted for the two—but they were on Tuck’s crotch rocket before he could get there. Tuck sped away, never even acknowledging little Rob, stood there in shock, wondering if he was ever going to see Tuck again.
  2. MuscleMorphing

    Redneck Boyfriend

    So I got this new boyfriend... he's a bodybuilder that I met at the gym... I know, I know, it's f'ing crazy! This guy is crazy! Totally not my type. You know I go for clean-cut guys, boys with metro style and model-quality muscle. So this guy drinks Bud, listens to death metal and country, and drives a freakin HUGE pick 'em up truck that's dirty as shit. So much for my Mercedes driving pretty boys. And you know I always top... I banged the fuck out of those twunks! Well get this, uh... the first time we met at the gym he hit on me hard, I mean aggressive. Dude wanted to hook up BAD. So we go back to my place and he proceeds to tear me a new asshole with his thick ol' cock. I've never taken anything like that before. I'm usually the one plowin ass! This muscle freak dominated the fuck out of me and then completely unloaded a metric shit-ton of cum all over my face! I was still trying to process the whole experience days later. All I could think about was that ripped muscle monster man-handling me. My asshole was just starting to feel better when he hit me up on facebook, "Hey man, sorry about the other night. I'll take you out for some dinner to make up for it." I was totally confused. This guy was the polar opposite of my type. In fact, I hated tatted up redneck honky-tonk fucks. But I just couldn't resist. So, he picked me up in his dirty-ass pickup truck. I had to climb all the way up in like I was scaling Mt Everest or something, diesel fumes stinking, rumbling and loud as fuck. Anyway, he took me to a fairly nice restaurant and was actually very nice, even gentlemanly I might say, and not stupid either. Plus I got to stare at his freaky forearms all evening, inhumanly thick, crisscrossed with popped-up veins. This guy was definitely a bodybuilder. His shoulders were so broad it was like out of a comic book, and his traps pushed the collar of his shirt up to his ears. This country boy was starting to grow on me. I stared at his ass while walking back to his truck like I was an adolescent boy or something. His wranglers could barely contain his muscle butt, and bodybuilder thighs made the jeans look more like leggings. I did my best to burn in my memory the image of his massive bulge as he helped me up in the truck. This dude had a fucking hog, and some serious bull balls to match. He drives me back to my place. "Come in for another drink," I suggest, and he agrees. "You know I'm a bodybuilder right?" he asks inside. "Yea, looks like it," I answer. And before I know it he's peeling off his jeans to reveal his massive striated quads, crazy rock hard and ripped to shreds. Not only that, but he's not wearing any briefs, just a tiny, skimpy pair of competition briefs with spaghetti-thin straps and a MASSIVE bulging pouch that is STRETCHED to its limits. He reaches down and adjusts his package. Oh fuck! He's wearing a cock ring! After the adjustment, everything gets shoved back in the pouch resulting in a MONSTEROUS bulge that defies gravity and sticks way out, macho as fuck! "I need to practice my posing. Wanna help me out?" "Uh, ok," I managed to eek out. The shirt came off a fraction of a second later. His waist is tight, narrow, shredded. His chest, arms and back are huge, swole, jacked up, very unlike a normal 'fit' guy. This is different. This is bodybuilder different. I mean, I'm fit. I hit the gym hard and take some pride in my muscles being big and well defined, but when I get next to Dillon, I look like a ten year old boy. His pecs stick out past his stomach and create deep shadows, emphasizing their size. They ripple and pop with each little move. His arms are massive like a comic book hero's, only his are real, and right in front of me. God those triceps stick out... normal people do not have arms this thick! His delts sit like huge round cannon balls on top of his arms and his traps pop out for that extra freak factor. Fuck! He hasn't even started posing yet and I'm rock hard! By the end of my private muscle show, I was naked from the waist down with a raging hard on and Dillon's cock was fully erect laying flat up against his stomach, while his balls continued to occupy his posers, making a bulge that would still be the envy of most bodybuilders. So I walk over on my knees and start to suck... clearly he was waiting for this, because he started to face fuck me. That fucker had me licking his cock and sucking his tip for no more than 30 seconds before trying to shove that huge thing down my throat! I fell back choking and gagging. I've never trained my gag reflex or practiced deep throating, and now he thinks I'm going to swallow that monster?! Crack! He gives me a good firm slap across my cheek. Fuck! I used to be the one slapping little bitch twinks around in bed. Acting like a dominating muscle stud. I couldn't even begin to try and slap this guy around. And before I could even finish my thought, I felt his strong hand on the back of my neck guiding his monster cock back towards my mouth. Well, no time to train my gag reflex or practice with a dildo because Dillon just decided he was going to do it anyway! I couldn't believe something so thick and so fat could even fit in my mouth, let alone go down my throat... all the way down my throat. Holy fuck his giant bull balls were all the way up to my chin, my eyes felt like they were popping out. My neck felt like it would explode. His hand let go and his giant python slid back out of my throat, allowing me to gasp for breath, my face red and saliva dripping from Dillon's monster. I coughed, hacking, trying to catch my breath. He does it again. Oh my god it hurt! He goes in and out a bit and lets go again. I gasp for breath again as I stare at this muscle beast about to gag me again with his monster cock. His ripped sinewy abs are rippling and heaving as he breathes, huge thick heavy pecs tower over his tight narrow waist. Now I understand those tats. I hate tats, but these are war paint... heightening his intimidation, making him look scary. His cock comes back for a full-on face fuck. In and out, in and out, hard. I literally don't know if I'm going to survive this, and then right as full panic sets in, he pulls back out and blasts my face with cum. I've never seen cum like that... he just blasts me over and over and over, painting my face with thick cum. It's all over my lips and mouth, up my nose, dripping from my brow, in my hair, on my chest. Fuck! I've hardly caught my breath before he throws me on my hands and knees and I could feel the cool lube being squirted on my exposed asshole, then the intense pain of his long thick cock entering my ass. Fuck! What kind of monster is this guy? I though he was done, now he's gotta stick it in another hole. I'm looking over at myself in the hallway mirror, cum all over my face, cum dripping from my ear, a look of despair... He's got a fist full of my hair holding my head up and back as he rides me. I see his huge arm extended out, packed with muscle on top of muscle. His arm measurement has to be as big as my leg measurement, fuck, bigger... and he's shredded! His tricep is popped, sticking out like crazy with striations and veins. And his unflexed bicep is just sitting there on top of his arm like some massive mound of meat. And those forearms... intertwined with thick woven ropes of muscles. Popping out like some enormous giant muscle group. What a fucking muscle monster! Dude's in full on beast mode! I though he was going to go soft after blowing that load, but no, he's still rock hard and plowing me like a mother-fucker. He's got to be at least 12 inches... feels like 24. Thank god it wasn't long before he flips me on my back, pulls out and shoots AGAIN all over my chest and 'abs'. "Nice job city boy," says Dillon as I lay there about to cry. He's trying to sweet talk me with his country twang. "Wasn't so bad now, was it?" Fuck yea it was bad, I thought. I'm trying not to loose it. "Pose some more," I manage to get out laying on my back. He smiles. His cock is softening and hanging down, but still engorged and full. His muscles are swole, pumped up from all the exercise and excitement. I can't believe his body. I've never been with a bodybuilder before. He starts hitting poses, abs and thigh, double bicep, most muscular. Fuck, this guy looks bigger than the pros. I'm now rock hard and beating off furiously. "Hey Dillon, try those posers back on," I shouted out, gaining more confidence. He smiled and happly obliged. I love a good bulge, and a rediculously obscene bulge it was. He struggled to cram everything back into the pouch. "That's a good look for your next comp!" I said, his swollen package barely contained by the fabric. I feel like I'm in a fantasy. "Yea! Extra points for the complete package!" he agreed grabbing his bulge. I can't hold it anymore and I blow my load all over myself. Shot all the way up to my face! Coating myself with more cum on top of all of Dillon's. He's still flexing away like some sort of porn star/muscle monster/bodybuilding champ. What a fuck! I slip back on my briefs, and Dillon re-applies his skin tight wranglers before sauntering back out to his truck, shirtless, shoeless glistening with sweat in the street lights, and he drives off in the middle of the night. Facebook again, Dillon is keeping in touch. We're asking about each other. Talking about our growing relationship. He sends me a ticket to his upcoming bodybuilding show, and I'm ecstatic! I've never been to a competition before, although I wacked off to a few on TV. Competition day comes, damn this is a good seat. How the fuck am I going to conceal my hard on while watching a parade of muscle studs?! Anyway, Dillon show up on stage for comparison and my heart skips a beat... fuck he looks good, tan under the stage lights. OK, he's not bigger than Phil or Kai like it seemed before, but god damn is he huge and shredded! You know, after a good workout, I used to think that I looked like a competition ready bodybuilder... haha was I fucking wrong! And oh my god, the package between Dillon's legs is beastly! Everyone else on stage looks like they have a little colored triangle patch in front of their crotch, but not Dillon. He's got a fucking PACKAGE! What a stud. The other competitors are looking over, catching quick glances of what a real man's bulge looks like. Dillon's acting like nothing, just smiling big, oh shit, he just found me and winked. Is he getting hard? His swelling cock is starting to strain his posers, but he's able to keep it under control. There's no way that thing could contain Dillon's fully erect cock! They turn for a side pose and his bulge is obscene, sticking out, packed FULL to the limit. Everyone else's bulge disappears behing their thighs, but not Dillon's. Nowhere for that to hide. My non-expert eye can't quite tell if he's going to come out on top or not. The pre-judging is over and Dillon comes out to say hi... wearing nothing more than his skimpy competition posers... "I made the cut to be in the evening show," he said excitedly. Dam he looked hot! This is the first time I really ever saw him up close like this. He was musty smelling and sweating from all the posing. My eyes lingered at his massive protruding package, and scanned across his impossibly thick muscled quads. "Yea, that's awesome!" I said, despite the fact that my mind was way elsewhere. There's nothing more that I wanted to do than sling those briefs under his gigantic nuts and start sucking that cock! He clearly noticed me staring... "Hey, I'm doing a special posing routine just for you," Dillon said as he grabbed his package with a wide open grip and shook it a little, giving a coy grin. God, you could just see the weightiness of it. It's substantial size and mass made evident by the grab. "Noticed how turned on you were the other night by my package, so I'm highlighting it in my posing routine." And with that he winked and went back stage. Damn, it always seems as though I'm left staring at that rock hard muscle butt has he walks away! Any what the fuck does a special posing routine mean? The evening show begins, and several other bodybuilders go first. They are hot... it's like foreplay... they pose to music, acting cocky and strutting around. I have to admit, they're fucking jacked! Then Dillon comes on stage, and he looks HUGE. Instaboner for me! And it doesn't take long for me to see what's special about his routine. In the prejudging he was very calculated, doing all the mandatories and nothing extra. Now he was one fire! I swear to you he didn't stop touching his posers. Every pose he did he managed to tug and pull on those thin little poser straps, making his package bulge up, down, sideways. There was no overlooking the fact that he was HUNG AS FUCK. Dillon made it cocky and in your face. He tugged up hard on both straps for his lat spread. He hooked both his thumbs under the straps and tugged his posers down low, low, low to show his abs. Fuck, I thought I saw the top of his dick for a minute... One pose he grabbed just one of the straps and pulled it so far out I though it might snap! God his package was huge! There were even a few times where he just grabbed it, made some 'fuck yea' faces to the audience. I was cumming in my pants. He ended up winning the overall despite being marked down for "inappropriate posing gear". Best of all, he immediately hustled me back to his hotel room. Blew off all the interviews, gave up any extra money from post-contest photo shoots, said he'd pick up the trophy and check later. Back in the room, he immediately pulled off his sweats. Fuck! Dillon still had his posers on...
  3. Austinevenson42

    Write Caption Stories With Me!

    Not sure if there is already a caption stories thread going on, but I thought we could start one up fresh for 2018. Essentially, pick a hot picture of a muscular guy you really like, then write a paragraph or two that provides some sort of context for it. I don't know about you, but I don't tend to have the time to write a whole story, yet I still want to contribute something. This is an awesome way to get hot ideas out there that maybe one day could evolve into full stories, or it's also a great way for people who haven't written something on here to take a crack at it. You can even get advice or new ideas from fellow writers that can hopefully improve your work(s), or inspire you to do something else! Lastly, just make sure that your content follows all of the rules, keeping everyone 18 and older. As long as you follow the rules and write about muscles, feel free to write whatever you want. I am really looking forward to the amazing stuff some of you will come up with. Happy writing! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you know what it's like to be a muscular hunk? I honestly didn't know until my junior year of college when I started working out. I had been the most average guy you could possibly imagine until I decided to make a change and hit the gym. I knew nothing about working out at all, but somehow that summer it all just clicked. The results kept coming and coming, then, by September, I was unrecognizable. Where there was once a flat chest I had two giant mounds of pecs, where I had twigs for arms I now had massive boulder sized biceps, where I had a little chub on my stomach I now had sculpted rock hard abs, where there was once bone I not had the broadest of godlike shoulders, and I could go on and on. Literally everyone started treating me differently, like I was clearly the alpha wherever I went. I was practically a bodybuilder now, with a physique that could honestly only be accurately described as a sex machine. I became a walking orgasm like you wouldn't believe... Guys, girls, you name it, everyone wanted a piece of me. You don't need to go looking for sex with a body like mine, it just comes in, and your muscles just seem to know exactly how to handle it all. Some nights I just go from person to person, room to room, never tiring, just fucking like there is no tomorrow. I literally leave some people destroyed, unable to take any more, but my muscles, my monster cock, they're just always thirsting for more. The best is just when I'm laying in my dorm room watching Netflix or something, and people text me begging to come over. Most of the time I just tease them though, because I've become that kind of fuck, but when I get in the mood I pick a lucky one to come over. After I just rip their body apart for the whole night, orgasm after orgasm, they somehow manage to get up in the morning, and I tell them to call me when they can handle it again--like they weren't going to get back to me anyways, right. I do honestly feel bad though when people in relationships beg and beg for me to fuck the shit out of them, like my older brother's girlfriend or my younger brother's boyfriend, but what can I say, I'm a fucking animal. Call me a bad guy, or say I have too much sex, but, honestly, look like me, and try to do otherwise. I dare you!
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    The Lycanthrope Genome (Part 4 of ?)

    The first three parts are here: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The Secret Lair After another raucous romp in the sack with his new plaything Carlos, Domino finally decides that maybe he should get back to focusing on his most important business. After both of the wolfmen revert back to their fully human selves, the hunky latino gets up from his master’s fancy bed they were tearing up with their claws and whatnot and starts running his newly-formed human hands all over his heavily-muscled frame. He immediately notices that he is even bigger all over his upper body from the start of his thick and veiny forearms all the way up to his bulbous brown-skinned shoulders. He has a perfectly formed set of bloated pecs now with dime-sized nipples that are positioned symmetrically with each other. He turns around to show off to his master and flexes his thickly formed marbleized abdominals as well to show Domino how he looks now. “Whatever you are doing to me master, it seems to be growing me every time I change back to myself.” He notices his lower half as well and how his quads glisten with a perfect proportion of darkly lit body hair that runs all the way down to his ankles. The veins are thick enough to where they are all visible just beneath his skin. His huge nine-inch cock dangles freely as it dribbles a very light amount of precum which can be seen in the dim lights just above both of them. The shadow of the latino wolfman’s ass does little to hide how thick it is as well. Domino grunts a few times noticing that his new favorite lover is maturing a lot quicker than even he thought was possible. “What’s happening to you Carlos is proving that the serum we are developing here is successful. Just think about it, a whole world full of musclebound studs that are also hiding secret identities that all come out at once during the peak of their hormonal cycles. You don’t need to wait for the full moon either because it can be summoned any time you please.” Carlos is now sweating profusely with all of the extreme talk of changing again, but Domino jumps to his feet from their bed to calm his young lover down before anything happens. The mature wolfman is looking remarkably well himself with a well-developed muscular frame unlike most 45-year-old bodybuilders. His thick furry pecs are still glistening after having tremendous sex with his young pup. He reaches in to squeeze Carlos up against them. It appears to be calming the furry latino down as he reaches around to feel his master’s incredibly round behind. He squeezes them both at the same time which gets a strong reaction from the dominant top. “Carlos, I have to admit to you that I wasn’t going to pursue a relationship but you have grown on me over the past few days. *there are a few chuckles from both of them* Yeah, I realize what I said. We have both experienced that multiple times over the past few days haven’t we?” There is a desk across the room from the bed. Domino hears his cell phone vibrating like crazy which forces him to let go of his hunky wolfpup and walk over to pick it up. He notices that there is a text from one of the board members from the meeting the other night. He looks over at Carlos and motions for him to go into the bathroom and shut the door. He dials the number on the phone and listens to the voice on the other end. “So…..they are in the building right now? I will meet with them in the testing area then. Thank you for letting me know Aras.” He puts his phone back down on the desk and walks over to the bathroom door and knocks. He can hear Carlos humming in the shower so he decides not to bother him. He grabs an unmarked bottle and begins squirting a clear solution all over his huge chest and runs it up and down his thick beefy upper body as well as his lower half including his big cock and balls to dissipate the smell of sex since he can’t take a shower himself at that moment. He puts on a clean black button-up shirt and tan khakis which isn’t his normal attire, but he doesn’t see a need to go all out for the situation. Carlos opens the door and sees Domino dressed. “Is it something important? I can feel several of our kind down the hall. They seem familiar to me for some reason.” Domino walks over to him and plants a huge kiss on his lips and holds him one last time. “Yes, I think we are about to move forward with our agenda here Carlos. I want you to go to the meeting room and see if Aras is in there. He will likely be awaiting my orders after this meetup with the others.” “Okay Domino. *rubs Domino’s thick beard with his fingers one more time* I care greatly for you master and I hope this will turn out well for all of us.” Domino lets go of Carlos and quickly puts his shoes on before going out the office door and down the hall. He can hear several voices echoing across the corridor as he finds the testing area. He sees two black-furred men and another that he is not too familiar with. They are all completely naked and seem to be a bit distracted for some reason. One of them turns and notices that Domino is walking in. “Master Luminov, we have brought you someone you might want to meet.” Domino pats the man on his thick shoulder and walks over to the man he is talking about. He suddenly realizes that this is the man that they converted just a few days back. He looks the man in his eyes. “So you must be uhhh…..*looks at Petr and is told the man’s name* Nathan…..Nathan Roberts. Okay well yes, I have wanted to meet you for quite some time. We have been waiting for you here. Let me have one of my assistant’s take you to get dressed.” Petr motions for Georgi to escort Nathan into another room while Domino finds a robe in a nearby medical cabinet. He hands it to the Bulgarian to put on. “Could you not find any clothes for all of you to wear Petr? I mean it is nice to see all of my clansman looking big and powerful, but if you are seen by anyone outside of this facility, it is going to create so much trouble…..well I don’t think you have an idea.” Petr shakes his head yes as he closes the robe and they both go to sit down in two chairs that are located almost directly in the middle of four holding areas that are meant for their test subjects. Domino starts to interrogate the Bulgarian. “So…..how did you end up with your pup and a man that we have been monitoring for several days at the same location? I have been caught up to speed by one of my people on your situation, but I do find it quite unusual that you would all be in the same place at the same time.” Petr agrees as he shakes his head yes. “Myself and Georgi were both playing around with each other in my office and we got carried away obviously and ended up finding dinner out in the city. *he smiles* We must have run into Nathan along the way and he just followed us perhaps. I think maybe Georgi was teaching him how to hunt…..I mean I think he was since things were a bit blurry.” Domino reaches over and puts his hand on Petr’s shoulder. He looks into the Bulgarian’s eyes and appears to be very unhappy with him. “Listen to me you have exposed us to the outside world with your little episode. I am hoping that this won’t get out of…..” Before Domino can get the word ‘hand’ out of his mouth, sirens begin blaring above their heads. A horrible scream can be heard in the distance as it immediately starts to affect Petr. He clutches his chest and head with both of his hands as he looks down at the ground. Domino can feel the beast within him starting to come forward as they both stand up. Petr is sweating profusely as he feels himself being taken over by his beastly side. He mutters, “Georgi…..NO…..please not him…..*body pops and crunches* UHHH…..HE IS VERY ANGRY!” Petr’s transformation is fairly quick as the wolf immediately emerges from both his robe and his skin in seconds as blood and gore is thrown all over the testing area. It is as if Petr just disintegrated beneath the huge beast. It takes a few seconds to stare over at Domino, who is still mostly in his human state, and jumps through a wall close to where the screams are coming from. The dazed man stumbles over to the destroyed wall and peeks through the opening and down the corridor just as wolf Petr is pierced with a silver staff. The animal’s screams are almost too much for Domino to bear as he feels his back cracking forcing him down to the ground. His hands are now transforming into huge claws as he sees the person down the hall pulling the staff out of Petr’s dead body. His black shirt and khaki pants are unable to handle what is happening to him as they shred in multiple places. He sees the skin peeling off of his arms and legs as thick black fur starts to cover his entire body. He feels both of his knees snap as his lower legs and calves reshape themselves to accommodate his newly forming dewclaws and claws. His face is also changing as his muzzle breaks his teeth off and protrudes from his head. His human ears fall off as well as his wolf ears quickly replace them. Normally his muscles would have already grown beneath his fur, but this time they expand last as each area of his body is popping and expanding. His stress level is forcing more testosterone to be produced and it is changing the entire transformation process. The remnants of his clothes fall off of him as his cock struggles to stay in its current shape. Domino’s eyes have turned a deep brown as he feels his ballsac growing to twice its size and his penis goes erect. He can’t understand why he would get so horny at such a terrible time, but it appears that the beast that was waiting inside him is now in control of his senses. Domino is trying desperately to stay in control of his mind so that he can somehow communicate with whoever it is as the person walks right up to the werewolf. They lean down to approach the hugely muscular wolfman and slowly caress its thick fur making the musclebeast shudder just slightly. The man starts talking to him. “Domino…..can you hear me in there? I don’t want to hurt you sir, I really don’t. *sees Domino’s thick wet cock spurting precum all over the ground* So you do recognize me?” The wolf growls several times and even snaps at him making the man show him the silver staff which has a thick blade on the end of it. It is also covered in chunks of flesh from its other victims. The animal can feel its energy and starts to whimper. The man puts the staff behind him as he looks into the wolfman’s brown eyes. It is the first time that he has ever noticed that Domino in his wolf form is following his own eyes. “Domino, give me a sign that you know me?” The wolfman’s giant left claw reaches out to grab a hold of the man’s right arm and slowly pulls him into it. It is now trying to talk as its tongue attempts to mouth words through its muzzle. “Vuuu…..Vaaaa…….Vaaaallllll……Vallllennn…….tttttiiiiinnnnn……pppppplllllleeeeaaaassssseeeee don’t kill me. IIIIIII looovvvveeee you. I promise I won’t hurt you. He likes you now, can’t you tell?” A loud bang is heard down the other end of the corridor. Before another word can be uttered, another huge muscle-bound werewolf races towards them as Valentin quickly scoots away from wolfy Domino. The staff is skidding beside him as he tries to keep track of where it went. The crazed wolfman jumps on top of Valentin and pierces his neck. He screams in agony as the animal’s sharp teeth attempt to reach for his jugular. Before it is able to do so, it is met up by two more equally powerful wolfmen, both of which are covered in tattered fabric as they attack the aggressive werewolf. Valentin tries to move into the next room as he attempts to get back up onto his feet. The animal has barely missed any major arteries, but he is weak from the blood loss and has to sit back down onto the floor to try and control his breathing. The commotion between the four werewolves is now dying down as he tries to find something to cover up the huge bite marks in his neck. He knows if he can just keep his breathing under control he will be fine. He can’t lose consciousness or it will be all over because he doesn’t have his staff and he doesn’t know what the others will do to him. He keeps thinking, “please don’t pass out, please don’t pass out” as he finds something to stop the bleeding. He takes a few breaths before finally standing up and staggers back into the hallway and sees that there is total carnage everywhere. There are four nude bodies lying on the floor, but one of them is not breathing. He immediately knows that it is Domino that is the dead one and has a feeling that it is entirely intentional. He recognizes Nathan and Roman and thinks that the other man is Carlos. At first he is surprised because he is aware that Nathan must have converted Roman when he went to rescue him earlier. Without making too much noise, Val attempts to retrieve the silver staff, which is just a few feet from Domino’s body, so that he can use it on possibly all three of the remaining wolfmen. As he gets a hold of it and stands above one of them, they all start grunting before they come to and immediately sense the deadly metal within their vicinity. Valentin lets out a yell as Nathan and Roman roll out of his way before the Bulgarian plunges the silver blade into Carlos’s hairy chest. The latino wolfman screams in agony as he feels his lifeforce being destroyed. He is now dead as well as Valentin falls to the ground unconscious which makes his staff bounce several times down the corridor. Nathan and Roman clutch each other closely so they can compose themselves before finally moving over to help Val up. They notice that his neck has several pieces of fabric stuck to it. It takes numerous tries to pull them off and notice that his wound is completely healed. “Roman who is this guy, he is nothing like us.” Nathan looks over at him and checks the huge gashes on his partner’s right pec before leaning in to kiss and lick them. Roman rubs his lover’s head a few times as they continue to stand over the Bulgarian. “I don’t know Nathan, but I have a feeling this won’t be the end of this ordeal. Valentin obviously knows a lot about this place and we will need him to help us deal with the beasts within our bodies.” Inside the Van Gilbert is lying down on the gurney that is in the back of the van and is experiencing a very vivid dream where it feels like he is running through the city like he did earlier in the day with the other wolfmen. Unlike in that situation though, he reaches the end of a street. There is a forest directly in his path. The other wolfmen vanish into thin air as he sees a set of eyes staring back at him from just inside a dark path between the trees. It walks towards him and reveals itself to be another werewolf, only it is one that he doesn’t seem to recognize. It stops once it reaches the point where the street and forest meet to say something to him. “It is your time now Gilbert, mine has now ended. Come forward to accept your gift and I can promise you that you will be the strongest wolf in the world.” Once he walks up to the well-muscled creature, it grabs a hold of his muzzle and opens it up and start climbing inside him. Gilbert’s eyes are now as wide as ever as the beast continues to slide inside. The weird part is that he cannot feel anything beyond his throat as the animal finally gets all the way in. Somehow he feels as if he is gaining strength now that the werewolf is within his confines. He can now hear the animal’s voice inside him. “You are not alone anymore Gilbert, now there is two of us. You must wake up now and fulfill what was always meant to be for you.” Immediately, the sweaty man awakens and rolls off the gurney and onto the floor of the van. He can feel something is completely different as he attempts to keep his composure. The sweat is rolling off of him now as his towel falls off. His cock is getting hard which surprises him greatly. “UHHHH…..what the fuck is…..happening to me. *feels his hands and feet starting to crack as they start to lengthen* It feels different this time. *the skin is peeling away from them* OHH GAWD, it burns…..SO MUCH!” His muscles are expanding greatly in his arms and legs and it feels incredible as the density in both of them grows exponentially. His cock is spilling a great deal of precum beneath him. It is also struggling to maintain its shape as the foreskin grows thicker and furrier than before. The expansion is moving through his chest and torso forcing his back to crack as well as it arches upward. His lats and delts blow up to twice their size as his pecs and abs follow suit. His skin is now tearing itself apart as blood spurts all over the van. A stream of blood emerges from just above his ass as a thickly-muscled tail flares outward nearly three feet and points downward as his glutes swell into two giant beach balls before losing the skin falls off as well. He is growing a thick layer of black and brown fur all over his continuously expanding frame. He yells in delight as he closes his eyes and feels his face cracking multiple times. “AHHHH…..I can’t feel my face…..*can sense his mind being influenced as his sight starts changing* Uhhh…..yesssss…..I want it all…..give me what I am destined for…..” His human ears fall off as two hugely-muscled wolf ears blast through his skull as his teeth break off revealing a well-developed set of wolf canines and incisors. A very well-muscled muzzle quickly stretches out in front of his face as several slabs of skin melt off his face and onto the floor. He continues to expand as he manages to fill up every single square inch of the van. He can no longer speak, but he is feeling a surge of energy he has never felt before. He opens his newly formed brownish-black eyes and howls as he lifts his immense frame into the air making his newly-developed bloated wolfcock blast several jets of cum into the windshield. The force behind the load is enough to crack the glass multiple times before it shatters. He is stretching the steel frame of the van as it starts to pull itself away from the wheels. The sheer power flowing through his wolf veins turns him on greatly as well as hearing the van struggling against his massively muscled wolf frame. He takes his huge claws and paws and peels back the ceiling like it is nothing but paper. He grunts several times knowing that he has been given the gift that every werewolf has craved for eons. It is the alpha ability that used to belong to Domino, except that man wouldn’t use it to its full extent because he simply didn’t have the dark heart that this man has. Wolfy Gilbert is enjoying this far too much to hold back as he continues to swell feeling himself bursting through the top of the van. All he wants to do now is rebuild the wolf army bigger and stronger than they ever thought possible. End of Part 4
  5. The first two parts are here: Part 1: Part 2: The Connections After a few minutes of trying to compose himself from what just happened, Roman quickly scoots over to an empty corner of the room where he can find something to shield him from the heavy breathing that is projecting from his husband Nathan. He can hear him snarling as the hulking beast attempts to stand up but crashes down into one of the chest of drawers in the room. He is obviously extremely disoriented. Roman covers his mouth so he doesn’t let out any kind of noise. Before long, the furry wolfman jump up and goes through one of the hotel room windows as glass flies down to the ground beneath him from their thirteenth floor balcony. The Italian gets up to see that Nathan is now running down the highway as car alarms go off and people are screaming. He can hear this going on for a few minutes as he disappears into the distance. Roman goes to retrieve his cell phone again and calls someone else that he knows. “Come on…..come on…..pick up…..” The phone rings several times before someone finally picks up the call. “Hello Roman, I assume that something has happened if you are calling me.” The Italian sits on the hotel bed and wipes his forehead trying to calm himself down. “Umm of course, I think you know what has happened.” The man on the other end sighs a few times before he speaks again. “Did your husband go through a change? Have you been hurt in any way?” “No I’m fine. He was completely out of his mind and jumped out of one of the windows here and went down the street. I have no idea where he went though. Please, I don’t want him to die from all of this insanity. You promised me that he would be able to live with this.” The man sighs again. “Okay, just tell me what room you are in so I can come over and we can talk a little more about this. I have people that are tracking him down as we speak. It turns out that he isn’t the only wolf on the loose right now. There are others besides him. Just stay put.” They both hang up and Roman spends another twenty minutes going over the situation in his mind. There is a knock on Roman’s door. He gets up from the bed to go and open it after hesitating a bit. When he does, the man rushes in and walks over to the broken window. He then opens the balcony door to look over the side before going back into the room. “We need to leave now Roman. People are going to get curious if we stay here.” He looks in the bathroom and sees the catastrophic mess in the shower. “WOW, and I thought Domino’s change was extreme. This is really horrendous. I guess his body needs to adjust to its new host. *looks at Roman* Grab your stuff, we need to go now.” As they both leave the room, there are hotel personnel and police officers coming around the corner. Both Roman and the other man manage to take cover just in time. They find a set of stairs that go down to the main floor and out into the parking area. The man points at a dark van and tells him to get in. The man starts up the van as Roman gets into the passenger seat and they slowly creep out of the parking lot. They start talking to each other again. “Okay, I think we should see which direction your husband might have went Roman. Who else knows about this anyway?” Roman pauses for a few moments before he admits that he called Domino’s house. “You called Domino? What did you tell him?” “Well…..actually I spoke to some Spanish guy there. I think he might be his assistant, but I’m not sure.” The man stops the van at an intersection and looks over at Roman. “You spoke to a Spanish man? Hmm…..that must be Carlos then. He was just changed him into a wolf himself at a meeting the other night. They must be fucking each other than if he answered the phone.” Roman looks at him puzzled. “Do you think that Domino is attempting to create an army of werewolves in the city?” The man starts driving again. “I think maybe he thinks that he can change all of his male employees into werewolves. I know he specifically wants Bulgarian men at his company because they are born with an unusual gene that makes them very powerful when provoked. Not all of them though are able to do this. I should know because he has attempted to do this to me in the past.” Roman makes a few ‘hmm’ sounds before he speaks again. “How close have you gotten to Domino?” The man smiles at him and winks. “I would say quite close. I have engaged the wolf in him many times and it has taken a liking to me. Of course I have pleasured it as well so I know that it won’t kill me on purpose.” “How do you not change when it scratches you? I know that can happen when you are having sex with it.” “I am immune to the wolf curse. *shows his clan tattoo behind his ear* See that, I am part of a group that studies the behavior of lupines and how they can further their agenda. I am glad that you have elected to help me and my kind Roman.” “Well, I just hope that I am making the right decision including Nathan in your studies as you call it. What is your name by the way? You never told me before.” “You can call me Val if you want. Let’s go and find your husband now before he decides to kill a whole bunch of people.” The two men continue to follow the destruction that Nathan has left in his way before it finally stops at an old factory on the edge of city limits. They both slowly get out of the van and creep around to one of the garage doors there. They can see that it has been ripped open and peek inside. Valentin takes a few deep breathes and slowly moves through the opening. After a few seconds, he puts his arm out motioning for Roman to follow him inside. They can both hear several different types of grunting and gnashing noises coming from the center of the warehouse. They can see that there are four wolfmen feeding off of three victims they have killed together. This intrigues the Bulgarian greatly because he is wondering why they would not fight each other for what they would view as being an alpha. Roman and himself are trying to stay close to the back wall and not make too much noise as they navigate towards one of the abandoned offices that is near them. When Valentin tries to open one of the doors, the creaking sound it makes interrupts the eating of the pack and they turn around quickly with them still munching on their food. The Bulgarian immediately puts both of his hands over top of Roman’s mouth since he can tell that the Italian is about to freak out and scream. One of the werewolves sniffs the air and is now walking towards them. It is quite obvious to Val that the wolfman recognizes Roman as its deep brown eyes fixate on him. Val grabs Roman and tosses him into the office doorway as the werewolf charges him. Roman scoots quickly underneath one of the computer desks in the room to hide. The other wolves are now jumping into the office and begin to search for the Italian as he squeezes himself in as far as he can. He closes his eyes when he feels one of them starting to breathe on him. The wolf reaches its huge heavily-muscled furry paw in towards him with its claws fully retracted. He covers his mouth hoping that he can somehow avoid being killed as the wolfman’s huge claws start to slowly shred his shirt and pants as it attempts to pull him out from under the desk and into its body. It is obvious to Roman that it wants something other than to eat him. The wolf’s cock is starting to emerge from its sheath as it starts to leak precum onto the floor. It reaches underneath his torso and rips the back of Roman’s pants out and yanks his briefs off as well revealing his hairy bum. The wolf makes a few deep grunts as it grips the frightened Italian by his sides before flipping him over to try and penetrate him. It runs its thick tongue up and down his back before slowly sliding it into Roman’s winking hole. Roman yelps feeling the thick mouth muscle massaging his anal cavity as he is lifted onto the desk so the horny animal can get a better grip on him. After a minute of this, the wolf starts to push its bloated rod inside him but before it can proceed further, it is hit by a long silver object which makes it let out a terrible squeal before it falls down onto the ground. Another werewolf attempts to jump over the one of the ground to attack someone, but ends up nearly in the same predicament as it also yells in pain before passing out onto the ground as well. A hand yanks Roman up off of the table and stands him up. It is Valentin who has somehow survived all of the carnage going on around them. He checks Roman’s backside and checks to see if his skin has been pierced in any way by the wolfman and somehow it miraculously has not. He hugs the scared Italian as he scans the room to check where the other werewolves are moving around at. “That was too close Roman. *shows him a silver staff* There is a reason why I carry this. If it comes in contact with them, it makes them automatically react and causes them to revert back into their human forms. Unfortunately, I have to get pretty close to them to pierce their skin.” There are lots of cracking and crunching sounds echoing throughout the room as Valentin turns to see that the werewolf that was trying to attack Roman is someone that he knows from Bulgaria. “I should have known…..Petr…..what are you doing here? If he is here, then that means that……” The other one that fell on top of Petr is someone else he recognizes. “Georgi? I knew this would happen. *sees the third man in the office* Now who the hell are you?” All three men are groaning as they start to come around from their wolfy hangovers. Roman is still in shock from the whole situation as he starts to stumble past Val and staggers out of the office. He turns to see that Nathan is trying to stand up after leaning up against the office wall. He was also knocked down onto the ground after his confrontation with Val. The man is dazed and confused as the Italian rushes over to him to help him up. He hugs the blood soaked stud as he kicks all of the furry debris and gore away from beneath his feet. Nathan hugs him tightly and softly whispers into his husband’s ear before moving away from him again. “Why is this happening to me?” He looks down at his freshly formed skin and notices that he is naked. He groans a little as Roman starts to walk him towards one of the bathrooms that are located beside the office area. They enter as Nathan’s husband leads him over to one of the sinks and turns it on. He lets it run for a few seconds before he starts to run water over top of his well-muscled partner’s stained beard and starts cleaning it with his hands. Nathan looks into the mirror behind Roman and sees the torn fabric in the shape of a wolf’s claw on his back and notices that his husband’s hairy ass is completely exposed. He panics. “Oh my god no, did you get raped by one of us?” Roman shakes his head. “No, thank god that Valentin was here to stop the werewolf that was on top of me. He has some silver staff that he uses to protect himself with.” “So that must be how I became human again. I sensed it deep down, but I couldn’t stop the other me from attacking anyone.” Roman manages to find a stack of paper towels in a dispenser and starts using them to clean off more of the blood on his husband’s well-muscled neck and chest. He is surprised at just how thick Nathan’s chest is. His pecs and nipples are much larger than they were the last time he saw him. After finally getting his chest clean, the Italian slowly starts to clean off his husband’s lower half. He is surprised to see that even Nathan’s cock and balls have blood on them. Just breathing on them makes them react as the bloody stud goes fully erect as his cock stands up into the air. His balls look to be quite full as well as their color changes to resemble two purple golf balls. He looks up at his husband who smiles down at him. “I am not going to help you with that right now Nathan. How could you be so turned on by all of this carnage?” Nathan shrugs his thick shoulders. “I don’t really know Roman. I suddenly feel extremely horny and I can’t seem to control it anymore. I guess you will have to help me with that as well.” Nathan’s husband coats a few towels with soap and uses them on his thick 9x6 inch rod before putting some clean water on top of it to clean off the rest of the blood. The well-muscled stud presses his huge quads and huge rod against his partner and rubs a few droplets of precum onto his sweaty cheek. He grunts a few times trying to communicate with Roman without saying a word. “You are not the same Nathan I once knew. I don’t remember you ever being like this before the change. I will do this for you this one time, but I don’t want to get any of your jizz on me because I don’t know how toxic it is to me.” Roman slowly starts jerking his husband making him buckle as a long strand of precum spills out of his engorged cockhead and dribbles to the ground each time he rolls his foreskin up towards his thick cockhead. His engorged balls tremble as he grunts deeply and grabs his husband’s head making Roman a bit nervous. “Be careful Nathan, I don’t know how strong you are now. You might accidentally hurt me.” Sweat is now pouring profusely from Nathan’s body as it starts to roll down his huge muscles and onto the ground joining his precum. He moans feeling his load building as his precum flows a bit thicker. His breathing intensifies as he feels the beast from within him starting to navigate to the surface again, but this time he is not concerned about changing. The bathroom door swings open as Valentin moves towards Nathan and shows him the silver staff he is holding. “Knock it off Nathan. I will stab you again with this. *sees how turned on he is* What are you doing Roman? If you keep doing that, he will tear you to pieces.” Roman stops what he is doing and moves away from Nathan. The horny musclebeast is in no mood to stop feeling that way and attempts to finish what was started on his cock. The beast is trying to come out again as a few popping sounds are heard coming from Nathan’s back as he grows furry again. Valentin wastes no time and stabs him with his staff which causes the wolfman to scream in agony as he falls to the ground with the Bulgarian sitting on top of him. His cock blasts a massive volcano of thick cum all over the bathroom as some of it hits Roman in the face. He quickly rubs it off and smears it onto the floor. “Shit…..shit…..shit…..damnit. Am I going to be okay? His cum is hitting me in the face.” Valentin turns to look and yells, “Get out of the way Roman. Run into the stalls and close the door.” As he does so, he can hear Nathan yelling and agonizing as his cock continues to blast cum into the air. After a few minutes, he finally stops moving and goes unconscious. He hears the staff hit the floor and it is thrown under a neighboring stall. Valentin gets up and runs over to where Roman is and knocks on the door. The Italian opens it as the Bulgarian throws a few paper towels into Roman and tells him to clean it off quickly. There are now two other guys in the bathroom wearing large bath towels around their waists. They both have similar features to Valentin. They help Roman up from the floor and escort him out and into the warehouse. They introduce themselves after helping Roman out of his cum soaked and torn shirt. “My name is Petr Brugunov and this is my assistant Georgi. We both work at Full Moon Pharmaceuticals in the research and development department.” Petr pauses for a few moments and motions for Georgi to look Roman over. “Let him check to see if you need any medical attention while I have a little chat with Valentin.” They both leave the bathroom to talk privately. “So, how did you turn me back into my human self, Валентин?” Valentin pauses for a few moments before he starts talking to Petr. “If I tell you Петр, then I will have to kill you instead of helping you.” He winks at Petr, who winks back. Both Roman and Georgi walk out of the bathroom together. The Bulgarian walks over to his master and puts his arm around his huge hairy muscular waist. The other man that was involved in the carnage is sitting down in the office with his hands in his lap. He is also wearing a towel, but it fails to cover up his cock and ballsack as the whole package peeks out. Petr and Georgi walk over to the ripped-up garage door and look it over. Roman and Valentin go in to talk to the other man. The Bulgarian goes into interrogation mode. “Now that you are a little more coherent, I need you to tell me how you ended up here and who you are.” The man isn’t as broad as the others, but his muscularity is still quite impressive. He looks as if he just finished a cutting cycle as his entire body from head to toe is vascular. His arms look a bit overgrown for his frame, at least according to Roman as he can’t take his eyes off of them. The man notices and slowly flexes them before he answers Valentin’s question. “Well…..to tell you the truth, I don’t remember. I signed up for a special lab study at Full Moon Pharmaceuticals, and they injected me with a few different serums. There were two other men that were having the same procedure done on them. After about ten minutes, I could feel something happening to me. It was as if I was being put to sleep because I could feel myself starting to drift away. The other men were freaking out like crazy. I think I even saw one of them die. It was bizarre. I remember feeling my body go numb and my skin burning. Ohh and my name is Gilbert Hadwin.” Valentin turns to look at Roman. “Does this story sound a little familiar? When we spoke on the phone, you told me that Nathan went through a similar procedure. I believe that this was done by Domino’s people.” While they are talking, he can hear a helicopter in the background. Out of the corner of his eye, the Bulgarian notices Georgi escorting Nathan past the door opening to the office. He jumps up from his chair and rushes over to look and sees that Petr, Georgi, and Nathan are taking their towels off and jump through the ravaged garage door before hopping onto a helicopter that is waiting for them. It quickly takes off once they are all on it. “We have to go now Roman. Your husband has been taken from us again. We need to get moving if we are going to find him again. Gilbert you will have to come with us.” After a few moments, Valentin and Roman help the man up and they quickly leave the office. The Bulgarian tells the Italian to take the man to the van while he goes to retrieve his staff. He meets up with them a minute later inside the van. Gilbert is sitting in the back of the vehicle and is looking around at all of the equipment that is set up and is confused by what he is seeing. “I feel like I have entered an alternate universe. Who are all of you?” Valentin and Roman look over at each other before turning to look back at him. The Bulgarian then says, “Actually this is the world we all live in. You are just becoming aware of it through a different lens. Some of us will live and some will die. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.” The man looks at them both and shrugs his shoulders as he shuts the van door. They drive off down several streets following the path of the helicopter until it lands on top of a darkly lit skyscraper. The building is not marked with any kind of signage whatsoever. They pull in and Valentin and Roman jump out. The Bulgarian is holding his staff as he slides the van door open and tells Gilbert to stay put because this might be too dangerous for him. He agrees as they slide the door closed. Both men stare at each other one more time before saying a few more words to each other. “Val, what do they want with my husband? There has to be something you are not telling me.” Valentin looks at him and shakes his head a few times. “You will find out soon enough Roman. I feel like this is about to come to a head.” They both quickly find the front entrance and rush inside not knowing what they will find next. End of Part 3
  6. MuscleMorphing

    My Fire Island Vacation

    At a gay resort: At long last! I was so excited to finally be on vacation! I immediately threw on my swim briefs and headed for the pool. All the hard work in the gym had really payed off and I was proud of my ripped, twinky little body. (I was never able to get very big. Oh, well.) And my package was looking right too! My shit's pretty average in size, but these briefs really push everything up and out there. Admiring myself in the elevator mirror, my confidence was boosted with the thought of other guys taking a glance and thinking "Hey, he's really packin!" ... All this self-admiration had me swelling up! How do people keep from walking around with raging hard-ons at a place like this? Now my package was looking extra bulgy... So, this smokin' hot guy caught me on the way down to the pool, and flashed me his abs. "Wanna go up to my room?", he said. There's no way I was turning down that offer! When we got to his room, he dropped his pants and I about had a heart attack. This stud had the biggest fattest cock I've ever seen! And he wasn't even hard yet! Anyway, we kissed and flexed and felt each other up, peeled off any remaining clothes, and by then we were both FULLY erect. Fuck he was HUGE! Like how is that even possible?! Any uncertainty about who was bottoming was quickly put to rest when he threw me over the bed and pulled my ass up in the air. I figured. After all, the hung ones always just seem to assume they get to play power-top. He tried being gentle and gingerly at first, easing into my asshole, but when it became apparent that wasn't really working he went with the forceful approach and just shoved it in there. I screamed... LOUD... and when he started stroking in an out I couldn't take it anymore. Sobbing from the pain I begged him to stop, so he shoved it ALL THE WAY IN, held it there, bit my ear and whispered "Just relax and breathe. You'll get use to it." We listened to each other breath for what seemed like an eternity. I'm whimpering and sniffling like a little child. This dream come true was starting to turn into a nightmare! My asshole was on fire and I had a 200 pound muscle jock on top of me. After holding his monster in for a minute or two, he slowly pulled all the way out, leaving my asshole gaping WIDE open. I had never taken anything so thick before, and so deep! "Your move shorty", he said with a smile. My rock hard cock stuck straight up against my belly. I looked down. It seemed like I had micro-penis compared to the anaconda that sat across from me. My insides were starting to feel empty and my cock was starting to droop. "I don't know if I can take that thing." "It's OK bud, most people can't. I surprised you didn't jump off immediately" "You were kind of pinning me down... and I was screaming for you to stop." "Oh, really? Sorry. I get carried away sometimes" *Sigh* "Well if I'm going to do this thing, I'm sure as hell getting proof!" and I handed him my phone. "Nobody will believe how big you are, or that I took the whole thing unless we get some video" I said. "I'm Chris by the way." "Oh yea, I'm Andrei." And with that, I bent over and stuck my ass right back up in the air. Over the next few hours I shot, he shot, I shot again. I came so hard with that big dick up my ass that I shot all over my face, and then with my own cum still dripping off my nose, Andrei pulled out and blasted me all over my face again too. Looking right into the camera, dripping with cum I said "Hope you're getting all this!" After that, Andrei shoved his muscle butt in my face and said "You want a turn?" "What?!" I said, "You bottom too?" "Yea, usually I have to because no one can take me! I just like trying to top first for shits and giggles. I can't believe you actually hung in there!" "You dick! Well it hurt like a bitch but that's the hardest I've ever came." Andrei let me pound away for a while, and when I was done popping off (again), we went down to the beach to jump in and cool off. We didn't even bother cleaning up, just walked straight through the lobby in our swim briefs, covered in sweat, cum matted in my hair and stuck to my brow. Tom looked ridiculous in his briefs... like they were two sizes too small... barely containing his cock and balls... stretched to the maxx. We definitely made some heads turn! Now, when I recount this story, everyone thinks I'm exaggerating until I show them the vid. I watch their faces as they stare on, jaws wide open. And they all say the same thing... "Dude! You got to send me that!"...
  7. Don't forget to check out the previous part: Part Five: *Back to FutureTech Research* They pull up to the front gate as a security officer stands in front of them. Oakley flashes his badge and tells the officer that it is an emergency and that the doctor needs to pick up something before they go back to the precinct. The officer buys the information since he knows about the two giants now roaming the city. The gate flies open as the cruiser drives up to the front doors. Both Oakley and Banner jump out and rush inside. They get on the elevator and go up to the second floor. When the door opens, there is mass chaos everywhere as they slowly step over top of crushed lab equipment and tons of paper. Oakley is stunned. “Did the same shit happen here as well? *thinks about cuffing Banner again* Doctor I don’t know about this, this seems really fishy to me.” David puts his hands on Oakley’s face to get his attention. “Officer, you have to trust me. This was caused by a bad serum that my assistant developed a while ago. Our work can have consequences, but there are always at least one or two successes involved as well. *takes his hands off Oakley’s face* Now…..I hope that the key I need is still in the drawer I left it in.” He finds the drawer he is talking about along one of the wall cabinets and tries to open it. It is jammed and he can’t get it to budge. He looks at Oakley who reluctantly gets the point and yanks it open. The doctor rummages through several sets of keys and finds the one he is looking for. “Eureka! *holds it up* I purposefully puts all of these other keys in here to keep other people from finding the right one.” He leads Oakley over to an area of the room which looks uninteresting. Beneath one of the tattered rugs is a small square with a lock on it. He turns the key and opens it revealing a metal briefcase which he takes out quickly. He takes it back over to the cabinets he was at before and opens it. There are three vials of a purple liquid with three syringes as well. After looking it over for a minute or two, he closes it. “It is all here, we should get moving…..” Before they can leave the area, there is a rumbling outside the facility. Oakley and Banner walk over to where his assistant and his wife jumped out earlier and look out to see both Adrian and Skylar approaching the front part of the property. There are dozens of police cruisers and a few SWAT vehicles surrounding them. Banner turns to look at Oakley. “This briefcase has three vials that can reverse this process. I am confident that it will work because I have tested it before.” The officer looks at him puzzled. “How could you have tested this before? *thinks for a moment and is shocked* You mean, on another human? You have turned someone into one of these giants before and managed to reverse the process?” “Indeed, which is why so much of the serum was made. You have already done so much for me already Oakley so I will do the rest.” The officer grabs his arm and shakes his head no. “Are you kidding doctor? I am too invested in this now and yeah you are right. I do care about the city and what these monsters do to it. You give me one of those vials and I will take care of Officer Adrian.” Banner opens the briefcase again and hands a vial and syringe to Oakley. They both rush into the elevator and go back down to the main floor and out the front doors. At this point, the two behemoths have moved past the law enforcement teams and into the parking lot. They begin smashing cars left and right that were abandoned after the debacle that occurred there earlier in the day. Oakley and Banner position themselves in front of the giants and prep their syringes. They both seem ready for what is about to transpire. Giant Adrian and Giant Skylar barely notice that the two men below them are getting ready to jab needles into their big toes. As they get just a few feet away from the behemoths, Banner motions for Adrian to aim for the nailbed of Adrian’s big toe because it is softer than the rest of it. After a couple of seconds, they both quickly race to stab the giants with the needles and move out of the way in different directions. Unaware of what just happened, the two bloated hulks continue to move towards the research facility. Banner cringes because he doesn’t know if the serum will be fast enough to avoid his place of business from being destroyed so he can’t watch. Oakley runs over beside him and grabs David by the arm to let him know that he is there. As both Adrian and Skylar approach the windows on the main floor, they bash a few of them in as the reversion serum begins to take effect. Both men start to lose a bit of height and weight as they grab their heads and fall over. The teams of law enforcement and SWAT move in and capture both offenders before putting them in cuffs and carting them off to the trucks. Massey shows up with Doctor Gibbons who approaches both Oakley and Banner. The head officer salutes his fellow brother-in-blue and then shakes his hand while Gibbons talks to David. “Well that is a freaking relief Banner. I think we have had enough excitement for one day don’t you think? Now if you don’t mind, I think we need to get to the hospital so we can check up on a few people that we know.” Banner agrees and turns to talk to Oakley one more time as he finishes his conversation with Massey. “You did incredible work today Oakley. I think a promotion is in order don’t you think?” Massey salutes him again and turns to go over to the truck which is holding Adrian. He gets in the front and they drive off into the distance. Oakley knows that he should leave to go back to the precinct, but he tells some of the other officers that he will return later because he wants to escort Banner to the hospital. They get in his cruiser and drive off to the Bloodstone Willpower General Hospital where everyone that was hurt or killed was taken to. *Bloodstone Willpower General Hospital* Banner, Gibbons, and Oakley arrive and go up to the front desk to talk with the receptionist. Gibbons tells the other two that he will go find out where Amber and Brian Hennessy are at while he goes to see about Henry Holstein and his wife Bethany Rose. Oakley stays with him as he is led down a few corridors to where Henry is at. The medical assistant is thrilled to see his research partner and gives him a big hug as he lies in bed with a huge set of bandages on his leg. “I am glad to see you David. I wasn’t sure if you were still alive or not. I have been talking with a few of our coworkers and they said the facility managed to stay intact, barring a few broken windows and a huge amount of destruction on the second floor. It should be able to reopen in a couple of months I would think.” Banner introduces Oakley to him as they shake hands. They have a little bit of chitchat before Banner tells him that he needs to go and see Bethany’s body before they take her away. Henry says that she should be down in the morgue with Brian most likely. He was shocked to hear about his death, but the way the day turned out, he wasn’t all that surprised either. Oakley tells him that they need to go down as soon as possible because he knows how quickly they can process people. They say their goodbyes to Henry and venture into a nearby elevator to go down to the basement where the morgue would be located. When they get out, Gibbons is about five feet off to the side, sitting on one of the benches outside the doors into the morgue. He is a bit surprised by what he saw in the other room. “Unfortunately I have to warn you Banner, your wife is…..uhhhh…..looking a bit mangled. I had no idea that she would look like that to be honest. Brian however looks like he is asleep, with a few holes in his abdomen and an odd-looking spot on his shoulder of course. Amber is alive by the way. They managed to resuscitate her and she is in stable condition on the third floor. I don’t think she realizes though that she has lost her husband forever.” David and Oakley walk past him and into the morgue where the medical examiner is already cleaning up Brian’s body. He recognizes both men immediately and begins talking to them. “Hello there Dr. Banner and Officer Oakley, I assume you are here to see your wife doctor? *walks over to one of the doors and opens it before sliding out a tray with a body bag on it* There wasn’t much I could do with her, she was pretty messed up so I suggest that you don’t spend too much time looking at her.” As he unzips the bag, Banner immediately tears up and leans on Oakley’s chest, as the officer wraps his arms around the doctor’s back and is holding him. He then tells the ME to close it after a few seconds and to put her back in the cabinet again so he can go sit down and contemplate what happened to her. The officer takes him out of the room and over to an empty bench to sit him down. He sits beside him and rubs Banner’s shoulders. Gibbons is no longer down there and appears to have gone back upstairs. “I didn’t even have time to think about Beth’s death at all. Now that I see what she did to herself, it just makes me angry to think that I might have caused her to do something irrational.” Oakley’s demeanor with the doctor has gradually changed as the day has progressed. He knows that Banner needs to grieve for his dead wife, but he is also developing feelings for him. He flexes his 18” guns against the side of the doctor’s face just so he can get his attention which is working. David turns to look at him and can see that Oakley is giving him a certain look. Instead of being forceful, the officer leans over and slowly kisses Banner on the lips. The sensation from this makes the doctor shiver just a bit as he wasn’t expecting to like it that much. After spending a few minutes of lightly kissing each other, both Banner and Oakley get up to go back into the morgue to find out what to do next with Bethany and Brian’s corpses. Banner has never been completely against being with a man before. He once contemplated having an affair with Henry when they were developing their serums over the past few years. His relationship with Bethany Rose gradually fell apart over that time, especially after she took control of the company’s financial assets. He still loved her though despite their difficulties. Doctor Gibbons’s position with all of the parties involved has vastly changed with Brian Hennessy out of the way now. With his wife Amber now widowed, the door is now open for him to pursue her and gain her trust to help further his own causes. With Skylar Hamilton now finally in the custody of the law enforcement agencies, it is possible that a lot of dirt may end up out in the open about nearly everyone involved in the research and development of HGHX. The Hamilton Corporation will have a hard time trying to get past what the wild teenager has done to them over the past several months. Banner’s work will depend a lot on what Skylar has to say about Brian Hennessy and Doctor Banner’s wife Bethany Rose when he will be inevitably questioned by Massey and all of the other law enforcement agencies. He knew both of them well and could make up some crazy story to get himself out of all of this insanity. It is also possible that Doctor Gibbons will put a stop to this and make Skylar look like he is a spoiled brat that only inherited the company because his parents were too naïve to know better. Everything he does though has a price and he will definitely try to maximize whatever advantage he can get out of all of this. Banner has a new ally now and his name is Justin Oakley. If his superior, who turns out to be Marcus Massey, does indeed promote him to possibly being in a higher position such as detective or captain, he can bail Banner out of whatever predicament he ends up in. Henry Holstein may end up being a casualty in all of this since he was primarily responsible for what happened to Banner’s wife. It appears that the carnage is over for now, but who knows what the future will bring for everyone that is still alive and kicking. This is the end of the story. (For now at least!)
  8. ravenweremuscle

    Growth Hormone Meta-Humans (Part 4)

    To catch up on the first three parts, here they are: Metamorphosis: Metabolics: Metaphysics: Part Four: *FutureTech Research* Knowing full well that he is being chased by the person that used to be Bethany, a much more muscular and nimble Henry continues to knock down the walls in front of him to escape the giant transsexual hulk. He can hear her breaking down the door from the lab and is in total pursuit of him now. He is running out of square footage and is fully aware that he is going to have to jump out of one of the windows in front of him so he braces for impact. The 230-pound muscleman flies through the glass as it cascades down his body as he drops from the second floor and lands onto the pavement beneath him. The impact is very minor as he barely tears any skin from his huge arms and legs. He does scrape a bit of his 8-inch cock as he reaches down to rub it for a few seconds to make sure that it is still intact. He quickly gets up and takes off down the facility parking lot as he glances behind him every so often to see where the monstrous 325-pound behemoth is at. She jumps down from the broken window about fifteen seconds after he does. They both are gathering an audience as various other employees with the organization leave the building and start to gather around the entrance doors. The security officers located at the end of the parking lot are blocking the way out and are aiming their guns directly at Henry. He stops once he gets approximately five feet in front of them. “Please guys, don’t shoot me. I…..uhhhh…..FUCK…..I don’t have my ID with me……uhhhh…..I’m Henry Holstein, I work with Doctor David Banner on the second floor in research and development. You guys have to believe me when I say that the person chasing me back there *points* is trying to kill me. She…..I mean…..he used to be Bethany Rose, his wife.” The four men stare at each other in disbelief before turning back around to shake their heads no. One of them walks forward and shoots a bullet into Henry’s left quad. He falls to the ground as Bethany nearly cuts the distance in half. The other three men start shooting their guns at her as the one that shot Henry attempts to get him back up off the ground and scoots him over towards the guard tower. He shuts the door quickly behind him and locks it before helping Henry up the stairs to the top. He sits Henry down by a window and takes his jacket off. He then takes his shirt off and wraps it around Henry’s leg. He looks out the window and watches as the transsexual behemoth falls to the ground as the other three officers surround her. She is completely riddled with bullets and is clearly dead. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on man, but there is some seriously bad shit being done at this place. Whoever that person was is dead now.” Henry gets up and looks out to see that the officer is indeed correct. Sirens can be heard coming from every direction as the main gates open and medical vehicles pour in. Bethany’s body is placed on a gurney as Dr. Banner is seen running down the lot towards her. Henry hops down the stairs and out the tower to approach him. David can barely recognize Henry as he falls to the ground. “David, it’s me Henry. I…..can’t explain everything that has happened, but your wife took the HGHX serum that we were developing and it completely changed the way she looks. I took the other one and it turned me into a bodybuilder.” “Henry…..*weeps uncontrollably*…..she didn’t deserve to die. She cared about the research we were doing here, that is why she was funding it for us. Why in the world would she decide to use it on herself?” Henry slowly gets down on the ground to speak with David directly. “David…..I don’t think you know everything about Beth. She was conspiring with someone else in the company, I am positive. She thought you were nothing but a stooge doing the dirty work for the organization. She was trying to make me take that serum that she ended up taking herself. It ended up turning her into a freak of nature.” David punches Henry in the gut and gets back up from the ground. He is getting quite angry with what Henry is suggesting to him. “FUCK YOU HENRY! There is no fucking way that she would betray me like that. She has rarely even gotten into a fight with me, let alone…..” Banner pauses for a few moments before looking down at Henry who is now being attended to by a medical professional. He has a revelation that Bethany has in fact been quite distracted lately by something. He is starting to calm down as Henry is helped up to his feet and led over to an ambulance. David follows him over to where he is being put on a stretcher for medical treatment. The EMT loads him into the vehicle. Dr. Banner hops in for a few moments to talk to him. “Okay Henry, I will entertain your idea that something is going on. Who is this other person that you think she is working with?” The medical personnel are trying to wave Banner out of the vehicle, but he keeps putting his arm out to tell them no. Henry leans in and whispers a name to him which surprises David. He gets out of the ambulance and the vehicle is closed. It goes barreling down the highway to the nearest hospital as Banner walks over to his dead wife as they place her body in a bag. He barely even recognizes her, but knows it is her because half of her wedding band is still attached to her enlarged ring finger. He lets the medical personnel know that he will meet them later on at the morgue, but for now he has other things to attend to. They load her up and take off down the other direction down the highway. David is now racing over to his car to get in and drive over to Hamilton Tower. *Hamilton Tower Press Conference* Amber aims the gun directly at her husband Brian and attempts to shoot him directly into his heart. The bullet leaves the chamber just as Skylar jumps down from the podium platform and escapes through a back side door. The other attendees are now running through the front doors of the conference room to escape the carnage. Brian is hit in his shoulder instead as he grimaces feeling the bullet struggle to even penetrate his body. Amber manages to get another shot off before Brian tackles her to the ground as her purse goes flying into the air and hits the floor. He is now yelling in pain as he lies on top of her bleeding from his side. His immense size is too much for her as she lies there unable to breathe. She is gasping for air as a man walks up beside the pair and pushes Brian off of her. The huge hulk is now bleeding from his gut as a huge river of blood pools beside both of them. Amber clutches her throat as the man picks her up and takes her out the conference center and into the main lobby. The police have started to enter the building from various side doors and go rushing into the conference center. The man glances back and sees several of them surround Brian as he lies on the ground motionless. It appears that Amber’s second bullet has dealt him a fatal blow as one of the officers is calling for a medical examiner to come in on his walkie. The man runs up to a receptionist and tells her that he needs a medical professional immediately. As he turns around from the desk, he is met by Dr. Banner. The doctor is in complete shock as to what is transpiring and recognizes the man and whom he is holding. Amber is no longer conscious. “Gibbons? What the fuck is going on today? I need answers right now.” The two doctors have been working on separate experiments trying to perfect the same type of gene, but both are not aware of where each other’s work has progressed. An EMT intervenes for a few moments to take Amber away from Albert and places here on a stretcher as they rush her out of the building and into an ambulance to resuscitate her. As the two men stare each other down, the medical examiner runs into the conference center and declares Brian dead as they place his lifeless body on another gurney. As he is wheeled out of the room, they both walk over to stop the medical personnel so they can look the body over. The ME is not pleased, but is met with credentials from both doctors. Banner tears Brian’s dress shirt open to look over his wounds and examines the rest of his immense frame. He is fairly sure that he recognizes the man. “I know who this is Gibbons. This is Brian Hennessy, he has a scar that stretches from below his left pec and into his abdominal wall. *notices how stretched the scar is* He obviously used a serum as well on himself or somebody supplied it to him. Does this have something to do with you?” Gibbons is shocked that this man is Brian and not someone named Mason Ducati. “David I had no idea that this man was Brian Hennessy. He first spoke to me on the phone a couple of days ago and told me that Brian was indisposed and that he was his primary donor Mason Ducati. If you don’t believe me, then check out his credentials.” They notice that his conference badge is still on him so they both look it over. It lists Brian Hennessy as his primary name, but in small letters, it has Mason Ducati directly underneath it as his sponsor. Both doctors are puzzled by this and wonder what the hell is going on. “Gibbons, I have a feeling that there is more to this story than we realize.” Albert walks back through the conference room where Brian died with Dr. Banner following closely behind. They stop and turn to look to their right as they can see a shadow in from behind the stage where the ruckus started. They both walk through the doorway that is open and turn the corner to see Skylar Hamilton breathing quite heavily with sweat pouring down his face and neck. His heaving pecs are entirely visible from within his shirt. The two doctors look at each other and are getting quite angry as David starts speaking to him. “Henry was right. You are behind this whole debacle. Congratulations Skylar, you have successfully murdered at least two people so far because you just couldn’t wait until you were in complete control of everything so you could do extreme experiments on not only yourself, but others as well.” Skylar’s breathing is labored but he manages to get a few chuckles in once in a while. He pulls a vial of the HGHX serum out of his pants and shows it to both Banner and Gibbons. “Good evening……doctors. For your……information…..Brian’s death…..was a complete…..accident. I had no…..idea that Amber…..was going to confront…..him. He was going…..to leave that bitch anyway. *pulls a syringe out and plops the plastic lid off to plunge it into the vial* I was going…..to use this on both…..of us, but I guess…..I will have to use it all myself.” David rushes over to stop Skylar from continuing to fill the syringe as they begin to tussle. Gibbons moves over beside both of them to try and kick the serum away, but Skylar is too strong for both of them as he knocks Albert out as he falls down on the ground and flips David over to hold him down. Officers come rushing around the corner and point their guns at the three men. One of them tells Skylar to get up onto his feet again and to put his hands up. The extremely muscular teenager smiles at the officer as he stands back up. He then walks toward the officer and attempts to grab his weapon. The man shoots him in his chest, but the bullet barely penetrates him as it falls to the ground. Banner scoots over to Gibbons and notices that he is unconscious so he checks his pulse. He fortunately has one, but it is weak. The two officers watching them look at David and tell him to stop moving as they walk over to apprehend them. One of them calls for an EMT to come back there to pick Albert up as David is cuffed by the other one. He is led to his feet and carted out of the area to the front of the building. Gibbons is placed on a stretcher as he is also carted out to the same area as one of the officers stays behind to deal with Skylar. Both men are pretty well-built and are more than willing to use some of their training skills if need be. The teenager is still a bit winded from earlier, but spots the syringe with the serum close by. The officer that stayed behind that isn’t dealing with Skylar directly finds it and picks it up to examine it. “Is this that stuff your company is making Mr. Hamilton?” Skylar is tempted to lunge towards the man, but he knows that the other one will probably shoot him several times just to make him stop moving so he doesn’t. “What do you think it is officer? Why don’t you inject it? It might be worth it to find out, don’t you think?” He looks at Skylar with a puzzled look and then gives the other officer a slight glance before plunging the needle into his right arm as he squeezes the solution into himself. His beefy frame is unlike any other body type that the serum has been used on, which is why Skylar is so open to seeing what it does to this man. The one aiming a gun at the thick teenager is now very concerned for his partner’s safety. “Why the fuck did you do that Adrian? Do you know what this motherfucker does for a living? *grabs Skylar by the arm and cuffs him* Come on you piece of shit, time to join the other two outside.” Skylar is slowly carted out of the area but peers behind him to see what the officer is doing. It is obvious that this man is in a bit of discomfort as he throws the syringe across the room and breaks it. He stumbles slowly behind both of them and is sweating profusely. The officer with Skylar stops midway through the conference room to turn around and look at him. Skylar chuckles a few times to himself which prompts the officer to punch him in the face. He grimaces as he falls back a bit, but remains standing. Officer Adrian is now leaning over and his back is arched as strange sounds are coming from within his body. “Adrian? Why in the hell did you think that was a good idea?” The officer is no longer in anguish as he is now back up to being level with his law enforcement partner and is pushing his chest out in front of him. His pecs are now trying to tear through his uniform as his legs begin stretching the fabric of his pants. Skylar is absolutely giddy at what is transpiring and is now taunting the other officer. “You are going to be in for quite the surprise officer. He is going to do for me what no one else would. You better get out of here because I am not about to go to prison.” The concerned officer gets the hint as he goes rushing out of the room. Skylar gets down on his knees in front of Adrian as the police officer’s pants shred revealing his sweaty jock. The excited teenager begins to massage the man’s ballsac which is expanding out the sides. His cock is about to snap the jock off as Skylar opens his mouth to catch the veiny rod in his mouth. He sucks vigorously as Adrian’s entire lower half breaks free and continues to grow. His arms and chest make quick work of his shirt and uniform as the man completely embraces the changes that are going on from within his body. The other officer makes his way outside and notices that Dr. Banner is sitting in one of the cruisers with the officer that apprehended him. Gibbons is in an adjacent vehicle as well by himself. He gets between them to tell them what is going on. “Would you two fucking tell me what the hell is going on at this place? I have an officer in there that decided to go rogue on me because he somehow got mesmerized by that man that you guys confronted earlier. *hears a LOT of destruction going on inside the building* What the fuck? *he looks around the corner inside and sees two gigantic musclemen moving towards the entrance* Oh my gawd, we have to get the hell out of here.” The officer jumps into the cruiser with Gibbons and tells the officer in the one with Banner to get to the precinct as quickly as possible. Both the giant officer and giant Skylar burst through the front entrance about thirty seconds after the two cruisers take off down the road. Banner leans in to the front to tell the officer something. “Hey, take me to FutureTech Research instead. I might know a way to stop all of this destruction if you will help me out.” The officer seems very reluctant to listen to him. “You know I can’t do that Dr. Banner. If Massey found out I did this, I would be done.” Banner interjects. “And does Massey want two musclebound giants destroying his city? I think not. Take me to FutureTech Research and get me out of these cuffs so I can go and fix this.” The officer stops the cruiser at an intersection as Massey and Gibbons drudge ahead towards the precinct. He turns to look at Banner and sighs. His soft blue eyes look into Banner’s brown ones as he shakes his head. “Alright doctor, where is this research facility? *uncuffs Banner* I hope I am doing the right thing because I am risking everything to help you.” “Trust me officer, you won’t regret it. What is your name anyway so I can remember it for when I document everything?” “It is Oakley. Justin Oakley, but we go by our last names at the precinct. Give me the coordinates to the facility doctor.” Banner gives him the directions as they go barreling down several side streets towards the facility. End of Part Four
  9. Ziel


    This is a bit of a collaborative story between whatinsomnia from FA and I. A lot of the kinks and transformation ideas, but I did all the writing and characterizations. This series has been in the works for ages. As such the first chapter is not quite as polished as my newer stuff, but it's pretty interesting to see how my style has changes in the past year. [Next Chapter] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "There we go. A full nine inches. Congratulations, babe." Eli said proudly. The slender, blond man smiled broadly as he compared his lover's thick, olive skinned rod against the tic marks on the soft, fabric tape measure. "Finally..." Marco grumbled. He furrowed his brow and ran his fingers through his short, wavy dark brown hair and rubbed his scalp. "We've been using this stuff for six months now and I've only added an inch." "These things take time. You've already shown much better progress than most of the testimonials." Eli stated matter-of-factly as he pulled off his tight, latex gloves and dumped them into the garbage. "The only reason it works so slow is because they want to make us buy more. It's a big scam, I tell ya!" Marco grumbled as he chucked the now empty tube of MetaGro into the trashcan. "Hell, I bet you could make one that works a hundred times better than that crap." "You seem to give me quite a bit of credit." Eli replied playfully as he stroked his lover's thick cock. "Just saying what I think, babe..." Marco cooed between gasps. "You're twelve times as smart as any of those eggheads at MetaGro." Marco let out a gasp and shuddered as he felt his boyfriend masterfully work over his respectable tool. "Flattery will get you everywhere." Eli replied seductively before wrapping his lips around the impressive dick. He could feel Marco shuddering and his lover's sizeable dick twitching as he rubbed his tongue against it. "God... you're so good at that..." Marco murmured between gasps. Eli lifted off of his lover's shuddering dick and flashed the lean, olive skinned beauty a sultry glance. "I'm even better at this." He said saucily as he climbed up into his lover's lap. Eli slowly lowered himself down upon his lover's eagerly awaiting cock. Marco shuddered in ecstasy as he felt his boyfriend's tight hole swallow his cock. Eli definitely knew how to ride dick like a pro. The pale, slender man rocked his hips back and forth, causing his lover's dick to slide back and forth inside of him. Eli could feel Marco shuddering beneath him and his lover's cock shifting and twitching deep within him. "You can't be ready to cum already, can you?" The blond asked incredulously. "Sorry babe... you're too good." Marco muttered between gasps. "That's no excuse. Come on. I'm not getting off until I've had my fun and neither are you." Eli teased as he began rocking his hips even harder and faster. Marco grunted and groaned but still kept his load down. "That's it... just a little more." Eli moaned as he ramped up the pace even more. Marco had one of the biggest cocks Eli had ever ridden, but Eli still couldn't help but daydream about bigger and better things. Eli's private stash of monster dildos were all at least fourteen inches long and twice as thick as the rod that Marco was sporting. These plastic replicas lacked the warmth and passion of a real dick, but they certainly split Eli wide. He couldn't get enough of the sensation of being stretched out by such amazingly thick tools. At the rate the special gel they were using was working, it would be years before Marco's dick got truly huge. Marco was right, and Eli knew it. The slender blond was a whiz at chemistry, and MetaGro was most likely stifling scientific discoveries that could increase the potency of their serum in order to sell more doses. Eli's mind drifted to thoughts of his hot Latin lover of two years sporting well over a foot of rock hard cock. Eli's cock began to shudder and dribble pre just from thinking of impaling himself upon such a glorious specimen. He could almost feel himself getting split wider and wider as the beast ravaged him senseless. Eli moaned sensually as his cock lurched and spewed forth thick wads onto his lover's chest and stomach. Marco let out a sigh of relief and sexual bliss as he too allowed himself to finally cum. Eli could feel the thick wads spurting inside of him. Eli collapsed onto his lover's chest and threw his arms over Marco's lean shoulders as he waited for his heart rate and his breathing to normalize. "That was great, babe." He cooed into his lovers ears in between deep breaths. "Now go get cleaned up. You've got work in the morning." Eli softly instructed Marco as he got to his feet. Marco managed a weak nod and grunt of understanding but continued to lie back on the couch as he basked in the afterglow of being ridden in such an expert fashion. Eli scooped up Marco's discarded shirt and slipped it on as he sauntered off back to his personal lab. Eli liked to think of himself as a freelance researcher, although mad scientist was probably a more accurate description. He made a very nice living by performing experiments and studying fields of science that the big businesses didn't deem profitable enough to foot the bill for. He had made a number of startling breakthroughs and had sold the patents from his discoveries to fund his hobby. In the few years since college he had amassed a small fortune as well as built his own private, top of the line science facility. He took a moment to admire himself in the mirror as he entered his lab. By all accounts he was a good looking guy. His slight, slim features and long, straight blond hair could even be described as pretty or even feminine. He didn't mind these words though. In fact, he secretly enjoyed them. He picked a hair tie up from off the desk beside him and pulled his long hair back into a ponytail, leaving just the bangs loose to frame his delicate features.Other than his hair, he didn't bother getting cleaned up at all. One of the beauties of working at home was that he could show up at the office clad in just his lover's oversized, white button up shirt. Eli hadn't even bothered to close the front of it. His smooth chest and clean shaven cock and balls were left exposed to the elements. He enjoyed the cool air against his skin, though. The only reason he was wearing the shirt was because the scent of his boyfriend's cologne helped to calm his nerves and harden his dick.Eli couldn't get what Marco had said to him out of his head. There really was no reason why he couldn't solve this issue, and who knows? He might even turn a nice profit out of it. What really motivated him was the thought of his lover sporting the cock of his dreams. Eli kept the image of Marco sporting a foot and a half long, rock hard boner seared into the forefront of his mind as he worked feverishly. The image caused Eli's own perfectly average five inches to stand at attention, but he did nothing to attend to it. The constant state of arousal just helped spur him on in his scientific pursuits.Eli didn't come up from his lab for almost a week. Marco was used to these long absences by now, but he still got a little lonely during the times that Eli was in hardcore research mode. The only times Marco even saw his boyfriend were during the times when he went to the lab to bring meals or a fresh change of clothes. Eli didn't even come up to shower or sleep since he had his own small living quarters built into the lab.During the week Eli worked feverishly running simulations, testing isotopes, comparing genetic data. He approached the problem from every possible angle, but he still made little progress. He had been so focused on his work that he hadn't even bothered to take care of his more basic needs. As he got into day six, his more primal desires began to override his scientific mind. He popped up one of his simulations and stared at the 3D rendered image of his lover. The render was completely nude and sporting a cock that stretched up to his chest. Eli reached down with one hand and slipped his pointer and middle finger into his ass. He almost came right then and there. It had been almost a week since he had gotten any action and he was feeling painfully pent up.He fought a battle with his scientific drive and his sexual urges as he jacked off and tenderly fingered himself. Part of his mind refused to abandon his projects even in the midst of such base pursuits. He was very close to cracking this case after all. The only stumbling block seemed to be finding the perfect base for his serum. He had a theory, and his theories were usually right. He figured he could make a gel similar to MetaGro that, when rubbed into the soft tissue of the body, could spur rapid growth in that region. He just needed a core ingredient... something that contained much of the genetic data that he needed... something that also contained all the basic proteins needed for growth.Eli sighed contentedly as he felt the warm goop splatter against his exposed chest. He slid back in his chair and took a moment to bask in calm and relaxed feeling that washed over him after a nice good wank. He slowly lifted his messy hand up to his face and was just about to lick it off when he had the scientific epiphany of the century. His contented grin broadened into a huge, toothy smile of manic glee as he stared at the thick, sticky mess that was dripping from his fingers.Leaping into action, Eli gathered the materials and loaded them into the mixer he had prepared for such an occasion. He was positively giddy as he ran the calculations in his head again and again. This had to work. The science all checked out. He was never wrong on such things. He stared happily as the small wad he scraped off his chest got mixed in with various chemicals and compounds. The mixture changed from white, to green, to purple, and finally back to white. By the time it was done, the formula had taken on a gelatinous state.He picked up the beaker and stared into it excitedly. He just needed to test it. He almost ran upstairs and forced the newly christened mixture onto his boyfriend, but as sure as he was, he would never risk something so untested on someone he cared so much about. He pondered for a moment and decided that this best course of action was to test it on himself.Eli slipped on a pair of skin tight, latex gloves and stuck two fingers into the goop. He scooped up a small gob of it and eyed it suspiciously. Sure, he could apply it to his dick, but where was the fun in that. Not that he didn't want a bigger dick. Even bottoms love having huge cocks after all, but he had a better idea. He would be needing a lot more spunk to make further batches. That was assuming that this current batch worked, but he already knew it would.Eli began gently kneading the gel into his nuts. He had always had pretty meager balls, and he was excited at the prospect of soon having larger ones. He wasn't sure how much larger yet, but if this substance worked like he theorized, he could soon make them as large as he wanted. The murky gel vanished into his skin almost instantly. It absorbed into his skin so cleanly that it didn't even leave behind any residue.Eli sat in his chair, waiting patiently for any sign of change. It took but a few seconds for the first tingles to begin to course through his nuts. He grinned slightly as the sensation intensified. His grin grew into a broad smile as his nuts began to swell visibly before his very eyes. His previously marginal nuts swelled to the size of golf balls in a matter of seconds.After the initial surge, the growth seemed to taper off altogether. Eli wasn't disappointed, though. He still had a beaker full of the stuff with which to really ramp up his size. He stuck his hand into the container and scooped up a large glob of the compound and rubbed it into his nuts. Just as before, the tingling sensation followed soon after. The much larger dosage had the effect that Eli had predicted. His already decently sized balls swelled before his very eyes. They quickly grew and grew until they were the size of chickens eggs, and then small apples, and then finally the size of baseballs before the growth ground to a halt. Eli smiled broadly as he scoped out his newly enhanced nuts. The growth had abated, but they still tingled pleasantly. He wrote this off as a mere side effect of the increased dosage.He was so excited by his new and improved nuts that he was already rock hard. His eyes drifted over to the last little bit of the growth gel that was sitting inside the beaker. He knew exactly what he wanted to do with that. He reached his hand in and scraped up the last bits of the serum with his fingers and then rubbed the mixture along his rigid dick. He was so giddy about the prospects of increasing his mediocre dick that pre was already dribbling out of the tip of his painfully erect cock.The gel vanished into his skin much the same as before, followed soon after by the warm tingling sensation. He watched with bated breath as his dick slowly began to expand before his very eyes. He wanted to just sit there and stare in awe at the steady growth of his own dick, but his scientific mind needed numbers to corroborate what he was seeing. He turned in his swiveling chair back towards his desk and fumbled through his drawer for something he could use. He had no rulers, but he did have a small protractor that had the first six inches marked off on it. He quickly lined the flat edge of the plastic semi-circle up along the side of his swelling cock and stared. He could barely stifle his giggles of manic glee as the tip of his dick crept up along the tic marks. His dick was already five and a half inches by the time he had begun measuring. That was a gain of half an inch in a matter of seconds, and it was showing no signs of stopping. By the time the growth finally had! tapered off, the tip of his dick was well past the edge of the protractor. Eli couldn't stop grinning like a goof even if he had wanted to. He was now sporting over six inches of cock. He had put on well over an inch in under a minute. That was more than Marco had grown in six months using MetaGro.He was so worked up from watching his cock and balls grow before his very eyes that he didn't even manage to get his hand around is cock to jack off before it erupted like a volcano. It was the single most powerful orgasm he had had to date. Thick, heavy ropes of jizz flew trough the air, coating his exposed chest and even splattered into his face and hair. Just one spurt of jizz would have dwarfed any load he had ever shot, but again and again spooge launched forth from his dick. It wasn't until after the eighth heavy wad that his spurts finally began to taper off.Eli collapsed into his chair and gasped for breath as the post-wank bliss fogged his brain. He could feel the warm, thick spunk rolled down his face and chest as he lay there. He felt so amazing that he wanted to just lie there basting in his own spooge, but his scientific mind refused to let such a wonderful sample go to waste. He forced his sluggish body to get up and get to work. He staggered awkwardly around the lab as he scraped off as much salvageable spunk as he could into a beaker. There was so much cum that he filled the beaker to the brim and still had plenty left over.With the raw materials successfully gathered and loaded into the mixer, Eli finally allowed himself to slump back into his chair and bask in both the afterglow and the pride that came with such an impressive scientific discovery. His lethargy vanished instantly upon hearing the telltale ding from the machine though. There were far too many possibilities to explore with a brand new batch of gel for him to be sitting around goofing off like that.Eli hopped to his feet and skipped over to the mixer. The latest batch was several times larger than the previous one. He had an entire vat of product with which to work with now. His mind was already racing on ideas of what to do with it. Of course he knew he was going to get Marco to use it, but the question was, where would Marco use it? Obviously he would grow his boyfriend's dick, but why stop there? Marco had long lamented his inability to really bulk up. Eli theorized that this new compound would allow for Marco's muscles to swell in a matter of minutes, and of course, Eli's theories were always correct. The possibilities were endless.Eli was just about to load up the vat of gel and take it upstairs when he got a brief glimpse of his backside reflected in the glass. The blond frowned as he scoped out his own flat, boney ass. What he wouldn't give for a truly rockin' caboose. He got halfway through his sigh of disappointment when he realized that he had the answers to his prayers quite literally within his grasp.Eli quickly slipped on a fresh set of gloves and scooped up huge gobs of gel into each hand and began rubbing it into his flat butt cheeks. He could already feel it working as he reached into the tub and started a second couple of handfuls. He moaned sensually as he felt his ass swelling against his fingers while he rubbed in the second helping. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from giggling as he daydreamed about how truly gigantic his badonk would be in a matter of minutes.Eli was so happy that he sashayed over to the mirror to scope out the changes. He wished he had someone on hand that could give him a drum roll as he slowly lifted up the oversized, white button up shirt that he had been wearing. His rump was already huge and still swelling. Eli was ecstatic. He had a big dick, huge balls, and now a massive ass. He had seemingly everything he had always wanted, but something still seemed off. He turned slightly to scope out the view from various angles, and it hit him. His butt looked ridiculously out of place without hips to match. His huge, round cheeks were spilled over the sides of his slender frame. It looked like he had a couple of flesh colored playground balls glued to his backside. He knew there was only one solution for him. He had to grow his hips, too.Eli hopped giddily back to the vat and slathered on another couple of handfuls of gel onto his boney thighs. If his calculations were correct, which they always were, he would soon have amazingly wide, sensual thighs. His hips would look positively feminine by the time he was done, but this didn't bother him at all. He had secretly wished to have a more effeminate build. His slim, lanky body made him look too much like a twelve year old boy for his tastes. The only one who really knew about his effeminate side was Marco, who had often encouraged Eli to express this side of himself more. Eli had always been a bit too nervous about flaunting his femininity in public, but now that he would have the body to match, he was thinking it was time he changed all that.Eli peeled off his gloves and jogged back over the mirror to check out his new and improved physique. What he saw made him overjoyed and more than a little hot under the collar. He was absolutely stunning. His narrow, lanky frame was now wide and luscious from the waist down. His was now sporting wide, sensual hips that any girl would kill to have.It wasn't just his waist that was looking amazing, though. His cock was simply wonderful. The rigid shaft now stood over seven inches tall and was as thick as the TV remote in the living room. His impressive dick was topped off with two huge, low hanging balls that were the size of softballs. Each hefty orb felt so heavy and full of cum even though Eli had just jacked off a scant few minutes ago. He reached down and gripped his nuts with both hands. He was slightly surprised by just how huge and full they were. It was obvious that they had grown a bit more since he had administered the dosage, but he wasn't worried. They looked and felt even better than before. His nuts were now so huge that just one turgid orb could fill his entire palm. They were so huge and heavy that he could barely even hold his nut with one hand.Eli took his hands off his wondrously huge nuts and turned to scope out the changes to his backside. His ass was beyond phenomenal. The previously flat, bony cheeks were now so huge and full that each cheek was as wide as his hips used to be. He slapped one of his round, supple buns and watched in the mirror as it jiggled slightly. His ass was huge, but gravity didn't seem to be impacting it in a negative way. His cheeks managed to stay pert and perky despite their size. Each cheek was bigger than a basketball and had just the right curvature to it to really accentuate their size without looking flabby. He turned sideways to scope out his profile and was pleased to see that his ass jutted out several inches behind him. He was definitely going to be needing bigger pants, but that was a small price to pay for looking fabulous.The only downside, if one could call it that, was that his cheeks were now so large that they were bunching up against each other. Eli shifted his weight around and quickly found that spreading his legs wider gave his copious buns more room to spread out. The new stance took some getting used to, but he couldn't argue with the results. His new pose accentuated his luscious hips even more, drawing even more attention to just how wide and sensual his butt and hips were now.Eli could have stared at his glorious ass for hours, but he was roused from his reverie by the sounds of a car pulling into the driveway. He glanced quickly over at the clock and, for the first time in almost a week, realized just how late it had gotten. Marco was due to be home from work already. Eli quickly put a lid over the vat and hauled the awkwardly heavy tub of goop up the stairs and plopped it on the dining room table. Marco was sure taking his time getting in from the car, but Eli was actually relieved since it meant he had plenty of time to get everything perfect for his lover's homecoming.Marco grunted as he hoisted the several bags of groceries into his arms and smacked the car door shut with a quick jut of his butt. He got about halfway up the steps before he began to wonder if maybe he should have made two trips instead of trying to manhandle all the groceries into the house in one load, but he was enough of a male egotist that setting one or two of the bags down to lighten the load was simply out of the question. He fumbled awkwardly with the door handle using his left knee and shifted the bags in such a way that he could pull the door open using his right pinky. Once the screen door was open it was just a matter of rubbing his butt against the knob until the solid, wooden door granted him access.Marco heard the latch click and felt the door begin to slide open. He quickly regained his balance and turned to enter the house, but what he saw caused his jaw to drop. The bags he was carrying followed right after. There in the doorway was his sweet, slender, blond boyfriend, but Eli was much different than Marco remembered him. Everything above the waist was the same, but as soon as Marco's eyes reached Eli's waist he could see the blond's hips had broadened considerably. Eli's hips were now almost twice as wide as his slender waist.That wasn't even the biggest change. Eli's state of total undress left his now almost eight inch rod openly on display. He already rivaled Marco's old size and had Marco's new size outclassed in terms of girth. Eli's cock was almost as thick as a beer can now. Dangling below his lover's impressive shaft were two, hefty nuts that were closing in on the size of cantaloupes."You got the formula to work, huh?" Marco replied as casually as he could muster. He was hoping to come across cool and collected, but the cracking of his voice and the red hue of his face gave him away."You don't know the half of it." Eli said happily before leaning forward and planting a kiss square on his lover's lips. Eli was quite a bit shorter than Marco, but there was a bit of a step up to the doorway which placed Eli's large cock at the perfect height to grind against his lover's bulge as they made out in plain sight of the neighbors. When they finally broke apart from their passionate embrace, Marco had a large wet spot towards the bottom of his shirt where Eli's rigid cock had leaked pre all over him, and Marco's own sizeable cock was straining visibly against the fabric of his pants."Come on, come on. In with you. Off with them." Eli muttered hurriedly as he pulled his boyfriend into the house."What about the groceries." Marco asked innocently."Fuck the groceries." Eli muttered as he hastily pulled open the front of his boyfriend's shirt, popping a few buttons off in the process."I tried that once with a cucumber... it wasn't as fun as I was led... oh...." Marco tried to make a quick quip, but the feeling of his lover's mouth against the bulge in the front of his pants quickly derailed any form of witticism he could have attempted. Eli continued to suck on the front of his lover's pleats even while awkwardly fumbling with Marco's belt and buttons. They both held their breath in anticipation as Eli pulled down on the waistband of both Marco's pants and boxers. They both watched in silence as his warm, olive toned cock sprung free from its cloth confines."Oh, we can do so much better than that." Eli remarked lasciviously as he stared at his boyfriend's rigid nine inches. "Come on. Step out of them." Eli commanded his dark haired, Latin lover. Marco silently complied, stepping up with one foot and then the other, allowing Eli to pull Marco's pants and shoes off his feet one foot at a time. Marco was left standing in the entryway clad in just a tattered blue dress shirt, which he promptly pulled off and added to the rest of the pile of clothes."Come on. Have a seat. Over there." Eli jabbered giddily as he pointed over towards the dining room table. Marco smiled and silently complied. It had been ages since he had seen his boyfriend this happy, and judging from the changes the slender blond had gone through in just the course of one afternoon, Eli had every reason to be. The blond scientist was hopping around the room like a kid on Christmas."Huh? What's this?" Marco asked as he prodded the giant vat of what appeared to be murky white gelatin. The goop in the gigantic bucket jiggled slightly in response to his poking."Try not to get any on you. It's very powerful stuff." Eli explained as he rounded the corner from the pantry. Eli finished pulling on a fresh pair of gloves that he had just grabbed."Do you need me to do anything?" Marco asked politely. He was pretty used to dealing with Eli now and so he was pretty sure he would be asked to sit back and shut up, but he still felt the need to ask anyway."Just sit back and watch the magic." Eli replied giddily as he scooped up a huge handful. Eli got down on his knees in front of his boyfriend's still fully boned rod and began rubbing the huge gob of gel into the shaft. Marco was surprised at just how quickly the substance disappeared into his skin. In a little more than a second after application he looked like he had never come in contact with the goop at all.Marco stared at his hard-on suspiciously for a second. He was just about to ask how long it would take to feel anything when the tingling set in. It felt surprisingly nice and warm, almost as if a million tiny fingers were rubbing his dick. He moaned softly, but he didn't take his eyes off of his cock. In a matter of seconds after the tingling set in, he could already see the difference. His dick was swelling before his very eyes. His jaw went slack as he saw his dick get bigger, and longer, and thicker. He wished he had something to gauge his size off of, but Eli has been thinking ahead. Less than a second after Marco thought about the need for measurement, Eli already had the ruler in place. Marco stared in awe at his dick as the tip slowly crept past the ten inch mark and then the eleven inch mark. He had put on over two inches in less than a minute, and it was still growing.Eli tossed aside the ruler and grabbed two more heaping handfuls of gel. He immediately began rubbing these giant gobs of the compound into his lover's nuts. "H.. Hey, isn't that a little much?" Marco tried to ask, but he was quickly silenced by a stern glare from his blond lover. Marco decided to just go with it. He could stand to boost his balls anyway. The previous mixture he had been using had only increased the size of his dick a bit. His balls were still at their old size, and the bigger branch was definitely making the berries look smaller. Marco was just a little worried that his boyfriend might be getting a little carried away.Marco's apprehension faded away when he felt the tingling course through his balls. Even before he looked down to watch his nuts growing, he could feel them getting fuller and heavier by the second. The sensation of raw virility and sexual power that came with his balls swelling was exhilarating. He had to hold his now foot long dick back so that he could watch his balls swelling uninterrupted. He could have sworn his dick was even bigger than it was a minute ago, but that was not the most important issue on his mind at the moment. He stared in awe as his previously medium sized balls swelled up to the size of baseballs in a matter of seconds. He was so fascinated watching the two softball sized balls pull up and then descend that he was barely even aware of his boyfriend grabbing another couple handfuls of goop until Eli was kneeling before him and slowly reaching in to dose Marco's already hefty balls once more."Again...?" Marco sputtered as he stared as he stared into Eli's eyes. He recognized that lascivious glint in his lover's eyes, but he also knew Eli well enough to know that he would never do anything that Marco would object to. Eli sure loved to push the limits, though."That depends. Are you asking me to dose you again or are you asking whether or not I am going to dose you again?" Eli teased playfully, wiggling his laminated fingers as he spoke."I..." Marco's initial reaction was to tell Eli to stop. His balls were plenty big already. His balls were inhumanly large in fact, but his heart skipped a beat and he felt some fluttering in his stomach as his eyes drifted down to Eli's melon sized nuts. The enlarged cum factories looked so amazing and sexy, and Marco's own enhanced balls felt so wonderful that he just couldn't help himself. The words were out of his mouth before he even realized what he was saying. "I want more... Bigger... please." He pleaded breathlessly. He silently chastised himself, but it was too late. He could already feel his lover's gelled up fingers rubbing against his tingly balls.The second round of growth began just as suddenly as the first had. Marco actually grinned as he watched his nuts go from the size of softballs, to the size of grapefruit, and then swelled up even more until they were the size of cantaloupes."That's just the start of the fun." Eli said with a sly grin on his face. Marco looked up to see that his blond lover had another couple of heaping handfuls of the gel, but Eli didn't appear to be interested in Marco's nuts this time. Eli sidestepped his boyfriend's now thirteen inch dick and straddled his lover as he leaned in for a kiss. As the two kissed passionately, Marco could feel Eli's over ten inch, rigid dick and huge melon sized nuts sandwiched between them and Eli's deft hands gliding across his pecs.Eli leaned back and watched his handiwork as Marco's pecs swelled up before their eyes. Marco too was staring down at his chest with rapt fascination. In less than a minute he had gone from a completely flat, boyish chest to having two toned, well defined pecs. "It works on muscles?" Marco asked in awe as he rubbed his newly christened pecs."You don't know the half of it." Eli said playfully. A smug grin was plastered across his face.Marco's stomach felt like it had butterflies in it before, but now it felt like those butterflies had invited all their friends and were having a vibrant butterfly rave deep in his gut. This was literally a dream come true for him. He had always wished to have muscles, but his metabolism was such that he could never seem to gain nor lose weight no matter what types of diet or exercise he had tried. He had gone so far as to contemplate steroids, but ultimately chose not to for fear of shrinking his already meager nuts. Now that they had this gel, though, he never had to worry about his balls being too small ever again. Although, he never had to worry about taking steroids either so it really didn't matter."How big can you make them...?" Marco asked unsteadily. He couldn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. He had seen the results of the new concoction firsthand. His moderate balls had multiplied in size in a matter of minutes. It was obvious that this stuff could make him grow exponentially. With such power, why would he even worry about the max size... unless he secretly wished to reach it? Marco swallowed hard to ease the dryness in his throat. He couldn't believe he was actually even considering such a thing."How big do you want them?" Eli asked playfully as he dipped his hands into the gel and made a show of getting huge, thick gobs of the goop for use on his lover.Big... Huge..." Marco pleaded hoarsely. On some level he realized how ludicrous what he was asking was. He was giving his boyfriend free reign to turn him into a hulking muscle freak, but he wanted it. He desperately wanted it.Eli chuckled seductively as he gathered up two huge handfuls and leaned in close to his lover. Their faces were so close that their noses were all but touching. Marco could feel Eli's hot breath against his neck. "Say hello to the new Mr. Universe." He heard Eli's voice reach his ears in a hoarse whisper that sent chills down his spine, but these were not chills of fear or anxiety... No, Marco was trembling in anticipation.Eli once again sat down in Marco's lap and planted a deep passionate kiss on Marco's lips as he rubbed the mixture into Marco's olive skinned chest and over his shoulders. While the two continued to make out, Eli would continually scoop up handfuls of the mixture from the vat on the table and slather it all up and down his lover's torso and arms.Marco felt too amazing to complain or even question what his boyfriend was doing to him. His boyfriend was effectively giving him a full body massage. Eli's plus sized booty was so huge that his gigantic, supple cheeks were effectively jacking off Marco's massive dick while Eli was grinding against him. By this time Marco's entire upper body was tingling from the copious dosage of the gel that had been applied to him. He could actually feel his muscles beginning to swell all over his body.By the time they broke apart, Marco was gasping for breath, but this was more a result of his arousal reaching critical levels than because of an inability to breathe during their passionate kissing. Eli looked a little flustered as well, but he didn't let it slow him down at all as he grabbed another couple of handfuls of gel and kneaded it into his lover's pecs."A... Another?" Marco cooed softly as he stared at his lover. Not even he was sure if he was questioning Eli's actions or egging the blond on. Marco's chest was already looking very well defined, but Marco was obsessed with pecs; a fixation that he had shared with Eli on numerous occasions. In that regard they were very much alike."I know how much you've always wanted nice, big pecs." Eli responded coyly as he rubbed the remnants of his last handful into his lover's chest. Eli flashed his boyfriend a playful grin and grabbed a couple small gobs of gel. "I think you're gonna really love them when I'm done." With that Eli reached in and playfully tweaked his boyfriend's small nipples, effectively slathering the tiny nubs with yet another dose of the growth serum in the process.Marco's nipples were never all that sensitive, but somehow the small pinch sent shockwaves up his spine. It felt surprisingly good. He wondered what effect the gel would have on them, but he was already having a hard time seeing over his steadily expanding shelf of pectoral muscles.Eli grabbed a few more handfuls and went to work slowly rubbing the mixture into the regions of his boyfriend's body that he had previously been unable to get. The effects of the first dosage were already becoming very apparent. Marco's previously lean, dark skinned body was swelling up on all sides. His previously inconsequential muscles grew and swelled before their very eyes. His previously flat gut began to form small bumps as his abdominal muscles grew enough to become pronounced. His sinewy arms swelled and gained definition as his biceps, triceps, and forearms grew and swelled. The muscles on his shoulders and along the sides of his neck slowly grew and bulged out as his traps and delts slowly took shape. His legs went from wirey stalks to being pillars of thick brawn. Each bulging quad was as thick as his narrow torso had been just minutes before.Eli stood back and surveyed his handiwork. His lover was already looking like a fitness model, except for his pecs which were far larger than any other muscle on his body. Marco's massive pecs were like two massive, extra firm, king sized pillows of pure masculine brawn. His previously tiny, dime sized areolas were now the size of a milk cap and puffed up an inch above his burly pecs. Marco's impressive physique was augmented by his absolutely massive cock and balls. His huge dick was steadily creeping closer and closer to fifteen inches and was already thicker around than Eli's arms. Marco's gigantic nuts were already passing the size of basketballs and were hanging so low past over the edge of his seat that they dangled halfway the floor. Each of his massive balls was heavily laden with thick, pent up cum.Eli looked down at his handiwork with a lascivious grin. "Hmm... You look about ready to blow." He mused playfully. "Let's have some real fun." He added with a devious glint in his eyes. Marco was too wracked with pleasure to even muster a comeback. All he could do was lie there and soak up the intense pleasure of his steady expansion. He became vaguely aware that Eli was gathering another couple of huge handfuls of the formula, but it didn't dawn on Marco what Eli was planning until Eli's hands were already sliding against Marco's massive cock.Eli didn't rub the mixture into Marco's cock, though. Instead he spread it around just enough so that Marco's dick was completely coated in a white, glistening layer of gel. Marco already knew that this was going to make his dick absolutely massive, but it was far too late to turn back now. He was also secretly excited by the prospect. He had always half-joked with Eli about having a cock that was as big as the rest of his body. At the time, Marco had hoped that Eli had just taken it as a joke and had not caught on to the underlying truth of his statement, but the glint in Eli's eyes made it all too clear that his blond lover was in on it from the start. Marco slumped backed in his chair and stared on in awe as his boyfriend climbed up on top of him and began to slowly lower himself down upon the humongous shaft.Marco's gigantic cock split Eli wider than anything he had ever ridden. The blond was in a state of enhanced ecstasy as he slowly took more and more of the massive shaft deep inside of him. It shouldn't even have been physically possible for him to take such a beast, but once again, it seemed his theory was correct. The constant rubbing of Marco's huge dick against his insides was causing the thick laminate of gel to rub into Marco's cock and Eli's insides. As the gel continued to soak in and absorb into his body, Eli could feel his insides shift and adjust to make room for Marco's steadily expanding cock. The added dose was causing Eli's lover's thick Latin cock to grow and swell rapidly. Eli was so lost in the sensations that he couldn't even speak. He could barely even grunt in raw feral passion as he repeatedly shifted himself up and down along his lover's gargantuan cock.Eli was cumming hard by the third thrust. Huge, thick gooey wads of spunk spewed forth from his nearly foot long cock and splattered against his lover's broad, burly chest. The vast quantity of spooge stored in Eli's large, basketball sized nuts was flooding from his cock at hitherto unheard of rates. Each gush of jizz was enough to coat much of Marco's massive pecs. Eli stared intently at his lover's phenomenal pecs as the thick wads of cum dripped off of them. The blond had never been hornier than he was in that very moment.With every passing second, he could feel Marco's already massive dick growing larger and larger. Finally it got to the point where it felt like Marco's dick was in danger out outgrowing Eli's entire body. Eli reluctantly lifted himself off his boyfriend's enormous cock and collapsed into a well-fucked heap atop Marco's massive, brawny, olive skinned chest. He listened to his boyfriend's heavy breaths as he felt the steady rise and fall of his lover's burly chest. Eli was soaking in his own cum, but that just made the moment all the more tender.Marco had been struggling to hold back what was sure to be the biggest, messiest orgasm of all time. Even with his brain as addled by lust as it currently was, he couldn't shake the fear that he could seriously hurt his boyfriend if he unloaded inside the slender blond's amazing ass. Marco was overjoyed when he saw Eli finally lift off of his cock and collapse against his chest. The true extent of his most recent growth finally became apparent to him. His cock was simply massive. It was already over two feet long and was as big around as his thick, burly forearm. It was a miracle that Eli had even been able to take that inside of him without any serious pain.Now that he no longer had to worry about the safety of his boyfriend, Marco's mind was overloaded by the sheer size of his cock. He was filled with a sense of pride and something else as well. Something about the sheer magnitude of his tool brought him over the edge. He just couldn't get over how amazing his gigantic cock looked or how wonderful it felt as it blasted cum all over the ceiling. Thick gobs of jizz rained down on the pair of lovers, quickly coating them both from head to toe, and still Marco kept cumming. His globe sized nuts showed no sign of stopping. That was alright with him though. He was in such a state of pure, unbridled sexual bliss that he didn't care if he never came down from it. Again and again he shot massive, heavy ropes of jizz into the air. Even after the sixth and seventh eruption he was showing no signs of slowing. It wasn't until the thirteenth shot that his torrent of jizz finally began to taper. By that time both he and his boyfriend were th! oroughly coated in his spunk.The two of them laid there for almost an hour just basking in the afterglow and enjoying each other's company. Finally it came time for them to get cleaned up. The cum that covered both of them head to toe was getting so dry and crusty that it actually was beginning to be painful to leave it on. The two lovers said a few parting words and staggered off to their own personal shower stalls. They wanted to stay together and even shower in the same stall, but they both knew there was no way they would fit. Marco was so massive by this point that they weren't even sure if he could get just his own bulk into one of the stalls.After his shower, Eli took a seat on the couch to wait for his lover to finish up. It felt so nice to sit upon his massive, cushiony ass. His butt had grown even more since he had used the serum the first time. He couldn't be sure how much, but his butt now provided so much extra padding that he was sitting almost a foot above the couch cushion. His hips had also gotten much wider. A cursory glance made them appear to be well over twice as wide as his narrow waist.Eli's dick had mostly stabilized in terms of size, but it was already capping out at a foot long and as big around as his fist. His nuts had even grown some more since he had finished making sweet, passionate to love to Marco in the dining room. They now hung down to his knees, and each engorged nut was nearing the size of a medicine ball.Marco couldn't keep his hands off of himself in the shower. He just kept feeling up each and every massive, bulging muscle in his body. All of his muscles in his body had swollen even more since the last dosage. What had been a very well defined six pack set of abs was now a deeply trenched eight pack. His quads which had previously rivaled Eli's waist for sheer girth now were as thick as tree trunks. Each bulging bicep was as huge as Eli's head and Marco wasn't even making an effort to flex them. The real prize winning changes were Marco's pecs, cock and balls, though.Marco's nuts were the size of beach balls. They were so huge and hefty that they hung down past his knees. His massive, thick cock draped over his huge sack still dangled past his balls. The shaft was almost as thick as Eli's narrow waist. The beast had to be at least three feet long and was looking like it would hit the four foot mark in the near future.Marco's pecs had swelled up so much that each individual slab of brawn dwarfed Eli's entire torso. The huge, dense muscles protruded over a foot in front of Marco's dark skinned torso. Marco's areolas had increased in size to the point where each dark, puffy circle was now the size of a CD, and the rock hard, erect nipple protruded out a couple inches. Each enlarged nipple was so thick that it looked like the top of a baby bottle. There was even a definite trickle of white liquid dribbling out from Marco's nipples.Marco couldn't help but confirm his suspicions. He cupped a hand under the flow of liquid from his nipples and lifted it to his lips. He was surprised by the taste. It tasted wonderful. It was obvious that he was leaking milk from his nipples, but it was the most rich, full bodied milk he had ever drank. He wasn't sure why this was happening, but he wasn't particularly worried. The only thing on his mind was finishing up and getting back into the company of his beautiful blond lover.When Marco finished his shower, he found Eli passed out on the couch. He couldn't help but smile at how cute and beautiful his blond boyfriend looked. Eli had a habit of not sleeping much when he was in full scale research mode, and there was no telling how sleep deprived the little scientist was. Marco crept has silently as he could with his now bulky body and tenderly scooped up the slender man. He was surprised at just how light Eli was now. Even with his vastly enhanced butt, balls, and cock, the scientist was light as a feather. Marco felt another rush of exhilaration at his newly enhanced muscles as he gingerly carried his sleeping boyfriend back to their bed.Marco left Eli there to sleep as he went to work cleaning up the mess he had made. The kitchen was easy enough to clean up, but he still had to clean up the groceries off the front steps. He fumbled awkwardly through his wardrobe for a bit and eventually found an outfit that almost fit. His old open sided muscle shirt fit him like a glove now whereas before it had been so loose that it looked like he had a tent wrapped around his neck. He also had a pair of workout shorts that used to be extremely loose which now hugged his beefy waist and bulging quads perfectly. The only problem was that his cock and balls were simply far too massive to hide. His junk strained against the front of his shorts and pulled the front of the waistband down almost a foot. Almost half of his cock was openly on display for anyone to see as was the top of his sack. The added weight up front also caused the top half of his massive, beefy ass to stick up over his waistband as well, but it was still be! tter than going around naked.He was glad that it was already dark out as he fumbled around in his state of dubious dress. He just hoped that none of the neighbors happened to look out and see him. His humongous package was making bending down an interesting task. He had to actually squat down to pick things up as opposed to just bending over, but with his new and improved physique, squats proved to be extremely easy for him. He didn't even break a sweat. He actually enjoyed it, especially since his huge nuts would touch the ground each time he squatted down. Each and every item he picked up was a reminder of just how huge and hung he was now. What Marco wasn't aware of, though, was that each squat caused his shorts to ride down a little lower, giving the entire neighborhood a full view of his glorious ass. By the time he had finally cleaned up the mess in front of his house, he had attracted quite a few admirers.With the house cleaned up, Marco decided to join his boyfriend in bed. It had been a long day, and all the growth was so exhausting that he felt like he could sleep for days. Marco peeled off his awkwardly fitting clothes and tossed them on the floor as he approached his and Eli's shared bed and quickly realized that he was far too large to crawl in beside his boyfriend. He wasn't about to be so easily put off, though, and Eli was quite a sound sleeper, especially when he was as exhausted as he undoubtedly was tonight.When Eli finally awoke, he was immediately surprised by just how firm his bed was. Once his vision cleared, he quickly realized why. He was sleeping atop his hulking boyfriend. What he had thought had been his pillows were actually his boyfriend's massively swollen pecs. It was obvious that Marco had bulked up even more during the night, and Eli could only assume that he had grown some more too. Eli had to shake and shimmy his way out from his boyfriend's thick, brawny arms, but he managed to crawl out of bed without waking the hulk. Eli took a look back at his now massive lover before leaving the room and was shocked and more than a little aroused at just how huge he was all over.Eli staggered into the restroom and scoped out his own changes in the mirror. His cock hadn't grown much since the night before. It had only added another inch, and was closing in on thirteen inches, but his nuts had grown quite a lot. In the hours that he had been out cold they had almost doubled in size. They were now the sizes of beach balls. His hips had grown too, although the changes there were less pronounced. His hips were now closing in on being three times as wide as his narrow waist.Eli heard the sound of the bed and floorboards creaking and he knew that Marco was awake now, too. He wasn't sure just how well his lover would take having grown as much as he had, but there was no sense in stalling. Eli walked back into the bedroom and was floored by what he saw. Marco was beyond massive. His upper body had swollen up much more than his lower body, and now his broad, muscular chest was twice as wide as his buff hips. Each and every groove and contour of his muscles was so deep that the light could not reach the bottom. The deep shadows just served to accentuate his astounding musculature even more.Marco didn't seem upset, though. Far from it. He was too enamored with his buff physique to even acknowledge Eli at first. He slowly ran a hand over his swole arms and his ripped torso as he moaned and cooed softly. He was absolutely smitten with his now even buffer body. "You really know how to make a guy feel great, babe." Marco murmured softly without even looking up at his lover.Eli couldn't bring himself to say anything. He just wanted to bask in the sheer size of his lover's muscles and cock. Marco's junk had grown considerably overnight as well. His now beanbag chair sized nuts hung so low that they dangled around his ankles, and his massive, three foot long cock was easily thicker as Eli's torso. Eli's own thirteen inches rose to attention just from being in the presence of such raw, masculinity.Eli would have jumped Marco's gigantic bone right then and there, but he was feeling extremely weak and faint. He was absolutely famished, and judging by the audible rumble from behind the solid wall of Marco's deep cut, eight pack abs, Eli's massive, swole lover was in the same boat.Eli looked over at the clock beside the bed and noticed that it was already mid afternoon. They had been out cold for over twelve hours. "Want to go get some dinner?" Eli tried to ask as casually as he could, but his raging boner and flushed face gave him away."Sure. We don't have much in the house anymore, anyway." Marco concurred. "I salvaged what I could, but most of the frozen stuff spoiled before I got to it." He added sheepishly. The sight of such a huge, beefy man looking so apologetic and gentle made Eli's heart flutter. He was reminded of just why he had fallen for Marco in the first place. Marco's growth hadn't diminished his gentle nature at all, in fact it seemed like it even enhanced it.The two of them quickly threw on some clothes and set out for the little diner around the block. Eli was able to dress more or less normally. He threw on an old pair of Marco's sweatpants which had been extremely loose on him before, but now hugged his ample butt and hips tightly. His massive balls strained noticeably against the front. The top half of his body was the same as it ever was, though. Eli opted to complete the set and wear one of Marco's old hoodies. It was huge and baggy on him, but he loved being wrapped in his lover's scent.Marco wore the same outfit he had worn the night before when he cleaned up the spilled groceries, but today it fit him far worse. The muscle shirt didn't even completely cover his massive, swollen pecs. The bottom of the shirt stopped right above the bottom of his pecs. His torso was now so wide that his bulging lats spilled out the huge armholes. The shirt barely even covered half his pecs. His now huge, salad plate sized, puffy areolas were left completely exposed. His nipples were now so huge and thick that they stuck out quite a few inches from his chest and were as thick around as a Wiimote. His nipples were dribbling large amounts of liquid, but Marco tried his best to ignore it. Eli, however couldn't take his eyes off of them.Marco's shorts were stretched so tight across his ass that they appeared to be little more than low riding speedos from the back. From the front, though they were completely indecent. His nuts didn't even fully fit into the front of his shorts, and his cock was left to completely fly free. Marco had tried to cover this up by tying a sheet to his waist like an apron, but the massive outline of his huge cock was still painfully obvious to anyone who looked in his general direction.The couple received several looks as they made their slow, steady stroll towards the diner. No one said anything, though. It seemed that they had just barely managed to remain in dress code, but it was obvious that many people, especially those that had seen them on a regular basis were surprised by the sudden changes they had undergone. When they finally arrived at the diner, they were shown to their seats by a waitress. The waitress had known them for over a year now and said nothing, but it obvious that she too was shocked, concerned, and even a little aroused. She took their orders, but other than that she let them be."Can I feel your chest?" Eli asked suddenly. He hadn't been able to take his eyes off his lover's massive pecs throughout the entire walk."When do you ever need to ask?" Marco responded pleasantly. He flashed his little lover the biggest most heartwarming grin he could manage.Eli couldn't help himself. He had to confirm his suspicions as well as satisfy his more carnal desires. He leaned forward so that he practically lying across the table and began sensually kneading his lover's pecs. To his surprise Marco's chest wasn't feeling as firm as he had expected. Both massive pecs had taken on a slightly squishy, almost spongy consistency. He dug his fingers in and squeezed Marco's brawny chest. Eli was only partially surprised to see small trickle of liquid from Marco's nipples turn into a full fledged squirt.Marco moaned sensually in spite of himself as warm, fresh milk shot from his nipples. Eli grinned devilishly as he noticed this and moved in to experiment with this new development. He already found Marco's massive pectoral muscles phenomenally sexy, but the flow of milk somehow made them even hotter. Eli crawled up onto and over the table as he continued to sensually knead and rub his lover's chest. The blond moved his mouth closer to one of the enlarged nipples and began to passionately suckle it. He immediately felt a wash of warm liquid flood into his mouth. He was surprised at just how sweet and deep the flavor was. He had never had anything quite like it in his life.Eli found himself with a bit of a dilemma. He was so enamored with his lover's newly enhanced pecs that he wanted to worship every inch of them, and yet, at the same time he felt it would be a shame to let this wonderful nectar go to waste. He ended up working out a compromise where he would slowly travel from one nipple to the other, licking and nuzzling a trail back and forth as he basked in the glory of Marco's gigantic, burly chest. When he reached the midpoint, Eli found that the small strip of fabric was getting in the way."Lift your arms for a sec, babe." He commanded sensually as he slowly peeled his lover's skin tight muscle shirt up over Marco's bulging pecs. Marco was soon left with his arms stuck lifted straight up while his shirt pooled around his neck. Eli buried his face between the two brawny slabs and deeply nuzzled into the crevasse, soaking up every sensation he could about his lover's new body.Eli was so overcome with passion and hormones that his cock quickly became completely hard all over again. His rigid dick began to leak and dribble pre all over the front of his tight, grey sweatpants as Eli continued to worship his lover's glorious chest. It wasn't long before Eli was so overwhelmed with passion for his boyfriend's amazing pecs that his cock spurted thick, creamy jizz all over the front of his pants.Marco was getting worked up from the passionate nuzzling and suckling his lover was giving his pecs. The more and more attention his lover gave to his chest, the harder and harder Marco's cock became. He was streaming pre like a fountain long before Eli creamed his pants, but Marco didn't dare let loose in public. He struggled to hold back, but in the end, Eli's passionate sucking and nuzzling proved to be too much. Marco let out a long, low, sensual moan as his cock began spewing forth jizz like a geyser. His huge load crashed against the seat on the opposite side of their stall. Marco wrapped his huge, powerful arms around his slender lover and hugged Eli passionately as his cock lurched and bucked.Marco's gigantic hail of jizz quickly coated the entire seat and dripped down onto the floor. There just seemed to be no end of spunk stored in his massive, beanbag chair sized nuts. With each powerful gush he felt like his legs would turn to jelly. When the massive torrent of spunk finally subsided, Marco slowly sank down in his seat with his little boyfriend still clutched lovingly to his chest. He could feel the deep pool of spunk pooling around his feet. He figured everyone else in the diner could see the giant puddle of jizz that was slowly spreading out across the tile, but he couldn't bring himself to care. The two of them stayed there for some time, enjoying each other's company and enjoying the afterglow until finally their food came.The waitress gave them a confused look, not because she didn't know what had happened, but because she was surprised that these two long time costumers would act in such a way. The hefty tip that Eli left more than made up for the inconvenience of having to scrub down the lake of spooge, though, and just about everyone in the restaurant that afternoon had enjoyed the show.A few weeks later, Eli came back home from a business meeting. His stylish pants hugged his now amazingly curvaceous hips. His massive hips were easily three times as wide as his slender waist now. The growth had tapered off substantially after the first couple of day, but they still had not stopped altogether. Eli wasn't even sure if the growth would ever stop, but he was enjoying his new size so much that he wasn't too interested in running the necessary tests to determine when or if they would stop growing."I'm home, babe." Eli called to his lover as he stepped through the doorway. It was a tight fit for him now due to his massive ass, but he was used to it. Eli's butt was now so huge that it protruded a good two feet behind him, yet despite its size, it remained as firm and shapely as ever. He was the proud owner of the biggest, roundest, bubble butt the world had ever seen, and he was sure to wear clothes that drew as much attention to it as possible. These pants styles often looked effeminate or girly, but that was just fine with Eli. He was beyond worrying about hiding his girly side by now, and no one really gave him any grief for it either. Then again, few people would dare call his masculinity into question when the massive bulge caused by his fourteen inch long, milk jug thick cock and his two enormous beach ball sized nuts was plainly visible to anyone who saw him."Hey, El! How was the meeting?" Marco called excitedly from the living room. The enthusiasm was apparent in his voice, but his voice sounded somehow strained and breathy. Eli stepped into the front room to see his boyfriend sitting exactly where he had been since this morning. Marco's gargantuan five foot long, perpetually boned cock was hooked up to a giant pump that was draining the spunk from his seemingly infinite reserve of spooge. Marco's balls were so massive by this point that they filled the entire space between his feet and his crotch and then some. Each mammoth orb was almost three hundred pounds of sloshing cum."You took your pumps off." Eli responded. A slight hint of concern was audible in his voice as he glanced at his lover's exposed chest. Marco's chest was now so broad that it was as wide across as Eli was tall. The massive, brawny slabs of muscle extended over three feet out from his torso. His enormous areolas were now getting close to the size of dinner plates. The gigantic nipples were as thick around as a coke bottle and stuck out several inches from his chest. A steady stream of milk flowed from either of his engorged nipples."I wanted to make sure there was plenty left for you when you got home." Marco replied, giving his chest a soft squeeze for emphasis. His voice still strained and unsteady from the perpetual state of orgasm he was in. The squeeze caused his nipples to spurt forth milk like a fountain."Oh, that's so sweet, babe. I'll be over there in just a minute to help myself to some of that." Eli responded, flashing his boyfriend a sly wink as he did so."But first tell me. What did they say?" Marco pleaded once more."The investors loved our product pitch." Eli explained with a huge smile forming on his face. "But that means you're going to need to really step up your production to meet these new demands." Eli added with a devious glint in his eyes as he set a giant jug of their new product "OmniGro" on the table in front of his boyfriend. ------------------------------- [Next Chapter]
  10. vcrim

    Freak down the street

    Ok, first attempt sorry for the grammar mistakes.. enjoy! I was in my car the other day. I was late for work so I was driving pretty fast. I was at a few blocks from my office when suddenly, after turning at the traffic lights, I had to stop because of THAT. In front of my car was standing a man, but not sure it was in effects human. He was enormous. Must have been 6,8’ high, short hair and unshaved face. His neck was wide as his head, ripped and slightly crossed by veins. His traps were huge and totally deformed the collar of the T-shirt he was wearing. It was a very old, worn-out yellow shirt, it had something written on it but it was not readable anymore, part because letters were almost totally faded, and most of all because of the huge balloons he had for pecs, that distorted the writing. It seemed like he was hiding two basketballs under that consumed shirt, that was so damnly stretched by the torso underneath, that I wondered how it could still resist from tearing apart. It was almost a second skin for this man, but formed some cloth bridge between a pec-mound and the other. It continued following the wide lats but couldn’t cover the whole abdomen. The eight juicy packs were pushed ahead by a bloated roid-gut. I could notice some veins through the fabric. His shoulders were gigantic bowling-balls, and under those hung two arms that made me almost choke as I realized how big they were. They must have been 25 inches unflexed, but pretty defined so it was all raw muscle. The biceps looked like melons, totally covered by engorged veins, and the triceps were so developed that almost doubled the arm thickness. The sleeves tried to cover those bulging masses, strained in the effort and almost ripping. The forearms were like a gross mass of throbbing veins covering a ham bigger than my thigh. He was wearing a pair of jeans that looked like painted on his legs. His quads were gigantic, ripped like hell and covered in veins, visible through the fabric. I gulped as I saw his crotch, that bulged obscenely trying to hide what it seemed to be a monster. It was pushed to the front from the enormous mass of the legs, that left no space to accomodate such meat-and-balls, so that the jeans could barely cover the manhood. The wide, furry root was in fact partly visible. He was crossing the street with a man, wearing a suit and having a cell-phone conversation, and a blonde, short-haired woman wearing a tailleur and sun-glasses. The business-couple had already arrived to the sidewalk, but the hulking man stopped in the middle of the street, turned into my direction and looked at me. I almost died, partly scared and partly turned-on, but he wasn’t looking right at me, he was just looking at my car, standing a few feet from him. He suddenly smirked arrogantly, had a step towards the car and squatted. The expression on his face changed and became serious. I heard some noise coming from under the front of the car and in a moment I was going up. This freak was lifting my car with me inside!! The red, vein-covered mass of muscles that was his neck and traps, and the bulging pecs inflating under the yellow T-shirt now almost covered all of my visual. First only the front, but soon all the car was floating over the street, held in the air by the giant that I could hear hard-breathing and grunting a few feet from my face. It lasted some seconds that seemed an eternity to me, and then the car started to go down again. The muscle-monster laid the car on the street, the smile turned back on his face, that was totally red for the effort. His body had changed in the meanwhile. He was even bigger now, blood refilling his bloated muscles through veins that now looked like ropes criss-crossing over his now 27-or-so-inches-upperarms, his neck and torso. The clothes had serious rips that showed parts of this God-like body underneath. The mountains he had for pecs went up and down with the respiration, and between those two globes was now resting the head of the biggest cock I have ever seen. The head was like a big grapefruit, and the column of throbbing flesh covered in veins was thicker than my forearm. The shaft was dripping a large amount of pre-cum that was forming a wet spot on the shirt, in the middle of the muscle-boobs. His balls were not clearly visible, beeing the only part still covered by the jeans, but the crotch was still pretty fullfilled by the mass inside. The button of the jeans had been shot away by the swelling manhood. The freak had another deep breath or two, turned to the business couple and shouted “THIS is how strong I am!!”. Then he bounced his pecs a couple of times and flexed a left bicep that made me almost faint in his over 30” girth, while with his right arm tried to reaccomodate the leaking monster, slowly turning soft again, in the straining jeans, partly tore apart by the massive thighs, now visible between the shreds. The suited man was still holding the phone but certainly was not paying attention to the conversation anymore, accordingly to his mouth that was totally open in disbelief. The woman seemed to have no reactions, except for an eyebrow lifted behind the sunglasses and a little smile on her red lips. The hulk, still trying to put his monster-hose back in the pants, now using both freaking arms to the purpose, walked slowly to join the couple, then the three of them entered into a black van and drove away. I was still immobile, slowly started to breathe, and looked all around myself trying to understand what had just happened. This is when I noticed the wet spot in my pants, I had one of the biggest orgasms ever according to the wideness of the dark spot and I hardly remembered it. I thought it was a better idea to turn the car and go back home, no work today…

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